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#harry styles blurb
watchmegetobsessed · a day ago
my brain straight thought about him edging you and all you want is for him to finally just fvck you and then he say what is in the video 😭😭
A/N: you asked for it and im serving it. get ready for the juice!
WARNING: adult content, edging... bc he is just obsessed with it.
Tumblr media
He is still wearing his light blue shiny shirt.
And nothing else
You’re lying across the king sized bed of the hotel room you share, only your lacy thong covering your soaking wet pussy that’s throbbing for him, a pained whimper slips through your trembling lips when he steps closer to the bed and wraps a hand around his rock hard cock, staring down at you with greedy, dark eyes. This is not the soft Harry who likes to cuddle you every night, who brings breakfast to bed just to see you smile first thing in the morning, who always surprises you with little gifts to brighten your day.
No, this version of him is dominant, demanding and in full control of you. Just how you like him.
He came off the stage extra cheeky tonight and judging from the way how he could barely keep his hands off of you at the venue, you knew things would get heated pretty fast as soon as you’re alone.
“What do you want, baby?” he murmurs, a sly smirk on his lips as he gives himself a few slow, but sturdy pumps.
“Harry, please!” you moan, your thighs shutting closed to create some friction at least. He’s been taking his sweet time with you, he stripped out of your dress as if you were a gift to be unwrapped, made you stand against the wall as he sank to his knees, biting into your ass cheeks, his hands coming to tease between your legs that were shaking from excitement. Then he threw you to the bed, like an absolute cave man and made you watch him strip from his light blue pants and underwear, leaving him only in his shiny shirt, because you told him before the show how much you liked it.
His chest is rising and falling in a steady rhythm, some of his post concert sweat is still glistening on his warm skin and you’re dying to touch him, but you know if you don’t do what he tells you, you won’t get what you want.
“Keep them open, baby. Want to see how desperate you are for me,” he warns you, a hand coming to push your knees apart so he sees your wet cunt. “Touch yourself, let me see just how wet you are.”
Your hand moves down your chest and stomach until you reach the elastic of your underwear, but before you could reach under the fabric, he speaks up.
“No, over the thong. Want to see it drenched.”
Another whimper falls from your lips as you press your fingers against your clit, finally feeling your nerves reacting to a touch, but it’s not the one you desire the most. You move your two fingers up and down, pressing the lacy fabric into your cunt, between the lips as it soaks up your arousal.
“Does it feel good? Or do you want something else, baby?” he hums, cocking his head to the side as he keeps stroking himself lazily.
“Feels good, but I want you!” you breathe out as you try to get yourself closer to relief, but your body is working against you. It only wants Harry and you can’t blame yourself.
“Yeah? You want this?” he asks glancing down at his throbbing dick. Your voice dies in your throat so you only nod, but it’s not enough for him. “I want to hear you, baby. Beg for it.”
You moan at his words, your thighs twitching to close again, but you remember what he said about wanting them open so you force yourself to obey.
“Please!” is all you manage to get out. Harry steps closer to the bed, his hand letting go of his cock before moving to grab your wrist and pushing it away from you. With one swift movement, he rips the last piece of clothing, making you gasp from the sudden pinching you feel as the fabric gives up around your body, and he throws it to the side without batting an eye. It’s not the first piece he has ruined and surely not the last one either.
He places a knee to the edge of the bed, leaning over your shaking form, his cock springing freely with each movement he makes and the way his tongue slides across his lips gives you shivers.
“You know just one please is never enough for me,” he warns, his voice low and raspy after tonight’s show and you could come just from his words at this point.
“Fuck, Harry! Just… Ugh!”
It’s torture, how his fingertips tap on your clit a few times before drawing a few slow circles, teasing and playing with you.
“Just what, huh? You want my cock? Does your pussy want to be properly fucked?”
“Yes!” you cry out, your whole body on fire. He grabs the base of his cock, brings his hips closer, just enough that he can drag the tip across your lips, pushing a tiny bit into your hole, but pulling back right away. “Harry!” you moan almost as if you were in pain, but in a sense, you are. Every second that passes without him inside you is a painful one and you want him to end your misery.
“I told you, I want to hear you. You ask nicely, you get it. Stop being a brat and use your words.”
Fucking hell, this man will be the death of you.
“Harry, please! I need you to fuck me, need your cock inside me, please! I’m begging!”
The smirk on his face is so smug, so confident, you love it even if he is making you suffer. You’d do anything for him and he knows exactly just how much power he holds over you.
“See? That wasn’t so bad,” he chuckles, dragging the tip across you once again, tapping it a few times on your clit, smearing your wetness all over him and you as well. He pushes himself against your hole again, just the very end of the tip entering you, but doesn’t move, only watches you through lustful eyes as you fall apart for him.
“Harry! Fuck me, please!” you cry out, one hand coming flat against his toned stomach as he moves a bit closer, hovering over you. Running your hands up his chest, his neck, you lace your fingers through his hair and pull him down for a needy kiss that he returns gladly. His lips are sucking and tugging on yours, tongue invading your mouth, melting together with yours as his cock is still not inside you.
“Love it when you are so desperate for me, baby,” he growls, positioning his hips so his cock slips between your lips and he moves a little, slipping between them, the tip pushing against your clit over and over again.
He keeps this up, his head moving to the crook of your neck, marking you up as always so you already know you’ll have to wear a turtleneck tomorrow, but now you just want to feel him everywhere.
Then he pulls back, lining his cock up with you and you’re sure he’ll finally give you what you want, but just as you feel the tip entering you again… he pulls back. You gasp, tugging on his hair a little harder as he smirks down at you, so pleased with himself.
“Harry…” you breathe out, but he just chuckles, enjoying the game.
“Edging,” he then murmurs and with one swift movement, he thrusts inside you.
He fills you up fast and so perfectly, you’re convinced you were made for each other. He doesn’t give you time to adjust to him, starts moving rapidly, slamming his hips against yours mercilessly, pounding into you just how you like it. One hand comes to your thigh and he urges you to lock his waist with your legs, you’re more than happy to obey, allowing his cock to bury deeper into you.
“So needy for me, yeah? Who fucks you the best, baby? Let me hear it from you,” he groans into your neck, wet lips brushing against the spot he sucked on earlier.
“You, Harry! Only you!”
“That’s right. You’re mine,” he growls before biting into the soft skin, making you gasp from the sensation.
He is pounding into you so hard, you keep sliding further up on the bed until your head reaches the headboard. He stops for a moment, turning the two of you around so you’re on top, one hand on his chest, the other holding onto the headboard and you barely get situated before his hands grab onto your hips and he starts thrusting up into you, doing the job himself instead of making you ride him.
“Fuck! You’re so good, Harry! I’m so close!”
“Want to cum, baby? You think you deserve it?” he teases you, a few curls sticking to his sweaty forehead, his whole body glistening in the dim lighting.
“Yes! Please, let me cum!” you beg, your eyes meeting his and an animalistic growl erupts from his chest. He pushes himself up into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around you, caging you in them as one of his hands comes to your lower back, guiding you, hinting that he wants you to finish it.
“Ride my cock and make yourself cum, Y/N. Come on, I want to see you using me.”
“Fuck,” you gasp as you start moving your hips, arms clinging onto his broad shoulders. His face is buried in your neck and chest, kissing you wherever he can reach. Though you love the shirt on him, you want to feel him fully naked, so you tug at the fabric and he is quick to rid himself from it, his naked, toned arms wrapping back around you as you relentlessly ride him, feeling your orgasm building up and nearing.
“My girl is using my cock so well, look at that. You like it? You like my cock?”
“I love it,” you nod eagerly and craning your neck you capture his lips just when you feel the end nearing. “Can I cum? Please, Harry, I want to cum so badly!” you beg to him against his parted lips, your breathing mixing together.
“Yes. Do it! Cum all over my cock, baby!”
That’s all you need to explode, pleasure washing over your entire body like a tsunami and you scream his name, your walls tightening around him which brings him over the edge as well. He cums inside you, filling you up so well you’re sure it’s gonna be dripping out of you very soon. He is gasping and panting against your chest, his breathing warming your already heated skin.
You stay like that coming off your high, his hands gently rubbing your thighs, ass, hips and back, lips peppering soft kisses onto your collarbones. When he moves the two of you, laying you to the bed you grunt as he slips out of you, leaving you so empty, already aching to feel him inside you again even though you’re completely ruined at this point.
“I’ll take care of you, baby,” he mumbles, kissing your lips softly before getting up from the bed and disappearing in the bathroom. He returns with a damp towel and he carefully cleans you up, but you don’t miss the smug grin on his face when he sees just how good he fucked you, his semen dripping out of your now sensitive cunt.
“Like what you see?” you chuckle tiredly.
“I sure do. Love to see my girl full of me.”
“And you’re full of yourself,” you scoff, but reach for him to pull him down for another kiss. “I have to get up to pee, but I’m so tired.”
“We also should have a shower,” he smiles, pecking the tip of your nose. He reaches under you and easily picks you up into his arms bridal style and you have no idea how he has the energy to carry you to the bathroom after a show and the way he just fucked you. You stood at the backstage the whole time and only rode him at the end and you’re still completely sent.
He carefully sets you down to the toilet and you do your business without a care as he starts the water in the shower, grabbing two towels for you. When you’re finished, he helps you into the spacious walk in shower so you don’t slip and then insists to soap and wash you, taking good care of you. And just like that, he is back to caring boyfriend mode.
And you just love all versions of him.
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harrysfolklore · a day ago
hi lovely! can I request one with elsa hosk and can u include her baby? 🥺🥺
happy thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates ! i’m thankful for this little community i’ve created on this blog, wishing you the best 💗 hope you like this
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram oversized clothing all the way
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harryfan1 hiii bestie 🥺
gemmastyles glowing more and more every day 🥰
harryfan2 i swear she’s the cutest
annetwist Gorgeous ❤️ don’t forget to take your vitamins
↳ yourinstagram love you 💗
harryfan3 mom material
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harrystyles This picture was taken by two people.
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harryfan1 hello??
gemmastyles you saw an opportunity and took it…
harryfan2 i’ll never understand his captions
yourinstagram Indeed 💗
↳ harryfan1 bestie did you not take the picture?
↳ yourinstagram i did, but not on my own 🥰
jefezoff 🤫🤫🤫
harryfan3 something is definitely up…
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pillowpersonpp Dads.
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harryfan1 so true harry doesn’t need a kid to be a dilf
jefezoff Damn.
harryfan2 a boy dad and a dog dad
yourinstagram Dilfs 😛
↳ harryfan1 SO TRUE BESTIE
harryfan3 aren’t we going to talk about the possibility or harry being you know… an actual dad
↳ harryfan2 i’m pretty sure they’re just joking around
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harrystyles Thankful for you today and always. My wife, my best friend, my muse and the mother of my children. My love for you goes beyond anything words can express. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives.
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harryfan1 WHAT ON EARTH
taylorswift13 CONGRATULATIONS ❤️❤️
harryfan2 aaaahhhh i knew it !!! their posts about being more than 2 people in their house and harry being a dad, all the banter between their friends, congratulations harry and yn 💗💗
annetwist The most beautiful picture ever ❤️
yourinstagram Baby bubs and i are so lucky to have you, honey. So beyond thankful for the both of you
↳ harryfan1 we love you so much
harryupdates this is harry’s most liked picture 🤍
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yourinstagram Isabella Anne Styles. My baby Bella. I still can’t believe i have a baby with the love of my life, everything feels like the perfect dream. Forever thankful for my little family. Happy thanksgiving 🤎
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lizzobeeating A gorgeous name for a gorgeous baby girl ❤️❤️ Can’t wait to meet her. LOVE YOU BOTH
annetwist Still on cloud 9 over my granddaughter having my name ! That was the best gift you could ever give me. I love you so much @harrystyles @yourinstagram
harryfan2 i’m literally staring at my phone not knowing what to do because harry is a dad and my mind can’t wrap around that fact
harrystyles Thank you, you’re wonderful. I’m so, very much, in love with you, and our little girl. Thank you for making every single one of my dreams come true.
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adore-laur · 3 days ago
cool down
your wish is my command <3 reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
He’s a pink and blue figure on the fairway, the sun beating down on his tanned skin as he stances up behind the ball. The hat atop his head creates a curved shadow across his concentrated face, and his hands flex on the club, one bare and one covered with a white glove. With his knees slightly bent, you’re sure Harry wants to look like a professional, yet the word that comes to mind as you observe him from the golf cart is pretty. So effortlessly pretty doing the most mundane of activities.
He would kill you for saying that and then probably blush all the way to his ears. He would also kill you for saying golf is mundane.
You were dragged out to the course against your will. It’s sweltering hot outside, your eldest daughter is getting cranky, and all you want to do is go home and dive into the ocean to cool off. The water bottle in the cup holder that you’re sharing is lukewarm and your thighs are sticking to the leather seat. You’re starting to wonder who decided that there should be eighteen holes on a golf course. You’d like to have a stern word with them.
Wiping some sweat from your cupid’s bow, you see Harry walk towards the cart, holding his silver club horizontally behind his neck. The outline of his arm muscles are visible from the position and also due to the thin, long sleeve shirt he has under his pink polo.
“Need to switch clubs,” Harry says, moving to the back of the cart where his bag is strapped onto. “I don’t think a 3-iron will make it to the green.”
His statement goes in one ear and out the other. You couldn’t care less about the lingo. None of it interests you.
“Riveting,” you flatly comment, pinning your daughter’s flyaway baby hairs back.
