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#happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates <3
jedi-valkyrie · 2 days ago
thanksgiving with the avengers
warnings: swearing
pairing: none! this is just a headcanon set
notes: happy thanksgiving!!!! i hope it was fun! if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving i hope you had a nice thursday off!
so terribly chaotic
sam and wanda cooking bc they’re the only ones with any culinary talent
tony gave them matching ‘kiss the cook’ aprons but thor stole wanda’s
tony also has a chef’s hat on. he has not once been helpful this entire experience
sam, bucky, and steve watch the football game
nat and clint make fun of them
sam is the only one who fully understands football but steve and bucky just like to yell
bucky is rooting for whatever team sam isn’t, just to piss him off
thor is just so unhelpful
he brought asgardian wine and natasha immediately put it away
“i already don’t trust any of you around knives, we’re not throwing god-strength alcohol into the mix”
at some point may and peter come over with apple pie
wanda is literally overjoyed that somebody is helping her- this poor woman
sam flirts with may- everyone makes fun of him
sam does convince everyone to watch a charlie brown thanksgiving so he gets a win!
peter shows thor the adam sandler thanksgiving song and thor loses his shit even though he doesn’t understand any of the references
when dinners ready steve tries to get everyone to go around and say what they’re thankful for
“im thankful for this meal and to share it with all of you” “oh shut up, man” (my family did actually say that!)
it is a very good meal
thor has 3 separate plates
clint and natasha do the wishbone; natasha wins and clint claims that his hands were sweaty
sam “accidentally” hurls a wad of mashed potatoes at bucky
bucky “accidentally” sprays whipped cream at his face
wanda has a mom moment
“i did not slave over that meal for you boys to waste it! now sit down and eat your fucking food”
everyone listens and has a newfound fear of wanda
dessert is a trainwreck
none of them know what portion-sizing is
they do the whipped cream on wrist thing and tony screams when a wad of whipped cream lands on his couch
“this is fine italian leather, you fucking beasts!”
peter and may are silently enjoying their meals and the reality tv show sized drama that is unraveling before them
the wine comes out and they are all passed out before 9pm
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natsbaby · 3 days ago
Pairing: Scarlett Johansson x Reader
Summary: you and your family never celebrated thanksgiving until you met Scarlett who’s making sure both your families will have the best thanksgiving dinner EVER
Warnings: nothing!! Just unedited 🤪
A/N: this is a spinoff from the song fic series so some elements of that series will be mentioned but it’s not connected story-wise! Also I’ve been so busy lately but wanted to put this out since it’s thanksgiving already so happy thanksgiving everyone!! Hope you enjoy this!!
Tumblr media
“What do you feel about honey glazed turkey?” You ask as you scroll through the recipe on your laptop, Scarlett humming in thought.
“Next option. What about garlic herb turkey?” Scarlett suggests, looking up at you through the brim of her glasses. You grin in response, nodding excitedly. “Sounds great”
She chuckles as she prints out the recipe, walking up to your office printer and spreading out the current menu you guys are putting together.
You and Scarlett have been dating for a few months now and while talking over dinner a few days ago, she found out that you and your family never experienced Thanksgiving since you never really practice the American tradition. She thought it would be a great idea to bring your families together for Thanksgiving as a way to get to know each other as well. She made it her personal mission to make sure both families would enjoy the thanksgiving dinner you two plan to make together. Luckily, Scarlett loves to cook and you love to bake so everything would hopefully go smoothly.
You look at the calendar you have on your desk, counting the days before thanksgiving. “Hey Scar, can I ask you something?”
“What is it?” She asks we she looks at you, sliding her glasses to the top of her head.
“Are you sure it’s a good idea to devote 3-4 days on-“ you pause as you narrow your eyes slightly at the calendar Scarlett scribbled on a notebook. “Turkey? Scar baby is that necessary?”
Scarlett laughs as she walks to you, sitting on your lap as she wraps her arms around your neck. You wrap your arms around her waist with a smile. “Im serious”
“I know and you’ll understand when you actually cook with me” she says while fiddling with the hairs at the back of your neck, making you shiver slightly in response.
“Gosh the electric bill will be in- OW”
Tumblr media
[Day 1 of 4 - Morning]
You finish putting the finishes touches on your braid as you hear the doorbell ring, putting your glasses on as you glance at the clock in your shared bedroom.
Today’s day 1 of Thanksgiving cooking and from what Scarlett told you, she managed to order all the ingredients that will be used for the dinner so you wouldn’t have to deal with the struggles of grocery shopping.
You give yourself one last look over in front of the mirror before heading down to see the bags after bags of groceries as your jaw drops in shock. You hear Rose giggling happily as she happily helps carry in a loaf of bread.
“I- oh my god Scarlett what am I looking at” you ask in disbelief as Scarlett walks up to you and wrapping her arms around your waist with a grin.
“I got such a good deal on fresh produce I couldn’t help myself!” She grins excitedly at you as you blink at her in response.
“This could.. feed an army Scarlett. We can’t finish this much food” you say as you take a step out of her arms and walk up to each bag to see what’s inside. You gasp a little as you take the huge bar of chocolate out with a huge grin.
Scarlett chuckles and smiles shyly. “I got you that because I know you wouldn’t be happy with how much I spent so hopefully you wouldn’t ask how much I did spend and enjoy the chocolate bar?”
You open the bar and take a bite out of it, nodding in thought.
“Okay deal”
Tumblr media
[Day 2 out of 4 - Morning]
You narrow your eyes at the printed piece of paper as you try to understand the cake recipe in front of you, muttering softly as you read.
“Okay sweetheart, I think I got it!” You grin at the 3 year old who’s been begging to help you bake some of the desserts for Thanksgiving. She grins back at you, decked out in your apron and a little chef’s hat you got for her last minute.
“Okay so do you wanna mix this?” You hand the spoon to the toddler who nods excitedly back at you, taking the spoon and starts to mix the ingredients you put in the bowl. As she does that, you look back at the recipe as you get a little bit of the chocolate you’ve been snacking on and taking a bite. You offer a small piece to the toddler who eats it happily.
“Stop giving her desserts before dinner, you’re gonna spoil her appetite” she scolds you slightly as she puts the mash potato she made into the refrigerator, closing the door behind her as she faces you.
“It’s just a tiny bite” you chuckle slightly as Rose nods and pouts at her mother.
“That’s the last one okay you little rascal?” She says she puts her hand at the back of the toddler who says ‘yes mommy’ in response. You smile at the two girls, gently taking the spoon from Rose as she’s finished.
“Wanna help mommy with her cooking while I finish up this cake?” You ask Rose as she thinks for a moment.
“I’m gonna need help mixing something and mommy would love it if you’d help out?” Scarlett offers with a kind smile making the toddler nod in excitement. You chuckle slightly as she goes to the other side of the kitchen to help Scarlett.
You give the cake filling a final mix just in case there’s any lumps left, covering it up and putting it in the fridge. As you close the fridge, you turn around to get squirted on with some whipped cream making you gasp in shock. Giggles from a toddler and laughs from your girlfriend fills the kitchen as you process what just happened, turning your head to see Scarlett holding the can of whipped cream in her hand. You wipe the cream of your face, licking your hand a little and give them a smirk.
“Oh it’s on, Run!!”
Tumblr media
[Day 3 of 4 - Noon]
“I’ll get it!” You yell as you run to the door. You open the door and squeal as you jump into the arms of your older siblings while they laugh at your reaction and hugging you back.
Your family is coming in today while Scarlett’s family will come in tomorrow morning so it would at least give you and Scarlett some time to get to know each other’s family. Despite your family knowing about you dating a woman, there are things you didn’t really expound on such as the possibility of you two living together and Rose’s existence. Your siblings put you down, giving you a chance to greet your parents who were behind them. You let everyone in, letting them have the chance to look around.
“Kid’s toys?” Your eldest sibling asks as he noticed Rose’s toys on the couch, glancing at the toys briefly and sighing as you forgot to put it away. “Ah yea. That’s from Scarlett’s daughter”
Your parents gives you a look as you smile shyly. Before you could say anything, you hear footsteps as everyone turns to look at the staircase to see Scarlett and Rose in her arms. You smile as you walk up to them, giving them both a kiss on the cheek. “Everyone, meet Scarlett and her daughter Rose. Girls, meet my parents and my older brothers”
“It’s nice to meet everyone” Scarlett starts with a smile and giving everyone a shy wave. She puts Rose down and she immediately toddles up to your father, making him bend down and looking at the toddle with a gentle smile.
“Rose, right?” Your father asks the 3 year old gently who gives him a nod back. “I’m Y/N’s father, but you can call me grandpa”
“Dad!” You face palm as Scarlett chuckles slightly, smiling at the interaction.
Rose giggles and opens her arms, allowing your father to pick up the child and bouncing her slightly in his arms.
“Great, now dad’s gonna be obsessed with the child and would never leave” your eldest sibling teases making you groan in response. You gently swat your brother on the stomach, narrowing your eyes at him slightly. “Please remind him that you also have children of your own for him to spoil”
“Come on now sweetheart, we’re gonna have a fun time. Right Rose?” Your father teases as Rose nod excitedly in agreement. “You have such a sweet daughter Scarlett, I can tell already that she gets it from you”
Scarlett blushes at the compliment making you smile and wrap your arm around her waist. “Yea she really does”
She looks at you, smiling slightly at your heart eyes making her blush a lot more as she gently pushes you away, muttering a soft ‘stop it’ in response. You grin cheekily, giving her a peck on the cheek.
“You guys should go get some rest from the trip while Scarlett and I finish some Thanksgiving prep for tomorrow” you say as you look at your family.
“Let us help” your second brother offers, continuing as they notice your mouth opening to decline. “Let’s make our family cookies for tomorrow, I’m sure Scarlett and Rose would love to try them. Right?”
Rose gasps in your fathers arms and starts to chant ‘cookies!’ over and over again making everyone laugh.
“Alright cookie monster, we’d love to try those cookies” Scarlett smiles at your brothers and starts to prepare the necessary things while your parents plays with Rose in the living room.
“No I did not almost burn the house down, you did!” You whine as your brothers tells Scarlett your childhood stories while she checks on the turkey. She lets out a hysterical laugh at the mental image of a 8 year old you with a burnt tray of cookies as you grunt in response.
“Whose idea was it to bake cookies at the tender age of 8 because of your sweet cravings” your eldest brother teases as they mix the chocolate chips into the batter. You huff as you take a few pieces of the chocolate chips, putting some in your mouth.
“Y/N/N still does that you know” Scarlett starts as she closes the oven door, walking up to you who’s sitting on the kitchen island, and leaning on the space besides you with a smile. “I caught her baking cookies at 2 am once because she wanted something to snack on as she works”
You blush in embarrassment as your brothers start to remember other stories tell more embarrassing stories of your childhood to almost adulthood to Scarlett. However despite the embarrassment, you can’t help but smile at how well your siblings are bonding with your girlfriend.
You were young when you told them about your sexuality. They immediately accepted you saying that you’re still their little sister no matter what, but things changed when you told your parents the month you decided to move out for your music career.
It took some time for them to warm up to the feeling, but thankfully they did eventually with some coaxing and explaining from your brothers. You snap out from your thoughts when you feel something powdery on top of your head making you gasp while your siblings and Scarlett laugh at your reaction. You look down to see yourself covered in flour, looking back up to narrow your eyes at them.
“You lil shits are so screwed”
Tumblr media
[Day 4 of 4 - Early Afternoon]
“Scarlett sweetheart, the turkey looks great so why are you now freaking out over gravy?” You look at the blonde who’s loosing her mind over a supposedly simple gravy recipe.
“It says that I should use the pan drippings but it’s not enough” she says exasperatedly as she tries to figure out what to do. “I might call my chef friend to help”
“Come on Scar it can’t be that bad” you say as you get down from the counter you were sitting at, grabbing an apron and putting it on. “It can’t be that bad”
Boy were you wrong. Apparently, what actually happened was that the gravy broke meaning you had to whisk some more base, which was wine, and go for it in hopes to bring it back. Thankfully and as much as it hurts your ego a bit, Scarlett did call her chef friend to help out and was very helpful despite the sudden call.
“Thanks so much Ollie, you definitely saved me from embarrassment from our families” Scarlett says gratefully as she grins at the one and only Jamie Oliver. You’re still confused at how they met honestly but you know, having a chef friend does have its perks.
He chuckles over the FaceTime call, waving his hand slightly with a smile. “It’s nothing, anything for a friend. I gotta go but good luck with the Turkey”
They say their goodbyes as she ends the call while you put the gravy into its serving dish with the other dishes laid out on the table. “and done! We did it!”
Scarlett looks over at the arrangement as she takes off her apron, a smile forming on her lips as she takes everything in. Scarlett’s family are already here and getting to know your family as the both of you are doing the last minute touches before the meal itself. Thankfully, everyone has come together without further issues and it could potentially be one of the best Thanksgiving dinners ever.
She goes up to you, wrapping her arms around your waist with a thankful smile. “You’re the best, I love you”
You blush furiously at the sudden show of affection. “I-I” your voice cracks slightly as you clear your throat. “I love you too”
Scarlett chuckles, giving you a peck on the cheek.
“Come on, it’s almost dinner and I think we can have some time for ourselves before its time”
Tumblr media
[Day 4 of 4 - Dinner time!]
“No I swear Scarlett was a devil child growing up” Hunter, Scarlett’s twin brother, says with a laugh as your brother gasps in shock. “No way!! I swear Y/N was also the devil child because she shaved my stuffed bunny’s fur thinking it would grow back”
“Maybe Thanksgiving was a horrible idea” you grunt in response as you take a sip of your wine. Scarlett chuckles nervously as well as she blushes in embarrassment. “I think you’re right, who knew our siblings would give us hell”
Hunter laughs out loud alongside the other siblings, making you blush even more.
“Come on you guys” Scarlett’s father says over the laughter, calming down the teasing of the siblings. “Give them a break, they did make the effort to cook all of this for us. Which by the way, we should go around the table and say what we’re thankful for”
The concept of acknowledging blessings during Thanksgiving dinner had always been a Johansson tradition that Scarlett told you at some point. It was a way to still look at the simple things in life despite their harsh upbringing, which was something you could see your family do if you were to celebrate the holiday as well.
“I’ll start to get it going” Scarlett’s father says as he clears his throat. “I’m thankful for getting the chance to get to know the Y/L/N family, and see my own family after some time”
Everyone starts to say their blessings for the year and you couldn’t help but smile gratefully at your family as vulnerability was never their thing but they still gave it a chance for the sake of your relationship.
“Come on Scarlett, your turn” Hunter says after he finishes his turn, giving his sister a small pat on her thigh. Scarlett thinks for a moment before she starts.
“Well, a lot of things but my major blessings this year are definitely my career. I’m so thankful for the opportunities that comes my way and the lessons and experience it gives” she starts as she gently grabs your hand from underneath the table, intertwining your fingers with hers. “My friends and family who are always there for me, and for my own little family which I’m the most thankful for.”
She says as she looks at you and Rose who currently got off her little chair to sit on her mother’s lap for this. “You both have been my greatest blessing this entire year, and I’ll always be thankful for the love and joy you bring into this house”
You could genuinely feel the love Scarlett currently feels and it warms your entire soul knowing that the woman you love the most also feels the same way. A smile grows on your face, lifting Scarlett’s hand up to your lips and giving her knuckles a soft kiss in response. You think for a moment of what your grateful for this year as you gently rub the back of Scarlett’s hand with the pad of your thumb.
“Well for one I’m really thankful for the chance to have both Scarlett and I’s family together and really become one big family for the holidays” you start as you mentally count them. “I’m thankful for Scarlett’s family for raising such an amazing woman who i’m still very thankful for having as my girlfriend. I’m also thankful for my family for really stepping out of their comfort zones to come out here and celebrate with everyone” You say as you give your parents and brothers a slight nod who smiles back at you.
“I’m thankful for this little rascal for making Scarlett and I’s day every single day” you say as you ruffle Rose’s hair gently who giggles in response. “And of course I’m very thankful for my girlfriend who’d do literally anything for me and still love me no natter what”
You smile at Scarlett with only love and affection in your eyes. “Everything you’ve done for Rose and I is something I’d never forget, and is something I’d always look back to whenever I think why I fell for you in the first place. You’re the reason I get up everyday and make sure I do my best because you bring out the best in me”
You gently let go of Scarlett’s hand as you stand up, grabbing a small box from your pocket. Gasps goes around the table, including Scarlett, as you get down on one knee and open the little ring box to reveal a simple diamond ring with both of your birthstones at either side. The gold band itself has a simple design as you know that Scarlett would prefer something simple than flashy especially with your careers.
