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#harry potter x reader

Never Knew ↠ Neville Longbottom

Summary: Y/N and Neville knew each other they were friends. But they don’t know each other that well. Y/N has had a crush on him since they were younger and when Y/N goes to the hospital when Y/N’s muggle mom had seizure when shes pregnant Y/N discovers something about Neville.

Warnings: Fluff and a bit of Angst

AN: Thanks for requesting and hope I did it well. Also I got a few things wrong about the classes and please excuse it and I’m sorry about it.

Word Count: 1.5k


Originally posted by myriadimagines

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Nonverbal Response


Requested: yes

Prompts: none

Warning(s): none

Word count: 2.8K

Author’s note: I’m in love with this piece! Definitely adorable I can just picture it happening. Also, isn’t my oc Cora just sweet? ;)



“Your downfall will be your love for that idiot.”

You bunched your brows in utter confusion, glancing behind your shoulder to seize the look on your friend’s face with your eyes. She too had her face twisted in surprise.

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(Woooo i’m back with some HP!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)


Originally posted by disneylaes

Severus-To comfort you after you’ve been crucioed, he’d want to ease your pain and would get you any potion he might know that can help, keeping you rested in bed and rushing around to make sure you’ll be fine as soon as possible. He’d be so worried about you he can’t help but be all tense and would forget to stay in your company for a while, only to get flustered as you’d voice out your need of wanting him to hold you but being ready to cuddle you.


Originally posted by reckless-critics-blog

Remus-To comfort you after you’ve been crucioed, he’d tuck you in bed and would go to Severus to ask him about any potion that might help you find some relief, wanting to be sure you’ll fine as soon as possible. He’d gladly help you drink it by feeding it to you, before carefully asking you as to what you felt and such, doing his best to empathize and assure you he wouldn’t let that happen ever again, holding you to him as you both drift to sleep.


Originally posted by daeneryssansa

Sirius-To comfort you after you’ve been crucioed, he’d want to hold you close and keep you in his arms for the rest of the night, only to promise to avenge you for what they did to you and slowly ease the conversation to distract you away from it afterwards. He’d gladly reminisce with you about the silly things you had done together in the past and soothe and massage your body while at it, gladly leading you to sleep that way.


Originally posted by severusluciuslover

Lucius-To comfort you after you’ve been crucioed, he’d feel the need to draw you a bath and would insist on washing you, only to slowly want to be in with you and hold you as he reassures you. He’d keep you warm and would continue to soothe your body, distracting you from your pain before reassuring you that you’re now safe and that he’ll gladly avenge you, taking care to dry you off as well and tucking you to bed.

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Y/N, to Harry: if you won’t provoke Voldemort into killing you, I will literally pay you

Y/N: yes, it has come to this

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Hi! So. If it’s okay with ya’ll, I’m going to be switching from writing a chapter for my Cedric Diggory x Reader Champions series from every other day to every two days. So it’d go: request, request, The Champions Chapter, request, request, The Champions Chapter instead of request, The Champions Chapter, request. As I try and post one x Reader each day now.

This is so I can get some other requests in that I have! Also, please gimme feeeback on what you think about The Champions.

(This would mean that my next The Champions chapter would be coming out tomorrow instead of today, and I’ll be working on my Wanda Maximoff x Reader request today)

Please let me know if you like The Champions story or if you start to get disinterested.

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Cedric diggory x reader


Originally posted by nellcrain

summary: your Cedrics best friend and you begin to realise your genuine feelings for him after he enters the Tri-wizard tournament only to find out he feels the same.

Unisex reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,257

Y/N - your name

Y/E/C - your eye colour

This is my first time writing one of these so if there is any way you think i could improve please feel free to give suggestions!

Its Monday morning, 9:10 to be precise, me and my friends Cedric, Hermione, Harry and Ron were all sat down having breakfast in the great hall. Despite the fact me and Cedric were in Hufflepuff and the other three were Gryffindor we always sat together. Cedric was two years older than us and did get teased about hanging out with third years but it didn’t bother him, he enjoyed our company. I often hoped he favoured mine especially.

After everyone had finished their food Dumbledore stood up to do his weekly Monday morning speech, but it felt different this morning. “Is that Bartemius Crouch?” Hermione inquired. “Who?” Harry said cautiously. As Hermione went to answer she was quickly interrupted by Dumbledore as his voice bellowed through to the other side of the hall.  

“Today, I get to announce something very special and to help me we have Sir Bartemius Crouch from The Ministry of Magic. Hogwarts has been selected to host a famous wizarding event. The Tri-Wizard Tournament!” suddenly there were many whistles, cheers and whispers coming from all four tables, me and Cedric looked at each other in immense delight but everything suddenly stopped when Dumbledore spoke again. “There have been some new rules put in place this year to ensure more safety for our students, after all this is a very dangerous competition. Sir Bartemius Crouch, if you will” a few small whispers formed from different areas of the hall. Ron whispered to us all “if any of you enter this competition ill be praying for you, this tournament is the real thing, so many people that have entered this died just from the first round” What Ron said shook me up a little, part of me knew that Cedric would give into whatever temptation he had to enter.

After all the whispers had finished Bartemius walked up to stand beside Dumbledore. He pulled out a small piece of paper from his pocket where he had obviously written a speech. The room began to feel slightly tense. “From this year onward those who enter and compete in the Tri-wizard tournament must be at least 17 years old-” He was suddenly cut off by the majority of the hall shouting and screaming at him. Me, Harry, Hermione and Ron weren’t phased by the new rule. None of us were of age anyway and if we were we wouldn’t have entered. Cedric however appeared to be very pleased with himself, he was 17, he could compete, he wasn’t my boyfriend or anything but id known him for ages. What if he entered and got hurt, I don’t want to stop him from doing something he is interested in though because that wouldn’t be fair.

When we all left the hall I went straight to dark arts, I didn’t speak a word to Cedric in fear that if I did I would just break down and cry. I didn’t want to ruin anything for him because I could tell from the look in his eyes that he wanted to win that cup, and if he wanted it then I would want it for him. After all I was his closest friend, friend… that never felt nice to say.

In dark arts I could barely focus, all I could think about was if I liked Cedric, I had known him for so long and never thought about whether how I felt about him was more than just friendship. I mean would it be so bad if I liked him? I couldn’t get him out of my head. UGGGGHHH this is so frustrating. The thought always did cross my mind about how perfect his face was, everything about him in fact, I couldn’t think of a single flaw no matter how hard I tried.

By the time lunch came I still hadn’t made up my mind on if I actually fancied Cedric, I mean come on, am I really going to be like every other girl in this school and fall for his charm. And as if he’d ever like me back, by the looks of it he’s probably into one of the Beaxbatons Academy girls just like the rest of the boys in this place. In all fairness it is rather enjoyable to watch them walk, how do they always look like they are floating? Besides the point! Hopefully I’m just unwell, surely that’s the only explanation.

