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#harry potter funny

I’ve been thinking about Harry Potter (as usual) and I just remembered something really weird.

I think it was in CoS when it’s revealed that Hagrid got into trouble for keeping werewolf cubs under his bed, and I just wanna know: what is a werewolf?

Like, did an infected witch or wizard do it on a full moon and the witch stayed a werewolf until she gave birth to werewolf babies? Or are the cubs like humans until the full moon? And if it’s the second case, wouldn’t that just mean that Hagrid kept babies under his bed?!!

And now I can’t get this image of Hagrid trying to bottle feed a litter of babies when he’s a tween while they swing out of his growing beard and flowing locks.

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Hermione: You’re doing this amazing thing

Hermione: It’s called:

Hermione: ✨Testing my patience✨

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Hermione: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me.

Harry: Okay. But in my defense, Ron bet me a sickle I couldn’t drink all that shampoo.

Hermione: That’s not what I- you drank shampoo??

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Me: *can’t find Scorbus fanfics*

Me: *finds one*

Me: Oh it’s 18+

Me: *scrolls past it*

That something on my screen: Scorpius and Albus were in the common room

Me: *Sees Scorose tag*

Me: Reads the whole thing by Replacing Rose’s name with Albus’

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Sirius: Earth is a dense molten core encased in a layer of solids and therefore is, technically speaking, a ravioli.

Remus: I am begging you to stop.

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My father didn't strut!
Yes he did
Mr. and Mrs. potter
Yes he did
Literally everyone in heaven
Yes he did
Yes I did
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<div> The Sad Reality Check of Harry Potter and Life: </div>
Harry Potter
Hermione does their homework, complains, but does their homework and they say thank you.
I do the whole FuCkInG assignment and these TwAtS have the AUDAcitY to put their name FIRST on the FucKIng SLIDE SHOOOOOOWWW.
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