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#harley quinn imagine

Summary: After your sister Dinah finally lets you join the team, you meet Harley Quinn and the two of you hit it off.

Paring: Harley Quinn x Lance!Reader

For the anonymous prompt “😭 can you please do one where the reader is Black Canary’s younger sister and she meet Harley and they fall in love? And Dinah walks on them kissing and stuff? 🥺❤️ Also, if instead of making out, if ya want it to get more smutty 😳😏 then I’m good with that haha 😂🙌” and also for the anonymous prompt “Can I please request a Harley Quinn and reader imagine?

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings/Tags: Birds of Prey spoilers, fingering, against a wall sex, accidental voyuerism, mild dirty talk, Harley being Harley

Oh look, I’m writing again! You’d think I’d be less busy with the quarantine going on, but as the only person at the food pantry I volunteer at who’s below the age of 50, I’ve been going in a lot so that the older people who are at risk don’t have to. Also, we reorganised the whole pantry and I had to listen to so many arguments about where to put filing cabinets. But I have a fic now! Honestly, there’s not much smut, but I have it and so I’m going to post it. Enjoy!


Originally posted by harleyquinnandpuddin

You weren’t really surprised when you found out Dinah was running around Gotham as some kind of vigilante. As much as she insisted that she only looked out for herself in the world, Dinah always had the part of her that just had to jump into a fight, for better or worse. It’d always made you look up to her, growing up.

The thing you were a bit insulted about though, was that Dinah didn’t invite you.

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i’m so glad you’re taking requests for birds of prey because i would literally die for helena and harley lmao. i’ve never actually done a request before so it’s okay if you don’t want to write it but could you possibly do some romantic headcanons for the both of them?

Okay, I’ve never done headcanons before, so I hope this is good enough! I would die for Helena and Harley too, I love them both so much.



Originally posted by ohbaby90s

  • Harley is the type of person who when she likes you, she makes sure you know it
  • She is constantly trying to romance the fuck out of you, even with misguided attempts like going after anyone you complain about. You probably have to tell her to calm the fuck down a few times
  • Once you start dating, she’s very possessive. She doesn’t control you or tell you what to do, but she wants to make sure everyone knows you two are an item and probably gets a tattoo representing you 
  • Harley won’t try to stop you from getting into dangerous situations, but she definitely worries about you and makes sure to be the first one to hug you when you get back safe
  • She brags about you All. The Time. To anyone who’ll listen. No matter what your profession is or what you’re good at, Harley will make sure that everyone around her knows about it
  • Anyone who insults you in front of her will leave with a minimum of three broken bones
  • If you had a strong moral compass, Harley definitely would try her hardest to straighten out for you. She wouldn’t be very good at it, but you appreciate all of her attempts no matter how convoluted they are
  • But if you’re more of a villain type… well, Harley would definitely be the first person to appreciate your evil genius and would take over the world with you in a heartbeat
  • With her psych degree, Harley always knows when you’re upset. She knows how to make you feel better, and is always there to hold you and help you sort out your problems
  • When you go on dates (that don’t end in gunfire) Harley makes sure to pull all of the stops, getting you flowers and dolling herself up nice and pretty for you
  • Though she won’t admit it, Harley likes being taken care of just as much as she likes taking care of you, and she loves it when you buy her pretty things and parade her around as your side piece



