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the final show (h.s)
Tumblr media
→ requested: no
→ warnings: none!
→ author’s note: here’s this little piece i threw up about the final show! maybe thinking of doing a part two but it’s their life after tour has settled down, let me know if you’d like that !!! enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Harry sat in front of the vanity in his dressing room, staring at nothing in-particular, a sinking feeling present in his stomach. The tour he spent at least two years planning and anticipating, 42 shows, 32 cities— after tonight, it was all over.
“Knock knock,” from the doorway. He averted his eyes to where Y/N was standing, a bouquet of flowers between her hands. “Hey, you,” she softly spoke, shutting the door behind her, “I got you a little something.” Setting the flowers down on a nearby coffee table, “how’re you feeling, bub?”
Shrugging, “dunno. ‘s bittersweet, I guess.” He fiddled with the rings on his fingers, chewing on his bottom lip as he eyed Y/N’s path to the sofa. “Not sure what ‘m g’na do when ‘s all done.” With a sigh, Harry rose to his feet, boots clicking with each step towards his girlfriend before slumping down next to her, head gently falling into her lap, careful not to mess up his hair. “‘nd I don’ know when the European leg is g’na be,” he rambled, eyes skirting around the expanse of the ceiling, softly adding, “I just… I don’ wanna feel lost again.”
Y/N frowned, lightly tracing the tattoos on his arms. “I know, baby,” whispering before, “I’m not gonna lie to you and promise you that you’re not g’na feel that way again, because I don’t know that. What I do know, though, is that I’m g’na be right beside you through whatever is thrown your way.” Harry released a shuddering breath, nibbling his bottom lip as he finally met her gaze. “And I’ll do everything in my power to make you the happiest man alive, H. I can promise you that.”
“Thank you, angel,” voice wavering, “I love y’so much more than you’ll ever know.” He sat up, shifting to face his lover before gently pressing their lips together, a finger tilting her head up ever so slightly. “And,” after pulling away, “y’already make me the happiest man alive, baby doll.” Leaning forehead to forehead with eyes closed, he took a deep breath as a knock came from the door.
“Welcome to the final show, Harry,” Jeff shouted from the hallway, “it’s time.”
Taking Harry’s hand, Y/N stood them up from the leather sofa, escorting him to where his manager stood waiting. With one last quick peck to his lips, “go get ‘em, rockstar.”
“Good evening, Long Island, and welcome to the final night of Love on Tour,” Harry spoke into his microphone, “how is everybody feeling tonight?” An overwhelming cheer came from all around him in return.
“Lovely. Now, tonight, the band and I have one job: to entertain you as best we can within 90 minutes. And you,” moving across to the other side of the stage, “have one job as well; you are to have as much fun as you possibly can.” He brought the mic away from his lips for a brief moment, pointing back to where Y/N stood with a few of his crew members, mouthing ‘especially you’ as his girl blew kisses back.
Closing out his nightly spiel, “again, welcome to the final show. I hope you’re all wearing your best clothes.”
“Here we go!”
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harryhoney-bee · a day ago
Ok, but why is this something H would himself say if his wife was a Dr. and was asked such stupid questions??
Tumblr media
Doctor!reader non-famous!harry
Maybe he is talking with his uncle, and the topic of the conversation was about their professional life, and the uncle says something rather rude.
"Don't you think it's weird she won't take your name, Harry? She walks around that hospital with her maiden name, I bet a lot of men think she is available. "
Harry just rolled his eyes, he had lost count of how many times he had this same exact conversation with other family members and friends.
"I wasn't the one who spent 10 years in med school, was I? Why should she get my name? if anything I would be proud to carry her name next to mine." Y/n wasn't there to defend herself, so Harry was the one doing it for her. "Plus, don't talk about her like she is an object available or not, we both trusts each other, now if you excuse I'm going home.
Harry didn’t wait to say goodbye to the rest of the family, he was mad enough already, the only person who could calm him down was Y/n, so he checked the clock, making sure she was on her break before calling her.
She didn't take long to pick up his call, Y/n was also missing him. "Hey, H! How is lunch at your mom's going?"
Harry didn’t want to ruin her mood. "Great, darling, but I just left, I'm going to the store now, do you need something?"
"Hmm, ice cream please, also, some tampons, please," she asked.
"Alright, beautiful. How's the hospital today? Are you ok? Did you get some sleep?"
"It's never an easy day at the pediatric ward," she joked, but Harry could tell she was tired. "But I have good news, we found a new donor for Jack, I'm performing his surgery this afternoon, he's finally getting a kidney!"
Harry smiled. "That's amazing! I'm so happy for him, please let me know when you are done, everything will be alright, ok?"
"Thank you, H! And yes, it will, I'm feeling very lucky today," she confessed. "I need to go now, but I talk to you later, alright? Can you pick me up when I'm done? The surgery will be over at 6 pm, so I will be free to go home at 7 pm."
"Of course I can! I love you, baby, have a good surgery, I miss you."
"I love you too! Bye, don't forget to feed Clara." She said before hanging up.
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harryssweatcreaturee · 2 days ago
Detective!Harry III
a/n: this one is INTENSE, brace yourselves!!! pls reblog if you like it and i would really appreciate any feedback and comments! enjoy!!!
word count: 4k
warnings: mentions of sex, heavy angst
Harry stopped in his tracks. He got caught. Despite thinking it was the perfect time to look around, he should have known better.
His mind battled back and forth for what felt like forever until he grabbed a random towel, throwing it over his shoulder and turning around.
Harry rather seem intrusive than blow his cover. “I was going to have a quick wash before I left but I didn’t want to use your towel. Couldn’t find another one in there so tried my luck here. Found one.” He smiled as confidently as he could as her arms crossed in front of her chest, eyebrow raised.
“You couldn’t wake me? Snooping around seemed like the better option?”
Harry shrugged and closed the closet door behind him.
“You looked so peaceful and it’s very early in the morning. My apologies.”
(Y/N) sighed and shook her head. “Men…” She reached from her pocket and handed a phone to him. Harry thought he got his phone but clearly, his mind was too busy trying to gather information on (Y/N). What a mess if he would’ve left it.
“Thank you, love. I think m’going to leave, actually. I’ve over welcomed my stay anyway.” Harry grabbed the towel from his shoulder and tried to fold it a bit before handing it to (Y/N) and shooting towards the door.
Harry didn’t like the way things were going. He should know better than to be close to getting caught when he was so close to the target. He needed Truman’s help.
Once he was in his car, Harry ringed Truman knowing he was awake so early in the morning.
“Styles. Tell me you’ve got something.”
Harry sighed and shook his head to himself. “Nothing. I called you last night because she noticed I was following. I played it off and got myself close to her. Then uh…” Harry bit his lip and knuckled his tired eyes as he played out in his head how he’d spit out what he did.
“Then I went over for the night. Woke up early to snoop around and right when I found a loaded safe, she caught me. I played it off again but I’m not sure what to do next.” Harry hadn’t noticed there was some sort of paper stuck to his phone, his finger fiddling with it before pulling away from his ear and placing the call on speaker.
It was a small sticky note paper with her number.
“Well, it seems that you m-“
“Detective, she gave me her number…”
“Guess I shouldn’t have to tell you how to proceed. Do whatever you have to. We need something by the end of this week, Styles. Make it happen.”
The call went dead, and Harry’s eyes ran over the series of numbers a million more times.
It was insane that he got this lucky this far knowing how intelligent and innate she is.
So, Harry did exactly what he knew had to happen next.
‘Hey, it’s Harry. Thank you for the fun night. Maybe we can repeat it soon… x’
It had been about four days since Harry saw (Y/N). He hadn’t followed her around and though he knew she’d have her I.P. address blocked from her phone, he tried anyway to find that was exactly what she did. He entertained himself by stopping by her hotspots with different cars as they texted back and forth a bit, trying to catch anything out of order.
The two had planned to meet up that night for dinner and drinks and whatever else the night endured for them.
When the time came, Harry decided he’d pick her up despite her offer to meet up at his place. Harry had pictures up from graduations of the police and detective academy he attended. Pictures with offer coworkers in uniform too. It was just too risky.
Harry pulled up to her driveway, honking the horn twice to let her know he had arrived before hopping out of the car and waiting for her by the passenger’s side, door open.
(Y/N) came out looking absolutely stunning, but something was off. That knowing smile and dangerous twinkle in her eye were gone. Harry knew he shouldn’t care but he did. He’s human and as for now, he has decency towards her.
She thanked him softly as she climbed into the car, Harry closing the door after her before getting in the car himself.
“Everything okay?” Harry glanced her way before focusing his eyes back on the road, hearing a soft sigh bumble from out of her mouth.
“Yeah. Just a hard day at work.”
The rest of the ride to the restaurant was quiet. Harry didn’t want to pressure (Y/N) to speak but he was going to try and get something out of her. If something truly happened at work, maybe it was something Harry could report back and be one step closer to his goal.
They arrived to the restaurant and Harry was sure to remain chivalrous. (Y/N) was tucked into his body with her arm wrapped around his own, he opened every door before her, pushed in her seat once they were at their table, and made sure to compliment her.
But despite it all, her smile was yet to gleam. It was as if she wasn’t there.
“Alright, something’s up with you, (Y/N). That smile I saw a few days ago has yet to say hi to me and I would like to know why. Maybe I can help bring it out.” He grinned as he reached his hand over to softly graze her own for a few moments before pulling away.
(Y/N) looked at him with an apologetic smile before clearing her throat. “Open your blazer for me for a second?” Harry knew exactly why she asked. She was about to talk, and she wanted to make sure he wasn’t wired up. Clearly, she still had suspicions on him. It made him wonder why she would say anything about herself slightly vulnerable if she was so doubtful on him. But he didn’t want to get ahead of himself.
Harry still had a cover to follow so he furrowed his eyebrows as if he were confused. “Uh, sure?” His hands came up to grab the hem of the blazer, revealing his light blue button up as her eyes scanned his whole torso, then coming back up to his eyes.
“Can’t tell a soul, alright?”
“Hmm, out here trusting a man you’ve barely just met. Red flag?”
(Y/N) scoffed and rolled her eyes, “Harry…”
“Alright, alright. No more jokes. What’s going on, darling?”
She sighed and licked her lips, staying silent for a few seconds in thought.
“Well… I own this, company… it was my father’s before he passed but he practically raised me for it. He wasn’t great with me. Saw me more for that than as his daughter. I never wanted to take over, but my name was in everything when he passed, and I felt like I had no choice but to take over it. He didn’t trust anybody else, and I have no sibling that could’ve taken my place…”
(Y/N)’s voice was mellow and raw. She was talking about something Harry knew, minus the personal details, but it was going somewhere. Despite having to keep his ears open for the benefit of getting it back to his senior detective, he sort of felt bad. Her face screamed of stress and tiredness.
“I don’t like doing what I do. I feel like it’s all… unnecessary and cruel, even? I must keep up this mean and rude attitude to everyone I come across so I’m taking seriously. I have to treat people with no means of kindness. I just – I don’t want to do it anymore but it’s also all I have going for me. It’s what pays my bills, what keeps my mother under a roof, it’s all I have, unfortunately.”
Harry nodded, his face becoming empathic as it mimicked her emotions, his hand coming up to hold hers once more. “Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like in life. It’s unfair, I’m sure. But maybe you can find something else? You’re a beautiful young woman and I’m positive you can find something better.”
Was it bad that Harry felt sympathy for her? Her eyes seemed as if she were being honest. Her body language yelled it too. (Y/N) had leaned forward before she began to talk, her words came out with no stumble, her breathing and voice were steady, and the rate of her blinking didn’t change. Something compelled her to trust Harry into something that seemed she’d been keeping in for a while and if she spoke any longer, Harry would have to make note of it and report it. That part was now feeling like a weight on his shoulders.
He’d betrayed people’s trust before. It was a part of his undercover jobs when it came to busting those he created a fake relationship with but for some anomalous reason, it felt bad with (Y/N). She was being sincere.
(Y/N) grinned at him softly before thanking him for the kind compliments. “That’s easier said than done. But, just forget I said anything. It just sort of felt good to get it out because I have no one to talk to. Besides work, I’m always on my own and wallowing from this lifestyle that I really wish I weren’t a part of.”
Harry opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted when the waiter approached their table asking about what they would like to drink.
The rest of the dinner was nice. They spoke about different things, both deviating any conversations that had to do with their jobs or anything major from their personal life. When (Y/N) asked what Harry did for a living, he quickly mumbled something on about telemarketing before shooting it down with no space for further questions.
(Y/N) found it odd that Harry mentioned to work in something so mainstream when he dressed and drove as if he worked for something with a much heavier pay. Maybe he was the manager or some sort of boss in the company. It was the only thing that made sense to her.
Once the dinner was over, they were back in Harry’s car, both laughing at some stupid joke Harry said. (Y/N) sighed happily before turning her head to look at Harry, “Why don’t we go to yours tonight? Only fair since we went to mine last time.”
Harry held his breath for a few seconds before looking at her. “Maybe next time? I haven’t had a chance to pick up and clean, don’t want y’to see my house in such a state.”
Thankfully, (Y/N) didn’t budge and nodded, leaning back into the seat as Harry drove away towards the direction of her home.
(Y/N)’s phone began to ring in her clutch, her hand quickly grabbing the phone and sighing once she noticed who was calling.
Harry couldn’t catch the name that flashed across the screen as she answered, clearing her throat and her voice quickly changing to a tone she’d never used on Harry since they met.
“Why are you calling me on my time off? This better be serious.”
Harry couldn’t hear anything from the phone, but it did sound like a man, an angry one at that.
“Are you kidding me? I had the team handpicked for a reason. Send Hunter then. And make sure he knows what he’s being sent for. We prepped him in case this happened.”
It made no sense to Harry, but he knew it had to be something along the lines of trashing a warehouse for drugs, possibly firearms, and loads of money. Truman advised him once that this was a tactic of her people when they weren’t getting paid back or given something they were promised.
While (Y/N) made sure to keep her words as implicit and bare as possible, Harry’s ears were wide open and writing the script in his head.
“I’m busy and cannot come. Figure it out. I have you as leader, make yourself useful as such, yeah? This better work this time or you’ll see yourself exactly like Jaime.”
At that, she hung up the call and shoved the phone back into the clutch with an exasperated and frustrated sigh.
“See what I mean? I hate it.” She pouted as she leaned towards Harry, wrapping her arms around his bicep, and leaning her head against his shoulder. “Promise I won’t treat you that way. I know it’s not pretty.” Harry chuckled and glanced at her quickly before looking away. “Maybe I find it hot. Think I wanna hear tha’ tone in bed.”
(Y/N) giggled and swatted his forearm softly as she shook her head. It felt nice to be like this with someone for a change. Harry was always so busy with work to be with his friends or go out to meet a woman. He told himself it wouldn’t be terrible if he enjoyed this while he got what he needed. It’d be a win-win in the books for him.
Despite having doubts on this man that was handsome albeit still quite a stranger, (Y/N) was wrapped up in the feeling of having someone to go out with and speak to about things that bother her. Not that she needed anyone, but the company was something she longed for and given that her lifestyle was dangerous and well, illegal, she had to refrain from letting anyone in. Harry was just someone she could be herself with without needing to be rude at every waking second.
It felt natural and easy. She had no idea that was exactly what she needed in contrast to the fake persona she must emit on a daily basis outside from Harry.
The sex was just as fiery as last time but a thousand times better, too. The dynamic they had was something Harry never had before and was glad he didn’t have to let go of for a bit. He’d surely miss it whenever his mission was over.
They laid limp beside each other, panting as they tried to catch their breaths, a huge smirk on (Y/N)’s plump lips.
“Nice to see you submit for a change.”
Harry chuckled and turned his face to look at her. “Y’look hot taking over. I had to.”
Just like last time, Harry stayed the night but refrained from snooping around so he wouldn’t get caught again. The man was going to run out of excuses.
This time, Harry went home to shower and change before driving to the precinct, ready to meet with Truman.
Harry had a different beat to him, a pep in his step, a stupid little smile on his face. No one noticed but his partner.
Turner was sat in front of Harry’s desk, two coffees on the marble top as Harry sat in front of him, hands working to turn on his computer. Turner had a smirk on his face as he looked at up, Harry looking at him with a scoff.
“You walked in here like a little schoolgirl with a crush.”
Harry shook his head and chuckled. “Talking out of your ass, mate.”
He laughed and shoved a coffee towards Harry, opening a file of another case they’re working on to write down some stuff.
“I know you’re working on this one intimately, Styles. Watch out for yourself, dude. She’s a vixen. Don’t fall for it.” Turner looked up from the file with a warning look. Harry sighed and looked away from his computer as his fingers stopped clacking on the keyboard, stopping a search he was doing on a database. “I’m a grown man that can watch out for myself. And I’ve not got a crush on her. Simply working and doing what I gotta do to get what I need.”
Turner shrugged and rolled his lips into his mouth, “Just watching out for you, mate.”
After dropping the subject and going over a few things, Harry finally got up to head towards Truman’s office with new details.
“What do you have for me, detective?” Truman inquired as Harry took a seat on one of the chairs in front of the desk, dropping (Y/N)’s file on his desk. “There seems to be a redo of some plan they’ve failed on. I was searching the database regarding Freud’s Incorporation, and it looks like there was some sort of breech in their cameras and security system the same night I overheard a conversation. If y’look in our own database, we have a police report for some sort of forced entry and robbery. Not exactly what I’m sure occurred since it had to be a sort of illegal activity involved in the middle of it all.”
Truman wrote down on the file as Harry spoke, nodding at certain points Harry mentioned. “Heard the names Hunter and Jamie, though I think Jamie might be under a protection program if not dead. Just an assumption I made since she made it seem as such. But they also might be cover names so, we’d have to do some extensive search on that.”
Harry ended up going over a couple more things with his partner before leaving the precinct to have lunch with (Y/N). He made sure to head home to switch cars and leave behind everything that could give away his job.
Though it was estimated that the job was supposed to last about two months, it had been six months since the mission started and nothing was out yet.
Harry had only learned all the names of the men in her crew and who they were, he found out she had a plethora of illegal firearms hidden in her home, that her team was planning to shoot down and take over their rivals, and she had a meeting with the drug lord his precinct was ready take in.
The precinct was prepared in the case that Harry had to get involved and that this was also taking time. But they lacked the knowledge of the reason why.
The closer Harry got to the goal, the closer he got to the end of whatever he had with (Y/N). It felt far from fictitious, and he hated that he had feelings for the one person he has to take down. They spent a lot of time together and often spent the nights over at each other’s houses – surely Harry stripped his home of anything that showed his true self and hid his uniforms as well as badges and guns.
(Y/N) was falling for Harry and she damned herself for it. She promised herself from the start that she knew she wouldn’t let him in but every day he was closer and closer into the walls of her heart, and he didn’t even know it.
Harry wasn’t far from the mutual feeling. He knew things that Truman had to know by now, but he kept them to himself. He knew a side of (Y/N) that no one else would forgive because only he knew how she truly was and that every day, she was regretting every decision she had to make in her rigorous regime. He would only report some things that would be a breakthrough in the case but wouldn’t out (Y/N) for anything she was doing.
Tonight is supposed to be date night at Harry’s place and (Y/N) promised she’d cook something delicious for them.
Harry loved the little routine they had fallen into. It was so domestic and sweet. He couldn’t lie and say he wouldn’t miss it all when it would come to an end. It wasn’t going to be so easy especially since his heart was feeling certain ways for the woman he had to bring down.
Up in the shower while (Y/N) cooked in the kitchen, he could hear her voice loud across the halls. “Babe! Where’s the remote for the tv!? I can’t find it!” Harry shoved his head out of the curtain in attempt for her to hear him better. “The drawers under the tv!”
At the very moment he spit out the words, Harry flew out of the shower, leaving the water on while he quickly grabbed a towel and ran to the living room.
If he was fucked before, he was definitely in a worse place now.
Harry had forgotten he had her file tucked in that exact drawer from about a month ago when he brought it home to tweak some notes.
To say that (Y/N) felt livid and betrayed was an understatement. The last thing she expected was that Harry was keeping an eye on her. And there it was, a file with her name in bold red letters, keeping track of things she was doing and saying.
Harry appeared quickly into the living room, panting with panic written all over his face.
(Y/N)’s eyes watered as her bottom lip quivered, blood pressure rising in anger. “You fucking liar! I fucking trusted you!” She slammed the file against the coffee table, walking towards Harry to shove him in the chest. “I cannot believe I was stupid enough to think you were interested in me. But wait, of course you were! All so you could take me in whenever you think it’s time and end my fucking life!”
Harry didn’t know what to say. His mouth opened to speak but no words could come out. Her pained face sliced right through his heart. He was the very reason she felt that way. “(Y/N), if y’could please let me explain. It’ll make sense.”
“For what, Harry!? So you could handcuff me and take me away!? Here!” She brought her wrists up to his chest, a tear falling down her cheek. “Fucking do it. Take me. But I promise you they will know and come get you. End my fucking misery already! Come on! Isn’t this what you want?!”
Her fists kept on shoving on Harry until he grabbed them hard inside his hold, pushing her against the couch and kneeling down to her level, still holding her.
“Stop!” Harry barked. “I’m not taking you anyway, (Y/N)! I’m telling you t’let me explain!”
“There’s nothing to explain, Harry. That file spoke for itself. I’m a vicious woman that you’re on a hunt for. So fucking finish your job! I’m making it easier for you.”
Harry was furious. He was fuming and gritting his teeth in attempts to calm down. He was only angry at himself because if he would avoided feeling this way for her, this wouldn’t have happened.
“Shut up and listen to me.” Harry let go of her wrists and placed his hands on either side of her to avoid from her escaping him. “I was given two months to take you down. It’s been way longer and look at where you are, (Y/N). I keep lying to my boss and telling him I have nothing for him when I know everything. Do y’really fucking think I wouldn’t have taken you in by now? I’ve been racking my brain in ways to help you out of this, but I had no idea how t’bring it up to you. I’m the idiot here for letting myself into this. I have a fucking job to do and it’s the last thing I’m doing.”
(Y/N)’s face didn’t falter. Her body was stiff and angry as she listened to Harry as if she didn’t believe him and quite frankly, Harry couldn’t blame her.
“Now it’s up to you to decide. Do you want to believe me and let me help you out, or do I turn you in?”
His words were enough to implicitly tell her the reason why Harry hadn’t turned her in and he was hoping it was enough to let her believe him and he was ready to jump at the opportunity to clear her name even if it meant him getting suspended. Might as well pay for the consequences of his stupid actions.
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0oolookitsme · 2 days ago
Pairing- Dwd!Jack!Harry x Dwd!Character!Reader Genre- Blurb Warnings- Mentions of smut. Word Count- 550 (cut me some slack I wrote this up in hurry) A/n- Here is another dwd fic and I would like to mention that this one took place before Harry cheated. Also, @sunandherflores this ones for you <333
• • •
If she would've just stayed at the reception, she wouldn't have gotten this mushy feeling inside of her heart, swirling around and nor would she have ruined the surprise Jack had planned in his mind.
The flashes of him standing beside his boss and smiling widely with his bright green eyes focused on the camera and both his hands holding each other in front of his belt loop, unrolled like an old tape in front of her eyes.
He was standing firmly over there, his dimples on show while he posed for the camera man. He had been promoted from an employee to the boss of the department, for the sake of it!
Proud of himself that he had done it and grateful for his fianće to be there with him from the starting; from when he was looking for a job to here and likely till they die.
"I'm so proud of you," Y/n muttered, head resting on his shoulder as they swayed side to side in the living room. Her black maxi dress moving along her feet.
Jack hummed in response and kissed her hairline. "Thank you, baby," he said, smiling and rested his head on top of hers, wanting to take off his shirt because just rolling the sleeves up wasn’t helping.
He had planned to write the good news down on a paper and slip it in through the creek between the floor and the door when y/n would've just entered the bathroom for her nightly shower routine. But Y/n decided to surprise him at the office and brought his and her lunch along with her. The receptionist had begged her to stay, "mam please wait right here, there's a ceremony going on inside!", and Y/n had told her, "I'm Mr. Jack's wife, let me go!", and had slipped right in his cabin.
Finally giving up the hunger she had been trying to control, waiting for Jack to come so they could eat together, she opened the lid of her lunch and right then, Jack opened the door to his cabin, viola!
"Y/n?" He stared at her in utter shock, closing the glass door behind his back.
"Hey! I was waiting- Wait! Did you got.. Did you got pro," Y/n started and stuttered, "Promoted.. yeah. I was planning on surprising you." Jack completed, sighing.
"I would have tried to hide it all before letting them meet your eyes but I was just shocked," Jack laughed, referring to the medal that was hanging down his neck and the certificates which had a grip of his hand.
"You aren't that fast, Jackarse," she joked, earning a whiney groan from her fianće.
"Let's just dance in the quite now, no speaking," Jack huffed, tired of her making jokes out of his name.
Instead of saying anything, Y/n simply sucked a mark on his collar bone, instantly earning another groan from him. Only this one sounded more like a moan. She smirked, feeling content and continued grazing her teeth over his exposed neck and licked them afterwards to sooth the slightly burning sensation.
Proudly watching the love bites turn purple in front of her eyes.
"Leave some space for later on, my sugar," and that voice, the raspy tone had her flip the later on to right then and there.
• • •
Congratulations on 150 readers @sunandherflores !!! That's huge and I cannot believe that there are so many other people out there who are reading your stuff, like I'm getting possessive xD. N e ways, they are lucky to have found you here! Congrats once more! There are many more to come and I hope you liked this, Pyari <33333
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g0ldenkiwi · 18 hours ago
Trouvaille | Chapter Two: Remaining Humanity | Harry Styles
Pairing: Apocalypse AU!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 6,836
Warnings: Mayor Character Death, Angst, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, bit of Fluff (if you squeeze), Suicide Thoughts, Swearing and Harsh Insults.
A/N: Hi! I know that the first chapter was quite boring and many people didn't like it but I needed to introduce characters and situation so I'm sorry. I hope you like this chapter more! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Philip, wait—," but Y/N didn't even get to calm the soldier down before he swiped at the stranger, knocking him to the ground and striking him repeatedly on the left cheek with his right. "Philip! What the fuck are you doing!"
The girl lunged at them, her nails and hands tugging at the muscular man's shirt and trying to pull him away, her cries for him to stop falling on deaf ears.
"Who are you! How did you get in here, you piece of shit!" With each scream, each blow fell harder against the green-eyed man's face, only able to lift his hands, so he could defend himself as he could as he felt his cheek burning and some blood in his mouth, from his eyes tears of pain dropping.
"Please! I didn't do anything!" he tried to make him understand between sobs.
"I don't believe anything you say, you bastard! Tell me! Who are you with, huh?! You were planning on killing us in our sleep and stealing our stuff! Right?!" Philip shouted angrily, going so far as to spit at him as he was on top of the man. "Answer me!" He demanded once more, raising his fist to bring it crashing down hard on his face again.
"Philip! Stop! You're going to kill him!" Y/N demanded desperately, already trying with her body to throw the soldier to the ground without any success.
Philip's howls of rage and the struggle were successfully heard by the others below, who rushed up to the altercation. Y/N watching the others, her eyes pleading with them as she continued to force herself unsuccessfully on the man, trying to push him off.
"Mark! Sean! Help me!" The girl demanded of the other soldiers as she saw them all become confused and paralyzed at the unpredicted situation. Both men finally acted and with all their might dragged the unhinged Philip from the brunet man who had curled into a ball on the ground trying to cover himself as best he could as he sobbed in sheer terror.
Y/N quickly crawled up to him, on her knees she brought her hand to his head covered with his arms, trying to make sure he was all right. The green-eyed man gave a startle of fear and began to tremble when he felt a hand brush against him, fearing that he was going to be hit again.
"Shhhh, it's okay. You're okay," that sweet voice he had heard for the first time after many months of solitude caressed his ears again, making him slowly but cautiously move his arms away from his head so that he could connect his green, fear-shaken eyes with those of the woman who had first tried to reassure him.
Her small reassuring smile relaxed him slightly, as he swallowed the spittle he tried to smile back, realizing that the blood he had tasted was his own when that violent man had busted his lip. The burly man's rage-filled voice cut him off before he could say anything else and made him shake again in panic, fearing he was coming back for him.
"Get off me! He was trying to attack Y/N!" Philip ordered harshly, waving his arms, to get rid of his two comrades.
"He wasn't attacking me! You brainless idiot!" Everyone was stunned at Y/N's insults, being that she had never raised her voice to anyone, least of all to Philip. "He was just trying to ask me not to call you guys out, for obvious reasons."
"You're the idiot here Y/N," Philip growled back at her, turning red and furious at the insult, hurting his pride. "He was probably just telling you that to kill you later. I thought you'd understand the situation by now, but you're still just as stupid as you're in the beginning," he spat venomously at her as he towered over her.
"You don't know that," Y/N however didn't subdue, standing up to the soldier's full height, challenging him, and looking him in the eye with a scowl. "If you had thought a little before acting like a fucking lunatic, you would have realized that the guy was just begging me not to kill him and by the way, you idiot, he's unarmed," Y/N ended the argument as she returned to her knees beside the stranger.
The last seemed to silence Philip who was doing nothing but breathing hard through his nostrils before turning away, realizing that many were on Y/N's side and were looking at him as if he was a mad man, making him feel like an actual one; and feeling that he was being disrespected as a leader. His fists clenched in repressed rage, not knowing what to say back.
"Anyway, we don't know if he can be a threat to the group or not. I think we should take care of him," Philip tried to lower the tone of his voice, trying to reassure the others that he had his anger under control.
"Like you wanted to do with the sick people of York?" Y/N spoke again, the burly man's rage-filled eyes turning back to her.
"You don't know anything," he rebutted him in a whisper filled with hatred, his posture shifting to one where it seemed like he would swing at the girl at any moment.
"Oh, really? I don't?" Y/N tilted her head ironically to the side, challenging him, before turning her attention back to the man on the floor, Thomas' voice finally breaking the tension that was flooding the place.
"Well, first of all, I don't think beating what he knows out of him is a good idea," the blond smirked nervously, putting himself as a barrier between Y/N and Philip. "I think we should just talk to him and, if he's no threat, I'm sure it'll be fine to take him to York back."
The other people nodded at Thomas's logical words, leaving Philip unable to refute anything, though Y/N knew from the look on his face that he was not amused at having to bring another stranger to the settlement.
"Alright," Philip finally spat angrily, his eyes filled with bitterness, glaring at the poor man still curled up on the ground before turning to Y/N. "And I suppose you'll be the one who wants to interrogate him, won't you?" Y/N nodded confidently, still glaring defiantly at him. "Very well, but I have some conditions: I want that bastard tied up at all times," he ordered his men before turning to Y/N again. "And you, girl, if for some reason you're wrong, and he has to be killed, you'll be the one who has to slit his throat," he told her darkly making Y/N feel a shudder, sensing that he was trying to tell her something hidden with those words and with that last weird smirk at the end.
"I will," she replied confidently, not allowing that man to try to put fear into her in any way.
Philip beckoned to his two comrades, who did not hesitate to go over the brown-haired man, who let himself be made to do so as he trembled and sobbed with terror and pain.
"Don't even think about moving or doing anything stupid, asshole." Y/N could hear Mark speaking to him as the other man manhandled the poor stranger, pushing him up into a sitting position and throwing him hard against the wall harshly, causing her to frown more and bite her lip as she watched Philip just smile falsely and haughtily as they saw the two soldiers pull out handcuffs and bind his hands behind his back.
The burly man only gave her a dark smile, filled with obvious resentment and hatred, but trying to appear in a leadership role before turning around and ordering everyone out of the room, Thomas however staying last to close the door and approach his friend and the new strange man.
"Girl, that was amazing! Oh my god, the face he made when you stood up to him!" Thomas whispered to her with a cackle.
"Yeah," Y/N just replied as she slowly approached the stranger with Thomas's backpack in hand and crouched down to his level, making the brunet flinch and pull back until the wall squeezed his cuffed hands. Green eyes full of intensity she had seen earlier, avoiding her gaze and blocking it with his bangs. "Hey, easy, you're safe with us," she tried to soothe him as she saw him shiver, a friendly smile appearing on her lips as from the backpack she slowly pulled a first aid kit to show him.
From where she kneeled she could already see the busted lower lip starting to leak in addition to the cheek starting to turn purple with several scratches starting to bleed, the swelling starting to move towards one of his eyes. The man stared at her expectantly as he continued to tremble with anxiety and fear of the fight, waiting for her to let out her true intentions for him, not quite believing her words and her manner.
"Here, I just want to heal those bumps before they start to hurt anymore," Y/N explained, starting to pull out some bottles and cotton balls, wetting them down careful not to spill the unnecessary, from beside her, she could see Thomas starting to pace around the room; inspecting the drawers she hadn't gotten to touch. "I'm going to put some Betadine on your cheek and lip before they swell anymore," she explained as she approached him, a shudder from the man making her stop in her tracks as she lifted her other hand and tried to speak in the quietest voice she could. "Relax, this will hurt a little at first."
The man hissed at the direct contact of the wet cotton against his skin as he clenched his jaw and let himself be done, not taking his eyes off the woman tending to him, a confused look in his tired, bruised eyes as he watched her clean his wounds and put band-aids on his scratches.
"Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?" The stranger asked with his voice hoarse and deep, the slowness with which he asked it made him sound like he was very carefully pronouncing every word that came out of his mouth.
