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#harry styles fanfiction
watchmegetobsessed · a day ago
A/N: i think it's easily the juiciest smut i've written. just woke up and i was like "oh yeah, this is gonna be good" and needed to write it so... enjoy!
PAIRING: Harry X Reader
WARNINGS: smut, dom/sub stuff, edging, mouth fucking, a bit of degrading kink? idk im really bad at these tags lol
Tumblr media
“Thank you so much, Y/N!” the fans say in unison as the last photo is taken and you make sure everyone got what they wanted.
“Of course. Have a great time tonight!” you smile at them, knowing that they will be down in the pit later tonight at the concert. They told you all about how excited they are to finally see Harry perform and you assured them that he is just as excited to be on stage.
“She is so nice,” one of the shorter girls whispers to her friends, standing already a few feet away, but you still heard her, a smile tugging at your lips. You’ve been trying to build up a great relationship with Harry’s fans knowing well they are so significant in his life. Unlike his previous exes, you might have had it a bit easier than them, having been friends for a long time with Harry before you finally took it to the next level. Now you’ve been together for four years and even though there will always be people feeling bitter about you, most of the fans approve of your relationship, seeing how happy you are making each other.
You wave at them one last time, ready to continue your walk back to the hotel when one of them calls after you again.
“Yeah?” you turn around, not at all irritated that they are holding you up. It’s just one tiny gesture from you, but they will probably always remember meeting you, you’d rather give them a nice experience.
“Do you know why he doesn’t play To Be So Lonely anymore?” the brunette girl asks shyly and you breathe out. It’s come up several times since tour started, but you genuinely have no idea why the song never made it to the set list.
“I wish I could tell,” you tell them with an apologetic smile.
“You could convince him to play it!” the tallest of them chimes in.
“You guys really like to call him an arrogant son of a bitch, huh?” you smirk, making them laugh. “I’ll… ask him, okay? But I can’t promise anything.”
“It would be so great, because we will be here for night two as well,” the brunette muses. You can tell they are huge fans, queuing for two nights in a row, that’s dedication, not even mentioning the money they invested into it.
“Give me an Instagram name, I’ll let you know what he said,” you sigh, giving in. They excitedly get back around you as they decide whose username to give you. Putting it into your notes you bid them your final goodbye and head back to the hotel.
It’s only noon, so Harry is still lounging in the hotel room. Arriving you find him only in a pair of shorts, lying across the bed, scrolling on his phone. His head shoots up when he hears the door open and close, already smiling when you come into his vision.
“Hello, love. Had a nice walk?” he hums, following you with his eyes as you drop your bag and kick your shoes off, changing them to the fluffy slippers the hotel gave you.
“Yeah, you should have really come,” you smile back, thinking how the girls would have lost their shit if you were with Harry when they met you. But Harry felt a little too tired, wanted to get some more rest before tonight’s show. All the traveling has been taking a toll on him, though he wouldn’t admit it, he is too proud for that, but you notice the way he is out like a light almost every night, turning into a pile of bricks when his head finally hits the pillow. Okay, not instantly, he surely makes sure to fulfill his boyfriend duties more than enough. And now as you see him lying in bed shirtless, you just can’t stop your eyes from wandering around his naked chest. It’s always like the first time over and over again, he never fails to stun you with just… existing.
Putting his phone aside he reaches out, grabbing the air to show you he wants you there with him. Without batting an eye, you shimmy yourself out of your tight jeans to make you comfortable, leaving you in only your tour merch shirt as you climb to bed, Harry’s arms wrapping around you, pulling you on top of him as he kisses your cheek sloppily.
“Missed me?” you grin at him, his hands moving up and down your back, reaching lower with each stroke, his fingers brushing over your bum until he finally just grabs it shamelessly.
“Always,” he smirks, lifting his head so your lips could meet.
Walking into the room you had the intention to ask him about To Be So Lonely, but quite honestly, when you feel his hands slide under the fabric of your panties and turning you over he gets on top of you, the song definitely slips your mind… you’ll ask him later, right?
It’s impossible not to grin as you watch Harry surrounded by all those signs. It’s impressive how they all got together to demand justice for a song. Harry is pretending like he can’t see any of them, but you know it’s hard for him to do so.
These girls really do want to hear that song, why wouldn’t he finally give in? You’ll have to step in. After all, they should get what they want for their money, whether it’s Harry twerking, his naked chest or… a song where they can call him an arrogant son of a bitch.
He is still on his adrenaline rush when you leave the venue, all handsy and touchy, he can’t tear himself off of you, not that you mind it.
“H, stop!” you giggle, when his hand slides under your skirt. His driver, Malcolm has seen and heard enough of the two of you on this tour, doesn’t need any more trauma.
“Sorry,” he growls, but doesn’t seem to actually mean it. Cupping his face you smack a kiss to his lips before patting his chest gently.
“Behave a little.”
He is trying his best, he really does. Keeping his distance as you head up to your room, but as soon as you step inside, the beast is out.
“Harry!” you squeal when he throws you over his shoulder, carrying you to the bed like a caveman as you hold onto his waist so you don’t fall face first.
“I’m so fucking horny!” he growls and you can’t help but chuckle and smack his ass that just riles him up even more. He throws you to the bed, making you bounce from the action as the sheets wrinkle around you. Climbing on top of you he is quick to attack your lips with his, putting most of his weight on you, a moan slipping through your lips, your legs locking around his waist. But as his mouth travels down your saw and throat, devouring you eagerly, your eyes open and you remember what you were supposed to talk to him about tonight.
“H?” you sigh, lacing your fingers through his hair. He just hums in response, but doesn’t stop. “Why don’t you just put To Be So Lonely on the setlist?”
He stops, your question clearly surprising him. His head lifts so his hungry green eyes meet yours and you can tell how puzzled he is.
“I’m sorry, did you just ask me about my setlist when I’m trying to get some sexy time?”
You chuckle at his words, nudging his butt with your heels. Pushing himself up to his hands he puts some space between the two of you, but his hips are still pressed against yours.
“I met a few fans today and they were curious why you wouldn’t just play it. They’ve been begging you since the beginning of tour and I know you saw the signs tonight.”
As you speak, you trace his features with the pad of your fingers, when you reach his lips he gently bites on it before kissing it.
“It was just a general, creative decision to leave it out,” he gives you the diplomatic answer, but you know it’s not the truth.
“Okay, so then make another creative decision and put it on the list.”
“Y/N, it’s not that easy to mess with the set list,” he sighs dramatically and you give him a look.
“Uhuh, so you can just randomly sing about a girl dressed as a banana, but can’t put To Be So Lonely on the list beforehand? With time to rehearse and all that?”
Harry growls, his head falling forward to the nook of your neck. A few seconds pass by and no answer comes, but you feel his lips nibbling on your skin, he is trying to avert your attention, but he is not gonna win this.
“H? Why are you so against the song?”
“Because quite frankly, when I wrote it, I didn’t think thousands of women will scream at me at my concerts, calling me an arrogant son of a bitch,” he snaps, giving you a stern look, but you know he is not mad, just a little frustrated that you brought it up when he was trying to get into your pants.
“You can’t be that narcissistic, baby. It’s a great line and… kinda true.”
“Okay, you have the right to call me that, but I would like to keep it that way.”
“It’s not against you. It’s like a joke you share with your fans and they are sad you took it away.”
“They will get over it,” he shrugs, trying to lean down to kiss you, but you move your head out of the way.
“Or you can just give them what they want,” you suggest, giving him the puppy eyes.
“Babe, are you seriously talking about this when I’m literally throbbing for you?” His hips push against you and it’s pretty clear how much he wants you. It’s taking everything in you not to drop the subject and just jump his bones, but… you feel like you owe this to those girls and all his other fans.
“We would be over this if you just told me you’d put it on the list.”
“Not happening,” he shakes his head stubbornly.
“Okay, then…” you push him off of yourself, breaking up the position you’ve been in, his shocked eyes following your movements in disbelief as you stand up from the bed. “Then this is not happening either.”
He stares at you, like you’re a ghost as you fix your shirt and walk over to your suitcase, digging into it aimlessly. You just need to do something so you don’t bend and get back in bed with him. Then you hear his laugh and you dare to peek at him.
“I can’t believe my own fans are cockblocking me!” He is kneeling on the bed, shoulders curled forward as his head hangs low, shaking from side to side with a chuckle. And you can clearly see the outline of his hard cock that makes your thighs shudder.
Folding your arms on your chest you watch him climb off the bed, nearing you but he stops a few feet away, hands on his hips.
“So no sex?”
“Not until you put the song on the list.”
“What if I told you I’ll perform it tomorrow?” he asks, narrowing his eyes at you, but you weren’t born yesterday. He is a sneaky arrogant son of a bitch who doesn’t shy away from playing you when sex is on the line.
“Nah, I don’t trust you. You’ll get this,” you say, pointing at your groin, “after I heard you play the song.”
He stares at you for a couple of long moments, probably hoping that you’d break, but it’s not happening, not this time. He then gives up, his head falling back as he growls in irritation.
“I can’t fucking believe it,” he mumbles under his breath, heading into the bathroom and you know that the setlist will be longer on night two in Chicago. You won.
Grabbing the doorknob he stops, glancing back at you one last time.
“Babe, I’m going in there and I’m gonna use my own hands. Probably for the first time since last tour,” he informs you, referring back to the time when you spent the most time apart at the beginning of your relationship. The two of you often sought relief on FaceTime, using your own hand, pretending like you were touching each other as your moans travelled through the call across the world. But now you’re in the same room, and he is forced to touch himself. You don’t particularly like the idea, but his ego could use the punch for one time and besides, he’ll get what he deserves tomorrow night if he really plays the song.
“This is your last chance, Y/N,” he warms you, his hand moving to his crotch, palming himself through his pants and your mouth waters, but you keep a straight face.
“Well... to be so lonely…” you sing, grinning back at him, which just earns another grunt from him before he disappears in the bathroom.
He is definitely grumpy when he returns, you can’t tell for sure if he jerked himself off or not, the running water covered any other noise. You take a quick shower too and when you come out, he is out on the balcony, talking to someone on the phone as he leans against the railing. You just get under the covers, making yourself comfortable, listening to his muffled voice through the sliding glass door. Then you hear him get back, moving around the room until the mattress dips under you, his warm body pressing against yours from behind, His hand slides to your stomach, toying with the hem of your sleeping shirt.
“Babe?” he whispers, kissing the soft skin behind your ear.
“Can I just… put it in?” he murmurs and you can feel him grow hard again. Well, if he took care of himself in the shower, he is one horny motherfucker for trying to go at it again. Turning your head to the side you smile at him sweetly.
“You can do more than that tomorrow, after I heard you sing the song.”
You feel him freeze and then sigh, rolling to his back, the warmth of his body disappearing from behind you. Turning around you cuddle to his side and pushing yourself up you smile down at him, proud of yourself for winning this game.
“But I still love you,” you hum, kissing his lips softly. “Do you love me?”
“I guess,” he sighs, but wraps his arms around you, pulling you against him tight as he closes his eyes.
The next morning while Harry is in the bathroom, you search up the girl who gave you her username and send her a quick message that tonight is going to be the night, but keep it a secret so others can be surprised when he plays the song. Macy, as you see on her profile writes you a lengthy reply thanking you for convincing him and ranting how much they love you. It’s sweet and you can’t wait to see the reactions when they finally get what they want.
Harry seems to be holding up his mad act, but you know it won’t last long. He still holds your hand, still makes sure you eat right and still kisses you all the time.
Right before he goes on stage, he pulls you in for one last kiss, but before he pulls back, he leans to your ear, his lips brushing against your earlobe.
“I hope you know your ass will be red when I’m done with you tonight.”
A whimper slips through your lips and you need to clench your thighs together as he gives your ass a light smack, running off to get into that stupid box and get rolled under the stage. You mumble a soft fuck under your breath, but you’re excited to see him go all crazy on you.
The fans finally get what they wanted. When the opening accords of To Be So Lonely fill the arena, they lose their shit and Harry just stands behind his mic, smirking to himself. Of course, they scream that one line at him like there’s no tomorrow and you can’t help but laugh.
You know he is riled up, it’s written all over him and you know you’ll be ruined by the end of the day. But you don’t mind it.
You thought he would at least hold it together until you get back to the hotel, but oh boy, were you wrong! Because as soon as Harry finds you when he is off the stage, you see the fire in his eyes. He runs up to you, grabs your hand and starts pulling you after him to the dressing room.
“Harry, are you—“
You don’t get to finish, he pulls you into the room, slams the door closed and pushes you against it, his lips devouring you right away. His hips strain against yours and you can already feel his hard cock pushed against you.
“You got what you wanted? Are you proud of yourself?” he growls, a hand coming up to grab your jaw, keeping you in place, not that you’d ever push him away. No words come out of your mouth, you just can’t get yourself to talk, not when his other hand is already sliding into your pants, rubbing your clit through the fabric of your panties.
“Answer me when I ask a question,” he grits through his teeth, his fingers pushing on your sensitive bud, making you moan from the sensation.
“Yes! Yes, I got what I wanted,” you choke out when his mouth sucks hard on your skin under your ear, for sure leaving a mark on you.
“Want to know what I want?”
“Yes,” you breathe out, legs turning into jelly as he is still working on your clit. Your panties are flooded, this very short sex ban wasn’t only hard on him. You missed out on the lazy morning sex and you couldn’t get your hands on him when he was parading around in the room in only his underwear.
“I want to fuck you until your legs give up and collapse onto me. I want to show you what you were missing last night.”
You gasp when you’re pulled away from the door and you vaguely process him bringing you to the vanity, helping you up until you’re sitting on the wooden top. He basically rips your shirt off of you, throwing you behind him before his hands start kneading your breasts in the black lacy bra you put on purposely, knowing well it’s one of his favorites.
He licks and bites down your neck and chest, not even bothering to unhook the bra, just tugging on the cups so your breasts spill out for him. Your legs wrap around his waist out of instinct and you grind against him, your chest heaving wildly from the way he sucks on your hardened nipples. You want the bra off though, so reaching behind you unclasp it and throw it to the side, an approving grunt leaving his throat as he keeps leaving marks on your breasts.
You can’t stay still as his mouth moves down on your stomach, his fingers working fast to unbutton your pants. He tugs them off of you easily along with your soaked panties, leaving you completely naked in front of him while he is still wearing his stage outfit, but it seems like he wants it off just as much as you do.
Dragging the suspenders off his shoulders, he moves his hands to tear the shirt open, but you stop him with the remaining of your responsible thoughts.
“No! Lambert will fucking kill you!” you chuckle, reaching up to unbutton the shirt carefully. He just breathes out heavily, letting you undress him as he works on his pants. The slacks pool at his feet by the time you’re done with the buttons and he rids himself of the shirt fast, pushing back between your legs, now only in his underwear.
“Always so thoughtful,” he murmurs, kissing you hard as his fingers dig into your waist, pulling you to the end of the vanity table. “But weren’t so thoughtful when you denied this from me.”
Without warning, two of his fingers push into you, curling inside, sending a shiver down your spine. His name tears out of you loud and clear as you gasp for air while Harry starts pumping his fingers in and out of you.
“Did you enjoy playing with me? Did you like making me suffer?”
“Harry!” you moan, your thighs starting to shake as your orgasm is building up rapidly.
“You were a little brat, you know that? I should punish you for it.”
You want to protest, you want to say you’re sorry, but you just can’t form the words, the only thing that leaves your mouth is his name over and over again. But right when you’re about to cum, he pulls back and all the air gets knocked out of your lungs.
“I don’t think you deserve to cum just yet. Now get on your knees,” he orders and you jump off fast, not even thinking for a second about obeying him. He has full control over you and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
You eagerly pull his underwear down, his throbbing, hard cock springing free and your mouth waters at the sight, the head glistening from the precum. But before you could wrap your lips around him, he stops you, making you look up at him confused.
“No, I don’t want you to suck me,” he hums shaking his head, cupping your face in his hands. “I want to fuck that bratty mouth of yours so you know that your words have consequences.”
Fuck, he is so hot! You need to clench your thighs as a moan rips out of you.
“Stay still,” he orders, one hand on the base of his cock as he pushes himself into your warm, wet mouth, a whimper of your name slipping through his pink lips. Then both his hands come to cup your head and he starts thrusting in and out of your mouth.
Putting your hands on his thighs you try to keep as steady as possible, his head reaching the back of your throat every time he pushes into your mouth. Tears are stinging your eyes, but you don’t want him to stop. Looking up you see how much he is enjoying it, how you’re the only one who makes him feel this way and you can almost feel yourself getting closer to your orgasm again. The urge to touch yourself is strong, but you know he would punish you for that, he doesn’t like you touching yourself, unless he asks you to do it, so you just try to breathe and stay still just like he asked.
“Fuck, your mouth is perfect,” he growls, pushing in one last time, your nose touching his pelvis and he keeps himself there for a few heartbeats, until you start gagging. Then he pulls back, his whole dick glistening from your saliva and it’s such an exciting view, one you’ll never have enough of.
He helps you up, your knees are sore, but you couldn’t care less. Kissing you hard his hands squeeze your ass before he turns you around, bending you over the vanity and you push your ass up high instantly.
“And now…” he hums, his hand cupping your ass as he pushes his cock between the cheeks, sliding it back and forth a few times, making you whimper. “I’ve been thinking about this since last night.”
His hand smacks your ass, making you yelp, then he massages it gently before his palm meets the cheek again. Fuck, this feels so good and he is not even inside you yet.
“Harry,” you whine, your upper body pressing against the wooden surface as he keeps kneading your butt with no mercy. Then he bucks his hips back, just enough so his cock now slides between your soaking wet folds and he starts rocking himself against, teasing and edging you.
“What is it? Now you want my cock? You didn’t want it last night?”
“I did! I wanted it!”
“So you just chose to be a brat, letting me use my hands?”
You don’t answer, his tip is nudging at your clit every time he pushes forward and you clench your walls around nothing, you need to feel him inside you or you’ll go nuts.
“Just for your information, I didn’t jerk myself off last night. It was hard to resist, but I didn’t want anything else than your sweet pussy.”
“Then take it. It’s all yours, Harry!” you cry out and yelp again when he smacks your ass again.
“Gonna fuck you so good you’ll never want to play games with me,” he growls, grabbing the base of his cock and finally pushing inside you, both of you gasping from satisfaction. “Fuck, nothing feels like this, baby,” he breathes out, staying motionless for a few seconds, his cock buried balls deep inside you.
Then he grabs your hips and starts pounding into you so hard, your thighs keep hitting against the edge of the table and you need all your energy to keep yourself up. His stamina is impressive, he just gave a whole ass concert and now he is fucking you so hard, as if he’s been training for it his whole life. Fingers digging into your flesh, his hips smacking against your ass every time he thrusts inside you hard and fast.
“Are you close?” he pants and all you can do is nod eagerly. “Don’t cum yet. Don’t cum!”
“Harry! Please!” you beg, almost crying for relief.
“Not yet!” he barks and pulls out of you, the lack of his hardness inside you making you gasp. “Come on, baby. Just a little longer,” he murmurs, pulling you up from the table, he presses a kiss to your forehead and lips as he walks you to the sofa. He turns you to face him and you throw your arms around his neck like a little monkey, you just need to be close to him. He has edged you so close to your orgasm two times, you’re not sure you can take a second.
You hear voices coming from the other side of the door and for a moment you wonder if he locked the door, but when he kisses you, sucking on your bottom lip, you forget about it instantly.
His hands find the back of your thighs and he picks you up easily as he sits down, making you straddle him, knees pushing into the soft cushion. His lips melt against yours, a tad bit softer than he has been treating you, but you love both sides of him equally. Strong hands run up and down your naked, sweaty back before one of them moves between the two of you, lining himself up with you and then he pulls you down, his cock filling you up again as you softly gasp against his mouth.
“Ride me. Wanna see you bounce on me,” he tells you.
You feel tired, like not much energy is left in your body, but you nod, mustering up everything you have to obey him. His hands grab onto your waist, guiding you in your first few movements as you roll your hips back and forth, up and down, riding him in his dimly lit dressing room, his thousands of fans still lingering around in the building probably. It excites you, knowing that so many others want him, ache for him, but you’re the only one he wants and needs.
Grabbing onto his broad shoulders you keep up a steady pace, bouncing on him, panting heavily and every time you feel like you’re too tired to continue, you see it in his eyes, the want, the desire, how in awe he is with you, like you’re the only person on this Earth. He leans forward and kisses your throat, collarbones before wrapping his lips around your nipple, sucking and biting it to edge your senses.
“H, I’m close,” you moan, pulling his head up so you can kiss him.
“Wanna cum around my cock?”
“Yes! Please!”
He wraps his arms around you as he rises from the sofa and turning the two of you he lays you down, getting on top of you. It’s a small sofa, one of your legs is thrown over the back while the other one falls off of the seating just so he can get between your thighs, but when he starts pounding into you, bottoming out every time you forget about how uncomfortable it is.
“Cum for me. Let me feel your pussy tighten around my cock,” he grunts, kissing your hard, his tongue pushing past your lips.
A few more thrusts and you finally fall over the edge, coming so intensely, you can’t hold a scream back as you drag your nails down his back. You’re seeing stars, gasping for air as he follows you with his own relief, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
“Mine. You’re all mine,” he grunts, so animalistic and raw as his thrusts become slower but even harder, his cock jerking inside you.
“Yes, I’m yours!” you breathe out, holding him tight as he rides the last waves of his orgasm until he comes to a stop, but still remains inside you.
You’re gone, melted into a puddle, barely able to move your limbs, but it feels so good. The thought of getting up from this sofa feels so painful, you just want to stay here, like this forever, even though your back is starting to hurt and your leg is kind of going numb.
You feel Harry’s lips gently kiss your shoulder before he pushes himself, up, lifting his weight off of you and sliding out of you at the same time. You must have whimpered unapprovingly at the feeling, because he kisses your lips softly.
“I know baby. Gonna take care of you,” he murmurs and you hear him move around the room, but you can’t bring yourself to open your eyes.
You feel a damp washcloth between your legs, he cleans you up gently not to hurt you since he knows how sensitive you are, especially after a round like this. It hurts to get your leg off of the back of the sofa, but you just need to. Pushing yourself up into a sitting position Harry returns, helping you up and as soon as you’re on your feet, he picks you up bridal style, carrying you to the shower where the water is already running.
You take a nice, hot shower together, Harry washes you with so much care and keeps kissing you murmuring sweet nothings to you. It always amazed you how dominant he can be during sex, but then he turns into this soft bundle of joy, taking good care of you, no matter what you did or said.
While you get dressed, you inspect your reddened butt in the mirror and you swear you see the outline of his hand on it. Walking up behind you he squats down and kisses the red marks, making you chuckle.
“Does it hurt?” he asks, regret glistening in his eyes.
“No. I would have told you on the spot,” you smile down at him. Grabbing you pants he helps you into them, caressing your bum over the fabric gently. He stands back up and cups your face in his hands, kissing you tenderly.
“I love you. But if you pull this shit on me again,” he warns, but can’t push his smirk down.
“I did it for your fans.”
“Then tell them it earned you a good fuck.”
“Oh shut up,” you laugh, pulling him down to kiss you again.
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In which you’ve got textbook daddy issues and when your tool of a younger brother brings a sweet doe eyed girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and you end up offering her a ride home, you meet just the man to fix them.
Warning: smut, daddy kink, praise kink, age gap (older male/younger female), slow burn, angst, childhood trauma regarding domestic violence (non-sexual)
Daddy issues- Masterlist / alternatively, read on A03 or wattpad
Part 9 (Word count: 5K)
It was one of those days when you wished you had opted to work from home. But as it were, you did go in, and you were now sat at your boring little cubicle counting down the minutes till you could go home in excruciating agony.
It had started as any regular day. It was a Friday, though, so that automatically made the prospect of getting out of your comfy, warm bed a little more bearable, overall. You woke up, reluctantly dragged yourself out of bed, and went through your morning routine on autopilot. You were definitely not a morning person.
You skipped breakfast, you only had a bite to eat on the odd days that you were feeling more energetic, this however was not one of those days. Any days that were not sunny and warm and didn’t start with birds chirping on your windowsill as if in a fucking Disney movie were not one of those days. You hated winters. With a passion.
And then there was the teeny tiny aspect of having to go do something you weren’t passionate about. You didn’t hate your job, it was bearable. Working in IT, there was always a new thing to tackle, it was definitely never boring, at least not to you; you enjoyed a challenge. That being said, though, you didn’t love it either and you did feel like you definitely could’ve done something a lot more creative with your career, but as it were, you were relatively content with what you were doing considering the shitty uni your parents had forced you to pick since they were the ones paying for it. Of course your brother got to do what he wanted, got to move to a different state for uni, got to have an actual say in what he was doing with his life, but that was a different matter, what was done was done and you were over being spiteful over it. Lord knows you had plenty of other reasons to be mad at all of them for.
Up until noon-ish, everything was as uneventful as usual. You were contemplating what to get for lunch, but you still had a task you wanted to clear before you headed out.
“Hey. You done?” Lindsay, one of your coworkers you were closer to popped her head in
“Gotta get this done. You go on without me, I’m not sure how long it’s gonna be”
“Want me to bring you back something to go?”
“Nah, I’ll grab something later”
She nodded and left and you sighed. Another thing that irked you about your work was the fact that you had to socialize on the days that you didn’t feel like it. Which counted for the majority of them. You’d worked from home more than had been healthy just to steer clear from it when you were at your lowest, mental health wise, and if you were being honest you still had to talk yourself out of picking up on that habit again. You knew it was best to get out of the house, dress up, take some fresh air, socialize, but you really struggled to convince yourself of it most days. Lindsay was perfectly nice, and it seldom had anything to do with the people rather than yourself. You were the problem, not them.
You were just about to crack a code you’d been working on- you could feel it, it was a matter of a few more code lines. You were so concentrated you almost didn’t hear the chime on your phone. You wanted to ignore it, but Harry hadn’t texted you that day up until then and you had a feeling it was him. So you just had to check your phone.
Big mistake. Huge. The Julia Roberts in “Pretty woman” kind.
You stood there staring at your phone, mouth agape, for God knows how long. You just couldn’t look away. There it was, a black and white photo, definitely very artistic looking. From afar you could even maybe speculate it was a professional shot. Which contrasted even more with the subject of the photo, making it all the more scandalous: your lace panties, the very first ones you’d originally forgotten in Harry’s ensuite only to later find hidden in his nightstand… absolutely drenched in what could only be Harry’s cum. There was no mistaking it, and he made sure you knew exactly what you were looking at.
He’d not added any text, no warning, no nothing. He just sent it, knowing full well you were at work. Deliberately. To taunt you. To make you squirm. The fucking tease.
You just kept staring and staring until Lindsay came back from her lunch break and gave you a puzzled look “Still haven’t cracked it yet?”
“Huh? Oh!” you fumbled with your phone, locking the screen for good measure “Yeah. It’s uhm… proving more difficult than I originally thought”
“Want me to go over it, maybe I can help?”
“Oh, no, no” you cleared your throat “It’s all right. I’m almost done with it, I can feel it”
“Ok, suit yourself. Lemme know if you change your mind. And go eat something, you look pale!”
Jesus fucking Christ. You glanced back at your phone, the photo just as shocking as before. How were you expected to get any work done now? Your eyes moved to your monitor and you read over the last few code lines like they were sanskrit. You had no idea where you’d meant to go with all that, nothing made any sense anymore and your brain was just refusing to cooperate. All it prompted was that pic Harry had sent you. Honestly, had he sent a cock shot it would’ve been less shocking.
You leaned back in your chair, sighing heavily. Fuck it. This honestly earned you a half day. But you were trying to be responsible, so you just grabbed your work laptop, deciding to take this home, where you could… focus. ‘Cause right now you sure as hell couldn’t, not until you did something about that dull ache between your legs.
You didn’t even reply to his pic. What was there to say? You were thankful you’d taken your car to work that day, ‘cause you just couldn’t get home fast enough. You drove in a daze, trying to focus on the traffic ahead and distract yourself, but it was proving quite difficult. You finally, somehow, made it home. You parked your car not too far off from the alley where you’d went down on Harry just 9 days back and the memory of his cum seeping out of the corners of your mouth- because it had just been so much of it that you couldn’t swallow fast enough- combined with the fresh visual of it all over your panties was sending you spiraling.
You scurried upstairs to your flat, absolutely desperate to get off. But now that you’d washed your hands and slipped into something more comfortable you decided to take it even further and edge yourself some more. You were already so far gone, you knew it’d be torture but you (not so) secretly loved it.
To make matters even worse, you could “hear” him just as clearly as you had when he’d guided you through it over speakerphone while driving back home, his voice slow, deep and sultry with the faint buzz of his car’s engine as background noise.
“Are you comfortable? Yeah? Lights out, all snuggled up under your blanket? Good. I want you to feel the weight of it and imagine it’s me hovering over you, pinning you down. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, baby girl. Just close your eyes and listen to my voice.”
Your phone chimed, interrupting your rendition momentarily, but your mind blocked it out and managed to get right back into the narrative you’d already gone over way too many times since last Wednesday night.
“I’m gonna make you feel so good. Gotta get you all nice and ready for daddy first, though, all right? You gonna be a good girl for daddy, baby, do as you’re told? Answer me”
“Yes” you sighed out loud, even now, when he couldn’t even hear your reply. You found it helped you fully immerse yourself into your replay of what had happened that night if you kept up your part of the dialogue.
“Such a good girl. Want you to take everything off. Slowly, there’s no rush. Tease daddy a little. Because you know that as soon as my eyes land on your perfect body I can’t keep it in check anymore. It’s like a switch goes off in daddy’s head, hm? And all I can think of is getting my mouth on you, everywhere. My hands can’t help themselves, I need to sink my fingers in your plump figure. So soft, so pillowy, my fingertips are tingling just imagining it. Can you feel it, baby, can you feel daddy touching you all over?”
“Yes” you exhale again, trying your best to keep from touching yourself where you need it most. You wanted to replay it exactly as it happened that night, because you made sure to remember it word for word. You couldn’t forget it if you tried.
“Yes you can, you can’t forget daddy’s touch, can you? Can feel the cold metal of my rings too, can you? As I’m brushing my knuckles down your body, then up again, but always missing that one spot where you’re dying for daddy to touch you. Awhh baby” you remember him chuckling then at your pitiful whimper “Is daddy teasing you? Is it too much?” he tsked you “You can take it. ‘Cause you’re daddy’s good girl and you know I’m gonna treat you right, make you feel so good, you just gotta hold on for a little while longer, hm? Now grab those perfect tits for me, baby, knead them in your hands, don’t be gentle. Daddy’s feeling rough tonight, would you like me to be rough on you, hm? Can you take it?”
