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#harry potter fandom
phoebe-delia · 2 days ago
This is for the @drarrymicrofic prompt I submitted, "star-crossed" by Kacey Musgraves! CW: angst, and possible implied non-con because they had sex while under a bonding spell
"It's different than an Obliviate, Auror Potter," the Healer explained when Harry woke. "The suspects who attacked you and Auror Malfoy cast a spell called Reponere that bonded you together and which, when removed, would erase all memories of your bond."
Harry swallowed. "How long?"
"I'm sorry, I don't understand—"
"How long were he and I...together?"
"Six months."
Harry shouldn't think about the way the setting sun softens Draco's harsh features. He shouldn't be able to feel the phantom touch of Draco's skin, his lips, his tongue on Harry's body. He shouldn't recall the whispers of their mutual confessions in the darkness of the bedroom in their new shared flat.
But when he glances up from his desk and sees Draco, scribbling away at some report, his fringe in his eyes and his tongue peeking between his lips in concentration, Harry remembers.
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kaithewallflower · 21 hours ago
[sirius and regulus loose nymphadora while babysitting her]
muggle police: well what does your niece look like
regulus: good question
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thebrookemalfoy · a day ago
💚Rule The World💚 D.M. (After Hogwarts)
Tumblr media
(I Do Not Own This Gif)
Song: “Rule The World” Take That
Prompt: You’re Snape’s daughter getting married to Draco Malfoy. It is based off my DR which Voldemort doesn’t come back in.
Warnings: EXTREMELY LONG, but I wanted to have a lot of different aspects. The weirdest ship canons, FLOOF, my terrible humor, and just it’s a lot. But, I squealed so many times writing this.
… Rule the World …
♬ You Light The Skies Up Above Me ♬
Draco releases a shaky breath he’s been holding for the last minute, adjusting his black blazer for the hundredth time. “Hey,” Blaise calls out announcing his presence. “Don’t pass out on us,” he jokes with a reassuring smile. His footsteps echo loudly as he strolls further into the tense air that fills the room.
Draco, however, couldn’t find it in himself to laugh. “What if she regrets it?” he blurts, looking at Blaise through the reflection of the mirror.
“She won’t.” 
He shakes his head. “What if she realizes I’m nothing compared to her?” he stresses. More burdening thoughts building in his mind. 
“You need to stop overthinking it. She said yes, didn’t she?” 
“Well, she might not see it now, but what if in a year she looks at me and… What if her heart rate doesn’t increase when I kiss her? Or she doesn’t push my hair back when it’s in my eyes?” He turns around to face Blaise, and more in this case… His Best Man. “What if I tell her that I love her, and she doesn’t say it back?”
“You don’t think she worries about these same silly possibilities as well. You don’t think at this moment she’s wondering… ‘What if he falls out of love with me?’” 
“Why would she need to worry about that?”
Blaise gives him a pointed look. “See my point?” 
Draco was about to reply when a knock was placed on the door. “Sorry,” a woman’s voice says. Pale, blue eyes find an identical pair from across from her. 
“I’ll leave you two to talk.” Blaise excuses himself. “Mrs. Malfoy.” He bows his head slightly, walking past her.
“Mother,” Draco breathes once alone.
Narcissa breaks into a smile. “You--” she cuts herself off, choking up on her own words. “You look so handsome, my boy.” 
Draco doesn’t reply, but instead marches over and wraps his arms around her. “Am I making the right choice?” 
She pulls him away from her. “Oh, my dear, that’s for you to decide. When she walks down that aisle, and the world fades to darkness, and only she shines brighter than every star in the galaxy combined, then you found the one, Draco.” She grasps his arms, comfortingly. 
“What if she stops loving me?” 
She tilts her head. “If you truly love her… It’s a risk you’ll be willing to take.” 
♬ A Star So Bright You Blind Me ♬
♬ Don’t Close Your Eyes ♬
“Blaise!” Luna exclaims, seeing her boyfriend walk in.
Y/N turns around with a small gasp. 
He shudders a little into a frozen position. “Wow.” He blinks a couple of times. “You look…” 
“I think the word is beautiful,” Luna finishes. 
Blaise laughs. “Yeah…” His chuckle gets louder. “Please tell me your thoughts are more put together than the grooms.” 
Y/n, confused, furrows her eyebrows. “Draco? What’s wrong with him?” 
“Just the traditional post-panic attack one has before a very big moment in their life,” he explains. 
“In that case… He’s not alone,” she admits.
Blaise looks over to Luna, who confirms with a nod. “She’s been asking me what if’s since we put on the dress.” 
He bites his lip to suppress a wide grin. “You two really are soulmates.”
Y/N was about to reply when a knock interrupted them. “I’m sorry to…” The man’s voice fades. 
“Father,” she whispers. 
Blaise eyes Luna still sitting down on the cushioned bench near a window. He clears his throat. “Luna, let’s go… Check on the guests.” 
“But--” His eyes widened, averting between Severus and Y/N. Something clicks. “Oh, yes. Let’s do that. I’ll be back soon.” 
They leave hand-in-hand. 
“You--” Severus cuts himself off with a sigh. “Where did the time go?”