He doesn’t reply, too focused on whatever the fuck it is he’s trying to figure out. You groan and close your eyes, trying to imagine a breeze gracefully brushing your skin. That one gust of wind would feel perfect. There’s pine trees every which way. All that needs to happen is a subtle gust on the branches.
Instead, you get a warm and damp pair of lips on your cheek along with a prickly sensation.
“Three holes left,” Harry murmurs, leaning past you and giving the same kiss to your daughter. He adds an extra one that makes her whine tiredly.
Once he’s back in his stance with his brand new club, you begin to hear a group of people behind you that must be waiting to play their turn. They’re loud, with boisterous laughs and escalating voices that make you even more miserable. Whose idea was it to let old men get drunk and participate in one of the most boring sports in history?
You don’t dare to turn around. It’s bad enough that they couldn’t simply wait their turn, and considering the particular golf course you’re on is part of a country club, you can only assume that they’re rich, self-centered men that have nothing better to bide their time with.
The heat is making you irrationally mean.
Harry becomes your focus once again. Can he just hit the damn ball? At this rate, going home seems like an unreachable ideal.
“Hey, look here! It’s the beverage girl!”
The unfamiliar voice sounds way too close. Tilting your head, you see one of the men from the group confidently, more so arrogantly, waltz towards the cart you’re sat in, a can of beer in his aged hand.
Just your luck.
You can’t think of anything to say back, so you just give a friendly smile and face forward again. The man doesn’t take the hint and stops next to you. If classic country club douchebag had a picture in the dictionary, you’re positive his face would be smack dab next to it.
“You selling drinks or just along for the ride?” the man asks. The question is directed in a way that makes your skin crawl.
“No, I’m here with my husband,” you politely respond, pointing over to where Harry is.
And oh… Harry is pissed.
He’s still in his stance, but he’s looking right at the man with an expression none other than a mixture of jealously and possessiveness. Eyebrows pulled inwards, mouth parted slightly, eyes a shade darker. It sends a thrilling shock through your system.
“He made you his little caddy girl?” the man says with a smile. His tone is innocent, but it still rubs you the wrong way.
You fake laugh, sending a brief glance to Harry. “No, we’re just here to keep him company.”
The man nods and finishes off his beer before asking, “Is that your daughter?”
You don’t have time to answer, thank God, because Harry comes up beside the man, his eyes never leaving yours. “Ready to head home, babe?”
Nodding, you set your daughter on your lap and scoot over so he can slide in the seat next to you to drive. He gives the man an unreadable look as he sits down, immediately wrapping a protective arm around your shoulders.
“Not gonna finish the hole?” the man pesters on. “It’s a gorgeous day out.”
Harry inhales impatiently and says, “We don’t want to be a bother to your group. Have a nice day, yeah?”
And with that, he presses on the pedal to accelerate and begins heading towards the parking lot.
“You could’ve finished golfing,” you mumble, enjoying the faint breeze you’re getting.
Harry glances over at you and then down to your daughter. “Was he making you guys uncomfortable?”
You shrug. “Sort of.”
“Then no, I don’t need to finish,” he firmly replies, taking a wide left turn.
“Let’s just go mini-golfing next time.”
He ignores your suggestion and slides his hand down your arm until it reaches your hand. He interlocks your fingers and asks, “What was he saying to you?”
“He thought I was the beverage girl,” you tell him while rolling your eyes. “Then he made a joke saying I’m your caddy. Then he asked if she was our daughter for some reason.”
Harry’s knuckles tighten and turn white around the steering wheel. “Mm,” he hums disapprovingly, “that makes me mad.”
His jaw is set and he seems lost in thought about the whole occurrence. It almost makes you laugh at how worked up he gets over another man talking to you.
Kissing his shoulder, you say, “Let’s get some ice cream. We need to cool down. You, especially.”
Your daughter gasps and looks at Harry with wide eyes. “Ice cream!”
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moonlightsolo · 3 days ago
Hi so I'm hoping you get this request I'm obsessed with harry fanfics lately so I was wonder about a soulmate AU where u have the same tattoo mark as your soulmate and if u make eye contact with your soulmate it lights up and at a harry concert when you are dancing and he turns to you to make fun of you (in his way) it lights up that everyone can see in the stadium?
wc: 5k
warnings: smooching, mild language, and it will pull at your heartstrings
pairing: harry styles x female reader
a/n: i took this idea and rode into the sunset. also when you see * play the song!!
Tumblr media
harry styles, also known as the man of your dreams.
if someone would ask you what your type is in men, you’ll just show a picture of him.
the british man lives in your head rent-free.
as long as you could remember, you’ve had a birthmark on the inside of your arm. once you’ve gotten old enough, your parents explained to you that your soulmate shares the same mark in the same place. you remember looking at your parents shared mark, longing for the same experience.
as you continuously stared at your skin over the years, the mark slowly formed into a skin colored shape that almost resembles a pumpkin.
every date you’ve been on slowly turned into a boring task of only showing it off. once you realized they didn’t match, you’d be on your way.
you’re convinced that you’ll never meet your soulmate, or maybe you just don’t have one.
but harry styles, he’s your rock. the one you turn to when you’re feeling hopeless. his music keeps you company as you swipe absentmindedly through tinder.
in all seriousness though, you’ve followed harry since his younger days. now that he is a successful solo artist it’s become a goal to attend one of his concerts.
so when his live on tour dates dropped, you jumped on it so quickly. unfortunately, you could only afford nosebleeds but it was so much fun to experience.
then his next album fine line came out in twenty-nineteen, and you just about died. it was amazing. the most ethereal and brilliant album. it’s heaven to your ears.
love on tour dates dropped next, and you thankfully signed up for pre-sale, and bought face value lane one pit tickets for you and your friend. you may or may have not screamed when the order was finalized.
sooner than later, the day has come. after being rescheduled for a year later because of covid, the concert date is finally here.
you and your friend wear coordinating outfits dedicated to songs on the album. you wore a black silk dress with red cherries printed on it, platform boots, a leather jacket, and numerous cherry accessories. your friend had on brighter pink outfit with a strawberry sweater vest and a pink leather skirt.
Tumblr media
the excitement bubbling through your body as you both get barricade makes you want to cry, but you couldn’t mess up your makeup.
“is this for real?” your friend asks with a shaky voice.
“he’s going to be so close to us.” you mumble in shock.
when jenny lewis performs you can’t help but scream as she comes to your side. she’s gorgeous and dressed in an amazing outfit. when she’s done, your nerves are buzzing and your mark is itching under your jacket.
you sip at your water here and there in attempt to calm your anxiety.
“oh my god my arm is so itchy.” you whine in annoyance as you reach under your jacket to scratch your mark.
“isn’t that where your mark is?” she whispers that specific word into your ear and raises her eyebrows provocatively.
you roll your eyes are her no so subtle hints, “no it’s just itchy. it’s always itchy.” you lie through your teeth as you drop your hand back down to your side.
“yeah… okay.” she giggles, obviously seeing right through you.
as the whole arena sings through the playlist playing on the loud speakers, the thought sits heavy in the back of your head. why is your mark itchy, almost burning?
your heart is beating faster than ever, maybe you’re having a heart attack?
you didn’t even realize the room has dimmed and the intro song has begun. you can feel your friends hand on your back, “y/n, are you okay?”
you nod to tell her yes as your eyes look up to watch the stage. the band is already on there. how did you miss this?
oh my god. harry styles. he’s rising out of the stage like a god.
“oh my god. look! it’s him! y/n! it’s him!” your friend is jumping and screaming as she pounds her hands on your arm.
suddenly, you feel like your breathing has returned to normal. as if an obstruction in your lungs has cleared.
it’s really him. harry fucking styles.
“golden, golden, golden as i open my eyes. hold it, focus, hoping- take my back to the light…”
his infamous smirk sends shivers down your spine. you can tell that performing makes him so ecstatic.
his fingers expertly move on the guitar as he sways to the loud music.
you can’t help but gawk at him in awe. looking over his exposed tattoos, his pink lips, the slight stubble on face. he looks so different than his previous tour. more mature, but still the harry you’ve known and grown up with. he’s singing the song so beautifully.
“i know that you’re scared because hearts get broken.”
you didn’t even realize he sang through the whole song already.
“hello everyone!” he yells into the mic, a giant smile on his face. he gives his thanks to everyone before starting carolina.
you watch as he dances and sings, but his eyebrows knit together almost in pain.
“she’s a good girl, oh such a good girl.”
“what was that about?” your friend says to you and you shrug, also confused.
“yeah, she’s a good girl. she’s feels so good.”
he drops his guitar for a second to itch the inside of his arm then picks up along with his band. all six of them are looking amongst themselves with confusion written on their faces.
some of the fans in the stadium are talking amongst themselves during the music and screaming.
you watch him closely throughout the song. he seems a little unfocused but other than that he’s fine.
he goes through adore you like a breeze.
he finishes the song with a smile and wave. he blows kisses to countless fans and reads a few signs.
he finally comes around to your side of the stage, you scream, wave and jump like a lunatic.
he runs across the edge of the stage hunched down to blow kisses repeatedly to everyone. he grabs his mic off the stand, pulling it along with him.
“let’s see…” he mumbles into the mic as his eyes rake the crowd. you scream and wave your hands to get his attention. he smiles in your direction, “you’re dressed as the saddest song on my album, you know that right?”
his green eyes finally land upon yours as he stops in front of you.
a searing pain burns into your arm, making you hiss and instinctively you open your jacket to look at your mark. a soft golden glow is emitting from your arm.
you quickly close your jacket over your body again to hide the light. your eyes widen as you look back up to harry who is staring at you with the same look in his eyes.
you squint to see a soft golden color also coming through the fabric of his thin shirt. the crowd begins to scream as they all start to notice.
it’s obviously much harder to hide in a stadium with cameras on him from every angle. his head repeatedly turns. he hooks the mic back up to the stand closest to him as his bandmates leave their instruments to walk up to him.
you can’t make out what he’s saying but he then he presses against his ear piece to hear something. his shoulders drop in defeat as he jogs up to his microphone again, “i’m so so sorry everyone, but i have to go. please keep an eye out for a rescheduled date. i love you all.” he presses a kiss to his fingertips and raises his hand in the air to wave. his eyes are glassy, he’s definitely emotional. he instantly begins to sprint across the stage and down the catwalk to his bodyguards.
the whole stadium screams in anguish, people are crying, some are cursing him out. the large screens hanging above you cut to black and the house lights turn back on.
the band seems so stressed as they put their instruments in place and begin to walk off the stage calmly. pauli picks up all the random items people are throwing onto the stage, his arms and body are covered in various things.
“y/n?! what are we going to do?” your friend screams at you, but you completely ignore her as you push your way through the crowd. “y/n! what are you doing? wait!!!”
your phone notifications continuously go off as your twitter app is blowing up with numerous tweets from other harries.
@stylesiscool338 harry literally just stopped mid concert bc his soulmate mark started to glow. lmao wtf. i am so jealous.
@_harryswife no way harry’s SOULMATE MARK IS GLOWING AND ITS NOT BC OF ME!!!! crying rn. don’t text or call 😭😭😭😭😭
you lock your phone and put it on silent as you sprint to where the barricade stops closest to the backstage area. you force yourself through the growing crowd, not paying attention to the people cursing at you for pushing them. “i’m sorry.” you say with a strained voice.
your hand reaches the metal barrier, your eyes searching for the band. there’s so many people claiming that they’re his soulmate. “take me back! it was me! it was me!” a girl screams next to you, “no it was me!” someone screams from behind you.
pure terror runs through you as you rip your jacket off to throw it at them, but it lands on the concrete floor beside them as they walk by.
sarah looks over at who did that, and your arm extends to show the bright glow emitting from your arm. her eyes widen and she instantly gets mitch’s attention and stops him from walking.
your eyes silently plead them to believe you. your heart is pounding and as harry grows farther away from you it burns more and more.
mitch grabs one of the bodyguards and points at you. please, oh my god you’re going to get beat up if they don’t take you back with them.
the girl next to you gasps as they start walking up to the barricade. the bodyguard scoops up your jacket and motions for you to come here with his hand. relief washes over you, but is soon replaced with anxiety.
are you going to meet harry? are you going to meet the band? what's going to happen?
the girl next to you laughs, “finally. see? i told you! i’m his soulmate! i can show you my mark it’s just under my clothes!” then she realizes the guard is helping you climb over the barricade.
she watches how the man places your leather jacket on your shoulders to help cover the light coming from you. “oh my god it’s her!” people begin screaming so loudly that you can’t hear anything the guard is saying to you.
flashes of light startle you as people begin to take pictures. the band ushers you toward them, “come on.” sarah should as she pulls you in middle of the band in attempt to protect you from everyone around you.
“y/n!” your friend screams with confusion on her face then she notices the light coming from under the jacket. her face drops with sadness and almost betrayal.
soon the group is surrounded by bodyguards and you are forced to move quickly away from everyone. the screams become quieter as you move deeper backstage. tears start welling in your eyes and a lump grows in your throat.
you’re trying your hardest to stay calm but this is all so much at once. you haven’t even come to terms that harry is your soulmate.
the guards guide you all into a large break room filled with food and drinks. soon the band breaks away from around you.
pauli drops everything in his hands onto a table, niji following after him, while elin and ny-oh walk over to the water bottle stand to get a drink.
you’re left by yourself as mitch and sarah begin whispering amongst each other in the corner near the door with a phone in their hand.
you push your arms back into the sleeves of your jacket to cross them over your chest. you feel extremely vulnerable and guarded.
you shuffle over to an empty table, plopping into a seat. you take a deep breath and shove your face into your hands.
you feel someone’s presence and hear something scuff across the table as it’s pushed toward you. “here you go, love.”
you look up to see elin standing beside you and a water bottle in front of you, “do you mind if i sit?” you shake your head no as you reach for the water to unscrew it and sip at it.
