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Sensitive | Harry James Potter x GN reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: sub!harry dom!reader gender neutral reader
Summary: you edge and overstimulate harry in a broom cupboard
Warning: smut 18+, minors please don’t interact!! Spit kink, edging, overstimulation, semi-public
Word count: ~ 2,6k
You pull Harry into the cupboard, hand holding his in a deceivingly soft way. It was dark and there wasn’t much room but it was definitely bigger than some of the other cupboards around here. You gently close the door and put a locking charm on it and then turn the light on.
“What-“ he started but you shove him lightly further into the empty cupboard, until his back hit the wall. His cheeks turned red when he realized his position, under your gaze and trapped between your arms.
“Harry…” you weren’t sure what you were gonna say, you just knew you needed him. You knew you needed him to distract you. You needed to ruin him, strip him down and see how much he can take. “You’re so cute” is what came out of your mouth, how could you be so soft while thinking all these thoughts?
“Thank you” he responded in a whisper, gulping and looking away from your eyes.
“My love, you know I’ve been watching you today and I’m not quite happy with how you’re behaving” you said and Harry looks at you with big, questioning eyes.
“What have I done?” He asked and you could see he was thinking through his entire day.
“You’re teasing me baby, with your pretty eyes and your soft lips, I couldn’t stop staring at them” you press your forehead to his, your hands going to his face. You were so close that he took the opportunity to lick your lips in a teasing manner. You yanked his head back in a warning. But you couldn’t resist his lips so you kissed him hard, forcing him to open his mouth and allowing your tongue in.
“ m’sorry…” harry mumbles into your lips and grips your hips tightly in his hands, still not taking you seriously. You had to show him who was in charge today. You separated yourself from him, pulling his arms up and pinning them to the wall causing him to whimper slightly.
“Keep your hands to yourself pretty boy, or you’ll be truly sorry” you warned and there was a flash in his eyes and if you weren’t so familiar with his reactions or mannerism you wouldn’t recognize it was a flash of submission.
“Yeah?” He questions, his bratty attitude slightly shining through. “We both know you cave once you hear me beg once.” He said, smirking, and it was like a personal attack. It happened once, once. You had tried punishing Harry by edging him and only by the second round his pleas and whines had you in a puddle of softness toward your boyfriend. You didn’t let him see your flustered self and instead challenged the dom inside you.
“You’re gonna regret this baby…you really shouldn’t have said that…” you let his arms drop and cross yours on your chest and take a step back from him. “Muffliatio” you casted the spell quickly, knowing Harry would be more than vocal.
Your eyes lingered and the look of intimidation slowly creeped on Harry’s face. He nervously bit his lips and his eyes darted around the room, landing on everything except you, his hands were wringing together and he was slowly balancing from one foot to the other.
“Strip.” You said making him quickly whip his head up to look at you. “Didn’t you hear me? I said strip.” Your voice was calm but there was an undertone of warning that Harry caught up on quickly.
He started with his sweater, slowly pulling the zipper down, teasingly. Slipping one arm out then the other and throwing it on the floor a few feet away.
“Faster.” You ordered, trying to stay patient and give him a chance. But he didn’t take it. He continued to slowly take his shoes off one after the other, pushing them aside. You saw the tiny smirk on his face and that was it. You strode towards him,pulling him by the belt and aggressively yanking it open. You pull down his pants and lift off his shirt. There was a chair in the corner so you summon it to Harry and pushed him down.
“I know what you were doing last night, without me…” you said and he seemed to tense up a little. You put your hand on his clothed member, slowly palming it. “You were playing with this desperate little cock of yours, without my permission.”
“I- I wasn’t” Harry whimpered and his chest moved quickly trying to contain his arousal.
“Don’t lie to me baby, there’s no use” you caress his chin and jaw, only to then forcibly grab his face. “Open your mouth” you ordered and he obliged. Something that always put Harry in subspace almost immediately was spit in any shape or form so you spit forcibly into his mouth, making sure not to break eye contact. His eyes were shifting and he was submerged in the right headspace, he was now truly under your control.
“What’s our safe word love?” You asked just to stay safe.
“Pink” he responded quietly.
“Good boy.” You praised and in turn, there was a twitch in Harry’s pants. “I’m gonna punish you today, do you know why?”
“Mhm” he said and looked away in shame.
“Use your words. Do you think you deserve this punishment?”
“Yes.” Harry admitted and you smirked, glad that he wasn’t putting up a fight. You tug at the waistband of his pants and pull them down under his ass. His hard cock sprung onto his stomach, a whimper escaping his lips.
