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#harry potter fluff
fredsghost · 2 days ago
touch. fred weasley
Tumblr media
pairing/s; fred weasley x fem!reader
warning/s; periods, cramps, and one (1) suggestive statement
word count; -1k
summary; anon “can I request fred weasley x reader. fred being a caring boyfriend while his girlfriend struggles with studying for final exams at hogwarts while on her period? thank you in advance.”
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Tumblr media
"merlin, george, would you please shut up?" you snapped, rubbing your temples, your half finished muggle studies essay staring up at you condescendingly, as if scolding you for having waited until the very last moment to do it.
you were currently situated in the gryffindor common room late at night where you’d decided it best to study for your upcoming exams, only to remember the muggle studies paper you’d been putting off. george had come to accompany you since he’d admitted that he quite liked your company when you weren’t a soppy mess with his brother.
he looked up from where he was quietly sat next to you, his legs on your lap as he pored over the marauder's map he'd borrowed back from harry, blinking as though offended. "i wasn’t even—"
"yeah, george, shut up."
just then, your boyfriend fred comes from behind, leaning down to plant a kiss on your head while simultaneously flicking his twin's nose. his brother muttered a tiny ‘ow’ as he rubbed his nose and fred raised an eyebrow at his brother's current position, but wordlessly dropped onto the empty seat to your right and simply kicked george's legs off, effectively replacing him.
"cramps?" fred asked you, adjusting to apply pressure against your lower abdomen. you sighed in slight relief at the gesture, your boyfriend sympathetically pouting when you nodded in response to his question. "my poor baby."
dipping your feather into the ink pot you'd borrowed from hermione, you forced yourself to begin scribbling another sentence. "i had george do it since you weren't around to."
"it hurts that you think we're interchangeable, (y/n)." the twins spoke in unison, feigning hurt in varying gestures.
you fondly rolled your eyes at the two. "i still find that creepy, you know."
after finishing a paragraph on the marvelous muggle invention that is sliced bread, you finally dropped your writing instrument as your hand began to cramp, but you knew you were nowhere near completed. just as you were flexing your fingers, fred softly took your hand in his, making quick work to massage your wrist and joints. you shot him a grateful smile at which he retaliated to with a wink.
"oh, right!" fred exclaimed suddenly, your hand still in his as he turned to grab his book bag from where he'd slung it across the back of the chair before sitting down. from it, he pulled out an unassuming paper bag. "ta-da!"
george leaned forward in curiosity. " it going to help us defeat you-know-who?"
fred snorted at his brother's sarcasm. you laughed at their exchange, finding the situation and the punchline to be quite funny.
"even better." your boyfriend wiggled his eyebrows at you. reaching into the paper bag, fred revealed a large bar of chocolate. "professor lupin did say that chocolate helps you feel better a lot of the time and—”
you snatched the bar from his hands, unwrapping the heavenly dessert and immediately sinking your teeth into it. fred smirked as he watched “—and (y/n) loves chocolate.”
“yeah, but the sounds she’s making is ghastly.” george’s face contorted into that of disgust and you just stuck your tongue out at him childishly.
fred shrugged, reaching to rub the back of your neck now that you’d taken back your hand to grip the chocolate bar like someone might steal it from you. “you should hear the sound she makes when we—”
george pushed his chair back abruptly, gathering his things as fast as he can. “okay! i do not want to hear any more, thank you, so i’m off to bed.”
you and fred snickered as george huffed up the stairs leading up to the male dormitories. your boyfriend leaned forward to plant a kiss on your temple as he delicately took the now half-eaten chocolate bar.
“right, eat moderately. and finish your essay, meanwhile i’ve to figure out the right ingredients for this stink bomb i have planned to douse ron with.”
while fred took out his supplies, his left hand dropped to hold your knee and you leaned against him while you wrote, his presence particularly calming. as the night went by, you effectively forgot about your abdominal pain and headaches so long as some part of fred was touching you.
and he knew that, which is why he commented that any first year to see you two like this would surely hurl.
Tumblr media
a/n; thank you anon! aaa this was a really cute prompt and i really liked writing it. sorry it’s short! hope you enjoy!
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angel4you · 21 hours ago
cuddling in ron’s lap in the great hall during breakfast and whining when someone tries to pull you away/get ron’s attention is doing a mf MARATHON in my head rn
ron chuckling and murmuring “needy little thing” and he rubs your back while dray rolls his eyes and grumbles “spoiled little brat is what she is”
you tuck your head into rons chest, breathing in his warm scent. your hands intertwined around his neck ensuring your stop as his number one priority. "'m tired" you mope, nuzzling further into rons knitted jumper. "don't wanna go to class"
"pup, you know you can't miss" ron coos kissing your cheek. he threads his fingers within your hair, while his free hand butters your toast per whines and complaints. "now you gotta eat a little something" ron maneuvers you on his lap so he can feed you your toast.
you perk your head up from your sullen grumpy chewing so you hear ron get called from across the hall. you cling onto him, gripping his buff biceps.
"ronny, no" you whine tugging down on his jumper. "don't go and talk to them 'm right here"
"don't worry baby, 'm not going anywhere" ron chuckles, patting your head. he smirks grunting under his breath while he watches draco roll his eyes while sipping his tea and finishing up his potions notes. "my needy little girl"
"spoiled little brat is what she is" draco sighs with annoyance.
"hey! 'm not a brat"
"don't listen to him m'love" ron consuls rubbing circles on your back.
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clarrissanewt · a day ago
Hey I just read your new post can you make it slight future please, thank you <3
Good work 👍🏻
( sorry I'm new here )
Until The World Ends
Pairing: Harry Potter x Weasley!fem!reader
Warnings: kinda soft domestic au
Read Part I here!
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
GIF not mine! Credits go to the original creator!
A/n: Before I begin, this isn't what you actually requested for, although there would definitely be another part coming sooner or later
“In all honesty,” the red-haired Weasley rolled her eyes as she coiled out of the thick bubbly ‘warrior’ castle, leaving small kisses on each of the boys’ forehead (with the exception of Al, who decided to tag along with her), “I can’t name a kid ‘Expelliarmus’!”
Teddy and James whined at their mum (slowly they had started addressing their aunt as their mum, which definitely made Y/n’s heart swirl with all the motherly affections well before she married Harry), and before she could retort with a slightly less adorable whine of her own, ‘king’ Teddy scrambled out of the piles of cushions and pillows.
“But Dad uses that spell so often!”
Y/n couldn’t help but furrow her brows at this queer reasoning.
“So… you want the name after that?”
“Yes!” James screamed as he threw a rotund cushion at the raven-haired toddler, who was thrown over the matted floor (thankfully) before patting him (as he had seen as dad doing). There was a weird sort of ‘I beat you, I love you’ affection between them, Y/n couldn’t understand why.
“We will talk about it later,” she smiled at the two boys before her eyebrows high fived up in her forehead at the sudden realization. “Oh, Merlin! You three had to go to the Burrow!”
The usual chaos reigned. Since the time she had (at last) decided to take her maternity leave from St. Mungo’s, trips to the Burrow were a lot frequent. Molly had the most wonderful time of running after her numerous grandkids, often striking a conversation with her youngest daughter about the tight lipped topic- Ginny’s whereabouts.
The last time they heard from her was when she informed them she wasn’t returning; not returning back to Harry and her kids’ life to be precise.
So there wasn’t a surprise of the skeptical responses from the family when Harry had proposed the idea of marriage with Y/n. His former marriage had been an absolute marr, and Molly, who was more like a motherly figure to him, couldn’t help but wring her hands at this particular overture.
“Dear, do you really want another wedding?” She had very cautiously approached him, like a rabbit would approach a ferocious lion, “We all can nurture them together- Y/n loves them like her own, I know.”
Nonetheless, Harry knew from that particular day that Ginny was nothing Y/n was- she just seemed like a sugar coated pill while Y/n was a gilded endorsement that was in front of him since the start which he failed to notice.
Much to the whole family’s concerns, the wedding bells were heard again, and to Ron’s utter (so-called) dismay, Teddy and James had robbed him of his ‘best man’ job.
But the look in Ron’s face, Harry still remembers, the night before his wedding, when he had decided to politely intrude on him and his fiancee, was worth a capture in the camera roll.
“No matter what you are to me, you know how much I care for my mate-”
Y/n had squinted her tired orbs in utter appal as if to say ‘Seriously, I’m your sister!’
“I know,” Ron had sighed as his voice turned low, “I know, you are my sister...Ginny was too…”
The particular name had done the job of casting a suffocating blanket over their little banter. Sometimes Y/n just wished everything was like before (she often happen to mess her emotions at the sight of this raven-haired man; not knowing whether it would have been fine if all this never happened; his heart had never been broken, or to be glad whatever happened she was still his robust support)
“Bloody hell, leave that, you listen to me carefully, Y/n,” she was bolted out of her mind chewing concerns as her brother lightly pushed her back to the wall, the very same way he used to do since they were kids, a weird form of garnering her attention.
And this didn't escape Harry’s notice. He was quick to cushion her before the wall could even touch her.
Odd, you might say?
“Ron! Don’t do that, she’s pregnant!”
And that was the face Ron had made- orbs inflating at such a rate that Y/n thought they might just shatter from this unwanted pressure, his mouth opened and closed like an automated door which you were likely to find in muggle places. And with a yelp and boisterous flailing of arms he had run away.
The child-like Ron never left him.
“That’s...weird,” Y/n had said at last, her arms falling at her side for nothing but just to cut through the awkward tension, “he’s acting like he doesn’t have a kid.”
“It all feels so surreal,” she mumbled to nobody in particular, but Molly knew this wedding wasn’t a mistake. Harry was happy, the kids were happy, and even her daughter was happy.
As Albus tumbled his way towards his beloved grandmother, Y/n imagined that one day, a day not very far, there would be another sweet pea in their home.
“Surreal indeed,” Molly ruffled the toddler’s untidy hair, giving Y/n the sweet resemblance of Harry, “but I’m sure Al is going to love his little sibling.”
As she bopped her nose into Al’s cheeks, he tore into fits of giggles, giggles acting like welcoming chants of an inviting life. Life seemed good afterall.
No matter what odds came in their life, she would love this family, love them until the world ends.
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hi! i'd like to ask a one shot on fred weasley in which y/n is a slytherin who's best friends with draco and is in the same year as the golden trio. she's the typical pureblood, stubborn and proud slytherin, but also kinda shy. her and fred hate each other and are always bickering and even tough they don't realise it they actually have a lot of sexual tension going on since they're unconsciously attracted to each other. the rest is up to you.
thanks x.
Hello thanks for the request 💖 so today we have a special one shot with the prankster himself Fred Weasley.
This one was quite a fun piece to write hope you like it 🎉
(before reading a/n: please note I do take time in my writing and work any critism or negativity will be deleted. I'm not an expert writer please don't expect top notch quality.
I write for the simple fact I enjoy making people happy. I'm still learning and developing everyday and if there is a mistake then please don't critic it I will write it to my own standards. I want this to be positive to not only me but everyone around I only accept positivity💖.)
Without further ado I present
Fred Weasley X slytherin reader
Queens and pranksters👸🎉
Tumblr media
Y/n was the queen of Slytherin her looks and defined wicked, sharp tounge is how she became Draco's best friend. Your hair and eyes captured the attention of many boys, however you had no interest in them. Pansy was your best friend even at the best of times she was jealous of your style.
You stood in the hallway looking sharp and pompous as always. You stood by the slytherins code "purebloods above all else". You didn't care for the low lives of the wizarding world.
Draco walked by you strutting with crab and goyle. You were invited to all his birthday parties and events he held. His father favourited you in particular due to your smarts and less idiotic behaviour. He even admits your better than crab and goyle.
"oi y/n, couldn't help but notice you standin there let me guess potter mocked you again" Draco sneered.
You rolled your eyes the constant obsession of Draco's potter outbreak is quite annoying. "Not everything is revolved around potter Draco" you walked down the hallway. Draco walked faster trying to catch up to you "I will beat him y/n, you'll see the next Quidditch match I'll have my moment" he laughs.
You couldn't help but think how Draco was so up himself. He truly believed he could beat potter even if he loses. "At this point I wouldn't be surprised if you lost to a house elf in a staring contest".
Draco gaped his mouth open "how dare you, those filthy creatures are beneath me". You sighed despite the weasel being annoying he was your true friend.
"I saw Granger in the hall with Weasley, I was so tempted to hex them" you smirk as Draco snickered. "Those mudbloods wouldn't stand a chance" picturing the scanario between you and a pathetic mudblood.
Walking with Draco through the halls you heard familiar voices. It wasn't potter nor Granger it was...someone familiar. You furrowed your brows as Draco sneered "look its the Weasley twins". You couldn't help but shutter at those filthy pair of buggers.
"out of the way weasleys, abominations like you don't deserve to be in our presence" Draco scowled. You were for some reason torn between hexing them or waiting to see what happens.
You walked by Draco trying to be all proud looking. "Oi Fred look its weasel and his princess" Goerge Snickers.
That line "princess" made your blood boil. How dare he! No one refers to you that way. You grabbed your wand pointing it towards Fred's face. "Move it mudbloods" you scowled, Fred walked up to you chuckling. "Nah love I don't feel like it" he teased as Goerge grabs his wand.
Fred leans against the wall he was taller then you. "Oh shove off Weasley, you know you'll end up dead" you point your wand to his throat.
