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#harry styles fake instagram
meetmymouth · 2 days ago
a very short ex husband!harry | masterlist | ko-fi
Tumblr media
Does he get enough sleep, you think to yourself, watching as he pours more gravy over his vegetables. His other hand is full, holding your one-year-old from the waist as the baby watches gravy being poured, mouth open as if it’s something so precious and otherworldly. He looks down at her, smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, and leans forward to press a kiss to her newly washed hair.
“Does she wake up crying still,” Harry looks up at you.
You flinch for a second, not expecting for him to talk to you just yet, and your grip tightens around the fork.
“Sometimes,” you say, moving the fork around the plate. “Not as often, though.”
You nod, looking down at your own food. “Yeah.”
Why do you feel this awkward, a part of you echoed inside your mind. Divorce was your idea after all.
Having a rockstar husband was hard.
It came with lots of responsibilities and sacrifices. Sacrifices that made you feel like shit night after night, having to hug your pillow instead of a body in order to go to sleep– cheeks still wet from the tears as the comforting sound of your newborn breathing came through the baby monitor.
You didn’t know what to expect after a divorce. No one, and nothing could prepare you or him for what would come afterwards. It was a lot of paperwork, and a lot of money. Days and nights filled with bloodshot eyes and teary smiles, wet cheeks and sleepless nights. It was like you were losing your soulmate very slowly– but surely.
Perhaps you were being too childish about it all. Perhaps if you weren’t so hasty about sending him the paperwork, things could have been salvaged. Things– as in your marriage.
“Hey, did you hear what I said?”
He smiles. Theadora does, too, as if she knows what the bloody hell is going on. “I asked if we’re still on for Thursday,” Harry says, and he places his fork and knife in the plate.
“What’s Thursday?”
“My mum’s coming to visit– you said I could have Thea for more than three hours. I thought a sleepover would also be nice?”
You clear your throat, suddenly feeling overprotective. “A sleepover? No. But you can have her for more than three hours, of course. I’ll pick her up at seven o’clock,” you stand up, grabbing both your plates.
As you make your way to the kitchen, you hear him sigh.
He stands up, Thea on his hip, and he turns to you with a sour expression on his face.
“I’m more than capable of looking after Dora for a night. Plus, mum will be there.”
“Harry, no,” another squeeze of the washing up liquid. “You know it’s not my decision.”
He sighs again, placing Theadora on her high chair. “It sort of is, though.”
“How so?” You wash the plates mindlessly, scrubbing the dirt away. “It’s on the papers.”
“Fuck sake, I know what it says on the papers. I know, okay?”
You turn the tap off abruptly, and turn to him. “What do you want me to do?”
“Be nice? Let me see my daughter for more than three hours, maybe?” He looks at you like you’ve just said the most ridiculous joke ever. He turns to Thea for a moment, then back at you. He’s got a frown, and the lines on his forehead look permanent.
You frown, too. “I’m not nice? Fuck you, Harry,” you mumble, turning back to the dishes.
“Are you? You wanted this. You wanted this ridiculous divorce now I’m being punished– she’s my daughter!”
“I know!”
“Then let me fucking see her more!”
Theadora lets out a whimper, and you both turn to her, you immediately walking towards her with open arms. She whines, and opens her own arms so that you pick her up, and she places her head in the crook of your neck– lips pursed as if she’s aware of what’s going on.
“Stop yelling.”
“Let me have her on Thursday,” Harry places a hand on his hip.
You raise your eyebrow. “You can. I told you, you can.”
“For the night.”
“Y/N– let me have her– I’ll bring her back first thing in the morning. I want to– I want to fall asleep with her. I miss my daughter, can’t you fucking see?” He looks at the baby in your lap. “I miss her.”
“Harry… this is still new. I can’t let you have her the whole day and night. I don’t know how she would be–”
“–I’d take care of her!”
“Just. Let me think. I’ll let you know tomorrow,” you look down at Thea, and kiss her eyebrow. It’s soft, so soft that something in you breaks.
He looks at you both, face set in a frown. “You wanted this,” he says.
“I know.”
“And now you’re punishing us both.”
A shake of your head. “I’m not doing that.”
“You are.”
“I’m not!”
“We were fucking happy, Y/N.”
“Were we, though? Were we happy? You were never home, Harry. Never.”
“I was on tour!” He spits, then shakes his head when he remembers Thea’s still here. “Y/N…”
“You left us.”
“I didn’t leave you– I would never.”
“That’s how it felt! I felt alone. Like I was on my own. You missed my first cravings. When she first moved. You missed a lot. I missed you and you missed out on everything.”
“Y/N–” he tries to come close, but you take a step back.
“–I’ll think about it, okay? I’ll think about it.”
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harrysfolklore · 2 days ago
Hiii! Can you make an Instagram fake thingy with Spanish y/n with Rosalía as face claim? Thank youuu! 💕💕
here’s a little blurb to celebrate the two years of adore you🤍 hope everyone likes it
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
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yourinstagram déjame adorarte
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ynfan1 HOOOT
arianagrande obsessed with u 🤍
ynfan2 my mother
billieeilish YEEES❤️‍🔥
harryupdates Harry liked this picture !
↳ ynfan3 omg ?? manifesting they work together
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harrystyles ADORE YOU. COMING DEC 6.
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harryfan1 OMG HARRY
spaceykacey 🙌🏻🙌🏻
yourinstagram let’s go ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 no están listos
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↳ harryfan2 HUHHHHH
harryfan3 ERODA IS THIS ???
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yourinstagram no land quite like it
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sza 🤤🤤🤤
harryfan1 is she talking about eroda ??
↳ ynfan2 omfg you’re right
gemmastyles 🥰
↳ harryfan1 omg hi gemma
harrystyles Peculiar x
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harrystyles ADORE YOU. OUT NOW.
Link in bio.
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jefezoff 🙌🏻🙌🏻
yourinstagram it was a pleasure working with you, peculiar boy ❤️
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↳ harryfan2 OMFGGGGG
↳ ynfan1 this is flirting
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harryupdates Harry filming the music video for Adore You !
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harryfan1 he’s so fit
harryfan2 streets say that yn was around is it trueeee
↳ ynfan1 i mean she narrated the video it would be normal if she was around during the filming
↳ harryfan3 what insiders say is that they were VERY close and stuff… but we’ll never know for sure
ynfan2 he’s hot i’ll let him date yn
↳ harryfan4 i didn’t want to be weird but i kinda ship them too 😭
↳ harryfan1 WE ALL DO
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dontworrysunflower · 19 hours ago
yes i’m constantly listening to red (taylor’s version) what about it but this is with olivia rodrigo :)
i don’t think any of this makes sense but i liked the idea so you will too
requests are closed
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yourinstagram it’s supposed to be fun
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y/nfan1 happy birthday bitch
y/nfan2 taylor liking…three days before red
y/nfan3 we’re gonna go after harry like we’re gonna do jake right?
↳ yourinstagram please don’t
annetwist ❤️
y/nfan4 not anne…pls this is so messy
harryfan1 following in t swift’s footsteps i see
y/nfan5 21 bestie you can get shitfaced
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Long Island, NY.