“So hard already? I haven’t even touched you.” You said and start kissing his neck and toying with his nipples. His whimpering became louder as you left hickeys onto his neck. “So pretty.” You praise and sure enough his cock twitched again.
“Mhm feels good” he whimpered.
“Did I ask you to speak?” You ask and he shakes his head, “no I didn’t, then why did you open this filthy little mouth hm?”
“m’sorry im sorry” he whimpers and you can’t help but chuckle at the state he was in. You pinch his nipple hard just as you take his swollen cock in your hand, slowly squeezing it.
“mmh-nng” his chest heaves as if he was getting soaked in cold water, and his hands went to your arms trying to steady himself.
“Hands behind your back love” you whisper in a fake gentleness which you loved to use against him because he usually does exactly what you want. You rub his cock in your hand, watching the foreskin pull back and forth from around the tip and back down the shaft.
Harry’s hips thrusted into your fist trying to get as much pleasure as he could but you wouldn’t have it. Your hand collided with his thigh, not hard enough to hurt but it was loud enough to give him a warning.
You jerked his cock with one hand as the other went to his lips, inserting two fingers for him to suck on and muffle his precious moaning.
The view of him sucking on your fingers, with sweat glimmering on his forehead, his eyes big like a puppy waiting for a treat and the sounds from his throat was almost too much for you. You sink down to your knees, between his legs and help him scoot closer to the edge of the seat. He moans, knowing what was to come.
“Shh…” you shushed him and placed kisses on his thighs, sucking and biting on the skin to leave hickeys. “So pretty. Look at you leaking already…” you collect the precum with your fingers and signal to him to lean down. “lick them clean” you ordered and he gulps before doing as you said. His tongue picked up every last drop as his face revealed his shame.
“Good boy” you praised and pulled him in for a kiss, loving how you could still faintly taste his cum on his tongue. The kiss left you breathless and your lips swollen but you decided it was time to play with your toy.
You engulfed his cock slowly, licking the head first and going down until you hit the base. The feeling of his cock nearly down your throat, stretching it open, had you rolling your eyes back. You bobbed your head, enjoying the moans and whimpers from Harry who suddenly made the mistake of grabbing your hair.
“Incarcerous. behave.” you casted the spell with your wand and a small rope tied Harry’s wrists together behind his back and gave his thigh another slap.
“Sorry sorry sorry” He whimpered, eager to return to your previous task. You quickly take him back in your mouth, swirling your tongue and hollowing your cheeks.
“Please” he whined, bucking his hips slightly. “Please, I’m close” he breathed and you removed yourself again with a plop of his cock leaving your mouth.
“It’s only been a few minutes, you already wanna cum? You came alone last night right after I had rewarded you with a blowjob right? Played with your sensitive cock Hmm? And now you wanna cum again? You’re just so desperate for an orgasm, like a little horny slut?” You said and watched as he lost it with each word out of your mouth.
“m’sorry, please sorry sorry I’m a slut please please” he blabbered.
“Please what?“
“Let me cum please” he whimpered and you shook your head.
“You’ll have to wait and if you’re a good boy I will let you cum.” You smiled and he let out a pathetic whine and desperate nods. So you put your mouth back on his member, squeezing it with your cheeks, your hands caressing his thighs at the same time.
“ahh hnn-g I can’t- hold it-“
You pull back, edging him once more and he whines, his hips bucking from the lack of stimulation.
“I Wanna see you cry with frustration. I wanna teach you a lesson babyboy, you should never disobey me.” You said and started pumping his cock again. This time it only took 30 seconds for him to get close and you edged him again.
“Pleaase, mmnhhh” his voice was low and raspy, his eyes glazed over in submission and his face scrunched up in pleasurable pain. “Please, please please…” he pleaded over and over again. You smirked at him and dragged a finger down a nerve in his cock, laughing as it twitched.
If you had done this in any other situation where Harry was not feeling subby you’d be done for, he would force his cock down your throat and fuck your face until he orgasmed. But Harry being like this, so soft and compliant, you were free to tease him and you loved that control.
After waiting for a few moments you put him in your mouth again, willing to let him touch the back of your throat with each movement. It was very quick this time, his pleas never stopping and you separated yourself.
“Ahh, look at you all worked up and we are just getting started. What’s wrong? You regret that you broke the rules don’t you?”
“Yes yea sorry I’m sorry please…please” he look at you with his pleading face and you fought against the soft dom inside you by letting him down your throat again.
“ahh ahh g-gonna-“ he moaned only a few seconds later and you pulled away, laughing at the loud whine he let out.
“No no please please” he begged, his eyes tearing up slightly.
“Please what, what was it you wanted, again?” You asked, pretending to have forgotten.
