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#harry james potter
gryffindorhearts · a day ago
Tumblr media
I had a dream last night And when I opened my eyes Your shoulder blade, your spine Were shorelines in the moon light New worlds for the weary New lands for the living I could make it if I tried
- Change of Time by Josh Ritter
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snufflesirius · a day ago
settle our bones - chapter 1
Pairings: Sirius Black & Harry Potter, Remus Lupin & Harry Potter, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley
Additional Tags: Post-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Post-War, Fix-It, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Depression, Hurt/Comfort, Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Past Child Abuse, Nightmares, Miscommunication, Getting Together, Mutual Pining, Bisexual Harry Potter, Coming Out, Families of Choice, Parenting, Family Drama, Sirius Black Lives, Remus Lupin Lives, Friendship, Grief/Mourning, Fluff and Angst, Bring Back Black | Sirius Black Returns From Beyond the Veil, everyone is a complete and utter mess but they’re all trying
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 16,233
Summary: For his eighteenth birthday, Harry gets a party, a cake, and his godfather back from the dead.
(Or: Sirius, Remus, and Harry try to create a family. It isn't easy.)
Read on AO3
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yeet-life · 2 days ago
Hey! ship fictional characters all you want! you like Percy and Annabeth? cool, me too. Percy and Rachel? that's great, its your choice. You like Jason and Piper? Piper and Shel? K, thats cool. Magnus and Alex? yes, of course. Kaz and Inej? perfect, me too!! Wylan and Jesper? awesome! Nico and Will? amazing!! Simon and Baz? beautiful. Henry and Alex? hey, me too!! Nora and June? June and Pez? yay! i love them as well! Alina and Mal? ok, nice. Alina and the Darkling? cool that's all your choice. Zoya and Nikolai? same! Harry and Ginny? yes of course. Harry and Draco? your choice, your will do whatever you want. Sirius and Remus? perfect.
that's all great! you can ship whomever two fictional characters you like
but. please. i beg you. Stop hating on people who do not ship the same characters as you. It's stupid and does no one any good.
And stop shipping real life people. Its stupid and you look like an asshole while doing it. just stop
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tragicromanceftus · a day ago
imagine james potter taking harry on walks, james potter being harry's piggyback ride, james potter giving chocolates to harry when lily's not around, james potter being a clumsy dad, james potter being alive.
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When Harry gets drunk
Harry: Ginny, your's so red
Ginny: What about it?
Harry: Has it always been this red?
Ginny: Yes
Harry, tearing up: Amazing
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Me in the HP fandom shipping Romione, Hinny, Jily: who gives a fuck about fanon nonsense?
Me in the ATLA fandom shipping Zutara: who gives a fuck about canon?
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randomfandomimagine · 8 hours ago
They Comfort You When You Get Insecure (Harry Potter Preference)
Characters: Harry, Neville, Hermione, Fred & George
Requested by @ravenpuff-with-an-attitude​
Want to send a request? Read my rules first, please!
Tumblr media
Harry was very surprised when he realized you were insecure about some things, because he had always thought you were quite confident. It ended up being a tense but honest conversation in which you connected more than ever and finally realized how the other truly felt. “Harry, you don’t know what it’s like to feel insecure?” “I don’t? I’m the chosen one, but I have on idea if I can do what it’s been asked of me! You think I don’t know?!” “I’m sorry... I think you’re great, I never realized...” “Me neither, Y/N, I’m sorry too”. After that small argument, you hugged and promised to be even more supportive of each other.