“I knew Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to do this since both our families would be here, and it also gave me a chance to really show your parents that you’re my everything before I asked for their blessings” you smile at Scarlett’s parents who looks back at you with respect. You look back at Scarlett who’s tears are starting to fall like crazy making you chuckle slightly. “I love you, you have my heart and soul and life without you would be a life not worth living. Having your heart has and will always be the greatest blessing I could ever ask for, and that’s why I just wanted to make it official so, Will you marry me?”
Scarlett nods in response as both of your families claps and cheers for the both of you, giving you the chance to slide the ring into her left ring finger. You gently kiss the back of her hand gently as Scarlett tries to wipe her tears away. She grabs you by the shoulders, leaning in to give you the most loving kiss you both ever shared. You pull back after a few seconds, grinning widely at her with a slightly flustered look.
“I love you, Happy Thanksgiving”
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ohheyjanie · 3 days ago
12 Days of Christmas {5/16}
Special: Thanksgiving Dinner @ The Avengers Tower
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, platonic Avengers x Fem!Reader
Word Count: ~1.7k
Warnings: Avengers family fluff, language
Summary: Your friends want to hear none of it when you try to tell them you're spending Thanksgiving alone this year.
Notes: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! For those who don't, I hope you have a nice day regardless with the people you love and those who you love you in return. <3
Series Masterlist || Series Playlist on Spotify
Tumblr media
You hate that you have to debrief immediately after each mission. Steve, of course, hates it too, but it’s protocol. You’re uncomfortable, sweaty, and sore when you sit down in one of the chairs, trying not to grumble under your breath like a brat, because you’re not the only one who took a few punches or is in desperate need of a shower.
Natasha and Sam take seats of their own, and the four of you spend a little over an hour talking about the mission you just went on in fucking Greenland. Not only did you have to deal with a bunch of Hydra assholes, but it was also in the middle of the freezing Arctic. You like winter, but not when it’s jacked up all the way to level 100. You don’t even think you saw the sun while you were there. New York actually felt near tropical in comparison by the time you got back.
When the debriefing is finally over, Steve pats you on the shoulder. “You did good,” he tells you with a smile. For some reason, it makes you irrationally proud whenever Steve praises you. He’s like the older brother you never had, and it feels good when he acknowledges your efforts.
You smile at him as he leaves, and you take off your tactical belt and place it on the table, sighing with relief when you finally get it off and you can breathe comfortably again.
“Meet you in the dining room in half an hour?” Natasha asks you as she takes your belt off the table, so she can take the weapons attached to it back to the armory. For a moment, you don’t realize what she means. What’s going on in the dining room? When she sees your blank stare, she actually smiles a little, “It’s Thanksgiving,” she reminds you. Right. Right. You had forgotten.
“Sorry ladies, but I’m heading out to Sarah’s for dinner tonight.” Sam tells you, coming up to plant a kiss on your cheek as he makes his way to the door. “But I’ll make it up to y’all, okay?” He squeezes Nat’s shoulder on his way out, waving a hand in acknowledgement when you ask him to give your regards to Sarah and the kids.
“So, you are joining us, right?” Natasha asks again when the two of you are alone. You made plans to just be by yourself for the night, not wanting to assume that you were invited to dinner. This is your first holiday season with the team, and you aren’t sure as to what the rules are. Besides, usually, it’s just you and your list of volunteer activities.
You grew up in an orphanage, which wasn’t as bad as people might think. It was lonely a lot of the time, but the staff were always kind to you, and you made a few friends. In fact, you managed to keep in touch with a few of them even after they were adopted or when you left at the age of 18. However, the holidays were something you kept for yourself. You can’t really explain why. Perhaps it’s because you know everyone has their own families now, and even though some of them would invite you to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at their homes, it filled you with a strange sense of guilt for even considering it. You would politely decline, lying that you already had plans. Perhaps it wasn’t guilt after all, you realize, but sadness that you didn’t have a family of your own.
“I… I don’t know.” You mumble, when you realize that Natasha is still waiting for an answer, suddenly feeling silly. Even though she obviously wants you to go, you still feel like you need to ask for permission. “I was thinking I’d just go to my room and read a book, or something.”
Before Nat can say anything, Bucky and Clint are passing by on their way to the dining room. Bucky’s super soldier hearing as him popping his head through the doorway. “What? You’re not eating with us?” He asks, eyes wide.
“It seems she was under the impression that she wasn’t invited,” Nat says, crossing her arms over her chest to playfully narrow her eyes at you.
“Wow, I’m almost offended,” Clint scoffs, striding over so he can loop an arm around your shoulders, not caring that you’re still grimy and sweaty from your mission. “There’s enough food to feed a small village, kiddo. Help us out, will ya?” Your lower lip is wobbling dangerously, so you clench your claw to keep from weeping like a child. Bucky seems to notice and he reaches out to trace a finger along your jawline, as if to ask you to stop it, but then seems to realize the intimacy of the gesture. He moves to brush a stray strand of hair from your face to tuck it behind your ear, pretending like that was his intention all along. Your friends are most definitely not fooled.
“Go get cleaned up, sweetheart, and we’ll see you in a few.” Bucky says after clearing his throat awkwardly, ignoring the way Clint and Natasha are grinning ear to ear at him. They walk you to the elevators and Nat says they’ll be waiting in the dining room. You follow Bucky’s instructions, taking a quick shower and washing your hair carefully with your peach-scented shampoo. It’s only dinner with the team, nothing you haven’t done before, but you find yourself wanting to look nice today. Besides, it’s not all that often you get to dress up and wear something pretty. You dry your hair, feeling good when it turns out all shiny and soft. It’s been a while since you wore it down, as you almost always pull it back into a sensible ponytail given your job description. You put on a nice blouse, your best jeans, and your favourite pair of ballet flats, even putting on a little bit of mascara and eyeliner.
You giggle to yourself as it feels like you’re prepping for a date. At that thought, your thoughts go to Bucky, who had been wearing one of those skin-tight T-shirts that you both love and hate so much. You hate them because they are extremely distracting, to the point where you think he wears them on purpose just to fluster everybody. You love them because they provide you with the unobstructed views of his perfectly sculpted torso. Recalling the first time you had ever seen him wearing one, you flush at the memory of your mouth literally watering at the sight. You aren’t sure you’ll be able to keep yourself from drooling all over him during dinner.
You shake your head, trying to get back into a less naughty headspace when your phone buzzes with a text from Wanda saying they’re ready and waiting for you. She sends you a picture of the dining table, already set up and looking like something straight out of a magazine. The centerpiece Tony had ordered is beautiful, filled with cute little pumpkins, berries, and candles — not a leaf out of place. Wanda had made sure to take the photo from your seat, where a cream-coloured card with your name printed on it in fancy script font rests next to your place setting.
It takes everything not to have an emotional breakdown at the sight. With every last ounce of will left in your body, you demand the tears in your eyes not to fall. You don’t have time to redo your makeup! Quickly, you make your way down to the dining room. The lights are dimmed, the candles are lit, the fireplace is roaring, and everyone turns towards you as you enter, cheering when they see you.
“There she is!” Peter comes forward to wrap you in a tight hug and guides you towards your spot at the dinner table.
“Thankfully you caught her before she tried to dip out on us,” Scott says, pulling out your chair for you. Laura and Clint are helping Wanda and Vision in the kitchen, while Nat and Bucky are already pulling the corks off a few bottles of champagne. Steve, Pietro, and Tony are by the large floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the city, chatting jovially amongst themselves. Little Cassie, along with Pepper and the Barton children, are setting up the kids’ table just a few feet away. Pepper points over in your direction and the children squeal when they see you, running over to wrap their little arms around your waist.
Why does it seem like they want you to cry?
Once you’re seated, everyone follows suit. Nat and Wanda are at either side of you now, each laying a quick kiss on top of your head as they sit. Bucky takes a seat across from you, which is a blessing and a curse. He looks near ethereal bathed in the soft candlelight, smiling at you like it’s just the two of you here. Is this what it would feel like to go on a date with Bucky Barnes? How are you supposed to keep your eyes off him for the whole dinner?
Steve clears his throat from his place at the head of the table and lifts his glass. Everyone follows his gesture, but you see Tony playfully rolling his eyes to you from his end, as if anticipating one of his long speeches. But Steve just takes meaningful glances at all the friendly faces, his kind blue eyes landing on you before uttering two simple words: “To family.”
“To family,” everyone repeats in unison. If you had hoped they would pretend not to notice as you tried not to weep into your champagne glass, your hopes are dashed. They all ‘aww’ at you, wearing fond smiles, as the girls rub your back soothingly. You jokingly flip them all off and motion at them to start dinner.
As you eat, laugh, and drink, you recall with wonder that, for pretty much all your life, you didn’t think you’d ever know what it would feel like to have a family of your own. You think to yourself that you must have done something pretty incredible in a past life to deserve a group as amazing as the Avengers wanting to make you a part of theirs.
Your family. Finally, you are home.
To be continued!
Up Next: Day 4 — Toys for Tots Drive @ The Hotel Artel Times Square with Bucky Barnes (coming Nov 29th)
Tumblr media
Tags will be in the reblog post!
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alkhale · 3 days ago
and regardless of celebration, thank you all for being a part of my life and for allowing me a platform to do something that I love. I wouldn’t be here without all of you reading and enjoying the things I write and do, thank you all so much for that, I’m eternally grateful <3
there’s a ton more that needs to be said and plenty of asks and messages, I’ll be getting to all of those hopefully soon with more proper announcements, but just wanted to say this first <3333 thank you all so much again!
PS- back in Cali, but more on that in another post!
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cognitosclowns · 3 days ago
Ok ok sooo i have a quick request
Since thanksgiving is this thursday, imagine the crew + reader spending thanksgiving together and it’s pretty well known that the reader is like a great cook, so obviously they’ll be the one cooking for thanksgiving dinner, and the crew is blown away by how good the food tastes?? like they knew we were a good cook but not this good??
lol sorry if this is dumb this idea just popped out of no where
(tw : food, cooking)
EVERYONE IS RELIEVED WHEN YOU AGREE TO COOK SMTH UP <33 only rule is No Sneak Peaks. No Motherbastards In The Kitchen While You're Working Your Magic.
(... Myc sneaks his tentacles in to thieve a tourtiere and a few lemon tarts. You notice but,, you allow it)
the kitchen, of course, being at Brett's place!! He has his own house a little ways outta the city. its,, pretty big,, considering hes extremely rich, but not excessive?
Perfect Cooking Space <33 the cupboards are jam packed with anything you could need
YOU EXPRESSLY ASK THEM THEIR FAVORITES <333 you wanna make sure everyone's got Their Things
it's,, fairly standard stuff? Gigi insists on cranberry sauce even if she’s the only one who uses it, Glenn requests Candied Yams which are a sin against nature, everyone collectively Pleads for both pumpkin and pecan pie bc nobody can choose, etc
needless to say, you has your work cut out for you
ANDRE AND GLENN ARE HAVING THE TIMES OF THEIR FUCKING LIIIIIIVES. The fucking,, delight on their faces when they see the Spread of Foods you've got laid out??
Glenn is used to,, Yummy Southern Cooking (tm). Thanksgiving was always a massive celebration back home <3 it definitely brings him back to his childhood, him and his brothers running around to finish chores as fast as possible so that they could eat dinner early!!
He doesn’t really see his family anymore so <333333 yeah he feels pretty cozy inside.
ANDRE JUST FUCKIN LOVES FOOD. GOD HE'S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. There will not be leftovers. Not a single one. Guarantee he's gonna be one of the last ones at the table.
I am unsure of the mechanics of how Myc eats,,,, I'm thinking kinda like a Gelatinous Cube?? Like he shoves shit into that little orb and it disintegrates?? THIS BASICALLY MEANS HE CAN EAT A METRIC FUCK TON.
What i mean to say is,, Glenn, Andre, and Myc are Inhaling it at the speed of light.
'I was gonna say something shitty but this is the best fucking food I've had in my life. I hate you so much. fuck.' aka myc is having a blast
Brett, Gigi and Reagan are eating Politely but also,, Very Fast smnds.
both to keep up with The Trio Of Vaccum Cleaners in the corner, and bc it’s GOOD. AND THEY’RE HUNGRY DAMMIT <3 they had to sit downstairs patiently and smell all the lovely food being made </3
WHAT THE HELL SHE COULD HAVE BEEN PAYING YOU TO MAKE HER LUNCH THIS WHOLE TIME </3???? ultimate betrayal. She’s stealing some of the tarts off your plate for this </3 the only compensation she’ll accept
BRETT GETS SO,, HAPPY AND MUSHY INSIDE <333 WHEN HE SEES YOU MADE THE CASSEROLE HE MENTIONED. His grandma used to make this,, Very Specific Casserole with string beans and yams and,, this mess of spices and a lil maple syrup and??? You replicated it perfectly?? Oh <333
Reagan has this Happy Tired Placated look?? Just half slumped in her seat, tiredly munching down on Massive Forkfuls of Turkey. You will get a very dazed thumbs up. please god give this woman a break <333 let her sleep let her rest she deserves it
ALSO,,, Sadly,, My Boy A.B Can't Have Any. Theoretically he can eat - he has a tank that he swaps out if he has to eat anything To Keep Up Appearances but... Now he doesn't have to pretend he's human, and therefore has no reason to eat. Even if he was permitted out of his tube, he doesn't have taste buds to appreciate it.
The chances of everyone collapsing into the nearest couches for,, Movies and Pies and Ice cream before passing out dead is SO VERY HIGH <3
Its okay the couch is plenty big for everyone <333
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dknc3 · 4 days ago
Wishing all the Americans who share my love of Our November celebration of blessings, family, and—let’s be honest, gluttony—a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!
I have all my men under my roof at the same time for the first time in nearly a year, and I’m loving every minute of it! (Even if I did just leave them all downstairs enjoying each other’s company and a bottle of Macallan while I’m heading to sleep because I’m getting up early to cook all day!!
It’s been an eventful year for the DKNC family with a roller coaster of highs and lows and big life events for everyone, but we are all well and together now—looking forward to our feast tomorrow and Son #1’s wedding in just over 3 weeks!
I miss writing. Life has conspired to keep me focused on many other things for a very long time, and given my son and and soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s selection of a mid-December wedding, I’ve no hope of reviving my traditional Christmas fic from years past this year. But I have decided that after a year like this one, I need to get back to doing some of the things I love just for me. So I’m committing to update one of my long dormant works in process at least every two months in 2022. That’s still an abysmally slow writing schedule, but exponentially better than I’ve done in ages—and I’ve gotta start somewhere, right?
In the mean time, I once wrote a Thanksgiving fic and it is the season, so if any of you Ned/Cat folks (or general Stark family fun fans) are interested in an old story set on Turkey Day, here’s the link to “Turkey and Family History.”
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epicene-humanoid · 10 months ago
some trans Jeff thoughts:
he realized he was trans in elementary school and just went fuck it I'll just start introducing myself as Jeffery and see if anyone decides to stop me (as we know, jeff winger can get away with almost anything)
he got top surgery the second he could afford it (around the same time he started at his law firm), and probably bribed someone to keep it a secret
"I'm jeff winger and i would rather look at myself naked than the women I sleep with" are the words of a man proud of his transition
he's really insecure about his fashion sense, which is why he mostly dresses like the douchey guys at his firm in the start of the show, he thought you can't go wrong with the sleazy lawyer look
he will never admit it but he feels super good about the dean hitting on him, because the dean is a (cis) guy, acknowledging that Jeff is more manly than him
i think he starts out stealth and comes out to everyone one by one, probably starting with abed because he knows abed won't judge him and will probably just see it as an interesting backstory.
abed just says it's cool and maybe worth a prequel exploring Jeff's transition, and jeff asks him to predict how all of the members of the group will react to him coming out.
abed's predictions:
britta will be over-the-top supportive and do a ton of research about trans history, probably put together a slideshow just to prove how progressive she is, and jeff will be a little bit weirded out, but also touched that she did all that for him, though he would never let her know that
shirley will be confused, because she doesn't know how someone she trusts and knows so well could be part of a group she was raised to hate, but ultimately realizes that there's nothing actually against the lgbtq people in the bible, and, as a cool character development arch, starts to advocate against use of the bible to justify bigotry
troy will just think it over and decide that Jeff's physique and coolness are even awesomer knowing how much work he'd had to put in to be like that, and respects Jeff's manliness even more
annie will give him a hug, say something sweet about how she'll always love him, and worry about his health, because even she read somewhere that taking testosterone makes you more likely to have a heart attack, jeff will explain that the risk is still only as high a cis guy, and she'll be the one to always remind him to take his shots
peirce will say at best say "jeff winger used to be a chick?" and at worst call him a slur, either way there's sure to be a lot of misgendering from him, and pestering to know Jeff's deadname (needless to say, Jeff just doesn't tell peirce)
the whole group goes out of their way to keep their beach trips a secret from pierce (the girls don't want him there anyways, he's too liable to be creepy) even though jeff knows that even if pierce saw his scars, all he would have to do is make up a story about some childhood accident and pierce would never question it
sorry this ended up being super long. can I hear some of your headcanons for him?
