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Be Easy On Yourself
a1: “let me wash your hair for you.”
c13: harry watching y/n come out of her depression and smile again
word count: 2,881
playlist: if you call // i wouldn’t ask you // you were good to me
requested by @wandering-virago
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Tumblr media
Was it Tuesday? Wednesday? Was it even a week day at all? It had been so long since she had looked at a clock, let alone a calendar. Days blended together so much anyway so what was the point?
Sometimes she would lay in bed for hours on end and other times she would mix it up by sitting in her bedroom window seat instead. Either way, this was how she had been spending her recent mornings, evenings, and nights.
The passing of time broadcasted itself by lighting different colors outside her window. The yellows, oranges, pinks, purples—they would all reflect against her walls throughout the day. It was never the exact same each time she looked. She thought that was beautiful, even when everything else felt so bleak.
It was almost like a game. She would sleep the day away and guess how long she slept based on the sky's shades. It was all she could will herself to focus on. Nothing else had mattered for awhile.
This wasn't the girl that she was familiar with and it wasn't the girl that Harry was familiar with either. She didn't understand how he was so patient through it all. He was just so patient with her. He didn’t run away when she stopped inviting him over as often or when she stopped answering his calls. He never held any of it against her—even when he was willing to drive the 2 hour drive to see her while he was away for his job trip.
It was never personal and he knew that. The simple idea of having to pick up a phone and actually communicate to another person seemed impossible. Even considering it would exhaust her.
Almost as if on cue, her phone buzzed on her nightstand. The assortment of half-drank cups of water danced against the vibrations. Her eyes darted back at the device with Harry’s name lit up brightly on the screen. She moaned to herself, picking up the phone in her hand.
A FaceTime call nonetheless.
Her reflection stared back and she almost screeched in horror from the sight. Quickly, she brushed her oily hair out her face and rubbed the old mascara out from under her eyes. And against all odds, she swiped across her screen to answer it.
Harry’s face popped up. He was in his car somewhere, distracted by something off to the side. The corner of his eye caught her movement because he quickly shot his head back to his phone. His eyes widened and a smile etched across his face.
“Hey! You’re awake,” Harry boasted.
She smiled shyly, tucking the covers tighter underneath her chin. She felt gross and there was a twinge of hope that the covers would hide it well enough.
“Hey, Harry,” she spoke softly.
He closed his car door shut and began walking outside. He was talking about something, but she wouldn’t know. She was too entranced by him. It was like she had forgotten his voice, his face, and him in general until now.
Just hearing the soft sultry tone of his voice brought her a sense of peace that she hadn’t felt since the first night a few weeks ago. That first night when she dropped to her knees sobbing, confused by what tricks her mind was playing on her. It was the first night that that pit in her chest grew, consuming her and everything resembling her whole. It was an ache that no pill could get rid of.
And trust me, she tried.
“Baby,” he chuckled. He waved a hand over his camera, noticing that she was buried in her own head again.
She cleared her throat, “Hey, sorry. What’s up?”
He raised an eyebrow in thought, but dismissed himself. He wanted to ask questions, but he knew that wasn’t the best idea. He was just glad she answered.
“It’s okay,” he paused while he looked around his surroundings, “Can you do me a favor?”
She furrowed her brows, “Seriously?”
She hated how annoyed she sounded because she knew he didn’t deserve that from her. It was slightly aggravating, though. He knew how much of a slump she had been in—she couldn’t even manage favors for herself majority of the time.
“Will you come to your window?” He had stopped walking and that charming smile that she had grown to love shined back through the screen.
“My window?” Her curiosity piqued, mixed in with confusion.
“Pleaseee,” he sing-songed. It was hard to tell him no and she still carried some leftover guilt for how shitty of a girlfriend she had been to him recently.
So she kicked her legs over her bed and mustered them through the rubble of her room. She kicked some of the clothes scattered across her room into a pile as she walked. Everywhere she went seemed to remind her of just how bad it had gotten and she hated herself for it.
Her eyes planted on the window as she leaned her body into the seat. She scanned from side to side, causing her confusion to rise further.
“What? I don’t see anything,” she said.
She looked down at her screen with a weird look and sat it on the bench as she leaned more into the window. A familiar figure stood below, waving a hand in her direction. His phone was still raised up to his face as he watched her from below. In his other hand was a carry out bag, unrecognizable of a name.
She couldn’t help but smile. No one cared to check up on her like he did, at least not like this. He was the only one who gave her hope in feeling better. It reminded her of how temporary this feeling was compared to everything—how pain never lasted forever.
“Can I come in?” His voice echoed from her phone.
She nodded her head yes, not breaking his gaze through the window. Her smile had yet to falter either. She couldn’t remember the last time she smiled like this either.
“Okay, I’m coming up. Do I need to break in or will you let me in?”
“I’m coming I’m coming,” she said, pretending to sound nonchalant. Harry knew she was pretending though. He knew her too well.
She grabbed her phone and raced down the stairs. The excitement in her chest was a feeling she had forgotten. It was that same feeling of hope she initially got when she looked through that window and saw him staring back at her.
The door swung open with a pull of her hands. In the doorframe revealed her boyfriend, Harry. His hair was as fluffy as ever and his dimples subtly poked out from his smirk. He even had on her favorite shirt of his and she wondered if he did that on purpose. It was one they got together on their road trip a few months ago. It was one of her favorite memories she had.
“Hi,” she said shyly. Her voice echoed from Harry’s phone and he laughed, clicking the end button.
“Hi sleepy head,” he said as he walked through the door, planting a kiss on her forehead. He knew it was beyond sleepiness, but he also knew that mentioning the true cause of her condition would only upset her more.
His steps faded out behind her as he made his way through her apartment. She turned around to follow him towards the kitchen where he dropped the bag onto the counter.
“What’s that?” She asked, examining the bag.
Whatever it was, it smelled good. It smelled like an actual meal, too. Not the typical ramen, soup, or other depression meal she had been cooking up for awhile. Real food.
“Remember that place we went to when we first started dating? You said it was the best Tikka Masala you had ever eaten,” he answered as he began to open up the sack.
Her stomach immediately rumbled inside her and her eyes widened. It had been so long since she had food from there that it had slipped her mind. The restaurant was at least an hour away, too. She couldn’t believe he drove all that way on top of the regular commute just for her.
He placed the open container in front of her. The curry aroma filled the air, engulfing her surroundings. And oddly, all she wanted to do was cry. She didn’t feel like she deserved any of this. She felt like she didn’t deserve him.
“Hey,” he whispered and quickly stepped in front of her.
A tear had fallen down her cheek and he swiped it away with his thumb. Her head sunk down to her feet and more tears began to flow.
“What’s wrong? Do you not like it? We can get something else. It’s not a big deal I promise,” he softly spoke. He tucked his finger underneath her chin, raising her up to meet his eyes.
She flinched. She didn’t want him to see her so upset, it only made the guilt worse.
“No,” she shook her head, “It’s not that. It’s perfect. I just—…” Her lip began to quiver as her words trailed off. He rubbed her knee while she sat on the stool, coaxing her to continue.
“I wish I was enough for you. You deserve so much better than me,” she choked out through tears, “I’m a fucking mess. Just look at me.”
“What? Baby…” he reached a hand up and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You are enough, not just for me but for yourself too. You deserve everything and I wish I could give you that.”
His words tightened around her heart, clutching like its life depended on it. She could feel a wave of sobs wanting to break through and she ran past him towards the bathroom.
Embarrassed. She felt so embarrassed.
Her body slammed through the bathroom door, closing it behind her. Her back slid down the door as she clutched her knees to her chest. She cried. Really cried.
She couldn’t understand how someone could make her feel so safe and loved, but so sad at the same time. It wasn’t even his fault—the guilt was her own doing. It was her own projections and she knew that. But self awareness didn’t always conceal the burn any less. Sometimes it made it burn brighter because you could see it so well.
“Baby,” his voice was muffled by the door between them, “Will you open the door?”
She lifted her head up, still sniffling from the previous crying. She hadn’t completely stopped, but his voice on the other side of the door helped bring a moment of clarity.
She scooted her body away from the door and reached up to the handle, unlocking it. Slowly it creaked open with Harry’s body towering over her. He knelt down and sat beside her.
Silence lingered between the two as she kept her head rested on her knees. She faced his direction, but her eyes were directed towards the floor. Harry leaned against the counters as he watched her.
She was so beautiful. No matter what she did or how she looked, she just was. Her beauty went beyond her physicality; she truly was beautiful inside and out—no matter how corny that was.
“Let me wash your hair for you, okay?” he said in a whispered tone.
She peeked up at him through her hooded, puffy eyes. The back of her hand rose to her face, wiping at them.
“I don’t think I could stand a shower right now,” she said honestly. The thought of running a shower, washing and conditioning her hair, her body, drying off, and everything else seemed too much. Her energy seemed totally exerted for the day.
“We don’t have to do a shower. Let me run some hot water and just sit in the bath. I’ll take care of it. You’ll feel better.”
She smiled against her knee as she looked at him. Another tear threatened to run down, but she stopped it just in time.
“Okay,” he smiled back and leaned over to give her another kiss on the head.
She watched him as he made his way over to the bathtub across from her. He rolled his sleeves up while he ran the water. When he found the right temperature he put in the plug and looked back at her with a satisfied smile.
He started pilfering through the cabinet, placing a neatly folded towel on the counter. It matched the lavender Epsom salts that he was sprinkling into the bath water.
He soon finished and the water filled a little over halfway. The steam swirled above as an open invitation. He spun on his heel and reached a hand out in her direction. One swift pull from him had her on her feet in seconds.
“I’ll be outside the door, just let me know when you get in.” His eyes sparkled against her’s as he talked. She nodded her head in acknowledgment and he stepped out.
She stared back at the water in front of her. It was taunting her in a way that she couldn’t explain. It wasn’t that she couldn’t shower, or even that she didn’t shower. It was the fact she would have to take a great deal of time willing and encouraging herself before finally taking that first step.
She hated that something so small, but so necessary, had such a hold on her. If it wasn’t for Harry she wouldn’t have had the energy. She would’ve cleaned herself off in the sink and gone back to bed. If she was feeling extra, maybe even a quick rinse of mouth wash.
She was procrastinating the inevitable. She knew that. So she shook her head, getting her out of her loop of thoughts. She gently threw her clothes to the side and dipped her foot in.
It was the perfect temperature. Not so hot it burned, but just enough for it to feel comforting. Her whole body gradually sank into the water and she dunked her head in. Just being in the bath already lifted her mood slightly. Even though this wasn’t totally her doing, she was proud of herself.
After wiping her eyes, she yelled out for Harry, “Okay you can come in.”
The door inched open and Harry walked in. She sat in the same position as she did on the floor with her knees tucked to her chest. She felt shy all of a sudden and it wasn’t because she was naked. He had seen her naked plenty of times. It was the vulnerability that made her want to curl into a ball and hide.
He remained un-phased by it all and quickly got to work. As the water ran down her face from the jug he was using, she closed her eyes. The warmth felt like a warm embrace, like a fresh start.
She kept her eyes closed for the majority of the time. The cap of the shampoo being opened rang in her ears, followed by the sound of him squeezing it into his hand. The feeling of him massaging it into her scalp caused her head to fall between her shoulders.
“You okay?” Harry broke her out of her trance and she peeked an eye out at him.
She smiled, but actually smiled. It was that same smile that sucked Harry in on their first date. That same smile that played through his head ever since. The one that he would be so lost without.
The suds from the soap framed her face as she laughed. At first he was confused why she was laughing, but realized he had just been staring at her.
“What?” She chuckled out.
He smiled to himself, bringing his hands back to work on her hair. “Nothing, I was just thinking.”
He brought the jug back up to her head, rinsing the soap out. He still had a small smile on his face.
“Thinking about what?” She asked as she wiped the water out of her eyes.
He watched the suds fall from her head, a stream of water following with it. Her hair had its shine back and so did she. He placed the pitcher down by his feet and brought his eyes back to her.
“I missed your smile.”
Her face dropped slightly and he was half-worried that he made her upset again. A twinkle in her eye told him all he needed to know.
“I love you.” He watched her lip quiver against her faint smile and he leaned in to plant a kiss on her cheek and lips.
He could taste a hint of her floral shampoo against his mouth and lightly laughed.
“Thank you,” she spoke seriously now, breaking his focus.
“I’m always here for you, okay?”
“I know.”
She did know. She never knew what she did to deserve someone like him, but she was learning to stop questioning it. He made her feel loved in ways she never thought possible. The way he treated her made her want to treat herself in the same delicate way.
He loved her and that gave her motivation—motivation to love herself back, too.
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I know It’s Over.
b21.) “all i wanted was you.”
word count: 1,951
requested by @kwritingbooks
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Tumblr media
It was a warm sunny day, the fresh breeze felt like a fresh start to a new day. Kids were outside, playing in the streets so loud that you could practically hear them from inside.
It’s a funny feeling when you’ve felt an outer body experience for the last couple of days and the sun still shines. The world is still turning. People are having the best days of their lives and yet, there she sat by the window, staring out at all the people that had bright smiles on their faces while she could barely get up to take a shower.
It’s almost as if the sun is mocking her. Mocking her depression, or mocking her pain.
The last couple days have been rough for her. She had just broken up with by her long-term boyfriend, Harry, who was her first love. They did everything together. They almost moved in together too, but that halted days ago when Harry told her that he needed space.
Ultimately, after long calls and text messages, space became a break and a break became “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”
She saw it coming though. She could tell Harry wasn’t happy anymore, but she never knew why. She’s always tried her best to make him the happiest man in the world, but there were somethings that Harry just couldn’t stand to be and sometimes that was Happy.
Maybe it was the constant petty fighting, getting on each other’s nerves. They were constantly snapping at each other at the end of the relationship to the point where Harry stopped coming to bed. She would wake up in the middle of the night and see that he was passed out on couch with a throw blanket over him.
It hurt seeing him grow so distant right in front of her. There was something so haunting about seeing someone fall out of love with you and not being able to do anything about it, but she stayed. She stayed because she knew that it was going to end.
She just didn’t want to be the one to end it.
She sat in the same spot every night and cried. Just cried and cried until she fell asleep. The pain in her chest was the worst thing she’s ever felt in her life. She always thought to herself what she could have done differently or to make him happier.
He was coming by today to collect his things after work. She hasn’t showered in days and she’s barely eaten anything. The thought of eating made her feel sick and the only thing she could keep down was water, but at least she was trying.
But nonetheless, she didn’t want him to see her looking miserable like this. She needed to take care of herself and show him that she was okay, even if she wasn’t okay.
The shower was short. Her hands were shaking against her scalp as she washed her hair, the water was hiding her tears that spilled down her cheeks. She felt so defeated. Even in the shower, one of her safe spaces, she felt so vulnerable and miserable. So many memories in this shower.
So many times that they’ve had bubble baths, or made love in the shower, or even just sat in the bathtub while they were drunk off cheap beer and twelve dollar bottles of vodka.
She didn’t even try to put makeup on afterwards. She had debated it, though, maybe Harry seeing how beautiful she looked would change his mind, but she was so exhausted. Her self esteem had dropped drastically since he left, mainly because she thought she wasn’t good enough for him. What had changed about her that could make him leave?
Part of her wanted to try to get Harry to stay with her and the other part wanted him to just get his shit so she could get over him as fast as possible.
So there she sat, the day coming into night, waiting for him to show up to get the bag of clothes she packed. The trash bag sat beside the couch, her eyes boring into it as many thoughts had crossed her mind.
She even packed up his favorite sweater that she swore to never give back to him. She remembers that night so vividly.
“It’s so cold.” She laughed out, rubbing her arms. It was April and although the day brought warm air, the night brought cold weather.
“Here, baby.” Harry smiled as he took his sweater off, revealing his graphic tee underneath. This sweater was a lilac purple color, heavy, and knitted.
“Are you sure? Aren’t you gonna get a cold?” She frowned, yet cracked a small smile at the gesture as her hands took the warm sweater. It smelled heavily like him. Tobacco Vanilla.
“I don’t want my girl getting cold, now do I?” He wrapped his arms around her, staring longingly into her eyes, “Just don’t forget to give it back.”
“Oh, you’re definitely never getting this back.” She murmured as she stood on her toes to close the gap between them. Their lips slowly caressed one another, his ring cladded hand gripping at the heavy sweater.
Everything was so different now.
The sweater has lost its color. It’s vibrancy. It’s meaning. It still had the same smell, but it made her sick to her stomach to smell it. Her heart clenched when she smelled him. Something that she once had, that is so far to reach now.
Her body froze, but her heart picked up when there was a knock at the door. A part of her wanted to think so badly that Harry was going to walk through the door and beg for her back and she would take him with open arms. Any day. Any night.
She just wanted her Harry back.
She opened the door, seeing him standing there nearly took the breath out of her. It was almost like a beautiful stranger at the door. Looking at him felt so foreign now.
“Hey.” He rasped out, brushing his nose with his knuckle, “I’m just gonna—get my clothes and go.”
My eyes scanned over his body. He was in a yellow shirt with ripped jeans and vans. His hair was held back with his pink sunglasses, but his curls fought against them and fell across his forehead.
“Okay, sure…” She whispered, taking a step back as he walked in. She closed the door anyway, knowing that he was going to turn around and head right back out.
“Your clothes are over there.” Her voice broke, gesturing to the bag on the floor, “The uh…purple sweater is in there too.”
“Thanks.” He avoided any kind of eye contact as he grabbed the bag from the floor. There was a panic in her chest, she knew he was going to leave and never come back. This was it.
They were actually breaking up.
