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#harry potter x you
messrsmoonee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Mad Dog. «Sirius Black»
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x Reader; Marauders Era; oneshot
SUMMARY: Sirius knows just what to do to make you forget that you’re mad at him.
Tumblr media
“I’m not talking to you!” you fumed.
“You’re talking to me right now,” Sirius said. The joke did nothing to settle your frustration, so you left the common room, sending him a glare on the way out to show him just how annoying he was being.
A calm breeze drifted through the courtyards. It was quiet, peaceful, hardly another student in sight. Still, you kept walking, until eventually you arrived at the tree that stood near the Black Lake. You settled into a comfortable position amongst its roots and when over ten minutes had passed, you were nearly ready to return to the castle and have a mature conversation with Sirius. Clearly, he had other plans. You heard a faint whimper to your right to find that a black dog had come to keep you company.
“That’s the oldest trick in the book, Sirius,” you said, crossing your arms indignantly and staring out at the still waters of the lake.
The grass crunched under his paws as he trotted over and from the corner of your eye, you could see the mass of black fur take a seat beside you underneath the shade of the tree. He nudged your arm with his paw.
“It isn’t going to work.”
He nudged your cheek with his wet nose.
“I’m still annoyed at you.”
He whined and dramatically draped himself over your lap.
“I’m more of a cat person, really.”
He huffed in a way that you interpreted as disapproval. Against your better instincts, you looked down at him. You regretted it instantly. He was lying on his back with his paws flopped out in front of him, staring up at you with (literal) puppy eyes that held a thousand apologies and even more affection for you.
You didn’t realise that you were smiling until he barked happily and rolled onto his side to face you, his tail wagging. Seconds later, the dog grew and turned into your boyfriend.
“Works every time,” he said with a smirk, still lying across your legs.
“It didn’t work! You aren’t that cute,” you lied.
Sirius rested his head on his palm. “I don’t aspire to be ‘cute’, darling; I’m beguiling. Bewitching. Captivating, even. Are you not captivated by me?”
“Well, sure. In the same way that one might be captivated by a train wreck they can’t look away from.”
Sirius chuckled fondly. “But I’m your train wreck —”
“No —”
“Yes, just accept your fate. You’re still annoyed at me?”
You exhaled slowly before speaking. “Sirius, you ate my homework. My essay that I’ve been perfecting all week.”
“I thought it was James’ essay! I was just trying to help out a mate in crisis.”
“By eating his homework?”
“Yes. He was going to blame it on a first year’s cat and get an extension for it. So, you can tell McGonagall that same story and I’m sure she’ll give you more time to do it. Plus, I only ate — what — half of it? You’ve got plenty of great material left.”
When you didn’t respond, Sirius dropped his head to your lap and started playing with the hem of your shirt.
“I really am sorry. If it makes you feel better, it tasted really bad,” he mumbled. You couldn’t stop the giggle that bubbled out of your throat at that, and Sirius peeked up at you with a small smile on his face.
“So, you forgive me yet?” he asked.
“No, I absolutely do not,” you said, though he could tell that you weren’t entirely serious judging by the grin on your face.
“Guess I better get back to work, then,” he said.
“Sirius, no, you’re completely mad —”
He transformed back into Padfoot and started rolling around, alternating between tickling you with his whiskers and trying to plant doggy kisses on your cheeks. With your shrieks of laughter and his wagging tail, it was safe to say that all was forgiven.
Tumblr media
You placed the half-eaten, shredded mess of an essay onto McGonagall’s desk. She peered down her nose at it, lifting one edge of the parchment with the feather of her quill to inspect it.
“A, uh…a first year’s cat…” you trailed off.
She turned her gaze upwards at you. “Did this cat go by the name of Sirius Black?” she asked.
“Yes,” you breathed. “An idiot.”
The professor nodded her head, completely unfazed, and went back to grading other students’ papers. “I’ll give you three more days to rewrite it. And please do tell Mr. Black that Transfiguration assignments are not edible substances.”
Tumblr media
SIRIUS BLACK TAGS: @emily1d97 @leftperfectionmoon
MARAUDERS TAGS: @siriusbarnesslut @padf00ts-l0ver
HARRY POTTER TAGS: @nyotamalfoy
PERMANENT TAGS: @vsawyer1989
[Italics means I couldn’t tag you, sorry! :( ]
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bellatrixscurls · 12 hours ago
his best / d.m
pairing : draco malfoy x fem reader
warnings : smut, oral, deep throating, praise praise praise, softdom dray, sub reader, gn!pet names, gn!reader <333
summary : you are dray’s best bby<3 ignore, i just wanna suck draco off :,))
“Shh, you look so pretty like this” Draco told you gently as another groan escaped his mouth, his strong hands guiding your head forward to meet his thrusts, “my pretty baby.”
With mascara running down your face and tear stained cheeks, hair a mess as he tugged on it from time to time — you were still his pretty baby. You gagged around his impressive length as you tried to take all of him, wrapping your hands around what you couldn’t fit into your mouth.
Draco only laughed, looking down at you with faux sympathy, crooning — “Paws off, beautiful. You can take all of me, can’t you?”
His pouty lips made your heart break, considering your fragile state of mind. You nodded fervently, taking his free hand in yours as you secured it around both your wrists, keeping them sealed together as you resumed your movements, bobbing your head up and down his length.
“Good bunny” he praised under his breath, smearing his other hand over your forehead and down to your cheek, stroking it as he struggled not to release right there and then. “Taking such good care of me... ‘S like you were made for this and only this, hm?”
Of course, you enjoyed the praise, but it was never enough,, You hummed around him at the praise, his cock twitching as your words came out muffled, “m i ‘od f’you?”
The tension between his brows was released as soon as your voice rang in his ears, causing him to completely relax as he smiled sweetly down at you. “So damn good. Doing so good for me, taking me like the best bunny. My best bunny, yeah?”
“Your best bunny, Dray” you pulled away for merely a second before wrapping your lips around his thick shaft once again, your eyes locked with his as you sucked at his tip, making the boy above you hiss in pure pleasure.
He threw his head back, his hands bringing your head closer to him as his thrusts picked up in pace, his tip hitting the back of your throat as breathing became a problem for not only you, but for Draco as well. “You’re so good to me, my love. That little--fuck. That little fucking mouth is w-working wonders down there” he mewled, his hips stuttering as his movements slowly faltered, his eyes landing on yours as he let go, filling your mouth with thick, white ropes of his cum, practically forcing you to swallow it.
“My little love’s got the best fucking mouth, huh?”
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specialagentlokitty · 14 hours ago
Snape x reader - Time
Tumblr media
hogsmeade begins to get super crowded and the reader cannot find severus, and she panics. severus can't find her either but then he realizes theres one way he can find her ( that can be up to you to decide ), after he calms her down severus takes her to his favourite bookshop ( which just so happens to be the readers favourite place to be ) and they both spend a day together - @monster-energies 💜
How you lost him was beyond you, one money Severus was stood right next to you as you looked at some food, and then the next he was gone.
Thinking he went into the store, you had a little look around before coming out, a small frown on your face.
“Severus!” You called lightly.
No one noticed that you were calling out and you started to panic.
You didn’t know where he went, and you didn’t know where to go so you just started to aimlessly wonder about, tears in your eyes.
You hated crowded places, and you hated being alone in them even more, it’s why you brought him out with you.
Finding a bench, you sat down on it and buried your face in your hands as you tried to calm yourself down.
Severus on the other hand had just made his way back to the shop you were at, a small bag in his hands, but when he didn’t see you he quickly started to look around.
He thought you were somewhere nearby but when you couldn’t be found he knew he had to find you quickly.
Bringing out his wand, he cast a small spell and watched as a little fox appeared in front of him.
It was a spell you made when you guys were at school, one to help your friends find you if ever they needed to.
The fox looked up at Severus and it started to slowly walked through the crowd so he followed it, thankful that he was the only one able to see he little spirit.
While he was walking he kept an eye out for you, and when he got to the edge of the crowd he found you on a bench so he rushed over, setting the back down he pulled his jacket off and wrapped it over your shaking form.
“Dear you’re frozen.” He whispered.
You looked up, wiping tears from your face as you flung your arms around him, falling against him as you cried.
“Shhh.... I’m here now, it’s okay. There’s no need to be scared.” He said softly.
He gently held you, letting you cling to his shirt while you slowly started to calm down.
A cold blast of wind blew past, and Severus made sure to hold you tightly, making sure that his jacket was securely wrapped around you so you didn’t get cold.
After a few more moments you pulled away and looked at him. Bringing a hand up you brushed some hair from his face and went to take his jacket off.
“No, leave it on.” He shook his head.
“But you’ll get cold...” you mumbled.
“As long as you’re warm, that’s okay.” He smiled.
Severus stood up, helping you stand he took your hand in his and picked up the bag with his other and and pulled you around the crowd, and into a bookshop.
“I love this place.” You smiled.
“It’s my favourite shop, it’s quiet, and students never come here.” He replied.
You shrugged his jacket off and handed it back to him, waiting for him to put it on.
You noticed his cheeks were slightly red and his nose was red from the cold and you smiled a little more.
Leaning up, you took your scarf off and wrapped it around him.
“You look like Rudolph.” You laughed.
You laughed and shook your head and started to wonder about the shop, Severus following behind you.
You found a book on potions and herbs, so you picked it up, and found a few more books similar.
Holding them under your arm, you found a few muggle books and also picked them up.
“What’re you doing?”
You turned around, Severus had a few books in his other hand like you did.
Giving him a smile, you showed him the books you had.
“I’m not good at potions, so I got these to help me understand your work. I also got some muggle books to read because I haven’t seen them in ages.”
He rolled his eyes and took your books, adding them to his.
You guys carried on looking around, you sticking close by to his side, showing him things you liked or looked cool with a huge smile on your face.
When it came to paying for the books, he paid for them all and carried the bags they were in.
Holding his hand out, he let you take it before you guys headed back outside.
It was dark now, and it was slightly starting to snow which made you grin.
Lights lit up Hogsmeade, and you saw everything all colourful.
“Wow...” You whispered.
Severus smiled down at you, your childish nature never bore him, it amazed him how you could always be so happy and carefree.
Placing his hand on the back of your head, he leant down and kissed your forehead, giving you a small laugh and a smile.
“Lets go dear, it’s late and cold.”
“Alright Sev, thanks for today.”
He hummed and nodded, leading you back to the trail towards hogwarts.
You didn’t often get days alone, but since it was holidays and most students had gone back to their families, you had loads of free time and he wanted to spend as much time as he could with you, hearing your laugh and seeing your smile before you guys get swamped with work once more
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gemma-collins-ily · a day ago
What about harry reacting to an extremely athletic s/o?
Harry Having An Extremely Athletic S/O
a/n - heya, I wasn't really sure what to add to make this longer. By the way, don't be afraid to request something specific you think only a small amount of headcanons will come from, I seriously do not mind, even snippets of previous headcanons I have written that you want me to expand on are welcome ideas! Also, let me know if you want me to release the chapters of my Harry James Potter fanfic on here too!
Warnings: mentions of food/smoothies and diets, let me know anything else!
Tumblr media
he wants to support you in literally everything you do and aspire to do
so, he'll be one of those boyfriends who will go the whole nine yards for you
which means, if you're not just someone who exercises often but also eats extremely healthily and does yoga etc. he will do his absolute best to join in
if you only really do the sports you enjoy a lot, instead of tons of sports all at once, Harry will crouch to defend the basket in basketball
or wave his arms wildly to try to catch a throw
you know he can catch small objects accurately because you've seen him on the quidditch field but you let him think he's doing well
he just can't grasp how to fluently save a goal or easily mark you
that's due to all his quidditch but in that, he doesn't have to sidestep down a pitch or do a chest pass
he will try regardless and cheer, doing a victory lap of the field before plopping on the floor of he succeeds
"I'm quitting while I'm ahead, love."
Despite what he claims, Harry is already pushing himself up from the floor, getting back into his previous position before beckoning for you to carry on.
"Sure 'bout that?"
"Yup. Gimme all you got, c'mon."
even if he's huffing and panting, red in the face, he won't give up until you do
it's kind of a contest, although you will always win unless it's quidditch
speaking of which, Harry will take you to the broom shop, buy you the most up-to-date edition (even if you insist he doesn't need to) and coax you to play with him
of course, it doesn't require much persuasion because you want to try a new thing, support him just as he does you
besides, you're just generally eager anyways
if you aren't the best, he won't let you get frustrated, instead coming up with helpful strategies and little quips of constructive criticism to help you or make things easier
as captain, he has a sort of overview on every player point and has been watching since he started playing too
so, he knows his stuff
it could go the other way
let's say you know your stuff too
because you've been cheering for Harry at matches for years, observing all the stances and critical details down to a tee
he is totally fine with you once again being just a bit better or on par in skill level compared to him
he's not really the jealous type, rather thinking, "How cool can my partner possibly be?"
"I thought I'd finally found something I was better at, hon."
You giggle at the way his pout morphs into a grin, showing his glee that you are even trying his favourite sport with him.
The next round, you pretend you miss saving the quaffle, falsely groaning and putting your head in your hands.
the first time you do this, by the way, he actually believes you missed and rushes over to pry your hands away from your face and say it's fine before seeing you simper bashfully
he doesn't think of it as belittling but lets you know you can beat him and he will not care
after, you still sometimes play a match against him, when the sun is setting or rising, it doesn't matter to you
if you like to get up early to start a jog or warm up routine, Harry will be right there with you, not clingy but just the right amount of supportive
sometimes though, he can barely pull himself from the warm duvet and you will tell him it's perfectly alright and that he can stay in bed
I think if the Great Hall was open to students before breakfast, you might use it for jogging in winter, not wanting to have to bundle up and then sweat in your layers after exercise
people have waltzed into the hall to see you and Harry jogging between tables, weaving around each other and smacking your palms against the other's each time you pass in synchronisation
he will totally buy you one of those water bottles that has markings on when to hydrate
"It's important to stay hydrated, especially with all the exercise you do!"
"I know, thank you Har. I'll use it later, how about that?"
if morning yoga or stretching is a thing for you, Harry could do it with you or simply lay in bed and smile as he hears you murmuring to yourself on how you should follow the instructor
when the common room is finally empty, you may search up a couple's yoga video (maybe Hogwarts has WiFi or you downloaded it, y'know thinking of your love as you saved the video to your files, how sweet)
if you end up falling on top of each other, he'll stare at you, analysing all your features before smiling and giving you a soft kiss
"I'd like to make you aware that I am, in fact, sweaty as you are doing this, darling."
"I know (Y/N/N), but you have hugged me after quidditch before."
"Ooh, think of the torture, Har. Hugging a teenage boy!"
You descended into slight chaos, the Gryffindors later reappearing to see you lying in a heap together on the floor, still cucooned against the other as you slept.
"Disgusting. Never want to see that again."
"Shut up, Ronald!"
if he's sick though, you will cancel everything at a moment's notice and take care of him, even if he insists he needs no such thing
early mornings can be done
although, Harry much prefers to stay with you just a bit longer, cuddled together peacefully
you don't exactly mind either
so on some days, the early mornings don't really happen
again, you can't find it within yourself to care as long as you're with him
if you do meal plans or diets, he'll help and prepare whatever you want
"Want this blended?"
his face will screw up in disgust at the kale smoothie and you will chuckle as he pushes it to you, saying he wants something else right then and there
this conveniently always happens right when a glass of the green sludge is placed before him
he will cheer for you in any competitions you have, whether they be true formal ones or casual meetups with other players of your sport
if you don't really want the attention on you though, he will instantly shush himself and only admire how you loop around the defence as you dribble and shoot
will boast subtly about how amazing you are
"Welp, I wonder who that was that just crushed the other team on the field? Seen them around before, sweetheart?"
You decide to play along, letting a bliss filled grin spread over your face, "No, don't think I have. Whoever they are though, I think they're someone to look out for."
"I think so too."
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fredsghost · 13 days ago
harry potter boys and their cocks
Tumblr media
feat; the harry potter boys 
warning/s; (18+) minors dni
summary; what their dicks look like.
navigation — rules — inbox — potterverse masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
god tier cock, great girth, and exceptional length, overall: an absolute chef’s kiss — DEAN THOMAS, theodore nott, bill weasley, NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM, sirius black
really sensitive big breeder balls, absolutely fat and heavy and plump — bill weasley, blaise zabini, dean thomas, CHARLIE WEASLEY, OLIVER WOOD, ron weasley, SEAMUS FINNIGAN
definitely a grower, but hardens into the perfect cock with a usually pulsing pinkish head — draco malfoy, HARRY POTTER, george weasley, CEDRIC DIGGORY, remus lupin, neville longbottom, REGULUS BLACK
immense thickness with prominent veins running down the side, and just a little shorter than average think coke can — seamus finnigan, ron weasley, oliver wood, GEORGE WEASLEY, charlie weasley
slightly skinny with a subtle curve but more than makes up for it in length, basically; a scythe that will split you in two — HARRY POTTER, percy weasley, james potter, remus lupin, FRED WEASLEY, cedric diggory, LEE JORDAN, regulus black
Tumblr media
a/n; sophia hornee on the tl again. no one is safe. you’ll see her again. *jazz hands backwards into the darkness*
© fredsghost — do not repost, plagiarize, and/or steal my works.
Tumblr media
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fredshufflepuff · 5 months ago
having angry sex with fred and you moan someone else’s name to get him mad so he fucks u harder
got it || f.w ✧˖*°࿐
summary: you purposely moan someone else’s name during sex, pissing off fred.
warnings: fem!reader, dom!fred, rough sex, heavy degrading
word count: 716
your legs were draped over fred’s shoulders as he snapped his hips roughly into yours, his cock rubbing aggressively against your walls as you clenched tightly around him.
“s’this what you wanted? huh, slut? to be fucked like the little toy you are?” he spat, pressing his body down on yours as your eyes rolled to the back of your head.
you deliberately flirted with draco malfoy during study hall to get under fred’s skin, knowing how much he despised the slytherin boy.
you didn’t really have a reason, just that you knew fred fucked you rough when you made him mad.
“m’not a-a slut” you mumbled, head falling to the side to avoid eye contact but fred was quick to yank you back, fingers digging into your chin as you whined in annoyance.
“yes you are, just a stupid slut for me to play with.”
your lips pursed into a thin line as he smirked down at you, his fingers finally dropping from your chin to come down and grip your hips.
“stupid slut,” he mumbled, his jaw clenching as he suddenly pulled out and flipped you around, gripping your waist to pull you back so he could fuck you from behind.
“f-fuck” you moaned as he thrusted himself back into you, your head falling forward but not for long as fred yanked you back up.
his fingers curled around your hair and forced it into a ponytail, bringing your head up and arching your back.
“you like that?” he asked, laughing at your fucked state as he could practically sense your eyes rolling, “f’course you do, moan my name slut.”
his balls slapped against the curve of your ass as his grip around your hair tightened, your scalp burning and eyes watering as he fucked you silly.
‘fucking dick, i’ll moan a name alright’
“d-draco fuck” you moaned loudly, the smirk on your face quickly dropping as fred shoved you fully into the mattress and pressed his body down on yours.
his weight overwhelmed your small figure as he then started to pound into you, his ears practically fuming with smoke and his jaw clenched so hard you could see red.
“you stupid fucking whore, moaning his name like that when you know who you belong to” he spat, smushing the side of your face into the bed as he roughly gripped your hair.
“f-fuck f-freddie” you whimpered, his cock practically destroying your insides as tears pricked the corners of your eyes.
“that’s right, moan my name” he seethed, spitting the words through his teeth as you sobbed from under him, “let everyone know who’s making you feel good.”
“c-cumming, i’m a-about to cum” you warned, legs shaking and body jolting as fred laid a blow to your ass.
before you could process anything, you felt yourself break around fred’s cock as your body went limp from under him—your walls squeezing tightly around him as you released around his length.
“fuck” fred mumbled, sending one last thrust into your sensitive hole before spilling his seeds inside of you, his warm load filling you up as your eyes fell shut from the feeling.
you felt fred slowly pull out as you whined from the feeling, a mix of yours and his cum dripping out of your cunt and down your thighs.
fred carefully rolled you over so your back rested on the mattress, your chest heaving up and down as a small smile came to your face.
“i didn’t break you, did i?” he asked, concern laced behind his joking manner as you shook your head, your hands coming up to pull him into a kiss.
“only a little” you teased, fred chucking against your lips before pulling away.
“m’gonna clean you up now.”
he left your side to throw on a clean pair of boxers, then grabbing a fresh towel before making his way to the bathroom.
“oh, and y/n?” he suddenly said, turning around fully as you hummed in response. you sat yourself up the best you could as your legs trembled slightly, your hair a mess and makeup stained into your cheeks.
“don’t ever moan his or anyone’s name but mine, again. got it?”
a small smile tugged on your lips as you nodded your head, fred’s intimidating figure practically looming over yours despite being half way across the room.
“got it.”
fred weasley smut tag list 🏷 @90smalfoys @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @ang9lic @malfoysbiitch @Harrypotter_Whore @aetheralist @miraclesoflove @amourtentiaa @fjorelaant @myloveforluna @bellatrixscurls @marrymetheonott @skaratjung @wh0re4blaise @dreamxnotxfound @pinkandblueblurbs @roonilwazlibswhore @dlmmdl @letmereadpls @dagirlintheback @onyourgoddamnleft @moonyinthelight @iamnibbsi @6r4cie @samineisntmyname @amourtentiaa @elizabethrosedarling @authorb @justasmolballofstress @persephonestoad @escapingrealitybyreading @happydazzz123 @touchdeprivedwh0re @thescarletweasleywitch @adnaweasley @g0ldenwanda @harrysamortentia @funnikusu @fleursbabe @onlyfreds @666cookies @sluttylea @Dakota.jones25 @fragmentsofmywand @miss-starkov @aarcturus @v4l3nt1n44
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ameliora-j · a month ago
angel // stebrother!rw x reader
Tumblr media
words: 1.3k
warnings: stepcest, somnophilia, innocence kink, fem masturbation, overstimulation, corruption kink, praise, like one degrading word, squirting, kinda dark!fic not rly
a/n: this is filthy tbh if you don’t like it j don’t read it idk what to tell you…
a/n 2: i also didn’t tag anyone in this cus it is a darker fic so i hope it gets attention
you felt it and had no idea what it was. a tingle in your tummy that set your entire body on fire. you whimpered softly, squeezing your legs together to relieve the tension down there. you whined as you felt no relief and decided to get up and take a shower.
your parents never taught you about your body, but your mom said that when you felt like this you should take a shower, so that’s what you did. you whimpered softly as your clit dragged against your newest squishie. you moved back and let out a breath when it happened again. it felt good so you continued doing it. you didn’t understand the tingly sensation in your special parts, but it felt too good to stop.
you continued dragging your cunt over the squishe that your stepbrother got you. you choked over the moan that tore from your throat as you felt something gushing from your special parts. “ronnie…” you whimpered softly. you couldn’t stop the whimpers that escaped you as you reached your peak. you continue to whimper out your stepbrother’s name as all of your muscles tensed and then immediately relaxed as your breath was stuck in your throat.
there was a wet patch on your squishie as you fell back onto your pillows, breaths coming out in heavy pants. your legs were twitching and your heart beating out of your chest. you whimpered as you turned and cuddled into the pillow your stepbrother usually slept on, his scent comforting as your core pulsed and twitched with overstimulation as it rubbed against the sheets.
little did you know, said stepbrother was just on the other side of the door, palming himself through his pants as he heard his, seemingly innocent, stepsister moaning his name. and he couldn’t wait to ruin you.
that night, ron went and laid in your bed next to you. “ronnie?” you murmured, half asleep.