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harryfan1 miss you already
harryfan2 your exes are working together how do you feel 🎤
harryfan4 taylor and y/n talking shit about you 🤭
harryfan5 i swear i love you but i will be streaming all too well
harryfan6 ayo can i get a free butt plug i mean nail polish
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yourinstagram that’s what happened, you🧣🖤🍂🍄 all too well (taylor’s version) tomorrow @taylorswift <3 can’t believe i get to say that 🥲
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yourinstagram i’ll never shut up about this btw
y/nfan2 how are you alive
↳ yourinstagram i’m not
gemmastyles ❤️‍🔥
taylorswift So excited!! 🤍🥲
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taylorswift All Too Well (10 Minute Version)(Taylor’s Version) feat. @yourinstagram out now!!
Red (Taylor’s Version) out tomorrow!!
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y/nfan1 now do style together
↳ taylorswift 🤔
y/nfan2 no because this is y/n’s dream
yourinstagram still pinching myself
taylorfan1 did taylor basically confirm a style duet
harryfan1 shit is catchy
taylorfan2 their voices together 🤩
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fool-for-harry · 2 days ago
what about one where Harry and yn are bestfriends and Harry ends up getting horny during a movie night and excuses himself to the bathroom, but he ends up taking a long time so she checks on him and ends up hearing moans and an electric toothbrush he's using to make himself come quicker so she tells him to let her in and uses the toothbrush on him. I would love if you wrote this but you don't have to 🙂
A Helping Hand.
Warnings: SMUT
(At least 16+ pls!)
Sorry this took me so long to write lmfao
She and Harry were currently watching a movie, The Notebook, per Harry’s request. It was pretty normal just like every other movie night They had, but that was until the sex scene came up, and she’ll admit it was quite awkward, but she thanked the heavens for it being so short. When Harry excused himself to the washroom, she didn’t think much of it, until he had been gone for quite some time. She thought maybe he had food poisoning from the food they had earlier, it was possible. She went to go check on him, raising her fist up to knock on the door but stopped when she heard a faint buzzing noise, “that’s weird.” She thought to herself, the only thing in the bathroom that could produce such a noise is her electric toothbrush, “he’s brushing his teeth? Maybe he did throw up.” She thought to herself before knocking on the door.
“You okay in there, Harry?”
“Uh…yeah I’m-I’m fine.” He said, and the buzzing noise stopped.
“You sure?”
“Why are you using my toothbrush?”
She was met with silence.
“Harry? Did you throw up or something?”
“No, I didn't throw up.”
“Then why are you using my toothbrush?” She said laughing.
“it’s embarrassing.”
“Why? What are you using it fo-“ she stops, realizing.
“Oh…” she says, followed by awkward silence
“I’m sorry! I-I just didn’t want it to take to long.” He said frantically
“It’s fine, Harry.” She says, and thinks, her and Harry have always had a flirty relationship even though they were just friends, “but maybe we could be more?” She thought to herself, after a few seconds of contemplating she decided to say
“Let me in.”
“What…” he asked shocked
“I said, ''Let me in.”
A few seconds pass before she hears the door unlock, he opens it ajar, she spots Harry looking straight at her through the crack “you sure?” He asked her cautiously.
He opens the door fully, she sees his pants and underwear at his ankles and her electric toothbrush in his hand.
She walks into the bathroom closing the door behind her, then she turns to Harry and reaches for the toothbrush, he hands it to her, and she turns it back on, then lightly grabs his cock in her other hand, causing a moan to escape his lips at the contact.
She slowly brings the toothbrush to his cock, and he lifts his hip up a little to reach it, when she finally reached the head of his cock with the head of the toothbrush he moans in pleasure followed by a quite “fuck…”
She runs the tooth brush head around his cock multiple times, and he moans in response every time.
The fact that she’s helping him, makes his release come quicker than he expected. He cried out, feeling like his legs would give out under him.
When he came, most of it landed on her hand and the excess on the floor. His moans were so loud she was worried her neighbors would hear.
As she looked at him with his head thrown back, eyes shut tight and his cheeks flushed she realized just how much she’s loved him all these years, she mistook it for a friendly love but what it was, was a love love.
Thank you for reading! sorry it’s so short! 💕
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imaginesandbandfiction · 8 hours ago
This is my first attempt at an instagram blurb but I’m kind of obsessed! It slots between She and TPWK in my Fine Line series but can stand alone as well. Let me know what you think! I’m planning on making one for each chapter of the series | Masterlist
She’s the First One that I See
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram my new boss is cool ig
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yourbff bitch wtf invite me next time
yourinstagram @/yourbff got a ticket with your name on it for the la show tomorrow!!
harrystan1 @/harryupdates who is she?!
harryupdates @/harrystan1 From what we can gather, she’s a part of his tour crew! Most likely a production assistant.
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harrystan2 HARRY LIKED OMG
hannahbananaaa can’t wait to take on the world with you, girlie!!
yourinstagram @/hannahbananaaa love you girlie :-)
yourbff’s Instagram Story
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram when the uber breaks down on the way to a @/harrystyles concert @/yourbff
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yourbff my face really says it all 😂
yourinstagram @/yourbff when he didn’t even know how to change a tire :.(
harrystyles should I call 911?
yourinstagram @/harrystyles don’t worry, Jeff sent a car :)
harrystyles @/yourinstagram @/jefezoff saves the day once again
yourinstagram @/harrystyles @/jefezoff my hero <3
harrystan1 I WOULD HAVE CRIED OMG 😭😭
Tumblr media
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harrystyles Live on Tour Los Angeles
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yourinstagram thanks for the champagne boss man
harrystyles @/yourinstagram stop calling me that!!!
yourbff theater kid at prom vibes 💯
harrystyles liked this comment
harrystyles @/yourbff giving the people what they want to see
Tumblr media
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yourbff post-harry depression
hannahbananaaa so nice meeting you!
yourbff @/hannahbananaaa you too! take good care of my girl while you’re away!
yourinstagram MISS YOU ALREADY :.(
yourbff @/yourinstagram MISS YOU MORE 😭
harrystyles @/yourinstagram @/yourbff you literally saw each other this morning???
yourinstagram @/harrystyles >:(
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Lead Me Straight Back Home - Instagram Concepts Part 3
Read the Lead Me Straight Back Home series here 
Tumblr media
Graciegram: All good things must come to an end. LA, you were a very good thing. You will have a piece of my heart forever. Back to London to start the next chapter.
JeffAzoff: LA will always be happy to have you back
EmeryJean: Safe travels, we all miss you already 
HarryStylesUpdates: Does this mean she’s leaving Love on Tour?
NiallHoran: Beers next week?
Tumblr media
MirrorNews: SPOTTED: Harry Styles leaving his hotel ahead of tonight's show. This is the first the former One Direction star has been seen in public since he was involved in a confrontation with Paparazzi last week, following a night out with guitarist Mitch Rowland. Styles reportedly cursed at a photographer, until he was lead away by Rowland and close friend and social media manager Grace Holden. Holden has since posted that she’s left the tour ‘for some soul searching’. Could a rift between the two be what has Mr Styles so down? 
HSFan94: No because he looks so sad and Grace is sad and everyone is SAD.
Harryupdates: I’m glad Grace went home, she was all over him any chance she got, she’s not even part of the band 
Harryssunflower: It’s probably because he’s getting back with Camille 
Tumblr media
Graciegram: London, I forgot how cold you are! Off to buy a coat, right after @niallhoran​ buys me a beer
NiallHoran: So this is why you’re late. Priorities.
Graciegram: Guilty as charged.