“You unfollowed me on Instagram.” She blurted out, blinking away the tears in her eyes as her hands folded over one another, “I just—I noticed…”
“Oh… yeah.” Harry rasped out, his eyes gazing over at her for a moment. She felt a fire start in her stomach just from that look. It hurt that he wouldn’t look at her. She just wanted him to look at her.
“I miss you…” She whispered out shakily, taking a step towards him. Harry rolled his eyes, shaking his head at her as he put his hand out to create distance. Her lips parted as she looked into his eyes that avoided her, wanting so badly to reach out and grab him.
“Please don’t do this. I’m just getting my stuff and I’m leaving, okay? Please.” He said it without even a break in his voice. It made her angry that he could just get his shit and leave for good. Did it even bother him that they were broken up?
“No, please don’t go, Harry.” She choked back a sob, putting her hand over her mouth as she breathed shakily, “Can you just tell me why? Why?”
“I really just—I don’t think we should be talking about this right now.” He whispered out, taking a step towards the door, but she blocked his way. Her jaw clenched tightly, staring into his eyes.
“I deserve to know why you don’t wanna be with me anymore. What did I do? Is there someone else?” She raised her voice, taking a step towards him, making him take a step back.
He averted his gaze to the ground, his teeth catching his bottom lip as he clenched the bag tightly in his hands. The silence said everything. He didn’t need to say more.
“You know, Harry…” Tears started to spill down her cheeks as her breathing became uneven, “When we were together, I never looked at anyone like I looked at you. I never thought to myself what it would be like to be with someone else, you wanna know why?”
“Because all I ever wanted was you!” She choked out a sob, her chest bursting with emotions as her tears reddened her cheeks, “You were everything I ever wanted! I loved you! I wanted to spend the rest of my fucking life with you!”
She was met with silence again. Harry just stared at the ground, his hand taking off the sunglasses to run a hand through his hair as she scolded him. He let out a slow breath, looking up at her with saddened eyes.
“I did love you. I never once lied about that. I never cheated on you either.” He said defensively, his nose flaring like he was angry. Angry at what? She didn’t know.
“I’m not a cheater—but the fights we kept having… Baby, weren’t you tired of it? It was everyday we were fighting about something. It was exhausting. You were exhausting.” He spoke lowly, tears rising in his eyes, “I’ll never stop loving you and caring about you, but we aren’t meant for each other. I’m—I’m sorry.”
“They are just fights. We could have worked through it. Couldn’t we? I just—I don’t understand…” She was now crying into her hands, avoiding any kind of eye contact with him, “I’m sorry, work has been so stressful, mom’s been breathing down my neck—“
“But everyday?? It was everyday! When was the last time we sat down and had a talk where we didn’t snap at each other? We’ve been fighting for two months straight.” He snapped, gritting his teeth together, “I mentally can not handle being with you anymore. Get it through your head.”
“I-I’m sorry…” She choked out, trying to wipe the tears off her face, but they kept running down her cheeks and it made it almost impossible to keep a dry surface.
“Me too.” He mumbled.
She stood there with tears in her eyes as he pushed past her and walked straight out of the door. Within seconds, her knees hit the floor and she was crying into her fists.
Maybe they weren’t meant for one another, but it didn’t take away the pain that she felt. It didn’t take away the sleepless nights she’s had.
She crawled into bed that night, her face numb from rubbing it and her heart constantly crashing against her chest from adrenaline. She knew that this was over and she would never get another chance with him again.
But ultimately, this was only a step to becoming a better person for the next guy that comes into her life. She took her mistakes and noted it to become better.
But maybe their paths would cross again soon. She was hopeful.
Maybe a little too hopeful.
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Beautiful babyy🥺
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Ring Leader (H.S)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles/Y/N
Warnings: NSFW (18+) oral (female receiving), mutual masturbation?, Domrry, unprotected sex (wrap it up!!), pet names, (uses of the word whore)
Word Count: 6,402
Synopsis: Harry runs a circus and Y/N is new and catches his eye. 
authors note: hi sunnies, I wrote this differently than any other one-shot I've done, it has a bit more plot and not just fully smut. I don't know how to feel, let me know if you enjoyed it:) Reblog and Feedback appreciated.
Y/N was nervous.
Her hands were shaking as she stood in front of the arena. It was her first day at the circus, the first day she would get to practice with the rest of the crew. The first time she would get to meet everyone. 
She felt sick to her stomach, butterflies swarming her tummy all morning as she got ready for the day. 
She had on her lilac purple leotard with a pair of black tights to match, on her feet were a pair of white trainers, laced tightly. She tightened her hold on the bag on her shoulder, her palms a bit sweaty from her nerves. With a heavy breath, she took a step forward, her hand reaching out to grab the silver door handle. 
As she went to pull it open, someone on the other side decided to push it at the same time. 
She went flying back as the door hit her, she landed on her ass, her hands reaching out to cushion some of the impact of the fall as she heard a deep voice let out a low curse. 
“Jesus Christ, are y’okay, honey?” the voice asked her, a man coming into her view as she turned her head. 
He was so fucking hot, her head was spinning as she looks over at him as he kneels next to her. His brown hair was pulled back in a clip on the top of his head, small curls falling from the side as his hand moved to tuck them back. His pink plump lips sat in a frown as his captivating green eyes searched over her face for any sign of discomfort, his brows furrowing when she still hadn't said anything. 
“Honey? Y’all good, sugar? Didn’t knock ya’ down too hard did I?” 
“N-no… ‘m okay,” she whispers, looking up at him she moves her hands from behind her. His eyes fell down to her palms which were red and bloody, her perfectly smooth skin was irritated and scratched and he felt himself break. 
“Fuck honey, look at y’eh. ‘M s’sorry didn’t mean to. Should’ve been looking at where I was goin’.” He apologizes, reaching out he wraps his large hands around her narrow wrists to lift her from the ground, “Let me help you? S’only fair.” 
He helps as she rises from the ground. The first thing he noticed was how tiny she was, she was so small. Having to stare downwards to look at her pretty face. Fuck did he think she was pretty, the prettiest girl he had ever seen. 
“Okay,” she whimpered, feeling her palms throb in pain. 
“S’okay honey, gonna get y’eh all cleaned up,” he coos, pulling her close to him as he leads them into the building. “‘M sorry, s’sorry honey.” he whispers again, repeating his apology so she knew it was genuine.
He led them towards the toilet, opened the door to the family restroom, and closed the door behind them. He walked her over to the toilet and closed the lid so she could sit down. He made sure she was okay and then he moved to where the sink was, above it on a small shelf sat a first aid kit.
“This might hurt, honey,” he whispered, wincing as he knew that she was about to be in more pain. “But I gotta clean your hands, sweetheart. Gotta make sure they don't get infected.” 
She nods her head as he opens up the bottle of alcohol, moving toward her he places her hands over the edge of the sink with her palms facing the ceiling. His eyes met hers and she gave him a small nod before he tipped the bottle forward pouring the cold liquid onto her skin.
"Ow. Ow. Ow. That burns," she whimpers, trying to pull her hands away and her face scrunches up. 
"I know, I know. 'M sorry, honey." He whispers, "Let's distract y'eh yeah? What's your name, sugar?" 
"Y/N," she whimpered, her eyes watering at the pain. 
"S'very pretty," he coos, dipping his head lower he looks at her, "M' Harry. What were y'coming in for today?" 
"I um… it was my first day here...ow... I'm one of the new acrobats," she tells him, whines and whimpers fall from her lips as he puts a bit more onto her palms. 
"Oh really?" He coos, placing the bottle on the side of the sink he grabs for a piece of paper towel to dap her palms with ease. "Did Everett hire you, honey?" He asks, slowly and gently wiping the wetness from her hands.
"Mhm, I auditioned last week," she says, watching as he went to pull out a tube of ointment. 
"I bet y'eh were amazing. Everett knows to hire the best," he mumbles, placing the ointment to her hands.
"How— how do you know Everett?" She asks, her brows furrowing as he places the ointment and alcohol back in the first aid kit.
"Oh, honey, sweet sweet sugar," he tuts, placing the kit back on the shelf before he comes to stand in front of her, "I'm the ringleader, sweetheart." 
It's been a few months since that first day. Since the day that Y/N had that run in with Harry.
They had been friends since then, very close friends.
Harry would stand at the side of the room while Y/N would practice with her new partner, River. His eyes would be glued to Y/N, he was memorized by her, by the way she would move.
She was fascinating.
He couldn't peel his eyes from her as she moved on the middle of the floor, twirling around as she practiced for the opening show. 
Harry has felt this way since the day they first met. She captivated him at first glance. The way she carried herself drew him in deeper. 
He could never tell her, but he's never wanted anything as much as he wants her. 
Harry could feel his blood run cold as he watched River move closer to Y/N, his arm wrapped around her waist once he got close enough, tugging her into his side. Harry had never felt such anger before, all he wanted to do is walk up and steal Y/N away. He didn't want anyone touching her but him, he thought no one was worthy of touching her silky smooth skin as much as he did. 
But he didn't, he stayed where he was standing and glared at them. His eyes hardened when River leaned over to whisper something in Y/N’s ear, something that made her head tip back and a laugh that made Harry's heart pound escape her kissable lips. 
He watched as she lifted her head again, her cheeks were flushed as she shook her head. It left him wondering what River had said that could leave her blushing… 
He continued watching as they progressed in their practicing, his eyes following her movements as she twisted and turned in ways that left him speechless. He knew she was flexible and that only made his thoughts turn dirtier.
He wondered how many ways he could bend her while she was in his bed, how many ways she could take his cock. It left him wondering about how far she could hold open those pretty thighs while he fed his cock into her… fuck, there were so many things he wanted to try with her, so many different positions he could see himself fucking her in. 
He shook his head at his thoughts, he was envisioning everything inside his head now… he could see her bending over the dressing room vanities for him, her leotard pulled to the side as he walked into the room. Her sopping pussy would be ready for him, for his cock. Fuck, he could feel it already, the pressure of his hands gripping her hips as he slammed his thick cock into her tight pussy as she moans his name over and over. 
Harry releases a low groan and his eyes look up to Y/N.
But his thoughts turned feral when he saw Rivers hand moving down Y/N’s waist, moving slowly down to the top of her ass. He couldn't stand it, he simply couldn't stand here and watch River touch on Y/N when Harry wanted to be the one to be touching her.
“That's enough for today!" his voice rang through the room making everyone freeze. “Everyone's good to go home.” he added before storming out of the room.
Y/N was confused, she had never seen Harry act the way he had just acted.
He seemed angry.
Harry had never been angry around her before, and everyone had always talked about how kind he was to everyone he met. So it left her very confused.
“What's up his ass today?” River asked, leaning in closer to whisper into her ear so no one could hear. 
“Mm, not sure,” she mumbled, she wanted to go to her dressing room, she just wanted to be away from everyone.
Especially, River.
Since the day she met River she knew that he was into her, I mean he never tried to hide his attraction towards her. He would hang over her, either his arm being slung around her shoulder or hugged around her waist… he seemed to always need to touch her,
She hated it, she didn't want him touching her but she didn't want to make things even more awkward since they had to work together. She had never made it seem like she saw them being anything more than friends though, she denied him again and again when he would ask her out.
She didn't want him…. She wanted Harry.
But he seemed to never want her. 
She would hear rumors about the women that Harry would take into his dressing room the last tour, the women that he would find after shows and he would use them to wear out his adrenaline before inviting them back to his hotel for the night.
That wasn't her.
Of course, she wanted to have sex with Harry… who wouldn’t? But she wanted more. 
She wanted the heated touches, the longing stares, she wanted the feelings, she wanted him whole, she wanted his heart or nothing more. 
She couldn't be just another lay for him. She needed to be more. 
“Do y’eh want to maybe go out tonight? We can get drinks and maybe see tha’ new movie playing?” River asked, moving around to stand in front of her as she went to walk away. 
Before she could even open her mouth she could feel him. Harry. She could feel him standing somewhere in the room and she knew he was watching, she could feel the intense heat that she always got when he would look at her. 
“Y/N, I need to see you.” was all he said, she turned to look in the direction that his voice came in and saw him walking away already. 
She didn't even reply to River, she just followed after him. She knew something was wrong, she could see it in the way that he was standing. He was tense, his shoulders were stiff as he walked towards the hallway of dressing rooms.
He walked straight past hers leaving her confused, he kept walking until he saw his room. ‘Harry Styles’ written in bold letters made a sense of pride fill his chest as he pushed the door open. Holding it open for her, she brushed past him silently as she made her way to the leather couch that was sitting against the back wall. 
“What did you need to see me for?” she asked, her sweet voice only made him want her more. 
He inhaled deeply as he shut the door, locking it behind him he made his way to the chair that sat in front of the vanity. The same vanity he saw himself fucking her against not even twenty minutes ago, his cock was still half hard at the memory of his fantasy. 
With another deep breath he finally looked up at her, her bottom lip was caught between her teeth. She was looking at him… but she definitely wasn't looking at his face. No, she was looking at his crotch, staring at the bulge that was pressing against the zipper of his jeans. 
“I don't know how much longer I can take this, honey.” he grunted, pushing his hips up making his cock press harder against the fabric of his jeans. 
Honey. Her heart stuttered at the nickname that's stuck since they first met. She melts at it, it feeds her need to have his affection. 
“Take...take what?” she asks, her brows furrowing when she thinks back to what he had said. 
“This,” he growled, his fingers waving between the both of them, “I can’t fuckin’ do it anymore, Y/N.”
“I-I don't know what you’re talking about, Harry.” she mumbles, her thighs clench together when she sees his hand reach down to palm over his erection. 
“No? Y’eh don’t know what ‘m talkin’ about but you’re clenching those sweet thighs… why honey? Y’eh feeling that ache, right? That ache right on your little clit, sugar… that ache that y’want me to take away?” 
“Harry,” she gasps, her cheeks tint as his words and she's stunned. She can't believe that those words passed his lips..but she also can't help but get wetter at those words because he's right. “I can't, I—” 
“Why not, honey?” he cries out, palming himself harder as he sees her thighs clench harder, he can see how affected she is by him but he can't seem to understand why she doesn't want him. “I can tell that you want me, right? So why can't we give in, sugar? I want you so fucking much.” 
“Because you just want to fuck me,” she blurts out. Harry freezes, his hand falls from his lap as his mouth drops open at her words. "And I can't just fuck you and go back to being normal Harry and Y/N."
"I don't want to jus' fuck you, honey," he whispers, getting up he moves over to sit beside her on the couch, "Of course I wanna be with y'eh but not only for y'eh body, sugar," he adds, grabbing her hands he brings them to his lips to press kisses to her skin. "I want you, Y/N. I want y'eh when y'eh jus' want to cuddle, I want y'eh when you’re all pissy about not getting the routine down, I want y'eh all the time, every fuckin' second of the day." 
"Harry…" she whimpers, her heart feels so full, overflowing with the feeling that he was giving her. 
Leaning in, she slanted her pouty lips over his, taking the air from his lungs as he realized that he was finally kissing her. He was kissing Y/N. His hand moved to tangle in her hair, tilting her head he pressed his tongue against her lips as he tried to deepen the kiss. 
He needed more, he felt himself begin to go crazy as her soft lips parted and her wet tongue peeks out to tangle with his. He releases a groan as he tastes her for the first time, she was sweet, so fucking sweet and he knew that he was addicted.  His free hand moved to her waist and he pulled her to his lap, her thighs straddling his as he pressed their chests together. He could feel her nipples harden as they pressed against his chest and it made him even crazier, with the heat her thighs were giving him he thrusts his hips into hers, his hard cock grinding against the thin material of her leotard. 
"Oh god— Harry, w-wait.." she whimpered, her hips pressed down against the bulge of his jeans as she detached her mouth from his. Hiding her face in his neck she began panting as she tried to control her breathing and her thoughts.
"Wha' is it, honey? What's wrong?" Harry cooed, rubbing his hands up and down her back as he tried to regain his breathing as well. 
"Don't wanna 'ave sex right now," she whimpered, feeling like he would be turned off by her not wanting to sleep with him right away. 
"That's okay, m'honey. We can wait as long as y'eh want." He told her, kissing the side of her head as her face stayed tucked in his neck. 
It was finally the day.
It was the day of their first performance, the opening show. 
Y/N was a wreck, she was so nervous but she knew that she had the routine down to a T. 
Harry had laid in bed with her last night, rubbing her back and kissing all over her face as he whispered words to help her calm the nerves. He had seen her work herself up, and noticed when he needed to step in to help her calm down.
They had been taking things slow. Kisses and small touches here and there, small lunch and dinner dates. It's everything that they ever wanted 
But they were both suffering, physically that is.
There were times where both of them were so pent up, so needy that just the smallest touch could set them off. Any time they would kiss Harry had to hold himself back from thrusting his hips up into hers, but she held herself back as well. Sitting in his lap she had to stop herself from grinding down against the bulge that she could feel.
They were holding out. Both torturing themselves silently.
But today was the day that Y/N would break. 
Over the last few weeks, she could feel herself edging closer to that breaking point, it was like a balloon being filled with air, it could only take so much before it burst. And Y/N was ready to pop. 
"You ready, honey?" Harry asked, walking into her dressing room.
She sat at the vanity chair, sitting in front of the mirror while she placed glitter on her temple and cheekbones. He thought she looked so fucking good. She was wearing her new red and black leotard, the red had small specs of glitter throughout it. Matching her shoes which wear black with glittery red laces. She looked fucking perfect. His perfect honey.