“hi puppy. go back to sleep, yeah? jus’ comin’ to cuddle,” he murmured.
“missed you,” you hummed as you cuddled into his chest, wrapping your leg around his waist.
“missed you too,” he kissed your head. “goodnight puppy.”
“night ronnie,” you hummed.
sleeping in the same bed as your stepbrother was nothing new to you. you were afraid of sleeping alone, so he always came into your bed and cuddled with you at night when he got back from hanging out with his friends. however what was new to you was the dream you were having.
it was similar to what you were doing with your squishie, except ron was the one making your special parts feel good. you didn’t know what he was doing, you just knew he was between your legs and you didn’t want him to stop.
ron smirked down at you as you grinded against his leg. “oh puppy… little princess parts are needy, hmm?” he asked. though it was rhetorical because you were unconscious. “‘s okay, daddy can fix that,” he carefully pried you off of him, hearing a whine at the loss of contact. he crawled down and slowly pulled your panties down as to not wake you. even in sleep, your body responded to him. he licked up your dripping little cunt and had to hold in his moan at the taste.
he felt your hips grinding back against his face as he sucked on your little button. you whined as your eyes fluttered open. “ronnie what’re you doing?” you asked softly.
ron rested his chin on your abdomen as he smiled up at you. “good dream angel?” you hummed in affirmation. “wanna tell me about it, huh?”
“you were makin’ me feel good ronnie,” you murmured.
“yeah? where at?” his smirk darkened as your body flushed in embarrassment.
“down there,” you murmured abashedly.
“here?” he asked as he gently traced his thumb over your swollen clit. your body twitched as you let out a quiet shriek, nodding furiously. “these are your princess parts, angel. want me to make them feel good?” he asked.
“please ronnie? made them feel good earlier. don’t know what was happening. but it felt really good. wanna feel good again please,” you whined.
he shushed you gently before slowly pushing a finger into your entrance. “gotta relax for me, angel. gonna hurt if you don’t,” you nodded and felt your body relax as he brushed his finger up against that spot inside of you and flicked your clit with his thumb.
your moans were increasing in volume as you squirmed around the bed, prompting ron to push his thumb into your mouth. “shh angel. don’t want your daddy coming in to see his little girl being a little whore do we?”
“no ronnie,” you murmured as you sucked on his thumb.
“that’s it. good girl come apart for me just like that,” your breathing picked up in pace as he continued to brush his fingers against your special spot while his thumb rubbed against your clit.
“ronnie please… ronnie tummy feels weird. feels like i gotta pee,” you whined softly around his thumb.
“cum for me angel. push. push,” and while ron probably didn’t mean push in the literal sense, you did. clamping down on his fingers as your cunt pushed down on them untill your body relaxed until you fell into a euphoric headspace. galaxies danced across your vision as you laid atop your bed completely fucked out from just his fingers.
your cum squirted out of your cunt and all over his forearm and lower abdomen. “fuck princess. so fucking hot,” he hummed as he bent down and kissed you softly.
“ronnie, you’re poking me,” you whined softly as you squirmed away from the contact of his sweatpants on your overstimulated button. he chuckled as he pulled away.
“that’s my cock angel,” he informed you.
“wanna see it please?” you ask softly. he groaned softly as his eyes rolled to the back of his head, nearly cumming in his pants just from the innocent look you gave him. he pulled down his pants and boxers just enough to free his cock and chuckled at the way your eyes went cartoonishly wide. “wanna make you feel good too,” you hummed.
“you’re too little for me to put it inside, bunny. gotta stretch you out first,” he told you.
“please?” you looked up at him with the best puppy eyes you could muster. “just wanna make you feel good ronnie please.”
he couldn’t say no to you, so he obliged. he pushed his cock between your lips and slowly began grinding, the head of his cock hitting your cunt each time. you whimpered softly as he took your hand and put it on his cock, keeping it between your folds as he continued to grind against you. “fuck princess. such a messy little pussy you have,” he breathed. “all for me.”
“all for you ronnie,” you hummed back as your head fell back in bliss, your hips bucking against his.
“gonna cum angel. cum with me, can you do that?” you nodded as a whimper tore from your throat. at the feeling of his warm cum spraying on top of your mound, you reached your peak, body spiraling into euphoria as you moaned out his name. “good girl,” he whispered as he kissed your head. “such a good girl,” you hummed softly as he fell next to you and you nuzzled into his chest.
“thank you ronnie,” you whispered softly as he rubbed your back, pulling the covers over your half naked bodies. his face paled as he heard footsteps coming down the hall. the door opened and ron practically held his breath.
“everything okay in here?” your dad asked.
“yeah,” he nodded. “angel had a bad dream. asked me to lay with her untill she went back to sleep,” he informed him.
“you’re a good kid ron. thanks for taking care of her the way you do,” your dad noted as he walked out of your room.
“i’ll always take care of my pretty little puppy,” ron murmured, more to himself as you were out like a light, your body tucked against his side as your legs twitched with the aftershocks of your orgasms. he rubbed your back gently as he kissed your head. “always and always,” he whispered.
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whyennwhenyouareyn · 2 months ago
Jealousy: James Potter X Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: Sorry for not posting in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time I had the WORST case of writer’s block.... Its better now.
I always get yall riled up with my Harry imagines, now here’s one about his dad.
WARNINGS: Swearing, tooth rotting fluff, A N G S T, never written for James before
The Great Hall was its usual subdued self with the occasional clatter of knives and forks that surrounded you and your friends. You were anxiously looking around, refusing to touch your food until the missing boy arrived.
“Come on Y/N!” Sirius yelled through a mouthful of potatoes, “’Oo worry ‘oo much! M’sure ‘e’s fine! Oops – sorry, Moony.”
Remus shot him a disgusted look, reaching out to brush away the crumbs that had landed on his robe sleeves.
“Yes, but you two had Quidditch practice together, right?” you asked anxiously.
“Relax Y/N,” Remus patiently told you, “He’s probably busy in... one thing or the other.”
Sirius snickered, “’Eah, he and Lily are probably shagging in some closet.”
“Padfoot,” Remus snapped, throwing a sidelong glance at you as you pointedly looked away.
It was common knowledge that you and James were the dynamic duo of Hogwarts. James Potter and Y/N L/N – like two peas in a pod. You’d grown up as neighbours, played together, jinxed bullies together, run at the platform wall together – it wasn’t really your fault you’d fallen in love with him by your third year.
Who wouldn’t?
James Potter – athletic, handsome, talented – what was there not to like?
Of course you’d been too chicken to actually tell him that. You were afraid that by admitting your feelings for James, he’d not feel the same way and be weirded out, leaving you practically friendless. You were fine, you thought, as you were – best friends who did everything together.
And soon came the time when you regretted not speaking up when she came along.
Lily Evans.
Beautiful, kind, talented and just unnervingly sweet though she was, you just couldn’t bring yourself to hate her. The way her eye lit up when she saw you, the kindness with which she spoke to you – you hated it, but in your heart, you knew.
You knew James deserved someone like her, never someone like you – spineless enough to lose her first and only love.
It was true, you were quite good at hiding your feelings. Remus was the only one who picked up on your possibly unrequited love for James, leaving Peter, Sirius and heck, even James clueless.
As you sat there, trying your utter best to avoid Remus’s looks of sympathy, the sound of sodden footsteps broke  you out of your little ‘daze’.
You turned with a forced smile to greet him but the sight made you gratefully wipe it off. James was soaking wet (from the rain, no doubt) and his clothes were sticking to his body, giving you the perfect view of his Quidditch-toned body and Merlin’s beard did he look a breathtaking sight. It was not, however, the unnervingly attractive James that made you frown but it was the look his face wore.
It was one of the utmost fury – he looked agitated, a look James rarely wore because he was – well – James Potter!
“What’s up?” you asked automatically.
James gave a humongous sigh and ran a hand through his hair, making it perhaps even messier (if that was possible) than it was.
He plopped into the chair next to you and grabbed a sausage off your plate, cramming it into his mouth before grabbing a fork and stabbing a tomato so hard it slipped from beneath the fork and flew across the table, knocking Peter’s hat off his head.
After muttering a disgruntled sorry, James turned to you with a dead sort of look in his eye.
“It’s Lily,” he finally said, “She’s being... difficult. Says I’ve got my priorities wrong just because I want to hang out with you lot at Hogsmeade.”
“Where’s the problem in that?” you aske din surprise, “She could come along.”
“I said that at first,” James shook his head, “But she told me we never get ‘alone time’ anymore which is completely untrue by the way!” he added angrily to the rest of you, “All I do these days is spend time with her these days – if anything, it’s you four who should be shouting at me for not spending time with you.”
“James, calm down,” you pacifyingly said, “Look, why don’t you and Lily just – talk this out? Talking always helps, you know.”
Of course it does, if you’d just TALKED to him about your feelings unlike the coward you are, Y/N!
“I just don’t get it,” James finally said, “She never used to have a problem with me being around you guys! If anything, she liked it!”
“I’m sure she still does,” you gave a brave smile, “Everything will be alright, you two just need... time, to sort this out.”
“Just shag her, prongs,” Sirius said in a muffled voice, “She’ll be alright.”
“No, she’s right,” James muttered, referring to you. “We should probably talk about this.”
Sirius shrugged indifferently.
“And also,” James dropped his voice an octave lower so that nobody but the four of you could hear, “I was – planning on... well, proposing,” he said in a very embarrassed voice.
Your mouth fell open in absolute horror, but luckily for you, at the word ‘propose’ Sirius swallowed his food so hard that he turned purple and began to choke.
Remus didn’t bother helping him out, instead he turned to James and asked with the same horror you felt, “Propose? To Lily? Like, get married?”
“Good for you, prongs,” Sirius gasped, massaging his throat.
James grinned embarrassedly.
As he turned to you for support, you seemed to regain your voice, stuttering, “I h-have to g-go.”
James’s previously shining brown eyes switched to concern as he asked, “Y/N? Wh –”
“I have to go,” you snapped, “See you later.”
“Y/N, wait,” Remus quietly said but you turned around and walked away. As you did you could feel Sirius’s suspicious gaze boring into your retreating form like daggers, but you didn’t much care.
“Go away,” you yelled through your pillow, your voice cracking at the number of hours you’d spent crying.
“Y/N, open this door or I’ll come in, I swear,” Sirius yelled.
“It’s got an imperturbable charm on it!” you yelled.
“And I can break it!” Sirius yelled back childishly.
You groaned, knowing he wouldn’t listen, and slumped off the bed and to the door. It was perhaps because of the strength of you friendship that Sirius didn’t laugh at the sad state you were currently in – puffy eyes and all.
“What?” you sniffled.
“Something tells me...” Sirius began, “You have a crush on prongs.”
You gasped out loud, “SSSSHHHH!” and clamped a hand over his mouth, “How do you know?!”
“I’m not an idiot,” Sirius feigned hurt.
“Debatable,” you said.
“There’s the Y/N/N I’m looking for,” Sirius grinned and you rolled your eyes.
“You disturbed my mourn fest to tell me this?” you asked.
“Nope,” said Sirius, popping the ‘p’, “I disturbed you because I want to offer you something.”
“And what exactly makes you think I’m interested?” you grumbled.
“You will be once you hear the terms,” Sirius assured.
You hummed and crossed your arms, leaning against the doorway, “Listening.”
“Right,” Sirius said in a businesslike tone, “Now you’ve been going around for the past few years moaning because you think you have a silly one sided crush, correct?”
“I don’t moan,” you said crossly.
“Answer the question!”
“Okay, yes!” you threw your arms up in the air, “What about it?”
Sirius cleared his throat, “Well – maybe it isn’t. One sided, I mean.”
If you were drinking water, you would surely have spit it out.
“I – what?!” you gasped, “How’d you work that one out?”
“I know my prongsie, Y/N,” Sirius grinned, “I know him very well.”
“Well if you’d known him slightly better you’d know he’s head over heels for Lily!” you shouted.
“Nuh uh,” Sirius held up a finger, “Thinks he’s head over heels for Lily.”
“There’s no thinks!” you yelled, losing your patience, “He loves her, Sirius.”
“Whatever you say,” Sirius rolled his eyes, “Now – the plan. Do you want to find out if he likes you back?”
You hesitated but slowly nodded.
“Alright,” Sirius grinned mischievously, “It’s a simple matter of – the jealousy game.”
“The what?” you said blankly.
Sirius scoffed, “Right, sorry – in innocent Y/N terms, you fake date me and if it makes James jealous, ta da! He likes you!”
“No way,” you said, starting to smile a little, “And you would do this for me – why?”
Sirius gasped and mimed fainting, “Anything for my best friend! Also... I need to make someone jealous as well,” he admitted sheepishly.
“Well – promise me you won’t laugh.”
“Sirius,” you said seriously, “You’re my friend. Of course I’ll laugh!”
Sirius sniffed. Then –
“It’s... Remus.”
“Oh my god,” you squealed into your palms, “Sirius, that’s amazing!”
“Thanks,” Sirius shyly said, “So – we have a plan?”
“We do,” you grinned.
“Right. Here’s what we’re going to do.”
By breakfast next morning, your spirits were considerably higher as you let the bizarre possibility of James liking you back sink in.
You happily hummed, spooning eggs onto your plate.
“Someone’s in a good mood,” an amused voice said behind you.
You turned with a grin to greet James who was watching you with a small smile.
“What happened last night?” he asked in a quiet whisper.
“Oh – stuff,” you said, grinning.
“Right,” James nodded, unconvinced, “What’re you doing today?”
“Oh – it’s Saturday so, Hogsmeade I guess,” you shrugged.
Across the hall you saw Sirius wave frantically and your expression cleared as you looked down into your plate, suddenly very interested in your food.
Sirius got the hint and strolled over.
“Morning, all,” he grinned.
“Morning pads,” James yawned.
“Y/N/N,” Sirius whispered, “Can I ask you something?”
James curiously looked between you two.
“Sure,” you smiled.
Sirius took a breath, “Go to Hogsmeade with me?”
“I am, Sirius,” you giggled, “Aren’t you, me, Remus and Peter going?”
“No, no,” Sirius frowned. Damn, he was a good actor, “As my date.”
Someone choked beside you.
You turned in worry to see James coughing violently. Remus slapped him on the back, looking at Sirius in confusion and mild envy.
“You,” James gasped, “And him. Date?”
“Yeah, why?” you asked.
“You – Padfoot?” James asked, “Who – why?”
“What do you mean why?” you asked, starting to get annoyed. It wasn’t working...
“I just – who’d want to go on a date with you?”
He had touched a nerve.
You flared up at once, slamming your fork down, all pretext of the plan gone. Who cared if this prick married Lily, really?
“Excuse me,” you snapped, “I shall go on a date with whoever I choose. Just because I’m not your type doesn’t mean others can’t fancy me, Potter!”
“I never said...” James trailed off. The ‘Potter’ had caught him off guard.
“No one gives a shit what you said,” you snapped again, “If you’ll excuse me, I have a date to get ready for.”
James looked aggravated.
“I don’t know what I was thinking!” you whisper shouted as you and Sirius browsed through the Honeydukes sweets, “Who’d want to go on a date with you? That cocky little,” you swore, “This was a mistake.”
“Really, love?” Sirius whispered, “Because I think it’s working.”
“And exactly how do you –”
You were cut off as the a chime sounded and the door to the sweet shop slammed against the wall.
James Potter was striding in ‘nonchalantly’ alongside a confused Lily.
“James, its awful in here,” she whined, “Let’s go to Madame Puddifoot’s!”
“In a while, darling,” James seethed.
He stormed over to where you and Sirius were examining sugar quills and picked up a pepper imps packet, tugging at it so forcefully the whole shelf fell down and shattered. You raised an eyebrow.
“Reparo,” James hastily muttered as the shelf reformed.
“What?” he snapped at you.
You shrugged. Sirius was smirking. You wanted to slap him.
“Er – sweetheart,” you said awkwardly.
James’s jaw clenched as Sirius said an amused, “Hm?”
“Let’s – go to Dervish and Banges, I need my sneakoscope looked at.”
“Sure,” Sirius grinned.
It soon transpired that James and Lily had planned out their Hogsmeade weekend just like you and Sirius had. Well, it was mostly James who was prowling behind you two alertly and a reluctant Lily who had no choice but to get dragged along. Dervish and Banges, the Shrieking Shack, Gladrags Wizardwear, they followed you two everywhere.
When it started getting a tad bit chilly, you rubbed your arms, whispering to Sirius, “Let’s grab a butterbeer, I’m freezing.”
Sure enough, a voice loudly called, “I can’t feel my arms. Let’s have a butterbeer!”
Lily groaned.
When the four of you walked into the three broomsticks, James took care to sit right behind you and Sirius, forcing you to converse in whispers.
“Okay, what in the name of Merlin’s saggy left sock is going on with him?” you whisper shouted across the table.
“I dunno,” Sirius feigned thought, “I’d say someone’s jealous.”
“Come off it,” you snapped, “He’s being plain annoying, like it’s his life mission to – protect me or something. Oh godric, what if he sees me as a little sister?”
“You really are an idiot,” Sirius rolled his eyes as you threw a napkin at his face.
“Hey, let’s speed this up,” Sirius whispered after a while. Before you had time to question how exactly that would happen, he reached across the table and entwined your hands together very, very visibly.
Behind your table, James turned his eyes away from the sickening and slightly painful sight.
“James!” Lily’s voice snapped from a far way off.
James’s eyes found your happy face again as he mumbled, “What?”
“I’ve been talking for the last ten minutes!” Lily said.
“Have you.” James distractedly muttered.
“Oh for God’s sake,” Lily snapped, “I can’t do this anymore – we aren’t being fair to each other at all.”
“James Potter,” Lily rolled her eyes, “You are the most oblivious toerag I have ever had the misfortune to meet.”
From in front of them, you frowned at the sight of Lily and James in such a heated discussion and though you couldn’t hear them, you were sure it wasn’t good.
“How does it feel,” Sirius abruptly asked.
“Does what feel?”
“Seeing him with Lily?”
“Oh,” you muttered, looking down, “That. Well – she makes him happy, you know. I like seeing him like that.”
“This looks happy to you?” Sirius questioned.
You turned in time to catch sight of James’s face, his eyes fixed on Lily, wide with horror and his mouth agape. Lily seemed to be laughing.
“I have an idea,” Sirius whispered, “Cmere”
“What? Why?”
“Trust me,” he muttered, grabbing your arm. Curious, you let yourself get steered across the bar and into a secluded corner that was anyway visible to the rest of the customers.
“Don’t look,” Sirius whispered, “But in the next few seconds, James will be here, snatching you away from me.”
“What?!” you asked wildly, trying not to turn around on the spot.
“Okay, he’s watching...” Sirius gave you a play by play, “And...”
He brought his face as close as possible to yours and whispered, “Now.”
Sure enough, there was a loud clatter that sounded like a chair being thrown back and the next second, James Potter was striding towards the two of you and quick steps. When he finally reached, he grabbed your forearm and pulled you away from Sirius, turning furiously and dragging you across the bar. You tried fighting to no avail and dejectedly sank against his strong grip. Sirius looked gleeful from across the room.
James opened the door to an empty storage cupboard and shoved you in, getting in himself and slamming the door shut.
“What the hell?” you asked, rubbing your arm.
“What were you doing?” James asked furiously.
“... Drinking butterbeer with Sirius?” you asked.
“Really,” James said sarcastically, “And butterbeer involves gluing your lips together into a snog?”
“Hey, listen!” you snapped, “How does it matter so much to you?”
“How does it matter to me?” James fumed, “Why shouldn’t it matter?!”
“You snog Lily in front of me day and night, James!” you yelled, “So why don’t you just go to her and –”
“LILY AND I BROKE UP!” James shouted angrily.
Your retort was finally lost.
“I – what? Why?!”
“I’ll tell you why,” James snapped, “There’s a million reasons why, Y/N. Which one do you prefer? Maybe it’s because we were never meant to be?! Maybe it’s because I like someone else? Maybe it’s because I’ve been in love with you since we were kids but was too stupid to notice? Maybe it’s because Lily noticed it? Maybe I started dating Lily, trying to get myself to believe it was to get over you when deep down, I knew it was to make you jealous? Maybe it’s because seeing you with Sirius – or with any other guy drives me crazy because I want to be the one to take you on dates, hold your hand and kiss you?! What am I saying – you were perfectly happy with Sirius back there, weren’t you?”
He swore and messed up his hair.
“James –”
“No, I get it – you want to be with him, that’s fine, that’s entirely your choice –”
“James, I –”
“No, it’s fine Y/N, really! It’s fine.”
“All fine, all good, no hard feelings – just thought you should know – I’ll probably just die single I GUESS!”
“James,” you repeated, trying to control your laughter as you placed and arm in his shoulders, “Sirius and I aren’t dating. I – like you too.”
“Then you – wait, what?!” James yelled.
“Er,” you guiltily grinned, “Sirius thought... It’d make you jealous and I, er...”
James fluently swore.
A very nasty silence passed which was finally broken as –
“Can I – can I, er,” James embarrassedly muttered. Was James Potter blushing?! “Can I... kiss you?”
You looked down before giving a tiny, timid nod. There was nothing more to be said.
James grabbed you gently under the chin and raised your head to connect your lips with his own in a much needed kiss that was overdue since probably ages now.
It was nothing like the angry, passionate kisses he’d shared with Lily, no. It was slow yet sweet, with unexplainable meaning etched behind every time your lips brushed together. Finally, after you both needed to regain your breath, you parted, resting your forehead against his.
“That was...” James began, “Wow.”
“Yeah,” you blushed, “Wow.”
A sudden chorus of whooping came from outside, causing you both to jump in fright. James adjusted his glasses and opened the door in utter bemusement.
Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily were all standing there, huge grins plastered across their faces as they clapped appreciatively.
You groaned loudly and hid your face in James’s shoulder as James cast a disgusted look at them, whining, “Seriously?”
“YOU GO, PRONGS!” Sirius whooped loudly.
