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#harry potter headcanon
veryberryjelly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
foggy lenses
pairing ; draco malfoy x reader
prompt - a wears glasses. b goes to kiss their forehead, and when they pull away, a's glasses are all fogged up, and a starts saying things like “Well great now I have to clean my glasses” b just giggles
wc ; 0.2k
After getting out of class early, y/n was sat on the sofa in the slytherin common room, waiting for her friends and her boyfriend to get done with their classes so she wouldn’t have to sit in the eerie silence much longer. Thankfully, only a hakf an hour after she had sat down, she heard someone outside the door and lifted her eyes from the book she had been glancing over. A smile spread across her lips when she caught the head of blonde hair that she loved so much.
When he caught her eye, a smile fell onto his lips aswell.
y/n stood from the couch and walked over to him, happy after not having seen him all day because of their different classes. She wrapped her arms around his middle, resting her head on his chest for a minute before he lifted his hand to tilt her head back.
“ hi, love “ he spoke with a soft smirk on his lips. He leant forwards to press a kiss onto her forehead and when he pulled back he was unable to see her eyes.
“ draco, I just cleaned these!” she groaned softly as she took them off her face, pulling her sleeve over her hand to clear them, but all her boyfriend was able to do was laugh
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How do you think a sort of Chosen One swap would go between Anakin Skywalker and Harry Potter? Like, say at the end of Harry’s life, he is reborn as Anakin and vice-versa. Neither have access to the magic from their home setting, but otherwise retain their personalities and memories. Who do you think would fare better in their new life? Would it be a massive trainwreck for both?
I enjoy how you straight up ask me for two fics here, anon.
As for the answer, not well for either.
Harry Potter is Reborn as Anakin Skywalker
I'm going to go on a limb here and guess that Harry doesn't turn into a well-adjusted adult for all that he might become a productive member of society post canon.
Well, he just got reborn into brutal slavery where, only by luck, were he and his single mother not sold back to the Hutts.
Harry is bitter and angry and feels very impotent without his magic. He seems to have some magic, admittedly more than he had in his original timeline (being able to move shit around with his mind), but he also has no wand and appears to have been born in an alternate reality/some far flung future where wizards don't even appear to exist.
So, you have a really really really angry Anakin Skywalker.
I imagine he falls to the dark side long before Qui-Gon and company can land on Tatooine. Giving into his overpowering rage is what Harry does, consistently, and he's not going to realize the dangers of this here anymore than he did in his own universe.
Fueled by Anakin's power I imagine he slaughters the Hutts and just about anyone else who crosses his path. With the dark side of the Force he descends into madness and paranoia and becomes a walking, untempered, plague upon Tatooine.
I imagine Palpatine catches wind of him before the Jedi do and either murders Harrykin himeslf for being too much of a liability or grooms him into the position of apprentice (which I imagine he could do quite well as Dumbledore succeeded in this and Dumbledore isn't half the terrifying manipulator that Sheev Palpatine is).
Should Harry survive his apprenticeship, I imagine Palpatine unleashes him on the Jedi Order. As Harrykin likely never meets Padme, he never has children, which means no Luke and Leia so when the empire does come to fruition there's really nothing to motivate Harrykin to throw Palpatine out a window.
The galaxy burns.
Anakin is Reborn as Harry Potter
Anakin has a second chance at life and he's horrified. Here he'd finally killed himself and the emperor, ended his miserable existence to save his son, and now he's back. As a baby.
This is the worst thing that's ever happened to him.
Whatever second chance this is, he'll inevitably ruin it, as he does with everything in his life. Anakin is a very miserable baby who does his best to make his poor new parents equally miserable for having the misfortune of bringing him into this world.
Not to mention he appears to be sort of, kind of, cut off from the Force. Anakin, who is mostly comprised of the Force, undoubtedly feels weird, off-kilter, and like he has a gaping hole in his brain. This, this isn't right, something is terribly terribly wrong here.
