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h.s masterlist
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all instagram blurbs
y/n’s instagram account’s inspiration
instagram related
paparazzi issues - men with cameras follow y/n and harry trying to get photo’s of their child.
first show, las vegas - harry’s first show of love on tour 2021
last show, long island - harry’s last show of love on tour 2021
dazed photoshoot - y/n and beau accompany harry at the dazed magazine photoshoot
italy with beau - harry and y/n take a vacation to italy with their son
73 questions with y/n l/n - y/n does a vogue interview at her and harry’s topanga house
wired autocomplete interview - y/n and harry do a wired autocomplete interview
beau’s birth - y/n gives birth to beau
golfing - y/n goes golfing with harry and his cousins
instagram related
lennon and lucy - harry brings his twins to work with him
the new secretary - harry’s new secretary takes interest in him
the fundraiser - the secretary try’s to make a move on harry but it doesn’t work once again
ms. jealousy - addison finds out mr. styles has children which makes even more jealous of y/n
caught in the act - addison walks in on harry and y/n in his office
the dinner - addison spots harry and his wife at dinner with their children
“be loud” - harry and y/n mess around in a burlesque club bathroom stall
headcanon l
harry and y/n’s iconic moments during love on tour
howard stern interview - harry confirms him and y/n’s relationship during an interview
y/n’s fans - harry and y/n meet her fans
the morning after- harry begs y/n to stay
something about her - harry is completely obsessed with y/n
stargirl - y/n a local groupie in the rock n’ roll world meets harry an asshole rockstar
rock n’ roll - butterflies of topanga a well known rock n’ roll band has two bandmates that are in love
radio interviews - radio host calls out y/n and harry runs to her defense
harry’s gala - y/n a diplomat is hired to take down harry’s gang
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camgirl!reader x harry <3
she's finally here!! enjoy my loves!! come talk to me about it!
word count: 5.7k
warnings: smut duh
Harry would rather die than look away from his computer screen right now.
The woman’s fingers gripped her vibrator, and Harry could almost feel those fingers around his cock. He could almost feel the velvety warmth of her pussy, almost hear her moaning his name.
Just the thought of this woman moaning his name almost made him cum right then, but he knew he had to hold back if he was going to last until the end of her stream.
After a few minutes, she pulled the vibrator away from her clit, and Harry almost whimpered. He frowned as she reached over, to a shelf or drawer that was off-screen, and pulled out a ball gag.
“I know how much you adore hearing me moan for you,” Harry whined, he did, he really, really did, “but I just moved into a new place and I don’t want to piss my neighbors off just yet. Maybe next time.” She smirked, wrapping the gag around her head and fixing the ball between her teeth. Harry groaned as she turned the toy back on and began running it over her body. Down her chest, around her breasts, along her stomach, and finally, finally, right on her clit. The contact made her jump, and she arched her back as she moaned into the gag.
Harry pumps his cock, timing his movements with hers so that they could finish at the same time.
The woman began running her free hand over her body, along her inner thighs, across her hips, before finding its resting place at the base of her neck. She wrapped her fingers around her neck and Harry really thought he was going to lose it. After a little while, she reached up to pull the gag out of her mouth, and Harry groaned at the string of spit that ran from her lips to the ball. Her panting and soft moans made him grip the base of his cock, and he bit his lip to fight off his impending orgasm.
“Now,” she said, grunting softly, “I know you’re close— I can feel it. But I want you to cum with me, yeah? Just wait a little longer. I know how good you are, I know you can do it.”
It felt like she was talking to him, and that made Harry want to go absolutely feral. He brought his fist up to his mouth and bit down on his knuckle to curb his moans.
“You’re so good, I know you are. I’m so close, God— I know you can hold off for me.” she spoke, her sweet voice mixing with the wet sounds of her core and Harry’s soft groans.
“I’m close too,” Harry found himself whimpering, “Please let me cum, please please please!” He knew it was pathetic, but honestly, he’d do anything she wanted. He wasn’t even ashamed.
She arched her back in that one particular way, and Harry had watched enough of her streams to know she was on the edge. He could see the way she gripped the sheets next to her and bit her lip. He wished she didn’t have any fucking neighbors so she could be as loud as she wanted. And also so that Harry could hear it, but that was beside the point. Harry sped up his strokes, reaching his other hand around to grope his balls, and moaned at the contact.
“I’m-“ is all she managed to get out before she yelped and all her muscles tensed and her movements stopped. Harry knew what this meant, so he tightened his grip on his cock, twisting his hand as his strokes reached his tip, and before he knew it, the two of them released.
Harry felt all the tension leave his body, and he had to force his eyes to stay open so that he could watch this beautiful woman cum, and so that he could imagine that he was the reason she was cumming so hard.
After a few minutes, they had both calmed down, and the woman leaned forward. She tugged her mask down, to ensure that it still covered most of her features, and smiled.
“I have no way of knowing for sure, but I’m sure you were very good for me, sweetie.” She shifted, and Harry noticed what seemed to be a tattoo of a bear on her inner bicep. That was new, Harry thought. He’d been watching her for long enough, he’s sure he would have noticed it. It was cute. She shifted again, and Harry’s view of her tattoo was obstructed once again. Harry pouted, that is, until she started talking. “You’re always so good, but I’m afraid I have to leave now. I really don’t think I could handle another orgasm, and I have dinner to make. If you enjoyed having this fun with me, please consider tipping! I’ll talk to you soon, baby. Goodbye for now. Kisses.”
She leaned up towards the camera and Harry got another quick glimpse of her tattoo before she ended the stream. Harry stared at the black screen for a moment, before exiting the viewing page and going to give her a hefty tip, as he always does. He also left a note with the tip, as he always does.
Wonderful as always, Blossom. Buy yourself something pretty with this. Or pay your water bill. Up to you. - H.
Harry clicked send and got up to take a shower. He may have also gotten himself off again in that shower, but that shall remain unconfirmed.
Harry was toweling off his hair when he heard a ping! come from his computer. He frowned, pulling his laptop around to face him, and he flushed when he saw what was on the screen.
@peachtreeblossoms: Maybe I’ll use it for a bit of both. I’ll be sure to upload some pictures of me in what you bought me as a thank you. ;)
His breath caught in his throat at the thought of her posting something for him. Sure, other people would be able to see it, but he would know that they were for him and him only. His stomach fluttered at the thought.
Y/N puffed out her cheeks as she hit send. That wasn’t too forward, right? She had never even seen his face, but she knew he was pretty. The nice ones were always pretty. He always paid well. Like, really well. Not only did he pay for her monthly subscription, but always he left very large tips after every one of her shows.
She smiled as she thought of what he looked like as she got up to make dinner for her and her pets. She opened her bedroom door to see her dogs, Lucy and Olive, waiting right outside. Her cat, of course, was nowhere to be seen.
Once her hands had been washed and her animals had been fed, she settled down for her own dinner, which was just leftover wings from the night before. Just as she sat down, her cat Pippin rounded the corner from where he had likely been sleeping in her office. He hopped right up on her lap and wasted no time trying to eat the chicken right out of her hands. She chuckled, pushing him away and grabbing the remote, switching the TV on and looking for something to watch.
The next morning, Y/N was awoken by sunlight filtering in through her light curtains. She let out a yawn and rolled over, wrapping her arm around her cat’s sleeping body. She barely got back to sleep before her alarm interrupted the silent air of her bedroom.
The alarm made Pippin jump, and the moment he awoke, he decided that he was starving and began pawing at Y/N’s face. Y/N groaned, sitting up and gently pushing her cat to the side. She turned, moving to get up and start her day.
As she sat down to eat her breakfast, Y/N remembered the large sum of money that one of her regular viewers had left her the night before, and how she had promised to buy something nice for him. She blushed and bit the inside of her cheek, quickly finishing her breakfast so that she could spend as much time as possible looking for the perfect set of skimpy lingerie for H.
Once she had finished eating, she put her bowl in the sink and grabbed her bag. She shoved her phone into the bag and grabbed her keys, patting her dogs’ heads before walking out the door.
Y/N shut the door behind her and was turning back around to lock it when she spotted a mop of brown hair and a colorful button-up turning the lock on his own door. He must have spotted her out of the corner of his eye because he turned to face her with a smile.
“Hi! You must be my new neighbor, ‘m Harry,” he chirped, sticking a hand out in front of him. Y/N reached out to return the gesture, inadvertently giving her neighbor a glimpse of the tattoo on her arm. “Cute tattoo!”
“Ah,” Y/N said, smiling and turning her arm so she could see it herself, “Thank you! I got it just the other day. I’m Y/N.”
Harry nodded, “I love it! Well, I’ve got to head out, but let me know when you’re free. I’d love to get to know you better. Nice to meet you!”
Y/N nodded, smiling, “That would be great, Harry! It was nice meeting you too. See you around.”
Harry smiled, nodding his head once more as he walked off.
Y/N felt her face warm as she watched her new neighbor walk away from her before she righted herself and went on her way, in search of something cute.
Y/N bit her lip as she shut her apartment door behind her. She had found the cutest set at the mall, and she couldn’t wait to try it on for a certain customer.
She stripped as she walked back to her bedroom, the excitement and anticipation of his reaction getting the better of her self-control. By the time Y/N reached her room, she was only in her panties. She placed the shopping bags on her bed and immediately began digging through the tissue paper to find what she wanted.
The moment her fingers brushed the fine lace, she almost squealed. She held the set up to her body and looked at herself in the mirror.
He’s going to love this.
Y/N couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she slid the piece over her smooth skin. Once it was on and everything was tightened, she looked at herself one more time in the mirror. Her heart was in her throat at this point. She knew this would mean even more to him because she had bought it with him in mind, but she couldn’t help the self-conscious thoughts that suddenly plagued her mind.
Wait, but what if he doesn’t like it? What if I got a color that he hates? What if it doesn’t fit as well as I think it does?
Y/N knows that these thoughts are ridiculous and that he’s nothing but a customer, but she can’t help but feel oddly attached to this mystery man. There was something about him, something that was different about all the other people she’d interacted with since she’d started. She didn’t even know his name, but she still hoped that he felt that same connection.
Y/N spent more time than she’d like to admit taking photos in her new lingerie. She just wanted to get the best angles and the most flattering lighting so that H would get his money’s worth.
Once Y/N was satisfied with her pictures, she uploaded them to her site. Then, she was faced with the ever-difficult decision of what to put for the caption. She sat at her keyboard, still in her lingerie, chewing on her lip as she tried to come up with something that didn’t seem too desperate.
@hes94, I hope you like the set you bought for me. Thank you for your support. <3
Y/N must have deleted and rewritten the caption three or four times before she eventually decided to just post it. Really, what’s the worst that could happen?
Harry thought that he was going to die.
Not only did she post some of the most beautiful images he’d ever seen, but she’d mentioned him in the caption, telling the whole world that these pictures were for him. Sure, everyone who subscribed to her site could see the pictures, but both of them knew she bought the set with him in mind.
The set was beautiful, a black backless teddy piece with a plunging neckline. It came with a dainty robe made of lace and satin, though she only took a few photos of her wearing it. The majority of her photos were just her in the set, and the poses ranged from her arching her back, pressing her tits together, sticking her fingers in her mouth, and pressing her fingers into the soft skin of her thighs, neck, and stomach.
Harry could have sworn he’d started drooling, until something caught his eye.
That tattoo.
He’d seen that tattoo before. Earlier that day, even. He’d seen that tattoo on the arm of his new neighbor, Y/N. Y/N, the sweet, charming girl who he thought he’d only spoken to that one time, though it turns out he’d spoken to her many times before, in varying degrees of indecency.
Harry couldn’t believe it. Y/N, Y/N – was the girl he’d been lusting after for the past six months? He didn’t even know what to do with himself.
Should he mention it to her the next time he sees her? How would he even bring that kind of thing up? No, Harry, you shouldn’t mention this to her, you bloody idiot. But if you don’t isn’t that an invasion of her privacy?
Harry’s thoughts were moving a mile a minute. He couldn’t deny that he felt a little guilty for figuring out who she was, even though it really wasn’t his fault and he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He didn’t even realize he’d zoned out until a few minutes later when he noticed that his computer screen had fallen asleep. He didn’t think it felt right to continue subscribing to her channel now that he knew who she was, but he couldn’t unsubscribe, he would just miss her too much. He knew that it was selfish of him, but he just couldn’t help it.
He decided that the best mode of action was to message her privately and try to bring it up in a way that didn’t make him seem like the creepiest man on the planet. Once he’d opened the private messaging window, he stared at the screen for what felt like hours.
He decided to go for something simple, and he hoped it wouldn’t scare her away.
Hey Y/N, this is Harry.
Harry’s heart was beating out of his chest, and he wondered if Y/N could hear in through her wall. It only took a few minutes for her to respond. It was more lackluster than Harry had hoped.
What? How do you know my name?
He puffed out his cheeks, trying to craft a totally non-creepy reply.
Unless I’m seeing things, you have the same tattoo as the girl who lives next door to me. It could be a coincidence, I suppose, but I’m really hoping it’s not.
This time, it took so long for Y/N to respond, that Harry thought she wasn’t going to reply. And she didn’t, at least not in the way Harry was expecting. Y/N’s reply came in the way of a sharp knock on his front door.
“Harry! Harry! Open the door right now!” He heard Y/N’s voice, shrill and nervous, through his door. He got up off his couch and jogged to his door before pulling it open to reveal Y/N in a soft robe with her phone in her hand. She shoved her phone in his face, showing him the messages he’d sent her not ten minutes earlier. “Is this you? Please tell me this is you.”
Harry stared at her, trying to untangle his tongue and get some words out of his mouth, “I- uhm- y-yeah, that’s me. I didn’t know how else to tell you. It didn’t feel right to keep–” he clears his throat and looks at his feet, “enjoying your content when I knew who you were, so I thought I should tell you. I can unsubscribe, I’m sorry.”
“Harry, I-” Y/N sighed and frowned softly, looking back down at her phone before looking back up at him, “you think I want my favorite customer to unsubscribe?”
“I’m your favorite customer?”
“Of course you are, Harry! You always leave huge tips and the sweetest notes at the end of my shows. No one else does as much as you do. Of course, I didn’t have a face to put to the username, but now, I do.”
Harry’s face pinkened as he looked down at his feet. Does this mean she thought about him as much as he thought about her?
“Wow, uhm,” he cleared his throat again, “I didn’t realize I’d made that much of an impression on you. Thank you, I suppose? I’m sorry for--”
Y/N frowned at his response, “Yeah, I- uh, I’m sorry for bursting in here, I’ll just go back to my place, you don’t have to un–” she turned to move back to her apartment, but Harry reached out to grab her shoulder. Y/N’s head whipped back around, eyes wide.
“No!” Harry rushed out, “Do you want to come in? I know it’s kind of an awkward time, but I still really want to get to know you.”
Y/N seemed hesitant, as she looked at her door, then back at Harry, before smiling, “Well, it’s almost dinnertime for my pets and I’m kind of still–” she coughs, “in my ensemble.” Harry’s eyebrows shot up, and he tried to stop himself from looking down at her body, but ultimately couldn’t help himself. Y/N didn’t seem to be offended by him ogling her, instead, she smiled at him. “How about dinner– and maybe something more satisfying– at my place?” Harry had barely nodded before Y/N grabbed his hand and led him back to her place. Harry didn’t even let himself think about what something more satisfying could entail, or else he thought he might cum right in his pants.
She pushed her door open, still dragging Harry behind her as she pushed through the dogs that had been standing right behind the door. The second the door was shut behind them, Y/N moved to where her dogs’ food was kept. She was quick to pour the kibble into their dishes before she walked back to Harry. She looked up at him and put her hands on her hips. “So, I put a casserole in the oven before I came over, and that should be enough for the both of us. Are you allergic to anything?”
Harry could barely muster up a shake of his head, as he was still flabbergasted by the forward-ness of the girl who had been nothing more than a stranger an hour prior. It’s not like he didn’t like it, she just seemed so quiet and timid during her shows, and he wasn’t expecting this. He loved it. An alarm went off and Y/N jumped.
“Oh! Speak of the devil!” She said, smiling. She turned from him, walking back into her kitchen. Harry couldn’t help but shamefully ogle her, once again. It almost felt like she was swaying her hips just a little more, just for him. He found himself biting his lip to keep himself contained. Harry walked into the kitchen not long after and leaned against the counter as Y/N pulled the dish out of the oven and smelled it. She let out a moan at the smell of her meal, and Harry was so close to just jumping her bones. “Oh, doesn’t it just smell so good, Harry?” She said, moaning again. Harry clenched his fist as it rested on her countertop.
“Mhm,” he nodded, moving to stand behind her. He inhaled, more getting the smell of her perfume than the actual meal, but he wasn’t complaining. He decided to give her a taste of her own medicine and let out a groan of pleasure at her scent, “Sure does, Peach.”
Y/N smiled and leaned back against him, “Mm, Peach. I like that.”
“I’m sure you do. I can show you some other things you might like, if you want.” Y/N smiled again, turning around to look him in the eye.
“Hm, I have a feeling I’m going to need some sustenance in order for me to enjoy whatever it is you may want to show me,” she said, running her hands over his chest.
Harry nodded, reaching around her to grab a fork off the counter. He stuck the fork in the casserole and pulled a bite into his mouth. He groaned again, and Y/N furrowed her brows.
“You keep that up, mister, I dare you.” She said, poking his chest.
“Oh yeah? You dare me? I don’t even know what you’re talking about, Peach.” At this, Y/N scoffed, turning around and running her finger through the casserole. She turned back to Harry and stuck her finger in her mouth. She sucked the delicious food off her finger, groaning as she did so. Once she determined she’d sufficiently cleaned off her finger (as well as riled Harry up), she pulled her finger out of her mouth with a pop.
“Mm. So good.” She said, smiling innocently up at him.
“Oh, now you’re the one being a brat.” He almost growled, placing his hands on either side of Y/N, effectively caging her in.
“So you admit it! You were being a brat! Ugh!” She pouted, turning back around and getting some plates from the cabinet. “Let’s eat before I smack you.”
“Who said I don’t like being smacked?”
The both of them rushed through dinner. Though it was full of light and teasing conversation, it was obvious they both wanted to move on to the second act of the night.
Once both of their plates were empty, Y/N stood up and bussed their table. Harry tried to take the dishes from her and do them himself, but Y/N silenced his pleas with a kiss on his nose. The simple action stopped him in his tracks and made a blush form on his cheeks.
After Harry had regained his composure, he followed Y/N into the kitchen. Y/N had turned on some music and was humming softly. Harry noticed the unique voice of Elvis Presley and the notes of his song, A Little Less Conversation.Y/N was swaying her hips from side to side as if she was purposefully teasing him. He clenched his teeth as Y/N stopped humming.
“I can feel you back there, Harry. Come dance to Elvis with me,” she said, turning her head to the side and looking at him. “All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me,” she began singing, swinging her hips again. Harry walked up behind her, swaying his hips in tandem with hers as he began to sing with her.
“A little less bark and a little more bite,” He started, and went in to nibble on her ear, which caused her to giggle and turn around to face him.
“A little less fight and a little more spark,” She sang back, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him in for a kiss.
Harry couldn’t believe it. He was kissing the girl he’d been watching for months, the girl he somehow had fallen in love with. He hadn’t let himself think realistically about a relationship with Y/N, as she was her own star and he was nothing in her mind, at least, so he thought. He couldn’t believe that she noticed him and his interactions with her much less got off to them. He felt like a teenager again, unbelievably excited to be making out with his crush.
Y/N, honestly, was in the same boat. This mystery man, who she’d been intrigued by since he’d subscribed all those months ago, now had his lips on hers and was leaving her breathless every step of the way. Y/N guided the two of them backward, toward her couch. She turned, pulling away from Harry and pushing him so that he was sitting back on the couch. He looked up at her, his eyes dark and pleading, as if he was begging her to do anything. Y/N pecked him on the lips once more before she moved to undo the tie on her bathrobe, revealing the skimpy lingerie she had bought just for him.
Harry choked on nothing, making Y/N smirk down at him.
“Off,” she said, pointing to his shirt. Harry doesn’t think he’s ever moved that fast in his life, and once his shirt was off, he moved to unbutton his pants. Y/N furrowed her brows and gripped his wrist, stopping his movements, “Nope. That’s for me to do. Sit back for me, pretty boy.”
Harry whimpered, following her instructions. He sat back, swallowing heavily as he prepared himself for what was to come. Y/N kneeled between his thighs, looking up at him with big, doe-like eyes.
“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this, Harry. I’ve imagined sucking you off more times than I can count, and I didn’t even know what you looked like. Crazy, innit? How much of an effect you have on me? Do I have the same effect on you, huh?” Harry whimpered, nodding. Y/N tutted at him, shaking her head, “Words, pretty boy. Use ‘em.”
“Y-Yes, you do. God, you do.” Y/N hummed at him, pleased. She reached for the button on his pants, undoing it with two fingers. Harry bit his lip, trying to conceal any premature sounds that he knew would try to slip out. Y/N shook her head again, sitting up and reaching to pull his lip out from between his teeth.
“I want to hear every sound you make, Harry. Don’t hide from me.” He nodded, letting out a little okay as she went back to pulling his pants down. Y/N tapped his thigh, silently asking him to lift his bum so that she could pull his trousers down the rest of the way. Once she was face to face with his boxers, she looked back up at him before reaching to palm him through the fabric, just to watch the way he reacted.
Harry squirmed, not only because of her touch but also from her heated gaze, which was locked in on his flushed frame.
“Y-Y/N, please,” Harry begged, trying to wiggle his hips in order to get even a little bit more friction from her.
“Please what, Harry? I told you, you need to use your words,” Y/N said, a deceivingly sweet smile on her face.
“Please touch me, Y/N, please please please,” Harry begged, throwing his head back on the couch. His begging made Y/N’s smile deepen as she finally pulled his cock out of his boxers. Harry sighed at the relief of her touch on his bare skin, and let out a sigh of pleasure.
“Haven’t even started yet and you’re already moaning for me. Such a good boy for me, Harry. So good.” Harry let out another moan at her praise and yelped as her lips finally touched the sensitive tip of his cock. Y/N smiled at his whimpers as she continued to take him in her mouth. It was hard for her to take all of him, but before long her nose was touching the scruff of his pubic bone. Harry was whimpering and whining, not able to form anything coherent or understandable. She swallowed around him, causing Harry to buck his hips up against her mouth, to which he immediately began to apologize. Still with her mouth around him, she held up a hand to silence his apologies. She reached around to pinch the side of his thigh, before looking up at him with a look that said, do it. Please, do it.
“You– You want me to?” In response, Y/N merely hummed around Harry’s cock, making him whine and buck into her mouth again. He began pumping his hips into her mouth slowly, but she gripped his hips and moved her head in tandem with his thrusts, making his cock go impossibly deeper into her throat. Harry’s thrusts mixed with Y/N bobbing head made Harry moan unabashadley, loudly and desperately. Harry’s moans only makes the puddle in Y/N’s panties even wetter and her more desperate. After a few minutes of Harry fucking her mouth, he pulled her head off of him, groaning at the strand of spit that went from his cock to her tender lips. “I want to fuck–I want to be inside you, please,”
She smiled, standing up and looking into Harry’s desperate eyes, “Yeah? You want me to ride you? Make you come?” Harry nodded desperately, moving to grip at Y/N’s hips. She looked down at where Harry’s fingers dug into her hips, “What ever you want, my beautiful boy.” She moved his hand up the the band of her panties, silently telling him to pull them around her ankles. He does as he’s told, mesmerized by her bare skin. As he was pulling her panties down, she moved to unclip the lace that was covering her breasts. Harry’s eyes were brought up to her breats at her movements, and he swore that he began drooling over the sight. Once she was just as bare as him, she knelt on each side of his knees, slowly lowering herself onto his cock. They both groaned in pleasure, tipping their heads back in unison. Y/N began rolling her hips back and forth, and before long, Harry began thrusting his hips in complementary unison. The air was hot and humid, filled with the sound of colliding skin and groans of pleasure.
Before long, Harry tightened his grip around her hips and his thrusts became sloppy.
“Stop thrusting for me, sweet boy. Let me finish you off,” He obeyed her order and stopped his movements, letting her take over. She started rolling her hips faster before eventually lifting her hips up and dropping herself back down, over and over. She threw her head back, reaching for Harry’s hand and placing it on her breast, “Touch me, baby. I know how long you’ve thought about it.”
She was right, it had been months that he’d spent imagining how she would feel tightening around his cock. How she’d talk to him, how she’d use him to get off. He was obsessed with the way she moved, breathed, and spoke. He was obsessed with her. God, he was obsessed with her, he couldn’t even begin to explain it. She was otherworldly as she moved above him, arching her back in a way that only made her more beautiful. Harry felt her clench around his cock, and he tightened his grip on her plush hips.
“Come for me Y/N. Please,” he grunted, bringing his hand to her clit. She moaned at the contact, intensifying her thrusts.
“I want us to come together, Harry. Please come, please,” this was the first thing that Y/N had begged for all night, and Harry knew he couldn’t let her down. He began thrusting into her again, groaning as she bent over and rested her head in the crook of his shoulder. “I’m coming Harry, I’m–” she couldn’t even finish her sentence before her muscles tightened even more around him.
“I’m coming too, Peach. God,” Harry whispered, pulling her body closer to his, pressing her against his chest.
“Come in me Harry, I’m on the pill, please,” she begged again. Harry didn’t have to be told twice.
As they both came down from their highs, Y/N moved to press her lips to his chest. She pulled herself off of him, earning a soft grunt from Harry before she leaned down to press a kiss to his tip. He whimpered, twisting away from her.
“No more, Peach. ‘M sensitive,”
“No more, Harry, I just wanted to show him some more love,” she said, smiling as she turned to walk into her bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, she had the silk and lace robe that went with her lingerie set tied around her waist. She was smiling as she walked over to him, “I hope this wasn’t a one-time thing. I’ve only just met you and I feel like I need to know more about you.”
“I feel the same way, God, I do. I’ve been wanting to reach out, but I didn’t know if I was just another customer to you.”
“You never were, Harry. From the day you subscribed, you were leaving comments on things that nobody else cared to notice. I like the new curtains! Or I hope your holidays went well! Here’s a little extra.” She smiled, sitting down next to him and moving to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear. He smiled back up at her and moved to wrap his arms around her, pulling her down onto the couch with him. He moved on top of her, pressing kisses all over her face as she giggled. He finally pressed a kiss to her lips, and she moaned at the contact. He pulled back and she smiled brightly at him.
“Join me in the shower?” she said softly, looking into his bright green eyes.
“You certainly don’t have to twist my arm, Peach.”
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Tentmate (One Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N has always hated camping ... until her and Harry got stuck together in the same tent ⛺ P.S: I'm not taking any responsability for this. It is entirely @fkinavocado's fault for fueling my imagination. Warnings: Cursing / SMUT (Unprotected Sex / Breeding Kink / FWB Situation) Wordcount: 2.5k
Y/N was miffed.
She was so, so miffed.
Because she had somehow gave in and let her friends coax her into going festival camping with them. Camping itself alone already sounded a bit like a nuisance to her... add the hot, summertime weather part to it and that turns it into an absolutely dreadful experience. According to her, anyway. She hated having to sleep enclosed in a tight sleeping bag she could barely move inside of. How was anyone expecting her to rest peacefully with the rocks of the ground poking her flesh the whole bloody night?
Not to mention the constant, yet perfectly justifiable fear of a giant bug having crept inside without her noticing… But frankly, the worst part of all had to be the waking up at the utmost ungodly hours of the morning every single day due to the sun rays piercing through the tent walls.
And now, to make her camping experience even worse, she was also being forced to share a tent with Harry.
Harry! of all people! - A.K.A. the most unpredictable timebomb of all time. It got beyond annoying sometimes - his random spikes of energy that came out of nowhere, where he got all pumped up like someone had stuck a battery up his ass. He could only think to do stupid things then… things like jumping off a window into a pool or start climbing up a big statue just to prove to himself that he could reach the top. Sometimes, Y/N wonders how he hasn't died or gotten seriously injured yet… and now, the meanest, most selfish part of her was almost wishing he had sprained his ankle last week. When he fell while pivoting around Jack’s kitchen in his socks after having one too many drinks. Maybe then he wouldn't have come to the festival, what would've benefit Y/N’s sleeping tremendously, since she was already predicting someone like him would be insufferable to sleep next to.
She was supposed to be sharing her tent with Abigail... who had bailed last minute to go on holiday with her parents instead, leaving Y/N without a tentmate. What could have been nice, if their friends hadn't decided to tell Harry that it wasn’t worth bringing his own tent, as Abigail was not coming, him and Y/N could share.
And of course, no one had “remembered” to warn Y/N about the sudden change of plans... probably because they knew she wouldn't agree to it…
And now here she was. Stuck with him.
Breathing the same heavy, heatconcentrated air inside the tent.
Which was her fault, granted. She couldn't blame Harry for it when he had suggested leaving the zipper slightly open during the night to allow the air to circulate... Y/N was the one who had said 'no'. Too scared to wake up with creepy, leggy guests crawling next to her face. Harry had still grumbled about it… but ended up relenting, obviously.
At the end of the day, it was her tent. Her rules. He was just staying there because she had felt like being nice.
He was sleeping on his back. Forearm laid over his face to shield his eyes from the luminous sunlight. Y/N had been trying to do the same... but her arm kept slipping down whenever she was about to fall back into her slumber. For fuck's sake. She gave up. Sitting up with a huff and rubbing the sleep off her tired face. There was no point in keeping the tossing and turning... she knew she wouldn't find a comfortable enough position to fall back asleep in anytime soon. At least the washrooms should be emptier at that hour... If she went now, she could probably avoid the line for the showers.
So she reached for her flip flops, glancing resentfully at the boy sleeping beside her... who looked like he was having the best sleep of his life. It was almost like he was smiling. His lips parted with each heavy breath he took, revealing the pink tongue hidden behind them. His body was practically fully uncovered. Arms and legs spread and- Oh.
Her jaw dropped with a silent gasp.
Harry was hard. Rock hard inside his shorts.
The sleeping bag he was under didn't cover his front, leaving his compressed erection exposed to the girl’s curious eyes. Y/N knew she shouldn’t be staring, but how could she not? She had been deprived of cock for a while… and Harry was packing a nice one under those shorts, she could already tell.
Her thighs rubbed together unconsciously, as her mind span with filthy thoughs. Y/N had always enjoyed a morning wood… she loved when a guy woke up all stiff and ready beside her. Pliant to whatever she wanted to do to him. Y/N couldn’t tell how long she sat there just looking at it… it could have been a couple of seconds or 10 minutes... the only thing she knew for sure was that the only reason that prompted her eyes to turn away was the sleepy, draggy voice that startled her. “Enjoying the view?” It asked teasingly. Her cheeks burned hot to the touch, utterly ashamed to have been caught ogling so blatantly. “You can touch if you want to. Go ahead, love… give it a rub. I’ll give you one too if you’d like that.”
“Stop it! Don’t be gross.” Y/N spat, appalled that he would even think to say that.