James rolled his eyes.
You were anxiously watching Lily who remained grinning, giving you a thumbs up.
“You’re – fine with this?” you asked flatly.
“’Course,” Lily said, laughing, “This was meant to be! Anyway, I’ve liked someone else for a while now... Maybe I’ll have a chance...”
You followed her hopeful gaze in the direction of Marlene McKinnon who was sitting alone with her butterbeer.
“Go for it,” you grinned at Lily as Lily took a breath and nodded, walking over to her.
You all watched her sit down and talk to Marlene, grins plastered on all of your faces. Sirius caught Remus’s eye and they both turned away instantly, flushing in embarrassment.
You and James shared a pointed look before you giggled and snuggled into his warm arms once again.
Perhaps the day wasn’t to bad, after all.
Also, WHATS with tumblr and deleting my masterlists?!
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melmalone · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Regulus Black x Muggleborn!Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Summary: You and Regulus test how well each of you can keep quiet to prevent your parents from hearing what you’re up to.
Warnings: Smutty/NSFW content (don't read if you're underage or uncomfortable with that), unprotected sex, food mentions, corny innuendos
Author’s Note: Not requested, but I told my friend this idea and she encouraged me, which means I just had to write it. Also, I don’t know if barbecues are only an American thing (?) but it was the first way I could think of to get both parents out of the room.
Harry Potter Masterlist. | Notification Sideblog. | Requests Closed!
One thing you’d learned about Regulus was that he - for better or for worse - was a brilliant actor, especially when it came to impressing parents. Stellar grades, good physical prowess, stylish clothes… you could go on. For himself, this helped him survive the strict household he’d grown up in. For you, this helped endear your parents to your charming, lovely boyfriend.
They, of course, didn’t know his family’s history - they would never know how much his parents would have hated yours and hated you, how his parents would have disowned him the moment they knew he was with you were they alive. He was lucky in that regard that your parents were Muggles. The only things they would know about the Wizarding World and the people in it was that which you told them. 
It was a nice summer afternoon when you dropped by to visit your parents so they could meet your boyfriend, and as dinnertime approached, your dad insisted on barbecuing as a special summer treat. You and Regulus had volunteered to help, but both your parents refused to accept, saying that you two were the guests, and besides, they hadn't really had an occasion to cook like this in a while and were happy for it. So, you and Regulus waited on the couch after telling your parents to call either of you if they needed help moving food in or out or setting anything up. When you heard the door to the backyard close, a sudden devious thought hit you.
“Hey, honey?” you whispered. He looked down at you, raising his eyebrows at you. “Both my parents went outside?”
Turning his head and leaning back to look over the back of the couch - which graced your eyes with the heavenly sight of Regulus’s neck and jawline as his neck muscles tensed and flexed - he murmured, “Yeah. Why?”
As you sat up slightly, you turned your body so that you laid on your front. “Keep watch and hush.”
He did as you said, eyeing the door between the kitchen and the backyard until he felt a tug on his trousers from where you were unbuttoning them. Reluctant though he was, he looked back to the door again as you pulled down the zipper and his briefs to bring out his dick. Though it was soft before you’d turned onto your stomach, it roused as your warm, soft hands took hold of it and jerked it. His breath hitched as he felt the searing, wet cavern of your mouth on him, but he still kept his eye on that door. The fingers that were earlier dancing up and down your arm carded their way into your hair when you started pressing delicate openmouthed kisses on his tip.
His mind raced with questions, but he worried that if he asked, either you’d stop your actions to respond or your parents would overhear and come back in. Either way, the pressure of your mouth on his cock would stop. So, he just gulped back his questions and any noises he would have made, stared at that door, and kept his fingers in your hair. It was hard to keep himself from letting out strangled noises as you started to suck gently, let alone when your tongue ran under his head. The soft, almost adoring nature of this spontaneous act almost made his eyes squeeze shut momentarily due to the overwhelming rush of hot electricity that focused in his pelvis and slowly built to a crescendo. He heaved a harsh exhale before your words came back to his consciousness. Keep watch. 
Gritting his teeth to keep his mouth shut, he raised his other hand to grip the back of the couch tightly. The door he stared at became the subject of his mental prayers as he was guided gently by your knowing hands and mouth towards a precipice. It was when you hummed softly around him and hollowed your cheeks to take in as much of him as possible that you finally pushed him over the edge and let him spiral down, down, down into a boiling hot sea as his breath was snatched from him and his hands clenched down, tugging your hair and squeezing the back of your parents’ couch. His thighs and calves tensed beneath you for those few cruel seconds of drowning before he broke the surface and could breathe again. You swallowed around him, your tongue resorting to even more dainty licks against his oversensitive cock before tucking him back into his underwear and fixing his trousers.
And not two minutes later as he tried to rein in his ragged breathing while you turned back to lay your head on his thigh with a devious smile, your mother opened the back door and stuck her head in, asking, “Regulus, how do you like your burgers? With ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes--- the whole works?”
“Uh, yes, please,” he said, hoping against hope that she couldn’t sense the tremor he swore was in his voice.
“And (Y/n), you’re having hot dogs, right?”
“Yes, mother,” you said, playing with Regulus’s hand that had moved from your hair to cradle your jaw when you turned onto your back. Your eyes sparkled, and you pressed your soft lips to his knuckles. “You know how I like them.”
Regulus’s train of thought turned to a blur of vague, mixed-up phrases and sensations at your amused gaze. When your mother went back outside, he hissed, “You’re going to get it later.”
You winked with that evil little grin still on full display. “I’ll be waiting for it.”
Tumblr media
The one disadvantage of having Muggle parents is that they never quite understood how all that magic stuff worked. After dinner, they’d insisted that it was too late for you and Regulus to travel back to your shared flat, and they offered to let you stay in your childhood bedroom while Regulus took the guest bedroom. Surprisingly, just as you were about to explain Apparation, your boyfriend agreed with them. He had a sneaky glint in his eyes when he turned to you, so you also agreed to stay, even though you knew he had something planned.
You waited in your bedroom after saying goodnight to your parents and changing your clothes, wondering what he had planned. When you opened the door at the soft sound of knocking, you hadn’t expected Regulus to wordlessly pull you into a searing kiss, but you weren’t complaining. He closed your bedroom door behind him quietly and turned you around to press you back against it. Cool fingertips pulled the hem of your oversized sleep shirt up and slipped underneath them. It was only when his hands cupped your bare breasts that Regulus broke the kiss.
“Not wearing a bra?” he murmured against your lips, tilting his head to press open-mouthed kisses to the side of your neck.
Giggling at how ticklish his nose brushing against your skin was, you said, “Well, I was about to go to sleep, and bras aren’t super comfy, so…”
“Uh-huh.” He rolled your nipples between his fingers and pressed his hips into yours, and it was then that you felt the heat of him through his boxers and sweatpants.
You pushed back on his chest lightly, muttering, “Reggie, lemme get my wand and cast some sound-proofing charms---”
“We don’t need them.” At your inquisitive look, he pulled back to look in your eyes with a cocksure grin. “You’re more than capable of keeping quiet enough that your parents won’t hear us, aren’t you? I mean, we know I certainly am.”
You raised your eyebrows at him before realizing this was what he meant when he said you were going to get it. “Of course I can stay quiet.”
“We’ll see,” he said with a hum, pushing your shirt up and over your head before he tugged you back to your bed. 
He sat you down and pulled your sleep shorts down, taking your panties with them. After tossing them aside, he slid his hands up your shins and over your knees. You bit your lip in anticipation when he brought his lips to your inner thigh, his fingers dancing up and down your skin. He kissed down to the heat between your legs and was sure to take his sweet time on the way there. By the time his fingers dipped to your pussy, you were soaking wet, and you heard him chuckle to himself before he used the slickness to circle around your clit. A moan threatened to tear itself from your throat, so you made your hand into a fist and bit it. That worked to keep you quiet until Regulus lowered his head and pulled your hands to his hair. You wanted to refuse, but there was a spark in his eyes daring you to card your fingers into the soft black locks. His teasing tongue had you dangling over the edge for what felt like forever, your muscles so tense you felt almost Petrified. While you tried to restrict your desperation to quiet gasps, you couldn’t help yourself from begging for more.
“Please,” you whispered, the word coming out in a breathy supplication. “Regulus, please. I’m---”
His warm breath brushed your oversensitive clit, making you whine in the back of your throat with need. Your hands tightened in his hair when his lips sealed over your clit and started to suck. A shaky exhale escaped you as you shuddered. You squeezed your eyes shut and let your mouth hang open, focusing on trying not to moan with every suck on your clit. It took everything in you not to keep begging until he hummed against you and pressed his tongue flat against your clit to flick it just the perfect way. Distantly, you felt your shallow breathing and barely-suppressed whines when your senses were overwhelmed with blistering hot pleasure.
Just as you had done to him earlier, Regulus delicately licked you off to clean you up before he pulled back and sat between your raised knees. He surveyed you silently, intelligent blue eyes piercing your very being, and brushed his hands along your thighs again - this time to sooth you through the twitching aftershocks of all that tension in your muscles. When you regained your senses and your breathing leveled back out to normal, he raised his eyebrows at you as if to ask if you were fine. You nodded. A smile graced his lips, and he leaned in to kiss you. You grabbed onto the collar of his shirt when he went to pull back.
“We’re even now, right?” you whispered as quietly as you could near his ear.
“Yeah.” One of his hands snaked up your side, and you could feel his smirk when he said, “Although I was hoping to do more than just get even.”
Rolling your eyes with amusement at his cheesy flirting, you reached over to get your wand. “This time, we’re using soundproofing spells.”
Tumblr media
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hoeingsantrey · 22 days ago
The Gryffindor Common Rooms
Summary: Harry can't resist you, even in the common rooms.
Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader. (Fem anatomy.)
Warnings: Pure smut without a plot. NSFW. Reader has feminine anatomy. No significant sub/dom relations but reader leans towards subby. Cockwarming, riding, exhibitionism, HEAVY public play, CW: indirect mentions of food towards the end (i.e., mentioning dinner), vaginal penetration, creampie. Lemme know if i missed something! unedited.
A/N: You can really tell what my kinks are at this point, can't you--
This was sorta inspired by this fic/request by @malfoysstilinski , it's not entirely similar but I think credit is definitely required, go check out her fic too!
Tumblr media
You were the first ones to enter the Gryffindor common rooms, you had to be; for Harry -impatiently waiting to hold you- had practically dragged you here once the last class was done with, jogging past a scowling Filch to reach your class two corners down before you could make plans with your other friends.
He'd convinced you to come hang with him in the Gryffindor common room —although you didn't need a lot of convincing when he showed you his puppy eyes.
Now you two were tumbling onto the chair closest by the fireplace, you on his lap and his large palms shamelessly sliding under your skirt. Lips smacking against the other's.
You could've easily gone up to his dorm, to confine your activities to yourself, but with the way he was pulling you further into him without any notion of getting up from the seat for hours, you knew he didn't care; and neither did you.
As if to prove your thoughts right, he pulls your panties to the side so swiftly that you nearly thought it'd ripped apart.
Gasping, you slide your hands down his covered chest, pulling off his pants just enough to probe his dick out; standing proud between your breathless torsos. He shuddered as you wrapped your hand around it, bobbing it to and fro to hear his breathing hitch.
He pushes your hand away, grabbing you by the waist to steer you onto him. You both groan. He pokes deep into you, sheathing entirely inside of you.
Pleasure explodes throughout your body; you're drunk from it, pushing your face against his chest to try and sober up. He kisses the top of your head, palms smoothening your skirt so it doesn't give you two away.
His hands gripped around your hip, helping you sink further onto him, his hot breath fans over your ear; grunting when you hear shuffling outside. His figure stiffens then relaxing, his cock too shifting inside you without meaning to. You give everything you have to prevent yourself from moaning at the friction.
As expected, the Fat Lady's portrait swings open, she rambles about something at the mass of people filing in who roll their eyes. Harry kisses your head again which was still against his chest, his lips quirk slightly on your forehead.
Ron and Hermionie find you two and find chairs to sit around the fireplace with you. You know the idea of getting caught shouldn't make you giddy but God it fires up something in you.
"For Merlin's sake, do y'all ever separate?" Hermionie retorts, chuckling at her own joke.
Ron follows suit, leaning back on his chair to let the day's tirings wash out of him.
You and Harry giggle, giving each other knowing eyes. The vibrations from which making his dick push deeper into you and you have to bite on Harry's collarbone discreetly to not make a noise.
Harry too has to stable himself, burying his face into your neck.
The voices of children of all ages blur and blend into each other and nothing but the beating of your boyfriend's heart matters. Your eyes begin to flutter shut.
"Don't be too late or the Treacle Tarts will be over with before you get there!" You're awoken by Ron's voice, followed by diminishing footsteps.
"We'll be there in a moment," Harry's voice echos off the walls, the closing of the portrait shut loud.
You cock your head up to see the common room empty, connecting the dots to figure out dinner was ready, everyone already left for the same, leaving the common room empty yet again.
"Oh good, you're awake," Harry smiles at you but his eyes tell a different tale. "How'd you sleep, darling?"
"Good," You blush, realizing you were out for the past twenty minutes. The heat of your cheeks only rising when you still feel Harry inside you.
"You move around a lot, I nearly came in you just from that alone," Harry jokes, his hands grabbing at your covered thighs, running them up and down.
His palm glides up your thigh and your skirt hikes up. "I wouldn't mind," You smirk, your own hand reaching to pull your skirt further upwards.
"Better late than never, hm?" His voice is laced with suavity, eyes flickering from your face to your pulled up skirt where your acts are flashed in the open.
You hold onto his shoulders, nodding like an obedient puppy. His hands run down your spine, leaving goosebumps in their wake, moving down and down to your ass, rubbing your cheeks gently.
He pauses.
You feel the sting before you can make sense of the snapping noise of his palm connecting your ass harshly. You jerk in place, the first little thrust of the night earning moans leaving both of your desperate mouths.
"Fuck, I can't wait anymore, ride me, baby," You can hear the neediness in his voice, confirmed by the way he guides your hips up and down on him.
You yelp, bouncing yourself on his length. He throws his head back, "Just like that, oh fuck-"
His fingers push open the top buttons of your shirt, the clear view of your breasts in his face.
He thrusts his hips up, nails digging into your waist as he holds you down against him, leaning back in the chair to maneuver into you with ease.
His thrusts are harsh, his tip already brushing on your sweet spot, your screams swelling his ego. "Right there? That feels good?" He smirks, driving right into your spot.
You fall on his chest, dazed in euphoria, not another thought but the chase of your release. "Harry-" You moan, mumbling in his neck, "I'm so close!" You nip his neck, the vibrations of his grunts along your teeth.
"Cum for me, kitten. Been wanting to feel you cum around me all day, been wanting to fucking cum in you," He smacks your ass again, it triggering your high.
You throw your head back, engulfing in the pleasure, back arching. Harry pushes his face in your chest, chasing his own high.
He moans your name like it's the only word in his dictionary, pushing deep into you and relishing in his high, releasing deep inside of you. Pulling you flushed on him so you can feel him throb.
You whimper, slowly sliding off of him, the sight of his cum dripping out of you makes Harry groan. Sliding two fingers in you, he pushes his cum back inside, humming when having satisfactorily filled you up.
Pulling your panties back in place, he looks at you, "Do not spill." He warns, helping you get up and then getting on his feet himself.
You nod. Trying to figure out how you will go the rest of the dinner with cum dripping down your thighs, and wondering about what'll happen when you come back to your dorms.
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sapphicwhxre · 10 months ago
────── their greatest weapon ─────
Tumblr media
-> headcanons are marked with a ❦
─ fluff
♥︎ you can do better
the golden trio doesn’t think draco’s good enough for you and eventually so does he.
♥︎ lullaby
you sing draco to sleep.
♥︎ movie night
you show draco his first muggle horror movie.
♥︎ words
when you hear two gryffindor girls talking badly about your boyfriend and get yourself into a fight, draco comforts you.
♥︎ we belong together
draco wants you to himself after you give up hope of a relationship with him and take interest in harry.
♥︎ art
draco catches you drawing him in the common room.
♥︎ shut up
draco hears you being objectified and goes to put them in their place... but sees you’ve already taken care of them ❦
♥︎ new beginnings
draco makes amends with the golden trio for your sake.
♥︎ not him
draco and harry compete for your attention. ❦
♥︎ opposites attract
draco finds out cedric is taking you to the yule ball and admits to you ─ a hufflepuff ─ that he’s only mean to you because he likes you.
♥︎ misunderstandings
when draco comes to you for girl advice, you miss his hints that you’re the one he’s in love with.
♥︎ mine
you break off your fwb with draco but regret it once pansy takes a liking to him.
♥︎ spilled words
after meeting narcissa for the first time, you accidentally tell draco you love him.
♥︎ all you had to do was ask
draco enlists the help of your friends after repeatedly failing to ask you out.
♥︎ jealous draco
what it's like when draco gets jealous. ❦
♥︎ first years
what it'd be like to be dating draco and having first years hit on you. ❦
♥︎ bad timing
draco ─ the person you happen to have a terrible crush on ─ finds you and ron in what looks like a compromising position.
♥︎ memory
draco finds that you kept the first snitch he caught and gave to you.
♥︎ rainfall
you love the rain and draco thinks it’s adorable.
♥︎ truth or dare
when you’re dared to flirt with harry, the combination of draco’s jealousy and daphne and pansy’s matchmaking leads to something being done about your feelings.
♥︎ klutz
draco has a crush on a clumsy girl who he’s desperate to talk to.
─ smut
♥︎ pretty girl
draco braids your hair and rails you.
♥︎ promises
noticing there’s something wrong with your boyfriend, you try to be there for draco. the truth is much worse than you anticipated but you stand by him.
♥︎ just friends
when someone asks if you and draco are dating, you make it clear that you’re not. in the process, you make draco think you’re not interested in him and now you have to show him that you are.
♥︎ cherry lipgloss
draco can’t control himself around you when you buy a new red lipgloss.
♥︎ satisfaction
you find yourself masturbating instead of meeting your boyfriend for dinner and draco walks in on you.
♥︎ lakeside
you and draco go skinny dipping.
♥︎ yours
after being partnered with harry for an assignment, you ─ auccessfully ─ do your best to make draco jealous.
♥︎ dating sub!draco
what it would be like to date and dom draco ❦
♥︎ fantasy
narcissa and lucius left malfoy manor to you and draco for the summer, letting him try out a fantasy he’s had.
♥︎ pillow princess
being draco and pansy’s pillow princess ❦
♥︎ me time
draco finds you masturbating in his prefect dorm.
♥︎ assumptions
a sleepover game by the name ‘seven minutes in heaven’ leaves you with a hickey and a jealous draco.
─ angst
♥︎ made for you
you and blaise were supposed to be made for each other, but you fell for draco; which is why he lets go, for you.
♥︎ personas
when draco stands you up, you’ve finally had enough of him choosing his reputation over you.
♥︎ the dark mark
draco shows you his deatheater mark.
— preferences
♥︎ meeting your parents
what it would be like for draco to meet your parents ❦
♥︎ thanksgiving
thanksgiving with draco.
♥︎ christmas
christmas with draco ❦
♥︎ dating draco as a metamorphmagus
what it would be like to be a metamorphmagus and date draco ❦
♥︎ shortie
draco dating a short girl ❦
♥︎ valentine’s day
valentine’s day with draco ❦
♥︎ your first time
what your first time having sex would include ❦
♥︎ cuddling
what it would be like to cuddle with draco ❦
─ gifsets, moodboards, icons, and aesthetics
♥︎ draco malfoy in the prisoner of azkaban
gifs of draco in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.
♥︎ domestic
domestic!draco x reader moodboard.
♥︎ draco malfoy + half blood prince
♥︎ hands
literally just pictures of his hands.
♥︎ comfort
“so they held each other, because no one else would.”
Tumblr media
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messrsmoonee · a month ago
Tumblr media
Small Things. «Sirius Black»
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x fem!Slytherin!Prefect!Reader; Platonic!Regulus Black x Reader; Marauders Era; oneshot; requested
SUMMARY: Y/N and Sirius do not get along. But, they soon find themselves stuck spending time together after Slughorn insists that Sirius receive tutoring from Y/N, and it gets harder to keep on being enemies.
REQUEST: [ read here ]
WORD COUNT: approx. 11.4k
WARNINGS: profanity, an innuendo
NOTES: [I’m bad at summaries. It’s basically “they’re rivals but they’re also dumb and can’t figure out that they’re just attracted to each other”] To the anon who requested: I diverged a little bit from the request but thank you for sending it in and sorry for the wait :)
Tumblr media
Portraits snored softly as Y/N passed them by with light footsteps. The lantern in her hand offered enough light to see where she was going but the far ends of the hallway in either direction remained dark. After being a prefect for long enough, however, it was no longer as eerie as it used to be. There was a strange comfort in it, even. It was the most privacy she would get at Hogwarts.
An old wizard in green robes stirred in his sleep and jolted upright, blinking rapidly as Y/N drew closer with the lantern.
“Sorry,” she apologised.
He waved an emerald green sleeve back and forth before she could continue further down the hallway. “Psst! Slytherin girl!”
She stopped and looked at the wizard, raising the lantern to illuminate his portrait. “Yes?”
“Students out of bed,” he muttered. “They came through here not too long ago and woke me from my sleep.”
Y/N sighed. “Alright, I’ll look into it. Thank you. They went this way?” She gestured with the lantern to the other end of the hallway.
“Yes. Go get ‘em, lass,” the wizard grumbled as he sunk back into his chair and closed his eyes, a deep frown on his face.
Y/N turned down her lantern, reducing it to a tiny flame that would not draw attention. Footsteps as quiet as a mouse’s, she hurried down the hallway to try and catch up to the stray students. The area was empty when she looked around but when she listened closely, there were faint noises. Turning left, she grew closer and closer to the muted sounds with every few steps. And they sounded an awful lot like…oh no.
Y/N grimaced as she stopped in front of a broom closet. A broom closet that suspiciously erotic noises were coming from, noises that had no place in a school at such an hour — or at any hour.
“You like being a prefect, you like being a prefect,” she repeated to herself like a mantra.
Y/N turned the lantern back up, though she wasn’t sure if she was prepared to see whatever state of undress the people behind the door were in, and hesitated only a moment before knocking sharply three times against the wood. She was the one with the authority here, she had nothing to be nervous about.
The sounds of their movements stopped at once. No more ruffling fabrics, no more bumps, thumps or hushed giggles. The pair of horny miscreants whispered harshly to each other but it was too hard to understand what they were saying from the other side of the door. When they still had not come out after almost thirty seconds had passed, Y/N knocked a second time.
“I’m not just going to forget you’re in there and move on if that’s what you’re waiting for,” she said.
