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#harry styles fanfic
watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
A/N: the fluff and dadrry content in this one!!! ahh i was in my feels so much while writing this! hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it, as always feedback is much appreciated!
PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader
WARNINGS: just a bit of smutty talk, but no actual smut
Tumblr media
A groggy, lazy hum vibrates through your chest as you slowly wake from your sleep feeling two familiar hands wandering on your stomach, your hips and waist and your breasts under your sleeping shirt that was once Harry’s, but you’ve labeled it yours a long time ago.
Your husband is pressed up against you from behind, the heat of his body feels heavenly so early in the morning. You know it’s early, it has to be, because if it was any time after six you wouldn’t be woken up by Harry but maybe by the twins, their feet tippy-tapping on the floor as they throw themselves onto the bed with you, or maybe your six-year-old demanding her breakfast as she jumps on Harry’s back until he acknowledges her presence. With three kids in the house between the age of four and six, there’s no such thing as sleeping in and having a lazy morning, but you wouldn’t have it any other way, you love those little monsters more than anything and you can’t be mad at them for waking you up even on your worst day.
“Good mornin’ Mrs. Styles,” Harry rasps, pushing his face next to yours, kissing into your neck, his unruly curls tickling your nose, a giggle escaping your lips while your eyes are still closed. You said I do eight years ago and he is still obsessed with calling you Mrs. Styles, the man is so possessive over you, but it’s the best kind where he’s obsessed with the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life. There definitely had been ups and downs in your marriage, but you always came out stronger and just even more in love with each other, you simply can’t imagine a life where you don’t end up with Harry, it was written in the stars, as Anne always tells you.
“Whatcha’ doing, Mr. Styles?” you giggle back as his hand cups your breast, kneading it gently, playing with your nipple that reacts to his touch so easily.
“Jus’ trying to love on m’wife,” he giggle like a guilty little boy as he presses his hips forward, the obvious morning wood poking you from behind and you can’t stop yourself from melting against him, wiggling your butt just enough to make him groan.
“What time is it?” you ask, feeling your arousal growing, but the last thing you want is the kids to walk in on you.
“Early enough to…” His hand slides down your body, slipping under the waistband of your shorts. “…have a quickie before breakfast duties…” His lips kiss your shoulder as his hips start moving against you from behind rhythmically, his fingers finally reaching your clit and he starts circling on it gently to rile you up. You hum again, wanting nothing more than to have some intimate moments with him which is rare to have with three kids around and just when he starts to push his pants down, doing the same with your shorts too, a thought pops into your mind.
“Wait, I forgot to buy condoms!” you gasp, turning your head to look at him. You’re an out of your last box a few days ago and you didn’t buy a new one because you went grocery shopping with Ellie and she always questions you about everything, you really weren’t feeling like explaining what condoms are to your six-year-old so you just told yourself to buy it later, but it slipped your mind.
Harry’s lips part, his motions stopping as you pout at him.
“I’m sorry, babe. But…” you start as you turn around to lie on your side facing him, hands moving down to wrap around his length. “We can have some other fun,” you grin at him, giving him a few lazy pumps to see if he is up for it.
“Or we could… just do it without a condom?” he suggests with a cautious look in his eyes, clearly not sure how you’ll react to his idea.
“H, I really don’t want to pick up a pill again, I feel so shitty after that,” you sigh with a pout. It wouldn’t be the first time you’d take a morning after pill, in the twelve years you’ve been with Harry you had you fair share of heated moments when you needed each other more than to think about protection, but it always made you nauseous so you’ve been trying to avoid using it.
“You don’t have to, you could just…” Harry is dancing around something clearly, but he doesn’t know how to say it and now the picture is starting to be clear finally.
“Are you trying to say that… we should…”
“I was thinking that maybe we could have another baby,” he admits and you can’t hide the surprise on your face.
“Harry…” you breathe out cupping his face.
“Please don’t say no right away,” he pleads. “I’ve just been thinking that Ellie has started school now, the twins are in pre-school, they are growing up so fast, I… I want another baby. I miss them being babies, their tiny feet and hands, the giggles and their smell…” he wonders and it’s obvious it’s something that’s been on his mind lately. But how long has he been thinking about it?
“I know, H. I miss them being so little too, but… four kids?” you sigh, voicing your fears. If you’re being honest, you’ve thought about having another one before, but you got to the conclusion that you have enough on your hands with your three children, keeping up with your work as Harry does the same, taking them to dance practice and football, there’s always something to do around the house and soon they will all have homework they will need help with, more after school stuff, maybe Max will want to try out other sports and Maddie will pick up an interest in an instrument. You’ll always have something to do and now Harry wants to add another kid to the picture?
“I know it sounds scary, the kids are already outnumbering us around here,” he chuckles softly as his hand runs up to squeeze your shoulder.
“With four they will be doubling us!” you point out with wide eyes.
“Yeah, but… I think we could do it. Ellie would be seven by the time the baby would be born, she is already so clever and she helps the twins so much! Max has always been the most independent of them all. I know Maddie could be a little princess…” he chuckles making you giggle too thinking about the youngest in the family. Max was supposed to be baby B, but he was so eager to come ahead of his sister that he ended up being the first one to be born, making Maddie the youngest.
“She would hate it if she weren’t the smallest anymore,” you chuckle thinking about how much Maddie enjoys being the baby of the family.
“I know, but I think she would get used to it. I would make sure to spend a lot of alone time with her.”
“Why do I feel like you already have a whole plan for this?” you sigh narrowing your eyes at him. “How long have you been thinking about it?”
“Do you remember when we were looking at old photos of you being pregnant with Ellie?” he mumbles, a guilty look on his pretty face.
“Harry, that was like… a month ago? You’ve been keeping this from me for so long?!”
“I know, I’m sorry, I just… didn’t know how to actually bring it up,” he chuckles nervously.
“So you decided to ask me right when I had a hand on your dick?” you point out the scene that was happening just minutes ago, chuckling at how comical this turned out.
“I panicked,” he admits with an airy chuckle. “But… you haven’t said no yet,” he points out the truth.
“H, I don’t know if it’s a good idea. We already have so little time together. A baby would just lessen that even more.”
“I was thinking that the kids could spend more time at my mum’s. She’s been nagging me so much that she wants to be with them more.”
“My mom says the same thing,” you admit with a chuckle, remembering all the times your mother was scolding you on the phone, being dramatic how long she’s seen the kids even though you spend a weekend at hers every month at least.
“But also, we could easily just get a babysitter too. I know you’re against it, that you prefer to do it yourself, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of getting help, especially…” His hand slips to your stomach, his fingers dancing on your soft tummy. “If we had four of them,” he murmurs and you don’t miss the excited glint in his eyes. God, this man is so baby crazy!
“I don’t know, it would be a big change…” you sigh truthfully.
“Just… don’t say no yet, okay? Think about it, as much as you want and we can get back to it later, please!”
You can’t answer, as soon as you open your mouth a tiny voice echoes down the hallway.
“Daddy? I’m awake!” Ellie announces and you hear her tiny steps running towards your bedroom. You both quickly fix your clothes so when the door opens you’re decent. Ellie walks in with her bed hair, holding onto her favorite stuffed animal, a bunny Harry brought her from Paris when she was two and she is quick to climb to bed, throwing herself between the two of you.
“Hey Ellie Bunny, slept good?” Harry hums smiling down at the girl, getting some morning snuggles.
“I had a dream about giraffes!” she announces giggling and she reaches out for your face as Harry kisses her cheek. “Mum!”
“Right here, baby.” Leaning closer you brush your nose against hers, making her giggle before you press a kiss to her forehead.
“Now kiss daddy!” she demands, pushing your face to Harry’s, making you both chuckle, but you obey her order, pressing your lips against your husband’s.
“You hungry?” Harry hums, squeezing the little girl to his chest.
“Yeah, I want cereal!”
“Alright. But we gotta get your sister and brother too, it’s time to wake up.”
“Can I wake them up?” Ellie looks up at Harry with puppy eyes, as if the man could ever say no, he is so whipped for his kids, it’s incredible.
“Sure, come on,” he pats her bum to get her to climb off the bed. “We’ll talk later, right?” he asks leaning closer to you.
“Yeah,” you nod at him with a soft smile before he steals a quick kiss.
“I’ll get the kids and start breakfast, you just go and take a shower, I know you wanted to wash your hair last night.”
“Thanks,” you sigh happily as you watch him get out of bed, following Ellie out of the room to the twins’ bedroom.
A few moments later you hear two more tiny voices, Harry is putting on a show again to make the kids laugh and your heart is pitter-pattering as you think about having another baby. Another little bundle of joy, seeing Harry with a baby again, seeing your kids meet their new sibling, it definitely excites you, but you’re still not sure how you’d manage life with four kids.
Sighing you tell yourself to just put it aside for a little as you head to have a quick shower.
When you come downstairs, your hair wrapped in a towel, a fluffy robe around your body, the smell of eggs has filled the kitchen and you hear Max’s chatter before you even see him. Ellie is sitting in her usual spot eating her cereal, next to her Max has a plate of toasties as he is talking his sister’s ears off about his newest obsession, dinosaurs. Harry is standing by the stove, one hand holding the spatula, the other one holding Maddie’s hand as the girl is watching him make the eggs as if it was magic. Gosh, you love this sight, your kids all healthy and happy, your husband taking care of them like he’s done this all his life, though you still remember the slight panic he had when you found out you were pregnant with Ellie.
The funny thing is that you’d been trying for a baby, Harry wanted it so badly, but then something snapped in him and he was so scared he would be a shitty dad. All his doubts disappeared when he held his daughter for the first time, skin to skin, her tiny hand wrapping around his finger. You cried so hard as you watched them interact for the first time, maybe it was just the hormones or maybe it was the magic of seeing your husband falling in love with your daughter, but that was a turning point in your life. And probably in his too. Harry is an amazing father, not just with the kids but with everything that comes with having a family. He always helps around the house, he cleans and cooks, doesn’t expect you to do everything on your own. When the kids were small and you had to wake up several times through the night to feed them he always stayed up with you, and even if he couldn’t help with anything, it was nice to have him sit there with you, kissing your shoulders and cheeks as you nursed your babies. It would actually be nice to do all of this with him again…
“Mummy!” Maddie cheers when she sees you, running over to you, asking to be picked up.
“Hey my love. Daddy’s making eggs for you?” you smile at her, brushing her hair out of her face as you walk over to Harry to press a kiss to his shoulder blade before making your way to the fridge to grab the orange juice.
“Yes and he said I can try his spicy sauce this time!” she tells you, over the moon from the news. Maddie has been having a weird obsession with spicy food and she takes them surprisingly well for a four-year-old.
“That’s great, Mads. Why don’t you sit with your brother? I think daddy’s almost done with your eggs.”
Putting the little girl down she runs to the table as you help Harry out with the rest of breakfast. The five of you sit together as you eat, enjoying some time as a family before everyone goes their own way. Harry loads the dishwasher and helps Ellie to get dressed while you handle the twins. About an hour later everyone is ready, loading into the car. You grab the lunch you made for Harry yesterday, handing it over to him before he gets into the car to drop the kids off on his way to the studio.
“Thank you, Lovie,” he hums, kissing you as he takes the bag from you. “See you later?”
“Yeah. Love you, have a great day,” you smile at him.
“Love you too.” He presses a kiss to your forehead before getting into the car.
“See you later guys, be good!” you peek into the car, waving at the kids.
“Bye mummy! Love you!” they sing back in unison as Harry starts the car and you watch them drive away.
After having the twins you were determined to go back to work, at least half-time, even if Harry earns more money than you’d ever need. You never wanted to be the stay at home mom who doesn’t have a life outside her family and your previous boss was more than happy to have you back part-time so it all played out well.
Usually this is your time in the office when you stop worrying about anything that’s not work related, when you switch mommy mode off and focus on something else. Today however your thoughts keep wandering to the conversation you had with Harry this morning.
You started dating Harry when you both were twenty, at the prime of his One Direction era. No one thought you would last with the crazy schedule Harry had back then, but you proved them wrong. He proposed to you on your twenty-third birthday and you were married a year later. Two years later you had Ellie, you toured with her, she made her red carpet debut at just one year old, you really took a risk as first time parents, but it all turned out well. Two years later you got pregnant again and it shocked you to find out you were having twins. You panicked and cried and were convinced you could never take care of two babies along with a toddler. Harry was the one who calmed you and made you believe that it’s gonna be alright. Later he admitted that he was shitting his pants too, but didn’t want to freak you out too.
Now as you think back at how everything turned out, you know you aced it, because you had a support system and of course, the most amazing husband. Adding another baby to the family now might be a big change, but deep down you know it’s nothing you couldn’t deal with.
You get off work at two pm and you go on to run your errands. Pharmacy, picking up a few outfits for Harry from the Gucci store and then grocery shopping. When you married Harry and started talking about trying for a baby and becoming a family, you made one thing very clear: you don’t want to have someone do everything for you. Not when you’re capable of cleaning the house on your own, fill the fridge, wash your clothes and so on. You wanted to stay down-to-earth and Harry agreed with you one hundred percent. This doesn’t mean that sometimes you don’t call a cleaning company to fix up the house when you’ve been behind with everything around you, or didn’t order your groceries to the house instead of going to the store yourself.
Once you’ve picked up Harry’s supplements and the kids’ vitamins and the pharmacy, the Gucci bags are sitting in the trunk of the car, you finally get to the grocery store. You’ve crossed everything off your list when you pass by the condoms and find yourself stopping. Chewing on your bottom lip you grab the one you usually buy, eyeing the box hesitantly. At last you drop it into the cart and head to the check-out.
By the time you get home and put everything away you need to head out to pick the twins up. You’re on the way when Harry texts you that he just left the studio, gonna pick Ellie up and meet you at home.
“Mummy! Mummy!” Max and Maddie chant as they run up to you, both of them smashing against you, wrapping their arms around your thighs.
“Hey guys. Did you have fun today?” Squatting down you pull them into your embrace, squeezing them tightly. You’ve gotten used to not being around your kids all day, but that doesn’t mean so don’t miss them. It’s always so nice to have them back and hear them share what they did all day.
You get home before Harry, letting the twins watch some TV as you start with the preparations for dinner. Not much later, the remaining two members of the family arrive, Ellie dancing around, humming the song that’s currently stuck in her head.
“Hi, Lovie,” Harry greets you, kissing your cheek as he squeezes your hip brushing past you to put away his empty food boxes.
“Hey, how was your day?”
“Mm, good. Mitch was a little extra grumpy today,” he chuckles softly. “Do you need help?”
“That would be great, thank you.”
“Alright, let me change and I’ll be right back.”
Harry runs up the stairs, ridding himself of his jeans and jumper, putting on some comfy sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt. He pulls his little black notebook out of his bag and brings it to his nightstand to shove it into the drawer, but as he yanks it out, he notices the new box of condoms in there that you bought today.
His heart sinks painfully. It means that you don’t want to try for another baby and you’ll probably tell him yourself later. He can only hope he won’t start crying like a child, he definitely shouldn’t have worked himself up this much about the idea of having a fourth one.
He drops the notebook into the drawer and closes it, plastering a smile to his face as he heads down to help you out, but you notice the change in him.
“Hey, everything alright?” you ask, grabbing his hand before he could start chopping the tomatoes up.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just… a little tired, is all,” he smiles back at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
He knows he can’t get mad at you for not wanting another baby, you already gifted him with three perfect little ones, carrying two of them at the same time which is just inhuman. He knows how hard pregnancies were on you, it’s completely understandable you don’t want to go through another one, but still, he can’t help but feel disappointed.
After dinner Harry helps you clean up and you don’t miss out on how quiet he is. Then you all decide to watch a movie together and it seems like he is being extra cuddly with the kids, wanting to have them close as you all lounge on the couch. You want to ask what’s wrong, because there’s definitely something weighing down on him, but you don’t want to bring it up in front of the kids.
Tonight it’s his turn to put the twins to bed and you’re taking care of Ellie. It takes a little longer to get her to sleep, so by the time you close her door Harry is already in the bedroom, fresh out of the shower, scrolling through his phone. You take a quick shower too and getting in bed with Harry you’re determined to get him to tell you what’s gotten him so quiet.
“Hey,” you softly call out, cuddling to his side and you don’t miss the tiny bit of hesitation before he wraps an arm around you. “I know something is wrong, you can’t fool me. Talk to me please!”
He locks the phone and drops it to his wireless charger, staring up at the ceiling as he sighs. He is starting to worry you, especially because it seemed like everything was fine when he got home, so then what happened?
“I just… I’m sorry, I shouldn't be so upset about this,” he breathes out shaking his head. Pushing yourself up on your arms you cup his face in one palm.
“Don’t be sorry, it’s alright. Just tell me what upset you so much.” His eyes finally find yours and it’s clear he is hesitant to tell you.
“I… I saw the condoms in the drawer.”
It takes you a few moments to put the picture together and when you see his eyes watering you feel your own throat closing up at how upset he got over such a little, insignificant thing, though you know it meant something more to him.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t react like this, but I just… I was really hoping you’d say yes,” he sobs, squeezing his eyes shut.
“Oh my God, please don’t cry,” you breathe out, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him close. His arms curl around your frame, burying his face into your neck.
“I just love being a dad so much, I'm watching them growing up and I’m afraid that soon they won’t need me like they need me now. I thought if we had another baby we could go through it just one more time, delay everything a few years. They are the best things in my life and I’m so selfish but I wanted to feel the happiness of having another baby again.”
Your cheeks are soaked now as you listen to his words, your chest tightening. It was obvious when you talked in the morning that he really wanted this fourth baby, but you didn’t realize he wanted it this badly.
“Harry, they will always need you. They will be around for a long time,” he mumbles, fighting your own tears as you lean back to look into his reddened eyes, carding your fingers through his hair.
“I know, but I feel like time is flying by so fast. I want to stretch this time as long as possible,” he breathes out, slowly calming down. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to break down like this, it’s not my way to make you feel guilty,” he chuckles bitterly, gently caressing the side of your neck.
“Stop, don’t worry about me,” you chuckle lightly, wiping your cheeks with the back of your hand. “I didn’t know that box would leave you so traumatized.”
“You couldn’t have known that I would get this emotional,” he laughs, taking a deep breath, finally both of you have stopped crying.
“If I knew it, I would have tried to talk to you before. Because I’ve been thinking about this whole day and honestly, the condoms have nothing to do with where I’m at with this question.”
“Nothing?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows.
“No, I just bought them because I thought it could never hurt to have them, but apparently I was wrong,” you smile down at him apologetically but he just shakes his head. “You really put the idea into the back of my mind, this morning, though,” you admit and his eyes widen. Pushing himself up he sits against the headboard as you sit back onto your heels, your hands clasped together with his.
“So you thought about it, and the condoms don’t mean you’re saying no…” he cautiously says, his gaze fixated on you to read your eyes.
“At first I really thought it would be too much. Taking care of a baby with three kids on our hands, but then I realized that this was exactly what I felt like before having them too. I remember how much you freaked out when we found out Ellie was on the way,” you chuckle softly, bringing his hands to your chest.
“I was a mess,” he laughs, thinking back to his past self from years ago.