Tumblr media
Neville is so surprised, at first he doesn’t even know what to say. You’re his favorite person, and he looks up to you so much, so he didn’t imagine you could be dealing with some insecurities of your own, he always thought you were so cool and confident. So when he finally takes in the information, he comforts you and tries to make you see yourself through his eyes. “But Y/N, you’re amazing! You’re so brave and so strong and smart, but also kind an dedicated and I think you’re the best person I’ve ever known”
Tumblr media
Hermione is a little sad to know you’re insecure, because she holds you in such high steem. You always have interesting conversations with her, know lots of books she hasn’t even read yet and she admires your heart of gold and your hardwork. She tries to comfort you, taking your hand to encourage you. “I’ll be honest with you, Y/N: you are brilliant, and you don’t have to feel insecure, because you are quite unlike anyone I’ve ever met”
Tumblr media
Fred is a bit angry at whoever made you feel insecure, he goes on and on about how he’s going to give them a piece of his mind. “Who was it, Y/N? I’m gonna break their bloody face!”. When you say that no one really said anything, Fred stares at you for a bit and then stays by your side, doing anything he can to make you feel better and even offering to play a prank on someone of your choosing.
Tumblr media
When you say something bad about yourself and George realizes how truly insecure you are about it, he just stands there for a moment, looking at you with sadness and empathy. After a moment, he smiles at you and opens his arms, bearing a mischievous expression. “Come here, love, you just need some cuddles and I’ll give them to you!” and he’ll sit with you and hold you, even if he might tickle you until you laugh too.
Reblogs and comments are appreciated!! // Masterlist
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom /  @fandomxreaders​ /  @dancewaterdance02​ / @bitchingpretty​ / @lookinsidemyhead​ / @c-taylor-wanna-be-a-glader​ / @welcome-here-in-my-world​ /  @under-the-clouds​ / @goldenhoney-cas​  / @dancingwith-sunflowers​ /  @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @24-stilinski​ /  @mattiekins​ / @suenami3​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @captainshazamerica​ /    @coldlilheart​ / @swanimagines​ / @sebstanismylife​ / @locke-writes​ /    @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @imaginationismykingdom​ / @hhmmmmmmmm​ /  @zoeyserpentluck​ / @iowaladynerd​ / @evilcr0ne​ / @multifandomfix​ /  @criminalmindsmoodrn​ // Send an ask if you want to be added to the tag list for this fandom!
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I love how Draco was the first Wizard Harry met even before the Weasleys at the King Cross Station ...(outside of Hagrid of course)...
and yeah it wasn't a pleasant meeting (but it's not like we ever care much for Canon when it comes to ships)
But it gives so much more credit to the drarry/harco shippers against the other ships lmao
Tumblr media
art cretid: alek.dar
Tumblr media
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mood-marauders · 2 days ago
Remus: ok Harry, if you have 10 cookies and Sirius asks for 5, how many would you have left?
Harry: zero
Harry: because I would give Padfoot all of them
Sirius: *struggling to hold back tears*
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sorry-i-ship-drarry · a day ago
Hi , can I request for Prompt no. 17. “wHY DO YOU KEEP LYING TO ME ?” , no or light angst please.
i swear i faced a huge writer's block for this one and i don't even know how it turned out tbh.
Keys to a healthy relationship
“ Psychology today’s mentions in the blog that keys to a healthy relationship are trust, honesty and interaction in both negative and positive ways to keep the fire in the relationship burning and to keep love alive. Hear that Ron, interaction and honesty are the keys to a healthy relationship” Hermione eyed Ron, lifting her eyes from the newspaper she was reading from, in a way that she was taunting him about something. 
Ron groaned and just then Harry tagged along on the table “ What are we talking about?” he asked as he gave Hermione her cup of cappuccino and Ron his cup of lemonade while he himself sat down with his cup of normal hot coffee. 
“ Keys to a healthy relationship apparently that Hermione assumes I don’t know of” Ron rolled his eyes 
“Why is that ?” Harry hummed 
“ Tell him, Ron” she narrowed her eyes in a normal way she used to do all those years ago when she was annoyed by Ron or he had done something wrong, Harry was very much familiar with the look. 
“ I lied to her about not wanting to go to the ministry party, I told her I had somethings to do Ginny for Mum and Dad’s anniversary when instead I was watching quidditch match at home” Ron recited monotonously. 