“you must’ve be so overwhelmed right now.” she gives you a sad smile which you return.
you clear your throat before you dare to speak, “yeah, um, just a little bit.” you dryly chuckle at your own sarcasm.
“quite a turn of events, don’t you think?” pauli walks up to the table with a wide smile. “yeah, i know right?” niji comments.
you nod in agreement, unable to really talk without wanting to completely breakdown. you take a gulp of water to aid in your silence.
“i bet h will be happy to meet you.” ny-oh adds as she walks up behind elin.
the comment just makes your blood freeze, “you think?” you whisper softly, afraid your voice will crack and send you into a downward spiral.
“oh yeah. you should hear how much he complains about his dating life. he never really thought he’d have a soulmate. poor bloke was a bit helpless- honestly it's tragic.” ny-oh says with a laugh. the rest of the band around you barks out laughter at her comment. you couldn’t help but let yourself laugh too.
sarah and mitch are the last two to walk over, the parents, so to speak.
“so we talked to harry, he’s currently hiding in his dressing room as we speak. he’s waiting for things to cool down outside before he tries to go back to the hotel.” sarah explains. “there’s a bit of an uproar. some people don’t want to leave, some are completely losing their minds. it’s a bit of a mess actually.” mitch adds.
you nod slowly as everything sinks in. you caused this mess. you should’ve just stayed home. you wouldn’t be dealing with the burning sensation on your arm, and you could be warm in your bed.
“can i see him?” you blurt out. sarah looks at you with a small smile.
“yeah of course. um, you do have a bit of makeup under your eyes.” she whispers to you.
“oh no. is there a bathroom i can use?” you laugh as you stand up. sarah laughs with you and points to the other door in the room. you thank her and walk into the bathroom.
she was right. your mascara and eyeliner was bleeding under your eyes. you quickly grab some toilet paper and wipe underneath to clean yourself up. you grab some chapstick to put on your lips since they’re feeling a bit dry under your mask.
“okay… you’re going to be fine. you’re fine. it’ll be okay.” you finally check your phone again, seeing that you’ve been blown up with text messages and calls.
8 missed calls from my girly pop 💕✨
my girly pop 💕✨: are you serious right now?
my girly pop 💕✨: you’re not going to answer me?
my girly pop 💕✨: wow. i thought we were closer than this.
my girly pop 💕✨: fine. don’t answer me. i’m leaving now. have fun with harry.
you can’t lose your best friend over this.
you: i’m so so so sorry i haven’t answered you. this is so much for me to handle. please understand. i love you and i’ll see you back at our hotel okay?
you take a deep breath and walk back out into the room with everyone. their conversation cuts short as you awkwardly interrupt by grabbing your water bottle.
“ready?” sarah asks with a smile and you nod.
“ready as i’ll ever be.”
sarah guides you away from the group after you say bye’s and see you later’s. you’re welcomed by silence as you both walk down the hallway away from the rest of the band.
“it’ll be okay. i promise he’s incredibly nice and i bet he’s just as nervous as you.” sarah attempts to calm your nerves. there’s no way he is as nervous as you.
sarah stops at a door with a guard standing outside of it and then she knocks. the door swings open, revealing harry. his hair is damp and combed back, just one little piece hanging in front of his eyes. he’s wearing a black pleasing hoodie with some comfy shorts on and ankle socks with slippers covering his feet. “hi, come in. thanks sarah.” he smiles as she leaves you with him.
you take a step into the room that has a comforting aroma of someone who has just showered and cologne. he shuts the door behind you and clears his throat as he walks in front.
you can’t move, you’re completely frozen. he holds his hands behind his back as he taps his heel with the tip of his shoe. “um…” he gulps before speaking again, “thank you for coming. i’m glad the band could help you get back here.”
you also gulp down the lump in your throat, “you’re welcome.” you nod softly. his eyes look around the room and you decide to finally take in your surroundings.
there’s a black velour couch pressed against the heavily decorated wall. amongst the surface are multiple framed pictures of classic rock bands like the rolling stones, queen and the beatles. there’s also a mirror with lights adorning the frame and a vanity with various amount of products laid on the surface.
there’s an open door with the light on and steam is gently escaping from it. then you realize there’s a stand with a vinyl player sitting on top spinning a record. joni mitchell’s ‘blue’ album. the music almost calms you down.
“california?” you mumble. his head perks up, “what?” he asks as he looks directly at you, his gaze burns a hole right into your skin.
“the song.” you mumble, “do you mind?” you reach to take off the mask on your face and he shakes his head, “no, go ahead.”
you stuff the mask into your pocket and you give him a genuine closed-mouth smile, which he returns.
“you listen to joni mitchell?” he asks as he walks over to the record. “yeah, i’ve heard a few of her songs.” you follow him over, his height is a bit intimidating but you stand your ground.
“but i’d say your my favorite artist.” you let out a soft laugh. “why thank you. i appreciate it.” his smile beams which makes your heart flutter. it could light up a whole room.
you’re so close to him you can smell the remnants of soap and laundry detergent lingering on his clothes.
“i was really surprised when i saw you tonight.” he mumbled as he turns toward you, taking his attention off the spinning record. “you were?”
“yeah, i- just didn’t expect this to happen. i’ve never really thought i’d actually find the person who matches me… i guess.” he sheepishly looks down at his feet.
“i felt the same way before tonight. i thought i was meant to be single for the rest of my life.”
his green eyes peeked up at you through his lashes and he bit his lip nervously. oh wow, that shouldn’t have been that hot.
“wanna sit?” he gestures toward the couch and you nod. he lets you go first, so you plop down on the soft fabric and he sits next to you arms length apart.
“i guess i should ask what your name is?” he chuckles, his dimples showing perfectly.
“oh yeah, sorry… it’s y/n.” you tuck a stray hair behind your ear with a smile. “very pretty name.” he compliments, which makes your cheeks flush with heat. “thanks, harry.” you emphasized his name so he knew that you knew his.
so you two get to talking, and you talk and talk and talk and talk. you talk about your family, he talks about his. he talks about england and you talk about your hometown. sooner than later it’s almost midnight.
“do you mind if i see your mark?” you ask him hesitantly. “i’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” he jokes as he pulls his arm out of his sleeve, his comment makes you giggle. you catch a glimpse of his abdomen, and the large butterfly painting upon his muscles. the ferns just barely peeking over his waistband.
unwillingly, you tear your eyes away from the tattoos and pull your arm out of your jacket to compare yours to his which is practically covered with tattoos. they’re almost pulsating, the golden hue barely there. “wow, they’re almost not glowing anymore…” you say almost in shock.
“i guess our bodies know that we’ve finally met then, hm?”
“i guess so.” you reply breathlessly. when you look back up at him he has a soft smile on his face. “you’re very pretty, ya know?” his voice lowers deeply.
“oh stop.” you laugh and gently hit him on the arm. “ow, that hurt.” he plays around as he puts his arm back into his sleeve.
“i think this is a good time to exchange numbers don’t you think?” he pulls out his phone, and you take notice of the messages he ignored for you.
you pull your phone out as well to see some missed calls from your mom, and a missed call from your friend.
my girly pop 💕✨: please lmk you’re safe. i’m at the hotel and i can’t wait to hear about what’s going on!!
you send her a quick thumbs up and a heart before harry asks for your number. you tell him and he sends you a ‘Hi’ so you could save his number.
“do you have a ride back home?”
you shake your head no, “my friend left to go back to our hotel, so i’ll probably just uber back.” you laugh, but his eyebrows furrow with concern.
“i can take you? i’m going back to my hotel soon anyway.” your face must’ve completely dropped because he sits up and puts his hands on your knees in comfort, his face contorts with concern and embarrassment. “hey… if you don’t want me to it’s okay. i can get you a driver.”
you shake your head back and forth a few times silently, “no no. i want you to- you can- i mean- if you want to still- bring me back to my hotel?” you struggle to get the right words to come out.
his face lights up with happiness, “yes of course. i’d want you to get back safe.”
harry styles is driving you home. well, not really home but back to your hotel. he turns his hands over so his palms are facing up, urging you grab his hands.
you let your smaller hands slide into his as he helps you up from the couch. he drops one but keeps the other clasped within his other one, “let’s go.”
he guides you back out into the empty hallway with only some crew members walking around. the guard stationed outside of the door escorts you both into the garage area.
harry opens the passenger door to his car, letting you climb in before he shuts it behind you. what a gentleman.
his phone connects to the car so he could play some music. he hands over his phone, “you pick whatever you like.” he buckles himself in before backing out of the parking space and up the ramp. the night sky twinkles above you both as you scroll through his music.
you can still see some fans walking around with boas around their necks looking very sad.
“i feel terrible for cancelling the show in the middle of it. my manager was talking to me through my ear piece, he said it was the best thing to do at that moment. i was overwhelmed and i just feel so terrible doing that to my fans. i hope everybody forgives me…” you stare at him in awe, he really does care about his fans so much.
“what?” he chuckles as he glances at you instead of the road. “nothing, sorry.” you mumble as you continue scrolling. “i think everyone will understand.” you nod with a smile as you click on a song.
breathe (in the air) by pink floyd* (skip to 1:00)
“ah. very good choice.” he smirks as he drives with one hand on the wheel, the other one sits in his lap. he continues to drive for a minute before he pulls up to the front of your hotel, putting the car in park.
“well, this is you.” he turns his body toward you and you do the same to him. your heart feels like it’s in your throat and your whole body is tingling.
“make sure to text me, okay?” you smile at him and go to reach for the door handle. he unbuckles himself and leans across to grab your hand before the door could open. when you turn your head to face him, he’s so close. you can smell the mint toothpaste on his breath, “can i kiss you before you go?“ his voice is raspy and the question almost makes you whimper.
“please…” you breathe out, nodding your head as he leans in. fireworks ignite throughout your whole body, every touch makes you want to melt into a puddle. his hand cups your cheek gently, his thumb caressing your skin.
all the breath is snatched right from your lungs as you pour yourself into the kiss. his lips move expertly against yours, his stubble scratches you in the best way. your hands cup his jaw and neck, feeling how his muscles move under your fingers.
he slowly pulls back, his lips raw from kissing you. “that was…” he lets out a breathy chuckle, “bloody amazing.”
you nod in agreement, unable to contain the giant smile on your face. “we need to do that again sometime.” you say as you lean in for another kiss. you give him a soft peck, not ever wanting his lips to leave yours.
his grip tightens on you, his other hand disappear under your jacket to grip your side through the silk fabric of your dress. “god…” he moans into the kiss, “you’re so beautiful.”
the words make you head spin. the ringing of your phone makes you pull away slightly to grab it from your pocket. “shit, it’s my friend.” you laugh as you lean into his collarbone. his arms embrace you, “you can go. i promise this won’t be the last time you see me.” he presses a kiss to the top of your head for extra reassurance.
you lift your head up to peck his lips once more, “good. i’m glad.” you gently pull him into a hug, “thank you again, mr. styles.” you smirk at him before involuntarily pulling away.
“bye, y/n.” he mumbles as you hop out of his car, “text me when you’re back to your room safe.” he says before you close the door. you nod, “i will, you do too.” you say with a soft smile, and he nods with a thumbs up.
“bye.” you shut the door with a sigh and turn around to walk into the grand entrance of the hotel. you look back once more to see him staring at you with the cutest smile on his face.
you wiggle your fingers to wave bye one more time, he returns the wave then dramatically sighs with a shake of his head. he puts his car into drive and slowly pulls forward, then he waves one last time before sadly pulling away.
you take this opportunity to sprint down the foyer and to the elevator. the doors open after you click the up button, and then you click on your floor number.
“oh my god hurry up.” you impatiently rock back and forth on your heels.
once the doors open, you jump into the hallway and sprint down toward your room. you fumble for your hotel key, clicking it onto the pad and sliding into the room. you pull your phone out to send a quick text to harry before looking up.
your friend is sitting on the bed in her love on tour hoodie with a movie playing on the tv.
“oh my god. you’re back.” she sits straight up with wide eyes and pats the bed, “sit down and tell me everything. now.” so you do… you start from when you ditched her in the pit, and how the band protected you from the cameras. you described how harry smelt and felt like under your fingers. how he drove you and kissed you like no one has before.
“so… the whole soulmate thing? it’s true like with the fireworks and stuff?” she asks.
“it is. we have matching marks.” you say in disbelief, “but i really want to say sorry about ditching you and not explaining myself. i just had no time, but you should’ve been the one i told first.” you say with a sad smile. she returns the same look and leans forward to hug you, “it’s okay. you got to make out with harry styles. that’s all that counts right now.”
you laugh from her comment and hug her back. your phone dings from a text notification,
h: Thanks for letting me know. I got to my hotel safe too. Can’t wait to see you again.
you both let out a little squeal at the text before responding.
you: me too :) i’m looking forward to it. goodnight harry sleep tight <3
after you click send, you plop backward on the bed to stare at the ceiling. this morning, you would’ve never thought that you’d go to harry’s concert and become his soulmate. that he’d start as the one you'd never have and will now hopefully be yours for the rest of time.
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lollypopsx · a day ago
omg what if like yn is in the dazed photoshoot watching harry bts and they just keep staring and making fun of each other hJABVSJKA
Drabble Request
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"Harry, let's get you into the motorbike outfit first, and we can start straight with that one" Rafael, the photographer smiles. Racks of outfits covered the room as Harry began the Dazed photoshoot. It had been planned for months and Harry had put so much thought and effort into this.
