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#harry potter x reader
“I’m Her Boyfriend. Who Are You?”
George Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Summary: George has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. Could it really only take one flirty foreign guy for him to make his move?
Warnings: starred out swear words, angry Georgie, cuteness, Fred being stupid?
Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
George’s grip on his bag tightened so much that his knuckles turned white. He’d been looking for his best friend (Y/n), having planned on walking her to her next class, when he found her smiling up at some Durmstrang bloke he’d never seen before.
“Woah, who p*ssed in your pudding, brother?” George turned to his twin for only a moment, to acknowledge that he had heard him, before his eyes returned to the pair. Fred followed his gaze and snorted loudly.
“Well, look at that. (Y/n) seems to be enjoying herself, don’t you think?” George’s jaw clenched angrily.
“Careful m, Georgie. You’re jealousy’s showing.” George shot him an annoyed look.
“I’m not jealous.” He spat earning a knowing look from Fred.
“Sure. And I suppose you aren’t madly in love with the girl either, right?” He asked sarcastically, but George just nodded.
“Right.” Of course that wasn’t right. Not in the slightest. George had been madly in love with (Y/n) (L/n) since the day he knew what love was. But was he going to tell her that? Absolutely not. You never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot. Besides, what if she didn’t like him back? It would ruin everything. And George couldn’t have that.
“So you just gonna stand here staring at them, or are you gonna do something about the uncomfortable look on her face?” George whipped around at Fred’s words only to find that he was right. The polite smile she had upon initially greeting the foreign boy had been wiped from her face, and replaced with an awkward half-grimace that he knew all too well from their years of friendship. She wanted out of that conversation. Even Fred could tell.
“You don’t think she’ll be mad at me for interrupting?” George asked, still not completely over the jealousy burning inside him. If she really wanted to talk to the bloke, who was he to stop her? He had no claim over her, no matter how badly he wished that weren’t true.
“Mate, go save her from the creep before someone else does and she has them to thank, if you know what I mean.” Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making his brother frown angrily at what he was implying.
“I’ll see you later.” Fred whooped excitedly, as George pushed his way through the crowded hall, his gaze set on (Y/n) and the Durmstrang boy. He didn’t have a game plan, though, quite frankly, there was so much pure fury going through his mind at that moment that he was fairly certain there wasn’t room for much else. And that was before the random guy grabbed her arm.
“Darling, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He called out once he was rather close to the two. (Y/n) pulled away from the boy and turned to smile at George gratefully.
“Georgie! Hey!” She greeted, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He knew his grip was tight around her, he*l, he was tense everywhere, but, thankfully she didn’t comment, probably just glad for his intrusion. At least he hoped she was glad. There was still an inkling of doubt in his mind, but he brushed the thought aside. It was too late to turn back now.
“(Y/n), who is this?” The boy asked, his accent coming out thickly, as he glared at George and his arm around the girl. The next words out of George’s mouth were either really brave or really stupid…
“I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?” (Y/n)’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, so much so that George had to pull her face into his chest to stop her from giving away his ploy, and what a dangerous ploy it was.
“(Y/n) did not mention she had a “boyfriend.”” He argued making George’s jaw clenched harder. This bloke was really pushing his buttons.
“Yeah, well she probably didn’t think she had to. I’m kind of a big deal around here.” George had to hold back a fond smile when he felt (Y/n) shaking with laughter at his words, trying desperately to hide it. He pinched her side quickly, an indication to stop, as he gave the Durmstrang boy a final glare.
“Do you need a proper invitation? Scram!” He barked, causing the now embarrassed guy to run off down the hallway, earning odd looks from the people he was pushing out of the way. George laughed at his retreating figure before turning to (Y/n) who was shaking her head at him with a small smile.
“You’re “kind of a big deal” are you?” She asked, earning a playful shove as he laughed at his own words.
“What’s he know? He’s just from Durmstrang. Probably didn’t understand half of what I said anyways.” He chortled at his own joke, earning an eye roll from the girl, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
“Don’t be mean.” She said, through giggles of her own. George just grinned at her, before wrapping his arm back over her shoulder and steering her off towards History of Magic.
“So…” she trailed off making him turn to her questioning. “You’re my boyfriend, huh?” She smirked teasingly. George blushed profusely, the adrenaline from the confrontation long gone now, along with the part of him that had so daringly claimed those words.
“Yeah…I-uh… sorry about that. I just-“ (Y/n) cut him off with a laugh, which George was grateful for, as he hadn’t known where he was going with that explanation, though that didn’t mean his heart didn’t ache at her blatant disregard of the idea.
“I’m only messing with you, Georgie.” George tried to join in her laughter, but couldn’t bring himself to omit much more than an awkward chuckle, which stopped (Y/n) in her tracks.
“George? Are you okay?” She looked up at him worriedly, which only made the boy feel worse. It wasn’t fair. Why did his heart have to make him feel such a way about his best friend, when he knew he couldn’t have her, at least… not in the way he wanted to. It was a cruel punishment, though he didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve it.
Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t even get upset about his rotten luck without seeing that worried expression on her face that made his heart clench even tighter. He knew it was cliche, but when (Y/n) was upset, George couldn’t breathe. Not until he saw that perfect smile again.
He sighed, running a hand down the side of his face in frustration. How in Merlin’s name was he going to explain this one to her without ruining everything?
“Georgie? You look pale. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?” George shook his head, looking at the floor so as to not have to see the concern in her eyes.
“No… no, I’m okay, love. I promise.” (Y/n) just scoffed.
“Yeah, sure you are. And you’re also Snape’s favorite student.” George chuckled lightly at her joke, unable to help himself. She could always make him laugh, whether she was trying to or not. No matter what sort of mood he was in, (Y/n) could always cheer George up. Fred and Lee called it her superpower. George just called it her. He looked up at her slight grin and couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d loved this girl for years, and he’d be d*mned if he didn’t tell her. He would be miserable for the rest of his life if he didn’t, trapped in a friendship when all he wanted was more. At least this option was more black and white. He was tired of the grey. Screw it…
“(Y/n)… I need to tell you something.” Here goes nothing. “I like you. I have for years… and not just a friend way. Like really like you.” George took a deep breath, preparing to spew some rather nonsensical explanation of his feelings, when angelic laughter stopped him. George’s forehead crinkled in hurt. Did she really find his feelings that amusing? She noticed his expression and shook her head quickly.
“Oh no! I wasn’t laughing at you! Oh, Georgie, no.” His pained face didn’t waver, as she let out another string of giggles.
“It’s just, Freddie owes me five galleons.” George tilted his head in confusion.
“What?” She made the same wide-eyed ‘oh-sh*t’ expression again, as she seemed to realize she wasn’t making any sense, before her face softened into a fond smile.
“Oh, Georgie… I know. You’re not very good at hiding it.” His heart started beating a mile a minute at her words.
“So, you and Fred…” He trailed off, completely unsure of where she stood at this moment. Why couldn’t she have just said “oh Georgie, I like you too! Let’s get married and have a bunch of little redheaded wizard babies!”? Well, maybe not necessarily that. But something along those lines would have been much nicer, easier to understand at least.
“We had a bet going on to see how long it would take you to ask me out on a date.” George’s cheeks burned. She’d been waiting for him?
“Wait… so, that means-“ she cut him off with another giggle.
“I like you too, Georgie. I thought it was obvious. Fred said it was.” George’s head was spinning. She liked him too? She’d liked him this whole time? And here he’d been sitting around pining after her like a chump? And she wanted him to ask her out on a date?
George was about ready to faint, but he needed to gain back at least some of his suave exterior, or else this would be completely embarrassing.
“Well, you know, I haven’t exactly asked you on a date yet.” He pointed out, smirking as best he could, through the blush that dusted his cheeks. She just shrugged her shoulders in response.
“You’re going to.” George’s smile widened.
“Is that so? How are you so sure?” She grinned up at him.
“Because, you’re my “boyfriend” remember? Kinda comes with the territory.” She walked off in the direction of her class, the two of them considerably late already, but that was the last thing on George’s mind. The girl he was in love with, just told him that she liked him too, asked him to take her on a date, and to be her boyfriend. Could this day get any better?