“Yes, God yes” you squeezed your thighs together. Why were you torturing yourself like this?!
“I had a feeling you’d say so” he’d chuckled low in his chest, the mere sound and now memory of it revertebrating deep inside you “You’re dying for daddy to go rough on you, don’t you, angel? Throw you around, manhandle you, treat you like my little slut? Hm? Are you gonna be a slut for daddy?”
“How bad do you want it? Go on, tell daddy how drenched you got just listening to me. You can reach down and check, but don’t linger. Not yet. That good, huh?” he chuckled again hearing you gasp “Good. Now take that finger to your mouth, suck on it nice and slow just like you sucked on daddy’s thumb earlier. God, I love that dirty little mouth of yours” he groaned “Is it good baby, you like tasting yourself?” another chuckle “Such a dirty little slut. What is it baby? Are you getting needy? Do you need to touch your pretty pussy? Only it’s not yours at all, is it? Whose is it?”
“Yours. It’s all yours, daddy” you rolled your eyes back, kicking your legs in anticipation since you knew what came next
“Damn right it’s mine, and don’t you forget it” he’d said through his teeth and you suddenly felt all the air leave your lungs “Drag that finger to one of your nipples next, yeah? Your choice, daddy’s feeling generous. Tease yourself, tug at it. Can you feel it somewhere else too, angel? Maybe I should make you come by this alone” he sounded amused at your disapproving whine “No? You should know I don’t like being denied, Y/N. But I’ll let it slide, just this once. Yeah? You’ve earned it haven’t you, baby? You’ve earned it, all right…” he sounded out of breath too by now and you knew he was thinking about how you’d sucked him off less than an hour earlier that night “Go on, slide your hand down your body, slowly… slowly... “ he tsked you, raising his voice slightly “Slowly! So eager, aren’t you, angel? But you’re doing this daddy’s way. You don’t get to come until daddy says you can, understood?”
You shuddered now just as you had back then. He’d definitely heard it because he sounded mighty pleased with himself next.
“Atta girl. Now just as slowly, want you to spread your legs apart as wide as you can, keep that blanket on top though, keep your eyes closed, and run your fingertip ever so slightly over your clit, make sure to barely-” he was cut short by your deep moan “I said ever so slightly, Y/N, that sounded like a tad more than that, hm? Are you trying to get daddy angry? Want me to stop this right here?”
“No, no! Fuck! I’m sorry!” you breathed out even though this time around you hadn’t disobeyed him, but you did it anyway just to keep in line with the “script”.
“I’d love to show you just how sorry you are, baby” an edge to his voice that made you moan loudly “What was that? Are you touching yourself again without daddy’s permission?”
“No, no, I swear!” you thrashed your head against your pillows, and you barely registered another chime from your phone
“Hm. I’m gonna have to take -”
Your phone rang, your loud ringtone starkly different to your text message chime, one you couldn’t ignore. You kicked your legs, frustratedly; whoever it was had better be dying or worse. You picked it up, inhaling sharply “What is it, Derek!?”
“Why aren’t you fucking replying to my texts?”
“Because I’m at work!” technically you were, you’d taken your work home, you just hadn’t… gotten to it yet “What do you want?” you asked impatiently, though you were certain there was no way you could pick up from where you’d left off. Your idiot brother ruined it for you and you could kill him for it. Just another thing to add to the evergrowing list.
“Listen. I need you to wire me some money”
“Excuse you?”
“I’ll pay you back, relax”
“Yeah, how? You don’t have a job, Derek” you deadpanned “What do you need it for, anyway?”
“What does it matter what I need it for, I just need it. Are you doing it or not?”
“Are you in some kind of trouble?”
“What? Fuck off, Y/N. It’s for Emily, if you must know. I’m buying her something for her birthday”
“Oh, when’s her birthday?”
“It’s… tomorrow. Hence why I need it ASAP. Are you sending it or nah?”
“I guess… how much do you need?”
“Couple hundred”
You sat up in bed at that “You need two hundred dollars to buy your girlfriend a present?”
“She’s special, all right?”
“Don’t get me wrong, good for you, but like… you have no income, don’t you think that’s a bit extreme? Maybe consider getting a job before splurging on your girlfriend?”
“You have my account, hurry up before the bank closes, they don’t process transfers over the weekend and if I don’t get it now I’m screwed”
“Sheesh, all right, hold your horses. Man, you got it good, brother. I wasn’t expecting it, to be honest” you’d never heard him be so concerned over doing something for someone else. A tiny bit of hope made its way into your heart that maybe, just maybe…
“Yeah, shove it” he hung up and you sighed. Maybe not.
You threw your phone aside- just for that, you were going to take your sweet time wiring him the money. You took a quick, uneventful shower, and then ordered some takeout since you never did get around to grabbing lunch. After reluctantly sending your brother the money just in the nick of time you finally allowed yourself to look over that pic Harry sent you again.
You were so far gone. It was no use trying to deny it anymore. You’d known you were in trouble from the head start, ever since you stepped inside his house that Thanksgiving there was no turning back for you.
What got to you the most had been his little surprise visit. Sure, he was looking for an excuse to see you again, he’d said so, but this was more than that. He’d wanted to surprise you, waited out in the freaking cold on the front steps to your building just so that he “wouldn’t miss you”. What was that all about? There had been many other small things that he’d done that you’d just brushed off as… courteous of him, he was an old fashioned guy after all, so it wasn’t really surprising. All those times he’d comforted you, all those times he’d looked out for you. It was in his nature, he was a father after all, he had a young daughter, all that jazz.
But this was more than that. And you’d been obsessing over it ever since. 9 days later, you were still picturing his face as he looked up at you sitting on those doorsteps. That was still what you saw first, although the night had definitely been eventful, to say the least, and you had so many other fond memories… yet this was still what was uppermost on your mind every time you thought about that Wednesday. And that was saying something.
You decided to finally reply, some good three hours after he’d sent you that photo <<i hope you know i had to take the rest of the day off. you can’t just spring that on me while i’m at work!!! >>
He didn’t reply right away, and you worried that maybe he got the wrong idea. ‘Cause he was certainly more than welcome to spring that on you irregardless of where you were. You were just about to go get your work laptop, you’d accidentally left it in the car seeing as you’d been in such a rush to get upstairs, but you then realized it was already almost 5pm and there was virtually no point in doing so.
<<If it’s any consolation, know that it came back to bite me in the arse. Having some work related difficulty as well.>>
You smiled. Yeah, karma, bitch. <<you never did tell me what you do for a living so i don’t know just how sorry i should be feeling for you>>
<<Neither have you. I’m an interior designer.>>
Your brows shot up at that. Of course he is. Explained that gorgeous house of his, you knew it was too good to be true for a bachelor. An interior designer bachelor, though, that was a different story <<oh no and i let you see my scrappy apartment!! well it’s not really mine i’m renting it out so that is my excuse for not decorating it properly. not planning on staying here much longer..hopefully>>
<<Oh? Trust me I have zero recollection of what your flat looks like, darling.>>
<<ahaha good let’s keep it that way>>
<<I’m going to pretend I didn’t see you banning me from visiting, I’m more preoccupied with you avoiding telling me what you do for work. Should I be worried?>>
You laughed out loud at that <<nothing too scandalous i’m afraid. i work in IT. if anything worry for my sanity>>
<<Would you maybe know how to get a program to run properly, do you think? Sorry. I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers>>
You furrowed your brows amusedly. Gosh, “computers”, really? God, Harry. <<yeah that’s the gist of it lol>>
<<Well if it isn’t my lucky day, then. I’m having trouble getting my AutoCAD to render a project. It keeps crashing, and I really need to have this ready by tomorrow. Do you think you could help?>>
<<of course. do you have teamviewer installed?>>
<<... Y/N. English, please.>>
You bit your lower lip, shaking your head. He was a lost cause << don’t worry i’ll help you i just need to run some errands first. think it can wait a bit?>>
<<Of course.>>
You grinned evilly. Oh, it’s gonna come back to bite you in the “arse”, alright. You left him on read and went to put your plan into motion.
Pulling into Harry’s driveway, you could feel your heartbeat all the way up in your throat, as though your heart was now lodged in your trachea. You’d kept your cool somewhat for the 2 hours it had taken you to drive there, but you’d grown exponentially anxious as you neared his street. His lights were on, and there was just his car parked out front. So, hopefully, you wouldn’t be interrupting anything. Before you could even step out of the car, Harry was at the front door. You turned the engine off, looking at him intently through your windshield. His confusion slowly morphed into a lopsided smile that ultimately turned into a full blown grin.
“My, my. Look what the cat dragged in” he said as he walked down the steps to his front door heading towards your car. You could hear the smile in his voice and it immediately put you at ease. That is, until you actually got out of the car and he was standing right there, towering over you, as usual. You could never get over the height difference for some reason, somehow it never ceased to surprise you just how tall he was.
“Hi” you exhaled, mirroring his own smile.
“Hi” he hummed in return “What prompted this little surprise visit?” he got a bit closer, his voice a bit lower
“You needed help and had no idea what teamviewer is, so here I am” you shrugged playfully
“Yeah?” his dimples deepened
He made to close in the space between you but then he caught himself and instead whispered into your ear “Do come in, then”
You shuddered, giggling “Ok”. Wow. You were already a flustered mess. How did he manage to turn you into a fidgety, giggling little schoolgirl in a matter of seconds?
You stepped inside and as he closed the front door behind you, he immediately cornered you against it “Not gonna make me wait till the end of the night to kiss you again, are you?”
You sighed, fluttering your eyes shut. If only he knew how on edge you really were “Please…”. You barely managed the word out before his lips came crashing down against yours, his arms snaking around your waist, surprising you by picking you up as he kissed you. You broke the kiss, yelping as you clung to his shoulders and he hurriedly brought you into the living room, plopping you onto the couch with a bounce.
“Now” he caught his breath amusedly “Before I get… distracted. I really actually need your help with this. It’s a big project and I gotta send it in by 10pm at the latest”
“Ok, ok. Relax” you tried composing yourself, taking in the coffee table before you. It was a mess. He had papers everywhere, sketches, several empty mugs. You eyed him playfully “Shouldn’t you be doing this in your office, mister interior designer?”
He let out a chuckle at that, picking at his lower lip “I don’t have one at home. I made a conscious decision not to bring my work home, I spend enough time at the office as is. Look how well that’s working out for me” he halfsmiled “I was still there when we spoke earlier, got home not too long ago. What if you’d come and I wasn’t here? Y/N… you should’ve told me” his voice grew a bit more serious, but was still soft.
“I… I know, I’m sorry. I was berating myself on the way over here, as well. Just because you surprised me last week doesn’t mean I should have done the same. I mean… Emily could’ve been here. It was silly and irresponsible of me. I’m sorry”
Harry creased his brows crouching in front of you, between the sofa and the coffee table, a smile tugging on his lips even though his expression grew more serious at the same time “Hey. Why are you apologizing? Thought I made it pretty clear I’m thrilled that you’re here. Didn’t I?”
You squirmed a bit as he searched your eyes “Yeah, but… it could’ve gone terribly wrong”
“Gonna need you to be more specific, love”
You huffed “It’s like I said. What if Emily was here… or anyone, for that matter” your voice barely above a whisper
Harry’s brows furrowed further and he pressed his lips together, then he grabbed your hands in his, looking at you intently “You took a chance, just as I took mine. Don’t you think I worried about something like that, too? When I finally saw you walking towards your building a huge wave of relief washed over me. You could’ve been with ...anyone”
You inhaled “Listen, Harry. I didn’t mean to make this awkward-”
“You’re not making anything awkward. I’m glad you brought it up, because I didn’t know how to go about it. Yeah, you’re right about Emily, and that’s an entirely separate thing, but as for… anyone else? You don’t have to worry about that, all right? There is no one else”
You just stared at him, your mouth agape and when he squeezed your hands that he was still holding in his you finally remembered to blink “I… uhm…”
“You don’t have to say anything. I just wanted you to know. Ok? Now. Gonna help me with this autocad rendition?” he bit his lower lip looking at you from under his eyelashes playfully
You smiled, exhaling the breath you didn’t know you’d been holding in “Yeah. Of course. Lemme have a look”
He brought your hands to his lips, gave a soft peck to the back of each and you could’ve melted right there and then considering what he’d just landed on you. But you tried to keep your cool and not show how over the moon you really were. It wasn’t really that difficult, you had a tendency to shut down a bit when it came to expressing your emotions so he probably had no real clue you were freaking out about it internally. Or so you hoped.
He brought his laptop in front of you and moved to sit next to you on the sofa and then he cleared his throat, his voice small, but still playful “Been working on it for ages, so just know that if it somehow gets accidentally deleted or somethin... I might lose it”
You looked over at him, he looked so cute and vulnerable just then and something told you it might have had something to do with his previous confession. You couldn’t help but lean in and kiss his right dimple “Do you trust me?”
“...Yeah?” his voice was wavering which made you laugh out loud
“Oh man, no pressure, huh? Harry, relax. Things don’t just get lost forever, in fact, it’s darn near impossible to get rid of electronic information for good”
“Ok… ok, good” he then added in an even smaller voice “Of course I trust you”
Your breath caught, and you were momentarily worried you were going to accidentally fuck his project up somehow, it clearly was really important to him. You zeroed in on the task at hand and tried to figure out what was causing the program to crash. After a few minutes, when you looked back at him next, your breath caught for the umpteenth time that evening.
“What?” he then huffed, after a beat, removing his eyeglasses “They’re just for reading” he clarified, a bashful smile tugging at his lips and you just freaking lost it.
“No, no. Put them back on!” He furrowed his brows and reluctantly did as you asked him to and you slowly shook your head
He tilted his head to the side, raising an eyebrow “Well? Let me have it”
“Let you have what?” you chuckled
“All about how old I am and all that...”
You threw your head back, laughing “Yeah. That’s uhm… not at all what was going through my mind, just then”
He lowered his glasses down the bridge of his nose looking at you over the lenses “What, then?”
You squinted at him “You’re despicable, you know that?”
He grinned mischievously and you suddenly could not, in fact, give a rat’s ass about his project. You’d had the chance to look over it and it was thankfully an easy fix, so you just decided to fuck it and go for it. He lifted his eyebrow as you turned fully towards him and before he could crack a wise remark, you pushed him back against the sofa and straddled him.
“Y/N?” his tone was playful but you could tell he was taken aback
“Yes, daddy?” you batted your eyelashes innocently and he hissed, pulling his upper lip between his teeth
“It’s like that, huh?”
“It’s always like that” you lowered your voice, your gaze dropping to his lips as you wet your own “I’ve kept myself in check long enough” you bent, nuzzling his jawline and he immediately grabbed your hips in response “Ever since you sent that pic I’ve been a right mess” you whined, dragging your lips along the sharp edge of his jaw and up to his temple “What are you gonna do about it, daddy?” you whispered right into his ear, using the same words he’d said to you when you’d been getting ready to go down on him
“Fuck, Y/N” he inhaled sharply
You hummed, grinding against his groin, he was already painfully hard, you could feel every growing inch of him “I like where you’re going with that. Go on”
He pulled back a bit to look at you, scanning your eyes intently and you couldn’t help but keep on biting your lower lip. Those glasses were really the last straw. He took them off slowly, folding and throwing them aside, and before you could properly cling onto him, he stood up abruptly, holding you to him as if you weighed nothing. You didn’t even need to ask where he was taking you.
And you were beyond ready for it.
A/N: it's 3:30am. i'm sorry it took me ages to get this up, but it's finally done. and yes, i meant to end it there because you know i love me a good ol' cliffhanger. DON'T COME FOR ME you've earned it you horndogs 🔪🔪🔪 (affectionately 💋)
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muffindaddystyles · a day ago
Soft dom harry makes subby reader upset subspace?
Y/N's day is been shitty so far. It started with an ache in her lower abdomen from Harry’s morning stiffy bulging against her asscheeks fattening everytime he snuggled into her to hoard her warmth and blankies and to stuff his face in her neck with incoherent blabbering.
She wanted to wake him up with her hand, mouth, hole— anything around his cock and to please him and dull the burny feeling in her tummy -- but -- she had an important workshop at UNI that was must needed to be attended.
The time she managed to knock herself out of her needy and lusty headspace, she was getting late and whirling around the room and closest like a thunderstorm -- burying a snoring Harry under the heaps of clothes and littering the floor with her shoes collection, the kitchen got treated much more worst with maids being not around (she’s used to Harry waking up earlier than her and making her a full course brekkie) after making a laughable ruckus of cabinets all she stuffed her mouth with was a chocolate protein bar.
The stars were still not in her favour. She was grabbing onto her hair until far when she missed the bus (she usually don’t take buses, Harry makes sure the driver drop her off safe and secure) and it started raining leaving Y/N with nothing but a bare head to take all of it as she already left the bus shelter to stop a taxi.
If all of that wasn’t much of a tragedy and humiliating, Y/N slipped the moment she stepped out of the vehicle and on the slippery curbs of the building, she saw her life flashing right infront of her eyes as the papers tucked in her armpit fled everywhere and landed on the rainy mud sadistically along her. It gave her a serious hit in her ankle and completely yanked her hip, still being a stubborn-head she picked herself and went inside despite how many glares the cleaning staff threw her way for bringing the dirt with her feed all over the shiny floors.
She felt bad.
Stupidly bad.
Her workshop teachers were kind enough to accept her late arrival, but her designs for fall got rejected and they’d have been a huge milestone for her to get her dream internship.
Y/N felt awfully, teeny, pathetic and little while slumping into the corner of the bus and holding her breath to refrain from crying these little liquidy bitches out of her eyes.
Reaching back home she was met with pure chaos, bumping into petrified and agitated employs from Harry’s company scurrying out of their main foyer and she could persist but to ask what happened only to be informed in stammers that the staff messed up big and caused a loss of million dollars— making Harry terribly mad and fire people left and right.
It wasn’t a joke at all.
Because once, she steps inside, bag falling from her shoulder as she sighs in exhaustion feeling her muscles stiffening everywhere but one particular spot's hurting wrenchingly— her foggy mind couldn’t figure it out yet. She peeks into Harry’s home office to be met by a very annoyed, aggrieved, furious Harry pacing in his office all whilst with a phone against his ear shouting at someone who was destined to be humiliated today just like her and she pouts gingerly seeing his features skewered tightly into displeasure, the vein that curves along his temple prominent with blood pumping erratically in his body.
His head snaps up at the door’s creak and albeit his eyes softens a little, the kink of brows and the scowl on his lips is still there and he watches her paddle towards him carefully knowing anything at the moment would burst his chimneys out and she wants to be good for her daddy.
“Hi.” She speaks timidly, pout getting more rusty when the greetings not returned and instead he keeps all of his attention on the phone keeping a loose arm around her.
She grumbles, when he gestures down at her to give him a sec and untangles himself from her walking away and huffing and puffing into the phone.
How could he!
She feels so denied and rejected and kicked like it’s done to those affection starved lil puppies.
Her clingy tendencies flying high drunk and wooly. The needy beastie inside her wanting nothing more than take a bath where Harry could cream her back in her favourite berry bubbles, massaging her head and whisper sweet nothings into her ear, then lots and lots of cuddles, maybe he'll be generous enough and let her keep him snug inside her while they watch movie because she had such an awful day.
But, No! He's trying to escape free from her because she’s such a burden for him now.
Her eyes turns glassy, her shoulders slumping sadly and out of nowhere she’s feeling cold and barren as Harry’s voice becomes a wafting fume for her— an indication she has gone under too much.
“Daddy . . .” She stomps behind him, circling his footsteps like a whiny puppy and grapples at his dress shirt gasping sullenly when he swats her dainty hands away and glares down at her in dominance, his tone harsh as he blocks the receiver with his palm and mouths at her with a huff, “Stop being needy fo’ once. I’ve clearly some important issues to care for, Y/N.” Poor Y/N's deathly grip on his shirt loosens sorrowfully and her chin wobbles as she nodded still wanting to be good for him and if it wasn’t enough to give her the biggest heartbreak of the year— he even rolled his eyes at her too grumping under his breath about something how he turned her into a spoiled brat himself.
“Okie. . .” Her voice strangled and small. She shrinks into herself but wasn’t paid any heed from Harry and without another word she leaves him as to be it.
Having a huge breakdown in her room didn’t help at all. A painful headache hitting her like a train as she clumsily strips down, wearing one of his t-shirt heavily drenched in his scent he keeps for her under her pillow anytime she needs it and hides under the blankets with tears still running down her swollen cheeks— slipping into a light slumber from all of weariness and crying.
Once the smoke cleared from Harry’s mind and his capabilities of rational thinking coming back to him, he was reminded of how he denied his baby of his littlest of affection and tenderness when she clearly looked so glum and sad and upset.
He wanted to whip himself in head.
He’s such a twat that he let work come between them.
He curses himself. Making a sprint to his bedroom, knowing he’d find her none other than there and he was right puffing out a disheartened sigh when his eyes falls over his princess buried under all of these layers of blankets, he crawls up towards her carefully not to startle her awake.
Grunting at himself when he finds she’s been crying, he strokes a thumb up her blushy cheeks and her wet lashes, kissing her puffy eyelids and her little sad unhappy pout away.
He frowns. Feeling her feverish and flushed under his hand, “Hey puppy . . .” He thumbs down her throat getting a little fretful when she doesn’t stirs, however she’s such a squirmy little one and he moves the blankets away to let her body cool itself smiling proudly at his shirt swallowing her whole is when she snuggled herself more into her stuffie letting the shirt ride up her thighs and hips exposing a ghastly bruise of red and purples and he frowns not remembering it being there before.
Now. He feels shittier. Wanting to jump of the cliff for being a shitty sadist boyfriend to his only beloved.
“No!” Y/N whimpers loudly, squirming away from his touch as he examines her gently and it sent shockwaves to each of her tissues and lions causing her an undeniable pain.
“Puppy, shh, shh. ‘s just me, making sure if y'okay.” He scrambles closer to her towering her to cradle her face and kiss the tip of her nose—- his face falls drastically and his heart cracks miserly when Y/N pushes him away with a sorrowful mumble not even letting him wipe the drool away from the corner of her mouth as he usually does.
“’M okay . . .” She tries to knuckle the sleepiness away with shivery hands, “No you’re not —...” He’s cut off by her angry pout and her silly efforts to keep as much distance between them as possible, “I don’t need, Daddy . . ‘m big and I could take care of me self.” At her puny waver realization dawns upon Harry and his brows shoots up to his hairline feeling nauseous and terrible for not taking care of his babylove earlier.
He’d have never let her be away from him if he knew she was in her subspace.
“Y/N baby . . . I didn’t mean it, darling —--...” With gentleness he tries to approach her but she wraps her arms around her petite figure in a protective manner, haziness taking best of her and Harry’s chest suffocates into itself, being a dom it’s your responsibility to make your subby feel protected, loved and happy and he even failed at that.
He quickly cups both of her hot cheeks in his nippy palms when she hiccups sadly, a sob threatening to slip out, “Yes you did! You meant it. Said you spoiled me, I don’t want your money, promise! I just want you and y'shooed me away saying Y/N’s too needy . . .” Harry flinches at her words. He never even spared a thought to this negativity that she chooses to be with him for his money because he knows out of all the people she’s the only one who loves him out of the boundaries of status and money.
He realises how stabbing they'd have been to her when she was so sensitive and floaty wanting nothing more, just him.
How deep she has gone if she’s taking her own name in third person.
“’M sorry baby. So sorry. Swear on myself, didn’t mean to hurt my baby, knows tha’ work shouldn’t be an excuse t’ make y'feel unloved—- but those bastards got a tick outta me.” He rambles on frantically. Afraid she’ll think he’s lying and would finally make up her mind to leave him.
“You didn’t?” She asks with so much innocence Harry nearly cries out, “’Course I didn’t! How could I? You could never be needy, Bab. I love you so much and you’re my whole word, forgive me please?”
“You’re forgiven,” She let a small smile flutter up her features, a tinge of gleam in her previous dull eyes brightening the whole room and Harry immediately bunches her up in his lap.
“Can I kiss you?” He asks her, not sure if she still needs space from him and would rather be better without him but she bobs her head shyly and he chuckles softly before touching their lips together into a tender loving kiss and brushes their noses up and down murmuring sweetly coy to her.
“Now, could y'tell daddy how y'got this bruise baby? How did ya get hurt?” He coos, brushing her sweaty hair back and rubs her sweet gland behind her ear delicately, “Oh yeah . . . this, was raining and slipped.” She murmurs, hissing a gasp jolting away when Harry glides his fingers gently down her hip bone and fresh tears springs in her eyes as she buries herself in his chest, “Daddy hurts. . .” . “Oh babypie. Daddy’s g'na take care of his love.” He lays her down gently kissing her forehead when she whines for him to keep on holding her, “’M right here darling. G'na prep us a bath, make my baby alright.” Saying this he quickly disappears inside the washroom and next their room’s sursuring with marble tub filling with warm water, Harry throws in her favourite pink coloured bath bombs and rose essences and throws their towels in the warmer coming back with her as he left her to be, he has decided he’s gonna love on her whole night, “My baby’s the best, ain’t she? She’s my bestest girl.” He coos down at her sweetly and slides his forearms under her knees and back picking her up carefully and brings her to his chest securely.
She closes her eyes, biting down a whimper when Harry dips them in the water some it sloshing down the edges of bathtub and it envelopes them and gives a stingy feeling to her bruise before soothing it down.
He rubs her arms, and circles smoothing patterns on her tummy and kisses her a gallons as she melts in his embrace and he let’s her sink into him more, nibbling and sponging wet ticklish kisses on her neck making her purr and become a puddle of softness in his hold while she takes her time to mumble all the bad events that happened to her and he felt so guilty of not asking her how she’s and how her day went when she came to him, in need of some of his lovin.
“I love you so much, bab.” He suckles her earlobe, toying and plucking her bottom plush lip, “Was prick to me love —.. you deserve all my lovin,” He noses at her jaw, not forgetting it to mark it with his pecks and sloppy bites.
“’S okay daddy, y'had a bad day too.” He’s grateful to have her in his life. She cares about him, maybe more than he does for her and he feels himself lucky for it.
“You want me to help you relax?”
“Can I have you?” Her tone bashfully desperate and coy, Harry meanders their fingers together and kisses her knuckles softly.
Considering her wound still being sore and pulp, having sex would be painful for her and she might not grasp it in her hazy mind but Harry doesn’t want to hurt at all.
He plants a little noisy smooch to her shoulder when she nods, she mews and purrs when Harry glides his palm all the way down her body and cups her pussy digging his palm into her mound and coats his digits with her arousal dipping the pads of his fingers into her entrance, “All this wet f'me?” Palming her tits while whispering sweet nothings into her ear when she gasps and closes up on Harry scratching nails into his bended knees.
“Shh, shh puppy, jus' relax hmm? Feel yourself.” With sputtery inhales she does as he says, soon two of his fingers slips inside her and he strokes her pussy and pulls them out making her all whiny and pushes them back with a squelching noise, fucking her with it smiling and stopping when her thighs parts falls again his’s completely.
“Daddy!” She writhes and whines, trembly hands trying to bring Harry fingers back to her pulsating wetness, “You’re the cutest.” He smiles against her lips giving her cheeks several squishes and pats her head loving to see his adorable princess all flustery for him.
On her demands. He slicks his fingers back inside her and caresses the insides of her thighs while she pants and sinks onto his knuckles blabbering out daddydaddydaddy weepily.
“Cum fo’ me, puppy. Feels good? Yeah? My baby feels nice?” He rasps in her mouth, curving and petting the soft spot inside her pussy and sucks onto her upper lip when she moans and mewls loudly gushing all over his finger and he keeps on fucking her till she’s all sleepy and balmy against his chest.
Harry coaxes her tenderly, smoothing his hands all over her twitchy spots and patches sloppy kisses all over her face that makes her all giggly and shy—- the amount of endorphins spiking high in her system.
“Love you so much, daddy.” She mushes puckering her lips into his throat.
“Love you too, pup.”
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tobesobratty · a day ago
REVERSE ICKS WITH HARRY Rating: Fluff/Suggestive/Smut A list of things Harry does that gives you butterflies
Tumblr media
1. Making pancakes with Harry at the break of dawn, he’s in just his boxers and you’re in a robe. Harry has a bad case of bed head and you’re both laughing at that.
2. Harry putting a necklace on you or zipping up your dress then kissing your neck and whispering “you’re so beautiful”
3. Imagine laying in a meadow, your head on his lap as you gaze up at the sky in silence. Harry whispers “there’s no place I rather be” contently.
4. Harry cuddles you during a power outage. His head resting on yours, his eyes closed as he hums along to one of your favourite songs from him.
5. Harry’s the type to bake with you but also do that cute thing where he puts some flower on your nose and that essentially causes you two to chase eachother around the house.
6. He definitely teaches you the Treat people with kindness dance.
7. Harry would definitely cuddle up with you by the fire after going trickle or treating with Sarah and Mitch’s son, and then trade all the sweets/candy he got with you.
8. You’re stitching up some pants Harry ripped and you accidentally nick yourself so he puts a plaster/bandaid on it and kisses the place where you hurt yourself.
9. He grabs you by the waist in public, pulling you towards him and kissing the side of your head or your lips everytime he sees guys ogling you so that everyone knows that you’re his <3
10. Harry gets you both matching Christmas sweaters or pyjamas and you make sure to wear them any opportunity you get.
11. Harry keeps his arm around you whilst you sleep. It’s either that or he has to be somewhat touching you.
12. He plays with your hair whilst you’re laying on his lap, it’s so good that you actually sometimes end up falling asleep.
13. He massages your feet whenever you put them on his lap during a movie or something.
14. Whenever you’re reading something on your kindle or a book, he lays his head on your shoulder and litters you with tiny soft kisses.
15. When he’s on tour and you’re with him at a hotel he always makes sure to take you up to the rooftop so you can dance. Even if it’s at 2am, you bet your ass he’s dragging you there.
16. He kisses your collarbone and holds your hands during sex because he’s a soft bby hehe
17. Everytime you try and take a selfie, Harry’s popping up and kissing your cheek just in time for the click of the camera. You have like 50 pictures of random kisses from him in your camera roll.
