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my fav writers that i highly recommend! ⦅@watermelonlovershigh , @harryhoney-bee , @fool-for-harry , @finelinevogue , @damnasstyles , @let-me-write-shit, @sunandherflores , @hazgoldenstyles , @erodasfishtacos , @harryfanfics, @lollypopsx , @hes-writer , @lovecanyon , @harrystylesficreccomendations ⦆
[ ⌗FLUFF! ]
*house hunting - ⌗ summary : you and harry look for a house
*baby it's cold outside - ⌗ summary : you try to leave harry's house after watching a movie together but harry convinces you to stay the night for the first time ever because its cold outside.
*a trim - ⌗ summary : a cute lil boyfriend!harry moment where you’re cutting his hair in quarantine enjoy peeps
*fall to fast - ⌗ summary : y/n falls to fast & harry's her bsf
*we have tonight - ⌗ summary : the one when y/n and harry get back together.
*meeting the parents - ⌗ summary : as the title says :)
*cramps- ⌗ summary : you have bad cramps & he comforts
*she was gorgeous
*girls night - ⌗ summary : where she has a sleepover with her best friends but he gets clingy and drives over to them? or harry doesn’t want y/n to go to her sleepover
*uncle harry- ⌗ summary : harry as an uncle & leo- ⌗ summary : harry finding out he's gonna be an uncle!
*baby - ⌗ summary : seeing harry handle your child confirms your feelings for himwarnings; teeth rotting fluff, talks of a shitty ex-boyfriend, talks of pregnancy, cursing, verbal abuse if you squint, harry being too cute
[ ⌗SMUT! ]
*a hairy blowjob - ⌗ summary : harry is hairy in certain area's
*head - ⌗ summary : you're hesitant to let harry eat you out
*anal/ fem reciving - ⌗ summary : she and harry do anal for the first time
*doggy style - ⌗ summary : you and harry doing it doggy style
*anal/ male reciving - ⌗ summary : you fuck harry for the first time
*harry plays you fine line, the album - ⌗ summary : harry plays you his new album but what you don't realize is some of the songs are about you
*cockwarming - ⌗ summary : as the title says :)
*he's shy - ⌗ summary : harry's a lil insecure
*cock warming ii - ⌗ summary : some more harry cockwarming!
*cockwarming iii
*a sight for sore eyes - ⌗ summary : he wakes her up with oral
*innocent baby - ⌗ summary : y/n is a virgin pt ii, teach me & iii
*sliding into home - ⌗ summary : virgin y/n
*fuckable - ⌗ summary : harry can't believe his best friend is a virgin (smut + platonic?)
*make it fit - ⌗ summary : you guys try to make 'it' fit
*make a movie - ⌗ summary : y/n and harry are bored one rainy day and use the camera from the watermelon sugar set to make their first sex tape together
*try again later - ⌗ summary : you're a virgin, and think you're ready to have sex but you quickly learn you're not. 
*his first time - ⌗ summary : it's his first time ;)
*a bit nervous - ⌗ summary : y/n is a virgin and is nervous to have sex with harry because he’s very experienced and she doesn’t want to let him down.
*help - ⌗ summary : virgin!harry getting a blowy
[ ⌗ANGST! ]
*y/n doesn't want kids - ⌗ summary : y/n doesn't want kids but harry does « absolutely love this
*the making of ‘‘from the dining table’’ - ⌗ summary : the reasons that led harry to write from the dining table are finally revealed.
*birthday dinner - ⌗ summary : harrys daughter has a "friend" at her birthday dinner..
*spit up - ⌗ summary : harrys daughter spits her milk on him
*harrys daughter calls him harry - ⌗ summary : basically the title haha
*first-period - ⌗ summary : harrys daughter has her first period
*pregnacy scare - ⌗ summary : harrys daughter has pregnancy symptoms
*dazed photoshoot ft dad!harry - y/n and beau accompany harry at the dazed photoshoot
*harry during birth
*cherry - ⌗ summary : they're exes but harry writes songs about her
*things he does in bed
*nfsw alphabet list
*things he does as your bf
*things he does as a new dad
*how he is as a dad
*things he does during sex
*how is he when finding out your pregnant
*harry as a dad
*holidays with haz!
*harry at christmas
*nsfw alphabet
*cute things he does in the relationship
*your fav sex positions
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a/n : i have hit the limit of links I can add.. so im making a second harry masterlist :) you can find it here ←
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Tumblr media
i’ve honestly had this typed out for the longestttt time but i’m just gonna post it now lmaoo, hope y’all like it! <3
18+ content
summary: Harry’s tipsy and can’t keep his hands off of you
contains: drinking, public(ish) sex (not really they’re literally in a restroom), unprotected sex, a sliver of choking, and harry being a cheeky mf <3
word count: 2.6k
No cause let’s talk about Harry taking you, his girlfriend of a few years, to a wedding as his date. The wedding is outside, you would be wearing a cream silk dress that matches his cream-colored suit, and you two look fucking amazing together. You and Harry can’t keep your hands off each other, stealing quick kisses here and there before you’re both pulled off in separate directions to talk with different people.
Eventually, Harry finds you standing by some friends, listening to them chatter whilst nursing your 4th flute of champagne. He sneaks up behind you, one hand holding his drink as he presses his other palm flat against your tummy to swiftly pull you into the front of his body as he nuzzles his face into your neck. Your skin is warm from the sun that had been beating down on you until the night took over. A tipsy smile makes its way across your lips as well as his as he presses a kiss to the inside of your neck. “Doin’ okay, love?”
You hum as you lean into him, the rich scent of his cologne wrapping around you in a hazy manner. “Amazing. You?”
He smiles, hand shifting to squeeze your hip as he takes a quick sip of his drink. “Never been better, baby. Y’look so good tonight.” He pauses to lightly nip his teeth at your ear, grinning when you softly giggle. “You look good every night. Wanna take you home.”
Your free hand moves to rest over his hand that’s resting on your hip, you hum, your body buzzing from the bubbly drinks running through your veins and the gorgeous man touching you so sensually. “A bit early to leave, H.”
Harry groans, low enough for only your ears. He pitches your hips back against him, the feeling of his hard cock pressing against your ass making your heart race in anticipation. “I’m not gonna make it the whole night, baby. You look so good, can’t get a fucking grip.”
You look around, gazing through the crowds of tipsy people dancing and laughing, paying no attention to the two of you practically grinding against each other. You finish the last sip of your champagne as you grab the wandering hand of your lover, leading him through the clumps of people. Harry follows suit, bottom lip tucked between his teeth and eyes half-lidded as he smiles. He leaves both of your glasses on a random table, whining to grab ahold of your hand once again. The tips of his shoes knock against the heels of your pumps once or twice, the both of you drunkenly giggling as you push open the door to the building, a gush of cool AC kissing the both of you as you stumble into the establishment.
“Where are you taking me, miss?” He raises an eyebrow as you continue to pull him through the building. “Somewhere we can be alone, lover boy.”
Harry smiles as you stop in front of a door, ‘FAMILY RESTROOM’ written across the top of the heavy wood. Harry’s chest is pressed against your back as you push the door open, the heat radiating from him nearly making your knees buckle.
Luckily, no one is in the restroom as you drag the tipsy man in with you, instructing him to lock the door. His fingers fumble with the lock as he pulls you closer to him, stealing one, two, three, kisses before sealing it with one lengthy kiss. You both smile, teeth knocking against teeth as he backs you up against the counter of the restroom.
“You’re naughty, dragging me into family restrooms for a shag.” He teases, heavily decorated hands coasting up your dress to dance across your smooth skin, finally arriving at your hips to pitch you up onto the countertop. You hum, lips hungrily moving against his for a moment as you tug his white wife-beater out of the waistband of his trousers.
“You’re the one who can’t keep it in his pants.” You point out, panting out against his cheek as he pushes your dress up your legs to bunch up at your hips.
“Never can when you’re around.” He playfully bites the tip of your ear, smiling when you giggle, squeezing his bicep. “Gotta be quick, H. Still have a wedding to attend.” You remind him as your alcohol-weighted fingers undo his belt.
“Don’t think they’ll miss us too much, yeah?” He shrugs, leaning in to kiss you once more, warm hands drifting across your body and up your torso, pausing to squeeze at your tits.
“Don’t even have anything under this dress, s’like you’re just begging me to fuck you.” He mumbles, fingers lightly pinching your pebbled nipples causing you to moan. “Please, H.”
Your hand slips into his pants, quickly finding what you’re looking for and wrapping around his cock, lightly squeezing him. He moans into your mouth as his hips buck against your hand, eyes squeezing tight and mouth dropping in ecstasy. He shudders, a low hum rumbling from the back of his throat before he whines, “Oh fuck, do that again. Do it again.”
You follow his orders, squeezing before giving him one stroke, thumb swiping across the tip to smear the pre-cum that’s collected there. “Fuck me, Harry. Please fuck me.” You whine, squirming against his body as you steadily pump his cock in his pants.
He swiftly removes your hand, pushing his pants down just enough to free his hard length from the designer trousers. As one hand wraps around himself, his other hand slips under your dress, heavy eyes watching your face as he swipes two fingers from your clit down to your weeping hole, slowly easing the thick digits into the hot and wet cavern. Your jaw drops, eyebrows furrowing as he curls the digits in a ‘come hither’ motion, a breathless moan falling from your mouth. He mumbles something against your lips and in your arousal fogged mind, you can only make out a few words; his instruction to hold your dress up, which you swiftly do, holding the thin fabric against your stomach. He looks down, moaning at the sight of your slick heat snug around his fingers. “Look at you, always so ready for me.”
You mewl in slight embarrassment from how wet you are in such a short time, but you’re practically always turned on when you’re around Harry. You’re insatiable when it comes to your boyfriend, in every way shape, and form.
He removes his fingers, wrapping them around his dick, stroking himself a few times, using your arousal to slicken the slide.
You push against his chest causing him to stumble back a few steps, watching as you hop down from the countertop to turn around, hands resting against the edge of the cool marble tops, glancing at him through the mirror. “Want you to fuck me from behind, H, please.” You beg, ass pressing back against him. He groans, his free hand reaching out to grasp your hip, pushing you forward until the edge of the counter digs into the soft skin of your hips.
“My dirty girl, begging me to fuck her from behind in the middle of a wedding.” He mumbles against your ear as his hands make quick work of pulling your dress back up. With one hand holding your dress at the bottom of your spine, his other hand grabs ahold of himself, shuffling forward to paint his tip across your wet cunt. Your hips stutter backward, chasing the full feeling you know he can give you, whining out into the air, “Please...”
He hums, softly tapping his foot against your ankles to kick your legs wider apart. He taps the tip of his cock against your cunt before swiftly pushing into you, body shuddering at the overwhelming feeling of your pussy. You’re wet, tight, and so fucking warm, his knees nearly buckle within the first few moments. He watches as your eyes shut, swollen lips parting to let out a soft moan.
“Fuck...y’feel so good baby.” He whispers against your ear. You whimper, hips pushing back against his as you subconsciously squeeze down on his hard length, a whine emitting from the back of Harry’s throat. “Don’t do that, fuck don’t do that. You’re gonna make me cum.” He rushes out, fingers squeezing your hips harder. You laugh, peering at him through heavy eyes as he tips his head back, jaw clenched and eyebrows furrowed in frustration.
“Already?” “Shut up,”
You laugh again, another whine tumbling from his lips along with rambles of ‘stop fucking laughing I can feel everything.’ and ‘It isn’t funny it’s embarrassing, I’m so fucking horny.”
You tug your lips between your teeth, suppressing your laughter as you wait for him to collect himself. “I love you, but if you don’t fuck me soon I might lose feeling in my legs from this position.” You tease. His head tilts back down to look at you, heavily swallowing as he nods.
He pulls out just enough to where his tip is all that’s left in you before swiftly pushing back in, watching as your jaw drops further and further each time he repeats the action. His lips brush against your ear as he speaks, “Anything for my girl, right? Always wanna make you feel good.” The pace steadily picks up, the both of you heavily panting into the air as you greedily chase your highs. One particular harsh thrust has you pathetically mewling, keening forward over the counter, hand reaching forward to the mirror to catch yourself. “Oh fuck, Harry. Shit, harder, please harder.” You ramble, whimpering with each thrust as he begins to fuck into you at a harsher pace.
“You’re so tight. So good to me, always so good to me.” He pants against your ear, left hand moving up your body to squeeze your tits, moving the fabric of your dress down to expose the soft flesh. His fingers pinch at your nipples until they harden, broken moans tumbling across your lips to spill into the thick air.
That recognizable warm feeling begins to bubble in the pit of your stomach, your moans becoming loud enough to be heard from outside the heavy wooden door, anyone passing would know without a doubt what was going on behind the closed door. Your arms have become weaker, your upper body dropping to lean on your elbows as Harry relentlessly pounds into you from behind. His hand has left your breasts, now gripping your shoulder to help pull you back against each powerful thrust he gives you.
Your heart is racing, your body thrumming with the need to cum, and you can hear the blood rushing through your ears, the heavy moans and grunts spilling from your boyfriend, and the sinful sloshing sound of your sex paired with the repetitive noise of Harry’s hips slamming against your ass. You glance into the mirror, watching Harry as he works himself in and out of you, a sheet of sweat dancing across his skin, necklaces bouncing in the middle of his chest, his gaze stuck watching where the two of you meet. He looks like a god damn sex god.
“I’m…” Your mind is so hazy from the champagne and the way Harry is fucking you, your words seem to jumble up in your brain. His eyes snap up to meet yours through the mirror. Harry’s hand slips around your neck, fingers gripping your throat to deliver a delicious squeeze, a strangled and broken moan rising from the back of your throat. “I’m gonna cum.” You rush out.
Harry uses his grip on your neck to pull you up against his chest, your back arching as your head rests against his shoulder. “Yeah? Gonna cum for me?” His silky voice is right at your ear, the sensation of his cock slamming in and out of you paired with the heavy and calculated squeezes he gives your throat causes your body to shake with overwhelming pleasure. “Yes. Shit, yes, Harry. Just like that, I’m gonna cum.”
Harry can barely think straight, the only coherent thought running through his brain is the goal of you and his climaxes, his hips persistently delivering sharp thrusts into your backside, watching the filthy scene unfold through the mirror. Your head is dropped back against his shoulder, mouth ajar as pathetic moans slip with every thrust, the straps of your dress have fallen, your tits on full display as they jolt with each movement. Your skin is flushed and shiny with a thin sheen of sweat, every inch of you is fucking sinful and Harry loses his mind just a little more each time he runs his eyes over your shaking figure.
His fingers find their way to your throbbing clit, rubbing fast and calculated circles into the sensitive area. “Come on,” His voice is low in your ear as he encourages you. “You’re so good...so good to me, baby, please cum.” He begs. Your eyes are squeezed shut, legs beginning to shake because you’re so fucking close.
“Wanna feel you squeezing my cock like you did this mornin’ when I had you bent over the hotel patio with that white slip you had on, yeah? Remember that, baby?”
“Fuck! Yes yes yes, I remember. You fuck me so good, Harry, every time. Shit.” Your fingers have lost themselves in his messy curls, gripping them tightly as you begin to tip over the edge, a hiss falling from Harry’s lips at the sting from your actions. “There we go. Such a good fucking girl, cumming all over my cock, look at you all cock drunk.” He slurs, watching as you shake and moan, pussy quivering as your climax finally washes over you.
Your nails dig into his scalp, calling out in ecstasy when he continues to sloppily thrust into you, chasing his own high.
“Fuck… oh fuck, baby.” He cries out. You watch through lidded eyes as his jaw falls open, eyebrows pinching together as his orgasm hits him, the warm feeling of his cum shooting into you in several spurts causing a whine to erupt from you. “Love you so fucking much. So fucking good to me.” He pants into your ear, lips smearing wet kisses against your hot skin.
You whimper, mouth dry as you swallow, limbs feeling even heavier than before now that you’ve had a mind-blowing orgasm on top of the countless flutes of champagne. You’re sloppily kissing Harry as he pulls out, a whine coming from you at the loss of his cock.
“God, I fucking love you.” A sharp slap is delivered to your ass causing you to jolt with a giggle. “Love you,” You press another kiss to his swollen and bitten lips.
“Did you really have to cum inside me? It's uncomfortable.” You frown as you reach over for a paper towel to clean yourself off while Harry gets himself situated behind you. He mischievously grins, reaching forward to pull you close and smack a wet kiss to your cheek. “I didn’t wanna ruin your pretty dress.” He hums, softly squeezing your hips.
You roll your eyes as you pull the straps of your dress up and begin fixing your hair. “It’s already ruined. S’all creased and crinkled.” You frown. “Don’t tell me you’re complaining after I gave you one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had in your life.” He deadpans.
You scoff as you turn around to glare at him as a grin spreads across his face. “Don’t get cocky, it’s easy to fake an orgasm.”
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jarofstyles · 3 months ago
Watermelon Sugar
Tumblr media
Tiny one shot 🤪 bc Harry confirmed he does indeed love a female orgasm and eating pussy!
Also trying out a new pov hehe.
Smut warning
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If there was one thing Harry knew how to do? It was to eat pussy.
He was liberal with it. Really, taking his time to go down on most of his partners because… he loved it. He lived for the little way they gasped, seeing them react to his little tongue tricks, feeling them buck into his face. The whimpers and the tastes, seeing who was sweeter, who he could get to cum hardest on his tongue, how he could manage to get them off over and over while he took them to another place entirely….
Yeah. He fucking loved it.
His favorite pussy had to be yours, though. The smell, first of all. The beautiful scent that had him burying his nose into your panties before he even began so he could truly enjoy it. The smell of your cunt sent him into a different headspace. It was so much that he was guilty of taking your panties for later, getting off right in the middle of them when you weren’t around to take his load.
The first time he ever licked you out, he had thoroughly shocked you. The fervor he went at it with, how he gripped your hips fully and held your down so he could greedily lap at the sweet cream dripping from your needy hole. It was so… messy. Primal. Hot. He wasn’t able to stop himself. The only complaint you ever had was the pure addiction he had for it.
It was the worst after a show. Not only did he edge the crowd- he edged you. Knowing exactly what would be going on as soon as they got alone together, he would slip in his own little hints especially for you. Wiggling his fingers the way he did when he fucked you with them. Licking his lips or wiping his mouth…
He knew what he did.
It didn’t surprise you at all to be in this position. Strewn out on the hotel bed with your skirt flipped up, dark green eyes looking up at you while a messy sucking sound filled the room. Your fingers caressing the back of his head and gripping a nice handful at the top to pull him in deeper as his lips tugged at your clit.
“Fuck… just like that, baby.” Your lips dripped out. It was a steady relief because your heartbeat could be felt between your thighs the moment he had stepped on stage. Unhinge. Wild eyed. You’d been fucked since this morning.
Harry hummed against your cunt. Lifting your legs to rest over his shoulders and pulling you into him, hands under your back to lift you up and make it easier- fuck. You loved him. Loved his mouth.
“Cant get enough.” He grunted into your puffy cunt, nose and chin soaked with your arousal. His favorite taste, so desperate to get every and any drop that would leak from his favorite hole. Laying his tongue over it, he swiped up to your clit and gave another suck on the swollen bud. Smearing his spit and your cream all over your already messy pussy.
“So wet f’me. Gets you off seeing me like that. Know it.” He spoke against your cunt, the burst of air making you jolt. “I can’t get enough of this perfect cunt. Heaven sent me… the perfect pussy to eat. Tastes so fuckin’ good.” His words nearly snarled as he went back to pulling you into him.
“Grind against my face. Take it.” He ordered, encouraging your hips to move. Of course- there was no question, following his orders and moving your cunt messily over his face. Soaking him further as he laid his tongue out for you to grind against.
Harry was a whore. He knew this from a decent age- but he never knew how much of a whore he was until he had your cunt. It was perfect for him. The taste, the tightness, the smell. He was whipped for it and was effective in having you whenever he wanted. He was overly eager to give you head, but again- barely any complaints.
He moaned against you. Eyes rolling back as he felt your hand guide him exactly where you wanted him. Rubbing your swollen clit against the flat of your tongue, whimpering loudly as your head laid back on the pillows. It was heavenly. Debauched. Filthy. Harry letting you use his tongue for your pleasure.
“Fingers, H. Give me fingers.” Your demand was easily met, his eagerness to coax as many orgasms out of you as possible showing as he gave you two. Fucking them in steadily as you humped his tongue.
You were impossibly wet, moaning, and the sloppy sound of his long fingers in your cunt was erotic. Messy sex was a given for you both but this was a favorite. Harry being covered in you, knowing exactly what the goal was. To get you to cum. Hard.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Your repeated curses urged him to continue the pace, curling his fingers slightly. He could feel your pussy pulsing around his digits, and you were about to cum. He didn’t interrupt the rhythm, knowing how good of a place you were in. Instead, he hummed, watching intently with his dark eyes as your chest heaved and your end approached.
His name was given as a sulky whine, no other words needed as you came. The gush of your orgasm surprising you both, as he hadn’t expected you to squirt- but it was so good that you couldn’t help it. Your mouth opened in a silent whine and Harry watched in awe, the taste finding his tongue and dripping down his chin and chest. Gushing your orgasm on him was the biggest reward you could possibly give him. Slick, sticky, wet. Evidence of his ability to pleasure your dripping down his body, till his feet were wet.
“That’s m’fuckin’ girl… givin’ it all to me.” He preened against her sensitive cunt. “So fuckin’ sweet…. Just want to taste it. I just want t’taste it. Give it to me. Know you can give me more.”
But it wasn’t the end- no. Harry was greedy man. And he would find many ways to get the same result all over again.
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adore-laur · 3 months ago
so uhhh… that picture really killed us all, huh? and how could i possibly resist writing something about it? enjoy!!!
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 😈
word count: 1.2k
warnings: pure filth oops
Tumblr media
"Ride my face."
It's not an unusual request from him, but right before he's about to go on stage? Really?
"I'm not going to do that while you're in an ice bath, Harry," you respond, crossing your arms as you stand next to the metal tub he's sat in.
"Fine, be a brat," he mutters under his breath as he tilts his head back and clenches his teeth from the arctic temperature engulfing his body.
"What's with the attitude?" you ask with a grin.
He sputters his lips. "Just want you to ride my face, is that such a crime? Can't be standing there in that bloody dress and expect me not to say anything."
"No," you deadpan.
Then Harry gives you that look, gazing up at you with innocent puppy dog eyes that hold an underlying glint of absolute filth.
"Please?" he whispers with a slight pout.
You shake your head and yawn from the dim lighting.
"Can you at least sit on it for a bit?" he further pleads.
"You're going to give yourself hypothermia," you deflect, ignoring his begging because it's slowly working much to your disadvantage.
"Baby," he whines with desperation. "I'll do whatever you want, I swear. Gimme some love before I go out there."
You sigh. "Why do you need me to do it so bad?"
"Because," he impatiently starts, exhaling sharply when he shifts in the icy water, "I'm fuckin' freezing right now and your warm pussy on my face sounds like heaven."
"Jesus," you scoff at his dirty remark.
"Hey," he softly calls, reaching out to grab your hand. "For me? Please? Don't you think I deserve a reward for selling out two nights in Chicago?"
"You are such a narcissist, it's ridiculous."
"Come sit on this narcissist's face, then."
He's supposed to be on stage in approximately twenty minutes and he seems to be firmly standing his ground in terms of his sexual desires. Riding his face in a grimy venue bathroom while he takes an ice bath was never on your bucket list, contrary to popular belief.
Nonetheless, you give in from a single look at his submissive expression.
"Fine," you huff, "but if you even think about doing something funny like pulling me in, I'm leaving."
Harry smirks and runs his tongue along his front teeth. "I'm always nice to you, why would I do that?"
You roll your eyes. "How are we even going to do this?" you think aloud, eyeing the tub that's too wide for you to completely spread your legs over.
"Easy," he replies with a shrug.
You watch him tilt his head back against the edge of the tub and curl his fingers to beckon you closer, a couple strands of wet hair falling over his eyes. You walk over and position yourself behind him so his face is now upside down to you.
"Now what?" you ask while hiking your dress up.
Harry jerks his chin towards you. "Take a seat, darling."
So you do, moving one leg over the tub and resting your heel on his exposed chest. He immediately hooks his arm under your knee and securely grips your thigh as you hover your core over his face.
He muffles a moan in his throat when you slide your underwear to the side and let him soak up your already dripping pussy. His hand flexes and tightens around your trembling thigh as he instantly licks a long stripe from your entrance all the way to your clit. The noises he's making are sinful and dirty, low growls and wet sucks that leave you clenching with weak knees.
"So fuckin' filthy for me," Harry mumbles into your inner thigh, planting sloppy and sticky kisses there.
You pitifully moan, the sound echoing in the bathroom like it's mocking you. Harry's nose nudges your clit as he continues licking and leaving little nips to every sensitive part of your flaming skin.
"God, H-Harry," you stammer breathlessly, grinding along his swollen and damp mouth that you can feel smirk slightly when you say his name.
"Gonna cum on my face?" Harry says, his hot breath sending tingling waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. "Leave a goddamn mess all over me before I go on stage for everyone to see?"
You nod feverishly and quickly feel your orgasm come undone in the pit of your stomach, the pulsing of your pussy becoming so much that you have to place one of your hands on the wall next to you.
His hand that grips your thigh shakes and scratches along your skin from the overwhelming pleasure he's receiving. The water in the tub sloshes a little each time he shifts and you wonder how he's able to focus on anything else but the numbing temperature in which he sits.
When his tongue hits a particularly deep spot, you choke out a whimper and take hold of his flexing jaw as he brings you to your climax with a hungry desire. He's persistent, never stopping for air a single time.
"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna- Harry, I have to cum," you pant out, curling your hand into a fist.
Harry nods understandingly and jerks his hips up in the water. "I've got you, baby. Cum right on my face like a good girl. My good girl."
His praising words do it for you, the tight knot unraveling as you cum above Harry's mouth, his lips parted while he lets out soft, raspy moans.
"Attagirl," he coos, sliding his hand down to gently squeeze your ankle that's still placed on his heaving chest.
Once you finish, you step back from him because of your sensitivity and shakily kneel on the ground next to the tub. Harry sets his hands on the back of his head and breathes heavily, his nose and cupid's bow covered in your arousal. His lips are a darker shade of pink as he licks around his mouth to taste what he asked for.
"Fuck you," you exhale with a laugh.
"What?" he scratchily asks as his head whips towards yours.
You push his forehead back like a child and wipe the sweat from his hairline. "Fuck you for making me do that in this disgusting bathroom."
Harry cackles and clumsily brings your head to rest on his shoulder. "You know what's funny? We could've definitely done that somewhere else."
"Yeah, no shit."
He kisses your temple and stands up, the water cascading off his chest and down to his boxers. "Anyways, I've got a show to do, so I'll see you later. This was fun, we should do it again sometime."
You playfully roll your eyes at his teasing and stand up, too. He gets out of the tub and cutely shuffles over to you, cradling your cheeks and giving you a loud, dramatic kiss on the lips.
"Love you," he whispers. "You'll watch me from the crowd tonight, right?"
"Of course," you reply with soft eyes. "Then we can crash on the tour bus after."
"Mm, you read my mind. Wanna help me get dressed?"
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erodasfishtacos · 2 months ago
Tell me this is not CEO!Harry, even the caption. omg
Omg yes. Let’s expand.
Harry’s cooped up in his office, a nasty pile of paperwork in front of him with no end in sight, and his office door opens unexpectantly.
“I’m not taking any visitors at this time,” Harry says coldly, not looking up from where he’s working on the data sheet in front of him - he had no time for his thick-skulled employees today.
“S’not a very nice way to talk to the mother of your unborn baby,” YN cuts through the room, a sweet relief of a sound that makes Harry’s shoulders relax automatically.
“M’heart,” Harry sits back in his seat, he looked unfairly handsome in a custom tailored suit that hugged every muscular curve of his body, “Come for an afternoon delight?”
YN frowns, she was the furthest thing from aroused as she rest one hand on her eight-month bump that sat heavy on her.
She had spent all morning anxious, after she watched way too many parenting videos and stalking mummy blogs.
It had gotten bad enough that she needed time out of the house for fresh air and she knew her husband would comfort her.
YN feels a bit ridiculous when she just starts sobbing, bringing her hands up to cover her eyes in embarrassment.
She doesn’t see the way that’s Harry cocky smirk shifts into immediate concern and he’s out of his seat and striding towards his wife.
“Sweetheart? Wha’s happened?” He murmurs, tone laced with worry as he tugs her in his chest and his large ringed hand moves to cradle where his little love is homed.
“M’not goin-going to be a good enough mum,” YN sniffles into his chest, her hand cupping his over her belly.
“Mr. Styles, do you have those documents signed-“
“Get the fuck out!” Harry snarls at his oblivious employee who had just barged in but quickly backpedals out of the room.
“Love, y’being silly. Gonna be the best mummy, s’why I knocked you up,” He says as he peppers kisses across her warm forehead and massage at her big belly.
Harry sighs when she doesn’t even laugh at his crude language so he tucks a finger beneath her chin until her watery eyes meet his.
“Wha’ is makin’ you say that?” He asks, brushing a kiss against her puffy lips and letting his mouth linger against hers.
“Mr. Styles, I have a contract for you to sign off on-“
“I swear to god, the next one of you tha’ steps into m’office uninvited is getting fired. D’you understand me?” He barks at yet another employee with a stack of paperwork.
“Maybe I am horny, you’re so hot when you’re mean,”’ YN half-heartedly jokes but snorts out an unattractive laugh (attractive to Harry though) when she feels an unmistakable twitch in his trousers.
“I just…I don’t know…” She rambles with a frown, “I’m never going to be like these instagram mums who has everything color coordinated and alphabetical. I won’t -“
“Enough,” Harry cuts in, shaking his head, “Don’t ever compare y’self to that fake shit on the internet. I know and I know you know tha’ y’going to be the best mummy to our baby. A baby doesn’t need color coded shit - they need love, affection, security which I know we’ll give ‘em. Yes?”
She nods silently into him, her arms wrapping around his waist as much as possible to hug him with her stomach cradles between them - pressing into him.
“And I know y’will because you’re the best wife I could ask for. Y’the most loving, caring person I’ve ever met,” Harry speaks it against her skin - his warm cologne encasing her in comfort.
YN’s lips move to find his pulse, kissing the fluttering spot before laving it with her tongue which has him tilting his head back and moaning, “Dove…”
“Please,” She whispers lowly, sue her if his sweet words turned her on and suddenly, she desperately wanted to handsome man in front of her.
“Yeah? Want me t’give it t’you? Show y’how good you are?” His voice dropping in a predatory rasp as his hands creep underneath the loose fabric of her shirt.
And he does show her, how good she is by locking the door and sitting her bare bum on his desk, spreading her out, and licking into her until she quivers before standing up and carefully thrusting into her until the both finish.
Afterwards, they get an embarrassingly knowing look from Dorothy, who at some point had returned from lunch, as they leave the office.
Harry then takes her out to the shops, into a small high-end boutique where they buy too many onesies and outfits - only checking out once paparazzi begins crowding outside the bay windows.
When they get home, they sit on their bed and pull out all the outfits they bought to coo and admire the small size.
“Can’t believe y’letting me make you a mumma,” Harry hums as he pulls her shirt up to admire her stretch skin, “Gonna be the best, darling. I know it.”
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chaashni · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
A forgotten deal leads you into a hell lot of trouble, of the good kind ofcourse.
A/n: Here’s me being back to my regular BS, funded by a very filthy ask(thanks nonnie!). I’m a little late at delivering, but I’m very excited about how this turned out to be. Have fun bitches!!!
Word Count: 3.5K
Warnings: Smut. Smut. Smut. Filthy bets. College student stuff. Failing a test? A punishment everybody would want cause frat boy Harry’s the one dishing it out. Smoking. Spanking. Impact play. Some tears. Overstimulation. Degraation. Harry’s condescending baritone. Face slapping. Toys. Denial. Edging. Humiliation. What else man, this is rough.
Fic library is @chaashnifics
"Let's make a deal then" faint traces of smoke blew out from Harry's lips, dusting your face softly as the stench intoxicated you even futher. Your hands clung to his shoulders, his arms resting on your hips and keeping you tethered to his body. Your drunken self didn't have much coordination, almost entirely resting your weight on him, your fingers itching towards the bandana wrapped around his forehead as you puckered up your lips, asking for a kiss.
"We're not having any deals. C'mon, let's take you home." Harry relented, dropping his lips over yours and smooching some of your lip gloss off, the cigarette in his breath making you drowsier. You pushed him away suddenly, swaying before settling yourself and squaring your back in an attempt to reach in level with your lanky boyfriend's eyes, pouting and kicking at a stone when you realized you couldn't.
"We're having a deal. You're a chicken." You screeched sloppily, not paying any heed to the fact that you were super close to your dorm building and the wardens could come and shout at you any second. You were too drunk and your boyfriend too damn cocky for his own good.
Harry chuckled, pushing his hands into his pockets and leaning into your space as you blinked and tried to recoordinate yourself, the sudden sweep with which he crowded your personal space leaving you a little intimidated. It didn't help that the dim lights around seemed to converge into the crystal pools that were his eyes and -fuck- you must be too damn drunk if you were thinking of that.
The hand resting on your shoulder traveled across your collarbones, sliding your tresses back and cuffing around your nape, his grip firm and grounding. Your squirming stopped, a faint cloud of lust beginning to coagulate in your eyes and in the pits of your stomach, your sweaty fingers suddenly itching to slide down your boyfriend's v-line. Were you supposed to be striking a deal moments back? You couldn't care less.
Apparently, Harry was interested now. Still cupping your neck, he drew you closer to his face, his thumb moving up to your lips and ghosting over its curve, resting on your cupid's bow. Slow as he could, he slid the pad of it down, the tip of his smoke dusted finger dipping into your mouth before he pulled your lower lip down, breathing out some smoke directly into your mouth. 
"How much have you studied for tomorrow's test, huh?" He questions, an eyebrow raising up as he leans closer, the ends of his curls tickling the sides of your face. You blinked, a little confused, before your eyes light up.
"A lot-" you stated confidently. "Syllabus wise at least. I had these chapters under my belt from the start." You didn't know why you felt the need to add that, but Harry chuckled, almost scorningly, and your eyebrows crumbled in confusion, pushing at his chest.
"What?" You pouted, your words loud enough to make you wince. Harry remained unbothered, too used to your drunken antics to act surprised.
"Practice, baby. Have you practiced?"
You blinked, stepping back defensively. "I don't need to. I'm smart enough."
Harry chuckled, bringing another cigarette to his mouth and tucking it between his lips. He signalled to your pockets, a silent demand for you to pull out the lighter he had handed you. You rolled your eyes and clicked it open, lighting the roll for him. "Getting cocky isn't gonna get you anywhere." You chided, shuffling the lighter in your hands.
Your boyfriend just watched you with a piercing stare, each second igniting you a little more. Harry took a deep drag, pulling out the cigarette, his smoke laced words whispered right over your face. "And being a smartass isn't getting you the scores."
"Wanna bet?"
"You know I've been preparing this for longer than you " You cocked an eyebrow at your suddenly dismissive boyfriend, like he was a too sure he would win this easily. It unnerved you a little but you weren't phased. Could he win? In his dreams.
"Alright. We'll see how much you score after all this partying." He slung an arm around your waist, sweeping you over in the direction of the dorms.
"Wait wait wait." You staggered to a stop, pulling Harry to a sudden halt with you. You stumbled for a second, your boyfriend flipping you both around so his shoulder hit the compound wall instead of yours.
"Careful woman," he huffed, blowing out some smoke as he flexed his arm. "What happened now?"
"What do I get when I win?"
The exasperated crease melted to a conniving smirk. His hand wrapped around your throat, flipping you around again and backing you up against the wall by your neck, a wicked smirk on his face. "You get to use me. All you want."
And just like that, you were mirroring his smile.
"But if I win," he placed the cigarette between your lips, his thumb digging into your chin as you took in a controlled puff, your pussy wet and needy. "I get to do whatever I want with ya."
It was all too easy for you to agree. What would he do, tie you with his bandana? Pull you into one of the classrooms and bend you over a teacher's desk? Fuck you with his fingers when you were in a frat party? Been there. Done that. And you were certain you would win, so you did not bother much. You were too busy ripping off his jacket and tee, unzipping the chain of his tight pants as you both stumbled up the stairs, your bra pulled out from under your shirt, your body already marked with his bruises.
You should have probably thought the bet through. 
Ofcourse, being a smartass isn't always enough. Being a oversmart-ass and striking a bet on something as unpredictable as exam scores wasn't your brightest moment, but now it was done.
You were fucked.
You rubbed a drop of sweat lining over your brow- you needed to relax- this was a class test, these scores do not affect your credit scores. You huffed, shutting your laptop and glaring at the desk like it had done something seriously wrong to you. You dared not look at your boyfriend, who had been sitting by your side all through this while, his score clearly more than yours.
Talk about being fucked.
Having exhausted your stock of mental pep talk, you had shamefully turned to your boyfriend, a pout etched in your lips and a frown cemented in your eyes, ready to acknowledge that- fuck- you should be partying a little less and focusing a lot more on your classes.
Harry's hands stopped you before you got a word out, strong hands wrapping flush around your waist and pulling you snug to his torso, the droning voice of your professor be damned. You pressed your fingertips onto the fluffy material of his sweater, burrowing your neck into his chest as he cradled you delicately, no signs of mockery or contempt anywhere in his body language. He muttered some sweet nothings into your ear all through the class, promising you this wouldn't affect your credits and that you would be doing better soon. After class he brought you a big tub of ice cream sundae, and he even let you steal his bandana, smiling that sweet dopey smile when you littered kisses all over his face and chin, holding him like he grounded you.
He definitely did. You sometimes wondered what you would do without Harry. In your current predicament, you would probably be sitting in your dorm room, your face pressed to your pillow, your frustrated screams diffused into the fluffy material of your blankets, your tears dripping all over. Maybe you would turn into the sinister cat lady with a wine addiction and body traps littered all over your garden ten years earlier than normal, if you didn't have your sweet sweet boyfriend. Snorting, you decided you would cook him some nice pasta as a thank you for saving you from that, his apartment building just in sight.