Y/N stared at him before closing the first aid kit and tossing aside the used cotton balls and plastic of the band-aids before turning her eyes back to him.
"Because you didn't do anything wrong, and you didn't deserve that beating that asshole just gave you," she admitted honestly, the insult leveled at Philip making the stranger smile slightly as he visibly relaxed with her, making her look at him gently before opening her mouth to ask. "I'm Y/N and that gossipy blond is Thomas. What's your name?"
"You're Harry fucking Styles!" Thomas suddenly cried out from across the room, making her friend jump and turn her startled gaze towards her blond friend, seeing him standing right where she previously stood, holding the Grammy that had caught her attention so much. "I can't believe it, is that really you?" the blond asked with a wide grin as he quickly walked over towards the two of them and flashed the brunet's name perfectly engraved on the award.
Y/N's mouth dropped open as she looked back at the man they had just met, recognizing that, beneath the stranger's fatigue, wounds, and pale complexion, features she herself had been seeing on television and at concerts were beginning to appear.
However, for Harry to be recognized didn't seem to do anything to him, but on the contrary, an almost displeased grimace curved his lips before he turned his gaze from them to the side again.
"I don't think that means anything anymore in this situation," he replied dejectedly as his green eyes began to glisten with tears that he tried not to let fall as a tired smile covered his expression. "I'm just Harry now... Just useless Harry," he whispered regretfully more to himself, but the other two listened to him sadly.
"That's not true. No one ever is," Y/N surprised herself by letting those words slip out, making the wounded brunet look up at her again. She just cleared her throat before speaking again. "How did you survive all of this?"
Harry visibly deflated at her question as he let out a loud sigh, biting his scratched lip slightly before he began to talk, trying to avoid the eyes of the other two at all times.
"When London fell completely, my bodyguards and managers wanted me to be 'safe'," the brunet laughed humorlessly at the last word as he shook his head. "More like they wanted to get rid of me, so like a dead weight they decided to lock me up here," his green eyes glanced around, almost hatefully, before raising his gaze to Y/N's. "My own personal, luxury-filled grave," he smirked sadly again, his dimples even appearing, making her feel bad as she just watched the broken man tell his tale with regret. "They just... They just decided that I wasn't worth being in their lives anymore and abandoned me here, leaving me alone to my fate and hoping that someday I would run out of food and water and die because they decided that my life is a burden." A sob escaped his lips as at last several tears began to wet down his pale, bruised cheeks. "And I don't judge them," he sighed the last to himself before lowering his gaze back down to the ground.
"Why didn't you try to run away?" Y/N asked sadly as she saw that man that used to glow everywhere passing into a shadow of what he once was as silent tears continued to slowly trickle down from his sad green eyes.
"I couldn't," he admitted hoarsely. "Outside there was always a horde of the dead or something that kept me from escaping."
Y/N watched him sadly, letting him cry silently, a feeling of injustice and frustration that the brunet's so-called friends had decided to abandon him and lock him up there just because they considered his existence a burden without the chance to prove that he was worth more than singing and parading Gucci suits. Thomas at his side also decided not to express anything as he looked down at the Grammy in his hands before turning around and leaving him where he was.
She opened her mouth again to ask him another question, however, Harry's terrified muttering made her stop.
"I was so scared," he admitted with his voice cracking sincerely between sobs and slight hiccups, letting out all his frustration that had long been buried in his chest.
"Hey," Y/N called to him gently before resting one of her hands on one of his bent knees, making him lift his gaze to hers, meeting the kindest and most sincere eyes he had ever seen on anyone and more so in a situation like the one they were in. "It's okay to feel scared and what they did to you was a total injustice, no one should judge anyone's life, and you didn't deserve what they did to you," she assured him firmly and gently, making him feel unsure of what to respond to it.
In his mind during all those months only the idea that dying in that mansion was his prize and what his soul would have to pay. Many nights in his bed, the thought of wanting to open the door and let the dead kill him had crossed his mind.
"But you don't have to feel that way anymore, you're with us now, and you won't have to feel lonely or scared ever again," Y/N confirmed with certainty, Harry gasped not knowing what to say and not quite believing her words to get his hopes up; his eyes shifting to see Thomas from behind Y/N nod with a smile of confirmation to look back up at that woman, almost able to notice at a halo on her head and wings on her back.
An angel, Harry couldn't help but think before at last a sincere smile began to appear on his lips and tears, this time of pure joy, began to fall hard down his cheeks.
"Thank you."
Tumblr media
"So... Has he said anything to you?" Philip spoke gruffly as he heard Y/N come through the door into the large room where they had all settled down to spend until they could go out again.
"Yes, we've spoken to him, and he isn't dangerous," she assured firmly before watching the burly man rise from the wide couch and hold a glass of what Y/N would assume would be whiskey inside and from Harry's own personal wine cellar.
"And you bring that conclusion up because...?" The man tried to get her to talk while gesturing with his hands in an attempt to ridicule her.
"He is not a threat, period. Because I've decided that and Thomas agrees with me that we need to help him and let him come with us. He's just a man who was left alone, and I think he could help us a lot in..." Y/N began to explain, looking at everyone else, trying to convince them and reassuring them to trust her.
"Hey, hey, hey, hold your horses right there, girl," Philip stopped her as he approached her. "That's for me to decide if he deserves to come with us."
Y/N looked at him in disbelief before speaking again.
"What do you mean it's up to you to decide? This isn't a dictatorship, Philip, we can all decide if we want him to come with us or not." Philip grimaced angrily as he glared at her, towering over her before taking a sharp breath and turning back to the group, taking the last shot of his drink before leaving the glass on the table.
"Well, and do we at least know what this stranger's name is? Or did he not even give you a name, and you want to put us all in danger for nothing?" Philip inquired her mockingly, putting his hands on his hips.
Y/N went to open her mouth, but someone beat her to it.
"My name is Harry Styles and I assure you all that I'm no threat to you," the tall brunet was back on his legs, his wrists still bound and following closely behind him Thomas. His face was still bruised and spoke in a gentle voice to the entire group.
There was a stony silence as the whole group began to realize who they had in front of them as their memories of a simpler and more vivid world reminded them of that famous and rich singer who triumphed all over the world and for whom he was acclaimed and admired, was at that very moment in front of them, begging and pleading for mercy and a place to stay.
"Just a second..." Philip was the first to speak as, also surprised to find out who he was, he walked up to stand in front of Harry, his mouth open and his inquisitive eyes looking him up and down, inspecting him. "You; yeah, I remember you. The one who was from one of those boy bands that all teens were crazy about, the one who was a womanizer, right? The one who took advantage of his fans to fuck all of them."
"I wasn't..." Harry tried to answer him in a whisper as he swallowed his saliva hard, his eyes reddened from crying again crystallizing. Not believing that even that past would follow him to the end of the world.
"Yes, yes you were," Philip cut him off with a snap and a hard voice. "Don't even think about lying to me, boy," he threatened him as he stepped closer until their faces were almost brushing, his eyes intimidating and his knuckles turning white from the force his fist was making.
"Philip, that's enough." Y/N tried to break them apart again, hearing perfectly well what the muscular man had just accused Harry of. "You know, as well as I do, that would just be press rumors and..."
"No, Y/N! This isn't enough!" Suddenly the man shouted in her face, pushing her away from the two of them with a slap that nearly knocked her to the ground, and made everyone tense up at the argument. "Unlike you, girl, I know very well what kind of man he is!" He vociferated as he pointed a thumbs up towards the brunet who didn't know what to do with his eyes wide with fear of what might happen to him, his head denying what the soldier claimed at all times. "The typical lazy shit who won't do anything for the community and will just go after all the women to fuck them, a nuisance, useless." His voice got lower and lower until his whisper was straight towards Harry.
The dark-haired man didn't know what to do at that moment, that man was accusing him, and he only wished he could yell at him and prove his worth. The last word made him burn as it was always the only thing he had been hearing for so long and had cried for so many nights, but this time, this time that simple word alone made his blood boil.
"I'm not useless," Harry finally growled, infuriated at being treated that way. His words did nothing but make the hulking man angry who turned quickly towards him before he came at him with two strides and his hands gripped the collar of his shirt to pull him up and slam him hard against the wall behind him; a small groan of pain came from the brunet as he felt his arms scrape against the hard concrete.
"Philip! Stop that!" Y/N tried again to pull them apart, but the military man's out was incredibly firm against the brunet as he ignored her completely.
"No," Philip snarled in his face hoarsely. "You have no right to say anything, you womanizer piece of shit, much less dare to stand up for what you obviously are: a useless singer, a rich piece of shit who will only be a burden and one more mouth to feed that will be incapable of contributing anything to anyone."
"Philip, I said, stop," Y/N whispered back angrily, the heart in her chest fluttering at the tension and fear for what was happening and what might happen.
The military man just stared at her for a second, before letting out a humorless snort, just trying to mock her attempts again. He turned his gaze back to the brunet who just looked at him intently without saying anything before breaking away, spitting at his feet before shoving him one last time before walking away from both of them so that he could head towards the other listeners in the room this time.
"Are you okay?" Y/N asked him quickly, her hand inadvertently having landed on the brunet's cheek and her face reflecting concern, something that made Harry's own damaged heart give a little jump as he tried to smile reassuringly at her, trying not to over-worry this angel who had already done too much for him and had defended him without even knowing him; the innocence and purity of her heart softening him and making him feel that he didn't deserve such treatment.
"Guys, obviously Y/N has been influenced by this man, and he has manipulated her. As I said, he won't be of any use to the community, he'll just be one more mouth to feed and for us to fill, and honestly, it's costing us too many lives already to get food for everyone to let him come with us." His last words were directed at Daniel, the death of Laura, his girlfriend, still present in his soul as he looked down at his trembling hands. "So I propose a vote. Raise your hand, those of you who agree with me, and let's not let the worthless rich guy come with us."
Mark and Sean obviously raised their hands quickly at their superior's words as they joined him, realizing that everyone else's hands were down. His hard eyes focused on the other woman who had been left of them all; hopes beginning to rise between Harry, Thomas, and Y/N.
"Susan," Philip spoke directly to her. "You know I'm right, this Harry Styles is a danger to everyone."
Y/N snorted at his absurd attempt to manipulate the woman, who could finally know her name as she looked fearful of what Susan might say, however, the woman seemed determined.
"You know, Philip. I was a teacher when everything was normal, and if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that you should never judge a book by its cover and that you should always give everyone a chance." Her words were kind and firm as she watched Philip's hard face contour into one of annoyance before directing a fake smile at her.
Y/N let out the breath she was holding as Harry sighed in gratitude to the woman, forming a sincere 'thank you' as Susan turned her gaze to him, a kind, motherly smile returning it.
"Of course, Susan, if it's truly what you think, it's your vote, after all." Philip's tone of voice didn't reflect what he was really thinking before he turned to Daniel again, who still had his eyes resting on the ground, his clasped hands shaking as he tried to hold back his tears. "Daniel," the military man called out to him, causing the man to raise his trembling gaze towards him. "Laura was a great woman," he began, making the man blurt out all the tears he had been trying to hold back that entire moment. "And if you decide to let this man come, many more great men and women will die."
"What the hell?! How dare you try to buy his vote like that?!" Y/N couldn't help but blurt out, approaching the military man with fury. "His girlfriend just passed away, you're an insensitive asshole with no empathy at all, trying to manipulate him like that. You accuse Harry of manipulating me when you're literally trying to do it with Daniel knowing what he just lost, you hypocritical fuck." She insulted carelessly, fed up with Philip's devious methods of trying to get what he wanted.
"Daniel," this time she turned to him, the broken man looking at her through tears, not knowing what to do. "You must vote what you think is fair." She assured him as she reached down and grasped his still clasped and trembling hands. "What has happened to Laura... It's horrible." She herself could feel her tears forming even as she remembered the cruel fate the woman had suffered. "But both you and I know it has nothing to do with this. We're talking about an innocent man's life, so please, I don't know what your opinion is on this, but please I'm asking you, Daniel, vote freely and don't be manipulated by this bastard." His last words were directed at the military man as he raised his gaze to Philip and stood up again, glaring at him with hatred and disgust, as the other returned the same or worse look.
"Cute words," Philip replied sarcastically as he pulled back his tense shoulders in an attempt to creak the bones in his back and look more menacing towards her. "So, Daniel, what's your vote?"
Silence reigned in that instant while Y/N could hear the accelerated breathing of everyone in that place along with the hiccups of Daniel's crying, her eyes looked worriedly towards Harry who still hadn't moved from the wall where Philip had pushed him, receiving a sad smile of being willing to whatever fate was decided at that very moment. Her hands trembled with helplessness, knowing that this could be the last time she would see Harry, and she could do nothing more as to see how they would sentence this man who was no danger or harm to anyone to a slow and lonely death.
"I..." Daniel finally spoke, his voice hoarse from sobs. "I'm on Y/N and Thomas's side. We have to give him a chance."
His words were the result of something totally unexpected in that instant. As smiles began to appear on their faces and Harry threw his head back, relieved that they were letting him have a second chance at the end of the world to live, Thomas couldn't help but let out a squeal of excitement as he patted Harry's back and Susan smiled slightly, and before Y/N could thank Daniel, a loud and painful blow was delivered to her right side of her face, sending her crashing to the ground loudly, her eyes unfocused as her face fell to the floor, her eyes unfocused as there was a moment where her mind had gone blank for a few moments; a beeping sound began to ring in her ear, the pain beginning to make her face feel almost anesthetized as she tried to comprehend what had happened.
A strong, heavy body positioned itself over her as Y/N threw her hands up, trying to defend herself as best she could, trying to let the dizziness pass; more blows being aimed at the sides of her head, being vaguely muffled by her arm.
"You bitch! You just sentenced us!" Philip roared at her, finally the beeping beginning to shut down, and realizing that the military man had just hit her with the back of his gun and was trying to hurt her more. "Who do you think you are to dictate your own rules! To put us all in danger for your fucking cunt! You're nobody! You're nobody!"
Before he could land another blow, both Thomas and Harry leaped to her help at almost the same time, pushing the soldier aside and sending him tumbling immediately to the ground.
"Get off her, you son of a bitch!" Thomas yelled at him as Harry tried to take him down, preventing him from standing up as he positioned his broad chest on his back, but with his wrists still bound it was simply difficult with the flailing the muscular man was doing, managing to land a punch on Thomas and causing him to roll off him and then punch Harry hard in the stomach making him doubled over in pain.
Y/N was still on the ground, slowly starting to get up as she tried to focus her disoriented gaze on what was happening, watching in fright as Philip stood up again, hearing the sound of the safety being removed as he raised his gun and pointed its barrel at Harry still on the ground writhing in pain. In Philip's eyes the pure rage and hatred reflected in his eyes as his face was completely red and his hair disheveled and breathed heavily.
"You! You are the cause of all this!" the soldier's roar made them shiver in fear, Y/N could watch in horror as his trigger finger began to tighten as pure terror flashed in the dark-haired singer's crystalline green eyes as he looked up, straight at his executioner.
"No!" However, before he could end Harry's life, Thomas again shoved Philip hard, causing them both to fall back to the ground, with Thomas on top of him, struggling and fighting with grabbing the gun from his hands.
Suddenly, the sound of a single gunshot rang through the house, cutting off all sound and breath from those present.
"Thomas!" Y/N was the first to yell, throwing herself towards her blonde friend before he fell to the ground. His long form leaning against her body as his trembling hands clenched his stomach. "Let me see, let me see," she pleaded with him, trying to see the damage caused by the shot, praying that it had only been superficial.
Her eyes widened in horror as she gritted her teeth in agony and couldn't help but let out a sob as she saw the amount of blood beginning to emanate from her best friend's body.
"No, no, no..." She pleaded in whispers, trying to quiet Thomas' moans of pain. "No, no, don't worry, you'll be fine. I'm sure of it, shhh, shhh." She was begging, cupping his blond head between her shoulder and arm, as her hands vainly tried to cut off the bleeding as best she could, Thomas' whimpers of suffering making her more and more nervous. "No, no, please, somebody, please, somebody help him!" This time Y/N looked towards the other groups of people, trying to pray that someone knew something about medicine or something, at this point.
However, everyone still shocked and terrified looked on with nothing but dread and sadness at the situation. Even Philip, who was breathing heavily from what was happening, looked in commotion at Thomas' life escaping from his soul, his eyes widened as he looked at his hand with his gun, hot from the shot that had sentenced him.
"I-I didn't mean to... I-I wasn—," Philip tried to explain, stuttering in a broken whisper that all it got was Y/N turning to him with pure hatred and rage in her eyes.
"Shut your fucking mouth!" She angrily cried as she turned her gaze again to Thomas's face, which was starting to turn pale. "No, no, don't fight bubs, please, you'll be fine, but I need you to hold on, please, I'm begging you."
"Y/N..." Only Thomas could call out to her as he grabbed her hand with his trembling, nearly weak hand. His baby blue eyes looked up at her friend as a small, faint smile appeared on her face, making her cry out of pure frustration and fear. "Don't cry, you dummy, please, I hate seeing you cry."
"You're making me cry, you idiot," she couldn't help but let out a sniffle between sobs. "Don't talk, you have to save your strength, please, Thomas," she pleaded with him, hugging his limp, languid body. "I can't do this without you, please don't go, don't leave me."
"Shhh, you'll be fine... I know that and... I'm sorry... I love you so much." The steely smell of blood made her feel nauseous, but she couldn't help but keep crying, knowing that this would be their last goodbye.
"A-And I love you, bubs, you're the best thing that ever happened to me," she confessed to him, her sobs and tears making her vision blurrier, getting angry that she couldn't see her friend's face well because of them.
"Please, tell Eric that I lov—." But Thomas couldn't continue because a cough cut him off, shuddering, from his pale white lips blood red gushing out, making him gasp in pain.
"I know, I know. I'll tell him, I promise, I promise," Y/N nodded her head, slurping up her snot from sobbing as she watched her best friend's eyes slowly begin to close. "No, no..."
"Good... Thanks."
His last words echoed throughout the room as his lifeless body dropped completely over Y/N's, who hugged him tightly against her chest as a cry of pure pain left her throat and more tears began to emanate from her.
Harry was just standing there, being the observer of everything, his lungs still trying to recover from everything that had happened, his face twisted in pain as he heard Y/N's heartbreaking scream while she was still hugging Thomas's lifeless body. His fists clenched tightly in his back, not knowing what to do to comfort her, frustration coursing through his veins as he realized that it was all his fault; that, if he had hidden from everyone well, no one would have suffered for him. His jaw clenched in sadness and remorse, his eyes tearing away for a moment from the distressing image of Y/N and Thomas to look up at Philip who, paralyzed, still stood beside them, not knowing what to do.
No one at that moment knew how to act or what to say, even everyone's breaths were like a shower of pure anguish and disbelief. Everyone gradually turned their gaze towards the cause of such a tragic situation.
"No... don't even think about looking at me like that." Philip finally spoke up to everyone in the room, his pissed-off and fearful eyes glaring back at them. "You saw it! All of you! It was an accident!"
"No, it wasn't, you wretch!" Susan exploded next to a terrified Daniel. "It wasn't an accident at all, and you know it, Philip! You killed him! You killed Thomas!" The woman sobbed in a broken voice.
"No, no," Philip shook his head quickly. "I didn't kill him," he asserted more to himself as he turned his gaze towards his fellow soldiers. "Guys! You saw him! He jumped me! It was self-defense!"
Both Mark and Sean were petrified, but neither knew what to say, they could only avert their gazes from Philip's pleading one, embarrassment complementing their faces.
"He was just trying to disarm you!" Susan shouted back at him. "And anyone who doesn't see it is just a blind, unprincipled fuck," she finished, directing her gaze explicitly at Sean and Mark.
Philip laughed humorlessly before turning back to his friends, but he didn't find what he was looking for in their faces.
"C'mon, Guys, it's me..."
"I'm sorry, Philip, but... It wasn't an accident," Mark finally spoke in a slurred voice, trying to keep his words from being fully heard but not quite succeeding.
"No, no..." Philip denied again, suddenly all frustration and fear consumed him, in his eyes he looked at nothing and perceived nothing as his trembling hands gripped his gun again, and he swung them towards everyone quickly, making them raise their hands in fear. "It wasn't my fucking fault! The fucking faggot jumped at me! It wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fault!" He began to roar in a broken voice, even going so far as to spit out some spittle.
"Philip, man, calm down," Sean tried to soothe him, holding his hands up, showing him his palms. "I'm sure when we explain what happened to Carol, she'll understand and—."
"No!" Philip cut off his words abruptly, his gun pointing at him. "No one will say anything in the community! Not to Carol or anyone!" He ordered, before breaking down again, a sob coming from his throat in fear. "They're going to kill me for this, guys, don't you understand?" Philip tried to plead.
"It's what you deserve," Susan stated coldly and firmly, glaring hatefully at him.
"No, no, no." They could all see Philip's head spinning round and round, fearful of what might happen next in that very unpredictable and out-of-control situation at the moment, they could all feel their own fear coursing through their veins.
However, the rabid eyes of the angry soldier ended up on the brunet still on the ground, —of the stranger they just met—, of Harry.
"You," Philip whispered again, Harry's eyes widening in terror as he saw him heading towards him again with long strides before he grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up until he slammed him against the wall, cutting him off and delivering a hard blow against his head, knocking him out of his senses for a moment before focusing on the soldier's harsh screams. "This was all your fault! You son of a bitch! I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you!"
Harry could hear the pleads of the other people in the room trying to stop the mad man as he threw him to the floor again, being able to catch his breath before he looked up to find the man's gun pointed between his eyes one more time; fearing that Philip's angry stare and his face flushed with pure hatred would be the last thing he would ever see in his life; this time being the definitive one.
And a shot rang out.
Harry startled in fear and closed his eyes unconsciously before realizing he was still breathing, his green eyes widening again to pass to where Y/N was standing, this time with her hand up; her gun being the one that had been fired.
"Philip, that's enough, shut your damn mouth and leave him alone." Y/N's voice was broken and dark from crying, but still, her steady, hard eyes looked up at the cause of her friend's death. "I swear, if you don't put the gun down, I'm going to shoot you." Even that whisper sent a shiver down Harry's spine, making him swallow before he looked up at the soldier, not expecting raucous laughter to suddenly reign the room thunderously.
"Oh, come on, Y/N, you wouldn't be able to shoot m—."
But before he could finish the sentence, the last thing heard was another gunshot and Philip's big, muscular body falling to the ground with a thud; dead and with a bullet hole right in his forehead.
Tumblr media
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purplekiwis · 28 days ago
Tentmate (One Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N has always hated camping ... until her and Harry got stuck together in the same tent ⛺ P.S: I'm not taking any responsability for this. It is entirely @fkinavocado's fault for fueling my imagination. Warnings: Cursing / SMUT (Unprotected Sex / Breeding Kink / FWB Situation) Wordcount: 2.5k
Y/N was miffed.
She was so, so miffed.
Because she had somehow gave in and let her friends coax her into going festival camping with them. Camping itself alone already sounded a bit like a nuisance to her... add the hot, summertime weather part to it and that turns it into an absolutely dreadful experience. According to her, anyway. She hated having to sleep enclosed in a tight sleeping bag she could barely move inside of. How was anyone expecting her to rest peacefully with the rocks of the ground poking her flesh the whole bloody night?
Not to mention the constant, yet perfectly justifiable fear of a giant bug having crept inside without her noticing… But frankly, the worst part of all had to be the waking up at the utmost ungodly hours of the morning every single day due to the sun rays piercing through the tent walls.
And now, to make her camping experience even worse, she was also being forced to share a tent with Harry.
Harry! of all people! - A.K.A. the most unpredictable timebomb of all time. It got beyond annoying sometimes - his random spikes of energy that came out of nowhere, where he got all pumped up like someone had stuck a battery up his ass. He could only think to do stupid things then… things like jumping off a window into a pool or start climbing up a big statue just to prove to himself that he could reach the top. Sometimes, Y/N wonders how he hasn't died or gotten seriously injured yet… and now, the meanest, most selfish part of her was almost wishing he had sprained his ankle last week. When he fell while pivoting around Jack’s kitchen in his socks after having one too many drinks. Maybe then he wouldn't have come to the festival, what would've benefit Y/N’s sleeping tremendously, since she was already predicting someone like him would be insufferable to sleep next to.
She was supposed to be sharing her tent with Abigail... who had bailed last minute to go on holiday with her parents instead, leaving Y/N without a tentmate. What could have been nice, if their friends hadn't decided to tell Harry that it wasn’t worth bringing his own tent, as Abigail was not coming, him and Y/N could share.
And of course, no one had “remembered” to warn Y/N about the sudden change of plans... probably because they knew she wouldn't agree to it…
And now here she was. Stuck with him.
Breathing the same heavy, heatconcentrated air inside the tent.
Which was her fault, granted. She couldn't blame Harry for it when he had suggested leaving the zipper slightly open during the night to allow the air to circulate... Y/N was the one who had said 'no'. Too scared to wake up with creepy, leggy guests crawling next to her face. Harry had still grumbled about it… but ended up relenting, obviously.
At the end of the day, it was her tent. Her rules. He was just staying there because she had felt like being nice.
He was sleeping on his back. Forearm laid over his face to shield his eyes from the luminous sunlight. Y/N had been trying to do the same... but her arm kept slipping down whenever she was about to fall back into her slumber. For fuck's sake. She gave up. Sitting up with a huff and rubbing the sleep off her tired face. There was no point in keeping the tossing and turning... she knew she wouldn't find a comfortable enough position to fall back asleep in anytime soon. At least the washrooms should be emptier at that hour... If she went now, she could probably avoid the line for the showers.
So she reached for her flip flops, glancing resentfully at the boy sleeping beside her... who looked like he was having the best sleep of his life. It was almost like he was smiling. His lips parted with each heavy breath he took, revealing the pink tongue hidden behind them. His body was practically fully uncovered. Arms and legs spread and- Oh.
Her jaw dropped with a silent gasp.
Harry was hard. Rock hard inside his shorts.
The sleeping bag he was under didn't cover his front, leaving his compressed erection exposed to the girl’s curious eyes. Y/N knew she shouldn’t be staring, but how could she not? She had been deprived of cock for a while… and Harry was packing a nice one under those shorts, she could already tell.
Her thighs rubbed together unconsciously, as her mind span with filthy thoughs. Y/N had always enjoyed a morning wood… she loved when a guy woke up all stiff and ready beside her. Pliant to whatever she wanted to do to him. Y/N couldn’t tell how long she sat there just looking at it… it could have been a couple of seconds or 10 minutes... the only thing she knew for sure was that the only reason that prompted her eyes to turn away was the sleepy, draggy voice that startled her. “Enjoying the view?” It asked teasingly. Her cheeks burned hot to the touch, utterly ashamed to have been caught ogling so blatantly. “You can touch if you want to. Go ahead, love… give it a rub. I’ll give you one too if you’d like that.”
“Stop it! Don’t be gross.” Y/N spat, appalled that he would even think to say that.
“Wha- ‘m not being gross!” Harry defended himself, although he didn’t seem put off by her accusation whatsoever. “I’m making you a preposition, that’s all. You just have to say yes or no, and I’ll respect whichever. I won’t push it, I swear.”
Y/N couldn’t not let out an incredulous laugh at his audacity. Finding it somewhat amusing that the situation was beggining to feel a whole lot like a cliché scene out of a porno. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” She scoffed, tilting her head the complete opposite way. “I can’t believe I got stuck with you!”
“Hm.” Harry mused. “You’re avoiding to answer the question.” He chuckled a little, rubbing at his eye before nestling his elbow behind his head to keep it propped up. Just so he could still stare at her. “Makes me believe that you're considering…”
“I’m not.” She objected immediately, scowling.
“Got your mind all made up, then?” Harry asked teasingly. His lip got tugged between his front teeth after, biting down to suppress what was sure to be a cocksure smile.
The girl huffed, but her gaze kept betraying her. Eyes moving unsteadily… wandering back down to the bump in his crotch every so often, against her better will. “I don’t know, Harry.” She admitted below a heavy breath. “It’s not that I don’t want to, I just- I don’t want things to be weird after.”
“It doesn't have to be weird unless we make it weird, you know.” Harry answered her, deceivingly calm. “But it’s okay. Like I said- It’s up to you completely. I just figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask... since we've both been single for a while and touching feels good.” Harry chewed on his lip again. He could tell his words were getting to her… making her squirm to avoid pushing her legs together. “I just love it, you know…? Making a girl all wet and messy… a bit whiny too. Squeezing so tight around my fingers as she cums. It’s so good to get finger fucked, isn’t it?”
Y/N remained quiet for a while, staring right at him with challenging eyes. She was fully aware that he was saying all that to try and get her worked up – and the worst part was that it was working. “Make room for me.” She commanded with a straight face. He did so willingly, lifting one of the sleeping bag's ledges for her to scoot closer.
Once she was settled, he barely gave her any time to breathe before lowering his face over hers. Eyes half-lidded and a sly, effortlessly seductive smirk present on his lips.
Y/N gasped. She wasn't expecting for him to want to kiss her. Not with the overly casual, almost spontaneous way in which he had made his “preposition”… laying it out on the table like it was nothing but a casual favor. I’ll do yours, you’ll do mine – that was what this was… so why wasn't that how it felt? His mouth was moving against hers as if this had been planned. As if he had spent time contemplating on what it would be like to mold their tongues and lips together.
It became hard to focus on questioning things though, with his fingers idly moving down her belly. Dipping beneath her sleeping shorts. “Fuck. Your pussy is so wet…” He sneered. Lips heading down Y/N’s warm cheek, towards her uncovered neck as his fingertips began to circle her clit over the panties, coaxing sweet, soft moans out of her. “Does it feel good?”
“Yes.” Y/N nodded. “Does this, also feel good?” She accentuated as her hand advanced down his front and squished underneath his sports shorts too, groping all around. His length was fully hard. It felt heavy, almost. Warm against her palm too, once her hands decided to poke around further – past the underwear.
“God. Can’t believe I got you jerking me off right now – feels so fucking good.” Harry grunted, free hand reaching for Y/N's nape to tug her to clash against his mouth again.
“I’m gonna pull off your shorts.” She heard him murmur in between kisses, upon noticing her hips kept jolting up to try to get more friction. Something he couldn’t give her with the multiple layers of clothing keeping his hand cramped in between. Y/N nodded in agreement, only to let out a startled squeak once she felt her flimsy underwear being tugged off her body in a swift motion along with the rest. “It was just going to be a matter of time until those came off anyway...”
“A warning would’ve still been nice, though.” The girl grumbled, making him chuckle lightly whilst shamelessly looking down at her pretty pussy. Freshly bare and exposed to his eager eyes. “Strip off yours too. I don’t want to be naked alone.” She asked, pouting.
“Aw, you want me to strip?” He tutted his tongue, palming himself over his clothes for her. Truth be told, the throbbing between his legs was getting almost unbearable, but he wanted to hear Y/N supplicate for it. “Ask.”
“I want to see. Please let me see.” She whined, making him laugh breathily. The boyish smirk and mischievous glint in his eyes driving her even crazier.
That was all it took for his shorts and briefs to come sliding down his legs. He tugged them fully off, throwing them to an aimless spot inside the tent. His hard cock bobbed up, leaving Y/N impossibly more aroused as she reached for his wrist. Pulling him down just so he laid on his back. She climbed on top, spreading her knees apart around him.
His brow jumped up at the action. “Is that an invitation?” He made sure to ask. Waiting for the confirmation before he dared to start rubbing his tip over the wet slit, collecting the wetness to stimulate the clit with slow rubs and taps of his cock. “Christ. I know we shouldn’t, but I really want to fuck you raw. Your pussy is so warm and creamy… it’s like it’s begging me to do it. Begging to be bred.”
“Holy fuck. Yes. Yes please.” Y/N mumbled. “Do it. I want your cum.”
“Fuck...” He hissed, tapping her clit harder. “You sure? I mean- would we be safe?”
“I have a Nexplanon.” Y/N assured in between low whimpers. Her clit pulsing at the feeling of his tip aligning with her slit, only for him not to push it in, in favor of carrying on smearing her wetness around with his cock. “I’m clean too. Are you?”
"I haven't skipped the rubber since my ex. I did blood tests a while ago too, and they came out clean… but if it makes you feel safer, I have condoms.”
“It’s okay. I trust your word.”
“I trust yours too.”
They both let out groans once Harry finally allowed for Y/N to sink onto his cock. The wet, warm cunt sucking him in inch by inch until her plush bum was pressed with his thighs. “Fuck me… I’m already in love with this pussy.” He groaned again once the girl began to roll her hips on his. Pulling out halfway only to push him fully in again.
Her hands were on his chest, whilst his gripped at her hips, that swayed in a steady, stimulating rhythm for both of them.
Shit. It felt so good. She didn't realize she had spoken it out loud until she saw Harry smile at her words. “Fuck yeah, it does.” He replied. “I'll never leave you be now; I hope you know that. You’ll have to take me every morning… Just. Like. That.” He punctuated each word with a thrust up. “And maybe before bed too. You're always complaining that you have trouble falling asleep while camping, aren’t you? So it’ll be nice… having a nice cock to tire you out. It’ll put you right to sleep, I can promise you that…”
“Oh my god…” The rocking of her hips intensified at the lewdness of his promises.
“Yeah, you liked that?” He asked, daring to land an experimental slap on the girl's ass, that ended up leading to some more right as he realized his hand got the good reaction he was hoping for out her. “Gosh, who would've known that a good girl like you could be into such dirty things like that?”