“ See that was lying to me and not communicating to me” Hermione commented 
“ Can you blame him though, I mean have you seen the ministry Party’s, they’re boring as hell, all old wizards and witches and old boring crap” Harry frowned 
“ Exactly, Thank you Harry” Ron exaggerated 
“ But that’s not the point-” 
“ I’m sure he just didn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you how pathetic those Party’s are and sometimes he just doesn’t like going to them you know. When he’s lying for your benefit then I don’t think they should fundamentally harm your relationship, all technicality you know “ Harry explained as he gulped the remaining of his coffee. 
Ron gave him an impressed smile and looking at Hermione in ‘see he gets it’ 
Hermione rolled her eyes “Fine, I’ll just go by myself-” 
“ That’s not what I meant-” Ron interrupted 
“ Seemed like to me” Hermione lopsidedly replied taking her cup back to the counter suggesting that she was slightly pissed. 
“ Thanks mate “ Ron rolled his eyes and went after Hermione. 
Harry laughed as he watched Ron trying to make upto Hermione and soothing her with words like ‘we’ll go to your favourite orchestra show’ 
Harry shook his head, picking the newspaper from the coffee table and had only read the first few headline when he heard. 
“ Hey “ 
Harry’s face immediately grew into a smile “ Hi babe “ and he immediately got up and pecked his lips quickly in a sweet affection. 
“ What’s up with them ?” Draco asked as he sat down next to Harry on the chair after ordering one of the waiters his regular
“Ron lied to Hermione to avoid a ministry party and now he’s trying to make up to her” Harry chuckled 
“ Can you blame him, those Party’s are as boring as Hagrid’s classes “ Draco and Harry chuckled along. 
“ They weren’t so bad you know “ Harry teased after a while 
“ Please, he left buckbeak on me” Draco rolled his eyes 
“ If we clearly remember-” 
“ We don’t need to get into details. One shall not remain in the past” Draco said and immediately thanked the waiter for bringing his usual coffee. Harry chuckled. 
“We’re still up for tonight ?” Harry asked suddenly 
“ Tonight ?” Draco asked 
“Yeah, We’re visiting Teddy’s recital, I told you that” Harry frowned. 
Draco face immediately formed into a mild shock of how he had absolutely forgotten about that “I totally forgot about that, I- I have some left over work at school to finish, and I have to arrange the test for tomorrow morning, I’m sorry, He won’t be upset if don’t make it through would he ?” Draco asked apologetically
Harry nodded disappointingly “ He’ll understand I think, still try to make it through” 
Draco smiled at Harry before he placed a soft kiss on his forehead and told him he’ll try to make it. 
When a few minutes later Draco left in a hurry claiming he completely forgot about something at work, Harry felt something was off. He had been feeling the vibe and something being off for a while but had not raised any doubt, in himself or in Draco because he knew how much they loved each other and he knew Draco would never do anything to hurt Harry, not purposely anyway, and Harry knew that very well, after all they had been together for a very long time almost 4 years in a couple weeks. 
“ What’s up with you ?” Harry immediately looked up at the question and nodded instantly that everything was fine and he was just thinking about what to wear for Teddy’s recital tonight.
“ Don’t you think Draco had been cancelling a few more plans than usual lately, I mean I didn’t want to say anything but it seems like it doesn’t it ?” Hermione asked settling into the seat where Draco was formerly sitting. 
Harry dazed Turned to Hermione " I've been trying not to think of it but its evident right ?"
Hermione hesitantly nodded " I'm pretty sure it's nothing though. I mean he wouldn't ever hurt you "
" I know but it's just a bit suspicious. Anyways- where did Ron go ?" Harry asked interjecting himself
" oh- he left for some work at office "
Harry nodded despite of it seeming fishy too.