“Hey, wait for me!” He ran to catch up, grabbing her hand in his when he was close enough, the widest of smiles gracing both of their features. That is, until one final thought registered in George’s mind.
“Wait a second… did you say Fred knew all about this and didn’t tell me?” (Y/n) laughed heartily as she pulled George into the classroom behind her. He’d just have to have a little talk with his dear brother later…
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specialagentlokitty · 2 days ago
Draco x reader - Leaves
Tumblr media
Hear me our right. Platonic! Draco x Hufflepuff! Reader she's very shy and anxious and their Lowkey besties and she's the only one who can like take down his walls and make him genuinely laugh/happy. Ty for your time. - Anon 💜
Looking around the library nervously, you went browsing through all the books, trying to find one that caught your interest.
You jumped, turning around a small smile bloomed on your face as you waves shyly at the Slytherin in front of you.
“Hey.” You said softly.
“It’s the end off the day, why are you in here?” He asked, “usually you’ll be hiding away.”
You shrugged a little, heading to one of the tables you sat down.
“Everyone’s in the common room... I don’t like that...”
Draco gave you a little smile and shook his head, holding his hand out too you.
“Well, I was going to go for a walk, want to join?”
You let him pull you up and nodded. He let your hand go and you guys started to slowly walk around.
“What’s the prince Draco doing here?” You asked.
He laughed, shaking his head at you.
“Just annoyed with people.”
“Do you... wanna talk about it..?” You asked.
You glanced at him before looking away. You guys were heading outside, and the cool autumn air made you pulled your hoodie around you a little tighter.
“No, it’s alright. Are you cold?”
“I.. it’s fine.”
Draco rolled his eyes at you once more and pulled his jacket off, draping around our shoulders with a smile, which you returned with a much smaller one.
“You didn’t have too...”
“Can’t have you freezing on me, you’re the only person I can stand in this place.”
You grinned, giving him a little salute.
“Draco Malfoy loves me.”
“You’re just more tolerable.”
You laughed quietly and turned your attention to the ground, kicking some of the orange leaves that scattered the floor.
Draco stopped and watched you while you did it, smiling as you laughed a little while playing within them.
“You’re such a child!” He kaughed.
You laughed, grabbing a handful of leaves you skipped over and tossed them in the air, letting them fall around the both of you.
“Having fun?”
You nodded excitedly and went to do it again, only to stop when you heard people laughing.
“Look! She’s such a child!”
You frowned and dropped the leaves, wiping the hands on your shirt you shuffled about and kept your eyes trained to the floor.
“Hufflepuffs are so weird, aren’t they?”
You felt Draco take your hand and pull you closer towards him, hiding you behind his back as you shuffled about and pulled at his hoodie.
“Leave her alone, now.” He snapped.
“Draco!” The two squeaked.
“I suggest the pair of you spin around and walk back the way you came from, and I will deal with the pair off you later.”
You heard them scurry away, and Draco wrapped his arm around you.
“Are you alright?”
“ didn’t have to do that...”
Draco frowned, ruffling your hair s little bit.
“Off course I did.”
You shook your head and he sighed, you felt him let go and suddenly it was raining leaves all around you.
Looking up at your best friend, you saw the soft smile on his face and you smiled back, both off you picking up leaves and throwing them in the air
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bongbottom · a day ago
kinktober day 5: choking/spanking
☆ pronouns: she/her
☆ word count: 971
☆ pairing: professor!harry potter x reader
☆ warnings: spanking, slapping, cum play, degredation, breeding, plugging, age gap (reader is 18), brat!reader, dom!harry, professor kink, rough sex, choking
Tumblr media
Dirty little whore, that’s all little girls like her were. Little disobedient sluts without a care in the world for anything or anyone but themselves. They needed to be taught a lesson, they needed to be put in their place. And that’s exactly what Harry intended on doing. Looking up from the stacks of papers on his desk, his eyes scanned the classroom of seventh years before landing on a familiar figure.
She was reckless. Showing up to his class with her hair all tousled, that tiny little skirt from her fourth year that clearly didn’t fit and never would again. He knew what she had been doing or more specifically, who she had been doing. He was no new spectacle of her whorish appearance. She came to class more or less everyday. But the thing today that was getting to him, that was absolutely boiling his blood was the sight of cum on her chest and cleavage that hadn’t even dried yet.
“Are you alright, Professor Potter? You look sickly...almost like you’ve seen a ghost!” she asked, giggling with her group of friends. Harry had seen something white and translucent, but it hadn’t been a ghost. Through gritted teeth he leaned forward.
“You know what I have seen something, Ms.(L/n) and I’d be more than happy to tell you what it was after class!” In appropriate timing, the sound of students began to flood the hallways signaling the end of what was the final hour of the day. “Class dismissed, enjoy your weekends.”
He watched as everyone made their way from the room, excited for whatever weekend plans they had made earlier in the week. Everyone but (Y/n) of course. She sat at her desk with her arms folded over her chest, pouting as she stared up at him through thick lashes.
“I’d watch the attitude Ms.(L/n), it’s gonna cause you more trouble than it’s worth.” stepping out from his desk, walking over to where the girl sat. Each step felt weighted at the comparison of the eerily empty halls. “Do you know why I’ve asked you to stay behind?”
“Hmm, is it a matter of do I know or do I care?” Harry felt his face grow red with anger. She had the nerve to galavant in his class like a poorly done up hooker and now she was disrespecting him?
“You know what, that’s it. I’ve had it with you. Up, up you go!” He pulled her from the desk, waving his wand in one swift flick causing the doors to slam close before locking themselves as well. He slid his arm across his desk, sending objects flying off before he pushed her over to his desk, bending her over it.
Flipping up the barely there skirt he noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear under her skirt. Her pussy drooled, her own arousal mixed with some bloke’s cum no doubt. It wasn’t any problem to him though. Harry pulled his cock out before gripping her by the neck. His hand tightened around her throat, her back arching as he pulled her flush against his chest.
“Usually I wouldn’t fuck one of my students but, “he chuckled, lining his tip up with her entrance, “Clearly the only way to getting through to whores like you is by showing you who’s in charge.” he rammed his cock into her, his pelvic bone meeting the soft flesh of her ass.
The girl gasped, eyes rolling to the back of her head at the feeling of him entering her. She had taken many cocks in her before but his was most certainly the largest. His cock wasn’t the thickness but it was long, curving up into her in all the right ways. Every ridge and vein could be felt without the use of a rubber. She let out a long fucked out moan, gasping as he tightened his grip around her neck.
He started to pound into her at a bruising pace, lewd noises filling the room. Between the wet sounds of her cunt and her shrillish moans, he didn’t know which one was more filthy.
:O-oh god, professor! Harder please!” she begged, making her hips meet each of his thrust. Using his free hand he landed a firm hit on her ass causing her to let out a cry of pain and pleasure. Drool poured from her mouth, cooling down the hot flesh of her overworked body.
“Didn’t I tell you I was showing you who was in charge?” he landed another hit on her rear, gripping the flesh harshly. Tears fell from her eyes as she let out another broken sob. Picking up the pace he pressed even deeper into her, each thrust more brutal than the last.
“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” he growled out. His cock twitched inside of her. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. “The only thing that should be leaving your dirty little mouth is an apology!”
“I-I’m sorry, professor! Sorry, ‘m so sorry! Oh fuck!” wailed out, voice cracking towards the end. Her eyes crossed as she came around him going limp in his arms. Her cunt clamped around him tight, milking every bit of cum out of him.
After catching his breath he pulled out of the girl, muttering an enchantment under his breath. Yanking down her skirt he pulled her straight up, watching as she wobbled, legs practically giving out. (Y/n) looked down in confusion at the lack of cum dripping down her legs.
“I’ve plugged you up. The enchantment won't wear off for another twelve hours so let that be a lesson and reminder to show up to my lessons looking a bit more presentable." He sat at down at his desk, staring as the girl looked at him in bewilderment. "Now get the hell out of my class."
