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#harry potter next generation
lunorichi · 10 months ago
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Teddy ,Remus and Tonks for Day 21 of Blissember : Hug 🤍
It always makes me so sad thinking about Teddy ,Remus and Tonks ,and the family that they could have been ,but at the same time I like to think that Teddy loves and admire them so much ,his so proud of his family.
•PD: I know that the mirror of Erised was destroyed but the feels were too strong 🥺•
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thisismegz · a month ago
✨✨The Potter siblings ✨✨
Tumblr media
“Siblings-the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” – Byron Pulsifer
The artwork in the center is by @blvnk-art. Full credit goes to her.
Top left: Edward Remus Lupin
Top right: James Sirius Potter
Bottom left: Albus Severus Potter
Bottom right: Lily Luna Potter
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several-sunlitdays · 2 months ago
ginny: happy birthday old man!
harry: so i'm old now? hun? and yet you love me ;)
james II : oh look! old couple acting like teenagers again
lily II : shut up james! they are so in love!
teddy : don't forget james, they have acted much more than this, that's the reason you are born
al : cool. i didn't need that picture in my head
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hayden-rose · 2 months ago
*Albus and Scorpius playing Minecraft*
Albus: It's getting late. We should go to sleep.
Scorpius: Ok. Let me craft this bucket first.
Albus: Why?
Scorpius: So our fish doesn't drown in the pond.
Albus: You're crafting a bucket so our fish doesn't drown?
Scorpius: Yes.
Albus: Goodnight, Scorpius.
Scorpius: Oh, fish can't drown.
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sweeethinny · 3 months ago
Red Lipstick
one more - delayed - prompt for BINGO! I love writing about Hinny's kids, hope you like it too <3
'What are you doing down here, Albus?' Ginny asked, surprised when she saw him sitting alone on the living room sofa.
She had gone out for a few minutes to buy some medicine for Harry, who was ill, leaving James - aged 10 - in charge of keeping the whole house and everyone alive. It would be quick minutes, it didn't last more than twenty, but suddenly it felt like an eternity and from the look of Albus something had gone wrong.
'Nothing.' He got up from the couch, but his green eyes didn't lie, he looked scared.
'Where is your brother?' Ginny dusted Floo's shoulders off her shoulders, then headed for the stairs, but Albus stepped in front of her.
'He…hm…grandma called.'
'I'll call her later. Was it urgent?' She knew he was lying, because aside from his cheeks being extremely flushed and his eyes wide open, Molly was with George and Bill shopping at the mall, so she had no way of calling Ginny.
'Yes. She needs you to call now.” Albus despaired when Ginny didn't go downstairs and go to the fireplace, but continued up the stairs. 'Mum!'
"Albus, your dad really needs this medicine, please." She continued to walk, even though Albus tried to interfere with her steps. ‘What did you and your brothers do, huh? I'm starting to get more worried. Your dad is missing?’
"It was Lily!" Albus blurted, as she knew he would as soon as she pressed a little.
"What Lily did?" Ginny stopped when they reached the second floor, sighing and thinking that the girl was only six but already managing to be worse than ten-year-old James. Although she was learning a lot from him, so…
"I told her you'd be mad and-" Albus jumped in front of her again, his small body coming to a stop in front of her and Harry's bedroom door, as if that would keep her from opening it. "You really don’t want to open that door."
'Whatever it is, I'm not going to fight with you, now let me see your dad and give him his medicine.' Ginny tried to open the door, but, she assumed, there were two kids sitting on the other side, making the work not so simple. "James, Lily, let me into the room."
"Promise you won't freak out," James said, his voice low probably so as not to wake Harry. Well, at least they were worried about their dad.
"I'm not going to freak out." Ginny wanted to laugh but remained serious, looking at Albus who now looked more terrified.
"Al, didn't I tell you not to let her up?!" Lily's bossy voice sounded louder, and soon a 'shhhh' from James was heard as well. 'Didn't I tell you not to let her up?' She whispered now.
"I couldn't," Albus whispered against the door, looking over his shoulder at his mother who still had her hand on the door. Ginny didn't believe this was happening.