LiamPayne: Prior warning: I’m not giving you a lift home when you miss the last tube this time
NiallHoran: I’ll give you a lift, Grace
Graciegram: You were the reason we missed the tube
Tumblr media
PillowPersonPP: Harryween, Night 1, Madison Square Garden. 
Graciegram: Mitch in the lion costume - I cannot
MitchRowland: Get out 
Graciegram: Do the roar
Tumblr media
HarryStyles: Long Island, NY. Last show of HSLOT 2021. Thank you all so much for coming to see me. See you very soon. All the love, H. 
JeffAzoff: <3 
MitchRowland: <3
NiallHoran: Proud of you, H.
Niji: Thank you for the memories @harrystyles​ @pillowpersonpp @mitchrowland @paulipm @basselin @itsnyoh @emeryjean @graciegram 
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leeroysdancer · 16 days ago
A/N: I escaped my writing block, so now you guys are getting alot of fics!!! Enjoy!!! Let's just pretend the fotos from dazed are for pleasing :) (if there are any more warnings i need to put on, please tell me!)
Pairings: Harry Styles x Famous Reader
Summary: Harry's manager surprised Harry on the set of the shoot for pleasing with his favorite singer and actress. "Don't tell me you don't crave me like I crave you....
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, choking, nipple play, ass grabbing, spanking, sir kink, tension and teasing
Tumblr media
The day he was waiting for finally arrived.
He has no idea what was going to happen. Or how the day will end. What outfits he would wear of what models got invited.
It was all a surprise his team organized for him.
All the models were chosen by Jeff and Harry's assistant.
Sarah and Mitch claimed the special guest part. They knew what they needed to do.
Long story short, Mitch was y/ns cousin without Harry knowing. So he and Sarah decided to give her a ring.
So there they were, sitting on the couch with their baby on Sarah's lap, both giggling like children.
Harry loved watching them like this, but he was getting annoyed since even Pauli and Niji were giggling. When he tried asking Lambert why everyone was so mysterious about everything, he just shrugged and gave him a smirk.
When they got him in the first outfit, wolf whistles were heard and everyone was clapping for him.
His ego was all over the room, but he didn't care. He liked being the center of attention.
When he saw that there was a motorcycle on set, he lost his mind.
He did what the photographer told him and sat down on it.
He was focusing on the camera, until he felt soft hands on his shoulders.
When he turned around, he nearly lost his own mind. He couldn't believe what was going on.
His head was starting to feel lighter with the moments passing, his world was turning and not planning on stopping anytime soon.
There she was. Standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders.
She looked breath taking wearing her Lilac dress matching Harry's pants.
The dress hugged her curves perfectly and made her look like an angel.
"No fucking way...." was the only thing he managed to get out, making everyone in the room bursting into a fit of laughter.
While the room was being filled with laughter of Harry's team, y/n was looking at him with nothing but proud in her eyes.
He quickly stood up and launched himself at her, she was taken by surprise but quickly recovered.
He thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but the feeling of her hands around his neck, hugging him tighter made him realize that It was real.
Her face pressed against the crook of his neck, her breathe fanning his shoulder.
He felt starstruck, he couldn't believe that his hands were really holding her waist. The waist the she swayed during her tour.
The waist that danced the best choreography when she put her acting career on pause.
His mind stopped working and all he could do was clutch himself tightly against her, scared that was this all a dream.
She didn't pull away, of course she wouldn't. She knew how much she meant to him. How much he looked up to her, how much he talked about her in interviews.
So all she could do was hold him until he doesn't need it anymore.
But after some time she started to get worried by him not saying anything, so she quickly pressed a kiss to his cheek making him whine and blush only for her to hear.
She giggled at that, she added fuel to the fire. But she needed the warmth of it. And if Harry has to burn the whole world to keep her warm, he wouldn't hesitate.
After some time, he pulled away and sat her down on the motorcycle infront of him.
He sat down behind her, holding her waist to stabilize her.
The woman behind the camer came up with a very good idea....
"Harry, darling, would you please put your hands around her neck?" The blonde photographer asked.
"Are you okay with that? I won't do it unless you give me permission to!" Harry said while looking down at y/n with a ressauring smile.
"I trust you, go on." Was all she said, it was enough for harry to get excited.
Y/n rested her head against Harry's chest, giving Harry's hand more room to hold into. She felt the tension being built up by the eye contact she and harry were having with the position they were in.
"Y/n, lovely, would you mind if Harry put his hands on your shoulders?" The woman gave her the kindest smile y/n had ever seen.
"Again, I won't do so, unless you want me too!" Harry whispered with a deep voice making her shiver.
She took Harry's hand of her neck and placed it on her shoulders. He rested his head above hers .
She decided to mess with him for a bit, so she rested her hand on his thigh, making his eyes flutter open.
She squeezed it, she knew she was risking something, but with the way he was holding her neck. She knew there was noway she was the only one feeling the tension they had built up.
"Minx.." He whispered with the lowest voice she ever heard a man talk with. She bit her lip, earning some wolf whistles from the group. But they didn't know what was actually going on.
"Okay! Next outfit!" Lambert screamed with enthusiasm making y/n giggle.
It truly surprised him how she managed to switch her moods so fast. But that is something he likes about her, he wanted to explore it more...
Tumblr media
They got Harry in the green outfit and positioned him.
Y/n was only here to get the picture with the lilac dress. She didn't want to take the attention away from him. Or atleast that is what she thought.
"Y/n, follow me darling!" Lambert sang.
She followed him into the dressing room where she was hiding not so long ago.
"Here wear this!" Lambert said while walking out of the dressing room and shutting the door behind him.
She out on the green dress and walked out of the dressing room. The moment she closed the door and turned around, she locked eyes with Harry.
He couldn't believe his eyes, she was doing more photos with him? But that's when he saw her nails, they were painted black.
He was so surprised that she painted her Nails with the box he sent her.
"C'mere" he opened his arms for her to walk in. She blushed a bit at the attention she was getting today.
He hugged her again, taking his time.
He liked her if it wasn't already clear.. but he wanted more than just a shoot with her.
He wanted to have her, her and only her. He wanted to know her personality outside of the public eyes.
He held her right hand and spun her around making her launch back at his chest. He was a bit embarrassed but quickly recovered when he heard her giggle.
"You two are so adorable," the blonde woman started. "But we have to keep going, Harry, darling, I want you to cup y/ns cheeks and rest your tumb against her lips."
She gave Harry a nod, and they quickly got into position.
The hand that wasn't cupping y/n cheeks was resting on her neck. Y/n stood up on her toes to come closer to Harry's face.
Their lips were close, very close. She could feel Harry's breathe on her upper lip.
For Harry it was taking every inch of control he had to not crush his lips against her and take her wherever she let's him.
She decided to mess with him, she put her hand on his stomach and the other one was rested on his shoulder. She walked closer to Harry.
Their lips brushed making Harry's eyes turn dark. The green in them was slowly turning darker.
She parted her lips making Harry's tumb fall into her mouth.
"OH stay like that!" The photographer said clearly being happy with what was going on.
He needed her to behave or else he wouldn't be able to control himself.
So he clutched his hand around her neck making her roll her eyes.
"Yes y/n sweetie!" The photographer encouraged y/ns eye roll.
She decided that she still didn't tease him enough, she she let the hand that was on his shoulder travel all the way up to his hair.
She tugged on it making him let out a small groan only for her to hear.
"Pain kink euh?" She whispered with a smile.
"Your gonna pay for this!" He whispered against her lips while clutching his hand around her neck tighter making her giggle and roll her eyes again.
