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#harry styles au
lovecanyon · 2 days ago
instagram post revealing beau’s birth <3
dad!harry x reader
(more dad!harry here)
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harrystyles beau robin styles.
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harryfan4 WHAT
harryfan8 are you fucking kidding me
hunterschafer congrats y/n!!!!!!
harryfan9 literally how did they hide a whole ass pregnancy
yourinstagram threats 😍😍
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jefezoff already an angel
harryfan11 the power this child already holds-
annetwist love you guys
harryfan14 maybe this one will release medicine
harryfan2 A BOY?!?
gemmastyles i can’t wait to meet him!!
harryfan7 most unexpected thing ever
caradelevingne just yesterday i was partying with you during your one direction days. now you have a child what???? CONGRATS BROTHER
harryfan10 y/n is one of the luckiest girls in the world omg
arianagrande ahhhh! babies!
harryfan13 i’m fucking sobbing
kendalljenner congrats harry!
harryfan15 you know kendall’s sobbing rn
harryfan19 nah she shakin in her boots
harryfan18 literally her 13th reasonKDJDHE
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yourinstagram beau robin styles.
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harryfan16 lucky ass bitch
adele i love my godson already
harrystylesfan18 ADELE IS THE GODMOTHER?!!
harryfan22 harry has a child. i can’t believe it.
harrystyles love you darling.
badgirlriri congrats babygirl. see you soon
harryfan24 thankfully he’s not an aquarius like harry
harryfan12 he’s a gemini, which is worse….LMAO
tchalamet beau! my buddy!!!!!
harryfan17 we watched harry grow up and now we’ll watch him have children
harryfan20 the middle name omg
harryfan26 literally everyone wants to be y/n right now
kaiagerber congratulations mama. can’t wait to see you!!
harry_lambert can’t wait to dress little man
harryfan23 nobody: me: wishing i was y/n rn
pillowpersonpp i love you guys so much
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harryssweatcreaturee · 2 days ago
the one where y/n doesn’t call harry
a/n: here we have soft harry bc we all love to see it <3 ENJOY!! pls leave feedback as it is encouraged and welcomed. reblog if you like, that is how us creators have our content see. LOVE YOU BABES.
word count: about 800
warnings: none <3 soft harry
“Call me when you’re ready to come home and I’ll come get you, baby. Please be safe. Don’t forget to call me! Love you! Have fun!”
Harry smiled as (Y/N) hopped out of the car, blowing a kiss to her boyfriend before shouting “I love you!” and making her way inside the club.
Today was one of her best friend’s birthday so she had told Harry they were planning a girl’s night at the club. He insisted he’d take her and pick her up so she can have all the fun she wanted without having to worry about getting home safe. All Harry wanted was for her to have fun and he’d take care of her.
It was about 11 PM and despite Harry being extremely exhausted, he stayed awake on the couch waiting for (Y/N)’s call to go get her. Every few moments he’d get bored of the tv, he’d go on his phone and see his girlfriend’s instagram stories, smiling at her having fun. She’s always working so hard, and he knew how much she needed this tonight.
A few hours had passed, and it was now around 2 AM and (Y/N) hadn’t called him to go get her. He saw she stopped posting stories about halfway past 12 so he figured she’d been drunk by then, too besotted to be worried about snapping pictures or recording videos. Harry had one eye open and one eye closed, struggling to keep himself awake. He remained that way until he heard the knob of the front door being played with, keys jingling on the other side.
There was no way that was (Y/N). She had no other way of coming home nor had she called Harry to let him know of any plans of change. He got up from the couch, door swinging open to reveal a very plastered (Y/N).
“I’m home!” She hiccuped before sighing, struggling to walk in as her purse and keys dropped to the floor.
“Wha- How did you get home?! You never called me.” Harry walked to her, wrapping one arm around her to help her walk, skin cold and clammy coming in contact with his. He didn’t need an answer to her question. “Baby, it’s freezing outside! Do you know how insane it is to walk home?! It’s past midnight and it’s so unsafe. God, something could have happened to you. You’re intoxicated and alone, you have a phone and didn’t even think of calling me. I told you to call me, (Y/N).”
Harry was rambling in anger. More so because he didn’t know what he would’ve done with himself if something were to happen to his girl. (Y/N) was known to become quite emotional when she was drunk and Harry yelling frantically didn’t help. They were now in the bathroom, (Y/N) sat on the covered toilet as Harry grabbed her makeup wipes to clean her face. Tears started to build in her eyes, her head spinning in no help to how she felt.
“I’m sorry. I- my phone, it-it died, and I had no other way to contact you. Then my friends all left. I was alone. So I just walked home.”
Harry sighed, kneeling to her level as a frown formed on his lips. “Oh, darling. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you I was just s’worried. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Let’s just get you ready for bed.”
(Y/N) was obedient to Harry’s every request. He ran her a bath, washed her hair, fed her a sandwich and some water in order to help her sober up.
After helping (Y/N) brush her teeth and slipping on a pair of panties for her, Harry moved her up to the pillows, bringing the blankets up their chins, and wrapping his body around her. (Y/N) turned around, both chest to chest as she wrapped her arms tightly around Harry, a sigh leaving her lips.
“I’m so lucky to have you, Harry. I love you so much.” Her words came out muffled as her face was pressed against his neck, her lips now leaving small, chaste kisses over his warm skin.
“I love you, angel. Good night.”
In reality, Harry always felt he was the lucky one. (Y/N) was the best he’d ever have, in more ways than one. He had no problem taking care of her in her most vulnerable moments. It was an honor for him.
“My special girl.” Harry whispered into her hair, hand running softly up and down her back. Sleep began to fill his body quickly, holding on to his (Y/N) tightly, almost afraid that she’d leave.
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harrysfolklore · 7 hours ago
could you do something with emily didonato?? i LOVE her!!
and with this blurb we start the dad!harry fridays!! hope you enjoy
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
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yourinstagram Back in the big city with my sweet bub 🤍 #35weekspregnant
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harryfan1 gorgeous 🥺🥺
annetwist Glowing !! 😍
harryfan2 growing more and more each day !!
harrystyles ❤️😍
↳ harryfan1 omg TWO emojis
↳ harryfan2 what his baby mama deserves
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harryupdates Harry in NYC today, bodyguards were around and he asked no to take pictures of YN, who came out of the car after him
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harryfan2 he’s such a great dad already ! taking care of his baby mama 🥺
harryfan3 i hope everyone respects their privacy and don’t forget that yn is literally 35 weeks pregnant, her safety comes first
harryfan4 i hope they enjoy their days in the city 💕
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yourinstagram When dad picks the outfit 🤍 ready for bub’s last day in nyc
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harryfan1 GORGEOUS
gemmastyles My beauties 😍
harryfan2 baby is about to be born and we still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl
harrystyles My loves x
↳ harryfan1 aaahhh a loving dad
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harryupdates “My wife’s due date is in a few weeks, this is actually the last interview i’m going to do for a while, i’m going to miss everyone but i honestly can’t wait to meet my baby and spend all the time with them” Harry in the Howard Stern show today !
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harryfan1 BABYYYY :(
harryfan2 harry is about to enter his lorde era
harryfan3 i hope he lets us see the baby when they’re born 🥺
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harrystyles Last post before going on paternity leave. This months have been full of love and growth, watching my wife carry our child has been, by far, the best thing I‘ve ever experienced. Can’t wait to finally meet them. Sending love to everyone, goodbye for now. H x
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harryfan1 HARRYYYY 😩😩
gemmastyles ❤️❤️❤️
harryfan2 paternity leave that’s adorable i can’t
yourinstagram Me and the little one love you so much, baby daddy 🤍
↳ harryfan3 AHHHH I MIGHT CRY
harryfan4 we probably won’t meet that baby until they’re going to college or something
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watchmegetobsessed · a day ago
A/N: alright i know i said next fic from this universe will be the one for fanficmas, but i just thought about this little scene and decided to squeeze it in!
PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader
Tumblr media
Harry is tapping on the bar top gently as he watches the bartender make the two drinks he just ordered. The music is playing gently in the background, but not too loud to disturb the chatting in the room. He looks around, eyes roaming around all the fancily dressed people filling the room, sparkly gowns and nice tuxedos everywhere he is looking. He didn’t plan on coming tonight, even cancelled his appearance, only wanting to spend the night at home with his family, but then you got a sudden urge to get out of the house before you get stuck inside with a newborn attached to your hip and Harry could not say no to you.
It was a pain in the ass to find a dress that fits you and also the occasion, but you managed, so you left the kids at Anne’s and took a night to yourselves.
“Harry Styles? Is that really you?”
A female voice calls out and his head whips in the direction of it, seeing a tall, slim, blonde woman walk over to him with a charming smile on her red lips. He knows her, but it takes a few seconds to remember her name.
“Jennifer, hi!” he smiles at her politely. When she reaches him, she pulls him into a hug and though he would have been fine without it, he returns it.
“Haven’t seen you at any event in ages!” Jennifer chuckles, touching his bicep lightly before she waves at the bartender. “A vodka soda please.”
“Well, I have different priorities these days,” Harry smiles back at her.
“I’ve been missing you.”
“You have?” Harry hums, already knowing where she is trying to head with the conversation. He knows Jennifer to be a blunt and very forward woman who goes after whatever she wants. And in the past couple of years Harry has been one of those things, blatantly ignoring the fact that he was already married with a baby when the two of them met.
“Of course. You’re always so fun to be around,” she winks as the bartender places three drinks to the counter next to them.
An alcoholic for Jennifer and two virgin drinks for Harry and of course, you. Jennifer’s eyes flicker over to the third glass and she knows what it means, but still chooses to shoot her shots.
In the meantime, you walk out of the bathroom, smoothing the fabric of your white dress over your stomach. It took a bit longer to do your business with the long skirt of the dress, but you managed to deal with it just fine. Roaming the place with your eyes you look for your husband and easily find him, you could recognize his figure out of a million within a second. Just as you head in his way you also spot the tall blondie who is evidently trying to charm your husband. From where you are, it appears that Harry is not too open to the conversation, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. As you inspect the woman, you realize you’ve seen her before at several events you attended with Harry. Every time she showed up, she shamelessly flirted with him, as if you weren’t even in the same room, wearing the wedding band Harry sported too. She’s been desperately trying to get into Harry’s pants the past years and maybe if you weren’t pregnant you would be able to hold yourself back. But your hormones are going nuts these days as your due date is only about three weeks away.
It’s not that you think Harry would cheat on you with her. She is not a threat, no one is, if you’re being honest, you trust your husband more than anyone. What pisses you off is that a woman can be this shameless and insensitive towards another woman, flirting with her husband in front of her eyes. You can’t overlook it any longer, she clearly knows that he is married with three kids and a fourth on the way. It might have been your first time out in the public pregnant, announcing your pregnancy with just your appearance, but she surely has seen you around and not even that stopped her from going after Harry.
“I’m throwing a massive New Year’s Eve party, can I expect you to see there?” Jennifer asks, puffing her chest out to emphasize the size of it, but Harry’s eyes never even more from the two drinks in his hands. This is when you interrupt.
“A New Year’s Eve party? Oh that sounds nice, but Harry and I will be both pretty busy with the baby by then,” you speak up, stepping to Harry’s side as you smile obnoxiously at her. Harry’s eyes light up at the sight of you, as if he is relieved to see you. He hands you your drink and then curls his free arm around your waist.
The look on Jennifer’s face is hilarious. Her eyes could throw flames at you and she is clearly pissed that you ruined her plan, but what was she expecting?!
“Oh, hi! I didn’t know you were here as well! You look amazing!” she chirps, smoothing her expression out to force a smile on her face, but it’s ridiculously fake.
“Thank you! You do too, but I think you’d look even better if you stopped flirting with my husband.”
They are both surprised how bluntly you just called her out, but her surprise is more like a shocked one while Harry seems to be enjoying the scene. You don’t get this jealous too often, making a scene was never your cup of tea, but he didn’t try to hide how much he loves it when you get all territorial about him.
“Uh, excuse me?” she chuckles nervously and you enjoy how her confidence is suddenly all gone.
“Oh, you heard me. I’ve watched you trying to drag him to bed for years, ignoring the fact that he is a married man with a family. You’ve seen the two of us around here all evening, saw that I’m literally eight months pregnant, yet, you still decided to shoot your shot. That’s very sad, don’t you think?”
“I-I just—I didn’t…” she stutters, her fingers nervously tapping on the side of her drink’s glass.
“You just thought that you were pretty enough to get with Harry, but I have news for you. News that should have been delivered years ago. You have no chance at him, okay? And I would appreciate it if you just left the father of my kids alone.”
Jennifer mumbles something under her breath before she walks away in a rush, a triumphant smile stretching across your face as you turn to face your husband, taking a sip from your drink.
“Have I told you how fucking hot you are when you get jealous?” he grins at you, giving your waist a squeeze.
“Me? Jealous? Never,” you shrug innocently. “Just wanted to give her a heads up. I’ve been putting up with her shit for what, like five years? Six years? We already had Ellie when I first met her at some award show.”
“Probably about that much, yeah. I honestly expected you to snap way earlier, years ago.”
“I’m patient, but the hormones made me put an end to this shitshow,” you scoff, taking another sip from your drink.
“How are you holding up? When do you want to leave?” he asks, turning into papa bear more as his hand comes to cup your stomach.
“Not gonna lie, my back is killing me,” you grimace.
“Then why don’t we head home? I can give you a massage, rub your feet, we can do a whole skin care routine now that the kids are away,” he smiles at you, pecking your lips softly.
“Mmm, sounds fantastic. Let’s finish this and then we can head home,” you say, holding up your drink.
You make a few more rounds, say goodbye to friends and a little after midnight, you head home. It’s a quiet evening when you get home, you take a shower together, your fancy clothes ending up on the floor of the bathroom, changing into some comfortable ones as you get to bed. There’s not many poses you can sleep in comfortably, mostly you use Harry as a human sized pillow, your massive belly somehow perfectly fitting against his body. He is scrolling through his phone at last, checking out pictures from earlier tonight and you watch his screen with him, photos of the two of you popping up in front of you.
“Wow, we looked good tonight,” he chuckles, his chest rumbling underneath your head.
“I’m like three times the size of you,” you sigh, but it’s more like a joke rather than whining about it.
“Three times more of you to love on,” he replies, kissing the top of your head. “It’s officially out,” he adds, referring to your pregnancy.
“I mean, we made it through two pregnancies without ever announcing them, they could have this one,” you chuckle, kissing his chest softly. “We only have a few weeks left.”
“Can’t wait,” he sighs happily and locking his phone he drops it to his nightstand.
Thank you for reading! Please like/reblog if you enjoyed!
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heyyyharry · 2 days ago
Red (All Too Well inspired / Harry Styles fanfic) which we got lost in translation and I asked for too much.
Tumblr media
I got drunk, fell asleep, and woke up at 4 in the morning, then I couldn't fall back to sleep so I stayed up and wrote this.
Warning: smut.
Word count: 2.5k
She’d got that text at 3AM. She’d been in bed with a guy she’d met on a dating app. They’d been on a few dates, and he’d said all the right things and matched her energy and efforts. She’d never had to wonder if he’d liked her or not. She’d been doing great. But then that got damn text had lit up her phone, and she’d been sucked right back into that rabbit hole.
Hey, how have you been?
That had been the blandest opening line she had ever seen.
She had sat in her bed, eyes squinted, grimacing at the bright screen. They hadn’t spoken in months, and out of anything, he’d chosen that. The audacity.
She had rolled her eyes and turned the screen off, told herself to just ignore him and go back to sleep. Her date had reached out to pull her back in. She’d turned her back to his bare chest, letting him spoon her. But right as she’d closed her eyes, her phone had lit up once again with another text. It had seemed like the read receipt had terrified him for a second.
I’m sorry I disappeared. I lost my phone on vacation, but I’m home now. If you haven’t found someone already, I’d like to make it up to you.
‘If you haven’t found someone already…’
As if he’d cared.
She’d sucked in a breath as her date had tightened his arm around her waist and buried his face into her neck from behind. He’d seemed so comfortable, and she had been too before the text.
She could have put her phone aside and gone back to sleep. But she had known if she didn’t wake up to a third text from him in the morning, she would overthink. With him, she’d keep going round and round in circles like a carousel.
She had thought for a moment and decided to reply.
I’m sorry about your phone.
You can make it up to me next week.
He had read the messages in a second.
Red flag is typing…
Or right now.
Come over, Y/N.
And now she was on the night bus to see him. She’d told her date that her friend had called, and it’d been an emergency. He’d been so understanding and concerned, which had made her feel so guilty. But here she was, retracing her own mistakes.
He was waiting at the bus stop when she arrived. When you saw someone you hadn’t seen in a while, it felt easier to breathe. He stood with his hands in his puffer coat. It was three degrees outside. She wondered how long he had been waiting out here in the cold, and that tiny part in her that hadn’t guarded up against him shuddered at the thought that he might have waited in the cold for her.
Maybe she had overinterpreted this whole thing, but his eyes seemed to light up when she stepped off the bus. He took a step forward and put his arms around her. She buried her face into his neck and closed her eyes. She’d missed his scent. Not his expensive cologne but the smell of him, which had made her do double-takes on strangers too many times before.
“How have you been, love?” he’d asked, pulling away, his green eyes glowing in the dim streetlight.
She tried to ignore his hand which was resting on her lower back, but goosebumps had pimpled her skin under three layers of clothing.
“I’ve been good. You?”
“Great,” he said, dimples sinking deep into his cheeks. “Been cold, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” she said, breathing out smoke.
“Let’s go.” He took her hand as they started walking, and a grin spread on his lips when he found that she was wearing gloves.
“Weakling,” he joked.
“I’m not. It’s three fucking degrees!”
“Nah, you’re just weak,” he said, lacing his fingers with hers. “But it’s okay. I’m here to keep you warm.”
Her thoughts faltered for a second at those words. He’d said them so casually as if they’d held no weight. She wondered if, for at least once, he’d meant these things he’d said. But she knew if they were out together during the day, which rarely happened, and this pavement was packed with people, he wouldn’t even be walking so close let alone hold her hand so tight. Then, as they walked and she gazed upon the side of his face, she couldn’t help but imagine him with another girl strolling down the empty street of Europe, and her stomach turned with anxiety.
The walk wasn’t short, but it could’ve been longer. She couldn’t bear the cold, but she hated when he let go of her hand on his doorsteps. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door.
“My flatmate’s asleep,” he said in a whisper, as if his flatmate waking up and seeing her here would have been the end of the world.
She shook off the troubling thoughts and her coat and jacket, then followed him to his room. She had been here too many times that she could tell the slightest change he’d made.
“Did you get new sheets?”
“Yes.” He smiled and put on music as she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Do you like them?”
She stuck out her bottom lip and turned to look at the violet floral sheets. “Very pretty.”
“Like me.”
His comment made her giggle. “No, like me.”
“Like us,” he said then came to sit down next to her.
She’d seen him naked so many times yet him sitting so close to her still made her heart pound. She took in a sharp breath and smiled as he brushed a hair out of her face.
“I’m sorry I made you travel here,” he said. She’d never seen his eyes so green. “I would have come to you if I hadn’t been so tired from all the trains.”
“Did you just get back?”
“How was vacation?”
“It was good.” He grabbed her hand from her lap, brought it to his mouth and kissed it. Her heart shuddered at the simple gesture. “Food good. People good. Missed you though.”
“Really?” she scoffed, rolling her eyes.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he chuckled. “I meant it.” Then, as proof, he pulled out his new phone. “See? Lost my phone on vacation.”
“I didn’t say you lied about it.”
He shrugged, put his phone on the nightstand and his hand on her hip. “Come here.”
She got up and moved to sit on his lap, resting her forehead against his. He shut his eyes, his lashes fluttering as he brushed his nose against hers. She wanted to ask him to tell her he missed her again. She liked hearing that. Because if he hadn’t said it, she would never have been able to tell.
His hand resting on her knees slowly made its way up to her thigh. He let out a satisfied groan as he pressed his nose to her neck. She leaned back, eyes shut, her hand in his hair. He caressed her thigh for a moment before sliding his hand up to her breast. Her body burned and ached for him. A hand on his shoulder, she turned to straddle his hips. He started kissing her neck, careful not to leave evident. She knew they weren’t teenagers, but she wished he’d leave a mark. So that she could walk out of here the next morning knowing it’d been real. And that he didn’t mean it like that when he hugged her like a friend at the bus stop and said, “Thanks for coming. It was nice seeing you.”
He pulled back for a moment, a hand at the back of her head, just looking at her.
“What?” she giggled.
“You’re so pretty,” he murmured.
She rolled her eyes again as he pulled her back in, pressing his mouth to hers. He kissed her tender, then he kissed her hard. They fell back on the bed, and she pulled off her sweater and shuffled down to sit on his thighs as he undid his trousers. She wished they could take it slow, but right now she didn’t want to. She needed to feel him inside her, to make him cum, to hear him say her name, to pretend that he hadn’t said all those sweet things just for this, that he wouldn’t shut off his feelings the second he pulled out of her.
“Condom. Have you got condoms?”
“Y/N, calm down.” He laughed and stopped her as she reached for his top drawer. He cupped her face, kissing her again with tongue. Her mouth fell open with a gasp as he unzipped her jeans and slipped his hand in. He looked her straight in the eyes as he started rubbing her there. She knew how much he liked her reactions to him. Her core clenched as he slipped one finger inside her. “Fuck, you’re so tight for me, baby.”
“Yes,” she panted, eyes closed, head tossed back so he could kiss her neck. Panting, he grabbed her hand and put it into her trousers. Then, as she rubbed her clit, trying to hold eye contact, he watched and worked his fingers inside her.
She had never come so hard. She sobbed out his name and rode out her orgasm until she collapsed onto him. He patted her hair as she breathed into his chest. Once she’d calmed down, he flipped them over, got undressed, then helped her get out of her clothes and grabbed a condom from the drawer.
When he slipped in, they both moaned. This feeling that she would never get used to made her feel belonged. It was never the same with other people. Just him.
He rolled his hips as she pushed back, allowing him to go deeper, hitting the right spot. She trembled under his touch and kisses. If only this moment could last forever.
When he came, he came hard, crying out her name. She felt ecstasy as she put her arms around him, holding him close. Their sweaty bodies moved together, slowing down and going limp.
The room was so quiet. She had never heard silence quite this loud.
The butterflies in her stomach made her feel sick. He pulled out of her and dropped onto his back beside her. She waited for him to pull her in and cuddle her, but he stayed there, staring at the ceiling with an arm over his forehead. Butterflies burst into flames, her heart now a lump of coal.
“That was amazing,” he said quietly, turned to her and smiled. “You were amazing.”
“I was with someone when you called,” she blurted, not knowing why she’d said it. Maybe she just wanted to get a reaction from him.
He looked stunned for a second, then his smile destroyed her. “You’ve been seeing someone? That’s great, Y/N.”
She forced a smile back. “Is it?”
Harry pushed himself up on his elbow and gazed down at her. She tried to look for a hint of jealousy on his calm expression, but there was none. Because he wasn’t jealous. He didn’t care enough to be.
“But why did you come?”
She averted her eyes and shrugged, hugging her naked self. “He got sick, so he went home. And I came here.”
“Oh,” he said, thoughtfully. “How long have you been seeing him?”
“For a few weeks.”
“Are you serious with him?”
“I guess. Don’t know.”
It finally dawned on him. His face turned cold. “So I won’t see you again if you start dating this guy.”
She shrugged, trying to ignore that spark of hope. “I don’t have to date him, Harry.”
“Have to?” Harry laughed. “What do you mean?”
Frustrated, Y/N sat up and looked him in the eyes. “Are you not jealous?”
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked, sitting up as well. He seemed quite appalled, and she could not blame him. They had never had this kind of conversation before. “Is me not being jealous bothering you?”
“Why?” He chuckled. “You’re not jealous of the girls I sleep with.”
So he had been sleeping with other girls. Of course he had. She knew him. Why was she surprised?
Maybe it just hurt to hear him say it.
“I am, though,” she murmured, pulling the duvet up to cover her body.
He was quiet for a moment.
“I’m sorry I asked you to come. It…it probably wasn’t a good idea.”
Stunned, Y/N stared at him. Her stomach churned as if she was about to throw up. She felt a burning sensation at the bridge of her nose.
“Have you,” she stuttered, “Have you ever thought about us?”
“Thought about us?” he asked.
“Like…” She wetted her lips and swallowed dryly. “Will we ever be something?”
Harry froze for a second.
Then, he said, “You know I can’t commit.”
“I do. I just don’t know why,” she said, her voice shaking. “Is it because your ex cheated?” He said nothing. “Harry.” She grabbed his wrist. “Not every girl is gonna be like her. Not all relationships are the same.”
For a moment, he didn’t speak, and she felt herself melting into a puddle on his violet sheets. Tears stung her eyes, but she fought them back.
“I’m really sorry, Y/N,” he said at last, and she let out a breath of defeat. A tear rolled down her cheek. She wondered if he could see her cry since the room was so dark and blue. Probably not. Or he chose not to see it.
She didn’t believe him when he said that, but she believed it when he pulled his hand from her grip and scooted back. “I wish I could be that for you. But you deserve to be happy. I want you to be happy.”
She did not say a word, got up and started putting on her clothes. He did, too, but with every move, she felt his eyes on her. She waited for him to say something. She would have stayed if he’d asked. She would have stayed forever.
“Want me to drive you home? I could borrow my flatmate’s car.”
“No, thanks,” she said, facing the wall as she slipped her trousers back on.
“I’ll walk you to the bus stop. It’s cold outside.”
It was colder in here, she thought but did not say.
Silently, they walked back to the bus stop. This time, they kept a distance as if someone was watching. He had his hands in his pockets and her gloved hands were holding herself. The cold pierced through her brain. She would probably have a permanent headache after tonight.
The bus arrived right as they got to the bus stop. Part of her was glad that she didn’t have to wait in the cold with him; another part of her was sad that she didn’t have to wait in the cold with him.
“Thank you for coming,” he said what he always said and gave her an awkward smile.
She just looked at him, sucked in a breath, and stepped on the bus.
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harryforvogue · 2 days ago
Baby Blue (Harry and Safiyya’s Christmas Blurb)*
HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Harry and Safiyya's Christmas Celebration Fic!!!
Just a little helpful guide for y'all. The name Isa is pronounced "EE-SA." It's Arabic :D
i hope you enjoy it! this fic is 5.5k words and it has smut so of course, as always, read with caution.
here is the link to my ko-fi. i won't lie, i'm putting my all into these fics, so i would really appreciate it if you gave me a little something something in return.
happy reading :)
Harry’s in the midst of cradling his son to sleep when the phone rings and Safiyya jolts awake from where she’s resting on their bed. The jerk frightens their 3 month old child, Isa, who’s eyes reopen, lower lip wobbling as he glances around. Harry’s not too concerned about it, however. Isa’s already had his bottle so he won’t do much except shed a few tears and then return back to sleep.
Because of Isa, Safiyya’s become a very light sleeper, waking at every sound just in case it’s him. Right now, she’s laying on her stomach, unwashed hair whipping around as she tries to locate the sound. Harry gently nudges her shoulder with his elbow.
“Your phone,” he murmurs softly, careful not to wake Isa who’s returning back to sleep without, thankfully, crying. “I can’t reach it.”
Safiyya glances at the phone on the side table and quickly reaches for it, unplugging it. “Hello?” she whispers, cupping a hand around her mouth.
Harry watches his wife’s face curiously. She listens for a long time, dropping her face back into the pillow. Since she’s been able to sleep on her stomach again, that’s all she does when she tries to relax. Eventually, Harry becomes less intrigued in whatever monologue that person on the other side is giving his wife, so he slowly gets up and heads to the crib. They thought a lot about whether to make a nursery or to just set up Isa’s crib and necessities in their room, and they ended up doing the latter.
Post-partum hasn’t been treating Safiyya very nicely and it helps for her to know that if Isa ever needs anything in the middle of the night, his parents are only a few steps away. Harry kisses Isa’s forehead and then gently lays the baby into the crib, tucking small pillows around his frame. Isa has been trying to roll over for a week now and the last thing Harry wants is his kid rolling over right into the bars of the crib.
He’s in the middle of tucking Isa in and securing his pacifier into his mouth when his wife hisses into the phone, “Tell them to go fuck themselves.”
Alarmed, Harry turns around and raises his eyebrows, but Safiyya’s head is facing the other way. “I don’t care,” she says. “He’s my fucking child.” And then she hangs up.
Harry cautiously strides back to the bed. He sits down and taps her head. “Hi. What’s going on?”
Safiyya whips her head towards him and he’s immediately taken aback by the fury in her eyes. All that emotion wasn’t there five minutes ago. “They want to see him,” she says tightly, sitting up. “My parents.”
“For Christmas?”
“Yeah. They want to come over.”
Harry considers this for a minute before saying, “Saf, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I don’t want your parents to come here.”
“I know,” she answers, turning her phone on silent and letting it rest on the side table. “I don’t either. They are not allowed to see him. He’s our baby. He’s ours!”
His eyes soften as he reaches over and softly takes her hand in his. “I know. He’s all ours. I don’t want them to see him, just like you don’t. They’re your parents so they have to hear it from you, don’t they? Did Ahmed call?”
“Yeah. He’s been a real dick lately. Ever since Isa’s birth, he’s been trying to patch up things between me and my parents. Nobody even considers that I don’t want to patch things with them. I am his mother. They are not his parents.”
Harry trails his fingers up her oversized maternity sleepwear and then cups her jaw. “I completely agree. It’s completely up to you.”
For a moment, Safiyya lets him caress her cheek with the back of his hand. Then, she leans into him and places her head on his shoulder. He’s tentative about holding her. Things have been a little different since she gave birth. She doesn’t always want to be cuddled or touched by Harry, but right now she craves it. She shuffles closer and presses her nose into his collarbone.
“It’s up to us,” she softly corrects, hiking a leg up his thigh. “We created him. He’s your son as much as he is mine.”
Harry smiles, still stroking her cheek. “Before sunrise, he’s my son?”
Safiyya picks her head up. “Is that from The Lion King?” Harry nods. “Well, you had that duty yesterday so this morning it’s my turn.”
But Safiyya’s dark circles and the eyelids that barely lift say otherwise. He bends down and kisses her forehead gently. “I’ll take the first two. And you can take any after that.”
His wife finally smiles, tilting her head up. “Is this how two gross, unshowered parents flirt these days?”
“Hey, it’s what you wanted. I merely fit the part you needed.”
She reaches up and presses one chaste kiss to his mouth and then slowly pulls away. “I want to sleep. Can we sleep?”
“Yeah, love.”
He releases her as she pulls away. Safiyya groans softly as she slides down onto her stomach and buries her face into her pillow. Harry lays down as well, turning off the lamps, resting on his side. He softly rubs Safiyya’s back, wrapping her up in the blanket.
She begins to softly snore just two minutes later.
Harry continues to play with her hair, pulling her curls apart and then tangling them with his fingers again. She doesn’t budge an inch, nor does she show irritation when he takes a small strand of her hair and gently tugs on it, enough to cause discomfort.
He then turns his head and looks at the baby in the crib, already motionless and asleep.
“You two are the same person,” he whispers, half in awe, sliding his arm down her waist and draping it there, cuddling closer to her. When he takes a deep breath, he smells baby milk on her and powder. It causes a small to spread across his face and he falls asleep, content.
Isa wakes up four hours later. He’s been getting better at sleeping for longer hours, but it’s still not enough for either of the parents. Harry’s eyes open first, but Safiyya is already moving before him, half asleep. He tucks a hand into her shoulder blade and gently pushes her back down, murmuring, “S’my turn.”
Harry yawns, attempts to stretch, and then heaves off the mattress.
“Alright,” he whispers, rubbing his eye with his palm as he strides to the lavender crib. “What’s the matter, now?”
Isa’s cries are just beginning to increase when Harry reaches into the crib and retrieves the baby, cradling him easily in one arm. Harry presses his finger to Isa’s mouth. “You’re hungry again? I’m not sure we have any of Mama’s milk left.”
Safiyya’s face is still buried in the pillow, but Harry hears her sleepy, muffled voice, “There’s no more.”
“That’s okay.” Harry pats Isa’s bum and carries him out the room. With each step, Isa becomes more quiet.
When they’re in the kitchen, Harry reaches for a bottle and fills it with warm water. “I know the other stuff isn’t so great,” he says through a yawn, tucking Isa further into the crook of his elbow. “Let’s see if Dada can do this with one hand.”
He pulls out the formula and slowly measures out the right amount, tapping the scooper against the top of the bottle a few times. He twists the top on and then shakes the bottle. Isa is getting restless once more so Harry pushes the bottle into the baby’s mouth and silences him. As expected, Isa makes a content noise and his eyes flutter until they’re half open.
“Wanna hold the bottle yourself?”
Harry releases the bottle and waits for Isa to hold onto it, but Isa can’t catch it quick enough, so Harry holds it up. He then walks back to the bedroom and sits on the edge of the mattress, leaning his head back against the headboard. Isa’s eyes are closed and only a few moments later, he expels the bottle from his mouth and hiccups.
Harry lays Isa on his shoulder and gently rubs the baby’s back, his own eyes closing. Safiyya is still softly snoring beside him and he smiles at the sound, smiling only wider when Isa burps and lays in his father’s arms, nearly asleep.
Harry can’t help but raise his baby higher and press his nose to Isa’s wispy hair. He laughs. “You smell like your mom.” Eager to head back to sleep, Harry lays Isa back into his crib, tucks him in and softly runs his finger down his son’s cheek.
“I’ll see you in two hours,” he whispers as he backs away, heading to Safiyya. She’s completely unconscious to the world. He suspects she won’t even wake to the sound of a marching band passing through their room.
