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Steve and Billy broke up part 2 🤣

Steve meets Billy with his new girlfriend and their looks meet



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Hi, yes, if you’re reading this, send me any Harrington’s hcs you have. I have a long car ride tomorrow and I will be able to write a lot!! Also I think I still have one waiting and I’ll be getting to yours tomorrow first I swear 💕 or you can do this lol:

Send me your favorite emoji and I’ll give you a Catboy Steve hc 🥺😽

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Sometimes Billy will wake up to Steve working his way underneath him and he’s like “looks like i won’t be moving even again”.

Conversely, Steve will wake up to Billy clinging to him fully, likes legs around him, arms so fucking tight Steve had no wiggle room, Billy’s face smashed against his chest and he just kinda settles in for never moving.

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To the anon who said this was their favorite emoji:✨ I’m so sorry my computer is acting up and messed up the formatting so I had to delete the message and make this, but this is what I wrote!! <3

Hiya!!! I too love that emoji!! It’s just so good whether you’re being sarcastic or sweet, just a perfect multipurpose emoji, amazing!!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you too, anon! Hope it’s been a good one!! <3

And this might kind of connect to my last hc about the sweaters??? I mean it has to do with winter??? whatever it doesn’t matter, but Catboy Steve loves snow!! But Billy on the other hand does not.

Like every time it snows Steve gets super hyper and excited. The second he wakes up and realizes that it’s snowing he won’t stop asking for Billy to go outside with him until he takes him. And Billy, well, to say he didn’t like the snow would be an understatement, he hates it. He hates the way it frosts up his windshield and makes the roads slick so they can’t go anywhere, he hates the way it gets in his boots when he walks around in it, he hates the way that no matter how hard he tries, snow always makes it back inside their house leaving little melted puddles everywhere. So, yeah, he hates it.

But he loves making his boyfriend happy, so, he sits on the porch in the freezing cold while Steve makes snow angels only to have Steve get bored and force him into making a snowman which slowly turns into a snowball fight which ends with Billy covered head to toe in snow, unlike his original intent.

When they get back inside Billy’s a little grumpy and wet and he just wants to change clothes. So, while he’s changing, Steve changes out of his clothes and into a sweater and some dry boxers and makes them both a cup of hot chocolate that they can drink by the fireplace to warm up.

Send me your favorite emoji and I’ll give you a Catboy Steve hc 🥺😽

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He wakes up and Billy has used a permanent marker to draw abstract dicks all over him, and Steve is all huffy and pissed getting back in the shower and scrubbing them all off, and that’s how he finds the little heart on his hip, and it’s clumsy bc the moles don’t perfectly form a heart, but fuck, picturing Billy drawing it on Steve, just makes him fucking melt.

And a few years later Steve gets it tattooed

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Because they both feel so safe. Like, Billy sleeping in a house where he knows he has privacy, and he has nice warm Ste e he can hold onto, who will kiss his shoulders when they’re tense to remind him to relax and will play with his hair útil he falls asleep.

And Steve has someone there and he’s not alone for once, and he’s got someone that takes care of him, and makes him loved, and Billy’s solid and comforting and they curl up so close

And when either DOES wake up, they just focus on their guy right there and usually still asleep, and fall asleep soon after

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Hi hi!!!! <3 (Sorry my emojis on my computer still aren’t working right so I’m making do with the old school ones D:)

And omg thank you so much for saying so, I’m always so self conscious when I post anything I write but reading compliments like this bring me soooo much joy and happiness!! <3


When Billy and Steve return back to Hawkins for the first time after they move away all the kids now have kids and it kind of blows Steve’s mind. He feels like it was just yesterday that they were all thirteen and begging him for rides to the arcade and now here they were with kids? Crazy. But they’re all little, like 2-3 and running around the Wheelers house and it’s just chaos, but Steve loves it. He’s always loved kids, always had a knack with handling them, so he’s kind of like the designated babysitter when they arrive.

The first kid, Lucas and Max’s daughter Eveline calls him kitty and he just laughs and wiggles his ears. Max will try to correct her and go ‘No Evie, that’s uncle Steve.’ And Eveline will just go ‘No mommy, kitty.’ And point at Steve’s ears and he really doesn’t mind because it’s cute. When it’s his turn to hold her, she’ll reach her hands up and grab at his ears and Billy will tell her ‘Gentle, Uncle Steve’s not a toy.’ And he swears that this is the most comprehensive kid he’s ever met because as soon as he say that Eveline reaches up slower and softly pets one of his cat ears which would make Steve grin and purr softly making Eveline giggle.