The shoot was going to take hours, and you had to do some work in the morning so you promised you would come to the shoot after.
You strolled into the studio from your meeting, your nude pink teddy bear coat was wrapped around you for warmth, covering your neck to your thighs, and your black over-the-knee style heeled boots covered your legs, as you smile widely, quietly saying hello to some of the crew around. You stood behind the camera, hugging Jeff in greeting.
"These are looking great Harry! Let's go onto the next one!" The photographer smiles happily, changing over the camera lenses.
Harry was in a red shirt, red trousers, black and white polka dot socks and black shoes. He looked incredible!
Harry's eyes found yours instantly and a wide grin appearing as he rushed over to you. "Hi baby!" Harry grins, pulling you in for a loving kiss and his arms snaking against your waist. "Hey H" You grin. "You look great! Socks don't match the outfit though!" You tease and grin.
"Hmmm really? At least I don't look like a flasher” Harry gave a sly grin.
Oh so this was the game he was playing today.
You gasp, biting your cheeks to subside the laugh that was threatening to escape. ”I do not look like a flasher!”
“Mmmm, it’s okay, you can flash me later” He shoots a wink to you, before lingering his lips to your forehead for a few seconds.
“Raf! This is Y/N” Harry calls over, introducing you to the photographer before heading to change into the next outfit.
“Ah! Miss Y/N! Rafael Pavarotti. It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you! I thought you wasn’t going to come today.” He extends a kind hand.
“It’s so lovely to meet you too! I love your work. I hope you only heard good things!” You chuckle softly with a wide smile.
“Always only good things from you! I’m glad you could make it”
“Thank you, I just had a meeting for a new charity project, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I hope he’s not been misbehaving” A small giggle escapes your lips, as Raf changed the settings on his camera.
“Not yet!” He chuckles as the two of you converse.
You were sat on a chair beside Jeff, checking and replying to emails on your phone while engaging in conversations as Harry strutted out in a bright green wooly dress. He looked amazing, and you loved every single outfit for this shoot.
You’d seen all them before, and Harry knew you adored them, and he knew he looked great. But today, you had to give him a taste of his own medicine.
“Oh babe, the Grinch and Mrs Doubtfire called...they want their clothes back” Your face gave a teasing grin.
“Oh no love, that’s okay. I got these from your closet...” He shrugged, although you didn’t miss the little gleam in his eye. Jeff coughed to hide the chuckle in his throat.
“Watch your mouth Styles!” Your eyes glare at him.
“Oh you didn’t have complaints about my mouth last night when I was in between your-”
“Harry, Reset when you’re ready!” Rafael calls, thankfully putting an abrupt stop to Harry’s sentence.
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gucciwins · a day ago
night gone wrong
visiting family is never fun... especially during the holidays
Word count: 2243
A/N: happy thursday! im not sure where this piece came from but it's something sweet. honestly I needed a break from the series as much as I love it, needed to give my brain a bit of a break. so here's this little blurb where y/n and harry try surviving thanksgiving dinner.
"Right, what's our story?"
"Again, really?"
Harry frowns, "I don't want to make a fool of myself."
"There's a chicken on your chest. It's too late for that."
He glances down at his blue jumper, the chick sitting in a hatched egg. Mon petit stitched on. It makes him look bilingual, and he was when he was younger, not now.
"I think I look cute."
"Course you do, but not my family thinks I'm dating a dork with glasses."
"You've complimented them before."
"Yeah, got you in my bed, didn't it."
"All you want me for is my body."
She shoots him the first smile since their ride down, "now you're getting it."
"As your fake boyfriend, I need some context."
Y/N sighs; how did she get here. One moment she had Harry pulling down her pants, making her come in a matter of minutes with his talented tongue and blurting out she wanted to take him home as a fake date to impress her family. Harry had never once told her no, and she expected this to be the first, but he surprised her as he has every day since she met him in her second year at uni.
Harry happened to be her roommate's friend, and from the moment Harry dropped a sixteen-ounce soda on her ruining her favorite velvet blue pants, saying it was her fault they never see eye to eye. Always teasing each other, sarcastic comments thrown back and forth. It wasn't always banter. Sometimes they needed a friend, and they were the first to arrive with no questions, only comfort, and understanding.
The first time Harry came over with bruised knuckles, she didn't question him, instead led him to her bathroom and cleaned him up. Once he fell asleep in her bed, she kissed each knuckle wishing them to heal nicely and that they did. Harry helped Y/N when she forgot to print her midterm paper, bursting into her class with shouts of apology of how he had taken it from the printer and did not notice when really he ran from his dorm room to bring it to class when she emailed him the document with over ten please typed out to print it for her.
They weren't friends, and they weren't enemies. They were something in between, not lines crossed.
That all changed when Harry finally managed to get Y/N to take tequila. He taunted her, saying she couldn't handle it, and she was never one to turn down a challenge, especially not against Harry. Three shots later, Harry and Y/N are kissing in a bedroom neither one has ever been in. Mitch had given them the all-clear, and there was no stopping them. Harry and Y/N could hold their alcohol, and after both checking for confirmed consent, there was no going back.
Neither of them regretted it, of course not. They did regret hating that they were awful communications, which led them to their dilemma right now outside Y/N's childhood home.
"Darling." She narrowed her eyes at him, not a fan of the endearment. "Sorry, bub." Not the best, but she'll take it. "Why is this so important?"
"I'm a loser."
"No, you're not."
"To them, I am," she point towards the house they’ve stopped walking towards. "All my life, I've been focused on school and getting the top grades, and I did it. I'm proud of it, I'm an all-around seasoned athlete, got a full-ride scholarship, and am now in the top three percent at the university, yet that means nothing to my family when I've never had a partner."
"Hmm...your family sounds shitty." He confesses.
"Well, they are, but they are the only ones I got."
"You didn't have to come."
"Didn't I? They bother me and know where I got to school. No escaping."
Harry sighs, "don't have to go in."
Y/N sighs, knowing he means that, but she promised him a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, something neither of them could really splurge on.
"You want to leave?"
"If you want to," he shrugs, "I'd follow you anywhere. Can go back to the apartment and order our favorite pizza, watch some movies and drink shitty wine."
"Your wine is shitty," Y/N mutters, slowly warming up to the idea of leaving. She's about to agree when she spots the front door opening, the screen door still shut.
"Mother is asking when you're coming in." Y/N's brother, Greg, shouts from the front door stopping two small children from running out.
"Too late to run, it seems," Y/N mutters, kicking at some of the snow gathering on the sidewalk.
"Well, we're in this together, right?"
"What's our safe word?" Harry asks, reaching out for her hand, intertwining their fingers together as if he had done it every day.
"Uhh..." Y/N's trying not to focus on the warmth of his hands and how safe she feels. "Cranberry."
"You don't make a cranberry dish?"
"No, uh, Greg's allergic."
"Okay, cranberry it is."
Walking in, everyone has their smile plastered on, and she knows not a single one is directed at her.
"Darling," Y/N cringes at the word, and Harry catches it, "so good to see you. Have you put on weight?"
Y/N grimaces, pulling away, "no, still the same. Thank you for the boost of confidence."
"Who's this lovely gentleman. Surely he's too handsome to be with you."
"On the contrary, Y/N's the beautiful one. Had to convince her to date me."
"Well, I think you should have escaped when you could have," her mother comments, patting his arm.
Harry frowns, turning to look at Y/N when he sees her kneeling in front of a small child, no older than two. He goes down next to her, making the little girl's eyes shift to him.
"Who he, auntie?"
"This is my boyfriend, Harry. He's excited to meet you."
"I, Faith."
"Hi Faith, a pleasure to meet you. Your butterfly necklace is beautiful."
"Your eyes are beautiful."
Harry grins, "thank you."
"What's boyfriend?"
Y/N chuckles, running a hand through her niece's ringlets. "Someone who takes care of you, and loves you, and helps you when you need someone."
"I want."
"One day, angel."
"Y/N, stop stalling, come say hi to the others," Y/N sighs, hearing her father's loud voice coming from the kitchen.
She presses a kiss to her niece's head before telling her to run along, and she does so happily, "ready, H."
"I've got you, love."
Y/N smiles, grateful she has him.
The afternoon passes slowly, and with every minute that passes, Harry's blood boils more and more. He hates how she's treated, how she's talked over, and she lets it happen. This isn't the same person who debated with him why macaroons are the best desserts to ever exist and how ice cream can be eaten in any type of weather.
She's a shell of the person, and he wants the girl he knows back. He missed her smiles, even if they were ever few directed to him.
They are all sitting at the table, dinner close to finishing, when he feels himself close to his breaking point.
"Hey, what are you majoring in again?"
A rare smile forms on her face, "oh-"
"-don't get her started," her father interrupts before she can answer. "God knows we finally got her to shut up.
"Just know it's boring, and it's not hard to do. I mean, she's not the brightest remember." Her mother comments.
Harry sees her shrink down, frowning down at her plate, and that's when he has enough.
"No." He shouts.
"H, it's fine." Y/N looks up at him, pleading with him not to.
"Cranberry, love."
"Relax, it's all a joke." Someone comments, an uncle he didn't bother remembering.
Harry bites back a scoff, "no, it's not. You all treat her like shit, and she lets you. She's the best person I've ever met. Sure we got off on the wrong foot when we first met, but she's always been there when I needed her, unlike you. Now, we are leaving. I'd thank you for this evening, but we all know it was a shit show. Let's go, love."
Y/N stays still in her seat, shocked that he defended her. Harry looks at her expectantly. She sits there frozen, pushing the chair out as she stands up.
"If you walk out the door, don't come crawling back when he breaks your heart and leaves you alone." Y/N's mother spits out.
Harry doesn't acknowledge her mother, his eyes locked on Y/N. He stretches a handout, hoping for her to take it. Y/N takes a deep breath, looking down at her sleeping niece in her brother's arms. She's so young and full of life and love that she never received. She's in good hands.
Without a second thought, she grabs onto Harry and lets him pull her out of the house. Stopping briefly to swipe their sweaters and not stopping until they were both in the car, they parked up the street.
"You alright," he checks in.
The car is blasting one of Harry's classical songs from his relaxing playlist. It's all piano, and it brings her a comfort she has never felt before.
"Yeah." She sits back, letting the silence fill the car as he drives them back to her apartment.
Before she knows it, the hour ride goes by in the blink of an eye, and she is now outside her apartment.
"Is it alright if I walk you up?"
Y/N nods, "Harry?"
"Yeah, love."
"Could-would you like to stay?"
Y/N misses the smile that takes over his face, "Of course I will."
She nods, "good."
They walk right next to each other, taking the stairs together, knowing Y/N's shitty elevator is never working, and the rare day it is, it's filled with people. Y/N notices they walk in sync, smiling down at this silly thing that brings her more joy than her family ever did.
Harry steps back, giving you space to unlock your front door; Berenice, your roommate, is in Florida visiting her family and won't be back until Monday, meaning you have an empty apartment and for once and won't be using it as she would have earlier this morning.
Y/N watches as Harry walks in, draping his coat across the back of the kitchen chair, making his way to the living room, grabbing the TV remote, and draping his favorite pink throw blanket over his lip. He makes himself at home, and Y/N notices she doesn't mind at all.
"Love, the film's queued up. Get your bum in here."
Y/N slowly toes her boots off, slipping under the blanket he raised for her, "what did you put?"
"Your favorite," he smirks, "well, one of them. You've got different moods for some."
"Oh," she raises an eyebrow at him, "please do tell."
Harry grins, turning his body to face her. "Gladly. Okay, when you're sad and want a pick me up, it's Pride and Prejudice. When you want comfort, it's Tangled. And when you want to feel your sadness, it's Love, Rosie."
Y/N laughs, knowing he's gotten each right, "missing one."
"Wasn't done," he chastises. "The Princess Bride is your favorite because it's a love story where they give up, but as Wesley said, Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while. It's your comfort because you're searching for love like that."
Tears are threatening to slip out of her eyes, "think I found it," she confesses.
Harry's eyes widened, in surprise, never expecting her to confirm this. "Y/N, love."
"I love you, and I'm done fighting it. I did it because I thought I didn't deserve you. You're too good for me, but I want to be selfish for once."
Harry leans in closer, moving his hands up to cup her face. "You're not selfish, not a mean bone in your body. Bloody perfect you are."
She shakes her head no, "not good enough, but I'll try."
"You're perfect, and I'll spend the rest of my life reminding you."
"Harry, do you-" she trails off, not bringing herself to say the words.
"What, baby?"
"I love you." She breathes out confidently.
Harry can't help himself, it's the second time she's said it, and he needs to kiss her. His lips are on Y/N's in seconds, she responds eagerly, pouring all her love for him into it. This is who she needs, no one else.
"I love you," Harry whispers against her lips.
"Again, please."
"I love you, Y/N."
Y/N kisses him again, not wanting to stop. Not when he feels the same, and they've spent so long beating around the bush, never expressing their feelings.
"Gosh, I could kiss you forever," she confesses.
"You have permission to do so."
"Do I?
"Yes, of course."
Y/N smirks, "well, let's start now."
With The Princess Bride playing in the background, Harry and Y/N get lost in each other, allowing themselves to breathe each other in. Their love is yet to be explored, but rest assured, it will only grow as both will learn to cherish and nurture their love the best they can with trust, honesty, and most importantly, all the love in their heart.
thank you for reading <3 I adore you
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thebigbutterflytattoo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: two fics in less than a week? i must be practicing for have yourself a harry little christmas. go check that out if you haven't already! i hope you like this little diddy i worked up while i'm currently battling my own sickness. (it's not covid, just a cold). gif is not mine!
harry takes care of the his wife and daughter while they're sick
warnings: 2.9k words, just fluff, pregnancy flashbacks, slight sexual innuendos (?), also probably poor editing
read my last upload!