Harry pretended as the days went by that he wasn't bothered by Draco cancelling plans over and over again, he pretended that he was oblivious of the fact that Draco was cancelling most of plans on purpose and surprisingly enough for the first time Ron was calm about the whole situation and told Harry to just relax and maybe see it from a different perspective. Easier said than done, when your boyfriend of 3, almost 4 years cancel on a routine saturday dinner’s for the 3rd time in a month, something felt fishy and he couldn’t help but wonder the worst possible scenarios and even though he hated himself to think of them, he couldn’t help but think of them.
“ Maybe you’re just thinking about it a lot, Maybe he is in fact busy at school. I mean Harry you do know how hard things can be before christmas breaks right, the whole winding up of syllabus and giving off tests and assessing everything. Its not easy being a Professor Harry. I’m sure he’ll make it upto you somehow “ Ron advised and for some reason Harry didn’t feel as though his words were genuine but he did understand the point of it but it was suspicious of how calm he really was being, he was normally the paranoid one in the whole thing but ever since he became an auror and started living with Hermione, he had changed a lot. 
“ Maybe you’re right” Harry sighed. Ron nodded understandably. 
“ But I can’t help but wonder you know “ Harry interrupted 
“ wonder what ?” Ron asked curiously. 
“ That he might be you know “ Harry raised his eyebrows suggestively. 
“ Draco- What. No, It’s Draco we’re talking about, he’d never. He loves you too much to do anything like that. Have a little faith in your boyfriend Harry. This is the same Draco we’re talking about who walked with his hands in your backpocket so people would stop staring at your ass “ Ron chuckled. Harry smiled at the memory. Draco really used to do that and he very much liked putting hands in back pocket to label their relationship. When in the beginning Harry had doubts about the relationship and Draco, he had done that to prove Harry how much he meant to him and how much serious he was about that and that was only back when they were in 8th year and even though everyone knew Harry was taken, Draco used to tag along because he feared one day Harry might find someone better and he hated to think of those times. Their relationship hadn’t been the easiest one’s in any sort, the complications, the humiliations, the fight, the taunts, the hate, everything they had to face to finally reach here, Harry knew Draco wouldn’t trade it for the whole world but with everything, Harry couldn’t help but wonder each time Draco cancelled a plan whether something went wrong in all the time they’ve been together and if Draco is finally bored of Harry after all. 
“Mate, relax. He loves you, its very cheesy but he really does and he reminds you like everyday, if not you then no one “ Ron reassured when Harry remained lost in his thoughts. 
Harry looked at Ron for a few moments before he realised that maybe Ron was right and he was just being more paranoid and again he let it slide and everything turned out fine infact. The next day Draco took both of them out on a nice fancy date and spoiled Harry and apologized a lot for being a terrible boyfriend and for not making time for him and how his activities are inexcusable and Harry knew then in his heart that Draco would never find it in himself to ever think of cheating on Harry or even leaving him because clearly he loved him too much. 
It was a couple of days before Christmas when after a casual meet up after days Harry had stayed over at Draco’s place. There was unsettling odd feeling about everything, and just Draco in general because after the last date he had been pretty distant or somewhat weird and not in a “ i love you less “ way but in a he’s hiding something way and that terrified Harry more than “ i love you less now “, so he wandered off in the apartment after Draco had fallen alseep and was snuggled closely in the blankets. Harry had wandered off just walking in the apartment and ended up scurrying through cabinets to find something to eat when he finally found it. 
Harry gasped as soon as he opened a small blue tiffany box and in it rested a key. 
“ OH - That’s why “ Harry grinned to himself in relief when he realised what it was and kept it back where he found it, smiling to himself. That night Harry slept well for the first time in a long time. 
The next morning events were as delightful as Harry’s mood and had resulted in a morning shower sex and a sweet complimentary breakfast simply because he was too happy to have found that Draco wasn’t cheating on him or anything else but had been apartment hunting and even if he allowed himself to just assume everything, he didn’t refuse to believe that he might be incredibly wrong but it didn’t cause any hurdles in the morning activities. 
“ You’re in a rather good mood today” Draco grinned as he lingered on Harry’s lips after the makeout session in the kitchen. 