Originally posted by janepetras

  • If Helena has a crush on you, she’s probably the last person to know about it, actually. She’s super obvious with her feelings and everyone knows she likes you but she’s still oblivious
  • She tries super hard to compliment you and tell you how cool she thinks you are, but she always ends up making it a bit awkward and very adorable
  • You have to ask her out first, because she’s too oblivious. When you ask her out she’s so startled and confused it takes her a solid minute to get out the words to say yes
  • Though she’s not too good at it, Helena tries her damned hardest to be romantic with you when you start dating. She’s always buying you presents and giving you little trinkets that make her think of you and you cherish each one
  • She wears a necklace with your name on it and gets very defensive whenever anyone asks about it
  • Helena knows you can take care of yourself, but she’s still very protective of the people she loves and she desperately doesn’t want to lose you. If anyone hurts you, not even you will be able to find the body
  • She won’t admit it on her life, but Helena LOVES physical contact. Cuddling, hugging, holding hands. She’ll do anything to get to touch you and hold you in her arms
  • She likes showing off to you a little too much, and definitely likes it when she makes you feel protected and safe
  • Even though she’s horrible at dates and anything else social, she’ll go on any date you take her on. Her favourite thing to do is to take you out on her motorcycle to the docks and watch the sunset with you and some cheap fast food.
  • To your surprise, she’s the first of the two of you to say ‘I love you’ first. She says it so naturally, you almost don’t even notice it until you see her blushing from it
  • She loves kicking ass with and definitely gets a little hot under the collar seeing how good you are in a fight
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Dating the Birds of Prey:

A/N: Fair Warning Folks: This is Going to Be Very Long And Very Gay. It is basically just me fangirling over how amazing these women are and how I would beg all of them to marry me. Onward my gays!

Song: Joke’s On You By Charlotte Lawrence

Warnings: Some sexual themes, references to death, killing, abuse, and toxic relationships

Harley Quinn:

  • A/N: Let’s get started with the Queen Bee herself, who has proudly embraced her Post-Joker Bisexual Glo-Up™. I am so proud of her.

Originally posted by harleyquinnandpuddin

  • Almost everything about your relationship is spontaneous
  • From the first date to anniversary gifts
  • But she does everything she can to show that she loves you
  • She’ll call you up at random times when she has an idea of something fun (and kind of crazy) that you two could do together
  • After a while, she’ll just show up at your apartment for breakfast or movies
  • Like, in the mornings you’ll wake and there she is in your kitchen with egg sandwiches she got for the both of you
  • Your dates consist of either wild nights out in the city or cozy nights in with take out and movie or binge-worthy tv show
  • She loves to be a little spoon when you cuddle!
  • Random kisses on the cheek, neck, lips, whatever she can get her hands on
  • Has no issues with PDA, she honestly does not care what people think
  • VERY visible bite marks on your neck
  • You know from what
  • Giving you a cute nickname that only she calls you
  • Taking care of Cassandra together and making sure she stays out of trouble
  • Having your picture as the lockscreen on her phone
  • Doing your hair and makeup
  • Wearing each other’s clothes
  • Lipstick stains all over face and mouth at random times
  • At this point, your lips are just a permanate shade of red (But you’re not complaining and neither is she)
  • Making out with you in public when she gets jealous
  • Getting jealous REALLY easily
  • Being she’s afraid that you’re going to leave her because of what the Joker did to her
  • Working up the courage to talk to you about the abusive and toxic relationship she had
  • You comforting her and showering her in love and affection when she does
  • Showering you in compliments, like my God
  • Killing ANYONE who messes with you, it doesn’t matter who it is
  • If they even look at you the wrong way it’s a baseball bat to the face
  • You are just the perfect woman to her
  • And she couldn’t ask for anything better

Dinah Lance:

  • A/N: I just- DO YOU SEE HER. She’s like a gorgeous bean that could kiss you and kick your ass without a second thought.💖

