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#harry styles blurb

Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

Word Count/Reading Time: 463 words, 1 minute and 51 secs.

Warning/s: It’s a short imagine and a tired one to be exact.

Summary: [Y/N] giving Harry a back massage when they flop on the couch.

Author’s Note: To cover up tomorrow’s part two of Behind Your Back, here’s a short imagine that I lazily did. Requests are open!



Originally posted by harrysimpact

“Do you want more food, baby?”

After a tiring day of recording, Harry flops down on the couch when he got home. It’s normal for [Y/N] to see him like this and, she understands the pain of working. Harry’s famous and all so she wanted him to have enough rest as he can have.

Harry moaned as he felt the softness of the couch. It was warm and fluffy that comforted him. Even better, [Y/N] cooked a bowl of potato soup for dinner. Harry loved the scent of cooking food when he comes home. It reminds him of happiness and rest.

[Y/N] smiled at how tired Harry was. She loved it when she had the chance to take care of him. She made sure that everything she made had love. After cooking the soup, [Y/N] put it in two bowls and went to the living room.

“Hi, Harry! Here’s your soup,” [Y/N] gave Harry the bowl and spoon. Harry sat up and began to eat it. The excitement he had when eating made [Y/N] jolly. She didn’t eat her soup instead, she got up and, began massaging Harry at the back.

Harry moaned and, [Y/N] giggled at his response. He kept eating his soup while [Y/N] caressed his tired back.

“Did you like that, Harry? Do you want more soup and another massage?”

Harry declined the food and told her that he wanted to go to bed. He wanted to sleep right away after eating dinner. [Y/N] agreed then she ate her soup. She cleaned the dishes and helped Harry go to their bedroom.

Immediately, Harry flopped on the bed and got comfortable real quick. [Y/N] smiled that Harry was being dorky and tired at the same time. She told him that she’ll wash first. Harry groaned and needed [Y/N] right now.

After her night wash, [Y/N] picked out some comfortable clothes to match this peaceful night. She went to the edge of the bed and told Harry to remove his shirt.

“I want to be naked, [Y/N],” Harry pouts. [Y/N] knew that Harry liked to sleep naked since it made him comfortable. This weird habit didn’t bother [Y/N] as long as Harry didn’t want sex every time he gets naked.

“Promise that there’s no sex, Harry. I’m tired too.” Harry nodded at her request and [Y/N] started to massage him. Harry moaned and [Y/N] whispered, “what a dirty boy.” Harry deeply chuckled but didn’t bother to say something. He completely loved [Y/N]’s love, especially at these times. It comforted him even if tomorrow had rage and tons of work. [Y/N] was often there to take care of him like a little boy.

“All set, Harry. Now, let’s cuddle.”


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Número 13 “ Não é óbvio? Eu estou apaixonado por você.”


Harry Concept #2

“ Uau… é realmente incrível à vista daqui” Ela olhava atentamente o por do sol sobre a beira do Iate em que Harry a convidou para passar o fim de semana junto à alguns amigos íntimos.

“ Eu lhe disse.” Seus olhos estavam vidrados aos dela, mesmo com aquela bela vista a sua frente, as ruguinhas nos olhos formados pelo sorriso de S/n o chamavam mais atenção.— Era adorável.

“ Muito obrigada por me trazer.” Um impulso repentino à tomou conta fazendo o abraçar.

Seus braços entrelaçados ao tronco dele, seu rosto pairando sobre seu peitoral nu levemente bronzeado, olhos fechados aspirando seu aroma da colônia misturada com as tequilas de mais cedo. — Harry Styles tinha um abraço tão bom que ficou ali por alguns minutos, só aproveitando.

O corpo de Harry se arrepiou ao toque de suas mãos delicadas e frias, se sentiu aquecido por dentro com um ato tão bobo, mas com um efeito tão significativo para ele, o mesmo retribuiu colocando uma das mãos em suas costas cobertas apenas com a parte de cima do biquíni, a outra em sua cabeça puxando mais para si, atrevendo-se a se curvar e cheirar seus cabelos.— Um doce cheiro de coco.

“ Harry?”

“ Hum!?”

“ Você cheirou meu cabelo?” Ela levantou seu rosto para olhá-lo.

“ Err… sim.” Estava envergonhado.

“ É estranho.” Uma risadinha fraca escapou de seus lábios ao voltar a abraçá-lo. “ Seu coração está acelerado também.”

“ É como fico perto de você.”

“ Como assim?” Arqueou a sobrancelha confusa se forçando olhar para ele novamente.

“ Não é óbvio? Eu estou apaixonado por você.” Seu dedo indicador puxou seu queixo para mais perto.

“ Agora tudo faz muito sentido.” Suspirou alto “ Pensei que estava imaginando coisas ou que tratava todas suas amigas assim.” Os ombros levemente levantaram num protesto.

“ Eu só trato assim quem é especial pra mim como você” Suas bochechas coraram quase instantaneamente “E será que estou imaginando coisas ao pensar que também sente o mesmo e vem demostrando? Ou abraça todos seu amigos assim?” Ele morde seus lábios ansiosamente.

S/n ficou nas pontas dos pés, empurrando seus lábios aos dele, sua língua quente passando á sua.— alguns sorrisos sinceros escaparam, demonstrando o quão gratos encontravam-se naquele instante.

“ Isto responde sua pergunta?”

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Word count: 1.7K

Pairing: friend!Harry X Y/N

Inspiration: Always You by Louis Tomlinson (yeah ik a lot of people are gonna be like “Louis eww” or whatever. But pls for once shut up and stop hating.


It was a sad night; for y/n at least. She was at the yearly carnival with her friends. She was supposed to feel happy as she loved carnivals. But that night, she regretted agreeing to accompany her friends. She just wanted to go back home and get back under her covers, while re-watching Teen Wolf for the umpteenth time. The reason why she was sad was none other than Harry Styles. She loved the boy for as long as she could remember. But of course he didn’t know. And y/n had no intention of changing that. He was certain that Harry didn’t feel the same. They were part of the same circle of friends but were not the closest. 

Y/n was used to Harry’s presence. But that night, Harry had brought a date. Just like her other friends did. She was the only one without a date. Throughout the whole night, she felt like an extra to the group. She was basically eighth wheeling. She felt invisible. When they had gone on the ferris wheel, she had to stay back because she didn’t have a partner. When they went to the photo booth, she barely fit in the picture. All her friends were eating candy floss with their partners while she held her own in her hand, munching away at it. She wanted to cry. She constantly swallowed the lump in her throat as she followed her friends at the carnival. Her feet ached from all the walking and she grew tired of the noise 

And Harry wasn’t making it any easier. He was walking hand in hand with his pretty date, making inside jokes with her. Every now and then the couple would burst into a fit of giggles and everyone awed at them for being such a cute couple. They weren’t dating-yet. But that didn’t stop Y/N from feeling sad. The girl, she didn’t even know her name, was so pretty. And y/n knew she wouldn’t ever win against someone like her. 

The group finally stopped at a food stand and y/n sighed heavily. Another couple sharing-food episode. Before she had to endure the heartbreak all over again, she decided to leave for a little bit.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna sit on those benches for a little bit.”

“Okay! We’ll call you when we finish,” one of her friends replied before kissing her boyfriend. Y/n rolled her eyes and walked towards the benches.

It was distant from all the noise and she released a sigh of relief. She stretched her tired legs and felt calm again. Shivering from the cold, she pulled her jacket closer. Y/n looked back hesitantly at her friends and she suddenly wished she didn’t. Harry had his arms wrapped around his date’s waist and he was whispering something in her ear. Y/n felt a pang of jealousy and her eyes became watery. She was annoyed at herself- why did she have to be so weak, so soft? Why was she feeling so distant from her friends tonight? She blamed herself for not being able to spend this night happily. As if sending her burning stare, Harry’s eyes snapped to hers and she immediately turned her face away.

Staring ahead of her, she admired the city view. From where she was sitting, it was a quite elevated area and she could see the stretch of the pitch black sky merging into the city drowned in darkness. 

A couple of minutes passed, and she sat there, alone with some stray cats keeping her company. 

She was deep in her loud thoughts when she felt someone sitting on the bench beside her. Harry sat there, awkwardly.

“Hey,” he said in a quiet tone. 


“Why are you sitting here alone?” He asked, stuffing his hands in the pocket of his coat. 

“It’s quite noisy there. And my feet were aching from all the walking,” Y/n replied.

Harry nodded, turning to look at her. Y/n took in his flushed appearance. His cheeks were rosy from the cold and his lips were red, luring her in. Y/n wanted nothing more than to pull him in and feel his soft lips against hers. Harry cleared his throat and Y/n looked away, blushing. He had caught her staring twice.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” Y/n asked, glancing back. The girl was not at the food stall with her other friends. 

“She’s not my girlfriend. She got a call and said she had to leave,” Harry responded, frowning. Y/n didn’t push it and dropped the topic. 