Harry ends up sleeping through Isa’s cries the next time. When he finally wakes again, it’s when his alarm goes off and he groans, squinting against the sunlight as he glances at his phone. He has a remote book tour date today.
His family is supposed to come over for the weekend, which means that after the book tour, he needs to clean the house until it’s spotless.
After he makes a cup of coffee, he walks to the living room where Safiyya is on the phone, Isa fast asleep against the crook of her elbow as he’d been just hours ago with Harry. Although her voice is low as she hisses into the phone, Harry can hear the rage in her tone.
“I don’t care,” Safiyya growls. “I don’t care at all. If you show up at my house, I will leave you out there in the cold. Don’t you dare try to ruin this for me.”
Harry makes himself known in the room with a whistle. She turns her head towards him and gives him one hell of a fake smile.
“No,” she repeats firmly over and over. “I will change my house and call the police on you.”
Wary, Harry places his cup of coffee on the table and bends down in front of Safiyya, reaching for Isa. She easily hands him over and gives him an odd look to which he answers with a soft kiss to the top of her head.
“Your parents?” he mouths.
“Brother,” she mouths back and then audibly replies to said person on the other side of the phone, “I said I don’t care! Do not tell them to call me or I will block everyone’s number. I don’t care if I’m being a bitch! They do not enter my house or see my child or try to make amends with me.”
Safiyya pulls the phone away from her ear and ends the call, immediately turning her phone off afterwards, tossing the device away.
Harry has an amused look on his face as he kisses Isa’s face generously. “Your mom is very very mad.”
“I have every right to be. Imagine just giving birth, your emotions are all over the place, you’re trying to settle down again, and your parents who disowned you years and years ago now want to come back into your life just because of your kid.” Safiyya stands up and begins angrily pacing. “And you know what? I’ll be damned if I let them make their way back into our lives. If they didn’t love me as their daughter, they do not get to fucking love our child as their grandson.”
Despite the rage straining her tone, Harry detects a different emotion too. Sadness, he realizes as he steps in front of her to stop her pacing. “You did the right thing,” he murmurs, raising Isa slightly. “Even he thinks so.”
Safiyya looks at Harry and then Isa, her eyes eventually softening. “I know. I know I’m doing the right thing, but I don’t like that I have to be doing it. I always knew they’d try to slide back into my life when I had a child, but now that it’s happening, I feel… I feel like--”
Harry nods, bumping his head against hers. “It’s very overwhelming.”
“So fucking overhwelming.”
Safiyya’s shoulders fall and she stands there in silence, leaning against him. When she picks her head up, she glances at the time. “You have something in 15 minutes.”
“I do,” he says, pulling away. “I can take Isa until he starts crying.”
She shakes her head. “No, Harry, I’ll take him. You do your thing in peace.”
Harry slowly nods. “I’m sorry for sleeping through the night, by the way. I’ll take the first duty tonight.”
She suddenly brightens, straightening her back. “Oh, no. Both of us will be getting some good sleep because your mother is going to be on baby duty tonight.”
Harry’s eyes widen. “You’re right. Oh, Safiyya. We’re going to sleep tonight!”
Her smile matches his. “We are. We are so pathetic.”
“We’re not pathetic,” he corrects her with a click of his tongue. “We are parents. I’ll see you in an hour, alright?”
She nods and takes Isa from him, latching him to her chest. “Have fun.” And as Harry’s walking away, he hears his wife murmur to the baby in a sweet, soft voice (completely opposite to how she hissed at her brother mere moments ago), “Come on, albi. Let’s go lay down.”
Harry’s mother has saved Safiyya’s life. Not only has she taken over baby duties since she got here, but she’s also made all the people who came with her help Harry and Safiyya out with host duties. So setting the table took no more than 23 seconds and dinner took less than a minute to be served.
Isa’s asleep in his rocker right now, but as she steals glances at the baby, she feels he’s about to wake up.
Under the table, Harry rests a gentle hand on her knee, tapping softly every few seconds. But her attention remains on Isa. Is he comfortable? Is the beanie making him too hot? Is the rocking seat too fast? Should she have pre-made bottles already?
Finally, the only thing that makes her sigh with relief is when Isa stirs and releases gurgling cries. She’s immediately standing up, eager to head to her baby. “Harry, make the bottle,” she says, heading to Isa.
But Harry’s mother stands up and shakes her head. “It’s alright. I’ve got him.”
Safiyya’s eyes widen. “Oh, no no, it’s okay! I’ll put him back to sleep--”
“Love, you need to rest. It’s fine.”
Safiyya could kiss this woman right now. This is the reassurance she needs. “Are you sure?”
“Of course. You go make the bottle, Harry. Safiyya, seriously, my dear. Sit down. I’m here now.”
Overcome with emotion, Safiyya nods slowly and sits back down. However, she doesn’t stay seated for too long, standing up and excusing herself to go help her husband though she trusts he knows exactly what he’s doing.
Harry’s waiting for her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. “Just couldn’t help yourself, hmm?”
He holds his hands out for her and she notices the bottle of formula besides him. She immediately walks into his arms and holds him tight for a long time. Isa’s soft cries eventually dwindle to an occasional sound of discomfort. The pacifier must be in his mouth.
Harry pulls away and presses kiss after kiss to her face and neck, trapping her in his arms with nowhere to go. Safiyya feels something in her chest, something that’s been happening more recently when she has the time with Harry and when his kisses are as enticing as the ones he’s laying on her over and over again.
Her hands grab his shirt and she raises herself to her tiptoes, leaning on his firm body for support as she kisses him back. He begins the kisses innocently, but when Safiyya’s mouth latches onto him more hotly, he’s taken aback and his grip around her tightens.
“Really?” He chuckles against her mouth. “Here?”
“Shush. Just a few more.”
Harry obliges. When he finally pulls away, his cheeks are slightly flushed. “Not here,” he whispers, thumbing over the bridge of her nose. “Later.”
The bottle of milk rests forgotten on the counter.
She sighs and pulls away, wiping the edge of her mouth softly to fix her lipstick. Then she does the same to Harry’s mouth “We should get back to him.”
“We should.”
Nobody makes a move. Harry laughs and stares down into Safiyya’s warm eyes. Pregnancy has made her cheeks fill out a bit more, her hair thicker and longer. She looks different at times, but also completely the same. He’s in awe.
“After dessert,” Harry starts in a low voice, brushing his lips over her cheek, “we can give Isa to my mom for a few hours and go take a nap.”
“I already napped today though. I’m ready for night duty tonight.”
His mouth twitches. “We’re not really going to nap, Safiyya.”
At the sound of her full name, her eyes widen as a thrill runs up her spine. “Oh.”
“How’s that sound?”
“Good.” She quickly grabs the bottle of milk and steps back. “I’ll take this to Isa.”
He laughs at her eagerness and nods as she leaves the kitchen. Before heading back to the dining room, he sticks his hands in his pockets and adjusts himself.
Safiyya arrives an hour later, dramatically entering their bedroom where Harry’s been for the past ten minutes. She leans herself against the locked door and narrows her eyes at him. “You.” She points at him, humor in her eyes. “Pants. Off. Now.”
Harry’s lounging on the bed, his legs crossed. He raises his eyebrows. “Wow. That’s how we’re doing it, Saf?”
Safiyya walks to him, and then lets him guide her waist down, her thighs straddling his hips. “I can’t wait.”
He can’t help but chuckle when she rests in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Your dark circles are so sexy.”
“Yours too,” she murmurs, leaning down for a kiss. Right before their lips touch, she brings her head back and holds his jaw. “Should I shower?”
Harry’s eyes are already a bit glazed over with need, so he blinks at her. “Why?”
“Isa spit up on me a while ago. I changed my shirt but he got a bit of my hair too.”
“I don’t mind it.”
He pushes against the hold on his face but she tightens it, as well as narrows her eyes. “Are you lying to me?”
Harry grins. “Of course not.”
“Saf, I really don’t care.” He shrugs and reaches out to grab her face in the same manner she’s grabbed his. He squeezes her cheeks together.
“Are you sure?” she says, enunciating the words horribly.
She releases his jaw then and then leans down for a kiss. It’s messy and warm. Harry tastes apple pie on her and Safiyya tastes chocolate pudding on him, both of them immediately attracted to the taste. When Harry releases Safiyya’s face, his hands drag down to her sides, squeezing and tugging her closer until her center rests on the bulge of his trousers. She lets out a soft groan against him and tilts her head when he begins to press kisses down her neck and over the tops of her breasts. When his hands go to her chest, she brings in air through her teeth and gently rests her hands over his.
“That hurts,” she whispers, and Harry immediately removes his hands.
“Sorry,” he murmurs, kisses her neck as an apology. “Keep your shirt on.”
Safiyya shakes her head and catches his mouth with hers again, kissing desperately. “No,” she whispers against his lips. “Leave the bra on, but not the shirt.”
“You sure?”
He keeps his arms around her torso and below instead, running them over her thighs and calves as if warming her. Although it’s usually a bit cold in their house, right now he feels hot and Safiyya feels just the same. Despite it all, when Harry moves out from under her and rolls her onto the mattress, he pulls up the sheets around them.
“Harry,” she whispers, staring up at him. His hair has gotten longer so he needs to tuck it behind his ears. “I’ve missed you.”
He smiles, pressing a loving kiss to her forehead before beginning to unbutton his shirt. Her gaze immediately falls down to the exposed skin, taking in every inch of him as it becomes visible to her. He tosses the shirt away and unbuckles his belt.
“I’ve missed you,” he answers back. “How long has it been?”
“Months? Weeks? Eons?”
He laughs shortly. “I think five months.”
She picks her head up when Harry passes the material of her shirt over it. “Really?”
“That’s insane.”
“I know. Must have been so hard to keep your hands off my body, right?” He kisses her forehead again and then lets her begin undoing his button and fly. “Bet you wanted to just love all over me.”
“Oh you have no idea,” she admits, sitting up a bit. Harry’s on his knees in front of her and she glances up at him through her lashes before pushing his pants and briefs down. She waits no time, gently wrapping her hand around him, watching him tilt his head back and groan. “Shush. We’re supposed to be napping.”
He stares at the ceiling for a moment before bringing his gaze back to her face. She’s taunting him, with that curve of her mouth and slight scrunch of her nose. She slowly passes her hand over the length of him, twisting her hand carefully as if reteaching herself how to touch him.
Without warning, she leans forward and envelopes him in her mouth, startling him. He immediately holds her hair, groaning softly again.
She pulls off and wipes the corner of her mouth, her eyes dancing with mischief. “Shhh.”
“Don’t you dare say that to me,” he whispers, pushing her carefully onto her back before leaning down to undo her own pants. He pulls them down with ease and pokes her thigh. “Nice underwear.”
“I’m scared of leakage.”
“It stopped a week ago, but I’m still wary about it. Be lucky I’m not wearing that big pad.”
“I wouldn’t have minded if you did. I still would have taken it off of you with nothing but very very dirty thoughts in my head.”
“Can we talk about something more sexy than the underwear I happen to be swimming in?”
Harry smiles for another time. “This is a very sexy conversation indeed, Saf. But fine. As you wish.” He tucks his fingers into the waistband of the underwear and brings them down, passing them over her legs.
“You know,” she says suddenly, her face brightening. “I didn’t see anything past my belly for a good month after I gave birth.”
Harry gently runs his fingers over the light stretch marks on her lips and lower abdomen. “Yeah? And what were your thoughts afterwards?”
“That I had too much hair.”
“This counts as sexy talk, right?”
“I’m just telling you. It was also a bloody nightmare. Literally.”
“Safiyya,” he murmurs, bending down to kiss her inner thigh. She immediately becomes quiet after that. “You’re so beautiful and soft. Do you know that sometimes I look at you and I can’t believe how far we made it?” He touches her cheek. “We had a baby, for fuck’s sake.”
“One who looks aggravatingly like his father rather than the person who carried him for 9 months and continues to breastfeed him,” she shoots back, tucking his hair behind his ear again. “Hope you’re happy about that.”
“Oh I am.” He presses kiss after kiss to her inner thighs, occasionally biting down softly and then soothing the pain with a pass of his tongue. “As happy as I’m going to make you.”
Safiyya sits up a bit to watch him as he presses his tongue flat against her and softly licks. She gasps and bits her lip with excitement when Harry raises his eyes towards her and wraps his arm around her thighs, tugging her closer to him.
“Never thought I’d see you between my legs again,” she whispers, tenderly pushing curls off his face.
“Mm, why’s that?”
“It’s a little scary down there. Thought you’d run away.”
Harry breaks off with a laugh, pressing his forehead to her thigh. “Safiyya! It is not!”
“Yes it is,” she says. “I checked with a mirror a few weeks ago. Maybe it looks a little better now, but I’m serious. It was horrible.”
“Habibti, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Everything looks fine to me.”
She raises her hips without realizing, wanting his mouth back. When he notices, he relieves her ache and gently laps over her again. Safiyya sighs deeply and rolls her head back against the pillow, hands finding her husband’s hair again. His mouth causes warmth to pass over her body, making her shudder despite the hot flashes she feels at the wonderful treatment she’s receiving.
“You’re so soft,” he murmurs, trailing his fingers up her sides until she chokes out a laugh and bats his hands away. “Missed you on my tongue.”
He brings his hand back down between her legs and pulls away gently, placing two fingers in his mouth. Safiyya groans at the sight of him, throwing her head back. He hasn’t heard her noises in months, so he’s going to try his best to keep them coming. They are delicious, addictive, and music to his ears.
Harry presses two fingers to her and gently pushes in, watching her face carefully. He’s read up about how to be intimate with your wife after she gives birth. He’s expecting some changes, but he won’t know him until she tells him about the differences in how she feels now. When she gasps at the intrusion and whimpers, he thinks that maybe things won’t be so different.
Except when he presses his fingers in completely, Safiyya releases a different noise, a distressed out that makes him glance up immediately. “That hurts,” she says, wincing, opening her eyes to look at him. “It feels weird.”
Harry kisses her thigh. “Do you want me to try one finger or take them both out?”
“Try one. It’s been 3 months. I should be good.”
Harry removes his ring finger and pushes his middle finger in slowly, inspecting every inch of her for any signs of discomfort and when his finger is completely buried in her, she tenses. “I...I don’t know why it’s hurting,” she says, hurt on her face. He slowly removes his finger and wipes his hand on the sheets.
“It’s alright,” he tells her with another kiss to her thigh. “The doctor said things wouldn’t be the same, right?” He offers her a smile. “If you think about it, 3 months isn’t enough for your body to recover. Especially if you bled for two months.”
Safiyya’s jaw tightens and Harry lays on his front beside her, shifting her hair out of her face. “So,” she says softly, “you probably shouldn’t try to be inside of me, right?”
Harry shakes his head. “I don’t think I want to try that.”
He presses a faint kiss to her cheek. “We can do other stuff if you want. I can get you off with my tongue.”
Safiyya doesn't say anything for a long moment and Harry simply waits patiently, pressing kiss after kiss to her face until she finally softly pushes him away and sits up. “I wanted to have sex,” she says, disappointment clear in her voice. “I know you can get me off with your tongue, but I wanted to be close to you. So close.”
Harry nods, eyes softening. “I know. But we can be close in other ways.”
She turns her head to him, staring at him. “Yeah,” she says. “I still want to.”
He smiles. “Good. Me too.” He pushes himself up and sits against the headboard, reaching for her. “Sit between my legs.”
Safiyya does as he says, and she rolls her head back against his shoulder. He softly presses warm kisses to her neck and collarbone, licking and gently biting whenever she arches her back against him. His hands join between her legs and his ears drink her soft whimpers when he parts her thighs and slowly begins to rub her. Safiyya shudders out a breath and takes the hint when he softly nudges her head with his nose, reaching to the side to wrap her own hand around him. The rumbling of the groan in his chest makes her smile for a brief moment before her eyes shutter close and she allows the pleasure to envelop her once more.
She gets lost in the excitement often, Harry’s ring and middle finger rolling over her with such precision, she wonders how she ever stayed away from his body for months. His body is what got both of them into the mess anyways, but she pushes back the thought, not wanting to ruin the moment with a chuckle.
“You’re beautiful,” he murmurs, causing her to slightly jump and begin moving her hand slowly over his again. He hums approvingly and lifts his hips. She tugs on him a little harder, the way he likes. He muffles his groans against her soft neck, his warm breath coming out in gasps, her own accompanied with more vocal sounds.
She tries to keep her own hips against his, but when the speed of his fingers increase, she finds herself growing hotter, body heat rolling off her like a furnace. She presses herself harder against him and his only reaction is to continue kissing her neck.
“There’s no way your mom thinks we’re taking a nap,” she whispers through a whine.
Harry’s frame trembles as he laughs. “Probably because you’re so loud.”
Safiyya gasps. “I am not loud!”
“Normally, I would not mind, but it’s a bit concerning right now.” He nuzzles his face into her side. “Have you missed me?”
“Of course I have. More importantly, I’ve missed being able to be touched by you.”
He bites down on her earlobe. “How nice of you to say. Anything else you missed?”
“You know exactly what I missed.”
“Sorry, that’s still unavailable.” To make up for it though, he increases the speed of his fingers.
“Fuck,” she draws out, throwing her head back against him once more. “That feels so fucking--”
“Shhh,” he murmurs, biting down on her ear again. “You have to stay quiet, my love.”
At the sound of his rasping voice, her breath hitches and she whines, her legs gently trembling. Harry pulls his hand away briefly, licks his fingers, and continues to rub small circles on her clit. When she gasps he tells her to be quiet again.
His tongue has already made her incredibly aroused, so much that she's dripping onto the sheets, and he knows exactly how to rub her to make her cum. Judging by the way he’s only focused on her clit, he intends on making her orgasm quickly. His movements are just as desperate as her raised hips.
“You are so beautiful, Safiyya,” he says for the third time in the past few minutes. “So beautiful, you make my heart ache. Everything you do makes me ache, habibti. You feel so good, you make me feel good.”
“Harry, please.”
He feels his own orgasm begin in the pit of his stomach, his eyebrows pulling together in concentration, trying to work through the pleasure and provide his wife with the first orgasm. It doesn’t seem like it’ll take her much longer, and he makes matters more intense by slowly biting down on her jaw and quickening his fingers.
“Fuck,” Safiyya whispers, her eyes shut tightly. “Fuck. Fuck’s sake. Don’t stop that…”
Harry replies with a soft kiss to her neck and when she releases Harry’s dick, Harry wraps his free arm around her tightly and works her through her orgasm. Safiyya’s head is turned in towards his neck where she muffles her cries, her nails digging into his bare thighs, hard enough to make him wince, but not nearly enough to make him remove his fingers before she’s finished.
Safiyya takes deep breaths, her frame shaking as she rests for barely half a minute in silence before reaching for Harry’s length again. He watches her hand move over him, building up his orgasm once more until his own head is pressed against the headboard, his breathing shallow and labored.
“I’ve missed you so much,” he whispers, voice laced with arousal as he runs his large hands between her thighs soothingly. She whimpers a bit at the sensitive area. “Just like that, my love. Just like that. A little faster. Perfect. Fuck. That’s perfect.”
When he finally releases, he buries his face in her hair to smother his own grunts, holding her tightly to him, his entire body straining as he attempts to hide his sounds. Although they’ve done well with staying quiet, the evidence of their adventures is clear on the sheets.
Safiyya releases him and wipes her hand on the sheets, making matters worse. She turns her head and softly kisses his mouth, wary of both of their difficulties breathing. She turns and straddles him, eyes mischievous.
“Would it be romantic if I said that I’ve missed your ability to make me orgasm?”
Harry’s cheeks are flushed, his chest rising and falling quickly. “Would it be romantic if I said that your hand feels a lot better than mine?”
Safiyya softly laughs, tucking her head between his shoulder and neck, inhaling deeply. “Ha! Mom and Dad still got it.”
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0oolookitsme · 17 hours ago
Hi cuddles, I am back to annoy you 😛
I want to request a blurb for CEO!H or a new trope you want to start. * Harry has to physically detach his children from their mom every night before bed because of how much they love their Mum.
Title- Sneaky Sweethearts
Genre- Blurb
Warnings- none! just fluff<3
Word Count- 869
A/N- Heyyy! Don’t worry, Pyari, you’re cool! I enjoyed writing this xD and I hope you enjoy reading this!
- - -
Harry had just put Amore to sleep and himself too, almost. He read her the 8th part of the Oz series, aka, 'Tik-Tok of Oz'. They started the series last week and the series is of 14 parts, so simply Amore read one book every day, grappling Harry to read the ending to her at night.
He's sure she'll have a bookshelf overflowing with books in a few years, maybe months only, who knows? He's also sure that she definitely dreams about the story, maybe the reason she doesn't watch it on the tv.
He softly closed the door and walked on his tip-toes to his and Y/n's room, excited to have his snuggles anytime now.
Though his excited grin turned into a gentle smile when he heard Y/n's singing, already knowing that the snuggles monster is already in there, wrapped in his mummy's arms where, by now, Harry should be.
Y/n gently massaged his scalp, detangling the small knots that have formed in a few of his soft strands of hair, throughout the day. She thought that only massaging Harry’s scalp could calm her down but looks like he’s not alone now, probably because her children have a softer scalp. 
“Let’s take you to your room now, shall we? hmm?” she asked, straightening up to stand up but before she could, Andre laid his hand on her chest and stood up in her lap, coming face to face with her and mumbled softly, “5 more minutes,” before he replaced his hand with his head, listening to her heartbeat peacefully.
“Bye bye Andre Styles, you’re going to sleep now!” Harry entered the room, clapping his hands 2 times to announce his entry. He scrunched his face up when the little one groaned loudly, now clutching Y/n’s shirt tightly.
The woman started laughing when she saw Amore sneaking in from behind Harry. But according to Harry, she was laughing at their son’s antics. 
Very quietly Amore came right behind him and mumbled a small, ‘boo!’, making Harry jump high up in the air and turn round swiftly. And just when he did so, she climbed up on the bed and shifted under the blankets, squishing up between Y/n’s arm and her warm body. 
“Amore? Weren’t you asleep?” Harry asked, confusing printed all over his face and he groaned when she replied, “I woke up because you clapped so loud daddy!”. 
“This isn’t fair, you two! It’s my time to get snuggles from mummy!” he whined, trying to detach Andre from y/n’s chest but it was as if he had glued himself to her, wrapped around her like a koala. “C’mon!”
“Shh shh,” Y/n shushed the little guy when he also whined as she shifted him and tucked him in between her arm and torso. She made sure both of them had their backs secured before raising her arms and opening them wide open, inviting Harry to lay on her, closing her eyes as she waited. 
“Don’t blame me when you get crushed,” Harry giggled, climbing up from the foot of the bed. 
Instead of feeling his weight on her, she felt Andre’s body shifting and just when she opened her eyes, she was met with the funniest sight ever. Harry had their son on his shoulders and before she knew, Amore was on his other shoulder.
“You two slept here last night, too!” Harry yelled before walking out of the room with the two whining to Harry, asking him to leave them with their mummy but Harry wasn’t having any of it. One night without cuddles from his wife is very much, let alone another one.
“Good night, my little loves!” He yelled in the hallway, earning groans from the two before they wished him the same. 
He entered back in their room and gasped loudly and darmatically when he saw Y/n on her stomach, snoring. 
“I know you aren’t asleep, c’mon give me my snuggles now!” Harry said, turning her around as he wrapped his hands around her, placing his head right where Andre’s was, her chest, and hand where Amore’s head was, on her stomach. 
“Can’t sleep without snuggles, eh?” She laughed, also wrapping her arms around him and slid her leg on his hip, shifting impossibly closer. She smiled in content when Harry hummed in response and pecked her lips.
“Good night, now, I’m sleeping,” he said, pecking her lips, again. 
“Good night,” she mumbled, before cuddling closer to him and kissing his hair line.
- - -
“Do we really have to start locking our bedroom door?” Harry asked, looking at Amore and Andre who are dozed off into a deep slumber, tucked in y/n’s sides as she sipped her hot cuppa’. 
“I look better!” Harry pointed out, pouting but recovered when Amore turned and snuggled closer to him by wrapping her arms around his thigh.
“I don’t know, they look pretty good over here,” y/n laughed, rubbing Amore’s back as she stirred in her sleep.
“They are growing up so fast, I want them to be my sneaky lil sweethearts forever,” Y/n copied Harry’s pout, smiling when he kissed it.
“Yeah but they are handful at times,” he joked, tickling Andre’s neck, wanting him awake because he knows Amore is awake.
- - -
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Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
Summary: the cottage core family decorated their tree. HAPPY BLURBMAS- day 2
Warnings: none, Forest being adorable
Today was the first day of December, a long awaited day where the family has made a tradition to go and pick out their Christmas tree and decorate it with all their babies, the newest addition to their family (which is seems like they are always popping out babies left and right) being the one to put the little cream colored knit star in the top of the tree, handmade by harry their first ever Christmas in the cottage.
They had their favorite tree farm, about an hour and a half from their cottage but they still managed to make the trip with their babies every December first. They are currently getting ready, Harry and Y/n dressing their babies in warm clothes so they don’t freeze in the snow.
“C’mon, monkey, gotta put your earmuffs on.” Harry coos to his boy, zipping up his little jacket and placing the earmuffs over the boy's little pink ears. “Are you warm enough, sunshine?” Harry asks, tugging up the little mittens that have fallen on his tiny baby hand. “Yes daddy.” He whispers, toddling over to him and giving his father a hug while he squats.
“Let’s go check on your sisters, c’mon monkey.” Harry pulls Forest into his hip and walks up to Violet's room where all the girls are. Y/n knees at the floor, her baby bump making her sweater crease just where the bump starts. “Hi beautiful.” Harry smiles, crouching down and tickling at Lavenders belly. “Daddy! Look at my coat!” Violet says, doing a little spin, showing off her tightly knit yellow coat that makes her look just like the sun.
“You look beautiful my love! Are you ready to go pick our Christmas tree?” He smiles, softly pinching at her cheek like a grandmother would. “Yes!” She squeals, clapping her hands and running off to her toy box to play dolls with Forest who had already drugged out some of her toys.
Harry quietly chuckles at the kids, focusing back of Lavender. “How are you feeling, sweet pea?“ harry asks, rubbing over his wife’s belly. She gives him a thumbs up, feeling a little nausea. Harry smiles, kissing her hand before he pulls Lavender on his thighs and buttons up her puffy coat, and clipping her little hat under her chin.
“Let’s go, we gotta pick out our Christmas tree!” Harry smiles, pulling on a baby bjorn for him and Lavender, knowing she will be extra cold so he hopes his body heat will help. They all huddle into their car before heading off to the tree farm.
“You want a tree for your room, monkey?” Harry asks, cooing at Forest while he squats down next to him. Forest excitedly smiles and nods his head, scooping up the shirt Christmas tree in both of his arms. Harry chuckles and follows him while he waddles over to his mummy. “Let me hold that for you, stinker.” Harry whispers, taking the small spikes tree out of his arms and holding it for him.
“Violet likes this tree. I think we should go with it.” Y/n says, her hand on a green pointy branch. Harry nods, looking at the tree up and down. “Seems like it would be a good side for the living room. Let’s get it.” Y/n nods and goes to call the person over before Harry stops her and walks over to the man. “Could you wrap this up for us?”
The man nods and helps put it on the top of their car.
The family drives back to their cottage, sticking the tree in the living room.
“It’s from your first christmas, Violet.” Harry coos, handing her the small, round, wooden ornament that has her foot print on it, Violet written below it in white paint marker. She smiles and thanks her father before he lifts her up and lets her hand it on one of the top branches, it’s the same spot she puts it every year. Forest does a little dance while he sticks the ornaments on, shimmying to the Christmas music they have on.
“Let’s put the star on” y/n coos to Lavender. Harry smiles and holds her up to the top of the large and pointy tree, letting her sloppily stick the large white woven star on. Everyone claps when she sticks it in, Harry having to adjust it for it to set on the tree perfectly. “Yay! You did it!” Harry smiles, kissing over the baby’s cheeks.
“Merry christmas!” Forest yells while he claps, everyone in the room giggling at him.
“Merry christmas baby!”
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moonchildstyles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
harry is just on the edge of thirty, and y/n is someone he's sure he shouldn't get involved with. until she seeks him out, anyway, and he realizes no one has ever really shown her how she should be treated.
next part (sangiovese)
part three (moscato)
part four (malvasia)
part five (parellada)
final part (merlot)
Harry hadn't realized how long it had been until he walked through the chattering restaurant.
He hadn't realized how long it had been since he had gone out; out for something more than a business meeting or picking up takeout to bring back home where he would eat while pouring over paperwork for the next day. It wasn't until he spotted the door to the private room where a friend's birthday party was being held that he realized it had been a little over six months since he had allowed himself to relax and enjoy the life his hard work had earned him. He could barely contain the bubbling excitement he felt as he reached the door to the party, able to hear the quiet chatter of his friends on the other side.
"Harry! You made it!"
He heard the slightly drunken voice call for him as soon as he slipped through the door. The room was bathed in soft lighting, a private bar lined the back wall of the room with various tables set up throughout, people sat at some while others were only used to house gifts and food. Strips of windows allowed for a look outside the restaurant, both of the city life outside and the quiet patio out back. The patio area was left with only a few others milling about, having been rented out in conjunction with the main party room.
Harry looked to whoever it was that called for him, finding his friend, Tawny, already making her way over with a flute of a bubbling, amber liquid in her hand. A smile stretched across his features at the sight. He had missed this.
"I was just telling them how I was worried you weren't going to make it, thinking you got called into some meeting last minute," she continued as she reached him, clumsily gesturing behind her with the flute in her hand. She settled a friendly hand on his bicep, using the hold to steady herself as she looked up at him with flushed cheeks.
"Not tonight. Nice to see you again," Harry smiled, leaning down and wrapping an arm around her waist in a hug. "Where's Charlotte?" he asked as he drew away, referencing the birthday girl for the night.
"Oh! She's by the bar with Tom and Jenny." Tawny pointed him in the direction of the bar, Charlotte being the one dressed in a pair of bright, paisley printed bottoms with a sparkling birthday tiara on her head.
Harry nodded his head, turning to match Tawny's gaze again before stepping towards the bar. "I'll find you later, yeah? 'M gonna go say hi."
She only nodded her head before flitting off to another group, leaving Harry to navigate through to the bar. He greeted each person who noticed him, promising to return later to catch everyone up on what he had been doing since they last saw him (just a bunch of nothing filled with paperwork and late nights at the office).
"Charlotte! Happy Birthday!" he bubbled when he reached the bar, opening his arms to wrap her in a hug.
"Thank you so much for coming, H. It's been so long since you've come out with us," she smiled at him, reciprocating his hug.
Harry pulled up a barstool after they parted from their hug, setting his gift for her down on the bartop. "I know, 'm sorry. Jus' been busy lately, but 'm gonna try to come out more. I miss everyone."
"Don't be sorry, its okay! We all understand, I'm just happy you made it" she insisted, the tinseled base of her birthday crown catching the light as she shook her head. Her eyes brightened as she caught sight of something behind his head, a beaming smile tugging at her lips as she waved whoever it was over. "Mitch, look who's here! Harry finally made it!"
"Harry! How have you been?! You haven't been out with us in so long!"
It felt good to be back.
"'M gonna grab another drink, I'll be right back!" Harry called over his shoulder, waving behind him to the group that had brought him out to the patio with them. Once everyone got over the whole how are you, its been so long small talk, the group settled into the swing of things just as they used to. It felt nice to be surrounded by people he didn't know through work, both the patio and the main room now filled with people celebrating Charlotte's birthday and people he hadn't seen for the better part of the year. He did feel a bit guilty, though, feeling like people were paying as much—if not more—attention to him than Charlotte for the night. But, she didn't seem to mind (or notice at all, really) as she flitted about the party with a flushed smile on her face, draping herself across every person she talked to.
When he reached the bar, the bartender raised a questioning brow at him with a smile on her face. "Jus' another Old Fashioned, please," Harry requested, leaning over the bar before pulling out his phone and scrolling through his missed notifications. He tried his best to peel away from the work related emails that generated on his lock screen, but he couldn't help but peek at the subject line before someone saved him from his self-inflicted torture.
"You never came and found me again, asshole," Tawny giggled behind him, coming up to stand beside him at the bar.
"Sorry," he laughed, gratefully locking his phone and putting away the emails, "Mitch and everyone pulled me outside, and you know I can't be pulled away from karaoke."
Tawny playfully rolled her eyes at him, twisting against the bar so her back was against the structure as she faced the main room. Harry mimicked her gaze, looking over his shoulder to find what had taken her attention. A few new faces had shown up since he had arrived; faces of people he couldn't wait to catch up with. He pretended as if he wasn't looking for one guest in particular, though he knew his shoulders minutely dropped in disappointment when his fleeting scan of the room came up empty. Maybe, she wasn't coming tonight.
"Oh, my god," Tawny breathed, her voice low as a look of disbelief crossed her features. She spared a glance towards Harry before returning her eyes to the subject of her shock. "I think Andrew came with Iris tonight."
He recognized the names but couldn't place why Tawny would be so surprised to see them together. They both were apart of their friend group, though Andrew always left a sour taste in Harry's mouth.
He was a bit of a dick who acted as if he were still some college frat guy despite being only a year younger than Harry himself; he was rude in the name of being 'blunt', and enjoyed entertaining a playboy lifestyle while promising these women a future of the opposite with him. Harry didn't like him, but he tolerated him for the sake of being the bigger person. As for Iris, he only really hung out with her when the whole group was present but she was very nice and very funny as far as he could remember. It wasn't odd for some of their group to pair off with each other, so he didn't understand what Tawny was getting at. Had he really missed so much?
"What's wrong with that?" he questioned, watching the way Iris leaned against Andrew's side as they talked to one of Charlotte's friends he didn't recognize.