18. He draws random “<3” on your hand on the tour bus (you do get one of them tattooed for your first year anniversary)
19. He takes you to McDonald’s at midnight and you share your fries and milkshakes because that’s loveeeee.
20. Harry surprises you with random dates, some be at the park for a picnic whilst others are in 5 star restaurants.
21. He definitely gets your mum/dad a gift for mothers/fathers day. His way of saying thank you for bringing you up.
22. Harry leaves random love notes for you around the house, or in your pockets. They have the sweetest things ever written in them eg. Hope your day is just as beautiful as you <3
23. Harry tucks your hair behind your ear before going to kiss you.
24. Every time you’re sad and upset, Harry tells you really bad/cringey jokes or does silly magic tricks to try and cheer you up.
25. He asks you to help do up his toe for him before award shows or meetings.
26. Harry asked you out by saying “can I be your boyfriend?” Rather than “will you be my girlfriend?”
27. Harry holds your hand underneath the table (and sometimes his hands start to wander around to do other things if you know what I mean hehe ;))
28. Harry knows that it’s been your forever dream to slow dance in the rain with the love of your life so that’s exactly what he does. He drags you out into the rain, you had no idea what he was doing so you protested but he kissed you to shut you up and so you finally give in, and you’re so glad that you did because you had the most amazing time with him. It felt like it was straight out of a movie!
29. Every time you’re sick, he takes care of you. Bringing you breakfast in bed, making sure you take your pills and cuddling you even after you tell him not to because you’re scared he might catch whatever you have. (He also holds your hair back/rubs your back when you’re throwing up)
30. Every time you get cold, Harry takes his hoodie off and gives it to you. He always makes sure you’re safe and warm and it’s the sweetest thing ever.
31. He reads to you in bed everytime you’re sick
32. He twirls you around and dances with you everytime his song starts playing. You laugh calling him a narcissist but he just smirks, kissing you on the forehead before whispering that he’s your narcissist.
33. Harry cuddles you during a thunderstorm and watches the lightening with you (he tries counting down until the next time you see a lightning bolt but he always counts wrong making you laugh)
34. Sometimes he sings to you all his unreleased songs that he has written about you. Some are very explicit where he has included sounds from your bedroom activities hehe.
35. When he’s away on tour he always calls you right after you get off work to ask how your day had been. If it’s been bad then he’d always try to make you feel better.
36. Every time you get into an argument, Harry always has to mention how cute you look when you’re mad.
37. He says his first “I love you” when you’re both stargazing
38. Harry always orders only one milkshake, but he makes sure it’s large, and two straws so that you could both drink from one and look into eachothers eyes. You think it’s cliche but Harry loves it and it makes him happy so you go along with it.
39. Everytime he comes back from tour, he stops when he sees you and opens his arms wide so that you can run and jump into them.
40. Harry has a secret hand signal to communicate that he loves you when he’s far away. He makes sure to do the hand signal at every concert as he knows fans are recording and that you’d come across that video soon.
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goldnn-harry · 2 days ago
could we get a request where the reader is harry's assistant and closest friend and they have feelings for each other but wont admit, but than the reader gets sick and it's appendicitis she faints while harry is getting ready for his show one night.
y/n couldn't admit to herself she had a crush on harry. given the fact that harry was famous and she wasn't, it made her feel like a crazy fan.
of course she wasn't, she had been harry's assistant for 2 years, and one of his most supportive friends for even longer.
“did they bring the outfit already?” y/n asked harry.
“yep, no need to worry love,” harry smiled.
“okay, good. i already told jenny to play a few more songs. sarah needs time to nurse.”
harry hummed in agreement.
harry was full aware of his crush on y/n and he admitted it himself, unlike her who ignored her own feelings. he's always thought she was a very pretty, nice girl, but in the past two months those feelings have definitely increased.
y/n sat down and drank some water from a bottle. she wrinkled her nose slightly and set the bottle back down.
“you alright?”
“yeah, just a bit of nausea.” y/n touched her forehead lightly and felt a very light coat of sweat on it. she didn't think anything of it, since she had been walking back and forth a lot.
“did you eat?”
“yes, i did. it'll go away soon. have you gotten your hair and makeup done already?”
“yes, y/n. stop stressing,”
she hummed and smiled. “it's what you pay me for,”
“nooo, i pay you to help me with certain things. not for you to stress unnecessarily,”
“whatever you say, styles.” she smiled teasingly and walked over to him. looking down at him—since he was sitting—she fixed the collar of his shirt.
her body wobbled slightly and she had to close her eyes too steady herself. with a hand on harry's shoulder, she took a light breath.
“wow, are you sure you're okay?”
“yeah yeah, i'm okay,” she opened her eyes, “bit dizzy that's all.”
“dizzy and nauseous? are you sure you ate?”
she nodded again.
“when was the last time you ate?”
“like 2 hours ago, when we all ate together.”
harry nodded, “eat this.” he reached over to his bag and grabbed a granola bar.
y/n murmured a thank you and ate the granola bar in silence after sitting.
after finishing it, she layed back on her chair.
“20 minutes until you go up, remember,” she mumbled.
“yes love, i remember.” harry stood up and walked over to her, placing a hand on her forehead.
“you're catching a fever. that's why you're dizzy.”
“no no that's not true, i'm okay. go get dressed,”
“go get dressed harry, really,”
harry sighed and did as she told him. however, when he got back y/n was clutching her side while crouching over.
“y/n what's wrong?” harry quickly walked over to her side and helped her stand.
“it hurts, here,” she moaned slightly in pain while motioning to her side.
“that's your appendix love- here, lay do-” harry couldn't finish what he was saying, because in that moment y/n collapsed on the floor.
shit, shit, shit!
harry quickly layed her body on the couch again and touched her forehead. she was burning up, as expected. he looked at the time, he had around 15 minutes left before he had to go on stage. but during no circumstances was he going to leave y/n here fainted and alone.
he grabbed his phone and sent a quick message to jeff, letting him know he'd need a bit more extra time.
“come on y/n, open those pretty eyes.”
after 5 minutes, y/n finally woke up.
“harry..” she blinked a couple times and looked around.
“hi love, how do you feel? you fainted.”
“i did? i guess i'm alright, tired.”
“you scared me love. does it still hurt?”
“no, not really. i'm sorry i scared you.”
harry stared at her for a while. was this it? is this when he was going to tell her about his feelings?
y/n immediately gasped, “harry! the show!”
“shh shh, calm down lovie. i asked for extra time, it's alright,”
“oh..” she layed back down, “why did you?”
“so i could make sure you were okay,”
“why would you do that?”
harry chuckled slightly, “isn't it obvious?”
“what is?”
“you're so clueless my love,”
she blushed slightly, “what are you talking about?”
“i like you y/n.”
she gasped slightly, “you do?”
he nodded, “very much.”
“but as in more than friends?”
“yes darling,”
“i.. i like you too harry,”
harry grinned, he was so relieved. he pulled her up and kissed her firmly.
“i'm so glad you do.”
“i have liked you for a while.. i was just scared to say something because i felt like i'd looked obsessed or something.”
“why obsessed?”
“well cause i'm not famous,”
“that doesn't make you obsessed love,”
“i know, but it's still weird since our lives are so different. i felt like i was going to sound like one of those 14 year old girls that are completely obsessed with you,”
he chuckled, “you don't,”
she smiled, “good. now get on that stage, i'll be okay.”
“are you sure?”
“i promise.”
“good,” harry smiled and kissed her. “i'll see you after, and we're going to the doctor by the way.”
she rolled her eyes, but she loved how much he cared, and he knew that.
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justice4canyonmoon · 16 hours ago
for tye blurb night y/n babying h after he got hit in the balls on stage and him just enjoying asking her to kiss a little lower and "rub that spot a little harder" and then he cums and is like "now It feels better" 💕💕💕
notes: managed to keep this one under 500 words!!! think this one turned out pretty good :) hope you all agree!!!
warnings: smut!!! 18+ only!!! hand jobs, oral (m receiving)
wc: 404
There were many things that Harry enjoyed about tour. He loved singing his heart out every night. He loved seeing all of the fans who supported his career and interacting with them in the audience. He loved hanging out with the band. And he especially loved bringing you along with him so you could catch a glimpse into his lifestyle. But there was one thing he definitely didn’t love.
Fans throwing things at him on stage.
Sometimes he could catch them. But sometimes he couldn’t. Case in point, tonight he had gotten hit in the balls with someone’s phone. First of all, why the fuck would you throw your phone on stage? You need that!!! Second of all, those little black boxes hurt like a bitch!!! Luckily, though, he had you there to baby him after it happened.
“Still hurt, bub?” you asked softly.
You were knelt between his legs while he was sitting on the couch, gently rubbing over the injured area. You could see his cock getting hard, making you smirk a bit.
“Yeah,” he replied, “still hurts. Bet yeh could kiss it better, though.”
You raised an eyebrow, “I’m already rubbing it, H.”
“Think yeh should kiss it,” he said with a cheeky wink.
You shook your head with a smile, but complied, leaning in to mouth at his balls. He groaned softly, pushing his crotch into your mouth a bit more.
“Feels better already.”
You sucked the sack into your mouth, and he let out a full moan.
“Shit, baby, feels amazin,” he praised, “would yeh be able t’ touch me a bit too, please?”
Your hand wandered up to his cock in response, continuing to gently rub him like you were before.
“Harder, please,” he gasped.
You pressed down a bit more on his sensitive shaft, stroking his just the way you knew he liked it.
“Yes, yes baby, feels s’ good,” Harry babbled.
You smirked, applying even more pressure on his length, knowing he was close. His hips bucked up as he released into your hand, just like you knew he would.
“Oh, oh babe. Yes!! Feel s’ much better, thank yeh,” he whimpered as he rode out his orgasm.
You took his balls out of your mouth and pressed a light kiss to his thigh, “Happy to help.”
“Can I make yeh feel good now? As a thank you?” Harry asked.
“I’ll never say no to that.”
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harrysmaraschino · a day ago
OMG YES! Damaged goods blurb! Can you do a fluff one where one of them is sick with seasonal flu and the other has to take care of them, but they're being stubborn about it because that's just what they do and how they are 🤧
Okay, okay... here she is! It's a bit meh I think, but I hope you like it! 🥰
Harry is sick and grumpy, and Y/N takes care of him (from the Damaged Goods AU)
Tumblr media
Harry feels miserable.
He’s worse than miserable, really,
because he has a cold… or is it the flu?! He has never known to spot the differences between the two, but he recognized all of the early signs, of course...
As per usual, it started with nothing but a sore throat one morning when he woke up, that ended up lingering throughout the whole day, then came a headache, and the tiredness, and the chills…
It wasn’t so unbearable at first… but the symptoms only kept getting worse and worse as the hours went by, to the point of leaving him with no choice but to skip his classes in favor of staying in bed… suffering.
The worst part about it? He wasn’t even suffering at home – where his mom could be taking her lips to his forehead every so often to see if he had a fever, and bringing him bowls of soup and fruit cubes on that same familiar bedtray that had accompanied him throughout all his periods of sickness.
Mom would also be making sure he stayed hydrated and took his medicine in time... which by the way, he wasn’t taking any. Logically speaking, Harry knew he should have gone to a pharmacy by now, to get something to make him feel better, but how? When he couldn't even muster the will to get up and go downstairs to fill the empty water bottle perched on his nightstand.
He couldn’t move.
Every single inch of his body hurt.
And now he was starting to get shivery under his bedclothes... for fucks sake.
If only he had Pepper, his spaniel mutt puppy, around to snuggle and keep his body cozy and warm like a hot water bag... then perhaps Harry would've been in a better mood. Yeah, definitely. Pepper would've let him bury his snotty face into its soft fur, and not even think to complain if its owner left a puddle of guck all over said fur.
But well, Pepper isn't there.
And being sick sucks.
Especially because Harry really wants some cuddles... and it hasn't been helping his case whatsoever that in this trying day of illness, his mind has done nothing but think of Y/N.
Pondering over what outfit she must have worn that day and what she might be up to while he’s laying there on his deathbed. He also wonders if she has noticed his absence, and if so… if she’s worried about him.
He huffs once he checks his phone again and realizes there are still no messages from her. She doesn’t have to check on him. He knows that, but he can't help that he likes to be cared for sometimes… and as it turns out illness has a tendency to turn him into a big, needy baby... who really wants to have Y/N taking care of him. It would be so good. She could play with his hair the way he likes, give him forehead kisses, hold his hand…
Harry sighs out loud. Her company would be even better than Pepper's, he believes... although Harry isn't so sure Y/N would enjoy having his snot on her as much as his trusty pup would, but that’s beside the point.
It’s even more beside the point because he knows she's not coming to see him.
She’s mad at him, he recalls now. Stupidly so, if he's allowed to think that - he did nothing wrong, after all. She asked him for a “brutally honest opinion” on a design work she was doing for one of her classes, and he simply gave her what she asked for, plain as that. But of course, then she didn’t like what he had to say and got sulky. Just girls being girls, he guesses…
Harry should've known better than to think that would stop her from coming to see him, though. His girl was a little box of surprises, after all... a true master in the art of keeping him on his toes.
She showed up only half an hour after she was done with her classes... softly knocking on his door before poking her head inside with a smile, only for her jaw to drop in shock at the absolute misery that oozed from his pores.
“Y/N…” His voice cracked sickly, almost comically. Harry could have laughed at it if he wasn't so utterly lethargic. “What- what are you doing here?”
“Well, what do you think?” The girl huffed, shutting the bedroom door behind her and heading towards the end of the bed to get a good look at him, hands on her hips. “Why didn't you tell me you were sick? Here I was, going about my day thinking you had slept in for being a bum, only to find out through your friends that you were unwell.”
Harry bit the inside of his cheek, trying to hide his downright amusement at her worried state. Y/N was worried about him? Well then, perhaps her irritation had passed and she had forgiven him… which meant maybe he’d get to have those cuddles he wanted so bad. “I thought you were mad at me?” He poked, eyebrows arching teasingly the best they could with the little energy the muscles on his face could muster.
“Well, I was and am now even more.” She punctuated. “But I still care, obviously. How am I supposed to leave you by yourself when you look like that?” She put down the bag she was holding at the edge of the bed and kneeled next to it on the floor.
“Look like what?” He frowned again. “All snotty and gross?”
“Precisely… and an awful lot like Rudolph the reindeer as well.” Y/N added, with a soft pat to the tip of his swollen, red nose.
Harry smiled at that, right before his eyes fell on the bag over his bed. “Did you go to the store to get those creepy sheet masks you wanted?”
“Huh?” She muttured confused, before noticing where he was looking at. “Oh no, um… these are just some things I got for you. Just vitamins and those gummies for when you have a sore throat, and also uh…” Y/N's cheeks went a little hot. “I got some chicken soup from the buffet restaurant as well, you know… the one next to the drug store. I thought it might do you good…”
“You went to get all that stuff for me?” Harry asked, Y/N hummed happily in confirmation, her eyes gleaming with tenderness. “Y/N... you shouldn't have. That shit is so expensive, and I'm fine, really. It's just a cold. You dont have to worry, let alone take care of me.”
“No offence, but I think I do.” The girl challenged his statement, picking up the halfway used toilet paper roll placed on his nightstand. “For a start, you shouldn’t even be using this to blow your nose. It’ll only irritate your skin and make it more sore.”
Harry rolled his eyes playfully. “That’s such a mum thing to say…” He grumbled in attempt to mask the fact that the secret big, needy baby in him was loving every single bit of the mom talk, and the same applies to when Y/N clicked her tongue chastisingly once he stubbornly snatched the roll off her hand and pulled out some more paper.
She took the chance that he had moved his arm to move a bit closer, sitting on the edge of the bed next to his pillow. “Is there anything else I can do to make you feel better?” She asked, lovingly running her digits through his unwashed curls. They felt a little waxy and knotty in her hands, but she didn’t mind it in the slightest. She just wanted to make him feel better in any way she could. So she kept playing with his hair, scratching at the roots and combing her fingers through his strands just the way she knew he reveled in - only breaking contact once she was almost certain that he had fallen asleep on her... However, as soon as Y/N began to pull her hand away to check her phone, Harry let out a whine and bumped his forehead against her wrist, in a silent request for her to keep going. “You're such a baby sometimes…” Y/N whispered, proceeding to fulfill his wish.
“Mhm... your baby.” He sighed happily.
Y/N smiled to herself at the state of pure bliss Harry was in. So utterly distracted by the slow puffy nature of his breaths, that she almost didnt notice that his droopy eyes had opened and were now fixed on her. He cleared his throat painfully. “Y/N... can I have one of those gummies you got? My throat hurts and I really want to try one.”
Y/N let out a tiny chuckle at the pleading tone he'd used, nodding as she got up to grab the bottle from the bag. She threw it at him playfully to catch midair, knowing that his reflexes were outstanding. “Ohh these seem nice. I love lemon and honey flavored shit.” He told her whilst inspecting the label.
“Yeah?” Y/N couldn’t help but to grin, feeling quite proud of herself for picking the right flavor. But her smile quickly melted into an expression of concern once she watched Harry crack open the bottle and carelessly throw a bunch of gummies into his mouth. “Harry! What are you- that’s not candy! You can’t eat them by the handful!”
“Oi, chill out… it’s just gummies. What wrong could it do?” He asked as he blithely chewed them. Words coming out garbled since he was speaking in between a mouthful.
“Oh, I don't know, perhaps there could be anesthetics in them... but who knows? It was just a thought.” Y/N ironized.
“Really?” He made a wry face similar to hers, inspecting the label closer. “Do you think we can get high on this shit?” He smirked, still chewing as he rolled the container around to check the ingredients in the back. “Cause I'm not gonna lie, that sounds like a pretty good afternoon plan to me...” He half joked, cracking the bottle open again and dropping a couple more gummies in his palm.
Y/N heaved at the suggestion. “I think it’s more likely that you get a terrible bellyache, and we end up in the ER...”
“You really think so?” Harry asked teasingly, taking another gummy to his mouth.
“Okay, that's enough. Give me that.” Y/N demanded, pushing for him to pass the container, but all he did was shake his head with a mischievous, defiant smirk. The girl rolled her eyes at him. “You know what? Fine.” She shrugged. “Eat as many as you want. Can't wait to watch you shit the bed once those anesthetics give you a loose bottom.”
He chuckled at the warning, amused. “If you’re so bothered, why don’t you come get them from me?” He questioned, but before he could prepare himself Y/N jumped on the bed to try and take the bottle away from his hands, what forced him to abruptly sit up and hold it over his head just so she couldn’t reach it from where she sat. “That was... real cute. Is that all you got, hm?”
Y/N huffed and crawled over his legs until she was practically on his lap. Seeing right through his facade once he happily handed off the gummies without putting up a fight and wrapped his arms around her middle to pull her in for a hug instead. “You must think you're so sly, don't you?” She mumbled in question, going back to petting his hair. “If you wanted a cuddle, you could’ve just said so… I don't mind your germs.”
“I was trying to behave to avoid getting you sick, actually…”
“Yeah right...” Y/N grumbled, dropping her head on his shoulder for a moment. “But I guess, since you've already passed me the germs and all... might as well just give me a kiss, no?” She proposed shyly, waiting for Harry to make the move. He did, pulling away slightly and placing his lips in hers softly. “Mm, more.” She pouted.
“Greedy.” He joshed, pecking the girl's lips again, and again... and once more for good measure. The damage was already done, after all... they might as well just keep doing it. “I feel disgusting, though. If I knew you were coming, I would’ve at least taken a shower and brushed my teeth. Can’t believe you still want to kiss me when I am like this.”
Y/N scratched at the frizzy hairs of his nape. “I promise you don't smell or look nearly as bad as you think you do… and you taste like lemon and honey so, that’s nice.” Harry distrustfully scrunched up his nose at her allegation, sniffing up some in the process before his digits rushed to grab some more toilet paper. He took it to his nose, blowing noisily. “Alright, snotty boy…” Y/N laughed, swiftly crawling off his lap. “How about I go downstairs to plate up our soup while you pick a movie for us to watch as we eat? It can be one of those “guy movies” and all, I promise I won't complain... today only, cause I'm giving you privilege for being sick.”
His eyes strayed towards you with interest, the lower half of his face still covered behind the poorly ripped toilet paper sheets. “I was actually thinking more like a musical or a pixar movie, maybe?”
“God, Harry.” Y/N gasped in awe. “I swear I've never felt more attracted to you in my life. Snot and all.”
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satanhalsey · 13 hours ago
hey :) do you make fake instagram? if you do
face claim: Devon Carlson
thank you for requesting!! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yourinstagram: black on tour.
harryfan1: i hate how cute they look together.
harrystyles: 🖤
harrysfan2: @/harrystyles using an EMOJI?!
harrysfan3: PARENTS ???
annetwist: hoping to go to a show to see you two! ♥️♥️♥️
yourinstagram: @/annetwist we miss you so much!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
harrystyles: Having a toast cause I found my soulmate.
yourinstagram: love u forever and ever <3.
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram Ok now come back to bed.
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles omw.
harrysfan1: what a thrill to be alive while harry styles posts photos of his gf.
harrysfan2: @/harryfan1 ikr.
gemmastyles: this is too cheesy even for you.
yourinstagram: @/gemmastyles i told him the same thing but he still wanted to post it 🤣🤣🤣.
harrystyles: @/gemmastyles @/yourinstagram Fuck off.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yourinstagram: choose someone who is your ariel and your prince eric at the same time.
harrystyles: What about Sebastian?
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles you... you look a lot like sebastian.
Tumblr media
harrystyles: A memory of when we recorded Golden. xxxx.
yourinstagram: babyyy 💓💕❤️
yourbff: SHE'S... SHE'S SO GOLDEN.
yourinstagram: @/yourbff MISS U!!! COME TO ONE OF THE SHOWS.
yourbff: @/yourinstagram I WILL.
yourfan1: oh to be harry styles to be able to date y/n y/l/n.
*yourinstagram liked yourfan1's comment*
Tumblr media
yourinstagram: @/yourbff GOT MARRIED, LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU !!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU ♥️♥️♥️
yourfan1: CRYINGGGGG.
yourfan2: SO HAPPY!!!
harrystyles: So when is our turn huh?
Tumblr media
yourinstagram: this is love mhm.
harrysfan1: how does it feel to be with the most beautiful man in the world?
yourinstagram: @/harrysfan1 meh, could be better.
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram: WHAT ????
Tumblr media
harrystyles: Chicago, give me back my girlfriend.
yourinstagram: i was NOT that drunk.
mitchrowland: @/yourinstagram You were.
pillowpersonpp: @/yourinstagram if you had seen yourself...
paulithepsm: @/yourinstagram there's no reason to lie.
yourinstagram: @/mitchrowland @/pillowpersonpp @/paulithepsm okay okay i get it 😢😢.
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daaydreamy · a day ago
love on tour - las vegas
↳ harry styles x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖦹 summary : y/n comes with harry on tour and well… harry’s quite the brat.
𖦹 contains : fluff, smut, swearing, oral sex (fem receiving), slight anal? (m receiving), degradation, spanking, spitting. please do not read if you are under the age of 18 :)
𖦹 word count : about... 4k+
this is an ongoing series!
“Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door…”
Harry was having the time of his life on that stage. All the fans, the band, and the adrenaline running through his veins were a couple of his favorite things in the world. He was prancing and dancing around while singing, seeing the different signs people were holding up. The loud rock music going through his ears and the louder cheers of the crowd made him ecstatic. He let the lyrics roll off of his tongue with ease, singing loudly and clearly into the microphone in his hand. The crowd sang along as well — quite practically screaming the lyrics.
“She’s an angel. My only angel.” He emphasized this part while pointing at his exposed chest, referring to y/n who was watching him. She had been watching him the entire time, singing and humming along to every song because she knew every lyric at this point. She was extremely proud of him. The moment she saw him get on that stage and introduce himself her heart swelled with joy.
He went over to Mitch, putting his arm around his shoulders as he played guitar. Harry shut his eyes for a second, pulling the microphone away from his face to put it in front of the crowd. A smile spread across his face, listening to the people shout and sing the next lyrics. He patted Mitch’s bicep before prancing off to a different spot on the stage, singing right in front of someone who had a phone in their hands, probably filming the show.
“Shake some ass!” He saw a sign and laughed while singing, letting the crowd sing as he shook his ass toward that person that was holding up the sign, the fans going absolutely crazy after. He was still laughing, continuing to sing the rest of the song until it ended. Y/n saw that little shake and she laughed, albeit a bit annoyed that he did that for everyone in the arena to see, but it was funny. After the song ended he decided to talk to the fans for a bit, asking questions and thanking them for coming amidst the pandemic. His arm was now around Pauli’s shoulders, talking to both him and the fans. He let him talk into the microphone as well, Pauli waving and smiling whilst introducing himself.
“Now, I’d also like to thank m’girlfriend for coming,” He smiled, looking at where y/n was. “I love her very much. Always will.” He continued, blowing kisses to her while a bright smile that showed his dimples. She blew kisses back and he pretended to catch them, putting them in his back pocket for storage. The crowd was shouting and cooing at how adorable the couple was being.
“Love you, sweetheart!” He said into the mic whilst pointing at his chest again, the beginning of She starting to play loudly. She was one of Harry’s favorite songs, singing all the lyrics with his entire heart.
“Nine in the morning. The man drops his kids off at school... And he's thinking of you, like all of us do...” He sang the lyrics and looked around the arena, waving back to a couple fans with a smile on his face.
“Choke me daddy!” Another sign said and his eyes widened from the choice of words. A smug smile spread across his face and mouthed ‘fuck’ which made the fans shout and scream at the top of their lungs from his reaction. He laughed and kept singing, occasionally letting the crowd sing at some parts. Mitch’s guitar solo was now playing and the fans were practically fawning at Mitch from his skills. Harry danced to the rhythm of the guitar, swaying his hips in a teasing manner to rile up the crowd and y/n. He shut his eyes for a second and ran his hands down his shirt that exposed his chest in a teasing manner, a cocky smile on his face after.
What a tease.
Y/n thought Harry was doing absolutely amazing. He looked amazing too. His voice and outfit was sending her into overdrive and making her go crazy honestly. She couldn’t help but fawn over every single inch of him on that stage. His cheeky and teasing movements and the way he’d also talk teasingly to the crowd. His bright red and pink outfit that made him stand out on that stage. She was still a bit annoyed that he was doing that for everybody and not just for her but, sharing is caring, right?
At least that’s what she tells herself.
His movements were subtle but were still visible to the crowd and y/n. He was doing this purposefully to get the gears in her head start turning. He was already starting to imagine what she would do to him — what she would do to punish him after the show for being “bratty” as she liked to call it most of the time. He had to stop himself though after getting a bit lost in his thoughts, his cock starting to harden from the filthy things in his head. He gulped quietly and looked at the crowd, a bright smile that beamed joy creeping onto his face.
“Alright everybody, that was She!” He then said and the crowd cheered. He smiled and winced a little from how loud everybody was, his ears ringing a little from the intensity. He chuckled and walked around the entire stage, talking to everybody and interacting with the fans. He interacted with a couple, making terrible jokes and giving some fans advice.
“Oh it’s your birthday?” He asked a fan that was holding up a sign that said ‘Harry, it’s my birthday! I love you!’ in big letters and bright colors. The person that was holding up the sign squealed at the fact that Harry was talking to them, the crowd watching the whole interaction. Their reply was very faint but Harry heard it, raising his hands in the air whilst greeting them happy birthday. The crowd cheered once again, scattered happy birthdays going around the entire arena. Harry laughed and fixed his earpiece.
“Oh I forgot to ask your name! What’s your name, sorry?” He forgot and went back over to that person.
“Zahra!” They yelled back and he greeted them once again. “Happy birthday, Zahra!”
“I’m going to be right back!” He said in his microphone and took his earpiece off, almost bolting off of the stage. He took a bit to recharge, eating and drinking some water while talking to everyone, including y/n. He was eating a peeled banana with a water bottle next to him, sitting down as much as he could before he had to get up again and get back on the stage. The crowd was murmuring indistinctly, waiting for Harry to come back. The arena was quite hot as well, Harry’s back and face a bit sweaty from the heat. Y/n sat down next to him with a smile on her face and Harry beamed with joy, seeing y/n in front of him once again. He wiped his forehead with a small towel and took a sip from his water and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He was so glad that the first show of Love On Tour was going well and the fact that he could experience it all with y/n.
“You’re doing amazing, H.” She said happily and he chuckled.
“Thank you baby.”
She gave his thigh a soft squeeze and left a peck on his cheek, making the deep crater of his dimple appear soon after.
“Harry! You’ve gotta get back on stage.” Lambert informed and Harry groaned.
“I’m spending time with m’girl!”
“The fans are waiting out there!” He retorted and Harry sighed.
“Go ahead, Har. We’ll have plenty of time to spend together later.” Y/n said with an airy laugh and Harry nodded and got up, straightening his shirt out and fixing it in front of the mirror. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and she gently grabbed his waist first before he left.
“We’re gonna have so much fun when we get back to the hotel room.” She laughed softly in his ear and he blushed furiously, rushing off to the stage where everyone was waiting. He already had an idea of what she was possibly going to do, his cheeks warming up a bit more at the filthy thoughts in his head. He fixed his earpiece and looked at the people in front of him with slightly furrowed brows, also fixing his microphone onto the stand. It wouldn’t get in and he had to look away for a second, laughing lightly and smiling when he finally got it in.
She already knew he was going to be a brat for the rest of the show.
“I’m back!”
As y/n predicted, He kept up all the cheeky little movements for the rest of the show. Although she couldn’t help but drool a bit from the way he looked up there, his ring-clad fingers around the mic and his exposed chest that showed his butterfly tattoo. The way he sounded was absolutely heavenly to her, his deep and slightly raspy voice going through his ears. She wanted to thread her fingers through his hair and give him a little tug to hear him let out a pretty whimper like he always did when she did that. She wanted to run her hands down his chest whilst listening to him beg for more of her touch. She wanted to wreck him. Make him crumble into pieces just so she could put him back together.
Now, they were back in their hotel room, both of them showering together. The water was warm, not too cold and not too hot. Y/n stood behind Harry, her hands on his hips and squeezing the soft skin there. Droplets of water and soap bubbles were running down their bodies, the water refreshing both of them from the temperature. She ran his hands up his sides, making him shudder and close his eyes. She chuckled softly from behind him and pressed soft kisses onto his shoulder, all the way up to his neck. She left a small mark there which made him whimper softly from the sensation, a smile spreading across her face from his reaction.
“How’d that feel?” She asked softly.
“Good…” He gulped, his adam's apple bobbing up and down.
“Oh sweetheart. Just you wait until we get out of this shower.”
And so they showered together. She either ran her hands through his hair whilst scrubbing shampoo into his brown locks or squeezing his bum teasingly with filthy words rolling off of her tongue and going into his ear. He stuttered a reply whenever she asked him something, his cheeks a shade of pink and an amused smile on her face.
