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#harry potter fanfiction
morozovastarless · 18 hours ago
jealousy, jealousy
summary: harry’s friends have a thing for his mom. james can't help but turn a little green in the eye.
warnings: none
word count: 1.1k
a/n: i've had this one in my drafts for a while and i thought why not post it?
Tumblr media
you finish putting the nachos in a bowl just as loud shouts come in from the living room. you shake your head as you listen to harry and his friend’s curse loudly, praying to god they don’t throw a controller at the wall like the last time.
you look at james, who’s leaning against the mantle next to you and holding back a laugh at your exasperated expression. “you know it’s gonna be you the one to fix it if they break something, right?”
he shrugs and tries to steal a few chips only to have you swat his hand, although it doesn’t deter him. “let them have their fun,” he says through a mouthful. “they’ll be back at school in a few days and then you’ll start crying ‘cause you miss the noise.”
embarrassment floods your cheeks, but you roll your eyes as though unaffected. “i do not cry, james.”
now he laughs loudly, remembering the night four months ago when he woke up to your sobs as you looked through pictures of harry on your phone.
he places his hand on the small of your back and pulls you closer. “sure you don’t, baby.”
you soak up his embrace before trying to change the subject, not content with james slight teasing. “i have to go to the store, can you pick me up in thirty minutes?”
he hums, watching as you add the sugar to the pitcher of lemonade and leaning down to press soft and wet kisses on the column of your neck, mumbling about how pretty and what a good housewife you are.
now you are sure your cheeks resemble the heat of a fire. “james,” you whisper while trying to pull away from him. “you can’t do that, the kids are right there.”
he grumbles and pouts like a child. he can kiss you whenever he damn wants to, he thinks, it’s his house and his wife, for fucks sake!
he doesn’t relent his silent tantrum until you kiss him properly, your lips moulding against his as though they were made for each other. you bite his lower lip and he groans lowly. “later,” you promise, then turn around and take the tray and the jug in your hands.
james stares as you make your way to the living room, the little sundress you’re wearing fluttering around you like water. what a fucking tease, he groans in his mind. but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“hi, boys!” you greet happily, your voice carrying back to the kitchen where james listens attentively. “i brought you some snacks in case you got hungry,” you lean down to place the items on the coffee table.
you don’t notice the way the weasley twins stare right at your ass, nor the glare that harry sends them.
“i have to go to the store, s’there anything you need, bubs?” you ask harry, smoothing down his hair even though you know it’s as uncontrollable as his father’s.
“no, mom. thank you,” he says with a smile.
you mumble an ‘okay’, then turn to make your way to the second floor to freshen up before going out into the heat.
seamus is about to open his mouth when you turn unexpectedly. six pairs of eyes stare at you as you put your hands on your hips. “please don’t break anything,” you beg lightly. “i don’t want to ask jamie to fix another hole in the wall.”
“can’t make any promises, mrs. potter,” jokes fred. he doesn’t know this, but your heart soars whenever someone addresses you as mrs. potter.
“don’t make me call your mother, fred,” you threaten without any fire. the boys know very well that you and james were never ones to snitch.
fred looks scandalised for a second before a smirk takes over his face. “how d’you know i’m fred? s’because i’m the handsome one, innit?”
james grits his teeth as he listens to the redhead flirt with his wife. you laugh, unknowingly making the hearts of all the males skip a beat. “whatever helps you sleep at night, fred," you say airily. "but according to hermione, it's george the heartthrob."
and then you’re gliding up the stairs, five boys staring hypnotised at the place where you stood.
“man,” whispers seamus. “your mom is so fucking hot, harry.”
“shut the fuck up, seamus,” grunts harry, angrily biting into a nacho.
george whistles lowly, then turns to his twin. “think she’ll give me a spanking if i break something?” the rest of the boys laugh, except for harry, who keeps eating angrily.
james is in a similar position, biting an apple with a little too much force. he hates that every time harry’s friends come over they always stare at you and even try to flirt. as if they couldn’t see the golden band around your finger or the way you always clung to james’s side.
he knows it’s stupid to be jealous of some horny teenagers, especially when he has you writhing under him almost every night, but he can’t help it. he keeps listening, torturing his mind as he makes a mental note of everything they say.
your footsteps make everyone quiet down, and you step into the kitchen to grab the grocery list. “remember, pick me up in half an hour,” you say to james, one finger pointing at him.
he nods and salutes you. “yes, ma’am.” you laugh and shake your head, blowing him a kiss as you make your way to the front door.
“bye harry, bye boys,” you call over your shoulder. a chorus of “bye, mrs. potter” is heard and you’re just about to turn the handle when james calls your name.
“y’forgot your phone, poppet,” he says as he hands it to you.
you curse under your breath and take it, “thank you, darling.” you kiss him lightly, only to have his fingers tangle themselves in your hair as he forces your mouth open with his tongue, letting it play with yours as he turns you into a little moaning mess.
you don’t realise that the kids have a perfect view of your display of affection, but james does, and to further make his point, his other hand goes to your ass and squeezes one cheek harshly.
seamus and dean avert their eyes back to the video game, harry distracting himself from hearing his parents… dote on each other by throwing food at ron. but fred and george keep watching, jaws clenched as they listen to how much you love your husband’s touch.
you pull away out of breath, eyes still closed as you kiss under his jaw. “mhm, love you, james.”
he stares straight at the twins, a smirk on his lips and gives them a little wink. “love you too, angel.”
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“I’m Her Boyfriend. Who Are You?”
George Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Summary: George has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. Could it really only take one flirty foreign guy for him to make his move?
Warnings: starred out swear words, angry Georgie, cuteness, Fred being stupid?
Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
George’s grip on his bag tightened so much that his knuckles turned white. He’d been looking for his best friend (Y/n), having planned on walking her to her next class, when he found her smiling up at some Durmstrang bloke he’d never seen before.
“Woah, who p*ssed in your pudding, brother?” George turned to his twin for only a moment, to acknowledge that he had heard him, before his eyes returned to the pair. Fred followed his gaze and snorted loudly.
“Well, look at that. (Y/n) seems to be enjoying herself, don’t you think?” George’s jaw clenched angrily.
“Careful m, Georgie. You’re jealousy’s showing.” George shot him an annoyed look.
“I’m not jealous.” He spat earning a knowing look from Fred.
“Sure. And I suppose you aren’t madly in love with the girl either, right?” He asked sarcastically, but George just nodded.
“Right.” Of course that wasn’t right. Not in the slightest. George had been madly in love with (Y/n) (L/n) since the day he knew what love was. But was he going to tell her that? Absolutely not. You never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot. Besides, what if she didn’t like him back? It would ruin everything. And George couldn’t have that.
“So you just gonna stand here staring at them, or are you gonna do something about the uncomfortable look on her face?” George whipped around at Fred’s words only to find that he was right. The polite smile she had upon initially greeting the foreign boy had been wiped from her face, and replaced with an awkward half-grimace that he knew all too well from their years of friendship. She wanted out of that conversation. Even Fred could tell.
“You don’t think she’ll be mad at me for interrupting?” George asked, still not completely over the jealousy burning inside him. If she really wanted to talk to the bloke, who was he to stop her? He had no claim over her, no matter how badly he wished that weren’t true.
“Mate, go save her from the creep before someone else does and she has them to thank, if you know what I mean.” Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making his brother frown angrily at what he was implying.
“I’ll see you later.” Fred whooped excitedly, as George pushed his way through the crowded hall, his gaze set on (Y/n) and the Durmstrang boy. He didn’t have a game plan, though, quite frankly, there was so much pure fury going through his mind at that moment that he was fairly certain there wasn’t room for much else. And that was before the random guy grabbed her arm.
“Darling, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He called out once he was rather close to the two. (Y/n) pulled away from the boy and turned to smile at George gratefully.
“Georgie! Hey!” She greeted, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He knew his grip was tight around her, he*l, he was tense everywhere, but, thankfully she didn’t comment, probably just glad for his intrusion. At least he hoped she was glad. There was still an inkling of doubt in his mind, but he brushed the thought aside. It was too late to turn back now.
“(Y/n), who is this?” The boy asked, his accent coming out thickly, as he glared at George and his arm around the girl. The next words out of George’s mouth were either really brave or really stupid…
“I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?” (Y/n)’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, so much so that George had to pull her face into his chest to stop her from giving away his ploy, and what a dangerous ploy it was.
“(Y/n) did not mention she had a “boyfriend.”” He argued making George’s jaw clenched harder. This bloke was really pushing his buttons.
“Yeah, well she probably didn’t think she had to. I’m kind of a big deal around here.” George had to hold back a fond smile when he felt (Y/n) shaking with laughter at his words, trying desperately to hide it. He pinched her side quickly, an indication to stop, as he gave the Durmstrang boy a final glare.
“Do you need a proper invitation? Scram!” He barked, causing the now embarrassed guy to run off down the hallway, earning odd looks from the people he was pushing out of the way. George laughed at his retreating figure before turning to (Y/n) who was shaking her head at him with a small smile.
“You’re “kind of a big deal” are you?” She asked, earning a playful shove as he laughed at his own words.
“What’s he know? He’s just from Durmstrang. Probably didn’t understand half of what I said anyways.” He chortled at his own joke, earning an eye roll from the girl, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
“Don’t be mean.” She said, through giggles of her own. George just grinned at her, before wrapping his arm back over her shoulder and steering her off towards History of Magic.
“So…” she trailed off making him turn to her questioning. “You’re my boyfriend, huh?” She smirked teasingly. George blushed profusely, the adrenaline from the confrontation long gone now, along with the part of him that had so daringly claimed those words.
“Yeah…I-uh… sorry about that. I just-“ (Y/n) cut him off with a laugh, which George was grateful for, as he hadn’t known where he was going with that explanation, though that didn’t mean his heart didn’t ache at her blatant disregard of the idea.
“I’m only messing with you, Georgie.” George tried to join in her laughter, but couldn’t bring himself to omit much more than an awkward chuckle, which stopped (Y/n) in her tracks.
“George? Are you okay?” She looked up at him worriedly, which only made the boy feel worse. It wasn’t fair. Why did his heart have to make him feel such a way about his best friend, when he knew he couldn’t have her, at least… not in the way he wanted to. It was a cruel punishment, though he didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve it.
Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t even get upset about his rotten luck without seeing that worried expression on her face that made his heart clench even tighter. He knew it was cliche, but when (Y/n) was upset, George couldn’t breathe. Not until he saw that perfect smile again.
He sighed, running a hand down the side of his face in frustration. How in Merlin’s name was he going to explain this one to her without ruining everything?
“Georgie? You look pale. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?” George shook his head, looking at the floor so as to not have to see the concern in her eyes.
“No… no, I’m okay, love. I promise.” (Y/n) just scoffed.
“Yeah, sure you are. And you’re also Snape’s favorite student.” George chuckled lightly at her joke, unable to help himself. She could always make him laugh, whether she was trying to or not. No matter what sort of mood he was in, (Y/n) could always cheer George up. Fred and Lee called it her superpower. George just called it her. He looked up at her slight grin and couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d loved this girl for years, and he’d be d*mned if he didn’t tell her. He would be miserable for the rest of his life if he didn’t, trapped in a friendship when all he wanted was more. At least this option was more black and white. He was tired of the grey. Screw it…
“(Y/n)… I need to tell you something.” Here goes nothing. “I like you. I have for years… and not just a friend way. Like really like you.” George took a deep breath, preparing to spew some rather nonsensical explanation of his feelings, when angelic laughter stopped him. George’s forehead crinkled in hurt. Did she really find his feelings that amusing? She noticed his expression and shook her head quickly.
“Oh no! I wasn’t laughing at you! Oh, Georgie, no.” His pained face didn’t waver, as she let out another string of giggles.
“It’s just, Freddie owes me five galleons.” George tilted his head in confusion.
“What?” She made the same wide-eyed ‘oh-sh*t’ expression again, as she seemed to realize she wasn’t making any sense, before her face softened into a fond smile.
“Oh, Georgie… I know. You’re not very good at hiding it.” His heart started beating a mile a minute at her words.
“So, you and Fred…” He trailed off, completely unsure of where she stood at this moment. Why couldn’t she have just said “oh Georgie, I like you too! Let’s get married and have a bunch of little redheaded wizard babies!”? Well, maybe not necessarily that. But something along those lines would have been much nicer, easier to understand at least.
“We had a bet going on to see how long it would take you to ask me out on a date.” George’s cheeks burned. She’d been waiting for him?
“Wait… so, that means-“ she cut him off with another giggle.
“I like you too, Georgie. I thought it was obvious. Fred said it was.” George’s head was spinning. She liked him too? She’d liked him this whole time? And here he’d been sitting around pining after her like a chump? And she wanted him to ask her out on a date?
George was about ready to faint, but he needed to gain back at least some of his suave exterior, or else this would be completely embarrassing.
“Well, you know, I haven’t exactly asked you on a date yet.” He pointed out, smirking as best he could, through the blush that dusted his cheeks. She just shrugged her shoulders in response.
“You’re going to.” George’s smile widened.
“Is that so? How are you so sure?” She grinned up at him.
“Because, you’re my “boyfriend” remember? Kinda comes with the territory.” She walked off in the direction of her class, the two of them considerably late already, but that was the last thing on George’s mind. The girl he was in love with, just told him that she liked him too, asked him to take her on a date, and to be her boyfriend. Could this day get any better?
“Hey, wait for me!” He ran to catch up, grabbing her hand in his when he was close enough, the widest of smiles gracing both of their features. That is, until one final thought registered in George’s mind.
“Wait a second… did you say Fred knew all about this and didn’t tell me?” (Y/n) laughed heartily as she pulled George into the classroom behind her. He’d just have to have a little talk with his dear brother later…
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ameliora-j · 22 hours ago
twin flame epilogue // gw x reader
Tumblr media
words: 1.7k
warnings: pregnancy, mentions of labor, other than that just extreme fluff
a/n: this is for you evil and you too butterfly ily 🥰 @ameliasbitvh @wolfstar-lb
the snow fell slowly from the sky, creating a gorgeous blanket of white just outside the burrow. ron, charlie, bill, fred, and percy were helping arthur set up the tent while hermione, ginny, and fleur were in the kitchen helping molly with the cooking and the baking. you were stood in one of the bedrooms with your oldest brother as he fixed your veil over your braided updo.
“you look gorgeous, puppy,” he whispered as he kissed your head. you fixed your boobs in your deep v-line dress for the umpteenth time as you looked at yourself in the mirror again.
“ybn, i’m nervous,” you admit as you took a deep breath.
“about what, angel?” he asked as he continued to fret over your dress, hair, and veil, making sure that everything was perfectly in place. ybn became the bridezilla for you so that you didn’t have to. although, you truly had no reason to. the weasleys had been making sure your wedding was perfect since the second they found out that george had proposed to you.
“i’m marrying the love of my life in less than an hour. what if he runs away,” your brother did nothing more than chuckle at your anxieties. however, it did enough to ease your nerves. for both you and your brother, and everyone downstairs awaiting your arrival knew that george weasley was completely infatuated with you and would never even dream of leaving you alone at the altar.
“we’re ready for you, yn,” fleur spoke gently as she knocked at the door. “you look gorgeous, mon amour,” she smiled gently from behind you in the mirror.
“all ready?” your brother asked. you nodded, and so began the bridal party march. your bridesmaids walked out before you, each wearing a burnt orange dress and accompanied by one of george’s brothers. fred as his best man, of course, accompanied by your best friend, ginny. followed by all of his brothers in age order. bill accompanied by fleur, followed percy accompanied by his wife audrey, then ron accompanied by hermione, and even harry got a role… accompanied by your close friend from school, hannah abott.
you took a deep breath as the bridal march began. your arms linked with your brother’s as you began to walk down the aisle. you couldn’t help the tears that made twin streaks down your rouged cheeks as you came face to face with your future husband. dressed in a black three piece suit with a tie the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. george’s face lit up as he saw you making your way toward him. tears welling along his waterline as he came to the realization that this—you—were the rest of his life. your brother kissed your head gently as you arrived at the altar. passing you on to the man that you were to spend the rest of your life with. george took both of your small hands gently in his much larger ones as he smiled at you.