“Please I wanna cum…let me cum I’m begging” his tears trailed down his cheeks.
“Aw love don’t cry, it only makes me wanna ruin you more.” You smirk and caress his thighs.
“Please let me cum I need it so badly”
You fisted his cock, with your lips around the precum coated head, quickly pulling him close to the edge.
“I can’t I can’t please please” he sobbed and you knew he truly wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore, being that he hasn’t been trained enough yet, you decided to let him cum.
“Cum for me Harry” you moaned and returned quickly to his cock, feeling his hips thrust into you, his arse leaving the chair, followed by a stream of hot liquid squirting down your throat.
“I’m cumming I’m- fuck!” He cursed loudly, riding out his orgasm. You stand up, pulling his head back by the hair, not allowing him to see the arousal on your face. His lips were separated due to all the moans he let out so you took the opportunity to spit in his mouth, a mixture of saliva and his own cum.
“Swallow” you ordered and he did as he was told. “Good boy.” You said and without warning started jerking his cock hard and fast, collecting the remaining cum between your fingers.
“too much too much please no… please it’s too-“
“Shut up.” You grab his face roughly, “you wanted this, you wanted to cum so I’m gonna help you cum. Again. And it might hurt a little.”
“Please stop” he pleaded as if you hadn’t just told him to shut up, you lightly smack his face causing him to moan.
“Shut the fuck up”
“Mhmmm” he resorted to whining and writhing under your hold. More precum leaked from his cock, building up in your fist.
“You like it don’t you? I can see you do. Moan for me” you say and Harry does. He moans loud and more intensely than the previous round. His tears were streaming down his face and his nose adorably red.
“Fuck I’m close!” He moaned and you couldn’t stop you wanted him to cum again. Your hand held his face again, making eye contact.
“Keep your eyes on me, want you to look at me while you cum.” You raised your eyebrows as his face slowly turned as he get closer to his orgasm. His mouth open, his eyes teary and rolled back. The moans grew louder until he came, eyes squeezed shut despite his efforts to keep them open.
“So gorgeous, such a good boy.” You praised but your hand didn’t leave his cock. You pumped it slowly, waiting for him to react to the overstimulation.
“Okay okay stop stop please I can’t take it I can’t.” He repeated as the sensations overwhelmed him. “Ah ah ahaaah” he let out whines and squirmed under you, trying to get away.
“Be still.”
“I can’t Please please fuck”
“I’m gonna make you cum again, just like what you asked for.” You smirk and kiss his wet cheeks. He whines in response, looking down at his twitching cock in your hand. A few thrust and he started bucking his hips for more.
“ahh so precious when you’re desperate to cum. I can play with you all night, like a little fucktoy.” You said and caress his cheek.
“Fuck” he stretched out his moan, having it echo in the small cupboard. “Fuck me please fuck me”
“Aww so eager. You were just telling me to stop and now you wanna cum again, aren’t you an adorable little puppy in heat?”
“Yes yes. I am, I am.” He moaned and writhed for something to grab on.
“Cum then cum for me” you ordered and just at your words his cock spurted cum everywhere, his chest heaved and his tears were mixed with sweat.
You continued overstimulating him, not quite satisfied with the punishment yet.
“aaah aaaah” he practically yelped at the feeling in his cock, twisting his body in different directions to get away from it. “It hurts!“ he said and cried with his lip between his teeth.
“it’s too much, now? Did you learn your lesson? Hmm?” You ask.
“Yes yes please stop please”
“What did you learn baby?” You squeeze him harder.
“aaaah- i shouldn’t cum without permission!” He said between hiccups and sobs.
“Want me to stop?” You wanted a quick last tease before letting him go.
“Please yes please stop It hurts” he moaned and you let him go with one last thrust. He was a whimpering mess, still bucking his hips into the air.
“There we go” you peck his lips as he exhaled with a grunt.
“You’re so pretty, so pretty. You were so good baby, the best baby boy” you praised and kissed his crying face. You helped him clean with your wand and helped him dress again.
“I- i really want a hug…” he stuttered and you were immediately embracing him with a warm hug, not willing to see the one you love so distraught.
“I love you so much… you’re the best boy ever” you praised and let him bury his head in your shoulder.
“I love you too” he mumbled, sounding tired and you knew that a good nap was needed.