“Wha- ‘m not being gross!” Harry defended himself, although he didn’t seem put off by her accusation whatsoever. “I’m making you a preposition, that’s all. You just have to say yes or no, and I’ll respect whichever. I won’t push it, I swear.”
Y/N couldn’t not let out an incredulous laugh at his audacity. Finding it somewhat amusing that the situation was beggining to feel a whole lot like a cliché scene out of a porno. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” She scoffed, tilting her head the complete opposite way. “I can’t believe I got stuck with you!”
“Hm.” Harry mused. “You’re avoiding to answer the question.” He chuckled a little, rubbing at his eye before nestling his elbow behind his head to keep it propped up. Just so he could still stare at her. “Makes me believe that you're considering…”
“I’m not.” She objected immediately, scowling.
“Got your mind all made up, then?” Harry asked teasingly. His lip got tugged between his front teeth after, biting down to suppress what was sure to be a cocksure smile.
The girl huffed, but her gaze kept betraying her. Eyes moving unsteadily… wandering back down to the bump in his crotch every so often, against her better will. “I don’t know, Harry.” She admitted below a heavy breath. “It’s not that I don’t want to, I just- I don’t want things to be weird after.”
“It doesn't have to be weird unless we make it weird, you know.” Harry answered her, deceivingly calm. “But it’s okay. Like I said- It’s up to you completely. I just figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask... since we've both been single for a while and touching feels good.” Harry chewed on his lip again. He could tell his words were getting to her… making her squirm to avoid pushing her legs together. “I just love it, you know…? Making a girl all wet and messy… a bit whiny too. Squeezing so tight around my fingers as she cums. It’s so good to get finger fucked, isn’t it?”
Y/N remained quiet for a while, staring right at him with challenging eyes. She was fully aware that he was saying all that to try and get her worked up – and the worst part was that it was working. “Make room for me.” She commanded with a straight face. He did so willingly, lifting one of the sleeping bag's ledges for her to scoot closer.
Once she was settled, he barely gave her any time to breathe before lowering his face over hers. Eyes half-lidded and a sly, effortlessly seductive smirk present on his lips.
Y/N gasped. She wasn't expecting for him to want to kiss her. Not with the overly casual, almost spontaneous way in which he had made his “preposition”… laying it out on the table like it was nothing but a casual favor. I’ll do yours, you’ll do mine – that was what this was… so why wasn't that how it felt? His mouth was moving against hers as if this had been planned. As if he had spent time contemplating on what it would be like to mold their tongues and lips together.
It became hard to focus on questioning things though, with his fingers idly moving down her belly. Dipping beneath her sleeping shorts. “Fuck. Your pussy is so wet…” He sneered. Lips heading down Y/N’s warm cheek, towards her uncovered neck as his fingertips began to circle her clit over the panties, coaxing sweet, soft moans out of her. “Does it feel good?”
“Yes.” Y/N nodded. “Does this, also feel good?” She accentuated as her hand advanced down his front and squished underneath his sports shorts too, groping all around. His length was fully hard. It felt heavy, almost. Warm against her palm too, once her hands decided to poke around further – past the underwear.
“God. Can’t believe I got you jerking me off right now – feels so fucking good.” Harry grunted, free hand reaching for Y/N's nape to tug her to clash against his mouth again.
“I’m gonna pull off your shorts.” She heard him murmur in between kisses, upon noticing her hips kept jolting up to try to get more friction. Something he couldn’t give her with the multiple layers of clothing keeping his hand cramped in between. Y/N nodded in agreement, only to let out a startled squeak once she felt her flimsy underwear being tugged off her body in a swift motion along with the rest. “It was just going to be a matter of time until those came off anyway...”
“A warning would’ve still been nice, though.” The girl grumbled, making him chuckle lightly whilst shamelessly looking down at her pretty pussy. Freshly bare and exposed to his eager eyes. “Strip off yours too. I don’t want to be naked alone.” She asked, pouting.
“Aw, you want me to strip?” He tutted his tongue, palming himself over his clothes for her. Truth be told, the throbbing between his legs was getting almost unbearable, but he wanted to hear Y/N supplicate for it. “Ask.”
“I want to see. Please let me see.” She whined, making him laugh breathily. The boyish smirk and mischievous glint in his eyes driving her even crazier.
That was all it took for his shorts and briefs to come sliding down his legs. He tugged them fully off, throwing them to an aimless spot inside the tent. His hard cock bobbed up, leaving Y/N impossibly more aroused as she reached for his wrist. Pulling him down just so he laid on his back. She climbed on top, spreading her knees apart around him.
His brow jumped up at the action. “Is that an invitation?” He made sure to ask. Waiting for the confirmation before he dared to start rubbing his tip over the wet slit, collecting the wetness to stimulate the clit with slow rubs and taps of his cock. “Christ. I know we shouldn’t, but I really want to fuck you raw. Your pussy is so warm and creamy… it’s like it’s begging me to do it. Begging to be bred.”
“Holy fuck. Yes. Yes please.” Y/N mumbled. “Do it. I want your cum.”
“Fuck...” He hissed, tapping her clit harder. “You sure? I mean- would we be safe?”
“I have a Nexplanon.” Y/N assured in between low whimpers. Her clit pulsing at the feeling of his tip aligning with her slit, only for him not to push it in, in favor of carrying on smearing her wetness around with his cock. “I’m clean too. Are you?”
"I haven't skipped the rubber since my ex. I did blood tests a while ago too, and they came out clean… but if it makes you feel safer, I have condoms.”
“It’s okay. I trust your word.”
“I trust yours too.”
They both let out groans once Harry finally allowed for Y/N to sink onto his cock. The wet, warm cunt sucking him in inch by inch until her plush bum was pressed with his thighs. “Fuck me… I’m already in love with this pussy.” He groaned again once the girl began to roll her hips on his. Pulling out halfway only to push him fully in again.
Her hands were on his chest, whilst his gripped at her hips, that swayed in a steady, stimulating rhythm for both of them.
Shit. It felt so good. She didn't realize she had spoken it out loud until she saw Harry smile at her words. “Fuck yeah, it does.” He replied. “I'll never leave you be now; I hope you know that. You’ll have to take me every morning… Just. Like. That.” He punctuated each word with a thrust up. “And maybe before bed too. You're always complaining that you have trouble falling asleep while camping, aren’t you? So it’ll be nice… having a nice cock to tire you out. It’ll put you right to sleep, I can promise you that…”
“Oh my god…” The rocking of her hips intensified at the lewdness of his promises.
“Yeah, you liked that?” He asked, daring to land an experimental slap on the girl's ass, that ended up leading to some more right as he realized his hand got the good reaction he was hoping for out her. “Gosh, who would've known that a good girl like you could be into such dirty things like that?”
“Good girls like to be- mmh, d-dirty too.”
“Yeah? Do good girls like getting cum on their pussy also?” His question was spat in between gritted teeth, due to the pace of his thrusts becoming more agressive. Loving the feeling, and the view of her slickness coating his cock as it appeared, only to disappear deep in her again.
“Fuck- fuck yeah, they do.” Y/N panted, hands squeezing her breasts together once she began to bounce on him faster too. Her thighs burned, but honestly that was the last thing on her mind. She could feel her orgasm approaching… the mental image her brain formed after his suggestion doing a lot for her pleasure. Harry was so undeniably hot – knowing just what to do and say to get her going… besides his cock felt amazing. It filled her hole up to the fullest, and was shaped just right to press against that special spot inside her: thick, with a slight curve, and the perfect number of protruding veins. It felt perfect. All it took was a couple more thrusts of it for Y/N to start clenching around the thickness moving sloppily in and out of her. “Harry, ‘m gonna cum.”
“Yes, fuck yes. Cum for me. Cum so that I can give you mine too. Want to pump it up your cunt and watch it dribble out after.”
God. He was going to wreck her.
She was shaking. The throbbing heat caused by his repetitive, fast thrusts turning her head light and dizzy – She couldn’t focus on anything else other than the grip of his big hands holding her down and the warm cock pounding up into her. Y/N was aware that they were being loud, and that the entire festival could probably hear their moans, but neither of them had the mind to hide them. It felt too good – like their bodies were set on fire, as they moved together towards that sweet release both had been craving so bad. Y/N saw stars as she came, and it only got impossibly better when she felt Harry's cock pulse inside her. Painting her tight walls with what seemed to be endless spurts of cum that he kept fucking deeper into her, just like he promised he would.
She stayed still for a while. Allowing for her pulsing cunt to milk it all out of him, before she willingly dropped to the side. Their heads were swimming blissfully. Bodies sprawled side by side and fucked-out faces gleaming with a thin sheen of sweat. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together this week, tentmate.” Harry blurted groggily, grinning and holding his fist up for Y/N to bump hers in it. She did. They were surely going to have a lot of fun, indeed.
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gucciwins · 3 months ago
Taste So Sweet
nashville had everyone excited for different reasons
Word count: 9907
A/N: hello friends, thank you so much for loving this series. i'm having fun writing. nashville truly had two unforgettable nights. i hope you continue to read this story as ii fear it will only get better from here.
warnings: smut (female pleasure)
please do let me know what you thought of the story and please reblog <3333
love on tour series // previous part
Tumblr media
Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville has genuinely felt like a dream. You had three days before Harry's show to enjoy, and well, you've spent it inside the hotel and walking downtown Nashville. Harry was in the studio half of the day and the other half in your adjoining rooms that you're not sure how he convinced Jeff to let him get. The band is closer this time around with Sarah and Mitch two doors down, Elin and Ny OH across from them, and Pauli and Niji next to the ladies.
You got to see your good friend, Claire, who owned Claire de Lune, where she was happily allowing you to shop freely for endless outfits. You always refused to get anything free because, of course, you wanted to support her business. In the end, you both settled on a discount and tagging her in photos as you always paired one of her items with other clothing.
She also let you borrow a suitcase, and you left her your trusty cherry red carry-on as it seemed you'd be on the road for much more than expected. At the end of the shopping, you picked up a bit of everything, from coats to t-shirts and a few dresses to spice up your looks during the tour.
Claire also helped you brainstorm costume ideas for Harryween. You had been drawing a blank, but she helped tremendously. You had asked Claire to come to the shows but declined, stating she'd had dinner reservations and would be visiting her boyfriend's family on the weekend. You understood but were grateful to reconnect with an old friend nonetheless.
The following day the girls visited Claire's shop as you babysat the tiny bub allowing Sarah time with the girls, and Mitch could go to the studio with Harry for a few hours. You enjoyed having a little companion on tour, he didn't talk much, but he listened. You'd sing songs or watch the videos of Peppa that Sarah said he enjoyed watching, and well, it was easy to get lost in the episode as well.
Harry had claimed the evenings as his, and everyone knew it. As much as he liked that you were getting on with the crew, he was still selfish, wanting to spend as much time with you as he could. He considered every time you got together a date. So he was sure you were past the fifth date, and you had to agree. You kissed more freely now.
Well, still not in front of others, but Harry stole a kiss on your cheek whenever he could. You were taking it slow, but you also weren't a saint. You've thought about how good a kisser he was that you couldn't help but imagine what else he was good at. There's no way you would express to Harry how much you wanted him just yet.
You were going to let him make a move, seeing as you both were at a nice place in your relationship. You've kissed, and you've napped together. He's a hell of a snuggler and whiny when he wants to be little spoon. It's easy to give in to those emerald eyes. Time with Harry doesn't feel real because you have felt like you've been on tour with them for over a month, but it's only been a week.
A week, seven days.
Nashville had everyone in higher spirits, and you knew you were in for two great shows. Especially when it was leading up to two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden.
Tumblr media
Nashville, Tennessee Night One
It was time for soundcheck, and everyone but the man himself was here. Luis had called saying Harry did not want to leave the studio and had to drag him out of there and ended up stuck in some traffic. The band played a few songs without a singer, and they sounded terrific. You cheered for them each time, even though Jeff told you it wasn't necessary.
"I like cheering them on," you stated before continuing to hype up the band.
The band, mainly Niji and Sarah, had pressured you into going up the stage getting a look around, and you were glad because it was a sight to behold. The seats were empty but soon would be filled up from top to bottom of fans for Harry. Some new and some old but all here for the same reason to sing their favorite music with an artist they supported.
You honestly couldn't wait for tonight; Harry had told you that you could not have a look at the outfit until he was dressed. It upset you, but you could tell he was excited about it, so you allowed it.
You walked up to the center microphone and picked it up, "Hello," you let it echo out and giggled. "It's nerve-wracking being up here." You looked around the stage, seeing that the stagehands had all stopped to stare at you.
"Sing for us," Elin cheered.
"No thanks," you responded quickly, causing everyone to laugh. You knew you were distributing, and it was time for you to go as Harry would be arriving any minute now.
"Welcome to love on tour," you spin around freely in your' love on tour' bunny sweater. You paired it with black yoga leggings, knowing you needed to be casual now and all dressed up later, "featuring the one and only Y/N Belmonte." You don't see that Harry has arrived or that he and Jeff are recording. Getting a loud round of applause as you hand back the microphone. You go around thanking the band, giving each of them a hug, grateful they let you go up there and interrupt them.
Jeff would post the video on his private story, and Harry, well, he accidentally posts it on his Instagram story. When he meant to press close friends list. He doesn't realize until a few minutes when Jeff elbows him hard in his side, showing no green circle around his name. Harry had posted on his story for the world to see.
"Shit," he mutters as you step close with a smile on your face. He deletes it but knows it's too late by the hundreds of views already and the screen recordings they most likely got.
"How was that? Think we can change the name of the tour posters for tonight." You joke, expecting both men to laugh but get nothing.
Both men are looking at you seriously; you frown. "I was that bad. Just spoke a few words."
"I fucked up." He turns his phone around to show you the video.
"Aww, that's sweet," you smile at yourself, looking small on stage.
Harry shakes his head, "I posted it on my story."
Your eyes widen, not expecting that. You pull your phone out of your side pocket and log into Twitter, and sure enough, trending is "Y/N Belmonte - Love on Tour" - Is our beloved Emmy winner joining Harry on tour, or is there romance brewing? You decide.
"Wow, that was quick." Letting Jeff and Harry glance at your phone.
He glances away, taking a step back. "On a scale from 1-call my manager, how angry would you say you are?"
You laugh, "zero, it was an accident."
Harry looks shocked, "what."
"Yeah, what he said," Jeff repeats.
You shrug, "it is what it is. I'm having fun. Honestly, they are going to talk regardless. Promise I can handle the media. Viola understands; hell, she likes when I get media attention. She thinks I'm very private."
"And I'm ruining that," Harry looks upset, and you hate that.
"H, you're fine. If you want to address it, you can. Say we're friends or whatever, but I won't be saying anything."
"We're friends?" He says in horror. "No, we aren't."
"Sure aren't in a relationship either."
"Ouch." He frowns, not caring that this conversation is happening in front of Jeff.
"Taking it slow, remember, we're essentially courting each other."
"Dating?" He corrects.
"Yeah, that."
"Okay, I'm sorry."
"Plus, if you want to change that, we can have a chat." He stands there frozen, taking in your words but don't give him a chance to respond. "Moving on, I'm sure I'll be getting lots of texts soon and a call from Viola, so tell me what you thought of me on your stage."
"You made it your own, and all you did was introduce yourself," Harry says proudly.
You bow dramatically, "thank you one night only, my dear."
They laugh, and Harry pulls you in for a hug. And on cue, your phone rings, Viola.
"I've got to take this; hopefully, the soundcheck goes well." You press a kiss to Harry's cheek and begin to walk through the exit.
"Thank you." Jeff and Harry both say.
You nod then address Jeff, "text me when you need me."
Stepping into the hall, you take a deep breath, ready for what Viola has to say.
Surprisingly Viola mentioned that the video reached her, saying it was funny and to be careful now that many knew you were in town also told you to go look at some tweets she would send that were sweet. She then moved on, reminding you of two interviews you had on Friday and that Emerson would send you a list of questions that would be covered.
Interviews and pre-work work are not your favorite but necessary. It allowed you to know what the interview would focus on. You usually went over the questions with your assistant, seeing how to improve answers or crossing them out, not liking how invasive it felt. You were thankful; Viola taught you about screening and preparing because being caught off guard is not fun.
Tumblr media
Dinner with the crew was nice; it always reminded you of family gatherings. Not everyone would eat at the exact times, but there would always be people going and out or others jumping table to table to catch up with others. Harry liked eating something light before a show, sometimes soup or sometimes sharing half a sandwich with you.
Today you were eating with Sarah and the bub. He was a little fussy today. She was going to eat alone in her dressing room. Well, you were against that, especially when she ushered Mitch out to go eat with the others and Harry as he wanted to discuss a new melody he had started in the studio.
You saw how lost in conversation both men were and knew they wouldn't notice you missing. You took a sandwich and pasta with you, letting her decide which one she would want. The door was shut; you knocked twice before hearing a quiet come in. You walked in slowly just in case the bub was eating and instead found him sleeping against Sarah's chest.
You cooed at the sight, children and their mother always making you emotional. It was always a sight to see; it made you hopeful for a future that you might have one day.
"Hi Mumma Jones, I brought you some dinner if that's alright." You raise both plates up.
Sarah grins at you, "oh, you really are the sweetest." She takes a whiff of the air and hums, "is that pasta?"
You nod, handing it over to her, and keeping the sandwich for yourself, taking a seat on the other side of the couch that had various baby items scattered around. Sarah is quick to apologize, but you brush her off.
The two of you eat in silence to not wake the baby, but Sarah can't help herself.
"I'm surprised H let you out of his sight." You chuckle, knowing that Harry is not at all discreet about needing to know where you are at all times.
"It's sweet. I like spending time with him."
"He's smitten."
You look down at your now empty plate, feeling flustered. "Harry's great. I'm enjoying our time together."
"That's nice. It would be awful if you hated it, but we're sticking around to please him.
You're quick to shake your head, "oh, I could never. Think my anxiety would have me on the bathroom floor every hour if that were the case."
"Do you like Harry?" She asks.
"I do," you confess. "I had a crush because who wouldn't but spending time with him and getting to know him, there are feelings that are growing, and I hope to see them flourish."
Sarah leans over and grips your thigh, "I don't want either of you to get hurt. So promise me that no matter what, you'll communicate with him."
You smile back to assure her you understand. "Of course, we both grew up in the public eye, although a bit differently, but I know not to trust a tabloid and that no matter how hard the conversation is, it is better to have it."
"You're very wise."
You shrug, "I had to grow up quickly when I was younger."
Without having to say more, she instantly understands. "Oh, Y/N. I'm sorry."
You force a smile because fuck, it never fails to make you emotional. "That's alright, thank you."
You're not sure what she wanted to say more when Mitch walks in, surprised to see you sitting together. "Didn't know you were in here. He was looking for you." He tells you after seeing the sleeping baby. He realizes what he said, "I'm not kicking you out."
You laugh, "all good, Mitch should go check on him, or he'll be grumpy."
Walking out, you wave at a few people going in your opposite direction, surely going to finish up last-minute jobs before Harry, and the band must take the stage. As you get closer to the door, you see Jeff lingering outside, and he motions that it's okay to step through as he leaves, giving you both privacy. Something you didn't know you would want until later.
"Fuck me, Harry Styles," you whisper as you see him standing there trousers and suspenders on. You see the suit jacket on the hanger and selfishly want him to leave it off. He still hasn't seen you, and you're glad. You're sure your face will reveal how turned on he has you. He stares down at his phone, chuckling before grabbing the jacket from the hook.
He buttons it closed and flashes his dimples in the mirror; that's when you make your presence known.
"Harry Styles, living up to his name." You shut the door stepping into the room.
He blushes but does a little spin for you. "You like?"
"I love." You don't realize you're walking towards him until you see your hand reaching out to touch the fabric of the beige suit. It's a bit rough due to the sequin embroidery, but you don't mind. It's sparkly, and you know it's only going to look better under the stage lights. "Give Lamberts my thanks for this one. I'd like one of my own."
"I can make that happen."
You nudge him, "I know you can but not necessary."
"We'll see."
You let your hand trail down to the button you just saw him do and swiftly unbutton, wanting to see the suspenders against his skin once more. Harry's breath hitches as you continue your delicate touching, and he does nothing to stop you. He's enjoying this as much as you are. It's as if you're lost in a trance letting your fingers roam his torso, getting familiarized with his body. You realize how intimate this must be and stop. Not looking up at Harry, you button up the suit jacket and take a step back.
His eyes are closed, and his breathing is heavier, and you know it's all due to you. There's so much you want to do, but know you're against the clock.
"Heard you were looking for me," you whisper.
"Right," he clears his throat. "You are here to give me some sugar."
"Thought you called it good luck." You cross your eyes, narrowing your eyes at him.
"Don't need any of that when you're out there watching."
Fuck, he's so smooth. You have to stop yourself from cooing out loud. "You're made of cheese, aren't ya. Always so cheesy."
"Only for you, querida."
Your eyes widen, "that's new."
"You like?"
You nod, eyes softening as you look at him, looking filled with glee for surprising you, "I do, very sweet.
"Good, good. Going to help me brush up on my Spanish."
"Me encantaría," He looks at you, trying to figure it out, "I'd love to."
"Right. Kissy, please?"
You gesture to him to come closer, and he does so happily. He leans in, taking a moment to take in your face. You nudge your nose against him, urging him to do it already.
"Got no patience do you, querida."
You pout, knowing he's right because, around him, all your patience goes out the window. After getting a taste of him, well, you're left craving more. He closes the distance, keeping the kiss soft and letting you take control. You slip your hands resting at the base of his neck, playing with the small curls in the end.
Kissing Harry is comforting. It makes you feel alive, but it also makes you feel safe.
As your kiss ended, Harry pulled back and looked into your eyes. "That okay?"
You take a deep breath, "always okay. Enough sugar?"
"Little more," he whispers breathlessly.
Who are you to deny him?
The kiss is more passionate, Harry needing this more than he needs to breathe. He pulls back, feeling like his heart might beat out of his chest but happy.
"Think that's good, lovie."
"No, one more." You whisper, your lips already connecting with his.
And well, Harry wasn't about to say no.
One hand was gripping the lapel of the suit, and the other was tangled in the back of his styled curls while Harry had one hand on your cheek and the other gripped tightly on your waist. Harry was about to lean back in when Tommy and Jeff walked in, impeccable timing they have.
Harry and you slowly separate, letting the tension fade as the room begins to fill as they get ready to move Harry to the stage.
"So, I've got to go," you tell Harry even though he's frowning, "because if I see this look any longer, I might not let you be on stage in time."
"I wouldn't mind." He responds honestly.
"Oh, I know, but everyone else will, and I will not be the reason you're late."
"Come here then." He pulls you in for a hug, taking in a huge deep breath before releasing you.
"Go sing your tits off. And I'll see you after."
"You promise, querida?"
God, that nickname makes you weak in the knees.
"Yes, you doof. Now I'm going."
He shakes himself out, stopping you once more, "I look nice, right?"
"Yeah, Harry, beautiful."
And he does, with his hair styled to perfection. His lips were a bit more swollen and red; he was a dream.
Tumblr media
Harry on stage is something you will never get over because he might play the same songs each night, but it never feels like the same show. The way he plays with each song adding new note changes and holding notes longer, shows everyone how talented he is.
It's obvious he loves what he does, how he thrives on the crowd's energy. Now, as he's prancing around and singing along to his songs, well, you're feeling really hot. Having his entire chest on display for a sold arena to see is him teasing the crowd, but in a way, it feels like he's teasing you as well, and you're not sure how much you can take.
Harry was doing his walk around checking in with the crowd right before 'canyon moon' when he spots a fan holding a poster and stands up to be holding a phone and what looked to be a card. You look at Tom and Jeff, both men just as clueless but intrigued.
"I'm going to reveal the gender of your baby." He laughed gleefully, telling the man on the phone and the entire arena.
Harry sits down on the steps of the stage, looking as delicate as a flower. He opens the card before letting out a joyful noise to what he had just read. He teased the crowd by stating they would go right into the next song but got a loud 'boo' in response. He shook his head, asking for a countdown.
You happily joined in with the crowd, excited for Harry to reveal the gender to the sold-out arena.
"It's a little baby girl," the arena breaks out into loud cheers as the cameras pan over to the mom-to-be crying tears of joy.
Harry thrusts his arms up before falling to his knees, and dramatically fake crying to the happy news everyone in the crowd is joyous over. He congratulates the couple before leaving, preparing to start the next song.
You can't stop smiling; that was very sweet of Harry, "It's baby Harriet! A little baby girl. That's what I wanted you to have." Harry reveals, looking down at the mother-to-be, and god, you know he'd be fantastic with his own kids, especially seeing how well he does with baby Jones-Rowland.
Harry's in an even better mood, canyon moon sounding more beautiful than it had ever before. The concert was coming to a close, and as disappointing as that was, you were excited to spend time with Harry. It's the middle of the week with a day off tomorrow, meaning he'd most likely convince you to stay up, and this time you wouldn't fight him on it.
As soon as Harry sang the final notes of 'kiwi' and walked off the stage, Jeff was rushing back to meet him, leaving you alone knowing you liked seeing the band exit. Well, today, you decided to linger a little longer, seeing all the lights come back on. Most of the fans on the floor were not leaving, not taking their eyes away from the stage while everyone else in seats had begun to make their exits. There was a lot of laughter and smiles, you even saw a few girls crying, and you understood them. Seeing your favorite artist, someone that got you through the most challenging times and the best, was always a surreal moment. You knew it was time to leave when you saw more than one person glance your way. You gave a smile to the last person you made eye contact with and headed in the familiar direction backstage, eager to see the star of the night.
Tumblr media
After the show, you hurried to Harry's dressing room and crushed him in a hug as soon as you saw him. You ignored all the awwing around you as Harry kissed the top of your head. He was still sweaty and, in his suit, knew he would be heading for a shower soon.
"Did great out there, rockstar." You mutter against his bare chest.
"Yeah, enough to come see me again Friday?" He teases, knowing fully well there is nowhere else you'd be.
"Eh, got to think about it."
"Querida, that's not nice." He frowns but doesn't pull away, knowing you're joking as he can feel you giggling, feeling your chest rise and down quickly.
You reach up and place a quick kiss on his neck, using his surprise as was to escape his grip so that he can head to the showers. You assure him you'd be here when he got back before grabbing his bag and heading to the private showers the arena offered him.
The dressing room is filled with most of the band now as you wait for Harry to come in. Everyone has some kind of drink or snack in hand. Some talked about the show and others about plans they had for tomorrow. Elin had sat with you in a corner, both of you talking about growing up in Sweden, telling you of all the places she loved visiting when she went home.
You made her promise to take you around if she ever happened to be home when you visited. You were telling her about life in London the last few months and the few friends you made. She was interested in how you weren't intimated about getting criticized while being directed. You explained that when you were younger, it was more challenging because you took everything to heart, but now learned it was to help you develop as an actor. Also, you had to meet a director and learn how they worked to adapt to each new role.
Harry rolled back dressed casually in a 'sex' shirt and black sweats, his eyes scanning the room until he found you chatting happily with Elin and knew he'd be selfish to take you away.
You noticed Harry didn't approach you and frowned, Elin, noticing but choosing not to comment. Instead excused herself and joined Ny Oh, who was sitting on a two-seater couch. Making your way towards Harry, it looked like he was enjoying his conversation with Tyler, someone you learned he co-wrote within the studio with and didn't want to interrupt.
Thus beginning an unintentional game of how many people it would take until you could get together. You moved over to Pauli, who had just waved goodnight to Niji. They spoke to you about how much they had been having on tour. You told them it was always fun seeing how much they rocked out to each song. When you looked over at Harry, he was now hugging Mitch goodbye and decided it was time to head over when you saw him joining Elin and Ny Oh. You chose to continue your conversation with Pauli and Jeff joining for a small moment.
You're not sure how long the night went, but everyone noticed how not once either of you spoke to one another but stole many glances. It wasn't until Jeff and Luis left together that it was finally only you and Harry left in the room together. Jeff reminded him to text the driver for a ride to the hotel as he didn't want either of you being spotted so late by lingering fans.
"Ignored me the entire night," you stared at him with a frown on your face.
"Could say the same for you."
"Nuh-uh, I told you I'd be here."
"Yeah, well, you seemed busy with conversation each time I stole a glance."
You pouted, "you're Mr. Sold Out Tour. Everyone wants a piece of you, not little ol' me."
Harry pulls you to sit down next to him on the couch, no space between you, his hand resting on your bare knee, pulling it over his lap. "You're Miss Emmy, everyone's favorite from what I've heard. Not a bad thing said about you, only how kind you are to everyone."
"It is the love tour; I have to remember to dish it out."
"Is it my turn now?" He whispers, his free hand coming to rest on your cheek, wanting to see your face after longing for you from across the room for the last hour and a half.
"Think so; no one else left."
You sit there playing with a loose string on his shirt as he tells you about the excitement that went through him when he saw the gender of the baby. He told you how it reminded him of all the times he was told, and now he got the chance to tell someone.
Harry settled into silence when it clicked where you had seen the shirt before, "wore this with that jacket for your outro on SNL."
You said it so randomly it took him off guard for a second. "I did, yes. The one Bode made me," he says, not sure why you've brought it up.
You nod, smirking as you turn your body, a hand-stretched up to play with the long hairs at the back of his neck. "The very one. You're going to have to let me borrow it."
"Borrow, are you a fan of it?"
"Yes, I am. Their designs are amazing. And I swear I've dreamt about that jacket. It is so easy to pair with anything." You sigh, picturing the perfect outfit with clothes you own.
"I'm sure I can get one for you." He tells you casually.
You pout, "want to use yours."
"Oh, already on the sharing part of the relationship."
"We can be." You smile at home, hoping it'd convince him to say yes.
"Well, it's sitting in London. So you might have to wait."
"But, you can raid my closet for anything else." He offers.
You lean forward and give him a kiss, "you're the sweetest, estrella."
"Star, it means star."
Harry's cheeks are turning pink, and gosh, he doesn't think a pet name has ever made him that emotional.
"You like it?" You check wanting to make sure he's comfortable with it.
He nods, "yes, I do, love. It's- it's special, and I'm honored."
"Fitting, for you. You've always shined bright."
Harry can't help himself and connects your lips in a harsh kiss, one you happily respond to. He leaves you gasping as he pulls back. "Really love being your estrella."
Needing more after that heated kiss and knew just the way to get it. "You know what I loved about tonight."
"Tell me, love."
"The suit, well the trousers and suspenders. Showed off your muscles so well. And your tattoos. Got the contrast in your arms is such a fucking turn-on."
Harry's surprised at how open you're being with him, not expecting this, but grateful. "Hmm. When did you see that? Last I knew, you popped in as I was all dressed."
"When I came to see you, I watched you for a bit. You're so easy to admire. Took lots of restraint not to show you how much I enjoyed the look."
"Well, how about now?"
And well, who were you to say no.
You got up, knowing most of everyone was gone for the night, but for safety, locked the door, then walked back over, taking a seat straddling his lap.
He lets his hands rest on the small of your back, not yet lowering.
"Did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?"
You feel your face flush under his intense glaze instead of looking down at the outfit you picked tonight. A black velvet mini skirt pairing it with a lilac ribbed long sleeve. It was one of the new outfits you got from your friend's boutique.