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hoeingsantrey · 2 days ago
History Can Be Fun
Summary: Harry gets handsy in History of Magic.
Pairing: Harry Potter x reader (first person pov)
Warnings: SMUT. Vaginal fingering, public play, HEAVY exhibitionism, degrading (use of names like slut, whore, etc.), swearing, kinda cnc but it's obvi. Lemme know if i missed something:)
Harry's fingers trail down my leg, and back up again to graze the hem of my skirt. Professor Binn's ghastly voice floats along the quiet walls of the class, half of the students' heads lulling to sleep, or already asleep.
Saying 'half of the class' would be an understatement since the only student actively present was Hermionie Granger, her bushy hair almost hiding the red mane of her classmate and my boyfriend's best friend, who had fallen asleep.
Despite of them sitting at the first desk –Hermionie insisted– Professor Binns took no heed of Ron, or anyone else sleeping in his class for that matter.
Harry would've usually also been seen in his own head when it came to History of Magic, in fact, it wasn't uncommon for him to beg me to help him with the chapters, followed always by me yelling at him to pay attention in class.
Today was different though, and I don't mean to brag but it's all because of me. Harry had convinced me to sit with him today, instead of squeezing in with my best friends up at my desk -something I am fully aware I will get teased for by them at dinner later- and if it wasn't for me to keep him entertained with, I know for sure he would've been asleep by now.
But it wasn't like he was paying attention to class as he should be. No, his gaze was basically pinned to my skirt. I was taking notes of what Binns was talking about the Goblin's revolt when I felt the cold of his fingers on my thigh, well underneath my skirt. His touch rough from splinters caused by his yet to be cleaned Quidditch broom, enough for me to mess up the cross of my 't', the loud scratch of my quill echoing through the class.
I refused to look at him, but I knew him well enough to picture his face screwed into that of a smirk at my slip up. I look up at him and met with the gracious smirk I'd predicted, "Harry--" I begin to whisper, warning him that we're in public, but he cut me off with his thumb rubbing circles on the inside of my thigh and a glare he used exclusively in bed.
That was enough for me to not push him away, already falling into a subspace reserved for our nights together. A small whimper leaves my lips when he pulls me closer, hand too close to my heat, Professor Binns glimpsing at us at the sound but continues teaching.
The professor's words blur into incomprehensible static as Harry's fingers tread too close to my panties, relishing in its warmth before they're cupping my heat, wandering the expanse of the damp material.
Humming, he starts to rub circles through the cloth, eyes fixed on me as I shift closer, resting my head on his shoulder, taking in the pleasure of  the light stimulation.
My senses buzz in delight, he smiles devilishly, leaning in to kiss my forehead as an overt way of showing affection, but no one else hears what he whispers next.
"Dirty little slut getting off in a lecture, what if someone sees? Bet you'd like it too," He breaches the barrier of my panties, long digits plunging in as I desperately squeam in order to suppress a moan.
"Stay quiet, it's as if you want to get caught. Desperate bitch." I whimper in response to his words, eyes singling out his face from the rest of the classroom, widening every time he quickens his pace.
My hands fall on his thigh, needily gripping for support. "Harry— close, so close." I warn him, not sure how long I can last.
He only chuckles lowly, dropping his head to press kisses on my temple, fingers so deep i can swear I feel him as deep as where his dick reaches.
Butterflies erupt when he pecks my neck, grazing the shell of my ear for a second. "Look at Binns and cum for me." He commands.
Fireworks explode in my insides, twisting and bursting with a fast approaching orgasm. I don't even have to think twice before looking at the see-through figure before me, obeying Harry like it second nature to me.
I writhe in his arm, trying my best to not make it look obvious as I release on his fingers that relent from slowing down their pace.
I come down from my high, the dull environment of the classroom coming back to my attention. Binns catches my gaze and is about to ask me a question when the bell rings loudly overhead to signal the class ending, all the students spring back awake and hurry out, he drops his question.
Harry's chest is swelled with pride, slipping his hand out of my skirt and getting up with his fingers sliding into his mouth, innocently sucking at them as if in thought and not aware of his girlfriend's arousal coating it.
I blush, my core flooding with more arousal but as we pass the corridors in the wave of students getting to their next classes. A smirk quirks on my face with ideas of revenge, dragging my boyfriend down to Snape's dungeons for our Portions lecture.
A/N: HI! This is a new acc solely for nsfw posts so I can keep my main clean ^__^ follow or reblog if you liked this for more. Maybe come say hi on my main: @wherearethesantreys
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How he reacts to fanfiction 🌹
Harry Potter:
Tumblr media
- you and Harry were at your muggle abode when scrolling through curious to see what Harry seems to muggles. "Erm so is it bad y/n I don't know much about the internet". He smiled awrkwardly. "No Harry it means your centuries behind" you laughed.
That was until you stumbled upon a "Harry X reader". "What's this y/n" he was curious as he then hits the tab "no Harry I wouldn- oh blimey". He read along the lines of "Harry snogged the beautiful reader-" he suddenly went red "Merlin I think that's enough for one day" he closes it. You ended up smiling awrkwardly and laughing "yeah thats why".
Ron Weasley:
Tumblr media
- you introduced the Weasleys to the internet from per say it was rather entertaining to go through. "Merlin look at all this wicked stuff" he seemed amazed. You smile and watch Ron click on everything from food to replicas. That was until he saw something "Merlin whats this" your eyes widened realising what it is. "N-no wait" as he sees the block of text reading "he enjoys his time snogging and holding the reader as-" he grew wide eyed and scared. "Bloody hell who got this rubbish" he read a naughty part closing it. "Did rita Skeeter get into the computer or something" you shrug looking awrkward.
Fred Weasley:
Tumblr media
- you and Fred were mucking around on the computer mostly in Photoshop playing around with making Ron looking silly. "I'm using this for Christmas y/n" Fred laughs. You laugh back as you find something which was a "Fred X reader". Fred smiled "haha guess Rita Skeeter found out as well" he clicks reading through the tabs. "Oh my Merlin haha this exists oh I have so many ideas" he smirks he loved the idea. "Oi y/n let's make one of those Slytherin slime balls or embarrass the Merlin outta Ron" he smiles. "Imagine to think he might have a girlfriend that isn't mione" he laughs.
He had a brillent idea "oi Goerge you know what I'm thinking mate" Goerge grinned evily. As then he types up a draft "Ron's gonna loose his head when he thinks it's from mione". You stood there in on this "haha alright so what's the next plan".
Goerge Weasley:
Tumblr media
- Fred and George were being mischievous looking up pictures on the internet laughing. You were sitting in the back eating chips when suddenly a fanfiction came up "oh look Goerge". Fred laughs "oh look got your name mate" as he clicks on it you choke on your chips. "Ack no dont" turns out you wrote this fic. "As Goerge and y/n travel to Hogwarts snogging in the common rooms of Gryffindor". Goerge and Fred laugh "omg y/n brilliant just brilliant" Fred was rolling on the floor laughing.
Goerge grips your hand "I can make it a reality for ya you know" he whispers. As Fred mocks you "ohh make sure you get my tounge y/n" he reads a line. You on the other hand smacks his head with the daily prophet that they use for their garden. "Ow" before you grin "care to say another word Weasley" he shakes his head. "I thought so"
Nievelle longbottom:
Tumblr media
- you showed nievelle the internet he was fascinated by it looking up recipies. He found it fun and harmless until he came across "hey y/n what's my name doing with yours". You wrote a harmless little story about him "don't nievelle wait-" he reads on. "as Longbottom plants his seeds in the garden and proceeds to-" his face goes red as a beet. You couldn't help feel embarassed "oh Merlin stop reading" as he covers his face. "Blimey I think it's alright but erm" he wasn't trying to be mean. "No just say it's bad" before he holds your hand "no everyone starts out somewhere you have talent" he smiles. You lean into his shoulder "Mabey I should keep it up erm ignore the other bits" you replied awrkwardly.