“Yeah, and then it was my turn to freak out when we found out we were having twins. But… it all turned out just fine.”
“Turned out perfect, baby. I think we are doing such a great job raising them,” he sighs proudly and you can’t argue with that.
“So I thought about having another one,” you admit. “And it sounds scary now, but… it’s not something we wouldn’t be able to handle.”
Harry’s eyes widen and his mouth hangs open as he realizes what your words mean.
“Baby, is this for real? You’re not just fucking with me, right?”
“Well, I will kinda have to fuck with you if we want another baby,” you laugh at your own joke as Harry throws himself at you, pulling you down to the bed, rolling around until he is lying on top of you, kissing your face everywhere he can.
“So you’re in? We’re gonna try for another one?” His eyes are glistening again, but these tears are different from the ones from not long ago. He is buzzing from the excitement and happiness and it’s making your heart race, seeing the man you love like this.
“I mean, we could just forget about the condoms and see if… it happens. We might be up for it, but maybe my body doesn’t agree,” you chuckle softly, running your hands up and down his back.
“Are you saying we’re too old to have another baby?” he gasps dramatically. “We’re still young and prime!”
“I’m thirty-two and already pushed out three babies. Maybe that was my limit,” you joke around.
“Nah, I think we could make a dozen more if we wanted,” he grins down at you smugly, pushing his hips against yours to show off his already hardening cock.
“One! We are talking about one more!” you warn him with wide eyes.
“But maybe we’ll have twins again! Or better, triplets!” he enthuses and your stomach drops. He sees the panic in your eyes and chuckles delighted.
“Take that back before the universe hears you and makes it happen!”
“Okay, sorry. Not trying to push my luck,” he laughs and leaning down he kisses you taking his time, tasting you as if he hasn’t been kissing you for more than a decade. “So it’s official? We’re expanding the family?” he murmurs against your lips, his hands already working on getting your pants off.
“I guess, yeah,” you sigh, but can’t hold your smile back. You can’t believe the power this man has over you. Twenty-four hours ago you didn’t even have the opportunity to have another baby on your mind and now he is getting into your pants to knock you up. Again.
“You’re gonna look so great, pregnant with my baby, everyone will know how good I fucked you,” he hums lowly, making you wet instantly.
“Don’t be just all talk and no action, Styles. Gotta work for that baby first,” you grin at him teasing and it’s just what he needed to unleash your favorite side of him, the one only you get to see in the comfort of your bedroom.
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g0ldenkiwi · 2 days ago
Scintilla | Harry Styles
Pairing: 19th Century!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 7,223
Warnings: NFSW (+18), Smut, Fluff, Light Asshole Harry, Classist And Sexist Behavior Of The Time, Very Light Angst, Fingering, Oral Sex, Face Fucking, Degradation Kink, Spitting Kink, Choking Kink, Breeding Kink, Sir Kink, Dom/Sub Situation, Unprotected Sex.
Request: @anon
Hey! Can you write a smut in which Harry and y/n are at a party where y/n is seducing him by saying sexy and dirty things in his ears, so the sexual tension increases and they fuck in washroom. Include very dirty and filthy talks by Harry while pounding into y/n
A/N: Here it is! Thank you so much for the request, I really had been thinking about writing about 19th Century with Harry for a long time because I love the concept of 'Pride and Prejudice' so much and, although it's probably not what you were expecting, I hope you enjoy it, anon! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's funny how life could make many people suffer while others live at the top, how destinies can intertwine and make two people who weren't supposed to know each other feel attracted to each other, how such a connection could make them forget about all kinds of outside rules and just conclude at the end of the day being just the two of them.
Nothing more.
Harry had long since realized the reality of what he lived in and the life that many had to endure just because they were born into one family or another.
From a very young age, Harry had always been surrounded by the finest luxuries, the finest tutors teaching him how to become the high-status gentleman that society had decided upon. The Styles name alone could unlock any door in London for him, with open arms and eager hands that could pluck any penny from his pocket at any time.
Obviously, Harry was aware of this. That, unfortunately, every good thing had its downside, and so the good fortune of being born into such a prestigious family brought with it a life of mistrust towards outsiders, and therefore, seeking friends and a wife was quite problematic for him.
However, the brunet knew himself to be aware of all this, but, in addition, he was also aware of the people who, unfortunately, were serving in his house and had a status set, —just like him— but they suffered from its consequences instead of taking advantage of them. Having to live from day to day thinking about what to put in their mouths for something to eat while in his family, he had worries like what kind of upholstery they might be wearing in London and where they could hire someone to change it for them.
Despite all that, there was only one thing that was outside any social status, and Harry would defend it with a duel and fists if necessary: love.
When he was a kid, and while he had been growing up, his parents had always been impressing upon him that when he grew up he would have to marry a woman of equal monetary caliber to his family, regardless of his heart, of course. But what his parents didn't know and what Harry had always kept secret was that he didn't plan to please his parents in that regard; they could send him to many institutions to improve his calligraphy and learn finance, they could dress him in tight, colorful jackets and trousers, but they could never make him marry someone he didn't love.
And he already loved a woman.
Y/N, unfortunately for both of them, had been born into a family of servants within the Styles house and since she was a little girl she had always been told that she had to watch her manners when dealing with people of higher status than her and more so being a woman, she should only keep silent at all times and never speak without thinking. But being just a child, that rule often escaped her, and one day she met a little boy with brown curls and green eyes that caught her attention and she did not hesitate to approach him to investigate in the large garden where she used to play without disturbing anyone.
At first, that boy was shy with her and just let her talk with no idea what to answer to her intense chatter, but the only thing she knew about that boy was that his name was Harry.
Little by little, the boy opened up more to her, and they became such a close friendship that the two of them only played with each other and both Harry and Y/N began to create their own children's games and secrets, hiding treasures and making up the strangest stories.
They both grew up together and adolescence and hormones, plus their mutual curiosity for those burning feelings that the church warned them they should never let out, or they could go to hell, was the last step that pushed them into each other's arms as they tried to reveal themselves against everything and everyone.
And in those same gardens, they began to form lustful and passionate secrets that they would not tell until they were both willing to tell the four winds that they loved each other and were not afraid to admit it.
Harry really wanted to go public with their relationship, wishing he could marry Y/N and present her as his wife, have children and live together until old age took them.
But of course, they both knew that such idealistic dreams could only come true in their minds and never in real life, where they would never be accepted.
Tumblr media
The music and the feasting of the ball in the Styles' house were noisy as Harry watched the different families of the village wander around the great hall in their finery, inspecting in awe at every precious decorative detail and large paintings decorating the wide walls along with the large windows that gave a glimpse through it of the immersed gardens and properties that the family was so proud of.
Every year, the Styles family always liked to hold a ball for the whole town to show off their status and money, making it so that everyone could go as long as they were invited, no social status involved. Mind you, at least you had to be dressed in your best clothes.
However, amidst all the bustle, Harry only could make out a pair of eyes that he had grown accustomed to adoring.
Y/N was truly radiant in her golden dress, the corset she wore framing her figure slightly; Harry knew beforehand that Y/N never tightened her corset and only wore it to store her personal belongings. His green eyes never left her and a lopsided smile was just for her as Y/N also returned his greeting with a small nod of her head and another knowing smile as she stood on the other side of the room, trying to keep her manners.
Harry was alone, having been able to detach himself from the upper-class young men that his mother forced him to hang out with, and just wished the dances would start, so he could run off and ask Y/N for a dance, grateful for that public ball where he could have a chance to touch her and get close without arousing suspicion while he talked to more people and let his mother introduce him to several girls interested in him.
At last, sweet melodies began to play and everyone began to move to the center of the room and began to dance. Y/N was the first to position herself to dance with a radiant smile as everyone swung with everyone else, changing partners fluidly as they twirled and used their hands, without quite touching, to guide each other.
At last, the real joy of that ball was beginning to form.
His green eyes followed her gaze endlessly and unashamedly as he watched her turn among many people, his mischievous grin still not fading from his face as her eyes kept glancing his way and her laughter died over the sound of the music filling the room.
After a while and when the first song was over, Harry was about to go to his beloved's side, so he could dance with her all night long, however, the presence of his sister next to him stopped him.
"Brother, good evening," Gemma greeted slowly, also looking out at the crowd whirling in front of them.
"Sister, good evening to you as well," Harry received her as well, accompanied by a slight bow of his head in a graceful manner. "How are you finding the ball tonight?"
The brunet only gave Y/N a regretful look from the distance, his eyes promising her the dance they had both been so excitedly looking forward to, before Y/N returned it with understanding and turned her focus back to her dance partner.
"Quite placid and endearing," Gemma replied with a smile as she gently watched the people dancing and having a good time with each other to the music.
Harry just nodded his head and kept glancing back at Y/N, his hands behind his back fidgeting nervously, wishing his sister would be distracted by some new company, so he could go straight to the woman he loved.
However, a new man appeared in his vision, grabbing Y/N's waist to swiftly twirl her in the air. His brow furrowed visibly at this and his lips quirked slightly in a puzzled grimace as he stared at the hands that should be his touching her without any concealment or embarrassment; at one point the same young man brought his mouth close to Y/N's ear, whispering in her ear.
He could feel his body wanting to head that way and pull him away from his future wife, however, Gemma again spoke up before he could even take a step.
"Oh, that's interesting," Gemma giggled softly. Harry's enraged eyes looked to her side in confusion.
"What are you referring to, sister?" Harry asked; normally, Gemma didn't usually comment on balls or the people who went.
"Do you remember the little girl who always played with you when you were just a little kid? The daughter of the L/N’s who were serving in our house. Y/N, I think her name was, if I remember correctly." Harry felt his heart in his chest flip at the mention of his beautiful companion, thinking that his fit of jealousy would have given him away. "Apparently she has been the fruit of devotion to Officer Clayden's son in the village, and they have been talking to Mr. L/N to ask for the betrothal of his daughter," Gemma commented without stopping to watch the pair dance, her brown eyes shifting mischievously to her brother who turned his gaze back to the aforementioned. "Interesting, don't you think, dear brother?"
Harry, upon hearing that, felt a fury begin to burn in his soul and chest, his hands clenched into fists so tightly behind his back that his knuckles were white, and his rage could be felt making him see pure red all around him as he continued to see the man try to steal the woman he had always loved without even getting to know her, just on a mere whim. But what irritated him the most at that moment was the smile that Y/N had on her face while she kept dancing with that man as if she was mocking him; the joy of both of them made him feel his pride slaughtered and his need to act violently grew and grew more and more, but he had to contain himself.
"It's not something I'd go so far as to consider remotely interesting, sister," Harry couldn't help the growl that came from his throat as he spoke trying to make it seem like he didn't care about that information he had been revealed of, however, only his sister's snicker made him bite his bottom lip angrily, not quite knowing if his sister was amused by his reaction or that something hidden Gemma knew about him.
But he didn't have time to think twice about it before he heard the music stop, indicating that the song was over. "Excuse me, sister," he indicated before almost trotting over to Y/N and young Clayden quickly.
"Of course," he only managed to hear his sister say as she continued to giggle. He should ask her later what she had found so amusing, he thought to himself before positioning himself in front of the laughing couple.
"Good evening, Mr. Clayden, Miss L/N," Harry cut off their chuckling abruptly as he saw that they didn't stop and hadn't even deigned to feel his presence.
"Mr. Styles, good night to you too," Clayden replied politely, yet the angry green eyes only probed at that arm still hugging the waist he had so often held and kissed lovingly.
"Ah, Harry!" Y/N greeted him cheerfully, not realizing she had called him by name.
"It's Mr. Styles to you, Miss L/N. Don't forget the position we are part of," Harry admonished her harshly causing Y/N's smile to suddenly fade, the eyes that had so often looked at him with pride and love crystallized from the pain his words had made her feel, as a lump in her throat formed, not understanding what was wrong with her beloved.
"Of course, I’m truly sorry for my disrespectful manners towards you, Mr. Styles," she replied in a weak voice as she had been instructed on what she should do when being with a person of higher status than her, lowering and averting her gaze from Harry with distress.
Harry hated his words as soon as they left his mouth, wishing he could bang his head repeatedly against a wall. His jealousy had hurt the woman he loved, yet she was also hurting him for her betrothal that she had never told him about.
"And how do you find this pleasing ni-?"
"Would you, Mr. Clayden, lend me Miss L/N for the next dance?" Harry cut off his question abruptly to the young man, causing him to stall for a moment before processing the question the brunet had posed to him in such a direct and random manner.
"Certainly, Mr. Styles," Clayden replied, still confused as he pulled his hand away from her waist at last and took her hand to rest it gently in Harry's which he didn't hesitate to tug, almost dragging her towards the center of the room.
The music of the next song started to play, this time the melody being softer and more elegant, making them start swinging slowly.
They were both quiet and tense, something that normally didn't happen when they were together, but Harry didn't know how to try to contain his anger to not hurt Y/N any more than he had already done, but his fury at what Gemma had said to him still lingered and still burned inside him, making his face totally stoic and unfeeling as they twirled gently to the soft melody, which, if not for the news, would have been a precious and beautiful moment between them and a memory he would treasure fondly in his heart.
But that would no longer be the case.
His hands trembled gently as he felt the soft fabric of her dress under his fingers and held Y/N's warm hand with the other; the feel of her body next to his for every breath she took made him wish he could hold her forever.
But that would be impossible.
"Harry?" Y/N finally called out to him, worried and even hurt. "What's wrong with you?"
"How dare you ask me that when you've been hiding something so important from me for all the time we've spent together?" Harry roared low, his eyes finally focusing intently on her fragile ones, his hands squeezing her unconsciously.
"What do you mean, my love? I have never held anything back from you, how could I do that when just the thought of not being able to be by your side at every moment slowly kills me until I am finally back in your arms?" Y/N answered him in a hurried manner, her voice reflecting the fear of the possibility that Harry would think so low of her.
"And how is it that I had to find out from my dear sister about your supposed betrothal to young Clayden?" The brunet growled back, his tall figure towering over hers and his intense, raging eyes taking her breath away.
There was a moment of silence, Y/N's half-open mouth indicating her bewilderment and processing the words of the beautiful young man she had fallen in love with many years ago before she suddenly realized what was going on, and she couldn't help but let out a loud cackle that even caught the attention of the couples next to her who had been dancing quietly, before breaking into almost hysterical laughter in her face.
Just the sight of her and hearing her mock and chortle at him made Harry's blood boil in his veins at the sight of the woman he had long thought would never hurt him by playing with his pride in such an evil way.
"Stop it," he blurted out in a low, deep whisper as he squeezed her figure tighter, this time between his hands, causing her to wince a little at his rage. "Don't you dare laugh at me, Y/N, I warn you. My love for you may be infinite, but I will not let you mock me like this."
Y/N stared at him for a moment with a small smirk before opening her mouth again to speak.
"I would never be able to mock or laugh at you, my beautiful sunshine," she replied softly. "That was not my intention, but you have really caught me completely by surprise in telling me that. I thought I would make you acquainted with it as soon as we could be in private, and remark to you that, of course, I, too, had been taken by surprise at seeing young Clayden come to my humble home to ask my dear parents for my hand," she told as her eyes did not leave his, trying with her voice to calm that fierceness she had awakened. "Of course, my intention has never been to marry him, for he is not the man I love. That title, that you already know, my love, it belongs to you and I intended to communicate it to young Clayden that I already had a future planned in which he is not by my side," she finished by telling with a smile and a giggle. "I did not think this fact would infuriate you in such a way, my beloved. It was really insignificant information.
"And I didn't think it would ever concern a gentleman of such high status as yourself, Mr. Styles," Y/N finished with a hint of grief still in her voice at the knowledge that the brunet had treated her so for such stupidity.
"Don't ever call me that again, my love, I beg of you, it hurts me greatly to hear that title from your lips as if you were just strangers after all we have been through together," Harry spoke again, this time with his voice weaker, ashamed with himself as he heard his beloved's real intentions, a small blush on his cheeks appeared as he looked away from hers; founding himself so humiliated and unhappy with how he had acted towards her. "I'm sorry for my previous dishonorable and unpleasant behavior towards you, you know you are my everything and I shouldn't have treated you in such an indecent way, you don't deserve it, but you should know that of course, it is my concern, everything about you is my concern, and very much so."
"Oh, I see what's going on," Y/N chuckled lightly again before bringing her face as close as she could to his ear. "You were jealous, my love."
"No, I wasn't," Harry denied quickly, looking at her again, feeling this time he was vulnerable in her mischievous eyes.
"Yes, my love, you were jealous," she would confirm again; her voice lowering again before her body pressed fully against his and her lips lightly caressed his cheek and sharp jaw before her breath fell directly into his ear as she spoke again. "Did you think that cretin who has never even been able to greet me on the streets of the village was going to steal me from you? You know very well that's not possible, my love, you know very well who is the real man who makes me scream with pleasure every night; who makes me beg for him, for those hands that make me tremble, that I wish he would run those same hands over every part of my naked figure; you know perfectly well who is capable of making my most intimate parts wet with your long and thick member that makes me the next days my legs quiver. That cock that makes me see the stars and that is able to accurately touch my most pleasurable parts from inside my cunt and that will surely one day make me a mother and I will carry in my womb all the children we can conceive."
Her words and the warmth of her body made Harry couldn't help but think of every night he'd spent in bed with that beautiful woman, all the moans he'd gotten out of her, all the promises to make her his wife and mother of his children. He could perfectly visualize her naked body in his bed as he felt her full, round, perfectly sized tits pressed against his chest, making his breathing quicken and his cock in his tight trousers begin to harden.
"Enough, my beloved, I warn you to be careful with your words," Harry tried to say forcefully, but it sounded more like a plea as he pulled her face slightly away from his to look into her eyes, trying to get his message across fully to its recipient.
Y/N had already felt his hardness in his pants, however, and her mischievous grin confirmed it before she brought her head close to his again, her lips mere inches from his before she let out an airy sigh that pouted her lips sweetly.
"Looks like my good sir needs my help with that problem," Y/N teased.
Before Harry could stifle her again, trying to get her to stop her seduction and remind her of where they were and the people around, the music slowly stopped, causing everyone to suddenly halt dancing.
A light applause towards the talent of the musicians ruled the room for a moment suddenly, distracting Harry for a moment before Y/N suddenly grabbed the front of his jacket and lowered his torso until her sweet honey lips collided with his ear.
"Come fuck me, my love," Y/N commanded him directly before quickly breaking away and turning her body towards one of the dark corridors off to the side of the gallery, urgently disappearing from the room and leaving a bewildered and very aching Harry behind, who didn't take long before slipping away as well; following his beloved down the gloomy passage of his grand mansion.
Harry could hear Y/N's sweet laughter guiding him as he walked quickly, occasionally passing someone who greeted him respectfully before turning his hungry gaze to the back of his future wife; the beautiful golden dress he had given her for the event making his mouth water as he stared all the while at her bare shoulders and collarbone, wanting to bite and mark his territory. From time to time she looked back to make sure that the brunet was following her, which made him want to tell her that she didn't need to since he would follow her to hell if he had to.