"Told me plenty, but it's nice to hear."
Harry places his thumb under your chin, lifting your head softly, "the most gorgeous person I've ever seen, and I'm lucky that you grace me with your presence every night."
"Nowhere else I would rather be."
"Is that so?"
Your eyes are staring into his eyes, and you swear he's looking straight into your soul. You've never felt so exposed without losing a piece of clothing. "I promise."
Harry could no longer wait and leaned in to kiss you. His kiss was insistent, impatient, needing to be in you everywhere. He invaded your mouth with his tongue, his lips. You'd happily get lost in this moment forever with him.
As Harry had control of the kiss, you decided not to shy away and slipped a hand under his shirt, causing him to groan against your mouth as your fingers traced over his tense abs. His hands moved to the back of your thighs, his grip tight, your skirt only riding up more and more as you grew impatient moving around in his lap.
You've thankful you went for the skirt today.
His hands had moved to rest on your ass to keep you still. You fought him, but his hold was firm, causing you to moan against his mouth. You can tell he likes that as he bucked against you softly, holding back. You wanted him to lose control, shoving one hand into his hair and winding your fingers around the ruly curls at the base of his neck; you held him close, sucking in air through your nose as your tongues dueled.
You could do this for hours. Just let Harry kiss you until you honestly thought you might pass out from the lack of oxygen. Harry took a breath; he kissed his way down your jaw and neck, not letting himself go further.
"Harry," you moaned as he moved his lips back to yours, missing the taste of your lips.
"I'll give you anything, just ask, querida." He mutters against your lips.
You moan in acknowledgment as he rocks your hips against his own feeling, the bulge hiding away beneath a single piece of clothing.
"Want to cum," Fuck, you couldn't even think when he was kissing you so good. "Want you to make me cum, mi estrella."
"Fuck, baby."
It's your turn to trail kisses down his jaw and neck, pulling the collar of his shirt lower to give the swallows much-deserved kisses. Harry was puny under your touch, your soft lips becoming his own addition. You suck harshly against a spot on his neck, causing him to pull you back by your hair but not enough to hurt; instead, you utter the filthiest whimper he had ever heard.
"Naughty girl, you know I got a show." He clicks his tongue shaking his head, "marking me for all to see."
You lean in, connecting your lips with his greedy for more of his touch, "you can mark me up all you want then."
Fuck, Harry didn't waste a second.
His hands slipped under your shirt, toying with the bottom of your bra, seeing how far you'd let him go. He was trailing kisses down your neck, stopping when he heard you make a moan skimming over the spot and coming back over kissing and licking, needing to see you marked by him. Harry lifted his head proudly, his thumb rubbing affectionately at the bruising skin.
"My pretty girl."
"Yours," you whispered back.
"Can I take off your shirt, love?"
You lifted your hands up in response, Harry groaned at the sight of your purple lace bra and bunched-up velvet skirt, lips swollen and eyes dark filled with desire all for him.
"You're a dream, one I never want to wake up from."
"Need you, H." You took his hand, placing it between your legs, letting him feel how wet you've become.
Harry groans at what a mess you are for him, god there's only one thing he wants to do tonight, and he hopes you let him. He flips you carefully, you now on your back and Harry straddling above you, careful of not placing all his weight on you.
"Gonna let me get a taste, baby. A nice gift for doing so good tonight."
"Yes, please, H. Te necesito," you whine as his hands push up your skirt to rest on your waist.
"I'm gonna take these off now." He moved his hands up your sides gently before moving down the matching lilac panties he knew you wore for yourself but was thankful he got to see. You had lifted your bottom to help him get them off, your feet braced on his thighs until he had them down around your ankles.
As soon as he'd dropped them, you reached for him. You traced the outline of his cock before gripping him over his sweats. His eyes closed as you stroked him through the material. You could feel how thick he was. He pulled your hand away, no longer able to take any more.
"Enough, baby," he sternly warned.
You listened, letting your hands drop to the side, and watched as he lifted his shirt over his head, discarding it on the floor.
"So pretty, Harry."
"You think so, baby." You nod, making signs for him to come kiss you. He happily indulges you before he begins trailing down your body. He stops kissing the top of your breasts, kissing you through the lace. He continues kissing your body, trying to familiarize himself with every inch.
You feel his fingers rubbing between your thighs, testing how wet you are once more now without your panties.
"Oh god, Harry."
"I like hearing you say my name." He smirks, "do it again, baby, please."
"Harry, need you, Harry."
Harry kissed his way to your pussy and licked along the seam. He pushed your legs further apart and spread you open. He licked from the bottom of your pussy to the top. Circling your clit, he repeated the motion when you moaned. You rocked your hips into his mouth, you huffed out a breath, and a moan escaped your lips. Harry held you in place as he continued his sweet, sensual assault.
Your hands tangled in his hair, pulling tightly, only holding tighter as he squeezed your hand in assurance that it was okay with him.
He pulled up quickly, mouth wet, "taste so sweet, baby." Before he continued savoring you.
Every nerve in your body was completely trained on your pussy and his mouth. As his tongue glided along your wet folds of skin, you were overcome with desire and need. You were so close, and Harry was so damn good; you knew you'd come soon.
"Come on my face, baby. I want to taste you," he rasped out.
You rocked forward a few more times, Harry continued to lick and suck you. He slid a finger inside, and you let out a cry; it felt so damned good. Just one of his fingers would be able to bring you to orgasm. Each time he added a little more pressure to your clit you felt yourself getting wetter.
"You taste so good, querida. Your pussy is sucking my finger in and holding on so tight. Can't imagine how well you'd squeeze my cock."
His finger continued sliding in and out of you. He hooked his finger, so he massaged your g spot.
"Come on, baby. Come for me," Harry coaxed.
You let yourself go and gasped as your orgasm hit with force. The instant you came, he pulled his finger out and thrust his tongue inside to taste you. Harry moaned, sending the vibrations through your body. You whimpered. He continued to lat at you through your orgasms. He felt you setting and slowly backed away, kissing the outside of your thighs moving up your body until he reached your lips. Harry kisses you, lightly testing how you feel tasting yourself, but you were too dazed out and needed his lips against yours once more. He slowed you down, pecking your lips, letting you relax.
You let out a sigh as Harry shifted you to have you both lying on your side as you catch your breath. You looked up at him in concern, "H, let me take care of you."
Harry blushed red, burying his face in your neck murmuring a response before you asked him to repeat because you didn't hear him. "Already took care of myself. God, you tasted so good, and you're so pretty when you moan my name. Made me lose my mind, baby."
You shift, causing Harry to lift his head and look at you; you kiss his swollen lips, kissing him breathless, needing him to believe your following words. "You're fucking amazing. Losing control over little ol' me makes me feel so special."
He pecks your lips, releasing a sigh against you, "that's cause you are, angel."
You smile at him, taking in this special moment between you, "now, I'm going to clean you up and then going to get changed, and we'll go."
You nod, knowing the sleepiness will set soon for both of you after a hectic day.
In twenty minutes, you're both ready to go; he looks around to see if he's forgetting anything before coming over taking your hand in his.
"Right, you're sleeping with me tonight." He states.
"We're cuddling, yay!" You cheer, lifting your hands up in celebration.
"Of course, no way am I sleeping without you. Those naps are no longer enough." He's talking about naps you've taken on your days off together when arriving in Nashville. Either during the films, you watched after your dinners or when he'd come to find you early in the mornings after his workout shower, and you convinced him to rest with you, letting him be the little spoon, knowing he'd never say no to that. You brush your noses together in a butterfly kiss in agreement.
"Precious you are, mi estrella."
Harry grins, "let me call the car." He hands you the pink sweater he's been obsessed with wearing, knowing it's chilly outside. He leaves some of his stuff, knowing he'd be back on Friday, and anything he needed, Luis could come get for him.
You walked out hand in hand, both with the biggest smiles on your face.
It was a great first show in Nashville.
Tumblr media
Nashville, Tennessee Night Two
It's Friday, meaning it's show day, and you were thinking about sleeping in, but no, you had to be up for interviews representing you had to leave the comfort of your bed- or should you say Harry's whom you've been sharing since your special night on Wednesday.
It's safe to say you're both clearly past the friend but not yet brought up a label. It's been a week, you're having fun. Although, you both clearly know this is something much more than some fling. You left Harry with a kiss to his lips, going to your room and locking it, knowing he's going to be tempted to come in when he doesn't find you, but Jeff is on Harry duty today to keep him away for the next two hours.
There were two interviews today, one on the phone and the other over a video call. You got dressed in a lovely blush pink blouse and kept on your black biker shorts, knowing the camera wouldn't need to see more.
The interview with Tallie for Elle went well and was over before you knew it. Tallie discussed your outfits and how you balanced dressing for events while casual for everyday occurrences. You told her you liked to look nice, but also be comfortable. You were a fan of jewelry, always trying on new earrings or rings. It is what elevated an outfit you confessed. Tallie wished you a good day and ended the call, thus leaving only one more.
Harry texted you he was back in his room and would be waiting for you. This was followed by a text from Jeff saying Harry refused to listen. You chuckled to yourself before setting up your laptop, connecting a few minutes before the start time to check the audio was working on both ends.
The video call connected and popped up Abigail. She was GQ's top journalist, and each of your interactions were professional, so you allowed yourself to relax. Then just like that, it started.
"Hello, don't you look lovely." Abigail gushes.
"Thank you. Figured I had to dress up for you. Seeing as I couldn't see you in person."
"I appreciate it." She nods. "How are you?"
"Good and yourself?"
"Just fine, thank you." You nod, assuring her it's okay to start. "Now, how were the Emmys?"
"Oh, absolutely lovely. I had an amazing time."
"You really stunned the red carpet."
"Oh, thank you," you reply a bit bashfully, still not one for compliments. You're sure the edited video will show an image of the dress you wore.
"Who were you wearing?"
"Oscar de la Renta. It was the end of the season for me, so everyone wanted something exceptional, and they reached out wanting to make me something one of a kind, and I'd be a fool to pass that up."
"Well, you were the talk of the night. Many are still talking about it."
"Yeah, a magical night."
"Are you disappointed you lost?" She asks, shifting the conversation.
"An honor to be nominated, but Kate Winslet deserved it. Her show Mare of Easttown is a must-watch."
Abigail doesn't seem to like your answer and switches it up once again. "Now we saw you posted that you were at a concert recently."
You hold your breath, masking your surprise. "Yes, I did. My best friend surprised me with tickets."
"Very kind, how was it?"
You noticed how she didn't name his name, and well, you weren't going to say it.
"Amazing, I recommend everyone get out and see a show if they can."
She smirks, "how was Chicago?"
Okay, what the hell.
"Fun, I have a few friends there. Always have a great time." You hold your breath, knowing what's coming.
"Harry also had a few shows."
"I'm aware."
"You were spotted hanging out with his manager."
"Jeff is wonderful. I was shopping, and we ran into each other, and well, he invited me to the show, and who was I to deny a friend." You continue smiling at the laptop screen.
God, this is all Viola. You're going to have to call Emerson and ask her what happened.
"That's nice, and well, yesterday we saw a video that Mr. Styles posted. You sound-checking it seemed. Is that where you are, Nashville?"
"I'm in Nashville, yes."
"Oh, how exciting. How is Mr. Styles?"
You're boiling inside but know you need to keep going.
"He's lovely, a good person to have in life."
"Oh, you've always been in each other's circles," Abigail states, surprised.
"We met a few years ago and have seen each other on and off. Have you ever met someone and gotten along as if you'd been best friends all your life?" You wait for Abigail to nod before continuing. "That's how it is with him."
"That's sweet; well, it seems that's all we have time for."
"Thank you for having me. Always an honor. Take care."
You make sure to sign out and shut your laptop as you let out a sigh and fall against your bed. You hated being blindsided but knew Viola did it because you would have said no. Also, it would have looked worse if you chose not to answer those questions.
You get up and knock on Harry's door, and it swings open, "Hey, I just ordered lunch."
You don't acknowledge a word he said and rush into his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist. You hold him close as if he'd make you disappear.
"Hey, darling, you alright?" His voice is full of concern as he brushes the back of your head, trying to figure out how to help you.
"Got asked about you, and there was no avoiding it."
"Oh, angel."
"Viola didn't let me know, and I'm just frustrated." You sigh against his chest, already starting to feel better.
"It's alright, nothing too personal?"
"No, but I did say we've been friends for years and just reunited."
Harry smiles, holding you closer. "We can work with that. Don't owe anyone anything."
"Thank you, H."
"Course, baby. Best friends turned lovers is my favorite."
"Dork," you push away from him, walking into his room, wanting to be wrapped up among him and all his belongings that were still yet to be packed.
"Alright, settle in. I have it on good authority you love french toast, and it's on its way up."
"H, I told you that."
"Shh... it's a secret where I heard it from."
Just like that, Harry had put you at ease, letting you forget about the interviews and everyone trying to get the inside on your relationship because they didn't matter.
No, it was just Harry and you.
Tumblr media
It's a busy day right after lunch with Harry. Jeff whisked Harry away, and Luis claimed to need your help packing up most of Harry's essentials. Something he neglected to do.
Since then, you had not been able to steal a moment alone with Harry. It's as if you were purposely being pulled in opposite directions, but that all changed when you were at the arena looking to sit down and catch up with Naomi that you noticed your phone was missing.
You're tired and feeling overdressed in a black midi silk dress with floral outlines Harry picked for you to wear with your black docs. He said you hadn't worn a dress, and he's been eyeing this dress since he saw you pull it out from the suitcase to hang in the makeshift closet of his on the bus.
"Harry, lost my--"
"What is it? Your phone again, told you I put it next to my rings when you passed me before soundcheck." When he doesn't get a response, he lifts his head to see you taking him all in.
He looks down at himself. The champagne-colored trousers fit him nice and snug. The waistcoat he just finished buttoning only gave just a peek of the butterfly antennas. You had a view of his upper chest, and you know you weren't doing a good job of concealing how much he was affecting you.
Harry smirks, "thought you might like it." He does a slow spin ending with his hands on his waist.
"Uhmm… right. I need to sit." You rush to the couch, looking away, knowing any longer and you'd be straddling his lap. The silk was too beautiful not to touch. You're not sure if you should stay in here knowing your self-control was close to snapping.
As Harry sat next to you on the couch, you looked closer at the waistcoat and caught a small design on the side, and leaned closer to see it was a flower outline. The detail that was put into each look always took your breath away. You looked down at yourself and noticed the flowers looked similar but were outlined the same.
"We're matching, mi estrella."
Harry chuckles, "it's why I wanted you to wear the dress."
You pout, leaning in to give him a chaste kiss. "Really are the sweetest."
"I try."
The tension is growing as you and Harry continue to stare at one another, but fuck it, you both lean in, connecting your lips in a hungry kiss. It's as if you've been waiting all your life for him to finally feel like you could breathe. You know it's too soon to say you're in love, but you know the chances of falling in love with him over the next two months are high, and you're excited about that.
"Why are you hiding my mark?" He pulls back, not seeing the dark mark he traced over this morning before you slipped away from him.
"Can't have people getting photos. Also not trying to be teased more than I already was yesterday."
"No one bothered you, right. I'll have a word with them."
You lean in to kiss his lips to get him to relax, "all good, everyone knows there's something here I wouldn't join for nothing."
"Okay, baby."
"You're excited for tonight?"
He nods. "Yes, I'm going to play to be so lonely again."
"Oh, such a tease." You tell him.
"Just like you."
"Me," you gasp, "never."
"Mhm, sure the look you keep giving me means nothing."
You glance at the door, knowing someone could very well walk in, but you don't care. You move to sit in his lap, your mind going back to how you were Wednesday night but know there's no time for that.
"Promise, we'll have fun after, but for now, kiss me." You trail your hands up his chest, slowly tracing his swallows, watching as his breathing picks up.
Harry leans in his kisses gentle, not how you expected, his hands resting on your exposed thighs. You let him control the kiss, letting him take anything he needs from you. You'd spend your life giving him whatever he wished for as long as he'd have you.
You're aware that this could potentially end in heartbreak that you wouldn't be able to make it work with two crazy schedules, but you know you'd try anything and everything before you even thought of giving him up.
You're not sure how long you spend sitting in his lap, kissing and savoring each other. You stop only because there's a knock on his door saying they need him in ten. Harry pouts before helping you move off him and straightening out your dress. He fixes his trousers seeing the tent and knows there's nothing to do; just relax and think about anything other than the goddess in front of him.
You're leaning against the counter, lips are swollen, and Harry knows he looks just the same but dares not to take a look, knowing it would only turn him on once more.
"Have a great show, H." You press a kiss to his cheek.
"Thank you, lovie."
And Harry walks out of his dressing room with a smirk on his face, knowing he has the upper hand. You left him hot and bothered. Well, he can do the same.
Tonight was about to be a great night.
Tumblr media
Harry was on a whole different level tonight. His moves were more sensual and slowed down. You feel like he's been staring at you most of the night. Each action was directed at you and meant for you. It had to be because of your time in the dressing room; this was his payback.
"What did you do to him?" Jeff asks during a small break of songs.
"What?" You look at him confused, "nothing."
Jeff clicks his tongue at you, "It doesn't seem like nothing. He's-god extra filthier than normal."
You shrug, trying to feign confusion, "you know he said, Nashville brings out a different side of him. This must be it."
Jeff rolls his eyes at you. Not believing a word you say.
The concert continues, laughter and singing between you all as you admire Harry doing what he loves. You hope to one day be able to show Harry around one of the sets you're on as he sits in your designated chair and watches you do what you love.
The band gets loud cheers as Harry finishes the introductions because they know what's coming. The familiar opening beat to 'watermelon sugar' begins, and you all know the edging is about to begin.
With the microphone in his hand, he's walking back and forth. You have no idea what's coming, but it's Nashville; it's where this song was born. It must be special.
"Watermelon sugar is about…" he pauses, taking a look at the audience, "well, it doesn't matter what it's about." He continues his pacing on the stage. "It's about the sweetness of life!" The crowd cheers. "It's also about female orgasm," the cheers are deafening, not allowing you to catch his following words.
You're shocked. Did he just officially confirm what the song was about?
"Did he?" You say out loud to no one specific.
"He did," Tommy responds, just as shocked.
The crowd has not settled down. Everyone in this room knew what the song was about, especially with the sensual music video. There was no denying it not.
It only took him two years to confirm, but you're sure his fans will think it was worth the wait. Harry indeed never fails to surprise you.
As he sings the second to last song for the night, you feel him look more towards you. Not a care of who might see, and at this point, neither do you. This song might not have been written about you, but you know how it's all he will ever think about, forever changing Nashville for each other.
After the show, you're making your way to Harry's dressing room when you're pulled into a private room that leads to the showers. Harry corners you against the wall, burying his face in your neck leaving a trail of wet kisses.
"Need you," he whispers, rubbing himself against you; you so badly want to say yes but know you shouldn't.
"No, H."
"Why," he noses at your throat.
"Someone could hear."
"Promise when in New York we can celebrate." You run a hand through his curls.
"Not going with you," he pulls back to look at your face.
"What?" You're confused because why wouldn't he.
"Tyler asked me to stay, and I am. Will take a plane from here Sunday morning."
"Not planning on telling me." You tease, "I was going to hop on a bus tonight and not see you."
He frowns, "sorry, darling. It was a busy day, and I never got a moment."
"It's alright, you're lucky, the bus mates, and I get along so well."
Harry kisses your cheeks repeatedly, "not mad?"
"Course not. Takes more to get me mad."
"I will be expecting the royal treatment from you in New York."
"Whatever you want," he promises.
This was some news, but you'd be alright.
Tumblr media
Everyone was packed and ready to leave from the arena, you had your tote bag on your shoulder, and a jacket draped over your shoulders. You think it was Sarah's just knowing Harry snagged it to make sure you were warm on the way out.
"You sure you don't want to stay." He checks, swinging your intertwined hands as he sees the bus.
"I want to be in New York. Might catch a play with a friend."
"Without me?" He mopes.
"Dork didn't know you liked musicals."
"I can." You laugh, leaning up to place a kiss on his cheek but only reach his jaw.
"Well, some other time. You're here, and I'm there. One day apart will be good. It will make you miss me."
"Always miss you when you're not in front of me." He confesses, kicking at a pebble. You're standing in front of the bus where everyone was aboard and waiting for you.
"Needy baby."
Harry kisses you, and you know he's nervous because you've been attached at the hip for over a week. You know you have to assure him everything will be fine and know just the way.
"Let me propose something."
"What does it involve?"
He approves, "continue."
"We'll have a day apart, you come back, we have lunch, and we'll discuss what we are."
His eyes widen when he understands what you mean. "As in you being my girlfriend."
"Yes, that."
"Thought you said it was too soon."
"Hence the talk, mi estrella."
"Okay, I can do it." You bring Harry in for a hug, knowing it's going to be a weird day without him. "I'll miss you."
"And I will miss you, H."
"I'll be texting you."
"I'll answer, I promise," you assure him.
"You'll be there when I arrive?"
"Course, mi estrella. You sold out Madison Square Garden, wouldn't want to be anywhere but by your side."
With one final kiss, he lets you get on the bus with the doors shutting in front of him. You sit on the couch and watch him through the window as he waves and gets smaller and smaller as you drive away.
You relax in your seat, allowing the bus's quiet chatter to comfort you, allowing you to settle for the next few days in New York City.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading <3 i adore you.
taglist: @alienorknight
new york part four
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harrysgoldenline · 3 months ago
i cant stop thinking about this and i was hoping u could expand on this!! when harry was doing the gender reveal in nashville he looked so happy and excited; and i keep thinking about him talking to the reader right after the show about their future children and how they are going to be the best parents and how he excited he is for their future together,, just so much fluff :(
Baby Fever
Sorry this took so long! Life has been a bit crazy lately but I'm trying my best to push through and get back to normal! Thank you for this request, I absoulty loved it so I hope you like what I came up with!! If you are intersted in supporting my writing or getting your own personalized imagine just for you, check out my pinned post!!
“You were electric tonight, Bubby!” you smiled at him when he ran off the stage, sweeping you up in his arms and carrying you as the band quickly loaded up the bus, gripping onto him tightly as loud laughs came past your lips.
Soon, he sat you down in the back, private room in the tour bus, closing the door and leaving the two of you alone as you laid on the bed, staring at him as he walked back over and plopped down next to you, his smile never leaving his face.
He leaned forward, connecting your lips, his hands pulling at your hips as you places you in his lap. His warm hands sneaking underneath your shirt and resting there and the contrast of the cool metal of his rings meeting your skin making you shiver.
Your hands slide across his bare chest, sliding the sequin jacket off his shoulders with a smile as he begins pressing kisses along the sensitive skin of your neck, chuckling to himself as your eyes flutter closed.
“You’re so beautiful,” he smiles, leaning up again and kissing your lips softly before pulling back to stare at you, “and all mine, forever. You know I love you, right?”
“I know and I love you forever,” you giggle, leaning forward and pressing your lips against his blushing cheeks and his arms come tighter around your waist, pressing your bodies impossibly closer, “what’s with you tonight bubs? your’re extra cuddly.”
“I don’t know.” He shyly shrugged, burying his face in the crook of your neck, his lips pressing another kiss to your skin, “been just thinking since…”
“Since what?”
“That, uh… gender reveal?” He admitted, a shy glance coming your way before he pulled away from your shoulder and sat across from you, playing with his rings, “well thought about havin’ a baby with ya long before that, but ya know what I mean.”
“Mhmm.” You smile, giggling at your shy boyfriend, “so, you really want a girl first?”
“Don’t make fun o’ me.” He playfully pouted at you, only causing you to laugh more and line forward, connecting your lips.
“I’m sorry, baby, I’m just messing with you sweet boy.” You smiled, looking up at him with your eyes filled with adoration, “you know I want that too, right? Of course I want to start a family with you.”
“Yeah?” He asked, eyes wide and hopefully, a precious smile plastering his face.
You give him a small nod, quickly being cut off with a shriek as he tackles you to the bed, pinning you down, pressing kisses all over your face, “should I give my baby a baby now?”
“You better put a ring on it first,” you giggled, hands coming up into his hair, “…but is it a deal breaker if I want a boy first?”
“What!” Harry dramatically gasped, fingers tickling at your sides before falling down and laying next to you, “A boy?! I thought I was the only guy ya ever needed!” “You are!” You laughed, hand coming up and running along his face softly“just wanna have my two boys! Don’t even have a baby but already know you’d love her more than me, you’re gonna be the best dad.“
“could never love anyone more, especially if ya gave us a baby.” He smiles shyly, his cheeks turning a tinge pink, “but ya really think Imma be a good dad?” his cheeks growing redder as you nod.
He smiles at you, connecting your lips slowly, but passionately, his body coming back over yours again as he hovered over, “I love you,” he said softly between kisses, “can’t wait to marry ya, can’t wait to have babies with you and see you pregnant, gonna be the best mum… Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with ya.”
“All you have to do is ask,” You whisper back, connecting your lips, “I’m yours.”
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lollypopsx · a month ago
hi love! thank you thank you for writing the brother harry piece. i never see anything written about reader with ocd and it’s such a struggle!! i’ve been getting better but could you maybe write something about reader having a tic attack? i’ve had them before where i have to count everything and to me i have certain numbers that are “bad” so i just need to keep counting everything and making sure i’m not touching anything with a certain amount of fingers or something like that, sorry if this is bad feel free to ignore! 💚💚
Drabble Request
Drabble Masterlist
Brother!Harry x Y/N - 3.5k
A/N: I also want to say a huge thank you to @manifestrry with this and helping me with the facts and shedding light. All OCD’s can vary so thank you for being patient with all my questions. You’re an incredible human 🤍
Warnings: OCD, social anxiety, medication, intrusive thoughts, slight harming actions (not violent or graphic), anxiety, depression
This wasn’t supposed to happen, you were just starting to get better again. Why did they have to change everything and put you on new medication?! The last ones were fine...Well apart from the nausea and insomnia...
As always, you had had the same speech from your Doctor about how the new medication would take a little while to kick in, and it may make you worse for a little while. So what was the point in taking them then? Especially if you weren’t going to feel any better. And you decided you were completely okay without the tablets at all instead.  
Although, that wasn’t quite what you had decided to tell your family.
“Y/N, darling? Harry’s here!” Your Mum calls from downstairs. You sigh softly and check the time, it was 12pm and you were all going out for business lunch meeting about a charity performance that Harry was planning, with the help of you.  
It was a very big step for you, but you were determined not to let your mental health ruin it this time. You flicked your light switch on and off as you left your bedroom before rushing downstairs.
“There she is” Harry smiles and presses two kisses to your cheek as you come down the stairs. You had checked your outfit with Harry every single day last week. “You look great!” He smiles.
“Thank you” You smile softly, putting your phone into your bag. “Are you driving?”
“Sure thing Sugar!” Harry chuckles, re-tying his shoe laces.
“I’m just going to get my coat, Y/N, your medication is on the side” Your Mum reminds you, you nod softly, your hands suddenly jolting up to clap twice. Harry flinched slightly as you blushed deeply. Not again.
This was a new thing you had to do. When you became extremely nervous you always used to hold someone’s hand to calm your nerves. However, a couple of weeks ago, while in the midst of an anxiety attack, you were squeezing at Gemma’s hand and noticed you had dug your nails in, marking her skin and very nearly drawing blood. You just needed to have the feel of something on your skin. So you decided that you would clap to feel the contact instead, and not risk hurting anyone else. If you didn’t clap, someone would get seriously hurt.
The guilt you still felt for hurting your sister was still eating you away.
You hang your head low and head into the kitchen, you could feel Harry’s eyes burning into you so you took a deep breath, placed the tablet in your mouth and took a sip of water. You could see Harry nod gently before going onto his phone.
Fooled you Harold.  
You quickly turned around, taking the still-whole tablet out from under your tongue. You were about to wash it away down the sink, but you felt Harry and your Mum’s footsteps behind you, so you quickly pushed it into your bag as you got your phone out.
“So...Y/N how’s the new medication coming along? Noticed any changes?” Harry asks curiously.  
Another two claps.
“Feeling much better” You nod quickly before rushing out the door and into the back of the car.
“Y/N, remember you’ll be sat beside me at the end of the table, and Mum will be opposite you alright?” Harry explains from the driver’s seat. You gave him a soft nod, your worries and anxieties beginning to flood into your brain once again. But you needed to do this. You wanted to make a difference.
“Sure thing Sugar!” You repeat Harry’s expression from earlier. He let out a gentle chuckle. “Try not to get that phrase stuck in your head too often”  
You tighten your fists as you watch out the window, Harry pulling up to the restaurant's car park.
“H-how many people?” You mutter softly, feeling your nails indent your skin once again.  
“Just six of us. Us three, Jeff, Kyle Mason who is the founder of the charity and Juliette Reeves who is offering us the venue” You nod nervously. “Nice even number, and we have a corner to ourselves so there won’t be too many people around us. Just like the original plan.”
You could do this. It was just lunch. Just lunch with your family and a couple more people.
“How many doors are there?” You mutter, feeling your heart rate quicken.
Harry’s eyes widen as he freezes. Shit. He promised you that he would find out and he had totally forgotten. If you had to go through an odd number of doors, something very bad would happen on the way home.
“Shit. Y/N I’m sorry I-…"
“Darling” Your Mum turns around to face you with a frown. “I thought you said you had been better with-”
“I-I was just curious. It’s okay” You whisper.  
After two more claps, you took a deep breath and got out of the car, tapping your knuckles twice against the car window, because if you didn’t, then someone would steal the car.
“Y/N...Are you sure you are okay to do this?” Harry says softly, gently pulling you to the side.
“Yes Harry!” You furrow your brows. “I told you everything is getting better” You frown, feeling the burning in your stomach. You had to be getting better, because if you weren’t then that would mean you were just getting worse. And that would disappoint everyone.
Then everyone would leave because they’re tired of you disappointing them all the time. Maybe disappointment should just be your new name.
“Y/N...Y/N” Harry squeezed your hand gently, releasing you from your trance.
“What?” You blink, staring up at him.  
“I said just three doors...” He whispers, nodding to the restaurant. “Three doors for us to go through” He explains calmly.
No. No this couldn’t be happening. Three was odd. And worse than that, it was the worst odd number. Because bad things happen in threes. They always happen in threes.
“W-what? No...no Harry you must have counted wrong. There can’t be!” Your eyes widen in fear, turning to pace on the spot and flicking your hands, trying to get rid of the trembling action.
“Fuck Y/N I’m so sorry!” Harry felt the pit of guilt in his stomach as he gently took your hand, Anne had gone off to speak to the restaurant owner, wanting to do anything in her power to keep you as calm as possible.
“Hey, look at me...take a deep breath in and out okay, we can find another way” he whispers calmly. You wanted to pull Harry away and run from the restaurant, never having to go in there ever. But you were pushing away the compulsion and you were doing so well, but you couldn’t pull Harry away, so you found yourself pulling at your own hair, causing a pained whimper to escape from your lips.
“Y/N, come on” He frowns, taking your wrist gently and trying to pry your hair out of your hand, your fingers shaking and tightening up.  
