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#harley quinn x poison ivy

all I wanna do is write my 1950s au. I owe y’all so many chapters rn. I’ve been working on the outlines but moving has my life all fucked up.

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It was my birthday yesterday and I drew my favourite girls enjoying one another’s company as a self-indulgent gift to myself. I’m looking forward to seeing their relationship flourish in season 3 😌

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Snap Out Of It


Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy

Summary: She’s blinded by love

Warnings: lesbianism, abuse, swearing, being blinded by ‘love,’ angst??????!!?! Sad ending :(

Note: This is a song ficcccc, song by Arctic Monkeys.

What’s been happening in your world?

What have you been up to?

I heard that you fell in love

Or near enough

I gotta tell you the truth

“Harley, this needs to stop and you fucking know it,” Ivy screamed while pulling on the edges of her hair, “He doesn’t fucking love you!”

The girl across from her simply rolled her eyes, “Mistah J does love me,” She replied while setting down her bat on the counter in front of them, “Ya know sometimes I just think ya jealous.”

Ivy clenched her jaw and rounded the table, “Yeah, Harley I’m so fucking jealous that he abuses you every fucking time you do one thing wrong.”

Harley looked up at her friend as she got closer, “He doesn’t abuse me, Ives I told you this.”

I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

Ivy was tired. So, so tired. Tired of waking up to a distraught Harley banging on her door at 1 AM. Tired of having to listen to the love of her life constantly crying about regretting doing that one thing to make her boyfriend mad. Tired of having Harley lie right to her face every time she said he didn’t abuse her.

The knocking had become one of the worse sounds to Ivy, knowing that she’d have to comfort Harley as soon as she opened the door. It was breaking her, all of her. Every second she’d question herself, wondering why she still put up with this and it always came down to the same answer.

She was in love. And it fucking sucked.

Staring up at the ceiling she let herself sink further into her bed as thoughts of the pigtailed psychopath swirled in her head.

Forever isn’t for everyone

Is forever for you?

It sounds like settling down or giving up

But it don’t sound much like you girl

“He won’t be there for you forever, Harls.”

The bed dipped beside her and a pale arm wrapped around her midsection as a head was placed on the upper half of her back, “But you will?”

Ivy turned and looked into the dull eyes she used to know to be filled with excitement and vibrance.

“I won’t give up on you.”

Harley gave a weak smile and picked up Ivy’s arm and wrapped it around herself while turning the other way.

They both quietly sighed as Ivy nuzzled her head into the back of Harley’s neck.

I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby

Snap out of it (Snap out of it)

If that watch don’t continue to swing or the fat lady fancies having a sing

I’ll be here waiting ever so patiently for you to

Snap out of it

Ivy sat at the booth in the diner Harley had told her to meet her at while scrolling through her phone.

“What can I get you to drink ma’am?”

Ivy looked up at the boy and answered, “Oh no I’m waiting for someone thank you though.”

The waiter nodded and Ivy looked back at her phone as the footsteps retreated.

She scoffed as a new message came in.

Harls: rain check. maybe tomorrow?

Aurora: r u srs rn?


Under a spell you’re hypnotized

Darling how could you be so blind?

(Snap out of it)

Under a spell you’re hypnotized

Darling how could you be so blind?

A sheepish Harley came into view as Ivy swung the door open.

The door came closing back and a cackle came from the other side as a hand stopped it from closing.

Ivy rubbed her eyes sleepily and she looked up at the microwave as the door locked behind her; 2:23 AM.

Ivy huffed out a pathetic laugh and bit her lip as a burning behind her eyes became more prominent every second as the silence passed on.

Harley closed her eyes and her bottom lip trembled, knowing that she had hurt the woman in front of her, again.

“Harley I really can’t do this anymore,” Ivy sighed out and pulled out the stool and front of her, “You come to my house in the middle of the fucking night-and-and I-” Ivy broke off with a choked sob and hurried her head into her hands.

Harley clenched her fist, wanting something, anything, to come up with, “I-”

“Harley please just leave.”

Harley panicked and reached forward, “Ives-”


I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

If that watch don’t continue to swing or the fat lady fancies having a sing

I’ll be here waiting ever so patiently for you to

Snap out of it

Harley wouldn’t leave Joker for anything or anyone but Ivy is fine with waiting for Harley to snap out of it.


A/N why did this make me cry ugh.

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remember when I was so obsessed with this song I wrote an entire fanfic?


this song makes me fuckin sad but the fic is still alright!

check out i know heaven’s a thing (i go there when you touch me honey) while I’m updating the 1950s au if ya want a lil self-indulgent smut

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This is actually the first hate note I’ve ever received on this platform. I’m really into Harlivy and stuff like this only makes me ship them harder ☺️ Sending love to all Harlivy shippers! 🥰

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How the rogues celebrate Christmas:

Penguin: Doesn’t really celebrate Christmas, but the festivities are good for business. He generally decorates the iceberg lounge and charges extra. It works every year.

Ra’s Al Ghul: Since some of the members of the League of Shadows are Christian, he does a big banquet in their lair with all members before they get the week off to spend with their families.