Y/n and Harry suddenly jumped when they heard a loud sound and loud cheers from the crowd at the carnival. Looking in front of them, their eyes widened at the picturesque scene. Hundreds of fireworks blasted across the sky, adorning the blackness with a kaleidoscopic of colorful sparks. The fireworks kept going up, leaving both Harry and Y/n in awe. Y/N’s mouth was agape, taking in the sight in front of her. She smiled widely for the first time that night.

She was unaware that Harry was staring at her instead of the fireworks. It wasn’t until she felt him scooting closer, that she looked at him. Harry was close, so close. She could feel his warm breath fanning her face and his long curls tickling her skin softly. 

She looked into the boy’s green eyes. She felt all giddy and warm inside seeing some sort of indescribable emotion in Harry’s eyes. His eyes seemed so warm and Y/n got easily lost in them. Looking into his eyes, it felt as if she was speed rocketing through a dark mystic forest. 

Harry’s eyes dropped to her lips and Y/n felt herself doing the same. She believed Harry could almost hear her loud heartbeats. 

And suddenly Harry’s lips were on hers, captivating her in a passionate kiss. If she was standing, her knees would have probably given up on her. She felt Harry’s hands on her cheeks and she tilted her head, deepening the kiss. It felt amazing; the fireworks in the background made it even more magical. Her arms went around Harry’s neck and she let her fingers through his soft hair. Harry moaned softly in the kiss and Y/n felt him smile. 

They finally pulled away, and Y/n felt all flustered. Harry leaned his forehead against hers and rubbed their noses together. 

“Wha-what about her?,” she asked in a whisper. 

“I tried. So hard. I was wasting my time, but it was always you,” he replied shakily, his thumbs rubbing against Y/N’s cheeks. Y/n felt a surge of happiness through her.

Harry pecked her lips- the touch so soft and feathery. 

Another burst of fireworks was heard and this time, Y/n closed the distance between them, feeling all of Harry. She was glad her night turned out to be that way.

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harrystyles party girl.

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ynfan1 a goddess.

harryfan1 pretty and dating harry styles? sum ain’t right

harryfan2 but she’s not even that pretty…🤭

harryfan3 @harryfan2 to YOU.

ynfan2 @harryfan2 yeah u can fuck off

zendaya hot hot hot


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yourinstagram 10/10 bottle service

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ynfan1 this is sexy

gemmastyles don’t lie, 2/10.

harrystyles @gemmastyles i was TRYING

yourinstagram @gemmastyles LMAOOO IM CRYING

harryfan1 harry, sweetheart, don’t let them bring u down, we believe in u😔


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harrystyles she’s hungover

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victoriamonet pretty mamas

harryfan1 when i’m hungover i look like i’ve been through hell and back

ynfan1 still waiting for her skin care routine…

yourinstagram @ynfan1 water, a good cleanser, and moisturizer will take u a LONG ways also…WATER !!!

harryfan2 y/n: the biggest advocate for water


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yourinstagram he’s a little sleepy😴

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arianagrande how r y’all living on like…4 hours of sleep??

yourinstagram @arianagrande we’re robots.


yourinstagram @ynfan1 that was so sweet i’m crying

harryfan1 idk what it is about this picture…but it’s hot.

yourinstagram @harryfan1 ikr

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I’ve never posted anything about Harry but hell have I been writing about him since I was 13

You literally just sent this while I was listening to Golden so…. idk what this is maybe it sucks


Originally posted by harryhubba

here you go!


Harry and you had been friends for a while. Friends came as very short observation as to your actual relationship. Everything that involved a relationship Except of course having an actual relationship and everything that made it intimate. Maybe you just had it in your head. But who wouldn’t?

You had a crush on him, and you believed he was very aware of that. He knew the effect he had on people, he just… knew it. He knew he could make you swoon with just a gentle soft smile. And he knew that everything he did was just absolute splendor. He loved to play and toy with your mind and he was very aware of the way he’d take your breath away just by letting out a soft laugh.

Harry knew this. To perfection. He had mapped a way to puzzle with your emotions each and every day. Whenever he brushed his fingers slightly to your arm or the way he stared into your souls with those green stars he had for eyes.

But of course, even if he knew this. He didn’t. Because he thought you only saw him as everyone else did. He was so used to the attention that he really didn’t think of it as much. But you saw so much more in him.

Harry was poetry, a song, a work of art. Someone you could stare at all day, and not be bored at all. He was like that first ray of sunshine that bursts through the window early in the morning, dusting your room with that golden miracle. He didn’t know that you also knew that works of art like him needed a well deserved break.

But he knew he could have them with you. Because sometimes even the sun gets tired from shining. So he could be him when he had to, forget about the burden that being “Harry Styles” meant.

He’d be able to kick his feet up, and throw popcorns at his mouth and laugh with you, without worrying if his laugh was melodic. He could have his crazy hair and he could have a glass of wine without worrying about spilling it.

Maybe that’s why you’d been so keen on hiding your crush on him, maybe that’s why you never mentioned it, and that’s why you pretended that you’d never fall in love with him. Even if you already had.

“Y/N?” He called you, softly. It was one of those days where he was being himself, laying on your couch as you were scrolling on your phone.

So very you, so very him. No need for anything else. But lately you’ve been hinting it more often, maybe your smile would grow bigger or your cheeks would turn red.

“Yeah?” You looked up at him.

“Let’s watch a movie,” he suggested.

You chuckled. “Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?” You mocked as he let out a laugh.

“Very funny. Sure,” he rolled his eyes as he opened his arms. “I need a cuddle, love.”

“I will just go for some popcorn,” you told him as he watched you leave.

He frowned as he followed you, he ran a hand through your hair as you searched in the cupboard for the popcorn. You smiled slightly at him as you watched him put them into the microwave.

Every time, every damned time you looked at him you knew he had opened a door to your soul, as if he daggered your heart with the green eyes he had. Maybe you’d find a way to earn his love someday.

“So, are you making your own popcorn?” He raised his brows. “Because those are mine.”

You laughed. “What?”

“I put them in, those are mine and I’m not sharing,” he stated.

“What?” You chuckled. “I’m not putting more popcorn, Edward.”

“Your call, I’m not sharing,” he reminded you.

But eventually the popcorn started popping and you headed back down to the couch, place where Harry demanded for cuddling. And this was him, this was him for you, the guy who was refusing to share popcorn but that demanded cuddles because he was too soft for his own convenience. He never stopped being sunshine.

He had kissed your head several times and he would playfully flick your hand off and glare whenever you stole popcorn from the bowl.

“You know I don’t get why the foot goes… pop,” Harry commented as he watched the movie.

“Do tell?” You chuckled.

“When they kiss,” Harry laughed. “I’ve kissed several times in m’life and I’ve never popped… my foot up.”

You grinned. “They haven’t been good kisses then.”

Harry scrunched his nose. “You wouldn’t know that.”

You looked him in the eyes, then down at his lips, knowing damn well you were so close you could even feel his hot breath against yours. “You’re right, I wouldn’t.” Because you knew it, you probably were not worthy of his kiss.

He cleared his throat and smiled. “Still, no one pops their foot when kissing… which reminds me to stop you from eating my popcorn,” he said cockily as he watched you get a handful into your mouth.

“You sure about that?” You smirked.

He playfully pushed your hand away as you tried to rip the bowl off his hands to sneak a mouthful of popcorn. The both of you were laughing, as you tried to fight for the barely remaining popcorn. And you couldn’t help but notice the mingle on your stomach. But maybe it was only your imagination or the fact that he had actually started to tickle you.

“That was my popcorn, love,” he reminded you laughing, as he slowly watched you recover from laughing. But the teasing didn’t stop there and suddenly the movie playing in the background didn’t matter either. You were both on the floor trying to fight back for the bowl of popcorn which was nowhere to be found now, with him pushing your hands back and you trying to push him away. All games and fun, giggles.

And then he smiled, that smile that was so very him. That you were sure it would change the world, as it did. But it felt so intimate and personal. And maybe it was the way he was just appealing to you in that certain moment or maybe it was the way that he was just looking at you and only you. As if it didn’t matter who he was, because you were there. He had that way. To make you think he forgot he was “Harry Styles” and, make you think he was Harry and only Harry.

And on the floor as he pushed your hair back and as you were both covered in popcorn, he looked at you in his very intimate way. And you wanted to stare at him, all day and all night. This way. Very him. Very really him. And on the floor, with popcorn he did what you never thought he would. A kiss. That tasted sweet and tasted salty. A kiss where you could feel the remaining butter of the popcorn but the true nature of his sweet lips. And his lips choreographed with yours, and everything was splendid. Him taking your breath away, mapping your emotions with his, his hand caressing and cupping your cheeks.

He pulled away, “see? A good kiss doesn’t need a pop.” He gave you a smug smirk.

But you found a popcorn and threw it into your mouth. “Yet it did.”

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Black lives matter. Every lives matter.

There should only be one race , human race.

Please teach and spread love, not hate.