Y/N sniffles, trying to hold back her tears. She shrugs. “To be honest… I don’t know,” she giggles, but it comes out strained. 
“And you are sure this is the boy you want to marry?” he asks, seriously.
“I love him, father… I really do.” She smiles, butterflies filling her stomach due to her own words. Ironic. 
“Love go--” 
“You of all people should know if you truly loved in the first place then that love never goes away.”
He lets out a huff, forming into an approving smile. “I taught you well.” 
“You did, so you should trust me to make the right decisions.” She slowly walks up to him. “You do trust me, don’t you?”
“Always. All I want for you is to be happy, and to wait until you’re ready to--” 
She hugs him tightly, him not hesitating to hug her back after a moment. “I’m ready father…” She lets go, holding her arm out. “Are you?” She raises an amused eyebrow.
“Never.” He links his arm. “But, for you… I will be.” 
♬ Don’t Fade Away Don’t Fade Away♬
♬ Yeah, You And Me We Can Ride On A Star♬
♬ If You Stay With Me Girl We Can Rule The World♬
People flooded the extravagant building. Filled with color, glowing flowers, fireflies, everything illuminated vibrantly, trees were blue, pink water fell from its fountain, and stars could be seen as clear as if you were on the tallest mountain in the night with no such thing as pollution or clouds. It looked as though it came out of an enchanting fairytale.
Laughter erupted, and stories were being shared amongst the crowd. The couple’s friends and family could be seen at every angle. They were there, all there for them, for this moment. Besides one. “Mister Malfoy.” 
Draco jumped violently. “Prof--” Severus raised an eyebrow. “Severus,” he corrected. 
Severus hummed. “Do you remember when you asked for your blessing to marry my daughter?” he asked, walking up to the trembling boy until he stood right in front of him.
“Y-Yes sir,” Draco stuttered. 
“You asked me right when you were both eighteen years old with a ring already in your grasp,” Severus added. “Yet, it took you a year to actually ask her.” He stared at him down, intensely. “You’re a coward.” 
Draco’s expression contorts into a large frown. “I know, sir.”
“But…” Severus begins. “I am no less of a coward than you, but you have to understand why I am afraid to put my world right into your hands.” 
“I understand, sir.” 
“Good.” Severus turns around to leave.
“Why did you approve my blessing?” Draco asks. “At such a young age?” 
Without turning around, Severus simply states, “Because of him.” He leaves.
Draco’s eyes narrow at the door. Memories flooding back of him. The only one that isn’t here on what is supposed to be the happiest day of his life.
“Draco!” His booming voice causes Draco to flinch at the door slamming. “What is this I hear about you getting engaged?” Lucius asks, aggressively pulling the boy’s collar to face him. 
“It’s true, father. I asked Y/N to marry me.” 
Lucius throws Draco to the ground. “Without my permission?” 
Draco glares at him. “I am nineteen, father, I don’t need to run everything by you anymore,” he defends.
“In Merlin’s name you will. You will marry Astor--” 
“Say her name once and see what happens,” Draco warns, standing upright. “I certainly will not marry Greengrass.”
Lucius points a stern finger, taking a sharp inhale through his teeth. “You--”
“Lucius!” His head turns to look at the owner of the voice to see Narcissa. 
Ignoring her he puts his attention on Draco again. “You are a disgrace to me. You are no son of mine.” That was the last he’s heard from his father, nor been in what he used to call home.
♬ Yeah, You And Me We Can Light Up The Sky♬
♬ If You Stay By My Side We Can Rule The World♬
♬ If Walls Break Down I Will Comfort You♬
“To ever think we were gonna get a shot at her,” Fred says towards George who nods in agreement. 
“We even made a schedule.” 
“A well organized one in that matter,” he replies.
“You really want to bring this up today?” Ginny questions, disgusted by the boy's conversation.
“Of all days to talk about you guys shagging her, it’s at her wedding,” Ron chimes in.
“There’s no better day to,” Fred laughs. “We might still get the chance, y’know? She’s not married, yet.” He suggestively winks. 
“Ew.” Ginny looks away from the sight. 
“Good luck with that,” Ron comments. “End up getting Avad--” 
“Ron!” Hermione shouts. “Don’t you dare say what I think you were about to say.” She plops beside him on the friends/young adults side of the seating area. 
“Don’t yell at me, yell at them, they’re the ones talking about getting together with the bride before she says ‘I do’,” Ron rushes, holding his hands up in defense.
“If. If she says ‘I do’,” Tom interferes. 
“Now, Riddle, don’t go scheming against our best friend's wedding.” Mattheo appears beside him (They’re brothers!)
“Now, Riddle, I would never do such a thing.” Tom clicks his tongue with a sly wink towards the group, taking a sip of his drink.
“You’re already getting drunk?” Theo smirks. “Without me.” 
“Bloody Hell, how many Slytherins are there?” Ron scans the room to see if he could spot any more faces that he could recognize from school that wore green robes. 
“We get around places,” Theo replies. 
“There you guys are!” Harry jogs up. “Couldn’t find you.” 
“Scarhead!” Tom (Also Voldemort and Tom are two different people, it’s chaotic I know!)  chuckles with a large smile. “Didn’t think I’d find you here.” His eyes quickly flicker up and down.