He then gets to watch the tragedy of his new, terribly young, parent's betrayal and murder. It's like watching himself and Padme all over again, he sees himself in the unthinking arrogance of James Potter and so much of Padme in the shit Lily has to put up with.
Depending how much control Anakin gets over his new Not-Force, he may be able to save himself and Lily when the time comes, which leads him down a timeline where Lily desperately tries to protect her son both from Voldemort and Dumbledore's machinations (perhaps with more success as Anakin has been through this song and dance before and is a grown man stuffed into a child's body).
Otherwise, she dies, Anakin feels horrifically guilty over the death of his new, terribly young, parents and he's sent to live with the Dursleys where a very large part of him believes he deserves the shoddy treatment. For he is the worst thing to crawl upon this Earth.
This Anakin is then picked up by Hagrid and it's deja vu and he's right back to when Qui-Gon offered him a place in the Jedi Order. It's official, Anakin is in Hell. It turns out to be worse than Hell (or better) as there's no Obi-Wan equivalent, Anakin keeps finding himself searching for him but can't seem to find him. Instead, Anakin quickly realizes Dumbledore's trying to play him, continues to be absolutely miserable, and does his best not to make friends with anyone. He's successful in this.
Anakin likely does everything in his power not to confront Tom Riddle. It's not his business, this isn't Sheev Palpatine who came to power in part because of Anakin, and is not a man actively threatening his children. There will always be men like Tom Riddle and it is not Anakin's responsibility to murder them because these people are too lazy to do it themselves.
Anakin watches the world burn with a margarita in hand.
Who Fares Better?
They're both winners.
Though I'd say Anakin, while he already lost his mind in his previous life he's at least not a walking husk fueled only by rage.
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snivellusslytherus · 2 days ago
Sirius: If I eat chocolate while I’m a dog do you think I’ll get sick?
Severus: …I’ll never turn down a science experiment.
Remus, two rooms over: Do NOT!
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marauderseveryday · 20 hours ago
Marauders Headcanon
Whine the other dorms are ordered by number and have the number on the front of the door
The Marauders door is always random personality traits they have but only the the format “The ____s”
The homosexuals
The dramatics
The totally-not-animagus
The James’-bestest-mates
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1littleshippergirl1 · 21 hours ago
I'm just imagining Marcus and Percy and Oliver as friends
Like Marcus and Oliver are the slackers, the ones getting into trouble and at each other's throats (but they're also best bros so they got each other's back)
And Percy is the parent of the group. He tells them to do their homework and no, you can't fly after curfew and no you can't threaten Malfoy just because he was a twat sometimes (or more than sometimes but that was not the point!)
Percy gets so exasperated (and sometimes realizes he's turning into his mother) but he also knows they're his best friends and would do absolutely anything for them
Except anything illegal. Can't have a blemish on that ministry resume
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nowherelittlegirl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
September 1st but- what if? T.T
In which Sirius raises Harry and he is the one to accompany him to King’s Cross since year one TvT
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hpimaginesandblurbs · a month ago
Can you please do a "how the hp boys will react if you said the safe word." ?
pairing(s): reader x literally everyone lol 
warning(s): 18+, safe word use (duh), mentions of sex, mentions of kink, mentions of dom/sub dynamics 
a/n: i included all the guys i’ve written for before so if you want to see anyone else just leave a request! 
harry potter
he’d panic...who are we kidding? 
