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A/N: this is my thank you for 12k followers!! it's not much, not long, but it's all i had time for, i hope you guys will enjoy it and thank you so much for all your support!!💜
PAIRING: Harry x Famous!Reader
SUMMARY: You have different beliefs about marriage, but you end up meeting in the middle.
Tumblr media
The audience laughs at another chaotic, funny answer Harry just gave to Jimmy’s question about an incident that happened during one of his shows recently. They have been talking about tour and music, mostly because that’s why Harry is a guest on the show, to promote his tour and latest album. But of course, the conversation will flow elsewhere as well.
“I’m gonna need to join you on tour sometime to witness these,” Jimmy chuckles. “Alright, I have something that I really want to ask you and I believe everyone else wants to know about it too.”
“Alright, ask it,” Harry nods with a serious look.
“It’s about one of your recent Instagram posts,” Jimmy says and holds up a printed version of the photo Harry posted a few weeks ago, one that practically broke the internet.
In the photo he is seen with you, his longtime girlfriend, the shot captured a moment when the two of you were dancing at a wedding, you were kissing just a moment before the picture, but Harry tickled your side so you both started laughing, your teeth touching and that’s exactly when the photographer caught you.
It’s the first ever time Harry has posted you on his social media, but it was a special occasion.
“You posted it not long ago, right?” Jimmy asks, taking a look at the photo too.
“Yes,” Harry nods again.
“This is you and Y/N Y/L/N, right? Who you are dating.”
Harry can’t even answer before the audience starts cheering and screaming at the statement, making him blush as he laughs.
“Yeah, that is right,” he confirms, earning another round of screaming.
He is known to keep his love life private and that’s something you share with him. Rumors only surfaced about the two of you a year after you started dating and there hasn’t been much information about your relationship ever since. Just a couple of grainy paparazzi pictures, some stolen glances at award shows and gossips every few months from random sources. That’s why Harry’s post was a total shock to the world, no one was expecting it.
“So the caption reads: Five years of the purest love,” Jimmy reads and Harry blushes some more, even though he wrote those words. “So you guys were celebrating your five year anniversary?”
“Well, not on the day the picture was taken, but yes. We recently had our anniversary,” Harry confirms, his eyes wandering to the picture, his heart skipping a beat even just thinking about you.
“Five years! Wow! Congratulations you guys!”
“Thank you,” Harry chuckles.
“Can I ask how the two of you met?”
“Through a mutual friend. I was in LA for a few weeks and got invited over for a dinner party and she was there too. I guess we just hit it off right then and there,” he thinks back at the first time he finally met you after crushing on your for probably an entire year, watching all your movies and shows.
“Was it a set up? Or you guys just found each other?”
“Don’t think it was planned, but who knows,” he shrugs smirking.
“I get it, I get it. So five years. That’s a long time, are you planning the next step maybe?” Jimmy implies, clearly wanting to know if he plans to propose to you.
“Uh, well, it’s a complicated situation,” Harry admits with a breathy laugh. “And if you want a straight forward answer, there probably won’t be a wedding.”
“Oh,” Jimmy’s eyes widen. “Is there a specific reason?”
Harry knew he would be asked about you and you discussed how much you both feel comfortable with sharing, so it’s no surprise to him. Posting the picture you knew people would want to know more and you agreed that after five years of keeping silent, you could give the world a little something.
“It’s simply because Y/N doesn’t want to get married. Not just with me, she generally doesn’t want to get married. It’s something we talked about very early in our relationship, because she didn’t want it to cause any problem later on.”
“So this is a decision she made, regardless of you or any other man?” Jimmy asks to clear things up.
“Exactly,” Harry nods. “And I’m gonna be honest, at first it was hard for me to accept. I like to think of myself as a traditional guy when it comes to family. I always saw myself getting married, having kids, you know, the usual things,” he explains and Jimmy nods. “So when she told me she doesn’t want to get married, my whole plan got messed up.”
“Did she tell you why she made this decision?”
“She is quite spiritual in a way where she doesn’t believe that feelings need to be officiated like this. With a paper, I mean. She explained to me that for her it’s more important to find the love she’d been looking for and keep it, but not with having a wedding and legalize her relationship. At first I didn’t understand it fully, but now I do and I realized that she is right. A wedding and a paper won’t do anything. We need to work on our relationship, put time and effort into it, take care of each other and ourselves, that’s what matters.”
“I genuinely agree with you,” Jimmy nods as the audience starts clapping in awe of his word. “So I guess you accepted her decision about marriage?”
“Yeah. If I get to be with her for the rest of my life, I don’t need a paper about it, I need her and her love.”
“I feel like your words are straight out of one of your love songs,” Jimmy chuckles.
“I guess,” Harry nods grinning.
“So no wedding, just love.”
“Yeah, we decided to meet in the middle.”
Tumblr media
“Please welcome Y/N YL/N!” Jimmy announces before you walk out and wave around for the cheering audience before approaching the host. You share two kisses on the face and he helps you up on the few small steps before you take your seat in the armchair. “Y/N, it’s so good to see you again!”
“Thank you, nice to see you too, it’s been a while!” you smile at him, fixing your dress discreetly.
“You look amazing as always, I love this dress!” he enthuses.
“Thank you! A friend of mine is trying herself out at fashion, it’s her creation!” you smile proudly.
“Wow, amazing! And I’m sorry, but I can’t just ignore that massive rock on your finger!” Jimmy points it out and you smile down at your hand shyly. There is indeed a diamond ring sitting on your finger, shining brightly in the spotlight.
“Yeah…” you sigh dreamily as you hold up your hand so the audience can get a better glimpse of it, one of the cameras even zoom in on the jewelry.
“How did that happen?” Jimmy gapes. “I mean, a year ago Harry was right here, on the show and he told me how you never want to get married. What changed?”
“Well,” you chuckle, “a lot has changed,” you tell him. “As many of you guys know we welcomed our baby earlier this year.”
The audience screams at your words, though it hasn’t been a secret, not since the two of you were caught on a walk with your daughter in the stroller. That was two months after she was born, you laid low until then and you even managed to keep your pregnancy a secret up until the eighth month. What’s funny is that you were already pregnant when Harry came on the show a year ago, you found out just days after your fifth anniversary and his post was actually his way of expressing how happy he is with you, without letting the rest of the world know what was actually happening in your life.
“Ah yes! Your baby, congratulations!” Jimmy cheers in excitement.
“Thank you. That’s been quite the change.”
“So you changed your mind about marriage?”
“No,” you shake your head, confusing the host. “I still don’t want to get married. I still think that to love each other, we don’t have to throw a wedding and sign a paper, declaring our love. It’s in the acts, the way we live, it’s everywhere, but not in the legal documents.”
“Okay, but then why is there a ring?” Jimmy asks curiously.
“Well, I thought about how Harry gave up his dream of marrying someone for me. And when we had our daughter it just let me experience such a whole new version of love, that it inspired me to do something for him. I knew that he liked the traditional things, so we had a talk and I agreed to get engaged,” you explain. “We are never gonna get married, but he got to propose to me, I could say yes to him and I see the way his eyes bright up when he sees the ring on my finger, it means a lot to him, so I’m glad we could compromise.”
“That is so beautiful,” Jimmy sighs dreamily. “How did he ask you?”
“He asked me exactly where we first met,” you say smiling. “We were invited to dinner at our friend’s place again, I didn’t think anything of it, but apparently, it was all planned out. The view of the balcony is just amazing there and he had it decorated with fairy lights and candles, it was like in a movie.”
“He is a true romantic,” Jimmy smiles back at you. “I’m happy for you guys, congratulations, on the baby and the engagement too. I’m so glad you found each other.”
“Thank you. I’m glad too and I’m happy that we could meet in the middle as well.”
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omg we know how YN is about mlbrry’s short shorts but I want to know if there’s something she wears out that makes H absolutely feral
Hot As They Come
prompt: this mini blurb turned into something else completely
warnings: body issues, smut
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He’s a narcissist, so anytime she has his jersey on.
They all were staying at Anne’s lake house (that Harry had purchased her) in Rhode Island for the long weekend - Easton, Cash, and Briar were in the pool being vigilantly watched by Anne and her friend, Martha when Harry arrives.
He had to fly home from a stretch of games in San Diego, then get in the car, and drive three hours to get to his family.
YN had been inside, laying down with Ezra for a nap, having the all fours kids had been exhausting these past two days - plus Ezra was freshly one and still had some painful teeth coming in.