YES ALL THIS!!! yes yes i’m fully accepting this as canon oh my god
i’m about to type a whole ass ESSAY at midnight because i have been DYING to talk about this for months ajfdksljk,,, this is going to be obscenely long and i might end up adding even more to it as i continue to rewatch the show because there is truly no shortage of trans jeff content (especially when you’re trans and see transness in every little thing ajdkslfkjs)
spoiler warning for literally everything about this show under the cut <3
i 100% agree, i feel like he realized he was trans super young, especially since in the show we see him as a little kid a couple of times. 
Tumblr media
like look at little jeff with the oversized sweatshirt and little ponytail!! that’s childhood trans fashion. not to be dramatic but part of me thinks that jeff’s dad left before he fully came out to his family (which gives him even more angst about it, because until that one Thanksgiving episode, he’s never able to prove to his dad that he’s a better man), but part of me thinks that his dad left after he came out (which adds that spicy i-should-have-stayed-in-the-closet guilt that he has to work through). 
either way, because his dad wasn’t there, he had to base his concept of masculinity on something else, which was becoming a lawyer!! there’s some line that’s like “after the dust and divorce papers were settled the only man i looked up to was [the lawyer guy]”. like, replacing your father figure in your mind with the concept of “a job where you can talk your way in and out of anything and distort other people’s concept of reality”? that’s trans.
Tumblr media
 and the fucking THANKSGIVING EPISODE... i struggle to watch it without crying hehe <3 yeowch! the dichotomy of willy jr. being the “wrong” kind of man because he’s “too soft” but jeff also not being enough despite adhering to all the social standards of masculinity... fuck!! this whole scene of him telling his dad “i am Not well adjusted” and talking about how he gave himself an “appendix surgery scar” when he was a kid and he still keeps the get-well-soon letters from his classmates under his bed? oh my god. the implication of people loving him not despite his scars but because of them?? trans. i can’t think about this episode for too long or i’ll start yelling.
Tumblr media
OH and this scene? where he talks about how his mom got him a girl costume for halloween?? and everyone said “what a cute little girl” and after a few houses he stopped correcting them?? and “once the shame and the fear wore off, i was just glad they thought i was pretty”?? THAT’S TRANS... the man needs validation oh my god... and then in all the halloween episodes we see he has these ultra-masculine costumes (a cowboy, David Beckham, one of the fast and furious guys even though he never watched the movies, a boxer with his DAD’S boxing gloves... god) costumes are about becoming something else and he always chooses to be hypermasculine and that is trans.
Tumblr media
THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION EPISODE!!!!!!! being uncomfortable during P.E. is a queer experience. period. but him being specifically uncomfortable in the clothes someone else is assigning to him? trans. “are we gonna talk about clothes like a girl? or use tapered sticks to hit balls around a cushioned mat like a man?” TRANS. and him eventually stripping in public? celebration of transness. and the fact that he eventually becomes comfortable in both the uniform and his own style!! trans!! god i love this episode. 
Tumblr media
AND AND AND!!! the gay dean coming out episode!!! where it’s the three of them discussing the best way for the dean to come out as gay despite not entirely identifying with that label!! so we have both frankie and the dean who are sort of ambiguously queer, and jeff who’s a stealth trans man who’s probably only out to only the study group at this point. this scene where the dean and jeff have this like eyebrow communication while frankie is talking is just so cute. queer-to-queer communication. “I am so curious” “oh?” “intellectually.” “oh...” ajfdksljfk this scene just screams high school GSA to me and i love it so much.
Tumblr media
and SPEAKING of the dean!! i totally see you on that. i feel like jeff has some internalized homophobia/biphobia (like he’d throw punches over someone else, but when it comes to himself he has a lot of shame). and also seeing the dean so confident in all his different outfits/costumes has a weird affect on him bc it’s like “okay, the dean, a cis guy, can do that, but i as a trans guy could Not because that’s Breaking the Rules”. which, like, throwback to the halloween thing. of course there’s no right way to be masculine, but mr. winger does not know that.
Tumblr media
another thing!! the episode where their emails get leaked? that includes his emails with his therapist. fuck!! he was outed to the whole world in that episode!! no wonder he was so fucking angry!! this whole episode (and really any time he mentions his therapist) is so interesting when you think about them as a person he talks to about his transition. OH which adds to the thing with the dean!! “and you told your therapist you wanted to be alone this weekend” and “not you jeff, i know you’ll be visiting your dad” ”I told you to stop reading my emails”. luckily his study group has his back and just makes fun of him for emailing astronauts lmao
Tumblr media
and WHO can forget “they’re giving out an award for most handsome young man!!!!” what else is there to say about this line besides: he’s trans. you know he didn’t get awarded enough for being a handsome young man when he was a kid, and no amount of compliments when he’s fully-grown can really make up for that. some people crash a kid’s bar mitzvah to cope with the fact that they struggled to be seen as themselves when they were a teenager <3
Tumblr media
also his weird relationship with pierce? where he kind of hates him (understandably lmao) but at times has this almost-friends-almost-father-son relationship with him? especially in this episode where he’s forced to bond with him and ends up having a good time by accident (at a barber shop no less, the perfect place to Be A Man with your Man Friend). idk what to say about him besides the fact that pierce says his mom wanted a girl when he was born and made him dress like a girl (and his middle name is anastasia!) so if they’re gonna do any bonding over transness it’s gonna be that. 
Tumblr media
okay one last thing and then i’ll shut up for the night. this episode kills me (and almost kills jeff hahahahelpi’mcrying). it’s a very Trans thing to not be able to visualize your future self, it just is. growing up trans at the time he did? i don’t know what kind of future he saw for himself, but i’m so happy that he ended up with a group of friends who became his family and love him the way they all do. i’m so emotional over this asshole it’s ridiculous. 
in conclusion:
Tumblr media
they’re trans, your honor <3
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nightofthelivingpoet · 14 days ago
the dead poets during finals week: a very appropriate headcanon
author's note: HEY BESTIES LOOK WHO FINALLY DECIDED TO WRITE ANOTHER HC!!!! i'm on a semi-hiatus because of school but thanksgiving break is coming up (and now that i've learned the actual origins of thanksgiving jesus CHRIST do i feel no bueno for celebrating it) so I will have more time for writing and stuff! i'll get chapter one of my laurie fic up on my @nightofthelivingdreamer account and possibly start writing house md hc's? how do we feel about those? anyways, ENJOY, i missed you all <3
neil: okay so we know neil, happy sweet adorable ball of sunshine that is always a joy to be around...but we also know neil's father. neil's dad expects SO MUCH out of neil grade wise that neil literally becomes an autonomous drone during finals week. he is running on coffee and spite and no he's not going to suddenly stop talking to everyone (especially todd), but he's not going to be the most outgoing person ever. occasionally he'll make comments like "i would much rather be stabbed in the eye with a butter knife than be studying this right now" and make everyone laugh. after finals are over? all that happy adrenaline that he suppressed for a whole WEEK comes rushing back and TADA HAPPY NEIL IS BACK AND HE HAS TO MAKE UP A WHOLE WEEK OF FESTIVITIES.
todd: todd is stressed <3 he, like neil, has the whole parent factor going on, but that stress really comes from himself. he remembers how well his brother did on finals n stuff that he's set himself up to a very high standard. and yeah, it's stressful. he's more quiet than usual (and charlie's like wh i didn't even know that was possible) and more reserved, and is more often found in the library, studying alone rather than with the group, but he has this system where he studies for like half an hour and then spends ten minutes writing poetry, and it kinda works for him? like his brain is so active that the poetry kinda turns out to be alright? it's a weird byproduct of the stress but he's not complaing :)
meeks: oh god meeks is like a war veteran who has seen SO MANY FINALS in his days that he is 100% prepared three months in advance and has a big ol master plan about how he's going to get amazing grades on EVERY SINGLE DAMN TEST. he's got together a study group for each subject, as well as a schedule for when they all meet. with the groups he's more vocal, asking questions and helping as many people that he can, and when studying alone he becomes so focused and concentrated that the poets would have to say his name a couple times really loudly before he even noticed someone else was in the room.
cameron: see cameron is like meeks, but wayyyyyy more stressed. he's the same amount of prepared but thinks he's way less prepared, which causes him to go into a cautious scramble trying to be way more prepared than he is, even though he's already prepared well enough. i feel like his parents would say the same thing mine do, which is "you're either overprepared or you're not prepared", which literally inflicts terror on me as it would richard. so he is in a frantic state of study study study study that he will not be out of for at least a solid two days after finals are over.
pitts: pitts is so zen about this shit. sure, he's a bit stressed, but so is everyone else. he's normalized the stress and realized that everyone else is just as terrified as him, and that literally makes all the difference. he tags along to meeks' study groups, but he's less vocal. he works on stuff on his own, but he's not super mega focused on it. he's just going with the flow and using whatever study techniques have worked for him in the past, and you know what? it works! he gets high B's and low A's on all of his finals and feels good about it! after finals he doesn't have some outpouring of relief or energy, because he just kinda...chilled through the entire process, and now he can continue to do that but in all other aspects of life. anyways that's why pitts is my favorite thank you for coming to my ted talk MOVING ON
charlie: do i have to explain. seriously. sir charles doesn't give a flying fuck what the school board has to say about him and his learning experiences, especially not when the come in the form of a lil NUMBER. he thinks the whole system is arbitrary and treats it as such. he sits in on study groups but he's wearing sunglasses and playing bongos the entire time. and if someone asks him what he's doing or tells him to stop, he tells them that he's "contacting higher beings and humbly asking them to bestow their infinite knowledge on him for the test". and does this work? this bitch passes everything with the BARE MINIMUM. and when i say BARE MINIMUM, i mean BARE MINIMUM. the minimum is so bare that if he had forgotten to put his NAME on any of the tests he would have failed them. but is he mad about it? absolutely not, that is a cause that must be celebrated. he's truly shown "how dumb can i be without being not smart?" and all of its limitations. everyone's oddly proud of him. so am i.
knox: oh god this bitch is so stressed. he is SO STRESSED. and he never learned how to manage that type of stress so now he is stressed all the time and cannot do a thing to stop it. he's studying but he's not really retaining the information? he's really studying to study. of course the other poets see this and yogi master pitts takes knox under his wing to show him that study does not always equal stress. knox does not understand. knox sits in the back of the study groups pitts dragged him to with his knees tucked up to his chest, frantically trying to figure out whats going on. he ends up getting decent grades, but the mental trauma he has just gone through allows him approximately no relief. it's very "hey, how did finals go, knox?" "leave me alone don't say that word i will k word everyone in this room." typa beat.
chris: chris studies by helping other people study. its her thing. and everyone at the school knows this by now, so it's like every day that a sobbing freshman comes to her, asking for her help, and chris literally cannot stop herself from spontaneously becoming a teacher in every class in order to help them. before she knows it she has a line of younger (and older) students asking her for help. she barely gets time to study for her own finals, but she studied so hard for everyone else's that she passes all of her own with flying colors. stan mom chris because i love her more than words can say honestly.
ginny: ginny is probably most comparable to meeks in that she has seen it all when it comes to studying. she's just a lot more intense. she's a font of random knowledge that never really goes away, so when studying, she focuses mostly on jamming every bit of knowledge into her head because she knows it'll stay there. this results in a lot of pacing and muttering to herself, as well as giant stacks of flashcards for every subject. it sorta looks like a cult ritual, but it works so well that chris starts telling all the kids she's helping to study about it, and suddenly the halls are filled with kids holding stacks of flashcards in their hands, muttering as they walk. it is actually terrifying but the school average goes up, so no one really questions it.
chet: okay we know my man chet does everything with his reputation in mind. he's got football to worry about and blah blah blah basically he has to pretend that he doesn't give a shit about these finals. but omg guys...he does. he cares so much. he is being tutored by chris and ginny in every subject there is. he has flashcards falling out of his backpack. and he will not STOP until he can understand what the hell is going on in chemistry class. he passes with a range of A's and maybe one B (most likely chemistry) and he is SO PROUD. and every time one of his football buddies asks how he did, he probably says something like "yeah, i flunked every single one." and gets cheered on, but inside he is SO PROUD OF HOW HE DID and that's really all i need in life love u chet <3
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miidnightcarlights · 3 days ago
hi everyone!!! i just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving / happy thursday to those who dont celebrate it!! i just wanted to post really fast to let everyone know that im so so grateful for all of you!!!
i know the holidays can be hard for people and i just want everyone to know that im here and my messages and asks are always open for anybody!! i love you all so so much <3
im just gonna go ahead and tag some of my besties & fav blogs to show my love and appreciation for all of you!!!! ❤️ @cowboysamkiszka @ageofflowerpower @starchords @gustingirl @stardustschords @thatiloveyouso @hearts-hunger @mamavanheat @tlexx @softkiszka @theweightofstardust @way-to-go-lad @amourleger @eachconstellation
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har-rison-s · 8 months ago
protected, well enough: eleven
rogers! reader x peter parker
request/synopsis: could you maybe write something about the  reader being steve rogers daughter, who’s very similar to pre serum  steve, (polite, a bit shy, and artsy) and peter having a massive crush  on the reader? and ALL the avengers going full momma bear mode on the  reader bc of it. if you want to of course. i think it’d be interesting  to see something with the reader being a rogers instead of a stark  yaknow? thank you !!
also, this is an AU where everyone’s okay and no one’s a fugitive and everyone is friendly, like in other writings all over tumblr :)
a/n: another chapter before i have work this week !! cos i won't be able to write for a while bcs of it. i'm thinking of putting this story on ao3, too, but idk.... maybe not. anyways, enjoy! and happy late thanksgiving, hahahha. okay me vs misspelling so many words lmao...  happy reading <3
main masterlist
mcu masterlist
series masterlist
warnings: descriptions of food, thanksgiving, not much else???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Parkers are greeted with two firm knocks on their apartment door, and they immediately check if everything’s in place—including themselves—and aunt May goes to the door to greet their guests. She opens it wide, with an equally wide smile, and is greeted by Steve and Y/N Rogers at the door in their fall attire - coats and scarves. All three of their faces brighten up upon seeing each other.
“Hi, hello, happy Thanksgiving!” Steve greets May and hands her a bouquet of flowers (which, Y/N told him, isn’t quite the season thing to gift, but Steve insisted and kept his gentleman manners), which she receives with a surprised smile.
“Wow, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! Come in, come in,” she ushers for the two guests to enter her and Peter’s cozy flat. She locks the door after them and before she can walk away, Y/N surprises her with a hug.
“Happy Thanksgiving, May, I’m so glad to see you,” she says. May rubs her back comfortingly.
“Awh, sweetheart, it’s nice to see you, too, after all this time.” May says. Y/N smiles.
“This is for you.” Y/N gives May a wrapped present after pulling apart. “It was dad’s idea, I hope you like it. He’s a bit nervous you’ll take it the wrong way.” She whispers the last part so Steve wouldn’t hear.
“Oh, well, I’ll have to open and see, then.” She concludes. “Um, make yourselves at home, hang your coats there and leave your shoes on the carpet.” May tells the Rogers, and they nod. She walks off to the kitchen, where Peter is, while the Rogerses take off their extra-autumn-clothing layers. May gets busy with putting her flowers in a vase and Peters continues setting the table.
Y/N and Steve look around the apartment once they’re all done, and Y/N still loves it. Everything’s in place, they haven’t changed a thing since she was last here. She remembers listening to May’s CDs and vinyls on the stereo while she and Peter joked around, danced or just studied. She remembers Peter chasing after her around the small apartment because she’d refused to give him his phone back, and the time when she chased after him because Peter stole a sketch he liked from her composition class works. Y/N smiles. Now she sees Peter coming from behind the kitchen pillar, dressed in a grey button-up without a tie and black dress-pants. He looks handsome as ever, his hair has grown out a bit longer since they last met.
Peter spots Y/N, too, of course, and a smile stretches his face because of how glad he is to see her. She looks beautiful, so much so that he doesn’t know what to say. She wears black tights, over which flows a 50s-model dress in a deep red color, much deeper than the dress she wore at the infamous party at the Tower, the tone is almost brown. The dress has a white collar, around which falls Y/N’s hair in beautiful, natural, subtle waves. She’s pinned back the front strands, and Peter can find similarity between her hairstyle and that of Legolas’ from Lord of the Rings. He almost makes himself laugh with that. But when she stands next to her dad, Peter can see how she’s almost the spitting image of her father.
