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I used to hate Hermione for her movement ‘Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare’. I didn’t get it at first. I’ve read the series four times and when I was reading it for the fifth time, I finally understood what she meant. I now see the way she saw house elves. I now understand why she called them ‘brainwashed’. And I now fight with her for their rights as members of the wizarding community — as reflected entirely on how society in my country works. I realized how blinded I was by my former beliefs and principles. I am now enlightened.

They were right. Keep on rewatching movies or series and rereading your favourite books. The plot never changes but your perspective will.

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30 May 2020

MACUSA Loses Grip On US, Revolution Rumours Circulate

The Muggles in the colonies might be in for more than they hoped for, as amid the US government’s declaration of violence, the magical community seems to be considering an uprising.

“Sometimes things don’t work out,” said Jayne Bryant, a protester in the US, “The Statue [of secrecy] is a perfect example of that. We don’t like it, so we’ll get rid of it. The hard way.”

Bryant appears not to be in the minority there, as many magical folks across the US are rising up. Seven people were arrested by MACUSA for sacking a building in Atlanta. For the sake of everyone, we hope that a peaceful ending is on the horizon.

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Originally posted by hipsterharrey

Get caught up with the Let Your Hair Down Masterlist!

word count: 1,629

story summary: Harry gets more than he bargains for when he falls not only for you but your little girl as well.

chapter summary: Sarah helps you get ready for your date!

warnings: Language.. >.> sorry

a/n: I love Sarah so much so… I had to of course put her in your getting ready chapter. She’s the cutest in this story. I love her so much! Hope you guys are looking forward to all the upcoming fluff… followed closely by drama! hehehehee :D xx


It was Saturday night and you were finally getting ready for your date with Harry. Sarah was sitting on your bathroom counter with the world’s biggest shit-eating grin on her face as you fussed over your hair. You really would have slapped the look off her face if it wasn’t for the fact you were freaking the fuck out. You hadn’t been on a first date in almost 6 years. You weren’t even sure what people did on dates anymore.

Your hands shook from nerves, causing you to burn yourself on the curling iron. You shrieked dropping it into the sink, your finger going to your mouth to stop the throbbing pain. Sarah jumped off the sink to take your hand, looking at it, before saying you’d be fine.

“God, I’m so nervous.” You mumbled, picking back up the wand of Satan and trying to not burn yourself this time as you curled the piece of hair that you had previously tried to do.

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