Mr. Freeze: Spends it with his dear Nora. Even if she is frozen, she would have liked it, she loved this time of the year. He goes the extra mile and decorates all around the lab.

Riddler: Doesn’t celebrate Chistmas at all and doesn’t understand why people are so obsessed with the holiday. He normally spends it alone in the Riddle factory, or in the lounge with Oswald so that they can make fun of people who celebrate it together. He also gets the Penguin an “ironic” gift every year, which are just regular gifts that he claims are being given ironically.

Catwoman: Spends it with Bruce. The billionaire invites her every year and she has a soft spot for him and his boys. She will also steal at least one of Gotham’s most prestigious families and give all the money to either charity or orphanages or hospitals.

Scarecrow: Hates Christmas and will spend it in his lab. He doesn’t really come out until New Year’s Eve,mostly to try and avoid Jervis.

Mad Hatter: Loves Christmas and will proceed to decorate their lair to the occasion. He really doesn’t understand how can someone dislike Christmas. He gets Jonathan a gift every year, and eventhough he burns it, he suspects the other man enjoys it. He will also invite all other rogues to their lair to celebrate.

Bane: Secretly enjoys Christmas. If anyone asks, he will pretend to find the whole concept absurd, but his house will be completely decorated. No one is allowed there until the celebrations are finished.

Poison Ivy: She used to hate it and how people cut down trees for this awful celebration. Pamela used to be active during this time, but Harley taught her to appreciate the time. They spend it together and will decorate Ivy’s plants instead of a Christmas tree.

Harley Quinn: Before when she was with Joker, she didn’t get to really celebrate it, but now that she is with Ivy, they enjoy it loads. They even steal toys to give them to kids in need, Harley insists on dressing up as Santa every time too.

Joker: As per usual, Joker is a wild card. Sometimes he will destroy all toy stores in the city, while others he will go around giving out deadly toys to kids all over the city. Either way, Christmas is always a busy time and the clown prince of crime doesn’t stop for anyone, not even Jesus. You better believe he has a scheme in mind.

Tag yourself

Bonus (Gotham version):

Fish: Despite knowing it is a very busy time, she will shut the club to enjoy it with her mother. She also buys a gift to all of her employees that were specially useful that year and Falcone.

Barbara kean: Hates Christmas and will spend it getting drunk and making bad decisions.

Tabitha: Spends it taking care of Barbara and making sure her decisions aren’t too bad.

Jerome: Surprisingly, he loves Christmas and what it stands for. He dresses up as Santa and goes around giving toys to orphanages all over the city with the help of his goons (the toys are obviously stolen and some of them may explode.)

Jeremiah: After the accident, just like Joker. Before, Ecco would bring him a gift every year and that would be the extent of his celebration.

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I Ship it

I mean… I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t ship them?

Like… Ivy has been there for Harley from the start, trying to get her out of her relationship with Joker, and the two obviously care for each other a lot.

It only makes more sense when you remember that there are plenty of versions where Poison Ivy’s backstory involves her being abused by a man, so the idea of her meeting and befriending Harley, helping her get over Joker, and the two finding closure together is just really beautiful to me.

The only real problem I have is that I never really end up consuming the content with the two of them, which says nothing about the actual ship it just makes me sad that I neglect this ship so much 😢

Send me me a ship and I’ll tell you if I ship it, like it, am ok with it, dislike it, or hate it.

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First of all, I never said that poison ivy was a heroine, a character you may like for its personality, its character design, its background story, etc. And you can have enough awareness to realize that you shouldn’t base your life on imitating characters.

Yes, poison ivy is concerned about the mistreatment of plants, because she is a plant, she must recover with the care that a plant must receive, she literally suffers when they cut a flower, burn grass or cut a tree. If you read further you would know that poison does not kill people who do not attack its plants first. In “harleen” they say she managed to have more empathy thanks to Harley.

Batman. The war of jokes and riddles:

Poison ivy had a chance to do away with every human being, but did not, for Harley did not.

What I mean, is that poison, like the riddler, catwoman, the penguin, deadshot, deathstroke, started out as villains for the week’s chapter, but over time, they had a deeper story, which turned them into antiheroes even helping batman.

Harleen quinzel turned to poison ivy for good and poison ivy turned to Harley quinn for good.

What happens to the “heroes”, on the other hand, who care about killing people according to what is morally right for them (wonder woman), or protecting only people from their environment (aquaman).

Poison ivy is not loved just for being bisexual, she is loved for her patience, her way of caring for the people she holds dear, for following her moral dilemma despite everything, for knowing how to have fun and her open mind.

In my opinion I like ivy more than wonder woman who, oh my god! She is also bisexual.

Yes, I am a son of a bitch, but what does communism have to do with this?

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Some Harley Quinn icons in her double space buns look from Harley Quinn and Power Girl (Connor, Palmiotti, Roux, 2016)

please like or reblog if you save!! requests are open!✨

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Harley and Ivy getting officially married is very cute, but

I’m still thinking about how Harley was canonically married to like half of the people in Gotham City asdfghjkl god I wish that was me

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Not technically a mood board, but just friendly reminder that they are cannon and 100% better then Jarley and I will fight someone on that

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