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#harry potter series

hogwarts was designed by chaotic neutral bastards who thought a randomly moving staircase was a great thing to put in an educational environment

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some more headcanons on “harry potter” character sexualities (by me) part one can be found here:

James & Lily Potter: i used to headcanon them as straight, but now headcanon them as both being bisexual with preferences for the opposite sex so: James prefers girl and Lily prefers boys
Bill & Fleur Weasley: bisexual
Percy Weasley: gay
Fred & George Weasley: both are attracted to people regardless of gender, Fred prefers the term queer whereas George prefers the term pansexual, but neither really care that much about labels
Molly & Arthur Weasley: both are straight but love all their kids and are great allies! Molly even knits pride sweaters/jumpers for her kids and their partners (because the Weasley’s essentially adopted Harry whether or not he ends up with Ginny- which in my opinion he doesn’t)
Oliver Wood: bisexual
Teddy Lupin: demi-pansexual with a preference for girls
Cedric Diggory: bisexual with a preference for guys (totally had a crush on Harry in GoF)
Cho Chang: bisexual
Lavender Brown: pansexual with a preference for guys
Parvati Patil: bisexual
Padma Patil: demi-heteroromantic/asexual 
Astoria Greengrass: lesbian 

keep in mind that these are just my personal headcanons, and that if you headcanon these characters differently that’s fine just as long as you respect me and my opinions/headcanons. with that being said, i hope to post more of my harry potter headcanons here, hopefully i’ll get the race/ethnicity one done soon! 

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This is absolutely so sweet and kind and lovely and I could sob!!! I was actually in the midst of writing the next chapter based off “The One Where No-one’s Ready” but then I got all in my head again and reading this just made me so inspired!!! Thank you SO SO much gorgeous!

And YUUUS absolutely through the ask box is perfect!!! I absolutely adore prompts!!! Thank you SO endlessly for this kindness!!! <3 <3 <3

The One With The Marauders 

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James had never felt so much pain as the moment he saw Lily there, sitting on her own on the stairs leading up to the castle. James thought that she looked so sad, collecting the pieces of her broken heart, wondering why she had never been good enough for someone that, in James’ opinion, never really deserved her in the first place.

And he just felt so stupid and mad and sad too that he couldn’t do anything to numb her pain. And there she was, feeling her world crumbling down, a weight so heavy in her chest that she wondered if she’d ever be able to breathe again. The insult she’d just been called by the one she thought she loved echoing in her head.

And he sat by her side and tried to hug her, to tell her that everything was going to be okay, but she didn’t want to be touched, or talked to, she just wanted to breathe. But somehow the air filling up her lungs just didn’t seem to be enough. And all she could think about was if it would ever be.

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harry: i'm gonna hang around in a monster-filled lake so i can save these kids, despite this all being a presumably-supervised game and them ostensibly not being in any real danger
dumbledore: hmm looks like harry's got a bit of a martyr complex there
dumbledore: i'm sure that's good and healthy for a fourteen year old
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imagine sirius being quidditch commentator

- “just letting everyone know gryffindor captain james potter is very single and ready to mingle if your name is lily evans”

- “update on the james and lily situation; james has scored eight goals and lily now has JP painted on her cheek”

- “if tom denvers can afford the new nimbus he can bloody afford to pay my the eight galleons he owes me”

- “if ravenclaw could hurry up and lose so we can start the party that would be great”

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