“ What can I say, you have this effect on me” Harry whispered with his eyes closed and the sweet taste of Draco’s lips still over his own. 
“ Wow Harry- you- I so want you again right now” Draco bit Harry’s lip pressing him against the counter 
“ Then fucking have me “ 
And they did it again and definitely ended up being late for their respective work places. 
" Draco's going to ask me to move on with him " he suddenly told Hermione, not being able to keep it in anymore.
She gasped " what ?" Then broke into a huge grin
" I was wandering off in his kitchen last night and found a tiffany box with a key in it, so i think but I can't be sure and I am excited but I don't want to get too excited because you know I might have got it all wrong-"
" screw it he's gonna ask you to move in with him " Hermione immediately jumped up and hugged Harry who returned the hug just as affectionately.
" it makes sense you know then, everything- him cancelling plans" Hermione grinned excitedly after breaking apart.
" but we can't be too sure. I mean it's a possibility but-'
" yeah. If he asks you, act surprised" and she she clapped her hand together in excitement again. Harry ended up laughing with her and discussed all the time they were at the coffee shop about when and how he might ask Harry.
Despite Hermione's strict warning to keep it a secret and act natural, Harry couldn't help but smile each time his eyes laid on Draco and would end imagining all the scenarios about how he might ask him, anytime.
" Oh- Harry I forgot to tell you, my Mom's birthday coming up so I am buying her an apartment in central London, what do you think about that ?"Draco asked suddenly as he placed the bowl of spaghetti over bigger coaster and plates by the side.
" an apartment- oh- OH-" Harry face turned into a shock then disappointment upon connecting the dots that the key in the Tiffany box was actually for Narcissa " I- I think it's a lovely present "instead he fake grinned.
" I thought so too, it's the perfect apartment with enough sun light and well ventilation- it's absolutely perfect " Draco grinned.
Harry nodded abruptly immediately taking the plate from the table and immediately taking some of spaghetti in his plate.
" I'm sure it's gonna be great after all it's your choice " Harry gave him a neat smile before he picked up the remote and Turned on the TV and started watching to avoid Draco and thinking of how stupid it was to believe Draco would ask Harry to move in with him.
For the next few days only a couple before Christmas, Harry had visited Hogwarts for some work when he decided to surprise visit to Draco's room, but upon arrival he only heard harsh Whispers.
" You should've seen his face- I mean please He looked to hurt. I don't know how much longer can I hold onto this "
Harry frowned to himself, placing his ear more closely to the door.
" just trust the process Draco, you want it to be special right, then just trust me. He's gonna love it and he'll never deny it alright. Besides it's only a couple days later, just hold on alright. You love him right " a pause " and you want to live with him right" A pause again " then just 2 more days and then you can ask him and it'll finally be over "
" I swear to fucking Merlin I never saw the day would come when I'd take advice from a Weasley " Draco groaned and Harry just knew him too well that he knew Draco must be rolling off his eyes right now.
" Just till Christmas then you can do whatever with him. I'm just making it memorable for him okay. He's gonna love it " He who Harry knew by now was Ron, said.
" I'm gonna wreck your apartment if he doesn't agree to live with me after having practically ignored him all month. You should've seen him Ron- he's- Merlin'- I Love him and I can see it you know that it's hurting him and-"
" I know I know but I made him believe that teachers live's are hard so you're good "
" it better be "
And then in rushed Whispers Ron left the room claiming he needed to get back to work. This explained Ron's absence too from work and his weird faithful behaviour towards Draco. Harry immediately ran for the hallways and hid in one of the broom closet until he was sure Ron left and then finally visited Draco.
After everything he heard, he knew he never wanted to be with anyone more than Draco and there will never be Anyone who would love Harry more him and the thought made Harry so happy that he kept smiling to himself all day and prepared Draco's favourite dinner.
" I- I'm sorry I'm a bit late- wow- Do I smell curry ?" Draco hastily entered the kitchen.