“Should I fuck you until you cry tonight, hm?”
“Or, I could edge you and listen to you beg…”
“Maybe I’ll ride you and make you come over and over again.”
Harry rubbed his warm cheek and they both stepped out of the shower, brushing their teeth and doing everything else they needed to do before leaving the bathroom. He ran his hand through his still damp hair and walked over to his suitcase, unzipping it and starting to take clothes out to wear tonight.
“What’re you doing?” She asked curiously.
“Getting dressed?” He teased and she chuckled softly.
“Don’t even bother getting dressed, pet. Get on the bed.” She said, her tone more stern than before and he immediately obliged, scrambling to get himself on the bed. His hair was still slightly wet, a single curl dangling on his forehead. He sunk his front teeth into his bottom lip, watching her look through her own suitcase as if she was trying to find something. He watched her curiously and wondered what she was planning, millions of thoughts racing in his head about the different ways she would punish him tonight.
He was so fucking excited.
He leaned back against the palms of his hands, his eyes running down her body as she stood in front of him. She was holding something behind her back but she straddled him before placing it down on the bed so he couldn’t see what it was. She leaned in to kiss him, both of their eyes closing as they made out. She ran her fingers through his unruly hair while his were running down her back, making goosebumps rise from her skin. The sound of their lips smacking and soft moans bounced off of the walls in the room and went into their ears, such pleasing sounds to both of them.
She wanted to drag this out so they’d be able to use the entire night.
Her hand slowly wrapped around his neck, making him moan in surprise into her mouth, kissing her with fervor and tenderness. She gently squeezed the sides of his neck, making an almost euphoric feeling rush to his head. Her fingers gripped his hair and gave him a gentle tug, making him squeeze her hip and squirm from beneath her. He smelled like vanilla and coconut and so did she. She teasingly bit his bottom lip, a small whimper going past his lips as well as a breathy ‘please’ getting jumbled into the kiss. She slowly pulled away, only a string of spit keeping them connected. His cheeks were a crimson red color and his pupils were dilated, switching between both of her eyes. Small puffs of hot air hit her lips, their eyes meeting each other’s.
“I love you.” She said, her voice soft.
“I love you too, so much.” He replied, his voice as smooth as syrup.
A grin spread across their faces and she pecked the very tip of his nose, “Hands and knees, pet.” She then said, her voice quieter than a whisper. He gulped and she got off of his lap, watching him get on his hands and knees for her. She then kneeled behind him and gently pushed his head down to rest on the pillows, making his breath hitch and his eyes close. She ran her fingertips down his spine, a shiver running through his body. She hummed softly, now squeezing the backs of his thighs and pinching them a little.
“Please do somethin’.” He begged and she leaned down to press open-mouthed kisses onto his ass, making him moan softly from the touch he’d been waiting for.
“There? Was that enough, hm?” She asked teasingly and he shook his head.
“M-more.” He replied shakily and she spanked him a little, making him gasp.
“You were such a brat earlier. Such a whore. What should I do with you tonight, hm?” She asked, squeezing his cheek in her hand.
“A-anything you want.” He stuttered and she chuckled.
“Anything I want?”
“Mhm. Anything you want. Jus’ please do s-something. M’so hard.” he pleaded, pushing back against her, desperate for more. She loved hearing him beg. It was quite possibly the best thing in the world if you asked her. He’d be so desperate and whiney for her touch. And she absolutely fucking loved it. The amount of pleads that leave his lips whilst he was truly on her knees, proper begging for her to touch him.
“So greedy. Always wanting me.” She said with her jaw clenched and he whimpered, clutching the pillow beside him. She landed a much harsher spank onto his ass, making him jolt and push back against her hand even more, enjoying the stinging pain it gave him. She was wearing rings too, the cold metal of them hitting his skin every time. She landed harsh spanks onto that same spot until it was starting to bloom a red color. She leaned down and pressed gentle kisses onto the small of his back, rubbing the stinging skin and patting it gently.
“What’s your safe word?” She asked softly before continuing.
“Good boy.”
“Please, more.” He then pleaded pathetically.
“This is your punishment, isn’t it? You aren’t supposed to be enjoying it.” She tutted and pinched his ass, a small and strangled yelp coming out of him.
“M’sorry, m’sorry.” He apologized quietly and she chuckled, her hand coming down on his ass over and over again. The sounds he was making were truly pornographic and sinful, the yelps that she heard felt like they were getting ripped from his throat. She moaned softly along with him, kneading his ass in her hands which made him wince and whimper in pain. Sweat was beading at his forehead, his hands fisting the duvet and gripping the pillows as hard as he could. His hand subtly came down to hopefully stroke his cock but she saw him, taking his hand away and pinning it against his back. She used her other hand and delicately ran her finger over his hole, making him moan loudly and bite down on the pillow below him to try to silence himself.
“Such a pretty little thing, aren’t you? Always begging like the pathetic slut you are.” She degraded and he nodded with a quiet ‘m’your slut.’. She hummed, now running her finger over his hot, red skin.
“So fuckin’ pretty…” She murmured under her breath.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He chanted quietly, her ring-clad hand coming down on his ass so hard that it would probably hurt to sit. He jolted forward with a loud cry, feeling something spank him but it wasn’t her hand. It was a much harder surface, giving him spanks that made his skin sting and burn.
A paddle.
“You’re my pathetic slut. Mine to ruin.” She was spanking him with a paddle. His skin felt like it was on fire, every spank intensifying the burn and sting. His back was now sweaty and his cock was hard underneath him, just begging to be touched. His face was squished into the pillow beneath his head, strangled cries and whimpers of her name leaving his lips. He gulped dryly and shut his eyes, his hips jerking and jolting with every hit she gave him.
“Please, please, please, touch me.” He begged.
“I’m already touching you, my love.” She replied innocently and he whined frustratedly, precum dripping from his cock and onto the clean, white bedsheets.
“N-no, touch my c-cock. Need t’come.”
“You really think you’re coming tonight? After all you’ve done?”
“You’re not getting it, love. No matter how much you beg tonight, you’re not coming.”
“‘Cause you were such a fucking whore out there. Can’t believe you did that. What a brat you are, hm? Just had to tease me and let everybody watch, didn’t you?” She said through gritted teeth, putting the paddle down. He winced and whimpered softly when she touched the stinging area, opening his eyes to watch her lean down to his ear. “Do you need me to stop? Are y’still with me?” She asked softly and he nodded, looking into her eyes.
“Mhm. M’okay, you can keep going.” He murmured.
“Alright. Get on your back.” She leaned back up on her knees and he moved to lie on his back, hissing when the position made his skin sting more. His cock laid on his stomach, hard and leaking precum that was smearing onto his tummy. A choked whimper left him when she dragged the tip of her finger down the length of his cock, squeezing his balls gently in her hand as well. She leaned down and licked the precum that was leaking out of him before straddling his tummy, her bare core resting right on his butterfly tattoo. She carefully rocked herself back and forth, her arousal dripping onto his body. Her hands came up to tweak his nipples as she did, rolling them between her fingertips.
“Can I ride your face, pet?” She asked and he nodded furiously.
She smiled and moved until her core was right in front of his face, tangling her hand in his hair as well. He gently pulled her down and stuck his tongue out, licking up her slit. She moaned softly when he took her clit into his mouth, sucking and licking over the sensitive bud. Her thighs tightened around his head with loud moans spilling from her lips, her hand gripping and pulling his hair. The heels of his feet dug into the mattress, her sweet nectar on his taste buds. The mattress pressing against his ass that was sore and red made his head feel fuzzy, the stinging pain giving him pleasure and made his cock even harder.
“Yes, just like that. God, you’re g-gonna make me come. Love that fuckin’ mouth of yours.” She praised, his tongue now flicking over her clit which made her muscles clench and her thighs shake a little. The feeling of his tongue licking up her arousal and the way he moaned against her was euphoric. The deep moans from him caused indescribable vibrations up to her core, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.
“So good, so good.” She whispered, unable to really speak because all she was paying attention to was his mouth on her pussy. His arms were around her thighs so she wouldn’t be able to move away, the very tip of his tongue pushing into her hole. There was spit and her arousal all over his mouth and chin but he couldn’t care less, just wanting her to come in his mouth so he could taste it. He traced zig zags from her hole up to her clit, sucking on it harshly which made her cry out and pull his hair. He whimpered into her cunt while she was moaning wantonly from above him, completely unrestrained and letting out the filthiest moans he’s ever heard.
He opened his eyes and looked up at her, burying himself further into her pussy. His eyes flickered to her breasts, unable to stop himself from bringing his hand up and touching them. He pinched her nipple, making her moan louder with a whine that said ‘fuck yes!’. She moved her hips back and forth like she was on his stomach earlier, using him to get off at this point. She whimpered when he gently squeezed her breast, her orgasm also getting near.
“Please come in my mouth.” He said breathily against her and that’s all it took for her to come. Her thighs shook beside his head, almost letting out a scream from the amazing feeling. She swore her vision went white for a second, her head lolling back while she basked in the sensation of his tongue licking up her cum. Loud profanities and cries for his name left her mouth, her hips going still but her thighs left trembling. He moaned against her, his hand kneading her breast whilst licking her sensitive pussy.
She moved off of his face and he sat up, leaning back against the headboard while she straddled his thighs again. “Open.” She said and he opened his mouth, watching saliva drip down from her lips and into his mouth. He swallowed and stuck his tongue out, asking for more and she only chuckled, pulling him into a deep kiss by grasping his jaw in both her hands. He moaned softly and put his hands on her sides, their tongues sliding against each other as they made out. She tasted herself on his tongue and couldn’t help but moan, her fingers running through his sweaty curls and taking out the knots. Her nails gently scratched his scalp, relaxing and melting into a puddle from her touch. He couldn’t feel anything but her touch, making him feel comforted and safe. She pulled away, their lips barely touching each other and soft pants leaving them. Their eyes opened and they met, an airy laugh coming out of her.
“How are you feeling?” She asked softly, her eyes softening as she looked into his.
“Good. So fucking good.”
“So you enjoyed your punishment, hm?” She said teasingly and he blushed, unable to contain the smile that was now on his face.
“Mhm.” He hummed.
“You’re such a brat.”
a/n : hii finally posted this! hope it was good :) yk how much i love sub!harry so already working on part 2... feel free to check out my other series with dom!harry right here!
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nonstoplover · 21 hours ago
what your father says ~ harry styles (song drabble)
my masterlist │my song drabbles
pairing: harry styles x female reader
song used as inspiration: what your father says ~ the vamps
short summary: harry's been in love with the girl next door for like forever - but her father doesn't allow them even to meet. she's uncertain but he knows he can't give up.
words: 2.9K
warnings: a tiny bit of language, not proof read
a/n: after two months of not writing, i'm back !! god, it feels good. anyway i've been wanting to do this song drabble for so long, and i'm kinda happy with how it turned out considering i haven't been able to write anything for months. but most of all i'm just glad i was able to write again. hope you enjoy xxx
Tumblr media
"You're so fuckin' beautiful," Harry whispers as he gently pushes a stubborn strand of hair that has fallen in front of (y/n)'s eyes back behind her ear as they're sitting at the back of the (y/l/n) house's garden, hidden by all the trees and bushes.
She feels her heartbeat fasten and the blood rush to her cheeks. Why does he always have to behave like this? Why does he always have to ruin her mood and the whole afternoon?
"Stop, H," she shakes her head, turning her eyes away from his piercing green ones whilst taking hold of his wrist and pushing it away from her face.
"Why, 'm just stating the truth," he argues.
"Is this what you say to every girl?"
Harry frowns, leaning back on his hands to get a proper look on the girl sitting next to him. "What do you mean?" He asks, voice suddenly cautious.
"You know what I mean."
"I told you not to believe everything you read."
"You think I do it for fun? Those photos are too convincing," she admits, rolling a blade of grass in-between her fingers as she thinks of all the times her heart almost broke looking at the pictures of the man looking at other women so lovingly over a fancy dinner in some restaurant. "And it's not like it's not fitting for this whole worldwide-famous-musician lifestyle."
"Was it your dad again who said all this?"
"What? No!" (y/n)'s wide eyes snap back up to his in a moment, but Harry knows her too much to know when she's not telling the truth, so he just raises an eyebrow and waits until she caves in and reluctantly nods. "Okay, yeah, he talked about you last night again. He wanted to show me some new article of you and some model."
"I swear he hates me with every fibre in his body," Harry rolls his eyes in disbelief. "Forget what he says, he just wants me out of your life."
"It's not just him though, it's every article."
"You're the only girl for me."
(y/n)'s heart skips a beat. He's never been this straightforward. He's only been flirting endlessly, but it could've been nothing but friendly teasing. But this? This is a whole different level. And as they sit there next to each other, enjoying the early spring breeze, a part of her wants to believe him and finally give in, but she just can't fight that small voice that keeps on repeating that what if her dad is right? What if he truly wants nothing but the best for his daughter and sees something in the boy that she's not experienced enough in life to notice? So even though her heart wants to say 'okay, let's do this', she instead says what her mind orders her to say.
"Yeah, you say that now, but what happens when a few weeks from now you meet someone else?"
"I won't meet anyone that could take your place."
Now it's (y/n)'s time to raise an eyebrow, letting him know how childish it sounds. Life doesn't work that way. It's not on him to decide. He can't know what the future holds for him.
"Okay, what about this? I promise you here and now that you'll never see an article about me again where I'm with another woman in any ambiguous situation."
Her eyes widen and she examines his eyes to find any clue that he's only joking, but his sea foam coloured orbs hold nothing but sincerity. "Isn't that impossible? That's what you always say. That specific pictures can make it look like there's something when there isn't," she quotes his own words from a couple months ago back to him.
"I just promised you," he shrugs. "Just give me a chance to prove that you're truly the only one."
"Harry, I-"
"Shh, no buts," he interrupts her, placing his pointer fingers against her lips in one swift motion, staring in her eyes intensely. "Just one chance, please."
"Okay," she breathes out after a couple seconds, completely lost in his eyes. A small smile makes it's way to his face and he already starts leaning in when her mind catches up with what's happening and she suddenly places her hands on his shoulders and keeps him a bent arm's length from her body.
"Let's just continue this conversation in a couple months, okay?" She says with all the rational thoughts having reappeared in her head.
A small glimpse of disappointment flashes in his eyes as he slumps back on his bottom, a sigh escaping his lungs, but then he composes himself and with the familiar joyful kindness spreading on his face he nods in agreement.
The next couple seconds go by with the two of them just staring into each other's eyes, both thinking about the possible outcome of this settlement, then the silence is broken by her phone buzzing in the grass between them, signalling a new text from her mom.
'Your dad's on the way home.'
"I gotta go," she mumbles, scrambling to her feet. There's no point in him finding out about her still spending time with Harry after he practically banned them from meeting. It's a miracle her mom doesn't say anything about her spending so much time in the garden, even though it's the unspoken truth that she's meeting with him. She even helps them not get caught.
"Already?" Harry pushes himself up to a standing position as well.
"I'm sorry," she flashes a small smile his way before gathering her stuff from the ground.
"Don't be, I still had fun, even if it was shorter than usual," he grins down at her before leaning in and pressing a lingering kiss against her cheek.
Her breath hitches in her throat and she tries hard to fight the closing of her eyes, but it's useless. She feels ridiculous - it's not like he's not always saying goodbye with a kiss on the cheek. She's already gotten used to it by now, it never had any real effect on her before. Is it the previous confession and promise that makes everything different?
Harry watches as she practically jogs back towards the house before disappearing inside behind the kitchen door, with a dreamy look playing in his eyes. He's in love with that girl.
- - - - - - -
Five long months have passed since that very afternoon, (y/n) still can't get out of her head. Whenever his name pops up in social media, whenever he sends a text or calls, whenever they FaceTime or meet in person, it's in the back of her mind, on endless repeat. The words he said that day are burnt inside her brain, the way his voice spoke them still reverberates in her ears.
The doorbell ringing wakes her from her thoughts and brings her back to reality, and she moves up to her feet, making her way towards the front door - maneuvering around all the boxes that are all over the floor.
"Welcome to the big city," Harry grins as he steps inside as soon as the door is opened.
"Hi, yes, please, come on in," (y/n) rolls her eyes as she closes it behind him and turns to follow him further inside the apartment.
"Wow, so many boxes - did you even leave anything at home?"
"It's really not that much."
He just glances at her with a single raised eyebrow, a small grin playing on his lips.
"Okay, maybe a bit," she shrugs, admitting his truth.
"I'm not blaming you, though. I'd have the same amount if I was the one moving."
A minute of silence sets in, and - to avoid thinking about that sentence of his - she strolls back to the box she's been previously kneeling next to, before the boy interrupted.
"So, how can I help you?" Harry comes and gets down on the ground next to her.
"I still can't get my head around the fact that you want to spend your small amount of free time unpacking boxes with me."
"Well, I'm here now, so you can start accepting it," he chuckles. "Besides, it could be literally anything I did in my free time that I would enjoy doing as long as it includes you."
Blood rushes to her cheeks and she leans above the opened box, feeling grateful for her hair immediately falling in front of her face - even though it disturbs her clear vision, at least it hides her just as much.
At least until she feels his fingers gently move against her skin, pushing her hair back to help her see better. Her eyes flicker up to his for the shortest of moments and flashes a small smile his way before focusing back on the task in front of her.
"Okay," she speaks up after clearing her throat. "I have to finish this first, but you can maybe start with that box."
His glance follows her finger as she points at one of the cardboard boxes.
"They're my books. I planned them to be on that bookcase," (y/n) continues, finger still held out to direct him, but her eyes are back on the contents of the now half-packed one sitting in front of her.
Harry lets out a joyous laughter, drawing her attention again and she's glancing up at him confused. "What?"
"I just find it so typical of you to start unpacking with your books," he shakes his head at her, eyes sparkling with happiness. "You don't have any kitchen stuff out yet, but books? Yes."
"Hey, you know how important my books are to me," she holds her hands up in played defense, one of them still clutching a book she's just grabbed from her box. His eyes flicker to the object and he starts laughing again, making her look that way as well. When she takes in the sight and connects it with his previous words still in her ears, a giggle erupts from her lungs.
"Yeah, I can see," Harry agrees playfully, then turns to the mentioned box and after opening it starts placing them on the piece of furniture.
"Can you believe there's only like three boxes left now?" (y/n) lets out a tired but satisfied sigh as she slumps down on the sofa about two and a half hours later, moving her glance around the room, enjoying how orderly, tidy and oh so perfectly empty it looks without the dozens of boxes.
"I can't believe there are more boxes still," he whines painfully. "I feel more exhausted than after a full set played right after a long flight, and that is tiring."
"What, you finally regret coming to help me?" The girl giggles and pokes his side gently.
He flinches a little further from her to avoid the ticklish feeling. "No, not at all," he smiles down at her - still being taller even though they're both sitting. "I had fun."
"I'm glad," she smiles back up at the boy. "I did too."
Harry's eyes flicker shut as he takes a deep breath, clearly enjoying the rest they previously agreed on having. She takes the chance and examines his face better - it's the first time she could the whole afternoon even though she's tried to so many times in the past hours. Curiosity took the best of her, trying to find any changes in his features that might have happened since the last time she's seen him.
"You'd still be on like box five or sum'thing if I hadn't come by," his chuckling voice breaks the silence again.
"Yeah, probably," (y/n) admits, leaning back against the cushions and letting her eyes close as well. "Thanks for coming, honestly. You saved me."
"Of course, love, anytime."
Subconsciously her lips curve up into a smile, the nickname mixed with his voice never fails to make her heart flutter. Harry's eyes open again just in time to see the motion happen, and it wakes a feeling in his whole existence - one that makes him hardly being able to control his body from leaning in and kissing her right then and there.
Gulping, he looks away, thinking about his following words. "Actually, I've wanted to talk."
From the corner of his eyes he can see her open hers and turn her head to look at him. "Yeah?"
"I've been thinking, and since you're now living and working here, I hope it'll be easier for us to meet more - and without less sneaking around," he adds with a chuckle and a roll of his eyes before shrugging as he continues. "Just because... you know, there hasn't been a single newspaper article about me and any possible romantic interest ever since then."
"I know," she breathes out, both not daring to talk louder as she not wants to break the special and intimate moment he's created and also not being able to speak up any louder.
Harry turns his whole body towards her sitting form, pulling one of his feet under his other thigh just so he can look at her properly, from a better position. Their eyes connect, and he's trying hard to read anything out from her (y/e/c) orbs and the way they sparkle.
"I don't wanna sound impatient or anything, but back then you said we'd continue that conversation in a couple months, and about five months have passed..." his voice trails off.
"I know," she repeats - her mind has kinda stopped properly working and now she can't think of any other words than these two.
Taking a deep breath, still keeping the eye contact she swiftly thinks through what she wants to say. A few minutes pass in silence and she can't help but feel taken aback by his motionless state and tolerant waiting.
"Actually, H, I've been thinking so much about this ever since then," she starts, immediately noticing how his eyes sparkle up when she uses the nickname. "And to be honest, I'm amazed by how patiently you've been waiting ever since."
He just shrugs as if it's no big deal, but she knows how hard it must've been for him.
"No, don't play it down." (y/n) reaches out and places her fingers on his arms to stop the movement. "I'm sorry for taking so long, and I'm not tryna find an excuse for pushing it for literally five months, but my father's been getting in my head and it's been so hard to try and keep him out..."
His hand rises and before she can comprehend where it's going, his fingers move to hers, slowly and gently pushing his own digits in-between hers, interlocking their hands on top of his arm.
"I know," he repeats her words from before, a reassuring look in his eyes.
"And you did keep yourself to your promise," the girl lets her lips curve into a smile, watching as his glance flickers down to it then back up again, all under a millisecond. She pulls her hand away from his arm but keeps their fingers intertwined, placing their hands down in her lap, with her free one softly caging his in from the other side.
"What're you saying?" Harry mumbles.
"That it actually starts to look like I'm the only girl for you," she answers, subconsciously quietening down similar to him as she quotes his words from five months back. "I gave you the chance you asked for and you proved that you can keep your promise."
By now a grin so wide it splits her face in two has spread across her skin, reaching her eyes and practically every muscle in her body.
He still can't make himself speak louder, afraid that it's only a bubble of a dream that's gonna burst if he does. Every day ever since that one afternoon he's been wanting to hear these words more than anything - now it seems too good to be true to actually hear them.
(y/n) doesn't reply, just pulls her feet up on the sofa to right under her bottom, so she can move around better before slowly leaning in and planting a soft kiss on his lips.
She can feel him take a sharp breath, his fingers twitching in her hold as his body goes tense - he clearly wasn't prepared for this outcome, but eventually a few seconds later the tension disappears again and he responds to her, just as she's started to lean back.
His lips capture hers mid-way, the force behind them so strong that it pushes her back straight into the cushions in a swift movement. The girl doesn't mind though as she revels in the feeling of his skin moving on hers with such passion whilst his free hand moves up to gently hold the back of her neck, tenderly keeping her in place.
When not much later the lack of oxygen makes them part again, his fingers move until he's able to caress her cheek with his thumb. "Does this mean what I think it does?"
"I guess so," she shrugs giddily. "Depends on what you're thinking."
"That you're officially my girlfriend from now on."
(y/n) has expected the words to come but it still makes her head spin to hear it after such a long time of waiting - if it hadn't been for his father's damn disapproval, this would've happened so much sooner. Still, she doesn't mind. All this waiting has only made it that much sweeter. The longer the wait, the merrier the outcome.
So she just grins still, nodding once or twice before leaning in once more to peck the impossibly soft skin somewhere below his left eye.
"God, I've waited so long," Harry groans before shifting in his sitting position to a more comfortable one for the actions he's planning on doing, then with a newfound wave of energy and passion he moves in with one swift motion and practically devours the girl.
.::the end::.
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Blacking Out and Breaking Hearts - Chapter 8
Tumblr media
Blacking Out and Breaking Hearts - Master List
Word Count: 4.4K
Warnings: A bit of the good old fashioned ~*sexual tension*~
Summary: Y/N is a successful musician, trying to navigate the world of stardom along with her complicated feelings for her best friend, Harry.
A/N: This chapter literally made me so mad, and I'm the one who wrote it 🤭 Let me know what you all think of the series so far! Things are gonna get good, just wait...
Chapter 8
The night went on. Eventually your thoughts cleared, embarrassment threatening to sneak in before you pushed it away with one more drink. You really let yourself get worked up during that game of Truth or Dare. But you all were having fun, harmless fun, and you couldn’t help it. You could normally do your best to silence the dirty thoughts that came into your mind around him, but tonight you had let the floodgates open.
“I have to go to sleep now, or I’m going to die.” Logan groaned. She was right. It was way too late, (or maybe early?), to still be awake. Your own eyes had started growing heavy, so you didn’t mind as you went to one of the many cardboard boxes near the foyer to grab a few blankets. Logan laid down on the couch, asleep before you could even tuck her in. You gave her a small kiss on the head, brushing the hair away from her face. She was going to feel like shit tomorrow for sure.
Layla and Max cuddled up on the other section, Layla having already grabbed them both a large glass of water from the kitchen. This is what you meant when you said she was the smart one. You headed towards the stairs as she forced Max to drink his down to the bottom, her boyfriend mumbling quiet protests all the while.
You threw one more blanket towards Harry, who’s arms weren’t moving quick enough to catch it. He bent down to reach it, wobbling slightly.
“There’s a guest room upstairs, I’ll show you.”
He reached out, grabbing your wrist, probably harder than he meant to. You paused, looking at him quizzically.
“Let me sleep with you.” He asked. He sounded like a child asking to crawl into bed after a nightmare. He pushed out his lower lip, giving his best puppy dog face. He should’ve known at this point you would do anything he said. “Please.”
“Yeah, sure.” You said. A hiccup mixed with a giggle rose from your chest. Harry kept his hand around your arm, leading you up the stairs.
The room was dark, aside from the hints of moonlight leaking in through the cracks in the blinds. You threw yourself onto the bed, accepting it’s embrace. The cool sheets felt nice against your face. Harry laid next to you on his back. You were exhausted, of course, but you somehow felt energized feeling his leg brush yours. You turned to face him. He turned to face you.
“Thanks for inviting me to your sleepover.” He said through a crooked grin. “I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.”
“Thank you for coming.”
“That’s what Hudson said after the fourth one, huh?” Harry quipped. You lifted your pillow, swatting him on the shoulder. You both laughed until your belly hurt.
“You’re not gonna let me live that down, are you?” You asked, covering your face. You felt like you could explode.
“Well it sounds like you won’t soon forget.”
You swatted him again, whining an exaggerated “stop”. His entire body shook with laughter.
“I’m serious!” He yelped, flinching away from your pillow coming towards him. “I could never compete with Hudson.” He mocked Logan’s voice as he mentioned your now infamous ex-boyfriend.
“I’m sure you do just fine, superstar.” You responded quickly, before your mind could wonder what he meant by that. You had to force yourself not to think of all of the ways that you were sure Harry could compete. You couldn’t help but look back on Hudson fondly, though, wondering where he was these days. Did he ever tell anyone about the time he went down on Y/N? His new coworkers, maybe, a barista at a coffee shop? You snickered drunkenly at the thought, imagining it play out. His friends probably told him he was full of shit. Maybe you still had his number… You should text and see how he’s doing….
“We need to go to sleep.” You decided, standing. You were at the point in the night where you were literally contemplating texting ex-boyfriends, albeit without any intentions of hooking up and getting back together. You needed to put yourself to bed before you did some stupid shit Bethany wouldn’t approve of in the morning.
Without thinking, you pulled off your pajama pants, leaving you in just your t-shirt and underwear. You gasped, realizing, before exploding with laughter. “I am soo sorry!”
Harry covered his eyes, yelling out in faux horror. You quickly pulled them back up, barely managing to do so without falling over.
“It’s okay,” he said. “Your house, your rules.”
“And anyway,” he added. “I really don’t mind. Really.”
You decided to be bold, letting the fuzzy fabric fall to the floor again. Harry pretended not to look, but you caught him shifting a sneaky side-eye your way. You jumped into bed, fumbling to cover yourself with the blanket. Harry sat up enough to take his shirt off, wiggling himself beneath the covers next to you.
“There’s another blanket if you want it,” you offered. Your boldness turned out to be temporary, and you suddenly felt as if you were sobering up. You felt exposed, like you wanted to turn into yourself and hide the body that you’d spent so many years hating. You felt that if he got one look at you, a really good look, then he would be able to spot all of the horrible things you always saw in the mirror and hate them, too.
“Do you want me to use that one?” He asked. His eyes met yours with a sudden intensity that your intoxicated brain could barely handle. You swallowed.
“No, it’s fine.”
Harry yawned, telling you again how much fun he’d had. There was a buzz between you, keeping both of you from getting anywhere near sleep.
You talked about how good it was to be in a real bed, away from the bus and the venues and the fans. Harry listened intently, the bags beneath his eyes only making him more irresistable. Any awkwardness there was a few minutes ago had gone, and you both chatted as if you were at lunch, or on a long drive. Harry reached out, taking his hands in yours again. He lifted your knuckles to lips, kissing each finger. His eyes didn’t stray from yours. You ordinarily would have looked away, but the lack of sleep and the alcohol didn’t allow it.
He stopped, keeping your fingers entwined.
“Do you love me?” He asked. Your heart started to pound, not knowing what to say. You’d been over this just a few hours ago. You weren’t sure how many more times you could answer this question without slipping, without saying too much. “Yes. Yes. A million times yes!” you wanted to say, “More than anything or anyone. More than anyone could ever love someone else in a million lifetimes.”
“You know I do.” You said out loud. He smiled.
“Say it.”
“Say what?” You asked stupidly. Your heart was in your throat, and you were surprised any words were able to come out at all.
“Say that you love me.”
“I love you.” You told him. And though you had said it a thousand times before in a hundred different ways, this time felt different. It felt.. real. He smiled, closing his eyes.
“I love you, too.” He said. And he did. He did, he did. And you knew he did. Fuck the voice in your head telling you you’d imagined it all. All the glances, all the hugs, the kisses on the forehead, the late night talks when you both should be sleeping. You knew all along, you always knew. He was the one who didn’t know. He was the one who told everyone you weren’t interested. He was the one who had no idea.
“Do you love Christian?” He asked. He looked serious, the glint in his eyes dimming ever so slightly. You nodded.
“I do. Or I did, I guess.”
“More than me?” He asked. The moonlight painted his skin light blue, and he looked like a painting. Like a masterpiece, like all of the most beautiful works of art in the world combined.
“Never.” You said. He smiled. You told him again, just to see him smile one more time. “Never.”
“I hate to see you cry for him. It kills me.”