Harry stares awkwardly at the guy. “Well, I am,” he responds, sarcastically. He sits next to Ginny. 
Neville comes spinning down the aisle. “Don’t you just love weddings?” 
Ginny gets up. “You’re here.” She glances around. “Finally.” Relief washed over her. She pecked his cheek. 
A pair runs in, rushed. “Sorry, we’re late.” Cedric looks at Cho who is next to him. 
Harry stands up, suddenly. “It’s okay, I mean--I’m guessing it’s okay.” He moves to an open space where he can shake Cedric’s hand. “Good to see you again.” His eyes meet dark brown ones. “Cho.” He nods in acknowledgement. 
She forms a thin line smile. “Harry.”
Tom looks at the ceiling in annoyance. “Kill me now,” he mutters.
♬ If Angels Cry Oh I’ll Be There For You♬
♬ You’ve Saved My Soul♬
“Sirius!” Tonks pulls him into a quick hug. “Great to see you again. Remus is around here somewhere, probably already crying, you know how he was at James and Lily’s wedding.”
Sirius chuckles at the memory. “How could I not remember? He cried everyday when they were gone on their honeymoon.” 
“You boys better not do anything funny, you hear me?” they hear a woman scold. “You pull any prank and you’ll be getting a load from me! Understood?” 
Fred and George glance at each other. “Understood,” they say at the same time.
Sirius and Tonks look towards the noise to see Molly. As Fred and George shuffle past the two the only thing they could make out was-- “Should we tell her about the cheese?” 
“I’m here,” Remus announces. “Just had to use the bathroom.” His giddy excitement over the event being taken place was endearing. It falters. “Severus.” 
The adults all look at the man. 
“How’s the bride?” Molly asks, unfazed. “Oh.” She waves it off. “I’ll just go check.” She pats his shoulder. 
“I’ll come with you.” Tonks follows.
“Shouldn’t you be getting ready to walk her down the aisle?” Remus asks. 
Severus doesn’t move not until Narcissa can be seen out of the corner of his eye. “It’s almost time,” she informs. 
She was right. Luna was finally getting Ginny and Hermione, while Blaise was grabbing Tom, Mattheo, and Theo. Hagrid was getting ready to officiate this wedding.
Things were becoming too surreal for Severus. He didn’t know if he would be able to go through with all of this. His eyes analyze everyone around, familiar and unfamiliar. “It’s almost time,” he repeats, more to convince himself than anyone else. “I should go,” he whispers before someone asks if he was okay. 
When he arrives at the room Y/N has been in since early this morning, the room they had their talk in. She was surrounded by women, pestering her with compliments and words of encouragement, finishing whatever they started when he wasn’t here. “Is it time?” she asks, her breath getting hitched in her throat. 
He gives a single nod. “It is.” 
Y/N takes a deep breath. “It’s time,” she repeats to herself. 
“It’s never too late to turn back now,” Ginny says, in more of a teasing, unserious tone, but it still earned her a glare from Hermione. “What? Leave the man at the altar for all I care.” Molly puts her hands on her hips, looking at her daughter. “Sorry,” she mumbles.
Y/N can’t hold back her laugh. “Thanks Ginny. But, I think I know what I’m doing.” She looks in the mirror one last time. Her light, baby blue gown that she’s dreamt about since she was a young teenager, her golden crown at the top of her head that blue butterflies flew around with a ray of light trail, and that necklace she’s been wearing for years, the necklace that her father gave her when he first held her in his arms. It was perfect. 
♬ Don’t Leave Me Down Don’t Leave Me Now♬
♬ Yeah, You And Me We Can Ride On A Star♬
♬ If You Stay With Me Girl We Can Rule The World♬
Draco, Blaise, Theo, Mattheo, and Tom all lined up in their designated spots. 
“I hate to say it Freddie, but I think Draco’s beating us in the outfit game. Why didn’t we wear tuxedos like that?” They both look at each other which causes them to burst out laughing, loud enough for Molly to send them a death threatening glare. 
“We best be careful,” Fred says, taking note of her. 
Blaise places a hand on Draco’s shoulder. “Relax,” he whispers. 
Draco doesn’t respond, but instead searches for his mother who he found rather quickly. She gives a small smile, and her eyes read ‘remember what I said’. He took her wise words to heart. His eyes closed to give it his best attempt to slow down his heart rate, but it was useless.
“Dude stop gawking at Potter, will you,” Mattheo orders Tom.
“I’m not,” he argues.
Draco overhears this and looks towards the brothers. “You’re still on that?” he asks.
“Since they first met,” Mattheo states. 
“If I knew any better, I’d say it was love at first sight,” Theo ridicules. 
“Knock off!” Tom growls. 
Music begins to play, signaling everyone to quiet down. 
Draco’s heart sinks to his stomach, looking in front of him. “Just remember… She chose you, you guys wouldn’t be here right now if she didn’t know what she truly wanted. And that’s you, Draco,” Blaise assures.
Draco turns to him, smiling. “This is why you’re my best man.” They hug briefly. 
“Ouch,” Tom mouths, but everyone caught it, causing some chuckles, and laughs. 