Fred suddenly mutters "now Goerge" as George shouts with his wand. "Toadicusopias" the green light hits your face as you grow wide eyed. "Merlin's beard, y/n are you alright" Draco shouts rushing to your side.
Goerge and Fred make a run for it "nice one Goerge" Fred high fives Goerge. Your face turned green and your eyes started to bulge. Draco looked shocked "Merlin y/n y-your face you looks like a toad".
You woke up as your face ached and head hurt. "Holy pixie dust your right" you felt the lumps, bumps and the slime coming from your face. Draco quickly rushes you to the nurse wing.
"don't worry y/n, I'll whip you up a potion" he runs while your face got worse. Madam pomfrey was tending some students leg when suddenly. "Oi you help please" he begged keeping your shoulder around him.
Pomfrey turns and screams "oh dear sweet Merlin y-your face" she covered her mouth. "Here quickly! Sit down" she rushes through the halls of the hospital wing.
After what felt like 5 hours you wake up. "ugh my head" you felt as though you had a throbbing headache. Draco left you a note reading:
"dear y/n
Sorry I couldn't stay for long, potter was coming down the hall and I had to leave. You'll understand pansy will visit you in the meantime.
You'll understand and forgive me once I win against those pair of mudbloods.
Draco Malfoy".
You sigh letting your body fall against the pillow. He really couldn't let potter go for 5 minutes couldn't he. "What a prat!" You thought to yourself after getting hexed and he didn't even stay.
From the corner of the hospital wing you couldn't help but hear some footsteps. "pansy! Is that you" you shout as the footsteps became louder.
Someone peered around the corner looking confident. "WEASLEY!" you shout searching for your wand. Fred smirked holding it in his hands "lookin for this love" you sneered.
"give it back!" You stood your ground, blood boiling in a rage of fury. "No can do love, I'm enjoying teasing ya" he poked out his tounge.
Your cheeks puffed a deep red in anger similar to how Draco feels with potter. "Away with you Weasley, I can still hurt you" you grabbed a random pillow. Fred snickered "alright love C'mon then" he taunted you.
You rush towards fred with the pillow as he holds you in place. "We done here yet" he raises an eyebrow. You screamed in frustration "not until I see you rot Weasley" you swung the pillow to his face. You were stronger then you looked.
You pinned his body to a wall looking up into his brown eyes. He was oddly good-looking from his smile, to his eyes they were beautiful.
Fred couldn't help but taunt you further by grinning. "Can't get enough love hopefully the next hex will be worse" he hated slytherins to the core.
He wasn't kind to anyone that believes in pureblood supremacy. His father was bullied by the purebloods constantly. He was in favour of letting muggles be accepted into the ministry.
You hit Fred swiftly with a pillow. He fell with a thud something was begginning to brew between you two. There was a lustful attraction hidden within the Gryffindor prankster and the Slytherin queen.
Just as you blush from Fred's cheeky grin he did something unexpected. He presses his pale lips onto your soft ones "gah Merlin! what was that" you backed away.
Fred had no idea what happened. "Dear Merlin did you rub ammontia against yourself" he tried to get closer to you. You scowled "don't be rediculous as if I would ever think of you like that".
Fred shakes his head "than why did i-" he was confused himself. "You kissed me for the love of Merlin you kissed!" You screamed nearly wanting to wash your mouth out with soap.
You had to admit it was your first kiss and it wasn't that bad. Fred wasn't a bad looking guy and even if he were pure you would never think of doing that. "D'you have a crush on me y/n" he smirks teasing you.
You growl as he left the hospital wing from that night on you had no idea what happened. First you felt oddly attracted to him to then him kissing you lightly. It was like freaky Friday.
You sit on the bed hoping possibly one day you could see him again. Beileve it or not you were still high in your bielefs but that kiss was something. You couldn't tell Draco it would ruin your reputation. You decided it would be best to keep it on the down low for now.
Time passes by since you were in the hospital wing. You didn't really do much aside from the occasional classes and constant Draco shannigans. You were bored out of your mind and half the time when Fred came by you caught yourself staring at him.
Fred was busy with his friends possibly playing pranks or Merlin knows what. "is it so bad just once he pulled a prank on me" you muttered to yourself.
Pansy looked at you questioning "what?!? Who Weasley". You snapped realising what you said "I-i mean no! We need revenge". Pansy looked at you as if you came out of St Mungo's "alright". You close your eyes sighing getting up, you decided to confront Weasley about the situation.
You walked as fast as you could knocking into Fred on purpose so you could leave a note in his pocket. "oi slimy Slytherin watch where your goin" Goerge snapped at the Slytherin.
Fred didn't say anything but only feeling the paper after you ran off. It read:
"oi, Weasley come meet me by the black lake ~y/n"
Fred stared at the note in confusion and decided to run towards the meeting place. "Oi Fred where are ya going" Goerge shouts as Fred ignored him. "Sorry mate catch up without me" he kept bolting to the black lake.
Not long after you were by the black lake leaning against a tree. "Oi y/n whaddya want" Fred out of breath tries to speak. You roll your eyes "ugh must you be late" walking up to his hunched stature. Fred gets up and smiles "aw you couldn't wait to meet me~".
You blushed "sh-shut up" while you lightly punched his arm. "y-you know why I'm here" you couldn't help but stutter. Your cheeks were bright pink "i-that night when you, kissed me Weasley".
"oh is that what this is about well sorry, y/n" he threw his arms in the air. The red haired boy smiled goofily "you were quite good at it" he winked.
You sneered "knock it off Weasley" as you held his hand. You blushed even more realising you were touching him. "See you can't even keep your hands off me" Fred winked. You lightly furrow your brows and frustratingly kiss his cheek "listen Weasley tell no one of this".
Fred places a hand up to his pale cheek. "Fine y/n, I can play that game~" he kisses your lips.
The two of you shared a passionate kiss by the black lake surrounded by pine trees. Even if you both hate eachother love and attraction bloomed within it.
A relationship blooming within a queen and a prankster.
Feel free to request anytime💖 ta ta💫
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yananotyourdoll · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Coffeeshop AU! Where Draco is super celebrity and barista Harry 🧋✨
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ameliora-j · 27 days ago
peach // mechanic!rw x reader
Tumblr media
words: 3k
warnings: mechanic!au,, insinuation of divorced/separated parents,, exes to lovers trope,, degradation,, choking,, finger sucking,, daddy kink,, teasing,, clit slapping,, overstimulation,, breeding kink,, cum play (not rly),, ALL ACTS ARE CONSENSUAL!
a/n: au idea from dani 🤩 (@silverdelirium here’s your tag bae!)
the heat of july was brutal as it infiltrated the inside of your old jeep, the air conditioner not doing much to cool you down. you sighed softly as you moved to roll down the windows, praying that maybe the fresh air of the night would help the brutal heat of the mid july desert. a strange clicking sound resounded throughout the car as you continued on down the deserted road, causing you to turn up your radio. the clicking sounded expensive and you were in no place financially to be worrying about car troubles right now.
you were about an hour and a half from home, in the middle of nowhere as you were driving back from seeing your older brother at university. the clicking of your car seemed to get louder, causing you to groan quietly. “stop that right now,” you mumbled, as if the car would hear and magically get you back home before inevitably breaking down the way you knew it would. you, of course, had no luck however, for as soon as the words left your mouth, your car jerked and slowed to a stop, making you groan loudly and you veered off onto the side of the abandoned road. placing the vehicle in park, you got out and opened the hood, allowing smoke to escape from underneath it. you kicked the tire as you groaned, slamming the hood shut. “piece of crap car.”
you were in the middle of nowhere, nobody could be seen for miles. there was no way that anybody would be magically coming around to assist you anytime soon. you climbed back into your car, closing and locking the door as you pulled out your. you let out a sigh as it flashed with one service bar and fifteen percent battery. you scrolled through your contacts before pressing on your brother’s name and waiting. “hey nerd, home already?” you could just barely make out his sentences due to the lack of service in the area.
“no. my piece of shit car broke down in the middle of nowhere,” you grumbled into the speaker. you hear his choppy laughter in response, making you roll your eyes.
the next words you were able to make out were “i told you… car… stone ages,” and that was all it took for you to know it was a dig at how old your beloved jeep was.
“fuck off asshole,” you grumbled. “not all of us get by gallivanting on daddy’s money,” you rolled your eyes.
“we… same dad,” he kept cutting out, but you knew your older brother enough to know exactly what he was saying to you.
“are you gonna help me or not asshole?” you complained.
“sure, where are you?” he asked.
“like two hours away from home,” you answered.
“mom’s house or dad’s house?” he asked.
“dad’s…” you answered nervously. your mom’s house was much closer to where your brother was going to uni at. however, per court order, it was your dad’s weekend to have you so you were driving back to his place.
“ynnnnn!” your brother complained loudly. “no way, you’re a four hour drive from here. i’ll call someone to see if they can help you alright? just hang tight. don’t go anywhere.”
“where would i possibly go, dumbass?” you deadpanned.
“fair point,” and then you heard the three beeps of him hanging up. you sighed as an alert flashed across your screen.
you closed your eyes as a stress induced migraine began to settle between the temples of your skull, deep in the frontal lobe of your brain as you waited. and waited. and waited. finally after what felt like eternities, but was really only ten minutes, your phone rang again. when you picked it up, your brother immediately began speaking. “ron’s on his way.”
“nevermind i’ll walk,” you told him.
“oh you’re being a big baby. i told you not to fuck my best friend,” he spoke, and of course the service allowed that sentence to come out clear as day.
“i didn’t fuck him you jerk, i was in love with him! but i didn’t know that he was just as much of an asshole as you are,” you didn’t let your brother speak again as you hung up the phone, letting out an exaggerated scream as you threw it into the passenger seat and flung your head back against your seat, trying to hold in your emotions at the prospect of seeing your ex boyfriend for the first time since you broke up eight months ago.
two hours later, there was a knock on your car window. you rolled it down and came face to face with a long-haired redhead with piercing blue eyes that just happened to be your ex boyfriend. “hey peach,” he smiled, and you nearly melted. “y’brother said you needed help. go on, pop the hood then,” you leaned forward and did what he said, allowing him to walk to the front of your jeep and prop the hood up. “come on out here, peach. wanna show you something.” you sighed loudly as you slid from the driver's seat of the car and walked to meet ron at the front of your car.
he handed you the flashlight and you held it for him as he began to work on stuff. “see that here?” he pointed to a small knob and you nodded. “‘s the oil, sweetheart,” he pulled the stick out and showed you it. “got nothin’ in there, ‘s why the car stopped working. need an oil change. ‘f you woulda kept driving like that, engine would’ve exploded. we don’t want that do we peach?” you shook your head nervously and he shot you a smile. “only think i can do is call a tow truck and get it to my shop. i’ll fix it up there, yeah? i’ll give you a ride back home.”
“i…” you began nervously and he tilted his head to gaze quizzically at you. your heart fluttered as you averted your gaze to avoid eye contact. you felt ron’s fingers gently grip your chin, forcing you to look at him and your breath caught in your throat.
“what is it, peach?” he hummed quietly.
“don’t have the money for a tow truck,” you bit your lip gently and he smiled before kissing your head.
“don’t you worry your pretty little head about that,” he ruffled your hair before walking to his car and grabbing his cell phone.
it was now the early hours of the morning, 3:30am to be exact, and you were sitting in ron’s dimly lit garage as he worked on your car. he was under the hood and you were sat on the table next to the car with all the tools, handing him whatever he asked for. it felt like old times. you really did miss sitting in ron’s garage with him as he worked on his cars. at some point, he had pulled off his t-shirt in an attempt to escape the july heat.
he kept pushing his hair from his eyes as he worked under the hood of your jeep and you slowly slid from the table you went over to him, pulling the hairtie from your wrist and gently combing your fingers through his long hair, and pulling it into the hairtie in a small manbun at the back of his head. “thanks peach,” he murmured softly.
“welcome,” you hummed back as you took your place back on the tool table. you let our a soft sigh as you rested your elbow on you knee, placing your chin in your hand as you waited for ron to be finished with your car. the longer you watched ron work, the more apparent the arousal between your legs became. his hair was messily pulled back into a manbun through use of your hairtie, his brows furrowed in concentration and his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as sweat dripped down the side of his face.
suddenly, ron was standing in between your legs and reaching behind you to the wall with all his tools. your breath hitched in your throat as you inhaled his scent. “sorry peach. needed the wrench,” he breathed as he slowly pulled away from you, holding up the aforementioned tool.
“oh uh… s-sorry,” you stuttered as you blinked hard, holding back a whimper that begged to release itself from the depths of your throat. you fought the urge to squeeze your thighs together, as ron was now standing in between them. shirtless, sweat dripping down his toned chest and abdomen. you looked up and realized exactly how close you were. one wrong move and your lips would be pressed together in a butterfly-inducing kiss.
“what’s got you all distracted, hmm?” you felt his breath fanning across your lips as he tilted his head to gaze at you. you didn’t say anything, but your eyes betrayed you. for they quickly flicked down to his lips before following suit down the rest of his body, following the dribble of sweat down his neck, between his pectorals, down his chiseled abdomen, and all the way untill it disappeared behind his dirty jeans, before you finally looked back up at his eyes. ron smirked as a chuckle left his lips. “me?” he asked. “i got you all flustered, hmm? you feeling it in your little tummy baby?” his smirk widened as a whimper escaped your lips. “i bet if i pulled back your pretty panties, your little cunt would be dripping for me,” he mumbled huskily in your ear.
“ronnie…” you whined.