Draco Malfoy:
Tumblr media
- you were showing Draco the internet you insisted since he hated muggles so much. You had to persuade him that was until he looked bored. "What is this bloody rubbish how can mudbloods love this" he sneered. You sigh "because it's fun to watch things and buy" as Draco scrolls down to a fanfic. "Wait hah about time these muggle posers knew about me" as he clicked. His eyes went wide "Malfoy slides his Slytherin in-" he chucked the mouse out of his hand. "Oh my Merlin what have you been doing y/n" he freaked out. "Y/n Rita Skeeter stalked me she must know about me and pansy". You sneer "no I wrote it" he blushed "well if that's how you feel then I'm glad you feel that way I shall let father know of your writing skills" he laughs.
"prehaps you could write one about my mother and father they would love that" he scoffs strutting away. "Draco no-!" You hold him "Merlin they hate me as it is especially your father". He smirks "I know but if he knows about your writing skills then he's bound to accept you" as you roll your eyes.
Cedric diggery:
Tumblr media
- he was searching the internet after you introduced him. He looked through what seems to be your browser history "um oh look y/n has been writing about me". He clicks to read a line "Cedric grabs me and-" his face went pale. "Merlin what- it's good but what" he looks at you with horror. "Don't say a word diggery" he laughs "Merlin these muggles are weird aren't they". He ended up joking about it to you after class.
Muaraders era:
Sirius black:
Tumblr media
- he wasn't new to the internet but when you introduced him it changed him. He went on looking for things to buy for pranks and torture devices for snivellus. He was scrolling until he saw his name "Sirius X reader huh let's see~" he smirked. As he scrolled through he witnessed something amazing "you pull down his dog ears and bite-". You cover your hands over the computer. "Sirius stop-" he ended up winking at you "so want to reenact this scene" as you shove chips in his face. "Knock it off as if I would actually" he grabs the chips out of his mouth. As you peck his cheek "never announce this to the others".
Remus Lupin:
Tumblr media
- he had never noticed muggle technology before but since you introduced him he found it interesting. "Boy so many interesting things y/n" he smiles at you. As you turn your head you could see his name. "Wait is that my name haha-" he clicks on the link. "Um y/n why does it have my name and you" before it reads "they slid down in Diagon ally snogging in the ally way".
He closes the tab "Merlin's loo what on earth" he goes red. Before you laugh "don't worry it's fiction it's nothing" he shake his head. "I swear don't worry" you laugh as he walks out of the room.
James Potter:
Tumblr media
- he was walking through your room when stumbling upon your computer. "Oh what do we have here" he smiled as he looks through. Seeing a link that follows his name "guess I'm famous hah". He watched as he clicks and reads "he watches her quiver and he kisses her-". He ended up blushing "oh Merlin um y/n whats this". You tried not to blush and snatched your laptop immediately "ignore it" walking out. He chuckled hugging you from behind "don't worry y/n I'll keep it a secret" he winks.
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melmalone · 19 hours ago
remus having a crush on you headcanons
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader
Requested: “Headcannons on remus having a crush on you ✨”
Warnings: Kinda angsty at the end, felt it warranted warning
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Tumblr media
he blames james and sirius for him him noticing his feelings
you and remus were just friends when those two idiots stuck their noses in and started suggesting that things were more than they were
you wanted to study with remus? must be snogging in a secluded corner of the library
remus wanted to walk you to class? must be snogging in a hidden corridor
you and remus went to hogsemeade together? snogging. again.
"no one's ever going to want to snog either of you if you don't stop acting like children," remus said one day out of your earshot, fed up with it all 
james nudged his shoulder and said, “so, you two are snogging?”
“we’re not! a boy and a girl can just be friends. i’m friends with lily, but the two of you don’t go around saying i’m snogging her.”
“that’s because james wants to snog evans,” sirius smirked, elbowing james, who’d turned red-faced at the statement
maybe if they’d never said anything, his breath wouldn’t have caught in his throat when he saw you right before the two of you were about to go to hogsmeade together
you’d gotten all dressed up
well, dressed-up nicer than usual, but it wasn’t as though you looked like you were going on a date
your hair looked different, and you were wearing a dress that looked really good on you
your lips looked shiny - were you wearing lip gloss?
he couldn’t look away from you as the two of you walked over to the carriages into town
at least he had the excuse that you were telling him a story about something peeves had done to severus earlier that week
but then you were looking at him and his chest felt tight
were your eyes always so pretty?
“remus, are you feeling okay?” you asked, reaching up to feel his forehead. “i know you were under the weather just a couple days ago.”
he caught your hand and swallowed thickly as soon as he realized what he was doing
he wondered suddenly if your fingers would fit perfectly with yours if he held your hand
clearing his throat, he said, “i’m fine. promise. let’s go.”
you didn’t look convinced
“you know, there will always be other days to get honeydukes’ neverending fudge, you chocaholic.”
“seriously. i…” 
he didn’t know what he was going to say
i was just admiring how pretty you look
i was busy trying to catch my breath after you stole it
i was staring at you, kind of creepily, to be honest
he shook his head
“yeah, you know what? i think maybe i ought to go lie down. you go on to hogsmeade. find some friends and hang out with them, okay?”
after that, he avoids you a bit more than he should
but that doesn’t help much
when you’re around, he can’t think
when you’re not around, he thinks too much
thinks about your laugh
thinks about the way your eyes light up in transfiguration right before you raise your hand to ask professor mcgonagall a question
thinks about how you smile on snowy days and the way you always grab his arm to drag him outside and enjoy it
there’s so much to think about
but most importantly, he thinks about all the reasons why he can’t tell you
you’re probably not interested
even if you are, who knows if the two of you would work out well?
there’s only four outcomes to the situation
one: you don’t like him back and the friendship suffers because he made things awkward with feelings
two: you don’t like him back but somehow the two of you still manage to be friends while he tries to get over it
three: you like him back, the two of you date, something goes wrong and you both break up
but then again, he could hurt you
four: you like him back, the two of you date, and you both live happily ever after
if the two of you are close, and you get curious on one of his worse days and follow him and madam pomfrey…
maybe he just shouldn’t tell you how he feels
he should keep it to himself and work it out on his own
and he especially shouldn’t let james and sirius find out
merlin knows those two wouldn’t let up about it
the last thing either of you need is for those two to scheme up a plan to get you and him together
Tumblr media
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gemma-collins-ily · 15 hours ago
🍵 - give me a quote and I'll write a baby blurb!
Hello congrats btw!!
”I will come as the rain. I will come as the first snowfall. I will beg the divinity to let me do just that. — Meeting you was the reward of my life.” — Kim Shin
Do or Die
a/n - sorry this took so long! I'll currently take any requests for Harry James Potter, especially headcanons here!
Tumblr media
You were sitting against the headboard together, gradually sliding downward to a laying position as you were trying to forget the chaos and destruction surrounding you, suffocating you every waking moment.
Every sleeping one too. Now that the war was approaching rapidly, you could never seem to take a deep breath of air like you had before or smile as you had previously: now the grins were forced and withering, the only true joyous ones appearing after the twins carried out a successful prank or he was with you.
He seemed to be the cure to all your ailments, the solution to all your problems and the answer to all your desperate prayers.
His head turned languidly towards you, resting upon the pillow, eyes swimming with concern as he saw your troubled expression.
His small and resigned nod was a silent indicator to carry on, to say you could trust him with your worries, that he would never run after hearing them. That one nod said it all.
"Do you think we can make it out of this?"
His throat cleared, voice still a little gruff and grating for a couple of words when he spoke next, "I think, that I will protect you, love. And if you need any saving, honey, I'll be there."
You weren't sure how he could be so certain he could save you, or you could save him. He had been fighting a war for years, you by his side through it all, but now it was drawing to a conclusion.
It was do or die.
His hands grasped yours, a desperate clinging contact to keep you with him in the present, make sure you did not spiral into worry or doubt. It was also to anchor him, to attempt to convince himself what he believed would become true.
"Because if you are in need of me, be rest assured that I will come as the rain. I will come as the first snowfall. I will beg the divinity to let me do just that. I would do anything for you. Anything not to lose you, darling."