“Good girls like to be- mmh, d-dirty too.”
“Yeah? Do good girls like getting cum on their pussy also?” His question was spat in between gritted teeth, due to the pace of his thrusts becoming more agressive. Loving the feeling, and the view of her slickness coating his cock as it appeared, only to disappear deep in her again.
“Fuck- fuck yeah, they do.” Y/N panted, hands squeezing her breasts together once she began to bounce on him faster too. Her thighs burned, but honestly that was the last thing on her mind. She could feel her orgasm approaching… the mental image her brain formed after his suggestion doing a lot for her pleasure. Harry was so undeniably hot – knowing just what to do and say to get her going… besides his cock felt amazing. It filled her hole up to the fullest, and was shaped just right to press against that special spot inside her: thick, with a slight curve, and the perfect number of protruding veins. It felt perfect. All it took was a couple more thrusts of it for Y/N to start clenching around the thickness moving sloppily in and out of her. “Harry, ‘m gonna cum.”
“Yes, fuck yes. Cum for me. Cum so that I can give you mine too. Want to pump it up your cunt and watch it dribble out after.”
God. He was going to wreck her.
She was shaking. The throbbing heat caused by his repetitive, fast thrusts turning her head light and dizzy – She couldn’t focus on anything else other than the grip of his big hands holding her down and the warm cock pounding up into her. Y/N was aware that they were being loud, and that the entire festival could probably hear their moans, but neither of them had the mind to hide them. It felt too good – like their bodies were set on fire, as they moved together towards that sweet release both had been craving so bad. Y/N saw stars as she came, and it only got impossibly better when she felt Harry's cock pulse inside her. Painting her tight walls with what seemed to be endless spurts of cum that he kept fucking deeper into her, just like he promised he would.
She stayed still for a while. Allowing for her pulsing cunt to milk it all out of him, before she willingly dropped to the side. Their heads were swimming blissfully. Bodies sprawled side by side and fucked-out faces gleaming with a thin sheen of sweat. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together this week, tentmate.” Harry blurted groggily, grinning and holding his fist up for Y/N to bump hers in it. She did. They were surely going to have a lot of fun, indeed.
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venusstyless · 24 days ago
Masked (H.S)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles/Y/N
Warning: NSFW (18+)  mask kink, oral (female receiving), Domrry, unprotected sex (wrap it up!), degradation (uses of the words slut and whore), breeding kink, pet names
Word count: 3,857
Synopsis: Harry was watching Y/N and Y/N enjoys being watched. 
authors note: Hi sunnies, this took me so fucking long I'm not going to lie, i really enjoyed writing this one, it was super different from anything I've ever written. Also this is unedited but i hope you all enjoy reading it. <3 .Reblog and Feedback appreciated.
The lights flashed as they made their way through the house, music boomed off of every wall as they walked through the crowd of people.
Y/N glanced around at everyone around her, her eyes widening as she took in everyone's costumes. 
Angel's, Devil's, Witches, Nurse's, Fireman's, Ghost face,  and a whole bunch of different kinds of masks. 
A shiver ran down her spine as she turned forward, someone was standing in front of her making her chest collide with theirs. Her hands raised to press against their broad shoulders as she pushed herself back, trying to stabilize herself. 
"S-sorry." She apologizes, her hands trembling as she stares into their eyes under the mask.
They didn't say anything though, she could tell that they were staring back at her but no words left their lips. Her eyes dragged down where she saw their throat bob as they swallow harshly, her eyes moved back to theirs just as they began moving, walking away from in front of her.
"Y/N! Come on!" Thea, her friend, called. 
She rushed over to her side, fighting the urge to look behind her at the person who walked away. Her shaky hands lifted to grab the cup out of Thea's hands, smiling lightly before bringing the cup to her lips. 
About an hour passes and she still can't seem to shake them from her mind, she can still feel their hands on her hips as she tries to push away from them. She could hear the faint sound of their shaky breaths from beneath the mask, the sound of the heavy inhale as she looked into their eyes. 
She leans over and whispers to Thea that she'll be back, setting her cup on a counter she slowly makes her way out of the kitchen. She found herself walking down a long hallway, doors covering either side of the wall. Her brows furrow as she walks further, the music fading out as she continues. 
She stops suddenly when she hears faint footsteps behind her, the sound of the floorboards squeaking echoing through her ears. 
“Hello?” Her small voice calls out, glancing over her shoulder she sees no one, the lights flashing from downstairs illuminating her surroundings. 
After a few seconds, she continues to walk, her arms reaching around to hug herself as her fingers tremble, they clutch to the costume she's wearing as her feet slowly take her further down the hallway. 
Suddenly a door flies open causing her to let out a yelp, grabbing onto her chest her head turns to see a couple walking out of the room. Their arms were wrapped around each other as one leaned down pressing a kiss to the other's lips. 
As she watched them descend down the hallway she released a breath, a breath of relief. Gathering up the courage, she slowly turned to begin walking again, but she stopped abruptly when she saw a figure at the end of the hallway.
They were there, their hands hanging by their sides as they stared straight at her.
Her cherry red lips part as she watches them take slow short steps toward her, her own feet moving as she tries to take steps back, retreating from them. 
“Don't,” They said, for the first time she heard a voice. it was deep and raspy, sending a shiver down her back as she froze. “You poor thing.” He speaks again, his thick accent rolling with each word.
“I– I don't—” She tries to say, her voice shaking as he grows closer. 
“You're like a kitten, practically shakin' in fear,” He purrs, his shoes stopping right in front of her pink heels. “So sweet, so innocent.” He murmurs, his finger raising to graze her arms lightly. 
He likes seeing her like this, trembling with fear, being so petrified that she's stood in front of a complete stranger, at his mercy. He wouldn't like it as much though if he knew that she didn't like it, but he could tell that she secretly did.
He could tell that she liked being this close to him, she liked being sought out and found as he had done. He could tell by the way her chest rose and fell just a bit faster than it had a minute prior, or the way her pupils had dilated, her eyes darkening as she stared at his own behind the mask. 
It excited her, made her heart race just a bit faster. 
"I've had m'eyes on you all night long, sweet thing," he whispers, dipping his head to the crease of her neck, he inhales deeply as he bites on his lip beneath the mask, suppressing a groan. "Watched you dancin' in this cute little outfit of yours." 
"Do y’like being watched, pet? Huh? Like knowing I had m'eyes on ya' since ya' stumbled into me?" 
She wanted to say no, she wanted to tell him to fuck off and turn away, to run back to her friends. But she couldn't, she liked the way his warm breath fanned over her neck, the way his words sent goosebumps to the tip of her skin.
The way having him this close to her made her thigh clench. 
"I asked you a question, pet," He growled, his hands going to grip at her hips as he pressed his groin against her thigh. "Do y'like being watched Y/N?" 
A small gasp left her lips as she felt his cock against her leg, hard and thick, throbbing just from inhaling her scent. His finger dug into her hips, pulling her closer to him he slotted his thigh in between her legs. 
“Y-yes.” she whimpered out, her hips discreetly settling on his thigh. 
“Look at you. Tryin’ to rub your little cunt on my thigh, dirty girl.” He mumbles, his lips grazing her neck just a bit before he pulls away, her body becoming cold as he takes a step away from her. 
“Why'd you stop?” She asks, her voice shaking as she tries to reach out for him. 
“Just because y’like to be watched like a little whore doesn't mean 'm letting anyone potentially get a view at what's mine,” He growled, his voice growing deeper as his hand came out to grab her tiny wrist. 
He pulled her into one of the rooms that lined the wall. She followed silently as she looked at the back of his head, dark brown curls poked out the back of the mask and her fingers itched to run through it. 
With the door closed behind them, he wasted no time pushing her against the wall, his hands grabbing at her thighs trying to get closer to her, to feel her against him. 
Her arms wrapped around his neck as his hips ground into hers, his hard cock pressing right up against her now drenched core. 
He wanted to feel her, to feel how slick she's gotten for him. 
"Fuck, you're a dream," He purred, his face hidden in her hot neck. "M'dream fuckin' girl."
Her fingers slowly made their way to his hair, a gasp leaving her lips as she finally felt his soft curls in between her fingers. Her own hips begin to work against him, grinding down to create some kind of fiction.
"Oh god," She whimpers, her head falling to the crease of his neck."Fuck, this feels–" 
"It feels what, sweet girl?" He taunts grinding his hips harder into her cunt, beads of precum leaking from the head of his cock. "Hm? How does grinding that hot cunt against my thick cock feel?" 
"Feels so good, so so good." She moans, her lips pucker against his skin as his hips drive deeper into her. 
"If y’think this feels good baby," he moans, pulling his head back, his hand comes up to gasp her throat, his fingers wrapping tightly around the base of her neck. "Just wait until I fill y’up, filling that tiny little cunt of yours right to the brim." 
A moan escaped her cherry lips before he pulled his body away from hers, her eyes flying open just as he tugs on her waist, pulling her towards the king sized bed in the middle of the dark room.
"Lay down," He ordered, nodding his head to the bed. She obeys and sits at the end, her legs dangling over the edge. "Scoot back for me, lovie." His rough voice speaks again.
She obeys, scooting back until her ass is right at the edge of the mattress. Her heels dangle, scraping the floor as her feet swing a bit. Her cheeks are flushed, crimson red covering the apples of her face as he stares at her, prowling at her as he takes slow steps towards her. 
His knees hit the end of the bed as he stands over her, his rough hands grazing the softness of her legs. His mouth watered at the sight of her red lace panties, a wet spot right in the middle of them.
He wanted to taste her, wanted to smother his face into her wet, hot cunt until he couldn't breathe. He wanted his tongue to explore every inch of her skin. 
Dropping to his knees before her, he hooked his fingers under her dress, pushing it up past her hips revealing her thick thighs. He groaned seeing her thighs part further, revealing more of her cunt for him. 
"You're soaking, pet. Such a little slut for me," He growled, digging his blunt nails into her thighs. "Gotta taste ya’, love… that okay with ya'?" He questions, looking at her through the mask.
His cock throbbed in his pants as she brings her lip between her teeth, he swears she bites hard enough to draw blood and suddenly he wants it on his tongue. 
Stare stares down at him, kneeling between her perched thighs. She can see parts of his eyes through the dark sheer parts of the mask, her heart pumping faster when those green eyes bore into hers. 
“Yes, please. Need your tongue.” She whines, her hips moving as she grows more and more desperate. 
"Such a dirty little thing aren't you? Letting a total stranger put his tongue on y'pussy," he moans, his fingers dipping into the side of her panties, pulling them to the side, his eyes making contact with her wet cunt. 
His mouth waters, taking in how wet she is, dripping down her ass. He surges forward, pulling the mask up to reveal his mouth before the tip of his tongue darts out as he licks the side of her thigh. Her hips thrust up, wanting to feel his wet mouth on her cunt, his tongue curling around her sensitive clit. 
She wanted him more than anything and it confused her. 
She didn't understand how she could want someone she doesn't even know so much, her body was aching for his touch. 
He left kisses to her heated skin, easing closer to where they both wanted. His lips puckered against the top of her mound, His arms wrapped around her thighs as he moved his lips down her slit, letting his tongue jut out, tasting her for the first time.
"So fuckin' good, addictive. M' new drug, baby." He groaned, pulling the mask off his face as he dived in, pressing his face against her. 
His tongue circled her clit before sucking it in his mouth, his teeth nibbling softly made her back arch. Her hands fly to his hair and she feels her body spasms feeling his curls between her fingers. 
"Tug on it, pet. Hurt me," He groans, her hips grinding against this tongue as she pulls his hair tightly, tugging him closer to her. 
He moans loudly against her, gripping her thighs as he presses deeper into her. He could feel his breathing getting harder but he didn't want to pull away, he wanted to be buried inside her forever.
"Jesus Christ, y'taste so fucking good, pet. Wanna be in between these thighs for days," He moans, he moves his face away from her cunt and grips her panties with both hands, pulling roughly he tears them into two pieces. "'M gonna finger you now, baby. Gonna 'ave to stretch you to take m'cock." 
She whimpers at his words, hanging onto everything dirty that leaves his mouth. Her back arches as she feels the tips of his fingers circling around her clit, her hips press down as she tries to get him to sink them into her cunt, wanting to feel full of him. 
“Please, please just—” her words catch in her throat as he sinks two fingers into her.
He releases a low groan feeling her tight pussy clench around him, squeezing his finger like she’ll be doing to his cock soon enough. He can only imagine how she'll feel around him.
“How are y’this fucking tight? Goddamn, you’re going to squeeze the shit out of m’cock love,” he moans, thrusting his finger in and out of her. His mouth latches onto her clit once again, his tongue poking out to swipe over her sensitive nerves as she moans out in pleasure.
“I need more, I need..” she whimpers, her hips grinding down trying to get his finger to go deeper, to hit her in the spot she needed them to.
“You need what, pet?” he asks, kissing at her pussy as she grinds against his face, 
“Need your cock, need it so much.” she pleads, her legs shaking as he suckles on her clit, his teeth scraping over it lightly but enough to drive her insane. 
“Where's your manners, pet? Say please.” he scolds, removing both his fingers and his mouth from her completely. 
“Please, please give me your cock.” she whines.
“Say my name… say ‘please Harry give me your cock’” he smirks as she looks at him for the first time tonight. 
Her mouth parted and she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips against her own, her mouth watered at the thought of him kissing her as he pounded into her from behind. His hand on her jaw as his hips slammed into hers repeatedly, his mouth leaving sloppy kisses on hers as they caught each other's moans. 
Her pussy throbbed at the thought, she needed him. She never needed anything more than she did him. 
“Please Harry, I need your cock. I need you to fuck me.” she begs, tears springing to her eyes.
He let out a low growl noise as his hand that was just inside of her goes to his mouth, sucking her arousal off his finger. He moaned at the taste of her as his other hand went to his jeans, slipping off his belt before going to unbutton them.
"I already miss being between your legs, baby," he mutters, his tongue jutting out to lick at the tip of his two fingers, "Y'taste so fuckin' divine, m'favorite fuckin' meal." 
Harry pushes his jeans down and his hand palms over the erection that's in his black briefs, his head falling to the side as he stares at his girl on the bed. Her fingers tremble as she moves her hand to her tits, moaning when her hands cup them, squeezing harshly before pinching her nipples.
"Can't wait to be inside that pretty little pussy, 'm goin' to wreck you, sweet girl." He promises, his thumbs hooking to the side of his briefs before he pushes them down, his hard thick cock comes into view as it stands high. 
He wraps his hand around the base of his cock, giving himself a squeeze before he begins slow agonizing strokes, letting his thumb swipe over the slit of his tip, collecting his pre-cum before dragging his hand back down. He slowly took small steps over to the bed, staring down at her as she lay sprawled out on the mattress below him.
"Move up on the mattress, pet," he groans, his voice low and raspy as he keeps stroking himself. 
She obeys, moving up on the mattress until her head is right below the white pillows. Her hand reaches for the dress as it's pushed up on her waist, the top of it is pulled down exposing her tits, she pulls it over her head and tosses it onto the floor as her eyes meet his again. 
"Harry, please don't tease—" 
"'M not going to tease ya', baby. Need that tight pussy wrapped around me too much." 
With that he climbs onto the bed, moving to sit right in between her parted thighs. She was still wet, glistening with arousal as she pants underneath him.
"Aren't you going to use a condom?" Y/N asks, her brows furrowing when she feels the tip of his bare cock brush against her slit. 
"No," he moans, rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit, making her hips squirm. "No, I wanna feel you. Besides, a part of me likes knowing that 'm about to breed you, get you all swollen with m'cum." 
She can't help but whimper, his words seem to always make her melt, it makes her so fucking wet. She throws her head back when she feels him position the tip of his cock to her entrance. 
"Ready, baby? Your going to be s'full, so fuckin' stuffed, pet." He growls, as soon as he sees a little nod from her he pushes his hips forward, sinking his cock deep inside of her tightness. 
Both of them release moans, feeling each other for the first time. Harry can’t help but cum a little at the feeling of being bare inside of her, fucking someone bare for the first time ever. 
He can't get enough of her, he wants her forever, all his. 
He dips his head down and captures her lips with his, she lets out a moan as his hips slowly grind into hers, letting her get used to his size before he really pounds her into the mattress. 
“You feel too fuckin’ good, got me obsessed with you, pet.” he whispers against her lips, pulling his hips back just to slam them back against her, “So fuckin’ obsessed with y'baby, this body of yours, this tight little fuckin’ cunt.” he growls, his hands pressing against her hips as he drives himself ina nd out of her at a steady pace. “Can I keep you, pet? I can fuck y’forever, memorize every inch of your skin while I learn how to love you, please Y/N, let me keep you.” he begs, his hips slamming into hers again. 
She would agree to just about anything he asks for right now, she's drunk on him, drunk on the feeling of his thick cock sliding in and out of her. Drunk on the feeling of his hands on her heated skin, drunk on the words that are spilling from his mouth. 
"Yes, fuck, oh god." She finds herself saying, feeling him smile against her skin before he draws back.
She’s left feeling empty as he leaves her, gripping at her hips he flips her onto her knees. Her hands reach out and press against the soft mattress as she feels him behind her, he grabs himself, gliding the tip through her drenched folds, teasing her before he places himself at her sopping entrance. 
With one hard thrust he slides back into her, her walls clench around him as she moans his name, her heart wracks against her chest as she presses back against him. 
“Fuck, pet. Such a needy little slut,” Harry moans, his hands gripping her hips harshly, his nails dig into her skin. “S’fuckin’ needy for this cock, for m’cock,” he whispers, leaning over her he places a kiss to her shoulder, his warm breath fans out over her skin making her shiver. “No need to cry, baby. There's no way I could stop fuckin’ ya’."
Tears were streaming down her cheeks as her orgasm grew closer, her pussy clenched and quivered around his cock as he continued to pound her. His hand leaves her hip and grips her jaw, pulling her head back until her back is flush against his chest. 
"Aw, are y'gonna cum, pet? Gonna get m'cock soaked, yeah?" He teases, his hand on her hip moves around her, reaching between her thighs until his calloused fingers meet her clit.
She let out a shrill moan, her body spasming against his hold as his hips moved faster, driving into her deeper. The tip of his cock was brushing right against her g-spot, making her legs shake with every thrust he gave her. 
"Gonna cum," she whispered, her bottom lip getting caught between her teeth as her eyes rolled back. "Oh god I'm gonna fuckin' cum, please, please don't stop." She begged, rocking back into him with every thrust of his hips. 
"God, keep pushing back on me, baby," Harry groans, his mouth latching onto her sweaty neck, his tongue licking at her heated skin. "'M gonna cum so fuckin' hard, gonna fill this little pussy up with m'load, baby. Gonna fill you up s'much that y'feel it for days." 
Her orgasm washed over her as he spoke, clenching down hard around him her whole body trembled. Her arms give out and her body falls into the mattress, Harry continues fucking her, his cock now glistening with her cum, knowing that she just came makes his mind blurry. 
His legs shake as he slams into her one last time, cum shot out of his cock and fills her. She could feel it, the warmth it gave she knew that he had come inside of her.
"Fuck, oh my god," Harry groans, his mouth placed right next to her ear, "Shit, think you have some magic pussy or something, pet." He whimpers, slowly grinding his cock against her, "Haven't came that hard in a long fuckin' time." 
He slowly pulls out of her, moving back on the bed he glances down at her cunt, red and swollen, their cum leaking out if her was a sight that would be cemented in his brain. 
She goes to move but he places one of his hands on her back, rubbing slow circles on her bare skin he lays next to her. Her head turned and she looked at him, for the first time she really looked at him. He was beautiful.
"Stay here," he whispers, moving his face closer to her, their noses nudging against each other, "I'll get you cleaned soon, pet and then we can leave." He says, his hand still moving on her skin as she shifts to lay her head on his chest. "I 'ave 'much I want to do to ya'." He mutters, his hand moving to her hair, he runs his fingers through it and scratches at her scalp making her let out a little moan. 
A small smile appears on his face and he leans his head down to kiss the crown of her head, her arm wraps around his waist as she cuddles up to him. 
"I still can't believe you're letting me keep you, baby. We're gonna 'ave s'much fun together." 
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hstyles-1994 · 25 days ago
Keep It A Secret
in which y/n falls in love with one of her father’s employees
a/n: ahh it’s finally here!! i’ve spent so much time working on this blurb trying to perfect it and i absolutely love how it came out. i really hope you guys like it as much as i do. i’m a slut for older!h so i had to write this. there’s also lots of smut which is always fun. enjoy bbys!! <3
10.2k words (LOTS OF SMUT!!)
Tumblr media
(just a quick note: this fic has no relation to the ceo!harry series that will be out soon!! i started this way before the series and only recently finished it)
When your father had told you about the monthly office party this Friday evening you thought it would just be one of those shitty meet-ups with a bunch of middle aged men, congratulating each other for a “great year of work”. You didn’t want to disappoint your father by saying no to accompanying him to this party.
Your father is very proud of you and loves to show you off to anyone he possibly can. He’ll constantly tell people about your college studies and many embarrassing stories from your childhood. And that’s the only thing you're not looking forward to on Friday.
If you're being completely honest you're not looking forward to a bunch of old men asking about how you're doing in college. Or about them telling you how business is going, and quite frankly you have absolutely no interest in their jobs.
You really wish you had the guts to say no to your dad, but you don’t see him very often and it would probably upset him if you said no to his invite. You love your dad and would do anything to see him more, you just wish you didn’t have to go to this stupid party.
The whole week your father would remind you of the time and for you not to be late. As it got closer and closer to Friday you really didn’t want to go if you were honest. You’d probably be the youngest there by far as you're only 22 and everyone else will definitely be double that.
Everyone there wouldn’t have any interest in anything you do. You're in college and everyone there is probably married with kids. You're just hoping no other kids will be there so you can just keep to yourself most of the night.
Tonight you’d gotten ready in a pretty simple outfit. Just a simple white dress and your white vans, nothing special. It’s not like you're trying to impress anyone. Your dad came to pick you up just after half six and you arrived at his office not long after seven.
The whole car journey your dad was telling you about his week and how he was super excited for you to meet everyone at work. You tried your best to sound excited and enthusiastic for tonight, but you just aren’t.
Once you’d arrived, your father led you up to the offices and showed you around a little. This is the first time you’ve been to this office as he’s only been working here a year and you just haven’t had the time to come see his office.
Your dad has his own private office, considering he’s got quite an important job here. His office is pretty standard for his job. Just a desk, computer and a few filing cabinets.
There’s also a few photo frames on the wall, filled with pictures of you and your dad which you absolutely love, including a single portrait of your mother on his desk. And after showing you around he leads you to the party that’s in the other room.
When the two of you walk in, everyone looks over in your direction. You just wished the ground would swallow you up whole. You really didn’t want to be here. One by one your father’s coworkers made their way over to greet the two of you.
They would mainly talk business which would bore you to absolute death. After around half an hour your dad suggested you go take a seat because he could see how bored you were.
You sat down in one of the chairs by the windows and began to scroll through your phone hoping the time would fly by. A little while later you looked up to see someone approaching you. You try and divert your attention back to your going hoping he wouldn’t come over, but he did.
“D’you mind if I sit here?” he asks.
You shake your head keeping your eyes on your phone while he takes a seat next to you.
“S’nice to meet you, m’Harry” he smiles, hoping you’d look up.
“I’m y/n” you respond bluntly, keeping a straight face.
“You don’t want to be here, do you?” he asks.
“How could you tell?” You sigh.
“Well you’ve decided to isolate yourself from everyone to sit on your phone” he says. “So why aren’t you with your dad?” he adds.
You shrug your shoulders hoping he would leave, and he still didn’t.
“Look, you seem nice. But I’m not interested in listening to how well you’re jobs going. It doesn’t interest me whatsoever” you huff.
“Okay then, so what does interest you” he chuckles, sitting back in the chair.
“Being home alone, not talking to a bunch of old men telling me about business and their families” you huff.
You roll your eyes, placing your phone back in your pocket then standing up to find your dad. Before you could even take one step you feel a hand on your arm, pulling you back and turning your around. Harry stands up and looks straight into your eyes.
“First of all I’m not old, I’m 30. I don’t have a family of my own, and you're not the only one that doesn’t want to be here. You should sort out that attitude” he growls lowly. “I was just trying to be nice and talk to you,” he adds.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a bitch. I just really want to go home” you sigh.
“C’mon it’s not that bad, why don’t I show you around?” he suggests.
“My dads already done that,” you sigh. “But I wouldn't mind round two” you add.
A small smirk spreads across his lips. “Well let’s go then”.
You don’t bother letting your dad know where you're going, he’s probably too invested in a conversation to care right now. So you just follow Harry out the room and upstairs to some offices.
“So you're in your second year of college?” Harry asks.
“Yeah, and I can't wait to leave,” you laugh.
“And why’s that? I miss being at college” he admits. “It was the best time of my life,” he adds.
“I don’t know, it’s just...I’m not too interested in what I study anymore” you sigh. “I’d love to just drop out, it’s my dream to live in Paris and become an artist” you add.
“Paris? Why don’t you do it? What’s stopping you? ” he asks.
“Everything, I would love to but I just don’t know right now” you sigh.
“Anyways enough about me, tell me about yourself” you smile.
“Well I work with your father as you know, I do all the business finances and paperwork. Just the boring shit” he chuckles.
“That’s not that bad, at least you have a job,” you laugh. “So where’s your office?” you add, walking down a long corridor with him.
“This one right here” he smiles, opening the door for you.
You walk in and see it’s just a pretty basic office. A desk in the middle, some filing cabinets and a little couch in the corner of the room. You look around on the walls and see they’re all blank. No pictures at all.
“How come you don’t have any pictures up like everyone else” you ask.
“Well i don’t have a wife or kids, I barely talk to my parents and my sister so who would I put pictures of on my wall” he responds.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy” you sigh, lowering your head.
“It’s okay, you were just curious,” he smiles, walking over to you.
He stops right in front of you, keeping strong eye contact and moving closer before leaning against his desk.
“Y’know, when your father told me he had a daughter I didn’t think she’d be this beautiful. But i was wrong” he smiles
“Oh, thank you. That’s really nice of you” you blush, feeling a little shy now which is weird considering you never get shy around men.
“So, do you have a boyfriend?” he asks out of nowhere. “Sorry that was very blunt” he admits, rubbing the back of his neck out of embarrassment and looking down.
“No it’s okay” you giggle. “I don’t have a boyfriend, I did but he kind of cheated on me with one of my friends” you admit, taking a seat in one of the chairs opposite Harry’s desk.
“Oh I’m so sorry y/n, that must’ve been hard to take in” he sighs in sympathy.
“I kind of suspected something was off after a few months, then eventually I caught them having sex at a stupid college party” you speak, followed by a small chuckle to hopefully lighten the mood.
“He doesn’t deserve you anyways, he sounds like a dick” Harry chuckles, taking a seat next to you.
The two of you sit and talk for what seems hours, although it’s only been about one. Harry tells you all about his college studies and how he travelled to Italy when he was 22, but eventually settled in LA to work for your fathers company when he was 25. You didn’t realise that Harry had worked for your father for 5 years.
He tells you a little about his childhood and how he grew up in a small town called Holmes Chapel in England and about his sister Gemma. All of a sudden the conversation got really deep as you found out Gemma and his mother are the only family members Harry still has contact with. He barely sees his mother and sister anymore because of work, but he tries the best he can to take the occasional trip back to Holmes Chapel to visit them.
Before the conversation could get any more personal, which you didn’t think was possible because at this point it felt like you’d known Harry for years and that you could tell him anything, you began to slightly ramble on about your childhood.
Yet the whole time you seemed to notice how Harry would stare deeply into your eyes, while slightly nibbling on his bottom lip. You couldn’t deny that he was absolutely beautiful but from the way he kept his green eyes fixed on yours and the way he would occasionally look you up and down while subtly licking his lips, which wasn’t that subtle, you started to notice a slight damp spot in your panties.
By this point the two of you both noticed the obvious sexual tension between each other. You not so casually began to bite your lip to hopefully rile Harry up, which clearly worked considering he had to place his hands onto his lap to somewhat hide his growing boner, and this definitely didn’t go unnoticed by you. You could barely form a sentence by now due to the way Harry was looking at you.
All you wanted to do was tear his clothes off and let him fuck you on his desk, which seemed slightly wrong considering Harry worked for you father and if he ever found out he would be very mad at you and possibly fire Harry, but neither of you really cared at this point. And before you knew it both of you stood up and threw yourselves at each other.
You attach your lips to his in a hungry kiss as you bring your hands up to lock your fingers in his hair. Harry tightly grips onto your waist, bunching up your dress on your hips to get a better grip.
“Harry, we shouldn’t” you moan breathily against his lips.
“But you want to, don’t you?” he smirks, reattaching his lips to yours.
“Mhm, fuck” you moan softly.
Harry softly kisses and bites at your neck, causing you to let out a few moans.
“Do you want this baby?” he whispers. You nod your head. “I need words baby” he demands.
“Yes, please harry” you whine.
He tightens his grip on your waist slightly, lifting you up onto the desk, then reattaching his lips to yours. You grab ahold of his biceps, pulling him as close as possible, proper smothering your lips over his. You let out a string of moans into his mouth, moving your hand down his body to his covered cock. He moans into your mouth, tightening his grip on your waist, making you whine even more.
Harry moves his hand to the hem of your dress,lifting it over your head leaving you in your underwear. He dips his fingers into the waist of your pretty panties, pulling them down and shoving them into his pocket which doesn’t go unnoticed by you.
Harry brings his hand down to your soaking pussy, rubbing his fingers through your folds, all the while he’s still got his lips on yours. He prods his fingers at your hole, slowly pushing his middle and ring finger into you. You let out a low groan, disconnecting your lips and throwing your head back.
“Fuck harry” you whine, gripping onto his bicep.
He continuously pumps his fingers in and out of you at a fast pace, curling them inside of you and hitting a deep spot you didn’t know you had.
“Fuck, don’t stop Harry” you moan, a little too loud for your liking.
“Shh baby, I need you to keep quiet so no one hears us. Okay?” He whispers lowly into your ear.
You softly nod your head, biting your lip violently to somewhat muffle your moans. Harry continues to pump his fingers in and out of your little hole, and he even manages to add another which drives you absolutely crazy.
You let out a few whines as your eyes begin to glass over from the immense amount of pleasure you're experiencing.
“Harry, I’m gonna cum” you moan, gripping onto the edge of the desk and throwing your head back.
“Good girl, cum all over my fingers baby” he praises, fastening the pace of his fingers which you didn’t think was possible.
You quickly feel your tummy tighten as you release all over Harry’s fingers, soaking them even more which you didn’t think was possible. You let out a string of moans, louder than you expected which forced Harry to cover your mouth. He removes his hand from your sopping cunt, bringing his fingers up to his mouth and sucking on one of them.
“Mhm, you taste so sweet baby” he smirks.
Once he’s licked up all the remains of your cum on his fingers, he works on removing his trousers as you come down from your high. He pops the button on his fancy work trousers, sliding them down his legs along with his boxers letting his cock spring free.
You look down at the beautiful sight between his legs and feel your mouth immediately begin to salivate. You hop down from the desk and get on your knees in front of Harry. You place a few soft kisses on his thigh, immediately noting the tiger tattoo which immediately makes you wet just from the sight, making your way up to his hardening cock.
“Why don’t you be a good girl and suck on daddy’s cock, okay?” He lowly growls, gripping onto your hair and feeding his cock into your mouth.
You believe that you're the luckiest woman in the world. Not only are you about to fuck the hottest guy you’ve ever seen, but he has a daddy kink. Could he get any hotter?
You bring one of your hands up and wrap it around the base of his cock, pumping what wasn’t in your mouth as you suckled on the tip of his throbbing cock. You take him further into your mouth, slightly gagging around him.
You take his cock fully into your mouth until your nose is pressed up against his lower tummy, slightly cutting off your air but you really didn’t care. You had Harry’s cock in your mouth so you were happy.
“Fuck baby, y’taking m’cock so well in that pretty little mouth of yours” he groans, throwing his head back and letting you work your magic on his cock.
You pull off his cock slightly before beginning to bob your head up and down on his length. With one hand wrapped around the base of his cock, you bring your other up to massage his heavy balls to push him fully over the edge. You must be doing it right considering Harry is now a moaning mess above you.
“Shit! M’gonna cum angel” he moans, gripping onto your hair once again to keep you on his cock.
You begin to suck him harder and pump his base faster which eventually makes him cum down your throat, painting it white. You pull off his cock, swallowing the remains of his cum before standing up to reattach your lips to his.
“Your so fucking good at that” he mumbles against your lips, once again lifting you up onto his desk. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk” he smirks.
He slowly begins to paint his tip up and down your soaking folds, earning a few straggled moans from you, before pushing in until his hips up against yours. Without warning he fully pulls out, before slamming back in and fucking you violently.
Your eyes roll into the back of your head as you tighten your grip on his biceps. You let out a string of whines and moans and you throw your head back in complete pleasure.
“Oh fuck daddy! Don’t stop” you beg, followed by a loud moan.
“I won’t baby, not until you cum on daddy’s cock” he groans, picking up the pace of his hips. “M’gonna make you cum so hard angel”.
Harry continues to deliciously pound away at your sopping pussy in hopes of making you cum even harder than you did before, and you certainly did. Before you knew it you felt your pussy gush around Harry's cock from your immense release.