Y/N crosses the small distance over to Peter, to give him a hug. Hugging Peter feels like home, and she wants to stay there forever. Memories from the last night they saw each other flood her mind, and they make her wonder, and they make her hug him tighter and even long for him. Even when, yes, he’s right here. She remembers how different he looked that night, how different from now, how different from his usual self. She’s glad he’s here, and it seems he hasn’t had a serious accident like that one since.
“Hey.” Peter says to her after reopening his eyes. She always hugs him tight, and he does the same, and he loves the feeling, so he closes his eyes. “Happy Thanksgiving.”
“Hi, happy Thanksgiving to you, too.” She says and pulls back, yet her arms still rest around Peter. She examines his face for any trace of the bruises he had that night, and she sees none. Her eyes are loving and inspecting, she looks for any new or old scratch she might have missed at first glance. Peter is puzzled at first, but he lets her do her thing. “I see everything’s healed.” She whispers. She knows that night is a secret they must keep from May and Steve.
“Yeah, it happened in the next few days. I’m fine.” Peter assures her with a smile. She nods and pats his arm. Her eyes linger on Peter as she lets go of him, her realisation of what it means for him to be the friendly neighborhood hero is evident in her eyes, as well as the noble worry and trust that she holds for Peter.  Steve comes up to greet Peter, they shake hands. Peter can barely take his eyes off Y/N as she walks into the kitchen, but he looks up at Steve with his pretty brown eyes and big smile. “Mr Rog—Steve, hi. Happy Thanksgiving.”
Steve smiles, his grip firm on Peter’s hand. “Happy Thanksgiving, Peter. I see my formal title has stuck to you.” He says and retreats his hand. Peter’s a bit flustered.
“It just doesn’t feel right for me to call you by your first name, sir, I’d rather—I’d rather call you Mr Rogers.” Peter admits, and Steve nods.
“That’s fine, kid.”
“Do you wanna see the rest of the apartment? There isn’t much, honestly, but… in case you want to.” Peter offers. He exchanges a look with May and suddenly he feels like saying their anxieties about the apartment’s size aloud. But May, surprisingly, beats him to it.
“It’s a really small apartment—I know you’re used to spaceous rooms and all that.” May says with a light-hearted sigh. Y/N glances between Peter, May and her dad. But he shakes his head.
“No, it’s fine. The place I grew up in was even smaller. Of course, I used to be smaller, too, but…” they all laugh, “it’s fine, it’s your home. What does the size matter?” Steve shrugs. May and Peter are pleasantly surprised, and exchange smiles of that exact emotion.
“Well, alright. Maybe after? The turkey’s just out and it’s better to eat fresh.” May suggests. Steve nods. Y/N sees how well he understands Peter’s aunt, not on ground-level, but deeper than that. Single parents, maybe. Peter leads the Rogerses to the dinner table, which is set very pretty and cozy, with a table-cloth and pretty cups and plates. Y/N smiles at the pottery, which looks to be from the 70s - white, decorated with painted flowers and patterns. The mashed potato pot even has rabbits painted on it, which Y/N finds endearing.
She sits down next to her father, across Peter. Teenager across teenager, parent across parent, Y/N smiles again. May comes over with a freshly-baked turkey in a blue ceramic tray, and she places it in the middle of the table, between the pot of steaming mashed potatoes and the bowl of salad. Y/N thanks God the turkey is smaller than the one Tony sent to them last year. Its leftovers had sat in the fridge for a month, and none of the team or Y/N could manage to eat turkey for another few months, at least, after that.
May sits down herself, pours wine into her and Steve’s glasses—with his permission—and raises her glass. “I don’t know what else to toast to but the reason we’re here today—our kids.” She says and Peter manages to pour him and Y/N a glass of zero coke before May really toasts. He knew which coke to buy, he knows if Y/N drinks coke at all, it’s zero coke. “To our kids.” May toasts.
“Yes, to our kids.” Steve agrees and they all clink their glasses together. “Happy Thanksgiving. Again.” Steve congratulates everyone, and they return his congrats with a chuckle. The superhero cuts up the turkey, being the kind gentleman he’s always been, and gives everyone a part of the turkey they each specifically desire. Y/N loves mashed potatoes, and she hasn’t had some in a long time, so she crams those shamelessly onto her plate, and later on others’ plates, as well, as much as they like. May makes a joke about how she feels like a guest in her own home, and Y/N suddenly feels flustered. She and her dad both have a kind and giving nature, and while she sometimes feels embarrassed by it, Steve is way past that stage and looks on it as a normal thing.
“It’s a habit,” he says, shrugging, and sits down, “it’s in our genes, I guess.” He looks over at Y/N quickly, and she smiles at him and May.
“Dad likes to say that teamwork makes a dream… work.” She offers and sets everyone chuckling. “It’s true, but cheesy.”
“As is everything I say, I hear.” Steve says. Y/N nudges his arm with her elbow playfully.
“Kids these days, I swear…” May joins him in the slight teasing, offering a warm smile to her kid. “I hope it wasn’t too much trouble to spend Thanksgiving here, though. Peter said you always celebrate at the Tower.” She says to Steve.
“Oh, no, no.” He shakes his head. “My teammates told me they were actually glad to have a Thanksgiving without a kid.” Steve admits, making everyone laugh again.
“Who said that?” Y/N inquires while she chuckles.
“Nat and Sam.” Steve answers.
“Oh, they’re in for it now.” Y/N says, shaking her head. While she does so, Peter catches her eye again. He’s been looking at her, she can tell, and she doesn’t mind at all. But Peter’s been very quiet tonight so far, and she wonders why. And then she wonders that maybe she’s just paranoid and that he’s always been that way.
Dinner goes by quite swiftly, too swiftly for everyone’s liking. Steve and May seem to have connected very well, their conversations flowing like water from one topic to another. Peter can only guess it’s genes that he and Y/N can have the same way of conversation, no matter what they talk about. Y/N nudges Peter’s foot under the table once in a while during dinner, and he nudges her right back. They’re both nervous as hell, but glad, at least, that they’re both here, therefore they have relief - comedic and other.
Conversation topics land on school and college, as well, eventually, making Y/N and Peter at least somehow integrated into the conversations between Steve and May. They really seem to have found a common language, and could do without the kids. Though May does ask Y/N questions, and the same goes from Steve to Peter. Steve doesn’t see Peter only as Y/N’s best friend. Maybe it’s because Tony has taken him under his wing, but he feels responsibility for the kid, and great care, as well. He’s soon going to be part of the team, and he’s only a kid. Steve remembers well how it was to be Peter and Y/N’s age, it feels like yesterday.
At desert, which is a calorie-filled layer cake with everything that’s good inside it, the topic falls on gratefulness. “This year I’m grateful for…” May starts to say, but wonders off for a second. She speaks soon enough, once her thoughts are recollected, “I’m grateful for finding out who Spider-Man is, because it’s such a relief to finally know why my kid is sneaking out almost every night.” She pats Peter’s shoulder, and everyone chuckles, including the boy.
“I’m grateful for… the personal journeys I’ve had. I’ve realised a lot about myself, and other things, through them.” Peter says. Wise words, thinks Steve. It’s Y/N’s turn now.
“I’m grateful for… It’s tough to choose,” she admits with a chuckle, “I guess I’m grateful for relationships. Any kind of relationships, cause I have so many different ones around me, and they mean everything to me.” She decides and gives the word over to her dad.
“I’m grateful for this generation of kids. They’re full of potential and wisdom, and they give me hope.” Steve says, looking both into his daughter’s and Peter’s eyes as he does. He believes in the new generation, he guesses, just like Tony does. Steve’s faith is in people, especially the young ones, because they’re the ones who will stay here after the elders are gone, and will need to take care of the world. The two kids Steve knows already justify his hopes the future, in his eyes they’re worthy of so much and are so full of potential.
When dinner is over, everyone lends a hand in clearing the table and cleaning everything up, despite May’s protests—which she backs up with old-school beliefs. The Rogers family are happy to help, and won’t rest until you let them. After everything’s done, though, May gets the chance to show the father and daughter around her own and Peter’s apartment. ”This is our living room, of course,” May motions with her arm around the spacious room, “with all the music and entertainment devices. It’s sort-of a—the kitchen and living room are one big room, but we just put the pillars and counter here as some sort of dividers, at least. Behind the kitchen—here,” she walks past the fridge, to where Steve could see a hallway spreading while he sat at the dinner table. He walks by May’s side, Y/N and Peter right behind them, bugging each other with playful pokes and nudges. Y/N looks out of the window to her right. The city’s alight in the dark autumn evening, she smiles faintly at all the colorful lights. She thinks about how there’s so many more families out there having Thanksgiving dinner together, “is the hall to our bedrooms. Peter’s in here.”
May pushes open the bedroom door and is pleasantly surprised by a clean and tidy room—a rare sight in Peter’s room—and Steve glances into it. Two-story bed, a desk right by it and a window between them. A grin tugs at the corner of his lips. It feels like he’s looking at his own old bedroom, from when he was Peter’s age. He sees posters of Tony and himself on Peter’s walls, he sees Thor and Bruce there, as well. With a decision made silently, Steve and May walk further down the hall and leave Peter and Y/N in Peter’s room. Peter closes his door softly and quietly after her, and gives her a small smile in return.
They’re both silent as Y/N looks over Peter’s room. There’s a Lego Death Star laying on his desk, next to a neat pile of textbooks and notepads. His posters seem to have multiplied, the walls feel much smaller than when she was last here. She looks at the awkward boy standing by his bed, leaning on the frame with one of his shoulders, and Y/N smiles at him. She feels like she’s home. It’s weird, because for one - she isn’t, two - it’s someone else’s home. But she can’t help but feel at home. She walks over to Peter’s bed and sits down on the tidy covers, neating out the wrinkles in her dress.
“That wasn’t so bad.” Y/N says then, looking to Peter. He looks at her and their eyes connect. Her irises seem to hold a certain look—no, emotion—in them that Peter can’t quite read. But he loves what he’s seeing, even if he doesn’t yet understand it. “How are you feeling?” She asks in a softer voice, her eyes now holding care and… love. It must be love. Peter can hear her dad and May laughing at the far end of the hallway.
“Fine. Great, now that we’re here.” Peter responds. “Just us two…” he looks away in shyness. Y/N looks off, too, blushing. But she scoots over a little and pats the empty place on his bed next to her. Peter gives her a questioning glance at first, but wastes no time in sitting down next to her. Suddenly he feels like the calm in him is gone, he feels a bit on edge, sitting next to the most beautiful girl in the world. Out of habit, he locks his hands together in his lap. Y/N puts a hand on his shoulder, which makes Peter turn his head to look at her again, from his looking straight ahead of him. She looks beautiful and sincere, as always. Though it feels her mood is more serious tonight now than any other time.
“I’ve been worried about you.” She admits, her fingers tightening on Peter’s shoulder muscles just a tad bit. She presses her lips together and her eyes divert from Peter’s. “I guess your evening routine has sort-of sunk in—uh, what it means, you know,” she admits, “what it means for you and how much danger you’re in almost every night.”
“Y/N, I can defend myself.” Peter responds immediately, sure of himself and his abilities.
“I know you can, but what happens when you get distracted again and the bad guys really get you?” Her voice gets quieter and quieter with every word she says. “It looked like you had just slipped out of their grasp. It won’t always be like that. I’m not pessimistic, I’m just—I’m realistic, and you’re great in action and you have your Spidey-Sense.“ She sighs and her hand drops from his shoulder, she’s retracting physically and emotionally from him. “Now I sound possessive or angry, I’m sorry—“
“Hey, hey, I know what you’re trying to say,” Peter places his hand over hers that lays in her lap, their eyes connect again, “that I should be more focused, more careful?” He makes sure and Y/N nods, though hesitantly. “I know, and I will be more careful. I think I know what—seeing me like that that night—it wasn’t easy. And I’m sorry, but I really didn’t have anywhere else to go. I promise that it won’t happen again.”
Y/N shakes her head. “You can’t make promises like that, Pete.” She whispers. “You never know what might happen. And don’t be sorry for coming to me. In a stupid way, I’m kinda glad that it was me you came to.” She says and sniffs with a sad chuckle. Peter’s eyes almost turn to ones of a puppy. “It was hard seeing you like that, and I don’t know why I was glad…”
“It’s not stupid, Y/N, that you feel like that.” Peter assures. Silence falls between them. Y/N looks at Peter, nervous that it is stupid—what she feels—but Peter’s comforting, beautiful eyes say different. And she believes them.
“I—you know, I mean you probably do, but—you can trust me, alright?” She says. “You can tell me anything that’s on your mind. I won’t pry, I just want you to know that you can trust me. Really trust me.”
Peter nods. “I know.” He says. “It’s part of the reason why it was your window I knocked on.” He admits with a chuckle. “Not that I—that sounded like I’m using you—I’m not, I wanted to say that—“ Y/N chuckles herself, and endearingly leans towards Peter and rests her head on his shoulder. He almost melts. “I do trust you, and you’re my best friend.” Peter says. “And you did a very nice job on my bruises and wounds.” He admits and they both laugh. “You could be a doctor, you know.” He says, glancing down at her briefly.
“Oh, stop.”
“No, really, you could.” Peter tells her and she raises her head from his shoulder to look at him. “You’re one of those people—well, you’re not ‘one of’, you are very much one-of-a-kind person, but—you’re someone who can learn to do anything. You know that saying—you can do anything you put your mind to?” Y/N nods. “Well, it’s about you. Anything you really, truly love and love doing, you learn it so perfectly, down to the smallest details and nuances, you just become a master. Drawing, designing, cycling - to name a few. You could learn all the languages in the world, if you wanted to.”
Y/N had started to smile from his compliment, now she’s laughing. Not in a making-fun manner, but in a you-make-me-so-happy manner. There’s a sudden urge to kiss the boy in front of her - a way to thank him for the compliments he’s given her - the urge is so strong that she almost does it, she already leans in. But she stops herself and settles for a hug. “Those are such kind words, Pete,” I love you, “I could cry right now.”
“Awh, please don’t. I don’t wanna make you cry again.” He says, his arms wrapped around her frame again, holding her close. “Who wants a best friend that makes you cry almost every time you see them?” He asks rethorically. Y/N laughs and retreats, though she keeps her arms around Peter’s torso. She seems to love doing that, Peter notes, as he looks down at her. She rests her head against his chest now, so much so that his chin is almost resting on top of her head. He almost laughs at the realisation.
“Well, at least there’s good balance between what you do that makes me cry.” She says and truly does wipe a tear out of her eye. Peter lets his head rest on hers, he feels her soft hair against his cheek, almost tickling his skin. (a/n: now kiss !!! ) “But thank you, really.”
“You’re welcome.”
“I don’t know if I wanna be a doctor, though. Their lives and jobs seem so stressful - I don’t want that.” She admits and they both chuckle. They can both agree on how stressful their lives are now already, only as teenagers, and that they’ve had enough already.
“What kind of life and job do you want?” Peter asks in almost a whisper. Y/N shrugs, he feels her shoulder movement against his chest.
“Something… calm. I don’t know… I’d like to be a painter, but that seems lonely.” She answers. “Maybe something to do in the film business… but that sure isn’t a calm life promised.” Peter can agree. “I don’t know, maybe even a writer… I’d have a cozy house somewhere in the countryside, or maybe Europe, and I’d write novels on a type-writer, at a desk with a window in front of it so I could see the lake or river my house is next to…” Her soft voice stays between her and Peter, her words like fresh snow sticking to a lamp post sticking to Peter’s shirt. Her big dreams that are said in such small and soft a voice now. Peter’s glad to be the one that hears them.
“That sounds perfect, actually.” He tells her, seeing already the image of Y/N sitting at an open window, type-writer and a cup of tea in front of her on the desk, she’s looking out at the beautiful scenery in front of her, which inspires her to write. He’d love to be a part of that dream of hers, without taking anything away from it.
“What about you?” Y/N asks and Peter can feel her locking her hands together on his side.
“Oh, I—pshht, I don’t know.” Peter admits, shrugging. “I’ve never really thought further than a few months.” He chuckles, and suddenly feels awkward that Y/N has a wonderful dream, maybe even a few, and he has none. Will she think I’m an empty person? “I don’t know, hah, I feel kinda weird.”
“Come on, you must have a dream.” Y/N encourages in a soft mewl. “What’s the thing that you wanted to do—or what you wanted to be as a child?”
Peter huffs. “All that comes to mind is… a hero. Like Mr Stark.” He admits in a small voice, feeling insecure. “I don’t know, it’s just always… appealed to me somehow. Helping people, inspiring people, being a symbol of hope,” he sighs, “I sound so weird.”
“No, you don’t.” Y/N argues in her soft voice. “I promise. That’s an amazing dream.” She assures. A knock comes to Peter’s bedroom door, splitting the two teens apart—Peter even stands up from his bed—and the door opens to reveal Steve. He smiles warmly at the kids.