You didn’t know what to say. He had told you all of this already. It was as if the conversation from earlier in the night was being replayed, but this time in an entirely different context. He was repeating all of the same things, as if you had missed something important the first time. It was when you rewatched a movie and noticed all of the tiny details you had missed the first time around.
“I thought you were mad at me. I thought you wanted him, and I was in the way.”
Harry continued when you didn’t respond, laying there dumbfounded and lost in thought. Was this really happening right now? All the fantasies you had played out in your head? All the things you vowed to never say, was it finally coming to light? You were getting ahead of yourself, taking a deep but shaky breath.
“No, Harry.” You responded, carefully choosing your words.
Harry paused for a moment, that same crease as always forming between his brows. He frowned. Your answer wasn’t good enough for him.
“Then tell me you don’t want him.”
The thrumming in your chest intensified. You could feel your heartbeat between your legs. Why did that turn you on like this? The way he demanded it from you, the intensity in his voice...
“Please.” It was gentler now, almost sad. His mouth was still downturned, making you want to kiss the sour expression off of his face.
“I don’t want him. I never did. I want…”
You didn’t finish. Harry scooted closer, dropping your hand and bringing his to your waist. He placed his hand just above your hip, swiftly raising your t-shirt so that his skin made contact with yours.
“...Someone else.” You barely whispered. Harry didn’t push you for more, but you wished he would. You wanted to say it, out loud. You wanted him to force it out of you.
“The way he looked at you. I can’t stand it.” He said. He was whispering now too, and his fingertips began moving along your skin slowly. “But I want you to be happy, so if that’s what you want... I won’t ruin it.” 
Harry hated the words coming out of his mouth as he said them, looking more pained with each syllable.
“I don’t want him, Harry.” You tried to sound stern, wanting to put his mind at ease. If you had to hear him suggest that you had feelings for Christian one more time, you just might explode.
Everything was silent. All there was was Harry’s breathing and your heartbeat like a drum in your ears.
“The things I wanted to do to you..” He whispered. His voice was so quiet you weren’t even sure you’d actually heard it. “When we were playing truth or dare. The way it felt to have you under me like that... I wanted to take you, right there.”
Oh my god. Oh my god. This is it.
Your lips were so close, it was unbearable. You pinched your legs closed to ease the building pressure between them.
“And fucking Hudson... Do you know what you were doing to me?”
A shy smile spread across your face.
“I knew it.” He said, a devilish grin on his face. “I knew you did.”
“I wanted to put him to shame, you know. You were really testing me.”
“You-“ you started to say, unsure how to finish. You just stared at him, any and all thought vanished from your head. You pondered what he was insinuating, imagining him going down on you the way Hudson had in your story. Putting Hudson to shame. Good god. How would he do it? Would it be slow? Would he take his time, leaving a trail of kisses on the inside of your thighs before finally...
“This whole night… I didn’t think I was gonna make it, Y/N. The way you looked at Christian, I couldn’t stand watching you cry. You’re so beautiful. You’re so beautiful. You’re like a sunflower.”
“And touching you, finally... I can’t take it anymore.”
His hand gripped your side where it had been dancing on your skin. He took a deep breath.
“Tell me again, that you don’t want him.” He asked. In this moment, just as you had since the moment you met him, you belonged to him. You would bend to his every whim. You would do anything, anything, he asked you to. You were in the palm of his hand, and it felt amazing. You imagined the way he must have been quietly seething at Christian for months now, the way he must have felt to see Christian pick you up and spin you around when you had last seen him. It made sense, the way his muscles tensed just at the mention of his name...
“I don’t want him.” You told him again.
“Then who?”
You were silent. Just say it, you thought. You’ve had enough of all the secrecy and the stolen glances. You brought your hand to his face, Harry almost flinching at your touch.
“Say it.” He whispered.
You answered him, finally, after months of keeping it barely beneath the surface. It was like you had been holding your breath and had finally made it above water. Harry smiled, inhaling sharply. His hand pressed into your side again, harder than before. 
“Tell me again.”
“I want you.” You said. Your entire body shook next to his.
“You do, don’t you?” He asked, seeming genuinely giddy at your confession. He giggled, and you giggled too.
“You knew that already, though.” You laughed. It felt good, finally being able to tell him everything. No more secrets.
“I really had no idea. I tried so hard on you, Y/N. And I never have to try hard.”
“You’re lying.” You said.
“No, really.” He insisted. “You must have known how much I wanted you. You had to know.”
You shook your head. This all felt like a fever dream, like any second you would be waking up and things would be back to normal. This couldn’t possibly be real life.
“Will you tell me again, one more time.” He asked. The intensity in his voice had turned to sweetness, like sugar on your tongue. “I want to make sure I’m not imagining it again.”
Again? You wondered how long he had felt this way, if he had ever fantasized about you the way that you did about him. What did he do to you, secretly in his mind, when no one was around...
“I want you, Harry.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
“Let me kiss you.”
Harry looked at you. He was begging, desperate for the one thing you had fantasized about for months now. You wanted nothing more than to have him take you, to break in your new bed and your new house and not even worry who you woke up. 
And yet...
Your stomach twisted suddenly, unsure what to do. The answer was obvious, staring you in the face. But your thoughts were clearing, and sober you won the battle it had been fighting all night. 
“Harry…” you began, unable to believe yourself even as it was happening.
“Please. Please, I'm begging you.”
“Harry, you’re drunk.” You told him. And it was true. Past the shimmer in his eye you could see the redness still, the hint of liquor still in his gaze.
“I’ll die if I don’t.”
It was silent. Again. You knew suddenly, deep down, that you needed to stop this before it got too far. Or else he would wake up in the morning and you would never see him again once he realized his mistake. He was wasted, and lonely, and tired. He didn’t mean it, not any of it. Or at least he wouldn’t once the sun came up and the alcohol left his blood.
Harry stayed quiet, hurt slowly making its way across his expression.
“Harry, you’re drunk. And I know you won’t mean any of this in the morning. I just- I can’t lose you like this. You’ll wake up tomorrow and-”
“I’ll wake up and feel just the same as I have this entire time.” He pleaded. His voice cracked, sounding defensive, shattering every bone in your body. You could tell now that this wasn’t just about the kiss. It was more than that. He was spilling his heart out to you and you didn’t believe him. And even though you knew you were right, he was still hurt.
“You said you wanted me. You- You said it.” He continued, pleading. He was trying to control his voice, to force all of the emotion out of it before it met your ears, but you heard it. He was in disbelief. He scooted away from you, just a bit, examining your face.
“Harry, I do. More than anything.”
He gazed at you. Waiting for more.
“But I can’t. You’re drunk and you’re going to wake up tomorrow embarrassed, wishing you’d never said anything. You’re… youre Harry Styles. And I’m.. I’m just me. You don’t want me. You don’t.”
He didn’t say anything. He looked devastated. And you were devastated, too, already wanting to take it all back. How could you have fucked this up so badly? How could you have ruined this for yourself, when you were this close?
Because it was too good to be true. That’s why.
He cleared his throat and rubbed the tip of his nose with a finger. He looked around the empty room like he wasn’t sure what to do next, avoiding meeting your eyes. He covered his face with his hands. He had offered you everything you’d ever wanted a more, and you had thrown it back in his face. You hated yourself fiercely for it.
“Okay.” He said finally. He leaned forward, kissing your forehead. You felt a tear escape from your eye, running across the bridge of your nose. He wiped it silently.
“Don’t cry. I can’t take any more crying tonight.” He said, smiling gently. He was too good. Too understanding, too patient. He was everything you wanted and everything you didn’t deserve.
“We should go to sleep.” He said finally. Your heart was breaking into a million pieces, each lodging its way into your throat and making you choke. He was so gentle, brushing the hair from your face. Everything you ever wanted, right here. He leaned forward, kissing you again, this time on the cheek. He lingered there, his lips burning your skin. You wanted to stay like this forever, his lips against your face and his hands on your body.
“Can I hold you? We’ve slept together before, so you don’t have to worry. It’s not- um, it’s not anything else. If you’re okay with it.” He was trying to be sweet, but you couldn’t ignore the way his voice sounded completely shattered, nothing like the way it was supposed to sound. His cheeks were hot with embarrassment. You nodded. He was right, you had slept together before, taking naps in cars or on couches. But this was different. He knew that, and you did too. But if you had just thrown away every chance you had at him, you could at least give yourself this. You tried to tell yourself it was innocent, the same thing you had done a hundred times before, but you knew it wasn’t. And when Harry woke up wrapped around you tomorrow morning, skin shiny with sleep, body tangled in your sheets, at least you would still have this. Nobody could take that away from you.
You turned your body, allowing him to come up behind you and hold you from behind. He pressed his body against you, his legs tangling with yours. You could feel his chest pressed against your back, his breaths deep but uneven. He sniffled quietly. You felt his dick against you where your bodies met, and it took everything in you not to press yourself further back onto him. You wanted to move your hips against him, feeling him harden against you until you both couldn't take it anymore and he pushed himself inside... 
He brushed the hair away from your neck, exposing your skin. He placed kisses below your ears, down your neck to your shoulders. You couldn’t help the tears flowing now, silently but steadily down your cheeks. Somehow, by some grace, you were able to fall asleep. Asleep in the arms you had longed to hold you for as long as you could remember. Everything you wanted, right here. And you’d thrown it away. You knew this moment would be done forever in a few short hours, and it killed you. But you knew you did the right thing. It was too good to be true. It always had been.
You woke up the next morning and instantly regretted opening your eyes. The sunlight was burning into you, making your head pound. Your mind was cloudy and confused, a weight across your abdomen holding you down. 
You turned, careful not to wake him, but wanting to appreciate the way his face looked when he was sleeping. So soft and innocent. His mouth was open, just barely, and his breaths were heavy and slow. You brushed a finger across his parted lips, and down his cheek. He was more beautiful today than he had ever been, you thought.
As always, though, the sleepy bliss began wearing off and was replaced by a pit growing in your stomach. What happened last night? It came to you in pieces, the belly button shot, Hudson… Layla and Max...
Oh my god.
The pit morphed itself into full blown panic as you tried your best to reconstruct the end of the night. What had you said to him? Was he even going to remember?
You told him everything, didn’t you?
No, he did.
“The things I wanted to do to you…” he’d said.
“Do you know what you were doing to me?”
“Say you don’t want him.”
Jesus Christ. This wasn’t real. It all was coming back to you, replaying in your mind.
“I’ll die if I don’t.”
No. This wasn’t happening. Not like this.
And then it really hit you. The way you’d turned him down, the way you had him begging for it. And you said no. What the fuck was wrong with you? You must have lost your mind. How many nights had you stayed awake, begging the universe for this exact thing to happen? And you had let it slip away, that easily.
Harry stirred, his eyes beginning to open slowly. He looked at you, you lying there staring at him, taking in his face with a shaking fingertip. You pulled away and sat up. The sudden movement made your head spin and your stomach turn, and you had to steady yourself so you didn’t throw up. You weren’t even sure if it was the hangover or the realization that was making you sick. You stood, grabbing the discarded pajama pants from last night and pulled them hastily up your legs. Harry stayed where he was, taking it all in. The sleep still lingered in his eyes, but a frown had made its way onto his perfect face. Don’t do this, you thought. Please don’t do this.
Once you were dressed, you weren’t sure what to do next. You just stood there, frozen, contemplating the millions of ways that you could make this right. Should you kiss him right now? Tell him you were wrong, so wrong, and ask him to give you another chance? Did he even remember what had happened the night before? Out of all of these options, you decided to do nothing at all. Instead you just stayed there, glued to your spot on the floor, eyes fixed to your feet.
“Last night was crazy.” Harry said finally, breaking the silence. What a fucking understatement, you thought. You weren’t sure how to respond. You eventually nodded.
“Yeah it was. Im, like, super hungover.”
Fuck. You needed to think of something to say, and fast. Something, anything.
“Yeah, I feel like shit.” Harry groaned, rolling over onto his back. He covered his eyes, shielding himself from the light. His voice was deep and raspy with sleep.
“Me too.” You agreed. The covers had slipped down his torso, exposing his bare chest. The rays of sunlight spilling into the room caressed his skin, and you wanted nothing more than to jump back into bed with him and feel him, to kiss every inch of exposed flesh. He sat up.
“D’you have a shirt I can borrow? I don’t really want to put that one back on, it smells like vodka.”
Why was he acting so normal? Like nothing had happened at all? You nodded, digging through one of your many boxes to find something he could borrow. You found a rumpled old One Direction t-shirt in the bottom, holding it up proudly.
“Does this work?” You asked with a laugh. Still, your voice came out pitiful and uncertain. You felt like you were tiptoeing across a tightrope, trying anything you could not to fall off of the edge. Harry laughed. He was doing that thing again, that thing where he made everything seem okay no matter how fucked up it all had gotten. He seemed so calm, so cool, so… normal.
“Actually, do you have that orange one? The one with all the fireworks?” He asked. His hair was disheveled, sticking up at every angle. He looked adorable.
“You mean my homecoming shirt? From highschool?” You asked. You couldn’t help but laugh this time, a real laugh. You must have misunderstood.
“Yeah. I like that one.”
You dug through the box once again, the neon orange fabric standing out amongst the shades of black and gray. You held the soft fabric, allowing yourself a split second to reminisce on that night so many years ago. The night you had danced with Matthew, and then held Logan in the bathroom when she cried because someone had split their fruit punch on her brand new dress from Forever 21. You never could have dreamt that you’d end up here, waking up next o Harry (fucking) Styles. You tossed it to him and he slipped it over his head. He seemed content, stretching his arms and letting out another yawn.
“You can keep it.” You said without even meaning to. “It looks good on you.”
Harry paused, his eyes narrowing for just a moment as he read your face. The pieces were coming together, you could tell. He let out a small “Thanks” before standing up. He walked past you towards the door, and you were half expecting him to at least stop on his way and wrap you in a hug. To tell you good morning and that you looked beautiful despite your smeared makeup and messy hair. But he didn’t.
He opened the door, gesturing for you to follow him, but you couldn’t. Whatever you needed to say, it needed to happen now. In this room. Before whatever spell you both had cast last night was broken.
“Harry, I’m sorry.” You blurted out. Sorry for what, you weren’t sure. For turning him down? For spending the entire night crying? For embarrassing him after he’d poured his heart out to you.
“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” He assured you. He smiled, but the expression didn’t meet his eyes. “Everything’s fine.”
You wanted to disagree, to tell him it wasn’t fine and it would never be fine. At least not until he took you, right here and now, the way he had said he wanted to last night. Not until you had kissed him, really kissed him. He didn’t wait for an answer, leaving you and your jumbled mind alone. Everything that had happened in here, everything you both had said... you could still feel it here. But with every soft step you heard echoing as he wandered down the stairs, you could feel that spark slipping further and further away. Until it had vanished completely.
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muffindaddystyles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry comes to the town where there's no mobile signals, internet's shitty and it's people likes to haggle alot. Y/N's new ceramic professor's an open book with mysteries to be solved in it, proded and shoveled to get the truth out.
AU: Mystery Thriller, horror, hate to love – love to hate relationship, let's banter whole day and still couldn't be able to live without seeing eachother, Y/N being a grumbly twit? Finding reasons to hate Harry and finally a romantic comedy with silly efforts of making it spooky.
An elysian dwelling of clouds floating low vamoose away fussy over the whistling of train, a rabble of on goers and their loved ones departing them off beeline dangerously hanging off to platforms. 
With a pregnant screech it comes to halt. Heads popping out of the windows to savour the pristine gazes of the summer’s stickiness, dewy whirl of a breeze that welcomes them and a little note of khaki paper that the autumn’s around the corner.
Y/N's annoyed. 
It's surging up because of the slight humidity, fussing her to little things she has never complained about because why in the hell train station hordes up like fishermen's market!? And what are these babies crying for, don’t they have anything to do better than to wail ‘bout titties milk? It always happens at the end of the summers when Y/N has to see-off her childhood bestfriend as one of their friendship rituals –-- not only does the platform bombs up with franticness these pony-ass toddlers encourages her to cry along them to the lonesome that knocks on her door when she’s gone. 
“You’ve got the peach jam? Your books? —‐- and what about the blankie .. wouldn’t you be col —-,” Her tizzy inspections got cut off when a shoulder bumps her wobbly on her toes. Her grip around the sharp pink little suit case loosens up and it rolls off onto it’s wheels behind the person who almost had her tumbled onto the train track. 
She hisses raising her pointy for Aleena to not to worry about, moving the falling strap of her beige jacquard tote bag back at it’s right place and stretches forward to grab on it but before she could lean soft fingers are spreading over her hand and pushing the suit case her way. 
“Sorry fo’ that.” Her head rattles twice and at last her gaze struck into the golden pebbles of brilliance effulged into phthalo sea foam coloured eyes that are manacled where her fingers are fumbling out of awe and daze under his's, his features rosy from heat akin to Y/N’s and his lips rosier as he thins them giving it a bare lick and nods at her curtly once assured she’s upright on her balance and turns away from her without giving her a second glance. 
“No problem,” She wanted to say out aloud but nothing came except a whisper of, ‘Thanks’ and it’s like the beautiful stranger smoked into the crowd because how much her eyes followed him around he was gone. 
“You have to find him once y'reach back town.” Aleena butts her elbow against Y/N's back retrieving her out of haze and Y/N shakes her head at both of their silliness. 
She doesn’t not want to be seemed she could be easily wooed if you just got a pair of gorgeous eyes and soft chocolate curls and those smooth attractive hands —- no not at all, she’s tougher than that. 
“Hush you rat woman, off y’go. You’re gonna miss the train if you keep undressing people with your eyes.” Aleena pouts and gets her cheek kissed in return as Y/N helps her up the train. Her palm on her back as she passes her luggage and with teary eyes Aleena waves her a goodbye and Y/N gestures her to call her when she reaches, giving her a flying wet kiss and mouthing her an ‘I love you.’ as the train drags away painfully slow. 
“Don’t forget to find that boy and make love to him and marry him and have kids with him!!” Aleena shouts from the window whirling her yellow satin scarf in the air and both the girls laughs out aloud through tears. 
“Copied, Miss!” Y/N giggles, squeezing her fingers into her ribs to hold herself and puts her boater hat back on her head tipping it down to hide the plumpness she got due to recent events with the shadow of it. 
“Hurry up fellas! We’ve to sell as many jams jars as possible, schools will be opened in a week —-“ Y/N sucks her rambles then let it go into a deep breather turning around and stopping the rush of girls in an abrupt that were following her downstairs, almost making them nip onto the peaks of her sandals unintentionally, “Those kids needs us .. yeah?” Y/N sighs empathetically fishing out a grin when they bob their heads in reassurances. 
“How about we celebrate if ....,” Lola skips on her feet making the little glass jars filled up to rims with gooey sweetness in the cardboard box clink and clank, “...we sell a nice batch!” Lola squeals elating her shoulder cutely up her ears. 
“But noooo boys.” Y/N complains stomping tersely, “Last time those willies burned our carpet just from a cigarette lit, can y'imagine that!?” They all cough waving the dust away when a bus passes by and Dinah joins in, “Yes and not to mention those freaks who damn stole our photo frames because they didn’t have one.” Everyone scoffs a laugh continuing to walk and Y/N’s head perks up when Zoe awares her about something in her naturally timid voice. 
“Huh?” Y/N cranes her neck, raising her brows in a questioning and her lips quivers up in confusion when Zoe parts her mouth to speak again but before that a piercing screech of tires against the gravely road’s clamouring taking Y/N aback making her trip on to her knees and hands along a high pitched squawk of ‘Holy Mary of Virgins!!’, the box slipping away from her grip making her groan and flop her forehead with disappointment onto her forearm. 
Even though it’s not the cycler's fault she was walking in the middle of passage way, that she didn’t hear him ringing bell at her however shrill it was and that the cycle didn’t even touch her and still her part clumsy part jumpy self managed to roll all over the dust getting herself scratches on her knees she’s still gonna be petty about it. 
“Are you alright?” The same person she bumped into at the train station but in different clothes, that of more comfortable ones shakes his leg from under the cycle that has fallen over him and asks her genuinely with concern in his eyes. 
The balls of his feet crumbling the back of his vans, his skin not tanned yet and a tiger on his beefy thigh winks at Y/N when his yellow tiny shorts rides up a bit. 
She frowns then pouts at the rash that’s burning her fingerpads, letting her friends help her up as they watch in curiosity and Lola sways like a sparrow at the charm of this new guy in the town. 
“You!!” Y/N squints her peepers into accusation and wriggles away from the hands that are dusting her off and inspecting for any major boos on her. 
The guy's eyes widens in bafflement, his chin doubling as he scurries back when she strides towards him with rather limpy funny gait -- index finger still pointing towards him in blame, “Oi. Do you use these pretty eyes of yours? Or are they just fo’ show?” 
Y/N doesn’t know why she said that. Whether it was this annoying bug in her mind that was pesking her to spat it aloud since morning, maybe that wherever she goes he’s there to almost kill her —- but she shouldn’t have said that 1. Who says that to complete strangers!? (She who couldn’t get him out of her mind how much she tries) 2. It’d defo gloat his ego (looks like he already has plenty). 
She was right! The corner of his mouth ticks up into the self infatuated grin and he plucks the headphones of his Walkman setting them around his elongated neck and trudges towards her, “Not me fault you’re too clumsy!” He says obstreperously tipping his chin down to smile softly in a greet at everyone. 
Turning his attention away from a huffing and puffing Y/N who pokes her tongue at him when he faces away from her, he goes to grasp the boxes. 
“Lemme apologise by helping y'guys, if that’s okay?” He quips, clutching the box easily between his rib and bicep arching his brow teasingly at Y/N when all Lola, Dinah and Zoe grins up at him brightly gladly accepting his offer. 
“What a gentleman.” Dinah whispers dramatically making Y/N roll her eyes and fold her arms into silent jest while Zoe and Lola walks side by side with him — hassling him with questions upon questions. 
“Your good name new boy?” Lola asks shimming a bubblegum from her purse and passing it to everyone, “Harry.” He pops the blueberry gum into his mouth and works his morals to chew. 
“Harry Edward Styles.” 
“Cousin of Edward Cullen?” Y/N snickers, stopping when he gazes her piercingly and nods at her shortly aggravating. 
“Came t’suck the lives outta the virgins of this town.” Everyone teeters at his joke and Y/N chuckles nervously flickering her eyes at his bare skin to see if it’s burning from somewhere and gladly he’s still a human being even under the influence of such blazing sunshine. 
“So, what were y'saying moments ago? ‘bout my eyes?” Harry starts talking again, grinning when it ruffles her bones and she grumps throwing her arms in the air. 
“Said they don’t work alright.” 
Saying this she’s walking at the faster pace than them making Harry cackle lowly to himself. 
Harry’s irked. 
Not that he usually is, he always had been low-key keeping to his own business and never seeming to butt in unnecessary drama —- he spent all of his time in UNI in the same pattern, not talking to anyone unless it’s pretty urgent and never letting the birdies hover around him because not to be narcissistic he knew their sugar alluring was for them to get on his cock, to use him for a while and never glance back.
Ignoring all that bullshit gave him handy time to himself and his goals, not that he was a prude, indeed, used to party and fuck but the constant loop of it would get him in centre of futile attention and different pair of judgemental eyes that’d tick him sore in gut.  
So, when he walks into this crowded place making his way through the town's people that were gathered around different stalls and when they scanned him from toe to head as if he was summat a Martian it nettled with his head making him feel the same way it did back then. 
He felt their gazes burning holes in his back like they’re mocking and laughing at him wickedly aware of his dreary grim past, paranoid they’re marching towards him to take him down. 
It steams blood to his stomach and he feels like churning his throat out, his face flips into that of resent and his relaxed features skewers into a slight pinch but a mellow huffing catches his attention and he affixes his gaze at Y/N who's shaking her head in slight disappointment at this dude with thick nerdy glasses and his hair slicked to side. 
“Robbie! No haggling, told you it’s for the charity!” She accentuates and Harry was too occupied in watching how she pouts those plush lips of hers adorably, trying to push her hat up that always slips too low and upon her eyes blocking her vision, the sweaty tendrils of hers brazing to the apples of her cheeks that jerks up happily when Robbie finally takes four jars of jam with him. 
“How much did we sell?” Lola asks Y/N counting the lasts of them and Harry caroms his short nails around his kneecaps eyeing her fishily as Y/N confesses faint-heartedly looking down at the box with sadness she’s trying too hard to mask. 
“We weren’t able to sell these since the jars are crooked.” Harry didn’t really get why his heart deflated alot into his ribcage rebuking himself to be the cause of it considering they’re collecting the money without any self sake but to buy the kids in orphanages school supplies. 
“I’ll buy those!” He quips, whites dotting at the back of his lid from standing up too fast -- biting his tongue from seeming an eager and deterred scamp. 
“You’ll?” Y/N murmurs with slight hope, wiping her clammy palms down her french puff sleeved dress and Harry gulps down his dry throat, taken aback when Y/N’s fuchsia hued lips scrunches into a pout and then her nose twitches from giving out a smile but eventually she breaks into a fluttery happy grin. 
“Don’t have to just -- 'cos you feel bad ...,” She whisks her eyes away from where they were affixed to Harry’s and Dinah scolds her lightly, “Not lyin’, I love jams with me whole heart.” He shakes his head to assure her and something tells him she’s not convinced enough, in these few hours Harry got to know she’s literally a lie detector. 
“Guess like we’ve to celebrate then!” Zoe takes his wrists shyly and slowly – so slow, slower than turtles pace and high-fives him then everyone else. 
Who could they blame. He’s their new most unreliable, bugging and crooked customer. 
Harry hates jams. 
Can you blame the poor guy! It’s fruit, but all mushed and murdered and then prisoned into jars where it rots for an eternity. 
Maybe, he hasn’t had a tasty jam ever since and he always had the processed ones from the stores that had dust on their products for god knows how long. 
He guesses it’s the serendipity that he kept on harrying the same girl in his true Harry fashion way, not once, but twice and now he ends up into the all girls flat with them lounged around  comfortably. 
Their place’s quite admirable. A bit rucked up with unmatched soft solid coloured furniture and different patches of wallpaper on every wall, with photo frames and posters and graphic paintings. Their open kitchen have yellow tiles with little cherries and clouds on them —-- the doors to three rooms open into living area all are of different shades and they made space for Harry taking the mountain of their washed clothes from the pink coloured velvet snuggly sofa and throwing them on a rocking chair. 
Harry actually loved it.
It was homey and it feels like it has been lived. 
They said they were celebrating and Lola insisted him in such a sugary tone while she scratched his chipped black nail colour painted on his thumb only, “I could paint your nails sometimes .. have got such cutesy colours — Oh! Wait a sec y'could come to celebrate with us tonight. Right guys?” Everyone welcomed him warmly except Y/N and he shook his head left and right in denial glimpsing her with the corner of his eyes in uncertainty when she busied herself to pack everything up. 
He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, to seem like a creep that’s invading himself on her. 
Though he halted his motions when she sighed pushing her fedora into her armpit, “Sure. No smokin’ inside flat though.” She isn’t bad or rude. Harry caught onto to that real quick. She just has a contradictory way of letting herself be loose in company of new people she meets. 
Harry wants to take his words back. 
She remained glued to her spot infront of him in one of the heart shaped love-seat, knees thrown up and every other minute she’d change the direction of rotating fan towards herself sipping onto the chilled peach malt, gasping dramatically on purpose. 
“So, how's Newyork?” Dinah asks chugging her root-beer down and Harry doesn’t flitters his gaze away from a very self-absorbed, annoying and a mean Y/N. 
“To be honest, filled with rats —-" Harry eyes slowly tears away from her to look at the girls but they bounce right back when Y/N cuts him short with a plunk of mock, not moving her gaze from over the magazine she’s pretending to read, “And ratmen.” 
Harry does the best to keep from snorting out loud and then burst into fits of giggles, pressing his vodka tinted tongue to the inside of his left cheek and his dimples twitches to dent in when he catches her smiling small. 
“You’re sucha pussy!” He feigns offend licking the frosting of cheese cake from over his bottom lip and Y/N professes a poker face moving the magazine a little down her eyes to wiggle her brows at him, “’Cos I’ve got one.” Everyone else just kept on snapping their heads from Y/N to Harry and Harry to Y/N, gasping whenever they manage to throw very cocky, bunkum insults at eachother everytime. 
When they felt like wheezling out of energy and anymore comic insults they were settling in pleased silence smug about whatever nonsense they pulled moments ago. 
Harry grinned derisively, as Dinah shimmied out a disposable camera from one of the drawers gathering them to have group photos and Y/N asked him sheepishly with a tiny smile, “You w'na come in?” 
“’kay.” He shrugged joining them onto the floor the heat of the carpet vaporising and crawling up his calves as he manages to have a spot beside her elbowing her and ducking down to meet her ear. 
“You’ve turned softie on me.” His pleased tone has an edge of teasing arrogance, and he bursts into ludic giggles when Y/N rolls her eyeballs making her lashes flutter in the action and hisses at him. 
“Calm down your horses, ‘s just a picture.” 
“Uhm?” He hums, throwing peace signs and open mouthed grins at the camera. 
“Uhm.” She responds going to loop her arms around Zoe's neck and cuddling into her. 
Harry could finally say that he’s in a group of friends. 
These girls has made him their beloved more quickly than any person could, and for Harry they’re equally dearly and that platonic warmth is irreparable to any feeling in the world.
They tag him along wherever they wander out to entertain themselves, whether it be to pluck out berries, have a dip in creek, having cream layered walnut bagels while making their way towards the library early in the morning and while they'd sit in the little far-off corner to rollick around quietly Y/N would actually move ladders from shelf to shelf so she could collect gothic and torturing books to read at midnight whilst everyone’s asleep. 
At one point he really thought Y/N hates him, that she really didn’t want him around them but one evening when they were all sprawled onto the lawn chairs star gazing in their backyard, sipping the apricot drinks and listening to summer crickets, Lola asked him if he got any place to live and when he assured them he indeed does, Y/N turned to his side resting her cheek in a lax way on her folded elbow and kept her eyes hitched to his's. 
“Sunny Street.” 
Their mouths fell into livid gasps. A reaction Harry was expecting and anticipating, Y/N went to lay on her back and Harry watched her --  desperately wanting to crawl into her mind to find out what she’s thinking and if she matches the stars, does she gets the same nebulas making a Hydrangea or is it just him? 
He blinks blankly when Y/N chuckles airily her posture relaxed in comparison to her friends, “Heard it’s not that sunny there as they named it to be.” Everyone nodded in alarm at the revelation. 
