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#harry potter smut
Imagine Lucius wanting Severus to share you with him (smut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Lucius betraying the dark lord for some puthy??? more likely than you’d think 👀💦Also this is just as long as it took me to write it 😩😭Also im a bit rusty when it comes to threesomes. I kept the original idea but also tried my best to not make it as if it’s total blackmail, i did my best ok. Hope you can all appreciate it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
Warning: 18+ minors SHOO THIS IS NOT FOR YOU-, threesome mfm, Dubcon-ish, reader gets clear choice of consent eventually, DP 👀, some ass play going in here of course-, oral (m and f receiving),
Lucius hadn’t expected for you to be so bold as to slap him right across the face after the moment of silent between you both from his question for you. A simple “no” would’ve done the job but it seemed your confusion had taken over you in that instant.
Luckily, you were both away from any prying eyes and he was able to handle such humiliation. To his disbelief, he was incredibly aroused by your action, your face frowning at him and ready to tell him off even more. His affection for you only growing from this interaction, after having spent months watching and trying to get to know you for the longest time ever since you joined the Death Eaters.
“What would make you think that’s an acceptable proposition, Mr. Malfoy?! I am a married woman not some young whore you can just suggest such a thing.”, you spat out before storming away, your steps being heard echoing the further you got.
That little outburst of yours wasn’t going to be forgotten so soon, he’s seen the way you’ve looked at him at times, he knows you’re just playing hard to get. Fixing his hair back, he then soothed his cheek and was already thinking of the next bouquet of flowers to send your way as an apology and get back on your good side.
He had been in that mood lately, purposely stirring your relationship with countless of gifts sent to you and love letters expressing his desires to have you. He was enamored by you from the instant he laid eyes on you, falling even deeper as he heard you speak so fervently, especially when it was directed to him.
His visions were filled with you, imagining you as his in every way and more importantly having your love and attention in return. There was no denying how incredibly jealous he was of your husband, Severus, constantly wondering as to how he ended with you.
It didn’t sit right with him for such a lowly wizard and professor having you all to himself, when he a pureblood is right there and clearly the better choice.
Walking down the hall, you caught sight of Severus and went right to him, linking your arm to his and already tugging on him to leave.
“Y/N? Is everything alright?”, he instantly voiced, your annoyed expression apparent to him that something must’ve went wrong. You sighed, stopping to look back at him exasperated, “Sev, let’s just go home, honey. I’m tired…”
Knowing you too well and surely you must have your reasons, your husband agreed and followed along, “Of course.”
Once at home, you both prepared for dinner rather quietly. Severus took notice of your firm and tense behaviour along the way as you cooked, keeping his composure so to let you have your space until he felt you were ready to speak to him.
Sitting down face to face finally and having dinner together, the silence between you both grew too much for Severus, “You’ve been quiet…Is there something on your mind, dear?”
Chewing your food slowly, you then swallowed and shrugged, telling him bluntly what was looming over you, “I slapped Lucius Malfoy.”
“Why?”, he asked dropping instantly his fork and his jaw ajar. He was heating up, his stomach turning at the thought of what could follow from such revelation.
To his surprise, you seemed rather nonchalant, reaching to hold his hand to assure him, “He couldn’t stop talking about how we didn’t match together, how I should be with him instead, I couldn’t stand it so I just slapped him.”
Your husband’s heart was beating out of his chest, the blood in his body rushing in worry, sweat starting to form slightly as he swallowed hard, only for you to keep going and going.
“That was the only appropriate action at the moment.”, you muttered quietly, as if shyly admitting to him your wrongdoings as to not get scolded.
Instantly, he stopped you, nearly hushing you as he spoke lowly as to not let anyone else here if that were even possible, “This could turn back against us, he is a powerful man-“
“I don’t care about that Sev!”, you raised your tone back, standing your ground, “I love you, there’s no way I’d let him run his mouth that way!”.
Your passion didn’t go unnoticed in your tone, touching and even calming Sev a bit before his thoughts could go back to what could possibly happen, “I’m thankful for you. But it’s still concerning-“
“I know.”, you sighed, your hand brushing against his before grabbing to hold it and kiss it, once more reassuring him. “I will try to apologize to him some other time…”
Severus’ gaze instantly softened along with yours, only for it to turn into curiosity as you’d frown all of a sudden. Groaning, you sighed exasperatedly, “But now i’m just not in the mood. He’s so frustrating! Quite handsome I admit…But oh god so annoying!”
For once, he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at your confession and spent the rest of the evening talking it out. It didn’t take long for the subject to be long forgotten and the two of you finding peace within each other embraces until you were to face your problems all over again.
Days and days passed, and nothing ever came of it, Lucius didn’t bother to retaliate directly neither at you or your husband but instead continued his observations or rather his fixation with you. Every time you’d be present, he wouldn’t miss a single beat to take a good look at you, admiring your beauty as much as he could before you’d be taken away from him by Severus Snape of all people.
It annoyed him to think he was the one taking you home, the only one allowed to share your bed and take advantage of that sweet body of yours. It would’ve been an even bigger lie to even think for a second Lucius wasn’t even more annoyed or truly simply jealous of the doe eyes you have for your husband, the kisses you both stole from one another and the sweet silly banter you both always shared away from everyone else.
It should be him instead of Severus, that’s what he always thought and still now looking at you from across the table, he believed that. A shame you were still with your husband, as clear evidence as you held his hand and subtly or not so, showing off your matching wedding bands.
His piercing gaze didn’t go unnoticed by Severus, the two men exchanging rather cold glances at one another, Lucius clearly irritated. He wanted you all to himself but you were taken and worse you were happy about it, how was that even possible when you hadn’t even given him the chance yet.
You were only rejecting him because you didn’t knew him in that intimate light, he constantly thought to himself. The two of you only knew each other through these Death Eater meetings. So how could you possibly be so certain of your choice, you needed to give him try first but finding a new way to approach the subject was growing difficult until…
Eventually, the constant staring and following your every move began to pay off. As attentive and astute towards your expressions and the way you’d speak to your husband, it didn’t take long for him to realize the plot behind both of your motivations within the Death Eaters.
Although initially shocked, Lucius’ lust and passion for you seemed much stronger and more important than his desires to fulfill the Dark Lord’s wishes as he quickly reasoned himself. With that vital piece of information in his grasp, he was going to have you right where he wanted you and he couldn’t be any happier about it. Regardless of Severus, he was determined to have you and if you needed your husband along the way then so be it, he thought.
Once the next meeting came to an end, Lucius finally put his plan to action, waiting for you both to leave before catching up to your husband. As you parted ways for a second and met up with another member, you gave him the opportunity to corner your husband, stalking right behind him and catching his attention as he cleared his throat, “I have wanted to discuss-“
Severus’ guts instantly twisted at his words, fearing the worst for you but nonetheless readying to defend your action, as he calmly turned and interjected, “Y/N has been reflecting on her actions towards you that day, she’ll apologize to you properly for that mistake soon enough.”
Lucius scoffed at his words, knowing from a simple look at him he was scared and putting on a brave face, smirking devilishly, “I don’t mind that little “incident” if anything, it was quite thrilling.”
Severus was confused, frowning at the other man as he continued, “Actually I’ve been thinking more of asking you rather than her. I understand that she’s your wife…That the two of you have loved one another ever since she’s graduated and was an apprentice of yours.”
Your husband could only nod slowly, not denying a single detail nor interrupting Lucius, who was growing annoyed, “I clearly can’t seem to take her away from you completely, despite my efforts as you might have noticed. I’ve now accepted that fact. So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind simply…”
He held in his breath, hoping to hear the end of it and praying the incident will simply be forgotten, only for Lucius to pause. Inching closer, he whispered knowing the taboo nature of his request, “Sharing such a precious little thing with me.”
“I beg your pardon.”, Severus gritted, in disbelief that such a question could even be asked.
“Your wife…I want her as well.”, the other man simply reasoned. “Oh don’t make that face Severus. Surely, you didn’t think that such a talented young beautiful woman as her would be a perfect match for a half-blood like you?”
Clearly that went right to Sev’s ego, hurting him even as he stayed silent, his own self doubt starting to form all over again. The tension between them was rising, Lucius twisting the knife further with his smug air and Severus at his mercy as he couldn’t find anything to counter.
Nervously, his gaze lowered, only to see Lucius’ cane come into view as the other man kept invading his space. Once more his tone lowered, as he inched right to your husband’s ear, telling him exactly what he knew, “Not to mention…That I know about your little plans for our Lord…How long was it in the making hm? Whose side are you truly on?”
That was enough to knock the air out of Severus’ lungs, his heart thrumming increasingly as sweat began to form. How was it possible for Lucius to figure it out? He had been so careful and meticulous in his work, how could such a slip up happen. So many questions were unanswered and his fear was only growing by the seconds while the colors in his face had been completely drained by his words.
Swallowing hard, he looked into the other man’s eyes backing away in defeat, nothing he could say or do right now was going to prove him and you innocent.
Knowing full well how right he was, Lucius chuckled, and continued in his hush tone, “No worries, your secret is safe with me…Under one condition of course…”
Instantly, your husband understood, all of this was to get to you and deep down he knew if he needed for this ploy to keep going, he had to comply. “Y-You want Y/N…”, he muttered as if filling in the blanks and voicing out loud to understand this was not a nightmare but in fact it was quite real.
Nodding in approval, Lucius’ excitement began to take over, as he chided your husband, looking at him from head to toe almost in disdain, “Mhm…Consider yourself lucky i’m not cruel enough to tear you both apart from one another…”
Trembling, Severus curled his fist in defeat, knowing he couldn’t do much but to agree to such conditions. He knew yet as well hoped somewhere you’d understand that neither of you could compromise the end goal of your mission, especially not for something as trivial as Lucius’ proposition, right?
With that, Lucius continued to explain what was going to happen next and by the time you had come back to Severus’ side, you were both heading to your private residence together, the other man nowhere in sight.
The whole way back, it was his turn to be strangely quiet and clingy, his hand gripping yours as you held him. Guilt was already gnawing at him, looking at you as if to ask for your forgiveness but the words just wouldn’t come out no matter what.
Once home, he didn’t left your side for a second, knowing well Lucius was on his way over soon, it was only a matter of time. With each minutes passing, Severus grew antsier and nervous, your curiosity growing and eventually stopping to ask him about it.
Nothing was all he could say, he wouldn’t open up or rather preferred not to. Instead, he avoided your questions and would choose to retreat to your shared bedroom and stayed there for the longest while.
Once done with the cleaning of your kitchen, you began to head towards your room as well for the night, stopping in your tracks as you heard a knock on the door.
Naturally, you peered down the stairs to look and make sure you heard it right, and there it was once again. Walking down to open it, Severus finally made his own way out, following your steps achingly slow, nervous as to what was going to happen.
Looking through to see who it was, your heart raced and you gasped to see none other than Lucius Malfoy standing at your door, staring right at you so smugly. Backing out, you looked at your husband confused and whispering to him, only for the other man to knock once more and even announce to you, “Y/N, darling open…I know you’re there!”
Finally you opened, fast and annoyed at his words, your frown instantly turning to genuine amazement to get a good look at him. There was no denying how handsome he was and here before you, his hair neatly done and his choice of suit clearly put together to impress anyone that would look at him.
For a moment, you were taken a back, forgetting your words as you looked up and down at him before shaking those thoughts away and remind yourself as to who he was.
Looking right at him, you faced him head on, “Mr. Malfoy? Bold of you to show up at my house after what happened…”
He practically scoffed, inching closer and his presence making you back into your home, inviting himself in, “Darling, you have no idea how bold I can be.”
Easily he took more and more steps, his own hand closing the door behind, his smile only widening as he stared at you. You looked like a poor little lamb desperately trying to act brave despite having nowhere to go.
Your husband was quick enough to help him, his hand reaching the small of your back to comfort you as he closed in from behind you, surprising you as you bumped a bit into him.
“I’m guessing you didn’t tell her anything yet?”, the blonde man asked playfully, ignoring you completely and acknowledging the other man. Curiously, you looked up to him, frowning at him only for him to avoid your gaze and look right at floor.
Backing out from the both of them, you stared at your husband and grabbed his arm to make him look at you, “Tell me what? Sev? Honey, what is it?”
Still he didn’t dare to look, knowing full well how guilty he is to get caught in such a mess and dragging you into this. You tried to press him on but Lucius was right there to interrupt you, “He’s so quiet all of a sudden…Do you want me to tell her, Severus?”
“Your husband here isn’t quite as sneaky as he thinks he is. And neither are you, darling…”, Lucius smugly pointed at the both of you, captivating both of your attentions. Instantly, you had an idea where this was going, your heart thumping to have been caught and there it was when he whispered, “Our Lord might soon learn what might come to him from the both of you…”
Instinctively, you were preparing to defend yourself, deny and deny until the very end. However, before you could even open your mouth, Severus finally spoke glaring at Lucius, “No he won’t, we’ve already agreed to it…”
Turning back to you, he reached to hold both your hands, kissing them softly, “Y/N, My love. Do you trust me?”, he asked calmly.
“Of course I do…”, you nodded before getting pulled along with him, following him right up into your bedroom, Lucius trailing rather excitedly as you turned to catch a glimpse of him.
Knowing and putting your trust into your husband, you calmed yourself a bit, rationalizing that it was going to be alright, after all he wouldn’t do anything to ever put you in harms way.
Once in your room, Lucius closed the door behind once again as if he was in his own house, eyeing you rather hungrily. It was quite the sight to see you in your nightgown, relishing in catching a glimpse of your bare form over how light the material was and even more to know how comfortable you could get at home.
He could get used to that he figured, easy access to you, all he had to do was reach in the right spots of your dress and he could play and tease you all night long if he wanted to from the looks of it. Severus was quite the lucky man, he thought seeing you so carefree this way, only for his lips to turn once more into a grin as he realized that if he were to play his cards right he’ll have you just as much.
“Alright, what’s going on?”, you asked Severus and looking back at Lucius as well in hopes to get an answer from either of them.
“Lucius wants you…He would want me to share you with him…”, your husband revealed to you sheepishly, almost shying away from your gaze and touch. The instant you turned to look at Lucius, he was quick to soften his gaze, admitting, “Give me a chance, Y/N…Just for tonight…”
For a second, he sounded so hurt and needy, his entire face in a pout as his desires for you couldn’t be hidden. He wanted to be just as close to you as your husband was right now, his eyes longing to feel your touch, you were even beginning to pity him.
“What’s the catch?”, you asked sternly not wanting to show yourself faltering, turning your complete attention on him, reminding him and yourself that you were to stay serious about this. Your arms went from comforting Severus to crossing sternly and unwelcoming Lucius completely.
Nonetheless, he simply gave a try to close to distance between you and him, looking right at you, whispering to you, “Let me spend one night with you and I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut…”
It was your turn to scoff at him, in disbelief over his sudden change of mind, “Only one night? The other day, you begged me to leave my husband for you. You really expect me to believe you only want one night?”
Boldly, he took a step to your side, carefully pacing around to get a good look at you completely, “Oh, darling…By one night I mean…I only need one night to make you want me…”
His hands carefully made their way up your shoulders from the small of your back, his husky voice cockily telling you, “Believe me you’ll be begging me to fuck you every night…”
“And if I don’t want you after?”, you asked instantly, not wanting to let him see you slowly letting your resolve crumble. His gaze, his voice, his demeanour, the choice of words for you were all beginning of to be much for you.
Lucius was quite the attractive man you had thought to yourself a few times, you had even boldly eyed him at meetings yet never you had figured you could ever cross lines between admiration to desires so suddenly, even when he dared to ask you to leave your husband. Yet here he was once more before you, proudly telling you you’ll be wanting him and your curiosity was beginning to be more and more peaked.
There was no possible way that was going to happen, you thought over and over, Severus was more than capable to keep you satisfied and satiated whenever you had your urges, but with the opportunity presenting itself it didn’t hurt to indulge a bit it seemed.
Lucius seemed to grow annoyed at your words, blunt as ever he spoke his mind, the gentleness he has for you slowly coming back, “That won’t ever happen. But either way I won’t tell…I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you…”
“Really? That’s all it takes? How do I know if you’ll keep your words if I refuse this?”, you asked curious as to why that was even a possibility he was going to offer you both. From the way your husband was glaring at him, it seemed there was only said option but somewhere you had a feeling there could be another alternative.
As matter a factly as possible, he shook his head, his voice softening further, as he admitted, “What good is there if you’re not around anymore? Is that enough for you?”, surprising both you and your husband.
Together you looked at each incredulously, the nerves suddenly somewhat settling down from the thought of your plans being revealed yet intrigued as to where Lucius was going with all of this suddenly.
Looking back at him, he chucked and scoffed, “What? You really thought i’d have you both killed for that? Y/N I want you too much to let anything like that happen to you…As for you Severus…You’re the reason as to why she’s even amongst us…If you left she’d go with you, am I right?”
“So why threaten me then?”, Severus asked, annoyed and angry that he was toyed with for a while, his fists curling at the thought of being mocked as such.
At that Lucius only laughed once again, pointing the obvious to him, “What other way could I possibly make my intentions known and taken seriously after that slap…”
Looking right at you, he grinned remembering vividly that touch of yours and began closing the distance between you and him further, “So what will it be Y/N? Am I leaving or not?”
Once by your side, he leaned right by your ear, promising you, “Believe me, if you accept my proposal now…I’ll end up making you love me, Y/N. Mark my words.”
You shuddered in delight to hear his voice so close, his cologne filling your senses and making your mind grow a bit hazy from how his bigger frame was before you. You were beginning to fall for his charms more and more, your own thoughts about him ever since that incident playing right through your mind and wondering if your curiosity would be satisfied if you took up on his offer.
As you looked to your side to see your husband, that’s when you remembered about your engagement to him of course, and made it a point to Lucius that regardless your decision, he was going to be apart of it.
“We’ll see about that…What about Severus? What is he supposed to do…”, you scoffed, trying so hard to act in control over the situation despite deep down your heart was racing at the anticipation.
“He can leave, watch…Or join…I don’t mind so as long as I get to make you come first and have you as many times as you can handle it…”, he proudly told you, making the heat and warmth rush all over, knowing full well this was turning you on.
“Honey? What do you say?”, you had to ask Severus to try and calm yourself from getting so hot and bothered by Lucius’ advances. To your dismay, Severus’ dark and possessive gaze over you wasn’t helping, if anything it had you wanting more.
“I’m not letting him have you all to himself that’s certain…”, his voice was firm and clear, making you swallow hard and impressing Lucius for once. Looking back and forth at them, your mind was made up, you were going to go through with this whether or not the plot against the Dark Lord was truly compromised.
Severus was the first to close the distance between you and himself, kissing you feverishly as if to prove a point to the other man. Naturally, you returned the favor and nearly forgot about Lucius as you wrapped your arms around your husband.
Jealous of your attention on him, the blonde man dared yanking you back by your hair and kissed you as well, savouring every seconds passing as he tasted you for the first time. You let him, surprisingly intoxicated by the way his lips felt against yours and the scent of his cologne filling up your senses completely.
Your husband couldn’t let Lucius have all the fun to himself and went right to surprise you as much as ease you, kissing your neck softly and making sure to leave marks and remind the other man and yourself that you’re still his.
Being sandwiched between them was making you hot and grow out of breath to feel their weight each pressing into you. Clutching onto Severus for support, you backed out of your kiss with Lucius to catch your breath for a second.
You were in a daze from it already, your eyes blown out with lust and your lips completely swollen from Lucius’ passion, his fingers right by your chin to lift your gaze and make you look at him. “So pretty…”, he muttered in disbelief that he had just made out with you.
His hands traveled around your waist, lifting up the skirt of your dress and touching your warm skin, shuddering from how real you were and what was happening before him. Not wasting his time, he made sure to mark your neck as well and catch up with your husband determined to let everyone know you’re his as well. Your scent was just as delicious to him, melting right into you as he pressed closer to you.
With the both of them assaulting your neck and collarbones, their lips sucking on your skin so tantalizingly, you were growing overwhelmed, moaning breathlessly their names. The instant, Lucius heard his name fall from your lips so lovingly, his eyes lit up and went right to look at your stunned expression.
Smirking at you, he wasn’t going to let you off the hook, going right in to kiss you again, only for you to be pulled away by your husband, your lips locking with his instead.
Fuming to have your lips taken away so suddenly, Lucius decided to matters into his own hands, reaching right to cup your breasts and squeezing them and catching you by surprise. While you were busy still with your husband, he made sure to catch your attention back, tweaking your nipples and pinching them until you backed up for air.
Seeing you leaning for more, Lucius went right to grind against you, letting you feel how hard he had gotten from kissing you, grinning to see you gasp from how big he was it seemed.
“Touch me.”, Lucius ordered wanting to feel your touch as well, glaring at you and back down on your hands clutching your husband still. As you hesitated, Severus helped, peeling a hand of yours off of him to touch the other man.
Naturally, you reached back and finally gave his hard cock a squeeze, pulling a soft groan from him, clearly yearning for more. Bravely, you pressed on, working your own magic on him while your husband kept teasing you, marking your chest as he pulled your gown apart a bit.
Wanting to taste you just as much, Lucius took the initiative to pull away and push you towards your bed, your husband following along as he helped before climbing onto you to continue his assault on you.
“Don’t be selfish Severus, leave some for me!”, Lucius instantly remarked chuckling darkly before joining him, yanking your gown further down and exposing your chest to both men.
Severus acted like he hadn’t heard it despite his annoyed scowl, pressing on to pleasure you and show you how much he treasures you with the way he kissed your soft skin over and over. Lucius relished in the delighted sounds you made and couldn’t wait any longer, joining in on the other side of your chest, teasing and sucking on your sensitive nipple.
It was overwhelming to say the least, having two men stimulate you this fervently, you could barely contain yourself, your hands egging them both as you braced against them.
“Show me how you pleasure her, Severus. I want to see if I can do better!”, Lucius then taunted once pulling away from you, before looking right at you, leaving your husband to groan.
“Severus pleasures me perfectly fine! I doubt you could even match up…”, you challenged him instantly not leaving your husband defenceless, propping yourself up to him. “We’ll see about that…”, the blonde man trailed, his hand snaking down your body before trailing lazily up and down your thigh.
He couldn’t believe he was allowed to touch and grip you like this, relishing in your breaths quickening as your husband joined in on the teasing against you.
Severus’ hand was pressed right against your mound, his two fingers sliding across your slit over and over, feeling how damp you were, taking in your disheveled state just as much as Lucius was, his eyes never tearing away from you.
“Take a good look…”, Severus finally taunted as he rid you of your panties, tossing right at Lucius, to which he caught. Keeping it like a treasure he clutched it, inhaling your arousal and making his own cock throb even more.
Your husband made a move to lower himself to you, kissing your hips before hiking your leg over his shoulder and parting the other wide enough to expose your soaking cunt for the other man to see. Together you both shuddered at the exposure, you feeling his hungry gaze digging in you and him swallowing hard to see you so vulnerable beneath them both.
Carefully, Severus made his way to kiss your lips so softly, testing the waters first and reading you, looking at you deeply before licking up your cunt. The more he delved the more you’d brace onto him, your hand instantly clutching into his locks and forcing him to stay right where he belonged.
He was completely selfish, putting his knowledge to the test and savouring every inch of you. He didn’t bother to be quiet either letting you and Lucius know how good you tasted, his lips sucking right onto your sensitive bud to make your hips buck for more.
Your own body was betraying you, your heart deep down wanting to give Lucius a show as you moaned louder for him to hear, your eyes boring into him just as much as he was and your own hand teasing yourself still for his enjoyment.
As expected, Lucius couldn’t just sit and wait, his own hand undoing most of his clothes before jerking himself off, the other still clutching your panties and bringing them to his nose to feel as close to you as he could for the moment. The more your hips bucked the more he fastened his own grip on himself, his deep voice ringing in your ear as he loved to taunt you, “Is he really that good? Hm? Or are you just faking it to get a rise out of me?”
Between your moans, you did your best to retort back, your husband’s assault on you relentless, his fingers teasing you as well, the more he was pushed by the other man’s words. He had your eyes fluttering shut, breathless, “He’s the best I’ve ever had…You couldn’t possibly ever compare.”
“We’ll see about that…”, he grinned, approaching you and stood above you, his hard throbbing cock in hand right in front of you. He was bold, unabashedly proud of his taunts and going right to make your mouth water and shut it of course.
Naturally, you welcomed him, opening wide for him to slide his length in your warm mouth. Your lush lips surrounded him perfectly, his own moans escaping himself as you bobbed your head for him, your hand finally letting go of yourself to clutch his thigh. Severus wanted to fume at the sight of Lucius taking advantage of you but instead was incredibly enamored by you.
You looked so cocky, so determined to have it your way, he found you irresistible and delved deeper to pleasure you.
“Since when did this became about me? I though you were trying to compete with my Sev…”, you taunted once more removing yourself all of a sudden when Lucius was so damn close.
Your hand crept up to his hard length, jerking it slowly as he tried to come up with an answer, only to be completely under your spell for a while. Snapping out of it, he pulled himself away completely and made his way to kneel for you, but of course stopping first to take your lips once more and purposely annoying your husband before glancing down at him.
“Move. Let me take care of her.”, he taunted before boldly pushing your husband aside, to which made him hiss. Instantly you took pity on your lover and made grabby hands at him to pull him closer to which he quickly followed. Your lips were on his finally, comforting him as he couldn’t help but stop and press his forehead against yours to calm his nerves.
Of course, it didn’t take long for Lucius to get jealous, grumbling before roughly grabbing your thighs and pulling you to him resting your legs over his shoulders. It made you yelp and took Severus just as much by surprise.
“Sorry. Had to get your attention somehow.”, he grinned before breathing deep at the sight of your soaked cunt. Carefully, he parted your lips with his fingers, relishing in your arousal and the way your hips would buck at each touch of his.
Your hand gripped Severus and the other reached for Lucius naturally, needing to brace yourself from his teasing. “You have it now. Go ahead show me in what way you’re anywhere as good as Sev…”, you tried your best to stay put and taunt him but it earned nothing but a chuckle from the blonde man.
Strangely, your husband’s hand went from stroking your thigh carefully to slowly picking it up and opening you more for the other man. Lucius didn’t let it go unnoticed, smirking and finally leaning to taste you.
Once his warm tongue touched your lips, it was over for him. As if a man crazed, your taste was utterly delectable and he couldn’t contain it, his composure disappeared and made place for a more feral side of him. “No wonder your husband spends hours between your legs…”, he moaned, finally understand as to why Severus always seemed to be going down on you whenever he’d take a close listen as to what you’re both up to.
His hands tightened their grip on you, his tongue lapping at you hungrily and his moans vibrating against yours. His lips put the perfect amount of pressure against you, your hips bucking against him for more.
Greedily, he delved his tongue as deep as he could before swirling it around your swollen bud, your chest heaving as you caught up to him. You yourself couldn’t hold it, writhing from how selfishly he was devouring you and loving every second of it.