Your eyes welled with unshed tears, reflecting his own forest green ones in the glaze as you allowed yourself a long blink, trying to imprint the feeling of his hands clasping yours, his lips pressing softly to your temple, his palm being pulled from yours for just a moment, only to return after tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.
You wanted to remember every part of the moment, so even if you couldn't picture it in the years to come, you could recall the warmth he radiated and the softness he expressed.
"You know, Harry, love? I think meeting you was the reward of my life."
He gasped, mock offended as his hand made to raise to his mouth before yours pulled it back to its original position instantly.
To where his hand belonged. In yours.
"(Y/N), I'm absolutely horrified you only think? You should know!"
With that, laughter rang out as your knees bumped against each other and you scooted closer.
It made everyone who could hear the melodious frequency smile too.
A genuine smile.
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randomfandomimagine · 2 days ago
congrats on 9k followers!! 💛 i thought, i'd send in a request for the celebration, too and hope you'll have some fun with it 😊: viktor krum (hp) + trope 4 "Emotional hurt / comfort" + romantic. you absolutely don't have to do it, if it doesn't inspire you! sending love!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Character: Viktor Krum
Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompts: Emotional hurt / comfort
Relationship: Romantic
Words: 311
You waited. Your heart violently thumped inside your chest. You kept waiting. Every second was an eternity. Every minute was torture. Until you saw him.
Viktor walked your way, slow and tired, but alive. Mildly hurt and bruised, but not gravely injured.
“Vik...” You breathed, running forward and crashing into him in a desperate hug. “You’re back...”
You didn’t realize you might be hurting him in his weak state, squeezing him so tight in your embrace, until you were already doing it. Still, he didn’t complain. Viktor lovingly wrapped his arms around you and held you tight too.
“It’s over...” You piped up, reminding yourself about it and hopefully comforting Viktor about it too. “The trial is over, you made it”
“Y/N...” Viktor gently called you, patting your back when he felt you starting to sob. “I’m alright”
You clung on to him, just then realizing how truly scared you had been. Terrified out of  your mind. The Triwizard Tournament was dangerous, and you knew it. You had been nervous when Viktor put his name in the Goblet of Fire, and even more so when he was chosen as the Champion of Durmstrang. But standing there, waiting for him to make it out alive of the first trial had been nerve-wracking.
“Y/N, look at me” He repeated, this time a little more sternly. When you didn’t respond, he gingerly took your face into his hands and lovingly peered at you. “Everything is alright”
You nodded, trying to breathe and making an effort to calm yourself. When your sobbing slowly subsided, Viktor decided you a sweet smile. Tenderly pushing you against him again, he enveloped you in another hug.
This time you didn’t cry, you only treasured his touch, his warmth, his closeness. You tried to think about the fact that he was okay, and you lost yourself in his reassuring embrace.
Reblogs and comments are appreciated!!
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relatable-trxsh · a day ago
As above so Below Ch. 1
A/n: okay here’s chapter one sorry it’s not super long but I just wanted to get it started ya know? My requests are open so please send them!
Tumblr media
You jolted awake in a cold sweat after having another nightmare. This happened every year around Cedric's death. It had been 5 years since his death, you were now 22 and a sophomore in college. After his death and everything he who should not be named put you through you had to get out of the Wizarding world, away from Great Britain so you moved to a small town in Forks Washington and started college.
It was the first day of the new semester, you were dreading it. All summer you were traveling and you wished you were still on the road. The clock read 5:30 am so you decided to get up and start getting ready before your 7 am class. After eating breakfast, showering and getting dressed you finally made your way to class. You got there a bit early and your friend Erica tried talking to you but you were so zoned out thinking about Cedric that you weren’t truly paying attention.
“Hello earth to Y/n?” Jessica waved her hand in front of your face. “Class is over, tou didn’t get a single note.” You looked around seeing everyone had left the room except you, Erica and Jessica.
“Fuck, sorry guys I just have a lot on my mind.”
“Well whatever’s on your mind spill you know it helps to talk it out. ” you give a weak smile to Jessica.
“Yeah but I’m the sufferer in silence type.” You try to joke but both girls just give you a pointed look. “I just had a nightmare last night and it’s messing with my head alittle but I’m fine I promise” you make an effort to try and give both girls a genuine smile before standing up. “Let’s get to class yeah?”
The next two classes you tried harder to pay attention but it was hard listening to the professors drone on and on about their syllabus. Luckily you only had three classes before you had a study period and then one more class after that. You made your way to the student cafe where Jess and Erica waited for you. You gave them each a Small wave before grabbing a salad to pick at.
“I can’t believe Mike is gonna drop out.” Jess was saying as you walked up.
“What mike is dropping out why?” Jess rolls her eyes.
“Something dumb about taking over the family business but it’s like do you really want to be stuck in butt fuck forks Washington your whole life.” You giggle at her words.
“Hey I chose to come to butt fuck Washington.”
“Exactly you chose to come here, the rest of us were born here and will most likely be stuck here.”
“Hey now you won’t be stuck here if you don’t want to be.” Jess nods and before you could say anything else a group of people walked in. They were gorgeous. “Who are they?” Jess scoffs.
“The cullens. They lived here before you moved here and then left. But they are back now.” You watch as each person goes by, Jess and Erica pointing out whos who. You didn’t really care until the last boy walked in. You swear your heart stopped as you watched the boy that looked exactly like Cedric walk in. He looked like Cedric but his face was stern, eyes cold.
“W-whos that?” You almost didn’t trust your voice.
“That’s Edward Cullen. Total babe but totally unavailable.” You didn’t care about that tho. All you cared about was that he looked like your Cedric.
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“Come Over Here and Cuddle with Me.”
George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
“(Y/n)! C’mere!” The girl in question stumbled sloppily over to her boyfriend and plopped down on the couch beside him. She was too tired to do much more than smile at him as she did.
“You okay, love?” He asked taking in her sluggish state. (Y/n) nodded slowly.
“Just tired.” She mumbled, earning a light-hearted chuckle from the redhead.
“Well, come over here and cuddle with me, then.” (Y/n) shook her head shyly. She and George hadn’t been dating long, and had never done anything like that before. It wasn’t particularly inappropriate or anything, but (Y/n) has grown up around a rather touch-averted family. He*l, she didn’t think she’d ever just ‘cuddled’ with anyone. And she was fairly certain that George would be able to tell the second she was in his arms of this particular fact. How embarrassing would that be?
George’s eyebrows crinkled in confusion at her response.
“What do you mean “no?” Are you alright, darling?” (Y/n) nodded swiftly, trying to hide the fatigue from her face, but George wasn’t stupid. She knew that. There was no way she was getting out of this.
“Georgie… I don’t really… I’ve never…” She trailed off as George’s expression turned to a cheeky grin.
“Have you never cuddled anyone before, love?” He asked teasingly, earning a glare from the girl as she blushed profusely. She hated when he teased her like this, but she loved the smile it put on his face. It was a paradox, really. “That’s okay, darling. I can teach you. C’mere.” Before she could reply, George had pulled her into his lap, adjusting himself until he was comfortable with (Y/n) laying on his chest, her legs in between his. “Get comfy, love.” He ordered. She didn’t know what he meant by that, but decided to just let her tired-state control her limbs and shifted a little until her head was resting right under his chin. She sighed, visibly contented with this particular arrangement, earning a soft chuckle from her boyfriend. She could feel it vibrate through his chest. Well, that’s a new feeling…
“Now I’m gonna wrap my arms around you. Alright, darling?” (Y/n) barely nodded as sleep fought to take over, her shyness from earlier fading into the background as his arms encircled her waist. “Look at that. You did it. Now, was that so hard?” (Y/n)’s blush returned as she shook her head against his chest. “D*mn… you really are tired, huh?” She could practically see the same sh*t-eating grin reappearing on his face from earlier. She smiled sleepily at the thought. “That’s alright, love. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up before dinner. I promise.” It didn’t take long for her to heed his words, with George’s hands running up and down her back soothingly, and the soft chatter of the common room lulling her into a deep sleep.