At last, from far behind, young Styles saw his beloved stop in front of a wooden door, slowly opening it before looking both ways behind her; both looking at his love and making sure there was no one else wading through that hallway before stepping through the entry and slowly closing it behind her.
The green-eyed man didn't think twice before proceeding just as quickly as Y/N did, almost running towards the door as if everything depended on it before knocking ever so lightly with his knuckles on the sturdy wood while he was seeing both ends of the hallway as well.
The door burst open, and two urgent hands grabbed his jacket again to pull him quickly inside.
A huge, well-decorated washroom was what was on the other side of that door, with its spacious bathtub and several cabinets with different soaps and bath salts; but Harry couldn't get to notice more, as hungry lips enveloped his in a sweet, wet kiss that made him dizzy.
"Alone, at last, my love," Y/N whispered against his lips in a warm sigh, her hands caressing his chest as his hands gripped her waist with desire and desperation. "You've really impressed me today, Harry. It's the first time I've ever seen you so jealous and in that fiery way over something you really shouldn't have cared about," she joked, lightly giggling again, making the brunet angry.
"Shut it," he commanded in a deep, slow voice as he pushed her back until she was positioned against the porcelain sink and the wood-framed mirror. "How can I not be jealous if some fucking nobody wanted to steal you from me, snatch you from my arms. That damned bastard will know who he dared to run into, and I promise my pride will be repaired."
"Oh, and what does my love intend to perform against that despicable being you speak of?" She asked with a foxy grin on her complexion, teasing him which made both his desire and his rage grow more and more within his being.
"First of all, I will make you mine again as I have been doing all these years," Harry growled, his large hand framing lightly around her neck, not quite squeezing, but loving how her eyes dilated as he watched her bite her lip, eliciting a smug smile from him. "And I'll make you remember too who generates your pleasure for the many weeks you've been unable to walk and for which you've begged me for mercy."
Her hands began to roam her figure, not thinking much more about squeezing between his eager hands the tits that almost jutted out exposed from her corset and causing just looking at them to want to bite them without qualms, wanting to tear that expensive fabric, so he could appreciate her beautiful body better, but he knew he could not. Or at least, not for now.
"I curse this great day and this long-awaited event for not being able to strip you out of this beautiful dress, my precious star," he commented as he started down her cheek to her neck, kissing and nibbling on it, making her shiver under his tall figure.
His hands began to move up the long skirt of her dress until he could feel under the touch of his fingers her underwear. Y/N's breaths were getting hotter and hotter as he finally lowered his mouth to her mounds which he didn't hesitate to kiss as well, caressing her skin as much as he could of her exposed skin; the frustration of not being able to touch and caress her more and more growing because of that dress which, although it was a delight as it hugged her curves perfectly was also a punishment for both of them not being able to enjoy being together to the fullest.
"H-Harry," she gasped, her gentle hands tousling his brunet hair that had been until that moment perfectly coiffed as his hands finally found skin to caress, finally sliding and pulling her underwear away from her as he sat her down on the firm sink.
"You have been so malicious tonight, my beloved." At last, his lips returned to hers, his labored breath falling full upon hers. "Why have you wanted to see me suffer? You are merciless, behaving that way just to get my attention that you know will always be fully upon you for and forever."
"I-I'm so sorry, my love," she tried to utter, but his hands made her lightheaded and his warmth made her never want to detach herself from him. "You know I could never enjoy seeing you suffer, I only want to see you happy. My heart would not endure just seeing you in a depressed state."
"Oh yeah?" Harry asked her almost coldly, making her shiver under those deep green eyes. "And this?"
His expert fingers went straight to her dripping pussy, making her gasp in shock as she felt his fingers begin to caress her wet folds while the palm of his hand continuously brushed against her aching clit, making her face heated with embarrassment that he had caught her in that vulnerable condition.
"What's the meaning of this, then, ah? Wetting yourself all by yourself, just behaving like a whore in front of everyone, knowingly suffering me, you pathetic slut. Are you that desperate for my cock, for me to pay you some attention? You should show me more respect," Harry growled into her face, all the while, each dirty word turning her on; his hands under her dress touching her most sensitive parts as she writhed under him.
"I-I respect you," Y/N spoke between whines, the response of her unconsciousness being the punishment of those expert fingers pulling away from her desperate cunt and rising up to the brunet's mouth who didn't hesitate for a second to slowly suck her juices as he continued to stare at her intently and unblinkingly with those eyes totally darkened with passion causing her to mewl.
"And after all that, you still dare to answer me, you worthless whore?" His hand from his mouth moved back to her neck, which he gripped firmly, however, never quite hurting her. "Open your mouth," he ordered slowly, making Y/N obey him almost immediately.
Harry just looked at her for a second with a smirk on his face, almost mocking her before spitting in her mouth, making her moan loudly.
"Good whore," he complimented before closing her mouth with his fingers on her chin and stroking his thumb gently over her lips. "I had planned on tonight eating out of your pussy until you could see heaven, but, considering you've preferred to behave like a fucking slut, flirting with that bastard I won't even mention his name; tonight I'll ravish you until you feel like you're in hell itself and if you think crying is going to get you out of this, you're dumber than you look."
Y/N gulped at the promise as she felt her own pussy tighten at the thought of it. Also knowing full well that those words were not true as many other nights they had played that way and the first thing Harry always told her before they started their heated encounter was that, if at any point she felt overwhelmed by the situation, just by saying 'fish' he would stop immediately.
"Answer me," he growled at her silence, his hand squeezing her delicate neck lightly and snapping her out of the ideas in her head.
"Y-Yes, sir," Y/N replied, knowing perfectly well what she should call Harry in that game, which made him smirk again in that cold, dark way that made her legs shake with anticipation.
"Good," he said slowly before making her get up from the sink and prompting her to get on her knees. "First of all, you will pleasure your sir, and you’ll take whatever the fuck I put in your mouth, do you understand me?" his large hand cupped her head slowly as he explained to her the situation; on her knees in front of him making her nod her head quickly and submissively. "Use your words, love."
"Yes sir, I'll do anything for you," Y/N said urgently, making the brunet chuckle again at how desperate she was for his cock.
"Good girl," he praised contentedly and appreciatively.
At last, the words Y/N had been longing to hear, making her hips almost roll unconsciously on the cold floor as she watched the brunet's hands begin to slowly slide the zipper down and remove his garments until at last his dripping red cock sprung free from his confinements; Y/N could feel her core again contracting around nothing and her mouth salivating.
"Now, open wide," he ordered before his hand positioned back on her head, her other hand gripping his long member and making her gulp down his cock, even going so far as to feel his tip touch the end of her throat. "Yeah! That's right!" Harry couldn't help the groan come out at the sensation of her warm and moist mouth on his cock. "Now I'm going to start fucking your mouth and remember if you feel it's too much, or I'm overdoing it, hit my leg repeatedly," he warned this last in his most concerned and calm voice, letting Y/N know that even though he was the dominant one in this situation, she had control over everything.
Her cheeks hollowed around his thick member as the short hairs in his pubic area tickled her nose while he began to jerk her head back and forth, slowly at first before he began to create a faster and faster pace; Y/N was grateful for all the times she'd given the brunet a blowjob until she got used to him fucking her throat that way and didn't feel nauseous at all.
Her eyes couldn't stop looking up as those green eyes couldn't stop watching her take his cock with joy and without any hesitation, the rhythm increasing more and more, salty drops of his pre-cum falling all the time from his tip that she swallowed with pleasure; her tongue caressing from time to time the vein under his cock that she knew perfectly well that he was sensitive there.
"Fuck, best mouth in the world, I swear," Harry groaned as he observed her not so much as wince, his slippery shaft stroking her mouth walls and making him feel like he would burst at any moment.
His moans made her clench her thighs in front of him unconsciously and his calls only made her wish she could bring one of her hands to her aching clit and touch herself unabashedly in front of him as he satisfied himself at her expense, but she also knew the consequences of that and, honestly, at this point she always preferred Harry's reward to his punishment, knowing full well that it could be torture indeed, pleasurable, but very fucked up.
"Fuck, I'm going to cum," Harry blurted out in a grunt unconsciously making her eyes almost sparkle with excitement, wishing she could taste him and swallow all of his seed with joy. "Oh, no, slut, you're not going to get that," Harry chuckled darkly before letting his entire dick out of her mouth all at once, causing her to pout and make a sad face that almost looked pathetic and amused. "You don't think I'd give you what you craved most, ah? This is still punishment, and I'm not done with you yet. Now get up off that cold floor, you worthless whore."
Y/N stood up quickly at his words, her shaky legs almost making her fall, but Harry's arms holding her before it.
"Even that you can't do right," Harry tsked through his teeth disapprovingly. "I want you to bend over now and let me see my dripping pussy for my cock," the brunet whispered in her ear as his hands twirled her around, and with light pressure on her back, he lowered her torso until it touched the sink and her cheek was pressed against the pristine glass that was pawned with her breath; light whimpers escaped her mouth as she felt those hands lift her skirts again until she could feel the coolness of the room kiss her damp thighs.
"Look at that, so pathetic and miserable," Harry commented, making her mewl in despair as she watched the brunet slowly lick the palm of his hand before bringing it to her leaking slit and touching it directly, making her let out a loud pant.
"S-Sir, p-please," Y/N begged, wanting to finally feel that cock fill her in the pleasurable way she knew he could.
"Don’t feel like being a brat anymore, do you?" Harry mocked, and before she could answer, his hard long cock eased into her pussy to the hilt, bottoming her out, making her mouth open wide and her eyes roll white as she felt the walls of her cunt being stretched deliciously and his perfect dick touching her the spots she loved the most. "That's my pussy, my fucking cockslut," he too couldn't help but grunt as he felt his future wife's sweet pussy embrace him like that, wondering how it was possible that after fucking her in every way she could still be so tight. "Only your pussy and your mouth deserve to be worthy of approval, you fucking whore."
Her hips didn't hesitate a second longer before they began to stir back and forth, silently asking for him to start fucking her hard; which Harry didn't think twice about complying.
Slowly his cock began to slide in and out of her pussy, starting to create a slow rhythm, but making his cock pound deep and hard inside her as he ravished her again while his green eyes kept watching her eager cunt willingly swallow his cock and feel the walls contract around him so exquisitely; his hands gripping her hips firmly as he held the gold and white-colored skirts in a fist.
"Fuck, so fucking perfect," Harry growled before he began to ram into her pussy harder, dirty wet sounds from her core making him grin as he heard Y/N's moans and whines rumble through the room, and he could see her distorted face in pleasure leaning against the sink, her rapid breaths creating grey mists in the mirror. "Is this what you wanted, slut, my fat cock fucking your little cunt?"
"Yes! Yes! Please! Please! Please!" Y/N couldn't help but reply as she noticed that at last, the pace was starting to increase, making her start to see stars as she felt one of the thrusts the tip of his long member so deliciously and accurately hit her g-spot deep inside her.
She could actually feel her insides writhing with pleasure as she felt his cock pummeling her cervix inside her and felt his tip all the way down to her belly; her legs trembled, and her pussy clenched all the way around his cock, wanting him to ruin her completely, to cum inside her and give her those children they had talked about so many times in intimacy. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she thought about it; she could hear Harry grunt more loudly and deeply behind her with a tightening contraction of her cunt walls, his cock beginning to twitch with joy.
"S-Sir, I don't think I'm going to hold out much longer," Y/N tried to warn in a cracked voice.
"Yeah, I think I'm the same way," the brunet admitted as well, being able to feel his balls continually slapping against her aching clit start to tingle and that pussy was starting to close tighter and tighter. The warm, wet embrace of her sheath was making him lose his mind and sense of where and when they were.
"Sir! Please cum inside me! I'll breed all your children! Give it to me! Please! Please!" Harry growled deeply at those words as he felt his climax getting closer and closer.
One of his hands gripped her neck firmly before lifting her torso and making her back collide with his strong chest, his other hand quickly lifted one of her legs until he placed her knee on the sink. His cock pounding faster and faster and their hips rotating in sync as they could hear the slap of their skins as their groins collided.
"You desire that, ah? You want me to fill you completely with my seed, carry my children in your belly?" Harry whispered with deep pants in her ear as she rested her hair on his shoulder as she threw her head back from the pleasure he was giving her; his words making her belly create knots that made her shiver with pleasure. "You'd look so beautiful pregnant, so full and perfect, so fucking radiant. I'd be the proudest, luckiest man in the world."
"Yes! Yes! Please, get me pregnant!" Y/N begged him, tears of pure joy streaming down her cheeks before she felt her peak burst; her back arched all the way against his body as one hand covered her mouth for the cry the brunet knew she would release as she finally felt her juices bathe his member inside her and the knots in her belly uncoiling tightly making her see stars.
"Of course, I'll give you everything you ask for, everything! Take it! Take it!" Harry groaned feeling that delicious cunt close completely around him before his cock burrowed all at once inside her pussy, prolonging her orgasm as he just lightly twirled his cock inside her and deeply let his seed begin to fill her womb with long, warm spurts making her shudder with delight.
Their labored breaths reigned the washroom as they both finally began to return from their peaks, the music from the hall beginning to reach their ears and reminding them of where they were.
Harry was the first to react and move; kissing her temple and neck tenderly before sliding his softening cock slowly out of her and dressing quickly, buttoning his pants carelessly. Y/N couldn't help but let out a small whine from her sensitive core, letting herself be done by the brunet and still a little dizzy from the orgasm.
"Here, let me, my beautiful star," Harry guided her sweetly as he gently made her sit up on the toilet before wetting a small towel and spreading her legs for him; her green eyes dilating slightly as he watched, proudly, his cum begin to drip from her pussy, wishing he could burn that image into his brain forever. "Fuck, so beautiful," he whispered to himself before forcing himself to carefully clean her off, staring at her face with her eyes still closed looking for some wince of pain or discomfort. "Very well, that's my beautiful wife-to-be," he praised her as he replaced her underwear and helped her up, finally those eyes he had fallen in love with opening, making him direct a warm smile at her. "Are you feeling properly, my gorgeous? Perhaps you would like to doze for a brief time in my private quarters before we head back down to the ball?" He proposed, stroking her cheek and tucking in a few strands of her hair.
"No, I'm feeling fine, my love, really," Y/N assured, shaking her head in denial of his offer. "Besides, we've been gone too long already. I think we'd better go downstairs so as not to arouse any more suspicion."
"If you don't have any objections, that's fine with me," Harry said as he lifted his elbow for Y/N to grab his arm, which she didn't hesitate to do with a small giggle.
"Besides, Mr. Styles still owes me a proper dance, as I found the previous one rather incompetent and awkward for such a gentleman as you are, my good sir," she teased making him grin and laugh, his dimples framing his radiant smile before he kissed her deeply and tenderly for the last time that night till they could be alone again.
"Of course, my beautiful star, as I said, I will give you everything you most desire," Harry assured seriously before opening the washroom door and stepping back into the real world they both so hated being a part of.
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finelinevogue · 2 days ago
can you do one where it’s the fine line show at the electric ballroom and you have just had a baby with Harry and it gets too loud and you have to leave and Harry gets really worried like where have you gone or…? angst & fluff please, thank you <33
gotta love a bit of baby dadrry content !! ;
After months of being in LA, Harry was finally back in the UK and was about to perform his newest album at the Electric Ballroom.
The atmosphere was so intense and crazy at the moment. Everyone was rushing around ready for Harry to be on stage in ten minutes time. He had been rehearsing all day and making sure everything was perfect for his first ‘Fine Line’ experience in the UK. Although this album was made in Japan, the UK always felt the most like home and he always enjoyed it most when he performed here.
So Harry was very excited for this show, yet he was also incredibly on edge. You had recently had a baby, only 2 months ago, and so it was very difficult with parenting at the moment. You and Harry both loved every damn second of being a parent, but with these shows it always got a bit hectic. You’d had to miss ‘Fine Line’ at the Forum because it was too much to handle, but now you felt like you could cope better. Harry was still just as nervous though.
“Promise me you’ll be okay?” Harry checked again, standing around backstage looking beautiful in his yellow suit. You said he looked like a banana and he agreed, saying he was the sexiest banana he knew.
Harry normally got changed and ready for his show as close to starting time as possible, to shove away the possibility of nerves if he was just standing around. Now, though, with baby Erin sat in his arms he got ready and hour before the show so he could spend as much time with his baby girl as possible. You had just finished feeding her and now Harry was burping her, not caring if his suit got ruined at this point. He loved his daughter too much to care about ruining designer suits anymore.
You smiled at Harry’s question, watching as he rocked your two month old daughter over his shoulder as she let out a few burps every once in a while. He had been worried all evening, not having experienced a show with the added pressure of his daughter being here yet. You were so excited to finally hear his new album and considering half the songs were about you, it was about time you heard them live.
“We’ll be fine, H. What’s the worst that could happen?” You asked rhetorically, earning a death glare from your husband himself.
“Oh don’t go down that route, Y/N.” Sarah chipped in, standing behind Harry as she made funny faces at your daughter.
“Yeah, he literally wrote a list of everything that could go wrong.” Mitch added, standing behind Sarah and smiling as her and Erin interacted. You knew he was thinking that it was only a matter of time before he would want to have kids with Sarah. Mitch was going to be such a cool dad.
“Harry, hun. We’re going to be okay.” You stressed, standing in front of him and cupping his cheek so he listened to you carefully. Sometimes his attention would be averted elsewhere, but whenever your skin touched his it was like all he could think about was you. It was your secret superpower.
“Just love y’both too much to see anything bad happen to you.” Harry pouted.
“We’ll be with all the rest of y’family the entire time and y’security guards too. We’re well protected, okay? I’ll protect Erin with m’life, you know that.” You swore, but you knew that Harry knew already because he felt exactly the same way. He would do anything for his daughter and anything for you, so it was no surprise when you said you felt exactly the same way.
“But who’ll protect you?” He asked, patting Erin’s back as she let out a small burp.
“Me.” You replied, proving that you were a strong woman and an even stronger mum.
“I trust you, flower. Just don’t trust everyone else. Just be careful, okay?”
“Promise.” Was all you replied and Harry was happy enough with your response that he dropped the conversation after that.
It took nearly five out of those final ten minutes to detach Harry from his daughter. He didn’t want to leave her and even more didn’t want to leave his little family. He didn’t realise how bad his separation anxiety was until he had to hand over Erin back to you and then kiss you both goodbye for the next two hours. You kissed him until he was satisfied that you’d be okay, Harry still having some overprotective doubts.
You were now stood in a pod with the rest of Harry’s family and yours, huddle away up high so you were away from pushing crowds. The place was completely packed and it looked like it was impossible to breathe downstairs by the stage. Erin was currently being cradled in your arms, her soft grey blanket draped over your shoulder in case she needed it urgently. Currently, she was looking up at you and trying to shove her tiny fists into her mouth.
“What’re y’doing hey? What y’doing y’cheeky monkey?” You asked Erin, full-well knowing she was never going to respond. She giggled as you used a free finger to tickle her sides. Her eyes were as green as her dad’s and they sparkled so bright when she laughed, it was the most precious sight ever.
“How’s the little squirt doing?” Your dad asked you, standing behind you to look over your shoulder at her.
“Actually behaving quite well, surprisingly.” You answered.