When he opens the back gate, he’s automatically met with squeals and whines when his kids realizes he’s finally there.
They’re all floating in the pool with their float vests on, except for Easton who was old enough not to have one.
Chants of ‘daddy’ echo through the backyard as they wave him closer.
Harry being a big child at heart, drops his suitcase, and kicks off his trainers and socks, then his shirt before he’s running towards the pool and cannonballing into the deep end, away from the kids.
When he pops up, hair matted to his head, all of them are giggling wildly - including Anne and Martha as Harry dives back under to pop up near his kids to make them scream in surprise and joy.
The two boys are automatically climbing all over him and he waste no time in tossing them high into the air before they’re sinking into the water.
A whimper comes from his right, near the steps, “Daddy, daddy.”
Harry takes a break from the boys to pout out his bottom lip and swim over to his little girls, scooping her up and wading back into the water.
“Hi lil’ mama, missed you so much,” Harry tells her as she lays her head on his shoulder, sleepy and most likely ready for her own nap.
“Miss you,” She lisps back before her hand is coming up to play with the gold cross on his necklace and tucking her thumb between her lips.
“Mum, where’s YN?” He asks as he drifts towards the edge near where Anne is sat with her feet in the water.
“Inside, she’s taking a nap with Ezra,” Anne replies before taking a sip of her own homemade lemonade and swishing her toes.
“Was she tired?” Harry frowns, guilt sinking into his stomach - he knew she had been stressed having to tote all four kids in the car for multiple hours.
She would also lie and tell Harry everything went fine because she didn’t want him to feel bad that he wasn’t there.
“Very. She said that Briar and Ezra were giving her a hard time on the way up. She said Ezra’s teeth are coming in and he kept her up all last night,” Anne reports before adding on, “They’ve been asleep for a good three hours so hopefully they feel refreshed when they wake up.”
Harry tries to not internalize it and has to remind himself he’s not a terrible husband or father but he hates when he’s away.
The boys grab his attention again, demanding their father watch them do handstands and swim to the bottom to retrieve dive batons.
All the while, Briar makes herself comfortable in her dad’s arms and he had removed her life vest so she was more comfortable when she naps against his warm skin.
Harry’s turning quickly when he hears the back door open and his heart jumps like a schoolboy when he sees his wife step onto the patio with his newest little baby just in a swim diaper on her plush hip.
He has to swallow hard when he scans her body, a simple black bikini on with one of his unbuttoned jerseys that’s down to her mid thigh.
She doesn’t even realize how sexy she looks is the thing, he knows she put it on to cover her body a bit more because she’s still a bit self-conscious of some baby weight.
However, he’s basically drooling, the extra weight around her hips, thighs, tummy - decorated with light stretch marks.
Harry hasn’t seen a more beautiful woman in his life.
He wants to bite that soft skin, licks those marks from where her body stretch to accommodate their chunky bubs.
Ezra, who’s just learning basic words, squeaks out an excited, “Dadadada.”
Harry wades towards the shallow end where Anne’s waiting to carefully wrap Briar in a towel while she sleeps, his mother then takes the little girl for a snuggle in the shade.
“Dadada,” Ezra continues to whine with a pitiful pout on his ring face as he makes grabby hands towards his father.
“Oh, hi there. I missed you so much, little love,” Harry hums as soon as YN shifts the baby into his arms and Ezra’s pulling at his dad’s wet locks.
“Dada,” He coos back as Harry winces at the tugs to his hair and his eyes twinkling as he looks at his wife who’s smiling back.
“Hi mama,” Harry murmurs softly as he rocks Ezra on his hip, his other hand reaching out to cup her jaw and bring her in for a long kiss.
“Missed you,” YN replies quietly, a bit of sadness and stress in her voice as she runs her hand down his side and squeezes his hip.
“I’m sorry, darling,” He replies back, just as quietly, and moves to kiss her forehead, “You’re such an amazing wife and mama. I appreciate everything you do for this family.”
A crease forms between her eyebrows, lips turned down a bit, “You’re the one who provides for us.”
Harry makes sure they’re making eye contact when he tells her, “What I do for this family is nothing compared to what you provide us.”
“I love you,” YN sighs, leaning over for another quick kiss and adds, “I know you feel guilty but please don’t. I knew what I was agreeing to when we had four kids.”
“Not the first time,” He chuckles, looking fondly back at Easton, who was now seven which was crazy, and thriving.
“Mm, he was just our favorite surprise. Wouldn’t change it for anything,” She replies with a warm smile, leaning over to kiss Ezra’s cheek and he lets out the bubbliest giggle.
Martha steps over to them, arms outstretched, “Okay parents, time to share this little muffin with the rest of us.”
Harry slips Ezra into the crook of her arm and he goes easily, lounging back and tucking his pacifier that was in his small fist this whole time back into his mouth.
“You look so fuckin’ hot,” Harry hums lowly now that all the babies were out of earshot, his hands coming to her hips.
YN scowls at him, stiff and frustrated when she grits out, “You don’t have to lie to me just because you’re my husband.”
Harry gets defensive instantly, “What would I be lyin’ about?”
“I know I don’t look hot. It’s my first time in a bikini since I had Ezra. My stomach is still puffy, my love handles, not to mention my boobs from breastfeeding four kids,” She huffs like it’s obvious as she pinches at skin in her hip.
“Come on, now,” Harry says firmly to her, authority and demand in his voice which wasn’t common for him to take that tone with her, “Mum, you guys okay with watching them for a few?”
Anne waves them off and tells them to enjoy a few minutes alone, they have everything handled.
“Wha-“ YN begins to ask as Harry wraps his hand around her wrist and guides her back into the house, back into their room, and clicks the lock shut.
“Don’t you dare ever insult the body that gave us our four perfect, healthy babies. The body that I fell in love with and am still madly gone for,” Harry nearly hisses as he’s tugging the jersey off of her shoulders until it pools on the ground.
“Harry, I-“
“Just listen to me, would you?” He cuts her off as he kneels in front of her, lips moving over the silky smooth skin of her stomach.
“Love this belly,” Harry praises, kissing, licking, biting at the sensitive skin that has fully went back to normal, “Obsessed with it even. Everything about you gets me hard. I love how you look, I love that you have this, reminds me of what a strong woman you are.”
YN feels embarrassed that she’s getting emotional at his kind words, they were so sincere and reverent that there was no question he meant them.
“These love handles?” Harry scoffs as his large hands grip the extra plush of her hips, “Do you know how sexy it is? Love holding onto them when you ride me.”
His voice had gotten noticeably deeper and gravely with his arousal, standing up and moving to untie her top - letting her breasts falls from where they were held up to appear more perky.
“Don’t get me started on your tits,” He groans as he thumbs at her nipples, being carefully because they were sore from feeding Ezra, “Fuckin’ beauties. I remember the first time I got to see ‘em. Swear that was more memorable than when I got drafted. You think I’m gonna complain that they got bigger? You’re crazy.”
YN giggles at that, especially when he gives her a cheeky smile and presses himself against her so he can kiss her again.
His hands go to the ties of her bottoms on each hip, playing with the string as he whispers, “Please let me take these off and ‘ave you. I’ve been starving for it, mama.”
“It’s been a week,” YN chuckles as she bumps there noses - already feeling better about herself, feel more empowered and sexy, “If you’re so hard up, maybe I should help you out.”
“It’s about you. You don’t have to if you don’t- fuckin’ hell, doll,” Harry moans when his damp athletic shorts and briefs are pulled down and YN is kneeling to lick at the bottom side of his hard length.
A thrill shoots about her spine for her husband’s reaction to her mouth, his hands weaving into her locks, and whimpering, “C’mon baby, take me. Can’t be teased right now or I’m gonna come so fast for you.”
“For me?” YN parrots with a mischievous smirk as she pumps him, he’s almost too big for her palm and she loved that.
“F’course, you’re the only thing that makes me come. Whether you’re right in front of me or if m’in my hotel room thinking about you,” Harry pants sweetly, still letting her make the calls when she doesn’t listen and continues to just lap at his dripping tip.
“Best husband,” YN praises him as her hands come up to roll his balls with her thumb, making his cock twitch in her hand.
“Fuckin’ Christ,” Harry grunts after another minute or so, he’s leaning down and pulling her up before he’s picking her up and throwing her own the bed as she yelps in surprise, “Give me tha’ cunt.”