“Look at y’eh,” he rasps out, walking closer to her as she sits down the makeup brush, “Look so gorgeous m’girl,” he whispers, leaning down he presses a kiss to the side of her head. 
“Thank you, H.” she whimpers, her cheeks flooding pink as she avoids his eye.
He loved how flustered she got, it only drove him to wonder how flustered she would get when they finally had sex. How red would her cheeks get at his dirty words, how shy would she become when she finally had a good look at his thick cock, standing tall for her and her only. How speechless could she get when he had her on all fours pounding away at her pussy, his hands on her hips as he pulled her back onto him…
It was safe to say that Harry was ready. He was ready for her that first day they met. 
“Your goin’ to do amazing, honey. Know y’will, you've got this, sugar.” he told her, kissing her head once more before the stage producer came to tell them that they were starting. 
Before he could leave though, Y/N caught his arm. Wrapping her dainty fingers around the white lace sleeves of the outfit he was wearing she stood to stand in front of him. Her heart was beating out of her chest at the words that were about to escape her mouth, but they had to come out, they needed to because she was about to burst just from their small interaction.
Standing on the tips of her toes she brought her mouth to his ear, placing a kiss on his earlobe before whispering, "I want you to fuck me tonight." 
His cock twitched at her words, hearing her tell him that made his mind go feral. He was ready to push her up against the black vanity and push her leotard to the side, it would take nothing but a second to have them both moaning as he thrusts his cock into her tightness. 
And he wanted that, they both did. 
Before he could even respond they were calling for showtime. But they both knew what was going to happen the second the curtain closed after the end of the night. 
"Tha' was amazing Y/N!" River cheered, stepping behind the curtain as they had just finished their performance.
She could feel her heart racing in her chest, the adrenaline from the performance taking over her body. She wanted nothing more than to have Harry standing at the side as she came off the floor but he wasn't finished. 
But it gave her time to get ready.
She knew that neither of them were going to be able to make it back to the hotel room after her confession so she wanted to be ready for him once he was finished for the night. 
She just needed to be in his dressing room before curtain call. 
"Yeah, you did great," she said, opening the water bottle that was handed to her when she walked off the stage. 
"God, I can't wait for the next show already," he continued on, walking beside her as she moved towards the dressing rooms, "Hey, maybe we could catch a bite after?" 
She came to a stop at his question, she had grown tired of being asked over and over again. She was silently hoping that over time he would take the hint that she wasn't interested, but obviously, that wasn't the case.
"Look River, you're a really great guy and all... but I'm just not really interested," she said, trying to keep it punctual but sweet at the same time.
River had looked like he wanted to say something, his mouth continued to open and close before he just gave her a simple nod. "Okay."
With that, he turned away and walked in the opposite direction. Y/N hoped that moving forward that they could at least be friends, for the sake of the circus. She wanted to be an adult about the situation and move past it. 
She continued walking down the hall until she found Harry's dressing room, slipping inside she made sure to close the door behind her.
She walked over to the vanity and she sat in the chair, turning sideward she could see Harry performing on the screen that hung in the room. 
She knew that he was almost finished with the set, he was nearing the end, and that alone made her more excited. 
She continued to watch him move through the screen, somehow Harry made everything that he did look attractive. Just watching him work made Y/N wet. She could feel herself begin to make a mess of her leotard as her eyes followed Harry.
The camera zoomed in on him and he looked into the lens, his wet tongue peeled out of his mouth. Everyone in the audience laughed making Harry smirk. 
Y/N closed her eyes, drifting her hands down her body as she leaned back in the chair, in Harry's chair. As her eyes closed an image popped up inside of her mind, one that made her thighs clench as a need washed over her.
An image of Harry sitting in this very chair, his costume for the night pulled down past his knees as he held his hard cock in his hand. Moans and whimpers fall from his lips as he gives himself slow strokes, his hips threaten to press up for more friction.
"Oh god," Y/N moans, her eyes squeeze shut as her hand moves down to her thighs, her nails dig at her skin just enough to make her heart speed. 
His hand let go of his cock just long enough for him to lick a stripe in the center of his hand before wrapping it around himself again. This time allowing his hips to lift from the chair, thrusting into his clenched fist as her name falls from his parted lips. 
"So fuckin' good," she moans, her head falling back as her fingers slowly make their way to her covered cunt. Her fingers rub circles over her sensitive clit and she can feel the material of her leotard become damp.
Her other hand goes to her tits, groping herself lightly as another image flashed through her head. Instead of only Harry, this time she's on her knees in front of him, his hand is wrapped in her hair as she takes his cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around his leaking too before his hips surged forward, forcing himself into her hot, wet mouth. 
"Harry, fucking hell." She whimpers, her hips grind forward into her palm as her fingers move faster on her clit.
"Is this what you do when I'm not with you, honey?" Harry asks as he walks into the room, freezing in his spot as his eyes drop down to her hand. Her eyes fly open and her hand drops from between her thighs. 
"Hm? Do you play with that pretty little pussy while moaning my name like a needy little whore, sugar?" 
Her eyes widen as he walks further into the room, locking the door behind him. "I– uh." 
"By all means, don't stop on my accord," he mutters, waving for her to continue. "Go on, you're going to need to get her really nice and wet for me anyways, honey." 
Slowly she dragged her hand down the front of her leotard, her eyes stayed on him as he leaned against one of the walls. His hand palmed against the erection that was pressing against the front of his white pants. 
"Pull it to the side, honey. I want to see how pretty she is." He demands, gripping himself through the material of his pants as he watches her every move. 
With a shaky breath, she pulls the leotard to the side, the cold air hitting her clit makes her take in a sharp breath and Harry can't stand being away from her any longer. 
With large strides he steps in front of her, his hands staying to himself as his eyes drag down her body as she sits slumped over in his chair. Her nipples hardened against the material, goosebumps covering her skin, both her hands between those fucking thighs of hers. One holds the material to the side while the other runs down her soaking slit. 
Collecting her arousal she brings it up to her clit and begins rubbing circles around her sensitive nerves. She bites down on her lip to try and suppress her moans but Harry doesn't want that, he shakes his head as his hand slips under the band of his pants, gripping his bare cock with his rough hand. 
"Y'eh don't have to be quiet, honey. I want them to hear, wanna have them knowing who's making y'feel so fuckin' good." He moans, giving himself slowly strokes as his eyes dart down to her pussy, "Taste her for me, sugar. Want y'eh to tell me what 'm about to taste." 
She collects more of her arousal on her fingers before bringing her hand up to her lips, wiping the tips of her fingers on her bottom lip slowly before slipping them past. Her tongue swirls around her fingers as she moans at the taste of herself on her taste buds. 
"'S it good, honey? Do y'eh like how y'eh taste?" Harry asks, reaching his free hand out to rub at her leg gently.
"Mhm, so good." She moans, removing her fingers from her mouth they trail back down between her legs 
"Yeah? Can I have my taste now, sugar?" Harry asks, his mouth watering as he glances down at her drenched center. 
She nods her head slowly, watching as he kneels in front. His hands brush up her thighs as his fingers slowly take over holding her leotard to the side, his eyes glance up at her when he doesn't hear a response.
"Asked y'eh a question, didn't I, baby?" He asked firmly, his eyes staying on her face as his other hand moved down towards her pussy. Her head nods again as she holds in a breath, his thumb brushing over her slit so lightly. "Then I expect to get an answer." He demanded, his thumb swirling over her clit before he removes his hand from her pussy.
"I uh— fuck, you can… you can do whatever you want, Harry." She whines, her hips grinding up wanting his hand to return between her thighs. 
"Y'sure about that, darling?" He taunts, leaning down he places soft small kisses on her inner thighs, "Because saying that means… I could stroke m'cock in front of you–making myself cum all over this pretty leotard, and if I wanted I could leave y'eh needy and whiny all night. So I would rethink that statement, honey." 
"Mhm," she shakes her head as she feels his warm breath fan over her exposed center. "Do whatever you want, I'm yours." 
"Y'are mine, honey. And right now I wanna taste this sweet little pussy." He groans, his tongue darts out, licking one single stripe up her slit. "Jesus Christ, taste so fuckin' sweet, baby." 
"Please–" she starts to whine, her hands shaking from how eager she is.
"No need to whine, honey. Don't have it in me to make y'eh beg tonight." He says, moving closer he buries his face on her cunt, wrapping his lips around her clit he begins sucking on it lightly. 
He moves his hand to wrap around her thigh, using his other hand he uses his middle and ring finger to circle her weeping opening. Pressing lightly he slowly begins to slide them inside of her, curling them to hit that sweet spot that has her legs shake and moans fall from her mouth.
"That's it, honey," he mutters against her pussy, flicking his tongue over her clit, "So fucking sweet, baby." 
He wants to make her cum, he wants her to make a mess of his fingers and face before he can slide his thick cock inside her tightness. He wants to be able to taste her on his tongue as he finally sinks into her fully when he finally marks her as his. 
"Oh god, I'm gonna cum— fuck fuck." She moans, her hands reach down and tangle in his hair as her legs tremble. 
His fingers continued to move, helping her ride out her orgasm as he drank her in. His tongue slows against her clit as his thrusts come to a halt. 
"Good girl, honey. Did s'well, baby." He cooed, removing his fingers from her pussy he slides them past his lips
"God, your mouth is… fuck." She gasps out, a laugh spills from his mouth as he moves to stand. 
"Mm… jus' wait until y'find out how good I can make y'feel with m'cock, sugar." He whispers, moving to remove his pants and shirt. 
Her eyes dragged down his body, taking him in fully for the first time. She allowed herself to admire the artwork that covered his body, the black ink that littered his beautiful skin. Her eyes dropped further and she took in his long thick cock for the first time, she knew he was going to be big from the look of the erection he had that was pressing against his pants but seeing it in the flesh, she didn't know how he was meant to fit. 
"God, H… you're so fucking hard." She whispered, watching as his rough hand wrapped around the base of his cock. 
"It's all for you, honey." He mutters, his thumb runs over his slit as he gathers the precum that's spilled out. "Stand up for me, sugar. Bend over the vanity." He orders, backing up to give her room to move as his hand keeps moving up and down his cock. 
She obeys, standing from the black chair she moved it to the side as she took a step towards the vanity. Clearing the space of things she bent forward, her leotard was still pushed to the side. She felt Harry come up behind her, his hand grabbing her hips as he situated behind her.
"Fuckin' hell, y'eh look like a dream, honey." He mumbles, letting his eyes drag over her body that was bent over for him. Her hips wiggled and pressed back, trying to feel him. "This thing has to go." He whispers. Y/N's brows furrow, and before she had the chance to ask what he meant she felt his hands go to the material between her legs. With a pull the material came apart, ripping right in half. 
"There we go, now I 'ave a real good view of what's about to be mine." 
She feels his hands run over her ass, gripping at her skin harshly. His blunt nails dig into her ass before he smooths over her skin, reaching down he grabs a hold of his throbbing cock. Running his leaking too through her folds he can feel her opening pulse, clenching down around nothing as her body craves him. 
"Y'eh ready, honey?" He asks, leaning over to kiss her spine. 
"Mhm, please." She whines, pressing her hips back as the tip of his cock passes through her opening.
"Oh god, you're so fuckin' tight," he whimpers, slowly pressing his hips further into hers, "Shit, I can feel every fucking crevice of this sweet little pussy, honey." 
She whines and whimpers at his dirty mouth, her pussy gets even wetter as he eggs her on. Once he's fully seated inside of her they both release groans, his arm wraps around her waist as he pulls her back to become flush against his chest. Turning her head her lips connect with his, every kiss they share is like the first one. Full of passion and love.
"Move. Please, you have to." She begs him, pushing her hips back to get even the smallest amount of friction. 
Letting her upper body fall back against the vanity, he grabs her hips with both of his large rough hands. Retracting his hips slowly until he's almost completely out of her just to slam back in, the head of his cock hits against her g-spot making moans and whimpers fall from her as her head drops down to the table. 
"Eyes up, honey. Look at yourself while I'm fuckin’ you on m'cock." He demands, raising his hand to smack it on her right cheek. 
She screams out in pleasure as she begs him to do it again, spank her again. He gives in almost instantly, raising the other hand just to land it back on her other cheek.
"Y'eh like that, sugar? Like being a little whore for me? M'little circus whore." He growls, moving his hips faster as he stares down at where they're connected.
She lifts her head up, looking at him through the mirror she can see the pure pleasure that he's getting. As his head tilts back, his mouth hung open as pants of breath escape him, his eyes pinched shut as she clenches down on him repeatedly. 
"Yes, yes fuck. I'm your whore, Harry." She whines, staring at him through the mirror.
"Oh I know you are, lovie. You've been drooling over this cock since the first day I met you, yeah?" He asks, his hand moving around her waist until his finger meets her sensitive clit, "Were y'eh wet for me that day, pet? Huh? Did y'eh wish that I had bent y'eh over that sink baby? Fucked y'like I am now?" 
Her head nods quickly, her orgasm creeping up on her as his finger moves against her clit and his cock hits her g-spot. Her eyes rolled back as his pace quickened, leaning down his mouth connected to her neck as his chest rested on her back.
"Are y'eh gonna cum, honey?" He coos, his tongue swipes at her skin before he sucks on her neck. 
“Mhm. Please, can I?” she asks, trying to open her eyes to look at him through the mirror. 
“Y’eh can cum, sugar. Go on, cum all over m’cock, make a mess of me,” he growls, tightening his hold on her hips he pounds into her harder as his own orgasm reaches the peak. “Fuck, ’m gonna cum in this tight pussy, honey. Do y’eh want that? Want me to fill y’eh up so y’feel my in your tummy for days, baby?” he asks.
“Yes. yes please, H. cum with me baby, want to feel you cum inside of me.” she whimpers, clenching down around his cock as her orgasm flows over the edge. 
He lets out a string of curses as his hips slam into hers one last time, thick ropes of cum paint her walls white as he grinds his hips against her slowly. His arms move to wrap around her waist to hug her to him, his face burrows in her sweaty next as he lets out low groans and moans.
Both of them stay like that, pressed against one another as they try to catch their breaths. He leaves wet sweet kisses to her skin as she lets out a low hum, her hand moves down to brush against his arm that’s wrapped around her waist. 
“Fuck, that was unreal.” he whispers, pecking her neck one last time before lifting her head. 
“Yeah, definitely unreal,” she repeats, biting her bottom lip to stop a large grin from spreading across her face. 
“What?” he asks, looking at her through the mirror as he lets his fingers run along her stomach.
“Nothing,” she shrugs, shaking her head she can feel her cheeks begin to heat, ”Can we do it again?” she whispers, rolling her lips inwards when she hears him let out a laugh. 
“Let’s clean up and get back to the hotel and we can do it as much as you want, honey.” he promises, kissing her cheeks before slowly pulling out of her. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- harry styles halloween layouts
credit @/sunflwrfolklore
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stylesmygucci · 2 months ago
Unbelievable || H.S
Pairing: boyfriend!Harry x reader
Content warning: fluff, steamy kisses
Word count: 405
A/n: Hi my loves! I was not as quick as you guys but this is a short and sweet one-shot/blurb/drabble for this photo (That I may or may not have pulled out my ass). Sorry for teasing… Please enjoy!!! masterlist
Tumblr media
“Do I look pretty?” He asked as the stylist pushed his curls back in clips. He was preparing for the Daze magazine shoot and every outfit he gathered looked like it was straight out of an art gallery; questionable, yet unique.
“Absolutely gorgeous.” I comment. His lips twitch to the side and his eyes opened the slightest.
“Gorgeous enough to kiss?” He asks, cheeky smile spreading on his face.
I shook my head in disbelief and looked at the stylist, who’s eyes flicked between us. She quickly got the hint and gathered her things to leave. “This is why I love this crew.” He mumbled after she closed the door.
His arms stretched out and I couldn’t help but fall into his trap. I climbed onto his lap, letting my knees fall to the side of his legs, and my arms stretch to hold his neck in my hands. His arms slithered to my waist, squeezing my love handles lightly like he always did.
The chair height made me taller by the slightest, causing his green eyes to look up at me guiltily.
He wanted more than a kiss.
I lean down to his lips, brushing them slightly. His chest rose up and down normally and his nose let out little gust of air that heated my top lip.
Eventually, our lips closed and his soft lips took mine between his, slowly moving in sync, enjoying every second we expressed. His tongue brushed the bottom of my lip and I opened wider to give him entry.
As his tongue brushed mine, his hands squeezed my waist tighter before snaking down to my thighs, teasing his way to my ass. He rested them there, pushing me down against the lower part of his cutting gown. He was already hard.
Muffled voices could be heard from outside the door but Harry could care less; he grew eager and pulled me closer him.
A loud knock finally drove him away, “shoots in five.” Jeff’s voice rang.
“Fucking Jeff.” He murmured through a heavy pant. His head lifted back up to look at me and the mischievous smirk returned to his swollen wet lips. “Five minutes is all it takes.” He shrugged.
I could not believe this man; a horny beast that couldn’t even wait for later. “You are unbelievable.” I shook my head.
“Unbelievably hot.” He cheekily responded, taking my lips back.
“Fucking narcissist.” I laugh.
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sunflower, vol. 6 - harry styles x gn!reader
summary- harry writes the most romantic songs when he’s thinking about his relationship with his favorite person.. you
requests are open :)
Tumblr media
harry had never been so in love before. so much was evident from his smile, his loving notes, his sweet kisses, and his songs. if he’d ever thought he’d loved someone, he’d been almost proven wrong just from his immense love for you. you made him a different man; you filled him with happiness that he didn’t even know to be possible before meeting you.
you knew, undoubtedly, that songs about you were near inevitable on his second album. what you hadn’t expected was for him to write what you insisted to be “the most romantic song in the history of ever”, sunflower, vol. 6.