However, you spoke too soon.
As soon as Harry started the set, with the music blasting so loudly, Erin started crying. Even with heavy-duty soundproof headphones over her tiny ears, she could obviously still hear the noise and was very frustrated over it. She kept trying to pull the headphones off, to which you kept scolding her for. It was as if she could understand that you were getting frustrated with her, because she started wiggling a lot more and misbehaving unlike normal.
She was distributing the peace around everyone up in the booth and you felt really terrible, so you apologised to people as you made your way out of the booth and backstage. You found a quiet room and sat in there, trying to calm her down. She was still really wriggly and was just crying and crying, oblivious to her mum trying to calm her down and reassure her she was alright.
“Ssh ssh. Y’re okay y’little devil.” You chuckled as she started to calm down to the sound of you voice, instead of you just patting her back and shushing her. It was as if the sound of your voice was soothing and was another superpower you possessed. Supermom, you were.
Just as you got her to calm down a bit more, tears still built in her eyes and a soft pout to her face, the door to the room burst open and the last person you expected to see what your husband rush through them.
“Honey?” You asked, confused because you thought he was supposed to be on stage.
“What’s wrong? Is she okay? Are you okay?” Harry rushed, coming over to the sofa you were sat on and sitting very, very, close next to you.
He was slightly sweating and out of breathe, but you didn’t care. You liked having his presence so close and warm. He tucked one arm around your waist to keep you close to him and the other went straight to his daughters tiny fists. She caught one of his fingers with her fist and brought it to her mouth, trying to pretend to eat it. Harry always did this with her whenever she was upset, because for some magical reason it always calmed her down.
“She just got fussy when the music started and was constantly trying to take off her headphones.” You explained, neither of you looking at each other and instead just looking at the beautiful human that you’d both created.
“Oi, y’misbehaving for y’mum, trouble? Hey?” Harry rhetorically asked, watching as Erin continued to eat Harry’s finger contently. “Bloody devil y’are sometimes.”
You laughed and tilted your head to the side to rest upon Harry’s shoulder, since he was that close. You didn’t care that he was probably mid-show or mid-song, because you loved having him so close to you. You loved you family and you would never want to change any of this for anything. Harry’s head rested on top of yours shortly after and you both just spent the next few minutes admiring your daughter.
The peace was disturbed once again by a frantic Jeff entering the room, looking relieved to have found Harry.
“Look I know she’s cute an’ all, but H I really need you on stage bud.” Jeff stressed and Harry sighed, having to look away from his daughter to acknowledge his manager.
Harry looked back to you, as if silently asking whether you’d be okay. He wasn’t going to leave if you needed help or if you thought this was going to be too much for you to handle.
“I’ll get her down for a sleep and then m’dad can take her for a walk so I can come watch y’perform.” You explained to him, not wanting to ruin Harry’s evening, or yours, or even Erin’s. She was due to go to bed soon anyways, that’s probably partially the reason she was cranky too.
“Yes. I want to come see you and my dad honestly will be glad to be anywhere but in a crowded room.” Your dad hated crowds and so was always looking for an excuse out of events like tonight, not meaning it in a malicious way at all.
“Alright. I love you so much.” He leant in to kiss your lips after you’d returned your expression of his much you loved him too. His lips were soft and slightly salty from the sweat, but you kissed him with so much passion nonetheless. Finally he pulled away, after turning your lips slightly swollen, and turned to his daughter. “And I love you very much too, m’beauty.”
And it was moments like that where you were struck with realisation that this was your perfect life and they were your perfect little family.
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augalore · a day ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐬’ ( ೃ → 𝚂𝙾𝙲𝙸𝙰𝙻 𝙼𝙴𝙳𝙸𝙰 𝙰𝚄! )
pairings: harry styles x famous!y/n
summary: in which their instagram is basically a family blog at this point
authors note: as usual, pics used aren’t mine!
Tumblr media
♥︎ liked by harrystyles and others
youruser winter mornings are my fave
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user2 manon and eleanor make my heart go crazy
harrystyles that a big enough croissant for you manny?
→ youruser she insisted on having two
→ gemmastyles give her three x
user3 KIWI
yoursibling those candles are a safety hazard
→ youruser your face is a safety hazard
mitchrowland those kids eat better than me
Tumblr media
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harrystyles daddy and rowan day
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youruser my boys
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user1 this family couldn’t be any cuter
user2 rowan already has better style than his dad
annetwist where are you cuties off to today?❤️
→ harrystyles rowan decided that ice cream sounds “fabulous” on a day like today
→ youruser harrystyles he said the ice cream will match the snow ;’)
Tumblr media
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youruser oh my, look what i’ve found… i could sob, 2 years ago today
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florencepugh im the luckiest auntie
harrystyles they need to stop growing
→ youruser look how tiny ellie is
→ harrystyles rowan doesn’t fit that hat anymore ;(
user2 this is so perfect
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niallhoran wasn’t eleanor born like yesterday?
Tumblr media
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annetwist granny duties for me tonight! my little manon with her favourite book!❤️🎀
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youruser oh i miss my girl so much ;(
user1 my little manon omg anne is the best nana
gemmastyles her face makes me heart go crazy
→ harrystyles same
user2 she is y/ns twin omg
Tumblr media
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harrystyles date night 16.12.21 x
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user1 could y/n get any prettier
zendaya YOUR OUTFIT youruser ADORE IT
youruser a night to remember
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user2 the things i’d do to be y/n rn
→ user2 actually, the things i’d do to be harry rn*
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muffindaddystyles · 2 days ago
Can you write something about reader having shitty parents who doesn't support her and criticize her?? Like she is in collage and working hard and getting good grades but her parents is always taunting her and telling her she should do better than that and Harry being the most supportive person ever.
When Harry came home from work, he was welcomed by silence and his love of life bunched under layers of comforters on the couch staring the telephone on the side table shallowly. Her head didn’t perk up when Harry’s careful steps echoed against the wood and she didn’t projectile herself into his arms when he stood infront of her and that concerned him more than anything else.
“Hi, baby..” He cupped her chin to make her look up at him and his heart shattered awfully seeing her having sad pearly eyes and a pout she didn’t know was sitting on her face, “What happened moppet?” He sat down on his hunches. His elbows pushing into the couch on either side of her thighs to lean himself closer towards her.
His sad girlfriend eyes blinked owlishly to get rid of the glossiness in them, her shaky hands making grabby hands at him knowing his touch could heal any sorrow inside her and he’s immediately hugging her bringing her head against his chest to wrap her up in his warmth and glues his lips to her forehead in a tender kiss.
“I– I called my parents and asked them if they got the invitation to my convocation, they– they said yes .. but they couldn’t come ...” Anger and pure disgust spirals inside Harry when she sniffles and his heart feels like beaten to pulp remembering the moment when Y/N was sat on their bed in utter excitement making all these cute invitations specifically for her family back at her home town.
They all made up excuses expect her sweet granma who wanted to be here for her but she couldn’t since no ones ready to drive her.
He pursues his lips into a thin line feeling profanities and vexation poke his mouth if he didn’t.
His hands runs down her arms to stroke and caress her, “It’s okay. We’re g’na discuss it later how about a windy walk out at the beach?” He offers with a tiny grin pointing outside from their lounge's window where foamy waves are crashing and the palm tree leaves are dancing in the sky.
“Anything fo’ my highness.” He grunts picking her up clumsily from his own lethargy from work and Y/N giggles against his collarbones stretching herself like a little kitten to plant a kiss to his jaw.
He lays on the sand, letting Y/N lay ontop of his chest with her comforter pooling over their bodies and she presses her cheek where his heart is and smacks a kiss that makes Harry croon at her and pet her hair, the chilly surf of waves tickling his toes.
“How was your day?” She mumbles worming up more into him and hums at the deep rumble that emits when he speaks, “Peachy. Clever kids.” He was invited at his friend’s school where he had to tell them second graders a little about how business works and yada yada, he actually had fun listening to their wild adventurous stories.
“You wouldn’t belive it– this kid sneaks caprisuns from his fridge and sells them to his mates in little baggies..” He chortles in hopes to make Y/N laugh and his heart did a little victorious dance when she giggled, “Have you ever done that when you were small?”
“Actually yes,” He gazes down at her fondly brushing away the loose stands of hair annoying her so she wouldn’t have to pull her hands out from under the blanket, “Once in high-school I caught hay fever tha’ doctor was silly and prescribed me three bottles of cough syrup mistakenly and I sold it as a drug.”
“You didn’t!” Y/N pushes herself up and looks down at him with her mouth parted into a wide grin and a coy laughter sputters out of her when Harry bobs his head with his eyes closed as if he’s sorry about it but in all honesty he doesn’t give two flying fucks about it.
“You could have gotten caught.” She grins feeling the rustling sensation of his fingertips tracing down her spine from underneath her pyjamas, “Money is worth than a lil risk.” He shrugs. It’s been his policy from the start of his career and look at him now being an owner of a well known company.
After a long pause of silence Y/N murmurs against his throat, her voice timid and unsure and Harry absolutely hates it, “Are –.. my parents are they not proud of me?” He sighs and cards his fingers down her hair to loosen up the knots.
“Does that matter? You don’t need their validation to be good and succeeding.” He snakes his arm around her shoulders to hug her and the huge sniff of his scent she took just tells how tensed and upset she was about all of this.
“You’re my little shining star.” He mutters smacking kiss upon kiss all over her face making her one eye squint shut and crinkle from corner upon his attack of affection, “If you’d been a little badge I’d have worn you every day and everywhere with so much pride.” He pecks her lips reminding himself to tend to them before going to sleep seeing how they’re about to split open from all her anxious biting.
“I’d stick you right here...” He smiles softly tracing the lapel of his pocket that’s stitched right atop his heart, “Closer to me heart.” He cups her head and kisses her temple and Y/N’s eyelashes flutters with timidness and pure love for him at such gentle yet ground breaking action of intimacy.
It’s quite odd. Harry’s car is parked but the house lights are switched off and peculiarly enough she couldn’t see Harry’s silhouette from the windows as he usually roams around while cooking dinner if he comes early.
She gets more antsy when she’s met by silence of her home and then out of blue all the lights are sparkling around her and she’s showered with confetti and Harry’s popping from behind one of the tables along with her friends yelling an excited, SURPRISE!! at her face and although all of it should have startled her but when her granma comes trotting from behind the crowd Y/N's stuffing her face in her palms and turning away from them to not to embarrass herself as a sob wrenches out of her body.
Harry follows her suit and loops his arms around her waist from behind to pull her into him, kissing the small of her shoulder and trying to shush her with sweet coos.
“Hey, hey do you want to be a party pooper of ye' own party?” He tickles her lightly and she giggles hoarsely through a sniffle, spinning and hugging him— her squishing into the crook of his neck in doing so.
“’M sorry I wasn’t able to bring your family.” He mutters. When he went to pick her Grandma everyone else pretended as if it wasn’t a big deal for them and for fucks sake his girlfriend just got graduated and nobody could ruin that moment for his moppet.
Y/N shakes her head and pulls away from his comforting embrace to cup his face, she pecks him, smiling happily up at him, “You’re my family Harry.”
“You’re more than a family.”
His cheeks burns pink and his heart fills with endearment and love. Though, he teases her putting a little party cap on her head and letting the band snap around her chin.
“Yeah, since y'call me daddy that sums it all up.” She groans in fake annoyance and he barks out a laugh at that throwing his arm around her to pull her into his side and kisses her head while they make their way back towards their grandma, “You be more cheeky than that and nonna would make you marry me with her special force.”
“Not something I wouldn’t want.” He quips and Y/N air passages almost blocks for a moment though she wasn't given a chance to mull over it deeper as she strides to hug her grandma.
Harry thinks. In the moments like these where he gets to stand far and admire the love of his life getting showered in so much love from her friends and her grandparent— he thinks how still there’s gonna be this void she'd always feel, yearing for her parents acceptance.
In that moment of pure joy and tranquillity he decides,
He’ll give his lovie a family – that will always.
Cherish her.
Accept her.
Love her.
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kawaii-harrys · a day ago
Tumblr media
Y/N wasn’t a bright student. Y/N wasn’t a flexible ballerina. Y/N wasn’t a bookworm. Y/N didn’t listen to much music. Y/N wasn’t good at singing. Y/N wasn’t good on the field.
Harry was a bright student. Harry was a flexible hip-hop dancer. Harry could name all of the books he had ever read and summarize each one like a jeweled ornament. Harry would spend hours in his room with his guitar. Harry would practice his vocals most times. Harry was the captain of the football team.
Y/N skills could be summarised into one word. None.
Harry’s skills could be summarised into a paragraph.
They were such dynamics, and hence in two completely different worlds. Harry would be the center of discussion, keeping everyone aligned, helping everyone out with whatever he could. It would be a godly occurrence if someone even looked at Y/N.
Y/N’s parents were busy being disappointed in her and being proud of their best friend’s son. She was sure, at one point, her parents considered adopting someone better than her.
They might have and she mustn’t know about it.
But as everyone was huddled around her house, her parents, their friends, she pressed herself into a corner, not wanting to be a part of any humiliating stories. She was sure her mother would come around to it and in a peculiar high tone say, “Aria, Mr. Miller’s daughter topped her exam” or “Ricky, Mr. Wilson’s son won a state-level debate competition.”
But most around, she knew her mother would come around to say, “Harry, Anne’s son, is so godly gifted. He has an amazing voice for singing, an amazing brain for exams, and an amazing set of muscles for the football team”
Y/N wished she was any of that. When she was sure no one is going to ask for her, she decided to walk upstairs, to her room. She wished she had any, some kind of hobby to pass time. Her feed was filled with boring repetitive memes and nothing. Her contact list was sort of empty. None except her parents and sister texted her ever. But her sister was busy somewhere around Arizonia, something about being a school teacher there. Her mother practically cried at the thought of having to leave her daughter in another country. But Y/N thought it was most likely because she would go crazy having to leave with a boring daughter. So they got Chickoo, a labrador.
Y/N stared at the ceiling going through her options when she saw a shadow by her door. She stood up from her bed and saw Harry smile near the doorframe. Her shoulders sagged and she fell back on the bed.
“I heard about the painting competition”, he spoke and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Well that’s the only thing that my parents can talk about now for a decade”, Y/N rolled her eyes. “Congrats on the second prize. It’s better than nothing”, Harry spoke, with a dimpled smile.
“It’s of no use though. I am just an average student who is going to get into an average college, marry an average guy by 30 and have average kids by 40 and die averagely. There’s no point in me doing anything extraordinary”, Y/N shrugged, settling on playing games on her phone.
Harry laughed. “What about memories? Don’t you want to reminisce some on death bed?”, Harry asked. “No”, Y/N shrugged again. “Prom is coming, are you prepared?”, Harry asked again. “Those must be your favorite things, not mine”, Y/N sighed. “I am yet to find a date though”, Harry played with his bottom lip. “You just need to say a yes to the thousands of emails, messages and calls you get. You can have more than one date.”, Y/N placed her phone aside looking at him. His green forest eyes, caught a hold of Y/N’s breath. “What about you?”, Harry asked, his voice dropping an octave lower. “Me? I am not going to the prom. I don’t have a dress, neither a date. I can just nap all day”, Y/N blabbered. Harry smiled. “No, Y/N, I meant, would you go to prom with me?”, it rolled off easily from his lips. “She most certainly will”, her mother’s voice came in and she gushed around. Y/N’s lips fell apart and Harry grinned.
Y/N didn’t want to.
“B-But-”, she was cut off in the middle as Harry was ushered downstairs. “There are no buts, Y/N, admit it, it is the best thing you can get in the world. With your standards, no one of average would even take you on a date, let alone people of Harry’s standards. So just go with the flow”, her mother strictly chirped.
Y/N shut up immediately.
This is why her sister left the house as soon as possible.
The next few days, her mother denied her three meals, rather one. “ You are getting fat, shred some weight”, her mother strictly told her. Her mother forced her salads on that one meal, had her go to gym, and parlours. She even picked out a sultry dress for her.
Y/N looked famished, nothing like the girl Harry had fallen in love with. She looked like a copy.
On the prom night, Harry was dressed in a black suit. He had gelled his hair and had brought flowers for Y/N. Y/N’s mother was enthralled. She helped Y/N put on her make up, ornaments and make her hair.
Harry’s face fell on seeing Y/N.
She looked like she hadn’t eaten anything, her pale skin on her hands said well and the makeup on her face said another story. Her distant eyes, never meeting his, when he assumed, they were good friends.
He took her hand, kissed it and led her to his car.
Halfway, he asked. “What’s happening, love? You look like you could pass out any moment”, Harry commented.
“I thought you were going to stand me up”, Y/N said, without looking at him.
“Why’d you think that?”, Harry asked. “Are you sure, this isn’t a prank? Are you sure you really wanted to take me to a date?”, Y/N asked.
“I am positive, cent percent”
“Good because all these days of torture could’ve gone to waste”
The car was stopped in the middle of the road.
“What’d you mean by days of torture?”
“Are you aware how perfect you are and how out of line, I am?”, Y/N asked. The nights she had cried to sleep, creeping in.
“Y/N I don’t understand”
“Compared to you, I’m like pond scum. You’ve got looks, grades, grace, every single thing, I got nothing. I got ugly acnes, a measly C in most my subjects and it’d be a miracle if a day went by when I’m not tripping on my leg. It’s really impossible to think that you’d choose me. That’s where changes need to be made. That’s where I needed to be near-perfect to match your charisma”, Y/N spoke crying to herself.
Harry’s warm hand went to hers. His throat constricted. “I’m sorry, love. If I’d known…”, he trailed off.
“You still don’t know, Harry.”, with that Y/N chanted everything out of her body cells not wanting to keep anything inside.
“I--I’m sorry”, Harry said as he held her close, swallowing tears of his own. “Do you want to skip the prom?”, he proposed. “But prom was the sole reason you asked me out”, Y/N peaked from under his hold. “The sole reason was to spend time with you, wanna go to McDonalds?”, he asked. Y/N grinned. “Sure”, she smiled. “But aren’t we overdressed?”
“Well, after that we can find a common ground between McD and our dresses. Somewhere in between, there must be a line for us to meet.”, harry gave a cheeky smile.
ask here.
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harrysmaraschino · 19 hours ago
The Elevator (PART 4 of CEO!Harry having a crush on adorable and chubby Y/N)
You can read: PART 1; PART 2; PART 3
Hello! Your favorite CEO is back!! I know this part is short but I promise I'll make up for it on the next part 👀
Tumblr media
There’s a slight jump to Harry’s step from the moment he gets out of bed on Monday.
He’s excited to see Y/N again.
How could he not be?
Funnily enough, the weekends were slowly but surely turning into the draggiest, most boring days of his week. Which is comical, taken the fact Harry once used to look up to them like everyone else does… to go on his early morning jogs, followed by a smoothie in the park before coming home to be given the judgmental eyes by Atlas, his Persian Chinchilla cat, once he starts prancing around half-naked in between the bedroom and the bathroom, getting ready to shower.
Right after that, he will usually plop on the sofa, order enough take-away to last him the whole day and pick a selection of movies to watch until nighttime.
Sounds a bit depressing, he knows.