“christ peach, eight months and you’re still nothing but a dumb little slut f’me,” he mocked. “s’pathetic, really.”
“please…” you begged softly.
“what do you want, hmm? wanna hear you say it,” he demanded.
“want you ron please. want your cock. wanna feel good please make me feel good,” you tugged at his belt loops, attempting to grind your cunt against his leg.
“yeah baby? want me to fuck you till you go all stupid? make you cum untill you physically can’t anymore? gonna stretch your little cunt over my cock untill you can’t think anymore baby. make you so stupid with my big cock. gonna make you feel me for days,” he promised, causing a wanton moan to escape your lips.
“please ronnie. haven’t felt good in so long,” you pouted up at him.
“yeah? no one’s ever been able to make your cunt feel as good as i did, isn’t that right princess?” you nodded, practically salivating at the prospect of finally getting to fuck your ex boyfriend, the best cock you’ve ever felt, after eight months. you spread your legs wider and tugged him even closer.
“fuck me ronnie. make me forget my name,” his hand wrapped around your throat as he pushed you back on the table.
“what’s my name, slut?” he raised a brow.
“daddy,” you bit your lip softly as you looked up at him with wide eyes. he groaned loudly, squeezing harder as his free hand went to the hem of your shirt, which was actually one of his old ones, and tore it off your form, before he bent down and pressed your lips together in a searing kiss. you moaned into his mouth as you bucked your hips up to mean his, moaning as the rough material of his jeans created an amazing friction on your clit through the thin shorts you decided to wear.
“dirty little slut, can’t even wait for me to take off y’clothes,” he teased. “go on then. fuck yourself on my thigh like the desperate whore you are,” he growled. you wrapped your arms around his neck and continued to rock your hips on his thigh. he found great pleasure in watching you desperately hump his thigh. his hand wrapped around your throat again as you threw your head back in both frustration and pleasure.
“please just fuck me already daddy i need it,” you whined.
“take off your clothes then peach,” he smirked. you immediately did what he said, pulling off the rest of your clothes you stared up at him as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them, and his underwear, down just enough to free his cock. “you know how i like you, peach. what are you waiting for?” you scrambled to bend over the table and put your hands behind your back.
he gripped your wrists in his big hand before pushing his cock past your walls. he moaned as he felt your cunt stretching around him before setting a punishing pace. giving you no time to adjust to his big cock abusing your cervix. the only sounds that could be heard throughout the garage were skin slapping on skin, your loud and incessant moans, and the squelching of your cunt as ron fucked deeply into you. he gripped your hair and pulled you up untill your back was pressed against his chest. “that’s it. you take my cock like such a good little whore. gripping me so tight baby fuck,” he moaned loudly. “best cunt i’ve ever felt,” he growled into your ear as he bit down on your neck.
“daddy!” you moaned loudly.
“god shut the fuck up,” he growled. “sick of hearing your dumb baby mouth,” he shoved his fingers into your mouth, causing you to gag on them.
“cum,” you gargled around his fingers.
“yeah? wanna cum slut? go ahead. soak my cock, milk me dry like a good little cockwhore,” he growled as his free hand reached down to rub roughly against your clit. you moaned loudly as your body spasmed and your cunt clenched around his cock. you repeatedly moaned out ‘daddy’ as your knees became weak and the only thing that kept you up was ron’s strong arm around your waist. his pace didn’t let up as he continued to fuck you into oblivion and his fingers continued the incessant rolling of your clit.
“please daddy. please already came it hurts,” you whimpered.
“awh,” ron mocked a pout. “hurts baby?” you nodded as a whine escaped your lips. “that’s too bad, cus daddy hasn’t cum yet. and i’m not anywhere near finished with you. i’m gonna make sure you don’t ever dare get anywhere near another cock. gonna ruin you for anyone that isn’t me. do you understand me slut? your cunt is mine. you belong to me.” he grumbled lowly into your ear. you merely moaned in response. “i asked a question, slut,” he demanded as his thrusts slowed before he came to a complete stop.
you whined lowly as you tried to fuck youself back against him. “please,” you whimpered softly. “please…” you gasped as your eyes rolled back. he gripped your hair even harder then.
“tell me what you are. who you belong to,” ron demanded. his hips still didn’t move, and neither did his fingers on your clit as you continued trying to fuck yourself back on him. his hand roughly came down on your clit in a harsh slap. “tell me,” he demanded, slapping your clit again.
you whimpered softly. “g-good…” you babbled.
“try again,” he demanded, slapping your clit again.
you whined, squirming as your cunt clenched around him. “slut,” you whimpered. “dirty little slut. j-just a hole for you daddy,” you moaned as ron’s pace picked back up and he continued abusing your cervix with his cock.
“whose dirty little slut?” he asked.
“your’s. daddy’s dirty little slut,” you moaned as he continued to rub your clit.
“cum for me again peach,” he commanded and you blindly obeyed. your body twitched and spasmed as your cunt clenched around his cock.
“daddy… cum in me. please. wanna feel you. want your babies,” you whimpered.
“want daddy to fuck a baby into you, peach? breed your filthy little cunt?” he teased.
“yes please daddy,” you nodded.
“then cum with me peach,” he demanded. you moaned loudly as you felt ropes of his cum spilling into your overworked cunt. you squirmed and twitched as his fingers continued to rub against your clit. your cunt spasmed around his cock as your back arched away from his chest and you let out loud, incessant moans. you screamed loudly as your release squirted out of your cunt and all over his lower abdomen. he moaned as he continued to rub circles on your clit. “good little slut,” he whispered in your ear as he slowly pulled out.
you squirmed and whimpered as he pushed his cum back into your cunt with his fingers. he shushed you as you whimpered softly. “shh baby, just gotta keep it all inside, yeah? don’t wanna waste it,” you nodded and allowed him to push his cum back into you. he pulled your panties back up and pat your cunt gently.
you hummed deliriously as ron lifted you by your armpits. his cum seeped out of your abused hole, soaking the fabric of your panties as your body fell limp against him. “wan’ be yours again daddy,” you murmured deliriously into his neck.
“you always were peach. you always were,” he pat your bum softly as he walked you up to the bathroom where he began immense aftercare. cleaning you up and washing your hair. he brushed through your hair and put his shirt and a pair of his boxers on you before climbing into his bed with you, allowing you to snuggle close to his chest as he rubbed your back, slowly pulling you back from your degenerative headspace.
laying in ron’s bed again made you feel whole. it felt like you were back at home. with him back in your arms, you realized that this is what you’d been missing. whatever reason you and ron broke up had now surpassed your mind. and you fell into a peaceful sleep, wrapped in the arms of the man that you have always and will always love. the man you planned to spend the rest of your life with. you knew that when you woke in the morning, you would continue to make up for eight months of long time. you knew that this was just the beginning. after all, ron did promise that he was nowhere near finished with you.
🏷: @roonilwazlibswhore @ronweasleylover1 @mollysolo @i-love-scott-mccall @Beautyandthemermaid @hogwartshomiehopper @desiredmalfoy @louweasleymalfoy @dracomalfoys-wh0re @rvnwhre @trashyvicks @jochim322 @bbyxbluess @dracomalfoys-wh0re @bellatrixscurls @missryerye @marrymetheonott @black-rose-29 @m4lf0ym1lk3rs @shrekboobies @mypainistemporary @nevsluvr @random-fandom-things-555 @ivettt @emmysworld @ameliaphoenix @lunacurlclaw @rudypankowisdaddy @griebis @catarina @bohologyc @gloryekaterina @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @biles-bilinskiii @ameliasbitvh @whoreforgeorgeandfred @georgelvr @amalfoyandariddle @mrslizzyolsen @whoreforgeorgeandfred @pandaxnienke @wlfstxr
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weaselbrownie · 2 months ago
Can I request a draco smut with overstim and possibly squirting?? I'm a whore for that LOL. Thxx 💞💞
warning : smut
a/n : should i host a sleepover lol?
"You’ve got somethin to say?"
Draco hissed as he ruts into your overused cunt. Tonight he's a bit frustrated, having to lose to Gryffindor once again, he's taking his anger out on you– not that you mind. He's gotten you to cum three times already and you could already feel yourself slipping.
Your muscles ached as he gripped your calf– hoisting it up to his shoulder to get a better angle. You opened your mouth to speak but your body betrayed you, a whine falls out of you as your back arched– your high just around the corner.
"Yeah, I thought so... Enjoying yourself hm?" Draco proceeded to pound into you as his mouth lingers on the side of your jugular, sucking colorful hues into you that will unquestionably show tomorrow. His lips continued to travel down your body, stopping on your chest to catch your left breast in his mouth, sucking and slightly biting the hard bud– jolting electricity within your body.
"Drac– O-Oh fuck yes" You threw your head back– eyes shut as you found it hard to speak with the amount of pleasure you are receiving. Without having to see what's happening you could feel Draco's wet lips letting go of your nipple followed by the rough pad of his palm grabbing onto your jaw, shifting your attention to him.
"Watch that mouth or I'll stuff my cock down your throat again" His movement stops, your eyes jolting open to meet his eyes piercing into yours to make up his point,  "Do I make myself clear?" He asked again through gritted teeth, the grip he had on your jaw tightens, slightly squishing your cheeks upwards. You gradually nod your head not wanting to upset him. "Good" His voice sharp before moving his hips again, his pelvic bone hitting you just right, rocking your whole body again.
It didn't take long for the euphoric feeling stacked at the bottom of your stomach to come back, your toes curling, and your muscles tightening. Your body is numb yet you can feel Draco's hand slithering down the side of your body, the sensation lightly ticking you before his hand rests upon your clit, bringing his thumb to rub circles over the sensitive nub, dragging one loud whine out of you.
"C'mon angel you're right there" He encouraged as he started pounding into you again, the feeling of the veins on his cock rubbing against your tight walls and his rough thumb circling your clit was simply too much. Your hand found its way home to Draco's shoulder, sinking your nails onto him– leaving your marks as your high approaches you. "Let it go... I'm right behind you" His breath raspy as he dips his head down to the nip of your neck, his lips lingering on your clammy skin.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your mouth formed an o yet no sound came out, arching your back as you hooked your arm around Draco's neck to keep him in place– his thrusts starting to become uneven. Draco's fingers didn't stop moving, helping you ride out your high until you eventually become too sensitive. He gave you one last powerful thrust before staying still, emptying himself into you.
You could feel it as thick ropes of cum started to fill you up. The sensation of his fingers on your overstimulated clit and his member twitching every once in a while made you whimper his name. Draco started to leave small nips of kisses down the side of your face, drawing himself up before pulling out of you.
Your chest heaved up and down as the feeling of his warm cum slowly leaked out of your overused cunt and onto the emerald sheets below. You started to get dizzy from the lack of oxygen– closing your eyes to take a breath as you saw stars gliding across the closed lids of your eyes.
Just as you thought you were finished you felt his lingering touch on the inside of your thigh, guiding you to open your legs again as he settles in between them. "Dray n-no" You muttered as your hand roamed the sheets in search of his.
"C'mon, why don't we try to pull one more out of you... you wanna be my good girl, no?" He murmured into your thigh, leaving kisses up until he was met with your cunt. "Look at this... so beautiful hm?" His fingers tracing around the outer lips of your cunt, gathering all the leaking juices and shoving them back into your warm hole.
"N-Nooo I wanna shower... " A whine slipped past your swollen lips, your fingers wrapping around his hand to stop him. You could see Draco's head lift up from the space between your open legs– delivering soft kisses on the inside of your thigh.
"You wanna use the safeword?" His head resting on your thigh, waiting for an answer. You bit your lip and tightened the grip you have on his hand before slowly opening your mouth to speak.
"I mean– N-No it's jus–"
"Then don't interrupt me" Draco dives back into you before delivering a harsh slap on your clit. Your body jolted up as you slightly closed your legs just for him to open them again. "That's what you get, hm" He hums as he entered his middle finger into you– slipping in so easily as the juices leaked out of you, making you squirm under his touch.
Draco lets you hold his left hand as his right started thrusting into you at a rapid speed. Since he didn't give you time to cool down another orgasm was fast approaching, stronger than the last one– you squirmed under him, lifting your hips to try to get away from his strong grip. "Stay still, won't you," He slipped another finger, in which your cunt gladly accepted with ease, swallowing his fingers greedily.
The once silent room is now filled with the sounds of his fingers driving itself into you and the soft mumbles of his name escaping your lips. You knew it wouldn't be long before you reach your high again– the fifth one of the night.
"You like my fingers?... Hm, tell me how you feel angel" His soft voice luring in the air as you gathered yourself to answer a simple question he asked. You nod your head and squeezed his hand but he didn't take it. "No, none of that c'mon... use your voice" He tuts, purposely slowing down his fingers just when it felt good.
"G-Good... So g-good Draco– I like y-your fingers" Your voice slurring– feeling his cold tongue on your clit, tracing shapes as his fingers thrust at a much faster pace. Your free hand went to roam his scalp, gripping his blond locks as you grinded yourself onto him which you know he loves.
"So close aren't you..." He mumbled as his tongue began lapping at your sopping cunt. He didn't need an answer to know that you were, the grip you had on both his hand and hair is tight, your back arched off the mattress and your toes curling– whining his name as you shut your eyes. "...there we go, so good f'me yeah?" His voice vibrated through your body, adding an insane amount of pressure on your oversensitive cunt. “Cum for me angel,”
For a moment everything went dark, all you felt was the adrenaline rushing through your veins and Draco's voice– far far away. The ringing in your ear surfaces for a split second before everything came rushing down. You felt him again, his tongue and his fingers helping you ride out your high. Your breath started to become heavy again as you felt Draco slowed down his movements, coming to a stop and giving your sensitive clit a kiss before getting up.