Your hand found its place in his hair instead, gripping it as you would your husband’s and begging him to stay there and keep you on the edge the way he was. You were almost embarrassed of all the lewd noises coming out of you, looking up at your husband desperately, trying to apologize but nothing but moans coming out of you along with your tears.
Knowing you too well, Severus kissed you once more, comforting you before his hand let go of your thigh to reach up to your breast, teasing you once more and purposely helping out Lucius. You were damn close and he knew it too well and there wasn’t a chance he wouldn’t let you come when you needed to.
“She’s close…Stop toying with her and make her come.”, your husband gritted at the other man, once he pulled away from you to let you catch your breath.
“No. I want her more. I want to see how much she can take it.”, Lucius taunted before suddenly slowing down completely. Just to make you ache for more, he tentatively circled his tongue around your clit, playing with you and making you whine.
Seeing you so vulnerable, Severus joined his, his hand suddenly loosening his grip on you and his fingers slowing down from toying with your sensitive nipple. The sudden pushes from both of them had you shuddering and frustrated, you were trapped between them and couldn’t do anything about it but lay there and try to chase for as much as you could.
“Not so tough anymore?”, Lucius remarked before continuing with his gentle assaulted. “No not so much…”, your husband acknowledged with a smirk looking down at you almost condescendingly.
“Please…” you muttered, looking at them both for their mercy. All of a sudden they both cane to a complete stand still, focusing their gazes on you and practically taking in your pathetic state.
You couldn’t take it, your hips writhing for more and nothing but pleas escaping your mouth, before you began rambling, “P-Please…I’ll do anything. Anything I promise. You can both fuck me in any way you want I-I just need this…”
Sharing one glance, both men worked together to take you right back to where you needed. Lucius delving his tongue against your soaked pussy, his fingers pushing in and out of you the way he easily figured out you loved so while Severus made sure to swallow each and every moan of yours with his hungry kisses, his hand pinching at that sensitive bud of yours.
The closer you were the more they both encouraged you to let go for them, and when you finally did, you came shaking in your husband’s arms against Lucius’ tongue. The blonde man tightened his grip around your thighs, making sure to not let a single drop of you go to waste.
Your eyes closed shut tight, your breath completely taken away and your body shuddering against your own will to fill your deepest desire.
As if you couldn’t get any sweeter, Lucius couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed and done to you. In utter awe, he kept going and going, overstimulating you and relishing in the sight and feel of making you come completely undone for him right before his eyes.
It wasn’t going to be forgotten and it drove him almost hysterical, laughing against you. You melted into your husband’s hold against you, catching your breath, while he comforted you and Lucius took his time kissing your soft thighs to soothe you before waiting for you to look down at him just so he could lick his fingers clean of you.
“I told you I was going to get your first orgasm of the night…”, he proudly boasted making you roll your eyes at him.
“Severus was generous enough to let you take it…”, you muttered as you cuddle closer to him, your husband chuckling as his arms held you tight.
“Sure we’ll see when you’ll be crying for me to make you come with my cock…” he taunted not a bit threatened by your words. “Well see about that…”, you dared retort, still catching your breath.
“I doubt you can make it happen a second time without my help…”, your husband interjected smugly stroking your hair before reaching down between your legs and skillfully circling your swollen bud once more. It made your hips buck and grip onto him more, to which he couldn’t help but take in your pathetic state.
Although there was no denying how much the other man was enjoying seeing you once more overstimulated, he couldn’t help but grow jealous again, and needed to prove himself to you and him. “You just watch me. Next time she’s going to only want me.”, he gritted annoyed at your husband’s tone. Possessively, he pulled you out of your husband’s arms and finally rid you of your nightgown, taking control of the situation further annoying the other man.
Severus scoffed, seeing Lucius’ insecurity shining through for once and realizing that perhaps he was interested in seeing how hard he was going to fail.
Instantly Lucius’ lips latched onto your skin once more, marking you as his before backing up and ridding himself completely of his own clothes. Your eyes instantly betrayed you, taking in his fit form and how hard he had gotten from it all.
Quickly, you tried to correct yourself, reaching up to prompt your husband to do the same to which he followed before you got once more distracted by Lucius’ hunger for you. “Look at me, i’m the one that’s going to fuck you first.”, he remarked as cupped your cheeks to make you look at him while he set himself between your spread legs.
“Beg for it.”, he sneered waiting on for you before looking at your husband for him to join in on this. To his pleasure, he caught on and understood, “Go on now…This is what you wanted, remember?”
Your husband looked at you in the same light Lucius did, cocky and relishing in your needy state, for once not helping you in any other way but rather selfishly took your hand to make you touch himself.
You kept your lips sealed, playing hard to get after his constant boasting and wanting to see for yourself what the blonde man would do about it. Annoyed at your lack of response, he backed up and parted your soaked lips with his fingers before suddenly spitting against you. Lazily his fingers traced along your entrance over and over, mixing your wetness to his spit while other hand tended to himself.
You shuddered at his action, your body wanting more and arching right to show him exactly what you needed. Your hand stroking your husband stuttering and stopping at times from how overwhelming it made your cunt ache with need to feel him tease you so much.
He smirked, knowing he had you right where he wanted and gently with his cock in hand, he began pushing against your folds catching a taste of you before pulling away at you frustration. He did so once more and again, testing your patience, waiting for you to finally break and beg, and once you did, he couldn’t be any happier.
“See it isn’t that hard? Let me treat you the way you should be treated.”, he pointed out to you before glaring at your husband, finally sheathing his throbbing length completely inside of you.
As you gasped at the sudden stretch, he too stuttered, his own breathing ragged from the disbelief of feelings your warm walls tightening around him. “Your cunt is so tight. It’s perfect. Y-You’re too unfair to keep yourself to your husband, Y/N…”, he rambled almost in a drunken daze from you.
He wanted to touch and explore every inch of you, his eyes roaming over you sweaty form and taking you in as you were so full of him completely, smiling to have you this way. Hiking your legs closer to him, letting them rest against his elbows, his hands made way to grip your breasts possessively not letting an inch of you untouched.
You whined to feel him pressing against you, leaning to be so close before backing just enough to start thrusting, taking your words away once more as you couldn’t even put up a fight. You barely clung to your husband, and it was growing apparent he was jealous and needed you just as much.
While your eyes focused on Lucius, taking in his every praises as he thrusted so sloppily, Severus took matters into his own hands and decided to make you look at him instead turning your face to the side. “Severus…”, you muttered weakly while the other man kept drilling into you chasing his own pleasure.
“Open your mouth, my love…This isn’t just for him, remember?”, he reminded you, his throbbing cock in hand guiding it closer to your mouth. He gave you a few gentle taps to get you used to the feel, prompting a chuckle from the man fucking you, “She’s such a good whore. Go on. Take your husband’s cock. Don’t make him wait too long.”
You did as instructed, opening and sucking onto your husband’s leaking tip as best as you could. Focusing on him helped you forget a bit about your impending climax, your tongue lapping up as much as you could of his precum, moaning against him.
Severus’ eyes closed shut to feel you working on him, relishing in the warmth and wetness of your mouth, letting you take your time as clearly you were also busy getting pleasured. “She’s that good isn’t she…”, Lucius remarked, his pace purposely slowing down to drag his time with you.
“I know.”, Severus could only answer, not really paying attention to him but rather on how much you were slobbering against him, from how much you were getting fucked.
“I can’t believe you get to have her this way every night. To fuck her. To lick her. To let her suck your cock. Unbelievable! And now i get to have her too!”, he gritted between thrust looking at your pathetic state before chuckling and reaching to grip your hair and actually help you take more of your husband.
That earned a loud whine from him, and for you to gag a bit on his length before pulling away completely. Lucius didn’t stop at all, loving the sight and sound of your bodies together, “Do you hear how lewd you are, my darling?”, he teased before pumping even harder to make you moan for more.
The sight of you completely fucked out, to hear you encourage the other man for more as your hand reached to grip himself and jerk him off instead, had switch something in your husband. He needed more and wasn’t going to let the blonde man relish in you all alone.
All of a sudden, he backed away, reaching for something in the drawer before turning back to the two of you. Together you stared at him, the bottle of lube in his hand, hinting you exactly what he wanted yet leaving Lucius a bit stunned.
“Off of her. Now.”, he gritted staring at the other man in contempt before opening the bottle in hand. Lucius’ eyes went mad and wild, shaking his head as he picked up the pace and making you wrap your legs around him to brace yourself.
“No! I’m not finished yet!”, the blonde man exclaimed at your actions, too enthralled to understand what your husband was inferring. You yourself were greedy enough to shake your head at him, pleading at him to let you have this, trying to reassure he could do whatever later on.
“Sev, my dear please I just need this.”, you groaned almost choking back on tears at your own frustration.
He sighed and rolled his eyes, pouring the lube in his hand and stroking it along his length, pointing out to the both of you as if you were both daft, “I’ll let you finish but I need her as well…So get off and i’ll tell you how you can have her.”
Once Lucius caught on, he quickly backed away, leaving you empty and whining at him, his heart racing in anticipation to feel you completely full of them both. “Never thought you’d think of that, Severus.”
“There’s no way i’m letting you have her all to yourself…”, he pointed it out flatly scooting over to you and helping up a bit. Knowing your husband very well, you gladly let him set himself behind you, parting your leg enough for him to prep you. You couldn’t believe what you were going to go through with, your own lust and eagerness driving you to give in so easily.
With the bottle of lube, he poured a good amount right onto his fingers and went right to your tighter hole, teasing and stimulating you, “Remember to relax, my dear…Wouldn’t want to hurt you…”, he muttered to you.
You nodded along before doing as you had practiced a few handfuls of times before, letting him work you open and relish in the lewd sounds you were making along with the praises coming from him. Lucius couldn’t believe his eyes once more, his hand instinctively reaching to jerk himself off to the sight of you completely debauched.
He was growing antsy, needing to feel your heat once again yet focused himself on looking at you knowing you needed a bit of time to accommodate to this new feeling. Soon enough, Severus had a finger deep inside you, the other hand making way to tease your clit to make sure the pain wasn’t too unbearable if there were any. “That’s it. You’re so perfect, Y/N…You’re going to take the both of us…”, he whispered to you.
Seeing his hand working you, Lucius took the opportunity to replace him, encouraging you himself, purposely rubbing your swollen bud achingly slow to drag your pleasure. Severus held onto you then, finally pushing another finger within you and groaning at how tighter you were.
In and out he worked you, making sure you were completely prepared all while Lucius tended to your cunt, him fingering you as well as he couldn’t get enough of you. You were nearly out of your mind just from their hot touches, chest heaving and panting against them, begging them to make you come to finally use you but still they stayed put.
Not rushing a bit, they needed you to truly be prepared to handle them both. Once feeling as though you were ready, Severus pulled out first, his hand reaching for the lube once more and smearing it onto his hard length, making it easier for you to take, kissing your temple to soothe you.
Soon enough, he guided his cock and gently lifted you up, eventually you raised your hips enough on your own to help. You whined feeling his leaking tip against your rear and eventually you couldn’t handle the anticipation, Lucius in a complete trance to see you take in each and every inch of your husband.
Carefully, he stretched you out once more and much more considerably, leaving you breathless before finally he was completely in, his arms coming right to hold you so close to him. He couldn’t help but whisper sweet nothings to you, as if you were both alone, kissing your cheek and down your neck before pulling you to lay on him as he backed down.
Cleverly, he parted your legs with his own, thrusting slow and deep to keep you apart and letting you accustom to the intrusion. Once he noticed you slurring for more, he picked up a bit of the pace, giving Lucius quite a show before he woke up from his daydream.
“Don’t you want to fuck her? Go on now.”, Severus pointed out bluntly, all of a sudden so confident as he took the lead. Lucius made way between your legs, stopping to jerk himself off to finally bury himself in your tight cunt, pushing as slowly as possible while he clung to your hips.
You couldn’t believe how full you felt, your eyes widening at the sight of them both completely inside of you. Holding your own legs up to help Lucius fuck you, you couldn’t stop yourself from moaning, enjoying how eager he was to rail you.
Together, they worked to set a perfect pace, leaving you aching for more just as much as satisfied while at it, Lucius fucking rough and fast, too enthralled in how much tighter you’ve become while Severus still as gentle as ever went slower, dragging in and out to not overwhelm you.
You felt the coils in your body tightening from each of their thrusts, their moans, the way they’d press up against you. Lucius looking at you with such a lustful gaze, his hands possessively touching and teasing your body once more, praising you as much as he was degrading you. “You’re such a pretty little whore, Y/N. So perfect for us to use. You love it don’t you, two cocks filling you?!”
You nodded eagerly, gladly letting yourself talk down for once, even repeating back to him that you were indeed their little plaything to be fucked.
Severus on the other hand, made you feel completely loved and cared for, his grip on you gentle yet firm, making you feel safe despite the compromising position you were in while stuck between them. “Such a good little girl. You’re doing so well. Look at you taking the both of us.”, he muttered to you, as if wanting you to be the only one to hear.
Eventually, his own other hand went right to help you keep your leg stretched and open for him and Lucius to keep fucking you so deep, his voice ringing by your ear as he whispered his own praises for you.
It was hard to control yourself with them so hungry to see you come apart for them, your eyes rolling to the back of your head before you closed them shut as they’d pick up their pace chasing their own climax in it all.
Throwing his head back from your wet and tight cunt, Lucius clearly was beginning to leave marks all over you from the way he gripped you, afraid of letting go of you as if you’d disappear and were nothing but a dream.
You were receptive enough to reach for his hand within the mix, encouraging him on your own, earning pleased groans from the both of them. “Keep touching me Lucius…Just like that…yes!”, you praised him over and over.
Severus couldn’t believe how tight you were as well, feeling Lucius’ thrust against you sure helped with that and a part of him was quite pleased and grateful that he got to explore this part of your body in this way.
The sounds within your room were probably the lewdest you’ve ever heard as much as Lucius and Severus as well, wet skin slapping against one another, moans and pants between all three of you and desperate pleas filling the air completely.
It was beginning to be much for each and every one of you, both men at their limits and knowing they need to come soon while you yourself felt so damn close it was making you crave more everything, they were giving you.
Severus indulged in kissing your neck and cheek, quieting himself that way while Lucius made sure to pay good attention to your throbbing clit with his skilled fingers as he pounded into you. Soon enough he felt it, his body wanting to empty his seed, quickly breathlessly asking you, “Where do you want me to finish? Inside of you? Mm? I know that’s what you want.”
“Pull out!”, was the first thing he heard but not from you but rather your husband, shooting daggers with his glare practically. He couldn’t believe the other man would even dare to ask, when it seemed too obvious there was no way that was going to happen.
You whined at them, shaking your head, wanton and determined to be filled by the both of them, “Mm! No…I want you to fill me…You too Sev.”
“No!”, he gritted cutting off Lucius before he could even voice his thanks to you. He was beginning to slow down, making sure not to finish too soon, yet his cock throbbing and aching for his release.
“Please Severus…Please!”, you begged your husband, before turning to face him and steal a kiss, reassuring him. It was enough to convince him it seemed as his hand reaches for your clit, teasing you until you finally let go for them both.
He had you shaking and shuddering between them, your hips bucking as you chased your climax, tightening right for them both and driving Lucius wild. He couldn’t believe he was allowed this pleasure and he sure wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Finally, he bucked and rutted, your cunt milking him for every drop he had to give, following you as his own hips stuttered, his head thrown back as nothing your name came to him.
Pulling out, he didn’t even have time to look back down at you full of his load that your husband was already at his own limits, having picked right up where he had left off. You didn’t even have time to calm down from your high you were already on another ride, clinging for your dear life as Severus pounded into your tight hole relentlessly.
It was his turn to claim you to remind you that you were his, his hips eventually going to bruise yours the next day, but you didn’t care you loved it. Once too much, he moaned, letting himself go and come, his warm seed painting your insides until you were dripping with him.
You moaned at the stickiness between your legs, feeling both of their releases leaking out of you, despite Severus’ cock still buried deep inside of you.
Lucius was still in disbelief, his gaze devouring your entire body debauched and utterly filled from the both of them, his fingers lazily tracing your sensitive pussy just to push his cum back inside of you. You whined at his actions and before you knew it, he pushed his fingers to your lips instead, making you taste your releases together, your husband finding comfort in kissing your neck to keep himself calm.
Eventually Severus slowly pulled out of you, pulling back to see you in the same view as Lucius while you laid bare and spread for the both of them. The blonde man couldn’t help but smirk looking at you before back at your husband, “So how about we take a little nap before we go for round 2?”
A sudden silence reigned within the room, before your husband quirked and eyebrow, Lucius, pointing out, “This time I take her ass and you, her cunt? Wouldn’t you want that, my dear Y/N?”
“Yes please…”, was your immediate response, not wanting the night to end so soon and knowing you needed more the moment you woke up. For another moment, Severus was still silent before chuckling himself, at you and Lucius, “Good.”
You were relieved that in the end Severus was enjoying this as well and to your luck both of them seemed rather eager to help you clean up before your little nap.
Lucius knew he had you both locked in and certainly he was going to claim your heart just as your husband had, perhaps even having you all to himself one day but that would have to come with time, he was going to have to take it step by step for now.
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kiwijulia · a day ago
Day 2: Be Good
Pairing: sub!draco malfoy x dom!reader
word count: 466
warnings: swearing, dirty talk, bondage, mommy kink/miss kink, teasing, spitting, one hit (a slap against draco's thigh), i think that's it? lmk if i missed something
a/n: day two of smutmas and this lovely prompt was suggested by @i-have-my-issues! I did change the prompt a teensy bit but I still mostly followed what you originally requested! Hope you all enjoy! And please reblog this fic if you enjoy it!
25 Days of Smutmas masterlist | main masterlist
Tumblr media
“Please, miss! I promise I’ll be good,” Draco cries, thrashing in his restraints. You tusk, circling around the blonde before your hand comes down with a smack on his right thigh.
“Didn’t I tell you that only good boys get rewarded?” You hiss, moving your body so that it was hovering over his cock. You grind down on his leaking length, Draco’s eyes rolling back in his head at the feeling of your wet cunt grinding against him.
You slipped the tip of his dick into your slick folds, enjoying the whines he was making. “Please, miss!” He moans, hips desperately bucking up to yours but you weren’t having it. You pushed his hips down and you leaned forward before you spat in his open mouth.
“Naughty, naughty boy. You know you can’t do that to me, can’t you darling?” You purr, your eyes boring into Draco’s silver eyes. He nodded furiously, willing to do anything to feel his orgasm rush through him.
“So why did you do it?”
Draco takes a deep breath before babbling. “I-I just want to cum, miss! Please let me cum.” Tears leak down his face as he talks and you couldn’t help but take pity on him. You’ve been teasing him for almost an hour and you think it’s time to finally give him what he wants.
“Alright,” you grin, slamming your hips down so that your cunt engulfed his leaking cock. He cries at the sudden pleasure, and you ride him like a maniac, enjoying the whines and groans leaving his mouth.
Soon enough, you could feel an orgasm building and you knew that Draco was close as well. You reached a hand forward, closing around his pale neck as you leaned down to whisper in his ear.
“Are you close, bubba? Gonna cum for mummy?” You tease, clenching your walls around his cock.
“Y-yes. Please, c-can I cum, miss? Please, I want to cum so badly,” he cries, screwing his eyes tight as the pleasure raced through him. It was getting to a point where it was almost painful to be holding back his powerful orgasm.
“Alright then, cum for mummy, darling,” you say and you let your own orgasm wash over you.
Draco thrashes in his bindings. His arms pull at his restraints, hips bucking up into yours as he empties his load into you. You moan at the feeling of his warm cum filling you up.
You lift yourself off of him, feeling the liquid slowly drip down your abused pussy and down your legs. Reaching up to untie him, you kiss his wrist, soothing the red marks that were leftover from his tugging.
“How are you feeling, love?” You ask. He grins at you, silver hair sticking to his forehead with sweat.
“Never better.”
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Should i do Kinkmas??
ik it’s late, but KINKMAS???
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missetbilu · 2 days ago
fred weasley x fem!reader, smut
draco and his family invite you to come to the quidditch world cup. being best friends with malfoy for a long time, traveling with them was pretty normal to you. however, you realise this one trip might be a little more eventful than usual when a certain ginger crosses your way.
requested by @diorrfairy | link to the ask
warnings: a little bit of naughty daydreaming if you flinch
Tumblr media
You watched as the chofer set the last bag on the trunk. Proudly standing on the front steps of the Malfoy Manor, you indulged with the pride that came from your last victory. Convincing your parents to let you come with Draco and his family to the Quidditch World Cup seemed to be a challenge at first, but mentioning you would be staying in the minister’s box by personal invitation of Cornelius Fudge if they were to allow to go, certainly made their opinions shift.
The friendship you had with Draco extended to your very first days at Hogwarts. Being a Slytherin, as the rest of your family, it didn’t take long for you two to become acquaintances. That was to you no surprise, members of wealthy pureblood families tend to be drawn to each other, even from a young age. What you did not expect was to actually grow fond of the boy. The bond you had with Draco was stronger than with most of your relatives and the same could be said for him. To others you were a typical privileged girl, just another pureblood with a superiority complex; but he knew the real you.
“Are you gonna get in the car or not?” Draco asked, rolling his window down.
“Sure am, dummy.” You closed the door behind you and took off your jacket, getting more comfortable for the ride. “It’s not like we’re leaving before your parents get here,”
“My dad you mean.”
“Is Narcisa not coming?” He shook his head and looked away, trying to fake indifference. You decided to talk about something else to get him to cheer up. “Excited to see Krum?”
“No, why would I?”
“I don’t know, he’s famous.”
“So what?”
“There’s something else…”
“What exactly? He’s a great player, but again, so what?”
“Nope, not that.” He was already half chuckling at your expression.
“What then?”
“He’s pretty fit, ay?” You two laugh together, but soon Lucius pops up by the door and you go quiet as he gets in the car, leaving the house behind.
Soon you can see the broad field full of tents from up in the air. The car is lowered in an area much less packed and with far better accommodations. Getting out into the warm afternoon you follow the Malfoys into the cabin.
“I want the room with the best bathroom!” You scream at Draco after getting a good look at the spacious living room.
“No! The bigger one is mine!”
“All of the rooms have en suite bathrooms, we’re not animals.” Lucius says with a huff, but the pair of you don’t listen as you are running down the hallway in search for the best room, even though they are in fact all the same, except maybe for the master.
“Got it!” You throw yourself at the neatly made bed.
“It’s my family’s cabin, I get to choose!” Draco does the same and you two bounce into the floor.
“Ow, shit.” You say in between laughs.
“Okay, I guess the bed doesn’t want any of us.”
“If you two are done with making a mess,” Lucius opens the door with his cane to look down at you, “you can help yourself with some food in the kitchen. I’ll go meet the minister for a chat before the game.” And he left, not waiting for an answer.
After eating lunch there wasn’t much to do. The event you were all there for would only begin at night, so that left you with plenty of time to be bored.
“You know what?”
“No, you’re gonna suggest something stupid.” Draco cut you off.
“Not stupid. It’s a great idea actually. We should go to that part of the field with the tents and stuff. I bet there’s gonna be a place where we can buy some firewhiskey.”
“I’m not going there.” He shot you with a disgusted expression. “There must be some old bottle at the bar.”
“Already checked.”
“Not a single drop, mate.” You stared at each other for a few seconds, having a whole conversation with your eyes. Or rather a discussion, until Draco gave in.
“Fine, let’s get some.. what’s that muggle word?”
“Booze?” You chuckle at his question.
“Urg, forget it, not saying that.”
“Come on, blondie.” You put your arm around his shoulders and walk to the door. “Let’s get wasted.”
“Okay this is enough for me.” Draco said after a second sip at his mini bottle you got from a hawker.
“I don’t wanna make a fool of myself in front of the minister.” You took one last sip and shoved yours in your pocket.
“You’re right.”
“Should we go back?” He seemed uncomfortable, didn’t even dare to look around.
“Oh shit.” You chuckled seeing some known faces not far from where you two stood. “You have no idea who I just saw.”
“Guess.” You squinted your eyes at Draco and he scoffed.
“And the rest of his little fellowship.”
“Let’s go say hi, shall we?” He turned on his heels, not wanting to pass on the opportunity to bother the Gryffindor boy.
“Sure thing,”
“Look at what we’ve got here.” He called out, making the group stop their way into the tent and turn to them.
“What are you doing here, Malfoy?” Harry stepped closer.
“Just came to see the living conditions you lot have for yourselves.” He looked past the boy, as if analyzing the tent. “Shabby, I would say.”
“Shut up, Malfoy.” Ginny said, standing behind Harry.
“Not very ladylike of you to say that, Weasley. Wouldn’t you agree, Y/N?”
“Definitely not a polite response.” You added, with a cynical expression on your features.
“Listen, why don’t you and your dragon go back to the castle’s tower, princess?“ George clapped back, speaking to Draco. You were about to answer the insult when Fred talked to his twin.
“Oi, she’s a bit too pretty for a dragon, maybe the evil queen is a more fitting character for their little fairy tale.” The two laughed and Fred shot you an intense look. You didn’t know if it was out of embarrassment from their mocking, but you had to look away to stop yourself from blushing.
“Off you go then, back to the dungeon.” George said.
“We might as well, even our basement is far superior than this rotten shack. Let’s go, Y/N.”
It took all of you not to look back. You stared at Draco ahead of you, trying so hard not to check on the sensation you had that he was watching you. You had to know. So you turned your head, didn’t even stop walking, just enough to catch a glance. Fred was staring right back at you.
Once back at the cabin you two headed to your rooms. You thought about taking a nice relaxing bath, but you were suddenly afraid you might not have time to get ready if you did so. Why you cared so much was a question you decided to avoid at the moment. Usually you were pretty much invisible to all those important men that surrounded you in endless events, so as long as you had a fancy outfit on, your overall looks didn’t really matter. And yet you wanted to look your best tonight.
The warm water of the shower hit your skin so smoothly, you couldn’t help but wonder if they had a nice shower over at the Weasley’s tent. Probably not like this one that’s for sure. You thought about having to wait for all those people to be finished before you could have the bathroom to yourself. Their family is quite big as it is, adding the guests, you bet it’s pure chaos. One thought leads to another and you catch yourself imagining whether Fred was also showering right now. The water pressure is most definitely not as strong as in the cabin, falling gently onto the boy’s muscles, relaxing them a bit, getting him ready for the several flights of stairs that awaits the group in the stadium. Your hands fall down to your thighs, massaging them soothingly in such a tender motion that you shiver from it. You barely feel your finger inching towards where you want it most, when you hear Draco’s voice outside of your room, asking you to hurry. The gasp that leaves your mouth is so loud you’re afraid he might have heard you even with the sound of the shower.
“I’ll be out in a minute.” You shout back.
“Fine, just don’t be long, I don’t want my father complaining and he’s probably coming back from the minister’s cabin already.”
You get out of the shower, as quickly as possible put on a beautiful dress that hugs your figure tightly and some heels that make you feel like a maneater. Sitting by the desk in the corner of the room with your makeup bag in hands, you curse at yourself for taking too long earlier. It was supposed to be just a fast shower, but I had to go and think about… You don’t allow yourself to finish that thought.