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
Aside from Tangled playing softly on the bedroom TV, the house was dark and quiet. The curtains were drawn, leaving just a sliver of sunlight on the foot of the California King. Y/N sighed deeply through her congested sinuses when she woke up. She rolled over to check on Stella, who was still asleep. She was in a sweat, having kicked off all her covers and Y/N hoped she was breaking through her fever. Stella’s feet twitched, leaving one to fall off the side of the bed. Y/N chuckled— which turned into a coughing fit— when she realized her daughter was the farthest away she could be on hers and Harry’s massive bed.
They were going on day three of this ickiness. Harry was sequestered to the downstairs guest room, to keep him from getting sick at all costs. But that didn’t stop him from playing nurse to his two favorite girls while they were down for the count. It hurt seeing his wife and daughter sick, but it hurt more when Y/N told him he couldn’t cuddle the two of them. And he knew it was probably for the best to keep his distance, but darn it, he just wanted to hold little Stella in his big ol’ arms and nuzzle his wife.
Y/N hadn’t heard any ruckus downstairs, making her think Harry had popped out of the house. She blindly reached for her phone on the nightstand and scribbled on a post-it note was a message from her husband.
Just ran out to get more tissues and tea. Call me if you need anything. Love you, H
Y/N opened the drawer of the nightstand to tuck in the sticky note with the rest of them. He was so old-fashioned in that way; leaving little sticky notes around the house for her and Stella to find. He’d especially leave a lot when he was gearing up to leave them for several days or weeks. Stella’s notes were all arranged on her wall in various star shapes.
Y/N thought for a moment about what she might like from the store. But she didn’t know what time Harry left, which meant he could be walking through the door any moment. She rang him anyway.
“Hi darling, how are you feelin’?” Harry sandwiched his phone between his shoulder and his cheek. He was still strolling through the grocery store, picking up this and that, snacks they certainly didn’t need, and neither of the two things he listed on the post-it.
“Hi,” Y/N sniffled. “I’m alright, I guess. Stell is asleep, missing her favorite part of the movie.” “The lanterns?” Harry asked, already knowing the answer.
“The lanterns,” Y/N confirmed. “Hey, before you leave the store, can you please get some fruit popsicles? Maybe the mango ones?”
“‘Course,” replied her husband, followed by the sound of a minor crash. “Oh, sorry. So sorry.” Y/N heard from the other side of the line. The dork probably just ran into something— or someone. “Gotta call you back, lovey. There’s been a soup casualty on aisle 5.” Harry sounded flustered.
“Okay, H. Just remember the tea, tissues, and popsicles.” “Already got the tea ‘nd tissues.” He lied. “Love you, see you and Stell when I get back.”
No more than 20 minutes passed when Y/N finally heard Harry shuffle into the house. From what it sounded like, he had at least 2 grocery bags in each hand. He really only had 3 and it was full of things Y/N didn’t ask for. (He did remember the tissues, tea, and popsicles, though). He put away the perishables and hopped up the stairs, two at a time to get to his girls as quickly as he could. “Knock, knock,” he said when he approached the door.
“Come in,” Y/N gestured. “She just woke up.”
Harry smiled when he saw Stella sitting up to watch the last few minutes of Tangled. But when he walked further into the room, his face twisted up. It wasn’t foul-smelling, it was just stale. It was dark and littered with tissue boxes, two TV trays with unfinished soup and juice on the floor, and just overall depressing. It was only 4:00 pm and there was still plenty of sunlight to be welcomed into the room. Before he opened the curtains and cleaned the room, he needed to give Stella some love.
“Dadda!” The 5-year-old sniffled and lifted her arms up to Harry.
“How’s my little star doin’? Are you feelin’ any better?” Harry felt Stella’s forehead with the back of his hand. She felt considerably cooler now than she did this morning. Harry grabbed the thermometer off his bedside table and already knowing the drill, Stella opened her mouth and lifted her tongue so her temperature could be taken. The three of them were silent while they waited for the beep, beep; beep, beep.
“98.7!” Harry cheered. “No more fever for Miss Stella Anne Styles!” “Yay!!” Stella bounced up, seemingly getting a jolt of energy from her dad’s excitement. Her footing was a little wobbly from one, standing on the bed and two, not getting many nutrients in her system the last couple of days. “Hear that, Mumma? No more fever for Stella Anne Styles!”
“I heard, bubba! But you still gotta take it easy. How about you and Dadda go downstairs and… maybe get a popsicle while I rest up here just a little longer.”
Stella nodded, promptly kissed Y/N on the cheek, and threw herself into Harry’s open arms.
“I got mango popsicles,” Harry said on their way out the door.
“You did?”
“I did!”
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
Y/N slept for another hour and when she woke up, her clothes were sticking to her skin. She stretched her limbs away from her body and felt like, for the first time in 3 days, she could take a nice deep breath. She took her own temperature and was pleased to see the thermometer read 97.6. No more fever for Mrs. Y/N Styles. She slipped out of bed and out of her sweat-drenched clothes, tossing them into the hamper. She put on the silk robe Harry gifted her on their wedding night, stripped the bed, and made her way downstairs with a bundle of sheets in her arms.
Y/N didn’t hear Harry or Stella when she reached the bottom of the steps, meaning they were either playing outside or they were in the music room. As she walked toward the laundry room, she heard the faint sound of keys being played on the piano. Harry must have been catching up on teaching Stella how to play. Y/N started the laundry and huffed when she realized how behind on chores she was. That could wait, she thought. Harry would have her head if he knew she was doing too much too soon.
So, Y/N padded over to the music room and sure enough, Stella was sitting on Harry’s lap in front of the piano. Neither of them noticed her yet and Y/N was grateful for that. She just wanted to watch her two favorite people for a moment. “Can you play these two together?” Harry showed Stella an interval on the white keys. Her little hands couldn’t handle much more than intervals of three, so Harry thought it best to stick with those.
“Like this?” Stella asked after she played C and E together.
“Just like that. That’s my little star,” Harry kissed his daughter on the cheek, feeling so proud of how quickly she picked up instruments. And even if she didn’t inherit Harry’s musical talents, he’d still be proud of her. He loved her so much, it hurt sometimes. All the time. Anything she did, it would remind him of Y/N. Her smile, her laugh, her kindness— well, that came from the both of them. But Stella was also very much Harry’s little girl. She had his hair, his nose, and his knack for fashion. She loved picking out her clothes herself when they went to the store.
“Hey, you two.” Y/N leaned against the sofa by the door. “I’m feeling a rumbly in my tumbly. What do you say to some breakfast for dinner? Mumma wants pancakes.”
“Pancakes!” Stella hopped off Harry’s lap, bypassed Y/N, and ran straight for the kitchen. Y/N and Harry both laughed and she waited for him by the door while he closed the piano and pushed in the bench.
“Is it safe to kiss you yet?” Harry wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist and pulled her towards him.
“Mm, I don’t know. I might have some pretty nasty cooties.”
Harry shrugged playfully and leaned down to kiss Y/N anyway. They’d gone longer than 3 days without kissing, but that was normally when they were several thousand miles away from each other. Even if her lips were chapped and there was dried snot below her nose, he still wanted to kiss her. “Love you,” Harry mumbled against Y/N.
“I love you, too. Now get off of me,” Y/N pushed Harry away. “I’m hungry.”
“That’s good, ‘m glad you’re hungry. Not glad that you don’t wanna kiss me.” Harry smacked Y/N’s bum as they walked down the hallway.
“Not that I don’t want to kiss you, it’s just that this little star has been waiting on us to start dinner,” Y/N emphasized once they reached the kitchen.
“Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,” Stella chanted, banging her fists on the table.
“Dadda is so happy to see you’re feeling better.” Harry kissed Stella on the head before getting out the ingredients for pancakes.
“What about Mumma?”
“Oh, Mumma, too. Dadda is very happy Mumma is feeling better.”
Y/N discretely elbowed Harry in the side to scold him for what he was insinuating.
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
7 pancakes, several spoonfuls of scrambled eggs, and 6 turkey bacon slices later, the Styles crew was ready to turn in for the night. While Y/N felt better to make the bed and catch up on some more laundry, Harry took Stella upstairs for a bath.
When Harry flicked on the light in Stella’s bedroom, he was rocketed back in time. Harry’d been in Stella’s room far too many times to have this scene play before him.
“You just got paint on the floor!”
“I did not!” Harry looked down to see his foot had scrunched up the sheet protecting the original hardwood of his and Y/N’s first home. “Two drops!” Harry said like it was no big deal. It was no big deal but Y/N was… let’s say near the end of her term and she wanted everything to be perfect for their little one. And now the perfect hardwood had paint drops on it.
Y/N’s belly was swollen beneath her overalls, even with the straps all the way extended, she could only manage to clip one buckle. It was true when people said pregnant women had a ‘glow’. Harry thought Y/N looked absolutely radiant standing up on that ladder painting constellations in the nursery. She was so beautiful. So talented. So amazing. That amazing woman, who shouldn’t be on a ladder, was his wife and was pregnant with his little girl. How’d he get so lucky?
“Why aren’t you painting the moon? You need to be painting the moon. This booger,” Y/N pointed to her belly, “is going to be here in 4 weeks and you think you can stand around admiring me painting?”
Harry shook his head very seriously. “No ma’am.”
“No ma’am is right,” Y/N carefully stepped down from the ladder with Harry’s guidance and bent over (very ungracefully) to hand Harry a thick paintbrush. She sat down in the gray rocking chair in the corner of the room and smiled at Harry. “Go on. Just do your best and I’ll do the details later. I’m tired.”
Harry adjusted the sheet beneath him, not wanting to be yelled at for dripping paint on the floor again. He dipped the brush into the paint, letting the excess drip back into the can. As precisely as he could manage, he traced the outline of the moon Y/N had drawn with chalk. It was big and round, just like her belly, and for some strange reason, that made Harry smile.
Now, five years later, Stella was rummaging through her drawers to find the perfect pair of pj’s. Finally, she shut the drawer and turned to Harry with purple and green Buzz Lightyear pajamas clutched in her hands. “I wanna be an astronaut tonight.”
“Okay then, Major Stella Styles. Let’s get that bath goin’ before your mission.” Harry led her into the bathroom and she waited patiently on the closed toilet seat while he drew the bath. He filled the tub with warm water, just enough to circle around Stella’s stomach. He got a couple of bath toys out of the cabinet, along with the cup they used to wet her hair. It had Mickey Mouse on it, in case you were wondering. Harry took off all his rings, one by one, and placed them all together on the counter. “Ready?” Harry asked.
Stella nodded eagerly. Unlike some kids her age, she loved bath time. It relaxed her before bed, and let’s be real, she loved being pampered by her dad. Harry lifted her up into the bath and she sat criss-cross. She titled her head back as Harry filled the Mickey cup with water. His other hand rested on her forehead, blocking any water that might’ve dripped down and gotten in her eyes. After a few douses, she was ready for shampoo. Harry grabbed Stella’s favorite strawberry shampoo and it made a plfft sound when Harry squeezed it into his hand and Stella giggled.
“It farted,” she said as Harry worked the shampoo into her scalp. He massaged her head gently before running his fingers down to the bottom of her hair, lathering every strand. It was curled loosely, like Harry’s and the color of Y/N’s hair. She was so perfect. Harry and Y/N’s own little star, plucked from the sky and given to the luckiest parents in the world.
“Do you have to give Mumma a bath like me?” Stella asked while Harry rinsed her hair.
“No, Mumma can take a bath by herself,” Harry answered. But just because she could take a bath herself, didn’t mean she always did.
“How come?”
Harry began to condition Stella’s hair. “Because she’s older.”
“When will I get to take a bath by myself?” Stella splashed her whale in the water.
“Soon, little star. But not yet. Can’t have you growin’ up too quickly.” Harry washed the conditioner out of Stella’s hair and had her stand up so he could wash off her body. Now that she was squeaky clean and (hopefully) had no more germs, Harry wrapped her in a fluffy, light blue towel. He lifted her out of the tub and onto the soft, squishy bath mat. He scruffed the towel in her hair, gathering as much moisture as it could. Harry nuzzled his nose against Stella’s before picking her up and taking her back to her room. “I love you so much. For the rest of my life.”
“I love you, too Dadda.”
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
Y/N was done with the laundry, Stella had been kissed goodnight and read two bedtime stories by the time Harry and Y/N had a moment to themselves. Y/N was definitely going through husband withdrawals. She needed to be held in his arms, to breathe him in— now that she could actually breathe. They swayed together in their bedroom, with nothing but the light from the bathroom illuminating the hardwood. Harry’s arms were strong around Y/N, having wished he didn’t listen to Y/N and had been cuddled in bed with her and Stella all this time. “I missed you and Stell so much,” he mumbled against Y/N’s head. “Just wanna love on you.”
“But I stink,” argued Y/N.
“Then I’ll love on you in the shower.” Harry waddled the two of them into the bathroom, turned on the water, and untied Y/N’s robe. The smooth fabric fell off of Y/N’s shoulders and Harry followed suit. He could tell how tired she was and how there would probably be no loving in the shower, but that didn’t matter. He just needed to take care of Y/N, and if that meant washing her hair like he washed Stella’s, then he would do it.
The hot water felt like heaven against Y/N’s skin. The steam cleared her sinuses even more and having Harry pressed against her back made her feel so safe. He began going through the motions of washing Y/N’s hair before she started doing it herself. “Harry, I-”
“Shh, lovey, just let me take care of you. I’ve got you.”