Stay safe whoever is in protests and believe in what you want to achieve.

In hope of beautiful peaceful days that everyone live in same privileges.

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Your pov:

“H, do you have anything on Monday?”

Harry walked out of the bathroom, towel low on his waist, water dripping from his hair. “No..” he paused and looked down at his feet before shaking his head and smiling. “No I don’t think so. Maybe a FaceTime call with the boys but that should be it. And thats only if we decide to do that. You know how Louis has been lately with the reunion project.”

You nodded and smiled, rolling out of bed and walking over to him. You raised an eyebrow as he tugged you against his chest. His lips pressed to yours and your arms wrapped around his neck. You pulled away slightly and grinned. “Good. Because you and I have plans.”

“Oh yeah?” Harry’s lips pressed to your neck. 

“Mhm.” you laughed softly. “We have things to do. Places to be.”

“There are things we need to do now.” Harry growled, his lips touching your ear. He lightly bit your earlobe and tugged. You could feel his length pressing up against the towel and into your waist. Harry’s hands tugged at his shirt on your body. “Starting with this coming off…” Harry had the shirt pulled over your head when the phone rang. He sighed loudly and looked at you. “Don’t move.” 

You laughed and raised an eyebrow. “Yes sir.” you said laying back on the bed. Harry took one more look at you while standing in the bedroom doorway and turned back with a devious smile.

“Fuck it, they will eventually hang up.” He walked back over to you, his body falling in between your legs, the towel falling to the floor. Harry’s lips tugged at yours. His tongue flooded into your mouth and his hands moved their way down your bare chest. His fingers were rolling around your now hardened nipples when the doorbell rang again. Harry ignored it, his tongue slowly making its way down your body. He sucked and gently bit the sensitive skin on your boob, smiling knowing the mark would be there for the next few days. His tongue was at your belly button when his phone rang again, along with several other text notifications. He stood up with a groan, walking over to the phone.

“Harryyy” you whined, your heat dripping between your thighs from the anticipation. 

“Hello?” he answered holding up a finger to wait.. “What do you mean? No, there shouldn’t be any stories out, I’ve been with (y/n) all weekend….Fuck okay I’m coming.” Harry looked at you and and you sighed as he dug through his drawers. You stood up and walked into the bathroom to clean up since this didn’t seem to be going anywhere now. Harry was now getting angry. You could hear him yelling into his phone frustrated with whoever was on the other side. You jumped in the shower and once you were done, Harry seemed to be finished with his call. He had gotten fully dressed and smiled softly when you walked back into the room. 

“Where are you going?” you asked confused. He was dressed for some kind of meeting it looked like.

“I have to go talk to my management team…”

“Why? Wait, no. We were supposed to go out…Harry we’ve had this date night planned for weeks and the guys are all expecting us….”

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry…I don’t have a choice here…”


“(y/n) look I can’t go anymore okay? I’m sorry but thats just how its going to be tonight.”

Your mouth dropped. Harry rarely got angry at you and when he did it was normally your fault. This was out of line. “Whatever.” you turned and walked back into the bathroom, locking the door.

“Babe I’m sorry..” He knocked softly on the door. “I didn’t mean to yell…”

You didn’t answer but you heard him leave. You sighed and rolled your eyes annoyed he had ruined the moment and gotten angry. You were also annoyed he was putting management above you. You were supposed to be the most important thing in his life. At least that’s what he had told you when you had argued last time about him not being home enough.

Niall’s pov:

Niall was sat around a table with Louis and Liam. They were all joking about how Harry and (y/n) never got the time or date right when they had planned an outing. They also joked about how Harry had to bring (y/n) to everything. Not that they didn’t love her, but it kind of defeated the point about a guys night. She had gone through so much with them though…from One Direction days to solo albums. She had been there through it all, making sure all of the guys stayed in touch during the hiatus. The waitress was just setting drinks down when everyone’s phones started blowing up. No one seemed bothered by the fact their phones were all blowing up. Liam was flirting with the waitress and Louis was backing him up. Niall picked up his phone, read the first message, and reads aloud mocking the article title, “HARRY STYLES SEX TAPE LEAKED!”

“Give it a rest.” Louis laughs. “Harry is more careful with that kind of stuff than anyone I have ever met.”

“It’s just a hoax like the rest of them, made to get views and people talking. Management probably leaked it.” Liam added winking at the waitress across the room.

Niall hasn’t looked up, he’s scrolling through the article and clicking play on the video. Niall’s face pales and his mouth drops. The guys all look at him concerned that he hasn’t joked back. “What is it?” Louis asks trying to take the phone. 

Niall places the phone down on the table for everyone to see. ‘It’s not fake…..”

“Shi-” Louis starts but Niall shakes his head.

“It’s also not (y/n).” he finishes looking up at them. 

“No way. There’s no way.” Liam shakes his head. 

“What do we do?” Niall asks laughing uncomfortably.

“We need to call Harry. What if they don’t know.”

“It’s trending on Twitter, there’s absolutely no fucking way he doesn’t know. The real question is…does (y/n) know?” Louis shakes his head.

“She’s probably pissed.” Liam adds taking a sip of his drink.

“No she’s probably upset. No wonder they didn’t come.” Niall stands up. “We should go check on her. Make sure she’s okay..she what happened when they found out. They’ve been dating for years, this is going to kill her.”

The guys nodded, leaving money on the table and standing up. Louis laughs, “Niall the hero, saving (y/n) from her despair.”

“Shut up Louis.” Niall shakes his head. “This isn’t about me.”

“Oh yeah, didn’t you have a crush on her like when they first started dating?” Liam laughs.

“Yeah, but clearly that’s been over. She’s just my friend. I want to make sure she’s okay.” He led the guys from the restaurant and jumped in the car, map questing directions to Harry’s house.

Your pov:

Harry had been gone almost an hour and you had yet to hear anything from him. You were just laying on the couch watching reruns of friends when someone knocked at your door. You sighed and stood up, running to answer it. You smiled as the door opened. “Niall!” You hugged him tightly and then moved on to the others. “Lou!” Louis laughed uncomfortably and you gave him a confused look before moving to Liam. “Liam…” Liam was shifting nervously not looking at you and you stepped back. Paparazzi were rushing towards the gate so you moved the party inside. “What’s wrong?” you asked. They all looked like they were going to be sick…Niall kept looking like he was sorry. Liam looked away every time you looked at him and Louis just had his lips pressed together.

“Did you forget about lunch?” Louis asked grabbing your arm and pulling you to the couch.

You sighed. “Lunch? I thought we were doing dinner…is that why you are all upset. I’m sorry about not showing up…Harry just got a call and left without even saying anything.”

“A call about what?” Liam asked sitting across from you on the couch.

“I’m not sure….management called but he didn’t say where he was going. Why? What do you guys know that I don’t?”

They all looked away. Niall sighed and pulled out his phone. “Have ya checked Twitter at all today?”

“No….why?” You grabbed your phone and unlocked it. Louis pulled it from your hands. “What the hell Louis?”

Louis looked at the guys and shook his head. “This isn’t our fight. Harry should talk to her about it…not us. He’s going to be pissed we got involved.”

“It revolves around her though. She’s tagged in it all. She has a right to know.” Niall argued. “Harry shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

“Done what?” you felt sick. What was going on? What was Harry hiding? Why were the guys acting like this? You looked at Liam. He had been like an older brother to you for years. “Liam.”

Liam sighed and nodded to Louis. “She needs to know. When we leave she’s going to figure it out. We need to be here for her when she does.” Louis nodded and handed your phone back. You stared at all of them confused.

“Why are you treating me like I’m not sitting right next to you?”

“Just look at the phone…” Niall sighed.

You pulled up Twitter. You have over 4,000 notifications which was never a good sign. You clicked on the first one reading out loud, “Harry doesn’t deserve (y/n). She’s too good for this.” You clicked another. “I feel so sorry for (y/n)…Maybe there’s an explanation.” The last one you clicked had your mind spinning. “Imagine just waking up and finding out that not only has your boyfriends sex tape been leaked but also that its not featuring you. Here for you (y/n).” Tears were flooding your eyes when you looked up at Niall. “It’s not true….right? Tell me it’s not true….” Louis scooted closer to you and draped an arm over your shoulder.

“I mean technically we don’t really know…”

“What the hell do you mean Louis. We all watched the video at lunch.” Niall was pissed he was pacing back and forth between the two couches.

You shook your head. You were now crying. Louis was rubbing your back and you fell into his lap. “No. It can’t be real.” Liam moved over and sat next to you. He held your hand and gently squeezed. “I want to see it.” You looked up, tears flowing down your cheeks. “I want to see proof.”