YN spreads her legs immediately and Harry is nearly ripping the bottoms off of her lower half before his face is buried between her thick thighs, sucking harshly at her clit as payback.
“Ba-baby,” YN whines in a kittenish tone, pushing her hips up into his mouth to ride his tone to chase her pleasure, “Wha-no!”
YN complains when he pulls back, crudely wiping his mouth on her belly before leaning down and cleaning up her slickness with his tongue.
“Shush up, we don’t have much time. We got four little buggers out there, s’only a matter of time before one of them causes trouble,” Harry quips as he wriggles her bum up off the bed and wrapping her legs around his waist so he can fuck in.
“There,” She moans quietly a few seconds in when he angles just so that his cock is hitting the spot that sets her afire and then he adds a thumb to her clit for extra stimulation.
“Yeah, I know,” He murmurs cockily, fingers dimpling the skin where he’s holding on to her upper thighs as he pushes his narrow hips into her center over and over again.
Harry nearly comes on the spot when YN redirects on of her hands to her throat, she doesn’t have to say anything before Harry’s gripping at the sides of her neck with his fingers.
“How could you think that you’re not perfect? You’re as hot as they come,” Harry tells her as her limbs loosen and she climaxes, he lets go of the pressure on her throat and follows suit.
“I love you,” YN hums when he collapses on top of her, “Welcome home. You played amazing in San Diego.”
“I love you more,” Harry replies as he smatters kisses along her cheeks, “Those guys were a buncha of ass-“
The both turn their heads when they hear echoing through the backyard a wail that was no doubt Cash because Easton wasn’t sharing a water toy.
“It was fun while it lasted,” YN snickers as they roll of the bed and begin to redress so that they can go back out and take over parenting duties.
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omg what about like a morning quickie filmed spontaneously on his phone? neither of them last long but they’re so desperate for their releases that they’re sweating buckets by the end 😇😇😇
“Sneaky Shag Before the Kids Wake Up”
Harry held his phone above your connected bodies, his top tucked underneath his chin, as he fucked into you. His abs clenching with each movement. It was clear that this was a quickie, you hadn’t even thought of recording when you signed up for the quick shag but Harry knew it’d be good to show a more realistic version of sex as a parent to the world and began recording (only after asking for your permission of course)
His thrusts were relentless and his grunts and groans could be heard throughout the ensuite, you let out some moans as well, feeling his hard cock reaching places inside of you, no one else had ever found but also had to remind yourself to stay quiet as you had two children in the house currently.
Harry manoeuvred the phone so it was facing the big mirror on the wall, capturing yours and Harry’s reflection. You were bent over the counter and he was stood behind you, one of his hands grabbing your top, helping him with his thrusts as the other held the phone. With each thrust, the camera moved, but it still managed to capture the way your mouth dropped open with each thrust of his hip against yours and the way your eyes rolled back. There was the look of absolute pleasure on your face.
Harry thrusts grew more desperate, sweat forming on his forehead as he let go of your top to bring his own top to his mouth so he could bite down onto it, to stop him from getting too loud because holy fuck did you feel good wrapped around him. It had been a while since he felt your warm pussy engulf him and God, he couldn’t help himself.
Your high pitched breath was what finally made him let go, he growled, giving you one hard thrust before staying put, right up against you. His cock all the way inside of you, you swore you felt it hit your cervix. “Fuck, fuck, I’m coming” he whimpered, letting his top fall onto you, blocking the view of the camera. That’s the effects you had on him.
You moaned beneath him as the feeling of his cock twitching inside of you, enhancing your pleasure, made you let go. You came around him and giggled breathlessly as you felt your sweat drip down your face. Harry chuckled too, letting out a breathy “fuck”
“Mission accomplished” you joked, as Harry finally slipped out of you and spun you around, his lips locking with yours and that’s how the video ended.
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Instagram Blurb
harry x yn engagement, wedding, honeymoon
Face Claim: Vivianne Audi
Pronouns: she/her, use of y/n
Masterlist | ask box!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
DailyHSNews Y/N seen at a bookstore this weekend!! Fans spotted a ring on her left hand, she’s been dating Harry Styles publicly for the past 3 years, has he finally popped the question??
View all 137 comments
hisgoldengirl Gosh I hope so. I’ve been rooting for them ever since they went public
harryyyyys She’s had so many haters but she’s always shown that she’s above them. Queen energy.
liveloveharry Okay but what book is that in her hand?
↳ jediharry It’s a Sally Rooney book! Based on the color it looks like ‘Normal People’
↳ liveloveharry Thank you!!! 🫡 @.jediharry
rbf451 Harry really got lucky with her 😩
adoreuclub she’s out of his league 🫣
↳ rb1984 That’s what I’m saying 😭😭@.rbf451
↳ hsfan20 You guys are such liars. If anything he’s out of her league. I swear this whole thing isn’t even real.
Tumblr media
Liked by harrystyles, paulithepsm and 676,960 others
lifeofyn I only said yes for the ability to tell people I’m engaged to Harry Styles.
[tagged harrystyles]
View all 5,301 comments
lookitsnyoh Love you guys. So excited for what comes next xxx ❤️
↳ dumwitch a baby??
↳ harrystyles NO @.dumwitch
↳ lifeofyn NO WAY @.dumwitch
fanofharry of fucking course she used him for his name
paulithepsm YN will you allow Harry and I to do the best friend dance at the wedding?
↳ lifeofyn I will expect nothing less
harrystyles Goddamn. I knew it. 5 years only for you to use me for my name 😔
Tumblr media
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helenepambrun.photography The bride and groom before the ceremony.
[tagged lifeofyn and harrystyles]
View all 2,167 comments
_basselin what a beautiful ceremony ❤️
year3000 they got Hélène to do the photography?? I’m sobbing 🥹
harrystyles Love you lots xx
ibfagent Harry’s hair. Please. Killing me.
lifeofyn So glad you were able to be our photographer. You truly made it special 🤍
fandomcentral Her dress is so simple yet so pretty 😭
harrietharry A fully silk wedding dress???? BRILLIANT
Tumblr media
harrystyles I don’t need to be on tour for this love. May, 17th.
[tagged helenepambrun.photography]
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user007 This is making my cold heart happy.
harris_reed 💕
lifeofyn That’s so cheesy 😭 and yet, I love you. 🤍
↳ harrystyles xx
allthatmatters They’re so cute omfg
hsfan24 Harry’s caption is killing me 😭🥹
harryyyyys Ugh, who do I want to be? Her or him??? **bi-panic**
hrrysgrl Her dress is so pretty 🥹
rowlandfan01 These photos make me feel like I was actually there
Tumblr media
annetwist My son Harry and my new daughter-in-law YN on their wedding day. It feels wonderful to finally say those words publicly. They had a beautiful private ceremony.
[tagged lifeofyn and harrystyles]
liveloveharry This photo and caption is giving Facebook mom vibes
↳ harrystyles She posted the same thing there too, don’t worry 🙃
↳ lvrharry HARRY be nice to your mother @.harrystyles
lifeofyn I feel so honored to call you my mother-in-law
↳ annetwist Oh darling, it’s me who’s honored. I’m not sure what Harry did to snatch you but I’m glad he did @.lifeofyn
hisgoldengirl Anne and YN’s interactions get me each time 😭
Tumblr media
harrystyles Let the honeymoon celebrations begin.
[tagged lifeofyn]
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jobros15 Alexa, play “Up All Night” by One Direction
↳ lifeofyn Don’t let his caption fool you 😭 we were in bed by 9 and asleep by 10
1989hs She’s so pretty I cry
taylors_version More. Honeymoon. Photos.
hrryxtaylor These posts are calling me single in every possible language
yn_stan she’s literally glowing
↳ harrystyles I swear she’s some sort of goddess
Tumblr media
lifeofyn This random dude came over to me with a camera. He was kinda cute though. Wish I got his number 😔
[tagged harrystyles]
View all 6,887 comments
harrystyles I bet he thought you were pretty cute too. You should have asked him for his number :/
_basselin is it bad to say I miss you
↳ harrystyles we miss you too
↳ _basselin I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about YN @.harrystyles
↳ aquariusharry AGAYEHFBJV ELIN
↳ lifeofyn I didn’t see this comment until now. The only reason I did see it is because Harry was angrily stomping over to me holding out his phone 😭 I MISS YOU TOO ELIN (I know we’re technically on our honeymoon, but I’ll FaceTime you tonight)
hrryfan_00 Let me just go cry into my instant ramen cup
hrrysgoldrush y/n is such an icon for her photo descriptions
softharrypics these photos are killing me
Tumblr media
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meetmymouth · a day ago
How has miss groupie been liking tour so far?? UK/EU and day one of Canada. Will she be joining for all of North America??
i missed groupie so here's something !!!! don't think too much about the tour dates when reading this, it's not accurate at all <3
groupie the fic
One year and twenty-five days.