First Molly and Tonks come pouring out of the opening in the wall. Some whistles shot towards them. Molly strikes a pose, and Tonks just steps aside to gesture towards the confident lady. They go to sit down. 
Next comes the bridesmaids, Ginny and Hermione walking out together, smiling, as they were applauded by the crowd, going up to line on the opposite side of the boys. The cheering got louder when Luna walked out and gave a little twirl. 
“YEAH!” Blaise exclaims. The boys gave him a weirded out expression ‘causing him to be slightly embarrassed. “What?” He shrugs, straightening his jacket. “That’s my girl.” 
She walks up, blowing a kiss towards Blaise, which he caught, blowing one right back at her. “You may now stand for the bride,” she announces, proudly.
Everything began to slow down, and the lights suddenly turned off, and colorful candles were magically lit around the people. Everyone stood up, and looked down the aisle, poised, and more than ready to see Y/N. Draco’s hands began to feel clammy, looking down at his shoes. Was he ready? Would this end up in what he feared most? A relationship like his parents?
He heard everyone gasp, making him look up. Those worries vanished immediately. 
♬ Yeah, You And Me We Can Light Up The Sky♬
♬ If You Stay By My Side We Can Rule The World♬
♬ All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight♬
♬ They’re Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You For You♬
Draco’s eyes found hers, and all the color in the world faded to black and white, only her in the most vibrant shade he’s ever seen. She did shine brighter than every star in the entire galaxy… Scratch that. The universe, and so much more. He felt dizzy as the past caught up to him. It felt like he was meeting her for the first time all over again.
Y/N and Severus walked down the grand staircase of Malfoy Manor, with their arms linked. “Wow,” she breathed. “This is breathtaking.”
They finally reached the end where the Malfoy family stood waiting. “Severus.” Lucius shook his hand as a weird form of greeting. Weird to Y/N at least. 
“Lucius,” he replied. 
“This must be Y/N,” Narcissa says, kindly, looking down at the girl who was too busy taking in her environment. People dancing, laughing, eating, drinking, everything she's ever wanted to witness. She felt like a princess.
Severus nudges the ten year old. “Oh.” She snaps out of her trance. “Yes, hello.” She bows. 
Narcissa looks towards a boy that looked about her age that stood right in front of her. “This is our son--”
“Malfoy,” he cuts his mother off. “Draco Malfoy.” He holds out his hand for her to shake.
“L/N,” she mimics. “Y/N L/N.” She accepts his handshake, boldly.
“L/N?” he questions.
“My mother’s last name,” she explains. “My father said I looked like her tonight.” She spins in her baby blue gown, holding onto her butterfly crown that sat around her head so that it didn’t fall off. “Father always said she liked butterflies,” she adds, seeing his gaze stuck on the ones that stuck out in mid-air.
“You remind me of a butterfly,” he admits, meeting her eyes. Her smile instantly sends an unfamiliar warmth through him, and he almost found himself genuinely smiling back. 
“I’ll take it as a compliment.” She turns to her father only to find him engrossed in what looked to be a serious conversation with the Malfoys. “Would you like to dance?” Before he could answer she already had his hand in hers, dragging him to the dance floor.
Y/N knew what she was doing when she decided on this dress, and the way she did her hair. Her eyes peek down at her shoes, as she tried to suppress her smile, but miserably failed to. It reminded Draco that no matter how many times he saw her dressed up it could never compare to this, it could never not send him into a daze. He was drunk off of her, addicted to her in the best way possible. And all he could see was his future with her, there was no option for her not to be in it. His eyes follow her every movement as she gives the daisy filled bouquet to a young girl. 
Severus and her come to a stop. She places a gentle kiss on her father’s cheek. “I love you, father,” she whispers, as he lets go, her now finding Draco’s soft, cold hand that comforted her.
♬ All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight♬
♬ They’re Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You For You♬
♬ Yeah, You And Me We Can Ride On A Star♬
♬ If You Stay With Me Girl We Can Rule The World♬
Y/N and Draco stand facing each other, holding hands.
They silently wait for Hagrid to say something, but when all he does is sniffle they both look at the giant man. “Sorry!” He wipes his tears away. “It’s just… You kids grow up so fast,” he continues, crying harder. 
Y/N giggles, looking at Draco whose patience is starting to thin. “Hagrid!” she playfully yells. “We’ll be dead before you marry us at this rate.” 
Everyone laughs at her joke which causes him to straighten his posture. “Excuse me Y/N.” He sighs, blowing his nose. “I’m ready.” Laughs fill the room yet again. “Everyone may be seated.” They do so. “We are gathered here today to join Y/N L/N and Draco Malfoy in an act of true love--” 
They both drown out Hagrid’s voice when they get lost in each other’s eyes. 
Hagrid clears his throat loudly. “What?!” Draco accidentally shouts.
Y/N erupts into laughter
“Vows,” Hagrid answers, shortly. “You guys wrote your own vows, right?” 
“Y-Yes,” Draco stammers, only letting go of one of Y/N’s hands to fish out a piece of paper in his pocket. People snicker, which causes him to stop. “You know I’m bad at memorising things.” 
“I didn’t say anything,” Y/N comments, cheekily. 