“That’s what you’re wearing?” Draco scares you as he walks into your room unnoticed and comments on your outfit.
“Shit, Draco, knock next time, your hand won’t fall off, you know?”
“Really? Wouldn’t wanna risk it.”
“Yes, this is what I’m wearing.” You answer his question, ignoring the mocking. “Why? Not fancy enough for you, ferret boy?” You ask, putting on some lipstick.
“Maybe a little too fancy for your boyfriend.” He teases you and steps out of the room before the pillow you threw could hit him. “What? Fred thinks you’re ‘too pretty to be a dragon’.” He said, making air quotes.
“Do I seem to care about what he thinks?”
“Well, you always end up discussing just between you two, even in situations like this, when I’m clearly the one who started it.”
“Malfoy.” You speak incesively, as a warning.
“Just saying, he seems like the kind of guy who would want you to look a bit more like, you know, a pauper.” He leaves and closes the door as you throw another pillow, his laughter still audible from the other side.
You end up changing.
Walking another set of stairs, you feel your stomach twist with the excitement of the game you’re about to watch. Even though attending all sorts of events was a normal thing for you, some of them still filled you with joy.
“Wait, my father stopped to talk to some random old man. Again.” Draco complained.
“Dude, I’m losing my rhythm here.” You whined. “Do you mind if I keep going and you catch up to me later?”
“No, you can go. I’ll stick around him, I guess.”
“Okay, later then.”
You kept making your way up. You tried to hide the smile that was brought to you by seeing all those people coming together to watch an amazing quidditch game. The energy was so mesmerizing that you only noticed how close you were to the person in front of you when you bumped into them.
“Oh my, I’m so sorry.”
“So you do have manners when you want to.” Merlin, please not him. “What? Cat got your tongue, princess?” Fred inquired. You finally looked up and huffed at him.
“Shut the fuck up, Weasley.”
“Oh right, you’re the evil queen, Malfoy is the princess. My bad.”
“Why don’t you go piss off one of your 50 siblings?”
“Even if I had that many to piss off, still would rather irritate you.”
“Because you’re a sick fuck or because you’re just an obsessed little boy?”
“Don’t know about obsessed, but I’m definitely not little.” There it is again, the blushing; you thank heavens that it’s dark and he might not notice it.
“I have more to do than stand here talking to you.”
“What? Need to go running back to your boyfriend.”
“Who, Draco? Please, Weasley, we’re practically brother and sister.”
“You are?” He tried to sound like he was still teasing you, but there seemed to be more to his tone.
“Yeah..” You answered, a bit less confidently.
“Thank Merlin you’re not actual siblings. Poor of your mother, dealing with such an annoying pair.”
“You have some nerve saying that.” You rolled your eyes. “As if George and yourself aren’t a bloody threat to humankind as a whole.”
“Threat, uh?”
“Yeah.” You attempted to stand tall, even with Fred’s figure towering over you.
“And you sure love to try your luck around this threat, don’t you, Y/L/N?”
He quickly ran up the stairs. He didn’t wait for you to answer. Thankfully. It’s not like you would have known what to say with the warmth of your cheeks and the feelings his words sent straight to your core.
“What are you smiling at, weirdo?” Draco finally reached you and took no time to tease his friend, chuckling at your expression.
“At the idea of throwing all the way down there.” You motioned to the pitch and he flinched at the perspective.
“Shut up and keep walking.” He said. You sniggered and followed Draco, who was already talking about something else. Damn we really are like siblings. That wasn’t the only thing from that conversation that kept repeating in your mind.
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crystal-dee · 2 months ago
harry potter p.links
disclaimer: the whole of this post contains porn links. watch at your own discretion.
ii. videos that are less than 20 seconds will be noted accordingly.
iii. kinks/content in videos will be noted accordingly.
iiii. marauders era + golden era characters included; men and women included.
iv. approximately ninety-seven (97) links have been used in this post.
Remus Lupin
tail butt plug + fucking
oral, fingering, squirting + fucking
bunny butt plug + fucking
fucking professor!remus + size kink
anal w/ soft!dom!remus + restraints
professor!remus checking out your "pretty pussy”
professor!remus rubbing one out for you in the bath
professor!remus fingering you under the table during a tutoring session in the library
remus toying with your panties [16 sec]
double penetration; vaginal sex + dildo [14 sec]
eating you out
James Potter
tit worship
mutual masturbation
sweet hand stuff
james playing with your pussy + facesitting
dom!james fingering + teasing
cowgirl + sub!james sucking your tits
sub!james being needy; hand job + fucking
dad’s best friend!james fingering you in his car
sub!james sleepily eating you out
sub!james eating you out blindfolded
“cuddling”; fingering
Sirius Black
cumming in your mouth
slow fucking + tummy bulge
face slap + choking while fucking [3 sec]
anal + cumming + size kink
slapping + choking + hair pulling w/ tattooed!sirius
spitting + oral (male!receiving)
spanking + degradation
Regulus Black
fucking your ass with a butt plug
riding + skirt & breeding kink
soft make-out session that leads to a bit more
choking + breeding kink
fucking lily while james watches
pt.2 fucking lily with a vibrator
hard!dom!remus throat fucking you while hard!dom!sirius slaps your tits
tail end of getting gang banged, and one of them is finishing inside you [14 sec]
Lucius Malfoy
anal + fingering [3 sec]
rough sex
humiliation + spanking + fingering
rough sex + spanking
Narcissa Malfoy
mommy dom + strap
young!narcissa + fucking for the first time
she uses a vibrator on you
fingering + finger sucking
narcissa's in love with the way your ass feels in her hands
naked makeout sesh <3 [10 sec]
Draco Malfoy
shower handjob
tit worship
fucking you in doggy, and he can’t get his eyes off ur asshole
fucking you from behind + light hair pulling + light slapping + hands around your neck (no choking)
draco eating you out
punishment; spanking + fingering
mutual masturbation
Theo Nott
riding + titty sucking
fucking you standing up + restraints
soft sex
rough fingering + a little bit of oral (male!receiving)
Blaise Zabini
throat fucking
soft sex
fucking you in the club's bathroom
riding him + spanking
Fred Weasley
rough fucking + slight manhandling
blindfolded + oral (fem!receiving)
overstim; fingering
fingering + oral (fem!receiving)
George Weasley
sideways sex
jerking him off [15 sec]
hitting it from behind
thigh riding + tail butt plug
sub!george + playing with his cock
Ron Weasley
sucking him off + face slapping
fucking you from behind + one (1) spanking [13 sec]
innocence kink + teasing + slow sex
eating you out
edging sub!ron
Harry Potter
reverse cowgirl + outdoor sex
harry cumming inside you
sub!harry + cum play + overstim + vaginal sex
sub!harry eating you out
Neville Longbottom
switch!neville eating you out
sitting on his face
starts out soft, ends rough; vaginal sex
Ginny Weasley
overstim; fingering + thigh-slapping
double-sided dildo
using the same vibrator on the two of you + grinding
teasing + playing w/ ur pussy
Hermione Granger
eating her out
fingering + eating out sub!hermione
fingering her
riding her strap
she's fingering you
Pansy Parkinson
hard!dom!pansy + rough fingering
fingering you
dom!pansy + strap + spanking pt.2
dom!pansy + light choking + light tit play + playing w/ ur pussy
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angel4you · 3 months ago
dating the marauders
smut, porn links, and fluff
what being in a relationship with each marauder would be like. headcanons but includes porn links!!
characters included: remus lupin, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, and lily evans
warnings: smut, fluff, porn links, i think that is it
remus lupin
how he would asks you out: he would try to be causal, starting a conversation while helping you with some homework. even though he is confident. he has a fair amount of nerves, and it is noticeable. he asks you to go to the book shop in hogsmead on the weekend, and after you accept, he is not anxious anymore. a couple of dates later, he confesses he has feelings for you, he takes you to his dorm to hang out, and ends up kissing you.
what he is like sexually/kinks: remus is a hard dom, he doesn’t put up with bull shit and is very strict. he has a list of rules and if you break and you will get punished. the punishment will be more severe the bigger rules you break. you address him as sir or daddy and remmy if the situation is lighter. he uses the pet names, pup, and doll. he has a heavy degradation kink and will use the terms, slut, whore, and brat. he has more of an overstimulation kink rather than edging, he’ll make you cum until you are balling your eyes out. he also has an innocence kink and will call you his good little girl. having control and power over you is his favorite. he loves watching you get all flustered and helpless. even though he is amazing at giving head he absolutely loves watching you gag and chock on his cock. watching your eyes get watery and the bulge in your throat. lastly, his aftercare is the best. even though he is really rough, he makes sure to clean you up and take care of you.
porn links:
remus whispering in your ear while he fucks you deep
riding remus’ thigh
remus making you hump his foot as punishment
being very desperate for remus
remus corrupting his innocent little pup
james potter
how he would asks you out: he is very confident and persistent. always trying to talk to you, when you are in the common room, class, library, or great hall. one day he finally decides to ask you out on a date. he does another one of his grand gestures. brings you flowers, a chocolate frog, and a necklace. after you guys go out for a while he invites you over to the potter manor for holiday. the whole time he is showing you off to his parents and showering you with gifts and affection.
what he is like sexually/kinks: james is very different in each relationship he is in. he is either an obedient sub, soft dom, or in dads bsf/bsf dad au’s he is more of a hard dom. james as a sub has the biggest mommy kink. always wanting to please you and his favorite reward is getting to suck on your tits. when he breaks a rule which doesn’t happen often, you usually overstimulate him until he is a crying whimpering mess. he loves when you peg him and take all the control. as a soft dom, he has a major praise kink. always reassuring how amazing you are doing even during punishment. he uses the pet names, angel, doll, bunny, love, and darling. in an age gap relationship or dads bsf/bsf dad, he is a hard dom. he has a major daddy kink and will get mad and punish you when you call him james or jamie. his favorite thing to do is give you head. watching you try to keep your moans down while harry is in the other room. he loves taking you out on fancy dates and tease you under the table or keeping a remote vibrator in your panties. he loves inviting remus and sirius over so they can all use you. overall james is different in every relationship but in that situation, he is a big sub or dom.
porn links:
pegging sub james and making him taste his cum while calling him a good boy
giving sub james a hand job
dads best friend!james fucking you hard
edging sub james
sirius black
how he would asks you out: sirius would keep jokingly say he likes you and would fuck you but you never take him seriously. it starts to hurt you because you actually like him. one day he sees how up loser you are so he goes to talk to you. you ask him to stop making those jokes but he tells you they aren’t jokes, and he actually likes you a lot. that night he sneaks you out of your dorm to walk around the halls until you fall asleep in his arms.
what he is like sexually/kinks: sirius is a switch. he can go either way and he is very unexpected. in the first part of your relationship, he would never admit he liked subbing. when he is a dom he is still bratty and teases a lot. he loves getting pegged as a dom and a sub. when he is doming, he loves to watch you try and peg him. he also loves riding your strap while pinching and playing with your tits. when he is getting pegged as a needy brat. he will fucking himself on your strap. he whimpers and begs for you to touch him. in a sugar daddy au, sirius is a hard dom. he loves showing you off to james and remus. but at the end of the day, he is yours and he owns you. he loves when you suck him off. if he is fucking your throat, warming his cock, or just giving him a regular blow job with your needy puppy eyes. he loves making you hump pillow and touch yourself. calling you a slut and a whore while he continues to humiliate you. as a dom in any situation, he makes sure to throat train his subs. he will start with his fingers. making you gag and babble around him. when he finally lets you suck his cock, he goes hard. at first he tries to control himself but he loves watching you cough and your eyes get watery while you try to take him. he loves toys. vibrators, paddles, silk ties, gags, and anything you can think of. he is up to try anything and is always looking for new things.
porn links:
sirius going feral while you ride him
sirius fucking you against window so everyone can see who owns you
sirius spanking and teasing you with a paddle
regulus black
how he would asks you out: regulus has liked you for a very long time and kept it to himself. one day he and sirius are joking around and it slips out that he likes you. from that point on sirius and the other constantly tease reg about his crush. you both act oblivious when around each other, even when the boys talk about it. finally one night you see regulus going out to the black lake and he sits under a tree, so you decide to follow him. after awkward small talk, he attempts to nonchalantly ask you to stargaze with him. instead of saying yes, you kiss him. on your date it starts off awkward but ends with his hands up your skirt. 
what he is like sexually/kinks: regulus is a soft dom or a very hard dom, but nothing in between. either heavily degrading you while chocking you. or praising you while you suck him off. he uses the pet names, bunny, darling, doll, kitten, pretty girl. he has a very big innocence kink. like teaching you how to touch yourself, and how to give him a blowjob. he loves watching you get all nervous and needy, but he always turns you into a whimpering mess. as much as he loves fucking your throat, he could spend hours eating you out. he loves watching makeup run down your face as he overstimulates you. holding your hips and legs down so you can’t move. he will try almost anything even if it is just once. he has strict rules and won’t accept bad behavior. his punishments usually consist of, overstimulation or edging. he also loves spanking you with a paddle or his belt, until you are all red. even when he is rough, he makes sure you are comfortable with it. he likes to talk everything through after he cleans you up. he wants to see what you like and didn’t like. he loves having all the power over you even if he is being gentle. finally, he loves aftercare. he loves taking care of his pretty little girl.
porn links:
public teasing with reg
regulus laying you over his lap and overstimulating you
husband!reg fucking you while you try to make lunch for the kids
regulus fucking your face until he can see the bulge in your throat
lily evans
how she would asks you out: you don’t suspect lily has feelings for you, so you have never expressed them. you guys are still close friends and you don’t want to mess it up with her rejection. one day lily asks you to go on a picnic with her, marlene, and mary. but when you show up they are not there. you get all flustered and nervous, but lily comforts you and asks if anything is on your mind. and you say you like her, and instantly stand up. but she pulls you back down and confesses she likes you too.
what she is like sexually: lily is a hard dom, the one in control. she won’t tolerate any breaking of rules but she trains her subs so well that she gets to shower them with please as well as beautiful pain. you strictly call her mommy. she loves watching you such on her soft tits (which is a reward) and babble mommy whimpering with need. she loves to degrade you and turn you into a subby mess at her power. watching you struggle doing the things you beg to do is her most favorite thing. for days and days, you will beg her to let you fuck her with a strap. after she caves in, you start to have a hard time. she starts to tease and make fun of you for not being able to thrust into her properly. she says “my dumb little baby, thought you wanted this” and “pathetic, you asked to do this, and now you can even fuck mommy good”. even when she goes really hard on you, she always makes sure to give you the love you deserve.
porn links:
lily fingering you after she ripped your tights
dom lily fucking you hard with her strap
lily rewarding you after being her good girl the whole day
lily letting you suck her tits after a long day
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bellatrixscurls · 2 months ago
feels too right // james potter
ღ pairing : sex therapist!james x innocent!reader
ღ warnings : smut, oral (fem and male), no actual penetration, pet names, slightly older james (reader is of age!), innocence kink and i think that’s it?
ღ a/n : idk what this is, bare with me pls 😬😬
join my tag list here! :)
Tumblr media
you toyed with the lacy hem of your dress as you and your father walked towards the ‘only person who can cure you’s office.
“i’m just saying, plum. he’s the best in town with down there problems” you rolled your eyes at that, ready to protest but he cut you off with a little wave of his right hand, “look, this is the door. think you can knock?”
you shrugged, shivers running down your spine as the light pounding reached james’ ears, and he yelled a little “come in!”
right there, your knees felt like they were about to give in, your palms sweaty as they reached for the doorknob, slowly making your way inside, your father’s hand leaving the small of your back and he gave you a thumbs up before you closed the door fully.
one glance up, and you were met with a cerulean pair of eyes and a little smirk that tilted his lips up — then you looked back down, heat rushing to your cheeks as you stood awkwardly in front of the door, “hi” you whispered.
“hello there” he greeted warmly and he motioned for you to sit down, which you did, moving his chair closer to you. “so, y/n... what seems to be the problem with you, hun?”
you felt redness spread across your neck and cheeks as you looked up from your lap, unconsciously staring a bit too much at james’ plump lips. “um, i...” you sighed and your hands shook as you tried to keep them intertwined, in place, away from james’ eyes. but he saw. “i went to a gynecologist but they said practically nothing was wrong with me” you shrugged meekly, returning to fiddling with your fingers.
meanwhile, james took his time to try and read you, maybe even find out himself what you were talking about, but he just couldn’t. “does something not feel alright?”
“oh, no. something feels too right” you replied suggestively, brows furrowing at the sudden confidence, “s just my tummy.”
at that, james gripped the arms of his chair like a vice, as if they were the only thing keeping him alive. your tummy just felt too good. poor baby, he thought.
“don’t you wanna show me what makes your tummy feel so good, princess?” he asked and you gulped, nodding fervently as you spread your legs, the sundress riding up your thighs as it revealed your little panties to james. you just felt the need to show him. the mere image of the handsome man in front of you watching you make your tummy feel good was pure sex.
your underwear was damp with your arousal as your heels pushed into the armchair, on either side of your body. one of your small hands travelled down and stopped when it reached the wetness, gently pushing the pesky fabric to the side, giving james a full view of your glistening cunt. “i usually play when my tummy feels yucky and- and this makes it all feel better” you explained while your index and middle finger rubbed your clit in tight circles, said sensation already engulfing you as you threw your head back.
you didn’t even notice the tall man approach you, but when you finally opened your eyes, he was hovering over you, blue eyes hungry as he stared down at your heat in fascination. “y’know how good it feels when someone else plays with you, princess? ...tell me you don’t” his voice was but a whimper, pleading you to say you didn’t know, because no one ever touched you the way you were touching yourself. no one.
you shook your head as your breathing became heavier, and you looked mesmerized at james as he lowered himself until he was at eye level with your pulsating cunt. he smiled as if someone just took something very heavy from his shoulders, “can i be the one to show you? please, sweetheart.”
“y-yes, please!” you sounded more excited than you’d care to admit, your eyes teary when he gently brushed your hands away, replacing them with his own as he spread your pussy lips wide open for him, unintentionally licking his lips at the sight.
you didn’t know what he was doing, but next thing you knew his lips were suckling at your clit, and he hummed in approval as his skilled tongue poked out, working you closer to your release, “s-so good, it’s so good, jamie!” you cried, fingers tangling themselves in his hair as you tugged a bit too harshly, earning a pained whimper from james. “m sorry!” you bit your lip, gently massaging his scalp with the pads of your fingers, strings of moans escaping your mouth, “m so sorry, i promise i didn’t wanna- oh!”
“s okay” he smiled against your cunt, refusing to let go as he jerked you closer by the thighs, burying his face even deeper if possible in your quivering cunt. “tastes really, really good.”
you smiled weakly down at him, but it didn’t last long because the next second you were crying out his name, begging to cum even though you weren’t really sure what that was. “j-jamie, oh my god! ‘s gonna happen again! ‘s gonna happen!”
“let go, princess. be good for jamie and let go, mkay?” he urged and you nodded, and just like an obedient little pup, you came all over his mouth, whimpering as he drank all of your juices like a starved man.
you were breathless, to say the least. but you still wanted more, and the tent in james’ pants made you wander if his tummy needed to feel good too.
“jamie?” you called softly, and he looked up from where his head rested against your thigh, smiling a lazy smile as he caressed it, “doesn’t your tummy needa feel good too now?”
james could scream at how innocent you looked while insinuating such dirty things. and he fucking loved everything about it; your wide puppy eyes, your pouty lips, and so much more.
“i can take care of it m’self, princess. you don’t have to” he assured as he turned his head, placing a soft kiss to the inside of your bare thigh.
your face fell at the thought. he obviously didn’t want your unexperienced mouth on him. he had better things to do, better people to make him feel good... right?
“oh, no!” exclaimed james, immediately catching your eyes and knowing what was going on, “babe, no! princess, i want to, yeah? y’just so innocent and pretty, can’t let myself ruin you like that.”
“but... please?” you pouted, and james looked like he was ready to give in, “gonna make it feel all better. gonna try.”
“ me then, bub.”
james’ mouth fell open and his brows pushed together as you worked your mouth on his cock, trying to take as much of him as possible. endless moans spilled from his mouth at the sight, his hands coming down to caress your cheek, in no form urging you to take more of him. he didn’t think he would live to hear the end of it if you did, anyway.
your mouth left his cock with a pop, and your hand replaced it as you asked softly, “am i doing good, jamie?” you asked with wide eyes, gathering some saliva on the tip of your tongue and letting it drip down your chin slowly. oh, the things he’d do to you if only he had the balls to. james nodded with eager eyes, and you could tell he was biting back moans as you kept eye contact.
“want inside” he whimpered breathlessly, his abs flexing as he tried his hardest not to buck his hips again. “need inside ...please!”
sounds of pounding sounded from right outside the door, and james threw his head back, groaning in frustration. you gave him a pitiful look before you stood up to fix your dress, helping james back in his underwear and trousers too.
“dr potter? someone’s here to see you” a squeaky voice said.
“i’m fucking coming, martha! can’t you just fucking wait!” he groaned and covered his face with his hands, and you took a step back in surprise, which james noticed right away. “sorry” he apologized, his pinkish cheeks turning red, “does next week, same hour sound alright for you?” he exhaled deeply, already writing you up in his agenda.
“sounds perfect.”
❀ james potter tag list; @silverdelirium @moonyinthelight @malfoy-girl @daddymalfoy-issues @teenwolfbitches28 @amethystangle @methblinds @marv3lwhor3 @candy-man91 @illusionsofrainbows @fairyy27 @remusjlupinisdead @maybanksslut @mrs-brekker15 @elizabethrosedarling @malfoysbiitch @gothboutique @tomriddles-wh0re @florestheflower @angelinab303 @divanca2006 @imahoeforremuslupin @acciodignity @nic0lodean @ginnysbabymama @kayleiggh @samaraaaaa @saintlike78 @yiamalfoy @indigoh4ze @justadreamyhufflepuff @someonetookmygin @mollysolo @nevilleismywhore @i-love-scott-mccall @pottahishotasf @venusmalfoyyy @somethings-things @fxll-moons @daedreamss @spencervera @harrypotterlover234 @inlovewithremusjohnlupin @dilflover10 @katmoonz @n-st-owl21 @haroldpotterson @aster-ls @lonelyhe4rts @slutforshego @urgingforyou @kissintellsworld
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illiantt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
These are the smut fics I’m working on right now, and will post soon. Please note that I might not post them specific in this order. So excited for it!
All my works are 18+ ONLY, so MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!!
➯ Working from home [Sirius Black x reader]
Summary: When you have a virtual job meeting while working from home, your boyfriend Sirius decides to challenge your focus—this by eating you out, and fuck you while still on the call. POSTED HERE
➯ The Death Eaters’ Meeting [Regulus Black x reader]
Summary: You and Regulus haven’t seen each other since the last time of your heated encounter. When you meet again at the Death Eaters’ meeting—Regulus can’t keep his hands away from every part of your body, even if there is a risk that someone sees it.
➯ You wanted all three [poly!Marauders x reader]
Summary: You’re friends with benefits with James, Sirius, and Remus, but they all think they are the only one. So when they find out about each other—they all three punish you at the same time.
➯ Don’t be shy for the camera [James Potter x reader]
Summary: James gets a new camera and, of course, wants to try it on his favourite art—your naked body.
➯ Come or cum, and warm me [Remus Lupin x reader]
Summary: It’s Christmas Holidays, you and your boyfriend Remus spends time at the Potters with your friends. It’s all innocent until Remus decides that it’s too cold. He solves it with making you cockwarming him. The only problems? —you can’t let anyone notice and you have to go to the bathroom.
➯ Don’t wake him up [Wolfstar x reader]
Summary: You share a room with Remus. Which makes Sirius to call you on FaceTime to let you masturbate on cam, while Remus sleeps. However, when a jealous Remus wakes up, he punish you while Sirius still watches on cam.
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httpbakugou · a month ago
after all this time
Tumblr media
pairing/s; fred weasley x fem!reader
warning/s; angst to fluff, mentions of pregnancy and post partum depression
word count; 4.4k
summary; fred leaves you on the day you were supposed to tell him that you were pregnant with his child. three years later you see him again, and secrets are unearthed.
a/n; feedback is very, very welcome! i just love reading them aaa this was such a weird thing to write bc i wanted it angst but it’s not angsty enough so watch out for more angst deuces
Tumblr media
"i don't understand, freddie. why are you—"
"[y/n]! that's enough!" your boyfriend furrowed his brows, blowing out an exasperated breath that had you feeling offended. he ran a hand through his already unkempt hair before meeting your eyes. "don't you get it? i'm done. we're done. we're through."
there was no emotion behind his words. no meaning. nothing that told you of the two years you've spent together. and to be perfectly honest, even if you wouldn't admit it to yourself, you expected this. deep down you knew he'd fallen out of love somewhere along the way.
you didn't know when and you didn't know how, you just did. it was evident in his eyes. his tired brown eyes.
it was evident in the way he didn't bother looking for you after classes like he used to do. in the way he brushed you off on date nights when in the past he’d always make an effort. in the way he spent more and more of his time away from you, so different from the way you used to be practically inseparable.
in the way he felt like a stranger when he was your lover.
yet something burned hot in your belly that told you to fight. for this relationship. for your future. but is it really worth fighting for when you know you’ve already lost?
something painful found itself lodged in your throat. maybe it was all the things you wanted to say, but couldn’t.
you knew he wouldn't let you say any of them. nothing could change fred weasley's mind when he's decided.
he was stubborn like that; it used to be one of the things you loved about him. now it came back to bite you in the ass.
you had been fighting against this, against him, for over a month now and it was chipping away at your self worth. enough was enough. you had to let him go. he wanted you to let him go.
"alright. i'll…" you just let the words hang there, unable to find the right ones.
after a moment of steely silence, you just nodded resolutely and turned away, wanting nothing more than to finish this. the sooner you can, the sooner you can start moving on.
how you would do that? well, you supposed you'd figure it out as you went.
"i just," fred spoke up just before you stepped out of hearing range. but you didn't dare turn back around, not when tears were already streaming silently down your face, your heart twisting with every breath.
you were surprised that he had anything left to say to you.
"i can't deal with—with mum breathing down my back, and umbridge, and the shop, and—and you on top of all that. i just can't."
excuses. the git was actually giving you excuses. the audacity.