“Please, you’ll hurt yourself” He whispered, his calm voice soothing you as you closed your eyes and felt your fingers release from your hair. “Shhhh, that’s it...well done” He whispers.
“Darling, the owner said that we can go in through the back way, and there will be one extra door so you can go through four of them alright?” Anne frowns. “We can go and sit down, get a drink and order some food. How does that sound?”  
“O-okay” You mutter, quietly clapping your hands over and over again, until you felt Harry’s hand snaked in between yours, squeezing your hand gently twice.
“N-no don’t do that because if I hurt you, you’ll leave!” You blurt out, pulling your hands away and looking him in pure terror.
He blinked in disbelief. “Y/N...Y/N I promise you, I’m not going anywhere!” He reassures you. “You can squeeze my hand, I don’t mind” He holds his hand out to you gently, your hands still clapping as you shake your head.  
“Alright...that’s okay...what about this?” He whispers, gently holding your wrist. “How’s that? You can’t hurt me like this...”
You were ready to pull your hand away once again, but you felt some of the built-up tension in your veins release, and you gave him a slow, but cautious nod.
Throughout the dinner, your social anxiety was becoming more and more apparent, you felt the tears building behind your eyes, but you were swallowing them down as much as possible.
Your hands were sweating and you kept dropping your fork as you attempted to eat some chips from your plate. This was such an important meeting for Harry, and for you, and you were sure you had ruined it all already.
You see, you had looked at the menu all week, read every review and made sure that you didn’t have any foods that could make you unwell. But...what if there was something dangerous that had accidentally gotten into your food and no one knew?...But Harry and Anne had already eaten half of theirs, and they were okay. And Jeff, Kyle and Juliette had said that they had breakfast here this morning as they were staying at the hotel next door.
You had to eat though, because then if you didn’t eat, then Anne and Harry would know you wouldn’t be able to have your tablet on an empty stomach, and that would blow your plan and they would soon realise the truth. Then they would be disappointed. Then they would leave you forever. Then you’d be alone the rest of your life and then...
“So Y/N, what do you think?” Juliette looks over to you with a smile, interrupting your thoughts. You had been chewing the same chip, zoning out for the last minute or two and you had no idea what they had said. You felt the nerves rush through your body, your nails digging into the table and you had forgotten how to swallow.
“Chew...and breathe” Harry whispers, reminding you and handing you your drink.
Anne leant over and rested her hand on top of yours, stroking your fingers gently. “They said if you would like to and felt ready enough at the time, maybe you could try and say a few words at the performance. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to...” Your Mum explains calmly as you look between her and Juliette.
Your words were on the tip of your tongue, but they couldn’t come out, it was like your mouth just didn’t want to move. You felt yourself getting more and more frustrated deep down.
Your mouth was trying to move, but no sound was coming out, and that just made you want to scream as loud as possible. It was like living in a nightmare. Harry and Anne shared an intense look of worry between each other.  
Harry opened his mouth to apologise but Kyle stopped him straight away.
“Don’t worry...it’s completely okay...things take time, and we have lots of time. This event is going to be very special” He was careful not to use the word important because he didn’t want you to feel more pressure.
Y/N if you don’t hit your head against this wall right now, the words will never come out and you’ll ruin your brother's career...four bangs will get four words out so just do it.
One. Two. Three. Four. The wall was brick behind you and you felt your eyes well with tears, your breath blocked in your throat as you tried to choke your words out.
The table had fallen silent as the only noise that could possibly escape your mouth was a cry and your head fell back again, But your brother had great reflexes. He placed his arm behind your head, creating a barrier for your head and the wall and as you threw your head back.
The last time this happened you had given yourself concussion, and he was not going to risk you hurting yourself. Ever.
You felt the tears finally escape your eyes as Harry wrapped an arm around your neck gently and pulled your head into the crook of his neck. You hung your head in shame as the only sound you could hear now was your cries. Crying from a mix between your frustration and the ache at the back of your head.
Harry held you close to his chest with a frown, kissing your head over and over again.
“Harry love, why don’t you take Y/N home? I think she’s just a bit overwhelmed...I can carry this on for now” Anne explains calmly, giving Harry a look as your breathing was getting heavier and heavier.
“But Mum, how are you going to get back?” He whispers.
“-I’ll drop her back” Jeff interrupts with a nod, Anne giving him a thankful smile.
Harry nods, apologising quietly as he says goodbye to Juliette and Kyle, helping you up from the table. You looked sadly to the small group, still trying to move your lips, but your ragged breath was making it hard to focus on anything else.
“..S...Ss-so...” You choke out, feeling pathetic, before rushing out quickly.
Harry getting you to the car luckily happened very quickly. You took a deep breath and felt the burning of Harry’s eyes on your tear-stained face. He had so many questions, his eyes filling with concern and he wished in that moment, more than ever, that he had the ability to read your mind.  
He wanted to ask you everything that was going through his mind, wondering how it was possible for you to have spiralled so quickly. But he knew better than to do that right now. He leant over and opened the glove box, fumbling around to get one of your fidget spinners out.  
You squeezed your eyes shut gently as Harry flicked on the radio, taking a calm and quiet ride home. If you watched the road, you’d be flinching at every car, tunnel or bridge you passed. You could already feel yourself spiralling and the last few days you had been keeping so much inside, that if someone squeezed you, you would sure blurt it all out. Overthinking so much, and letting your darkest thoughts eat you alive while sat in your dimly lit room while your Mum was out working.
Harry pulled up in the driveway, jumped out the car and opened her door slowly for her. “Let’s get you inside” He whispers gently. “How’s your head feeling?” He wasn’t angry. Never angry. Just concerned.
“S-sore” You whisper, almost silently. You tapped the car window twice with your knuckles before Harry took your wrist calmly and led you inside to the comfort of your home. He sat you comfortably on the sofa, gently untying your trainers and taking them off.  
You whimpered quietly, crescent nail indents sunken into the palms of your hand, and red smears of blood seeped into the hem of your jumper.  
“Shhhh” Harry whispers quietly, grazing his fingers over the palm of your hand and looking around to find your fluffy grey blanket.
“Upstairs...” You mumble, your fingers picking at the dry skin on your lips. He nods and picks your bag up before heading upstairs into your room and taking the grey blanket from your bed. The softness had always distracted your hands, and also helped to release the tension of your sore and rough hands.
He took your phone out of your bag too before hanging your bag on the back of your door, frowning as a small, round, white tablet fell out.  
He knew it.  
He had a gut feeling about this and now he had the proof. He knew this because when he was younger, he used to do the same thing when he didn’t want to take tablets for a cold.
He took a deep breath, and took your phone and blanket in one hand, clutching your tablet in the other hand. He handed you your phone and draped the blanket over your lap before going into the kitchen, getting you a glass of water and another tablet.
“Here, you need to take your medication” He whispers, handing you the pill as you look up at his nervously, placing the tablet under your tongue and nodding as you sip the water. You waited quietly for him to leave, but he stood with his arms crossed, not angry. Just firm.  
“Y/N...you need to swallow them” He whispers, placing the other tablet on the coffee table. Your eyes caved and you could sense the disappointment rifling through his body language. You felt the tears brim your eyes again. You couldn’t even move your jaw to speak.
“How long have you not been taking them?...Have you taken any?” He raises an eyebrow. You gave him a silent nod.  
“I-I...I have....was” You squeak out timidly.
“Y/N, you can’t just suddenly stop taking them, you know how dangerous that is! You know that doesn’t help you in any way and things just go bad again.” He shakes his head, he had always been very level headed and calm. He rarely spoke to you like this, he didn’t shout, he just raised his voice, but he needed to be tough. They all did, they couldn’t sugar coat it all forever.
You felt the most horrid feeling in the pit of your stomach, if they never found out, everything would be fine!
“I am getting better!!” You finally found your voice, tightening your fists around your blanket once again.
“Then what happened today Y/N?! What happened?” He knelt in front of you, his eyes portraying so many different emotions. But all you could think of was the D word. Disappointment. Again.
“I...I...You don’t understand Harry! Why can’t I just be normal?!” Your lungs screamed out finally, every built up feeling from the last week, releasing as sobs from your mouth. “I don’t want to do this anymore! I’m too tired!” You yell angrily. Within seconds, his eyes fell soft, tears brimming in his own eyes now and he instantly wrapped his arms around you tightly.
“I’m sorry...shhh it’s okay...it’s alright! I’m here” He whispers.
“You know we will always help you, but keeping this bottled up will never be good for you. You can’t just stop taking them, they’re going to help...they just take time darling. I think tomorrow we need to sit down with Mum... Why didn’t you talk to one of us?” He rocks you slowly.
“B-be...because y-you...y-you will...d-d..disap..p-pointed” Your trembling hands now clutching tightly at his chest and your breaths becoming trapped in your throat. Your dry throat felt like it was closing in on you as you tried to pinch Harry lightly.
You never pinched someone out of anger, or harm, or revenge. It was a communication technique, one that meant you couldn’t breathe and you were panicking. Pinching was also something that could easily be distinguished and never mistaken for anything else.
“Listen to me Y/N...I’m so proud of you, and you could never ever disappoint any of us.” He mumbles sadly, feeling a painful tug at his heart strings. Harry gently stroked your hair back with both hands, watching your chest struggle to function. It was such a painful thing for him to witness you this way. He wished he could take every ounce of terror away from you. So he sat down on the sofa, laid you gently down beside him and did the one thing he knew how to do. Sing...and also rub your back slowly.
“Sweet creature Had another talk about where it's going wrong But we're still young We don't know where we're going But we know where we belong
And oh we started Two hearts in one home It's hard when we argue We're both stubborn I know, but oh
Sweet creature, sweet creature Wherever I go, you bring me home Sweet creature, sweet creature When I run out of road, you bring me home
Sweet creature We're running through the garden Oh, where nothing bothered us But we're still young I always think about you and how we don't speak enough
And oh we started Two hearts in one home I know, it's hard when we argue We're both stubborn I know, but oh
Sweet creature, sweet creature Wherever I go, you bring me home Sweet creature, sweet creature When I run out of road, you bring me home
I know when we started Just two hearts in one home It gets harder when we argue We're both stubborn I know, but oh
Sweet creature, sweet creature Wherever I go, you bring me home Sweet creature, sweet creature When I run out of road, you bring me home You'll bring me home”
He sung quietly, and continued throughout, feeling your chest calm down and your heart rate relax. It didn’t always work, but he was so thankful that it did today. He would give it all for you to just have some peace.
“I know it’s scary...I just want to protect you, you’re my sister. Sometimes I wish I could see everything that goes on in that pretty little head Y/N...” He whispers, her head resting on his lap, the fairy lights twinkling above the fireplace and the TV on quietly in the background as you two sat in a finally comfortable silence.
You took a deep breath with a gentle sniffle. Your tear-stained cheeks raw and red and a subtle pounding in your head.  
“I don’t think you’d want to Harry...” You mumble tiredly.
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could you write something about how much harry loves the reader with just a shirt of his and some panties on? :p
Tumblr media
→ warnings: implications of smut
→ author’s note: i simply had to include the gif. anyways! here’s another short blurb for y’all <3
Tumblr media
“Angel?” Harry shouted from the bedroom, sifting through the shirts hanging in his closet, “have y’seen my Keith Haring shirt?”
His hollers carried to the kitchen where Y/N sat with a mug of coffee, skimming unread emails and today’s news. She looked down at the shirt she was wearing— Harry’s Keith Haring ‘safe sex’ shirt. “Uhh, the ‘safe sex’ one?”
“Yeah, tha’ one!”
“No,” giggling lowly to herself, “haven’t seen it.”
A groan erupted from the other room, impending footsteps getting closer and closer to where the woman perched. “Harry Lambert said I should wear—“ he momentarily stopped in his tracks at the sight of his girlfriend clad in only the missing shirt and a pair of panties. “Well, well, well,” he smirked, Y/N’s gaze averting from her phone to where Harry stood, “wha’ do we ‘ave here, hm?” His hands quickly finding her hips, she squealed as Harry twisted the bar stool around, the couple now face-to-face.
“What?” She played dumb, looking up at the man as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Oh, were you looking for this?” Harry nodded, the girl mumbling a ‘sorry’, batting her eyelashes.
“‘s okay, petal,” he smiled, “think I like it better on you anyways. Especially,” hands slowly following the curve of her hip down to the hem of her panties, accent thickening, “when it’s paired with these.”
A heat ran through her body at the drop in Harry’s tone, “like what you see?”
“Like it?” One of his fingers curled underneath the waistband, playfully snapping the fabric against her skin, her giggles music to his ears, “oh, honey… I love it.” Y/N’s legs wrapped around his waist as her arms draped around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer. “Y’know how much I love seeing y’in my clothes, but in nothing but my clothes?” He fanned himself with one hand, eyes rolling back, “makes me wanna do unspeakable things with you.”
“They aren’t so unspeakable if I want you to speak about them,” Y/N retorted, leaning up to whisper in his ear, “are they?”
With a low growl, his hands found purchase on the woman’s ass, squeezing the globes in each of his hands as he raised her from the barstool. “How about I just show you instead?”
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harryswifeofficial · 5 months ago
The First of Many
Summary: Harry and Y/N have a disastrous first date.
Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader, Harry Styles x Y/N
Warnings: mentions of food/eating, swearing.
Word count: 6,306/21 minutes
A/N: rushed af and i hate it but have fun
Tumblr media
From the second he’d opened the door, and laid eyes on her, Harry told himself that tonight had to go perfect. Not a thing could go wrong and scare her away because never in his years on earth had he seen someone, or anything look so radiant. Illuminated by nothing but his dim porch light, she still glowed bright enough to make the moon jealous.
He’d been staring for far too long, but try as he might, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and the beautiful white linen dress that flowed down to her ankles. The dress and the light wash of makeup painted on her face made her look as delicate and as precious as she was to him.
He could tell by the way her hands were tucked behind her back, and the slight knit between her brows that she was nervous, and from then on Harry had made it his mission to make sure that she was comfortable. Despite his own trembling and shallow breathing, he’d make sure she was smiling and at ease by the time they got to the restaurant.
When she’d initially agreed to go out on a date with him, he knew exactly where to take her. Near his house was a small, family owned Italian restaurant he’d been to many times. Birthdays, nights out with friends, and intimate dates, Villa Bianca’s never disappointed and he hoped it wouldn’t tonight. 
“Hello! Y’look…,” His eyes wandered down her form one last time. “absolutedly stunning.”
She let out a small laugh, and turned her gaze to her feet to avoid his eyes, though his never moved away from her. Her reaction and the way it’d stirred up the butterflies in his stomach told him that he had to let her know how beautiful he thought she was more throughout the night. Promising himself that he wouldn’t go more than five minutes without dishing out a compliment, even if she grew flustered each time.
“Thank you! You look pretty handsome yourself. Love the outfit.”
“Oh, this old thing?” He looked down at the black button up t-shirt he’d tucked into white trousers. Really, he thought he looked sad compared to her, but he was glad she didn’t seem to think so. 
“Thanks! Uh…I actually got you somethin’’.” 
On the table that stood beside his door sat a bouquet he’d picked up earlier that day. After carefully examining and sticking his nose down several arrangements at his local flower shop, he settled on pink lilies, with a few daises between each one. The bouquet smelled as sweet and looked as pretty as her, and he knew she had to have them.
“Ta-da! Got you some flowers.” He smiled, cringing slightly in his head at how awkward it’d sounded, and expected her to do the same, or at least laugh, but she sneezed.
Then sneezed, and then let out another, and that’s when Harry’s eyes began to widen.
“S-sorry! I’m…achoo!”
All he could do was watch in horror as the realization settled. She was:
“Allergic to daisies.” 
Of course you are.
His face had flushed a bright red, and his stomach had twisted into a million knots, leaving him frozen in embarrassment, but when he finally came to his senses, a spew of apologies fell from his lips.
“I am so unbelievably sorry. I-“ He tossed the flowers onto the table, and gave her the box of tissues beside them instead.
“No, it’s alright. You didn’t know!” 
She turned around to blow her nose, not wanting him to see as the atmosphere grew uncomfortable and awkward between them. 
“I’m just gonna throw this away.” She said quietly, the tension only growing thicker as Harry very awkwardly oriented her to a trash can and she shuffled herself into his home.
“Nice place!” It was her desperate attempt to fill the deafening silence in the room, and it worked to ease the tension as her large smile reminded Harry why they were there in the first place.
They’d met in a bookstore a few weeks back when they found themselves both looking for the same exact book. Squatting in awkward positions to look through the lower shelves, laughing at their inability to find it when the shelves were fairly easy to navigate through, and passionately discussing the author’s other books.
By the time they’d found the novel, Harry had already secured her name and her Instagram, asking her to keep him updated on her thoughts as she read, and promising to do the same. That quickly turned into sleepless nights where they poured all of their thoughts out to each other to be attentively listened to and considered. He’d fallen in love with the way her brain worked, and how she was able to perceive and interpret things in a way he hadn’t, and her heart that always valued his thoughts. She was beautiful, inside, and out, which Harry had gotten from the countless hours spent scrolling through her feed, and he wanted to know more, beyond her favorite Murakami books.
Tonight, he would finally be able to explore, analyze and fall more in love with her and her story, like the book they’d flipped through together for weeks, and he wasn’t going to let anything ruin how happy that made him.
“Thanks! Y’ready to go?” 
“I am! Let’s go.” 
He locked the door behind them before they made their way down his steps.
“Your door is pink. I’ve just now realized.” She giggled, turning around to look at the door she’d been too nervous to notice before.
“It is! Why not, y’know?” He gently wrapped his fingers around her arm as they walked down the steps, as they were steep and she was in heels.
“No, I totally get it. I love it. You know, I really like that about you.” She turned her head to look up at him, smiling that sweet smile that never left her lips. Harry’s eyes lingered on her face a bit before he responded, staring fondly as the words she said set off the butterflies in his stomach.
“You just do whatever you want. The whole ‘Why not?’ attitude. It’s super cool and inspiring.” She explained, and Harry thought he’d melt into a puddle that very second, before they could even go on their date.
He constantly worried about the reasons as to why people liked him. Be it his name, his looks, or his wealth, he was always questioning everyone’s motives. Very rarely did he have someone compliment him for him, components that they’d picked up and admired like certain aspects of his personality, or his thoughts, but she always did. Admiring him because of those reasons, and not why the rest of the world thought he was important. She always made him feel normal, like he was just Harry, or H, and not Harry Styles the multimillionaire, international pop-star, and actor.
When they stopped in front of the car door, his hand remained linked around her arm and he looked down and let out a small laugh.
“Thank you, no one’s ever really told me that before.” He looked back up at her. “I mean like, being me y’get a lot of compliments which is great, but none ever like that.” 
“Well, there’s more from where that came from.” 
He laughed once more before opening the car door for her, and helping her into his Range Rover, rushing over to his side so they could talk again.
“Are you like one of those people that has a car playlist? I feel like you are.” She pulled another chuckle out of him.
“Actually, I have several. But uh, f’tonight I made one with songs I thought you’d like. They kind of reminded me of you, in a way.” He grew shy towards the end of his sentence, with his voice softening as he worried about if what he’d done had been too weird. 
“No way! No one’s ever done that for me before.” She swooned, her face turning all mushy as she clasped her hands over her heart, and Harry made a mental note to make her more playlists from then on.
“I feel like y’really into love songs, just judging off the books y’like, so I started off the playlist with some Etta James.” 
With a few short swipes on his phone, the classic began to play through the speakers.
Kind of love
The instrumental kicked in, a slow, blues-y tune about wanting a love that lasts, and Harry couldn’t help but glance over at her for a quick second, though it was dangerous to do, it was worth seeing her face. All flustered, with her head down to keep him from seeing the sheepish smile she was desperately trying to fight off.
“This is beautiful. You’ve got good taste, and it looks you know me pretty well because I really like this song.”
At a red light, he turned to look at her once again, with a sheepish grin on his own face. 
“I’m glad y’like it. I hope y’like the rest, and maybe I’ll show y’more songs some other time. Warning y’though, I don’t shut up, f’hours.” They laughed. “Seriously, I’ll blow up y’phone.” 
“No, I’d love to hear it. You seem like someone who knows a lot about music.”
“Yeah, I like t’think so. I mean, ‘s kind of m’job.” 
They laughed again before there was a quick pause, which she cut short very quickly once she’d worked up the courage.
“You know, I think I saw some records when I walked into your house. Maybe you know, we could listen to some some time. I have a record player but I don’t have that many records.” 
Harry had records lying all over his house, and had left some on the coffee table in his living room. Now, as he thought about it, he couldn’t quite remember which ones, with his heart too busy fluttering over the fact that she wanted to see him again, at his house, to discuss what he loved most.
“Of course!” 
A different song came on, as a soft guitar replaced the violin from A Sunday Kinda Love.
“This one’s Baby I’m-A Want, by Bread. ‘s one of m’favorites.”  
Maybe he had gotten a little carried away by making a playlist full of fifteen songs, when the restaurant was only about five minutes from his house, he realized as they were about to turn and pull into the parking lot.
“I really like this one too.”
“Yeah, ‘s good isn’t it?”
The song always made him think of her, as he related to the lyrics of yearning for someone, and their love and affection. 
When the light flashed a left green arrow, he turned, and his eyebrows immediately furrowed. 
Villa Bianca was never packed. It did well, but you would rarely see a crowd bustling outside of it or have difficulty finding a parking spot, which was what it looked like that night.
“Wow, it’s really popular, the food must be really good.” 
He slowed the car down, not turning into the parking lot just yet as he tried to figure out what was happening and what to do.
“‘S not usually this popular…there’s usually only a few people.” 
The restaurant was small, and Harry had made a reservation for a table outside on the patio, which was usually far more romantic with greenery and hanging lights. They’d booked him a corner table, that was a little more secluded and private, but there was no doubt they’d get zero privacy and peace with the amount of people standing outside for God knew what reason. 
Y/N overlooked Harry’s status most of the time, finding other things about him much more interesting, but she wasn’t an idiot and she knew that the second they stepped outside, they’d get bombarded with cameras in their faces, and that was made exceptionally clear when a group of teenagers began screaming and pointing. 
Everyone knew Harry drove around in a black Range Rover, but how they somehow knew it was him, or that he was going to be there was still a mystery to him. 
Y/N could only watch as he ran his fingers over his lips and mustache, obviously a nervous tic of his as he stared at the crowd. His face was a deep red, and he hadn’t moved, as he sat in his embarrassment and tried to come up with a solution.
“Um…they’re coming our way.” She placed her hand on his wrist, trying to snap him out of his thoughts, and the urgency and shakiness in her voice pulled him out because he hated it so much. He hated that she was scared, more than the fact that they couldn’t go out to fucking eat, like normal people. He couldn’t take her to the most intimate and beautiful place he knew, and he didn’t know what to do as their night quickly turned into a mess.
“S-sorry, uh, we’re gonna…um…”
He paused to think as he put his car back in drive. They couldn’t go to another restaurant, or they would just be followed by the crowd and paparazzi.
“I think we’re jus’ gonna head back t’my place.” He said nervously, before his phone began to ring. His eyes glanced at the caller displayed on the screen beside him, and he sighed before accepting it. It was the owner of the restaurant.
“Harry, are you here yet?” He spoke in a thick Italian accent with a frantic tone in his voice.
“Uh, I’ve just left. There’s a big crowd outside, I guess somehow they knew I was coming t’night.”
“I’m so sorry, my friend. We have a new hostess, she’s a big fan and tweeted that you were coming and that she was going to be meeting you tonight.” 
Harry didn’t move, or respond for a few short seconds, only staring at the road before him, almost looking like he was angry and Y/N hoped that wasn’t the case.
“‘S alright. We’re jus’ gonna head home, but thanks f’lettin’ me know.” 
The owner apologized once more, and Harry let him off with a “Take care.” Still being kind in a situation that was frustrating, because he knew it wasn’t his fault.
A silence fell between them once the call had ended, as Y/N was too afraid to say anything, and Harry almost felt too embarrassed to apologize, knowing that that would just make the situation all too real.
When she glanced over, he looked like he was either on the verge of throwing up, crying, screaming, or all of them, with his lips tucked between his teeth in a way she knew would leave them bruised. Obviously, he was upset, maybe a little angry, but overall, he was embarrassed and nervous about how she probably felt about him now, and she knew she was the only one who could reassure him in the moment. The only one who could stop the thoughts in his head telling him she was never going to want anything to do with him ever again.
“Harry-“ She paused for a second, not really knowing what to say. All she could do was reach out and wrap her hand around his, and while his expression didn’t change, his shoulders sunk and his grip around the steering wheel loosened.
“It’s okay. Please don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault.”
“Yes, it is. I am so sorry.” He let out a shaky sigh.
“No, it’s not. You couldn’t have known-“ 
“It is. They wouldn’t have shown up if I were anybody else.” 
“Well, you’re you, and I’m really fucking glad. Maybe it sucks that we can’t go out to a restaurant without cameras being shoved in our faces, but it’s okay. No matter where you take me, I’m just glad to be spending time with you.” 
“I’ve been on a lot of bad dates, and I can tell you that this is not going to go down as one of them, okay? And great thing is, you know, anyone can make spaghetti. Sure, they’re Italian and it probably tastes really fucking good, but we have the internet.” Somehow, she’d made him laugh, in a state where he really did not want to. “You do have spaghetti, don’t you?” 
“I do.” A smile slowly began to spread on his face.
“Then we’re good! Now, why don’t you play me the rest of that playlist?”
His smile turned into a laugh, as a newfound optimism and warmth spread within, chasing away the embarrassment and anger he’d felt only minutes ago. He found a comfort in her that he’d never found in anybody before, a strong sense of acceptance where he knew she would never judge him, and as scary as vulnerability could be, he couldn’t wait to open himself up more to her.
“Alright, this one’s ‘I Call My Baby Pussycat’ by Parliament. It came out in the seven’ies.”
As the guitar kicked in, a sentence he’d said earlier echoed in her head.
“I made one with songs I thought you’d like. They kind of reminded me of you, in a way.”
A grin crept up on her face as she turned to him.
“Why this song? You said these songs reminded you of me, so how’d this one remind you of me?”
His face burned a deep red for the thousandth time that night as his palms inconveniently grew sweaty.
“Uh…dunno, ‘s just one of m’favorites and I remember y’sayin that y’really like cats.” 
He’d been nervous to admit it, fearing that she’d find the explanation stupid, but her laugh made it oh so worth it. He’d replay it til the end of time if he could.
The song was four and a half minutes long, but Harry never wanted it to end. He didn’t want the risky glances he took every so often, just to catch her bobbing her head or tapping her feet, to stop. But before he knew it, they were pulling into his driveway.
“Home, sweet home.” He sang, turning off his car as his stomach fluttered. They were finally going to get to talk, and have a romantic dinner, maybe even more intimate than one at Villa Bianca’s. Just the two of them in the privacy of his own home, free from any cameras, or creeping strangers. 
They both rushed out of the car, with Harry helping Y/N out and placing a gentle hand on her back once they’d reached the stairs. 
“How are your cooking skills?” Y/N asked with a small laugh. 
“I mean…I’m no Gordon Ramsay, but I like t’think I’m not too bad, what about you?” 
“Let’s just say I’m really glad we’re just making spaghetti. I can’t do anything past boiling stuff.” Harry chuckled softly as pulled out his keys and stuck them into the lock.
“Maybe I can show you a bit some time.” When he turned his head, he realized that they were standing closer than he’d thought, with her face only a few inches away. He couldn’t bring himself to look away, not when her eyes sparkled like the stars above them. If not for the light breeze that swept by, making her shiver, he would’ve got lost in them for the rest of the night.
“I’d love that! But if I burn your house down, you only have yourself to blame.”
After one last laugh between the two, they stepped into the house, immediately relishing in it’s warmth.
Harry glanced over at the flowers that’d caused so much chaos about an hour ago and nearly laughed, no longer feeling as embarrassed by the situation. Thank goodness he loved daisies and would put them to good use. In a stunning glass vase, they’d brighten up his kitchen and remind him of their night together for the next two weeks.
“‘kay m’kitchen’s over here.” He led them down the hall.
“Wow. If I had a kitchen like this, maybe I’d cook more and I wouldn’t fucking suck.” Y/N swooned, marveling over the shiny marble counters and crisp, white cabinets. There were large windows that hung on every wall, and she was sure that during the day, the amount of sunlight that poured in was blinding.
“Thanks. ‘s m’favorite place in the house, next to m’music room. But uh…make y’self at home, I’m gonna go get some spaghetti and wine.”
He responded excitedly, and she couldn’t help but feel excited too at the mention of wine.
When Harry slipped off into his pantry, Y/N wandered over to one of his counters, where a row of pictures stood lined up beside the fridge. 
In each frame was a picture of him, his mother, and sister back in his hometown. One of his sister buried under three of his mum’s cats, one of his mum smiling in her garden, and one of all three of them, a selfie his mom had taken in her living room. 
Y/N had only heard about Gemma and Anne from the countless conversations Harry had mentioned them in, and judging from the pictures, they really did look like some of the kindest people you could meet. She hoped she got to meet them someday.
She grabbed the picture of the three of them, letting her thumb glide over Harry’s grinning face, as a smile formed on her own. She’d scrolled through his Instagram feed when they’d first met, and while she’d enjoyed the tour pictures and appreciated the artistry in his album photoshoots, that selfie had to be her favorite picture of him. She hadn’t ever seen him smile that big before.
It wasn’t long until Harry emerged from the pantry with only a bottle of wine and sad expression on his face.
“I’m all out of spaghetti. I’m sorry I-I could’ve sworn I had some. Maybe we could have somethin’ else? I was supposed t’go grocery shoppin’, but I’ve been a bit busy.” His sentences were rushed and shaky as he frantically walked over to his fridge.
“No, don’t worry! It’s okay.”
His fridge swung open, and inside was nothing but empty shelves, save for a salad he’d had earlier, a smoothie, eggs, some fruit, and various beverages. 
“You know…it’s alright. In my book, wine counts as a meal.” Y/N joked, turning to a very red Harry. 
To him, it was the end of the world. How could this date only get worse, and worse, and worse? First the flowers, then the paps at the restaurant, and now they couldn’t even cook, which he was really looking forward to. Of course they could always order in, and that was the next best thing, but Harry had always loved the intimacy that came with cooking with someone. Huddling close around his iPad as they read a recipe, dancing to songs in the playlist he’d curated just for evenings spent in the kitchen, and sharing a glass of wine to hold them over until the food was done. They wouldn’t get to do any of it. 
“I’m so sorry-“
“Nope, don’t you even start. It’s okay, I was just kidding about the wine thing. We can just order something. Maybe Villa Bianca delivers?” Just like earlier in the car when she’d placed her hand over his, he relaxed the second her hand laid on his bicep.
“They uh…they don’t, but maybe I can ask.” He pulled out his phone and called the owner, who picked up almost immediately.
“Hello, my friend, what can we do for you?”
“Do you deliver? I know you usually don’t, but I was wonderin’ if maybe that’s changed.”
“Uh…yeah, sure. We can get someone to deliver to your house. Just text me the address and we’ll have someone drop it off to you. What would you like?” 
