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artverso · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Frank Cho - Harleyquinn 
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srrydding · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Live fast, die clown” 👑
My new drawing of Harley - I absolutely loved The Suicide Squad and I had such a fun time watching it! Now, when are we getting Gotham City Sirens? 
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neonross · 7 months ago
Decided to watch lego batman
N i forgot how gay they were in the movie ffhidkdd
Joker is so precious in adorable here eeee
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is proly the only universe id ship batjokes
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Pancake Problems
Tumblr media
Summary: You get frustrated when Harley thinks she has to do things for you to keep you happy, you reassure her that she’s more than enough (with the help of some pancakes). 
Clattering the pan onto the side, wincing as the eggs nearly rolled from the counter, you sighed heavily. “It’s not that bad really,” you lamented, snatching a whisk from the cutlery draw. “Just kinda frustrating.” 
Hopping down from the counter beside you, Harley peered over your shoulder. “You want me to go sort it for ya?” As she asked her chin came to rest on your shoulder, eyes fixed on the batter now sizzling in the pan.
Strangely, this seemed to be one of her favorite questions. Trying not to sigh, you shook your head as you continued bustling about the kitchen. “No, that’s okay.” Dramatically flipping a pancake onto a plate, you turned with a brandished spatula. “You want chocolate or sugar?”
Pouting at you, she shrugged and moved away. Knees pulled up to her chest as she sank into the ratty sofa, she looked adorable. 
Sensing she was upset at your dodging of her question, you pushed forwards stubbornly. “Or both?” You added exuberantly, hoping your own enthusiasm would rub off on her.  
She grumbled alongside her shrug this time. “Both then,” you answered for her. Sprinkling a copious amount of sugar, chocolate, and sprinkles on her misshapen pancake, you turned back to her with a flourish.
You held the plate out to her with a smile. When she merely pouted more deeply, crossed her arms tighter, and grumbled more loudly, you gave in. Huffing, discarding your wonderful pancake on the counter, you slumped down next to her.
Something you had noticed over the past few months was how bad she was at communicating her feelings. When she was happy, you couldn’t miss it. Her eyes would widen and her face would split into a wide grin. Your favourite sign of her happiness was her cackling, unbridled, laugh.
When she was sad or insecure, however, she seemed only to shut down. It was hard not to become concerned when your wonderful, crazy, exuberant girlfriend was actually quiet.
“Harley, what’s up?” You asked, gently pressing closer to her.
She dropped her knees and her whole body seemed to fall with them. Head hanging over the back of the sofa, she grumbled her response. “You don’t let me help ya, with anything.” Fiddling with her frayed shorts, she looked down to her hands. “You don’t want my help?”
Eyebrows pinching together, you leaned forward and placed a hand over hers. “You don’t have to help me with anything,” you tried to reassure, “I mean I totally appreciate it whenever you do… but you don’t have to do anything for me.”
Finally, her excitable eyes turned to yours. “I gotta do stuff for ya, that’s how it works.” Annoyance at her exes, one in particular, for encouraging this mindset to flourish flared in your stomach. Love wasn’t an exchange of goods and services, love was hanging out and eating pancakes on the sofa. 
Shaking your head with a wry smirk, keeping your annoyance hidden, you continued. “Not really, the only thing you gotta do is hang out with me.” Seeing the smirk lighten her features, you hauled yourself up from the sofa to grab the quickly cooling pancake. “And eat this pancake?”
Happily snatching the plate from you, she grinned up at you. Folding her sugary, chocolatey pancake into a tight roll, she held it up to you. “You wanna share, sugar?”
Dipping forward and dramatically tearing a piece off with your teeth, you felt a wash of relief at the sound of her snicker. “Very sexy,” she laughed, before tearing into the pancake herself. Moaning dramatically, chocolate and sugar smeared over her lips, she kicked her feet with glee. 
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kelseyeng · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gotham Girls RPG redesign for fun :) They actually make a very well-balanced team! I was originally going to do them all as knights but then saw Mindy Lee’s Poison Ivy Druid and got inspired.
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artverso · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Gerald Parel - Poison Ivy and Harleyquinn 
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softmaevewiley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam in Gunpowder Milkshake Harley in Suicide Squad
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kaokaocin · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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Roll With It
Tumblr media
Summary: In an attempt to teach you to skate, Harley takes you to a roller-rink 'after hours'. She teaches you what she can before you're caught.