"so that's that then." your throat was tight, voice hoarse, and you prayed fred didn't notice. not that it mattered. as if he'd do anything about it.
he sighed. "that's that."
without anything else, you started climbing the steps towards your common room, not bothering to spare another glance at fred weasley, who just watched as the love of his life slipped away, numb.
your hand, lodged deep in your pocket, crumpled around your first ultrasound. you were going to tell him, you really were. but how could you when he practically wanted nothing to do with you anymore?
you were three months along.
and that afternoon, fred and his brother made their dramatic exit, throwing up fireworks and tearing up exam papers as they left on their broomsticks. it was the first time you’ve heard of fred so jovial. maybe you really were holding him back. of course, that was something you experienced through word of mouth.
what you didn't know was that prior to their grandiose display, one twin sent the other to look for you, but couldn't find you. not in the common room, or the library, or any classroom. what they didn't know was that you were too busy throwing up in madam pomfrey's clinic to make the time to watch the love of your life leave you all over again.
that same afternoon had you seeking out hermione granger, the brightest witch of her age. you'd approached her in the library, lip quivering, throat tight, as you showed her the crumpled ultrasound, asking for the best cloaking spell she's got.
you could only reuse the 'bloated' excuse so many times before it became suspicious, especially at three months along when 'bloated' isn't really the first word that comes to mind.
hermione took one look at your belly, manually cloaked by your loosest robes, and performed the spell, but not before hissing; "does fred know?"
you didn't meet her eyes. "why would you assume it's his?"
"oh please," she scoffed, crossing her arms. "you don't have the room in your heart for anyone else."
you hated how three years later that was still true.
when it came around to the battle of hogwarts, it was gruesome on both sides of the war, and you were glad your twins, the splitting image of their father and yourself, were safe in the company of your family while you ran through the castle, taking down death eater after death eater, covered in ash, blood, and bruises. and when their faces flashed through your head as a gut feeling pulled you in the direction of the room of requirement, you were running like hell.
you didn’t know what it was that was leading you there, only that your gut feeling grew heavier and heavier the closer you got until it felt like your life depended on it. only when you saw the flash of red did you realize why.
one moment, fred weasley was saying something to his brother, percy, humor etched on both their faces. the next had the back wall exploding and collapsing faster than you could react.
and right smack in the center of the impact zone stood the father of your kids.
you didn’t think. “depulso maxima!”
the spell sent him flying back at an alarming rate. it choked you with worry that you may have caused more damage than you wanted to avoid and that had you running across the hall to check. percy had gotten there first, his face stricken with panic as he gripped fred’s wrist before looking up at you.
“is he…?” you dropped to a kneel, your trembling hands subconsciously moving to brush fred’s hair away from his face before you pulled back.
percy swallowed nervously, feeling for a pulse and letting out a relieved sigh that lifted a tremendous weight off both your shoulders. “i think—i think he’s just been knocked out.”
“oh, thank merlin.” you tried to blink away your tears, but they were coming faster than you could stop them.
just then, fred started coughing up dust and you were on your feet faster than lightning. percy eyed you worriedly as you stepped away, looking between you and his brother, piecing two and two together.
“wait, stay!” he called just as fred started groaning, no doubt wracked with pain from having just been blasted across rubble. “i think my brother would like to properly thank you for having just saved his life, [y/n].”
“i… i can’t. you know i can’t, percy.”
and once again, you started climbing the steps towards your common room, in search of anyone else in need of help, not bothering to spare another glance at fred weasley as you swallowed back the urge to kiss him right where he laid.
when the war was won and the dust settled, it found you lying fragile on a stretcher in what used to be the magnificent great hall. your body lay exhausted and bones were broken in several places, your hip having taken most of the blunt force after an encounter with fenrir greyback.
“i know the spell, but are you sure you don’t want to wait for madam pomfrey?” lavender brown was sat next to you, sniffling and shaking, but otherwise fine. she refused to leave your side after you saved her life, dutifully watching your back as you continued to fight, broken hip be damned.
“i need to go home, my—my family’s waiting for me.” you groaned when you accidentally put pressure on your fractured knee, feeling like a pathetic ragdoll. “just do the spell please lav.”
and so she did, going from top to bottom as quickly and efficiently as she can so that the sooner she finished, the sooner you could start healing. the whole time you were holding yourself back from crying out behind clenched teeth.
“all done.” lavender sent a smile your way that you gratefully returned as you sat up, sore. then her eyes flicked up at something behind you. “oh, i think that’s george coming over.”
your smile dropped, you head whipping around at fred storming through the great hall, his gaze meeting yours with unwavering purpose. merlin, you couldn’t deal with him. not today. you weren’t ready yet.
you gripped your wand tight. lavender shot you a confused look.
fred didn’t break eye contact as he called out to you. then he broke into a run just as he realized what you were about to do. “[y/n], wait, i—!”
you quickly apparated away before you could hear the end of his sentence.
and just like that, once again, fred could do nothing but watch as the love of his life slipped away.
that was last year. the war was won, the wizarding world was building itself back up again, and the daily prophet had just announced the weasley's wizarding wheezes grand reopening. your twins, theodore and jonathan, or theo and jace for short, were three years old now and they were absolute hurricanes.
jace was practically a carbon copy of his dad, his flaming red hair and clear brown eyes a painful reminder of your past lover. he did take after you personality-wise though, which was a comfort.
theo, on the other hand, was every inch you but with fred's antics set on a permanent sugar high. and being a single mother to these two boys was heaven and hell, but you honestly wouldn't have it any other way.
you lived in a fixer-upper farmhouse just outside of london, real estate you bought simply because of the vast expanse of land surrounding it and also maybe because it slightly reminded you of the burrow. a place you once considered a second home.
theo was running through the halls, mimicking explosions and pilot calls with his toy planes as you painted the last unfinished portion of the living room wall, your jeans stained and your hair a mess. jace was sitting on the kitchen floor within your line of sight, playing with his lego set, tongue stuck out as he focused on putting the pieces together.
you were just about finished with the wall when something suspicious fell upon your ears. complete silence.
jace wasn't in the kitchen mumbling to himself as he put together lego anymore and theo was being uncharacteristically quiet, his loud footsteps gone. that was never a good sign.
but before you could drop your paint brush and set out on a search around the house, your twins were calling out to you.
"mummy! there's aliens at the door!”
“and they have jace's hair!"
aliens? where did theo get that? and jace's—? your heart dropped. no. it couldn't be. it wasn't possible.
"what do we do mummy? they said their names were gred and forge." you didn't know if jace actually missaid their names or if that was how they actually introduced themselves, nevertheless, when your boys came bounding towards where you stood frozen, one look at their confused little faces had you shaking out of your stupor.
"stay in the kitchen, okay? mummy will only be a minute."
you would just open the door, tell them to get lost, and shut it back in their faces. maybe invite george in for tea. you didn't really know. your heart was beating so hard against your chest that you couldn’t hear yourself thinking.
you gripped the door knob tight, breathing in deep before you wretched it open, steeling yourself for what's to come.
you didn't expect to be wrapped in a bear hug.
"you don't know how long i've been searching for you."
your arms were stuck to your side and your mind was wiped blank. you blinked confusedly over fred's shoulder at george who just shrugged sheepishly at you.
"let go of me please," you looked away and spoke, your voice barely above a whisper.
but fred was more than close enough to hear. you feared he could feel your heart pounding, or the way you physically had to hold yourself back from embracing him just as tight.
he jumped back, nervously rubbing his elbow. "right, yeah, sorry."
you cut straight to the chase, even though the words are struggling to move past the lump in your throat. "why are you here?"
it's been two years since you've been able to properly look fred in the eye. you saw so much of your sons in them. you yearned to have him back in your arms even though he’d just left them, but why were you feeling that way?
you were so confused. it didn’t help that fred’s claiming to have been searching for you when he’s the one who adamantly pushed you away.
"i…" it seemed like, for the first time since you've known him, fred was at a loss for words.
george watched this exchange for a few more painful moments before gently butting in. "he wanted to apologize, [y/n]. and to thank you f—"
"apologize for what?" you cut yourself off, then shook your head, knowing it doesn't really matter. "and you don't need to thank me for anything. i was merely at the right place at the right time. it was the right thing to do."
you took a tentative step back, holding onto the edge of your door. "if that's all…"
"no, wait." fred held out a hand to stop you from shutting the door in his face. he was done acting like he wasn't still in love with you. it was time to come clean. "i'm—"
"mummy! theo's being bad again!"
just then, jace ran up to you, lip trembling and tears running down his face, making grabby hands at you. your heart softened at the gesture.
"hold on," you muttered to the two dumbfounded adult twins outside your door as you picked up your son, theo making his appearance known by clinging to your thigh.
“what did theo do, love?” you started patting jace’s back as he cried into your shoulder. you could feel fred and george’s gaze burning into your back.
"i made his lego fall but mummy, i didn't mean it!" theo cried, and you knew he was feeling bad. whenever jace cried, theo always empathized. yeah, maybe theo was being a little over the top, but he didn't always mean to make his brother sad.
"c'mon, bub, you should apologize to your brother first." you carried a sobbing jace further into your home, gesturing at fred and george to come inside. "love, theo said he didn't mean it."
"a—apology first," he sniffled, rubbing at his eyes, still frowning. he took your face into his small chubby hands and you booped his nose with your own, sending him into a fit of giggles.
"i'm sorry, jace." theo touched jace's foot from where he stood holding onto your waist, his own face screwing up. you knew that he wanted the attention you were giving his twin. "i won't do it again, okay?"
"okay." jace nodded and wiggled, silently asking to be put down. "i won't talk to you anymore if you do it again, though."
theo's eyes widened at the threat and he pinky promised he wouldn't do it again. "i'll even help fix it!"
then he looked at you expectantly and you softened at his look, booping his nose too. but before he ran back into the kitchen to put the pieces of jace's lego set together again, he glanced up at fred and george and whispered not-so-conspiratorially at you, “why do they look like daddy, mummy?”
your eyes widened and your stomach contracted with a bout of nervous nerves. none of your boys were expert whisperers and were too curious for their own good, so you were sure that fred and george had heard.
maybe showing them pictures of you and their dad back when you were in school wasn’t the best idea after all. but then again, you didn’t really want to keep secrets from your twins, they more than deserved to know who their father was.
“mummy will tell you later, bub, okay?”
theo nodded resolutely. “otay!”
with that, your son bounded towards the kitchen and you were forced to finally face fred and george, their mixed emotions evident on their faces.
"daddy?" fred breathed, his eyes following the two toddlers as they left. “is he… is he mine?”
you furrowed your brow at the question, glancing down at the ground as you tried to evade his question. "why does that matter? how did you even find me?"
he knew that tactic. he invented that tactic.
“what do you mean, ‘why does that matter?’ of course, it matters! i’ve been looking for you ever since hogwarts and…” he breathed, rubbing a hand across his face. “and i bumped into lavender earlier today, didn’t take much to get your address out of her. came as soon as i knew, reckon she knows then?”
“maybe you should…” you glanced at george, sensing that maybe this conversation wasn’t for him to take part in. you gestured towards the kitchen where your sons were noisily playing with their toys.
george’s eyes widened with realization before he nodded frantically. “of course, yeah.”
when he left, you turned back to fred who had taken it upon himself to pace a hole in your floor. "so what if lavender knows? and also, i don’t know why it matters if they’re yours because you pushed me away, fred! you left me!"
“they…?” fred froze. “both of them? twins? you’re not married?”
you scoffed, crossing your arms. “you’re not hearing me, of course you’re not hearing me. bloody fucking typical.”
“i’m sorry, i’m just having a hard time digesting the fact that the love of my life saves me then just leaves me during a fucking war and when i finally find her to thank her and beg to take me back, she’s got two kids that, judging by the fact that one's bloody ginger, are probably mine!”
“no,” tears welled up in your eyes as fred lets everything out. you wrapped your arms around yourself as if to shield you from his words. “no. that’s not fair. you don’t get to say all those things. not anymore.”
fred steps forward, gingerly touching your elbows with warm hands. “it’s all true. and i thought you knew, i’ve only been sending you letters ever since i left. apologetic letters, telling you of how big of a git i was for pushing you away. i wanted you back so bad, but it came to my knowledge that you weren’t getting them because you moved. and i couldn’t find you, merlin knows i’ve been trying though.”
it was too good to be true. you shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut as tears leaked out of them. “then why…?”
he knew what you meant. “george was telling me that he needed me to focus on our future, he wasn’t explicitly telling me to break up with you, but with mum putting pressure on us about school, i was just so, so stressed and when i snapped i… i took it out on you and i haven’t stopped regretting it since.”
he rubbed your arms up and down as you absorbed this new information. you were now faced with a decision, forgive him or tell him to get lost? or… door number three; tell him that you want him back just as much? your thoughts were a messy whirlwind that had you quiet for a moment too long.
breaking your train of thought, fred lifted your chin with his finger to meet your eyes and suddenly you were sixteen all over again. even after everything, he still had this pull on you that had you feeling like a lovesick teenager. he smiled gently, moving his hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
“you’re killing me here, darling. are they mine? not—not that that really matters—”
“i thought i saved you, fred.” you snorted, interrupting, a playful smirk tugging on your lips, one that he mirrored. you searched his brown eyes, both swimming with emotion, before you spoke again. “and yes, theodore james and jonathan thomas are yours. they’re three.”
at that statement, fred blinked, unfocused, and you knew he was doing the mental math in his head. “then that means…”
“that i was pregnant the day you broke up with me.” you nodded, confirming his suspicions.
his shoulders drooped. “why didn’t you tell me?”
“merlin, fred, i didn’t know if you even wanted to see me, much less have me showing up on your doorstep with a blown up belly.” you looked away, leaning against the wall for support, but not before checking if the paint was dry. “you have to understand how much you hurt me when you left. you completely broke my heart.”
your lip trembled as you reminisced all the trials and difficulties you had to face on your own. how you had to drive yourself to monthly check ups and eventually st. mungo’s. how painful the labor was and thinking about holding fred’s hand the whole time. how you had to have lavender and hermione constantly around as you spiraled into a post-partum depression.
fred immediately took you into his arms, tears falling down his own face as you cried into his chest. “i know, i know. and i’m so sorry, [y/n]. but i’m here now, and i’m going to pick up the pieces i broke. if... if you’ll all have me.”
he started peppering your face with kisses, taking your silence as a positive thing. and it was, because eventually you were gently laughing at his constant attacks.
he eventually pulled back though, somber, as he seriously looked at you. “i was away from you and my sons for three years too long. i want to change that. i’ve always wanted a family with you and now i get to have that chance. please, [y/n] take me back, please.”
you lifted a hand to run your hand through his hair, missing the feeling. he leaned into your touch. you were finally getting your freddie back.
after all this time.
you rested your hand on his cheek. “consider this a clean slate.”
“a fresh start.” he nodded resolutely, kissing your palm, a broad grin plastered his adorably freckled face.
suddenly, he let go of you and took a step back, making you tilt your head confusedly at the action. then he reached out a hand, grin turned mischievous.
“hullo, i’m fred weasley.”
you rolled your eyes good naturedly as you shook his hand, your laugh lines deepening with the way you were smiling so wide.
“[y/n] [y/l/n], nice to meet you.”
the sound of clapping from behind startled the both of you.
george was leaning against the archway leading into the kitchen, chewing on a breadstick that the twins had probably given him. “merlin, you guys are still weird, even three years apart.”
the twins in question came bounding towards you from between his legs, jace running up to fred with his mouth open wide. “are you my daddy? mummy says my daddy has hair like mine! i asked that mister but he said no.”
“yes, love, this one’s your daddy. that one’s your uncle.” you lifted theo into your arms as he made grabby hands at you and fred followed suite with jace, their resemblance uncanny. “they’re twins like you two are.”
“is he my daddy, too?” theo was whispering again, turned unusually shy by the presence of two adult males that didn’t look like him when they both looked like jace. your heart clenched with the fact that he was probably feeling left out.
fred spoke up before you could reassure him and he swiftly picked theo into his arms, designating a son on each hip. “yeah, you’re both mine and you, theo, look so much like your mummy, it’s scary.”
theo clapped his hands gleefully, unfiltered happiness on his face as fred started zooming around the hall with the twins. your gaze turned soft at the sight of your kids and their dad finally reunited. you touched your lips as your heart swelled with love and pride and an abundance of other sappy emotions.
“you know, i gave him so much shit for breaking up with you when i found out.” you met george’s eyes across the hall as he came to stand beside you. “but it wasn’t long until i realized that it was just a spur of the moment thing... fred really loves you and i can personally vouch that he missed you terribly.”
he chuckled as you both watched fred walk out onto the porch as theo and jace started talking his ear off. “you wouldn’t believe how shocked he was when percy told him you were the reason he’s alive. if anything it fueled his need to search for you even more. i’m not supposed to be here, but he dragged me along in the name of ‘moral support’, the bloke.”
you nodded in understanding, laying a comforting hand on his arm. “i’m glad you’re here, george.”
“you know, it’s not too late to fight him. we both know ‘moral support’ means someone to drag his unconscious ass away after you’ve had your way with him.” he looked down at you from where you stood next to him, teasing.
you laughed at the comment, grabbing the attention of fred who approached you with a open mouthed smile. the twins then ran past you, talking animatedly as fred breathed deeply, no doubt spent from theo and jace’s hyper-ness. but he just puffed out his chest, leaned against the doorway, and kissed you on the cheek.
“told them about the joke shop, reckon that was a bad idea, ‘cause now they’re putting on their shoes.”
“what? fred, no!”
your heart was so full.
Tumblr media
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lonelyhe4rts · 2 months ago
✰ James finally get’s his chance to play with you (2.2k)
Poly!Marauders x reader (Dom!Remus Lupin x Dom!Sirius Black x Switch!James Potter x Sub!reader) smut, polyamorous relationship, dom/sub dynamics, foursome, daddy kink, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, mentions/insinuations of consensual nudes, tit fucking, titty play, masturbation - male receiving, masturbation - female receiving, degrading language, dumbification, cum swallowing, creampie, no aftercare though is implied, think that’s it but pls lmk if there’s any i’ve missed! 
an: alas, part two. hope y’all enjoy this, it was a bitch to write. as always, all actions are consensual and if a safe word was needed, then it would be. 
reblogs are appreciated!
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“Why don’t you? Y’don’t need to just look at her. Go play with the slut.”
A deep blush blossomed over the expanse of the brunette’s face at the words, his feet shuffling against the floor and palm’s sweating with both humiliation and arousal. He was conflicted in his emotions - embarrassed from the three of you knowing exactly how he felt about you and aroused from the photos that hovered over his growing bulge. If anything, having both Remus, Sirius and yourself there with him in that moment did nothing to quell the lust bleeding from his brain to his groin - it only heightened it, deepened it and made it so incredibly difficult to not do anything about it. 
“Don’t be embarrassed Prongsie, was bound to happen. The slut does go round wearing barely anything.” Sirius said, his tone smug and mocking as he looked down at both you and the embarrassed boy, nudging his shoulder with Remus’. He smirked at the way you feigned offence, your lips a stern pout and eyes ablaze at his comment, turning to look at the lanky male beside you for assurance. The lycanthrope beside you tutted at Sirius’ comment, throwing his arm around your shoulders while pulling you into his side, kissing the crown of your head. 
“No, but seriously Prongs - we understand. Bunny’s a very pretty girl, you’d be bonkers to not see it. Isn’t that right baby? Aren’t you daddy’s pretty girl?” The way he spoke was much more softer than Sirius’ suave tone, much more sincere but still arousing nevertheless. It didn’t matter what Remus said, you always felt inclined to do and agree with whatever he said, it was just the power he had over you. 
“Mmhm, yep!” You chirped out, eyes shining bright with elation at the praise Remus was giving you.
James’ eyes remained fixated on the array of images hovering over his growing bulge, the hazel depths of his irises tracing every feature visible, his mouth watering at the sight of your pebbled nipples coated in layers and layers of cum, looking perfect for him to suckle on. 
Sirius’ hips snapped against your own, his pubic bone grinding against your clit as he pistoned his cock in and out of you. Tendrils of arousal pooled within your tummy as the lycanthrope standing above you played with the skin of your tits, rubbing and rolling the flesh as he fisted his cock over you, palming himself while he played with you. It wasn’t long before he was hissing through his teeth, choked groans spilling from his lips as he released himself over you, painting ribbons and streams of his pearly release over the expanse of your breasts, decorating the skin in his cum. Your nipples dripped with the gift, smothered in his arousal. “Prongs has a thing for tits bunny, reckon we should get a snap of em?” 
“Told yer bunny, Prongs has a lot of love for titties. Look at the way he’s drooling over em,” Sirius quirked, his tone still smug as he smirked at the blushing boy, though he was very understanding with why he was so transfixed on the images of your bare breasts. 
“Hm, is that so? Fancy giving him a little love then bunny? Y’wanna show Jamesie y’titties?” Remus’ words were laced with authority, though you knew you would always have the final say in what you were doing. You shifted your figure from foot to foot as you began to unbutton the clasps of your blouse, shedding the material from your shoulders as the three males surrounding you anticipated eagerly.
James’ eyes were trained on your chest, hazel irises blown out wide with lust and arousal as they stayed transfixed on the sight, the swells of your breasts decorated in pretty lingerie, miles and miles of creamy skin making his mouth water. Sirius hands rested on the planes of your shoulders, his ring clad fingers toying with the straps of your bra, his lips smearing sloppy kisses up and down the skin of your neck. Remus watched on, scrunching his sleeves to his elbows and loosening his tie, his hands resting on your hips to direct you directly in front of James, observing the way the boy’s mouth practically gaped at the erotic scene, his eyes bulging from their sockets. 
The two boys led you in front of James’ eye line, the curly haired male having to crane his neck upwards to look into your own. His actions were instinctual, his hands rising to grasp at the skin of your thighs, his large and calloused hands wrapping around them, pulling you closer towards his figure. His fingertips grazed just beneath your skirt, the touch teasing you and causing goosebumps to rise over the skin. 
The touch of the three males were sending your mind into a frenzy, Sirius’ lips ravaging your neck and jaw, Remus’ hands unclasping your bra from the back, James’ palms kneading at your upper thighs, dangerously and desperately close to your dripping heat. Your felt your body like it was warming up, flames of arousal licking up your spine as their ministrations continued, making you feel hot and bothered without even touching any sensitive places on your aroused figure. 
“Mm, I think our little puppy likes having Prongs around? Don’t y’think Moony?” Sirius quirked, wrapping his hands around you to play with the tightened buds of your nipples, rolling the flesh between his digits. Moans spilled from your lips at the contact, sparks of arousal shooting down to your cunt, heightening the pleasure bleeding through your body.
“With the way I can smell her cunt dripping, yeah I’d agree.” Your pussy quivered at his words, your stomach tightening with the flush of lust pulsating through your bloodstream. Your back was arching against the hands wrapped around your waist, your hips bucking as they searched for stimulation on your aching cunt. 
“Y’know what I would think would look really fucking pretty Prongs?” Remus inquired, his voice deep and slow and grovely with arousal. The brunette looked up from your tits, his eyes flickering away from the sight of your nipples raw and red from Sirius’ teasing, though done so hesitant. “Her tits wrapped around your cock. Y’want that mate?” The tip of James’ tongue peeked out slightly, running over the expanse of his lips as he replied with a ‘fuck yes’. His voice was breathy - gaspy and croaked out with lust, desperation leaking into his actions and movements as he scrambled to stand back up, making way for you to adjust yourself upon the mattress. 
You positioned yourself laying down, your form completely bare and unveiled after Remus pulled down the pleated material of your skirt, exposing your glistening cunt to the other males in the room. Your legs were bent and splayed open as the curly haired male crawled up your figure, straddling your torso with his hand wrapped around the base of his cock. His knees were on either side of your body, his cock directly in front of your eye line, ready to be wrapped and hugged by the channel of your breasts. 
Though you could not see him, you felt the way Remus’ scarred hands splayed your thighs apart even more, his finger running up and down the outlines of your folds collecting beads and pearls of your arousal before he swirled them at your entrance. He was getting ready to fuck you. 
Sirius’ ring-clad fingers unravelled the fabric of his slacks, removing them from his body as he too exposed his cock, hard, rouged and waiting to be enveloped in the warm palms of your hand. James’ cock hovered above you as his hands grasped your tits, finally getting his chance at having his hands on you. He explored every inch of the flesh, grasping and tugging, pulling and nipping at the rosy globes, desperate to have his way with them. Drips and drops of precum wept from his cock, trickling down onto the rosy buds of your nipples as he squeezed your chest together, creating a warm and soft cavern perfect to thread his throbbing cock into. 
Your eyes fluttered closed as Remus swiped the head of his cock through your folds, gathering your wetness all over the tip. Wanton moans spilled from your lips as he eased himself into you, similar sounds erupting from the other males in the room as they too followed suit. James’ cock slid into the valley between your breasts, his hips delving into the depths of your chest as a strangled grunt bellowed from his lungs, his body not used to the sensations you were giving him. Your head fell to the side as the lycanthrope fucking you began grinding his cock in and out of you, the veins of his length grazing against your velvety walls, heightening your pleasure.
James’ thrusts between your tits were sloppy, his body not accustomed to the feeling of your breasts hugging his cock. Precum leaked all over the skin, travelling down the valley of your chest and pooling near your stomach. Every once in a while, your tongue peeked out to graze over the tip of his cock, heightening and strengthening his arousal as he rutted more and more against you, leaning closer and closer to his near approaching orgasm. 
Sirius’ hands worked feverishly at his cock, fisting at his length as he watched the erotic scene in front of him - how James panted and gasped at every thrust of his hips, rutting against your tits like a desperate bitch in heat; how Remus drove and pistoned his cock in and out of you, grunting and groaning as your cunt clenched and quivered around his length, each snap of his scarred hips bringing you both closer and closer to completion. He was fascinated in the way your back arched at the sensations, how your toes clenched around Remus’ waist and how his stomach fluttered as the pool of pleasure in his tummy tightened even more, the pot of arousal becoming closer and closer to boiling over completely.
“Please daddy, oh my merlin please. Gonna cum, wanna cum so bad.” You mewled, your skin sweaty and flushed from the night’s activities. Remus’ fingers rubbed tight circles against the pearly button of your clit, making your mind spin in fuzzy and hazy circles as the toil within your tummy finally snapped, your orgasm washing over you like a tsunami wave.
Spurts of pearly cum painted your silky walls, as Remus too basked in his release, the clenching and quivering and fluttering of your cunt milking him for every last drop of cum he could release. His thrusts were slow and deep as he worked his way through his orgasm, his veiny hands gripping the creamy skin of your thighs, fingertips melding bruises into the flesh as he rode his release out, his head thrown back as he did so. 
James eyes were transfixed on the sight below him, the arousal bleeding into his brain not enough to lure him away from the image of you writhing beneath him, mouth gaping open and eyes wide and weepy as your orgasm pulsated through you, your back arching and fingers clawing idly at his biceps, as it raced through your twitching figure. He felt his thighs clench as he too finally came, choked grunts spewing your name as his thrusts stuttered between your breasts, ribbons of his thick semen decorating your breasts, trickling down the heightened peaks of your nipples and dribbling down the flushed globes of your tits. His breathing was heavy and choky as he began to fall from his high, his chest heaving with pants and gasps, his face blushing and sweaty.
It was Sirius who was the last to finish, his stomach clenching and cramping with the weight of his pleasure, the final sight of seeing your tits drenched in cum and your pussy dribbling with Remus’ release that he finally succumbed to his own orgasm, his lips spurting out a ‘fuck puppy’ before he came over you with a deft flick of his wrist, sending his own streams of sticky release over your face, decorating and adorning your flushed features in his cum. Your tongue lolled out of your mouth as his hand fisted at his cock, milking himself for every morsel of cum he could work out of himself. Ribbons of release painted your face, your tongue licking up everything you could manage despite your exhaustion. The taste of him bled onto your tongue, dripping back into the crevice of your mouth. 