Tumblr media
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harryssmommy’s 200 followers celebration!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so i sorta got into bts recently and like i love them so they’re my theme for this celebration! thank you so much for 200 followers, I’m eternally grateful for all of you. <3 (open from sep 24 - oct 1)
(send the emojis in my ask box)
Tumblr media
💕 like - tell me some facts about yourself and i’ll tell you which character (hp & mcu) would have a crush on you. (specify gender and fandom)
🥞 butter - give me a pickup line and i’ll rate it.
👑 idol - show me your celeb crush and i’ll show you mine. (i have more than one)
🍻 friends - tell me some facts about yourself and i’ll you which three characters would be your besties. (hp & mcu; specify fandom)
🦋 butterfly - give me a prompt + a character from hp or mcu and i’ll write a dialogue about it.
🎤 make it right - give me a minigame (e.g. cym, fmk, this or that, wyr, etc.)
☀️ paradise - show me a place you would love to visit and i’ll show you one of mine.
🪐 epiphany - send me this emoji and i’ll tell you what vibe you give off/what i think your personality is like irl. (moots only)
🧨 dynamite - give me a character and i’ll tell you which type of music i think they listen to.
moots below the cut <3
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disappointmentofthefam · 3 months ago
ok so when were yall gonna tell me that pacing around the room while listening to a song and aggressively acting out scenarios with fictional people is a mental illness??????
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jannieka394 · a year ago
Imagine a buzzfeed unsolved and harry potter cross over where Shane is the chosen one and does not believe in magic.
"Hey there death eaters, it's me, ya boy"
"I'm dancing in your forest. It's my forest now! If you want me out you're gonna have to kill me"
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truebelieversworld · 19 days ago
To my late night scrollers, the ones that are just like me, looking for comfort and love, acceptance and a way to escape.
We all have the thing that helps us, for many of us on this site it's fanfiction. Whether it be hurt/comfort, noncon, a/b/o, friends to lovers or even the one bed trope, everyone has the fics that help us through, with the characters we dream about that make us feel loved, appreciated, wanted.
They're here, waiting for you, ready to see what adventures they're in for tonight. Ready to be your comfort, your friend, your shoulder to cry on. What will you two do tonight? They're so excited, maybe they're waiting with bated breath, ready to meet you all over again, to fall for you again, ready to relive that favorite story, you're happiest moments.
They're there, arms open, smile wide, ready for you. You're their favorite character, their favorite part of the day.
I hope you're scrolling tonight goes well, that you get what you need. I hope that tomorrow is better then today and that at some point, you wake up and don't need the comfort as much, that it's not a need anymore.
From the girl on Tumblr who wishes she could give every single one of you the love and comfort you deserve. Remember, your comfort character believes in you, and so do I.
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bellatrixscurls · a month ago
how it all began
ღ pairing : marauders x fem reader
ღ warnings : smut, mommy kink, polyamorous relationship, degradation & praise.
ღ summary : it’s your first time with all three of the boys, so sirius and remus need to learn a few rules.
ღ a/n : i kinda like this one ngl <3 this will have a part two to it soon 😋😋
Tumblr media
The marauders — well, three of them actually. They were known to share everything with each other, be it food, notes, or even lovers.
James had brought it up to you before lunch one day, and you didn’t think twice of it, agreeing instantly. You’d no intention of hiding your love and attraction towards Remus and Sirius, as you were quite sure that wouldn’t work anyway.
After that, many kisses were shared between the four of you, along with midday picnic dates and study sessions — to which you had to bring Sirius and James forcefully because “where’s the fun in that?”
Actions that led to this day.
You were awkwardly sitting on James’ bed as his large palm caressed your bare thighs, careful not to reach the hem of your skirt. It wasn’t your first time with him — not even close. It was your first time with Remus and Sirius, and overthinking seemed to become your best friend.
What if they thought your kinks were weird? What if you won’t be able make them feel good enough? What if-
“Mommy?” you heard James’ voice, his tone sweet. Your eyes snapped up, only to find his cerulean ones, glazed by pure lust; a look you knew all too well. “S just me, mommy” he giggled as soon as your right hand reached up to scrap lightly at his scalp. “I won’t let them hurt you. I promise I won’t.”
You smiled weakly down at your boyfriend, your hand leaving his hair as you turned to Remus and Sirius, fully facing them for the first time that night. “I’m ready if you are” you gave them a tight smile, the knot in your stomach growing to be too much as you rubbed your thighs together.
Sirius’ usual grin returned to his handsome face when he noticed your little act, this time much bigger than usual. “S that right, mommy? You’re already all needy for us, huh?”
At that, James’ eyes widened in shock, clearly taken aback by Sirius’ cluelessness. Your eyebrows shot up, an amused smirk playing at your lips, “Oh, Siri... Think you’ve got it all wrong, puppy ” you taunted as you stood up, slowly approaching the raven haired boy, “I’m not the toy here. You don’t get to use me as you please, do you understand?”
As you grabbed his hands, Sirius turned a bit, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Remus for help. “She’s right, Pads. You spoke too soon, eh? Now... apologize.”
“I-I’m sorry... I’m so sorry” if him giving you a genuine apology already seemed shocking, what he did next blew your mind completely.
He sank to his knees in front of you, fingers curling at the small of his back, careful not to touch without permission and continue being bad. Sirius already knew all of these things from Remus, the lycanthrope possibly being a harder dom than you.
You wanted to give him a kiss, praise him for being a good boy, but a sharp glare from Remus stopped you — ‘he’ll let it go to his head’ he mouthed, and you gave a quick nod.
“Jamie” you called the boy softly, and he came at you immediately, his strong hands wrapping around your waist in a warm hug. “Why don’t you show Siri how to be a good boy for me, hm? Teach him not to be a little slut.”
James gasped at the last part, but nodded nevertheless, speed walking towards Sirius and kneeling in front of him. “You gotta be good, Siri” he whispered, a sympathetic smile on his lips, “Don’t touch without permission, don’t cum... Don’t do anything without permission” he explained, you and Remus watching amusedly as tears started welling in Sirius’ eyes.
“What can I even do then?” he grumbled, finally letting the tears drip down to his chin, making their way down his neck.
James placed a comforting hand on the boy’s bare thigh, as he leaned forward to give him a gentle peck on the lips, which seemed to calm Sirius down a bit. “S good to be good, you know?” James giggled when Sirius’ eyebrows pushed together, as if he didn’t really see what was good about that. “You get rewards, kisses, cuddles. You even get to cockwarm mommy at night if you’ve been good during the day.”
“That sounds nice, Pads?” laughed Remus, nudging you gently to look at Sirius — his eyes big and, now, sparkling. He wasted no time in nodding fervently, making grabby hands at you.
“Can I be good, mommy? I’ll do anything! I promise!” he whined but stopped as soon as you took him in your arms, him sitting on your lap as his arms curled around your neck.
You hummed contently, your head lulling to the side as you started placing sloppy, wet kisses along Sirius’ neck, earning whines and moans from the boy. “Fuck yourself against mommy, puppy” you whispered and felt Sirius tense against you. “Make yourself cum, d’you think you can do that?” “No hands, come on.”
Desperate for some sort of release and eager to please his mommy — afraid of doing the opposite — Sirius started grinding his hips against you, his cock being the only barrier between your belly and his.
Waves of choked moans filled the room as you started biting on the sensitive flesh you were kissing just moments before, but you decided that you could do more — make him even needier for you. “You see that, puppy?” you questioned quietly, bringing your hand down to your now bare cunt and gathering some of your arousal, hurrying to bring it up close to his face, “That’ll be all over your cock if you cum for me like a good boy, do what I’ve asked you to do.”
Sirius whimpered needily into your hair, his hands tightening around your neck as he rocked on your lap. Your hands tangled themselves in his hair, scraping lightly at his scalp.