He had her. And Y/N just let herself melt into Harry’s hands. It was so easy to love her, he thought. It was so easy to care for her when she was sick, to wash and massage away the aches and pains. He kissed her shoulders, her neck, her breasts, her tummy. As he hummed Calico Skies, he knew there was no better wedding song for him and Y/N to have danced to.
I’ll hold you for as long as you’d like. I’ll hold you for the rest of my life. I’ll love you for the rest of my life.
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
i hoped you liked this this lil fluff ball. if you did, please like, reblog, and leave feedback. you will probably be seeing more of stella very soon.
don't forget to check out have yourself a harry little christmas and my brand new masterlist! (pls don't read the old stuff).
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meetmymouth · 2 days ago
I NEED MORE OF READER RIMMING HARRY 😩😩😩 like where he actually sits on her face and uses her mouth just the way he wants it
might want to take a look at this, this, and this and also this
He's enjoying it way too much.
The wet sounds leaving her mouth echos in the room as Harry moves his arse back and forth, really pressing his bottom into her mouth. She makes a choking sound, hands stilling on his thighs, though she keeps going, sucking his cock harder into her mouth as Harry lets out low grunts, bottom half rocking back and forth over her frame.
He places his hand on hers on her thigh, and squeezes. "Sucking me so good," he moans, eyes still shut.
When he lifts up his bum, and cock slides out of her mouth, she knows what she's supposed to do. She darts her tongue out, and laps across the ring of muscle, and tries to fuck him with her tongue. She tongues at his rim, making him groan, and she licks and licks, until her tongue feels numb.
"Y'fucking me so good, baby," he grunts. "I own you, don't I?"
She moans into his hole, tongue licking all over the salty flesh.
"My best slut, tha's wha' you are."
He rocks back and forth, her tongue making contact with her tongue, and he sends his head back, the pleasure taking over his whole body. "Fuck– keep fuckin' me, baby, keep fuckin' my ass. Show me what a good girl you are."
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leeroysdancer · 2 days ago
hello beautiful! can you make a instagram concept where harry and the reader are a super aesthetic couple? you can choose the fc! 🥰
Hey baby!!! My inbox missed youu🥺❤
Here ya go babyyyy🥺❤
If you want a part 2 of the honey moon tell me!!!
I also have a blurb in mind after the honey how Harry talks about y/n in interviews... don't know if you guys want that tho...
My Writings:
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Harryfan53: I don't what I am anymoreeee
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Harryfan64: he bought her flowers🥺❤
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RobertDowneyjr: @Harry Styles the day you asked me for my daughter's hand in marriage, was the day I finally stopped worrying about who will look after her when I no longer can. My little girl has grown so much❤
Yourinstagram: I love you dad🥺❤
Gemma Styles: Harry cant see this since Robert blocked him so he could post this 🤭
Niall Horan: and here was I stressing😂
Anne Twist: they both have grown so much❤
James Corden: CONGRATULATIONS 🎊 👏 💐
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Tumblr media
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Harry Styles: Red is a Styles aesthetic.
Yourinstagram: god damn I am married to Harry fucking Styles 🤭
Harry Styles: god damn I am married to Y/N Fucking Styles.
Niall Horan: current situation?
Harry Styles: happiest and luckiest man that ever got to walk on earth mate!
Anne Twist: enjoy the honeymoon lovers❤
Yourinstagram: we will call you when we arrive!
Harryfan94: our boy is officially married🥺
Lizzo: send pictures wifeyyy!!!!
Yourinstagram: will do hot stuff!!!!
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muffindaddystyles · 2 days ago
more anxious reader and harry!!! if you don’t mind 😘😘
When Harry offered Y/N to take her to shopping. Lingerie shopping more specifically, to make up for ripping her favourite flowery bralette the night prior. Did she vapourise out of shyness? No. She’s more than comfortable with Harry, in his space, in his bed, in his embrace – the only thing's that she has never been to lingerie shops.
She buys her undergarments from online stores, awkwardly enough Harry doesn’t know that.
It’s easier to spend time looking for the pieces without getting worried of different things and the fact getting measured whilst standing alien like in one of the posh stalls gives her creeps.
But this’s Harry. She could try to get out of her comfort zone for him, sometimes it’s fun and chill other times it projectiles her into straight panic.
This’s one of those moments as he brought her to the custom Gucci store. A place where everyone knows him and his likes and Y/N really doesn’t want all of them to let know that they’re here to shop for her tits.
While the staff is welcoming and sweet all Y/N could feel is her palm getting sweaty and slippery in Harry’s hand. It shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s a womanly thing and Y/N should be proud of it but since she was small, passing by these bold and sexy shops always had her face hot and pink – nothing to the day has changed.
“Don’t you think these are too much?” She asks Harry softly who’s plucking out pair after pair of dark themed sheer sets. Exact opposite of lilacs, tangerines, blues and flowery and fruity patterns Y/N wears.
“Not buying all of these fo’ you if that’s what ye’ worried of,” He scoffs playfully waving his hand at her knowing if he would even want to she wouldn’t let him, “Then for your side hoe?” She whispers to him with equal playfulness in attempt to make herself comfortable to surroundings.
Harry leans in and steals a chaste peck from her bitten lips, “You’re the only hoe I care for.”
“Now shoo away before I buy the whole store for you.” He turns her from her shoulders and pushes her towards the changing room, “What?” Confused and tangled in the silk curtain of stall Y/N cranes her neck up at him in bafflement.
“I’ll have to try these out?” She murmurs shifting her weight from one foot to another. Harry frowns down at her gently in concern cupping her cheek to make her look him in eyes, “You don’t want to bunny?”
“I don’t have a problem if it makes you happy.” She tells him honestly. Harry shakes his head vigorously making them step and disappear behind the curtain, “You tell me. Will it make you happy?” He emphasises on his words gazing her intensely and Y/N gulps thinking it’s time to tell him the truth.
Her hand brushes his wrist as she lifts it to push her hair back and smiles nervously when Harry does that for her, “It’s just.. I’ve never been to lingerie shops—..” She says in one breather and Harry brows shoots up in surprise.
“You could’ve just told me so lovie’.. could’ve asked Harris to send some sets at home.” He runs his thumb over her plushy bottom lip and chin, hands falling to grab her fidgety ones.
“I just didn’t want to make a fool out of my self.” She pouts and Harry chuckles, asking his infamous question whenever they’re somewhere new to adjust.
“On the rate of 1 to 10, howa ya feelin’?” He rubs her arms and Y/N squints one eye up at him comically, “7ish...?” His presence and his scent makes everything more sufferable.
“Wanna go home?” He tosses the sets that were slinging over his arm on the small ottoman, “No. Lemme try these out please?” Y/N smiles timidly grasping his hand and kissing his knuckles.
“D’ya want me to stay here with you?” He asks to be polite quickly pulling the already closed curtains to make sure nothing’s visible when Y/N starts stripping from her sweater and brown pants, “Overshly.” She mimics his accent holding back a surprised squealing giggle when Harry gropes plumy flesh of her ass and gives it a gentle squeeze.
“Oooh straight out of fifty shades..” Harry sing songs adjusting the straps of the bra right on her shoulders, caressing a knuckle up Y/N’s neck and Y/N’s head snaps to take a look at herself in the mirror – jaw slacking and hands shooting to cover her itty-bitties.
“What’s the purpose if it doesn’t covers anything!?” She whisper yells and Harry gives the cheekiest smile he could’ve dig, “Your crotch’s showing that’s the purpose babyyy.”
“Don’t you like it?” He gives her puppy eyes as she hesitates to move her hands away, her nips showing through the sheer stuff, “I mean it’s too much skin–“
“You could wear it in our bedroom only, whatever makes you feel safe.” At the moment she feels like Harry’s her little stylist who’s trying to make her tumble into bolder options and helping her ward her fears off, “’kay only for you.”
“Only for me.” He chirps back joyfully. His eyes oozing with adoration and endearment for his girlfriend, “What?” She giggles nervously sensing his intense stare glued to her, wobbly on her footing trying to slip her leg through panties of another set.
“Nothin’.. ‘s just you’re really,” He unhooks his chin from his finger and sponges a tiny kiss atop Y/N's nose not caring if someone in the next stall hears them, “..pretty.”
“Freak.” She glares him teasingly shaky fingers tiring out from reaching for a clasp for the hundredth time, which indeed didn’t go unnoticed by Harry.
“It’s okay, you’ve got me.” He coos softly to calm her down brushing the warm pads of his finger up her spine, lips dipping into a tender smile when Y/N gasps – eyes fluttering shut as he tightens the hook and tugs her back to his chest making her tits appear more plump and kissable.
“Look at you bunny..” He mutters toying with the tiny silk bow that rests beautifully between her cleavage, “Angels wants to know your secrets.” The mirror infront of them turning foggy from their hot breaths and Y/N’s thighs comes clenching as Harry trails his touch around the perfect roundness of her bum feeling the softness of her skin and the silk panties she’s wearing.
Flustered and giddy she watches him step away, tousle his curls and adjust his trousers then gestures her to do a little spin for him.
“Harry stop! You’re embarrassing me.” She mumbles. Not able to resist from shying and stuffing her face against his bicep when Harry wolf whistled and the whole store got to know someone’s getting it tonight.
When it was time to get back into her own garments Y/N was a little too dangerously tippling over the edge, because she wasn’t able to find them in the pile and that made her all panicky, “Hey, hey bunny. ‘s alright. Did you really think I was g'na let ‘em out of my sight..” He fishes her bra and panties out of his pocket shaking his head when Y/N inhales a sigh of relief.
“Silly girl. Burning herself for stupid things, it was just some undies. What could’ve been worse? I would’ve just bought you nice and comfy ones ‘cos overshly I’d love to rip one once we reach home and these expensive ones wouldn’t do.”
“You’re really my comfort person, you know that?” Y/N grins popping her head through the neckline of her sweater.
“No time for being sappy. It’s a sexy time baby.” Harry all but rolls his eyes spreading his palm flat to take her hand and step outside together.
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
Hey there!
Could I request something about Harry and Y/n just starting out as parents kind of and like Maddie is 1 year old and stuff. So she can’t really communicate with her mommy and daddy. But basically she doesn’t feel good and maybe she needs to go poo but she can’t (actually happens a lot with babies, sorry just a fun fact) but maybe Harry and Y/n start to freak out and end up taking her to hospital and they both start to think there bad parents until Anne says that happened to Gemma and Harry and that doesn’t make you bad parents.
Thank you!!
A/N: next fic from this universe will be part of fanficmas!🥰
PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader
Tumblr media
She’d been crying for hours without stopping and you’d tried everything at this point, every tip and method there was out there, Harry read through every site online talking about little children, but nothing helped.
Ellie was still screaming from the top of her lungs, her eyes were swollen and red, her chubby cheeks were soaking wet from her tears.
“Baby, what is wrong? I want to help you so badly!” you begged to her, rocking her around the kitchen, he tiny body lying limp in your arms, her head laid on your shoulder as she cried her little heart out. “I wish you could just tell me what it is,” you whispered, your throat tightening as your own tears were threatening to fall, but one crying girl was enough in the household.
Harry came down from upstairs, his phone in one hand, the parenting book you bought months ago in the other as he looked at the two of you with worry all over his face. This was not how you imagined what being a parent would be like and Ellie had been such a good baby, you had no idea what was happening to her.
“I’m worried about her,” he breathed out, placing everything from his hands to the counter as he cupped Ellie’s puffy, reddened cheeks. “Something must be hurting her badly, maybe we should go see a doctor?”
“I don’t know,” you said in panic, still bouncing a bit, hoping to calm down the one-year-old in your arms. “Fuck, I feel like a failure,” you sobbed, tears running down your eyes.
“We’re first time parents, there’s so much we don’t know. It doesn’t mean we failed,” he told you, taking the little girl from your arms so you could grab a tissue. “I-it doesn’t mean we’re bad parents, right?” he asked, giving you a desperate look, but you had no answer to his question, at least not one that would have brought him peace. Let’s be real, you were freaking out.
“Let’s take her to the hospital, we can’t have her suffer through the night,” you sniffled and Harry nodded in agreement.
You got Ellie ready, of course she cried the whole time as well as the drive to the hospital. Harry gripped your hand in the car, trying to calm your nerves even though he was just as stressed as you were. Arriving you tried to avoid every judgmental look in the waiting room as Ellie continued crying, you felt like you failed as a mother.
You sat at the side as the doctor examined her, Harry’s arm curled around your shoulders as you waited patiently. The doctor checked her stomach thoroughly, gently massaged at certain points and all of a sudden, she stopped the crying.
It felt like a rock was lifted off of your shoulders, but the guilt and shame was still there.
“Do you know when she pooped the last time?” the old, friendly grandpa looking pediatrician asked you.
“Um, not sure, maybe yesterday?” You weren’t exactly keeping tabs on Ellie’s pooping schedule but something was telling you, that you should have.
“Alright. So what happened is that she is a bit too gassed up, probably can’t poop for some reason. I relieved some of the tension, but you’ll need to help her too.”
“Okay, what do we have to do?” Harry asked eagerly.
“Give her pear and apple juice, some prunes would be great too, they will get things going for her,” he smiled, dressing your baby girl back up before handing her over to you.
“And what if they don’t help?” you ask in panic.
“I doubt they won’t, but if she doesn’t poop by the morning, come back and we can give her something stronger,” he chuckled.
You basically sped to the grocery store on your way home, getting everything the doctor advised you to give to Ellie. When you arrived back home you were quick to make her drink the juice and eat the prunes. Luckily, she had no problem with them, even loved them and you were just relieved that she wasn’t crying anymore.