I went straight back to the common room, anything to avoid Cedric, even if it was missing lunch. However, it appeared my plan to avoid Cedric had failed when I walked in to see him sat on the sofa next to the fire. Just him, no one else. “Are you ok?” I asked with a shake in my voice. “Y/N I wanted to talk to you. We have been friends for ages which is why I want your opinion, I trust you” I felt a small flutter of butterflies in my stomach and proceeded to say “you trust me? I mean emm what is it?” that made me feel rather embarrassed. “Well, I was thinking of entering the Tri-wizard tournament but i know how dangerous it is and idk if I’m capable of the magic I will need to protect myself. I also don’t want to hurt anyone if something bad were to happen to me” A horrible feeling formed in my stomach and slowly moved to my throat. The thought of Cedric getting hurt made me feel sick. “Cedric don’t be silly. Your one of the most talented wizards in this whole school and you seriously think you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself. If its what you want then we all want it for you and I will help in whatever way I can to ensure you win” I said that full of confidence, I really did mean it, every word. “Youve always been there for me Y/N, I genuinely don’t know what I would do without you” He pulled me in for a hug, I always loved our hugs, my head would always fall in the right place on his chest. He smells so good, almost a musky bark smell with a hint of vanilla. I wondered if he thought the same.

A week passed and it was time for the champions on the Tri-wizard tournament to be announced. First the champion of Beaxbatons, Fleur Delacour. Next the Durmstrang champion, Victor Krum. As the paper for the Hogwarts champion floated down into Dumbledores hand my stomach sunk but then I felt a slight warmth on my hand, I looked down and it was Cedric. He had interlocked his fingers into mine and was gently squeezing them with excitement, I turned to him and smiled he looked directly into my eyes with a slight smirk as his cheeks flushed pink.

Dumbledore read out the name on the paper “And finally the Hogwarts champion is, Cedric Diggory” Cedrics face lit up with pure joy, so did mine, his iridescent blue eyes glistening. He hugged me so tightly for only about 2 seconds, but there it was again, that smell, his scent makes me feel so warm inside. He let go and stood up to go shake Dumbledores hand. Everyone was cheering, mainly the girls, of course it was the girls.

Another week went by and we had been preparing for his first task, dragons, I don’t know what would’ve happened to Cedric if Harry didn’t tip him off. We practised basic spells on how to defend himself against them for hours and hours. Now we would have to see if he remembered them. Whilst in the tent I stayed with Cedric, he asked me to, his words were “your the only one who can keep me calm” After he had picked out his dragon the canon went off, Cedrics eyes glazed over slightly as he turned and gently kissed me on the forehead. He had never done that before, maybe it was just out of nerves. So many thoughts rushed through my head, surely Cedric didn’t like me? By the time I had gathered my thoughts he had already gone. I ran to my place in the audience, right next to Hermione. She asked what took me so long. I didn’t want to tell her but at the same time I did, I gave her a brisk hug and began to watch Cedric in hope that he would succeed and taking the egg.

Cedric managed to complete the first task unharmed within what seemed about 15 minutes. I was so proud of him. When we were all back at the common room I realised I needed to talk to Cedric, about all the hugs and the forehead kiss and most importantly, how I felt, I waited for everyone to head to their rooms and asked Cedric to stay behind. We sat on the sofa with the fire crackling beside us. “I’m so happy you passed the first challenge, I’m really impressed” I paused for a second thinking of how I was meant to say what I needed to say, but then he cut me off. “Y/N, about earlier, when I kissed you on your forehead, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Recently Ive realised how much you mean to me and I don’t want to do anything that your not ok with. I’m sorry if this is forward but I really do like you, its everything about you. Your hair, your smell, your Y/E/C eyes. I’m sorry I sound so stupid right now” A rush of emotions came over me, was I hearing this correctly, did I fall asleep and I’m actually just dreaming. “Cedric, I feel exactly the same, I didn’t want to tell you in case you didn’t feel the same way and then it was too awkward to continue being friends. That’s why I asked you to stay down here with me for a bit” Cedrics cheeks were bright red and he had a happy/embarrassed expression on his face, I could tell mine was doing the exact same. He held onto my hand again, it felt so natural, I usually wasn’t all for the idea of being touched often but when Cedric did it everything felt ok.  

A couple hours passed whilst we were just chatting and even played a game of wizards chess. After I began to get tired he walked me to my room holding my hand all the way. When I got to the door he stopped. ”Y/N would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me” I didn’t even have to think “Yes Cedric, I would” He hugged me and let me go into my room.

We practised for the dance for the next two weeks, it was so fun, we rarely took it seriously but that was what made it even better.

Finally, I hope our practise for the dance was worth while considering I have two left feet. I had just finished getting ready, I wore a flowy light blue dress with a few pale pink and beige tones. As I walked down the stairs I bumped into Hermione. She looked so beautiful, her hair was so perfectly done and she was wearing the prettiest pink dress. Had I not made a big enough effort? We continued to walk down the stairs and I noticed Krum was waiting for Hermione, I couldn’t see Cedric so I stood and waited with them both for a bit. And then, there he was, he looked as handsome as ever in his dress robes, a wide smile formed on his face when he looked at me. He slowly walked over “you look absolutely stunning Y/N” he said whilst gently holding onto both of my hands. “Don’t look too shabby yourself” I said with a little giggle, he laughed too, he always did tell me that my laugh was contagious.  

Once everyone was gathered in the great hall the champions and their partners were ordered to enter as we were the first to dance. We took position. Staring into Cedrics eyes as he held onto my waist made me feel as if we were the only two people in the room, I wasn’t worried, in fact I didn’t feel anything but joy. The music began and we set off. The more I continued to look into his eyes the more natural the dancing felt. Every time he lifted me into the air butterflies formed in my stomach, my dream was always to be able to dance in a ball with a gorgeous boy and now, my dream was coming true.

As the night grew longer me and Cedric remained in the hall dancing for hours upon hours. Eventually we sat down “Tonight has been really fun Y/N” he started “i actually have something to ask you, well Ive been meaning to ask it for a while now actually.” There was only one thing on my mind “sure go ahead” Cedric slowly stood up holding my hand causing me to stand up too. He gently moved the hair from out of my face and put it behind my ear and the proceeded to place his hand on my cheek. His hands were so soft, I could feel the warmth on my skin. My heart was beating so fast. I saw him open his mouth as if he was too scared to say what he wanted to. “May I kiss you” he said silently in a slightly shaky voice. I leaned in closer to him, my lips very nearly touching his. “…yes”

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harry x reader

quidditch parties

“gryffindor wins!” Lee Jordans voice booms through the stadium. it was a heated match, gryffindor versus slytherin. winning quidditch matches always calls for a party in the gryffindor.

the entire House runs onto the quidditch pitch greeting their team and other fellow gryffindors.

“Harry!” you run towards your bestfriend and engulf him into a hug, “congratulations! that catch was brilliant!”