"Oh, that's right, you haven't hung out in a while," Tawny mused, pulling her disappointed stare from the couple, "You haven't heard what happened with (Y/N) yet, have you?"
A smile threatened to tug at his lips at the mention of her name. That's who he'd been looking for.
Harry couldn't deny the small crush he harbored for her, never able to pull his eyes from her or his attention away when he was in her presence. She was funny, and smart, and so kind, and entirely too beautiful to be fair. He remembered when Iris brought her around the very first time, the two of them being close, and Harry could already tell she was going to be hard to forget. It had been at a little get together at Charlotte's house, only the core group of people in attendance with Iris' plus one, and he remembers being so caught up when he first saw her, he completely stopped speaking in the middle of a conversation with Mitch.
After promptly being teased, Harry made it his mission to get to know her that night, listening intently to each of her little stories and the small introduction Iris offered on her behalf. He found that they had the same taste in music and a similar sense of humor that Harry could see made her feel more at ease when he would laugh at her jokes. He had planned on asking for her number and hoping to make plans to see her again by the end of the night, having decided he wanted to see more of her without the pressure of their friend group watching on. It wasn't until (Y/N) tossed out some throw away comment to Iris just as everyone was saying their goodbyes, that he put his phone away and realized he was going to need to minimize his affection for her to see her as nothing but a friend.
"No, I have to go to bed early tonight. I have a lecture at eight tomorrow morning with that one professor that marks you off if you're not at least five minutes early." He remembers the way she rolled her eyes as she finished off her comment, shrugging her jacket on her shoulders before following after Iris to say goodnight to everyone.
She was in school. She was young enough to still be in college, and Harry couldn't help but feel guilty for spending so much time flirting with her that night and planning his next move. He'd never really considered himself old before, still being on the so-called 'right side' of thirty (though he figured he's more so on the precipice of the right side, his birthday only a few months away), but there was something about the fact that she was young enough to be taking classes to prepare her for a career ahead while he had already been established for years in his, that made him feel guilty. He knew by all intents and purposes, there wasn't anything wrong with being interested in her, but he couldn't help but feel like the creepy older man that he'd heard women complain about so often. She probably didn't want him following her around and trying to earn her affection when she was just trying to make friends.
So, that night, Harry remembers the way he quickly shoved his phone back into his pocket—earning a confused glance from Mitch—before offering (Y/N) a friendly hug goodbye, and a quiet nice to meet you! falling from his lips. He lingered only a few minutes longer afterwards, following after Mitch who left soon after his own goodbyes. Since then, he'd made a choice every time she came out with them, to keep things on a level just below professional. He cared about her, but he'd rather keep her at an arm's length than make her any degree of uncomfortable, even if that crush he had for her never really dissipated.
"Um, no," Harry answered, the bartender sliding him his icy glass, "What happened?" He dreaded to hear what could have conspired between (Y/N) and Andrew, the latter's name already causing a tick in his jaw.
A downturned expression pulled at Tawny's features, the kind of look he imagined she would pull after watching a commercial with sad animals. "Apparently," she started, waving her hand in front of her, "(Y/N) and Andrew had been talking for the past couple of weeks, and they were supposed to go out last weekend, on a real date. (Y/N) told Charlotte that they were supposed to meet at a restaurant, but Andrew just stood her up. She waited for over an hour, I'm pretty sure, and he didn't even say anything until almost midnight that night. He told her he was 'sorry'"—she curled her fingers in the air to mimic quotation marks around the word, as well as a roll of her eyes,—"but that it was 'probably for the best, anyway', and that he'd been seeing someone else or something like that. She told Charlotte everything after she got home from the restaurant that night, but no one's really heard from her since. And it seems like whoever Andrew was seeing, though, turned out to be Iris."
Harry followed Tawny's line of sight, viewing the way Iris held onto Andrew's arm so tightly through a different lens. Of course, Andrew would try it with (Y/N), of course he would. Not only did he try to worm his way into her life, but he took the same chance Harry had been dying to take for months, and used it to tear (Y/N) down and replace her with someone he knew was close to her. Harry felt a bout of anger flare through him at the realization of what Andrew had most likely done to (Y/N). He always bragged on and on about how he was able to charm one girl this night, and another the next, telling them sweet stories of their beauty and the way they made his heart race and how he would do anything to be with them. He was good at playing the shy, crushing boy just before he got the attention he wanted—typically some kind of sexual favor—, then leaving. Harry was always more than disinterested and disgusted with these stories, and to add (Y/N)'s face into the mix did nothing to settle the tense that fell over his shoulders and the irrational thought of marching over to Andrew and finally laying into him the way he'd wanted since he met him.
"Fucking dick, right?" Tawny interrupted his stewing, her words coming out as an exasperated sigh.
"'S what I've been sayin' since he started coming around," Harry grumbled, sipping on the drink in his hand as a way to stop himself from throwing it over Andrew's head. "How do any of us even fucking know him?"
Tawny laughed at his question, shaking her head as if she had no idea either. She settled after a moment, her features taking on that pity look again. "It just sucks because (Y/N)'s so nice, and she told Charlotte that she thought he really liked her. I don't think she's even talked to anyone since she got here tonight, she's still so upset."
"She's here?" A furrow pulled at Harry's brow as he faced Tawny. Since becoming more comfortable around everyone, (Y/N) had turned into something of a butterfly that flitted around every get-together and left a trail of bright laughter and sparkling smiles behind her. She typically left the wallflower position open for Harry to fill, allowing him the privilege of admiring her.
"Exactly," Tawny mumbled, casting her gaze off to a table to the side of the room, hidden by the pile of gifts on another. Harry could just barely see the pink of (Y/N)'s top around the gift bags flooding the table in front of her, her face lit up by her phone in her hands and a watered down glass of something next to her with only chips of ice left in place of the cubes. "Are you going to talk to her?" Tawny asked, sipping on her own drink beside Harry.
He thought about it for a moment, figuring that if she wanted to talk about it, she would have. And she would probably want to talk to someone she actually knew, not some guy that hung out with her friends occasionally. "I don't know. If she wanted to talk about it, she would have with one of y'guys, already. I don't want to push her."
"If she's going to talk about it with anyone, I think it'd be you, actually. She really likes you, you know." Tawny spoke so nonchalantly, Harry didn't think she realized just how hard his heart was beating in that moment. "Every time we've gone out since you got promoted, she's asked if you were going to be there, and when you were going to be coming out with us again; she missed you. I think she'd be really happy to talk to you, H."
Harry took one more glance at (Y/N), finding her gaze still fixed on her phone though it didn't look like she was even seeing what was on her screen.
He slowly nodded his head, picking his drink up from the bar before looking towards Tawny. "I'll be right back."
Harry only saw Tawny nod at him with a small smile on her face before he made his way towards (Y/N)'s private table. She didn't notice him as he rounded the corner around the gift table.
"Do y'mind if I sit with you?" Harry had barely gotten his question out of his mouth before (Y/N) snapped her head up to look at him, her phone falling flat onto the table in front of her. It wasn't until then that Harry saw the smallest of glittery little tears sitting in the waterline of her eyes.
(Y/N) was quick to wipe them away, feigning the action as a motion to move her hair from her face. She beamed up at him with a surprised look on her face, one that eased his heart just a bit from the revelation that she had been on the verge of crying just a minute ago. "Harry! Of course, you can! I didn't know you were coming tonight, its been so long."
A small smile tugged at Harry's features as he pulled out the chair beside her. "It has been a while," he affirmed, biting his tongue to stop himself from immediately diving into calling Andrew every horrible name in the book.
"How have you been? I heard you got promoted at your marketing firm, right?" She voice titled upward at around the title of his job, posing a question around if he really worked in marketing or if she'd got it wrong.
Harry couldn't stop the lopsided smile that hit his features. She remembered.
"Marketing, yeah," he confirmed, nodding his head as his fingers traced around his glass, "Jus' been busy with work. Definitely a lot more paperwork now, but 's worth it. How 'bout you? How are your classes and everything?"
(Y/N)'s gaze fell when he started his line of questioning, her smile dropping just the smallest bit at the corners. "I've been good. It's been a long week, lots of homework since finals are coming up. But it's really nice to see everyone again, I feel like it's been so long. Longer for you, though, I'm sure." She ended with a small laugh, one that didn't quite reach her eyes, but Harry wasn't surprised. He knew she was lying.
He remembers being her age, and wanting so badly for everyone to like him. The ways he shifted and changed his personality to be the person he thought others wanted him to be, in hopes of earning their acceptance. She was trying so hard to make it seem like she was just as happy as usual, make it easy for others to interact with her. She was much too good for Andrew, and for anyone really—including, himself. How Andrew could act so nonchalantly after blowing out her light, Harry would never understand. And, if he had a better back and didn't have a meeting tomorrow morning, he would have dragged Andrew outside and finally tried out all the moves he's learned since he's taken up boxing. But he couldn't leave (Y/N), not when she so obviously didn't want to be alone, no matter how hard she tried to hide it.
"If y'need any help, I could try," he offered, a small smile on his face as he tried to meet her downturned gaze, "Don't know if m'business degree would be much help in your english classes, though."
Harry felt his heart skip a beat as a ghost of a smile crossed her features, accompanied by a breathy laugh she stifled down. "You mean you've never had to analyze Beowulf and describe each of the pagan elements and how they pertained to the Christian beliefs of the eighth century?" She tried her best to keep her face straight as she spoke, but Harry could still see the smile edging at her lips.
"'S crazy the way they jus' gave out degrees when I was in school, cause I've got no idea what you're even talking about," Harry laughed, absently leaning over the table as he spoke, closer to (Y/N). His eyes were glued to the way she laughed at his teasing, the bright smile that covered her face and, if he hadn't known any better, he would have thought she was the happiest girl in the room with the way sunshine poured from her giggle.
Harry let a beat pass between them, feeling his own smile fade as he remembered why he came over in the first place. He didn't want to pull the small shred of happiness that had wormed its way onto her features, but he also didn't want her to feel like she had to hide the way she felt just because she wanted others to feel comfortable around her.
He swallowed, fixing his gaze to his glass, following the droplets of water dotting the outside. "Tawny told me, by the way," he mumbled, flicking his gaze to her for just a second before settling back on his drink. "About—um—about Andrew."
"Oh, that" she breathed, her tone edged with a laugh Harry wasn't expecting. He shifted his eyes to see her reaction, finding a forced kind of amusement tainting her features. Though she tried to feign lightheartedness, there was an embarrassed edge that lined her features in the way she bit the inside of her cheek and refused to match his gaze.
He rolled his lips between his teeth as he figured his next words, cautiously eyeing the reddened waterline of her eyes and the sheen that now covered her irises. "I jus' wanted to tell y'that 'm sorry, and y'don't deserve that. Andrew's a dick and 'm here for you, even though I can't come around all the time. 'M always here."
She pursed her lips as he spoke, seemingly unable to even process his words as she fought off the small collection of tears that pooled in the waterline of her eyes. Her bottom lip wobbled the harder she tried to fight off the sobs that were working in her chest, sniffling her nose. Against her wishes, the tears lacquering her eyes overwhelmed the ledge of her waterline, her tears flowing in hot streaks that left streams down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry," she whispered, her voice shaky and barely audible over the distant chatter around the room. She delicately brought her fingers to her eyes, trying her best to stop the tears from pouring down her face. She refused to look at Harry, or even in the other direction where Andrew and Iris were still fawning over one another, her gaze fixed to her glass that was now more water than lemonade. "I don't know why I'm cr-crying. It's not even that big of a deal, I'm just being over-overdramatic. I'm sorry."
Harry waved away her apologies with a shake of his head, his brow furrowing as he scooted his chair closer to her's. He hesitantly put his arm around her shoulder, knowing she needed comfort more than any rules he had set for himself. He pulled her closer to his side, her tears now carrying small bits of black from her mascara. She leaned gratefully into him, her cheek laying against his shoulder as Harry propped his chin on the top of her head.
"Don't need to be sorry, love, really. You're not being overdramatic, promise." His voice was quiet as he spoke against her hair, even sparing a small kiss to her temple as he squeezed his arm around her shoulder. He let her cry into him for a moment, her hands fluttering over her face in an attempt to clean her face from the already smudged black under her eyes and the tracks trailing down her cheeks.
He cooed small reassuring words to her, hoping she would still be able to hear them over the stuttered breathing that filtered through her lungs. He tried to shield her as best he could from the party, covering most of her with his own body so she could feel some semblance of privacy. He heard her breathe something similar to that of This is so embarrassing, broken up by stuttered breaths and her crackling voice.
"C'mon," he whispered to her, ducking his head to her ear. He started getting up from his seat, offering his hand out for (Y/N) to take, "Let's go somewhere quiet, yeah?"
"Okay," she peeped, keeping her head down as she stood up, pressing her palm to Harry's before lacing their fingers together.
He led her through to the patio, the space now cleared as the temperature had dropped. He pulled her to one of the tables in the corner, so no one could peek at them from the main room. One side of the table had a booth setup, allowing (Y/N) to pull Harry along to slide in next to her. Once settled into the farthest corner of the booth, she slipped her hand out from his and tended to the petite tears that had continued to fall down her cheeks as he led them outside.
Her fingertips were smudged with the black of her mascara, matching that of the soft skin of her undereyes. A crease formed in Harry's brow, watching the way she began harshly scrubbing at her cheeks as her breathing came in stuttering inhales.
"Sweetheart," he cooed, gently wrapping his fingers around her wrist, "Stop, 's okay."
He pulled her hands from her face, before grabbing one of the cloth napkins set out on the table. Twisting in his spot, he brought the linen to her face, the tip of his finger wrapped in the fabric. He pat the dewy skin on her cheeks, flakes of black from her lashes being transferred on to the clean white of the napkin.
"I'm being s-so dumb, I'm so sorry, Harry," she swallowed around the lump in her throat, her voice nasally as Harry delicately pat at her undereyes. "The one time you're able t-to come out with us and I cry all over you for no-no reason."
"Stop," Harry repeated with a sigh. Pinching her chin between his index finger and thumb, he gently positioned her head as he continued to wipe at her eyes and try his best to lessen the tears still slowly leaking from her ducts. "You're not dumb. Or overdramatic. 'S normal t'feel this way. What he did was awful, (Y/N), and I can't imagine how it feels to see him again so soon with someone else. Y'don't deserve that. You're not dumb for feeling."
As he spoke, Harry was aware of the way her bottom lip wobbled under his hold and the rejuvenated sheen of tears that fell over her eyes. She drew her gaze to match his own concerned one before she fell into his chest, Harry abandoning the now dirtied linen in his hand in favor of wrapping his arms around her. She cuddled closely to his chest, her face buried in his neck with her own arms looped round his middle.
"Just sucks," she whispered into his skin, her voice lighter than the kiss of her lashes against the column of his throat.
"I know, but 's gonna be okay," Harry sighed, cautiously resting his cheek on the top of her head. He wanted to say more, his thoughts wiped of all other goals than to make her happy. All he wanted was to speak the truth, sing her praises and promise her just how much better she was than Andrew and the grief he had caused her. But he didn't want to scare her, or make her any kind of uncomfortable, especially since she had sought out comfort in him.
"Hm?" He stroked his hand down her back, (Y/N)'s own hands fisting at the softened fabric of his shirt.
She swallowed, Harry able to feel the motion against his shoulder before she spoke. "Is this always going to happen to me?"
Harry swore his heart broke at her words. The resigned edging to her voice made it all that much more painful as it felt like the edges of his cracked heart raked down his chest. He gently peeled her from the home she had made against his chest, his hands on her shoulders. He ducked his head to match her downcast gaze.
"(Y/N)," he started, a stern edging to the honey coated call, "You are so kind, and smart, and funny, and gorgeous. There are so many people who realize all of those things, I promise you. And those are the people who are going to treat y'right, and take care of you the way y'deserve." A wild idea flittered through Harry's head, threatening to slip from his mouth before he stopped himself. Though he wished he could allow them to fall, he was scared of the reaction he would garner, especially when (Y/N) was already so emotional. He didn't want to push any harder.
She shook her head as she looked off to the side, avoiding his relentless gaze. The leftover tears from her previous sessions pooled on her waterline, dripping down in slow succession. "But this is what happens every time. How else am I supposed to be treated?"
Harry's eyes flicked down to his hands that laid in his lap, twisting his rings around his fingers. He rolled his lips between his teeth, making a last minute decision he hoped he wouldn't regret.
He brought his head up to find (Y/N) also looking towards his hands, the saddened look on her face he hoped would be wiped away. "Y'deserve so much, (Y/N). Anyone would be lucky to show y'how y'should be treated,"—he nervously gulped before squaring his shoulders and feigning confidence—"How a man should treat you, not whatever it is that Andrew thinks he is."
Her eyes were wide as she finally matched his gaze, the dotted glow of the fairy lights around them adding a shine to her eyes he noticed was no longer from tears. She didn't offer any commentary, only looking to him for answers to questions she hadn't even posed yet. But he knew. And he knew just how he was going to answer them, even if he had to pretend he had no doubt in his mind of her reaction.
"I could show you," he started, tracing his gaze along her features in an effort to gauge her reaction. "If y'wanted, I could take y'out and show y'how that date should have gone, and how they all should be after. As friends, though, of course."
His final statement was added in a rush. All he wanted was to see her smile again, this picture of her with tears in her eyes and tracks down her cheeks doing more destruction on his heart than he thought possible. Although this was a bit of a self-indulgent way of getting her to smile, he would never expect anything from her or their time together.
"A date?" she asked, a tint of disbelief to her voice.
Harry bit back his smile, teeth digging into the full of his bottom lip. He nodded his head, hoping he hadn't blown his chance at even just a friendship with her.
He watched on as a smile bloomed across (Y/N)'s features. "You'd do that for me?"
"Of course, I would." The matching dimples on either cheek made themselves known as Harry matched her smile. "Heard y'missed me anyway, so it'd be nice to spend time together." His voice held a teasing lilt as the moment turned to a much lighter note.
Her jaw dropped in a shocked expression, her eyes wide. "Who told you that?! Was it Tawny? I told her not to tell you!"
"Why not, love?" Harry beamed, his heart skipping a beat over her admission of missing him. "I think 's cute."
"Stop," she whined, a shy smile on her face as she flitted her gaze to the scene behind him.
Harry couldn't stop himself before his response dropped from his mouth, but he felt like he could say anything at this point. He could say and do anything as long as she looked at him with the stars in her eyes (even though he was pretty sure those were just the fairy lights). "I missed y'too, you know. 'M really happy I got to see you tonight."
Her smile only widened as she dropped her gaze to her lap where her hands suddenly became restless under the attention. "Me too, even if I started crying two minutes into talking." Harry could see the roll of her eyes.
"I mean, y'still got a date out of it, so I think y'did alright."
"Yeah," she smiled, looking up at him with the smallest tilt to her head, "I've never been on a 'friend date' before. Thank you for asking me, Harry. It means a lot."
Though the addition of the word 'friend' caused a small drop to his shoulders, he was more than excited for the date, even with the predetermined conditions. The night wasn't going to be about him and his feelings for her, it was going to be about the way she deserved to be treated and the wiping away of the imprint Andrew left on her. The night was going to be about making her happy. That was all Harry wanted from her.
"Y'deserve it, sweetheart."
As soon as she was ready, Harry led them back to the thick of the party with her following closely behind him. He had spent the rest of the party closer to (Y/N) than he had ever allowed himself. Especially as the night was winding down, the main group of them (minus Iris and Andrew, who had snuck off earlier in the night and never returned) being the only people remaining, (Y/N) seemed to have made it her mission to stick by Harry's side as much as she could. They hadn't talked much more about the date other than setting it up for next Friday night after he got off work, allowing Harry to fall back into his favored wallflower position as (Y/N) lit up the room despite the red rim around her eyes and the puff of her cry-swollen lips.
It was only after Charlotte had started dozing off with her birthday tiara going sideways on the top of her head, that the night was called to be wrapped up. Even after all of the chattering goodbyes were shared, and the joking requests that Harry shouldn't wait so long before coming out again, he couldn't help himself from delaying his departure from (Y/N).
She had just shrugged on her purple jacket, clumsily tugging up the zipper when (Y/N) looked to Harry who was lent against the doorway with his car keys in one hand and phone in the other. Harry had looked at her through his lashes, a small smile on his lips as he caught her gaze.
"Bye, Harry," she said, her voice soft and quiet to match the warming glow of the last few threads of light strung across the room.
"Don't sound so sad," he started with a coo, opening his arms for her to fall into, "We'll see each other again really soon, remember?" She nodded her head against his chest, Harry able to feel the smush of her cheek against his skin as she smiled.
She was the first to pull back, Harry allowing her to set the the pace of their contact though he wished he could have frozen that moment and just held her for even a second longer. Now that he knew what it felt like to have her warmth seeping through his skin, he couldn't get enough of it.
She looked to him with a softness to her gaze he was sure no one but her could ever achieve, as if her irises were melting before him. "Yeah, we will," her voice just barely louder than a whisper. Harry felt his breathing hitch in his throat as her hands slid from his neck and down his chest with her palms laying flat against the fabric of his jacket. Her own gaze followed her hands, only bashfully looking to Harry through her lashes. "Thank you again, by the way. For staying with me tonight, I'm sure it wasn't how you were planning on spending your first night hanging out with us all again."
A lopsided smile tugged at his features, leaving a soft kink in his lips as he gave a reassuring squeeze with his hands on her waist. "Of course. Whenever y'need me I'll be there. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way."
She dropped her eyes to his feet as she took in his words, the toes of his boots just a hair away from touching her own shoes. Small strands of hair fell and obstructed Harry's view of her face, something he had to stop himself from fixing by brushing the hairs back and cradling her cheeks so she would face him again. Instead he allowed her that small moment of shy privacy, knowing that with the grouping of people who were distractedly eyeing their interaction, they would both surely be interrogated soon enough.
"I should probably go," she mumbled, reluctantly pulling her hands from his chest and taking a step back as she pulled her keys from her jacket. "But we'll see each other soon, right?"
Her reiteration of his words only solidified the smile on his face.
Harry nodded his head, dropping his hands from her waist and sliding them back into the pockets of his jacket. "'M excited already."
"Me too."
(Y/N) made her exit after that, tossing a wave to the rest of the group before looking to Harry one more time with a quiet smile on her face. He wanted to walk her out tonight, indulge himself the smallest bit and give himself more time with her, but he wanted to save everything for when he took her out for real.
It wasn't until Harry had made his own exit and was getting his car started to go home did he receive the text he was expecting from the moment he pulled (Y/N) outside with him.
I told you so.
Harry doesn't think he's been this nervous in a long time. Maybe it was because he hadn't been on a date since his last relationship (a little over two years, then), or because he's never wanted a first date to go so perfectly in his life. He had made reservations the next morning after Charlotte's party and had gotten to know just how few florists were in his area with the amount of time he spent browsing over bouquets. The whole seven days he had to wait to see (Y/N) again were spent with Harry trying his best to plan out every single detail, right down to the outfit he wanted to wear in the event that she wore a this dress he had seen posted to her instagram in the weeks prior. He wanted to match her.
He looked at himself in the mirror one more time, the bouquet of peach colored roses and white daisies resting on the table below. Harry ran a nervous hand through his hair. His curls tumbled through his fingers as he puffed out his cheeks with a heavy exhale. His gaze traveled down his form, hands distractedly smoothing out nonexistent wrinkles in his black blazer. He carefully tugged on the mint green dress shirt underneath, pulling the lapels out just far enough that the delicate baby's breath flower embroidery could be seen. He worried for a minute, debating if he should button his top back up—if his show of skin, with the tips of his bird tattoos showing, was too much. He shook off his indecision, instead adjusting the string of pearls around his neck so the clasp faced the back.
He had to stop himself when he swore he saw a chip in his freshly painted black nails, knowing he was convincing himself of such flaws out of jittery nerves. He double checked the time on his phone; thirty-two minutes before he promised he would be at her door. He wanted to ensure he wasn't a second late to pick her up. He cradled the bouquet delicately to his chest, and took in a deep breath before leaving.
The drive was familiar from the few times (Y/N) opted to host gatherings and Harry was able to make it. While he was eased by the knowledge—the possibility of him showing up at the wrong complex at a slim-to-none chance—the familiarity caused the time to go by faster than Harry even realized. With nerves still fluttering through his fingers and seeping into his veins, he walked the staircase up to her apartment. He gripped the bouquet like a lifeline as the pacing off is footsteps matched the thrumming of his heart. The path to her door was a blur, Harry acting on autopilot until the golden lettering declaring her apartment number stared him in the face. With a practiced breath, he knocked on the door.
Each second felt like an hour with his heartbeat creating a soundtrack that rushed through his ears. He held the bouquet in front of his chest, hoping for the flowers to be the first thing she saw when she opened the door. He could faintly hear the rattling of the doorknob on the other side before it was swung open to unveil his date for the night.
In her pajamas.
"Harry?" (Y/N) looked to him with her eyes wide and her jaw dropped in a small gape. Her skin was clean of makeup with her hair pinned into a knot on the top of her head. Strawberry printed pajama shorts adorned her legs with a worn grey top slouching off her shoulder.
This wasn't quite how Harry had pictured her outfit for the night, assuming she would have opted for one of those flirty outfits she posted on her social medias, but if this is what she wanted, he had no quarrels. He couldn't deny she still looked beautiful, so he had no reason to complain.
"Are you ready?" he questioned, a lopsided smile on his lips as he gazed down at her. She most likely needed to put shoes on at the very least, if the fuzzy socks with cat faces printed all over them had anything to say.
Her gaze dropped to flowers held tightly in his grip. "You were serious? About the date?"
Harry's heart dropped at her words. Had she not been serious in her acceptance? Had he just made a huge fool of himself? He guessed he's avoided her before, but maybe now he would have to be much more deliberate with his appearances.
His free hand rubbed at the back of his burning neck, lowering his gaze to the flowers that now smelled too sweet. "Yeah," he breathed, an embarrassed flush working its way up his chest, "But if y'changed your mind or anything, I completely understand. I apologize for interrupting your ni—"
"No!" she rushed, flailing her hand in front of her to match her shaking head, "I-I didn't! I just thought you had only asked to make me feel better last week, since I was crying all over you and everything." Her voice ended in a humorless breath of a laugh, her gaze matching his with a bashful softness to her irises he had missed in her absence.
His smile turned a shy corner as the dimple in his cheek deepened. "I did want y'to feel better, but I meant it when I asked you. I really do wanna take y'out and show y'how you're supposed to be treated. If you'll let me."
"I want you to, really!" she stressed, bouncing in place with stray strands of hair leaking from her bun, "I'm so sorry, Harry, I guess I just—I don't know. I need to get ready, but I'll be right back! You can come in and wait, if you want." She stepped back from the doorframe, allowing Harry the space to slip in, the heels of his boots soundless against the fluffy grey rug in her walkway.
"These are for you, by the way," Harry smiled, handing the arrangement out for her as she locked he door behind him.
Her eyes rounded out as with a puppy dog's softness as she gazed solely up at him, as if she hadn't seen the bouquet at all. "They're so pretty, Harry. Thank you." She gave him the sweetest smile as she took them from his grip, muttering something about putting them in water. "You can put on some Netflix or something if you want, I'm so sorry you have to wait on me!" she called from the kitchen, her voice trailing farther away as she moved towards her room.
"'S not a problem, take your time," he answered back, moving towards the living room to her secondhand, brown suede sofa.
Just as he was about to take a seat on one of the cushions, he heard the sound of feet pattering along the hardwood. A moment later (Y/N) popped up beside him, still in her pajamas with her hair now pulled back by a pearl studded headband. She wrapped her arms around his middle with the full of her cheek smushed against his chest.
"Thank you so much, Harry," she mumbled against the fabric of his jacket, her grip tight. Sincerity dripped from her words, cloaking over his heart in a warming glow.
Without a thought, Harry draped his arms around her as best he could from the angle she offered. He dropped his head to rest on her hair, his cheek atop her head. With his eyes fluttering closed, he savored the contact and held her just as tightly as she.
"Of course, love," he whispered against her hair, lips brushing the crown of her head.
She reluctantly pulled back first, a soft smile on her face Harry hoped he would be able to memorize by the end of the night. "I'm gonna go finish, but I'll be as fast as I can."
With that, she scuttled off back down the hall. Harry couldn't shake the smile on his face as he settled on her couch, the ghost of her silhouette burned against his form. He mindlessly looked through the titles on the TV with no comprehension of what he was seeing, much too distracted with the memory of her hold. If he wasn't already completely gone for her before, he figured he would be going home love-drunk after this date.
Time passed with half an episode of Bake Off Harry didn't remember selecting playing from the television, he heard the sound of her feet, now clad in what had to be a set of heels, stepping down the hall. He stood from his spot on the couch, turning around to find her adjusting her outfit in the full length mirror posted on the wall beside the bathroom.
Just as he had hoped, the same clean, white dress she had posed in on her instagram weeks earlier adorned her body, embroidered with flowers the same shade of cream that matched the ones on Harry's own shirt. The satin base of the dress wrapped around her body, the hem ending at the middle of her thighs while the tulle overlay boasting the delicate blossoms reached her ankles. The silken tie in the waist tugged one side of the dress to the other, allowing the tulle skirt to split and sway behind her with each step she took. The neckline laid wide across her shoulders, framing her collarbones before the tulle of the sleeves wisped around her arms and cinched at her wrist. Her hair was simply held back by the pearl headband, the clean white matching that of her dress with her dewy lips and wide eyes stealing most of Harry's attention.
He was sure his jaw had dropped as soon as he caught sight of her. There was no other reaction that could have properly suited her appearance beside dropping to his knees in worship.
She looked to him once she gave up on taming the flyaways that escaped her hairstyle. She gave him a soft, apologetic smile, her lashes curving outwards with a flick towards her brows. "I tried to be as fast as I could, I hope I didn't mess up your plans."
"Y'look... gorgeous, (Y/N)." He couldn't manage any other thoughts to leave his mouth, nothing coherent enough to make sense.
She released her gaze from his with a shy smile on her face, finding interest in the white heels on her feet. "Thank you. I wanted to look like I belonged next to you."
Could a heart break and swell at the same time? In what world would she have to work at being on his level when she was so clearly leagues above him in all senses of the word?
"I dunno, love," Harry smiled, "I think everyone is gonna know I was the one that had to beg for a date with you." He couldn't find it in himself to be ashamed of his forward flirting, allowing himself the smallest of indulgences for the night knowing this would be a one time thing.
(Y/N) only held a bashful smile on her face at his words, the shine of the satin wrapped around her body rivaling that of the gleam in her eyes.
"Ready?" he asked again, mimicking that of when he first arrived at her apartment.
She was quick to nod her head and take his offered arm, still shy as she leaned against his side with the skirt of her dress brushing against his leg.
"We match! Like our flowers, I mean!" (Y/N) bubbled once he opened the car door for her, gaze attached to the flowers stitched on his top.
Harry smiled, nodding his head and mumbling out a small we do, huh. Just as he had hoped.
"Reservation under Styles, please."
The hostess nodded her head, tapping away at the tablet in front of her as she offered a polite smile. (Y/N)'s hand was placed in the crook of Harry's elbow, her hold tight as she looked above at the crystalline chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. He couldn't help but feel a bit of pride puff at his chest from the way she seemed to be in awe of the restaurant he had picked for them that night. This was just the beginning of the follow through to his promise he made a week earlier. He planned on thoroughly proving how she deserved to be treated after other's had convinced her otherwise.
"C'mon," he whispered to her, his voice hush as he shuffled towards the friendly waitress that beckoned them to their table. (Y/N) snapped her head in his direction with her eyes still wide, reflecting the prismatic drops that hung from the chandeliers.
Harry maneuvered her in front of him, reluctantly pulling her delicate hold from his arm in favor of nudging her ahead of him. He stayed close behind (Y/N) as she followed the smartly dressed waitress, reassuringly cuddling her hand in his when she reached back. He smiled as he listened in to the way she shyly engaged in small talk with their waitress—who introduced herself to be Tara—with her free hand nervously toying with the satin bow at her waist.
"Is this table to your liking?" Tara asked, her smile bright as she stopped next to a small table set in an intimate corner of the restaurant.
"Yes, thank you," Harry responded for the both of them. He was quick to move around (Y/N), pulling out her chair before looking to her with a smile. She shyly thanked him with her voice quiet enough for only him to hear before settling in the offered seat. Harry pushed the chair in before rounding the table and sitting in his own across from her's.
The waitress made her exit after dropping off the menus with a promise to return in just a moment for their drink orders. Harry answered for the both of them, leaving (Y/N) to examine the menu in front of her with wide eyes and careful fingers lingering along the edges. He admired her with a small smile on his lips, taking in the way she seemed to attempt to memorize every single detail of everything in her sight.
"What do y'think?" he mused, leaning forward with his elbow balanced on the table and his chin propped in his hand.
She snapped her head up to face him, her eyes holding a moony sparkle as she looked at him. "Harry," she sighed, a dreamy tint to her tone, "You didn't have to take me somewhere this nice. I would've been happy to go anywhere with you."
"I know," Harry smiled, enjoying the sound of her affection for him, even if it was only as friends. "But I wanted to make this really special for you. Jus' like I promised, right?"
A timid smile spread over her features with the curl softened by his words. She lowered her gaze from his, Harry too caught up in how endearingly sweet she was to miss the sight of her melted irises.
Just then, Tara approached their table. Her smile was bright and polite as she greeted them. "What can I get you started with?" Tara looked to (Y/N) first, instinctually starting with ladies first.
She floundered under her gaze, flicking her wide eyes to Harry before glancing down at the menu in front of her. "Um—a water, please?" Her answer sounded like a question before she looked back to Harry, her expression akin to the embarrassed look she held just before crying at the party a week ago.