If he only could fuck the eye roll out of her. God he needed her. He couldn't take it anymore. He was not gonna let her win like that.
"Let's take a little break won't we?" Harry asked his team.
"Come on, I wanna show you my Hotel!" Harry told y/n.
Mitch and Jeff laughed at Harry went hey realized what he wanted.
Harry just flipped them off.
Tumblr media
When they walked into the Hotel Harry immediately took her to his room.
The moment he opened his hotel room door, she got slammed against it.
"Couldn't wait any longer eh?" She giggled while resting her hands around his neck.
"Don't tell me you don't crave me like I crave you!" He muttered to her.
She looked at him with a smirk, a smirk that was going to be the reason for his death.
He crushed his lips against her with lust. She kissed him back with the same force making him groan.
The feeling of her lips against his, the way her lips were so soft and kissable. He just knew the same moment her lips started kissing his own back, that he was addicted to her.
With the each moment that passed, the kiss got more and more heated.
He put his hand on her thigh and moved it so it hang around his waist.
His growing bulge was against the place she needed him the most.
Y/n gasped at the feeling, Harry took that as a perfect opportunity to let his tongue slip into her mouth.
Harry was fighting for dominance, his kisses got more aggressive and started to fill with more lust than he already had.
She broke the kiss making eye contact with him, she tapped his chin.
He was confused with what she wanted but he opened his mouth for her out of curiosity.
"Tongue" that was enough for Harry, he stuck his tongue out.
She wrapped her lips around it, licking and sucking around it.
The last bit of control harry had was lost the moment he felt the feeling of her lips around his tongue.
To make the pleasure more she wrapped her hands around his neck, he was a moaning mess above her.
She did something Harry would never thought was possible, she turned them around.
His back pressed against the door, her hand around his neck. The other one was on his stomach holding him in place.
His hands found their place on her waist.
She pulled away from his tongue, he let out a moan that was sure heard in the lobby.
His mind was going thousand miles a minute.
She still wasn't ready to give in his power.
She traced his jaw making him let out a low moan.
"The things you do to me.." Harry mumbled under his breathe when she was kissing his jaw.
"And you still don't believe that I crave you the way you crave me!" She let out a giggle that made Harry go weak in the knees.
His hand started travel all over her body.
"Took much fucking clothes." Harry mumbled leaning in for another kiss
"Then Take. Them. Off!" She stressed every word.
He quickly took her dress string of her shoulder making the dress fall down into the ground.
She was wearing a green thong to match her dress for fun.
The moment the dress fell off her body, Harry could have died right there and he wouldn't ever complain about it.
"Oh my god." Was all he could get out, Y/n was biting her lip all while focusing on Harry's face.
He was eyeing her with no shame, the body of the woman infront of him was a masterpiece.
A kind of body that you want to paint and tattoo on your face.
She was so goddammit perfect.
Without giving her any other reaction,he gripped her by her shoulders and threw her gently on the bed.
He crawled over her kissing and sucking on her neck.
"Time for me to take control don't you think?" He asked, it was more a demand of an ask.
She nodded at the feeling of his lips on her neck.
"I asked a question and you are gonna answer it with words." He squeezed her neck with his arm making her let out a moan.
"Yes Sir" she whispered.
That was it. He lost all the control he didn't have. He had his fair share of partners calling him "Daddy" or any other name. But he never got called "Sir". He felt his dick twitch at her words.
"Say that again" he demanded pressing his clothed crotch against her core that was hidden under the pretty green thong.
"Sir" she whispered with a smirk.
"OH my pretty brat likes the effect she has on me?" He started to message her breasts making her whimper. "Look at you, a mess beneath me and I didn't touch you properly yet"
She was living for the way he was talking to her, the way he was holding her. All of that making the pleasure and experience more and more amazing for her.
"All for you Haz" she went and kissed him but he broke the kiss holding her waist strongly sure as hell leaving a mark.
"That. Is. Not. My. Name" he spoke and stressed each word with a squeeze on her waist.
"Sorry, Sir" she moaned
He kept kissing every inch of her body until he reached her stomach.
"Aw brat all that for me? You shouldn't have!" The way he mocked her glistening cunt made her whimper.
He ripped the thong off and saw the most beautiful sight he will ever see.
"Sir, I need you! Please?" She was starting to get impatient and needed him.
"Just because you said 'please'!" When he started to get out of his shirt, she stood op en flicked his blouse with one motion open.
Not taking any buttons off. She just very smoothly run her fingers across the buttons of the blouse until they opened.
"God, that was hot." He breathed locking his eyes with her.
She crushed her lips against his and started to undo his pants.
She gave him a strong stroke on his length, he moaned in her mouth and she swallowed it.
He was dying to know how she could take so easily control of him but also letting him take control of her.
She started kiss down his body, traced some tattoos and laid down and spread her legs for him with a smirk.
She didn't say anything, just put her hand on her clit and started to play with it.
He lost his mind for the thousands time this evening.
She wasn't supposed to touch herself while he was perfect capable of getting her off.
He quickly positioned himself between her legs and strictly took her hand of her clit.
He pinned it above her head. She still had that shit eating grin on her face that he wanted to fuck off.
"Don't touch what's mine without permission" he squeezed her neck making her whimper.
Just the way he claimed her pussy as his without even feeling it made her get more ready for him.
He took his boxers off in a hurry and looked at her with lust and need.
"You still sure about this?" He asked just to make sure she wants this they way he wants it.
"Yes, thank you for asking" her heart flutterd at his question.
It was supposed to be a normal question in society, to ask if someone still wanted sex. But nobody ever did that to her, so the expectation are low...
He kissed her and positioned his tip in her entrance.
She put her hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed it, allowing him to push in since her eyes were closed. Too lost in the pleasure.
The only 2 things Harry could think off were:
1. The sounds she makes are angelic.
2. Fucking warm and tight she is
When he was fully in he gave her sometime to process his length and she respected that.
"Move, Sir, please" she mumbled.
Again the nickname, God it's gonna be the death of him.
He started to pick up a slow but hard pace. But clearly he was holding back and she wanted more.
"Haz, Harder, faster. Don't hold back" She said and attacked his lips with her own.
He didn't know if he liked her moaning his name or calling him sir, but he was gonna let it slip this time.
He picked up his pace, started to move in and out of her with ease since she was already wet for him.
The moment she said it, she could see that he was happy that she wanted it the same way he wanted it.
Hard, Fast and sinful.
He looked down at place they were both connected, the way he was going in and out of her.
The way Her face that was painted with pleasure.
He pressed his hand on her stomach, putting some weight on it making her whimper.
"Feel me in here sweet girl?" He asked still his hand around her neck.
"Yes sir" she spoke between the angelic moans of her.
He again looked down at the place they were both connected. He felt dizzy and full of energy.
Just the way his cock was going in and out of her dripping pussy was enough for him to come.
His thrust started to slow down and she could see he was near the end.
Her hands traveled all the way down from his neck to his ass.
Groping and messaging it making his eyes snap to her.
"Fuck, your so big" She said it while messaging his ass.
When both of hands fell down into her thighs to hold her into place, she knew tomorrow she won't be able to walk.
She decided to tease him. She took on of her hands off his ass and laid it on her clit.
He clutched his hands on both of her thighs.
Her hands still on his ass giving him some more energy and pleasure.
Rubbing it furiously and moaning harder on purpose to get him more worked up since she knew he was still holding back.