“thank you, y/n.” he said before turning to his other best friends.

“come on, let’s get to the common room, the party must’ve started, knowing Fred and George” Ron urged after the quartet a while as they congratulation the rest of the team.

as he was right, by the time you reached the common room, the celebration was in full swing.

the parties were always very fun but when the gryffindors achieve a victory over slytherins, the celebrations were even better.

soon after, the muggle songs were on and all muggle-borns and some half bloods were dancing. you and Hermione were screaming the lyrics on top of your lungs and you both dance and jump around in joy. while harry and ron stood in a corner, chatting away.

however you didn’t miss the look Ron shot in Hermione’s direction; it was a soft look, a very loving one.

you were happy for hermione, of course, Ron liked her, it was pretty obvious ever since he broke up with Lavender. but hermione didn’t know just yet.

you wished harry would look at you that way, though. it was stupid, cliché, even, to be in love with your bestfriend. but you couldn’t help it.

you abandon your thought for now and turn to hermione, “come on lets get the boys to dance. they look far too boring in the corner, especially when one considers they won is the match”. Hermione chuckled and you two went up to the boys and Hermione told them, “don’t be so boring for merlin’s sake, dance with us” it took a little persuasion but they agreed.

the quartet danced and jumped up and down in laughter. this moment, to you was perfect. your three bestfriends dancing and laughing.

suddenly, Hermione and Ron stopping jumping around. they’re looking deeply into eachother’s eyes. you and Harry share a knowing look.

and the next moment they’re snogging each other’s faces off. Harry and you awkwardly smile at eachother and walk out of the common room to give them privacy.

you’re both together, out in the hallway. there’s an unbearable silence around the two.

“Harry,” you break the silence. “yeah?” Harry looks at you. “Ron and Hermione are so cute together, right?” chicken. the voice on your head says. Harry looks away, “yeah, im glad they’re together at last, i was getting tired of listening to Ron gush about Hermione’s eyes”

you both laugh a little before Harry turns to face you again. there’s something different about his gaze. he towers over you, wrapping his arms around your waist and your hands find his shoulders to keep you steady.

you both lean in and Harry abruptly pulls his face away from yours, not leaving your waist just yet. “can i kiss you?” he asks in a whisper. “you better, potter.” you smile and close your eyes as your lips meet his and sparks go off inside of you.

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i read fics just as much as i write them so here are some of my favourites. tysmsm for this milestone, i love you all <3 quick note: i didn’t re-tag anyone if i recommended more than one of your works because of the tag limit.

──────────── girls ────────────

hermione granger

probably one of my all time favs for hermione. it’s just so well written and adorable and fluffy and yes.

pining, pining, PINING. the way these emotions and hermione’s described is just… art. perfection. there’s a happy ending and it is so worth the build up.

fluffy goodness. read to be hopelessly in love with hermione ─ which, let’s be real, we all are.

uhm i love this one sm. it’s so simple but amazing ─ everyone has their days like this and having hermione to cure them? it’s what everyone needs.

i sobbed the first time i read this. it’ll break your heart but it’s so amazingly written that it’s worth the sadness. actual gut wrenching / mindblowing writing.

the title. need i say more?

HEAVEN. being hermione’s first kiss as friend? but both of you idiots liking each other? oh my god, sign me up.

again, the title. read to feel 🥺💙

PANSMIONE 😌😌 it’s angsty with a happy ending and i love it sm. this does such a perfect job of capturing pansy and hermione’s relationship growing and having its ups and downs with just a few paragraphs. honestly so good

another one that’ll make your heart shatter. but in the best way. these are the fics i live for where the you can’t help but feel like it’s really happening to you and hermione and god it’s so fucking powerful. underrated writing right here in general. and also pansmione is the loml so it hurts in that way.

fluffy aesthetic heaven.

more pansmione but this is pure filthy thinking and satisfies all the sexual tension dreams pansmione shippers have.

domestic christmas morning with hermione and it’s angelic.

one of those blurbs i never imagined i’d read or love so much. not to mention it’s spot on and adorable.

pansy parkinson

a first kiss and the overdone trope that i will never get sick of, the bitch who’s soft only for you. the descriptions in this are perfection and the writing is beautiful <3

toxic, messed up love fics will be the death of me. insane how well you captured it all and i just yes damn fucking props.


ABSOLUTE POWER COUPLE SHIT and to this day, pansy saying “jealous much?” when being scolded for pda remains iconic.

as i said before: PANSMIONE 😌😌 it’s angsty with a happy ending and i love it sm. this does such a perfect job of capturing pansy and hermione’s relationship growing and having its ups and downs with just a few paragraphs. honestly so good

excuse me this is immaculate ─ pansy is the best friend and the second you see that she’s also the best s/o, you’re done for. perfection.

the title is self explanatory and this whole thing is fluffy heaven <3

read the title, thank me later.

more pansmione but this is pure filthy thinking and satisfies all the sexual tension dreams pansmione shippers have.

a masterpiece where pansy chooses the wrong side in the battle of hogwarts. this ties up so well and the writing is so powerful.

this actually hurts but in a beautiful way. watching pansy give draco a love potion is such a fucking concept and this is executed incredibly.

pansy making you do this is so dirty yet she’s slightly sweet and i am a sucker for it. god is a woman and her name is pansy fucking parkinson.

i’ll let pansy beat people up for me all day. they put me in madame pomfrey’s, feel my girlfriend’s wrath.

ginny weasley

fluffy ginny goodness. the friends to lovers? the amazing kiss? 🥺🥺🥺💞💞 this fic lives in my heart <3

this is hotter than a lot of actual smut and the chemistry is so… wow. ginny weasley owns me.

how does this short ass letter manage to make me feel so much. it’s sorcery but i don’t even care, it’s beautiful.

will i ever get tired of cheeky i love yous? not when loves like ginny weasley and ayli’s so so pretty writing exist.

ouch. fuck you harry :) quite possibly the best ginny fic i have ever read. insanely talented writing, i genuinely feel every touch of emotion you put down and you need to know how amazing that is. keep breaking my heart.

who doesn’t need good linny content in their life?

sexy bitch, fuck me up.

ginny is the loml. her brothers can cry about it.

bellatrix lestrange

MY FAVOURITE BELLA FIC ─ there’s not enough bellatrix fluff out there but this makes up for the lack of. heaven.

this gives me chills. she knows she’s a bad bitch and that’s what we love about her.

why THE FUCK have i not had a rainy morning with bellatrix? she can sleep and mumble something just like this and i’m still head over heels for her.

definitely a concept BUT this makes me feel some type of way and i recommend giving it a minute of your time 😌

the beauty, the nuance omg. this is art.

yep jealous bella. trust me, im all yours mommy <3

so short but… sign. me. up.

luna lovegood

luna smut is hard asf to come by and this is my favourite. it’s so luna and the pain over her not knowing, not getting that closure about how you feel until this is an amazing rollercoaster.