One year of bliss, tours, different countries, and so much love for her and Harry.
Before him, she never thought she could be someone people wanted long term: she was always temporary, someone they could have fun with until they got bored. Then, he came along.
Sure, when Harry met Fab, it was temporary; she was temporary. Neither of them thought anything long-term when it came to their weird-fucked-up relationship. For Fab, it was all money, travels, and sex. For Harry, it was more or less the same: someone close by to fuck, whenever and however he liked.
One year and twenty-five days later, Harry found her to be something so precious; something permanent.
She'd left a permanent mark on Harry.
He knew the exact way she took her tea and coffee. He knew she hated someone touching her on the neck– especially with wet hands. She hated mornings, and Harry learned to love lay-ins when she was with him. She loved Dolma, stuffed grape leaves, so he learned how to roll them on his own, and cook them by himself. She loved bike-rides, so he bought her a brand-new bike.
She learned how to make his coffee, with the specific brand of milk he loved. He loved fresh mint in his salad, so she grew mint in Harry's back garden, alongside some lettuce, tomatoes, and sunflowers. She cooked his favourite meals, and woke up really early on the days he would leave for tour, just to say goodbye.
They changed for each other, and sort of met in the middle.
Tour was so much fun when you didn't have to explain to his crew what you were doing there.
She was the girlfriend now, not just a hook-up, the groupie.
"Does this go with my outfit?" She rummages through the makeup bag, coming across a lipstick, the shade reminding her of the Christmas lights on their tree– the one they decorated when they first got together.
Harry Lambert looks up from his phone.
"Hm?" He says, trying to see the colour.
She shows it to him, walking closer to where he's sitting.
They're in Harry's changing room, waiting for Harry to get his trousers on after some minor alterations by Harry Lambert.
"It does," Lambert nods, turning towards the small bathroom Harry is in. "Harry, is it all right?"
"Yeah," he calls back. "You can't see my bum now," he opens the door, a smile on his face as he walks towards her. "What you up to?"
"She's going through my makeup bag, I can see it," the makeup artist walks inside the room, hands on her hips.
"Fine, I'll stop."
"Leave my girlfriend alone," Harry quips, placing a kiss on her temple. "I'll buy you the same lipstick."
"You don't need to buy me anything, I told you. You need to chill," she says, referring to his latest habit: buying her whatever she mentions.
When it's time for him to go out on the stage, she takes her place in front of the stage, and Harry Lambert brings Jeff and Tommy with him to watch Harry sing his heart out.
He starts off with As It Was, and she can't help but dance along, singing along as well as he works the stage. It's fun– so much fun.
She can't help but hear the fans calling her name, and she turns around, watching as one of them waves her hands around– signalling for her to come closer.
So, she does.
She walks over to them, and Harry sings loud, leave America, two kids follow her.
"Can we take a photo?" One of them yells through the music.
"What?" Fab yells back, laughing since she couldn't hear anything.
"A photo with you?"
"Oh! Sure! Bring it in," she takes the phone from her, and takes a few before handing it back with a thank you.
When it's time for Satellite, she walks over to the side stage, and places her arms on the platform, cheek against her arms as she listens to him introduce the song, like he does every night.
"Now this song," he says to the microphone. "It's pathetic, really."
Harry continues.
"I wrote it when I was kinda going through a breakup with someone very special to me. I'm–" he laughs. The screams get louder. "–I'm saying 'kinda', be cause we didn't even calling it a breakup– we weren't officially together. Then," Harry walks past her, and smiles at her before turning to the fans. "Then she said she didn't want me– didn't want anything to do with me, she said. So, I wrote Satellite, as one does," he laughs.
"Actually," he lifts up his finger in the air. "She's here– yeah!" Screams. "She's here, over there, watching me with the biggest smile– hi," he walks closer to her, then stops. "Are you having fun," he asks, still keeping the distance for obvious reasons.
The screams get louder and louder before Harry shushes them.
She nods, smiling up at him from her position.
He nods, too. "Good– I'm glad– this is your song, after all," he turns to the massive crowd. "This is Satellite."
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onedirectionimagines · 2 days ago
Can do better for a help
Tumblr media
Warning: language, nsfw content, angst.
Pairing: Boyfriend! Harry x reader.
Note: This was a request. 
Please don’t kill me I know I’m supeeeer late but what can I say, my life was kind of a mess lately due to different personal reasons and I had to isolate myself a bit (a lot I know ; . ; ) to take care of my mental health. I’m still writing part 2 of Week-end and I will post it as soon as possible! Meanwhile I’ll give you this request to wait for me :) Requests are open! And take care of yourselves guys physically and mentally and eat your vegies :)
“Can you do some angst where harry’ss stressed or something and shouts at y/n for being lazy or something but shed been tidying and making his favorite dinner all day .we live for angst in this house.”
You knew Harry by heart and you knew that when he was holding his guitar without playing any notes, when he woke up earlier than usual, when he spent his time holding his notebook without being able to write anything down, and when he couldn't sleep... all these things indicated that he was stressed. 
But you could have guessed that. Harry had always been a perfectionist, his last album released and topped on the charts, not to mention his tour finished after sales and acclaim, everything had been a success, but Harry knew that having succeeded meant he had to do better, that he had no room for error in order to continue his momentum. But forcing himself would not lead to anything. He knew that, especially when inspiration didn't come, but he also knew that he had expectations to meet and he shouldn't disappoint everyone.
You hated seeing him torture himself like that and you felt helpless because it's not like you could pull a song out of your magic hat. But at least you could help him in another way. So you thought there was nothing like making him his favorite meal for dinner, running him a nice hot bath and ending the night in bed. Tonight you were going to take care of him in your own way. 
You yourself were working a lot, the company you worked for relied heavily on you and the overtime was routine and even though you loved what you did, no one liked to work so much. But you did it because no saint would come and pay your bills at the end of the month. 
So here you are, running a hot bath for Harry after getting off work at 6pm when you were supposed to be off at 5pm. A day when your boss had yelled at you for a file that took a long time, when your presentation didn't please the investors, and when your computer crashed... Shitty day. Not to mention the fact that you couldn't find the ingredients to prepare the meal and had to go to several supermarkets. But finally and after several obstacles, you were able to finish the preparation of the sweetcorn, tacos, and Brussels sprouts that were warm in the oven while you poured the relaxing oils and made the bubbles of Harry's bath rise. You decided to check the time on your watch, 9:20pm, he would surely be back soon. 
As soon as you said that, you heard the door open and Harry's footsteps echoing down the hallway. You couldn't help but smile because even though you were exhausted, you were happy to help Harry relax a bit.
"What the fuck happened here?!" You heared Harry screaming from the kitchen.
"I made dinner! Sit down it's ready!" You replied as you walked over to him and saw the look on his face, you knew he wasn't in the mood...
"Sit where? Have you seen the kitchen?! It's a fucking mess! Y/N seriously!"
"I was cooking but I-"
"If the kitchen is going to be this dirty, don't bother! Y/N I work all day and come home tired you could at least leave the house clean or clean it up instead of being so lazy!"
"I work too!" You answer her by raising your voice slightly
"But not as much as me! I didn't ask you to do anything! Just to clean up and not be so fucking messy and lazy! Oh for fuck' sake!" He finally shouted
You were speechless at the words he had just said and you felt the tears welling up. So you answered angrily while feeling the tears flowing.
"Harry, I'm fucking working too! From morning to night! And even if I have a crappy day, I never treat you bad! I wanted to help you relax by making you dinner and running you a bath but I didn't have time to clean up the kitchen since I just arrived home to cook and make you a bath since I had a shitty day too! But I'm taking it upon myself to try and help you! So I'm far from being lazy! Fuck what is wrong with you!" You said in one go
And it's by looking at Harry's reaction that you felt that the message had been passed and that he had just realized the way he had treated you. 