But what made your actions stop immediately was Remus’ demanding voice, directed at James. “D’you like to watch mommy put Siri in his place, Jamie? Would you like me to do that to you, hm? Make you cum on my-”
“Excuse me?” your eyebrows shot up in slight shock, your face still holding that mischevious smirk from before. Both Remus and James turned to you, silently, and you continued speaking. “And who are you to do that now? Oh, Remmy ” you chuckled lowly, still focused on helping Sirius reach his high, his breathing already heavier and louder than before. “You’re lucky I can’t get my hands on you now. But Jamie will do that for me, won’t you, baby?” you smiled sweetly at the curly haired boy, who instantly started nodding his head, his eyes looking up at you adoringly. “Go on and ride Remus, baby. But don’t let him cum” your warning made the lycathrope gulp visibly, which brought a smile to your face. “Only good boys get to cum.”
Deep in thought for a few seconds but still moving to sit on his boyfriend’s lap, James turned back to you. “Can I-I cum, mommy?”
“But of course you can, baby” you said dismissively, as if it was already more than obvious. “You’re my good boy, aren’t you?”
“Thank you, mommy” was the only thing he said as he turned back to Remus, slowly pushing his boxers down and aligning his entrance with his cock, sinking down slowly as slightly pained moans spilled from his pouty lips.
Smiling a proud smile, you too focused back on Sirius, your hand coming down to guide his hips faster, his moans turning into screams. “M-mommy, mommy! Please!” he managed to let out, sweat dripping down his arms, face and toned chest.
“M-mommy, mommy! Please!” you mocked him, your words accompanied by a breathy laugh. “What’s that, puppy? Is that how we speak? Like a four year old?” you scolded playfully, enjoying his fragile state to the maximum.
Taking a deep breath, Sirius continued to beg. “I wanna cum, please. Can I cum, mommy? Oh please, mommy, please.”
Satisfied with his begging, and taking into account that that was his first time handling you like this, you gave it to him. “If you’re gonna cum, then look at me, slut. Didn’t mummy teach you any manners?”
You obviously knew about his mommy issues, but decided to use just that against him.
In a second, his face left its place buried in your hair, and instead faced you, his eyes glossy and lips pouty as he struggled to keep his release in just a little bit more. “Mommy?”
“Cum. Now” you instructed, and Sirius, like the good little boy he was, obliged in the blink of an eye — white, hot ropes of cum spilled out from his tip, some landing on his stomach and some on your chest, due to how much he was shaking.
His breathing was jerky and he stopped grinding on your lap the moment he came down from his high, trying to catch his breath before he spoke. “Thank you, mommy” his voice was genuine, although his tone was dreamy as well as his face. “I love you. T-Thank you” he stuttered, engulfing you in a hug.
You let him calm down, and after a moment of silence, Sirius’ hoarse voice rang in your ears. “What’re you gonna do to Remmy, mommy?”
“Look, puppy” you instructed, pointing to where Remus was squirming beneath James, who was already shaking, eager to reach his high after he’d had to watch Sirius do it a minute ago, only pushing him over the edge harder. “See how good Jamie’s making him feel? Well, that’s the only thing he gets today. Can’t wait to edge him for hours and hours. So he knows who he belongs to.”
Sirius nodded eagerly, getting off your lap and moving closer to the two boys — behind James, to be exact. “Can I kiss Jamie? Pretty please?”
You only dipped your chin in response, your hand sliding between your folds and squeezing gently at the thought of it.
The ebony haired boy leaned forward as James turned his head to the side, facing you as they sealed their lips together in a heated, passionate kiss. “You can cum, baby” you encouraged and he wasted no time, letting go as he moaned against Sirius’ lips, the pretty sounds coming out muffled as the boy’s hand reached down to gather his boyfriend’s cum and bring it up to his lips.
“So good, taste so good” he hummed contently around his fingers, immediately pushing them past the bespectacled boy’s lips, who’s eyes widened with need as he looked up at Sirius.
“Mommy!” came a whine from Remus, who’s cock sprung out of James’ hole; tip red, but most importantly — full of cum.
You sighed contently as your fingers continued to play with your dampened folds. “What should we do with you, Remmy? You wanna cum? Hm?”
“Yes! Yes, please!”
“Then come here, bub.”
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hellion-writes · 3 days ago
“My child is fine!”
Your child fantasizes themselves being a part of closely-knit, quirky groups of fictional people in the found family trope to feel something
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Pulling their hair while making out:
Moderate NSFW warning!
HCs and blurb requests (both sfw and nsfw) are open! Check my pinned post on my page for my writing boundaries.
Most of these HCs that I'm making so far are based off just random thoughts that pop up in my head. But the last one seemed to do well so we'll see how this one does. I promise they'll be more organized in the future. For now you just get my jumbled notes that I jot down for fun and occasionally share with you guys. <3 I appreciate all the support though. It means so much to me :)
I didn't add Harry or Dean because I didn't know what to do for either of them.
Fred: You would be making out with him in the common room during lunch. You wanted to test something so you tug at his hair a little bit too roughly. The groan that left him was something you didn’t expect but was very welcome. You also didn’t expect the smirk on his face once he pulled away. "Do that again and whatever happens next is not my fault darling." He laughs when you stumble over your words for a comeback, either in anger or embarrassment, but he secretly wishes you'd pull his hair again.
George: Lets out a soft whimper followed by a breathless "please do that again-" And just melts with another light moan when you do. He grabs you by your waist and pulls you impossibly closer before burying his face into your shoulder while pressing open mouth kisses along your skin and silently begging for more.
Neville: Poor mans would get so flustered after he lets out a surprised whine. You have to reassure him that it was kind of the reaction you were wanting, but it didn’t exactly help his flustered state. It might take a minute to calm him down though. Once he's calm, he tells you that he wants to keep kissing. He’d be nervous to ask you to do it again but you get the hint.
Draco: Oh boy. He really pulls the “you’re playing a dangerous game” card on you before going back to making out. But only now, he's rougher than before. Probably would put his hand against your throat so you could feel the cold metal of his ring. And to scare you, or tease you further. Whichever you're into. 
Ron: You would be in his dorm room, making out instead of studying like you guys said you were going to. You wanted to try something out so you tangled your fingers in the back of his hair and tugged. You got the exact opposite reaction you thought you would. He'd whine. First time he'd ever done so too. You pulled away to see him bright red in the face, but before he could pull away from you completely - you grabbed him by his face before whispering "do that again." And bringing him back into a heated makeout. He didn't complain, and by the end of it he was whining for you to do more than just kiss him.
Seamus: He’d probably see it as a game at first and pull your hair right back but the sound you let out tells him it’s not that kind of game. The soft noise of realization before he feels his face flush and playfully pushes you off makes you laugh before teasing him for being so oblivious. He curses you out, but he isn't really angry. The previous mood was ruined but hey you got a few laughs from it. You guys experiment with it later though.
Cedric: A gasp escaped him as he pulled away to look at you. You flushed as you tried to explain why you did it but he just grinned and chuckled. "Curious little thing, aren't you?" He quipped, before going right back in. He curled the ends of your hair around his fingers as he kissed you, threatening to pull it just like you did to his but he never did. Left you whining a bit and you hated how he just laughed at you. It's all lighthearted of course. He eventually made it up to you.
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quillsanddaydreams · 3 months ago
⸻ a hp following disclosure
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to make an appreciation post for all the writer's on here and since I already reblog all stories I read on @daydreams-treasury , I thought why not just recommend blogs as a whole. All the blogs down below are amazing, talented, brilliant— you name it. Do check out their masterlists to fall in love with their writing, I know I have.
Please note that this order is quite random, I went through my rec and following lists to create this :) Also, there might be blogs who are no longer active or write anymore, but I felt it was worth mentioning their amazing works.