Harry placed two orders for spaghetti, sent his address, and was told that the driver would be there in about twenty minutes.
“Well…one thing went right t’night.” He smiled at her after hanging up the phone.
“No, you know, I’ve actually had a great time. Like I said earlier, I’ve been on worse dates.”
“‘s no possible way you’ve been on a date worse than this.” 
They hadn’t really realized, but at some point they’d leaned back against the counters, and were standing dangerously close to each other, with her head right beside his shoulder.
“Trust me, I have. About five months ago, I went on a date with this guy and he was so nervous he peed his pants, and he was my ride so it made the whole drive back to my place smell like pee.”
She smiled as Harry threw his head back and let out a belly laugh, that she was proud to have pulled out of him. Harry was known to be shy, and had been, especially around her, but right now he’d let all of his walls down. Completely exposing himself to her with no hesitation.
“No way!”
“Yes, way.  I was like dude, you are never going to get this smell out of your car. But, what about you? You been on any bad dates?”
“Uh…” He squinted his eyes, and stared at the ceiling before turning to her. “I went out on a date with this girl and we uh…we brought the same purse and she was super upset about it and refused t’go, so technically it wasn’t really a date.”
“Oh, that is so lame!” Y/N exclaimed.
“It was. It was pretty sad.”
“That reminds me of this one guy I met on Tinder.” 
They could’ve stood there forever, laughing, gasping, and telling stories of some of their most embarrassing dates and moments, because in the moment, it’d felt like time had stopped. It was just the two of them, having one of the most exhilarating conversations they’d ever had in their entire lives.
Harry had never felt so connected to someone before, almost feeling like she was in his brain, or like they were the same exact person, with the way she finished his sentences, or said exactly what he was thinking before he even could. Any thought that came to his mind, he could say, completely at ease as if he was just talking to a best friend, and his once racing heart had relaxed, but the butterflies in his stomach never stopped. 
“All this talk about dates is making me so hungry.” 
“This is making me so hungry.” She said at the same time as him, and they laughed for the millionth time that night, despite how sore their stomachs were from doing so.
When Harry reached for his phone to check for any updates regarding their order, the doorbell rang.
“Oh, finally!” Y/N yelled excitedly as they both rushed to the door, where Laura, the owner’s wife stood with a large paper bag in her hand and the sweetest of smiles.
Her red hair stood out against her all black work clothes, which Harry had complimented the very first time they’d met.
“Hi, Harry! I have your food.” She greeted.
As happy as Harry was to see her, he was a bit confused. Laura was one of the owners, not a driver.
“Good evenin’ Laura, thanks! I didn’t know y’did the deliveries now.”
“Oh, I don’t. We don’t even deliver actually, but Vinny said you called and asked if we delivered. We felt so bad about what happened, so we decided to do a special delivery, just for you. On us!” She enthusiastically pushed the bag towards him, and he grabbed it.
“Enjoy! Hopefully it can make up for tonight. Also, you look stunning, darling.” 
Y/N’s face immediately lifted up into a smile at the compliment, as her skin grew warm.
“Thank you so much!”
They wished each other goodbye, followed by endless ‘thank you’s’ from Harry regarding their free meal, before he shut the door and looked down at the bag with a puzzled expression.
“Didn’t we just order spaghetti?” It was far too heavy and large to have just been two orders of spaghetti.
“Let’s find out.” Y/N quipped, far too hungry and impatient to waste any more time.
It wasn’t her house, but she hastily took the lead back to Harry’s kitchen and slid onto one of his bar stools. He’d had a different idea in mind, as he’d walked towards his dining table, finding it to be much more romantic and elegant. But she already looked comfortable, and from her wide eyes and swinging legs, he could tell she couldn’t wait any longer, so he walked towards her and placed the bag onto the marble.
“I’ll get plates and forks, why don’t y’look inside.” He smiled, and she wasted no time digging into it.
Inside sat dozens of aluminum containers filled with various types of pasta, that’d been cooked in a variety of sauces, garlic knots, bread sticks, a small cheese pizza, a large caesar salad, and some zeppole for dessert.
“Holy shit.” Y/N marveled as Harry grabbed two plates.
“There’s a whole feast in here.”
The smell was mouth watering. Fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic, Y/N was sure that it tasted just as good.
As Harry rounded the island back to her, she began to pull out all of the dishes. 
“Wow, they really did pack an entire feast.”
Harry watched eagerly as Y/N lined up each container across the counter, not even knowing where he’d start once they began to eat. Perhaps the linguini alfredo, or maybe the tomato basil penne.  How about dessert first? 
“Well, what are you waiting for? I thought you were hungry.” Y/N teased as she reached for plain old spaghetti. Not wasting a single second to serve herself a large portion as soon as Harry slid her a plate. It was enough food to feed a family for days, but neither of them cared as they dug and twisted their forks into the best pasta they’d ever had in their lives. Carelessly slurping and eventually not bothering to serve themselves, eating straight out of the same containers. 
For Harry, it was almost as if he was back in Italy. Having spent many summers there, he knew what good Italian food was, and this was it. Neither of them could get enough as warm, crispy garlic knots were stuffed into their mouths, washed down with wine that was expensive enough to cover four month’s rent. 
“This is the best food I’ve ever had.” Y/N gushed before shoving a forkful of penne into her mouth.
“I know. I go all the time, this is exactly how they make it in Italy.” 
“Oh right. You go there all the time, which I’m super jealous of by the way. I’ve always wanted to go, and just visit every single city. Maybe someday.” 
“I could take you.” It wasn’t supposed to have come out, as Harry had planned for it to merely be a thought, a dream, a goal. Not something he told her on the first date. 
You idiot.
It’s your first date and you’re already planning romantic getaways.
But, Y/N’s eyes lit up, and her fork dropped into her plate with a loud clang. 
“You would do that?!” She was excited, but quickly got emotional as her eyes grew glossy and her hands laid on her chest. 
The fact that he’d even suggest to make one of her lifelong dreams come true someday, and take time out of his incredibly busy schedule to do it was enough to make her heart do cartwheels. But more-so because it indicated that he had plans of keeping her around for a while, and her reaction sent Harry’s own heart into a frenzy.  
“In a heartbeat. ‘s no problem, really.” 
“Are you just saying that so I’ll have to go on more dates with you?”
He laughed before taking a sip of his wine.
“Maybe! I’ve got y’hooked now.” 
They grew full very quickly, and it wasn’t long until they were slouched and leaning back against their chairs. Relaxed due to the wine in their system, and finally getting to know more about each other. Harry listened intently as she recalled stories of her childhood, and more importantly, how she told them. When mentioning the beach where she spent many summers with her family, her eyes were wide and her hands were animated, flying all over the place to help carry the story and emphasize how those were the best times of her life. With hands clasped over her heart, he heard detailed stories of every pet she’d ever owned. And with sad eyes, and her walls bravely down, she explained heartaches that ultimately led to who she was today. If anyone ever asked, he’d be able to give them a detailed list of every hobby she’d engaged in since age five, and what she was really passionate about now with no hesitation. 
As she talked, he’d often chip in with his own experiences. Stories from his hometown, and keeping count of every time he’d made her laugh. Like when he’d told her about his hamster named Hamster, or how he worked in a bakery but never actually baked anything, just brags about it to sound cool. His mum, his sister, which was no surprise to Y/N, and how it’d mostly been just them three growing up, along with his cats which he mentioned just to see her smile. 
He didn’t understand how he could be both fascinated by her, in a way that intimidated him, and yet comfortable enough to relay anything on his mind to her with absolutely no worry or doubt. He could speak to her forever and never get bored, and he wanted to, but he knew all too well that all good things must come to an end. That was made evidently clear when she got a text and read the time displayed above it.
“Oh shit.”
“It’s eleven.” 
She’d arrived at eight, but the time had flown fast and both of their hearts sunk at the realization that their night had to come to an end. Their disaster of a night had turned into one of the best dates that they’d both ever had.
“I’ll order you an Uber? Maybe with the way our nights gone it’ll never show up! Then y’can stay with me forever.”  They both giggled as he reached for his phone.
“You’d get sick of me.”
“I couldn’t.” He’d been focused on his phone, but looked into her eyes just to say that, and of course see her squirm when he did it.
“‘kay it says ‘s gonna be here in six minutes.” 
Neither of them wanted to get up, especially when they were stuffed, but eventually pulled themselves off of their chairs and placed lids on each container, with Harry insisting that she takes a few or ‘his trainer will kill him’, and her not hesitating for a second. She swung the bag onto her wrist and they walked as slowly to the front door as they could, with Harry, hands in his pocket, already reminiscing about their night. She’d be in his dreams that night, no doubt. And he’d be remembering the way his heart slammed against his chest for an eternity, and those damn butterflies in his stomach. He’d be remembering that dress she wore, her smile, and the sneezing fit.  Cringing at the ordeal at the restaurant for years to come, but secretly thanking everyone who showed up, as their date at home was much more intimate than it would’ve been at the restaurant. All of it, he’d be cherishing close to his heart, and hopefully the moment that the night had led up to. The one he’d secretly anticipated all evening and had dreamt about all week.
“Well.” She spoke softly. 
Her body was only a few short inches away from his, as they stared into each other’s eyes. Trying to read and predict each other, and anticipate their next steps. Trying to find comfort and courage to do what they’d always wanted to do. Harry was known to be confident, “a lady’s man” to the media, but right now his stomach was doing backflips as he tried to give himself pep talks. 
Go for it.
The Uber’s almost here, just do it.
So he leaned in, hesitatingly at first, but his body never fully stopped. His hands followed, as they lifted up to cup her cheeks, and when she didn’t move, he pulled her close to him. His heart beat loudly in his ears, as he felt as if he was moving in slow motion towards her lips, and he prayed that she couldn’t feel his shaking hands.
Right when his lips were about to brush against hers, she turned her head to the side, and he pulled away just as quickly.
His brain flooded with reasons as to why she didn’t want to kiss him. Maybe she’d changed her mind and didn’t like him anymore, or as much as he’d thought. Maybe she doesn’t kiss on the first date, maybe she thinks his mustache will tickle. Of course all but the obvious.
“I taste like pizza.” She blurted out, before he could apologize for any possible misinterpretations. He stared at her blankly as her mind relaxed for a second, before he let out a laugh.
“So do I.” Then his lips were smoothing onto hers. It was soft, and gentle, but the euphoria coursing through Harry’s veins was intense. If he listened quietly enough, he’d hear fireworks going off as the world froze for just a few seconds. 
When they pulled back he knew they had to do it again, and again, and again and they would. Thankfully, he knew he hadn’t scared her away, because one thing was for certain between the two of them: It was a bad first date, it was the first of many.
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watermelonlovershigh · an hour ago
(concept) how harry would react to you giving him a little cake that says “ i love your dick” for his birthday like after you guys get home from his moms house then you guys just make sweet sweet love and maybe watch a movie after
AN: this has sat in my inbox for months and i'm trying to write out some requests. i originally typed this out on my phone and it was gonna be way longer but..... well i'm gonna make it super short because i want to get it out but don't have time to write it super lengthy. hope that's okay. also this can be LHH due to the photo i'm using because he has long hair in it.
Tumblr media
You've just got home from your boyfriend Harry's mum's house where he had a small, private birthday party that only included close family and friends. You're both pretty exhausted from all the socializing you've had to do through-out the day as well and hope to go to bed soon. Or more so in bed but maybe not sleep, *wink* *wink*. You just need to make a pit stop in the kitchen because Harry has a little surprise waiting for him in the fridge.
As you step into the kitchen, you get overly excited to share what you'd made Harry this morning before he'd woken up. It's a cake that you wrote "I Love Your Dick" on the top with rainbow frosting.
"Wait there, babe." you instruct Harry giddily.
"Alright m'love. I'll even turn around so you know I'm not looking." Harry replies back.
You grab the cake out the refrigerator and walk up behind Harry. Then you say in a more seductive tone, "Okay, turn around."
He turns around and after allowing his eyes to adjust to the lighting in the room, looks down at the cake you're holding up. "Wha....what is this?" Harry questions with the biggest smile on his face.
"Made it for you this morning while you were still in bed asleep. Had to hide it from you when you came to get your breakfast this morning too." you respond with an equally big smile.
Stepping a bit closer to get a better look at the cake, Harry asks, "Is this your way of seducing me, huh? Writing how much you like my dick on a cake."
"Well, I was thinking....."
Lets just say everything after that was a blur. Harry took the cake from your hands and grabbed a knife to cut you both a piece. He sat you up on the counter top and fed the slice of cake to you and you fed him his slice of cake. You started making out while eating the cake. Things progressively got more heated.
After eating the slices of colorful cake in the kitchen around midnight, Harry picked your body up from the counter and carried you to your shared bedroom. On the way, he couldn't stop kissing down your neck and you couldn't stop grinding your throbbing pussy anywhere you could on his body.
You attempted to take each others clothes off on the way as well but that lead to Harry almost falling over and so you decided to wait on that part. But waiting wasn't for long because before you knew it, you made it to the bedroom and clothes were quickly shed and both your naked bodies were on the king sized bed, where you made love to Harry. It was his birthday after all.
Your body on top, riding his cock. Your hands in his disheveled long hair, pulling slightly and massaging at his scalp. Your naked breasts rubbing against his chest, allowing Harry to feel your hard nipples on his skin. Your face in his neck, hot breath cooling his sweaty skin.
Harry couldn't have asked for a better birthday and to finish his birthday in bed with his love, having some hot, steamy sex, just made it even better.
(remember, no tag list for blurbs under 600 words. this has about 533 words.)
Check out my newest blurb here that deserves more attention >>>>
Hitachi Vibrator Kitchen Surprise (SMUT) (sub!harry ?) /blurb/
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lovecanyon · 2 months ago
paparazzi problems
dad!harry x y/n
When Harry posted a Instagram post revealing the birth of his new child, the public went crazy, over forty million people liked his post on the platform.
The birth of Beau Styles was something the public talked about for months.
Everyone knew Y/N lived a completely different life than him, wasn’t really famous like Harry’s previous girlfriends but she somehow always gotten followed by men with cameras.
Traveling with a six month year old was a struggle but the young couple made it work. Harry wanted to cancel the tour even because he didn’t want to leave his newborn so Y/N decided to go with him.
Harryween was finished and the couple decided to stay in New York. Tribeca is where they decided to have dinner with Tommy and Jeff, Beau in his stroller —.
Paparazzi had been tipped off by a fan earlier that harry took a picture with before going inside the restaurant which meant a crowd of fans and paparazzi were hanging out in the front.
The new mother was anxious once she heard Jeff whisper something to Harry and their security guard as they stayed waiting at the door. He turns to her offering out his hand.
“Baby let me carry the car seat it’ll be faster.” Harry tells her making her nod. He quickly gets the car seat out of the stroller before Jeff moves to fold it, holding it after.
Tommy goes to open the door as the security goes to guard Y/N and harry with Jeff behind them. Shouts were started to be thrown at the couple along with flashes from camera’s.
“Harry let us see the kid!”
“Is the kid really yours Harry!”
Y/N shakes her head and continues to make her way down the sidewalk with Harry right beside her holding the car seat with their sleeping child in it. The car door was prepared for them as another security was holding it open.
“Put him inside first.” She says to Harry making him nod. The security stays right beside him as Jeff and Tommy stay with Y/N.
As Harry starts to buckle Beau’s car seat a camera is suddenly being angled right next to the father’s head so they could see the child perfectly. that is what makes him loose it.
“Can you back the fuck up. I’m trying to get home with my girlfriend and child safely so get the cameras out of our faces.” He grits out pushing the flashing camera out of his face before turning to Y/N helping her inside the suv.
The crowd of fans seemed shocked because he has never yelled at anyone before not even paparazzi.
They don’t see how pissed off he was because of his mask hiding his face but you can tell by the furrow in his brows he wasn’t happy.
The paparazzi gives them space but not that much still surrounding them. Jeff whispers to Harry not to worry because if they got pictures of Beau they would get sued immediately.
Once they all get in the vehicle, Harry leans over the car seat that was placed in the middle and gives his wife a dimpled smile.
“You alright darling?” He asks as Y/N rubbing his hand on her cheek.
“I am alright. Thank you H.” She reassures him before giving him a kiss making him smile into it.
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purplekiwis · 3 months ago
subrry idea. It's harry's birthday so he shaves and cleans up because he wants to be fingered and he's all excited because you guys haven't done that for a long time because you've been too busy. But then you come home and he notices your new fake nails and he gets all sad and pouty and you ask him why and he says "just wanted you to finger fuck me for my birthday but you can't with those on" then you go in to the bathroom and remove them however you do that idk and he's all happy and spreads himself out for you and all night you're fucking him open
subrry blurb: make it good. make it messy.
Thank you lovely anon! 💌 This prompt was so much fun to work on 😈
Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Mild Angst, Fluff
Wordcount: 4k
Y/N has always been a very loving Dom.
It's true, she really has... she loves to cuddle, make little surprises, give kisses... but when it comes to Harry, she truly believes she's the worst she's ever been.
Way too yielding. Way too giving. Way too permissive.
She doesn't ever take away his orgasms, much less comfort gestures, like kisses and cuddles... unless she's legitimately upset at him, of course. But Harry is usually a very nice partner, so they never really get into serious arguments or give each other the silent treatment.
It has worked for them so far… although Y/N still makes sure to keep an attentive eye on Harry, because he has a tendency to push his own limits and to not be too vocal about his discomfort. Especially when he gets in a more vulnerable headspace. He doesn't do it on purpose... he does it because he wants to be good for you, and because the trauma from his past relationship sometimes still makes him believe you will get upset and leave him if he doesn't go along with every single thing that you say.
Leaving him for something like that would never cross your mind, obviously... but Harry is still healing and learning that his comfort, happiness and opinions should be just as important as his Dom's.
He's made wonderful progress since you first met him... He has stopped measuring his words in fear you'll patronize him, doesn't think he'll get punished for being needy or asking for attention anymore, and has even stopped expecting you to get angry for the smallest reasons... but sometimes he still has slips... where he starts to shrink and retreat into himself like he used to do around his ex-girlfriend, Ava.
Ava was the reason Y/N got to meet Harry, actually.
The two girls had connected through a BDSM dating site many moons ago. At the time, Y/N hadn't been looking for any sort of arrangement... She had just left one, and was only looking to meet nice people with alike minds she could have interesting conversations with... and perhaps the occasional sexcapade, if things worked out that way, but she didn't really have any expectations... until she met Ava and Harry. They seemed fun. Both were very attractive, lived relatively close by... and coincidentally happened to be looking for someone to join them for a little fun.
They had arranged a meeting through Skype first. Originally just for a friendly night chat, but then of course... one suggestive joke led to another, and things ended up getting a little steamy in front of their webcams.
They still did the videocall sex thing a couple more times, until Ava finally invited Y/N to come "have a drink and hang out" with them at her apartment one Friday night.
And although upon meeting Ava and Harry in person, Y/N couldn't help but sense something might be little off with them as a couple, she had decided not to focus on it too much. Whatever it was, it didn't make her feel unsafe in their company, nor did it reflect itself on the sex they ended up having... and that was all Y/N was there for.
She just wanted a free and easy night. A couple of drinks. A nice chat, and a long overdue fuck that wouldn't make her feel guilty about leaving right away after the deed was done...
She should have known better.
“I'm gonna go for a smoke in the balcony.” Ava said, jumping off the bed where she had been laying down, putting on a black silky robe and fishing her pack of cigarettes from her purse. “Care to join me, Y/N?”
“Uh... sure, but-” Your eyes drifted between her and her partner still laying on the bed. “...What about your boyfriend?” You questioned, finding her proposition a bit odd given the fact that being left alone after a scene was something that would be very triggering for most Subs. Especially if they turned out to experience a Sub-drop.
“He doesn't smoke.” She said nonchalantly.
“Yeah, but aren't you gonna like-” You began to question, but then realized that maybe inviting you for a smoke was her way of politely inviting you out of the room. Then maybe she would pretend to have forgotten her lighter or something and come back to take care of her boyfriend. “I don't mind leaving right away or stepping outside to give you guys some alone time... I know it's always a bit awkward to go through these things with someone else around…”
Ava rolled her eyes, scoffing some. “You guys and those stupid aftercare routines. He's an adult. Doesn't need to be spoiled and babied any more than he already was” The girl spat cruelly, heading for the door. “Are you not coming?” She still asked from the threshold.
“Uh, no... I don't really feel like smoking. Thanks for offering though.” You faked a smile, reaching down to collect your underwear from the floor.
And just like that she left for her cigarette, leaving a very fragile looking Harry on the bed, and a very upset Y/N kneeling next to her underwear on the floor with furrowed brows, bewildered at the utter carelessness the girl was showing.
Y/N didn't like that attitude.
What kind of Dom thinks like that about their Sub? She wasn't doing aftercare? She was just using his body as she pleased, calling him all those degrading mean names Y/N was never truly a fan of and leaving him to get over it? Even worse, she left him alone with a guest he'd just met and more likely than not made him feel uneasy to a degree.
Y/N didn't like this Ava girl at all.
And although she usually knew better than to overstep into another couple's dynamic, on that specific occasion she couldn't not do just that. As a Dom, Y/N had a very protective and caring personality... she liked to play mean, sure - but truly, she was the farthest thing from that... what made it impossible for her to stick to the original plan (get fucked, get dressed, and get going) after noticing there was a very sweet looking boy coiled in bed, probably feeling used and neglected with his own cum drying on his stomach and both her and another girl's juices all over his skin. “Harry... do you know where Ava keeps her wipes?”
He didn't respond, just pointed towards her dressing table. After spotting the package right away, perched next her make-up bag, you took it, having a sit next to Harry. “Shh, you can relax... I'm just going to get you cleaned up a bit, okay?” You told upon noticing he was staring, confused. “Would you like that? or do you prefer for me not to touch? I can leave, if you want me to.”
“I don't want to annoy you.” He replied in a low grumble. “Ava says I'm annoying when I ask her not to leave for a cigarette.”
“Does she?” Your brows rose slightly. Not that you were that surprised, but it was still disconcerting to hear. “I don't think you're annoying, Harry. I think that's a very sweet thing to ask...” You told as you wiped his face gently. “I also think it's very- Oh! 'm sorry...” You sputtered once he squirmed suddenly, right when you started cleaning him a bit further down, over his stomach. “These always feel so cold, don't they? Here-” you said, blowing hot hair over the wipe and smiling before taking it back to his skin. The unexpected gesture got him to smile too. “That's a bit better, isn’t it?”
“Mhm, better.” Harry nodded, still smiling. “Do you always take care of your Sub like this? After sex.”
“I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but if I did then yes, I would.” You explained, disposing the wipes on the room's paper basket, and adjusting the blankets around Harry's body for warmth and comfort. He looked mesmerized. Pretty green eyes glowing like he was in the presence of an angel. “Something tells me you don’t get this much, do you?” You asked, beginning to comb your fingers through his hair. “You should rest...” You added once he didn't answer, noticing his eyes beggining to flutter, despite him trying his hardest to keep them open. “I'll be right here next to you until Ava comes... I'm sure she's almost back from her cig- ” You stopped yourself mid-sentence, tilting your head towards the door upon identifying the familiar sound of a shower starting to run. “...Or not.”
“Still stay? Please?” Harry inquired sleepily, completely ignorant to the way you were starting to get goosebumps just from playing with his hair. This is exactly why you didn't want to stay. You got attached too easily. Harry was cute and adorable like a puppy.... and you've always had this stupid, annoying tendency to fall for vulnerable people in knotty situations. You've googled it before... turns out it's a real thing called “the white knight syndrome”, but thankfully yours just scratches the surface... or at least that's what you're choosing to believe.
“I'm still staying until she's back... don't worry. I won't leave you alone.” You assured him, snuggling closer on the bed to cuddle his body from outside the blankets. Harry softened under your touch, satisfied even with the fabric layers keeping your skins from touching. And after a while, lulled by his steady breathing, you too couldn't help but fall asleep.
It goes without saying that when Ava finally came back, she didn't much like what she saw.
Which was legitimate, Y/N could give her that, what she couldn't get a hang of was why she had started yelling and accusing her of being a “homewrecker slut” who was trying to steal her Sub. She wasn't. It didn't even cross her mind... Y/N was just taking care of Harry because it was the minimum she could do. He deserved to feel safe and seen in his smallness, and since his partner was failing to provide that for him, Y/N felt the need to step in. If Ava hadn't been such a dismissive, shit Dom, this situation would have never happened.
After she got kicked out of the apartment, Y/N never had the intention of contacting either of them ever again... but she can't say she was entirely put off when Harry texted her months later asking if she would like to grab a coffee with him sometime.
She went. It was wonderful. They clicked right away... and things only got so much better on the second, third and all the dates that followed.
It's still crazy to think of it sometimes.
That the two of you are now living together, practically married.
There are very few things you are sure of in your life, but the one you're most sure of is that you have somehow been lucky enough to have met your person in that downtown apartment 3 years ago.
Harry is it for you.
And you make sure to let him know all the time, just so he never forgets how much you love him... what you also make sure to never let him forget, is how much of a brat he is.
He'd been in a mood ever since you came back from your nail appointment that morning. Why? Fuck if you knew… all you knew was that it was pissing you right off.
The two of you were going to be hosting a dinner party for Harry’s birthday that evening, so naturally, you thought it to be the perfect excuse to do something different and fun with your nails for a change. You’d added a little more length than usual, and painted them a pretty, blueish grey color.
You were over the moon with them. As soon as you got home you went to search for Harry to show him... thinking he was going to love them as much as you did, since the pastel shades of blue always seemed to be his favorite. Only when you'd showed him, his body stiffed. He frowned a bit, glancing away as he told you they looked nice.
“Do you not like them?” You insisted, spreading your fingers, and staring at your own nails.
“I do. They look very nice.” He'd replied pressingly, although the way he was avoiding your eyes said otherwise.
You stared down at your nails again. They looked pretty. It was impossible for Harry to think they didn't. “Do you want me to paint yours too?” You proposed, guessing that perhaps he was upset because he wished he had gotten pretty nails for his birthday as well. He hadn't gotten them done in a while, and it was something you knew he enjoyed doing a lot more than he ever cared to admit. “I have new shimmers and colors from Essie to pick from...” You crooned persuasively, loosely slinging your arms around his hips to draw him closer.
“No, don’t bother... I don't really care to get my nails done for tonight.” Harry countered, tugging your hands off his body and warding off to another room of the house.
There was a puzzled grimace taking over your features watching him go.
Your fingers pressed together into clenched fists, feeling something wild beginning to bubble lightly in your veins. Part of you wanted to go after him, drag him to his knees by the hair and force him to use his mouth to wordlessly apologize for turning his back to you like that. But then again, you shouldn't. For multiple reasons:
1) He would probably enjoy that too much.
2) You wanted to save the sex stuff for later.
3) You were going to have people over in a couple of hours and there was still a lot of shit left to do.
With a huff, you decided to let the attitude slide. Going in the kitchen instead to start moving things forward for that night’s dinner party. While preparing the elaborate marinade for your roast chicken, you made a mental reminder to book Harry a session as well next time you called the nail place for an appointment. Jealous little brat.
Despite your firm belief that you had already figured what Harry's problem was, you still tried to get him to tell you what was wrong a few times throughout the rest of the day… but any time you asked, he kept acting like he was never even upset in the first place.
And truly, he was convincing… you might have even believed him, if only he hadn’t gone the whole dinner without paying you any attention. Actually, the only time he’d leaned for a kiss and hug was when you handed him the birthday gift you’d saved for the party (you’d gotten him others, but this was the one you had determined to be that year's main one). And yes, the fact that he’d kissed and hugged you could have soothed your nerves a bit… if only when you tried to hold his hand under the table right after, he hadn’t pulled away and said he didn’t feel like touching - despite the neediness in his eyes telling a very different story.
By the time you had finished eating, you had already realized that his moodiness towards you couldn’t just be due to him being jealous of your manicure… but, you had also figured whatever it was couldn't be that serious of a matter... because apparently, he was in a great mood for everyone else!
It really felt like you were the only person he wasn't taking notice of. Which was driving you even madder... Not only because you had gotten him a delicious 8 layer red velvet birthday cake from his favorite bakery, spent all afternoon preparing a nice dinner for his party, and gifted him a fancy, personalized leather wallet engraved with his name on it (that, for the record... cost way more than you'd ever be willing to spend on a purse for yourself), but because you had legitimately done nothing wrong!
You were totally already beginning to lose your patience by then…
But the last straw had to be when you tried to grab his attention by lovingly scratching at his nape, only for him to roll his eyes at you and carry on talking to your friends.
That was it. You had officially lost it.
The first opportunity you caught him alone, you grabbed his wrist and began to pull him towards the kitchen. Harry was already a little tipsy from the Sangria he’d been drinking, so he didn’t question it. He went with it easily, smiling and turning a deaf ear once your friends started bandying and making suggestive quips, regarding where and what the two of you were off to.
Little did they know their dear friend was in for it… and definitely not in a good way.
For his and your sake, you really were hoping he would drop the attitude as soon as you got to the kitchen... otherwise, he was quite likely about to get his ass spanked raw from a wooden spoon. Door open for everyone to see. “Just because I never took away your orgasms, doesn't mean I won't start now.” You started, closing the door behind you and shoving him by the collar against the pantry. “I don't give a fuck what day it is. You better tell me what has gotten into you once and for all before I make you cry real tears on your fucking birthday.”
Harry was aroused by your tone; It was written all over his face...
That was why you chose to finish your statement off by pressing your lips on his, the contrast between the roughness of your words and your affection turning him into a mess of want and need. He practically moaned once your hands cupped his bum over his jeans. Your body keeping him pined against the pantry door as you made out in the kitchen like two teenagers sneaking away from a crowded house party. “I wanted you to finger me tonight...” He admitted in between kisses. The effects of the alcohol and despair finally loosening his tongue. “But you got the nails so now you can't. It's why I got all moody over them... 'cause it was my special day and I wasn't getting what I wanted... I'm sorry. I know it's stupid.”
“Your feelings aren't stupid, Harry. We've been over this...” You chastised, pulling away to cradle his throat as you looked into his eyes. “You being bad and keeping them from me is, though... because now, once everyone leaves, you know what's going to happen don't you?” He pouted, pretending to be disheartened even though he was well aware your punishment threats held nothing but promises of a great, intense sex night for him. “Once they leave, I want you to go into our room and wait for me on the bed. You’ll have to wait for a little bit because there’s something I need to take care of first…” His lip immediately jutted out in protestation. He hated when you made him wait for playtime. “Don’t you dare whine about it. I don’t want to hear it.” You shut him up, not giving him the chance to complain. “Or would you rather I shove a plug up your ass and leave you to think about what you did instead?” He shook his head quickly, face dropping at the prospect of spending the whole night plugged up with an achy prick. “You’ve been very bad, Harry. You’re lucky I’ve been dying to get in your pants all day, otherwise I would probably do just that. Needy brat.”
Harry was exceptionally good after your little encounter in the kitchen. A bit clingy, yes. But you couldn't honestly say you minded it after he had mulishly kept you deprived of his affection for hours. It was like night and day. Once the needy puppy in him finally came out, he could no longer keep his hands off you. Not in a overly naughty way, but enough to make it known to your friends that the two of you were looking forward to some alone together time.