but he’d be so so sweet and he’d try so so hard to make it better 
he’d literally pull out or stop whatever he was doing immediately 
he wouldn’t know what to even say 
he’d just end up cuddling with you and asking if you were okay a million times
ron weasley
he’d do surprisingly well in this situation 
he’d be so calm and just try to talk you through it 
all the cuddles in the world 
like the biggest bear hug ever once you were okay with being touched 
gets you all your comfort food and the warmest blanket he owns 
fred weasley 
you’d get the only sincere apology he’s ever given in his life 
because he’s all jokes and a good time until his baby is hurting 
he’d feel so bad but he’d try to have you laughing in no time 
and probably succeed 
he’d be gutted but he always knows exactly how to make you feel better 
george weasley 
kinda similar to ron imo 
he’d just be super sweet about the whole thing 
telling you how good you were for using the safe word 
and how good he feels that you trust him 
and he’d cuddle you up all safe and tight 
neville longbottom 
panic on the inside, holding it together on the outside
he’d be a wreck but his first priority is always you 
asking if you were okay or if you needed anything a million times 
and for way longer than he needs to
apologies all day the next day 
cedric diggory 
scary calm 
drowns you in smiles and praises 
telling you that you did the right thing 
talking about what went wrong even if he knows exactly what happened 
cuddles until you fall asleep 
draco malfoy 
i could see this going so many ways 
he’d either absolutely panic 
scrambling to do everything to make you feel better all at once 
to the point where you’d probably just start laughing 
or he’d be incredibly calm 
just talking you down and treating you like an absolute princess 
blaise zabini 
mostly quiet and lets you work through it a bit 
but he will not leave your side once for the rest of the night 
super attentive to every need even if you don’t ask for it 
just ends up being a quiet night with lots of cuddles 
and tender kisses 
sirius black 
young!sirius would absolutely panic 
asking if you’re okay, what you need, apologizing profusely 
cuddling up to you like an absolute puppy dog (pun intended) 
post azkaban!sirius is a lot more confident in his abilities 
calmly talking to you about it 
praising you profusely 
but the puppy dog eyes always stay the same 
remus lupin 
let’s be honest, young!remus would feel like the worst person on earth 
you’d probably have to be the one to talk him down tbh 
but he’d be super sweet and attentive 
all the chocolate he owns is yours now 
older!remus would still feel horrible 
but he’d be much more put together about the whole thing 
praising you 
reading to you until you fall asleep on his chest 
james potter 
literally his son just more put together 
stops whatever he’s doing and pulls himself together 
and then he’s laser focused on you and only you 
until he’s absolutely 100% sure you’re okay 
and even after that tbh 
sweetest baby ever so expect all the cuddles and i love you’s 
tom riddle 
this man does not do well with emotions 
so don’t expect much tbh 
but he would make sure you were okay 
and make sure you had everything you needed 
he’d mostly just be quiet until you felt better and then you’d talk about things 
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emotionlesshoe · 16 days ago
What it's like sleeping/cuddling with them...
Pairings: Golden/Lightning Era boys x reader Warnings: mentions of toxic masculinity, it's fluffy af Summary: it's in the title darling ;)
Harry Potter
Tumblr media
• Harry wants you to feel love and protected, even when you're sleeping, and so he would hold you close to him
• He would wait for you to be asleep to fall asleep himself, brushing any strands of hair that would fell on your face and kissing your forehead
• He wouldn't want to let go of you even if he was uncomfortable just because he likes having you in his arms
Ron Weasley
Tumblr media
• Ron is a HUGE cuddler, he would love to spend hours doing nothing and just cuddling with you
• When it comes to sleep, he's the same and would love to cuddle with you before and during the night
• He does like to be comfortable because he loves sleeping, but you on top of him is something that he likes, you're like his giant teddy bear
Draco Malfoy
Tumblr media
• Draco is needy, mainly because of a lack of affection growing up, but also because he needs to be sure you're still here and safe with him
• He wouldn't want to be the little spoon even when he truly needs it because of toxic masculinity, however he would love to hold you very close with his head into the crook of your neck
• Overall, he's very loving when it's just the two of you, but don't ever tell anyone that
Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
• This boy can't cuddle with you without tickling you at some point, it's impossible for him
• Fred is so cheeky and playful while cuddling with you, he would be gently caressing your face but when he reaches your neck it transforms into tickles immediately
• Of course sometimes he's more relax (but that's mainly when he's asleep)
George Weasley
Tumblr media
• George is a big cuddler just like his little brother, he would want to be in your arms 24/7