But those would be Harry's weekends in a nutshell.
And at a certain point in his life, he actually enjoyed things to be like that: as much as a person can enjoy spending his nights in the company of no one but a bad-tempered cat, of course. It wasn't ideal... but it also wasn't so bad... and it was better than going to a bar to arrange a one-night stand who would inevitably do nothing to help his loneliness. And having to go through that tedious ritual of politely sending them away the next morning was an absolute drag. Besides, Atlas always got extra moody with Harry after having been kept outside the bedroom for the night, and without his cat's cuddles, Harry felt even more lonely.
It was a vicious cycle he preferred to avoid, so he stuck to his weekends of movies and take-away... But lately those never seemed distracting enough. The days felt more boring than usual, longer, and most often than not, Harry found himself just longing for it to be Monday again.
Yes, his favorite days were Mondays now,
Can you believe it?
Because despite being the most intense and chaotic days of his week, they also meant he’d get 5 days in a row of little glimpses, shy smiles in the hallway and if he’s lucky, a brief exchange of words with Y/N.
Harry did get lucky that Monday…
Well, sort of.
He doesn't know if he can call it luck when he arrived at the office earlier, noticed that Y/N's car was not there yet and decided to stay in his own for a little while longer. He told himself that the reason for his stalling was just that he wanted to finish listening to the song that was playing. Which was partly true… but again, not really. He wanted to go in at the same time Y/N did.
He couldn't explain why but the idea of them arriving at work together made him feel giddy and fulfilled his stupid little fantasies to an degree. So he sat back with his elbow rested on the car door, muttering the lyrics to Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.
Harry’s eyes remained fixed on the parking lot's entrance, before he got distracted upon spotting a stain he had never noticed before on the upholstery of the front passenger seat. With furrowed brows, he tried to scrub it off with his nail... it wasn't coming off. But the small unidentifiable stain soon became the least of his problems, once he looked up again just in time to catch a glimpse of Y/N's pretty hair and flowy green overcoat passing through the building's front door.
“Shit. Shit. Shit.” The CEO muttered, leaping off his seat in a rush to grab his belongings and lock his car in hopes he could still catch up to his favorite employee. He was a wreck. Cursing. Dropping his car keys in a small gap between the seats - a place he was now deeming to be the “shittiest car place to ever drop anything in”. It forced him to bend all the way down and fish his keys out blindly... but somehow, Harry still managed to make it through the door just as Y/N was walking inside the elevator and pushing the button.
“Oh! Mr. Styles.” She sputtered surprised, stopping the elevator doors from closing as soon as her eyes spotted her frazzled boss bursting through the front door, possibly looking a bit like a madman.
“G’Morning.” He greeted back as he swiftly walked in and leant against the wall opposite to where Y/N was standing. Sounding a little out of breath due to the way his heartbeat was spiking wildly inside his chest, both from the running he'd done and her.
He dared to have a glance out of the corner of his eye, taking in her outfit like he always did. She'd went simple that day... black and white, allowing for the green coat to do the shining. It was a great choice, although Harry thinks even the green seemed faint compared to her natural brightness. He swore she looked more beautiful every time he saw her… she was glowing. Sparkly like a jewel. Not even the most beautiful color in the world could stand up to that.
Stealthily, he tried to get another look of her profile, only she happened to casually glance his way at the same time and their eyes met. Crap. He had to say something now, had't he? Otherwise it would be awkward, and he couldn't have that happening with her. He needed her to feel comfortable around him. “…You look,” He started lowly, taking a more assured look at her beautiful face. Gorgeous, stunning, unreal- “Glowy, a bit.”
“Do I really?” The girl bounced all flustered, turning around to check her reflection in the elevator mirror. She wiped at her face with her palms. “I'm sorry. It's a bit hot in here, isn't it? Or maybe it's just me. I sort of left in a rush this morning. Didn't want to be late for our weekly group meeting.”
He shook his head. “No, none of that. Didn't mean it as a bad thing. I just meant to say that the weekend vacation did you good.” His mouth was pressed shut for a moment, already regretting having opened in the first place. “I mean… not that you were any worse before-” Christ! He wants to crawl into a hole. His flirting skills are much worse than he remembered them to be. And rambling on top of it? For fuck’s sake- and why is this elevator going up so slowly? It feels like it's taking 3 times longer than it usually does. He stares down at his Oxford shoes, feeling flustered. “Guess what I was trying to say is that you look nice today.”
“Oh.” She seemed surprised at that, a little shy about it too judging from the way her hand hurried up to fix her hair. “Thank you, Mr. Styles.” She smiles timidly, and Harry swears he forgets how to breathe for a couple of seconds. “So do you.”
A blush inevitably rises to his cheeks at her compliment, and despite knowing she's probably just saying it to be polite, it sends a sudden outburst of confidence through his body. “Thank you.” He grins, letting his eyes drop to his shoes once more before looking back at her. Harry feels himself shaking inside as their eyes meet again. His heart is pumping like it’s about to jump out of his chest… but he hasn’t got the time to prepare for the possibility of rejection, he doesn’t want to let that get in the way of his confidence. “Actually, I've also been wanting to ask if you’d like to-” Ding. The elevator stops. The doors open. And the courage Harry had managed to raise slips through like water between his fingers.
He makes sure to let Y/N step out first, but she still waits for him right outside the door, visibly eager to find what he was about to ask of her. “What was it, Mr. Styles? That you wanted to ask.” The girl questions once they’re both standing in the office's hall.
“Oh yeah, about that.” Harry sputters, rubbing at his nose nervously. “I- uh... was just going to ask that if you happen to see the new intern, Simon, tell him to come to my office later, if you’d please.”
Her lips part in acknowledgment. “Ah yes, of course Mr. Styles. Will do.”
“Thank you.” He nods once, pursing his lips awkwardly before resentfully warding off to his office room. But he turns to the bathroom first, so that he can rinse his face and curse himself for cowering up and wasting a perfect opportunity to ask her out like he was ought to do. Oh, and for being an absolute idiot… once again.
With a frustrated groan, Harry leans over the sink and stares directly at the reflection staring back at him. Dumbass.
taglist: @tenaciousperfectionunknown @kissyh94 @gviosca @mimischaos @marlananicole17 @sad-capuccino @princess-asteria @elenagilbert01 @thismaydestroyme @daphnesutton (guys tumblr is stupid!! i know some of you sent me asks earlier asking to be tagged and i saved them under the tag 'taglist' but now it's not showing up for some reason 🤬 if your name isn't here and you want it to be lemme know please and i'm sorry ❤️‍🩹)
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justice4canyonmoon · 4 hours ago
Suspenders (Version Two)
Summary: Tour is back in full swing, and you enjoy it in more ways than one.
Notes: Hi!!! It’s been a minute!!! But my mental health has improved a lot, and I had a little free time this weekend, so we're finally back!!! Ik that the Dallas show was weeks ago at this point, but humor me and still act like it’s current lol. Hope you like the dom! harry version of this concept :)
Warnings: smut!!!! 18+only!!! dom! harry, oral sex/face fucking (m receiving), unprotected sex, daddy kink, spanking (briefly), inappropriate use of suspenders
WC: 1.3k
Tumblr media
You knew Harry was happy to be back on tour. He thrived under the bright lights of the stage, his narcissism blossomed over the audience members screaming his name, and best of all, he got to perform his music. You were happy he was back on tour, too, but for much different reasons.
He was sexy as hell when he performed.
The sweat dripping from his brow, the outfits (that you got to tear off of him later), and especially the cocky smirks he would give out when he knew he nailed a part, would have you squeezing your thighs together backstage. Tonight was clearly no exception. The silk of the Dallas outfit clung to his form perfectly, and it was doing things to you. Every time Harry would glance over to where you were standing in the pit, you had to clench you thighs together to keep from bursting. He noticed, of course, and that same cocky smirk would spread across his lips as he winked at you.
Post-performance, you headed straight to his dressing room to wait for him, not really feeling in the mood to socialize with the band. All you really wanted was him, and you knew it wouldn’t be too long until he joined you. Sure enough, Harry strode in not too long after you, closing and locking the door with celerity. He grinned cheekily at you, walking over to the plush couch you were lounging on and swinging his legs over your form, straddling your waist.
He leaned down, lips brushing against your ear as he whispered, “Have a little problem during the show t’night, love?”
You shivered at the raspy tone of his words, already feeling your arousal, which you already thought was overwhelming, rise to new heights. Now that he was finally draped over you, you would get what you were so desperate for all night.
“A little, but nothing that can’t be solved with a bit of help,” you replied, keeping your voice as steady as possible.
“A bit of help, hmm?” Harry teased as he slowly ground his hips against yours, “need someone t’ take care of yeh, darlin’?”
You gulped and nodded, “Yes. Need you, Daddy.”
His eyes darkened as he tore your shirt off of your body and stood up, “Then get on your knees.”
Once the shirt was over your head, you quickly obeyed, dropping to the floor in front of the couch. Harry had stripped off his shirt and suspenders as well, leaving him in his silk pants. You reached forward and tugged the zipper down, and he helped you by shoving his trousers and briefs down to pool at his ankles.
He tapped your cheek with his hard cock and demanded, “Open. I need my little cocksleeve now.”
You whimpered softly, letting your mouth fall wide open. Harry wasted no time in filling that empty space, nearly making you gag when he suddenly touched the back of your throat.
“Always love fuckin y’ mouth. So warm and wet f’ me,” he grunted as his hips slammed into your throat.
Tears were already springing to your eyes from the speed and intensity that he took your mouth, but you laid your head against the couch and took what he gave you.
“Look s’ pretty when yeh cry,” he mocked, seeing the tears beginning to fill your eyes.
The ferns on his hips started to look blurry as those same tears started to trickle down your cheeks. The way he filled your mouth hurt in the best possible way, and soon, his hips were stuttering erratically into your mouth. But just as he was about to cum, he pulled out. You whined at the loss, wanting to feel him cum down your throat.
He chuckled softly at your eagerness, “S’ okay, pet. You’ll get what yeh need. Hands and knees f’ me.”
You stood up on shaky limbs and positioned yourself accordingly on the couch. You saw him walk behind you, and there was something in his hands.
Glancing back at him, confused, you asked, “What’s that, Daddy?”
He smirked and let the object hang down. It was his suspenders.
“What are those for?”
Harry’s smirk deepened, his dimples popping out further than before, as he leaned toward you and pulled your hands behind your back, making your rest your head against the couch for support. You felt him tie something, presumably the suspenders, around your wrists. You looked back and whined as you saw him clutching the other end of the suspenders in his large hands, grinning wickedly. He tugged you back so your ass was up against his pelvis, and with no resistance, he slipped inside your wet heat.
“Daddy,” you gasped as his length suddenly filled you to the brim.
He clearly was not in the mood to take it slow tonight. His rhythm was brutal right from the start, exactly the same way that he fucked your mouth.
“Love fuckin my pussy after a show,” he said with a low growl, “always so wet and ready f’ me.”
When you moaned at his words, he chuckled and added, “Yeah? Like it when I call it my pussy? Because it is. It’s fuckin mine. No one else can fuck yeh like this, can they?”
You shook your head, “O-only you, D-daddy.”
“Fuckin right it’s only me,” Harry rasped, punctuating the remark with a harsh slap on your ass, “Own this ass, too. Own everything of yours. But yeh own all of me too, pet. Got me wraped around y’ fuckin finger.”
You smiled softly at his words, but squeaked out another moan when he hand smacked down on your other cheek. His other free hand still gripped the suspenders tightly, holding you in place as he fucked you roughly.
“C-close, Daddy,” you warned.
His free hand snaked to your front as he rubbed your clit between his slender fingers while keeping up his quick pace.
“Cum f’ me, pet. Wanna feel y’ cunt squeezing me. Best fuckin feelin in the world,” he commanded.
The harsh slams of his hips into yours and the pinching of your nub brought you there, and your walls tightened around his cock as you moaned his name through your release. The tightness of your walls brought him to the edge as well, and his hips stuttered as his cum coated your walls.
“Fuck, baby, yeh’ve got the most perfect cunt,” he praised, “always take me s’ well.”
Your cheeks grew warm from the praise and you turned your head so you could see him, “Thank you, Daddy. Always fuck me so nice.”
Harry smiled back at you, “Course, m’ lovely. Always gonna take care of yeh.”
He removed the suspenders from around your wrist and gently kissed the irritated skin murmuring sweet praises to you. He got up then and found a towel in the attached bathroom, cleaning you both off before rejoining you on the couch. Harry pulled you into his chest, holding you tightly against him.
“Feel okay, lovie? Not too sore?” he asked.
You nodded, “Feel good, H. A little sore, but not too bad. I’m sleepy, though.”
Harry leaned down to press a gentle kiss to your forehead, “Sleep f’ a bit then, love. I’ll wake yeh when we have t’ get dressed and go home.”
“M-kay,” you said sleepily as you began to drift off.
But almost as soon as you had fallen asleep, the door cracked open and you heard Jeff call in, “If you two are finally done in there, we have to get going. We have to get on the road,” before the door shut again.
You whined in displeasure and Harry chuckled softly.
“Gotta get up, love. Time t’ get dressed.”
“Will you carry me out to the bus then, H?” you requested.
And of course, he relented, “Okay, baby. Whatever you want.”
Yeah, you couldn’t wait for this to happen for the rest of tour.
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Deep End - Chapter 13: Cheater
…in which Ezi learns to feel.
Tumblr media
Word count: 4.2k
AU: famous!harry, siren!mc, adult modern retelling of the little mermaid? lol, fake dating, enemies to lovers.
All chapters / Synopsis / Moodboard / Playlist
A/N: I finally got a new charger and my laptop is working again! Sorry for the late update!!!
Harry Styles was a cheater.
Ezi had learned that word last week on a Netflix show, and apparently humans could have multiple sexual partners unless they were in a relationship, then they could only have one. And if they started having sexual relationships with other people then they would be called ‘a cheater’.
Today, Harry was playing games on his phone on the couch when Ezi snuck up from behind to give him a jumpscare. But she was frozen to find out he wasn’t playing games. He was looking at a nude photo of another woman. And this was just hours after they had woken up in the same bed. Ezi recalled what had happened last night because parts of her still didn’t believe it had been real. Harry and her hadn’t had sex, but he’d called it “sex stuff”, so it was almost like they’d had sex. And they were also in a relationship for publicity, so technically, he was cheating on her.
“What are you looking at, cheater?”
Her voice made him flinch. He jolted upright and pressed the phone against his chest, looking horrified. “How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough to know you’ve been cheating on me,” she said, hands on her hips.
Harry sighed and got up from the couch. “Ezi,” he said softly, “it’s not cheating because we’re not together.”
Ezi stared at him, wide-eyed. He also froze as if he immediately regretted what he’d said.
“So what’s the word for it?” she asked. “If I can’t call it cheating.”
Ezi didn’t know why Harry seemed quite sad. She genuinely wanted to learn a new word. She’d learned that if your boyfriend looked at pictures of naked girls then he was cheating, but no one had told her the equivalent to cheating when it was your fake boyfriend.
“There’s no word for it,” Harry said, scratching the back of his head, then he buried his face into his hands. “God, now you make me feel bad. I’d sound like an arse if I said it was okay.”
Ezi chuckled. “Why?” Humans were so dramatic sometimes.
“Because,” Harry breathed and looked her in the eyes, his eyebrows sloped, “I don’t know...I just feel bad that you caught me looking at these pics after we…”
“After we almost had sex?”
“Okay, then why were you looking at those pics?” Ezi asked, confused. “I mean, if it made you feel bad, why did you do it?”
Harry seemed stunned as if he hadn’t thought of this before. “Well.” He seemed thoughtful. “Some girl sent them to me. I didn’t ask for them. I just opened–”
Ezi grabbed the phone from him. “Who’s Leslie?”
“Just someone I slept with a while ago,” Harry said, taking his phone back before she saw all the pictures. There were about ten of them! And a video! “Her number just ended up staying in the graveyard that is my contact list,” he said, chuckling nervously. “Get it? Because I ghost--”
She didn’t let him finish his unfunny joke. “Are you in love with this Leslie?”
“So you won’t miss her when I kill her?”
Harry laughed, then he realised she wasn’t going to laugh along and his face turned pale with fright. “Ezi, you don’t have to kill her. I’ll just kill her ghosting her. No, wait, that would make me the ghost and--”
Once again, Ezi cut him off, “If people knew she was sending you pictures of her female parts, they would think you were cheating on me!”
“Exactly. That’s why I’m not gonna respond to Leslie!” Harry said, grabbing Ezi’s shoulders. “But we need to talk.”
Then, he sat her down on the couch and placed his phone on the glass table. “I don’t think we should do that again,” he said.
She blinked. “Do what?”
“What we did last night,” he replied, averting his eyes. He seemed nervous, which confused her even more.
So she asked, “Why?”
“Because,” Harry blew out his cheeks. “Because we’re not the same species.”
“That’s discrimination.”
“No, it’s not! It’s literally a fact.”
Ezi shrugged. “I’m human now. It’s not my problem you refuse to see me as one. You sound transphobic to me.”
“What? That’s not what transphobic means!”
“I transformed into a human. I grew new body parts, so technically–”
“Okay, okay, listen.” He held up two fingers in front of her face to grab her attention. Eyes locked with hers, he said, “We can’t do that again, because I feel like I was taking advantage of you.”
“You weren’t.” If anyone was taking advantage of someone, it was her. He wouldn’t think so if he knew she was aiming for his heart this whole time. She hated that she felt guilty about it.
“I kinda was,” Harry said. “You didn’t know anything about sex.”
“I know a little now. Thanks to you.” She smiled.
Harry opened his mouth to deny it, but she wasn’t going to let him. She was getting closer to achieving her goals, so she couldn’t let him push her away again. She didn’t have time to spare.
Pressing a palm against his mouth to silence him, Ezi swung her leg over his thighs and straddled his waist. Harry’s eyes went wide, and she could feel his body stiffen beneath her. Grinning, she replaced her hand that was covering his mouth with her own mouth. Harry was taken aback by the kiss. She had never initiated a kiss before. She waited for him to push her off of him, but he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. He kissed her hard, then slid his fingers into her hair.
“Fuck,” he murmured against her lips, breathless. “You’re making it hard for me not to fuck you.”
Ezi knew that word. It meant to have sex. So she smiled. “I want you to.”
Harry pulled back from the kiss, his lips pink from kissing. He held her gaze for a second, then ran his hand over his face, laughing. “Oh God,” he groaned, rubbing his eyes.
“This is torture. You need to get off.”
Ezi shook her head. She could feel his tail growing against her thigh. “I don’t want to.”
Harry grabbed her hips and effortlessly lifted her off him and back onto the couch. She let out a yelp and slapped him on the arm as he stood up and fixed his clothes. “I need to go to work,” he said.
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do. What are you? My boss?”
“You’re avoiding,” Ezi shouted after Harry as he walked to the staircase. He said nothing and only walked faster. She rolled her eyes.
He could try all he wanted, but she knew he was getting impatient. The way he reacted to her had given it all away. It wouldn’t be long until he caved, and they would have sex, and he would be vulnerable, and then she could make him fall in love with her and steal his heart.