You didn't notice it at first as your vision was still blurry but Draco's face was wet, wetter than it should've been– then it hits you "Shit!... I'm so sorry did I do that?" Panic lacing in your voice as you tried to get up just to be pushed down by Draco again.
"Hey hey hey, slow down... Why are you sorry?" He asked as he leaned to the side to grab a towel, wiping his face before placing the towel on your cunt. Your face heats up as the embarrassment starts to take over you, letting go of his hand to hide your face in your own. You could hear him chuckle from the other side before he gently removed the hand covering your face.
"Angel, I really don't know what to tell you, but that was the hottest thing I've ever witnessed... don't start apologizing cause this is definitely not the last time I'm gonna make you do that," He said, affirming you before bringing your palm to his lips, leaving a kiss on each.
"Y-You're not mad?" You asked, unsure and scared for his answer.
"No of course not...You did so good, always so good f'me" His hand taking yours to place them on the back of his neck. Your fingers trembling as you played with the hair on his neck.
"Now let's get you that shower you wanted, yeah?"
TAGLIST : @microwavedhampster @whenuwereyoung @o-rion-sta-r @willowmores @youreso-golden @mzmalice3 @desiredmalfoy @hyuckiesgf @yiamalfoy @acciodignity
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destourtereaux · a month ago
treat you better - cedric diggory/harry potter x fem!reader (part one)
summary: after a month of hints, you and hermione have given up on trying to get ron and harry to ask you two to the yule ball. but nothing sparks action like a little competition... from none other than hogwarts golden boy, cedric diggory.
requested? yes, by an anon; see the request here
word count: 1.5k
join my taglist here :)
warnings: literally nothing, super fluffy, some jealousy
Tumblr media
a/n: hi everyone! this series will likely be in two parts, and it'll follow the love triangle of cedric, y/n, and harry. it's also my first time writing ced, so hope you enjoy and pls reblog to support! (dannie this is for u @ur-local-reality-shifter ced would love ya)
“Boys!” Hermione exclaims, throwing her hand up, and you can’t help but agree. “They’re just so -- so --”
“Daft? Infuriating? Excrutiatingly unobservant?” you offered.
Hermione smiles a little at this, “all three.”
The two of you had been dropping hints left and right about the Yule Ball to Harry and Ron for the past month, trying to get them to ask you and Hermione to go. But it was all in vain, you should’ve known those two dimwits wouldn’t realize…
“Remind me again why we like them?” Hermione prompts, a sigh escaping her parted lips.
Your expression matches hers, full of disappointment, “I wish I could tell you, Mione, I really wish I could.”
“Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, do you think we should ask them ourselves??” the brunette asks.
You immediately freeze, “Oh Godric, no, I’m so bad at that. But you’re right, they’re never going to realize…” you groan, “say, we give them another week? And if they still haven’t asked us, we’ll take matters into our own hands.”
Hermione nods in agreement, and after a quick goodnight, you adjourn the emergency meeting and crawl into bed.
Little did you know, the universe had other plans.
It had been a fun Herbology lesson, although rather peculiar; Professor Sprout had brought the class to Greenhouse 2 and showed them how to extract bubotuber pus. As a result, you were covered with dirt but satisfied with your work.
As you headed out the door and turned onto the stone corridor that encircled Hogwarts, chatting happily with Hermione, you heard footsteps approach from behind. Turning around, you see Cedric running up to you, his scarf blowing in the wind, a grin on his face.
“Y/N! Wait up! Can I ask you something?” he queries, catching up to you.
Hermione looks at you, and you tilt your head, perplexed. “Well, I’ll see you later, Mione.” She nods, waves at Cedric, and heads off to her next class.
“Hey Ced, what’s up?” you greet him with a smile. Cedric was definitely one of your favourite seventh years by far. You’d met on the first day of school when you had gotten lost and he helped lead you back to the common room. He was like that, always lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it, without the slightest ulter motive. And ever since then, you’d become good friends, occasionally hanging out in your respective common rooms and laughing while catching up. He’d never approached you right after a class though, so you were rather confused as to why he’d chosen to do so today.
“How are you, Y/N/N?” Ced asks when he’s caught his breath.
“I’m alright! Herbology was good today, but I might still need your help later; new essay,” you grin, knowing the Hufflepuff excelled at the subject.
Cedric nods, “Sure! You know I’m happy to help; but that’s not why I’m here. I actually wanted to know if you’d like to go to the Yule Ball with me?”
Your jaw drops as you struggle to recollect yourself. Of all the things he could have said, this was not what you had expected. As you start to come to your senses, you realize, would this be so bad? It was really hard to dislike Cedric, and you doubted anyone but the Slytherins did. He was so kind and smart, not to mention easy on the eyes too. It’s just that you’d never really thought about this.
Cedric misinterprets the silence, hastily adding, “Of course, it’s completely up to you, I don’t want to pressure you into anything, but I’d obviously love it if you said yes…”
“No, no! I’m so honoured that you’ve asked me, and you’re such a sweet person, but I need some time to decide, if that’s okay?” you answer warmly.
The boy looks relieved, lending you one of his charming smiles, “Yes, for sure, you can let me know whenever you’re ready. And Y/N, this isn’t a joke or anything, I’m honestly asking you, I think it’d be nice to go.”
You can’t help it as a blush blooms on your cheeks as you nod, unable to form another sentence.
“Right, so see you in the library this afternoon? I need some help with Arithmancy, and we can get cracking on the Herbology essay too,” Cedric finishes.
“Yep! I’ll see you there,” you smile, and wave goodbye to the tall boy. Then you shyly turn away from him and head on after Hermione.
The moment you’re sure you’re out of his sight, your brain goes into overdrive, and your strides become faster and faster until you’re almost running. Spotting familiar brown curls, you rush over to your best friend and everything spills out. “Hermioneithinkcedjusaskedmetotheballnisaididthinkaboutitbuticantreallythinkrightnow”
Hermione’s eyes widen and she pats you on the back. “Woah, calm down Y/N/N… what happened? Slowly, and in English please.”
You glare at her, and she laughs. “Cedric happened. He just asked me to the Yule Ball. In the corridor; after you left!! And I didn’t know what to say so I said I’d think about it but I still don’t know what to say after thinking about it. HELP!”
You watch as your best friend processes the information, brows lifting and mouth opening to form a perfect “o”.
“Y/N… Cedric just asked you to the Yule Ball?! And you said you’d think about it?!!!” She shouts, and you immediately muffle the sound by covering her mouth. “Right, sorry. I’ll be quiet but, WHAT?”
You shrug, as flabbergasted as she is.
“I think you should go for it. I mean, this is Cedric Diggory we’re talking about. Quidditch star, good student, overall great person, and one of your closest friends. Why wouldn’t you say yes?”
“Because, er, I mean when you put it that way…” you struggle feebly. And she was right, Ced was no doubt one of the most popular Hogwarts students, professors and students alike loved him, and he’d never failed to make you laugh or comfort you after a bad grade. “But… What about Harry?” you protested.
Hermione lends you a sympathetic look. “Y/N/N, Harry hasn’t picked up on our hints for a month now… if you keep on waiting for him, you won’t have a date. I know you like him, but maybe Cedric is the change that you need! If you won’t give him a chance, do it for me, we’re in the same boat here.”
You wince, thinking about Ron’s lack of observational skills. “Okay, Mione, we’ll see where this goes,” you agree, and your friend beams.
At 5pm, you headed down to the library for your study session with the Hufflepuff boy, your heart was hammering away in your chest, and you prayed it wasn’t showing on the outside.
As you spotted a familiar figure making its way towards your table, you immediately stood up, and sat back down again, not sure what to do.
“Hi Y/N, nice to see you again,” he smiles warmly, and that cements the choice you’ve made.
“Hey Ced, same here! I just wanted to say that I’ve thought about what you said, and my answer is yes, I’d love to go to the Yule Ball with you. Thank you for waiting,” you blurt out, and immediately turn a bright shade of red.
A huge grin lights up the boy's face and he quickly replies, "Oh my god, we’ll have so much fun together! You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that, Y/N; much, much longer than a day."
And before you can even begin to take in what he had just said, you two got back into the groove of studying, and it felt as if nothing had changed as you giggled at his little jokes and he high-fived you every time you got a question correct… almost.
The next morning, you went about your day as usual, eating breakfast at the Great Hall before heading down to the quidditch pitch for practice. It was a beautiful day out, and your team was performing incredibly well; it boosted all your moods when practice ended and your captain complimented everyone.
As you leave the pitch, you see Cedric approaching you again, and your heart speeds up.
“Y/N! I was wondering, if you’re free this afternoon, would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me? There’s a new restaurant there and we could get lunch.”
How could you resist that grin and those wavy golden locks of his? “I mean, I might be a little busy, y’know, hanging out with some other friends of mine,” you tease.
He picks up on the joke and joins in with a wink, “Mhm… as long as they aren’t boys, can’t have you stolen away before I get to properly date you.” As if on cue, he picks a flower from the grass and tucks it behind your ear, brushing aside a strand that had gotten onto your face.
You can’t help but smile. “Alright, maybe I’ll go with you,” you concede, and Cedric gives you a celebratory peck on the cheek. As he pulls back to look at you, an involuntary grin tugs the corners of his lips up; he'd never get tired of making you happy.
Unbeknownst to either of you, Hermione and two very familiar boys had caught the whole scene from the other side of the bleachers. Your best friend was absolutely delighted, seeing how kind and romantic Cedric was… but unlike Hermione, Harry was far from happy.
****** tagging: @ur-local-reality-shifter @sanctimoniousslytherpuff @nevillelongbottomlover @the-romanian-is-bae @famdomhideout @satellitespidey @simp027 @riddikulusweasleys @what-am-i-doing10 @poony-madfoot @hithere55 @pogueslandia @izzyyy-1 @jodibullock1 @maybanksslut @iwritesiriusly @cory-was-hexed @slytherclawbitch @wwandavision @mrzweasley @1-800-amortentia @amelialupin @bolaurel @theincredibledeadlyviper @myalupinblack @emma67 @amortentiaaaa @cloudywitchh @peachybaes
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hinnyissuperior · a month ago
harry potter has only signed one autograph in his life.
it was when he was out in public, and a girl came over to him. he nearly groaned in exasperation because no i will not sign your bag with your lipstick-
but, instead of saying “are you the chosen one” or “are you the boy who lived”, this girl practically screams:
and harry felt SO PLEASED, and signed that girl’s shirt, and took a photo with her.
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l0vely-lupin · 5 months ago
hi🧡 i was wondering if you could do maybe a mattheo riddle x reader? if you’re comfortable with that ofc:) i love ur imagines and i hope u have a nice weekend
His Lady
Mattheo Riddle x Fem!Reader
Summary: After Mattheo gets jealous, he realizes how much he misses you.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of broken glass, fluff, angst
Requested: Yes | No
a/n: i hate this but you guys don’t so…
Tumblr media
You were perfect.
An absolute angel in his eyes.
Everything about you was beautiful.
Your hair, your eyes, your lips.
Oh, how he wanted to kiss your lips. Your soft beautiful lips. The same lips he’d seen moving softly to the rhythmic music. The same lips that would always be addictive to him.
He could only imagine how it would feel to be someone more for you. Being the girl you were, it was everything he would need. Everything he could ever want.
You were his best friend.
His partner.
His lady.
You loved him and knew he’d always be there for you. You knew what there was absolutely nothing that could separate you both.
However, for the smallest bit of time you both felt as if that were not true.
He’d gotten jealous.
Just a bit.
Okay, maybe he’d gotten really jealous—not that he’d admit that.
A boy he didn’t know was talking to you. You were laughing, looking genuinely happy. It set a pang to his chest.
Of course, it ended up in an argument.
He would take back every single word he said to you if he could. It was never worth it. After you finally stormed out, face stained with mascara, he took a look around his dorm.
Broken glass, ripped paper, and he could swear he heard your shouts toward him still bouncing off the walls.
He didn’t sleep that night.
Actually, he didn’t sleep for many nights after you continued to ignore him.
In his eyes, you were the picture of grace. With your perfect white gloves, and your lovely heels, and your beautiful stance that would make any guy falter. In his eyes, you were like a magnum opus.
A lady.
He’d been working up the courage to ask you to go to go out with him for years, but every time he tried a thought would creep past his mind. Lingering and haunting him. Filling him with dread.
She’s a lady, and I’m just a boy.
But this time, he frowned and pushed his shoulders back in the mirror and stared at his reflection. “I can do this. I’m going to ask Y/n to be my girlfriend.”
He needed this to be perfect. If anything went wrong, he might lose you forever and he didn’t want to risk it.
A few (4,392) times of repeating the same thing, he finally decided he would. He recited what he would say, bought you the rosiest of roses, prepared the best of surprises, and hell was he smitten with love because he’d never seen a girl the way he saw you.
He could feel his body sweat as he waited for you to arrive in the Room of Requirement, holding a basket of the rarest plants with charmed roses that stayed vibrant forever.
You weren’t sure whether to go. Once you received the letter you immediately became aware of a sense of hope. The fact that he was trying to fix what he’s done did it for you really.
And there you stood at the door in the empty corridor, red heels, white dress, red lipstick put to perfection, just for second thoughts.
