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hey guys lil self promo here

if you’re interested in seeing manips (i’m looking into doing a variety of different ones like hariana, harry and zendaya, tom and harry, etc. i used to primarily do tom holland and ariana grande manips), please check out my instagram @spideyjawn (don’t question it i live right outside of philly)!

here are some examples of past manips:


i’m currently asking if people want dedications, so if you respond to my story on there then chances are you’ll get tagged!

i used to be hella active on there months ago and am just now getting back into the groove of it and would like to make this comeback the best it can be so please give my account some love !

thank you <333

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— Dreaming with her

Harry Styles goes to an award event in New York where he meets Ariana Grande. They get together and he starts talking a lot with her. Grande little by little falls in love with Styles. They talk together and have fun.

After the after party of the event finished, Harry takes Ariana to her apartment and then he goes to his hotel.

He goes to sleep and while he sleeps he dreams about him and Ariana in a field of sunflowers holding their hands. Then he grabs her head slowly and she puts her arms on his waist and they kiss.

But the dream was interrupted by the sound of Harry’s phone. It was an Instagram dm of Ariana asking him if he wanted to hang out with her in a café and get to know each other a little more. He wakes up and opens the message.

Finally, he accepts going with her in the afternoon. Ariana and Harry were very excited to be able to meet together again.

  • give the credits if you use it
  • this was made by me
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Thinking about time Harry Styles performed ‘Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart’ live at his show.

And then an Ariana Grande update account uploaded it to Instagram and Ariana commented saying it was her favourite version of the song.


… These two had the nerve to tease this amazing friendship with us but refuse to give us a photo together? Betrayal in the worst way.

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