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yourgirlmimian hour ago
Go blow up this fuckers messages, report, everything because clearly he doesn't understand what NO means.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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casualgod5 hours ago
馃拃why is @ / awsugar suing for DEFAMATION??????
some people send him twerking bean astronauts from a fake space game and his little white boy heart couldn't handle </3
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somiseon2 days ago
Getting refered "bastos, walang modo"
for standing up for yourself.
Tumblr media
Hindi naman kasi ako bato. Na ihihilod mo sa iyong katawan tapos pagkatapos gamitin ay isasantabi dahil wala namang pakiramdam ang bato sa tingin mo diba? Well, alam mo sa mga panahong iyon, akala ko talaga yun yung purpose ko sa mundo, hindi hanggang sa nawala mo na ako o nakawala ako sayo.
Akala ko ... tapos na.
Naging pangkamot ako, sa kati ng katawan ng mga taong hindi alam magpigil sa nararamdaman.
Hindi ako bato, oo. Pero tignan mo ako ngayon ...
Walang puso.
Walang pakiramdam.
Pero nalaman ko sa paglaki ko, na may ibang purpose din pala ang bato. Hindi kagaya ng ginawa mo, Ako ngayon ang ipupokpok sa ulo mo hanggang ito ay magdugo, ako ang magiging sandata at panangga ng mga naaabuso.
Wag kang magkakamali,
Wala pa rin akong puso ...
Wala na akong puso.
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spacemimikyu2 days ago
I feel like it鈥檚 been some time since I saw tumblr drama
glad to see it鈥檚 still as brain rotting as ever
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tetsusaki4 days ago
bestie he's defending you with a shovel 馃槶we love that,, he can hit that lady that harassed you with it 馃ぉ
THE SHOVEL </3 he would,, my beloved </3 but omg stop she was mental </3 my mum was telling me that she actually has a family but none of her kids will come and collect her which is really sad because she for sure needs help </3
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darkchocolatekitkat4 days ago
quite clear that all of you are children with 0 interaction with people outside your home and school. all of you have literal peanuts for brains smaller than a stegosaur. please abort any future children you may have. humanity will thank you for not spreading your sub human genetics.
Dude, again? Nice to hear from you, buddy, I was wondering when the next hate message would come in, lol. I gotta ask, why are you even doing this? Why are you sending people these messages? Is it a desperate cry for attention? Or are you just trying to get RWDE blogs to quit Tumblr, instead of just filtering out the RWDE tag yourself? It kind of feels like the last one, lol, in which case... Get help. And also I'm not stopping. You're literally fueling the fires every time I see these kinds of messages. XD Like, you're online bullying, literally harassing me and others, when you could just filter out the tags that are clearly very vexing to you. You're harassing me and others, when you could be doing something nice instead. Anyway, once again sending this over anon is very cowardly and embarrassing. It makes it seem like you're scared of me, and I'm going by the name 'Kitkat' and have admitted to liking both Descendants and Sonic the Hedgehog comics, so I'm kind of the least threatening person lol. XD Also I feel like it鈥檚 not a coincedence that I鈥檓 getting this message directly after posting about the racism in RWBY鈥檚 White Fang arc and how Ozpin is definitely an abuse victim, which doesn鈥檛 make you look good, tbh, so maybe check up on why those posts made you feel so defensive. But hey, I'm very sorry that you're lashing out at me and others over your own insecurities. I hope you find fulfillment in better, more worthwhile ways. I hope you learn better and start being better. Take care, friend. 鉂も潳鉂
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mrslittletall4 days ago
For Painful Honest Opinion: Solaire because I was just talking about him. :'D Is he overhyped to you if I am allowed to include that ask?
Ah, Solaire ^^ Time to say my perfectly honest opinion about him. When I first heard about Dark Souls and saw art of Solaire, I was convinced that he would be a boss battle, some kind of crazed knight who would always shout聽鈥淧raise the sun鈥 while he beats you up.聽 When I met him in game, I saw how sorely mistaken I was. And at first, I didn鈥檛 get the appeal too much. Sure, he is nice and jolly, but... that鈥檚 it? There are so much more interesting characters in there! Ornstein! Artorias! Seath! Gwyndolin! Yeah, I am totally into the whole Anor Londo before the fall, so the undead were on the sidelines for me. BUT! Then I started to read the Only the ember remains comic of @onlytheembersremain and Amor Fati, the fic of my friend @acebladespades. Both of them are huge Solaire fans and they started to let me see him through a more positive light. Not an overhyped one, but a genuinely positive one, so now I really like Solaire. He鈥檚 a good character.聽 That being said, if聽 people decide to kill him for his gear, that is their choice and don鈥檛 harrass anyone just because they don鈥檛 like Solaire.聽聽
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theruthlessgame5 days ago
I CANT believe my department asked the biggest assholes to be in the info ad they made about the comp science grad program lmao including the dude who harassed me and is famous for stealing other people codes???? Wow what a GREAT way to advertise this course
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centralsaints6 days ago
heavy rant under the cut
my parents were talking abt recent s/a accusation against an actress and talked abt how she was wholeass cancelled and it was weird. they took into consideration the victims ofc but like, "innocent until proven guilty" and i said well maybe we should believe the victims and its best they get out of the spotlight for a moment while stuff is getting figured out and i was getting really heated and smh i ended up in tears saying well it happened to me bitch that why im so pressed!!! i was harrassed sexually when i was in college!!! one of my friend was by the same guy!! it's happened to most of my friends!!! yeah im pressed okay!!! because absuers never get what they deserve!!!! and now i regret bc it was practically nothing that happened to me but smh it still got me in tears and ive been feeling like shit the past two days. and just. why did i have to impulsively tell them that christ
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chronicpainzukka6 days ago
really love how katara and azula wingman their brothers via harassment, as they should!
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