He was getting mad, she wasn't supposed to do that.
He took her hand of her clit, put it on his ass and tapped her mouth.
He knew he was risking alot right now, but what happens if you don't try it?
"Open" he tapped her mouth. She opened her mouth and he spit in it making her moan.
God she never though she will get turned on by a man spitting in her mouth.
She quickly swallowed it and opening her mouth to show him.
"You don't touch yourself, while my balls are deep inside you!" He brulled at her.
With the way she clenched her walls around him, he knew she was close.
They were both begging for their release, but she still wanted to try one more thing...
She lowered herself a bit until she was face to face with his right nipple. She kept one of her hands on his ass, the other wrapped up around his left nipple while the right one was being sucked at by y/ns mouth.
She sucked and played with his nipples like her life depended it on.
Something in him snapped.
He grabbed her by the waist, and turned her around. Held her ass up in the air and started to thrust into her warm, tight walls harder.
His hands were sure as hell leaving marks on her waist but he didn't care about that right now.
She kept clenching around him and he kept thrusting harder into her.
"Come on baby, I can feel it. Your close" he mumbled out of breathe.
She started to mover hips to his own to meet his thrust, it earned her a spanking which again was something Harry didn't really think about.
The moan that came out of her was enough for Harry to find his release but he didn't want to come in her.
So he took his cock out after she came clear and tapped her chin. She stroked him and he came clear in her mouth.She swallowed every inch that he released in her.
He collapsed on hee chest with an "humpf".
"Holy shit, that was fucking fantastic" he whispered into her neck.
"Your very kinky you know that?" Y/n joked at him.
"Says the person who called me "Sir"" he jokes back.
"It's always better than "daddy"" She said while saying 'daddy' with Peppa Pigs voice.
"OH my god" he started to laugh so hard he got tears in his eyes. "I will never be able to hear that word normal again"
"No need for that, still got my sir that you liked very much.." she said with a smug smirk messaging his scalp.
"So this isn't a one time thing?" Harry asked with a vulnerable voice Being scared that he won't actually be able to take her out.
"Euh, Cook me a meal on our first date, then dance with me in the rain and it wont be a one night thing" she said while biting her lip.
"Tomorrow? You and me? My place? I will make you the best spaghetti you will ever taste! And if it doesn't rain, we are gonna dance in the shower!" He said with a complete straight face making her laugh.
"Honestly would love that" she gave him a shy smile.
He fell down into the crook of her neck again, sighing content of the situation he was in.
She was playing with his hair, Looking down at him with nothing but admiration in her eyes for the older man.
Tumblr media
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tinydestinybear · 16 days ago
Dating Harry - headcanon
Tumblr media
he is definitely the type of boyfriend that will hold things very high so you can’t reach them and when you do he kisses you and has a soft gleam on his eyes that tells you how much he loves you.
loves going to picnic or museum to appreciate art only with you
when you end up having a deep conversation about your future, dreams and fears while listening to the ocean’s wave and drinking some wine, the warm soft pink color illuminating your face makes harry realize once again he is in love with you.
cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles! harry is a soft boy! he wants cuddles!
paints you, writes songs about you, talks about you with everyone! literally obsessed with you but in a good way
when you’re having a meal at home, he’d sneak in and slap your ass for no reason and stay beside you, chatting and playing silly games along with you. 
he would try to steal his favourite snack you’d make but would get smacked on his hand instantly
sends you memes 24/7
l o v e s it when you blush or give him some kinda reaction and loves to tease you about it cause well we all know he’s playful
likes to whisper in your ear
is either romantic or corny, depending on his mood
and sharing bed would be a night war
you’d have to push him away because one. he’s heavy and two. he is damn warm and you’d be sweating
but you both always end up finding your way back to each other
at carnivals, he'd spend all his tokens on the claw machine to try and win a stuffed animal for you.
he enjoys when you mess with his hair. especially when he'd lay his head in your lap after a long day, the one thing he wants is to feel your fingers running through the curly locks on his head so he can just relax with your calming touch.
comes to you with a nail polish randomly and makes you apply it for him 
if he misses you a lot or something reminds him of you he will totally gush about you to mitch and sarah.
feels very proud when you compliment his voice.
i. am. not. crying.
feel free to send in requests and talk to me 💕
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only-kiwi · 23 days ago
No need to answer this put ur work under the #harryxreader!!!
not requested but i had to do this today. this is inspired by the 10 minute version of all too well <3 i wanna do an actual story based off of the song pls give ideas
listen to all too well (10 minute version) (taylor’s version) here
TW// age gap (6 years?)
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place….
View all 86,916 comments
ynfan1 SHE’S ALIVE
ynfan2 bestie where you been 😭
yourinstagram @/ynfan2 crying over a man that’s pushing 30
harryfan2 new music ???!
madisonbeer i love u
yourinstagram @/madisonbeer 🥺
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram it’s supposed to be fun, turning 21.
View all 101,892 comments
ynfan3 crying and shaking
ynfan4 this song is gonna kill me
yourinstagram @/selenagomez no because i want my fucking scarf back
harryfan3 i love harry but he actually fucked up
harryfan4 not all this over a 3 month relationship
yourinstagram @/harryfan3 not random strangers on the internet thinking they know everything
Tumblr media
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harrystyles Pleasing.
View all 86,235 comments
harryfan5 OH MY GOD
harryfan6 HARRY
jefezoff 💅
ynfan5 give y/n back her scarf
ynfan6 count ur days harold
gemmastyles ❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram did the twin flame bruise paint you blue?
View all 98,267 comments
ynfan7 this song ENDED me
ynfan8 i’m obsessed with you
oliviarodrigo GENIUS
yourinstagram @/oliviarodrigo COMING FROM YOU STFU
harryfan7 so i just listened to the song… why am i heartbroken over a man that doesn’t exist
harryfan8 lowkey team y/n
arianagrande this is the greatest song of all time
yourinstagram @/arianagrande i’m gonna cry
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harrysfolklore · 2 hours ago
hi !!! could u do a harry ig with alxcext?? thank uuu ☺️🤍
a little late but here’s a blurb about harry’s pleasing post 🥰 i hope you like it
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram keep my conscious clear that’s why i’m so magnetic
view all 11,648 comments
pillowpersonpp My child ❤️
↳ yourinstagram I LOVE YOU
harryfan1 manifested it, i finessed it 🪄
↳ yourinstagram exactly
harry_lambert 💅❤️👀
harryfan2 loved the nail polish, where is it from?
↳ yourinstagram you’ll know soon 😌
Tumblr media
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pleasing Find your pleasing
view all 12,637 comments
harryfan1 OMGG I LOVE THIS
yourinstagram my hand modeling debut 😌
↳ harryfan2 I KNEW IT WAS YOU
↳ harryfan3 bitttch that’s why you were cryptic in your last post
Tumblr media
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harrystyles I started Pleasing to collaborate with people who inspire me, and to explore ideas that go beyond music. I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s for you, it’s just the beginning. H
view all 68,267 comments
harryfan1 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
alessandro_michele 💓
harris_reed congratulations angels 🤍 @harrystyles @jefezoff @harry_lambert @yourinstagram
↳ harryfan2 so yn is part of the main team 🥺🥺
yourinstagram thank you for helping me achieve one of my dreams. i love you 💘
↳ harryfan3 SO FCKING CUTE
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram ever since i was a little kid, i always dreamed of having my own beauty brand, one that could help others look and, most importantly, feel good, something that could be used to express our personality and make us feel comfortable in our own skin.
today that dream became a reality. pleasing is out in the world. thank you to @harry_lambert and @jefezoff for being as passionate about this project as a i am, and thank you to my angel @harrystyles for always supporting every single one of my dreams.
wearing the pleasing pen and pearly tops polish in picture 🤍 my babies
view all 13,736 comments
harry_lambert I love you so much ❤️
harryfan2 IM CRYING 🥺🥺🥺
harrystyles I’m beyond happy to share this project with you, darling. This is just the beginning.