Niall sighed and clicked on the original link before handing you the phone. You carefully read every line and clicked the video. Your stomach flipped. Harry was in his room, your room. He was naked, his tattoos clearly visible. There was a girl. It wasn’t you. He was kissing her, she was stripping, he was pulling his pants down. He didn’t seem to be drunk. He was talking dirty to her. He called her beautiful. He had sex with her. You flew up from the couch, running to the bathroom. Niall was at your side. You threw up, the video you had just watched had physically made you ill. Harry had cheated on you. He had filmed it. It was out in the public now. Niall held back your hair and Louis brought a cup of water. “(y/n)…” Liam started.

You sank to the floor, your back against the toilet. You were sobbing. You couldn’t breathe. The boys looked like they were contemplating how to handle this. “When did this come out?” you asked looking at him.

“We aren’t sure exactly…we saw the notifications at lunch-”

“So Harry was having sex with me or trying to when all of this was happening. He was trying to fuck me when his fucking sex tape was released to the public.”

“Uh-” Louis tried interrupting but you kept going.

“Harry cheated on me. After 7 years. He just decided to fuck someone else?” you were processing everything in your head out loud to the boys who had no idea what to say. “What did I do?” you cried harder. Louis sighed and pulled you into a tight hug.

“You didn’t do anything love. Harry’s mistakes are his own. They don’t revolve around you. He’s a fucking idiot for doing it.”

“We don’t know the full story either…I mean we all know how media twists stories…”

“Liam, he’s having sex with-with another girl. What full story is there that makes that okay?” Liam closed his mouth and sighed. You let Louis pull you to your feet. “I want to leave.”

“What?” Louis asked confused.

“I want out of this house. I don’t want to be here when Harry gets back either. I want to leave.” Louis handed you a tissue and nodded. 

“You can come to my place love, I’ll wait with ya.”

“We all will.” Niall added and Liam nodded. Niall grabbed an extra pair of clothes and some toiletries while Louis helped you out to the car. The paparazzi were all shouting questions asking what the story was. You wished you knew. Liam handed you your phone but you shook your head. 

“I don’t want it. I don’t want to see anymore.” He nodded sadly and sat in the drivers seat. Niall joined with a bag of your things and you all drove to Louis’. L

ouis set you up in his guest bedroom and asked if you needed anything. You shook your head and pulled off your shirt. Louis turned around but you didn’t care at this point. You threw on a pair of comfy sweatpants that Niall had grabbed you along with a crop top. You wiped your tears and snot on your old shirt and crawled into bed. You had finally stopped crying but you were exhausted. 

“We are going to order some food…anything sound good?”

You shook your head no, not trusting any words that might come out of your mouth. Louis nodded and closed the door softly, not wanting anymore tears to begin. Your mind was moving a hundred miles a minute and it made you feel sick. You closed your eyes and tugged the blanket to your chin. Images of Harry and that girl flashed through your mind as you drifted off to sleep.

Eventually, you didn’t know how long it had been, you woke up. You heard doors slamming, Niall shouting, Liam trying to diffuse the situation, but overall you heard one very loud and clear deep voice. “Where is she? Louis tell me where the fuck my girlfriend is!” 

So I got this as a request and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I actually was planning on using the first part of this as a similar story but when this request came through I decided to mesh the two together. Hope you enjoy!

Check out part 2 here: The tape (part 2)


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yes, lets discuss this. he would just hike your dress up and his rings would be cold against your skin as he fucks you from behind, pulling you back onto his cock over and over again. his breath is hot against your ear as he tells you that you look so fucking pretty for him and all you do is whimper as your mouth falls open and you grip onto the sink as you try to ground yourself as he continues to make you feel like you’re floating the more that his cock stretches you out and oh my god harry would want you to look at the mirror and watch him fuck you yes ma’am

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Part I

WARNINGS/Trigger: child oncology station, sick children, cancer, angst, child death

“What a great job choice, do you like it? I bet it’s nice to be around kids all the time, I love kids. Do you want some of your own?” he rambles and I giggle a bit.

“It is nice having kids around you, but it would be even nicer if I could help all those kids…I work at the oncology station, which is rather sad and hard to keep a smiling face. But I try my best to help them and ease their pain…nevertheless I definitely want kids on my own”

“Oh wow, that’s a tough job choice…but I am sure you are very good at your job, I visited some very sick kids during my career and I know what you mean when you say it´s hard to keep a smiling face. When you leave the room, you realize that this might be the last time they smiled and the last time, they were happy and the realization hits you, that they might die very soon,” his voice sounds sad and I nod. I know exactly what he means. I often cry when I come home and I know a kid has only a few weeks left. And when I lose one of my proteges I am usually down for days. I am sassy because I want to protect myself from any other pain than the one I learn at my job every day.

“It´s hard, yes. But I love my job and someone has to do it” I smile at him and sip from my drink.

“Hey you two, stop talking about sad things and enjoy the night,” Lisa says and nudges my shoulder. I laugh at her and Harry nods.

“She´s right. No sad conversation anymore” it ends in the whole group talking and laughing and I enjoy it very much. I never thought that a group of young women, who worked their way up into successful businesswomen and a group of privileged men could harmonize so good. It´s effortless and they are so charming.

When I look at my phone I see some missed calls from work and my heart drops. Oh no. Someone is in trouble, I can feel it.

I excuse myself and leave the bar, to return the call outside.

“Y/N, finally. You said you wanted to be notified when one of the kids is getting weaker and that’s happening at the moment with Anna. I don’t think she will survive the night, so if you want to say goodbye you should come” my co-worker says and I nod slowly. Anna has been at our station for about 6 months and she is only 13 years old, she already suffered so much in her short life. To be honest, she is the reason why I recognized Harry in the first place, she is a huge fan of his old band and made me watch the music videos and the film over and over again.

I stumble back inside and I am scared but composed. I knew this would happen eventually and I already thought about what to say, when she has to leave.

“I´m sorry…I really have to go” I say and grab my coat and my bag without noticing that Harry has gotten up on his feet.

“Wait, why?” he asks confused and as I look at him I see that he is stood up and looks at me with worried eyes.

“Probably a patient isn’t feeling well” my friends reply, they know how I look when such things happen.

“Can I help you in any way?” Harry asks and I want to shake my head but then I realize that I could make Annas biggest dream reality.

“To be honest, you can. She is a huge fan of your band and she probably won´t survive the night, she is very weak. Maybe we can record a little video for her?” I ask him. I don’t want to ask him to join me because seeing a dying child can be really hard and disturbing.

“I have a better idea” he responds and grabs his coat “I´m coming with you” he adds and looks at me determined.

“You sure? This could be very disturbing,” I ask and he nods.

We leave the bar and grab a cab to the hospital. We don’t talk much, it´s a serious and very sad situation and I try not to think too much about what will happen in a few hours. Anna is always full of life and fun and I like being around her. I will miss her very badly and I will cry when I leave the hospital, that’s not open for discussion.

Harry pays for the cab and we enter the hospital. He follows me into the elevator to go up where the children’s oncology station is.

“Are you okay?” he asks concerned and as I look into his green eyes I can see, that he is scared.

“I will be. Right now I am devastated. She is a great girl and no child deserves this. She always makes me laugh and she is always full of positivity. I will miss her very much…this is really hard” I say and he nods.

“I am scared. I hope I don’t say anything wrong…we can do this” he says and holds out his hand. Without hesitation, I hold onto it. It comforts me and I know it does the same to him. The elevator stops and we let go of each others hand while I show him the way down the corridor. Everywhere on the walls are pictures from the kids and handprints from everyone in different colours. Fotos of the staff and from trips we did with the kids. It´s a very bright and colourful corridor but only to cover up all the sadness. We disinfect our hands and I hand him a mouthguard mask and some gloves before I take a deep breath and stop in front of her door. I can see her family sitting in her room and Amanda, the colleague who called me checking her vitals.

Anna looks very pale, as every kid does. She hasn’t a headband on but she sits up in her bed when she sees me and smiles at me. Harry is not visible from his position so I wave at her and take a step back.

“Just wait a second, I will talk to her first and get her ready. She probably doesn’t want you to see her bald head…I will get you, okay?” I ask him and look into his green eyes while I put on my mask.

“Okay” his voice is shaky and I hold on a second.

“Are you sure? She hasn’t seen you yet, you can leave if you want” I ask once again but he shakes his head. I open the door and get in.

“Hello everybody,” I say and her parents smile at me. We have known each other for a few months and I always supported them and comforted them. They accepted their daughters sickness and tried everything to be positive around her. They are so strong but now I can see them clinging onto the hands of each other and barely holding themselves together.

“Hey, Anna…I have a surprise for you. Maybe you want to get a bit dolled up. Wait” I grab her headband and the little bag with her make up. She looks confused and puts on her headband.

“A surprise? What is it? Y/N tell me…” she begs and I laugh while I hand her the mirror and makeup. She quickly gets ready and looks expectantly at me.

“Okay, are you ready for your biggest dream to come true?” she nods and I can see the sparkle in her eyes when I open the door.

“Hello love,” Harry says and everybody in the room gasps. They recognize him even with the mask and I can see how Anna starts crying of pure joy.