By the end of the day, Ellie finally got the relief she was looking for but couldn’t tell you about. When you put to sleep that night you felt more exhausted than when she was a newborn.
How could you let your baby suffer? Why didn’t you know what was wrong with her? A mother should look out for her baby always and know what they want, but you failed.
You were a terrible mom.
“Hey, baby, no reason to cry, she is all good now!” Harry said when he walked into the bedroom and found you crying, sitting on the edge of the bed. He sat beside you, pulled you against him wrapping his arms around your trembling figure.
“What kind of mother doesn’t know what her baby needs?”
“How could you know? She can’t speak properly yet, she couldn’t tell us what was wrong.”
“But I should have been more careful with her!”
“You did everything right, Y/N. Texted my mum, she said the same thing happened to me and Gemma when we were little. She had no idea what it was until she took us to the doctor. It happens often, doesn’t mean we did anything wrong.”
You sniffled and sobbed, let him rock you gently until you calmed down. Pulling back you looked up at him through blurry eyes.
“We want another, how will we handle two babies when we can’t even deal with one properly?” you asked with trembling lips.
“We are doing well, baby. And we’ll do amazing with another baby too. It can’t always be perfect, but we’ll make it all work, don’t worry.”
“I genuinely don’t think we should have more than two kids,” you chuckles, half joking, half serious. Harry laughed and kissed your forehead lightly.
“We’ll see about that, Lovie. We have plenty of time to get better at parenting.”
“What are you thinking about, Lovie?”
Harry’s voice snaps you out of the memory from almost six years ago, when you only had Ellie. Now, as you’re sitting on the edge of the bed, your fourth baby growing in your belly, already well into the ninth month, you can’t help but feel silly how you thought you were a terrible mother.
“Just… feeling a bit nostalgic,” you hum, as you finish up lotioning your stomach. You put the tube to the night stand and pull your shirt back down onto your belly before making yourself comfortable on the bed. “Remember when Ellie wouldn’t stop crying and it turned out she just couldn’t poop?” you ask Harry with a playful smile. He snorts a laugh out, placing his phone to his own nightstand before getting into bed with you.
“I will never forget how you said we shouldn’t have more kids. And look at us now!” he chuckles, pulling you into his arms as you make yourself comfortable, cuddling to his side, the only position these days you can fall asleep in.
“Four kids soon, huh? It’s so crazy.”
“And we are not even done yet!”
“We are!” you protest, smacking his chest and he just laughs. You’ve made it clear that this is the last one and Harry wouldn’t push you, it’s all just teasing.
“I know, I know,” he sighs kissing the top of your head. “You’re the best, you know that?” he hums, his arm around your tightening as his other hand grazes the side of your stomach.
“What a lucky guy you are, Harry Styles,” you huff grinning into his chest.
“Oh, I am. The luckiest.”
Thank you for reading! Please like/reblog if you enjoyed!
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harrysfolklore · 2 days ago
Hi! Can you please do a fake ig with Halsey as the face claim?
3/3 forum show blurbs 🥳 i wanted to do something with halsey for so long, i hope you like it
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram ready to blossom 🦋
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ynfan1 my baby 🥺🥺
sza love you so much 🤍
ynfan2 i’m so happy that she’s posting frequently again
annetwist ❤️❤️
↳ harryfan1 anne? are they back together ?
↳ harryfan2 anne and yn have always been nice to each other, this doesn’t mean they’re back together
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ynupdates YN just posted this on their story
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ynfan1 HUUUUHHHH????
harryfan1 bye that’s harry’s new brand
ynfan2 harry’s mom commenting on her post and now this 😵‍💫
harryfan2 why would he send them one
↳ ynfan1 maybe bc as far as we know they ended their relationship in good terms ??
harryfan3 OMG MY PARENTS
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ynupdates YN spotted at Harry Styles show at The Forum tonight !
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harryfan1 oh my god it’s really her
ynfan2 idk about y’all but they’re definitely back together
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harryfan3 IM SCREAMING
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Los Angeles, CA. III
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sza i have to be honest with you, i’m only looking at your titties right now
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harryfan1 MEDICINE QUOTE????
harrystyles LA DA DA DA DA !
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↳ yourinstagram 🖤
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vallentinerry · a day ago
Where Y/N is tired of cleaning after famous!h
wordcount: 1k+
“For fucks sake." you mumble to yourself picking up another one of Harry's clothing at the floor.
You have been cleaning the house the entire day and Harry slept the entire afternoon then when he woke up he brought food to your room and played FIFA.
You didn't have problems with Harry enjoying himself since he just got home from tour, but this has been going on for a week and you were tired.
You entered the kitchen seeing more of Harry's dishes on the island.
"Harry! Get down here you fucking twat." You screamed.
"Y/n what? I can't just leave my game." He huffed.
"Wash your dishes and pick your clothes from the fucking floor." you said sternly.
"Can you not today? I'm so tired—"
"Tired of what Harry! All you have done is go up to that god damn room and play your games does that make you tired?"
"That's not the only thing I do Y/n! It's not like you would understand how tiring touring for 2 months is y/n. And I'm tired of you acting like my mother scolding me every chance you get." He complained.
"THAT'S THE THING HARRY IM NOT YOUR MOTHER! I'm your god damn girlfriend and it's not my responsibility to fix your shit."
"If it's not then you do it on your own!"
"I'm done with this shit. Just do the dishes I will sleep on the guest room." He says.
"No, I'm not gonna do your dishes! It's not my job Harry."
"Well what the fuck is your job then?" He spat with rage in his eyes.
You stood there breathing heavily.
You always felt bad that you worked at a flower shop because you were finishing uni still. You didn't come from a financially stable family either so you were struggling with supporting yourself.
"You know what fuck you Harry. Atleast I'm finishing my studies and actually taking Law not just because it makes me look smart." You huffed.
You knew the water works were gonna fall soon so you grabbed your purse with your money and phone, put on your sandals and ran out the door.
It all happened so fast that Harry didn't even realize you stormed out.
The next thing he knows tears were leaking from his eyes and his hands were shaking.
He sprinted towards the door to the stairs and searched for you without shoes.
It has been an hour and you were nowhere to be found.
Harry had called all of your friends then you then did it all again.
He sat at the couch silently crying with his arms wrapped around his knees.
"This is all my fault. If I just—just fucking helped her maybe she'd still be here. M-maybe is I was nicer to her she'd still love me." He said choking out a sob.
You woke up in Niall's bedroom with a massive headache.
You were so upset yesterday that you called the person that you were most closed with in Harry's friend group. You knew if you stayed with your friends he'd find you easily.
You grabbed your phone, unlocking it.
78 missed calls and 140 messages from 4 nippled toad 3 missed calls from white boy with a Li. 2 missed calls from white boy with a L. 2 missed calls from y/b
You sighed rubbing your eyes. You got out of bed to the living room to see Niall sprawled at the couch.
"Niall! Niall! Open up! Please!" You hear the familiar voice banging the door.
In panic you stood there.
"What the fuck?" you heard a grumble next to you.
Niall peeped through the peep hole seeing Harry. He turned back to you with raised eyebrows you quickly shook your head.
"You have to talk to him eventually." He whispers.
"Niall!" Harry said still banging on the door.
"I know I know. I'm not yet ready. Please Niall." You begged.
"How the fuck am I involved in this drama. Fucking hell." He mumbled to himself.
He urged you to hide in the closet next to the door and you obeyed.
"What do you want?" Niall said swinging
“Is—is Y/n here?" He stuttered.
"What? No." He said closing the door when Harry pushed it open.
"Do you know where she is?" he asked eyes puffy.
"No Harry, go home." Niall says.
"Why are you being mean today?" Harry questioned.
"Because it's 8 in the morning Harry."
"I know—" His eyes darted from Niall's eyes to the familiar purse on the kitchen Island.
Niall noticed and followed his gaze feeling fucked.
"Whose is that?" he said nodding to the purse and y/n cursed at herself.
"What? None of your business. Go home Harry." Niall said pushing the door close but Harry wasn't giving up.
"Niall." He said voice getting deeper.
"My uhh mum's." Niall says.
"Great. 'My mums' you fucking idiot." you mumble to yourself.
"I don't like it when you lie Niall." Harry said pushing the door open and letting himself in.
"Ha—Harry!" Niall said when Harry started looking through his apartment.
"Y/n!" Harry shouted opening all doors.
"fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck." you say to yourself hiding deeper to the closet.
Harry then opened the closet door first seeing nothing then seeing a pair of legs.
He grabbed your left thigh making you squeal and you stumble out the closet.
"Y/n. I—" He looked at your clothing seeing Niall's boxer and shirt on you.
You looked at what he was looking and you knew what he was thinking.
"Harry please leave." You said softly.
"Did you sleep with him?" He asked ignoring your plead.
"What? It doesn't concern you anymore Harry." you said.
"Yes it does! I'm your boyfriend."
"Not anymore."
"What do you mean." he says his heart dropping.
"Uh—lads I'm still here." Niall muttered still at the doorway.
The both of you snapped your heads towards him and he smiled, waving awkwardly.
"Niall. Leave." Harry spat.
"This is my apa—" Niall gut cut off by Harry pushing him out and slamming the door closed.
"Harry! You can't do th—"
"This is not about him y/n! This is about you and me. Did you sleep with him?"
"No Harry! How low do you think I am."
"And what do you mean 'not anymore'?" He argued.
"Harry. I just—you're right. I can't keep up with your lifestyle I can't keep waiting for you to get back. I'm so tired." You admitted.
"I'll bring you on tour with me! I'll do the dishes I won't make you clean anymore— I'll be better just please don't leave me."
"Harry." You sighed.
"Don't do that tone." He chuckled nervously.
"You bringing me on tour will be too expensive Harry. I have to go to school too Harry. Don't you think I have burdened you enough?"
"But I do Harry. If I depend on you what you said yesterday will be worse—"
"Im sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I was mad and frustrated and I say stupid shit please don't listen to that." He says stepping closer to grip your shoulders.
"Harry. You have your whole entire life ahead of you I do too. You'll be all right without me."
"Stop saying this shit! You don't know half of the things I feel. You make me so happy y/n please don't give up."
"You will not fucking leave okay? Zayn left me you won't be the next one too. I'm sorry for all the shit I promise I will treat you the way you deserve to be. Just give me one chance. Just one more."
"I don't know—"
"Please." He said as the tears escaped his eyes.
"Don't cry." You whispered.
"I'm not." He said sobbing.
Your heart ached seeing him like this. The last time you saw him crying this bad was when Zayn left the band.
You hugged his chest and his immediately nuzzled his face at the crook of your neck, arms wrapping tightly around your armpits.
"Okay." You said. Words mumbled by his shirt.
"What?" He lifted his face from your neck looking at your eyes.
"Okay Harry, let's try again." You said touching his face while he leaned against it.
"Really?" He softly says.
"Yeah." You booped his nose.
"Thank you." He giggled hugging you again.
"Oi! Love birds I need to piss!" Niall shouted from outside.
"Oh shit sorry mate!" Harry says rushing over to the door while you laughed.
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hrrysluv · 2 days ago
Some fetus Harry fluff where y/n and Harry are just cuddling
imagine cuddling with fetus harry :((
it was finally the weekend so that meant you and harry had more time to spend together. ever since school started back in august, you and your beloved boyfriend wouldn’t have much time to spend together other than the weekend.
every couple of weeks you and harry would have a sleepover at one another’s house and your house was this week. as far as family life went, your parents adored harry, probably more than you. anne and gemma also loved having you over. every now and then your family would go out to dinner with them.
it was saturday and harry and you were in the kitchen baking cookies, well more like you were baking cookies. harry was throwing sugar and flour everywhere and eating the raw cookie dough. for someone who worked in a bakery, he doesn’t help with the baking process.
“harry don’t touch that!” you scold him once again for eating the raw cookie dough. “we have to save that, i just put the cookies in the oven, they’ll be out in a few” taking off the oven mitts and setting them on the counter for later.
“but i’m hungry now and we don’t have to save the cookie dough.” he leant against the cold marble countertop, pretending to be sad by pouting.
you rolled his eyes at him and exited the kitchen to enter the living room, harry following right behind. you plopped down on the sofa and reached for the remote after throwing your feet into harry’s lap when he sat down. you turned on your recent binge; hannah montana and waited for the timer for the baked goods went off.
once the timer went off you turned off the television and made your way into the kitchen, the smell warming your insides. you put the oven mitts on and grabbed the cookies out of the oven, setting them on the stove so they could cool off. taking off the oven mitts once again and turning to brunette boy that had been eyeing the cookies.
“i’m going to use the rest room real quick, don’t touch the cookies” putting an emphasis on the don’t “i’m serious harry, they’ll melt in your hand.”
“i’m not going to touch them” he told you matter-of-factly. you stared at him showing him how serious you were being before you walked past him and into the restroom upstairs.
after doing your business you walked back downstairs to find harry fanning his mouth. you furrowed your brows at him until your eyes dropped down to his hand where a crumbled cookie sat in his hand. you rolled you eyes at him once again and hurried to kitchen, grabbing a glass cup, opening the refrigerator and pouring milk inside the glass. you turned back to harry after closing the fridge and handed it to him, which he took gratefully.
“i told you not to touch the cookies, do you ever listen?” you leaned against the counter and watched him drink his milk hurriedly.
harry had finished his milk and went upstairs to lay in your bed while you poured him another glass of milk and made your way upstairs. you set it down on the bedside table and layed down on the bed where harry cuddled into you, resting his head on your boobs and wrapping his hands around you waist.