• He's also very playful and loves to have play fights with you, pillow fights and tickling sessions
• He loves to hold you tight at night, especially when you fall asleep before him, this man would just admire you and whisper sweet things to you even if you can't hear it
Neville Longbottom
Tumblr media
• Neville is the sweetest and purest soul out here, he would be soooo gentle with you, making sure you felt loved and safe with him
• I feel like he would try to keep you in his arms at night but would fail because I'm pretty sure he's an agitated sleeper
• He would also like to cuddle with you and just talk about everything, in those moments he would listen to you carefully and he would also express his own worries or talk about his parents
Cedric Diggory
Tumblr media
• Cedric is the type of cuddler that would hold you as close as he possibly can, almost suffocating you sometimes
• He would want to talk to you for hours all tangled up, asking you a bunch of questions, about your day, life in general, anything really
• Overall he's very sweet and gentle, especially when sleeping, he would always make sure you were covered up and that he made you feel his love
Dean Thomas
Tumblr media
• Dean wants you to feel loved and cared for, and he thinks that lithe only way to do that is showering you with little touches, cuddles and kisses
• His love language is definitely physical touch, that's why he loves cuddling and try to sleep with you every time he has the chance
• Definitely wants to be the big spoon and engulfs you in big hugs
Oliver Wood
Tumblr media
• Oliver is usually very busy with Quidditch and by the end of the day he's usually very tired, between classes and training
• That's why he cherishes the moments he can have with you alone, when he can finally relax and just be with you for a few hours
• He would fall asleep pretty easily but he would want to have you close to him
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thecharmedquill · 2 months ago
Hermione *hiding under the invisibility cloak*: You have to start completing all your incomplete work and spend more time in the library studying with your friend Hermione.
Harry: .... who's speaking?
Hermione: It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days.
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What if Patrick Bateman had magic and went to Hogwarts
Have you people even seen American Psycho? No offense, blog audience, but it really doesn't strike me as the kind of film that die hard Twilight or Harry Potter fans can't get enough of.
But alright, what if Bateman went to Hogwarts?
Bateman Goes to Hogwarts
For the sake of my sanity/characterization we'll say that Bateman's in a similar position in society. This means that, while Patrick Bateman is born a muggle in America in his own universe, here he'll be translated to a very wealthy pureblood who is an heir with seats in the Wizengamot. In other words, he has everything going for him and is part of this elitist, insular, world within the wizarding world.
He gets sorted into Slytherin, as expected of him by everyone, and is utterly indistinguishable from the other pureblood heirs also attending. He and his friends are all routinely mistaken for one another (this will shortly be to his benefit).
Now, Bateman being Bateman, quickly gets a hankering for murder and sex (as he does). First, he's careful, and regulates himself to over the summer and cutting up and sleeping with muggle women prostitutes/the homeless and probably creatures as well. People the wizarding world won't miss.
However, I imagine he can't hold out that long and starts a) disappearing during school and b) making victims of his Hufflepuff peers.
He also murders one of his Slytherin fellow heirs that he's insanely jealous of.
And then... no one notices.
Bateman has an albeit because everyone thinks he was somewhere else due to mistaking everyone for one another. No one notices his many victims that disappeared and people think his Hufflepuff victims just couldn't cut Hogwarts and dropped out/went on extended vacation. Dumbledore briefly investigates but then concludes it must be Tom Riddle, who actually had nothing to do with any of this.
Bateman ends his Hogwarts career realizing that he's not even a person, nothing he does matters, and he will never be caught.
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s3okj · 2 months ago
i read a headcanon of james going to a parent-teacher conference and im just-
imagine james, dressed like a college boy bc he’s 25, parking his expensive car bc he’s rich, waiting for harry, the other parents on their 40s 30s thinking why is this ‘big brother’ here, and harry sees james and runs to him screaming ‘Dad!’, and james smiles so big
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captain-krunchy · 5 months ago
Yandere Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort Headcanons
Tumblr media
- You first meet Tom on the train to Hogwarts, both of you in your first year
- He finds it odd that you are speaking to him in the first place, other children always seemed to avoid him
- Tom sees you as bothersome at first, but you grow on him
- You become somewhat of a rival to him, both of you are incredibly smart. But to avoid Tom’s wrath you make sure to be just ‘dumb’ enough to not be smarter than Tom.