It was still some minutes to five thirty, the time he had called you over so you both could study and just hang, and you were proud of yourself for making it in time- oh, even better- earlier than usual. So you skipped up the steps, cheerfully greeting the cranky middle aged dilf who was smoking a joint in the gallery, determined to fix this grand mess you had made out of your academics.
You had totally forgotten about that damned bet you had made under the expense of drunk bravery. Because you were an idiot, who lived a little too much in the moment. The whole premise of 'you can do whatever you want to do to me' had completely slipped your mind till you found your boyfriend sitting on the soft, tattooed arms crossed behind his head and legs propped on the table -it had endured more than enough of the two of you already- cigarette in hand, the annoying smug look all over his face.
That's when you knew this wouldn't be one of your regular 'study sessions'.
Cause however kinky and risque you might be, you cannot classify being bent over someone's lap, naked and reciting answers with a stinging ass while being casually degraded as 'normal'.
Clearly, when you had stepped in, you should have known. Harry didn't look like he was in the mood to fuck around, and as determined as you felt, you were also under this cocoon of love and warmth he had showered you with all through the afternoon.
So the first command of "strip" had you blinking, confused almost. Harry watery smile, the bluish trail of that vein down his tattooed hands, that pulled you out of the momentary 'dumb-drop' you had descended into, your mind rolling back to that night, your smug words and that bet ringing fresh. Harry's sultry words rang in your ears and you, much to your own chagarin, followed his command just the next instant, his sweetened accent housing the sultriness that had you tremble, knowing he would use you plenty tonight.
"Don't make Daddy repeat himself, baby girl. Strip. Do it slow. Daddy wants to be nice and hard when you're bent over his lap."
And here you were. All your clothes folded and kept in Harry's bedroom- the little freak wouldn't let you kick them aside, so while you were all naked and throbbing between your thighs in anticipation, you had to fold them up and walk over to the other side of the apartment, to place it on his bed.
"Would be easier for you to find 'em, babygirl."
Fuck him.
"Now for the rules of tonight," he started, large hands running down the curve of your back, slowly feeling up your ass as you adjusted your position, your hands pressed to the cold floor as Harry remained perched at the edge of the couch. "We'd be going through the paper- every single question." His hands cupped your jaw, thumb caressing your lower lip, smearing your saliva all over your mouth when you attempted to suck on it. "You attended the discussion didn't ya? Let's see how much attention you pay that day."
Fuck. Does he really expect you to remember that?
Definitely not. Which is why you were here in the first place.
"If you get it right, babygirl," your boyfriend continued, hand sliding between the crack of your ass and hovering right over your weepy cunt, a long finger diving through your folds as you closed your eyes and moaned, "you get rewarded."
The darkening of his voice got a chill jolt down your spine, your nerves flaring. "And if you get 'em wrong," the hand landing on your pussy shouldn't have shocked you so much but you grunted out in disbelief, staggering forward only to be held in place by his arms. "You get punished."
And that’s where it all began. Hands which caressed your cunt and backside as he read out the questions from his laptop, your inability to answer getting you harsh smacks on your backside, each mistake costing you five spanks and a ton of degradation, each tut leaving you squirming for more."
"Question 3, wasn't it the easiest in the whole paper?" His hand lands on the curve where your ass meets your thigh, sending you forward before its pair laced around your throat, tilting your head up so he could look into your teary eyes, his smug face and condescending glare leaving you whimpering.
"What is it that you know here, baby?" He squeezed the sides of your neck, hand landing on your ass again. "What do you say now?"
"Uggh," you whimpered, heaving before mumbling out, "sorry daddy. I don't know."
"You don't?" He narrowed his eyes, fake sympathy bleeding through his words as his hand landed on the same ass cheek twice, the other going to knead your breasts before taking its place back around your throat, the tips of his fingers pressing to the underside of your jaw. "That makes you such a bad little girl," he murmurs, brushing his lips tenderly on the side of your head as he landed the remaining two spanks for this particular question, grabbing that cheek harshly till you rolled out the words he had instructed you to repeat after each five spanks.
"Thank you for punishing me, daddy. Would- fuck-" he probed your hole a little, leaving you cursing him out and clenching around nothing the very next second. "Make sure to prepare the next time."
That dark chuckle had you trembling right at the edge, a burning backside and bruised throat only aggravating your horniess as you tried to rub against his thigh, his ring covered hands trailing all over your skin, mapping you, tracing every dip and crevice, every stretch mark and line. He grabbed your hair, twirling it around his fist and pulling a silent command for you to pucker up your lips, blowing smoke right into your mouth and kissing you deeply right after.
He pulled you up, scooping you in his arms and kissing you softly, caressing your breasts and neck before he grabbed them harshly again, the softness diffusing from his tone to a more ardent, serious one. 
"You see that mirror there, baby girl?" He pointed it out for you, pinching and twisting your nipple while his lips ran over your, words slowly whispered into the shell of it like you were some dumb baby who needed everything explained in details. "You'll go over there, spread your legs and wait for daddy. Is that okay, babygirl?"
"Are you fucking insane?" You actually whined out, shaking your head in a no. Your ass was on fire, how could he expect you to sit that way?
His eyes darkened, the hold on your nipple loosening before he was pulling away, face schooled into a frustrating neutral. What? Wouldn't he do something? Or would he leave you high and dry for the rest of the evening, just ask you to-
The hand crashing against your cheek got your face snapped to the side, a burning sting forming there and flowing all the way down your neck, one of Harry's hands around your throat, the other buried in your hair, his furious eyes burning right into yours. "What did you just say, babygirl?" His words holding so much condescension and meanness he had you trembling and your pussy dripping out right on his thigh.
"Sorry daddy- fuck-" you whimpered, grinding on his pants, your breathing low. "Didn't mean that."
"Oh really?" He mocked, pressing his fingers into your jugular, angry red lips biting over your earlobe.
"Didn't. Sorry," 
"But you meant to get wet- drip all over m' thigh like a drooly lil' kitten, didn't ya?" The hold on your hair tightened, pulling you backwards, your eyes snapping open. "Didn't ya?" Harry seethed, jaw clenched, eyes full of darkened lust as he watched you get off on his thigh.
"Yeah I did," you moaned, throwing your head back, rocking your hips and taking all the friction you could, his thighs soaked and your legs quivering as his lips danced all over your neck, sucking those bruising marks.
"What's your colour?" This was Harry. The timbre of his voice changed, care and caution dripped into his velvety words as you humped his leg, so so close to what you needed from the moment he had asked you to strip and give him a show.
"Green. Fucking green." You sobbed out, arching your back as you almost tipped over the edge, and the next instant you were being picked up and pinned to the couch, your annoyed yelp falling on deaf ears as you faced Harry's shit eating smirk.
"Then be a good girl and go sit your ass in front of th’ mirror." He caressed your face that he had slapped, pushing a thumb into your mouth before you could let out the curses dancing on the tip of your tongue, absolutely furious for your robbed orgasm.
And that's how you got in here, in front of the mirror, Harry's bandana wrapped around your wrists, which he had twisted behind your back, your breasts thrust out and thighs spread open, ass burning and pussy dripping.
The worst part was you could see just how horny and needy you were, and so could Harry, who was sitting on the couch right behind you and completing his fucking assignment- what an idiot?
Curse you for being so needy and enamored by this fucking moron.
He finished fairly quickly though- something told you he didn't even have anything to do in there, he just wanted you to remain frustrated and needy, and drip down on the floor for him. Harry walked over to you, eyes on your reflection, his hands rising and clamping over your shoulder, sliding down your bound hands to your waistline, curling over your stomach and descending down to your pussy. He cupped it torturously slow, his fingers just grazing your dripping folds, scooping up some of your slick on his palm. 
The palm, which came back up embarrassingly wet with your juices, was then held right below your face, Harry's silent command ringing in your ears. Face heated up and pussy gushing, you pressed the flat of your tongue on his palm, lapping up your own juices and licking it clean.
"Good girl," he kissed your neck, cupping your boobs from behind, traces of his fingers branded on your skin as he began kneading and pinching again, tipping you backwards so your raw cunt was raised from the ground, even more visible and humiliating. "Isn't that difficult to learn, isn't it baby?"
You moaned, throwing your head back over his shoulder. The tell tale hum of your vibrator, the one which you had left at his place the last time you were here, had you snapping your eyes back open, gasping as he rolled it over your nipples. Fuck.
"Been a really good girl today," Harry bit your shoulder, tracing a circle over the area close to your nipple, leaving you squirming in his hold. "Daddy's impressed"
You moaned, jutting your hips out, doing whatever to have him give you attention you needed, where you needed it most.
"I know, I know, baby." The vibrator buzzed its way down your torso, hovering torturously close to your clit when he smacked your inner thigh. "On your knees, babygirl."
Harry really, really was gonna toy with you all night long. Almost breaking into frustrated tears, you got into the position he wanted you in, looking at him imploringly, hoping he takes mercy on you and gives you what you want.
Which he did. The vibrator skimming through your folds at its highest setting had you barrelling forward, Harry's hold on the bandana wrapped around your wrists keeping you steady as you shrieked in pleasure, clamouring down on the toy and clenching, your juices lubricating you enough to take the toy in without any hesitation. Your boyfriend teased you nipples as he thrust the vibrator inside you, its tip circling around your clit menacingly before he was plunging it inside again, your moans breaking into incoherent mixtures of "harder" and "right there", the pleasure building up to a high you had been chasing all through the night, through the strenuous foreplay and Harry's skilled fingers. With a scream you came all over, dripping all over Harry's palm and the toy as you slumped against him, heaving heavily.
"Nah nah nah," Harry's hands patted your face, lightly rousing you when you were close to drifting off. "You still got those six other answers you need to be rewarded for."
You looked on, confused, gasping when you felt his erection press all the way up your back when he stood up, the boner he was sporting tight against his pants as he turned you around, your hands still bound behind your back, your thighs still quivering, your head a little mussed up.
"First you're gonna help daddy out." He caressed your face, hand slowly wrapping around your throat and guiding you to his pants. 
"Then I'm gonna do whatever I want with you. We only got started."
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harrywritingsbyme · 13 days ago
Right here Right Now
A/N: just a little something i wrote. idk…i just had a lil idea and i ran with it. i would’ve posted it earlier but i got hooked on doing absolutely nothing during my break so yeah. there’s a lil degradation bc why not…so mean dom/older/boyfriend harry but it’s still cute in some spots. anywaysss, i barely proofread it, ily, and this is my first fic of the new yearrr…enjoy🙃
4.2k wordsss
You and Harry’s night together was filled with good food, laughs, loving and longing stares from across the table, and sweet nothings quietly being traded back and forth between you two. It was almost as if these moments you two shared were ripped directly out of a book or a dream. The night, while being completely spontaneous, was absolutely perfect. 
And your night in particular was even more perfect because of the buzz that had taken off in your mind and body. Not only did you have a seemingly endless supply of good food, immaculate vibes, and romance. You also had a seeming endless supply of wine. Your favorite wine at that. While Harry kept his intake to a total of three sips since he’d be driving you both home, you on the other hand didn’t keep track and ended up having a grand total of two, almost three full glasses. Almost one for each course. 
Now you wouldn’t say that two almost three whole glasses is a lot for you. Nor would you consider yourself to be a lightweight. But it didn’t take long for a drink to start flowing through your body. And since it was a casual but nonetheless romantic night out where you could let your hair down more and just enjoy yourself, you became more relaxed and affectionate with Harry. 
During dinner, a simple little kiss on your hand wouldn’t suffice; you’d take it, but you wanted a kiss right on the lips. And of course Harry obliged; He always gave you what you wanted. Plus Harry was able to snag a table in the back of the restaurant, allowing you two a bit more privacy and room to just be together. Your little touchy feely antics continued through every course and all the way up until you two were ready to go. When it came time for the bill, you knew Harry had that taken care of so you decided to run to the ladies room before you two left the restaurant and headed back home. 
“So you’re just gonna leave me to foot the bill?” Harry says jokingly as you get up from the table. 
“Mhm.” You hum with a little nod and a wide tight lipped smile, discreetly tugging your dress down a bit in the process before prancing away from the table. And knowing Harry and how he would never pass up an opportunity to stare you down from behind, you move your hips a bit more than normal with each step.
When you return, the bill is all squared away and Harry is sat the table scrolling through his phone while waiting for you. When you sit back down, Harry’s attention leaves the screen in his hands and goes back to you. 
“Looked pretty focused over there.” You say, nodding down towards the phone in his hands as you pick up the glass to take one final sip of your wine.
“Yeah, I was checking out this instagram model that came across my feed.” Harry replies, looking back down in the direction of his phone that was shining back up at him, trying his best to hold back the smile and laugh that was creeping up to his mouth. He didn’t even bother too look up at you because if he did he’d break his “cover” and burst out into a fit of laughs at the scowl(your somewhat signature scowl that brought a sense of fear to whoever it was directed to, and a level sex appeal to none other than Harry) that was with out a doubt, spread across your face.
“Oh really.” You say back, completely unimpressed.
“Mhm, this is what she looks like.” Harry continues on all giddy in front of you, quickly turning the phone around to show you his screen. Before you could even see the screen your eyes widened at the fact that this man, your literal boyfriend, was showing you someone he stumbled across while you were in the restroom. At least, that’s what you thought. 
In reality, Harry turned his phone around to show you and your most recent post, causing your face to fall into a little smile. When he sees this, Harry doesn’t try and stop the laughs that he was fighting to hold back moments before from spilling out. For some reason, he just got a kick out of winding you up like this.
“That was a good one.” You say sarcastically, playfully glaring up at him before looking back down to swipe through the pictures you posted just a couple of hours ago. “Also, two things. One, your camera work is quite excellent. And two, when did you become so proficient with instagram.” You continue on, bringing your eyes back up to his while voicing the two thoughts lingering in your mind.
“Thank you very much. Even though I do have to say that it’s very easy to work the camera when there’s a stunning model like yourself in front of it.” Harry answers smoothly, sending a wink your way in the process; prompting a swarm of butterflies to attack your tummy and a wave of warmth rush up to your face. “And as far as being proficient in instagram goes, your post was just right at the top when I went in.” Harry explains with a little laugh. 
At this you two are actually ready to go. Harry is quick to stand from his seat in front of you (unknowingly giving you a little show) before coming over to your side of the table to help you up from your seat. You take one more swig from your glass, making it your official last glass, before standing up from your chair. A small kiss is planted right on your cheek and Harry’s hand moves to the small of your back, ushering the two of you out of the restaurant.
As soon as you step foot out of the doors you’re met with a gust of cool air, goosebumps immediately covering your skin. After Harry hands the valet ticket over, you immediately wrap yourself around Harry inside his jacket causing him to wrap his arms around your frame and a little laugh fall from his lips. You would’ve worn a jacket, but you didn’t want anything conflicting with your outfit. But it’s okay though because you had a perfectly good boyfriend to keep you warm. As you two waited for the car to be pulled around you, you had your head tilted back with your lips continuously puckered, silently asking for a continuous flow of kisses to your lips. And one by one, Harry presses small kisses into your lips. That is, until you were whining for a real one. In no time, Harry’s lips are pressed against yours and guiding you both into a much slower and far more intense kiss. Your lips were parted, following every movement his made and allowing his tongue to seamlessly glide against yours. Your body instantly warmed at the sensation and went somewhat limp in his arms. You let yourself fall completely into his control. Neither of you were thinking about who saw or how long the kiss was. Both of your minds were completely blank, too caught up in the easy going and relaxed nature of it all to even think about anything else. 
Eventually though, Harry softly pulls away from your lips, allowing for you both to steady yourselves.
“If you wanted me to shove my tongue down your throat all you had to do was ask.” Harry smartly says through a slight pant, a smirk taking over his face at the way you completely melted against him.  
“I’m a lady.” You simply reply, turning your nose up at him and turning your head away as you try to steady your breath as wel.. 
“I’m not so sure about that one doll.” Harry comes back at you with his brows raised at your statement. Just as he says this, as if the universe was on your side for the night, the valet is finally pulling up with the car. Not to say that you were really rushing him since you and Harry’s mini makeout session was quite great. 
But even though that may have been the case, when you see the car in your line of view, you scoff in Harry’s direction before lightly pushing at his chest and removing yourself from his light grip on you. Without saying a single word to him, you make your way over to the car. Opening the passenger side door and getting in by yourself. 
“That’s my job.” Harry pouts, following suit and coming over to the car. He wanted to at least close the door for you. But before he could even do that, still silent, you close the door yourself with a little glare in his direction.
Harry makes his way around to the drivers side, quickly hopping in and starting the car as to not hold anyone else up. The two of you now on your journey back home. It was silent on both ends, the only noise coming from the near quiet hum of the engine and the radio faintly playing in the background. The both of you content with the silence and simply being in each others presence. 
When the car comes to a stop at the red light you quit playing with the little bracelet that was wrapped around your wrist and you look for something else to mess with. Your eyes almost immediately fall on Harry’s ringed hand that was resting on the gearshift. Without any hesitation whatsoever, you pull his hand down to your lap, resting it on your exposed thigh. You were more than welcoming to his warm and soft hand to your skin. So much so that the contact alone caused the area between your legs to flutter a bit.  
“I take it you’re not mad at me anymore?” Harry chuckles, resting his head back against the headrest and turning in your direction. 
“Was never mad at you. I just like to throw a fit sometimes.” You hum, a proud little smirk rising to your face at the thought of your little fits. 
“I am well aware of that.” Harry replies, bringing the hand you pulled into your lap up to cup your jaw before bringing his face in closer to yours. “I am very well aware of your need to be a little brat.” Harry whispers, prior to enveloping your lips into a singular wet wet kiss that had you melting and coming in for more. Unfortunately for you though, after what seems like forever the light turns green prompting Harry to move back over to his side, returning his hand back to your lap in the process. Only this time, you’d have to work around his newfound grip on your thigh, his fingers curled inwards this time. If you weren’t buzzed before you were definitely buzzed now.
The buzz you had from dinner was far from being gone. In fact, it was only heightened by you and Harry’s banter and the delectable kisses you two shared. On top of the fact that you wanted Harry even more, your need (more like want) to be a brat was only heightened. With that being said, you began to tease Harry a bit. That probably wasn’t the best idea since he was driving but you enjoyed the thrill that came along with it so you kept going anyways. 
Not only did you pull his hand higher up your dress, that was a given. But you also began to slide your hand up his thigh in an effort to reach the no doubt semi hard bulge in his pants. To which he’d let go of your thigh to place your hand back over into your lap before bringing his back. You two did this a couple times, turning it into a little back and forth game between you two. Sometimes you’d get even closer than before, and other times Harry’d move quicker in putting your hand back. You even tried trapping his hand between your thighs while your hand made its way up. But once again, some way some how you’d be stopped in your tracks. Even though you had to work a little bit for what you wanted, you weren’t planning on letting up. In fact, seeing him trying to resist you only made you want him even more. 
And because you wanted him even more now, you figured you’d try one more thing that would almost guarantee you getting what you wanted. While you were impressed by the self-control he had, you still wanted him to cave in to your advances. So to make that happen, you unbuckle your seatbelt and you move your body over in his direction. You ultimately have your chest pressed against his arm, your lips at his ear, and your hand creeping into his lap. Harry had no choice but to cave now. 
“Stop fighting me baby, let’s just have some fun.” You mewl into his ear as your hand begins to squeeze at his growing bulge. You then plant the tiniest kiss to the area right below his ear. Harry fought hard to not pay you any mind and focus solely on the road ahead. But that seemed to be a quite futile effort. Especially when you started to undo his pants. You were quick with your work on the button and zipper, but not in a rush since you already knew that you had him exactly where you wanted him. 
You could already hear his quickened breaths with every move you made, but they were heightened even more when you wrapped your warm hand around his now solid shaft and freed him from the confines of his pants. But you didn’t stop there. You give him a couple of tugs before removing yourself from him entirely. Removing your hand from around his cock and moving your body out from against his arm. You then proceed to position yourself in a way that would have you face level with his cock. And without a second thought you bring your mouth in to wrap around his pretty pink head. 
Harry fought to hold back the moan that was on the tip of his tongue. Your warm mouth felt so good around him and he wanted so badly push your head down to take him further down your throat. But he knew that if he did, he wouldn’t be living to enjoy the pleasure from it. 
Even though you two were less than fifteen or so minuets away from home Harry had to pull over to the side of the road. Since you had no plans of waiting until you got home, he wasn’t going to bother trying to contain and control himself until then either. Harry swiftly puts the car in park and undoes his seatbelt before turning the car off. The two of you were in complete darkness and silence. The only light coming from the dim light pole further ahead and the only noise coming from you sucking at his cock.
Harry brings a hand down to wrap around your throat, slightly choking you to force your mouth off of him. Your lips are all glossy and you’re a little bit out of breath beside him. Neither of you say a word to each other. Instead, you both are watching each other’s movements. You move back into your seat the proper way, and Harry is carefully redoing his pants back to the way they were when you two first got into the car. Once he’s done, Harry opens the drivers side door, prompting you to mimic his actions on your side.
“Don’t you go anywhere.” Harry sternly commands, stopping you right in your tracks. You were itching for something, absolutely anything at this point. Your panties were so soaked at this point and you couldn’t go without something. You watch as he hops out of the car, making sure to pull his seat up as much as possible before immediately returning in the backseat. 
“Since you wanted to try and kill us, you can get us both off.” Harry smartly says, shrugging off his jacket before beckoning you over with two fingers. 
In an instant you’re kicking off your shoes and crawling into the backseat. It was pretty spacious back there so you weren’t really concerned with being able to move around. Once you’re back there you immediately straddle Harry’s lap, wasting zero time in smearing your lips against his in a sloppy kiss. Your tongues are moving in and out of each other’s mouths, you’re grinding down into Harry’s very pronounced bulge, and Harry is tugging your dress up to your waist to expose your lower half. His hands immediately go for your ass, his large hands trying to grip onto as much as possible, and his fingers curling inward before pulling your ass apart. This gave him more control over your movements in his lap. When he starts to move you up and down, simulating how you’d ride him, your mouth detaches from his as you let out a string of moans from how good it felt to roughly collide with the bump in his pants.
“Want you inside.” You whine, dropping your hands from his shoulders to his waist to pull his cock back out. You pop the button and tug the zipper down before pushing your hand inside and pulling his swollen cock out. To help you out a little Harry lifts his hips a bit to pull his pants down a little more. Regaining some control in that moment, you keep your hand wrapped around his shaft and you sink back down onto him. Your panties were still on meaning that all you had was the head of his cock nudging at your clothed entrance. And you kind of liked the little tease that came along with it. You were so close but so far away. “Can you pull ‘em over daddy?” You whisper, as you lightly bounce on him, wanting to feel his swollen head press up against your sticky and covered entrance. 
With no hesitation whatsoever, Harry hooks his finger into the thin strip of fabric in between your legs and pulls it over to the side allowing you to instantly sink down onto his cock. As you sank down onto him, allowing his cock to invade your walls, you dug your nails into his arms through his shirt. Your head was tilted all the way back and your lips were parted, allowing for your moans to freely fall from your lips. The same could be said for Harry. His head was pressed tightly against the headrest as moans and a string of curses left his mouth. He too being unable to hold back. 
Once you’ve taken all of him, you waste no time thrashing yourself up and down on his dick. Both you and Harry were uncontrollably moaning out to each other as you continuously rose and fell in his lap. Every time you fell back onto him you could feel him push deeper into you, only making you want to sink down harder and faster the next time. While you skillfully work his cock, Harry brings his attention to your cleavage. The top four buttons of your dress were already undone exposing a little bit of your cleavage already, but of course, he wanted more. Harry undoes a couple more buttons before pushing the satin material down from your shoulders to expose your chest to him. Without a second thought, Harry pulls you in closer to him and wraps is mouth around one of your breasts, fondling the other in his free hand. When he does this, your moans only intensify. And so does the tingling sensation in your clit. So much so that you start to swivel your hips around in his lap, making sure to dig your clit down against him to create some much needed friction. 
Meanwhile, Harry had his lips pursed around your other very pebbled nipple swirling his tongue around before lightly nipping you, causing a little squeal to leave your mouth. You were feeling so good and based off of the way Harry moaned against you, he too felt beyond good. Your walls were so warm and wet and sticky for him that it was nearly impossible for him not to be in complete bliss. You were so wet that he could feel your juices start to trickle down 
“Getting what you wanted doll?” Harry pants, moving his mouth away from your chest and bringing a hand up to your throat. 
“And more!” You desperately moan, continuing to move on his cock. 
“Good, could’ve swerved into the other lane with the way you were mouthing at me baby.” Harry sighs, tightening his grip on your throat as you keep on thrashing around and digging your clit into him. 
“M’sorry daddy! Just wanted you so much.” You cry out to him through his tight grip and your moans. 
“S’okay doll.” harry hums, using his other hand to pinch your clit. “You may not be the brightest but at least you’re pretty little slut with a perfect little pussy between your legs.” Harry continues on, this time shoving his hips up to meet yours. When he does this, your cries get louder and your hips begin to move faster. You were throwing yourself back and forth on his dick while also pushing against Harry’s hand since he still had your clit pinched between his fingers. While you’re doing all of that, harry is continuing to thrust his hip up to meet yours, making each thrust that much harder.  
As you two continue in your fight for dominance below the waist, you decide to bring your hands down from Harry’s hair to playfully wrap them around his neck, attempting to choke him a little the way he was doing you. When you do this, Harry can’t help but let out chuckle. 
“You really think you can choke me?” Harry says, locking eyes with you.
“Mhm” You utter through shaky breaths from your pleasure, throwing the ball back into his court. Your eyes the then divert from his, the pleasure becoming even more intense by the second. 
And without a second thought, or a second to spare, Harry tightens his grip on your throat. Forcing your eyes to flutter and causing your hands to immediately fall from around his neck. When he sees this, a small smirk rises to his face before substantially loosening his grip on you, allowing you to catch your breath. 
“That’s what I thought.” Harry confidently hums before resting his head back and enjoying your sweet pussy moving back and forth on his dick. 
But while you’re giving every drop of energy you have, Harry feels like you’re not doing enough. So to push you both further along and right to an orgasm, he decides to take charge. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Harry has you on your back against the seat with him towering over your body, not once pulling out of you. And before you can even process the position change, you’re back to being ravished. Only this time it’s Harry doing all of the work and it’s like he’s going it at lightening speed. He’s pushed your legs up so that they’re over the backs of the seats on either side of you and he’s just slamming his dick into you over and over again. And it felt so good. He was hitting all the right spots and he wouldn’t let up. On and on he kept going, sending you both into downward spirals towards your releases. 
What pushed you further along though is what he was doing to your clit. Along with circling his fingers around the sensitive bundle of nerves, Harry was also leaving little slaps to your clit, sending jolt after jolt through your body. With each swat you contracted around him and you’d let out a little whimper from how much more sensitive you were becoming. 
“This little pussy of yours seems to be closing up on me sweets.” Harry grunts, continuing to thrust into you despite you clenching up around him. “Wanna cum f’me?” He asks, knowing your release is getting closer and closer. 
“So bad!” You whine. As you say this, Harry starts circling and swatting at your clit even more. Your hips began to lift up from the seat because of how sensitive you were and how much closer you were to your release. “M’gonna-“ you pant, and before you could even finish the thought, you were already letting go. Your release flooding your body, a complete rush of pleasure taking over.
As you were floating through your release, Harry was on the cusp of joining you. His thrusts became labored and messy as he got closer. And it was almost as if your walls pulled the release right out of him. The way they convulsed around his cock felt like they were milking him for everything he had. And in no time, Harry too was soaring through his release. 
Eventually you two made it back home. It would’ve been sooner but you just had have him right then and there.
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stylesmygucci · a month ago
Drive me Insane || H.S
Pairing: boyfriend!Harry x reader
Content warning: smut (oral f->m / fellating)
Word count: 1.9k
A/n: Good afternoon lovers! I’m sorry to my lovelies that are eager for more dadrry one-shots but I just thought of this and I cannot let it go! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!!!!! masterlist
Tumblr media
Jeff brought up the idea of a double date while we were in the studio. “When was the last time you two went out with another couple?” He asked. We just shrugged and Jeff immediately made reservations for four at a nearby restaurant.
“Darling, we need to leave at-“ he entered the room, but as soon as his eyes trailed my body figure he stopped. It was a simple cami dress but it was enough to drive him mad.
He walked towards me with open arms, glaring at my boobs and only my boobs.
“Stop,” I warn, pushing him away, but his hands brush past mine.
“I can’t.” He shook his head. “You’re fucking gorgeous, It’s driving me insane.”
“This is why we can’t go out to dinner-“ his hands glide against my waist. “Because you get distracted and we get stuck.” I slapped away his hand that slowly crept to my ass. His hands fell to his side and he pouted, but quickly dropped it once he saw I wasn’t kidding.
I wasn’t giving in tonight. We haven’t been able to go out since before the pandemic and it was all I ever wanted since then was to hang with friends and have a nice memorable conversation over dinner— maybe even laugh until wine leaks out our noses.
I missed that. I missed my life.
I could sense Harry’s eyes on me every here and there but he never spoke a word. It felt like a long car ride and the faint country music on the radio did not help.
When we arrived, he gave the keys to the valet and walked to my side of the car to pull the door open for me, offering his hand for leverage.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered as I took his hand. My brows furrowed. “I love you and I know how much tonight means to you, didn’t mean to want to hold you back.”
It was like he could read my mind.
“It’s ok.” I nodded reassuringly. “I probably wouldn’t be able to resist touching myself either if I were you.” I shook my head, easing the bit of tension that grew between us. He chuckled with a head shake, pulling me closer by the shoulder and placing a rough kiss on my forehead.
We entered the restaurant to find Glenne and Jeff already sat at a table. The hostess led us to them and they stood up from their chairs to greet us with hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“About time we do this again.” Jeff said, returning to his chair. Harry laughed as he took mine out like a gentleman and pushed it back in as soon as I sat down.
“You two look amazing.” Glenne commented.
“As do you!” I exaggerated, gesturing to Glenne’s lovely fitted maroon dress.
“Oh stop,” she brushed me away, letting a pink shade flush her cheeks.
“Harry,” Jeff warned jokingly, taking a sip from his wine glass. Harry just laughed it off.
The evening went on; we ordered our food, even laughed until wine spewed out of Jeff’s nose— for a second I thought we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant, but a small warning from a waiter was all it took to shut us up. We sat quietly, sharing little chuckles from a joke we made earlier. I couldn’t have been more content.
“Oh my god,” Harry choked on his drink, he leaned to side, coughing into a napkin he’d pulled from beside his plate. I patted his back softly. He pulled back with a smile spread on his face and he looked back at Jeff. “you’re fucking welcome, rock that big couldn’t have been cheap.” His eyes flew to Glenne’s hand and my mouth dropped open.
A bright oval diamond, that I happened to miss the whole evening, laid on her left ring finger.
I looked up to meet her eyes and she just nodded with the widest smile. “No fucking way,” I rush up in excitement and immediately peel Glenne from her seat, taking her manicured hand and getting a good look at the expensive gem.
“Congratulations!” I laugh, sensing tears flood my eyes. “I’m so happy for you.” I pulled her into a tight hug.
“Thank you.” She rocked me back and forth. I rushed to Jeff and Harry rushed to Glenne, both laughing at the small exchange.
“Congratulations.” I then repeated with spread arms for Jeff to fall into.
“Thank you.” He said, wrapping his arm around my my waist to nearly squeeze the air out of me. After all the excitement settled, we took our seats and let a waiter refill our glasses.
“But all joking apart, congratulations!” Harry repeated once more. “I’m really, really happy for the two of you.” Harry nodded, offering a beaming smile.
“You think they’ll give us a free slice of cake if we tell them?” I joke, earning a laugh from the newly engaged couple.
“After everything we put them through? Absolutely not.” Glenne shook her head.
Jeff leaned in and took my left hand. “All joking apart,” He mimicked Harry. “When are you two getting married? Your girl’s hand looks a bit bland, H.” I looked to Harry and his brows lifted in utter surprise; he wasn’t expecting that one.
“I think he just hasn’t grown the balls to,” I shrug. “I might just grow them myself.” I fought a smirk, picking my wine glass from the table and bringing it to my mouth.
Harry nodded, taking the insult. “haven’t grown the balls?” He repeated under his breath as he scratched his nose.
“Oh you’ll grow them, mate.” Jeff patted his hand.
The evening ended after desert. We said our final goodbyes and fled to our cars. I decided to update myself on the internet’s new gossip while Harry fell back into the driver’s seat and started the long ride home.
“Marriage?” Harry interrupted our silence. The car stood at a red light and his eyes stayed on me.
“Sorry?” I ask, pulling away from my phone to give him my attention.
“I mean, you rarely bring it up, and now over dinner I haven’t got the balls?” His eye brows raise, flicking his eyes between the road and myself once the light turns green.
I shrug. “I don’t know, would you like to get married?”
“Would you?” He asks.
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“I..” he shuffles in his seat and tightens his grip around the steering wheel. “I’d love to, wouldn’t you?”
“I don’t really care… as long as it’s with you.”
A content smile spread on his lips, one that never failed to make my heart skip. After almost five years of the same smiles and expressions, I never grew bored of them, only more fond.
“So, hypothetically, when are you going to grow balls?” I ask.
“Oh I’ve got balls darling, you’d know if you let me touch you earlier.” He shook his head.
“I’ll let you touch me now,” I tell him, taking his left hand from the steering well and placing it on my bare thigh. I slid it further up until his fingers reached the outer line of my panties. He inhaled sharply and straightened himself in his seat. “Or would you prefer I touched you?” I ask, letting my palm brush over his growing bulge. His jaw clenched and he withdrew his hand from my inner thigh.
“I’m pretty sure that isn’t very legal.”
“Since when do you follow rules?” I laugh.
“Since Italy.” His eyebrows raised.
It took me a minute before I realized he was speaking of an incident that occurred in a hotel room. The rules were not to be loud, but Harry failed to follow them. Our steamy evening was interrupted by an employee warning us to keep it down; apparently three people put in complaints.
I let out an amused laugh and unintentionally palmed more of his dick. His brows creased deeper; he was growing frustrated. I look down at his bulge that almost dared to pop his zipper open.
“It almost looks like it hurts, you sure you don’t want me to take care of it, baby?”
“Do we want a ticket?” He questions.
“Ticket to cloud nine?” I grin and he fought a smirk by rolling his tongue in his cheek; that was the approval I was looking for.
I took off my seatbelt and leaned over to place a soft kiss on his cheek. “Keep your eyes on the road, will you baby?” He breathed in heavily and shakily let it out.
I pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his pants. I snuck my hand down his boxers and pulled out his hard cock. He sighed in relief. The head leaked drops of pre-cum that I decided to use to my advantage.
I spread it over his tip with the pad of my thumb just to watch how he melts under my touch; his bottom lip pulled behind his teeth, fighting the urge to let his head fall back. I leaned over and adjusted myself across the seat. I could feel the armrest dig into my stomach as I licked a line from the bottom of his cock to the tip. He whimpered and I could’ve sworn the car sped up.
“Don’t crash.” I warn and he stifles a laugh, instantly stopping once I put my attention on his dick again.
I kiss his tip and let my lips part, slowly taking all of him in. His cock hit the back of my mouth, making tears fill my eyes. I pulled back up, causing my saliva to leak out the edge of my mouth. He groaned and bucked his hips as a sign to continue.
I took him back in and let my tongue follow with my mouth, stopping at different lengths to keep me from choking. He groaned and murmured curses under his breath.
Eventually, his hand gripped my hair to steady me, giving him more control of my intake. Tears escaped my eyes as his head met the back of my throat repeatedly, dragging out gags.
His cock twitched on my tongue and he moaned my name as a warning. His grip loosened around my hair and I adjusted my lips to his tip before he came into my mouth.
His warm seed filled the inside of my cheeks to the back of my throat. I swallowed but his cum spilled the sides of my mouth and down his cock.
I licked any cum he had left on his cock. He whined from overstimulation and tried to pull me from his dick but failed to. He pleaded my name, desperate for me to detach my tongue and I didn’t until I got every last drop that had escaped my mouth.
I finally retracted myself, letting his dick soften. I took it carefully and tucked it into his pants, zipping them and buckling them back up. His chest rose and fell rapidly, attempting to catch his breath.
“D-did quite a number on me.” He laughed, readjusting his grip on the steering wheel. I took my thumb and wiped away any cum I had left on my lips.
“Maybe that’ll give you the balls…” I smirked.
“Would do it right now but I don’t have a ring.”
I took his hand a pulled it to my inner thigh. “I have an idea of what you could use for a ring.”
His eyes flicked between my bunched dress and the road ahead. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
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moonchildstyles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
harry wanted nothing more than to take his time with y/n and get to know everything about her, in every sense she'd allow
part one (prosecco)
part two (sangiovese)
part three (moscato)
part four (malvasia)
previous part (parellada)
"Are you coming in?"
Harry couldn't help the lazy smile that spread over his lips, dimples denting into his cheeks as they stopped in front of her apartment door. She did her best to unlock the front door though one of her hands was held hostage in both of Harry's. He just couldn't find it in himself to let go even though he knew he was only making it harder on her to concentrate.
"Do y'want me to?" he prodded, a satisfied undercurrent to his words. He liked knowing that she wasn't ready for him to leave yet, just as he wasn't prepared to say goodbye for the night.
"You know I do," she answered shyly, glancing over her shoulder as she pushed open the white lacquered wood, "But only if you want to, too."
She should know by now that wherever she wanted him, he would be there. He only gave her a soft curl of his lips, sacrificing the hold of one of his hands to pat her on the bottom, "Go on, I'll be right behind you."
A familiar smile colored her features, the same giddy one that caused a garden to bloom in his chest since he had started getting closer to her. It was the same smile she looked at him with when he took her out for the first time, the same one she had appeared with when she ran back to give him a hug and thank him for keeping his promise to see her, and the same one that she had given to him every time he'd come to see her since. It made him feel like he put the stars in the sky and dotted craters into the moon; like he was powerful enough to create the universe if she so asked him to.