Just like you had instructed earlier, as soon as everyone left, you sent Harry off to your bedroom. You walked inside with him, but while he layed on the bed fiddling with his phone, you locked yourself in the bathroom and pulled out a nail clipper and file, to try to shorten and fix your nails. It wasn't going to be an easy task... and definitely very time consuming, since they were thick, gel nails. It's why you ended up saying “fuck it” and doing just the ones that would be needed for the situation.
And lord, it looked absolutely sinful...
There was really no room for doubt as to what kind of purpose you had gotten two shorter nails in your right hand for. But little did you know that, in terms of sinfulness, your nails were nothing compared to the lascivious view you were about to be presented with as you walked back inside your room.
While you had been busy in the bathroom, Harry had apparently decided to switch his dinner clothes for a pajama t-shirt... and conveniently forgone everything else. No pants. No underwear.
He was laying on his belly, sprawled on top of the quilt with one of his legs bent at the knee, what cleverly accentuated each line and curve of his perfectly sculpted, hairless body.
You didn’t mind when Harry didn't shave, you loved his body hair... but there was something so tempting about seeing him all smooth. Perhaps it was the naughtiness of it... knowing he had purposefully spent time shaving every single curve and bend, just so you couldn't keep from having your hands all over him all the time. And acting all innocent on top of it… pretending to be asleep with his cock and bum fully out… fucking tease.
As you settled yourself on the bed beside him, your hand immediately went to cradle his ass. You wanted to spank it red, but Harry looked genuinely sleepy, and you didn't want to stir him awake abruptly like that. So, you leaned down, mouth searching for the crease of his neck so that you could kiss it all over as your hand rubbed at his ass cheeks. “What's all this, hm?” You asked, groping the mushy flesh in your hands, teasing it beneath your fingers. “So, this is why my good boy has been acting up all day... ‘cause he wanted me to pull his pants down and find this perfect, smooth little ass...” You gave it a firm slap, earning a soft, sleepy whimper from him. “Fuck me, look at these peachy cheeks... just begging for someone to take a big bite out of them...”
“I wasn't acting up...” He grumbled. The sound muffled by the pillow he was still pressing his face against.
“Liar.” You chastised with another slap to his bum. “So... you wanted to have this ass finger fucked for your birthday... such a little whore, making me give up my pretty nails just so you can get what you want.” He didn't answer, just smirked against the pillow. “You're not going to answer me?” The smile on his face spread wider, as he wiggled his bum against your hand with a provoking little “Nuh-uh”. – “Oh, so you're still being a brat... that's okay, you know I'm always in the mood to give a good spanking.”
The next few minutes were filled with nothing but the repetitive harsh noises your palm made with each smack to his ass, and the soft cries and ‘uhs’ that followed them, escaping through Harry's gritted teeth.
He had always been a sucker for a good spanking... you on the other hand, were a sucker for seeing him wabble around the house avoiding certain seats the next day because his cheeks were still sensitive and aching. “What should I do with you now, hm?” Your hand dipped down to stroke his cock, that was pressed down between him and mattress. Poor baby… you had barely even started, but he had already gone so hard just from a couple of spanks that he couldn’t even lie down properly anymore. “…Could always go get that toy you like, I suppose…” You wondered out loud, knowing it would make him gasp. “The thick, long one that always makes you tear up a little bit when I push in… ‘cause it’s just so big, isn’t it? But you always take it so well after, cum so good from it hitting all your spots…”
“No no no. Just your hands. Please just- give me your fingers. I don't want toys. Just want to take you. Spread me. Make me full of you. Just want to be full with you.” He pleaded, twisting his neck back for you to kiss him.
You did, but not before taking your fingers to your mouth. Coating them with a generous amount of spit before bringing them back down to brush over his sensitive hole. The angsty moan that left him at the feeling was ripened into a pleased hum once you leaned in to connect your lips to his.
Whenever toys were involved, you always made sure to use a decent lube or glide, but right then... you were far too in the moment to pause things, and Harry didn’t seem too keen on stopping to grab the bottle either. You pushed your fingers in slowly, drawing a breath once you felt his hole clenching tightly around your digits. “Are you okay? Do you want me to go get the lube?”
“No, please don’t stop. I can take it. Promise I can take it.” Upon his confirmation, you nudged even deeper. Searching for that sweet spot that never failed to make his toes curl. You kept your mouths pressed together as you fingered him at a slow pace, just so you could drink every single moan and whimper that left his lips. Planning to keep on kissing them from beginning to end.
He tried to roll on the bed to get a hold of his swollen cock, but you didn’t let him. Slinging your leg around his waist to keep him lying on his belly. “Ah, ah! Don't even think about it, puppy... Focus on my fingers stretching your bum. It was what you wanted, wasn't it?” Harry nodded, biting his lip and pressing himself back against your hand. Fucking himself on your fingers. “It better be. 'Cuz this is all you'll get tonight.” He moaned at that, pushing his bum up to give you better access. “That's right, I went and clipped off my pretty nails just so I could finger this greedy ass... least you can do is be a good boy and cum from it. Make it good too. Make it messy.”
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First encounter.
Tumblr media
a/n: harry in italy? we love to see it. painter harry (and painter yn)? yup, we also love to see it. this is going to be a trope (kind of???) with many parts and many cute little things
please reblog if you enjoy this! it means A TON to us writers <333 muah, love you all!
word count: 1.7k
warnings: zilch
Harry’s running late. Really, really late.
Grabbing his book-bag with the zipper wide open, Harry rushes through his hotel room like a chicken with its head cut off, grabbing an apple he left on the nightstand from the night prior and his phone still connected to the charger.
Harry hated being late, and much more when it came to his classes. He felt like he was being watched, under hyper-fixated gazes about his every move being well aware that if his grade dropped to anything lower than a B, he would get kicked out of the art program and be sent back home. That was the last thing he wanted. This scholarship to the program abroad to Italy meant the world to him. It meant opening new doors, making new connections, finding new inspirations. Nothing seemed more perfect in Harry’s eyes.
Finally outside, Harry rushes to the Vespa he’s rented for his stay while in Italy, cursing at himself for missing the keyhole twice before finally making it in and turning on the scooter. He was thankful that the classes were close to where he was staying, but nonetheless, he was late and already beating himself up for it.
Harry parked quickly, looking at the time when he realizes that the class had already started, and he probably looked like a maniac. He didn’t have time to do his hair. He put on the first thing he could find, grabbed his bag and flew out the door.
“Fuck,” Harry huffed, closing the book-bag when he realized he probably left it opened the whole time he was on the scooter, praying that nothing flew out. Well, all he really had were his favorite paint brushes and replacements just in case. Maybe a couple of useless papers with some sort of awful note taking because lord knows Harry isn’t the best at it. That’s just how he is. Words aren’t his thing.
Rushing in, Harry sulks when his bag dropped from his shoulder, his brushes falling from the smaller pocket. Harry’s cheeks immediately turned red, feeling like all the eyes in the room were placed on him and his incoordination from the moment he walked in. With shaky hands, Harry picks up every brush as soft pants left his lips, still out of breath from his rushing since the moment he opened his eyes. Harry finally stands straight, the professor looking at him sternly with her arms crossed in front of her chest.
He felt like he was being scrutinized under her gaze, like if he said one wrong thing, he was going to be sent to the lion’s den.
“Io… Mi dispiace tanto, professore. Io… non succederà più.”
Professor Vitale pursed her lips, giving him a pointed look then pointed her chin towards the only empty stool left in the room.
Harry nodded sharply, taking long and fast strides to the stool, sitting down with a sigh of relief once he was no longer being looked at by everyone.
The center of the room held a round, cherry wood table. It was adorned with a basket filled with fruits that were surely juicy and ready to be devoured. Only eight stools and eight easels in the room for each of the students, rounded about the table.
Harry could only see the big canvas before him, having to peak to the side to have a glimpse of the fruits, other than that all he could see was the back of everyone’s easel and canvas.
“Alright painters. Today we will all be interpreting Still Life painting. As we can all see, we’ve got a cesto di frutta. Obviously, we all see different things, right?”
The class collectively hummed, all peeking out to look at the basket.
Professor Vitale glances towards her watch, then looking back out to the class.
“We’ve got 4 hours. You may commence. Buona fortuna.”
Harry let out a deep breath, looking at all the acrylic paint on the easel as he tried to clear out his mind and focus on nothing else but the basket of fruits.
He began with his sketching pencil, tracing in light movements across the canvas, his mind picking and pointing out where everything would be. The cherry wood table, the basket with the fruits, and the pretty girl sat across from him.
The pretty girl sat across from him?
Harry peaked out again and he could see her. Maybe his mind subconsciously made her a part of his painting, finding her so beautiful and important to earn a spot on his blank canvas. And man, he didn’t fight it. The man would never lose the opportunity to paint something – someone so beautiful.
She never makes eye contact with him. She’s clearly focused, more focused than Harry. He notices how her eyebrows furrow, creasing in between when she focused on a part of the basket that he clearly couldn’t see from his stance. Her bottom lip rolls into her mouth, Harry picking apart that she is biting it from the way her jaw would repeatedly move to keep her lip rolled.
“Fuckin’ hell,” Harry whispers to himself, bringing himself back to reality – back to the main objective; the damn fruit basket (and the pretty girl across from him.)
Harry’s hands moved like muscle memory. It always comes easy to him, painting that is. It has been his passion since he could remember. Of course, there were harder days when Harry couldn’t find an inspiration but nonetheless, it is his talent, and he shines bright.
Halfway in, Harry was done with the cherry wood table and the basket. He knew that after he painted a simple background with the light shading, he could call Professor Vitale and let her know he was done. But that was far from the truth. Not until he was truly finished.
So, it came natural to Harry’s hand. Grabbing a clean brush, dipping into the paint, and outlining her face. It’s hard for him to stay on task. He finds himself staring for a few seconds too long before he’s back on the canvas, hand stroking the paintbrush softly.
Harry was truly amused that she still hadn’t managed to catch him looking. Was she just not one of those people that get that sense when someone is staring?
But oh no. Of course, Harry’s luck didn’t last that long. He peaked towards the side again, her doing the same but this time, her eyes don’t go to the basket. They land straight on Harry.
Harry gasped softly, moving his head back to hide behind the canvas as if it were his safe haven. His cheeks turned into the softest hues of red, feeling his heart racing at the fact that he just got caught staring at her. He waited a few seconds before thinking about peaking back, but he couldn’t bring himself to. He was too embarrassed.
He tried to keep on painting from memory, finding just a bit of success but he needed to look at her. Maybe just once more. He wanted to get the right shadings, if she had any freckles he could see from a few feet away.
Once that courage built up again inside of Harry, he took in a deep breath and peaked his head out again. She didn’t look up at him instantly. Perhaps she really didn’t get a sense and she just happened to catch him that one time.
Harry was able to get it all done beautifully, leaving his small signature at the bottom left corner of his painting, and just in time as the professor announced that their time was up.
“E hai finite! Ci vediamo la prossima settimana.”
Harry didn’t know why that same sense of urgency and humiliation he felt when he walked into class late came back creeping up on him. Mayhap it was the fact that everyone was staring at him with judging eyes for being late and loud. It drove him to grab his things and hurry out with the same haste, dying to just get away from the thought of being scrutinized by judgy eyes once more.
(Y/N) watched him hurry out with a small giggle, catching something fall from his pocket with a soft jingle, shining silver at her eyes from a few steps away of the door. She gathered her things a bit quickly, sprinting to grab whatever fell from his pocket and followed the man out of the class. It was his keys. She looked up, seeing him amongst a small crowd of people, still shooting quickly throughout the hall.
Her feet could barely allow her to catch up, feeling her breathing quicken and her chest heaving softly. She followed him towards the parking lot, seeing him patting himself down and she knew exactly what he was looking for.
“Looking for these?” The keychain dangled from her pointer finger and thumb, doing her best to hide the fact that she was out of breath and bent out of shape.
Harry looked up, his eyes widening when he realizes who was standing in front of him and holding the keys to his vespa.
“Oh, uh… yeah. Must’ve fallen out of my pocket on the way out. Thank you.” His voice came out low and shy, soft, and mellow. It was like listening to the most melodic tune, laced in a deep British accent that could be paralleled to a harp, playing a soft tune as angels flew around them. It made her heart skip a beat.
“It’s no problem, uh… What’s your name?” (Y/N) reached her hand out, placing his keys on his palm with a small smile.
“M’name’s Harry, yours?”
“It’s (Y/N). Nice to meet you, Harry. Ci vediamo la prossima settimana.” Harry was standing appalled as she flashed him a beautiful smile, then walked away. His name dripped from her tongue like honey dipped in gold. He wanted to hear it again. And again. And again. He stayed still like a statue for a few seconds, a huff leaving his lips when he pulls himself out of his dreamlike state and finally turns on the scooter to go back to the hotel.
His mind was consumed by (Y/N)’s beauty. He was enthralled by her lips. So plump and inviting, speaking the first words between them even if it was just to give him what he dropped back in class. They captivated him.
The drive to the hotel was fairly smooth, Harry thankful to not have been caught within the traffic of lunch hour. He rushed into the hotel, impatiently waiting in the elevator to reach his floor, zooming into his room.
Harry sighed deeply, then letting out a deep breath of relief to finally be in his own little bubble. While thinking of (Y/N).
God, those lips.
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your future
finally time to find your pleasing
Word count: 3679
A/N: hi friends! small chapter but it's sweet. pleasing was such a surprise and i felt it needed to be included even just a small moment. i do hope you continue reading, some good moments are approaching in the next coming chapters.
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warnings: smut, male receiving
love on tour series // previous part
Tumblr media
Glendale, Arizona
“This isn’t fun.”
“Bel, I’m literally—”
“—not you.”
He lets out a breath against you, making you tense up, “you’re throwing off my game.”
You laugh, feeling him crawling up, pressing kiss after kiss to your naked skin until he reaches your lips.
“I meant this heat. Sorry, you wanted the balcony open, and now the AC is off,” you ramble on as he tries to distract you with his lips.
“I’ll close it then.”
“Good, I didn’t want to get up to do it.”
“All this ignoring me as if I haven’t been trying my best to get a reaction out of you.”
You see the outline of his sweats and know he’s been wonderful, but all you focused on was the heat from outside and not the heat he was bringing you.
“Well, I like air conditioning. Sue me, boyfriend.” Harry rolls his eyes, getting off you to shut the doors. “Your moves are good,” you assure him.
He sends you a glare as he makes his way back over. “You’re not being nice.”
“Well, someone woke us up at the ass crack of dawn to work out.”
Harry mocks offense, “who did that? Should I fight him? I think I can take him.”
You bring your finger to your lips, thinking about it seriously for a second, “nah, look a little lean compared to him.”
“That’s it.” Harry jumps on you, tickling your sides as you try to squirm away from him. “Stop, stop, get away.”
Harry drops his weight on top of you, trapping you, “nope, not until you say you love me.”
You look up at him, the smirk wide on his face. “Te amo.”
He freezes, and you take the moment as an advantage to flip him, now straddling him. You smile down at him.
“Good enough?”
“Perfect.” He placed both his hands on either side of your face brushing your hair back studying your face. You gazed into his eyes. “You’re incredible. I love you.” He said in a whisper. His thumb brushing your bottom lip. You opened your mouth and licked his thumb, drawing it into your mouth to duck on it. And tilt your head leaning it into his hand. Harry groaned softly and lifted his hips, pressing his hard cock against you slightly.
Harry rolled you over, so he was on top again, and you let him take control. He caressed your face and gently kissed it.
He was tired of wasting time and leaned in to suck your nipple once and the cool air from the room on the wetness he left made your nipple hard. He brushed his finger over it lightly as he kissed your neck.
“Ready, sweetheart?”
You hum, “always, amor.”
Harry moves off the best to remove his sweats, and you can’t help but follow him. As he stands close to the edge of the bed, you lean forward, bringing Harry in closer to you. You brought him into your mouth, gripping his ass with your hands. You feel his body tighten in response to your warm mouth. Harry’s hands reach down to hold your hair back as he thrusts into your mouth lightly.
“Fuck,” Harry moans out into the room.
You grabbed it by the base and put one of his balls in your mouth, and hummed while stroking him up and down with your other hand.
“Baby,” Harry pulled you away gently, having to take a deep breath as he looked down at you, licking your lips.
“I was having fun,” you pout.
“I almost came, baby.”
You cross your ankles as you gaze up at Harry, “think I didn’t want that?” You lean in to take him again, but he stops you.
“No, fuck. You feel too good, don’t want to come yet.” He sat resting against the headrest. “Sit on my lap, baby.”
You sit up with glee, eager for the pleasure you’re about to surround yourself with. Harry, as always, has taken care of the condom. Fuck. You can’t even think of the day you decide to go bare. That’s a thought for another day.
You lower yourself onto his cock slowly. Lightly moaning into his shoulder as you take him in. You sit there on the bed, legs crossed behind one another as you rock slowly against each other. The caresses were light and down all over. Whispered, I love you behind every kiss. Your arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders as you kissed him harder, grinding into him deeper.
“Close, so close, amor.” Harry gently pressed on your clit and rocked into you. That was all you needed to overcome with pleasure.
You leaned all your weight on him as you relaxed. The tight pulsing sent Harry over the edge as he gripped your hips tightly as he came around you. His face nestled into your neck, biting softly.
After a few moments, both of you have caught your breath. You leaned back, looking into Harry’s mesmerizing green eyes. He was flushed and lips plush, and you couldn’t help but steal another kiss.
“Shower?” You brush the damp curls back and kiss his forehead. Harry smiled, bent his head to rest on your chest, and stood up, still connected.
You knew you were going to be in for a fun shower.
Tumblr media
Home of the Coyotes, Gila River Arena. All these arenas seemed to be hockey-owned, each the home of a team. You wondered honestly how long it’d take you to learn the roles and how much harder it could be than football…all those rules are pointless, nothing making sense.
You’d have to go see a hockey game sometime soon when their season began. If the stage Harry sang on was made this beautiful, you were curious how they got ice there. You were even more curious how the Zamboni glided on the ice to make it shine bright as new.
Sighing, you shake your head, knowing you’re getting off-topic and distracting yourself because there’s something you need to speak with Harry about.
You take a sip of your water before turning your attention to Harry.
“H, when we’re in LA—”
“—I’m excited, see some friends and get to stay in my house. We’ll do some cooking and lounging. Take you to the studio.”
“As wonderful as that sounds, I’ve got to work.”
“You’re filming?”
“Harry, stop guessing.”
He pauses, looking sheepish, “sorry, go on, love.”
“I’ve been enjoying tour and having all this freedom, but I’m also feeling stuck not doing much.”
“Oh, Bel.”
“I didn’t tell you because there was nothing you could do.” Harry’s frown depends, “you couldn’t stick me in front of a camera to act, not really.”
He chuckles, “right.”
“So I called Viola to see if she could find me something…anything.”
“And what did she find?”
“Well, I won’t be getting paid,” you joke.
Harry giggles, “Bel, darling.”
“I’m going to be shadowing a director. He’s a friend. Get to learn more, but be back in my environment,” you emphasize.
You know Harry and hope he doesn’t take offense. And to no surprise, he hugs you tight, showering you in kisses.
“That’s brilliant.”
“You think so?”
“Yes.” He kisses your lips as you laugh against him. “Who are you shadowing?”
“Alfonso Cuarón.”
Harry takes a minute to process to see if he knows. “I know him, Harry Potter director?”
You chuckle, nodding your head, “Prisoner of Azkaban.”
“He also did Roma, Gravity, Desierto. The list is long.”
“Yes. Well, he’s a Mexican director and just phenomenal.”
“Alfonso does good work.”
“He’s doing an Apple TV series and welcomed me. He knows I’m in the city for a few days, so I’m thankful he opened the doors for me.”
“You are brilliant, Bel.” You feel your face flush and hide your face in his neck. “The most sought out actress,” he continued his fawning.
“Okay, enough.”
“Aren’t you?”
You feel your face burning even more but agree, “I am.”
“Own it, baby.”
There’s a knock on the door, “come in.”
It’s Connie. She’s part of the camera crew from under the stage, making sure each graphic is displayed.
“Join us for dinner?”
You perk up at the thought of food and conversation with friends. “I’d love to.”
“We’d love to,” Harry corrects.
“Sorry, amor.”
“It’s good. Let’s go get food for my baby.”
Tumblr media
Harry drops his phone, preferring to just stare at you as you both just came back from dinner with the crew. You don't mind it, not at all, but you also can't help the flush that takes over his face at the loving smile on his face.
To distract yourself from getting seduced by Harry, you grab your phone, making a phone call you've been postponing.
You bring it up to your ear and stick your tongue out at Harry, making him laugh and break his stare. You relax for a second as you wait for the other person to answer, and finally, on the fourth ring, they do.
"Hey you," you greet the voice cheerfully. The person across the line is your good friend Dylan O'Brien. You've worked on several movies with him and might be your closest friend in the industry as he took you under his wing. "I'm good." You're silent for a few seconds, "Yes, I was calling to congratulate you."
You chuckle, standing up beginning to walk around the dressing room, aware Harry follows you every move. "You were brilliant. A total ass whole, yes." You see, Harry narrows his eyes trying to figure out who you're chatting with. "I'm really proud of you. Yes, I called her earlier." You pause. "Come on, she's great."
You wave at Harry, and he sends you a wink calling you over to sit on his lap. You shake your head, focusing back on your call, "you're in the city. You live there. Well, I won't be there for a while." You laugh, and that's when Harry has enough coming to wrap his arms around your waist, setting his hand on your shoulder, and you let yourself sink against him. "Rumors are rumors." You know Harry can hear Dylan now. "Guess you'll have to visit me to find out." Dylan talks for a moment longer, and you indulge in asking a few questions catching up, "well, it was nice chatting. Take care."
You hang up, resting your hands over Harry's that have tightened since hanging up.
"Who was it?" He murmurs.
"Dylan, he was in the new short film for Taylor and wanted to congratulate him. Oh and Sadie, but we spoke earlier."
"You've filmed with both, right?"
You narrow your eyes, "surprised you don't know the answer."
You can't see but know he's rolling his eyes, "fine, fine. You worked with Dylan plenty. But Sadie on Fear Street played your sister this year."
"Awe, my boyfriend knows my films."
He pinches your hips, "laugh it up."
You turn, taking his distraction as an advantage.
"Hey," your hands move up to hold his face, making him look at you." I appreciate it, amor. I promise. Nice knowing you're a fan of me just like I am of you."
"Course I am. How could I not be?"
"Sorry to interrupt this sweet moment, but we need to run over a few things, H." Tom smiles at you, shrugging.
"You're fine. I needed a break," you tease.
Harry gasps, "Bel, how dare you?" He drops his arms from around you walking away, making sure to add a sway to his hips. "No kisses for you."
"H," he's almost to the door. "Baby." He freezes. "Kissy, please."
His shoulders drop, and he turns around, biting back a smile. He makes sure Tom is gone before kissing you deeply, making sure you'd miss him for the time he leaves.
"Good enough?"
"Another? Please."
And so he does, you let yourself get lost in the feel of his lips against your forgetting for a moment he was needed.
"Bel, I'll be back."
"You'll help me get ready."
You raise your hand and caress his cheek loving how there is not a light pink hue, "of course, mi amor."
Tumblr media
Harry was incredible tonight. It seemed to pass in the blink of an eye; one moment, he was serenading the crowd to 'Falling' and now was blowing kisses to everyone as he took his final bow for the night.
He was dressed in a cream wrap blouse, and blue diagonal grid patterned trousers with lace embroidery. Harry never fails to take your breath away in the gorgeous looks. The pants are another you'd steal if you could; if not, everything was made to his exact size.
Jeff nudges you as you head backstage, "don't need alone time," he teases.
"Shut it, Jeffery. Got your wife on speed dial."
He looks shocked, "when did that happen?"
"When she informed me she'd be visiting me in Los Angeles."
"Only you?"
"She's my wife." He reminds you.
"Don't I know it? Promise I'll share her for a bit."
Jeff pushes you into the dressing room as Harry briefly kisses you promising to be fast in the shower. "Be nice to her, Jeff," Harry calls out as he hurries to the shower.
You move around gathering all your items as Jeff sits on the couch, staring at his phone, waiting for it to ring. As you sigh in relief, sitting next to him, knowing all your things are ready to go, your phone rings. It's Naomi, you answer not sure what she could want at this hour.
"Hi, you."
"That's me."
"Are you alright?"
"Perfect." She doesn't answer. "Why?" Still no answer.
"Sarai told you she was fine." She clears her throat, "sorry, she had a dream you were sick or something."
"Everything's peachy."
"Hmm…is it?"
"Yes, it is. We'll be in San Diego in a few days. I'm excited about that."
"God, it's the worst."
"The beach is nice. Also, some nice book stores I wanted to check out."
"Are you driving there?"
"We are. Landing in LA, then driving up for the day."
"Hope you have a good time."
"Thank you.
"Send postcards. We tape them to the fridge."
"What an honor, I will."
You hang up and laugh, that was a strange call, but you're used to those from Naomi. One time she called you at four a.m., making you promise not to buy peanut butter because Sarai had a dream you choked on it. It's safe to say none of Sarai's dreams have ever come true as much as they believed they were psychic, even just a bit.
"It's happening," Harry voices as he waves his phone back and forth, showing how it keeps chiming.
"They are going insane." Jeff turns his phone to show you a video of several girls standing there in shock, staring up at the giant screens that display a single word, 'Pleasing.'
You grin up at him, excited for this next project he has coming out. He's talked to you endlessly about how nervous he's been to do it. Every collaborator has worked hard to produce excellent and ethical materials, and that is what you're most proud of.
"Anthony is out there, H," Jeff tells him.
Jeff guides you out to the common room, Harry holding tight to your hand as he tries to keep calm, knowing that everything is happening fast.
"Wonderful." He breathes out.
"It's going to crash," Mitch voices, playing with his son, who is holding a small ducky.
"It'll be fine." Jeff tries to assure everyone.
Harry is frowning at his phone. "was this the right move?"
"H, it's fine."
He looks worried, and you hate it. You squeeze his hand, making him look down at you.
"It's okay. This is good. They thrive on your chaos. Didn't you tell me they went crazy over 'Do' and that was just a tweet?"
Harry nods, focusing on his breathing, "you're right. They'll support Pleasing like they do me."
He kisses your lips in gratitude, and you're happy to be part of this moment, that he'll look back years from now, and you'll be there on an important day for his career.
"We should go rest and see how it goes."
Pauli laughs, "none of your fans are going to sleep."
"I know," he chuckles under his breath, knuckling at his eyes, "but I'm tired."
"We should have a movie night?" Sarah says, ignoring Harry's previous words as she kisses her baby, who's wide awake. "He won't be down for hours."
"Should we?" Harry asks sarcastically.
"Yeah, that sounds good," Niji answers, and soon so does everyone liking the idea.
"We should watch one of Y/N's films." Mitch jokes.
Your eyes widened, "please no."
"Why not?" Harry bumps your hip, having given up rather quickly the idea of going to sleep with you.
"It's awkward. There are thousands of movies to choose from."
"As your friends, one of yours would be wonderful." Elin inputs.
And that's when you know it'll be a full-fledged movie night in Harry's room.
Jeff smirks, "Death of an Angel is good."
Harry's head snaps to Jeff as he tells him to shut up.
"Hey, I thought that one was good." You frown at Harry, who quickly shut it down, thinking he must not like it.
Harry's eyes soften as he presses a kiss to your cheek. "It's not that, mi sol."
He doesn't answer.
No one does for a moment.
"It makes him cry."
"What? Awe, H."
Harry hides his face on your shoulder, groaning. "Shut up."
Pauli shrugs, "I do too, sometimes."
"Well, H cries every time."
"You die. On-screen. Have some compassion." Harry tries to defend himself.
"Just a movie," Mitch grumbles.
"Whatever, excuse me if I don't want to see my girl dead."
"But she's not." Sarah answers.
"Another movie, or no?"
"Little Women is good."
"I don't want to see her get married," Harry answers quickly. You can't help but laugh as they speak about your role as Meg March.
"It's not real," you try to assure him, stifling a laugh.
"Not helping," he mumbles.
You decide to end his suffering, "we'll watch Empire Strikes Back, then decide from there."
Everyone is quick to agree. Everyone dispersed, promising to meet at the hotel room in an hour with promises of take out already there.
"Hey Harry, did you watch the new episode?" Sarah asks as she settles the bub in his car seat.
"I did not. Good enough to lose sleep over?"
Sarah laughs, surprised at his question, "yes."
"Then tonight, after you all leave our room."
You walk back into the dressing room, taking a look around, making sure you do not forget anything. By chance, you catch sight of Harry's charger and grab it placing it in your back. It seems everything is there, meaning time to leave, hoping there will be enough time to squeeze in a shower.
Harry slips both your bags on one shoulder, having packed up as the chaos outside was happening, knowing it would be hard to slip out right away like usual. He slips his arm over your shoulder, tucking you close.
What show?" You ask curiously.
"Huh, love?"
"Talking with Sarah."
"Oh, New Amsterdam."
"You watch?"
"Haven't I told you? Gem and I love the show, and well, I got Sarah to watch."
"Want to let me know if you're making an appearance."
You think back to the schedule they sent you.
"Not anytime soon," you answer honestly.
"Are you playing with me?"
"Fine, I'll keep watching."
You laugh knowing that the scenes you shot were very few that they had you come in early and only worked for a week. Your episodes would come out in January. There was a reason your assistant updated very few of the series on Twitter but enough to keep your fans looking out for you each episode.
"Good, raise the ratings," you tease.
"You think you're so funny, don't you, Bel."
"Some things come easy, you know."
Harry rolls his eyes, but the smile on his face says something entirely different. He opens the door to the black SUV as Jeff climbs into the driver seat, acting as your driver for the night, something you're sure Harry will tease him about as soon as he gets in the car.
You get in first, but stop him from sliding in.
"What now?" He teases
"Kiss?" You pout.
Instantly, you see him melt, and your heart floods with love knowing he does that for you.
"Come here," he mutters as he locks your lips with his. You meant to keep it short, but the hand on the back of your neck lets you know he's going to drag it on for as long as he can not, that you mind. You let yourself get lost in the feeling that is Harry, the sweet-smelling peach shampoo that is yours, knowing he must have forgotten his back at the hotel. You hum at the familiar mint taste, not knowing when he had time to take his mints out of your bag.
"Alright, love birds, cut it out."
Harry ignores Jeff kissing you for a few minutes longer until he's satisfied, but you know he never is, just like you never are.
He leans his forehead against yours, letting your breaths mix together, "I really wish no one was going back to our room tonight."
"I love you. We've got all the time in the world."
He sighs and knows everyone is excited, "I love you."
"And I want to eat." Jeff cuts in again.
You laugh as you scoot further in so Harry can buckle in and shut the door.
"Call your wife, Jeffery."
"At least I have one."
"Don't think I won't. Got the perfect girl to tie the knot with."
Your heart skips a beat at the thought of marriage with Harry.
Hell, it's so soon.
Though with Harry, it's something you hope happens.