He started to lose hope. He began to think that you went back to that other guy. His shoulders slumped and he put the basket down, going to turn around before he heard the door open.
There you were. Angelic. He smiled and you looked around the room.
There were cream drapes, carpet, the floor was huge and overly extravagant. As if it were for a ball, being it probably was. And in the middle of all of it was him.
“Y/n. I- bloody hell.” He stuttered when you advanced to him. “I forgot my speech. Uhm-”
You slightly smiled.
“Oh just forget it. Y/n, you- you look amazing as always. You’re everything to me. You’ve been my best friend for so long. Sticking with me through thick and thin, making me feel special all the time, helping me through this there and that. Thank you. But- I don’t just want to be friends with you, Y/n. I want to be yours. I want you to be my lady. Hell, I am so sorry for everything I said to you and I-”
He abruptly stopped when your lips planted on his, hands holding his face. His eyes fluttered shut and his hands held your waist, pulling you impossibly closer.
Merlin, if he wasn’t so distracted right now he’d faint.
You pulled away and smiled. “I just wanted you to apologize. I love you, Theo.”
Your foreheads linked and he let out a relieved laugh, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as he whispered,
“You’re a lady. My lady.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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gxtitobxby · 7 months ago
breakfast of champions // james potter
Tumblr media
the one where james wants you to sit on his face but you are shy
pairing: james potter x reader (fem!reader)
word count: 1464
content/warnings: oral sex (fem receiving), daddy kink, dacryphilia, overstimulation
a/n: I am so soft for this man.
“please, baby. I promise it’ll be good, promise you’re gonna love it.”
The soft rays of sunshine are barely sneaking through the curtains, the sun only recently having poked its head from behind the horizon. It’s warm in the room, which explains why he’s naked except for the dark maroon briefs that cling to his body, soft wispy hairs forming a delicate little trail that disappears into the waistband.
James has you straddling him, stripped from the waist down thanks to the events that took place the night before, his hands are gripping your hips giving you an encouraging squeeze as he whines for you to give in. There’s still traces of sleep in your eyes, movements slow and lazy; and yet, he can feel the nerves radiating from you, bottom lip caught between your teeth and fidgeting hands gripping at the shirt (his) that ends right under the swell of your bottom. The shirt you haphazardly threw on last night after he made you cum, twice on his fingers and once on his cock. He doesn’t want to pressure you into anything, but he’s certain you’re going to enjoy it, and he knows your hesitance comes from some deep-rooted insecurities he’s determined to help you through, hopefully so one day you see yourself the way he does. He ups his game and shapes his lips into an exaggerated pout. “please, angel.”
The pair of you have had sex before, you’ve been intimate in ways that would have your mother blushing and clutching her designer pearls. But somehow, the thought of sitting astride his face as he feasts on your cunt, and the vulnerability that comes with that, makes a thousand vicious little butterflies flutter in your stomach.
“we can stop at any time. ‘s soon as you’re not enjoying it anymore, we stop.” He means it, and you know it. His hands move down, tracing what he hopes are comforting littles circles on your thighs. He tilts his head, trying to meet your gaze, the softest of smiles growing on his face. You can’t help but mirror said smile, blood rushing to your cheeks as you let out a big breath, and with it (you hope) all your trepidations.
“okay” and you wished you’d said it earlier, because the excitement on James’ face makes everything else pale in comparison. You love him, and most importantly you trust him. And you can't imagine doing this with anyone else.
His hands tap you on your bottom as he instructs you to “hop on, pretty bunny.” As you begin to crawl over his body his hands once again reach for you, grabbing at the hem of your shirt “wait” and he rids you of the imposing fabric covering your torso. You’re now completely bare, with tousled hair and sparkling eyes, and he notices the goosebumps that begin spreading all over your skin. “such pretty tits, baby” he sighs and grabs at your exposed breasts with the perfect mixture of a soft caress and a tightening grip “so so pretty”.
You’re already embarrassingly wet, and you’re sure he feels the slick that’s now smeared across his lower abdomen where you’re sat. As he helps you up his chest and onto his face, you can't help but feel an electric current of excitement travel through your body, all the way from the very top of your head and down to your curled toes.
The only warning you get is his pained groan at the sight in front of him, your lower lips are glistening and inviting, and he’s practically drooling with anticipation. He dives in, feasting like a starved man. His hands keeping a punishing grip on your thighs, which he tightens when you begin to squirm at the overwhelming feeling of his mouth ravaging your already tender cunt.
“daddy” hearing you already whimpering brings an arrogant smirk to his face, a smirk you can feel between your sensitive folds. “pleasepleasepleaseplease”
You don’t even know if you’re asking for him to keep going or slow down, because your thoughts are becoming a blur, leaving you breathless and irreparably needy. James has always prided himself on his ability to make you into a brainless puddle of whines and whimpers in a very short amount of time. Your hands travel to your breasts searching for something to hold on to, to ground you, but he slaps them away with a quick “mine” as one of his palms quickly replaces yours. Now your hands are aimless, desperately moving from the headboard, to your mouth, then to the big hands holding on to you, only to finally find a home in the raven curls between your thighs. Your need for release is the only thing driving you at this point, and you can't help but move your hips, grinding on his face as the pleasure becomes too much and not enough at the same time. Wanton moans escape your mouth and all your previous hesitations vanish into thin air.
James feels like he is in heaven. Your soft pillowy thighs are the perfect pair of earmuffs and he thinks to himself that to die between them would be the best way to go. He loves you, and he loves to watch you lose yourself in the pleasure. Pleasure that he is giving you.
Your orgasm is heating up, and as your belly tightens so do your fingers gripping at his locks. You look down and it almost makes you cum right then and there. He’s messy, slurping and slobbering all over you. His face flushed due to the lack of oxygen, but he is burning with determination. Humming as he lets you ride his face, he looks up at you and he thinks that you are the most beautiful sight.
“let go f’me, baby” he says between swipes of his tongue through your folds “c’mon ’ve got you pretty girl”
And you do let go, and it’s not even a conscious decision. The orgasm explodes inside of you, a thousand little starts travelling through your veins taking you to a place outside of your body.
But James doesn’t slow down, his movements are unwavering, only getting rougher and sloppier with each passing moment. He’s still hungry, eager to see you come undone over and over again.
“s’too much, daddy” your whimpers are pathetic, and your thighs begin to tremble as you try hold your weight above his face. “s’too much”
James doesn’t reply, he just groans into your cunt and uses his teeth to gently graze at your sensitive clit with the tiniest little nip. The moan that comes out of your mouth is loud and it echoes between the four walls that surround you. And it’s so beautiful, and genuine, and so full of raw uninhibited desire that James almost regrets the muffliato spell he cast as soon as he set his eyes on your sleeping form.
After your second orgasm, your body loses all its strength, and you can barely keep yourself upright. This is a new position for you and you’re already extra sensitive from the night before, so James takes pity and gives you a break. Your throat is dry and hoarse after all the whines and moans and whimpers, chest still heaving from leftover sobs that wracked through your body. With a sweet kiss to your throbbing button, James eases you off of him and onto the spot beside him, your exerted body slumping unceremoniously on the bed. He has the biggest grin on his face, and eyes so full of love it’s almost overwhelming. His hands move to your flushed cheeks, brushing away strands of hair that are stuck to your tear-stained face.
There’s a couple moments of quiet, as you both recuperate and catch your breaths. His thumb rubbing soothingly on your cheekbones, and down your jaw, and over your lips, his eyes never once leaving yours. He leans over and envelops your mouth with his own, nipping at your lower lip, tongues greeting each other like old friends. You notice he’s still coated in the sweet nectar you released into his mouth, and the realization leaves you dazed.
“best meal I ever had, bunny” he says once he pulls away with a mischievous glint in his eye. And you can't help but blush as your hand slaps against his shoulder before covering your face to muffle the giggles that betray you as they escape your sticky lips. James’ hands circle around your wrists, forcing you to reveal your flushed face to him, now sporting an embarrassed smile. “’m serious, breakfast of champions.” And then you’re both giggling, a mess of tangled limbs and sweet whispers of I love yous under rumpled sheets. And you can't think of a better way to start the day.
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sereinegemini · 2 months ago
Dad!Marauders — Part Four
Baby Coddling || Masterlist
Pairing: Poly!Marauders x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 391
Summary: The boys coddle F/n even more as the due date nears.
Warnings: fluff (pregnancy, pet names)
Tumblr media
“You don’t need to coddle me.” you whined when James insisted you stay in bed, adjusting the pillow behind your head.
“Love, the baby’s due in only a few weeks. Take it easy, yeah? What are three boyfriends for, if not to pamper you?”
“Fine.” you sighed, smiling at him, “Guess I can’t complain.”
“‘Specially when they’re three hot boyfriends.” Sirius teased as he walked in, a confident grin on his face. He handed you a plate of food, making sure you had everything you needed.
“Thank you, darling.” you pulled him into a quick kiss, love fluttering in your chest for these boys.
“‘nything for you, puppy.” he replied smoothly, stealing another kiss before leaving the room.
“Cuddle with me?” you begged James, giving him puppy-dog eyes.
He chuckled, “‘Course, love. Didn’t think we’d leave you alone in ‘ere, did you?” He climbed into bed next to you, pulling out your book and reading it to you while you ate.
Fifteen minutes later, Remus slipped into the room, Sirius in tow. “Readin’ without us, poppet?”
At this point you were done eating, plate discarded at the foot of the bed and cuddled up against James. His cologne relaxed you—currently one of the few scents that didn’t turn your stomach. “Would never, honey.” you jested, eyes lidded.
Remus chuckled, laying down beside you, Sirius on his other side. He wrapped his arm around your middle, nuzzling into you. This was one of your favorite times; cuddled up in bed with your loves, feeling safe and warm between them.
You all laid there for a bit, eyes closed and basking in the serenity of the moment, listening to James’ voice wafting through the room.
“Are you gonna fight us when we try to help you take a bath later, puppy?’ Sirius asked groggily, amusement evident in his voice.
“‘Course, I told you I don’t need coddled. Y’think I can’t bathe on my own?”
“We never said that, just wanna take care of you.” Remus countered, holding you closer.
You knew what he said was true, and you didn’t actually mind them taking care of you. It was all out of love, the overprotectiveness and spoiling. Because these boys loved you with all their hearts, and you loved them with all of yours. And you knew they’d love your daughter just as strongly.
Tumblr media
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angel4you · 20 hours ago
hi i’m back 🥴
i like to think of myself as an expert on crybaby!reader (considering i am one) and all i can think abt rn is crying so hard that you accidentally give yourself a migraine and the pain makes you cry harder and ron and dray coaxing you through it with slight dumbification bc… yeah 😵‍💫
no, because all throughout middle school i cried every day and got bullied for it that’s why my only friend was my dilf english teacher
“shh pup” ron coos wiping his thumb across your burning cheek. his other hand rests on your thigh as he rubs back and forth. “it’s all okay my love, we’re here f’you”
"n-no-" you hiccup, shivering in dracos arms as he cradled you.
“hush puppy, no need to use that dumb little brain if yours we got you” draco kisses your temples attempting to relieve some sort of discomfort.
“no, i just, you can’t, i-”
as the boys hush you, all you can do is keep sobbing into dracos button up. “let your daddies take care of you, your baby brain needs a little break”
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acosmis-t · 4 months ago
Fluff of blaise being rly soft with you when your sleepy and rocking you in the boys room and all the boys just being used to it (they've discovered a way for you to get into the boys Dorm)
rest || b.z. x reader
word count: 487
warnings: fluff, theo being annoying
“not again,” draco groaned.
blaise shot a quick glare toward the boy, then to the others in the dorm. he knew the complaint wasn’t genuine, but he was still sure to silence it immediately. but contrary to his harsh gaze, the arm wrapped around you was excruciatingly gentle. he kept you tucked into his side, your blinks slow as the exhaustion overcame you.
ignoring theo’s stifled laugh, blaise led you to his bed. you mumbled something incoherent, mentioning unfinished assignments, but he had none of it. he simply fell onto the mattress, bringing you down with him.
you instinctively curled against his chest, eyes shutting tightly. you had nearly fallen asleep on him in the common room, and you definitely were going to now.
“oi,” came theo’s voice, gathering your attention. when you tilted your head in acknowledgment, he continued, “can’t even get a ‘hello’?”
you snorted, turning back into your human pillow, but not without muttering, “hello, theo,” in response.
blaise sighed. “shut up, theo.”
you smiled, pressing a kiss to his throat. “it’s alright, you know how needy he gets.”
“i am not—”
“shut up, theo,” blaise repeated, but the amusement turned it to a lilt, entirely soothing.
you knew the other boys were equally entertained, that they enjoyed these moments, even if they happened much more often than they should. you were a constant in their dorm at this point, sleeping in there more than you did in your own.
the fatigue regrew, and blaise took to tucking the hair behind your ear recurrently, nails scratching ever so slightly. his other hand ran up and down your spine, bringing you to rest. and as much as he would hate to admit it, he was somewhat grateful that the group knew to stay quiet, the curtains that surrounded the beds doing nothing for noise control.
he whispered delicate things in your ear: praises, promises. words that never failed to rock you into unconsciousness, holding fast to his body and leeching every bit of warmth from it. i love you, his lips imprinted onto your temple, shaped only by his adoration.
and while he was normally cold, reserved, he never failed to be tender with you. as if you were something precious, something to be coddled. you left another kiss, gratitude, and blaise held you tighter.