“Shit, m’gonna cum” he groans lowly, feeling his release near. “You want daddy to cum on your pretty tummy baby?” He smirks, already knowing the answer.
You nod your head whispering ‘yes’ over and over. Harry continues to fuck into you, earning many moans and whines from you, that’s until he pulls out and cums all over your tummy. It almost seems never ending, his cum spurting up onto your chest and the base of your neck. Harry lets out a deep groan, throwing his head back in pleasure as he continues to release his seed all over your tummy.
Once he’s done, Harry bends down to pull his trousers back up then takes a seat to catch his breath while you're still spread out on his desk.
“Lemme grab something to clean that up with” he chuckles, rummaging through a drawer in hopes of finding some tissues and he does.
He pulls one out and cleans up the mess he made on you before slipping your panties back as well as your dress.
“That was fun” you laugh breathily. “Should do it again some time”.
“I definitely won’t say no,” Harry chuckles. “Here, put your number in” he adds, handing you his phone.
You quickly type in your number and save it under the name ‘y/n <3’ then handing his phone back. You quickly fix your appearance, before returning to the party downstairs.
You walk into the room and barely anyone has even noticed that either of you left. Harry makes his way over to a few colleagues while you walk over to accompany your father.
“Ah here she is, I’ve been looking for you sweetie” your father smiles, putting his arm around your shoulder. “Where did you get to?” He questions.
“Just went for a look around, I got a bit bored” you smile.
After your father had introduced you to everyone, including Harry considering he had no idea you two have been together for the past hour doing things you definitely shouldn’t, the little get together is over.
Your father wishes everyone a goodbye and a safe trip home then escorts the two of you to his car. As you're walking across the parking lot you spot Harry getting into his car. He immediately notices you too, flashing you a bright smile and a cheeky wink. You jokingly flip him off before getting into your fathers car so he can drop you off at your house.
Once you’d arrived home, you immediately took off your shoes and made your way upstairs to get ready for bed. You take a quick shower, brush your teeth then jump into bed to scroll through your phone for a while before you fall asleep. That’s when you receive a message. It’s from Harry. The message reads ‘Hi, it’s Harry. I hope you got home safe. I had a really fun time with you this evening, hope I can see you soon. Goodnight, H’.
Your heart flutters while reading the message and you reply with a simple ‘Hey, I had a really good time too. Just let me know when you're free and we can arrange something. Goodnight Harry’. After sending the message, you place your phone on your nightstand and go to sleep considering you're absolutely exhausted.
⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆
It’s been a couple of weeks since you attended your fathers little work party and to say you hadn’t thought about Harry every single day since then would be a lie.
You haven’t seen each other since the party, and to be completely honest you missed him. And not just for the sex, but being around him made you happy. Every evening you’d call Harry while he was finishing up a few work things. You’d ask about his day and how he was. Most of the time you got the same answer, that work was the same and he was really well.
Unfortunately neither of you really had a free moment to spend time together. You're at college all week and Harry’s working, and almost evenings you’d be drowning in essays while Harry was shifting through endless piles of paperwork. Both of you were a little frustrated, mainly because all you wanted to do was spend one evening together.
Today you had made plans to go to lunch with your father. You had a couple of hours free and you promised your father you’d take him to lunch. As you made your way from college campus to your fathers work building you really hoped that Harry would be there just so you could see him for a few minutes.
Once you’d arrived you parked your car and made your way inside, greeting the receptionist and smiling at a few of your fathers work friends. As you made your way up to your fathers office you kept your eyes open in hopes of seeing Harry, which you didn’t and you were slightly disappointed.
Once you make it to the top floor, you step out of the elevator and make your way down the corridor to your fathers office. You knock on the door, hearing a subtle ‘come in’ before making your way inside.
“Hey dad, you ready to go to lunch?” You smile, looking up from your phone to see your father still sitting at his desk typing away at his computer.
“Hi sweetheart, just give me a few minutes to finish this email and I’ll be done” he says, smiling brightly at you. “Oh while you're waiting, would you be able to take these folders downstairs to Harry? His office is room 214”.
And how the hell could you say no to that?
“Yeah, i can do that” you respond, grabbing the folders from your fathers desk and rushing down the stairs to see Harry.
As you approach the door you knock slightly waiting for a response until you hear a faint “come in”. You twist the door knob and push the door open to see Harry sitting at his desk, making his way through a pile of paperwork. He looks up at the door to see who it was to be met with your eyes.
“Y/n? What are you doing here?” He asks with a huge smile on his face.
“Well i came to pick my dad for lunch and he asked me to bring you these while he finishes up a few things” you smile, approaching his desk and placing the folders down.
“Oh okay then” he chuckles. “Also while you are here, do you maybe want to get dinner on Friday? I didn’t really want to ask you over text because I don’t like that so I’m glad you're here” he smiles.
“You're lucky, I'm not doing anything Friday so I’d love to” you blush.
“Okay amazing, I’ll pick you up at 7. Just text me your address when you’ve got a chance” he smiles brightly.
Before you can say anything else, your father walks in asking if you're ready to go. You say a quick goodbye to Harry before exiting his office to go to lunch.
Once you make it to the local restaurant for lunch, you and your father take a seat outside considering it’s such a beautiful day. For once it’s not raining, so why not take advantage of the opportunity and sit outside.
“So how have you been, sweetheart? I haven’t seen you in a few weeks, I’ve missed you” he smiles, taking a sip of his water.
Now that you're finally out and alone with your father you thought it’d be the perfect time to bring up the whole moving to Paris and becoming an artist. Although every time you do your father seems to just brush the conversation under the carpet and forget about it. But it’s worth a try.
“I’ve been good, busy with college. Although it’s been very boring” you admit. “Why don’t you like the idea of me moving to Paris? I’d do anything to go out there to become an artist dad” you sigh.
“It’s not the becoming an artist I have a problem with darling, you're amazing at all that stuff” he starts. “It’s just the income part of it. I don’t think you’ll make enough income to manage out there. Of course money isn’t an issue but my money won’t last forever sweetheart and I don’t want you to waste your life away” he sighs.
“Don’t you believe in me? Mum always told me to follow my dreams no matter the cost. And I want nothing more than to become an artist” you plead.
You always remember your mother telling you to follow your dreams no matter what when you were younger. Even up until she passed away a few years ago. You miss her terribly, and you miss spending time with her and painting the images in your head.
Every time you come up with a new scene in your head, you’d always spend hours upon hours in your art room painting the scene which you’d eventually give to your mother. She’d constantly be praising your art skills, telling you to never give up on your dreams. And you definitely wouldn’t do that now.
“I know sweetheart, but since she died things have been a little difficult and you know that '' he sighs. “I want nothing more than to let you go off to Paris but I’ve lost your mother, and I can’t lose my baby” he sniffles, quickly wiping his eyes.
“I’m sorry dad. I didn’t realise that you felt like that, like I’m all that you’ve got now” you admit.
“Oh I’m fine, I just don’t think I’d manage without having you around. I think you now understand why I’ve been so overprotective of you recently” he chuckles.
“I just thought you were going crazy” you laugh, making your father smile.
“Anyways, how about we talk more about that another day? Let’s just get something to eat, okay?” He smiles, picking up the menu.
“Yeah okay” you smile.
Once you’d finished up with lunch, you and your father made your way back to his work. You say your goodbyes as you make your way back to the college campus.
You had a free study period, before a lecture later on in the day. And if you were being honest, you really wasn’t looking forward to it. For your free period you decided that you would just sit in the main hall even though you didn’t have that much work to do. So to cure your boredom you decided to message Harry.
(you: italics, harry: bold)
Hey Harry, I just thought that I’d give you my address now that I’ve got a free moment. I live at **** :)
Ooo you live in a fancy apartment block, you're daddy pay for that? ;)
I was expecting something more like ‘hi, thanks for your address’ but that works too I guess.
And yes, he did pay for it. You got a problem with that mister?
Someone’s getting sassy, daddy’s money gone to your head? :))
Haha very funny, you jealous?
No not at all, although your father does pretty much pay my bills too.
I’m sure he does, so don’t get too cocky.
I’m only messing with you darling, I’m really looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
And it was really nice to see your pretty face today too :)
Oh thank you, didn’t think I looked too great considering I’ve been on campus since 8am
Wow that’s early, you still there?
Sadly yes, my free period ends in about 15 minutes then I have a two hour long lecture which I’m really not looking forward to.
I’m sure you’ll manage darling. It’ll be over before you know it.
Anyways, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing. I have a shit ton of paperwork to make my way through. I’ll talk to you later, okay?
Okay, bye Harry :)
Bye darling <3
By the time you had gotten out of the lecture it was already 5pm. You were absolutely exhausted. As you made your way back to your apartment you could barely keep your eyes open, which wasn’t a good thing. Before you could fall asleep while driving you made it back and up to your apartment.
Once you made it through the door, you completely crashed onto the sofa. You really didn’t feel like moving but you needed to make dinner. So you drag yourself up from the sofa and into the kitchen.
As you start on making dinner, which is a chicken stir fry for tonight, you hear your phone ringing from in the other room. You quickly grab your phone and see that it’s harry. Your eyes immediately widen and a smile crawls onto your lips as you answer.
“Hey Harry” you speak excitedly.
“Hey, how did your lecture go?” He asks.
“Yeah it was okay, I’m absolutely exhausted now” you chuckle. “I’m just making myself some dinner” you add.
“What are you making? I still don’t know what to have for dinner yet” he laughs.
“I’m making chicken stir fry, it’s pretty simple and i really can’t be bothered to spend too long in the kitchen” you laugh. “You know, you can always come over and have dinner with me. I’d like some company” you offer.
“You sure? I don’t want to intrude or anything” he asks.
“Of course not, I’ve definitely made way too much so at least it won’t go to waste”.
“Okay then, i can get there in about 20 minutes if that’s okay?”.
“Yeah that’s fine, it’s not ready yet. Also when you get here, send me a text and I’ll come down and get you. Security is a bitch in this building” you laugh.
“Okay then, I’ll see you in a while,” he chuckles.
Once you’d pretty much finished making dinner, your phone goes off and it’s a message from Harry letting you know he’s here. You quickly turn off the stove, placing the pan in the oven to keep the food warm, before going to slip your shoes on.
You jump in the elevator and make your way downstairs. As the doors open up you look around and see Harry seated on one of the sofas in the lobby.
“Harry! Over here” you call, his head shooting up.
He stands up from the sofa, walking over to you and wrapping his arms around your body in a warm hug.
“This place is very fancy” he says in a silly posh accent.
“Oh I know, just wait till you see the view from my apartment. It’s absolutely insane” you smile.
“Oh I don't doubt that it is” he chuckles.
As you make your way into your apartment, you kick off your shoes and make your way into the kitchen to prepare dinner. All the while Harry is absolutely mesmerised by your apartment.
To be honest, your apartment was absolutely beautiful. Your father bought it for you when you were eighteen and you’ve lived here ever since. The walls are all a crisp white, with one accent wall that had gold and black flowers scattered all over it. There’s a huge chandelier that hangs over the living room, as well as a smaller one in the dining room.
Your apartment is decorated with quite a basic theme, mainly just white, black and gold, but the colours compliment each other nicely which gives off a very modern look. The living room is very cozy, a huge white sofa and a black and gold rug which almost fills the entire room, with a black concrete coffee table in the centre. The dining room has a huge black table to match, with gold accents on the table legs, which perfectly match the black cabinets in the kitchen. And all the cabinets even have golden handles.
Harry still can’t get over how fancy looking your apartment is. It must cost an absolute fortune. And don’t even get started on the view. The whole living room has these tall windows which look over the city. You can see for miles, and it’s absolutely amazing.
“You weren't lying about the view, it’s absolutely beautiful” he smiles.
“Oh i know, it’s my favourite part about living here” you smile, placing your plates down on the table. “Can I get you any wine?” You add.
“I probably shouldn’t, I’ve got to drive home so it’s probably not a great idea to have a drink” he says, taking a seat at the table.
“Okay, what would you like?” You ask, leaning on the back of the dining chair.
“Could I just get some water please?” He smiles.
You nod your head, making your way into the kitchen to grab a glass of water for Harry and some wine for yourself, before joining him at the table.
“This smells absolutely amazing,” he praises. “And tastes amazing too” he adds, after taking a huge bite.
“Oh thank you, I’m glad you like it” you smile, digging into your own plate.
As the two of you eat, you discuss your day with each other. Harry tells you all what he did at work and you tell him about the lecture you attended earlier. Once dinner was over, Harry helped you carry the plates into the kitchen, placing them in the sink.
“Do you have to go home, or can you stay a little longer?” You ask, really hoping he can stay.
“I can stay a little longer, what did you have in mind?” He asks, walking closer to you and placing his hands on your waist.
“You want to watch a movie?” You suggest leading him into the living room.
“Yeah why not” he chuckles, sitting down and pulling you into his arms.
After deciding on a movie to watch, the two of you sit all cuddled up under a blanket. The whole time Harry keeps his hand on your back, rubbing up and down to soothe you, which definitely worked. However, you were starting to get a little bored.
You decided to have a little fun while he was distracted, and you had the perfect idea in mind. You slightly glanced up at Harry to see his eyes are fixed to the tv screen. You slowly bring your hand across to his belt buckle, gently undoing it which Harry didn’t even notice. That’s until his hand grabs onto your wrist tightly, pulling your hand away.
“You having fun there pet?” He smirks down at you devilishly.
“I’m bored, daddy” you smile cheekily, pulling your hand from his grip and running your fingertips over his crotch.
“Oh well I want to watch the movie baby, but what did you have in mind?” He asks, already knowing your exact answer.
“Can i suck your cock, please” you beg, biting your lip gently as you continue to squeeze his cock over his fancy work trousers.
“Since you asked so nicely, I suppose so” he smirks. “But first, daddy wants a kiss” he growls, pulling your face up to his and smothering his lips over yours.
You sit yourself up, throwing one leg over his lap so you can straddle him. Harry brings his hands down to your waist, giving you a harsh squeeze as he continues to kiss your pretty lips. He swipes his tongue along your bottom lip, almost as if he’s asking for access to your mouth, which you of course give in to.
You open your mouth a little more for him, and he immediately begins to slide his tongue across yours in a sloppy kiss. You let out a few whimpers into his mouth as you grind your hips down into his to get some friction where you needed him the most, but you definitely wanted his cock in your mouth more at this moment.
“Can i suck your cock now daddy?” you beg against his lips, before eventually pulling back.
“Go on then pet, give daddy a good sucking” he groans, pushing your hair back out of your face.
You lift yourself off his lap, kneeling between his legs on the floor as he pulls down his trousers. His cock immediately slaps up against his stomach, dribbling a bit of pre cum on the bottom of his shirt as he lets out a low groan.
You immediately lean in, wrapping your lips around his thick head and suckling while looking up at him with innocent eyes. Harry had no clue how you could look so pretty and innocent while committing such a dirty deed, but he loved it.
You bring your hands up to his cock, one immediately wrapping around the base of his cock and the other squeezing his heavy balls. You take his cock further into your mouth, bobbing your head while pumping his base.
“Oh fuck” he groans. “Y’taking my cock so well baby” he praises, rolling his head back against the sofa in pleasure.
You remove your hand from his cock, pushing your head down to fully take him into your mouth. You stay like that for a moment before pulling off, strings of spit keeping you attached to his cock. You quickly reattach your mouth to his cock, bobbing your head up and down at an incredibly fast pace, causing Harry to moan out loud.
“Shit, m’gonna cum already baby” he moans, digging his fingers into the couch so he can grip onto something slightly.
You continue sucking on him, all the while you're pumping the base of his cock and squeezing his balls to fully push him over the edge, and it definitely works. Without warning, rope after rope of cum shoots down into your mouth. Harry let out a low groans from the high intensity of pleasure he was feeling.
“Oh fuck baby, your so good at that” he praises.
You slow down your actions, milking his cock for all he’s got before pulling off and wiping your mouth on your sleeve. You stand up off the floor, before taking a seat next to Harry and pushing back his sweaty curls to soothe him. After coming down from his high, Harry eventually turns his head to look at you, flashing you a soft smile before placing a few soft kisses to your lips.
“What have I done to deserve you?” he chuckles, pushing your hair behind your ear.
“Dunno, you're just lucky I guess” you smile.
“You want me to return the favour? S’only fair” he asks.
“Can I ride you instead?” You smirk, once again throwing your legs over his waist to straddle him.
“Oh of course you can angel, especially since you were such a good girl for daddy and made me cum so fast” he growls.
You quickly stand up, stepping out of your leggings and throwing them to the side. You sit back down on Harry’s lap, grabbing ahold of his cock and lining him up with your hole. You slowly begin to sink down onto him, letting out a few whines and whimpers from the warm feeling of his cock in your tight pussy.
“Mhm daddy, you feel so big” you whine into his neck.
As you begin to fuck yourself onto his cock, he pulls you in to kiss him so he can keep you super close. You slowly begin to speed up your movements, bouncing up and down on his cock as you continue to kiss him. You moan into his mouth, already feeling as though you can cum, but you want to hold it for a while. Harry bucks his hips up into yours, hitting that deep spot right in your pussy causing you to let out a string of moans and curse words into his mouth.
“Fuck, you feel so good daddy” you whimper to him, digging your nails into his shoulders leaving little red marks.
Harry could feel himself hitting the deepest part of you with every thrust and it was getting him closer to coming. Harry places his hands on your hips, helping you move up and down on him.
“Such a good girl, y’gonna make daddy cum again” he groans, pulling you closer to his chest.
“Fuck! M’gonna cum” you cry out to him, feeling your tummy tighten.
It was getting hard to resist from cumming so soon, but from the way he was thrusting into you, you couldn’t help it. You could constantly feel your pussy pulse around his cock, indicating that you're ready to cum.
“Me too angel, cum with daddy baby!” He moans, moving your hips even faster which you didn’t think was possible.
From his words you instantly feel your juices gushing out all over his cock. You slow your hips down, feeling his cock explode into your pussy. His cum paints your perfect pink walls white. He lets out a low groan into your neck, as he continues to leak his seed into your tummy. You stop moving your hips, leaning your head onto his shoulder as you come down from your high.
“Holy shit, that was so good baby. Such a good girl for me” he praises, pressing soft kisses to your face.
“I’m tired, think m’gonna go to bed soon” you yawn, lifting yourself off his lap and wrapping a blanket around the two of you.
“I should probably go home soon, I’ve got to get up early for work tomorrow” he whispers, holding your tired body close to his.
“Okay, at least we only have to wait a few more days until we go on a date,” you smile.
“And I cannot wait,” he speaks, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“If your lucky, i might let you fuck me again after our date” you laugh.
“If I’m lucky huh? Daddy’s always feeling lucky darling” he chuckles. “Anyways, I should probably go home so you can get to bed” he adds, standing up and putting his trousers back on.
“Okay then, hold on a second and I’ll walk you downstairs” you smile, putting your leggings back on.
Once Harry’s grabbed his things and you’ve put on some shoes, the two of you make your way downstairs. You give Harry a small kiss goodbye and a tight hug before saying your goodbyes for the night.
“I’ll see you on Friday, okay?” He smiles.
“Okay, goodbye harry” you yawn, rubbing your eyes gently.
“Goodnight baby, go get yourself to bed” he chuckles, making his way to his car.
You give him a little wave goodbye, before making your way back up to your apartment. You really hope the week goes by fast, as you now cannot wait to see Harry again on Friday.
⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚
By the time Friday rolled around, you were super excited about seeing Harry this evening. You spent the day pampering yourself and spending at least two hours trying to figure out what you were going to wear, even though you changed your mind about fifty times.
You’d pretty much finished getting ready by about quarter to seven, so you didn’t have much time left until Harry picked you up. You put on a few pieces of jewellery, grabbing a bag and putting your keys and purse inside then making your way to the living room to wait for Harry to arrive.
A few minutes past seven you receive a text message from Harry letting you know he was waiting for you downstairs. You grab your bag and make your way out the door and downstairs to see Harry. The whole ride down in the elevator you continuously looked at to make sure you looked okay. You ended up wearing a pair of white flares and a sparkly black blouse, with a pair of white heels to pull the look together (along with all your gold jewellery).
Once you made it downstairs to the lobby, you looked around and spot Harry by the door. You flash him a huge cheesy smile as you approach him, wrapping your arms around his neck in a welcoming hug.
“S’nice to see you again, love, you ready to go?” He smiles.
“Yep I’m ready”.
Harry places his hand in yours, leading you out the door and down the street to his car. He opens the door for you like a gentleman before getting in himself and driving off to the restaurant. The whole drive there Harry had his hand on your leg, giving it a slight squeeze here and there, and you weren't going to lie it definitely turned you on seeing him drive with one hand.
Once you made it to the restaurant, Harry led you inside and to the table he’d booked for the evening. The waitress approaches the table, handing you the menus and letting you know he’ll be back soon to take your orders.
“This place is really nice Harry, it must cost a fortune to eat here” you speak, keeping your voice low.
“I know. And don’t worry about the cost love, I just want to treat you” he says, keeping his eyes on the menu. “What are you gonna get to eat?”
“M’not sure. The pasta looks really good, and so does the steak”. You scan over the menu once again until you decide what to order. “I think m’gonna get pasta” you add, placing the menu down.
“Okay, I’m gonna get a salad I think” he smiles.
After ordering your food, you and Harry start up a conversation as you're waiting for your food to arrive. Yet the whole time he had your hand in his, as he subtly played with the rings on your fingers, which instantly made your heart flip.
“So how has your week been? Up to anything nice?” He asks.
“Well, I had a few classes yesterday which were okay” you start. “And the day before I met up with a few friends which was nice since I haven’t seen them in a while. What about you?”
“Sounds good. I’ve been pretty busy all week, although there’s nothing different there” he chuckles. “I constantly have lots of work to do.
“Do you ever get bored doing the same thing everyday? I can barely make it through a single lecture without dozing off” you laugh.
“Sometimes I do, but I really enjoy my job and the environment where I work,” he smiles.
Your food eventually arrives and the two of you keep up a good conversation about Harry’s job while you eat your meals. You finish pretty quickly, then you both order a dessert which also arrives pretty quickly. You decided on a strawberry trifle type dessert, and Harry got the same but the chocolate one.
“Is your dessert good?” Harry asks, looking up at you as he takes a bite of his own.
“It’s really good, want to try some?” You offer, taking a spoonful and holding out for him which he happily eats.
“That’s really good. Here try some of mine” he says, giving you a bite of his.
“It’s nice, but I prefer mine,” you smile.
The two of you finish up dessert and wait for the check to be brought over. While you wait, you decide to have a little fun and work Harry up slightly.
You slowly begin to rub your foot up the inside of his leg, bringing your foot higher and higher until you reach his crotch. He shoots his eyes up at you, giving you a “are you sure you want to do that” stare, which definitely turned you on more than it should.
“You shouldn’t do that here darling. You just can’t wait till we go back to mine, can you?” He whispers.
You shake your head, a huge smirk plastered across your face as the waiter brings the bill over. Harry quickly puts some money down, standing up from the table and helping you up quickly, leading you out the restaurant.
Once you reach his car, he immediately pushes you up against the door and attaches his lips to yours in a soft kiss. You bring your hands up and run your fingers through his hair, tugging slightly which makes him moan.
“You wanna take this back to mine, or yours?” He smirks.
“Either is fine, daddy”.
You place one quick kiss onto his lips before climbing into his car, Harry soon following behind. The car ride back is pretty much silent. Apart from a few moans caused by Harry touching you over your clothes which you definitely enjoyed way too much.
As soon as you made it inside of Harry's home, you immediately found yourself being pushed up against the front door and attacked by his lips. You bring your hands and and lock your fingers into his hair, tugging harshly which instantly makes Harry groan lowly into your mouth.
As the two of you make out against the front door you feel Harry tap your bum, indicating for you to jump up. Which you do. He immediately places one arm under your bum to hold you up while his other is on the side of your face to keep you still while he works his lips onto yours.
He pulls you away from the front door and carries you up the stairs to where his bedroom is. He pulls his lips away from yours so he can see where he’s going and that he doesn't fall, and you take this opportunity to attach your lips to his neck and bruise him up a little. Your actions are very successful as when you pull away his neck is covered in purple and red spots.
You bite you’re lip, staring down at your masterpiece as he shuts the door to his bedroom and places you on the end of the bed. You lean back on your elbows looking up at him with ‘fuck me’ eyes as he stares down at you with a devilish smirk.
“Oh the things I’m going to do to you baby, don’t think you’re ready” he growls, pushing you back and hovering over your body.
“Mhm, have at my daddy” you whine. “M’all yours”.
“You say that like I didn’t already know that. Y’mine forever, isn’t that right?”
You nod your head, grabbing onto the back of his neck and pulling his face down to meet yours. He places his hands on your waist, squeezing harshly to keep you in place as you attempt to grind into him to relieve some friction.
“Wait baby, daddy’s in charge tonight” he demands.
“Please touch me. I want you so bad” you whine, reaching up to him with grabby hands.
He steps back away from the bed, unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it to the floor. You stare up at him with big eyes as you devour the view in front of you. All the tattoos covering his arms and chest on show, just for you to see.
He leans down and slowly begins to undress you, eventually leaving you in your matching lace set you bought just for Harry. It was pretty expensive considering it's just a plain white lace set of lingerie, but you didn’t mind.
“Look at you baby, s’this all for me?” He smiles, running his hands up and down your thighs.
“I bought it just for you daddy, d’you like it?”.
“I fucking love it angel, so beautiful” he praises, looking up and down your body like it’s a piece of art. And to Harry your body is art.
“M’gonna make you feel so good angel, you deserve it” he smiles, leaning down and kissing your soft lips.
Harry slowly begins to kiss down your body, pulling you bra down slightly just to reveal you’re chest. He brings his mouth down and envelopes one of your nipples into his mouth as he massages the other in his hand. You let out a few soft moans, arching your back slightly as you praise him for how good his mouth feels on you. He does this for a little longer before sucking on your other nipple, then making his way further down your body.
He lays himself in between your legs, placing your legs over his shoulders so he’s got full access to your sopping pussy. He places a few soft kisses over your clothes cunt, causing you to let out a few straggled moans, then pulling the soaked, flimsy material to the side and diving right in.
Harry swipes his tongue up the entirety of you’re pussy, groaning at how sweet you taste. You back immediately arches and your hands fly down to his hair once again, pulling on his soft curls making him moan slightly.
“Y’so sweet angel, could eat this pussy everyday” he moans against you, sending strong vibrations throughout your entire body.
“Feels so good daddy, please don’t stop” you whine.
He dives right back in, fucking his tongue in and out of your little whole, then dragging it up your clit and suckling on it harshly. You almost scream out for him, thrashing your head around in the pillows beneath your head. Harry brings one of his hands down to your pussy, running his fingertips through your soaking folds before dipping them right into you.
You emit a low groan from the way he stretches you out so nicely, enjoying the slight burn you always feel from his fingers and cock. You’ll never get tired of that feeling. He begins to pump his fingers in and out of your sopping cunt, fastening up the pace as he sucks on your puffy clit. All the while you’re a moaning, withering mess under his touch.
“Oh fuck, that’s so good daddy!” You scream, feeling you’re legs begin to shake as you near you’re release.
Harry takes that as a sign to fuck his fingers into you harder, his fingers now knuckle deep and being swallowed up by your drippy hole. He continues to mouth at your clit, knowing very well you’re about to explode.
“Cum for daddy baby, give it all to me” he demands, pumping his fingers at an extremely fast pace.
And that’s just what you do. Your release coating his fingers in you’re sticky essence as your legs violently shake. You let out a few straggled moans as you come down from you’re first release. You’re breathing soon goes back to normal as Harry kisses his way up you’re body and to your lips.
“You gonna be a good girl and suck daddy’s cock now?” He almost demands, already knowing you can’t say no to that.
You nod your head, moving to the edge of the bed and sitting on your knees on the floor. Harry moves directly in front of you, taking off his trousers so now he’s fully naked. His achingly hard cock slaps up to his belly button, leaving a trail of pre cum down to his pelvic area.
You lean straight in, wrapping you’re warm mouth around his cock. You spread his legs a little, placing his heavy, cum filled balls in you’re hand and softly massaging them which you know he loves. You take him as far down your throat as possible, which was deeper than you thought considering his cock is huge.
He pulls his cock from your warm, wet mouth and slowly rubs his leaky tip all over your lips before shoving it back down your throat. He tangles his fingers in you’re hair, forcing his cock down your throat until you’ve fully taken him into your mouth.
“M’gonna fuck your face so good baby” he groans, standing up and keeping his cock in you’re mouth.
His grip on you’re hair tightens as his thrusts quicken against your face, causing his balls to slap up against your chin. You grip your hands onto the meat of his thighs, digging you’re nails in harshly which will definitely leave a few red marks.
“Such a good girl, taking all off m’cock. Gonna come all over you’re pretty face” he moans out as he’s close to cumming.
His thrusts slow down as he pulls from your mouth for the last time, strings of spit connecting you to his cock. He pumps at his cock as his cum shoots from his cock and all over your face. You stick your tongue out to get a taste of him as he releases every last little bit of cum onto you’re tongue.
You pull away from him, falling back onto the floor as you begin to catch your breath. He pulls you up by your arms, wrapping his arms around you’re body and laying you down on the centre of the bed.
“Please fuck me already daddy, I want it so bad” you whine, lifting your hips up to meet him.
“Been such a good girl, think you deserve daddy’s cock in you’re little pussy now angel” he praises, lining himself up with your hole and slowly pushing in.
The two of you let out a low groan in unison as he rests his forehead against yours, looking deeply into your eyes. He starts up at a steady pace, slowly but surely fastening up the rhythm of his hips.
“You’re so fucking tight baby, feels so good wrapped around m’cock” he praises, pressing a kiss to your nose.
Harry hovers over your body and continues to pound into you, hitting that deep spot that he always manages to find in an instant. His pace quickens, making your pussy clench tightly around his cock as he buries himself deep in your cunt. He pulls out and quickly flips you onto your stomach, pulling you’re ass up and slipping back into you as he violently thrusts his hips against you’re ass.
Your head is pressed down into the bed as you continue to moan and whine out from his deep thrusts that make your head spin like crazy. You’ve never experienced so much pleasure in you’re life that you don’t want it to end.
“Fuck! You gonna cum baby, soak my cock even more” he pants as the two of you are close to release once again.
Your pussy pulses around his cock as you’re release coats and completely soaks his cock. And almost immediately after you feel his cock explode inside of you, painting you’re warm, pink walls white with his sticky release. He slowly and eventually pulls out, collapsing down onto the bed and wrapping his arms around you’re tired body.
“God you’re so good at that '' you chuckle, burying you’re face into his neck.
“Couldn’t do it without you my love” he smiles.
He leans down, pressing a few soft kisses to you’re sweaty forehead, pushing back your hair and pulling you close to his chest.
“Can I tell you something baby?” He asks.
You nod.
“I love you so much,” he whispers against you’re neck.
You immediately look up at him and smile widely, kissing his lips a couple of times as you play with the little curls on the back of his neck.
“I love you too harry” you giggle.
“Will you be my girlfriend? If you need time to think that’s fine, I just really wanted to ask you now” he asks nervously.
“Wait really? Of course I will, Harry. I love you so much” you smile, all giddy and happy.
“And I love you too princess”.
All you have to do now is just keep it a secret.
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jarofstyles · 4 months ago
138 !!!! with best friend harry
“Were you just…. Masturbating?”
Harry’s face was flushed. Skin glowy and he was hidden haphazardly under the covers. She hadn’t knocked, having never knocked, but he must have heard her footsteps as she walked up.
Now… anyone with manners or common decency wouldn’t have mentioned it. No, they’d either excuse themselves or move on. But Y/N didn’t have good boundaries when it came to Harry, and she was a curious little thing. Too curious for her own good.
“Christ. Y’can’t knock and y’dont have a filter to save your life.” He rolled his eyes in disbelief, groaning as he hid his eyes under his arm. I didn’t help that the subject of the fantasies he had been rudely pulled from had walked in, not naked and not bouncing on his thick cock. It was rude, if you asked him.
“Oh, hush.” She giggled, laughing harder as Harry scrambled back as she crawled up on the bed with him.
“Oi! What the fuck are y’doin, love?” He laughed nervously, cock still pulsing under the covers. Y/N was fearless and he knew that, but they’d never gotten this close. Sure, they spoke about sex and were close physically but this was…. Something else entirely.
“Relax, H. M’just getting comfortable. You don’t have to stop on my account.” She actually was nervous. Heart beating fast. But it was the best idea she had. She needed to get over this hurdle. And she was so curious about it, she needed to see him. If he was comfortable… she would want it.
“Y’want…. You want to watch?” He said slowly, trying to understand. His cock throbbed in betrayal of his confusion, aching to be touched again.
“Mhm. If you’re okay with that, though.” She leaned in next to him and placed her cheek against his shoulder. “I haven’t seen a guy do it. And I’ve always wanted to see yours. Y’act like it’s big.” She laughed, eyes curiously peeking at the bulge under the covers.
“Uh… okay. It won’t be weird?” He asked again, making sure she wouldn’t be weirded out. Of course it had been his idea, and he had been close to orgasm so he was eager to get back into the groove of it. The idea of her watching made him even more horny, but again… he was cautious.
“Mhm, it’ll be fine, H. You’re being silly.Let’s see.” She urged, stroking her fingers over his arm. Comforting to her, arousing to him. She listened to him take a breath, and slowly lowered the comforter back down.
