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#happy things
malewifemammon · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
mc stuff plus asmo and a conversation i had years ago
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wayward-escapist · 44 minutes ago
i spent my childhood repressing my stims.
my mother used to yell and swear at me if i did anything she deemed socially unacceptable, and i had a “friend” in elementary school who jeered at me for being awkward. so i quietly simmered: subtly tracing patterns, picking nails, and shifting in my seat.
there’s something wrong with you, i told myself, and you need to hide it. never, ever loosen your mask.
years later, and i’m barely at the crossroads of self-discovery. after an adhd diagnosis, i realized a lot about the aspects of myself that i’d once deemed despicable, unworthy, intolerable.
and after a lot, a lot, a lOT of research—hearing others’ stories, reading medical studies, analyzing questionaires & surveys—i’m tentatively self-diagnosing myself as autistic. and this was really hard for me to say, honestly, because there’s an enormous part of me that thinks no no, you’re normal, you should just deal with your issues by doing better.
i’ve spent my life trying to become this model child, student, human—and now all i want is the chance to be myself. cliche, yeah. but there’s this tremendous relief that comes with it.
somewhere trembling in the back of my throat is hope. for someone who’s been suicidal because of feeling so lost, helpless, deprived of an identity—this means everything to me.
now back to the original point. i spent my childhood repressing my stims, and then a couple weeks ago i told myself to let go. to feel, to move, to do whatever feels like me instead of the person everyone expects me to be. and now i could never go back. i was hand flapping tonight and i just felt so euphoric that i had to go on a tumblr rant, so yeah. this is tremendously long and likely unreadable but it is, for once, me.
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whorehees · 59 minutes ago
everyone who follows me has to hear abt Crowley every god damn day bc back in March I saw a gifset from Scoobynatural and was like “I wanna see that” and got my first Netflix account and now here we are.
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lizziestudieshistory · 2 hours ago
Pass the happy! 🌻🌈 When you receive this list 5 things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications! 💖
Hey, thanks for sending me this! So things that make me happy:
Family, friends, and my dogs (in no particular order!)
Reading with a good cup of tea, especially when I can read one of those rare novels that just capture you heart and soul
History, but specifically the really weird/funny/bizarre facts that stick with you (still laughing at the dog who stole the communion bread off the communion table DURING THE SERVICE!)
Rain, I love the rain particularly when it's raining and I can just sit and listen to it in the quiet
Tolkien - had to be one slightly silly one - but genuinely I'm never happier than when I can curl up with Tolkien in any form and not worry about anything else for a few hours
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hope-strength-courage · 3 hours ago
Morning Thoughts - 12/05/2021
Feelings This Morning:
I felt anxious this morning as I knew I was going to do the Covid-19 Self Test for the first time. Thankfully it was negative so I’m feeling relieved! I wasn’t sick when doing the test but it did make me gag a little but thankfully it doesn’t take too long to do. Hopefully it’ll get easier once I’ve done it a few more times. Even though I only had to wait for 30 minutes for the result it felt like ages and I hated the wait. It’s the uncertainty I think with waiting but grateful it’s not a long wait.
I’m hopeful for a good day today. Looking forward to a nice chat on the phone this morning with a good friend and then going for a walk this afternoon with my daughter and a family friend.
I feel happy within myself this morning, just in terms of finding my own ways to make progress with my Anxiety. It’s rare I acknowledge that I feel happy. It’s not that I don’t, I’m incredibly happy with my life but I don’t often take account of it. Maybe I feel guilty in some way for being happy, I’m not sure.
Things To Do Today:
Clean and Tidy Kitchen 🧼
Hoover 🧹
Washing - Clothes 🧺
Chat On The Phone 📲
Go For A Walk 🌳
Quick Tea 🥘
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deviantredhead · 4 hours ago
I love it! I’m so happy to found one of my old RP friends again (or rather she found me) and then I got in touch with another rper that has wanted to rp. So I went from having two rps to five in one night!  I like this.  I hope the trend continues!  There is hope for us OCs after all!
If you want to rp, as long as your character makes sense to interact with mine, I’m game.  Just let me know.  Goodnight everyone!
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tuff-and-fluff · 5 hours ago
F/os who think they're incapable of being loved... F/os who think they're a magnet for trouble so they want to keep you away from that... F/os who are afraid to get too close so they don't hurt you, because they think all they can do is hurt... F/os who you take gently by the hand, look into their eyes, and tell them. "You could never hurt me. No matter what happens to you, no matter what happens to us, I promise that I will still love you."
I will always love you.
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ternaryflower53 · 5 hours ago
five happy things!
1. cool art!
2. finishing a big block of something is so satisfying
3. ranting about something together as bonding
4. modern medical technology
5. remembered to turn in my chem lab
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make-happy-memories · 5 hours ago
just finished up the last work of my classes i took this spring and i am so elated! i’m just waiting on my finals to be graded which is making me a nervous wreck but im happy to have some free time to do whatever i want! which will probably be to catch up on sleep because i’m quite sure i have insomnia from staying up late stressing and doing school work. next step i think is to find a different job. what are you all up to this time of year? i’d love to hear from my followers because i’m interested in your lives idk ahaha <33
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tcs-main · 5 hours ago
Heyo soooo I was looking at that title generator and YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT IT GAVE ME. Anyway, saw it and knew immediately that I had to give you. Here it is: Title: Avalon Raging Pairing: Merthur
Hey dear, finally found the words and honestly super super eager to write this.
Literally as soon as I saw the title my breath was gone and the plot goblin in my mind was sCREAMING this lovely idea that i am now DYING to write.
I think you'll like it 😉💕💕
"Can I go yet?"
"You know what I'm going to say, Arthur," Freya sighed as she approached the king, having just arrived back from checking up at Lake Avalon's surface.
"Had to try... They can't keep me here forever," Arthur muttered. Most of his bitterness had faded after so long stuck on the damned island [which was really quite lovely, just not where he wanted to be], but a fair amount still lingered [as it should]. "I'll find a way out, back to him, no matter what they want. No matter what they try to keep me here."
"I know you will." Freya sat down on the sandy beach next to Arthur, looking out across the surface of the water she just walked from. She would never get used to the way she could come and go—visit the lake's mortal surface [even if she could't speak to Merlin and tell him all she wished to, like that Arthur was safe and wanted nothing more than to return].
Arthur sighed softly and tore his eyes from the water, looking to the Lady of the Lake. "What did you bring me this time?"
Afterlife in Avalon is quite nice, really, once you get past the fact that you're dead for the foreseeable future and your husband is stuck waiting an eternity for you to be released [or break free, because really, that's what it's seeming like he'll have to do at this point].
Unfortunately, Arthur's never really been able to get past that fact.
Fortunately, Arthur's stubborn as a mule and determined to find a way home.
To Merlin.
love you <3
hope you like this bc i am legit so excited to write it ahahahahh
i do not care that i have 78 planned & in progress fics, give me title pls
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intheticklecloset · 6 hours ago
My ShinDeku mood has NOT wavered in the slightest today, jsyk 😁💜💚
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hiinagiku · 7 hours ago
am back from a good concert!! i’m a bit stressed about my exam tomorrow so i’ll try not to stay up too late but if you want to chat or send me something you’re very allowed to.
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sunshine-bravado · 7 hours ago
This is a time marker to see how long it takes for my bf’s sister to tell me she wants to talk now that I told her I was open to talking yesterday morning (05/10/2021)
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silentspaces · 8 hours ago
Peace out y'all, see ya in 3 days I'm headed to GUNMA
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