  • she - @hunnypot-imagines

the beauty of falling in love with luna, through this majorly talented writing. ten out of fucking ten. i will not elaborate but there’s also majorly good association in this imo.

i love this fic so much. she’s so herself and that is why we ✨ simp ✨ and the scene set just sounds so prettyy

luna + this title? yes please, ma'am i am simping.

put me in your pocket luna. im begging you.

only luna would get you a dress to go dancing in the rain and this is the stuff of blissful, fluffy dreams.

short and cute, do me a favour and read it :)

life is NOT worth it if you don’t read these cute little headcanons and imagine dating ravenclaw’s baddest bitch.

like i said, who doesn’t need good linny content?

cho chang

the only cho fic i’ve been able to find and it’s SO WORTH IT. the cutest, it flows so well, and i absolutely love it. i need this with cho tbh.

fleur delacour

im in love with fleur and this amazing writing. and for the first time since i started high school, my three years of taking french feel good for something.

not romantic but actually so sweet pls. i want this friendship in my life so bad.

nymphadora tonks

dating her + that warm little feeling of bliss that only HCs can give you

this kind of hurts in that good ass way and i lovee it. they’re simple hcs but i feel for tonks so much and then there’s that warm lil feeling when you’re the one to put her back together aand now my primary life goal is to help this woman heal.

──────────── boys ────────────

harry potter

ok shakespeare, the fuck?? this fic will never not get me right in the heart. the angst, holy fuck. and for once, the reader doesn’t hurt harry and let draco walk all over them and it’s just done so well. the transition from a toxic relationship to a sweet, loving one PLEASE. it’s beautiful.

how does this manage to be so. smutty and fluffy at the same time? this is one of those short ones that has lived in my head, rent-free since i read it. and tbh any fic that includes expecto patronum is guaranteed to be good.

right from the beginning, it’s a mess of emotions both good and bad. that kind of good ass writing that hits you in the heart <3

read this title. done? now thank me later.

harry x a sarcastic swooning bitch is an elite trope idc. short and sweet, i’m marrying this fic.

first of all, showing harry up and second, pure fluff (and a little steam) right after. i also love how she writes harry in general because he’s totally safe/in love with the relationship but still has that awkward lovable shyness and i just… *sighs*

uhm i will always love him and always reread this a thousand times so its a fit title + a good read.

fuck studying, let his hand stay in my shirt. once again recommending fluffy bliss in the form of a short read that makes me feel things <3

he’s so stupid. but he still loves you + this is from our resident perfectly talented writer so its a win.

harry james potter is : b a b y

make me gryffindors fucking cheerleader because HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. AND THE WRITING IS IMMACULATE PLEASE. just read it, you won’t regret it.

draco malfoy

andy’s mad talented and this is just… insert a cheesy chefs kiss. unbelievably adorable but so fucking hot and an actually good smut plot (which is rare lmfao). remind me to give draco the silent treatment every time im upset.

so hot PLS. hype him up for the match and get your reward, bye. so good.

i’ve said this a thousand times but that’s what happens when you’ve got a mad talented mutual BLESSING everyone with beauty like this. butterflies and warm feelings all around when i read this 💓

its angst for hermione and fluff for you but overall ethereal writing. i am never going to recover from the pure talent that this is.

i hate being sick with a passion but this… this would make it worth it.

draco fucking you because he knows harry’s watching. the shit of legends and god is it hot.

*motions to the title* fluff with this loser 😌

really short read but this is one of those things i just. didn’t know i needed. you’re missing out and haven’t even realised it if you haven’t read about introducing him to cheeseburgers. and that ending is so funny/in character to me i fucking love it.

domestic draco 🥺 but also sad draco 🥺 and then fluffy draco 🥺

real short and it’ll brighten your day <3

how is it that this is so stupidly adorable. i love it 💘

ron weasley

always making me cry with your fics i swearrr. this is a must-read. having someone but them not really being yours is a beautiful trope and this fic absolutely does it wonderful, poetic justice. your angst is addicting.

ABSOLUTE DOMESTIC BLISS I AM IN LOVE. i don’t even like kids or baking that much but this made me so soft. the whole cozy, heavenly vibes from this fic yes yes yes.

cliché jealousy turns friends to lovers and i am a sucker for it all over again <3

if ron doesn’t finger fuck me and then make a cheeky comment about it in class later then WHAT IS THE POINT :(

i’ve always figured ron is this awkward idiot cutie with a crush and yea, this is it.

fred and george weasley

fred’s a character i really don’t read for often but goddamn. it’s the saddest, most beautiful mix of rejection and pain and fred desperately caring but not in the way you want him to ─ an angsty masterpiece.

because of this filthy gem, i one hundred thousand percent believe that he could make me cum without even fucking me and this is just… it’s a good fucking read.

their responses are so wonderfully chaotic and adorable and GOD you’re missing out if you haven’t read these lil blurbs.

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Pairing: Sirius x (daughter) oc, harry x oc(platonic), Fred Weasley x reader (later)

Summary: Umbridge has made life at Hogwarts hell. Particularly for Harry Potter and Liz Black, but Liz has decided she isn’t going to let the pink toad off easy. How far will she go to protect the ones she cares about and what are the consequences?

Warnings: mentions of blood, torture (cruciatus curse), and Umbridge.

This will have a part two!! I just felt like I had to break it in half before it got too long. Please enjoy and don’t forget to comment! I’m new to Tumblr writing and want all of your feedback. Thanks loves!


Coming back this summer after finally spending time with my father at Grimmauld Place, I could’ve never imagined what would await me this year at Hogwarts. After the events of the Tri-Wizard tournament and Cedric’s death, the Ministry appointed Dolores Umbridge to supervise the school, or as I call it, be an absolute banshee to everyone she encounters. She’s really got it out for Harry and I. Me because i’m the son of a “murderous maniac” and Harry because he is supposedly “in leagues with Dumbledore to overthrow the Ministry”. I mean, could this lady get any crazier? I was dead set on making sure she didn’t get away scot free with her behavior though, which is perhaps what led me to where I am now. 

I was walking to Transfiguration, one of my favorite courses I must say, when I heard the old bat yelling at a first year. A Hufflepuff first year no less, whom I believe are the most purest beans in the wizarding world. I almost walked past, but my heart just couldn’t allow it, especially not after I heard it. A swift smack that cut through the air like a knife. ‘Had she just struck a student?’ I said to myself in disbelief. Before I could register what I was doing I swiftly turned around and shouted “Stupefy!” sending the pink clad woman flat on her back several feet from the young Hufflepuff boy. 

I quickly jogged over to him and inspected his cheek, where a red mark had started to form. Rage coursed through my veins, but I tried to speak calmly. 