“Hey,” he says, “I think it’s about time we go, sweetheart.” He tells Y/N, and she nods, though with a sad expression on her face. She scrunches her nose up at her dad.
“Five more minutes?” She requests in a whisper, and her dad laughs. He nods.
“You got it.” Steve says and closes the door after making an exit. Peter and Y/N exchange glances and then chuckle at each other quietly. Peter wants to tell her how cute she looked when she scrunched her nose up, but he feels it’ll make things tense. Or maybe not…
“You look really cute when you do that,” he tells her, hands locked behind his back shyly.
“Do what?” Y/N smiles.
“That—“ Peter repeats the endearing expression and makes Y/N laugh.
“Thanks. So do you.” She says. “You look like a little mouse.” She stands up to be side by side with Peter. She takes his hands and sways his arms slowly back and forth, looking into his eyes. “Oh, wait, before I forget. Um…” Y/N scratches at the side of her nose, and Peter listens intently, “Tony said we’ll be moving upstate.” She informs him with another semi-scrunch of her nose.
“To the new compound?” Peter asks.
“Oh, yeah. He said he wants to make the Tower strictly about business, and that the compound will be for training and living quarters.” Y/N tells him. “I suppose he’s right, you know, being in the center of New York has its disadvantages. But um… he said we will have moved out by Christmas, and that there will also be a party. Like between Christmas and New Years… yeah. So you won’t be able to walk me home anymore.”
Peter frowns subtly. “You’ll be further away.” He says, and their locked hands drop still between them. Y/N can hear he’s a tad disappointed.
“Yeah, it sucks on a lot of levels.” She says. “But hey - we can still make time to spend together.” She points out.
“Yeah, yeah, of course.” Peter nods. “Uh, do you need any help with packing?”
“Um… yeah, actually, that’d be awesome if you could. This is the most intense period in school this semester, I don’t even know how I’d have time to pack, so—yeah, I’d love to.”
“I’m always happy to help.” Peter gives her a smile and sighs quietly. Y/N smiles wide, looking at Peter with her head slightly tilted to the side, her eyes showcasing so much appreciation and that same love as before.
“I know.” She says and kisses his cheek before pulling him into a hug, firstly to hide her blushing cheeks and freaked-out face, and secondly to say goodbye in private. Peter’s stunned, to say the least, and notes that he won’t touch that cheek for some time. That was the closest to a first kiss he’s had, and that was closest to a kiss he’d share with her so far. He hugs her back, of course, and savors the moment. No words pass between them for a good minute or two. Neither of them want Y/N to leave, but at the same time both are too flustered to pull away. Y/N does so first, realising her dad is probably waiting for her. She sighs quietly to herself, avoiding eye contact. “I wanna see you as often as I can.” She admits. “Could you come over next week, to pack?”
Peter is still baffled, so he only nods to her words. “I-Is th-thursday okay?” He stutters in his suggestion. Y/N nods and a wide smile grows on her lips. She quickly turns around to leave Peter’s room, and he has a few seconds to get real with that happened. His hand naturally rises to the cheek she kissed, and his fingers go over the exact spot her lips touched. He almost bursts from pride—or is it happiness?—in the next second. But he lands back on Earth and follows Y/N out of his room to say goodbye.
“It was great having you guys here, thanks so much for coming.” May tells the Rogerses once they’re both dressed and ready to go.
“Thanks for having us.” Steve says. “Maybe we could—invite you to the compound—or out to dinner—next time.” He suggests.
“Only if your schedule’s not too busy.” May responds and everyone chuckles. “Well, I best not keep you from going, it is getting late. Happy Thanksgiving and come again sometime.” She smiles warmly as she hugs both Y/N and Steve.
“Thank you, thank you.” He says and waves bye to Peter. “See ya around, kid.”
“Bye, Peter.” Y/N gives him a wave, as well, and a small smile meant just for him. He waves at them both.
“It was great having you here, bye, guys,” he tells them before they both go out the door. The Parkers both wave to the Rogers still, as they’re walking down the hall to the elevator. Y/N catches one last glimpse of Peter before they round a corner, and all she can see is the beautiful boy she’s started to fall in love with, standing next to his aunt, smiling and waving, and welcoming the sadness due to her leave.
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13uswntimagines · 11 months ago
Chanukah party (USWNT x Baby!Reader)
Tumblr media
This isn’t a request but @literaryhedgehog​ and I thought it would be fun. The basic premise is that reader is at camp during Chanukah, and the team feels bad (especially Lindsey) so they throw her a party. (thank you @notmia101​ for betaing this for us). 
You smiled at Alyssa as she described her winter plans after training camp. How she was going to visit her sister and her family for Christmas. How they were hoping for snow and how they were going to kill an innocent tree and desecrate its body with lights for their amusement. Her words, not yours. It was a game she and the other girls played every year, trying to make their Christmas plans sound as horror-movie-ish as possible. It was a way of trying to make fun of themselves so you could share the amusement and join in laughing at them. 
But despite their efforts, a little piece of you always felt left out because you couldn’t (wouldn’t?) participate. See, you were one of the few who didn’t celebrate Christmas. You were proud of your Jewish heritage, even if your family wasn’t the most ~religious~. But you were proud of the culture you had been raised in. You held its traditions very near to your heart and weren’t AT ALL bitter that the rest of the team had time designated to visit their family during their winter holidays while you still had training camp through the third week of December.  
You were kinda zoning out because you could only take so much of their cookie baking, their stalkerish man that watched kids while they slept, and their hiding of a stupid stuffed toy you were sure would give you nightmares (who the fuck thought having an ‘elf’ stalk your family all month was cute?!?!? Capitalism was a weird man). (Though you may or may not have paid attention to Lindsey’s plan to dress Ferguson like a little elf…) 
“What about you kid?” Tobin asked, nudging you out of your daydream. 
“What?” You shook your head, making everyone around you laugh. 
“Do you have plans for the holidays?” Lindsey repeated, her smile showing off her dimples. 
“Oh, um. Chanukah started a few days ago. It’s cool, they have an app with a menorah and everything. My family has been face timing me most days, but it will be over before training ends.” You shrugged, hoping they couldn’t see how much being away from your family during this time of year sucked (though you were glad to be included on the camp roster). 
Most of the veteran's jaws dropped, how had they not known that you were missing something so important to you? How had US Soccer overlooked a holiday (and inadvertently given you an ultimatum- celebrate or make the national team). 
“Then why did they schedule training camp this week?” Tobin mumbled. Again you shrugged. 
“There’s 23 of you and only one of me… it’s really not that big of a deal,” you smiled briefly and gave the same speech you had given since middle school, “It’s not like the ‘Jewish Christmas’ even though it happens around the same time some years, my family doesn’t even exchange presents, so I’m really just missing the party they’re throwing on the 18th.” 
“That still isn’t fair though. I mean, we get Christmas off automatically, even if we don’t celebrate it!” Christen huffed, throwing her hands up. 
“I mean, this isn’t like a new thing. We’re always at camp during this time. And next year the holiday starts in November, so it’s not something that can consistently be scheduled around. I guess it’s just a sacrifice I have to make to be the best right?” You said earnestly, shaking your head. You knew all of the arguments, you had heard them for all of your life. 
“But-“ Emily started to protest, but before she could get the words out you cut her off. “Don’t make a big deal guys, it’s fine. Really,” 
The team stared at you for a few seconds, several women opening and closing their mouths several times. You shifted uncomfortably under their gaze, breathing a sigh of relief when your phone rang, glad to have an excuse to get out of this situation. 
“Ok so we’re totally going to make a big deal out of this,” Lindsey said turning back around to face the team the second you were out the door. 
“I’m guessing you have a plan to woo your girl?” Emily smirked, wiggling her eyebrows. 
“It’s not to. No. We are doing this as a team to be supportive of our teammate who is part of a traditionally marginalized culture that we need to be more supportive of,” Lindsey grumbled sternly, smiling when Christen nodded in return. “I’m googling “Chanukah for Dummies” right now. 
They were going to make this camp different from the others (and if she got to impress you that was just a bonus). 
“Umm, why does it smell like something is burning?” Becky asked, walking through the hotel corridor towards the dining room. 
“Because Latkes are apparently more difficult to make than I expected,” Kelley said, tossing what looked like a stack of burned hockey pucks into the trash. “I didn’t realize the whole room was going to smell like fried food- do you think they’re going to fine me when we check out?”
“If they fine you, they better fine Em too. The stench from such a little jar is kind of amazing,” Lindsey huffed. 
“What did she do, get her sardines or something?” Becky asked, shaking her head, remembering the smell that she couldn’t quite place. 
“No. Something called ‘Gefilte fish’”. 
“But isn’t that usually for Passover?” Kelley asked, looking up from where she was trying to scrape burned potatoes off her pan.
“They said it was traditional, isn’t that what we’re going for?” Emily huffed, pouting. Lindsey rolled her eyes at her best friend. 
“I’ve got music!” Chrystal called, walking through the door in a star-patterned sweater. “It turns out there are not a whole lot of Chanukah songs. There’s a Spotify playlist that’s only 3 hours long, or so, so I supplemented it with a lot of Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon.”
“And I brought the sour cream and applesauce as requested!” Sam called, walking in after her, “also some apple juice and honey bourbon. I know apples and honey are a thing for Rosh Hashana, so I thought maybe we could make some cocktails?”
“I won’t tell coach if you don’t,” Kelley said taking the bottle and pouring herself a shot. “Someone else needs to take over the latke making. My attempts have all either looked like lefse, hashbrowns or just burned.”
“I had an ex-girlfriend from Minnesota. It was a potato tortilla thing her family sent her at thanksgiving. The point here is that someone else needs to cook or we are just going to be eating sour cream and applesauce on their own.”
“We could make french fries?” Rose suggested tentatively. 
“With bacon and cheese! Those are the best,” Emily exclaimed, only to have Lindsey (gently) slap the back of her head. 
“No, Sonnett. She can’t have bacon and I don’t think she’s allowed to have cheese and meat on the same plate…” 
“I think if we just batter potato pieces in egg and flour and fry them it would taste nice with the apple sauce and sour cream. And we’ve made french fries before so it won’t be so much of a… learning curve. Though you did a great try, Kelley!” Rose said, patting Kelley’s arm.
“You guys are useless. Did you even look at a recipe?” Megan shook her head. 
“If you think it’s so easy you try it.” Kelley scoffed. Megan raised her eyebrow at the woman, stealing the spatula from the defender's hand. 
“Tasty made here we come,” 
“Happy Chanukah!” came from all around as you walked in. Lindsey was very proud. Not only had she gotten the team on track and ensured that they had all of the stuff google said would make the perfect Chanukah celebration; she had also kept you off their trail until this moment. The shock on your face made all the work on their day off entirely worth it. 
The room was decorated in tinsel with a shiny plastic menorah in the center of the table. Several people were wearing ugly sweaters with different “decorations” taped on. A sign on the back wall said “We survived, let’s eat!” Lindsey had decided against hanging up the posters Rose and Mal made saying “Stick it to the (ro)Man!” and “MaccaBEe mine.” The first one because she wasn’t sure it was appropriate, the second one because she knew it wasn’t.
“Ooo who brought the hotdog of the sea?” You asked, biting your lip to suppress a giggle as you walked over to the table to see the food on display. 
“What?” Lindsey’s eyes tried to follow yours, utterly confused. They didn’t get hotdogs. They most certainly weren’t on the list that Chanukah for dummies had given her. 
You smiled softly and shook your head, pointing to the tan balls that Emily had provided. 
“That’s what my siblings and I call it during Passover. Gefilte fish is kinda a love it or hate it thing…” you trailed off, scrunching your nose just slightly. 
“And you’re not a fan?” Lindsey smirked, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. 
“Umm, I plead the fifth,” You mumbled, shaking your head slightly. It wasn’t your favorite item in the world. 
“That was all Emily,” Kelley snorted, clapping you on the back, and you grinned devilishly back at her. 
“Well, it was very nice of her to be so thoughtful. She can try a piece with me,” 
Emily cringed at the idea, but nodded nonetheless. It was your party and if eating the smelly thing out of a jar made you happy, then that’s exactly what she would do. (She also stealthily shot Lindsey the middle finger while you were surveying the rest of the items on the tables). 
“Honestly the sufganiyot is my favorite,” you said, taking a step towards the platter, your lips ticking up at Lindsey’s adorable confused face. “sorry, the donuts,” you clarified, picking up one of the many powdered sugar-covered donuts in the stack, inspecting it to see what kind it was. The Jelly ones were particularly important for the celebration. 
Lindsey blushed a little. “We didn’t know if you wanted jelly or custard,” She said hesitantly, watching as your eyes got impossibly brighter. 
“Both are amazing, thank you,” You smiled softly at the midfielder, brushing a stay bit of powdered sugar off her pink cheeks. You held her gaze for a moment before seeming realizing you had an audience, and turning towards the rest of the team. “thank all of you,” 
It wasn’t the traditional Chanukah you usually shared with your family, but the friends who had become your family made it special nonetheless.
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hlkwrites · 11 months ago
Home for Christmas - Part 3
Tumblr media
December 2016 a snow storm grounds all flights out of New York City’s JFK airport and two strangers are brought together by weather, an IT blunder and a little dusting of serendipity.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Ivy Jones (OC)
Warnings: A few swears, just lil ones.
Word count: 4940
Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
Tumblr media
Ivy woke with an unexplainable feeling of dread in her stomach. She couldn't work out if it was the fear of missing Christmas at home or the fear that any hour might be her last with Chris. He was still sleeping, now on his side and facing Ivy. There was a flush in his cheeks and neck but he was sleeping peacefully enough. 
Ivy slipped out of bed and headed into the bathroom, taking her phone with her. She checked her email and texts and then called her sister. 
"Hey!" Lottie greeted. Ivy could hear she was out somewhere in Edinburgh, the sound of the city crowds were unmistakable, "news on a flight?" Lottie added before Ivy had even had the chance to greet her sister. 
"Not yet," Ivy replied, "I've just woken up and nothing in the emails yet,"
"Damn," Lottie breathed, "we're getting so close to Christmas now," she added. 
"I know," 
"I don't want you to be jet lagged and sleep through everything,"
"I know, I know," Ivy soothed, "but I can't stop the snow storms,". 
Lottie sighed, "I know, I know it's not your fault,". 
Ivy felt a lump in her throat, she swallowed hard. 
"I just wanted you to be here," Lottie said, not liking the silence on the phone. 
"I will be there, I will,". 
"How's your handsome room mate?" Lottie asked after a few beats of loaded silence. 
"Still sleeping," Ivy replied, "He's so sweet Lottie, I'll be kinda sad to leave him," she admitted quietly. 
"Awh Ivy are you sweet on him?" Lottie teased. 
"No, shut up," she replied feeling her face flush. 
"You so are," Lottie said with a laugh, "the first man you meet in years that you like and he's a damn Hollywood actor," Lottie laughed again and sighed, "only you, Ivy,". 
"Shut up," Ivy repeated, feeling very exposed, "He's a nice man, it's impossible not to like him,". 
"Oh yeah, but you like like him," Lottie teased. 
"I'm starting to wonder why I'm bothering to come home now," Ivy retorted coldly. 
"Oh no Ivy!" Lottie cried, "don't be like that,". 
Ivy laughed, "Don't worry, I'll be there,". 
"Better be because I got you an amazing present," Lottie replied with an excited voice. 
"I hope it’s not a sex toy or a stripogram," Ivy grumbled. 
"Well strippograms don't work on Christmas day so it's obviously not that," Lottie replied with a giggle. 
"Obviously," Ivy replied with a roll of her eyes. 
"Look I gotta go, I'm just heading to Tesco for the last minute things," Lottie said. 
"Okay, I'll text you when I know more,"
"Thank you, I'll see you so soon," Lottie said. 
"Love you, bye," Ivy said in a singsong voice. 
"Ugh love you, bye," Lottie parrotted as she ended the call. 
Ivy left her phone on the side while she turned on the shower and slipped out of her pyjamas. 
While Ivy showered she realised that she had forgotten to bring a change of clothes into the bathroom with her. 
"Oh shit," she cursed.
She could put her pyjamas back on but she didn't much like the idea of putting her clean body into her worn pyjamas. 
Ivy decided she would risk it, the towels in the bathroom seemed impossibly big anyway and there was a chance that Chris was still asleep. She could probably get to her suitcase and pick out a change of clothes without any trouble. 
Once she was wrapped in the soft fluffy towel Ivy opened the bathroom door slowly and listened hard, trying to work out if Chris was still sleeping. Once she was happy she could hear his deep and rhythmic breathing she moved quietly from the bathroom door toward her suitcase. 
As she moved into the main area of the room her eyes turned toward the bed and widened in shock as she saw Chris sitting up watching something on his phone. 