↳ yourinstagram 🖤🖤🖤
↳ harris_reed They’re not ready for what’s coming
taglist: @cucciolafaerie @jelliebeanss @maria-r @eleanordaisy @sunflowersndpeaches @golden-hoax @vodka-is-gay-and-so-am-i i @alienorknight @evanjh @pilgrim-harry @handsomerry @sunflowervolume66 @lollypopsx @multiplums @89evrs @pinkishbabygirl @trulymadlykiki @quinnjackluke @sparrowsandferns @piscesrecord @vanteguccir @ivegotparticulartaste @qclden @springholland @harryhoney-bee @stylesmybeloved @harrysgloves @ayeshathestyles @thebigbutterflytattoo @comfort-reads
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lovingyoulovinme · 2 months ago
Part two to this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pillowpersonpp Thing 1 & Thing 2 who will nap anywhere and everywhere.
yourinstagram bus, venue, 'nother venue, 'nother venue, plane, next place. no sleep.
harrystyles 😴
mitchrowland Terrible twos.
gemmastyles 🤣🤣🤣
harrystan1 i ship them 🤷‍♀️
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loveharryontour nah. i miss him and camille
New York City, N.Y.
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram if your boss doesn't answer the phone does that mean you have the day off?
mitchrowland Yes
jefezoff Yes
paulithepsm Yes
harrystyles No.
— hide replies
yourinstagram 4 vs 1. you lose!
stanharry4life i love their friendships 😭
Tumblr media
harryupdatesuk Harry today with Camille Rowe in New York.
harrystan2 HUH
iloveharry WTF NO
hsrings .........what abt @yourinstagram...
haylorstan 😲
Tumblr media
From Y/N's phone
Los Angeles, California
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram home.
User has limited comments on this post.
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lovecanyon · 7 days ago
instagram post revealing beau’s birth <3
dad!harry x reader
(more dad!harry here)
Tumblr media
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harrystyles beau robin styles.
view all comments
harryfan4 WHAT
harryfan8 are you fucking kidding me
hunterschafer congrats y/n!!!!!!
harryfan9 literally how did they hide a whole ass pregnancy
yourinstagram threats 😍😍
(liked by harrystyles)
jefezoff already an angel
harryfan11 the power this child already holds-
annetwist love you guys
harryfan14 maybe this one will release medicine
harryfan2 A BOY?!?
gemmastyles i can’t wait to meet him!!
harryfan7 most unexpected thing ever
caradelevingne just yesterday i was partying with you during your one direction days. now you have a child what???? CONGRATS BROTHER
harryfan10 y/n is one of the luckiest girls in the world omg
arianagrande ahhhh! babies!
harryfan13 i’m fucking sobbing
kendalljenner congrats harry!
harryfan15 you know kendall’s sobbing rn
harryfan19 nah she shakin in her boots
harryfan18 literally her 13th reasonKDJDHE
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram beau robin styles.
view all comments
harryfan16 lucky ass bitch
adele i love my godson already
harrystylesfan18 ADELE IS THE GODMOTHER?!!
harryfan22 harry has a child. i can’t believe it.
harrystyles love you darling.
badgirlriri congrats babygirl. see you soon
harryfan24 thankfully he’s not an aquarius like harry
harryfan12 he’s a gemini, which is worse….LMAO
tchalamet beau! my buddy!!!!!
harryfan17 we watched harry grow up and now we’ll watch him have children
harryfan20 the middle name omg
harryfan26 literally everyone wants to be y/n right now
kaiagerber congratulations mama. can’t wait to see you!!
harry_lambert can’t wait to dress little man
harryfan23 nobody: me: wishing i was y/n rn
pillowpersonpp i love you guys so much
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edynism · a month ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐬’ ( ೃ → 𝚂𝙾𝙲𝙸𝙰𝙻 𝙼𝙴𝙳𝙸𝙰 𝙰𝚄! )
pairings: harry styles x famous!y/n
summary: in which their instagram is basically a family blog at this point
authors note: as usual, pics used aren’t mine!
Tumblr media
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youruser winter mornings are my fave
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user2 manon and eleanor make my heart go crazy
harrystyles that a big enough croissant for you manny?
→ youruser she insisted on having two
→ gemmastyles give her three x
user3 KIWI
yoursibling those candles are a safety hazard
→ youruser your face is a safety hazard
mitchrowland those kids eat better than me
Tumblr media
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harrystyles daddy and rowan day
load more comments
youruser my boys
harrystyles liked this comment
user1 this family couldn’t be any cuter
user2 rowan already has better style than his dad
annetwist where are you cuties off to today?❤️
→ harrystyles rowan decided that ice cream sounds “fabulous” on a day like today
→ youruser harrystyles he said the ice cream will match the snow ;’)
Tumblr media
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youruser oh my, look what i’ve found… i could sob, 2 years ago today
load more comments
florencepugh im the luckiest auntie
harrystyles they need to stop growing
→ youruser look how tiny ellie is
→ harrystyles rowan doesn’t fit that hat anymore ;(
user2 this is so perfect
youruser liked this comment
niallhoran wasn’t eleanor born like yesterday?
Tumblr media
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annetwist granny duties for me tonight! my little manon with her favourite book!❤️🎀
load more comments
youruser oh i miss my girl so much ;(
user1 my little manon omg anne is the best nana
gemmastyles her face makes me heart go crazy
→ harrystyles same
user2 she is y/ns twin omg
Tumblr media
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harrystyles date night 16.12.21 x
load more comments
user1 could y/n get any prettier
zendaya YOUR OUTFIT youruser ADORE IT
youruser a night to remember
harrystyles liked this comment
user2 the things i’d do to be y/n rn
→ user2 actually, the things i’d do to be harry rn*
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starscrosslove · a month ago
harry styles x reader (instagram concept)
in which y/n and harry start rumors
face claim: aurelia
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram heart necklace for U
user1 mommy.
user3 uhm, hey gem. what r u doing here?
↳ user4 gemma has followed y/n since like 2012
↳ user3 yeah, ik, but she never liked her pictures until now...also anne just followed y/n
gigihadid I'm in love with you
↳ user5 watch out zayn
↳ yourinstagram I love you more, G <3
user6 if y/n and harry start dating i will literally unstan him
↳ user7 um, i don't think he would really care if you unstaned him. he would rather be with y/n than u
Tumblr media
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celebupdates Y/N seen buying flowers in Los Angeles today!
user1 STOP her lil green purse is the cutest thing ever
user2 y/n's fashion > everything else in the world
user3 who is she buying flowers for?
↳ user4 hopefully not harry
↳ user5 stfu.
user6 i'm a new fan of hers and i must say, she is an icon
↳ user7 that she is
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram Up close and personal?
user2 literally a goddess
user3 she is literally so ugly- what does everyone see in her
↳ user4 i smell jealousy.
user5 i think we can collectively agree that y/n and harry would be adorable right
gemmastyles Beautiful face, beautiful girl, beautiful soul
↳ user6 pardon?