" your favourite " Harry grinned as he leaned up a little and placed an open kiss on Draco's lips.
" What's the occassion?" Draco asked holding onto Harry's waist and stroking his cheek affectionately.
" I just love you that's why. Go freshen up though- I'll place the dinner in 5 minutes " Harry hastily said as he stirred the curry again.
'”oh and by the way Mom invited us for her party on her birthday and we'll give her the key but I'd like if you'd see it before I gave it to her as a present "
" okay " Harry smiled and soon enough Draco left the kitchen.
Within the next 10 minutes Draco and Harry were already sat in the living room, their legs crossed and eating peacefully watching TV together until Draco noticed Harry had been staring at him more than usual.
" what's up with you ? You've been looking at me all night, is there something on my face ?" Draco asked as he wiped his hands in napkin and reached for his face to examine if there was anything on it.
" why do you keep lying to me ?" Harry asked with a smile.
" what ? What makes you think I'm lying ?" Draco asked almost shocked, his ears turning a funny shade of pink like it did when he was flustered.
Harry smiled softly at Draco before he put his plate on the table and wiped his own hands with the napkin and scooted closer to Draco so he was sitting before him, face to face.
" I heard you and Ron today at your office"
Draco didn't reply, still lying that it wasn't what Harry knew it was.
" can you stop pretending please, it's killing me- I already found the Tiffany box in your kitchen " Harry grinned.
Draco wanted to keep up the facade of not being dazed by Harry at all but with a smile like Harry gave one, Nobody stood a chance.
" did you like it ?" Draco asked, talking Harry's hands in his own and tracing soft circles.
" I didn't see the apartment, I want to see it with you " Harry smiled, kissing Draco's knuckles.
Draco blushed naturally, nodding and agreeing that they'll see it soon then.
'" I had this whole thing planned, you know asking at the burrow in front of everyone, down on one knee " Draco groaned as he wrapped his arm around Harry shoulder and leaning his head over it.
" I don't care how fancy it all have to be you know. I Never cared about extravaganza, all I care is that I get to live with you and that I can't wait but if it means so much to you, you do it your way I'll act surprised " Harry chuckled, kissing Draco's ear.
" one problem though " Draco said
Harry moved away so he could see Draco clearly " what is it ?"
'" you're shit at acting "
Harry whined playfully hitting Draco with a pillow and turning into laughter. Eventually the night turned into a pillow fight and a lot of laughter and bunch of make out on the ground but as long as they were together, there was nothing that didn't make sense.
So 2 days after, Draco did get down on one knee at the burrow and asked Harry to move in with him, Harry acted surprised in the most natural way and answered a yes, making everyone hoot and cheering them on with opening bottle of champagne.
" you already knew, didn't you ?" Hermione asked
" Don't tell anyone that " Harry nodded and soon the night turned into how it always did, in laughter and love.
 \\ Requests open // MASTERLIST
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 3 hours ago
Can you please do a "how the hp boys will react if you said the safe word." ?
pairing(s): reader x literally everyone lol 
warning(s): 18+, safe word use (duh), mentions of sex, mentions of kink, mentions of dom/sub dynamics 
a/nL i included all the guys i’ve written for before so if you want to see anyone else just leave a request! 
harry potter
he’d panic...who are we kidding? 