Her eyes widened. It was… big. Bigger than she had ever experienced. And it was…. It was hot. Thick, red tip glistening, her mouth watered a bit as she wondered how the precum dripping from the slit would taste like. Or how it would feel to have it throbbing against her tongue as she stroked it.
It wasn’t the first time she had these thoughts. But the first time truly seeing what she would be working with.
“Wow…” her breath voice went straight to his stomach. “You’ve got a right to be cocky.” He wrapped his hand around it after those words, squeezing himself at the base. It was so nice to have her looking at him. A breathless laugh left him as he shook his head.
“Thanks, petal.” He murmured. His best friend watched as he gave himself a few strokes, lulling his head back. Her cheek pressed against his bicep, watching intently as his thumb rubbed over the slit. He hadn’t expected her to speak, though.
“How’s it feel?” She whispered, stroking over the back of his wrist. The hand was free, and she was touchy. “Is it good?” Her face tilted up to look at him.
“Feels really good, yeah.” He licked his lip, breathing getting heavier. “Was at a good place when y’came in.” He laughed. The strokes were slow and steady, her eyes going back to the length. Her thighs clenched together, imagining how good that much cock would feel filling her up.
“M’sorry.” She whispered. “I’ll help.” He was shocked when he watched her lean up, bending close to his length and pursing her lips. He gasped when a string of spit dropped down, dripping on to the tip and over to meet his fingers. He nearly whimpered, the idea of her spit coating him a lot to process.
“Oh, fuck.” He cursed, throwing his head back when she did it again. This time using her hand to brush the hair out of her face and giving him a clear view of the saliva dripping from her lip and stringing from her bottom lip to the tip of his cock. “My god, Y/N.” He whined, lifting his hand up and breaking the spit from her bottom lip.
She laid back down, chest throbbing in time with the beat between her leg. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt you.” She licked her still wet bottom lip, watching his fist stroke faster now. “It looks…. Really nice.”
Her words were hesitant but he could hear the genuine tone. And the bit of arousal, at least he hoped Thats what it was. Testing his luck, he spoke back.
“Yeah? Y’like watching me get off, petal?” He asked, turning his face to look at her. Her eyes glued to his cock, dark. Legs clenched together, her hand holding his wrist while the other strokes up and down. The new slick and wet sound her spit had added to the strokes only added to his new arousal.
“Uh huh…” she was breathless, nuzzling her cheek against his arm. Suddenly shy, she was aroused and wet, but so focused on the filthy sight in front of her she could barely move.
“Didn’t know you were dirty like that.” He spoke quietly. Waiting. The little shift she did and slight tiny whimper cluing him in to knowing that this was effecting her just as much. “Do ya’ think you could do me a favor?”
Pushing the limits. He knew it. But he was so beyond horny, so hard and aching and she was giving him all of this beautiful material… he couldn’t help but push for more and more and more. It was her idea, after all.
“Yeah. Yah- I can.” She whispered with wide eyes. His hand was working himself steadily and she was doing her best to not show how worked up she was. But she couldn’t help it.
“Kay…. Can y’dip those fingers in between your legs…. N’lemme taste?” He breathed. “Don’t have to if y’dont want to. Promise. Just…. Want to taste it. I just sent t’taste it, M’not gonna last long, sweetheart.” He pleaded. Needing to taste her and see if what he imagined was what she was.
Y/N nodded, her own breathing picking up as she snuck her fingers under the band of her lounge shorts. A soft moan left her throat, guiding the fingers up her soaked slit and bumping over her clit. The image of her hand in her pants and her little noise made his orgasm approach sooner, a simple Christ spilling from his lips as he watched.
“Are you wet?” His voice was a deep, dark tone she hadn’t ever heard before. Her head tilted back and her glazed over eyes met his as she nodded, hips chasing her hand as she stroked over her swollen, needy clit again and circled a few times. “Good girl. Let me have my taste.” His words weren’t a suggestion anymore, and it only made her even more eager.
Tugging her fingers out, his spare hand guided her wrist to his mouth and immediately, he brought them between his lips. Closing them around the smaller digits, the sweet, tangy taste of her cunt coating his tongue as he dragged it between the two. It was even. Better than he imagined, a dark moan escaping his chest as he stroked himself harder. Thrusting into his hand, he sucked her fingers clean, Every single digit, even brushing his tongue over her palm to get any he missed.
“Fucking sweet. Fuck, M’gonna cum.” He panted. “Gonna cum with that taste all over my fucking tongue. You’re unreal.” He slurred, mouth dropping open as she took her hand that was slick with his spit and her taste, knocking his own hand off. The confidence swelled in her at his reaction to how she tasted, wrapping her smaller fist around him.
“Go ahead. Fuck my hand. Cum on it.” Her lips brushed his jaw. “S’a good boy, Harry. Come on. S’so soft around you, isn’t it?” She purred, pressing her body into his side. He let out a whimper, nodding as his lips parted again.
“Yes, yes, petal. Feels so good, oh god baby… M’gonna cum.” He panted, hips thrusting into her hand she held tightly around him. “Oh, feels… shit, it’s so good, you’re gonna make me cum.” He babbled, dizzy with incoming orgasm.
“Go ahead. Cum. Such a pretty cock, S’a honor to have it in my hand.” Her lips puckered just a bit against his stubbly jawline. “Cum for me, Harry.” She nuzzled against him with a slight nip and he was done for.
He let out a deep groan, cock throbbing and finally going over the edge. Coating her hand and his stomach with sticky cum, he fucked his pick into her soft hand and held her wrist to him until he was too sensitive, pulling it off. His head swimming in orgasm, heat and pure bliss.
His face turned to meet her lapping his cum off her hand, humming as she did so. And that’s when Harry realized he was completely screwed. This fantasy about his best friend… wasn’t just fantasy anymore.
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all-my-love-for-harry · 9 days ago
for my shy little boy, how would artemis react to harry picking him up from school by himself for the first time? I feel like they would be just as nervous as each other.
guess who just found this on her drafts hehe this is from the beginning of the relationship meaning artemis wasn't comfortable with harry yet, ok? ok
you can find more of my shy little boy here
Although Y/n was a single mom from the start, she has never been alone, not entirely. She always had family, friends, even co-workers one call away from her. Her car was in the shop? One of her moms would drive her around to run errands and pick up Artemis for his painting class. She was stuck in traffic? Her best friend would go pick Artemis up from school. She was stuck at work? Another friend would take her son out to eat lunch and wait for mommy to come home. The little boy was loved by so many people that would go out of their way just to make sure he was always safe and happy.
Nevertheless, there were times none of them would be available. After all, they all had jobs and trips to attend to. It happened every once in a while, nothing she couldn't handle.
But not this time.
Y/n had underestimated how long it would take her to grade the stack of papers she had let sit on her desk plus the emails on her computer waiting to be answered. There was no way she'd make it in time to Artemis' school to pick him up.
She tried reaching her moms but then remembered they were both out of the city. She had no luck with her best friend and she was running out of options.
They've been sort of seeing each other for the past two months and Artemis have met him a couple of times.
She doubted for a second. Y/n knew Artemis wouldn't be thrilled, but what other option did she have? She just hoped Harry wouldn't mind. She dialed his number before she started overthinking. 
"What's up, love." Harry's excited tone made her smile. "Are ye out of work yet?" 
"Hi, Harr. I'm stuck at work."
"Who's picking up the little one from school?" 
"That's why I called. Could you do it?" Y/n closed her eyes in anticipation. "If you're busy I understand, I could call her teacher and ask her to stay with him for a while-"
"Hey, no need of that. Of course I'll go." 
"You sure?"
"Yeah, we could go out for lunch, have some fun." He sounded happy, eager to spend time with her son, and that calmed her down.
"I'll call the school so you won't have a problem at the entrance. I owe you one, thank you."
"You don't owe me anything." She could almost feel him roll his eyes. "Although I wouldn't mind a kiss." He said cheekily. 
"I'll see what I can do about that."
Harry arrived early. He sat in his car, running his hands through his pants in an attempt to calm his nerves. He has never been alone with Artemis alone. And he wasn't sure if the four-year-old even liked him. Harry just hoped he wouldn't be upset when he didn't see his mom cross his classroom door. 
"Hello, sir. Name, ID and who are you picking up?" A young woman with a clipboard smiled at him.
He hesitated before handing her his ID. "Harry Styles, I'm here to pick up Artemis Y/L/N. Uh, his mom said she'd call you." 
"All clear. Kindergarten is at the end of the hall." She handed him his ID back and Harry thanked her before starting walking down the hall. He smiled as he saw the artwork in the walls and the small humans already on their way out by the hand of their parents.
At the door, there was a woman who Harry assumed was the teacher. She was waving goodbye to a little girl with pigtails carrying a backpack bigger than her. 
"Hello, I'm Harry." He smiled. The teacher didn't recognize him or at least she hid it very well. "I'm here for Artemis."
Harry's eyes scanned the room, looking for the small mop of blonde curls that belonged to Artemis. When he found him, he couldn't help but smile at the sight. The small boy was completely oblivious of his presence, way too focused on the paper sheet he was cutting with his training scissors. 
"Artemis, darling. Harry's here to pick you up" 
The small boy looked up. At first, he didn't recognize the name but then when he looked at the man standing by the door he knew he was one of his mummy's "new friend", as she'd say. "Where's my mummy?" He asked as the teacher walked him to the door. 
"She's at work, buddy." Harry's tone was almost apologetically. His ego was a little hurt, still not used to kids not being happy to see him. "But, we're gonna have loads of fun, don't worry."
Artemis looked skeptical but nodded anyway. Harry accepted his backpack from the teacher's hands and offered a hand to the boy. He said bye to his teacher before accepting Harry's hand. 
"Can we call my mummy?" He said when they were finally out of school. "I miss her."
Harry's heart ached for this kid. He was way too adorable for his own good and Harry could already feel how smitten he would be for him if he were to stick around. Well, if Y/n would continue to have him because he was sure not going anywhere. 
Artemis sat patiently in the back of the car, waiting for Harry to dial his mum's number. She answered at the second ring and they had a quick chat where Y/n assured her son he would be safe with Harry. 
"Are you ready, bud?" Harry looked at him through the mirror, the hazel-eyed boy was playing with his hands, a sign he was nervous. 
"I don't have my car seat." He pointed. 
"Sorry about that, A. It was short notice but I promise I'll have one for next time, alright?" Artemis nodded. "What are you in the mood for? I was thinking lunch then ice cream?"
"I had a cold last week. Mummy says I can't have anything too cold."
In his mind, Harry was already on strike two. He's never felt so intimidated by a four-year-old with round glasses. He wanted this kid to like him so badly not just because he was dating his mother, but because he wanted to bond with him. It was no secret he loved children and until two months ago he thought all children loved him too. 
Harry pulled over in front of a small dinner he frequently goes to. He was hoping and praying he wouldn't get spotted, not wanting to put Artemis in any kind of uncomfortable situation. He helped him out of the car, keeping a hold of his hand as they entered the building. 
Luckily, it was mostly empty aside from a couple sitting on the other side of the room and two girls on a table close to the door. Harry guided Artemis to a table away from the windows and helped him sit on his chair. 
Despite the toddler not being able to read, Harry still moved his chair closer to him and opened the menu so the two of them could see it. Artemis used his hands to push himself up so his legs would be folded under his body, that giving him a little more height as he looked at the pictures of the menu. 
"Do you like macaroni cheese or would you like a soup?" Harry asked, pointing at the different photos. 
"I like the tomato one." He said before inserting one of his fingers in his mouth. Harry was quick to gently grab his small hand. 
"We have to wash out hands first, buddy." 
An old woman walked towards their table, greeting them. Harry ended up ordering two tomato soups before heading to the bathroom with Artemis to wash their hands. 
"Harry, do you like my mummy?" Artemis was looking at him with big, doe eyes. "My grandma said you do."
Harry chuckled, remembering the time one of Y/n's moms walked into her daughter's house to find him shirtless and barely awake. "I think your mummy is a wonderful woman."
"But do you like her?" He insisted. He never thought he would be interrogated by a four-year-old but here he was. 
"Would you be okay if I did?" 
The little boy shrugged. "I like when you make her smile." He tried to put it into words, but he did like the way his mummy smiled after she arrived from a date with Harry. Y/n thought he would be asleep, but the truth was he faked it just so he could make sure his mom would arrive safely home. 
Harry felt his smile widen, feeling touched at how much attention Artemis would pay to his mummy. This was for sure one special little boy and Harry would love nothing more than to be in his life forever. 
“He said what?” Harry tried to hold his excitement from the other side of the line. “You’re joking, right?”
“I’m not! He asked me if I could put you in the approved pick up list.” She smiled. “Hope you don’t mind picking him more often.”
He sure didn’t. 
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harryhoney-bee · a day ago
Heyy...Thankyou sooo much for answering my previous ask (the indian pregnancy one) it was soooo good!!!!....can you please write a one shot about the first time harry met the indian readers parents...Hope you have/had a good day!!
Just like I do - desi!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry meets reader's parents for the first time
Word count: 1.1k
A/n: Thanks to my bff @sunandherflores for helping me with the hindi and the detais, I wouln't be able to write this without youu, my bestie also had a lot of desi!reader fics, so so check it out <33
Y/n had finally arranged a date to introduce Harry to her parents, she was over the moon, Harry, otherwise, was very anxious. “I don’t wanna look dumb in front of your parents,” he confessed after Y/n asked for the third time what was wrong.
“Harry, baby, look at me,” she took his cheek on her hands, which were decorated with henna from the wedding she went to one week ago. “They will love you, just like I do, they know how much you take care of me, and I talk about you all the time, they know you are a good person.”
“But what if they don’t, baby.” Y/n raised her eyebrows, Harry was acting more anxious than she was expecting, of course, meeting your girlfriend’s parents wasn’t a ride in the park, but damn he was sweating.
“Harry, talk to me, why are you so scared, you normally do well in those situations, is there something wrong? We can reschedule it to another day if you want-”
Harry interrupted her with a gentle kiss on her mouth, even though it was just a peck, it was enough to stain his lips with red lipstick. “I don’t want to reschedule, baby, I’m sorry if I made it sound that way, I just love you, and I want your parents to like me too, they mean a lot to you, so they also mean a lot to me.”
“I know we’ve been parked in front of their house for the last 10 minutes, but I just need a few moments to….man up, alright?” Harry looked to his lap again, but this time he took her hand on his own, caressing the skin with his thumb.
She tried to hold her laugh, trying to respect his feelings. “Alright, I’ll be here with you throughout your whole man-up moment,” she said, playfully pushing him to the side with her shoulder, trying to see if she could make him smile a bit.
“Also, we are having your favorite dish, chicken biryani," she told him, trying to persuade Harry. "If you think the one I cook is good you should try maa's (mom), she never told me what special ingredients she put in her food to make it better than anyone's else's."
"Oh I do love chicken biryani," he said smiling. "Ok, I think that gave me all the motivation I needed, are you ready?"
"I am, just let me do something–" Y/n quickly cleaned his mouth from her lipstick with her thumb. The cosmetic didn't leave his face completely, but his lips were naturally pink enough for the lipstick to blend in. "–and done, let's go, I'm so excited for you to meet them!"
Harry opened his car door before going to Y/n's side and opening her door for her. Y/n was wearing a dark red skirt and a yellow cropped blouse, Y/n wanted to be a bit dressed up for the situation. Harry was also looking very handsome, wearing a casual chic outfit, with a dark blue blazer.
They intertwined their hands together as Y/n led them to her childhood house. Her mom was eager to see her, she could see her face through the window, as if she was there this whole time, just waiting for them to come in. The older woman barely let Y/n ring the doorbell, she opened it eagerly, a beautiful smile on her face.
"Beta!" (Loving way to call your kid). "Finally you are here, your papa and I have been missing you so much." She hugged her daughter, kissing her cheeks. "You look so pretty!"
Y/n laughed. "Maa, you are acting like we haven't seen each other for ages, we went out for lunch a week ago."
"A week ago is a lifetime in a mother's life, babu," (Loving way to call your kid) she said playfully sternly. "Now who is this fine young man, Harry, right?"
Harry was surprised when his mother-in-law came from a hug, but once the surprise was over he hugged her back, looking at y/n with a look that expressed "Am I doing it right?". Y/n gave him a thumbs up, trying to keep him calm.
"Hm, hi Mrs, thank you for having me, it is a great pleasure to meet you," he said, smiling when she also kissed his cheek.
"Oh my darling, cut the formality, I've been dying to meet you, Y/n told amazing things about you! Come in please!" Y/n’s mom took Harry by the hand and brought him inside the house, Y/n followed them, feeling the amazing smell of the food she grew up with filling her heart with warmth.
"Papa, hi!" Y/n say once they stepped in the kitchen, her dad was finishing cooking food as he turned around.
"Babu, come here, give your papa a hug." Y/n did so, wrapping her arms around her dad. "Don't be a stranger, you need to come here more often!"
"I know papa, I will don't worry. But now there is someone I want to introduce to you!" She called Harry, who was in the back of the room with her mom. "This is Harry, the one I talked to you about." Y/n placed a comforting hand on Harry's back.
"Hi sir, I'm Harry, it's a pleasure to finally meet you," he shook Harry's hand, before pulling him closer and patting his back.
"My daughter talks about you like you are a piece of the moon, Harry, I hope she is not exaggerating in any way, she deserves only the best," he said, sounding friendly, but still serious.
"I can guarantee to you, your daughter is one of my priorities. I wouldn't treat her with anything but love and respect. She is also a piece of the moon to me."
Y/n felt her cheeks warm, no matter how many times Harry told her how special she was, she was still not used to it.
"Good, Harry. Let's all eat them, the table is ready, and the food is too, I hope you will enjoy our dinner."
"I sure will, sir, don't worry." Y/n winked at Harry before sitting on the table, the man taking a seat right by her side, putting a gentle hand on her thigh.
"You are doing great!" She whispered while her parents weren't looking. "Thank you for caring so much about this."
"Don't say thank you, darling, I love you, I'm glad I'm here," he said.
The rest of the night was filled with amazing food, music, and stories about Y/n's mom and dad’s childhood. Harry didn't know when he would be back, but he hoped soon.
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avenging-fandoms · 16 days ago
idk why but it'd be hot IF AND ITS A BIG IF is that you were in the little teaser with harry, but no one knew it was you
could have his hand around ur neck for a photo of the nail polish and vice versa. yes. maybe. idk
Tumblr media
"peach, you know how i started pleasing?"
"started pleasing what?" you smile and he rolls his eyes and you giggle. "what about it?"
"we're shooting the campaign tomorrow and i wanted to ask you if you wanted to join" he brushed a piece of hair from your face and you inhaled sharply.
"are you sure? i thought we wanted to keep this quiet for a bit?" you ask and sit on his lap, tracing the swallows on his chest. harry looked at you through his eyelashes, and butterflies flew in your stomach as he looked at you like that.
"you're distracting me. do you want to join the campaign? we can still keep us quiet if you want, i have a few plans of how i want to use you" harry smiles and you raise your eyebrows, kissing him slowly.
"i can give you a few more ideas of how you can use me too" you wink and he holds your chin, pulling you close to him and kissing you roughly.
you sat on the stool in front of the camera as they did test shots. harry came out of his dressing room and he looked at you, smiling at you and kissing you softly.
harry stood behind you and pressed his chest against your back, and you inhaled slowly. "did you tell yn the plan of the shots you wanted to do, harry?" the photographer asked and you tilted your head back, looking up at him.
"something like that, actually, peach" he smiles and kisses your nose, his hand sneaking around your neck. you gasp softly and he looks down at you, and your chest heaved softly. it was only harry in the room.
"oh those shots are perfect. harry, put the other hand flat on her chest, perfect" the photographer asked and he did, and you tilted your head down. harry tilted your head up again and kissed you slowly, and the photographer zoomed out and got the full shot of you and harry.
"alright peach, now it's your turn" harry tilted your head down and you blinked a couple times, harry kneeling in front of you and placing your hands flat on your thighs. he opened a bottle of nail polish, painting your nails so they matched his.
you couldn't help but stare at him as he knelt down in front of you. you two waited for the paint to dry, and then he sat on the stool while you stood behind him. you unbuttoned his shirt a bit, pressing your cheek against his.
your fingers pushed down his chest, and the other hand up his neck. you pulled at his shirt a bit, tilting his head to the side and making him look at you with the nail polish being shown on his jaw.
harry looked up at you like he could devour you. you lean down and scratch your nails down his chest, harry licking his lips. "you're so going to get it when we go home" he whispered behind your hand and you smiled.
you stand behind him and he looks forward, your fingers on his neck and the other on his chest just like yours. he spun around in the stool to face you and you smiled. your fingers pushed into his hair and harry's hands gripped the edge of the stool.
you sat in the dressing room as you waited for harry, scrolling mindlessly through instagram. you got a notification on twitter of what was trending, and you stopped when you saw 'pleasing' was trending at number 2. you looked even more and every screen outside of the arena just said the word "pleasing"
you tapped on the website, and your heart dropped, a soft smile on your face. there was the picture of your fingers in his hair, one with his hand on your neck and chest, and your hands on his. your smile dropped as you saw the picture of harry kissing you with your head tilted up, then the one of him painting your nails.
you. him. together. now, for everyone to see. you screenshotted every picture, and now your phone was blowing up. harry bursts into the room, the biggest grin on his face. you stood right up, your phone on the couch.
"harry! why didn't you tell me-" he cut you off by grabbing your face, kissing you deeply. you held the back of his biceps, curving your body into his. harry pulled away and kissed you all over your face.
"i love you, yn. i love you so much" he gushed and you dart your eyes in between his. "surprise"
"harry i thought you wanted to keep us quiet, cause you liked the press not in our business" you watched as he got undressed, leaving him in his underwear.
"yes, peach, but nearly a year of just us and our close friends knowing, i wanted everyone to know. i'm so in love with you and i want the whole fucking world to know" you smile wide and he slides on his hoodie and athletic shorts.
"i'm so in love with you, harry" you smile, going over to him and kissing him slowly. "how long do we have until we have to get on the bus?" you ask as you kiss his neck.
"all the time in the world, peach" he whispered, gripping your hips and pulling you onto the couch.
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mindofharry · 6 days ago
Nothing New
Tumblr media
HI HELLO! figure skater!harry and Y/N are here. this is officially my favourite concept i am in love with them. also ENEMIES TO LOVERS???? i cannot take all the credit, a beautiful anon sent this idea in and i love them very much for it! obviously a lot of angst, a tiny bit of smut, fluff and mentions of depression and descriptions of an eating disorder. please don’t read if those things trigger you. happy reading!
✧ ✧ ✧
Harry Styles hated Y/N L/N with a passion.
He hated the way she dressed, the way she skated, the way she was too thin, the way her hair fell after doing a jump, he hated the clothes she would wear to the bar after a practice and how she would only get a water with extra ice.
Harry hated how everyone loved her.
To everyone else, Y/N L/N was a beautiful, smart and very kind figure skater. She held the door open for everyone, spent extra time on the rink when little kids would come for their lessons, even though she’s broke she always offers to pay for everyone’s food. And she’s just happy go lucky, all the time.
There is never a crack in her facade. And no ones every seen through the mask she wears.
Not until him.
Harry had been skating since he was 13. His mum was a figure skater when she was his age and she wanted to pass it on to her kids. His sister, Gemma, didn’t enjoy it so she moved on to something else after three years of doing it. But Harry, he absolutely loved it. He loved the adrenaline and the praise he would get after a competition. It’s a feeling he still loves to chase, even now at 27 years old. Harry is olympic level this year. He can’t have anything or anyone fuck this up.
Y/N has been figure skating since she was 5 years old. She was forced into it by her aunt, who took her in at a young age due to her parent not being completely reliable. Y/N hated it — but she was good at it. She wasn’t use to the praise. Her aunt, Delilah, is a coach (still to this day) at the rink. So she signed Y/N up and trained her 24/7. No breaks. No food or water until she landed a trick. Y/N soon figured that her aunts home was much worse than her neglect parents. But she stayed quiet, but on a fake smile and used this talent to her advantage.
Y/N and Harry met when they were both 25.
It was a slow day at the rink, Y/N was frustrated with her new coach and decided to run through the routine herself. Harry watched her and immediately felt threatened. He had never seen her before and she was insanely good. Almost like a robot.
Y/N’s aunt still coached, but she was too old to keep coaching Y/N at the competitive level she was at. So Y/N transferred to a new rink two weeks into the competition season. Her coach wasn’t like her aunt at all. Talia is kind and reasonable. Let her take breaks whenever she needed, encouraged her to try her best but don’t over do it. It was frustrating because Talia was so nice, but wasn’t as cut throat as Delilah. Y/N had come so costumed to it, that she needed it to survive in this world.
Talia and Y/N are the best of the best. Talia had one 5 gold medals in her career and has taught amazing figure skaters that have ended up at the olympics.
Harry immediately made Y/N an enemy.
Harry was good. But not this good. He needed to hate her because he was so insecure. He needed the validation and Y/N was getting that.
Y/N was the new star skater.
But now, two years later, harry needs a partner.
And his coach, Hollis, has just the person.
“No way.” Harry yelled, his hand coming down on Hollis’ desk. Hollis bit his lip leaning back as he watched his best student throw his daily tantrum. Harry is spoilt and hard work. But he’s talented. But not talented enough.
“Can I speak freely here?” Hollis asked leaning forward in his chair. Harry was seething, his face red with anger.
“No, but you’re going to do it anyways.”
Hollis stood from his chair, “You’ll never make it to the olympics by yourself. Harsh, I know, but it’s the truth. I’m not going to bullshit you here, Harry. You need this girl.” Hollis said and Harry groaned.
“You don’t understand! She’s like this devil girl! Nobody knows what a bitch she actually is—“
Harry was interrupted by a cough. He turned around to see the bitch he was talking about. Speak of the devil and she shall appear.
“Y/N. Great to see you.” Hollis said with a grin. Y/N smiled back and held her hand out to hollis to shake his.
“I take you’ve told him the news?”
“You agreed to this?” Harry asked, his hands flailing around.
“Well, if you want to make it to the olympics, then i’d be a lot nicer to me.” Y/N said with a fake smile. Harry rolled his eyes and looked back to his coach.
“Talia and I will be working together, coming up with a plan and then we’ll converse with some other coaches and choreographers get some exercises sorted out. In the mean time, I want you guys spending time together, getting a feel for each other on the ice. You guys need to know each other inside out for this to work.” Hollis said.
“Now, go and half some fun out on the ice and the proper work will start next week.” Hollis said. Y/N nodded and made her way out of his office to the rink.
Harry shook his head absolutely baffled.
“This is such a bad idea. Don’t you see what a bitch she is?” Harry asked and Hollis just smiled.
“Get on the ice, Harry. Don’t make me ask again.”
✧ ✧ ✧
“That’s sloppy. Again.” Harry said as Y/N did a perfect turn. Y/N didn’t mind doing this, she was raised this way. On negative thinking. Y/N could spend 4 hours doing spins and turns. She would spend another hour throwing up after it.
“Great turns Y/N!” Hollis said looking up from his paper. Y/N looked at harry and he rolled his eyes.
“Should we do some lifts? To get a feel for each other’s reflexes and such.”
Harry groaned and nodded finally not fighting her on something.
They skated and then 5 seconds into it, harry lifted Y/N up. They had amazing chemistry on the ice, but off it was a different story. Hollis and Talia smiled to each other sharing a knowing look.
Harry put Y/N down with a grunt.
“God, you’re heavy”
It was a joke. He didn’t mean it.
But to someone with an eating disorder, a joke is still harming. Y/N could feel her insides twist and the bile travel up from her stomach.
Not now. Please, not now.
“I need the bathroom” Y/N said abruptly skating off the ice holding her hand to her mouth.
Harry furrowed his eyebrows and watched her retreating with an unknown feeling.
Worry? Anxiety? Guilt?
He couldn’t place it.
Harry skated over towards his coaches.
“She does this sometimes. Randomly get sick. I think it has something to do with her aunt” Talia said to Hollis.
“Her aunt?” Harry asked and Talia cleared her throat.
“Not my place to tell you.”
“Please. I need to know. Shes my partner and it’s not like she’s going to tell me of all people.”
Talia let out a breath and rolled her head around.
“Fine, but you didn’t hear this from me.”
Harry nodded quickly leaning in.
“Y/N was adopted by her aunt when she was four. Her aunt put her in skating when she five and verbally abused her.” Talia said and Harry’s eyes widened.
“I’ve seen a lot of things but never in my 15 years of teaching have I seen a teacher like Delilah L/N. She made Y/N skate 24/7. She was home schooled, didn’t have any friends. Luckily she transferred rinks, but it’s hard to let go of those thoughts.” Talia finished, putting a hand on harry’s hand.
“All i’m saying is that Y/N has been through hell and back. She’s still going through it. Be gentle with her.”
As time went on, Harry started to depend on Y/N more on the ice but he was still his usual self off of the ice.
“You coming to lunch?” Talia asked Y/N.
“Uh, already ate. Thanks for the offer though!” Y/N said, Harry furrowed his eyebrows and walked over to the girls.
“Come on, partner. I’m buying.”
There wasn’t time to say no, so Y/N just shrugged at Talia leaving Hollis and her to ear themselves while she followed her new partner. It wasn’t that Y/N skipped food on purpose, it just happened. No food for hours was something drilled into her routine. She’s tried to eat during the day, but she pukes even thinking about it.
At the restaurant Y/N order fries and water while Harry ordered a steak.
“Don’t play with the food. It’s good for you.” Harry said and Y/N narrowed her eyes.
“Harry, what are you doing?” Y/N asked putting the fries down.
“Look, you’re my partner now. I want to put this rivalry aside—“
“Rivalry?” Y/N interrupted with a laugh. “I’m sorry Harry, but you’re jealous of me Harry. I have been nothing but kind to you, even when you’re a complete asshole. Now you’re watching me eat? When you called me heavy a couple days ago? I can’t keep up.” Y/N rambled. Harry sighed and leaned back in his seat.
“I need to get to the olympics. I need you.” Harry said and Y/N tried to resist looking at him but god was he charming.
“I need you. And your skills. But if you’re not eating properly, we’re both never going to get to the olympics. So, you’re going to talk to Talia. Get help for the obvious disorder you have and then we’ll be back on track” Harry said and Y/N’s eyes widened.
“For your information, I know what I have. I have an eating disorder. I have had one all of my life, and it’s not going away anytime soon. I’ve been to rehab. I’ve talked to therapists. Not that Talia told you that part.” Y/N seethed standing up taking some money out of her pocket.
“See you at practice, Harry.”
A few weeks had passed since that last conversation. It was only Harry and Y/N on the ice, nothing else.
“Fuck, you need to land this.” Harry seethed, Y/N rolled her eyes. Y/N couldn’t land this trick and it was frustrating them to no end. So they decided to stay over time, so they were the only people on the rink. They had the closing keys from the janitor so they could stay here for however long they needed which was nice.
“I’m trying, ok! I’m really trying! But you really can’t talk. You’re just standing there, doing nothing.” Y/N yelled.
“Me? You’re the one that can’t land a simple trick! A three year old could do it!”
“God, you’re so full of yourself!”
They both stared at each other, they were close now. Their chest touching, Y/N could feel harry’s breath on her cheek. Harry looked down at her lips and then back at wide eyes.
“Fuck it.” Harry mumbled before crashing his lips into hers. His hands travelled to her hips pulling her into him. Y/N moaned her arms wrapping around his shoulders.
“Lockers rooms are still open.” Harry said in between kisses. Y/N nodded skating over, harry following closely behind.
They took their skates off and Harry picked Y/N up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and brought her lips down to his.
“God I can’t wait to see how wet you are. You like me yelling at you, don’t you?” Harry asked as he opened the locker door.
Y/N nodded as she got put down on the bench.
“Fuck me like you hate me?”
Harry groaned bringing his lips back down to hers, his hands pulling her hair out of the pony tail.
He then kissed down her neck, tugging at her leggings and practically ripping them off. “I’m gonna fuck you, right here, right now.” Her panties came down next and Harry moaned at the sight.
“So wet for you.”
“Just for me?” Harry asked and Y/N rolled her eyes bucking her hips up. “Fuck me like you promised.” She said and Harry grunted placing his hands on her hips to turn her around so her ass was in the air.
“Harry? Y/N?” A voice called out.
Y/N gasped and tried to cover herself up.
Harry stood there and looked between him, Y/N and Hollis.
“Well, is right.”
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g0ldenkiwi · 4 months ago
Keep Painting | Harry Styles
Pairing: Artist!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 6,741
Warnings: NFSW (+18), Smut, Fluff, Body Insecurity, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex (Creampie), Praise Kink, Soft Dom!Harry, Breeding Kink.
Summary: Where Y/N is his muse but many times Harry needs a little more inspiration to create his paintings.
A/N: Hello, this is my contribution to the Eyre's First Anniversary Challenge from @buckyownsmylife​. First of all I'm sorry for the delay, I know it's for one day and I've had a lot of time to upload it but I've had a lot of things to do in July that I didn't expect and I had it half done and I wanted to finish it. Apart from my rant, I hope you like it! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The life of an artist could be lonely and full of many impediments: money problems, inspiration problems... But the luck that Harry had found in life was to be able to live his dream of being a painter and to be able to share it with his beloved Y/N. She was everything to him, and she had come into his life in the most unexpected but perfect way of all.