He finally gets it out, having trouble unfolding it with just one hand, but nevertheless gets it done. “Okay…” His voice seemed to tremble, and so did his hands which everyone was able to now see with how the paper shaked profusely. “I never told you this, I never thought I would, but… Here I am about to spill a secret I’ve been keeping for ten years,” he starts. “I was terrified when I met you. You intimidated me, more than my father at the time--” he pauses as Narcissa’s laugh could slightly be heard in the crowd, “--first you come in next to my future professor, looking absolutely breathtaking, I tried to be cool by introducing myself then you had to go ahead and do the same thing with triple the confidence, with a smile that could melt the heart of any ten year old boy, next thing I know I’m waltzing with you like we’ve done it a million times.” Y/N smiles at his words. “And that smile hasn’t changed the effect it has on me. I never told you why you remind me of a butterfly, why I told you that the night we met.” She tilts her head. “First of all… You have the beauty of one.” The crowd lets out an ‘aw’. Draco’s face turns blood red. “You have the wonder of one, I was so scared, I still am that I will end up touching one of your wings and you’ll leave me. You are so free that sometimes I feel like I am the rain that is slowing you down, you’re able to face anyone you want, yet still have that space unless you’re certain you can trust them. You trust me, or you make me believe you do, don’t know why to be honest. Lastly is that I am actually a little afraid of butterflies. But, truly there’s so much I wish I could say right now to you, but that’s why I’m here, to have all the time in the world to tell you everything I want to.” 
♬ Yeah, You And Me We Can Light Up The Sky♬
♬ If You Stay By My Side We Can Rule The World♬
♬ All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight♬
♬ They’re Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You For You♬
Y/N was rendered speechless. “You’re good,” she chokes out. “You’re good.” He laughs at her reaction. “I feel a little stupid now, because mine isn’t that good,” she self-deprecates. She clears her throat. “Here we go…” She purses her lips. “I hate you Draco Malfoy.” 
Everyone let out ‘oh’s and ‘oos’, Fred and George could be heard laughing from afar.
Draco freezes before leaning forward. “Do you want to do this in front of everyone right now? We can leave and talk if you--” 
“Oh!” Y/N cracks up, throwing her head back to laugh loudly. “That-that wasn’t it.” She looks back at him. “See? I told you mine wasn’t that good,” she jokes. “Just let me finish, ‘kay?” He nods, anxiously, still tense. She shakes her shoulders in an attempt to let the nerves go. “You’re a liar, you told me you didn’t smell anything with the Amortentia potion, but you did, it was me, you’re overly dramatic with the whole ‘it’s killed meh! it’s killed meh!’--” His eyes widened, embarrassed, “That time in second year when you called Hermione the ‘M’ word,” she whispers at the end. “Oh Merlin, remember that time you turned into a ferret!” She bursts into a hysterical fit of laughter. 
“It wasn’t that funny,” he mumbles.
“It was.” She moves to cup his face. “I hate you Draco Malfoy, I hated you even more with what Blaise told me.” 
Everyone’s attention snaps towards Blaise. “I--” 
“With what Narcissa told me privately.” Now all gazes go to her. “With what I heard and saw from you,” she pauses. “Just like you aren’t good at memorising, I’m not good at sticking to the script…” She smiles. “I hate you Draco Malfoy for ever doubting my love for you. Yes, you made many mistakes, but I saw change, I saw you. Why do you think I have so much wonder? Because you would read to me tales when I couldn’t sleep, or had nightmares. And you’ve already touched my wings a billion times because you were the one to fix them when anything and anyone brought me down. I am free because you made me believe I could touch the sky when we flew on that old, dusty broom you found in a closet, and by the way… I love the rain, you should know that with how many times we’ve danced in it. And Draco,” she begins to cry. “I’m only able to face people when I know you’d be there, because you didn’t pull away when I took your hand the night we met, and I trust you to take my hand if someone didn’t accept me. Damn you for not knowing why I’ve trusted you in all these years.” She lets go of his face. “And damn you for still not seeing how much I fucking love you Draco Malfoy. That’s why I hate you.” 
It goes eerily quiet when she’s finished, the sound of Draco’s first sob breaking it. “I-I--” 
Y/N gasps in horror. “Draco,” she cooed, brushing the hair out of his face that fell into his eyes which caused him to cover his face. “Don’t…” She inhales sharply. “I messed it up already, haven’t I?” 
He shakes his head. “I thought you said yours wasn’t good,” he whines. 
♬ All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight♬
♬ They’re Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You For You♬
♬ All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight♬
♬ They’re Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You For You♬
After Draco and Y/N took a breather after the strangest vow exchange anyone has ever seen in the room, they held the rings that’d symbolize everything they’ve worked for. “Do you Draco Malfoy take Y/N L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife, and to love in sickness and in wealth, till death do you part?” 
Draco smiles. “I do.” He slides the ring onto her finger. 
“And do you Y/N L/N take Draco Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband, and to love--and to hate--” Y/N rolls her eyes at Hagrid’s comment, ‘--in sickness and in wealth, till death do you part?” 
“I do.” She slides the ring onto his finger.
“By the power vested in me I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, you may now--” Draco not being able to hold himself back anymore, he presses his lips hastily onto Y/N’s, catching her by surprise. “Oh--uh--You may now kiss the bride!” Hagrid finishes quickly.