“Hey bud, what’s your name?” I spoke. “Charlie.” he whimpered in a small voice. “Okay Charlie, here’s what we’re gonna do. You head straight to Professor Sprout and tell her exactly what happened and that Dumbledore is needed straight away. I’ll stay here and deal with the pink troll, okay?” I smiled at the boy. He quickly nodded his head and tore off down the hall. I turned just as Umbridge was getting up. “You foul little girl. You’ll come straight away to my office. I think a detention is in order”. I simply rolled my eyes and followed her towards  her “office” which is really just a poorly decorated litter box. 

This had not been my first time in detention as I was always covering for Harry or the twins. I couldn’t bear to have any one of them in pain from such a horrid woman. As we entered her office I sat down in the chair and pulled out a sheet of parchment. I took a quick glance at my hands and briefly wondered where another phrase would even fit. “What shall it be today professor? ‘I shall not fight back against haggard goblins such as yourself?” I shot. “Nonsense sweetie, there will be no phrase today. I believe that to learn your lesson, an X is all you must right. Repeatedly.” She said in her sickly sweet tone. ‘An X?’ I thought. Maybe the hag had finally lost her mind. I began to write the letter over and over, waiting for the familiar sting on my hand but it never came. Instead, I began to feel a searing pain across the expanse of my back. It had hurt worse than any other detention I had ever received from her, but I refused to let her see me cry. 

We had been at it only about twenty minutes, but the pain was quickly becoming unbearable. The blood was seeping through my shirt and staining the rickety chair in which I sat. Just as I was assuming I would be done, the witch opened her ridiculously big mouth. With a grin that would rival that of the Chesire Cat she began to speak. 

“You are so stupid, child. Constantly taking detentions for those blood traitor Weasleys’ and that Potter boy. I would assume a child of the House of Black would know better. However, I guess that what happens when you’re the child of a murderous felon. Tell me, after he was taken away you went to live with your uncle, Remus Lupin correct?” 

“Yes, that is correct.” I spoke as I gritted my teeth. Only a few more letters and I would hopefully be let out of this hell. If I could ignore her attempts to rile me up until then, praise be to Merlin. “Ah, now I see where your lack of manners comes from. You were raised by a half-breed” she snickered. “Excuse me?” I spoke, standing up to my full height to face her, ignoring the pain in my back which had progressed from to unbearable. No one was going to insult my uncle and get away with it. “Of course, bad children are almost always the product of their mothers. Your whore of a mother Marlene Mckinnon is a clear example of that.” Before I could blink or think about the pain in my back, I reached up and slapped her across the face. For a few moments, there was silence in the room. A smirk rose on my face, finally releasing the anger inside me that had been building up since I saw Umbridge and little Charlie in the hallway. Her face went from that of shock to that of unbridled fury, turning her face the same pink as her suit jacket. 

“How dare you!” She shrieked. Before I could turn to hightail it out of there, she pointed her wand at me and shouted a spell I never thought I would hear while in the walls of Hogwarts. “Crucio!!” She shouted a I fell to the floor, writhing in pain. It was as if the burning pain I once felt in my back had spread throughout my body, which now felt as though it was being set on fire from the inside out. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, all I could register was the white hot pain. I don’t know how long she kept me like that, but it felt like hours. It only stopped when Dumbledore and Mcgonagall had burst through the door, forcibly removing the horrid woman that was Dolores Umbridge. 

I felt myself being lifted and carried somewhere, but black spots were already clouding my vision. Before I went under however, I thought I heard someone shout my name.


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i solemnly swear - g.w. part 3

george weasley x slytherin!oc x louis partridge! slytherin

this chapters kinda shorter idk but i like the vibes of it so enjoy!!

warnings: teeniest bit of fluff but im pretty sure there’s no others but if you find one then tell me!!

word count: 2.2k

other parts available here!


Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Friday came around and I was still finding glitter in my hair as the days passed. However, it became a motivating reminder that I needed to get them back. Planning this would need to be quick, I couldn’t let them slip in a third prank before I retaliated. Wednesday night, still completely swooning over Louis after I went back into my room, I couldn’t sleep as usual. Rather than reading or admiring the sky that night though, I had decided to put my time to good use. After a short brainstorm and 3 pieces of wasted parchment, I conjured the best idea I could. All of Thursday was spent strategically planning out my pranking, making what I needed before I would take action the next day. Now, Friday had arrived and I was ready, more ready than ever in fact.

Waking earlier than usual, I dressed in my robes, brushing off a patch of glitter that I found on my shoulder and rushed to the Great Hall with Ron who sat across from me. Lee Jordan was already sitting at the table across from me, allowing me to gain the perfect viewpoint for what was going to happen soon. You see, me and Lee were quite good friends, he’d always been a good laugh after he commentated the Quidditch games, praising me for my skill on some occasions, I shot him a wink and pulled a grin on my face as I saw George walk in, quickly navigating my eyes elsewhere, to reduce suspicion. This morning he looked particularly sleepy, his robes creased and his hair laying scruffy on his head, in all honesty, he didn’t look that bad, I guess.

Looking up he shot me a snarky smile as he sat himself next to Lee, thanking him for having already poured out his goblet of pumpkin juice. Scooping eggs onto his plate along with toast and plenty of other food, I waited ever so patiently. Then, after some time, it happened, he took a swig of juice from his goblet, after carelessly munching away on his morning meal. Placing my fork down on my plate, I stayed looking in his direction, holding in my laughter. Briskly, he cupped his hand to his mouth, his eyebrows furrowing in worry as his face began to flare up in shades of red. Trying to spit words out he frantically pushed at Lee and the Gryffindors around him trying to bring attention to what was happening to him, obviously none of them had a clue what was going on, but I knew.

Georges tongue at that moment was rapidly swelling in his mouth and was going to grow to roughly four feet long if he didn’t act quickly.

No matter how much I despise him, without his talent, this prank wouldn’t of been possible. Ton-tongue Toffees were one of the twins most marvellous creations in my opinion and this was reason for it.

Scolding me, he whipped his eyes over at me as I simply brought up my hand, slowly waving at him and smirking at my success. Around him, the other students began to burst into fits of laughter, recognising what had happened from when the twins decided to test trial this on Ron a while ago. Lifting my hand I shot a fist bump to Ron, George throwing up his free hand that wasn’t cupping his mouth and flipping me off as he raced out, bringing me to giggle to myself in pride.

Potions class came rather quickly this day, not for George though, him having spent the first hour of his day in the infirmary. Rubbing his cheek, he sat at the desk behind me with Fred, now that he had been moved by Slughorn for ‘disruption’. Laughing amongst ourselves, Louis and I looked back to see him giving me the evil eye, before we focused back on our work. Repeatedly, pieces of crumpled up parchment hit my back, along with a not so subtle whisper of, “Psst, Lovegood.” following it every so often from behind me, yet I ignored all of it. For practically the whole lesson this continued, a pool of balls of paper gathering below my chair by the end. As soon as the lesson was over, Louis had to rush to an urgent calling from Professor Sprout and I raced from the classroom to avoid the desperate red-head that bothered me all lesson.