"I...God Y/N I'm so sorry babe I didn't mean what I said. I know damn right how hard you work and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I'm sorry it's just that with the record company and the fact that I don't have anything to offer them yet as the date is approaching I'm stressed. Excuse me love" he begged you holding your face in his hands while wiping your tears from his shoots.
"It's okay. I understand Harry. The food will get cold though. I'll clean the kitchen after."
"I'll take care of the kitchen. Right now I'm hungry for something else and then you said you ran a bath, might as well enjoy it together love." He says to you while kissing your neck while lifting you up while heading to the bathroom.
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watermelonsugacry · a day ago
I feel like bandmate!y/n would body medicine like that performance would be incredible
And it'd be during one of her shows on tour too.
She'd be talking with fans, one of the backstage crew members would hand her over her guitar as she starts to give her appreciation speech before introducing the next song.
"Alright, Vienna. Now I don't wanna get all mushy and sentimental so this will only take a sec. I just wanna say that m'very grateful for all of yeh, for coming to the shows, for always supportin' me--"
Medicine! Medicine! Medicine!
And then YN would just take a step back from her mic stand, taking out her ear piece to make sure she's hearing the crowd right. She'd shake her head in disbelief, a smirk growing on her face as she looks up at the box seats where her fiancé is standing--who also has his fist in the air as he chants along with the crowd.
"H, y'hearing this shit?" YN laughs and that makes the fans scream in excitement back. "Fookin' hell. S'the wrong 1D member lads. Tryin' to pour me heart out to you guys. Unbelievable."
This went on for four shows.
The fans just kept chanting it during the part of her show where she would express her gratitude for everyone only to be interrupted. There was even a time when YN moved her arms like she was conducting a string quartet.
In all honestly, it was a nice reminder of the kind of dynamic her and her fans had. She didn't a have a clean filter when speaking on stage and in return the fans would curse back. She would flip off people in the crowd only to be given ones back with bright smiles on their faces. She would see fans follow along to her choreography from their spots in the pit and the stands, people recreating her outfits, signs with inside jokes on it, fan screaming her lyrics back to her--and everything was out of love.
And aside from Harry, she was an absolute sucker for her fans. And who was she to deny them of what they craved?
So here YN stands, her heart shaped guitar already strapped on as she stands in front of her microphone stand, ready to give her appreciation speech. She doesn't even get one word out before the crowd starts up again.
Medicine! Medicine! Medicine!
She lets the fans sit with anticipation, making them wait as she just smirks out to them, mindlessly adjusting her ear-pieces. She even looks to the wings of the stage where Harry stands, phone already out and recording as she gives him a lazy sigh. "Alright. So I co-wrote this song a couple of years ago and it will be a great bruise to me ego if yeh don't scream out these lyrics back at me."
And with that, the lights go out and after a couple of beats go by, the infamous red lights light up the stage as one of YN's guitarist starts the melody to Medicine.
The fans scream so loud it vibrates throughout the room, especially when they see YN slowly pluck the tips of her glove off her fingers. They all go insane when they see her bring the fabric on her middle finger to her teeth, biting down on it to pull the glove off her hand.
After taking off the other one, she cheekily tosses them to Harry with a wink.
She moves her head and shoulders in a slow sultry way, her mouth close against the microphone as she sings.
I'm here to take my medicine, take my medicine
Treat you like a gentleman
Give me that adrenaline, that adrenaline
I think I'm gonna stick with it
Like Harry, YN raises her hand up, bringing her index down to her mouth and moves it down her body.
I'm here to take my medicine, take my medicine
Rest it on my fingertips
And up to your mouth, I'm feelin' it out
I'm feelin' it now
I had a few, got drunk on you and now I'm wasted
And when I sleep, I'm gonna dream of how you ta--
If you go out tonight, I'm going out 'cause I know you're persuasive
YN slowly runs her thumb across her bottom lip, smirking when she hears the crowd finish the lyric before giving a powerful strum to her guitar.
You got that something, I got me an appetite, now I can taste it
We're getting dizzy, oh, we're getting dizzy, oh
La-la-da-da, da
We're getting dizzy, oh, we're getting dizzy, oh
YN holds the microphone out towards the crowd, mouthing along with them as she counts with her fingers on her other hand.
La-la-da-da, da
YN gets how feral this makes Harry when he sings it on tour. It's addicting, fun and it overall makes her feel good. Not to mention incredibly sexy by how the room is basically drooling at the sight of her.
Tingle running through my bones, fingers to my toes
Tingle running through my bones--sing!
She gives the fans a cheeky shrug which makes them scream louder than ever before. YN doesn't shy away from turning to her fiance as she sings the next lines.
The boys and the girls are in
I mess around with them
And I'm okay with it
And while she continues the song, Harry can't keep his eyes off of her. He's mesmerize by the way she rolls her body with her guitar, the way her tight, revealing outfit shines under the bright stage lights. He's wrapped up in the way she sings the lyrics with her whole chest, the passion shown in the furrow of her eyebrows and the way she throws her head back with her lips parted.
I'm coming down, I figured out I kinda like it
When I'm all out, I think about the way you--ha!
He'll admit that his ego is a little bitten at by how loud the crowd is, it may even be louder than when he performs the unreleased song--a noticeable difference that YN will no doubt tell him after the show.
But the hit is well deserved by how well she throws an innocent smile his way, her hair tousled to the side from passionately strumming the bridge, and eyes hazy and sparkly under the red lights.
I had a few, I'm drunk on you and now I'm wasted.
@wobblymug @be-with-me-so-happily @ashtongivesmebutterflies @kiwiskiwiskiwi @darlingdesire @obsesseddd @hopefulwastelandcreation @cacapeepee @breezie-b00 @harrysfolklore @theekyliepage @sunshinemoonsposts @nervousspiderling @tbslonelyhes @tenaciousperfectionunknown @harrystylesrecs @certified-nalayak @itsjustsel @iknowyouthinkimbulletproof @gviosca @behindmygreyeyes @twobluejeans @allisonxmcu @theemeraldbutterfly @jean-love @marvellover-sam @b-reads-things @reveriehs @rach2602 @thurhomish @perrypughstyles
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justice4canyonmoon · 2 days ago
Hi! I love your writing sm 💖 could u write something where H and Y/N are new parents and they finally have some alone time? And maybe she's a little insecure about her body? I feel like Harry would be so cute in this 🥺
hi!!! thank you for saying you love my writing, that's very sweet ❤️❤️feel bad that it took me so long to answer this, but I got a huge bout of inspiration yesterday and today!!!! I didn't know whether you meant fluffy alone time or smutty alone time, so I did a bit of both lol. this is the longest thing I've written in a long time bc I really liked this prompt, so I hope it's worth the wait and the read!!!
warnings: smut!!! 18+ only!!!!! oral (fem receiving), soft sex, body image/body insecurity, separation anxiety (a little), also lots of fluff
wc: 2.7k
Four months ago, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Mara looked almost exactly like you; her hair, skin tone, nose, and ears were just like yours, but her eyes were bright green, just like her father’s. You and Harry were instantly attached to your sweet little girl, and you would both do anything to protect her. 
But you were both exhausted. You both knew that caring for a newborn would be hard work, but somehow it was even harder than you anticipated. Constantly waking up in the middle of the night to feed her, changing her multiple times throughout the day, and of course, having to hide her face from paparazzi or nosey fans made raising your child quite difficult. You and Harry hadn’t had any alone time during the four months that Mara came into your life. Neither of you could remember the last time you had been on a date or had sex. 
When Harry brought up your lack of alone time with his mother on a video call, she offered to let Mara stay with her for the weekend. You were both apprehensive, never having left your baby girl alone for that long, but Anne managed to convince you that having your alone time would help you both be better parents to your kiddo.
“If you aren’t at your best, you can’t raise your baby to be her best.”
And of course, you knew Anne was right. That’s what led you to right now, handing your mother-in-law a large bag of baby supplies. Harry was gently cradling your daughter in his arms, with her tiny hands gripping her favorite stuffed animal: a soft, pink, stripey kitten, as well as her yellow baby blanket.
Anne could sense the anxiety radiating from you both and softly told you, “I promise you she’ll be fine for the weekend, she’s in good hands. You and Gem turned out pretty well, didn’t you?”
“I suppose we turned out alrigh,” Harry chuckled.