She heard a loud curse. Then, the door swung open, revealing none other than Sirius Black with his hair messier than usual and his lips stained with a lipgloss that probably wasn’t his.
“Not you again,” he hissed.
“Yes, it’s me again. Here to ‘ruin your life’ as usual,” Y/N said.
A girl appeared from behind Sirius, a Ravenclaw in a similar ruffled state.
“Cassandra,” Y/N greeted, her tone wavering somewhere between polite and forced.
“I’ll have to take fifty points,” said Y/N.
Sirius’ mouth fell open.
“Fifty?” he asked incredulously.
Y/N turned her gaze upwards at him and narrowed her eyes into slits.
She took far too much joy in the look of anguish on Sirius’ face.
“I’ll just go back to the common room,” Cassandra mumbled as she slipped away.
Sirius pressed his lips together to hold back a storm of nasty words.
“You should be going back to bed now, don’t you think?” Y/N asked teasingly. “Merlin knows you need all of the beauty sleep you can get.”
“Typical,” Sirius spat. “You just can’t let anybody enjoy themselves, can you?”
“Not if they’re breaking school rules.”
“You know, maybe if you actually had a life, you wouldn’t be so concerned with what other people spend their time doing,” he said.
“And maybe if you had a functioning brain inside of that disproportionately large head of yours, you would realise that as a prefect, it’s my job to be concerned with what other people spend their time doing.”
Sirius exhaled sharply. “Oh, for the love of — you’re tighter than a —”
“Don’t finish that sentence unless you want me to take more points away,” Y/N warned.
“All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t kill you to try and be moderately pleasant for once. But who am I kidding…” Sirius trailed off, eyeing her green robes and Slytherin prefect badge with disgust.
“I can be perfectly pleasant, thank you,” she said, gripping the lantern tighter.
“That’s questionable,” he said.
“Well, I don’t care what you think of me. I know, that’s a big shock, you might need to sit down for a minute to process that, snookums.”
Sirius almost smiled — almost — and he started buttoning the rest of his shirt back up at a leisurely pace. It was this movement that made Y/N notice for the first time that it had been hanging half-open and she quickly looked away, not wanting to be caught staring. She did not want to give him the wrong idea, his ego was inflated enough as it was.
When Sirius was finished making himself decent, he leaned into Y/N’s line of vision and waved at her chirpily.
“You can’t keep doing this, you know,” she said, cheeks burning.
“Why? Because you catch me every time? But that’s the most fun part,” Sirius said with a pout.
“Because it is against the school rules that you are supposed to follow. They don’t put them in place for no reason.” She felt like she was trying to explain arithmancy to a toddler.
“Oh, but darling…” He brushed a delicate hand against her cheek as he moved a strand of hair out of her eyes, and he was so close that Y/N could feel the warmth radiating from him. Her heart thumped firmly in her chest as he leaned closer still and said in a low voice: “Rules are made to be broken.”
Y/N stared, almost shuddering from the proximity, but her face didn’t reveal any part of what she was feeling, and she did not want it to. Sirius did this sort of thing all the time with girls at Hogwarts. The flirty undertones, the teasing, the way he acted like he knew exactly what effect he had on people — because he did know very well how easily he could make people blush, squirm, or smile. This was not special.
Y/N slapped his hand away from her face like she was swatting a fly. She found that her thoughts were far more organised when Sirius wasn’t standing close enough for her to smell his cologne.
“Go to bed,” she said firmly.
“You can’t tell me what to do.”
“Actually, I can,” she said, tapping a finger to her badge.
Sirius rolled his eyes. “So what? You’ve got a fancy little badge…doesn’t mean th—”
Sirius closed his mouth remarkably fast when Y/N reached into the pocket of her robes and pulled out the largest dungbomb he had ever seen.
“Where did you get that?” Sirius asked.
“One of the perks of being a prefect is that you get to confiscate certain items.” She held it up for emphasis and Sirius crossed his arms.
“And you’re telling me you’re allowed to keep them? That’s not ‘against the rules’?” he asked, mimicking her voice.
She shrugged, rolling the dungbomb threateningly in her palm. “Maybe I should…get rid of it, then.”
“You wouldn’t. You don’t have the guts. You’re too scared to get in trouble,” he said.
Now, it was Y/N who was stepping closer to Sirius, quickly regaining the upper hand she knew she had.
“Who do you think the professors would believe? The boy who keeps getting caught breaking rules left and right? Or me: a prefect with an immaculate track record? Do you think they’ll rat me out when I regularly patrol these halls making sure students don’t disturb them?” Y/N gestured to the closest portrait. The witches in the painting shut their eyes, pretending not to have seen anything, and a painted cat scurried under one of their skirts.
Sirius opened and closed his mouth, seemingly at a loss for words.
“Oh, you’re good,” he said, almost impressed.
“I know. Now go to bed.”
Taking Y/N by surprise once more, Sirius acquiesced. He slowly began walking away, looking back over his shoulder every few paces with that same look on his face. It made her feel small under his gaze but somehow it wasn’t all that unpleasant.
Right before he turned into the next hallway, he looked back with a smirk on his face that could only mean he was about to say something to intentionally ruffle her feathers.
“By the way, that thing you said about me having a disproportionately large head? My head is just fine, thank you. Actually, it’s more than fine. My head is pretty great.”
Y/N could feel a blush crawl all the way down to her neck. Sirius triumphantly swaggered away and she bit her lip in frustration. Not only had he flustered her, but he’d gotten the last word in. Insolent bastard.
A portrait sniffed loudly and she looked up to see another witch staring at the dungbomb in her hand with her eyes narrowed.
“What?” Y/N asked, sliding it back into her pocket.
The witch raised her brows before closing her eyes and settling back into her chair, and just like that, the hallways of Hogwarts fell asleep once more.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Regulus’ uniform was always neat. His tie was always straight, his shirts were never crinkled or untucked, and he wouldn’t be caught dead with scuffed shoes. Nobody would mistake him for anything other than a pure-blood from a well-to-do family with the way he carried and presented himself. How different he was from Sirius. It was hard to believe they were related — brothers, especially. Where Regulus was orderly and composed, Sirius was loud and passionate with a zest for life that Y/N struggled to admit she envied sometimes.
Regulus was sat across from her at a table in the library and as usual, he was hard at work on an essay with his quill scratching quickly but neatly across the parchment. Y/N had let herself become distracted from her own essay when a rumble of footsteps sounded from somewhere nearby and she saw Sirius Black zoom between a set of shelves with a stack of books balanced precariously in his arms. Madam Pince had shouted at him for his behaviour — and so she should have, he was acting like a twit — but Sirius’ sudden appearance had turned Y/N’s lips upwards into a smile that she was quick to force away.
She felt a light tap on the top of her hand and she tore her gaze away from the table that Sirius was sat at with his friends. Regulus watched her suspiciously, his attention now shifted away from his homework.
“Distracted?” he asked.
Y/N frowned and picked up her own quill once more. She tried to continue with the sentence she’d left half-finished, but it was impossible to gather her thoughts again when she could hear Sirius’ clear laugh ring out like a bell. Bloody hell, he was annoying.
Despite her silence, Regulus seemed to have gotten the answer he was looking for. He sighed, shaking his head.
“He’d be no good for you, you know,” he mumbled.
Y/N snapped her eyes back up to Regulus, prepared to deny any accusation he threw her way.
“I don’t know what you’re on about,” she said far too quickly for it to sound casual.
Regulus gently placed his quill down beside his parchment and leaned his elbows on the table.
“Then there must be something awfully interesting that you keep on staring at over there.”
Y/N gripped her quill tighter. Regulus was giving her that look. The kind of look that only a best friend can give when they know something is up, when there’s no point in trying to lie to them anymore because they’ve already sniffed out the truth for themselves.
“What, you want to talk about boys now? Shall I get my nail polish out? Perhaps you can braid my hair —”
Regulus cut her off with a snort.
“You’re hopeless,” he said, though not unkindly.
“I don’t have a crush on your brother if that’s what you’re insinuating. That’d be pathetic.”
Regulus smirked, leaning back in his chair. “Who said anything about my brother? I certainly never brought him up.”
Y/N paused, realising that she had foolishly given him the confirmation he needed. She pointed her quill threateningly at him. “I said I don’t like him. He’s the single most annoying person I’ve ever met. He drives me crazy.”
“I know he does,” Regulus said calmly. “That’s why you always rant about him after you catch him on your patrols.”
“I rant about him because he bothers me.”
“Or because you’re a little bit obsessed with him.”
Y/N’s mouth fell open at Regulus’ blunt statement. He seemed entirely unaffected, however. He even looked a little bored and that only made Y/N more frustrated. Regulus was good at poking her buttons when he wanted to; he was like the annoying little brother that she never asked for but ended up with anyway.
“I am not obsessed with him and I am insulted by the very notion.”
Regulus paid no mind to her quietly brewing anger — she often resorted to a quiet, seething rage when he provoked her on personal matters and it no longer fazed him — and he looked over at Sirius’ table.
“I suppose I can see why. Opposites attract,” he waved a hand lazily. “You, like so many others, are probably attracted to his jaunty, devil-may-care attitude and his shiny, long hair.”
“When did you become an expert?” Y/N muttered.
“You’re a dutiful student who’s never broken a rule nor swayed from the path you’re on, so somebody like my brother would offer the promise of excitement and adventure that you think you need.” Regulus faced her again, holding up a finger like a stern parent. “But you don’t need that. You’ve worked hard to build up your reputation and achieve everything that you have, and you don’t want to risk tarnishing that by chasing after…well — that.”
Regulus finished by gesturing back over at his brother. Now, Sirius was leaned back on his chair, long legs resting over the edge of the table, and his head was tilted upwards at the book he was levitating in the air. He made it look effortless.
“Uh…yes. I agree. That’s what I was saying,” Y/N said with her eyes still glued to Sirius.
Regulus pursed his lips, clearly not convinced, but he accepted her answer anyway.
“Now, if you’re quite finished, I have an essay to write,” she said, finally turning back to her essay.
A good thirty seconds of silence passed until Y/N groaned loudly and slammed her book closed.
“Well, now I just can’t focus at all. Thanks, Reg.”
“Yes, it’s completely my fault,” he said dryly.
Regulus watched with masked amusement as she quickly gathered her things into her bag.
“I’m going back to the common room,” she said.
“Good riddance. Try not to daydream about my devil of a brother while you’re at it.”
Regulus had no time to duck as Y/N accidentally knocked her bag into his face on her way out.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Y/N stared in disbelief at Slughorn, equally as horrified as the boy who stood next to her.
“No!” she and Sirius said at the same time.
Slughorn folded his hands patiently on the desk in front of him.
“Mister Black, you are a bright young man and I know for a fact that you perform well in many other classes, but you aren’t adequately applying yourself in Potions. Miss L/N is an excellent student and she’s helped others make great improvements through tutoring. It’s a perfect match.”
Sirius made a belching sound that was just quiet enough that Professor Slughorn must have mistaken it for a cough.
“All due respect, sir, but I have many responsibilities as it is. I don’t think I’m prepared to handle…all of this.” Y/N side-eyed Sirius.
“You know you can’t handle all of this,” Sirius muttered cockily, once again going unheard (or at least unacknowledged) by Slughorn.
Professor Slughorn sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “Well, if I must, I can pair you with another student to improve your results, Mister Black. Severus Snape is highly proficient in —”
“No!” Sirius said abruptly.
Slughorn paused. “No?”
Sirius sucked in a breath and patted Y/N on the shoulder roughly. “This’ll do just fine.”
“I’m not an item at a yard sale, you know,” Y/N said, shrugging his hand off.
“Are you willing to help Mister Black, then?” Slughorn asked.
Y/N looked between Sirius and the professor. Sirius looked desperate, grey eyes pleading silently for her to agree, and she could guess why. He and Severus did not get along. The two of them together would be even worse than her and Sirius.
Y/N wasn’t quite sure why she decided to agree. She told herself it was because she couldn’t refuse a direct request from a professor, that she was only agreeing to be Sirius’ tutor because it was her obligation as a prefect. That wasn’t the honest reason, however. She knew it likely had something to do with the flutter in her chest that only ever happened when Sirius Black looked her way.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
“You’re doing it wrong.”
“I think I would know if I was doing it wrong.”
“Who’s the tutor here?”
“Well, I know who the pain in the ass is here and for once, it isn’t me,” Sirius said.
Y/N resisted the urge to throw her notebook at Sirius’ head, not for the first time since they had commenced their study session.
Sirius was all too aware of the annoyingly close eye Y/N was keeping on him as he measured out the next powder required for their potion. Though his back was turned to her, simply knowing that she was looking at him sent a strange tingle across the back of his neck, raising goosebumps along his skin. Not unpleasant, not unenjoyable, but entirely unwelcome. She had no right to mess with his focus like that. What was she playing at?
“That’s too much,” she pointed out.
“It’s fine, it’s only a tiny bit over,” he said.
“No, it’s not fine! Not unless you want that potion to melt the skin off your face, that is.”
Sirius squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose. She could be even more dramatic than he was — something he didn’t know was possible.
“Alright, now you’re really just nitpicking, aren’t you?”
“Potions is a very precise branch of magic. All of the measurements have to be exact. Small things make a difference,” Y/N said, frustrated that she’d had to repeat this simple fact so many times already.
She shooed him with her hands and took over with measuring the powder, then gestured for Sirius to pay attention as she added it to the bubbling liquid inside the cauldron.
“Where did you learn all this stuff anyway? You seem comfortable with it,” Sirius asked after several quiet minutes had crawled by.
Y/N was surprised by the question, her movements slowing. She couldn’t recall a time when Sirius had asked her a real question about herself, nor could she remember ever asking him about his own life. Despite the fact that they always managed to cross paths one way or another, they’d never had a proper conversation — at least not one that didn’t consist of petty back-and-forth. The only reason she knew anything at all about his life (which was still only very little) was because she had picked up the occasional piece of information dropped by Regulus throughout the years. Regulus’ mentions of his brother had grown few and far between, though.
“My mother’s very skilled at Potions. Even before I received my Hogwarts letter, I tried to learn everything I could from her so I would be ready,” she explained. She expected a snide remark from Sirius but it never came. He simply nodded, eyes still trained on the cauldron, and the edges of his lips curled upwards so subtly that Y/N almost missed it.
“Only you would start taking classes before school even started,” Sirius said, voice laced with amusement. His words didn’t carry the same scathing tone they so often had in the past. If Y/N didn’t know better, she might even say he spoke fondly.
Unsure how to react to a less abrasive Sirius than she was used to, she just gave a hesitant smile. “Well…I don’t like to be caught unprepared,” she said.
“I can tell,” Sirius chuckled.
Y/N finished stirring the potion and turned her questioning gaze to him. “What does that mean?”
Sirius shrugged and a smug sort of look settled over his features. “Nothing, you’re just a bit of a square is all,” he said.
Y/N’s immediate response was to scoff. It was an insult she was all too familiar with. Square. Boring. Dull. Unadventurous.
“One day, Sirius Black, you and your friends will all be working for me.”
Sirius laughed at that, leaning back on his chair. “I guess that’s plausible,” he said.
“Perhaps not that Lupin one, though,” Y/N said thoughtfully. “There may be hope for him yet.”
“That one will outlive us all,” Sirius said, nodding his head in agreement. “But he’s not as innocent as he’d have you believe, Miss Prefect.”
Even when Y/N glanced at him curiously, Sirius did not say anything more, merely tapping the tip of his nose. Instead of pressing the topic, Y/N gave the last set of instructions for the potion, watching closely as Sirius added the final ingredients. When all was done, she collected a single vial of the potion to give to Professor Slughorn for feedback.
“There. No singed eyebrows or melted flesh today.” She dusted her hands on her skirt.
Sirius saw that she started to pack away her things. “That’s it?”
“That’s it. Essence of Insanity,” she said. Sirius smirked and began to lean toward the cauldron in what Y/N could only describe as mischievous curiosity.
“Nope,” she said quickly. She pointed her wand at the cauldron and vanished the potion before he could collect a vial’s worth or more of the stuff. Sirius slumped back onto his stool with a defeated frown. Then, he blew a short raspberry at her.
“How very mature of you,” Y/N said, rolling her eyes.
“Yes, well, that’s not counted amongst my many known strengths.”
“At least you’re self-aware.”
Sirius stretched his arms above his head as if he’d been slaving away all day. With his robe long tossed aside and his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, Y/N was given a view of his rather lovely forearms. As soon as she’d caught herself looking too long, she felt nothing but frustration at both herself and at Sirius. He was probably doing it on purpose.
When the equipment was packed away, Y/N turned to Sirius. “Same time next week?” she asked. Sirius nodded.
Just like the past several times they had met up to work, the energy between them changed completely once they left the empty classroom behind. The relative peace they had enjoyed during their sessions evaporated as soon as they were in the proximity of other students. As they parted ways once more without so much as a goodbye, both were equally as surprised to find that their prickly attitudes towards each other didn’t feel as satisfying nor as warranted as they used to.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Sirius sat silently under the shade of the tree, barely paying attention to the conversation James, Remus, and Peter were all having about Quidditch. His focus was elsewhere.
Y/N was sat some distance away from them beneath another tree with a few Ravenclaws and Slytherins, including his brother. They seemed awfully close, Y/N and Regulus. It shouldn’t have been surprising to Sirius, and it definitely shouldn’t have made him as annoyed as it did.
He jumped as a twig was thrown at him.
“Stop being creepy, Padfoot,” said James.
“I’m not doing anything.”
“Tell that to your eyes,” Peter snickered.
Sirius glared at Peter and turned his body to face his friends once more, not quite trusting himself to stop his gaze from wandering again.
“You were looking at Y/N again, right?” James asked. The curiosity in his voice was undermined by his obvious disapproval.
“I was not!” Sirius said, surprising both himself and James with his volume.
James pursed his lips. “Alright, calm down. I was just asking.”
Sirius sighed and leaned back against the rough bark of the tree. “So what if I was, anyway?” Sirius asked quietly.
Weeks had gone by of their study sessions, and it grew harder and harder for Sirius to keep disliking her as much as he thought he had before. He found himself buzzing with anticipation for their weekly meetings, eagerly awaiting whatever conversations they might have weaved through all the Potions talk. He looked forward to their banter, which had become decidedly less argumentative and was now more tongue in cheek than anything. She almost always had a quick response for anything he said, and her complete unwillingness to put up with any of his bullshit was…riveting.
James began to list things off on his fingers. “She’s a Slytherin, she’s a prefect, she’s friends with Regulus and Merlin knows who else, she’s always ratting us out to the professors.”
Sirius could only replace James’ statements with thoughts of his own — ones he refused to say out loud to his friends. She’s ambitious. She’s dedicated. She knows who she is and doesn’t apologise for it.
“She’s alright, actually,” Remus spoke up.
“What?” James asked.
“How do you know her?” Sirius asked.
“I’ve talked to her a few times. Only ever about prefect stuff, really, but she’s nice.”
“I’d find her a lot nicer if she didn’t keep taking points from Gryffindor,” James muttered.
“She’s just doing her job,” Sirius said defensively, surprising even himself.
James looked at Sirius, over his shoulder at Y/N, then back to Sirius, eyes widening. “You like her.”
Sirius frowned. “I do not.”
“I thought you were just ogling because she’s pretty, but you actually like her!” James said, his tone excited or horrified or some strange combination of both.
Peter sat up straighter, even more interested in the conversation now. Sirius Black crushing on a Slytherin prefect — how scandalous.
Sirius felt his face turn hot. He wasn’t quite embarrassed, no. It was frustration. “Why does it matter?” he asked, shoulders tensing.
“Mate, come on. It’ll never happen. It’s practically a crime against nature,” James said, making Remus roll his eyes.
Sirius turned back to see Y/N walking away. With Regulus. He shifted uncomfortably, watching as their forms grew smaller the further they walked. Y/N laughed at something Regulus had said — a bright sort of laugh that he had never heard from her before — and it made his stomach twist and his chest contract. He wanted to run over there and wedge himself between the two of them just so they’d stop walking so close together.
Sirius thought he would never have another reason to be jealous of Regulus, and yet here he was. He wanted to be the one walking next to her without caring what anyone else thought. He wanted to be the one to make her laugh like that. He wanted to be more than just some Gryffindor she was forced to tutor, because he now knew with certainty that she was more than just a bothersome prefect to him.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
“Wingardium Leviosa.”
Sirius flicked his wrist and at once, the bucket was lifted into the air. He guided it further up until James gave him a thumbs up. Perfect: nobody would see it coming. They scurried behind the wall so they could peek into the corridor without being seen by their target. Then, they waited. And waited. And waited.
James, who was watching the map, nodded at Sirius. “They’re coming ‘round the corner in a few seconds, get ready.” He pressed his wand against the paper and whispered: “Mischief managed.”
Sirius grinned and raised his wand slightly, waiting until he saw movement. When he saw Y/N turn the corner at the far end of the corridor, the smile fell from his face.
“What the fuck, Prongs?” he whispered harshly, glancing back at his friend. James looked confused as Sirius pocketed his wand.
They peered back into the corridor to see Y/N getting closer. “Mate, we’re gonna miss our chance, it’s now or never,” James said.
He held out his own wand and raised it towards the bucket but before he could utter a single syllable, Sirius shoved his arm roughly and knocked the wand right out of his grasp.
“Padfoot, what are you doi—”
There was no point trying to hide anymore. Y/N slowed to a stop and looked down to find them both crouched on the ground with guilty looks on their faces and a mess of blank parchment around them.
“Good afternoon, gentlemen. Having a good time down there on the floor?” she said, not hiding the confusion (and slight judgement) in her voice.
Sirius patted the cold stone floor beneath him. “Yep.”
James just narrowed his eyes and kept glancing between the two of them.
“Alright…as you were,” Y/N said before walking away from the odd scene she had happened upon.
When she was out of sight and out of earshot, James gathered the map in his hands and scrambled to stand.
“You’ve got it bad, mate. And that’s bad!” he huffed.
“That’s ridiculous. I just don’t think she deserves to have a bucket of slug slime dumped over her head, alright?”
“The slime was your idea!”
“You didn’t tell me it was Y/N who was coming!”
“Why does that matter?”
Ignoring the question, Sirius dusted himself off and snatched the map from James’ hands.
“I’ve got stuff to do. I’ll see you later,” he said. He didn’t stick around to answer James’ onslaught of questions.
After checking that nobody was around, Sirius opened up the map and waited for the enchanted ink to bleed onto the page. His eyes searched for a certain set of footprints and shortly after, he was following their trail to the library. Merlin, she’d made a nerd out of him.
Sirius casually waltzed into the library, waving at a suspicious Madam Pince. He didn’t have to think too hard to figure out where Y/N would be sitting. Just as he expected he would, he found her in a quiet nook between two bookshelves with class notes sprawled out in front of her.