Originally posted by blancasevangelista

  • Dinah is one of the softer partners of the group
  • She’s more comfortable with being vulnerable with you and openly shows affection
  • Doesn’t mind PDA, she actually likes that it reminds people who you belong to
  • She loves to take you out on really elegant dates
  • The kind where she can dress you up in nice clothes and do each other’s makeup
  • Pulling you into private places just so she can make out with you
  • Nipping at your lips and neck when she does kiss you like that
  • Spending so many nights out in the city
  • She’ll take you to bars, clubs, restaurants, anywhere nice to show you a good time
  • She confides in you about the crappy experiences that she’s had where men have treated her badly
  • She loves to buy you nice things!
  • She’ll shower you with nice clothes and and you eventually have to convince her to stop, that you don’t need gifts to love her
  • Needing comfort kisses from you when she gets stressed or overwhelmed
  • Singing for you when you can’t sleep
  • When she performs publicly, you are always there to support her
  • Because, Let’s be honest
  • She’s got a killer voice
  • Speaking of having a killer voice, you help support her as Black Canary
  • Catching her when she faints from using her Canary Cry
  • Being the Queens of Gotham City that NOBODY messes with
  • Every date is special for the both of you
  • Some nights you suprise her with a nice dinner that you made just show her how special she is
  • She loves these nights the most
  • Helping her through the years of manipulation that Roman put her through
  • Just being very close and loving each other so much because she deserves it okay bye

Helena Bertinelli:

  • A/N: Please step on me, Helena. It’s all I ask.

Originally posted by bestofwinstead

  • Oof. Oh boy, where do I start with this one.
  • I love Helena. That’s all I have to say.
  • She’s the butch lesbian goth girlfriend that everyone has wanted
  • This girl is definelty the most protective of her partner
  • She will literally kill anyone who looks at you the wrong way and make sure no one finds out what happened to them
  • That guy who kept hitting on you at the bar?
  • Yeah, he disappeared about a week ago
  • On the other hand, she might subtlely show off her crime fighting skills to impress you
  • It definetly works
  • She’s often a pretty rough and powerful kisser
  • She’ll leave you dazed and your lips bruised in the best way possible
  • She loves to be the big spoon when she cuddles with you
  • She just loves to wrap her arms around you protectively and whisper about how much she loves you in your ear
  • Not a big fan of PDA
  • She honestly prefers to keep your relationship private
  • But when you are in private she’ll happily express just how much she loves you
  • Confiding in you about what happened to her and her family
  • Being afraid that you’ll leave her when she does
  • But you don’t. You just hold her close and thank her for trusting you enough to tell you
  • She might start to cry after this and you just let her be vulnerable with you
  • You don’t talk about it after, but you are definitely much closer because of it
  • She really makes an effort to avoid being cold or distant
  • Teasing her by calling her the “Crossbow Killer”
  • You are the only one who gets to see her softer side (Outside of the Birds of Prey, of course)
  • Speaking of the BOP, they hardcore ship you two and occasionally tease her for how much she loves you
  • But she really does love you
  • You make her feel safe and comfortable, which she hasn’t felt in a long time
  • She’ s willing to give anything to protect you and make sure you’re cared for
  • Even when things are difficult, she knows you’ll be there for her
  • And she’ll always be there for you

Renee Montoya:

  • A/N: Renee Montoya gets far too little attention for being as badass as she is. I mean, just look at this woman.

Originally posted by dcmultiverse

  • Let’s move on to this badass beauty
  • Renee Montoya is way better at flirting than people would guess.
  • So she woos you pretty easily
  • She gives the best compliments and notices things about you that most people would overlook (She is a detective after all)
  • After work, she’ll cuddle with you and you’ll talk about the sexist assholes that she’s had to work with
  • Protecting you fiercely from the baddies of crime fighting world, if your not a part of it yourself
  • If you are, you two will kick ass together
  • You always compliment her on how badass she is
  • Her talking about how hot you look when you’re taking out criminals
  • Her being a romantic kisser
  • Somehow always getting you the perfect gift on special occasions
  • Taking on tough cases together
  • Taking her out to dinner on the weekends, especially when she’s had a stressful week
  • Spending most nights indoors with takeout and a movie
  • Her confiding in you about the doubts she has about herself and her skills
  • You comforting her and reminding her how badass she actually is
  • You two are honestly the best duo, both in crime fighting and in life
  • No matter what the challenge is, you always take it on together
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Originally posted by dcmultiverse

(Y/N): “Harley! Where are you dragging me?!” 