Harry followed after her like a lost puppy, only having half the mind to close the door behind him and twist the accompanying lock. He was forced to let go of her hand when she reached to take off her shoes, this pair much more comfortable than the usual heels she had worn in the past on dates with him. He made a point to match his boots up beside her's in the cubby by the door, the white leather of his brushing against her own sparkly pair.
He looked out into her living room, the area a disaster of notebook pages and open textbooks. The pages had scribbled notes strung along the lines, highlighted headings at the top that matched the duo of textbooks that laid spread open on the coffee table.
"This what y'were working on before I picked y'up?" Harry smiled, rounding the couch to get a look at the subject she was studying so hard over.
"Yeah," (Y/N) sighed, her voice slumping the same way he could picture her shoulders doing when she caught sight of the homework, "I'm having to do an extra section on that group project now that one of my partners just dropped the course out of nowhere."
"Really?" Harry gaped, whipping his head up to catch her following his path to sit beside him on the couch, "Was it that boy y'were telling me about?"
"Mhm," she hummed, a slight roll to her eyes though Harry could see how tired she was just at the thought of the extra work.
"Are the others helping you at all?"
"No, they said they have too many credits this semester and one of them has to work everyday so she doesn't have time," (Y/N) explained, falling into the cushions beside him. She reached out and began picking up her notes, leafing through them in an effort to put them in order before stuffing them into a folder she had slid under the table.
"Oh love," he cooed, scooting over to wrap her up in his arms, "I can help you, if y'want. 'M not sure I'll be much help with the subject itself, but I can help with the paper and I'll work on anything you're not sure about." Harry was already working around his schedule, trying to find his free moments when he could commit to his promises and help (Y/N) all he could.
A breathy laugh was huffed though (Y/N)'s lips, matching the feather soft smile that traced her lips. "I think I'll be okay, but thank you, H. You're sweet."
"Are y'sure? I know I don't really understand how"—he squinted to read he fine text on the last remaining volume on the table—"romantic literature evolved through the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, but I can try. 'M not gonna lie, I've read quite a few romance novels, so I'll give it m'all."
A louder laugh escaped (Y/N), filtering through the room. The sound brought Harry's dimples to the surface of his cheeks, the muscles surely to ache when he went home.
"I think you might have a different idea than what my professor is looking for, but thank you. Maybe you could read over my sections before I send them to the group? Make sure they sound good and everything?"
Harry happily nodded along to her suggestion. "Anything y'need from me, I'll do it."
The tint of amusement drained from her features, leaving just the soft remnants that curled over her lips and melted her irises. That dreamy look that Harry saw in his daydreams crossed over her eyes. He adored when she looked at him like that, second only to the tender smile she saved only for him.
"You mean that?" she prompted, words feeling like a feather-soft cloud stuffed in a gift box just for him.
"Y'know I do," Harry teased, his tone light as he parroted her earlier words. He leant into her space, nudging his nose against her's in a gentle puppy's kiss with their lashes tangling from the proximity.
He could feel the ghost of her smile against the full of his own lips, savoring the feel of her contentment for a moment before pulling back into his own space. He was greeted with the sight of (Y/N)'s moony eyes, irises liquified and sparkling like pools of starlight. The smile he had felt on her lips dropped in slow increments, gradually leaving her with her mouth in a small gape and her softened features calling for his tender touch. She didn't move from where she had inclined her body towards him, the tick in her neck holding as if moving away from him was the last thing on her mind even in the uncomfortable position. Her eyes scanned over his face, Harry aware of the way her gaze brushed over the planes of his features before cataloging down the curve of his neck and the full of his lips.
"Y'alright, sweetheart?" He breathed a laugh, reaching a hand up to cradle the full of her cheek.
Her expression lagged before something clicked behind her eyes as she dropped back into the moment. She nodded her head in his hold, a jerky motion as opposed to the smooth slowness that had coated her movements before. "Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking," she explained with a swallow. She stood from where she had settled into the cushions, returning to the full of her height as she reached for her school bag that was now stuffed with her homework. Tossing a look over her shoulder to Harry, she collected the lone textbook from the coffee table, "I'm going to take this to my room—I'll be right back."
With that, she scuttled down the hall, leaving Harry alone in the waning heat they shared on her sofa. Though there was nothing playing on the television in front of him, he looked at the black mirror as his own film started reeling in his head. He couldn't get that look on her face out of his head.
He'd seen the dreamy glow that took her features when he did something particularly sweet for her, the giddy smile on her lips when he agreed to spend more time with her, and the look of her melted irises that made him feel like the only person in the world for her. He'd seen those looks and adored them, treasured them in the back of his mind. He would call upon whenever he missed her or needed something to make the time go by faster, but this look was one he'd only ever seen before once in the dark of his room.
She had given him that searching look—like she was searching for more, for something only Harry could give her and that she was willing to follow him wherever he wanted to take her if it meant she would find it, whatever it was—one of the times they had spent holed up in his room, Harry's hips between her thighs and her head cushioned by his satin cased pillows. They had been kissing as was tradition by now after another date, Harry dutifully abiding by the fine boundaries she had set that first time. His hands stayed over her clothing as he traced her form with the most intimacy being performed by their melding mouths. Even his hips fit between her's were kept still as to not rock anywhere that would make her uncomfortable.
Though, he could only be so good for so long, especially when his instincts were at the helm of his control. Without thinking, he had given a grinding roll of his hips over her center. Her thighs stiffened around him and her hands in his hair tightened to give a sharp tug at his roots. Harry reared back at her reaction, ready to give her a murmured apology, promise that he wasn't going to do it again and give her a second to breathe. When he did that, an I'm sorry poised on his tongue, he had been stopped in his tracks at the look on her face. She gave him that yearning look with her starlight eyes, searching for something she couldn't find. Harry remembers feeling breathless in that moment, like the limited air in his lungs was effectively sucked out when she gave him the privilege of looking over her.
"(Y/N)? Are y'okay?" he remembered cooing to her, his hands that had been stationed on either side of her head fisting at the blanket below her.
The sound of her name had knocked her back into reality, the same way his voice had tonight only minutes ago. She tugged him back to her with the grip on his hair, planting her lips along the cut of his jaw. "I'm okay," she whispered over his skin, the butterfly-soft touch of her lashes skimming over his skin.
"'M sorry," he mumbled to her, "I didn't mean t—"
"Don't be sorry," she had said to him, finally nudging him towards her and matching their lips up.
Harry had been too drawn into the feel of her mouth over his to analyze that look any further, but the memory was singed in the back of his mind. Now he had something to compare it to, a twin expression illuminated by the lights in her apartment and a clear gaze that lacked the haze of her touch.
He didn't want to assume, but Harry could argue that the searching in her gaze was nothing more than a version of want—that he was all too familiar with when it came to her. She had been the one to set boundaries around what conspired when they indulged in the sessions in his bedroom, so he hesitated to assume that she had that same breathless feeling bubbling in her chest the way he had.
But, god, was he going to hope.
Nothing made him feel more prideful than the idea that (Y/N) wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. His stomach tightened at the thought of her sighing his name in the middle of the night like he did with her's, that she might have felt the same tenseness in her muscles as he did when she clung to him while fighting to keep their mouths buttoned together, that she might have taken a single look at him during one of their dates and daydreamed about what it would be like to take him home and be rid of the clothing that adorned his body. He could only hope she felt any of those things when she looked at him.
Just as Harry transitioned his thoughts to something safe—he was currently thinking about the meeting he was going to have to attend on Monday, picturing graphs and stats in hopes of lessening the pressure sitting at the base of his stomach—when (Y/N) called to him from her bedroom.
"Harry, could you come here for a second? Please?" She tacked the plea on as an afterthought, her voice a pitch higher than he would have expected.
He didn't response, instead opting to follow after her voice. The sound of his socked feet padded over the hardwood, following down the line to her bedroom he had only peeked into once before. Her door was cracked only an inch, leaving only a sliver of the inside visible before he pushed it open. He found her peeking out of what he assumed was her walk-in closet, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth and eyes wide as she looked at him.
Her room was just as he remembered it, the splashes of pastels dotted over the otherwise sanitized white of the room. She added as much of her personality as she could while still hoping to get the full of her security deposit back when she moved out and stay in the good graces of her landlord all the while. Her large wooden dresser was pushed to the wall in front of her bed, a mirror tacked atop it with each of the ornaments and miscellaneous fixtures she had placed on the surface being reflected in the glass. Her bed frame was made out of twisted metal, the pipes creating delicate loops that decorated the foot and headboard in a pewter color, gleaming lilac in the light. Her bedding matched that of the accents splashed over her room, baby green pillows complimenting the soft pink of her duvet with white appliquéd flowers dotted over the fabric. A shelving unit was pushed against the wall beside the doorway to the bathroom, filled with books she had admitted to him she hadn't read since she was a teenager along with tiny fake plants and little mementos from friends and family she kept when she moved out. A white, fluffy rug was splayed over the middle of the floor, something that made Harry smile when he remembered how she had told him she'd had to get three replacements of it so far, the pristine white being something of a magnet for stains.
"Can you help me really quick?" (Y/N) chirped, drawing his eye from a picture that was propped up on her dresser of her smiling face. She toed the ground nervously, the blue polish on her toes sticking out starkly against the dark wooded floors.
"'Course," Harry agreed, stepping over the fluffed rug under his socked feet, "What do y'need?"
Her bottom lip was swollen due to the pressure of her teeth, her eyes shifting over his form before turning her back to him. "Will you unzip my dress for me? I can't reach."
Harry's brows raised at her request. She'd never had trouble with this part before, even with much more elaborate dresses he could see were tied at the back. Still, he wasn't going to deny her, especially if she requested his help.
He mumbled out an agreement, his feet silent as he stood in line behind her. She had taken the liberty to brush her hair out of his way, leaving the bare of her neck on display along with the delicate curve of her shoulders that were left for him to see with the help of the drop sleeves. He tried not to let his gaze linger over the fresh view of her skin, those limping thoughts about Monday's meeting doing little to quell the fire in his stomach. He concentrated on the glimmering zipper that started at the mid of her back, a bright point of focus he was going to take advantage of.
The second his fingers brushed the bare of her back, the tips seemingly alight with fire at the way they burned in hopes of touching her again, he knew he was gone. One hand was laid flat over the fabric of her dress, keeping it steady as the other plucked at the zipper. More and more of her back was revealed as he unlaced the teeth that were keeping the garment together. If not for (Y/N)'s hands keeping the dress pressed against her chest, he would have seen even more intimate parts of her skin on display given it was revealed she wasn't wearing a bra through the night.
His hand grew unsteady as he traced the zipper down the curve of her spine, ending just above where he could see a peek of her underwear. His tongue felt thick as he tried to swallow around it, his throat equally as dry as he kept his eyes pinned to the bare of her skin. "There," he murmured gruffly, gravel roughing up his tone that he hadn't meant to let seep in.
Taking a hesitant step back caused a rush of cool air to filter between them, dousing Harry's heated skin. He found traction in his breathing again, a rhythm returning now that his mind wasn't so occupied with the feel and look of her smooth skin. He awaited the usual chirp of (Y/N)'s voice, a sweet thank you he earned after the sweet tasks that took little to no effort for him to do.
Instead, Harry's eyes widened when she dropped the bodice of her dress, the entire garment falling to pool at her feet.
Lengths of bare skin were revealed for him to feast upon, catalogue and burn into his memory. He felt something like a statue as he stood completely still, muscles frozen as she stepped out of the fabric circling her feet. Her muscles moved and curled under her skin, her form curving around the short steps she took before she buried her toes into the downy rug under her feet. What he had perceived as underwear was actually nothing more than a few baby blue dyed strings coming together to cover the bare minimum of her modesty. One ribbon tied into a bow just above her bottom before disappearing between the curves of her ass, the rest of the tie coming around to circle her hips.
Before he could fully take in the view of her bare backside (he was still working his way over the soft of her thighs, but he kept getting distracted at the fact she had been wearing nothing but a tiny thong through dinner and when he took her for a walk afterwards), (Y/N) turned around offering an entirely new view to soak in.
Harry took another stumbling step backwards, adverting his eyes to a safe spot of fake wood grain that made up her flooring. He wasn't supposed to still be here, surely. She must have thought he had quietly stepped out before she dropped her dress. She hadn't intended for him to see her like this, right?
He forced out a cough, hoping to knock the gravel from his tone, "Sorry—Let me ju—I'll be in the othe—"
"You don't want to stay?"
How was he supposed to answer this? Because, fuck, did he want to stay, but what about the guidelines she had given him the moment they started inching into this intimate territory?
He carefully flicked his eyes up to her face, bypassing the length of her body in hopes of avoiding further tightening his pants. A tense settled over his shoulders, broadening them just as he pulled in a chest-puffing breath. "I don't want to do anything y'don't want, (Y/N). And, 'm worried that if I stay, I might take the invitation the wrong way."
That was all the explanation he could muster through his jumbled thoughts. He was going to stay firm on the boundaries she had given him until she said otherwise. Just because she had dropped her dress and left more of her exposed than Harry had dared to allow himself to imagine, doesn't mean she was wiping those expectations away.
(Y/N) took a sheepish step towards him, the blue paint on her toes peeking through the white fluff of a rug under her feet. Her arms had come to cross over her chest, bunching her breasts together while her fingers bundled into a knot just under her chin. "I don't think you'll take it the wrong way," she murmured as she took steps closer and closer to him.
Once she was close enough to be in Harry's dipped viewpoint, effectively cutting off the point on the floor he was drilling his gaze into, he made a point to fix his gaze onto her face. He didn't think he could handle himself if he allowed his eyes to linger over the line of cleavage on her chest or the soft skin of her tummy calling for him to press kisses across, and especially not the full of her thighs that made a true v-shape that framed the small piece of fabric between her legs.
She must have taken a moment to wipe her makeup from her skin, leaving a flustered glow to emanate from her skin, rivaling the sparkling of her starlight eyes. Harry made a choice to tuck his hands into his pockets, otherwise he knew he wouldn't have stopped himself from cradling her cheeks in his palms and brushing back the offending strands of her hair that dare block his view of her features.
"I don't want to assume anything, (Y/N)," he started, voice low as if there were anyone near by to overhear, "Y'need to tell me what you want; what you're comfortable with. If not, 'm going to leave your room and let y'get dressed."
He wasn't trying to scare her, or make her feel like he didn't want to be in this slowly heating room, but he needed to hear it from her directly. (It was only an endearing side-effect that he got to see how flustered this stern voice and request of her words got her).
She thickly swallowed, throat bobbing right by her thrumming pulse at the base. Her still wide eyes were fixed on his own hooded ones, darting over his features and tracing the planes with as much detail he swears he could have felt the ghost of her fingers following after. "I-I want you to stay—You won't get the wrong idea since I want the same thing," was her murmured response, her volume lacking over her stumbled words.
Harry dared to settled his hands over the round of her hips, the pad of his thumbs catching on the satin smooth ribbon that made up her panties. His hands were warm over the curve, her form filling his palms perfectly. "Tell me what y'want," he pressed, the words coming out as a sultry croon, "Why do y'want me to stay when we should be getting ready to watch some movie out there before y'climb in my lap and let me kiss y'til y'fall asleep?"
A dreamy trance took over (Y/N)'s sightline, the shift in her demeanor becoming visible to Harry with the way she all but melted into his hands and her breathing turned shallow. "I want to do more than just kiss tonight."
"Y'want me to touch you?"
That was like music to his ears, but better. He couldn't wait to play with her.
Now that he was getting a much clearer idea of what she wanted from him tonight, he was ready to test some of the boundaries she had set. "I am touching you, pretty girl. Isn't this enough?"
"No," she whispered, the word leaning on a whimper as it came out, "I want more."
A lazy smile tugged at the corner of his lips, the curl becoming lopsided as only one dimple dented into his cheek. "Where do y'want me to touch then? Show me." As he spoke, he backed her up towards the edge of her bed. She obediently followed his movements, her steps much more disjointed as he kept her eyes fixed on him. "Lay up there for me," he instructed as his eyes flicked to the collection of pillows at the top of her bed, before dropping a kiss to the top of her heated cheekbone.
She all but scrambled atop the mattress, laying flat on her back with her knees bent and spread wide to accommodate Harry between them. He allowed his gaze to linger over her form, her arms having dropped from the shield they formed over her breasts, instead leaving just the veil of her hair to splay over her chest with the peaks of her nipples glimpsing through the strands. Her hands were bunched into the covers around her, the grip tightening as Harry approached. He discarded the jacket he had worn for their date in the same pile as her dress, leaving only the silky cream button up to stretch over the broad of his chest.
Kneeing his way over the mattress, he stopped between her legs with her knees on either side of his hips. That same lazy grin stretched over his lips, quirking only a single dimple into the full of his cheek as he looked her over.
"Well," he drawled, "Aren't y'gonna show me?"
(Y/N)'s chest stuttered with an interrupted intake of breath, her breasts swaying at the motion. "Harry, I—"
Her words caught in her throat, hanging in the air as Harry gazed down at her from his perspective above her gentle body.
"'S okay, pretty girl, 's jus' me. All you've got to do is show me," he encouraged, offering her his hands to place over her body in the game he initiated.
Hesitation flashed over her gaze as her eyes shifted from his face to his hands he was offering to her palms up, still ring-clad and gleaming in the low light. "I don't know what I'm doing," she rushed out, a bleat to her voice as her nerves turned up.
Harry lent back on his heels as he processed her explanation. The thin boundaries and hesitation now making sense if she wasn't quite as experienced in this area as he was. No wonder she had been so flustered when he prodded and pressed her.
His previously wandering gaze raced up to her face, feeling guilty to have looked over her when she was having such nerves while he was playing. "'M sorry, (Y/N)," he cooed, aching to reach out and grab at her hands that were twisted in the bedsheets at her sides, "I didn't know. We can stop now, 'kay?"
He intended to back himself off her plush bed, but he was promptly stopped when (Y/N) shot to a sitting position. Her once white-knuckled hands moved to grab at the waist of his pants, clinging to the belt loops and keeping him from moving an inch farther. "Don't leave," she pleaded, "I only wanted you to know in case I was a little lost. Please, stay."
Harry fluttered his fingers over her outstretched arms, tracing over the skin as goosebumps followed in his wake. He cupped her elbows in his palms, curling down until he could comfortably pull her hands to sit on his cheeks. He filled her vision and fixed her attention to him, away from the chill she was surely feeling over the bare of her body and the caress of his hands over her goosebumped arms.
"You've never done this before, love?" he asked her, needing to get a bigger picture of what she might be comfortable with.
She shook her head, the motion small, "I have, but only once all the way. It was a few years ago and not very good, so I don't really know what I'm doing or what you want me to do."
Though he would have been more than happy to guide her through her first time, a bit of pressure was lifted from Harry's chest at the knowledge that this wasn't the very first experience she would have. He could work with that, and blow her first time out of the water since it apparently wasn't satisfying.
"That's okay," Harry smiled, a tender curl of his lips that let her know just how much he adored her if she didn't already, "All I want is for you to feel good, we can get through the rest together, right?"
"Me and you?" she chirped, a glowing smile complimenting her features and rounding her cheeks.
Harry dipped his head forward and pushed his nose against her's in a delicate puppy's kiss. "Jus' me and you."
He intended to pull away, give her some space to breathe, but (Y/N) firmed her hold on either side of his jaw. Her fingertips dipped into the baby thin curls that bordered his hairline as she kept him stationed close enough their lashes could have tangled at the proximity. She didn't waste a second before gently slotting their lips together, craning her neck to seal her mouth against his in an effort to soak in as much of the contact as she could. Harry smiled into the kiss, leaning into her and relieving the tick in her neck. With his insisting motions, (Y/N) lowered herself to lay in the imprint she had left on her bed below her, settling in the plush duvet with Harry atop her this time. His hands that had been cradling the curve of her elbows moved. One went around her waist, trapping him happily between the pink comforter hugging her body and the heat of her bare back, while his other settled at the base of her throat with his fingers curling around the nape and his thumb brushing along the curve.
"How far do y'want to go tonight, (Y/N)? Y'have to tell me so I don't assume," he pressed, the words mumbled into her kiss-swollen lips. Cracking his eyes open to nothing more than slits, Harry caught sight of the slight furrow to her brow, her ardent kisses matching the expression.
"I want all of you." Her answer was simple and breathless, just the bare minimum explanation before she urged her mouth against his. "Just go slow with me,"
Harry could do that, he decided, he could definitely take his time with her. No complaints there.
Going along with his oath to go slow with her, he started off in their usual routine, the one they had curated in the dark of his bedroom. He kissed her as if those fine boundaries were still in place and that dress that was now a crumpled heap on the floor still adorned her body. The motions had been perfected during those long sessions at his home, his hands keeping her pressed to him as though the intention was to hold her through the night.
Much like the night he had first seen that searching look on her face, Harry chanced a rut of his hips against hers. The soft of her core welcomed the stiff tent that had formed in the front of his pants with the hug of her thighs tightening around his form. He waited for any kind of unfavorable reaction, one that would prompt him to slow even further down. Instead, a breathy sigh fell from her lips and fanned over Harry's own.
The next time, it was (Y/N)'s restless body that dragged her hips over his, bucking up against him. She hummed a call of his name against the full of his kiss, a familiar sound that he'd had the privilege of hearing every time they indulged in long make-out sessions in his bedroom, though it never lost the tightening effect it had on the tension building under the flat of his stomach. Her hands that had been cradling his cheeks moved to the back of his head, brushing through the curls with the blunt of her nails sliding over his scalp.
A hiss escaped Harry's lips at the feel of her nails in his hair, his own arm that had been backed around her waist snaked out of position to trace over the curve of her side. His palm skated over her bare skin, tips of his fingers brushing her hair out of the way before settling over the full of her breast. He pressed his tongue into her mouth just as his hand squeezed around the flesh, his fingertips softly denting into the skin as she gave way under him. (Y/N) whimpered into his mouth, her nipple peaking under his palm despite the heat of his touch.
"Y'like that, pretty girl?" he crooned to her, his words all but swallowed by her in her effort to keep kissing him.
"Mhm," she bleated, a frantic nodding of her head accompanying the hum before she took advantage of the grip on his hair and brought him back to her.
"I can't wait to find all the things y'like, sweetheart," he murmured, his words a ghost over her skin as he bypassed her lips and painted his own over the warmed features of her face, "'S going to be s'much fun, don't you think?"
"Better," she breathed, an incomplete thought hanging in the humid air surrounding them, "You're better already."
While it wasn't much of a surprise to know he was the best out of her limited experience, Harry didn't bother to fight off the pride puffing his chest and the smug smile curling his lips. He worked his way from the soft heat that fluttered through her features, meeting where his hand still lay as a steadying weight at the base of her throat. His lips never truly lifted from her skin, instead dragging over her before planting another in his trail. His hands followed after him, shifting to skim over her sides with his thumbs denting into her skin from the strength of his grip.
Harry stopped when he made it to the middle of her chest, opting to spend extra time there if her earlier whimpering meant anything about her sensitivity. The valley between her breasts was littered in a slew of wet kisses, matching the sheen that glimmered over her warmed skin. He opened his eyes as he swiped his tongue along the bottom curve of one of her breasts, watching for (Y/N) reaction. He was gifted with a tug at the roots of his hair and a breathless gasp.
"Harry," she whined when he placed a sucking kiss to her pert nipple, drawing a smile to his features as he repeated the affection to its twin.
"Y'sound so pretty when y'say m'name like that, pretty girl," he crooned to her, sounding entirely too smug but he didn't have it in him to care.
(Y/N) practically melted into the mattress below her, the comforter doing all the work of keeping her together while Harry lit a path of fire down her body. The tip of his nose skimmed down the soft of her stomach as he dragged his lips over the expanse, wet kisses shining in the low light as he planted them over her skin. He made it as far with her hips cradled in his hands, the length of his fingers reaching to dent the tips into the full of her ass as his mouth halted right at the waistline of her panties. He bit at the delicate fabric, the tiny bow placed between his teeth.
He fully intended on slipping his fingers under the flimsy material and shucking it down her legs before he indulged in his own pleasure with his face between her thighs until (Y/N) pulled her hands from his hair and dropped them to the broad of his shoulders.
"Wait, wait," she rushed, breathing coming out in heaves around the words.
Harry stilled in an instant, slipping his hands from her hips to sit on the curve of her waist as he pulled his head from between her thighs. His eyes were wide with bewilderment, he was sure, worried he had gone too far without checking in and had effectively made her uncomfortable.
"What is it, lovie? Are y'alright?"
Her fingers tightly gripped the thin fabric of his shirt in her fists, a silent request for him to come back to her. He followed her tugging, moving to station his hands on either side of her head as he hovered above her. The starlight of her eyes twinkled up at him despite her pupil that was blown wide enough to leave but a sliver of the iris left for him to admire.
"I want you first," she explained, ignoring his checkin on her wellbeing. Her hands on his shoulders slid further down the expanse of his chest, landing on the remaining buttons that tethered his top together.
"What do y'want from me, sweetheart?" he pressed, unsure of the idea of skipping foreplay and moving right into sinking his cock into her. (He personally really enjoyed foreplay, maybe even more than the sex itself, so he would be a little disappointed if she wanted to move on so quickly).
Her darting eyes followed the path of her hands, "I want you out of your clothes first. I want to be able to see you."
A smirk spread over his lips, a dimple thumbing into the full of his cheek. "Y'should've said that at the beginning, love. More than happy to give you a show."
(Y/N)'s own lips cracked into a soft smile, the bit of humor breaking through the intensity of the moment they had curated in the bubble of her bed. Anything to make her feel comfortable.
Harry reluctantly left her splayed across her bed, already working the buttons on his shirt through the holes before flinging it to the pile on the floor. It was only minutes later that his belt and pants joined the mess, and one more for his rings to be discarded on the side table to her bed. Her eyes watched him the whole time—aside from when he made a show of shaking his bum at her when he tugged down his trousers, instead opting to bury her face in her hands as she laughed at him. He was bare aside from the boxers that covered his length, though the shape was clear to see through the wine red of the fabric.
"Good enough now, pretty girl?" he teased as he climbed onto the mattress, kneeing his way back to her.
He was all too aware of the way her eyes raked over his form, lingering on his tented boxers. Her mouth was set in a soft gape, hands settled between her thighs as she tightly gripped the pink of her duvet.
"Can I—I want to..." Her words hung in the air as her eyes dropped from his smug face back to the full crotch of his boxers. She swallowed thickly, eyes darting up to match his for only a second before falling back down the length of him, "Harry, can I touch you? Please?"
Harry bit at his bottom lip hard enough he was worried it was going to split. "Y'want to touch me, love? What do y'want to touch?"
She crawled the short distance between them, falling back on her heels where Harry was stilted up on his knees, taller than she was. Her eyes flicked between his and her hand she was reaching towards him, shyly watching for a reaction as her palm settled on the thick of his thigh, just under the tiger head tattooed over the skin. "Can I touch you here?" she whispered, her fingertips playing with the hem of the underwear, "I've never really done it before, but I-I want to try."
His bones were sure to give out with his muscles liquifying and turning him into a puddle. Harry couldn't deny such a sweet request; she wanted to take care of him before he even had the chance to do the same for her. A precious thing, she was.
"We're doing anything y'want tonight, remember, pretty girl?" he smiled, reaching for her shoulders to pull her upright, "Where do y'want me?"
She bit at the the full of her bottom lip at his line of questioning. "I don't know."
Harry couldn't resist before urging forward and pressing a kiss to her blooming cheek. "Y'said you've never done this before, right?" a nod given in response, "Then we'll make this really easy for you, 'kay? Make sure you're comfortable." (Y/N) agreed with another slight nod of her head, the ends of her hair tickling her bare skin and brushing Harry's hands. He started maneuvering them around around as he spoke, "'M gonna lay up here, and I want y'stay right there for me."
Mimicking her earlier position, Harry laid with his head cushioned by her hoard of pillows (the daisy shaped one she had in the dead center was his favorite by far), legs spread wide enough to accommodate her between. With the new angle, (Y/N) was left with an unobstructed view of the tent in his boxers, the outline being emphasized by the shadows created from the low lamplight. She sat tentatively on the mattress, unsure of where to go now though all she wanted was to work her way between his thighs and follow any instructions he may give.
"I think it'll be easiest for y'like this, yeah? Won't hurt your knees, either," he explained, resting with a hand behind his head while the other skimmed the waist of his underwear. He gazed at her with a small smile on his lips, his eyes going hooded as he traced the curves of her body with a pointed brush over the full of her lips. "Why are y'so far away, pretty girl? 'M not gonna hurt you; y'can come closer."
With his permission, she shuffled over the bedding. The comforter fluffed around her like a sunset tinted cloud, or the waves that birthed Venus herself. If not for the fact he was indulging in her wish to take care of him, he would have dropped to his own knees in worship of her.
"I-I've only done this a couple of times, but I want to do it how you like," (Y/N) mumbled, eyes roaming over his tattooed chest before settling on his face as if she were scared to stay in one place too long in case she gave away how attracted she was to him. Not a very well kept secret, but he wasn't going to tell her that.
"Well, you're gonna have to give me a kiss first," Harry prompted, already sitting up from his lounging position. He sat with his hand flat behind him to prop himself up, craning his neck towards her with a pucker to his lips.
(Y/N) was more than eager to indulge in the familiar, practiced contact. She settled her hands flat over the cut of his jaw, the warmth of her palms seeping through his skin as if she didn't already have him flushed enough. It was a slow kiss, languid in the way he slotted his lips against hers and slipped his tongue across her own. The next time he did this, he was sure to taste a bit of himself along the buds.
"Ready?" he whispered to her, the breath coming out humid in the space between them.
With an eager nod of her head, (Y/N) gave him a sincere smile, though nerves still tugged at the corners. He trusted her to tell him if she was uncomfortable or wanted to slow down, but he was still going to keep a close eye on her and go slow just as she requested.
Harry returned to his previous position, taking in a deep breath as he took in the sight of his lover with kiss-swollen lips she was about to wrap around him. "C'mere, pretty girl," he crooned, reaching his free hand towards her, "Give me your hand."
She laid her palm flat against his like she was expecting him to hold it—what a sweet little thing. He took her hand, eyes gauging her reaction, and laid it with her palm flat over the outline of his prick. The fabric was surely warm from the temperature of his skin, seeping through it in the same throbbing waves he could feel pulsing in his stomach. She hesitated for a moment before wrapping her fingers around the clear girth, eyes meeting his as her own breathing turned to heaves that matched the rise and fall of his chest.
Relaxing back into the pillows, Harry let her get familiar with this part of his body, "Get used to me, sweetheart, then we'll keep going." His voice was strained, teeth coming to trap the flesh of his bottom lip as he started watching each of her movements.
Wide, starlight eyes were fixed on her own hand as she swiped her thumb over where she perceived the head to be, only to be rewarded with a breathy sigh that exhaled from Harry's nose. "You're really big, H," she whispered, the words seemingly coming out on their own accord as she never shifted her acknowledgment from her hand.
"Yeah?" he gasped out, a smug curl taking over his bitten lips, "Y'like that?"
Maybe he was a little too proud of his size, but how could he not be when he's been praised for it time and time again. Just because he didn't date often didn't mean there weren't people who had seen the inside of his bedroom and lived to tell the tale with a satisfied smile on their faces. But, he needed to hear (Y/N) say it; that would outshine any kind of praised-induced flush anyone else had given him.
And, fuck, would it just be hot to know she liked his body, every inch of it.
She frantically nodded her head with a gaped mouth, flicking her gaze to him through the frame of her lashes, "I've never—You're the biggest."
Harry all but melted into her mattress at the praise, more than satisfied with her response. (Y/N) took her time and got familiar with the length of him over the fabric of his boxers, gripping and releasing with swipes of her thumb over the slowly dampening patch at his head. He was acutely aware of the way she retracted her hand to slide over the thick of his thigh, her nails minutely catching on his skin that caused faint red lines to appear in her wake, only for her other hand to reach for the elastic on his underwear.
"Go 'head, pretty girl. Already doing so good, can't wait to really feel you," Harry groaned, his tongue lazily wrapping around his words as he looked at her through a vignetted gaze.
Tucking her fingers into the waistband, she tugged his underwear far enough down to expose his cock. Harry helped her as she worked it down his legs before the garment joined the pile on her floor. He was left completely bare as opposed to the tiny triangle of fabric still tucked between her thighs, his cock heavy against his stomach. The head was flushed a ruddy red, shining with the remnants of the precum that seeped out when she had been playing, balls tucked tight against the base.
With some lingering hesitation, (Y/N) wrapped her hand around his shaft the same way she had been through his boxers. Her fingers just barely connected around the girth of him, the weight of his prick laying heavy in her hand. She worked her hand gently over him, a little too dry even with the added slickness of the limited pearls of precum that managed to slip down his length.
"Gotta get me wet first, pretty girl," Harry sighed, curling to sit up in front of her. He plucked her hand by the wrist, leaving his cock to settle against his stomach again. He brought her hand to his mouth, feeling her eyes on him the whole time. His own fluttered closed as he slid the flat of his tongue over her hand, laving over her palm and slicking the skin before trailing up to the tip of her fingers. He pressed a lingering kiss to the pads, blinking his eyes open to catch her looking at him with that yearning look glazed over her gaze. He lent back like he hadn't just given her an erotic performance, guiding her hand back down to his heated cock. "Try that, love."
That heavenly glow that emanated from her skin only intensified at his casual dismissal of his actions, (Y/N) lagging for a moment before tightening her grip on his thigh and wrapping her fist around his shaft. She seemed less inhibited this time, Harry's show having spurred her on. She stroked her hand over his length in long pulls, lingering around the tip as she swiped her spit-slicked thumb over the crown. The lazy strokes emulated the soft thrusts he was aching to do through the soft opening of her pussy, the walls tightening into ridges just like her fingers.
"Keep doing that, love, right there," he sighed when she circled the slit, pressing her thumb lightly into the engorged head. His hand behind his head clenched into his hair, tangling the curls between his fingers in a sharp tug. The full of his bottom lip was bit tightly between his teeth, emulating the small pricks of pressure from her nails digging into his thigh.
"Wh-What else do you like?" she asked, voice small and lacking breath though she was only gazing upon his pleasure.
Her breasts peeked through the hair veiling her chest, nipples catching on the strands with each intake of air she brought deep into her lungs. God, he couldn't wait for his chance to play with her body, get familiar with it the way she was doing with his.
"Hold me a little tighter, pretty girl, and go faster," he instructed, gravel crumbling into his tone and deepening his words, "I like it a little rough."
Somehow, his words were able to draw a moan from the girl between his legs, not a hand of his on her to elicit the reaction—only the implication of his words. Nonetheless, (Y/N) did as told, tightening her fist and passing along his shaft in quicker pulls, still taking the time to care for the weeping head that pearled with blurts of precum.
"Like that?" she asked through spit-slicked lips, the light catching the trails her tongue had made over the plush flesh. She lent her head against his bent knee, eyes fixed on her hand that moved over him and along the pulsing vein that laced along the underside.
"Jus' like that," he said, the praise getting stuck in his throat as he fought off a moan in favor of talking to her, "Whenever you're ready, why don't y'give it some kisses? I like that too."
(Y/N) didn't wait like he had expected, instead immediately dipping her head down and smearing her lips over the crown of his prick. Harry didn't bother to conceal his noises of contentment now, a deep groan coming from the back of his throat as he felt the full of her lips cradle his head between the pillows. The only sign of acknowledgment she gave was her eyes peeking up at him through her lashes, otherwise her hand never stuttered in its curated rhythm and her lips continued planting themselves across his heated length.
On her own accord, she worked herself over his shaft, her hand slowing only the tiniest bit as she dotted her lips down to the base. There, she stopped, using only her hand to work over his cock while she looked to Harry with the first sign of hesitation since she'd gotten his encouragement.
"Can I..?" she trailed off, her request hanging in the air as she tipped her head to the side with her hair brushing the inside of his thigh. Her breath fanned over the sensitive skin at his base, his length twitching in her hand as she spoke.
"Y'don't even have to ask, pretty girl," he groaned, a curse slipping out in anticipation of what she was asking permission for.
At his cue, (Y/N) urged forward, resuming the path she had interrupted. She planted a single kiss at the base of his cock before slipping further down and brushing her mouth over the the skin hugging his balls to prick. Harry's eyes shuddered closed in a tight seal as he reached his free hand to settle on the back of her head, slipping his fingers through her hair. She took care to only let the soft of her tongue and the plush of her lips brush over him, even going so far as to plant a sucking kiss to either one in hopes of drawing a reaction from Harry.
He was practically blissed out, Harry in his own world as his thigh tensed under her hand and cock jerked in her still stroking hand. The added heat of her mouth enveloping his sensitive balls, drawing more cum to thrum through them, started him off in the direction of the cliff's edge. She hadn't even properly put him in her mouth yet and he could already see the blissful horizon if he shut his eyes tight enough.
Chancing a look at the scene below him, Harry cracked his eyes open and was greeted by something entirely too erotic to be real. (Y/N) was like his own personal film star the way she had her own blissed out expression with gently closed eyes as she doted on him, laving her tongue over his sensitive skin before topping him off with a smattering of kisses. His hand in her hair tightened as a gruff moan fell from between his lips, using the grip on the strands as leverage as he pulled her up.
"Fuck, c'mere," he murmured to her, her hand slowing around his length as he sat up to meet her halfway.
(Y/N)'s lips were coated in her own spit as he caught them in a kiss, the weight of his hand on the back of her neck keeping her secured against him. His lips smeared over her own in a messy version of the practiced contact they had become so used to. He flicked his tongue across the full of her lips before slipping into her mouth, tasting himself on her own buds along with the tangible sweetness he'd come to associate with her. A sighed call of his name was fanned over his mouth, accompanied by a tightening of her fist around his cock.
"I want to keep going," she breathed next, pulling away the fraction of the inch Harry allowed her, lashes tangled together in the corners.