“But then,” she murmured, resting her head back and staring up at the ceiling, “then there’s no more Harry.”
She would get the crown. She would return home as a hero. But Harry wouldn’t be there when she came back.
Harry was screwed.
He knew something was wrong when his mother called before breakfast. She cared about her daily routines too much to check up on him that early, so it must be bad news. And it kind of was.
“I want to have lunch with your girlfriend.”
“Who? Ezi?”
“Yes?” his mother said, sounding surprised. “Unless there’s another girlfriend?!”
“N-no, just…just the one,” Harry said, facepalming himself. Last night, when he’d been in bed with Ezi, he had, for a second, thought that it’d be nice to have a girlfriend, even just a fake one. As much as he hated to admit it, it was lonely to wake up alone in the middle of the night. But this phone call from his mother had acted as a wakeup call.
“I want to get to know her better,” his mother said. “After all, she was the first girl you’ve ever formally introduced to me.”
And she was the only fake one. But she was different from his exes, in a way that he knew his mother would like. Probably because she wasn’t human and her whole character was built according to the type of women that he knew his mother would approve of. He couldn’t help but snort as he imagined telling his mother he was ‘dating’ a siren. Maybe his mother would just be happy that he had actually committed.
“Ezi is very shy,” he said.
“She didn’t seem shy the last time we met.”
“Yeah, because I was there. She was comfortable with me.” It wasn’t a lie, or at least he hoped it wasn’t.
“Wasn’t she hanging out with Dawson the other day? She seemed comfortable in those paparazzi photos.”
Harry facepalmed himself. He knew it. His mother wouldn’t just be interested in Ezi all of a sudden. If she had wanted to get to know Ezi just for the sake of it, this conversation would have happened a long time ago. Fucking Dawson. All because he’d asked Ezi out on a date.
“They met at the party,” Harry said.
“I also met her at my party.”
“Yes, but--”
“Next week,” his mother didn’t let him finish. “I’m meeting your girlfriend for lunch next week.”
Then, she hung up without saying she loved him. His mother never forgot to say that every time they were on a call, so she must be very angry.
“Fuck,” said Harry into his palm as he headed upstairs to find Ezi. She was in her room, watching Snow White. Her door was open, so he just walked right in and stood at the end of her bed. She gestured for him to move out of the way so she could watch the film, but he wouldn’t. “Ezi.”
Ezi rolled her eyes, grabbed the remote and pressed pause. “What?”
“We need to talk.”
“Oh, now you wanna talk to me.”
“Please don’t do this,” Harry breathed. “I’m having a bad day. And I’m about to ruin yours.”
Ezi sat up straight as Harry sat down beside her on the bed.
“My mother--”
“Is she okay?”
“She is.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck. “We’re not. We’re fucked.”
“She wanted to have lunch with you.”
“Just me and her?”
“Great! When?”
“No, not great.” Harry held up a finger, and Ezi’s grin vanished. “My mother is a lie detector. And you’re not very good at lying.”
Ezi pouted. “I am, actually,” she said. “I’ve lied to you a bunch of times.”
Harry rolled his eyes as he chuckled. “Of course you did. You’re a pathological liar, but you can only lie about the things you know, and you don’t know a lot about this world.”
“When does she wanna see me?”
“Some time next week.”
“We’ve got a whole week for you to teach me what I should and shouldn’t say to her,” Ezi said. Harry was impressed by how chill she was. “I’m a quick learner, and I can adapt very well.”
He had to agree, because she hadn’t been here for that long, and she’d already got a job, gone on a date, learned how to read and write, and...well, almost had sex.
“You really wanna go?” he asked, fidgeting with his own fingers.
Ezi lifted her shoulders. “If I didn’t go, she’d suspect that something is wrong.”
Harry bit his lip. “I think she’s already suspecting something is off. She only wanted to meet you after seeing those pictures of you and Dawson.”
“She thinks you’re a gold-digger.”
Ezi gave Harry a funny look. “Why? I’m not trained for digging gold.”
Her naivety made him laugh. “No, a golddigger is a woman who dates rich men for their money.”
Ezi’s eyebrows furrowed. “Why a woman? Most real gold-diggers are men. Are you saying that because you hate women?”
Harry groaned. “In this specific case, it’s a woman. You. Don’t paint me with that wide brush.”
“I am a gold digger though,” Ezi said, placing a hand on her chest. “You buy me stuff all the time.”
“Yeah, but don’t tell my mum. She wouldn’t like that,” Harry said. “She wants my girlfriend to like me for me.”
“No wonder you’re single,” Ezi said. “You’re not very likeable.”
“Shut up,” Harry chuckled and nudged her with his shoulder.
She smiled. “I think I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”
Harry nodded. He hated being told ‘Don’t worry’, but there was nothing he could do now. He shook his head to get rid of the thoughts about his mother. “You’re watching Snow White again?” he asked as Ezi resumed the film.
“Yeah, I love it,” she said, eyes on the screen. “I don’t understand why the huntsman didn’t murder Snow White.”
“He gave the Evil Queen an animal’s heart, right?”
“Yeah. I think in the original tale, he got killed when the Evil Queen found out.”
Harry pursed his lips and looked over to Ezi. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining things, but she actually seemed uneasy and concerned. “What’s hard to understand?” he asked, looking at her while she watched the film. “I would’ve done the same thing.”
“He didn’t know her,” Ezi said. “Why would you risk your own life for someone you don’t know? It doesn’t make sense.”
“I think he could tell that Snow White was a good person and the task the Evil Queen had given him was immoral.”
“So, he’d rather risk being killed than having to live with the guilt knowing he’d murdered an innocent girl. Snow White was fourteen, right? She was literally a child. Also, the huntsman could have a daughter her age, so he might have thought about the same thing happening to his daughter when he was about to kill Snow White.”
Ezi’s bottom lip stuck out as her eyebrows drew together in a thoughtful manner. Harry hadn’t noticed until now that she seemed more human every time he looked at her.
Slowly, he rested his head on her shoulder. She didn’t move. She just let him. They sat in silence and watched the film. Her sweet scent wafted around him, making him want to bury his face into her neck, yet he knew he could not. So he closed his eyes instead. And as he drifted off to sleep, he thought about her becoming fully human. She could stay here...with him, and be a part of his world.
Ezi was making tea in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. It was Monday, and Harry had just gone out. Chilli was sleeping upstairs, so she was here all alone. Now, after watching Snow White for the fourth time, she was wary about opening doors to strangers. She knew it wasn’t Niall or Dawson because they would’ve called her before coming. And Harry didn’t like people enough to invite them over when he wasn’t home. Chances were Koa had found where she lived. Or worse: her mother was waiting right outside.
“Harry’s mother?” Ezi said in surprise when she checked the camera on Harry’s porch. Parts of her were relieved that she wasn’t in danger, but on second thought, this could be a different kind of danger. Hadn’t his mother planned to see Ezi for lunch later this week? Why was she here now?
The doorbell sounded again, and Ezi had no choice but to open the door.
Harry’s mother stood there in a fancy whitesuit. Her smile widened when she saw Ezi and pulled her in for a hug. She smelled like expensive perfume that Ezi would only wear out on important social events with Harry. Ezi had never seen the Queen of England, but if someone had told her that Harry’s mother was the Queen, she would have believed them.
Now, she wasn’t afraid of any humans. She was a lot stronger and smarter than them. But standing before Harry’s mother now, she was quite intimidated. Probably because this woman reminded her of her own mother.
“Hello, darling. How are you today?” asked Annalise.
“I’m good,” Ezi said with a tight-lipped smile. “How are you?”
“Splendid. I would’ve come in the morning, but I was busy.”
“Harry is not home, but if you want me to call him--”
“Oh, I’m not here for Harry,” Annalise said as she walked in. “I’m here for you.”
Ezi shut the door behind her and idled there for a moment. “I thought…”
“Oh, we’re still having lunch this weekend. I just wanna talk to you before,” Annalise said and lifted her head as she sniffed the air. “Are you making tea?”
“I just finished,” Ezi said. “Would you like some?”
And so Ezi brought out the tea and biscuits to the living room, where her fake boyfriend’s mother was waiting to start the interrogation. She honestly didn’t know what to expect, so she could only hope the tiny amount of knowledge of the human world she’d got could come handy in this situation.
“So how do you find London?” asked Annalise as she took a sip from her cup. To Ezi’s relief, she seemed impressed by Ezi’s tea-making skills.
“It’s a wonderful city,” Ezi said.
“How is it different from your city?” Annalise asked, her perfect eyebrows knitted. “Where are you from again?”
“LA,” Ezi said. She didn’t remember what city she was supposed to be from, but LA was the first American to come to her mind. Thanks to those reality dating shows she’d been watching on Netflix.
Annalise’s red lips pursed. “You don’t sound LA,” she said and put down her cup. “I’m sorry if that was too rude. It’s seem so nice and well-mannered.”
Ezi smiled. “Well, my mother raised me well, I suppose.”
“So why did you come here then?” Annalise went on as she leaned back into the sofa. “Why gloomy London instead of sunny LA?”
Ezi thought for a second. “My mother wanted me to come here.”
Annalise looked surprised. “Why?”
“She thought it was better here.”
“Do you think it’s better here?”
“How so?”
Ezi took a deep breath. “I have more friends here,” she said. “Also, I’m working in a bookshop and enjoying my job. And...there’s Harry.”
“He’s a great man, isn’t he?” Annalise said. Ezi could tell how proud she was of her own son when she mentioned him. If only Ezi’s mother reacted the same way to Ezi’s name. “He’s very different from his father. What do your parents do?”
“I don’t have a father,” Ezi said. “Just my mother and my sister. My mum is a...she runs a bookshop, too.” Harry had been right; Ezi was terrible at lying about the things she didn’t know. “My sister...well, she’s still in school.”
“Good, good.” Annalise nodded. “Do you love them?”
“I do. But...sometimes I...sometimes I wonder if they love me, too.”
Annalise seemed taken aback by Ezi’s answer. “Every mother loves their child,” she said. “Your mother probably loves you. Maybe her way of showing love is just different.”
It was what Harry had told her on the first night they’d met. She’d been telling herself that since. That her family loved her, just with a different type of love. However, sometimes it felt like she was lying to herself.
“My sister has always been her favourite,” she told Annalise. “My sister makes her proud, and I let her down. I haven’t spoken to her for a while. I miss my mother sometimes, but from what I heard from my sister, my mother doesn’t seem to want me back.”
There was a quiet moment between Ezi and Harry’s mother, and she was afraid that she’d said something wrong or given too much away.
Annalise sucked in a breath, rested one leg on top of the other as she folded her hands on top of her knees. Then, she said, “I don’t know you that well, but I can tell you have a good heart. And no matter what your relationship with your mother has been in the past, I’m sure if she saw how you are now, she’d be very proud.” Another moment of silence. “Harry always said my love overwhelmed him, but that’s the only way I know how to love. I love out loud, and Harry doesn’t. He loves through his actions. Everyone has a different way of showing love.”
Ezi wetted her lip as she contemplated the tea cup in front of her before speaking. “I think he’s always afraid that he might let you down.” Though Annalise didn’t react, Ezi could feel a shift in her seemingly neutral expression. “Harry lives for other people,” Ezi continued. “And the only thing he’s ever done for himself is make music. He wants to be happy, but I don’t think he can be happy if he knows you’re not.”
“I know that,” Annalise sighed. “But I’m still his mother. I care for his future. The industry he’s in isn’t good, you know? You can have everything and lose everything in a second.”
“That can happen with anyone,” Ezi said, thinking about the mission she was on. She could have it all, or she’d be nothing. “But if you don’t take risks, you’ll never know. You’ll spend the rest of your life thinking ‘what if?’. So I always admire those like Harry, who doesn’t let anything get in the way of him and his dreams.”
“I’m glad Harry has you,” Annalise said, her red lip curled. “I can tell he really cares about you. He’s the only good man in my life, if I’m honest with you. His father wasn’t a good man. He told me my love was suffocating him while I was carrying his child and he was sleeping with someone else.”
“Is that why you want Harry to commit?”
Annalise nodded. “I don’t want him to be like his father. Sometimes…” She averted her eyes and rubbed her neck -- the thing Harry would do when he was anxious. “Sometimes I worry that...I could also lose my son from loving him too much.”
“I don’t think that’s possible,” Ezi said. Something stung her heart. She didn’t know what it was, but she imagined herself as the huntsman with the knife at Snow White’s chest. Then, she watched the little girl run into the woods.
“You will never lose Harry,” she told Annalise. “I’m sure of it.”
“Your mother was here.”
Harry flinched when he heard it. He had just gone out of the shower when he’d found Ezi sitting there on his bed in her night dress, looking anxious and remorseful.
He dropped his towel. Now only in his boxers, he matched towards the bed and sat down beside Ezi, his heart thundering. “What did she say to you? Did she threaten you?”
“No.” Ezi shook her head slowly, then she worked up a smile that didn’t seem real. “We had a nice conversation,” she said.
“Oh, no,” Harry said, gripping his damp hair. “She knows you’re a siren, doesn’t she?”
“No, Harry, relax,” Ezi said as she chuckled. “She didn’t know.”
“Good,” Harry said. “So what were you guys talking about?”
Ezi shrugged. “Just random stuff.” Then she handed him the iPad. “Could you charge this for me, please?” She always had him charge it for her while she slept so she could use it in the morning. There was no way he would let her be near those electrical sockets.
“So I was thinking--” he said before she could get up and leave.
Ezi blinked. “Hmmm?”
Harry swallowed hard, a hand at his neck, eyes on his lap instead of her face. “What if your mother finally decides to let you come back?” he said at last. “Can you still...I don’t know....become human once in a while?”
Ezi was quiet, so Harry looked up and saw her confused expression as she asked him, “Why?”
“Because…” he said hesitantly. “Chilli has already grown attached to you. She’ll...she’ll be sad when you leave. She doesn’t like others, but she likes you.”
Ezi looked away. “I’ll miss Chilli, too, but--”
“When you become Queen,” he cut her off, “you can give yourself legs. Maybe...if you want to see Chilli, you can come to London.” Their eyes met, and he smiled. “And...I’ll be here.”
Something had changed in Ezi’s expression, and in the dimness of his bedroom, Harry could not make out whether it was a positive response or a negative one. She got up fast, and without eye contact, said to him, “That would be very fun. Let’s hope we can do that.”
Before he could even say goodnight, she turned and headed straight out of the door. Harry considered going after her, but he thought about what he’d said and felt like he should just let her rest for now. Maybe he’d sounded too clingy and terrified her a little bit.
He sighed, got up and plugged in her iPad. The screen turned bright. Harry swiped across the screen to unlock it, and a search page appeared.
Which animal's heart is most like a human's?
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watchmegetobsessed · 11 hours ago
BLACK&WHITE (part 3)
A/N: woo part 3!! things are getting exciting, drama is around the corner so i hope yall will enjoy this one! can't wait to read your thoughts and reactions!
PAIRING: long hair college!Harry X Mitch’s little sister!Reader
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you made me do this,” you grumble, as you fill up your profile with some of your personal details. You kind of swore you’d never have Tinder, it feels like a meat market, swiping left and right on guys while knowing they are doing the exact same thing, judging you from just a few photos and the words you wrote about yourself. That’s just not enough to sum up a person, but others don’t think the same way apparently, because basically every single guy from school is on this goddamned app according to Bonnie.
This whole thing started out from Bonnie telling you about her horrible date she met on Tinder. She went on and on about how the guy ate like a literal toddler, but luckily she just took it as a joke and you guys had a laugh. But then she asked about your dating life which is like nonexistent since you’re still longing after Harry, the only guy you know you shouldn’t have feelings for, but you just can’t help it.
You couldn’t tell Bonnie though, you still don’t feel like you’re ready to share this secret with her, but then you didn’t have anything to tell her in the department of boys and she wouldn’t stop bugging you until you downloaded Tinder. Now here you are, sitting at your desk as Bonnie is helping you to set your profile up, babbling about how you two could even go on a double date if you find two competent men on the app. Though you doubt that.
“Make that picture the first one, you look so hot in that!” she cheers pointing at the photo that was taken at the party after your graduation. You wore a nice lilac dress and sandals, you got a blowout that morning and it was still holding up well, the red lipstick you chose to wear was an exciting addition to the look. You really did feel pretty and you like the picture too.
“And now what?” you sigh when your profile is finished.
“Now you just go through the guys and swipe on them, see if you get any matches!” she smirks at you playfully.
Bonnie plops down to her bed and you turn around in your chair, hesitantly hovering your thumb over the screen before finally checking out the first profile that pops up.
The guilt that grips your chest is upsetting and not even only because of judging people from just their looks and a few emoji’s in their bio. No, it’s mostly because if you matched with any of these guys, exchanged messages and they were to ask you out on an actual date, you wouldn’t be able to say yes truthfully. Because there’s only one person you want right now, but he is kinda off limits even though you’ve been non-stop texting with him these past weeks.
“Oh!” you stop, squaring your shoulders.
“What is it? Did you find someone you know?” Bonnie jumps up in excitement.
“No, but… I think I have my first match?” Turning the phone you show her the screen with the ‘It’s a match!’ sign along with your and the guy’s profile picture.
“It has begun! You are officially on the market, my friend!” Bonnie sings, but you just shake your head laughing. You’re not entirely sure if you want to be on the market, well only if one particular tall, long haired, tattooed guy wants to take you off said market.
Tumblr media
Thursday afternoon Harry spends hours in the library, working on a paper he knew would be a pain in the ass if he left it to the last minute, so he decided to just start it early and not screw himself over. Hunched over a pile of books and his laptop, he got a head start on the paper, though he still has a lot to work on the assignment when he decides to head back home.
School has started over a month ago and he has gotten into a sort of routine with his days, a routine that’s nothing like the one he used to drive. His first year of college he went to at least two parties a week, always had rendezvous’ with girls around campus that would end up in a quickie either in a toilet stall, in a random dorm room or his room.
He flinches thinking about the kind of person he was. Even though the girls came to him willingly, it was always empty and meaningless and for a while that didn’t bother him. But those times are over.
“Hey guys,” he murmurs his greetings walking into the house. Some of his mates are in the living room watching TV, someone is cooking in the kitchen and normally he would love to join them but he feels like he would rather just be by himself for now. However those plans are thrown out the window when he walks into his room and finds an unwanted guest.
Georgie Whitaker is lying on his bed as if she lived there, owning the place. Sprawled out, scrolling on her phone with a bored expression until Harry walks in. Smirking to herself she sits up, her dark red locks bouncing around her frame messily, but it’s the kind of mess that’s for sure intentional and she spent hours styling her hair in the morning probably.
“What are you doing here?” he growls, stepping to his desk, throwing his notebooks to the pile there, setting his laptop to the only clean space on the surface, the rest is covered in books, wrinkled papers and other school supplies. He might have been a party animal through his years in college, he never pushed it to the point where he would neglect his school work, it always came first and he still lives by that. Unlike some of his friends who go through college with one notebook and a pen, he puts time and effort into his education.
“I’ve missed you,” she coos, her legs dangling from the side of the bed, her skirt riding up dangerously high on her thighs and she knows that.