- He flirts with you.
- Any chance he gets to make you flustered or embarrassed in a crowd, he takes. He likes to see you squirm while you visibly show just how dumb he made you feel
- Once his obsession begins to take root you will be royally screwed.
- Suddenly you’re no longer a person to him, but a possession that he never wants to give up.
- You never have a moment alone (unless you are a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff) he has people to watch you in the Ravenclaw rooms, and the girls Slytherin room and he can watch you himself if you are in the boys Slytherin.
- He will go with you to Hogsmeade to confess his ‘love' to you. If you accept and begin a romantic relationship with him, congrats you do not have to deal with an angry Tom.
-If you decline (rudely or politely) he has his minions find dirt on you or your family and then he uses it to make you pledge your loyalty to him. This also means you two will soon be the cutest couple in Hogwarts.
- This relationship is also kind of a scheme. Dumbledore and all the other faculty love you. They mostly adore him too, but both of you together couldn’t look better.
- Once the romantic relationship has started he gives you a set of rules.
- PDA is off-limits besides hand holding unless he initiates it.
- Your grades must be good.
- Your appearance must be clean.
- You cannot be rowdy or anything like that in public. Definitely no jokes or pranks.
- You must seem serious but also remain polite.
- No talking to certain people.
- If you are a fun-loving and bubbly person, your sudden behavior change will raise red flags for Dumbledore.
- If you are a quidditch player he insists you practice religiously (to keep up good impressions) 
- He is not gentle with you in intimate moments. The only time he is gentle with you is when he’s kissing you on the cheek in front of people, but those are only given to remind you and those around you who you belong to.
- But when you are alone he is always rough, nibbling your lips until he tastes your blood in his mouth, tugging on your hair, or grabbing your arms or you in general with a tight uncomfortable grip
- Tom’s possessiveness is also displayed through the hugs he gives you. His grip is smothering and tight.
- But having Tom being utterly infatuated and obsessed with you isn’t all bad.
- He gets you the finest gifts (but don’t ask how he got the money)
- Tom makes sure your every need is met. You want a glass of water he will send someone to go get it for you, even if you try to decline and insist you want to do it (which will make Tom mad). You should not have to waste your time doing something so meaningless when your time could be better spent with him.
- Seriously, do not try to argue with him.
- After Hogwarts when he starts the wizarding war you are locked away in the Malfoy Manor under the imperious curse (if you resist)
- You change a lot of things for Lord Voldemort.
- Because of you he watches the whole prophecy and does not go to kill Harry. He ends up fully surviving and winning the war.
- After he has won the war if you did not resist him after Hogwarts and did not require to be put under the Imperious Curse you will be treated like a queen. Truly anything you want, Lord Voldemort will get it for you.
- But if you resisted and had to be put under the imperious curse, he will let the curse go, but your next days will be spent fawning over him. Telling him how great he is and how much you love him and belong to him. If you refuse and continue to misbehave Lord Voldemort will make your life miserable.
- Either way, he still drapes you in fine robes, because the Dark Lord’s lover cannot look ragged.
- The only human interaction you get besides Voldemort is Narcissa and Bellatrix.
- Bellatrix does not like you at all
- But Narcissa is your bestie, you two love having tea (or your preferred drink) together. While you gossip about the wizarding world.
- Narcissa keeps you updated on everything that happens in the world and in exchange you keep the Malfoy’s in Voldemort’s favor.
- Absolutely no hanging around other men! If you are reported to speak to a man then the man and his family are dead as soon as Voldemort finds out.
-Voldemort’s obsession and possessiveness of you never goes away. You’re only his forever until the end of time.
(Gif found on We Heart It)
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arishatistic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Harry smiled, staring down at Hermione's peaceful form on his chest. He tucked a stray curl behind her ear and leaned forward to lightly brush his lips against her forehead. 
In this moment, there was nowhere else in the world he’d rather be."