"(Y/N), love, pretty girl," he rattled off, unable to get enough praises and petnames out of his mouth fast enough. He shook his head, nose skimming the tip of her's. How did he get so lucky? "Go 'head, I jus' needed to kiss y'a little first."
He offered one final peck to the corner of her mouth before loosening his hold on the back of her head and sinking back into his previous position, lounging in her pillows with liquid bones and blissed out muscles. (Y/N) stilled her hand at the base of his cock, lowering to lay on her tummy between his legs. The full of his prick stood at attention in front of her face, the breeze of her heaving breaths fanning over the heated skin.
"Do whatever feels right, sweetheart, I promise 'm going to love it no matter what," Harry encouraged as he noticed the moment of hesitation, "I'll tell y'everything I like." His fingers in her hair soothingly massaged at the roots, the blunt of his nails creating points of clarity to remind her he was right there.
(Y/N)'s melted, starlight gaze sized up the length in front of her before staring off easy. She pressed her lips in familiar kisses over his head, occasionally dipping her tongue out and sweeping over the ruddy crown. Pearls of precum had gathered in the time he had pulled her in for a kiss, leaving something for her to taste and spread around with the help of the full of her lips. If her eyes weren't blinked closed in contentment, she gazed up at him through the vignette of her lashes, gauging his reaction for anything in particular that set him off.
Harry wasn't lying when he said he was sure he was going to like everything bit of attention she paid to his hardness. He didn't bar any of his moans and fleeting hisses of pleasure from falling from his lips, even breathy sighs were permitted to exhale in huffs from his nose. He wanted her to know that she was doing so good he swears stars were about to start circling his head. Though he did refrain from bucking his hips up to match the plush of her mouth, no matter how inviting the slick of her tongue was; he was clinging to his promise of going slow on her account.
Finally, she fit the full of his head between her plush lips, the flat of her tongue laving over him while her hand started half strokes over his base. The motions were a tad disjointed, (Y/N) learning what felt comfortable until she curated a rhythm that had Harry's stomach clenching and his toes curling into the pastel bedding behind her. He hissed a call of her name, his fingers in her hair tightened as her tongue laved over him. She eased him further into the warmth of her mouth, laying his weight over the flat of her tongue. Doing her best to sheath her teeth, she gently sucked on what she had in her stretched mouth, watching the reactions of Harry above her.
His stomach jumped with every pulsing motion of her mouth around him, the muscles tightening and dispelling before collecting again in a jolt. "Feels so fucking good, pretty girl, keep going, keep going," he sighed, his words becoming a breathy ramble the longer he let himself continue.
The tip of her tongue worked from where it was pressed under him, writhing over the skin and tracing the strong vein that ran along the length. He wasn't going to be able to last much longer if she kept her playing up, feeling spurts of precum leaking into her mouth, the lag times growing shorter and shorter with every pulsing suck she administered around him.
"Ca-Can y'take more, love? Keep me warm in your pretty, little mouth?"
(Y/N) all but whined with her lips still suctioned around him, the sound vibrating through his cock and shuddering down his spine. He made a point to keep his eyes open, intent on seeing more of her illicit reactions. She pulled away with a soft popping sound as the suction broke, a lingering string of spit connecting her lips to the crown the head of his cock bowing before draping over his length.
"Will you help me? With your hand in my hair and everything?" she breathed, bare chest heaving as she caught her breath.
His fingers that had been in her hair brushed through the strands before tracing the side of her face. He caressed the heated skin, tucking away baby hairs that clung to the glimmering sheen that swirled around her hairline. With the pad of his thumb, he wiped away the stray string of spit that slicked down her chin, bringing that same finger up to his own lips.
With the hint of her taste lingering over his tongue, Harry gave her a small smile. "Like me pulling your hair a little?" he teased, already reaching out to return the reassuring weight of his palm on the back of her head, "I can do that for you, pretty girl, don't worry. Go back to what y'were doing and I'll start helping y'take more, 'kay?"
With her bottom lip bitten between her teeth, eyes fixed solely on him, (Y/N) eagerly nodded her head. She followed his direction, dipping her head and fitting his cock between her lips like she hadn't just learned his body in a span of a half hour. A strained laugh fluttered from Harry's chest, shifting his hand to collect her hair into a loose ponytail on the back of her head. Allowing her a second to refamiliarize herself with what she liked, he took his time collecting the strands of hair. He made detours around her features, thumbing at her dewy cheekbones as she gently sucked around his length. He threaded his fingers along the baby hairs that bordered the back of her neck, catching the ones that clung to her skin as her tongue worked in feather-light strokes around the pulsing veins lacing around his shaft. Her hand jerked over the rest of his cock, coating him in saliva that strung down the length with slick sounds to match.
When she looked at him with the melted starlight swirling around her irises, Harry tightened his grip on her hair. The added leverage used to start easing her down his prick, working in increments as he spent his focus on her reactions. He guided her into a bobbing motion, taking just a bit more every time she sunk her mouth on him. Her breath came out in heaves through her nose. The rhythm was interrupted when he took her just a fraction further down his length, the tell-tale tightening of her throat contracting around the very head of his cock. She gagged around him, sucking in a breath when she had the chance and pulling back from him.
"Sorry, sorry, love," he gasped, still reeling from the second of exposure he got to the vice of her throat, "Tell me if-if I take y'too far, yeah? Need to go slow with you, remember?"
She nodded her head, looking to him with watery eyes. "I'm okay, I'm okay," she heaved, shuffling closer between his thighs.
"Doing so good, you know that? I've gotta be careful so I don't end our night too early," Harry laughed, trying to ease the pressure he could see settling over her shoulders, "Gonna have to start calling you m'best girl instead, I think."
She keened under his praises, taking the initiative to stretch over his glimmering abdomen and pressing a lingering kiss to his lips. Before Harry had a chance to cling to her, get a taste of her tongue over his, she was back on her tummy between his thighs.
"Eager little thing too," he crooned, a dreamy tint taking over his view of her. He took her hair in his hand again, taking the same special care of caressing her skin and grabbing every obstructing hair into his fist. "Stop me if y'need to, lovie," he instructed as he started inching her down his length.
Wary of the depth she had to stop last time, Harry made a point to work her up slowly. His eyes were fixed to her's, unable to shudder closed no matter how many yearning moans broke from his chest or slithering bouts of pleasure worked up his spine. The curated tempo of his movements started operating in something of a daze, Harry entirely too wrapped up in how good he felt and the fact that the girl he had yearned over for so long was the one that was delivering it to him.
The slick sounds of her hand working over the remaining inches of his length added to the symphony of noises that echoed through the humid silence of (Y/N)'s room, only to be interrupted when Harry wasn't paying attention as (Y/N) edged herself into the territory he was trying to avoid. In his own blissed out distraction, he hadn't noticed her own attempt at going further and fitting him in her throat. She jerked away from him, leaving only her hand to linger around the base of his cock.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she rushed out, voice raw, "I can't take all of you. I tried but—"
"Shh, shh," Harry cooed to her, drifting his hand from her tousled hair to the soft of her face. He traced over her flustered features, thumbing at the tears that threatened to spill over her waterline, "'S okay, pretty girl, don't worry," his fingers shifting to pinch her chin between his thumb and forefinger, tugging her back to his cock in encouraging nudges, "Jus' suck it, yeah? Y'like doing that, right?"
Her muscles seemingly liquified at his encouragement, willing to move whatever which way he needed her to. With her eyes fluttering shut and a deep breath being sucked into her lungs, she tucked the head of his prick into the warmth of his mouth. Harry was proud of the way she bounced back, eager to please him and all too happy to go to the lengths to make sure he was satisfied (she could have backed out and decided to kiss the night away again, and he would have been more than satisfied, but he liked this route, too). He kept his guiding hand on the back of her head, locks of hair threaded through his fingers as he helped her through the motions.
Every bob of her head over his length pulled another stitch of pleasure tighter in Harry's stomach, especially with the help of her laving tongue that snaked over his length and kept the rest of him slick enough for her hand to work over. She was entirely too good at this given that she had confessed she'd barely done this a few times before. Harry was weak in her hands, and she hadn't even known it.
"Look at me, pretty girl." Gravel coated his tone, the words rough and raw as they worked out of his throat. (Y/N) peeked up at him, mouth stretched wide to accommodate his cock with eyes shimmering like true starlight as tears collected on her waterline. Her cheeks hollowed in small increments as his guiding hand slowed the bobbing motions, wanting to get a good look at his own personal Venus. The pressure in his stomach was too tight, his muscles too tense, and his resolve too weak. "Fuck, c'mere," he grunted, pulling her completely from his cock as he tugged her to him.
The loose ponytail of hair he had held in his fist fell away, the ends tickling over his chest as he stretched her over his humid skin. He caught her lips in a kiss, mouth searing against hers in a heat that matched the one brewing between his thighs.
"Was that—Did I do okay?" she asked, voice raw and breathless as the words fanned over his mouth.
"So fucking good, sweetheart. Had to stop or I'd have cum, and I don't want to do that before I've had you."
She all but wilted in his hold, clinging to his chest like the baby hairs that matted to his temples. With his mouth still sealed her her's, Harry rolled them over in her docile state, pinning her to the pink of her bedding as he hovered above her. He indulged in the swollen plush of her mouth, having been deprived of the feeling of them sealed against his own. The essence of himself he had caught earlier, now soaked over her tongue as he swiped his over the buds. (Y/N) buried her fingers in the tamped down curls that haloed his head, keeping him from disappearing down her body like he intended.
"Gotta let me take care of you, pretty girl," he told her, already reaching for one of her hands in his hair.
"I-I don't need you to," she protested, "I'm ready, you don't need to."
A lazy smile bloomed over his lips, (Y/N) moving to smear kisses over the dimples in his cheeks. His hand that had been grabbing for her hand fell down her arm, caressing the bare of her skin before landing at the base of her neck. "Y'may feel like that, but y'said y'haven't done this in a while, right?"
(Y/N) looked up at him with a sheepish tint in her eyes, "But I think I'll be fine. I don't want to wait, H."
"At least let me open y'up a little, yeah? I don't want to hurt you or anything," he offered. His hand that had been settled on her collarbones traced down her front, splayed between her breasts and the soft of her tummy before landing at the band of her panties. "Trust me, I don't want to wait either, love, but I want it to feel good for you, too."
Her fingers in his hair threaded together before sliding to cradle the back of his neck. Her yearning gaze scanned over his features, lingering over his own eyes before falling to his lips. "Okay, just be fast?"
Harry huffed a laugh; she was more of an impatient thing than an eager one the longer he made her wait. "We'll see," he settled, dipping his head down and pulling her in for a kiss before she had a chance to request any more accommodations.
Tucking his fingers into the waist of her panties, he worked them down her thighs enough to spread her legs wide enough for his hand to fit between. At first touch, he could see why she insisted she was ready to take him, no foreplay needed. She was entirely soaked, her slit spread open as more of her slick seeped from her clenching hole. Harry traced his fingers over her opening, dipping inside and wetting the tips before trailing up towards the apex. Her clit was a pristine pearl at the top of her pussy, sensitive to the feather-soft brush of his fingers. (Y/N) jumped and sighed into his mouth, interrupting the distraction of his tongue exploring the soft of her own.
"You're so wet, pretty girl," he crooned, the whisper floating on a raw undercurrent, "Y'liked making me feel good? Like to please?"
The nod of her head was dreamy in natural the way she did the motion without thinking. "I liked seeing you happy; I just wanted to make you cum," she drawled, words slow and lingering.
Harry hummed, the sound just short of a moan that he tamped down before it could escape. "Y'really are m'best girl," he praised, flicking his fingertips over her swollen clit one more time before relenting.
She asked him to be fast, and he was going to try his hardest to do just that. His slick fingers danced down the length of her slit before dipping into her weeping hole. He started with a single finger, getting a feel of how tight she was, a gasp of his name being smeared over his cheek as the digit sunk inside.
Her walls readily swallowed around him, coaxing his finger deeper in sucking pulls. He reared back, readying another finger to sink in beside the first. A choked moan was granted as his praise. The pair of his fingers curled inside her, finding the perfectly spongy cushion on her wall.
"Harry, I—" (Y/N) tried to say, her voice cut off by her own gasp.
"I know, pretty girl," he cooed, painting his lips in a heart over the soft of her flushed cheek, "I know, but we've got to be fast, right? I don't want to keep y'waiting."
His teasing words were ignored as he started scissoring the digits in an effort to spread open her snug walls. They accommodated him fully, clinging to every motion he made while trying to draw him deeper. (Y/N)'s own fingers in his hair mimicked the pulsing going on inside of her, tugging on the strands with every stroke he pushed through her.
"'M gonna add one more, yeah? Tell me if 's too much," he warned, pulling his drenched fingers from her. (Y/N) wordlessly nodded her head, eyes shuddered closed as she clung to him.
The trio of his digits formed something of a pyramid, stacked atop one another as he worked them inside. He was met with resistance from her clenching hole, the first sign of how long it had truly been for her the last time she had anything that big inside her. She gasped as he prodded forward, nudging at her clenched hole.
"Still okay, love?" he grunted, allowing her to pull him to her puckered lips. He indulged in a single kiss from her before he turned away, giving her access to his jawline which she happily painted her lips across.
"I'm okay, keep going," she urged him, words muffled against his heated skin.
He huffed a laugh through his nose. She was entirely too precious for what they were doing at the moment. Nonetheless, he abided by her request and marched on, fitting the thick of his fingers into her opening and spreading them as best he could in the limited space. Her breathing was labored, breasts heaving and brushing against his own chest with each intake. He took his time, working his fingers through in steady strokes before spreading out the trio and stretching her snug walls apart. They pulsed around him like a heartbeat, urging him deeper though he didn't have anymore to give until he fit his own hips against hers.
In an effort to distract from the pushing and pulling of his fingers, this part less pleasurable as he was intent on doing nothing more than stretching her, Harry worked a trail of kisses from the full of her cheek and down the curve of her neck. He skimmed his lips over the round of her breast before taking her peaked nipple between his lips and flicking his tongue over the bud. She keened into his touch, back arching into his mouth. With the help of her clenched hands behind his neck, she kept him pressed against the flesh, urging him to continue with breathless whimpers and half-finished sighs of his name.
Harry felt her wetness seeping over his digits, slicking between his fingers and slipping down over his knuckles. She was still tight enough that he was no doubt going to be a stretch when he thrusted inside, but he wasn't worried about any lingering strains that he could put on her. Pulling his drenched fingers from her hole, Harry spread them over the whole of her slit, making pointed brushes against her clit. A hiss of his name and a tug to his hair reminded him that this wasn't even the end of the night; he was going to get an even better feel of the wetness between her legs.
Kissing his way from her chest, Harry whispered, "I think you're ready, pretty girl." He nudged his nose along the line of her jaw, strands of her sweat-dampened hair tickling his face, "Y'feel ready?"
A frantic nod was gifted in response, "Yes, yes—Please."
(Y/N) didn't waste a second before she started tugging him to sit comfortably between her thighs, shaking her legs free of the flimsy material that made up her underwear. Harry let out a breathy laugh, the sound mixing in with the humid air that surrounded them. "Hold on, slow down," he smiled, "I've got to grab something first."
He reluctantly left the heat of her bed, his body calling to stay attached to her's. Making quick work of rifling through the pile of clothing on the floor, he found his pants and searched the pockets for his wallet.
"What are you looking for?" (Y/N) asked, propping her self up on her elbows with her eyes fixed on his bare form.
"Condom," he responded, flipping open the leather of his wallet and finding the foil packet he had tucked away in hopes of a night like this.
(Y/N) fell back with a laugh, "You planned this?"
Harry shrugged his shoulders, using his teeth to bite open the wrapping. "Can't say I didn't hope. Can y'blame me, pretty girl?" he prodded, rolling the rubber over his length, "You're a very good kisser, so 's hard not to think about what else y'might be good at."
A beat passed as he situated the condom on his prick, a shudder working down his spine as he tugged a few cursory passes of his fist over the length.
"You're a good kisser, too."
A breathy laugh fell fell from Harry's lips. "Thank you, love," he smiled, all but rushing to join her snuggled form on the bed. He crawled between her spread legs, finding her own lips curled into a small smile, a touch of clarity rejoining her eyes.
She welcomed him between her thighs, the space crafted to hold his hips and cling to him. Harry stationed his hands on either side of her head, matching the gaze of her starlight eyes. The palms of her hands settled on the broad of his shoulders, fingers digging into the tensed muscles as the pad of her thumb traced over the tattoos inked over his collarbones.
It was Harry's turn to pull her into an easing kiss as he slowly lowered himself to press the length of his body over her own. The weight of his prick was fit between them, the soft of her tummy cushioning him as he fought off the urge to rut into her. The full of her thighs tightened around his hips with each lingering swipe of her tongue over his, causing the slickness between her thighs to slip over the underside of his heated cock. A rocky groan slipped from the back of Harry's throat only to be swallowed by (Y/N).
"Can you—Please, I want you," she stuttered against his lips, "You said we wouldn't wait any—"
"I know, pretty girl," he murmured, "I know. Gonna push in right now, yeah? Gonna go slow with you."
He stuck to his word, reaching a hand between their bodies and grabbing at his shaft in a rough hold. Rearing his hips back despite the resistance given from her gripping thighs, Harry lined himself up with the plush opening of her pussy. He slicked his head through her slit, brushing her sensitive clit and smearing the wetness around her folds.
(Y/N) tucked her face into his neck, planting her lips along the curve of his throat with her nose skimming over his jawline. His hand he had wrapped in the bedding beside her head gripping the fabric even tighter as he felt the phantom clench of her hole kissing at his nudging head. True to his promise, he made slow work of tucking his prick inside her, savoring the velvet of her pulsing walls. A gasp stuttered from his chest as the crown of his cock popped inside her, the ridge clearing the tightest tensing of her inner walls. (Y/N) breathed out a call of his name, the word melting over his heated skin, adding to the humidity that clung to him.
"Fuck," he cursed as her walls coaxed him inside, doing half the work as he smoothly sunk inside her, "You're s'fucking wet, pretty girl, sucking me in. 'M not gonna last."
Her mouth gaped around words she couldn't get out, the full of her lips felt against his neck where she buried her face into his shoulder. "I fe-feel you everywhere," she managed to choke out, her voice dissolving halfway through as he bottomed out.
"Yeah?" Harry panted, knocking his hips against hers with a thwack of his balls against her ass, "Deep enough, love?" Starting off a slow pace, the slick of her wetness added to the sounds of contentment and breathless yearning that built in Harry's chest and fell delicately from (Y/N)'s lips.
A frantic nod of her head caused her lashes to brush over his neck with her lips dragging over his skin. "So deep, its in my tummy."
Harry's eyes could have rolled to the back of his head when she said that, his hips stuttering against her's in a clinging grind. He knew he was big, and decidedly bigger than anyone she had been with in the past, but that kind of praise went straight to his head and pulled his balls tight against the underside of his cock. He really wasn't going to last if she kept this up.
Turning his head, he forced her out of the protection of his neck, and pulled her in for a kiss the first second he got. His mouth smeared across the full of her lips, sealing over the spit-slicked pillows. "I've wanted y'for so long, (Y/N), you know that?" he mumbled, the intimacy of the moment loosening his lips, "Been waiting to take care of y'like y'deserve. Show y'how much I care about you."
"Harry," she sighed, the short volume being all she could manage with the breath she had left. Each lingering thrust of his hips into hers pulled another breath from her lungs and melted her into the mattress, leaving only her clinging grasp on him to keep her from falling a dreamy haze.
"I know, pretty girl," he crooned, his voice strained as the tension in his stomach increased, his focus fixing on making sure he didn't cum right at the sound of his name on her tongue, "Gonna make y'cum so hard tonight, make y'feel so good—better than anyone else."
Harry emphasized his point with a hard stroke inside her, his guiding hand that he had settled on the bone of her hip drifting over to smear the pad of his thumb over her clit. Just because he was going to stick to his word of taking her slowly, didn't mean he was going to wait to make her cum around him.
"You're alr-already the best, Harry—oh my god," she bleated, taking away Harry's chance at answering her as she sealed her lips to his and slipped her tongue inside his mouth.
Every round of Harry's thumb over her clit coincided with a thrust of his hips, her walls fluttering and sucking around him as sparks of pleasure manifested in her tense muscles and strings of her wetness seeping around him. She squirmed into him, arching her back with her breasts pressed tightly against his chest with her hips grinding into his every chance she had.
"I think I'm gonna—Harry, I'm—" she floundered, words floating in the air around them as she couldn't find the frame of mind to finish them. He knew what she was saying, anyway, if the way her fingers clutching his hair and the tightening of her pussy was anything to go by.
He gave her space to breathe, smoothing his mouth over her cheek to feel the flushed skin and skim his nose over her dewy cheekbone. "Cum for me, pretty girl, 'm right here. I've got you, jus' cum for me."
That was all the encouragement she needed, Harry's relentless working of her body coming to a head as she let go around him in frantic pulses of her walls and the tight grip of her thighs around his hips. Her back arched, keening noises falling from her lips that sounded a lot like Harry's name. With her eyes still shuddered tightly closed, she ground her hips upwards into his hand, enveloping the full of Harry's length and wetting him with the gush of her slick that seeped from her fluttering hole.
Feeling her release around him and the intimacy of the way she clung to him was enough for Harry to feel his own orgasm on the horizon. He helped her through the aftershocks as best her could before his own muscles gave way to the tight coil in his stomach, hips stuttering before resorting to deep grinds against the furthest of her tight walls. His cum came in spurts, painting the inside of the condom and making his body feel hot to the touch.
"(Y/N), sweetheart, fuck," he groaned, nothing else in his head registering but the mantra of her name and the blissful pleasure she was inducing for him. He attached his lips to her thrumming pulse, sucking a bruise into the delicate skin as a way of quelling his need to be all around her, on her, and in her—even more so than he already was.
Tremors shock up his spine as he finally settled, relaxing his weight atop her as he melted. Harry's breathing came out in disjointed pants against her neck, finally noticing the curling of her fingers through his hair and the delicate brush of her fingertips against his scalp. (Y/N)'s own hold on him waned, now only delicately clinging to him if only to remind herself he was real and he was right there, just as he promised.
It felt like tradition for Harry to use the first of his strength to crane his neck and pull her in for a tender kiss. Gone was the urgency to claim her, keep her for himself, leaving only the affection he hoped she felt every step of the way through the night. (Y/N) languidly followed his guidance, slotting her lips against his and soaking in the comedown.
"Harry?" she murmured, dragging her hands down the length of his back before settling on his waist.
"Hm?" he hummed, unwilling to pull away from her lips.
(Y/N) had to be the one to pull back, seeing as Harry was refusing to do so. She rolled her head back to lay sink into the pillows, displaying her neck for him to get distracted by. "Will you—Or, are you staying the night?" she peeped, Harry feeling her voice against his lips before he heard it.
A furrow pinched at his brow. He was planning on it, but if she had other plans, he wasn't going to impose and take up her bed. "Do y'want me to?"
A beat passed, only the disjointed rhythm of their breathing filling the silence.
Harry settled his palm on the line of her jaw, tugging her to match his gaze while he pet his thumb affectionately over the plane of her cheek. "Of course, 'm gonna stay. Told you I was gonna take care of you, right? This is part of that."
Something pinched at his heart realizing why she felt like she had to ask if he would stay. He didn't know the caliber of men she had been interested in in the past, but if they were anything like Andrew, he was sure they were more of the type to get what they want and slink out the first chance they had. But, what Harry wanted was her—all of her, not just the eager little thing she was between the sheets, but the clinging girl that wrapped herself around him after her orgasm, and the one that wanted him to read over her essay for class later. He wanted every bit of her.
"Thank you," she murmured, surging forward to kiss him only for Harry to turn his cheek.
"Don't thank me, 'kay? This isn't a chore, I want to be here with you," he reassured, dotting his lips against the corner of her mouth. He pulled away to find her looking at him with her melted irises, the starlight of her lust having drained to leave only the tender affection swimming through them. A genuine smile covered his features as he he drifted his thumb to the full of her lips, where she passed a kiss to the pad.
"Let's get cleaned up, and then we'll cuddle before bed. How does that sound?"
As Harry held her cheek in his palm, the most precious thing he's ever had the privilege of touching, he couldn't quell the flutter in his tummy at the thought of waking up to her in the morning.
"Harry, wake up."
A drawling call of his name pulled Harry an inch closer to the surface of consciousness, the details of his dream blurring in to a distance memory.
The singsong tone that called to him elongated the syllables of his name, turning it into a melody. He became absently aware of the pressure sitting across his thighs with feather-light touches dotting over his face in affectionate puffs. The voice called one more time, requesting him to wake up.
Harry finally relented, blinking his eyes open as he found himself in a pastel apartment that wasn't his with a girl sat in his lap that was entirely the opposite. (Y/N)'s face bloomed into a giddy smile at the sight of him cracking his eyes open, reaching towards the periwinkle plate she had balanced on the side table.
"You're awake! You sleep really hard, you know," she laughed, shifting off of his lap to sit beside him in the puffs of her comforter, "I made you breakfast."
A sleepy laugh came through the fatigued clog in Harry's throat, mimicking her action of sitting up against her pillows. He rubbed his fist over his eyes, looking to be rid of the film of sleep that coated them, "Morning, lovie. You made me breakfast?"
While it wasn't like he didn't appreciate the gesture, Harry was just a touch wary about her skills in the kitchen still.
Nonetheless, (Y/N) eagerly nodded her head, urging the china in his direction. "It's not much, but I wanted to do something special for you after last night."
A toasted bagel opened up into halves with butter on one side and what looked to be raspberry preserves on the other greeted him as he dipped his clearing gaze towards her offering. She was so cute—the cutest, sweetest thing he'd ever met in his life. She made him breakfast, the best way she knew how. How could he not adore her?
"Pretty girl, this looks amazing," he praised, voice raspy from sleep, "Didn't have to do anything special for me, though. Last night was just as good for me, remember?"
She shyly smiled at the implication of his words, watching as he took the plate from her and took the first bite of the buttered half. "I don't know," she started, absently picking at her bed spread, "I was just really happy when I woke up and you were still here. It just made everything real and all."
His heart chipped only for (Y/N) to worm her way through and fortify another area of his heart. Just another little reminder that it seemed she hadn't been treated right before him. A small smile colored his features, reaching his free hand towards her to wrap around her shoulders and tuck her fiercely into his chest. The plate of breakfast was settled on his lap, out of the way so the full of Harry's attention could be better spent on his girl.
"Of course, I stayed," he cooed, dropping his head to press a kiss to her temple before curating a path to the corner of her mouth. He pulled back just enough to nudge his nose against her's in a puppy's kiss, lashes tangling. "'S me and you, remember? 'M here as long as y'want me."
(Y/N) pulled away only to serve him a glimmering smile, features softened with her melting irises pouring into his own.
"Yeah. It's me and you, H."
merlot wine is a rich red wine, sweetened by notes of strawberry and raspberry and made smoky by the musk of tobacco. bottled romance.
ahhh!!!! this is it!! this part is....something GTHISFHOSHU but thank u all sm for reading this story w me and taking the time to read the series!! sorry for any mistakes u may find and please if u have any questions or requests or any thoughts please send me a message!! thank u !
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goldenharystyles · a month ago
Hey, can you write something about her breaking multiple rules together like 3-4 at the same time and he punishes her hard for that
hope you like it!!!💦
mature content, 18+.
Tumblr media
"Tonight I'm going to work you over with this vibrator," harry stated, showing you the Hitachi. As he spoke, he turned the thing on its lowest setting, He moved it to your ass and lowered it until it touched the base of the butt plug.
you felt the vibrations at your core and moaned loudly as the sensation filled your ass, arcs of energy passing through layers of your flesh, humming your way to untouched clit, which quivered in anticipation. A droplet of lubrication slid from your soaked pussy and came to rest on your vulnerable nub.
"Here's how it's going to work," he began, keeping the Hitachi buzzing against the butt plug as he spoke. "I'm going to use this vibrator on your clit. When you are about to orgasm, you're going to tell me, and I'll give you a one minute break with the vibrator pressed against this butt plug. After the minute is up, I put it back on your clit and the process begins again. Are we clear?"
"Yessss," you hissed, lost in the throes of the sensation radiating from your ass.
"Ok then," he concluded. "Let's begin."
He moved the vibrator from your asshole.
The clock read 28:37.
And then everything around you exploded.
Still on the lowest setting, he pressed the Hitachi against your clit. It was the single most intense sensation you had ever felt. The vibrating pearls from last night were a whisper of a breeze compared to the Hitachi's hurricane. This was an assault of pure pleasure. you cried out, the cry quickly turning to a moan and finally a grunt as the Hitachi mercilessly buzzed against your delicate pearl.
"Okay, okay, I'm close!" you cried.
He kept the vibrator where it was.
"I said I'm close!" you begged.
The sensation shifted as he moved it from your clit to your asshole.
you looked at the timer and your eyes went wide. 27:31. It had only taken a minute to get to the edge. At that rate...
your attempt at mathematics drifted from your mind. Even though the Hitachi was no longer on your clit, the pulses of sensation still arced through your body via the butt plug, and though it wasn't enough to keep you at the edge or bring you over, it was enough to keep your mind swimming in pleasure.
Soon, too soon, you felt him remove the vibrator from the butt plug. The clock read 26:30. you weren't sure you could handle this.
And then the world exploded again. This time, you were already in a swirl of pleasure and within seconds you found yourself dancing with an impending orgasm.
"Hold it in," he told you. "You can do it."
you bit your lip and squeezed your eyes shut. you reached out with your hands and grabbed a fistful of the comforter, clenching it in a death grip. Anything to not cum.
The Hitachi was absolutely overwhelming, and you felt your juices flowing openly from your pussy onto the head of the vibrating invader.
"I can't hold it, I'm close," you whined. And he moved the vibrator back to her ass.
26:00 on the clock. you had only lasted thirty seconds.
you gasped for breath, and settled in to enjoy the manageable pleasure of the vibrations that buzzed through your ass from the inside out.
At 25:10, you actually dreaded the transition to your clit that was about to happen. you steeled your nerves, took deep, calming breaths, and released your hands from the comforter to rest them for the ordeal to come.
Again the vibrator left your ass and returned to your clit. This time you didn't cry out. you arched your back further and pressed into the you again squeezed your eyes shut and clenched the comforter. Instead of biting your lip, you bit down on the comforter. The vibrations assaulted every corner of your consciousness, but you held firm, swimming in maddening pleasure, and did your best to fight off the orgasm.
"I'm close, I'm close," you panted between rapid breaths.
24:15. you lasted fifteen seconds longer than last time. A smile crossed your face and she settled in for the minute of anal play, enjoying how the vibrations buzzed the sphincter muscle that held the plug in place.
"Enough with the lowest setting," he said, knowing that you likely forgot that little detail. "Let's raise the strength a few notches."
your eyes went wide in realization and a moment later the buzzing grew louder. The gentle relaxation of the anal stimulation morphed into a sensation so pleasurable that it kept you at the edge of orgasm rather than giving you a chance to recover.
When he switched back to your clit, you only lasted thirty seconds, and nearly passed out in the process. A tear crept from the corner of your eye.
And so he continued to work, mercilessly switching between edging your clit and then having you ride the edge by stimulating your ass. you fought a good fight, manipulating every physical trick you could to keep your orgasm at bay, but over time the Hitachi wore through all of them.
By the fifteen minute mark, you were lasting ten seconds before reaching the edge.
With ten minutes remaining, you were a quivering mess, crying out with desperation as you edged.
When the clock struck five minutes you were hysterical, mewling and whimpering in pleasure while the vibrator stimulated your ass; growling in feral desperation when he switched to your clit.
As the clock struck 3:00, he barely brushed the vibrator against your clit before you pleaded he return it to your ass.
This time on your ass, however, things were different. you rode the edge of orgasm hard, sparks showering through your consciousness, searing pangs of joy arcing in your brain. But you could feel yourself tipping. The vibration was so intense that it was starting to make you orgasm.
"Stop, stop!" you cried out in terror as the brewing orgasm cascaded around you.
The vibration disappeared entirely.
"I can't take anymore," you whimpered into the silence as the orgasm retreated. "I want to cum more than anything."
"It's ok, baby," he cooed. "I'll go easy on you. Lay down."
The sound of the vibration returned and you flinched, though you could tell it was back on the lower setting. you slumped forward on the bed, exhausted, your ass still slightly raised off the mattress but your body otherwise splayed in reckless abandon.
He pressed the Hitachi against the butt plug and you re-entered your pleasurable trance, though at the lower setting it only kept you reliably near the edge of orgasm.
Finally, mercifully, the timer reached zero. He withdrew the vibrator and turned it off. As he did so, you exhaled deeply and passed out.
He cupped the base of the butt plug to take it out. you whimpered
''don't wanna go get clean..please can we stay for a bit?'' you asked
''ofc baby just wait a min I'll bring you some water and then we can cuddle'' he smiled and place a kiss on your shoulder as he got up from bed
Tumblr media
(credits to owners )(gifs)
.(requests are open) 😇 (feel free to reblog any of the post)
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purplehazed-h · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
happy new year!! here's a quick lil something I typed out of nowhere lmaoo hope it's good <3
18+ content
summary: you're spending the holidays with Harry and his family and you can't keep quiet in the mornings
contains: oral (f receiving) , unprotected sex, choking, degradation if you squint, and harry being a tease <3
word count: 2.6k
Just thinking about spending the holidays with Harry and his family and you two having to sleep in different rooms; however, Harry always wakes up earlier than everyone to sneak into your room for a quick morning cuddle. He’d wake you up with soft kisses on your face, thumbs softly running across your skin and gently skimming across your eyelids before they flutter open. You would stay in bed, discussing your dreams if you remembered them, thinking about the day planned, and more. You’re always the one to remind him of the time, “Everyone’s about to wake up in a bit,” To which he’d just pull you closer, arms around your waist as he snuggles his face deeper into your neck. “Just a little longer. Five Minutes,” He’d mumble against your skin.
That’s how it would go every morning until one morning you find your lazy morning kisses turning into needy ones, slumber-weighted fingers curling in his messy hair. Your leg raises to curl over his hip as he slots his thigh between your legs, one hand resting on your lower back as the other coasts up your body to reach their final destination at your chest, squeezing the soft warm flesh and causing a breathless moan to leave your mouth.
You don’t think about it when you grind against his thigh, a broken moan coming from you as he hums in encouragement. Your lips fluidly move against his as he lays you on your back, hovering over you to then press wet, generous kisses to your neck, stopping himself from leaving a mark when the thought crosses his mind. Your thighs are spread to accommodate his body as he kisses your neck, your breasts, stopping to lick at each nipple and lovingly kiss each before continuing his journey down, down, down.
He kisses the waistband of your panties and continues to avoid your center, watching as you pathetically squirm. His soft hands cup the back of your thighs, softly squeezing as he kisses the inside of your knee before glancing up at you through devious eyes, doused in arousal and shielded by those pretty eyelashes you love to kiss when his eyes are shut. His kisses trail up the inside of your thigh, eyes never leaving yours, even when your lips start to crack in a smile and a soft giggle escapes. Your right hand reaches down, softly pushing back his hair before cupping his jaw. He tilts his head to press a gentle kiss to the inside of your wrist, listening as a content hum vibrates through your chest. Your happy sounds send a flutter of butterflies to his stomach as he smiles against your skin, his fingers hooking into the waistband of your panties, swiftly pulling the fabric towards him until they’re off and tossed to the floor.
He kisses the inside of your thigh once more as he gets settled in between them, arms hooking around both thighs to pull you closer. Your bottom lip is tucked between your teeth as you watch your boyfriend’s eyes trail down your body, taking you in like it’s the last chance he’ll ever get. He removes an arm from around you, fingers spreading your arousal before gently parting your wet lips. Your hips twitch in the slightest movement, Harry’s eyes darting up to yours for a moment before he dives in, tongue licking at every part of you that aches for him.
Your lips part, eyes shutting in pure bliss as he gets to work, lips closing in on your clit to gently suck. You try to reel in your moans, one hand gripping the sheets as the other runs through Harry’s soft curls. He hums against your core, head shaking side to side as he buries his face further into your cunt, nose knocking against your clit multiple times.
His eyes are heavy from bliss and the little bit of sleep that has yet to wear off. His hand that had been gripping your thigh trails across the sheets to grab ahold of your hand, fingers intertwining as your hips buck against his face. His thumb soothingly caresses your hand, occasionally squeezing each time you get a bit loud, kindly warning you to bump it down a few notches.
You catch a glance of the clock at your bedside, the time reading 7:35, exactly 25 minutes before 8 when Harry’s mother usually makes her way downstairs to start breakfast.
Your decision is quick, fingers softly tugging his hair until he parts from your soaked folds with a wet sound. He glances at the clock as well before climbing back up your body, kissing you in a haste manner. You whimper, both at the feeling of his dick pressed against your pussy and the taste of you on his tongue.
“Want you inside.” You mutter against his lips, fingers wrapping around him, reveling in the needy whine he lets out. You’re switching positions, your knees digging into the mattress as you sit in his lap, hand still wrapped around his cock. He has one hand snug on your hip as he uses his other hand to prop himself up, head tilted back to gaze up into your eyes.
He takes in your every feature, soaked in the morning light that seeps through the window. He brings a hand up, cupping your jaw, thumb lightly rubbing the area beneath your left eye. You both smile as he pulls you close to gently kiss you.
You whine as your hips move against his, soaked center rubbing against him. You pull away, eyes dropping to where the two of you are rubbing against one another. Your eyes fleet back up to look at him, his gaze still watching the sinful scene as you grind down onto his cock.
You take hold of him again, lifting your hips just enough to have him at your entrance. He watches as you slowly take him, pussy fluttering around his generous tip, your jaw dropping in a silent moan. His hands are down at your hips, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into the soft plushy skin. You continue your journey down his length, one hand resting on his shoulder as the other grips his thigh.
“Fuck, you take me so well, angel. Swallowing my cock like you were made for it.” His words make you whimper, eyes closing in ecstasy. You curse when you finally take all of him, hips snug against him as you mewl in pleasure.