“Hey trouble!” a deep voice trailed behind me, “How’d you do it then?”. Not acknowledging the question, I continued to walk, knowing the now recovered mouth of George Weasley was where the words were coming from. “Come on Lovegood, you could at least tell me how you managed to get your hands on one of mine and Fred’s most secret recipes?” he protested, walking beside me now, slowing his pace, making sure to not overtake my steps. Following me despite me not giving him any acknowledgment whatsoever, we finally came to a stop as I rested myself on the bench in the courtyard where Ron and Hermione sat.

Shutting my book as I brought my eyes back up to his face, I rolled my eyes at the same confused look plastered on his face. Honestly, he really is the most impossible boy ever. “That desperate huh?” I mocked, him finally wiping the previous expression from his face and replacing it with a more quizzical one, questioning my seriousness in that moment like I was supposed to know the answer already. “Well, if you truly are that bloody desperate Weasley, then why don’t you ask your brother?” I advised, him quickly shooting back a reply.


I moved my gaze to Ron beside me, who was slowly but surely becoming rather flushed. If it wasn’t for my fortunate friendship with Ron, this prank would’ve never worked as well as it did, or at all to be truthful. Georges fingers curled, forming a fist in his free hand and creating a grip so strong on his wand - that he had retrieved from his pocket - that i was pretty sure he was going to snap it in half if he wasn’t more careful. Tracing up his hands, I noticed his veins almost seem to eject out of his freckled skin, just as ready to pounce at Ron as George himself was. Ron sprung out of his seat, leaving his bag and any thoughts of anything that wasn’t how he was going to find safety form George behind. “Sorry” I yelled as George began to storm in Rons direction.

I didn’t exactly intend to tell George, Ron was actually the one who suggested it earlier, thinking George would be proud of his newfound pranking ability rather than angry, but the results were obviously, not as he expected. I took back to my book with Hermione flicking back to my original page, hearing George bark out a cluster of spells to Ron in the background, still chasing after him. Those few moments before, when Georges eyes were locked onto me, my stomach couldn’t help itself and fell into a whirlpool, that was the first time I’d ever felt so vulnerable around another person, and even though anger covered his exterior, his eyes still looked so kind. But who knows, probably just the fact I’m a sucker for brown eyes right?

Hermione and I laughed before I felt the sudden urge to admit something, “Louis kissed me on Wednesday night.” I blurted out spontaneously.

Hermione’s eyes became wide and her mouth dropped open, curling into a smile on either end before she exclaimed, “I knew it! I knew it! I told you something would happen between you two, Godric! I knew it!” then she took her book up to my arm, hitting me multiple times with it as she scolded me, “I cant believe you didn’t tell me, this happened on Wednesday night and you left it two days until you told me?”

Shrugging my shoulders and looking for some sympathy, I smiled at her, “Come on, if I had told you before we would’ve got completely distracted from the prank these past couple days.”

“True. Was he a good kisser though?” she quizzed as I smiled fiddling with my hands while I began to blush, “Yep, I knew it, he was. So are you two finally official, you know? Boyfriend and girlfriend? I’m so happy for you.”

Looking back up to her, I stuttered before I remarked, “Well, we spoke about it last night actually. I told him I still don’t think I want something official, not that I have anything against that, I just need more time you know? But don’t get me wrong, the whole kissing part will still be going full steam ahead.” We laughed together, giggling as if we were the two girls back when we were 7 years old, swooning over the princes in the fairytales we read.

“Speaking of the devil…” Hermione laughed as Louis strode over to us, beaming.

“Hey Lovegood. Hermione.” He smiled, standing in-front of us now, “Mind if I borrow Amber for a minute?” Hermione set into a fit of giggles again, leaving Louis confusedly saying, “oh great, now she knows.” sending me to laugh slightly before I stood up, grabbing my bag and saying farewell to Hermione before Louis and I walked off down into the corridor together.

Taking my bag from my shoulder, he carried it for me, although I insisted he didn’t have to. We found ourselves sitting together in a hollow in the corridor, eating lunch and talking about who knows what until Louis planted a kiss onto my lips, producing butterflies in my stomach. Pulling me into his lap, I pulled away, pressing a kiss onto his cheek and down to his neck before I turned around and laid myself in his arms, my head resting into the crook of his neck. He reached for his bag and pulled out a copy of one of his favourite books, beginning to read to me. For a while we just sat and read, enjoying each others company, before I hurried off to my final class.

Later that night, when we found ourselves seated in the Great Hall for dinner, Louis and Polly either side of me, food appeared and I looked up to see one young and one older gingers both bickering amongst themselves, one being Ron who was flushed with a sallow complexion at that time, due to George attack on him using ‘Slugulus Eructo’ giving Ron major flashbacks to second year when that spell didn’t work the best for him and the other George who was still slightly rubbing at his jaw from the events of this morning. Still looking their way, I laughed to myself, it was nice to give George a taste of his own medicine, quite literally, as I had used his own weapons against him. Noticing I was glancing in their direction, George glared before looking down and picking at his food on his plate. I sent a wave to Ron, mouthing sorry as he shrugged his shoulders and smiled it off.

When dinner had ended, I followed Ron out, “Ron? I am so sorry really-“.

“Don’t stress about it Amber, nothing I haven’t been through before is it?” he laughed, cutting me off.

“You still on for me to come study with you tomorrow?” I queried, him smiling and reassuring me that he was still more than happy for me to join them. “I better watch my back though,” I joked, “I’m one hundred percent certain now that George has it out for me and for once, I’m terrified.”

“You did get him pretty good. When I was chucking up slugs in the infirmary he actually mentioned your so called ‘Four Star pranking ability’.”

“Oh come on, I know he doesn’t like me and all but seriously, four stars out of five? I’m definitely better than that.” I jested.

“Actually, Lovegood, it was out of ten.” A voice behind me mocked as I turnt and looked up, meeting George’s eyes and scowling at him.

“But go ahead get arrogant, we all know you’re good at that.” He smirked, ruffling my hair again, his touch making me squirm as I tried to slip away.

For Merlins sake, I wish he would stop doing that.

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A/N: Kinda vibe with this one ;)

Warning(s): SMUT!!! Sex toys, Oral Sex (female receiving), swearing, overstimulation.

Harry held the vibrator to Y/N’s red, swollen cunt. He smirked as her body tensed, her eyes shut, and she came for the fourth time. Before she could even catch her breath since he hadn’t turned the vibrator off, he reached forwards and fondled her nipples between his fingers. Then, he increased the vibrations. 

“Fuck! Harry, I can’t,” she pleaded. But Harry didn’t care. In fact, he boosted the vibrations once more, making Y/N immediately transition into her firth orgasm. “No, no, no.” Harry laughed at his lover.

“You can do it, sweet girl. Breathe, focus on how good I’m making you feel,” Harry instructed. His girlfriend panted heavily and clenched her fingers around her pillow, trying to endure the mix of pain and pleasure. Eventually, Harry withdrew the toy, letting her relax. But after just a minute of no stimulation, he leaned down and pressed his lips to her cunt.