“Hey,” he greeted. She lifted her head and smiled for a second before hastily returning to a neutral expression.
“So, Slughorn said that in my essay, I didn’t really show a thorough understanding of the process of our last potion. Think you could walk me through it again?”
“I thought you did well.” Y/N frowned.
Sirius shrugged, knowing full well he was lying his arse off. “Guess he’s just being extra hard on me so I get better.”
“Alright…sure. I don’t have any homework to do, I’m just revising, so it’s good timing.”
Sirius grinned and pulled a chair up next to her. He hardly paid attention to a word she said about Potions.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
The cheers of the students were already deafening and the match had not even started yet. It was the first game of the season, Gryffindor versus Slytherin — the strongest house rivalry of them all. So, understandably, everybody was losing their mind.
By the time most people had settled into the stands, Y/N was forced to take the first vacant spot she could see, and it so happened to be right at the split between Gryffindor and Slytherin team supporters — right at the heart of the action. The sky had a grey cast to it and the clouds looked like they might spill over at any moment. She hoped any rain they got wouldn’t be heavy enough to mess up the match.
Y/N approached the barrier to look down at the field. The players hadn’t come out yet but they would be soon. Something brushed up against her arm and she turned to see Sirius, wearing jeans and a leather jacket with his Gryffindor scarf draped over his shoulders. He inhaled deeply and nodded.
“It’s a good day to lose, L/N.”
Y/N snorted. “So you’re alright with your team losing, are you?”
Sirius shook his head. “No, no, that’s not what I meant — your team, not mine, your team is going to lose. Epically. By a very large margin.”
“You shouldn’t get so far ahead of yourself. It’ll only be more embarrassing for you when we win.”
Sirius grinned, gripping the bannister and leaning over to check again if there was any movement. “The Slytherin team can eat old wizard ba—”
The swelling roars of the crowd drowned out Sirius’ next words. The teams came out onto the field at last, the Gryffindors in their stunning scarlet robes and the Slytherins in their rich green ones. Y/N’s eyes quickly searched for Regulus and she found him walking alongside his teammates with his head held high. He looked unruffled by the cheering of the crowds, the dirty looks from the other team, and the darkening skies above.
On the other side of the field, Y/N observed the Gryffindor team. Already she could see James Potter striding confidently to the centre of the field with his teammates, waving at the students in the stands as he went. Saint Potter. She prayed to any gods that might exist that Regulus would annihilate him.
The match went on just like every other match. Chasers went after the Quaffle, hitting it at the hoops; Keepers tried their best to block it; Beaters sent the Bludgers flying in different directions. Regulus and James hovered high above it all, both squinting through the fresh drizzle for the Golden Snitch.
A Slytherin Beater zoomed through the air and swung her bat, sending a Bludger hurtling towards the Gryffindor Chaser who had just managed to get hold of the Quaffle. The Chaser dodged the Bludger just in time but lost his balance, and the Quaffle slipped from his hands. A nearby Slytherin Chaser had been waiting to strike, and he zipped right under the Gryffindor and snatched up the Quaffle before he realised what was happening. It was a straight shot to the hoops and the Slytherin Chaser sent the Quaffle soaring past the Keeper and through the centre ring.
Y/N clapped her hands excitedly. The Slytherin team was far more clever and skilful now that a few members had been replaced. A mishmash of boos and cheers filled Y/N’s ears and she slowly turned her gaze to Sirius to give him a knowing look, to which he just scoffed.
“Lucky shot,” he muttered.
The light trickles of rain started getting heavier, and Y/N could feel the cool raindrops hit her scalp, dampening her hair. A handful of students had umbrellas on them but most people had not anticipated rainfall. She jumped when she felt a sudden warmth surrounding her along with the crisp scent of leather, something woody, and something else that she had come to recognise as just Sirius. She looked up to see that Sirius had taken off his jacket and draped it over her head and shoulders.
“What are you —”
“Shhh, stop whining, I’m being chivalrous. It’s what sets me apart, you know,” he said with a wink.
Y/N’s face warmed despite the chill in the air and she turned back to face the field again, muttering something.
“What was that?” Sirius asked, even though he’d heard her well enough the first time.
“I said thank you…” she mumbled.
“Sorry, dove, still not getting it.”
“Thank you!” she shouted to be heard over the crowd.
“You are so very welcome,” he said, leaning forward on the railing. Y/N adjusted the jacket so that she could pull it around herself, and her heart fluttered when she noticed Sirius smile at that before looking away again.
The game went on but unfortunately for Y/N and the rest of Slytherin, the Gryffindors had taken the lead. The early success of the Slytherins must have lit a fire underneath the Gryffindors because they started playing even harder, even more daringly, making risky passes and throws that kept on paying off. It gave Sirius an annoying amount of confidence back.
“Looks like they’ve run out of that luck, Y/N,” he said cockily. “Might as well admit defeat now.”
He closed his eyes and held his arms out like he was anticipating and calmly accepting a barrage of curses from her. With his eyes closed, Y/N didn’t bother to stop herself from smiling in amusement. But then she saw movement from almost directly above, and she looked up to see Regulus rush past overhead. He had his gaze locked onto something, steely and unwavering. It was damn near impossible to see, especially in the worsening weather, but there was a flash of something shiny and gold. Regulus was after the Snitch.
“Open your eyes, dingus,” Y/N said, tapping Sirius on the arm. “I want to see the joy leave your eyes when this happens.”
Sirius opened his eyes and looked confused for a moment before he realised what was happening. Regulus was catching up to the Snitch. James had of course taken notice and had already started trying to beat Regulus to it, but he had been too far away to get there quickly enough.
Regulus was getting closer. Y/N clenched her teeth, curled her toes, squeezed her fists; she didn’t even realise that she was practically hugging Sirius’ arm by now. Sirius looked away from the match for a moment to glance down at the Slytherin clinging to his arm like a little green barnacle. He chose not to say anything about it, though he felt considerably warmer now than he had a few minutes ago.
The shouts grew louder as Regulus got closer. James was behind him, closer now but still not close enough. Regulus held out his arm, leaning, reaching, trying to inch just a little bit further and he was so close now that just a little nudge would push the Snitch into his hand.
“Come on, Reg, you little bastard, you can do it! Motherfucker —!” Y/N called out, knowing that there was no possible way Regulus could hear her but needing to yell something anyway.
“Your idea of encouragement is giving off a confusing energy!” Sirius said.
Not a second later, Regulus gave one final push forward and swiped his hand through the air before his broom came to a stop. When he raised his hand, a small set of golden wings fluttered out.
The Slytherins erupted into passionate cheers of joy and the win was announced. Regulus catching the Snitch had given them the boost they needed to surpass Gryffindor by a mere twenty points. Y/N cheered along with her housemates and clapped for Regulus’ victory, overcome with the rush that could only be felt at a Hogwarts Quidditch match. She turned to Sirius to take delight in the look of defeat on his face but what she found instead twisted her insides just a bit. Sirius’ eyes were clearly trained on his brother, who was now being embraced by his teammates and excitedly jostled around. Sirius had the smallest of smiles on his face, so subtle that most people wouldn’t notice it. He looked somewhat proud, perhaps, but it was a pride that Sirius clearly had a hard time expressing. Mostly, he looked sad. Mournful.
The students eventually began to file out of the stands, some of them heading down to the field to congratulate the players and others going back to the castle. Y/N and Sirius lingered towards the back.
“Well, you guys won. Fair and square,” Sirius said, sounding like the words physically pained him.
“It was a game well-played on both sides,” Y/N offered. “You might’ve done better if your Seeker hadn’t been trying to show off so much, though.”
Sirius barked out a laugh, shaking his head. He couldn’t argue with that even though James was his best friend.
“In his defence, he’s trying to woo someone and looking cool while flying a broom is apparently one of the approved methods.”
“I get the feeling that Evans wouldn’t be too impressed by that,” Y/N said, laughing.
Sirius raised his eyebrows. “You know Lily?”
“Of course I do, we’re both prefects, but we’re also friendly. Yeah, she’s told me heaps about you lot.” Lily had indeed spoken here and there about Sirius and his friends, but never at great length. Y/N liked winding Sirius up, though.
“Huh? What does she tell you about me?” Sirius asked.
“Mostly okay things,” Y/N said vaguely.
“Mostly? Okay? What does that mean?” Sirius asked.
“It means that most of the things she’s said about you are okay.”
“I need specifics.”
“I’ve got to go congratulate the team,” Y/N said. She began to (somewhat reluctantly) shed Sirius’ jacket. “See you later. Thanks again,” she said, handing Sirius his jacket and quickly darting towards the stairs.
“What does she tell you?” Sirius called out.
“Bye!” Y/N waved as she disappeared from sight.
Sirius sighed and put his jacket back on. A smile grew on his face. “What an asshole,” he mused fondly.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Y/N’s hand began to ache as she finished another page of notes for Charms. It was a tedious process but she’d found that she never quite remembered things well enough unless she wrote them out.
Some of the students in the Great Hall talked amongst themselves — which they were free to do given that it was a weekend — but she had been able to block the noise out and finally, she had found her place of focus. Nothing could distract her now.
“Y/N,” Regulus said, poking her roughly on the arm.
“What?” She jolted, nearly scratching a dark line of ink across the page. Her steely glare did nothing to deter Regulus and he pointed at the space of the table in front of her where a piece of folded parchment sat.
“What’s that?” she asked. Regulus shrugged.
“It just landed in front of you a moment ago. Can’t see who it might’ve come from, though.”
“Probably some idiot…” she trailed off, unfolding the paper.
She wasn’t sure what she expected but it certainly wasn’t this. On the paper was a small drawing enchanted to move. It was her favourite kind of flower, closing up and then blossoming open again on a loop.
Y/N’s heart fluttered and she pulled the note closer to herself so that nobody else could peek over at it. It was the first time she had ever received something of this nature — something simple, thoughtful, and sweet. She knew she wasn’t the most sought-after girl in Hogwarts; her house and role as prefect were enough to spook off potential admirers from the other houses and, with the exception of Regulus, she wasn’t that close with anyone else in her own house. So, she quickly grew suspicious and eager to find out who this note was from and what the intent behind it was.
Her first thought was Regulus. He was her best friend — he would know what her favourite flower was.
“Is this from you?” she asked.
Regulus looked up from his own notes and glanced at the parchment in her hand. “No. What is it, anyway?”
Y/N hesitated before handing it to him. He looked it over, then flipped the paper to the other side and raised his eyebrows.
“Someone’s got a secret admirer,” he said, passing it back.
The message was short and simple but it made Y/N’s cheeks burn with an intensity she had never felt before. ‘You look pretty today,’ with a little smiley face at the end. Her? A secret admirer?
“Who’s it from?” Regulus asked.
“I don’t know, why do you think I asked you?”
Regulus shrugged. “Surely you must have some idea of who it might be.”
“Really, I don’t.” She looked along the Slytherin table, trying to find if anybody was watching or looking at all suspicious. Nobody.
With a giddy smile, she tucked the note carefully into her journal for safekeeping, certain that she would be taking it out and looking at it many more times in the coming days. What did it mean? Was it just a friendly note or was there somebody in the school who was actually interested in her?
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
The notes kept coming and they were different every time. One time there was a quote pulled from her favourite book, another time a lyric from a song she liked. Several of the notes had hilariously bad pick-up lines that never failed to get a smile out of her. ‘Do you play Quidditch? Because you sure are a Keeper.’ Other times, it was a sweet little observation or compliment. Saying her hair looked nice, that she had a sweet smile. And then there were the notes with poorly-drawn but still endearing cartoons. She had kept them all, of course, but she hadn’t gotten any closer to figuring out who was sending them. She could do little more than enjoy the rush of butterflies she felt every time she found a new note. They made her feel noticed and, for once in her life, completely unprepared. It was exciting.
Regulus had noticed her sunnier-than-usual disposition. It was a good thing, sure, but it also meant she was more distracted than she usually would be. Unlike Y/N, his suspicions had grown significantly and he was certain that it was his brother sending them. From what he could gather, their study sessions had become less troublesome every time. He could tell because Y/N had stopped complaining about them and almost seemed to look forward to them, even though she had not yet admitted that. Whenever a new note did come, she was too preoccupied with opening and reading it to notice that Sirius was always a safe distance away, trying to pretend he wasn’t watching. Regulus had not shared this information with his friend, nor did he intend to. Not until he’d spoken to Sirius first.
He ignored the looks he got from Sirius’ friends when he approached his brother in the halls.
“I need to talk to you,” he said confidently, refusing to let himself be intimidated by the pack of lions.
Sirius looked down at his brother, taken aback.
“Some time today would be nice,” Regulus added after a long silence passed.
Sirius rolled his eyes and nodded, parting from his equally-confused friends.
“What’s this about, then? One of our parents finally kick the bucket?” Sirius asked.
Regulus pressed his lips together and exhaled through his nose, staring up at Sirius with no humour in his eyes. “No. This isn’t about our parents. It’s about Y/N.”
Sirius blinked. “Oh.”
“Yes. Oh. What are you doing?”
“What are you doing?” Regulus repeated.
“That’s a very broad question, you’ll have to be more specific.”
“I know it’s you who’s been sending those notes to her,” Regulus said bluntly.
Sirius crossed his arms over his chest. “You can’t prove that.”
“I’m not an idiot, I know it’s you. I just want to know why.”
“Why? Because I want to, is that a good enough answer for you?”
“I know what you’re like and I especially know what you think of my house. Despite what you may think, Y/N’s a good person and she’s just as vulnerable as anyone else,” Regulus blurted. Even a few minutes in his brother’s presence again was enough to make his composure start to fade away.
“What are you insinuating here?” Sirius asked, his irritation steadily growing.
“I’m not insinuating, I’m saying it outright. I don’t know what your endgame is but I know it’s not good. I just never thought you’d be so cruel as to get her hopes up like that.”
Sirius nearly exploded on the spot and just barely managed to stop himself from shoving his brother into the wall. “You think I’m just stringing her along?”
“It’s what you do — it’s what you’ve always done. You’re interested in the shiny new thing for a while, then you drop it as soon as something more exciting comes along. Well, guess what? Not all of us can afford to play around with people like that. Not all of us will have an unlimited number of people ready to jump at the chance to be our friend,” Regulus said, clenching his fist around the strap of his bag.
Sirius looked as if he’d been slapped in the face. “What, are you jealous or something? You’re worried I’m trying to steal your little friend?”
Regulus said nothing. Sirius’ face fell.
“I may be an asshole, but I’m not that cruel,” Sirius said quietly, his anger reducing as his shoulders sagged.
Regulus shifted uncomfortably, unable to meet Sirius’ eyes any longer. “She’s the only good friend I’ve got, Sirius.”
Sirius watched his little brother curiously, allowing the anger and hurt he’d felt at Regulus’ accusations to roll off of him. Regulus had not dared to speak with him in a long time but here he was, asking him not to break his friend’s heart. He couldn’t be mad at him for that.
“I…I understand,” Sirius mumbled awkwardly.
Regulus looked back up with his eyes narrowed.
“I’m not being an ass here, you know,” Sirius added quickly. “I really do like her.”
Regulus scoffed. “She’s a Slytherin prefect.”
“I know. She drives me crazy.”
Regulus’ face changed when he said that; almost the barest hint of a smile, though Sirius could not understand it.
“You aren’t just saying that?” he asked.
Sirius was quick to shake his head. “No. I’ll admit she used to bug the shit out of me, but she’s grown on me considerably these past few months. I wouldn’t intentionally lead her on if I didn’t like her.”
Regulus nodded slowly.
“And to think: this might be the one thing you’ve done that our parents would approve of.”
“Don’t ruin it, Reg.”
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Regulus sat next to Y/N on the sofa in the common room. “It’s Sirius.”
She looked up at him. “What?”
“The notes you’ve been getting. They’re from my brother.”
Y/N’s heart jumpstarted in her chest. There was no way that could be true…right?
“How do you know?” she asked, not quite sure if she even believed it yet.
“I suspected as much, so I asked him about it and he admitted it,” Regulus said, leaving no room for further confusion.
The notes were from Sirius. All those nice things she’d had said about her were thought up by Sirius Black. He thought she was pretty, that she had a nice smile and nice hair and a sweet laugh. He knew what her favourite flower and book was. How did he know that?
Regulus made no comment on the look of utter disbelief on her face.
“I thought you ought to know…” he said uncertainly. “I don’t know if and when he was planning on coming clean. Didn’t want you to keep torturing yourself over trying to figure out who they were from.”
Y/N watched as Regulus avoided her eyes and stared off into the common room. “What’s wrong?”
Regulus waved her off.
“Have I done something to upset you?” Y/N asked. She didn’t like when Regulus got all quiet and distant.
“No,” he said quickly. “You haven’t done anything. I…”
“Regulus,” she urged.
“It’s stupid.”
“I’m sure it’s not if it’s upsetting you.”
Regulus tugged at his tie uncomfortably. “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
When Y/N just stared at him in silence, needing more to go on, he sighed and continued.
“Look, he said he really likes you —”
“He does?”
“— and I don’t think I doubt him on that, but he’s…well, you know him well enough by now to know what he’s like. He’s not the most committed type.”
In some ways she knew it was true. Sirius was easily distracted, easily tempted, he struggled to control his impulses just like so many other teenagers at Hogwarts. But in the time they’d spent studying Potions together, Sirius had actually developed a sense of duty regarding his studies. He certainly didn’t flaunt it, maybe because it wasn’t ‘cool’ enough to fit with his image, but Y/N had noticed. Sirius Black was many things, but he wasn’t stupid. She knew that wasn’t what Regulus was talking about, however.
“I can’t stop you from…doing…whatever it is that you want to, whether that be, uh, dating, or —”
Y/N just nodded at Regulus, silently assuring him that she understood and he didn’t have to detail all of the possibilities.
“All I can say, really, is that if you decide to…date him, don’t let him mess it up. Don’t put up with anything less than complete loyalty.”
Regulus was clearly uncomfortable talking about such a subject so candidly. Y/N’s heart swelled with the knowledge that he cared that much.
“Thank you,” she said, “for looking out for me, and for worrying about me.”
Regulus gave her a bittersweet smile. “Thank you for the same. You’re the only person who does.”
Y/N looped her arm through Regulus’ and exhaled. “I don’t know what will happen with Sirius. I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth right now, but I’ve actually started to enjoy his company.”
Regulus nodded stiffly and Y/N was quick to wrap up the subject.
“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that no matter what happens with Sirius — whether it’s a success or an astounding failure — you’ll still be my best friend. Nothing and no one else can touch that.”
Regulus smiled and looked away to hide it. When he did not respond, Y/N squeezed his arm.
“I need to hear you say it, too, Reg. We’ll always be friends, right?”
Regulus patted her hand. “Always.”
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Sirius found Y/N reading alone in the courtyard on a bench. He waved a hand over the pages of her book to get her attention and Y/N looked up at him.
“What do you want?” she snapped, only to wince at her tone. “Sorry. Old habits die hard.”
Sirius only grinned and handed her a small piece of folded parchment before turning around and walking away. Y/N stared at it, feeling as if it was burning her fingertips. Well, that was it. The elephant in the room — the one that Y/N had not even realised Sirius knew about much less was responsible for — was finally brought right out into the open air of the courtyard. No more wondering who the notes were from, and no more pretending that she and Sirius didn’t like each other as much as they had grown to lately.
She opened the note and read the message scrawled onto it.
‘It’s about time you do something spontaneous. Meet me at the Astronomy Tower after curfew.’
Y/N was able to sneak out of the Slytherin common room fairly easily that night. She was not on patrol tonight, so she wouldn’t be expected anywhere; it also meant that she knew who was on patrol and where they would be, making it simpler to sneak around the castle.
There was something strangely exhilarating about it. She was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing and it was…fun? She had to be mindful to be even quieter than usual, careful not to wake the portraits or stumble into an on-duty prefect. Her fellow Slytherins would probably let her off the hook if they found her creeping about given her otherwise spotless history and, admittedly, her house’s history of showing favouritism, but if she came across a prefect from another house — oh boy. She didn’t want to think about it.
There was a faint glow up ahead and she rushed to hide behind a pillar, heart thumping in her chest. When she risked a quick peek, she saw that it was only the ghost of Sir Nicholas floating through the corridor. She waited with bated breath for him to pass into the next hallway before continuing her journey. She’d never felt this kind of rush before. It was something else.
When she reached the Astronomy Tower, she quickly but quietly climbed the stairs and once she got to the top, she saw Sirius standing there, tucking away a sheet of parchment into his jacket.
“So, you’re finally going to kill me?” Y/N joked.
Sirius breathed a laugh and waved her over to the edge of the tower where he sat on the floor, letting his legs dangle over the edge underneath the railing. Y/N followed suit, sat next to him and peered over the edge of the tower to look down at the ground.
“I’ve always liked it up here,” she said. It was easier to talk about nothing than directly ask him why he wanted to meet her here.
“Yeah. I love my common room but it’s below ground level, it starts to get a bit drab after a while.”
“Oh, right, you lot are surrounded by the Black Lake down there, aren’t you?”
“Yep. A Grindylow swam past my window in first year, scared the shit out of me —”
Sirius laughed.
“— but it grows on you. It’s calming in a way, really, very quiet. Still, it’s nice to come up here and be high up for a change.” Y/N moved her gaze from the ground far below to the starry night sky above before quickly looking over at Sirius. “Don’t you think we’ll be caught here? I thought that —”
“Nah. Remus is patrolling this area tonight but I told him to buzz off.”
Y/N sighed and shook her head, smiling.
“How was it?” Sirius asked, and Y/N knew he was referring to her perilous journey from the common room to the Astronomy Tower.
“I almost got too close to Sir Nicholas at one point, and I’m pretty sure I heard another prefect’s footsteps somewhere nearby. It was wild.”
Sirius chuckled. “If that’s your idea of ‘wild’, I wonder what you’d think of sneaking into the forest.”
Y/N whipped her head in his direction. “You do that?” she asked, forgetting for a moment to lower her volume.
Sirius paused. “No?”
“But, hey, you had fun, right? I saw that little smile on your face when you rushed up the stairs, you can’t bury the truth.”
Y/N hid her grin. “It was alright, I suppose.”
“You had a grand old time, didn’t you?” Sirius asked.
Y/N’s silence was telling.
Sirius leaned back on his palms. “I knew it.”
“Knew what?”
“That you had a rebellious streak. It’s always the strict ones, y’know. Once you loosen ‘em up and get that ball rolling, it’s all downhill from there.”
“Sirius, no —”
“Y/N, yes —”
“It was a one-time thing. I’ve had one taste of unlawfulness and I’m fully satiated.”
Sirius lolled his head to the side to look at her knowingly. “Sure. I bet you’ll never again do anything improper or disreputable in your life.”
“Well, trust me — if I do, nobody will ever find out about it.”