Harley: *Shoves you into Helena* “(Y/N), This is Helena, she likes revenge and crossbows. Helena, this is my best friend in the world don’t you dare hurt her, Bye!”

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Harley Quinn x Reader


Originally posted by patriciawalkerd

Harley collected her things and stuffed them in a duffle bag. “I can’t do this no more” she commented, never shifting her attention from her bag.

“What do you mean?” You carefully walked into the room, Harley could run at any moment

“We gotta break up” She hurried her movements, she needed to leave

“You told me you loved me and now you’re leaving?” You tried to wrap your mind around it, this was not like Harley. She was dedicated and protective, she wouldn’t just leave you. She zipped up the bag and started to head towards you

“See ya next time” she places a soft kiss on your cheek and made her way out the door. You stood there frozen, you couldn’t comprehend the sudden shift in her personality.

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Rival crime boss!reader x roman sionis :3 ?

(not my gif)

Love, I’m sorry this took me a while but here it is, I changed a little bit the request, I hope you don’t mind.

Being a mob boss and dating Roman Sionis would include…

  • Contrary to what many would believe, Roman and you have never had problems
  • You two work in different areas of Gotham and you both respect the limits
  • You’ve only seen him a few times in parties, dinners, galas, etc. He’s gorgeous tho
  • There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with charm
  • Unlike him you didn’t came from a rich family, you builded your empire by your own
  • He respects you for that and he’s also surprised of you being so powerful at your age
  • Also, you’re hot, not like the rich but old women who are usually interested in him
  • So one day, one of his henchmens tried to kill one of yours, in your territory
  • that wasn’t okay, so you had to go to The Black Mask to talk with Romy
  • “Ms. y/l/n! To whom I owe the pleasure of having u here?”

“Stop it, we need to talk.”

“Of course my dear. Follow me”

  • You went to his office, you were a little bit distracted because he looked so handsome with that blue velvet suit and he knew it
  • “Mr. Sionis, you know how this things are, one of your puppets tried to kill one of mine in my territory of the city”

“I’m sure he had a reason. But honestly, what you want me to do? For what I heard he’s not even dead”

“What kind of mobster would I be if i let this go? I want him dead, we have limits, remember? And unless you want to start a war between us I suggest you to do what i said.”

“You’re a tough one, aren’t you? Alright, but I have one condition for you, kitten”

“You’re not in the position to ask anything, I am here for a reason and I’m not leaving unless you give me that man”

“This is my place , of course I am, I don’t have to do what you want. In fact, i could kill you right here, right now. But as I already told you my dear, there is a condition, let me take you to dinner”

“What? If you think I’m forgetting the incident you can be s…”

“Dear, you can kill that guy with your own hands if you want to, I just want to have dinner with you ”

“I… alright but if you try anything you’re dead”

  • Your first “date” was in a fancy restaurant
  • He was a gentleman
  • The conversation was really nice, you have lots of things in common
  • obviously
  • After the 6th date you officially started to be a couple
  • You were  a mob boss, but not an expert yet and that’s why he gives u some advices
  • You killing people or being a badass turns him on
  • Victor likes you, finally a girl of his boss level
  • If u need it Vic is willing to help you
  • No one suspects you’re a mobster, mostly ‘cause you look like a normal sweet woman
  • Roman knows you don’t need expensive gifts but he likes to buy stuff for you
  • Badass couple in general
  • Another criminals know not to mess with any of you
  • After some time he asks u to live in the penthouse with him
  • You said yes but never get rid of your own apartment, just in case
  • Neither of you mess with each others bussiness
  • “Son of a bitch!”

“Woah! Baby girl, what’s wrong?”

“That jerk has been stealing from me!”

