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#hargreeves kids

Quality sibling moments in tua s2 trailer:

Allison, Vanya, and Klaus dancing together

Klaus tackling Ben to the ground and slapping him repeatedly to celebrate him being corporeal

“Klaus, is Ben here?” “No, unfortunately ghosts can’t time travel.” “Are you kidding me??”

“I heard a rumor you punched yourself in the face.”

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Ok so I’ve just finished watching The Umbrella Academy and I’m just wondering, if there’s anyone who can answer this

What happened to the other children born on the same day in 1989? There were like, fifty of these special kids born on that day and Reggie only managed to get seven, so where are these kids? Are they just, out and about in the world with wacky powers? Do we ever get to see them? I’m curious, I want to know more about them, and I’m also kinda curious how the heck they even spawned in the first place. Does this get answered in the comics ?

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0 - Reginald

8/9 - new characters

20- Diego arrives and gets stuck with Reggie (why he’s wearing his uniform)

38- Alison meats new character

57- five realises that another apocalypse is happening and thinks that its vanyas fault again?

66- definitely something about ben

13- Luther and Alison reunite

48- klaus meets new character

74- vanya and klaus reunite

10- Luther finds Reggie

19- he then meets a new character

7- something about vanya happens

21- Diego and Luther reunite

43- Alison and klaus reunite

52- Diego talks about five

60- possibly revealing how Ben died?

30- Alison and Reggie reunite or idk

39- she also meets someone new

55- five arrives

All of this is bullshit but I’m too deep now

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I’m going in order

Luther : 6/10

“Get off the moon free! Click Link here :

- sincerely, therealreginaldhargreeve@aol”

Diego : 5/10

he’s got suspicion but also terminal dumbass.

Allison : 2/10

she’s famous im SURE she’s beware to links.

Klaus : 7/10

no explanation needed. he’d probably dance to it

Five : 4/10

high rate because we know there will be screaming and bloodshed when he gets tricked

Ben : 0/10

no explanation needed. boy dead

Vanya : 10/10

sorry. she’d probably not catch onto it,,

“Vanya, You got rickrolled!”


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