Tara nodded her head, her eyes fixed on the small notepad in her hand before placing her attention on Harry. "And you, sir?"
"Water as well, please. But, we'll share a bottle of your Château de Salle, if possible." He handed back the small drink menu to Tara, offering a smile as she scribbled his request.
"Of course, Mr. Styles. Good choice," she praised, sliding the small notepad into the pocket of her apron, "I'll be back with your drinks and for your dinner orders in just a minute." With that, Tara disappeared to tend to her other tables.
"What's a Ch-Chateau de Salle?" (Y/N) asked, her pronunciation of the wine shaky.
A smile spread across Harry's features. She was so cute. "'S wine," he explained, "A rosé. I think you'll like it."
"Oh," she breathed, her brows raised, "I probably shouldn't drink tonight actually."
"And why is that?" A pinch formed in his own as he gazed at her.
A timid smile pulled at her lips. "I don't know if you remember, but I'm a huge lightweight. I don't want to act too silly in a restaurant this nice." She finished with a laugh, surely recalling some memory of a party Harry halfway attended while the rest of him focused on ensuring he didn't run into (Y/N) too many times.
"'M sure you'll be fine, love. Don't worry about anyone else," he murmured, his voice low as he gestured vaguely around them to the other patrons, "Do whatever y'want, I'll be here to take care of y'anyway." He ended his words with a softened smile, hoping she would heed his advice and do whatever made her happy for the night.
After earning a bashful nod from her, Harry dropped his eyes to the menu in his hands. He quickly skimmed over the options, the menu familiar from the several times he had attended business dinners at the venue.
He allowed his gaze to travel from the menu to slyly glance at the girl across from him through the vignette of his lashes, the dinner lighting creating a divine glow around her form. The pearly headband holding her hair back created a small bump of volume with the accessory emulating a crown on the top of her head. Her fingers tenderly toyed with the ends of her hair, swaying the strands and curling them around her fingertip before allowing them to fall against her collarbones. He delicately traced her features with his eyes, catching the small gape in her glossy lips and the way her gaze darted across the shining pages of the menu in front of her.
"What's looking good, love?" Harry asked, referring to the dinner selection laid out in front of her.
She looked up at him with indecision painted over her features. "I'm not sure," she said, a pinch in her brow appearing as she kept her voice hush, "It's all really expensive, H."
Now it was his turn to furrow his brow, genuinely confused over why she would be worried about the price. "Don't worry about that, okay? I don't mind paying for whatever y'want. I jus' want y'to enjoy this."
Her eyes rounded out at the sound of his words, brows relaxing and going downturned as she gazed at him. "You're paying for me?"
"Of course, (Y/N). So don't worry about any of that, okay? Jus' pick whatever sounds good and I'll take care of the rest." Harry had to hold back a scoff at the idea that he would be anything less than a gentleman and make her pay for her own dinner. He had invited her in the first place, of course he was in charge of paying. He couldn't help but wonder how many other shitty, Andrew-level dates she had been on that had treated her so flagrantly.
She straightened up in her chair, leaning over the table while sliding her menu over to Harry's side. "Th-This sounds good, however you pronounce it," she mumbled, pointing at a pasta dish labeled with Verdi e Bianchi in a delicate curving font. She looked to him for approval, as if asking if her choice was up to par.
"Sounds really good," Harry smiled, hoping she would relax now that she had his approval, though she didn't need it in the first place. Harry pointed at his own choice for the night, (Y/N)'s eyes following his black painted nail as he stopped at Scampi Pomodora e Manta. "I think 'm gonna get that, what do you think?"
She nodded happily while reading the description, body language visibly relaxing. "That looks really good! You're gonna make me change my mind if I think about it too long," she laughed, much more settled than she had been since sitting down. Harry didn't realize how much he had missed her airy giggles and lax smiles until she had become stiff with her nerves.
Just then, Tara returned with the crystalline bottle of rosé in her hand and a bright smile on her face. "Sorry about that wait, are you ready to order?"
Harry nodded his head, answering with a polite yes, please for the both of them while (Y/N) sat back in her seat with her menu flat in front of her. Tara, of course, started with (Y/N) again. She flicked her gaze to the menu in front of her, skimming quickly in an effort to find the ravioli dish she had showed to Harry, before looking to him with a pleading look through her panicked gaze.
Harry straightened in his seat, grabbing his own copy of the menu. "She'll have the Verdi e Bianchi, please," he started, Tara quickly turning to face him before nodding her head and writing down the order, "And I'll have the Scampi Pomodora e Manta. Thank you."
He collected both of the menus and handed them off to Tara before she made her rounds attending to each of her tables. He shifted his gaze to (Y/N), finding her already looking at him with her lips set in a tender smile.
"That alright?" he asked, "Y'still wanted that?"
She quickly nodded her head. "Yeah, thank you for ordering for me. I just get nervous when it's my turn for some reason, especially since I didn't know how to say that one." She shot him a shy smile as she finished, her fingers absently trailing over a bundle of embroidered flowers along the neckline of her dress.
Harry did remember the few times they had all gone out for dinner as a group, (Y/N) always wanting to go last, assuming that by the time it time for her request, everyone was too busy interacting with one another to pay any attention. He hadn't thought it was because of something cute like that fact she didn't want everyone to hear in case she had messed up her order on accident.
Harry gently shook his head with his gaze on the table, a small smile on his face. "S'cute," he mumbled to himself, basically mouthing the words with how quiet he kept his voice.
"Hm?" (Y/N) hummed, perking up in her seat with her lashes fluttering as she gazed at him.
"Nothing, love," he brushed off, reaching for the wine Tara left chilling in an ice bucket stationed table side, "Want to try some? Supposed to have 'notes of peach', the bottle says." He nodded to the crystal in his hand as he carefully uncorked the pink tinged glass with the opener left beside the ice.
He saw the way she thought about it for a second, pursing her lips before her gaze landed on the bottle in his hand. She gently nodded her head, a smile blooming across her features as her eyes brightened and matched his own gaze.
He happily complied, pouring her glass first. He stopped just barely halfway filling the bowl, "That good?"
She nodded her head, the tendrils of her hair that escaped from her headband and framed her face bounced alone with her. Harry kept an eye on her as poured his own glass, observing the way she delicately pinched the stem of her cup. He matched her motions, much less hesitant than she, sipping the wine and letting the bubbled peach notes slide over his tongue. She brought the glass to her lips, the spotless crystalline of the bowl making it easy for Harry to catch the way the full of her mouth cushioned the edge of the glass as the pink wine waved towards her.
(Y/N) was quick to pull that glass from her lips after the first sip, her shoulders stiffening and face screwed up in distaste. "I thought you said it was supposed to taste like peach," she accused, her eyes wide under her cinched brow.
Harry's smile seemed to be permanent at this point as he gazed at her with what he was sure was adoring eyes. "Y'don't taste the peach? I thought it was pretty obvious," he teased, figuring she was a bigger fan of the mixed, fruity cocktails she usually drank and not the fermented wine he was sipping from.
"Its sour," she mumbled, dropping her gaze to look accusingly at the glass still held in her hand.
"I can order y'something else if y'want?" he offered, settling his glass down as he tried to recall what the raspberry and sage cocktail was nicknamed on the menu.
She was quick to shake her head in response, "No, no its okay! I just need to get used to it, that's all. I usually drink super cheap, sweet vodka in a can, obviously." She finished with a laugh, bringing the wine to her lips to try another sip despite the way she clenched her eyes shut at the taste.
She caught his gaze over the rim of her glass resting on the full of her bottom lip. He watched on as her lips curved into a sweet smile. He felt his own gaze drop as his eyes scanned over her face, taking each small detail under the dinner lighting.
"What?" she questioned, tilting her head to the side just a bit.
For a split second, Harry pictured himself reaching across the table and fitting his hand around the back of her neck and pulling (Y/N) in for a kiss. He wanted to know if her lips felt just as plush as they looked, what flavor her lip gloss held, and how tangled their lashes would be when he got close enough. He wanted to kiss her so bad, but thats not what friends do; especially not friends who are in different stages of their lives with years between.
"'S nothing," he mumbled, shaking his head as he straightened in his seat and adjusted his jacket over the broad of his shoulders.
Just then, Tara returned with a pair of pristine white plates in her hands and her perfect smile on her face. She started with (Y/N), setting the plate of her ravioli in front of her before reaching over and tending to Harry. She did the usual spiel of asking for cracked pepper or cheese grated atop their dishes. He declined the pepper, but (Y/N) shot him a look when the cheese was offered.
"She would like some, please," he smiled, nodding to (Y/N). She shot him a smile, clearly pleased with the way she picked up in her signal.
Tara quickly rounded the table, the fancy crank grater in her hand as she recited to (Y/N) to just say when! Harry kept his eyes glued on her face, waiting for the look she would surely give him when she'd had her fill.
"That's good, thank you," Harry interrupted when (Y/N) glanced at him, her smile turning grateful at his words.
Tara politely nodded her head, standing off to the side of the table. She gave a practiced speech, asking if there was anything else that the couple needed before leaving with a promise to check on them in a few moments.
Once alone, (Y/N) trailed her gaze from the food in front of her to the man sitting across from her. "Thank you again, Harry. This has been the best date I've ever been on already."
He couldn't help but feel breath of pride puff up his chest. He nonchalantly lifted his shoulder in a half shrug with a lopsided smile on his face. "Still have the rest of the night left, sweetheart, don't speak too soon."
She rolled her eyes with her softened smile stuck on her features. She looked down at the food in front of her, absently grabbing her fork and sectioning off a bite of ravioli before speaking, "It's gonna be amazing no matter what, because I'm with you."
She spoke so simply, as if that was the answer Harry should have been expecting from the start. But, that wasn't at all something he thought would ever leave her lips. He expected a sentiment like that to come from him and the endless pining he held over her, not for her to speak them so surely and cause his heart to race and drop at the same time. Race because it fulfilled a tiny part of him that allowed him to pretend this was a real date, and drop since the rest of him knew this whole night was nothing more than a friendly distraction and held nothing more than platonic affection.
Harry was sure his cheeks were flushed a cherried hue at her words, opting to distract himself by twirling his noodles around his fork and popping the bite into his mouth. They were quiet as they began to eat, Harry running her words through his mind over and over, trying his best to untwist them from his own slew of affectionate thoughts. Every time he would flick his gaze to her, he swore he saw her look away just before he could meet her eyes.
That is until he caught her. He found her gaze locked across the table—at his food.
Her own plate was halfway finished, the cheese from the raviolis oozing into the marinara sauce around them though she didn't pay it any attention. A small smile tugged at Harry lips, recalling the way she almost switched her order to match his, his brows raised as he looked to her.
"Wanna try some?" he offered, already twirling a bite of noodles around the prongs of the fork and picking up a small cut of shrimp.
She looked to him with a bashful look on her face, eyes rounded out and cheeks soft. "Can I?" she laughed, "Sorry, it just looks really good. You can try mine if you want!"
"'S okay, love, I don't mind." He offered her his fork, intending to pass the utensil off to her.
Instead, he watched as she leaned over the table, tossing her hair over her shoulders to keep it out of the way. The glow of the candlelit center piece wafted upward to dance over her features, bathing her skin in a soft warmth. She delicately placed her fingers on his wrist, just a brush of a touch against his arm as she took the bite directly off the fork with her lips around the utensil. She drew back as she chewed, her eyes going wide before she swallowed and looked to Harry with a beaming smile on her face.
"That's so good!" she bubbled, "We're gonna have to come back and I want to get that next time!"
She wanted there to be a next time.
A smile spread across his features at the idea. "Definitely."
"What's mascara-pone?"
Harry smiled at (Y/N)'s pronunciation, sliding her the other spoon around the strawberry crostata he order for them to share for desert. "'S a kind of sweet cheese, like cream cheese but—in m'opinion—much better," Harry explained, cutting into the crust and taking the first bite of the tart.
"Oh," she answered simply, following suit and scooping up her own bite.
They were both leaning closer to one another over the table, meeting in the middle with their shared plate. The chatter of the other patrons had grown significantly quieter over the course of the meal, making it that much easier for Harry to lose himself in the idea that it was just the two of them out that night.
He had known he was fairly gone for (Y/N), but the whole night had forcibly pulled each pining thought and affectionate scenario from the corner he had shoved them. It felt like a movie to him, a cheesy romcom where he cast himself as the overworked business man and (Y/N) as the bright, kind and beautiful heroine that would color the movie and turn Harry into the lovestruck fool he knew he could play perfectly. He never wanted the night to end, even as he watched their dessert become whittled down to a single bite with a sliced strawberry dotted on the top.
"Y'have the last bite," Harry offered, using his spoon to push it towards (Y/N) who absently licked away a swipe of strawberry sauce on the full of her bottom lip.
"Are you sure?" she asked, eyes bright.
"Positive." Harry lent back in his chair, letting (Y/N) finish off the dessert as he plucked the leather book Tara had dropped at the table a few moments prior.
He slipped his card inside, and fixed his gaze back on (Y/N). Thanks to the distraction of the pout of (Y/N)'s lips, he was only absently aware of Tara ghosting by to pick up the bill with a promise to be right back!
"Is it stupid that I don't want to go home, yet?" (Y/N) questioned, sitting back in her own seat with her fingers absently tracing along the neckline of her dress.
"'S not stupid at all," he smile, shaking his head before becoming momentarily distracted as Tara returned with their processed bill and a wish for them to have a nice rest of their night. "'M not ready to end the night either, if 'm being honest," he continued, signing the receipt and adjusting his jacket before standing up, "Was thinking I could take y'to this sculpture park that's not too far a walk from here. 'S really pretty at night and I think you'd like it. Only if y'want to, though."
He rounded the table and pulled (Y/N)'s own chair out, offering her his hand after she adjusted her dress and grabbed the small yellow bag she had brought along. "I would love to," she agreed, wrapping her hand in his and shooting him a soft smile.
Harry led them out of the restaurant, politely waving and wishing a goodnight to the staff gathered at the hostess stand before holding the door open for (Y/N) to step into the star-filled night. His gaze kept flicking from their joined hands to the sidewalk in front of them, careful about the steps he took as he was aware of the heels on her feet. He felt a shudder go through his chest despite the warmth her hand provided in his, especially after she adjusted her hold to slip her fingers between his and hug their palms together.
She drew his attention to her face when she looked to him with the starlight reflected in her eyes and the moonglow dusting over her features. "Lead the way."
"What's that supposed to be?"
(Y/N) posed the question as they stood in front of a sculpture that held neither rhyme or reason. The structure boasted swirling shapes and abstract forms somewhat resembling an elephant but if Harry tilted his head the other way, he could see what looked like it could be a constellation of stars.
"'M not sure," Harry mused, a pinch in his brow as he read the small plaque that titled the piece as Farmer's Market.
"At least the lights around it look pretty," (Y/N) added, her gaze tracing the rope of lights set up around the base of the sculpture.
Harry's lips quirked into a smile as he gazed down at her. "Yeah, very pretty."
"What do you think the next one's gonna be called?" (Y/N) asked, squeezing his hand with their fingers still laced together before moving towards the next sculpture.
"Mm," Harry hummed, swinging their joined hands between them, as he continued the game (Y/N) had started a couple pieces back. "Thinks its gonna have somethin' to do with bread."
"Bread?" (Y/N) repeated, looking up at him with a confused pinch in her brow and kink in her lips.
"Mhm," he confirmed, looking towards the sculpture that looked to have nothing to do with bread.
(Y/N) took an awkward step beside him, her shoulder bumping his arm as a hiss escaped her lips. "Sorry," she apologized, slowing beside him and letting go of his hand in favor of reaching toward her heel covered foot.
"What's wrong? Are y'okay?" His voice held a current of concern, unsure of where to start though he knew he wanted to help her.
"I'm okay, my feet just hurt from my shoes and I stepped wrong," she stood straight as she spoke, carefully balancing her weight off her seemingly injured foot. "I've only worn these a couple times, and I forget every time how much they hurt." She breathed a laugh after her words reaching for Harry's hand to resume their twined position.
Harry stood still in his spot, unwilling to go any farther if she was in pain. "Do y'want to sit down for a minute?" he offered, already tugging her towards a plain white bench across from the so-called bread sculpture.
"Could we?" She shot him a relieved look and followed after his pulls on delicate steps of her feet.
He muttered an of course! to her as he pulled off his blazer and folded it before laying it on the seat of the bench, protecting her white dress from anything lingering on the surface. She thanked him before sitting on he homemade cot, her shoulders dropping from relief.
"Sorry," Harry muttered, an apologetic smile on his face as he looked to her, "Didn't even think about that when I asked if we could walk around."
"It's okay," she beamed folding one of her legs under her before facing Harry, "I just need to sit down for a little, then I'll be okay."
"Do y'want my shoes? I don't think they'll fit well, but they'll work," he offered half joking. He knew if she had actually taken him up on it he would have no qualms about finishing the night barefoot.
She laughed at his offering, already brushing it off with a shake of her head. "I'll be okay, but thank you, H. You're very sweet."
A lopsided smile tugged at his features, his gaze falling to his fingers where he twisted his rings around the digits. A slew of tender reciprocations came to mind, compliments he would hope would heat her cheeks and cause her eyes to go soft like he's daydreamed about since Charlotte's party. But, he kept quiet, heady reminders of the fact this was just a night between friends and nothing more running through his head.
Beside him, he saw (Y/N) perk up with a petite gasp leaving her lips. A bright smile colored her features as she gazed at her phone in front of her. "The lights look so pretty like this! Would you want to take a picture with me?" She leaned closer to him, her own shoulder pressed against his, showing him her screen with the front camera on.
She was right, the stream of lights decorating each sculpture and strung through the trees cast a pearlescent glow upon their faces. Shades of pink and purple with pops of a baby blue shimmered across (Y/N)'s face, where his eyes were fixed on her phone screen.
Harry was already slinging his arm over her shoulder when he responded with a smile on his face. "'Course. Jus' promise to send it to me." He tugged her closer to him with his arm around her, their thighs touching as they drew nearer.
She bubbled off a vow to text the picture to him later before positioning her phone in front of them with the camera capturing their faces. (Y/N) posed with a soft smile on her features, resting her cheek on this shoulder. Harry hoped she couldn't hear the way his heart skipped a beat at the contact as she tapped the screen and caught the moment.
She was quick to pull up the photo, adjusting her posture and removing her cheek from his shoulder. Harry's arm reluctantly dropped from around her, her warmth missing from his skin. She smiled at the image on her phone before turning it towards him.
"What do you think?" she bubbled.
Harry barely passed a glance over himself, only aware of the softened gaze he held before he fixed his attention on (Y/N)'s half of the screen. The lighting glazed over her features to cast an angelic glow across the planes of her face, highlighting the points of her features in pasteled hues. He really hoped she would remember to send it to him.
"'S perfect" he breathed, gazing at her over the edge her phone.
She quickly nodded her head in agreement, the same bright smile stuck on her features. "Would it be okay if I posted this later? On my instagram? I just really like it."
A breath of satisfaction swept through his chest, almost giddy at the thought that she wanted to show off their date, even if it was only a friendly night together.
"Anything y'want."
Harry ended the night pulling up to (Y/N)'s apartment building, reluctantly putting his car in park. He wasn't sure when he would see her again, and that introduced a cloudy feeling to his chest, muggy and thick. He dreaded the uncertainty of when he would be able to allow himself to be with her like this again, or if that time would come again at all.
(Y/N) broke him from his thoughts, placing a hand on his arm from the passenger seat. She delicately wrapped her fingers around his forearm, the skin bare from rolling the sleeves of his shirt up and forgoing his jacket that now laid in the backseat. "Thank you, again, for tonight. This is the best date I've ever been on, Harry."
She looked to him with a tender gaze, her irises melted into silken pools of starlight that he swore only existed in fairytales.
"Y'promise?" he joked, watching as a smile bloomed across her lips at his teasing.
"I promise," she affirmed, squeezing his arm one more time before reaching towards the doorhandle. "I'll see you again soon, right?"
Though Harry couldn't be sure when soon was, he knew he wouldn't be able to last without seeing her for very long. "Of course. Whenever y'need me, love, I'll be there."
She dropped her gaze to the small yellow bag that laid in her lap, her softened lips still quirked in that shy smile he'd had the privilege of detailing throughout the night. She met his own eyes after a moment, looking to him expectantly. "Walk me up?"
Harry didn't even hesitate before he agreed, already stepping out of the driver's side door. He rushed around the front of the car, just barely beating (Y/N) before she opened the door and stepped out.
"Gotta wait for me. Still on our date, right," he teasingly chastised, offering her his hand just as he had all night long. He wanted to get one last moment with her fingers laced between his, hoping the walk up to her apartment was long enough that he could memorize the feeling.
The ascent up the stairs was a moment of dejavu, Harry felt. The steps familiar in the sense that his heart was running a racetrack through his chest, but this time he was anchored to the moment with more than a bouquet of flowers as a buoy. (Y/N)'s hand in his and the matching pacing of her heel-clad steps kept him grounded in the fact he was still with her, no matter if the moments with that comfort was waning.
"I'll be looking forward to that invitation to go to that restaurant again," (Y/N) mused, leaning against her front door as Harry stopped in front of her.
He kept his hands deep in his pockets, refraining from wrapping them around her waist and keeping her warm against his chest. "Y'let me know when you're free, and I'll set up the reservations."
A beat of silence passed between them, as (Y/N) lowered her gaze towards the floor with her fingers nervously picking at the satin tie around her waist. "We're still on our date, right?"
A smile poked at Harry's cheeks, "Yeah, I'd sa—"
(Y/N) cut him off by taking a bold step in his direction and placing her hands on her chest. She leaned up as far as she could with the help of her heels before placing a sweet kiss on his cheek (more like his jaw, but she reached as far as she could). Harry was hyperaware of how close she was to his lips, the leftover gloss on her mouth leaving a slight pink kiss mark printed on his skin.
"Goodnight, Harry," she mumbled after pulling away, glancing at him from over her shoulder as she let herself in her apartment.
Harry was left with a whiff of her scent as she closed the door behind her, her kiss sitting on his cheek with a blushing warmth radiating from the spot. He hadn't even realized he had fluttered his eyes closed until he blinked them open to find himself still in the spot she left him in.
He practically floated down to his car, forgetting each step he took as soon as he made it. The drive home was a matching blur, each turn and brake tinted with rose petals. It wasn't until he had just got home and had made it to the bathroom to start getting ready for bed (and stare at the kiss mark against his skin), that he was pulled out of his stupor by the buzz of his phone.
He reached for the device after unbuttoning his shirt, his chest bare as he swiped on the notification. His screen brightened with a familiar photo posted on Instagram, the notification coming from the tag that hovering above a perfect ringlet in his hair.
The photo taken in the sculpture park now held a caption at the bottom.
best date with my best friend. thank u, h. 🌼
He was gonna need to set up that next reservation soon.
prosecco is a sparkling wine, vibrant and sweet, boasting notes of crisp apple and honeysuckle. peach notes linger long after finished.
ahhh!!! this is the series that was supposed to be a one shot!! I started writing this almost a year ago and pictured it finishing off at 10k and now its just gotten too long w too much story to fit in one thing but !!!! I really hope u all like it and thank u so much for reading!! you can find the completed piece with all following parts already up on my patreon or I will be posting every Friday!! thank u for reading, sorry for any mistakes and if u have any ideas or anything please send them in!!!!
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fkinavocado · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
In which you've got textbook daddy issues and when your tool of a younger brother brings a sweet doe eyed girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and you end up offering her a ride home, you meet just the man to fix them.
Warning: 18+, smut, daddy kink, praise kink, age gap (older male/younger female), slow burn, angst, childhood trauma regarding domestic violence (non-sexual)
Y/N=your name
alternatively, read on AO3 or wattpad
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14 (updated Dec 4)
bonus: excerpts
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lovecanyon · a day ago
y/n’s instagram post’s (ft. dad!harry)
dad!harry x reader
(more dad!harry here)
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram necklaces made by me and beau.
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harryfan7 cutest shit ever
tchalamet tell little guy to make me one please
harryfan9 the fish necklace that inspired eroda omg
harrystyles yeah and you stole all them back from me
yourinstagram i had a vision harry
harryfan4 i can’t believe sarah and mitch have a kid and now harry and y/n do too
gemmastyles i love them!
harryfan1 i deadass want her life
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram harryween night 1 with em and matching with bear.
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harryfan5 EMMA AND Y/N?
harryfan8 i just know that emma met harry
emmachamberlain one of the best fucking nights i’ve ever had. thank you so much.
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harryfan10 emma’s comment made me sob omg
kaiagerber bear is so cute
harryfan12 YOU MET THEM???
harryfan2 yes omg they were in the pit with the rest of the fans
harry_lambert literally my favs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram harryween night 2! thank you @alessandro_michele i fucking love you
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harryfan14 YOU ARE SO HOT
harryfan18 fuck harry i want her
adele beautiful darling
harryfan15 your killing me y/n!!!!!
zendaya aghhhhhhhhh
harryfan17 i don’t know if i want to be her or be with her
harrystyles most beautiful girl i’ve ever met
harryfan19 HE’S SO IN LOVE
gemmastyles hot mama
florencepugh HOT HOT HOT
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harryssweatcreaturee · 17 hours ago
the one where harry doesn’t know how to love
a/n: i was sad and then this happened... i don’t apologize for the tears.. and a big thank you to my queen @lollypopsx for helping with ideas and proof-reading
word count: 2k
warnings: angst
(Y/N) found it bizarre that after knowing Harry for about eight months, all she knew about him was his name and that he liked guitars.
That was about it.
Prior to meeting him, Sarah had warned (Y/N) that Harry was usually reserved and not one to talk much so she made a mental note to not suffocate the man when meeting him. But after repeated encounters and seeing him various times a week by association, she figured she’d learn more of him as time went on, but man, was she wrong.
Harry avoided any long conversations. He would cut it short, or he’d be saved by the bell with a call from work.
(Y/N) especially hated how interested she was in him despite his best efforts to show no push in revealing anything about himself.
But nonetheless, she would try without being too pushy.
Like tonight. Their little get together for dinner and catch up will be at her place and unlike their usual meet ups, it would just be Sarah, Mitch, Harry, and (Y/N).
The thought of a possibility of forced conversations freaked (Y/N) out. She wanted to be optimistic and believe that Harry will at least give her some small talk tonight, but the back of her mind was more realistic, telling her that there will be no change and if Sarah and Mitch are wrapped up in their own conversation, than she might as well twiddle her thumbs.
(Y/N) really didn’t feel like cooking tonight so she stopped for some take out and wine before heading home after work.
She had enough time for a shower and a bit of picking up before the three arrived right on the dot at 8.
The moment (Y/N) opened the door, Sarah met her with a big hug, Mitch following suit only his hug wasn’t as long and passionate, and of course Harry simply walked in with a nod of his head.
(Y/N) put it past her and began making her way to the kitchen, gathering stuff to prepare the dining table for the four of them, Sarah soon joining her to help. “I’m sorry it’s just us three. No one else could come…” (Y/N) shrugged and shook her head softly. “It’s fine… and it’s not your fault, babe. I’ll be fine. I’m used to him already.”
The two prepped the table, having Mitch and Harry join them a few minutes after.
Thankfully, dinner wasn’t terrible. Sarah was sure to engage (Y/N) and Harry into their conversations and (Y/N) was beyond thankful for that.
(Y/N) started to pick up just as soon as everyone was done with their food and much to her surprise, Harry brought the rest of the things from the table. And stayed standing beside her, drying anything she’d wash. She looked up at him a small smile, “Thank you but you don’t have to. I can just let them dry overnight and put it away in the morning.”
Harry shrugged his shoulder softly and (Y/N) swore she could see a small smile displayed on his own lips. “Wanna help.”
After Harry and (Y/N) put everything away, (Y/N) folded the small rag over the sink, ready to leave the kitchen but Harry stopped her by grabbing her forearm.
(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “What for, Harry? You ha-“
“For being dismissive. You always try talking to me and y’so nice to me despite me being… well, me.”
She stood a bit taken aback, but not in a bad way.
Harry’s expression seemed genuine, maybe even a bit confused himself. There was no way (Y/N) could ever hate him even after feeling like he barely acknowledged her presence. And with his apology, she knew that wasn’t the case either.
“M’ working on myself to be nicer and more, talkative, I guess. Just… thank you..”
(Y/N) smiled at him once more, her own hand coming to rest over his with a small, delicate squeeze. “Don’t stress it. I’m always here for you, okay? To listen or to talk. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.”
That small conversation was a huge step for them.
Harry spoke to her more and albeit it wasn’t a lot, or as much as she talked, it was something.
Unbelievably, the two started hanging out on their own without the group, but nothing crazy. It would usually be over coffee or a lunch in between Harry’s break from work since his schedule was a bit more hectic, (Y/N) would accommodate to him.
Harry wasn’t sure of how he felt. He didn’t know what liking someone was, what falling for someone even meant or was supposed to feel like. He never allowed himself the genuine pleasure of letting himself love someone because he swore it wasn’t real and much less something for him. Especially not after the terrible examples he had at home. It never made him believe in love, so he never knew the feeling.
He figured that’s why he was the way he was. The lack of love and care growing up made him reserved and bristly.
But being around (Y/N) sparked something in him he never felt before. It was as if he felt more alive, as if he wanted to run and tell her the dumbest things he’d seen or thought of. He felt like for once in his life, there was something worth fighting for. But it scared the shit out of him. Having someone like (Y/N). Harry promised himself he’d never share his confusions with her because losing her would be worse. The risk alone was enough to pull him back from allowing himself the delicacy of love that life offers.
Harry wanted her around more than just for coffee or lunch next time around, but he was a bit unsure as to how to ask. His fingers were busy on the small straw in his coffee cup, stirring around before he mustered up enough courage and cleared his throat, looking up at (Y/N).
“Hey, um, if you’re free tomorrow night… I was thinking that maybe y’can come over and I can make us dinner? Feel like were always so rushed since it’s my break and all. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
(Y/N) giggled at his nervous rambling before reaching out to softly squeeze his forearm in hopes to ease his nerves. “I’ll come over, H. Thank you for offering. Can’t wait.”
As if Harry wasn’t a nervous wreck around her before, he was a walking nerve now. He called Sarah to make sure he was cooking something (Y/N) liked, he asked her what her favorite scent was so his house welcomed her in an embrace, asked her what her favorite dessert was so it’d surely be on tonight’s menu.
Hell, he even looked up online a couple of wiki-hows on relationships.
“God, I’m so pathetic.” Harry whispered to himself as he changed the candles around his living room and kitchen, then checking the oven for the lasagna he’d been working on. He had no idea why he felt so nervous around her when he was usually confident and sure of what he wanted to say, or not to say for that matter. But this was different. This was (Y/N).
It was almost time for (Y/N) to arrive and thankfully Harry had everything ready. All he had to do was wait for her. Little did he know she was already parked outside, giving herself a little pep talk in her car.
(Y/N) was anxious. She didn’t want to ruin anything by talking to much or asking too many questions, but she assured herself everything should be fine because they’ve made such great progress. After a long conversation with herself, she finally gathered the valor to walk up to his front door and lightly knock.
Harry didn’t let her wait for long, opening the door with a shy grin as she walked in, the scent of jasmine flowers laced with some sort of beefy delicacy filling her nostrils.
“Wow, Harry. It smells amazing.”
He smiled as he walked them over to the dining table – surely after taking her coat and her purse and hanging them on the coatrack.
“Made lasagna for tonight. And we’ve got some cherry pie to follow for dessert.”
(Y/N) was thankful for the effort he’d put in. It was sweet and so heartwarming.
Dinner was delicious and she was glad that he was the one mostly talking. She loved hearing his voice, his architecture jargon sounding like some sort of romantic tongue to her. She felt honored to say the least, hearing him speak this much. She felt his trust and comfort around her and it made her heart skip a beat.
But dinner and dessert weren’t enough for Harry. He wanted more time with her so a movie seemed like the perfect suggestion and she agreed, thank God.
Harry kept a small distance between them doing his best to focus on the movie, but his thoughts were driving him elsewhere.
Those fears came crashing again. He felt like he was rushing and running, like he was pushing it too far and that was the last thing he wanted. He didn’t want to put their friendship in a place where he’d risk losing her altogether. But of course, he let his confusing feelings get in the way and put himself in his position.
“(Y/N)… I- I’m sorry but I think I maybe have been misleading you… I should’ve thought this out and waited a bit longer. I think I’ve done too much.”
(Y/N) was perplexed and baffled, to say the least. She thought the night was going perfectly but maybe she did look into it too much and thought this was more than their little coffee and lunch meetups. But no, Harry did make it seem like it was more tonight and that was freaking her out. “I’m so confused, Harry… I thought we were having a great night? What’s going on?”
“I don’t know, it’s just that – I. I think I’m making a mistake.” The moment it came out of Harry’s lips, he regretted it.
She stood up from the couch, heart launched to the bottom of her feet in embarrassment. “Wow… This is… God… All I’ve done is be nice to you and really try for something here because I know that deep inside those walls there’s more to you Harry… but to call this a mistake? I’m embarrassed.”
(Y/N) didn’t want for a word to leave his mouth as she made her way to the door, grabbing her purse and throwing her jacket over her arm.
Harry was hot on his feet behind her, cursing at himself for being so stupid.
“No! Wait, (Y/N). Fuck! I didn’t mean that! Please!”
(Y/N) didn’t look back, feeling the cold weather freezing her skin just seconds of being outside. She just wanted to get into her car and disappear. But Harry didn’t allow that. He caught up to her and stood right in front of her.
Harry’s eyes were filled with tears, his warm hands cradling her cheeks as his eyes registered hers while he picked apart the whole dictionary in his mind.
“I am so sorry but please don’t give up on me. I- I’m just scared, okay? I’m scared that if I go all in… then I risk losing you.”