“What? Who? ”

“One of my men! Damn it! ”

“Oh dear, think about it, go and have fun with him, teach him a lesson”

  • Killing is kinda easy at this point, he likes to watch you
  • All of his henchmens have to respect you also yours have to do the same with Roman
  • Sometimes he takes you with him to the warehouse
  • Are you a criminal? Yes
  • Are you a psycho like Roman? Hell no, not even close
  • Mind blowing sex
  • Kinky af
  • “Open your pretty mouth for daddy, that’s my baby girl”
  • Bondage, bdsm, daddy kink, praise kink, breeding kink, breath play
  • “You look so beautiful with my hand around your neck”
  • He treats you like a queen
  • “Sweets, you’re so beautiful ”

“What? Oh, I love you too”

“I never said I love you ”

“Yes you did, in your own way but yes”

  • When the whole Harley Quinn started you stayed away
  • You actually like Harley, she’s really nice
  • For you she’s something like a friend, she has always been cool to you
  • You don’t hurt kids unlike Roman and Victor
  • If you’re going to kill somebody you have to be 100% sure they’re guilty of something
  • You kill only if necessary, killing someone just for being annoying is not common to you
  • Roman likes to work by his own most of the time but you do have deals with other mobsters like Penguin
  • Mr. Sionis is not agree with thlse deals but never said a word
  • You’re the King and Queen of Gotham
  • He’s crazy for you
  • he doesn’t understand love very well but he knows what he feels for you is that, love
  • Everybody should be scared of you two
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Originally posted by h-arleen

(Y/N): “Harley, why did you call me and ask me to come to your apartment at four in the morning? And why is there there a Hyena in the bathtub?”

Harley: “No particular reason, now can you hand me that lighter and the thing of gasoline by your feet  please?”

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— kissing them

  • Characters: Dinah Lance, Harley Quinn, Helena Bertinelli, Renee Montoya
  • Warnings:
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “Could I please get a preference for what kissing Harley, Helena, Dinah and Reene is like? Thank you very much!! [Birds of Prey]”
  • A/N: hope you like it love!!! 🌷

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Could you do some Harley as your gf headcanons?? I wanna have a sleepover with her and order pizza 🥺🥺


Originally posted by blamesocietyforthis

  • Harley would be such a fun girlfriend!!
  • There’s no rules, anything the two of you wanna do, you do
  • There would be so many movie nights with like three boxes of pizza amongst the two of you
  • Definitely feel like Harley would carve her initials and yours into the wall somewhere in her apartment
  • Omg she gives you a tattoo of her name and you do the same for her
  • Sharing outfits and buying (or in Harley’s case: stealing) cute presents for each other
  • Let me go soft for a second: falling asleep on her couch after watching sad romantic movies and crying your eyes out together
  • Don’t ask how it happens but suddenly you have like a dozen pets and a new hyena
  • You and her become some of the baddest bitches in Gotham
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Heart stealer (Harley Quinn x Reader)

Request: Just gotta say I loved the Harley Quinn request, like really really so much  We need moooore, can you please do one where Harley is in love with reader but reader doesn’t like commitment, but H doesn’t want to be friends with her but deep down R is just scared to admit it, they eventually kiss and R ask her to be her girlfriend  ♥️♥️♥️ by anon.

Words: 1,345

A/N: This was fun to write! She’s fun though sometimes I really don’t know how would she react but I tried my best.


Originally posted by miss-marvells

The sound of her contagious laugh rumbled through the small room while she giggled happily admiring the bags of money in front of her. You kept your distance, enjoying the view sitting in the edge of one of the windows in the room. You chuckled softly.

“What?” She said looking at you with that wide smile of hers that made your heart skip a beat.

“People say you can’t buy happiness, but you do seem happy with all that money” you told her grinning as you played with the knife in your hands.

“Well, money’s fun” she said “but stealing it is way much better” she giggled.

“Yeah, true” you chuckled again, she loved to get in trouble and you knew it. She enjoyed the danger a little too much.

She sat on her pink sofa, her feet resting on the table in front of it as she glanced at you across the room.

“One thing’s sure” she said “Money can’t buy love”

You huffed.

