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#happy valentine's day!

Primary Pairing Trio: YuuAyuSetsu
Words: ~4.2k
Rating: G, mostly. I’ll leave the T/M’ish stuff to your imagination…
Time Frame: February of their 2nd year in high school
Story Arc: Stand Alone


Author’s Note: I couldn’t quite get this one done in time for the official holiday. I kept interrupting the flow with what I believed to be too much introspection, but I didn’t want to cut it completely, so I would write a new part to include it. And I still ended up dumping a bunch at the end. Que zura, zura…  At least it’s still February, so… better late than never?


“Ayumu-sa~n!” a voice called from behind.

The redhead turned to see a raven-haired girl walking briskly to catch up, waving wildly as if it would make it easier to spot her in the mostly empty hall. Running would likely have been quicker, and her excited aura made it seem like she wanted to do so. However, Setsuna was a rule follower, or at least tried to present herself as such, so hastened walking was her best solution.

“What’s up, Setsuna-chan?” Ayumu asked, pausing by the clubroom door.

“I finished my book, so you and Yuu-san can borrow it now.”

“That was quick.”

Setsuna grinned as she reached the other girl. “It was so good I couldn’t put it down.”

Ayumu leaned down a little. “Did you stay up too late again to do so?” She asked, noticing poorly concealed dark spots under cendrée eyes.

Had the other girl really gone around all day looking like that? Ayumu would have probably said something in the morning had they walked to school together like most mornings recently. However, Yuu had made them late and they had missed their usual train.

“Uhm… maybe…?”

“Geez, what am I going to do with you two?” Ayumu sighed.

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@thxwxlf sent: “What did you do now?”


❛ What did I do? I tell you what –– that dude was staring at you for far too long , so I had to peel  off his annoying face!❜, Leaning into his lady, Roman planted an affectionate kiss down on Keki’s lips.

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Thank you so much!! ❤ I did have as good a birthday as one can have right now, lol.

I think you’re really awesome too! And hope you got your fair share of chocolates and sweets~

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for 2nd place in the valentine’s day poll, i give you: character development

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miles edgeworth's terrible, no-good, very bad week - Chapter 1 - ApprenticeofDoyle - 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney [Archive of Our Own]
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nklandklnsdksd thank you!!

i gratefully accept your hypothetical chocolate!


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roza wishes you a happy valentine’s day! may you receive all the chocolate and kisses you have dreamt off! 💕🌹

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Me: I’m actually totally fine being single!

*thinks about Jack’s proposal*

Me: WHERE is my girlfriend????

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awww bom🥺💜💜 i love you so much!! i hope you had a good valentine’s day too💜💜💜

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Rika: This date is boring.

Mc: This is not a date. I said I was going for a walk.

Rika: Then why did you invite me?

Mc: I specifically told you not to come with me but you said, “I do what I want, Mc.” and followed me here.

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Hello BB! Happy Valentine’s Day 💐❤ Thank you so much for reading & loving all my stories! (I also hope you’ve enjoyed my headcanons too 🤗) It’s always a great pleasure to know that I’ve made my readers feel not only happy, but warm and fuzzy inside too 💋 Thank you once again. Stay safe & take care, luv xoxo


Originally posted by brigh17

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😔  this is such a cute ask but my husband would be jealous if I told him about it

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