Sirius raised an eyebrow before laughing. “Slytherins,” he said, and for the first time, it didn’t sound hateful. “Sneaky shits, the lot of you.”
“Gryffindors,” Y/N bit back. “Royal shits, the lot of you.”
Sirius’ eyes widened and his face fell as he looked at something behind you.
“Professor!” he cried, startled.
Y/N gasped and whipped around, clutching her chest, only to find the otherwise empty tower. As Sirius started to laugh, she turned back to him and whacked his arm.
“That’s not funny! You nearly gave me a fucking heart attack!”
Sirius doubled over, hardly able to control his laughter. He managed to catch his breath for a moment and he imitated Y/N’s reaction, clutching at imaginary pearls and gasping.
“I didn’t look like that…”
Sirius wiped a fake tear from his eye. “All utterly hilarious jokes aside, thanks for meeting me up here. I wasn’t even sure if you would come, to be honest.”
“Why did you want to meet here, anyway?” She felt her arms tingle with nerves as she waited for his answer.
“Well, you seem to come up here a lot. I figured you liked it up here.“
“How did — never mind. You know that’s not what I was asking.”
It was Sirius’ turn to look sheepish, if that was even possible. “Just wanted to spend a bit of time with you. Where we don’t have to think about potions or worry about anyone else seeing us.”
“So, you’re ashamed of being my friend?”
“No! That’s not what I —” Sirius stopped when he saw the amused glint in Y/N’s eye. She was only messing about. Wait…friend? “Did you just call me your friend?” Sirius asked.
Y/N fumbled for her answer. “I mean, not friend — maybe frenemy is more apt.” She could feel herself blush when Sirius swung an arm around her shoulder and jostled her slightly.
“I’m alright with that description,” he said, looking out at the stars. “BFFs: best frenemies forever.”
“I’ve already told you before not to get ahead of yourself,” Y/N said, even though she found herself leaning into his side, which didn’t go unnoticed.
“Yeah, well, it’s sort of my thing,” he said, voice growing quieter.
“How did you know what my favourite flower is? And book? And what songs I like?” Y/N asked suddenly. Her curiosity had been eating away at her ever since the first note.
“You’re not as much of an enigma as I first presumed.”
Y/N looked up at him questioningly and he shrugged.
“You, uh…sometimes in our tutoring sessions, you hum songs to yourself when you’re concentrating,” he said.
Y/N’s cheeks got impossibly warmer. “Oh. That’s embarrassing.”
Sirius shook his head. “I think it’s pretty cute, actually. First time you did it, it instantly made you about fifty percent less scary. So, not scary at all anymore.”
“You thought I was fifty percent scary?”
“Don’t sound too proud of yourself, lovie. Also, I could take a wild guess at your favourite flower because you always stop to look at them whenever you see them. And I’ve seen how worn-out the binding of your favourite book is.”
Y/N could feel her heart doubling in size in her chest. “You noticed all that about me?”
Sirius nodded. “Not always consciously. I just…well, there was a while there, when we were still being dicks to each other. I’d started to get the feeling that I didn’t want us to be like that anymore, but I didn’t exactly know what to do about it. So, I just sent you that little note and I know it probably wasn’t all that impressive, it was only a small gesture, but you looked so happy that I kept wanting to do it. Even if you didn’t know it was me.”
Y/N was thankful that it was dark out and that her face was out of Sirius’ view, because she had a stupidly large smile and felt as if she might begin to cry. It was ridiculous and she had no idea what to say and she hated it and loved it at the same time.
“You never listen to me, do you?” she sniffled. “I told you that small things make a difference. You have no idea what your notes meant to me.”
Sirius panicked when he heard the sniffle and quickly brought his other arm around Y/N to hold her to him. “Shit, I didn’t wanna make you cry —”
Y/N sniffled louder, feeling tears balance precariously on her eyelids as her face was pressed against Sirius’ shoulder. “I’m not crying because I’m sad, you doink, I’m just emotional because you’re being really nice to me! And now you’re probably going to think I’m a mess.”
“Pssh, not at all. But if you were a mess, you’d be a very hot one.”
She managed a short laugh, only for it to grow when she saw Sirius grab a fistful of his shirt and hold it out in offering for her to use as a tissue. She declined.
“So…I take it you liked my notes, then?”
Y/N just nodded as she dabbed at her eyes with the sleeve of her own jumper. “I put them all in my journal so I wouldn’t lose them.”
“You kept them?” Sirius sounded surprised.
“Of course I did. What kind of heartless maniac would throw something like that away?”
“I just didn’t take you for the sentimental type, is all. You’re full of pleasant surprises, aren’t you?”
“I’m not the only one,” Y/N said, turning to finally look up at him.
Sirius smiled at her, eyes swimming with something soft and kind and just a touch remorseful. “I’m sorry I was…you know. Before. I didn’t try to know you before I made up my mind about you. I’m sorry.”
It sounded to Y/N’s ears like Sirius didn’t say those words often, which only made them that much heavier. “I’m sorry, too. I guess we did a pretty poor job of figuring each other out,” she said. She thought back to all the nasty things she’d ever thought or said about the boy in front of her, and all the nasty things he’d said back. What was the point of any of it?
“It all seems so stupid now. Childish, the way we acted,” Sirius said.
Y/N nodded pensively. “I suppose that’s just a part of growing up, isn’t it? Doing stupid things and only realising how stupid they are after you’ve already done them.”
“Maybe that’s the only way to figure out what works, sometimes,” Sirius said as he lifted a hand to gently hold the back of her neck. “You do a lot of stupid things until you find the smart thing to do.”
Sirius stole the air from her lungs when he leaned down and captured her lips in a bruising kiss. She was stunned, paralysed with no idea what to do, but before her stillness could be misinterpreted as rejection, she found her eyes fluttering shut and her lips moving back against Sirius’ of their own accord. Her arms slowly wrapped themselves around his shoulders, hugging her closer to him, and he exhaled through his nose in content. It was like muscle memory, almost; instinctual and natural, like coming home after a long time away and having to slowly remember where everything should be placed.
Sirius’ passion was dizzying and Y/N felt faint from it, making her clutch onto him even tighter, kiss him even harder for something to hold onto. It felt freeing, as if she was unlocking a cage she’d built around herself and for the first time she could let go of all logic and just let herself be. They parted from each other when oxygen became a necessity and not a moment sooner, but they remained close, foreheads pressed together. Tender smiles bloomed across their faces. Both of them had been wanting to do that for a long time.
“I think I’d like to know you better,” Sirius said once they’d caught their breath.
“And I think I’d like you to know me,” Y/N said shyly.
Sirius grinned, pressing another short kiss to her lips. “I’m off to a good start already,” he said. “I already know all of the small things.”
Tumblr media
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bellatrixscurls · 2 months ago
ღ pairing : fred weasley x fem reader
ღ warnings : smut, daddy kink, praise kink, pet names, degradation, sub/dom.
ღ summary : soft sex with freddie takes a turn.
ღ a/n : this isn’t the best and it’s shortish as well, i apologize :(
Tumblr media
“Daddy, daddy ” you whimpered in Fred’s ear as he pounded into you, your hot breath against his neck making him shiver. He hummed quietly, urging you to continue. “It’s so big ” even though you were not complaining, your words still came out as a strangled moan, boosting Fred’s ego — something, indeed, very unnecessary.
Fred chuckled lowly in response, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek while he spoke, his voice merely above a whisper as to not startle you and ruin the moment. “Of course it is, honey” he emphasized his words with a particularly hard thrust, hitting all the right spots and making you cry out in pure pleasure. “Only the best for my baby” he promised, watching as you squirmed lightly at his words.
Your hands found his biceps and fingers curled around them, gripping as you felt his hips tense and his cock push deeper and deeper inside of you. “M-Merlin! Freddie, please ” you begged, slurring your words as you were not even a little bit sure of what you were begging for, but somehow, he knew. Fred always knows.
“Aw, does my little baby need more? You that much of a slut for me, huh?” his face broke into a wide grin and you nodded fervently, echoing soft ‘more’s and ‘only for you’s. “Beg for it, then.”
His cheeky demeanour had your heart racing, but his tone was still the demanding one he’d always have in bed, a reminder that you had to actually beg for it.
“Please, please, daddy. Can I have more please? Can-Can you play with my pussy...pretty please?” your pleading eyes were looking up at him, his tall figure quite intimidating as heat rushed to your cheeks. A one last, soft ‘please’ left your mouth before Fred smashed his lips against yours, sliding his tongue across your bottom lip, followed by his teeth sinking into it — sign of a not so gentle kiss.
Taking the risk and being as needy and desperate as you could get, your trembling index and middle finger found your clit, drawing tight circles on it, praying that Fred wouldn’t notice. But Merlin, did he.
This boy never missed anything, and as soon as he felt your smaller hand become a barrier between his belly and yours, his lips immediately left yours, his head dropping to look at the bit of you that was disobedient. Catching your hand, he gave it a harsh squeeze and placed it above your head alongside your other hand, just to make sure that if you wanted to disobey him again, you wouldn’t have a chance.
“So you really are a slut, after all?” he groaned, feeling your pussy clench around him. Fred sent a glare your way, his jaw tense as he picked up his pace, casually throwing one of your legs over his shoulders to get a better angle. “Don’t try to distract me with this slutty-” his free hand delivered a smack across your pussy “-little pussy. You know better than that.”
You drew a deep, staggered breath in response to his harsh words and actions, your mouth barely an inch away from his. “I’m s-sorry.”
But he laughed. And your eyebrows furrowed. Was he laughing at you?
“No, you aren’t” he said, and you opened your mouth, but he was quick to cut you off. “You enjoyed every bit of it, no? That’s just what brats do” — and then he added “And you know better than to lie to me. I hope.”
You sighed, completely taken aback by his casual way of saying things like those, almost as if he was enjoying your ‘bratty’ side. “It was nice” you murmured shyly, pulling him closer with your legs and hiding your face in his chest.
“That’s right, baby. And what does that make you?” the pleasure boiling in your stomach was hard to ignore, but Fred’s words made it impossible. “Answer me” he demanded as he snapped his hips forward, and his hips started to tremble as well, a pretty obvious sign that he was close too.
Your breath hitched in your throat at the command, but you still obeyed. And somehow, that was the exact same time Fred decided to show some attention to your clit, ripping a loud cry from your throat mid sentence. “I’m a s-slut, daddy! Your dirty slut, please!”
“That’s right. My dirty little slut.”
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🔥- harry having a rough quidditch practice and just wanting to suck his girl boobs to calm down ?
congrats on 200
Warning: it's not very detailed, but ill still put a cut. Praise,
A/N: this is short, kind of just thrown together.
It was the same every time, and you counted on it happening again. Harry wakes up in a mood because it's early, then Quidditch practices while he's still half asleep, and then he needs some sort of stress relief. Sometimes it was a bath, or a movie, or a nap. But the one you counted on, was the lazy sex, it always felt so loving.
But this time he laid cuddling you on the couch. Your shirt was stretched as he made himself comfortable under it, occasionally sucking on one of your nipples, which seemed to be helping him lose the built-up tension. He stopped again, poking his head through your shirt to see the tv. Your fingers drew small patterns on his back, the other hand cradling his head on your chest.
A soft moan was pulled from you as he pulled your nipple into his mouth again. He chuckled lowly. “That feel good, princess?” he asked. You smiled and nodded your head. “Always so good for me, darling. So pretty” he praised.
And soon, the thing you were counting on was given to you. Soft praises and gentle kisses between slow thrusts. His mouth finding your nipple again, taking breathy moans and shaky sighs from you. Even after he finished, he stayed inside you, laying on your chest, his mouth slowly building up his need for you again.
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kpostedsum · 3 months ago
only you
draco malfoy x reader, harry potter x reader
summary: when harry asks you to get closer to a specific someone, what happens if you get too close?
based off this tiktok
song: dark red - steve lacy
a/n: there is infidelity in this fic whomppp and not edited
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Tumblr media
Something bad is 'bout to happen to me
I don't know it but I feel it comin'
Might be so sad, might leave my nose running
the sky was gloomy on your way to hogwarts, everyone was on edge with the return of voldemort. you stayed with harry, ron and hermione all throughout the summer at the burrow preparing for your sixth year.
“he has to be a deatheater, his father is in azkaban so it makes sense if voldemort would have made him a deatheater in his fathers place” your boyfriend harry tried to explain to ron and hermione. you have to admit, he could have a point— however, no matter how bad draco is you didn’t want to think that of a sixteen year old boy. “well how do you suppose we find out?” asked ron as he awaited an answer from everyone.
“i have a plan but i don’t suppose harry would be too fond of it” hermione said with a waver in her voice. “since y/n comes from a respectable pureblood family, perhaps she can get closer to draco and confirm our suspicions for us—”
“absolutely not. i don’t want y/n any where near malfoy, who knows how dangerous he is” harry said defensively. you have to admit, hermiones plan is smart and is probably the most realistic one there is.
“it’s okay harry” you soothed him. “i’ll be fine, hermiones plan makes the most sense” you said.
“so what’s the plan?”
I just hope she don't wanna leave me
Don't you give me up, please don't give up
Honey, I belong with you, and only you, baby
“love, i still don’t think this is a good idea, what if you get hurt?” harry said as you two were cuddled on his bed together in the boys dorm, basking in each others warmth and security.
“he won’t hurt me harry, he’s a boy just like you— i’m sure if he is a deatheater he isn’t handling it as well as you think. i’ll be okay” you said. a soft silence stilled between the two of you as you enjoyed being wrapped up in your boyfriends arms, occasionally rubbing your nose against his just to hear his giggle that you love so much.
“i’ve just lost a lot of people, i don’t want you to be one of them. if something were to happen to you i’d light the world on fire and never let a flame touch you, just to keep you safe.” he said with a certain look of truth, loyalty and despair swimming in his eyes as he looked at you.
“i’m not going anywhere harry, i promise. i love you, only you” was the last thing you said before the both of you fell asleep, body parts tangled with eachother.
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you, babe
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you
it’s been 3 days since that night with harry, and since then you’ve been trying to get closer to draco, but every time you tried he seemed to disappear. tonight you decided you’d wander outside of the slytherin common room in hopes of him showing up.
“what are you doing here, don’t you belong with the other gryffindors and saint potter?”
there he was. the voice you’ve been waiting to hear all week.
“i’ve grown quite bored of them right now, i figured i need a little excitement in my life. which is exactly why i am here, wandering outside the slytherin common room hoping there’s someone here to cure my boredom.” you said trying to sound as convincing as possible.
“get to the point y/n” he said walking closer to you. “what do you really want? is potter not fulfilling your needs anymore?” he smirked as he backed you against the wall, caging your frame beneath his.
“harry and i are fine, thank you very much” you rolled your eyes. “he’s just too busy right now”
“so you think i’m the cure to your boredom” draco said raising his brows, curious as to where this conversation is leading too.
“i know you’re the cure to my boredom.”
Something bad is 'bout to happen to me
Why I feel this way I don't know maybe
I think of her so much it drives me crazy
I just don't want her to leave me
you and draco have been hanging out every night since that day. some days he’d be there and you’d both talk until the sun rise, and others he wouldn’t show.
you knew you had to ask him about it soon for harry’s sake but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so, atleast not tonight.
“what do you mean you haven’t found out yet? you’ve been spending almost every night with him— which you could be spending with me by the way, and you still found out nothing about him. what do you even do then?” harry exclaimed, clearly frustrated over the lack of information and the fact that his girlfriend has been hanging out with the enemy.
“i can’t just straight up ask him harry!” you say a bit louder than intended. “he has to trust me first, and how can i build that trust with him if we don’t hang out. all we do is talk, i promise.” you said, your voice softening as you weren’t in the mood to argue with your boyfriend right now.
“can we just go to sleep please, i miss you” you pleaded.
“yeah, yeah we can” he said pulling you towards him in his bed, allowing your head to rest in the crook of his neck inhaling his scent. a scent that used to be so familiar but you can feel being replaced.
“it’s only me right?” he asked staring towards his ceiling.
“yes harry, it’s only you. i love you.” you said reassuring him, but also reassuring yourself.
Don't you give me up, please don't give up
Honey, I belong with you and only you, baby
“draco, can i ask you something” you asked looking towards him as he sat on the other side of you looking at the stars on from the astronomy tower.
“what is it?” he responded.
“how come sometimes you don’t show up, some days i’ll sit here waiting for you to show up and you never do. i miss you” you said softly, hoping you can get some information out of him.
“it’s cute that you miss me, i’d be lying if i said sometimes i didn’t miss your presence as well.” he said turning towards you and sending you a smirk. crawling over to him and resting your head on his shoulder, you relaxed against him.
“you know i don’t think you’re as bad as harry makes you out to be” you admitted. it’s true though, harry makes him out to be someone vain, however you find his presence comforting. you look forward to the nights you spend with him, more than you’d like to admit. “you’re quite nice when you want to be and are really good company” you explained.
“oh yeah?” he turned to you.
“yeah” you nodded. “i think harry is blinded by hate, he doesn’t know i’ve been hanging out with you and i’m sure if he were to find out he’d think you’re hurting me.” you partly lied.
“but i don’t think you could hurt me even if you tried” you said peering up at him with a soft smile and big genuine eyes. he adored the sight but he’d never admit it.
“i dont think your boyfriend would appreciate you talking about him like this to his enemy, now would he love?” draco said with a smirk. he knew over the past few weeks you’ve been hanging out your love for harry has been fading, even if you haven’t seen it yourself.
“draco” you said breaking the soft silence. “i have something to confess”
“well what is it?” he said, turning towards you giving you his full attention.
“do you think it’s wrong for someone to feel something for someone they’re not supposed to feel for” you asked, staring into his stormy grey eyes.
“i feel like i should feel guilty, but i don’t. if anything i feel safe.” you continued.
“what do you mean by that?” draco asked, taking his hand and slowly caressing your cheek encouraging you to continue.
when he touched you it felt as if the stars were dancing across your skin. you haven’t felt that way with harry in a while. it felt as if you could be anything in the world, and for some reason, you wanted to be his.
“is it wrong that when i’m with you, i get the same feeling i used to feel with him” you asked. “i mean, for some reason i can’t seem to stay away from you, and i don’t think i want too. i feel safe with you”. you said softly, hoping he understood what you meant.
“i used to think i was crazy meeting up with you every night, but i think it’s the best decision i’ve ever made.” he expressed. “you’ve become something i look forward too everyday, someone i seek out in crowds without even realizing it. i don’t think i want to stay away from you either” he finished.
the air stilled between you two, the only sounds heard were the soft winds of the night.
“draco… can i kiss you?” you asked.
“if you do, i don’t think i’d be able to stop” he confessed.
“and what if i don’t want you to stop” you said leaning closer and pressing your lips against his.
his lips were soft. slightly cold but it was addictive. kissing him felt so good, you might have even forgot how to breathe, but breathing wasn’t important in that moment.
“i’ve waited— i’ve waited so long for this, but i didn’t want to ruin what you and saint potter had” he said as he pulled you to straddle his lap and you pressed harsh kisses against his neck, craving to feel him.
“you didn’t ruin a thing” you said in between kisses. “i ruined it the day i decided to seek you out outside your common room” you continued breaking the kiss.
“i’m glad you did” he said resting his forehead against yours.
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you, babe
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you
whatever you had going on with draco continues for months, hidden kisses between classes and tangled limbs in his bed at night.
the only problem was harry.
“as much as i’d love to brag about stealing potters girlfriend to everyone, i don’t think i can do that” draco said as you both laid in bed together in each others embrace.
“i know, but i can’t leave him yet. it’s just not the right time” you said turning to face him.
“i know” he said turning towards you. “if anything, i enjoy sneaking around with you” he says as he presses light kisses to your neck.
“what are you thinking about” he asks as he notices you’re not paying attention to him.
“harry’s probably wondering where i am, i should probably go to him” you said sadly.
“just be back tomorrow, alright?”
“i’ll always come back to you draco, i promise” you said pressing a kiss to his lips and heading to the gryffindor common room.
What if she's fine
It's my mind that's wrong
And I just let bad thoughts
Linger for far too long
“you’ve been out quite a bit haven’t you” ron said as you entered the common room. his eyes, hermione’s and harry’s eyes all on you.
“i’ve just been trying to get the information you wanted from him” you lied as you took a seat next to hermione.
“we’ll have you gotten anything?” she asked
“no, i haven’t. i don’t think hes a deatheater, i mean it’s been months since i’ve been hanging with him— he would have told me by now” you explained.
“what do you mean he doesn’t trust you, all you do is be with him and stare at each other in class. i wouldn’t be surprised if he had a bloody crush on you by now” harry said quite aggressively.
“we only talk, i’ve told you that already” you said sternly even though it was a lie.
“how about we all go to sleep and discuss this in the morning, it’s quite late” ron said trying to diffuse the tension.
“i agree, it’s too late and none of us are thinking straight” hermione added on to ron’s statement and going straight to the girls dorm, ron going to the boys dorm.
Don't you give me up, please don't give up
Honey, I belong, with you, only you, baby
you and harry were left in the common room alone, the sound of fire crackling becoming more evident and loud as you tried to avoid his gaze.
“i’m sorry for lashing out like that” he said breaking the silence. “i know you and malfoy have nothing going on, i guess i’ve just missed you.”
“i missed you too harry” you said looking over to him.
“c’mere” he said tugging you towards him so you sit on his lap. “i love you, y’know. i don’t think i’d be able to do any of this without you” he continued looking into your eyes with a look of desperation of love.
a look you couldn’t return.
“i love you too harry, only you.” the lies came out your mouth before you could even stop them.
“only you, i promise.”
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you, babe
Only you, my girl, only you, babe
Only you, darling, only you
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wondernimbus · a year ago
two sworn enemies pt. 2 — draco malfoy
pairing: draco malfoy x female!reader
summary: maybe being fancied by draco malfoy isn’t so bad, after all.
requests are closed for now. please refrain from plagiarizing my work!
click here to read pt. 1!
Tumblr media
"Why is it so bloody cold?"
[Y/N] is decked out in full winter apparel; a knitted Gryffindor sweater, ear-muffs, and a scarf that she has half of her face buried in.
Sitting in the Quidditch stands with the rest of her friends, she grumbles, "It's not even a Gryffindor match. We don't really have to be here freezing to death."
"Well, it's common courtesy," says Hermione, but she's just as cold as [Y/N] is; there's bits of snow stuck in her hair and the tip of her nose is pink.
Ron snorts loudly. “We’re here to watch Slytherin lose," he says matter-of-factly, still in the process of smearing streaks of blue paint across his cheek.
[Y/N] watches him, nose scrunched. "Well, aren't you the Ravenclaw fanatic."
He gives her a grin and holds out the small tub of paint. "Want some?"