“hi butterfly,” he whispered as he came face to face with you.
“hi,” you whispered back. looking out at the crowd you spotted each of your three older brothers, molly and arthur, all of your old friends from hogwarts, as well as professor mcgonnagal, who was sniffling and wiping tears from her eyes watching two of her favorite (which she would never admit to) students get married. the wedding official began his speech but you drowned all of his words out as you got lost in george’s ocean eyes. then finally george began to recite his vows. the ones that you two had written for each other as you wanted this to be special.
“butterfly. you truly are my everything. i love you with everything that i have in me and more. i’m so glad that we’ve finally gotten over fighting our feelings and fell into this wonderful thing called love. yfn… i wouldn’t be standing here with anybody else. thank you for always standing by my side and saving my ass back at hogwarts,” he chuckled as he ended.
“george,” you whimpered softly as more tears came to your eyes. “i’m sorry,” you whispered with a sniffle before gently patting at your tears and clearing your throat to begin again. “georgie i love you. you are the reason that i wake up in the morning. i’m so proud of the man that you’ve become and i can’t wait to grow and spend the rest of my life with you. and we have a bunch of mini weasleys running around the house on christmas morning and untill the day that we die in each other’s arms,” you finished. at the mention of babies, each of george’s siblings and his parents whooped loudly.
you set your mug of tea down on the coffee table as you sat down on the couch. “anthony, don’t be so rough please,” you spoke gently to your four-year-old, currently sat on the carpeted floor and wrestling with his twin brother.
“sorry mama!” he called, returning to playing with his cars. you smiled fondly at the two boys, the perfect mix of you and george, as your left hand planted itself on the swell of your eight month belly. the door opened and your twins squealed in excitement, standing and running to their father.
“daddy!” they exclaimed. you heard george’s soft grunt at the weight of the rowdy four-year-olds and when you turned, he was lifting them both into his arms.
“hey buddies! were you good for mama?” he asked.
“uh huh!” anthony exclaimed as his head bobbed furiously, his long fiery locks waving with the motion of his head.
“libby and lijah weren’t though,” azavier playfully tattled.
“they weren’t?” george mocked a gasp of shock.
“nuh uh. kept kickin’ ‘er,” anthony added. george hummed thoughtfully as he trailed into the living room where you were sat.
“hi butterfly,” george smiled widely as he bent down to press a quick kiss to your lips, pressing his lips to the swell of your belly immediately after.
“hi georgie,” you hummed as you beamed up at him.
“long day?” he asked as he sat on the cushion beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as the twins went back to play with his cars. you nodded in reply as you curled into his chest.
“keep kicking m’ribs. they want out already,” you sighed out as you rubbed your bump gently.
“you’re amazing,” george marvelled aloud as his thumb came to rub your shoulder. “two sets of twins i can’t believe it,” he kissed your temple.
“‘m gonna start charging you if you keep putting babies in me, georgie,” you teased gently.
“oh don’t pretend like you don’t beg for it butterfly,” george winked as dark red painted the apples of your cheeks in embarrassment.
“shut up,” you grumbled playfully, half-heartedly pushing at his chest as he barked loudly in laughter.
you smiled fondly as you sipped your tea, curled into your husband’s chest as his fingers gently brushed up and down your bicep. this was the rest of your life. and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“fuuuucccckkkk george i hate you,” you groaned loudly as another contraction passed. “i hate you i hate you,” you grumbled as you threw your head back, warbled cry of agony falling from your lips.
“i know you do butterfly but you’re doing so well,” he whispered, smoothing your hair away from your perspiring forehead. “almost done i promise,” he kissed your temple as you yelled out, following the healer’s instructions and pushing.
two hours later and you had two beautiful, squirming babies laid on your chest, one boy and one girl. your head fell back against the pillow in exhaustion as you breathed out a long sigh. “proud of you butterfly. thank you,” george whispered as he kissed your temple once more. you hummed tiredly in reply, already halfway asleep due to the exhaustion of pushing out two more tiny humans. you felt the nurses lift your babies from your chest, taking them away to clean them as you fell into dreamland.
when you woke up, anthony and azavier were in the room, kneeling over the two cribs that the babies were laid in as they showed them all their toys. “and look libby, this one is lightning aqueen. he goes vroom super fast,” anthony whispered as he drove the car around in the crib. “can’t wait till i can take you home and play wif you.” you smiled fondly at the sight as george walked in with your favorite fast food. your visage lit up at the prospect of food as you sat up in bed.
“oh did they wake you? i’m so sorry. i told them to be quiet so you could rest,” george apologized.
“no bubba, it’s fine,” you smiled in assurance. “they were very good boys. very quiet and they kept their siblings occupied and quiet so i could sleep,” you smiled. he set the food on the table and took it out of the bag for you. “come on bubbies. come eat,” you beckoned your twins over and george helped them up onto the bed. they kneeled up on the table across from you as george sat beside you to begin eating.
sitting in this moment. with your four babies and your husband, you knew there was no place that you’d rather be. that one week all those years ago at the burrow for christmas break finally felt worth it. along with the wizarding war and all of the petty arguments that you and george had throughout the years of being best friends. this is where you belonged. above the fire that your twin flame had set ablaze. wrapped in the arms of the man you love surrounded by your babies and food. this was just a peek into your future. and you knew that the rest of it was even brighter. for nothing, not even jealousy, or that week at the burrow when he thought he’d lost you to his older brother, could burn out the spark that you and george’s love had created.
nothing could come between you two. the love you had created was forever. and you couldn’t be more thankful.
🏷: @ellerosie2332 @i-love-scott-mccall @rmvb24 @astralpcrker @daisybloommm @maybeisthemoon @moonliightbabes @stormi-ames @jochim322 @coninl @melonoptimist @lunajoyce3 @clairdemoony @mangoberry99 @imclueless @enya-2004 @prongsyy @Lol-whoandwhat-is-dis @burnfleur @anything444ourmoony @horrorxweasley @alicecullens-gf @theincredibledeadlyviper @georgeweasleyshoe3697 @narwhalebaby @cloudyskylines @ezmayzworld @aesthete-c @lunacurlclaw @snktastarkov @rudypankowisdaddy @ohnoitsmekc @all-hailreyna @sapphirepixiesworld @gloryekaterina @sisi.bby @lisszabini @skarlettmikaelson @lazarus0 @bellatrixscurls @nojamsonmytoast @weasleywhore @bohologyc @griebis @georgelvr @the_internet_ruined_me @abi-gail22 @georgeweasleysgf @memoirsofawallflower
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angelblacksmith · a day ago
Hugs with James Potter would include
Pairing: James Potter x fem!Reader
Warning: mention of sex, fluff, my English
Tumblr media
James' hugs are always very strong.
When James hugs you, you can feel really protected.
Because James' embrace is so reliable.
James loves to cuddle.
At any time, he can just come up and hug you from behind.
James also loves to lie on your chest when you are both lying on the sofa in the common living room and listen to the crackling of the fire.
It gives you two peace of mind.
Hug when one of you two is sad.
If you've had a bad day.
Don't doubt it.
James will do anything to cheer you up.
But if you are crying.
James will immediately take you in his warm embrace.
And he won't let you go until he makes sure that it's easier for you.
After that, he will say all these encouraging words about how beautiful you are.
And that he will take revenge on anyone who offends you or makes you cry.
If James is sad.
Then he will also want to hug.
Most likely, he will just look for you all over Hogwarts, and when he finds you, he will pout like a little child and just put his head on your shoulder.
Sleep in an embrace.
James may not intentionally throw his arms or legs at you.
Hugs and light kisses after sex, when the two of you just talk about nothing.
Morning hugs, when you just chat about what you dreamed.
James ' hugs are always gentle
It is with the help of these hugs that James demonstrates affection for you.
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Introducing The Three Broomsticks’ Yule Bash!
To get us in the festive spirit, this year the Three Broomsticks server, a community which celebrates canon compliant Harry Potter fanfiction, is inviting you to pull out your quills and write! We’re looking for stories that use the Christmassy prompts below. The rules are simple:
All submissions must be canon compliant, but can be from any HP time period, focused on any characters.
We ask that submissions be a minimum of 1000 words.
And that’s it!
Submit your post through our Tumblr blog, and if you wish you may add your story to our ao3 collection, TTB Yule Bash, too. Our FAQs are below the cut.
All submissions by the 28th November, please! We will then release them over the Christmas period for everyone’s enjoyment. You are welcome to submit multiple entries if you wish!
Christmas Fest Prompts
There was only one (sleigh) bed
[Character’s] first Weasley jumper
Snowed in
Secret Santa
I'll be home for Christmas
Advent calendar
Mulled wine
Paper chains and other homemade decorations
Hogwarts for Christmas
Last Christmas
A Christmas wish
Yule Ball
Festive date
Blue Christmas
Tropical Christmas
Someone receives a gift they absolutely hate.
It's not Christmas without a family argument
The night before Christmas
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Hot chocolate
Flaming pudding
Fake Dating: Christmas edition
Boxing Day
New Years Eve
Four Christmases
What counts as canon compliant?
Canon compliancy has a broad scope and we’re not here to gatekeep! For the purposes of this fest, we consider the Harry Potter books 1-7 as canon, and the “end game” pairings. The rest is up to you - for example, if you wish to write a post-Hogwarts story, you do not have to take Cursed Child or post-Potter interview information as canon if you don’t want to, but you should follow the pairings established in the epilogue.
How should I submit my prompt?
With the following information, please!
If you are submitting to our collection, it will be private and anonymous until we release your story.
When will stories be released?
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enchqnting · a day ago
-> one time fling | pansy parkinson x reader
"don't worry, it's only going to happen once."
pansy's words were breathless, rushed, almost pleading. you kept your gaze at the floor, you knew if you looked up it would all be over.
sitting in the slytherin common room, talking in low voices in case anyone could hear, pansy was convincing you to kiss her, something you'd only have dreamed of her doing in the past.
you had a girlfriend, lavender brown, one of the nicest girls in school. when she wanted to be. other than that she could be a pain, her voice piercing, her intentions not so good. in fact, you have had the sneaking suspicion she was only going out with you to make ron, her ex-boyfriend, jealous.
she was still worried about public perception, you two being one of the few openly gay (or bi, in her case) couples in the school. because of that, she was constantly shaming you in even the slightest pda, pushing you into corners and teasing you for loving her. in a way that... really sucked, actually.
you'd always seemed to be drawn to pansy, watching her from afar. you never knew she was the same.
"i know you're unhappy with lavender brown." pansy's voice was rough, saying lavender's name as though it was an infectious disease. "i could make you happier if you let me." the way she said it was intoxicating, her black corset top slipping down a few centimeters, teasing you on.
you closed your eyes for a moment, silencing yourself as her fingers began to trace your skin, your legs, moving closer... closer...
your voice came out sharp, a yelp, as her fingers slid flawlessly up your checkered mini skirt, brushing your silk thong.
she giggled, batting her thick eyelashes.
you sighed at her tone, almost too good to be true. you suddenly -desperately- wanted to fall into her, let her cradle you and kiss you and-
"mommy?" pansy asked again, her voice sweet and syrupy and playful and lovely.
you opened one eye to see her stretched out, an eager grin on her face as she tried to seduce you. god, it worked.
"fine, baby. come with me, make me feel happy and you'll get something in return."
your words were doused in sarcasm, not meaning to be true, your eyes rolling as you said them. to your surprise, pansy took them seriously, and didn't seem unhappy with the orders.
she kissed you sloppily, moaning against your mouth as she pushed you towards the thick oak dorm leading to the slytherin prefects private bedrooms. "c'mon," she said, pulling you in with surprising force, immediately guiding your hands to unlace her corset.
"you won't regret this."
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wolfstar-lb · a day ago
um how about chandler bing x reader
where he introduces his gf to his friends?
or bruce banner x reader
where he and his gf go pumpkin picking or apple picking
or percy weasley x reader
where the twins don't believe that percy has a gf so he has to tell them
I gave you a few just in case you didn't like some of them <3
his forever
summary: the twins don’t believe percy has a gf so you have to go with him to his house to tell them
a/n: this has been sitting in my drafts for a while. i forgot about it tbh :/ but it’s all done, and i hope you enjoyed l
pairing: percy weasley x reader
word count: 1,279
cw: n/a
p.w masterist | join taglist | navigation
Percy had to keep all of his letters hidden. He had to stash away every single present you had given him, every single memory you share under the floorboards, out of sight and mind of those to whom it did not concern.
It was kept away from the merciless teasing that he just wasn’t sure he was ready for.
The way he saw it was that they only ever teased him because that was what siblings did, right? But he knew that some of the things they said were over the top and so he did not say anything in fear of his brothers or sister making a snide comment here and there that maybe he didn’t really deserve you.
You knew that could never be true, but Percy didn’t. He was a mess of soul that you knew and loved so very much. He was too in his head sometimes, maybe arrogant and self righteous, but that was never on purpose.
After all, everyone could be too arrogant and self righteous sometimes. That was just human nature.
He wasn’t ashamed of you, and he was actually half tempted to just come out with it, to just confess that the girl he’d hopelessly loved for so long had finally asked him out, and they had been dating for a few months and it was finally going so great for him.
But Percy remembered the ecstasy in his siblings voices and visualised the glints in their eyes as he told them all about the feelings he had.
“You have feeling for a girl? You have feelings, Perce? I wasn’t aware that you had those. I always thought you were like those muggle things. You know, those metal objects?” Fred would snicker.
“I think they’re called rok-bots,” Ron would offer suggestively in attempt to be a part of a burn for Percy.
And his father would correct him, “I think it’s robots, Ron.”
“But the point still stands, Percy is like an emotionless robot. How did you get a girlfriend?” George chuckled meanly.
“You guys may not believe me but it’s purely factual. I do have a girlfriend. She’s called Y/n and I love her very much.”
And then the twins both laughed.
George wiped a tear from his eyes, “We’ll believe it when we see it, Perce.”
When you managed to get him out of the house to see you, you sat against a tree bark in an empty field, drinking some tea and staring at your boyfriend, watching him fight his inner turmoil in silence.
"I think telling them would be better for your mental state, Perce," you advised him before taking a sip of your drink. You felt warmer from the way it worked its way through your throat and soothed you.
Percy could use some of that tea, you reckoned.
But he sighed and shook his head, "You might think so, but I know them-"
"I may not know them, but I know you. And I know you guys aren't always friends, or you may spite them sometimes, but you love each other deep down. You do. And they do. I know this much already."
He stewed for a while, at last quietly subduing his thoughts and mulling over what you had told him.
Your boyfriend was still pondering even as he looked up at you with admiration and confusion.
Eventually, he replied.
"Fine," he stood up and brushed himself down, "I'll tell them."
"You will? Perce that's fanta-"
It was your turn to be interrupted this time, "But you're going to have to come with me because I tried telling them last time and they told me I needed to prove it. I hate to have to bring you to my house for the first time under such a circumstance but-“
You shook your head, closing your eyes with a calming expression, “It’s fine, love. I want to be there.”
And that's how you ended up at the Weasleys' house on a Friday evening, just as the warmth of the sun was beginning to fade in a way that was earthly, motherly and warm. In some cases, you supposed those three were all synonyms for each other.
Percy seemed to begrudgingly drag his feet as he showed you the way to his house. It didn't seem to be very far but to him it was millions of miles away.
You were getting tired from the lack of speed you two were going at, so you grabbed onto his arm and apparated the pair of you closer to the house. You two were wizards, after all.
He seemed to look at you in shock, as if he had forgotten that magic existed and as though he forgot you were capable of it at all.
"Come on, Percy," you groaned, starting to get frustrated and impatient. "They will not disown you for having a girlfriend. In fact, they won't disown you at all, that's your paranoia talking."
“Perce you actually have a girlfriend?” Fred asked, in what seemed like an incredulous voice, staring you up and down like he simply could not believe you existed.
“You know-“ he began, trying to work up his rebuttal before getting interrupted by George.