but he’d be so so sweet and he’d try so so hard to make it better 
he’d literally pull out or stop whatever he was doing immediately 
he wouldn’t know what to even say 
he’d just end up cuddling with you and asking if you were okay a million times
ron weasley
he’d do surprisingly well in this situation 
he’d be so calm and just try to talk you through it 
all the cuddles in the world 
like the biggest bear hug ever once you were okay with being touched 
gets you all your comfort food and the warmest blanket he owns 
fred weasley 
you’d get the only sincere apology he’s ever given in his life 
because he’s all jokes and a good time until his baby is hurting 
he’d feel so bad but he’d try to have you laughing in no time 
and probably succeed 
he’d be gutted but he always knows exactly how to make you feel better 
george weasley 
kinda similar to ron imo 
he’d just be super sweet about the whole thing 
telling you how good you were for using the safe word 
and how good he feels that you trust him 
and he’d cuddle you up all safe and tight 
neville longbottom 
panic on the inside, holding it together on the outside
he’d be a wreck but his first priority is always you 
asking if you were okay or if you needed anything a million times 
and for way longer than he needs to
apologies all day the next day 
cedric diggory 
scary calm 
drowns you in smiles and praises 
telling you that you did the right thing 
talking about what went wrong even if he knows exactly what happened 
cuddles until you fall asleep 
draco malfoy 
i could see this going so many ways 
he’d either absolutely panic 
scrambling to do everything to make you feel better all at once 
to the point where you’d probably just start laughing 
or he’d be incredibly calm 
just talking you down and treating you like an absolute princess 
blaise zabini 
mostly quiet and lets you work through it a bit 
but he will not leave your side once for the rest of the night 
super attentive to every need even if you don’t ask for it 
just ends up being a quiet night with lots of cuddles 
and tender kisses 
sirius black 
young!sirius would absolutely panic 
asking if you’re okay, what you need, apologizing profusely 
cuddling up to you like an absolute puppy dog (pun intended) 
post azkaban!sirius is a lot more confident in his abilities 
calmly talking to you about it 
praising you profusely 
but the puppy dog eyes always stay the same 
remus lupin 
let’s be honest, young!remus would feel like the worst person on earth 
you’d probably have to be the one to talk him down tbh 
but he’d be super sweet and attentive 
all the chocolate he owns is yours now 
older!remus would still feel horrible 
but he’d be much more put together about the whole thing 
praising you 
reading to you until you fall asleep on his chest 
james potter 
literally his son just more put together 
stops whatever he’s doing and pulls himself together 
and then he’s laser focused on you and only you 
until he’s absolutely 100% sure you’re okay 
and even after that tbh 
sweetest baby ever so expect all the cuddles and i love you’s 
tom riddle 
this man does not do well with emotions 
so don’t expect much tbh 
but he would make sure you were okay 
and make sure you had everything you needed 
he’d mostly just be quiet until you felt better and then you’d talk about things 
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chaoticbritishqueen · 2 days ago
The broken plate: (TW implied/referenced child abuse)
The plate fell on the floor with a smash. Harry felt a jolt of panic run through him, he didn't want to be yelled at. Going to pick up the pieces, he felt the plate apear in his hand. As though the plate never fell. Did he imagine it breaking?
He looked up and saw his Aunt. Her face looked furious. "Cupboard. Now, Boy." "But the plate is whole? It's not broken" "you know what you did."
He didn't, one moment the plate was fine, the next it wasn't. He froze as his Aunt walked up to him, grabbed him by the arm, before dragging him onto the cupboard. "This is what happens, when you do something unnatural." "BUT i didn't do anything!" "Don't LIE to me, boy" the cupboard door shut on him, and he was alone with the spiders. All over an unbroken plate.
A few years later, Harry, went to hogwarts and was in lesson. "Repairo" was the spell they were learning. Mcgonagall told them to break a plate, and fix it.
But no matter how hard Harry tried, he just couldn't fix the plate. Hermione tried to help. Ron distracted her, so that it wasn't a big deal. But the plate stayed broken. "Here, Potter" Mcgonagall said passing him a broken gobstone. "Try this." And to his amazement, the spell worked, he could fix the stone. Mcgonagall looked slightly sad though. Hermione looked at him questioningly. But those expressions were forgotten the second ron Ron patted him on the back saying "well done, mate!"
