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Summary: Y/N is a struggling flautist, trying to make ends meet, but when a violinist catches her eyes, life doesn’t seem quite so difficult.

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Originally posted by a-hologramgalaxy

Beep beep beep. Y/N groaned, stretching out languidly as she patted her bedside table. Her fingers found nothing but the worn wooden surface. Blearily rubbing her eyes, she pushed herself up onto one elbow. The alarm was incessant. Where on earth was that phone?

The bitter smell of coffee filled the kitchen as she poured the boiling water into her chipped mug.  A lethargic ache had settled into her bones; the haphazard pile of unopened letters mounting her dread the more she looked at the mess. A quick glance at the plastic clock ticking merrily away warned her she was on the verge of being late if she did not leave now.

Y/N slung the straps of her flute case and tattered leather satchel over her shoulder, her crumpled sheet music clutched in one hand. The lock of her apartment was always such a fiddle and she stuffed the sheet music in her satchel, wincing as it creased even further. She yanked the door shut, leaning backwards to align the lock as she twisted the key.

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HEY! It is me again. ✌🏽

I will leave you some new Wallpapers made by moi. I hope you like them, they are simple but I loved them and decided to share them with you. ☂️
  • BTW, they have similar editions but they all look differently beautiful

Please like or reblog if you save/use. 🌈❣️

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I’ve been thinking (Rare of me… I know) but what if the order the gifs have been coming out signify the order that each Hargreeves drops into 1960′s and Five is the last to arrive which marks the beginning of the first episode in Season 2 like Season 1

Does this make sense to y’all? I can’t have been the only one to think this right?

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Hmm…I’m going to skip the obvious ones (Diego and boxing, Vanya and playing the violin, etc.)

  • Luther paints. Not even know Allison knows about it though because he’s super self-conscious about it.
  • Mostly he does scenery, especially while he’s up on the moon, trying to remember what green looks like.
  • Diego feels like a guitarist. Or maybe the bass.
  • He also dances. Competitively. Freestyle, tango, and ballet.
  • And Grace taught him how to bake but he doesn’t do it often (because he lives in a boiler room and doesn’t have a stove/oven).
  • Allison is so busy as a parent and an actress that she doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies.
  • She does however find 15 minutes a day to do some meditation and/or light exercise.
  • She tried to learn to play an instrument so she could better connect with more of her siblings but struggled with it and gave up.
  • Klaus…sweet Klaus. Its easier to list the hobbies he hasn’t at least tried at some point.
  • He doesn’t stick with most of them because he has no permanent place to stay so he can’t keep supplies etc. anywhere (also most things used for hobbies like instruments or cameras can be pawned for quite a bit of cash when you need a fix).
  • He writes poetry though. On napkins and walls and lovers’ skin.
  • And he designed most of his own tattoos (and one for Dave which he drew on paper and Dave got done over his heart as a surprise for Klaus)
  • Five was an avid reader and did his best to maintain that in the future (hence taking up residence in the remains of a library) but he never had time to really develop much in the way of hobbies
  • He took up singing, just to keep the silence at bay and is actually pretty good at it. Once he came back (we’ll pretend they solved the apocalypse problem) he started doing it at night to help Klaus sleep and it drowns out the ghosts and the nightmares for the both of them.
  • The same can be said of Ben, he never had time to find himself.
  • If Ben had been able to, I think he would have become a writer and taken up some sort of instrument, piano maybe.
  • I feel like Vanya’s hobbies are just the obvious violin and writing
  • And I think she’s a movie enthusiast. She’s seen every one of Allison’s movies.
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0 - Reginald

8/9 - new characters

20- Diego arrives and gets stuck with Reggie (why he’s wearing his uniform)

38- Alison meats new character

57- five realises that another apocalypse is happening and thinks that its vanyas fault again?

66- definitely something about ben

13- Luther and Alison reunite

48- klaus meets new character

74- vanya and klaus reunite

10- Luther finds Reggie

19- he then meets a new character

7- something about vanya happens

21- Diego and Luther reunite

43- Alison and klaus reunite

52- Diego talks about five

60- possibly revealing how Ben died?

30- Alison and Reggie reunite or idk

39- she also meets someone new

55- five arrives

All of this is bullshit but I’m too deep now

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