He's your future.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading <3 i adore you
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The Matador (Curious Gaze Pt 2)
prompt: four times employees see Harry, Y/N, and Ivy out and public and are quite in for a surprise when they realize their boss isn’t the same with his family as he is in the office.
word count: 6k warnings: language, brief sexual content, harry’s an asshole to everyone but his wife and baby
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The Drop Off
Mallory - an employee in the Computer Engineering department of Styles Media and Marketing was dropping off her son to daycare in the mid-morning. She was aware that her boss’ daughter was in the class but had never seen him there.
It was hard to miss his stunning, extremely friendly wife   she dropped off their little clone of Harry. YN had always been outwardly warm to Mallory which was surprising in the beginning but now they chatted at drop off.
She had never mentioned that she worked for them, and was never like, “Hey, you’re also my boss and your husband’s an asshole!”
There were about twenty-five more minutes until the school doors opened to let the children in.
Paxton was using his tablet while Mallory was enjoying the unusually warm, beautiful London morning - sitting on a bench together.
She looks up to see an unfamiliar car whip into the parking lot, it was a stunning white Maserati with nearly black tinted windows. Even though she’d never seen the car, she knew it had to be Y/N - because who else could afford that?***
Usually she pulled up in a boxy Mercedes G Wagon, stumbling out in leggings and a big tee with her hair in a messy bun and a Starbucks in hand.
The employee feels her own eyes widen when her boss swings open the door and slides out. He’s dressed in a deep scarlet suit with a black floral print - it screamed designer and was only something he could pull off like nearly all his suits.
Mallory cannot help but stares as he strides to the back and opens the door, leaning in and unbuckling his daughter from her carseat. She had always wondered what he was like with his children.
She had assumed he was the strict authoritarian and YN as the soft, nurturing parent who picked up the pieces after Harry came through like a tornado. Just like he always did in the office.
She wouldn’t even be surprised if he dropped her off at the door and left before they let them in. She didn’t know to expect any difference from the man who only appeared in their sector of the building when something had gone wrong with a pursed look on his face.
Instead, he scoops up his tired daughter who’s knuckling at her eyes with a little frown on her puffy lips. Her head falls to her father’s shoulder, curls tickling his face, when he slings her tiny backpack over his shoulder and closes the door.
Ivy has a seal stuffie hugged to her chest securely as Harry starts walking towards the school in his well-fitted suit, leather boots, and sparkling wedding band. 
Mallory had quickly figured out what the ‘I’ tattoo on his hand was for but never mentioned it to anyone. Her heart picked up in speed when she saw him walking towards her.
There was absolutely no way that he could recognize her. He’d never yelled at her directly but her team as a whole - quite often. It was like she was conditioned to straighten her back and avoid eye contact when in his presence.
“May I sit there?” Harry asks politely, his voice sounds like soft, rough honey as he nods towards the spot next to Mallory. She realizes that the other benches are full surrounding the building.
“U-uh, yeah,” She mutters, smacking herself mentally for stuttering and sliding over to give him more room. He doesn’t thank her but nods again, sitting down and readjusting Ivy so she curled up against his chest.
He smells overwhelmingly good. It’s deep, tobacco and vanilla scent that Mallory can identify distinctly as that expensive Tom Ford cologne. It smells as good as it costs as she can help but notice it.
Ivy seems to be waking up a little bit more, “Daddy?”
“Hmm?” He murmurs in a low, unfamiliar tone to Mallory’s ears.
“Hungry,” She states simply, a little baby lisp in her tone as she pops up to look at her father expectantly.
It’s sort of comical when Harry reaches into his inner suit pocket, flashing the embroidered label - Gucci Custom by Alessandro Michele. He pulls out a little applesauce pouch that he must have hidden in there in the rush out of the door.
When he twists off the top and hands it to her, he pulls it back for a moment when she grabs it, “What d’you say, pet?”
A flash of confusion flits over her face before she dimpled charmingly  at her father and smiles, “Please, Daddy.”
“G’girl,” He praises, letting her take it and pulling out his phone to check his work emails that are already overflowing his inbox. He tries not to be on it around his daughter so he only answers one before putting it back.
Normally, parents - just like his wife, would make small talk with the others while they wait to pass time. Not Harry. He sits there quietly, watching his daughter’s every move intently - not in a strict or intimidating type of way.
He’s looking down at her with adoration and curiosity, his eyes have a twinkle that she’d obviously never seen. His lips seem permanently turned up - just a tad - as he observes his perfect daughter.
Harry’s completely tuned in to her and you’d have to be blind to ignore the connection that they have between them. The way his daughter looks up at him for approval and her dimples when he praises her.
“Daddy, s’mummy sleepin’? Ivy asks, she’d taken to trying to stuff her animal into his pocket and giggling when he lowly growled at her - all in playfulness, of course.
“Yeah, mumma didn’t sleep well last night,” Harry reminds her, smoothing down a windswept curl. There was a sloppy but good attempt at a bow in her hair. 
Mallory knew by the way that Ivy was dressed that Harry had dressed her. Could always tell the days he did. 
When Ivy rolled up to school in Paw Patrol shirts, Peppa Pig sweaters, with leggings and sneakers - that was YN.
But like today, Ivy in a Gucci heart-patterned sweater dress with white tights and little navy Gucci flats - it was undeniably her father. The worker thought it was cute that he cared about how she looked. *** ***
However, it seems as though usually Y/N does her hair because the bow today was crooked and the hair kept falling out from the sides. She still looked adorable and the teacher would likely fix it later.
“Why?” Ivy asks, her hand coming to take Harry’s much larger one. She enjoyed twisting at his rings and trying to pull them off to no avail.
“Because y’didn’t want t’sleep, y’little monster,” Harry growls again, mock biting at her cheek with his teeth as she squeals loudly enough in delight that a few other parents look over and smile at the interaction.
The doors open and parents begin gathering their stuff for their children to let them be led into the school by their teachers.
Ivy rarely gets mornings like this with her father, so when he goes to let her down - she refuses and tries to cling onto him with a whine.
“No, I go with you,” Ivy cries out, small fingers clinging into the fabric of his suit with all the strength she can muster up.
Mallory is surprised when Harry actually looks torn on what to do, whether he should take his baby back home or make her go to school. He bites his lip, rubbing his thumb along her pretty cheekbone.
“Vee, Daddy needs to go t’work,” Harry simpers, letting her stay on his lap with his large palm moving to cup her back.
“Always work!” Ivy cries, big fat tears dribbling down her face as she now tries to wriggle away from her father which doesn’t work - has him pulling her in closer into his chest to cuddle.
That obviously sparked something within him, his eyes softening and almost sad? Like hearing that really hurt his feelings which...okay, she didn’t expect that. 
Harry mutters, soft enough that Ivy doesn’t catch it through her tears, “F’fucks sake, wrapped around y’bloody finger.”
Then he’s hiking her up, stepping over to the teacher to have a short discussion before turning on his heel. His mobile is now up to his ear, “Move the meeting to tomorrow, I’m not coming in anymore.”
He waits for a response, “Why? Because it’s none of your business, that’s why.
Late Night at Target
Dana was browsing up and down every grocery aisle as one does except it was nearing ten at night - she enjoyed late night shopping, not as many people in the store. There was a couple in front of her who was doing the same thing.
She was a little bit behind them but was focused on her own list of items to pay much mind to the other couple. The recipes for the new dessert she was going to make was extensive and complicated.
However, she looks up with a small smile, remembering the feelings of pregnancy as the younger woman in front of her huffs out a remark to her partner.
“Why would they put the bloody Oreos on the top shelf,” The very pregnant woman groaned, trying to reach it on her tiptoes to snag the package just out of her reach.
Dana is utterly surprised when she recognizes the man’s voice when his hand is coming to his wife’s hip and reaching over her to retrieve the package, arm above her head - crowding into her space.
“Be careful, m’love,” He warns softly, tossing the cookies in the cart. 
The reason she hadn’t realized who he was is because she’d only seen him in his well-tailored suits.
He was dressed in all black -tight skinny jeans, black hoodie with the hood up, black baseball cap, and a brown jacket over. Disguised so it seemed.
Her boss’ wife was wearing high waisted maternity leggings that were pulled over her bump with a knotted shirt resting above the bump. It looked comfortable enough for how far along she was.
They trail into the next aisle and Dana can’t help but follow after them, curious to see her boss out of the office.
“Oh fuck,” Y/N grunts, stopping in her tracks and rubbing her stomach, “She’s going to be a footie player. She’s got your big arsed feet.”
Dana doesn’t know what to expect from Harry. She’s never had one good interaction with him. 
Just the other week he’d stormed in her office and asked her if she knew how to count after she messed up a spreadsheet.
Harry stops too, his ringed hand coming to push his wife’s hand off and rub at the spot, “She’s definitely awake. Just means s’strong.”
Y/N keeps her hand mindlessly rubbing her bump as they walk, “H, grab that.”
Dana expects him to snap back, telling her off or to not demand things.
“Okay, baby. The pumpkin or chai?” He instead asks and when she takes a minute to decide - he just tosses them both in to please her, earning her him a soft smile.
It may be creepy for Dana to observe his normal day-to-day life but he was a billionaire in Target doing his own shopping with his pregnant wife. It was a rare sighting, for sure.
“We forgot the cinnamon raisin bread I was craving, I think we passed the aisle,” Y/N puffs out, leaning against the shelf’s for a break. She seemed winded from the walking.
Harry doesn’t bite back and say ‘too bad’ or ‘go get it yourself.’
Instead, he says before leaving the aisle, “I’ll go grab it, pet. Take a lil’ breather.”
Y/N does, she seems a little out of breathe from the walking and how far along she is. Dana remembers that feeling. Doesn’t miss it very much.
“Didn’t know which one y’wanted so I got three different ones,” Harry replies, once again tossing all of them into their trolley when he strolls back into the aisle with the loaves.
“Thanks, H,” Y/N murmurs, trailing over to him and squeezing his arm in a display of affection for him.
“Y’alright? Is the bab wearing y’out? We can head to check out,” Her husband offers her, leaning in for a short peck - oblivious to Dana studying them. She felt bad intruding on their privacy but was admittedly being selfish.
“I’m good, we need to get eggs and milk. Did I eat all the berries?” She wonders out loud as they continue on, bumping shoulders on every other step together.
“Yeah, remember the other night when y’demanded a bowl of strawberries when y’were in the tub?” Harry chuckles, shaking his head a bit at her.
“If I remember I repaid you very well with a blowi-“
Harry cuts her off, a disgusting amount of fondness in his voice, “You’ve got the mouth of a sailor, I swear it.”
And like…what? It seemed his wife had a great sense of humor and liked to goad her husband into taking the bait. 
Y/N seemed like the brave matador with a red flag and Harry was the charging bull. It wasn’t though, he was treating her like she’d hung the bloody moon. Dana wished her husband showed half the attention that he’d displayed in the short amount of time she’d been observing them.
It was like he was hyper aware of her every movement and action. His large hand came to the small of her back when she reached for something or took something out of her hands so she didn't have to lean over to put it in the cart.
Dana is baffled. That’s really the only word to use because she feels like she wants to rub her eyes a few times - just to make sure it’s really him.
The tattooed, ringed hands are the dead giveaway. Harry holds himself in a unique way - tall, broad, his back completely straight which gives off a confident demeanor.
The employee unfortunately loses track of them when she stops to answer a phone call and the couple turns the corner out of her line of vision. It was about time she stopped creeping on them anyways.
She doesn’t expect to run into them again, the store was quite big. 
However, she actually does. She’d remembered that she needed to get a gift for the baby shower coming up. She’s attempting to find the registry list on her phone whilst pushing her buggy towards the baby section.
Dana stops at a display when she hears sniffling, she looks down the aisle to see - once again- her boss and his wife. They’re stopped and Y/N is holding up a tiny bib that says ‘My Little Honey.’
When Harry begins laughing with his deep bravado at his wife’s tears, Dana thinks ‘that’s more like the Harry we know, laughing at someone crying.’ 
She’s quickly proved wrong when his wife hits him in the shoulder, “Stop laughing at me, y’dickhead.”
Harry titters, giving her belly a gentle rub, “M’sorry, y’just cute. I think y’have cried over every piece of baby clothing we’ve seen so far.”
Y/N smacks his hand off with a grunt, “Y’don’t get to touch the goods when you make fun of me.”
His hand automatically comes back to the spot it was before, not heeding his wife’s warning, “S’my goods too! Couldn’t have her growing there without me.”
Her. They are having a daughter.
Dana figures out she quite likes Y/N, her quick wit and the fact she’s not afraid to dish it back to her husband, “Who said it’s your baby? Maybe it’s the milkman’s.”
Harry frowns, “S’my baby. Y’too bloody obsessed with me t’be giving it t’someone else. You’re constantly on my cock-”
Y/N groans loudly, pushing at him, “And I have the mouth of a sailor? Yours is way worse than mine any day. Filthy.”
When they start walking again, Y/N murmurs much softer but it still has that teasing lift - to get to her husband, “I am pretty obsessed with you, you know?”
“Obsessed isn’t even the right word f’me, dove. You two are my world, don’t know where I’d be without you, lovie,” He nearly whispers, kissing her temple.
Dana stands there for a moment, eyes darting down to her phone just in case they look back but soon they’re gone.
The next day, she wonders if she’d hallucinated the whole thing because Harry is marching into her office space. 
He drops a heavy folder on her desk, his voice now holding an annoyance that was nowhere to be found yesterday, “These expense reports were filed under the wrong bracket. Redo them and have them to me by three.”
Dana gapes, “This will take days, Mr. Styles.”
“Maybe y’should have thought of that before you fucked it up? Figured it out and if it’s not on my desk by three - don’t bother,” Harry states, his eyes void of the twinkling silkiness that she saw yesterday. They were dark, uncaring, and unbothered by her panic.
Definitely a hallucination - Dana thinks. (It wasn’t).
Hayley managed to sneak into the highly exclusive cigar lounge due to her friend’s boyfriend. It wasn’t the type of establishment where there was loud music, darkness, sweatiness, and drunk people hanging everywhere.
It was for business meetings and dealings - not a place to party, where people were smoking and sipping on expensive liquor that you can’t find in a normal restaurant or bar. *** ***
It was a members only and it was rumored that the waiting list was nearly four years long and most got denied anyways. It was passed around that it cost nearly 65,000 pounds a year to even belong to the club,
The girl really shouldn’t be surprised knowing that information when she sees her former boss sitting on one of the leather sofas surrounded by a few other men and their wives.
He sat back with his legs spread wide like he owned the place - maybe he did. The people around him were seemingly on their best behavior, sitting up and listening attentively to what was going on - a business deal it seemed.
Hayley was sitting on a barstool, sipping a margarita and hoping to be able to pick up a rich man while her friend did whatever with her significant other. It was busy in the lounge that night, milling about with well-dressed people.
When her eyes catch the man who’d fired her mere weeks ago, she feels her heart pick up speed. It was hard for her to conjure up those nasty feelings when he looked like literal walking sex. 
The suit he had on was different from what he’d be seen wearing in the office during daylight hours. It was a bold, eye-catching outfit that was unsurprisingly hugging his body perfectly. ***
What caught Hayley’s wandering eye was the unfamiliar skin showing. His button-up was not completely done up and his lean muscular chest was on display. With the way he was sitting, his shirt pulled a pit to the side to expose part of his pec - she could spot a tattoo over his heart.
Hayley knows that she needs to at least try to shoot her shot with him. 
Yes, she vividly remembers his wife and daughter - but she didn’t see them in sight and men like Harry, well they were usually opposed to a little extra marital affairs.
It just didn’t make sense how unfairly attractive he was. His bone structure was carefully carved, jawline sharp enough to cut. His lips were so pink and full - like they’d been kissed for hours upon hours.
She shimmies down the front of her dress a bit more, so that her cleavage looks even more prominent and you couldn’t miss it. She never had a man turn that down. She was going to get him tonight.
Then her heart freezes, he actually meets her gaze (or at least she thinks he does), and gives a pursed lip as well as an eyebrow raise. It’s a teasing look and Hayley can’t believe that just a little cleavage got his attention in the crowded room.
She tries to smile as coyly as possible. 
In it to play hard to get with him as there was obvious playfulness behind his eyes. The dimples in his cheek barely being suppress as he a cocky smirk raises to his perfect lips, revealing his straight white teeth.
Hayley...well...she really wasn’t expecting it to be this easy to reel him in. It throws her a bit off to be honest. She sits straighter on her chair and subtly bites her lip, trying to show her interest in the game.
Harry’s eyes knit into a deep furrow, a frown turning down his lips suddenly, and that’s when she hears a twinkling laugh from beside her. She can’t help but turn her head and noticed that it was his wife.
She felt like a fucking idiot. He was looking past her, not at her. He had been lustfully gazing after his wife who was faux flirting with the old bartender to get on her husband’s nerves - hence the frown.
His wife was dressed in a simple but extremely elegant black dress. It only had on strap that hugged her shoulder, well the whole dressed hugged every bit of her body. ***
Y/N knew how to work up her husband, Hayley seems to think because it takes no less than a minute for the boss to excuse himself and stride towards the bar. 
It was like he was stalking his prey and he was a vicious predator. 
The ex-employee felt bad for his wife. She didn’t know their dynamic so she assumed that she was going to get in serious trouble - not that they were playing their typical cat and mouse game.
Y/N is standing just past Hayley, not sitting on the barstool, but waiting for her drink with an overcompensating smile towards the man mixing it. Her laughs are loud and over exaggerated for Harry’s sake.
Hayley watches as Harry crowds her up against the bar, her hips digging into the wood as he presses his front entirely to her back, and leans down. He whispers something from between clenched teeth into her ear.
She’s ignoring her husband with a firm stare forward at the bartender. Y/N is trying to blatantly not give him any of her attention. Brave girl.
How could she not give into him, the busty girl thinks. He looked like pure sex in his outfit, wish he would push her against the nearest surface and -
She hears Harry growl lowly to his wife, “Look at me.”
Y/N giggles and refuses, shaking her head but letting Harry’s large hands come to grip at the flesh on her hips harshly.
His gravel rough voice made a shiver shoot through her spine but she tries to suppress it. Embarrassed that it was affecting her and it’s not even directed towards the ex employee.
Then Y/N is slipping out of his grip, before she trails back to their group, she lightly squeezes his arm and murmurs, “Get my drink, H.”
Hayley tenses, waiting for him to lose it on his wife. There’s no possibility that he’d let her talk to him like that. 
But…he doesn’t.
He stares at her bum as she sways purposefully away from him. Her hips are going side to side more fully than usual to prove her point.
The girl has not yet picked up on this cat and mouse game. And she’s unaware that she’s going to be Harry’s pawn to get to his wife. Even though it should be obvious by this point.
Y/N slips back onto the leather couch, eyes glued to what her husband's next move is. 
A tight lipped smile tilting upwards on her face, fierce eyes narrowed and daring him.
Hayley heart starts speeding back up when her former boss looks over to her, meeting her eye and asking, “Is this seat taken?”
There’s no recognition in his face that he knows who she is. He’s not looking at her with interest. His eyes never even fall past her eyes, never glancing down at her on-display chest.
Like Hayley said, she’s going to shoot her shot. 
When else will she ever have a billionaire sitting next to her at bar?
“Uh, yeah! I’m mean no, it’s not,” The girl stutters, straightening out the skirt of her dress and flipping her hair over her shoulder.
He sits down and when the bartender hands him his wife’s drink, he takes two large gulps before the drink is drained and he’d harshly putting it back down on the counter.
If Hayleys going to do anything, she’s got to move fast, “Are you a member here?”
A stupid fucking question but it’s what popped into her mind.
Harry brings his gaze back to her, he looks at her with a slight smirk, “Yes, I belong here.”
“Oh, that’s cool! It’s my first time,” Hayley smiles nervously, her hand gripping tightly onto the stem of her margarita glass.
His eyes keep falling over her shoulder but Hayley’s too rattled to notice. 
To notice that his wife is intently watching him with a deadly smirk - not giving in to him quite yet but she admired how far he was pushing it - had to give him that.
He’s trying to push her buttons, all of them.
“I hope you’re enjoying it,” Harry’s voice bored, uninterested, and not paying attention to the response.
“I am. I really love your necklaces,” Hayley finds something to compliment, anything to let him know she wants him. ***
One was a dangling gold cross and the other simple chain with a solitaire gem of Ivy’s birthstone - a beautiful dark blue sapphire.
Harry then gives her a unfamiliar, flirtatious smile that nearly knocks the employee off of her barstool with surprise.
Holy shit! He’s actually flirting back with me she thinks.
She doesn’t see his wife glare at him and pout her lips - admitting defeat when she sees that cocky fucking smirk.
The cat had won this round.
Harry learned quite quickly into dating that his perfect, reasonable wife was also a quite a jealous creature.
He loved it.
Y/N is getting up once again to leave the circle of businessmen and women. 
She doesn’t even have to look at her husband for him to understand as she trails off to the restroom.
The CEO stands up, “Excuse me, one moment.”
“S-sure! I’ll be here!” Hayley says with embarrassingly noticeable desperation in her pitch.
Hayley waits and waits at the bar. Unsure of where her potential hookup went but getting discouraged when time ticks on and there no sight of him anywhere. Did he leave?
The drinks start to get to her which has her making her way to the fancy bathroom towards the back of the club, down a long narrow hallway.
It’s a single room and the door is locked.
She hears something interesting, a muffled but high-pitched moan followed by a man’s raspy chuckle then scold, “Quiet, pet.”
Oh God, people are in there fucking.
It is not long before there’s more noise and voice as deep as honey, “Y’so fuckin’ hot when y’jealous.”
There’s a high girlish giggle before a light but long groan, “Right there.”
“Y’act like I don’t fuckin’ know. Been with y’for eight years, brat.”  
Then Hayley realizes that Harry and his wife.
Fucking asshole. 
Just using her like he uses all of his goddamn employees.
She storms back to the bar, fuming as she orders another drink, and glaring when a few minutes later - Y/N exits, her lipstick now wiped off completely and her cheeks a fiery pink.
It’s a few more and then Harry emerges, his lips even more swollen and bitten at. His previously carefully crafted hair was a bit more unruly and messy from hands being combed through it.
The couple leave before Hayley does. 
When Hayley goes to pay her tab, the bartender put his hand up and stops here, “Mr. Styles have already covered your drinks. He wanted to say thank you for playing along.”
He had known she wasn’t playing along.
Like she said, fucking asshole.
Country Club 
The last person he was supposed to see today on his day off was his fucking boss, Mark though bitterly but his husband, Jeff, was trying to get him to just ignore the fact that the man was sat right by him.
He didn’t know at first. Didn’t see him. He was too busy reading his latest thriller novel in the hot, bright sun by the luxury of the country club pool.
Mark normally wouldn’t be here on a Friday but Jeff had won a raffle and got free passes to the club as a prize. 
It was the poshest one in London where there were waiters at your beck and call, complementary white fluffy towels, and a swim-up bar.
There’s a heavily pregnant woman about to walk past them when Jeff, his husband, stops her, “Excuse me! Can you snap a picture of us?”
The girl stops and nods, a smile coming to her face, “You two are adorable. Give me your phone.”
Jeff hands it over and budges over until his arm is slung around his husband’s shoulder, smiling widely up at the camera together to remember this day.
After she snaps multiple pictures of them to choose from, she hands back the phone and her hand automatically comes to rest on her belly as a reaction, “I hope those turn out okay!”
They peek down to swipe through them, Mark smiles at the friendly woman, “They look perfect. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your baby.”
“Oh shit, that reminds me! Would you take a picture of my husband and I too? His mum has been asking for one of the baby bump,” She laughs, rubbing at the taut skin.
“Of course!” They both respond, completely willing to return the favor.
The woman walks over to the lounge chairs right in front of the couple, she leans down and grabs her phone before she’s talking to - presumably- her husband who’s lying on his stomach, sunbathing.
He pops up his head and even despite the shades - Mark can tell that her husband is none other than Harry fucking Styles. ***
Mark hasn’t worked at the company for a long time yet but his experiences with the CEO have been nothing less than unpleasant. 
Even from the first day, Mark couldn’t find his office and had bumped into Styles, spilling - luckily- lukewarm coffee all over his custom Gucci suit.
Harry hadn’t say much except for, “This suit cost more than your whole fuckin’ paycheck,” before he turned on his heel and stormed back towards his office (to call his wife for a change of clothes).
The employee prays he’ll shut down his wife’s request for a picture. 
Please please please say no.
However, no such luck, Harry agrees (no one knows how truly easy he is for his wife) and pushes himself up off the chair. 
And holy shit.
He’s fucking covered in tattoos. 
Mark had seen just the barest hints of the swallows on his collarbones, the cross on his left, and a peeking from under the cuffs of his shirt. He never expected all his one arm, chest, shoulders, stomach to be decorated.
The butterfly right on his upper stomach, the absolutely explicit ferns on his hip bones, and right under the one swallow - a name - Y/N. Did he really have his wife’s name tattooed on his pec? Is he really seeing his boss right now?
Anyways, they’re trailing back over and Y/N is handing over her phone to Mark expectantly. He has to blink out of his stupor and take it out of her hand after a moment but she’s just smiling kindly at him.
Harry is watching his wife carefully and when she steps back, he tugs her tight into his side with his long arm wrapping around her shoulders and her arm wraps around his waist, hand splayed on his hip.
“Say ‘baby bump!’” Jeff chirps, oblivious, as Mark goes to snap the picture of his bosses.
“Baby bump!” Y/N repeats in good spirts but Harry doesn’t. He smiles happily for the camera but doesn’t do it causing his wife to frown up at him after the pictures are done.
She pinches his hip and he grumbles, “What was tha’ for, pet?”
“If you loved me you’ll say ‘baby bump’,” Y/N huffs, rubbing at the spot she pinched before leaning to get her phone back from the couple and swiping through the pictures.
When they’re done and Y/N has thanked them (of course her husband didn’t), Mark hears Harry mutter to his wife, “Loved y’enough to fill y’with my baby.”
Mark can’t help but watch the two in front of them. Tries not to focus his whole day on creeping on the couple but it’s sort of like watching a movie - a corny romantic one at that.
The first time Mark looks over, he notices that they’re disgustingly cute, when Y/N goes to sit down (she takes a ridiculous amount of restroom breaks) on her chair, Harry tugs her straight onto his until she’s resting between his spread legs. Her back resting against her chest as they soak up the sun.
The second time, Harry had lotion between his palms, leaned forward with his chin hooked over her shoulder, and was massaging it generously onto the stretched-thin skin of his wife’s pregnant belly.
When all the cream is completely smoothed in, he goes to wipe his hands on their towel but Y/N whines annoyed, “Don’t stop rubbing.”
He chuckles softly, “Let me wipe m’hands, dove. Y’act like m’not on your bump twenty-four seven.”
The third time, it’s after they’d rolled open the large umbrella. YN was splayed back onto Harry and taking a nap - Harry had to be overheated with the extra body on him.
His one hand resting on the peak of her stomach as he held a book in his other hand - reading and letting her sleep peacefully in the shade of the warm day.
Mark was just….you could tell how fucking in love her was with her. It wasn’t that shallow, trophy wife bullshit.
Despite Harry being an unemotional, unsympathetic boss - it was obvious all his real persona was saved for the woman asleep on him.
Y/N jolts awake with a quiet groan after nearly an hour and Harry hums, rubbing at a certain spot on her belly, “Even I felt that one. She’s getting s’big. Y’keepin’ our baby so healthy.”
The employee knits his eyebrows together. 
He is so…nice to her. 
He just praised her on carrying their baby?
“That was right in my fucking kidneys,” YN hisses, hand coming to rest over Harry’s assumably where their baby is playing footie with her internal organs.
“Are y’ready to go home?  S’getting hot. We can take a cool bath and then take a real nap, hm?” He proposes, sitting them up and then helping her stand until she’d steady on her feet.
He slips her sundress over head, laughing when it gets stuck around her midsection, and Harry must sense Mark staring at the two of them because he turns to look.
When they make eye contact, after a moment, recognition flashes across his boss’ face and his eyes narrow.
“Aren’t you the one who spilled coffee on my £14,000 suit?” Harry asks, his voice losing the humorous, cooing tone from his wife.
“Erm, yeah..I am really sorry ‘bout that,” He stutters out, cheeks pink in embarrassment.
Mark’s worried he’s going to get another earful from his boss.
However, Y/N interrupts her moody husband, “S’okay! I thought that suit was god awful anyways, a bit glad it’s gone.”
Harry tries to give his wife an intimidating glare but she just pinches his nipple and turns around to pack up her beach tote with a unbothered hum at her grumpy husband.
The man turns back and Mark doesn’t miss the returning pinch to her bum and the nearly inaudible whisper, “Y’in for it when we get home.”
Their voices fade as they walk further to the entrance.
He barely hears her scoff and say “What are you goin’ to do? M’fucking eight month pregnant with your baby. Tie me up and spank me? You’re lucky if I can even put my legs in the air.”
Mark can’t hear what Harry says back but it earns his wife a kiss to her cheek and his hand squeezing her hip lovingly.
(Harry had said, “Ff course not. Gonna spread y’out and fuck y’slow. Show y’how much I love you, dovie. Won’t even have to lift a finger”.)
Mark decides he likes Y/N, she was funny, kind, and caring. She also kept her husband in check (outside of work) and he seemed to be absolutely head of heels.
The company should be glad he has Y/N. They don’t even know how bad it would be if he didn’t. 
taglist babys (thank you): @dioc4ne @hazgoldenstyles @harrysdimple05 @wonwooen @ficnarry @leeroysdancer @harrysloveheart @harryscherrysugar @pradastardust @rish-haz @wildcstdrexms @evanstylestan @wisetoadbonkbiscuit @meredithhuntt @tpwkvictoria @lovely-him @haymix @eiffelmezarry @pilgrim-harry @soullessbabee @afterglowstyles @tulsasjesus @elenagilbert01 @meh--mood @pretty-pop-princess-hs @msolbesg @localfalsegodstan @evanjh @i-just-like-fanfics @harrys-hs-gf @lightsupdoyouknowwhoyouare @afterglcwswift @harrystyles-tpwk @amyvandijk @godilovetheenglishx @harrys-cherrry
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justice4canyonmoon · 3 months ago
for tye blurb night y/n babying h after he got hit in the balls on stage and him just enjoying asking her to kiss a little lower and "rub that spot a little harder" and then he cums and is like "now It feels better" 💕💕💕
notes: managed to keep this one under 500 words!!! think this one turned out pretty good :) hope you all agree!!!
warnings: smut!!! 18+ only!!! hand jobs, oral (m receiving)
wc: 404
There were many things that Harry enjoyed about tour. He loved singing his heart out every night. He loved seeing all of the fans who supported his career and interacting with them in the audience. He loved hanging out with the band. And he especially loved bringing you along with him so you could catch a glimpse into his lifestyle. But there was one thing he definitely didn’t love.
Fans throwing things at him on stage.
Sometimes he could catch them. But sometimes he couldn’t. Case in point, tonight he had gotten hit in the balls with someone’s phone. First of all, why the fuck would you throw your phone on stage? You need that!!! Second of all, those little black boxes hurt like a bitch!!! Luckily, though, he had you there to baby him after it happened.