"Get out of there or you might get hurt, I'll open the door." She warned, and this time the door opened easily, and her two kids were standing there, looking much more suspicious than Albus.
James was better at lying, he was older and had more time to learn from Teddy about how to do it, so his cheeks were less flushed and his eyes weren't as bulging. Lily, however, seemed to have been born with the gift, because she smiled docilely at her mother, clutching the hem of her dress as if she hadn't done anything wrong.
"What did you guys do?" Ginny looked at the two of them, and then looked at the bed at the end of the room, where Harry was still sleeping.
"Nothing." They both shrugged, and Albus rushed to stand beside them, letting Ginny into the room.
The three walked with her to the bed, all very suspicious, their hands behind their backs and their eyes locked on Ginny. The room was tidy - the best it could be with three kids in the house - and there was nothing broken except that a drawer in her dresser was ajar, but Ginny was pretty sure she hadn't opened before leaving the house... It was her makeup drawer, and she hadn't done makeup today.
When she got close to the bed, she had to choke down the laugh that rose in her throat, looking at a Harry who was now painted all over, with red lipstick, eye glitter, and much darker, thicker eyebrows now that they were painted with black pencil.
Jesus fucking Christ.” Harry was a mess of makeup and accessories on his head, the sheet he was covered with was also smeared with eyeshadow and lipstick, and what shocked the most was that he was still sleeping. Probably because of the sleeping potion she had given him before leaving.
She looked at her children, who were still at her side with their hands behind their backs, trying their best to look innocent.
"He woke up and did it himself," Lily shrugged.
"Yeah, it was scary." Albus nodded, his cheeks flushing even more.
'I think Dad is sleepwalking.' James said, and the other two nodded.
Ginny couldn't believe it, she wasn't even angry, just shocked. She wanted to laugh too.
"He's the one who's going to freak out when he wakes up," she warned them, taking the medicine out of her bag and laughing as she looked at her husband lying on the bed, looking like he'd dressed up as a clown. 'Get the camera, let's make this moment eternal.'
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hxuse-xf-black · 2 months ago
Alice II, texting Lily Luna: I just walked into a party and some guy yelled dibs.
James Sirius [not realizing it was Alice II] texting Lily Luna: I'M REALLY DRUNK AND A REALLY CUTE GIRL WALKED INTO THE PARTY AND I YELLED DIBS.
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kidovna · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 2 of Scorpius’ coming out experience. Draco is a great man and an even better dad.
For HP Pride Month - Week 2 prompt: Flag
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yendts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Teddy and Victoire Character sheets!
Albus and Scorpius, James and Lily, Rose and Hugo
click for better quality and to zoom in
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maraudersknockoff · 4 months ago
Ginny: So… who broke it?
Ginny: I’m not mad. I just want to know.
Harry: I did. I broke it, love.
Ginny: No. No, you didn’t. James?
James: Don’t look at me! Look at Al!
Albus: What? I didn’t break it!
James: Huh. That’s weird. How’d you know it was broken?
Albus: Because it’s sitting right in front of us AND it’s broken!
James: Suspicious
Albus: No, it’s not! I mean if it matters– probably not, but Teddy was the last one to use it.
Teddy: LIAR I don’t even use that!
Harry: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it-
Ginny: NO. Who broke it?
Albus: Mum?
Albus: Lily has been awfully quiet…
Ginny: *rethinking all choices that have led to this very moment*
— james says this happened
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sweeethinny · 4 months ago
Prompt idea I guess? Dad harry (I love him too) with toddler albus? Maybe a Sunday dinner at the burrow and Albus gets upset because everyone’s a redhead except for him? It’s very silly I know but I just love dad harry with small kids and I can’t really come up with anything better (it could be a skin colour thing too but I don’t know if you view Harry as Indian in your hp universe so yeah really whatever you want!)
Love your fics and your art!!♥️♥️
hi anon, thank you so much for this prompt <3 I never thought of Harry as Indian, but it's very interesting, and I chose to make them talk about hair because... it's very easy to fall into super serious talk about race and color and a lot of stuff I don't feel very comfortable writing
I hope you don't mind and like little Albus wanting to understand what DNA is <3
'Everyone is red but me.' Albus says, sitting on Harry's leg as he watches the Weasleys mess around the Burrow's backyard, he's been clinging to his father since he arrived, and Harry blames the fact that for the first time in a long time Ginny had to travel, and Albus looks a little desolate for not having his mommy this week.