She bunches up her lips in thought, then reaches out to take it. Annoyingly enough, Ron pulls back at the last moment, grinning wider than ever, and says, "Or d'you want to show support for your boyfriend Malfoy? Hermione, why don't you turn this green—"
[Y/N] dives over Hermione and Harry to smack Ron round the head, only for the pair to hold her back and push her into her seat.
Exasperated, Hermione huffs, "Honestly, Ronald, will you stop bringing that up?" She glares at him. "You know fully well [Y/N] doesn't like it."
Ron (and Harry, although he isn't as boisterous about it as the redhead), thinks that the "blond ferret" taking a fancying to her is one of, if not the most hilarious thing to have ever happened in history. Annoyingly enough, Ron has made it a habit to tease her about it every chance he gets—this one being one of them.
"If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought Ron fancied Malfoy with how much he talks about him," grins Harry. This earns him a smatter of blue paint across his face; Ron had flicked it at him.
With one last eye-roll, [Y/N] tears her gaze away from Ron and digs her nose further into her scarf. It really is very cold; snow is falling from the sky, seeping into her clothes, some landing on her hair and on her face. Thankfully there's not so much of it that the players on the pitch wouldn't be able to see around them, but still—[Y/N] imagines that it'd be a lot colder for them, having to fly around the stadium with the cold wind whipping at their robes.
There’s a buzz of loud chatter hanging in the air as conversations from all around them overlap over one another. The entire stadium is slowly filling up; students trickle into the stands, a majority of which have adorned themselves with blue accessories as a show of support to Ravenclaw. One side of the stands, however, is entirely green. Through the snow, she can see a big serpent-shaped balloon hovering over the Slytherin side.
"They’re coming out!" someone exclaims.
Sure enough, when [Y/N] looks down at the pitch, players from both teams have appeared and congregated at opposite ends of the pitch. Slytherin and Ravenclaw; whichever house wins will play Gryffindor for the house cup. Most bets are on Slytherin, but [Y/N] would have to be dead before she is caught anywhere supporting them.
"Look, it's [Y/N]'s boyfriend," gushes Ron.
More out of habit than anything, [Y/N] shoots the redhead yet another brief, scathing look. Draco Malfoy is there, even though he's nowhere near being her boyfriend, pale face set into a stoic expression of calm as he stands with the rest of his team, one hand on his broom and the other on his hip—and this specific image has her thinking back to what happened two weeks ago on this very same pitch, except the stadium was empty and it was only the two of them on the grounds; when he'd confessed to liking her.
As if Malfoy has somehow heard her thoughts over the noise of excited chatter coming from all over the stands, he looks up, eyes sweeping the seats in search for someone before finally, they land on her.
When he meets her gaze, [Y/N]'s breath isn't knocked out of her chest, nor does she start blushing madly. But she doesn't burn red with annoyance, either. All she does is stare at him, eyes narrowed, watching as his lips split into a wide grin and he raises his hand to wave at her.
She rolls her eyes, but thankfully—thankfully, the scarf tucked around her neck, reaching up to her nose, conceals the smile that tugs at her lips.
"May I ask everyone to please find themselves in their seats before the match begins," McGonagall’s voice echoes around the stadium, giving [Y/N] a reason to break eye contact.
She tears her stare away from Malfoy’s, inhaling a deep breath through her nose, feeling oddly exhilarated.
But this isn't anything new. That slight feeling of breathlessness, that unfamiliar sensation tickling at her stomach whenever she spots a certain someone in the hallway; she's been feeling it a lot lately, and though the cause seems to be pretty obvious, that is another thing she'd have to be caught dead before doing: admitting that she reciprocates some of Malfoy’s.. peculiar feelings.
"And they're off!" Dean Thomas announces. [Y/N] watches as the players soar high into the air until they're mostly level with the stands, a blur of blue and green robes rapidly zooming around the pitch. Slytherin is already in possession of the quaffle; not a surprise, considering Ravenclaw isn't exactly known for their exceptionally talented Quidditch team.
Malfoy, meanwhile—[Y/N] tells herself that the way her eyes dart around the pitch in search of a certain platinum blond is because she wants to watch the game properly and not for other reasons.
She spots him hovering somewhere above the rest of the players, face screwed up in concentration as his gaze moves around the pitch in search for the golden snitch. He looks even paler in winter, set against a backdrop of a cloudy sky and snow—
[Y/N] jars herself out of her thoughts and blinks, side-eyeing her friends (specifically Ron) to make sure they hadn't seen her.. observing the Slytherin seeker. (Not like it matters; it's not as though she fancies him, but Ron would certainly take it the wrong way.)
"Go Ravenclaw!" Ron practically screeches, waving his Ravenclaw banner in the air—when did he get that? "Kick Slytherin’s arse so Gryffindor can crush you in the finals!"
[Y/N] snorts. "Have it all thought out, don't you, Ron?"
"Go on and cheer for your Slytherin boyfriend, [Y/N], no one's stopping you," says Harry, grinning. She turns to face him, mouth open in disbelief, and lets out a quick breath of incredulous laughter.
"So, Harry," [Y/N] says, suddenly deadpan. ”I see you've chosen Ron’s side."
Harry snickers, then shrugs.
"Oh, Malfoy’s seen the snitch!" someone shouts from beside them. [Y/N] turns back to the game to see Malfoy zooming down the pitch, clutching the front of his broom as he swerves past Slytherin and Ravenclaw players alike in pursuit of the tiny golden ball all the way on the other side of the stadium, where [Y/N] and her friends are sat. He has the upper hand—Ravenclaw's seeker is only just now starting to fly after him, but she's a good distance behind and Malfoy is gaining speed.
"He’s gonna catch it!"
"Ravenclaw's even worse than I thought," grumbles Ron, slumping down in his seat.
But just as Malfoy passes by them, somehow, despite the fact that he is in pursuit of the bloody golden snitch and on the brink of securing victory for his team, he slows down just the tiniest bit, and then, in true Malfoy fashion—theatric as always in his displays of affection—he catches her eye and yells “This one's for you, [Y/N]!”, a grin on his face before he hurtles down the pitch, stretching out his hand towards the fluttering snitch—
"Malfoy’s got the snitch!" Dean Thomas screams into his microphone. "Slytherin wins!"
[Y/N] stares, feeling oddly warm despite the wintry weather, as Malfoy spins around in mid-air, triumphantly holding up the snitch for the rest of Hogwarts to see.
"Blimey," gapes Ron, wide-eyed, staring not at the Slytherin seeker but at [Y/N]. "That was—"
[Y/N] looks away from Malfoy to meet Ron's gaze, maintaining indifference. "He’s quite the charmer, isn't he?" she mutters, and hopes that her friends will think that the blush on her cheeks is because of the cold and not because of something—someone else.
But that's ridiculous. It is because of the cold, isn't it?
"It may be Malfoy," says Ron slowly, shaking his head, "But you can't deny that was bloody romantic. Felt like I was watching something out of one of those Muggle films."
"Yeah, we'll have to ask him for tips," says Harry, and starts laughing when [Y/N] rolls her eyes in response.
Malfoy may have stopped sending her Howlers, but that hardly matters because he has found every other way to pester her.
This includes consistently yelling out her name and shouting random pick-up lines every time he spots her in the hallway, as well as sending people to do her bidding—no longer first-years, but Crabbe and Goyle, who show up at random intervals everyday presenting her with a batch of different pastries. She always sends the pair off, but only after Ron and Harry accept said pastries for themselves.
"Blimey, this is heavenly!" gushes Ron, taking a passionate bite off of his second red velvet cupcake. "You sure you don't want a bite, [Y/N]? Hermione?"
[Y/N] offers him an exasperated smile. "No, thank you, Ron."
"Don’t thank me, thank your boyfriend."
The four of them walk into the dingy Potions classroom. Snape is nowhere to be seen, but it's only a matter of time before he swoops in all bat-like, so [Y/N] and Hermione quickly take a seat at their regular desk, right next to Ron and Harry.
"Have you done your homework?" asks Hermione, pulling out an assortment of parchment from her bag.
[Y/N] hums in response. "I doubt mine is half as good as yours, but hopefully I’ll scrape an acceptable."
"Oh, you're a good student, [Y/N]. Don't bring yourself down."
"Hard not to when I’m sitting next to the brightest witch in our year," she nudges Hermione’s shoulder, smiling. Hermione huffs, rolling her eyes, but it's clear by the pleased look on her face that she doesn't hate [Y/N]'s honest flattery as much as she lets on.
[Y/N] drums her fingers on the desk to pass time, not quite paying attention to the students filtering into the classroom. Or at least not until one of them calls her name and drawls, "Is someone sitting here?"
[Y/N]'s head snaps around to see none other than Malfoy, gesturing to the desk to the left of hers and Hermione’s. "Mind if I,” he pauses, grinning, "Slytherin?"
She purses her lips into a thin, tight line, inhaling deeply as she fights to keep her cool. Yes, there are times when Malfoy's gestures have her questioning her own hatred for him, but this—this is not one of them.
"That," she says, voice mostly level. "Is your seat, Malfoy. I don’t see why you have to ask me."
Which is a lie. [Y/N] knows why, of course. To get her attention. To woo her. But part of her wishes that Malfoy would realize that everything he is doing, from the overbearing pick up lines to the cupcakes to his constant public declarations of love, isn't something that [Y/N] thoroughly enjoys. Does she want him to stop yelling at her in the hallways? Yes. Does she want Crabbe and Goyle to stop bumbling up to her everywhere she goes (outside of the girl's bathroom is one example) offering cupcakes and pie and tarts? Yes. But does she want Malfoy to stop trying entirely?
Maybe not. Maybe part of her wants to give him a chance. He does seem to truly hold feelings, judging from his confession back at the Quidditch stadium, unless he's a terribly good actor.
And it wouldn't just be him she'd be giving a chance, either. Perhaps she'd also be doing so to herself. Because, over the past month, it's baffled her how quickly her feelings for him have shifted. Or maybe it's not a change of feelings, but rather realization that under all that sneering and pureblood prejudice, Draco Malfoy is a boy.
An annoyingly attractive one.
But there is so much more that [Y/N] dislikes about him. His snootiness. His arrogance. His lack of consideration for other people's feelings. He may be tall and lithe and undeniably handsome, and he may have very soft-looking platinum blond hair and stormy grey eyes like dark clouds, but he is also a prick. And that wins over everything else, no matter how.. visually pleasing he is.
So when a paper bird flutters in front of her halfway through the lesson, when Snape’s back is turned, [Y/N] hesitates. She knows fully well who it's from, despite not having to look to the side and meet his gaze.
From beside her, Hermione whispers, "Get rid of it, before Snape sees."
Exhaling, [Y/N] snatches the paper bird and quickly unfolds it.
She doesn't know what she's expecting to see, but it's certainly not the words "meet me at the Astronomy tower after dinner" scribbled across the parchment. And with a drawing of a face blowing kisses, no less.
[Y/N] sighs.
[Y/N] has no real feelings for Malfoy, so succumbing to his mysterious evening request at the Astronomy tower shouldn't mean anything.
Scratch that: it doesn't mean anything. Not to her. (Or so she tells herself.) This is a chance for her to tell Malfoy to sod off and to stop courting her. And for good, this time. No matter what that annoying little voice inside her head tells her, she can't possibly even consider the idea of actually giving in to him. (And to herself.)
So she's going to put a stop to it, once and for all.
"I’m going," she decides over dinner, slamming her palms down on the table.
"Going where?" asks Harry.
"The Astronomy tower," she replies resolutely.
"What, to go star-gazing?" Ron snickers. [Y/N] glances at him and realizes, quickly, that telling them had slipped her mind—she'd been far too preoccupied with her own conflicting thoughts.
She shifts in her seat. She doesn't necessarily need to tell them, does she? It's not as though it's important enough to share. And besides, Ron would only badger her about it. Mercilessly. [Y/N] can already picture him in her head, talking about Malfoy and snogging under the stars and Merlin-knows-what-else.
"Nevermind," says [Y/N], taking a bite out of a muffin and looking away. They don't need to know; it's not as though it's important.
After [Y/N] has walked up all of the stairs to get there, only taking one or two shortcuts, she's out of breath, but she creeps into the Astronomy tower anyway. It’s mostly dark save for the faint moonshine filtering in from the open sides, and, well—there he is.
Malfoy’s arms are crossed over his chest, his back mostly turned as he stands dangerously close to the railing, looking out over the dark landscape. Dim light catches on the side of his face, illuminating the grey of his eyes.
The curve of his nose.
Pale skin.
White-blond hair.
[Y/N] finds herself staring, one hand on the doorframe as though for support, brows furrowed in the middle in a slight frown as she watches him.
He looks lost in thought. Even from a few feet away, [Y/N] can see the far-off, distant look in his eyes. Like storms brewing behind dark clouds, she thinks to herself. It’s a quiet little whisper in the back of her mind that has her heart doing odd little flips inside of her chest that she never knew it was capable of.
But then she blinks.
This is the last thing [Y/N] needs. To see Malfoy stripped of his arrogance—to see him as he is, bathed in moonlight, glowing, almost. To look at him and to see a boy with eyes like molten silver and nothing more—it's the last thing she needs to convince herself that she doesn't feel something for him that isn't hatred.
No, she doesn't need this.
She turns around, breath caught in her throat, and starts walking down the steps. Accidentally, stupidly, her foot catches on a metal step and a loud clang echoes around the silent tower.
[Y/N] pauses, eyes wide.
"[Y/N]?" Malfoy's voice says. He can't see her. It’s too dark, and [Y/N] is too far down the steps.
She swallows. But instead of dreading what could come, she finds herself waiting, half-hoping that he'd check the staircase, that he would see her and—
And then what?
[Y/N] rushes down the steps, ignoring the loud noise her footsteps make on the way. This is the last thing she needs.
[Y/N] doesn't like Malfoy.
[Y/N] doesn't like Malfoy, and she is determined to make that clear. (Both to herself and to her friends, although the former seems to be taking a lot more convincing.)
"What is there to like about him? He’s nothing but an annoying pain in the arse who has an overwhelming amount of pride and arrogance simply because of his blood—which is not only something that he never rightfully earned but is also something that shouldn't even bloody matter, except he thinks that it does solely because he is an absolute nutter who has nothing better to do with his life other than leech off of his parents' money and shove it in other people's faces."
Ron meets Harry’s gaze from across the table, who seems to be trying very hard not to laugh. Swallowing down a forkful of pancakes, Ron looks back at [Y/N]. "I’m sorry," he begins slowly. "But remind me again why we're talking about Malfoy?"
"I’m not finished, Ronald," [Y/N] snaps, shooting him a dirty look. Ron raises his eyebrows. "As I was saying before someone so rudely cut me off, Malfoy is a nasty little git who finds joy in making other people suffer. he probably has tiny puppies locked up inside his basement just so he can laugh in their faces and revel in their misery because he is that horrible of a person—"
Harry lurches with poorly suppressed laughter.
"An absolute terrible excuse for a human being! He basks in other people's humiliation—mine, for example!—and I would much rather snog the Giant Squid than ever actually consider his—" She pauses, gritting her teeth. "Odd.. requests."
"It’s not like he's asking you to murder house-elves," Ron mutters.
"Something that I would rather do than date him!"
"[Y/N]!" Hermione gasps, looking genuinely offended as she, for the first time since they'd arrived at the Great Hall for breakfast, looks up from the homework she's rushing to finish. (As if her five pieces worth of parchment aren't enough—Flitwick had only asked for three!)
"Sorry, Hermione," [Y/N] says, offering her an apologetic look that she only half-means. This quickly turns into a fierce look of challenge as she swivels back around in her seat to face the redhead sitting next to her. "Honestly, since when have you started defending Malfoy?"
Ron blanches. "I’m not defending him!" he says indignantly, setting his fork down on his plate. "It’s just.. yeah, it's a bit odd that he's declaring his undying love for you out of bloody nowhere, but he's stopped badgering us, hasn't he? Nasty little ferret hasn't said a word to Harry for weeks! And that goes for me and Hermione, too!"
[Y/N] narrows her eyes at him. "So you think it's great that he's stopped annoying you at the cost of my suffering?"
"What suffering!" Ron exclaims. "He’s been treating you like a bloody princess!"
"Oh, why don't you just snog him yourself, then, if you think so highly of him?"
Ron’s jaw drops in shocked offense.
"Alright, that's enough!" Harry announces, reaching over the table to shove the two apart from each other. "Why doesn't one of you switch seats with me before you end up strangling each other?"
"I don't know, Harry," [Y/N]'s lip curls. "I might have to hold Ron back before he goes running off to his ferret prince—or should we just let him? Merlin knows he'd love to, won't you, Ronald?"
Ron’s teeth are gritted; his eyes dart around the food on the table as though looking for the most effective weapon. He seems to be choosing between a green apple and rhubarb pie.
Thankfully, Ron never gets to take his pick. The bell rings, saving everyone in the Great Hall from witnessing what could have possibly been a brawl between friends. "Come on, let's go," says Harry quickly, relief evident in his tone of voice as he ushers the pair to their feet. "Wouldn’t want to be late for class."
[Y/N] doesn't like Malfoy.
[Y/N] doesn't like Malfoy, but why does she find herself staring at him whenever she comes across him in the hallway the next day? Why, when Malfoy meets her gaze, does she look away and pretend to be immersed in something else?
And why in the bloody hell, when Malfoy playfully winks at her during Potions class, does she find it very, very hard not to smile?
She walks out of the dungeon classroom in a hurry with Ron, Harry, and Hermione, not wanting to spend a minute more in Malfoy's presence; she doesn't particularly enjoy being suddenly hyperaware of every move he makes, every little glance he sends her way when he thinks she isn't paying attention. It’s as though something in her system has gone awry. Is that why her heart feels like it's about to hop right out of her chest? Is that why she can't stop wondering what would've happened if she'd stayed at the Astronomy tower?
"Hey, wait up!” Harry calls loudly as they walk up the stone steps leading away from the dungeons and into the main hallway, which is bustling with students.
[Y/N], who had been walking far too fast in front of the three, looks back over her shoulder and sees that they're a few feet away. She stops, seemingly flustered, and waits for them to catch up.
"You look like you've wet your pants," says Ron.
"I’m not you, Ron," she retorts.
"Oh, can you two please stop bickering for once?" says Hermione, exasperated.
From behind the three, Draco Malfoy emerges from the potions classroom and begins walking up the stone steps. [Y/N]'s hands clench into fists at her side as she discretely presses her back to the stone wall at her sides.
The blond doesn't even as much as glance at Ron, Harry, and Hermione as he passes by them on the steps. [Y/N], however—once Malfoy has reached the step below the one she's standing on, he pauses, no less than two feet away from her, and quirks an eyebrow.
"What?" [Y/N] scowls, trying not to look at the strand of blond hair dangling in front of his eyes.
Malfoy’s gaze dances over her face. "Was it you?"
She meets her friends' eyes over Malfoy's shoulder. Ron and Harry have their eyebrows raised; Hermione looks concerned. [Y/N] takes a moment to compose herself—tries to force her heart back into her chest—before she folds her arms across her chest and looks at the Slytherin. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"At the Astronomy tower," Malfoy says, and moves up one step so that he's standing on the same one she's on. A foot away. "I heard someone last night, while I was waiting for you."
Oh, Merlin.
"You came, didn't you?" he presses on.
"No," [Y/N] lies, and hates how defensive she sounds. She shifts a little on her feet, her eyes skirting away to look at a random spot behind Malfoy. "I was.. at the library. Doing things of actual importance."
There’s a slight pause as Malfoy's nose wrinkles. "Must’ve been someone else spying on me, then," he finally says through a scoff, but [Y/N] knows disappointment when she sees it. He rolls his shoulders back and puts on his signature smirk, inclining his head towards her as he takes another step up the stairs. "Better hurry and give me an answer, [Y/N]," he tells her, grinning. "Before one of my admirers get to me first."
[Y/N] watches as he walks up the steps and disappears into the hallway.
"The library?" a voice says incredulously. She turns back to Ron, whose face is scrunched in disbelief. "No, you weren't! We were waiting for you there and you never came."
[Y/N] folds her arms across her chest indignantly but doesn't respond, instead walking up the stone steps.
"Malfoy said he was waiting for you at the Astronomy tower," says Hermione slowly as they trail after her; [Y/N] speeds up her pace. "Is that why you mentioned going there during dinner last night?"
[Y/N] emerges into the main corridor first. "No, I didn't."
"Yes, you did!" bursts Ron, sounding downright triumphant.
"Congratulations, Ron, you don't have the memory range of a teaspoon, after all," [Y/N] mutters, looking around. Malfoy is walking down the hallway a few feet ahead of them, Crabbe and Goyle at his side.
Ron ignores her. "I bet you did go. I bet you did spy on him—" And then he gasps, looking as though he's unearthed the secret of life. "Merlin’s beard, you really do fancy him, don't you?"
[Y/N]'s footsteps falter. Ron, Harry, and Hermione stop right with her.
Hermione is the only one who doesn't look stunned out of her mind. Looking between the two boys, she rolls her eyes and scoffs. "Honestly, is that so hard to believe?" says Hermione, frowning. "I understand that it's Malfoy and he is a prick, but [Y/N] is perfectly entitled to fancy whoever she likes." She turns to [Y/N]. "It’s fine, [Y/N], you don't have to feel guilty about it. Anyone would catch feelings if someone started doing such sweet things for them, even if it were someone like Malfoy."
"Blimey," says Harry, breathless. "Which part sealed the deal, [Y/N]? The pick-up lines? Or was it the cupcakes?"
[Y/N], who had been opening and closing her mouth like a fish blown out of water, finally stops trying to find words that just aren't there and instead drags her palm across her face in frustration. "I don't.." she says, sounding defeated, but really—now that she's faced with such confrontation, it's easier to admit to herself that maybe.. maybe she does fancy Malfoy.
Ron’s lips have split into a jubilant grin. ”I called it!" he says, smacking Harry's shoulder. "Bloody knew it!"
Hermione reaches out to rub [Y/N]'s back. "Don’t feel too bad about it, [Y/N]. I sort of knew—you looked at him differently after he confessed to you on the pitch."
[Y/N] sighs, realizing that no amount  of denying it will convince her friends. Or herself.
She does fancy Malfoy.
Properly acknowledging it—finally admitting it to herself—is oddly relieving. She’s been keeping her feelings cooped up inside of her chest despite the fact they are so much bigger than her, and now that she's letting them burst free.. now that she's coming to terms with them..
Well. It’s not the worst feeling ever.
Ron is still beaming, looking as though he's won the lottery. And apparently, in a way, he has: "Fred and George said it'd take you a month longer to give in. I said it'd take you less—guess I’ve won myself two galleons!"
[Y/N]'s mouth falls open. "You bet on this?"
Ron raises his eyebrows, as though surprised to hear that she didn't know. "Uh, I and the entire bloody castle."