Harry grumbles breezily at that flailing his hand as a gesture for them to not to worry about. 
“’S just silly rumours.” 
Two days later, they were back on their bickering bus and Harry really thought he was getting bored without her musing grumpy self hissing up at him life a fluffy kitten. 
He just loves the way her cheeks splashes pink whenever their banter’s too vulgar and when she’d snub at his toes to tell him to hush up and share an orange juice with her. 
It’s the comfortable feeling of knowing their ripostes would always lead to them spending a little joyous time together at the end, where it’s loads of soothing silence and the songs of nightingale. 
The flat was aphotic. Murky yellow illumination from the lamp lighted outside in living room peeking from under the narrow slit of Y/N’s door. 
The low whir of fan resonates into her room along with the dusky murmuring of hers as she traces the bulbous silver light coming from the torch along the  lines of the page, the book has come to an appallingly gruesome twist and it turns out the reader is the true criminal and has an ugly mind as they monstrously hunt down the protagonists one after another. 
To eat them alive. 
A chill reaps down her spine grisly and she feels a knife like sting into her back, loosing her tongue feeling it bloat up in her mouth not able to scream when a knock appears on her window and her head snaps towards the dressing mirror parallel to it —- only to be met by a pair of unsightly sibylline eyes keeping a ghastly hitch of stare with her. 
“Fuck!!” Out of her fight and flight mode the torch in her hand flies from her frightened grip crashing through the window and falling into the backyard, her heart faintly revives back when she hears a familiar cheeky laugh and it turns proper evil as Harry pops his arm from the broken hole of glass to unlock the window and he topples onto the floor whilst trying to get his clumsy ass inside. 
He puffs a large breather in, feeling his tummy hurt for laughing hard— he crawls on his knees towards the bedside not able to wheeze in another fits of laughter when Y/N remains frozen in her spot out of shock half relived and half infuriated that he scared her to death. 
“Harry!!! It’s not funny!” She shrieks out in disbelief at his silliness throwing a pillow his way that he dodges skilfully and waggles his index finger at her teasingly, grinning impishly. 
“Bet, I gotcha ya arse.” He flops on her bed, cool linen sheets rustling against his skin as he scooches his back closer to her shaky knee tipping his chin up at her cheekily when she frowns down at him. 
“Stop starin’ me like that creep —- wha’ was his name again, love...?” He taps the side of his cheek in deep ponder pretending to be unflustered as her mouth guppies like a fish, since she likes to read Twilight too much for her own sanity and reality Harry decided that he’s gonna use the references of those hideously pale and awfully illogical vampires to boil out a reaction out of her from now on, he snaps his fingers and bobs his head gradually, “Aahhhh. Edward Bullen?” Y/N bites down the flesh of her cheek to subside down the wacky episode of  laughs she was about to burst in so fucking sure he’s doing it on purpose. 
He startles some when she hits him with the pillow and almost thinks of suffocating him to death, but giggles softly when he throws his limbs in every direction like a wailing baby squawking at the top of his lungs. 
“Ow! Ow!” She gulps sheepishly when he prompts up on his elbow glowering at her grumpily and piercingly, high-pitched cackles spurts out of Y/N when he juts his bottom lip dramatically and mumbles running his thumb over it. 
“I bruise like a peach.” He shows her the non-existent drops of blood on his fingers and Y/N rolls her eyes shaking her head as if he oozed buckets and buckets of clots.
“You’re such an ass.” Y/N grins, forgetting the tremor of the prank he pulled moments ago and her brows shoots up when he rolls on his stomach and flashes her a gawky beam. 
“Yeah, ‘cos I’m a peach.” Y/N clears her throat giddily, tops of her cheeks tinting pink and she flitters her gaze away from his gleamy and playful ones, “What did you brought for me?” He follows her gaze and takes the little tupperware box that was sitting beside his head, “Oh this ..” How he’s gonna tell her that he wasn’t able to sleep and went to baking parade at two in the damn morning, that now he couldn’t merge up an appropriate excuse as to why Y/N was the only person he was willing to walk for from his place to hers. 
To be honest he was selfish to get praised from her. 
“It’s banana bread.” He shoves the container her way bashfully and retreats his fingers quickly back to fumble them by his side, “Aw Harry! We could bake together sometimes.” He relaxes into the bed and chuckles breathily when she nibbles on it, humming delightedly. 
“It’s very delicious. Not saying to keep your heart, truly.” She takes another piece of it while Harry flips the book she was reading, eyes set on the  page of it that has summary printed on it in bold letters. 
“I know,” He flags his wrists at her goadingly sparing her a dismissive glance and continues to speak in a slow drawl because of his all attention set on the plot of the story, “Added some cashews too, they were expiring thought it'd be—-" Y/N stops chewing immediately the torn piece of bread hanging from her mouth like a puppy holding onto a bone. 
“Harry!!” She gasps in surprise, wriggling her big toe against his earlobe squealing when upon his fast reflex he grabs it and pops it, “Joking babe,” Heat swirls around her calves pricking goosebumps all over her skin, her body in a state of bafflement and in a battle with her mind that whether she’s flustered from him calling her babe or him smushing his cheek against her folded knee sluggishly. 
“D'ya really believe in vampies, o’ is it just some nasty fantasises of yours?” He yawns waving the book infront of her, “Don’t make them sound so cute.” Y/N grumbles. The word blowing in her mind in his raspy cutesy voice vampies vampies vampies, as she stares down at her hand to contemplate if she should dip them into tufts of his worn out chocolate hair. 
“You could sleep here. ‘s too late to walk back.” She says lowly, and Harry creates a puny voice when Y/N scoots away making him land face first into the bedding. 
“Y’care about me too much, love. I don’t want y’to get wrinkles wayyyy too early before you even turn into an old hag.” He pouts, catching onto the things Y/N's sparing him to make himself a pallet on floor. 
“Go to sleep, chatterbox.” Her tone flat, avoiding looking at him in any possible case as he got rid of his shirt and tossed it on her desk. 
“Harry?” She calls him to see if he’s already dosed off and shrinks into the sheets upon earning an attentive hum from him, “D'you think vampires exist?” Her question makes him sit and splay his arms on the edge of her bed and rest his head there, his muffed up curls falling in his woozy eyes, “If I say so, would you believe I’m one?” He suppresses a chuckle at the slightest fright on her face and she clutches the sheets under her chin nodding without any deep concern. 
“What gave it away, babe?” He puts his fingers on his wide fallen mouth, his chunky rings winking at her as he pretends to be blown away, taking comic into her abrupt change of reactions and his eyes wander down the eternity of her throat where her vein makes a bubble out of gulping hard. 
Wait. Is -– is he for real? No, no way he could be a vampire. She’d have to be awfully stupid to not find him suspicious and now he’s mere inches away from her because her caring dumb side offered him to sleep in her room, she’d have never if she knew he’s to be afraid of walking late in night, not him! 
She gasps when he smirks at her, answering his own question when she doesn’t, “Those pretty eyes of me?” Y/N rolls her eyes. He sure is a vampire. Because, he could read her mind as if he lives there and wheels her thoughts around. 
“How many times you’re gonna use that against me?” She asks him, a tinge of waver in her voice and quite oddly she should have pushed him out and told him to never step a foot near her but she thought arguing’s the better option even it causes her to have her throat slit open. 
Harry shrugs, then lays back down, “Till you say it again.” The skirts of his lips ticking up when she scoffs folding her arms jestingly and stares the ceiling blankly. 
“Never happening.” 
“Will see.”
It was silent again and she frowned when light snores bounced along the fan air, finding Harry sleeping placidly shouldn’t have been something so sweet and attractive, Y/N let a tiny smile crook up her own sleepy features when he started murmuring incoherently, sniffing and rubbing his nose when the fringes of Y/N’s hair falling on his face kept on tickling him. 
Even though, Y/N wouldn’t admit he's cute. She sure admits that he’s a total cutie when sleeping and a literal baby as he brings his gigantic legs closer to himself sandwiching the pillow while doing so. 
Was he being honest? Or is it just another of his pranks? Will she keep on seeing him if he actually turns out to be one? 
To find out she crawls on the floor towards him and places her hand atop his smooth chest as it rises and falls quenching out deep warm breaths from him, and her brows kinks into concentration to feel the golden thud of his heart. 
She screams, knocking herself into the chair when he grasped her wrist squinting open his one eye at her and mumbles groggily stuffing his face in her palm, “Oi. Quit it already, y'watch too many vampire movies.” 
The night Y/N sleeps with her hand tucked under his soft cheek and tried her best not to stir him awake. 
Y/N is fucked. 
Fucked and astonished. 
Her summer break’s over. Meaning she’s back to her classes. Though when she went to her last class that of ceramics because she’s shit at it and have to score nice grades in it to pass her semester, she’s met by hushed talking everywhere and the girls fishing their pursue mirrors out to have a last look at themselves before their professor comes into the class and that baffled Y/N to some extent until she shrugged it off because some mighty times bunch of her class fellows got a crush on their historical art teacher turned out he was married and very happy with his husband – leaving them with not even a silver of hope and broke their hearts completely. 
The room fell devastatingly quite when the door cracked open indicating the professor’s here and Y/N was too busy fuming over her wheel wobbling and not fixing to it’s pivot when the crispiness of the hoarse greeting melted in her ears. 
“Hi, everyone. I’m Harry Styles your ceramics teacher from now on, been graduated from Newyork University in arts and design. If y’ve any further concerns feel free to ask me out. This room’s comfort space f'everyone.” His hands were shoved in the pockets of his cream trouser, his hair slicked back with spare of fluffiness in them and his white dressed shirt fitting him perfectly as he springe his gaze from one face to another to memorize them and Y/N doesn’t know why her heart tried to jump out of her chest and make her run with it, panic looming in her eyes from being exposed to such a bizarre situation as to Harry being her professor. 
Her brain screaming and rotting around terribly, fuckfuckfuck. 
She wished to be invisible for the time being, maybe camouflaged against this cabinet as she tried to bury her face into the glazed wood and startles when Harry chirped and all the eyes snapped to hers curiously. 
“Oh. We’ve got some shy ones too.” His gaze fell over her, chuckle cutting short upon realising it’s none other than his banter partner, the sweet grumpy girl he’s oh so fond of and his breath heaves an octave up when she takes her face out and waves at him awkwardly confusing everyone else as to why she’s horrified to shitting her pants. 
He clears his throat biting down his excited grin feeling everyone’s attention on them and walks away without holding further eye contact, for which Y/N’s glad. She really is. Except there’s this googly tickling in her insides, ears deafening and turning pink as he instructs folding the sleeves of his crisp white dress shirt up his toned arms revealing the cursive of tattoos she has seen a few times. 
“God, he’s so fucking hot.” Y/N grumbles under her breath when the girl beside her ogled him scanning him naked with her eyes and the others joined her till Otis (a guy Y/N shares another art class with interrupted them with disappointment). 
“Stop with your kinky minds for once and please for the sake of rotten vending machine of our college, let us pass this class.” Y/N agrees with him on that. They’ve to get rid of that machine and the best solution for that’s to graduate as soon as possible. 
In ignoring all of that thorny prickling in her tummy, the fact she couldn’t even balance her wheel right and the clay slacking from her fingers Y/N groaned loudly being the pry of everyone's attention yet again and the embarrassment burst out like an angry lava making her slouch and drop her head down in shame which Harry didn’t like at all. 
He wanted to leave his seat and go over her to see if she’s okay and needs his help, but before that she’s grabbing her stuff and leaving the class room and a quizzical Harry behind. 
Did he embarrass her? 
“Oh c’mon! Don’t betray me like that.” Y/N squats down. Knocking at the glass of the vending machine. She wanted to calm her nerves down and knew the only goodie that could help was a chocolate bar -- it got stuck into one of the springs last moment and she squeaks out miserly when she kicked it and ended up hurting herself. 
“Poor thing.” Harry tuts, grabbing her gently by her elbow and pushing her towards him taking an overall of empty hallway . She watches him with a pout as he ducks to retrieve her chocolate and gives it to her. 
“Come to my office.” He rakes his hand down to intervene their fingers together, his grip turning firm when she huffs trying to wiggle away and his eyes pleading as he mouths her a please. 
The door to his office clicks softly behind them and his hand’s slipping away from hers making her miss the jitters that were pulsing up her arm, already. 
“Y'not gonna speak to me now, moppet?” He asks, flicking a chunky curl away from his forehead whilst leaning his hips against his desk and Y/N keeps her eyes everywhere mesmerised from the pieces of pottery he just put up this morning as decoration and the little greek structure that almost looks like wax candles. 
“C’mon don’t be like tha’ with me darling.” He sighs, his chest squeezing unusually tight and his throat sticky from the anticipation, desperation to hear her sweet voice. 
“Why didn’t you tell me Harry? I know I’m not very friendly but —-,” His eyes widen when Y/N mumbles in despondent, fumbling with her clasped fingers. 
Harry rushes forward in two strides of his long legs, “No. No. Cm'ere moppet.” He holds both of her hands and brings her closer to him -- groaning in frustration before speaking because whatever he’ll reason her up with it’ll still be silly. 
“They had my interview last mo’, wanted to let you know but y'were busy with your study ‘n all that.” Y/N pushes the urge to lean into his touch and bring his hands that are caressing her knuckles to her chest when the door knob rattled parting them away from eachother. 
“Mr. Styles?” Isla is what Y/N remembers her name to be watches the pair in utter dismay and annoyance. Her awful gaze throwing daggers at Y/N in loath wanting her to be out of the room as soon as possible. 
“I should be going.” Y/N excuses herself. Whacking herself mentally for stammering and Harry parted his mouth to stop her but before that Isla’s diverting his attention forcefully down at her with continuous taps to his shoulders and his demeanour turns out aloof immediately– sighing he simpers down at her politely and asks is she needs hi for anything only for her to bat her lashes up at him, “Oh...sorry for my silliness but I forgot, Mr. Styles.” 
The pair's sitting on the pink sofa. A mountain of colourful yarn balls separating them, their hands working quite impressively with their crotchet hooks and Zoe puts the sleeve she made of the cardigan in her lap— giving an assuring squeeze to Harry’s knee which’s bouncing nervously and his fingers criss-crossing at a robotic speed. 
“She’ll be here any moment Harry, stop fretting. Sometimes she misses the bus and walks ... and lemme tell ya that girl gets distracted too much for her own sake.” Zoe clucks her tongue jumping in her seat when Harry straightens up abruptly; His pupils blown out in anxiousness and his fingers slightly twitchy as he runs them through his already rucked up curls.
“Well she shouldn’t! ‘S almost past nine, ‘s not safe out there!” His tone high-pitched and squeaky. Squinting accusingly at Zoe who's pursing her lips to not to laugh at him, “The town’s not haunted Harry, take a chill pill!” 
“You don’t know that, love!” 
After winding up his classes Harry thought the best happy stress reliving pill he could take’s; to spend a little jovial time at the girls place. 
Dinah and Lola were out on a date. Zoe was having a cherry pie and a little make-out session with all of this yarn telling him she’s making a cardigan to gift Y/N on her birthday, he wanted to help her out and moreso; wanted to wait for Y/N so he could spend some time with her– though his excitement deflated kicking a grimace up his already exhausted features when Zoe told him (licking of the cream from the spoon stuck to her tongue) that Y/N never came home since morning and she might be with one of her classmates -- what was his name again? Otis! Yep, they had a group project together for illustration. 
It hurdled his chest with a zing of envoy and he didn’t realize he was chewing onto his bottom lip for it be split upon if he kept doing it, his ears hot from the mucky feelings he was  getting. 
The door knob rattles. Harry lunges and scurries, tumbling on his steps from the tangles of yarn around his ankles– thanks to Y/N's protecting arms he doesn’t trips and looses all his pearly teeth. 
“Oi there —-,” She grunts feeling herself drill into the floor from his weight ontop of her, “What’s so funny?” She cranes her neck to ask Zoe who’s giggling at them.
“Where were ya?” Harry grumbles, pushing himself back on his feet feeling his nose tingle from her scent which he guesses is a mixture of fruits and vanilla. 
“Excuse me?” Y/N tries to shrug away the mess he brought with himself, bounding her along him; the silly geese. 
“’S not safe out there.” He scolds her. Groaning when she flicks him in forehead and finally steps out, chuckling in disbelief, “The town’s not haunted—..” Her gaze falls over his nimble wrapped around the piece of baby red coloured yarn and his hand clutching a violet patch of triple stitch pattern. 
“...Take a chill pill, alright I get it!!” He huffs plopping back onto the sofa. Y/N stands there staring him in bafflement and surprise, at what just got into him. 
“Y'know you’re a proper foggie when angry.” Y/N hums and Harry doesn’t gives into her cute tactics— though it’s true. Y/N finds him incredibly adorable when he’s all fussy and grumpy because that rarely happens and she’s usually the one to be satisfying the role. 
“Give him a break you heartbreaker, he was shitting his pants over you.” Zoe scolds her, patting him and Harry has the most betrayed expressions of exaggeration on his face. 
She’s gonna pin him for it every chance she’ll get. 
“I was not!” He reprimands and Zoe shrugs in a way that says; “alright whatever floats your boat dream boy" 
“What will you take to be less cannibalistic?” Y/N smiles at him and he slouches more into the corner of sofa, cramming his arms around him. 
“You stop stayin’ out late.” He renders. Pointing his finger sharply at her with his brows raised making faint lines on his forehead, “Whatever you say daddy.” The gulp that Harry forced down his throat was heard by everyone in the room and Y/N’s bolting her eyes shut for not having a barrel on her tongue. 
“Promise?” Everyone ignores it. Pretending it vanished into thin air because no-wits in Harry’s system were able to come up with a humorous retort to her statement when his cock became a traitor and got the little brain of it’s own, no-wonder it’s called cock's head. 
“Promise.” She nods. Having her face chucked inside the refrigerator to find something to eat and to cool her crimson heated cheeks. 
Harry was going to the pottery storage room situated at the ever back of the building, humming a song with keys in his fist and brisk to a slow halt hearing soft sniffles— an aftermath of crying. 
Out of curiosity. He looked around only to find out Y/N sitting at the bench from over the other side of little white fountain that doesn’t runs anymore. 
She has a slight frown pinched on her pretty face. Grumbling under her breath through hiccups while she feeds her milky bun to the baby ducks roaming around the garden and the silver of worry residing inside Harry deflates real quick at such precious sighting. 
“Petal?” His soft call makes her head snap in startle and he’s gesturing her to calm down and it’s okay, it’s just me with his hands. 
She visibly relaxes seeing him. Her tensed shoulders unknotting. Her fingers falls in her lap and her chin wobbles quaintly as Harry makes his way towards her. 
“Hey, hey, ‘s okay. ‘s okay Sweetheart,” Something pulls at the strings of his heart and chokes it alive watching her this sad and breathless. 
“What happened? someone said something t'ya? Hurt ya?” His hand makes a home at the little of her back. His thumb dipping into the side of her rib caressing and soothing her from the tiniest of touch. 
He nods encouragingly when she shudders out choppily, “Harry...–-“ He tucks the loose frays of her hair behind her ear humming at her lovingly. 
“’M all ears, Petal.” He tells her honestly. Even though his next class’s in ten he could manage all his time for her. 
He mutters a, “Good girl.” When she inhales and exhales large puffs of moist air. Pinching her nose to speak and not break into shambles again. 
“I..I had a‐– illustration group assignment with Otis my classmate and he’s just too lazy! I’ve to submit it in two days and we're no-where done and he just keeps on slacking!” Fresh tears are brimming in her anxious eyes and Harry’s eyes trails to where she’s ripping her skin with how hard she has her nails clawed in to her knees. 
He tuts, grabbing her hands and smoothing his thumb over her knuckles. His intense assuring gaze locked to hers as he speaks to her attentively, “Don’t worry darling, ‘s Friday today right? We’ve got two days. Y’come to me house t'night ‘n we sort this out, yeah? Cos I’ve got to bake—....” His throat clogs with giddy incoherent nonsense when Y/N lifts a little too hastily mushing a grateful kiss to his cheek and Harry's eyes almost bawls out as she noses onto his buttery skin tenderly, murmuring against it, “Thank you, Harry, You’re the best.” 
So are you. Harry wanted to say but his lips are kicking up into a foolish pearly grin that wouldn’t leave his face for days, he guesses. He already knows he’s going to have butterflies lathering him in the tints of blues and reds and pinks and yellows --- everywhere inside him like a kaleidoscope of emotions. 
“Zoe told me you like milkshakes.” His grin feathers into a smirk, “You’ve been askin’ Zoe about me?” She blinks up at him so innocently and doe-like all he wants to do’s take her in his lap, cradle her face with outmost tenderness and wrap his mouth to hers in a kiss that’d leave them wheezy and gaspy and whimpering to caress the esurience to have more of eachother, kisses and cuddles and touches. Anything and everything. 
“And she tol' me you like grilled chicken sandwiches too, with all those olives and cherry tomatoes, ey?” He shoulders her puckishly cackling loudly when Y/N groans from shyness, shoving her bloated face in her elbow and glowers back at him with her brows furrowed in fake. 
“Zoe told you about my cat preserved in my closest, too?” She nips at him, and Harry just hums thumbing at her brows to smoothen down her frown shrinking her smugness and haughtiness away— leaving a cute mess of nervous giggles and ruby cheeks behind. 
“Show me sometimes,” He prods her. 
“But, that’s so creepy!” She gasps, squinting narrowly up at him and he mimics her; “but tha’s s'creepy!” 
“Didn’t know y’were testing my morals!” He intimates her expressions. Cheeks hurting from grinning indubitably down at the sweet girl who’s very irascible to him poking and prodding around her mind, maybe heart too. 
When Harry was asking her about her likes and dislikes in particular foods, she didn’t know he was initiating to take her out at the town’s diner. 
He was already waiting outside for her. His face sunshiney and beamy at Y/N's arrival, ringing the little bell of his cycle at her fervently and excitedly. 
“Okie shugyyy, Do I’ve to take out a map to show ya how we're gonna execute our plan to have—...” He grins at her cheekily shimming her bag down her shoulders to hold it  and hangs it to the handles of his bicycle – making Y/N a puddle of sweetened plum at the spot; she feels her skin sticky from his treacly gentleness. 
“To have a body buried in our backyard?” She arches a brow at him wiggling herself on the backseat of his cycle and he glances her from his shoulder rolling his eyes flippantly at her, “To’ve a bloody blast, dimwit.” 
The golden breeze cheers with giggles and laughs of Y/N, her glaucous coloured sundress patterned with white jasmines whirls and she squeals everytime it’s about to expose her itty-bitties too much as Harry paddles speedily barking out a laugh whenever she lunges to clutch onto him too tight. 
“Hold on t’me, nicely, Petal!” He shouts at her from over the loud gush of warm airy gush hitting their faces— the laughing, the squishes of assurement, the feeling of having someone to take you to your favourite milkshakes when you’re down, paddling a cycle to give you a mirthful view of the mountains; all of it made Y/N's bubble dilute gradually, the fear of leaning too much into the heart of someone then tumbling inside it and getting hurt and then never trusting anyone ever again— the fear to love ... it was all blanketing her up, cajoling her and assuring her ... telling her it’s not too bad to love the right person at right time. 
“Strawberry shortcake shake f'this missy right here and Boozy choco one f'me.” Y/N hates that she couldn’t flit her gaze away from the way his mouth elevates pudgily into his dimple as he orders sitting opposite to her (said he could see her better that way and oh boy did she blush!!), his long jewel adorned finger fumbling faint circles at the side of his temple and the filthier part of her imagines it be coated with milkshake and she laps it from his fingertips like a hungry kitten— swiping the thick sweet liquid over his taffy lips and suckles it from there till he’s pawing at her hips weepily. 
Her thighs squeeze shut at her own imaginations feeling a shiver run down her sides and filling a throb to her centre, liking the fire greasing in her pit after ages that got dulled from her dry interest in anyone. 
“Their drinks sounds like havin’ raw brooding sex at beach, fo’ fucks sake.” His eyes crinkles prettily with the force of his laugh spurting through his chest popping the few buttons of his shirt giving a sliver of the swallows sheltered under his collarbones spraying Y/N’s cheeks pink and he sinks into the booth ruffling his curls with the bob of his head. 
Y/N’s constraint really palpitates to lean over the table and brush them gently away for him. 
She clears her throat, hoping the endearment in her gaze has mellowed down for sake of her dignity. “Maybe their drinks are sex themselves that’s why.” She grins at him. Chin propped up at the heel of her palm and feet tapping against the hardcore cadmium yellow tiles. 
“We’ll have to find then.” He returns her grin with a sizzling playfulness, fingers splaying with gaps in each of them knuckles at the top of the table, his rings and initials shining under the setting pink sun and his feet nipping hers to stop her little annoying motion of bouncy legs. 
Their faces inches away, if he saturates the distance his lips could easily smudge against hers in a loving manner— enough to satiate his need to feel them, devour the sweetness of them, to get to know how cushiony they’re if they were to be wrapped around his shaft and drool against his balls. 
They’re startling away when their drinks were being served and Harry’s heart gave a joyous thump of something he couldn’t configure out yet, when; Y/N keens out an overly excited squeal and grouses at him for laughing at her when she missed the straw while going for a sip. 
“Hmm. Better than sex.” She hums keeping her hair away with her hands. Lashes fluttering through her closed eyes, she sucks some more and more – not stopping at all giving a death penalty and literal war-flashes to Harry. 
The dwalm in his awestruck gaze could be detected from two miles away as he feels his back getting sweaty and sticking to the leather of the booth, his manhood stirring awake thinking it’d be the best idea to tease itself against the seam of his brown flared trousers. 
He deflects his gaze anywhere but her candy tongue which pokes out quickly to collect the drops of milkshake so alluringly that for a moment he thought she’s doing all of this on purpose to fuck him over— but those ... damn those innocent pretty eyes of her gives it away and he tries; he really really does. 
Thinking of his grandma and her dentures floating in a glass water somewhere on her nightstand, he gives a thought to his plants which are probably cursing him out of dehydration and he thinks of what frosting he should use for the cake he’s about to bake— messing it all up and creaming it down her silken valley of breasts and eating the snowy delight off her. 
Bloody traitor!
“Harry?” She giggles sweetly. Gaze trailing to where he’s looking down in pure nervousness. He adjusts himself quickly, shoulders relaxing sensing her hand wrap around his’s giving it a squeeze, “What were y'saying darling?” He chuckles breathily, fingers twitching in her hold. 
“Was sayin’ these are sex themselves....” She says, swiping  the back of her hand over her lips and cheek still leaving remnants of it behind. 
Harry’s smirks kinks up into an infernal cheekiness, dabbing a napkin at the corner of her lips gently ... a chaotic contrast to what he’s about to speak next. 
“Y're meanin’ to tell me, tha’ nobody fucked y'good enough to give ya a trip to heaven?” He sits back, spreading his knees to let them brush hers everytime she shifts in her seat giddily. 
Entertaining himself from her  bashfulness. She looks him with blown away pupils making him hum nonchalantly and arch his brow inquisitively at her, “Sure have to do somethin’ ‘bout tha’, Petal.” Puffing a breather dramatically after detaching his mouth from around his drink, sugary coconut speckles on his bottom lip. He suckles and manipulates it, using his thumb to mull over it bluntly. 
“I...I mea–... nnn, this is not—...” She stutters giddily. Skin simmering hot and pretty from his coltish poking, but she’s never given a chance to finish and their heads are snapping at the screaming and wailing outside. 
Forgetting everything they’re rushing outside to find a woman crying badly, trying to free herself from the arms of crowd that’s stopping her to do whatever caused the recent scene. 
“Hey, hey,” Harry moves her away from them carefully, “What happened ma'am?” He glances to make sure Y/N’s still close to him and to his relief she’s sticking literally to his hip. 
“Som..–—.. someone dragged m– daughter to the woods, don’t know—..” She rambles pointing hysterically towards the dark forest veiled with hauntingly saggy trees making it hard to see even if it has a path to lead inside. 
Harry’s lips presses angrily into sobriety, his eyes darkening with rage and annoyance as he nods at the woman curtly. “Don’t worry. ‘M gonna bring her back.” 
Y/N doesn’t know why his offer to help dropped like a bombshell on her head filling her with terror and an urge to stop him, she goes for the best alternative, grasping his forearm and not letting it go wrapping around it like one worried bear. 
She just couldn’t let him be all alone against who knows if that person’s serial killer!
“I’m going with you.” She announces firmly and almost shrinks into herself when Harry snaps his head down to give her one of the nastiest glare, the harshest he’s ever been with her as he jerks her hold away from around himself. 
“No you’re not!” He growls, his ears and the tip of his nose a tad red from the vodka he consumed from his milkshake. 
“But....” He gives her a scolding look, that, there’s noway for her to argue over this. 
“No buts, Y/N.” He tells her furiously, “’M not putting you in any danger,” His tone flat. Though,  trounced with so so much care for her and before she could speak he’s bolting and following the trail of footsteps. 
Panic grows and grows strangling Y/N’s heart alive upon seeing his figure diminishing into the moss of darkness. Her lungs feeling like they’d dither cutting her off any oxygen. 
Why didn’t he gave another thought before jumping to save someone he doesn’t even know is there anymore or not? 
Why did he put himself into so much risk and why Y/N wants to slap him for it? 
Wouldn’t she have done the same out of kindness? 
Why when it’s him, she’s being so selfish .... why the thought of something bad happening to him pushes her into a state of hysteria and severe pain in her chest. 
A weird unsettling feeling gnaws deep inside her stomach in sickeningly short waves. 
As if he’s too precious for her to loose.
Her train of hazard thoughts that are making her dizzy and making her want to churn her insides out drops dead when everyone around her gasps, in fear she doesn’t picks her head up biting her lip raw and bloody. 
“Thank goodness! Thank goodness! Oh my god, thank you so much!” There. She finds, Harry with a little girl of eleven in his arms. No bruises. No dirt. No blood on them. Except she’s too sane for such thing happened to her and Y/N’s knees almost gives in weakly until Harry turns towards her and gives her a sheepish smile from all of the praise thrown on him. She runs and runs; feeling as if the distance between them’s of miles. 
“Oof!!” Harry grunts when Y/N tackles him to ground in her looser attempt to bunch him in her arms, ignoring the abrasive scratching his back's going through. 
“Oh baby .....” He sighs, pushing himself up on his elbow and slithers his forearm around her waist to squish her warmly and ever so tightly (it makes their breathing patterns erratic), his cheek smushing in the process brows downswing into tenderness, letting her snuggle and nuzzle her face into his neck as much she wants, “You do that again and I’ll kill you with me hammer!!” She hiccups face sculptured into such an intense scold Harry hold backs from kissing that pout away. 