“Still hurt, bub?” you asked softly.
You were knelt between his legs while he was sitting on the couch, gently rubbing over the injured area. You could see his cock getting hard, making you smirk a bit.
“Yeah,” he replied, “still hurts. Bet yeh could kiss it better, though.”
You raised an eyebrow, “I’m already rubbing it, H.”
“Think yeh should kiss it,” he said with a cheeky wink.
You shook your head with a smile, but complied, leaning in to mouth at his balls. He groaned softly, pushing his crotch into your mouth a bit more.
“Feels better already.”
You sucked the sack into your mouth, and he let out a full moan.
“Shit, baby, feels amazin,” he praised, “would yeh be able t’ touch me a bit too, please?”
Your hand wandered up to his cock in response, continuing to gently rub him like you were before.
“Harder, please,” he gasped.
You pressed down a bit more on his sensitive shaft, stroking his just the way you knew he liked it.
“Yes, yes baby, feels s’ good,” Harry babbled.
You smirked, applying even more pressure on his length, knowing he was close. His hips bucked up as he released into your hand, just like you knew he would.
“Oh, oh babe. Yes!! Feel s’ much better, thank yeh,” he whimpered as he rode out his orgasm.
You took his balls out of your mouth and pressed a light kiss to his thigh, “Happy to help.”
“Can I make yeh feel good now? As a thank you?” Harry asked.
“I’ll never say no to that.”
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harrysgoldenbum · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay so, this took a while and i am embarrassed lol. I had this fic finished for a while and then tumblr went dumb on me and wouldn’t let me post it. Well, better late than never, right? Happy New Year everyone.
Warning: NSFW, use of sex toy, language, smut, and unedited
I present to you subrry
Word count: 1.8k
The two of you were in your bedroom and you had Harry bound with silk scarves. You had him positioned on his knees facing the headboard. His wrists were bound to his ankles. Every time he would try to move his arms, his feet would follow.
You picked up the bottle of oil from the warmer. Uncapping it, you squeezed some onto the plug. It was medium-sized, a size you and Harry were comfortable with. You particularly liked it because the jewel at the bottom matched your eye color. And you loved watching it twinkle while you worked Harry.
“You ready baby?”
A moan rumbles from his chest, “please.” He whines.
Crawling onto the bed, once you were behind him you took your oily fingers, you lube his hole gently. Just enough to tease him. You take his plug and let it run along his cleft before it catches, then you slowly start to push it in.
A deep moan vibrates from his chest, damping your panties considerably.
“Safeword.” You demand.
“Apricot,” he breathes, arching back to take more of his toy in.
With little force, you give him what he wants. Climbing off the bed, you take a moment to admire the man on display in front of you. His back curved beautifully, his tan skin a sharp contrast to the pearl white sheets under him.
You reach behind your back to unclasp your bra hooks. You let the lace fabric slide down your arms and onto the carpeted floor.
You walk around the bed and come face to face with Harry. His jade green eyes follow you as you climb onto the bed. You kneel in front of him, gently cupping his cheeks. “You going to be a good boy for me?”
He can’t help but whimper. “Yes,” he mumbles. “I’ll be good.”
A satisfied smile graces your face as you move to stand on the mattress. You move that way Harry’s body is between your legs. You thread your fingers through his curly hair and bring his face close to your cunt. “Eat,” you order.
A moan rumbles from him, before he dives right in. His tongue traces your vulva before he dips in. You grind down onto his face and your head is thrown back in pleasure. Harry tips his head further back and wraps his lips around your clit. Your eyes move to the mirror that is attached to your closet door. A moan rips from your throat, the woman in the mirror looks desirable, beautiful, who knows what she wants. And there, between her legs, is a man kneeling between her legs pleasing her the way he wants.
Harry’s lips lock around your clit and suck hard. You can feel the tightness in your lower belly coiling. You watch yourself through the mirror, as you ride Harry’s face. Your fingers start to tug on his long curls, as you push closer to your climax. Your head drops down as you near the edge and look into Harry’s eyes. You could see the lust swimming his eyes. “Oh! Fuck!”
Your eyes roll back as your thighs tighten. Harry’s moans vibrate against your cunt, prolonging your orgasm. When you come down from your high, you take a step back from Harry and drop down onto your knees.
You wrap your hands around his neck and pull him in for a kiss. You groan as you taste yourself on his tongue. You pull on his lower lip with your teeth. “Did so good for me.” You say against his lips. Your hands slowly trail down his chest to his navel. “You ready for me, baby?”
His chest rises and falls as he pants, “God, yes. Please, please!”
With a sly smile, you move your hand and cup his cock. “So nice and hard for me, aren’t you darling.”
Harry’s eyes flutter closed and his glistening mouth hangs open. His hips try to thrust upward. He struggles with his silk binds as you move your second hand to cup his sac. “You get to come when I say so, okay.”
“Y-yes.” Harry shudders.
“Good.” You lean in and press your lips to his neck. You pump his cock in a slow rhythm as you suck on his pulse. A shudder runs up his spine and a deep moan fills the room.
One hand leaves him, to go further down. You feel the jewel of the buttplug against your fingerprint. Wrapping your hand around it, you give it a twist.
Harry’s head drops back and he cries out in pleasure. His muscles bunch up as he tries to thrust up into your fist. You give the toy a tug as you continue to work him. You feel his member pulsing in your hand. Giving the plug one more twist, you pull your hands away from him.
“Oh God, please!” Harry begs.
With a wicked smile. You fall back and lay down. Spreading your legs, your right hand goes to your cunt while your left starts to play with your nipple. You continue to please yourself in front of Harry up until you are at the brink of a climax. Once again you get onto your knees and wrap your hands around Harry’s cock, and start stroking him. You take the time to play with the toy that's in his hole and continue teasing him until he’s just on the brink of an orgasm. And once again, you drop onto your back and start touching yourself. You watch Harry grow needier and needier as you continue this cycle.
It is around that fifth or sixth time you roll onto your back to play with yourself when you took in Harry’s appearance. His precum continues to river down his erection and stain his thighs. His pupils are dilated and his eyes are glazed over. Whimpers continue to pour out of him. His cheeks and chest are a beautiful rosy color all the while his body is slick with his sweat. It doesn’t take much to get you right to the edge. You rub your clit gently, “beg for me, baby.”
A groan erupts from Harry, “I- I need to cum. Please, please… I’ve been good!”
“Yes, yes you have.”
Your legs are still spread, giving him a perfect view of what you are keeping from him. You roll your clit between your two middle fingers. You take your other hand and pinch your nipple. Your back arches, while it begs for release. Taking your hand away from your sensitive breast, you slowly slide it down your body until it reaches your wet cunt. Finding your opening, you curl your finger against the spongy spot. A moan rises from you and Harry.
You work yourself quickly. The sight of Harry already has you on edge. It's not even a minute later when your muscles tense and your vaginal walls clench against your middle fingers.
It takes you a moment before you have the energy to open your eye and look up at Harry. Once again he is thrusting against the air seeking some kind of comfort. His head is thrown back as he whimpers his needs out to you.
He is a pathetic mess.
He has never looked more beautiful.
Slowly, you climb off the bed, and on slightly shaky legs, you walk to the foot of the bed and climb up behind Harry. “Did so good for me, baby.” Reaching down you give a slight tug onto the base of the ring.
With a desperate grunt, he thrusts forward again. On your knees, your legs straddle his. With your naked upper body pressed against his slick back, you bring your hands around and wrap them around his weeping cock.
“Fuck,” Harry cries out. “Please, please jack me! I need to cum! Please let me cum!”
“You can cum, baby. Did such a good job letting me play with you.” You praise.
You slowly start to pump his member,” when you’re ready to cum, you are to tell me. I want to taste you on my tongue.”
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…” You feel his back arch and him thrusting into your grasp. You press gentle kisses on his neck. “I’m going to cum.. Oh god… sweetheart, I-.”
You release him and move to the front of him. Kneeling down, you guide his cock into your mouth. You let his head rest on your tongue before you wrap your lips around him and suck hard.
Crying out in pleasure, Harry’s head falls back as he thrusts further into your mouth.
With a moan, you wrap one hand around the base of his dick and swirl your tongue around him. It doesn’t take much time for him to fall over the edge he has been at all night. And he falls hard.
With a shout, he spills in your mouth. You reach under and give his plug a twist. Increasing his pleasure.
You wait for him to reach his completion before you release him. Slowly, you come up to your knees and reach behind Harry and release his ties. His body sags into yours. You caress his back, letting him catch his breath. Murmuring sweet nothings in his ear, you guide him to lay down on the bed. His eyelids were heavy and his body has puddled into the bed.
“Going to take care of you, baby. Then we can get some sleep Been such a good boy for me.”
Pressing a quick kiss on his chin, you move to your shared dresser and pull out a pair of panties then walk into your ensuite bathroom. You quickly take care of yourself by using the bathroom, running a warm, wet washcloth on your body for a quick clean before you pull on your panties. Throwing your used cloth into the hamper, you wet another and walk back to Harry.
His long body is starfished on the bed, his arms hold your pillow to his chest and his green eyes meet yours. He watches you as you walk over to his side, you press the damp washcloth to his face, down his chest and belly, then clean up the stain of his precum on his upper legs. “Going to take the plug out, love,” you whisper in a warning. Not wanting to disturb the sleepy man in front of you. He hums his acknowledgment. You gently twist the toy out of his hole. He releases a gasp at the feel of his toy stretching and leaving him. You clean him and wrap the toy in the towel and move to place it on the side dresser to clean later.
Pulling the duvet out from under Harry, you pull over both of your bodies. You rest your head on Harry’s shoulder and wrap your arms around him. He turns his head and presses his lips to your hairline. With a content sigh, you snuggle further into him.
Let me know what you think! If you liked what you read please be sure to like and reblog <3
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marvelous-harry · 2 months ago
For brother h , maybe sister is visiting him on tour and is backstage, forgetting her pass and someone asking who she is trying to escort her from premises, someone maybe from the band or something, seeing and helping her , knowing about the mutism, when Harry gets told being absolutely livid and feeling awful he wasn’t there? X
Tumblr media
Backstage Misunderstandings Older brother Harry - Mute!Fem!Reader Words: 1.5K Summary: All you wanted was some food but it ends misunderstandings and tears.
#words typed in between hashtag signs means it's signs/ in makaton or her text to talk app#
Looking up as there was a knock on the door, I grabbed my phone and watched as Harry went to open it. Seeing it was Jeff, Tommy, and one other guy I couldn't remember the name of.
Grabbing my mask, I put it on quickly before looking down at my phone - picking at the corner of my phone case that was slightly cracked.
"There are some things for you to sign. A jersey for the stadium, some merch for a few different charities," Jeff said as he walked inside and put a bag on the table.
"Sure," Harry said as he started grabbing things out of the bag and spreading them out. Everything had a little sticky note on it saying what it was for.
"So, you sick of him yet?" Tommy asked as he took a seat next to Harry and handed him a marker.
I crinkled my eyes and put up a hand, holding two fingers very close to each other.
"Heyy! That's not nice! It's been two days!" Harry protested as he started signing stuff.
I let out a little quiet breath in amusement. #hungry. Back soon# I signed at him as I stood up and grabbed my lanyard with my pass on it, hooking it to my trousers as I walked over to the door.
Harry just hummed and waved me off as he started signing the jersey.
Stepping out of the dressing room, I kept my eyes down as I walked over to where the catering was. Glancing inside, I saw it was quite busy. Hesitating for a few seconds, I walked over to the closest table and just grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl.
Turning around, I walked back into the hallway to make my way back to Harry's dressing room.
"Hey! You can't be back here!" A sharp voice called out. Swallowing hard, I turned around and looked towards him. "How did you get back here?" he asked as he came over.
Grabbing my lanyard to show him my badge, I bit my lip as I realized I'd grabbed the lanyard for my communication cards and not the all-access pass. Fuck.
"What, nothing to say? Let's go," he scoffed and grabbed my arm.
Tensing up, I reached into my pocket for my pocket and started typing quickly.
#I'm Harry's sister. I left my badge in his dressing room. He's there now. Please let me go get it# I hit play and tried to keep up with how quickly the security guard was walking - dragging me along.
"Sure you are," the man laughed.
My hands started shaking slightly as I tried to type out another message while I was being dragged along.
"What's going on? You okay?" I heard someone ask. Whipping my head around, I looked over to the side and saw Elin coming out of the band's dressing room. I looked at her wide-eyed as I trembled.
"It's okay. Just some fan who snuck in, I'm getting her out now," the security guard said before yanking on my hand.
"What? No, that's Harry's sister, y/n," Elin quickly said and stepped in front of him. "Let her go right now, you're squeezing her arm," she said forcefully.
The security guard looked unsure but angry. "Look, I get the whole girls got to stick together but she doesn't have a pass, she's not saying anything, I'm kicking her out,"
Looking down at the floor, I grasped onto the stupid apple I had to get and my phone.
"She has selective mutism, that's why she's not saying anything to you. I'll take her back to Harry's dressing room. Feel free to follow us if you don't trust me but we are going now," Elin said pissed off as she pried his hand off me and put her own hand in mine, and gave it a squeeze.
Squeezing her back for dare life, I trusted her to lead me back to Harry's as I didn't dare move my gaze from the floor. I could hear the security guard following us, mumbling under his breath.
"It's okay, I won't let him touch you again," Elin whispered. I just squeezed her hand harder.
Elin knocked twice on Harry's door before opening it and stepping inside. "You can wait here," she said shortly before closing the door in his face.
"Elin?" Harry asked confused as he saw us both walk in. He quickly got up as he saw the state of me. "What happened?"
"Some security guard grabbed her and tried kicking her out, thinking she had snuck in," Elin explained as we walked over to the sofa.
"What?" Harry snapped and glared over at the door. "Get him relocated somewhere. By the car park or something where people won't have to deal with him," he told Jeff before sitting down.
I couldn't stop shaking. I should never have come here, I should've just stayed at home. Home was safe. I knew everything there. No strangers there. I was so fucking stupid, what was I thinking coming here.
"Hey, easy," Harry said softly as he took the apple from my hand and took my masks off.
Realizing I was still squeezing Elin's hand, I let go quickly and brought my hand up to my chest, rubbing it in a circle over and over again. #Sorry. Sorry. Sorry#
Elin looked unsure at Harry.
"It means sorry," he told her.
Elin put her hand back on mine. "No need to be sorry. I'm just glad I stepped out when I did," she smiled. "I'll leave you guys to it," she said as she stood up. "I'll see you later, y/n,"
I kept looking down but moved my head slightly in her direction and gave her a little nod.
"Thank you, Elin," Harry smiled.
"Give us a shout if you need anything," Tommy said and followed her out, leaving Harry and me alone.
#Stupid. Forget paper. Stupid. Stupid. Sorry, # I signed quickly before covering my eyes as I tried to not cry.
"Y/n," Harry said softly as he gave me a hug. "You're not stupid and you don't have to be sorry. I promise you everyone has forgotten their pass at some point alright?"
It's not the same I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell and scream and tell him how embarrassing it was, how scary it was. Wanted to tell him how my arm hurt, how I was still hungry, how stupid I felt cause my brain keeps shutting down when meeting new people.
"I'm sorry I didn't come with you. I'll come with you next time," Harry whispered.
I made a noise in the back of my throat. You shouldn't have to come with me, I tried to say before slapping at my head because nothing came out.
"No. None of that," Harry said and pulled my hand back down. "Use your cards, signs, or phone,"
I took a deep breath as I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and opened my app. Staring at I suddenly didn't know what to type, my thumbs dancing over the keyboard as I tried to figure out what to say.
Huffing, I locked the phone and put it away as I closed my eyes and leaned on Harry, feeling defeated.
"Did you make new cards? They're pretty," Harry said as he kept rubbing my arm.
I nodded stiffly and pulled them closer and held them up to show him. I'd bought a new laminator and bought pretty paper.
"Show me them? What categories we got going on this time?" he asked.
#1st pink# I signed and sectioned out the pink squares. #Simple. Yes. No. Cold. Thank# I flipped through them quickly, showing off the words.
#2nd yellow# I signed and showed them to him. They were sentenced I'd made. "I have selective mutism", "I have severe social anxiety," "I'm getting frustrated," "I'm very anxious," "I want to take a break," "Stim toy, please,"
"Did you come up with them all by yourself?" Harry asked impressed.
I nodded and went to the last section. #3rd green# I flipped to the third card and showed him. #You# I signed and held up the card that had his picture on it, his name was underneath and it said big brother underneath that again.
"I got my own card? That's so sweet," Harry smiled and tightened his arm around me.
I nodded and smiled back while putting my cards down.
"Did you get anything to eat or then that apple?" Harry asked as he looked over at it. I shook my head.
"Right, I'll go get you something. I could do with some food myself," Harry slapped his knees and stood up.
I gave him a little smile. #chocolate cake# I signed at him and folded my hands together and pouted.
Harry squinted at me and pointed at me. "Only if you eat dinner first,"
I grinned and clapped my hands. #Thank you, H. I love you,# I signed before he turned around.
"You're alright too, I suppose," he called out before closing the door behind him.
Flipping him off even though he'd left, I slumped back on the sofa and sighed. This trip was going to provide a lot of topics for therapy.
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watermelonlovershigh · 2 months ago
Quickie Before Bed (SMUT)
AN: this was supposed to be short and sweet and you'll see where i had that in mind at the beginning of this story. they're less details and short ended comments at the start. but then midway through i decided to make it a one shot so i added more details towards the end with an unexpected ending. also the first half was written without the ending planned so i hope the twist i put into the story blends well. and while proof reading this, i was very distracted so forgive me if you find a mistake.
This story contains: doggy-styles sex, unprotected sex
{ dad!harry - dilf!harry - husband!harry - four children together }
word count: 2100
After putting your kids to bed, Harry convenes you to have sex with him but you make it known it must be a quickie because you're tired and have to wake up early the next morning. Then after sex, Harry realizes he forgot one key thing that could entail major consequences in your futures.
Tumblr media
As you both step into the hallway after shutting your youngest daughters bedroom door from just having put her to sleep, Harry immediately begins kissing down your neck. "Har...Harry, what are you doing?" you moan quietly.
"Just want to give my wife some love. Is that too much ask?" Harry replies, continuing to kiss your skin as you walk towards your shared room. You knew he was after sex but you were just so tired tonight. You took care of your four hyperactive kids all day and are exhausted.
"Babe, I'm tired though. What about in the morning, yeah?" you retort back, trying your hardest not to show how his lips are effecting you. Harry just makes you feel good all the time so it's hard to resist him.
You finally make it to your bedroom and when the door shuts behind you, Harry presses your body against the door and moves his lips from your neck up to your lips. You don't fight back because his lips felt amazing as they meld with yours. Harry was just trying to break you and turn you on so much that you couldn't say no to him. (Obliviously if you really meant no, he'd take no and never force you.)
Pulling back from his lips, you mutter, "Fine, but it's got to be quick. We have to be up early in the morning." Harry yelps out a 'yes' and lift your body up, caring you over to the king size bed.
Once you're laying in the middle, being the kind and considerate husband he is, questions, "What position do you want to do this is, darling?" You had many options to choose from: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, but your favorite for a quick release is defiantly doggy. It feels the best and makes you come the fastest.
"Um... what about doggy?" you ask back even though Harry asked you first.
"Whatever you want my love. Love you so so so much." Harry whispers and leans down to give you a short but passionate kiss on the lips before helping you and himself take off your clothes and get into position. That position being you on all fours and Harry standing on his knees behind you.
Before you start, you speak, "But can we try and keep the duvet over us. You know, in case one of the kids happens to wake up and come in here. I'd rather they didn't see their fathers ass in their line of sight."
Harry giggles and reaches behind himself to grab the edge of the blanket and pulls it over his bare back. Then he takes one hand and moves it down to your pussy, rubbing your clit in pressured circles and testing to see how wet you are. Harry would never, no matter how horny he was, fuck you without making sure you were properly wet before hand.
After noticing your arousal beginning to leak from between your pussy lips, he takes his hand away and grabs his throbbing hard cock, stroking the shaft a few times, before blindly nudging your entrance. Inch by inch you can feel Harry's dick slide into you and it feels amazing. You may have four kids that each ripped your vagina, but you're still so tight and his size always takes a second to get accustomed to. Once Harry has fully bottomed out and is balls deep inside your cunt, he stays still for a minute to let you adjust. Well still in the aspect of not thrusting but he does give love to your body.
As you're on all fours in the center of the bed, with a cock eight inches deep inside you, Harry bends over your naked back and plants kisses to your shoulder blades and spine. You loved that even though you weren't in very intimate sex position, your husband still made time and effort to do little things and make it feel more intimate. Like the subtle kisses he's giving and small touches he's making.
When you can't take it anymore, Harry feels you start to pull off and push back on his cock by yourself and laughs quietly to himself. "Love, patients. I'll give you what you want. Want me to fuck you now?"
"Yes, Harry. Please fuck me. But make it quick, remember? Got to be up with the kids early in the morning." you comment, knowing you'll have to get the kids ready for school around six in the morning.
With that being said, Harry stands on his knees behind you, trying to keep the blanket over his back but it keeps falling off, and retracts his hips only to thrust them forward, meeting your body. His pelvic bone meets your ass and his hands go to your hips. It all feels so good that your arms go weak and you fall down, catching yourself on your forearms. You now remember why doggy is your favorite position. The way your hips are curved, it creates Harry's cock to rub right up against your g spot with each thrust, making your head go dizzy.
As the sounds of skin clapping illuminate the bedroom, you and Harry both try to keep your moans at bay. This isn't Harry's favorite position because he usually loves to feel you much closer to his body, missionary or cock riding. But this position sure as hell feels good. Especially when your muscles squeeze around him like they're doing.
One of Harry's arms extend under your body and grabs one of your hanging boobs, cupping and massaging it gently. You've felt insecure about doing doggy in the past because you have quite saggy breasts from being pregnant four times, but Harry shows you how much he truly loves them, no matter what they look like. Then his other arm curves down to between your legs and his fingers start to rub your clit again.
With your face smushed into the mattress, you heave, "Shit, Harry! I'm not gonna last much longer, ugh. Fuck, your fingers and cock feel so good babe." He gropes your breasts for a second longer before taking that hand and laying it flat on your back, rubbing over your spine in soothing circles. Harry's other hand is still concentrating on your little clit, knowing just how you like to be rubbed.
Harry's hips keep a steady rhythm as he fucks you from behind. And the word fuck is used lightly because although many associate doggy-style sex as a rough sex position, he isn't rough with you. His hips may be thrusting hard and deep but his hands are caressing and rubbing your body like you're breakable glass.
There is sweat running down Harry's forehead and your ass is starting to become sore from repetitive collisions. He can tell you're close from how wet you're getting around him and your vaginal contractions. And he feels close to his orgasm as well. His dangling balls ache and his chest heaves as his breathing becomes erratic. "M' gonna come too, love. Shit!" Harry grunts from deep within his chest.
Harry's left hand finally settles on your hip again, helping him keep a steady thrusting rhythm, while his right hand keeps working at your clit. His wrist is becoming sore from the curved angle its in in order to reach your nerve but pushes the pain aside. When you can't take how your husband is making you feel, you let go around his cock. "I'm coming, I'm coming." you chant as quiet as possible.
That triggers Harry's orgasm and you feel his cum spurting deep into your cervix but think nothing of it at the moment, lost in euphoria. Your legs threaten to collapse but he holds your lower half upright. Your pussy is pulsing around his cock as Harry slows down his thrusting hips, only giving slow and deep thrust to milk his cum from his dick. Then when you become whiny, Harry removes his fingers from your clit and stops his hips completely. You're both panting and covered in sweat, feeling incredible after the sex you just had but also exhausted even more then before.
Carefully, Harry helps you unbuckle your knees and stretch your legs out straight behind you. Then while staying deep inside your cunt, he gently lays down on your bare back, tattooed chest flushed with your skin, and his curly head on the back of your shoulder. You know you said you wanted this to be a quickie, and it was for the most part, but you wish you could stay like this forever. The after moments of sex is some of your favorite.
Harry takes his left and grabs your hand, which is laying limp on the bed beside you, and locks your fingers together. It's such an intimate gesture that you could cry. Then he presses his lips to the side of your face and whispers in your ear, "We forgot to wear a condom didn't we?"
For the past few months you've had sex, Harry has worn a condom to prevent pregnancy because the birth control you were on was making you sick. And you had talked about not having any more kids though it was never finalized.
The way Harry said you forgot a condom was in such a calm tone as if it wasn't a big deal but it's a very big deal. "Fuck, how could we forget Harry?" you question in a nervous voice.
"S'alright love, just means we may have made another baby. Our family of six might turn into a family of seven."
You slide out from under his heavy body making Harry's chest come in contact with the mattress and his soft cock to slip out your vagina. Then you turn on your side, trying to squeeze your muscles so his cum doesn't get on the sheets, and nervously stutter, "You want another baby? I thought we agreed on no more kids? And we're getting kinda old don't yah think?"
Harry takes his arm and swings it over your side, pulling you close to his body. "I'd make a hundred babies with you if you'd let me. Being a dad is the best thing to have ever happened to me and it's all thanks to you. But if you're really not wanting another baby, I'll pick you up a plan-b from the pharmacy in the morning and I'll set up an appointment to get a vasectomy. I'd rather go through something to prevent you from getting pregnant than you having to."
"Harry," your voice cracks as you become emotional, "how did I get so lucky to find a husband like you. You're too kind to me, like ALL the time. And no need to get a plan-b tomorrow. If I get pregnant, I think it will be okay to have one more baby. That'll make us have five Styles babies in total. But after that, I'm done mister. I'll cut your balls off myself if I have to."
Harry doesn't respond back but instead holds your body tight. Then you both get up and go into the bathroom to clean the smell of sex from your bodies and use the toilet. After that's done, you put some pjs on and get into bed, cuddling one another and falling asleep fairly quickly.
You may have forgotten to use a condom tonight because you were in such a rush and it slipped your mind, but now that you think about it, another baby would be great. You do miss having a baby in the house, youngest child being five, and Harry with babies is the best sight in the world. He's the greatest dad to ever exist as well. But Harry and yourself are coming up on the age of thirty-five so this will be your LAST baby and Harry WILL be getting a vasectomy.
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lovecanyon · 2 months ago
first show, las vegas
dad!harry x y/n
It was Harry’s first show and he couldn’t be more excited.
When he found out the love of his life was pregnant with his child he was so overjoyed, not being that happy or excited ever and when she gave birth he was so content.
The couple was worried that traveling with a five month old was terrible but Sarah, also a new mother reassured them that it was fine taking her son along too.
Harry was currently getting dressed in another room as Y/N feeds Beau in his dressing room before putting him to sleep. Sarah had already put her son down about a half an hour ago to prepare herself for the first show.
“Jeff you promise me to watch her. She’s already anxious for me and I don’t want her to be.” Harry tells his manager as he slips on his boots.
“I got it H, don’t worry about it. I promise you.” Jeff reassures him.
Y/N had just put down Beau in his bassinet — that was made for traveling. After she quickly changes out of her hoodie and sweats to her outfit that one of her stylist friends made for her — along with her red platform heels —.
Harry wanted to match with her so she did.
She did her makeup earlier which was just red lipstick and eyeliner but it was slightly smudged from her baby’s hands so she goes to fix it real fast.
Suddenly the door swings open to reveal Harry —making Y/N shush him looking at the two children asleep in their bassinets. He winces a sorry moving to hug his girlfriend.
“I missed you baby.” He whispers digging his head into her neck making her smile. “You look really fucking beautiful.” He pulls pack looking in her eyes.
“You look quite beautiful yourself too.” She compliments making him laugh.
“I love you so much.” Harry says admiring Y/N’s flawless face before leaning in and kissing her as he holds her face with both hands of his hands.
But their moment is ruined by a soft knock and the door opening.
“Sorry to interrupt but Harry you need to go in the box right now just to make it in time.” Jeff says before closing the door behind him.
“Go, I’ll see you on stage H.” Y/N tells him before giving him another kiss as he smiles into it.
She has to push him away because he starts to trail his fingers in between her thighs making her laugh and shake her head as he whines.
“After okay I promise. Now go pay our bills.” She jokes pushing her laughing boyfriend out of the room.
“Kiss Beau for me.” Harry whispers kissing her again before running off waving with Jeff.
Y/N spots Glenne walking towards her with flowers.
“Harry wanted to give these to you for coming with him on tour with Beau.”
Y/N went out during Sunflower, the eighth song making harry worried.
Beau ended up crying after she was about to leave the room. So she ended up having to feed him again and rock him to sleep but it wasn’t that easy.
He was crying so hard making the new mother confused. He didn’t want her breast or a bottle, he wanted his mother’s finger to bite on.
She quickly realizes after that he was starting to teeth.
Y/N distracts him with a stuffed animal while she goes to grab a washcloth wetting it with cold water so he can chew on.
When she places the small towel in his mouth he sighs like a sigh of relief making her frown. Couple minutes later he quickly falls asleep with the piece of cloth hanging from his mouth.
The new mother didn’t forget to shut the light and put a do not disturb sign on the door with a picture of baby’s sleeping below the wording, per Sarah.
Before going out she tells Tommy that the kids are asleep making him nod and take over the baby monitor.
In between Sunflower is when Y/N reveals herself making fans go crazy. Both of the fans in the pits run to the back of the barricades to either record Y/N or greet her.
As Woman begins they start to go back to the front of the stage making Jeff laugh at Y/N’s furrowed brows.
Harry started to get in a good mood after seeing his girlfriend finally in the crowd. During songs she starts to dance with Glenne and Jeff making him burst out smiling.
She looked happy which made Harry happy. He knew she was under stress from being a new mother but in this moment she was having fun. Fans from all over the venue could see Y/N dancing and laughing overall having an amazing time.
During Kiwi is when she started to get tired and decided to head backstage to meet Harry when he got off stage.
Tommy was in the hallway swaying with beau to Harry’s singing making Y/N smile.
“He kept whining and getting up so I just decided to hold him.” Tommy tells the mother as he hands the baby over to her.
“That’s fine, thank you.” She nods thankful before going in the dressing room to get another towel for him to nibble on.
Sarah’s son was still knocked out making her laugh as she passes by. Beau always got up, never having full hours of sleep but Sarah’s kid on the other hand was the opposite.
Beau bites Y/N’s finger hard making her wince and quickly replace it with the washcloth. A couple minutes later the dressing room door was opened softly opens revealing a sweaty Harry holding his vest.
“Tommy told me that Beau wasn’t feeling alright. Is he okay? What happened?” He questions rushing over to his little family tossing aside the red vest.
“Yeah he’s fine, just starting to teeth that’s all.” She mumbles handing Beau to his open arms not caring if he was sweaty.
“Oh, I’ll tell Jeff to go get stuff right away. I knew something would happen.” Harry mutters moving to sit down on the couch.
“H it’s not your fault. It happens, it’s normal don’t worry okay. Your the best dad ever.” She kisses his cheek to reassure him.
“I love you guys so much.”
“And we love you too.”
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