“Oh my god, no I am so ugly” she cries as Harry steps in and I can see him smiling behind the mask.

“You are not. Anna this is Harry. Harry, Anna” I introduce them and Harry hugs her. She is shaking and crying and laughing everything at the same time. Harry sits down beside her and they start talking while I zone out and watch them.

“How did you manage that? This is insane” her mom asks me and I laugh.

“I accidentally met him and we talked when the call came. I mentioned that she was a fan and proposed to tape a video but he wanted to join me” her mom hugs me very tight and I can feel a tear slipping down my cheek.

“Thank you, Y/N. This is unbelievable, thank you so much. She is so happy” I smile at her and wipe away my tear.

“No problem” I reply and watch them talking and laughing.

“Y/N can you get the guitar?” Anna asks me and I nod.

“Sure” I go and grab the guitar from the playroom. Back in her room I hand it to Harry and say:

“It´s not the best guitar” he laughs and shakes his head.

“It will do” he tunes the guitar and starts singing a few of his songs. I record a bit with my phone and take some pictures. Anna starts getting tired and falls asleep while Harry hums some melodies.

“I think it´s time for us to leave now…may I have a moment?” I ask her parents and they agree while they leave the room until I am alone with the sleeping girl.

I sit next to her at the bed and caress her cheek with the back of my hand.

“You are such a strong and fierce girl, I will never forget you little Anna. The pain will fade very soon and I promise we will meet again someday. I love you and this is one of the hardest goodbyes I ever had to say” I watch her sleep with a smile on her face and I know she had a happy life despite the sickness. I get up and hug her parents outside.

“This hospital is a blessing you all did such a great job and she loves you like a family member, Y/N. You are very special, you will always be our friend for everything you did. Thank you so much” her mum says and I nod.

“Thank you, too. It was s pleasure meeting you and seeing you being as nice and friendly as she always imagined. You made her day” her dad says to Harry and he smiles.

“It was my pleasure. I am sure she is a very special girl and it hurts me to know…” he sobs and I can see his eyes filling with tears.

“Do you agree if I post a picture of her and me?” he asks and I smile, he is so polite asking for their permission. They nod and look happy, because we all know this would be such a great joy for her.

“Go back inside, see you soon and be strong,” I say and wave them goodbye. Harry and I toss our medical gear into the next bin and I walk a bit faster than usual, trying to be in front of him so he doesn’t see the tear stains on my cheeks. I knew I would cry. I press the elevator button. I get impatient and press it again and again, trying to see through my tears which I desperately wipe away with my sleeve. Harry grabs my hand and pushes me around to face him.

“Look at me,” he says huskily and I sigh and look up at his face. He is crying as well, his green eyes looking sad and glossy.

“We are feeling the same. Don’t hide, come here” he whispers and pulls me into his chest. I hate being hugged and I usually keep my distance from people but he holds me close until I relax a bit and wrap my arms around his waist.

We stand there and cry even when the elevator comes up and opens the door. We don’t care, we are looking for comfort in each other and I hear the doors close again. When our sobs fade a bit, I take a step back and look at him. His eyes are red and puffy and I hate to admit it, but he looks adorable. I bet I look really bad with my mascara running down my cheeks and everything. He pushes the elevator button and I try to fix my face in the mirror next to the elevator.

“Can you send me the pictures you took? I want her to see the post” he asks me and I nod.

“How…Instagram message? Bluetooth?” I reply and he holds out his hand, to type in his number.

“If you have any other kid that would be happy to meet me or any one of the boys let me know. Here now you can send them via WhatsApp” he gives me my phone back and I can´t believe I got his number. But I have it. I send him the pictures and he immediately posts one with the caption Unbelievable circumstances have led me to meet this strong and beautiful girl today. She inspires me with her strength and her will to live. I hope to see you again very soon, beautiful Anna. Be strong and keep fighting, I believe in you. I love you. #fuckcancer

“This will make her very happy, Harry” I assure him and he smiles at me.

“I hope so. Care for a drink? I could need one” he sighs and ruffles his hand through his locks.

“Absolutely plus I don’t want to be alone at this point” we smile at each other and I know that he feels the same. Being alone is scary at this point.

We end up in a pub around the corner and he orders two pints. We sit in a hidden corner and don’t talk much, rather hanging onto our thoughts. From time to time our eyes meet and we smile at each other and I am glad that the silence is not awkward but comfortable.

“Are you okay?” I ask him finally with my last sip and he sighs deeply.

“I don’t know how you do this job, to be honest”

“Sometimes I don’t know either…but it is all I have. I try to stay away from people to not get hurt otherwise than through my job. Those ladies today are my only friends because I know they won´t hurt me. That’s how I protect myself” I explain to him and he looks a bit sad.

“That´s noble but sounds really lonely” I nod in agreement because it is lonely.

“It is” we look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. Not long after we step out of the pub and we both know that it is time to say our goodbyes now.

“I hope we will meet again sometime, this shouldn’t be our last memory of one another. Too sad” I laugh dryly and roll my eyes at him.

“That´s my life. Sad. It was very nice meeting you, Harry. Maybe next time at the gas station we grab a coffee” he nods and then we hug. I bury my face in his chest inhaling his scent. He smells great and it´s oddly comforting.

“Let´s find you a cab” he suggests and holds his hand out, so the next one pulls over. He leans down to kiss my cheek before I get in and wave.

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*just landed, can’t wait to see you.* you smiled at the text and hit send. You had flown to London for the week. Harry had one last performance tonight before the two of you got to explore the city together. It had been around 2 months since you had physically seen Harry. The two of you texted, called, and FaceTimed but it wasn’t the same. You were ready to be with him again, to touch him, kiss him, snuggle, and even just breathe in his smell. Tour had been hard on you. You were supposed to go with him, but your work had prevented it this time around. *cant wait -H* you grinned at his text and at the thought of finally seeing him. You grabbed your bag from the overhead bin and shuffled forward. You had to admit while you were beyond excited, you weren’t feeling the greatest. You had attributed it the long flight, but your throat was scratchy, your head hurt, and you were shivering in the overcrowded and warm airplane.

Once off the plane you rushed through the airport to the baggage claim area where Harry had said he was waiting. You scanned rows of people looking for him but weren’t having any luck. You wiped the sweat from your forehead and looked at your phone to text him. Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and a chin nuzzled into your shoulder. Butterflies flew up through your stomach and you grinned turning in his arms. “Well it’s about time.” Harry mumbled, his lips pressing to yours. Your hands automatically tangled into his hair. “I missed you so much.” he pulled away, his nose touching yours and his dimpled smile making your legs go weak.

You smiled at him, his smile was making your heart melt and his green eyes were staring into yours. You hugged him tightly, your cheek resting against his chest. “I’ve missed you too H.” You sighed and after a minute he pulled away. 

“You okay?” Harry asked looking at you, his green eyes full of worry.

“Yeah..just a little tired is all. I think the plane ride is just getting to me.” You smiled while clearing your throat and trying to shake off the sick feeling in your body. Harry held out his hand and you grabbed it with a smile, allowing him to pull you in the direction of the car. 

After a short drive, you pulled up to Harry’s place. He took your bags and grinned, opening the door. “Welcome home beautiful.” Harry decided he wanted to give you the grand tour right away. You tried listening to him explain the importance of each painting, the history of the house, and the reason he decorated everything the way he did but your head was feeling a little dizzy. “You sure you’re okay? You look a little green.”

You grabbed his arm and closed your eyes for a moment. When you opened them and smiled he seemed a little more relieved. “Just a little dizzy.” 

“Have you eaten anything today?”

You shook your head and he smiled. “Come on, we can stop at the bakery before heading to the arena.” 

You and Harry picked up some donuts and other pastries for the band. The food, specifically the sugar in the donut you had eaten, had helped a little bit, giving you a large boost in energy but you still weren’t feeling the best. Harry was getting ready for the show and you were sitting backstage. Your eyes felt heavy and before you knew it they were closing. You curled into Harry’s jacket for warmth and decided a nap wouldn’t be the worst thing. After what only felt like a few a minutes, you felt Harry shaking you awake. You wiped the drool from your mouth and smiled. Harry pressed his lips to yours and grinned back. “Sorry…I must’ve drifted off. Did I miss anything?”

“No but the shows about to start. I figured you would want to go with security and watch from the front row.”

You nodded and sat up. “Of course I do. That’s part of the reason I came isn’t it?.” You kissed him softly, your hands cupping his cheeks and his hands holding your waist. The nap had definitely helped but you were not 100% yet. You pulled away and smiled at him. “See you on the flip side?”

“I’ll be singing to you the whole time.” 

“Better be.” You kissed Harry one more time for good luck before following security to your seat. You were surrounded by screaming fans, all of which screamed louder when you took your seat. You smiled and waved to some of them before focusing your attention on stage. Harry walked out and started singing, his eyes locking on yours giving you a small wink. You screamed and cheered, singing along to all of his songs. Harry had given you a shoutout midway through and you smiled, dancing along with the Lizzo song he had chosen to sing to you. Unfortunately the nap had worn off. Your head hurt, you were coughing from screaming, and your body just felt drained. Harry was at the opposite side of the stage so you decided to sneak off and head back to his house before he got worried watching you go.