You smiled, though it didn't quite reach your eyes, and picked up Mara’s car seat, joining Anne and your husband on the short walk to her car parked in the driveway. Anne put the baby supplies with her in the passenger’s side as you placed the car seat in the back. Harry set his daughter into the seat, strapping her in with nothing but love in his eyes.
“I’ll be back Sunday evening. I hope you both enjoy your weekend!” Anne said, bringing both you and Harry into a warm embrace.
You smiled, “Thank you, Anne.”
She returned your smile, telling you both how much she loves you before getting into her car and disappearing out of the driveway and down the road. 
Your heart was pounding in your chest, the anxiety of being separated from your baby welling up inside of you.
Harry took your hand and led you back inside, “‘S okay, love. Mum’ll take great care of her.”
“I know she will,” you told him, your anxieties spilling out, “it’s just the first time we’ve been away from her. What if some kind of emergency happens, and we won’t be there?”
“If something happens, Mum will handle it and call us. I’m anxious too, my love, but she’ll be okay,” Harry murmured comfortingly, wrapping his arms around your middle and pulling you into him, gently running his fingers over your back.
Harry’s reassuring words put you more at ease, until he murmured in your ear, “Since we’ve got a little alone time now, was hopin we could spend most of the weekend in the bedroom.”
The anxiety of being separated from your baby morphed into an anxiety of a different kind. The brand new stretch marks and flaps of skin that adorned your body since you gave birth had almost completely dissolved your confidence. The idea of your husband seeing you naked now, though you would love to have sex with him since it had been a few months, terrified you. What if he didn’t like what he’d see anymore?
“Maybe later, H. Right now I’m starving.”
Which was at least true. You were so anxious about Mara leaving that you hadn’t eaten much all day.
Harry nodded understandingly, “Let’s get some food in yeh then, darling. Wanna go out or order in?”
“Order in,” you replied, “maybe that Indian place we like if that’s okay?”
“Anything yeh want is okay with me, lovely.”
You ordered your food quickly, not taking too long to decide what you wanted and then flopped onto the couch, tangling your limbs together as you picked out a serial killer documentary to watch to pass the time.
“I don’ understand why yeh like these s’ much. They’re so dark,” Harry commented.
“They’re fascinating,” you responded, “it’s grim but interesting to see into the mind of someone so messed up.”
“Whatever yeh say, lovie,” he said, pulling you closer to him, “I’ll watch anything yeh wan’ as long as I get to hold m’ pretty wife nice and close.”
You couldn’t help but smile at his words, even if you didn’t quite believe the pretty part anymore. You ended up getting so engrossed in the documentary that you didn’t even notice the food arrive.
When Harry got up to get the food, you whined in protest, enjoying the heat his body was providing you.
He laughed, “Be right back, lovely. Jus’ gettin’ food f’ my favorite person.”
“Didn’t know you were just getting food for yourself,” you quipped.
His eyes narrowed, “I know I’m a narcissist, but I love you just a little more than I love myself.”
“Wow, thank you, Harry. I feel so loved,” you said in a monotone voice as he grabbed the food from the delivery man.
Harry set the bag down on the coffee table and looked at you. As you were trying to figure out what was going on in that crazy brain of his, you suddenly got the wind knocked out of you, as a suspiciously Harry shaped figure threw himself on top of you!
“H!” you shrieked between bouts of laughter, “what the hell?!”
He laughed loudly, then moved to press kisses along any exposed skin he could reach, “Feeling loved yet?”
You snorted, trying to push him off of you, “You’re so annoying, Harry.”
“But yeh love me, right?”
You rolled your eyes, “I guess.”
Harry placed his hand over his heart, “Ouch! That stings!”
“I’m so sorry, Harry,” you said sarcastically, “however can I make it up to you?”
Harry wiggle his eyebrows suggestively, “I can think of a few ways.”
“We have food to e-eat, Harry.”
But your voice wavered at the end as the quick kisses from before turned into slower, sloppier kisses around your neck.
“Not that interested in the food anymore, lovely. Haven’t been with yeh like this in four months,” he murmured, trailing his fingers toward the hem of your shorts.
But you grabbed his wrist, “Stop, H.”
He looked at you quizzically, but listened, pulling his hand away, “Everything okay, sweetheart? I’m sorry, I didn’ mean t’ overstep at all.”
You shook your head, “It’s okay, Harry. Not you, it’s me.”
“Talk to me, lovely,” he replied, cupping your face in his hands, “let me inside that pretty head of yours.”
“I’m not pretty anymore, not since I had the baby…” you trailed off.
Harry looked shocked, “What the hell are yeh talkin’ about?”
“I mean, my body looks awful! I haven’t lost any of my baby weight, and I have all of these gross stretchmarks and other blemishes that I didn’t have before! My boobs are all saggy and sore from having to feed Mara, and I always have bags under my eyes now. How could anyone still find me pretty?” you rambled, tears beginning to spring to your eyes.
Harry listened to you, looking quite upset. He certainly didn’t agree with you at all.
“Lovely, y’ the most beautiful person ’ve ever seen. All of those things yeh said before are perfectly natural! And how could I not find yeh beautiful? This body gave birth to our child, and that makes it the most beautiful thing in the world. I’m so lucky y’ mine, darlin, and even when we’re 80 years old and our hair is falling out, I will always think y’ more beautiful than the sunset, than diamonds, or than anything else,” his lips softly pressed to yours, then he pulled away again and looked you in the eyes, “can I show yeh how beautiful I think yeh are?”
You nodded, too overwhelmed to speak.
“Yeah? Yeh sure?” he questioned again as his hands traveled to the hem of your tank top.
When you nodded your assent once more, he slowly lifted it over your head, giving you any chance to stop him. But you didn’t, so his lips trailed down to your chest, murmuring sweet nothings as he did so. When he got to your breasts, he massaged them gently, not wanting to make them more sore than they already were. It felt like heaven, having his massive hands softly rubbing on the tender flesh.
“Feels nice,” you told him, making him smile.
“I’ll give these more often then,” Harry replied, “gives me an excuse to hold y’ boobs.”
You rolled your eyes again, but there was a fond smile on your face, “Annoying.”
“Loving,” he shot back, kissing your chest lightly.
“That too,” you said, your smile growing.
Harry grinned at that, and he continued to make his way down your body, stopping at your stomach. You tensed up, and Harry noticed.
“Love your tummy, baby,” he said, kissing and rubbing your pudge, “love it s’ much.”
You didn’t know how he managed to make you feel so loved, but you were grateful for it. Tears came to yours eyes once more when you took in the moment, your husband lavishing his attention on your body and helping your insecurities slowly melt away. How did you get so lucky?
Harry noticed your wet eyes, “Still okay?”
“Yeah,” you whispered, “just love you.”
That almost made Harry want to cry too, “Love yeh too. More than anything.”
His affections moved to your thighs then as he shimmied his way further down on the couch, lips trailing across the stretch marks that adorned your flesh. 
“So pretty,” he said softly, “always love y’ thighs, baby. Especially when you let me in between them like this.”
He nudged them further apart and sucked marks into the sensitive skin of your inner thighs.
“H,” you breathed, wanting more.
“Can I take y’ shorts off, baby? Wanna taste yeh s’ bad,” Harry asked.
You quickly nodded in agreement, and your husband tugged off your shorts and panties in one motion. He spread your lower lips apart, smirking in satisfaction when strings of your wetness began to coat his fingers.
“Such a pretty pussy,” he said almost to himself, “and so wet f’ me. Been a little while since ‘ve gotten t’ touch yeh like this, hasn’t it?”
You nodded, “Too long. Please touch me, H. No teasing.”
Harry knew that now wasn’t the time; your bodies missed each other too much. So he leaned in and sucked your clit right away, making your knees buckle.
“Shit, H,” you moaned as he lavished your clit with attention, not taking your time today.”
He pulled away temporarily to say, “Missed y’ pussy too much t’ wait,” before diving back in, licking at your slick hole.
You gasped and whined, instinctively closing your thighs around his head. Harry’s hands gripped your thighs and gently pulled them apart, not wanting to get rough with you today, but still needing a little space to work.
You breathed out a soft apology to which he said, “s’ alright. Jus’ try and keep them open f’ me.”
He squeezed your thighs gently before going back in again. The motions of his tongue on your depraved body made you want to cum already. You tried to hold off since you had barely been underneath him, but it had just been too long, and your pussy began to clench on his tongue. Sensing your impending orgasm, Harry took one of his hands off of your thighs and rubbed your clit expertly. 