"Good morning Sunshine," he greeted with a grin. 
Oh, hi," Ivy said breathlessly, taken by surprise,"I thought you were still asleep," Ivy added, glancing down at herself and making sure the towel was tightly fastened around herself. 
"No, sorry," Chris replied with a grin, "I woke up while you were showering,". 
Ivy's face and chest was flushed deep pink colour, as she glanced at her open case. 
"I just need to get something to wear," she mumbled, turning her face away from Chris and back to her case. 
Ivy dug her hands into the open case and grabbed at the first things she could get her hands on. Chris tried not to watch as Ivy, wearing only her towel, rummaged through her case. He couldn't help but notice the pink flush to her cheeks and neck and he hoped she didn't feel too embarrassed. 
Once Ivy had hold of a full outfit she stood and turned back to the bathroom. 
"I promise I'll be fully dressed next time you see me," she joked as she headed back toward the bathroom. 
Chris laughed, "Only if you insist," he replied as he heard the bathroom door close. 
Chris smiled to himself and turned his eyes back to his phone screen and he started the YouTube video he'd been watching. 
Ivy had felt her stomach twist when she heard Chris' words as she closed the door. She was sure he was just being nice but it had still sounded very flirty and had made her heart flutter. 
Ivy noticed she had picked a buttery yellow coloured jumper with an embroidered sunflower on the left breast. She wondered if Chris would call her "Sunshine" again, she really hoped he would. 
Chris couldn't help but smile when Ivy stepped back into the bedroom. 
"I'll jump in the shower to freshen up and we'll go and get some breakfast," he said. 
"Yeah, sounds great," Ivy agreed, unwrapping the towel from around her hair and starting to roughly dry it. 
Chris wriggled out of the bed and gathered up some clothes for the day. Ivy slipped passed him and headed toward the sofa while Chris headed for the bathroom. 
Chris was explaining to Ivy about Thanksgiving as the two of them went down to breakfast. He had not been able to be with his family for Thanksgiving which had upset him and was part of the reason he was so desperate to be home for the rest of the holidays. 
"What about new years?" Ivy asked as she poured both of them coffee, "is that a big celebration over here?". 
"Can be," Chris replied with a shrug, "I like to have a party at mine, get the friends and family round, some board games for the kids and adults and plenty to eat and drink. We enjoy any excuse for a party,". 
"In Edinburgh the whole city basically becomes one big street party, they have music and fireworks, more than enough to drink," Ivy explained as the two of them were shown to their breakfast table. 
"Sounds amazing, I’ll have to check it out one year," Chris said with an easy smile as Ivy sat at the table, "I'll get some coffee, Sunshine," he added as he headed off toward the buffet. 
Ivy watched him walking away, the buffet and wished he was going to get to experience hogmanay in Edinburgh this year with her. The breakfast room was a lot quieter that morning, it seemed to Ivy that the snow was easing off and that people were able to get in their cancelled flights. 
Ivy had one eye on her emails wondering if she was going to get good news or not at last. 
"They've got pancakes again, and omelettes this morning," Chris said when he arrived back at the table with a pot of coffee and a plate with an omelette stuffed with veggies. 
"Ooh!" Ivy exclaimed as she stood and headed to get her own food. 
After their breakfast Ivy and Chris headed back through the foyer of the hotel, Chris was planning on another visit to the gym and Ivy had gotten very into Greys Anatomy the day before. 
Tumblr media
There was a small group of people sitting on plush looking sofas in the foyer who were chatting animatedly. 
"Oh hey, you two!" someone called, waving at Ivy and Chris. 
The two of them stopped as the person waved for them to come over.
"You two waitin' for cancelled flights as well?" the person called. 
"We are," Chris said, as he started making his way toward the group of people. 
"We're all waitin' on flight as well, come and sit with us," the woman said before standing and offering her hand out to Chris, "I'm Amy," she said. 
"I'm Chris and this is Ivy," Chris replied as he shook the older woman's hand, Ivy smiled and said:
"Nice to meet you,". 
"Nice to meet you too," Amy said, taking hold of ivy's hand and shaking it firmly. 
"Take a seat, those of us stranded here are getting to know each other,". 
Chris glanced at Ivy, raising a questioning eyebrow at her. Even after knowing him only a day she could read his expression and knew he was asking if she was okay with joining these people. 
Ivy gave a tiny nod of her head and Chris took a seat. Ivy sat on the sofa opposite him beside Amy. 
"So where you heading honey?" Amy asked Ivy as Chris started speaking to the woman sitting beside him. 
"Edinburgh, to spend Christmas with my sister," Ivy replied, "and you?". 
"Home to Texas, my hubby's pulling his hair out thinking he's gotta cook for the whole family without me," Amy said with a laugh. 
"How many people have you got for the holidays?". 
"Well we've got 4 kids and then 12 more grandkids and a few in-laws coming as well, you can imagine it takes a lot of cooking,". 
"My goodness," Ivy said, her head reeling at the idea of being with so many people. 
"It's madness but I wouldn't have it any other way!". 
Further introductions were made around the group. Everyone seemed to be heading somewhere different and most people seemed to be very anxious to be on their way as soon as possible. A young couple who were heading to Paris had their packed cases beside their seats so they could leave at a moment's notice. 
Chris was explaining his own plans for the holiday when Amy cut across him.
"So you're going to Boston for the holidays?" she asked, her eyebrows disappearing into her hairline. 
"Yeah," he replied, his brows furrowing. 
"But your girl’s going to Edinburgh," she added, turning to Ivy, "how does that work?" she asked, looking between the two of them. 
"Oh she's not my girlfriend," Chris said at the exact same moment Ivy said "We're not together,". 
Ivy and Chris' eyes met and they both laughed. 
"We're not a couple, we met like two days ago," Ivy said. 
"No!" Amy exclaimed, putting a gentle hand on Ivy's arm, "I thought you two were a couple! I am so sorry!". 
Chris was laughing and Ivy couldn't help but giggle. 
"But I thought you two were in the same room?" Amy asked, still hoping to get to the bottom of this misunderstanding. 
"Oh well they doubled booked the last room so we are sharing," Chris explained with a smile that made Ivy blush.
"It's a lovely big room so there's lots of space for both of us," Chris added, noticing Ivy's blush and the slightly scandalised look on Amy's face. 
"I'm just glad I didn't end up sleeping on the terminal," Ivy said. 
"Oh lord, aren't we the lucky ones?!" Amy replied. 
The group talked until around lunch time when the couple travelling to Paris got a flight confirmation and they left the group and finally headed to the airport. 
The group broke up with the knowledge that flights were on the move again and everyone was anxious to be ready. 
Tumblr media
Ivy and Chris headed up to their floor in the lift, once again Ivy felt torn between excitement and readiness to get home and the sadness of leaving Chris before they'd barely started to know one another. 
Back in their room Ivy was gathering everything apart from the bare necessities away from the bathroom. 
"I'll kinda be sad to leave, is that a weird thing to say?" Chris said from the main room. 
Ivy stopped what she was doing for a second and wondered how to respond, she knew she would be sad to leave as well but how much did she want to admit that? 
“It’s not weird,” she said, as she zipped up her wash bag, “I’ll be sad to leave too,” she added, coming back into the main room and tucking the bag into her suitcase. 
Chris was folding a t-shirt over at the sofa, the sky outside was clearer than it had been for days and the snow had finally stopped falling. 
“It’s been a weird time,” he said, smiling as Ivy straightened up and looked over at him, she brushed her hair back off her face, “but it’s been good, I can’t remember the last time I just spent a few days doing basically nothing,”. 
Ivy chuckled, “Me neither,” she agreed, “it’s been nice,”.
“It’s been nice,” Chris repeated, turning back to his packing and thinking that the word nice didn’t really cover how he was feeling about their time together. 
“Oh I got something for you,” Chris said as he found a small paper bag that he had tucked away in there after his gym sessions. 
“Oh really?” Ivy said, looking up from her case and turning her face toward him.
"Yeah it's just something silly, they've got a little store downstairs by the gym and I just thought it was cute," he replied with a shrug as he moved toward her, the small bag in his hand. 
"Oh thank you Chris," Ivy said softly, taking it from him and opening up the bag. 
Inside was a small snowglobe that showed the New York City skyline, the snow that swirled around it was made with silver and iridescent coloured glitters. At the front of the screen there was the ice skating rink at central Park where Ivy had skated only a few days before. 
"Oh Chris," she said quietly, feeling tears suddenly burn at her eyes, "that's so thoughtful,". 
Chris shrugged and pushed his fingers through his hair, "It's just something silly, so you don't forget your trip,". 
"Like I'd ever be able to forget," Ivy said, feeling her voice catch in her throat. She turned her eyes up to his face and smiled.
"Thank you so much," Ivy said as she stepped forward and threw her arms around his neck. 
"Awh you're welcome Sunshine," he replied, his voice croaky as he wrapped his arms around her waist. 
"I wish I had something for you!" Ivy suddenly lamented, pulling out of his arms. 
Chris chuckled, "No you don't have to, it's only something silly," he said. 
"It's perfect, and I love it," she replied with a sniff. 
"I'm glad you like it darlin'" he said, "are you finished with your bag?". 
"Yeah pretty much," Ivy said, as she placed the snowglobe back into its bag and put it into her carry on. 
Chris couldn't help but smile as he watched Ivy tuck the gift into her carry on, he swallowed hard to rid himself of the lump in his throat. 
Chris and Ivy were watching an episode of Greys Anatomy when simultaneously their phones pinged with alert sounds. Ivy unlocked her phone and saw a new email notifications. 
“It’s an email,” she said quietly. 
“Mine too,” Chris said as he opened up his own email and saw it was from his airline. 
“It’s the airline,” he added, scanning the email, looking for the flight information. 
“I’m on a flight,” Ivy said, re-reading the date and time details, “it leaves tonight,”. 
“Mine too,” Chris’ own flight was rebooked for that evening, “looks like we’re outta here,” he added, gazing at Ivy, he watched her for a few seconds as she scrolled up and down the email on her phone. 
“Looks like we are,” she agreed, turning to face him, she had a smile on her face but there was something sad in her eyes. 
“Okay, I’ll call reception to book us a ride to the airport,” Chris said, although he was pleased to know he would be on the move he felt like his stomach had been filled with ice. 
"Thank you, I'm just gonna get the last of my things," Ivy replied as she sprung up from the sofa and headed toward the bathroom. 
Chris watched her disappear through the door before he lifted the phone up and dialed 1 for reception. 
He requested a cab to take the two of them to the terminal as soon as possible. Once the ride was booked he called his mom. 
"Hey mom," he said as she answered the call, "I've got a flight,". 
"Oh baby! That's great news, when will you get in?" Lisa asked as she left the busy family room and moved into a quieter space. 
"About 8," Chris replied as he threw his phone charger into his bag and zipped it up. 
"Scott'll be there for you," she said, "I'm so happy you're gonna make it,". 
"Me too mom," Chris agreed. 
"What about the girlie you're sharing with? Does she have a flight?" Lisa asked. 
"Yeah she does, about the same time as mine so we're about to head to the airport now," Chris replied, almost finding it hard to say that Ivy would soon be flying out of his life. 
"Oh that's great, just great," Lisa said, Chris could hear the smile on her face.
"I can't wait to see you mom," Chris said, Ivy appeared out of the bathroom and he watched as she put her washing bag into her suitcase, she flipped the lid shut and started to zip it up. 
Chris finished up his phone call as Ivy struggled to get the zip closed on her case. Ivy got it half the way around but then the zipper stopped and Ivy couldn't move it again. 
Chris watched for a few seconds before Ivy glanced over at him. 
"Can you help me please?" she asked. Chris chuckled as he headed toward her. 
"Sure, Do you want me to hold it closed or to the zipper?" he asked. 
"Uhh, you pull the zip, I'll squash it down," Ivy replied as she stood up straight and pushed her hands down on top of her case, forcing the two parts together.
Chris bent, his head coming close to Ivy's as he took hold of the zipper and pulled it. Even with Ivy pushing down the zipper was hard to move. 
"God Sunshine, what have you got in here?" he asked with a grin. 
"Just a few things, it zipped up fine before," Ivy replied, pushing down harder as Chris slipped the zip further. 
"Definitely didn't pack light," Chris said with a grunt as he finally brought the zip all the way to the front of the case and it closed, "that got it," he added, turning to look at Ivy and finding their faces only an inch away from each other's. 
Ivy smiled "Thank you," she said before stepping back. 
Being that close to him had made her heart flutter, the blue of his eyes was mesmerising and his plump lips looked so kissable. 
"Ride’s book so I guess we better head down stairs," Chris said after clearing his throat and standing up. 
Ivy nodded, "Time to finally catch those flights," she said. 
There was a flurry of activities as they gathered up their last things and made one final sweep of the room. 
"Right let's do this," Ivy said, hoping that her voice sounded full of bravado. 
They took the lift down in silence, neither of them really sure what to say and the ride to the terminal was similarly quiet. 
"Should we exchange numbers?" Ivy asked as the cases were unloaded and the two of them headed toward check in and security. 
"If you're ever in London you can call and I can give you a behind the scenes at the museum?" she added, not wanting him to think she wanted his number for any salacious purposes. 
"Yeah we absolutely need to exchange numbers," Chris agreed as they walked toward the check in desk. 
The airport was packed, both with people lucky enough to get flights and with those still unlucky enough to be sleeping at the airport. 
Chris didn't let Ivy out of his sight, he saw the two of them through check in and security, making sure she was always by his side and not swept up in a crowd. Although he knew she didn't need his help he felt protective over her. 
Once they were through security there was a surprisingly short amount of time before their flight but they grabbed a couple of take away cups of coffee and found a quiet seat together. 
Out of the corner of her eye Ivy spotted a small gift shop and she was struck with an idea. Excusing herself she headed for the shop, after noticing they had a display of small stuffed animals. Ivy looked through the display, finally finding a small brown and white dog plush that looked close enough to Dodger. 
She purchased the toy and headed back toward Chris who was scrolling through his phone, his cap pulled down low on his brow. 
"Ya coffees getting cold," he said as Ivy sat back down beside him and he motioned toward her cup that still had curls of steam escaping the small hole. 
"I got you a little something," Ivy said softly, suddenly feeling like it was silly that she'd brought a grown man a stuffed toy. 
"Oh darlin'," he breathed as she passed him the dog. He took it gently, his eyes soft and his lips pulled into a smile. 
"I thought it looked a little bit like your Dodger," she said with a shrug, feeling her neck flush with heat. Ivy wasn't sure if it was embarrassment or pleasure at seeing him smile so softly. 
"It looks just like him," Chris said, turning his eyes to Ivy, "thank you," he added as he leant forward and wrapped one of his arms around Ivy and pulled her in for a one armed hug. 
"He's so cute!" Chris exclaimed, pulling back and grinning at the toy, "and now I can take a little Dodger with me everywhere!". 
"I'm glad you like him," Ivy said, deciding the blush in her cheeks was definitely due to pleasure. 
Chris tucked the small toy into the pocket of his jacket and Ivy's body hummed with joy at the idea of him taking it out when they were apart and holding onto it. 
"How is it that i feel like I've known you my whole life?" Chris asked after a few seconds of silence. 
"I don't know," Ivy replied, suddenly she looked and felt distraught, "I feel like that too and I feel like I don't want to leave,". 
Chris chuckled and reached out, brushing a piece of hair off Ivy's cheek. The seconds of gentle contact made Ivy's heart race, and she couldn't tear her eyes away from Chris' face. 
"I feel like I don't want to leave either," Chris admitted as he tucked the dark lock behind Ivy's ear, his fingers delicately moving down the soft strands. Chris moved his hand back as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn't. 
Ivy sighed deeply and Chris could see her eyes were glistening with tears. He wanted to pull her to him, to hold her tightly and to give her some sort of comfort but he was anxious not to overstep his boundaries and also aware that he’d have trouble letting her go when the moment came. 
“Oh Sunshine,” he said softly, “don’t be upset,”. 
She looked up at him, there were tears swimming in her hazel eyes. 
"How can I not be?" she croaked, her voice catching in her throat, "I'm going to miss you,". 
Chris chuckled quietly, he could feel tears burn his own eyes and he blinked hard. 
"Come here Sunshine," he breathed, leaning forward and putting one arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to him. 
Ivy let herself fall against him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, her hands grabbing at his jacket. 
"I'm going to miss you too," Chris breathed, "I can't believe how lucky I've been to meet you,". 
Chris placed a kiss on Ivy's temple as he ran his hand up and down her back. He took a deep breath, drawing the scent of her into his lungs, trying to remember everything about her in that moment. 
Ivy clung to him, suddenly terrified to let him go, this had been the first time in years Ivy had felt connected to another person and she was now facing walking away from him. 