(Y/N) sighed, a frown adorning her lips as her own eyes filled with tears. “Harry, I’m not going anywhere. I think I’ve been pretty clear that I love being around you and all I’ve done is try and show you my efforts that I want to be with you.”
“Show me, please. Teach me how to love you and not be afraid. I have no idea what t’do. I don’t know what I feel but it’s intense and being around y’brings me to life. Just please, don’t give up on me yet.” His eyes were pleading for her too, eyebrows scrunched in worry as if this were his last wish.
Instead of opting for a verbal response, (Y/N) attached their lips into a sweet kiss.
Despite the cold weather outside, Harry felt warmth fill his love-lacking body, feeling as if her lips could wash away any doubt or worry he previously had. He felt electricity run through his veins, chills run down his spine.
“I’m not leaving you, baby. I’m not going anywhere.”
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harrysfolklore · a day ago
love on tour with boyfriend!harry — headcanon
Tumblr media
it’s well known that performing is harry’s favorite part of his job, and it’s also something that you really enjoy, there’s nothing like watching him on stage doing what he loves the most
you get along with the tour crew so well, from the band to the sound techs, everyone absolutely loves you
even tho harry’s schedule during tour is tight, he makes sure to make time for you and take you on small dates
harry made a list of all the places you’d like to see in every city and he makes sure to take you to them, when he can’t go himself, he tells his assistant and good friend luis to take you
during this tour, mitch and sarah had their baby boy with them and you and harry were on babysitting duties a couple of nights, harry absolutely loved it
every outfit you wore for the shows matched the outfit harry wore on stage, fans loved to see that
the first thing harry did once he was on stage every night was looking for you in the crowd, and it was impossible to hide his smile once he spotted you
since fans pretty much adore your relationship with harry, they brought countless of signs about you guys, harry loved to read his favorites out loud
“this is a good one, it says, ‘can i be the flower girl at your wedding with yn?’ well, we haven’t planned the wedding yet but when we do i’ll think about”
harry tried to drag you to his workouts and hikes every morning but you refused to leave the bed, claiming that dancing at the pit is enough exercise
sometimes you did tag along just to watch him flexing his muscles while using the hotel gym machines
there were some nights where harry felt nervous, overwhelmed and anxious before going on stage, so you would hold him until he had to hit the stage, reminding him that he was born to do this and he’s the best at it
quickies before he goes on stage, that’s for sure
and when he has a break from soundcheck too
after every show, when you’re back in your hotel room for the night, both of you tired from the day’s events, you would run a bath and order some wine from room service, so both of you can unwind and relax before going to sleep
tour life is hectic, but watching the love of your life doing what he loves the most all time time and being able to hold his hand when he needs it makes everything worth it
not my best but i hope you like it 🥺
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
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watchmegetobsessed · 8 days ago
my brain straight thought about him edging you and all you want is for him to finally just fvck you and then he say what is in the video 😭😭
A/N: you asked for it and im serving it. get ready for the juice!
WARNING: adult content, edging... bc he is just obsessed with it.
Tumblr media
He is still wearing his light blue shiny shirt.
And nothing else
You’re lying across the king sized bed of the hotel room you share, only your lacy thong covering your soaking wet pussy that’s throbbing for him, a pained whimper slips through your trembling lips when he steps closer to the bed and wraps a hand around his rock hard cock, staring down at you with greedy, dark eyes. This is not the soft Harry who likes to cuddle you every night, who brings breakfast to bed just to see you smile first thing in the morning, who always surprises you with little gifts to brighten your day.
No, this version of him is dominant, demanding and in full control of you. Just how you like him.
He came off the stage extra cheeky tonight and judging from the way how he could barely keep his hands off of you at the venue, you knew things would get heated pretty fast as soon as you’re alone.
“What do you want, baby?” he murmurs, a sly smirk on his lips as he gives himself a few slow, but sturdy pumps.
“Harry, please!” you moan, your thighs shutting closed to create some friction at least. He’s been taking his sweet time with you, he stripped out of your dress as if you were a gift to be unwrapped, made you stand against the wall as he sank to his knees, biting into your ass cheeks, his hands coming to tease between your legs that were shaking from excitement. Then he threw you to the bed, like an absolute cave man and made you watch him strip from his light blue pants and underwear, leaving him only in his shiny shirt, because you told him before the show how much you liked it.
His chest is rising and falling in a steady rhythm, some of his post concert sweat is still glistening on his warm skin and you’re dying to touch him, but you know if you don’t do what he tells you, you won’t get what you want.
“Keep them open, baby. Want to see how desperate you are for me,” he warns you, a hand coming to push your knees apart so he sees your wet cunt. “Touch yourself, let me see just how wet you are.”
Your hand moves down your chest and stomach until you reach the elastic of your underwear, but before you could reach under the fabric, he speaks up.
“No, over the thong. Want to see it drenched.”
Another whimper falls from your lips as you press your fingers against your clit, finally feeling your nerves reacting to a touch, but it’s not the one you desire the most. You move your two fingers up and down, pressing the lacy fabric into your cunt, between the lips as it soaks up your arousal.
“Does it feel good? Or do you want something else, baby?” he hums, cocking his head to the side as he keeps stroking himself lazily.
“Feels good, but I want you!” you breathe out as you try to get yourself closer to relief, but your body is working against you. It only wants Harry and you can’t blame yourself.
“Yeah? You want this?” he asks glancing down at his throbbing dick. Your voice dies in your throat so you only nod, but it’s not enough for him. “I want to hear you, baby. Beg for it.”
You moan at his words, your thighs twitching to close again, but you remember what he said about wanting them open so you force yourself to obey.
“Please!” is all you manage to get out. Harry steps closer to the bed, his hand letting go of his cock before moving to grab your wrist and pushing it away from you. With one swift movement, he rips the last piece of clothing, making you gasp from the sudden pinching you feel as the fabric gives up around your body, and he throws it to the side without batting an eye. It’s not the first piece he has ruined and surely not the last one either.
He places a knee to the edge of the bed, leaning over your shaking form, his cock springing freely with each movement he makes and the way his tongue slides across his lips gives you shivers.
“You know just one please is never enough for me,” he warns, his voice low and raspy after tonight’s show and you could come just from his words at this point.
“Fuck, Harry! Just… Ugh!”
It’s torture, how his fingertips tap on your clit a few times before drawing a few slow circles, teasing and playing with you.
“Just what, huh? You want my cock? Does your pussy want to be properly fucked?”
“Yes!” you cry out, your whole body on fire. He grabs the base of his cock, brings his hips closer, just enough that he can drag the tip across your lips, pushing a tiny bit into your hole, but pulling back right away. “Harry!” you moan almost as if you were in pain, but in a sense, you are. Every second that passes without him inside you is a painful one and you want him to end your misery.
“I told you, I want to hear you. You ask nicely, you get it. Stop being a brat and use your words.”
Fucking hell, this man will be the death of you.
“Harry, please! I need you to fuck me, need your cock inside me, please! I’m begging!”
The smirk on his face is so smug, so confident, you love it even if he is making you suffer. You’d do anything for him and he knows exactly just how much power he holds over you.
“See? That wasn’t so bad,” he chuckles, dragging the tip across you once again, tapping it a few times on your clit, smearing your wetness all over him and you as well. He pushes himself against your hole again, just the very end of the tip entering you, but doesn’t move, only watches you through lustful eyes as you fall apart for him.
“Harry! Fuck me, please!” you cry out, one hand coming flat against his toned stomach as he moves a bit closer, hovering over you. Running your hands up his chest, his neck, you lace your fingers through his hair and pull him down for a needy kiss that he returns gladly. His lips are sucking and tugging on yours, tongue invading your mouth, melting together with yours as his cock is still not inside you.
“Love it when you are so desperate for me, baby,” he growls, positioning his hips so his cock slips between your lips and he moves a little, slipping between them, the tip pushing against your clit over and over again.
He keeps this up, his head moving to the crook of your neck, marking you up as always so you already know you’ll have to wear a turtleneck tomorrow, but now you just want to feel him everywhere.
Then he pulls back, lining his cock up with you and you’re sure he’ll finally give you what you want, but just as you feel the tip entering you again… he pulls back. You gasp, tugging on his hair a little harder as he smirks down at you, so pleased with himself.
“Harry…” you breathe out, but he just chuckles, enjoying the game.
“Edging,” he then murmurs and with one swift movement, he thrusts inside you.
He fills you up fast and so perfectly, you’re convinced you were made for each other. He doesn’t give you time to adjust to him, starts moving rapidly, slamming his hips against yours mercilessly, pounding into you just how you like it. One hand comes to your thigh and he urges you to lock his waist with your legs, you’re more than happy to obey, allowing his cock to bury deeper into you.
“So needy for me, yeah? Who fucks you the best, baby? Let me hear it from you,” he groans into your neck, wet lips brushing against the spot he sucked on earlier.
“You, Harry! Only you!”
“That’s right. You’re mine,” he growls before biting into the soft skin, making you gasp from the sensation.
He is pounding into you so hard, you keep sliding further up on the bed until your head reaches the headboard. He stops for a moment, turning the two of you around so you’re on top, one hand on his chest, the other holding onto the headboard and you barely get situated before his hands grab onto your hips and he starts thrusting up into you, doing the job himself instead of making you ride him.
“Fuck! You’re so good, Harry! I’m so close!”
“Want to cum, baby? You think you deserve it?” he teases you, a few curls sticking to his sweaty forehead, his whole body glistening in the dim lighting.
“Yes! Please, let me cum!” you beg, your eyes meeting his and an animalistic growl erupts from his chest. He pushes himself up into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around you, caging you in them as one of his hands comes to your lower back, guiding you, hinting that he wants you to finish it.
“Ride my cock and make yourself cum, Y/N. Come on, I want to see you using me.”
“Fuck,” you gasp as you start moving your hips, arms clinging onto his broad shoulders. His face is buried in your neck and chest, kissing you wherever he can reach. Though you love the shirt on him, you want to feel him fully naked, so you tug at the fabric and he is quick to rid himself from it, his naked, toned arms wrapping back around you as you relentlessly ride him, feeling your orgasm building up and nearing.
“My girl is using my cock so well, look at that. You like it? You like my cock?”
“I love it,” you nod eagerly and craning your neck you capture his lips just when you feel the end nearing. “Can I cum? Please, Harry, I want to cum so badly!” you beg to him against his parted lips, your breathing mixing together.
“Yes. Do it! Cum all over my cock, baby!”
That’s all you need to explode, pleasure washing over your entire body like a tsunami and you scream his name, your walls tightening around him which brings him over the edge as well. He cums inside you, filling you up so well you’re sure it’s gonna be dripping out of you very soon. He is gasping and panting against your chest, his breathing warming your already heated skin.
You stay like that coming off your high, his hands gently rubbing your thighs, ass, hips and back, lips peppering soft kisses onto your collarbones. When he moves the two of you, laying you to the bed you grunt as he slips out of you, leaving you so empty, already aching to feel him inside you again even though you’re completely ruined at this point.
“I’ll take care of you, baby,” he mumbles, kissing your lips softly before getting up from the bed and disappearing in the bathroom. He returns with a damp towel and he carefully cleans you up, but you don’t miss the smug grin on his face when he sees just how good he fucked you, his semen dripping out of your now sensitive cunt.
“Like what you see?” you chuckle tiredly.
“I sure do. Love to see my girl full of me.”
“And you’re full of yourself,” you scoff, but reach for him to pull him down for another kiss. “I have to get up to pee, but I’m so tired.”
“We also should have a shower,” he smiles, pecking the tip of your nose. He reaches under you and easily picks you up into his arms bridal style and you have no idea how he has the energy to carry you to the bathroom after a show and the way he just fucked you. You stood at the backstage the whole time and only rode him at the end and you’re still completely sent.
He carefully sets you down to the toilet and you do your business without a care as he starts the water in the shower, grabbing two towels for you. When you’re finished, he helps you into the spacious walk in shower so you don’t slip and then insists to soap and wash you, taking good care of you. And just like that, he is back to caring boyfriend mode.
And you just love all versions of him.
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harryspinkhat · 5 days ago
You’re my good girl, aren’t you?
gangrry/drug-dealerrry x reader
Harry Styles, London’s most feared drug dealer escaped prison. But where will he find a accommodation? (1,1k words)
I quickly wrote this at 1am waiting for Harry’s last show to start. I didn’t really check on any spelling mistakes so I’m sorry for that beforehand.
Also this is kinda inspired by a oneshot I read a longer time ago, but the user deactivated their account so I sadly don’t know who published the idea. Credits to them tho!!
Tumblr media
London. It was a rainy Saturday. Something felt of that day. When she woke up she felt this cold and unwelcoming feeling, almost like something told her to not get out of bed that day. But of course she still did, she had a whole day planned out.
So she went trough her whole routine, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, cleaning up the house, all that stuff. But what she couldn’t ignore was this one sentence she heard everywhere.
As soon as she turned on the radio she heard it. When she put on the TV so her apartment wasn’t that silent anymore while cleaning up, she heard it. Even when she was grocery shopping she heated it. Everyone was taking about it.
Harry Styles, London’s biggest drug dealer escaped from prison and is on the run. The police is currently searching for him. If you see him somewhere, please don’t cross his way, he tends to have an aggressive behavior and we don’t know if he’s armed. Call the police and stay save.
I’m not going to lie to you, she was scared. She acted like she didn’t care, but we can all imagine the panic in such a situation. She made sure to lock all her doors and all the windows, even double checked just in case. But he somehow still found his way to her.
She was currently sitting on the couch in her living room reading her favorite book when she heard a loud shatter sound from her bedroom. The one that had a little balcony onto the outside. After a few seconds of realizing what could’ve just happened she silently got up and debated if she should make her way to her bedroom and actually check if it was just a animal or something accidentally banging against the door or if it was what she didn’t even want to consider thinking about.
Then suddenly she heard a door opening. She stood with her back towards the sound so she didn’t see what was actually happening, but her body tensed and her mind just went blank at the thought of the man standing there.
“Look who we have here.” There he was. The dark voice with the British accent making the hairs on her body stand up, her mind swirling over what do to next. Her phone was still charging in the kitchen, so it was impossible for her to call the police.
“Why don’t you turn around for me, darling? Do I scare you that much? Come on, you haven’t even seen me yet. Let me have my fun.” She slowly turned around towards him, letting out shaky breaths.
What she then saw made her let out a gasp for air. A tall man with green eyes and brown, curly hair was staring right back at her. He was wearing a blue jacked with the hood over his head, a white shirt and a dark blue jeans. But what really got her attention was the blood stain on his head. It smeared from his hairline over his forehead down to his right cheek.
“Oh don’t worry, darling, it’s not my blood.” He let out a dark chuckle. “W-who’s is it then?” She stuttered silently, too scared to speak up.
“This old man on the street, he wouldn’t let me borrow his clothes. But I could not just walk around in my prison clothes now, could I? He wanted to play the hero so badly, fighting back. But not everyone was born to be one, so I killed him. Left him laying in his own blood right on the street for everyone to see. Hopefully they’ll get the message and won’t dare on crossing my way again.” He explained while coming even closer towards her. She felt herself shaking, silent tears finding their ways down her cheeks.
“Oh there’s no need to cry, angel. You don’t seem like him, you seem cooperative. What’s your name, hmm?” He said while standing tall over her, slowly pulling his right hand up to lay it on her cheek, carefully rubbing her tears away with his thumb.
From his careful touch and his swooning voice you could’ve thought they were lovers. If you didn’t see the scene happening, only listen to his softness, you could’ve thought that they’ve known each other for ages now, and not only for the little while since he broke down her balcony door to get into a more save area.
“My name is Y/N. P-please don’t hurt me. I promise I’ll do everything. Just let me stay alive. I’m begging you.” She said between sobs and wet cries.
“Oh Y/N, my darling. Why would I hurt you? I just need a save place for the night to stay in without someone calling the cops on me. You wouldn’t do that, would you? You seem like a good girl to me.” He said while taking the hands that have been dangling on her sides and putting them against his chest. She could feel his heartbeat, it was beating in a normal speed, unlike hers. But who could blame her, everyone would be scared in her position.
“I asked you something, Y/N.” He then said in a stern tone. “Yes, you’re right. I wouldn’t do that.” She whimpered out in fear.
“That’s what I thought. My good girl.” He said while pressing her against his chest. She could feel him putting his chin on top of her head and he started rocking them from left to tight. Was this a hug? Was London’s most feared prisoner hugging her? Or was it just a weird technique to calm her down and let him be save at her place. She doesn’t know it to this day.
“Is there any way you’ve good some clothes for me, maybe a shower so I can get this stuff out of my hair? I really don’t feel like sleeping with the dried blood all over me, my angel.” He whispered above her, still hugging her tight and pulling her into him. His hands rubbing up and down her back.
“S-sure, let’s go to my room and I’ll give you some clothes and I’ll show you the bathroom.” She didn’t know why she told him all of this, but he manipulated her into helping him out, even if she was still scared for her live, she also couldn’t just kick him out. Sure, he would’ve killed her before she could even call the police, but in this movement she didn’t even think about calling for help. Maybe he really did something to her? She still can’t explain what happened to her that night.
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chaashni · 20 days ago
could you do one with college professor harry and student y/n in which she does bad on a test that harry helped her prepare for so he's disappointed and punishes her. so like for each wrong answer she gets 5 spanks and she has to say the right answer along with "I'm sorry for getting it wrong sir, thank you for punishing me" and if she doesn't say it correctly they start all over again. Also for each right answer he gives her an orgasm using different toys. By the end she's so overstimulated that she's crying (she's okay tho) but her punishment isn't over since she still has a few wrong answers but harry decided to have mercy and makes her orgasms but spanking her pussy and that's the end of the punishment
Tumblr media
I'm drooling at this here's a lil' something at this one while I figure out my other requests too. You almost just wrote your lil' fic there anon and its amazing. I'm in love with professor Harry. He's refined. And mean.
Anons like this are what I am here for! Send more AU!Harry concepts. My fic library is @chaashnifics .
Your eyes prickled at the corners as you entered your room, the light pink walls glaring back at you with a hostility you have never found in their lengths. Your hair was all matted and clumped, a pit still in your stomach as your heart pounded away, the muffled thuds of footsteps following you.
Its easy, they said. Do it pussy, they said. Date your professor, they said. It'd mean things will automatically become easier for you, everything would fall in line obediently behind you, they said. Fuck them.
God, he was pissed. Somewhere in one of the documents stored in your laptop was a pdf file you would rather not keep, the messy report underlining your monthly progress- or should you say- deterioration, sticking daggers into your spine, mocking you. Somewhere behind you, as the door creaked open, your boyfriend, also your professor, glaring daggers at you.
You really, really regretted failing this test. You really really regretted missing out on assignments and choosing to drool on Daddy- no, you mean- Haddy- fuck- Harry while he was teaching. What you regretted most, however, was going to Harry and confessing that you had wasted all of the month in some bullshit, and you couldn't make a thing out of whatever the fuck 'logic gates' was.
Harry wasn't happy.
"Now that you've told me you weren't paying attention, I'll have to remind you again that data structure is extremely vital to your course and I'm very disappointed to find out you haven't figured it out yet. " That wasn't Harry speaking. That was Daddy.
Reprimading his little girl, telling her he would help her but this topic needs practice and understanding and fuck- through the middle of Harry fumbling around the keys if his laptop, you were zoning out.
How the hell were you supposed to focus when he's so close to you, voice so controlled and inch charge, the goddamned clicking of the keys making your pussy flutter like you were the next specimen for Pavlov's conditioning. Harry stayed up with you through the night, helping you out as much as you could all while reminding you there would be consequences if you did not pass this test.
You didn't.
And that sucked.
Having your boyfriend look at you, with that tight lip and stiff posture and disappoint reeking out of him, that sucked even more.
So you bit back every excuse frothing at your mouth, eyes following the snarl on Harry's lips as he sat at the edge of your bed, manspreading and tapping his thighs for you to come bend over. You quickly walked up to him, leaning a litle in an attempt to peck him on the lips but your boyfriend wasn't having it.
"Don't push it, little girl."
He grabbed your hair, pulling your face away from his just a fraction before he growled out the words on your lips, your mouth parting in a slow gasp and the next second a shriek was tearing out as he threw you over his lap, large hands splaying iver your back to hold you steady.
"Sorry Daddy," you sighed, holding onto the floor and wiggling your hips a little till you were comfortable, a smirk on your lips at the rugged "fuck" spat out by Harry.
His hand landed on your ass, the bands of his rings striking right at the tender flesh where your ass curved to the back of your thighs. You yelped, body shooting up only to be pinned back down by his elbow pressing at the middle of tour spine, a string of curses tumbling out of your boyfriend's mouth.
When had he flipped your skirt up?
"Its sir to you." He snapped, hands ghosting iver the curve of your ass before he ripped off your panties, another startled nad excited shriek slipping out of your lips.
"What a dirty fucking slut you are," Harry reprimanded, mostly taking to himself as he grasped your jaw, turning your face to the side just in time to catch the rays of excitement radiating off your eyes. "Here I am, worried about your grades while you are dripping all over my thighs. Isn't this supposed to be a punishment, little girl?"
You whined, his dark green eyes and messy curls so close to your face as he gritted these words out, the tick in his jaw and his huge hands holding you down only making you hornier. You rubbed your thighs, tongue slipping out of your mouth to lick your lips slyly, before you reached your gand out and dared to push his thumb into your mouth.
"Its all your fault, " you lolled your tongue around his thumb, battling your lashes. "Sir."
You wined pathetically before pushing your hips up, wiggling your butt at the man as he glowered at you. Harry's fingers were pulled out of your mouth, his palm crashing sharply on your cheek as you whimpered, tears filling your eyes as the burn began at your cheek and envelopeed your whole face, your cunt gushing needlily.
"Watch it, little girl." Harry growled, the low tremor in his words zapping down your spine. He ran his fingers through your hair, pausing for a beat at the roots before tugging, hard. You gasped as you arched your back, your face tilted and neck craned so your lips were dusting over his.
"Now you listen to me. YOU brought this upon yourself, letting your mind stray in classes like an excited and needy lil' puppy and look where it got you? Over my lap, trembling and whining like a filthy slut." Harry brushed his lips over yous, licking into your mouth as you sighed against his lips, letting your guard down.
You shouldn't have.
He wrung you away from his lips, pushing your body down and splaying you over his lap, his hand landing on your sharply.
"For each score that you've lost, which we kno' is a fuckin' too many scores, you're getting a strike. And you're thanking me fo' it." He landed two smacks on your right ass cheek, humming satisfiedly as you jolted up. "You'd count, do you remember how to do that or all that braIn thinks about is my cock, huh?"
You whimpered, bracing yourself for the next two strikes and squirming around as there were more to come, Harry isn't started yet.
"I will count!" You suddenly gushed out when he delivered a particularly harsh strike at the base of your ass, the pain radiating out in all corners, burning into your heat. You could feel your wetness drip down your thighs, your lips abused from the tread of your teeth as you whined softly, pushing your ass further into Harry's hands.
"You're also goin' to thank me," Be started, words smug, "fo: giving you even a trifle of my attention after you fucked up your grades for it. Is it that bad huh? Is your need fo' my cock that bad you forget 'bout every-fucking- thing?"
He sounded so arrogant and smug as he said it, satisfaction framing his words even as he gritted them out as strictly as he could, undertones of anger evident in each syllable.
You trembled and rubbed your thighs together, craning your head to look at him with your famous puppy eyes.
"Please sir, I need you. Bad." You moaned as he grabbed your ass, jiggling it and swatting it lightly. You turned your head when he tool his hands off of you, gasping when you found him turning his initial rings to the insides of his palm.
Oh shit.
Harry slapped the hand over your mouth, muffling your shriek as he delivered three successive strikes to your bottom, sharp and relentless. Shit. Those hurt. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as he dug the edge of his crystal ring into the skin, relenting when a drop spilled out of your eye.
"Get those nice 'n wet fo' me," you thighs were clenching by then, a tremble in every movement as you anticipated for his next strike, the words he had spoken going unnoticed.
Smack. Smack.
You jolted up, eyes wet as the spanks burnes against your backside, your body involuntarily slipping from over his lap as he slowly untangled all your cords to sanity, his measured strokes and velvety words pulling you deeper into the sea of desire.
"Did a lil' punishment get you all drunk and drooly?" Harry chastised, hand striking down on your ass before shifted backward, repositioning you so were lying on the bed, stretched out over his lap like his little doll.
You looked up at him with wide eyes, jaw locked under his massive palm, backside sore from his minstrations. A part of your mind screeched that "he hasn't even started yet," and here you were.
"Saying it one last time. Pay attention. Get my rings nice and wet for me." Harry said each word slowly, squeezing your ass in tune with it, condescension burning with each whine and hiss betraying your lips.
"I'm sorry sir."
Like hell you were. You both knew how much you enjoyed this.
You pulled his hand away from your mouth, not even an inch, jutting your tongue out and swiping it down the cold metal that shaped his initials. Nice and wet. Just the way he wanted.
Damn, that was gonna hurt.
"Hmmm," Harry hummed, "you better promise me you're gonna be attentive while being my cock-drunk little slut yeah?"
Fucker. His words were light, teasing even. The hand you had spent the last two minutes licking came down on your ass, sharo and without warning, the smile on your lips flying off as you jolted, rocking forward in surprise.
Holy shit.
"Got something to say, little girl?"
You bit your lips, pushing your ass back into his large, beautiful hands, bracing yourself for a long long night. This was going to be fun.
"Yes sir."
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0oolookitsme · 24 days ago
Can You make list of you fave fics and authors
Let's gooo!
HS(Harry Styles)
@signofthebarnes (boxer!h)
TVD(the vampire diaries)/TO(the originals)/Legacies
PS- [All of these writers’ masterlists are are my fave!]
MCU(marvel cinematic universe)
Games  [by @tinayoufatlarrdd ]
Makkhan And Jalebi  [by @muffindaddystyles
Weird Interview  [by @lesbianrry ]
Pink Velvet  [by @adore-laur ]
Lemonade And Tiger Lilies  [by @harryhoney-bee ]
Rainbow Cardigan  [by @stylesberries ]
Red Lace  [by @bxtchforstyles ]
Two For The Show  [by @nationalharryleague ]
Halo  [by @parkersroses ]
Bring Back Manly Men  [by @satanhalsey ]
Stars Align  [by @havin-a-wee ]
Delicate [by @gucciharrywritings ]
Can I Sit Next To You [they di-activated :( ] [by @hesbrightstar
You, Me And The Fat Baby Makes Three  [by @harryforvogue ]
When A Model Meets A Baker  [by @havethetimeofyourstyles ]
When The Door Chimes Ring  [by @tulledfae ]
Award Session 2018 Mini Series  [by @youreinreality ]
Illicit Abyss [by @leeroysdancer ]
From Eden [by @harryhoney-bee ]
Y/N is brown and desi and Harry finds her lovely but is too shy to pursue her. [by @muffindaddystyles ]
Styles the Way [by @sunandherflores ]
All of the one shots by @finelinevogue
Burnt Cookies [by @harrysgoldenline ]
and i can’t give that to you. [by @meetevieinthehallway ]
Harry is a single dad and Y/N is surprisingly good at babysitting part 2 [by @jawllines ]
“Wear something noticeable” [by @unabashegirl ]
RELIEF* [by @carolinasgirl ]
PAPER RINGS [by @satanhalsey ]
MEDICINE (01) [by @satanhalsey ]
Mafia!h x Assassin!Reader [by @lovecanyon ]
Pinky Promises  [by @bouquetofkissesxo ]
Two Years Too Late  [by @idkthisisjustforfanfic ]
He Is Going To Propose But Not To You  [by @harry-writings ]
Learn As We Grow  [by @eternal-imagines ]
To Love And Be Loved  [by @watchmegetobsessed ]
Six Months [by @fishnets-fingers ]
Model!Y/n x Ceo!Harry  [by @and-im-okay-with-it ]
Enticing [by @unabashegirl ]
Sweet as Honey [by @signofthebarnes ]
PS- There are a few fics that I can’t find but I swear I’ll add them whenever I do find ‘em!
PSS- Hope you enjoy reblogging and sharing your opinions on the fics above with their respective authors!
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Here comes Santa clause
Summary:This is blind!harry and his babies decorating! HAPPY BLURBMAS-Day 1
Warning’s: Finnley being precious
The Styles family likes to decorate their home for Christmas early. Christmas always got them in a great cheery mood. The lights, the trees, the smells, that always put a bright smile on their faces. They had made a playlist of all their Favorite Christmas songs, lit up some candles that were peppermint and sugar cookies scented- just for the holidays, turned up their Christmas music so loud that the neighbors could hear it and got to work.
“Pass me the garland, my love.” Harry hums, Finnley strapped on his chest in a baby bjorn to help them bond some more. Y/n passes Harry the chunky green garland, decorated perfectly with white ornaments and fake snow. He stands at the staircase, zip tying the garland all down the rail. “It looks good.” Y/n smiles, snapping a little Polaroid of her husband to keep for Christmas down the road. “Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right now Santa Claus lane.” Harry sings to Finnley, the boy growing a sleepy smile on his face when he hears his daddy.
“It’s all good?” Harry asks, his hand coming to cup at the back of Finnley's head. “It looks amazing!” He smiles, clapping her hands together.
“Good.” He smiles back at her.
“We need to put the nutcrackers up!” She cheers, pulling the big tub out of all some more of their Christmas decorations, nutcrackers at the top. Harry nods, grabbing one of the classic green, red, and white nutcrackers they had so long ago, putting them on the mantle above their fireplace.
“Perfect!” Y/n smiles, rubbing her bump white she looks over the decorations placed carefully on the mantle. She hears a ding, her eyes lighting up at the smell of the cookies.
“Oh, the cookies are done!” She says, waddling to the kitchen and completely forgetting about their decorations, now focused on the cookies. “Come help H!” She yells, unwrapping the Hershey kisses to quickly stick them in the middle of the hot cookies. Harry walks into the kitchen quickly, helping her stick the chocolate into the middle of the peanut butter cookies. “That one is lopsided.” She giggles, trying to fix the chocolate.
“Oh, we’ll, that one can be mine.”
“There are like twenty, H.” She laughs, kissing his cheek before throwing away the trash. Harry shrugs, “oh well.”
Finnley wakes up at the smell of cookies, a goofy smile on his face while he looks up at his parents. “Santa?” He asks, looking at the towel with Santa’s face printed on it that was hanging in his mummy’s hand. “Yes, Santa’s coming soon, bubba.” Harry says, letting his out of the baby bjorn before taking it off and pulling the toddler up onto his hip. “You want to decorate your tree? We’re almost done!” The two head up the stairs leaving Y/n follow. She walks down the long hallway to get Finnley‘s mini white Christmas tree out of the closet.
She walks back and into Finnleys and sets the tree up, fluffing out all of the fake branches. “My tree?” Finnley asks after toddling over and to hang the white snowy branches. “Yes, it’s your tree, bub. Do you want to add the ornaments?” Finnley grabs one from her hand before shaking his head yes, setting it on one of the little branches, he steps back and looks at what he did, a little smile on his chunky face.
“Good job! You did it baby!” Y/n smiles, clapping.”
“Daddy try!” Finnley squeals, grabbing Harry’s hands while he boos up and down on his little toes.
“Okay, I’ll try, lovie.” He pulls the boy down on his lap while he sits in front of the tree, letting Y/n hand him an ornament while he finds a branch to loop it on. Finnley squeals and claps with his chubby hands, throwing his arms around his fathers neck. He always was a daddy’s boy.
Y/n adds on a few ornaments while Finnley is busy babbling to Harry, slurring nonsense about paw patrol. “You gotta out the star baby!” Y/n rests her hand on her bump while leaning over to hand the boy the sparkly red star.
Finnley smiles and grips the star, playing with it for a second before stepping back over to his tree and placing the star on top of it. “Yay!” His parents cheer, clapping while he smiles over his little star.
And their Christmas was complete.
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moonchildstyles · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
harry wanted nothing more than to take his time with y/n and get to know everything about her, in every sense she'd allow
part one (prosecco)
part two (sangiovese)
part three (moscato)
part four (malvasia)
previous part (parellada)
"Are you coming in?"
Harry couldn't help the lazy smile that spread over his lips, dimples denting into his cheeks as they stopped in front of her apartment door. She did her best to unlock the front door though one of her hands was held hostage in both of Harry's. He just couldn't find it in himself to let go even though he knew he was only making it harder on her to concentrate.
"Do y'want me to?" he prodded, a satisfied undercurrent to his words. He liked knowing that she wasn't ready for him to leave yet, just as he wasn't prepared to say goodbye for the night.
"You know I do," she answered shyly, glancing over her shoulder as she pushed open the white lacquered wood, "But only if you want to, too."
She should know by now that wherever she wanted him, he would be there. He only gave her a soft curl of his lips, sacrificing the hold of one of his hands to pat her on the bottom, "Go on, I'll be right behind you."
A familiar smile colored her features, the same giddy one that caused a garden to bloom in his chest since he had started getting closer to her. It was the same smile she looked at him with when he took her out for the first time, the same one she had appeared with when she ran back to give him a hug and thank him for keeping his promise to see her, and the same one that she had given to him every time he'd come to see her since. It made him feel like he put the stars in the sky and dotted craters into the moon; like he was powerful enough to create the universe if she so asked him to.
Harry followed after her like a lost puppy, only having half the mind to close the door behind him and twist the accompanying lock. He was forced to let go of her hand when she reached to take off her shoes, this pair much more comfortable than the usual heels she had worn in the past on dates with him. He made a point to match his boots up beside her's in the cubby by the door, the white leather of his brushing against her own sparkly pair.
He looked out into her living room, the area a disaster of notebook pages and open textbooks. The pages had scribbled notes strung along the lines, highlighted headings at the top that matched the duo of textbooks that laid spread open on the coffee table.