‘Did you pay her?” George asked suspiciously, squinting his eyes at you as if to use his eyes to tell Percy he wasn’t convinced.
“No I did not pay her,” he became flustered, not wanting to talk anymore with the two of them and looking overhead at your other siblings, who were grinning like madmen.
“Percy, we believed you from the start.” Bill said, “They just like to tease, is all.”
There was an exasperated look that enforced itself on Percy’s face almost immediately.
“They like to tease me all the time. About everything. About who I am and who I may be dating. I get these are sibling things but they are extremely annoying and intruding. I do not ever intentionally make you feel bad about yourselves but Fred and George do so all the time.”
Fred considered this and nodded, “We do that, that’s true.”
“We’re sorry,” George added, “we really don’t mean to make you feel bad.”
There was a curt nod from your boyfriend, and as he turned to his other siblings, there was a hubbub that broke out - one that was for deciding the best man at your wedding.
A wedding? Already?
“Boys!” Percy shouted over the hubbub, “The best man hasn’t been decided yet.”
He said yet as though you were going to get married this week, or the week after.
You had been together for months and it should have freaked you out but you just loved him so much.
You wanted to be his forever, it seemed.
Gradually all of your memories were allowed to be out in the open, they were allowed to be on display.
Letters upon letters and photos upon photos were strewn all over his desk and to you it felt like he wanted to be your forever too.
Not a single day went past without a letter from the Weasley household because as you found yourself being invited practically every other day, you had time to become closer with Percy's family members.
George and Fred were starting to grow on you, and you watched as they bettered themselves around you and Percy.
Despite all of this, you had still never been a part of such a loving family, you'd never met such a group of troublemaking, soul satisfying people.
And you loved knowing them.
All of them.
And you loved knowing Percy Weasley above all.
You loved every second of it.
idk if my special tags for @ameliasbitvh applies to golden trio/fluff/angst but anyways >:)
golden trio fluff taglist : @enbysiriusblack @royalty-of-fandoms @itsmentalillness @roonilwazlibweasley @queen-asteria04 @gothboutique @keepawaythenargles @jasmine-and-moonbeams @shibble @1980z-babe @eleventhboi @daydreaming-reader @couldibeanymorechaotic @peachybaes @mayamoons @book-dragon-not-worm @harry-ronsbiawakening-potter @oliverwoodmarrymepls @dreamerthinker @angel4you @evesbiggestf4n @l0vely-lupin @crazy-beautiful @harrypotterlover234 @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @shaysamilf @rosie-posie08 @rainmaybank @noceurwhore @heartbeats-wildly @siriusstwelveyears @wrongilbert @noturmom128
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seriouslysnape · 2 days ago
I don't know if you write these stuff but
How about you're sick and severus have to take the baby or babies to the class for day?
If you're not okay with it,It's okay
(Sorry if this hard to understand,English is not my first Language)
Hope you're having a lovely day,thank you💕
Tumblr media
A/N: Drabbles are closed, but this request made it in juuuust before I closed requests.
The joyful squeal of a baby caused a break in the silence of the classroom. Every head snapped up, staring at Severus as if they had just seen a ghost. Severus’ free hand came to the baby’s back, rubbing sweet circles to encourage his child to settle down to let the students work.
Not that any of them were actually focused on their work. They were too distracted by the babbling infant in their professor’s arms. To say that the students were surprised to walk into class to see Severus bouncing a baby on his knee was an understatement. Most of them didn’t even know that he had a personal life, let alone a child. They were avoiding asking questions, and they were trying not to stare too much.
In their defense, Severus had never brought your baby to class before. Usually you were the one to keep an eye on your child during the day, and Severus usually took over in the evenings. However, you hadn’t been feeling well the night before, and by the time morning had rolled around, you had fallen ill. You weren’t dangerously sick or anything of that nature, but you definitely weren’t well enough to tend to an 8 month old all day.
Severus was worried about you being sick, and insisted that he take the baby to class for a day to allow you to fully rest. Besides, she was an easy child and never caused too much trouble. But she still was a baby after all, and she couldn’t help but get excited over the new environment and all the fun sounds from potion making.
“If you have prepared it correctly, your potion should be bubbling,” Snape instructed as he walked around the room, your child in his hold, “Make sure that it doesn’t-”
He was cut off when she shrilled again, her smile was bright and wide as her hand pointed wildly at the cauldron in front of her. It was the cauldron of Ron Weasley, who had (not surprisingly) produced the potion incorrectly to cause it to turn a shade of purple. Your daughter looked at Severus and then back to the cauldron to let him know that she liked whatever she saw.
Ron looked at the infant with a raised brow, and then tilted his head at his professor.
“Is it right then?” Ron questioned, referring to if the baby’s outburst was any indication of his progress with the potion.
“No,” Severus huffed at Ron, “She just likes purple.”
Ron’s shoulders drooped in defeat, his voice grumbling at his wrongly produced potion. Severus continued to walk around the room, surveying his students and instructing them through the steps. He lightly bounced your daughter as she looked around, her noises of jubilance and thrill only getting more frequent as the class went on. 
Eventually, she was squirming in Severus’ arms, suddenly restless and more interested in looking around herself. This brought the class to a halt as Severus held her out in front of him and looked at her with an amused look.
“How about I let you crawl, pumpkin?” He asked rhetorically to the infant, knowing he wouldn’t get an answer.
The floor was clean enough for a baby to wander, so Severus allowed her to free roam around the room. She was a swift crawler, and she practically made a beeline to the feet of Draco Malfoy. She was clearly fascinated by him, her little arms raising above her head as a request for Draco to pick her up. He stared down a the child as if she were a figment of his imagination, not having the slightest clue as to what he should do with her.
Thankfully, the young Slytherin was saved when everyone swarmed around the baby. They were excited, because suddenly they wanted to play with her. All the students formed a circle around her, taking turns tickling her and talking to her. Severus made a few attempts to rope all the kids back to their work, but they proved to be fruitless, because they were more interested in her.
After all, she was enjoying all of the attention. Her legs wiggled with glee as she sat in the midst of all these young teenagers. Turns out she had just wanted someone to play with all along.
“She is SO cute!” Pansy Parkinson beamed as your daughter smiled at her.
“How is she so fast?” Neville Longbottom gaped as she zoomed from Hermione to him.
“She has your eyes, Professor!” Hermione Granger proclaimed.
Severus couldn’t help but grin from where he watched at his desk. People had always told him that her eyes matched his. They were pools of inky black that were mysterious yet beautiful. He took a lot of pride in that. 
Severus let the students play with her until class was over, everyone saying goodbye to her as they filed out. Severus returned to her, scooping her up and bringing her to his desk once everyone had left.
“You’ve had a big day, yes?’“ Severus spoke as he sat at his desk.
Severus had a break for the next hour or so, and he took that as his chance to catch up on some work now that her playful mood had been satisfied. It really did warm his heart to see the students interact with her. He hadn’t expected this day to go as well as it had.
“I should bring you to class more often.” Severus said to her.
She didn’t reply since she couldn’t talk yet, but she made a content whimper before resting her head on his shoulder. 
Severus continued to rub her back, rocking her and lulling her into a well needed nap.
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sorry-i-ship-drarry · a day ago
Don't turn on the lights
Maybe when you come home tonight
Don't turn on the lights
And just sneak inside the bed
So you don't have to fear you woke me up
And I can put my arms around you
And make you smile Because you think it's my unconsciousness,
So when you come home tonight
Don't turn on the lights
Maybe just sneak inside the bed
And let me hold you
Because you're finally home
And I've finally come home, too,
So when you come home tonight
Don't turn on the lights
Maybe just sneak inside the sheets
And tell me about your day
Because you think I'm asleep
And I can smile secretly when you say you love me
Because you think I'm not awake,
So when you come home tonight
Don't turn on the lights
Maybe just come and sit on the bed
And wake me up
And kiss me because you haven't all day
Maybe then we could snuggle and sleep,
So when you come home tonight
Don't turn on the lights
Let them off
So you can tell me how much you love me
And I can tell you how much I love you
Maybe when you come home tonight
Don't turn on the lights
Midnight microfics
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whatahufflepuffwrites · 15 hours ago
Can you write an Ivy by Taylor Swift inspired oneshot where the reader is in a relationship with someone esle, but is in love with Draco?
a/n: I love Miss @taylorswift with my whole life, so this request was pretty amazing, thanks anon!!
PS: omg this is my first request, so I’m really excited and I hope you like it 😊
PS 2: This is way too long, I’m sorry about that
y/n – your name
y/h – your house
Summary: You are in your sixth year at Hogwarts and after getting to know Draco Malfoy, you start questioning your relationship with Cedric Diggory
(Gender neutral pronouns)
Warnings: mentions of cheating, forbidden love (?), and fluff
Word count: 1536
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
It was logical, Cedric Diggory and you were the perfect couple at Hogwarts. You met in your second year at school and from there a great friendship bloomed and eventually it turned into love, yet now after four years you were doubting your relationship with Hufflepuff’s Golden Boy.
It all started two months ago, after you and Draco Malfoy got paired up for Astrology class. The assignment was not complicated: during the semester you had to observe the phases of the moon and report the impact they had in magic. It all seemed easy enough until you started getting a tingly feeling every time, you’d meet up with the silver haired boy to observe the moon and report your findings on the assignment.
“Well, you seem distracted” Hermione cut your line of though and you remembered you were supposed to be studying Divination in the library
“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just thinking how unbearable this class is, I just can’t seem to concentrate in these tasks” you said rubbing your eyes and straightening in your chair
“It’s okay, I know I’m not the best teacher either” she said with a kind smile “why don’t you ask Cedric for help? I’m sure he’d be excited to study this with you”
You smiled politely and tried to brush off that question. The truth is, you’ve been avoiding Cedric as much as you can since the emotional rollercoaster with Draco started. The worst part, or at least what you thought, is that this whole dilemma is one-sided, as of course, the prince of Slytherin would never fall for someone in a relationship.
“I have to go right now, but i’ll read the chapter again and i’ll let you know tomorrow morning how it goes” you said picking your stuff up from the library table
“Sure thing, i’ll also tell Cedric to open up his agenda, maybe he can join us next time we study” Hermione added shoving her books into her bag
“Thanks for being this patient and for all your help” you said smiling before walking towards the exit of the library.
You walked to the astronomy tower, yeah, you were 40 minutes earlier to your study nondate with Draco, but the though of spending another minute listening to Hermione explaining divination just was too much to handle in your emotional state. You opened the door and were surprised to see Draco already there, going through his notes and looking beautifully concentrated.
“If you are going to stare at me, make sure not to drool” Draco said sarcastically looking up from his work
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t wanna bother you, you looked so… peaceful” you added wishing he couldn’t see your cheeks blushing
“You do not bother me, in fact, you are one of the few people I actually like, darling” he said grinning. With the light so dim and the stars shining over him, his gray eyes were sparking, making the butterflies in your stomach twirl and turn like crazy
“What are you working on?” You said gazing at his notes and sitting next to him
“Just going over Divination, is actually one of my favorite classes, so I like to study ahead” he added handing you some of his perfectly handwritten notes
“Woow, these are actually pretty amazing” you said going through them “I wished understood at least half of what you have in here” you said handing the notes back
“You know darling, if you are having any trouble, I could tutor you” Draco said smiling.
Oh Merlin, not again, every time he called you darling your heart melted, and your mind went all fuzzy
“I… No, don’t worry, it would be a mess as apparently I can’t seem to learn anything from that class, and I really do not want to impose” you replied.
“Come on darling, i’ll make sure by at the end of the semester you are the best in your class” he said taking your hand “Look y/n, you are a really powerful witch, and if you are struggling, i’ll help you as much as you can” he added now caressing your hand.
You were so close to each other you could smell his minty breath, and his strong cologne was giving you a rush. His touch made your hand feel tingly and thanks Merlin you were sitting because you were sure your legs would be trembling right now. He kept caressing your hand and you moved closer by the second.
“May I?” Draco whispered millimeters from your lips and slipping his hand to your cheek. You nodded and you could feel his soft lips kissing yours. Oh, sweet Merlin, you did not realize how much you needed this. You reached the back of his neck with lips still intertwined and you pulled back when you felt you needed air. His grey eyes met yours and you gave him a little smile, he smiled back.
“i’ve been wanting to do that for a while now” Draco broke the silence
“I… I… I have to go” you said with a million things spinning in your head, taking your books, and leaving the astronomy tower almost running.
What on Merlin’s name have you done? You kissed Draco Malfoy, not only that, you kissed Draco Malfoy while you were dating Cedric Diggory. Yes, you had some kind of unresolved feelings for Draco that were giving you doubts about your relationship, but that was not an excuse for cheating on your long-term boyfriend. For the next week you avoided Draco, Astrology class, and the astronomy tower in fear of facing Draco. You also decided to spend more time with Cedric and your friends, but honestly, the guilt was eating you alive. You caught Draco starring at you during meals in the Great Hall and he tried to talk to you more than once in the hallways, but you really did not know what to do. Every time you went to bed, you relieved the kiss, you even caught yourself longing for more, you wanted Draco’s touch, you almost felt like you needed Draco, his sent, his touch, his kisses, it felt addicting. You were on fire and the only water to stop it had silver hair and was last-named Malfoy.
You were sitting on the grass under a tree reading about care of magical creatures, lately, the gardens were your scape from the snowball of mixed feelings and confusion your life had become. Suddenly, you heard a voice.
“Please do not run away” Draco said standing in front of you
“Hi” you said without looking at him
“What has gotten into you? Are you for real going to ignore me forever?” He said now sitting in the grass next to you. You remained silent waiting for the right words to come into your mind “We still have a project together, you know?” He said with exasperation in his voice. For the first time you looked at him and his gorgeous gray eyes had a tint of hurt
“I’m sorry” you whispered, feeling ashamed. You were ashamed you kissed him and ran, and you felt guilty for lying to your boyfriend and your friends, for pushing him away and of course, for hurting him.
“I’m sorry too” he said fixing his gaze into the grass “I have to tell you something, but truth to be told, i’ve been trying to put it off, but I can’t contain it anymore” he said with a worried tone
“Is everything alright?” You asked concerned, sure, you were feeling a lot of things, but you really wanted Draco to be okay, no matter the mess your heart was at the moment
“I’m in love with you” he said and threw his hands to his head “I know this is terrible timing, especially since you are with Diggory, but I had to let you know that even if you love him, my heart is yours only, it has been since we started working in the stupid Astrology project together” he said and chuckled nervously
“I think I’m in love with you too” you said barely audible “I’m just so confused, I do not want to hurt Cedric, but I feel like I already did, I just don’t know how to deal with all of this and what am I gonna tell him? I love him, just not the kind of love a girlfriend should have for her boyfriend” you added barely breathing
“It is a relief knowing at least we are in the same chapter” Draco said taking your hand “I’m sure we can figure it all out together, i’ll even talk to Diggory” he said with a confident tone
“It’s not gonna work, he’s gonna be so mad, he’ll hate me, and you, he’ll hate us” you said freaking out
“I don’t doubt he’ll hate me, he’ll probably even punch me, but it’s better to come clean now than to pretend” he said starring into your eyes and moving a little closer to your lips “Tell me to stop if you want me to stop” he whispered, but you didn’t stop him, on the contrary you pulled him closer to your lips and you melted in a passionate kiss.
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hpcrackficfest · 2 days ago
FEST FIC: proving your sexual expertise over your roommate without catching feelings (NC-17)
Title: proving your sexual expertise over your roommate without catching feelings (and failing spectacularly): a how to by potter and malfoy Author: Prompt: # S15: draco & harry are friends. one day draco claims to be an expert in sex (a sexpert if you will). harry argues that HE is better at sex than draco. they devise a competition to determine once and for all who is The Expert. Rating: NC-17 Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter Word Count: 2k Warning(s)/Content: Explicit Sex, Friends to Lovers, Idiots in Love Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended. Summary: It starts with a party game, and spirals into a competition. Is Harry the ultimate sex expert (aka sexpert), or is Draco? And how the hell are they going to figure it out? Notes: Thanks to by alpha readers C & C and my beta reader H!