Now the real trouble comes when Dustin’s son, Joshua, is put into mix because he’s rough. He doesn’t mean to be, but clearly he got all of Dustin’s curiosity and more because when he sees Steve’s tail that’s the first thing he goes for. He pulls roughly at the fluffy appendage extended from the small of Steve’s back and Steve yelps a sound not even Billy’s heard before and yanks his tail back into his possession out of instinct, gaining the attention of everybody else in the room. He would feel so bad when he turns around to see a little curly headed boy with big teary eyes. And Dustin would be like ‘We haven’t even been here 5 minutes and you’re already hurting my kids feelings, Steve?’ And Steve would literally freak out seeing Dustin for the first time in like ten years he would actually jump into his arms for Dustin to catch him and almost tip him over.

I think that Mike and Will ‘s (Yes I do believe Byler to be endgame SUE ME) kid, Sage, would be the quietest of them all, the hardest to get out of her shell. She’d constantly be hiding behind one of their legs, not really saying much to any of the adults or the kids. Steve would be the first person that could successfully get her to come out and talk a little bit. He would let her silently pet his ears and brush his tail with one of Nancy’s old soft bristle hair brushes.

And before he even knew what was happening he’d have three kids chasing him around the house until he fake collapses and they tackle him. Billy would be watching from the sidelines with a fond smile. And when they get in the car to leave Steve’s like ‘Bill I think I want one.’ And Billy’s like ‘What a kid?’ And Steve’s like ‘Well, duh, what else?’ And Billy’s like ‘Wait, seriously?’ And Steve’s liek ‘Yeah, I think I’m ready.’ and Billy’s like ‘Well, then let’s have a damn kid.’

Send me your favorite emoji and I’ll give you a Catboy Steve hc 🥺😽

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Hey!!! <3 and YESSSS I ALWAYS THINK ABOUT PUSS IN BOOTS WHEN I WRITE ABOUT CATBOY STEVE’S EYES!!!!! How did you know… are you in my brain….??? XD

also the little caterpillar emoji is so cute, I love it… <3

When summer fades into fall, and fall gives way to winter catboy Steve starts wearing these big oversized sweaters. He has at least one in every color, some so big that one of his shoulders can slip through the neck hole and he always wears a matching color collar. Now, Billy and Steve aren’t rich by any means, but Steve always wears these really nice expensive collars that his mother gifts him for almost every occasion. By the time he turns twenty five he swears he has ever shade of ever color and she can’t possibly find one he doesn’t already have, yet, somehow every few months at Christmas, his birthday, Easter, pretty much any holiday there it is, a new color collar for him.

He wears the sweaters with pretty much anything. With just his underwear around the house or jean when they go out, or his newfound love- skirts. Now Steve had never considered skirts before, not because he didn’t have the option or because he was too scared of what others would think of him, but because he felt like he already had to make up for the masculinity lost with the cat ears and tail and if he added a skirt to the equation he would just be done for. But Billy helped him find the confidence to experiment with things like skirts and cropped tops and more generic ‘feminine’ clothing and he could never thank him enough for it. 

Sometimes Steve will bashfully ask Billy to wear the sweater the day before he wants to wear it so it will smell like him and billy just thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever when Steve nuzzles into his neck and pushes a sweater against his chest without a word, knowing that Billy would know what he wants. Steve never really says anything about the sweater when Billy wears it, but he looks adorable. Steve’s personal favorite color sweaters to see Billy in are crimson and emerald green, he thinks they bring out his eyes and just make him look overall amazing. Not to mention that When Billy wears the sweaters he’s softer to the touch, Steve could just cuddle up with Billy and lay his head on his chest while they watch cheesy romance movies for hours.

So, yeah, sweaters become a big staple in the Harrington-Hargrove household.

Send me your favorite emoji and I’ll give you a Catboy Steve hc 🥺😽

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He has to keep himself muted because usually he’s got a vibrator in that Billy will control from the other room, and he’s gotta sit there and try and look fine.

Maybe they share a class so they zoom in together, they next to one another, and Billy will creep one hand up Steve’s thigh, and press up his loose lil shorts he’s got on, and Billy spends the whole time fingering Steve really slow, jerking him with these featherlight touches so he has to sit there and try not to squirm.

Steve retaliates by getting under the table while Billy’s in class one day and sucking him off super sloppy and messy, the way Billy likes it, but gets all huffy when Billy has such good composure that he cums down Steve’s throat without showing anything on his face. (Frankly, he looks bored).

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Holy shit NSFW!ANON you live up to you name don’t you? You killed me with this. Death by brain-bonner. So. Fucking. Hot. 