“my eyes, want you more than a melody”, he had written. he wanted you more than he could ever begin to put into a song. in fact, the very song only scratched the surface of his feelings for you. you’d never fully begin to wrap your head around his love, he thought.
like a catchy melody, you were always running through his head. your gorgeous smile, your contagious laugh, and your addicting touch.
he remembered all of the moments that the two of you had shared, keeping them sweet in his memory. from the moments where you finally started opening up, and he finally got to know more about you, to the mundane moments where your mouths would be full of toothpaste from a night shared at each other’s homes, brushing your teeth together the next morning.
you’d lean over the sink and laugh as he’d make a funny face into the mirror, looking over to make sure you were amused.
but when you would dance in the kitchen together.. it was always his favorite thing. you would turn the simple room into a dancefloor; spinning around in your pajamas to whatever classic rock song was playing. your domestic relationship was all he’d ever hoped for, and he was so lucky to be the one in your arms as you’d pull him to you, resting your head on his chest.
“my sunflower.” he’d always call you. the term of endearment started up one day as if it was nothing.. just a little nickname he used to call you over to him. it very quickly became your favorite.
“sunflower, can you please bring me my mug?” he’d ask while reading the newspaper in the morning, his feet perched up on the coffee table in front of him.
you’d kiss his cheek, brushing the hair from his eyes as you stood behind him to read the paper over his shoulder, leaving to get your matching coffee or tea mugs (it depended on the day) from the kitchen. little moments like these were his favorites. they made everything else in his life: the paparazzi, the music, the sold out shows- all just slip away. the only thing that mattered was you.
but his actual favorite moments were the ones in the morning before the newspaper. your tired eyes truly were the death of him. your bed head as you rolled over to your side to look at him, your pretty sleepy smile as he would kiss your head. he was so infatuated with you that it killed him. he’d never felt a love like this; where something as small as your hazy headshakes of response would make his heart ache.
he admired you almost like a piece of fine art. he collected art, and knew how to handle it with care. you, however, were prettier than anything in his entire gallery. he admired your sunshine smile and your shining eyes, and even more-so your incomparable personality. but he’d be lying if he said that, on top of having the most kindness in your heart and the most perfect sense of humor, you were also the most beautiful person he’d ever seen.
of course, like every relationship, you had your struggles. at one point you’d had a disagreement (so insignificant that he couldn’t even remember what you’d been fighting about). you’d gone to your shared bed without a goodnight, shutting off all the lights.
harry hesitantly made his way into your room, dropping to his knees so that he was eye level with you. he knew you couldn’t sleep properly when he wasn’t in bed with you, so he figured you hadn’t yet fallen asleep. “sunflower.” he cooed, brushing hair from your face. “please don’t go to bed upset with me, we promised not to do that.”
you had rolled over to allow him space next to you. your little argument was forgotten as you both apologized, wrapping each other up in your arms. you needed each other, which was made evident by your little grasps on the others’ t-shirt, almost begging them not to leave.
even the fights you’d have would plant new seeds into your relationship, leaving you stronger than before and even more in love. you learned lessons about each other, learning what things were sensitive topics, and what things weren’t worth arguing over.
it was without a doubt in his mind that he could see himself settling down with you. everything about you was what he looked for in a partner, and he didn’t think he’d ever possibly get enough of you. he could see himself having kids with you, dancing with the little beauties of creation that you had made together; the offspring of your love.
he always pictured the kids listening to the jamaican music that you and he had danced to. dancehall, as it was called, had been played in jamaica while he had written his first album. you had found the music to be the best you’d ever heard, dancing and spinning around to the sounds of the electronic keyboard and drum machine.
“c’mhere!” you’d slurred out through a giggle, holding your hands out to him. his heart hurt from how beautiful you were, and how pretty the lights made your smile look, and how the radiance reflected off of your hair.
you pulled him close to you, laughing as you both began to jump and twirl around to the music. the style had a special place in both of your hearts ever since, and he couldn’t wait to share it with your future children.
he was looking forward to his future with you, and that much was certain. he’d told his mom every single detail possible about you, a grin on his face while he told her that he wanted to marry you. he’d even asked your father for his blessing, wanting everything to be perfect.
but, for now, he was content with his lazy mornings with you; content with holding you close to his chest as he smiled down at you.
and all of this was running through his head as he finally picked his pen up from the paper, little scribbles of thought left on the once blank page. “sunflower..” he mumbled to himself as he looked at the ideas he’d written. “hey, i have some ideas for a song, if you want to hear.” he said as you walked into the room, picking up his guitar and beginning to strum. “sunflower, my eyes, want you more than a melody.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
These pictures are married💙💚
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Prompts You Can Request HERE
(Harry Styles edition)
A1: “Let me wash your hair for you, okay?”
A2: “Let’s just stay in bed.”
A3: “Do you want to watch the stars?”
A4: “Catch me if you can!”
A5: “I guess we’re stuck here until morning.”
A6: “Rain is the perfect lullaby.”
A7: “And now we’re out of power. Where do you keep the candles again?”
A8: “Is that a drawing of me?”
A9: “You are the peace I crave in this chaotic world.”
A10: “I need you, you idiot.”
A11: “You still live in the silences between my thoughts.”
A12: “You think the universe fights for souls to be together?”
A13: “Can I stay here tonight?”
B1: “When was the last time you slept?”
B2: “Please don’t leave me.”
B3: “Why can’t you just love me back?”
B4: “I can’t keep kissing strangers pretending they’re you.”
B5: “So that’s it? It’s over just like that?”
B6: “I think we need some time apart.”
B7: “When was the last time you meant it?”
B8: “Stop looking at me like you still care about me!”
B9: “It should have been you all along.”
B10: “We won’t forget about each other, right?”
B11: “I warned you how this would end.”
B12: “You always pushed people away. I just never thought you’d do it to me, too.”
B13: “It wasn’t supposed to end like this.”
B14: “Why does it feel like this is goodbye?”
B15: “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to see me.”
B16: “I’m tired of being tired.”
B17: “But friends don’t look at each other like we do.”
B18: “Why are you scared of loving?”
General scenarios
C1: in a beach town
C2: met in a psychiatric hospital
C3: photographer photographs new model
C4: stuck on a hiking trip together
C5: coffee house regulars
C6: tinder date turns into quarantine date
C7: run away from a religious cult
C8: ghost hunting; one believes and the other doesn’t
C9: walking the other home late at night
C10: it’s the 90’s and they’re renting a blockbuster movie
C11: realizing they’re in love with their childhood best friend
C12: met on a carnival ride
C13: watching them come out of their depression and smile again
EDIT: if you have a specific face claim/physical qualities you want the character to have, please specify in the request!
requests already filled will be linked with the post <3
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Tumblr media
It seems that you’ve graduated from Scarred Styles to Harry’s personal home to finally finish the tattoo that the famed owner and artist stared over 2 weeks ago, however, when it’s all said and done and the permanent ink has settled will your lust for the cocksure owner settle and die down as well?
ITS DONEEEE READ READ READ IT  I have yet to edit it but I will later whores! BYE IM GOING TO BED NOW IM GONNA THROW UP I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE if you did kindly give me feedback send me anons and reblog 😌😌👹👹
Warnings: Pain kink unprotected sex (make sure he’s wrapped before cheeks be clapped), slight degrading and SMUT nasty nasty smut!
word count: 6.1k
VS1, VS2
You barely knew him.
Thats the only thing that went through your mind as you’d pulled into yet another parking lot only this time, it was Harry’s— the parking lot to his apartment.You didn’t have to fumble with trying to find a space, you didn’t have to  worry about how much you had to pay the parking meeter, in fact you knew that no where was truly a safe haven, but you didn’t feel as if you had to worry about that much at all here.
The sun had just set, yet as you pulled into the lot each side of the street immediately lit up with street lamps to guid your path. You could’t even pull in to park without giving the gate guard a code and the building that you sat in front of left you questioning if you were even in the right place.
You’d opened your text messages to check and recheck the address, however, regardless of your doubt— the numbers in the message matched that of the numbers on the building and the building was lavish. It was nothing short of your typical downtown hipster vibe, but it was the last place that you would expect a person like Harry to be.
Continuing to look at your phone, you scrolled up past the address provided to the very first text that he’d sent you causing you to smile. 
H: Hello, Y/N. Are you sure you’re fine with coming to my place to finish the tattoo? Wouldn’t want you to feel pressured or anything. 
Y/N? No “pretty bird?” Hi, Harry. Your texts are so formal. Im sure i want to come at your house. 
*to your house. Sorry. Auto correct.
H: Auto correct? I don’t think it was but we’ll address that later. Business before pleasure, pretty bird. You did pay me for it after all. I aim to please. Every time.
You took a deep breath and looked down at your phone wishing that you told Gia now about you and Harry’s hook up. Not that you felt threatened or unnerved about being at his apartment, you at least felt as if you should let her know where you were so that someone would. You would do the same for your tinder dates. If she got suspicious you could always allude to that.
 Hey. I just wanted to let you know I’m out on a date just in case it all goes wrong and I end up on the news tomorrow in a missing persons report. 
You looked at your screen as you killed your engine and grabbed your purse, not expecting a text back so soon.
G: Aye! Thanks for letting me know. Maybe you should drop your pin? If he attempted anything with you I’m sure he’d be in the missing persons report…Who is it? 
You loved your friend, but she was inquisitive.
Tinder date… I wanted to be wined and dined.
G: Tinder? Wined and dined? Hoe… You want to bump and grind. Be safe make good choices. Have good sex. Drop Your pin.
You chuckled to yourself as you contemplated sharing your location. Surely if you did it she would know and perhaps Harry didn’t want his employee’s to be the wiser? He did say that was always the professional besides the times that he had you on his table. You opted to ignore the request seeing as you shared your location with Gia already you found it unnecessary that she know the exact address. If she had any inkling of where Harry lives surely she would put the clues together to know where you were based off the area alone.
You checked your face once more applying gloss to your lips and wrapped the tendrils of hair that hung in your face around your finger once more to ensure that there was still a cute spiral before you hopped out of your car, approaching his building cautiously. A doorman opened the glass double door for you catching you off guard as you sent Harry an I’m downstairs text. What you were absolutely not expecting next was the reply he sent you.
H: Okay. I’ll come get you.
You snickered to yourself before answering. Surely you could navigate an elevator alone.
526 right?
H: 526. Yes.
I’m already on the elevator.
H: I’ll meet you at the doors then.
You smiled to yourself as Harry insisted and a feeling of anticipation took over your being as you elevated quickly to the 5th floor. When the bell ding to let you know that you’d made it to your destination and the doors opened you let out a puff of air unaware that you were holding your breath in the first place.
Harry wasn’t there like he said he’d be causing you to look at the number on the floor one more time before exiting the elevator, but as soon as you entered the foyer of the floor you could hear feet padding towards you. When your eyes met a grin automatically spread on his face  and you held your breath again knowingly this time as you took in his scantily clad appearance. 
Usually when you see Harry, black jeans and or a black tank t-shirt is what you’re accustomed to, however, with him being at home, a more relaxed look did make sense.
Grey sweatpants that hung dangerously low on his narrow hips was all he wore to meet you at the elevator and though you weren’t complaining you were staring and he did see you. You cleared your throat and averted your eyes upwards toward his face causing him to smile before pulling his bottom lip in his mouth just so a dimple could pop.
“You didn’t have to meet me at the elevator you know. I was going to be just fine making it to your door.”
“Yeah, well. I’m a fucking gentleman, Y/N, if you must know. It’s like in my DNA or sommat.”
“A scantily clad gentleman.” You eyed him up and down shamelessly before Harry tilted his head to the side to look at you the same way taking you in all the while visually undressing you.
“Sorry. Got out of the shower and this was all I was able to grab, but I do tend to get comfortable at home. I can put on something else if this bothers you?” Harry spoke before stopping in front of his door, pulling the key to his flat out of his pocket before unlocking it to let you in.
You’d prefer of he’d take something off. The sexual tension between the two of you was already palpable and you’d only just got here, but you continued to play as coy as he did.
“No. By all means, stay comfortable. You are at home after all.” 
Your eyes widened as they scanned the industrial open lay out of the loft apartment in awe of how sleek it was for a single male somewhere in his 20’s. His home was black and exposed brick pillars with various pops of dark copper steal throughout; on his stair case, the frames of the floor to ceiling windows, and the beams that ran across the cap of the residence. It was cold for lack of better word, but somehow still somewhat warm.
“Shoes at the door, please.” Harry spoke while watching you, same grin on his lips that was there in the hallway.
“Yeah of course. So this is how all celebrity tattoo artists live?” You asked removing your shoes while hobbling on one leg at a time.
“Not all of them.” He responded cockily too sure that he was part of a select few before he spoke again. “Do you need anything before we start? Food? Drink?” 
“Nope. Just need you to finish me off—.”  You spoke with the intent to get a rise and that’s exactly what you did. Harry’s head tilted to the side but before he could get a quip in you finished your statement, “like you said, that’s what I paid you for.”
Harry’s thumb slid across his  bottom lip before he nodded his head. “Alright. Table is in the living room. You can put your leggings on the couch…You have on panties this time I assume?”
You laughed out loud because you had a second mind not wear them. You hated how panty lines showed through leggings, but because you would have to take the leggings off, you decided on a at least a thong this time. With the skirt on you were able to cover your cunt with the excess fabric. If you took off your leggings and were completely bare underneath you highly doubt the tattoo would ever get done.
“I think I might have remembered panties today,” 
“How unfortunate.” Harry pouted  before bringing a cold water bottle to his lips, smirking at his cheeky comment as he watched you walk away from him towards the inset style living room.
You set your bag on his couch as you looked over your shoulder at him, raising an eyebrow hoping for a bit of privacy as you disrobed regardless to how unnecessary it was. Harry’s gaze intensified with your own as he continued to drink from his water bottle so you’d decided to give him something to look at. Slowly pulling your leggings down your thighs and down to you ankles you bent over showing Harry your ass before standing up again, leggings in hand to neatly fold them and place them on the couch next to your purse. Water dribbled down the side of his mouth causing his forked tongue to clean up his spill, and slowly lick at the corner of his lips causing your clit to ache.
“If I didn’t wear them, how else would you have been able to focus? I think my pussy hypnotizes you.”
Harry began to choke on the water he drank chuckling before bringing the rim to his full pink lips, prepared to moisten them once more.
“You know you’re very sure of yourself, pretty bird. Love to see it in you.”
“Pot, meet kettle.” You spoke resisting the urge to say what else you’d love to see in you before you sat on the cold leather of the table.
Feeling goose bumps rise on your skin subtly subdued the heat between your legs and you were grateful for the cooling contrast as it settled down your lust. You wore something that you would have to take off for the same reason that Harry strutted out in grey sweatpants. It was a thirst trap. You both knew you wanted to fuck the other senseless and uninhibitedly, hence an invite to Harry’s private living quarters, but the build to the fuck was just as arousing as the act itself and you had no intensions of speeding it up.
You were lost in thought as Harry came to sit in front of you. Gloves already on his hands and materials already in place for him to finally finish the tattoo. Music played subtly in the background as he removed the bandage from your leg causing you to hiss in pleasure at how slightly raw the skin still felt.
“Have you always had a pain kink?” Harry asked nonchalantly as he examined your skin, determining it to be healed enough to start tattooing again. The question caught you off guard and intensified the dull ache that began to grow in your clit from his touch alone. Instead of showing his effect on you, you decided to ask a question of your own.
“Do you always bring women here to finish their tattoos?”
Harry looked up at you from under his eyebrows, allowing one corner of his mouth to curl upward before looking back at your leg. Answering your question without so much as a word. The felt tip of his sharpie drew on its finishing touches before the vibration of the tattoo gun could be heard. You braced yourself sighing slightly as the needle dug into your skin.
“How big of a whore do you take me for, pretty bird?”
“With a place like this? A huge one.”
Harry laughed as his focus shifted to the tattoo in front of him and you looked around his apartment at exactly how the space was set up. To you, the set up of a persons home said a lot about them and Harry was no exception to this.
“You wound me. I rarely bring anyone back to my house…”
“Is that so?” You asked him with a smirk of your own on your lips as you continued to gather possible sexual pleasures from the details around his apartment. You’d been on enough “tinder dates” to be able to gather a person’s kinks before they even address them or even know they made them prevalent. Your eyes landed on two things so far and those two things were enough to make you cum in your panties at just the idea of them.
You’d let it slide, for now, not wanting to burst his bubble to quickly as you’d decided that you already knew he wasn’t telling the entire truth. Instead of outing him, you watched him intently he continued to make permanent drawings on your leg, observing how his own tattooed skin tensed and flexed as a result of his muscle movement. 
You were glad he wasn’t wearing a shirt. It gave you something else to look at for sure and let you know more about him without asking too many questions.
He was certainly a person who worked out. His back muscles popped under the various black ink marks that you longed to get a better look at. You should have known that his back, chest and torso would be just as tattooed as his arms and neck proved to be and you couldn’t help but wonder how long it took for him to get this tatted. 
He had so many tattoos that stood out now that you could see the majority of them in all their glory. There were markings everywhere, swallows on his collar bones, a moth? Or maybe it was a butterfly sat in the middle of his torso right under where his sternum ended, several drawings made up the sleeves on each of his arms that you’d managed to see the first time you met him. But even still with all of his of the exposed markings you saw, your favorite was still the small cross that rested on the apex of his thumb and fore finger on his left hand.