“Oh, baby. I assure you it can, for the right amount you’ll have anyone you want” you told her rolling your eyes.

“So… ” she held the bag in her lap “will this be enough for you?” A teasing tone in her voice that you decided to ignore.

“I already have my part of the money, Harley” you looked outside the small apartment.

“Not what I meant, bunny” she laughed before getting up and walking close to you her face radiant as always with the colorful and shiny makeup that contrasted with her pale skin. Her presence close to you making you nervous and her blue eyes focused on you made your heart raced.

“I never know what you mean” you laughed trying hard to avoid her gaze. She took your knife on her hands and throw it to the wall. “Nice shot” you said proud of her skills. she was trying to win your attention, not that she needed to, if you were honest you had your eyes all the time on her every time she was around. The question was why.

“So are we not going to talk about the elephant in the room?” She said.

“I don’t know what you mean, Quinn” you told her.

“Y/N, we’ve been together for a long time now” she told you calmly.

“Working together” you told her “what about it?” Your mind rushing to find what was it that she wanted. “And why are you suddenly so serious?”

“I’m trying to have a conversation with you” she said as she sat with you in the window. She seemed to be choosing her words carefully. “Listen, Y/N. I’ve been waiting to talk with you about this” she took your hands in hers, your body couldn’t help to shiver under her touch .

“About what?”

“About us” she said, her sweet voice sending a wave of confusion in your head. “When I broke up with Mr. J… with that asshole I used to date” she corrected herself “I thought I will never, ever, ever, ever” she said shaking softly her head making her many necklaces ding and her pigtails move from side to side. “Ever, find someone to love again but then I met you, Y/N. It’s not a secret but I wanted you to know that I’m in love with you” she said looking at your eyes, not a single sign of doubt, she was not faking this neither you have seen her lie and her face was way too different than this one.

You felt the weight of her words starting to spread over your body. Love was a big deal, one you didn’t want to face, but inside you a part of you were screaming out of happiness but the other one was scare of the same thing.

“I think we should be… you know, together” Harley said to you, her gaze already wandering over you features for a reaction. The thing was that you were not a relationship type girl, always on the run, hiding in the shadows. You convinced yourself you didn’t have time for it, didn’t need a relationship… and yet you longed for one with her. She was perfect for your crazy world, with her scandalous personality and her inability to keep her mouth shut, fuck, you were so into her smile, her soft skin full of ink and the eyes that expressed many things. You loved the spontaneous of her way of living, her unique style and damn it, you loved when she used complexed phycology words… but your mind kept telling you not to, so you wouldn’t get hurt again, not willing you to the pain of a heartbreak anymore.

“No” you said firmly, shaking her heads out of you. “I don’t want this, Harley. I don’t need this” you said, her face confused.

“But… cupcake” she murmured.

“Don’t call me that, Harley!” you shouted, you grabbed your own bag lying on the floor and prepared your way out of the window, looking over your shoulder at a very concerned Harley before jumping off.

You walked through the dark streets without looking back. Mixed feelings washing over you, already regretting your words at Harley. You shouldn’t have run like a total coward, you shouldn’t have scream at her, it was just the fear in you telling you to do what you knew best: run and never come back.

The pictures of her smile and the sound of her laugh kept echoing in your memory, a big weight pressing your chest as you imagined a life without that woman. And cursed yourself for allowed yourself to catch feelings for her, for fell in love with every new heist you shared with her, but mostly for being this coward, it was time for you to face it, you loved Harley.

“Fuck” you murmured standing in the middle of the dark alley. Decidedly you turned around and ran back to the place you should have never leave. Your mind looking for a way to say it.

“Y/N!” she shouted at you when you arrived to her apartment and entered through the window as always. Her hands full of rings holding a rifle “I could have kill you!

“Sorry” you said once she got down her weapon.

“You’re back” Harley said.