“That doesn’t mean you can just come into my room whenever you feel like it. Who let you in?”
Harry knows he’ll have a little chat with his house mates about who they are letting into his personal space when he is not home.
“You didn’t mind it when I showed up last year,” she purrs, ignoring Harry’s question. “Now you don’t even answer my texts.”
“That should be a red flag to you, Georgie,” he mumbles under his breath, still moving around the room, trying to ignore her presence, hoping that she would give up and leave.
Georgie used to be one of the few girls Harry spent more than one night with, but it was nothing romantic. They both needed relief and sometimes it was too much energy to find a girl, chat her up and bring her home and even then, it wouldn’t be granted that it would be good. Georgie and Harry hooked up for the first time last year on freshmen’s week, and they ended up repeating it a week later. From then, they had a silent agreement that if one called, the other would be there, they were using each other in a consensual accord.
The last time Harry saw her was a few weeks ago but he did everything he could to avoid her. Georgie started texting and calling, clearly desperate to get back to their old habits, but Harry lost interest a while ago, but it seems like the girl couldn’t take the hint.
“Thought you were just busy,” she shrugs. “I’ve heard that you haven’t been too welcoming with girls lately. What’s the matter, H?”
Standing from the bed she walks up behind Harry, placing a delicate hand on his back that slowly slides over his shoulder and up his neck but before she could reach his face he grabs her wrist and spins around, his eyes flaming at the girl in front of him.
“The matter is that you and every girl like you think that I owe you something. Like I live to be your toy. But I’m done with the little games. And I’m done with you.”
He is towering over Georgie, the expression on his face clearly a warning for the girl that he doesn’t wish to be played with now. The way his eyebrows knit together, the fire in his eyes and how he clenches his jaw, he appears powerful and almost scary. If only they were in a different setting and in less clothes, Georgie would almost find it exciting, but not now.
She yanks her hand out of his grip and takes a step back. She doesn’t like to be treated like this, she doesn’t like it when things don’t go her way, but there’s nothing she can do.
“You’ll be coming back to me, Styles. Begging and on your knees,” she hisses, but her warning does nothing to Harry.
“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Georgie,” he grunts, dismissing the hurt girl who rushes out of his room like it was on fire. The faster the better, Harry thinks.
Harry lets out a long breath pinching his nose, this was the last thing he wanted to deal with right now. To be honest, he doesn’t want to deal with anything, except… except you. Lately you’ve been the only person Harry could think about even in his worse moments, he’s been checking his phone obsessively to see if he had new texts from you and there were evenings when he was lying in bed and couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to call you and hear your voice.
He reaches for his phone with the intention of texting you, just knowing what you’re doing would easily take his mind off of everything, then he hears Mitch’s voice coming from the hallway and it stops him. He’s been the only thing that’s been keeping Harry away from you, the guilt he feels every time they run into each other and Harry feels terrible because he’s been kind of avoiding Mitch lately. They used to study together, hang out on campus, go to see the movies Sarah didn’t want to watch with Mitch, binge watching series on Netflix… now all Harry does is making up excuses why he can’t do anything when in reality he is just trying to ease his own guilt for talking to you when Mitch told him to stay away from you.
He drops the phone to the bed and decides to clear his head in another way. Changing into sports clothes and putting on his favorite running shoes, he grabs his headphones and goes for a run.
It’s been quite some time he went for his usual routine, right around campus, running a few laps in the sports center and then heading home. He used to do this at least twice a week, last year, but this semester has been just way too busy for him to take the time.
Focusing on his breathing and keeping his pace steady he finally reaches the campus, only a couple of students lingering around since it’s getting late. He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand as he heads to the sports center. The running track circles around the football field, there’s no practice today, though he spots another runner and when he recognizes the familiar figure… he stops in his tracks.
He came to this run to clear his head without bothering you, doing the right thing, yet, he is now staring at you in your tight yoga pants and hoodie, your hair in a bun high on your head. You’re wearing a wireless headset and suddenly Harry just needs to know what music you listen to while running.
Harry needs to take a deep breath as his eyes linger on your curves, the way your thighs and calves flex with every move, your heaving chest from the rapid pace you’re breathing and oh God… You surely are wearing a sports bra, but he can still see your breasts jumping up and down slightly and it’s definitely doing things to him.
Still breathing hard he walks closer, wondering how long it will take you to notice him. Leaning against a pole he folds his arms on his chest, the tip of his tongue running along his lips as you finally turn and notice him, stopping abruptly.
“Hey!” you call out, letting the headphone hang around your neck as you walk over to him.
“Didn’t know you like running,” Harry smirks down at you cheekily.
“Well, I gotta do something to keep myself going,” you chuckle lightly, still trying to catch your breath. “But I can see I’m not the only one.”
“Needed to air my head out, but I wasn’t expecting to run into you.”
“Everything alright?” you ask concerned, taking in his figure, looking for signs that tell you why he was so keen on getting fresh air.
“Yeah, just… sometimes it’s hard to leave things in the past,” he words vaguely.
You want to ask him more, wanting to hear details, but he would have phrased it clearer if he wanted to share more. But it’s still obvious that he is keen on forgetting about something and you’re more than happy to help him.
“I know we both came out for a run, but… I’m kind of starving. Do you want to grab something to eat?”
Harry knows he should say no. He should tell you he wants to finish his run and then go home, but he can’t. He is itching to be with you, to listen to whatever you have to say. So pushing the guilt down he nods at last.
The pizza place at the edge of the campus is one of the most popular places during the day and since it’s open until two in the morning, students like to stop for a late night slice on their way home from a party as well. The time you and Harry wander in is kind of a dead time sloth, so there’s plenty of empty tables and no trace of the line that usually queues long to the cash register.
You both get your slices and you grab a bottle of garlic oil from one of the tables before sitting at the one at the window.
“So how is the friend-making going?” he hums, taking the first bite of his slice.
“Oh, it’s going well! I’ve met a few friends of Bonnie and they invited me out to the movies with them,” you beam happily as you sprinkle some of the garlic oil on your slice and bite into it.
“That’s great! See, I knew you’d be alright.”
“But it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t help,” you smile at him thankfully.
“How are things between Ruth and Erik?”
“Oh, they went on a date, but agreed that it’s better if they just stay friends, so… yeah.”
“And how about you?”
“Me?” you ask a bit confused what he means.
“Yeah, are you planning to go on dates?”
Harry beats him up for even asking right away. What was he thinking? Bringing up your dating life when he should be keeping his distance from you? There’s gotta be something wrong with his head for sure.
You’re surprised by the question, and you can’t deny that it swirled quite a few thoughts about why he might have asked, but you don’t shy away from answering.
“Haven’t been asked out on one for about two years,” you admit with an awkward chuckle.
“When was the last time?”
“Junior year, I dated this guy for a few months, he was a senior. But don’t tell Mitch, as far as he knows I haven’t had a boyfriend,” you scoff.
Because of your brother’s overprotectiveness, you kept everything and anything a secret you knew Mitch wouldn’t approve of and boyfriends were on the top of the list for sure. You’ve had two so far, one of them even met Mitch but you just never told him you were dating the guy.
“You didn’t tell Mitch?” Harry’s eyes widen in amusement as he stares at you over the table.
“How could I?” you laugh covering your mouth. “He was watching me like a hawk and even wanted to have a talk with every new friend I made. A boyfriend would have never survived him.”
“He was really that annoying?” Harry cackles.
“Yes! Do you want to know the worst of it all?”
“You know I do,” he smirks, chewing lazily.
“He even gave me the sex talk.”
Harry almost chokes on his slice and you can’t hold your laughter back as you watch him trying to regain his composure. It was truly in the top three most awkward moments in your life, having your brother talk to you about sex, but it doesn’t feel that bad right now, using it to make Harry laugh.
“He just sat down and talked about the birds and bees?”
“No, he was very straight forward, didn’t use any metaphors,” you chuckle. “Though I didn’t let him finish, ended our suffering when he started talking about STDs.”
“Oh God, I would die to hear this conversation!” he laughs, his head falling back.
“Believe me, I wanted to die right then and there,” you mumble into your pizza slice.
“So when did you have your first boyfriend?”
“Um, when you guys left for college. Dated this guy for a few months, but it wasn’t quite the match.”
“As soon as Mitch was out of the house, you jumped right into dating?” he chuckles shaking his head.
“I admit I felt a little more… free once he was off to college,” you grin at him.
“So then what about now? Do you like someone?” he asks, pretending to be unbothered when he is almost holding his breath, waiting for your answer. If you say that you actually do have a crush on some idiot from school Harry is not sure he can control his emotions.
“Uh, no. Not really. Haven’t had time to meet someone I might be interested in,” you answer clearing your throat to cover up your nervousness.
There’s a short silence where you both get to the end of your slice. Now that Harry has asked you about your dating life, you’re curious to find out more about his. Well, you know a few things about that already from the gossips and his reputation, but you’d prefer to hear the truth from Harry.
“So what about you?” you finally ask, watching him intently to see how he reacts to the question. You can tell he doesn’t feel too comfortable, but he answers anyway.
“Haven’t been on a date in a long time,” he admits, but you both know what this means. Just because he hasn’t been dating it doesn’t mean he’s been sitting around at home, playing UNO with his friends.
“I’ve heard a few things. About you.”
“Not surprised,” he chuckles bitterly, leaving the crust of his slice on the plate as he leans back and wipes his hands with a paper towel. “What do they say?”
“Just that you’re a ladies’ favorite,” you hum, but it’s not quite how you’ve heard others word it. The worst was when you overheard a girl call him a manwhore. You almost walked up and punched her in the face for talking like that about someone she probably doesn’t know and for what? Most likely because she didn’t get to have her way with him, Harry must have rejected her and now she is just jealous.
“I admit I’ve had my fair share of hookups,” he nods timidly. “But… I’m trying to change. It’s not what I want anymore.”
Harry’s eyes jump up to meet yours, as if he is waiting for a certain kind of reaction, something he fears to see, but is surprised when it doesn’t happen. Instead, you just smile back at him warmly, because all you have for him is hope and support because you believe in him, unlike many others around him.
“I think that’s good. That you want to change your old habits,” you nod reaching for a paper towel to clean your fingers from the garlic oil.
“Yeah? You think I can do that?”
“Of course,” you nod confidently.
“I think then you’re the only one to believe it,” Harry comments bitterly. Inspecting him you see the hurt in his eyes even though he is not looking at you, keeping his gaze fixed on the table in front of him. “I feel like everyone around me keeps thinking of the person I used to be and no matter what I do or say I’ll always be just my mistakes and bad habits.”
“Well, I don’t think that anyone is just black and white in the sense of being strictly good or bad. It’s never just this or that, there’s a spectrum and you can always work on yourself to move to a direction. In the past, you weren’t clearly just bad, it’s always a mixture, you did good things too and you’ll make mistakes in the past no matter how much you change. And if even after all the work you put into yourself someone doesn’t see the change in you or tries to make you believe you’re just your mistakes, you don’t need that person in your life.”
Harry stares back at you in awe, as if an angel is sitting right in front of him and he is kind of convinced that you really are one. But what he did to earn your presence in his life, he has no idea about that. What he knows is that right in this moment he can’t imagine his life without you.
Even though the pizza is long gone, you stay and talk, just whatever comes to your mind, both of you distancing yourselves from whatever you were trying to escape today. Getting lost in the conversation you barely even notice that the Sun has completely gone down and you’ve been sitting around for an hour at your table. Bonnie’s text snaps you out of your little bubble, asking if you’ve been murdered in the sports center or you’re just training for the marathon.
“I should head back to the dorm, I have some studying to do,” you sigh, though you want nothing else than to just stay with Harry.
“I’ll walk you back,” he nods, both of you standing from the seats you’ve been occupying for way longer than customers usually do.
“Oh, no need, I can just—“
“Y/N, I’m not letting you walk back to your dorm in the dark in those clothes,” he cuts you off, but you raise your eyebrows at his words, looking down at your outfit.
“What’s wrong with my outfit?”
“Nothing it’s just… those pants are really… tight,” he breathes out, obviously avoiding to look into your eyes, but you catch him checking out your legs as you step away from the table.
“Well, they better be, it’s the only way body shaping pants can keep everything in place,” you scoff, the two of you heading out of the place.
“Body shaping? Why the hell would you need that?” he grimaces, holding the door open for you. Stepping out you definitely notice that it’s chillier than when you left for your run, but it’s still not that bad, though a nice hot shower will feel amazing when you get back to the dormitory.
“To shape my body, obviously,” you point out.
“You don’t need these, Y/N,” he shakes his head, pinching the fabric on the side of your thigh, along with some of your skin which makes you jump and giggle. “You look amazing either way.”
Wait, what was that? Did he just compliment you? Harry Styles just said that you look amazing with and without body shaping pants? This eerily feels like those daydreams you used to have about him in middle school, though those dreams ended a little more PG rated than how you’d want it now.
“Watch out, Harry. If you keep up with the compliments I might get the wrong idea,” you warn him as completely just a joke, though Harry’s alarm goes off.
He shouldn’t be complimenting you and he definitely shouldn’t be harboring thoughts like the one he has seeing you in those tight pants, but he just simply can’t stop himself. How could he when you hypnotize him with everything you do? At this point he’s convinced you have a spell on him, one that he has no chance of breaking, not that he wants. For the first time in so long he truly feels accepted and happy, in a place where he can be himself without judgment and you created that place for him. He wants to be selfish a little longer and keep this feeling close to his chest.
“There’s no wrong idea,” he whispers under his breath, thinking that you didn’t catch it, but you did. You very much did.
The walk back to your dorm is a bit quieter, you’re hung up on Harry’s comment and Harry is way too deep in his thoughts about you. Walking side by side, you feel like something is slowly shifting between the two of you into a whole new and unknown territory you haven’t touched on when it comes to Harry.
“Thanks for walking me home,” you smile up at him reaching the entrance of your dorm. You turn to face him as he stares up at the building, stuffing his hands into his pockets, a hint of nervousness showing in his features.
“It’s the least,” he smiles back, finally looking at you. Just as you open your mouth to say goodbye, a familiar sound rings from your phone, the notification to an app you’ve been learning your way around with. Not even thinking about the closeness of Harry you pull it out of your pocket and make the mistake of tapping on it, the Tinder logo immediately appearing on your screen as the app loads.
“You’re on Tinder?” Harry asks with wide eyes and your head snaps up to see him staring down at your phone.
“Oh, just… Bonnie made me try it,” you shrug awkwardly as the screen finally loads and Harry spots all the matches you have and a bunch of unread messages.
He can barely control the jealousy that bubbles in his chest. All these men not only find you hot but you also liked their profile enough to swipe right. Who are they? Are you gonna meet them? Are you talking to any of them? Do you like them? God, Harry just wants to snatch your phone out of your grasp to delete every match you’ve made so far and block the app forever. The thought of you with another man outrages and scares him. It can’t happen, no one can lay a finger on you, only him…
“So, um… so you want to date again?” he asks, trying his best to mask his disappointment.
“I-I mean I’m not trying to grow old alone,” you chuckle awkwardly and locking the screen you slip the phone back into your pocket. “I’m meeting with a guy tomorrow for coffee.”
At the mentioning of an already fixed date Harry starts fighting himself, he is so close to tell you that you shouldn’t go out with anyone else but him, that he wants you and can’t stop thinking about you… but he remains silent. Pressing his lips together into a thin line he just nods, taking a step backwards.
“Well, see you around, Y/N,” he sighs and you sense the change in him but it’s also clear he is trying to leave as fast as possible so you don’t keep him up though you wish he did.
“Bye, Harry,” you smile at him before walking up the stairs and getting inside the building.
Harry runs all the way back to the frat house, but not because he wanted to finish his workout, more because he was channeling his frustration through it and he got a lot of that.
No one comments on how long he was away when he gets home. He is dreading after a long shower hoping to clear his head since his run just complicated his thoughts even more, but as he is walking towards his room he finds himself stopping at another one. He knocks gently and waits for it to open as he hears shuffling inside.
“Hey man, what’s up?” Erik smiles at him, the sound of some kind of video game coming from behind him in the room as he steps out into the hallway.
“Can I ask you to do something?” Harry lowers his voice and digging into his pocket he pulls out twenty dollars knowing it will be more than enough to get him to do anything. Erik takes the dollar bills and nods as he folds them and shows them into his pocket.
“I need you to have a chat with Mitch and just casually drop that you heard from Ruth that his sister is going on a date with a guy from Tinder tomorrow.”
He ignores the alarm in the back of his head though he is definitely not proud of ruining your date using your brother, but the thought of you with someone else is just unbearable. He keeps telling himself that he is doing this for your own sake, though he knows it’s just a terrible excuse for his jealousy.
Erik gives him a puzzled look, but doesn’t question his intentions, just nods and Harry is thankful he is not the nosy type to ask around.
“Got it.”
“Thanks, man,” Harry hums, patting his shoulder before finally heading into his own room. Just as he is closing the door he hears Erik knock on Mitch’s door, inviting him over to play with him and probably to drop the bomb Harry just handed over to him.
Tumblr media
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venusstyless · a day ago
And when my next One-shot includes a mask kink.... then what???
-Here's a small snippet-
"I've had m'eyes on you all night long sweet thing," He whispers, dipping his head to the crease of her neck, he inhales deeply as he bites on his lip beneath the mask, suppressing a groan. "Watched you dancin' in this cute little outfit of yours." 
"Do y’like being watched, pet? Huh? Like knowing I had m'eyes on ya' since ya' stumbled into me?" 
She wanted to say no, she wanted to tell him to fuck off and turn away, to run back to her friends. But she couldn't, she liked the way his warm breath fanned over her neck, the way his words sent goosebumps to the top of her skin.
The way having him this close to her made her thigh clench. 
"I asked you a question, pet," He growled, his hands going to grip at her hips as he pressed his groin against her thigh. "Do y'like being watched?" 