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I feel like I don't really post harry appreciation, so I'm just gonna say this that harry is the most awesomest character and person to ever exist he could step on me and kill me and I would thank him
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some harry james potter’s because he is soooooo cute
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⭐️ comforting harry with his nightmares she/her for the reader haha.
dark dreams | h.p. | blurb
warnings ➸ mentions of the dark lord (who’s terrified of him anyways?)
pairing ➸ harry potter x fem!reader
summary ➸ post war!au, y/n comforts harry after a terrifying nightmare.
a/n ➸ tysm lexi !! hope u like this ♡
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Tumblr media
i was sleeping soundly until my eyes opened at the movement right beside me. For a moment, I saw nothing but darkness then  my eyes adjusted to the dark.
It was Harry, who had woken up suddenly, beads of cold sweat splashed all over his panicked face. He was breathing heavily and that alarmed me. I sat up and asked him, “What happened, Harry?”
He looked at me, eyes wide open with surprise.
I shifted over to him and held his face in my hands, looking at him.
“Harry, please…” I willed him to speak.
“Voldemort killed y-you right in front of me and I-I wasn’t able to do a-anything. I stood there like a fool,” there was a slight tremble in his voice.
“Y-you’re not a fool, Harry,” I shook my head, “Anyways, Voldemort’s dead. And I’m r-right here,” my voice was trembling too.
I hugged him and whispered, “I’m here and I’ll always be.”
I felt him him relax as he nodded against my shoulder, hugging me back.
“I love you,” he whispered in my ear.
“I love you too,” I whispered back, running my hand soothingly through his messy hair.
Tumblr media
taglist ➸ @imabee-oralizard @thehalfbloodedwitch @pottahishotasf
join my taglist (for harry potter) here !
Tumblr media
join the trip to india !!
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sorry-i-ship-drarry · 17 hours ago
Harry : You know what would just be great?
Draco : what?
Harry : killing myself.
Draco : .... I'm calling therapy
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draco-sharon · 22 hours ago
Harry: Whoa, there's so much going on in my trousers right now
Draco: *choking out his tea* What did you just say?!
Harry: I got this new pair of trousers and the pockets are AMAZING! Look, I got my keys in one and my wallet in the other and I can fit a whole water bottle in the front pocket!
Draco: Oohh, okay. For a moment I thought you were talking about...
Harry: I'm also having a boner right now, care to give me a hand? *winks*
Draco: *drops tea cup entirely* I-
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tragicromanceftus · 2 days ago
sirius when james:
Tumblr media
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potterheadedgeek · a day ago
And I Love Her ~ Harry Potter X Reader ~ Chapter 1: The Swatter, The Fly, And The Audacity Of This Guy
Description: Y/n Lupin-Black, the daughter of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Her and her best friend, Ron Weasley, met Harry Potter on the Hogwarts express and immediately became friends with him, along with Hermione Granger. She falls for him but the real question is, does he love her?
Additional information: AU where Remus is trans (AFAB). The reader dresses grungey in the story cuz it's the 90s so why not, I also love the grunge aesthetic. I have also made a playlist for this story. Ron and Y/n were introduced to each other when they were young and became best friends. Y/n is also really close to Fred and George and likes to prank people with them. I'm probably going to put the clothes that Y/n is wearing at the top but if that gets annoying just tell me pls. I'm also going to put this on Wattpad. I'm also going to come up with weird title because Y/n is the daughter of Wolfstar so I makes sense.
Warning(s): Dementors, screaming(?)
Pairing(s): Harry x Reader, Remus x Sirius
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Tumblr media
Clothes for this story: shirt ~ pants ~ shoes ~ jacket
"Here, this one is empty," Hermione says as the four of us walk through the Hogwarts Express, trying to find a seat. 
"Good," Harry says as all of us step into the cabin. He closes the door, "I have something to tell you."
"What is it, Harry?" Hermione asks.
"You guys have heard of Sirius Black, right?" Harry questions.
"Yeah," Hermione, Ron, and I say simultaneously. 
I know that Sirius is my dad but with everything that goes around about him, my other dad told me to never tell anyone that Sirius is my dad, or at least until I am out of Hogwarts. I feel like I know almost everything about him, my dad talks about him so often.
"Ron's dad told me that Black was the one who sold my parents to Voldemort. He said that he's broke out of Azkaban to kill me," Harry explains.
"Well, then we won't let that happen," I tell him.
"Thank you," Harry says to me and smiles. 
I smile back, "You're welcome." I grab my Army green canvas sling bag that my dad gave me before I started my first year, and put a never-ending charm on it. I reach into the bag and grab my Discman. "Music?" 
"Sure," Ron replies. I already had the Nevermind disc in it so I just pressed play. Smells Like Teen Spirit starts playing. The four of us talk about our summer while Nirvana plays in the background. After the album is finished I switch it to Metallica, and after that, to August and Everything After. Mr. Jones starts playing then the train comes to a sudden stop with a violent jolt. Everything gets cold, the window gets very frosty, and the lights go out. The music starts cutting out and then shuts off. 