“go to sleep, dove. i’ll make sure someone doesn’t bother you anymore,” he whispered, though you could hear the smile in his tone.
you had nearly drifted off, still embracing every one of his ministrations, when yet another remark came, this one bringing a soft grin to your face.
“yes, goodnight, dove—” theo mocked, and you wouldn’t be able to hear the end of it, as blaise was already shooting a swift langlock in his direction.
you heard the protests, as well as the laughs, and you found that there was no better sound to fall asleep to.
tag list: @gingerspicetalks @amourtentiaa @elleofzephyr @randomoutsiders @eunoniaa @glossygranger @thecoffeelover @dracomalfoys-wh0re @inglourious-imagines @sambucky8 @sweeterthansammy @plutosdelacour @spencerreidsimp @wholebigboxofyikes @ambi-doo12 @daisymyangel @nerdishkiwii @90smalfoy @ccnicole02 @skaratjung @14etoiles @yumicloudshp @gxtitobxby @beauty-is-pain-pain-is-beauty @ang9lic @ronsbadidea @gryffindorgirl @dlmmdl @siriuslyslyslytherin @wwandavision @moreloveforluna @maybesandohnos @chaoticbisexualravenclaw @daisyyy2516 @o-rion-sta-r @msmimimerton @pinkandblueblurbs @slytherin-aesthetic2406 @notthatchhavi @queenofthebutterball @avcelest @akucharas @baconmuffins1216 @i-love-scott-mccall @ronbrokemyheart @lolooo22 @gwlvr @malfoysbiitch @artemis1orion @drachoesimp @ayaosk @babydraco04 @planetweasley @roonilwazlibswhore @railmeharrypotter @weasleysbitch2 @willowmores
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toms-diary · 3 months ago
Golden Retriever Boy  | J.P.
pairing: james potter x gn!reader
requested: yes | no
summary: james is a golden retriever boyfriend
warnings: food mention
a/n: decided to make this a headcanon instead because it makes more sense
masterlist | taglist
We all know that when James swoons, he swoons hard
He’s Mr. Romantic-Awkwardness
He tries his best to show how much he loves you
Every time you do something for him, he gives you that adorable toothy smile
When you give him gifts, he flushes beautifully
James love language is anything to do with food and touches
He loves cooking and baking
He will bake cookies at 3am just for you (sometimes you catch him and help)
James wakes up in the morning when he doesn’t have to work in order to make you breakfast in bed
He loves giving you sloppy kisses and soft little kisses everywhere, especially your forehead and lips
When you cook a meal, he’s always excited to try it (even if it’s bad)
He always helps you when he’s able to
He’s also a big teddybear
James is a sucker for cuddles (but he’s a blanket hog)
He’ll make these horrible jokes and then laugh at them (which makes you laugh)
He even says cheesy pickup lines just to annoy you sometimes with that teasing smirk of his
When James gets tired, he will just flop on you and expect head rubs
“Jamessss, I’m being squished”
“Head rubs,” of course he’s pouting
His hair, his hair is so so soft
He constantly rakes his hand in his hair and then fluffs it
James kisses the back on your hand whenever you two are going on a date
It’s also been such a constant thing to where if he kisses your hand, you know you guys are going on whatever date James has planned
He’s a sucker for cinema, picnic, and stay-at-home dates
James writes love letters to you
He hasn’t told you this yet because he’s planning to give you each one when he proposes
When James gets passionate about something it’s difficult to ignore
It’s adorable when he’s talking about something dorky and using all these dramatic hand gestures to
James likes to draw you little doodles of whatever (they’re all on the fridge now)
He also has a scrapbook album dedicated to you and him (and also just you)
Sometimes James forgets how tall he is, and ends up hitting his head on the door frame
He loves animals and it’s a problem
“Pleaseeee y/n, one more”
“James, we already have a dog and a cat”
“But this one is different”
“I love you… but I don’t think we can fit a horse in our small yard”
James was really sad that day, but you made it up to him by drawing him a little horse figurine
He also loves kids
Every time he sees a baby he gushes over it
And prefers sitting at the kids table during family dinners
He’s good with kids of all ages (including teenagers)
James likes to tap his fingers on your tummy or collarbone
He also loves squeezing your thighs
It’s probably a stim because you know he has adhd
When you introduced James to legos… let’s just say there’s an entire room dedicated to them now
It’s never the bare minimum with him, he always goes above and beyond to show how much he loves you
He fully believes in communication and consent
James will always ask you for a kiss or hug
And going back to how he’s a blanket hog, James also has a problem with buying blankets
There’s a whole closet dedicated to them and you guys actually use most of the blankets when friends are over
James also builds blanket forts for you two to sleep in as dates
Just— golden retriever James
tags: @railmeharrypotter @ilygw @trcacletart @prvngslet @starless-starkov @fizzleberries @pottahishotasf @just-a-smol-spoon
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salazarslytherin · 3 months ago
😚 for james potter and him comparing hand sizes like a lovestruck idiot ? (congrats on 2k btw, you deserve it!)
this is really cute-
please join my celebration <33
james potter x genderneutral!reader <3
tw/cw: nothing
word count: 0.2k
🃛 masterlist!
tag list at the bottom ☯︎ join tag list here
Turning around to see who had called your name, the books in your hand slipping from your grasp as you did so.
"Oh shit-"
James hurried over as he berated himself internally, falling to his knees to help you gather your books, a blush gracing the boy's face as he did.
"Sorry, I was just trying to, um, offer to help."
You smiled at the reddening boy, thanking him quietly as he took the bulk of your reading material into his grasp.
"Thank you, James."
The seeker couldn't resist the infection of your smile, his heart accelerating as the two of you made your way away from the library and back towards your Common Room.
"How were you struggling with these books? There's only like four here."
You huffed at the teen, rolling your eyes at him as you adjusted the strap of your bookbag upon your shoulder.
"Sorry I'm not strong like you, Mr Quidditch Star. Some people have smaller hands and less strength, alright?"
A hearty laugh escaped the Gryffindor as he stopped in his stride, noticing that you had stopped your trek towards the Common Room, hands crossed as he stared down at you.
"What's wrong now?"
You tilted your head at the boy, frowning.
"How big are your hands then, Mr Seeker."
James cracked a smile, one that felt infectious as you suppressed the desire to smile back at him.
"Wanna compare and find out?"
A brow was raised as you feigned contemplation, lips quirking to a side as James was consumed with the thoughts of your lips on his.
"Mm, no. You just want an excuse to hold my hand, Potter."
"What- That's not it!"
taglist: @marvelslut16, @siriusbarnesslut, @marimorena06, @weasleysbitch2, @reg-arcturus-black, @risingtripletaurus, @themoonwithprophets, @quindolyn, @lilypad-55449, @kermiemoon, @jamespotterlover, @remoony1, @siriusblackwifeeey, @iamnibbsi, @azura-mist, @accio-remus-lupin, @greenlyblue, @lillsthoughts, @jeannelupinblack, @i-love-scott-mccall, @justadreamyhufflepuff, @shit-thats-true, @dorcasmeadowesx, @elenapatricia99, @90sgoldentrio, @itsmentalillness, @sprucewoodlover, @kiaslily, @daisyyy2516, @whoreforegeorgeandfred, @selenesheart, @i-wanna-b-yours, @teenwolfbitches28, @zzzfour, @secretsthathauntus, @victoriatori2006, @bberee, @dracosafety, @percyweasleyspuff, @remusjlupinisdead, @gothboutique, @missryerye,
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ameliora-j · a month ago
show me ii // rw x reader
words: 1.1k
warnings: innocence kink, corruption kink, mean dom!ron, praise kink, slight degradation, throat training, slapping, oral (m!receiving), hair pulling, all acts are consensual safeword is in place!
a/n: idk if i like this one tbh
you’re kneeled on the floor as you stare up at your boyfriend with wide, innocent eyes. “ronnie?” you ask softly.
“yes puppy?” he looks down at you with all the love and adoration in the world.
“what’re we doing?” your head is cocked to the side and your brows are furrowed slightly. you and ron had now been dating for a few weeks, and every time you’re in his room, buried between the sheets, he’s teaching you something new about your body. ever since the first time he made you cum on his tongue and fingers.
“gonna teach you something, angel,” he smiles down at you. “that okay?” you nod and he bends down to kiss your head softly. “alright baby, open y’mouth,” you hesitantly do as he says and he smirks down at you. ron takes his first two fingers and slides them in your mouth untill they’re hitting the back of your throat, making you cough and gag. he leaves them there for a few seconds before pulling them back out.
“relax your throat f’me angel,” he murmurs softly. you nod, taking some more deep breaths before opening your mouth and allowing him to go again. the second attempt produces the same results, your coughing and gagging around his fingers as tears are filling your eyes. “breathe through your nose,” he mumbles, not moving his fingers this time. you’re squirming and whimpering around the obtrusion in your throat as tears cascade down your cheeks, taking your mascara with it. you look up at ron hopelessly and he lets out a disappointed sigh, pulling back his fingers, a trail of saliva connecting them to your mouth. “baby,” he tuts gently.
“‘m sorry ronnie. can’t do it,” you whimper softly.
“if you can’t even take my fingers then however am i gonna get my cock in that pretty little mouth of your’s?” he pouts mockingly.
“ronnie i dunno what that means,” you’re whining is quickly cut off by a slap to your cheek, causing you to whimper and bring your hand up to the afflicted area. “owie…” you whimper softly. though it didn’t truly hurt, and both you and ron knew that. he knew you liked it no matter how much you whined and complained when he did it. he knew that if he were to peel back your little panties, he’d find your cunt slick with arousal, needy and begging to be touched.
“oh shut your mouth that didn’t hurt. don’t be a brat angel,” he glares at you. “quit y’fucking whining. you know i hate it when you whine.” since dating, ron had become quite the hard dominant, and you absolutely loved every single second of it. “gimme your hand,” you timidly reach your right hand up and he takes it, placing it over his covered cock. “you feel that baby?” and you’re nodding. “that’s my cock.”
“‘s big ronnie…” you murmur innocently.
“it is princess, and it’s gonna go in y’mouth, yeah?” he pushes your hair away from your face and wipes at the stray tears.
“‘s not gonna fit,” you shake your head softly.
“that’s why ‘m training your throat angel. gonna make it fit, yeah? now, are you ready to try again?” and you’re nodding, obediently opening your mouth and lulling out your tongue once more, causing him to smirk. he truly has turned you into the perfect little cockslut, and you he hasn’t even given you his cock yet.
“good girl,” he hums before going back in with his fingers. “that’s it princess,” he hums. this time you last a few seconds before you’re gagging and sputtering over the obtrusion in your throat, moving to pull away. ron keeps his hand at the back of your head as he instructs “breathe through your nose like i told you to,” and it’s another minute or so before you’re obeying. breathing through your nose and taking his fingers in your throat like a good cockslut. “fuck,” he mumbles as he slowly starts to thrust his fingers in and out of your mouth. “so perfect angel.”
it’s a few minutes before he’s pulling his fingers out. you’re already completely wrecked. makeup smudged, tears streaming down your cheeks, mouth slick with spit, and drool falling down your chest. “ready to take my cock?” he asks. you’re nodding immediately before he’s even finished his sentence and he smirks at your eagerness, moving to take off his belt. you watch his hands as he unbuckles his pants and frees his cock. when he does, your eyes widen. “you okay puppy?” he asks.
“‘s big…” you wonder aloud in amazement, causing him to chuckle.
“you’ll be okay,” as he pats your head. “c’mon doll, open up.” your tongue is lolling out again as he leads his cock into your mouth. he pushes all the way in untill he’s met with resistance at your throat. “relax f’me angel. c’mon, remember what i taught you.”
you breathe trough your nose and relax the muscles of your throat, allowing ron to fully push into your mouth, causing a protrusion in your throat, and when ron sees it, he groans aloud. “shit princess,” he’s pulling your hair into a makeshift ponytail as he slowly trusts, hitting your uvula each time. the sounds of your gags doing nothing but encouraging him as he picks up his pace.
you’re a complete mess, tears and drool causing stray hairs to stick to your face as your mascara smudges around your eyes while ron completely abuses your throat. “fuckin shit angel so good. such a good little cocksucker,” his moans and groans are only encouraging you to take it like a good girl and you relax even further, swallowing around his length.
immediately, he’s shooting his spend into your mouth, and tugging at your hair harder as he moans louder. “fucking shit. holy fuck,” he grunts loudly as you’re coughing and sputtering over the salty white liquid invading your throat. “oh i know i know, i’m sorry angel. sorry sorry, but be a good girl and swallow it all f’me yeah?” you nod and swallow his seed, still slightly coughing as you look up at him for approval.
“i was good ronnie?” you ask timidly.
“so good angel, made me cum so hard hmm,” he assures as he hooks his hands under your armpits and lifts you up onto his lap. you hum softly and cuddle into his shoulder.
“what was that?” you ask softly.
“that, my love, was a blowie,” he kisses your temple. “and you did so so well angel.”
“thank you ronnie,” you murmur softly.
“let’s go get you cleaned up yeah? then i’ll take care of that pretty little cunt. can feel how wet you are baby, pulsing on my thigh.”
“sorry…” you murmur abashedly.
“no need for sorries angel,” and he’s lifting you up and carrying you into the bathroom so he can wash your face of all the spit and makeup.
“i love you ronnie,” you hum softly as he sets you on the cold countertop.
“i love you too angel,” as he places a gentle kiss to your forehead.