It had been at a time when the dark-haired man was working part-time as a waiter and, in his free time, he was still trying to create new paintings and trying to sell them to someone who wanted them. A lot of frustration of not being seen and the feeling of not being good enough had made him fall into a great depression and the mental block in his head meant that he could not feel any inspiration and, therefore, his paintings did not fill him or make him feel proud of them; they were nothing to him. This whole situation had made him almost give up his dream and start working in his father's company, but then Y/N came stomping into his world, and it came to life.
The first thing he noticed about her was how beautiful she was, and that all the people around her totally disappeared when she was there. A tingling sensation in his fingers with an urge to start drawing her was what made him approach her and ask to paint her.
She had at first flatly refused as he was a stranger and thought he was just pulling her leg, but Harry was quick to explain that he was an artist and just wanted to paint her, he wouldn't charge her a penny.
That painting became his first masterpiece, and it also seemed to have made him start to have luck in life, since, not only was it the first artwork that they really wanted to buy from him for a large sum of money —which he did not do because he could not sell it; it was too important to him, so they started to buy his other works as well— but, during the course of the months he was creating it, Y/N, and he had fallen in love and had created a bond and a connection that neither of them had ever felt for anyone else.
His inspiration and love of art that had been hidden inside him by the storms of his life had reemerged like the pink blossoms of a cherry tree and, in his heart, love had flourished so that Y/N was no longer just the love of his life, —and Harry hoped his wife someday and mother of his children— but she was his art, his brush, his canvas, and his muse.
Tumblr media
"Harry, babe, is this really necessary?"
Y/N was back in his studio and Harry couldn't be happier considering that every time she was there his mind was whirling, and he came up with a painting worthy of his next buyer. But this time he really needed the inspiration of his muse to create something that he could exhibit in a new gallery that had given him this opportunity, and he really wanted to leave everyone with their mouths full, and what better way than to do it showing off his stunning Y/N.
However, this time it was not the portrait of his masterpiece that was resting in the living room they both shared, but Harry wanted to give his works a more sensual and mature approach, but without taking away from the beauty of his artworks, so his girlfriend was resting on a divan of white fabrics and wood with the light from the window next to her falling sweetly on her half-naked form, just a neat white robe and transparency that had made Harry's mouth water the first time he had seen her with it and had given him the idea.
"Baby, really, you don't have to be embarrassed. It's just me," Harry was trying to relax her, her obvious nerves were making her change positions all the time and her hands were trying to cover her body all the time. "However, if you really don't want to do it, it's okay love, I can find another idea," he proposed.
"I know," Y/N sighed nervously. "And I already know it's just you, my love, I don't mind you looking at me naked or nearly naked, you've already seen me many times in worse condition than this," she joked. "It's just that... One thing is for the two of us alone and another for you to paint me like this and for everyone to see... This," she commented in a weak voice as she pointed to her whole body, to which the brunet frowned in confusion.
"What do you mean?" Harry put down his materials on the small table to focus his entire mind on her and those words.
"I mean, Harry, I'm not exactly what you'd call 'perfect'," she tried to explain, trying to look away from his intense gaze at all times. "I already feel embarrassed doing this, just thinking about when people see me and laugh at me or something." Her hands were shaking, and she could feel the disgust in her voice and tears forming in her eyes, not realizing that Harry had approached completely closer to her.
"Baby, no, what? You are perfect and beautiful, don't even think of saying those horrible things about you, my love. Without you, I would never feel as alive again as I do when you are by my side. You are gorgeous on the outside as well as on the inside and I don't want you to think that way about yourself at any time because it makes me sad that you feel that way, so I will remind you every day until you get tired of me or recognize that you are," the brunet whispered to her as he sat down next to her and with his hands lifted her face towards him, making her eyes focus on his safe and loving ones. "And if anyone would even think of laughing at you, they're fucking miserable, blind bastards who don't know how to appreciate what is truly beautiful in this world. Besides, I swear to god I'll kill them on the spot."
Y/N giggled lightly at that, Harry's serious face warning her that it was no joke and making her stroke his face, a loving smile appearing on her lips as she knew she was so loved and adored by the tall brunet.
"I love you so much," she did not hesitate to murmur against his lips with all the devotion she could convey to him, feeling lucky to have been able to find this wild and passionate painter in her life.
"And I love you, baby," he replied before bringing their lips together in a tender deep kiss, nibbling on her lips making her let out little sighs of love that made her body tingle with lust before breaking away again and depositing another small kiss on her lips before getting up. "Now, will you promise me never to feel insecure about you again, love?" His serious eyes looked at her with intensity as his tone was like a dad lecturing his child which made her cackle.
"Yes, daddy, I promise." Actually, that had only been for the end of a joke, however, her boyfriend's green eyes turned slightly black, and a lopsided smile was what made her face feel heat with embarrassment at the late realization.
"That's for later, my love, right now I need to focus on fully capturing your beauty on that canvas," Harry tried to play along with another tease, however, the slight twinge of his cock in his pants made him say otherwise. "But remember that word later, babe, because you're not going to stop at repeating it."
"Shut up and start painting, you perv," she tried to cut off the conversation before it got to anything else. The brunet's booming laughter filled the studio before he turned around and returned to his spot in front of the blank canvas.
And so Harry began to create the lines on the canvas of what would correspond before he painted, constantly looking at her and asking her to pose one way or the other, never settling before erasing the black lines and starting over.
"Mmmh, I don't like it," he complained again, making Y/N sigh loudly. "I'm sorry, love! I just want it to be perfect, and I want to find the pose that totally captures your beauty."
"It's fine, Harry, it's your artwork after all, but please make up your mind. We've been here for hours, and you haven't even done the formed sketch," Y/N complained as she sat back down on the couch again.
"I know! I'm trying! I'm sorry!" Harry replied with a little pout, knowing that Y/N wasn't really mad, just tired of being in different positions for a good while before asking her for another one. "Okay, let's do this pose: lie fully against the backrest with your arms above your head. Yes, like this!" Harry encouraged her as she followed his instructions again. "Okay, and bend your left leg and keep the other one relaxed... Perfect." His hand began to quickly draw the lines of her body on the canvas, his green eyes glancing up at her from time to time. "Can you undo the robe some more? As if you kind of just laid down suddenly."
"Like this?" Y/N asked him as she tried to loosen her gown, trying at all times to make sure that nothing was showing through the transparencies that weren't already fully visible.
"Yes! That's good. Okay, now don't move, my love."
Y/N could see from a distance Harry's serious face at work, totally focused on his task, as he occasionally glanced toward her to see her more specific details of her body and refocus on the whiteness of the canvas. One of his arms was chirping with the pencil as she watched the position he was sitting in to distract herself, his thighs splayed apart on the old wooden stool while his long, black hair was fully tied back to avoid distractions, a few locks framing his face and his jaw defined. His green eyes that could bare her soul with just a glance, being able to see every imperfection of her body that, however, for him was unique and perfect in her and that he loved to be able to trace them with his eyes at every moment.
She really loved watching him work, so passionate about it that many times she herself had found herself captivated by him when it should be the other way around. Harry had told her many times before of the feeling and inspiration she gave him. Y/N felt almost shy to know that she had never had that effect on a person, just Harry.
Many times, however, Harry didn't understand that a similar effect he had on her just watching him sitting in front of a canvas, creating wonders and art, often feeling suffocated and wanting to fuck him right there, -and many times he had-. She didn't understand why just watching him work caused her pussy to contract with the desire to have those paint-filled hands on her naked body as they both professed the adoration they had for each other.
Her thoughts ceased when she saw that Harry's expert hand had stopped again, the frown on his brow implying that he wasn't convinced by that pose either. Y/N bit her lip in frustration, hating to see him in that blockage as she watched him angrily erase a few lines without saying anything.
An idea then occurred to her, a mischievous smile appearing on her lips.
Gently, her hands began to undo the artistic knot of her sheer robe, exposing her entire body, but not quite dropping the garment from her shoulders.
Harry's green eyes widened in surprise before they slowly darkened as he watched his girlfriend's sexy body being exposed to him, his mouth watering as he noticed her nipples beginning to harden to the coolness of the room as he felt even jealous of the silk garment caressing her body lightly. His pupils dilated as he glanced at her hands beginning to move across her lying form, focusing mostly on her tits, squeezing them between her hands, and rolling the sensitive buttons between her fingers, causing their owner to let out a gasp and a sigh of pleasure.
"Baby," Harry tried to find his voice, so he could speak, clearing his throat to try again to get his voice to be heard. "Baby, what are you doing?"
"I'm your muse, am I not?" she gasped slightly as she pinched her nipples, her hips beginning to rotate slightly and from her pussy she could start to feel drops falling. "And as your muse, my duty is to inspire my handsome artist to paint me," she giggled, spreading her legs wide apart, so she could let him see her eager cunt for him in all its glory. "So: paint me."
The brunet literally stood with his mouth ajar as he watched the sensual picture before him. Her words making him feel almost lucky and undeserving of her as he continued to see her writhing at her own touch. His green eyes kept looking at her glistening slit with her juices dripping down and wetting her perfect thighs that he wished he could get up and lick, but it was also his duty to finish that painting and Y/N really knew how to arouse the artist and his lust in him.
With trembling fingers, he tried to obey her as he turned his gaze back to the canvas, again trying to recreate the half-finished sketch. His cock in his pants throbbed with every moan and gasp that fell from her sweet lips as he occasionally gawked at the movements of her nearly naked form, her fingers continuing to tease her nipples.
"Come on, babe, keep painting, please," Y/N moaned before finally lowering one of her hands and beginning to, slowly, caress her clit, causing her head to throw back in joy and her chest to rapidly rise and fall at her excited, quickened breathing.
Harry clenched his jaw as he watched one of her fingers slowly begin to slide into her wet folds before finally sliding one of them inside her, making it moved in and out of her at an accelerated pace, trying to find her sweet spot all by herself while her other hand continued to squeeze her mound and peak.
"Keep painting!" A louder squeal was heard as she finally found the spot she loved to touch herself the most as her eyes kept looking up at a petrified, open-mouthed Harry who kept looking at her with all the desire in the world, a smirk appearing on her lips as she saw the obvious bulge in his pants, wishing she could have her handsome boyfriend all over her giving her the pleasure she was providing herself with at that instant.
"Fuck this!" Harry growled as he jumped to his feet and almost ran over to Y/N, pulling off his shirt, revealing his broad, muscular chest full of tattoos in all its glory. "Stop doing that. That's my job, pet," his voice husky and deep with lust spoke loudly before he harshly pulled his hands away from her, receiving a small whimper before Harry buried his face all over her pussy, making her yelp as soon as his hot, expert mouth began to devour her with enjoyment and without care, making her shudder with pleasure.
"Harry!" Her hands went to his hair still pulled back in a messy ponytail which she didn't hesitate to undo, positioning the scrunchie on her wrist before squeezing his long black hair between her fingers as she squirmed.
His tongue and lips soon enveloped and kissed the neglected clit making her moan and sway her hips towards him, his green eyes watching her face break down in pleasure as one of his hands reached up to caress the abused and already sore nipple, rolling it between his fingers before pinching it while his other hand placed it on her thigh, preventing her from closing her legs to his feast.
When he was satisfied with his supplies to her clitoris, his tongue slowly moved down to easily slide inside her pussy, caressing and tasting every drop of her juices that dripped onto his pink muscle before his lips sensually kissed her moistened folds while with his nose he tapped all the while on the bundle of nerves.
From his throat, he couldn't help but let out growls of satisfaction as he savored her completely, never being tired of having that taste in his mouth and watching her let herself be completely taken by him like that. Moans of his name fell to his cock all the while, so he couldn't help but reach down his hand from her thigh to his zipper of his tight black pants and pull it down, loving having made the decision that day to go commando. He gasped into her pussy sonorously as he let his cock spring free, not passing the opportunity to start squeezing and jerking his member up and down slowly, trying to satisfy himself without actually trying to be close to cumming.
Y/N, on the other hand, could only feel that mouth enveloping her cunt in the most delightful way possible, his grunts and pants making her writhe and her eyes not going unnoticed that Harry was masturbating as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue, which darted in and out of her quickly, curving it somehow from time to time, so he could touch more of her moistening walls and make her contract around that naughty tongue. The brunet chuckled as she squealed at having touched one of her most sensitive spots inside her.
When he felt he was hard and sensitive enough, he moved his hand away from his shaft to rise it up to her slit, replacing his warm tongue with his long fingers, bringing two of them into it at once; creating a torturous, slow, deep rhythm as he turned his lips to her clit, kissing and sucking it lightly making her whine and spread her legs even wider for him as she moaned his name nonstop.
"You're so fucking perfect for me, baby," he almost groaned as he felt the walls of her slippery pussy clench around his two digits. "I adore you and love you so much, I wouldn't know what to do without you. So good for me always, with your pussy always dripping and willing to be ruined for me."
His kisses began to travel up her body as he continued to pull his fingers in and out of her. Tingles of pure ecstasy ran through her as she felt his lips on her skin, worshipping her as if she were his goddess until he reached her mounds.
"And your tits so wonderful, just the perfect size for me, so sensitive that with just my breath your nipples are totally hard and cute," he fawned wrapping his warm mouth around her left nipple making her arch her back towards him, her hands never leaving his head as each word from his mouth made her feel her insides getting hotter and hotter, her legs practically trembling as she noticed those fingers curving towards her most sensitive place inside her.
"H-Harry! Please!" She herself didn't even know what she was begging for as she just squirmed, and she noticed him turn to her other nipple, beginning to nibble it lightly before licking and sucking on it.
"What's wrong, baby?" He feigned innocence with a lopsided, wolfish grin, knowing full well what he was doing. "You're so beautiful when you're like this, so vulnerable and begging for me when I should be the one begging to fuck you hard. You're my fucking angel. I love you writhing like this. I feel so lucky to have such a goddess for me and me alone, what is it you desire from me, my precious muse? I would give you the world if you asked me."
At last, his lips met hers; her warm, breathy pants making him sigh on her ajar lips as he just brushed them together, not quite connecting them, making her shiver with frustration.
"I would do anything for you, my love, what do you want?" his fingers began to create a faster pace causing her hips to rotate in time as her nails scratched the back of Harry's neck who kept smirking above her, his eyes completely black as he towered over her; his cock all the while rubbing against her thigh, she could almost feel him dripping his precum on her warm skin.
"Your cock, please! I want you to fuck me with your cock!" Y/N whimpered, almost crying, wishing she could feel him fully inside her, needing that feeling of connection with the brunet.
"Oh, you're going to get it, pet," Harry just nodded his head at her almost mockingly, making her whine. "But first I want to see you cum, I want to see your beautiful face full of the pleasure I'm giving you, I want to know I have this power. I want to be the only one who can make you feel the way you feel now... So, cum, my love, cum," he growled with authority before lifting one of her legs with his other arm and placing her knee on his shoulder while his fingers kept plunging at her dripping wet pussy that convulsed around them. She threw her head back and let out a cry of joy as she felt that with that new position she found herself more open and his fingers reached deeper inside her.
"Oh my god, Harry!" Y/N moaned, clutching his bicep as in her belly she began to notice a bubble starting to form with each stroke of his fingers inside her, making her scream and shiver.
"Yes, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere," he cooed to him. "That's right, you're doing fine, pet, don't worry."
His words and actions made her explode all over as she arched her back fully towards him and threw her head back, and she let out a cry of delight. Her insides tingled as she let her juices bathe his fingers that kept moving inside her, trying to lengthen her orgasm as long as possible.
"That's it, such a good girl for me, so good," Harry was whispering sweet nothings in her ear, almost lulling her as she felt herself coming back to herself, her breathing totally ragged, just feeling her boyfriend's lips kissing her neck and pushing her sweat-dampened locks away from her forehead.
His fingers still buried inside her sheath slowly slid out of her, making her mewl at the sensitivity of her center as Harry hushed her and stroked her hip with his right hand comfortingly.
"It's okay now, I'm here, you're safe," he hummed to her, enveloping her fully with his body as he continued to kiss and worship her. "So fucking perfect."
At last, his lips met hers as he noticed her breathing regulate again, kissing her with all the love he had for her as his other hand cupped her face gently, his head tilting to wrap his mouth around hers and let the kiss deepen passionately and with a slowness that made her moan again and die in his mouth. He parted slightly to press his teeth gently against her lower lip and nibble on it before depositing small peaks on her lips, still sighing for him.
"You did great, my perfect, beautiful girl," he murmured, making her smile weakly from the orgasm. She could feel like the only woman on the planet at that instant, in his strong arms. "Do you think you can hold another round for me, my queen?" Harry asked with serious eyes, stroking a thumb across her cheek as he looked at her intently; Y/N just nodded her head as she caressed his waist, kissing his lips again. "That's my good girl," he rewarded before pulling away from her and getting down on his knees in front of her between her legs in all his glory.
She couldn't help but feel a tingle of pleasure in her pussy again at the sight of Harry's tall, muscular, tattooed figure, sweat making his skin glow as his right hand went to his long reddish cock, ready to ravish her, stroking it up and down, drops of cum dripping down his slit slowly making her wish he would fuck her face, but his hungry eyes and grunts at his own ministrations on his member begged him to tear her pussy apart completely.
"How can that pretty mouth say such dirty things?" Harry chuckled with a tilted grin, making her face heat as she realized she had said the last thing out loud. "I'll not tear apart your cute little pussy, though, pet. I love it too much, and it's perfect for me. I'd rather pound it until all you feel inside you is my big fat cock stretching you and making you moan my name in that sexy way that always makes me horny."
Gently, he finally took the tip of his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy, slowly letting it slide between her tight, wet walls in a warm embrace that made him groan. She just opened her legs fully for him and threw her head back in a pleasurable gasp as he felt him filling her.
"Fuck, always so tight for me," he growled huskily, his green eyes watching her tits rise and fall with desire with every breath she took. "How can it be that your pussy is perfectly made for me, my love? I just feel you squeezing me, and it makes me want to never get out of you. So fucking gorgeous."
Y/N didn't know how to respond to that as she squirmed and felt her cunt and belly tingle with joy of having him inside her, noticing every crevice of his cock caressing her sensitive, wet walls as he went deeper and deeper inside her. A slight whimper came from her throat as she finally felt the tip of his cock bottom her out, the black groomed hairs and his pubic bone rubbing against her clit in a pleasurable back and forth as Harry waited for her to get used to his size before moving.
Which didn't take long to happen, causing her to start swaying her hips to him, a sigh of delight at feeling so connected to him.
"Please start fucking me, Harry, please," she couldn't help but beg him to end that torture, making him smirk lopsidedly before he positioned himself back on top of her, each muscular arm setting them up beside her head as her hands caressed his waist and his two fern leaves tattoo.
"That's my good girl," the brunet growled before depositing a small kiss on the corner of her lips and beginning to move very slowly over her.
His hips rocked back unhurriedly, leaving just the tip inside her before returning in a hard, deep thrust inside her, slamming into her pussy deliciously making them both let out a unison moan that fell into both their mouths before doing the same thing again and again, feeling the slow, deep pace hit her cervix accurately before caressing all her sweet spots inside her, making her walls clench around his shaft instinctively and making him gasp sensuously above her, his long, sweat-dampened curly hair creating a curtain around their heads.
The image of Harry's face of pleasure with his mouth half open and his eyes glazed over as she felt him inside her, making her feel tingles of joy and butterflies in her stomach as the smell of the brunet so characteristic of him enveloped her and made her lose her mind as she continued to moan for him, her legs hugging his waist tightly to keep him from pulling away from her, —even though she knew he would never think of that—.
Her trembling hands, needing to grab something, did not hesitate to go lower, pulling down even further the tight pants he still wore until they could expose his hard firm ass that she so loved to see, and she did not hesitate to squeeze and knead it, pushing him inside her harder.
The rhythm of their clashing hips began to increase to the desperation of both of them as the colliding of their groins and the gasps of both filled the warm atmosphere of the studio. The dirty wet sound of each thrust and slap of his balls in her ass making her face feel warm.
"Jesus, you feel so good around my cock, pet," he groaned above her. "I love you so much, you're my art, my inspiration, my heart... You're my everything."
His words were reaffirmed with every pound of his cock inside her making her moan and writhe as she could almost reach up to scratch the pink skin of his ass with her fingernails.
"You're the one who makes me feel alive, Harry," she whimpered, the emotion even going so far as to let little tears of joy fall from her eyes at those words of adoration for her. "I love you so much too."
His green eyes gazed lovingly at her before, and he smiled broadly, letting his dimples appear on his cheeks, before bringing their mouths together in another passionate and urgent kiss, full of bites and pants before breaking away again and lowering his gaze down her body, his eyes dilating with lust as he watched her tits bounce with each shove of his hips making her want to breathe heavily. Her back arched towards him to press her chests together as Harry began to feel the warm, wet walls of her core starting to close tighter and tighter around his dick with a pressure that made his balls tingle and his cock twitch with delight.
He could feel the exhaustion was beginning to fill him, but he didn't want to stop as he let his body fall fully into her, his knees bent and his hips creating a sloppy pace as his face found refuge between the gap between her shoulder and her neck, his mouth not hesitating to begin marking the tender skin, trying to let whoever laid eyes on Y/N know that she was his.
Their sweaty forms were wrapped around each other as she began to feel close to her climax. The warmth of Harry's body filling her and depositing the occasional kiss on his skin that could leave hickeys. His scent surrounding her, making her feel safe and loved as she had never felt before meeting Harry.
"F-Fuck!" She shrieked in an extremely accurate thrust that made her see stars, the tingling in her pussy growing more and more torturous as she felt the knot in her belly begin to tangle each time the tip of his cock bumped against her sweet spot inside her. "H-Harry, I think I-I'm cumming!" She tried to warn, the feeling of his member making her womb clench more and more as her clit being rubbed all the while by his skin made her shudder at the sensitivity.
"Cum, my love, I want to feel you cum on my cock," Harry almost begged between gasps. "I want to see you cum for me. Cum, babe, cum for me."
His last words were the trigger for the bubble in her lower belly to completely explode, and he felt her pussy close deliciously on his cock and her juices bathing his thick length as he kept pumping in and out of her rapidly, making him last her orgasm as long as he could as he watched Y/N's face uncurl in joy and her nails clawing at his ass, her body fully tensing and quivering, the scream of bliss being music in his ears as he smirked to himself, watching her enjoy the pleasure he was giving her.
"That's it, so fucking beautiful," he grunted at the sensation of his cock beginning to throb rapidly inside her. "I'm close, my love, can I fill you up? Letting you drip my seed and making you feel all my cum so deep inside you that you feel like you're knocked up."
A shudder still in her orgasm made her whine loudly at those words, as she could already diffuse the sensation of his warm semen filling her completely.
"Y-Yes, please, Harry, fill me up, put a baby in me, I want to have your baby, to feel so full of you," she moaned, feeling him twitching inside her sensitive cunt. Her words puzzled her slightly as, despite having talked about it repeatedly, they had never really thought about it seriously and upon rethinking it right then and there, the idea wasn't really that far-fetched.
Harry could feel his cock harden even more inside her, his near climax making his hips rammed almost primitively and ferocious animal growls come from his throat as he imagined that happy, sensual picture of Y/N rounded with his baby and totally radiant. Really, if it happened, he would paint a thousand pictures of her in every quarter.
"You're so good for me, I don't deserve you," he groaned, his arms wrapping around her waist and lifting her up slightly as he continued to pound into her core. "I'm going to fill you up so good, you're going to give me a child as beautiful as you are, and you're going to look so good all pregnant, I'm going to fuck you every day until I can get it, and after you get knocked up I'm going to keep fucking your sweet pussy."
"Y-Yes! Please! Please!" Y/N could feel her womb throbbing again as she felt the orgasm from before make her reach her peak again at her boyfriend's words, her body totally responsive and at the mercy of the brunet.
At that unexpected climax and the sensation of her walls closing around his cock, Harry couldn't help but cum deep inside her, this time. His warm white seed began to fill her as he left his cock fully hilted inside her and hugged his body to hers tightly. He let out a hoarse groan into the air as he felt himself continuing to cum himself inside her, making himself blush as he noticed the large amount of seed that was coming.
"Fuck, so good," he finished, sighing as he was finally able to lie down on top of her carefully, so they could both catch their breath.
Her tender hands began to caress his back and hair, making him feel almost numb, before she opened her mouth again to speak.
"Didn't you have a painting to do, babe?" Y/N joked, but nevertheless, it made the brunet remember where they were and what he should be doing, reality breaking him from his state of ecstasy at that moment.
"It's true, holy shit, we were so comfy, and I wanted to cuddle you some more," he pouted his lips before pulling his face away from her neck to look into her eyes and kiss her deeply.
Slowly, Harry pulled away from her, a cold sensation running through her as she felt his warm body leaving her skin. From her lips came a small mewl as she felt his now flaccid cock slide out of her gently.
"Sorry, baby," the brunet kissed her knee lovingly before getting up and, naked, heading to the studio restroom to get a damp cloth.
Her eyes gazed adoringly as that perfect specimen of a man strolled calmly and comfortably naked around the studio, making her giggle slightly as she raised her arms and stretched them above her head, his legs still spread and trembling from the sex session.
A whimper escaped from her lips as she felt the white cum begin to slide from her slit, shamefully dripping onto the divan and the robe that still lay beneath her.
"That man really has cum a long way," she muttered to herself, waiting for Harry to return, so she could clean herself, wiping away even traces of sweat from her forehead as she closed her eyes, the exhaustion of their recent activity enveloping her and making her want to sleep right then and there.
"Oh my god! Yes! It's totally perfect!" Her boyfriend's euphoric shout at his return almost made her jump, as she opened her eyes again, finding a still very naked Harry and his face totally beaming and his eyes sparkling.
"Harry! You scared the shit out of me," Y/N scolded him as she watched with a raised eyebrow as instead of approaching her, the brunet had gone running back to stand in front of the canvas, quickly erasing what little he would have on the pencil sketch.
"Oh, sorry, my love," Harry just said as he picked up his pencil again and began to draw with his expert hand on the blank canvas while giving her quick wide-eyed glances. "But please babe, don't even think about moving at that instant, it's perfect!"
"Harry! I'm literally naked, covered in sweat and dripping your cum! Don't you dare paint me like this!" Y/N tried to reason as she tried to cover herself again, but the brunet stopped her.
"No, no, no! Please, babe, you look perfect, I need to paint you like this. You're not looking at yourself, but right now this is really what I was looking for: pure beauty and sensuality. You're radiant!" he tried to reason, on his lips a pout and his puppy eyes making her sigh and surrender, really that man could defeat her with just a look.
"Okay, but at least try not to draw very detailed!" She requested as she returned with a sigh to the position she was in.
"Of course!"
Tumblr media
"Really, Harry?" Y/N complained, already dressed and cleaned, looking at Harry's new finished painting.
"What's the matter, my love, don't you like it?" The brunet's sadness was visible in his voice, making her feel bad before she explained herself.
"Of course I like it, it's just... I told you to try to make my face unrecognizable," she replied. "You've practically added every detail of my body and face."
Despite her protests because of her shyness, Y/N could not help but feel that the artwork was truly beautiful and sensual, and if it wasn't for the fact that she had been present at every moment of its creation, she would not have believed it was her.
In the painting you could practically see her in an almost heavenly bright light on the white divan lying down, her body exposed, and her face detailed in an expression of peace and joy after sex, from her cunt the trail of the painter's semen falling strategically and lustfully, her body painted with such love and adoration that she truly looked like a goddess, and she couldn't help but feel even more in love knowing that it was that way that Harry saw her every time.
"Sorry, baby, but I couldn't resist, you really did look perfect and stunning," Harry spoke again as he hugged her from the back, kissing her neck in a way to lower her anger at him. "Are you mad at me?" he murmured into her skin faintly.
"I'm not, babe," she admitted in a sigh as she stroked his head and smiled at him, she couldn't be mad at him for being so cute with her. "But are you really going to sell it to the gallery?" She asked, feeling shy suddenly, thinking about what people will say and think about her when they see the painting.
"What?! Of course not, my love!" Harry laughed, as he turned her around to face him before kissing her lips lovingly and turning his green eyes back to his masterpiece. "This is just for my own personal enjoyment," he replied mischievously, making her cackle loudly and shake her head at him.
She really loved that crazy painter in love with his muse.
Tumblr media
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heartbreakweatherharry · 2 months ago
could you write something about how much harry loves the reader with just a shirt of his and some panties on? :p
Tumblr media
→ warnings: implications of smut
→ author’s note: i simply had to include the gif. anyways! here’s another short blurb for y’all <3
Tumblr media
“Angel?” Harry shouted from the bedroom, sifting through the shirts hanging in his closet, “have y’seen my Keith Haring shirt?”
His hollers carried to the kitchen where Y/N sat with a mug of coffee, skimming unread emails and today’s news. She looked down at the shirt she was wearing— Harry’s Keith Haring ‘safe sex’ shirt. “Uhh, the ‘safe sex’ one?”
“Yeah, tha’ one!”
“No,” giggling lowly to herself, “haven’t seen it.”
A groan erupted from the other room, impending footsteps getting closer and closer to where the woman perched. “Harry Lambert said I should wear—“ he momentarily stopped in his tracks at the sight of his girlfriend clad in only the missing shirt and a pair of panties. “Well, well, well,” he smirked, Y/N’s gaze averting from her phone to where Harry stood, “wha’ do we ‘ave here, hm?” His hands quickly finding her hips, she squealed as Harry twisted the bar stool around, the couple now face-to-face.
“What?” She played dumb, looking up at the man as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Oh, were you looking for this?” Harry nodded, the girl mumbling a ‘sorry’, batting her eyelashes.
“‘s okay, petal,” he smiled, “think I like it better on you anyways. Especially,” hands slowly following the curve of her hip down to the hem of her panties, accent thickening, “when it’s paired with these.”
A heat ran through her body at the drop in Harry’s tone, “like what you see?”
“Like it?” One of his fingers curled underneath the waistband, playfully snapping the fabric against her skin, her giggles music to his ears, “oh, honey… I love it.” Y/N’s legs wrapped around his waist as her arms draped around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer. “Y’know how much I love seeing y’in my clothes, but in nothing but my clothes?” He fanned himself with one hand, eyes rolling back, “makes me wanna do unspeakable things with you.”
“They aren’t so unspeakable if I want you to speak about them,” Y/N retorted, leaning up to whisper in his ear, “are they?”
With a low growl, his hands found purchase on the woman’s ass, squeezing the globes in each of his hands as he raised her from the barstool. “How about I just show you instead?”
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muffindaddystyles · 2 months ago
Hi! Could you do one where YN has a bitchy mean rest face and Harry gets asked if she’s actually mean and Harry the whole interview he talks about how sweet she is
Y/N never even had a silver of idea that her frowning down at the menu would've portrait her the meanest bitch alive.
It was French restaurant Harry took her on a lunch date at, ruefully though the names of dishes were quite woggly and french-y which had Y/N all nervous and sweat in shy embarrassment as she nipped onto the tips of his expensive boots begrudgingly gesturing him to read the message she sent to him while the waitresses frustrated eyes ping-ponged between them.
Bab: Can u please order for me?
Another, quick message following the moment his gaze struck to hers with a furrow in his brows.
Bab: ....if it’s okay? ...
Harry was sweet and loving to concede happily, caressing his thumb up the slopes of her soft knuckles ordering for both of them and Y/N envies him that she could never attain such confidence to even order something as simple as lunch just because it’s some fancy restaurant.
“Something to drink, ma'am?” Y/N almost startled at the agile tone of the waitresses, gulping achingly and flitting her eyes to the plethora of marbles that calms her down just from their radiance, he sensed her fidgetiness right away mouthing her, “’s okay love.” As if they had whole time spared for themselves.
“W–-..water is f-fine.” Her throat dry and the back of her eyeballs heavy with tears swimming in them, she slumped into herself feeling awful to embarrass him.
Y/N was brought up into a surrounding that was well ... very restricted, being the first born she was over-protected from harsh noises, lights, crowds and even people -- so -- when she stepped out from the little cosy bubble of her home's safety it felt like world was shrinking down onto her, wrapping around her like a cinque paper and to this day she’s still managing not to hurt people from her anxiety that sprouts out of anywhere.
“’M sorry.” She apologised, head lowered in shame trembling fingers rolling the fork over the empty plates and Harry just smiled leaning all the way from his side of table to catch her by surprise kissing the tip of her nose taking in remind to not to ruin her lipstick making her giggle, “Wha’ did I say ‘bout apologising bab?” She used to quip sorry for even the smallest of things, considering her parents taught her to be like this but when Harry came in her life he taught her not to keep on spilling it left and right.
“So—..” She sighed, chuckling softly when Harry ticked his brow up at her, “Yeah. Still working on it.”
In their own moment. They weren’t quite aware that the cameras were capturing every precise and detailed expressions of them, they’ve kept it private so far. Living together away from the city portion, loving to stay at home and have their date-nights at the village side of London perhaps one time like this and next morning, it was all over tabloids and internet.
Harry Styles girlfriend seemed very unhappy by his choices of date-spots as the couple had lunch together and Y/N had nothing more than a scowl all the time.
If that wasn’t enough to spike her nerves to the roof, the internet was blasting with the confessions of the waitresses that took their order saying that she literally doesn’t get it how Harry’s with the rudest meanie alive— because Y/N didn’t even glanced in her direction having a mean resting bitch all the time.
