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Tony Stark @IronMan

What did I miss?

Three twitter accounts are two-and-a-half more twitter accounts than the average person needs.

Peter Parker knew that when he opened his Spider-Man’s second, but all he wanted to do was to have some laughs in an anonymous account that’s not completely public administration - but as Harley says, “Shit happens”.

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(i have zero idea where i’m going with this but here we go)

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okay time for another hc

i wrote this in my media lesson because i’m a terrible student

this time we have harley loving morgan and them hanging out like siblings

  • harley has always felt like he was never really a brother to abby
  • he always had to act like he was more than a few years older than her
  • he was more of a father figure than a brother figure
  • because his dad left and macy was always out working
  • so harley always had to make meals for them, tidy the house, as well as getting his school work done and any odd jobs that came up in rose hill
  • he didn’t mind at the time
  • he thought it was normal - he didn’t have time for a lot of friends, because he never really had time between anything else
  • macy always cared for him when she didn’t have a shift
  • she was a good mother really
  • she just needed to work to afford the house
  • when the keeners moved to new york (tony found out about their living and financial situation, so decided to get them an apartment in new york - macy didn’t like it originally, but tony said she could pay for the bills and food, she just wouldn’t have a mortgage)
  • macy got a good job at a high-end restaurant
  • harley started at midtown, because tony’s intern goes there
  • abby isn’t quite old enough to go to midtown yet, but she gets into a middle school on a full-ride scholarship
  • harley’s really proud of her, because he used to help abby with all her school work
  • harley has time for friends now
  • and that’s when he realises that he was a father figure to abby, not a brother figure

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im literally crying cause my internet connection dropped and this couldn’t post, so then it just?? didn’t post??? which is ridiculous but yeah

i originally found a wip for all three words cause i liked all of them, but i had to edit them A LOT to get them presentable for this and it’s 10pm and I’m tired and frustrated so I’m sorry but im only gonna do one

if the other post ends up posting yay!! but if not, have this (way worse than what I had the first time around) guardian angel au.

thank you!!


Harley watched avidly, knowing his gaze was too intense for a seven-year-old human to give but not being able to bring himself in check.

He’d waited seven years for this moment, had spent seven years making changes to get him here. Seven years wasn’t that large an amount of time, given Harley’s age, but spending those seven years as a human child was. A lot more than Harley had wanted to sign up for.

Regardless, this point in time would be the deciding point. It was the moment that his and Peter’s relationship—Harley’s guardianship, more specifically—would be defined. This was when the connection between them formed and clicked into place, the moment where Harley would finally get the answers to why he’d even been assigned to be a Guardian.

Peter Parker, six years old with a mess of brown curls and sad brown eyes, stared back at him shyly from behind May’s leg. Harley suspected it was because he needed the comfort, but he wouldn’t truly know until the connection formed. And it wouldn’t, not until Peter’s soul, at its very core, accepted the protection it was being offered.

There was something forming. Not quickly, and certainly not strongly, but. It was something.

To Harley, it felt like. Grief. He’d sensed it before, in passing humans. It filled their aura, taking up the air around them. He’d never been this close to it for this long, and it had certainly never felt like this. This felt - deeper. More all-consuming. More. It whispered loss in Harley’s ear and sang taunts of future losses yet to come. Harley’s wings itched with the intelligible information and he shook them out, trying to shake off the discomfort that had suddenly overcome him.

“Angel,” came Peter’s soft voice, and Harley frowned in confusion. He stayed still, ignoring Macy’s hand on his shoulder, as Peter came out from behind May’s leg and smiled at him. Peter’s smile was large and toothy and stirred up some sort of emotion—like? fondness?—in Harley’s chest. And something more. Something snapped into place as Peter smiled at him, face open with delight.

Harley took a deep breath, feeling as though his very being had expanded to accommodate part of another. It was off, but still along the lines of what he’d been expecting.

“Angel,” Peter repeated, louder this time, and Harley’s feeling of contentment was replaced with one of worry and confusion.

He studied Peter, looking for any reason why he’d be saying that, and searched the newly formed bond between them. And that’s when he realized. Peter wasn’t smiling at him. He was smiling at something on him.

Peter Parker, six years old with messy brown hair and big, sad brown eyes, could see the wings of an angel. Great.

send me a random word and I’ll give a line a snippet from a wip

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alright, both of these are from the same one, it’s a 5+1 where Harley is taking care of Peter and then Peter is taking care of Harley.

they’re both longer than a line im sorry, but im bored so.