People stand up cheering loudly for the newlyweds
Y/N pulls away, trying to catch her breath. “I love you,” she whispers. “I really do.” 
“I love you too,” he replies with the same intensity.
As if Y/N suddenly remembers the most important aspect of this day she moves away from him. “The bouquet!” 
Draco looks at her confused. “That’s why you just left my grasp, because you need to throw the bouquet.” 
She rolls her eyes, dramatically. “Well, Draco, we’re the first ones married out of our entire friend group, we need someone to be in the same boat as us so we’re not alone.” 
She takes the bouquet back from the little girl, all the ladies of the crown notice quickly, Hermione, Luna, and Ginny jumping into the group that’s now gathering. “What are you thinking?” Blaise asks Draco who couldn’t take his eyes off his new wife. 
“That I hope this isn’t all just one crazy, realistic dream.”
Blaise shakes his head. “Not dreaming, bud.” 
Y/N turns around, and tosses the bouquet behind her. Wanting to see who caught it, her jaw drops at the victim. “What’s this rubbish?” Harry asks, holding it in his hand. 
“What’s this rubbish he says,” Fred says, popping out of nowhere. 
“This is your future,” George claims, leaning in. “Means you're getting married next.” 
“To who?” Harry asks, with a frown.
“Let’s say the next person you see.” Fred slaps his back, harshly. “Good luck.” They walk away.
Without really thinking Harry looks up to see a silhouette illuminated by a bright light behind them. “Lucky man whoever that one will be,” Tom utters, cooly, Harry getting the full view of him. “Catch you later, Potter.” 
♬ All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight♬
♬ They’re Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You For You♬
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blackbrothersquotes · a day ago
Sirius: *walks into Harry's room with his ps5 console* It's Call-of-Duty time!
Harry: Let's go to somewhere else to play our games.
Sirius: Why?
Harry: My dad is passive aggressively doing the dishes Papa reggie asked him to do six hours ago. The house isn't safe anymore.
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Tumblr media
Harry didn't randomly decide to have a crush on her. They did bond a lot though it only started in Order of Phoenix. Have you read how Harry describes Ginny in the books?He literally compared her to the fucking sun and you are saying he got a crush out of nowhere "blush like the setting sun" and "a mane of fire".
She was traumatized by Tom riddle at the age of 11 (which btw is severely underrated like.why!?) went through a whole year alone because no one cared enough to keep a look out for her. She was dealing with her trauma in book 3 and 4 though she does appear a bit in book 4. In book 5 we can see her strong personality showing from keeping bullies in their place to helping Harry recuse Sirius. She also stood up for people like Luna and Neville. She also helped Harry deal with his own problems Ginny was the only one Harry confided his problems with. Harry turned into shakespeare when talking about Ginny.(he did say a lot of poetic shit) And there are many more situation in which Ginny was an amazing human being . She is also a strong powerful badass witch.
You don't have to ship hinny to know that.
More powerful than Hermione yes that's a jab sorry not sorry
@acciorxses @ginnwxley @several-sunlitdays @hinnysphoenix @harrypotter-and-goldensnitch
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silverdelirium · a month ago
SUMMARY ➠ the marauders fuck peter’s sister as revenge after they found out he betrayed them.
WARNINGS ➠ foursome, all boys are doms, triple penetration (vaginal, anal and oral), oral sex, nicknames (bunny, baby girl, princess, dove, etc.), light pussy spanking, overstimulation, there’s a little wolfstar moment where they kiss, degrading, praising. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing
A/N ➠ @angel4you here’s your tag bb
james wished more than anything that your brother could see you right now.
your tits painted in purple and blue hues after each boy took their turn in marking you up after they threw you down on the mattress, promising you the night of your life— which was by far living up to its statement.
your panties were drenched and the coil in your lower belly intensified by the minute. 
“what should we do with her?” asked remus, cocking his head to the side.
sirius leaned down to move the hair away from your neck, peppering soothing kisses to the flesh. “i say we all get a taste of her sweet cunt like we discussed earlier, and then we’ll fill her little holes up until she’s so cockdrunk she can barely even think” he sneered, his kisses now landing on your heated cheek.
james snickered as he saw your flabbergasted face, almost as if you did not thought of them capable to talk about you as if you weren’t in the same room.
remus agreed with sirius, coming down to run his hands over your hair. “what do you say, pet? you wanna be fucked stupid by your brother’s friends?” the word dripped from the tip of his tongue like poison.
your pulse quickened and your mouth felt dry (even though your pussy certainly wasn’t).
all you could manage was a slight nod— and seconds later remus’ palm was striking at your panty-clad cunt, the flesh underneath growing sensitive at the stinging, coaxing a whine out of you.
“you speak up like the good slut you are or you don’t get anything” he threatened, giving a nod to james, and before you could decipher what the expression meant, james was ripping the only material that covered you; tearing the lace underwear to the seam.
sirius massaged your inner thighs while the other two gazed longingly at your dripping hole as if they were starved men, sirius joining on the staring only a few moments later. making you feel timid and small.
james was the first to speak up, “told you she had the prettiest pussy ever, should’ve done this a long time ago” he grunted the last part in what seemed to be disappointment.
you weren’t stupid, you knew why they were doing this. and with the way they talked, you wondered if they started discussing the topic of fucking you senseless before or after your brother’s betrayal.