"Final call for British Airways flight E105 to Edinburgh please make your way to gate 14 as your flight is boarding," the loud voice cut through the haze in Ivy's mind and she pulled away from Chris, sitting up straight and looking at the departures board. 
"Oh shit," she muttered, wiping tears off her cheeks, "that's me,".
Ivy stood and looked in the direction of her gate. She went to grab the handle of her carry-on but Chris had already stood and picked up her bag.
"Come on Sunshine, let's get you home," he said, he put his arm around her shoulders and the two of them walked toward the gate. 
The queue for Ivy's gate was short and the two of them stood just off to the side and out of the way. Ivy swallowed hard as tears threatened to come again. 
"Hey," he said quietly, rubbing her arm soothingly, "put your number in here," he added, handing Ivy his phone. 
Ivy took it from his hand and shakely she entered her digits. Chris took the phone back and smiled. 
"I'm going to save your name as Ivy Sunshine," he said, typing the name into the contact information and hitting save. 
Ivy giggled, "Thank you Chris, for everything," she said, her voice still shaky . 
Chris shook his head, "Thank you, I couldn't have done this without you,".
They embraced again, Chris was twisting a strand of Ivy's hair around his finger as he held her tightly. Ivy lifted her head from his shoulder and looked up at him, there were tears sticking her eyelashes together and the skin around her nose was flushed pink. Chris smiled softly and took a deep breath. 
Chris brought one hand up to cup Ivy's soft cheek, he brushed a tear away with his thumb. Chris' eyes traveled down to her mouth, in that moment he had never felt like he'd want to kiss anyone as much as he wanted to kiss Ivy but he hesitated. 
"Final call for all passengers looking to travel to Edinburgh on British Airways flight E105,". The shrill voice over the tannoy made Ivy wince. 
"That's your call Sunshine," Chris said quietly and she nodded before taking a deep breath. 
"Bye Chris," he whispered, leaning forward and touching her lips to the corner of his mouth. 
"I'll call you," he croaked as he felt his heart race quicken and his skin tingle where she'd kissed him.
"Yes, and then I'll have your number," Ivy agreed, letting her eyes linger a little longer on his face. 
Chris nodded, "Safe travels sweetheart," Chris said softly as Ivy moved away from him, lifting her bag onto her shoulder and heading in the direction of the gate. 
Chris watched Ivy as she showed her passport to the girl on the gate, she glanced over her shoulder and smiled at him, giving him a small wave before she went through the double doors and out of his line of sight. 
Chris sighed heavily, his shoulders dropping along with his spirits. He checked his own departure gate and headed toward it, finding a seat in a quiet corner. 
He pulled out his phone and sent Scott a text to update him on the time of his arrival before he started looking at pictures of Dodger to help himself feel better.
Out of the corner of his eyes Chris noticed she was being watched. He glanced toward the boy standing by his parents a few seats down. The small boy was wearing an Iron Man t-shirt and Chris couldn't help but smile at the child who grinned at Chris before turning back to his parents. 
Chris plugged his headphones into his ears and picked a playlist while he waited for the call unable to think of anyone but Ivy. 
Once on the flight and in the privacy of his seat Chris took the toy dog out again and just held it in his hand, feeling the soft material of the fur and thinking of the woman who'd given it to him. He chuckled quietly to himself, he couldn't wait to touch down so he could call her, he was planning on sending her a video of the real Dodger meeting the mini Dodger, he felt confident she'd enjoy that. 
He plugged his headphones back into his ears as the plane taxied and prepared for take off, he closed his eyes as the plane rattled and bumped a little as it gathered speed. He held tightly to the toy, wishing it was Ivy's hand.
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holidaywishes · 8 months ago
that was then...
Tumblr media
  Requested: 👍
  Summary: After years of no relationships and one night stands, Freddie has been left alone during a Pandemic, leading him down a rabbit hole of memories from when he first entered the NHL
  Warning: soft smut, fluff, angst
  Author’s Note: This is gonna be a two-parter! @kayleafs221​ sent me a great idea that was too good to pass up. This part will mostly be flashbacks and then the part 2 will bring it back to the present. I’m not gonna lie, I had a hard time thinking of the right introduction, so I wrote everything else and came back to it so I hope that it still connects. Also, can we just appreciate Freddie in this GIF? In any GIF really? He’s so handsome, I can barely stand it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this two chapters! Stay Golden, loves! <3
  the other masterlist
Freddie’s P.O.V
  You watched your friends get married and have kids or circulate girls without a problem while they adopted dogs to keep them company. When the Pandemic hit, you were forced to take a long look at the choices you’d made over the last 8 years, sifting through old photo albums of terrible haircuts and early Anaheim days, when you came across a picture of you by the beach. All of a sudden, and without your permission, your brain had unlocked a memory of a girl you thought you’d never forget.
8 Years Ago
  It was all so new. You’d never really been to the States before but now you were supposed to call it home and everywhere you turned, you felt out of place, no matter how happy you were to be there. After your first week of being in Anaheim, playing your first full week of games, you still hadn’t found any connection to the city so you went for a walk before wandering into a bar.
  “Rough day?” a voice said beside you with a laugh
  “Rough week” you replied
  “Sit,” she insisted before flagging down the bartender, “have a drink”
  “Thanks” you smiled, ordering a beer
  “You’re welcome” she chuckled. “I’m (Y/N) by the way”
  “Sorry,” you scoffed at yourself, before correcting the mistake, “I’m Frederik, Freddie. Nice to meet you”
  “Nice to meet you, Freddie” she outstretched her hand with a smile. You spent the rest of the night with her, explaining that you had only been in Anaheim for a week and that you didn’t really know anybody
  “Wait,” she laughed, “where are you from then?”
  “Denmark” you said happily
  “Really?” she asked, turning her body to you to gauge your reaction, her knee grazing hers as she leaned her head in her hand, “I’ve never been. I didn’t really hear an accent either...”
  “I hide it well” you laughed
  “And what brings you to Sunny California?” she smiled, a smile that captivated you to the point of speechlessness, “Freddie?”
  “Sorry” you shook your head back to the conversation. “I’m here for work...”
  “And what do you do?”
  “I’m a Hockey Goalie” you gulped
  “Like NHL level?”
  “Yeah, actually,” you started, taking a sip of your beer before you admitted everything, “I just got drafted to the Ducks”
  “Oh wow,” she said and you feared what that meant for the connection you thought you were making, “how’s that been?” you furrowed your brow at her response before tipping your glass in her direction
  “Well, I’m here aren’t I?” you laughed
  “You are..” she smiled. You spent the rest of the night with her, then the next and the next and before you knew it, the two of you were in a relationship. She came to games, team events, she met your teammates and became friends with many of them and their partners, you spent time at her apartment, she spent time at hers. You met her family and she met yours, you spent Thanksgivings and Christmases together, celebrated birthdays together, and interspersed with it all, had amazing sex every chance you got. “Ever tried surfing?” she asked one day as you drove past the beach
  “No” you chuckled, bringing her hand to your lips to plant a kiss
  “Wanna?” she teased
  “Not really”
  “Why not?”
  “I don’t think it would end well” you laughed
  “Come on!” she insisted, squeezing your hand with hers, “we can rent equipment at the beach and take a class. It would be so much fun!”
  “Why don’t we just take a walk on the beach?” you chuckled and she dropped her head to the seat
  “I can handle that” she smiled before directing you to her favourite spot on the beach, telling you to park on the sand and the two of you made your journey along the shoreline. She curled into your side when the breeze picked up and you leaned down to kiss the crown of her head, placing your sweater over her shoulders
  “Wanna head back? It’s getting kinda cold...” she nodded and hopped on your back, chuckling as you started to run back to the car. “Alright,” you smirked, “let’s head home”
  “Hold on,” she stopped you, “let’s just watch the sunset for a bit”
  “Okay” you smiled, leaning across her to push the seat down
  “Hi” she whispered, pulling your face down to peck your lips
  “Hi” you whispered back as her hands wrapped around your neck and pulling you close. “I thought you wanted to watch the sunset” you laughed
  “I like you better” she said, earning a smile from you as you wrapped your arms around her waist, bringing her over the console to straddle you. She found the latch and pulled it, both of you laughing when the seat fell back, “sorry!” you shook your head and smiled in return. Her fingers danced along your waistband before she removed your shirt, connecting her chest with yours as her hand slipped into your boxers while your hands grabbed her hips, eliciting a moan from her. When her hand finally slipped into your boxers, your head involuntarily fell back at the feeling of her soft palm stroking your shaft
  “Oh god...” you groaned as she continued her movements, leaning down and kissing your neck
  “That feel good, baby?” she teased before your hands slid under her dress and pushed the fabric up her body and over head, exposing her bare breasts, your hands quickly grabbing her hips as her hands fell to the headrest behind you and she lowered herself onto you. Her breathing soon filled the car as you helped her ride you, her breasts bouncing freely as both of you increased the speed; kissing her peaked nipples whenever you could and moving your fingers to play with her clit. She continued to moan while the windows began to steam
  “You think we’ll get caught?” you breathed into her neck
  “Maybe,” she smiled, “but that’s half the fun” you chuckled in return. She arched her back slightly, your hands roaming her stomach as she ground her hips into yours. “Fuck,” she moaned breathlessly, “god baby, you feel so good” you smirked at her words, watching her head lob to the side as she kept her eyes lightly closed; the orange and purple hues of the sunset cascaded across her skin and made her appear as though she was bathed in cotton candy. You tilted your seat up just enough to close the gap between the two of you, wrapping your arms around her body and placing small kisses across her skin, nipping at her collarbone when your pleasure began to build
  “Fuck” you growled, pushing her hips down so you were as deep in her as you could be, forcing (Y/N) to whimper. “God damn it, baby” you heaved as her moaning turned to panting and the car began to rock
  “Oh shit,” she squeaked, her breathing building in her chest, “oh fuck, oh Freddie, shit” she cursed as she neared her climax, your thumb continued to rub her clit as your own orgasm overtook you
  “Shit” you yelled as you felt your juices mixed with hers and she hummed while she came down, kissing you lazily before climbing back into her seat
  “Ahh” she exhaled sharply, a smile spreading across her face
  “That was great,” you laughed, watching (Y/N) look for her dress that had been thrown to the back seat, “let’s do that again!” She scoffed, tossing your shirt at you and slipping her dress back on
  “Slow down, cowboy,” she teased, “I’m not getting arrested with no underwear on” you chuckled, buttoning your jeans when your phone rang loudly, making (Y/N) jump in her seat.
  “Hello” you answered, listening to the voice on the other line tell you that you had been traded to Toronto. “When do I have to be there?” you replied, glimpsing at (Y/N) who furrowed her brow in concern, “alright, I’ll be at the airport tomorrow morning. Thanks” you ended the call before hanging your head
  “What’s going on?” she asked, rubbing your shoulder when she noticed your expression
  “I’ve been traded...” you sighed, “I have to get on a plane at 4am”
  “Where?” She asked quietly
  “Toronto.” The word lingered in the air, taking over the space as you drove home, silently dropping off (Y/N) at her place — not knowing what to say. You knew she couldn’t come with you but you hated to leave her like that, “wait!” you called to her before she got too far from you
  “Freddie?” she questioned
  “I love you” you blurted out and she took a step back in shock
  “I love you,” you repeated, “I just wanted you to know that, before I.. take off”
  “You don’t have to say it back,” you interrupted, smirking when she couldn’t speak, “I just couldn’t leave knowing I never said it” she made her way to your door
  “Stay in touch, Freddie” she smiled, leaning in to kiss you softly. You really thought you would, stay in touch, but after the first two years in Toronto, there was no communication. She had pretty much fallen off the face of the earth and you needed to move on. So you did.
  The more you thought about her, the more you wanted to know what (Y/N) was up to, searching her out on all social media and coming across her Instagram, navigating to her bio
  Feet in California, Soul in the Sky
  “The stars shine brighter when you’re around” ✨ — something my kid said to me that I thought everyone deserved to hear.
  You looked through her photos, going back almost to the beginning before you noticed that in every single one, she was with a young boy, forcing you to go back to her bio
  Something my kid said to me that I thought everyone deserved to hear
  Her kid? Her son? She has a son? The more you looked at him, the more you found resemblances in your baby pictures and the more you started to panic. No, no, nah, you thought to yourself, denying the possibility, he’s not mine. He can’t be. She would’ve said something... you put your phone down for a second before pacing your apartment, rubbing your face stressfully before caving and sending (Y/N) a message. You typed about eight different messages before settling with:
  @frederikandersen31: hi
  Two hours later, she finally replied and you couldn’t contain your excitement
  @(Y/I/H): hi 😊
  You couldn’t think of what to say next, even after digging deep into your past but you tried to find the right words. Luckily, she sent something back before you could think too hard
  @(Y/I/H): I didn’t think I’d ever hear from you again
  You smiled to yourself, imagining her biting her fingernail nervously as she awaited your response and your fingers hovered over your screen, taking a deep breath before typing a reply
  @frederikandersen31: we should meet up.
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starrynightdeancas · 3 days ago
happy thanksgiving to all my followers who celebrate today! every single day I’m endlessly thankful for all of you! I’m thankful to be part of this fandom. I’m thankful to everyone who has ever read, liked, reblogged, or commented on my fics. I’m thankful for getting to share the love of dean and cas with all of y’all. happy thanksgiving <3
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smilexdrarry · 10 months ago
If your parents were ✨Drarry✨
- Harry would constantly make your favorite dinner, because you would always complement the food, and that would make Harry proud of his cooking; while Draco would bug you with your love life just to have an excuse for him to go into long, detailed, stories of him and Harry, until Harry overheard him talking and throw a spoon across the kitchen at him and you two would start laughing.
- Whenever you would go out in public and see someone make a face at Harry and Draco holding hands you would start to take out your wand so you could hex them but then Harry pulled you away apologizing to the the person (who looked terrified of you) and once Draco would walk you away, Harry would turn around and jinx their legs together.
- After you got your Hogwarts letter you overheard Harry and Draco betting what house you would be in, whoever won got 20 gallons and something you could not hear them say, they were whispering in each other's the end Draco won the bet. You swore they betted on anything they could.
- Whenever you would come home for Christmas break Draco would ask you about your grades and how your academic work was while Harry would ask if you were dating anyone and how your friends were. Before you could say anything they got mad at each other for talking over one another, you smiled, glad you didn't have to answer any of the questions now (you were barley passing half of your classes)
- Draco would buy you the most loveliest clothes for Christmas while Harry got you all your favorite quidditch stuff. You hugged both of them and gave them your gift, which was a scrapbook of your life together with them. Draco sobbed while saying, "oh it's just so b-beautiful." Harry stroked his back while Draco cried in his shoulder and Harry kissed the top of your head, whispering thank you.
- Whenever you were sad you would have long talks with Harry, you would hug him and tell him thank you before running to Draco and begging him to watch your favorite movie with him, (when you wanted to watch 'your favorite movie' with Draco he always knew you were upset) he agreed, getting popcorn and cuddling with you on the couch, while you cried and he stroked your hair; Harry watched the two of you in the doorway smiling too himself.
- Once when you were little, like 5, Harry and Draco took you out with that for thanksgiving shopping (they were hosting the feast that year) and one minute later you ran out of sight. And Harry and Draco freaked out like they panicked to where they had called Hermione and Ron 7 minutes after you disappeared to tell them they had lost you. Then all of a sudden you showed up with a handful of flowers in your hand to give to your parents. Harry started crying then picked you up, thanking god you were ok, while Draco was yelling at you but only because he was scared out of his wits for your safety. They vowed that day they would never take their eyes off you.
- You called Harry Dad and Draco Father
- Everyone at school was jealous of you for having the coolest parents ever (that was your biggest flex), but what they didn't know was that you thought they were the dorkiest ever...maybe the cutest though, you could never decide.
- Whenever the three of you would watch a movie together Harry and Draco would always cuddle, Draco's head on Harry's chest staring intently at the screen, the two of them made your heart warm, you wanted a love one day exactly like their's, you loved them a lot. You punched Harry's arm and smirked at him, he would just ruffle your hair and bring you closer to him, putting a arm around your shoulder.
- One time you got really sick, it was a really bad stomach bug and you couldn't stop throwing up, Draco was a little disgusted but Harry rubbed your back the whole time and held you hair back. He would shush you when you would try to say you were fine, and then he would give you extra potions. Draco got the ice cream and patted you on the head before running out of the room clamming he didn't want to get your sickness. Harry rolled his eyes and you laughed digging into your favorite ice cream.
- the first time you tasted fire whiskey was when Harry offered just a sip and you tried it but then had half the bottle, Harry just stared. Then Draco came running over yelling at Harry that he shouldn't give you alcohol yet but then Harry said, "well I bet you were definitely drinking pumpkin juice at all the parties you went to when we were back at school." You snorted and Draco's jaw dropped by being caught off guard and Harry winked at you.