~You Make My Heart Smile by Pottergeist on FFN net and AO3
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potterheaded-hipster · 3 months ago
mcgonagall and snape's mutual disdain for all the bullshit they have to put up with is one of the most wholesome platonic relationships ever. like these two are just constantly sick of everyones bullshit, and I like to imagine they bitch about it to each other while patrolling the halls at night.
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comfortablynumb · 2 months ago
I fucking love what this fandom has done with Pandora Lovegood. I can’t list all the popular head canons so I’ll just list a few:
- She was best friends with Regulus Black. Just like how James and Sirius acted like brothers, Pandora and Regulus treated each other like family.
-I’ve also seen the joke that Pandora was Regulus’ first kiss, because they were always hanging around each other and everyone already thought they were dating. But, the kiss was super awkward and they decided they were way better as friends.
- She was a pure blood and was either a member of the Lestrange family or the Malfoy family, but ended up getting disowned.
- After being bullied by a bunch of kids in Ravenclaw, Regulus and Barty Crouch jr adopted her and let her sit with the Slytherins at meal time, even if they end up losing house points because of it.
-She’s the one who comforted Barty through his unrequited crush on Regulus.
-And she comforted Regulus when James started dating Lily.
-Despite being seen as an idiot, she was incredible at Charms, and both her and Regulus were skilled in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She achieved the highest marks in their year. (And she always let Barty cheat off of her).
-She was also incredibly stubborn and had no problem putting Regulus and Barty in their place if they stepped out of line.
-Although hatstalls are incredibly rare, two occurred during their first year. Regulus was a slytherin nearly placed in hufflepuff and Pandora was a ravenclaw nearly placed in slytherin.
-She was a seer and, after finding out that Regulus was planning on destroying a horcrux, she begged him not to because she knew he would die.
-She made Barty Luna’s godfather.
-Luna’s full name is Luna Regulus Lovegood.
-She found the locket and Regulus’ note.
-She dedicated the rest of her life to learning how to destroy horcruxes. The spell that killed her was one such attempt.
In conclusion, I would literally fucking die for her and this fandom is amazing.
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emotionlesshoe · a month ago
What it's like sleeping/cuddling with them...
Pairings: Marauders x reader Warnings: fluff (it's cheesy af), mentions of trauma, nightmares and toxic masculinity Summary: it's in the title hon ;)
James Potter
Tumblr media
• James is definitely the type of person who would want to hold you for the entire night, but he doesn't really care about the position in itself.
• He wouldn’t let go of you even if he’s not comfortable.
• It wouldn’t matter if he woke up the next day with horrible neck pain or if he didn’t sleep much, he just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and sleeping well. (However, that boy snore like a bear omg)
Sirius Black
Tumblr media
• Hear me out: Sirius can be the big spoon if you need him to be, but most nights? He’s the little spoon.
• He has a lot of trauma because of his family and he gets nightmares a lot, that's why being held during the night helps him.
• He lets himself be more vulnerable when it’s just both of you at night.
Remus Lupin
Tumblr media
• Remus doesn’t sleep much, he gets too many nightmares so he rather just avoids sleeping altogether.
• You try to get him, to sleep but you soon realize it’s pointless and it’s best to just talk with him.
• So most nights you two just discuss for hours until you fall asleep, and he would always make sure you’re all cozied up, tucking any string of hair that would fall on your face while he read his books.
Peter Pettigrew
Tumblr media
• Peter grew up in a ‘traditional’ household and was surrounded by a lot of toxic masculinity making him sometimes pretty out of touch with his emotions.
• He wouldn’t want to be the little spoon because of that, even when he needed it the most, he would just hold you very tightly. He has a hard time being vulnerable.
• Anyway, most nights you guys are just a tangled mess.
Regulus Black
Tumblr media
• Regulus has a hard time sleeping just like his brother, but kind of like Peter he doesn’t want to show that to you.
• However, he does let you caress his hand or face because he trusts you.
• And the fact that you’re with him, that he’s holding you close, it’s enough to calm him when he has nightmares.
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