"This what y'were working on before I picked y'up?" Harry smiled, rounding the couch to get a look at the subject she was studying so hard over.
"Yeah," (Y/N) sighed, her voice slumping the same way he could picture her shoulders doing when she caught sight of the homework, "I'm having to do an extra section on that group project now that one of my partners just dropped the course out of nowhere."
"Really?" Harry gaped, whipping his head up to catch her following his path to sit beside him on the couch, "Was it that boy y'were telling me about?"
"Mhm," she hummed, a slight roll to her eyes though Harry could see how tired she was just at the thought of the extra work.
"Are the others helping you at all?"
"No, they said they have too many credits this semester and one of them has to work everyday so she doesn't have time," (Y/N) explained, falling into the cushions beside him. She reached out and began picking up her notes, leafing through them in an effort to put them in order before stuffing them into a folder she had slid under the table.
"Oh love," he cooed, scooting over to wrap her up in his arms, "I can help you, if y'want. 'M not sure I'll be much help with the subject itself, but I can help with the paper and I'll work on anything you're not sure about." Harry was already working around his schedule, trying to find his free moments when he could commit to his promises and help (Y/N) all he could.
A breathy laugh was huffed though (Y/N)'s lips, matching the feather soft smile that traced her lips. "I think I'll be okay, but thank you, H. You're sweet."
"Are y'sure? I know I don't really understand how"—he squinted to read he fine text on the last remaining volume on the table—"romantic literature evolved through the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, but I can try. 'M not gonna lie, I've read quite a few romance novels, so I'll give it m'all."
A louder laugh escaped (Y/N), filtering through the room. The sound brought Harry's dimples to the surface of his cheeks, the muscles surely to ache when he went home.
"I think you might have a different idea than what my professor is looking for, but thank you. Maybe you could read over my sections before I send them to the group? Make sure they sound good and everything?"
Harry happily nodded along to her suggestion. "Anything y'need from me, I'll do it."
The tint of amusement drained from her features, leaving just the soft remnants that curled over her lips and melted her irises. That dreamy look that Harry saw in his daydreams crossed over her eyes. He adored when she looked at him like that, second only to the tender smile she saved only for him.
"You mean that?" she prompted, words feeling like a feather-soft cloud stuffed in a gift box just for him.
"Y'know I do," Harry teased, his tone light as he parroted her earlier words. He leant into her space, nudging his nose against her's in a gentle puppy's kiss with their lashes tangling from the proximity.
He could feel the ghost of her smile against the full of his own lips, savoring the feel of her contentment for a moment before pulling back into his own space. He was greeted with the sight of (Y/N)'s moony eyes, irises liquified and sparkling like pools of starlight. The smile he had felt on her lips dropped in slow increments, gradually leaving her with her mouth in a small gape and her softened features calling for his tender touch. She didn't move from where she had inclined her body towards him, the tick in her neck holding as if moving away from him was the last thing on her mind even in the uncomfortable position. Her eyes scanned over his face, Harry aware of the way her gaze brushed over the planes of his features before cataloging down the curve of his neck and the full of his lips.
"Y'alright, sweetheart?" He breathed a laugh, reaching a hand up to cradle the full of her cheek.
Her expression lagged before something clicked behind her eyes as she dropped back into the moment. She nodded her head in his hold, a jerky motion as opposed to the smooth slowness that had coated her movements before. "Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking," she explained with a swallow. She stood from where she had settled into the cushions, returning to the full of her height as she reached for her school bag that was now stuffed with her homework. Tossing a look over her shoulder to Harry, she collected the lone textbook from the coffee table, "I'm going to take this to my room—I'll be right back."
With that, she scuttled down the hall, leaving Harry alone in the waning heat they shared on her sofa. Though there was nothing playing on the television in front of him, he looked at the black mirror as his own film started reeling in his head. He couldn't get that look on her face out of his head.
He'd seen the dreamy glow that took her features when he did something particularly sweet for her, the giddy smile on her lips when he agreed to spend more time with her, and the look of her melted irises that made him feel like the only person in the world for her. He'd seen those looks and adored them, treasured them in the back of his mind. He would call upon whenever he missed her or needed something to make the time go by faster, but this look was one he'd only ever seen before once in the dark of his room.
She had given him that searching look—like she was searching for more, for something only Harry could give her and that she was willing to follow him wherever he wanted to take her if it meant she would find it, whatever it was—one of the times they had spent holed up in his room, Harry's hips between her thighs and her head cushioned by his satin cased pillows. They had been kissing as was tradition by now after another date, Harry dutifully abiding by the fine boundaries she had set that first time. His hands stayed over her clothing as he traced her form with the most intimacy being performed by their melding mouths. Even his hips fit between her's were kept still as to not rock anywhere that would make her uncomfortable.
Though, he could only be so good for so long, especially when his instincts were at the helm of his control. Without thinking, he had given a grinding roll of his hips over her center. Her thighs stiffened around him and her hands in his hair tightened to give a sharp tug at his roots. Harry reared back at her reaction, ready to give her a murmured apology, promise that he wasn't going to do it again and give her a second to breathe. When he did that, an I'm sorry poised on his tongue, he had been stopped in his tracks at the look on her face. She gave him that yearning look with her starlight eyes, searching for something she couldn't find. Harry remembers feeling breathless in that moment, like the limited air in his lungs was effectively sucked out when she gave him the privilege of looking over her.
"(Y/N)? Are y'okay?" he remembered cooing to her, his hands that had been stationed on either side of her head fisting at the blanket below her.
The sound of her name had knocked her back into reality, the same way his voice had tonight only minutes ago. She tugged him back to her with the grip on his hair, planting her lips along the cut of his jaw. "I'm okay," she whispered over his skin, the butterfly-soft touch of her lashes skimming over his skin.
"'M sorry," he mumbled to her, "I didn't mean t—"
"Don't be sorry," she had said to him, finally nudging him towards her and matching their lips up.
Harry had been too drawn into the feel of her mouth over his to analyze that look any further, but the memory was singed in the back of his mind. Now he had something to compare it to, a twin expression illuminated by the lights in her apartment and a clear gaze that lacked the haze of her touch.
He didn't want to assume, but Harry could argue that the searching in her gaze was nothing more than a version of want—that he was all too familiar with when it came to her. She had been the one to set boundaries around what conspired when they indulged in the sessions in his bedroom, so he hesitated to assume that she had that same breathless feeling bubbling in her chest the way he had.
But, god, was he going to hope.
Nothing made him feel more prideful than the idea that (Y/N) wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. His stomach tightened at the thought of her sighing his name in the middle of the night like he did with her's, that she might have felt the same tenseness in her muscles as he did when she clung to him while fighting to keep their mouths buttoned together, that she might have taken a single look at him during one of their dates and daydreamed about what it would be like to take him home and be rid of the clothing that adorned his body. He could only hope she felt any of those things when she looked at him.
Just as Harry transitioned his thoughts to something safe—he was currently thinking about the meeting he was going to have to attend on Monday, picturing graphs and stats in hopes of lessening the pressure sitting at the base of his stomach—when (Y/N) called to him from her bedroom.
"Harry, could you come here for a second? Please?" She tacked the plea on as an afterthought, her voice a pitch higher than he would have expected.
He didn't response, instead opting to follow after her voice. The sound of his socked feet padded over the hardwood, following down the line to her bedroom he had only peeked into once before. Her door was cracked only an inch, leaving only a sliver of the inside visible before he pushed it open. He found her peeking out of what he assumed was her walk-in closet, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth and eyes wide as she looked at him.
Her room was just as he remembered it, the splashes of pastels dotted over the otherwise sanitized white of the room. She added as much of her personality as she could while still hoping to get the full of her security deposit back when she moved out and stay in the good graces of her landlord all the while. Her large wooden dresser was pushed to the wall in front of her bed, a mirror tacked atop it with each of the ornaments and miscellaneous fixtures she had placed on the surface being reflected in the glass. Her bed frame was made out of twisted metal, the pipes creating delicate loops that decorated the foot and headboard in a pewter color, gleaming lilac in the light. Her bedding matched that of the accents splashed over her room, baby green pillows complimenting the soft pink of her duvet with white appliquéd flowers dotted over the fabric. A shelving unit was pushed against the wall beside the doorway to the bathroom, filled with books she had admitted to him she hadn't read since she was a teenager along with tiny fake plants and little mementos from friends and family she kept when she moved out. A white, fluffy rug was splayed over the middle of the floor, something that made Harry smile when he remembered how she had told him she'd had to get three replacements of it so far, the pristine white being something of a magnet for stains.
"Can you help me really quick?" (Y/N) chirped, drawing his eye from a picture that was propped up on her dresser of her smiling face. She toed the ground nervously, the blue polish on her toes sticking out starkly against the dark wooded floors.
"'Course," Harry agreed, stepping over the fluffed rug under his socked feet, "What do y'need?"
Her bottom lip was swollen due to the pressure of her teeth, her eyes shifting over his form before turning her back to him. "Will you unzip my dress for me? I can't reach."
Harry's brows raised at her request. She'd never had trouble with this part before, even with much more elaborate dresses he could see were tied at the back. Still, he wasn't going to deny her, especially if she requested his help.
He mumbled out an agreement, his feet silent as he stood in line behind her. She had taken the liberty to brush her hair out of his way, leaving the bare of her neck on display along with the delicate curve of her shoulders that were left for him to see with the help of the drop sleeves. He tried not to let his gaze linger over the fresh view of her skin, those limping thoughts about Monday's meeting doing little to quell the fire in his stomach. He concentrated on the glimmering zipper that started at the mid of her back, a bright point of focus he was going to take advantage of.
The second his fingers brushed the bare of her back, the tips seemingly alight with fire at the way they burned in hopes of touching her again, he knew he was gone. One hand was laid flat over the fabric of her dress, keeping it steady as the other plucked at the zipper. More and more of her back was revealed as he unlaced the teeth that were keeping the garment together. If not for (Y/N)'s hands keeping the dress pressed against her chest, he would have seen even more intimate parts of her skin on display given it was revealed she wasn't wearing a bra through the night.
His hand grew unsteady as he traced the zipper down the curve of her spine, ending just above where he could see a peek of her underwear. His tongue felt thick as he tried to swallow around it, his throat equally as dry as he kept his eyes pinned to the bare of her skin. "There," he murmured gruffly, gravel roughing up his tone that he hadn't meant to let seep in.
Taking a hesitant step back caused a rush of cool air to filter between them, dousing Harry's heated skin. He found traction in his breathing again, a rhythm returning now that his mind wasn't so occupied with the feel and look of her smooth skin. He awaited the usual chirp of (Y/N)'s voice, a sweet thank you he earned after the sweet tasks that took little to no effort for him to do.
Instead, Harry's eyes widened when she dropped the bodice of her dress, the entire garment falling to pool at her feet.
Lengths of bare skin were revealed for him to feast upon, catalogue and burn into his memory. He felt something like a statue as he stood completely still, muscles frozen as she stepped out of the fabric circling her feet. Her muscles moved and curled under her skin, her form curving around the short steps she took before she buried her toes into the downy rug under her feet. What he had perceived as underwear was actually nothing more than a few baby blue dyed strings coming together to cover the bare minimum of her modesty. One ribbon tied into a bow just above her bottom before disappearing between the curves of her ass, the rest of the tie coming around to circle her hips.
Before he could fully take in the view of her bare backside (he was still working his way over the soft of her thighs, but he kept getting distracted at the fact she had been wearing nothing but a tiny thong through dinner and when he took her for a walk afterwards), (Y/N) turned around offering an entirely new view to soak in.
Harry took another stumbling step backwards, adverting his eyes to a safe spot of fake wood grain that made up her flooring. He wasn't supposed to still be here, surely. She must have thought he had quietly stepped out before she dropped her dress. She hadn't intended for him to see her like this, right?
He forced out a cough, hoping to knock the gravel from his tone, "Sorry—Let me ju—I'll be in the othe—"
"You don't want to stay?"
How was he supposed to answer this? Because, fuck, did he want to stay, but what about the guidelines she had given him the moment they started inching into this intimate territory?
He carefully flicked his eyes up to her face, bypassing the length of her body in hopes of avoiding further tightening his pants. A tense settled over his shoulders, broadening them just as he pulled in a chest-puffing breath. "I don't want to do anything y'don't want, (Y/N). And, 'm worried that if I stay, I might take the invitation the wrong way."
That was all the explanation he could muster through his jumbled thoughts. He was going to stay firm on the boundaries she had given him until she said otherwise. Just because she had dropped her dress and left more of her exposed than Harry had dared to allow himself to imagine, doesn't mean she was wiping those expectations away.
(Y/N) took a sheepish step towards him, the blue paint on her toes peeking through the white fluff of a rug under her feet. Her arms had come to cross over her chest, bunching her breasts together while her fingers bundled into a knot just under her chin. "I don't think you'll take it the wrong way," she murmured as she took steps closer and closer to him.
Once she was close enough to be in Harry's dipped viewpoint, effectively cutting off the point on the floor he was drilling his gaze into, he made a point to fix his gaze onto her face. He didn't think he could handle himself if he allowed his eyes to linger over the line of cleavage on her chest or the soft skin of her tummy calling for him to press kisses across, and especially not the full of her thighs that made a true v-shape that framed the small piece of fabric between her legs.
She must have taken a moment to wipe her makeup from her skin, leaving a flustered glow to emanate from her skin, rivaling the sparkling of her starlight eyes. Harry made a choice to tuck his hands into his pockets, otherwise he knew he wouldn't have stopped himself from cradling her cheeks in his palms and brushing back the offending strands of her hair that dare block his view of her features.
"I don't want to assume anything, (Y/N)," he started, voice low as if there were anyone near by to overhear, "Y'need to tell me what you want; what you're comfortable with. If not, 'm going to leave your room and let y'get dressed."
He wasn't trying to scare her, or make her feel like he didn't want to be in this slowly heating room, but he needed to hear it from her directly. (It was only an endearing side-effect that he got to see how flustered this stern voice and request of her words got her).
She thickly swallowed, throat bobbing right by her thrumming pulse at the base. Her still wide eyes were fixed on his own hooded ones, darting over his features and tracing the planes with as much detail he swears he could have felt the ghost of her fingers following after. "I-I want you to stay—You won't get the wrong idea since I want the same thing," was her murmured response, her volume lacking over her stumbled words.
Harry dared to settled his hands over the round of her hips, the pad of his thumbs catching on the satin smooth ribbon that made up her panties. His hands were warm over the curve, her form filling his palms perfectly. "Tell me what y'want," he pressed, the words coming out as a sultry croon, "Why do y'want me to stay when we should be getting ready to watch some movie out there before y'climb in my lap and let me kiss y'til y'fall asleep?"
A dreamy trance took over (Y/N)'s sightline, the shift in her demeanor becoming visible to Harry with the way she all but melted into his hands and her breathing turned shallow. "I want to do more than just kiss tonight."
"Y'want me to touch you?"
That was like music to his ears, but better. He couldn't wait to play with her.
Now that he was getting a much clearer idea of what she wanted from him tonight, he was ready to test some of the boundaries she had set. "I am touching you, pretty girl. Isn't this enough?"
"No," she whispered, the word leaning on a whimper as it came out, "I want more."
A lazy smile tugged at the corner of his lips, the curl becoming lopsided as only one dimple dented into his cheek. "Where do y'want me to touch then? Show me." As he spoke, he backed her up towards the edge of her bed. She obediently followed his movements, her steps much more disjointed as he kept her eyes fixed on him. "Lay up there for me," he instructed as his eyes flicked to the collection of pillows at the top of her bed, before dropping a kiss to the top of her heated cheekbone.
She all but scrambled atop the mattress, laying flat on her back with her knees bent and spread wide to accommodate Harry between them. He allowed his gaze to linger over her form, her arms having dropped from the shield they formed over her breasts, instead leaving just the veil of her hair to splay over her chest with the peaks of her nipples glimpsing through the strands. Her hands were bunched into the covers around her, the grip tightening as Harry approached. He discarded the jacket he had worn for their date in the same pile as her dress, leaving only the silky cream button up to stretch over the broad of his chest.
Kneeing his way over the mattress, he stopped between her legs with her knees on either side of his hips. That same lazy grin stretched over his lips, quirking only a single dimple into the full of his cheek as he looked her over.
"Well," he drawled, "Aren't y'gonna show me?"
(Y/N)'s chest stuttered with an interrupted intake of breath, her breasts swaying at the motion. "Harry, I—"
Her words caught in her throat, hanging in the air as Harry gazed down at her from his perspective above her gentle body.
"'S okay, pretty girl, 's jus' me. All you've got to do is show me," he encouraged, offering her his hands to place over her body in the game he initiated.
Hesitation flashed over her gaze as her eyes shifted from his face to his hands he was offering to her palms up, still ring-clad and gleaming in the low light. "I don't know what I'm doing," she rushed out, a bleat to her voice as her nerves turned up.
Harry lent back on his heels as he processed her explanation. The thin boundaries and hesitation now making sense if she wasn't quite as experienced in this area as he was. No wonder she had been so flustered when he prodded and pressed her.
His previously wandering gaze raced up to her face, feeling guilty to have looked over her when she was having such nerves while he was playing. "'M sorry, (Y/N)," he cooed, aching to reach out and grab at her hands that were twisted in the bedsheets at her sides, "I didn't know. We can stop now, 'kay?"
He intended to back himself off her plush bed, but he was promptly stopped when (Y/N) shot to a sitting position. Her once white-knuckled hands moved to grab at the waist of his pants, clinging to the belt loops and keeping him from moving an inch farther. "Don't leave," she pleaded, "I only wanted you to know in case I was a little lost. Please, stay."
Harry fluttered his fingers over her outstretched arms, tracing over the skin as goosebumps followed in his wake. He cupped her elbows in his palms, curling down until he could comfortably pull her hands to sit on his cheeks. He filled her vision and fixed her attention to him, away from the chill she was surely feeling over the bare of her body and the caress of his hands over her goosebumped arms.
"You've never done this before, love?" he asked her, needing to get a bigger picture of what she might be comfortable with.
She shook her head, the motion small, "I have, but only once all the way. It was a few years ago and not very good, so I don't really know what I'm doing or what you want me to do."
Though he would have been more than happy to guide her through her first time, a bit of pressure was lifted from Harry's chest at the knowledge that this wasn't the very first experience she would have. He could work with that, and blow her first time out of the water since it apparently wasn't satisfying.
"That's okay," Harry smiled, a tender curl of his lips that let her know just how much he adored her if she didn't already, "All I want is for you to feel good, we can get through the rest together, right?"
"Me and you?" she chirped, a glowing smile complimenting her features and rounding her cheeks.
Harry dipped his head forward and pushed his nose against her's in a delicate puppy's kiss. "Jus' me and you."
He intended to pull away, give her some space to breathe, but (Y/N) firmed her hold on either side of his jaw. Her fingertips dipped into the baby thin curls that bordered his hairline as she kept him stationed close enough their lashes could have tangled at the proximity. She didn't waste a second before gently slotting their lips together, craning her neck to seal her mouth against his in an effort to soak in as much of the contact as she could. Harry smiled into the kiss, leaning into her and relieving the tick in her neck. With his insisting motions, (Y/N) lowered herself to lay in the imprint she had left on her bed below her, settling in the plush duvet with Harry atop her this time. His hands that had been cradling the curve of her elbows moved. One went around her waist, trapping him happily between the pink comforter hugging her body and the heat of her bare back, while his other settled at the base of her throat with his fingers curling around the nape and his thumb brushing along the curve.
"How far do y'want to go tonight, (Y/N)? Y'have to tell me so I don't assume," he pressed, the words mumbled into her kiss-swollen lips. Cracking his eyes open to nothing more than slits, Harry caught sight of the slight furrow to her brow, her ardent kisses matching the expression.
"I want all of you." Her answer was simple and breathless, just the bare minimum explanation before she urged her mouth against his. "Just go slow with me,"
Harry could do that, he decided, he could definitely take his time with her. No complaints there.
Going along with his oath to go slow with her, he started off in their usual routine, the one they had curated in the dark of his bedroom. He kissed her as if those fine boundaries were still in place and that dress that was now a crumpled heap on the floor still adorned her body. The motions had been perfected during those long sessions at his home, his hands keeping her pressed to him as though the intention was to hold her through the night.
Much like the night he had first seen that searching look on her face, Harry chanced a rut of his hips against hers. The soft of her core welcomed the stiff tent that had formed in the front of his pants with the hug of her thighs tightening around his form. He waited for any kind of unfavorable reaction, one that would prompt him to slow even further down. Instead, a breathy sigh fell from her lips and fanned over Harry's own.
The next time, it was (Y/N)'s restless body that dragged her hips over his, bucking up against him. She hummed a call of his name against the full of his kiss, a familiar sound that he'd had the privilege of hearing every time they indulged in long make-out sessions in his bedroom, though it never lost the tightening effect it had on the tension building under the flat of his stomach. Her hands that had been cradling his cheeks moved to the back of his head, brushing through the curls with the blunt of her nails sliding over his scalp.
A hiss escaped Harry's lips at the feel of her nails in his hair, his own arm that had been backed around her waist snaked out of position to trace over the curve of her side. His palm skated over her bare skin, tips of his fingers brushing her hair out of the way before settling over the full of her breast. He pressed his tongue into her mouth just as his hand squeezed around the flesh, his fingertips softly denting into the skin as she gave way under him. (Y/N) whimpered into his mouth, her nipple peaking under his palm despite the heat of his touch.
"Y'like that, pretty girl?" he crooned to her, his words all but swallowed by her in her effort to keep kissing him.
"Mhm," she bleated, a frantic nodding of her head accompanying the hum before she took advantage of the grip on his hair and brought him back to her.
"I can't wait to find all the things y'like, sweetheart," he murmured, his words a ghost over her skin as he bypassed her lips and painted his own over the warmed features of her face, "'S going to be s'much fun, don't you think?"
"Better," she breathed, an incomplete thought hanging in the humid air surrounding them, "You're better already."
While it wasn't much of a surprise to know he was the best out of her limited experience, Harry didn't bother to fight off the pride puffing his chest and the smug smile curling his lips. He worked his way from the soft heat that fluttered through her features, meeting where his hand still lay as a steadying weight at the base of her throat. His lips never truly lifted from her skin, instead dragging over her before planting another in his trail. His hands followed after him, shifting to skim over her sides with his thumbs denting into her skin from the strength of his grip.
Harry stopped when he made it to the middle of her chest, opting to spend extra time there if her earlier whimpering meant anything about her sensitivity. The valley between her breasts was littered in a slew of wet kisses, matching the sheen that glimmered over her warmed skin. He opened his eyes as he swiped his tongue along the bottom curve of one of her breasts, watching for (Y/N) reaction. He was gifted with a tug at the roots of his hair and a breathless gasp.
"Harry," she whined when he placed a sucking kiss to her pert nipple, drawing a smile to his features as he repeated the affection to its twin.
"Y'sound so pretty when y'say m'name like that, pretty girl," he crooned to her, sounding entirely too smug but he didn't have it in him to care.
(Y/N) practically melted into the mattress below her, the comforter doing all the work of keeping her together while Harry lit a path of fire down her body. The tip of his nose skimmed down the soft of her stomach as he dragged his lips over the expanse, wet kisses shining in the low light as he planted them over her skin. He made it as far with her hips cradled in his hands, the length of his fingers reaching to dent the tips into the full of her ass as his mouth halted right at the waistline of her panties. He bit at the delicate fabric, the tiny bow placed between his teeth.
He fully intended on slipping his fingers under the flimsy material and shucking it down her legs before he indulged in his own pleasure with his face between her thighs until (Y/N) pulled her hands from his hair and dropped them to the broad of his shoulders.
"Wait, wait," she rushed, breathing coming out in heaves around the words.
Harry stilled in an instant, slipping his hands from her hips to sit on the curve of her waist as he pulled his head from between her thighs. His eyes were wide with bewilderment, he was sure, worried he had gone too far without checking in and had effectively made her uncomfortable.
"What is it, lovie? Are y'alright?"
Her fingers tightly gripped the thin fabric of his shirt in her fists, a silent request for him to come back to her. He followed her tugging, moving to station his hands on either side of her head as he hovered above her. The starlight of her eyes twinkled up at him despite her pupil that was blown wide enough to leave but a sliver of the iris left for him to admire.
"I want you first," she explained, ignoring his checkin on her wellbeing. Her hands on his shoulders slid further down the expanse of his chest, landing on the remaining buttons that tethered his top together.
"What do y'want from me, sweetheart?" he pressed, unsure of the idea of skipping foreplay and moving right into sinking his cock into her. (He personally really enjoyed foreplay, maybe even more than the sex itself, so he would be a little disappointed if she wanted to move on so quickly).
Her darting eyes followed the path of her hands, "I want you out of your clothes first. I want to be able to see you."
A smirk spread over his lips, a dimple thumbing into the full of his cheek. "Y'should've said that at the beginning, love. More than happy to give you a show."
(Y/N)'s own lips cracked into a soft smile, the bit of humor breaking through the intensity of the moment they had curated in the bubble of her bed. Anything to make her feel comfortable.
Harry reluctantly left her splayed across her bed, already working the buttons on his shirt through the holes before flinging it to the pile on the floor. It was only minutes later that his belt and pants joined the mess, and one more for his rings to be discarded on the side table to her bed. Her eyes watched him the whole time—aside from when he made a show of shaking his bum at her when he tugged down his trousers, instead opting to bury her face in her hands as she laughed at him. He was bare aside from the boxers that covered his length, though the shape was clear to see through the wine red of the fabric.
"Good enough now, pretty girl?" he teased as he climbed onto the mattress, kneeing his way back to her.
He was all too aware of the way her eyes raked over his form, lingering on his tented boxers. Her mouth was set in a soft gape, hands settled between her thighs as she tightly gripped the pink of her duvet.
"Can I—I want to..." Her words hung in the air as her eyes dropped from his smug face back to the full crotch of his boxers. She swallowed thickly, eyes darting up to match his for only a second before falling back down the length of him, "Harry, can I touch you? Please?"
Harry bit at his bottom lip hard enough he was worried it was going to split. "Y'want to touch me, love? What do y'want to touch?"
She crawled the short distance between them, falling back on her heels where Harry was stilted up on his knees, taller than she was. Her eyes flicked between his and her hand she was reaching towards him, shyly watching for a reaction as her palm settled on the thick of his thigh, just under the tiger head tattooed over the skin. "Can I touch you here?" she whispered, her fingertips playing with the hem of the underwear, "I've never really done it before, but I-I want to try."
His bones were sure to give out with his muscles liquifying and turning him into a puddle. Harry couldn't deny such a sweet request; she wanted to take care of him before he even had the chance to do the same for her. A precious thing, she was.
"We're doing anything y'want tonight, remember, pretty girl?" he smiled, reaching for her shoulders to pull her upright, "Where do y'want me?"
She bit at the the full of her bottom lip at his line of questioning. "I don't know."
Harry couldn't resist before urging forward and pressing a kiss to her blooming cheek. "Y'said you've never done this before, right?" a nod given in response, "Then we'll make this really easy for you, 'kay? Make sure you're comfortable." (Y/N) agreed with another slight nod of her head, the ends of her hair tickling her bare skin and brushing Harry's hands. He started maneuvering them around around as he spoke, "'M gonna lay up here, and I want y'stay right there for me."
Mimicking her earlier position, Harry laid with his head cushioned by her hoard of pillows (the daisy shaped one she had in the dead center was his favorite by far), legs spread wide enough to accommodate her between. With the new angle, (Y/N) was left with an unobstructed view of the tent in his boxers, the outline being emphasized by the shadows created from the low lamplight. She sat tentatively on the mattress, unsure of where to go now though all she wanted was to work her way between his thighs and follow any instructions he may give.
"I think it'll be easiest for y'like this, yeah? Won't hurt your knees, either," he explained, resting with a hand behind his head while the other skimmed the waist of his underwear. He gazed at her with a small smile on his lips, his eyes going hooded as he traced the curves of her body with a pointed brush over the full of her lips. "Why are y'so far away, pretty girl? 'M not gonna hurt you; y'can come closer."
With his permission, she shuffled over the bedding. The comforter fluffed around her like a sunset tinted cloud, or the waves that birthed Venus herself. If not for the fact he was indulging in her wish to take care of him, he would have dropped to his own knees in worship of her.
"I-I've only done this a couple of times, but I want to do it how you like," (Y/N) mumbled, eyes roaming over his tattooed chest before settling on his face as if she were scared to stay in one place too long in case she gave away how attracted she was to him. Not a very well kept secret, but he wasn't going to tell her that.
"Well, you're gonna have to give me a kiss first," Harry prompted, already sitting up from his lounging position. He sat with his hand flat behind him to prop himself up, craning his neck towards her with a pucker to his lips.
(Y/N) was more than eager to indulge in the familiar, practiced contact. She settled her hands flat over the cut of his jaw, the warmth of her palms seeping through his skin as if she didn't already have him flushed enough. It was a slow kiss, languid in the way he slotted his lips against hers and slipped his tongue across her own. The next time he did this, he was sure to taste a bit of himself along the buds.
"Ready?" he whispered to her, the breath coming out humid in the space between them.
With an eager nod of her head, (Y/N) gave him a sincere smile, though nerves still tugged at the corners. He trusted her to tell him if she was uncomfortable or wanted to slow down, but he was still going to keep a close eye on her and go slow just as she requested.
Harry returned to his previous position, taking in a deep breath as he took in the sight of his lover with kiss-swollen lips she was about to wrap around him. "C'mere, pretty girl," he crooned, reaching his free hand towards her, "Give me your hand."
She laid her palm flat against his like she was expecting him to hold it—what a sweet little thing. He took her hand, eyes gauging her reaction, and laid it with her palm flat over the outline of his prick. The fabric was surely warm from the temperature of his skin, seeping through it in the same throbbing waves he could feel pulsing in his stomach. She hesitated for a moment before wrapping her fingers around the clear girth, eyes meeting his as her own breathing turned to heaves that matched the rise and fall of his chest.
Relaxing back into the pillows, Harry let her get familiar with this part of his body, "Get used to me, sweetheart, then we'll keep going." His voice was strained, teeth coming to trap the flesh of his bottom lip as he started watching each of her movements.
Wide, starlight eyes were fixed on her own hand as she swiped her thumb over where she perceived the head to be, only to be rewarded with a breathy sigh that exhaled from Harry's nose. "You're really big, H," she whispered, the words seemingly coming out on their own accord as she never shifted her acknowledgment from her hand.
"Yeah?" he gasped out, a smug curl taking over his bitten lips, "Y'like that?"
Maybe he was a little too proud of his size, but how could he not be when he's been praised for it time and time again. Just because he didn't date often didn't mean there weren't people who had seen the inside of his bedroom and lived to tell the tale with a satisfied smile on their faces. But, he needed to hear (Y/N) say it; that would outshine any kind of praised-induced flush anyone else had given him.
And, fuck, would it just be hot to know she liked his body, every inch of it.
She frantically nodded her head with a gaped mouth, flicking her gaze to him through the frame of her lashes, "I've never—You're the biggest."
Harry all but melted into her mattress at the praise, more than satisfied with her response. (Y/N) took her time and got familiar with the length of him over the fabric of his boxers, gripping and releasing with swipes of her thumb over the slowly dampening patch at his head. He was acutely aware of the way she retracted her hand to slide over the thick of his thigh, her nails minutely catching on his skin that caused faint red lines to appear in her wake, only for her other hand to reach for the elastic on his underwear.
"Go 'head, pretty girl. Already doing so good, can't wait to really feel you," Harry groaned, his tongue lazily wrapping around his words as he looked at her through a vignetted gaze.
Tucking her fingers into the waistband, she tugged his underwear far enough down to expose his cock. Harry helped her as she worked it down his legs before the garment joined the pile on her floor. He was left completely bare as opposed to the tiny triangle of fabric still tucked between her thighs, his cock heavy against his stomach. The head was flushed a ruddy red, shining with the remnants of the precum that seeped out when she had been playing, balls tucked tight against the base.
With some lingering hesitation, (Y/N) wrapped her hand around his shaft the same way she had been through his boxers. Her fingers just barely connected around the girth of him, the weight of his prick laying heavy in her hand. She worked her hand gently over him, a little too dry even with the added slickness of the limited pearls of precum that managed to slip down his length.
"Gotta get me wet first, pretty girl," Harry sighed, curling to sit up in front of her. He plucked her hand by the wrist, leaving his cock to settle against his stomach again. He brought her hand to his mouth, feeling her eyes on him the whole time. His own fluttered closed as he slid the flat of his tongue over her hand, laving over her palm and slicking the skin before trailing up to the tip of her fingers. He pressed a lingering kiss to the pads, blinking his eyes open to catch her looking at him with that yearning look glazed over her gaze. He lent back like he hadn't just given her an erotic performance, guiding her hand back down to his heated cock. "Try that, love."
That heavenly glow that emanated from her skin only intensified at his casual dismissal of his actions, (Y/N) lagging for a moment before tightening her grip on his thigh and wrapping her fist around his shaft. She seemed less inhibited this time, Harry's show having spurred her on. She stroked her hand over his length in long pulls, lingering around the tip as she swiped her spit-slicked thumb over the crown. The lazy strokes emulated the soft thrusts he was aching to do through the soft opening of her pussy, the walls tightening into ridges just like her fingers.
"Keep doing that, love, right there," he sighed when she circled the slit, pressing her thumb lightly into the engorged head. His hand behind his head clenched into his hair, tangling the curls between his fingers in a sharp tug. The full of his bottom lip was bit tightly between his teeth, emulating the small pricks of pressure from her nails digging into his thigh.
"Wh-What else do you like?" she asked, voice small and lacking breath though she was only gazing upon his pleasure.