“O-oh, Harry. Harry!” you cried out as you saw stars, your hips gyrating against Harry’s mouth.
He groaned softly at his first taste of you in so long, eagerly licking up everything you had to give to him.
“God yeh taste fuckin incredible.”
Your cheeks grew warm as he leaned in to kiss you, your taste still lingering on his tongue.
When he pulled away, the look in his eyes softened, “Convince yeh that y’ beautiful yet?”
Your cheeks became even warmer as you gave him a bashful smile, “Not quite, but I feel much better than before,” your hand ran over his cheek, “I’m so lucky I have you.”
“Think ‘m the lucky one,” he replied, kissing your forehead.
Harry lined up his cock with your waiting hole, but not before putting on a condom at your request (“I’m not letting you knock me up again so soon, Styles!”). 
“Ready f’ me?”
He pushed in slowly, giving you plenty of time to adjust since it had been a while. Your pussy clenched around his cock, not used to being full anymore. But it was making it tough for Harry.
“Y’ gotta stop doin’ that, or ‘m gonna blow m’ load before we even get started.”
You giggled, “Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?”
“Definitely not,” he replied, “need t’ fuck m’ pretty little wife.”
You leaned toward his ear, “Then do it.”
His first thrust had you moaning, and so did the one after that, and the one after that. It was gentle, soft, but so fucking hot. With every move he made, it was like he was showing you how deeply he wanted you, and how much he loved you. Your lips moved together sloppily in an imitation of a kiss as he gently yet passionately thrust into you. He murmured sweet nothings against your lips the whole time, reminding you how beautiful you are. It was truly making love in the best way possible.
“Close, H,” you gasped out after he started rubbing your clit.
“Can tell yeh are. Always know y’ gonna cum when I rub that little clit,” Harry said almost cockily.
But you knew he was right. Harry always knew what made you tick.
“Come with me, darlin,” he told you, his thrusts losing their previous rhythm as he approached his orgasm. 
You couldn’t help but listen as your orgasm stole your breath from you. You could vaguely hear him moaning into your ear as his cum filled the condom stretched around his cock. 
When you came down from your highs, he kissed you sweetly, telling you once again how much he loved you without using his words. 
“Let me get a cloth and clean us up,” Harry said as he pulled out of you and took off and tied off the condom.
“Hurry back,” you replied, “that serial killer documentary is calling our name.”
You heard him laugh as he climbed up the stairs. He returned with a damp washcloth, and the condom had been disposed of. He spread your thighs open and wiped you clean, kissing you as he did so. 
“Gonna run the cloth back upstairs,” he told you.
“Guess I should re-heat the food.”
He chuckled, “Probably. I don’ fancy eatin cold Indian takeaway.”
“Hey,” you said, pointing your finger at him, “cold takeout is delicious.”
“Whatever you say, honey!” he shouted as he went back up the stairs.
You got off of the couch reluctantly and popped your food into the microwave for a few minutes. Harry returned from upstairs and wrapped his arms around your waist, rubbing patterns into your stomach as you waited for your food to reheat. When it was done, you took your plates and sat back down on the couch. Once you set your food down, Harry pulled you into his lap and you resumed the documentary as you ate.
“Didn’t realize how badly we needed this until it happened,” you mentioned.
Harry nodded, “Yeah, it’ll be nice t’ just spend the weekend lazing around the house. I’ll have fun doing anything yeh want, as long as it’s with yeh.”
You smiled, kissing him softly before returning your attention to your documentary. Yeah, you definitely married the right guy.
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daaydreamy · 2 days ago
the perfect mixture of soft and rough
Tumblr media
summary: y/n and harry like it rough, but they like to be soft too.
warnings: coarse language, smut, pegging, praise kink
pairing: harry styles x fem!reader
“You’re so pretty.”
Harry moaned softly at the praise, cheeks warming up to a lovely light pink color. It made Y/N chuckle softly and she leaned in a bit closer, nosing at his cheek gently while fucking him dumb with her strap. Her thrusts were harsh and deep, eliciting loud whines and moans and whimpers from the boy beneath her, and god did she love it. She loved listening to his sweet sounds, feeling his skin on hers, praising him so much he would get flustered, making him feel good and pleasured and loved—she loved to do many things with him.
“My pretty boy, hm?” Her voice was soft, unlike the sounds carelessly slipping past his lips. She moved down a bit and pressed her lips to his neck, thankful that he tilted his head back against the pillows when he felt her, granting her more access to his skin. She kissed and licked and nipped at the damp, sweaty skin of his neck, leaving a few marks as well.
Harry felt fuzzy, like his brain was the static you see on the TV. He felt so warm and nice inside, like flowers were growing inside of him and were starting to bloom on his skin as well. It felt like he was in a dream, except everything that was happening was happening and it was all real, but it still felt so… dreamy. He felt hot everywhere, feeling small sparks of electricity hit different parts of his body.
“Does it feel good?” She asked calmly, bringing a sense of serenity to Harry’s mind.
“So good.” He replied breathlessly, clinging onto her body so tightly because he was afraid she’d pull away.
“Always so perfect for me.” She murmured, thrusting into him just right and nudging his sweet spot, making him whine from the feeling. She smiled a little because she knew she found it, fucking into him as best she could so she could keep stimulating that spot that made him whine and tremble.
“You’re so good to me.” He gasped out, “Too good.”
🏷: @crows-fucking-them, @arziyaaan, @planetflos, @harrycanyonmoonn, @bxtchboy69, @sweet-as-lilacs, @harringt8ns, @lyricalniall, @venusincleo (couldn’t tag you!), @bxbun111, @tenaciousperfectionunknown, @ambrosia-bloom, @goldenhrry, @cinnamongirlrry, @manifestrry, @drewandenyasfirstborn, @sad1esgf, @taylorsreputationsversion, @violetsandfluff, @purplefishingline, @a-strange-familiar, @moonlightbea-33 (couldn’t tag you!)
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finelinestarss · 2 days ago
my first dadrry Instagram post, i hope you all enjoy 💗
feel free to interact with me<3
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and please check out the accounts that i am obsessed with:
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yourinstagram, Bay Edward Styles ❤️. The Perfect Addition x
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username, he’s a dad again?
username, dilfrry part two😫
gemmastyles, can’t wait to meet the little guy💞
↳yourinstagram, he can’t wait to meet his auntie gem either😍
username, bay? What is it with Celebrities naming there children weird names😳
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ynandharryupdates, Harry seen for the first time in public with baby Bay!
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username, okay now I’m going to cry
username, we all called him a dilf for years, I guess all our manifesting came to light again
username, show us his face
↳ynandharryupdates, you should respect there privacy and if they want to show us his face they will eventually.
↳username, they showed us Bondi’s face so why can’t they show his?
↳username, let them do it on there own accord
yourinstagram via instagram stories !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your daughter Bondi let out a loud squeal when the door to the hotel room in London swung open to reveal her favourite person in the whole wide world.
Bondi Anne Styles was a daddy’s girl through and through,not just by looks but by personality.
She had his green eyes and had some of his little habits that caused you to fall in love with him more and more every single day.
“B!”Harry matched his tone to his daughters and didn’t waste a second in bringing the two year old into his arms,wrapping his arms around the toddler and inhaling her familiar scent that belonged to home.
His home.
Bondi giggled as Harry continued to press kisses all over her little face,whilst you watched with adoration clear in your eyes whilst rocking the stroller that held your youngest baby in it,who was wide awake and alert.
Harry then turned his attention over to you, his gorgeous fiancé.
You see you and Harry were supposed to get married last year but then you fell pregnant with Bay and had to postpone it.
This year you were officially going to become Mrs.Styles.
You would have the same last name as your children.
The musician took careful steps forward,wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pressing a delicate kiss to your lips,savouring the taste of your lipgloss he had missed that past week due to touring.
“I love you”he stated, just because.
You smiled up at him, your eye colour meeting his green ones you could easily get lost in over and over again.
“I love you too”
He once again turned his attention over to the baby that was babbling away in the stroller,the one month old baby letting out small giggles.
“Oh hello mister”he cooed as he reached down to undo the straps holding Bay in place as he reached down to bring him in his arms.
He brought the baby up to his chest and moved his body from side to side.