“I can feel you staring.”
“Your tattoos are a distraction. I was trying to count how many you have.”
“Good luck with that. I’ve lost count myself. But the last number I remember is 162 and that was before my right sleeve.”
“Fuck…This is actually starting to burn in a bad way.” You winced as Harry wiped your thigh with a paper towel to remove access ink that sat on the top of your skin.
“So the burn was good before, pretty bird? I’m partial to the burn of a tattoo myself, but I forgot that this is your first one. You’re doing so good for me, but do you need a break?” 
The words rolled off his lips effortlessly leading you to believe that he’s said them before in a very different context, either that or that specific context is how you’d like to hear those exact words again. 
Your throat went dry and you put your hand there as reference causing Harry’s eyes to be drawn to the spot where you touched. You thought you saw his pupils dilate slightly but it could have just been the lightning in the room.
“I think I should have taken you up on that drink offer.”
Harry stood from his seat and made his way towards his kitchen once more letting you get a better visual of the thick imprint of his cock as it swung freely in the loose fitting fabric as well as how cute his ass was in his sweats when he turned away from you.
“Water? Juice? Coffee? Alcohol?” 
“Water is fine. Thank you.” You answered as he brought back two bottles, one for you and himself. When you took the bottle from him you once again was thankful for the contrast of the cold bottle on your heated skin. 
“You ready? I’m almost done. I have something else I need to do after this.”
Your eyebrows knotted slightly. Did you interpret this invite wrong? Between the sexual innuendoes and the flirting in texts that you both sent leading up to this point it was pretty clear what you both wanted, or at least you thought so. You nodded your head not allowing it to get to you before he started again. There was only a small section left now.
He began shading again, which you were able to justify as the worst part of the whole process but you could feel yourself begin to settle as the tips of his fingers pressed into your inner thigh. The sting once again turned into a pleasurable dull ache that caused your pussy to flood, dampening the thong you wore and releasing pheromones that caused Harry to practically salivate.
He continued to work with his head down, determined to finish the piece before he had a piece only if  you would have him that is. You were very much that something else to do after the tattoo is finished, but the fact that you were unaware that it was you only added to his arousal. 
A tent began to pitch in his grey thirst trap joggers though his eyes remained on the work in front of him. Clearly now he was determined, but so were you. Harry sat in the perfect position to allow your opposite foot to graze his leg and you did so, pointing your toes to drag your foot lazily up his thigh. Harry’s bottom lip drew into his mouth as he tried to actively ignore how close you were to his cock. You were almost able to graze it with the tip of your toes, but a sharp sting caught you off guard.
“Ahh Shit”
“Shh. You should know by now that the inner thigh stings a little bit more.” Harry spoke, pausing the tattoo processes to take a sip of his water. He rubbed over your thigh gently where he’d made the last mark before kissing just below it. His lips were wet once more with the water but if he continued that they would surely be wet with your juices.
“Better?” The gravel in his voice made blood rush to your clit and the familiar scent of your arousal hit your nose. There was no way that he didn’t know just how wet you were.
“Better.” You responded holding his eye contact as your heart drummed in your chest and the aching in your clit picked up a rhythmic pattern of its own.
“Good, because it’s finally, finished pretty bird.” Harry;s hand drug down slowly toward the back of your knee causing a chill to run down your spine. At this point your panties were ruined.  You might as well not have worn them. “Why don’t you go check it in the mirror?”
Harry moved his chair back away from you and the bulge in his sweats was more prevalent now than it was before, half mast to full. Quickly you stood from his tattoo seat and made your way to the full body length mirror with your thought solely on how deep you could get his cock down your throat instead of looking at the work of art that he’d just completed.
You grinned as you looked at yourself in front of two of his sexual tells. The first being the body length mirror that could arguably be there because he does tattoo in his home and it does help clients better see his work. However, seeing his bedroom upstairs from this open concept style loft, you also saw that the same kind of mirror sat just so on the side of his bed. The smile on your face grew as you were pleased with your tattoo. Harry was incredibly talented and his work was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the view from the floor to ceiling windows that had no kind of curtain on them whatsoever. From the observations that you made he liked to watch and be watched and what a better way to thank him for such a beautiful piece of art? Taking into consideration that Harry said he had something else to do, you figured that you could possibly get him to postpone his plans.
Your fingers traced lightly over the fresh ink lines as you looked at your tattoo more than satisfied with how it came out. You stood there silently in awe before another reflexion was seen behind you in the mirror. 
“Do you like it?” Harry asked as his eyes made contact with yours in the reflecting glass. 
“I do. A lot.” A smirk grew on his lips causing heat to overtake your entire being and when you felt his body press against yours from behind, you thought you’d spontaneously combust. 
Harry used his middle finger to trace lightly around the welted skin of your tattoo until it got closer to your inner thigh, drawing upward towards your cunt. An unsolicited moan left your lips causing him to stop and raise his eyebrow cockily before his hands past where you wanted them to be. His fingers now tracing over the band of your panties.
“How are your piercings?” His chin rested gently on your shoulder as you continued the light touch of his fingers across the skin of your stomach as you stood in soaked panties and a t-shirt. 
“They’re fine.”
“I don’t know if I believe you.” Harry’s grin deepened as your eyebrows raised. How you were still able to stand on two feet was beyond you at this point. Your heart sped up in your chest and you couldn’t break the eye contact that he held with you through the mirror. It was almost as if you were stunned.
“I have no reason to lie.” You quipped before licking your lips and placing your own hand over the one of harry’s that had since stopped its movement above the top of your panties.
“Let me check then?”
“I would, but didn’t you say that you had something to do?”
Harrys left hand crept up your side causing you to shiver as it moved slowly. You watched him still in the mirror not daring to look away, let alone blink. His fingers grazed your breast as it continued its ascent and when it reached your shoulder and started to come across your collar bones to allow his fingers to splay and wrap gently, yet firmly at the base of your neck, you had to lean against him for support. He had you in a chokehold, literally and figuratively and that’s when you knew it for sure.
You were his.
“I was talking about you, pretty bird.”  His lips skimmed the shell of your ear causing you to take a shaky deep breath as you allowed more of your weight to rest against Harry’s chest. “Let me check? Do you want me to check? Say it…Tell me. Tell me.”
“Yes. Please?” You replied barely above a whisper before his right hand delved under your panties careful to not be too rough with the new clit modification. 
His left hand still rested firmly on your neck and when he felt the extent of how turned on you were, his grip tightened. You could do nothing but moan as his middle finger delved deep into your cunt causing him to put slight pressure on your overly sensitive clit with the palm of his hand.
“Fuckin hell, Y/N” Harry moaned into the open space of the room, the sound of your name rolling off of his split tongue enough to make you come undone. You forced your eyes to stay open and your knees to not give out keeping the cross on his left hand as a focal point as his right ring finger pushed into your pulsating pussy
Your jaw dropped and your eyes rolled to the back of your skull as he continued to finger fuck you in the mirror. Pornographic sounds began to fall from your lips but just as Harry began the build to get you to where you wanted to be, all you could feel was the loss of connection. Your eyes snapped open as Harry grinned devilishly behind you, the grip of his left hand loosening, much to your disapproval.
“Look at the mess you’re leaving on my fingers, Y/N.”
You blinked as you looked at his fingers, glistening in your pussy juice under the light in the living room of his apartment. Quickly you grabbed his wrist bringing his fingers to your lips before you elicited his gaze on yours in the mirror once more. Opening your mouth you slowly enveloped the two fingers that were just inside of you, cleaning off your juices for him while moaning as you did so before your thumbs hooked in the top of your panties. You removed the wet cloth in one quick swoop before dropping to your knees in front of him.
“You’ve shown me how good your tongue is, but now I want to show you that even though it’s not forked, mine is just as good.” You looked up at Harry innocently from your position on the floor between his legs. His cock was ever present  and could be seen clearly through the light grey sweats that he wore causing your to salivate and your pussy to clench. Harry’s eyes had since darkened and were slightly hooded as he looked down at you. He played it cool, but inside he was overly excited with your sudden want to please him.
“By all fuckin means.” He spoke as he allowed his back to thud against the glass of his floor to ceiling window. This wouldn’t be the first time that his neighbors would have a show if they used binoculars and it wouldn’t be the last. It was, however, the one that he was most eager about.
Your fingers hooked into the thick band of the sweatpants before taking your time to pull them down taking in every detail as your removed the clothing. You’d decided to take your time. You’d had his cock before after all even though it wasn’t in your mouth initially. You wanted to tease him. Make it last. There needed to be a build. 
The ferns tattooed on his pelvic bones are the first things that caught your attention. They almost acted as an arrow that pointed you where he wanted you to be most and to show your appreciation for their subtle directional point you placed your lips on each leaf, leaving open mouthed kisses on your way from right to left and then again on the opposite side from left to right until you’d gotten to his happy trail each time. 
Your eyes met up with his once more as he watched you intensely. His breathing had since escalated and you could feel the tension at his lower abdomen as your tongue stuck out to lick slowly down the trail of hair.
“Shit.” Harry spoke before running his right hand over his mouth.  If he had to think about how your lips would feel wrapped around him too much longer, he thought he’d pass out.
You grinned at the curse that left his lips as you continued to slowly peel away the sweats, pulling them far enough away from his body to allow for his dick to spring free. You couldn’t help the way that your eyes widened as and your mouth watered at the sight of it close and personal especially since you were now able to see the tiny silver metal piercing between the underside of the head and the shaft of his penis that you were too preoccupied to notice before.
“Have you had this the whole time?!” You asked in shock as you turned your head to look up at him. Harry only chuckled as you examined his frenum jewelry.
“As far as I know its been there for 3 years. You must have been too busy moaning my name to notice it, pretty bird.”
You were at a loss for words. You knew something about the way he felt when he fucked you was different but you did’t think it had anything to do with a piercing on his cock. You spit in your hand before grasping his shaft and repositioning yourself on your knees as you  began to move your hand up and down in a twisting motion. Harry’s head hit the window with a thud as he watched you, shock still visible on your features. 
“You alright down there?” He cheekily asked while looking down at you, playful concern in his voice.
“I won’t swallow any jewelry will I?” You asked with mocked concern before sticking your tongue out to lick the slit of Harry’s cock, wiping away the bead of precum that began to develop. His hand instinctively went into your hair as a hiss left his lips and his hips pushed forward into your hand. 
“Not if you know what you’re doing.” 
You accepted his challenge as your lips wrapped around the head of his dick suckling gingerly before slowly moving down his shaft, inch by inch. You swallowed him back until you reached the base of him, almost having to unhinge your jaw to do so.
“Fffuck!” Harry cursed as your hand cupped his balls, rolling them gently as you head began to bob. Slob fell freely from your mouth, sure to make the blow job messy as you continued to suck, ignoring the sting you felt in your cheeks as you did so.
You gagged several times on his thick length as the fingers of your left hand continued to feel the weight of his balls and the fingers of your right gently massaged his perineum. Your eyes watered and tears began to fall down your cheeks as you gave him your best effort, surprised that you were able to take him all. 
Looking up through bleary eyes you watched Harry as he looked down between you and the mirror, catching two different views of his cock disappearing and reappearing from the hole in your face.
“Fuck, Y/N! You little fuckin slut. You take my cock so well, pretty bird. Suck dick so well. Ssss shit.”
You whimpered around his shaft in response to his degrading praises as you felt your own saliva fall in strings from your mouth and his cock to your arms and the floor. Your pussy got so wet that it began to drip as well, the egg white consistency running down your legs as you continued to suck his dick and run your tongue over the piercing just to feel him tense against your tongue when you did so.
The city lights glimmered in the background only adding to your arousal. For a moment you’d almost forgotten that at any given moment someone could be watching you and now you understood why Harry opted for no curtains in his house.
Deep guttural moans that escaped Harrys parted lips became more strained and you knew that he was close. You hated that it meant that you might have to wait to have him inside of you as he recovered, but you were happy and pretty sure that you were giving him the best blow job that he’d had in a while or possibly ever. You’d allowed yourself to be cocky and it showed in the way that your head bobbed confidently on his cock, slurping and moaning all the while holding eye contact as Harry’s eyes began to flutter shut. His hands tightened in your hair and one last deep moan was all you heard before ropes of his cum filled your cheeks and covered your tongue. 
You drank him down willfully and continued to suck until you knew he was spent, slowly gliding him out of your mouth and kissing the tip of his cock before you looked over at yourself in the mirror. Your hair was mussed, face wet with your own gagging tears, and your cheeks and lips were swollen from your effort. You loved the way you looked after giving head. It was one of the times that your own reflection turned you on the most. 
Before you were able to lick up the drop of cum that managed to escape your lips you were pulled to your feet and kissed fully. Harry’s tongue making your knees week as each half of it massaged your own. You were sure that he could taste his own cum, but the fact that he kept kissing you regardless only made you whimper. 
Harry’s hands snaked around your waist before slowly going down to your ass, gripping each cheek in his palms as he backed you up, slowly.
“So do I know what I’m doing?” You questioned him with your eyebrows knotted and your head tilted slightly to the side before your lips curled up in a smile.  Harry kissed your lips again and before you knew it your legs were no longer on the floor and your back met with the cooled glass of the window causing you to moan out in shock.
“Yeah I would say so.” Harry’s reply was short lived as his lips captured yours once more. His hands moved from under your ass to under your thighs, supporting your weight as he encouraged you to wrap your legs around his waist. You could feel his tip press against your slit before he pushed into you fully and slowly, causing both of your moans to echo in the open space of the loft.
"Ugh! God! Harry yes!” Your own voice sounded foreign with the need as he fucked into you taking you slightly off guard as his recovery time was the fastest you’d ever seen.
Your fingertips dug into Harry’s shoulders as  you held eye contact, one daring the other to break it first. His dick filled you to the brim as it slid in and out of you with ease, stroking your g-spot repetitively.
“Fuck! You feel so fucking good!” Harry’s head dropped, breaking eye contact first as he continued to bounce you on his cock. You were both at your breaking points even though you wanted it to last.
Pressure began to build in your abdomen threatening your end as Harry’s movements became more elongated, dragging out every sound you made and answering it with “I know.” The gravel tone of his voice letting you know that when you let go that he wouldn’t be far behind.
One final thrust was all it took for you to reach your peak. It was the most intense orgasm that you’d ever had with another person being the reason for it. You could hear your cum hit the floor as if it’d poured from a spilled glass of water and your fingernails dug so roughly into Harry’s back that you were sure that you drew blood. His body stilled in response as he moaned into your neck and his cum filled you yet again in thick spurts.
Your body was limp and sated against the window as he supported your weight while you both caught your breath. You couldn’t help but think that this was it. You knew how things like this went. Since your tattoo was done your had no reason to see him again and that saddened you. He was the best fuck you’d ever had, and just like that you had to let him go.
Your feet were gently returned to the ground as you snapped yourself out of your thoughts and prepared yourself to gather your things. If there was anything you knew how to do, it was let a one night stand be just what it was.
You and Harry grinned at each other before sharing one last kiss, or so you thought.
“You’ve got pussy juice everywhere, pretty bird. I must know what I’m doing as well, yeah?”
You chuckled before you walked towards the couch in order to grab your things. Harry’s face riddled with confusion as he watched you pick up your leggings.
“I’m sure you have a towel that you can clean it up with.”
“You made the mess but now I have to clean it?” Harry stood in front of you gently grabbing your leggings from you to place back on the couch before grasping the hem of your shirt. “I still haven’t checked all of your piercings, pretty bird.” His voice was soft as he pulled the shirt over your head and threw it over your cum that soaked his hardwood floors. “And I think your shirt will clean up the mess just fine.”
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onlyangel-k · 2 months ago
🦋 - personal favs
Happy Anniversary:
in which you celebrate your anniversary in Harry’s office
Good Morning Indeed:
in which Harry and his wife is trying to sneak in a little quickie in the midst of the family’s morning chaos. Followed by 50/50 bread tantrums, wrestling a biscuit-hunting kid who’s set on having Hobnobs for breakfast and two stroppy teething babies. Fun.
Drs Styles:
Reconcile, pt2: 🦋
in which nearly divorced Harry is trying to win his wife back. Oh and his bitter nine-year-old daughter.
Did I Break It?:
in which you and Harry share a glass of wine in the kitchen and enjoy scraps of leftovers from the kids while trying to figure out Year 3 maths homework. Followed by a giggly, quite realistic smut because some nights aren’t just meant to be, are they?
In Sickness And In Health 🦋
After the birth of the twins, Harry and YN’s marriage suffers.
Mess Is Mine, pt2, pt3
a three-part story about a single dad Harry and single mum YN.
half a heart, pt2
in which Harry’s new album is stressing him out and he lashes out at the kids and his wife.
daddys girl:
harry hurts his daughter’s feelings when he plays favorites
On S’envoie en L’air?: 🦋
in which a little mid-day quickie and cockwarming on the balcony are involved during their family holiday to Côte d’Azur. Plus Harry teaching his little boy to swim.
favourite, pt2: 🦋
harry likes one of his children less
unconditionally, pt2
inspired by the fanfic “Favourite”
A Bit Of Singin’
in which Harry’s little girl being extra clingy before her daddy’s show and ends up running to the stage.
The Kitchen’s Closed:
a little Father’s Day special in which YN gives Harry a vasectomy appointment for his Father’s Day present.
Baby Steps:
harry and y/n takes baby lad to the park to teach him to walk.
tears of a mother regret of a father together as a family:
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Lost | Harry Styles
[part 1]
You were Harry's neighbor. And someone that crawled her way through Harry's life. But you thought the world of him, what happens when you realize he doesn't? He loses you. And he's lost.