That hurt her feelings. Y/N got her hands on the tabloids how much Harry kept them away from her, “D’ya think we should go back and apologise to her?” She was biting onto her already chapped lips and Harry thinks that how they haven’t fell from how brutal she’s being with his petals.
“No.” He just shrugged. Switching onto telly and popping in caramel popcorn in his mouth, “No?” She asked breathily.
“Yeah, no.” Not darting his eyes away from the screen he patted his thighs in command for her to come and sit, “Relax pet, don’t wan' you t’a get an another asthma attack ‘cos y'were too nervy to order y'self and she misinterpreted it, do we now?” His gaze firm and stern grabbing onto her wrist pulling her down in his lap and smothers her in kisses.
“You’re very silly, know tha’?” He gives her an eskimo kiss, “What’s with tha’ pout? Cream y’lips with some vaseline before y'swallow ‘em down your tummy.” He pecks them delicately wincing from how cracked they’ve gotten.
“Not gonna kiss ‘em better?” She teases him nuzzling her cheek into his’s kittenishly.
Y/N’s been the ultimate antagonist in Harry’s life through those shutters of cameras and tabloids. Even, there’s barely any news swiping out whenever it does it’s always foul about her.
She’s been adjusting since the first time and Harry keeps a check on her mental health and her safety, putting restraining orders against any pap that comes her way.
His heart ached as she practiced to smile with full teeth even when she's most anxious, tried to resist her body to be less jumpy to loud yelling of them and having plump bruised palms at the end of day from digging her nails too harshly instead of showing the tremble in them — Harry felt like an absolute shitty boyfriend.
They still have slip outs. Making her breakdown just for getting an iced coffee with her friend after a walk in the nearest block and going viral all over the internet as Harry Styles girlfriend’s disgusting for smoking when only she did was held a ciggy for her friend when she had to rummage something out of her small bag.
She was clearly not having it today. The day hasn’t been in her favour at all and she went to the cat's cafe to smooth her nerves down (petting and loving on them is like a free therapy), drowned into Harry’s trousers and her warm hoodie to be a good sneak but she guesses that the world’s clever than her when she walked out with her head bowed down and still got spotted, followed by paps.
The shutters of lenses, the snapping noises, the gruff different voices yelling, harsh blinding lights striking her pupils and making her see dark because she visions back to see globes of moving stars around.
She feels hypersensitive to every single thing, feeling nauseous from the smell of their sweaty bodies hoarding her and cries out from her own self hyperventilating.
“I’ll answer all of your questions!! Promise, just give me some space, please, please . . . .” Her chin wobbles, fat tears sparkling at her cheeks and she shoves her face in her palms to hide them, wishing to be invisible and move to this other side of wall they all have cornered her up.
They all nodded. Taking few steps away knowing a scratch on her and Harry will have their heads on plates.
Y/N has never felt this exposed and bare infront of anyone, as she did now from all of their poking and prodding but it trails not too much before a grim voice’s booming against the wet road scurrying all of them away and Y/N’s glossy eyes flies to get a blurry sight of her Harry striding towards her with soft eyes while he throws stabbing glares their ways, his arms already stretching out to hug her and tuck her under his chin with careful hands on her hips, heart thumping at how she shakes in his hold and his blood seethes making his teeth grit chalky-ly upon feeling her heart racing brutally.
“She’s more than just being my girlfriend, y'guys should realize before anythin’ else she’s a human being who deserve some respect ‘n some fuckin' decency of little privacy.” His voice monotone as he walks them away from the paps who has their cameras lowered now.
“Her social anxiety shouldn’t be an excuse not to let people know her.” One of the paps downturned his mouth, boasting his chest too much for his own sake and Harry halts despite how much Y/N tugged at his shirt not to turn to face them.
“What good knowing her would d'to the world? She’s an ordinary person jus’ like all of us,” He huffs, running his fingers through the ruff of his curls looking up at the sky noticing it’s gonna rain soon and Y/N always catches cold from spending too much time out.
“So you’re saying she’s ordinary? Nothing special in her like your other girlfriends,” That’s what pinched Harry in throat, but one look down at his lovie and he’s dismissing them off with just a single meaningful statement bunched with loving coyness.
“Her love fo’ me’s more than extraordinary and special, nothing else matters to me.”
“I don’t want any of y'faces nearing her, noted?” He warns them muttering a cold, “Good.” When all of them nods too speechless from what he said before.
Once in the heat of the car, he’s putting the armrest up and collecting her in his lap. He cradles her bloated sad face and pouts nipping at her nose with his’s lovingly.
“Did they hurt you?” He asks, “Hurt my baby,” inhaling a huge puff of relief when she shook her head and scooched closer to him resting all of her on his chest, “’S so overwhelming. I hate tha’ I’ve got issues with everything and everyone I come in contact with.” She hiccups gaspingly, twitching and relaxing upon feeling his hands stroking her back from under her hoodie, his warming touch making her all lousy and soft in his hold.
“Not ye’ fault, Bab.” His features that were skewered from the annoyance softening at the serenity she brings with her presence, the low rumble of heater and her lull of breath sinking him into his seat.
“You’re the sweetest girl, my kindest beautiful soul and I love you so much.” He whispers, wiping the moisture away from under her eyes and kisses the tops of her cheeks.
“I love you, promise . . . I —..” Y/N felt like there should be something, anything to make him belief all she doesn’t know’s that this green eyed boy has his heart already on stake for her.
“I know, Bab. I know.” He assures her doubts, lowering down and looking into her eyes then gives her a chaste caring kiss which deepens into soft hushes and murmurs as he tries to keep his hands touching every inch of hers.
His little precious treasure.
No wonder her parents kept her away from the evils of world because she’s just too precious, sweet and innocent for their ugliness.
“You’re the sweetest.”
“My sweet baby, deserves some sweet corn soup doesn’t she?” He cackles loudly when she perks up puppy like getting all excited bobbing her head vigorously at the mention of soup.
God. What’s he’s gonna do with her cuteness.
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purplekiwis · 8 days ago
soooo.... any sub harry coming?
subrry blurb: like you mean it
Alright, I know it took a bit longer than usual, because I got super stuck when it came to coming up with concepts. I still hope you guys like it tho <3
Warnings: SMUT: Bondage, Puppy Play, Rimming
Wordcount: 4.8k
AN: I added a little reference picture in this chapter that is signaled with a (*) but it's not super relevant to the story or anything so feel free to ignore it if you'd like :)
“I really need to go pee.”
“…Okay?” You chuckled, turning your head to watch Harry hurriedly drying his hands on a dish towel that he tossed onto the counter before fleeing to the bathroom. “Did you turn the hob off?” You blared, once the smell of crackling melted butter and cooked crepe dough began to rise inside the kitchen, overpowering the naturally sweet aroma of the fresh fruits you had been cutting into pieces over a wooden board.
“I think so.” He replied, what prompted you to drop the knife and go check.
He had turned it off indeed but had left the pan over the hot hob. You flipped the crepe and turned the stove on again, figuring that you could manage the crepes until Harry came back, since you were almost done with the fruit bit anyway.
That was when his phone first buzzed over the counter, what brought you to glance at it in response to the startling noise, however the name displayed on the lock screen caught your eye, bringing a slight furl to your eyebrows.
Who the fuck was Rose?
You didn’t remember Harry ever mentioning any Roses… and you took pride in your ability to memorize names, if that was indicative of anything...
You weren’t planning to go all psycho mode on him over something like this though…
So you ignored the pinch of jealousy and focused back on the pile of strawberries you had been chopping into quarters.
Harry had never given you any reasons to be jealous. He was always good and devoted… and clingy, which you loved. He would never jump an opportunity to curl up against you on the couch after dinner, cuddling up to your side and even nuzzling his nose against your shoulder anytime he wanted kisses... or back rubs, or something else. Whatever it was, you always made sure to give him it. Because yes, Harry was spoiled but so were you. And that day you were feeling extra spoiled by your boyfriend, since he had decided to surprise you by stopping on the supermarket on his way home from work to get strawberries and chocolate spread just because you’d told him that you were craving crepes the night before.
So yeah, Harry really did love you. You knew he did. But this girl on his phone… It was like she was mocking you. You would turn your gaze away and try to mind your business, but the buzzes kept on coming one after the other. You weren’t trying to be that girl, but frankly… 5 texts in a row?! What was there for her to talk to him so much about?
You weren't going to ask about it but as it turns out, as soon as your boyfriend stepped back into the kitchen, the dominating side of you decided it couldn't not poke its nose a little into the matter, so you opted to do it in the simpler, most innocent looking way. “You got a few messages while you were in the bathroom.” Petty, yes... but affective.
“Did I really?” Harry sighed, lazily reaching for his phone. “I hope it’s not Grayson asking to swipe shifts again...”
You noticed he didn't seem concerned in hiding his phone from you while he went through the unread messages, which was a good sign, of course... but you couldn't say you found a lot of amusement in the way he was smiling widely at the screen. Your eyes narrowed, although Harry was too busy typing away to notice it. “Is it Grayson?” you asked as you poured another ladle of creamy batter into the frying pan.
“No, it’s an old friend from high school.” You hummed at that, swirling your wrist so that the batter would spread evenly. He stopped talking for a little while typing his answer, and you continued to cook your crepes in the meantime. “She’s moved to the city a few weeks ago and remembered I lived in the area. So, she was asking if I’d like to show her around one of these days. Introduce her to the cool places and all that.”
Your eyes narrowed again, even deeper this time. “Oh, really?” You feigned surprise as you flipped a crepe onto the serving plate. “What’s her name?”
“Well… her name is Rose, but we used to just call her Ro ‘cause she didn’t much like her name. Thought it was too old lady-like... She must like it now I guess, since she has it on social media...” He told with his eyes still fixed on the screen.
God. He was completely oblivious to the uneasiness making your belly churn uncomfortably, wasn’t he?
It didn’t surprise you that much though.
You had a feeling Harry often pictured you as some sort of confident goddess who never doubted herself… which, to be fair, was true to an extent. You usually felt quite comfortable and happy in your skin and everything regarding your relationship… but of course, you also had your insecurities like everyone else does. And lately you had been struggling a little with… feeling sexy, so to say. Not because of Harry or your sex life... that was still great, but with telework and everything else going on, you couldn't even remember the last time you looked in the mirror and got to feel pretty... Instead, you always lounged around the house in sweats, messy hair and no make-up on. Which felt nice for a while, but lately was beginning to take a toll on your self-esteem… and was apparently starting to give you trust issues now, too.
“Can I see her picture?” You requested casually, secretly hoping her profile would show you that she was so obviously vanilla that it would be impossible that your boyfriend's needs and hers would ever align, which would in turn lower the likelihood that he would be interested (according to your logic anyway). That would give you some comfort if it turned out to be true.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
She was pretty… and had that dripping with eccentricity charm and bubbliness about her that most men are sweet on - with short, bleached hair, a round little nose, and pretty doe eyes. She looked like someone who could easily be into the kinky scene too… because of course she did. Just to leave you even more unsettled than you already were.
“So, I take it you’re planning to go meet her?” You guessed, turning off the hob and taking the dirty dishes to the sink as you walked around the kitchen to go back to cutting fruit again.
“Yeah, I was thinking maybe tomorrow would be a good day 'cause I finish work earlier. So I could give her a walking tour while it’s still bright outside, and then once the sun starts to set I’d take her to go see the bridge and the lake ‘cause the view is always prettier at that time.” His eyes lifted in search for you. “What do you think, does that sound fun?”
“It sounds really fun.” Your words were cut by the repetitive sound of the knife hitting the chopping board. “Are you coming home for dinner or are you two going to have dinner together?”
“Uh… I dunno yet. I think I’m coming home, but maybe it’s best I let you know tomorrow.” You hummed in acknowledgment of his words, your chest inflating with further grudgingness as you pictured your boyfriend out having dinner with someone else. Knowing Harry, he would probably take her somewhere intimate too... with alit table decorations and authentic Italian dishes. At least that's the kind of restaurant he usually chooses when he takes you out to dinner... or used to choose. That's more like it. Cause lately he hadn't been asking you out on much, and being honest, you usually didn’t mind it… until now. Now it was suddenly bothering you. “Baby, what are you doing?” Harry hesitantly called you out of your transfixed state once he took notice of your unrelenting chopping. “I thought we were supposed to have strawberries in pieces. You've practically minced those...”
“Shit. Sorry.” You apologized, taken aback by your own self as you began to cull at the mess you’d made. “Um- here, I’ll just fish out the bigger pieces for you and I’ll have the smaller, mushy ones. I don’t mind.”
“No, it’s fine. Never mind the strawberries, it’s just- is everything alright?”
“Yeah, of course.” You forced a smile. “Why would it not be?”
“Dunno. You looked like you were pretty caught up in something.”
“No, I was just listening to you.”
“Hm…kay.” He settled, bringing you to smile briefly at him before diving back into what you had been doing – Trying to stay properly focused this time, but right as you picked up another handful of strawberries Harry’s fingers came tugging at the back of your sleeve to call your attention. “Kissy?”
A huffed laugh escaped through your nose at his request. “Don't know, pet. I’m kinda busy right now...” You wanted to make him wait, but the adorable mewl he let out as he nuzzled his chin against your shoulder made it impossible for you to deny him. You swiveled on your feet and pulled him by the waist until your bellies were flush together. “I love you a lot, did you know that?”
Harry’s cheeks blushed pinker than roses, the same they always did whenever you told him anything of sorts. “… Stop that, ‘s giving me fuzzy butterflies.” He fussed shyly, despite the smile growing on his face. “I love you a lot too.”
You were bored.
It’s not that you didn’t have anything to entertain yourself with… there was your phone… the book you’d yet to finish reading on your nightstand… the article you’d been planning to write for your blog… the Netflix account… not to mention all the household chores that needed doing...
But you were still bored - because Harry wasn’t home... and he wasn’t going to be home for another couple more hours, since he’d called earlier on to let you know he was going for dinner with his “manic pixie dream girl” of a friend after all. And although any other day you’d perhaps appreciate the little extra alone time you’d been given, this time it made you let out an annoyed groan as soon as Harry had hung up the call.
You dropped the phone on the table and took an unenthusiastic bite of couscous salad to your mouth, straight from the serving bowl. It wasn't like Harry was going to be eating it anyhow. You could finish the entire bowl by yourself if you very well pleased… but you weren't hungry. You were just jealous... and looking forward for him to come back.
Which was scary, a bit. You'd never felt so dependent on anyone before... but Harry was different. He was your baby. Yes, yours. Yours and no one else's. And it was pissing you off that he was out there treating some other girl with nice things while you, his Dom, the one he should be showing devotion to, were left at home feeling gloomy, abandoned and neglected.
And they say Doms are supposed to be the mean, evil ones...
It wasn't like the two of you didn't have a life of your own. You had friends that weren't in common, you worked different jobs and even had a few different hobbies.
You liked reading and working on your creative journal, while Harry enjoyed doing origami. Lately he had also developed an interest in learning languages ​​from a certain fictional universe like the absolute geek that he became whenever he found a new sci-fi movie or series to obsess over.
Sometimes he also liked to combine his two hobbies together to send you “secret” coded messages hidden in paper animals. You still had to turn to Google to decode them most times, but you didn’t tell him that.
The memory of the last origami message he had sent you had you unconsciously clenching your legs together while you ate. It had been a naughty one, that had led to a good punishment. He had been such a brat that day... letting you spend 30 minutes searching everywhere for a specific pair of green lace panties that you were starting to believe had gotten swallowed by the washing machine. Seriously, you had been so baffled about the mysterious disappearance that you’d even asked Harry if he had seen them by any chance, even though you knew it was unlikely since you were usually the one in charge of the laundry task… he’d shrugged and said he had no idea at the time. Then, the next day while at work, he had sent a text to your phone asking that you’d check a drawer on your desk 'cause he had left you one of his origamis. A yellow dinosaur, with a message that translated to:
“Hi baby :) I lied about your panties. I know where they are 'cause I was the one who stole them from the basket yesterday. Made a big, splashy mess all over them while you were busy having your meeting btw.
P.S: Better start thinking of a punishment for when I get home…
P.P.S: Check the washer again if you don't believe me.”
It could’ve flattered you, that your 3 year boyfriend still liked to jerk off to your underwear... had the reason why he had done it been righteous, and not purposefully disobedient. To be more specific, if he hadn’t deliberately done it as a result of you not letting him finish on your belly the other night, because you didn't want him to get those specific panties dirty, just so you didn’t have to scrub them clean and therefore, cause more pilling on the fabric.
But he loved to tease... and sometimes that included challenging your dominance by going against what you said just to see what you would do about it.
But you loved to tease even more, which is why you abandoned your meal after a couple more rushed forkfuls to go to put a mischievous idea into practice that involved 2 things you had ordered and had not yet used due to lack of opportunity. You were planning on taking them out of the bags over the weekend, but then realized that the spontaneity was only going to make things more exciting. Especially for Harry who had no idea that you had placed a random order from a naughty shop during the black friday sales at all.
“Baby?” Your boyfriend called from the lobby right as he peeked inside the living room and didn’t spot you all snuggled up on the couch under the microplush blanket, where he’d been expecting to find you.
“In here!” You answered from the en-suite bathroom, biting back a nervous smile as you applied some lipstick in front of the mirror – a cherry red shade. Harry’s favorite. “How was it? Did you have fun?” You pried when you heard his feet stepping into the bedroom wooden flooring.
“Meh. It was alright, I guess.” Harry answered unenthusiastically. You could hear him pacing around the bedroom, and judging from the familiar clacking, you figured he was putting the stuff from his pockets away. “Nothing too exciting.”
You hummed, using your finger to wipe the excess off your cupid’s bow. “Have you eaten properly?” You asked. It was something you always did whenever he got home late. Not that Harry had a habit of starving himself, but you like to make sure his body's needs were taken care of, especially before starting anything sexual.
“Yeah, I did. We went to that sushi place with the big temaki rolls. I only ate two, but I’ve brought the leftovers home so if you wan-” He choked as his eyes laid on you. Mouth going agape with surprise. “...Are you going out?” He asked upon taking a better look at your figure. You had your bathrobe neatly tied around your waist, like you always did whenever you were getting dolled up to go somewhere. Your hair was done to practical perfection, and so was your heavy make-up.
“Yeah.” You lied, pressing your lips together to smear the color evenly.
Harry’s face scrunched beyond his control. “...To where?”
“Just for drinks, downtown.” You answered dismissively, fixing your hair in the bathroom mirror.
“Drinks?” There was a pause, where he just stood by the door looking at you finish collecting your make-up from the counter and placing it back into its respective section of the organizer. His face was washed in bewilderment, clearly finding it odd that you'd be going out at such hours in the evening, without previous notice and by yourself. “Who are you going with?”
“Some people from work.” You briefed as you passed him by the doorway and entered your bedroom. You sat on the edge of the bed, to pull on the above-the-knee faux leather boots you'd picked to go with your outfit. They had a considerable heel, but the sole was a platform. What made them very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.
As you’d predicted, Harry was hot on your heels… following you into the room like a sad puppy. “Why are you going? You’re always saying their night outs are boring and that all they ever do is talk about work…” You ignored his grumbling, carrying on zipping up your boots in silence. “Just so you know,” He hesitated once your eyes shot up. “You won't find parking near the bars... downtown is always crowded on Wednesday nights.”
“That's okay. I was planning to call an Uber anyway...”
He plopped on the end of the bed and crossed his arms ill-humoredly. “There are way less Ubers going around at night though… you'll probably have to wait out on the street for a long time to get a lift...” You carried on ignoring Harry's speculations as you got back on your feet and pretended to check your hair on the wardrobe’s full length mirror. Running your fingers through it. “I just don’t think it’s safe for you to be out by yourself this late. I think it’s quite stupid if I’m honest.” Stupid? Oh, he was going to regret that one. He probably thought he was being sly, but you could see right through him – He wasn’t pleased by this outcome. He had been counting on coming home and having all your attention to himself, and now that your plans weren’t lining up with his expectations, he was getting sulky...
… and bratty.
Little did he know your intentions were far from what he was thinking them to be, and that making him believe you were going somewhere without him was nothing more than the start of a game whose goal was to leave him on edge. “And I think you have a lot of nerve coming home sharing your dumb little opinions I haven’t asked for, puppy.” Your eyes trailed to him, knowing your scolding wasn’t going to stop him from letting out another quip. “What’s that face for, huh? Has the little time you spent unleashed today made you forget who's in charge around here?”
The gaze you were met with was nothing short of challenging. “You’re not as in charge as you think you are, Mistress. I can say and do whatever I want, whenever I want it.” He shrugged defiantly. “It's not like you own me anyway, is it?”
… And that was when you decided you were done talking.
Without warning, you gripped a handful of his hair, jerking back to force him to stare up. His body shuddered from unexpectedness, while his eyes fixed on yours in complete surrender. “I don’t own you, you say?” You smirked. He gulped, and reflexively pushed his knees together once you jacked up your leg and ducked your boot-clad foot between his spread thighs. Slowly hiking it up the mattress towards his cock. “Spread those legs back apart. I won’t ask twice.” He did so obediently, whimpering softly once he felt the underside of your boot gently pressing right over the fly of his jeans.
“Y/N, I-” Whatever words he was about to speak next died on the tip of his tongue once he witnessed you pull your bathrobe open. Revealing the black bondage bodywear you’d kept hidden underneath it.
It had been quite pricey, but the quality was worth the money. You’d never been a fan of those cheap, rubbery, Halloween-like outfits that looked and felt like they might rip apart at any moment while you were putting them on... besides, those never hugged the body properly like they were ought to.
This one ( * ) on the other hand, felt like it had been designed with your measurements in mind. Its shape was adjustable, satiny, and delicately complemented by a built-in harness, its golden hooks, and a pair of matching strap garters for your thighs.
It was provocative.
Vixenish, without being too vulgar. And considering way Harry’s jaw dropped, and his thoughts began to blur altogether, you were guessing he liked it just as much as you did… perhaps more, even. “…When, I mean where- why are you wearing that?”
“You’re blabbering. How cute.” You sighed, stripping off your robe. “I bought it some time ago, but I was waiting for the right opportunity to wear it, where... it doesn't really matter, does it? And why? …Well, it’s your fault, really. Left me by myself for so long, puppy… I got bored and started to want to do bad things to you.”
You turned around to let him get a good view of the outfit’s back also. It was just as detailed and pretty… but showed a lot more skin in comparison to the front. With a strappy G-string that left practically nothing to the imagination, but still enlightened your curves like the good frame does to a work of art. “You look so beautiful, Mistress.”
“Yeah? I bet you’re dying to get your hands on me, aren’t you pretty boy?” You climbed on his lap teasingly - Not quite sitting, just hovering. The lack of contact prompting Harry’s fingers to curl into tight fists to avoid falling into the temptation of touching you. You knew he wanted to reach out to cop a feel, but you had trained him better than that. You hadn’t given him permission yet. “Oh puppy,” You tsked mockingly, “Look at you… already gone all pokey inside your jeans… and from what? Having my boot pressing on your cock? …Or maybe it was the lingerie...? Either way… ‘s a tiny bit pathetic, wouldn't you agree?”
“Please...” He pleaded with supplicating, crystal-clear eyes. Daring to lean forward and press his face against your chest, nosing at the front coverage of your lingerie, but you immediately pushed him back with a chastising “Ah-Ah.” - “Please... can I touch? Pretty please? I promise I’ll be good and do anything you say… I promise.”
“Anything I say?” You pouted once he nodded, mimicking his expression. “That’s sweet and all but baby, isn’t that what you always do anyway?” Harry grumbled in protest at that, and his fussy behaviour only got worse once you effortlessly slid off his lap and began to walk towards the room’s chest of drawers. “Close your eyes and take your clothes off brat. I got something else for us to try.”
“W-What is it?”
“Hush. Be good and do like I said. And no peeking! or else I’ll tie you up and keep you blindfolded the whole night. I don’t think you want that, do you?” He shook his head earnestly at the question, rushing to undress. You chuckled when you saw him covering himself between the legs with his hands when he was done. Finding it comical that somehow, he still got shy whenever you made him undress all by himself. As if you hadn't already seen all there was to see countless times… even the pinkish, most undisclosed parts inside his body that had never seen daylight before he met you. “I’m gonna put it on you now, okay?”
“Wait.” Harry sputtered suddenly. “It’s not going to hurt, is it?”
You snorted at the question, shaking your head amusedly. “Dunno pet, maybe it will...” You lied, just to watch his face tense, but your tone soon changed to a more deliberate one, upon noticing his body kept shuddering at the slightest movements on your part. Despite knowing it was a natural reflex of feeling vulnerable and not knowing what was coming, you didn't like the idea of Harry being afraid of you… especially when you would never ever think to cross that line in a situation like this, where it could come off as startling and unpredictable for him. “Have I ever hurt you while your eyes were closed without a warning first?”
“No, I guess not…”
“Then what are you so scared of, silly pup?” You combed his hair back with your fingers as your lips met his forehead, kneeling just so you could fasten the gift you’d gotten for him around his neck and chest. Your face beamed with pride once a stunned gasp left his mouth, realizing what you were putting on him – a leather harness. “It’s not too tight, is it?” You asked, tugging at it with your finger to make sure you’d left at least a two-finger gap in between the neckband and Harry’s skin.
“No, it’s alright.” He giggled, legs bouncing excitedly. “Can I open my eyes now?”
“Yeah. You can open your eyes.” You okayed, getting back on your feet and stepping to the side just so he could get up and check himself in the closest mirror. He did so in a jump, gasping happily once he saw the design didn’t facet the basic black he’d been expecting. Instead, his eyes were met with a lovely, rich shade of crimson red. Why red? Because you knew Harry. He liked the dark shades on you, but for his things he always tended to seek out the most unconventional colors and finishes. When it came to BDSM gear, he usually preferred the gender neutral leatherworks too – That was how you ended up picking a full chest garter: Collared, open breasted and with several 'O' rings designed for connecting attachments: One in the middle of the chest area, another centered with the ribcage, two others in the back, and one in the collar area, where you had chosen to attach your leash.
“It’s so pretty...” Harry marveled, making your heartbeat quicken in your chest, that insisted on swelling with fulfillment upon you spotting the pleased smile stretching across his gorgeous features. “Makes me feel so pretty...” He added once you went to hug him from behind, pulling his body tightly against yours.
You allowed your mind to immerse in gentleness for a moment. “You always look pretty, Harry.” But seeing him so bare and vulnerable… it only increased your appetite to ruin him. “But I won't lie... the harness, it’s making me wanna eat that ass so bad right now...” You whispered against his shoulder, motivating a barely noticeable whimper to slip from him. But you heard it – its delicate nature stirring that lustful fire that brought out your dominance even more.
Your hand kept a firm, tight grip on the leash as your tongue began to lap at the hind of his neck, giving rise to a succession of sharp inhales that carried on escaping him through parted lips. But you didn’t stop there. Your mouth carried on moving down his back… his spine… his ass. Kissing, flat tongue licking, and even biting at the softer flesh, until you found yourself kneeled behind him. Your mouth dove in without hesitation. Focusing on the perineal area first, your warm tongue swiping from his balls to his ass at a slow pace. “Always taste so good for me…” You said it to make him relax, but it wasn’t like you didn’t genuinely love the way Harry tasted… you did, and even craved it at random times quite often. That natural musky sweetness of his skin.
Pulling away, you spat over the slit quietly. Waiting for it to start dripping down his balls before your tongue came out to drag it back up again. “Don’t take your eyes off that mirror.” You growled, noticing him looking back at you through naturally-thick lashes. “I want you to see what I see... how desperate you look when my tongue’s buried in your ass… How big and leaky your cock gets. That’ll show you who you belong to… and I won’t stop until you admit that I own you.”
“Better start eating it like you mean it then, Mistress.” Harry bit back provokingly, words melting into a moan once you wrapped the leash around your fist in one lap and tugged harshly to force his head forwards, and his spine to arch.
Submissively, he shifted his legs further apart and bent over, clasping his hands around the mirror frame and pressing his blushed cheek against the cold, polished metal - that began to fog up immediately due to his panting breaths. “God, I fucking love you.” He mumbled, once he felt you spread his ass cheeks and begin to tongue faster and deeper at his skintight hole.
“Good, 'cause I really fucking love you too.”
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venusstyless · 12 days ago
Ring Leader (H.S)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles/Y/N
Warnings: NSFW (18+) oral (female receiving), mutual masturbation?, Domrry, unprotected sex (wrap it up!!), pet names, (uses of the word whore)
Word Count: 6,402
Synopsis: Harry runs a circus and Y/N is new and catches his eye. 
authors note: hi sunnies, I wrote this differently than any other one-shot I've done, it has a bit more plot and not just fully smut. I don't know how to feel, let me know if you enjoyed it:) Reblog and Feedback appreciated.
Y/N was nervous.
Her hands were shaking as she stood in front of the arena. It was her first day at the circus, the first day she would get to practice with the rest of the crew. The first time she would get to meet everyone. 
She felt sick to her stomach, butterflies swarming her tummy all morning as she got ready for the day. 
She had on her lilac purple leotard with a pair of black tights to match, on her feet were a pair of white trainers, laced tightly. She tightened her hold on the bag on her shoulder, her palms a bit sweaty from her nerves. With a heavy breath, she took a step forward, her hand reaching out to grab the silver door handle. 
As she went to pull it open, someone on the other side decided to push it at the same time. 
She went flying back as the door hit her, she landed on her ass, her hands reaching out to cushion some of the impact of the fall as she heard a deep voice let out a low curse. 
“Jesus Christ, are y’okay, honey?” the voice asked her, a man coming into her view as she turned her head. 
He was so fucking hot, her head was spinning as she looks over at him as he kneels next to her. His brown hair was pulled back in a clip on the top of his head, small curls falling from the side as his hand moved to tuck them back. His pink plump lips sat in a frown as his captivating green eyes searched over her face for any sign of discomfort, his brows furrowing when she still hadn't said anything. 
“Honey? Y’all good, sugar? Didn’t knock ya’ down too hard did I?” 
“N-no… ‘m okay,” she whispers, looking up at him she moves her hands from behind her. His eyes fell down to her palms which were red and bloody, her perfectly smooth skin was irritated and scratched and he felt himself break. 
“Fuck honey, look at y’eh. ‘M s’sorry didn’t mean to. Should’ve been looking at where I was goin’.” He apologizes, reaching out he wraps his large hands around her narrow wrists to lift her from the ground, “Let me help you? S’only fair.” 
He helps as she rises from the ground. The first thing he noticed was how tiny she was, she was so small. Having to stare downwards to look at her pretty face. Fuck did he think she was pretty, the prettiest girl he had ever seen. 
“Okay,” she whimpered, feeling her palms throb in pain. 
“S’okay honey, gonna get y’eh all cleaned up,” he coos, pulling her close to him as he leads them into the building. “‘M sorry, s’sorry honey.” he whispers again, repeating his apology so she knew it was genuine.
He led them towards the toilet, opened the door to the family restroom, and closed the door behind them. He walked her over to the toilet and closed the lid so she could sit down. He made sure she was okay and then he moved to where the sink was, above it on a small shelf sat a first aid kit.
“This might hurt, honey,” he whispered, wincing as he knew that she was about to be in more pain. “But I gotta clean your hands, sweetheart. Gotta make sure they don't get infected.” 
She nods her head as he opens up the bottle of alcohol, moving toward her he places her hands over the edge of the sink with her palms facing the ceiling. His eyes met hers and she gave him a small nod before he tipped the bottle forward pouring the cold liquid onto her skin.
"Ow. Ow. Ow. That burns," she whimpers, trying to pull her hands away and her face scrunches up. 
"I know, I know. 'M sorry, honey." He whispers, "Let's distract y'eh yeah? What's your name, sugar?" 
"Y/N," she whimpered, her eyes watering at the pain. 
"S'very pretty," he coos, dipping his head lower he looks at her, "M' Harry. What were y'coming in for today?" 
"I um… it was my first day here...ow... I'm one of the new acrobats," she tells him, whines and whimpers fall from her lips as he puts a bit more onto her palms. 
"Oh really?" He coos, placing the bottle on the side of the sink he grabs for a piece of paper towel to dap her palms with ease. "Did Everett hire you, honey?" He asks, slowly and gently wiping the wetness from her hands.
"Mhm, I auditioned last week," she says, watching as he went to pull out a tube of ointment. 
"I bet y'eh were amazing. Everett knows to hire the best," he mumbles, placing the ointment to her hands.
"How— how do you know Everett?" She asks, her brows furrowing as he places the ointment and alcohol back in the first aid kit.
"Oh, honey, sweet sweet sugar," he tuts, placing the kit back on the shelf before he comes to stand in front of her, "I'm the ringleader, sweetheart." 
It's been a few months since that first day. Since the day that Y/N had that run in with Harry.
They had been friends since then, very close friends.
Harry would stand at the side of the room while Y/N would practice with her new partner, River. His eyes would be glued to Y/N, he was memorized by her, by the way she would move.
She was fascinating.
He couldn't peel his eyes from her as she moved on the middle of the floor, twirling around as she practiced for the opening show. 
Harry has felt this way since the day they first met. She captivated him at first glance. The way she carried herself drew him in deeper. 
He could never tell her, but he's never wanted anything as much as he wants her. 
Harry could feel his blood run cold as he watched River move closer to Y/N, his arm wrapped around her waist once he got close enough, tugging her into his side. Harry had never felt such anger before, all he wanted to do is walk up and steal Y/N away. He didn't want anyone touching her but him, he thought no one was worthy of touching her silky smooth skin as much as he did. 