Read on AO3
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“Come Over Here and Cuddle with Me.”
George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
“(Y/n)! C’mere!” The girl in question stumbled sloppily over to her boyfriend and plopped down on the couch beside him. She was too tired to do much more than smile at him as she did.
“You okay, love?” He asked taking in her sluggish state. (Y/n) nodded slowly.
“Just tired.” She mumbled, earning a light-hearted chuckle from the redhead.
“Well, come over here and cuddle with me, then.” (Y/n) shook her head shyly. She and George hadn’t been dating long, and had never done anything like that before. It wasn’t particularly inappropriate or anything, but (Y/n) has grown up around a rather touch-averted family. He*l, she didn’t think she’d ever just ‘cuddled’ with anyone. And she was fairly certain that George would be able to tell the second she was in his arms of this particular fact. How embarrassing would that be?
George’s eyebrows crinkled in confusion at her response.
“What do you mean “no?” Are you alright, darling?” (Y/n) nodded swiftly, trying to hide the fatigue from her face, but George wasn’t stupid. She knew that. There was no way she was getting out of this.
“Georgie… I don’t really… I’ve never…” She trailed off as George’s expression turned to a cheeky grin.
“Have you never cuddled anyone before, love?” He asked teasingly, earning a glare from the girl as she blushed profusely. She hated when he teased her like this, but she loved the smile it put on his face. It was a paradox, really. “That’s okay, darling. I can teach you. C’mere.” Before she could reply, George had pulled her into his lap, adjusting himself until he was comfortable with (Y/n) laying on his chest, her legs in between his. “Get comfy, love.” He ordered. She didn’t know what he meant by that, but decided to just let her tired-state control her limbs and shifted a little until her head was resting right under his chin. She sighed, visibly contented with this particular arrangement, earning a soft chuckle from her boyfriend. She could feel it vibrate through his chest. Well, that’s a new feeling…
“Now I’m gonna wrap my arms around you. Alright, darling?” (Y/n) barely nodded as sleep fought to take over, her shyness from earlier fading into the background as his arms encircled her waist. “Look at that. You did it. Now, was that so hard?” (Y/n)’s blush returned as she shook her head against his chest. “D*mn… you really are tired, huh?” She could practically see the same sh*t-eating grin reappearing on his face from earlier. She smiled sleepily at the thought. “That’s alright, love. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up before dinner. I promise.” It didn’t take long for her to heed his words, with George’s hands running up and down her back soothingly, and the soft chatter of the common room lulling her into a deep sleep.
Tumblr media
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maeglinyedi · 2 days ago
Chapter 18 of The Necromancer is up!
Harry Potter disappears when he is four years old and the wizarding world believes him dead. But when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, Harry returns in a storm of lightning; a grown man raised in a world of violence, more powerful than anyone could imagine, and the worst thing of all? He doesn't care two knuts about the wizarding world.
Naturally, Voldemort is intrigued by this new and improved adversary.
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angelblacksmith · a day ago
Maybe dates with Remus, please :)?
Dating with Remus Lupin would include
Pairing: Remus Lupin x fem!Reader
Warning: mention of sex, kisses, fluff, my English
Tumblr media
Remus is one of the nicest people.
The relationship with him is incredibly tender and touching.
He is very caring.
You do your homework together.
Remus is a very smart guy.
If you do not understand something in terms of studying, he will be happy to help you and explain.
Help him and the Marauders with practical jokes.
Find out that Remus is a werewolf.
He is very upset and thinks that you will leave him.
But you explain that everything is fine, and you love him, no matter what.
James will ask you to be friends with Lily.
And persuade her to go on a date with him.
I think Remus is an amazing cook.
So, when you graduate from Hogwarts and you will live together.
You're never hungry.
I think Remus doesn't really like the PDA.
Except for its minor manifestations.
For example, holding hands.
Remus is a very caring guy.
And he will try to protect you from everything bad.
A few days before the full moon.
Remus becomes even more defensive.
And a worried guy.
And he also doesn't sleep on those few nights before the full moon.
So you just lie down with him and hug him.
Until he falls asleep.
Remus likes to read.
And if you ask, he will read aloud to you.
When you lie on his chest and listen to his voice.
The warmest hugs in the world.
When Remus has a hard day.
He just comes up to you and puts his head on your shoulder.
Sometimes, after sleepless nights, he can even fall asleep on your shoulder.
While you run your fingers through his hair.
Gentle kisses.
Lots of kisses.
Sometimes Remus can kiss your whole face.
While you're laughing.
Hugs after sex.
When you lie on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.
When you can't sleep.
Remus sings softly to you.
Remus sings only for you.
James is completely unaware that Remus can sing.
Just like Sirius.
If you've had a bad day.
Remus is always ready to listen to you and support you.
But if you're crying.
Remus will be desperate.
And, most likely, he will think that it is because of him.
Until you tell him the real reason.
Remus will just hug you.
And he will also say a huge number of nice and encouraging words.
He just wants to always be there for you.
Be the cause of your laughter and joy.
And always be the person you can talk to.
He just feels guilty that you are always there for him in his difficult moments.
And he wants you to be able to rely on him and also trust him.
How he trusts you.
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hoeingsantrey · an hour ago
Back From Quidditch Practice
Summary: Giving Harry a blowjob after he comes back from tiring Quidditch practice.
Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader (first person pov)
Warnings: NSFW. SMUT. Oral (male receiving), no vaginal penetration, swearing, hair pulling, sliiiiiiiight angst at the beginning, slight throat fucking (if you squint), there's no obvious sub/dom relationship but they're both switches but again: it's not very obvious, lemme know if I missed something because I really feel like I did.
A/N: definitely didn't write this for my dr. I'm really busy rn so my posts are really short and there's no actual actual smut:( but I'll work on my account in the meantime and a masterlist will be added soon!
Tumblr media
I groan with impatience, my figure spread on the sofa of the Gryffindor common room, sick of waiting for my boyfriend to come back from his Quidditch practice.
With the next match right around the corner, Harry had been on the grounds more than usual, especially since they were playing against Slytherin this time.
But that also meant me spending lesser time than usual with him. I pouted in my seat, playing with the hem of my sweater when the Fat Lady's portrait flung open, revealing the hallway outside from the hole purposed for an entrance.
The lean figure of my tall boyfriend becomes visible as he climbs in, his quidditch uniform clad body drenched in sweat from what I can only imagine the tough practice he'd come back from.
"Hi Harry," I chirp with delight, getting on my feet to greet him.
"Hi," His voice is deeper than usual, eyebrows furrowed and jaw clenched. He barely stops to acknowledge me before he's making his way upstairs that led to the boy's dorms.
"How was practice?" I follow suit, feeling clingier than usual, the need to be with my lover like a primal instinct.
"Fine, Angelina went hard on us," He says curtly, dragging his feet up the stairs as he pulls off his golden and scarlet sweater off his body to let some air in.
But that simple gesture turns the cogs in me that haven't turned for the past few weeks with how busy Harry was.
I bit my lip, stepping into his dorm behind him, closing the door. "Doesn't sound fun, are you tired?"
He releases a dragged sigh, stretching as the four poster in front of him looks like a pile of soft cotton candy. "Yeah, really tired."
I stare at him getting comfy on the bed, laying down on his back without even changing out of his sweaty clothes. He looks at me, probably signaling to come join him for a nap but it churns my cogs faster. "Maybe I can help."
He raises an eyebrow, too tired to try and connect the dots. "What do you mean?"
I smile. Slowly gliding my way to him, except I don't lay next to him as he expects me to; instead, I hover above him a little, looking at him with hooded eyes.
"This." I slide my hand over his pelvis, fingertips gleefully traveling the expanse of his hips and crotch, circling the little tent that was beginning to form.
"Oh–" He breathes, his own eyes now hooded, but wide nonetheless as I hook my fingers to his pants pull them off.
I stare into his eyes, the movement of hands pausing for a second to check whether he wants me to stop, but he only nods with a certain desperateness I've only seen on him when in bed, allowing to continue my actions as he weavers the white flag of consent.
A light smirk plays on my lips as I shift to perfectly face his crotch, eyeing the now prominent bulge only veiled by his black boxers.
I hum, slowly peeling the boxers off of him, the smirk on my face getting wider when his previously restrained shaft springs out, slapping his lower abdomen in excitement.
I look at him with mischief in my eyes, hands reaching up to pull his tshirt to reveal his abs, more prominent than ever with the hard practice he'd been put through- and I've never been more grateful for it.
I glide my tongue on his abs, tasting the dried sweat and old cologne off his body as I explored lower, licking his v line and smirking when his hips bucked up at it.
With delight, I pull away to put my hands up to the task beforehand -literally.
I wrap one of my palms around his length, relishing the stretched moans that emit from his sweet mouth, happily watching his shaft grow even stiffer as I pump him into full length.
"Fuck, please-" He's begging. Green eyes digging into you with need.
"Please what?" I don't wait for his response, tongue wrapping on his red tip that had already started to leak precum.
I kitten lick the beads of arousal on his tip, making the man underneath me moan with pleasure, struggling as he tries to say something but conveys nothing but a stuttering mess.
I begin to pump him again, slightly faster this time as I look up at him with faux-pity. "What did you say, love? Can you say that again for me?"
It takes everything in him to string the right words together as he sputters out, "More -fuck so good- need more, your mouth." Harry can swear he sees the reflection of Satan himself in my eyes when I dive straight in, engulfing his entire length in my mouth.
His hips stammer in place, pushing his cock deeper into me, I gag with the unforeseen penetration and see the waves of pleasure that crash on his face.
His fists grip my hair as I bob my head up and down his shaft, his thick, throbbing veins driving against my swelling lips. I hollow my cheeks to take him deeper.
Harry chants my name like sweet dew drops on his drooling lips, the harmony only encouraging me to keep going, furiously fluttering my eyelids to keep the tears at bay as his tip begins to brush at my throat. "Oh fuck that's so good, your mouth feels so good, sweetheart."
The nickname makes me blush, a smile tugging on my face as much as it can while stuffed with a dick. Harry combs his fingers through my hair at the sight, cooing praises, making me go faster as motivation and arousal both flood my system.
The boy grunts loudly, "Oh, Merlin, don't fucking stop," He pulls on my hair and pushes my head further onto him, groaning as spit drools down my chin and onto his balls. His eyes roll back and I can guarantee there's not a better view than this.
I obey his words as I continue to work my mouth on his, swallowing shallow breaths when he reaches my throat to have him writhe under me. My nails dig on his exposed thighs, leaves scratches behind that begin to adorn his pale skin like jewels.
I take a deep breath, grounding him with hands on both thighs, and deepthroating him, his happy trail tickles my nose as tears start to run down my cheeks.
his hips go haywire with the way they buck into me, sliding his shaft further down my enclosing throat, "Ah fuck- I'm so close- shit, I'm coming!" He warns but I stay put, ignoring my flaming airways begging for air, only relenting when I feel him twitch in a frenzy.
Warm ropes of cum shoot down my throat, nearly making me choke on it as he rides out his high by pushing my head down and thrusting into my mouth, using me to feel his orgasm in full swing.
Happily, I pull him off of me with a pop, humming as I swallow his ejaculation, exaggerating the gulp to let my throat bob a little to show him. I sit back and open my mouth, giggling, "Didn't waste anything," I smile teasingly.
He replies with a tender smile, exchanging the straining clench on his face only moments ago. "That's my good girl," He gestures me to come lay down next to him for the second time but grabs me without waiting, pushing me onto the bed himself as he lets out a laugh. "That was probably the best orgasm I've had this week."
I turn to him, lacing my fingers into his, "That's the only orgasm you've had this week, silly. You've been working yourself out too much," I express my concern, furrowing my eyebrows a little.
"I'm sorry, bunny, it's only a week more, and then everything will go back to normal, I promise." He brings my hand up to his lips, planting a kiss on my fist.
Butterflies erupt in my stomach at that, blood rushing to my cheeks. "Yeah but take care of yourself between that too," I run a hand over his long bangs, pushing them away to the side to reveal his lightning bolt scar on his forehead, tilting my head to press a kiss over it.
We buzz in ecstasy, laying with each other as if the world outside doesn't exist; just us in our little bubble as we drift into sleep with each other in our arms.
A/N: okay but that gif is so hot-
Main: @wherearethesantreys
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thebadgerclan · 20 hours ago
Jealous of the Niffler
Pairing: Newt Scamander x reader
Requested by @emmaloo21 
Summary: He knows it’s silly, but he’s still jealous...
It had been a long, hard day in the case, and all Newt wanted was to shower off and spend the evening in your arms.  But as he piled books atop the lid of his case, his eyes found you curled up on the couch, with Payton, his niffler, in your lap.  She was dozing happily, her head resting on your belly, and you were smiling down at her.  “Hey love,” Newt greeted, and your gaze shifted to him, smile widening.
“Hi baby.  Look at Payton, she just passed out!”  “Very sweet,” he said, and it was.  “I’m going to go wash up, and then I’d like to hold you?”  “Of course, baby,” you said, finding Newt’s slight hesitancy adorable.  He left the room, grabbing clean clothes and heading in for a shower.  15 minutes later, Newt emerged, thoroughly ready to bundle you in his arms and cuddle you for the rest of the evening.  But when he seated himself next to you, you seemed to ignore him, continuing to stroke Payton’s silky fur.
Newt knew it was irrational, ridiculous even, but he couldn’t help but feel jealous when you showered Payton with affection.  It made something in him tick to see the woman he loved and adored more than anything else show something else affection, even if that something was one of his creatures.  Newt knew that you loved him and only him, and he knew how silly it was to feel jealous of Payton, yet he did.
“Sweetheart, is something wrong?”  Your voice drew Newt from his thoughts, and he smiled softly.  “No, darling, nothing at all.”  But you weren’t convinced, and you shifted, careful not to wake Payton, so you were fully facing him.  “Don’t lie to me, Newt.  I know when something’s bothering you.”  Your boyfriend sighed, pinching his brow.  “You’ll laugh at me,” he said, feeling himself blush.  “No I won’t, baby.  Just tell me what’s wrong.”
“I’m jealous of my niffler,” Newt confessed, waiting for your inevitable laughter.  But when it didn’t come, he went on.  “When I see you cuddling her, I get jealous.  I know it’s silly, and I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help but feel jealous that you’re holding her and not me.”  Newt went silent, fearing your reaction.  But you reached out and took his hand, squeezing gently.
“Sweetheart, that’s alright.  It’s alright to want attention, and all you have to do is ask.”  “You don’t think I’m being ridiculous?”  You laughed.  “No baby, not at all.”  You lifted Payton from your lap, who opened her eyes and huffed in your general direction, setting her next to you.  “Come here, love.”  Newt happily leaned into your side, resting his head on your shoulder, your arms wrapping around his body.
Newt sighed contentedly, and you smiled.  “Better?”  “Much.  I love you, Y/N, I love you so much.”  “I love you too, Newt.  Never be shy to ask for attention, because I’ll always give it to you.”  You then pressed several kisses to his forehead, making him smile.  At your side Payton had already fallen asleep, and with your touch, Newt was close to doing the same.
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loonyloopylupin5 · 3 hours ago
Prompt: Reader is Remus' 15 year old daughter, and she sneaks out a party he had specially said she wasn't allowed to go to. When she comes home, Remus is really worried, disappointed and mad.
[This is so bad and cringe but it's okay. I've also never published any of my fics on tumblr before, so I guess this is the first one. Don't steal my work please. That's all I'll say.]
Also, @smartphoenixkritter, this is for you :)
Prompt: Reader is Remus' 15 year old daughter, and she sneaks out to a party he had specifically said she wasn't allowed to go to. When she comes home, Remus is really worried, disappointed and mad.
Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of alcohol and nudity (No smut!)
Word count: 1,924
You sat at the end of your bed, your (y/e/c) eyes glued to the piece of parchment in your hand. It was a letter from Fred and George...inviting you to a party.
You had never actually been to a proper party before in your life, unless you included the busy and boring birthday parties you had been invited to by your classmates as a child (even though you had magical abilities, you had attended the primary school your Father taught at).