Warnings : Swearing, Kissing, Heartbreaking. Short.
Containing : Mostly Angst, some fluff, hint of smut. Friends to Enemies to Idiots to lovers.
Pairing : You and Harry styles.
Tumblr media
Harry was never the one to be rude. Never. He never liked to hurt anyone's feelings, and if he did, it was immediately met with tons of apologies, maybe even when it wasn't his fault. But somehow, you were different. Harry couldn't help but have his mouth filled with sarcastic comments or rude replies for you. And he never thought about your feelings, well until now. But that's for later.
Anyways, you. Oh, you.
You were best friend. Or at least you considered yourself as his best friend. He told you everything, or rather glared at you while yelling at you about the despairs of his days. But you listened quietly, carefully. Not knowing this is not how best friends treat each other. He never listened to you. You used to talk to him, telling him very excitedly how you got perfect marks in your english test, and how dully you told him that you ungracefully slipped and tripped infront of your maths professor. But he wasn't interested, and somewhere in middle of your rant about how idiotic that neighbor is, he shouted at you. You understood.
Wait, you misunderstood this. No, you thought he was busy, and it was your fault that you threw these sudden talks of yours on him. Not knowing this is not how best friends treat each other.
Then why didn't Harry just throw you out of his life? Ah, well. He was afraid of the wrath of Anne Styles. You were 8 and Harry was 10 when you moved in, next to his house. Anne always got excited of new neighbors, so one day she invited you and your mom at her's for dinner as well as a bit of evening play time. Harry had groaned and asked Anne not to invite you over. He assumed you were those childish little girls, and that you were. But you had more spark. And more brightness on your face. He hated it. He wanted to get away from you.
But the evening play date thing became a weekly thing, and then he had to see you everyday as Anne suggested Harry's school to your mom for you. Anne made him promise that he would look after you in the school. And he did. But acting like an asshole. But you always tolerated it, not understanding that you shouldn't.
But everybody has a snapping point, don't they?
It all happened on a fine, breezy evening. You were 17 and Harry was 19, you were so happy. Your birthday was coming close and were skipping towards Harry's backyard to blabber about all of your excitement about turning 18. Supposed to be very awesome. Wasn't it? Well, apparently not for you.
"I mean she's so annoying!! Always following me around like a puppy!"
You halted in your tracks. That was Harry's voice, who was he talking about? "You shouldn't say that about her, Harry. You don't know how much you mean to her."
"Well, then she should leave! Just seeing her pains me!" Harry rolled his eyes. Tears brimmed your eyes. You still didn't know who he was talking about, but somehow you had the feeling he was talking about you. "Harry don't talk about Y/n like that! She cares about you!" You gasped as you struggled to keep your sobs in. But now your mind froze. It all hit you like a train. His tone, his replies, his ignorant ass. You were shocked to say the least. But it was all your fault now, wasn't it? You thought he cared about you like you did, you thought he was sweet, you thought he would never hurt you, you thought he would always be there, you thought he loved you. But now you realized it was just you, only you. Not him. Never him. You weren't vulnerable, no. Don't confuse vulnerability with doing anything for the ones you love. You were a very strong woman, Harry was blind to see it. This was it though. You had your neck up high and didn't care about the tears visible in your eyes. You had been too strong, and tolerable. You knew you valued your pride over your feelings. And now it was time to show it. Maybe you were being too dramatic. But you tolerated 9, almost ten years of this crap and you were going to put an end to it. "I guess then I should go," You said in a loud voice as you came out of the fence. Harry had wide eyes and then you saw Liam stuttering. "Well, I didn't expect my best friend talking shit about me to his friend. What a turn isn't it?" You said as you smiled coldly.
"Y/n...." Liam started saying but Harry cut him off. "Yeah well, you had it coming!"
"Shut up Liam!" You both said at the same time.
"Oh really! Well, what have i ever done to deserve this?!!"
"Like you don't know. You crawled and dug your way into my life and intruded it, you pig!! And you're so dorky, following me around like a puppy! I mean can't you do something else than hogging my time?!! God you are so stupid to not see it! You are a freakish little pig!"
Silence was dreading his ears. He didn't see the tears rolling your cheeks, because you know that he didn't deserve it. Liam had gasped , the only sound that they heard. You gave him a cold, curt nod and you walked away, not saying another word. "Well, aren't you going to day anything?? Are you gonna walk jus' like that?!"
Yes. You did.
His mom came to wake him up. But he was already awake. It was a grey morning, filled with the chirps of little sparrows that flew around, predicting that it will storm. He was looking distantly at the window. The blue color of your bedroom was hidden under the pink curtains and your shut off windows. The dark clouds reflecting on the glass of your window. It was like he had held his breath, and he can't let go.
It wasn't his fault.
But saying that never helped.
Anne looked at him with a pained expression. He looked at her with a red nose and a heartbreaking smile. "Her pie is ready. You wanna go?"
It had been days since that evening. You hadn't talked ever since. It was the longest time you had been away from each other. A long time, you both went without talking to each other. There was a difference between the days Harry had without you and with you. Harry refused to see it.
But he didn't expect you to actually not come back to him.
This morning was cloudy and everyone expected it to rain, maybe a storm or thunder. Usually, the mornings of your birthday were annoyingly chirpy and sunny. But your sweet sixteen was going to be different. Very different.
Harry went infront of your house. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. It wasn't his fault. He wasn't coming to apologize.
Anne had sent him, obviously, he scoffed, and why would he skip traditions?
Every morning of your birthday, Harry would come with Apple pie that Anne would make and you both would eat it with a side of bacon, and waffles that your mom used to make. It was like this every year, every year Harry used to wake up groaning, smelling a freshly made pie, and looking at your room's window to find you excitingly waving at him. He would slightly roll his eyes and wave back. That was tradition. And he wasn't breaking it.
But this time, the curtains were shut. She shut herself away from you.
"Oh Harry!! What a surprise! Y/n said you weren't going to come this time."
Harry just smile, and came in. You were there in the kitchen, eyes wide open, trying to suppress her anger. Harry entered the kitchen and stood near you, but you flinched slightly, not going unnoticed by the green eyed boy near you. His eyes started to gloss after you moved away from him. "Oh look at both of you! God i can't believe this!"
Harry's face went to utter confusion. What was your mom talking about?
What did she not believe?
"Y/n can you look at waffles, I'm going to get the camera, ok?"
You groaned audibly, seemingly not wanting to take a picture with Harry. "Mom stop,"
"No, y/n stop being stubborn. Since when are you annoyed by taking a picture with Harry? Its another tradition of yours, remember?"
You rolled your eyes and turned to the waffles and started boiling your milk too. Harry stood awkwardly there, not knowing what to do. He could just spend his time here, not talking to you, right? Sure, dumbass.
"Its nice that our traditions never fail to not get skipped." He said.
You gritted your teeth. You wanted to punch him so hard, for being a dick, for acting like nothing happened. "What are you doing here, Harry?" you whispered to him. "I assume you're not here to apologize because its just to low for you to apologize to a pig? So tell me Harold, what the hell are you doing in my kitchen?" Harry winced at the venom laced in your voice. "There you go, here it is."
"Come on get closer together, scooch in."
"No excuses, come on,"
Your mom pushed you against Harry, and you grunted as you felt your shoulder bump into his. You quickly moved away from Harry, before your mom could notice. Harry looked at you and the distance between you and sniffled. What had happened? His mind flashed back to the evening it all happened. He remembered how he talked shit about you, he had snapped. He felt that he deserved to be the one that was angry. There were alot of things that caused him to do that, but the incident that took place in the cafetaria of the school made him very, very frustrated. He was still convinced that it was all of your fault.
Carrie was the school's most wittiest, most prettiest, blonde, skinny and beautiful girl he had ever met. And he thought she was sending him signals, and when he asked her out, she laughed infront of her friends and said she pranked him, and joked about why would she ever go with someone who hangs out with you. It wasn't fair, he never liked you, he never wanted you.
He hated you.
But the fact that someday you would hate him, made him scoff. He never admitted it, but he kind of liked your attention. And you would take any crap from him. But it was over.
"Can't believe this is your last photo together," Your mom said and Harry snapped his head up. "W-What?" He whispered.
"Didn't she tell you?"
"T-Tell me what?" Harry asked frantically, looking at you and then back at your mom. "Well, she's moving to LA. To live with her aunt, she wants to become a journalist, remember?"
"Y-Yes," Harry said but you scoffed, as if this man had even listened to a word you ever fucking said to him. "I remember." He whispered to you, looking in your eyes. You felt a lump form in your throat when you saw his red eyes. "I'm sorry, I must've forgot. She did tell me,"
He looked at you and he sniffled, and you quickly looked forward as you saw your mom frown. "Okay." She said, "I'm going to go check on your bacon."
You curtly nodded as your mom went away.
There was a dreaded silence between them, that you were tired of. Harry was trying to process what your mom just declared. He felt all those words he said that evening to you echoing in his ears. He choked as he thought about it, he didn't know why.
He didn't know why he was there.
He didn't know why he was near to tears.
He didn't know what he was feeling right now.
He didn't know.
"So what!? You were going to leave just like that?!!" Harry felt all his emotions boiling and coming out, he felt like he was about to explode. He got up from where he had sat, and he ran his hands in his chestnut hair. You flinched at the sudden burst, but stayed still, looking down. You didn't want to give in to his fights. Because you just knew, that another fight with him would just make you burst into tears, which you Harry certainly didn't deserve.
"Like you care!"
Harry silenced, and then looked back at you. His anger, guilt surged through his veins and he shouted at you again. "No! You know what, I don't care!"
You felt tears brimming in your eyes, your lip starting to quiver as you looked at his apple green eyes. "I don't fucking care! I don't care if you go to your aunt or go away across the earth! Or d-drown i-in the ocean..!" Your head snapped up as he said that, your tears visible to him, his breath hitched. "Oh really? You don't care if I die?"
"T-That's not w-what,"
"No no. You just said that, that you didn't care if I drowned in a ocean."
"You know what? You're an asshole, a pathetic asshole who has nothing but his pride and his pathetically fragile ego. You just like to hurt people, or is it just me..huh? Tell me! Do you like seeing me in pain, is it entertainment to you!? Is it?!"
Harry was at loss for words, he looked at you in front of him, so broken and it was all because of him, all because of him.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He whispered and tried to come near you, but you flinched away from him, and his heart ached more.
"How long?" He asked.
"A year probably, hope it gives you the satisfaction that you finally got rid of me!"
"No..." He whispered.
But whatever he might say didn't help his case, because whatever happened, he still heard the tires of your cab screech away the next morning.
Send asks as to add yourself to the Lost series tag list!!!!
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harry styles x reader
fc: dua lipa
pronouns: she/her
request are closed
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram ☀️
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y/nfan20 mommy?
yourinstagram yes sweetheart
oliviarodrigo and you didnt invite me :(
gemmastyles yea explain @yourinstagram ?
yourinstagram someone doesnt want you two to come :(
Tumblr media
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celebritynewsofficial an insider just told that Harry Styles and Y/n L/n has finally tied the knot and now they are on the honeymoon in italy. But what we are now trying to find is when did this relationship happened?
view all 57,920 comments
harryfan29 I JUST WOKE UPPP
y/nfan47 you're done you're done
author this photo bring back so much memories that i dont want to remember
yourinstagram what-
harryfan89 i guess another yacht pict we need to remember for the rest of our life and i also want know WHEN DID THEY DATE AND WHEN THEY GOT MARRIED
harrystyles ✔︎
Tumblr media
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harrystyles 💒
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harryfan26 cong😭gra😭tu😭lations😭
y/nfan38 UH- YEA WHAT
annetwist enjoy your honeymoon my loves
yourinstagram thank you so much anne xx
bellahadid parentsss 😭💕
y/nfan90 yea i missed A WHOLE ASS CHAPTER
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venusstyless · 2 months ago
Masked (H.S)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles/Y/N
Warning: NSFW (18+)  mask kink, oral (female receiving), Domrry, unprotected sex (wrap it up!), degradation (uses of the words slut and whore), breeding kink, pet names
Word count: 3,857
Synopsis: Harry was watching Y/N and Y/N enjoys being watched. 
authors note: Hi sunnies, this took me so fucking long I'm not going to lie, i really enjoyed writing this one, it was super different from anything I've ever written. Also this is unedited but i hope you all enjoy reading it. <3 .Reblog and Feedback appreciated.
The lights flashed as they made their way through the house, music boomed off of every wall as they walked through the crowd of people.
Y/N glanced around at everyone around her, her eyes widening as she took in everyone's costumes. 
Angel's, Devil's, Witches, Nurse's, Fireman's, Ghost face,  and a whole bunch of different kinds of masks. 
A shiver ran down her spine as she turned forward, someone was standing in front of her making her chest collide with theirs. Her hands raised to press against their broad shoulders as she pushed herself back, trying to stabilize herself. 
"S-sorry." She apologizes, her hands trembling as she stares into their eyes under the mask.
They didn't say anything though, she could tell that they were staring back at her but no words left their lips. Her eyes dragged down where she saw their throat bob as they swallow harshly, her eyes moved back to theirs just as they began moving, walking away from in front of her.
"Y/N! Come on!" Thea, her friend, called. 
She rushed over to her side, fighting the urge to look behind her at the person who walked away. Her shaky hands lifted to grab the cup out of Thea's hands, smiling lightly before bringing the cup to her lips. 
About an hour passes and she still can't seem to shake them from her mind, she can still feel their hands on her hips as she tries to push away from them. She could hear the faint sound of their shaky breaths from beneath the mask, the sound of the heavy inhale as she looked into their eyes. 
She leans over and whispers to Thea that she'll be back, setting her cup on a counter she slowly makes her way out of the kitchen. She found herself walking down a long hallway, doors covering either side of the wall. Her brows furrow as she walks further, the music fading out as she continues. 
She stops suddenly when she hears faint footsteps behind her, the sound of the floorboards squeaking echoing through her ears. 
“Hello?” Her small voice calls out, glancing over her shoulder she sees no one, the lights flashing from downstairs illuminating her surroundings. 
After a few seconds, she continues to walk, her arms reaching around to hug herself as her fingers tremble, they clutch to the costume she's wearing as her feet slowly take her further down the hallway. 
Suddenly a door flies open causing her to let out a yelp, grabbing onto her chest her head turns to see a couple walking out of the room. Their arms were wrapped around each other as one leaned down pressing a kiss to the other's lips. 
As she watched them descend down the hallway she released a breath, a breath of relief. Gathering up the courage, she slowly turned to begin walking again, but she stopped abruptly when she saw a figure at the end of the hallway.
They were there, their hands hanging by their sides as they stared straight at her.
Her cherry red lips part as she watches them take slow short steps toward her, her own feet moving as she tries to take steps back, retreating from them. 
“Don't,” They said, for the first time she heard a voice. it was deep and raspy, sending a shiver down her back as she froze. “You poor thing.” He speaks again, his thick accent rolling with each word.
“I– I don't—” She tries to say, her voice shaking as he grows closer. 
“You're like a kitten, practically shakin' in fear,” He purrs, his shoes stopping right in front of her pink heels. “So sweet, so innocent.” He murmurs, his finger raising to graze her arms lightly. 
He likes seeing her like this, trembling with fear, being so petrified that she's stood in front of a complete stranger, at his mercy. He wouldn't like it as much though if he knew that she didn't like it, but he could tell that she secretly did.
He could tell that she liked being this close to him, she liked being sought out and found as he had done. He could tell by the way her chest rose and fell just a bit faster than it had a minute prior, or the way her pupils had dilated, her eyes darkening as she stared at his own behind the mask. 
It excited her, made her heart race just a bit faster. 
"I've had m'eyes on you all night long, sweet thing," he whispers, dipping his head to the crease of her neck, he inhales deeply as he bites on his lip beneath the mask, suppressing a groan. "Watched you dancin' in this cute little outfit of yours." 
"Do y’like being watched, pet? Huh? Like knowing I had m'eyes on ya' since ya' stumbled into me?" 
She wanted to say no, she wanted to tell him to fuck off and turn away, to run back to her friends. But she couldn't, she liked the way his warm breath fanned over her neck, the way his words sent goosebumps to the tip of her skin.
The way having him this close to her made her thigh clench. 
"I asked you a question, pet," He growled, his hands going to grip at her hips as he pressed his groin against her thigh. "Do y'like being watched Y/N?" 
A small gasp left her lips as she felt his cock against her leg, hard and thick, throbbing just from inhaling her scent. His finger dug into her hips, pulling her closer to him he slotted his thigh in between her legs. 
“Y-yes.” she whimpered out, her hips discreetly settling on his thigh. 
“Look at you. Tryin’ to rub your little cunt on my thigh, dirty girl.” He mumbles, his lips grazing her neck just a bit before he pulls away, her body becoming cold as he takes a step away from her. 
“Why'd you stop?” She asks, her voice shaking as she tries to reach out for him. 
“Just because y’like to be watched like a little whore doesn't mean 'm letting anyone potentially get a view at what's mine,” He growled, his voice growing deeper as his hand came out to grab her tiny wrist. 
He pulled her into one of the rooms that lined the wall. She followed silently as she looked at the back of his head, dark brown curls poked out the back of the mask and her fingers itched to run through it. 
With the door closed behind them, he wasted no time pushing her against the wall, his hands grabbing at her thighs trying to get closer to her, to feel her against him. 
Her arms wrapped around his neck as his hips ground into hers, his hard cock pressing right up against her now drenched core. 
He wanted to feel her, to feel how slick she's gotten for him. 