"I'm not a redhead," he pointed out, running his hands through Albus' hair, far more tamed than James' or Harry's own. Albus had inherited a lot from Ginny, unlike James or Harry, people told him 'you are just like your mother, but you have your dad’s eyes’'.
'Yea'. Albus looked at him, the green eyes looking curiously studying him, as little hands caressed his face with an adorable delicacy. 'Why?'
"Why am I not a redhead?" Albus nodded. ‘Genetics. I inherited my father's hair, just as you inherited my hair color and your grandfather's.’ Harry smiled, thinking that explaining to a five-year-old boy about genetics was something he never thought to do.
‘And why does mom say my hair is easier than yours? If our hairs are the same ' Albus barely blinked, his why phase barely started, but he already seemed ready to venture into it.
'Because when we talk about the hair shape, you inherited your mother's, which is straight, while I inherited my father's wavy curl, just as James inherited too.' Harry said, and the boy nodded, turning back to the backyard.
"Why didn't Mom make me have her red hair?"
"Because we didn't choose this, son." Harry shifted in his chair, Albus wasn't small anymore to be on his lap, but he wasn't denying that request just because his old thighs ached after a while with him there.
"Then who chooses?" Albus looked at him, and it was almost like having a mini Ginny in front of him, but with black hair. That bossy way of being, and those steady eyes that looked for answers.
Harry thought Al could cause more trouble than James and Lily combined, the quiet ones were the worst. 'Hm… your body. It's a little complex for me to explain, but there's something inside you called DNA, and when you were inside your mother's belly, there were several strands of DNA being formed with our genes for every little thing inside you… your hair, the color of it, whether it would be straight or wavy, your nose, your eyes, whether or not you would have a vision problem… Everything is defined by DNA.'
"Okay, but who- who defines this?" Albus raised his eyebrows, looking annoyed that his father couldn't give a concrete answer to what he was waiting for.
'No one, my love, builds itself'. Harry chuckled, failing to remain serious. But Albus didn't seem happy.
“How does this form?” He crossed his little arms in front of his chest, which made him more cute.
"I can't explain it to you my love, you'll have to ask Aunt Mione to explain it to you." Albus nodded, turning back to the garden, and Harry bet all his money that he was looking for Hermione. “She's in the kitchen,” he whispered, to help him.
'Thanks.' And as if he were much older than five, Albus jumped off Harry's lap and marched into the house, wearing his petrol blue jumpsuit and striped blouse, his sneakers removed, however much Harry had tried to prevent.
He chuckled to himself, reaching for the glass of soda on the table and watching Lily try to convince Teddy to play with her - and she seemed to be almost succeeding - while James rocked himself loud and fast on the swing Arthur had set up in the backyard. Looking at the house, he saw Hermione and Albus walking out hand in hand, she was saying something to him, soon kneeling down in front of him and seeming to explain something else.
His questions were endless.
Harry smiled, getting up and heading towards James before he fell backwards off the swing, which was now going higher and faster, keeping an eye out for Lily trying to convince Teddy to be her prince.
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thepoetrystudent · 23 days ago
Hermione is in a video call with Harry when James suddenly appears to say hello.
Hermione: Hey, James! How are you?
James: I am good, Aunt Min! Did you know that my birthday is next week?
Hermione: I know, baby! You're going to be six! Are you excited?
James: Yes! I am looking forward to the cake and the wishes.
Hermione: Oh, really, what are you going to wish for?
James*whispering*: Can you keep a secret?
Hermione *whispering*: Sure.
James: I am going to wish for a broom and for Dad to be the fastest.
Hermione: I am confused.
Harry: Son, why are going to ask for this?
James: Well, Dad, it's for you.
Harry: For me, why?
James* shrugging*:I heard mom asking you to be fast last night.
Hermione *laughing*: Oh my god.
Harry: James!
James: She asked you a lot, dad. You will be grounded soon.
Harry: I wanna die.
Hermione *crying with laughter*: This is too good.
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