But this party was different from those. You were fifteen now, and this would be a party party. One filled with teenagers, and no doubt, though you would never even dare to touch one yourself, alcoholic beverages.
You thought for a second of what your Father might say if you were to ask him how he felt about you attending this party, and the result was not good. He was extremely over-protective, and you knew that there was a higher chance of him saying no than anything else.....But it was worth a try, was it not?
Yes, you decided, it was. ​​​​And with the decision made, you placed the piece of parchment on your bedside table, and started shuffling down the stairs. You didn't know for sure....maybe...just would get a yes.
You found your Father sitting in the living room, munching on a bar of chocolate and focusing with all his might on the novel clutched comfortably in his hands. He was so focused, in fact, that he didn't even hear your footsteps entering the room.
"Dad!" you called out, announcing your presence.
Remus flinched slightly, which made you chuckle, and then turned his head to look at you, grinning and jokingly pointing his wand in your face. "Don't laugh!"
"Whatever," you rolled your eyes, laughing even louder as you sat down next to your Father on the couch. He looked at you expectantly, being able to tell by your expression that you hadn't come down for no reason. "I needed to ask you something...."
He nodded. "Hmm?"
"Well, Fred and George invited me to this party at the weekend, and I was wondering, well--" you trailed off, not knowing how the best way to ask him was, and eventually deciding to just come straight out with it. "Can I go?"
Remus did not reply instantly, as he normally would. Instead, he put a scarred hand to his cheek and scrunched his eyebrows together, making a crease form in his prematurely wrinkled forehead, as though he was pondering the question.
"I don't know, Y/N," he eventually said. "What type of things would be going on at this party? Who would be there?"
You could already tell where this conversation was going. The minute the word 'alcohol' was mentioned he would say no without a trace of hesitancy in his voice, however you were willing to push it until it was clear that there was no hope for a yes anymore.
"Well, Fred and George would be there obviously, along with a few other people from our year, and maybe some from the year above..." you said slowly, thinking seriously about putting it correctly, "and, I mean...I don't think we'd be doing much. Probably just chatting and stuff."
"Will there be alcohol there?"
So, the dreaded question was out. You had absolutely no chance of going to the party now -- you might as well just have forgotten about it, although you really wanted to go.
"Yes," you admitted. There was no use in lying, your Father would be able to tell just by looking at you; he was exceptional at picking up on facial expressions. "But Dad, I swear I won't touch-"
He interrupted you, coming out with the exact word you had expected him to. "No."
Your eyes widened, but you did not protest, because his tone of voice had told you that this was final. He must have noticed your disappointment though, because he continued talking.
"Y/N, sweetheart, I'm sorry," his voice was warm and gentle, and his face held a somewhat apologetic expression, as though he felt guilty about saying no to you. "Its not that I'm trying to play bad cop. It's just that all of this're only fifteen. I don't like the sound of it. Only Merlin knows what could happen to you!"
"Dad, don't worry, I understand," you sighed. "You just want to keep me safe."
He nodded, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. "I'm glad you understand."
But you didn't. You saying that you understood him had been a downright lie. All of your friends were allowed to go out and party, it was just you who had to stay home and miss out on everything. You weren't going to admit it out loud to your Father, but it was not what you saw as fair.
"I do," you lied again, standing up from the couch and starting towards the door. "I'll just go and write back to Fred and George. Let them know that I can't come."
But was that what you were going to tell them?
The minute you got back into your room, you walked over to your desk in the corner and pulled out some parchment and a quill. Making sure that your Father was still down the stairs, you scribbled down a quick note.
Fred and George,
Dad said that I couldn't come to the party, but I've decided that I'm just going to sneak out. I'll meet you outside the venue at 8 o'clock sharp. Please be there. I don't want to be on my own.
"Psst! Bumble!" you shouted, once you had checked your spelling over twice. Within a few seconds, your handsome tawny owl had fluttered out of his cage and across the room, landing at your side with his legs in the air, clearly ecstatic about being given a mission to go on.
You chuckled as you tied the letter to his legs, giving his head a gentle stroke once you were done. "Take it to Fred and George," you whispered, and then you leaned back in your chair and watched as he flew through the window and out into the moonlight.
Three days later....
The party was not at all what you had expected it to be. There was hardly anyone there that you knew, you were so far the only person you had seen without a drink in their hand, and, to put it quite plainly, you had been abandoned.
Fred and George were nowhere to be seen.
You had met them outside at eight o'clock on the dot, just like the three of you had agreed, and you'd stayed with them for at least the first twenty minutes before they disappeared, leaving you to sit and sulk in the corner alone.
The amount of half-naked girls and snogging you had seen going on was sickening, and there was several occasions where you had just wanted to stand up and walk home. But you didn't. Merlin knew why. It was probably because you knew you would be walking straight into your disappointed Father's lecture.
The thought of it sent a shiver down your spine, because you were, for the most part, a good child, and it was very very rare that Remus ever had to discipline you, so when he did, it was scary.
But it was your own fault. You should never have been so stupid to have snuck out to the party -- and had you known the twins were planning on abandoning you, you wouldn't of bothered.
But speaking of the twins....
Two identical, tall and freckley redheads had just come striding into the room, and as angry with them as you were, you were relieved to see that neither of them were holding drinks.
You felt a surge of anger explode in the your stomach, however, when they started waving their hands in the air, calling for you to come and join them.
"Oh, now you want me to join you?" you hissed, strutting over to them with slit shaped eyes.
"What are you talking about?" Fred furrowed his eyebrows together.
"What am I talking about?" your voice sounded almost hysterical. "Where the fuck have you two been for the last hour?"
"I uh--" the two boys were at a loss for words, and were staring at each other, as though communicating telepathically. "We're sorry, Y/N."
"No, you can fuck off. Are you forgetting that I snuck out in order to come here with you?" you placed your drink down on a nearby table, earning yourself a few laughs when people realised there was nothing but water in the cup. "I'm leaving. Goodbye."
And with that, you stormed away, paying absolutely no attention to the twins' urgent calls for you to come back.
You turned the doorknob slowly, feeling anxious about what was coming when you stepped into the house. The hallway was dark at first, but at the exact second that you closed the front door shut, the lights flickered on to reveal your Father, panting heavily and holding a hand across his chest.
Knowing that your face had more than likely gone bright red, you started to make your way towards the stairs, but were quickly stopped by his fingers wrapping around your wrist.
"Where on earth have you been?" Remus asked, in a low voice.
"Dad I--"
He cut you off. "No, don't you 'Dad' me, young lady. I have been worried sick! Where were you?" He looked you up and down, taking in your outfit; a flimsy white tank top with a short skirt. "And in that?"
"I -- um...." you gulped. There was nothing else for it...You would just have to tell the truth. "I went to that party, Dad. You remember the one that the twins invited me to?"
Remus scoffed. "You mean the one I told you specifically not to go to?"
"I'm sorry," you breathed, stepping towards the half-angry, half-worried looking man. "I know I shouldn't of done it. I just -- I wanted to go out and have some fun. I feel like you never let me do anything like this!"
"For good reason!"
"No, I know," you admitted, finally looking up and meeting his eyes. "I know that now. I've not been missing out on much, anyway, the party was sh-- I mean, boring."
Remus ran a hand through his sandy hair, his breathing slowing down ever so slightly. He looked you dead in the eyes, before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his embrace. "Don't you ever do that again!"
"I won't," you said apologetically, nodding into your Father's chest. For a few minutes you just stayed that way, Remus running his hand through your (y/h/c) hair. Eventually, it was you who broke the silence.
"Dad, am I in trouble?"
"Why, of course you are, cub," he said, guiding your head up so that your eyes were level with each other. "You're grounded for the rest of the week!"
You chuckled. "It's literally Saturday. That's like a day."
"Are you asking me to make it longer?"
"I- no....of course not!"
[I actually kinda like this! And I really enjoyed writing it! Thank you if you read!]
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official-weasley · 4 hours ago
The Extraordinary Dragon (Part 2/6)
A fluffy story about Charlie training a dragon with a sad and mysterious past.
Warnings: dragon abuse Word Count: 2,266
Tumblr media
“Are you ready?” Matthew was standing with me by the gates of the reserve, his arms crossed on his chest and looking like he will burst from excitement any moment now.
It’s been a week since I found out that I am going to work with a 1-year-old Hebridean Black. That, however, has been the only information Matt has given me. He has been awfully secretive about this dragon and no matter how many times I asked him about it he just told me not to worry and that I will have all my questions answered once the dragon arrives.
Today was that day and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. Not only because I didn’t know what to expect and the whole thing seemed to amuse my boss very much but also because this was a Hebridean Black – my favorite breed of dragon.
We don’t have a rule book here in the Sanctuary but we do have a few protocols we have to obey.
Wear your protective gear at work.
If you get injured, stop what you are doing immediately and find a healer.
No matter how vicious the dragon is, try to stay as calm as possible because they sense fear.
We don’t get promoted but are assigned to dragons based on our experience.
In the first year when we arrive here, we work with researchers to observe dragons – learn about their behavior and eating patterns.
In the second and third years, we either get assigned to Common Welsh Greens or Antipodean Opaleyes. If we are doing great with the latter, our superior might assign us to one of the fliers so we can start training to fly on a dragon.
That is a crucial practice for working with dragons later on because part of the daily routine is to take them out for a flight. The training usually lasts for 6 months and then we have to pass the flying exam – which I passed with flying colors on the first try, of course!
Then in year four we usually continue with Opaleyes. I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with two Chinese Fireballs.
In years five and six we are assigned to a new breed, the Swedish Short-Snout, and we train with the healers to learn how to heal and recognize symptoms if the dragon we work with shows any signs of sickness.
For me, that dragon was a Norwegian Ridgeback. I wasn’t experienced enough to work with the breed but due to a shortage of dragonologists, Matthew assigned the dragon to me anyway, and even though it wasn’t the easiest dragon to work with I had a pleasant enough experience with it that I now visit its habitat a few times per month to say hello.
In year eight or nine we can sign up for an exchange program. It means we go and work in one of the other dragon reserves. My wish was to work in the Swedish Reserve for one year and I was over the roof when my application was approved.
My boss wanted me to apply to the Chinese Reserve so that I could work with Fireballs since I have already dealt with them but I heard that even though the Swedish Reserve mostly works with Short-Snouts they had a Peruvian Vipertooth and a Ukrainian Ironbelly.
I know I shouldn’t have gone against my boss and try and work with dragons I wasn’t ready for but I just couldn’t help myself. I knew I would be less monitored there and nobody would tell me I can’t work with a certain dragon so I had to try.
Working with a sick Norwegian Ridgeback was harder than trying to befriend a Ukrainian Ironbelly. The latter looks like it’s going to eat you at any given moment but they are harmless even though they are huge compared to the other dragons.
Because I got a certificate of successfully taming both a Vipertooth and an Ironbelly, Matthew was so impressed that once I got back I was assigned to work with 3 different dragons.
I couldn’t believe that he allowed me to work with a Peruvian Vipertooth and not one but two Romanian Longhorns. I nagged him to assign me to one of those dragons for a year before my year in Sweden and he always said I wasn’t ready. But when I came back with the letter from my Swedish trainer, Matthew couldn’t believe how well I did and decided to give me a chance to work with dragons completely on my own.
I have been working with Hel, Lasair, and Rocker for over a year and I am doing great. All three of them listen to me and I have no trouble going through their daily routines. They trust me and I have learned so much from them in such a short amount of time. And apparently, it shows since my boss assigned me to the Hebridean Black.
“I would love to say that I am ready but the look on your face concerns me.” I lifted an eyebrow at him, my palms getting sweatier.
“Look, for how many years have you been begging me to let you work with a Black? Now you’re trying to chicken out?” He smirked.
“No, of course, not. I am just curious why the sudden change of hearts. Isn’t it too dangerous? Aren’t I unqualified to take care of a Hebridean Black?”
“What?” I turned my head to him, with more questions in my head than before.
“The dragon’s name is Asterin.” He explained and nodded toward the gate where 7 wizards appeared along with a big cage with a dragon chained inside.
We hurried to them and helped them unload the dragon. I had so many questions. We have never received a dragon that was chained or that needed so many people escorting it. What was Matthew not telling me?
They told us not to take the beast out of the cage until we reach its assigned habitat. Matt called 4 of my co-workers to help levitate the cage to a secluded area that was going to be Asterin’s home for the next 3 months.
Every time we get a new dragon to live in our reserve, we put it far away from the rest of the dragons so that it can get used to the environment change first before it’s introduced to other dragons. Then we determine if the dragon is capable of living with another of its breed – we never put more than 3 together – or if they’d prefer to have their own habitat. After those 3 months, the proper training can begin.
“I need some answers.” I frowned at my boss when we were left alone with the new dragon.
“Okay, so the dragon was put through a lot. She has trust issues and is very untamed for her age. She doesn’t want to fly and barely eats anything.” He explained.
“That’s why she’s so small for her age?” I leaned to the right to get a glimpse of Asterin behind Matthew.
“Yes.” He nodded.
“But I don’t understand. The dragonologists that brought her here are from the MacFusty clan. They take care of Hebridean Blacks, why was she brought here and where did they get her from?”
“They found her.”
“What do you mean they found her? You don’t simply stumble upon a dragon!” I furrowed my brows.
“But they did – abandoned in the forest close to their reserve. They heard her cries. She had both her wings broken and half of her teeth were missing.” Matthew continued.
“That would explain the not eating and flying part.” I could feel the heat on my face. If she was found like that someone had to hurt her and then just left her. How could someone do something like that to such a beautiful creature? Why would they hurt a dragon?
“They tried taking care of her,” Matt explained further, “but after not making any progress for more than half a year they contacted me.” He locked eyes with mine and it seemed he was trying to read my face.
“What’s with the look?”
“You know that you need 15+ years of experience to work with a Hebridean Black here.”
“I do. That’s why I asked you about 50 times in the last week why did you pick me?” My heart was racing, knowing I will finally get the answer to my question.
“I didn’t.” Matt cleared his throat.
“What?” “I didn’t pick you. They did.”
“Who? The MacFusty family?” I don’t think I was ever this confused – this didn’t make any sense. I knew about the clan. They were famous for taking in Hebridean Blacks and taking care of them before releasing them into the wild but there was no way they could know about me.
“They knew that the dragon needed better care and even though their property is expanding they reckoned it would be better if the dragon is moved to a bigger reserve,” Matthew said. “They contacted the Swedish Dragon Sanctuary and they recommended the dragon to be transported here, into your care.”
“The Swedish Sanctuary?” I said more to myself than to him.
“I guess they were impressed with how a 27-year-old tamed a Ukranian Ironbelly as if it was no big deal. And your trainer, Oskar, found it amusing when you called them extra large Cruppies.” Matthew playfully shook his head.
“Well, they are. Their size is just deceiving.” I defended my statement.
“Charles, you must’ve done something to impress them so much that they thought of you when they found out about Asterin’s situation.” Matthew put his hand on my shoulder and winked at me.
“And you just agreed?” I narrowed my eyes at him. I still couldn’t believe it. They singlehandedly picked me? They thought of me to help the dragon?
I took a deep breath. I was prepared for anything when Matt was keeping all of this a secret from me but I didn’t think that this involved me on such a large scale. This was a great honor, an honor about which I didn’t know how to feel. I am good with dragons but I am not that good, am I?
It rarely happens that a dragonologist is recommended to be assigned to a dragon, especially if they are 28 years old. I’m still learning. I am still observing and studying the dragons and now the MacFusty family knows my name?
I rubbed my eyes thinking I was dreaming. This opportunity won’t only escalate my career and make my day-to-day more fun, it will also make my dream to work with a Hebridean Black come true.
“I don’t know what to say.” Was all I could muster.
“Just enjoy it, Charles. I know how much you like a challenge.” He tapped me twice on the shoulder and walked away.
I swallowed thickly and looked at the dragon who was standing still and being aware of every speck that moved.
“Hi.” I waved slowly. “My name is Charlie and I’ll be your buddy for the foreseeable future.”
The dragon’s tail started to move from left to right and I was pretty sure that if I took a step forward I would get scorched.