🏷: @roonilwazlibswhore @ronweasleylover1 @mollysolo @i-love-scott-mccall @Beautyandthemermaid @hogwartshomiehopper @desiredmalfoy @louweasleymalfoy @dracomalfoys-wh0re @rvnwhre @trashyvicks @jochim322 @bbyxbluess @dracomalfoys-wh0re @bellatrixscurls @missryerye @marrymetheonott @black-rose-29 @m4lf0ym1lk3rs @shrekboobies @mypainistemporary @nevsmommy @random-fandom-things-555 @ivettt @emmysworld @ameliaphoenix @lunacurlclaw @rudypankowisdaddy @griebis @catarina @bohologyc @gloryekaterina @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @biles-bilinskiii @ameliasbitvh @whoreforgeorgeandfred @georgelvr @amalfoyandariddle @pandaxnienke @mrslizzyolsen
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weaselbrownie · 2 months ago
i was wondering if u could do one where draco fingers the reader under a blanket but like with people around
dw if u dont wanna write this ;)
underneath | d.m
draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary : draco fingering you while there are people around
warning : NSFW! smut, swearing, praising, voyeurism (?), female receiving
word count : 2.6K
a/n : this was messy :(
It was the last night of winter break, tucked away in the screening room of the Malfoy Manor sat you, Draco, Pansy, Theo, and Blaise. It has always been a tradition to spend winter breaks at the Malfoy Manor. With Mr. Malfoy away, Mrs. Malfoy has always found it quiet to spend Christmas with her only son, and so she insisted that he brings his friends to stay over during the break.
"So no horror?" Pansy asked as she went through the DVD display,
"We're not watching a horror movie just for you to crawl into our beds at night," Blaise answered, walking around the room as he made red sparks from the tip of his wand, waiting for Pansy to pick a movie.
"Zip it Zabini it was one time" She huffed before turning back to search for other movies, blabbing about how Blaise is being an ass for not letting them watch a horror movie.
You, Draco, and Theo walked into the half-lit room, greeted by Blaise who jumped off the couch to snatch the snacks off of Theo and the blankets off Draco before walking back to the spot of the couch to wrap himself in a little blanket cocoon.
"Y/N! Look at this, can we wat–"
"No Pansy, we will not watch Poltergeist because once we're back at school you won't be able to crawl into Blase's bed and you'll end up crawling into mine" You crossed both your arms over your chest, your brows lifting like a mother scolding her child.
"Ugh, you're no fun" She rolled her eyes before going back to the stack of DVDs.
Theo left to help Pansy pick out a movie, leaving you and Draco by the big doorway. You felt his hand slithering up your back, taking hold of your waist to spin you around– facing him. You looked up to see his bright orbs staring down at you, the corner of his lips lifting into a small smile "So... back at school tomorrow huh?" He said pulling you closer until your chest met his,
"I guess..." You smiled at him, your hand coming up to glide over his covered bicep and to the back of his neck, locking them there to hold onto him. "...just a few more months and we're done with this" Your voice quietened, just above a whisper as your face neared his.
"I know pretty girl" Draco closed the space in between, letting his lips devour yours as he held on to you, gripping your hips to bring you closer to him. It was nothing new, your lips moving with his as if it was a rehearsed choreography, chasing one another in the dark room.
"Aight enough, we're watching a movie, not porn" A deep voice called out from behind. You let go of Draco and turned your head to see Theo crossing his arms in front of his chest, huffing as he smirked, tending his weight on one leg.
"Well if that is your idea of porn, that's pretty sad mate" A higher-pitched voice chimed into the conversation. Theo's smirk completely dropped as he swung to look at Pansy standing behind him, stifling her laugh as did the rest of the group.
You poked your tongue out to him, laughing as you made your way to sit on the couch with Blaise who was already munching on the snacks. "Alright, now can we watch the movie?" Blaise asked, opening another pack of chips to pass around the room.
Everyone nodded in response, moving around the room to find a comfortable space to sit. Theo and Pansy took the carpet as they always do, building pillow forts for themselves so they can slouch as they watch the movie. You got up from the couch to grab some blanket off the floor before walking back to your spot just to see Draco sitting there comfortably.
Leaning back onto the couch and stretching his arms out to the sides as he spreads his long legs. You didn't mean to stammer but your eyes widened at his sight, Draco fucking Malfoy looking so good without having to do quite literally anything.
He knew you were looking, licking his lips before giving you a sly smirk. "C'mon" he mouthed, patting the spot on between his legs for you to occupy. This happens regularly, you sitting on his lap or the spot in between, so there shouldn't be any reason why you should be nervous... right?
You slowly moved towards him, smiling under your bright red cheeks before sitting in front of him. Draco's arms wrapped around you almost instantaneously, the strong scent of peppermint and citrus dancing its way to the back of your head. The light in the room went out as the big screen lit up, playing the opening of the movie Pansy picked.
You shuffled in his arms as you adjusted yourself and the blanket on top of you, moving left and right trying to get rid of a specific discomfort right on your lower back. "Draco..." You whispered as you turned around in your spot– facing him. "...why are your pockets always full?" You crossed your arms in front of you, glancing to the side to make sure Blaise is paying attention to the movie.
"What?" Draco's brows furrowed as confusion took over him,
"Your pockets" You gestured down to the pockets of his grey sweats, your brows lifting, waiting for an answer. Draco looked at you as if you grew horns, biting his pink lips as he tries to understand what you are insinuating.
All of a sudden the corner of his lips lifted, forming a devilish smirk as his cold lengthy fingers traced your hips. "My pockets are empty, darling" He muttered, bending down to meet you face to face.
It was your turn to look confused, you weren't imagining it, you definitely felt something on your lower back earlier, "If it's empty, then what wa-" You cut yourself off mid-sentence, gasping as you felt the air in your lungs disappear, the realization washing over you.
Draco didn't move, his eyes gazing at your lips as your face began to heat up. You felt the warmth of his hands leaving your hips before feeling them again on the side of your face, cupping it slightly to pull you in for a brief kiss. You met his lips once again for a swift kiss before he pulled away, turning you to face the screen.
"Watch the movie, who knows... maybe something will happen that'll surprise you" His lips lingered on the shell of your ear as his arms returned to wrap over you. You still felt it, his hard-on poking you from behind but you brushed it off as he gave you a reassuring kiss on the side of your head and his fingers laced with yours under the blanket.
It was halfway through the movie when you felt his hand leaving yours, you didn't give it a second thought but it seems like his hand is sliding lower and lower until it came in contact directly in front of your heat– teasing you, knowing how much you crave for this right now.
It's wrong to do anything, your friends are in the room and not to mention next to you, but again you were covered with the blanket and it seems like they're focused on the movie. You seem to be in a battle with your thought, wanting to push Draco's hand away but you didn't have the stomachs to do so.
He picked up on this, bobbing his head to the side to see you staring off into the screen but not grasping anything that's thrown at you. "Can you be a good girl and keep quiet?" His breath hot, lingering on your ear as it sent goosebumps down your spine.
You slowly nodded, keeping your vision straight before you felt his warm hand slither past the band of your pants, resting them on your covered cunt. You kept quiet, not moving from your previous position as he continued his actions.
You felt him again, his middle and ring finger pressing into your clit as he drew slow circles through the material. "Seems like you're ready hm?" He murmured into your hair, feeling the wetness of your cunt through your underwear.
Your wet lips rolled in between your teeth, biting down on them to make sure nothing slips past, but he wasn't making it easy. By now he was rubbing rougher circles on you, pressing into your engorged clit as you tried to keep still.
His fingers continued their actions, moving to the base of your underwear to pull them aside, exposing your sopping cunt to him. "Stay still..." He whispered, his fingers leaving the piece of fabric to trace the outer lips of your cunt. "...I mean it" His fingers smeared the wetness around, making a mess inside your pants– more than it already was.
You slowly turned your head to the side, from another point of view Draco looks as if he was just cuddling you, wrapping you in his warm embrace as he enjoys a good movie. Whereas in reality, his fingers worked you, rubbing you in ways he knows you love.
"Watch the movie darling" He murmured, not breaking the eye contact he had with the big white screen in front of you. You turned your head back, leaning back onto him as you gripped his knee for support.
Draco used his middle finger to draw circles directly on your clit, the wetness of your arousal helping his finger glide easily. The warm and sharp feeling of pleasure started to build at the pit of your stomach, Draco drawing them out gently.
He continued his actions, rubbing until the grip you had on his knee tightens, signaling you were close. It was harder to keep your mouth shut, your chest slightly heaving up and down as you closed your eyes, getting ready for the pleasure to wash over you. It was right around the corner, your orgasm building stronger and stronger as Draco's fingers brushed fast circles on your clit, and before you know it,
"Y/N are you okay?" A voice pulled you out of the headspace you were in. Your eyes shot open and your head snapped to the source of the voice. Blaise sat next to you, his arms over his chest as he tilted his head to the side. His brows furrowed, trying to figure out whether you were alright or not.
Draco's fingers came to a halt as soon as he heard Blaise's voice, dropping the feeling of an orgasm that was about to hit. His head too turned to the source of the voice next to him. "You okay darling?" Draco asked dumbfoundedly, smirking as if he didn't just rub you in the same room as your friends.
Your mouth fell open, wanting to respond to a hundred different things at once yet none actually came out. "U-Um... yeah I–" You stuttered, your eyes wide open when you felt Draco's fingers leaving your clit to move down to your clenching hole. "...Fuck" You muttered to yourself when you felt him slipping his middle finger into you.
"You don't look so well" Blaise continued, reaching his hand out to place the back of his palm to your forehead. "You're a little warm Y/N, you sure you're ok?" His palm left your forehead to place itself on your cheeks.
You brushed it off, dodging his palm as you gave his hand a small smack. "I'm fine Zabini, don't worry about... i-it" Draco slipped another finger into you, driving it deep into your sopping cunt as you tried to hide the emotions on your face.
"Well, if you say so" Blaise shrugged, though he knows something is going on he quickly brushed it off, leaning back onto his end of the couch to shift his attention back to the movie.
You turned your head back as Blaise did, trying not to squirm as Draco drives his fingers into you, building your orgasm once again. You leaned back onto him as the both of you tried to move as little as possible.
"Good job angel" Draco whispered into your ear, his lips lacing with your cheeks as he gave your flushed face a small peck. His fingers started to drive into you faster, curling the ends of his digit to hit that spongey spot deep inside you at every thrust.
Your walls tightened around him, clenching unevenly as the tingling feeling returned to the pit of your stomach. "Dray..." You whispered to him, slurring out his name into a whine as it left your lips. The grip you have on his knee tightening, telling him you are close.
Draco's fingers slowed for a second, readjusting themselves as he rested the rough pad of his thumb on your clit, drawing circles as his other digits thrust inside you. Your breath started to become heavy again, his fingers working out a rhythm inside you.
"You wanna cum?" He asked, his lips lingering on the shell of your ear once again. You nodded slowly, not having the stomach to answer him– afraid to let out a moan for the entire room to hear.
You could barely hold it back, the euphoric feeling just behind his fingertips as he continued torturing you– making you wait for his instructions to cum. Your back arched slightly, lifting off his chest as you wriggled under his tender touch.
Tears started to gather at your waterline, immersing your sight as you tried holding back your upcoming high. Draco continued his actions, ramming his slender digits into you– making you feel all your emotions at once. "You wanna show me how me how you cum on my fingers angel?... go on" His soothing voice rung to the back of your head, permitting you to finally let go.
Your eyes fluttered close with his command, letting go of your high as the shiny gold stars danced on your vision, taking up the dark space. You wanted to moan out his name, show him how good he's been making you feel, but all you could do was bite your lips in silence, making sure to not let a single sound slip past your lips.
"There we go" His fingers slowed down, pulling you back to reality as you tried to catch your breath, your chest heaving up and down as he continued to run circles on your clit. "Good job angel" He continued, his whispers shooting butterflies through your body.
You leaned back onto Draco, letting him wrap his free arm around you as he stopped the movement on your sopping cunt, giving your clit a tap before placing your underwear back into place. You watched as his hand comes up from the blanket, moving slowly until he reached his mouth, letting his arousal-covered fingers slip past his lips– sucking them dry.
You watched him, wide eyes as he removed the blanket that covers the both of you, "Y/N isn't feeling too well, I'm gonna bring her up to bed" Draco announced to the group as he moved you in your spot, throwing your legs over his to pick you up bridal style.
"See, I knew it!" Blaise called out as Draco fumbles on the couch, readjusting the blanket to cover you again.
"Are you alright?" Pansy asked as she got up from her pillow fort in front of you, Theo following her movement as his face washed over in a confused manner. You hummed in response, your breath still slightly heavy as Draco got up from the couch, lifting you with his as if you weight nothing. The edge of Draco's lips lift up at Pansy's question, flashing his sly smirk to the confused and worried group,
"She'll be fine... I'll take care of her"
TAGLIST : @microwavedhampster @whenuwereyoung @o-rion-sta-r @willowmores @youreso-golden @mzmalice3 @desiredmalfoy @hyuckiesgf @yiamalfoy @acciodignity
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daisycinema · 3 months ago
morning cuddles.
pairing — dad!sirius x fem!reader
summary — a cute cuddling session with your two favourite boys.
warnings — fluffy, (it's so soft it'll make your heart melt) one tiny mention of hitting (but it's in a lighthearted manner)
word count — 791
Tumblr media
waking up slowly, you stretch your arms out. rubbing your eyes with your hands until you hear a tiny cry from aster's room. it's as if he knows when mum will wake, it makes you laugh. you turn to see sirius still deep in sleep, without a care in the world.
getting up carefully, trying not to disturb sirius, you pad towards aster's room. cooing as you walk in, you see your baby squirming in his swaddle, emiting soft whimpers. he stops when he sees you and instead a smile graces his face.
unwrapping him from the swaddle, you pick him up and sway with him in your arms. you hug him close to your chest and smile as you walk around the room. it's crazy to think he was born only four months ago. you could swear it was only yesterday that you and sirius brought him home.
walking back to your bedroom, you gently place aster on your side of the bed. he squeals and wiggles his tiny body. you giggle at his little actions and move away from the bed, leaving him next to sirius.
soft, tiny baby whimpers are heard throught your bedroom as sirius wakes up from his deep sleep. you watch as he rubs his eyes and turns to see where the noise is coming from.
it's aster, your four month old son. he lays next to sirius on top of the blankets. eyes wide and curious, darting all around the room. aster's tiny hands and feet wiggle and kick around as sirius sits up next to him.
