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#happy thursday
sp00kywitchbabe2 days ago
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just a fat spooky babe livin her best life 馃グ馃懟馃拃馃巸馃枻
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nolossforwords2 days ago
You Must Allow Me to Tell You How Ardently I Admire and Love This Doodle
Happy happy Thursday! Here is the promised Pride and Prejudice-meets internet humor comic...
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Tumblr media
Caroline Bingley may have been annoying, but she did it in an iconic sort of way. More drawings coming tomorrow!
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adventureandthesea2 days ago
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Smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints馃お
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sunyatrash2 days ago
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twerk-vicious23 days ago
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newlifenewlin5 months ago
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Happy Thursday!馃拫
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dawnddoesart6 months ago
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Tumblr media
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NPCs? On my art blog? It鈥檚 more likely than you think.
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Dean Winchester x Jeremy Bradshaw ??
Idk if you are asking re my post the other day about Angels or just generally, but just to be transparent Dean's OTP in Angels is Cas and I will not be permitting outsiders.
however, for purposes of um, brainstorming - for you know Science, I mean 10/10 Dean would find Professor Jeremy Bradshaw attractive. Dean THEEEE king of having a thing for authority figures Winchester? Dean 'I like men in uniform,' Dean 'I like doctors' Winchester? And snarky, I'm Always Right Professor Jeremy Bradshaw? (Also I mean. it goes without saying He Is Dean's Type ;)).
Yeah our boy would be A Whole Mess over this man.
However, I'm not entirely certain how Professor Bradshaw would feel about Dean. I can, however imagine the conversation that would ensue...and I wrote it down for you, nonnie - under the cut!
Dean's having a really long day, and it's only 9:00 a.m.
Yeah, he got his four hours last night, but still - hauling ass to school of all places this early in the morning - well, cracking the books at the first sign of the sun's never been one of Dean's favorite things.
But the mysterious disappearances in the Bridgewater Triangle are all over the papers - and according to the Lore (which now apparently comes in the medium of podcast), this isn't the first occurrence of paranormal activity in the area.
So here they are.
Sam's gone to nerd heaven in the university library, leaving Dean stuck talking to their primary witness.
Who happens to be - a professor of fucking folklore? What are the odds?
Dean waits for the stream of students pouring from the open door of the classroom to peter out before he slides inside. The man he's seeking out is still lingering in front of the rows of uncomfortable looking chairs. They're the kind with seats that stick straight up to the ceiling when a posterior isn't weighing them down.
"Jer- um, Professor?" Dean's not sure why he's hesitating, but something about leading with 'Jeremy' seems entirely too familiar for someone he's just met.
Especially when that someone is standing in front of him at a podium of all things, looking like an intriguing mixed bag of business casual blazer and rumpled button down shirt, dark swoops of hair grazing the sides of his face, still messy - as if he couldn't possibly bother with brushing it this morning.
Dean's never been to college but he's starting to think he understands why Sammy won't shut up about his 'time at Stanford.'
The professor is looking at him oddly.
Dean realizes he's literally stopped speaking and they're just standing in the middle of the classroom in stone silence. "Erhm. Dean Winchester. Aquarius," Dean blurts out, feeling a little unhinged.
He suddenly realizes he's given this man his real name as opposed to this week's FBI alias, and now he's going to have to explain why he's here in a suit and quickly-growing-more-uncomfortable tie.
Maybe not though, because the expression staring back at Dean is the epitome of 'I could care less.'
"Jeremy Bradshaw," he says in a melodic timbre, and yeah maybe Dean could sit through a lecture if this dude gave it.
"I don't really subscribe to the idea of the zodiac, so I hope you don't mind if I don't share my birth chart with you," Professor Bradshaw continues. There's a snarky little bite to his syllables that pricks the back of Dean's neck in a funny way. "Pray tell, what can I assist you with other than directions to the astrology department?"
Dean's not sure what he was expecting (maybe some mild mannered dude, dorkier than even Cas?), but it certainly wasn't all...this.
He clears his throat. "My brother Sam and I, we uh. We hunt monsters!"
What is happening to him? Maybe the supernatural creature they're hunting is the professor himself.
Potentially-Monster-of-the-Week-slash-Professor Sexy Bradshaw seems equally confused by Dean's demeanor.
"Monsters aren't real," he says almost gently - the equivalent of a 'there, there' to a recalcitrant child who's inquiring about a candy bar in the grocery checkout line. "Trust me, folklore is my primary field of study."
"Um," Dean continues, feeling suddenly very much like he's shown up for a final exam entirely unprepared. "Well, actually - they are."
This is going great.
Professor Bradshaw frowns a little, and Dean can see by the press of his lips he's starting to lose patience with him. "Mr. Winchester, was it? Listen, I've dealt with enough people who believe the things you do to know minds can't often be changed, but I can genuinely tell you that there's an explanation for anything you may be ascribing to the...paranormal."
He takes the wire-rimmed glasses from his nose, simultaneously pulling a handkerchief out of the pocket of his slacks, and wipes the lenses carefully.
Dean watches his movements like he's in a fever dream.
Dude's gotta be a siren or something.
Professor Bradshaw slides the spectacles back on and purses his lips with a sigh. "If you like, however - I'm always happy to discuss the supernatural in terms of academia. I have the background."
Great. The last thing Dean 'GED and a give-em-hell attitude' Winchester needs right now is to discuss his actual godforsaken job in terms of...academia.
After a moment of collecting himself, Dean decides to go with:
"What is your background, exactly?"
Maybe there's a back door approach here.
He slams down on the next incoming thought prompted by his use of this particular terminology with particularly intense vehemence. If the professor sees Dean squirming, he doesn't comment, replying instead:
"I happen to have a PhD in - "
Dean doesn't even let him finish the sentence. "A PhD? Like a doctorate?"
Professor Bradshaw nods, increasing irritation tensing the lines of his jaw. The toe of his extremely sensible Oxford shoe is starting to tap a little beat on the faded hardwood of the classroom floor.
Dean knows it's not the same as a medical doctorate.
He's aware.
But that doesn't stop him from picturing Doctor-Monster-Professor-Bradshaw sporting a white jacket and scrubs, with a dangling stethoscope replacing the bowtie that's currently perched on his neck.
Professor Bradshaw's eyes are blinking at Dean. They're full of confusion.
He suddenly notices that they are also very, very, very blue.
Yeah - Dean's gonna have a really long day.
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metamatronic4 months ago
Tumblr media
we love that totally normal occurrence of your coworkers becoming possessed and trying to kill you.
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nitramaraho2 months ago
Sorry It鈥檚 Been a While
Moved to Washington right in time for the PNW to turn into a solar oven.
Regularly scheduled bullshit will commence.
Reply or message with your favorite peaceful song, that one that makes your shoulders drop and an involuntary sigh come through your lips the same way a hot shower after a long day does.
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newlifenewlin3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good morning and happy Thursday 馃拫
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