- Harry is the layed back parent while Draco is more strict, but Draco normally lets you get away with anything only if you hug him and kiss him on the cheek. Then he tries to tickle you and you always thrash your arms yelling and laughing at the same time, claiming you were too old for that but Draco always respond with "your always be little to me." You would smile at him and he would smile back, then you ran away, laughing that you got free.
- Draco always likes to bring up the time when Harry almost named you after all the people that had died that were close to him. Harry would scowl at Draco while Draco held back his laughter, while you'd roll around on the floor holding your stomach after hearing the list of miss matched names he came up with. "It was like he put all the names in a hat then pulled some out and put them in a random order."  Draco smiled proudly at himself for making you laugh. "Well I'm just glad father picked my name then!" You laughed. "I had to yell at him for like a week before he finally gave in."  Draco said. Harry then stomped off to his and Draco's bedroom like a 5 year old.
- You would always stay at aunt Hermione's and uncle Ron's place when Harry and Draco would have to go on a serious Auror mission, you were always so scared that they were going to get hurt, a couple of years ago they had went on one and Draco got badly hurt and had to stay at St Mungo's Hospital for at least a month. You could never forget the look on Harry's face when you arrived at that hospital. So you would pace the house at 3 in the morning till your aunt would come out and ask what the matter was. You told her you were worried and she said she was too. Later that next day Harry and Draco walked into the house perfectly fine, you flew into there arms.
- Whenever you arrived back at school, McGonagall always asked you how Harry and Draco were, you were happy to oblige. She always seemed to be so interested in them and know everything, you couldn’t help but wonder that she knew they were dating back in school in secret. You had asked her once and she claimed that “I have no idea what your talking about, I did not know that your parents were having a secret relationship.” You respond: “not even a little?” She had sighed, “I was just as surprised as everyone else when we found out they were together.” You nodded and right before you walked out of the classroom you saw a smile play on her lips. You smirked and headed to your next class.
- The day Harry got promoted to head auror was so fun. It happened at a banquet, all family members of all the aurors got to go, you sat at a table with of course your parents, your aunt and uncle, (Ron was an auror too) and your cousins Hugo and Rose. They called Harry's name to receive his promotion and everyone stood up and clapped, Draco kissed him full on the lips, (the clapping got louder) you laughed and gave Harry a nudge to go get his reward. After he came back to the table he hugged you and then kissed Draco again before sitting. You guys left soon after that and Harry said he wanted to do something to celebrate. "I could think of something." Draco had said with a smirk. You faked gagged and told him to shut up. They laughed while you covered your ears. You guys ended up ordering pizza and and watching a movie.
That’s it for now! I might do a part two if you guys like this though, let me know what you think! I think it’s wonderful tbh 😒 my serotonin level while making this 📈📈📈
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cherios · 3 days ago
HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! ( to those who celebrate <3 )
Hope you enjoy some delicious food today!!
writing a Friendsgiving piece for dad!George with a cross over of baby daddy!dream but it probs won't be posted until around midnight so everyone has time to spend with their families ;P
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det-loki · a year ago
poison & wine pt. one
 “I know everything you don’t want me to.”
warnings: angst, cursing
pairing: detective loki x fem reader
word count: 1,378
A/N: I’ve read and reread what seems like every detective loki fic and I’ve decided it’s my turn. I’m still relatively new with writing series, but I’m very proud of this. Enjoy, feedback is greatly appreciated! (if you find a grammar mistake, let me know)
⌽  2  3  4  5  6
Tumblr media
You hated the rain. It was cold and wet, always sending a bone-chilling cold through you. It reminded you of too many bad memories. Hospitals, pain, and blood. Yet all it seemed to do in Conyers was rain.
You sat across from Loki while you were toying with your fried rice inside of the vacant restaurant. This was yours and Loki’s spot, always seeming to end up here at least once a week for the past five years. You grew to hate the food but it was a constant in yours and Loki’s life and you refused to mess that up. Too many memories have been made in this shitty restaurant, good and bad.
 Neither you nor David cared much for Thanksgiving and you couldn’t be bothered to cook for just the two of you. It was too depressing, so Chinese food it was. The waitress came to your table with the check and hot tea, Loki reaching for the check before you could. Not once has he ever let you pay for a meal. Even when he could barely afford socks. 
“Happy Thanksgiving, detectives.” You wondered if she was waiting on you two to leave for her to go home to relax and celebrate the holiday. You felt bad, considering you and Loki were the only ones there, like usual.
Loki mutters a ‘thanks’ into his coffee cup before continuing, “Do you have any of the fortune-cookie things?”
The waitress looks at Loki with a smirk, “My boss told me cops don’t like fortune cookies.” Classic. 
David looks down at the zodiac placemat, “What year were you born? Are you a dragon, or a snake, a horse, or a sheep?”
“I’m a monkey.” The waitress ogled David who was barely paying attention to her. You knew he would never act on her advances, he was too caught up in whatever the two of you were. Lovers, roommates, co-workers, family. He was everything to you and vice versa. 
Both you and Loki look down to read, Loki responds, “Oh, you’re a monkey. You’re very intelligent. You have the ability to influence people. Think maybe you could influence your boss to lower the check a little bit?” He was flirting. Sometimes you thought that he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. It’s how he charmed you all those years ago. Both of you young and dumb; too young to know any better or any different.
The waitress brings you out of your head, “No, I cannot. My boss is a rooster.”
Again, both you and Loki look down to inspect as the waitress walks away. Selfish and eccentric. Nice, reminds me of Captain O’Malley.
Loki looks at you with a genuine smile before asking, “What’s your zodiac? I forget.” You loved it when he smiled, he didn’t do it enough. You couldn’t really blame him though, neither did you. 
“Well, considering it’s tattooed on your hand, I feel like you should remember. I’m a horse also a cancer, whichever way you want to look at it.” He had gotten the tattoos a month after it.
Loki laughs and looks down again, “Energetic, passionate, and aspirant. I’d say that’s pretty accurate for you.”
You laugh, “Yeah, what’s yours?” You already knew the answer, it was tattooed into your skin years ago along with two other zodiac symbols next to it. Never allowing you to abandon Conyers or David. You were forever tied to it all, inked permanently.
Loki looks at you, his eyes teasing, “I’m gonna give you the same line. Considering it’s tattooed on your collarbone, I feel like you should remember.”
Before you could respond, both yours and Loki’s phones interrupt with a call. Two missing girls, fuck.
The rain is coming down in sheets as you step out of Loki’s car. You pull your raincoat tighter as you follow David to the RV that was called in surrounded by cops at the edge of the woods.
You take your radio out of your pocket, “13-40 and 13-43 engaging with the suspect. Be advised.”
You creep along with Loki towards the RV as the driver revs the engine, tail lights flashing red against you. The RV violently backs up, Loki instructing everyone to not shoot. The driver changes gears, driving forward and slamming into a tree. You advance forward, gun in hand along with a flashlight. Arriving at the door of the RV, Loki takes your flashlight, “Stay here, keep watch.”
Loki entered the vehicle while you and other officers stood by, waiting. The door opens violently, Loki throwing the suspect out. The man stumbles as Loki takes hold of his jacket, dragging him further into the woods. You followed silently, letting David handle him. He never was gentle with cases when children were involved.
Loki yelled at the man with no response, only a blank stare. David shoved him forward, falling at your feet, “What the fuck is this guy on?”
 You take his forearm and haul him to his feet, instructing an officer to take him to the station while David called out for someone to call PSP. This case was already bad. Fear, and pain already settling into your bones. 
You sat in the interrogation room while Loki had the suspect, Alex Jones, backed against a corner. The interrogation had been going on for 2 hours and nothing useful has been said and Loki was getting impatient. You could see it in the way he squinted his eyes and the tension in his shoulders. He needed a break before he exploded.
“Detective, let me try. Take a break.” Loki looks over his shoulder at you, frustrated. He knew you were right but he didn’t want to give up. With a hard sigh, he left the room. Alex visibly relaxed as Loki left.
You had your suspicions about Alex’s cognitive abilities by the way he was speaking, you wouldn’t be able to confirm until the psychologist arrived. Your best bet was to speak as if you were speaking to a child, “Alex, would you like to sit down with me?”
Alex nodded his head, slowly shuffling towards the chair sat across from you. He visibly trembled as he sat down.
“Alex, is it okay with you if I ask you some questions?”
Alex only nodded, “What were you doing today with the RV?”
Alex speaks softly, voice cracking, “Just driving.”
You sigh, “Yeah, I like drives. Was today a special day to drive?” You did not like drives, you preferred not to. David had always been the driver between the two of you. 
Alex shakes his head no. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the boy. He had no idea what was going on, however, you quickly shoved that thought down, he was a suspect in the case of two missing little girls.
“Okay Alex, I’m going to step out for a minute to give you a break, I know this is all different and scary. Let me know if you need anything.” With that, you left the room. You turned towards the interrogation viewing room door where you knew Loki already was watching your questioning.
As soon as you step foot in the room, Loki snaps at you, “What was that? You were too soft, we won’t get anywhere with that.”
You scoff. David was good at his job but he had a habit of going too far, “No, I wasn’t. You scaring him speechless isn’t going to get us anywhere either. Let me do my job the way I need to and I’ll let you do yours.”
Loki knew you were right so instead of protesting, he went to go talk to the forensics team, leaving you alone in the room with your thoughts. This case was going to be bad for the both of you, you already knew that. You needed to keep your head on straight and keep composure, if you didn’t, this case was going to consume and eat you alive. It was bound to happen, your good luck as partners was going to run out one day and you hoped this case wasn’t it. 
You walk back to your desk in hopes to find David when you look outside to see it’s still raining. Stupid fucking rain. 
Tumblr media
Taglist: @lexie-wayland  @whew-oh-em-gee​ @winterlavenderskysworld​ @buck-this-nasty @heeyirenee 
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hydaelyn-streetfaire · 3 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving + Updates
Tumblr media
Happy Thanksgiving HSF, to those who celebrate~ I have an announcement for everyone. 🙂
We still have 2-3 performance slots open, these will close on the 6th of December. If we cannot pick up further fills for this, we will likely be cancelling the performance section of the event. I apologize for this, but it has been rather difficult finding slots this year for performance, especially Christmas.
Going into the future we may be removing the performance section all together or sort of adjusting it into a sort of "stall" of its own away from the immediate faire where people can perform as they'd so please without a direct structure/set time, I have not made my final decision on that.
Second, I still would like to get some volunteers to be Santa, currently we just have one and would not like to have them be the only Santa if possible, so they can take breaks as needed, etc. If we end up with a couple of Santa, we will most likely only have an hour/hour and a half or so of Santa-time present.
IF you are interested in a performance slot or Santa please shoot me a DM, ShoggMommy#5907 Thank you.
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danwylds · a year ago
Right okay I never actually got myself to write this fic so have my notes for the fic except I haven’t read through them since June when I wrote them and I refuse to edit anything
Right is bakery au but not
Neil either turned down the offer of exy for the foxes or for coach whatever the fuck his name was
He got caught earlier tho which is . Unfortunate
Stuart still comes in
Maybe I’ll have him move back to Britain for a while? To avoid the moriyamas n stuff
He NEVER misses a match of the ravens/foxes tho
Which leads to him seeing the frankly sickening interview of Kevin and riko
Neil is like yo Stuart let me start smth
Stuart is like Neil the only reason you’d go back to the states right now is if you did smth that you could hide and you can’t do that for shit
So Neil is like yk what I’m gonna find a way bc I’m not letting this kid go through this (Andrews quite into this idea when it’s shared)
So he says yo. Stuart. Uncle. Sir. Let me open a bakery or something in the states
Stuart is like no you fucking idiot
And Neil is like but c o n s i d e r
You can get info or smth
Just have another business in the states yk
AND I’d get out of your hair
And Stuart is like hm okay but you’ve gotta live in a complex I choose for you
And Neil is all only if I can choose where it’s gonna be
It’s a deal
He (very obviously) chooses a place near palmetto
Stuart is tired but is like he’ll be under protection n shit so I guess??? And he’s not stupid enough to start something right. Right.
It’s a bakery that starts out kinda slow
But Neil finds he likes baking and Stuart pays for his nephew to have some sort of normal life so it doesn’t matter too much
Renee starts to frequent it
At first it’s to pick up sweets for Andrew
But eventually she starts bringing Allison on dates there bc they have a cute little seating area (figure where Seth fits in? I think he’ll survive?)
Uhhh what’s a timeline
I think this’ll be around the winter holidays (Jewish neil? Look into it)
So thanksgiving will have happened . I think Andrew agreed to go Not bc he particularly wanted to but bc he cares for Nicky and knows he’ll probably go anyways
Yeah so thanksgiving. h
Andrew JUST got off his drugs and he’s so damn protective of his own that he hardly even leaves their sides
Edens is a def no for em
Meanwhile Neil is tentative friends w Renee who has brought all the upperclassmen there a few times
Allison bullies him for his clothing but it’s okay he deserves it
Renee is sweet and stops em from doing anything too drastic which Neil appreciates
Matt,, my baby,, he’s so happy he just asks Neil about random stuff
Dan is sweet too!!
Seth kinda hates him but Neil hasn’t paid enough attention to return the favor
One day close to the winter banquet the upperclassmen are like yeah Neil we’re gonna go to this thing and it should be really fun!! Oh you know what? Our teammate Nicky needs a date and his cousin doesn’t really like anyone from his class and he’s super fucking crazy abt it so if that doesn’t deter you then you should totally join !
Neil is like oh chance to fuck up Riko? Absolutely I’ll go
when he and Allison emerge from the girls room Aaron is like Who is that
And Allison is “oh nickys date (:”
Andrew gets twitchy and holds a knife to her throat
Renee is like Andrew I stg get away from my gf and Seth is like manic pixie nightmare fuel I’m gonna beat the shit outta you
And Neil is just like same shit every day I guess
And he’s like so you’re Nicky then? COMPLETELY IGNORING YK. ALL THAT
Andrew is like “he is. Don’t touch him”
And Neil straight up says I don’t think you get to set boundaries for people, actually
And Neil has no idea what the effect is of that on Andrew but it’s enough to make him glare
Which is terrifying to everyone but Neil bc again. Dumbass
Anyways Neil very purposely hooks his arm through nickys and they head off to the bus
Dunno what happens there but I’ll figure it out
It’s glorious
Kevin and riko are like who the FUCK are you
And Neil is all wouldn’t you like to know weather boy
They relocate and they’re all like . Ah. That’s why you and Renee get along
It’s kinda funny ngl
Andrew doesn’t think so but fuck him
I think that they head back to the bus when this shit I’d over and wymack is like excuse me what the fuck
And Aaron in german is like thank god he never joined the team bc I could not handle more of that
And Neil in German is like would you believe me I’d I told you I was almost signed
And Andrew is like I fucking Knew it I hate it here
N e ways things go back to normal for the most part
The upperclassmen still show up
Seth has a bit of grudging respect for him
It’s later that all the foxes are getting drunk from a lose that Renee calls him and is like Neil please can I usher them inside for a bit I think they need a place to chill so we don’t get yelled at for being too loud in the dorms
And Neil is like uhh sure why not
It turns out it was not just the upperclassmen
He gives them all water bottles and whatever and lets them lounge around
Gives em some food which they pay for w the coachs card
Uhhh idk time passes and some of the foxes pass out so neil is like y’all can chill in the break room? They have couches
He stays out there bc the bakery is still open
Andrew comes out like hey fuck you but also can I get more of those pastries
Idk I want them to be in love already
Uhh yeah I think they don’t say anything until
“what happened to your face”
“A truth for a truth?”
“If you must insist”
“Fine, my father tried to kill me”
Andrew raises his eyebrow but neils like bitch you said a truth for a truth it’s your turn now
Neil asks him why he wears arm bands
We get the whole knives and scars
They’re quiet again
I don’t know man let them be in love
Uhhh okay
I think Andrew will tell neil like
“That’s the code for the court, Kevin practices at night.”
Neil is like how would you know I’d enjoy playing exy? And andrew is like dipshit that’s how we met
I’m running out of ideas oh no
Maybe they play a couple of night game things
Exchange a few more truths
sick okay! They start dating but since Baltimore happened earlier they never actually come out to the rest of the team
I like to think when they play against the ravens again neils like haha babe you can have as many sweets as you want if you shut down the goal
Also Neil says it’s hot which is like a big thing to persuade Andrew but shhhhh
Yeah the foxes win they celebrate by getting drunk and they all show up at neils like hello again (:
Same thing happens but this time andrew and Neil are together and basically are doing nothing but making out
At least the store is closed
Nicky comes out and just YELLS
Allison wins SO much money
Yeah idk how to end this but happily ever after :3
If you want me to turn this into a fic I will!
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