“lay down for us, bunny” whispered sirius, fluffing up the pillows behind you before letting you fall down on them, your legs being pried open by them as james came to his knees in front of you, the tent on his boxers almost had you drooling if it wasn’t for remus’ mouth coming down on yours into an impassioned kiss, his hand already coming to tug around his enlarged cock.
you felt sirius’ hand grope at your marked breasts, and you barely caught on james’ whisper, “i’m devouring this pussy for the next fucking month, that’s for sure”, before his plump lips were enveloping your neglected bud.
you forgot how to kiss remus back for a moment when you felt james’ tongue prod under the hood of your clit, your moans being swallowed by the brunette eagerly, whose hand was bumping against your side as he fisted himself.
“how does she taste, prongs?” interjected sirius, not stopping his assault on your tit as he lent down to plop one in his mouth, grazing the tender skin with his teeth, making you whine into remus’ mouth.
james groaned before answering, “like pure honey, mate— we got ourselves the sweetest pussy out there, i’m telling you” the compliment pushed you to the verge of ecstasy, three more swirls of the male’s tongue on your languid cunt and you were babbling like a baby, the mouth-watering orgasm washing over you like a tidal wave as he grunted into you while remus kissed down your neck.
your vision went white and in the blink of a moment, james was exchanging places with remus, who was still pumping his cock and by the looks of it, caressing the seventh heaven with his fingers.
ropes of hot cum sprayed on your outer lips, coating your pussy in a mess of slickness and drool.
remus’ groans hit your ears as he came down from his high, panting lightly as he looked up at sirius, beckoning him closer with two fingers.
“you’re gonna lick my cum off her little pussy, alright?”
a moan almost slipped out of you as you watched the two dark haired boys share a small peck on the lips, remus’ lower lip caught in between sirius’ before he was positioning himself between your legs.
“oh god, this has got to be the sluttiest fucking cunt i’ve ever seen— all drowned in another man’s cum. but you love that, don’t you, bunny? for us to use you like a mere hole and nothing more” he winked, patting at your sensitive cunt as james came to rest at your side, cock fully out of his boxers that met their fate in the floor.
you swallowed thickly, the way the three boys eyed your body was almost alarming, as if they were gonna devour you like no other— which hypothetically speaking was right— yet it lured a spark up your spine, deepening the hole of submissiveness you were spiraling down to.
“my god i cannot wait to split that pussy open, gonna have you all cockdrunk, my love” grunted james, exhaling a breath next to you, making you shudder.
a heavy and round-ish tap was felt on your cheek, and when you turned your head to the right, you were met with remus’ expecting glance, “gonna suck me off like a good whore or what, dove?” 
“yes i w— oh! sirius fuck!” you cried out shutting your eyes tight and letting your jaw get pried open by the impatient male at your side, who wasted no time to bury his cock down your mouth after james said “shut her up already, moony. don’t wanna hear her dumb baby blabbers”
you didn’t know what to focus on, it was either the spit dribbling down your chin as remus gave your throat merciless thrusts, or the pink muscle that your inner walls desperately clenched around, or the soft yet rough hold that james had on your hand as he wrapped it around his girth, feeling the foreskin push back and forth as you fucked him with your hand slowly.
“look at my little cumdump, so pretty when you’re a mess of cum and drool, could have you like this all day” cooed remus, fighting off the quirk of his lips as he felt you gag around him.
“ours” amended james, guiding your hand by the wrist to go faster as he felt his high approaching, the slurping and squelching sounds that came from sirius’ end arousing the three of you to no end.
your thighs shook and your muscles tensed as sirius continued to give your pussy heavenly-like tongue strokes, the tip of your nerves lighting up as you choked around remus’ dick, your peak catching up to you faster than before.
pleasure sparked through your body, your second orgasm of the night hitting you like a truck and making your vision dot with stars.
“oh shit i’m gonna cum— gonna make a mess on your hand, princess— shit!” moaned james, giving himself sloppy strokes with your hand as he cursed.
sirius blew one last kiss to your engorged and delicate mound, making you writhe and gag against remus’ cock, that was still buried down your throat whilst your lungs ached at the lack of oxygen.
“my turn” chanted remus, carefully pulling out his dick from the canal of your mouth as you coughed and heaved.
it was like a deja vu, seeing yet another one of your brother’s best friends settle himself in the space between your shaking thighs.
you could already feel the burn in your limbs for tomorrow morning, yet your body craved the animalistic bombardment the boys performed on your body.
“look at you, bunny. so wet and ready to take our cocks, you’re gonna feel us for days” he growled, not giving you any warnings before he was diving into your abused pussy, and your thighs went to instinctively lock around his head if it wasn’t for james holding them down.