And also, Billy getting like this because the way Steve takes care of him it’s the biggest turn-on of his life??? HELL YESS “Billy still isn’t used to waking up feeling soft and content so he indulges himself, rolling his hips into the bed while he imagines Steve’s mouth on him again” the hottest thing, I tell you, rutting + sleepiness + happiness + king steve + “eating billy out until he cries” there’s something better??? no it’s not! 

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break (like waves) ch. 8

(e, 61.7k)

School starts two days after Labour Day, which is. Just as good.

Gives the new shiner Neil paints on him on Monday two whole days to heal.

It was probably avoidable, if Billy’s honest. He could’ve kept his mouth shut, the same way he’s been doing for years and years and.

Except he can’t tune out the constant drone of Harrington’s voice, what d’ya think of her, the princess, I’m thinking of

So. Yeah, Billy’s feeling real fuckin’ brittle.

read on ao3 // read from the beginning

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Of course!! This actually reminds me of a hc I’ve been thinking about!!

Catboy Steve loves sweets more than anything else. Like, when he requests food the only thing he’ll ask for is sweet food opposed to savory.

All the time Steve will ask and beg to have ice cream for dinner, using his big pouty eyes and swishing curious tail. Sometimes if he’s desperate he’ll flatten his ears on top of his head just to heighten the effect. Billy wants to say no, say that he needs something more filling, something more nutrient for his body. He wants to be responsible and care for Steve but it’s just so damn hard when his boyfriend is so damn convincing. So, he almost always caves and Steve gets to have his favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream for dinner.

Steve’s all time favorite sweet thing is chocolate, like he would eat multiple bars at a time if Billy would let him, which he doesn’t but he’s working on it. Anyways, yes, Steve loves chocolate, but he hates dark chocolate. He doesn’t understand why you would want something that should be sweet to be bitter. So ever now and again when Steve asks for chocolate he’ll give Steve dark chocolate instead and that will turn Steve off of chocolate for about a week before the cycle starts again.

Sometimes Billy will bake special protein bars for Steve that he just thinks taste good, but only Billy really knows that they are good for him. They’re like his secret weapon for his boyfriend with a massive sweet tooth.

Send me your favorite emoji and I’ll give you a Catboy Steve hc 🥺😽

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ANON 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Billy is quick to find out Catboy Steve’s fixation with jumping up onto higher surfaces. He was never much for sitting in ‘normal’ places, would always pick the table over a chair or the floor over the couch any day. So, it quickly becomes a normal thing that Steve perches himself up on the counter when eating or drinking anything on the kitchen and that was fine by Billy with one simple rule: Be careful.

And for the most part this rule was pretty easy for Steve to follow, their counters were usually clear anyways. But sometimes he forgot to look before jumping up, sometimes he wasn’t careful. And even most of those times he didn’t knock anything over. But of course the one time he did knock something over it was Billy’s favorite coffee mug. He felt like the sound of the thick glass breaking was loud enough to deafen him, but it was probably just the shock. He didn’t even want to look because he already knew it wouldn’t be good. But, nonetheless he would cautiously jump down from the counter to examine the damage to find exactly what he thought he would, a shattered ‘World’s Best Brother Mug’ made for him by Max as a Christmas present.

He would think about reaching down to quickly clean it up but then he would hear Billy calling to him from another room and hear his footsteps in hot pursuit of the kitchen and Steve would be gone like that.

He would hide in the hallway closet that they set up just for him when they moved in because Steve loves Billy but sometimes he just needs his time alone. Billy offered him the guest room but he picked the closet because it was small and made him feel cozy and confined. There was just something about it that drew him in.

Steve would be on the verge of tears when he hears Billy’s footsteps nearing the closet because he feels so bad. He felt so sure that Billy was going to yell at him for being so careless in his actions and tell him how much the mug meant to him, so he was surprised when the door opened and Billy looked like the one who was sorry.

He would immediately start apologizing with things like ‘I’m so sorry Billy I didn’t mean to, and I know that’s not a good enough excuse but I’m really so sorry.’ and Billy would just cut him off by crawling into the closet and pulling him into a hug. He would explain that, yes, the cup did mean a lot to him and he was upset about it, but he wasn’t upset at what Steve for what he did because it was an accident. And Steve wouldn’t feel totally better, but it was definitely a weight lifted off his shoulders.

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Billy: has bad day.
Steve: plops down next to Billy on their sofa with one of those big sighs like dogs let out, covers them both in a blanket and starts peeling a clementine, handing Billy individual slices while they watch Magnum.

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