You felt bad about missing the show but you didn’t think you could make it much farther. Once back at his place, you changed out of your clothes and into one of his t-shirts before curling up on the couch in the fluffiest blanket you could find. You were in and out of sleep, watching friends, and coughing when Harry walked in a few hours later. “Hey, what happened?” he asked sitting on the edge of the couch. You felt tears cloud your eyes, he sounded disappointed and the last thing you had wanted to do was make him feel bad about you leaving.


“Shh…babe what’s wrong.” He reached up wiping a tear from your cheek and froze. “Shit (y/n)..youre on fire.” He stood up, walking into the guest bathroom and appearing a few minutes later with a thermometer. “Open up.” You gave him sad eyes and reluctantly opened your mouth. In a minute the thermometer beeped and he pulled it out, looking at the results. “102. Babe…” You sat up and he pulled you onto his lap. 

You snuggled in, your chin burying in his shoulder. “I’m sorry I left early…” you mumbled. 

“No don’t be…Youre sick…you need rest. Have you eaten anything or had something to drink?” You shook your head and he stood up. “Well let’s fix that then. Just stay here okay? I’m going to shower and get you what you need.”


“No buts. Don’t move.” He held up a finger indicating you needed to stay put and you smiled a little, you loved seeing him in boss mode. Harry walked away and your thoughts got the best of you. Of course you had to be sick the weekend you were visiting Harry. Not only did you miss the only show of his you could make it too, but now you were going to have to stay in bed and miss out on all the surprise dates Harry had planned. You started crying. You were annoyed now and frustrated with yourself. All you wanted was one weekend. One weekend to just be with Harry and enjoy London. Everything was ruined. Not too long later Harry walked back in the room carrying a tray. You were still crying and he was immediately concerned. “What’s wrong? What hurts?” He set the tray down and kneeled at the couch. 

“I ruined everything.” you cried siting up. 


“I missed your show. I’m sick. I may not be able to do anything this weekend which cuts out all of the things you planned. I ruined our time together.” Harry wiped the tears from your face and shook his head. He kissed your forehead and smiled.

“You didn’t ruin anything love. We still get to spend time together…I get to be with you, cuddle, and take care of you. You also didn’t miss the show. You saw over half of it. The only thing you really missed was the encores of One Direction music.”

“Those were my favorite…” you cried.

Harry smiled and hushed you. “I’ll sing them for you whenever you want. Look (y/n) I am not at all disappointed. The only thing that matters is that you’re here.. We have the whole week. We will still have time to enjoy the city once you’re up and feeling better. And if not, just another excuse for you to come back and visit.”

“But I-”

“Shhh.” Harry stopped you. He sat the tray on your lap and smiled. “You need something in your stomach so I made chicken and noodle soup. And I also got you some orange juice because my mom used to make me drink that when I was sick.” He sat next to you on the couch and grabbed the remote. “Now we have approximately 10 rom coms to watch while you’re here so this is just a perfect opportunity to do that. What should we start with?”

You smiled, taking a bite of your soup. “The notebook…” You sniffled.

Harry laughed and shook his head. “I could’ve guessed that.” The notebook was the movie you and Harry had fallen in love too. You had watched it, fully debating the whole movie and realizing just how much of a romantic he was. It was also the movie you first had sex too…yeah a little strange but it had significant meaning to your relationship. Watching it with Harry always made everything better. He snuggled against you under the blanket and grabbed the spoon from your hand.

“What are you doing you just told me to eat tha-” Harry shoved a spoonful of soup in your mouth and smiled. He then took a bite of his own. “Harry you’re going to get sick and then you cant go on tour..”

“I won’t get sick. I’m on all kinds of vitamins to make sure that doesn’t happen. Plus, I have the strongest immune system of anyone I’ve ever met. Think about it, when was the last time I was sick? I never got sick in the band either. I’m just very healthy.” He took another bite to prove his point and laughed before giving you one as well. 

“I’m sure Louis would disagree with that…”

“Louis won’t say a word against that if he knows what’s good for him.” Harry laughed. When the bowl was empty and Harry was happy with the amount of orange juice you had downed, he moved the tray and pulled you into his arms. Your back rested against his chest and your body between his legs. His arms tightened around you and he kissed your cheek. “I’m glad youre here…even if you are sick.”

“I’m glad I’m here too…”. You yawned and Harry hit play on the notebook. It wasn’t a bad way to be sick. You were curled in the arms of your love and watching the movie you fell in love with him too. Despite the fever, life was pretty great.

A short blurb from a request that I got. xoxo

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A Lovely Daughter Is A Blessing

an extra from The Tragedy of 1856

warnings: vampire stuff, a pervert father, vampire stuff, typos

word count: 1.6k


He hurries down the stairs, along the hallway and wincing at every squeak of the planks in the ground. He has to be quiet if he wants to do this.

With three wooden slats pinched under his arm, a heavy hammer in his hands and a few metall nails stuck between his teeth, the father quietly opens the door to the room in which the new guest sleep, closing the door with a thud. He just wants to get to the bathroom. Closing the second door too, Chanan kneels on the ground in front of his daughter’s room.

He doesn’t want to do this. But he must do it.

Having a lovely daughter is a blessing but a blessing that drives him nuts. He may be strict and possessive what makes him practically an arsehole but what is he supposed to do when the woman inside his only child awakes. Chanan may be a pervert and weird what makes him practically a pig but what is he supposed to do when he notices things about her and is a man himself. Every man is in some ways a pig.

So he presses the first of the slats against the bottom of the door and begins to nail it up.

Chanan worries about Anita. Nobody should discover her, because then she would be harmed. He would be harmed. He wants her to stay with Daddy.

He presses the second slat against the door and begins to to hammer.

The thought that some horny lecher could finger her wakes lets the animal in him rage. Before she could kiss some lecher, he’d rather swing his hammer and block her door.

At least then he can finally get to close his eyes and sleep because his fears for her rob him of his peace.

He hammers again. One, two, three times.

His lovely daughter is a blessing but a blessing that weighs heavily on his heart. Chanan can not put it or her to chains and it makes him go crazy.

The father makes sure that the door is barricaded. Sighing he presses a kiss to the door and creeps back out of the bathroom and out of the guest room. Doing everything while not knowing that the boy laying on the uncomfortable bench has his eyes pressed shut that it’s almost ridiculous that he doesn’t get caught.

Waiting until Chanan exits the room, he then sits up, kicking the warm fur blanket down his body and makes sure to make no sounds as he shuffles into the bathroom. Sure he heard the knocking from the room. How could someone not? It was loud and the curiosity got now the best of him.

A gasp falls from Harry’s mouth as he stops in the darkness in front the locked door to Anita’s room. Making sure that the Professor is still deep in his dreamlands about science and too many books with a quick glance, his knuckles rasp with swiftly against the wood. Harold gulps with nerves swimming through his body.

He knows his emotions often get the best of him when he cares about a person. He doesn’t know her well but this feeling is enough. Now he can’t help but to worry about Anita on the other side of the room with no way out to escape.

A flash of anxiety makes him shiver. No answer. Maybe she’s just asleep and missed the loud sound of the nails piercing through the wood of her door.

His ears perk up at a sound of shuffling.

In the room, locked away from the rest of the world, Anita sits up, pulling the sleeves of her nightgown over her palms to wipe along the wet line under her eyes. She stills in her movements as she sees the shadow of two feet shuffling on the spot in front of the door through the slit at the ground where door and floor don’t quite meet yet. Pulling the heavy fur and covers off her, her toes meet the cold ground first.

The girl knows if she puts all of her weight on her feet the wood under her will squeak, so she remains in this position, waiting for something to happen again.

She knows it can’t be the Count. He would manage to either just appear when she needs distraction or through her window. Only hoping that it could be this person, she waits for them to knock again.

Harold clears his throat and raps his knuckles against the wood five times in a quick rhythm. Anita throws herself out the bed and sprints to the door but hesitating when she stands directly in front of it.

Perhaps it’s just a test. It could be her father playing a trick on her to punish her again. Perhaps it’s Becca wanting to escape from her nightmares. Perhaps it’s Professor Hallewell.

No. No, Professor Hallewell cannot be. What would he even want from her.

Perhaps it’s Mister Styles. She feels a warmth flooding her body. Taking a deep breath, she knocks also five times at the door and waits for something to happen again.

Harry’s head falls against the wood in relief. She’s okay, she answered me.

Anita however gasps in surprise at the sudden thud.

“Mister? Everything’s okay?” she whispers to not wake the whole house.

After a second of recollecting he speaks up, “Yeah, I-uh, ’m okay. Jus’ relieved you’re okay in there.”

She exhales heavily.