Tumblr media
☆ @scvrllet » I don't think I've ever found a person more deserving of the title "angst queen" and you'll be surprised to see her fluffy stories are equally delightful.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, tom riddle, barty crouch jr, golden trio, draco malfoy, the weasley’s, blaise zabini, pansy parkinson, and cedric diggory
☆ @nuttytani » To prove that no amount of fluff is just enough and stories can in fact make your days a bit brighter everyday.
writes for: bill weasley, cedric diggory, ginny weasley, harry potter and the marauders
☆ @propinquify » For angst, fluff or hurt and comfort I think Naija can take you on a roller coaster of emotions.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, ginny weasley, blaise zabini and cedric diggory
☆ @sunrisefairy » I have yet to start on her works, but I know for a reason that her works are *chef's kiss*
writes for: george weasley, bill weasley, charlie weasley and the marauders
☆ @fortisfilia » I remember reading her works and dreaming hours on end. And I think the world she created with her stories was a pretty one to live in ;)
writes for: the marauders, tom riddle, draco malfoy, fred weasley, dean thomas and cedric diggory
☆ @sirisuorionblack » You know the moment a story feels less like fanfiction, but more like an adventure you're going through? Yeah. Her stories will make you feel that.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, marlene mckinnon and cedric diggory
☆ @henqtic » I have yet to start on their stories but as far as general consensus goes, their works are all amazing.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, luna lovegood, neville longbottom
☆ @rcwenaclaw » The way she writes makes me swoon and you are bound to fall for all of those works too!
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @natasha-romancff » The overwhelming amount of emotions I feel when I read her stories should be illegal :')
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, the marauders, tom riddle, ron weasley, harry potter, neville longbotton, cedric diggory, oliver wood, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @shaynawrites23 » Her fluff just makes my heart skip a beat and melt all gooey inside >.<
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @blue-writes-things » The light-hardheartedness in their works is amazing and I never not smile when I read their works.
writes for: remus lupin and sirius black
☆ @george-fabian-weasley » The amount of talent is awe-inspiring, the feelings and emotions all put to words are just so beautiful.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, bill weasley, oliver wood and harry potter
☆ @hxlyhead-harpies » You know the moment when you have to stop everything and look at the wall for a moment because the thing you just read actually made your heart ache? Oh yeah. Their works will do that to you.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, wolfstar, jily, hermione granger, neville longbottom, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley and oliver wood
☆ @weasleydream » I have yet to start on their works, but please do check their works out.
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, bill weasley, percy weasley, ginny weasley, the marauders, harry potter and oliver wood
☆ @iwritesiriusly » For the amount of fluff and cuteness and sweet scenes that is contagious to health XD
writes for: draco malfoy, the marauders, regulus black, george weasley and newt scamander
☆ @awritingtree » If you weren't in love with a fictional character already, they'll make you fall for them, hard.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, draco malfoy, oliver wood, neville longbottom and the marauders
☆ @theonly1outof-a-billion » For the fluff that can cure blue days
writes for: remus lupin, sirius black, draco malfoy, fred weasley
☆ @remmyswritings » I think her writing is like a comforting hug you need after a long long day and I don't think anything describes her works better than simple beautiful.
writes for: theodore nott, blaise zabini, charlie weasley, regulus black and sirius black
☆ @willowbleedsonpaper » You know the moment you don't feel like reading, but more like watching a movie unfold? I think her writing can do that to you.
writes for: draco malfoy, theodore nott, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @boxofbadaddiction » For me, reading her stories has always been painful because all the while I can't help but go "I want that-"
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy and remus lupin
☆ @coffee--writes » I don't think words can accurately describe just how perfect and gorgeous her writing is. The emotions, decriptions- everything about her works is just *amazing*
writes for: the golden trio, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ginny weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, blaise zabini, theodore nott, daphane greengrass, susan bones, katie bell, charlie weasley, bill weasley, fleur delcor, the marauders, regulus black and lily evans
☆ @oopskashish » Her writing cannot be described as anything else than enchanting, she'll make you fall in love with her words.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @selenes-sun » I think I've always loved stories that make us feel like going through an old photo album and val is an expert at just that.
writes for: blaise zabini, charlie weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy, regulus black, neville longbottom, sirius black, remus lupin, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley, hermione granger, minerva mcgonagall and pancy parkinson
☆ @heloisedaphnebrightmore » The way she writes is filled with fluffiness and an appropriate way to comment on them seems to be a long keysmash.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, oliver wood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, ron weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and charlie weasley
☆ @ghosts-of-hogwarts » Her works have always been a fluffy delight :')
writes for: the marauders and draco malfoy
☆ @leahstypewriter » I think her works give off a huge dark academia, head in the clouds vibes- in a great way.
writes for: the marauders, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and the golden trio
☆ @iliveiloveiwrite » Millie's works have always been a joy to read- angst or fluff or light-hardheartedness alike, she has it all.
writes for: the marauders, the golden trio, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, cedric diggory, oliver wood and luna lovegood
☆ @finnwrld » I still remember the time he sent in a story of his to review and I was at a loss of words. Because try as hard as I may, I could find zero faults in their work and wow, his works are simply wow.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, hermione granger and george weasley
☆ @omgrachwrites » All of her series are to die for, you wouldn't be able to comprehend the emotions she'll make you go through.
writes for: sirius black, jily and more
☆ @thou-crusty-batch-of-nature » She has written some extremely fluffy stories which are to live for.
writes for: the marauders and harry potter
☆ @angelxnaa » I don't think there is anyone who isn't a fan of her works because oh my god they are so beautiful.
writes for: the marauders, golden trio, cho chang, fleur delcor, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, bill weasley, lily evans, marlene mckinnon and regulus black
☆ @ickle-ronniekins » Her stories have e v e r y t h i n g. They'll get you right in your feels like magic.
writes for: fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @approved-by-dentists » The talent they have is unreal and you'll never know you're reading fanfiction or a famous published book because he is just that good.
writes for: the marauders, luna lovegood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, golden trio
☆ @pregnant-piggy » Her stories are one of the best out there- they're so damn amazing. I'm always awe-struck when I read her works, it's like living a dream.
writes for: the marauders, jily, golden trio, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley and blaise zabini
☆ @sweeter-than-strawberries » Reading her stories is like watching a beautifully aesthetic movie and I love all of them for it.
writes for: sirius black
☆ @heyquxxns » I just fell in love with her writing the moment I read them and I hope you do too.
writes for: the marauders and regulus black
☆ @theweasleysredhair » I love love all her stories and the way they make me feel- the emotions and characterization, everything feels on point.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ron weasley and oliver wood
☆ @bave-de-crapaud » I simply adore the way she writes for Sirius and hope you will too!
writes for: sirius black
☆ @rainandhotchocolate » I remember going through her masterlist and falling in love with every single story she wrote because they were all just that good ;)
writes for: the marauders, jily, lily evans, harry potter, hermione granger and teddy lupin
☆ @padfootagain » There is a reason she's called the "queen of fluff" and that is entirely due to her breathtaking works.
writes for: sirius black, remus lupin, blackinnon, jily and charlie weasley
☆ @wreckofawriter » I don't think I've ever found such unique and beautifully written stories and I adore every single one of them on her masterlist.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, blaise zabini, cedric diggory, teddy lupin, fred weasley and oliver wood
☆ @futurewriter2000 » She is the person who inspired me to start with my own fanfiction, because her stories were so emotion packed I couldn't help but imagine all kinds of whatifs and live in the beautiful world she created.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, harry potter, oliver wood, charlie weasley, ron weasley, neville longbottom, molly weasley, regulus black, mulciber, tom riddle, severus snape, peter pettigrew, teddy lupin and james sirius potter
☆ @hermioneshandbag » I went through her entire masterlist in a span of 2-3 days because I just couldn't stop reading, her works were all so fantastic.
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @seriouslyblacklikemysoul » Another writer's whose works I couldn't help but binge time and time again. Fluff and angst- she has everything.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, cedric diggory, george weasley, draco malfoy and hermione granger
☆ @princesse-de-ravenclaw » Her works are light-hearted and fluffy, will make you transport right into the wizarding world because they're all so great.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, cedric diggory and fred weasley
☆ @haracelovestruck » You know how some series are just so darn great, they feel like an action packed novel? Yes, her stories will make you feel like that as you swirl up in a world of drama and mystery.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, severus snape, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, percy weasley, bill weasley, newt scamander and credence barebone
☆ @lumos-barnes » I've always looked up to the way she writes and her stories are a huge bomb of fluffiness.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, bill weasley and oliver wood
Tumblr media
And I guess that's it. This is the long list of all Harry Potter writers I follow and look up to. Here is the link to my own masterlist. And over here you can find a list of over 100 masterlists from different blogs.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day!
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