“Another one?”

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hiii everyone!! i am open for requests, i write for mainly marvel and star wars characters (prequels, sequels, and ot!), but i can also write for harry potter, the hunger games, stranger things, and a bunch of other fandoms! please don’t be afraid to ask, it’s hard to find my own inspiration sometime, but i’d love to write more for you all!

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sorry this is so late! all the requests i have rn are like full fic worthy so i’ve been trying to spend time equally on them. hope you enjoy!!

pairings: harry potter x fem!reader, ex!draco malfoy x fem!reader

warnings: nsfw, full blown sex, harry being a little shit


two words. two simple words rocked your life upside down in two seconds. you thought you had it all. dating draco was honestly the happiest days of your life. looking back you still can’t seem to see where it went wrong. you both were happy, or so you thought? the day after the break up you saw him with pansy, close as ever in the great hall. that day you told yourself you’d move on and forget him for good.

days like these only fueled your relationship with harry. being there to comfort you when you needed you both grew fond of each other and adapted quickly to being with each other 24/7. slowly but surely you two ended up admitting feelings for each other but chose to keep your relationship private for the time being.

cut to today, it’s after curfew and you’re currently bent over a desk in a random abandoned classroom with harry plowing into you from behind. toes curling from the pressure being put upon your g-spot you scream out in pleasure.

originally, your plan was to stay quiet while the prefects did their rounds. however after a particularly rough thrust, harry has you yelling out to the world for anyone to listen.

at this point you both are completely gone, not having a care in the world if anyone heard you. not hearing the footsteps approaching the room harry started rubbing fast circles on your clit as his hips sped up. “right there right there” gasping out you fail to hear the door open as draco walks in right as your climax hits.

overcome with sensations everything fades out. harry notices draco in the doorway and speeds up his thrusts as a smirk grows on his face. “who makes you feel this good?” “you do you do harry” panting out your nails dig into the desk. “did draco fuck you this good? did he make you cum like i do?” still fighting through your high you chant out “no never! only you can only you oh-“ your voice is cut off as your second orgasm hits you as fast as the first did.

seeing movement in the corner of his eye, harry looks again to see draco walking out of the room with a scowl on his face and an unusual amount of jealousy in his eyes.

tags: @anchoeritic @amourtentiaa @carmiml0v3 @marauders-simp1 @asthmax @expectoscamander @hey-there-angels @alyssamalfoy @ethernal-onism @dreyrugrjordy @kc-writes-things

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Abstract: Hermione and you are sneaking around together, but when pushed too far, you go public.

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Slytherin!Reader (GN)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1217

A/N: Alright so I tweaked this slightly so the reader is GN as I don’t know if I’d do writing in a male perspective justice! Loved the plot though so hope you enjoy this! Divider by @firefly-graphics


“How long do you suppose we can keep this up?”

Hermione attempted to question you in between the feverish kisses the two of you shared in a broom closet.

“Well no one’s caught on yet so I’d say we’re doing an outstanding job. Imagine people finding out about Gryffindor’s golden girl with me, an evil Slytherin.”

Hermione shot you a Granger classic, unimpressed look.

“You’re not evil” she whispered confidently, “If I know anything, I know that much.”

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i solemnly swear - part 2

george weasley x slytherin!oc x louis partridge! slytherin

warnings: kinda fluff towards the end but im pretty sure there’s no others here but if you find one then tell me!!

word count: 2.3k.

read part one here


Originally posted by fandomscombine

Days later, I was seated in the great hall, beside Alexia Avery, a Ravenclaw that I’d met in my first year, when Sirius and Remus dropped me off on Platform 9 ¾. Her eyes were dark blue and kind and almost instantly, we became friends, whether it was through our shared nerves for our first year at Hogwarts or our shared love for Fizzing Whizzbees that we discovered as we simultaneously pleaded the trolley lady for as she passed our carriage.

All I remember that day was our nostalgic, childish laughter as we sat in our robes, munching away on our second pack of Whizzbees together as the train reached Hogwarts. Both of us felt so small in comparison to the school - I still do most days - as we made our way to the Great Hall, where inevitably we were separated when I was sorted into Slytherin and she was put in Ravenclaw, sitting herself next to a bleach blonde girl who had just been sorted before her. In that moment, I was unaware of the connection I had with that blonde girl although later we both became aware of our relation.

Luna and Amber Lovegood. The mutual surname was a curiosity that came with a clear answer from our parents, Luna and I were sisters. Separated when I was taken in by Sirius and Remus. Having a sister felt comforting after the years of being an only child, Luna really is the best sister I could ever have wished for.

Alexia was practically a sister to me too, along with Hermione who sat with us at our table. As my hand made its way to the box of Cheer-i-Owls across the table, Hermione caught sight of my owl, Apollo, making her way down to us, holding a rather large package. Mail was designated for Sundays and Mondays and the sight of it on a Wednesday brought two terrifying thoughts to my head. Either it was urgent news from family, which I was not prepared for at all, sudden issues and urgencies having never been something I can handle easily, or it was something else, something I prayed it wasn’t.

As Apollo released the package, I brought my eyes forward, to see the two culprits for what I knew was about to happen smirking, one of them shooting a wink at me, already letting out laughs and nudging their fellow Gryffindors in my direction. In a matter of seconds, a bang shook the room, the package hitting my table and spitting mounds of crimson glitter absolutely everywhere. For days after, I knew I’d be finding glitter everywhere, sticking in my hair for weeks on end. Hermione and Alexia sat there, silently, drenched in glitter, along with me, before I got up, disguising my anger with a weak laugh, and making my way to the Weasleys table while the rest of the hall erupted in laughter. “Nice one boys.” I sneered, taking my glitter covered hands to their hair and mimicking the ruffling action George had done to me days before. Although I was drowned in glitter at that moment, the disgusted looks on the twos faces as I transferred some of the glitter into their hair gave me all the satisfaction and motivation I needed for my payback.

Louis rushed to me as I made my way out of the great hall, me desperately trying to brush the glitter off of my robes that were now red. “You alright?” he faltered, a worried expression taking his face. “Those idiots will pay for that, I swear, I’ll get ‘em in class later.”

“I’m fine, really.” I lied, as anger was fuelling my retaliation against the twins. “It’s nothing a quick, well maybe not quick, but it’s nothing that a shower cant clean up.” I affirmed, shooting a reassuring smile up at him. We’d walked back to the common room in silence, walking up into my room. He was a fellow Slytherin, in the same year as George and Fred. “Hey,” he asserted, “let me help you.” He reached for my hairbrush, bringing his hand up to brush through my now bright red hair, that used to appear dark blonde to the eye. Every wave in my hair was coated in glitter and although I wasn’t usually one to overly care about my appearance, I hated it right now.

