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#happy undertale day =)

A redraw of an old undertale drawing!! That’s very easy to tell, but the first one is a new one, and the second one is an old one. Also, the second one is my first undertale drawing. The old one was drawn in 2015. I want to redraw more of my undertale drawings and sketches.

Here’s some context to the old drawing: when undertale came out, I was like,,,, 13 years old I think? And I was going through some kind of an edgy phase, I think. And I knew that there are neutral route, pacifist route and genocide route, and because I was going through an edgy phase, I wanted to do the genocide route first, which I…. kinda did, but at first I almost did a neutral route, but then at some point in Hotland I realized that I was doing it wrong, so I reset. But this sketch I did when I just defeated Undyne (on neutral route), and at this time I was REALLY bad at boss battles, so it took me many tries (not many as Undyne the Undying or Sans, though), so when I did it, I sketched this. Also, the reasons you can see open eyes instead of closed eyes? It more self-inserty at this time, because I did use Rinja as the name in game. But on the redraw I’ve changed them to Frisk

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Hi ! ! ! Asks out of nowhere are completely fine ! And this is just ! ! ! So nice and good ? ? ? It made me really really really happy to hear . Undertale playlists on 8tracks in 2015 - 2017 were something I really loved , a big way I enjoyed Undertale fan content , and introduced me to so much music that I love now and basically developed my music taste . I’m just so glad that the playlists that I made could be some of someone else’s favourites , and that they could feel some of the emotions that I felt while making them . And making your whole year ? That’s an incredible compliment and thing to say ! ! ! Thank you ! ! ! ! It’s not a problem and thank you ! ! ! ! I’m so happy and touched that someone found my playlists and liked them that much and that they had such an impact . Thank you sincerely for sending this ask to let me know . I should really find someway to put all my playlists up online in an easy to listen format … I’ll work on it . And seriously ! Thank you ! ! !

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Otp October 2020 day 9 ‘Hanging out with friends’


'top ten photos taken moments before disaster’ ;-;

Rip heaventale gaster.

Yeah so I missed this yesterday but here it is now. I drew it abit quickly so it doesn’t look great. It looks abit like my old style tbh. I’m not sure how that happened. I hope you like it anyway.

Cross and Dream belong to jakei95 and jokublog

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Gosh I love Swap Nightmare’s/SD Nightmare’s design so much. The colors are so bright and vivid and gorgeous!¡ I couldn’t find the full body design for the rainbow collar pic, so I just made it similar to the other one

Swap Nightmare by super @song-song-a

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