“Harls,” Peter mumbled into Harley’s chest, his words just barely loud enough to be heard, and Harley had the distinct feeling that Peter was about to say something weird. “You know that one vine where it’s like. ‘Fuck your chicken strips’ and the dude’s in a car?”

Harley grinned, resisting the urge to drop a kiss to the top of Peter’s head, instead choosing to hug him a little tighter. “Yeah, what about it.”

“That’s my current feelings about sleep.”

Harley snorted, shaking his head and grinning even wider. “Fuck your sleep. Nice.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Peter said quietly. “I know. Every… everything i say is nice. It’s my superpower.”

“Your superpower, huh?” Harley chuckled. “Just go on to sleep, darlin’. Before I drug you with cold medicine.”


“Just drink the damn water!”

“No,” Peter whined, his face hanging over the toilet bowl. “Water’s nasty.”

Harley sighed, leaning against the doorway of Peter’s bathroom. “You’re throwing up, honey, you need to drink some. Even if it’s just a lil’ bit.”

Peter shook his head. “I think–” He dry heaved, and Harley winced, his grip tightening on the water bottle in his hand. “I think I’d rather eat chickpeas than drink water right now.”

“Peter,” Harley sighed. “You hate chickpeas.”

“That’s kind of the point.”

send me a word and i’ll give you a line from a wip

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Peter: Day 332 of fun things to do while stuck home in quarantine!

Harley: Convince your parents that one peice of macaroni is called a macaronus

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anyway, jock harley is OUT soft nerd boy harley who is forced into roles by the people around him and struggles to let himself be taken care of or even loved but desperately craves affection is IN 

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just like… harley isn’t allowed to cry or be upset… he has to take care of everyone all the time…. he has to take care of himself… he’s not allowed to be upset at anything…. dont touch me, dont even look at me.

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Does Anyone Wanna Hear My Sad Harley Keener Thoughts?

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Interviewer: What’s the key to being a great dad?

Tony: Well, be their buddy.

Stephen: Is that your answer?

Tony: And stay in school.

Stephen: No.

Tony: And don’t do drugs.

Stephen: No.

Tony: Just give me the answer!

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Hey, aren’t you Harley?
You a cop?
... No?
Then yes, I am.
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dude, I love you, but your past two prompts have made me put the boys through some shit. I love you tho

side note: someone needs to give me a word count this is getting insane. at some point I started picking up on Harley’s mannuerisms too, so it’s been a fucking day

prompt: “Don’t lie to me.” (from this list)

Read (Don’t) Talk to Me here on AO3


Peter was avoiding him. There was no other way to put it. Every time Harley walked into a room, he walked out, and if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t look at him or even acknowledge he was there. It was infuriating.

“Is he okay?” Tony was asking him. He’d walked out again, this time while the other Avengers were in the room.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“He’s avoiding me like the plague, it’s not like I’ve had the opportunity to make sure he’s okay.”

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Okey I’ve noticed that in most fanfiction’s writers seems to ignore the fact that Tony doesn’t like being handed things and most of the time the reasons are: “oh they’ve been Friends (rhodey,pepper,happy etc) for a long time” Or “Tony loves (who ever you ship Tony with) this person that’s why” Or “Tony sees them as his kid (Peter, Harley, Morgan, y/n etc) ” And it’s just annoying tbh, like I wanna see a fiction where Tony at first didn’t like being handed thing from that person and later started to trust them and took thing that were handed to him from that person and none of them realized at first but the person is happy that Tony trusts them

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“Falling for Peter had kind of been like staring at the sun. When Harley focused on him for too long his retinas singed, but he couldn’t look away. Peter was kind, and smart, and funny, and so much all the time that Harley had to pinch himself whenever Peter trained all of his brightness onto him. He was beautiful. He was a nuclear fusion of hydrogen; a swirl of helium that took up so much more than every star Harley could ever make out in the sky. As far as Harley was concerned, Peter was the milky way, and he was sitting on the grass tracing constellations.”

- ‘tis the season by venomondenim

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Gather around, we have a problem.
What, the fire?
No the- Wait, there's a fire?
Nevermind, this sounds more interesting.
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If social media fics are what I think they are then no I haven’t read them.

My favorite headcanon with Parkner is honestly that they meet through Tony and absolutely abhor each other at first… then realize “damn I hate him but he’s hot and funny”

Also I saw a headcanon once that Ned has been trying to set them up since day one of meeting Harley and I thought it was great.

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