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Heyy, happy belated birthday

Thankyou for being the best role model when I was a kid, when I was a teenager and now when I am an adult

I got this album few days ago, my aunt bought it for me and I have already memoriesed every diary entery that there is😭 its amazing how taylor comfortably shares her personal stuff with us, she really trusts us 😭😭

@taylorswift @swiftiesofcolor

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Just a random thought. What if after Taylor’s party she went home and was looking for her cats but did not find them? Bc they were like in her cake? How would you react @taylorswift after finding out that you just ate your children?? Kkskskskskskskksskskvm @taylorswift


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Of course Taylor and Abigail are still friends but there’s just something about her being at Taylor’s thirtieth birthday party (after being the inspo for “fifteen”) that has me SO EMOTIONAL

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Happy Thir-TAY to my favourite human. You are, without a doubt, the most astounding example of generosity, spirit and kindness - as well as a feminist powerhouse standing up for the rights of those less able to stand up than you. Thank you for always being so good to us and for keeping on; you keep me keeping on, too. Love you so much, “Babe” ♥️ Will always adore ya. Here’s to the next 30, when I’ll be saying look at you now, you made us proud then, too. ✨ #HappyBirthdayTaylor #taylorswift

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HAPPY THIRTAY TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! I hope your birthday was as magical, as you make our lives magic! I couldn’t imagine a better person to look up to and to stan! You remind me to be Fearless, and to be unapologetically myself. It’s weird how I love someone I’ve never met yet it feels so right and that’s the connection you have with people. I can’t wait to see what your life brings you and what soundtracks you will continue to bring to mine.

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