“oh god just like that remus— fuck!” you whimpered, fisting the sheets in your hands as remus did wonders to your pulsating cunt.
you heard sirius snicker behind you “here we were, thinking you were the most innocent angel but all you want is to get your little pussy wrecked, huh?”
james scoffed at your side, “i always knew a little dollface like her would love to get her pussy torn to shreds, could see it in her eyes when she stared at us, she’s been wanting this for years, haven’t you, lovely?”
a pathetic cry was what you could get out, plus some mumbles of yes’s and want your cock’s.
even though your wails could drown out every other sound on the room, you still heard sirius loud and clear when he said, “i’m taking her in the ass, been dreaming about it for months now, plumpest little thing she carries around”
the confession had you flushing, and it also eased some type of relaxation into your muscles, knowing that you weren’t the only one who has wanted this way back before peter’s betrayal.
“ow you poor thing, you wanna cum? make a mess on rem’s mouth?” crooned james, brushing away stray hairs from your damp forehead.
“yes!” you winded “need it so bad” your eyes rolled back to cloud nine, mewls coming from your mouth nonstop as your walls fluttered around air, remus’ focus being on your overused bud.
you felt murmuring from between your legs as your high extended, “that’s a good pet, taste so good” which you could only guess that came from remus.
the (third) enticing orgasm had your senses turning into mush in a matter of seconds, and it was probably because you knew what was next.
sirius sort of warned you earlier, claiming they were all gonna have a turn at devouring your sopping cunt dry. 
they definitely got that done.
and you could only hope they lived up to the rumors you heard in your hogwarts years about how fucking good they were in bed, and how enrapturing the searing stretch of their girths felt.
“we’re gonna stretch you open so nicely, princess” grunted sirius, grabbing ahold of your arms and pulling you up into a sitting motion before tugging you into a harsh kiss, your whine echoing in his mouth.
the kiss itself had you going fuzzy, hence why you didn’t take notice of when was it that you ended up straddling remus, his weeping tip kissing at your slick entrance.
that’s when you felt a shadow creep from behind you, and it was easy to tell by the silhouette that it was none other than sirius himself, preparing your other hole with the lube in his hand, and when his cock-head prodded at your ring of muscles, not quite entering it yet, is when you realized.
oh. they’re all going in at the same time.
the thought itself might have seemed painful. but when you were anticipating this moment for years, pain is the last of your concerns.
james came to rest his knees beside remus head on the pillow, coincidentally making his crotch in line with your mouth.
“oh we’re gonna absolutely destroy your little pussy, bunny.” sighed james, sharing a look with the other two before you felt them all push at the same time.
it was a bestial pain. but it was also the most divine and mind-blowing stretch you ever felt, and you thought for a second your eyes might stay stuck behind your head with the way you rolled them.
the boy’s groans made you fucking squelch and gush all over remus’ cock as your hips involuntarily rolled forwards (thanks to sirius’ sadistic thrusts from behind you).
the room reverberated the sound of skin slapping, as well as your juices sticking to remus’ pelvis, plus your coughs against james as he curled his fingers in your hair and bobbed your head faster.
“such a pretty little face, too bad its wasted on a dumb cockslut that only cares about getting fucked everywhere” snarled remus, slapping your breast with one hand while the other stayed guiding you by your hips.
“hm but she sounds so pretty when she’s gagging on my cock, don’t you think so?” james tilted his head, sending you a smug smirk as you batted your eyelashes at him.
“oh she sure does, prongs. i wanna say i wish to hear her moans but i don’t like hearing dumb babies like her” chuckled sirius, gaze trained on your bouncing flesh as it clapped against his lower abdomen.
remus grunted from beneath you, “we should’ve done this ages ago. i don’t think anything can compare with her pretty pussy ever”
your eyes rimmed with tears as sirius approached his high, going at a brutal pace that would for sure leave you bruised for days.
“jesus— fuck! i’m gonna cum, baby, gonna paint your tight little ass. shit” he moaned, throwing his head back as he gave quick and fast thrusts that left your mind spinning and walls contracting around remus.
as sirius emptied himself inside you, remus hand snaked down to circle at your throbbing clit, “you greedy slut, can feel you throbbing on my finger even though you’re all full” he taunted
“well we best keep her like that, no?” added on james.
“mhm, and she’s about to cum too— can feel her clenching around my cock” he rubbed faster, watching the tears stream down your eyes as james released ropes of hot white into your mouth without warning.
“swallow, dove— all of it so you can taste it for fucking days” he ordered, not removing his cock in the slightest just to watch you struggle for breath.
the orgasm hit you like a trainwreck— leaving you like you were in one too— fire danced through your veins as you came undone around the brunette’s twitching length, his peak washing over him when your walls squeezed around him.
“that’s it, princess, take all of our cum— i love the way you look when you’re pumped full” whispered sirius, his teeth nibbling at your ear lobe as your whole body shook in the aftershocks of cloud nine.
and when the three boys made eye contact, it took no mind reader to know they were sharing the exact same thought.
fucking payback, peter.
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dara-art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Dark! Draco in a Beauxbatons uniform
You can download the illustration on Patreon, see the creation process in TikTok, links in the bio 💫
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elyonblackstar · a month ago
Tumblr media
Here's my take on Malfoy family! As a sort of counterpart of my latest Potter family picture I thought it would have been nice to see little Draco with mommy and daddy too ♥ hope you like this! I've worked hard on this u_u
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