“So fucking big, H.” Your words are slurred, dripped in arousal and need as your hips twitch, thighs digging into his sides as you attempt to shut them. He’s so deep your mind begins to feel hazy, and it doesn’t help when he slowly drags you up his cock only to drop you back down, a breathless moan escaping you.
“Gotta be quick, yeah?” He watches as you nod, humming in agreement as you slowly start to move up and down his cock. “That’s it, take it all, baby. S’all yours isn’t it?”
You pant, one hand falling back to dig into the comforter as your other digs your nails into his shoulder. “Yeah. All mine.” You mewl in agreement.
“Taking it like a fucking champ, shit…you’re so fucking good to me.” His hands leave your hips to squeeze your tits, thumbs brushing over your nipples before he grips your side to pull you down onto his dick, watching as you shudder, a pathetic and high-pitched moan forcing its way from you.
He’s quick to hush you, an arm looping around your lower back as his other hand grips the side of your neck to pull you close. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, fuck.” You rush out in a breathless sentence. “I'm sorry, I'll be quiet, please.” You’re practically sobbing against his lips as you greedily grind against him, wanting nothing more than to reach your high.
“Look at you, my greedy baby.”
You whine as he pulls you close, gently flipping you over to lay beneath him, your legs locking around his waist as he presses his hips deeper into you. Your jaw drops in a silent moan, ankles crossing at his lower back, pulling him closer if that’s even possible. Harry moans, grasping your chin to give you a sloppy kiss before sitting up. His hands trail down your body, squeezing your tits before landing on your hips, tightly gripping you as he watches your body squirm under him. “Please..” You’re nearly in tears from how badly you want to cum, hips grinding back and forth to create any type of friction you can get.
He makes a quick promise to fuck you, settling between your legs, one hand gripping your thigh as the other remains on your hip. He draws his hips back, watching the way his cock glistens in your arousal, just to watch as he slowly thrusts back into you. His eyes trail back up your body as he gradually picks up his pace. You’re looking up at him with glossy eyes, chest rising and falling with heavy breaths.
His hips continue grinding into yours, each push and draw of his cock shoving you closer to the edge. Harry finds himself getting carried away, hips slapping against the inside of your thighs harshly; and although the sensation felt otherworldly, he curses when the headboard slams into the wall and a strangled, loud moan claws its way from your throat. He’s quick to lean down and slap a hand over your mouth as your body twitches, another moan hitting the palm of his hand.
He’s softly shushing you, reminding you that you’re not alone in the house, which is still deadly silent considering how early it is. His hand lifts just a little to let you talk, the both of your voices coming out hushed and fevered as he continues to thrust into you. “You feel so fucking good, baby. So deep.” He nods as you mewl in pleasure. Another particular thrust has you whining, his hand clamping back down on your mouth, and he thinks it might have to stay there for the remainder of your activity.
“I know, baby, I know. Just wanna let those pretty moans out, don’t you?” His words are genuine but his tone is so condescending, and it goes straight to your core, pussy clamping and fluttering around his cock. He curses, panting as he fights the urge to cum. “Splitting you open so good, aren’t I?” He can feel the concealed moans hitting his palm as his hips persistently slam into you, your thighs clamping down around his hips as you nod.
Your mind is so foggy, arousal clouding every logical nerve in your body. He coos when he sees the tears that begin to cloud your vision, threatening to spill at any second.
“I’m gonna take my hand away and you’re gonna be a good girl and stay quiet, right?” He raises an eyebrow. You swallow hard, eagerly nodding, wanting nothing more than for him to give you what you want.
His hand drops from your mouth and you watch as he sits back up, just for a moment to hook your leg over his arm, creating a deeper angle. Your toes curl, teeth digging into your lip as you look up at him with dazed eyes. He leans forward, sloppily kissing you before pulling away, eyes never leaving yours as he begins to roughly work himself in and out of you once again.
You’re trying your hardest to keep your moans and whimpers at bay, hands quickly reaching up to grip his forearms, nails digging into the strong muscles. You’re having a tough time keeping your eyes open, the pleasure so intense it has your back arching off the bed. Above you, Harry is a view you never want to lose sight of. His cheeks are flushed, tan skin glistening under the bright sun rays in the room, messy hair dangling in front of his face as he ravishes you. Your eyes are trained on the way his chains follow every movement he makes, swaying back and forth above you so swiftly it nearly has you hypnotized.
You open your mouth to speak, but your words get caught in a quiet moan at the back of your throat. Harry hums, a slick smile making its way to his lips, “You’re gonna cum. Can feel you squeezing me, I’m making you feel so good aren’t I?”
“Yes, yes, yes. So close, I’m so close,” You’re whispering, trying everything in your power to not moan at the top of your lungs because Harry’s so deep you’re afraid you won’t be able to make it down the stairs for breakfast. Every thrust he delivers is sharp, hitting the right spot, including that one delicious spot that has you seeing stars every single time.
“Do it,” You’re caught off guard when his free hand reaches up to squeeze your throat, a choked moan leaving you, hand coming up to hold his wrist. He smirks at the feeling of you throbbing around him, “That feels good, baby? Look at you, my precious little angel likes being choked like a fucking slut,”
You whine in embarrassment and arousal, tummy burning with that familiar feeling of an orgasm. “Please please please, I can’t,” Your pleas are a warning for him, telling him that your climax will not be as quiet as he is expecting; and by this point, Harry’s become so immersed in fucking you, he’s completely ignored the few times your moans have exceeded in volume.
“Yes you can, come on. You’re so close I can feel it, come on baby.” His words of encouragement have you keening, body stiffening before melting against him as you cum, a loud wail leaving your mouth, which is quickly covered by Harry slanting his mouth over yours. He continues to thrust into you, working you through your high as your moans spill into his mouth, the feeling of your pussy fluttering around him causing him to spiral into his high as well.
Harry keeps working the two of you, his hand leaving your throat to cup your face as he continues to sloppily kiss you. “You’re so fucking good, Y/N, so good to me,” He mumbles against your lips. Your hips squirm at the feeling of his cum shooting into you, warm and sticky substance filling you up, sure to be spilling onto the sheets below you, needy whines escaping you. He parts from you, pushing back your hair to look at you as he pushes into you once more.
He releases your leg, leaning down to gently kiss you as your legs wrap around his hips, pushing him deeper into you. He smiles against your lips before pulling back once again, eyes taking in your blissed-out features; your swollen lips, tear dampened cheeks, and the flushed color of your chest, he thinks you’re the epitome of a goddess, bathed in sunlight and sex; he can’t believe he has you all to himself.
“Hi, pretty girl,” His voice is raw but soft, just like his fingertips as they rub gentle circles into your skin. You smile, both in adoration and post-orgasmic bliss, “Hi, pretty boy.”
He kisses you one last time, and when he opens his eyes, a playful glint is in his eyes, “Think it’s time for breakfast, the whole neighborhood might be joining us considering how fucking loud you were,”
You roll your eyes, cursing at him as he laughs, swiftly pulling out and falling to the side with a content sigh. “It wasn’t that good.” It’s a lie, but you confidently say it just to spite him and his egotistic manners. You watch as he raises an eyebrow, glancing over at you before shrugging. “Whatever you say, miss, you feel so fucking good, baby, please, god I can’t,” Your cheeks heat up at the exaggerated sound of your annoying boyfriend mimicking your moans.
“I don’t sound like that, and have fun sucking your own dick for the next month.” “You would never.” “I just did.”
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jarofstyles · 4 months ago
Backstage Business
Tumblr media
Hi hi!!! We got inspired. So here is a smutty, post show sex one shot 😎
If you like this, check out our Patreon!
Coming off of the stage, he knew he was a mess.
He couldn’t necessarily help it either. Being on stage, preforming? It was his thing. There was a variety of things that he felt. The loud music rocking in his ears, sweat dripping down his bare chest. The bubble of excitment in his stomach, knowing everyone in the room was there for him. Had travelled miles, some flew in for his shows and spent money because they adored him. Harry loved being adored.
Mostly though? It was the adrenaline that got him in the most trouble. The energy that would power him through the bounding around the long stage and the excursion of his voice. It took a lot out of him, but he loved it. However, the adrenaline went all over his body. He could feel it in the dizziness of his head, the chills that went over his skin, and more than anything else?
His cock.
Y/N always loved to see her lover preform. But from the first time they’d been properly together she realized that she was in for it when she did get to come and see it. Seeing as Harry was a sex pest on stage, grinding his hips against the microphone stands, rolling his hips, thrusting himself in the air, she wasn’t necessarily surprised more than she was impressed.
Off stage, the first thing he did was grab her hand and tug her towards the dressing room. He had a strict rule for everyone to not bother him 20 minutes after a show ended, and the hard cock thrusting into her sopping wet cunt was the reason why. When he was alone, he’d take care of it in the shower. But y/N was thankfully here and ready to be the vessel to take all of his pent up energy.
“Oh my fucking god.” She whimpered into his chest, hands holding the sweat damp locks as he fucked into her cunt. He held her tightly against the wall, one hand holding her thigh up against the man’s waist while the other gripped her hip to keep her still. The bite of his cool metal rings into her skin made her shiver.
Harry had barely given her a minute. Shoving her in and locking the door, his fringe vest thrown off and her skirt lifted up enough that he could thrust into her. The hot cunt was a welcome relief to his throbbing cock, the sigh of relief filling the air as he began to work.
“M’sorry… needed… need it.” He hissed through his teeth, leaning in and kissing her once her head lifted. Her cunt had been soaked watching him perform as it always was, and Harry knew by now that Y/N loved when he got needy for her.
“S’okay… fuck… y’did so good, H.” She cooed, head falling back in to the cool wall as her body jolted. His cock was steadily thrusting into her, the swollen lips spreading with each fuck. Harry was eager and she could feel it in the way his movements weren’t as controlled as normal. He loved her praise.
“I did?” He purred. “Did good? You love it?” He dug for the compliment, panting as he pressed his forehead against hers and moved into her faster.
“Uh-huh. So fucking good, Harry. Baby’s so talented… so lovely. Look so good on that s-stage.” She stuttered, hand gripping his shoulder for stability. He was giving it to her so damn good.
“Felt so good.” He grunted. “Missed it. Missed playing up there… missed this.” He was being specific about their after show sex. Something so good and fun for their sex life, the way it managed to get both of them worked up. He was almost trained to get hard as soon as he saw her in the audience, knowing Damn well what was happening when he got offstage.
“I did too…” she yelped when he got at the spot he had been searching for, mouth falling open as his cock pistoned into the soaked cunt. Her hole clenching around him, desperate to keep him just liked that. There was nothing he loved more than when her pussy managed to suck him back in, just like this.
“Yes, yes… did so good, and now m’gonna fuck you so good.” He rambled, nipping at her jaw as he pulled her up and into him. The change immediately had her squealing, breathing heavy.
“Yes! Like that- there. There, Harry.” She growled, tightening her hold on his hair- which sent him spiraling. His cock pounding into her welcoming pussy over and over again, the slick, sloppy sound of how wet she was filling the room along with his grunts and her broken whimpers, he knew anyone who walked by would know exactly what they were doing. He just didn’t care. Let them know he was giving it to her good. He’d never apologize for that.
“More, more.” She repeated, dripping against him. His cock was soaked and slippery, and the urging was what he really needed. Lifting her leg higher, though, was what really had them going undone. “Oh fu- m’cumming.”
The angle had it perfect for her, her body shaking slightly as his cock got the perfect spot and hit it over and over again. Her beautiful reaction had him urged on to go faster, feeling her cum all over his cock. Gushing around him, nails digging into his skin and the harsh yank of his hair that sent him into his own explosive bliss .
He let out a feral growl, biting down on her neck as he thrust hard into her, working her through her orgasm as his own shot through his body. The electricity washing over his body as she shivered and clung to him, his arm wrapping around her to keep her upright as he began to let go.
The hot cum shooting into her and coating her walls with the white liquid had her letting out a sob against him. The bite, his grip, the pure heat of it as she could feel his cum start to drip out from where they were connected… it was delicious. Her head fuzzy with pleasure and their bodies sticky with sweat, she found this to be her happiness. It had been far too long since they’d done this.
You never know what you have until you go 2 years without it.
Harry kissed over the bite mark, cooing as he realized he did it a bit hard and nuzzled into her neck. His own legs felt weak but he refused to let her fall, taking a moment as he felt her cunt milking his cock for every drop of cum. As it should. He hated using condoms with her and rarely ever needed to, but this was a mutual thing.
“Fuck me.” She giggled, gently stroking her hand through his hair. Tenderly this thing instead of the yank that had brought stars to his eyes. “Another stellar performance from my rock star.”
“Already did.” He slurred against her sticky skin, pressing his kisses all over before he mustered up the strength to pull his head out of her neck. Their lips connected for a loving kiss, gentle but passion laced as they smile came on his face. His cheeks were flushed but felt hotter from her good review.
The after effects of orgasm washed through him, the tiredness and contentment. The adrenaline had been channeled into something far more useful than his old habit of treadmills.
“Fuck, I needed that.”
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gucciwins · 3 months ago
Taste So Sweet
nashville had everyone excited for different reasons
Word count: 9907
A/N: hello friends, thank you so much for loving this series. i'm having fun writing. nashville truly had two unforgettable nights. i hope you continue to read this story as ii fear it will only get better from here.
warnings: smut (female pleasure)
please do let me know what you thought of the story and please reblog <3333
love on tour series // previous part
Tumblr media
Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville has genuinely felt like a dream. You had three days before Harry's show to enjoy, and well, you've spent it inside the hotel and walking downtown Nashville. Harry was in the studio half of the day and the other half in your adjoining rooms that you're not sure how he convinced Jeff to let him get. The band is closer this time around with Sarah and Mitch two doors down, Elin and Ny OH across from them, and Pauli and Niji next to the ladies.
You got to see your good friend, Claire, who owned Claire de Lune, where she was happily allowing you to shop freely for endless outfits. You always refused to get anything free because, of course, you wanted to support her business. In the end, you both settled on a discount and tagging her in photos as you always paired one of her items with other clothing.
She also let you borrow a suitcase, and you left her your trusty cherry red carry-on as it seemed you'd be on the road for much more than expected. At the end of the shopping, you picked up a bit of everything, from coats to t-shirts and a few dresses to spice up your looks during the tour.
Claire also helped you brainstorm costume ideas for Harryween. You had been drawing a blank, but she helped tremendously. You had asked Claire to come to the shows but declined, stating she'd had dinner reservations and would be visiting her boyfriend's family on the weekend. You understood but were grateful to reconnect with an old friend nonetheless.
The following day the girls visited Claire's shop as you babysat the tiny bub allowing Sarah time with the girls, and Mitch could go to the studio with Harry for a few hours. You enjoyed having a little companion on tour, he didn't talk much, but he listened. You'd sing songs or watch the videos of Peppa that Sarah said he enjoyed watching, and well, it was easy to get lost in the episode as well.
Harry had claimed the evenings as his, and everyone knew it. As much as he liked that you were getting on with the crew, he was still selfish, wanting to spend as much time with you as he could. He considered every time you got together a date. So he was sure you were past the fifth date, and you had to agree. You kissed more freely now.
Well, still not in front of others, but Harry stole a kiss on your cheek whenever he could. You were taking it slow, but you also weren't a saint. You've thought about how good a kisser he was that you couldn't help but imagine what else he was good at. There's no way you would express to Harry how much you wanted him just yet.
You were going to let him make a move, seeing as you both were at a nice place in your relationship. You've kissed, and you've napped together. He's a hell of a snuggler and whiny when he wants to be little spoon. It's easy to give in to those emerald eyes. Time with Harry doesn't feel real because you have felt like you've been on tour with them for over a month, but it's only been a week.
A week, seven days.
Nashville had everyone in higher spirits, and you knew you were in for two great shows. Especially when it was leading up to two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden.
Tumblr media
Nashville, Tennessee Night One
It was time for soundcheck, and everyone but the man himself was here. Luis had called saying Harry did not want to leave the studio and had to drag him out of there and ended up stuck in some traffic. The band played a few songs without a singer, and they sounded terrific. You cheered for them each time, even though Jeff told you it wasn't necessary.
"I like cheering them on," you stated before continuing to hype up the band.
The band, mainly Niji and Sarah, had pressured you into going up the stage getting a look around, and you were glad because it was a sight to behold. The seats were empty but soon would be filled up from top to bottom of fans for Harry. Some new and some old but all here for the same reason to sing their favorite music with an artist they supported.
You honestly couldn't wait for tonight; Harry had told you that you could not have a look at the outfit until he was dressed. It upset you, but you could tell he was excited about it, so you allowed it.
You walked up to the center microphone and picked it up, "Hello," you let it echo out and giggled. "It's nerve-wracking being up here." You looked around the stage, seeing that the stagehands had all stopped to stare at you.
"Sing for us," Elin cheered.
"No thanks," you responded quickly, causing everyone to laugh. You knew you were distributing, and it was time for you to go as Harry would be arriving any minute now.
"Welcome to love on tour," you spin around freely in your' love on tour' bunny sweater. You paired it with black yoga leggings, knowing you needed to be casual now and all dressed up later, "featuring the one and only Y/N Belmonte." You don't see that Harry has arrived or that he and Jeff are recording. Getting a loud round of applause as you hand back the microphone. You go around thanking the band, giving each of them a hug, grateful they let you go up there and interrupt them.
Jeff would post the video on his private story, and Harry, well, he accidentally posts it on his Instagram story. When he meant to press close friends list. He doesn't realize until a few minutes when Jeff elbows him hard in his side, showing no green circle around his name. Harry had posted on his story for the world to see.
"Shit," he mutters as you step close with a smile on your face. He deletes it but knows it's too late by the hundreds of views already and the screen recordings they most likely got.
"How was that? Think we can change the name of the tour posters for tonight." You joke, expecting both men to laugh but get nothing.
Both men are looking at you seriously; you frown. "I was that bad. Just spoke a few words."
"I fucked up." He turns his phone around to show you the video.
"Aww, that's sweet," you smile at yourself, looking small on stage.
Harry shakes his head, "I posted it on my story."
Your eyes widen, not expecting that. You pull your phone out of your side pocket and log into Twitter, and sure enough, trending is "Y/N Belmonte - Love on Tour" - Is our beloved Emmy winner joining Harry on tour, or is there romance brewing? You decide.
"Wow, that was quick." Letting Jeff and Harry glance at your phone.
He glances away, taking a step back. "On a scale from 1-call my manager, how angry would you say you are?"
You laugh, "zero, it was an accident."
Harry looks shocked, "what."
"Yeah, what he said," Jeff repeats.
You shrug, "it is what it is. I'm having fun. Honestly, they are going to talk regardless. Promise I can handle the media. Viola understands; hell, she likes when I get media attention. She thinks I'm very private."
"And I'm ruining that," Harry looks upset, and you hate that.
"H, you're fine. If you want to address it, you can. Say we're friends or whatever, but I won't be saying anything."
"We're friends?" He says in horror. "No, we aren't."
"Sure aren't in a relationship either."
"Ouch." He frowns, not caring that this conversation is happening in front of Jeff.
"Taking it slow, remember, we're essentially courting each other."
"Dating?" He corrects.
"Yeah, that."
"Okay, I'm sorry."
"Plus, if you want to change that, we can have a chat." He stands there frozen, taking in your words but don't give him a chance to respond. "Moving on, I'm sure I'll be getting lots of texts soon and a call from Viola, so tell me what you thought of me on your stage."
"You made it your own, and all you did was introduce yourself," Harry says proudly.
You bow dramatically, "thank you one night only, my dear."
They laugh, and Harry pulls you in for a hug. And on cue, your phone rings, Viola.
"I've got to take this; hopefully, the soundcheck goes well." You press a kiss to Harry's cheek and begin to walk through the exit.
"Thank you." Jeff and Harry both say.
You nod then address Jeff, "text me when you need me."
Stepping into the hall, you take a deep breath, ready for what Viola has to say.
Surprisingly Viola mentioned that the video reached her, saying it was funny and to be careful now that many knew you were in town also told you to go look at some tweets she would send that were sweet. She then moved on, reminding you of two interviews you had on Friday and that Emerson would send you a list of questions that would be covered.
Interviews and pre-work work are not your favorite but necessary. It allowed you to know what the interview would focus on. You usually went over the questions with your assistant, seeing how to improve answers or crossing them out, not liking how invasive it felt. You were thankful; Viola taught you about screening and preparing because being caught off guard is not fun.
Tumblr media
Dinner with the crew was nice; it always reminded you of family gatherings. Not everyone would eat at the exact times, but there would always be people going and out or others jumping table to table to catch up with others. Harry liked eating something light before a show, sometimes soup or sometimes sharing half a sandwich with you.
Today you were eating with Sarah and the bub. He was a little fussy today. She was going to eat alone in her dressing room. Well, you were against that, especially when she ushered Mitch out to go eat with the others and Harry as he wanted to discuss a new melody he had started in the studio.
You saw how lost in conversation both men were and knew they wouldn't notice you missing. You took a sandwich and pasta with you, letting her decide which one she would want. The door was shut; you knocked twice before hearing a quiet come in. You walked in slowly just in case the bub was eating and instead found him sleeping against Sarah's chest.
You cooed at the sight, children and their mother always making you emotional. It was always a sight to see; it made you hopeful for a future that you might have one day.
"Hi Mumma Jones, I brought you some dinner if that's alright." You raise both plates up.
Sarah grins at you, "oh, you really are the sweetest." She takes a whiff of the air and hums, "is that pasta?"
You nod, handing it over to her, and keeping the sandwich for yourself, taking a seat on the other side of the couch that had various baby items scattered around. Sarah is quick to apologize, but you brush her off.
The two of you eat in silence to not wake the baby, but Sarah can't help herself.
"I'm surprised H let you out of his sight." You chuckle, knowing that Harry is not at all discreet about needing to know where you are at all times.
"It's sweet. I like spending time with him."
"He's smitten."
You look down at your now empty plate, feeling flustered. "Harry's great. I'm enjoying our time together."
"That's nice. It would be awful if you hated it, but we're sticking around to please him.
You're quick to shake your head, "oh, I could never. Think my anxiety would have me on the bathroom floor every hour if that were the case."
"Do you like Harry?" She asks.
"I do," you confess. "I had a crush because who wouldn't but spending time with him and getting to know him, there are feelings that are growing, and I hope to see them flourish."
Sarah leans over and grips your thigh, "I don't want either of you to get hurt. So promise me that no matter what, you'll communicate with him."
You smile back to assure her you understand. "Of course, we both grew up in the public eye, although a bit differently, but I know not to trust a tabloid and that no matter how hard the conversation is, it is better to have it."
"You're very wise."
You shrug, "I had to grow up quickly when I was younger."
Without having to say more, she instantly understands. "Oh, Y/N. I'm sorry."
You force a smile because fuck, it never fails to make you emotional. "That's alright, thank you."
You're not sure what she wanted to say more when Mitch walks in, surprised to see you sitting together. "Didn't know you were in here. He was looking for you." He tells you after seeing the sleeping baby. He realizes what he said, "I'm not kicking you out."
You laugh, "all good, Mitch should go check on him, or he'll be grumpy."
Walking out, you wave at a few people going in your opposite direction, surely going to finish up last-minute jobs before Harry, and the band must take the stage. As you get closer to the door, you see Jeff lingering outside, and he motions that it's okay to step through as he leaves, giving you both privacy. Something you didn't know you would want until later.
"Fuck me, Harry Styles," you whisper as you see him standing there trousers and suspenders on. You see the suit jacket on the hanger and selfishly want him to leave it off. He still hasn't seen you, and you're glad. You're sure your face will reveal how turned on he has you. He stares down at his phone, chuckling before grabbing the jacket from the hook.
He buttons it closed and flashes his dimples in the mirror; that's when you make your presence known.
"Harry Styles, living up to his name." You shut the door stepping into the room.
He blushes but does a little spin for you. "You like?"
"I love." You don't realize you're walking towards him until you see your hand reaching out to touch the fabric of the beige suit. It's a bit rough due to the sequin embroidery, but you don't mind. It's sparkly, and you know it's only going to look better under the stage lights. "Give Lamberts my thanks for this one. I'd like one of my own."
"I can make that happen."
You nudge him, "I know you can but not necessary."
"We'll see."
You let your hand trail down to the button you just saw him do and swiftly unbutton, wanting to see the suspenders against his skin once more. Harry's breath hitches as you continue your delicate touching, and he does nothing to stop you. He's enjoying this as much as you are. It's as if you're lost in a trance letting your fingers roam his torso, getting familiarized with his body. You realize how intimate this must be and stop. Not looking up at Harry, you button up the suit jacket and take a step back.
His eyes are closed, and his breathing is heavier, and you know it's all due to you. There's so much you want to do, but know you're against the clock.
"Heard you were looking for me," you whisper.
"Right," he clears his throat. "You are here to give me some sugar."
"Thought you called it good luck." You cross your eyes, narrowing your eyes at him.
"Don't need any of that when you're out there watching."
Fuck, he's so smooth. You have to stop yourself from cooing out loud. "You're made of cheese, aren't ya. Always so cheesy."
"Only for you, querida."
Your eyes widen, "that's new."
"You like?"
You nod, eyes softening as you look at him, looking filled with glee for surprising you, "I do, very sweet.
"Good, good. Going to help me brush up on my Spanish."
"Me encantaría," He looks at you, trying to figure it out, "I'd love to."
"Right. Kissy, please?"
You gesture to him to come closer, and he does so happily. He leans in, taking a moment to take in your face. You nudge your nose against him, urging him to do it already.
"Got no patience do you, querida."
You pout, knowing he's right because, around him, all your patience goes out the window. After getting a taste of him, well, you're left craving more. He closes the distance, keeping the kiss soft and letting you take control. You slip your hands resting at the base of his neck, playing with the small curls in the end.
Kissing Harry is comforting. It makes you feel alive, but it also makes you feel safe.
As your kiss ended, Harry pulled back and looked into your eyes. "That okay?"
You take a deep breath, "always okay. Enough sugar?"
"Little more," he whispers breathlessly.
Who are you to deny him?
The kiss is more passionate, Harry needing this more than he needs to breathe. He pulls back, feeling like his heart might beat out of his chest but happy.
"Think that's good, lovie."
"No, one more." You whisper, your lips already connecting with his.
And well, Harry wasn't about to say no.
One hand was gripping the lapel of the suit, and the other was tangled in the back of his styled curls while Harry had one hand on your cheek and the other gripped tightly on your waist. Harry was about to lean back in when Tommy and Jeff walked in, impeccable timing they have.
Harry and you slowly separate, letting the tension fade as the room begins to fill as they get ready to move Harry to the stage.
"So, I've got to go," you tell Harry even though he's frowning, "because if I see this look any longer, I might not let you be on stage in time."
"I wouldn't mind." He responds honestly.
"Oh, I know, but everyone else will, and I will not be the reason you're late."
"Come here then." He pulls you in for a hug, taking in a huge deep breath before releasing you.
"Go sing your tits off. And I'll see you after."
"You promise, querida?"
God, that nickname makes you weak in the knees.
"Yes, you doof. Now I'm going."
He shakes himself out, stopping you once more, "I look nice, right?"
"Yeah, Harry, beautiful."
And he does, with his hair styled to perfection. His lips were a bit more swollen and red; he was a dream.
Tumblr media
Harry on stage is something you will never get over because he might play the same songs each night, but it never feels like the same show. The way he plays with each song adding new note changes and holding notes longer, shows everyone how talented he is.
It's obvious he loves what he does, how he thrives on the crowd's energy. Now, as he's prancing around and singing along to his songs, well, you're feeling really hot. Having his entire chest on display for a sold arena to see is him teasing the crowd, but in a way, it feels like he's teasing you as well, and you're not sure how much you can take.
Harry was doing his walk around checking in with the crowd right before 'canyon moon' when he spots a fan holding a poster and stands up to be holding a phone and what looked to be a card. You look at Tom and Jeff, both men just as clueless but intrigued.
"I'm going to reveal the gender of your baby." He laughed gleefully, telling the man on the phone and the entire arena.
Harry sits down on the steps of the stage, looking as delicate as a flower. He opens the card before letting out a joyful noise to what he had just read. He teased the crowd by stating they would go right into the next song but got a loud 'boo' in response. He shook his head, asking for a countdown.
You happily joined in with the crowd, excited for Harry to reveal the gender to the sold-out arena.
"It's a little baby girl," the arena breaks out into loud cheers as the cameras pan over to the mom-to-be crying tears of joy.
Harry thrusts his arms up before falling to his knees, and dramatically fake crying to the happy news everyone in the crowd is joyous over. He congratulates the couple before leaving, preparing to start the next song.
You can't stop smiling; that was very sweet of Harry, "It's baby Harriet! A little baby girl. That's what I wanted you to have." Harry reveals, looking down at the mother-to-be, and god, you know he'd be fantastic with his own kids, especially seeing how well he does with baby Jones-Rowland.
Harry's in an even better mood, canyon moon sounding more beautiful than it had ever before. The concert was coming to a close, and as disappointing as that was, you were excited to spend time with Harry. It's the middle of the week with a day off tomorrow, meaning he'd most likely convince you to stay up, and this time you wouldn't fight him on it.
As soon as Harry sang the final notes of 'kiwi' and walked off the stage, Jeff was rushing back to meet him, leaving you alone knowing you liked seeing the band exit. Well, today, you decided to linger a little longer, seeing all the lights come back on. Most of the fans on the floor were not leaving, not taking their eyes away from the stage while everyone else in seats had begun to make their exits. There was a lot of laughter and smiles, you even saw a few girls crying, and you understood them. Seeing your favorite artist, someone that got you through the most challenging times and the best, was always a surreal moment. You knew it was time to leave when you saw more than one person glance your way. You gave a smile to the last person you made eye contact with and headed in the familiar direction backstage, eager to see the star of the night.
Tumblr media
After the show, you hurried to Harry's dressing room and crushed him in a hug as soon as you saw him. You ignored all the awwing around you as Harry kissed the top of your head. He was still sweaty and, in his suit, knew he would be heading for a shower soon.
"Did great out there, rockstar." You mutter against his bare chest.
"Yeah, enough to come see me again Friday?" He teases, knowing fully well there is nowhere else you'd be.
"Eh, got to think about it."
"Querida, that's not nice." He frowns but doesn't pull away, knowing you're joking as he can feel you giggling, feeling your chest rise and down quickly.
You reach up and place a quick kiss on his neck, using his surprise as was to escape his grip so that he can head to the showers. You assure him you'd be here when he got back before grabbing his bag and heading to the private showers the arena offered him.
The dressing room is filled with most of the band now as you wait for Harry to come in. Everyone has some kind of drink or snack in hand. Some talked about the show and others about plans they had for tomorrow. Elin had sat with you in a corner, both of you talking about growing up in Sweden, telling you of all the places she loved visiting when she went home.
You made her promise to take you around if she ever happened to be home when you visited. You were telling her about life in London the last few months and the few friends you made. She was interested in how you weren't intimated about getting criticized while being directed. You explained that when you were younger, it was more challenging because you took everything to heart, but now learned it was to help you develop as an actor. Also, you had to meet a director and learn how they worked to adapt to each new role.
Harry rolled back dressed casually in a 'sex' shirt and black sweats, his eyes scanning the room until he found you chatting happily with Elin and knew he'd be selfish to take you away.
You noticed Harry didn't approach you and frowned, Elin, noticing but choosing not to comment. Instead excused herself and joined Ny Oh, who was sitting on a two-seater couch. Making your way towards Harry, it looked like he was enjoying his conversation with Tyler, someone you learned he co-wrote within the studio with and didn't want to interrupt.
Thus beginning an unintentional game of how many people it would take until you could get together. You moved over to Pauli, who had just waved goodnight to Niji. They spoke to you about how much they had been having on tour. You told them it was always fun seeing how much they rocked out to each song. When you looked over at Harry, he was now hugging Mitch goodbye and decided it was time to head over when you saw him joining Elin and Ny Oh. You chose to continue your conversation with Pauli and Jeff joining for a small moment.
You're not sure how long the night went, but everyone noticed how not once either of you spoke to one another but stole many glances. It wasn't until Jeff and Luis left together that it was finally only you and Harry left in the room together. Jeff reminded him to text the driver for a ride to the hotel as he didn't want either of you being spotted so late by lingering fans.
"Ignored me the entire night," you stared at him with a frown on your face.
"Could say the same for you."
"Nuh-uh, I told you I'd be here."
"Yeah, well, you seemed busy with conversation each time I stole a glance."
You pouted, "you're Mr. Sold Out Tour. Everyone wants a piece of you, not little ol' me."
Harry pulls you to sit down next to him on the couch, no space between you, his hand resting on your bare knee, pulling it over his lap. "You're Miss Emmy, everyone's favorite from what I've heard. Not a bad thing said about you, only how kind you are to everyone."
"It is the love tour; I have to remember to dish it out."
"Is it my turn now?" He whispers, his free hand coming to rest on your cheek, wanting to see your face after longing for you from across the room for the last hour and a half.
"Think so; no one else left."
You sit there playing with a loose string on his shirt as he tells you about the excitement that went through him when he saw the gender of the baby. He told you how it reminded him of all the times he was told, and now he got the chance to tell someone.
Harry settled into silence when it clicked where you had seen the shirt before, "wore this with that jacket for your outro on SNL."
You said it so randomly it took him off guard for a second. "I did, yes. The one Bode made me," he says, not sure why you've brought it up.
You nod, smirking as you turn your body, a hand-stretched up to play with the long hairs at the back of his neck. "The very one. You're going to have to let me borrow it."
"Borrow, are you a fan of it?"
"Yes, I am. Their designs are amazing. And I swear I've dreamt about that jacket. It is so easy to pair with anything." You sigh, picturing the perfect outfit with clothes you own.
"I'm sure I can get one for you." He tells you casually.
You pout, "want to use yours."
"Oh, already on the sharing part of the relationship."
"We can be." You smile at home, hoping it'd convince him to say yes.
"Well, it's sitting in London. So you might have to wait."
"But, you can raid my closet for anything else." He offers.
You lean forward and give him a kiss, "you're the sweetest, estrella."
"Star, it means star."
Harry's cheeks are turning pink, and gosh, he doesn't think a pet name has ever made him that emotional.
"You like it?" You check wanting to make sure he's comfortable with it.
He nods, "yes, I do, love. It's- it's special, and I'm honored."
"Fitting, for you. You've always shined bright."
Harry can't help himself and connects your lips in a harsh kiss, one you happily respond to. He leaves you gasping as he pulls back. "Really love being your estrella."
Needing more after that heated kiss and knew just the way to get it. "You know what I loved about tonight."
"Tell me, love."
"The suit, well the trousers and suspenders. Showed off your muscles so well. And your tattoos. Got the contrast in your arms is such a fucking turn-on."
Harry's surprised at how open you're being with him, not expecting this, but grateful. "Hmm. When did you see that? Last I knew, you popped in as I was all dressed."
"When I came to see you, I watched you for a bit. You're so easy to admire. Took lots of restraint not to show you how much I enjoyed the look."
"Well, how about now?"
And well, who were you to say no.
You got up, knowing most of everyone was gone for the night, but for safety, locked the door, then walked back over, taking a seat straddling his lap.
He lets his hands rest on the small of your back, not yet lowering.
"Did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?"
You feel your face flush under his intense glaze instead of looking down at the outfit you picked tonight. A black velvet mini skirt pairing it with a lilac ribbed long sleeve. It was one of the new outfits you got from your friend's boutique.
"Told me plenty, but it's nice to hear."
Harry places his thumb under your chin, lifting your head softly, "the most gorgeous person I've ever seen, and I'm lucky that you grace me with your presence every night."
"Nowhere else I would rather be."
"Is that so?"
Your eyes are staring into his eyes, and you swear he's looking straight into your soul. You've never felt so exposed without losing a piece of clothing. "I promise."
Harry could no longer wait and leaned in to kiss you. His kiss was insistent, impatient, needing to be in you everywhere. He invaded your mouth with his tongue, his lips. You'd happily get lost in this moment forever with him.
As Harry had control of the kiss, you decided not to shy away and slipped a hand under his shirt, causing him to groan against your mouth as your fingers traced over his tense abs. His hands moved to the back of your thighs, his grip tight, your skirt only riding up more and more as you grew impatient moving around in his lap.
You've thankful you went for the skirt today.
His hands had moved to rest on your ass to keep you still. You fought him, but his hold was firm, causing you to moan against his mouth. You can tell he likes that as he bucked against you softly, holding back. You wanted him to lose control, shoving one hand into his hair and winding your fingers around the ruly curls at the base of his neck; you held him close, sucking in air through your nose as your tongues dueled.
You could do this for hours. Just let Harry kiss you until you honestly thought you might pass out from the lack of oxygen. Harry took a breath; he kissed his way down your jaw and neck, not letting himself go further.
"Harry," you moaned as he moved his lips back to yours, missing the taste of your lips.
"I'll give you anything, just ask, querida." He mutters against your lips.
You moan in acknowledgment as he rocks your hips against his own feeling, the bulge hiding away beneath a single piece of clothing.
"Want to cum," Fuck, you couldn't even think when he was kissing you so good. "Want you to make me cum, mi estrella."
"Fuck, baby."
It's your turn to trail kisses down his jaw and neck, pulling the collar of his shirt lower to give the swallows much-deserved kisses. Harry was puny under your touch, your soft lips becoming his own addition. You suck harshly against a spot on his neck, causing him to pull you back by your hair but not enough to hurt; instead, you utter the filthiest whimper he had ever heard.
"Naughty girl, you know I got a show." He clicks his tongue shaking his head, "marking me for all to see."
You lean in, connecting your lips with his greedy for more of his touch, "you can mark me up all you want then."
Fuck, Harry didn't waste a second.
His hands slipped under your shirt, toying with the bottom of your bra, seeing how far you'd let him go. He was trailing kisses down your neck, stopping when he heard you make a moan skimming over the spot and coming back over kissing and licking, needing to see you marked by him. Harry lifted his head proudly, his thumb rubbing affectionately at the bruising skin.