“I mean, I-uh… Are you even okay in there?” he rushes. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Oh, it could be better actually,” she breathes a chuckle, “What do you want anyways?”

Harold presses his hand against the wood, “I heard your father entering our room and the loud pounding. He wasn’t really careful being discrete,” he laughs, “Then I saw tha’ you really are locked in and wanted t’ make sure you’re good.”

He waits for a reaction from her.

“So this is me checking up on you.”

He hears a soft giggle fall from her lips, “Okay. Well, thank you very much, sir.” Harry likes her playful tone now.

“Uh… what should we do now?”

Anita kneels down, flops buttocks first on the ground with her back pressed to the door, “I don’t really know if I’m honest with you.” A pause. Harry presses his ear against the door again. “You can sit down and keep me company?”

He likes that. He likes talking to her. So he sits down with his back against the door and his head thrown back, he seem to feel, by concentrating real hard, the warmth from her through the wood. Bat that is only wishful thinking.

“Fact is, I can’t get no sleep, but i feels like I’m also not awake, you know? It feels like a fever dream.”

“Yeah, I kno’. I can get no rest since we arrived. I don’t kno’ what happened t’ me,” Harry nods along.

“Can I tell you something? In secret?” a whisper from the other side. The boy turns his head, leaning his temple against the barricade between them, “Sure.”

Anita fiddles with her nightgown. “I sometimes feel a longing…, and that longing makes me so confused and I don’t know. I have nobody to lean on, expect when I dream… I know it makes no sense it’s just that—”

“It makes totally sense,” he cuts her off, “I kno’ what you feel. I feel it too. It’s like… you want t’ feel satisfied, completely lose time, but you have nobody t’ trust. Like…,” he sighs, “Instead of sleeping you lay wide awake and ask yourself all these- these questions!”

Exactly!” Anita says, “There’s never been anyone that understands me like you.”

Harry feels the heat creep into his cheeks, “There’s never been anyone like you. I feel at peace.”

“You’re such a nice young man, Mister.”

“Oh uh, thank-thank you.”

They sit in silence again. Just enjoying the comfortable silence between them.

“When I fall in love, I want it to be someone like you,” she mumbles from the other side.

His head shoots up. He feels overjoyed. “Since I looked into your eyes I can get no rest. You uh, you have such a nice smile.” His fingers scratch nervously along his neck.

Anita feels her heart flutter at that but at the same time this uneasy feeling settles in her head. The Count won’t be in ecstasy about this. Not at all. Her paranoid thoughts accumulate. Maybe his Majesty will visit her again this evening.

“Mister, you’re very lovely,” she has to cut this short as quick as possible, “and I’m sure I’ll dream of you this evening. But now I have to lay to rest.” She heavens herself up, her hand pressing against the wood.

Harold can’t comprehend what is happening. Quickly, scrambling up the ground with both hands presses tightly to the wooden slats. “What? Are you tired? Did I upset you? Was I too forward?”

“No, no! You were perfect!” that’s too much, “Ugh! I just- I need to lay in bed. Or else my father might hear us and either kills you or punish me again.” She hates still lie to him.

His mood sinks and he feels a bit hurt. “O-okay. Well then… ’m g’na go. Sweet dreams, Anita.”

“Yeah…, sweet dreams,” she sits back on her bed again and watches as he remains standing there. Why did he even have to come here in the first place? He’s too good for this hell of a place. Too many secrets and too many dangers for this soft man.

Finally, she sees his feet shuffle away, a few planks squeaking on his way out of the bathroom. How could he think he upset her? Anita falls back and cuddles up in the big blanket and the warm fur.

She can only hope she didn’t upset the Count.


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His mouth was made for oral you’re right and you should say it like it’s facts


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Like can we take a second to talk about how soft his lips probably are and how his kisses are like heaven and he’s such an angel giving you little pecks on your cheek and your forehead and then how wicked they can be when he’s between your legs 🥺 I will perish!

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“If you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender, whoever you are, whoever you want to be, I support you, I love every single one of you.”

“When you wake up everyday, you get a chance to think about what you wanna do with your day. What you wanna put into the world that day and who you want to be. Be a lover. Choose love. Give love. Love everyone always. Always give as much love as you can.” - Harry Styles (2017)

Rest In Peace to George Floyd and every single man or woman who were innocently murdered by all of those policemen who deserve to be in jail right now, and who are hurting others during peaceful protests.




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We’ll Be Alright


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A/N: Once again, I wrote this in one sitting at 2am. Enjoyyyy!! xx

Synopsis: Sharing Harry has never been something easy for you, but when his girlfriend decides to devise a plan to get rid of you once and for all, you find out things can get much worse.

Word Count: 3k


I could feel the judgmental and critical stare boring into my body. The gaze that was fixated on me simply existing in the moment hadn’t left since the moment I walked through the door.

Never in my 24 years of existing and breathing on this earth had I ever met someone who had it all…the money, the job, the body, the power, the privilege, she even had Harry; yet she was so ragingly insecure.

My efforts to be friends when Harry first brought Kendall back around fell on deaf ears. My kind words and sweet gestures weren’t enough. Trying to have her be involved and talking with the rest of our friend group didn’t matter to her. The only thing that Kendall saw when she looked at me was a threat.

Me and Harry have been best friends for going on 6 years now. I was there when they first started whatever the fuck this is, and I was there when it ended.

She saw me and Harry have sleepovers, share the same friends, and laugh until we were doubled over and grasping our stomached for air, and that’s all she ever saw.

No amount of explanations and conversations could change her mind that I was definitely after Harry.

Although she isn’t wrong, I have intense feelings for him that have never left, I would never step between anyone’s relationship no matter the situation.

Tonight her evil smirk was permanently etched onto her perfect face. Her arms never left Harry’s body the same way her eyes never left me. She was a hawk circling in on her prey. I felt anxious and vulnerable.

There was always this desire stirring in me to go off on her. To yell and scream that she had my whole world in her perfectly manicured hands, yet she treated him like shit, but I couldn’t dare touch a woman who belongs to the most powerful family on the earth. No matter what shit any Kardashian/Jenner did, they always got out of it. It didn’t matter if they were right or wrong, the had their name and money to make everything swing their way. So swinging at Kendall to knock that stupid smug look off of her face was out of question.

I had to sit and wait to see what she had planned. The sinking, gut reaching, awful feeling resonating in my stomach told me to leave, to get the hell out of Harry’s house before she can pounce, but Harry’s soft eyes would glance at me every once in awhile. His arm would sometimes drape around my shoulder, if I was lucky enough to even get him away from Kendall. His warm and familiar presence made me stay. His kind heart and even lovelier words of affirmation made me stay.

“I’ll be right back. Ken needs something.” I nodded, mentally rolling my eyes, but smiling the best fake smile I could on the outside. The five minute conversation I got to steal from Harry was once again ruined by a bitch in Prada. I watched his tall and broad frame leave my presence and saunter over to where Kendall was leaning overly sexy on the doorframe of a guest bedroom. The bile rose in my throat watching him enter the room with her.

Was he seriously going to fuck her mid-conversation with me?

My body felt cold and tense. I was a statue stuck in time and frozen in the same position. Maybe just maybe, if my eyes stared long enough at the door she once leaned on, this would all go away. Kendall would go away. This awful gaping hole in my heart would go away. The absolute god awful drunken nights crying and screaming into my pillow would go away, but they wouldn’t. Harry disappeared into the room with her, leaving me behind confused and consumed by an overwhelming sense of heartache.

The mini bar I made home at was fairly empty as I finally tore my gaze away from the scene of the crime. I needed something hard and strong to help numb all this shit out. To numb out the unreciprocated love, the feeling of not being good enough, the persona I have to put on that I’m fine all the time. If tonight was the only chance I could get to forget, then I was going too.

The liquid confidence burned down my throat, but yet paled in comparison to the burning in my soul. Everything fucking hurt; emotionally, mentally, physically. The sudden loud slam of a door also hurt my ears.

I turned my head to the door that I stared at for way too long, seeing an angry Harry and a smug Kendall come out. Harry’s once loving and bright personality was gone as his long strides carried him right in front of me. His eyes held a look of hurt, concernment, and betrayal. My stomach sunk looking at him. The gut feeling in my stomach was now a knot I could tangibly feel crawling up the back of my throat.

“Can we talk. Now.” His voice was demanding and stern. A tight grip of his ring clad left hand came up to hold onto the soft flesh of my upper arm. None of this felt right. It felt so wrong, and the look of the bimbo by that door confirmed that this was so so wrong, and it was about to get worse.

“Yea. Are you okay H?”

“Don’t call me that.” His words were laced with venom as he spit them at me. The once intense feeling of dread and anxiety was now shock and hurt.

“What is going on Harry-“

“What did you fucking say that about Kendall?” His words interrupted my failed attempt at having a normal conversation. I widened my gaze at him, completely and utterly confused at his words. Sure he knew I wasn’t her number one fan, but I have never talked bad about her, openly, to other people. I’m not that dumb. That’s a fight I consciously knew that I could never win.