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finelinevogue · 2 days ago
Hi!!!! I love all of you're writing so much, you're literally amazing. I'm not sure if you're taking asks at the moment but if you are could you please do h and professional ballerina reader. I'm a pro ballerina and really just want to see what your vision would be for this. Thank you so much!!! xoxo
anon: can you do a fake instagram where the reader is a ballerina? ps. i binge read your masterlist daily
thank you to both of you! so kind of you to just be so lovely to me, it means a lot <33 i chose to do an instagram blurb overall just because i’m not too knowledgeable about ballet and also i have written a dancing fic here! hope this is okay for you both; <33
Tumblr media
yourinstagram pre-show warm ups🩰💓
harryfan1 you are so incredible y/n!
harryfan2 omg that looks like it hurts your toes
yourinstagram @/harryfan2 you get used to it after tens of years!!
y/nbff this photo is so sick!
harrystyles So proud of you❤️
Tumblr media
hsupdates Harry spotted in JFK airport on his way to, we’re suspecting, go and see Y/N’s ballet show (20/10/21)
y/nfan1 he’s such a good husband wtf
y/nfan2 the fact he’s taken a break from such a busy tour to go and see y/n’s show just shows how much he loves y/n
harryfan1 damn overalls never looked so good
harryfan2 he doesn’t have airpods? disapointing
Tumblr media
hsupdates Anne just posted this on her Instagram story and tagged Harry, Gemma, Y/N and Y/Ns parents.
y/nfan1 it’s literally huuuge
y/nfan2 im so proud of y/n! like having choreographed and put together this whole show! what a legend❣️
harryfan1 this is so cool
annetwist ❤️
hsupdates @/annetwist have fun!!!! xx
Tumblr media
mommaL/N My granddaughter definitely takes after her mummy♥️🥰
harryfan2 she looks so much like y/n its uncanny
harrystyles As beautiful as her mum too.
yourinstagram @/harrystyles stop you flirt!
y/nfan1 i want y/n and harry to be my parents
Tumblr media
harrystyles I’m a ballerina too
mitchrowland Bud you look amazing!
y/nfan1 husband goals actually
yourinstagram ur actually better than me
harrystyles @/yourinstagram I know…
annetwist Oh you’re trouble🤣🤣
harryfan1 no one has ever looked this good in a tutu
Tumblr media
yourinstagram first show was a success! thank you for all the love and support🖤🖤
gemmastyles You were incredible💖
y/nfan1 i saw you y/n and it literally cried it was so amazing
y/nfan2 so proud of you y/n xx
harrystyles I’m one proud husband right now❤️
yourinstagram @/harrystyles come kiss me
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augalore · 9 hours ago
no pictures please!
summary: eleanor is not the biggest fan of the paparazzi ( # the styles’ )
pairings: daughter!oc x fem!reader, daughter!oc x harry styles
side notes: eleanor is aged around 3 - 4, send requests in for the styles’ series!
Tumblr media
“oh no, mummy they’re here, they’re here!”
“who’s here baby?” eleanor sat on your hip as the two of you made your way back to your car, after a long afternoon birthday shopping for her older brother she decided she was ‘bored’ of shopping for rowan.
“camera mummy, camera!” the small girl peaked her head over your shoulder to point at the distant flashes, “daddy isn’t here! go go go” her tiny hand moving to shoo the paps away. evidently, eleanor was not the biggest fan of the paparazzi.
when the two of you made it to your car, you hid rowan’s presents in the back so the curious boy wouldn’t find them, “help me hide the presents baby!” you said to eleanor, all in aid to distract her from the cameras but the girl was paying no mind to what you were saying - instead she was stood up in the boot of the car yelling as loud as her little lungs would let her.
“no more pictures! stop it!” she stomped her foot every so often, her tiny converses creating a quiet bang each time.
“sorry little styles, it’s our job.”
“your job is ‘nnoying!” her sass surprised you, so did the use of such a big word (despite her slight mispronunciation). you placed her on your hip once more and carried her to her car seat,
“let’s ignore them now honey, they’re silly!” eleanor huffed in agreement and crossed her arms against her chest, “so, so silly mama!”
the camera flashes calmed down once the both of you were in your car, but ellie’s complaints did not. eleanor was a very talented storyteller for her age, but this one seemed like it wasn’t going to end for a while, “i don’t like them either el! hey, what did you do with nana yesterday?” your aim to distract the girl onto another subject was a success, as she was now, very enthusiastically, telling you about how naughty nanny’s dog was being whilst she was eating her dinner!
when the two of you finally arrived home, eleanor didn’t hesitate to run to her daddy once she was unbuckled from her car seat, “daddy! daddy where are you? guess what!” her footsteps echoed into the house until you couldn’t hear them anymore, but her voice still managed to reach you from where you unpacked todays shopping.
“what baby? did you have fun with mama?”
“yes yes yes! i scared the cameras away daddy!”
“yes cameras daddy, now lets go tell ro and manny!”
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dontworrysunflower · 59 minutes ago
Another? | h.s.
a/n: my uterus was getting ready for a child this week so i wrote this because i've been in a dadrry mood. also to everyone who has sent in requests they’re coming i promise slowly but surely
warnings: the media being horrible (as always), curse words, slight suggestive talk in the end and it eludes to smut,
word count: 2.3k
enjoy! reblogs are appreciated
requests are closed!
Tumblr media
It wasn’t easy bringing a child on tour. They need constant care and supervision, and sometimes the tour lifestyle makes looking after a child difficult. Not to mention the continuous moving around makes small children antsy.
You got pregnant just after Harry finished his first solo tour, it was unexpected but welcomed, your pregnancy going smoothly in the comfort of your home in London, Harry still writing for his second album, but his main focus was on you.
When your daughter, Ivet, was born, you kept the news of your child in your family, wanting to cherish the first few months of her life in private, wanting to get the parenting job right without the watchful eye of the media.
When the media found out though, it was a total accident. At about ten months old, Ivet had gotten a little more fussy, so you and Harry thought a change of scenery would calm her or entertain her. So you traveled to Spain.
It was her first time on a beach, the sand tickling her little toes and the water cooling her soft skin erupting a loud giggle, making you and Harry beam at her. Someone must have recognized your husband, —You had gotten married after he filmed Dunkirk, having a beautiful wedding in Jamaica where he also wrote his first album (Harry chose to keep that out of his Behind the Album documentary, but he had called you his wife in an interview, which broke the internet)— taking pictures of your little family and posting them, again breaking the internet.
To say you were disappointed would be an understatement. You had tried so hard to keep her out of the public eye, to have her grow up in a somewhat normal life in her first months, knowing the rest of her life would be anything but. Your wishes all went down the drain. Harry was undoubtedly angry, the rest of the day was him on the phone with Jeff figuring out how he could address this.
He addressed it two days later, in an instagram post. It was a picture of you and Ivet, just your silhouettes showing and the blue water in the background, his caption short and sweet.
My beautiful girls. x
Ivet is three now, running around the center stage with the crocheted sunflower, Harry vocalizing into the microphone and you are sitting on the stairs, watching them.
“Mummy!” She screeched, her cheeks glowing red, pants leaving her lips, her curly hair disheveled above her head.
“Yes, my love?” You huffed as she jumped into your chest, her little arms wrapping around your neck, one of your hands holding onto the edge of the stairs to keep you from falling.
“Ivy, be careful with mumma.” Harry scolded behind you, Ivet mumbling a little apology.
“Can we go see auntie Sarah?”
You thought for a second, trying to figure out if Sarah was busy with either the band or her baby. You remember when she had facetimed you and Harry to tell you she was expecting, and you had almost dropped your phone. Throughout her pregnancy, you gave her all of the pregnancy and birthing books you had and gave her all of the infant clothes that Ivet grew out of, even though they were all pink and floral (but who needs gendered clothes these days?).
You were in the U.S. when she gave birth, she had told you she had her baby boy with a little picture, a pink onesie with bunnies and rainbows wrapped around his small frame. He’s here!
“Sure, baby. Let’s go. Go give daddy a kiss.”
She shows off the same dimples as her dad, running back to him. Harry turns around at the sound of her footsteps, his arms opening as he crouches down to get to her height. She giggles as he wraps her up, straightening back up and swinging from side to side. Harry loudly kisses her cheek, then turns his head so his cheek is close to her face. Her small hands hold his jaw in place as she presses a loud kiss on his cheek as well. “Oh, I love you, princess.” He says as he puts her down.
“Love you too, daddy.”
She ran back towards you, taking your hand, the crocheted sunflower in her other arm, hugging it close to her chest.
She babbled on as you walked the corridors of the arena, her little hand waving at every stagehand and employee that walked by. They all wave back, but you weren’t sure if it was because they were nice and indulged the little girl, or because they knew she was the daughter of the only reason they had a job in the first place.
You made it to Sarah’s dressing room, hearing her softly sing on the other side of the door.
Ivet reaches for the door handle, but you stop her. “You knock first, Ivy.”
She chuckled nervously and then bites down at her bottom lip before she fists her hand and raps against the sturdy door.
“Come in!”
Ivet looks up at you expectantly, her fingers coming up to her face to play with her bottom lip.
“Open the door, love.”
She excitedly opens the door to see Sarah walking around the room, every step she took had a bounce, her son in her arms murmuring along to his mom.
“Auntie Sarah!” Ivet runs in, coming up close to her and hugging her legs. Sarah carefully bends sideways to hug her back, one of her arms holding her son securely to her chest.
“Hi bug! How are you doing?”
“Good, daddy let me sing into the mic today.” She said proudly as she took a seat on the couch, you following close behind.
“Really? What song did you sing?”
“Night Changes.”
“Oh, you have wonderful taste! Wanna be like your dad when you grow up?” She indulged your daughter, her eyes moving from her son to her.
“Yeah! I wanna sing and write songs just like daddy.”
You bud in, “How’s little Jones doing?” You asked the new mother.
She sighs. You felt for her. Taking care of a child is not easy, and you couldn’t imagine doing it while on the road. You could see it in both Sarah and Mitch how exhausted they were, and even though you had offered to help multiple times, to take a little weight off their shoulders, they say they're fine.
“It’s been alright. He’s not fussy but he won’t fall asleep either.”
“Can I hold him?” Ivet asked asked from beside you. You looked up at Sarah and gave her a look, telling her she didn’t have to say yes. Sarah just smiles dismisses your look with a head shake.
“Of course, Ivy. Okay-” She moves to sit next to your daughter, holding her son out, still keeping his head up in the crook of her arm.
“Okay, hun. Hold out your arms, like this.” You put an arm around her so you can adjust her arms, holding them out like a bowl.
“Ready to hold your cousin?” Sarah smiles as she slowly puts her son in Ivets arms. “Make sure to hold his head up, darling.”
Ivet moves the arm that's under the top half of the infant, her bent elbow now under his head. He whines at the movements, but he soon calms down, his nose twitching and small eyes blinking from the light.
Harry and Mitch had come in, pausing their conversation once they saw the beautiful scene in front of them.
You looked up at Harry as he paused at the door, Mitch continuing into the room and sitting next to Sarah, giving her a kiss on the temple. Harry’s look moved between you and your daughter, a smile slowly pulling his lips up.
“Hi, daddy. Hi uncle Mitchy. Look!” She exclaimed in a hush tone, watching the baby in her arms breath evenly, eyes drifting closed.
“Look at you, love. Such a good big cousin.” Harry said as he sat on the arm of the couch next to you, his blunt fingernails dragging up and down your back, his lips pressing a small kiss to the top of your head.
“You’d make a great big sister too, huh Ivy?” Mitch asked, a teasing smile playing on his lips as he looked between you and Harry. Sarah scolded him, slapping him on the chest.
Ivet gasped loudly, but you quickly shushed her, not wanting the baby in her arms to wake up. “Yeah! I wanna be a big sister mommy!” She exclaimed in a hush tone again, looking down at the baby again. “I’ll be good mommy, I can help- oh! Give them my toys!”
You stutter, not knowing what to say. You and Harry hadn’t talked about another child yet, his career taking a quick turn towards the better, making him a little more busy. And even if you did talk about it, you weren’t sure if you wanted to have another one. Although your pregnancy went rather smoothly, it still took a toll out of you, and that’s not even including labor. And taking care of two children, an infant and a toddler would not be easy, especially with Harry’s job.
“Okay,” Sarah starts, sensing the tension rising in the room. “We have to get ready for the show so Ivy, thank you for taking such good care of him, you’re a great big cousin.” She said as she took her son into her arms, handing him to Mitch and walking towards the other side of the room towards his bassinet, her hand smacking Mitch’s back.
“Let’s go Ivy, we gotta help daddy get ready.”
She jumps off the couch and takes her dad’s hand, skipping out of the room with each step her dad took.
Harry adjusted the suspenders on his shoulders in front of the floor length mirror, his fingers then fixing the rings on his fingers. Ivet had joined Pauli in their pre-show dance party in his dressing room, leaving you and Harry alone.
“What if we did have another one?” Harry blurted out, avoiding your gaze.
“What?” You looked at Harry from your spot on the couch, not sure if you heard him right.
Harry sighs as he comes to sit next to you, his hand taking yours and playing with your engagement ring. “What if we did, give Ivet a little sibling?” He hesitated, the words coming slowly from his mouth.
You sighed defeatedly, leaning closer to Harry to rest your head on his shoulder. “I don’t know Harry, I mean Ivet isn’t in school yet and it’ll be such a handful-”
“I don’t mean right now, baby. But, wouldn’t it be great? Soon Ivet is gonna grow up-” “You’re acting like she’s going off to college tomorrow.” You joke, pulling a chuckle from the both of you.
“She’s already a genius, she might as well be going.” Harry continued, moving his arm to wrap around your shoulders. You both laugh.
As your laughs die down, Harry continues your conversation. “But I mean, I loved taking care of her. Loved watching her take her first steps, and say her first words. And I want to do that all over again.” Harry paused his little speech to see your reaction, and all you can do is look up at him, a smile playing on your lips.
“I loved those parts too.” You softly spoke. “But you’re on tour-” “I don’t mean we have to start now— well I mean we still do that part,” He teased with a smirk, your hand coming up to slap his chest. “But we can try after the tour, and Mitch, Tommy and I are taking our time with the next album. We could even stop if-”
“No-” You interrupt him, moving a little from beside him to look directly at him. “I can’t ask you to do that, this is your dream-”
“Well dreams change, (Y/N). It all changed when I met you. And then when I proposed to you, then married you and then you gave me the gift of Ivy. I would give up everything, if it meant we could have another child.”
You could only stare at him, tears flooding your vision.
“But if you really don’t want to go through that again, I understand. I have no say in this and I know that-”
You interrupt him again but this time with a kiss, your hands cupping his face, your fingers digging into his hair, your thumb rubbing his soft cheek. You let out a tiny sob as you pull away just to rest your forehead on his, tears flowing down your cheeks. “Let's have another one.” You breathed out.
Harry’s eyes widened, his hand coming up to your arms and rubbing your skin lovingly. “Really?”
You let out a laugh, nodding against him. “Yeah.”
You barely finished talking before Harry pulled you into his lap, his arms wrapping around you tightly, sobs coming from him.
“Oh, fuck. Fuck I love you so fucking much. You’re gonna look so good pregnant with my baby again.” His voice lowers and his eyes darken, his hands moving down to squeeze your hips.
Your breath hitches in your throat, your hips absent-mindedly rolling over his, making Harry groan. “You know,” Harry looks at the clock on the wall before pushing you down onto the couch, making you yelp. “Jenny just started her set, think we can get a little practice in, huh mumma?” He moved to kneel on the couch, his body on top of yours, his lips kissing your neck and your jaw.
You let out a small moan, your legs wrapping around his waist. “Harry, we don’t have a lot of time-”
“I can make it quick, I promise. Remember all those times on my first tour? Those were the best times.”
“You’re so annoying.”
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izzylovestheworld · 2 days ago
Poetry’s Dream~ Harry Styles
Tumblr media
Seeing big universities wasn’t something new for Harry. England had a lot of big ones, the biggest one, of course, being Oxford. So he wasn’t surprised when he pulled up to the campus and parked his car in the student section.
His eyes flickered between his phone and the building as he sent a text to Ann, his mum. Ann was very worried about her son being so far away from her, especially because he was in school. When he’d done research for colleges in America, he was quite surprised to see that they didn’t wear uniforms. Everything was completely backwards from back home.
“ ‘M about to go in and look ‘round, mum. I’ll call yeh later.”
He didn’t wait for her reply. He simply pushed his phone into his sweatshirt pocket and unbuckled his seat-belt. His stomach twisted but he tried to ignore it as he stepped out of the car.
He snatched up the blue-and-white backpack and heaved out a sigh as he closed the car door. He patted the pocket of his jeans just to make sure he had his keys, then locked his car, and started walking in the direction of the school.
His eyes scanned a group of students shuffling towards the building, one or two of them looking tired, the rest excitedly talking among themselves. One girl, he noticed, dressed very differently than the rest.
While most of the girls in the group dressed in oversized sweatshirts and leggings, this girl did not. Instead, she dressed in yellow bell-bottom jeans, a tie-dyed flared shirt, a white bandana, and white army boots. Over her shoulder, she carried a large book bag, that was slightly ripped on the side.
Harry kept walking towards the building, but continued to cast curious side-eyes in the girls’ direction. She walked with such confidence, even with all the stares she was getting from fellow students. She even did a wave that reminded Harry very much of a wave a celebrity would do to their fans.
Harry wondered where her confidence came from. He hadn’t seen anyone in his home-country of Britain wear something like that. He wasn’t judging her, in fact, something about her poised walk forced butterflies in Harry’s stomach.
He ducked his head down when the girl looked in his direction and chewed on his lower lip, trying so hard to hide his grin. She’d looked his way!
Just as he was about to step up into the building, a gentle hand wrapped around his wrist.
The butterflies in his stomach heightened as he turned, gulping down his nerves the best he could.
It was the same girl he’d noticed earlier, but now, he could get a better look at her face. She had pale, porcelain-like skin, bright blue eyes, and hair that fell down her shoulders and back in brown and purple waves. Yellow and blue eyeshadow popped the blue in her eyes, her eyelashes perfectly fluttering against her skin, and the bright pink lipstick on her lips drew Harry’s attention.
“I caught you lookin’ my way, pretty boy.”
Harry’s cheeks flushed to the roots of his hair as he again ducked his head, looking at her under his eyelashes. Her voice was strong, but held a musical tone to it.
“Just liked yer outfit, s’all.”
The girl’s lips quivered into a smile. The boy was British. She instantly adored his thick accent.
“ ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.’”
Harry’s head slowly raised up and a grin stretched across his face. She knew Shakespeare! Oh, this was lovely.
“That’s Shakespeare's work, Sonnet 18. I see yer a Shakespeare fan, aren’t yah?”
The girl hummed and slipped her hand off his wrist.
“I am indeed. I’m a theater kid, so I’ve performed quite a few of his plays. I’m Paislee, by the way.”
Harry tilted his head sideways at Paislee and reached out his hand for her to shook.
“Quite a lovely name yah have there. ‘M Harry.”
Paislee’s firm hand-shake sort of surprised Harry. It’s not that her hands weren’t soft--because they were--but he wasn’t expecting her grip to be as hard as it was.
“It’s so nice to meet you, Harry. You’re a Shakespeare fan too, I see?”
She gestured towards the stairs and Harry, taking the hint, happily followed behind her.
“Yah, ‘M a fan o’ his. He’s actually the inspiration behind a lot of me poems.”
Paislee looked at Harry with a sideways glance, one of shock and appreciation. A poet, huh? He could write a few interesting poems, especially if they were Shakespeare inspired.
“I’d love to read your poetry sometime, Harry. Shakespeare inspired poetry is something I would very much enjoy.”
She stopped and turned to Harry. She had to get to class, and she was sure Harry wouldn’t be following her. Her sixth sense worked like that sometimes.
“I’ll be seeing you around, Harry. Meet me in this exactly spot after class.”
Harry gave her a thumbs up and took a step backwards.
“ ‘Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’“
Paislee let out a loud laugh as Harry turned and ran down the hallway to his class.
“That’s from Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 5,” she yelled after him.
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acidrry · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay,this boopsy has been stalking harry AND other celebrities for YEARS. harry got a restraining order against her and she's just making jokes about it?? she has zero self-respect. imagine stalking someone for years and being surprised that you got a restraining order. this isn't okay.
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