A hand grabs the door and pushes it open, a huge hooded creature appears in the doorway. Fear falls over me, it feels like I'll never be cheerful again. It goes to Harry, he starts shaking like he was having a seizure. 
The creature hovers over to me, everything around me goes quiet, then that silence is filled with barely coherent screaming. The words become clearer it sounds like “NO! SIRIUS! HE’S INNOCENT! NO! I NEED HIM! SIRI!” Then everything goes black and silent again.
I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up Harry was also waking up. Harry picks up his glasses off of the seat and we both sit up. I look up to see my father, Remus Lupin, kneeling in front of me.
"Are you all right, pup?" He asks while holding my face.
I nod, “Yeah, all right.”
Dad pulls me into a near bone-crushing hug, “I’m glad you’re all right.” He pulls away from the embrace and kissed my forehead.
Dad grabs some chocolate out of his pocket and hands Harry and me a piece of it, "Here, eat this. It'll help. It's alright, it's chocolate."
Harry sits upright and takes the piece of chocolate from my dad, "What was that thing?"
"A dementor," Dad explains, "one of the guards of Azkaban. It's gone now. They're searching the train for Sirius Black. Now if you'll excuse me I need to have a little word with the driver."
"Can I go with you?" I ask him as I finish the chocolate that he previously gave me.
"No I want you to stay here, please," He tells me then sets the rest of the chocolate on the seat between me and Harry
I nod, "Okay, dad."
Dad turns to Harry, "Eat, you'll feel better." He closes the door and then walks away. 
"Y/n, what is your dad doing here?" Hermione asks.
"He is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," I tell her.
"That explains a lot," She states. "Who is your mom? If you don't mind me asking."
"Um..." I start but stop and think of how I am going to explain it. "Technically... that is my mom. He's trans and doesn't like being associated with feminine things very much, so he prefers me calling him dad rather than mom." 
"Oh, who's your other dad?" She asks,
"It's not important," I answer.
"Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry," She apologizes.
"It's alright," I say, "It doesn't matter, I can't even remember him, I haven't seen him in twelve years."
"That's even worse," Ron mutters.
"Well at least he's not dead," Harry says, "Or is he?"
"No, he's not dead," I respond.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Is there a name you’d like me to call you?” “Um, yes, it’s… Harry.” “Well, Harry, I think I ought to be honest and tell you that… I’m just like you. I’m transgender too.” “…You are?” “Indeed. And I’m telling you this because I wanted you to know that you are not alone. Never alone. And your parents, Harry, they… they would’ve loved you and supported you unconditionally. Just like they supported me. Never forget that there will always be people that accept us in our most truest.”
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lilbeanz · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We've got our work cut out for us.
Number Twelve
part 1 of 12
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percivore · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
No dormbro left behind
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to00fu · 5 months ago
Hullo, hope you doing well :) may i request a doodle for drarry cuddling ? Thank you and take care ♡
Hi! I hope you're doing well too.
I doodled this quickly, I hope you like it :)
Tumblr media
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minajaro · 3 months ago
It's a mess
Tumblr media
Draco reading in a decidedly casual way. {the most infuriating thing about coloured pencils is the moment you take a picture of the finished piece.}
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funkylittlelibrarian · 5 months ago
But sir, that's my emotional support series with a young protagonist who has trauma and responsibility put on their shoulders at a young age and usually ends up deciding the fate of the world.
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weasleymione · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
1992 x 1998.
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stuckinthemoment · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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draco-sharon · 3 months ago
*In the Afterlife*
James: I don't get it, why is Harry so obsessed with the Malfoy boy?
Lily: James, my love, let's be honest here. You secretly dated Regulus for years before we started dating and I always had a crush on Narcissa. It seemes as if your gene for "simping for a member of the Black family" and my gene for "simping for a member of the Black family" combined to the "being unhealthy obsessed for a member of the Black family" gene. So that's why our son is currently following Draco Malfoy around Hogwarts
James: Huh, that does make sense. You know what, I think I ship them
Lily: I do too
Sirius: You dated my baby BROTHER?! Prongs, if you weren't already dead I would KILL YOU!
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atealiers · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
DANIEL RADCLIFFE, EMMA WATSON, AND RUPERT GRINT   behind the scenes of Prisoner of Azkaban
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upthehillnsfw · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Ok so I found some old sketches I haven’t posted before and figured, heck, why not.. lol
Click for full versions
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upthehillart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“It’s getting late...”  “Does it matter?”
Ref by Benjamin Dunbar
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