But he didn't, he stayed where he was standing and glared at them. His eyes hardened when River leaned over to whisper something in Y/N’s ear, something that made her head tip back and a laugh that made Harry's heart pound escape her kissable lips. 
He watched as she lifted her head again, her cheeks were flushed as she shook her head. It left him wondering what River had said that could leave her blushing… 
He continued watching as they progressed in their practicing, his eyes following her movements as she twisted and turned in ways that left him speechless. He knew she was flexible and that only made his thoughts turn dirtier.
He wondered how many ways he could bend her while she was in his bed, how many ways she could take his cock. It left him wondering about how far she could hold open those pretty thighs while he fed his cock into her… fuck, there were so many things he wanted to try with her, so many different positions he could see himself fucking her in. 
He shook his head at his thoughts, he was envisioning everything inside his head now… he could see her bending over the dressing room vanities for him, her leotard pulled to the side as he walked into the room. Her sopping pussy would be ready for him, for his cock. Fuck, he could feel it already, the pressure of his hands gripping her hips as he slammed his thick cock into her tight pussy as she moans his name over and over. 
Harry releases a low groan and his eyes look up to Y/N.
But his thoughts turned feral when he saw Rivers hand moving down Y/N’s waist, moving slowly down to the top of her ass. He couldn't stand it, he simply couldn't stand here and watch River touch on Y/N when Harry wanted to be the one to be touching her.
“That's enough for today!" his voice rang through the room making everyone freeze. “Everyone's good to go home.” he added before storming out of the room.
Y/N was confused, she had never seen Harry act the way he had just acted.
He seemed angry.
Harry had never been angry around her before, and everyone had always talked about how kind he was to everyone he met. So it left her very confused.
“What's up his ass today?” River asked, leaning in closer to whisper into her ear so no one could hear. 
“Mm, not sure,” she mumbled, she wanted to go to her dressing room, she just wanted to be away from everyone.
Especially, River.
Since the day she met River she knew that he was into her, I mean he never tried to hide his attraction towards her. He would hang over her, either his arm being slung around her shoulder or hugged around her waist… he seemed to always need to touch her,
She hated it, she didn't want him touching her but she didn't want to make things even more awkward since they had to work together. She had never made it seem like she saw them being anything more than friends though, she denied him again and again when he would ask her out.
She didn't want him…. She wanted Harry.
But he seemed to never want her. 
She would hear rumors about the women that Harry would take into his dressing room the last tour, the women that he would find after shows and he would use them to wear out his adrenaline before inviting them back to his hotel for the night.
That wasn't her.
Of course, she wanted to have sex with Harry… who wouldn’t? But she wanted more. 
She wanted the heated touches, the longing stares, she wanted the feelings, she wanted him whole, she wanted his heart or nothing more. 
She couldn't be just another lay for him. She needed to be more. 
“Do y’eh want to maybe go out tonight? We can get drinks and maybe see tha’ new movie playing?” River asked, moving around to stand in front of her as she went to walk away. 
Before she could even open her mouth she could feel him. Harry. She could feel him standing somewhere in the room and she knew he was watching, she could feel the intense heat that she always got when he would look at her. 
“Y/N, I need to see you.” was all he said, she turned to look in the direction that his voice came in and saw him walking away already. 
She didn't even reply to River, she just followed after him. She knew something was wrong, she could see it in the way that he was standing. He was tense, his shoulders were stiff as he walked towards the hallway of dressing rooms.
He walked straight past hers leaving her confused, he kept walking until he saw his room. ‘Harry Styles’ written in bold letters made a sense of pride fill his chest as he pushed the door open. Holding it open for her, she brushed past him silently as she made her way to the leather couch that was sitting against the back wall. 
“What did you need to see me for?” she asked, her sweet voice only made him want her more. 
He inhaled deeply as he shut the door, locking it behind him he made his way to the chair that sat in front of the vanity. The same vanity he saw himself fucking her against not even twenty minutes ago, his cock was still half hard at the memory of his fantasy. 
With another deep breath he finally looked up at her, her bottom lip was caught between her teeth. She was looking at him… but she definitely wasn't looking at his face. No, she was looking at his crotch, staring at the bulge that was pressing against the zipper of his jeans. 
“I don't know how much longer I can take this, honey.” he grunted, pushing his hips up making his cock press harder against the fabric of his jeans. 
Honey. Her heart stuttered at the nickname that's stuck since they first met. She melts at it, it feeds her need to have his affection. 
“Take...take what?” she asks, her brows furrowing when she thinks back to what he had said. 
“This,” he growled, his fingers waving between the both of them, “I can’t fuckin’ do it anymore, Y/N.”
“I-I don't know what you’re talking about, Harry.” she mumbles, her thighs clench together when she sees his hand reach down to palm over his erection. 
“No? Y’eh don’t know what ‘m talkin’ about but you’re clenching those sweet thighs… why honey? Y’eh feeling that ache, right? That ache right on your little clit, sugar… that ache that y’want me to take away?” 
“Harry,” she gasps, her cheeks tint as his words and she's stunned. She can't believe that those words passed his lips..but she also can't help but get wetter at those words because he's right. “I can't, I—” 
“Why not, honey?” he cries out, palming himself harder as he sees her thighs clench harder, he can see how affected she is by him but he can't seem to understand why she doesn't want him. “I can tell that you want me, right? So why can't we give in, sugar? I want you so fucking much.” 
“Because you just want to fuck me,” she blurts out. Harry freezes, his hand falls from his lap as his mouth drops open at her words. "And I can't just fuck you and go back to being normal Harry and Y/N."
"I don't want to jus' fuck you, honey," he whispers, getting up he moves over to sit beside her on the couch, "Of course I wanna be with y'eh but not only for y'eh body, sugar," he adds, grabbing her hands he brings them to his lips to press kisses to her skin. "I want you, Y/N. I want y'eh when y'eh jus' want to cuddle, I want y'eh when you’re all pissy about not getting the routine down, I want y'eh all the time, every fuckin' second of the day." 
"Harry…" she whimpers, her heart feels so full, overflowing with the feeling that he was giving her. 
Leaning in, she slanted her pouty lips over his, taking the air from his lungs as he realized that he was finally kissing her. He was kissing Y/N. His hand moved to tangle in her hair, tilting her head he pressed his tongue against her lips as he tried to deepen the kiss. 
He needed more, he felt himself begin to go crazy as her soft lips parted and her wet tongue peeks out to tangle with his. He releases a groan as he tastes her for the first time, she was sweet, so fucking sweet and he knew that he was addicted.  His free hand moved to her waist and he pulled her to his lap, her thighs straddling his as he pressed their chests together. He could feel her nipples harden as they pressed against his chest and it made him even crazier, with the heat her thighs were giving him he thrusts his hips into hers, his hard cock grinding against the thin material of her leotard. 
"Oh god— Harry, w-wait.." she whimpered, her hips pressed down against the bulge of his jeans as she detached her mouth from his. Hiding her face in his neck she began panting as she tried to control her breathing and her thoughts.
"Wha' is it, honey? What's wrong?" Harry cooed, rubbing his hands up and down her back as he tried to regain his breathing as well. 
"Don't wanna 'ave sex right now," she whimpered, feeling like he would be turned off by her not wanting to sleep with him right away. 
"That's okay, m'honey. We can wait as long as y'eh want." He told her, kissing the side of her head as her face stayed tucked in his neck. 
It was finally the day.
It was the day of their first performance, the opening show. 
Y/N was a wreck, she was so nervous but she knew that she had the routine down to a T. 
Harry had laid in bed with her last night, rubbing her back and kissing all over her face as he whispered words to help her calm the nerves. He had seen her work herself up, and noticed when he needed to step in to help her calm down.
They had been taking things slow. Kisses and small touches here and there, small lunch and dinner dates. It's everything that they ever wanted 
But they were both suffering, physically that is.
There were times where both of them were so pent up, so needy that just the smallest touch could set them off. Any time they would kiss Harry had to hold himself back from thrusting his hips up into hers, but she held herself back as well. Sitting in his lap she had to stop herself from grinding down against the bulge that she could feel.
They were holding out. Both torturing themselves silently.
But today was the day that Y/N would break. 
Over the last few weeks, she could feel herself edging closer to that breaking point, it was like a balloon being filled with air, it could only take so much before it burst. And Y/N was ready to pop. 
"You ready, honey?" Harry asked, walking into her dressing room.
She sat at the vanity chair, sitting in front of the mirror while she placed glitter on her temple and cheekbones. He thought she looked so fucking good. She was wearing her new red and black leotard, the red had small specs of glitter throughout it. Matching her shoes which wear black with glittery red laces. She looked fucking perfect. His perfect honey.
“Look at y’eh,” he rasps out, walking closer to her as she sits down the makeup brush, “Look so gorgeous m’girl,” he whispers, leaning down he presses a kiss to the side of her head. 
“Thank you, H.” she whimpers, her cheeks flooding pink as she avoids his eye.
He loved how flustered she got, it only drove him to wonder how flustered she would get when they finally had sex. How red would her cheeks get at his dirty words, how shy would she become when she finally had a good look at his thick cock, standing tall for her and her only. How speechless could she get when he had her on all fours pounding away at her pussy, his hands on her hips as he pulled her back onto him…
It was safe to say that Harry was ready. He was ready for her that first day they met. 
“Your goin’ to do amazing, honey. Know y’will, you've got this, sugar.” he told her, kissing her head once more before the stage producer came to tell them that they were starting. 
Before he could leave though, Y/N caught his arm. Wrapping her dainty fingers around the white lace sleeves of the outfit he was wearing she stood to stand in front of him. Her heart was beating out of her chest at the words that were about to escape her mouth, but they had to come out, they needed to because she was about to burst just from their small interaction.
Standing on the tips of her toes she brought her mouth to his ear, placing a kiss on his earlobe before whispering, "I want you to fuck me tonight." 
His cock twitched at her words, hearing her tell him that made his mind go feral. He was ready to push her up against the black vanity and push her leotard to the side, it would take nothing but a second to have them both moaning as he thrusts his cock into her tightness. 
And he wanted that, they both did. 
Before he could even respond they were calling for showtime. But they both knew what was going to happen the second the curtain closed after the end of the night. 
"Tha' was amazing Y/N!" River cheered, stepping behind the curtain as they had just finished their performance.
She could feel her heart racing in her chest, the adrenaline from the performance taking over her body. She wanted nothing more than to have Harry standing at the side as she came off the floor but he wasn't finished. 
But it gave her time to get ready.
She knew that neither of them were going to be able to make it back to the hotel room after her confession so she wanted to be ready for him once he was finished for the night. 
She just needed to be in his dressing room before curtain call. 
"Yeah, you did great," she said, opening the water bottle that was handed to her when she walked off the stage. 
"God, I can't wait for the next show already," he continued on, walking beside her as she moved towards the dressing rooms, "Hey, maybe we could catch a bite after?" 
She came to a stop at his question, she had grown tired of being asked over and over again. She was silently hoping that over time he would take the hint that she wasn't interested, but obviously, that wasn't the case.
"Look River, you're a really great guy and all... but I'm just not really interested," she said, trying to keep it punctual but sweet at the same time.
River had looked like he wanted to say something, his mouth continued to open and close before he just gave her a simple nod. "Okay."
With that, he turned away and walked in the opposite direction. Y/N hoped that moving forward that they could at least be friends, for the sake of the circus. She wanted to be an adult about the situation and move past it. 
She continued walking down the hall until she found Harry's dressing room, slipping inside she made sure to close the door behind her.
She walked over to the vanity and she sat in the chair, turning sideward she could see Harry performing on the screen that hung in the room. 
She knew that he was almost finished with the set, he was nearing the end, and that alone made her more excited. 
She continued to watch him move through the screen, somehow Harry made everything that he did look attractive. Just watching him work made Y/N wet. She could feel herself begin to make a mess of her leotard as her eyes followed Harry.
The camera zoomed in on him and he looked into the lens, his wet tongue peeled out of his mouth. Everyone in the audience laughed making Harry smirk. 
Y/N closed her eyes, drifting her hands down her body as she leaned back in the chair, in Harry's chair. As her eyes closed an image popped up inside of her mind, one that made her thighs clench as a need washed over her.
An image of Harry sitting in this very chair, his costume for the night pulled down past his knees as he held his hard cock in his hand. Moans and whimpers fall from his lips as he gives himself slow strokes, his hips threaten to press up for more friction.
"Oh god," Y/N moans, her eyes squeeze shut as her hand moves down to her thighs, her nails dig at her skin just enough to make her heart speed. 
His hand let go of his cock just long enough for him to lick a stripe in the center of his hand before wrapping it around himself again. This time allowing his hips to lift from the chair, thrusting into his clenched fist as her name falls from his parted lips. 
"So fuckin' good," she moans, her head falling back as her fingers slowly make their way to her covered cunt. Her fingers rub circles over her sensitive clit and she can feel the material of her leotard become damp.
Her other hand goes to her tits, groping herself lightly as another image flashed through her head. Instead of only Harry, this time she's on her knees in front of him, his hand is wrapped in her hair as she takes his cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around his leaking too before his hips surged forward, forcing himself into her hot, wet mouth. 
"Harry, fucking hell." She whimpers, her hips grind forward into her palm as her fingers move faster on her clit.
"Is this what you do when I'm not with you, honey?" Harry asks as he walks into the room, freezing in his spot as his eyes drop down to her hand. Her eyes fly open and her hand drops from between her thighs. 
"Hm? Do you play with that pretty little pussy while moaning my name like a needy little whore, sugar?" 
Her eyes widen as he walks further into the room, locking the door behind him. "I– uh." 
"By all means, don't stop on my accord," he mutters, waving for her to continue. "Go on, you're going to need to get her really nice and wet for me anyways, honey." 
Slowly she dragged her hand down the front of her leotard, her eyes stayed on him as he leaned against one of the walls. His hand palmed against the erection that was pressing against the front of his white pants. 
"Pull it to the side, honey. I want to see how pretty she is." He demands, gripping himself through the material of his pants as he watches her every move. 
With a shaky breath, she pulls the leotard to the side, the cold air hitting her clit makes her take in a sharp breath and Harry can't stand being away from her any longer. 
With large strides he steps in front of her, his hands staying to himself as his eyes drag down her body as she sits slumped over in his chair. Her nipples hardened against the material, goosebumps covering her skin, both her hands between those fucking thighs of hers. One holds the material to the side while the other runs down her soaking slit. 
Collecting her arousal she brings it up to her clit and begins rubbing circles around her sensitive nerves. She bites down on her lip to try and suppress her moans but Harry doesn't want that, he shakes his head as his hand slips under the band of his pants, gripping his bare cock with his rough hand. 
"Y'eh don't have to be quiet, honey. I want them to hear, wanna have them knowing who's making y'feel so fuckin' good." He moans, giving himself slowly strokes as his eyes dart down to her pussy, "Taste her for me, sugar. Want y'eh to tell me what 'm about to taste." 
She collects more of her arousal on her fingers before bringing her hand up to her lips, wiping the tips of her fingers on her bottom lip slowly before slipping them past. Her tongue swirls around her fingers as she moans at the taste of herself on her taste buds. 
"'S it good, honey? Do y'eh like how y'eh taste?" Harry asks, reaching his free hand out to rub at her leg gently.
"Mhm, so good." She moans, removing her fingers from her mouth they trail back down between her legs 
"Yeah? Can I have my taste now, sugar?" Harry asks, his mouth watering as he glances down at her drenched center. 
She nods her head slowly, watching as he kneels in front. His hands brush up her thighs as his fingers slowly take over holding her leotard to the side, his eyes glance up at her when he doesn't hear a response.
"Asked y'eh a question, didn't I, baby?" He asked firmly, his eyes staying on her face as his other hand moved down towards her pussy. Her head nods again as she holds in a breath, his thumb brushing over her slit so lightly. "Then I expect to get an answer." He demanded, his thumb swirling over her clit before he removes his hand from her pussy.
"I uh— fuck, you can… you can do whatever you want, Harry." She whines, her hips grinding up wanting his hand to return between her thighs. 
"Y'sure about that, darling?" He taunts, leaning down he places soft small kisses on her inner thighs, "Because saying that means… I could stroke m'cock in front of you–making myself cum all over this pretty leotard, and if I wanted I could leave y'eh needy and whiny all night. So I would rethink that statement, honey." 
"Mhm," she shakes her head as she feels his warm breath fan over her exposed center. "Do whatever you want, I'm yours." 
"Y'are mine, honey. And right now I wanna taste this sweet little pussy." He groans, his tongue darts out, licking one single stripe up her slit. "Jesus Christ, taste so fuckin' sweet, baby." 
"Please–" she starts to whine, her hands shaking from how eager she is.
"No need to whine, honey. Don't have it in me to make y'eh beg tonight." He says, moving closer he buries his face on her cunt, wrapping his lips around her clit he begins sucking on it lightly. 
He moves his hand to wrap around her thigh, using his other hand he uses his middle and ring finger to circle her weeping opening. Pressing lightly he slowly begins to slide them inside of her, curling them to hit that sweet spot that has her legs shake and moans fall from her mouth.
"That's it, honey," he mutters against her pussy, flicking his tongue over her clit, "So fucking sweet, baby." 
He wants to make her cum, he wants her to make a mess of his fingers and face before he can slide his thick cock inside her tightness. He wants to be able to taste her on his tongue as he finally sinks into her fully when he finally marks her as his. 
"Oh god, I'm gonna cum— fuck fuck." She moans, her hands reach down and tangle in his hair as her legs tremble. 
His fingers continued to move, helping her ride out her orgasm as he drank her in. His tongue slows against her clit as his thrusts come to a halt. 
"Good girl, honey. Did s'well, baby." He cooed, removing his fingers from her pussy he slides them past his lips
"God, your mouth is… fuck." She gasps out, a laugh spills from his mouth as he moves to stand. 
"Mm… jus' wait until y'find out how good I can make y'feel with m'cock, sugar." He whispers, moving to remove his pants and shirt. 
Her eyes dragged down his body, taking him in fully for the first time. She allowed herself to admire the artwork that covered his body, the black ink that littered his beautiful skin. Her eyes dropped further and she took in his long thick cock for the first time, she knew he was going to be big from the look of the erection he had that was pressing against his pants but seeing it in the flesh, she didn't know how he was meant to fit. 
"God, H… you're so fucking hard." She whispered, watching as his rough hand wrapped around the base of his cock. 
"It's all for you, honey." He mutters, his thumb runs over his slit as he gathers the precum that's spilled out. "Stand up for me, sugar. Bend over the vanity." He orders, backing up to give her room to move as his hand keeps moving up and down his cock. 
She obeys, standing from the black chair she moved it to the side as she took a step towards the vanity. Clearing the space of things she bent forward, her leotard was still pushed to the side. She felt Harry come up behind her, his hand grabbing her hips as he situated behind her.
"Fuckin' hell, y'eh look like a dream, honey." He mumbles, letting his eyes drag over her body that was bent over for him. Her hips wiggled and pressed back, trying to feel him. "This thing has to go." He whispers. Y/N's brows furrow, and before she had the chance to ask what he meant she felt his hands go to the material between her legs. With a pull the material came apart, ripping right in half. 
"There we go, now I 'ave a real good view of what's about to be mine." 
She feels his hands run over her ass, gripping at her skin harshly. His blunt nails dig into her ass before he smooths over her skin, reaching down he grabs a hold of his throbbing cock. Running his leaking too through her folds he can feel her opening pulse, clenching down around nothing as her body craves him. 
"Y'eh ready, honey?" He asks, leaning over to kiss her spine. 
"Mhm, please." She whines, pressing her hips back as the tip of his cock passes through her opening.
"Oh god, you're so fuckin' tight," he whimpers, slowly pressing his hips further into hers, "Shit, I can feel every fucking crevice of this sweet little pussy, honey." 
She whines and whimpers at his dirty mouth, her pussy gets even wetter as he eggs her on. Once he's fully seated inside of her they both release groans, his arm wraps around her waist as he pulls her back to become flush against his chest. Turning her head her lips connect with his, every kiss they share is like the first one. Full of passion and love.
"Move. Please, you have to." She begs him, pushing her hips back to get even the smallest amount of friction. 
Letting her upper body fall back against the vanity, he grabs her hips with both of his large rough hands. Retracting his hips slowly until he's almost completely out of her just to slam back in, the head of his cock hits against her g-spot making moans and whimpers fall from her as her head drops down to the table. 
"Eyes up, honey. Look at yourself while I'm fuckin’ you on m'cock." He demands, raising his hand to smack it on her right cheek. 
She screams out in pleasure as she begs him to do it again, spank her again. He gives in almost instantly, raising the other hand just to land it back on her other cheek.
"Y'eh like that, sugar? Like being a little whore for me? M'little circus whore." He growls, moving his hips faster as he stares down at where they're connected.
She lifts her head up, looking at him through the mirror she can see the pure pleasure that he's getting. As his head tilts back, his mouth hung open as pants of breath escape him, his eyes pinched shut as she clenches down on him repeatedly. 
"Yes, yes fuck. I'm your whore, Harry." She whines, staring at him through the mirror.
"Oh I know you are, lovie. You've been drooling over this cock since the first day I met you, yeah?" He asks, his hand moving around her waist until his finger meets her sensitive clit, "Were y'eh wet for me that day, pet? Huh? Did y'eh wish that I had bent y'eh over that sink baby? Fucked y'like I am now?" 
Her head nods quickly, her orgasm creeping up on her as his finger moves against her clit and his cock hits her g-spot. Her eyes rolled back as his pace quickened, leaning down his mouth connected to her neck as his chest rested on her back.
"Are y'eh gonna cum, honey?" He coos, his tongue swipes at her skin before he sucks on her neck. 
“Mhm. Please, can I?” she asks, trying to open her eyes to look at him through the mirror. 
“Y’eh can cum, sugar. Go on, cum all over m’cock, make a mess of me,” he growls, tightening his hold on her hips he pounds into her harder as his own orgasm reaches the peak. “Fuck, ’m gonna cum in this tight pussy, honey. Do y’eh want that? Want me to fill y’eh up so y’feel my in your tummy for days, baby?” he asks.
“Yes. yes please, H. cum with me baby, want to feel you cum inside of me.” she whimpers, clenching down around his cock as her orgasm flows over the edge. 
He lets out a string of curses as his hips slam into hers one last time, thick ropes of cum paint her walls white as he grinds his hips against her slowly. His arms move to wrap around her waist to hug her to him, his face burrows in her sweaty next as he lets out low groans and moans.
Both of them stay like that, pressed against one another as they try to catch their breaths. He leaves wet sweet kisses to her skin as she lets out a low hum, her hand moves down to brush against his arm that’s wrapped around her waist. 
“Fuck, that was unreal.” he whispers, pecking her neck one last time before lifting her head. 
“Yeah, definitely unreal,” she repeats, biting her bottom lip to stop a large grin from spreading across her face. 
“What?” he asks, looking at her through the mirror as he lets his fingers run along her stomach.
“Nothing,” she shrugs, shaking her head she can feel her cheeks begin to heat, ”Can we do it again?” she whispers, rolling her lips inwards when she hears him let out a laugh. 
“Let’s clean up and get back to the hotel and we can do it as much as you want, honey.” he promises, kissing her cheeks before slowly pulling out of her. 
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ch3rrybabyhon3y · 2 months ago
walking in on bestfriendrry/roommate harry using your vibe in his ass because he found it while he was cleaning your guys's shared room and instead of being all weirded out about it you just walk over to the bed and teach him how to use the settings correctly and then fuck him with it
I would love if u wrote this but u don't have to
thanks so much for the request <3 i hope i brought your idea to life. it’s bestfriendrry h <33
It wasn‘t supposed to happen. Harry didn’t mean to find the vibe in your room. He was just innocently looking for a sweatershirt he’s sure you snagged when he saw it just sitting there on the bed. It was pink and pretty and it felt like it was staring him down.
He’s always had a little innocent school-girl like crush on you. You were his best friend. You were gorgeous and had such an infectious personality, he just wanted to crawl up in a ball of your warmth and stay there every time you smiled at him, and this, thinking about you using this pink vibrator to make yourself feel as good as you always should, almost awakened something in him.
He inched closer to it, cautious but so fucking curious. He didn’t wanna be a creep, but it was like it was begging him to go near it. And he figured if you stole his clothes he could inspect your vibrator.
It’s when he picked it up and brought it up to take a closer look, that the scent hit him.
You’ve used this recently.
And god if his cock didn’t throb in his pants at the realization. Harry loves pussy, knows the scent well but there’s something different about yours, maybe it’s just because he’s so infatuated with you as a person but the way you smell is driving him insane, unlocking deep, carnal passions inside of him. He hums out, bringing his hand down to palm himself over his sweats. He thinks he could possibly get off by just your smell and the thought of you getting off, but the vibrator is right there. And he‘d be wasting a perfectly good opportunity not to use it.
He inspects it a little, twists it around in his hand trying to at least know what he’s getting into. Then he flips a switch. The vibrator buzzes to life, almost shaking his entire hand, he squeezes his eyes shut tightly when he imagines how good this must’ve felt for you.
It’s so powerful and he’s staring at it with wide curious eyes, wondering if he‘d even be able to handle putting this anywhere near any of his pleasure spots. He switches it off instantly, shaking his head in dismissal and pure and utter shock that he would even consider this and walks out of your room to make lunch. He’ll just ask for the sweatshirt when you get home.
Only one problem, though, he’s hard. Oh so very hard and he knows you’re coming home soon, he doesn’t really think he can come that fast no matter how hard he tries or how much he thinks of you sitting on his face, it’s just not how his body works. He’s trying his absolute best to think about dead puppies and soggy waffles (he fucking hates soggy waffles and childish anger is most of the time enough to make a stiffy go down) and hope for the best.
When he hears your voice call out for him when you get home, his cock twitches in his pants and he breathes out a curse. His mind is swirling with thoughts of you calling out his name using that pretty pink vibe that’s still sitting on your bed with his touch all over it and he thinks he‘s gonna lose his mind.
“You alright, H?” You ask when you see him sitting on the couch with a pensive look on his face.
“Yeah yeah m‘alright. How was your day?” he‘s picking at his lips as he talks and that should’ve been your first sign that something wasn’t right. But you let it go nonetheless.
It’s when it’s time for bed and you ask for a cuddle and he declines when you begin to get worried. Harry. Harry Edward Styles. Harry Love Language Is Touch Styles, just turned down cuddles. From you. Your heart drops and you frown. Is he upset with you? It’s like he can’t get to sleep fast enough and far enough from you.
Something to be known about you is that you’re such a sensitive person, and tears pool in your eyes when he gives you a quick, half-hearted “love you” as he says goodnight.
Harry’s confused when he wakes up, when you’re gone and you didn’t stir him awake to let him know you’re gonna be leaving with a quick kiss on his forehead, but he thinks maybe you were just rushing.
He’s typing away at his computer, sending emails when his mind drifts off to you. Your sweet smile and your soft voice, how kind you are, how beautiful you are (drop dead fucking gorgeous, he adds), how soft your lips are, how they would feel against his, how good you smell, and oh, now he’s thinking about the vibrator again and he’s hard again and this cannot happen again.
He realizes he‘s not going to get over this until he does something about it, so his cautiously walks into your room even though he has no reason to, and sits on the bed, he notices the vibrator isn’t on it anymore and has taken residence on a shelf of your computer desk. His stomach swirls, and it feels so good but it’s not enough.
It was a long day of work, you’re tired and you’re kind of annoyed. And you can‘t wait get back home to Harry. Quite literally the light of your life. He always manages to brighten your day, even when you can’t imagine it being brightened. But after last night you aren‘t even sure he wants to talk to you. The word overreaction comes to mind, but, you’re sensitive and you overthink. One wrong move threatens to send you into a downward spiral and you wish that wasn’t the way it was but it is. And you feel like the spiral is not that far ahead.
When you get home you open the door softly, not wanting to disturb Harry in case he’s working or writing but all thoughts of keeping things quiet are gone from your mind when you hear what sounds like a pleasured shout.
“Fucking—fuck—“ he drags out the last word, his voice sounding like it’s wavering and he’s trying his absolute hardest to keep it together.
You hear a curse followed by your name and you pause. He’s moaning? And saying your name? You inch closer to your bedroom when you start to hear a familiar steady buzz. Your mind automatically comes to the conclusion on its own and you try your best to hold back a gasp.
Harry, your best friend Harry, is in there with your vibrator using it to the thought of you.
You open the door only to see his eyes squeezed shut, he’s panting out heavy breaths and his face is scrunched up painfully. He looks so overwhelmed in the best way, god if you don’t wanna just kiss that pout away.
“Harry.” you simply say and he jumps. He starts apologizing profusely but you hold your hand up, immediately halting him and you almost hum and how fast he listened to your direction.
“S’okay, H. Just wanna help. Can I help?“
He nods, almost apprehensively cause he was expecting you to freak out but you don‘t and he doesn’t know how but it almost feels like he got harder.
You tsk at him, and he frowns. Your delicate hands pull the vibrator out of his, brushing his fingers in the process and he shivers.
“You weren’t using it quite right, pretty boy. If you thought that felt good you’re gonna feel so much better.”
You switch it back on, putting on a setting that’ll warm him up but also make him feel quite nice. You’re definitely gonna save the best for last.
You notice when you walked in he was using it on his ass, so you put right back there and he gasps while looking right into your eyes. The intense gaze is heating up your core and you almost moan at the sight off his eyes rolling back.
“This why you didn’t wanna cuddle me last night? This what you were thinking about? Proper hurt my feelings you know.”
He feels a twinge of pain in his chest. “I—I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. P-Please.”
”Please what? What do you want? Hmm? Say it, Harry.“
“C-Can you please, put it…inside?” It‘s so hot to you the way he can’t even get his words out, that fact that he feels good enough to lose the ability to be coherent makes you feel like you’re gonna come right this second.
”Inside? Is that what you want? You want it inside?” you know you’re dragging this out, cruelly teasing him, but he’s too high on you and the pleasure to really notice what you’re playing at.
“Please, baby. I’m b-begging you. I need it inside. Please. God, please please.“ The innocence in his voice strikes you so fiercely. He’d do anything for you right now if you asked. Genuinely.
You reach up to stroke his cock while you lube him up and he‘s moaning so beautifully, you almost want to turn it into a song.
When you feel he’s slick enough, you swipe the tip of the vibrator on his hole and he pushes his hips down to try to make you go faster. He‘s caught on go the fact that you’re teasing. That you want to make him beg, that you like to hear it. And he truly meant that he’d do anything for you.
“Inside, inside. Please? Do anything, I‘ll—do anything.”
You finally push it inside of him and he fucking melts. His eyes roll closed and he slurs out “thank you, thank you, thank you“
It’s when you angle it to hit his prostate that he loses it. He‘s no stranger to stimulation on his prostate, but the foreign strong vibrations directly on it thats he’s never felt before is messing with his head.
“Oh my f-fuckin’ god. Right there, right there.“
“There? You like how that feels?“ you taunt, getting drunk on how much power over him you have.
“I do, I do. Love how you make me feel.“ You have an inkling he’s not just talking about how you’re fucking him with a vibrator and your heart warms.
You turn up the setting and he yelps quietly, keeping his eyes trained on you with so much desire swimming in them.
His hips start to shift, he thinks he might be getting close but that’s probably just the amount of pressure that he feels at the bottom of his tummy. It just feels so good, everything feels so good that he thinks good night not even be a good enough word.
He says your name and his voice cracks on the syllables. You look down at him to see his face, looking so fucked out with his eyes glassy and his lips parted. You know it feels good, but this good? There’s something else.
He’s just loves you so much and he trusts you so much and he‘d do anything for you and it’s only know that he’s realizing he’s slipping into subspace. It’s only happened to him once and it was the best thing he’s ever felt. He’s so glad he gets to experience it again with you.
He tries to warn you but his words slur together and he‘s quickly losing himself in it, his eyes rolling closed with a flutter.
You catch on though, and you’re determined to see him through it.
“S’okay baby. I’ve got you. You’re safe.” you tell him, leaning down to his ear knowing his hearing might be spotty. “Promise I’m gonna take such good care of you.“
“M’gonna cum. Can I? Please can I?“ his voice is nothing short of a whisper. Hoarse moans and whimpers still leaving his lips.
“Cum for me H.“ you tell him.
You don’t even have to touch his cock for him to burst. And it’s so much. So much cum and you can’t deny that you have a bit of a breeding kink. Thinking of all of that inside you just making you wetter than you already were.
“So good to me. So good.“ he mumbles out, still swimming in subspace.
You manage to clean him up, his hands planted firmly on your waist, wanting as much contact with you as he can get.
He’s still mumbling incoherently, some words you catch and smile at them. You know sometimes in subspace it’s like you can still feel some of the pleasure. You wonder if thats what he’s feeling.
You hear your name coming from his lips and you figure it’s more of his babbles so you just thread your fingers into his hair and scratch his scalp gently.
He rasps your name again and you look down at him. He smiles up at you lazily and you return it.
”Hey pretty boy. Feeling okay?“
“Feel so good. Thank you.“ his voice raspy and hoarse from all the moaning he did. “I—um, I’m sorry about this whole—“
“Shh. You don’t have to apologize H. M’just glad you felt good. Sleep.“
And so he does, deciding he‘ll worry about figuring out what this all means tomorrow.
For now, your touch is enough to soothe him.
this is so rushed i‘m so sorry. i also apologize for any typos this was written on my phone <333
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