“I’m an idiot” you said, your brain clearly not fully working and to be honest you weren’t the best with words. She looked at you as if she were analyzing your words. “And I’m a coward for running away for my feelings. Damn this is harder than I imagined” you sighed. Harley seemed to perceive the tension on your body and placed a hand on your shoulder giving you a soft comforting smile.

“It’s okay, you can tell me. No pressure here” she murmured in a professional serious way.

“Okay… I-I don’t know how to start.” you finally met her eyes “I avoid relationships all the time… because I don’t want to get hurt” you told her “And I think I was also afraid to admit that I love you, Harley.” You told her, a wide smile spread across her pale face while you could feel yours getting a bit pink.

“So you do!” she giggled. “I knew you liked me but after this night I wasn’t sure”

“Yeah, sorry about that” you giggled to “The thing is… I love you, I really do” you told her savoring the words in your mouth, they tasted strange but you were relieved to say them. “You stole my heart, Harley Quinn”

“I like stealing things” she said her lips forming a smirk “I think this is my favorite so far”

Suddenly you felt her hands cupping your face before pulling you into a kiss, you were surprised at first and the you allowed her to guide you, her soft lips moving slowly with yours.

“So… would you like to be, you know, my girlfriend?” you murmured when the kiss was over.

“Nothing would make me happier, cupcake!” she said with a sincere smile on her red lips.

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Bad Idea

Harley Quinn x Fem!Reader

Cassandra racked her brain for the safest place to hide, now that Harley’s no longer existed. One place came to mind, however it wouldn’t be the most welcoming. She guided Harley towards her home which inhabited an overprotective older sister, who is probably more than furious over the situation. The pair stood in front of the off coloured door, Cassandra grabbed Harley’s arm and tugged her in the opposite direction. Harley shook her off before absentmindedly opening the door, leaving the young girl on the door step.

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Being Harley Quinn’s best friend would include:


Originally posted by the-darkest-daisie

I thought it’d be a fun prompt, even though i knows there’s probably tons out there. Enjoy!

  • Lots of bar hopping. Harley considers one bar/club to be a waste. The more places to make trouble the better.
  • Being her accomplice for petty crime. Harley often doesn’t think through plans, so you’re constantly helping her pick up the pieces of her half baked ideas. This normally entails being her getaway driver.
  • Late night drunk texts.
  • Greasy breakfasts at the nearest dives. Fried eggs over toast and crunchy bacon is the best for a hangover in her book.
  • The two of you are constantly heading to thrift shops to stock up and gaudy clubbing clothes and unique decor. Rainbow sequin tube top? Check! Vintage Go-Go boots with neon stars on them? Check! A mermaid table lamp with a hot pink light bulb? Check! Gently used throwing stars? Check!
  • The two of you share a love of animals. Especially of an exotic nature. In fact, Harley urged you to adopt a large snake when she adopted Bruce the Hyena. You named the snake Ivy after a mutual friend and the creatures’ lush terrarium.
  • Despite her bubbly nature, Harley is prone to bouts of depression. Mostly due to the unhealthy nature of her on and off relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime. You often urge her to break it off, worried for your friend’s safety and sanity. Once, you had to help her clean off her mascara streaks from her face.
  • Sleep overs at each other’s apartments. This includes watching lots of Bugs Bunny cartoons, sugary cereal, and home made daiquiris (or milk, ice, and rum in a blender)
  • Matching tattoos. Several sets since you’re both indecisive. Even Spongebob and Patrick. You were drunk when you got those, but you probably would’ve gotten those sober.
  • Harley thinks of you as a little sister. She loves dying your hair and giving you advice (even if it’s questionable at best).
  • Going to the Black Mask Club to cause a ruckus. Harley finds joy in worming her way under Roman Sionis’s skin. And honestly, you do too. 
  • Harley doesn’t take your friendship lightly. She may always be ready with a quip and a comeback, but she’d do anything to defend you. She even hit your ex with a car once.
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