Her breasts peeked through the hair veiling her chest, nipples catching on the strands with each intake of air she brought deep into her lungs. God, he couldn't wait for his chance to play with her body, get familiar with it the way she was doing with his.
"Hold me a little tighter, pretty girl, and go faster," he instructed, gravel crumbling into his tone and deepening his words, "I like it a little rough."
Somehow, his words were able to draw a moan from the girl between his legs, not a hand of his on her to elicit the reaction—only the implication of his words. Nonetheless, (Y/N) did as told, tightening her fist and passing along his shaft in quicker pulls, still taking the time to care for the weeping head that pearled with blurts of precum.
"Like that?" she asked through spit-slicked lips, the light catching the trails her tongue had made over the plush flesh. She lent her head against his bent knee, eyes fixed on her hand that moved over him and along the pulsing vein that laced along the underside.
"Jus' like that," he said, the praise getting stuck in his throat as he fought off a moan in favor of talking to her, "Whenever you're ready, why don't y'give it some kisses? I like that too."
(Y/N) didn't wait like he had expected, instead immediately dipping her head down and smearing her lips over the crown of his prick. Harry didn't bother to conceal his noises of contentment now, a deep groan coming from the back of his throat as he felt the full of her lips cradle his head between the pillows. The only sign of acknowledgment she gave was her eyes peeking up at him through her lashes, otherwise her hand never stuttered in its curated rhythm and her lips continued planting themselves across his heated length.
On her own accord, she worked herself over his shaft, her hand slowing only the tiniest bit as she dotted her lips down to the base. There, she stopped, using only her hand to work over his cock while she looked to Harry with the first sign of hesitation since she'd gotten his encouragement.
"Can I..?" she trailed off, her request hanging in the air as she tipped her head to the side with her hair brushing the inside of his thigh. Her breath fanned over the sensitive skin at his base, his length twitching in her hand as she spoke.
"Y'don't even have to ask, pretty girl," he groaned, a curse slipping out in anticipation of what she was asking permission for.
At his cue, (Y/N) urged forward, resuming the path she had interrupted. She planted a single kiss at the base of his cock before slipping further down and brushing her mouth over the the skin hugging his balls to prick. Harry's eyes shuddered closed in a tight seal as he reached his free hand to settle on the back of her head, slipping his fingers through her hair. She took care to only let the soft of her tongue and the plush of her lips brush over him, even going so far as to plant a sucking kiss to either one in hopes of drawing a reaction from Harry.
He was practically blissed out, Harry in his own world as his thigh tensed under her hand and cock jerked in her still stroking hand. The added heat of her mouth enveloping his sensitive balls, drawing more cum to thrum through them, started him off in the direction of the cliff's edge. She hadn't even properly put him in her mouth yet and he could already see the blissful horizon if he shut his eyes tight enough.
Chancing a look at the scene below him, Harry cracked his eyes open and was greeted by something entirely too erotic to be real. (Y/N) was like his own personal film star the way she had her own blissed out expression with gently closed eyes as she doted on him, laving her tongue over his sensitive skin before topping him off with a smattering of kisses. His hand in her hair tightened as a gruff moan fell from between his lips, using the grip on the strands as leverage as he pulled her up.
"Fuck, c'mere," he murmured to her, her hand slowing around his length as he sat up to meet her halfway.
(Y/N)'s lips were coated in her own spit as he caught them in a kiss, the weight of his hand on the back of her neck keeping her secured against him. His lips smeared over her own in a messy version of the practiced contact they had become so used to. He flicked his tongue across the full of her lips before slipping into her mouth, tasting himself on her own buds along with the tangible sweetness he'd come to associate with her. A sighed call of his name was fanned over his mouth, accompanied by a tightening of her fist around his cock.
"I want to keep going," she breathed next, pulling away the fraction of the inch Harry allowed her, lashes tangled together in the corners.
"(Y/N), love, pretty girl," he rattled off, unable to get enough praises and petnames out of his mouth fast enough. He shook his head, nose skimming the tip of her's. How did he get so lucky? "Go 'head, I jus' needed to kiss y'a little first."
He offered one final peck to the corner of her mouth before loosening his hold on the back of her head and sinking back into his previous position, lounging in her pillows with liquid bones and blissed out muscles. (Y/N) stilled her hand at the base of his cock, lowering to lay on her tummy between his legs. The full of his prick stood at attention in front of her face, the breeze of her heaving breaths fanning over the heated skin.
"Do whatever feels right, sweetheart, I promise 'm going to love it no matter what," Harry encouraged as he noticed the moment of hesitation, "I'll tell y'everything I like." His fingers in her hair soothingly massaged at the roots, the blunt of his nails creating points of clarity to remind her he was right there.
(Y/N)'s melted, starlight gaze sized up the length in front of her before staring off easy. She pressed her lips in familiar kisses over his head, occasionally dipping her tongue out and sweeping over the ruddy crown. Pearls of precum had gathered in the time he had pulled her in for a kiss, leaving something for her to taste and spread around with the help of the full of her lips. If her eyes weren't blinked closed in contentment, she gazed up at him through the vignette of her lashes, gauging his reaction for anything in particular that set him off.
Harry wasn't lying when he said he was sure he was going to like everything bit of attention she paid to his hardness. He didn't bar any of his moans and fleeting hisses of pleasure from falling from his lips, even breathy sighs were permitted to exhale in huffs from his nose. He wanted her to know that she was doing so good he swears stars were about to start circling his head. Though he did refrain from bucking his hips up to match the plush of her mouth, no matter how inviting the slick of her tongue was; he was clinging to his promise of going slow on her account.
Finally, she fit the full of his head between her plush lips, the flat of her tongue laving over him while her hand started half strokes over his base. The motions were a tad disjointed, (Y/N) learning what felt comfortable until she curated a rhythm that had Harry's stomach clenching and his toes curling into the pastel bedding behind her. He hissed a call of her name, his fingers in her hair tightened as her tongue laved over him. She eased him further into the warmth of her mouth, laying his weight over the flat of her tongue. Doing her best to sheath her teeth, she gently sucked on what she had in her stretched mouth, watching the reactions of Harry above her.
His stomach jumped with every pulsing motion of her mouth around him, the muscles tightening and dispelling before collecting again in a jolt. "Feels so fucking good, pretty girl, keep going, keep going," he sighed, his words becoming a breathy ramble the longer he let himself continue.
The tip of her tongue worked from where it was pressed under him, writhing over the skin and tracing the strong vein that ran along the length. He wasn't going to be able to last much longer if she kept her playing up, feeling spurts of precum leaking into her mouth, the lag times growing shorter and shorter with every pulsing suck she administered around him.
"Ca-Can y'take more, love? Keep me warm in your pretty, little mouth?"
(Y/N) all but whined with her lips still suctioned around him, the sound vibrating through his cock and shuddering down his spine. He made a point to keep his eyes open, intent on seeing more of her illicit reactions. She pulled away with a soft popping sound as the suction broke, a lingering string of spit connecting her lips to the crown the head of his cock bowing before draping over his length.
"Will you help me? With your hand in my hair and everything?" she breathed, bare chest heaving as she caught her breath.
His fingers that had been in her hair brushed through the strands before tracing the side of her face. He caressed the heated skin, tucking away baby hairs that clung to the glimmering sheen that swirled around her hairline. With the pad of his thumb, he wiped away the stray string of spit that slicked down her chin, bringing that same finger up to his own lips.
With the hint of her taste lingering over his tongue, Harry gave her a small smile. "Like me pulling your hair a little?" he teased, already reaching out to return the reassuring weight of his palm on the back of her head, "I can do that for you, pretty girl, don't worry. Go back to what y'were doing and I'll start helping y'take more, 'kay?"
With her bottom lip bitten between her teeth, eyes fixed solely on him, (Y/N) eagerly nodded her head. She followed his direction, dipping her head and fitting his cock between her lips like she hadn't just learned his body in a span of a half hour. A strained laugh fluttered from Harry's chest, shifting his hand to collect her hair into a loose ponytail on the back of her head. Allowing her a second to refamiliarize herself with what she liked, he took his time collecting the strands of hair. He made detours around her features, thumbing at her dewy cheekbones as she gently sucked around his length. He threaded his fingers along the baby hairs that bordered the back of her neck, catching the ones that clung to her skin as her tongue worked in feather-light strokes around the pulsing veins lacing around his shaft. Her hand jerked over the rest of his cock, coating him in saliva that strung down the length with slick sounds to match.
When she looked at him with the melted starlight swirling around her irises, Harry tightened his grip on her hair. The added leverage used to start easing her down his prick, working in increments as he spent his focus on her reactions. He guided her into a bobbing motion, taking just a bit more every time she sunk her mouth on him. Her breath came out in heaves through her nose. The rhythm was interrupted when he took her just a fraction further down his length, the tell-tale tightening of her throat contracting around the very head of his cock. She gagged around him, sucking in a breath when she had the chance and pulling back from him.
"Sorry, sorry, love," he gasped, still reeling from the second of exposure he got to the vice of her throat, "Tell me if-if I take y'too far, yeah? Need to go slow with you, remember?"
She nodded her head, looking to him with watery eyes. "I'm okay, I'm okay," she heaved, shuffling closer between his thighs.
"Doing so good, you know that? I've gotta be careful so I don't end our night too early," Harry laughed, trying to ease the pressure he could see settling over her shoulders, "Gonna have to start calling you m'best girl instead, I think."
She keened under his praises, taking the initiative to stretch over his glimmering abdomen and pressing a lingering kiss to his lips. Before Harry had a chance to cling to her, get a taste of her tongue over his, she was back on her tummy between his thighs.
"Eager little thing too," he crooned, a dreamy tint taking over his view of her. He took her hair in his hand again, taking the same special care of caressing her skin and grabbing every obstructing hair into his fist. "Stop me if y'need to, lovie," he instructed as he started inching her down his length.
Wary of the depth she had to stop last time, Harry made a point to work her up slowly. His eyes were fixed to her's, unable to shudder closed no matter how many yearning moans broke from his chest or slithering bouts of pleasure worked up his spine. The curated tempo of his movements started operating in something of a daze, Harry entirely too wrapped up in how good he felt and the fact that the girl he had yearned over for so long was the one that was delivering it to him.
The slick sounds of her hand working over the remaining inches of his length added to the symphony of noises that echoed through the humid silence of (Y/N)'s room, only to be interrupted when Harry wasn't paying attention as (Y/N) edged herself into the territory he was trying to avoid. In his own blissed out distraction, he hadn't noticed her own attempt at going further and fitting him in her throat. She jerked away from him, leaving only her hand to linger around the base of his cock.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she rushed out, voice raw, "I can't take all of you. I tried but—"
"Shh, shh," Harry cooed to her, drifting his hand from her tousled hair to the soft of her face. He traced over her flustered features, thumbing at the tears that threatened to spill over her waterline, "'S okay, pretty girl, don't worry," his fingers shifting to pinch her chin between his thumb and forefinger, tugging her back to his cock in encouraging nudges, "Jus' suck it, yeah? Y'like doing that, right?"
Her muscles seemingly liquified at his encouragement, willing to move whatever which way he needed her to. With her eyes fluttering shut and a deep breath being sucked into her lungs, she tucked the head of his prick into the warmth of his mouth. Harry was proud of the way she bounced back, eager to please him and all too happy to go to the lengths to make sure he was satisfied (she could have backed out and decided to kiss the night away again, and he would have been more than satisfied, but he liked this route, too). He kept his guiding hand on the back of her head, locks of hair threaded through his fingers as he helped her through the motions.
Every bob of her head over his length pulled another stitch of pleasure tighter in Harry's stomach, especially with the help of her laving tongue that snaked over his length and kept the rest of him slick enough for her hand to work over. She was entirely too good at this given that she had confessed she'd barely done this a few times before. Harry was weak in her hands, and she hadn't even known it.
"Look at me, pretty girl." Gravel coated his tone, the words rough and raw as they worked out of his throat. (Y/N) peeked up at him, mouth stretched wide to accommodate his cock with eyes shimmering like true starlight as tears collected on her waterline. Her cheeks hollowed in small increments as his guiding hand slowed the bobbing motions, wanting to get a good look at his own personal Venus. The pressure in his stomach was too tight, his muscles too tense, and his resolve too weak. "Fuck, c'mere," he grunted, pulling her completely from his cock as he tugged her to him.
The loose ponytail of hair he had held in his fist fell away, the ends tickling over his chest as he stretched her over his humid skin. He caught her lips in a kiss, mouth searing against hers in a heat that matched the one brewing between his thighs.
"Was that—Did I do okay?" she asked, voice raw and breathless as the words fanned over his mouth.
"So fucking good, sweetheart. Had to stop or I'd have cum, and I don't want to do that before I've had you."
She all but wilted in his hold, clinging to his chest like the baby hairs that matted to his temples. With his mouth still sealed her her's, Harry rolled them over in her docile state, pinning her to the pink of her bedding as he hovered above her. He indulged in the swollen plush of her mouth, having been deprived of the feeling of them sealed against his own. The essence of himself he had caught earlier, now soaked over her tongue as he swiped his over the buds. (Y/N) buried her fingers in the tamped down curls that haloed his head, keeping him from disappearing down her body like he intended.
"Gotta let me take care of you, pretty girl," he told her, already reaching for one of her hands in his hair.
"I-I don't need you to," she protested, "I'm ready, you don't need to."
A lazy smile bloomed over his lips, (Y/N) moving to smear kisses over the dimples in his cheeks. His hand that had been grabbing for her hand fell down her arm, caressing the bare of her skin before landing at the base of her neck. "Y'may feel like that, but y'said y'haven't done this in a while, right?"
(Y/N) looked up at him with a sheepish tint in her eyes, "But I think I'll be fine. I don't want to wait, H."
"At least let me open y'up a little, yeah? I don't want to hurt you or anything," he offered. His hand that had been settled on her collarbones traced down her front, splayed between her breasts and the soft of her tummy before landing at the band of her panties. "Trust me, I don't want to wait either, love, but I want it to feel good for you, too."
Her fingers in his hair threaded together before sliding to cradle the back of his neck. Her yearning gaze scanned over his features, lingering over his own eyes before falling to his lips. "Okay, just be fast?"
Harry huffed a laugh; she was more of an impatient thing than an eager one the longer he made her wait. "We'll see," he settled, dipping his head down and pulling her in for a kiss before she had a chance to request any more accommodations.
Tucking his fingers into the waist of her panties, he worked them down her thighs enough to spread her legs wide enough for his hand to fit between. At first touch, he could see why she insisted she was ready to take him, no foreplay needed. She was entirely soaked, her slit spread open as more of her slick seeped from her clenching hole. Harry traced his fingers over her opening, dipping inside and wetting the tips before trailing up towards the apex. Her clit was a pristine pearl at the top of her pussy, sensitive to the feather-soft brush of his fingers. (Y/N) jumped and sighed into his mouth, interrupting the distraction of his tongue exploring the soft of her own.
"You're so wet, pretty girl," he crooned, the whisper floating on a raw undercurrent, "Y'liked making me feel good? Like to please?"
The nod of her head was dreamy in natural the way she did the motion without thinking. "I liked seeing you happy; I just wanted to make you cum," she drawled, words slow and lingering.
Harry hummed, the sound just short of a moan that he tamped down before it could escape. "Y'really are m'best girl," he praised, flicking his fingertips over her swollen clit one more time before relenting.
She asked him to be fast, and he was going to try his hardest to do just that. His slick fingers danced down the length of her slit before dipping into her weeping hole. He started with a single finger, getting a feel of how tight she was, a gasp of his name being smeared over his cheek as the digit sunk inside.
Her walls readily swallowed around him, coaxing his finger deeper in sucking pulls. He reared back, readying another finger to sink in beside the first. A choked moan was granted as his praise. The pair of his fingers curled inside her, finding the perfectly spongy cushion on her wall.
"Harry, I—" (Y/N) tried to say, her voice cut off by her own gasp.
"I know, pretty girl," he cooed, painting his lips in a heart over the soft of her flushed cheek, "I know, but we've got to be fast, right? I don't want to keep y'waiting."
His teasing words were ignored as he started scissoring the digits in an effort to spread open her snug walls. They accommodated him fully, clinging to every motion he made while trying to draw him deeper. (Y/N)'s own fingers in his hair mimicked the pulsing going on inside of her, tugging on the strands with every stroke he pushed through her.
"'M gonna add one more, yeah? Tell me if 's too much," he warned, pulling his drenched fingers from her. (Y/N) wordlessly nodded her head, eyes shuddered closed as she clung to him.
The trio of his digits formed something of a pyramid, stacked atop one another as he worked them inside. He was met with resistance from her clenching hole, the first sign of how long it had truly been for her the last time she had anything that big inside her. She gasped as he prodded forward, nudging at her clenched hole.
"Still okay, love?" he grunted, allowing her to pull him to her puckered lips. He indulged in a single kiss from her before he turned away, giving her access to his jawline which she happily painted her lips across.
"I'm okay, keep going," she urged him, words muffled against his heated skin.
He huffed a laugh through his nose. She was entirely too precious for what they were doing at the moment. Nonetheless, he abided by her request and marched on, fitting the thick of his fingers into her opening and spreading them as best he could in the limited space. Her breathing was labored, breasts heaving and brushing against his own chest with each intake. He took his time, working his fingers through in steady strokes before spreading out the trio and stretching her snug walls apart. They pulsed around him like a heartbeat, urging him deeper though he didn't have anymore to give until he fit his own hips against hers.
In an effort to distract from the pushing and pulling of his fingers, this part less pleasurable as he was intent on doing nothing more than stretching her, Harry worked a trail of kisses from the full of her cheek and down the curve of her neck. He skimmed his lips over the round of her breast before taking her peaked nipple between his lips and flicking his tongue over the bud. She keened into his touch, back arching into his mouth. With the help of her clenched hands behind his neck, she kept him pressed against the flesh, urging him to continue with breathless whimpers and half-finished sighs of his name.
Harry felt her wetness seeping over his digits, slicking between his fingers and slipping down over his knuckles. She was still tight enough that he was no doubt going to be a stretch when he thrusted inside, but he wasn't worried about any lingering strains that he could put on her. Pulling his drenched fingers from her hole, Harry spread them over the whole of her slit, making pointed brushes against her clit. A hiss of his name and a tug to his hair reminded him that this wasn't even the end of the night; he was going to get an even better feel of the wetness between her legs.
Kissing his way from her chest, Harry whispered, "I think you're ready, pretty girl." He nudged his nose along the line of her jaw, strands of her sweat-dampened hair tickling his face, "Y'feel ready?"
A frantic nod was gifted in response, "Yes, yes—Please."
(Y/N) didn't waste a second before she started tugging him to sit comfortably between her thighs, shaking her legs free of the flimsy material that made up her underwear. Harry let out a breathy laugh, the sound mixing in with the humid air that surrounded them. "Hold on, slow down," he smiled, "I've got to grab something first."
He reluctantly left the heat of her bed, his body calling to stay attached to her's. Making quick work of rifling through the pile of clothing on the floor, he found his pants and searched the pockets for his wallet.
"What are you looking for?" (Y/N) asked, propping her self up on her elbows with her eyes fixed on his bare form.
"Condom," he responded, flipping open the leather of his wallet and finding the foil packet he had tucked away in hopes of a night like this.
(Y/N) fell back with a laugh, "You planned this?"
Harry shrugged his shoulders, using his teeth to bite open the wrapping. "Can't say I didn't hope. Can y'blame me, pretty girl?" he prodded, rolling the rubber over his length, "You're a very good kisser, so 's hard not to think about what else y'might be good at."
A beat passed as he situated the condom on his prick, a shudder working down his spine as he tugged a few cursory passes of his fist over the length.
"You're a good kisser, too."
A breathy laugh fell fell from Harry's lips. "Thank you, love," he smiled, all but rushing to join her snuggled form on the bed. He crawled between her spread legs, finding her own lips curled into a small smile, a touch of clarity rejoining her eyes.
She welcomed him between her thighs, the space crafted to hold his hips and cling to him. Harry stationed his hands on either side of her head, matching the gaze of her starlight eyes. The palms of her hands settled on the broad of his shoulders, fingers digging into the tensed muscles as the pad of her thumb traced over the tattoos inked over his collarbones.
It was Harry's turn to pull her into an easing kiss as he slowly lowered himself to press the length of his body over her own. The weight of his prick was fit between them, the soft of her tummy cushioning him as he fought off the urge to rut into her. The full of her thighs tightened around his hips with each lingering swipe of her tongue over his, causing the slickness between her thighs to slip over the underside of his heated cock. A rocky groan slipped from the back of Harry's throat only to be swallowed by (Y/N).
"Can you—Please, I want you," she stuttered against his lips, "You said we wouldn't wait any—"
"I know, pretty girl," he murmured, "I know. Gonna push in right now, yeah? Gonna go slow with you."
He stuck to his word, reaching a hand between their bodies and grabbing at his shaft in a rough hold. Rearing his hips back despite the resistance given from her gripping thighs, Harry lined himself up with the plush opening of her pussy. He slicked his head through her slit, brushing her sensitive clit and smearing the wetness around her folds.
(Y/N) tucked her face into his neck, planting her lips along the curve of his throat with her nose skimming over his jawline. His hand he had wrapped in the bedding beside her head gripping the fabric even tighter as he felt the phantom clench of her hole kissing at his nudging head. True to his promise, he made slow work of tucking his prick inside her, savoring the velvet of her pulsing walls. A gasp stuttered from his chest as the crown of his cock popped inside her, the ridge clearing the tightest tensing of her inner walls. (Y/N) breathed out a call of his name, the word melting over his heated skin, adding to the humidity that clung to him.
"Fuck," he cursed as her walls coaxed him inside, doing half the work as he smoothly sunk inside her, "You're s'fucking wet, pretty girl, sucking me in. 'M not gonna last."
Her mouth gaped around words she couldn't get out, the full of her lips felt against his neck where she buried her face into his shoulder. "I fe-feel you everywhere," she managed to choke out, her voice dissolving halfway through as he bottomed out.
"Yeah?" Harry panted, knocking his hips against hers with a thwack of his balls against her ass, "Deep enough, love?" Starting off a slow pace, the slick of her wetness added to the sounds of contentment and breathless yearning that built in Harry's chest and fell delicately from (Y/N)'s lips.
A frantic nod of her head caused her lashes to brush over his neck with her lips dragging over his skin. "So deep, its in my tummy."
Harry's eyes could have rolled to the back of his head when she said that, his hips stuttering against her's in a clinging grind. He knew he was big, and decidedly bigger than anyone she had been with in the past, but that kind of praise went straight to his head and pulled his balls tight against the underside of his cock. He really wasn't going to last if she kept this up.
Turning his head, he forced her out of the protection of his neck, and pulled her in for a kiss the first second he got. His mouth smeared across the full of her lips, sealing over the spit-slicked pillows. "I've wanted y'for so long, (Y/N), you know that?" he mumbled, the intimacy of the moment loosening his lips, "Been waiting to take care of y'like y'deserve. Show y'how much I care about you."
"Harry," she sighed, the short volume being all she could manage with the breath she had left. Each lingering thrust of his hips into hers pulled another breath from her lungs and melted her into the mattress, leaving only her clinging grasp on him to keep her from falling a dreamy haze.
"I know, pretty girl," he crooned, his voice strained as the tension in his stomach increased, his focus fixing on making sure he didn't cum right at the sound of his name on her tongue, "Gonna make y'cum so hard tonight, make y'feel so good—better than anyone else."
Harry emphasized his point with a hard stroke inside her, his guiding hand that he had settled on the bone of her hip drifting over to smear the pad of his thumb over her clit. Just because he was going to stick to his word of taking her slowly, didn't mean he was going to wait to make her cum around him.
"You're alr-already the best, Harry—oh my god," she bleated, taking away Harry's chance at answering her as she sealed her lips to his and slipped her tongue inside his mouth.
Every round of Harry's thumb over her clit coincided with a thrust of his hips, her walls fluttering and sucking around him as sparks of pleasure manifested in her tense muscles and strings of her wetness seeping around him. She squirmed into him, arching her back with her breasts pressed tightly against his chest with her hips grinding into his every chance she had.
"I think I'm gonna—Harry, I'm—" she floundered, words floating in the air around them as she couldn't find the frame of mind to finish them. He knew what she was saying, anyway, if the way her fingers clutching his hair and the tightening of her pussy was anything to go by.
He gave her space to breathe, smoothing his mouth over her cheek to feel the flushed skin and skim his nose over her dewy cheekbone. "Cum for me, pretty girl, 'm right here. I've got you, jus' cum for me."
That was all the encouragement she needed, Harry's relentless working of her body coming to a head as she let go around him in frantic pulses of her walls and the tight grip of her thighs around his hips. Her back arched, keening noises falling from her lips that sounded a lot like Harry's name. With her eyes still shuddered tightly closed, she ground her hips upwards into his hand, enveloping the full of Harry's length and wetting him with the gush of her slick that seeped from her fluttering hole.
Feeling her release around him and the intimacy of the way she clung to him was enough for Harry to feel his own orgasm on the horizon. He helped her through the aftershocks as best her could before his own muscles gave way to the tight coil in his stomach, hips stuttering before resorting to deep grinds against the furthest of her tight walls. His cum came in spurts, painting the inside of the condom and making his body feel hot to the touch.
"(Y/N), sweetheart, fuck," he groaned, nothing else in his head registering but the mantra of her name and the blissful pleasure she was inducing for him. He attached his lips to her thrumming pulse, sucking a bruise into the delicate skin as a way of quelling his need to be all around her, on her, and in her—even more so than he already was.
Tremors shock up his spine as he finally settled, relaxing his weight atop her as he melted. Harry's breathing came out in disjointed pants against her neck, finally noticing the curling of her fingers through his hair and the delicate brush of her fingertips against his scalp. (Y/N)'s own hold on him waned, now only delicately clinging to him if only to remind herself he was real and he was right there, just as he promised.
It felt like tradition for Harry to use the first of his strength to crane his neck and pull her in for a tender kiss. Gone was the urgency to claim her, keep her for himself, leaving only the affection he hoped she felt every step of the way through the night. (Y/N) languidly followed his guidance, slotting her lips against his and soaking in the comedown.
"Harry?" she murmured, dragging her hands down the length of his back before settling on his waist.
"Hm?" he hummed, unwilling to pull away from her lips.
(Y/N) had to be the one to pull back, seeing as Harry was refusing to do so. She rolled her head back to lay sink into the pillows, displaying her neck for him to get distracted by. "Will you—Or, are you staying the night?" she peeped, Harry feeling her voice against his lips before he heard it.
A furrow pinched at his brow. He was planning on it, but if she had other plans, he wasn't going to impose and take up her bed. "Do y'want me to?"
A beat passed, only the disjointed rhythm of their breathing filling the silence.
Harry settled his palm on the line of her jaw, tugging her to match his gaze while he pet his thumb affectionately over the plane of her cheek. "Of course, 'm gonna stay. Told you I was gonna take care of you, right? This is part of that."
Something pinched at his heart realizing why she felt like she had to ask if he would stay. He didn't know the caliber of men she had been interested in in the past, but if they were anything like Andrew, he was sure they were more of the type to get what they want and slink out the first chance they had. But, what Harry wanted was her—all of her, not just the eager little thing she was between the sheets, but the clinging girl that wrapped herself around him after her orgasm, and the one that wanted him to read over her essay for class later. He wanted every bit of her.
"Thank you," she murmured, surging forward to kiss him only for Harry to turn his cheek.
"Don't thank me, 'kay? This isn't a chore, I want to be here with you," he reassured, dotting his lips against the corner of her mouth. He pulled away to find her looking at him with her melted irises, the starlight of her lust having drained to leave only the tender affection swimming through them. A genuine smile covered his features as he he drifted his thumb to the full of her lips, where she passed a kiss to the pad.
"Let's get cleaned up, and then we'll cuddle before bed. How does that sound?"
As Harry held her cheek in his palm, the most precious thing he's ever had the privilege of touching, he couldn't quell the flutter in his tummy at the thought of waking up to her in the morning.
"Harry, wake up."
A drawling call of his name pulled Harry an inch closer to the surface of consciousness, the details of his dream blurring in to a distance memory.
The singsong tone that called to him elongated the syllables of his name, turning it into a melody. He became absently aware of the pressure sitting across his thighs with feather-light touches dotting over his face in affectionate puffs. The voice called one more time, requesting him to wake up.
Harry finally relented, blinking his eyes open as he found himself in a pastel apartment that wasn't his with a girl sat in his lap that was entirely the opposite. (Y/N)'s face bloomed into a giddy smile at the sight of him cracking his eyes open, reaching towards the periwinkle plate she had balanced on the side table.
"You're awake! You sleep really hard, you know," she laughed, shifting off of his lap to sit beside him in the puffs of her comforter, "I made you breakfast."
A sleepy laugh came through the fatigued clog in Harry's throat, mimicking her action of sitting up against her pillows. He rubbed his fist over his eyes, looking to be rid of the film of sleep that coated them, "Morning, lovie. You made me breakfast?"
While it wasn't like he didn't appreciate the gesture, Harry was just a touch wary about her skills in the kitchen still.
Nonetheless, (Y/N) eagerly nodded her head, urging the china in his direction. "It's not much, but I wanted to do something special for you after last night."
A toasted bagel opened up into halves with butter on one side and what looked to be raspberry preserves on the other greeted him as he dipped his clearing gaze towards her offering. She was so cute—the cutest, sweetest thing he'd ever met in his life. She made him breakfast, the best way she knew how. How could he not adore her?
"Pretty girl, this looks amazing," he praised, voice raspy from sleep, "Didn't have to do anything special for me, though. Last night was just as good for me, remember?"
She shyly smiled at the implication of his words, watching as he took the plate from her and took the first bite of the buttered half. "I don't know," she started, absently picking at her bed spread, "I was just really happy when I woke up and you were still here. It just made everything real and all."
His heart chipped only for (Y/N) to worm her way through and fortify another area of his heart. Just another little reminder that it seemed she hadn't been treated right before him. A small smile colored his features, reaching his free hand towards her to wrap around her shoulders and tuck her fiercely into his chest. The plate of breakfast was settled on his lap, out of the way so the full of Harry's attention could be better spent on his girl.
"Of course, I stayed," he cooed, dropping his head to press a kiss to her temple before curating a path to the corner of her mouth. He pulled back just enough to nudge his nose against her's in a puppy's kiss, lashes tangling. "'S me and you, remember? 'M here as long as y'want me."
(Y/N) pulled away only to serve him a glimmering smile, features softened with her melting irises pouring into his own.
"Yeah. It's me and you, H."
merlot wine is a rich red wine, sweetened by notes of strawberry and raspberry and made smoky by the musk of tobacco. bottled romance.
ahhh!!!! this is it!! this part is....something GTHISFHOSHU but thank u all sm for reading this story w me and taking the time to read the series!! sorry for any mistakes u may find and please if u have any questions or requests or any thoughts please send me a message!! thank u !
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harryswifeofficial · 2 months ago
Summary: Y/N and Harry used to date when they were younger, before he became famous and forgot about her, until they stumble into each other at a party. Angst.
Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N, Harry Styles x Reader. + some fetusrry!!
Word Count: 8.3k
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, panicking, mention of drowning(used in a metaphor.), abandonment, screaming. 
A/N: AHHHHHHH this has taken me a month so pls let me know what u think. are u team harry? team y/n or are they both dramatic and terrible
Tumblr media
He’d been her first. Her first love, her first kiss, and the first and only boy who’d ever truly made her weak in the knees, even to this day. There was something about those tight curls that sat, tousled on his head, a complete contrast to how he styled his hair these days, that’d tugged at her heart at 15. And of course that sweet smile that was always accompanied by the dimples she’d loved to poke, despite his grumbling. 
She remembers their days spent together as if they’d happened just yesterday, even though it’d been ten years. She often still felt the urge to run out and bike to the bakery ten minutes away from their house, her brain failing to remember that she wasn’t in secondary anymore, and he was no longer hers. And sometimes, the smell of warm bread and fresh pastries came back to her and filled her nose, as if she were really there. The silly moments they spent together as he wiped the counters of the small bakery and tried to sneak her her favorite cookies — snicker-doodles, still play vividly through her head every once in a while, making her laugh, just as hard as she used to then and imagining how red his face used to get every afternoon.
“Isn’t that Gemma’s scarf?” She asked, hunched over the counter as he refilled the chocolate chip cookies. A sly smirk spread on his lips, and she knew he was about to lie through his teeth.
“No.” He let out, drawn out and high pitched and she laughed.
“You liar!”
“I’m gonna tell her.” She teased, wiggling her eyebrows at him.
“It looks better on me than her. Also, if y’tell her, no more cookies f’you.” 
“You can’t do that, you’re my boyfriend!” 
“And you’re a snitch.” 
Those moments were stupid and meaningless then. Just routine and an integral part of her day she did with almost no thinking. Same with the dinners spent at his house every weekend where his mum had adopted her as a second daughter, same with an eager Gemma who’d always wanted a sister. And just like the two birthdays she spent at his favorite Chinese restaurant across the street, where they read each other’s fortunes on small pieces of papers they held tightly between their sticky fingers, and the sweet poems professing his undying love he stuffed in her letterbox every Sunday. He’d even memorized the floral perfume she sprayed on everyday.
“That’s Daisy by Marc Jacobs, isn’t it?”
She wonders if he still remembers, just like she still remembers everything. His voice, smooth like butter with just the right amount of rasp and how it used to be just for her, as he sung her secret lullabies, and covers of her favorite songs. The voice that was reserved only for serenading her, had become the entire world’s. She could never be mad at it, because in the back of her mind, she’d always known it was meant to be used for so much more and in the beginning she was glad. 
Listening attentively and with a big smile as he eagerly asked her for her opinion on what songs he should sing for the X-Factor audition his mum had just signed him up for.