"My pretty girl."
"Yours," you whispered back.
"Can I take off your shirt, love?"
You lifted your hands up in response, Harry groaned at the sight of your purple lace bra and bunched-up velvet skirt, lips swollen and eyes dark filled with desire all for him.
"You're a dream, one I never want to wake up from."
"Need you, H." You took his hand, placing it between your legs, letting him feel how wet you've become.
Harry groans at what a mess you are for him, god there's only one thing he wants to do tonight, and he hopes you let him. He flips you carefully, you now on your back and Harry straddling above you, careful of not placing all his weight on you.
"Gonna let me get a taste, baby. A nice gift for doing so good tonight."
"Yes, please, H. Te necesito," you whine as his hands push up your skirt to rest on your waist.
"I'm gonna take these off now." He moved his hands up your sides gently before moving down the matching lilac panties he knew you wore for yourself but was thankful he got to see. You had lifted your bottom to help him get them off, your feet braced on his thighs until he had them down around your ankles.
As soon as he'd dropped them, you reached for him. You traced the outline of his cock before gripping him over his sweats. His eyes closed as you stroked him through the material. You could feel how thick he was. He pulled your hand away, no longer able to take any more.
"Enough, baby," he sternly warned.
You listened, letting your hands drop to the side, and watched as he lifted his shirt over his head, discarding it on the floor.
"So pretty, Harry."
"You think so, baby." You nod, making signs for him to come kiss you. He happily indulges you before he begins trailing down your body. He stops kissing the top of your breasts, kissing you through the lace. He continues kissing your body, trying to familiarize himself with every inch.
You feel his fingers rubbing between your thighs, testing how wet you are once more now without your panties.
"Oh god, Harry."
"I like hearing you say my name." He smirks, "do it again, baby, please."
"Harry, need you, Harry."
Harry kissed his way to your pussy and licked along the seam. He pushed your legs further apart and spread you open. He licked from the bottom of your pussy to the top. Circling your clit, he repeated the motion when you moaned. You rocked your hips into his mouth, you huffed out a breath, and a moan escaped your lips. Harry held you in place as he continued his sweet, sensual assault.
Your hands tangled in his hair, pulling tightly, only holding tighter as he squeezed your hand in assurance that it was okay with him.
He pulled up quickly, mouth wet, "taste so sweet, baby." Before he continued savoring you.
Every nerve in your body was completely trained on your pussy and his mouth. As his tongue glided along your wet folds of skin, you were overcome with desire and need. You were so close, and Harry was so damn good; you knew you'd come soon.
"Come on my face, baby. I want to taste you," he rasped out.
You rocked forward a few more times, Harry continued to lick and suck you. He slid a finger inside, and you let out a cry; it felt so damned good. Just one of his fingers would be able to bring you to orgasm. Each time he added a little more pressure to your clit you felt yourself getting wetter.
"You taste so good, querida. Your pussy is sucking my finger in and holding on so tight. Can't imagine how well you'd squeeze my cock."
His finger continued sliding in and out of you. He hooked his finger, so he massaged your g spot.
"Come on, baby. Come for me," Harry coaxed.
You let yourself go and gasped as your orgasm hit with force. The instant you came, he pulled his finger out and thrust his tongue inside to taste you. Harry moaned, sending the vibrations through your body. You whimpered. He continued to lat at you through your orgasms. He felt you setting and slowly backed away, kissing the outside of your thighs moving up your body until he reached your lips. Harry kisses you, lightly testing how you feel tasting yourself, but you were too dazed out and needed his lips against yours once more. He slowed you down, pecking your lips, letting you relax.
You let out a sigh as Harry shifted you to have you both lying on your side as you catch your breath. You looked up at him in concern, "H, let me take care of you."
Harry blushed red, burying his face in your neck murmuring a response before you asked him to repeat because you didn't hear him. "Already took care of myself. God, you tasted so good, and you're so pretty when you moan my name. Made me lose my mind, baby."
You shift, causing Harry to lift his head and look at you; you kiss his swollen lips, kissing him breathless, needing him to believe your following words. "You're fucking amazing. Losing control over little ol' me makes me feel so special."
He pecks your lips, releasing a sigh against you, "that's cause you are, angel."
You smile at him, taking in this special moment between you, "now, I'm going to clean you up and then going to get changed, and we'll go."
You nod, knowing the sleepiness will set soon for both of you after a hectic day.
In twenty minutes, you're both ready to go; he looks around to see if he's forgetting anything before coming over taking your hand in his.
"Right, you're sleeping with me tonight." He states.
"We're cuddling, yay!" You cheer, lifting your hands up in celebration.
"Of course, no way am I sleeping without you. Those naps are no longer enough." He's talking about naps you've taken on your days off together when arriving in Nashville. Either during the films, you watched after your dinners or when he'd come to find you early in the mornings after his workout shower, and you convinced him to rest with you, letting him be the little spoon, knowing he'd never say no to that. You brush your noses together in a butterfly kiss in agreement.
"Precious you are, mi estrella."
Harry grins, "let me call the car." He hands you the pink sweater he's been obsessed with wearing, knowing it's chilly outside. He leaves some of his stuff, knowing he'd be back on Friday, and anything he needed, Luis could come get for him.
You walked out hand in hand, both with the biggest smiles on your face.
It was a great first show in Nashville.
Tumblr media
Nashville, Tennessee Night Two
It's Friday, meaning it's show day, and you were thinking about sleeping in, but no, you had to be up for interviews representing you had to leave the comfort of your bed- or should you say Harry's whom you've been sharing since your special night on Wednesday.
It's safe to say you're both clearly past the friend but not yet brought up a label. It's been a week, you're having fun. Although, you both clearly know this is something much more than some fling. You left Harry with a kiss to his lips, going to your room and locking it, knowing he's going to be tempted to come in when he doesn't find you, but Jeff is on Harry duty today to keep him away for the next two hours.
There were two interviews today, one on the phone and the other over a video call. You got dressed in a lovely blush pink blouse and kept on your black biker shorts, knowing the camera wouldn't need to see more.
The interview with Tallie for Elle went well and was over before you knew it. Tallie discussed your outfits and how you balanced dressing for events while casual for everyday occurrences. You told her you liked to look nice, but also be comfortable. You were a fan of jewelry, always trying on new earrings or rings. It is what elevated an outfit you confessed. Tallie wished you a good day and ended the call, thus leaving only one more.
Harry texted you he was back in his room and would be waiting for you. This was followed by a text from Jeff saying Harry refused to listen. You chuckled to yourself before setting up your laptop, connecting a few minutes before the start time to check the audio was working on both ends.
The video call connected and popped up Abigail. She was GQ's top journalist, and each of your interactions were professional, so you allowed yourself to relax. Then just like that, it started.
"Hello, don't you look lovely." Abigail gushes.
"Thank you. Figured I had to dress up for you. Seeing as I couldn't see you in person."
"I appreciate it." She nods. "How are you?"
"Good and yourself?"
"Just fine, thank you." You nod, assuring her it's okay to start. "Now, how were the Emmys?"
"Oh, absolutely lovely. I had an amazing time."
"You really stunned the red carpet."
"Oh, thank you," you reply a bit bashfully, still not one for compliments. You're sure the edited video will show an image of the dress you wore.
"Who were you wearing?"
"Oscar de la Renta. It was the end of the season for me, so everyone wanted something exceptional, and they reached out wanting to make me something one of a kind, and I'd be a fool to pass that up."
"Well, you were the talk of the night. Many are still talking about it."
"Yeah, a magical night."
"Are you disappointed you lost?" She asks, shifting the conversation.
"An honor to be nominated, but Kate Winslet deserved it. Her show Mare of Easttown is a must-watch."
Abigail doesn't seem to like your answer and switches it up once again. "Now we saw you posted that you were at a concert recently."
You hold your breath, masking your surprise. "Yes, I did. My best friend surprised me with tickets."
"Very kind, how was it?"
You noticed how she didn't name his name, and well, you weren't going to say it.
"Amazing, I recommend everyone get out and see a show if they can."
She smirks, "how was Chicago?"
Okay, what the hell.
"Fun, I have a few friends there. Always have a great time." You hold your breath, knowing what's coming.
"Harry also had a few shows."
"I'm aware."
"You were spotted hanging out with his manager."
"Jeff is wonderful. I was shopping, and we ran into each other, and well, he invited me to the show, and who was I to deny a friend." You continue smiling at the laptop screen.
God, this is all Viola. You're going to have to call Emerson and ask her what happened.
"That's nice, and well, yesterday we saw a video that Mr. Styles posted. You sound-checking it seemed. Is that where you are, Nashville?"
"I'm in Nashville, yes."
"Oh, how exciting. How is Mr. Styles?"
You're boiling inside but know you need to keep going.
"He's lovely, a good person to have in life."
"Oh, you've always been in each other's circles," Abigail states, surprised.
"We met a few years ago and have seen each other on and off. Have you ever met someone and gotten along as if you'd been best friends all your life?" You wait for Abigail to nod before continuing. "That's how it is with him."
"That's sweet; well, it seems that's all we have time for."
"Thank you for having me. Always an honor. Take care."
You make sure to sign out and shut your laptop as you let out a sigh and fall against your bed. You hated being blindsided but knew Viola did it because you would have said no. Also, it would have looked worse if you chose not to answer those questions.
You get up and knock on Harry's door, and it swings open, "Hey, I just ordered lunch."
You don't acknowledge a word he said and rush into his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist. You hold him close as if he'd make you disappear.
"Hey, darling, you alright?" His voice is full of concern as he brushes the back of your head, trying to figure out how to help you.
"Got asked about you, and there was no avoiding it."
"Oh, angel."
"Viola didn't let me know, and I'm just frustrated." You sigh against his chest, already starting to feel better.
"It's alright, nothing too personal?"
"No, but I did say we've been friends for years and just reunited."
Harry smiles, holding you closer. "We can work with that. Don't owe anyone anything."
"Thank you, H."
"Course, baby. Best friends turned lovers is my favorite."
"Dork," you push away from him, walking into his room, wanting to be wrapped up among him and all his belongings that were still yet to be packed.
"Alright, settle in. I have it on good authority you love french toast, and it's on its way up."
"H, I told you that."
"Shh... it's a secret where I heard it from."
Just like that, Harry had put you at ease, letting you forget about the interviews and everyone trying to get the inside on your relationship because they didn't matter.
No, it was just Harry and you.
Tumblr media
It's a busy day right after lunch with Harry. Jeff whisked Harry away, and Luis claimed to need your help packing up most of Harry's essentials. Something he neglected to do.
Since then, you had not been able to steal a moment alone with Harry. It's as if you were purposely being pulled in opposite directions, but that all changed when you were at the arena looking to sit down and catch up with Naomi that you noticed your phone was missing.
You're tired and feeling overdressed in a black midi silk dress with floral outlines Harry picked for you to wear with your black docs. He said you hadn't worn a dress, and he's been eyeing this dress since he saw you pull it out from the suitcase to hang in the makeshift closet of his on the bus.
"Harry, lost my--"
"What is it? Your phone again, told you I put it next to my rings when you passed me before soundcheck." When he doesn't get a response, he lifts his head to see you taking him all in.
He looks down at himself. The champagne-colored trousers fit him nice and snug. The waistcoat he just finished buttoning only gave just a peek of the butterfly antennas. You had a view of his upper chest, and you know you weren't doing a good job of concealing how much he was affecting you.
Harry smirks, "thought you might like it." He does a slow spin ending with his hands on his waist.
"Uhmm… right. I need to sit." You rush to the couch, looking away, knowing any longer and you'd be straddling his lap. The silk was too beautiful not to touch. You're not sure if you should stay in here knowing your self-control was close to snapping.
As Harry sat next to you on the couch, you looked closer at the waistcoat and caught a small design on the side, and leaned closer to see it was a flower outline. The detail that was put into each look always took your breath away. You looked down at yourself and noticed the flowers looked similar but were outlined the same.
"We're matching, mi estrella."
Harry chuckles, "it's why I wanted you to wear the dress."
You pout, leaning in to give him a chaste kiss. "Really are the sweetest."
"I try."
The tension is growing as you and Harry continue to stare at one another, but fuck it, you both lean in, connecting your lips in a hungry kiss. It's as if you've been waiting all your life for him to finally feel like you could breathe. You know it's too soon to say you're in love, but you know the chances of falling in love with him over the next two months are high, and you're excited about that.
"Why are you hiding my mark?" He pulls back, not seeing the dark mark he traced over this morning before you slipped away from him.
"Can't have people getting photos. Also not trying to be teased more than I already was yesterday."
"No one bothered you, right. I'll have a word with them."
You lean in to kiss his lips to get him to relax, "all good, everyone knows there's something here I wouldn't join for nothing."
"Okay, baby."
"You're excited for tonight?"
He nods. "Yes, I'm going to play to be so lonely again."
"Oh, such a tease." You tell him.
"Just like you."
"Me," you gasp, "never."
"Mhm, sure the look you keep giving me means nothing."
You glance at the door, knowing someone could very well walk in, but you don't care. You move to sit in his lap, your mind going back to how you were Wednesday night but know there's no time for that.
"Promise, we'll have fun after, but for now, kiss me." You trail your hands up his chest, slowly tracing his swallows, watching as his breathing picks up.
Harry leans in his kisses gentle, not how you expected, his hands resting on your exposed thighs. You let him control the kiss, letting him take anything he needs from you. You'd spend your life giving him whatever he wished for as long as he'd have you.
You're aware that this could potentially end in heartbreak that you wouldn't be able to make it work with two crazy schedules, but you know you'd try anything and everything before you even thought of giving him up.
You're not sure how long you spend sitting in his lap, kissing and savoring each other. You stop only because there's a knock on his door saying they need him in ten. Harry pouts before helping you move off him and straightening out your dress. He fixes his trousers seeing the tent and knows there's nothing to do; just relax and think about anything other than the goddess in front of him.
You're leaning against the counter, lips are swollen, and Harry knows he looks just the same but dares not to take a look, knowing it would only turn him on once more.
"Have a great show, H." You press a kiss to his cheek.
"Thank you, lovie."
And Harry walks out of his dressing room with a smirk on his face, knowing he has the upper hand. You left him hot and bothered. Well, he can do the same.
Tonight was about to be a great night.
Tumblr media
Harry was on a whole different level tonight. His moves were more sensual and slowed down. You feel like he's been staring at you most of the night. Each action was directed at you and meant for you. It had to be because of your time in the dressing room; this was his payback.
"What did you do to him?" Jeff asks during a small break of songs.
"What?" You look at him confused, "nothing."
Jeff clicks his tongue at you, "It doesn't seem like nothing. He's-god extra filthier than normal."
You shrug, trying to feign confusion, "you know he said, Nashville brings out a different side of him. This must be it."
Jeff rolls his eyes at you. Not believing a word you say.
The concert continues, laughter and singing between you all as you admire Harry doing what he loves. You hope to one day be able to show Harry around one of the sets you're on as he sits in your designated chair and watches you do what you love.
The band gets loud cheers as Harry finishes the introductions because they know what's coming. The familiar opening beat to 'watermelon sugar' begins, and you all know the edging is about to begin.
With the microphone in his hand, he's walking back and forth. You have no idea what's coming, but it's Nashville; it's where this song was born. It must be special.
"Watermelon sugar is about…" he pauses, taking a look at the audience, "well, it doesn't matter what it's about." He continues his pacing on the stage. "It's about the sweetness of life!" The crowd cheers. "It's also about female orgasm," the cheers are deafening, not allowing you to catch his following words.
You're shocked. Did he just officially confirm what the song was about?
"Did he?" You say out loud to no one specific.
"He did," Tommy responds, just as shocked.
The crowd has not settled down. Everyone in this room knew what the song was about, especially with the sensual music video. There was no denying it not.
It only took him two years to confirm, but you're sure his fans will think it was worth the wait. Harry indeed never fails to surprise you.
As he sings the second to last song for the night, you feel him look more towards you. Not a care of who might see, and at this point, neither do you. This song might not have been written about you, but you know how it's all he will ever think about, forever changing Nashville for each other.
After the show, you're making your way to Harry's dressing room when you're pulled into a private room that leads to the showers. Harry corners you against the wall, burying his face in your neck leaving a trail of wet kisses.
"Need you," he whispers, rubbing himself against you; you so badly want to say yes but know you shouldn't.
"No, H."
"Why," he noses at your throat.
"Someone could hear."
"Promise when in New York we can celebrate." You run a hand through his curls.
"Not going with you," he pulls back to look at your face.
"What?" You're confused because why wouldn't he.
"Tyler asked me to stay, and I am. Will take a plane from here Sunday morning."
"Not planning on telling me." You tease, "I was going to hop on a bus tonight and not see you."
He frowns, "sorry, darling. It was a busy day, and I never got a moment."
"It's alright, you're lucky, the bus mates, and I get along so well."
Harry kisses your cheeks repeatedly, "not mad?"
"Course not. Takes more to get me mad."
"I will be expecting the royal treatment from you in New York."
"Whatever you want," he promises.
This was some news, but you'd be alright.
Tumblr media
Everyone was packed and ready to leave from the arena, you had your tote bag on your shoulder, and a jacket draped over your shoulders. You think it was Sarah's just knowing Harry snagged it to make sure you were warm on the way out.
"You sure you don't want to stay." He checks, swinging your intertwined hands as he sees the bus.
"I want to be in New York. Might catch a play with a friend."
"Without me?" He mopes.
"Dork didn't know you liked musicals."
"I can." You laugh, leaning up to place a kiss on his cheek but only reach his jaw.
"Well, some other time. You're here, and I'm there. One day apart will be good. It will make you miss me."
"Always miss you when you're not in front of me." He confesses, kicking at a pebble. You're standing in front of the bus where everyone was aboard and waiting for you.
"Needy baby."
Harry kisses you, and you know he's nervous because you've been attached at the hip for over a week. You know you have to assure him everything will be fine and know just the way.
"Let me propose something."
"What does it involve?"
He approves, "continue."
"We'll have a day apart, you come back, we have lunch, and we'll discuss what we are."
His eyes widen when he understands what you mean. "As in you being my girlfriend."
"Yes, that."
"Thought you said it was too soon."
"Hence the talk, mi estrella."
"Okay, I can do it." You bring Harry in for a hug, knowing it's going to be a weird day without him. "I'll miss you."
"And I will miss you, H."
"I'll be texting you."
"I'll answer, I promise," you assure him.
"You'll be there when I arrive?"
"Course, mi estrella. You sold out Madison Square Garden, wouldn't want to be anywhere but by your side."
With one final kiss, he lets you get on the bus with the doors shutting in front of him. You sit on the couch and watch him through the window as he waves and gets smaller and smaller as you drive away.
You relax in your seat, allowing the bus's quiet chatter to comfort you, allowing you to settle for the next few days in New York City.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading <3 i adore you.
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new york part four
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erodasfishtacos · 2 months ago
after hearing harry talk about edging last night i just know that hslot!harry deffo does it to y/n and i love that
“H, ha-have to let me come. You’re going on stage in te-ten minutes,” YN gasps against his lip, sat on the counter of the vanity in his dressing room, three fingers nestled fully inside of her - just lightly stroking at her spot.
“But m’havin’ so much fun,” Harry responds teasingly, thumb coming to rub barely there circles on her clit.
“Please bun-bunny, can’t leave me like this,” She begs, legs spread as far as they can with him tucked in the middle of them - already fully dressed for the concert.
“I’ve got eight minutes now, think I’d like t’make you come the minute before I go on stage, yeah?” He says almost conversationally, scissoring them apart.
“Need it now,” YN whines, legs restless as he takes his time - like there aren’t nearly a hundred thousand people waiting for him.
Harry bends to bite at her jaw meanly, pressing harder against her sensitive spot, “Y’bein’ ungrateful, take what I give you.”
YN feels exposed, in the best way possible, her with dress up to her hips and underwear neatly tucked in his jacket pocket whilst he’s fully dressed, looming over her.
“You’re being mean,” YN tells him reproachfully, her orgasm teetering on the edge but he keeps pulling back enough for her not to lose it but it’s not enough.
Harry chuckles lowly, removing his fingers and popping them into his mouth, “Thanks for the preshow snack. Maybe if y’behave during the show, I’ll help you out later. Try not t’get to wet when I sing about y’cunt.”
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chaashni · a month ago
Okay so I would quite literally do anything for rockstar!harry and I love love when he’s all filthy mouth and hot and bothered buttttt what’s he like when it’s like early mornings and he’s sleepy-eyed with protests of getting up and maybe holding on reader a little bit tighter and protesting on getting up and “5 more mins baby, just wanna hold u a bit more” OR maybe when he hasn’t seen reader in a while like he’s on tour and she wasn’t able to go to a few shows so it’s a little bit of a reunion and it’s hugs and soft kisses and “come here, I missed u, wanna give u a hug” and super soft affectionate harry 🥺🥺🥺
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺No this is so him🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
He's a needy little shit, and he becomes a literal baby when he's sleepy. He is a certified blanket hog, so you don't even have to worry about extra blankets because he brings six to the bed, cause "I can't fuck your frozen ass, babe. Gotta preserve it."
He's all snuggly and and so so lazy in the mornings ( and by morning he means noon.) He has a tendency of working late in the studio, and he has made it a habit to hold you while he sleeps. So he invites you over almost every night, even when you've got some non-existent role in some movie and are grumpy af about it- he's ready to deal with your mouthiness if it means cuddling to you and sleeping.
Around 2 am you switch on all the lights around his house and stagger over to his studio, often finding him with his fingers pricked and dented from the strings of the guitar, his shoulders stiff and eyes red in lack of sleep. It doesn't take much persuasion to lug him back to bed- the sight of you in your fizzy socks and his shirt (its the one which has got 'styles' embroidered on it) is enough to get him standing.
He's a menace in the mornings. He holds you tight through your sleep, not caring if he is sweating off all your moisturizer or if you've got to run. You've got an assortment of photos- selfies of him snuggling to your breasts, his nose buried deep into them. You've made it your daily routine to card your fingers through his hair, tug at the roots and smooth out the creases of this temple- all of this has him purring like a cat, and you've have recorded that too because he had claimed he would never do that and you just jad to show him.
Don't try waking him up unless you've got fifty kisses to spare. Baby has to deal with Jeff, his PR team, the imminent fact that he can't have his mouth on your pussy all day- all of it makes him fuzzy. He needs to be pampered early in the morning- by your snuggles and soft fingers and light kisses and slowly woken up. Methodically.
He throws a fit and plops back into bed if something causes him to open his eyes before you've kissed him fifteen times. The next fifteen he buries his head into your lap, interlacing your fingers together. The next ten comes with you dragging him out, a kiss for each step. And the next ten when he finally makes it to the breakfast table, his chef rolling her eyes at all the dumbassery you both do in the morning- dancing around with umbrellas and singing into tiny statues like a mike- you both are chaotic and you love it.
"Aren't you going to hug me?" He's back after a spell of shows, just in time before you both take off to his mom's place for christmas, you going as his 'close friend.'
"Ummm. No." You shrug as you fold your jacket tighter, stopping the giggle that threatens to escape your lips. "Not in the mood. I want hot chocolate, how is it that you are always late?"
And Harry just stops, right there. The mask remains on his face but you know he's pouting. He takes a step back, holding out his arms.
"C'mon baby. You don't wanna hug me?" He gestures to himself. "Its me. Harry Styles, remember? Rockstar, very attractive, adorable-"
"Sheesh. Don't tell him, his fragile heart won't take it. He's a pest."
This was fun. This was the same guy who had fucked you outside one of your audition centers which rejected you, and hung your bra at their door for them to find out. And he was taking offence.
Then that cocky smirk was back. He started lifting his shirt up, your startled protests of "Harry!" going unnoticed.
"Look at this. You wanna hug me. I'll hynotize you." He pulls his stomach back, his butterfly tattoo creasing over his abs as he shakes his waist, your laughter filling the place.
"Stop stop stop."
"Hug me."
*cue the hand slipping under your jeans and cupping your ass.*
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watermelonlovershigh · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
(Here you will find my own Harry Styles one shots fanfictions. I write Smut, Sicfics, & Fluff with occasional Angst. I also write my fics with either boyfriend Harry, husband Harry, dad Harry, and occasional friend/acquaintance or single dad when specifically requested. I dislike Dark Harry in fanfics so keep in mind, in all of my writings Harry is Soft. Basically how his personality is in real life. Caring for others & extra nice to everyone. I WILL NOT WRITE ANY BDSM OR REALLY KINKY SITUATIONS. And there may be some errors in parts of the stories. I'm sorry. I do proof read, but I'm a recovering dyslexic & have had a reading disability when I was in school. I've gotten much better though. Lastly I will say, I love when fanfics have a lot of details in them, so be expecting very detailed stories.) (I will take request so please send them to me. Thank you, & I hope you enjoy.)
(Most if not all of my fanfics are first posted to my Wattpad as well. My Wattpad is @ watermelonlovershigh)
60 + One Shots so enjoy binge reading
-Want to know more about me, the person behind this account? Click here for a All About Me Tag I did.
- Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist
-Fanfiction Recommendations MASTERLIST
-My Harry Styles Series MASTERLIST
-12 Days of Christmas Blurbs Harry Styles Masterlist (2021) Masterlist
-Last Updated: (1/12/2021)
Go check out the Harry Styles series I've created:
Boyfriend Harry-
Harry Makes You Come During a Movie (SMUT) (edited)
(in which you shove Harry’s hand down your panties to make you orgasm)
You Ride Harry’s Dick While Watching a Movie with his Bandmates (SMUT)
(You feel horny and Harry is the only one who can help you out)
Losing Your Virginity to Harry (SMUT)
(Harry does everything slow and filled with love to make the process as painless as possible.
Drunk Thigh Riding (SMUT)
(When drunk, you get horny but you're in public & actual sex would be taken advantage of you in your state, Harry allows you to thigh ride your throbbing pussy instead)
You Puke While Giving Him a Blowjob (SMUT)
(Normally you're great at blowjobs but tonight was a fluke incident)
Harry Teaches You How to Masturbate & You Come for the First Time (SMUT)
(You're very inexperienced but suddenly feel horny and don't understand what's going on, so Harry helps your little problem)
Your Favorite Sex Position with Harry (SMUT)
(3 scenarios of how you and Harry enjoy your favorite sex position)
How Harry Uses Vibrators on You (SMUT)
(Scenario situations of how, when, and where, Harry uses vibrators on you. Includes photos for visuals)
Very Intimate Thigh Riding (SMUT)
(After a night of love making, you wake up & straddle a sleeping Harry's thigh to masturbate while he wakes & jerks his cock off, ending in both of you having intense orgasms)
Grinding on Harry's Hand (pussy cupping)(SMUT)
(In a spooning position, LHH Harry cups your pussy while rocking his hips into and both of your come)
Face Sitting (SMUT)
(You sit on Harry's face while he eats you out for the first time)
Mutual Masturbation in the Shower (SMUT)
(A innocent shower together turns steamy when you rub Harry's dick head on your clit & you both orgasm together)
His Cum Makes You Throw Up (SMUT/SICFIC)
(Wanting to taste Harrys cum for the first time didn't go so well)
Steamy Shower Sex (SMUT)
(Waking up in a bed alone, you find Harry in the shower and surprise him by joining him and end up having shower sex)
Cock Warming in Harry's Home Office (SMUT With FLUFF)
(When you wake up alone and feeling empty, you walk to Harry's home office and he allows you to cock warm in his lap. Leading to you falling asleep and Harry having to carry you back to bed with him, still attached to his cock.)
Cock Warming During a Winter Thunder Storm (SMUT With FLUFF) (blurb ---- >> * )
(You get scared and cold from a winter thunder storm and end up cock warming with Harry to help you relax and fall back asleep.)
Harry Gives You The Best Head Of Your Life (SMUT)
(After denying Harry time and time again, you finally allow him to eat your pussy and it becomes the best head you've ever had before.)
A Hairy Blowjob (SMUT)
(After a date with Harry, you come back to his place and end up giving him a blowjob even though he get embarrassed about having pubic hair.)
Fever Cock Warming (Barely SMUT/FLUFF)
(You wake up freezing and want to cock warm with Harry but he realizes you have a fever and makes you take medicine first.)
Husband Harry-
Shower Head Orgasm & Making Love in the Bathtub (SMUT)
(A stressful day at work is made better by your husband Harry)
How Harry Would Make Love to You (SMUT) pt. 1
(Very detailed description on you and your husbands love making)
How Harry Takes Care of You After Making Love to You (SMUT) pt. 2
(After good intense love making, Harry is there to take care of you)
Intimate & Slow Hot Tub Sex (SMUT)
(You ride Harry's cock in the hot tub, with your bodies pressed together tightly, feeling the love from one another)
Dry Sex (SMUT)
(Wanting to try something new sexually, you recommend dry sex)
You Get Tired During Sex & Harry Has to Take Over (SMUT)
(You ride Harrys cock while he does his nightly reading, but get too tired & Harry has to give in and take over)
Emotionally Horny (SMUT)
(Struggling to masturbate at 4 am due to your pregnant belly, Harry wakes up and helps by using a vibrator on you)
Intimate Skin to Skin Sex w/ Pillow Humping (+ aftercare) (SMUT)
(Laying naked on your stomach, Harry lays on top of you and fucks you while playing with your breast and you grind on a pillow. Then he helps you go to the toilet & tends to your raw pussy with some ointment cream)
Edging Gone Wrong (smut)
(What was supposed to be some harmless edging with vibrating panties, soon turns into public embarrassment when Harry doesn't turn them off & you come in front of everyone at the restaurant)
Early Morning Pussy Eating (SMUT)
(Harry wakes you up by eating your pussy with his experienced tongue)
Harry Gets Caught Masturbating in the Shower (SMUT) (sub!harry)
(You catch Harry using the shower head on his cock and fingering himself in the shower and decide to help him out.)
Giving Harry a Pre-Concert Blowjob (SMUT) {HSLOT}
(Harry is nervous for his first concert of the new tour and to calm his nerves down, you give him a quick blowjob in the dressing rooms bathroom.)
Insecure About Your Sex Life (SMUT)
(When your friends talk about their sex lives and question yours, you get insecure by thinking that Harry doesn't like the type of sex you share together.)
Morning Mutual Masturbation (SMUT)
(You wake up jerking Harry's cock off and because Harry can't allow you to not be pleasured as well, he reaches over and pleasures you at the same time you pleasure him.)
Late Night Lazy Blowjob (SMUT)
(While watching a movie late at night on the couch, you decide to give Harry a slow and lazy blowjob, making him bust a nut in your mouth.)
Caught Masturbating with Harry's Electric Toothbrush (SMUT) (HSLOT)
(Due to your pregnancy hormones, you wake up on the tour bus horny and end up using Harry's electric toothbrush to masturbate with because you didn't want to wake up a sleeping Harry, but he wakes up anyways and helps you out while reveling a little secret about himself.)
Soft Bedtime Sex (SMUT)
(After your nightly shower, you disrupt Harry's nightly reading when you crawl up his lap on the bed which leads to some slow, soft, and sleepy sex.)
Pre Concert Pussy Eating (SMUT) {HSLOT}
(Harry shoves his head under your skirt and eats your pussy, minutes before needing to be on stage and preform for his fans.)
Best Handjob Ever (SMUT)
(You give Harry the best handjob of his life to help him distress.)
Dad Harry-
Having Sex as Parents (SMUT) (edited)
(Harry's accidental boner turns in intimacy under the sheets)
Late Night Couch Sex (SMUT)
(After putting your kids to bed, cuddling on the couch while watching a film turns sexual real fast)
Riding Harrys Dick on a Toilet
(Sex deprived at Harrys mums house, you sneak in the bathroom late at night to get some action)
Shower Orgasm + Aftercare (SMUT & FLUFF)
(Determined to help you relax, Harry joins you in the shower to give you the number 1 medicine for stress relive. Then takes care of you when your brain has turned fuzzy.)
Harry Gets Sick During Sex (SMUT)
(Riding Harrys cock with a huge pregnant belly was a mistake)
Sleepy Sex (SMUT)
(Before your cockblockers awake, you & Harry have slow, sleepy sex under the blankets)
Pool Sex While the Kids Are Sleeping (SMUT)
(While on vacation, you and Harry have a quick intimate fuck in your condos pool while your kids take a nap)
Stress Relief Sex (SMUT)
(Finding you crying in the closet late at night, Harry comforts you & then you both end up making love on the closet floor)
Cock Warming in a Tent (Barely SMUT/Mostly FLUFF)
(While camping, you get cold & get into Harry's sleeping bag to cuddle. Then he ends up slipping his erect penis into you without any sexual intentions.)
Make Up Sex (SMUT+ lots of Angst)
(After you yell at Harry, you go to apologize but find him crying on the bathroom floor. After forgiveness is shared, you make love to him in the middle of the bathroom on the cold floor to show just how sorry you are.)
Innocent Shaving to Intimate Sex (SMUT)
(You ask Harry to shave your vagina, resulting in you both getting turned on and he eats you out and then fucks you in the shower)
Daughter Hears You Having Sex (SMUT)
(On the way to the zoo, your daughter questions the noises she heard the prior night coming from your bedroom and you and Harry have a flashback to the events that took place)
Paparazzi Catches You Thigh Riding Harry On A Yacht
(On a family vacation in Italy, you ride Harry's thigh out on the upper deck on the yacht while your kids are napping and later find out paparazzi has caught you by taking photos and videos from the town above)
You Quietly Get Pleasured by Harry at His Mum's House (SMUT)
(At Harry's mum's house, right as you thought Harry was falling asleep, he asks to pleasure you and you consent, allowing him to stick his hand in your panties and make you have an orgasm.)
Mummy Gets Interrupted While Giving Daddy a Blowjob (SMUT)
(You were just about to make Harry come in your mouth, when your five year old comes into your bedroom and interrupts you. But eventually you finish Harry off and go down stairs to tend to your awaken children.)
Morning Kitchen Sex Turns Into Baby Making (SMUT) (pt. 2 >*<)
(In the middle of having sex in your kitchen while your kids are still asleep, you tell Harry to put another baby inside you.
Quickie Before Bed (SMUT)
(After putting your kids to bed, Harry convenes you to have sex with him but you make it known it must be a quickie because you're tired and have to wake up early the next morning. Then after sex, Harry realizes he forgot one key thing that could entail major consequences in your futures.)
You Fake an Orgasm & Harry Gets Upset (SMUT)
(You fake an orgasm due to being tired and not in the mood anymore and when Harry realizes, he gets all upset and in the end, he forgives you.)
Christmas Intimacy at Anne's House (SMUT)
(After being sex deprived for days as you stay at Harry's mum's house for Christmas, you finally have sex late one night under the warm covers in the guest room you're staying in.)
Boyfriend Harry-
You Get Sick in the Middle of the Night (edited)
(The first night you spend with at your boyfriend Harrys’ house, things go horribly wrong when you get sick suddenly.)
Emetophobia Comfort (Harry)
(Unfortunately you suffer from emetophobia (fear of vomit and or vomiting your self) but with Harry by your side, you manage to get through it.)
You Get Sick in Public and Embarrass Yourself
(Rides at an amusement park don't go to well with food from food stands)
You Have Severe Period Cramps & Harry Comforts You
(You wake up with very painful period cramps & Harry helps the best as he can)
Harry Gets Food Poisoning While at Your House
(Harry gets food poisoning from Chinses take-out during a at-home date and you comfort him & take care of him)
Husband Harry-
You Have a Stomach Virus & Harry Takes Care of You
(You wake up to a pour tummy and Harry takes very good care of you)
You get Drunk at the BRITs & Harry Takes Care of You
(One drink turned into many drinks and the next thing you know you're wasted)
You Accidentally Puke in Harry's Car Pt. 1
(Dodgy fish makes you sick on your way home from a dinner date)
You Accidently Puke in Harry's Car Pt. 2 (helps you wash off & puts you to bed)
(Your loving husband cares for you after you've been sick in his car)
Dad Harry-
Your Daughter Gets Sick in Harry’s Car (edited)
(When a child gets a tummy ache, there is little to no warning before vomit gets everywhere)
Harry Takes Care of His Sick Daughter in the Middle of the Night (edited)
(There is nothing worse than being little and getting a tummy ache in the middle of the night. Well that happened to your daughter and Harry takes good care of her.)
Mummy Gets Car Sick
(On a road trip with your family, you get hit with car sickness & Harry comforts you)
Your Daughter Gets Sick at a Sleepover
(Your daughter falls sick at her first sleepover & Harry drives across the city at 3am to pick her up and bring her back home to comfort her as she's being sick)
Baby Spits Up During Nightly Feedings
(Once your baby finishes feeding from your boob while you sleep under her, Harry takes the baby from your breast & attempts to burp her, only for her to spit up down his back and on his pillow)
You Get Sick in the Back of an Uber
(When you drink too much at the Grammys, you end up having to get sick in the uber ride home and Harry cares for you.)
You Experience Morning Sickness (pt. 1 >*<)
(You wake up twice with a sick tummy and after some thought, you come to the conclusion that you're probably pregnant and having morning sickness.)
Friend/Acquaintance Harry-
Harry Takes Care of You at a Party
(From the kindness of his heart, Harry takes care of you while you're being sick at some party)
Fluff (occasionally minor smut):
Boyfriend Harry-
You Come Out as Bisexual to Harry
(You get the courage to finally tell your boyfriend Harry that you're bisexual and it ends in both of you shedding tears.)
Your ASMR Secret
(You confess why you can't sleep over with your boyfriend Harry and he helps you out with your situation.)
Husband Harry-
Bisexual Harry (MILD SMUT w/ MOSTLY FLUFF)
(A bisexual Harry is in a relationship with you and it explains how you help him with his confidence and support him no matter what)
Dad Harry-
Harrys Daughter Gets Her First Period
(Single dad Harry helps his daughter when she gets her first period)
Day in the Life of a Single Dad with a 2 Yr Old
(Harry's daughter is going through her terrible twos and Harry has a day of struggling but ends up comforting his toddler when she genuinely gets upset that night)
Cuddly Night with a Family of Three
(On his way from carry you to bed, Harry picks up his awoken son and allows him to sleep with you both. Then you all cuddle together and fall happily asleep.)