"Fuck, you're a dream," He purred, his face hidden in her hot neck. "M'dream fuckin' girl."
Her fingers slowly made their way to his hair, a gasp leaving her lips as she finally felt his soft curls in between her fingers. Her own hips begin to work against him, grinding down to create some kind of fiction.
"Oh god," She whimpers, her head falling to the crease of his neck."Fuck, this feels–" 
"It feels what, sweet girl?" He taunts grinding his hips harder into her cunt, beads of precum leaking from the head of his cock. "Hm? How does grinding that hot cunt against my thick cock feel?" 
"Feels so good, so so good." She moans, her lips pucker against his skin as his hips drive deeper into her. 
"If y’think this feels good baby," he moans, pulling his head back, his hand comes up to gasp her throat, his fingers wrapping tightly around the base of her neck. "Just wait until I fill y’up, filling that tiny little cunt of yours right to the brim." 
A moan escaped her cherry lips before he pulled his body away from hers, her eyes flying open just as he tugs on her waist, pulling her towards the king sized bed in the middle of the dark room.
"Lay down," He ordered, nodding his head to the bed. She obeys and sits at the end, her legs dangling over the edge. "Scoot back for me, lovie." His rough voice speaks again.
She obeys, scooting back until her ass is right at the edge of the mattress. Her heels dangle, scraping the floor as her feet swing a bit. Her cheeks are flushed, crimson red covering the apples of her face as he stares at her, prowling at her as he takes slow steps towards her. 
His knees hit the end of the bed as he stands over her, his rough hands grazing the softness of her legs. His mouth watered at the sight of her red lace panties, a wet spot right in the middle of them.
He wanted to taste her, wanted to smother his face into her wet, hot cunt until he couldn't breathe. He wanted his tongue to explore every inch of her skin. 
Dropping to his knees before her, he hooked his fingers under her dress, pushing it up past her hips revealing her thick thighs. He groaned seeing her thighs part further, revealing more of her cunt for him. 
"You're soaking, pet. Such a little slut for me," He growled, digging his blunt nails into her thighs. "Gotta taste ya’, love… that okay with ya'?" He questions, looking at her through the mask.
His cock throbbed in his pants as she brings her lip between her teeth, he swears she bites hard enough to draw blood and suddenly he wants it on his tongue. 
Stare stares down at him, kneeling between her perched thighs. She can see parts of his eyes through the dark sheer parts of the mask, her heart pumping faster when those green eyes bore into hers. 
“Yes, please. Need your tongue.” She whines, her hips moving as she grows more and more desperate. 
"Such a dirty little thing aren't you? Letting a total stranger put his tongue on y'pussy," he moans, his fingers dipping into the side of her panties, pulling them to the side, his eyes making contact with her wet cunt. 
His mouth waters, taking in how wet she is, dripping down her ass. He surges forward, pulling the mask up to reveal his mouth before the tip of his tongue darts out as he licks the side of her thigh. Her hips thrust up, wanting to feel his wet mouth on her cunt, his tongue curling around her sensitive clit. 
She wanted him more than anything and it confused her. 
She didn't understand how she could want someone she doesn't even know so much, her body was aching for his touch. 
He left kisses to her heated skin, easing closer to where they both wanted. His lips puckered against the top of her mound, His arms wrapped around her thighs as he moved his lips down her slit, letting his tongue jut out, tasting her for the first time.
"So fuckin' good, addictive. M' new drug, baby." He groaned, pulling the mask off his face as he dived in, pressing his face against her. 
His tongue circled her clit before sucking it in his mouth, his teeth nibbling softly made her back arch. Her hands fly to his hair and she feels her body spasms feeling his curls between her fingers. 
"Tug on it, pet. Hurt me," He groans, her hips grinding against this tongue as she pulls his hair tightly, tugging him closer to her. 
He moans loudly against her, gripping her thighs as he presses deeper into her. He could feel his breathing getting harder but he didn't want to pull away, he wanted to be buried inside her forever.
"Jesus Christ, y'taste so fucking good, pet. Wanna be in between these thighs for days," He moans, he moves his face away from her cunt and grips her panties with both hands, pulling roughly he tears them into two pieces. "'M gonna finger you now, baby. Gonna 'ave to stretch you to take m'cock." 
She whimpers at his words, hanging onto everything dirty that leaves his mouth. Her back arches as she feels the tips of his fingers circling around her clit, her hips press down as she tries to get him to sink them into her cunt, wanting to feel full of him. 
“Please, please just—” her words catch in her throat as he sinks two fingers into her.
He releases a low groan feeling her tight pussy clench around him, squeezing his finger like she’ll be doing to his cock soon enough. He can only imagine how she'll feel around him.
“How are y’this fucking tight? Goddamn, you’re going to squeeze the shit out of m’cock love,” he moans, thrusting his finger in and out of her. His mouth latches onto her clit once again, his tongue poking out to swipe over her sensitive nerves as she moans out in pleasure.
“I need more, I need..” she whimpers, her hips grinding down trying to get his finger to go deeper, to hit her in the spot she needed them to.
“You need what, pet?” he asks, kissing at her pussy as she grinds against his face, 
“Need your cock, need it so much.” she pleads, her legs shaking as he suckles on her clit, his teeth scraping over it lightly but enough to drive her insane. 
“Where's your manners, pet? Say please.” he scolds, removing both his fingers and his mouth from her completely. 
“Please, please give me your cock.” she whines.
“Say my name… say ‘please Harry give me your cock’” he smirks as she looks at him for the first time tonight. 
Her mouth parted and she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips against her own, her mouth watered at the thought of him kissing her as he pounded into her from behind. His hand on her jaw as his hips slammed into hers repeatedly, his mouth leaving sloppy kisses on hers as they caught each other's moans. 
Her pussy throbbed at the thought, she needed him. She never needed anything more than she did him. 
“Please Harry, I need your cock. I need you to fuck me.” she begs, tears springing to her eyes.
He let out a low growl noise as his hand that was just inside of her goes to his mouth, sucking her arousal off his finger. He moaned at the taste of her as his other hand went to his jeans, slipping off his belt before going to unbutton them.
"I already miss being between your legs, baby," he mutters, his tongue jutting out to lick at the tip of his two fingers, "Y'taste so fuckin' divine, m'favorite fuckin' meal." 
Harry pushes his jeans down and his hand palms over the erection that's in his black briefs, his head falling to the side as he stares at his girl on the bed. Her fingers tremble as she moves her hand to her tits, moaning when her hands cup them, squeezing harshly before pinching her nipples.
"Can't wait to be inside that pretty little pussy, 'm goin' to wreck you, sweet girl." He promises, his thumbs hooking to the side of his briefs before he pushes them down, his hard thick cock comes into view as it stands high. 
He wraps his hand around the base of his cock, giving himself a squeeze before he begins slow agonizing strokes, letting his thumb swipe over the slit of his tip, collecting his pre-cum before dragging his hand back down. He slowly took small steps over to the bed, staring down at her as she lay sprawled out on the mattress below him.
"Move up on the mattress, pet," he groans, his voice low and raspy as he keeps stroking himself. 
She obeys, moving up on the mattress until her head is right below the white pillows. Her hand reaches for the dress as it's pushed up on her waist, the top of it is pulled down exposing her tits, she pulls it over her head and tosses it onto the floor as her eyes meet his again. 
"Harry, please don't tease—" 
"'M not going to tease ya', baby. Need that tight pussy wrapped around me too much." 
With that he climbs onto the bed, moving to sit right in between her parted thighs. She was still wet, glistening with arousal as she pants underneath him.
"Aren't you going to use a condom?" Y/N asks, her brows furrowing when she feels the tip of his bare cock brush against her slit. 
"No," he moans, rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit, making her hips squirm. "No, I wanna feel you. Besides, a part of me likes knowing that 'm about to breed you, get you all swollen with m'cum." 
She can't help but whimper, his words seem to always make her melt, it makes her so fucking wet. She throws her head back when she feels him position the tip of his cock to her entrance. 
"Ready, baby? Your going to be s'full, so fuckin' stuffed, pet." He growls, as soon as he sees a little nod from her he pushes his hips forward, sinking his cock deep inside of her tightness. 
Both of them release moans, feeling each other for the first time. Harry can’t help but cum a little at the feeling of being bare inside of her, fucking someone bare for the first time ever. 
He can't get enough of her, he wants her forever, all his. 
He dips his head down and captures her lips with his, she lets out a moan as his hips slowly grind into hers, letting her get used to his size before he really pounds her into the mattress. 
“You feel too fuckin’ good, got me obsessed with you, pet.” he whispers against her lips, pulling his hips back just to slam them back against her, “So fuckin’ obsessed with y'baby, this body of yours, this tight little fuckin’ cunt.” he growls, his hands pressing against her hips as he drives himself ina nd out of her at a steady pace. “Can I keep you, pet? I can fuck y’forever, memorize every inch of your skin while I learn how to love you, please Y/N, let me keep you.” he begs, his hips slamming into hers again. 
She would agree to just about anything he asks for right now, she's drunk on him, drunk on the feeling of his thick cock sliding in and out of her. Drunk on the feeling of his hands on her heated skin, drunk on the words that are spilling from his mouth. 
"Yes, fuck, oh god." She finds herself saying, feeling him smile against her skin before he draws back.
She’s left feeling empty as he leaves her, gripping at her hips he flips her onto her knees. Her hands reach out and press against the soft mattress as she feels him behind her, he grabs himself, gliding the tip through her drenched folds, teasing her before he places himself at her sopping entrance. 
With one hard thrust he slides back into her, her walls clench around him as she moans his name, her heart wracks against her chest as she presses back against him. 
“Fuck, pet. Such a needy little slut,” Harry moans, his hands gripping her hips harshly, his nails dig into her skin. “S’fuckin’ needy for this cock, for m’cock,” he whispers, leaning over her he places a kiss to her shoulder, his warm breath fans out over her skin making her shiver. “No need to cry, baby. There's no way I could stop fuckin’ ya’."
Tears were streaming down her cheeks as her orgasm grew closer, her pussy clenched and quivered around his cock as he continued to pound her. His hand leaves her hip and grips her jaw, pulling her head back until her back is flush against his chest. 
"Aw, are y'gonna cum, pet? Gonna get m'cock soaked, yeah?" He teases, his hand on her hip moves around her, reaching between her thighs until his calloused fingers meet her clit.
She let out a shrill moan, her body spasming against his hold as his hips moved faster, driving into her deeper. The tip of his cock was brushing right against her g-spot, making her legs shake with every thrust he gave her. 
"Gonna cum," she whispered, her bottom lip getting caught between her teeth as her eyes rolled back. "Oh god I'm gonna fuckin' cum, please, please don't stop." She begged, rocking back into him with every thrust of his hips. 
"God, keep pushing back on me, baby," Harry groans, his mouth latching onto her sweaty neck, his tongue licking at her heated skin. "'M gonna cum so fuckin' hard, gonna fill this little pussy up with m'load, baby. Gonna fill you up s'much that y'feel it for days." 
Her orgasm washed over her as he spoke, clenching down hard around him her whole body trembled. Her arms give out and her body falls into the mattress, Harry continues fucking her, his cock now glistening with her cum, knowing that she just came makes his mind blurry. 
His legs shake as he slams into her one last time, cum shot out of his cock and fills her. She could feel it, the warmth it gave she knew that he had come inside of her.
"Fuck, oh my god," Harry groans, his mouth placed right next to her ear, "Shit, think you have some magic pussy or something, pet." He whimpers, slowly grinding his cock against her, "Haven't came that hard in a long fuckin' time." 
He slowly pulls out of her, moving back on the bed he glances down at her cunt, red and swollen, their cum leaking out if her was a sight that would be cemented in his brain. 
She goes to move but he places one of his hands on her back, rubbing slow circles on her bare skin he lays next to her. Her head turned and she looked at him, for the first time she really looked at him. He was beautiful.
"Stay here," he whispers, moving his face closer to her, their noses nudging against each other, "I'll get you cleaned soon, pet and then we can leave." He says, his hand still moving on her skin as she shifts to lay her head on his chest. "I 'ave 'much I want to do to ya'." He mutters, his hand moving to her hair, he runs his fingers through it and scratches at her scalp making her let out a little moan. 
A small smile appears on his face and he leans his head down to kiss the crown of her head, her arm wraps around his waist as she cuddles up to him. 
"I still can't believe you're letting me keep you, baby. We're gonna 'ave s'much fun together." 
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dontworrysunflower · 4 months ago
Taken | h.s.
a/n: it’s been a minute huh? i’ve been kinda in the dumps lately idk nothing i write seems good but with harry on tour i’ve gotten some inspiration. also i’m posting this in honor of my concert today!! i’m so excited
this was also inspired by @/allisonkuch on tiktok!
warnings: slight suggestiveness, m*n who can’t take a hint, harry being a king even though its the bare minimum 
word count: 1,051
hope you enjoy!! pls reblog it’s really appreciated
Tumblr media
gif credit: @chasm2018​
You waited beside Harry as his intro started, your hand diligently wrapped around his toned bicep as the lights flickered and shimmered against the crowd and stage. You could feel his foot started to tap profusely, his anxiety hitting him at the last second. You turn to your husband as you gently squeeze his arm, his attention turning to you. “Hey, you’re gonna do great, you always do.” You give him a small smile and kiss the curve of his shoulder, his posture and stance immediately relaxing at your touch. 
“Thank you, lovie. Don’t know what I’d do without you.” You could barely notice the light rose tint on his cheeks under the dim lighting of the arena, his voice muffled from the screaming of the people waiting for him. 
“It’s why you married me.” You teased as his voice recording for the crowd came to a close, his band quickly maneuvering to their respective instruments.
He teasingly frowned at you as he shrugged, “The mind blowing blowjobs were the main factor.”
You slapped his arm, “I hate you.” You scolded.
He quickly kisses the corner of your mouth, slowly departing from you as the stage crew counted down to his entrance  in his in-ears. “Love you too, baby. You’re gonna be in the crowd right?” His nerves become evident in his forest eyes, a gloss forming in front.
You nod, “‘Course, baby.”
He visibly relaxes again and gives you his charming smile, the smile that made you fall in love with him all those years ago. The same smile he shined at you as you walked down the aisle towards him, as you said your vows and had your first dance as a married couple in front of everyone you love.
“Go kill it, golden boy!” You quickly shouted just before he ran towards the stage, the screams intensifying as they caught sight of him.
Harry was in the middle of singing Woman when you felt someone move next to you. You paid no mind, only enjoying watching your husband sing his heart out. 
“Hi there.” The man who had stood next to you spoke, his lips tugging upwards in a smile. 
Doesn't compare to your husband's smile. 
“Hi.” You say politely, quickly averting your attention to Harry onstage. 
“You here alone?” He asked, clearly not sensing your disinterest. 
You chuckle dryly, “Not exactly.” 
“Wanna leave this boring concert and have some fun?” 
Your brows raised at his insult you were choosing to ignore. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m married.” You show him your large ring you’ve always liked to subtly show off, the reflection of the stage lights bouncing off the diamond and spotting his face. 
“I don’t see him around.” He pressed on, looking around at the young girls dancing and singing, pretending to look for your spouse. He inched closer, but you quickly moved away. 
“Yeah, ‘cause he’s up there.” You smirk as you point up at Harry, his sequined vest shining under the spotlights, his eyes trained on you. You give him a small wave, your teasing smirk for the man now turning into a full smile for your husband. 
Harry continued to strum his guitar, his lip resting on his custom microphone as he lazily sang. His eyes bored into yours and he sent a wink your way, shouts and cries erupting around the arena, surely everyone catching the moment on the large screens on top of the stage and the crowd around you. 
Harry stops singing but continues to strum along to the song, his band doing the background vocals. “Hitting on m’wife over there?” Harry said into the microphone, the cheers around him seeming to get impossibly louder. 
The man beside you gets visibly nervous, slowly retracting away from you like you have the plague. He nervously chuckles up at Harry, mouthing apologies. 
“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to my wife for making her uncomfortable.” Harry gets serious quickly, his fingers halting against the strings of his guitar and wrapping around his mic, coming towards the edge of the stage. His infectious smile is long gone and his eyebrows are furrowed in frustration and anger.
You try to wave him off to continue the show, wanting this situation to be over, but he ignores you, his stare looking down at the man beside you.
“C’mon now, let's see it.”
At this point the song was over, the band behind Harry unsure of what to do. 
The man mumbles an apology towards you, ready to turn and leave in embarrassment. 
“Wait sir, I’m not done with you.”
The man stills, eyes wide in fear. 
“I’m sure she told you she was taken, but even then, if a woman says no, single or not, you leave her alone you hear me?”
The cheers erupt again but Harry completely disregards them.
“Buh-bye now.” Harry folds his fingers in a wave with a fake smile, Harry kneeling down by the edge to watch the man leave.
Once he was out of sight, Harry turned to you, a soft smile displaying on his face. “You okay, baby?” 
Everyone awe’s around you, and for a moment you forget about everyone around you, and all you see is Harry. You see his pinked cheeks and shoulders rise and fall with every labored breath. His dimples crease his cheeks and his flowy hair falls in his face and you wish you had a camera to capture such a beautiful moment. 
You just nod and mouth an ‘okay’ to him, your eyes never leaving his as he moves back to the center of the stage, blowing a kiss towards you. 
You dramatically catch it and tuck it in your pocket, just like he does and you’re sure everyone captured the moment on their phones, seeing how much Harry has rubbed off on you. 
“Anyway..” Harry dragged out with a side smile as he clicked the microphone back on the stand, subtly signaling to the crew to continue on with the show. 