↳ yourinstagram Says you <33
↳ user7 somebody help- i am confused
user8 ok can we rewind
user9 i didn't know her and gemma were friends
↳ user10 i think they have been like mutual friends for a while since y/n is friends w kendall and gigi and stuff but like i didn't know they were this close
user11 can y'all chill its literally just an instagram comment. calm down
Tumblr media
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harrystylesupdates H seen in Los Angeles today...alone?
user1 harry is just a lone wolf
user2 i will gladly hang out with harry
user3 giving me major dilf energy
↳ user5 no.
↳ user4 they would literally be so cute together. what?
user6 mans is a millionaire but wears vans
Tumblr media
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hazzaupdates A picture of Harry a fan took at dinner last night
user1 how is he so effortlessly hot
user2 hi! i was the one that took the picture <3333
↳ hazzaupdates What was he like? Was he with anyone? We need answers.
↳user2 he was literally the nicest person ever. i was eating with my family so i didnt have a lot of time to talk to him, but i caught him as he was leaving the restaurant and...don't attack me...but he was with yourinstagram
↳ user3 were they like close to each other
↳ user2 i mean, yeah? he had like a hand on her back while we chatted but no like pda or anything. y/n is super sweet tho, she offered to take a picture of us and everything and she was just so adorable
user4 wait omg, i kinda like y/n and harry together
user5 she needs to leave harry alone
↳ user6 literally shut up and let them be happy
Tumblr media
liked by harrystyles, bellahadid, and 1,895,768 others
youinstagram Keep a straight face :|
user1 literally leave harry alone
user2 QUEEN! I REPEAT queen y/n has posted and broke the internet once again
user3 she is just with harry for clout like her likes are going up because of him...
↳ user4 she is literally a model and was already famous calm down
gigihadid LOVE LOVE LOVE
↳ youinstagram YOU YOU YOU
user5 gigi and y/n > any other duo
↳ user6 what about harry and y/n
↳ user5 they r my fav couple...not duo ;)
gemmastyles Pretty green eyes
↳ yourinstagram I love you
↳ user7 LOVE???
user8 harold... we can see u bud
↳ user9 he isnt slick
user10 harry: *is never active on social media* also harry: *is one of the first people to like y/n's post*
Tumblr media
liked by kendalljenner, annetwist, and 2,758,946 others
youinstagram Comparison harrystyles
user1 UM HELLO? y/n broke the internet and just doesn't care
↳ user2 as she should
annetwist Rings galore
↳ user3 heyyyy anne!!!!
↳ yourinstagram Only the best rings from H
user4 its kinda weird kendall liked
↳ user5 why? kendall is in a relationship-
kendalljenner you two are the cutest ever
↳ user6 we love a supportive bestie
↳ user7 wait- i am confused
↳ user8 girlcode??
↳ yourinstagram Now now, Kenny. You and Devin are definitely the cutest
↳ user7 never mind not confused. they are just baddies
user9 the way she is wearing one of his rings. I AM DECEASED
user10 this is the cutest thing i have ever seen
harrystyles If the ring fits, wear it
↳ user11 BYE- i am dead
↳ yourinstagram I'll always wear it <3
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satanhalsey · 2 months ago
fake instagram! face claim: Ester Expósito
thank you for requesting!! i absolutely love her 💘
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
liked by harry_lambert, harrystyles, annetwist and 1M other people
yourinstagram: brits awards with bubs 💚🤎
harrystyles: We would've been matching if you hadn't seen that dress.
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles shut up.
harrysfan1: @/harrystyles @/yourinstagram CHAOTIC DUO.
harrysfan2: we bisexuals win one more time!
annetwist: 😍😍😍
gemmastyles: I keep wondering how my brother managed to be with you.
harrystyles: @/gemmastyles Fuck off.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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harrystyles: The rest doesn't matter if at the end of the day I can come back to you.
harrysfan1: OH MY GOD 😥😥
yourinstagram: gonna love you till i'm 100 years old.
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram Ok so when you're 101 i'll have to forget about you.
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles ...
niallhoran: So pretty ♥️
yourinstagram: @/niallhoran LOVE YOU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: the photos that i take of him / the photos that he takes of me.
harrystyles: But you still look beautiful.
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles you too baby 💘
harrysfan1: he literally doesn't know how to use a phone and you ask him to take a picture of you girl give him a break.
yourinstagram: @/harrysfan1 HAHAHAHAHAHA
many months later:
Tumblr media
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harrystyles: Love On Tour, New York City, NY. I
yourinstagram: ADFWEKGKWKSKA!!!!!AAASAA!!!!!
yourinstagram: YOU'RE SO HOT AND FOR WHAT
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram For you.
harrysfan1: THAT'S MY SHOW 😭😭😭
harry_lambert: 🔥🔥🔥
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: H <3
annetwist: Aww! Love you both so much!!
yourinstagram: @/annetwist love you and miss you !!
harrystyles: Baby.
yourbff: you're out there living the dream, i hate you
yourinstagram: @/yourbff 😝😝😝
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: the truth behind the superstar.
harrystyles: @/gemmastyles They're NEVER too many.
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: rosa, rosa y más rosa.
taylorswift: SO SO BEAUTIFUL!
yourinstagram: @/taylorswift I LOVE YOUUUUUU
harrysfan2: yup, i'm gay.
harrystyles: Te amo.
harrysfan1: she's so... wow.
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leeroysdancer · 20 days ago
How are ya? May I request a bestfriend!harry blurb? Like maybe going shopping with Anne and she can't stop laughing because of the weird shit Harry and the reader are doing? <3
No pressure, Beach <333
HEYYYYYYY not me working and writing my ass off for your new mafia request and you just entering my inbox with another request 😂💀 for God's sake here, ya go ya little shit🙄😌❤
Pairings: Harry Styles x reader
Summary: Anne takes her son and his girlfriend shopping for Gemma and sees why her son is so happy...
Warnings: some curse words, and nothing but harry and y/n being sarcastic assholes and Anne being in awe.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Hello life ruiner!" Y/n stepped out of her car and walked over to Harry and Anne.
She hugged Anne and then pecked harrys lips and harry greeted her back with "That was years ago, but hey you are with me now. So your life doesn't look to ruined to me.."
She giggled and held Anne's hand while walking inside the mall.
Their task today was to find a present for Gemma. Her birthday was coming up soon and they need a present.
Just when they entered the mall, Harry wanted to get inside a food shop that makes candy.
"Please let's get in there!" He looked at y/n with his puppy eyes and she held her hands up. He rolled his eyes at her and looked at his mom.
"Okay but quick we don't have all day!" He gave Anne a peck on the cheek and they walked in.
Harry was walking around and watching everything with a sparkle in his eyes.
He stepped towards a big chocolate fountain. Just as he was about to let some chocolate fall on his finger, his girlfriend came to rescue.
"Harry, don't do that!"
"Whyyyyy" he gave her his best puppy eyes.
"Harry we don't want to go to jail again..." she said with a serious expression making harry laugh out loud.
"You have been to jail?" Anne asked being clearly confused by her son and his girlfriend.
"Yeah, in monopoly once!" She let some chocolate drip down to her finger and licked it off just before harry could process it.
She gave him a look after hearing him whine and nearly tripped over her own feet.