Harry doesn’t feels very bad about it (he should) instead he’s prancing over the moon, shimming his hips to the beat of his overly giddy bobbling heart. 
His little adorable grumpy cares for him!! 
What a day to be alive!
Giving himself a tag of ultimate asshole upon feeling his stomach all googly with butterflies teasing and tickling him, he pulls her away from his neck gently and jutts his bottom lip grabbing her wobbly chin wiping fat tears that managed to escape without her permission.
Little liquidy fuckers. 
“You’re such an ass.” She scowls and Harry chuckles shyly at the complete contrast of her actions as she sponges tiny wet salty kisses all over his face except the spot where he needs her most. 
He'd melt and become caramel at the spot if she'd keep on going. 
“Is a reward fo’ being a saviour?” He pries away from the outburst   of her affection, grasping her wrist and keeping her hand pressed to his jaw when she tries to remove it away from out of shy embarrassment. 
“Fo’ being a proper, shmuck. You idiot!” She flicks him. Dusting her bum off and wiggling her way out of his lap, leaving him all amused and guppy mouth and depriving of her wooly embrace. 
He wads behind her to catch upon her pace, bending at his knees and huffing through his nose shaking his head at her -- the ball of his feet slipping out of his tattered vans. 
“Already so old professor?” She giggles knowing what she’s doing to crawl into his bones like he does, not caring to hide her slyness. 
“Hey! ‘M just a baby!” He yawps out, skewering his nose froggie like. 
“Grown ass baby.” She bites at him playfully rolling her eyes, waiting for him to fit his shoe back and compressing down a small smile when his brows jolts to his hairline, gleaming up at her in surprise when she forwards her palm to help him jump back onto his feet. 
He happily accepts her help. 
Girls were right. This Sunny Street isn’t very sunny as everyone calls it to be. The houses lined up are hollow of any light making them seem like nobody lives there, a yellow flickering lamp light's all that sparks against the charcoal pavement. 
Y/N had to remember if by any chance her vision has weakened when Harry put on breaks, once reaching the cobblestone path and she couldn’t quite focus at where his house is and she does a little spin bumping into Harry’s strong back. 
“C’mon, Petal.” The pet name boiling bubbles of timidness in her insides. He reaches behind him blindly to grasp onto her hand and weaves their fingers with a heartwarming sigh as he leads them towards the main door of his house. 
“Holy shit...” Y/N mutters under her breath, neck almost feeling like it’d fall off from craning it this hard.
This house gives vibes that it was scooped straight out of dark academia itself, old dull grimy bricks walled to make pointed arch, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, a large humungous tinted glass ornamental sphere window over the oak main doors –– something so gothic yet sophisticated about the architecture of it. 
“Make y’self home.” He rasps out, putting the keys at the console in threshold and chuckles softly at how she couldn’t tend to get out of awe and amazement. 
“Winters spend here be a paradise,” She flashes him a grin, taking in the appearance of the living room whose ceilings are pressed high, a vault in them from where a chandelier hangs quite dusty in it’s reign, the furniture’s of dark chocolate wood and the sofas and seats scattered around the Persian carpets are of burgundy tweed and houndstooth— an extravagant fireplace and all Y/N could imagine of is wrapped in a shawl with Harry snoozing against her chest while they get toasty infront of the crackling fire and she reads a book. 
The thought sounds so appealing and melting as autumn’s merely days away. 
“I feel like I’ve stepped inside a fantasy novel!” She sways, then her eyes widens when she sees a piano tucked to a corner against an antique standing clock -- hands clasped to her chest in amazement.
“Reckon. Like colours in m'life,” Harry ticks at the skin under his nails, his voice low and arguing, “Sure. You do. Bet, y’like rattles and toys too.” Y/N wouldn’t admit but she’d like to baby him (since he says he’s such a babbyy!) Give him back rubs and arm scratches, play with the muff of his soft curls and caress the slopes of his features and draw stars around his pretty moles.
The thought’s thrown out of the window when Harry's smirk dazzles under the flicker of candles, “Yeah them dolls be one of m'faves.” Y/N purposely ignores his flirt drippy quip, pretending it didn’t fazed her a tiniest ... knowing that Harry knows. 
Instead, she quickly scurries over to the piano pushing different keys and giggling when it creates funky noises, “Y'know how to play?” 
“Uh...—--... yeah, I mean, some of it, not much,” He stutters and sputters. Her fond glazed eyes earns those reactions out of him and it’s more difficult when she’s tad weary and jittery from all day. 
“You gonna play f'me in the morning?” She asks sweetly, bashing Harry’s apples of cheeks crimson, “Sure.” He just wants to brush his lips over those tired eyes of hers and kiss her temple and pet her hair till she’s all sleepy and drooly over him. 
He barks out a laugh when she sighs dramatically, gazing up at him with dreamy eyes. 
“A man of impeccable, talent.” 
She might be cursed is all she could grouse about— because, whenever, she’s extra sleepy and in need of some bed hoggling these windows get to have a complex beef with her. 
Once Harry showed her the room and made her bed for her to sleep in the night (how much she insisted he doesn’t have to) he left telling her from the doorway. “I’ll be in the right next room if ya need somethin’.” To which she just waved him away off, it had just one bulb, the floor bedding there was pressed to one of the mauve walls with a large window infront of it and little wooden stool beside as a night stand with books stacked on it. 
It was cosy. The very sight made Y/N dopey wanting nothing other-than to crawl her way to it and stuff her face into poofy pillows, she was almost about to dose off when a sudden eruption startled her up. Surprised she sits up straighter on her knees blinking the blurriness away to see what’s the chaos’s about when it happens again, again and again .... then abruptly everything’s dark around her leaving her and her meek silhouette alone eliciting horrendously loud screams from the deepest pits of her lungs.
“Fuck off!” She shrieks, the intensity of her jump-scare rolling her to the floor when the door creaks eerily revealing a hoo-man with his ruckus of curls making an awful shadow of a monster on the wall opposite, “You’re gonna deafen me – mad woman!” Harry  steps inside completely, looking down at her with knitted brows, bemused as to what got her crying for her life. 
He chases the sight of horrific scene she’s pointing at with frightened eyes, her breath falling dramatically cacophonous in the hollowness of night air. 
Harry sighs, glad she couldn’t see his face and represses the bursting laugh that’s tickling his locked lips, he fails terribly knocking his feet into the stool as his body doubles over in belly ache laughter. 
“The street light fussed you silly!!”, “Oh . . .”, Soft crinkles adoring the corner of his eyes, he tries not to laugh at semi panicked face of Y/N ending up into more maniac fits -- slapping his knee and falling onto floor beside her, “Oi! Stop that!” She grumbles, clamping her hand around his mouth and he wheezes queasily against her palm. 
She could feel him having a shit eating grin underneath her hand flitting her gaze away from his glinting teasing ones. 
“You can’t blame me! Didn’t know it was that duff street lamp!” 
“You’ve got sucha small heart, pet.” He giggles, pressing his cheek to her knee and she snorts in disbelief nipping down a gasp when Harry puts his hand against her chest firmly where her heart’s hitting erratically it seems like it'd rend some of her muscles. 
“Sure ye’ didn’t run a marathon?” He ticks his brow derisively at her. Her cheeks bristles pink and hot, trying to come up with reasonable argument swiping annoying loose errands of her hair behind her ear shaking her head left and right. 
“T‐..this bed isn’t very com—..” She couldn’t sleep in dark and all alone after what just happened. It’d keep on messing up with her already nervy and lug brain, it’s better to cling to Harry for the rest of the night than to not get an ounce of sleep. 
“You were drooling over it moments ago, weren’t ye’?” He muses, forgetting to remove his hand away from her chest which’s now rising and lowering in a tranquil beat,“I changed my mind!” She nips at him shoving him away from her and he gasps in dramatic appal, “’kay! ‘kay! What a meanie.” He scurries to his feet, dusting off his trousers and catches her wrist to help her stand up. 
“’M providing you with an Inn to rest, bread ‘n water. ‘Tis ‘s how you gonna repent?”, “Oh my dear lord, forgive me please!” Y/N mumbles in a feign squeak, rolling her eyes as Harry flashes her his pearly teeth while walking backwards towards his room. 
He’s got the mighty skills for cheering her and wrapping her around his fingers, for all she could focus on is him. He makes her forget the icky things in her life and rather it’s to warm her up to him, he should know she’s already a puddle for him and the her endearments for him’s intensifying sickeningly. 
He should know. 
“Not so easy,” He tuts, the back of his knees touching the edge of his bed as they reach his room and he’s flopping theatrically like a starfish coining giggles from Y/N, “Want me to lick yer boots for you my lord then?” She hops beside him, making the springs wave and bounce them. 
She chokes onto a bewildered cackle when he turns to face her smirking at her shamelessly, “What makes you think I wouldn’t be into that?”, “ gotta be quite careful with licking ‘cos I stepped into dog shit this mornin’.” He gazes her with hooded admiring eyes, head resting on the same pillow of hers and his chin on her shoulder taking pride in making her laugh this hard. 
“You’re so gross!” She swats his bicep, giggles fading into mellow sputters and Harry hums nonchalantly sinking deeper into her side making her breath hitch. 
It’s like he’s fire and she’s moth attracted to burn it’s wings against his warmth as she contemplates her decision to glaze her fingertips down his pretty soft features, feel his heart-shaped lips puckering against them and down his veiny throat that stiffens with her bare gaze on him – she relaxes into him, nostrils cloying with his woodsy musk as she hovers her twitching nose over his’s aware that a slight nudge could sponge their needy lips into a buttery little kiss. Instead, she gives him an eskimo kiss relishing into the way his hot breath riches with sweetness shuddering against her lips. 
“Goodnight, Professor.” Harry wanted to pinch her and tell her to stop that, except he’s left with a breathless heart and a hot gush of blood running towards his groin aching it with the desire and want. 
“Night, Petal.” Is all he manages to utter, flustered and blushed from Y/N’s antics. 
Y/N woke up with a tingling in her scalp. Groaning and mewling she tries to draw her face out of the pillow, only to realise it’s not some pillow filled with feathers. With closed eyes she prods and pokes getting a snorey grunt in return and her hair being tugged. 
She peeks open her eye, finding her finger digging into the soft fabric of Harry’s shirt. Did she just stabbed him in his nipple? She giggles hoarsely flopping back down and nuzzling her face feeling fuzzy when all of immediate bells rings in her sleepy mind that she’s sprawled over none other than Harry and might got his neck sticky with her drool too. 
She wriggles to move over to her side but he grumps securing his arms more tightly around her, hand cupping the swell of her waist and he blubbers blearily into her neck nosing the sweet dip and curve of it and smooshing his cheeks peacefully there. 
“Don’t . . .” He mumbles groggily, “I have to pee.” She pats his cheek gently pimples piping at her calves when it brushes against his’s while untangling from him. She didn’t have to budge him too much since he was getting lost into his slumber again. 
He perks up a little when she hisses, tumbling out of the bed and rushing to the washroom giving herself some time to internally shiver over how she sabotaged whole of Harry’s space and stuck to him like a spider cobweb. 
Doing her business. She comes out in hopes of slipping back against him without any endurance, though Harry’s already slackened over the puffy duvet with his butt sticking out, tummy laid down and  his face squashed into mattress. 
Y/N holds back from cooing and scooching closer to him, lull his face caringly and kiss his pout plenty of time as he rasps out with his lips downturned, “Bed was s'toasty ‘n y'were so warm in me arms . . . why would ya betray me like that?”.  Y/N chuckles nervously sticking her tummy out gesturing an imagery bump, “Food? Waffles? English breakfast? Tea?” 
“C’mon! ‘M hungry, Professor!!” 
“Stop callin’ me that. Makes me icky.” Harry yips. Mentally preparing himself to get his clumsy limbs out of this beautiful placid position, yawning wide and murmuring, “’m up.” and “lemme pee first.” 
Harry’s doomed. 
Watching his self-glory and self-restrain waving him a bye-bye, leaving him here in jitters and sweats as Y/N slowly gestures him to saturate the distance between them. She drags her plum jam coated middle and index finger towards herself in a demanding call, “You’re acting like it’s poisoned.” She snorts, taking a step closer to him herself and Harry takes another back— hips bumping into the wooden counter of kitchen island. 
He and Y/N were making brekkie together. Choosing to hear the dewy morning birds singing and the rustle of ochre dry leaves, as the pots in their hands clanked everytime they bumped into eachother. 
It was that damn cabinet Y/N opened to rummage the small bottle of coconut powder when she found her beloved jam jars purred to rim, she took them out with a gasp and squinted him in offence, “Broke my heart Styles.” Biting down a chortle when Harry stops slicing the tangerines and strawberries the knife in his hands clucking on the chop-board from the weakening, the nervousness evident in his eyes. 
He gulped, the particular thick vein on the side of his throat popping when she removed the tins lids and plunged her fingers into the jam with a squelching gooey noise, “Taste ‘em once, please! Pretty please . . .? Promise you’d love it!” It was a sight of terrorism for him because first of all; he hates jams, second of all; he might combust in his trousers from licking it off her digits. 
He’s a tad guilty, to make her feel it wasn’t good enough when he didn’t even taste it: but those are jams we're talking about! 
“Fine." He gives in with a groan, scrunching his lips to not to simper sheepishly when she squeals gleefully toddling closer to him and hovering tapping his bottom jutted lip with a wet sound -- he darts his tongue out and takes a precautionary kitten lick, his brows shoots up into bafflement a content fascinated hum tolling of his chest even before his mind could process the taste of jam. “Want s’more,” He wets his lips, picking of the residue and grabs onto Y/N wrist when she inquires about his thoughts with an inquisitive hum. 
Her pants humidifies the crisp air when Harry slides her fingers into his warm mouth, his rosy lips perfectly moulding deep around her knuckles, his words muffling “Hmphm, tastes so good,” and Y/N’s all dizzy very well aware that he’s doing it on purpose to agitate her, ruffle her feelings for him and how much she has been moxie about not wanting anything with him— she still wants everything with him. 
He furls his tongue around her  fingertips with a sultry roll of his eyeballs under dazed lids winding electrifying sensations down her spine, it sparks her blood sizzling making her centre flutter pathetically. 
He pops them out painfully slow after making her stroke the upper wall of his mouth, her toes curls and her lower abdomen coils tightly feeling the softness and ridges, “New York been feedin’ me shite jams fo’ years—..” He chuckles breathily swiping the dollop of jam from his chin all the way to his mouth and before he could stuff it inside, a pair of cushiony whiney lips were mushing against his parted ones only able to press softly against his cupid bow from the shake in her knees and the tremble in her hands as her conscience screams at her to pull away and bury alive somewhere. 
When he doesn’t either retreats and nor leans into the mess of a kiss she just made out of it, he’s still over cloud nine for imagining it to be true, she lingers away hesitantly with a delicate sponging sound only to be pushed back with Harry’s large hand around the back of her head and bringing her back for a peck as if warming her sensitivity up, feathering his pinkie down the apple of her flushed ruby cheek. 
Melting his mouth against hers in a proper kiss, cupping her cheeks with both of his hands and caressing her soft skin with his thumbs loving the way she kisses back so desperately her whole body curves into him, fisting and clutching onto him as she tip-toes to put her hands around his neck deepening the kiss passionately and sweetly moaning breathily when he nips the thin flesh of her lip and skims his tongue over it to soothe it. 
Harry’s heart bursts with pure fond and affection for this pretty girl kissing him as if he’s some antidote she’d sip and heal from inhales whiney from her nose, feet tiring and lips tottery from the lack of breath for not breaking the kiss. 
She presses their chests together, squeezing her small figure between Harry’s thighs when he opens them welcomingly and glides his hand a little over her bum grunting when she pulls away with a tempting suckle to his swollen pink lip, deep chuckle rumbles in his chest when she squeaks cutely on the attack of his balmy merry pecks against her lips all while holding her head in place and ducking down to her short height and he doesn’t stops till she grasps his jaw and they’re just a murmuring mess, not able to hold back to turn it into an ardent hot kiss again. 
He thinks, they’ll never be able to stop. 
She never expected a small, fleeting kiss to be dived into a passionate hungry kissing lasting so long they’re sharing their minty toothpaste breaths. 
“You totally did tha’ on purpose,” He pants, hands resting on her hips gently and she grins, bobbing her head joyfully, “I totally did that on purpose.” His heart thumps, beating ever so loudly, she’s such a menace.“Shit, Seriously? You weren’t supposed to say that!” He complains. 
“Too afraid you’d fall for me?” She scowls teasingly. 
“Too afraid, I’d fall fo’ you.” He quips back without any reluctance and for a moment Y/N believes the genuineness of his tone, till he’s back to bickering with her. 
Having breakfast was breaking a leg and an arm task. It was ruckus of flirty narks, naughty sly staring and glares, playing footies under the dining table and making the whole cutlery rattle from hitting their keens into it, bumping and pushing eachother with hips when running to see who puts the dirty plates in the washing sink first and Y/N lost terribly gaping out squeakily when Harry slapped her bottoms, whistling like nothing happened and walked his way over the sink easily and unfazed howling a whistle at her when she pouts at him glued at her spot—- too blushy and dazzled to move. 
“You’re a cheater!” She grouches, stomping behind him to wherever he’s taking her -- it’s the back foyer of the house, “What y'mouth pet.” He warns her, rolling his shoulders steady and his chin high just to vex her more. 
“Fuck off.” She mutters under her breath. Eyeing her books and the cluster of papers in his hands, hiccupping “Heard that.” When he  pips, glancing her with narrow eyes while unlocking the glass door of . . . what she could see if she steps a little back is a— green house. 
A beautiful one. With it’s glass walls taken over with plant life. 
She has never been so astonished with the elegance of an house before, because this one just keeps on charming her. 
The inside’s prettier, celestial with shelves heaved with ceramic pottery moulds and some wheels. A little table and few chairs to sit, a glass cabinet for beverages and Y/N fawns out of adoration seeing fairy lights hanging from the shelves. 
“My mum was obsessed with greenery, I quite abandoned this place, innit?” He asks, taking a look around and Y/N wags her mind to sip onto the new revelation. He has lived here before. He’s not new to the town. He’s just new to her. How come they’ve never met before? Might he left for New York when he was little? His parents still in New York? Why didn’t they come to visit? 
Instead of overwhelming and making him uncomfortable with all of her nosy questions, she smiles as he confesses sheepishly, “Dunno how to take care of plants.” 
“I know how to tend them to babies! I’ll teach you!” She trots to one of the shelves. Visibly melting and softening at how cute all these mugs, bowls, heart shaped trays and decorations pieces are, with mushroom handles, flowers painted on them, tiny frogies, little cottages in some of the bowls and Y/N imagines how cutesy they’d look in her kitchen. 
He has painted them so well and skilfully, a beautiful mixture of pastels and solids and glistening details, his hands are definitely very majestic. 
“Have ya?” He asks, brushing past her to retrieve a big mould on the top most of shelf and she's all tingly with the whiff of his scent filling  her nostrils wanting nothing more than to coddle into him, “These are insanely cute—..” She giggles softly booping a rolly-polly doll, with it’s little babies an exact replica of of it inside it’s shell, “...and yeah. I’ve been taking care of my cactus for an year now.” At that Harry barks out a laugh, putting the heavy  mould on the wooden working station with a thud. 
“When you watered it last?” 
“Don’t remember . . .?” 
“Yeah. Now c’mon gimme some context about your project and we’ll start from whether we gonna pick traditional way, or modern.” He nods her to go sit on the chair he dragged for her to where he’s working and she obliges happily, knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist from sneaking peeks on what he’s making. 
They didn’t want it to end like this. Expected might be the right word. With Harry’s hands fisted in her hair, his lips trailing down her neck in pleasing roughness patching swift kisses and pulling at the smooth skin of her clavicles with the graze of his teeth growling when Y/N digs her heated core against the tenting swell in his trousers grappling his shoulders, too fragile to steady herself. 
She couldn’t be blamed. How could she not erupt into glitters when he looked this ethereal with lavender sunshine bouncing at the highs of his sheened cheeks, he shrugged his jumper leaving himself only in a black tank top, she wasn’t able not to ogle the way broad of his shoulders rolled and the contrast of it against his pale skin made Y/N twists her nails into her skin. She was bored and those two soft pretty hands of his's sculpting the clay with such delicacies wasn’t helping, she wanted to be there in it’s place have his hands stroking all over her and kissing each spot of hers yearning for him, conclusively she was horny. 
“Can I try it too?” She asked politely, nervy he’d reject. Heat frothing in her belly from staring the way ivory clay veils his forearms distinguishing the spike of veins swirling up beautifully and she feels odd giddiness and waver in her gait when Harry smiles making space for her and pats the spot between his wide pushed apart knees, “Cm’ere, Petal.” He ushers her nose scrunching as he tries to fling his loose sweaty curl away with his wrist. 
He halts, when she does it for him grasping onto his shoulders in doing so, “Here ya go.” She whispers beaming down at him adorable, “Thank you.” He stiffens for a moment when she sits down pushing herself into him and his tongue bloats in his mouth; until she ribs him softly too excited to already start it. 
His clay covered hands curves around her cleans ones and she let’s out a squeal of joy when the unruly pot touches her fingers, she loves every minute spent with him – he makes it so bright and joyous for her it baffles her much. 
“Think of ‘em as yer’ heart, tend to it gently.” His breath tickled her  neck, the little bristle of his stubble pebbled shrivels on her skin. The more he rasps at her to focus on it the more she douses into his fragrance and his embrace all her heart could beat ominously for is how his nippy fingers caresses her, the way he’s encasing her so warmly between his gangly limbs and she mewls a gasp when Harry slips his moisturised fingers into her gaps and glides them up and around the rim. 
The piece of mud long forgotten as Harry bows down to her level of chin and his seafoam eyes strikes up to meet her soft ones intensely, only to find them lulled to mist duskiness, her head on his shoulder and with a breathy whimper she stretches her neck melting into him when Harry tightens his grip onto their slippery fingers and strokes his thumb into her indent with arousing strokes. 
“W'na kiss you so bad,” He murmurs with lust dripping from his low tone, “Please . . .” Is all she said and Harry’s hands were moulding around neck wetting the skin there with clay and brings her up towards himself, kissing her with every of his will.
Wanting to kiss her, so lovingly and zealously that the tingles and the rosiness of her plush lips would remind her of, him. 
His arms snakes from the bottoms of hers to wrap around her whole securely, his moans reverberating against her lips when she winds her fingers in his tuft of curls feeling and scratching them. 
Y/N squeaks into the kiss when his cold hands slides under her shirt sweeping a large damp streak of his reminder on her tummy and torso, tugging her over his thighs and into his lap while he grabs her jaw slicking his tongue into her mouth and everything feel unbearably humid, and tantalising as he teases the tip of his tongue against her teeth trespassing it when she whimpers and tries to kiss him more deeply – he yanks at her hair, murmuring and nibbling onto he corner of her mouth, “Lemme taste y'sweets.” He’s back into her mouth caressing her walls ardently, nipping the tip of her tongue and smashing their noses breathlessly against eachother, making their spits dribble down her chin and she pants, rinsing their chests together and grinding down on him with lazy hips. 
He’s protruding, twitchy and needy under her and she yawps out in heat timidly when Harry pins her away with a bow of spit connecting their mouths and it ropes and breaks when he traces his puckering reddened lips down her throat, sinking his blunt teeth into her sweet jugular and sucks it with a soaring hum. 
“W’na feel your cock, Harry.” His hips bucks up into her instinctively at her beg, “W’na feel how hard you’ve got me f'you?” He buries his face in her neck, groping her bum to stop her from digging into him such roughly before he cums in his trousers, “Fuck.” He growls, feeling the sensitive head of his weepy cock nudging into the inside of his thigh and noses her sweet spot when he senses her hands wavering upon fumbling with his zipper. 
“’S okay, moppet. It’s jus' me, your . . . Harry, needn’t to fret take y'time.” That definitely didn’t help. She puffs out a giddy chuckle finally having her way with waistband of his boxers and muses in his ear, rustling her fingertips up his happy trail smiling when his belly quips into her touch. 
Their moans and wails springs off each of the leaves when Y/N splits her fingers wide and drags them all the way down to his chubbed up shaft, ignoring the angry palpitating head on her way relishing onto his needy grunts with a smug smirk. 
He shrinks into her, making her eyes roll back to her skull and her lashes flutter fantasising how good he’d feel inside her, filling her so deep oh god she'd feel him nursing her tummy —- she creams her panties at the image of him budding at her entrance and lubricating her holes with his milky arousal. 
“D'something babe, y’hands cupping me so good.” Pre-cum beads and glides down his slit and he shouts a, “Fuck me.” Almost tumbling them on the floor when Y/N presses her thumb into the deep spongy spot in his slit and collects his sticky floods, giggling and kissing his nose, “I am!” 
His fingerpads makes grape like dents into the soft swell of her hips, pressing his puckered lips to the slight exposed skin of her chest when she starts stroking him in a slow rhythm slipping her other hand too and making him see stars wrapping both of her dainty palms around his fat eternity and squeezing it from the middle before messaging him all the way up. 
His nostrils flares, and he chews onto her shirt puppy like fucking himself into her palm as she caresses his wet tip too engrossed in the creamy sounds it’s creating. 
“Your hands fits so perfectly ‘round my prick, you feel so nice on me lap pet —... fuck, mhmpph jerking me so good,” She bumps her nose up his jaw to silently ask him for a kiss and he does ... kissing her tenderly and jolting in her hold when she squeezes his balls heavy with his seed and tugs and caresses them with harsh gentleness.  
His spit ridden shiny lips lulls apart into a hushed moan when Y/N gnaws at his jaw softly, pumping him once, twice and thrice unexpectedly he’s spurting white thick ropes of cum into her palm coating her knuckles and down her wrist and thrashes in her posses as she keeps her momentum till he empties his balls completely— quenching each and every drop out of him. 
His cheeks coral and sweaty, murmuring into her temple, “I never come this quick . . . swear—.. but ‘s you, it’s jus' you did really really good—-" His shy ramble’s cut off by her mouth on his’s in a pleased ardent kiss and her lips quivers into a grin against his panting ones, hands still shoved into his trousers feeling him going soft in her hold, “Good.” She rubs her cheek against his’s softly --  yelping out loudly when Harry flips her away and behind him with his arm protected around her steadily when the door to the greenhouse rattled, indicating someone’s about to step into their vulgar scenario. 
“Niall!” He howls in disbelief, hissing down at his stubborn fly and Niall doesn’t seem very fazed tutting and shaking his head— though facing away from them. 
“Woah! Pottery’s quite fun, innit?” 
“Tuck ya willy in. We’ve somethin’ important to discuss about.” Y/N peeks a glance to get the look at the intruder and he’s got the cutest cardigan on him for which she envies him -- and oh! Isn’t he the same guy who owns natural herbal medicines and flower teas shop at the very corner of the town!? He’s got quite alchemy tricks under his sleeves too. 
Y/N remembers how Zoe's uncle went all flattery because he treated his hernia. 
“Gimme a mo', pet.” Harry turns towards her petting her hair and pecks her gingerly before treading behind Niall. 
 Y/N paid no mind to effervescent tickle of where he pecked her with such gentleness and rather bumbles her thoughts, for how Harry knows Niall? And why he’s at his place out of nowhere demanding his attention? 
She watches them, brows crinkling when their faces skewers into tension and Harry’s face drains out of colour as if saw a ghost. 
“But I’ll be all limpy!” Y/N whines, nuzzling herself into his chest as Harry lays slumped on her, crushing her under his gangly limbs. He wants her to relax and swither her  shells down for him once—- so he could dip into her heart and mind and love onto her how she wants. 
“That’s the point! To get y'all loosey ‘n goosey, Petal!” He rumbles his lips, blowing raspberries into her pudgy neck and she giggles using all her force to push him away with her palms pressed to his chest. 
They had lunch together. Roasted chicken, corn and beans and side of russian salad. Had some sips of wine even though—.. it was too early to get drunk, but then they were a bit tipsy and Harry made her wear her shoes and took her towards the woods that has a gravely path from the other end of green house and he’s shushing her with bubbling chaste kisses making her inners gooey with swarmy butterflies and instead of guiding her over the fallen wooden logs he was picking her up himself from her waist and sometimes her armpits making her laugh boisterously and giving him an eskimo kiss everytime. 
“Sure y'not taking me for brutal a kill?” She poked him, swaying the broken branch along her galloping walk, “Hmm. Wouldn’t have packed a full basket otherwise would I now, pet? G'na fill you with croissants, pastries ‘n wine then merry make on y'delcious flesh.” He grinned at her catching the tip of the broken branch she shoved near his face with a pout, “Wipe that pout, yer too batty for your own sake,” He tutted leaning down to smack a kiss to her cheek and gave a ludic swat to her lower thigh making her die out of shyness and hotness feeling the semi-cotton fabric of her clothes irritating from the pimples pricking her skin. 
“Asshole.” She jested timidly, toddling behind him, “Heard that!” He whistled and she grumbled that his elfin thin ears could even hear ants wheening about their personal matters too. 
“Oh my goodness, Harry! How did you find this beauty!?” She gasps, eyes gleamy and her hands clutched atop her chest to bound any squeals that’d make these cute grey and black bunnies run away – they've got the pinkest twitching nose and ears! 
It’s a paradisiacal clear pond, scintillating teal ripples of placid waves causing a kaleidoscope of diamonds on the tangerine leaves of the trees, withering to fall on the already ochre carpeted ground and it’s most beautiful thing she has seen in the town; up-till far as the small lily water lilies and lotuses floats and bumps to the slope of pond so innocently. 
“Used to be my secret spot,” He smiles softly fanning a little blanket under one of the trees, putting the basket on it. Leaves crunching under his boots when he stands tall to examine his effort and scratches his head in nervousness. Sensing his giddiness, Y/N worms her arms to coil around his armpits and hugs him from behind, nosing onto the tensed knot in his shoulder. 
Harry stiffs for a moment. Eyes blowing away wide not expecting her to do such a treacly action of intimacy and melts into her touch when she murmurs, planting a kiss to his bicep, “Thanks for sharing your secret with me, ‘s heavenly.” 
That’s how she was spun in his hold and tickled to fluffy blankets, then pushed to the bark of tree as Harry fed her croissants himself stealing kisses and her giggles while she took ages to chew gulping it down slowly with wine and she was all glassy, pretty eyes and coral lips and blushy sheeny cheeks, letting him sit snugglishly between her legs and sipping him down her throat and tummy letting his striking gaze pierce through her -- oozing infatuation and endearment she was hiding for him for so long and she giggled when Harry tucked her underneath him telling her to finish this last sip of wine with him and she complained she’d be all limpy, knowing more than better that she’d be vulnerable and blabbering and she doesn’t like being all of that. 