A Day of Breastfeeding
(Through-out your day of breastfeeding your daughter, to Harry finding you breastfeeding in the bathtub, to rubbing cream on your sore nipples before bed)
Your Daughter Gets Scared of a Thunderstorm
(When a loud streak of lightning booms through the house, Harry has to get up and comfort your 3 year old daughter, and brings her to your room where she falls asleep on her daddies chest.)
Your Son Get's Upset When People Make Fun of His Daddy (blurb that goes with this)
(Your son comes home from school upset because his peers called his daddy gay, but he doesn't understand because he knows his daddy loves his mummy and gay to him would mean that his daddy wouldn't love his mummy because she's a girl but he does.)
(idk what category this goes under so it's just gonna stay here)
Love is Love
(This story is about how y/n met Harry, how they begun their relationship & started a life together, and how Emma ( Harry’s step-daughter) is trying to accept and let Harry into her life due to her battle with abandonment issues her biological father gave to her.)
2K notes · View notes
muffindaddystyles · 4 months ago
Can you write overprotective long hair harry imagine?? Like he always hovers the reader when she is doing something or even nothing. Or when she needs to run errands he always go with even though its not required. And when reader fell sick he is full on mommy daddy mode dom!h vibes
Harry’s awfully sweet. He’s a literal sweetheart with those marble sepia eyes, hazelnut curls and that big golden kind heart of his's.
But, to people he’s intimidating. From the black loiter of tattoos, a silver of piercing to the corner of his plush bottom lip and those long curls of his's that frays his broad strong shoulders turns everyone too giddy to talk to him and he's okay with that – bunch of loosers anyways whom he doesn’t want to waste his time on chit-chatting.
Then Y/N came into his life and his world flipped upside down, in a beautiful way (where he felt like floating into the crashing waves of crystal sea). It felt like she made him see the world through pink heart-shaped glasses and everyone’s just bursting into rainbows, puffaw! Boom! Their heads blasting with colourful confetti and ribbons.
Even though his slight grouchiness towards people lessened he still doesn’t gives two fucks before punching the shit out of someone if they in any way hurts, be rude and try to take physical and emotional advantage of, Y/N.
His bunny.
He’s too protective of her. And why wouldn’t he? She’s his everything. His little miracle and his hype-person, his lovie.
He’s the softest peach for her. The guy who walks and everyone scrambles away to give him a way, is whipped for his girlfriend.
He’s always having his strong arm looped around her waist when they’re out and walking, going to hold her hands instead if she’s too wiggly, keeping her close to his chest while he holds their coffees and sweets.
Whenever they’re doing grocery he’s always wheeling the cart around how much Y/N insists and pouts, he likes it that way. Hearing her blabber and skim her eyes down the ingredients labelled on the products then tossing it anyway with a shrug – makes him want to smooch her wet in kisses.
If they’re partying out with friends. Which they rarely do, (Y/N sometimes makes fun of them saying they’re getting too domestic day by day) he’s always having her put in his lap, his screwed up expression lazing when the alcohol starts to kick in and he’s just a blubbering mess of nonsense, and a very horn dog with his cock bloating up in his tight skinny jeans.
Not that he doesn’t let her have a breather and enjoy herself. He indeed does, they’ve a healthy relationship where they keep trust and faith in eachother.
But, sometimes he gets super jealous when people steal his little girlfriend away from him and once home he’s cuddling and oodling her, kissing her face all over with loud smacks and not letting her be away from him another second even it’s too bring him water or to get rid of his smelly socks.
Other times. When he’s particularly very jealous. The serious ones where Y/N unintentionally spends a tad more time at some of her classmates to wind up their upcoming project, he’s driving himself to pick her up and knocking at the door harshly and then dragging her out of there not letting her carry her stuff and huffing and puffing while throwing her things in the backseat.
Because Jeremy’s a sore rascal who’s shit at hiding his crush for Y/N and he should know better to whom she belongs. His innocent baby is too naive towards the possible hints and evil intentions of people.
“Oi. What got into you today?” She brushes the loose curl that escaped from his bun and let her fingers slide down his tight set angry jaw staring him a bit concerned upon seeing him this furious and ruffled up from nowhere.
“You’re mine,” Is all he'd respond. Smashing his lips against hers in a an ardent kiss and glide his palm down her ass to squeeze it and bring her closer grinning when she squeals into his mouth giving him a chance to slip his tongue in and kiss her deeper and sloppier.
“You’re a silly geese.” She giggles whisper into the mess of pecks and lock her elbows around his neck to give him an eskimo kiss.
“Watch y’mouth.” He glares her intensely loving the way Y/N gulps timidly bobbing her head.
“You’ll get a spanking today,” He always likes to warn her before hand. He wants her comfortable with him in every case and it’s downgrade monstrous to treat the person you love like a mean bitch out of blue -- so whenever she deserves a punishment he already announces her of it, warming her to the idea and giving her time to back away if she doesn’t want it.
“What did I’do now!” She whines and he nibbles onto his knuckle glancing her way in disbelief other hand on steering wheel, “What did y'do?” He asks her sternly. Spreading his palm over her thigh and squeezing it grimly.
“Did y'even care to look at the time, Y/N?” Oh boy. She’s in real trouble. Her name on his tongue never fails to turn her insides gooey and pause her heartbeat horribly. A red light for her to being bratty before she falls into the deep black dig of trouble.
Reaching home. He’s throwing her on the bed and demanding her to lay still on her tummy while he puts a pillow under her and spanks her bum sore with his rings imprinting her skin pink, though he never forgets to take care of her afterwards – putting a cool cream to soothe the burn and letting her sleep on his chest so she wouldn’t come in contact with the sheets as he kneads her asscheeks with gentle hands.
He could never have his hands to himself when she’s cooking and baking for them. Always, poking and prodding around having her head tucked under his chin, her embraced in his arms from back swaying them along to Hozier while she reads the recipe she wrote on one of the tiles.
“Stop!” She giggles, squirming in his arms when he blows raspberries against the dip of her neck and then creates growly noises biting and lapping into her skin, “You’re gonna burn our lunch!” She pressed her hips against his crotch to push him away and that warmed him more, delving his fingers more into her hips with a throaty groan.
“We could have a takeout.” His breath shuddery against her ear as he tries to pry the spatula away from her and kiss her grumpy whines down when the pots actually got burned, “I’ll wash and scratch them.” He’d assure picking her up and wrapping her legs around his hips and slipping his fingers in her hair to tug them and bring her mouth down against his’s to taste her.
“Wants to fuck you so bad, baby. My cock’s been weepy fo’ hours without your touch.” He groans, taking her hand and sneaking it inside his joggers to make her feel how stiff and erect he’s for her.
“I just gave you a blowie in the morning!”
“Blowie isn’t equivalent to fucking!”
“What y'readin,?” He scoots closer to her end of sofa with a smirk and towers over her trying to take a peek of whatever she’s reading with such intensity and then rake his warm palms up her calves to lay them over his thighs while he snuggles her wrapping a chonky blanket around them.
“Shhh baby girl, just want you to be more comfy.” He mumbles into her hair scratching his short nails against her scalp in soothing motions and watch her melt against his touch, eyes fluttering as she lurks dangerously to the verge of sleep.
“You always do that. Whenever the hot part’s about to come, you make me all sleepy.” She mutters laying her head against his clavicles gazing him up with hazy eyes, sighing in feign disappointment when he grins down at her in quite victory and gives her a sloppy kiss.
“What do y'need erotica fo’ baby? When your man’s the living walking momentum of sex.” He pouts, grazing his teeth down her neck and leaving a fresh hickey at her throat.
“That’s infact not, true. You’re such a cutie!” She beams up at him never failing to give him dancing butterflies in his stomach and he doesn’t admits it but he likes getting treated soft and gentle by his girlfriend.
“Such a shame. My own little love doesn’t find me sexy.” He grumps dramatically making her scramble hesitantly and turn to him in their tight embrace, cradling his face in her cold palms, “No. No. I find you sexy. I just don’t like sexualising you.” If Harry didn’t turn into a puddle before he indeed did now as he melted into her touch and kissed the inside of her hands lovingly.
“You’re sucha sap!” He whispers at her in fake offence and plant his lips against hers, patting her bum to make her hug him more tightly.
On cleaning and laundry day’s. He’s always helping her. As they scrub and mop the floors together, might fuck on them bubbly floors too if Harry’s lusty gaze remains on her spilling tits for too long.
“Thinks your floral bra needs a wash too, moppet.” His gradual attempts to lure her with his fingers stroking her thighs seductively always turns into a win when she nods shyly into his neck and let him have an easy access to her panties.
They’re always having a warm, full of essence bath together cleaning and washing the dirt off eachother after that.
Then sharing a cuppa tea while folding their clothes together on the bed and he’s always trying to tackle her into mattress when she laughs at his terribly folded clothes compared to her neatly binded ones.
“Your sucha menace,” He jests with his nose skewered up while he smacks her ass.
“Talk for yourself, Styles.” She retorts, tangling her knee around his waist and pulling him down into him. Puffing out relaxed breaths upon feeling safe and protected under his weight and Harry always smiles into the crook of her neck when she tries to cuddle him as if she wants to be his skin.
He’s the most daddiest when she’s drunk, sick or stressed.
Never letting her go out of his sight when she’s dancing on the floor with her friends. If some man even tries to approach her and breaths in her direction he’s sprinting towards her and pawing at her hips to situate her closer to him whilst blowing those potential guys off with a monotone expression.
“Harry! Do a lil dancey dance with me!” She giggles, making him sway with her and looking up at him with glassy floaty eyes.
“Bunny. ‘s late, time to go home.” He tells her, pinching her chin to plant his lips against hers and she squirms giving him a timid smile, “Okie. But I’ve to pee.”
“Me too!” Her friends chimes from behind her and Harry rolls his eyes playfully, gesturing all of them to follow him.
“C’mon you spies, not lettin’ ya’ll go alone.”
He waits for them outside the washroom while they do their business and he has his arms always splayed open for when his lovie comes back and he’s welcoming her in his embrace warmly with a sweet smile.
Dying with fond injecting in his every vein when she slurs and blabbers, “Home.”
Walking her up the stairs of their flat’s building is the most hefty struggle while she’s a sleepy, clumsy and giggly muck of doe gleaming eyes and swollen pretty lips drooling over Harry testing his patience while he makes her take one step at a time.
“Darling, bunny, just some mo' steps lovin’.” He coos at her, putting a firm hand under her bum and heaving her up into him so she doesn’t falls.
“Mhmmm you’re so pretty, daddy.” Harry’s head snaps in surprise as he stares down at her in adoring amusement and push her head under his chin while she slings her arms around his waist lazily.
Sometimes, she gets him so flustered he doesn’t know how to respond.
She whines and cries in dishevelment when Harry makes her sit on the cold marble counter and wipes her makeup off.
“I just wan’ to sleep!” She toes at his torso trying to push him away but he grabs it and tuts, glowering at her strictly, “You’re g'na complain in the mornin’. Sleepin’ with makeup makes ye' breakout remember?” When she still huffs and slumps giving him a hard time to clean her he’s pinching her chin and giving her a gentle jerk.
“Bunny. Stop with ye' battiness.” He grunts not letting his facade slip when she mewls stroking her cheek up and down his lightly stubble covered cheek softly.
“Else what? Y'never punish a sleepy bunny.” She smirks at him foppishly and lazily knowing damn well that one of thing Harry doesn’t do’s tease or punish her when she’s tuckered out and on the edge of sleeping on him.
“You don’t test me bratty woman.” She squeals when he takes hold of her panties to pull them down her legs, slapping her mound once discarding it in the hamper and he sighs when she’s already snoring lightly, slobbering his throat with her mouth parted comically.
After pattering her face with loving kisses he’s tucking her under the layers of blankets and letting her use him as her stuffie.
“Aw poor baby.” He mumbles, kissing her forehead when he finds her burning up against him and he’s quickly rummaging for thermometer from the night stand and the tissues he had stashed for emergencies.
“I don’t feel good,” His heart breaks when Y/N croaks out weakly and tries to crawl up his chest to stuff her face in his musky neck but her frail limbs gives out making her cry out.
“It’s okay bunny, ‘s okay. How but I make you some soup. Then y'take your medicines like a good girl of mine, then if your condition gets worse we’ll go to doctor, yeah baby?” He talks to her gently and sweetly, stroking her hair and peppering kisses to her temples.
“Just last bite, moppet.” Harry hovers the spoon infront of her and sighs when she shakes her head pushing his wrist away, “I’ll puke.” She sniffs blowing her nose harshly in the tissue .
“The bin’s right here, bunny.” He smoothens his hand down her spine putting the tray aside carefully to snuggle and comfort her as she cries softly against his chest.
“’M so sorry baby, you’ll be alright in the morning.” He couldn’t see her in such condition. It pulls and tugs at his heart so painfully he feels himself hurting.
“Oi. Why you crying, hmm?” He cups her cheek and makes her look at him as she skims her eyes away from him jn embarrassment.
“I —- You’re so caring and loving, treats me so good and it makes me c.. cr–-,” She hiccups finding it hard to breath and Harry rubs her back, whispering affinities in her ear making her finally sob, “Cry....” He chuckles softly pelting kisses upon kisses on her puffy eyelids, soaky dried up cheeks, her frowned up forehead, her wobbly chin and her nipping love bites down her chest then blowing raspberries at his own slick covering her skin making her giggle through her hiccups.
“I love you.” She whispers droopily, head lulling to his chest when the effect of medicine finally starts to kick in.
“I love you too, I want my healthy and happy bunny back.” He mumbles, inhaling a huge puff of her scent and squishes her lovingly.
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stylesmygucci · 2 months ago
Jealousy || H.S
Pairing: Dad!Husband!Harry x reader
Content warning: fluff, smut (choking, missionary)
Word count: 4.1k
A/n: Bonjour Lovelies!!! This is part two of the “Baby” series I have. I am so, so sorry it took so long. Because of the wait, the word count has increased! This one is quite interesting to me (somewhat kinky in my view) but I truly hope you enjoy!!! -> Pt.1 & masterlist <-
Tumblr media
It was a Friday and a long weekend was planned. I was glad I had the day off, but I would still be busy with party planning and a parent assembly Harry and I had to go to in the afternoon. Although I was excited for Anne’s birthday and our son’s (which was coincidentally two days after her’s), the amount of phone calls I’d have to make was not something I was looking forward to.
A big party was planned, seeing as we’d have to join the two. Anne only wanted her family but I insisted she invite friends, and Harry insisted we invite our son’s class and not just our close friend’s and their kids.
Due to a stressful week and a thousand things roaming through my head, the party wasn’t exactly fully planned out. Invitations were sent out to the children’s parents days ago and we didn’t have to worry about renting a location because our backyard was big enough, but small things like ordering cake, decorations, and doing math on how much food we’d need had still yet to be finished.
I stared at him: face smudged against the pillow, and curls spread across his face. He looked angelic in the mornings, sun making his curls glisten.
His nose scrunched as he let out a yawn. “you’re staring at me again, aren’t you?” He said, his voice raspy and deep.
“No.” I answered a little too quickly. His lips lifted into a tired smile, revealing the dimple I adored waking up to see every morning.
“What’ve we got planned today?” He asked, not bothering to open his eyes.
“Parent assembly, Party planning— I still have to put in the order for the cake for tomorrow.”
“Told you I’d make it.” He grumbled, slightly pulling his eyes open.
“H, you’re not gonna make a cake for more than 50 people.”
“I could.” He shrugged.
“How about just a small one for the boy?”
“And my mum?”
“And your mum.”
He smiled contently, burying his face deeper into the pillow under him. I reached for his soft curls, brushing them away from his forehead and placing a soft kiss on his head before retreating and earning a childish whine from him.
“You’re such a baby.” I whispered, pulling the covers off of me and heading towards the bathroom.
“Where are you going?” He asked, turning over to face me at the doorframe of the bathroom.
His lips lifted into a smirk. “can I join?” He said, slowly lifting himself from the bed.
“No,” I laughed. “you need to take our lovely son to school today.” He lets out an exaggerated sigh and falls back into the bed.
“Remind me why we had him again.” He murmured and I scoffed a laugh, reaching for the hand towel in our restroom to throw at him. He caught it in his hands and laughed, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I love our son.”
“You better.” I huffed, earning another laugh from him.
I turn the shower on and get in after the water warmed up. Soon after, Harry entered the bathroom to brush his teeth, humming a melody from an old song. Then leaving not too long before I finished.
Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, I heard small talk between the two boys I got to call mine. My son was roaming next to Harry’s legs on a stool, observing his dad quietly.
“Morning, sleepy head.” I chimed, making both of the boys turn to me.
“Morning, mummy.” My son greeted, shuffling towards me to hug my legs.
“Sleep good?” I asked and he nodded, turning back to observe his father chopping up fruit and dropping it into a circle of batter on a pan. “What about you?” I ask Harry, “I forgot to ask you if you slept good.” I mentioned, stealing a sliced strawberry from the cutting board he had on the island.
He looks over to me with a playfully annoyed expression and turns back to the stove, where he drizzled more pancake batter onto the pan. “Yeah, I did.” He smiled turning back to me and leaning down to give me a quick kiss.
“Ew.” I heard my son mumble from under me. He lifted his head with a scrunched nose.
“Ew what?” I ask, tickling his sides. He tried to hold back his laughter but his giggles burst out. He pushed my fingers away and I let him go. “You know one day, you’re gonna be in love, bug; and you’ll kiss your partner too.”
His nose scrunched again. Harry shook his head with a closed smile, flipping the pancake over to reveal the light brown side it cooked into.
“You wanna set up the table with me, bub?” I asked our son as I reached for the cabinet.
He nodded, taking the plate I took out, and walked away to set it on the table.
As soon as Harry was finished with a stack of fruity pancakes, the table was fully set, holding plates of fruit and glasses of milk and orange juice.
“What do we say?” I asked my son, who eagerly watched his father set a down a plate of piled pancakes at the center of the table.
“Thank you, daddy.” He said, before excitedly reaching for the syrup next to him.
“Thank you, daddy.” I repeated after him, causing Harry to grow a fat grin on his lips and respond, “You’re welcome, sweet cheeks.”
The silverware clanked against a plate, our son dropped the butter knife attempting to cut up his pancakes. He mumbled an “uh oh” and looked up at me for assistance.
I pushed my chair back and made my way to him. I cut his pancake into small triangles and sat back down in my seat.
“Thank you.” He chimed before impatiently picking up the fork and stuffing his face.
“Don’t choke now.” Harry laughed, making me smile.
By the time we finished, we had forty minutes to get our son changed and out the door before he was considered late for school. Harry chose to assist our son in getting ready while I cleaned up and washed the dishes.
Harry rushed down the stairs and cockily walked towards me as a simper grew on his face.
“What are you smiling about?” I asked before he snuck behind me and snaked his arms around my waist, letting his chin rest on my shoulder, and his lips find their way to my neck.
“Been thinking about Tuesday,” He mumbled below my ear, placing a soft kiss against my neck. I hum in response. “The way I slipped my co-“ I slapped his chest before he could continue, making him whine.
“Our son is in the other room.” I reminded him.
“And?” He said while placing another kiss against the back of my neck.
“And he doesn’t need to be traumatized.” I shook my head while I turned off the faucet and wiped my hands dry.
“Maybe later?” He smirked against my neck, laying one last kiss before pulling back.
“Later we have a parent assembly.” I reminded him.
“So later?” He insisted. I shook my head in disbelief.
“Daddy!” We heard our son call as he shuffled down the stairs with his backpack on and lunchbox in hand.
“Little cockblock,” Harry mumbled. “You ready bug?!” He asked our son as he entered the kitchen. He nodded. “‘Kay, Give your mum a kiss so we can be on our way.”
I leaned down while he ran to me, nearly dropping me to the floor. He rested his small hands on my cheeks, placing a wet kiss to my forehead. I laughed at how cute he was.
“I love you.” I said. “Love you.” He said back.
I placed a kiss on his head and straightened myself, letting Harry take him by the hand.
“I’ll be back.” Harry said.
“Have a good day, bug!” I yelled and he turned around to wave at me before he left my view.
While Harry was gone I placed the cake order along with ordering party supplies from the store (that I’d have to pick up tomorrow). I didn’t want to make the party childish because it was Anne’s party too, So I decided on a gender-neutral theme with small decorative accessories for the kids.
I wanted both of them to enjoy it.
The rest of the day was spent cleaning and organizing small party details, Harry spent it on calls and meetings, working out things for his next album. Before we knew it, it was already time to go to the parent assembly.
I was already rushing through my room trying to find the diamond earrings Harry got me for my birthday last year. I searched every drawer, coat pocket, and pillow case we had in the room.
He walked around me and made himself comfortable against the doorframe, witnessing me panic. “What’d you lose this time?” He asked.
“Nothing,” I mumbled. I turned to look at him, dressed in a casual black top tucked into high waisted dress pants. His brows lifted, awaiting a truthful response. “My earrings.” I flopped on the bed exaggeratedly. He walked towards me, squating down to meet my face.
His hands rested on my thigh, rubbing small circles with his thumb. “We’re going to be late if you don’t just choose a random pair from your jewelry box. I don’t really want to be known as the next Casey and Alex.” His reference to the always-tardy lesbian moms made me smile. I loved them, I did. They happened to be one of our closest friends from the school, but they also happened to be known as the parents that were always tardy to school events.
He smiled brightly before stretching his hand to my cheek. He pulled me in for a quick comforting kiss before pulling back and getting up to make his way to the door.
“Mum’s gonna be here any second, be finished by then?” He wondered and I nodded.
He walked out the room and left me to finish. I placed some small cheap earrings on and rushed out the door, anxiously running down the stairs.
I heard Anne’s voice and immediately started singing the birthday song, Harry instantly joined as I greeted her with a hug. We finished the song and I gave her a kiss on her cheek.
“Aw thank you so much.” She laughed joyfully.
“Sorry, we have you babysitting on your birthday.” I rubbed her arm apologetically.
“Are you kidding?! It’s fine, I get to spend the rest of my birthday with my baby boy.”
“Thought I was your baby boy.” Harry pouted.
“Oh,” she groaned, placing a sloppy kiss to his cheek. “Now leave before you’re late.” She said, rushing us out of the house. We said our final goodbyes then left— as we should’ve done nearly 15 minutes ago.
When we arrived the parking lot was full.
“You wanna get off while I go find us a spot?” Harry turned to me and I nodded. He dropped me off at the entrance before driving off.
I entered the small preschool, quickly to be linked with someone else’s arm.
“Guess we’re not the only one’s late tonight.” Alex sung.
“Sweetheart, quit taunting Mrs. Styles.” Casey laughed as she caught up to us, purse in hand.
“You guys are horrible.” I mumbled through a laugh as I shook my head. Alex pulled the second pair of doors open for us and we were met with an elderly lady sitting at a long table, scrolling through her phone, which was only inches from her face.
A sign pointing to the table read sign-up and I did so, taking the pen attached to the clipboard in hand and writing my name.
The lady barely acknowledged us, only looking at us for a split second and greeting a quick hi before turning back to her phone.
We entered the darker room filled with lined chairs occupied by parents. Luckily, no one chose to sit in the very back and there was a row of four empty seats.
“What’d I miss?” I heard Harry shuffle, taking the seat next to me. “I just got here.” I shrugged.
We sat through almost an hour long of the principal speaking and clicking through a PowerPoint about what the kids are doing during the semester and what kind of art programs they’ll be hosting for the children.
“You’re all welcome to speak to your child’s teacher if they’re here— Ms. Locke unfortunately could not make it tonight but I’m sure you’ll be able to speak to her on Monday. Thank you.” The principal finished and the parents scattered once the room lit brighter, splitting into small groups around every teacher.
“Who’s our son’s teacher again?” Harry asked as we made our way to a young tall man in the corner.
“Mr. Chambers.” I answered, leading him to the man that was already in a conversation with two other parents.
His eyes met ours and his lips formed into a smile. He carried the conversation he already started with the other parents, only adding small summarizations throughout it as more parents circled around us. Then he asked if we had any questions.
“Um yes actually.” A woman behind us answered. She was tall and slim, almost looking too put together to be a child of a 4 year old. “For the art program, my daughter’s been really into theatre, and I was wondering if the roles were assigned or would they have to audition?” The teacher smiled comfortably and answered, “The roles are normally assigned but I’m sure if your daughter wants to be a certain character in one of our plays, all you have to do is request it.”
“Ok, great.” She smiled, making eye contact with me then Harry, her lips lifted and his awkwardly pulled into a small smile.
A couple more parents asked questions and we eventually scattered.
“I’m gonna go get a a drink, you want anything?” I asked. He shook his head lightly, giving me a soft smile before I left him to another parent.
I made my way to a small table near the stage and reached below it to grab a soft drink from the cooler.
I heard Alex’s voice to my right, mumbling under her breath as she chewed through a cookie. “Everything alright?” I asked, causing her to jump. “Oh god, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I laughed.
“No, no it’s ok.” She brushed it off with small laugh, soon falling back into the serious and annoyed expression she had before as she turned back to a group of parents.
She stayed quiet.
“She’s eye-fucking your man.” She broke her silence.
I follow her eyes to find Harry who was now accompanied by the woman with the theatrical daughter, laughing and touching each other only the slightest.
I felt my stomach twist.
I hated being a jealous person, mainly because jealousy brought the worst out of me but also because I had nothing to be jealous of. Harry was tied to me forever and I knew he’d love me no matter what, but the feeling of him losing interest in me always snuck in the back of my mind and made me upset.
I watched as she set her hand on his shoulder and tilted her head admirably at him, flicking her eyes from his eyes to his lips, and batting her eyelashes flirtatiously. Harry acted oblivious, ignoring every hint she was throwing at him, but I saw enough.
I set my drink down and walked towards them. She rocked back and forth, nearly falling on her knees as she laughed.
I purposely slithered my hand from Harry’s ass to his back, rubbing small circles on his lower back before painting on a smile.
He turned to me with a faint smile and high eyebrows, acknowledging the fact that I’d touched his ass in a public setting.
“What are you guys laughing about?” I said through my teeth. Her laughter died down. “Um,” she began through dying chuckles. “Nothing.” She shook her head. Harry just nodded and gave me a look that read I’ll tell you later.
“Great then you won’t mind if I steal him for a bit, would you?” I say more than ask, already taking his hand and leading him to the dark hallway where the restrooms and classrooms were.
I pulled him into a dark empty classroom and locked the door behind him.
“What’d you pull me in here f-“ I cut him off with my lips, tugging his bottom lip slightly between my teeth.
He gripped the back of my head and pushed our lips into a deeper kiss. I grew hot between my legs and all I wanted was for him to fuck me against the wall.
He pulled his lips from mine, leaving me to catch my breath. A knowing smirk grew on his lips. “You got jealous, didn’t you?” He asked.
I let my forehead fall onto his chest in shame, feeling chest vibrate from his laugh. He pulled me back with both of his hands and pulled my bottom lip with his thumb. He placed his lips onto mine again, this time pushing his tongue into my mouth.
The kiss escalated; He bunch up my dress to grope my ass in his hand then separated from my lips to trail kisses down my neck and under my ear, taking a small section of skin to suck and surprising me with a light scrape of his teeth. My breath hitched.
“Did you lock the door?” He pulled back slightly, his heavy breaths tickling my neck.
I look to my right, peeking the moonlit door handle that was indeed locked. I turn back to him only to be pushed back against the wall. His lips rushed to mine again, desperate for my mouth.
His arms lifted my leg against his side, pushing his bulge against my clothed center. His lips traveled to my neck, burying his mouth into me as he hoisted me up against the wall.
“I was gentle Thursday, I’m wondering if I should be today.” He whispered, taking the soft skin of my earlobe between his teeth and pulling lightly.
“Don’t.” I respond, earning a content hum from him. He pulled away from me, taking one of his hands to unbutton his trousers. I helped him unzip them and he stepped back, keeping me up with only one arm as he slid down both his trousers and pants with the other. His hard cock sprung to his stomach; pre-cum already leaking from the tip, yelling out his desperation for attention and satisfaction.
He returned to my lips, pulling the band of my panties harshly down my ass. I heard them tear but I was too engrossed to even care. He pulled away for a split second to drop them down my feet.
A groan left his throat as his dick brushed my bare heat. He rested his head on my shoulder, pulling his arm from under my thigh to position himself. The head of his cock teased my slit before slowly entering me and filling me up. I clenched around him, earning a heavy breathed “fuck” from Harry.
He moved in a slow place, giving us enough time to take in the moment: His forehead against my shoulder, viewing his cock shorten and elongate from how far he bounced into me.
He was going to be the death of me.
I let out a muffled moan and he mumbled, “Fuck,” again, fastening his pace. My head tossed back, with my hand between my teeth, and my other arm pulling the hair on his nape, attempting to muffle every moan he got out of me. I almost wanted to whine.
My thighs trembled around him as he thrusted in and out of me. His hold on my thighs became weak and he pushed me further against the wall. I could feel and hear papers crumble from behind me; now art pieces of small children ruined for the sake of my jealousy and hunger for sex.
“Harry,” I murmured between a small whine, he grunted with his thrusts and stopped for a second to pull me from the wall and lay me on one of the tables, not thinking to detach himself from me. Pencils and papers fell to the ground once he started again.
“Harry,” I moaned out again. His hand slithered around my neck, adding the slightest amount of pressure— enough to make my throat tighten. A satisfied gasp came out of me as his cock rocked harder into me. He slid out and rammed back into me, making the table squeak loudly. “Harry,” I warned, afraid people would hear us outside.
“Make noise for me, angel.” he said.
All I could do was whimper. He tightened his grip on my waist, fastening his pace. His head fell back from pleasure and the tension below my abdomen increased. The hand around my neck eventually retreated to my shoulder to get a better hold of me.
“How long does it take until your protected again?” He asked through his heavy pants.
“Forty-“ I couldn’t think to finish my words. I was at the peak of my orgasm and my concentration was only on not trying to let out a loud scream.
“Words.” He told me.
“Forty eight hours.” I gasped, flexing around him and letting go of the euphoric build. His cock twitched inside of me and my walls were coated with his cum. Our juices leaked out of me, running down my thigh.
After a minute of picking up our breathing and calming down from our high, he pulled out, exposing me to the cool air.
The preschool rooms always had a restroom in them; He walked to it, switching the light on and grabbing paper towels. He dried his softened dick before hiding it away into his pants and ripped out more towels for me.
He got down on his knees and cleaned me delicately, careful not to brush harshly against my sensitive area. His hands felt warm on the side of my thigh.
His soft curls fell to his forehead as he concentrated on being cautious. “I always like seeing you from this angle.” I said. His head turned up to look at me with a radiant smile. “You should see yourself from this angle,” he said, pressing a kiss on my thighs before bringing my dress down. He straightened himself then hovered over me. “It’s lovely.”
His lips brushed mine, before taking my tongue in his mouth. A slow and memorable kiss that had no sexual intention.
His hands squeezed my love handles, pushing his tongue deeper into my mouth. I separated from him before it escalated into round two.
“We should get home.” I stated.
“Right now?” He placed a kiss on my forehead.
“Yes, I don’t want to be the last ones to leave either.” He huffed, taking my hands into his and lifting me from the table.
I looked down at it and couldn’t just leave it like that. I ran to the bathroom, gathering a few paper towels, and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked like I just got fucked- which I obviously was but nobody needed to know.
I smoothed my hair down a bit and grabbed more paper towels to wipe the runny mascara below my eyes.
I dropped soap onto the paper towel and cleaned the desk, gathering the material dropped on the floor and placing them where they once were.
Harry stood observing, probably watching my ass jiggle as I hurriedly ran between the restroom and classroom.
He let out an amused laugh and I turn back to look at him: my torn red laced lingerie hung on his pointer finger.
“Am I going to have throw those away?” I asked, attempting to get them from his grasp but he pulled them away.
“I’d like to keep them.” He said.
I scrunched my nose, “Why?”
“Because you’re my wife and this was a very memorable experience that I’d like to remember.” He defended himself, crumbling the pair in his hands and burying them into his trouser pockets.
“You ready?” He asked, opening the classroom door, exposing us to the various voices and light pop music in the background. I stepped out the door and turned back to him.
“Wait,” I stopped him. “how do I look?”
He pulled his bottom lips between his teeth, and held back a cheeky laugh. “Like you just got fucked in a preschool classroom.” I playfully hit his shoulder with the back of my hand and he laughed.
“Fuck you.”
“You already did that, sweet cheeks.” He grinned.
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treesandtheirberries · 2 months ago
(y/n) finds one of Harry's ... toys.
wc: 2.6 k,
warnings? smuuuuut, slight sub!harry, slight dom!reader
It wasn't unlike the two to rummage in each other's closets or drawers. They had met during their sophomore year and became close enough that they would help each other dress for special events or clean up during a bad week.
This time, Harry asked (y/n) over to his place to find something to wear for an academic achievement dinner with others in his cohort. He always said she was the better dressed of the two, but they knew that this was just an excuse to hang out (he had far more 'dressy' clothes than she).
"What's this?" (y/n) laughed, pulling out an informal, short-sleeve button-up with lines. An embodiment of the trend that plagued most men in 2018. "Did you seriously wear this?"
Harry laughed as well, slightly ashamed of the article of clothing she held up. "I caved okay? I wore it a few times when I was in High school, and I felt bad for just tosing it."
"Okay, well, we'll donate it today. You'll single-handedly ruin your reputation if you go out in that."
"Yeah, yeah," he brushed off, turning his attention to organizing paperwork for his internship. If only he had paid more attention and kept an eye on (y/n), he could have distracted her from the box at the top of his closet. He could have brushed it off, avoiding her opening it like she was now.
She was curious, and the two had very little boundaries. Because of this, she thought the box likely had a pair of shoes or some more old clothes. She wasn't expecting to find Harry's sex toys. The two were close and had mentioned some of their hook-ups, but nothing as detailed as this.
She was shocked initially, but ... interested? Picking up the thing that fascinated her the most, she finally turned around to face Harry. He wasn't directly looking at her, clearly invested at his desk.
With a small smile on her lips, eyebrows lifted, (y/n) asked, "Harry?"
He hummed in reply, still unaware of what she held in her hand.
"What's this?"
Finally, he turned around, unceremoniously. Once he saw the fleshlight she had in her hands, his face immediately began to burn. Getting out of his chair, he rushed to her reaching for the toy. "(y/n) how did you find this?" He definitely forgot he had the box there in open sight, otherwise, he would have moved it.
"There's a whole box! I didn't know you had stuff like this." Her voice was laced with genuine curiosity, no sign of teasing in her voice.
"Well, don't we all. It's not important." He said, standing in front of her, but avoiding her eyes.
"I'm not making fun of you, I think it's great you have such a selection. I've only got one vibe."
With heated cheeks, Harry finally looked down to (y/n), shocked she wasn't taking this as an opportunity to make fun of him. "What?"
"It's cool you have these, good you're taking ... care of yourself." She smiled, moving the fleshlight around in her hands, observing.
The two were frozen, unsure of what to do next.
Stunned, Harry decided to make this less of a big deal than he initially tried to. They were best friends, why wouldn't he be open about these types of things? His mind switched from that of embarrassment, to ... well honestly? Horniness.
"I think that one's my favorite, but," he reached up towards the box, pulling out a vibrating cockring, "this one is far better for paired playing."
(y/n) hummed a response, now looking at the ring he held in his hands. She felt herself getting turned on at the thought of Harry squeezing it on before going to fuck the person on his bed. She thought about how intense it felt for him, how much he must look forward to using it. "Yeah, that makes sense." Stop thinking of his face with it on-stop thinking of his face with it on-stop think-.
"But, what you're holding, is probably my usual for when I'm alone."
Her head began to turn with an idea in her head. Smiling, she asked "but I bet it'd feel nice for someone to use it on you, no? I love my vibrator, but it's really nice when someone else uses it on me." She succeeded, the words seemed to have an effect on Harry, as he raised his eyebrows, dazed that she was being so intimate.
"I-, I haven't tried that yet." Not that he didn't want to. His head was screaming at his lower half to stop getting so excited, but he just couldn't help himself.
With a racing heart and a bit of adrenaline, (y/n) blurted: "want to?"
Even more dazed, Harry was shocked (y/n) offered ... that. "It won't be ... weird?" He wasn't sure why he was asking, he definitely wanted her to do that to him.
"Of course it's not, we're best friends. Do you want to?"
Instantly, and embarrassingly so, Harry replied: "Yes please."
(y/n), smirking to herself, took notice of how pliable he seemed to be in this situation. They hadn't talked about how they acted during actual sexual settings, but seeing Harry take on a slightly submissive role was extremely arousing to her. "Get on the bed, yeah? Sit up on the pillows."
Letting out a shaky breath and nodding, Harry took the few steps to the bed, resting against the headboard. He stared at (y/n), who had been observing him this whole time. She took notice of how easily he complied like he was waiting for her to take control. The air was thick, and Harry's pants were becoming more constricting by the second at the mere thought of what was next.
Finally, (y/n) got on the bed, crawling her way up to him. Sitting up on her knees, she leaned in to rest her hand on the side of his face, brushing his cheek with her thumb. She's a soft dom he thought. "Do you want to do this?"
"Yes," he said shakily, finishing with a soft "please."
This gave (y/n) the brightest smile, proud of her best friend being so compliant. As a reward, she finally leaned in to kiss him. She had noticed how much his eyes drifted to her lips and knew he was waiting for it.
Instantly, Harry let out a whimper, leaning his body up to get more of her. Swiftly, she maneuvered herself to straddle his hips, able to hold his head with both hands after putting his toy down. Lifting his own hands, he wrapped them around her wrists. Not in a demanding way, but more so grounding himself to her, and she was obsessed.
The two were very close, but they had never kissed like this. Sure, a few pecks too close to each other's mouths that were meant as a goodbye for their cheeks, but not this.
She began to kiss him deeply, the two breathing heavy. She couldn't believe this was happening, she always felt an attraction to him, yet assumed it would never be acted upon since they were 'besties'.