Struck by a sudden burst of both annoyance and confidence, [Y/N], scowling, detaches herself from her friends and strides down the hallway towards Malfoy, full of intent. He hasn't noticed her yet; his back is still turned, but she catches up to him easily. And when she does, she unceremoniously bumps her shoulder into his and grabs his hand, quickly interlacing her fingers through his.
"What the hell—"
Malfoy, obviously taken aback, tries to pull his hand away, sneering, until his gaze lands on [Y/N].
"Keep walking, Malfoy," she says scathingly, not quite looking at him.
Baffled, Malfoy stares at her, then down at their hands, which are now tightly interlocked between them. [Y/N] scowls resolutely at the hallway ahead of her.
And then Malfoy laughs, more out of disbelief than amusement.
"Keep walking," [Y/N] repeats, this time turning to look at him, fighting to keep her gaze indifferent. The last thing she wants Malfoy to know is that there is an onslaught of tiny little butterflies rampaging in her stomach and a tingly feeling spreading from their hands all the way up her spine and into her heart.
Malfoy’s lips tug up into a wide grin—a real one, [Y/N] thinks. Not an arrogant smirk or a deprecating sneer; one that she can't ever recall seeing. But now that she has, she finds herself wishing he'd do it more often.
[Y/N] tugs him along as she walks, feeling the stunned stares of her friends boring into her skull from behind. (Ron is going to have a field day about this.)
"So," Malfoy begins, and she doesn't have to look at him to know that he's still grinning down at her. "Changed your mind, haven't you?"
[Y/N] rolls her eyes; she doesn't fail to notice the way that the students they're passing by are staring at them, eyes wide, whispering to themselves. "Isn’t this what you wanted?"
Malfoy shrugs. "Among other things."
She side-eyes him, muttering, "Does that include snogging?"
He makes an amused sound at the back of his throat. "You said it, not me."
[Y/N] has to grit her teeth to stop the corners of her lips from tugging up. They turn a corner down the hallway, disappearing from both their friends' views (assuming they haven't followed them). At this thought, [Y/N] takes a brief glance over her shoulder—and sure enough, there's a redhead peeking out of a group of very confused Ravenclaws.
Cursing Ron Weasley inside her head, she turns her gaze back ahead of her. ”I have Charms class next."
Malfoy raises his brows. "And what do you expect me to do with that information?"
"Walk me there," says [Y/N] briskly.
She can practically feel the surprise radiating off of the blond next to her. A moment later, he throws his head back in a loud laugh. "And you want me to be late to Transfiguration? It’s all the way on the other side of the castle."
[Y/N] hums. "Can’t even do that for the girl you fancy?"
There’s a beat of silence. His grip on her hand falters a little as he says, voice still nonchalant and yet at the same time holding an undeniable sense of sincerity, "I could if I knew she wasn't leading me on."
"She isn't," [Y/N] says, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.
Malfoy is staring at her with his brows pulled in together just slightly at the middle, giving off the impression that he's trying to decide whether or not she's being serious. He slows down his pace until he comes to a full stop, urging [Y/N] to halt alongside him until they're standing in the middle of the hallway, oblivious to the stares following them and the redhead a mere few feet away.
"How do I know this isn't a prank?" says Malfoy, lip slowly curling as he narrows his eyes at her, the first few traces of suspicion etching itself onto his face now that the whole ridiculousness of the situation has finally sunken in. [Y/N] can't blame him; her antics—suddenly marching up to him in the hallway, grabbing his hand and walking with him as though they've been doing it for years—all of it is uncalled for after having ruthlessly turned him down so many times before. But [Y/N] can't delve into a discussion of her conflicting emotions—at least not right now—so she hopes, at least for now, that he will take her word for it.
She clears her throat.  "Well," she begins, looking down at their hands; Malfoy’s grip has gone slack. "If I wanted to hold your hand, I’d do it because I wanted to. Not because I wanted to get a rise out of you." She lets her gaze go back up to his, brows rising in familiar challenge. "I don't stoop that low, Malfoy. You’ve been in love with me for years—shouldn't you know that by now?"
There are a few seconds in which the blond standing before her still looks at her with a scrutinizing gaze, lips set into a thin, hard line and his eyes swimming with conflict that [Y/N] wouldn't have been able to see from afar, but sees in perfect clarity now that she's standing a mere foot away from him. But then, after what feels like ages, Malfoy nods, slowly, frown smoothing out into an expression of—could that be relief?
"I will be late for Transfiguration, you know," he says, lips quirking up into a grin.
[Y/N] laughs. (A real one, Draco thinks to himself.) This time she doesn't try to stop herself from smiling; just lets her lips do so of their own accord. It feels nice. Freeing. "Better just one of us than two, don't you think?" she says, mirroring his playful grin. "And besides, Goyle can stand in for you. You two do have quite the resemblance."
"Oh, sod off."
And it really is very odd, because everything about this shouldn't feel right; they've been enemies for the longest time, and a year ago, [Y/N] would have been revolted at the mere idea of ever coming close to Draco Malfoy—but it does. That is, it feels right. Like they've been this way for ages and this playful, harmless banter is the most natural thing.
Draco isn't perfect—Merlin, does he have a long way to go—but if he means to stop being a prat as long as [Y/N] is at his side, then she is willing to venture into whatever has formed between them.
And if this little bond is going to involve any more of this—this being her and Draco exaggeratedly swinging their arms between them as he walks her to Charms class with their fingers still intertwined, snickering, waiting for one of them to start complaining about their arm sockets hurting—then maybe it isn't the worst thing ever, after all.
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the-second-tonks · 2 months ago
Harry Potter headcanons
How they behave in front of you when they have a crush on you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Potter
We know how much of a dork he can be , definitely , he's gonna be so much of a nervous wreck around you . The small sexually awkward situations are gonna come every now and then . He's kinda a chaser , so I'm pretty sure he'll try to show off in front of you . He'll also try to be very reasonable , smart and brave (lol) in front of you . In his adventures , please expect him to check on you every now and then and him trying to avoid you coming with him on his dangerous adventures . He might also behave weirdly protective of you and would be touchy feely with you . He'll also give you gifts very much , shocking you, mind me this guy has no control over wasting his money. He'll show you that he likes you real slow . He'll stutter lol . Staring at you . You'll have to approach him first .
Ronald Weasley
He's literally gonna be the dreamy guy and stare at you from far away in the class. He'll sit with you , talk with you , eat with you , basically he won't leave your side . You'll find him talking a lot good stuff about you . He'll surely be very defensive of you and your image if anyone speaks bad of you in front of him . He's from a family which is full of love and so is his nature. He'll always come up with a cute and warm idea to get you rid of your headache or back pain and stuff . He'll be super duper caring towards you and would definitely (and unknowingly) show that he likes you . This guy is a chaser , if he gets a chance to chase you lol .
Draco Malfoy
Draco is actually the one who'll never show signs of liking you . If and ever he does , it'll be mixed signals. He'd actually be ashamed of liking someone . He'll be very mysterious yet open with you . He'll try his best to open up and tell you everything about his life , his goals , his feelings , but seems like it's tough for him . He'll wait for you to come and pick him up . So, you're the chaser one in this . Once you both are really close and you have his trust , he's going to be one of the most supportive and loving boyfriends . He's also gonna be very loyal to you , and he'll choose you no matter what . He'll spend his money to shower you with gifts and will love you a lot because he knows how it feels not to be loved .
Cedric Diggory
This guy is going to be really sweet with you . He'll often send flowers and bouquets to your dormitory . He'll be very respectful and a great gentleman in treating you like a queen . He's definitely a chaser but wouldn't mind being chased too . Since he's quite popular , he'll definitely not let you think low of yourself such as a popular guy like him chose a girl like you . He'll always reassure you and will be very kind. He'll work hard to get you and once he gets you , it's just you . No one else takes your place . Ever. He'll not hide his feelings from you and will not back down from challenges if you give him any . He'll try his best to get you because you rule his heart , girl .
George Weasely
He'll actually experience a love at first sight thingy with you . He's a bit more a bit more emotional and compassionate than his twin , and so , he'll definitely be romantic and stuff with you . He'll use his twin's pick up lines to get you blush wouldn't try hiding the fact that he's madly in love with you . He'll prank anyone and everyone who troubles you (be it professor) and would share his idea about being an entrepreneur when you both are close. Dating him would feel like dating Fred too . He'll actually be confused between choosing you and Fred , that's what you mean to him . Definitely a switch (he can chase and get you to chase too).
Fred Weasely
This guy is full of flirting. The king of flirting actually . He'll be anything but serious in the beginning . He'll flirt a bit more with you as compared to the amount of flirting he does with others . He'll definitely make you question if he's serious , but dear , he is . When he breaks your heart ample of times by flirting with other girls and will find you crying , he'll tell you how serious he is regarding you . He'll make you feel very special , make you laugh until you cry out of happiness , take you on super cheesy dates and take care of you more than anyone would've . Just like his twin , he'll never hide the fact about liking you . But mind me , even though he'll still flirt with other girls , the only girl he thinks about before sleeping would be you . Only you .
Tumblr media
Jumping to Marauder's
James Potter
We all know he'll make no efforts in hiding the fact that he loves you. Yes , loves you . Love at first sight thing . This charismatic guy will also buy you ample of things before the first date itself . Just like Harry , he's not the one to handle money properly . He'll literally give you so many gifts the whole week . First meeting anniversary , first date anniversary , first kiss anniversary , first eye contact anniversary even , James Potter will be cheesy as hell , he'll show you all these ideas even before you both began dating . He'll try to be the hero in your eyes , make you laugh and make you feel very special . He'll flirt with you but mind me , he's very loyal and serious . No doubts , he's a chaser . He'll always keep an eye on you and shoo away anyone who troubles you . He'll definitely try to be your knight in the shinning armour lol .
Sirius Black
You might have a crush on him , but this guy doesn't even realise it. He'll take his own time in falling for you , but trust me , when he falls for you , he'll fall hard . It's never ending from then . He'll do anything and everything to impress you , his natural charm kicks in . He might be a playboy to others , but he's very serious in your case . He won't ever , or not let anyone else ever take advantage of you or behave as a playboy with you . He'll definitely try to make you jealous . A lot . He'll confess his love for you ample of times , as if it's nothing , but after that , he'll ignore you , he'll not stare at you , not talk to you much , he'll behave as if he doesn't get affected by your feelings towards him . But he'll make you jealous to such an extent that you might shout at him and confess your crush . He is a switch , can be a chaser , can get you to chase him .
Remus Lupin
This guy will not even act on his feelings, until his friends force him to . He'll think you're out of his league and you don't deserve to love a man who has the problem of .. you-know-what. He'll stay away from you , he'll ignore you thinking his feelings will vanish away with time . Was he wrong ? Yes . His feelings grew till the point of love . Now , His grades will go down , he'll be very disturbed , very to completely nervous around you and would try to be as cold as possible towards you , he'll hide and cry if he hurt you. He'll prefer you to chase him , but this one will take time to melt and give in , because he doesn't want you to get stuck with him . He'll hate himself for this , but try to be a bit selfish and ask you out on a date after you've melt him down . Still , after he's melt down and before you've gone to a date , he'll be very insecure and nervous , but won't miss out on making you feel special and loved . He'll be very romantic and sweet . Kind as hell. Might even behave as a gentleman around you . Flirting is compulsory . He'll not hide how serious he is regarding you .
Tumblr media
I'm really sorry , I'm a Peter Pettigrew slaughter . Thank you for reading !
Do like or reblog if you enjoyed it !
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ameliora-j · a month ago
show me ii // rw x reader
words: 1.1k
warnings: innocence kink, corruption kink, mean dom!ron, praise kink, slight degradation, throat training, slapping, oral (m!receiving), hair pulling, all acts are consensual safeword is in place!
a/n: idk if i like this one tbh
you’re kneeled on the floor as you stare up at your boyfriend with wide, innocent eyes. “ronnie?” you ask softly.
“yes puppy?” he looks down at you with all the love and adoration in the world.
“what’re we doing?” your head is cocked to the side and your brows are furrowed slightly. you and ron had now been dating for a few weeks, and every time you’re in his room, buried between the sheets, he’s teaching you something new about your body. ever since the first time he made you cum on his tongue and fingers.
“gonna teach you something, angel,” he smiles down at you. “that okay?” you nod and he bends down to kiss your head softly. “alright baby, open y’mouth,” you hesitantly do as he says and he smirks down at you. ron takes his first two fingers and slides them in your mouth untill they’re hitting the back of your throat, making you cough and gag. he leaves them there for a few seconds before pulling them back out.
“relax your throat f’me angel,” he murmurs softly. you nod, taking some more deep breaths before opening your mouth and allowing him to go again. the second attempt produces the same results, your coughing and gagging around his fingers as tears are filling your eyes. “breathe through your nose,” he mumbles, not moving his fingers this time. you’re squirming and whimpering around the obtrusion in your throat as tears cascade down your cheeks, taking your mascara with it. you look up at ron hopelessly and he lets out a disappointed sigh, pulling back his fingers, a trail of saliva connecting them to your mouth. “baby,” he tuts gently.
“‘m sorry ronnie. can’t do it,” you whimper softly.
“if you can’t even take my fingers then however am i gonna get my cock in that pretty little mouth of your’s?” he pouts mockingly.
“ronnie i dunno what that means,” you’re whining is quickly cut off by a slap to your cheek, causing you to whimper and bring your hand up to the afflicted area. “owie…” you whimper softly. though it didn’t truly hurt, and both you and ron knew that. he knew you liked it no matter how much you whined and complained when he did it. he knew that if he were to peel back your little panties, he’d find your cunt slick with arousal, needy and begging to be touched.
“oh shut your mouth that didn’t hurt. don’t be a brat angel,” he glares at you. “quit y’fucking whining. you know i hate it when you whine.” since dating, ron had become quite the hard dominant, and you absolutely loved every single second of it. “gimme your hand,” you timidly reach your right hand up and he takes it, placing it over his covered cock. “you feel that baby?” and you’re nodding. “that’s my cock.”
“‘s big ronnie…” you murmur innocently.
“it is princess, and it’s gonna go in y’mouth, yeah?” he pushes your hair away from your face and wipes at the stray tears.
“‘s not gonna fit,” you shake your head softly.
“that’s why ‘m training your throat angel. gonna make it fit, yeah? now, are you ready to try again?” and you’re nodding, obediently opening your mouth and lulling out your tongue once more, causing him to smirk. he truly has turned you into the perfect little cockslut, and you he hasn’t even given you his cock yet.
“good girl,” he hums before going back in with his fingers. “that’s it princess,” he hums. this time you last a few seconds before you’re gagging and sputtering over the obtrusion in your throat, moving to pull away. ron keeps his hand at the back of your head as he instructs “breathe through your nose like i told you to,” and it’s another minute or so before you’re obeying. breathing through your nose and taking his fingers in your throat like a good cockslut. “fuck,” he mumbles as he slowly starts to thrust his fingers in and out of your mouth. “so perfect angel.”
it’s a few minutes before he’s pulling his fingers out. you’re already completely wrecked. makeup smudged, tears streaming down your cheeks, mouth slick with spit, and drool falling down your chest. “ready to take my cock?” he asks. you’re nodding immediately before he’s even finished his sentence and he smirks at your eagerness, moving to take off his belt. you watch his hands as he unbuckles his pants and frees his cock. when he does, your eyes widen. “you okay puppy?” he asks.
“‘s big…” you wonder aloud in amazement, causing him to chuckle.
“you’ll be okay,” as he pats your head. “c’mon doll, open up.” your tongue is lolling out again as he leads his cock into your mouth. he pushes all the way in untill he’s met with resistance at your throat. “relax f’me angel. c’mon, remember what i taught you.”
you breathe trough your nose and relax the muscles of your throat, allowing ron to fully push into your mouth, causing a protrusion in your throat, and when ron sees it, he groans aloud. “shit princess,” he’s pulling your hair into a makeshift ponytail as he slowly trusts, hitting your uvula each time. the sounds of your gags doing nothing but encouraging him as he picks up his pace.
you’re a complete mess, tears and drool causing stray hairs to stick to your face as your mascara smudges around your eyes while ron completely abuses your throat. “fuckin shit angel so good. such a good little cocksucker,” his moans and groans are only encouraging you to take it like a good girl and you relax even further, swallowing around his length.
immediately, he’s shooting his spend into your mouth, and tugging at your hair harder as he moans louder. “fucking shit. holy fuck,” he grunts loudly as you’re coughing and sputtering over the salty white liquid invading your throat. “oh i know i know, i’m sorry angel. sorry sorry, but be a good girl and swallow it all f’me yeah?” you nod and swallow his seed, still slightly coughing as you look up at him for approval.
“i was good ronnie?” you ask timidly.
“so good angel, made me cum so hard hmm,” he assures as he hooks his hands under your armpits and lifts you up onto his lap. you hum softly and cuddle into his shoulder.
“what was that?” you ask softly.
“that, my love, was a blowie,” he kisses your temple. “and you did so so well angel.”
“thank you ronnie,” you murmur softly.
“let’s go get you cleaned up yeah? then i’ll take care of that pretty little cunt. can feel how wet you are baby, pulsing on my thigh.”
“sorry…” you murmur abashedly.
“no need for sorries angel,” and he’s lifting you up and carrying you into the bathroom so he can wash your face of all the spit and makeup.
“i love you ronnie,” you hum softly as he sets you on the cold countertop.
“i love you too angel,” as he places a gentle kiss to your forehead.
🏷: @roonilwazlibswhore @ronweasleylover1 @mollysolo @i-love-scott-mccall @Beautyandthemermaid @hogwartshomiehopper @desiredmalfoy @louweasleymalfoy @dracomalfoys-wh0re @rvnwhre @trashyvicks @jochim322 @bbyxbluess @dracomalfoys-wh0re @bellatrixscurls @missryerye @marrymetheonott @black-rose-29 @m4lf0ym1lk3rs @shrekboobies @mypainistemporary @nevsmommy @random-fandom-things-555 @ivettt @emmysworld @ameliaphoenix @lunacurlclaw @rudypankowisdaddy @griebis @catarina @bohologyc @gloryekaterina @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @biles-bilinskiii @ameliasbitvh @whoreforgeorgeandfred @georgelvr @amalfoyandariddle @pandaxnienke @mrslizzyolsen
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Harry Potter Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Tumblr deleted my HP masterlist (AGAIN) so here you go xx
A/N: Hello lovelies, so this is basically every H.P fic I’ve ever written so… enjoy!
Harry Potter:
Happiness: You’re a muggle, but that doesn’t stop The Boy Who Lived from falling for you.
The kiss: You accidentally take an overheard conversation the wrong way.
The strange girl in Hogsmeade: Harry never thought that he would fall for the girl he saved in his Third Year.
Surprise : You, Y/N Potter, have been getting sick for quite some time. After visiting St. Mungo’s, you are astonished at the cause of your poor health.
Friends or more?: Where Harry kissed you in Sixth Year, but you weren’t sure what it meant.
Ammortentia: You, Y/N Diggory, have sworn to hate Harry Potter. But your love potion states otherwise.
Cry for me: Y/N shares her feelings after her breakup with Harry.
The fifth Champion (ongoing) : In which your name comes out of the Goblet of Fire and you’re terrified. Your friend, Harry, for whom you have developed feelings, is much the same.
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5
Ron Weasley:
Cuddles: Ron gets flustered when his girlfriend shows him affection.
Idiot: When Fred lets your crush on Ron slip by accident, the boy is astonished.
Entranced: Harboring feelings for your best friend isn’t the best way to go - especially if he has a girlfriend. But does he really love her? Or has it been someone else all along?
Draco Malfoy:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Fred Weasley:
Bet (Both): You have a bet with the twins.
Dance With Me: The Yule Ball has been responsible for breaking many hearts, and yours was one that left you convinced it could never be mended.
George Weasley:
Bet (Both): You have a bet with the twins.
Cedric Diggory:
Pretty boy: You’re convinced Cedric is a prat, but a Quidditch match changes your opinion.
Lipgloss: Cedric tries guessing what flavor of lipgloss you’re wearing
Oliver Wood:
Hopeless Romantic: After losing a Quidditch match, your boyfriend tries to cheer you up with a date.
Bill Weasley:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Zacharias Smith:
Stupid smirk: When the annoying Hufflepuff accidentally lands you in detention, you find out that he isn’t that bad after all.
Christmas with the marauders: Christmas special.
James Potter:
Jealousy: When you and Sirius fake-date to make James jealous, he wonders if it’s really Lily he’s after.
Sirius Black:
Exam stress: Sirius helps you cope with exam stress and you get a little snappy.
Pureblood Mania: When your mother announces your marriage and takes you to your best friend Regulus’ house, you are confused… until you realise you are engaged to his cocky older brother.
Remus Lupin:
Suck and blow: A game changes everything about your relationship with Remus.
Peter Pettigrew:
I’m sorry, who is that?
Severus Snape:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Regulus Black:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Tom Riddle:
Love you too much: You fall for your best friend, but are too scared to tell him. That is, until a girl dies.
One sickle: Tom doesn’t want you to get too close to him with the fear that he’d hurt you.
Challenging Fate: You and Tom had been wonderful friends…. until he came back from Hogwarts.
Also, for any imagine with any character that you’d like to request, you can ask it on or off anon.
Remember, I don’t write NSFW
And you can use this prompt list for requesting an imagine: (xxxx)
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fredshufflepuff · 3 months ago
see? || d.m
— summary: draco shows you how deep he is.
— warnings: fem!reader, sex
— word count: 289
Tumblr media
you laid with your back against the mattress as draco ran his hands across your thighs, pinching and pulling at your skin causing you to whine.
“draco please” you whimpered, your hips wiggling and jolting forward for any type of touch.
“good girls don’t whine” he spat, his fingers leaving your thigh to harshly grip your chin, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip as it jutted out in a pout.
“let me show you something,” he said, the tone in his voice quickly changing as he angled your head down, his grip softening but still tight.
his free hand extended his index finger to run along your stomach, circling your belly button before running back up.
“look” he whispered, your eyes traveling down to meet his finger, “if i put it in...”
“it’ll reach this deep.”
you didn’t have time to process anything as he lined himself up before snapping his hips into yours, forcing every inch into your needy hole as your head flew back.
your eyes screwed shut and your mouth fell open as he then started to pound into you, his body coming down to press on yours as your hands flew up to claw at his back.
“so fucking good,” he groaned in your ear, his balls slapping against the curve of your ass as you whimpered into his neck. “o-oh fuck,” you moaned, eyes rolling to the back of your head as the knot in your stomach grew with each thrust.
draco pushed himself up before grabbing your thighs and yanking you closer to him, his cock sinking deeper into your tight walls.
“see,” the boy breathed, his thrusts slow but harsh as he sprawled his hand across your stomach, “i was right.”
“you can see how deep i am.”
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