“Fucking hell,” James panted, his shoulders sagging with exhaustion. The bed rustled as Remus clambered out from beside the two of you, treading around the sides of the bed to smooth the matted hair that stuck to your forehead. “So good puppy, so fucking pretty looking all fucked out like that. We really did a number on her.”
The surrounding males hummed, agreeing with the lycanthrope’s statement. “Hm, yeah. Reckon you’ll be joining us again then Prongs?”
hp/marauders era taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-merchant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol
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© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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Kinktober Index
Summary: You’re gifted as a prize to Draco. You’re his. He owns you and that’s your only purpose. Kinktober - 3.
Warning(s): Smut. Dark Themes. Ownership. Sir kink, Breeding kink, Blowjob, Virgin reader. Mentions of the reader being Draco’s property. Possessiveness. Dark!Draco.
Note: Draco’s supposed to be a high ranking death eater in this fic. So keep in mind that it might have some depictions of that. But he’s soft with the reader :’)
a/n: oh to be draco's property </3
“Enjoy her mate. She’s all yours” Theodore Nott is quite enthusiastic in the way he speaks about you. Draco wonders whatever has his him so hyped up. Whether you truly where the winsome angel they claimed you to be.
He gives him a nod, and then clicks open the door.
When his gaze falls upon you, he understands the infatuation. Truly; you were a gift, not just from him friends— but from whatever lies above.
Perfect and his.
You’re kneeling, hands resting on your thighs, head down, dolled up in a black lingerie. A silver bow rests at the base of your throat. And on it was carved D.M.
“Hello bug, have you been waiting for my arrival?”
Only then, do your eyes look up. And you gasp slightly; you’d heard about his attractiveness, but to have him present in front of you, it was entirely ethereal.
He had different shades of grey painted on him. Hair platinum, eyes silver, skin pale. He was much more taller than the last time you’d seen him, and the mass of him now muscular and broad.
Beautiful, like an angel, yet dangerous like a devil.
“I– uh... terribly sorry sir. I have been waiting for you”
He smirks, then swiftly removes his black coat jacket. It hangs over a chair as he then walks off to sit over an armchair. As if it were a throne.
“Come ‘ere darling”
His eyes never once fall from you as you saunter over to him. As soon as you reach him, he grabs you by your waist and pushes you on his lap.
“You know who I am right?” His hands grope and squeeze along your curves, but his face is fixed on yours.
“I do” You murmur softly, fumbling with the fabric of his slacks. You did know who he was— he was the royalty of the wizarding world. The youngest death eater of all time.
You knew who he was— ruthless; cold; dangerous.
Draco tightens his grips on your plump bum, certain to have you bruised and marked.
He’s always been quite possesive but never infatuated “So pretty, and all mine” he deems, brushing his nose along your cheekbone.
“All yours sir”
He was dreaded by all. But here you were in the embrace of Draco Malfoy you’d found sweetness within the bitterness that he was.
He kissed you. Hard possesive kisses that had you gasping for air. It wasn’t a romantic loving kiss— but rather a soul burning one that had your chest hurting.
They trail down to your shoulders; hot wet kisses; his hand wrapping around your throat and his rings caused a shiver to run through you.
“Have you done this before?” He asked, eyebrows arching in question, “Never, sir”
If you thought you’d already seen the darkness that resided within him, you were wrong— his eyes seemed to have turned entirely black.
“Get on your knees blossom, I’ll tell you what to do”
You do that at once, and fall down onto the cold wooden floor. You stare up at him in innocence, waiting for him next move.
He quickly has his hands on his belt, it clicks and ruttles and then his pants are pushed down to his knees. His length already hard in his boxers as you yank them down.
You watered at the sight of him so long, so thick, so gorgeous. “Look at you, already drooling like a dumb baby”
Malfoy grips you by the back of your head. Pushing your face against his length. “Put it in your mouth hmm”
You do exactly that, taking his length down your throat as much as you could without gagging, “That’s it, fuck, now just suck yeah?”
Your mouth wraps around him, suckling lightly before he encourages you to go faster, bobbing your face on his cock more expertly.
He cups your face gently as you take his lenght deeper, swirling your tongue on his base. “There it is, you’re a natural, bunny”
When you look up at him, his face is scrunched up in pleasure, soft grunts escaping his parted lips, but his eyes were wide open and staring down at you.
You bob your head faster, sucking even harder than before, “Fucking hell I’m–” his climax was right on the edge, until he suddenly pulls away before he could that sweet fucking releif.
A whine comes from you as he parts his cock from your mouth, “D–did I do– do it wrong?”
“No bug, just wanna cum inside you”
Draco has you hauled up on his lap before he slams you down on his bed, staring at you with dark avid eyes. He strips down in a hurry, wanting to corrupt you and fuck your innocence out of you.
“Move your panties aside baby, let me see that pretty pussy”
Your hand trails down to your underwear, and then moves them to the side. He groans as he sees your cunt dripping and throbbing— only for him, it will only ever be him.
The head of his cock rubs onto your folds, teasing you until you were whimpering and babbling in need.
He pushed inside slow, cooing in your ear as your hole fluttered around him.
“So perfect, bug” He mused, kissing your tears away as you struggled to take much of him. Shaking in bliss already.
You dug your nails into his back, leaving red bruises as he began to move “Too much sir” you whimpered as he pulled your hips flush against his.
“Can’t take it?” He mocked, kneading your tits through your bra. There was fire in his touch, it had you burning everytime his skin moved with yours.
Slowly, the pace, the act turned into something much more impure. It was rough now, his kisses and his bites on your flesh. His thrusts and his movements.
“Such a good little cunt. I’ll be fucking it everyday goddamn day now, you hear me? You’re mine”
Yours, yours, yours. You said it against him as you kissed his chest and raked your nails across the lines of him and bucked your hips in rhythm with his.
“M’gonna fuck a baby in you alright? And you’re gonna take it like a good girl”
He was pounding into you now. You were crying and sobbing from how fucking good it felt. It was a wonderful feeling. To belong to him. To please him and have him do it back.
He thrust several more times and then you came with a cry, panting and trembling as he lowly hissed and fell apart on top of you. Giving your every last drop of it.
“Mine, you’ll always be mine now”
@angel4you @dr4cking @wolfstar-lb @itsmentalillness @fairydxll @athenapotter @rav3nclawwhore @dlmmdl @marrymetheonott @itzzzzcookie @secretsthathauntus @urgingforyou @turn-to-page-394-please @0braybie0 @ahoeforfredweasley @superswagger09 @lolooo22 @mysticchaosangel @aleksanderblack @gaby-3 @valdezie-grimes @i-have-my-issues @maeve-7 @princess-jules47 @katherinadeluca @kayleiggh @elizabethrosedarling @riddlewife @scorpireads @ambria @buchanansdoll @koolllook @amara-moonlight @hawkinsfinn @keyona1 @laylaty13 @hannahkesner @dracoismydramaqueen @marv3lwhor3 @kiblm @peachesbadussy @i-am-bi123 @chamaeleon999 @ffsidontrlycare @dracosslut24 @robertpattinsonsbae @justyouraverage-simp
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icryovertoast · a month ago
teachers pet
request~ i lost the request to this and i feel really bad but it was smth to do with professor james.
professor! james potter x student! reader
warnings~ smut, age gap (reader is of age), teasing, small bit of public play blink and you’ll miss it, sir kink, breeding kink, i think that’s all lmk tho
Tumblr media
you sat at your desk resting your chin on your hand staring up at your professor, you watched as the veins in his hands flexed whenever he would curl his fists to point at the board or the way he would run his hands through his messy hair.
it was so secret that he was hot, he was most girls teacher crush, but unlike them, you had actually gotten a chance with him. the two of you had been secretly sleeping together. it was wrong, you knew that, you both did. but the adrenaline and pleasure of it all just made it seem right
you raised your hand, a sign you we’re stuck. he looked up at you and he walked down to you you said your question loud enough for him to hear, but not loud enough for people around your i hear, he bent down slightly to show you what to do.
when he did you moved your hands back behind your head moving your hair to the opposite side of him purposely brushing your hand against his clothed cock as you did so
your hair now moved to the side reviled a small litter of hickeys, some fresh some starting to fade
you heard james suck in a breath “y/n” he hissed gently
you looked at him innocently trying to act confused as to why he would say your name in such a way
he straightened up and walked back to his desk and sat. you just smirked going back to your work
the bell rung and the noises of rustling bags and papers were heard “ms y/l/n please stay” you let your bag slowly slid back down your shoulder and onto your desk
you walked up to his desk as you pushed past the small sea of students walking to the door, you heard the click of the door shut as you reached his desk
james moved round to stand in front of you, he leaned back onto his desk “what do you think you were doing?” his voice was gruff
you put on a look of innocence “what do you mean? i have no idea what your talking about”
“ you do know what i’m talking about angel”
you bit your lips at the name, his jaw clenched at the sight of you biting your lip. prompting him to grab your wrists and turn you around pushing you against the desk
you let out a squeal and a breath, jumping up on his desk and wrapping your arms around his waist “please, it’s lunch time everyone is going to be in the great hall”
he thought about it for a second before catching your lips in a kiss, a desperate kiss
you fumbled at the button of his shirt, whilst he took off your school jumper and shirt the kiss started to get more and more heated as he fumbled with your bra straps pulling them down.
he looked down at your tits before bending down and taking the nipple into his mouth
as he softly sucked on the nipple you let out little whimpers, you moved your hands down to his jeans and put your hands on the button “please sir”
taking his mouth off your nipple he moved to his jeans quickly discarding them, he pulled off your skirt, throwing it over to the side where you had previously kicked your shoes off
the only item of clothing you were left in was your knee high socks, james softly pushed you down on your back, you lifted your legs again so they were wrapped around his waist
“please sir want you inside me, please” you begged pathetically
you watched as he gave his impressive length a few strokes before lining it up to your entrance, he looked at you and you nodded. he gently pushed in and you moaned at the sensation of being stretched out
“fuck angel your so fucking tight” he groaned at the grip your pussy walls had on his cock
“please fuck me please i need you”
he nodded as he started pushing in you, you moaned “fuck, go faster”
he obliged and started to push his cock in and out faster. the sound of skin slapping, moans and laboured breath filled the room
“fuck y/n, merlin m’going to cum” he groaned and you nodded your head to indicate that you were going to finish too
“m’gonna finish inside you, going to put m’babies inside of you”
“please, want them inside me” you said clenching around his cock to signal you were about to release
“cum f’me angel” he stuttered as you could feel his hot cum fill you
you let out a moan at the feeling and finished, your legs shook and your breathing was laboured
“good girl” he said as he pulled out “you to good m’angel but you have to get to class now” he said as he picked up your panties and put them on you letting his cum drip slightly down your thighs
“come see me later?’’ he asked you as you nodded buttoning up your final buttons
you nodded and pecked his lips “mhm of course” y
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ameliora-j · 2 months ago
peach // mechanic!rw x reader
Tumblr media
words: 3k
warnings: mechanic!au,, insinuation of divorced/separated parents,, exes to lovers trope,, degradation,, choking,, finger sucking,, daddy kink,, teasing,, clit slapping,, overstimulation,, breeding kink,, cum play (not rly),, ALL ACTS ARE CONSENSUAL!
a/n: au idea from dani 🤩 (@silverdelirium here’s your tag bae!)
the heat of july was brutal as it infiltrated the inside of your old jeep, the air conditioner not doing much to cool you down. you sighed softly as you moved to roll down the windows, praying that maybe the fresh air of the night would help the brutal heat of the mid july desert. a strange clicking sound resounded throughout the car as you continued on down the deserted road, causing you to turn up your radio. the clicking sounded expensive and you were in no place financially to be worrying about car troubles right now.
you were about an hour and a half from home, in the middle of nowhere as you were driving back from seeing your older brother at university. the clicking of your car seemed to get louder, causing you to groan quietly. “stop that right now,” you mumbled, as if the car would hear and magically get you back home before inevitably breaking down the way you knew it would. you, of course, had no luck however, for as soon as the words left your mouth, your car jerked and slowed to a stop, making you groan loudly and you veered off onto the side of the abandoned road. placing the vehicle in park, you got out and opened the hood, allowing smoke to escape from underneath it. you kicked the tire as you groaned, slamming the hood shut. “piece of crap car.”
you were in the middle of nowhere, nobody could be seen for miles. there was no way that anybody would be magically coming around to assist you anytime soon. you climbed back into your car, closing and locking the door as you pulled out your. you let out a sigh as it flashed with one service bar and fifteen percent battery. you scrolled through your contacts before pressing on your brother’s name and waiting. “hey nerd, home already?” you could just barely make out his sentences due to the lack of service in the area.
“no. my piece of shit car broke down in the middle of nowhere,” you grumbled into the speaker. you hear his choppy laughter in response, making you roll your eyes.
the next words you were able to make out were “i told you… car… stone ages,” and that was all it took for you to know it was a dig at how old your beloved jeep was.
“fuck off asshole,” you grumbled. “not all of us get by gallivanting on daddy’s money,” you rolled your eyes.
“we… same dad,” he kept cutting out, but you knew your older brother enough to know exactly what he was saying to you.
“are you gonna help me or not asshole?” you complained.
“sure, where are you?” he asked.
“like two hours away from home,” you answered.
“mom’s house or dad’s house?” he asked.
“dad’s…” you answered nervously. your mom’s house was much closer to where your brother was going to uni at. however, per court order, it was your dad’s weekend to have you so you were driving back to his place.
“ynnnnn!” your brother complained loudly. “no way, you’re a four hour drive from here. i’ll call someone to see if they can help you alright? just hang tight. don’t go anywhere.”
“where would i possibly go, dumbass?” you deadpanned.
“fair point,” and then you heard the three beeps of him hanging up. you sighed as an alert flashed across your screen.
you closed your eyes as a stress induced migraine began to settle between the temples of your skull, deep in the frontal lobe of your brain as you waited. and waited. and waited. finally after what felt like eternities, but was really only ten minutes, your phone rang again. when you picked it up, your brother immediately began speaking. “ron’s on his way.”
“nevermind i’ll walk,” you told him.
“oh you’re being a big baby. i told you not to fuck my best friend,” he spoke, and of course the service allowed that sentence to come out clear as day.
“i didn’t fuck him you jerk, i was in love with him! but i didn’t know that he was just as much of an asshole as you are,” you didn’t let your brother speak again as you hung up the phone, letting out an exaggerated scream as you threw it into the passenger seat and flung your head back against your seat, trying to hold in your emotions at the prospect of seeing your ex boyfriend for the first time since you broke up eight months ago.
two hours later, there was a knock on your car window. you rolled it down and came face to face with a long-haired redhead with piercing blue eyes that just happened to be your ex boyfriend. “hey peach,” he smiled, and you nearly melted. “y’brother said you needed help. go on, pop the hood then,” you leaned forward and did what he said, allowing him to walk to the front of your jeep and prop the hood up. “come on out here, peach. wanna show you something.” you sighed loudly as you slid from the driver's seat of the car and walked to meet ron at the front of your car.
he handed you the flashlight and you held it for him as he began to work on stuff. “see that here?” he pointed to a small knob and you nodded. “‘s the oil, sweetheart,” he pulled the stick out and showed you it. “got nothin’ in there, ‘s why the car stopped working. need an oil change. ‘f you woulda kept driving like that, engine would’ve exploded. we don’t want that do we peach?” you shook your head nervously and he shot you a smile. “only think i can do is call a tow truck and get it to my shop. i’ll fix it up there, yeah? i’ll give you a ride back home.”
“i…” you began nervously and he tilted his head to gaze quizzically at you. your heart fluttered as you averted your gaze to avoid eye contact. you felt ron’s fingers gently grip your chin, forcing you to look at him and your breath caught in your throat.
“what is it, peach?” he hummed quietly.
“don’t have the money for a tow truck,” you bit your lip gently and he smiled before kissing your head.
“don’t you worry your pretty little head about that,” he ruffled your hair before walking to his car and grabbing his cell phone.
it was now the early hours of the morning, 3:30am to be exact, and you were sitting in ron’s dimly lit garage as he worked on your car. he was under the hood and you were sat on the table next to the car with all the tools, handing him whatever he asked for. it felt like old times. you really did miss sitting in ron’s garage with him as he worked on his cars. at some point, he had pulled off his t-shirt in an attempt to escape the july heat.
he kept pushing his hair from his eyes as he worked under the hood of your jeep and you slowly slid from the table you went over to him, pulling the hairtie from your wrist and gently combing your fingers through his long hair, and pulling it into the hairtie in a small manbun at the back of his head. “thanks peach,” he murmured softly.
“welcome,” you hummed back as you took your place back on the tool table. you let our a soft sigh as you rested your elbow on you knee, placing your chin in your hand as you waited for ron to be finished with your car. the longer you watched ron work, the more apparent the arousal between your legs became. his hair was messily pulled back into a manbun through use of your hairtie, his brows furrowed in concentration and his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as sweat dripped down the side of his face.
suddenly, ron was standing in between your legs and reaching behind you to the wall with all his tools. your breath hitched in your throat as you inhaled his scent. “sorry peach. needed the wrench,” he breathed as he slowly pulled away from you, holding up the aforementioned tool.
“oh uh… s-sorry,” you stuttered as you blinked hard, holding back a whimper that begged to release itself from the depths of your throat. you fought the urge to squeeze your thighs together, as ron was now standing in between them. shirtless, sweat dripping down his toned chest and abdomen. you looked up and realized exactly how close you were. one wrong move and your lips would be pressed together in a butterfly-inducing kiss.
“what’s got you all distracted, hmm?” you felt his breath fanning across your lips as he tilted his head to gaze at you. you didn’t say anything, but your eyes betrayed you. for they quickly flicked down to his lips before following suit down the rest of his body, following the dribble of sweat down his neck, between his pectorals, down his chiseled abdomen, and all the way untill it disappeared behind his dirty jeans, before you finally looked back up at his eyes. ron smirked as a chuckle left his lips. “me?” he asked. “i got you all flustered, hmm? you feeling it in your little tummy baby?” his smirk widened as a whimper escaped your lips. “i bet if i pulled back your pretty panties, your little cunt would be dripping for me,” he mumbled huskily in your ear.
“ronnie…” you whined.
“christ peach, eight months and you’re still nothing but a dumb little slut f’me,” he mocked. “s’pathetic, really.”
“please…” you begged softly.
“what do you want, hmm? wanna hear you say it,” he demanded.
“want you ron please. want your cock. wanna feel good please make me feel good,” you tugged at his belt loops, attempting to grind your cunt against his leg.
“yeah baby? want me to fuck you till you go all stupid? make you cum untill you physically can’t anymore? gonna stretch your little cunt over my cock untill you can’t think anymore baby. make you so stupid with my big cock. gonna make you feel me for days,” he promised, causing a wanton moan to escape your lips.
“please ronnie. haven’t felt good in so long,” you pouted up at him.
“yeah? no one’s ever been able to make your cunt feel as good as i did, isn’t that right princess?” you nodded, practically salivating at the prospect of finally getting to fuck your ex boyfriend, the best cock you’ve ever felt, after eight months. you spread your legs wider and tugged him even closer.
“fuck me ronnie. make me forget my name,” his hand wrapped around your throat as he pushed you back on the table.
“what’s my name, slut?” he raised a brow.
“daddy,” you bit your lip softly as you looked up at him with wide eyes. he groaned loudly, squeezing harder as his free hand went to the hem of your shirt, which was actually one of his old ones, and tore it off your form, before he bent down and pressed your lips together in a searing kiss. you moaned into his mouth as you bucked your hips up to mean his, moaning as the rough material of his jeans created an amazing friction on your clit through the thin shorts you decided to wear.
“dirty little slut, can’t even wait for me to take off y’clothes,” he teased. “go on then. fuck yourself on my thigh like the desperate whore you are,” he growled. you wrapped your arms around his neck and continued to rock your hips on his thigh. he found great pleasure in watching you desperately hump his thigh. his hand wrapped around your throat again as you threw your head back in both frustration and pleasure.
“please just fuck me already daddy i need it,” you whined.
“take off your clothes then peach,” he smirked. you immediately did what he said, pulling off the rest of your clothes you stared up at him as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them, and his underwear, down just enough to free his cock. “you know how i like you, peach. what are you waiting for?” you scrambled to bend over the table and put your hands behind your back.
he gripped your wrists in his big hand before pushing his cock past your walls. he moaned as he felt your cunt stretching around him before setting a punishing pace. giving you no time to adjust to his big cock abusing your cervix. the only sounds that could be heard throughout the garage were skin slapping on skin, your loud and incessant moans, and the squelching of your cunt as ron fucked deeply into you. he gripped your hair and pulled you up untill your back was pressed against his chest. “that’s it. you take my cock like such a good little whore. gripping me so tight baby fuck,” he moaned loudly. “best cunt i’ve ever felt,” he growled into your ear as he bit down on your neck.
“daddy!” you moaned loudly.
“god shut the fuck up,” he growled. “sick of hearing your dumb baby mouth,” he shoved his fingers into your mouth, causing you to gag on them.
“cum,” you gargled around his fingers.
“yeah? wanna cum slut? go ahead. soak my cock, milk me dry like a good little cockwhore,” he growled as his free hand reached down to rub roughly against your clit. you moaned loudly as your body spasmed and your cunt clenched around his cock. you repeatedly moaned out ‘daddy’ as your knees became weak and the only thing that kept you up was ron’s strong arm around your waist. his pace didn’t let up as he continued to fuck you into oblivion and his fingers continued the incessant rolling of your clit.
“please daddy. please already came it hurts,” you whimpered.
“awh,” ron mocked a pout. “hurts baby?” you nodded as a whine escaped your lips. “that’s too bad, cus daddy hasn’t cum yet. and i’m not anywhere near finished with you. i’m gonna make sure you don’t ever dare get anywhere near another cock. gonna ruin you for anyone that isn’t me. do you understand me slut? your cunt is mine. you belong to me.” he grumbled lowly into your ear. you merely moaned in response. “i asked a question, slut,” he demanded as his thrusts slowed before he came to a complete stop.
you whined lowly as you tried to fuck youself back against him. “please,” you whimpered softly. “please…” you gasped as your eyes rolled back. he gripped your hair even harder then.
“tell me what you are. who you belong to,” ron demanded. his hips still didn’t move, and neither did his fingers on your clit as you continued trying to fuck yourself back on him. his hand roughly came down on your clit in a harsh slap. “tell me,” he demanded, slapping your clit again.
you whimpered softly. “g-good…” you babbled.
“try again,” he demanded, slapping your clit again.
you whined, squirming as your cunt clenched around him. “slut,” you whimpered. “dirty little slut. j-just a hole for you daddy,” you moaned as ron’s pace picked back up and he continued abusing your cervix with his cock.
“whose dirty little slut?” he asked.
“your’s. daddy’s dirty little slut,” you moaned as he continued to rub your clit.
“cum for me again peach,” he commanded and you blindly obeyed. your body twitched and spasmed as your cunt clenched around his cock.
“daddy… cum in me. please. wanna feel you. want your babies,” you whimpered.
“want daddy to fuck a baby into you, peach? breed your filthy little cunt?” he teased.
“yes please daddy,” you nodded.
“then cum with me peach,” he demanded. you moaned loudly as you felt ropes of his cum spilling into your overworked cunt. you squirmed and twitched as his fingers continued to rub against your clit. your cunt spasmed around his cock as your back arched away from his chest and you let out loud, incessant moans. you screamed loudly as your release squirted out of your cunt and all over his lower abdomen. he moaned as he continued to rub circles on your clit. “good little slut,” he whispered in your ear as he slowly pulled out.
you squirmed and whimpered as he pushed his cum back into your cunt with his fingers. he shushed you as you whimpered softly. “shh baby, just gotta keep it all inside, yeah? don’t wanna waste it,” you nodded and allowed him to push his cum back into you. he pulled your panties back up and pat your cunt gently.
you hummed deliriously as ron lifted you by your armpits. his cum seeped out of your abused hole, soaking the fabric of your panties as your body fell limp against him. “wan’ be yours again daddy,” you murmured deliriously into his neck.
“you always were peach. you always were,” he pat your bum softly as he walked you up to the bathroom where he began immense aftercare. cleaning you up and washing your hair. he brushed through your hair and put his shirt and a pair of his boxers on you before climbing into his bed with you, allowing you to snuggle close to his chest as he rubbed your back, slowly pulling you back from your degenerative headspace.
laying in ron’s bed again made you feel whole. it felt like you were back at home. with him back in your arms, you realized that this is what you’d been missing. whatever reason you and ron broke up had now surpassed your mind. and you fell into a peaceful sleep, wrapped in the arms of the man that you have always and will always love. the man you planned to spend the rest of your life with. you knew that when you woke in the morning, you would continue to make up for eight months of long time. you knew that this was just the beginning. after all, ron did promise that he was nowhere near finished with you.
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gotkindabored · a month ago
No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin
It’s October 31st, 1981, and Sirius was looking for his next meal when he bumps into a mysterious woman.
↳ PAIRING: Vampire!Sirius Black × F!Reader
CONTENT: NSFW 18+, smut, murder, blood drinking (feeding), P in V, mentions of child abuse, dom!sirius, sub!reader, obsessive thoughts, praise, slight degradation, fluff, crying, overstimulation, possessiveness, dubcon?, love confessions, religious imagery, slight manipulation?, plot
NOTES: It’s time for the #dietmonsterfuckers to RISE. And Happy Halloween everyone! I really hope you’ll enjoy this xx
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Silhouetted by the waning crescent moon, daunting walls rose from the shadows that towered over the dark alley. With every sharp twist and turn, loud panting rebounded throughout as a deep scorching sensation lashed at the man’s throat; lungs consumed in painful gasps as he sprinted.
With both his body and brain on overdrive, he was left with no other choice but to run.
Legs blurring together, his neck craned back to catch a glimpse of the figure chasing him until confusion clouded his mind rather than fear.
Because nothing was behind him. It was gone and far too quiet.
Coming to a slow halt, the man bent down, hiding behind a large rubbish bin. Through the dizziness and building nausea that threatened to rise, he attempted to even out his laboured breaths with little avail.
Clutching his shirt to find a grip on reality, ears on high alert for any approaching footsteps — any sign that suggested that the attacker was near — nothing was close. Nothing that seemed within proximity.
He swallowed hard; a cold sweat forming on his brow that made its way down the side of his face — mixing into the open gash on his forehead for a diluted substance. He hissed, exhaling sharply.
Quickly mapping out a routine in his mind; if he ran and was lucky enough, he could make it to Charing Cross in ten minutes flat.
Forcing himself out of his daze, the man stood, feet finding his footing and adjusted to begin running again — only to immediately be met with a crushing blow that struck at the centre of his chest.