“It’s okay. I mean you no harm.” I bowed my head, maintaining eye contact, and then sat on the ground. “See, if you want you can eat me right now.”
I looked at Asterin’s claws which were dug deep into the earth beneath her paws. It meant that she was tense and stressed and didn’t believe a word I said to her.
“I can leave if you want. Just let me come back so I can give you some dinner.” I started to stand up but a roar straight to my face made me sit back down.
“Okay, okay. You do not agree with me leaving. I understand.” I lifted my hands in defense.
I felt like my heart was going to escape my ribcage any moment now. I wasn’t scared. I was thrilled. I could see that this was going to be a tough challenge and I couldn’t wait to see how everything will unfold.
I sat still and had a staring contest with Asterin for the next 3 hours. My bum and back were killing me but I didn’t care. The dragon didn’t move a muscle and her claws were still dug deep into the ground.
“Asterin, it’s time for dinner. How about you let me stand up?” I motioned with my head to the sky – it being dark, that’s how long we sat together in silence.
The dragon didn’t move nor blinked so I inhaled sharply and without exhaling stood up slowly, maintaining eye contact. Asterin let out a silent growl but didn’t roar, which was a good sign. I backed away and once I was out of her sight I hurried to get her food. Hebridean Blacks love venison so that was what I was going to get her.
As I was heading out of the food supply hut, I grabbed a bag of apples just in case Asterin is a vegetarian like Crystal.
The whole way back to the dragon I was debating whether or not I should stay and observe her eating or should I just leave her alone. I wanted to see if she will even want to eat and if it’s painful when she chews the meat.
My decision, however, didn’t matter when I came back with the dinner and Asterin was nowhere to be found.
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starlitsilvereyes · a day ago
The Darkness That Invades Within
written for @drarrymicrofic’s prompts: Cinderella, Peculiar, and the song My Juliana by IV of Spades. | CW for Blood, Violence, Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Brief Act of Infidelity, Murder and Character Death (Not Draco or Harry) | Read on Ao3
Draco’s shoulders shook with the intensity of what he had done. In his left hand was a knife, stained with what might be the greatest regret of his life and the blood of his enemy.
He didn’t mean to kill McLaggen. It was, frankly, what they say ‘spur of the moment’.
They were at a party hosted by the Ministry, and Draco was enjoying himself until the part where he found McLaggen all over Harry in a corner of a darkened room.
McLaggen had his back to him and Harry, pressed up against the wall, looked over McLaggen’s shoulder and at Draco, wicked green eyes telling him to give into temptation.
And so Draco did, grabbing the knife practically presented to him at the nearby table before hauling McLaggen away from Harry.
Draco slammed McLaggen on the wall, ignoring the satisfaction that settled within him at the sound of McLaggen’s bone cracking against the hardwood.
“You won’t kill me,” McLaggen said, eyes unfocused but a sly smirk upon his face, as though he’s the one holding the knife. “You’re too busy being a good little boy for your saviour, aren’t you?”
“Shut the fuck up,” Draco spat, pressing the knife harder against the base of McLaggen’s neck, enough for a single drop of blood to drip down from the broken skin.
“Kill him,” Harry said from beside Draco, his voice cold as ice and sending a shiver down Draco’s spine. “He means nothing to me — to us.”
McLaggen looked offended. “Potter, what the fuck—“
“Do you remember the war, Draco?” Harry continued, stepping closer and leaning in to whisper in Draco’s ear, “It was seven years ago,” he put his hand over Draco’s own, not allowing room for Draco to move or drop the knife. “I died for you back then. It only makes sense for you to kill for me now, doesn’t it?”
“Harry,” Draco pleaded, fingertips numbing as sweat formed underneath his velvet suit. “I can’t–“
“Yes, you can,” Harry said, his voice hypnotising like an illusion from Draco’s wildest dreams. “Kill for me, Draco, and I’m yours for the night.”
Draco hesitated, before asking, “Forever?” It was all he could ever want and more.
Harry looked briefly surprised, but recovered quickly as he placed a kiss on Draco’s mouth and murmured, “Forever,” like it was the easiest thing in the world.
It was the last thing Draco heard before the scene before him played like a flashed-forward memory and cries of agony echoed in his ears like a peculiar promise.
“I killed him.” It was more of a statement than a question, because, well, McLaggen’s body lay on the carpeted floor, Draco’s heel on his chest.
“And I love you for it, my Draco,” Harry whispered before prying the knife out of his hand and vanishing it. “Let’s leave before someone else sees us.”
Draco let Harry take him away as the sun hid in the sky, rain pouring like the greatest grief from above. The earth stained their shoes on their way up the grassy hills, and behind them, the rest of the world dissolved, along with the blood in their hands.
Special dedication to my irl, P, who was thrilled for the ‘My Juliana’ prompt and asked to see my writing. Love you <3
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hillnerd · a day ago
Waking up- Chapter 6 - Touch
AO3     FFN       Beginning of story | Previous Chapter   word count 9064
Here is the second part of chapter 5- I split them because it was going LONG. So it's still Hermione's POV. Previously in ‘Waking Up’:
Hermione gets ready for going out to a club & is anxious
She got ready w/ Fleur, Ginny, Angelina - Bonds w/ Fleur
Ron's not up for club either, but he does not reveal why
The entire group consists of the Weasley siblings (minus Percy), Lee, Angelina, Hermione, harry
It's a jolly good time despite  ptsd acting up for Hermione- Until it's NOT a good time, and George grabs a mic and is threatening people with his wand.
Chapter warnings: cursing, intense emotions, drunkenness', fighting, reference to a dead character, somewhat explicit sex scene
Panic seared through every nerve in her body. Ron was willfully standing in front of a sparking wand, and no one could do a thing to stop it - not legally anyway. 
Ron stared the wand down, saying something she couldn’t hear from across the crowded bar, and the mic couldn’t pick up. She clawed her way out from the corner booth, waking Harry in the process, but by the time she’d crawled out from behind the table George’s wand arm had slowly fallen to his side. 
“Fine... Fucking fine…” George’s voice echoed across the bar. “You’re all a bunch of useless arseholes.” 
With that, George handed over the mic, escorted away with a bunch of people applauding as the music resumed. Ron, Angelina and Lee followed as the bouncer manhandled George then bodily dropped him off in a chair next to Ginny. 
“When the tab is paid, get his arse out of here,” the bouncer growled at Ron before pointing a meaty finger at George. “He’s fucking banned.”
George handed over a wad of cash to Lee, who went to pay the tab.
All eyes turned to George.
“What?” He had a grin on his face, but his tone was sharp and eyes dead. “Did I say something that wasn’t true?”
“You said a lot, alright,” Angelina muttered. “You’re lucky Ron convinced them not to call Muggle law enforcement on you.”
George shot Ron a vicious scowl, but didn’t say anything. Ron had a carefully blank look on his face.
Lee returned from the bar, the bouncer behind him.
“Time we get going.”
They began their journey back to the hotel, pairing off, with the more sober partners keeping the more inebriated of their group from walking into traffic. Harry was ridiculously unsteady on his feet. Ginny couldn’t keep him upright and he nearly tripped over a passerby. Ron took over for Ginny, and Harry was very maudlin in his drunkenness.
“You’re my best friend,” he pronounced to Ron. “In the whole world, you know that?”
“Yep, thanks Harry.”
“You’re special. I know you sometimes don’t think you are, but you are. That locket didn’t know a thing.”
Hermione nearly tripped over, hearing the locket mentioned. She wasn’t sure what Harry meant, though. How could the locket have known anything? It was just an evil locket that drained people’s happiness and made them angry. It hadn’t shown any signs of sentience. Neither had the cup.
“Shut up, Harry” warned Ron, giving Harry a jostle. 
“And sorry I love your sister. I couldn’t help it!” 
She supposed the mention of the locket was just as nonsensical as everything else Harry was saying. She pulled Ron’s jacket that went nearly to her knees closer around herself, trying to ignore the ringing in her ears.
Ginny gave a laugh at Harry’s antics. She had drunk significantly more than Hermione, but somehow she wasn’t unsteady on her feet at all. Despite her amusement over Harry, Ginny’s eyes kept darting to George. 
“Maybe we could dart into that corner shop, they’ll have booze,” George said, making a beeline that was curtailed by Ron leaving Harry at a lamppost and standing in his way.
“Let’s just get back to your hotel.”
“Fuck off, Ron! No one asked you!”
George had enough to drink to make him mean, and enough to nearly trip into the gutter. Ron caught him before he fell.
George bodily shrugged him off.
Hermione kept attempting to catch eyes with Ron, but he was too busy determinedly watching George and keeping Harry from walking into drainpipes. 
They finally reached George’s hotel. He keyed them into his room then immediately sat on the bed, arms crossed as he glared out the window. 
Ron deposited the unsteady Harry at the table, and Hermione happily took the other seat, her headache now piercing.
“I want to get out of here,” said Ginny as she leaned against a wall.
“Anyone sober enough to Apparate?” asked Angelina.
“I’m sober. I can side-along each of you where you need to go” said Ron, though he looked a bit peaky. “Then I can come back to stay with George.”
“I can stay here a bit longer to hang with George,” Lee said, a genial smile on his face that ignored the series of blanches after his comment. Not even the most drunk of them was under the impression he was staying just to hang out instead of monitor. 
“I can stay too,” volunteered Angelina.
Ron shook his head. “You don’t have to. I know you both have work tomorrow.”
“That’s kind of you, Ron,” Angelina answered for them.
“Oh yeah, Ronnie the fucking hero” George groused, a mean look on his face. 
“Damn, George,” said Lee with a shake of his head. 
“I don’t need tending, and I don’t need you lot talking about me like I’m not here! I’m fine!”
“Look,” Ron began. “We both know—”
“Just what is it we both know?” asked George, rising from his bed.
“That you’re being an arsehole,” Ginny supplied, and no one corrected her.
“Well sorry I’m not all fun and fucking rainbows, everyone!” spat George, throwing his hands in the air.
“No one’s asking for that!” Ron protested. “We just don’t want you pissed and getting in trouble.” “Oh give it a fucking rest,” George snapped, poking Ron in the chest.  Tents and rain and friends fighting filled Hermione’s mind. Her wand. She needed her wand! Hermione rifled through her beaded bag trying to find it.
 “I’m tired of having you in my face all the time! I’ve never wanted you around before, so why the fuck would you think I want you around now? It’s like you enjoy being an annoying arsehole.”
“Oh yeah. I’m here for the enjoyment of it,” Ron said with a snort. “I get to keep my drunk older brother from getting arrested, keep him from eating shit in the gutter, and get treated like shit for it. A perfect evening, really.”
“I never asked for your help! I don’t want it!”  
“Well someone has to pick up the pieces when you keep fucking up.” 
“For fuck’s sake, get out of my room!” George bellowed, looking perilously close to punching Ron. 
“No! I’m not letting you fuck up again!” Ron yelled back, red in the face. “After everything, it doesn’t matter if you’re an arse, family’s—”
Hermione’s hands shook as she scraped through the contents of her bag, unable to find her wand in the cavernous space. Useless. She was useless.
“Fuck off!” George seethed, looking like a cornered animal.
“No! After everything, family’s all we have and we have to be there for one another!” 
“Like you were for Fred when he got fucking crushed to death?” George jeered. An explosion of protestations burst forth, but he ignored them all, eyes glinting in a mix of anger and anguish. He let out a horrible rough sound that bordered between laughter and crying. 
Hermione desperately scrabbled in her bag, fingers grazing everything but her damned wand! 
“Why couldn’t that wall have fallen a few feet to the left and taken you out instead of Fred?”
There was a crash and Harry’s chair was on the floor he had stood up so abruptly.
“Don’t you talk to him like that!’ Harry cried out, moving toward George, his wand pulled. Angelina and Lee quickly got in his way, as Ron stood still, and his expression shuddered. 
Something like regret flickered across George’s face. He took a step towards his brother, but gave a yell as an orange curse hit him and he stumbled back into the bathroom. 
All faces turned to the source of the spell. There stood Ginny, cold fury burning in her eyes. She gave another wave of her wand that slammed the door shut.
“Ginny, you can’t do magic outside of school yet!” Hermione squealed, fingers finally grasping her wand, though far too late to be of any help. 
“Worth it,” replied Ginny.  Hermione couldn’t very well disagree. She’d never thought she could dislike George Weasley so much. “Let’s get out of here. I can’t stand to look at him.”
Ron gave a sigh, and leaned his head against the bathroom door frame. “I guess I need to get you all home, then I’ll come back and— ”
“No, I’ll stay here.” Angelina put a staying hand up. “He’s been a right bastard to you and you don’t have to put up with it.”
“We’ve got him,” said Lee, putting a hand on Ron’s shoulder. Ron opened his mouth as if to argue, then gave a sigh.
“And you’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything?”
They nodded.
“Then… Then I’ll get everyone home.”
One by one Ron apparated Harry, Ginny and Hermione home - he was too tired to apparate multiple people at a time reliably. They silently walked from their apparition point to the Burrow’s living room.
Ron busied himself pouring glasses of water for them, while the rest of them watched. Harry looked baleful, but was unable to say anything and Ginny was silently crying. This left Hermione, and she felt woefully underqualified to even begin to breach the hurt Ron had faced. The one solace was that Harry and Ginny seemed equally unable to come up with comforting words to say to Ron.
Ron saved Harry and Ginny the trouble by dismissing them to bed.  Harry tottled over to Ron and gave him a long-lasting hug mumbling something about him being Harry’s brother. Ginny gave him a hug about the middle as well, before helping the still wobbly Harry up the stairs to bed.
Ron let out a sigh and collapsed on the couch.
“Next time I’m tempted to go out, remind me of tonight,” he muttered, throwing an arm across his face. “Especially if there’s George and drinking involved…”
His breathing shook the tiniest bit. 
She’d never been very good at emotions. Her own would take over and she’d let her temper turn her into a veritable harpy. Other people’s emotions were just as difficult for her to handle. She worked so hard to learn to say the right thing, find what could soothe others, to apply logic and repeat the process. It never seemed to work, though. She couldn’t think of anyone she’d successfully talked down or comforted in her life. Not really… 
She settled beside him and put her head on his chest.
“I know you’re upset…” she began. Acknowledging feelings was usually a good place to begin. That’s the sort of thing Ron might say, right? “But you have to know George didn’t mean any of that.”
He ruefully shook his head. “He did… It’s fine, though. Nothing I didn’t know.”
“He was just trying to get rid of you by being cruel. He was drunk and being spiteful,” she said with certainty. 
“Doesn’t mean he was lying.” 
“You handled this all really well, you know.”
“Huh?” he asked, removing his arm from over his eyes.
“You deescalated things really well, watched after us, and kept your calm… It was rather impressive.”
“Yeah, well I’ve had my fair share of dealing with dramatic wizards and witches,” he said with a hint of a smile, giving her a bit of a nudge. 
“Oh we’ve never been that bad!” she said with a laugh. 
He cocked his head at her. “The birds.”
“Well… Well, you were being a right arse,” she said, poking him in the middle.
“See? I’m quite used to the drama,” he said with a chuckle, draping his arm around her.
She bit her lip. “I wasn’t that bad was I?”
“You were pretty terrible,” he said with a laugh. “But that’s alright. I like how fierce and crazy you are.”
“Oh sorry, I mean how calm and undramatic you are.” He schooled his face into mock solemnity.
“You’re terrible,” she huffed.
“Yeah, but you love it,” he said, shooting her that boyish grin of his. It was her favorite feature of his. Well, that and his blue eyes. And his bright hair. And his freckles. And his wide shoulders. And his long legs. And his big hands. And his arse.
With that thought, she sat up and put a hand to his face and his eyebrows shot up into his fringe. 
“I can’t help it, but I really do,” she said, leaning in to give him a quick kiss on the nose. “You know… Harry pointed out that you fancy me.”
“He’s a terrible drunk.”
“I told him I quite fancy you as well.”
“I would hope so, seeing as you’re my girlfriend.” His arm hugged her close to his side. “And even if he’s a terrible drunk, he’s right. I do fancy you. Rather hard not to, what with you being all brilliant and beautiful.”