Your panicked yell echoed through the almost empty roller-rink. Your arms windmilled behind you as you desperately tried to remain upright but the wheels on your shoes made it impossible to gain any real traction. You fell dramatically backwards, legs flying upwards as you landed heavily on your back in an almost cartoony way.
Looking up at the bright disco lights that H had struggled to activate, you huffed and took stock of your body. From the slight pain in your body you were almost sure that nothing had fractured. Your ego, however, was severely bruised. The sound of rolling wheels met your ears, the closer the noise got the more clear her snickering giggles became.
Expertly, Harley stopped herself right beside you. Leaning over to peer down at you, her smirk was obscured as her ponytails hung down around her. “Need a hand, sugar?”
Huffing, you pouted up at her. “I can’t do this.”
Tutting, she twirled on the spot with a giggle before holding a hand out to you. “You just gotta practice some more.”
Despite your reservations, you took her hand and struggled back to your feet. “If I practice much more I’m gonna break something.” Immediately, your legs went from under you once more. Both your feet flew in different directions, your legs threatening to force you into the splits, but Harley quickly saved you.
Hands on your waist, she pulled you upright with her surprising strength. Grateful for her to lean on, in awe of her impeccable balance, you took a moment to collect yourself. “Harley,” you breathed out tiredly, “maybe we can take this a bit slower, y’know?”
Moving her hands from your waist to your wrists, she nodded dramatically. “You sure you don’t want the helmet, Sugar?” Peeking over at the pink helmet you had adamantly left on the side of the rink, you gritted your teeth. “I brought it especially so you wouldn’t break your pretty little skull.”
Huffing a laugh, you nodded despite yourself. “Okay, gimme the helmet.”
Letting your hands go, hovering before you for a moment to ensure you didn’t fall without her, she zoomed past you. Timidly, you turned to watch her go. You whistled lowly as she executed a perfect cartwheel, landing lightly back on her wheels and continuing to skate forward without issue. At the sound of your appreciative whistle, she twirled back – magically skating backwards – and gave a dramatic bow.
You would have clapped for her but you weren’t sure you would succeed in staying upright if you tried.
When she returned to you with the helmet she motioned for you to bow your head for her. Grabbing her waist, clutching needily to her in fear of falling, you complied. Hastily she tucked your hair behind your ears and settled the helmet on your head. Broadly, she grinned at you. “Okay,” she punctuated the words with a saccharine kiss to your lips, “hold onto me.”
Obediently, you gripped her hands. Slowly, she began to skate backwards with you. Holding you steadily, she guided you forwards with a soft grasp – swiping her fingertips over your wrist every ten metres or so. Concentrating on your balance rather than her sparkling eyes, proved more than challenging.
“Should I look at my feet?” You asked, looking down and immediately regretting it as the world started to spin. Tightening your grip on Harley, you grumbled as she smirked at your helplessness and changed your question. “Where do I look?”
“Erm.” A long drawn out sound of uncertainty whistled past her lips, looking back up you watched her shrug. “Look at me, I guess.”
Chuckling at her increasingly casual teaching style, you followed instruction. Quickly, you lost count of how many complete circuits the pair of you made of the roller-rink. As you became more confident on your wheels, she drifted further from your figure – occasionally twirling before you to the sound of your rapturous applause.
Eventually, she was zooming around the rink without you whilst you hovered close to the side barriers and watched her go with a smile. The sound of her giggling swayed through the air like music, managing to relax you even as you worried over falling on your face, but it was quickly cut off by a loud crash from the main entrance.
The crash echoed through the empty roller-rink followed swiftly by echoing shouts. It seems you were about to get busted for breaking and entering.
Another cackling laugh emanated from Harley. She was now racing towards you as the sounds of approaching voices grew louder. “Oops!” might’ve stayed too long.” Crouching before you she pulled harshly at your laces – loosening them just enough to allow your feet slip free. “Let’s get outta here, sugar.”
Despite the situation, you couldn’t prevent the grin from stretching your lips. Harley’s roller skates were already off, having kicked them from her feet effortlessly, and she held them delicately with one hand. The other slipped comfortably into yours. Squeezing her hand, you let her tug you along as the voices came closer.
The pair of you swept through an emergency exit on the side of the building, the doors clattering open as you burst through them, and the two of you ran hand in hand into the dark of the night.
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