He fell — flew backwards — a sickening crack resounded through the alleyway.
Thudding to the ground and too stunned to register the pain, the man’s eye latched onto the Italian leather shoes nearing him. The clicking of the heels mimicked a ticking clock; a countdown.
Click. Click. Click.
He could hardly breathe as all sense of panic returned.
“Nice effort,” the attacker drawled, voice dangerously low as he cast him a sinister grin.
Even then, the man was transfixed by the attacker’s beauty and charm; the figure had pale moonlight skin, his obsidian hair was waved and perfectly laid as if he hadn’t been hunting him — toying with him for the past hour.
Attempting to scramble back, a sharp kick was delivered to the man’s ribs, forcing him back on the wet ground.
“Wait! Stop —” he shrieked as the attacker stomped hard on his leg, bones shattering.
Any shred of hope of escape vanished as fretful tears flowed down his face, continuing to scream and grunt in pain.
Healthy, crimson blood seeped through the man’s trousers. The mysterious man above grinned wickley, bending down to fist his shirt as he lifted him, pinning him high against the nearby brick wall with unnatural ease and swiftness.
His eyes flashed a deep red; far too similar to pure black.
“Too bad, you’re a pretty one,” the attacker chuckled deeply. His accent was old and aristocratic, as if he were from a different time.
Jerking his head, he flicked locks of hair out of his face. With lidded eyes, he leaned in, inhaling deeply. He tsked.
“We could’ve had a little more… fun, too bad you ruined it.”
Another scream tore from his lips as the attacker gripped his shoulder, splintering more bones.
“W-wait!” He pleaded, staring into the man’s eyes. “P-plea-se don’t do t-this! I — I have a son!”
It was a mistake peering up. It was a horrifying sight.
Instead of a handsome relaxed grin, it was wiped with the contortion of teeth — sharp fangs poking out from its mouth: shining, glistening in the low light — perfect and straight and white as snow.
“Don’t do this?” It mused, smirk dissipating and grasp stiffened. “You didn’t stop striking that poor child when they asked you. Your son, right?”
He screamed again, his wrist snapping.
“Fuck! Shit! I’m sorry —”
“I heard the screams, you know. Heard them from miles away. Heard them for days,” it sneered. “But don’t worry, he’ll be with his mother.”
“I — how? W-what are you?!”
The attacker didn’t answer.
Instead, its sharp fangs sunk into his neck. The lifeless body fell to the ground within minutes.
A long sigh escaped him as he bent down to the slumped man, picking him up with one hand and hoisted him on his shoulder.
Discreetly, he managed to discard the body in an abandoned house, waiting to be found within a week.
There wasn’t anything to worry about. The man’s screams were covered by the shouting, blasting music and laughter from parties; countless horror movies playing and nearby pubs bustling.
It was why Halloween night was Sirius’ favourite time to hunt. He never had to worry about being caught.
It was always a feeding frenzy; the smell of lust, blood, sweet and fuck — he could perfectly tune in on the blood pumping, coursing throughout the human’s bodies. He had his pick; each beat clear in his ears. And with everyone too consumed with each other to notice that someone had disappeared from plain sight, never returning, it was too easy.
Granted, Sirius tried — he bloody tried to be good and live the rest of his vampiric life as a saint, surviving solely off animal blood. He even tried those shitty diets James loved to recommend before he had found his mate, Lily. Sirius even went as far as to follow the whispered trends amongst the rest of the vampiric community in Britain who had formed their own version of the hippie movement: vegetarian diets. Lion blood, lamb blood, rabbit blood — all sorts of animal blood.
Sirius scoffed. Hippie vampires, who would have thought?
Because at first, he desperately wanted to be good — to be as human as he could be. But how human could he be? With cold skin, a still heart and bloodlust churned inside him, nothing but the vessel he lived in was human. But he liked to believe.
So, he found an alternative: slaughter the worst of humanity.
Was it fair to play God? Morally no. But to him, he viewed it as serving a sick, twisted sort of justice that the law system failed to do. He never felt bad, hardly. It tugged on his consciousness a little, but at that point it was natural selection.
And God was it satisfying.
Stepping away, the back of his hand wiped across his chin as he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth to savour any blood remaining.
His face scowled at the taste.
Over the years of feeding, biting, killing, Sirius had come to discover and expand his preferences.
He preferred women’s blood over men’s. They were sweeter, more satisfying, softer and undoubtedly beautiful.
Men were nowhere as sweet. Their blood was thicker, held a strong metallic taste that was a little too bitter for his palette. However, they carried more blood and sustained him for longer periods.
Blood lust and arousal went hand in hand. Sex while feeding was taboo, but the best in Sirius’ opinion. That or cuddling, or rather during any intimate moments, came to a close second.
But then again, every vampire had their own preference and Sirius tended to run towards those of a sweeter taste. Unfortunately, he had yet to find anything that met his standards.
He had been hungry, starving, looking for the sweetest blood he could find. In fact, he’d been searching for over a century to fill that constant ache — an everlasting prickle at the back of his throat, one that was only temporarily soothed by the random men and women he found.
As he turned to leave the dingy house, he caught his attention in the reflection through a broken window pane.
“Fuck,” he muttered, huffing as he spotted droplets of scarlet that bleed into his loose white blouse. He liked that one — vividly remembered buying it with Regulus back in the late eighteen hundreds.
At least for Halloween, he could go as himself — let his fangs show and play it off as hyper-realistic prosthetics. It would even make feeding more accessible.
“Always one for the dramatic,” a voice came from behind him, emerging through the thick blanketed fog and shadows. “I still don’t think you should kill them.”
Sirius scoffed, pulling his long, fluff coat tighter around him to hide the blood. “You encouraged me.”
James smirked. “Because nobody particularly fancies child abusers.”
Clicking his tongue in agreement, they walked back onto the busy streets of Soho, bordering Chinatown.
However, yet expected, James shifted to a concerned state. “But remember our laws. No —”
“No mindless or unnecessary slaughter,” Sirius started. “Which, by the way, I think that was very necessary. No biting anyone under the age of eighteen; don’t turn a human against their will and blah, blah. Happy?”
James rolled his eyes, shoving him.
The main street was decorated with bright lights and props — intersections blocked off by transportable cones decorated as witches’ hats. Costumes, vivid makeup, bodies of all shapes and sizes roamed with smiles plastered on. Halloween music thumped loudly, the vibrations being felt through every fibre as doors were left open, people entering and exiting various shops. Some even danced on the street — small stalls selling pumpkins and hot drinks; all looking for their next paycheck.
As they passed, men and women winked Sirius’ way, thriving off the attention. If they knew what he was…
He could have laughed! Humans… They were so simple-minded, borderline stupid. Always so trusting and easily charmed.
James sniffed the air casually, moaning at the scent of food wafting from the nearby stands. “I think that’s what I miss most. Human food. Pasta…”
“I miss being warm,” Sirius added, playing with the rings on his fingers.
James hummed, weaving his way through the crowd until they found a wooden bench to sit on.
“So where’s Evans?” He asked, propping one leg across his knee. “Surprised she isn’t here.”
“With Lupin.”
Sirius’ head whipped to James, his nose wrinkling as disgust washing over him. “Why do you keep that mutt around?” He questioned bitterly. “Let alone with your mate.”
“If you get to know him, he’s not bad. I quite like him.”
“He’s annoying.”
“He’s terminally shy. Hardly speaks.”
“Smells like a dog.”
“I — okay. You’re right. But we also smell to them.”
“He tried to kill me!”
“You were on werewolf territory!”
“By accident! James! Come on, back me up! We’re sworn enemies,” he scoffed. “Vampires and werewolves.”
James sighed, ruffling his messy hair. “And you’re a part of the reason why.”
As he was about to respond, Sirius abruptly closed his mouth as a woman walked past. His head tilted curiously, nose scrunching as he fixated on her as she searched through her bag.
It was a grossly unfair statement in Sirius’ mind to only define her as beautiful. She was a carefully crafted masterpiece, fine art that could drive any artist mental with the realization that they could never achieve anything nearly as perfect.
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Before he could think twice, gauge his actions, Sirius stood, speeding up to her quickly as her shoe skidded across a particularly edged pavement. She didn’t have enough time to brace herself as she fell.
In a swift swoop, Sirius’ arm reached out, bracing the woman and cradled her to his chest in a protective manner. The odd sense to protect, to give, to have, flared through his mind as instinct took over. A shock, much like an electrical current, passed through them both, raising every goosebump and hair on their bodies.
Time stood still.
With touch alone, she managed to coax the cold right out of him, leaving Sirius fuzzy and warm; the purity of daylight’s last spark in its purest form, beyond a mortal keen — an angel — all in his very hands.
The hammering of her heart resounded in his ears, deafening him momentarily, forcing his brain to rewrite itself as she spoke.
“— Thank you,” she breathed. Sirius saw his reflection mirror in her wide eyes, both equally confused and starstruck. “I — wow. You actually swept me off my feet.”
He forced himself to cough, reluctantly letting go.
“Uh, yeah. No problem. I’m just glad I got to you in time,” he rasped. Wetting his lips, he bent down to pick up her fallen items.
“Oh sir, you don’t have to —”
“Please, I don’t mind.”
Truly, Sirius didn’t. He was completely and utterly fixated on her, a spell being cast on him.
With her belongings safely stored in her bag, countless thank you’s and her soft smile, if he had a beating heart, it would have thudded into overdrive.
He leant forward, wanting to get a proper smell of her blood but the wind blew the opposite direction. He lamented, instead, meeting her eyes.
She was already flustered.
“Really,” he replied, tone becoming silky smooth, hoping it would charm her. “It was my pleasure.”
But her sweet smile faded, a look of worry replacing it. “Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to go. I’m going to be late to work.”
No! No, no, no! The voice inside his mind screamed. A strange urge of desperation bloomed through his chest, panicked by the thought.
She pivoted, and Sirius had to grip his jacket to prevent himself from reaching out.
“But do you see that?” She pointed to the busy pub across the street. “Come with me. I’m a bartender and the drinks are on me tonight — as a thank you.”
Sirius grinned like a mad man, nodding feverishly. “I’d like that.”
“Perfect! I —” Her eyes darted behind his shoulder, presumably as James before returning to him. “I’ll meet you inside?”
“Meet you inside.”
She threw a fleeting glance at him before turning around. James came, clasping his shoulder, brows wiggling at him. “Caught your eyes?” He teased. “Pretty thing, isn’t she?”
“... Right?” Sirius said, voice coming out as a thoughtful whisper.
“Aw! Excitedly little puppy! You should have seen the way you were looking at her.”
Soon enough, a gust of wind flowed through the chill night, blowing past the mysterious woman and to Sirius, rendering him speechless.
The most delicious scent hit him like a wrecking ball.
The thick, sugary sweet scent of her blood caused that instantaneous ache in his throat to explode. The hollow yearning in his chest expanded — stomach twisted and turned, increased ten-folds as if he hadn’t just fed less than an hour ago.
There was an automatic tightening of his muscles, an excess flow of venom threatened to seep from his fangs.
Her blood sang, and he swore the song was for him.
Sirius could barely think; thoughts incoherent and irate.
Because fuck, what did she do to him?
Sirius watched her enter the pub, slipping behind the counter and began taking a dozen orders — completely immersed in her element. She charmed the customers, himself included, talked to a dozen men, a dozen women as a fit of burning jealousy flooded him.
Because that should be him.
The monster he’d beaten back with centuries of discipline sprang to the surface. It clawed and tore through his skin, bloodlust clouding any rational thought.
James had noticed the behavioural change, forcing him to sit back on the bench. Finding purchase on the metal handle, Sirius gripped it, denting it — nearly ripping it out of the wooden planks.
“Black!” James’ voice penetrated the thick fog.
It was punishing being that far away, to withstand something as sugary as her.
She smiled at a co-worker. Infectious.
He wanted her, needed her. Needed, needed, needed —
“What the fuck are you doing?” James tried again, prying his hands off the metal and shielding him from the passing crowd. “Are you good? We’re in public!”
He didn’t need to, but Sirius breathed in deeply, ragged, trying to calm down.
“Did you smell her blood?” Sirius asked.
“I — what? Who’s blood?”
He gestured to her.
James’ head tilted up, taking a deep breath, concentrating. “She’s healthy… really sweet. Young — probably mid-twenties? What about it?”
“Fuck, I don’t know. It’s — I — did you feel that too?”
His fangs popped out.
James snapped several times, even grabbing his face and tearing his gaze off her.
“Mate!” He exclaimed. Sirius’ eyes turned from a stormy grey to deep red. “Your eyes! And put your fucking fangs away!”
Sirius struggled to push James off as he tried to force himself down.
Never had he wanted someone’s blood so much since he had been rebirthed.
“Earth to Black! Did you not feed enough earlier? You were fine a moment ago.”
Want, need, want, want, need —
“I… I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he choked out, hands trembling. His fist squeezed into a tight ball, releasing several times. “She shocked me and I —”
It took James a second before relaxation dawned upon him. Smiling widely, he pulled back, clapping and hollering, catching the attention of a few bystanders.
“Blimey!” He yelled, shaking Sirius by the arms. “Do you think she’s your mate?”
The word bounced off the walls of his mushed brain, the idea not quite sinking in.
Sirius froze. Blinking. Not a single thought in his mind.
Could vampires go into shock?
“I can hear the wedding bells! Oh my God! You found her!” James cheered. “Do you know how rare this is? A vampire and a human! Lily’s going to have a field day! Wait — I better be best man — you were mine at our wedding! I can’t believe this! I’m so happy for you — shit. She invited you for a drink!” He sputtered, yanking Sirius up and pushing him in the direction of the pub. “Go talk to her — gonna think you ditched.”
Sirius blinked. Once, twice. Looked up at James. Horrified.
“I don’t know what I’m doing.”
James softened, a gummy smile replacing his features as he strided up to throw an arm around him.
“It’s going to be an adjustment, especially getting used to resisting the blood. But it’ll be fine. You were both made for each other, will understand each other better than anyone else… My life started when I met Lily — I mean truly started, and it will for you too.” He hugged him tighter. “Now go, have fun, and meet me afterwards. I want to know how it goes.”
Sirius gulped, the nervousness dimming slightly. “Thank you.”
“Just be careful.”
On autopilot, Sirius stumbled into the pub, passing through the crowd. It was busy, filled with all sorts of characters and clashing personalities but drowned out by his curiosity. He brushed up accidentally against a few, but none felt the same as it did with her.
Sirius hurriedly sped up to the counter, stealing another man’s seat which earned him a flurry of crass words.
Surprise was written on her face when she eventually noticed him there.
“Good evening.”
“Hello again! I thought you weren’t coming,” she teased, guilt immediately hitting Sirius. “Did your friend hold you up?”
“Sorry about that.” Taking a deep inhale, Sirius had to stop himself from groaning, fangs nearly popping out from excitement. In such close proximity, where the wind wasn’t blowing or mixing with other scents, Sirius was already drunk on the aroma alone. “And yeah, it was something… personal.”
“Personal, huh? Hard night?”
“Something like that.”
“That’s what I’m here for!” They both chuckled. “So, what's your poison?”
You, his mind unhelpfully shouted. “What do you recommend?”
As she spoke, he hung onto every word and Sirius couldn’t help but be enchanted. His eyes often drifted to her neck, spotting the prominent vein that popped out and let himself imagine the heat of her fine skin under his fingertips, how the hot flow of her pulse would feel. How it would feel under his mouth. It burned his throat like acid.
He refocused once she finished, waiting for an answer.
“Right — scotch?”
She beamed, hands reaching out for various bottles. “Coming right up.”
Keeping a watchful gaze on her, she worked on multiple drinks, chatting with a dozen people at once but never as long as she did with him. A deep satisfaction blossomed.
“And here!” She exclaimed, sliding him the glass on the table. “Hope you like it.”
Sirius flashed a quick smile, his mind churning.
He remembered vaguely how alcohol tasted like, remembered he used to love it — used it to forget about his problems.
How mundane, simple the human mind and body was.
Shit… he couldn’t drink it and she waited eagerly for his approval.
Fuck it.
Sirius tipped it back, allowing the tasteless amber liquid to swish in his mouth but never swallowed it. He forced his Adam's apple to mimic the rest of the patrons, swallowing, bobbing and giving a deep hum in appreciation.
But it was worth it, seeing her light up.
“Hey! Ms!” A group of women raised their hands, hailing her.
“Talk to you soon,” she winked. “Don’t miss me too much.”
His stomach flipped.
When nobody was looking, he spit the liquid back into the glass, managing to pour the rest of the liquid into the sink just behind the counter.
Her hands wiped on her apron, finally resting on the edge of the counter, giving him her full attention. “Already finished?”
“S’great, thank you,” he replied. His hand flexed at his side.
Touch, touch, touch…
“Would you like another?”
Sirius’ glanced at the large clock on the wall. He had only been there for less than twenty minutes. Her shift would surely last a couple more hours, and he was far from willing to leave.
Inwardly, he sighed, but externally, grinned. “I’d appreciate it. A lot.”
“Sure thing, pretty boy!”
This time, she worked in front of him.
“So,” she mumbled, “What are you supposed to be?”
A nod to his chest. “What’s that? Blood?”
Sirius froze, looking down at his shirt and recovered smoothly.
“Fake blood. I’m supposed to be a vampire.”
“A vampire? Want me to grab a wooden stake?”
“You’ll get the wooden stake and I’ll order a bloody mary next round.”
She giggled, Sirius relished in it.
Passing him the newly made drink, she leaned against the counter as he lifted the drink, lips barely touching the glass.
But as she tilted her head, giving Sirius the perfect view of the expanse of her neck, the scent hit him at full blast. He shifted back, too dangerous to linger there for too long. His nostrils flared, adrenaline and venom pumping through his veins.
For a second, Sirius had lost control and the cup shattered under his strength. It made multiple patrons jump.
“Fuck,” he rushed out, mostly from fear of startling her. “I’m sorry, I —”
She gasped, immediately cleaning the broken glass off the counter. “No, no! It’s not your fault. There must’ve been a chip or crack I didn’t see. Are you okay?”
“Got lucky,” he smiled, raising his hand and threw the rest of the glass into a bin. He fished out his wallet he kept on hand, sliding over twenty quid.
“I said it was on the house.”
“Consider it a tip then,” he insisted. “Or a replacement for the glass.”
She huffed, shaking her head with a tiny simper. “You’re impossible!”
“I prefer persistent.”
“You’ve convinced me.”
She was flagged down once more, a couple of other patrons waiting patiently for her to make rounds.
Moving to leave again, Sirius greedily wanted more. In an attempt, he reached over, grazing her hand and felt the warmth spread through him, wrapping him in a blanket of bliss.
Something he hadn’t felt in centuries.
He had met his soul mate, bound to them by an eternity. And whatever was left of his damaged soul, he would bare and give it fully to her.
“I’m sorry, but I didn't catch your name.”
“Shouldn’t I leave you guessing, wanting more?”
“I’m persistent, I’ll figure it out eventually.”
She giggled. “I’m Y/N.”
He smirked, liking the ring of it. “Well then, Y/N, can I get your number?”
Her head tilted down, a smile plastered on. “Well, what’s your name?”
“Well then, Sirius, of course.”
Tumblr media
The next several months was a delicate process as the years of outdated etiquette and boring courting lessons were re-installed to the forefront of Sirius’ mind.
In the sly and artful practice of pursuit, he used the reinforced behaviours every chance he got.
Sirius forced himself to learn how to breathe and blink regularly again, finding himself mimicking humans that it became second nature to pretend. He became a regular patron to that pub in Soho to let her acclimate to him and then, the dates.
He hadn’t remembered a time when he was that nervous going on dates. Hell — the last time he went on a proper date was with another vampire a few decades ago and he certainly wasn’t as downright nervous.
The simple fact was: he didn’t want to fuck up.
He used to enjoy breaking rules, rejoiced in making rash decisions that somehow always ended up benefitting him. He never gave much thought, simply doing what he wanted and ready to tag along with James and Lily.
But he didn’t want to risk losing her. The thought alone was enough to send him spiralling.
The need to treat her right — to do something by the books for once was overpowering. Everything he did was with calculated precision because the one thing he wanted when it came to her, their relationship, was something normal — ordinarily human. It was the least he could do, offer her something close to human normality.
He was brave, vulnerable, won her the old-fashion way and did everything right. He bought her flowers, took her to the cinema, hugged her from the back, kissed her knuckles, made sure to open every door; pulled out seats and loved her reactions to the little gifts and letters he gave her. He made sure to carry everything he deemed too heavy, even if it was a book or two — letting her know that she was a vision; a mirror of Aphrodite.
He made sure to do everything he thought she deserved and then some. Convinced her with words dipping honey, coaxing her to him with the sweetest of whispers.
Love… he was willing to do anything for it. Maybe Sirius was more of a romantic than James was.
However scary, the time they shared was some of the most fulfilling times of his life. The only one who had ever and would ever afflict him with pining and yearning.
Everything he learned about her made him shiver in anticipation. To hold, to love, to bite — it was a deep, sickening desire. The witty comments, eyes lighting up with passion — the sheer intelligence and humour and ambition stored in a single person floored him. In every way, she was perfect, even with all the little flaws.
Sirius had already fallen in eternal love; freshly dissolved in a frozen devotion.
But her blood sang to him like a choir, calling and taunting him. These days, he had to hunt more, and kept hundreds of blood bags in his house. The building ache in his throat was unbearable, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to control himself, to not want to sink his fangs into her soft flesh and — no.
He took a deep breath, controlling himself.
Toying between the fine line of love and abuse was difficult. But where was the line drawn between someone mortal and immortal?
Sirius sighed, pulling out a white cylinder from a box and placing it between his teeth. Y/N peered up to him, smiling as she grabbed his lighter, cupping her hands around the cigarette and lit it for him. He sucked on it, blowing out puffs of grey smoke, before leaning down to kiss the side of her head.
It was utterly tasteless, entirely for aesthetic, but he liked to believe that a small part of his human self, if there was any resemblance left, would appreciate him for still indulging in it.
“Dinner was great,” she said, words slightly slurring together. She beamed up to him, her hand resting on his chest as they walked down the pavement.
Sirius had gotten lucky that night; managed to use the excuse that he was driving and it would be wise to be the designated driver. He managed to shove his food in his pockets too, only to excuse himself to the bathroom and threw the scraps to a few stray dogs in an alleyway.
“You never have to thank me, angel,” he smirked, pulling her closer. His hand reached down, patting her bum a little as she squealed. He barked out laughing, a spark of electricity shooting down his spine.
Of course, a loving hand was a far cry from sharp fangs, but he liked to think it was the same principle. A fleeting touch still meant possession.
Snow danced around, clinging onto their eyelashes as strung lights hung from buildings. Valentines day neared, pink and red hearts were drawn on signs. The sound of distant music played in the background.
“Wait, Sirius,” she murmured, stopping to admire the music as Sirius observed her quietly, watching her eyes glitter.
She spun around out of his grasp dramatically, outstretching her arm and fluttering her eyelashes. “Fancy a dance?”
He couldn’t help but be completely and utterly charmed. Quickly, he subbed out his cigarette, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to her knuckles.
“Thought you’d never ask.”
But instead, she gasped. “You’re so cold!”
“It’s fine,” he casually played off. “I told you I have bad blood circulation.”
“Maybe we should go  —”
“Shh, I’m fine,” he chided. “Let’s dance.”
She wore a sparkly dress, just a glimpse was visible — hidden underneath her coat. Twisting with ease, sensual energy flowed, throwing flirtatious winks at him while flicking her hips. She pulled him close, dancing freely as he twirled her around before dipping her. She was a giggling mess in his arms, and Sirius wouldn’t have it any other way.
He stayed still for a moment, watching her dance with vibrant energy. Sirius pulled her close, swaying once the song switched, becoming of a slower tempo.
His head rested on hers, the hair tickling his nose. Taking a deep inhale, her scent turned his mind into a frenzy, mind dizzying and resolve weakening…
Despite his best intentions, Sirius was hungry… so hungry… and not just for blood. Fangs grazed the side of her ear, managing to nuzzle into her neck; just in perfect reach of a nice vein.
Bite, bite, bite, bite —
It was a testament to his will that he didn’t bite down then. She was so close, so warm, willing and inviting. Everything about her was suffocating him in the loveliest way possible.
Bite, bite, bite, bite —
He wanted her so badly that it hurt.
Bite, bite, bite, bite —
Sirius didn’t hear what she said, only felt the gentle shaking of his arm before she pulled away. He breathed out, carefully tucking his fangs back in.
“Oh! Hey, you. What are you doing here?”
The familiar deep baritone voice snapped Sirius out of his thoughts.
“Just running some errands,” Lupin said, his voice rough and strained — eyes trained on Sirius.
Fucking mutt.
He felt sick, utterly disgusted and revolted by the smell of wet dog.
“That reminds me,” Y/N blurted, hands gesturing between the two men. “Sirius, this is Remus. We’re…. good friends and used to work with each other.”
Swallowing his disgust at the newfound knowledge, Sirius forced himself to smile. “Is that so?”
“Mhm! And Remus, this is Sirius, my boyfriend.”
He glanced up to Remus who paled considerably; his face was dead and mouth smashed into a hard, flat line. His knuckles even turned white from how hard he fisted them by his side.
“Ah,” gritted Lupin. “Black and I know each other — acquaintances for the past few years now.”
“Really?” She questioned, smile somewhat faltering as she looked up to Sirius. Her hands, soft and warm, held his and the only thing that kept him rooted in reality.
“London isn’t so big after all,” Sirius gave a dry chuckle. “It was nice seeing you, Lupin, but we really should get going. Right, love?”
Her face scrunched slightly, weight shifting from foot to foot. “Yes, it’s getting cold now — but it was great seeing you, Remus.”
Being a vampire was hard enough. Being a vampire — a nice one at that — to a werewolf in front of your girlfriend? Even harder.
Lupin softened, figure becoming less tense and face softened at her. He ran his hands through his tousled brown hair, green hues sparkling at his name on her lips. “Goodnight, be safe.”
“You too,” Sirius added. “You never know what will be roaming out during midnight.”
They turned, walking in the direction of Sirius’ car until Lupin staggered forward, hand reaching out to, presumably to touch her.
Hunger was one thing he could control, but his fury was another beast entirely.
He wasn’t stupid — knew that look in Lupin’s eyes — saw how he looked at her. It was as if Sirius had looked into a mirror.
He managed to just graze her jacket as she turned around.
“Um… was there something you needed?” She asked.
“I -” his head shook. “Never mind, it’s nothing. I forgot.”
Sirius scowled as he processed his actions, turning his face and baring his fangs at the wolf in a hostile, triumphant smile. His hand slid around the span of her waist and pulled her close, away from that dog.
Sirius was a monster before a man, and it clawed inside him, scraping its long claws along the inside of his heart. Bitter and angry. It swelled, consuming every inch of his body in a fire that burned all logic and reason away.
With a jangle of his keys slipping from his pocket, a beeping sound echoed through the empty streets and unlocked his car. In a mild jealous daze, Sirius opened the door, waiting patiently for her to slip inside before closing it.