“I think I should do ‘The Girl of My Best Friend.’” He hadn’t sat down since she’d arrived, pacing his bedroom floor as his mind raced with every song he’d ever sung.
She hadn’t gotten a word in, finding it quite funny how every time she opened her mouth, he spewed out another song title. All she could do was giggle, and look at him as if he were insane, cross-legged on the bed his mom had advised them to never to be on at the same time. 
“Harry, any song you sing is going to be perfect. You have a beautiful voice, and everybody knows it.”
“Perfect enough f’Simon Cowell? He’s a total asshole-“ He cut himself off as his eyes grew wide and bright.
“Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder!”
From then on, she’d heard him sing the song about a thousand times. Her face warming up, every time he stared deeply into her eyes and sung the beautiful lyrics, almost as if he were dedicating the song to her.
Somehow, in the blink of an eye, his bedroom had turned into a stage, with her right next to it. Floating in a ‘We Think Harry Has the X-Factor” t-shirt with a slamming heart, and hopeful eyes. Despite their copious exchange of positive and encouraging words, they were both lost in their anxiety, but still he walked onto that stage as if he’d done it a million times before. Revealing himself to the world, and at the time, Y/N didn’t know that in that very moment, she’d lost him. That the sweet and charming boy who’d always been her Harry, would be showered in the same love she always thought he’d only receive from her. It didn’t feel like that then, not even when he walked off the stage and they celebrated him going onto the next round. Not even when they’d spend their evenings, laughing about his growing star status and the girls losing their minds over him on the internet with Gemma. He held onto her, and she wasn’t sure what was going to happen as he moved further through the competition, being teamed up with another group of talented boys, but she knew that he’d never let go and that was enough to calm her anxieties and the thoughts that kept her awake nearly every evening. 
She still remembers meeting every single one of them.
“Guys, this is m’girlfriend Y/N. Y/N, this is Niall.” He pointed to a short boy, who reminded her of a blonde Justin Bieber, but she was sure it was just the hair. He greeted her back in an Irish accent she found to be adorable, and the cutest of laughs when Harry told him to back off after he’d stared at her a bit too long.
“That’s Liam.” Liam was tall and appeared to be bit older. She remembers him from the auditions and had been impressed, making her excitement nearly impossible to hide, which an easily jealous Harry didn’t like.
“That’s Louis.” 
“S’nice t’meet ya, love.” Louis spoke with an accent that nearly made her giggle, but she held it in.
“What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ with a chap like him?” That time, she laughed, having already been on the verge, and they did so together as Harry grew red.
“Um…I’ve been with him for a year now. I don’t know if you can tell from the thousands of times he’s mentioned it already, but Harry used to work in a bakery and being his girlfriend got me free cookies.” She teased.
“Heyyyy.” Harry drew out, nose scrunching up as her and all of the boys laughed.
She shook hands with the last boy, Zayn who spoke with a thick Bradford accent, as he added onto the teasing.
She remembers how she felt at that time, as Harry started appearing in newspapers, and began turning heads when they walked down the streets. Invincible, because despite the entire world wanting a piece, and girls desperately throwing themselves at him, he was still hers. 
She’d been able to stay with him those first few weeks, as it was Summer, but as school quickly approached, she had to return and leave a piece of her in London, with him. The dull ache of her heart never quite went away, as she found it impossible to adjust to life without him. How do you go on with your life, without someone who was part of your everyday, and night? Her days felt tangibly empty and boring without his jokes, but she looked forward to her nights where he always found a time to call her. 
“How was rehearsal?”
“Save me. I can’t dance f’shit.”
He’d called extra late, so it was with a hushed giggle that she responded, praying that her parents wouldn’t hear.
“Harry, you can’t become a pop-star if you can’t dance.”
“Screw dancing. I signed up t’sing, not dance!”
Every time the phone call fell silent, they’d say the words they’d been wanting to all day.
“I miss you so much.” He confesses first, a hint of sadness lining his words if you listened closely enough.
She’d heard it three other times that week, and yet it hadn’t stopped making her heart flutter.
“I miss you more. But you know what? My mom said she might take me to London to see you. She’s gonna call your mom, and see if they can arrange something.”
“Please, please come. I need y’here, plus I think the boys miss ya.” 
They’d never made the trip up to see him, as her mom got busy with work. And just like her mom, so had he. Nightly phone calls, became infrequent with him sometimes calling once a week, or opting for a short text instead. Every time she’d tried to call herself she was met with a voicemail or a rushed “Sorry, darling, I’ve got t’go.”
Eventually she’d stopped hearing his voice at all, save for the television screen she’d become glued to every week, or videos of excited girls who’d met him on the street. The competition turned into a viral music video, which turned into an album and his face on posters and billboards everywhere. Interviews, paparazzi candids, pictures of a boy she no longer recognized. Photoshoots, merch, concerts. What hurt the absolute most was she no longer heard any updates about his life through him, but had to scour the internet, like everyone else, and just like them, she’d become a stranger to him. 
She’d had to force herself to go on without him, and teach her heart not to sink every time she went out in public and heard him sing in a song, or saw his face plastered somewhere.
She’d gotten good, and used to him being somebody that she used to know. Arrived at a point in her life where she no longer cringed or flinched every time he appeared in a news paper or she heard his name on the radio, but all of it went to waste when she woke up one morning to a headline of him walking out of someone’s house. One of the hosts of the show, that he was rumored to be involved with.
He’d had her heart in his hands for the last two years, and had finally crushed it the worst way possible. 
She’d always expected it. He was a teenage heart-throb and now had access to anyone he’d wanted, and still she’d hoped that he’d at least call, or even send an “It’s over” text. But this, this was throwing her away, tossing her to the side and saying that she no longer mattered to him, and hadn’t ever since he’d gotten a taste of fame. 
She’d sobbed all morning, and into the evening, as her throat swelled and her heart ached endlessly. He was no longer hers, or a part of her life, she didn’t matter to him, and she never would because how could she? She didn’t look like any of these girls, she wasn’t famous or strutting down a runway and most likely never would.
Eventually him and the girl broke up, but new girlfriends kept coming. Emma, then Paige, then Emily, and fucking Taylor Swift, who Y/N had quite liked, but now couldn’t listen to without feeling like she was going to puke. 
One day she’d stopped keeping track, but would occasionally, against her will, hear about a new tattoo or haircut he had, each of One Direction’s new albums, his exclusive 21st birthday party that she was almost hurt that she wasn’t invited to, and his new Instagram with millions of followers, that followed each of his childhood friends and family, except her. 
And one day she’d stopped wondering what she’d done wrong. What she’d done to make him want absolutely nothing to do with her, when she’d thought she’d tried her best. Through it all she’d remained supportive, and yet he was doing absolutely everything to erase her from his existence. 
Then she wondered if maybe he didn’t know how. How to reach out, maybe he’d lost her contact. She’d tried to reach out to both Gemma, and Anne and ended up talking to an old lady who wasn’t so happy about a random caller, and silence with Gemma’s line.
But then she remembered the girlfriends, and was once again reminded that he really didn’t care about her, and then she realized that neither did she. Except she didn’t have a choice because he was shoved down her throat everywhere she went.
In the grocery stores she tried to ignore the magazines, showing off his new long hair that had reached his shoulders. The first time she’d seen it, she’d stared so long, trying to find the boy she once knew, in this man she didn’t know, and wondering if she’d ever known him at all. She’d nearly cried on her way to self check-out that day. 
On another evening, in the very same grocery store, she read that the band was planning on going on a hiatus, and returning to their hometowns for a much needed break with their families.
Her heart had jumped into her throat, throwing away all of the progress she’d made by getting excited at the fact that he was coming back home. Maybe she would see him again, and they’d reconnect and she’d ask him all of the questions that’d bombarded her for years. 
“What did I do?”
“Did you miss me?”
“Do you hate me?”
Maybe they’d rekindle their relationship, and pick up where they’d left off, as if nothing had ever happened. Maybe she’d be a part of his world again.
The entire town had grown excited, awaiting his return home, and she too hated to admit that she was counting down the days. Shamefully asking neighbors about when he was arriving, and only getting shrugs in return. 
He was an international pop-star, not the young boy who worked in the bakery that they’d all loved, and nobody had really gotten that through their heads. For some reason, they’d expected him to be running around town, like he used to, eagerly greeting everyone after years, but that’s not what had happened at all. No one even knew for sure what day he’d gotten into town, only through whispered, neighborly gossip did Y/N know that he was even there at all. There’d be rumors of where he’d been spotted last. 
“I last seen him at the store.”
“Heard he’s at his mum’s.”
“He was just visiting the Williams.”
She’d started going out more, and lingering in the shops longer than she usually did. Never quite knowing what she’d even do if he popped up. It was with a warm face and sweaty palms that she waited, completely consumed by how embarrassed she was. Why even give him the time of day when he’d basically cut her off with no care?
She just wanted to know why, and she never got to ask. On one of her grocery runs, he was on yet another magazine, this time spending the holidays on a yacht with one of the Jenners, informing her that he’d left, and reminding her of just who he was.
It was funny that she ever thought she still had a chance, or that he’d even give her one second of his time, if she’d found him.
From then on, he’d cut his hair, and starred in a new movie, something she’d never known he was good at, and was embarking on a new solo career. With explicit songs about all of the great sex he was having, and painful breakup songs that weren’t about her. Two albums, the second one much worse, all dedicated to a past girlfriend he’d seemed to be so in love with. Did she mean so little to him, that their “breakup” never even phased him? Did he even consider their relationship? Sure, they were kids, but it’d meant something to her. She wished it didn’t, she wished she too could go out and have great sex with people who “feel so good” and care enough about someone to the point where she could even suffer from a breakup, but her love life had become stagnant ever since he’d left a gaping hole in her heart.
She carried all of that resentment with her everyday, and wasn’t sure it’d every go away, but had packed it up and tucked it deep enough in her brain where it truly no longer hurt. She’d learned to separate Harry Styles, from the Harry she knew, which had helped with a lot of her healing.
Now, she focused all of her energy on her life and happiness, instead of trying to avoid him, and it paid off. Investing her pain into a creative outlet, writing, had landed her a job as an editor at New York Magazine where she’d met her very best friend and roommate, Lana. 
Lana absolutely hated him with a burning passion after she’d found out what he’d done, and made sure to skip his songs every time they came on the radio, and had left hateful comments under every single one of his Instagram posts in the beginning, which Y/N had to beg her to stop doing.
Just like Harry’s family had when she was younger, they’d basically adopted Y/N with open arms, as she had no family or other friends in New York. With them she spent all of her holidays, especially with her busy schedule making it impossible to fly to England and back for the holidays. Her family had grown used to her absence, but with news of her sister’s new pregnancy, she’d had no choice but to fly home, despite Lana’s disapproval.
“We always do Christmas together!”
“Lana, my sister is pregnant.”
“Big deal! I can get pregnant too!”
She’d only been home for a few days, but she’d already started wishing she was back in New York.
“God, the weather is so awful here. Forgot how much it rains.” Y/N scowled at the icy droplets tapping at the window. 
“It rains in New York too.” Her sister made her way over to her, standing beside her so she could catch a glimpse of the weather Y/N seemed to think was so bad.
“Now stop staring out the window, will you? You haven’t even gotten dressed and the guests arrive in ten minutes.”
Every year, their family hosted a big party a few days before Christmas. Everyone in town was invited, and due to how close-knit they all were, it’d become quite the tradition. It was their way to share a meal, exchange gifts, and sing songs just in case someone didn’t have a family to celebrate with on Christmas day. 
Y/N tried with everything in her to block out the memories of her and Harry running around the party, and wreaking havoc after having had too many candy canes and way too much eggnog. People watching, and her favorite stunt he pulled every year. The invisible mistletoe.
He’d successfully drag her out to a dark hallway, while everyone was too busy to wonder where they’d gone, and pinch his fingers, lifting them above their heads and pecking her sweetly on the lips.
Her throat tightened as it played through her head, followed by every kiss they’d ever shared, paralyzing her as her sister shook her desperately.
“Hey.” She followed sternly, gently grabbing onto her chin and staring into her glossy eyes. It didn’t take an idiot to know that just being in that house had triggered memories that Y/N wished she could forget. Her sister had grown to resent him as well for making their home a place that Y/N could no longer call a home.
“You’re okay. Let’s go get you ready, alright?” 
She was no longer in the mood to socialize, especially since she knew everyone in town would be marveling at her return. Asking her way too many questions about her  new life and old life there, and possibly bringing up things that she didn’t want to talk about. Still, she slipped on the dark red velvet dress she’d bought in SoHo one weekend with Lana. It hugged her just right, and had a square neckline she was obsessed with. Paired with a pair of white heels, with one look in the mirror, her spirits had lifted a bit.
She did look really good, and it made her feel better.
“Oh, you won’t believe who’s just arrived. The Nelsons and their new baby! ‘s been a while hasn’t it? Seems like just yesterday we were playing in Emma’s backyard and now she’s got a baby!” Her sister grabbed at her hands with wide eyes and a large grin on her face, and Y/N couldn’t help but smile too. 
It was kind of cool to be back and see how everyone had changed. All of the new additions to families, weddings, shocking divorces, and rumored affairs. Y/N had missed it all while in New York, and began to grow excited at being able to catch up with everyone. At the end of the day, even though this town was full of memories that she’d pushed to the back of her mind, it also had her family. Everyone in town had raised her or been a part of her life one way or another, and she wasn’t going to throw that away all because of him.
“Oh my goodness, let’s go say hi.”
She knew she’d been missed, but hadn’t expected the squeals and cheering as she made her way down the stairs. Her face growing warm as she mouthed ‘hello’s and waved awkwardly, but her shyness was quickly replaced by what she could only describe as butterflies when one one voice ripped through the crowd.
“There’s our writer!” Her primary teacher Ms.Mary was dressed in a big Christmas sweater she’d knitted herself, hands clasped over her heart as Y/N ran her way down the stairs and into her arms.
“Oh my god! Ms.Mary!”
Mary had always been like a third grandmother to Y/N, having wiped all of her tears and given her advice through every season of her life until she’d left to go off to the states. Mary knew nearly everything, except what had been going on between her and Harry, but it didn’t take an idiot to look at the news and know that she’d been positively “dumped”. Y/N never wanted to ruin his image, as Mary had taken Harry under her wings as well, even though he deserved it.
“Oh, it’s been so long!” Y/N swooned once more.
“I know, dear. Welcome back! How’s New York?” 
“Um…New York is great. It’s way different than Holmes Chapel, that’s for sure, but I love it. How’s everything back here? How’s school?”
“Oh, it’s lovely, but I’ll be retiring soon-“ She’d stopped completely, eyes now fixed on something behind Y/N, and when she turned her head to catch a glimpse, a hand closed around her arm.
“Excuse us, Mary, but Y/N has to say hello to the baby before I put him off to bed, could I steal her for a moment?” 
Emma didn’t wait for a response as she whisked Y/N away through the crowd, whilst she squealed deafeningly high.
“Y/N! God, look at you. You’re a woman! You’re off in New York writing God knows what, and you’re all grown up. Seems like just yesterday we were playing princesses.” They giggled before stopping in front of a bassinet with one of the cutest babies Y/N had ever laid eyes on. As she bent down to coo at him, she hadn’t realized that the room had grown louder and more excited, or the cheering. Something about Charlie’s big blue eyes had her completely lost in a trance. 
“Oh, Emma, look what you’ve made. Congratulations.”
“Oh, thank you, darling.”
“Listen, I’m gonna go finish up with Mary.”
“No, no, of course. I’m sorry I pulled you away, I just really wanted you to
meet Charlie.”
“He’s wonderful.” With a final smile, she turned on her heel and wove through the crowd that all seemed to be speaking quieter than they had been before, whispering amongst themselves and looking at something Y/N couldn’t figure out. Try as she might, she couldn’t see past the thick sea of people, and didn’t really care to anyway as she looked for Mary.
“Hey, have you seen Ms.Mary?” She asked one of her neighbors, who pointed to a corner beside the snack table, which she was grateful for, as the hot chocolate everyone had nestled between their hands, began to fill Y/N’s nose and make her crave a cup.
“Sorry. Excuse me.” She mouthed quietly as she forced her way through people and conversations, until she finally saw the back of Mary’s sweater.
“Ms.Mary, I am so sorry. I had to say hello to Emma’s baby.” Y/N apologized, making Mary turn back around with the largest of grins on her face.
“Oh, no worries, love! I’m just waiting for a hot chocolate.”
“You know what? I’ve been wanting a mug.”
“Harry just went to get me some, but maybe he can get you a mug while he’s at it. The line’s quite long.”
Her body shot up in temperature just at the mention of his name, and her heart had dropped to her ass, yet was somehow beating loudly in her ears.
Harry was a fairly popular name, especially in England, but after spending most of her life in Holmes Chapel, she’d only ever met one. Of course the town had grown quite a bit since she’d left, with babies, and possibly new families moving in, which was enough to calm her racing heart.
“O-oh. Uh…it’s been a little while since I’ve been here. I haven’t fully grasped all of the changes and all of the new names and people.”
“New people? There really haven’t been any, save for the babies. I was talking about-“
“One cup of hot chocolate for m’favorite teacher of all time!”
She’d had vivid nightmares about the very moment for the last ten years. In every single one, she stood still and unable to move, try as she might. Her legs felt as if they were too heavy for her to lift off the ground. Her palms would always be sweating profusely, drenched and dripping, along with the rest of her skin. Her throat swelled, her stomach tightened, and her lips were sealed shut. 
She’d wake up in hysterics and refuse to go back to sleep, but now as she looked into his alarmed eyes, it was so much worse than she’d ever imagined. As if all of the sensations she’d experienced in her dreams had been amplified. 
They stared at each other, mouths agape, and the rest of their surroundings, becoming a complete blur. 
He looked different. Different than any of the candids she’d seen in magazines lately. He looked tired, probably due to a flight, and had some light stubble growing along his chin and above his lip. 
The last time she’d seen him in person, his hair was thicker, with spirals sticking out in every direction. Now, he wore it straighter, and long as it framed the side of his face. 
When they were younger, she’d always teased him about how they were nearly the same height, but now he towered over her by several inches, and it nearly took her aback, though it was to be expected.
And though she didn’t want to admit it, he looked good. His sense of fashion had been questionable before, but as he’d grown over the years, so had his style and it’d become impressive. He’d slipped on a light grey suit, with a black shirt he shouldn’t have bothered wearing at all, as only a few of the buttons were done.
As she tried to process that the man before her had once been one that she’d known and called hers, it didn’t hit her that he was looking at her the exact same way and thinking the same thoughts. He also hadn’t seen her in a decade. He’d never seen her in makeup, or her new hairstyle, or in clothes like that. He’d never seen her as a woman. His eyes took in everything that they could, not missing a single feature or detail on her face, as hers did the same to him until it all hit her again like a crashing wave.
He’s here.
He’s really here.
She blinked back to her senses and cleared her throat. At some point Ms.Mary had left, as it was surely an awkward situation no one would want to get caught up in, and it was just the two of them.
Do I run? 
Do I turn around and leave?
Do I say something?
She tried to come up with her next move, but his voice pulled her out of her thoughts.
She’d shamefully watched a few interviews in the past, and yet his voice still made her jump the slightest bit. What once was high pitched, had gone down several octaves and he now spoke with a smooth, thick and rumbling tone, mixed with a fading accent. 
She was surprisingly numb, and she wasn’t sure if it was the calm before the storm, or if she was in denial that it was even happening at all. That was the only reason she was able to open her mouth, and greet him back, as if she were just saying hello to an old friend.
“You look great. Have you gotten taller?” He teased, referencing the fact that she’d changed so much since he’d last seen her, and it made her sick. How dare he make jokes about how much she’d changed when he was the one who didn’t want to stick around to watch it happen? It took everything inside of her to keep her from rolling her eyes, and to keep the blood that had begun to boil within her, from making her explode and cause a scene.
“A few inches, but you certainly have.” It was like she was no longer in her own body, and watching from afar as she spoke words that didn’t align with her shaking hands, racing heart, and growing anger. 
“Inches?” His eyebrows furrowed at her use of the word, instead of centimeters, like they always had. It took her a minute to figure out why he seemed so confused, before she remembered that he knew nothing about her new life. He had no idea that she no longer lived there, or her job in New York, because he’d never cared to. Every word that came out of his mouth was spoken so nonchalantly, with such little thought, not even bothering to mask the fact that he didn’t care about what was going on with her, what had gone down between them for the last decade, and that he didn’t care to. She’d tried to remain civil, calm, and not start something at an event that was so important to her family, and the town, but she lost more and more of her dignity every second she stood there and acted like nothing was wrong, and she’d gotten to a point where if she didn’t leave, everything she’d kept inside for years would erupt at full speed.
“You’re not the only one who made it out of here.” She spat, walking past him, and making sure to hit his shoulder with her own. She felt his burning gaze on the back of her head as she stormed God knew where, just needing to get away from him. 
Despite the spiked hot chocolate, and cranberry vodka that’d been awfully tempting, she hadn’t had a single drink the entire evening, so why was the room spinning? Her vision had become blurry no matter how many times she blinked, and her legs had gone numb and weightless as if she’d never walked before. 
Her body rose in temperature, as if every inch of her skin had been lit on fire, creating beads of sweat, and her chest began to rise and fall rapidly. She struggled to get a breath in, with her throat swelling, further, and further as if at one point it would just close, and she’s not sure when she’d started to cry. The type of crying where you’re inhaling as if you’ve just been drowned, and your body convulses with every sob that ripples through you. The type of crying that had mucus dripping from her nose and mixing with her tears and running makeup.
At some point her sister had grabbed her and dragged her upstairs as the room fell silent and everybody watched. Including him.
“Y/N.” She called, as she watched her pace the room. 
“He’s here.” She turned around, and choked out through tears.
“Harry, he’s here. H-he’s here and I didn’t expect him to be here, but he is and I don’t know what to do-“ She rambled, as her sister walked over to her, and grabbed her by the shoulders.
“Hey. Breathe.”
“How can you tell me to breathe when the guy who broke my heart, is downstairs? Like he doesn’t even care that he did, he doesn’t care, he’s so nonchalant about the whole thing and he’s just standing downstairs.” She blurted out.
“I know, I know. I hate him too, Y/N, but don’t let him ruin this evening for you. You’re finally back home with your family, and the people who care about you. Don’t let him take that away from you.”
When Y/N’s shoulders didn’t relax, and her trembling lip didn’t settle, she sighed.
“You’re in control here, alright? You don’t have to he anywhere near him if you don’t want to, just stay with me.” 
“I-I can’t go back down there. Everyone already saw me losing my mind and people are gonna look and talk, and I can’t fucking look at him again. I don’t even want to be in the same room, I feel like I’m going to puke.” 
“Don’t give him that power. He has already taken so much from you, and you’ve worked so hard to get it all back. Go show him. Show him what you’ve made of yourself, show him how you made it out of here too. He may be selling out Madison Square Garden, but you’re working a few blocks down for one of the biggest magazines.” 
“Don’t show him the heartache he’s caused, but instead how you grew from it and moved past it.”
Somewhere in all of the big-sister-cliché-advice she was spewing out, Y/N had found her feet again. She was completely and utterly right. Fuck him. He’d already basically ruined her life, and she wasn’t going to let him ruin the one night she’d actually been enjoying until he showed up.
“Okay.” She uttered weakly.
“Okay. L-let’s go.” 
“Not like that, sweetheart. Let’s get you all fixed up first. You’ve got snot like…everywhere.” In her misery, she laughed, and was so unbelievably grateful. If not for her sister, she would still be on the floor sobbing hysterically, but somehow, she felt okay. As okay as she could be in that moment.
She sat on the bed as her sister wiped off the parts of her face that’d gotten messed up during her crying fit, and reapplied the makeup that’d been there before. The silence in the room was nearly deafening, but the voices in Y/N’s head were so loud.
God, she just wanted to punch him in the fucking face.
For years she’d rehearsed exactly what she wanted to say to him if this day ever came.
I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you hate me.
Can we start over, please?
Pathetic, and a complete contrast to what was stirring up in her head now. A mix of various profanities, screamed confessions of how he’d broken her heart, a detailed explanation of how awful her life has been for the last decade, all because of him. She crafted the script in her head, eager to get off the bed, run downstairs and let it all out. It was all on the tip of her tongue, begging to be released. Desperate to see what reaction her words would pull out of him. Maybe he’d feel a little afraid, or hurt, embarrassed, maybe he’d fight back. It all just spurred her on, and a smirk slowly crept up on her lips.
“What?” Her sister asked with a small laugh.
“Nothing, just excited to go drown my feelings in copious amounts of festive alcohol.” She lied. 
“You’re finally old enough to have the spiked hot chocolate. It’s so good, you’ve got to try.” Her sister wiggled her eyebrows.
“Oh, I definitely will.”
She wasn’t, as much as she wanted to, she wanted to experience this moment — sober. She wanted all of the satisfaction and glory that she’d craved for years, and didn’t want to risk forgetting a single thing.
“You ready?” Her sister asked with a smile, pulling away to admire her work.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Y/N sighed before she got up and reluctantly followed her sister out of the room.
“Just stay behind me, okay?” She looked into Y/N’s eyes as they stood at the top of the stairs, and after a nod and the deepest breath of her life, she made her way down. Closely behind like her sister had advised so that she wouldn’t get gawked at. Her face burned, as she tried to keep her eyes down. Feeling as if their short trip down the stairs was taking eons with each step that she took. And though her eyes were on the wooden steps beneath her, she could still feel the hundreds of eyes on her, and all she wanted to do was run back up. But she was already half way down, and that would’ve been embarrassed her far more than she already had been.
“Hello! Oh my god, please tell me there’s more of your fabulous cookies left.” Her sister greeted one of the guests when they’d finally made it down, and Y/N stood beside idly, with her head down but she could feel everything. The not-so subtle glances shot her away, and the whispers that followed. 
She wondered what everyone was saying about her. To them, she was probably just a crazy ex-girlfriend who was still obsessed with a guy who’d become way out of her league. 
God, they were probably all kissing up to him right now. He was their big international superstar who’d made it out of there, and had made Holmes Chapel, their once small town, renowned for being home to one of the biggest celebrities who only seemed to be getting bigger. Their beloved Harry, and they’d all forgotten about the girl they’d all watched grow up, just like him. Whom they’d also loved at one point, but now had absolutely no respect for as they quietly mocked and made degrading rumors about.
It made her sick to her stomach, how despite being the victim, she was still suffering while he got pats on the back and hugs. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed a drink or two. Fuck remembering this moment, she prayed that she’d forget every second of it by tomorrow morning. How fast her heart beat against her chest, the nausea that felt as if she’d throw up every one of her organs, and the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes once again. 
“S-sorry, I’m just…I’m gonna go get a drink.” She slurred to her sister and the guest before stumbling towards the snack table, her brain disregarding their concerned questions about if she was okay. 
Her sister followed, grabbing onto her hand before she could go any further, forcing Y/N to turn around.
“Hey, what’s up with you?”
“I just feel like shit, and I don’t want to feel like shit anymore, so I’m gonna have a drink, or two, or three, like I said I would.” 
“Okay, but Lisa was just telling me about how we’re all out of cranberry vodka, so if you’re looking for that, there’s more in the kitchen.” 
Y/N nodded before turning back around and walking out of that room as fast as she could. Worming through the crowd of people that was really starting to get on her fucking nerves. She was glad they’d run out of vodka at the snack table, so she could have a whole bottle to herself and not have to worry about anyone looking, in the kitchen. She could finally be alone and away from everyone like she’d wanted to the entire night.
The kitchen was typically left dark, and off limits for the party, save for her family, so when she walked in. She didn’t expect anyone to be in there but her, and at first that’s what it seemed like. Her eyes initially drawn to the moonlight cascading through the windows. It painted the center of the room and the dark counters in a soft white, that signaled her entire body to relax. Pull out of fight or flight mode, you’re safe now. It was only her and the moon. 
Unfortunately, when she heard the rustling of a box, it became evidently clear that that wasn’t the case. With knit eyebrows, she stepped further into the room, until her eyes laid on a body, crouched beside the fridge in front of a case of alcohol. At the sound of her frantic footsteps, he turned around, with his eyes just as wide as hers and her heart dropped for the second time that night.
Not you.
Her bottom lip began to shake like it had before, and her confused frown deepened, to one that displayed the anger that’d begun to boil within her. She’d tried her best all night to keep her calm, to relax, but right now, it was as if she had no control over her emotions, and she didn’t want to. It was all long overdue anyway. She didn’t try to fight the tears, no matter how pathetic she looked, and even though she was unsure as to why she was even crying. Maybe it was her anger, maybe it was all of the heartache, maybe both. This was her chance, the moment she’d always waited for and she’d be damned if she tried to hold back.
 Through glossy eyes, she watched him slowly stand up, and let out a sigh.
“Y/N-“ He tried, with the stupidest expression on his face that she’d ever seen. Sad eyes, and his lips parted as if he felt bad, but he’d been so careless the entire night, that she had trouble believing that he was even sorry.
“Fuck you.” It was so sharp and bitter, he jumped, and God, it felt so good.
“How dare you show up to my fucking house?!”
“I heard you were back in town, and I didn’t know if I’d be able to catch you any other time.”
“Oh, so now you care about me. Now you care to look for me.” She laughed mockingly.
“What about the last, I don’t know, ten years? Did you care about me when you replaced me with more girls than I can count on my fingers?
Did you care about me when you never even cared to do so much as tell me that you no longer gave a fuck about me?”
“I never stopped caring.” He stepped forward, but she only stepped back. His voice was stern and assertive, but he was convincing absolutely no one.
“Oh, right! Right, of course you didn’t. That’s why you haven’t called me, or texted me, or cared to even look for me. For the last ten years you have made it your absolute mission to avoid me at all costs, Harry, so don’t fucking give me that.” 
“You left me behind. We never even officially broke up.” She gave him not a second to reply, spewing out everything she’d bottled and wished and hoped she’d be able to let out some day. Every question that’d kept her up at night, every word she’d rehearsed and prayed she’d get the chance to say.
“I didn’t want to drag you through all of it.”
“That wasn’t for you to decide! You never even asked.” She screamed, it must’ve hit a nerve in him, because he’d moved closer once again and spoke in a hushed, frustrated tone.
“You don’t know what it’s like, having your privacy ripped away from you and everyone you love. Having paps following you around, fans showing up to your house, watching your loved ones get harassed and there’s nothing you can do about it. From the second it started, I knew I could never put you through it. It was better for you to forget about me than to go through any of that shit!” 
“I would’ve gone through it! I would’ve taken all of that shit and would’ve been happy to, as long as I had you.” In the midst of all of her screaming, she’d begun to sob. 
“I know you, Y/N, you wouldn’t have been able to handle it.”
“You don’t know me.” She shook her head. “I don’t know who you are anymore, and you don’t know me either.” 
“But, I want to. I want to get to know you again. I’ve spent all of these years wondering where you were, how you were, what you’d become, what you looked like. God knows I had to resist searching or else I’d go right back to you.” He tried to step closer to her one last time, and this time she didn’t move. This time, she let him stare into her eyes, just so he could see just how much he’d broken her.
“You don’t know that, Harry. I’m not the girl who you used to sneak cookies to anymore.” And underneath all of her resentment for him, lied her biggest fear. What if he had found her again, but he didn’t like the girl she’d become? Or they didn’t get along anymore? For some reason, to her, that was a harder pill to swallow than simply being abandoned.
“Look, I know we’re not who we used to be. We’re not sixteen anymore, but I still care about you the same, that never changed.”
“I know I fucked up. I thought I was protecting you, I thought I was helping, but I hurt you instead and I am so fucking sorry. I-I wish I could go back and do it all over, but I can’t. I know you can’t wipe all of these years away either, but maybe we can start over.” He continued once her expression didn’t change.
For one split second, just one, her stomach fluttered. Here he was, giving her a chance to be in his life again. They could stop being strangers, and make up for all of the years they’d lost. She could get to know this new Harry, and maybe she’d like him, maybe he’d like her too. Maybe they’d get along more than they did when they were younger. She could work on healing and creating new memories with him, and forget the old ones, and yet the thought of that made her stomach churn. Even if she wanted to, she’d always just see the man who left her behind. He says all of this stuff, and yet he never even asked her if she was okay with it and had no consideration for how she would be affected by it. How pathetic would she look taking him back as if it was nothing, when she’d been suffering for the last ten years. She’d worked so hard on trying to move on and make a life for herself, and this would just be a step back. 
“I don’t want you back. I want nothing to do with you. Just tell me one thing.” 
“Was it easy? Forgetting about me?”
He sighed once more, staring at her for a few moments before he responded. 
“I never forgot about you. I could never get you out of my mind. That’s what made it so hard, I thought it was a sacrifice I was making for the both of us, and I knew you’d never agree or understand.” 
Now it was her turn to stare. Something about his words just fueled the flame burning within her. Somehow it was her fault, he was just trying to be nice and she just didn’t understand. Every second that she stayed standing there, made her even more nauseous than she already was, and she could no longer do it.
“Well, I guess we just see things differently now. We’re not sixteen anymore.” She repeated his words, before stepping away from him, but it wasn’t without a hesitation that she herself, didn’t understand. He didn’t follow, only looked at her in defeat. She didn’t have to say anything else for him to know that she’d made up her mind, and he could no longer put up a fight.
“Now just…just get the hell out of my house.” 
She’d go on, still seeing his face on billboards, and for a while, they’d probably still make her wince. Maybe even more-so now, but she’d gotten the one thing she’d wanted for all of these years, closure. An explanation, finally releasing herself from all of the guilt, and hatred she’d had to carry with her everyday. Now she could finally work on letting go, and saying goodbye to all of the grief, and let her heart heal. Now he could become just a faded memory of a boy she once knew.
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