For the rest of the show, Harry kept his eye on you, watching you sing along and dance to his music, small whispers behind you about ‘how cute they are together’ and ‘they’re made for each other’ a distant thought in your mind as you watch your husband prance around.  
idk sorry i hate the ending
@samaraaaaa @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @lover-of-bucky @tom-hollands-wife @acciosiriusblack @aslugforharry @sunkissedchxrry @niallsbaeorwhateva
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heartbreakweatherharry · a month ago
the final show (h.s)
Tumblr media
→ requested: no
→ warnings: none!
→ author’s note: here’s this little piece i threw up about the final show! maybe thinking of doing a part two but it’s their life after tour has settled down, let me know if you’d like that !!! enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Harry sat in front of the vanity in his dressing room, staring at nothing in-particular, a sinking feeling present in his stomach. The tour he spent at least two years planning and anticipating, 42 shows, 32 cities— after tonight, it was all over.
“Knock knock,” from the doorway. He averted his eyes to where Y/N was standing, a bouquet of flowers between her hands. “Hey, you,” she softly spoke, shutting the door behind her, “I got you a little something.” Setting the flowers down on a nearby coffee table, “how’re you feeling, bub?”
Shrugging, “dunno. ‘s bittersweet, I guess.” He fiddled with the rings on his fingers, chewing on his bottom lip as he eyed Y/N’s path to the sofa. “Not sure what ‘m g’na do when ‘s all done.” With a sigh, Harry rose to his feet, boots clicking with each step towards his girlfriend before slumping down next to her, head gently falling into her lap, careful not to mess up his hair. “‘nd I don’ know when the European leg is g’na be,” he rambled, eyes skirting around the expanse of the ceiling, softly adding, “I just… I don’ wanna feel lost again.”
Y/N frowned, lightly tracing the tattoos on his arms. “I know, baby,” whispering before, “I’m not gonna lie to you and promise you that you’re not g’na feel that way again, because I don’t know that. What I do know, though, is that I’m g’na be right beside you through whatever is thrown your way.” Harry released a shuddering breath, nibbling his bottom lip as he finally met her gaze. “And I’ll do everything in my power to make you the happiest man alive, H. I can promise you that.”
“Thank you, angel,” voice wavering, “I love y’so much more than you’ll ever know.” He sat up, shifting to face his lover before gently pressing their lips together, a finger tilting her head up ever so slightly. “And,” after pulling away, “y’already make me the happiest man alive, baby doll.” Leaning forehead to forehead with eyes closed, he took a deep breath as a knock came from the door.
“Welcome to the final show, Harry,” Jeff shouted from the hallway, “it’s time.”
Taking Harry’s hand, Y/N stood them up from the leather sofa, escorting him to where his manager stood waiting. With one last quick peck to his lips, “go get ‘em, rockstar.”
“Good evening, Long Island, and welcome to the final night of Love on Tour,” Harry spoke into his microphone, “how is everybody feeling tonight?” An overwhelming cheer came from all around him in return.
“Lovely. Now, tonight, the band and I have one job: to entertain you as best we can within 90 minutes. And you,” moving across to the other side of the stage, “have one job as well; you are to have as much fun as you possibly can.” He brought the mic away from his lips for a brief moment, pointing back to where Y/N stood with a few of his crew members, mouthing ‘especially you’ as his girl blew kisses back.
Closing out his nightly spiel, “again, welcome to the final show. I hope you’re all wearing your best clothes.”
“Here we go!”
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stylesmygucci · a month ago
Drive me Insane || H.S
Pairing: boyfriend!Harry x reader
Content warning: smut (oral f->m / fellating)
Word count: 1.9k
A/n: Good afternoon lovers! I’m sorry to my lovelies that are eager for more dadrry one-shots but I just thought of this and I cannot let it go! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!!!!! masterlist
Tumblr media
Jeff brought up the idea of a double date while we were in the studio. “When was the last time you two went out with another couple?” He asked. We just shrugged and Jeff immediately made reservations for four at a nearby restaurant.
“Darling, we need to leave at-“ he entered the room, but as soon as his eyes trailed my body figure he stopped. It was a simple cami dress but it was enough to drive him mad.
He walked towards me with open arms, glaring at my boobs and only my boobs.
“Stop,” I warn, pushing him away, but his hands brush past mine.
“I can’t.” He shook his head. “You’re fucking gorgeous, It’s driving me insane.”
“This is why we can’t go out to dinner-“ his hands glide against my waist. “Because you get distracted and we get stuck.” I slapped away his hand that slowly crept to my ass. His hands fell to his side and he pouted, but quickly dropped it once he saw I wasn’t kidding.
I wasn’t giving in tonight. We haven’t been able to go out since before the pandemic and it was all I ever wanted since then was to hang with friends and have a nice memorable conversation over dinner— maybe even laugh until wine leaks out our noses.
I missed that. I missed my life.
I could sense Harry’s eyes on me every here and there but he never spoke a word. It felt like a long car ride and the faint country music on the radio did not help.
When we arrived, he gave the keys to the valet and walked to my side of the car to pull the door open for me, offering his hand for leverage.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered as I took his hand. My brows furrowed. “I love you and I know how much tonight means to you, didn’t mean to want to hold you back.”
It was like he could read my mind.
“It’s ok.” I nodded reassuringly. “I probably wouldn’t be able to resist touching myself either if I were you.” I shook my head, easing the bit of tension that grew between us. He chuckled with a head shake, pulling me closer by the shoulder and placing a rough kiss on my forehead.
We entered the restaurant to find Glenne and Jeff already sat at a table. The hostess led us to them and they stood up from their chairs to greet us with hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“About time we do this again.” Jeff said, returning to his chair. Harry laughed as he took mine out like a gentleman and pushed it back in as soon as I sat down.
“You two look amazing.” Glenne commented.
“As do you!” I exaggerated, gesturing to Glenne’s lovely fitted maroon dress.
“Oh stop,” she brushed me away, letting a pink shade flush her cheeks.
“Harry,” Jeff warned jokingly, taking a sip from his wine glass. Harry just laughed it off.
The evening went on; we ordered our food, even laughed until wine spewed out of Jeff’s nose— for a second I thought we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant, but a small warning from a waiter was all it took to shut us up. We sat quietly, sharing little chuckles from a joke we made earlier. I couldn’t have been more content.
“Oh my god,” Harry choked on his drink, he leaned to side, coughing into a napkin he’d pulled from beside his plate. I patted his back softly. He pulled back with a smile spread on his face and he looked back at Jeff. “you’re fucking welcome, rock that big couldn’t have been cheap.” His eyes flew to Glenne’s hand and my mouth dropped open.
A bright oval diamond, that I happened to miss the whole evening, laid on her left ring finger.
I looked up to meet her eyes and she just nodded with the widest smile. “No fucking way,” I rush up in excitement and immediately peel Glenne from her seat, taking her manicured hand and getting a good look at the expensive gem.
“Congratulations!” I laugh, sensing tears flood my eyes. “I’m so happy for you.” I pulled her into a tight hug.
“Thank you.” She rocked me back and forth. I rushed to Jeff and Harry rushed to Glenne, both laughing at the small exchange.
“Congratulations.” I then repeated with spread arms for Jeff to fall into.
“Thank you.” He said, wrapping his arm around my my waist to nearly squeeze the air out of me. After all the excitement settled, we took our seats and let a waiter refill our glasses.
“But all joking apart, congratulations!” Harry repeated once more. “I’m really, really happy for the two of you.” Harry nodded, offering a beaming smile.
“You think they’ll give us a free slice of cake if we tell them?” I joke, earning a laugh from the newly engaged couple.
“After everything we put them through? Absolutely not.” Glenne shook her head.
Jeff leaned in and took my left hand. “All joking apart,” He mimicked Harry. “When are you two getting married? Your girl’s hand looks a bit bland, H.” I looked to Harry and his brows lifted in utter surprise; he wasn’t expecting that one.
“I think he just hasn’t grown the balls to,” I shrug. “I might just grow them myself.” I fought a smirk, picking my wine glass from the table and bringing it to my mouth.
Harry nodded, taking the insult. “haven’t grown the balls?” He repeated under his breath as he scratched his nose.
“Oh you’ll grow them, mate.” Jeff patted his hand.
The evening ended after desert. We said our final goodbyes and fled to our cars. I decided to update myself on the internet’s new gossip while Harry fell back into the driver’s seat and started the long ride home.
“Marriage?” Harry interrupted our silence. The car stood at a red light and his eyes stayed on me.
“Sorry?” I ask, pulling away from my phone to give him my attention.
“I mean, you rarely bring it up, and now over dinner I haven’t got the balls?” His eye brows raise, flicking his eyes between the road and myself once the light turns green.
I shrug. “I don’t know, would you like to get married?”
“Would you?” He asks.
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“I..” he shuffles in his seat and tightens his grip around the steering wheel. “I’d love to, wouldn’t you?”
“I don’t really care… as long as it’s with you.”
A content smile spread on his lips, one that never failed to make my heart skip. After almost five years of the same smiles and expressions, I never grew bored of them, only more fond.
“So, hypothetically, when are you going to grow balls?” I ask.
“Oh I’ve got balls darling, you’d know if you let me touch you earlier.” He shook his head.
“I’ll let you touch me now,” I tell him, taking his left hand from the steering well and placing it on my bare thigh. I slid it further up until his fingers reached the outer line of my panties. He inhaled sharply and straightened himself in his seat. “Or would you prefer I touched you?” I ask, letting my palm brush over his growing bulge. His jaw clenched and he withdrew his hand from my inner thigh.
“I’m pretty sure that isn’t very legal.”
“Since when do you follow rules?” I laugh.
“Since Italy.” His eyebrows raised.
It took me a minute before I realized he was speaking of an incident that occurred in a hotel room. The rules were not to be loud, but Harry failed to follow them. Our steamy evening was interrupted by an employee warning us to keep it down; apparently three people put in complaints.
I let out an amused laugh and unintentionally palmed more of his dick. His brows creased deeper; he was growing frustrated. I look down at his bulge that almost dared to pop his zipper open.
“It almost looks like it hurts, you sure you don’t want me to take care of it, baby?”
“Do we want a ticket?” He questions.
“Ticket to cloud nine?” I grin and he fought a smirk by rolling his tongue in his cheek; that was the approval I was looking for.
I took off my seatbelt and leaned over to place a soft kiss on his cheek. “Keep your eyes on the road, will you baby?” He breathed in heavily and shakily let it out.
I pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his pants. I snuck my hand down his boxers and pulled out his hard cock. He sighed in relief. The head leaked drops of pre-cum that I decided to use to my advantage.
I spread it over his tip with the pad of my thumb just to watch how he melts under my touch; his bottom lip pulled behind his teeth, fighting the urge to let his head fall back. I leaned over and adjusted myself across the seat. I could feel the armrest dig into my stomach as I licked a line from the bottom of his cock to the tip. He whimpered and I could’ve sworn the car sped up.
“Don’t crash.” I warn and he stifles a laugh, instantly stopping once I put my attention on his dick again.
I kiss his tip and let my lips part, slowly taking all of him in. His cock hit the back of my mouth, making tears fill my eyes. I pulled back up, causing my saliva to leak out the edge of my mouth. He groaned and bucked his hips as a sign to continue.
I took him back in and let my tongue follow with my mouth, stopping at different lengths to keep me from choking. He groaned and murmured curses under his breath.
Eventually, his hand gripped my hair to steady me, giving him more control of my intake. Tears escaped my eyes as his head met the back of my throat repeatedly, dragging out gags.
His cock twitched on my tongue and he moaned my name as a warning. His grip loosened around my hair and I adjusted my lips to his tip before he came into my mouth.
His warm seed filled the inside of my cheeks to the back of my throat. I swallowed but his cum spilled the sides of my mouth and down his cock.
I licked any cum he had left on his cock. He whined from overstimulation and tried to pull me from his dick but failed to. He pleaded my name, desperate for me to detach my tongue and I didn’t until I got every last drop that had escaped my mouth.
I finally retracted myself, letting his dick soften. I took it carefully and tucked it into his pants, zipping them and buckling them back up. His chest rose and fell rapidly, attempting to catch his breath.
“D-did quite a number on me.” He laughed, readjusting his grip on the steering wheel. I took my thumb and wiped away any cum I had left on my lips.
“Maybe that’ll give you the balls…” I smirked.
“Would do it right now but I don’t have a ring.”
I took his hand a pulled it to my inner thigh. “I have an idea of what you could use for a ring.”
His eyes flicked between my bunched dress and the road ahead. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
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hollywillows · 2 months ago
pretty - harry styles x reader
summary- harry wants some help with his makeup :,) requests are open <3
Tumblr media
you had known that harry was going to the first night of harryween dressed as dorothy from the wizard of oz, but you hadn’t expected it to be so heartachingly cute. you walked into his dressing room as he was finishing getting ready, letting your shoulder lean your weight on the door frame.
appropriately, you were dressed as toto, wearing a long sleeved black leotard with matching tights and ears. harry hadn’t noticed you in the doorway yet, but, if he had, he would’ve seen the adoring smile on your face.
he caught your eye in his mirror after a moment, his face breaking into a grin that made your stomach do somersaults. “what do you think?” he asked, his cheeks turning red as if he was worried you wouldn’t like it.
you walked further into the room, your gogo boot heels clicking the ground as you did so. “you look so pretty.” you told him, your hands coming up to clasp over your mouth to cover the blush forming on your cheeks.
harry smiled bashfully, looking down at his boots, which were styled to look like dorothy’s socks and red ruby slippers. “really?” he asked, looking back into the mirror to see his dress before looking to you.
you nodded, moving closer to wrap your arms around him. you had no words to describe the emotions and thoughts swirling in your brain, so you just pouted out your bottom lip and brought your eyebrows together, giving him a face that would hopefully convey even a sliver of the amount of thoughts you had about how adorable he was.
he held you to him for a moment, pulling back only to admire your outfit. “you look so gorgeous.” he said, his accent coming out thicker than normal due to the amount of love he felt for you.
“nothing compared to you right now.” you replied, reaching up a hand to brush a lock of hair out of his face, since the rest was pulled back by his hair bow.
he closed his eyes, giving himself a moment to relish in your touch and embrace. “i actually.. um.. was wondering if you could help me.” he said after a sweet moment of silence.
you tilted your head, looking up at him. “what’s up?”
he was embarrassed; you could tell by the way he looked down at his feet, his eyes glancing up to meet yours every few seconds as he fumbled over his words. he was also doing his staple nervous move: fiddling with anything his hands were on, which just so happened to be your waist, that he soothingly rubbed his fingers around.
after looking down at you fully again, he spoke. “could you.. maybe help me with my makeup?” he asked, biting his lip nervously. “you do it a lot better than i do, and i like it better when you put it on anyway.” he explained, watching as your gaze softened and a smile spread across the expanse of your cheeks.
“i’d love to do your makeup, h.” you assured him, watching as he let out a slight sigh of relief. you didn’t know why he expected you to say no, but you blamed it on his pre-show jitters, which always made him get nervous.
he sat back down at his chair, looking at himself in the mirror. you stood next to him, bending over to pick up the makeup bag that you had in the corner of the counter. you pulled out a brush and the small container of blush, getting down so your face was level with his.
you dabbed the brush into the pink pigment, moving to lightly swatch it along his cheeks. “i’m gonna go for a more stage-makeup look.” you explained, biting your lip slightly as you focused.
harry was watching you, feeling overwhelmed by the love and adoration he felt pouring out of him. you were doing his makeup for him, and you looked gorgeous, and he felt so confident in his dress, but more importantly you had complimented his dress. he felt giddy, almost like when he was a little kid and would get dressed up to go trick or treating.
you finished applying the blush to his cheeks, which were now coated a red-ish pink. you grabbed mascara from the makeup bag, taking out some false lashes. “do you want just mascara or lashes too?” you asked with a soft hum, letting him look at the lashes to see his options.
he looked up at you, seeing what lashes you had on. “i think.. i think i want to try the lashes if that’s okay.” he told you, giving you a sweet smile.
“yeah, of course!” you nodded, getting out the lash glue and applying it to the back of them. you softly blew on the lashes, allowing the glue to settle in. after a brief moment, you lightly applied pressure to his lids, gluing the lashes on.
his eyes widened as he blinked, getting used to the new sensation. a surprised and amused smile spread across his face as he looked up at you, still blinking and winking his eye. “does it look good?”
“you look like a princess.” you replied, kissing his cheek. “one more, okay?” you applied the other lash on, and this time he was more prepared for the cold feeling of the glue. once they were both glued on, you grabbed the mascara and held it up. “okay, so you’re just gonna blink, okay? this’ll make the lashes look more cohesive and real with your natural ones.” you explained.
he blinked when you told him to, trying not to get the black makeup on his skin or eyelids. once the eye makeup was finished, you pulled out a nude lip liner, gently applying it around the outline of his lips.
“this goes around your lips, and makes the lipstick stay more between the lines.” you explained, watching as he lightly puffed his lips, looking up at you as you worked. you then grabbed a lipstick of the matching color, pressing it to his lips to fill them in. he popped his lips together as he’d seen you do before, watching as you giggled.
you put the makeup all away, standing back to admire your work. he looked from himself in the mirror over to you, reaching out a hand to pull you closer to him, even though he was still seated in the chair. “i love you.” he said, looking at the both of you in the mirror.
a smile spread across your cheeks as you bent down to kiss his temple, forehead, and cheek, resting your head on top of his. “i love you too, pretty boy.”
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haroldandlou28 · 11 days ago
Harold has this face for him nd only him.
Tumblr media
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