Sirius walked to the driver's seat, running a hand irritably through his hair as he looked up.
Lupin was there, still standing in the same spot, watching them carefully.
That dog… he was making sure he wasn’t going to hurt her.
Sirius opened the door and slammed it shut with a little too much force than necessary.
“You don’t always have to do that,” she muttered, turning up the heat dial and sighing once a gust of heat hit her.
Shrugging, he started the engine and pulled out onto the empty road, driving out of Lupin’s sight. “I know,” he whispered, mind reeling from their interaction. “But I want to.”
Good friends. What did that mean?
His stomach lurched, fingers twitching curling into a fist; irrational thoughts swarming him as his fingernails dug into his palm and would have drawn blood if he was human.
Had they — no.
Because that was bloody absurd. Something dangerous flickered in his gut, simmering at the thought of anyone — let alone Lupin— being near her. Anyone but him.
Though the thought seared through him like a branding iron, like it always does.
He could have laughed! Remus fucking Lupin leaving his mark with dirty paw prints on things that didn’t belong to him.
She was his. He was hers.
Sirius was left simultaneously miserable and furious. His sweet angel was too trusting and willfully ignorant of the way Lupin looked at her. He wasn’t even trying to be discreet.
She was mine. Mine, mine, mine —
Distracted, she slipped her hand into his, thumb rubbing gently over his smooth skin to try and warm her up to the best of her abilities. She even raised his hand, pressing a kiss to it.
It made Sirius momentarily stop, calming down as he reminded himself to breathe. His heart still fluttered, love replacing anger as he eyed her, grinning as he moved to rest his hand on her leg.
It was amusing, even to him and the likes of James, how an undead being like Sirius Black could crumble to his knees for a mortal.
“So,” he coughed, wanting to know more. “How do you know Lupin?”
She turned rigid. That wasn’t a good sign.
“I — like I said, we worked together, became close.”
He gave a gentle squeeze on her inner thigh. “What are you not telling me, doll? I can tell you’re lying.”
With a shuddering exhale, “Promise you won’t… react?”
A pause. “Doll, there’s very little you could do that would make me mad.”
She refused to look him straight in the eye. “We went on a few dates.”
The words cut through him with the precision of bullets and Sirius felt gutted, hollow.
Anyone but him.
The knowledge burned him with ferocious rage, eating him alive. His nostrils flare as rage coursed through him. He feels like a volcano, ready to erupt, so overcome with jealousy, with proprietorial.
The grip on her thigh tightened.
“We’re only friends. I stopped seeing him the moment we went on our first date.”
That monster returned; spiteful and angry as Sirius’ head shook with bitter laughter.
“Please,” she began, gripping his arm. “Say something. It didn’t mean anything and Remus has moved on.”
How wrong she was.
“As you said, it doesn’t mean anything. We both dated in the past, as long as we’re the only ones, nobody else.”
“Of course,” she soothed, touching the rings on his fingers. “Just you, Sirius. Only you.”
His grip on his steering wheel was so tight that he dented it with ease before he let go, regaining his self-control.
Jealousy ate him up within, feasting on his mind and poisoning his soul with the creeping rejection that blared through his mind.
Because no, she was — no is his. His. Not Lupin’s. His.
The car eventually pulled outside her small house, engine clicking off as Sirius turned to her in the seat.
“I… you’re not… mad, are you?” She mumbled. “I probably should have said something…”
“I’m not mad,” he replied. At least not mad at her.
In a rush, fueled with a jealous rage, he cupped her face and closed the gap between them. Feeling the plushness of her lips, he kissed her with a bruising force and had to remind himself that she was his, she wasn’t going anywhere.
Lupin didn’t matter. It was a few dates.
Still, that didn’t stop the building need, hurt and pure possession that sent signals firing in his mind.
The best he could do in a car, Sirius pulled her flush against himself, inhaling her comforting scent and used more teeth than what was probably enjoyable.
It was intimate — the feeling of her moaning into the kiss, letting him bend her to his will — hands grabbing and roaming each of their bodies as they could reach: their shoulders, arms, neck, waist, anywhere. Everywhere.
His cock twitched in his pants as he buried his face into the crook of her neck, enjoying the satisfaction he got just from touch alone. Sirius loved being taller, bigger, stronger — loved slotting together perfectly and he just knows — just knows — that they’re meant to be.
Her hands found their way to slip underneath his coat, past his sweater, and trace the outline of his belt.
In an unguarded moment, Sirius decided to bite down quickly on her bottom lip. He poorly stifled a groan while the trickling of her blood seeped into his mouth as his entire body became slack. A terrible sense of euphoria washed over him.
Everything about her made him feel human, hooked on her flesh — dizzy, addicted to her.
Her skin boiled, her mouth opening in a wordless moan as goosebumps pricked her skin, shivering and balling his shirt at the sharp prickling sting.
Yes, his brain chorused. Yes, yes, yes.
Sucking on her bottom lip, Sirius pulled away with a shy smile, cheekily feigning innocence.
Kissing her sent him free.
She licked her lips, head tilting at the metallic tang but didn't question it, only breathing deeply and frazzled.
“Sirius —“
It was a plea — the desperate lilt in her voice going straight to his cock.
“Do you want to come inside?” She asked. “M-my house, I mean.”
He wanted her so desperately that it caused a physical ache in his lower abdomen. “Yes.”
He rushed out of the car, jogging up to her as the door clicked open the door.
One advantage that Sirius had gained as a vampire was his excellent night vision. His eyes automatically adjusted to the darkened room, allowing him to see her perfectly.
It was better that way, it would obscure his teeth.
Sirius tore her coat in the haste of struggling it off, attempting to cover up the loud sound by pushing her against the front door, closing it as they feverishly kissed, ravaging their mouths and leaving each other’s lips bitten and swollen.
She fisted his jacket, keeping him pressed against her. Sirius groaned into the kiss, tongue swiping at her’s until it felt as if he’d taken the breath straight from her.
And he should, shouldn’t he?
“Jump,” he muttered in between. In a swift motion, he managed to scoop her up, strolled into the bedroom and laid her down.
As expected, it was pitch black — save the moonlight trickling through the windows and spilling onto them.
Never had she felt so seen and loved, as though the heavens were an extension of Sirius’ sight. He was a self-indulgent love of external regard and fixation. She could see him, sense him with blindfolds if necessary, and she couldn’t escape.
Willingly, she surrendered to the tempest that consumed her whole.
And Sirius couldn’t help but give and give.
“I love seeing you like this,” he whispered, crawling on top of her and kissed her neck longingly. “All mine, right?”
His knee pressed right against her clothed core. Lifting her dress to her waist, his hands placed on her hips to help her grind on his thigh; a wet spot already slowly forming.
She nodded eagerly, already sucked into a daze. “Yours. Always yours.”
She withered under him and he wasn’t sure how long they spent kissing, savouring the sweetness; greedy and parched.
As he discarded their clothes, she grinded against his thigh on her own accord and Sirius’ mind blanked as he heard her pretty gasps and cries. He leveraged his weight on one arm, blinking down at her; chest heaving and glittery eyes barely open — mouth parted slightly and slick with spit.
“Want to?”
She nodded, gripping his arm.
But Sirius frowned, fingers reaching to caress her soft skin, watching her melt into his touch. “Use your words, tell me what you want.”
“You know what I want,” she whined, frustrated at his teasing. Not having it, Sirius pinched her thigh. “I want to hear you beg for it.”
“Please —”
“Please?” He chuckled. “You can do better than that.”
“I want you to fuck me,” she replied, a little embarrassed. “Want you to touch me, please — Sirius, touch me —“
In a daze, hands trembling, his venom suddenly felt like liquid fire coursing through his veins. The heat of her skin and warm breath fanned his skin, making him feel alive.
She was his. Born for him. Or maybe he was born for her. All he knew was that they were meant for each other; mind, body and soul.
“What was that?” He mocked, enjoying the way she shuddered under him. “Say that again; can’t understand a thing.”
“Please, I want to feel you,” she begged, helpless, desperation laced on her face as her hips bucked aimlessly. There was a wetness in her eyes that Sirius groaned at, wanting to drink up. For the first time, he felt as if everything had finally fallen into place; he had her right where he always wanted her.
“You’re so eager to be ruined,” he exhaled. Hand travelled down her chest until his thumb brushed over her nipples. She shivered, whimpering out shamelessly for the small relief it gave and how badly she ached between her legs. “Should see how desperate and pathetic you look.”
His tongue disappears against the flesh of her breast, purling around a puckered nipple through the sheer barrier of flimsy skin.
She was nearly in tears by the time his head popped up to look at her.
“Ah — Sirius, it feels so good.”
“Does it, doll?” He asked, licking over her abused nipple before shifting to rest his forehead against hers.
In a moment, Sirius slipped off his rings, grabbed her hands and slipped them onto hers. “Keep them on.”
Just as she was about to reach up and kiss him, Sirius sneaked his hand back down, pushing aside her soaked panties and slid his long fingers inside her. She gasped, eyes widened in surprise as Sirius muffled whines as their lips met.
He curled his fingers scissoring them, slowly increasing their pace every so often.
One of her hands shot down to grasp his arm, the other hooked into his hair. A silent plea of his name scarcely made out while Sirus’ mouth found her neck, biting, not enough to break skin, but enough to leave marks.
“Looks like you need more, huh?” He said. Her nods grow frantic.
Sirius pressed a kiss to her jaw, moving down until his face was between her legs, forcibly spreading them wide.
Curious, Sirius runs his knuckles over her slit, coating himself in her wetness. Her reaction was immediate, a soft moan filling the silence of her house.
He kissed her thighs slowly, fingers still proding in and out. He smiled against the soft skin when she shivered. He kissed her inner thigh, again and again as he gnawed on the soft skin without breaking skin to get her used to the pressure. A series of left small bite marks trailed across her body.
Covered by the darkness, the tips of his fangs poked out, grazing them across her skin, pricking it like a thousand needles.
When her head was tipped back, Sirius took the chance and bit her thigh, making sure to keep back the venom glands, his fangs broke the skin deeply and neither could contain the loud groan that erupted from their mouths.
And fuck.
A burst of warmth spreads through him at the taste, has him gasping, mind reeling and almost whimpering against her skin. Her blood tasted as rare and sweet as cherry wine. Never has he tasted anything so delicious, artful. Her blood is searing hot on his tongue, sending electrical currents to thrum throughout his entire body.
He melted into putty, almost becoming sedated from her blood.
She flinched, yelping from the sharp pain before it was quickly transmuted into bliss and moans as Sirius positioned his thumb to massage circles onto the swelled clit.
Sirius was gone, eyes rolled back to his skull as pure ecstasy consumed him whole. The ecstasy shoots through his veins, his continuous grunting and moans spilling out of him. He had found his own personal supplier of every drug the world counted for.
And he’ll be using her for the rest of his life.
It put him into such a state, that he subconsciously rolled his hips down on the bed for momentary relief —
He moaned again, continuing to drink greedily. He knew he was being messy, little droplets spilling onto her skin and bed, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t care, not when he felt one hand grip his shoulder, the other threading through his hair to pull him closer against her skin.
He was delirious.
With all his self-control, Sirius retracted his fangs, panting heavily as he watched the blood seep out from the two dots he created on her thigh. His mouth moved to her other thigh, biting down again, less invasive and took smaller gulps.
“Please,” came her voice, small and weak. Her thighs were slick, desperation burning through her.
He couldn’t deny her anything. Not then, not ever.
He settled himself in the middle of her legs, staring at the mess he’s left on her neck, chest and thighs. He made a note to bite her more later.
Slowly, he leaned down, cold tongue flat and gave a kitten lick to her slit — nose bumping her clit before finally wrapping his mouth around and began sucking on it hard — as his fingers returned to slowly pump into her.
Her reaction was immediate, strings of broken and helpless whimpers coaxing from her in an intoxicating ecstasy.
“Love your pussy,” he said against her core, building rhythm, savouring her taste and heat and weight.
Every time she clenched around his fingers, he found himself moaning — the vibrations sending jolts of pleasure through her. The moans and pretty sounds she let out only ignited the spark in Sirius’ brain, further pushing him to that wonderful, mind-blowing edge.
She’s at her breaking point, he just knows. Lucky, his jaw couldn’t ache and began to slow down, drawing everything out.
Eventually, trembling pillowy thigh wrapped around Sirius’ head as she was subjected to that maddeningly slow pace — her pleasure so drawn out that it was borderline painful.
She was hysterical, crying but Sirius ignored it, sadistically continuing with the pace.
It felt like ages passed, feeling imprisoned by Sirius pinning her down. The tips of his fingers would drag along her folds, slippery and smooth, as he pushed in, tongue sucking harshly against her clit. But when her body would naively indicate to Sirius that her building orgasm approached, he would pull away.
“Sirius!” She sobbed. “Please, let me come — stop moving away. Fuck —”
“Watch your mouth,” he threatened, stopping yet again.
He could make her come. He could. It was tempting to pull on her little strings and send her into a tear-stained climax, to watch her crumble — tears brimming in the corners of her eyes finally falling.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry —”
Happy with the response, Sirius finally gave in, tongue moving in fast circles, fingers moving in fast.
Her eyes wept when he touched her, holy, making her sigh his name similar to revellers would at the feet of God at his throne.
A wave crashed over her, warm and soft and her thoughts were filled with only Sirius, consumed by every inch of him. He left her feeling radiant, energized, every inch of her prickling with electricity and an inexplicable glow that bloomed in the nightl.
Though, the soothingness and high was short-lived as he didn’t stop.
“W-wait — Sirius — no, wait… it’s too muc —”
She cried out, her hips bucking, trying to shake out of Sirius’ grasp which pinned her to the bed. She choked out the vampire’s name in a whine, darting her hands to thread through the tunnel of his soft hair to yank him away.
“You sound so pretty,” he moans reverentially against her. His fangs lightly, teasingly graze every inch of her, sucking maddeningly on her puffy clit.
Her head flopped back and forth on the pillow as her eyes shut, kneeing; the coil in her stomach tightening… body curling… arching… spilling and falling…
The pleasure swallowed her whole, rendering her speechless as her moans turn muted, drowning in the overwhelming sensation that wrapped her whole. She heaved, chest rising and rapidly falling — blessedly numb.
He gave her pussy a few quick slaps, which had her whining before pushing himself back up, cradling her face in his hands and pressing a sweet kiss to her lips.
“What do you say, doll?”
“Thank you.”
Tiredly, her arm looped around Sirius’ neck, pulling him closer, tighter, as if he would suddenly vanish.
Like he could. He would beg her on his knees to stay, to be with him.
“Up here,” he said, her expression fucked out — fuzzy. When her gaze stayed stuck on his chest, he tilted her head up to stare at him. “Ah, ah — look into my eyes.”
That seemed to snap her out of it, her focus returning to him. Her head craned to try and kiss him, but Sirius leaned back at the last second — only for her to huff frustratedly, yanking and pulling him back.
Positioning himself to rub his cock between her folds, making her gasp and wiggle from the overstimulation.
“Please, p-please, need you so bad,” she sobbed, too lost in her pleasure to realize the effect and control she has on him, moans pitching higher and higher.
Effortlessly taking control of her body, playing her like a puppeteer with invisible threads, Sirius spread her legs wide as he pushed the tip of his cock in, pleased with her shamelessness.
Unable to wait any longer, Sirius fully pushed into her, driving his cock into her tight core. He groaned at the way she sucked him in, made just for him. She withered beneath, head thrown back as she adjusted to Sirius’ girth and length. In an incoherent mess, her body slagged into the bed as his cock was still snuggly fit into her greedy pussy that hugged him, arousal dripping.
If he were to grip on her hip too tightly, he surely would break a bone. Instead, he reached up to grip the headboard, splinters of wood flying off as he tried to regain his self-control.
She gulped down large pants like she couldn’t handle him and it only stroked his ego more.
Not so talkative now, huh.
But rather than feeling a sense of ease, that familiar jealousy returned to him full force.
Pulling out excruciatingly slow, only to pound right back into her, Sirius’ pace became brutal, cruel, even, but he wouldn’t apologize for it.
He looked into her doe eyes, hand trailing up and wrapping around her throat, brushing the skin. There’s a steady squelching sound mixed in with her little gasps.
Fucking Lupin. He wanted to erase every part of him that still lingered in her mind or skin.
“Now, repeat after me,” he demanded, squeezing the side of her throat a little harder as the jealous rage that simmered returned to the surface. “No one fucks you like I do.”
“N-no — ah! I —” her head lolled onto the pillows, voice jumping, pitching higher from his thrusts.
He hiked up her hips, grinding into her as he held her closer, dazed and stupefied. “Finish the sentence.”
“No o-ne fucks me like you do!”
Sirius hummed, using his free hand to pin her wrist above her head. “Your body belongs to me.”
He continued to mock the inaudible blabber of her while ruining her.
“I — oh fuck — Sirius please!”
“Say it or I’ll stop.”
“No p-please don’t — my body belongs to you!”
“You belong to me.”
“I belong to you! I’m y-ours, I’m yours,” she cried through broken sobs, pitifully grabbing at his arms to bring him closer. “It’ll always be you.”
Sirius’ heart soared, feeling his heart construct and being wrapped into a vulnerable blanket at her words. “That’s right doll, that’s right. All mine…” He moved his hips even harder.
His hands freed themselves, moving to wrap around her.
“I love you.” He said truthfully, eyes closing and kissing her like he wants to devour her, take her piece by piece. And maybe he does. Maybe he would. She drove him mindless, to the point of sanity and any reason. “I have crossed oceans to find you. I’d do anything… anything for you.”
The concept of love was a funny thing — new and abstract to Sirius. Never had he felt so exposed, seen, naked and stripped down beyond just skin.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Sirius’ eyes flew open, forcing his head up from where it had been resting on her forehead.
“What?” He slurred, thinking he might’ve accidentally misinterpreted her — might’ve been too drunk on blood.
“I l-love you too,” she said breathlessly, causing him to slow his pace down. “For a while now.”
He was designed to be the perfect, deadliest predator. To love a monster…
Someone might call what he felt for her sin, but love cannot be sin. It was innocent, sweet and gentle. There was no sweeter innocence than their gentle sin.
In that moment, she was everything.
She feels herself falling off that edge again — swarmed with a flurry of emotions and undiluted love that coursed through her in waves. A connection so strong, so palpable.
Teary-eyed, she desperately clung onto him, nails sinking into his back.
He simply smiled, wiping the tears away. “Tell me what you want.”
“Wanna come so badly.”
“Yeah? You’ve been so good for me,” he smiled gently, his thrust slow, her tightening around him tightly. “Let me take care of you now.”
But he hesitated as the large mirror positioned directly across the room caught his attention. Hositerling her up into his arms, Sirius forced her to kneel, her back laid and slugged onto his chest. He holds her tightly, keeping her from leaning forward.
“Watch closely, I want you to see just how beautiful you are,” he said, grabbing her face to direct her to the mirror. His hips rocked into her, “My precious angel.”
She focused on the mirror, almost entranced by the image - watching how his cock slipped out of her, ruthlessly fucking into her with a primal need, how he managed to mould her to him. He knows her, every little crevice of her body — knows them better than she does herself.
“I can’t h-hold it anymore,” she cried. Begging and whining, hands clawing at his arms. “Close — I can’t - please, please, w-wanna —“
“I got you, little one. Come for me,” he breathed, “Make a mess all over my cock, angel.”
Her eyes rolled back, coming hard and clenching so tightly around his cock that he saw stars.
Sirius’ mind was dizzy, senses overwhelmed from his cock slipping out of her, nearing his climax. His mouth hung open, eyes wrenched shut.
She was mindless, her heart racing, tripping over itself.
Sirius moaned loudly, lips finding their way to suck harshly against her nick as he took complete control - guiding her hips and prolonging her orgasm for as long as possible. His hand snaked down, rubbing fast circles on her clit as she gasped. His fangs dragged up the columns of her neck, threatening to sink in as his other hand braced her chest, keeping her flat against him while his fingers trailed to feel her heartbeat undertaker the fine skin as he flattened his palm to her heart.
He tuned into the increasing heartbeat, her flowing blood: warm and alive.
Thump-tha-thump. Thump-tha-thump —
Finally, his fangs pierced the jugular, a loud moan being ripped from her before Sirius removed his hand from her chest, shoving them in her mouth as she gagged around them. He drank greedily, watching her body jerk from his hard thrust — blood running down from her neck, to her shoulders and cascaded beautifully down her chest and covered her breast.
It painted her skin the most delicious colour.
He came right after, with her name ending in a loud moan, muffled from her neck. His eyes shut, thrusting faster as his cum spurts inside, slowly seeping out and running down her inner thigh.
Eventually, Sirius unclamps his jaw, sliding his fangs out. Beneath him, she gasped, eyes rolling back and almost completely unaware of what took place. He licks at the neat holes on the nape of her neck.
They heal over instantly.
Sirius slowly stops, panting heavily as he peered up back to the mirror, his hands running soothingly over her body as she shook within his embrace.
He was swarmed with emotions. A lost soul that managed to find its destiny within her.
“I love you,” he said again, slowly laying her down, pressing kisses to her entire body, voice deep and smooth. He licked off the trails of blood, making sure not to waste it. “How are you feeling?”
She smiled lazily. “Tired.”
“Sleep, love,” he whispered. “I’ll clean you up.”
With that, her eyes closed, enveloping her into a deep sleep in his comforting presence, head on his chest.
Sirius tuned into her heart beating, and he forced himself to breathe, both syncing in perfect rhythm — and he can pretend — just for a moment to live in their reality just for a little longer.
Sirius might not have a God, a saint, or any belief in a sanctuary that could save him, churches or crosses, but he believed in her. Believed in what they had. However Godless and unholy he may be, if she would let him, would have him, he would worship her. Forever.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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angel4you · 2 months ago
good boys listen - kinktober
sub!james potter x reader
kinktober masterlist
warnings: smut, tity sucking, mommy kink, james cums in pants
word count: 1.2k
a/n: i don’t know what the fuck is going to happen with this blog but here is some james smut :D here is your tag @dr4cking
also don’t know if i’ll be doing all of kinktober but i am trying my best
“Marls, where’s my lipgloss?” you rush to slip into your white boots. “Thought I just had it.”
“Right here,” as Marlene hands you the pretty pink gloss she finally catches a glance of you in your costume. After ages of contemplating with Lily, you finally came up with the perfect costume for the Halloween party. “Holy fuck, James is gonna go feral when he sees you like this.”
“Like Dorcas when she sees you in that,” you smirk back. “You look amazing.”
You glide the smooth gloss across your plush lips. Deprived, you start to crave power. Running your hands down the skin tight baby pink corset a wave of confidence washes over you. The corset pushes up your tits, making them spill over the silk.
“I’m gonna go, meet you down there?” you place the matching silky bunny ears on your hair to finish off your costume.
“Yeah, tell everyone I'll be down in a minute,” Marlene confirms.
James’ eyes pathetically follows your bouncing tits as you strut down the staircase into the common room. His breath impatiently quickens and he starts growing uncomfortable in his trousers. The fabric slowly tightens as James tries to hold back his arousal.
“Already drooling for me Jamie?” you sneak up behind him. “Thought it would at least take a little teasing.” your cool breath travels down his arms.
“B-but you been teasin me all week,” his soft whines fuel you to play with him even more. “Look so so beautiful.”
“Jamie,” facing him, you massage his toned biceps slowly inching downwards. “Don’t try and guilt me it’s not gonna work.” turning away you draw out a smirk and join everyone dancing.
You maintain a deep glaze between James while you dance. Teasing him by sliding your fingers through your hair exposing your smooth neck. His eyes break contact every little to watch your tits bounce to the song.
“Fucking hell,” James curses under his breath. He is now painfully hard, trying to cover up his painful erection.
“Think I'm gonna go a little early, James looks a little, um a bit ya know,” giving Mary and Sirius a hug goodbye you walk back to James.
“Hi baby,” you smile, kissing his warm forehead.
“Y/n, I can’t take it anymore, please just let me touch you, I’ll do whatever you want just please, mommy.”
“Pathetic little pup aren’t you, huh?” intertwining your fingers with James’ you start leading him up the stairs to your dorm. “What should I do to you, or make you do more or less.”
“Wanna suck your tits mommy,” James mumbles.
“Gotta speak up, use your big boy words,” your hands trace his veins alone, his hands smirking up at him. His soft brown eyes are coated with glossy tears. “Jamie, go on tell mommy, don’t be scared or you won’t get anything.”
James perks up, “Please just let suck on your tits, don’t even want to be touched, don’t even needa cum, just you,” instantly regretting his decision, he knows you won’t be going back on his words.
“Sit down and let mommy get ready,” you start to take off your boots leaving your legs decorated with thin white lace tights. “And like you said, only focus on me and no coming,” next you squeeze the corset lacing back to slide it off. Finally revealing your chest, James’ cock starts to twitch in his boxers.
“So pretty mommy, wan you,” James fights the urge to stand up and tug you towards him. “No more teasing s’not fair.” His fully hardened cock strains against the fabric as his shaky hands lay on the top of his thighs. You sit on James’ lap and flaunt your breast in his face. Running your fingers through your hair you harshly tug his head back.
“Say that nicely Jamie,” your fingers trickle down his temple and to his warm cheeks. “Go on, don’t get all shy now.”
“May I please suck on your tits mommy, jus-” tears start to form in his eyes. You straddle him, kissing his dark hair.
“No tears or you won’t get anything,” you run his shoulders. “Pretty boy, ask without any tears, or talking back, or whimpering, and mommy’s tits are all yours, okay? James takes a deep breath, holding in his soft pleas and cries. You nonchalantly grind down knowing James is about to fall apart under you.
“May I please suck on your tits mommy?” he rushes out, his puppy dog eyes gaze into you. The sheer helplessness he is in shows with everything he does. “Please?”
You lazily grind down on his aching erection pushing his head down until his plush lips contact your sensitive nipple. “Be my good boy and suck my tits, Jamie.” His tongue circles your hardened bud while his hands grope your tits. Feeling all over your chest, you can feel the vibrations of James’ whimpers against your skin. “That’s it, baby, and remember, only focus on mommy.”
Out of instinct, James starts to buck his hips up fighting for some sort of pleasure. His groans of frustration continue to erupt from his quivering lips that are still hungrily sucking at your warm flesh. You grip James’ back, sliding your hands under his shirt as you start to draw your nails against his glistening skin. The steady motion of your hips works on James’ strained cock that is twitching in his boxers. Every roll of your hips and drag of your nails it gets harder for him to hold back his release.
“Don’t be selfish pup, just sit there and let mommy do the work,” your eyes roll back as James starts to nibble and suck harshly through the valley of your chest. “Or can you not even do that for me?”
“P-please, mommy I can, I can,” James wines. “Mommy?”
You thread your fingers through his hair. Pulling at his curls you force eye contact but keep grinding down on his lap. “Yes my darling?” you flash a soft smile.
“I, um,” he struggles to take a deep breath, his orgasm creeping up on him. “I know I said don’t need-needa come, but can’t h-hold it any longer,” soft trickles of salty tears slip past his waterline.