So she diverts his attention and asks how it feels to take a dip in the pond, giggling and shrieking when Harry striped down hurriedly without paying any much brains to it, slinking his clothes carelessly and ran and jumped into the pond with so much vigour splashing droplets everywhere and on her. 
“Perfectly warm, Petal! C’mon!” His curls douses down his forehead, his tattoos alluring against the glisten of water, “Turn around!” She tumbles to her feet clumsily and he just rolls his eyes and covers his eyes childishly. 
“No peeking!” She tells, throwing her clothes ontop of his’s and makes a little gallopy run before bringing her knees to her chest, pinching her nose and jumping into the water – the tranquillity of it sloshes and swishes around Harry’s body as a bubble surfaces over her head and she comes back on the surface with shallow shivering gasps.
The water’s bloody cold! 
“Harry! You bastard!” Her teeth clanks together as she immediately wraps herself around him like a bat on his prey, gaping up at him when he grins down at her with a perfectly fine body temperature, “’S freezin’!!” She shivers more when Harry slides his hand down her spine letting her tangle her ankles behind his back, her elbows locking around the nape of his neck  and with one push flushes their chests together.
“Dramatic lil thing ye're,” He rumples his wet ringlets to tickle her, “G'na get us a cold.” She mumbles. He smiles achingly cute down at her, securing his arm tight around her waist for not letting her slip away and keeping her pressed to his warmth, “Oh poor you.” He teases her moving the hair sticking to her forehead away with his pinky and plucks at her pout. 
He helps her get out first, eyes lingering at her cute lilac sheer panties and bra now drenched properly, appearing as her skin albeit and accentuating her soft curves salivating Harry’s mouth and stirring his cock in his pants— though he reveries back from his lucid dreaming when Y/N informs him worriedly that somebody stole their clothes. 
His brows kinks angrily into acknowledging manor and his hands fists in vexation, but he props himself up droplets falling from his chin and dribbling down his torso coming all the way out  groaning nonchalantly. 
“Damn those bunnies!” He grimaces in feign offend to convince a disgruntled Y/N and rubs her slightly shivering arms, “Blankies then?” A sheepish smile and the twist of earlobe in shyness wouldn’t do shit to cover the excuse. 
He was more a menace to Y/N instead of a being a gentleman who'd ask her if she wanted to be carried – no! All he did was pass random obnoxious compliments her way as she trolled behind him with blankets pinched around her head. 
“Blankie monster!!” 
“Did someone save you from drowning, Miss?”, “Who’s your lord and saviour?” 
“What if it gets too nighty and y'turn to a block of ice on our way home what then?” 
“What’s with paddle walk, moppet? You a penguin?” 
Only to shut up when Y/N whistled at him coyly and smugly, “Nice tushy you got Harry, Bet you bruise like a peach.” Her innocence toned with puckishness and hint of mischief. 
She was collecting her books, smiling down gingerly at the clothes Harry gave her – too happy than butted to see her them swallowing her, she squeals girlishly bringing the neck line of his tattered band t-shirt to her nose and sniffing his calming scent when Harry called her downstairs. 
“Y/N! ‘S Dinah on the telephone!” Going downstairs to find Harry sitting and starting a fire and her inner squiggles with excitement wanting nothing more than to cuddle against him and chew onto the walnuts he received from  Mr. Chang-woo's walnut pie shop himself. 
“’S on the hold,” He tells her with a cutesy small smile and goes back to moving the logs around. 
“Y/N!” Dinah’s anxious voice booms through the receiver. 
“Hi . . . wha’ happened?” Y/N chuckles awkwardly, looping the cord between her fingers and leaning on the doorframe to stare at Harry’s gorgeous back flexing with his movements. 
“Come home right now!”
“We’ve something to tell you about Harry —-. .” The line goes blank from then cutting Dinah's worries for Y/N and shunning her in abyss. 
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finelinevogue · a day ago
i’m going through really hard days because i didn’t get accepted to the college that i wanted. can you write one where y/n is sad because she didn’t get accepted to the college she wanted and h comforts her?
i’m sorry to hear this :( that college obviously don’t know who they’re missing out on and they’ll wish they had enrolled you when you become to achieve great things! this one’s for you though my lovely (it’s a high school au) xx
8:59 A.M.
The email for whether you got accepted into your favourite college, or not, was coming out in one minute and in no way were you prepared for what was to come.
You were so excited to be going on to do great things in life; learning all about your favourite subject and meeting new people in a city that was new and exciting. You’d been working at a local supermarket for a while now, saving up money to be able to pay for college life. Harry, your boyfriend of two years, already knew that he had been accepted into his college of choice because they’d sent him a ‘Welcome Week’ pack accidentally too early. You were unbelievably proud of him. Harry was going off to study Law with the dream of changing peoples lives for the better one day.
Harry worked ridiculously hard for his exams and clearly his hard work paid off, especially since he got into his first college of choice and it’s the most prestigious one in the country. You worked as hard as you could, but a lot had happened this year which made it incredibly hard to focus. Unfortunately your brother died 3 months ago now and as a result of that your parents divorced. You tried your hardest to keep yourself together and support yourself, seeing as your parents had seemed to forgotten you existed anymore. That’s why you had a job at the supermarket, otherwise college would be a non-existent dream.
Your phone vibrated and you spooked yourself thinking it was the email from your college, but it was your Harry messaging you.
From Harry: good luck my angel♥️
He had been on the phone to you all last night, talking about your future together. You’d both applied to the same uni’s and now you were hoping that you’d get your first choice too, considering that’s where Harry was going. You didn’t want to leave him. You didn’t want to be anywhere that wasn’t with him. You prayed that you could stay with him.
You didn’t reply just yet, because the clock struck for the hour.
9:00 A.M.
Sat in your bed, you’d never felt so nervous. You opened your emails and saw that you didn’t have any yet. You breathed out heavily, convincing yourself there was probably just a delay with the acceptance emails since there were so many to send out.
From Harry: let me know as soon as you hear anything♥️
You started biting your nails as the clock went 9:01, 9:02, 9:03, 9:04, 9:05. Nothing. You refreshed and refreshed the page, checking over and over again. Your hands were starting to shake and you started to think the worst. You wanted to do well. To prove to yourself you can do this. You did do this.
An email notification goes off, but it’s not what you hoped it would be. It was an email from your school teacher instead, so you opened it with a shake to your whole inside of your body. The anxiety rushing through your body right now was horrible and you felt it about to become ten times worse.
Dear Y/N,
I am sorry to send you this email, but unfortunately you didn’t meet any of the requirements for your chosen colleges. Your grades weren’t high enough for the standards of the schools you applied to, but i’d be happy to talk you through other options. Keep positive!
Mrs K
You dropped your phone on the bed and started crying. Your body shook and your sobs were loud. You felt so much pain knowing you’d failed. You couldn’t achieve the only thing that was important in your life. This was an important stepping stone and you had missed it and fallen so far deep down that it was impossible to climb your way out of this one.
You cried because you let yourself down, but more so because you let Harry down. Those dreams of attending your favourite college together were now but just that; dreams. You cried even harder because you’d failed your parents even more than they’d already been let down. They should have been given nothing but hope and happiness today, but they were left with more sadness and disappointment. You thought of your brother and how you’d let him down too. You tried to do this to show how strong you could be, but you had only showed how worthless you were. You couldn’t achieve anything. You could be nothing.
You’d applied to three colleges and none of them could accept you. That really showed you how much of a failure you were at life. The work and effort you’d put into getting good grades had been so much that it had even put restraint on yours and Harry’s relationship. Harry deserved better than you, you thought. He deserved someone who could actually achieve something in life and who wasn’t sufficiently broken. All you could claim was the success of having a job, but that wasn’t good enough and it never would be.
It was made so much worse when you checked your phone and its notifications. Harry’s made you feel safe, but unworthy of his love. He was good for you.
From Harry: oi, don’t leave me hanging!!
From Harry: i am DYING here waiting
From Harry: y/n?
From Harry: angel, everything okay?♥️
From Harry: call me please xx
Your parents were a lot different. A lot.
From mum: Mrs K called me. This isn’t good enough Y/N.
From dad: Work harder next time.
9:15 A.M.
You’d not left your bedroom, but you’d moved from your bed to your desk already. You had your books out in front of you, studying for the exams you’d have to retake. You didn’t respond to Harry’s messages and you didn’t respond to your parents either. You thought today would end in a meal out with your dad, considering you were staying at his house currently, and then you’d see your boyfriend in the evening and happily plan your future together. Instead, you were at your desk studying because you had failed.
Your eyes stung from crying so heavily. They were puffy and blotchy because of how much you’d cried. Life had never felt so awful.
“Y/N!” Your dad called from downstairs, “Harry’s here.” You sighed, not wanting to have to face Harry right now. You couldn’t bare to see the look on his face when he realises how messed up of a girlfriend he’s really got.
“Tell him i’m busy.” You shouted through your open door, cramming your head back into your textbook.
“Since when are y’too busy for me?” Harry’s voice broke through the room, making you still and become anxious.
“Right now.” You replied, trying your best to keep a calm voice but even you could heart the tremble in it. You still didn’t turn to face him, not wanting him to see how obvious it was that you’d been crying.
“Angel, c’mon—”
“Harry, just go! Please!” You shouted, turning around in your chair to face him unfortunately just as the tears decided to roll down your face again. You didn’t want him to leave at all, but he deserved better than to be here with you right now.
“Woah, hey, Y/—” Harry began, moving towards you until he was stopped by your dads voice.
“Everything alright in here?” Your dad asked, looking at you to see you were crying but didn’t care enough to ask about it. He stood in your doorway, arms folded and ready to kick Harry out of needs be, not realising it was him that you really didn’t want near you.
“Y/N’s just a bit upset. We’re okay.” Harry responded, but all you could think about was that you weren’t okay and you probably wouldn’t ever be. Your hands continued to shake and Harry was now stood close enough to you that he could wrap his pinky finger around yours and squeeze it, letting you know he was here for you and wasn’t leaving anytime soon.
“Oh right! Yeah, it’s been a pretty disappointing morning.” Your dad responded, making you drop your head hearing it out loud. You were ashamed of yourself.
“Disappointing?” Harry questioned, looking down at you to see you’d caved in on yourself and were shaking due to your cries. He knew that whatever was the matter he would stay with you until every sad thought has been hugged and kissed away from your body.
“Y/N didn’t tell you?” Your dad asked, letting Harry shake his head before he continued, “Y/N failed. Didn’t get any college offers and failed the exams, and has made a cock up of the future. I said, you should’ve worked harder because it’s not good enough. Now we’re going to have to live with the burden of failure.” Your dad explained and tutted, making your heart hurt hearing all the thoughts that had clouded your head over the past 20 minutes.
You tried moving your pinky finger away from Harry’s, sitting up to try and keep your head held high whilst he told you that this was the end of you two, but he only squeezed your pinky harder and leant down to give you a soft kiss to the forehead. It was a simple two gesture, but something that healed your heart even just a little bit. He stood back up and turned to face your dad, slightly blocking you from view.
“Sir, you know I respect you as a person,” Harry started and your dad nodded, “but i’m seriously finding it hard to respect you as Y/N’s dad right now. This last year has been tough for you, I appreciate that, I do, but have you ever stopped for just one minute of your day to check on your daughter? You lost a son, well Y/N lost a brother and then also lost both parents because of it too. The work effort that Y/N put into those exams were second to none, genuinely more than me, but because of having a very messed up year I don’t blame Y/N for the fact the exams didn’t go the way they should’ve. Neither should you.”
Your dad stayed looking at Harry and then past him to where you were still sat at your desk, latching to Harry like a safety blanket. He was your comfort person and you weren’t ashamed of that.
“Excuse me.” Your dad cleared his throat, clearly tears in his eyes, and walked out of the room. As soon as he was gone to started crying harshly again, sobbing into your hands and bent over to make yourself feel as small as possible. This had to be the worst feeling ever, knowing how badly you had underachieved in life.
The sounds of Harry’s knees clicking could be heard as you felt his presence in front of you. He cupped his hands over your knees, caressing softly as he let you just cry for a few minutes. He was aware that when you are crying and really upset, you prefer to just let out all your tears before you talk to anyone. Harry likes being there for you and would never let you go through the darkness alone, but merely offer a guiding hand to the light at the end of the tunnel.
You cried and cried until you believed you were strong enough to face this. Him.
Looking up at him, pulling your hands away from your face, you sniffled and blinked your eyes clear of any tears. Harry handed you his handkerchief and allowed you to use it to blow your nose. Once you had, you fiddled with it in your hands before finding the courage to look at him. He looked so beautiful and yet he looked so sad. He looked devastated, but you wondered whether he was using that to hide his disappointment. You looked into his eyes so he could truly grasp the gravity of your words.
“I’m s-orry.” You hiccuped out, tilting your head back down to avoid catching the look on his face.
Harry instantly brought his hand to your cheek and guided your face up to meet his. He looked at you with teary eyes, the same as yours, and shook his head ever so slightly.
“Don’t do that. Don’t apologise.” He ordered you. “Promise me you won’t feel guilty for this. Ever.”
“B-but I let so m-many people down.” You sighed, leaning into Harry’s hand slightly more. He smiled at the feeling, loving how you weren’t pushing him away.
“Hey, no. Stop that. You didn’t let anyone down.” You started shaking your head over his words, but he didn’t let you believe for a second longer that you were in the worst wrong. “No angel, listen to me now. You are the strongest person I know. I don’t know anyone else who has gone through what you’ve gone through and still pull yourself together enough to so much as even sit the exams. Bloody hell, even Amy Caro didn’t sit them because her gerbil died!” That earned a little laugh out of you. “You have proved how strong and amazing and resilient you truly are, just by sitting here today and putting a smile on your face. I mean for God sake, Y/N, you’re revising already! You clearly care about your work and your future, that alone proves how you could never let anyone down.”
“I just wanted to do something worthy for once.” You had fresh tears in your eyes thinking about how nothing this year had been a success for you.
“Loving me is something you are always worthy of doing. It’s the greatest honour to be loved by you, angel. Wouldn’t want anyone else loving me.” He brought your hand to his lips and gave it a soft peck, letting his lips linger to let his love soak through and into your skin.
“Not even someone who can get into college?” You laughed, trying to crack a joke but clearly Harry didn’t find it as funny as you did. The light-hearted humour obviously wasn’t something he was ready for.
“Never. And I mean that full honesty, angel. I’ve never wanted anyone else other than you. If you never go to college, that’s okay. If you want to move countries and set up a bookstore in Italy, that’s okay. I would follow you anywhere, Y/N.” Your heart melted like an ice-cube in the sun, thinking of all the places you could go - together.
“What if I wanted to go to Tescos so we can buy ice-cream to drown my sorrows in?” You asked, sliding down of your chair and kneeling on the floor in front of Harry. He smirked at you as you slid down, slinking your hands around his neck to hold him closer. His hands went around your waist and held you tightly against his well-built frame.
“Y’re a pest. You know that?” He chuckled, leaning further into you and looking between your eyes and your mouth as if he couldn’t focus on one thing to look at.
“A pest you’ll keep forever?” You questioned, slightly nervous for his answer.
“More than forever.” And his lips were on yours to show you just for infinite forever was about to be.
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jarofstyles · 7 hours ago
do more mean Dom h pls I beg you 🙏🏼
I can do something short and sweet 😈
Degrading, daddy kink, mean dom h, short hehe
Check out our Patreon!
“Look at how pathetic you are.” He snickered.
Y/N was a mess on his cock, laying out under him on her back. The slick sounds of their sex only spurred him on, but her hands were bound above her head giving him ample control. After a particularly needy day, he had decided his punishment was going to be to give her exactly what she wants- only without the ability to touch him.
The squelch of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy was matched with the buzzing of the vibrator he held on her clit, smirking as his own ecstasy filled his body. The feeling was euphoric, and Y/N was a squirmy mess from overstimulation. Shuddering with each pass, breasts heaving as he thrust into her. “Begged and begged like a desperate whore all fucking day… Didnt let me answer any emails. What did you say to me baby?” He sneered, looking down at her sweaty body and arching up as he rolled the vibrator around her swollen clit.
“Mm… said, ‘Daddy, fuck me. Daddy, give me attention. Daddy, I want your cock. Daddy, now.” He spit the last one, moving his hips faster as he was trying to work her into her third orgasm before he came inside of her. “You filthy cunt. S’pathetic, really. Sitting by my legs and whining like a bitch in heat while I try and answering those important emails…” the sound of his spit was heard as he drooled it down to where they connected, watching it smear over his cock and into her cunt as he sunk into the tightness again.
“So now I’ve got t’fuck you like one. Hope this time you can be a bit sore so you can let me take my emails. Then again….” He snickered as he pulled out for a moment and listened to her gasp and beg for it back in again, cunt clenching around nothing and completely filthy with cream and spit and glistening in the dull light of their room. Based on his own indulgences, he slammed back in and made her Yelp, turning up the intensity on the toy.
“I don’t think anything can keep you off of my cock. Daddy’s needy pup. Absolutely nothing but a little sleeve for my cock, a hole for my cum, and you remind me every day that you love your place.” Her body writhed under him, nodding as she arched into him. Harry was always in awe of how into it she got, how well she handled punishment- but he knew her poor wrists would be sore from the way she tubes at her restraints.
“Stop tugging. Silly, pathetic puppy.” He pulled the vibrator away as he felt himself her closer, pressing it against her mouth to lick all over as he pounded into her. “That’s it. Taste your pussy. If you’d been patient, it would be my tongue down there. But no. You’re a silly little horny slut who can’t follow directions. Gonna hurt yourself because you can’t stand not being able to touch daddy. You don’t have the right today.” His reminded was another harsh thrust into her sloppy cunt, smacking against the girl’s poor abused cunt a few times. “Not going to touch me when you disobey. Maybe next time you’ll learn to keep a handle on your slutty manners and Daddy will fuck you against the window of his office, so everyone can see how good of a toy I’ve got.” He sighed, feeling her start to get close. His cock throbbed inside of her, pulling the vibrator back to her cunt and increasing his thrusts.
Harry loved punishing her, but he loved making her cum so many times she sobbed even more.
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goldnn-harry · a day ago
Hey love! Could we get a request where the reader is Harry’s GF and she hasn’t been feeling super well bc of Mother Nature. And she finds out from the gyno she’s got endometriosis and Harry is super supportive and comforting? Loads of cuddling and head kisses included 🥰😊
“my love, what's wrong?” harry mumbled. he'd woken up due to your squirming in the bed and light noises, which were moans of pain.
“nothing nothing, it's okay please go back to bed h,” you hated that you had woken him up, he had been super tired last night.
“baby, is it your period again?” he motioned to the hand resting above your uterus with a nudge of his head.
you nodded slightly.
“alright, that's it. we're going to the hospital come on,” harry got up immediately and walked to the closet to find something to wear.
“harry that's not necessary, please go back to bed,” your voice broke slightly as your cramps got even worse.
“y/n, i understand women have cramps but yours keep getting worse and that can't be normal. you can barely get up sometimes, and you're in pain all the time. pain relievers don't work for you anymore and neither do heating pads. maybe this is normal, which i doubt, but we're still going. you need to get checked out just incase.”
you sighed, knowing he was right. “can we go in the morning? it's 3am,”
he shook his head. “i think it's better for them to see what's going on in there while you have cramps. if they're gone in the morning they won't be able to. do you need help getting up?”
you nodded, and harry helped you up from the bed. he placed a quick kiss to your forehead and walked to the closet. “what do you want to wear?”
“hoodie and sweats are fine,”
he nodded and gave you a pair of your sweats and your favorite hoodie of his. then he put on a shirt (he left the sweatpants he slept in on) and helped you get your shoes on after you are both dressed.
with his help, you got in the car. he held your hand the whole drive, knowing situations like this made you nervous.
after parking at the hospital he said, “ready? everything's gonna be alright, i promise,” he smiled and kissed your cheek.
you smiled back and nodded.
both of you got out and walked inside.
inside, they made you do all of the basic protocol, and then you were put in the waiting room.
by the time you were called in, your cheeks were wet with tears from how bad your cramps were.
harry had to explain everything to the doctor due to your crying, and you just let him since he practically knew about your own body more than you did.
“alright, i'm just going to run some tests and you'll results should be done around half an hour after. follow me,” the doctor said.
harry kissed your forehead, then your lips, and let you go with the doctor to get your tests done.
after getting your tests, the doctor had to give you morphine because of the pain. so, you were just waiting in a hospital bed, harry holding you close, for your results.
35 minutes later the doctor walked in.
“alright y/n, your results are back. it turns out you have endometriosis, stage two. its mild, and it's not a threat. however it still does have consequences.”
to be honest, you didn't know much about the disease, but in your head any diagnosis couldn't be completely harmless so you knew something would go wrong. you squeezed harry's hand tightly as tears blurred your vision.
“it's okay baby, no need for tears alright? she said it was mild,” harry's voice was soft as he wiped your tears.
“yes, it is. however, onto the consequences. as you know, it brings on painful periods. this can also come with back and abdominal pain. it can also cause pain during or after intercourse, or pain with bowel movements and sometimes urination, these two are only during your period. your periods will be heavier, and you may bleed in between cycles. some more mild symptoms are fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, especially during menstrual periods. as you can see most of these only happen while you're menstruating. now, this condition can also cause infertility. however, your infertility test came back negative, and you're in fact very fertile. but, that doesn't mean you can't have problems conceiving in the future, if that's something you plan on doing. due to the fact you're so fertile now, i recommend maybe freezing some eggs. other than that, your body is perfectly healthy y/n. and i know i mentioned a lot of horrible things right now, but you need to understand this condition isn't the worst thing in the world and you can continue your life like normal with this.”
by the time she was done, tears were streaming down your face. you could feel harry constantly kissing your forehead and telling you everything would be alright.
“i'll give you two a moment,” the doctor exited the room.
“my love, it's okay. you see what she said? it's livable. you'll be okay, i promise you. it's okay,”
“n-o it's not,” your voice hiccuped, “she said even intercourse hurt. i can't even give you that!”
“first of all, is that what you're really worried about? and second, she said maybe. and even if we can never have sex again, i'm okay with that.”
“what if you wake up with a boner? what happens when you get horny?”
“baby, stop thinking about that.”
“and- and i may be infertile! i cant give you kids.” you sobbed.
“beautiful, did you listen to her? she said you're completely fertile. she said it was a possibility, in the future.”
“still h, still.”
“even so, we still have options. we can freeze your eggs, we can adopt, or we can even try now. anything baby. please stop worrying.”
you sighed and wiped your face. “i love you so much harry,”
“i love you too y/n. and i'll always be here, to help you and to love you.” he kissed your forehead and pulled you close.
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justice4canyonmoon · 15 hours ago
Mlbrry and y/n go away for a dirty weekend??
notes: I've never written mlb harry before, so I thought this was pretty fun!!!! I thought that making Y/n an MLB player would be fun bc we love feminism and breaking the glass ceiling in this house!!! hope it's good :)
warnings: smut! 18+ only!!! unprotected sex!!! honestly that's pretty much it tho
wc: 502
When Y/n became the first female MLB player, she knew that most of the men would underestimate her. That they’d think of her as less capable as the rest of them, and that she’d spend nearly every day having to prove herself to them.
She didn’t think that it would lead to her finding the love of her life. The star pitcher, Harry Styles, had fallen hopelessly in love with her, and they had been married for 3 years now. He always blew her kisses from the pitcher’s mound when she was covering first base, and it never failed to make her cheeks warm. But both of their lives were completely taken up by baseball. They had practically no free time.
It was her idea for them to get away, just for a weekend. She had found a cabin up in the mountains, secluded from practically everything else. Harry apparently took “weekend getaway” to mean “having sex literally every minute of the day.” Y/n had completely lost count of how many orgasms she had had throughout the weekend. It was Sunday afternoon now, not too long before they had to leave. She was packing up the leftover food they had brought with them for the weekend when her husband came up behind her, kissing her neck.
“Again, H?” she teased, “didn’t you just get some an hour ago?”
“Never get enough of yeh,” he replied instantly, sucking marks onto her neck, “jus’ one more round before we go, please?”
Y/n could never really refuse him. So she ended up bent over the kitchen counter, skirt flipped up and panties down at her ankles as Harry pushed into her drenched folds.
“H,” she moaned breathily, “stretch me so well.”
“Still s’ fuckin tight, no matter how many times I fucked yeh this weekend,” Harry groaned as he bottomed out, “fit me like a fuckin glove.”
“Please move, babe,” she whined, “need you.”
He could never say no to his wife, beginning to move at her command. His cock brushed all of the right spots inside of her as he gripped her hips roughly. His motions inside of her were almost animalistic, and deep grunts were sounding from his chest as the slick sounds of her wetness filled the room.
“H-Harry,” she gasped wetly, “fuck-”
“Y’ close, aren’t yeh, baby? Can feel yeh squeezin me. S’okay, lovie, cum whenever yeh need to.”
His slender fingers moved forward to run her clit, and her body spasmed as she came on his cock. Harry’s strong, callused hands held her hips tightly as she squeezed him.
“Oh, H, f-fuck me so g-good,” Y/n praised as she released.
The tightness of her pussy and the praise shot straight to his cock, and soon he was pumping his release inside of her.
“Have the best fuckin wife on the planet, I swear,” he groaned when he came down from his high, “love yeh more than anythin.”
“Love you more, H. Love you so much more.”
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marvelous-harry · a day ago
oh my god the sub drop reader blurb killed me 😍 sooo adorable. now can we see more of reader being a brat 😈 I die for florence and harry telling her what’s what. adore this universe so much!!!
"But why?" I whined as I followed him into the bathroom. I pouted as I tugged on his shorts. "Please, Harry, please!" I begged.
"I said no. Now be a good girl and finish packing your things," Harry said as he pulled my hand away from his shorts.
"But, Harryyy," I whined loudly and reached out for him again.
"No. Stop," he interrupted me and gave my hand a little smack.
I let out a sob as I stormed away and threw myself up on our bed as I cried loudly.
"You best start behaving and be ready to go when Florence comes back," Harry told me sternly as he continued packing up our things.
Letting out another sob, I pushed a pile of his neatly folded clothes off the bed and glared at him.
"Noo!" I screamed while sobbing. "Harry!"
"That is enough!" Harry said as he marched over quickly.
Whimpering, I tried to scramble off the bed.
Harry grabbed onto my foot and yanked me back before he got up on the bed and straddled my hips. When I tried pushing him off, he grabbed my arms tightly, pinning them above my head.
"I don't have time for your little tantrum right now," Harry said as he put his head down, close to mine. "When we get on the bus I am going to give you a spanking for being so naughty but till then you're going to get on your knees in a corner and shut up," Harry hissed.
I let out another loud sob as he got off me and pulled me off the bed. He escorted me over to a corner and gave me a pointed look. Whimpering, I got down on my knees and looked up at him sadly.
"Not a word, and don't move," Harry ordered as he moved away.
Crying, I wiped at my wet cheeks and watched as Harry refolded his clothes before putting them into his bag.
By the time Harry had finished packing everything up, Florence still wasn't back.
Sniffling as I watched Harry sit down on the bed and text someone before looking over at me.
"Florence just finished her interview so she'll meet us at the arena later," Harry sighed as he stood up and came over. He held out his hands for me and helped me up.
I rubbed my eyes as Harry tilted my head up and looked me in the eyes. "You going to behave until we get on the bus?" he asked.
I nodded and whimpered. "Yes, Harry," I whispered.
"Good. Get your shoes on and grab your bag. I'll get Flossie's" he let go of me and promptly walked away.
Slipping on my shoes, I put my backpack on and grabbed my bag before standing by the door and waited for him like a good girl.
Harry was quiet the whole lift ride and quiet as we got on the bus.
Chewing on my lip, I put my bag and backpack nicely away before looking at him as he did the same.
"Okay. Come here," Harry sat down on the bed and patted his lap. "Let's have a little talk first,"
I walked over slowly and sat down on his lap, playing with his necklace nervously.
"Why are you going to be punished?" Harry asked as he tilted my head up.
"Emm cause I was naughty," I whispered, blushing as I looked at him.
"That's right. You didn't take no for an answer and when you didn't get your way you threw a tantrum and continued your naughty behavior," Harry scolded me.
Whimpering, I hid my face against his neck. "I'm sorry! I just really wanted to suck you off," I mumbled against his skin.
Harry chuckled lightly. "I know, baby, but you have to listen when I tell you no. I'm very flattered that you wanted to suck me off that bad though,"
"Maybe I can suck you off later?" I asked and looked at him hopefully.
Harry let out a little chuckle before shaking his head. "I don't want you asking any more about that today, understand? I'll let you know if I want to use your mouth,"
"Okay," I sighed sadly.
"Good girl. Pull down your trousers and panties please and lie down over my lap,"
Getting up, I did as I was told and lied down over his legs. This day was not going as I'd planned I thought before yelping as Harry started spanking me hard.
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mindofharry · a day ago
Tumblr media
“Fuck, you’re so wet” Y/N giggled as she stood beside harry, as he soaked himself in the small tub. It was after a concert, and most likely an ice bath which harry mostly did after exercise; the concert for example. Harry wiggled his eyebrows, giving Y/N that look. Y/N chuckled to herself as she brought her arms up under her chest.
“You’re like a teenager” She muttered, but continued to undress. Harrys eyes widened as he took in her appearance, no bra, no panties — nothing in between them but the tub and ice cold water. But from the look on Y/N’s face she did not seem one bit phased as she put her feet in first.
“I’m gonna fuck you so hard” Harry muttered bringing his face to hers so he could press his lips to the side of her neck. Y/N moaned at the contact, seating herself on her boyfriends thigh. She whimpered at the feeling, bucking her hips up as her hands traveled to his chest. Harry smirked and brought his hands to her hips rolling them foward, Y/N closed her eyes. The feeling of his thigh against her sex was incredible, she could cum right on the spot.
Harrys hands found her hair, he gave it a light tug making Y/N whimper. The coldness hardened her nipples, making them extra sensitive— but that did not stop harry from taking her bud into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around her nipple, Y/N threw her head back her hands running through the back of harrys wet hair. He let go of her nipple with a pop, kissing in between her breasts.
“No more teasing, want you to ride me” Harry demanded, Y/N nodded quickly manoeuvring herself so that her legs were around harrys waist. Harry placed his hands back on her hips, guiding her so his member made contact with her clit. Y/N quickly looked into his eyes, placing a peck on his lips before slamming down on his cock.
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