"woah! hey there little buddy! didn't expect to see you here this morning"
you almost coo as sirius smiles at him but you stay quiet. sirius picks him up and leans against the headboard, laying aster against his bare chest.
sirius presses a kiss onto aster's forehead as he cuddles him. "did mama bring you into our bed this morning? oh i bet she did"
"she knows how much i love snuggling up to you in the mornings, doesn't she" he holds aster's hands and wiggles him. it makes squeals erupt from aster's mouth as he moves in joy at what his dad is doing to him.
aster is a joyful baby, always smiling and content. your little boy is perfect.
"waking up with you, snuggled up in my arms, in the morning, makes my day" sirius smiles down at his tiny son. aster blinks up at him from where he lays on his dad's bare chest. it's like aster understands every word his dad says.
"well aster, i see mama left you here but she's not here, where's mama buddy?"
sirius spots you standing by the door and beckons you to come next to him. you do as he says and jump into bed, right next to your two handsome boys. you smile up at him as he grins and leans down to kiss you. you both smile into the kiss and giggle as he moves away.
"mmm, good morning princess"
"good morning, baby"
you all lay there in near silence, except for aster's little sounds. sirius has one hand on aster's back and the other rubbing through your hair in a soothing motion.
"you know we kind of need to get up now, there's so much to do"
sirius sighs at this and shakes his head, "hmm i don't think so, how about we just stay in bed and cuddle all day?"
he looks down at aster as he speaks "isn't that good buddy, why don't we just cuddle, me you and mama?"
"one big cuddle party, huh?"
aster laughs at this and flaps his hands around and kicks his legs about, shrieking with joy.
you speak up as you watch aster wiggle in happiness, "oh you like that? you like that idea little star?"
pressing kisses all over his little face, you giggle as his excitement increases. aster grabs your hair in his tiny fists and sirius laughs at his actions. "hey, little buddy, don't do that to mama"
aster lets go and babbles at his dad with a frown on his face. laughing, you lightly slap sirius's arm, "hey! don't say that to my little man! let him do what he wants"
"he's mama's little boy, precious little boy"
you hold one of aster's hands and he grabs onto your fingers and shakes it. you lay against sirius's side as you talk to aster and he babbles back at you. sirius grins at the both of you. he presses a kiss onto the top of your head as you all cuddle in the warm bed, basking in the sunshine that flows through the open windows.
this is all you've ever wanted in life.
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kpostedsum · 3 months ago
only you
draco malfoy x reader, harry potter x reader
summary: when harry asks you to get closer to a specific someone, what happens if you get too close?
based off this tiktok
song: dark red - steve lacy
a/n: there is infidelity in this fic whomppp and not edited
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
Something bad is 'bout to happen to me
I don't know it but I feel it comin'
Might be so sad, might leave my nose running
the sky was gloomy on your way to hogwarts, everyone was on edge with the return of voldemort. you stayed with harry, ron and hermione all throughout the summer at the burrow preparing for your sixth year.
“he has to be a deatheater, his father is in azkaban so it makes sense if voldemort would have made him a deatheater in his fathers place” your boyfriend harry tried to explain to ron and hermione. you have to admit, he could have a point— however, no matter how bad draco is you didn’t want to think that of a sixteen year old boy. “well how do you suppose we find out?” asked ron as he awaited an answer from everyone.
“i have a plan but i don’t suppose harry would be too fond of it” hermione said with a waver in her voice. “since y/n comes from a respectable pureblood family, perhaps she can get closer to draco and confirm our suspicions for us—”
“absolutely not. i don’t want y/n any where near malfoy, who knows how dangerous he is” harry said defensively. you have to admit, hermiones plan is smart and is probably the most realistic one there is.
“it’s okay harry” you soothed him. “i’ll be fine, hermiones plan makes the most sense” you said.
“so what’s the plan?”
I just hope she don't wanna leave me
Don't you give me up, please don't give up
Honey, I belong with you, and only you, baby
“love, i still don’t think this is a good idea, what if you get hurt?” harry said as you two were cuddled on his bed together in the boys dorm, basking in each others warmth and security.
“he won’t hurt me harry, he’s a boy just like you— i’m sure if he is a deatheater he isn’t handling it as well as you think. i’ll be okay” you said. a soft silence stilled between the two of you as you enjoyed being wrapped up in your boyfriends arms, occasionally rubbing your nose against his just to hear his giggle that you love so much.
“i’ve just lost a lot of people, i don’t want you to be one of them. if something were to happen to you i’d light the world on fire and never let a flame touch you, just to keep you safe.” he said with a certain look of truth, loyalty and despair swimming in his eyes as he looked at you.
“i’m not going anywhere harry, i promise. i love you, only you” was the last thing you said before the both of you fell asleep, body parts tangled with eachother.
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you, babe
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you
it’s been 3 days since that night with harry, and since then you’ve been trying to get closer to draco, but every time you tried he seemed to disappear. tonight you decided you’d wander outside of the slytherin common room in hopes of him showing up.
“what are you doing here, don’t you belong with the other gryffindors and saint potter?”
there he was. the voice you’ve been waiting to hear all week.
“i’ve grown quite bored of them right now, i figured i need a little excitement in my life. which is exactly why i am here, wandering outside the slytherin common room hoping there’s someone here to cure my boredom.” you said trying to sound as convincing as possible.
“get to the point y/n” he said walking closer to you. “what do you really want? is potter not fulfilling your needs anymore?” he smirked as he backed you against the wall, caging your frame beneath his.
“harry and i are fine, thank you very much” you rolled your eyes. “he’s just too busy right now”
“so you think i’m the cure to your boredom” draco said raising his brows, curious as to where this conversation is leading too.
“i know you’re the cure to my boredom.”
Something bad is 'bout to happen to me
Why I feel this way I don't know maybe
I think of her so much it drives me crazy
I just don't want her to leave me
you and draco have been hanging out every night since that day. some days he’d be there and you’d both talk until the sun rise, and others he wouldn’t show.
you knew you had to ask him about it soon for harry’s sake but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so, atleast not tonight.
“what do you mean you haven’t found out yet? you’ve been spending almost every night with him— which you could be spending with me by the way, and you still found out nothing about him. what do you even do then?” harry exclaimed, clearly frustrated over the lack of information and the fact that his girlfriend has been hanging out with the enemy.
“i can’t just straight up ask him harry!” you say a bit louder than intended. “he has to trust me first, and how can i build that trust with him if we don’t hang out. all we do is talk, i promise.” you said, your voice softening as you weren’t in the mood to argue with your boyfriend right now.
“can we just go to sleep please, i miss you” you pleaded.
“yeah, yeah we can” he said pulling you towards him in his bed, allowing your head to rest in the crook of his neck inhaling his scent. a scent that used to be so familiar but you can feel being replaced.
“it’s only me right?” he asked staring towards his ceiling.
“yes harry, it’s only you. i love you.” you said reassuring him, but also reassuring yourself.
Don't you give me up, please don't give up
Honey, I belong with you and only you, baby
“draco, can i ask you something” you asked looking towards him as he sat on the other side of you looking at the stars on from the astronomy tower.
“what is it?” he responded.
“how come sometimes you don’t show up, some days i’ll sit here waiting for you to show up and you never do. i miss you” you said softly, hoping you can get some information out of him.
“it’s cute that you miss me, i’d be lying if i said sometimes i didn’t miss your presence as well.” he said turning towards you and sending you a smirk. crawling over to him and resting your head on his shoulder, you relaxed against him.
“you know i don’t think you’re as bad as harry makes you out to be” you admitted. it’s true though, harry makes him out to be someone vain, however you find his presence comforting. you look forward to the nights you spend with him, more than you’d like to admit. “you’re quite nice when you want to be and are really good company” you explained.
“oh yeah?” he turned to you.
“yeah” you nodded. “i think harry is blinded by hate, he doesn’t know i’ve been hanging out with you and i’m sure if he were to find out he’d think you’re hurting me.” you partly lied.
“but i don’t think you could hurt me even if you tried” you said peering up at him with a soft smile and big genuine eyes. he adored the sight but he’d never admit it.
“i dont think your boyfriend would appreciate you talking about him like this to his enemy, now would he love?” draco said with a smirk. he knew over the past few weeks you’ve been hanging out your love for harry has been fading, even if you haven’t seen it yourself.
“draco” you said breaking the soft silence. “i have something to confess”
“well what is it?” he said, turning towards you giving you his full attention.
“do you think it’s wrong for someone to feel something for someone they’re not supposed to feel for” you asked, staring into his stormy grey eyes.
“i feel like i should feel guilty, but i don’t. if anything i feel safe.” you continued.
“what do you mean by that?” draco asked, taking his hand and slowly caressing your cheek encouraging you to continue.
when he touched you it felt as if the stars were dancing across your skin. you haven’t felt that way with harry in a while. it felt as if you could be anything in the world, and for some reason, you wanted to be his.
“is it wrong that when i’m with you, i get the same feeling i used to feel with him” you asked. “i mean, for some reason i can’t seem to stay away from you, and i don’t think i want too. i feel safe with you”. you said softly, hoping he understood what you meant.
“i used to think i was crazy meeting up with you every night, but i think it’s the best decision i’ve ever made.” he expressed. “you’ve become something i look forward too everyday, someone i seek out in crowds without even realizing it. i don’t think i want to stay away from you either” he finished.
the air stilled between you two, the only sounds heard were the soft winds of the night.
“draco… can i kiss you?” you asked.
“if you do, i don’t think i’d be able to stop” he confessed.
“and what if i don’t want you to stop” you said leaning closer and pressing your lips against his.
his lips were soft. slightly cold but it was addictive. kissing him felt so good, you might have even forgot how to breathe, but breathing wasn’t important in that moment.
“i’ve waited— i’ve waited so long for this, but i didn’t want to ruin what you and saint potter had” he said as he pulled you to straddle his lap and you pressed harsh kisses against his neck, craving to feel him.
“you didn’t ruin a thing” you said in between kisses. “i ruined it the day i decided to seek you out outside your common room” you continued breaking the kiss.
“i’m glad you did” he said resting his forehead against yours.
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you, babe
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you
whatever you had going on with draco continues for months, hidden kisses between classes and tangled limbs in his bed at night.
the only problem was harry.
“as much as i’d love to brag about stealing potters girlfriend to everyone, i don’t think i can do that” draco said as you both laid in bed together in each others embrace.
“i know, but i can’t leave him yet. it’s just not the right time” you said turning to face him.
“i know” he said turning towards you. “if anything, i enjoy sneaking around with you” he says as he presses light kisses to your neck.
“what are you thinking about” he asks as he notices you’re not paying attention to him.
“harry’s probably wondering where i am, i should probably go to him” you said sadly.
“just be back tomorrow, alright?”
“i’ll always come back to you draco, i promise” you said pressing a kiss to his lips and heading to the gryffindor common room.
What if she's fine
It's my mind that's wrong
And I just let bad thoughts
Linger for far too long
“you’ve been out quite a bit haven’t you” ron said as you entered the common room. his eyes, hermione’s and harry’s eyes all on you.
“i’ve just been trying to get the information you wanted from him” you lied as you took a seat next to hermione.
“we’ll have you gotten anything?” she asked
“no, i haven’t. i don’t think hes a deatheater, i mean it’s been months since i’ve been hanging with him— he would have told me by now” you explained.
“what do you mean he doesn’t trust you, all you do is be with him and stare at each other in class. i wouldn’t be surprised if he had a bloody crush on you by now” harry said quite aggressively.
“we only talk, i’ve told you that already” you said sternly even though it was a lie.
“how about we all go to sleep and discuss this in the morning, it’s quite late” ron said trying to diffuse the tension.
“i agree, it’s too late and none of us are thinking straight” hermione added on to ron’s statement and going straight to the girls dorm, ron going to the boys dorm.
Don't you give me up, please don't give up
Honey, I belong, with you, only you, baby
you and harry were left in the common room alone, the sound of fire crackling becoming more evident and loud as you tried to avoid his gaze.
“i’m sorry for lashing out like that” he said breaking the silence. “i know you and malfoy have nothing going on, i guess i’ve just missed you.”
“i missed you too harry” you said looking over to him.
“c’mere” he said tugging you towards him so you sit on his lap. “i love you, y’know. i don’t think i’d be able to do any of this without you” he continued looking into your eyes with a look of desperation of love.
a look you couldn’t return.
“i love you too harry, only you.” the lies came out your mouth before you could even stop them.
“only you, i promise.”
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you, babe
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you
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