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i read blood of olympus Once in a span of about 6 hours on The Day It Came Out but. from what i remember leo Literally dies, but has rigged festus up to pump the Death Cure that they got from Asclepius and fly to ogygia with…the astrolabe??? it was a mess

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I love your thoughts on Tolkien because I thought the exact same thing!! I thought he wrote beautifully about middle earth and the scenery and it genuinely felt like another character in the book almost?. What I HATED was how slow paced it was and like... I genuinely did the exact same thing with counting the pages. I stopped reading in the supposedly most interesting part of the book (Frodo and Sam going up the mountain) and didn’t regret it. RIP the time I’ll never get back

Oh-oh-oh, Tolkien trash-talk is happening. 
(about this post).

To be fair, I usually like slow-paced. I was so young I don’t really remember what exactly didn’t do it for me in the rhythm, but if I had to guess, I’d say my tolerance for slow-pacing is tied to the characters and the society they evolve in—behavioural details, slow character development, delving into thoughts and communication and perceptions. And it’s just not what LoTR is about. 

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Hellooo :) I saw your Anne of Green Gables gifs (the 1985 version) and I’m wondering if you have a watch / download link??? I can’t find it anywhere online or even at local stores to buy (I’m in Australia). Do you have a link to watch online by any chance??? Or can you tell me where you downloaded it from?? Thanks in advance!!!

oh hey! haha i feel your struggle this movie series is kinda impossible to find online lol. currently i can’t access the place i got the links from bc the site is down but i found a place you can stream it - it just isn’t in great quality sadly 😔

it’s a lil confusing bc they messed the order up but episodes 3 & 4 are actually parts 1 & 2 for the 1985 movie, eps 5 & 6 are the sequel and eps 1 & 2 are the parts for the third movie. hopefully this helps & tbh if you’d rather watch it in (slightly) better quality i could actually upload the movies somewhere and get you the links it just might take a while!

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@harricanes replied to your post “tbh i thought i wasn’t that burnt out but now i’ve been sleeping for…”

look after urself pls nat im worried aout u :( seeing a lot of posts like this lately from u and i just want u to be ok! i know u are trying and i know it’s tough. u will get through it <3 keep ur chin up pea. thinking of u xxxx

aaah lauren you are too sweet! thank you i promise the worst of it is over and the rest of the summer and foreseeable future is going to be much more chill for me 💕

brownvenus replied to your post “tbh i thought i wasn’t that burnt out but now i’ve been sleeping for…”

Panic attacks and stress induced rashes aren’t normal ? Soml during the semester honestly. I hope you feel better soon and learn to take care of yourself better ❤️

thank you, and no worries i didn’t take this the wrong way at all! strangely enough school was never too bad for me but the real world is a different story i guess.. i hope your semester goes well for you!! 

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hi there! i loved that harry potter literary edit you made for each of the houses, and i was just wondering if you were planning on making any more of those? it was so cute, and accurate i thoguht as well! i can see you've made other house themed posts, but yeah if you were considering making literary themed ones i'd love to see them! hope u have a great day xx

Hi, thank you so much for your message! I haven’t really planned on making more of the hogwarts houses literary quotes graphics, but since I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on these, I might just expand them into a series! Feel free to send suggestions of which authors/poets you’d like. I hope you have a great day as well ❤️

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No the movie! Like the entire theme music from the Pirates of the Caribbean! YouTube it and you can find them (usually about 40 minutes long!) :)

ay ay cap’n C:

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Pirates of the Caribbean entire score every time!!!!!!

i’ve never heard it??? but thanks for the rec!!

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