Her eyes fell to his lips. This wasn’t the ideal place to kiss, in his family’s living room where anyone could walk in on them… but he’d called her beautiful and he was being so perfect. She didn’t want him to think about George again either. 
She maneuvered herself until she was on top of him, knees on either side of his hips. One of his hands wove through her curls, the other doing a little trail down her side, a gesture that was growing more and more familiar each time they snogged. A hot neediness fed her movements. She moaned and leaned into him when she was stopped. His hands cupped her cheeks and slowly moved her face away from his.
“We’re in the living room,” he murmured. 
“It’s late - so late that no one will know. Just snog me!” she whispered.
“Are you still sauced?” he laughed.
“Do I have to be ‘sauced’ to want to kiss you with a tiny bit of tongue?” 
“Well I’d hope not, but any sober person should know this house always has someone up and in our business…”
“I’m sober now,” she told him frankly, feeling the slightest tinges of a hangover, but otherwise feeling very much herself. She gave a sigh and extricated herself from him. “You have a point about the lack of privacy, but I’ll have you know it’s highly unfair to call me beautiful and not allow me to snog you a bit.”
“Oh is that all it takes?” He had a pleased grin on his face. 
“Well it’s definitely not your stellar personality,” she said with a teasing smile of her own. 
“Of course not. It’s my gentlemanly ways.”
He bowed very low and she gave a much-too-loud laugh as he took her hand. He leaned down, blue eyes gleaming into hers, then gave her knuckle a lick. 
“You’re disgusting!”
“You wanted a tiny bit of tongue, so I gave you tongue!” he grinned, before dimming the lights and leading her up the stairs.
They stopped in front of Ginny’s bedroom and touched foreheads.
“I know tonight was… was difficult,” she said in a low voice, “but when it wasn’t… I really did have a good time with you.”
He shifted his head and kissed her forehead. 
“I did too,” he murmured, giving her a soft smile. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” she whispered, putting her hand on the handle to turn it when it slipped in her grasp. She tried again, but it wouldn’t budge. “She must have forgotten and locked it...”
She gave a light knock on the door, and Ginny didn’t answer. There was nothing but silence.
 “Oh you’ve got to be kidding…” 
“What?” Hermione asked, trying the door again.
Ron did a few spells and gave a huff.
“Harry’s in there,” he said, disgusted.
“What? No… They wouldn’t… Would they?”
“I’d bet fifty galleons Harry’s in that bloody room.”
“Oh…” she replied, putting her fingers to her pursed lips. “I suppose I’ll stay in Percy’s room then?”
“Nah, you can come to bed with me.” 
He walked towards the stairs before coming to a stop. 
“Okay…” he said, turning on his heels, a panicked look on his face. “I didn’t mean to assume— You definitely don’t need to—”
“Yes!” she whispered back.
Ron looked only mildly less panicked at her answer.
“Yes like you’re agreeing you don’t need to come with, or yes like—”
“Yes, like I’ll stay with you.”   
A thrill ran through her as they smiled at one another, the bit of moonlight shining through the window illuminating them. As they went up the stairs together excitement flooded her thoughts of sharing a room overnight with Ron. She’d shared the tent with him, but they’d never truly been alone all night, and they definitely hadn’t been under the scrutiny of Mr and Mrs Weasley. 
She’d never been one for rule breaking. Well, that wasn’t quite true. Okay, she had to admit she broke rules rather regularly. She might have broken about a thousand rules in the last year alone, but that was different— it was for a just cause that would help everyone. In this case it was purely breaking rules for her own happiness. The rush of it made her feel the same peace she’d had at the club. 
The moment they got to Ron’s room and saw Harry’s empty camp bed she approached Ron to kiss him. Only a meter away, he let out a large yawn before going to his drawers.
“Here you go,” he said, handing her an oversized orange shirt. It had the Cannons logo on it and was soft to the touch from so many wearings. She’d seen him wear it probably a thousand times. It was rather sweet that he’d thought of pajamas for her, but disappointment began to well in her. She wasn’t sure what she’d hoped for, but something closer to their activities at the shed was what she’d imagined. “Do you need some shorts or something for the bottoms?”
“No, I think your shirt will do,” she said as she held it up and realized it went halfway down her legs.
“Right,” he said with a grin, “Well, I can step out while you change.”
“You can stay here,” she said. She felt a fluttering in her stomach as his eyes shot back to hers.
“Oh, erm… Alright,” he said, his pink tongue darting out to lick his lips. “Right! Yeah…”
He turned about, head pointed up towards the low ceiling. 
She let out a nervous giggle and changed out of her dress into the dress-length shirt. She did a silencing charm on the room, for good measure.
“You can turn around now.”
He turned around and looked at her with a soft smile.
“Nice to see you supporting the Cannons!” His eyes fasted on the logo with a growing grin before his eyes went wide and met hers. She looked down and realized it was very apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra in the thin shirt. He went back to his drawers and found a pair of pajama trousers for himself.
“Do you need me to turn around for you to change?” she asked. 
“Up to you, really,” he said with a shrug, beginning to unbutton his shirt. She chose to watch him from the bed, enjoying how a tinge of red blossomed across his cheeks and ears. As he finally got to his belt and jeans he turned himself around.
She liked watching him like this. She’d never had the chance to unabashedly watch him before. They’d changed clothes on the run, but it had always been practical fast movements. She liked looking at his shoulders that were rather wide despite his thinness, and the glorious spattering of freckles that were most concentrated across his shoulders. He pulled the pajama trousers up over his plaid boxers then did a cute little hop to arrange himself. She liked the taper of his waist, and wanted to see if it was as enticing from the front. Watching him made her forget to breathe; forget to do much of anything.
She wasn’t sure when she’d stood from the bed, but her feet made a beeline to him. As soon as he turned she surged forth, that same neediness from the sofa fueling her movements. She jumped straight up into his arms making him let out a deep ‘oompf!’ She worried for a moment that she might have hurt him, jumping on him as she did, but reassurance came as he sighed into their kiss. They moved against each other in the middle of the room, the lamp casting shadows across the orange room creating the effect it was on fire.
It was a bit of a messy snog, but she didn’t care as he pulled her into a hard embrace. His tongue traced the inside of her mouth, and she slid both of her hands into his hair, enjoying the feel of his soft strands running through her fingers. They continued to kiss as their feet stumbled back until Ron’s legs hit the bed and the two fell to it with a laugh. The spell she’d done on the bed to widen the bed earlier that day had held up, giving them plenty of room to twine around one another and kiss. She reminded herself to reinforce the hastily done spell later, otherwise they might end up with one of them on the floor— but she decided it was better to put it off and not interrupt a perfect series of kisses.
Since she was about thirteen she’d wondered what kissing Ron Weasley would be like. Her earliest fantasies were delicate and chaste like she’d seen in movies. Later they became more heated and sensuous, but she’d had so little experience with kissing she wasn’t sure what she preferred their kisses to be, really, as long as it was with Ron. 
Their first kiss had seared through her as he lifted her up off the ground. The second time he’d been tender and unhurried. She’d stopped counting their kisses, but each time it was perfect, whatever surprise he brought her way.
Now that they were on the bed his lips were soft. He’d started slow, lazily exploring her as if savoring each moment, his kiss a gentle caress that reeled her in, peppering in a tiny nibble here or there. 
“Wait,” he murmured sitting up. “You’re sure you’re sober?”
“Yes,” she answered. Her fingers grazed down him, savoring the lean muscles, how very smooth his skin was until the lines she drew reached an errant scar he’d earned over the years. One of his hands began to trail up her hip, just managing to skim underneath the overly large shirt. The pad of his thumb was drawing slow circles that just tickled the bottom of her ribs.
Soft, hungry kisses were travelling down her neck. She moaned as he met the juncture between her shoulder and neck. Through half closed eyes she watched the lamplight make his hair spark with amber and copper and gold. Her fingers played with his hair as that thumb of his kept its path up her shirt, and she felt a molten heat forming within her at the sensation. 
Then the hand travelled low again, fingers just skimming the side of her hips and then the elastic of her pants. She let out a sigh and adjusted her hips towards him.
“You can touch me,” she breathed. 
He let out a low moan. His long fingers ghosted over her pants until one gave a hesitant stroke over the warmth between her legs. One finger became two as he stroked against her, and arousal began to pool for her in a way she’d never felt before. It was such a small amount of friction, but it made her head spin.
Ron was touching her. She always revered the little touches they shared— his hand on her hip, his forehead touching hers, his hand around her wrist— but this was something wholly new.
The fingers moving against her, combined with his lips sucking on neck, made the heat deliciously build. As he curled his fingers she found the need to pull him in closer. It wasn’t enough! She wanted to feel him on her, not through a wet scrap of fabric.
She let her hands travel from his silky hair down to the elastic of her pants and began to push them down. 
He stopped and looked into her eyes with a questioning look. She nodded and he hooked his fingers on them and trailed them down her legs before discarding them.
He gave an appreciative hiss before smiling up at her. 
“Fuck me, you’re pretty,” he said under his breath. Her cheeks burned, but not as much as the heat growing inside her as his hands trailed their way back to her. His fingers traced up her legs, just barely pressing their way into her flesh, before resting directly between her legs. He seemed to be looking at her with fascination, and the idea of him looking at her down there suddenly made her nervous. She gently guided his head up to her so they could kiss while his hand continued to explore. She gave a gasp as he managed to find her clit.
He held himself above her with one hand as the other brushed inside her, teasing wetness from her and making her feel light-headed. She guided his hand back up her shirt, to feel his hand graze her breast.
She wanted more of him. She wanted him against her. In a daring move, she hooked her feet behind his hips and crashed his hips into hers. 
He let out a startled yell before the bed gave a large lurch and Ron’s left hand that had been bracing him above her went clear through the mattress, sending him rolling off her and crashing to the ground.
The bed gave another shutter, and the bed, which Hermione had spelled to a queen size mattress, gave a spasm before shrinking to its normal twin size.
“Sorry! I should have reinforced that spell! I’m sorry!” she cried out, sitting up to check on Ron. He let out a series of ‘fuck fuck fuck’s under his breath as he slowly got to a crawling position, though not putting much weight on the left hand that had gone through the bed. 
“Are you okay?” she asked, putting a hand to his back. 
His whole back tensed and he scrunched his eyes closed.
“Ron?” she asked, rubbing his back a bit. “You okay?”
“Don’t,” he said, jerking away and giving a shake of his head.
He gave a hiss as he slowly rotated his left arm and flexed his hand. His shoulders were drawn so high they almost touched his ears before they slumped.
“Is your wrist hurt?”
“Huh?” he dazedly asked, blinking a few times and sitting up. “‘M okay.”
She nodded before grabbing her wand from the nightstand.
“Let me see your wrist.”
He held it to his chest. “Why?” 
She gave a roll of her eyes. “To fix it, of course.”
He gave a flex of his hand before sitting up on his feet and slowly extending his wrist to her.
She took hold of it and gingerly weighed it back and forth. “So you landed on it?”
“I guess,” he said unhelpfully. 
He held his breath as she held up her wand and did an ‘Episkey’ charm on it. 
“Better?” she asked, knowing she’d done it perfectly. 
He flexed his wrist and gave her a tight smile. “Yeah, I imagine that did it.”
She felt a flicker of doubt. “It’s better, isn’t it?”
“Course it is. You always do spells perfectly,” he said with a roll of his eyes. She began to frown. He hadn’t answered the question. “Hermione, I’m fine. I just feel a bit off after falling face first onto my manky floor. Who knows what filth I might have landed in. At least it wasn’t Harry’s old pants or something.”
She gave a laugh.
“You should come back to bed.”
“It’ll be a tight fit,” he said, eyeing the small twin. 
“Oh yes… Wait! Bring Harry’s camp bed over. I think the spell will last better if we’re merely transforming two beds into one, instead of extending one.”
He grabbed the bed, and removed all the sheets. With a few flicks of her wand she was again in a large queen bed. She realized she was still nude underneath his large shirt, and the lingering arousal hadn’t fully been chased away by his fall.
“Where were we?” she said, rather seductively she thought, which both impressed and surprised her. She’d never been very good at anything remotely close to sexiness, but she’d managed a rather saucy husky tone. 
He gave a bit of a gulp and turned off the lamp before joining her in the bed. As her eyes adjusted, the moonlight illuminated them well enough to just be able to make out his features. 
 She began to kiss him again, trying to rekindle the fire they’d had a moment ago, but he felt stiff and unresponsive. 
“Is your wrist still hurting?” she whispered.
“No, I’m fine,” he said, taking a breath before their kiss resumed. He began trailing kisses down her neck and skimming her sides as before, and she tried to feel that same fire. His hands were touching her in the same places, but there was a forced quality to every move and every kiss. Their bodies no longer coaxed and set pace with one another. 
His fingers went back to between her legs and poked at all the wrong angles. It felt like he was trying to pick a lock with a pair of chicken drumsticks. He’d always had very short nails, so she was surprised when they seemed to be poking her instead of the pads of his fingers. 
Then he stopped kissing her altogether and went lower until his head was even with her pelvis.
She wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of him looking down there. She’d barely ever looked down there, but didn’t imagine this could be a very flattering angle. At least it was dark in the room now?
He poked and prodded and she felt thoroughly turned off when one digit poked far too hard to the side of her labia.
“Erm… Maybe a little higher?” she asked, hoping he’d go back to her clit. 
She gave a jolt as his nails showed up again. That was even worse! And how was that even possible when they were so short?
She accidentally let out a huff and he gave a sigh.
“This isn’t doing anything for you, is it?” 
“It was…” The silence carried on, and she found herself entirely without words. 
“It was rubbish,” he supplied.
“No?” she squeaked, biting her lip. He gave a withering look up through his eyebrows. “I’m sorry! It was really good earlier, though!” 
He gave a snort. “Yeah I could tell it wasn’t going well when you weren’t as wet anymore…” 
She pressed her face into the crook of her elbow to hide her eyes. It had seemed sexy at the time, but him actually saying out loud that she was ‘wet’ was absolutely mortifying.
“It really isn’t a problem,” she mumbled.
“Yeah it is,” he said, laying beside her, elbow on her pillow. He slowly turned her face towards his, blue eyes boring into hers. His eyebrows lifted and a small smile twitched, but not enough to bring out his dimple. “Let’s start again.”
“I don’t know…” she said, not sure she wanted to have him poke at her like that again.
“Let’s try again. If you want me to stop at any point I will.”
She looked into his eyes and saw a glint of determination in them she’d seen before. He made that face when he made the right move in chess, when he was about to save a goal, and when he was about to pull off a powerful spell. When he looked like that, nothing much could go wrong. 
She gave a nod. It seemed too absurd to be shy, but she felt it burn through her as his hand cupped her cheek and brought her in for a languorous kiss.
 A chasm of intimacy burst open as his lips burned against hers. As she surrendered to his kisses, she became increasingly conscious of his body, hot and hard against hers. His fingers slowly slid down the narrow of her waist, then edged behind and found her bare backside. He moaned into their kiss as he massaged it, almost as if testing the globe in his hand. Whatever awkwardness that had descended on them was gone, and her body molded to his.
With every kiss she felt marked as his, and she grasped his hair again. Only moonlight lit him, but she imagined the riotous color of his hair sunning her as she basked in his attention. 
He stroked her between her legs again, this time finding a rhythm that made her hips jolt to meet him. The oversized shirt had ridden up past her breasts, uncomfortably bunching until she impatiently tore the shirt off over her head. He let out a rough groan and his hands and mouth stopped.
He pulled back a bit and stared at her nakedness.
She had the overwhelming impulse to reach for the sheet and cover herself, but resisted it. She held her breath as he silently stared, expression annoyingly enigmatic.
“W-well?” she let out, nerves making her voice pitch up. She was skinny, but still managed to have a bit of a tummy, and her breasts weren’t all that much to talk about, and her hips were too wide, and—
“Hermione,” he breathes out her name. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
She turned her head away. She wasn’t. Then his mouth was on hers again, and hands were exploring her breasts. His kisses trailed to the crook of her neck, to her clavicle then finally down her chest.