“can yeh rub m’tummy, it hurts” his raspy voice creaked out. your smirked down at him and gave him his belly rubs he had been asking for. after awhile you heard his soft snores and reached for remote quickly to turn on hannah montana - can you tell you have an obsession? - your hand swiftly made its way back to his tummy and you could feel him tighten his grip on you in his sleep. at least harry had learned something today.
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lollypopsx · a day ago
could you do one where hang harry and y/n have a miscarriage? never seen gang harry so sad
Drabble Request
Drabbles Masterlist
Warning: Mentions of guns, swearing, miscarriage
A/N: This can be a tough read, so please only read if you are comfortable. Everyone deals with this so differently, so please respect that. My heart is with anyone who has dealt with this. They will always be with us. Please know my inbox is always open to anyone who may need it. It’s so important to talk about it if you can, and if you can’t, please know you are strong and you are appreciated either way!❤️
The excitement rushing through you and Harry was unimaginable.
The man who only ever used to feel excitement when he was putting a bullet through someone's skull, was now driving in his black SUV with the love of his life, heading to the twelve week scan of your first child.
"I can't believe you're twelve weeks already..." Harry flashes a smile as his left hand rested on your thigh, his fingers hooking through yours and his right hand on the wheel, elbow casually resting on the window.
"Hmm anyone would think Harry Styles was excited for once" You tease softly, running your thumb over his knuckles.
It felt like everything was going so quickly, before you knew it, Harry pulled into the parking spot closest to the set of Hospital doors.
You signed in at reception and was patiently waiting in the seat with Harry. "Harry Styles. How many times have I told you to stop bringing your gun into the hospital?!" You whisper shout, scolding him when you feel a raise in the waistband of his jeans.
"Angel, I told you, I'm going no where with out it because now I have double the reason to keep you safe" He tuts, muttering with a sigh as he texts Niall about the details for today’s shipment and that he will meet him and the boys there when he was done.
"Miss Y/N Y/L/N?" A young smiley nurse calls. Harry frowns, standing up quickly and resting a hand on your lower back protectively.
"I specifically said we want the doctor in charge. I knew I should of taken you to the the private hospital" Harry growls angrily. He demanded over and over that you would be under private healthcare, but you refused, not seeing the point.
"Harry! Don't be so rude!" You mutter, slapping his wrist gently. "I'm so sorry about him" You apologise profusely.
"Harry. Let her do her job" You shake your head, chucking softly as you go into the wrong.
"Well everything sounds fine, sounds like the sickness is coming to an end hopefully. Let's get you on the bed, if you can just lift your shirt slightly. Let's have a look at this baby then shall we?" The young doctor smiles.
She was very shy and nervous at first with Harry's death glare baring into her soul. But as soon as the two of you began talking about the baby and the pregnancy, Harry's demeanor changed.
He was asking more questions than you and for once he was happily listening to someone who wasn't you.
You climb up onto the bed as Harry sat on the chair beside you, his heart rate had picked up, and you squeezed his hand tightly in excitement.
She switched on her monitor, but it was facing away from the two of you. Your top was lifted slightly as she applied the cold jelly to your belly, making you giggle softly.
You could feel the scanner press along your skin, moving slowly side to side. The doctor was silent. Uncomfortably silent. She scanned around a few more times, the cheery glint in her eyes from earlier had soon changed and her rosy cheeks fell pale.
Please don't say it. Please, please don't say it.
"I'm so sorry Miss Y/L/N..." She frowned softly
That was the last thing you remember hearing, everything else felt so silent after that. Her lips were moving but you couldn't hear a word she said.
You felt Harry tense instantly beside you " no there has to be some kind of fucking mistake" His voice was raised, but he wasn't shouting. You didn't realise you were holding your breath, or letting tears fall down your cheeks until Harry's warm thumbs swiped them away quickly.
The doctor had left the room to give you two some space before speaking to you both about the options you had.
"I-I'm sorry Harry" Your mouth chokes out a sob, you felt crushed. A part of you was taken away so soon. You hadn't managed to even look Harry in the eyes yet.
"Angel...Hey...Baby please look at me...please Angel" He whispers, begging. His hands stroking your cheek slowly. "None. And I mean...none of this is your fault" He pulled your face up so your gaze met his.
His eyes were red and few small tears were slipping down. Harry had never cried in front of you, and that riddled you with guilt. His arms instantly pulled you tight to him, his hand held your head against his shoulder as you cried into him. You could hear his gentle sniffles into your neck as he mumbled words of comfort that you couldn't even hear.
“I-I want to go home...” You sob into his chest. 
“I know, I-I know” He mutters into your neck, swaying you slowly and just holding you tightly.
Harry had spoken to the doctor, explaining that we would speak to someone tomorrow to discuss the next steps, but right now he needed the take you home. The doctor agreed, and apologised once again before Harry took your hand, wiping off the cold gel that was numbing your stomach and pulling you shirt down softly.
Everything went by so slow compared to the journey there. It felt like hours. Hours of the radio buzzing quietly. Hours of Harry squeezing a tight grip on your hand. Hours of endless thoughts. Hours of wanting to just cry. Hours of numbness. But in reality, it was a few minutes between leaving the hospital and pulling in to the security gates of your house.
Harry led you in and straight into the living room upstairs.
“Make sure not one fucking person enters this room unless I ask them to” Harry barked at the security in the hallway. His eyes were still red and all he wanted was to hold you. He felt so helpless, knowing nothing he could do or say would change the news you both received in the last hour.
He wanted to be angry. His whole life, he could never show sadness, so he masked it with anger. Then as he became a teenager, he realised that he was sad all the time, which meant he was angry all the time.
He wanted to scream, to hurt someone, to shout and to beat them to a pulp, but then he remembered the only one who really mattered. The one who mattered to him. The only one who had ever mattered.
You hadn’t said a word this whole time, since in the doctors office. Harry knelt in front of you, slipping off your shoes and jacket slowly before crawling onto the sofa beside you.
“Please don’t blame yourself my angel...” He whispers, sitting at your side and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. Your back slumped into his chest and your head lay silently on his shoulder.
“I-I can’t help it” You whisper. This was something neither of you had ever experienced before. The tears were still slipping down your cheeks, feeling a tight, nauseous pull in your stomach.
 “I-I just...I feel like the last few weeks, the rest of our lives were planned Harry...” You mutter, sniffling in a choked breath. “We’ve spent the last four months talking about everything...and i-it’’’s all gone so quickly Haz” It was one of the most emotionally painful cries that had ever escaped your throat.
“I-I’ve got you...”Harry whispers, holding you close to his body. He wanted to protect you over every sad emotion, every violent memory and very pained moment of your life. 
“What if I did something wrong...” You whined.
“Baby I told you, you did nothing wrong” He frowned, brushing the hair out of your face, quickly wiping his own tears. 
Silence hung in the air once again, the only sound was the two of you with rugged breaths from the tears.
“There’s so many what if’s isn’t there...” You whisper. “We always imagined they’d have your hair...your eyes...your dimples...go to strong...What if they had my hair...or my eyes...carried on our lifestyle...or became president...” 
“There’s so many what ifs.” He agreed quietly. “Let me get you some water...You’ll get dehydrated” He whispered. “I need to make a couple of phone calls quickly too. I won’t be a minute” He brushed your cheeks sweetly before pressing a loving kiss to your lips.
“I love you so much...we will get through it. Our time will come” He mumbles against your lips, his eyes gleaming with tears as he kisses your head and heads through the kitchen, out onto the balcony, over looking the sunset and pulling the cigarette between his lips, flicking his lighter and inhaling deeply and slowly. 
He was preparing himself to phone his mum with the news and to phone Niall to tell him to sort the shipment himself and that the two of you needed time to yourselves for a while.
But instead he watched at the sky, the pink and yellow glow surrounding the city, getting ready for the stars to begin to appear.
He tilted his head up, his eyes still gazing at the sky. “You’ll always be my favourite what if...” He whispers.
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Tumblr media
a/n: just a little diddy i wrote up while i was cooking dinner and after dessert. happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate (i don't celebrate the origins, just the idea of remembering to be thankful today)
relaxing after a long night of hosting, harry shares a new song with y/n and the baby in her belly
warnings: 698 words, song: something new written by tom fletcher (watch the video it's my favorite thing in the world), just fluff !!!!
read my last upload!
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
Plates were piled up in and near the sink. Leftover turkey and mashed potatoes occupied most of the space in the fridge, along with a sliver of sweet potato pie. Wine glasses and champagne flutes littered all of the downstairs. Most were left on the dining table, but there were a few on the banister and fireplace mantle.
The quiet lull in the house after a party was always strange. You’re expecting a burst of laughter to erupt from another room or, in Harry and Y/N’s case, an impromptu living room concert using only the guitar from the corner and the coffee table as percussion. But Harry and Y/N were both thankful for the quietness. Now that everyone was gone, Harry and (mostly) Y/N could rest. Y/N had her swollen feet and ankles propped on the coffee table with a pillow underneath for extra comfort. Harry’s head was resting in Y/N’s lap, his face turned towards her bump. Y/N’s fingers assumed their usual position in Harry’s hair, absentmindedly combing through the curls.
They were onto the 5th episode in their Friends Thanksgiving episode marathon when Harry started to hum a tune Y/N was unfamiliar with.
“Let me guess a sunset, followed by the moon, I think I’m ready for something new.”
“That’s pretty,” Y/N murmured.
“Hm? Oh, just a little melody going ‘round in my mind,” Harry shrugged. He kissed right in the middle of Y/N’s tummy and he smiled. This time next year, they’ll have their little babe to celebrate the holidays with.
“Do you have more?” Y/N paused The One with All the Thanksgivings so she could hear Harry continue making up his song.
“I might.” Harry cheekily grinned. He got up from the couch and grabbed the guitar that was used during the living room concert. He sat himself next to Y/N again and began to strum. Y/N rested her arms on her belly, waiting to see if the babe will react to the music.
“...Then before you know it, we’re singing Christmas songs. And then we get another April, May, and June, I think I’m ready for something new… I guess I’m ready, I think I’m ready, I hope I’m ready for something new.”
Harry finished his little song about how life, while beautiful, can become boring and predictable. He actually wrote the song a couple weeks ago when Y/N was at a doctors appointment and he was stuck in the studio. He was thinking about how his and Y/N’s life would change once the baby arrived— it might be beautiful, it might be messy, but it would definitely be something new. And he was ready for that. He was still terrified, but he had Y/N and with Y/N, he knew he could do anything.
“That was beautiful, love. Baby liked it. It’s moving around.” Y/N grabbed Harry’s hand and put it high on her tummy. Baby was moving their legs like crazy, more than it’s ever moved before. It took Y/N a long time to adjust to Baby’s movements, especially when it started to roll and jab up into her ribcage. Harry still can’t quite get used to feeling the baby on the outside of Y/N’s tummy. He scrunched his nose up when he felt Baby kick up into his hand.
“I think he knows it’s me.” “He?” Y/N raised her eyebrows.
Harry shrugged. “Just a feelin’. ‘M gonna be a boy dad. Do you think I can do it? Do you think I’ll be a good dad?”
“Oh, Harry,” Y/N put her hand on Harry’s cheek. He leaned into her, kissing her palm gently. “You’re going to be the best dad in the world! This munchkin has the coolest, kindest, most talented dad he could ever ask for. You wrote a song for Baby and he’s not even here yet. You have nothing to worry about. You’re ready... am I ready? That’s to be decided.”
“You’re ready,” Harry nodded before pressing his lips to Y/N’s. It was sweet and harmonious, beautiful in its simplicity. “We’re both ready.”
For something new.
✧·゚:☆·..·☆: ·゚✧
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tinydestinybear · 2 days ago
hello hello!! i would love to see a blurb from the koh universe where lily tries to fly with her wings and harry is there to help her🥺🥺
hii anon, i hope you enjoy this 💕
It first happened when Harry was in the backyard and spots Lily take a little run. His immediate reaction is to run to her and hold her so she doesn't fall down. But then he sees her eventually take a jump from across the yard and his mouth falls open.
Her big green eyes look at him, a small mischievous grin on her face because he’s just witnessed her first attempt at flying.
“You little tease,” he coos with a smile as he walks closer to her.
He watches as his daughter pretends running (flying) away from him and falls down in excitement. He's quick enough to catch her before her head thankfully doesn’t hit the floor as hard as it could’ve. A loud cry sounds throughout the yard, tears welling up in her eyes as he picks her up.
“Shh, you’re safe.” Harry wraps his deep coal black wings around her as a way to protect her. "It's over now. Dada's here.” He hushes her as she cries into his chest.
“M'sorry Dada.” Lily whimpers and Harry is quick to stop her, "Oh hush m'little bean. You're doing so good for Dada, I'm so proud of you." His wings soften around her and his lips pressed a kiss to her head. The way she has him wrapped around her tiny pinky finger is beyond him. 
When they get up to Harry and Y/N's room, he sets Lily down on the cotton filled bed and Lily immediately cuddles close to her mom and makes grabby hands for Harry to join them.
“I can’t believe she’s already flying,” he mumbles as they watch Lily sleep. Y/N smiles softly, reaching up to run a hand through his hair to remove it from his face. A sad smile on his face now. “She’s growing so fast, it terrifies me.”
“Oh, I know, baby,” Y/N coos, “but she can’t stay tiny forever, you know that.”
He sighs deeply. “Yeah, I know. I just wish I could slow down time sometimes.”
“She’ll always need you, Harry. Even when she’ll say she doesn’t.”
Suffice to say, the king of hell definitely made sure his angels were always safe.
let me know your thoughts - reblogs are appreciated! and feel free to send in more requests 🌻
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