“Aw is my little baby gonna come in his pants?” you tease. “S’that right? Thought you were my good boy, what happened lovie?” you lean down and softly kiss trails along his cheekbone.
“No! Promise I am a good boy-,” he stops in his tracks. Petrified as this cock stops twitching and finally comes. His heart quickens and legs tremble. His face goes from terrified to confused as you smirk and coo a soft giggle. “Mommy?” his words still shaking as his cum doesn’t stop and you don’t stop grinding your warm clothed cunt over him.
“Yes Jamie?”
Not getting any words out, embarrassment starts to hit. “Mommy, I didn’t mean to, I just couldn’t-” you hush him, gliding two fingers into his mouth.
“Is that right?” you taunt. “I thought good boys listen?”
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bellatrixscurls · 7 days ago
angel ࿐ bsf!james potter
summary : best friend james shows you what real pleasure is, after that dumb fuck you call your boyfriend couldn’t.
warnings : smut, vaginal sex, subspace, unprotected sex, cheating, cute little jamie.
a/n : not as long as i wanted it to be, but it’s something. i think this is so intimate and lovely though ! <3
Tumblr media
you came home late, after mike dropped you to you and james’ shared apartment. you could barely stand as you took your sneakers off, making your way to your room.
and of course, he noticed.
james had been observing you the whole day — the way you rubbed your thighs together trying to create friction, and basically just you being needy.
he smirked to himself, such a perfect little angel you were, how could you think about such dirty things?
fast forward to now, you were trying to read your book as james made pancakes for the both of you, still checking in on you from time to time.
“o-okay” james sighed, turning off the gas to the stove as he finished with the last pancaked, and sat down beside you on the sofa. but you payed him no mind, avoiding his gaze at all costs. “can you look at me, angel?”
his voice was soft, which made your eyebrows furrow, a pretty big contrast between him and your boyfriend, michael.
you looked up with him with teary eyes, fiddling with your fingers anxiously. the male’s lips fell downwards into a pout and his hand flew up, moving some of your hair behind your ears. “where are you? hm, poppet?” he asked softly and your lower lip twitched, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.
“m far, jamie” you whimpered, closing your much smaller hands around his wrists and tugging slightly, needing to feel as much of him as you could. “m-mike, he came and, and he left.”
at your words, james’ eyes widened and he had to clench his jaw in order to keep in a groan, his hands twitching as they dropped from your face, instead settling on your hips as he pulled you onto his lap. he caressed your hair gently, kissing your forehead while he whispered, “that dumb fuck left you unsatisfied, angel?” you nodded with a whimper. james smirked, “yeah? well, ‘s not good, is it now?”
“n-not good. gave me ouchies too. didn’t feel good” you whimpered into his neck, hands pawing at his chest and lower. “needed you” you whispered the last part, but james still managed to hear you.
james felt his heart triple in size at your words, his eyes full of love as he tilted his head down, kissing you deeply. but while he was kissing you, you couldn’t stop yourself as you squirmed in his lap, dragging your hips up and down, and you could even feel him harden under the fabric of his shorts. “a-angel, no...” he choked out. even if it already felt so good for him and he was finally getting what he’d always wished for, james couldn’t help but think about how wrong it was — taking advantage of you while you were far away.
“need you, jamie” you sniffled into his neck, your tears dripping down his sensitive skin. “needa feel good. please make me feel good.”
but fuck it, how could he ever resist you?
in the blink of an eye, he lowered his shorts just so his cock could spring out — from all the grinding, he was already stone-hard. and you, well eager little you hurried to push their panties to the side, your arousal spilling as you clenched around positively nothing.
“fuck” groaned james at the sight of you, your pussy on display for him and only his to ruin, even if it was just for a night.
“please, jamie” you said eagerly, and james didn’t need something else. he positioned his angry-red tip at your entrance, teasing you and himself as he unintentionally missed it every single time. “don’t be mean” you sniffled, trying your best to push your hips down onto him, but it was no use as his strong hands held you up by your waist.
the bespectacled boy chuckled at that, followed by a hiss as his cock throbbed with need. he couldn’t bear not ruining you yet, either. “oh, angel... you wanna be full? want me to make you feel good? like your little boyfriend couldn’t.”
you nodded, whining and crying out as you lowered yourself down to his base, feeling how he stretched you out even more with every inch, “s not as g-good as you, jamie. you’re so big” you mewled, the words barely even being able to leave your mouth.
as for james, his head was thrown back as he bucked his hips up into yours, ‘fuck’s and whimpers of your name spilling from his open mouth.
his cock hit spots inside of you that made you see stars, your eyes rolling back into your skull at the feeling of him needily and roughly snapping his hips into yours. you continued like that for a while, him fucking into you and you riding him whenever the other’s legs gave out. because it just felt that good.
the moment was so intimate, and you totally forgot about michael. this was about you and james now, and you couldn’t be happier about that.
his groans brought you back though. his cheeks were all flushed, and you thought that could be a sign he was close- “gonna make me come in less than two minutes, like a fuckin’ teenager” he groaned, his nails digging into the supple flesh of your ass.
your overused cunt felt like it was about to break from james’ girth, let alone when he started thumbing at your clit sloppily, his eyes locked with yours as your breathing became loud and heavy.
“jamie?” you called, holding onto his biceps for support as he pistoned in and out of you at an insane pace. “w-wanna cum, jamie. can i please cum? please please let me cum for you” you pathetically begged.
he gave a short nod, breathing shortly from the lack of air, and obviously, his upcoming orgasm that he had been waiting for since forever.
“cum, angel. make a mess f’me. merlin, can’t wait to lick you clean until-” but then you were clenching around him, sobbing for him to cum inside of you. james cursed himself for not being able to see you like that, but for sure you were beautiful, as always.
instead, stars were all he could see as he held you closer to him. a few more hard thrusts and he stilled inside of you, painting your insides like a pretty museum, a museum his tongue was about to visit later. “y-y/n! i’m- i’m so- it’s so fucking good, shit!”
“thank you thank you thank you” you sobbed as you too reached your high, letting go for the beautiful man in front of you.
you stayed like that for a minute, an hour, six hours. who even knows?
it was the warmth you two provided for the other, and you wanted to stay there forever. the silence was so pure that you didn’t dare break it.
“leave him for me” james’ small voice rang in your ears, almost timid, you could say. “want you to be mine- i-”
“i’m yours, jamie” you whispered and felt him instantly relax and melt back into your warmth. “always been.”
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weaselbrownie · 3 months ago
Can I request a draco smut with overstim and possibly squirting?? I'm a whore for that LOL. Thxx 💞💞
warning : smut
a/n : should i host a sleepover lol?
"You’ve got somethin to say?"
Draco hissed as he ruts into your overused cunt. Tonight he's a bit frustrated, having to lose to Gryffindor once again, he's taking his anger out on you– not that you mind. He's gotten you to cum three times already and you could already feel yourself slipping.
Your muscles ached as he gripped your calf– hoisting it up to his shoulder to get a better angle. You opened your mouth to speak but your body betrayed you, a whine falls out of you as your back arched– your high just around the corner.
"Yeah, I thought so... Enjoying yourself hm?" Draco proceeded to pound into you as his mouth lingers on the side of your jugular, sucking colorful hues into you that will unquestionably show tomorrow. His lips continued to travel down your body, stopping on your chest to catch your left breast in his mouth, sucking and slightly biting the hard bud– jolting electricity within your body.
"Drac– O-Oh fuck yes" You threw your head back– eyes shut as you found it hard to speak with the amount of pleasure you are receiving. Without having to see what's happening you could feel Draco's wet lips letting go of your nipple followed by the rough pad of his palm grabbing onto your jaw, shifting your attention to him.
"Watch that mouth or I'll stuff my cock down your throat again" His movement stops, your eyes jolting open to meet his eyes piercing into yours to make up his point,  "Do I make myself clear?" He asked again through gritted teeth, the grip he had on your jaw tightens, slightly squishing your cheeks upwards. You gradually nod your head not wanting to upset him. "Good" His voice sharp before moving his hips again, his pelvic bone hitting you just right, rocking your whole body again.
It didn't take long for the euphoric feeling stacked at the bottom of your stomach to come back, your toes curling, and your muscles tightening. Your body is numb yet you can feel Draco's hand slithering down the side of your body, the sensation lightly ticking you before his hand rests upon your clit, bringing his thumb to rub circles over the sensitive nub, dragging one loud whine out of you.
"C'mon angel you're right there" He encouraged as he started pounding into you again, the feeling of the veins on his cock rubbing against your tight walls and his rough thumb circling your clit was simply too much. Your hand found its way home to Draco's shoulder, sinking your nails onto him– leaving your marks as your high approaches you. "Let it go... I'm right behind you" His breath raspy as he dips his head down to the nip of your neck, his lips lingering on your clammy skin.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your mouth formed an o yet no sound came out, arching your back as you hooked your arm around Draco's neck to keep him in place– his thrusts starting to become uneven. Draco's fingers didn't stop moving, helping you ride out your high until you eventually become too sensitive. He gave you one last powerful thrust before staying still, emptying himself into you.
You could feel it as thick ropes of cum started to fill you up. The sensation of his fingers on your overstimulated clit and his member twitching every once in a while made you whimper his name. Draco started to leave small nips of kisses down the side of your face, drawing himself up before pulling out of you.
Your chest heaved up and down as the feeling of his warm cum slowly leaked out of your overused cunt and onto the emerald sheets below. You started to get dizzy from the lack of oxygen– closing your eyes to take a breath as you saw stars gliding across the closed lids of your eyes.
Just as you thought you were finished you felt his lingering touch on the inside of your thigh, guiding you to open your legs again as he settles in between them. "Dray n-no" You muttered as your hand roamed the sheets in search of his.
"C'mon, why don't we try to pull one more out of you... you wanna be my good girl, no?" He murmured into your thigh, leaving kisses up until he was met with your cunt. "Look at this... so beautiful hm?" His fingers tracing around the outer lips of your cunt, gathering all the leaking juices and shoving them back into your warm hole.
"N-Nooo I wanna shower... " A whine slipped past your swollen lips, your fingers wrapping around his hand to stop him. You could see Draco's head lift up from the space between your open legs– delivering soft kisses on the inside of your thigh.
"You wanna use the safeword?" His head resting on your thigh, waiting for an answer. You bit your lip and tightened the grip you have on his hand before slowly opening your mouth to speak.
"I mean– N-No it's jus–"
"Then don't interrupt me" Draco dives back into you before delivering a harsh slap on your clit. Your body jolted up as you slightly closed your legs just for him to open them again. "That's what you get, hm" He hums as he entered his middle finger into you– slipping in so easily as the juices leaked out of you, making you squirm under his touch.
Draco lets you hold his left hand as his right started thrusting into you at a rapid speed. Since he didn't give you time to cool down another orgasm was fast approaching, stronger than the last one– you squirmed under him, lifting your hips to try to get away from his strong grip. "Stay still, won't you," He slipped another finger, in which your cunt gladly accepted with ease, swallowing his fingers greedily.
The once silent room is now filled with the sounds of his fingers driving itself into you and the soft mumbles of his name escaping your lips. You knew it wouldn't be long before you reach your high again– the fifth one of the night.
"You like my fingers?... Hm, tell me how you feel angel" His soft voice luring in the air as you gathered yourself to answer a simple question he asked. You nod your head and squeezed his hand but he didn't take it. "No, none of that c'mon... use your voice" He tuts, purposely slowing down his fingers just when it felt good.
"G-Good... So g-good Draco– I like y-your fingers" Your voice slurring– feeling his cold tongue on your clit, tracing shapes as his fingers thrust at a much faster pace. Your free hand went to roam his scalp, gripping his blond locks as you grinded yourself onto him which you know he loves.
"So close aren't you..." He mumbled as his tongue began lapping at your sopping cunt. He didn't need an answer to know that you were, the grip you had on both his hand and hair is tight, your back arched off the mattress and your toes curling– whining his name as you shut your eyes. "...there we go, so good f'me yeah?" His voice vibrated through your body, adding an insane amount of pressure on your oversensitive cunt. “Cum for me angel,”
For a moment everything went dark, all you felt was the adrenaline rushing through your veins and Draco's voice– far far away. The ringing in your ear surfaces for a split second before everything came rushing down. You felt him again, his tongue and his fingers helping you ride out your high. Your breath started to become heavy again as you felt Draco slowed down his movements, coming to a stop and giving your sensitive clit a kiss before getting up.
You didn't notice it at first as your vision was still blurry but Draco's face was wet, wetter than it should've been– then it hits you "Shit!... I'm so sorry did I do that?" Panic lacing in your voice as you tried to get up just to be pushed down by Draco again.
"Hey hey hey, slow down... Why are you sorry?" He asked as he leaned to the side to grab a towel, wiping his face before placing the towel on your cunt. Your face heats up as the embarrassment starts to take over you, letting go of his hand to hide your face in your own. You could hear him chuckle from the other side before he gently removed the hand covering your face.
"Angel, I really don't know what to tell you, but that was the hottest thing I've ever witnessed... don't start apologizing cause this is definitely not the last time I'm gonna make you do that," He said, affirming you before bringing your palm to his lips, leaving a kiss on each.
"Y-You're not mad?" You asked, unsure and scared for his answer.
"No of course not...You did so good, always so good f'me" His hand taking yours to place them on the back of his neck. Your fingers trembling as you played with the hair on his neck.
"Now let's get you that shower you wanted, yeah?"
TAGLIST : @microwavedhampster @whenuwereyoung @o-rion-sta-r @willowmores @youreso-golden @mzmalice3 @desiredmalfoy @hyuckiesgf @yiamalfoy @acciodignity
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missetbilu · 19 days ago
fred weasley x fem!reader, smut
after talking to the boys about how bratty you are, he decides to try and tame you. he ends up getting himself in for a ride.
warnings: nsfw, oral (fem/male recieving), riding, penetrative sex, dom/sub dynamics, sub!fred
Tumblr media
Fred got out of the shower with a sigh. Practice had him tired, he couldn’t wait to go up to your dorm and lie down with his girlfriend, to just wind up and relax.
However, the conversation in the locker room made his mind drift off to something else.
“Are you guys talking about what I think you are?” He asked Oliver and George who were already getting changed.
“If you think we’re talking about our sexual lives, then yeah.” George answered and Oliver chuckled, putting on a sweater.
“I was just telling George about this girl from Hufflepuff that I hooked up with last week.” Fred listened intently as he got into some clothes himself. “She was extremely submissive, mate.”
“Angelina is the same.” George said with a grin on his face. “She’s all talk, in the bedroom she’s helpless in my hands, I swear.”
“I cannot picture that at all.” Oliver laughed out.
“Believe it or not, when I order something in that context, she follows it like a puppy.”
“It’s just like this girl!” Oliver added, excitedly. “My words are the law. And I can go rough on the dirty talk and she takes it all, degrading, praising, whatever I throw her way, she loves it.”
“The power play is such a thrill, innit?”
Fred stood there quiet, which was very unusual for the playful, energetic boy. But he had nothing to say, he was a bit taken aback with what was being shared.
It’s not like your sex life wasn’t good. God, no! Far from it. But it wasn’t like that. There wasn’t much of a dom/sub dynamic, or at least not a very defined one. Things switched and changed as you went on with whatever it was that you two were doing. He never questioned it, he never even thought about it.
But now this doubt was hammering his head. How would it be to have you completely submissive? Ready to follow his every command, to give yourself totally to him. He wondered how you would respond to him calling you names and using words he never did before. Would you like it? Would you blush and get flustered? Would you scream his name a little louder for people to know you’re nothing but his little bunny? Getting destroyed by your boyfriend and thanking him for it?
“You’re just standing there like a wall, Fred.” George laughed at his brother’s expression, lost in his thoughts seconds before. “You good?”
“Yeah, yeah!” He brushed it off. “I’m fine.”
“What about Miss Y/L/N and yourself, Weasley?” Oliver inquired with a quirked eyebrow.
He thought about lying. But there was no point. Plus, if the plans he had in mind were to work out, he would wanna share it with his friends. So he told them the real deal between you two.
“Wait a minute there.” Oliver stopped him. “You’re telling me that you can’t dom Y/N?”
“It’s not like that…”
“Yeah, I can understand that…” George said with a chuckle.
“What do you mean?” Fred asked, frowning at his brother.
“She is a little… bratty, let’s say.” Oliver laughed at the affirmation, agreeing with George. “She can be a little tough to handle, a bit bossy, commanding. Right?” Fred only nodded. He was right, you had a very strong personality and even stronger opinions. He liked that about you. “Oi, no need to pout.” Oliver teased him. “That could make it even better.”
“And why is that?” The two boys eyed each other with Fred’s question and George was the one to answer it.
“Cause you get to tame her.”
Walking to your dorm, Fred was a bundle of nerves. After everything that Oliver and George told him, his mind was on a loop of interest and fear. He usually was a really confident guy, everybody knew that. He was experienced and he had made you scream his name countless times since you started dating, but something about this new discovery made him feel almost hopeless, like it was his first time all over again.
He knocked lightly on the door. As he heard your response, he took a deep breath and tried to get in character.
“Hi, love.” You greeted him, laying on your bed, book in hands. The loving smile you gave him almost made Fred want to drop it and just do things like you usually would. He was all for trying new things, but you two worked out so good already. “What? Cat got your tongue?” You teased a bit, giggling at him staring at you. That flipped the switch completely. He wanted to make you swallow that confidence.
“Sit up.” He said, casually, not wanting to go overboard at first, as he walked up to your bed. You did so, positioning yourself so that he stood between your legs.
His hand caressed your cheek and you knew you could drop the book, cause your boyfriend had some plans. He eyed your features, his head flooding with ideas of how to get to his goal. You had a smirk on your face, staring back at him, feeling butterflies in your stomach with the anticipation.
He placed a kiss on your lips, his hand gripping on the back of your neck. The kiss got more heated, as he moved you back to the center of the bed, getting on top of you.
You quickly held him by the shoulders, pulling his body closer to yours. When you felt his growing hard on, your hips jolted up, looking for some friction. But Fred broke the kiss and strongly held them down.
“So eager for me already?” He caressed your exposed tights, pulling your skirt out slowly. You quickly got rid of your shirt, throwing it across the room.
“I’m always eager for you, Freddie.” You answered with a devious smile, taking two fingers into your mouth and getting them wet with your saliva.
“No.” Fred gripped your wrist and stopped your hand from getting under your underwear. “You don’t get to touch yourself down there without asking.”
You narrowed your eyes at your boyfriend, but before you could say a thing, he ripped the fabric away from you and started eating you out. You gasped with the sudden feeling of his licks on your cunt, closing your legs a bit around his head.
“Keep ‘em spread for me, like a good slut.” He said, stopping for only a second and getting right back to it.
Fred was good. He knew exactly what to do and where to touch you. It didn’t take long for you to be messily moaning his name. A specially loud profanity left your lips when he inserted a finger into you, quickly followed by another one. His tongue was still doing wonders, he licked and sucked on your clit. He curled his fingers upwards and you felt your mind going blank, your high approaching very fast.
“I’m gonna cum..!” You managed to scream in between the moans. But then Fred stopped completely. His fingers were still buried inside you, but he didn’t move them at all. He pulled his head up, staring at you with an angry look on his face.
“That’s no way of saying this, bunny.” He took his fingers out, sticking them in your mouth. You sucked them hungrily, not even thinking about it, still baffled with the denial of your orgasm. “You wanna cum, you ask for permission.”
Fred kissed you gently. When he pulled back, you thought about saying something, about questioning what he had done. However, the vision of your boyfriend getting rid of his trousers made you swallow your pride and wait patiently for his next move.
You wanted him inside you so bad. You needed him. You didn’t wanna risk saying something that would stop him from getting back on top of you and fucking you senseless. And Fred saw that in your eyes, how desperate you were for him. He loved it. He had seen you like that before, but this time was completely different.
He did get on top of you again. However, as you closed your eyes, ready to melt into the feeling of being filled up, a gasp was caught up in your throat when Fred ran his tip across your pussy.
“Freddie, wha-” Your words were cut off as he did it again.
“What, bunny?” He teased you, looking at your bare form. Taking in how beautiful you looked, just for him. “What do you want?”
“Please…” You whimper, squeezing your eyes shut and biting down your lip.
“Tell me with words, whore.” Fred knew damn well what you craved, your cunt clenching around nothing told him enough. But he wanted to hear you say it.
“I want…your cock. I want you to fuck me!” You admit it in a hush, as your hand travels down to grip Fred’s dick and guide it inside of you. But once again he stops you, trapping your hand above your head by holding your wrist so tight you think it might leave a mark.
“What did I say about that hand of yours?” He inquires, his own hand making its way to your neck and gripping lightly. You gasp with both his action and the rough look on his face.
“Freddie…” You moan out, undeniably aroused by his matters.
“Beg me.” He demands.
“What?” You ask, still breathing heavily and feeling your body tingling with expectation.
“Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to fucking destroy you, baby.”
It was all very arousing to you. So much so, that you could listen to the words dripping out of your mouth, in a desperate plea to get what you wanted. You were in fact desperate. You two had never tried edging, so being deprived of your orgasm made you feel a dire desire for your boyfriend. You liked it more than you would want to admit.
So it was hard to keep the words inside. Even harder when you crossed your legs around his waist to flip him. His cock came in contact with your core and you shivered, wanting to give in. But the surprised look Fred wore made you sure this was the best way to go.
“I see what you were trying to do, Freddie.” Now that you were on top of him, you wasted no time in gripping the base of his dick and running your hands up, brushing your thumb over the sensitive tip. “What made you wanna be so dominant on me, uh?” You questioned, the tone on your voice completely different from what it was before. You spoke teasingly, staring down at your boyfriend with inquiring eyes. You were calm and collected, taking your time with the languid strokes on his cock, making Fred buck up into your hand.
“Fuck..” He murmured.
“I want an answer, baby.” You ran your free hand from his chest to his stomach, your nails scratching him, leaving a red trail on his pale skin.
“I…” He began, a little embarrassed to tell you. “The boys talked about… Shit..” He cursed, feeling you kitten lick across his shaft all the way to the tip.
“About…?” You questioned, once again teasingly.
“About taming you.” He says finally, gritting his teeth to hold back a groan when you wrap your mouth around him.
“Hmmm…” You hum to show him that you listened and it sends vibrations all over his body.
Fred gasps, he was taken by surprise when you suddenly switched things up. He was enjoying towering over you, teasing you and making you fold to his commands. But you knew him too well and you had always been great at flipping things around to your liking.
He felt so overwhelmed, the shock of the sudden change in dynamics made him so aroused. He couldn’t deny it, he liked being like this, just a boy for you to use. Your boy.
Fred bucked up his hips again, his release approaching with the way you bobbed your head up and down just the way he liked it.
“Fuck, I’m coming.” He struggled to say, whimpers leaving his mouth without the boy being able to stop them.
“No you’re not.” You pulled yourself away from him and he immediately cried out trying to reach for your head to keep you in place. “Not right now, not like this.”
“But…” He started to babble and you cut him off.
“Don’t worry baby.” You propped yourself on top of him again, kissing him passionately. “Tonight you’re coming inside of me.”
Fred groaned against your mouth from your words. You stared deep into his eyes as you aligned him with your entrance, slowly sinking down. He wouldn’t dare break eye contact, your eyes fluttered with the pleasure of having him filling you up so good, but you fought the urge to shut them.
Putting your hands on your boyfriend’s chest, you sat up and began bouncing, not fast at first. You had to bite your lip to try and keep your moans to yourself, not wanting to give that to Fred.
“I’m gonna make sure that you know,” you said with a trembling voice, “just how lucky you are” your breath was heavy and Fred held onto your hips, without guiding them, he knew better than to try it, “to have a girl that can’t be fucking tamed.” You finished your sentence, picking up the pace and drawing groans from Fred underneath you, his hands squeezing hard on your soft skin.
“Yes, bunny, so lucky.”
“You’re gonna see just how good it feels to have me on top of you.”
“So good, darling, feels too fucking good.” He thrusted up to meet your movements, but you held him down.
“No, just watch as I fuck myself into your dick.”
“Yeah, keep going, don’t stop, please.” He tried putting a hand on your tit but you took his wrist.
“You gotta ask first.” He groaned in frustration. “You wanna grab my boobs, don’t you?” He nodded his head, biting down his lip. “Do you like how they bounce, baby?”
“I love it.” He blurted out. “I wanna put them in my mouth.”
“Go ahead then.”
You didn’t need to tell him twice. He sat up and did so. It was messy and sloppy, since you didn’t stop riding him, but you didn’t care. Both were feeling a little on edge, for the second time, but now neither of you had intentions to stop.
“Freddie…” You moaned his name as he brushed his thumb over your clit. You clenched around him and Fred groaned louder than the sound of skin slapping.
“I’m…” He stopped himself. “Can I cum, bunny?”
“Yes, baby, cum for me.” You kissed him deeply and he massaged your sweet spot a little faster. “Cum with me, Freddie, cum inside of me.”
And he did, bucking his hips slightly as his load was shot into you. It didn’t have a chance to fall down, since you kept your movements, chasing your own high that came right after, making you scream Fred’s name and shake with the intense pleasure.
You tried to ride out your highs for a bit, but it didn’t last long. Fred fell back into the mattress and you collapsed on top of him. You two stayed there for a minute, trying to steady your breathing.
“Wow.” He mumbled, caressing your back. Your face was set on top of his chest. You ran your finger over his sweaty skin, wearing an overjoyed smile.
“Yeah. Wow.” He chuckled and held you tighter.
“Did you not like that…?” He asked, his voice full of concern.
“You mean the part in which you went rough on me, all dominant and daddy-like.”
“Yeah.” He laughed at your phrasing.
“I did like it…” Now was your turn to feel a little embarrassed. “Perhaps that Freddie can make an appearance next time.”
“You’re so good to me.”
“Guess what?” You lifted your head enough to look at him.
“You’re even better to me.”
The next day, Fred, George, Oliver and Lee were sitting in the common room by the fire, talking and laughing together after many long classes and another tiring practice.
As you entered the room, Hermione called your name from a table next to the wall. Fred glanced at you, sending a loving smile your way, which you returned, walking up to your friend without saying anything.
“So, Fred…” Oliver started. “Did you do it?”
“Do what?” Lee asked, confused.
“Tame Y/N. Go very dominant on her.” George explained, getting a loud laugh from the boy. Fred only smirked with the memories flooding his mind.
“Did you?” Oliver inquired again.
“Oi, lads…” Fred eyes each of them with a mischievous look on his face. “That’s for me to know and for you all to wonder.”
He barely listened to their groans and complaints at his mysterious answer. He locked eyes with you from across the room. You smiled at your boyfriend, only partially paying attention to what Hermione was saying. Fred gave you a wink and you blushed, feeling your cheeks burning and your stomach flipping. You may have been on top that night, but he had you in the palm of his hand.
Fred moved his gaze back to the fireplace, still carrying a silly expression. Fuck, she’s got me in a chokehold.
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