“Christ, you’re perfect. Fuck…” he said, almost to himself as he leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, the other hand squeezing and kneading her breast.
He backed away to look at her again. The way he beheld her, she could almost believe she was beautiful and perfect. He had nothing but adoration in his eyes as his lips fell to her body. He trailed down her, as fingers grazed a hot trail, and made desire pool in her.
He went further down and her legs fell open to him. His fingers explored her, but this time they easily found a path that made her moan. He set a rhythm, and experimented with angles. She glanced down to see he was avidly watching her face, like he would a chess board. Eyes on her, he leaned forward. 
It began with a tentative lick while a pair of knuckles just grazed her in the right spot. He continued to do this and she threw her head back in a gasp. Then his lips dipped between her legs and began to suck at her clit. She let out a long whimper as he continued to alternate between lapping at her and sucking at her like she was a final meal. Heat and slickness built in her, making her tilt her hips into him, punctuating her gasps with jerks of her hips.
She was on the edge of falling, when he found the perfect rhythm and stayed there. Quick susurrations on her clit, and his fingers just barely grazing inside her, teasing and nearly fucking into her, made the coil inside her finally spring. 
A heady ‘don’t stop!’ barely made it out of her lips before she let out a sound like a sob as she came. She felt the spasm of it rip through her, and she clutched the pillow around her as her hips stuttered and followed his mouth, continuing to twist as his fingers slowed down.
She panted and shook her head as her thighs wobbled and finally relaxed, dropping her hips further into the mattress.
“Oh God…” she whimpered. “Fuck… Oh god…”
Her mind had never been more of a void. She was utterly shattered. There was nothing but sensation, still floating in aftershocks.
“You alright?” came a hoarse voice from between her legs.
She let out a rough laugh, then managed to open an eye from between her curls. 
“I’m… I just…” she gasped and shuddered a bit.
“Better?” he asked, knowing perfectly well that he’d done amazing.
“Yeah, I imagine that did it,” she panted, mirroring his words from earlier. “I think we ought to thank Harry in the morning.”
“Do you really need to bring up that specky git right now?” he moaned, kissing the inside of her thigh.
“Well, if it weren’t for him taking up Ginny’s room, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience… That!” she said with a shaky gesture.
“Took a bit, but I think I did alright in the end,” he said, a tired grin on his face as he wiped his mouth.
“More than alright!” she proclaimed. She looked further down the bed and saw he was still hard. She was so flushed and buzzing she wasn’t sure she had the ability to blush. “If you want, I can try to return the favor?”
Ron blanched and shifted his hips.
“It’ll go away on its own,” he said with another kiss to her thigh. She didn’t bother masking her confusion. Didn’t teenage boys always want to ‘get off’? Was he so disgusted from going down on her that he didn’t want her touching him? 
As if reading her thoughts, he continued. “It’s late and I want to be able to dream about that look on your face when you came. Fuck me, that was the hottest thing ever.”
He kissed her stomach right below her belly button then finally, wobblingly, crawled further up her body before collapsing beside her and kissing her. “I’ll definitely take a rain check though.”
“You sure?”
“I’m knackered. Dreams of me making Hermione Granger cum are all I need,” he hummed as he nuzzled up behind her. “I could get used to this.”
“So could I!” she said with a laugh. “I should clean up.”
“Nooo, just stay a little longer,” he whined, wrapping an arm around her middle and bringing the blankets onto them. Minutes passed. She wiggled in place as his breathing slowed.
“Just need to grab my wand.”
“Hmnnn,” he grunted into her side as she pulled her wand from the side table and did a quick clean up. She Accioed her shirt over, but had no way of putting it on without moving Ron. 
“Ron?” she whispered. A small snore erupted in her ear and she sighed. 
Dressing in the morning wasn’t the worst thing. Plus, she was draped in Ron, cozied up more intimately than she’d ever imagined she could be. His whole body radiated a comforting warmth, and in that one moment she felt more safe and contented than she had in years. Suddenly words she’d been achingly trying to keep at bay began to bubble up to the surface.
He continued to snore.
In the safety of the darkness, in his arms, and without having to worry about his reaction, she whispered, “I love you.” 
She only got snores in return, but there was a sort of relief in having said it out loud. Any tension left in her body dissipated, and he felt so nice spooned up against her that she felt her eyes drift close for just a moment. 
* * *
She woke to the sound of apparition and a, “Ron, your mum is— oh shit! Sorry! Shit!” 
Dazedly she shook her head at Harry’s cursing then, horrified, remembered her state of undress. Ron hadn’t forgotten and quickly yanked the quilt up to her nose.
“Shut it, Harry! Do you want Mum to hear you?” Ron hissed.
“Right, sorry!” he said, turning around with his back to them. He stood in only his boxers, hands clutching his clothes from the night before. “Erm… So, your Mum was waking everyone since it’s a bit late, and I fell asleep in Ginny’s room, and your Mum didn’t catch me, but I wanted to let you know in case… Well, in case of this, I guess.”
As he explained, a currant-faced Hermione yanked the Cannons shirt on and looked for her pants. 
“And the best way to warn us was to Apparate directly in here to the foot of my bed?” Ron exclaimed, before reaching down to the foot of the bed and handing Hermione her pants. 
“Yeah, well I am a mite bit hungover…” 
“I’d tell you where some hangover potion is, but I don’t think you deserve it,” Ron replied, giving Hermione a peck on the cheek. “Alright we’re all decent now.”
“I’m really sorry!” said Harry, rubbing at his head. At first it looked like a tick of embarrassment, but he looked haggard enough that a hangover seemed the bigger culprit. “Er, where’s my bed?”
“It’ll be in the chicken coop if you do that again,” answered Ron.
Hermione finally gathered enough wits to grab her dress and say “I’ll meet you later,” and Apparated as silently as she could to Ginny’s room.
“There you are!” Ginny said, pulling on a pair of jeans. “Mum’s trying to get everyone up since it’s so late, and she almost put together where everyone stayed. Did Harry warn you?”
“If by warn me, you mean Apparate into the room and catch me completely starkers, then yes, he did an admirable job!”
“He did what?” Ginny roared with laughter. “Well I’m glad someone had a good time last night!”
“Didn’t you?”
“I mostly kept Harry from getting sick down the side of my bed. Though he did say he loved me, which was quite nice,” she said, a love-sick smile on her face.
Hermione still hadn’t heard anything like that from Ron. He hadn’t even wanted her to touch him.
“I can’t believe he Apparated in there,” Ginny continued. “I told him to do it outside the door! We heard Mum bustling about and he was rather panicked at the idea of her being mad with him.”
Hermione nodded.
“So… Starkers?” 
“Ginnyyy,” Hermione moaned and hid her face behind her hair.
“You know what? I don’t want to know,” said Ginny, running a brush through her long red hair. “Actually I do, but I think you’ve been through enough embarrassment for one morning. I’m going to go play some Quidditch, if Harry can get his act together. Want to come?”
Avoiding the house seemed a pleasant application of her time, but a quick glance to her book bag shuttered any thought of having a lark. She’d had her fun the night before, though she hadn’t earned it. She’d had enough avoiding. She needed to make plans for her parents.
* * *
It was arduous and barely fruitful, but at least she could say she’d put some thought into it, creating a schedule of places to visit over the next week to gather all the information she might need and who to glean it from. When she looked at the clock it was well past one in the afternoon. 
At the Burrow it was unusual to go so late in the day and not be disturbed. She also hadn’t seen Ron since the fiasco that morning. The embarrassment seemed a perfect punishment for being so self indulgent. It was hard to believe she’d let herself fall asleep nude in his bed. She’d been so relaxed and…
“Oh!” Hermione gasped.
She hadn’t remembered to put up her silencing spell. Had she needed it? Had she woken up in the night? Perhaps there was a way to subtly ferret the information from Ron. Maybe she could bring it up at lunch. It was a bit late for it, but people always poked their head in when a meal was being served, so it must not have happened yet.
Despite having much more to do, she had to admit she needed food, or at least some strong tea, if she was to continue. 
She went down the stairs to find the kitchen in uncharacteristic disarray. Bowls, trays and cutting boards littered every surface, but at the dining table was a very delicious looking feast of jacket potatoes with every sort of topping one could imagine all arranged in little ramekins.
“I bet there’ll be something to eat,” she heard Ginny’s voice carrying in from outside. She and a windblown Harry came in through the garden door. Her hair hung in an enviable curtain of beachy waves Hermione could never manage without bottles of Sleekeazy's. 
“This looks a treat, doesn’t it?” said Ginny, going to sit at the table. “Well, let’s get Mum and Ron here so we can dig in!”
Just then Ron came down the stairs wearing one of Mrs Weasley’s patterned aprons that was dwarfed by his tall frame. 
“Did you cook this?” Harry asked, looking impressed.
“Yeah… Mum’s been in her bedroom again,” he replied. 
They all knew that meant she was distressed and had holed herself in her bedroom. Those had been coming with fewer and fewer days between them, and Hermione had to wonder what had caused it this morning.
“Why’d you go to such trouble? We have stuff for sandwiches,” Ginny asked, mood forcibly upbeat.
“I was hoping to tempt Mum out of her bedroom.” Ron sat out napkins and cutlery, slapping the metalware onto the table with more force than was necessary. 
Harry and Hermione’s eyes met.
“We might want to clean off the kitchen counters, then,” said Ginny with a grin. “Looks a bit like a mad potion maker's laboratory.”
“You clean ‘em off, then, I’m famished.” 
“I can clean them off,” Hermione volunteered, hoping to cut the tension, and Harry joined her in the effort, saying, “I’ll help.”
“The food’s all ready now— just leave it!” Ron protested.
“It’ll only take a moment,” said Hermione.
“Plus you didn’t make the mess, Ron did,” Ginny unhelpfully added.
“Oh fine!” growled Ron, and with a swish of his wand the items on the counter rushed their way to the sink with a great clatter, the metal cooking sheets causing a crash that reverberated around the room making everyone jump, and give small yells in succession.  “There! Happy? It’s in the sink! Now will you all sit?”
“Merlin, Ron! Did you have to be so loud with it?” Ginny hollered, getting from her seat to get the rest of the dishes by hand. “What's gotten into you?”
“I just want people to eat the bleeding food! It took forever to make and it’s like herding a bramble of gnomes getting you lot to sit down and eat it all at once. No wonder Mum was always upset with us!” Ron groused. “I’m going to get her from upstairs, and when I get back, you lot better be seated at the table and piling up your potatoes!”
He stormed up the stairs, rattling the framed photos on the walls.
“You know, I always thought if one of us was to turn into Mum it’d be me, but I think Ron’s got it cornered. Did you see him, hands on his hip just like her!” Ginny snorted, miming Ron’s akimbo stance, and Hermione gave a reluctant laugh in turn. 
As much as his dark mood made her worry, she did enjoy watching Ron doing little domestic things around the house. There was something rather charming seeing the overgrown young man in a flowery apron in a tither about everyone sitting down to eat. 
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes up knitting soon. What do you think, Harry?”
Ginny looked beyond Hermione and her face fell. Hermione turned to see Harry was sitting stock-still, wand tightly gripped in his hand. Hermione instinctively grabbed her wand. A shiver spread up the back of her head. 
“You okay?” Ginny asked.
“Trays were loud, that’s all.” Harry’s eyes weren’t trained on any of them and he gave a stiff sort of shrug.
“Harry…” Ginny began, coming near him, but Harry shook his head. 
“M’going outside,” he muttered before bolting out the door. 
“Where’s he going?” Ron asked as he emerged from the stairs, looking cross. 
“Your banging about with the trays set him off,” Ginny spat, going for the door. 
Ron cursed before running ahead of her to the door.
“I’m the one who messed up, I’ll fix it,” he said, taking off his apron. “You two eat up. And Mum was asleep still, so I left her to it. Put some food aside for her and Harry with a warming charm, would you?” 
He didn’t wait for a response before going out the door. Ginny silently gathered together full plates for Harry and her mother, getting a third one for Ron, though he hadn’t asked her to. 
“I— I can’t do the warming charm… Still sixteen... Hermione would you?” 
Hermione dutifully did so, making sure not to look as Ginny wiped at her eyes and gave a sniff. The redhead went to the sink and started furiously scrubbing at some trays. 
“Shouldn’t we eat?” 
“What’s the point?” Ginny sniped, slamming a dirty set of tongs into the sink. “Ron wants us to all sit down and eat like things are normal, but they aren’t and I don’t know when they will be. Mum’s only up for a few hours at a time, Ron’s the one making food, Harry’s going off from loud noises, and George…” Ginny shook her head. “I just want… I thought after everything we could find some happiness, but it’s just impossible.”
“You did find some happiness earlier, though, didn’t you? Playing Quidditch a bit with Harry?” said Hermione, feeling every inch a fraud trying to buoy anyone's spirits. 
Ginny blushed a bit as she began scrubbing a pan. “We didn’t exactly get to the Quidditch part…” 
Hermione nodded.
“I suppose that’s all we can do right now, little pieces of happiness like that.”
The two girls cleaned the kitchen in silence until it gleamed. They dutifully ate their lunches, looking to the door every few minutes for the boys to return. Hermione was able to get away with eating very little thanks to Ginny’s distraction, and managed to vanish the contents of her plate before Harry and Ron returned, both looking rather pale, but Harry no longer had a vacant stare on his face. Ginny quickly got him a plate and the two sat to eat their meal while Ron took a plate up to his mother’s room. Hermione waited for him to come back to the table to eat his own meal. He didn’t.
After twenty or so minutes she went up the stairs to find him outside his parent’s bedroom. He sat on the steps to the fifth landing, head on his knees and arms wrapped around his legs. The meal still sat outside his mother’s door, untouched. Hermione made sure to step on every squeaky board to alert him to her presence before sitting down beside him.
“Was your Mum still asleep?”
Ron shook his head before sitting up and rubbing his hands over his face. 
“She’s crying and I can’t get her to stop…”
She desperately wanted to know what prompted his mother’s backslide, but didn’t want to push him. Pushing Harry had been disastrous the other day, and she hadn’t the energy to face it from Ron as well. Ron wasn’t like Harry, though. He didn’t bottle things up the same way, and she knew he’d open up and tell her without her having to harangue him for answers. 
“George got arrested for breaking his parole,” he said in a low voice, eyes not meeting hers. 
“What?! What parole?” 
“Night before last he Apparated right on top of the London Tower Bridge. I was up when Kingsley called, so me and Dad went to get George from the Ministry. He got parole. Last night he broke it by pointing his wand in public and someone saw and reported him.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
"I wasn’t going to tell anyone. George gets enough looks, doesn’t he? He’s been such a mess, and Dad and I thought it’d be best Mum knew when things were all settled, but Kingsley Flooed the house to check on George about an hour ago, and well…”
“What a terrible way to find out.”
“Mum’s been holed up in her bedroom since. Harry took Ginny for a fly, so neither of ‘em know yet... I just thought maybe some food and tea would work to coax Mum out, but of course it didn’t.”
“Where’s George now?”
“With Bill, I think. Bill took it on this time.” Ron just shook his head. He stared down at his hand and gave a loud swear. 
“Is that the time?” he launched off the steps, barreling past Hermione.
“Where are you going?” 
“To finish this fucking buggering pissing piece of shit day!”
She scurried after him, but ended up a floor behind him as his long legs skipped steps with ease. She could hear his mutters all the way down the stairs.
“Need to get some wellies, clean the kitchen…” 
“Ginny and I saw to the kitchen” she called after him, hoping to slow him down.
“Oh, fuck me! The paperwork!” he moaned as he reached the last flight of stairs and Apparated with a loud crack. A few seconds later she heard another crack outside the house. 
She went to the window and saw Ron sprinting away, paper in one hand, wellies in another, not bothering to look back or give a hint of an explanation. 
For a terrible instant she was back next to that riverbank in Wales, rain pummeling her as she begged Ron not to leave her. 
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.
Little pieces of happiness… She supposed she’d have to live on the little pieces of happiness from the night before, because there weren’t any to be found today.
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