Pulling away (that caused Harry to let out another whimper), she buried her face in his neck. This caused Harry to hold her in his arms, wrapping them around her back, flushing her against him.
"Okay?" he asked, nervous that it was too much and she was regretting it.
Shaking her head, she was smiling into his neck instead. "Yeah. It's ... it's good, yeah?"
"Mhm." It was a soft moment between the two, and despite the ache they both felt, they basked in the feeling of being so close. So fucking close. Intimate.
Finally sitting back, she looked at him, seeing how flushed his cheeks became with a simple makeout. She brought one hand up to his hair, ruffling it. They both held small smiles, their trust and confidence in each other evident. Slowly, she dragged her hand down, caressing his cheek once more, thumbing his bottom lip, touching his soft neck, reaching down his chest that was still covered. She finally reached down to the hem of his jeans, still maintaining heavy eye contact. The soft movements were making him breathe heavy, everything about their current position was extremely attractive to him, straight out of a dream.
"Gonna get you out of these jeans, 'kay?"
He nodded submissively, giving her full reigns. "Kiss?"
"Of course, baby." Using both hands to unbuckle his belt and undo his button and zipper, she kissed him slowly and deeply. She wasn't sure the last time Harry had been with someone, but she would guess a long time due to how much he was leaning into the kisses. "Going to move so I can get them off." First pushing the jeans down his hips, releasing his very obvious problem, then getting off of him to slide the jeans fully off alongside his briefs. "So big," she commented, making him release another moan.
She decided to stay at his side, giving her a more dominating position than on his lap. Especially providing better access once she got to use the fleshlight. He turned his head to her, leaning up for another kiss. With a quick peck, (y/n) directed her attention to his erection. Grasping it with one hand while the other was lost in his hair, she began to softly massage him.
Having been turned on for a while now, Harry began to let out soft moans. His eyes involuntarily shut, enjoying the pleasure he was receiving from her.
"I'm going to use the toy now, okay?" she asked seductively, unsure how dominating she should be for their first time. With his eager nod, she moved her hand to the previously discarded fleshlight, excited she would be the first to experience this with him. He finally looked down to his painful erection, leaking precum as he noticed the item in her hand. He knew it was coming, but the reality of it was crashing on him, and his breathing became more labored if possible.
She kept one hand still in his hair, while the finally itched closer to his erection with the toy.
"(y/n)" he breathed out, barely audible.
"Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you," she softly said, finally dragging the fleshlight up his erection, mimicking how his cock would drag against her. This experience was extremely visually gratifying for her, clearly.
With a gasp from Harry, she finally set the toy over his tip, slowly lowering it.
Enjoying the whimpers that came out of him (what could she say? She found vocal men so attractive), (y/n) began to slowly pump the toy around him, still teasing. "You're so big, huh? God, look. Look how you stretch this fake pussy."
Harry had long ago squeezed his eyes shut from being overwhelmed, yet he took (y/n)'s advice and looked down to his lap. There was something so erotic about his best friend holding his sex toy and using it on him. "Yes. Please, (y/n), feels so-" he was interrupted by a moan he couldn't withhold.
She gave a soft laugh at this, still caressing his head with her free hand. She wanted this to be a good experience for him, and she definitely did not identify as a hard dominant. "You like it?" She questioned, instantly receiving eager nods from him. She decided to finally give him the release he seemed to be reaching, and began to increase her speed. This only amplified the whimpers Harry let out, and she was empowered by knowing she was doing a good job.
She wanted to get him to cum quick, and given how much he was moving, she assumed it was close. While Harry moaned and whined, (y/n) moved the fleshlight on his length faster, a clicking sound occurring from the spit she provided a few moments earlier to help with the friction. This sent Harry into an even deeper state, his hips now wriggling uncontrollably, his knees bending his legs alongside his thighs twitching. She loved seeing him unravel, loved seeing how much he struggled with knowing where to put his hands (assuming from the way he keeps them clenched at his sides, she believes he likes them to be tied). His heavy breathing, the sweat that was collecting on his chest from where she pushed his shirt up, just the way his legs were tensed was all driving her insane.
"You can cum, baby. Cum when you want, you know you deserved it," she said softly in his ear, in the most seductive tone he's ever heard from her.
Gasping at her words, his movements became even more intense if possible. It was obvious how sensitive he was. His hips began to move up to match the thrusts she set with the fleshlight, although he was unable to reach her fast pace.
Quickly, his breathing increased, heavy puffs coming out of his nose instead of his now normal moans. She knew it was coming, and the way his whole body clenched and jolted, she realized he was coming in the toy.
His face-God his face-was something she would never be able to erase. His eyebrows creased in the most euphoric way, this pleading look unwillingly showing on his face. His mouth was gaped open as his head tilted back without his consent, his body clearly overwhelmed with the current sensations.
Not wanting to torture him, she began to slow down her thrusts, enough to milk him without extreme overstimulation. She wasn't cruel, but ... that was something she could see herself doing to him eventually. As punishment. Sure.
Finally, his whimpers began once again since she still was moving the toy against him, although it was considerably slower than before. He began to whisper "please" over and over, and if she wasn't so close to him, she wouldn't have caught it.
"What's that baby?"
He turned to her, his eyes clearly exhausted. She finally stopped her movements on his cock, leaving the toy resting slightly on top of his head so that his cum leaked onto him. The hand that was in his curls moved to push the hair off his forehead, although it stuck because of the sweat he had accumulated from their short session.
"Done. I'm- done, please," he said airily, clearly speaking from a sub mindset. His chest was noticeably moving with his breaths, an indicator of the orgasm he just had.
"Yes you are, we're done. You did so well for me didn't you?" She asked, taking the toy off of him, and setting it on the bedside table. She'll clean it later. "I'm going to wipe you off, then we can take a nap? You seem tired."
He nodded aimlessly, clearly going with anything she says. "Please."
She gave him a smile, adoring how he kept his eyes shut, body meshing into the bed. Quickly finding a small face towel in his drawers, she cleaned him softly. "Do you want some clothes? Briefs?"
He shook his head, finally opening his eyes to her. His eyes seemed less fuzzy than before, but all he did was make grabby hands. How could she ignore that?
Pulling her leggings off, she brought herself to his bed, laying on her side and reaching to bring Harry into her chest. He had said before how much touch meant to him, and he was always hugging all of his friends. Because of this, it was no surprise how easily he gave into cuddling her breasts, wrapping an arm around her tight. She put both of her hands in his hair, petting his hair.
"Is this ... okay?" he hesitantly asked, the more realistic side of himself beginning to worry.
"Of course it is. Don't stress, it was really nice, yeah? We can talk about it after we wake up."
He loved how that sounded, her warm chest and enveloping arms enough to convince him that it wasn't worth worrying about. With a happy hum, he fell asleep in her arms, where he had always belonged.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. V INTERESTING VIBES. LOL. TELL ME IF YOU HATE IT TELL ME IF YOU LOVE IT MWAH. no, but seriously first time writing smut smut, and idk. harder than I thought.
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harrywritingsbyme · 3 months ago
The one where Y/n helps Harry unwind
Loosely Based Off Of This Ask
A/N: I genuinely fucking ADORE this fic! it was a nice 1000th reentry to writing and posting. bc, okayyy…so like it’s giving very much older, rich, maybeeee ceo!h bc ✨you know✨so imma say it’s an au bc it doesn’t give regular harry vibes or whatever, zaddy, sugar daddy, but he’s your man(like y’all are 10 toes DOWN for each other), and just ✨daddy✨vibes. alsooo, it’s featuring curvy/thiccc!y/n and she’s black🥰 ofc not limited to but yeah!! And she’s a baddie😌💅🏾so anywaysss…it’s not too structured but there’s a rhyme and reason to it…so i hope y’all like it!! enjoyyy🙃😚
she's 7.3k wordsss
When you hear the front door open and close, you quickly drop what you’d been doing in your closet to greet Harry at the door. It was like a little daily ritual for the two of you. Especially Harry. After a long day at the office, especially like the one he had today, all he wanted to do was unwind and be with you. 
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, with a little pep in your step, you make your way over towards the entryway of your home to find Harry standing at the end of the couch shrugging off the navy suit jacket you helped him into before he left this morning. You didn’t even have to say a word before Harry’s attention was on you and a wide smile was spread across his face. It’s like he could feel your warm presence enter the room. Without a second to spare you then, almost giddily, skip across the living area and right into Harry’s arms, wrapping yours right around his waist. 
“Hi” You whisper, turning your head up to look at him with a wide smile, mirroring the warm one that was fixed on his face. 
“Hi baby” He whispers back to you before lowering his face down towards yours, closing the gap between your mouths and bringing you in for a kiss. His mouth moved longingly against yours and you could feel the remaining tension he’d acquired throughout the day just melt away. His once tense shoulders are relaxed and his grip on you is a bit tighter, bringing you even tighter against his body. As the kiss continued on, Harry’s hands began to move away from your waist. 
In the beginning, he had his large and warm and incredibly soft hands at your waist, before moving them from underneath the bottom of your t-shirt and a bit lower to start massaging the ample and supple flesh of your hips. It felt so good. So good you let out a sigh of relief along with a little moan against his mouth, and melted right into his chest. If there was one thing Harry was always going to do well and be the best at, it’d definitely be working your body. He just knew how to do it. Harry knew just how much pressure to apply and where to apply it. 
But anyways, in being true to himself, Harry didn’t keep them at your hips. They came around to meet at the very bottom of your back before gliding down to your backside. You felt his large hands spread across the ample area through the soft and comfy, but also quite small, shorts you had on. You could feel him gripping onto as much of your flesh as he could. But of course, he doesn’t stop there. His hands continue to explore the already and very well charted territory that was your ass, going lower and lower as your mouths continued moving against one another. Harry then proceeds to slightly bend down, extending his arms a bit more to latch onto the exposed and fleshy bottom of your ass that met your thighs. His fingers were curled inward, brushing up against your clothed pussy, slightly pulling your ass apart. He then stands back up, straightening himself out, and hoisting you up into his arms in the process. When he does this you let out a squeal into his mouth, slightly pulling away from his lips. Harry takes that opportunity and licks right into your mouth, his tongue effortlessly gliding against yours. 
Wanting to just relax hear about your day, Harry turns his body slightly before sitting down on the couch, keeping you in his arms and now his lap the entire time. When he pulls away from your mouth to speak, you only follow him, prompting Harry to let out a slight chuckle at your eagerness. 
“Wanna hear about your day baby.” He chuckles, leaving a small kiss on your upper lip.
“Umm” You ponder, trying to get your head straight. That kiss was so good your head was spinning. It didn’t help that Harry’s hands were on your body, your panties were soaked, and you were sitting right on Harry’s semi hard cock that was tucked away in his pants. “Nothing really exciting happened today.” You shrug, reaching out to start undoing the work you’d done on his tie that morning.
“I’m all ears.” He gently says, bringing his hands back around to your bare thighs and giving them a little squeeze before leaning in to peck your pursed lips. 
“Uh, I did a little shopping, and had lunch with my mom. Which speaking of, she misses you. Like you owe me because she literally talked me to death about how she never sees you for a good 20 minutes. And you know how she gets.” You explain, rolling your eyes as a tense huff left your lips at the recollection of lunch.  
“I’m sorry baby.” He coos, mirroring your pout while trying to stifle the laugh that was creeping up on his face. “We can have her over for dinner this weekend.” He offers, knowing exactly what you went through earlier.
“Thank you, she won’t stop otherwise.” You sigh, keeping your attention on you were doing, continuing to work on the buttons of his shirt. 
“I hear you.” He chuckles. “But that’s all you did today babe?” He continues. Harry wasn’t into prying, he just loved hearing you talk about your day, even if it was filled with a bunch of mundane tasks, he was all ears. Maybe it was just the fact that he enjoyed the sound of your voice, Harry didn’t know. All he knew was that he could listen to you talk for as long as you’d let him. 
“Oh! I had my ring cleaned so went to the jeweler to pick it up.” You remember, prompting Harry to pick up your hand to get a better look at the sparking engagement ring he slid onto your finger almost three years ago. He then proceeds to bring your hand up to his lips to leave a small kiss to your ring finger before bringing it back to his shirt to let you finish. “So how was your day baby?” You ask, turning the floor back over to him. Because similar to Harry, you enjoyed hearing about his day. Plus you liked hearing about his day so that you could know just how to help him unwind once he got home.
“It was exhausting for the lack of a better word. M’not gonna bore you with the details but it was a lot of meetings, a lot of everyone around me talking in circles and not giving me answers, and a lot of me thinking about just firing everyone.” Harry simply replies, already feeling a dull headache from the mere thought of his day at the office. 
“M’sorry.” You softly coo to him, gliding your hands up the sides of his neck, your fingers going right up into his disheveled curls. You could see the tiredness from the day on his face. “Are you hungry? I could make you something.” You offer, wanting to ensure he was okay and able to relax. “Or I could get you the takeout menus.” You add with a little smile, remembering the much easier alternative. 
“I’m okay love, I had a later lunch today.” Harry chuckles, finding your eagerness to take care of him to be incredibly sweet and adorable.
“Are you sure? Just wanna help you unwind since you had such a rough day.” You softly explain. 
“My baby takes such good care of me.” Harry contently sighs, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you up against his chest before burying his face in your neck and peppering your skin with small kisses. “Been taking care of me all day.” Harry hums, his voice being muffled by your skin as he continues to kiss all over your neck and chest
“I take it the pictures made your day a little better.” You hum, lightly running your nails against his scalp . You had a pretty good idea of how he reacted to the series of photos you sent him. 
While you were getting dressed and ready to go out for the day, you stumbled across a pretty baby pink bra and panties set you’d only worn about twice, if that. Normally you would’ve saved it for a special occasion or another time, but since you were in the mood to spend a little bit more time on yourself today, it was the perfect opportunity to slip on the set and give yourself a little love. You were very careful when putting the pieces on as to not rip its delicate fabric. Since it’d been a very good while since you’d worn the two pieces, it’d gotten a bit tighter in the hips than you remembered. Nothing uncomfortable, but just a tad noticeable. 
Once you got them both on, you stood in front of the full mirror in your closet to do your little adjustments. You made sure to pull the side bands up a bit higher up on your hips to really accentuate the v shape between your legs and of the panties. You were also a bit chubby down there so the strip of fabric that was supposed to cover you didn’t cover everything, and you loved that. You thought it looked so sexy, and it just added something to your already curvy and full figure. You then move on to your cleavage, making sure you were pushed up just enough while still being comfortable. Once you’re all done, you do a little twirl, stopping midway to take in your body from behind. You were completely obsessed with how your ass looked in those panties. Even though there was little to nothing left to the imagination, there was still a desire to see more. You were just feeling so good. If you could’ve, you would’ve just stayed at home and floated around the house in your little get up. 
When you finally looked at your phone, you realized that you were running a bit behind. And since you were supposed to meet your mother, the last thing you wanted was to be behind. You quickly moved on to do your hair and throw on a little makeup before picking out your outfit for the day. Upon you returning to your closet decide on what to wear, you also decided to take a couple pictures of yourself all dolled up before you got dressed. 
You knew you were running a little late and you knew your mother would give you a little taste of hell for it. But you were just feeling yourself today. You were in such such a good mood that you decided to make a little set of photos of you all dolled up to send Harry while he was at work. Initially you were just in front of the mirror, but then an idea popped into your head, prompting you to bring your little photo shoot to the bed. You positioned your phone, very creatively you must add, in different places in the room and on the bed while you moved yourself around in different poses, wanting to get some good shots of yourself. And not too long into your little photoshoot, you were able to get some that you really loved, four of which you planned on sending to Harry. 
Once you were all done with the photos, you quickly finish getting dressed before practically throwing yourself out the door. And while you were late, and because of that received a surprisingly very mild tongue lashing, you were still in a very good mood. In such a good mood that as soon as your mom stepped away to use the restroom, you whipped your phone out to send the photos. Along with the pictures, you add on a cute little note. Upon hitting send, a satisfied smile rises to your face. You didn’t even need a response from Harry to know how he’d react to the photos.
“Those pictures made my day a whole lot better. They put me in such a good mood didn’t end up firing everyone on the spot.” Harry replies before going back to sucking a hickey into your skin at the top of your cleavage.
When Harry received your message earlier in the day, he’d been in a pretty chaotic and stressful beyond belief meeting. All he wanted to do was send everyone out and away and just go back home to you. That’s why when his phone buzzed on the table with a message from you, Harry did an almost complete 180 in demeanor. Going from stoic and ready to burst from the nonsense and commotion of that moment, to happy and ready to burst from all the love and soft feelings he had for you. Like unbeknownst to you and everyone in the room, you were everyone’s saving grace. And all it took was a notification from you. You became even more of a saving grace when he opened the message to find a series of some very suggestive to say the least, photos of yourself. In a matter of seconds Harry could already feel his pants tightening, and an even stronger urge to go back to his office. So that’s what he does. Harry instructs everyone to meet back in a half hour before making a b-line for his office. Upon entering the spacious room, he immediately closes the door behind him, locking it too just in case someone decides against knocking.
Harry then proceeds to plop himself down into the office chair behind his desk, loosening his tie a bit before opening his phone back up to the pictures you’d sent. He went through each picture, taking his time to zoom in on each and in on every last picture. He wanted to really take in all of your features. From the sunlight that was shining through the room radiating off of your rich brown skin to the way you beautifully filled and  slightly spilled out of the pretty baby pink set you had on. Harry was so entranced by you that he subconsciously began undoing his belt and pants to get to his rock hard cock that was tucked away inside his now very tight pants. He’s quick to pull himself out and go straight into spreading his already beading precum around his shaft. He also brings his hand up to his mouth, spitting into it before bringing it back down to and spreading it all over his cock. Whenever he got himself off, Harry’s mind would always flash to how wet you’d get his dick. Whether it be with your mouth, pussy, or both, you always got him sopping wet. And since you weren’t there with him, spitting into his hand was the only way to feel that sensation. Granted it was very small, but it was still something. And in that moment Harry could use just about everything he could get. He does this a couple times throughout, each time bringing back a little more than the last to spread it around is girthy cock. 
His mind running absolutely wild as he floated through all the times he was buried between your legs or inside of you, and his eyes glued to his phone as he flipped back and forth through the pictures. His moans were low enough to go unnoticed from beyond his office but loud enough to fill the room. Your name fell from his lips over and over again as he squeezed and massaged the throbbing head of his dick. Even though his hand would never compare to the magic you yours made, it was giving him just what he needed in that moment. So much that in no time he could feel his cock erupting hard and right in his hand. 
Those pictures were just what Harry needed. 
“Who knew my almost nudes had so much power.” You say in response to Harry’s statement.
“Well they do. So much power I wouldn’t even care about you not being a good girl today.” Harry hums, finally bringing his head up from your neck and chest area.
“Well it turns out that I was in fact a good girl today.” You proudly reply, a cute little smile spreading across your face, showing off the dimples in either side of your mouth. 
“You sure about that? You looked too pretty to not have touched your sweet little pussy doll.” Harry retorts, pressing on to see if you’d admit to playing with yourself. 
“Well of course you, a narcissist, would think that. But I didn’t.” You confidently reply, refusing to give into Harry’s goading. 
“Well I’m just gonna have to see for myself.” He says, alluding to the fact that every once in a while he’d do a little “inspection” if you will, to see if you were telling the truth about following the one rule he had for you. 
Most of the time you were a good girl and waited until Harry came home so that he could let you touch yourself or so that he could relieve the mounting tingling and throbbing sensation taking over in between your legs. Occasionally you’d be so desperate to touch yourself but also incredibly torn because you wanted be a good girl that you’d call him on the phone in the middle of the day just to get permission to touch. If Harry was in a good mood, he’d let you play with yourself on camera so he could watch you feverishly relieve the pressure. Even getting himself off with you at times. If he wasn’t in the best of moods, he’d make you suffer a bit, forcing you to either break his rule and get a little punishment when he got home in the evening, or be a good girl and hold off despite how hard it was so that you could be taken care of properly. 
Now there was a rare chance that you didn’t even bother calling him or trying to be good. You just did what you wanted. And as a result of that, Harry had to teach you a lesson. Since it was a rare occasion for you to not follow the rule, he’d switch it up so that you’d be unexpecting every time. His favorite punishment was binding your hands togrther above your head, and spreading your legs apart, securing them in their places before tying the cordless hitachi wand (which in hindsight, was such a good investment on his end) to your inner thigh so that it would be pressed up against your already buzzing clit. He’d just overstimulate you until he felt like you’d learned your lesson.
Harry wastes no time getting you two upstairs to the bedroom. He’s quick to secure a tight grip on your body before lifting you two up from the couch and marching towards the stairs. He rushes you two up the stairs, so fast you couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughs at his eagerness. When he makes it to the bedroom he goes straight to the end of the bed, prompting you to loosen your legs from around his back, allowing for him to drop you onto the pillowy yet firm mattress. 
Instead of just jumping right into it you just sit there for a couple seconds, waiting for Harry to give you instructions on how to proceed. Was it because you wanted to be good and prove that you were a good girl today? No, not really. Was it because you knew Harry wanted to take a bite out of you and you wanted to poke at him a little and get him a bit more frustrated? Of course! Over time you found that it was so much more fun that way. 
“You know what to do.” Harry says, motioning down in your direction to get going as he towers while standing at the foot of the bed. 
“You are so horny.” You tease, lifting yourself up and sit on your claves, kneeling right before him. He intently watches as you begin to undo the top couple of buttons on your shirt, proceeding to it up and off your body. When you do this, his full attention goes your newly exposed tits as they bounce around in your bra. You continue on to unhook your bra, leaving your chest completely bare and exposed to Harry who’s mouth was completely watering at the sight. You couldn’t help but to be a little impressed at the way managed to revert him back to the days of him being a horny teenager. 
Harry watches as you wrap your fingers around the waistband of the little pair of shorts you had on, pulling them down a bit before lying on your back to pull them all the way off. You decide to leave the panties on since he had a thing for taking them off of you himself  Harry was completely mesmerized. Your pussy looked extra plump in those panties and Harry just wanted to suck and bite around the area between your legs. You looked stunning in the pictures but they didn’t do how you looked right now any justice. He hasn’t even touched you the way he had planned and he was already losing losing his shit.
Again, Harry’s mind drifted off into the Y/n oblivion, completely unaware of how long he’d been staring at you. He was so unaware that he didn’t even hear you calling his name. 
“Harry” You softly call out to him again. Except this time, you also glide your foot up his leg, making sure to push it further inside his thigh. You go all the way up, stopping at his bulge. You slightly dig your foot in, applying pressure to the sensitive area, causing a deep groan to fall from his mouth. He then grabs your ankle, stopping you from pushing any more. 
“What we’re you saying?” Harry questions with a slightly bewildered look. He didn’t mean to fall into those spells of staring, he just couldn’t help it. How was he not supposed to stare at the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on?! If he could be given a manual on how to to that, then maybe he’d consider reading it. But until then, he was going to keep staring and enjoying the view. 
“Well I wasn’t saying anything.” You say, with a tinge of attitude. “But maybe you should go get a towel.” You suggest, crossing your arms over your chest to give him one less thing to be distracted by.
“You’re right, I appreciate the self awareness.” Harry agrees with a chuckle, releasing your ankle from his grip and reaching down to deliver a swat to your inner thigh before heading into the connected bathroom. 
“Shut up!” You shout from the bedroom, rolling your eyes before moving higher up onto the bed and flipping onto your front, arching your back the way Harry liked and lying your head down on the soft pillows. 
“What?! I’m glad my baby knows that she’s a squirter.” Harry replies, returning with a large fluffy towel in hand. “I’m also glad my baby knows what I like.” He continues, admiring your form. He’s quick to get the towel underneath you before running over to his bedside table to grab the little bottle of baby oil he kept in there. Your head was turned in that direction so you could see him pick out the little bottle. All you could do was laugh at him. “I just like when your ass is all shiny.” He explains with a shrug from behind you as he opens the bottle. He squirts a little on either side of your ass, quickly capping the bottle back and completely rubbing it in before giving you two little swats before digging in. 
Harry kneels behind you on the bed, bringing his face in closer to your center. He hooks his finger around the small and now sticky strip of fabric that was supposed to be covering you, having to almost dig it out a little bit from how your pussy almost swallowed it up. He pulls it to the side to expose your shiny and slick pussy. You were dripping in arousal, the smell flooding Harry’s nose, making him even more excited to dig in. He then uses the same finger to prod at your entrance, causing you to let out a moan into the pillow.
Whenever you came, your release would always have a scent that was a bit different from your arousal. And since he’d been between your legs more than enough times, Harry was able to pick up on those little differences. And since he couldn’t pick up on anything, he figured he’d let you cum in his mouth. 
“I guess you were a good girl today.” Harry confirms before swiftly pulling down and removing your panties, proceeding to bury his face in between your legs. His mouth immediately engulfing your pussy, suckling on whatever it captured. 
“I told you.” You proudly hum through a string of moans. You could feel his tongue lapping up and down your folds, stopping at your entrance time and time again to prod at it with the tip of his tongue. He even took the time to suck both of your plump lips into his mouth one at a time. His mouth never failed to work wonders on your body. 
Instead of going straight to your clit, Harry continues in licking everywhere around it. And by everywhere, he licked everywhere. He licked around the outer area around your cunt, taking a moment to leave a couple hickeys on your inner thighs. He repeatedly lapped up and down your folds, pushing his tongue in between to lick as much of you as he possibly could. Harry even made sure to circle his tongue around your second entrance. When he did this, your moans only grew louder. You were so wrapped up in him mouthing at your ass you began to push back to meet his mouth. Playing into this a bit, Harry stuck his tongue out and let you fuck and grind yourself against it. As he let you do this, he couldn’t get enough of the way your ass clapped against his face with your every move. On top of that, your wanton moans filled the room as you got yourself off on his tongue. It was like Harry’s heaven on earth. 
It was so good that his cock began to ache from being completely neglected. He was so swollen he could’ve just exploded right then and there. When Harry finally bothers to pull himself out, you’re already nearing your release. So to take care of you both, Harry lies back on the bed, keeping his head between your legs. He then wraps an arm around your hips, pulling you right down onto his mouth. He engulfs your buzzing clit, sucking on and quickly moving his tongue against the swollen button. You’d been dying for him to give his attention to the bundle of nerves. You were already tingling from when he arrived home to the time he got you two into the bedroom. Just for him to be licking into you and giving no regard whatsoever to your clit. This entire time you were feeling your juices and his spit dripping down to your button, the sensation feeling heavier and heavier each time. You wanted to just rub it yourself but you’d be opening yourself up to a punishment. So you suffered a bit. But now, you were finally getting the final pleasure that would take everything, including yourself over the edge. 
It didn’t help that Harry was moaning right into your clit either. 
Now that Harry had you in this position, he could continue licking into you while also working on himself. He managed to undo his belt and pants with one hand, and in no time he was squeezing at his incredibly hard cock through his boxers. It took no more than 5 squeezes before Harry’s release came speeding towards him. Having his face between your legs had the exact same effect on him as sinking into you. So it was no surprise Harry was on the verge of letting go. 
Wanting you two to cum together, Harry began to work your clit even more, moving his tongue faster and sucking harder. When he does this your moans turn to small screams as you too feel your release hurtling towards you.
“Fuck daddy! M’gonna cum!” You cry out to him, becoming overwhelmed with your need to let go. Then with the hand that was on his cock, Harry brings his hand up to your backside, delivering one big swat to the area, sending you right over the edge with him following. He could feel your warm juices dripping all over the lower portion of his face as he made a mess inside of his boxers.
Once you’re all done, you go limp against Harry. Now even though he thought dying between your legs or inside of you was the best way to go out, he didn’t want to go out quite yet. So he slides down the bed from underneath you and rolls right over next to your body, staying on the towel since his shirt was quite wet. 
You then turn over after a couple minuets so that you’re on your back, still feeling the aftermath of your release.
“I find is so unfair that I’m the only one naked.” You whisper, looking down towards Harry who still had his clothes on. Sure they were all wrinkled and untidy, but he was still very much clothed.
“Take em’ off me then.” Harry says, he too feeling a bit tired.
“Fine. But you have to come up here.” You reply, giving him a little ultimatum. Which worked by the way. Harry already took his shoes off downstairs so that was one less thing for you to do. But the rest was for you to take off of him. Luckily for you everything was already loosened, which allowed for easy removal. You then kneel beside him on your still very shaky legs. 
Before you let Harry lean back against the headboard, you tugged the light blue button up with the slightly darker and undone tie that was still tucked underneath the collar off his body. You then moved on to remove the tight fitting ribbed tank top he always wore under his button downs before stopping dead in your tracks. Everything underneath it was gorgeous, everything you could ever want. But for some reason, the way his chest and abs and arm muscles were being defined by this article of clothing was just blowing your mind. You could even see the slight tan in his skin!This shirt was going above and beyond its advertised use. To be quite frank, it was doing way too much. 
“You good?” Harry asks, bringing his hand bed to cup your hip. 
“No actually, I’m not good. My legs are still shaking, I’m still horny, and you are too hot for your own good!” You divulge, causing Harry to let out a laugh, tilting his head back against the headboard. Only making it that much harder for you. “Don’t do that!” You softly shout, slightly shoving his shoulder before moving down to his pants. To make your life a bit easier when he feels you dip your fingers below the waistband of his boxers and slacks, he lifts his hips so that you could easily pull the pieces off of his body. As you’re pulling down his pants, you notice the area is glistening a bit, prompting you to inspect a little further. Pushing your fingers a bit further into his underwear, you stumble across a bit of a wet spot, signaling to you that he made a mess in his pants. When you realize this, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. 
“What’s so funny?” Harry asks, quirking his brow at the little outburst because he couldn’t think of anything inside of his pants that warranted that reaction.
“Nothing! It’s just that you came in your pants.” You explain, continuing on in removing the last of his clothes. “Think it’s cute.” You continue, thinking of how desperate and needy he was to just let go like that. When he hears this, all Harry can do is grumble and let you finish. Before you pull the pants off, you grab ahold of his socks as well, taking it all of at one time.
Once you toss it all over onto the floor, you lie down on the bed next to his lower half, particularly his lap. At that you immediately, but gently pick his semi-hard cock up in your much smaller, soft, and warm hand. You waste no time bringing your mouth down a bit to peck at his thick crown. When you do this, Harry’s eyes go right down to where you were, loving the way you looked with your mouth on his cock. He watches as your sweet little kiss turns into suckling as you wrap your pretty lips around the swelling head of his dick. You hear him let out a sigh of relief as you continue on, slowly adding more of him to your mouth. He watches you open your lips as wide as possible to accommodate his size as you got closer and closer to the base. Harry thought you were absolutely amazing with your mouth and how you used it to work his cock. He could feel your throat closing in and contracting around him a bit as you took more and more inside. When you take as much as you can in, you gag a little around him, forcing you to come back up.
“Fuck Y/n.” He groans, feeling your hand gliding up and down his shaft, twisting and turning and squeezing at his shaft. He watches as you spread your spit all over him, especially the rest that couldn’t fit into your mouth. You continued on for a little longer, taking him back into your mouth a couple times and tugging at his now completely hard cock. You even sucked on his balls a bit, sending him into even more of a frenzy. The sound of his rugged moans, coupled with the fact that you just loved having him your mouth, on top of the fact that he had a gentle yet firm, but non-controlling grip on the back of your neck made you want to just burst right then and there. It was so good. And it made you want him inside of you even more. 
With that being said, you give his slit one last kiss before sitting back up in front of him. You then reach down towards the end of the bed to grab the towel, giving Harry the ‘we might need this again’ look, prompting him to chuckle under his breath and shake his head, following it up with a smug smirk. After instructing him to spread it out underneath him, you use his shoulder for support and you climb on top of him. Harry brings his large hands to your hips, pushing his thumbs into the fleshy area where the top of your thigh and pussy meet. Keeping yourself up on your knees, you bring one of your hands down from his shoulder to his cock to line him up with your entrance. You then begin to slowly circle your hips downwards, sinking down onto his cock. Your mouths hung open as you two experienced the feeling of him pushing up into you. 
Harry was overwhelmed by the feeling of your warm, wet, and tight walls engulfing all of his dick. Not to mention the way you wound your hips down onto him the way you did. You on the other hand were so close to losing it from the way his cock almost pierced through your entrance from how big he was, invading your walls. It felt so good though. You felt completely full as you took all of him inside. Like you were positive that you could feel him in the pit of your stomach.
Once you’re adjusted to his size, you begin to move against him, starting off by circling your hips in his lap and moving yourself up and down on him a little too. You were feeling so good riding him, your soft moans flowing through the room. From this angle, he would push right up against your spot every time you came back down, causing you to speed up a bit. What made it even better was Harry’s mouth on your tits. He’d alternate between the two, sucking on your pert nipples as you moved on his cock. You could hear his muffled moans against your skin and you could feel them radiating through your body. Harry was again, in his own little heaven on earth. He was touching all over your body, your sweet moans flowing into his ears, he was deep inside of you, and he got to mouth at your tits. It couldn’t get any better than that Harry thought. That is, until you picked up the pace with your hips. When you start moving faster on him, quickly lifting and dropping yourself repeatedly on his cock, Harry’s head falls back against the headboard. Bringing his hands that were now on your ass around to wrap around your breasts, squeezing at the supple flesh and pinching at your nipples.
Your collective moans grew louder, battling with the sound of your ass slapping against his thighs and the sticky sound of your pussy swallowing his cock over who’d be the loudest. Your moans prevailing when you start digging your clit into the coarse hairs surrounding Harry’s cock. They were all nice and neat and a little rough, perfect for you to rub your clit against. 
“Daddy’s cock making you feel good baby?” Harry pants, starting to thrust his hips up to meet yours 
“So good daddy!” You whine, digging your nails into his shoulders as he increases the pace of his hips.
“Feel me all the way up inside your tummy sweet girl?“ Harry questions, bringing one of his hands down to rub circles around your lower stomach, applying a little pressure in the process.
“Mhm, so deep.” You breathe out to him in response, completely overwhelmed by it all. Your hands begin to move away from his shoulders, gliding down his clothed (but very sexily clothed) chest stopping at his midsection, using his very toned abdomen to help you balance. 
“Good girl.” He praises, bringing his hand that was still at your breast up to your neck, lightly wrapping it around before using his newfound grip to pull you into an open mouthed kiss. You two swapped moans as you feverishly licked into each other’s mouths. After sharing in this kiss for a little while longer you realIzed that you wanted to show Harry what was going on between your legs. 
“Wanna show you daddy.” You sigh, stopping the movement of your hips and lightly pulling out of the grip Harry had on you. His attention was all yours as he watched you lift yourself up from his now glistening cock. You were so wet there were strings of your arousal connecting your pussy to his dick. He watches as you turn around and straddle him again, this time with your back facing him. You waste no time wrapping your hand around his sticky cock and realigning him with your entrance. You smoothly glide back down his girthy shaft, taking all of him back into you. “Look daddy” You whine, spreading your ass apart so that Harry could get a clear view to your sopping wet and plushy pussy gripping and swallowing his cock over and over again. 
“Fuck me.” Harry huffs through his moans. His hands were over his mouth and his eyes, in complete awe at how you were really working his dick. “Y’look so good doll.” Harry groans, bringing his hands out to replace yours. He got a nice grip on the flesh of your backside as he spread it apart to watch you take him inside. The longer he looked, Harry could see your arousal dripping from your pussy all the way down his dick and he could see the sticky strings of your arousal form whenever you lifted your hips. The view only intensifies his moans and pushes him to thrust up into you even more.
He watches you start to lean forward forward, planting your hands on the mattress between his spread legs. Your once consistent movements becoming sloppier, and your moans dissolving into whines. You were even pushing (more like throwing) yourself back onto him, all of this telling Harry that you were getting closer to release number two. To help you both out, Harry takes control. He lightly pushes you forward using the grip he had on your ass, pushing you off of his cock. When he does this, you let out a whine, reaching behind you to try and find him to put him back inside. Harry is quick to lift himself up from where he was positioned on the bed to kneel behind you. And in no time you were filled up again. Except that for this go round, Harry was taking the lead. He pushes down against your upper back, forcing you into a bit of a deep arch. He then brings both hands to your supple hips to keep you steady before he start’s pistoning his hips into you. In an instant you’re clawing at the sheets and whining, crying, and screaming from how hard and how good it all felt. And in what seemed like no time at all, you were even closer to being consumed by your second release of the night.
“Gonna cum again daddy!” You weakly announce.
“Me too baby! Cum with daddy!” He pants, delivering a hard slap to your ass as it jiggled with every thrust. 
“Fuck!” You cry out to him, feeling one of his arms snake around your waist and a hand going between your legs, the hand going right to your clit. His fingers rapidly circle your pulsating clit, throwing you right over the edge and into your release. When you start to squirt for the second time and your cunt starts to contract around his cock, Harry follows suit, unloading all of his cum deep inside of you. 
When the waves of your releases calm down, Harry slowly pulls out of you, making sure to push any bit of the creamy white substance that tries to escape back inside. He thought it looked so pretty when your pussy was a complete mess with his cum all over. 
Your entire body is beyond tired and a little achey too. Not being able to hold yourself up any longer, you fall onto the bed, dropping back down on your side.
“C’mere sweets.” Harry hums, reaching down to pull you up into his chest. He quickly reaches back to pull the towel up, tossing it away before pulling back the sheets a bit for the two of you. Keeping you secure in his arms, he then falls back onto the bed with you on top of him. “Did so good.” He whispers, pulling the rest of the comforter out from underneath you two before spreading it across your naked bodies. You immediately get yourself comfortable against him, nestling into his warm chest with a leg thrown over his. Harry’s warm hands were lightly stroking the warm expanse of your exposed back.
“Can we take a nap, m’so tired?” You whisper, feeling yourself start to drift off.
“Of course Y/n.” He coos, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.
“And can get food when we wake up?” You question again, drifting off into your much needed nap. 
“We can do whatever you want babydoll.” Harry replies, chuckling at how cute you were.
“Okay...I love you.” 
“I love you more.” Harry whispers as you two fall asleep.
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