Harry gave her a belly laugh when he saw her nearly tripping,
"Look at you tripping over your own shadow!" Harry couldn't stop laughing at her.
"My shadow is a tricky asshole, it likes to see me fall down to its level!" Y/n said with a serious face, making Anne laugh at her after realizing the joke.
Harry felt some more love for her when he saw that his mom was looking over at y/n. She was basically looking at her like y/n could dissapear every second.
When they walked out of the shop after buying some candy, they saw a little arcade that was build new in there.
Anne knew Harry wanted to get in there, but since Harry and Y/n are new dating she didn't know if he told her how much he loves arcades.
"Haz! Look it's an arcade!" Y/n noticed the arcade before Harry did. Anne smiled that he told her about it.
"Do you think they have that bear, I won you on our first date?" Anne looked up surprised, since Harry and Y/n are both famous nobody and litteraly nobody knew they were dating until some weeks ago. But still, only the close people know so y/ns dad and stepmom, Anne, Gemma and thats it.
"Let see!" Y/n took Harry's hand and they run together to the arcade leaving Anne with a big smile on her face.
When Anne finally followed them inside she saw Harry with a VR- glasses on.
She walked to y/n and stood next to her. Harry randomly fell into the soft ground making y/n burst out of laughter.
"Should we do something?" Anne asked while laughing.
"You mean besides laughing?" Y/n asked giggling when Harry didn't get up.
After a while Harry took the VR-glasses off and started telling them the story.
"So life when it started, I fell down out of shock. So I went on with a whole roll coaster ride on the ground. That is so scary when it wants to go down..." Harry said it all in one breathe making y/n giggle.
"That is not a happy story!" Y/n giggled showing Harry the video she recorded of him laying on the ground with the white VR-glasses on.
"Ouch, well I don't live a happy life!" He flipped his hair as a joke making y/n fan her self and harry bursting out laughing because of it.
"What time is it?" Harry asked.
"It's 16.45" Anne said in shock.
"They close with in 15 minutes..." Y/n said
"We need to go right now and find a present for Gemma!" Harry said
"We will not be able to do that in 15 minutes!" Anne said starting to get a little frustrated.
"Hey, how about you guys design her a dress and I will make it to her with matching accessories?" Y/n broke the uncomfortable silence that started there.
"Why didn't we think of that in the first place?" Harry asked
"Y/n, sweetie I think that is a wonderful idea! I would love to see how you make dresses!" Anne said holding y/ns hand.
Their day didn't go as planned but it got better, Anne got to see the dynamic Harry and Y/n have. Harry got to see Y/n interact with his mom. And Y/n got to see Harry have fun and Anne too.
"You guys should totally get married!" Anne said when they sat down in the car.
Her statement making Harry a Y/n blush. Anne knew it was early but she liked them together. They are like a puzzle and every piece falls into the right place.
"I can't marry her, she would kill me within a week!" Harry exclaimed with a huff and a big smile that had his dimples on display.
"A week? Haz, my bet is one 24 hours..." Y/n said shaking her head.
When the made eye contact, they both started laughing at eachother. That was enough to make Anne realize that Harry and found his soulmate, his best friend and the best angel she could ever wish for her son.
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tinydestinybear · 18 days ago
Y/N and Boyfriend!Harry - headcanon
Tumblr media
oh my gosh harry :(
this boy literally loves you to pieces
he’s got it bad
this could go either way tbh
he could be the flirtiest smoothest mf EVER
but also i can see him being adorably shy :(
personally i think he’d be a mix of both
smooth flirting but if u reciprocate at all his eyes go big and his ears go red and he panics and jerhjekshrrj
he is always giving you gifts with the excuse that he was thinking of you but he just wants to spoil you
he has a soft spot for calling you m’love (plus all of her cute little sisters: m’honey bun, m’little bean and of course m’queen)
harry might look like a man but really he’s just a soft little slice of bread, a cute little bunny
he also trusts you an awful lot and tells you more things than he tells most people so he always protects your secrets really well
he also really really loves seeing you in his clothes like loves loves it. there’s not a single oversized shirt he owns that you haven’t worn at least once
any time you speak he always has this wide smile on his face and absolutely adores the sound of your voice
he gets proud smiles on his face when he makes you giggle
snaps candid photos of you, saving them on his phone to look over when on tour
also never let goes of you and finds a way to hold you against his chest most of the time, running his hand through your hair
lots of spooning, he loves to be the small spoon and feel protected
leaves little notes around the flat reminding you of how amazing you were
tickle attacks when you least expect it
taking one of your teddies on tour so it felt like you were there
when you argue, he’d be prepared to give you distance, but would soon cave, desperate to have you in his arm
he seems like the kind of guy to cup ur face a lot when kissing you, probably rubs his thumb over your cheek too
this man hates long distance with a passion, gets teary when he leaves. the night before he leaves you holds you SO tight. if you try to bring up the fact that he’s leaving the next day he frowns “let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about something happy”
probably takes screenshots of you falling asleep on facetime, partly to tease you but also bc he finds you adorable
literally counting down the days
greets u with a hard kiss and then a LONGGGG hug
will keep his arm around you or hold your hand and holds you in his lap while he tells you about tour
fiddles with your hair while you speak and keeps tracing your face like he can’t believe you‘re really here
constantly kissing you bc he’s “i’ve kiss-deprived for months love, i need at least one million to make up for it”
so in conclusion HARRY STYLES IS A HUGE boyfriend material 
let me know if you guys want a part 2 cause i have a few more 💗👀
read part 2 here! <3
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only-kiwi · a month ago
The matching yellow purple outfits!!!!! Omg that was a perfect addition. Could you do more of that with Harry x zendaya if that’s not too much trouble for you.
Tumblr media
didn’t do the cheating thing because yuck but here you go <3
posts with zendaya
1, 2
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram men suck :/
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ynfan1 girl what
ynfan2 bestie what’s wrong ?
arianagrande i love you, you deserve the world !!
yourinstagram @/arianagrande 🥺
harryfan1 imagine being this pretty while crying
harryfan2 what happened? is this about harry ??
yourinstagram @/harryfan2 lol
ynfan3 confused
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tmz_tv Everyone’s favourite couple Harry Styles and Y/N Y/L\N have reportedly split up after three years of dating. Sources say it’s believed that Harry cheated while being away on tour. Link in bio for more.
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harryfan3 what the fuck
harryfan4 but they were so cute 🥺
ynfan3 apparently a fan met y/n and asked if harry cheated and she said no?? people really just believe anything they read lol
six months later - (yn hasn’t posted or been seen since her break up with harry)
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram @/tchalamet
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ynfan5 sis disappeared for six months and comes back with this??? girl what 😭
tchalamet you’re my favourite co-star
yourinstagram @/tchalamet don’t let saorise see this
harryfan5 wait why do i ship them??
harryfan6 are they together?
yourinstagram @/harryfan6 we filmed a movie besties that’s all
arianagrande 🥺
Tumblr media
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tchalamet my best friend, my favourite co-star, my love. i fell in love with you the day we both walked onto set. happiest of birthdays to you. you deserve everything.
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ynfan7 i’m fucking crying
yourinstagram never been happier and i owe it all to you. thank you, my love <3
tchalamet @/yourinstagram ❤️
harryfan7 happy birthday y/n !!
harryfan8 he’s cute but he’s not harry
yourinstagram @/harryfan8 yeah that’s kind of the point
arianagrande hbd gorg @/yourinstagram !! ily <3
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