Many years after the war, he was taking with Teddy, the 12 year old was helping Harry make Dinner. "Hey bud, can you grab me a plate?" "Teddy reached up and the plate slipped in his grasp. The sound made both of them jump, Harry more than Teddy. "Oh Merlin! I'm sorry" He heard Teddy say. "Hey, hey, hey, no, no, no" Harry said, interrupting Teddy from more apologies, "don't be sorry, you haven't done anything wrong bud, it's just a plate." Getting his wand out, Harry pointed his wand at the plate and "repairo"
The plate became one, as though it was never broken. "See, an easy fix bud. Rinse it off, and pass it back, yeah?" "Okay, Harry"
He saw Hermione looking at him, the look on her face oddly familiar? "You fixed it" "yeah I guess I did" Harry realised. "Normally Ginny does it, doesn't she Harry" "Gin knew I couldn't get the spell" "What changed?"
Now that was a question. He didn't really know. "I guess, I just didn't want Teddy to feel scared of a broken plate, like it's just a fucking plate. Why should a kid be scared to break a plate?"
Hermione looked at him, eyes oddly bright, "it was more than a plate for you, wasn't it?" "It really was, Hermione"
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Ron's interactions with bullies and deatheaters
Malfoy: 'that's the 2nd time we have saved your life you two faced bastard'
Snape: 'you asked us a question and she knows the answer. Why ask if you don't want to be told?'
Karkaroff: 'that lousy scumbag, he gave Krum 10'
Scabior: 'get off her(Hermione)'
Bellatrix: 'No! You can have me. Keep me'
Voldemort: 'HE(Harry) BEAT YOU'
It's like he isn't scared of anything or anyone. Well ANYTHING except spiders.... 😂😆
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They React To You Sleeping With A Stuffed Animal (Harry Potter Preference)
Characters: Harry, Ron, Draco, Cedric, Neville, Seamus
Requested by anon
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Tumblr media
Harry is very surprised to see you have a stuffed animal that you cuddle at night, and he gawking at you when he saw you holding it. Embarrassed by his staring, you began making excuses and explaining that it was so nice to hug something as you fell asleep. Harry smiled at you and explained himself. “I just thought it was cute, actually. I never had a stuffed animal, but I would definitely cuddle one too if I had it, even now”. Enedeared by his comment, you bought him a stuffed animal of a white owl which he absolutely adored.
Tumblr media
Ron openly laughs when he finds out you sleep with a stuffed animal, finding it childish and silly. You obviously get mad at him, explaining that it’s comforting and it helps you sleep better and not have nightmares. After the argument, Ron feels guilty and goes talk to you. “Sorry that I was a jerk, I shouldn’t haved laughed, especially not if it’s helping you” and asks you about your stuffed animal.
Tumblr media
Draco would laugh at first, amused and surprised that would sleep with stuffed animals. “Really, Y/N? A stuffed animal?” However, after seeing that it hurt you when he laughed at you, he would feel bad. He cares about you, after all, and he might even buy you a stuffed animal to make up for it and as a way of telling you he doesn’t actually mind it. Sure, he would still tease you a bit about it (all in good fun now) but you still have the stuffed animal he gave you.
Tumblr media
Cedric would laugh at first, but before you can feel self-conscious about it, he lovingly smiles at you. “That’s adorable, Y/N, just when I thought you couldn’t be any cuter” and he asks the story behind the stuffed animal he caught you cuddling. Do you have it since you were little? Did your parents buy it? Does it have a lot of emotional value to you? He wants to know!
Tumblr media
Neville would fondly look at you and smile, endeared that you’re so tender as to sleep with a stuffed animal. He would then take an interest on it and start a conversation about it “does it have a name? I remember this teddy bear I had when I was little” and you two would talk about your stuffed animals and about how he sometimes misses having one, and about how emotionally valuable they were to you both.
Tumblr media
Seamus laughs at first when he goes to wake you up one day and catches you holding a stuffed animal. “I can’t believe you sleep with a stuffed animal!” but then you become really grumpy and hurt and he rushes to correct his mistake. “Hey, don’t feel bad, it’s okay, I was just surprised” and might even amke a comment about how it’s actually kind of cute.
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