“I didn’t fucking say anything about Ken-“

“You’re lying. God after 6 years of friendship, you’re fucking lying to me. Are you serious!?” His voice was raising as his frustration was building. I no longer felt the safe aura that I always loved about him. He was mad, and he wasn’t going to let me explain. I could tell in his word choice, in his body language, and in how he was staring at me that he already decided I was guilty. I could say anything in the world to him, but he’s chosen that whatever Kendall fed him was the truth.

“What did she say I said?” There was no point in meeting his tone so I opted out of a screaming match. I remained calm, and sat in one of the many chairs adorning his backyard. I was feeling everything at once, desperately wishing I had chosen to stay home with movies and a bottle of red.

“You said she was a slut and an easy fuck. Really? How fucking low of you. I thought I knew you better bug.” The nickname he had for me slipped out of his mouth out of habit. I could tell he wanted to pull the word back as soon as he spoke it into the warm summer air. Knives were dagging into my heart hearing the name. I wanted him to say it again, but not with so much malice laced behind the syllables. Every nerve in my body had been danced on. Kendall knew Harry hates when women are objectified so saying I spoke of her like that would make him livid, would make him pissed, would make him leave me. They don’t get that power over me.

“You know I wouldn’t say that. You know my heart and my character, and I’m sure as hell not going to sit here and let you talk to me like this. You made your bed now lay in it.” My feet pushed my body up from the seat, turning towards the sliding door that we had just walked through. I didn’t dare let my eyes watch him or gage his reaction. It wasn’t important to me right now. It was obvious that I was no longer important to him so why should he be to me.

I allowed myself to be flexible and forgiving with Kendall. I allowed her to degrade me and speak down to me while Harry sat just inches away. He said fucking nothing to defend me. He never says anything ever to defend me. He’s so wrapped up in the idea of who Kendall is that he is completely blind to the fact that he’s losing himself. The Harry I knew would let others explain, get the full story, and speak calm and collected. Kendall’s Harry was out there tonight yelling at me; not mine.

The room had emptied out more as the party seemed to die down the moment Harry’s presence left. I saw Kendall’s long frame standing besides Gemma, doing the same fake crying shit she pulled when she got called out from that absolutely ludicrous Pepsi commercial. Gemma now knows about whatever Kendall’s lie was. Her eyes stared harshly into mine with a look of disappointment and shame.

I couldn’t take being the victim of everyone’s emotions tonight. The air in here was unforgiving and thick, way too hard for my gasping lungs to try and inhale in.

I pushed my aching and hurting body through the last few bodies scattered around and out the front door back into the warm air.

There was no point in looking back, if the people standing within the house seemed to only care about the rich and manipulative women whispering into their ears. There was no point in defending my name if all it would do is dig my grave. There was no point in fighting for Harry when he had already given up on me.


Two weeks. Two miserable weeks had passed since that night. The storm of emotions that loomed over me soon became an actual storm that reeked havoc across Malibu. No amount of rain could drown out how empty I felt. No amount of thunder could be louder than the awful self deprecating thoughts that swirled around and around in my mind. No amount of wind could blow the man I miss and long for more than anything in the world to my door.

Harry was gone.

He was out of my reach and in the grasp of someone who not only plays with his emotions, but now controls them. That’s what she always does, and that’s what she always did.

Their first go around she just wanted to be seen with Harry. She wanted the world to know that she was getting railed by the worlds most eligible bachelor like he was some kind of prize or object. It made me physically sick whenever an article would come out, of pictures would be leaked.

I have a hatred of yachts because of those photos.

My heart hurt for the Harry that I knew was still inside him. He was just covered in a multitude of lies, empty promises, and an unfulfilling love.

My mind didn’t understand how she could have the most sweet, caring, perfect man to ever grace this earth, and use him like he’s some piece in her chess game.

The excessive ringing of my phone pulled me from my zoned out gaze that was glued to my ceiling. My phone sat on my nightstand buzzing and moving with each vibration that jerked it. I flung my arm lazily towards the direction of the noise, grabbing the moving device in my hands and tugging it closer to my face.

H🤍: We need to talk.

H🤍: Bug, I fucked up. I fucked up so bad.

H🤍: I know I hurt you.

H🤍: Please let me talk to you, and make this right.

H🤍: It’s not the same without you. None of this is the same without you.

H🤍: I know you’re reading these, angel.

H🤍: Fine, I’m coming over.

My heart raced at his last text. Beating so incredibly fast against my rib cage that I could swear I was about to explode. I was torn. I was torn between wanting him to come over, hold me tight, and cuddle me until we fall asleep, and him staying right where he is because if he didn’t let me explain…then why should I let him.

My years of therapy were ruling my subconscious, and telling me how immature that would be. It felt so natural to be angry about this. To be so livid with him that he would just let me walk away, but i’m not a child. I know better than to stonewall someone. I know better than to stoop down so low that I lose myself in the process.

Three loud knocks echoed through the house, sparking the interest that was already clouding my mind. I carried my body away from the bed that I barely left since the last time I saw him, and hobbled my way down the stairs. My excitement to see my Harry was fogging over and other, more negative and appropriate to the situation, feelings.

I took my time stepping down the stairs, crawling across the floor, and stopping to smell the lingering scent of my previously lit candle. He could wait.

My right eye peeped through the peep hole of my front door. Harry stood on the other side looking as glorious and anxious as ever. His hair was sticking and flopping in every direction a top his head as his fingers ran through it, tugging harshly at a few strands. A black hoodie and loose grey sweats clung to his body, swaying in the air as he began to pace. His internal dilemma of either walking away or knocking again was very readable on his face; his brows furrowed together and his pointer finger and thumb trapped his bottom lip in a pinch. He was anxious….good.

I turned the lock, still looking through the peep hole to his reaction. At the sound of the door unlocking, his whole body froze up as his eyes bore holes into the door handle in front of him. I smiled lightly, quickly erasing all emotion as the door revealed my frame to him.

His eyes wide and red. The bags under his bloodshot pupils were dark and dreadful. He looked awful, yet glorious.

“I’m sorry.” His voice was still and small. It was hurting. The scratch that followed his words made me think he hadn’t used it in a while.

“I’m so fucking sorry, bug.” His accent went deep as his eyes stayed trained to mine in efforts of letting me know how serious he was.

“Kendall lied. I know that now. I shouldn’t have-“

“Harry come inside please.” His body was shaking and his eyes were misty. I couldn’t bear to look at him so torn up and miserable any longer. My anger went away as that once safe aura came back along with the scent that can only be described as Harry.

“I forgive you H. It hurt me, yes. It hurt me really bad, but you were being manipulated. This wasn’t your heart trying to hurt me; this was your too big for your own good heart seeing too much good in someone else’s that doesn’t deserve it. She’s never deserved it. Never deserved you.” My eyes were locked with his, returning the unspoken words of ‘I’m meaning everything I’m saying’. His arms pulled my smaller frame into his chest, releasing a sigh he wasn’t too sure he was even holding in. The sniffles and labored breaths of his body calmed the moment I stroked my finger tips up and down his spine. Both our bodies relaxed in the knowingness that’s we’ll be alright.

“I don’t deserve you, darlin’.” My body was pulled away from his chest to meet his eyes that once again filled with water. My chest tightened looking at his state and hearing his words. They shot through me like glass. I felt everything he was saying, and I hated it.

My hands traced up his chest slowly, lingering long touches as I traced were I knew his butterfly tattoo was. His hoodie felt soft against my finger tips, almost welcoming. I twirled the article of clothings string around my fingers before releasing it back into place. His skin was smooth and cold from the breeze outside; intoxicating. His slightly groan out stubble remarkably highlighted his sharp jawline as I danced soft touched across his face. Then my hands gently cupped both of his cheeks, lightly stroking my thumbs across the apples of his soft and supple cheek bones. His eyes widened and breathing increased as he just watched my every move. I locked eyes with him once again, gently wrapping miscellaneous pieces of his curly brown locks around my fingers.

“She never deserved you.” My sentence came out as a mixture of a careless whisper and a breathy confession. My forehead reached his own as I stood to on my toes to connect the skin. His breath was fresh with mint, and his eye contact was intense and unwavering.

“I deserve you.” I spoke onto his lips, ghosting them delicately across his slightly parted pout, pulling away a little to see his reaction. Without so much as a hesitation, his own hands gripped my waist, pulling my body to have my lips meet his own. The taste of his favorite chapstick filled my senses as we moved our lips together slowly. His hands gripping firmly but softly under my shirt. His skin against mine setting my stomach on fire. My whole body was erupting in swarms of butterflies and electrifying shocks that hit every inch of my skin.

“I love you, bug.” His soft voice entered my ears like a melody. With lips still hovering over mine, our deep breaths filled the new gap between our craving bodies. I smiled widely, scratching lightly at his scalp with a hum.

“I love you, my Harry.”

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