“You should go Louis, you’re gonna miss Herbology and you know how Sprout” I began, before he cut me off, assuring me that he was gonna stay and help. “Thank you.” I sighed, letting him brush finish brushing through my hair.

“I’ll wait here for you and we can walk to potions together, yeah?” I nodded my head to him as I walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me and affirming that I’d walk with him. Honestly, he was the sweetest boy I knew, although most people took him to be quite mean but I knew he wasn’t. Even I believed he was spiteful for quite some time, before we were paired together in our potions class when I was moved up. Eventually, I found one of my deepest friendships with him, ranting to him whenever I needed to and spending the majority of my summer with Hermione and him.

Over time, Hermione and I both recognised his feelings change regarding me, no one had ever thought of me the way he did. For me, I think it was when he complimented me for the first time when things changed, him brushing his hand on my cheek, letting me rest into it, saying I had the most mesmerising eyes he’d ever seen. Yet, I knew that wasn’t true, since personally I’d always been ma sucker for brown eyes rather than green, there was just something so pretty yet mysterious about them that I admired. His deep, pretty eyes probably had something to do with that. Nothing ever advanced beyond our thoughts though, I knew I wasn’t ready for something official right now, if anything at all.

Scrubbing what probably wasn’t the last of the glitter from my hair, I turnt the shower off, stepping out and wrapping myself in my towel, knocking twice on the door to indicate to Louis that he should turn around so I could grab my spare set of robes from my cupboard. After I was dried and dressed again, Louis and I spent the last 20 minutes before potions reading in the common room, my head rested on his leg as we sat in the bay window, giving time to my hair to dry into its natural waves. Then we set off to potions, arriving early and greeting Slughorn as we made our way in, his jovial tone brightening the room instantly.

After waiting some time, other students trailed in, along with George and Fred, George taking his place on my right, Louis on my left. Focused on the board, I felt his looks of amusement on my side as he nudged Fred beginning to snicker amongst each other. “Hey Lovegood,” I heard him whisper before he took his hand up to my cheekbone, making me squirm under his touch as he wiped his thumb under my eye, “missed a spot.” he teased, admiring the red glitter remaining on his thumb. Grunting I turnt to Louis, ignoring his mockery and proceeding with our study of Forgetfulness potions.

Following the painful hour that was potions class and a charms lesson after, I made my way back to my room, preparing myself for quidditch tryouts. For the past few years, I’d been fortunate to gain position of chaser on the Slytherin quidditch team. Racing onto the pitch, both Gryffindor and Slytherin teams remained on their own sides, which was unusual for tryouts. Either way, I saw Ron sitting on the edge of the pitch, I knew he was aiming for keeper again this year.

“Amber!” he beckoned me over to him lazily, “Good luck today.”

“Good luck bud.” I reassured him, sending him a reassuring smile as I could basically see his nerves jumping out of his skin.

“Me, Harry and Hermione were wondering if you’re free this weekend? We’re gonna study at my place, plus mum said she’d make sausage and mash for dinner, so how could I let you miss out on that?” Ron asked, the nerves still racking his voice.

“I’ll be there,” I smiled, “going for keeper again this year I’m guessing?”

“Thats the plan, you’re going for chaser again right? You’ll get it, obviously.” he insisted, wiping sweat from his brow.

“And you’ll get keeper, obviously.” I said mimicking his previous phrase, sharing a laugh with him as I made my way towards Louis on the pitch, who was Slytherin captain due to his talent as a beater for the past couple years. Our opposing team, consisting of the twins, Ron, Angelina, who had come to be a friend of mine and a few others, stood on the other side of the pitch.

“Tryouts have been scheduled at he same time as Gryffindor this year unfortunately for us, but at least it gives us a chance to intimidate the competition before our first match.” Louis laughed, encouraging those trying out this year.

Quidditch, for something that could be so rough, was actually quite calming for me. Something about zooming about the pitch on a broom was so exhilarating and it the sport was rather accomplishing too. Before I’d arrived, I knew I’d have to face the twins at some point today, but not now, having to see them smirking with pride, still feeling very satisfied with their prank from this morning. Glaring at them, Louis announced we’d be doing drills, leading me to get upon my broom and begin to fly up after him. I was pretty certain I’d be a chaser again this year, Polly being seeker for the past year after our previous one decided to take their pride in catching the snitch and fly straight into the goal post. Not the best moment for our team. I’d beaten Gryffindor countless times before, feeling rather smug truthfully, but for once I was actually quite intimidated, the twins had it out for me and who knew what they’d do when they got the chance to injure me in a match.

After working up a sweat and narrowly missing a fatal crash with a second year Gryffindor, that I think George and Fred sent my way, I held my name as chaser again. Beginning to walk to the side of the pitch, the sun started to set, I packed up my kit as I watched as most people left the pitch. Thinking I was alone, despite the few people left walking off in-front of me, I started to make my way back to the common room, plastered in sweat and definitely in need of a shower. As I walked into the entrance of school, something grabbed me, tugging me into one of the bay windows that lined the corridor and sending my heart into a fit. “You did good today Lovegood. Just like I knew you would.”

Meeting his eyes, those same old pretty brown eyes, our bodies just centimetres apart, his arms resting around my waist. Louis was familiar and it wasn’t unusual for him to hug and congratulate me on things, but this current situation was a new experience for us, his hands wrapping my waist and pulling me closer to him. One of his hands came up to rest on my cheek, his fingers running into my hair. Not even for a second did he take his eyes off of me and my eyes stayed locked on his too.

Godric, maybe I really did like him, even though I wasn’t brave enough to admit it in the summer. Automatically bringing me to my tiptoes to meet his height as he scooped me into him, he inched closer, bringing his lips to mine. My hands rested on the back of his neck, fingers slipping into the brim of his hair as Louis’ warm hand still remained on my face, taking away all the coldness that remained on my face from my walk back, as he kissed me softly. Separating to catch my breath, instantly, I fell back into his brown eyes, my cheeks heating up and filling with blush. Barely having time to catch my breath, he pulled me back up to his lips, this kiss being firmer before he pulled away and began to place kisses down my neck. “Louis,” I swooned, breathlessly, “we need to go, it’s almost past curfew.”

“A couple more minutes won’t hurt.” He smirked as he took his lips off my neck, his breath hitting it before he set his lips back. Pulling him from my neck, he grunted, intertwining his fingers with mine.

“A couple more minutes definitely wouldn’t hurt, but Umbridge will and I’d rather not risk it.” I added, pulling him out of the window bay, our hands intertwined still, to walk down the corridor to our common room. In a blissful silence, we made our way back to the common room, my cheeks still absolutely flushed from the previous event, we entered and ventured up to my room, where Louis had to part with me, planting a final sweet kiss to my lips and one on my forehead before he sauntered up the stairs to his room.

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Harry: I think I love Ginny

Y/N: and?

Harry: and I think she likes me back

Y/N: and?


Harry: I thought you would be more surprised

Y/N: oh I’m sorry

Y/N, in a shocked voice: aNd?

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