“My family, my beautiful family”
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harrystyles, Love On Tour. London I. June, 2022
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username, best night of my life 😭
username, when he sang SOTT!
yourinstagram, so proud of you bubba❤️
↳ harrystyles, ❤️
username, why did you not sing fine line?!
username, did you see y/n and Bondi in the crowd with Anne and Gem? Bondi was singing along to every single song
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yourinstagram, Shenanigans ✨
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username, how do I join there family?
username, Bay’s got Harry’s curls😭
annetwist, I miss my gran babies
↳yourinstagram, they miss you too x
username, the fact it was most likely Harry that took the last photo has me feeling a certain way😫
username, she was backstage at his concert. Look at the second photo!!
Tumblr media
Let me know if you would like to be notified whe. I post and I can add you too a tag list <3
Enjoy lovelies 💗
— 𝓱𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒊𝒆 𝒙𝒙
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puffpasstea · 2 days ago
A/N: I definitely got carried away with this one. Another blurb inspired by yesterday's conversation and a request from this sweet and kind anon. As always, I love hearing your thoughts and suggestions!
Warnings: smut, mentions of anxiety and mental illness, dom!Harry.
“Don’t make me repeat myself, Baby. C’mon. Pull those knickers down.” Harry instructed, tapping my bum lightly with the cane. 
“Sir, it’s gonna hurt.” I protested in a last ditch effort to get him to go easy on me. 
“That..generally tends to be the point of a punishment, darlin.”
I knew then that I’d open myself up to hearing his regular lecture about the difference between the kind of pain that I find erotic and that he does to make me cum, and the kind of pain that I don’t get off to and that is designed to teach me a lesson. We’d discussed these things in extensive detail. Because Harry took every chance he could to get to know me and my body. He was intimately familiar with my form, even though it hadn’t been that long. 
“I’m gonna count to three…” I knew what that meant. It meant he’d increase the number of spanks if I let him get to “three.” So, I cowered and pulled down my underwear before bending back over the bed. 
“That’s my good girl.” Harry rub his hand over me gently. He always did this to the skin that he was just about to mark up. 
I whined when Harry asked me if I was ready. 
“Quit complaining. You’ve done this to yourself, babe. Kept teasing me all night. And in front of Christopher, too. What a brat!”
His words, though completely factual, were brutal on my fragile headspace. Within the month or so that Harry and I had started delving into dominance and submission, I’d grown increasingly responsive to his commanding presence. We’ve reached a point where, I  instantly able tell the difference between him scolding me to tease and mess around, and scolding me because he was sincerely angry with me. In this moment, I knew he was angry. And he had every right to be. I was the one who kept pushing him away and turning down the idea of us being together, yet, tonight, I acted crazy. I couldn’t even give him a real answer when he’d attempted to reason with me. But I wasn’t being coy. At least not intentionally. I honestly didn’t know why I was acting that way. Perhaps I just missed him. I just need to be good and take my punishment. 
“Gonna give you twenty with the cane, okay?”
“Oh what was that?! I know I misheard you because I’m sure that wasn’t just you objecting to the terms of your punishment?”
“No, sir”
He barely gave me a chance to apologize before  delivering the first hit. 
“One!” I yelled out, holding my breath and not letting my body feel the burn. I despised the cane. It baffled me how I could get so turned on by other implements reigning down on my ass, yet feel completely agonized by the same hits with a totally different tool. 
Harry had kept up the same rhythm for seven consecutive hits. I held my breath through them all, blocking the pain away and trying to get through the motions. But when Harry paused for a moment to change up his pattern —which he often did to keep me on my toes—I exhaled and relaxed my tense muscles involuntarily, feeling the pain all at once, hitting me sevenfold. 
A wave of fresh tears hit me immediately and I was powerless to hold them in. I began to weep loudly, loud enough for Harry to hear me. He’d chosen to deliver his hits at an angle now, targeting my left cheek. I counted “eight!” And “n-n-nine” through hiccups and tears, and I knew then that this most definitely wouldn’t end well. The pain was doing the exact opposite of what it was meant to do. Rather than pushing me further into submission, it was distracting me from staying in the moment. I needed to tap out and I needed to do it fast. I swallowed my breath as Harry reigned “ten,” “eleven,” and “twelve” down on me and I seriously considered calling out my safeword and stopping everything. It was extremely difficult —damn near impossible—to follow through with a single rational thought between the crying and the pain.  All I could think was Harry’s voice in my head reminding me that “that’s what safewords are for, Matilda” followed by all the memories I have of him being the only person to ever give a damn about me, to be kind to me, to go out of his way to look out for me, help me, stay in touch with me even when my anxiety told me to push him away. He always came back. And he always took care of me when I failed to take care of myself. Everything we ever did, whether it’s in the bedroom or out of it, has always been about him supporting me. Even the rules he forces me to follow are in place for me to stay safe and feel loved. And this is the one thing he’s asked of me that isn’t directly about my pleasure. I can’t call it off now! Now that it isn’t immediately gratifying and totally about keeping me happy, I want to tap out? What kind of self-centered person does that? Kink is supposed to be a two-way street. It doesn’t work unless we are both getting what we want. 
And just like that, the spiral of anxiety effortlessly overtook me. Just like it so often does in my daily life. It’s truly remarkable that my mental illness managed to defeat even the most physical visceral pain that my body has ever felt. 
“H-hello?! Are you with me?” I heard the sound of the cane hit the ground. Harry leapt onto the bed bouncing both of our bodies along. He took my hand in his. 
“Baby please talk to me. Tell me that you’re okay. Please.” I could only see blurry outlines of his face and body, but his voice told me he was on the verge of losing it. I wanted to reassure him that he hadn’t hurt me, but judging by the fact that I couldn’t speak, perhaps he had? What’s happening to my brain??!
“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.” Harry tried. 
“Okay, good! Good! Alright now squeeze my hand once for ‘I’m good to go’ and twice if you’d like to stop.”
I squeezed twice. 
What happened in the moments that followed is a blur. The ceaseless tears and throbbing pain, combined with anxiety and guilt made it difficult to concentrate. I felt Harry stop everything and grab my body into his arms. I felt him rock me back and forth gentle and whisper into my ear. I felt him wipe my tears away and tell me that everything was alright. And when I managed to calm my breath, I looked into his eyes to see him smiling back down at me. 
“Drink this” he handed me a bottle of water that he always brought to bed before anything else. 
I took a few sips, watching him watch me. 
“You good?”
“Y-yes.” That was the first syllable I’d uttered in a while. 
Harry breathed, visibly relieved. 
“What the fuck happened, Matilda?!!!”
“I- don’t know.” I gave him the half-empty water bottle and he placed it back on the nightstand.
“Yeah, that’s not an acceptable answer.”
“That's the answer I have.” I rolled my eyes.
“I can’t work with that! I can’t work with ‘I don’t know.’ If you don’t know what happened, then I don’t know how to fix it so it doesn’t happen again!” He slowly pushed me off his lap, onto the bed, and stood up, clearly too agitated to sit still. Harry paced back and forth as he spoke, his hands moving around nervously and his voice gradually getting louder. “ And if I can’t make absolutely sure it doesn’t happen again, then this…this whole…thing! Isn’t sane or consensual.”
“Don’t fuckin yell at me!” I scampered off the bed and ran out of the room, slamming the door shut behind me.
I plopped, faced first, down onto the couch, burying my face in between throw pillows and trying not to cry.
Harry cleared his throat loudly to let me know that he was standing near by, and when I didn’t flinch, he rounded the corner and sat on the couch next to me.
“I’m sorry I yelled, Matilda. Please look at me.”
The gentle concern in his voice made it difficult to resist, so I sat up and turned towards him.
“I promise I wasn’t yelling AT you, honey. I was just yelling because…well, to be honest, you  kinda scared me there for a second. But, if you say you don’t know what happened, then -”
“I do.” I blurted out and the regret set in instantly.
“Sorry, what?”
“ I do know what happened. I…” unsure what to say next, I looked away from Harry, searching around the room for something else to focus my eyes on.
“Promise you won’t be mad?”
“Promise, of course! Now tell me.”
“I-I was in too much pain. I needed to safeword.”
“...And you did.” Harry’s statement sounded more like a question.
I looked up at him contritely, knowing what would happen when I say the following, “Yeah, I did, when you asked me. But I…I think I should’ve done it sooner. Like, way sooner.”
“How much sooner?”
“Like by the seventh hit?”
Harry’s gaze had shifted. It was now icey. Like he’d seen a ghost. Mine, on the other hand, was blurry. I hadn’t realized that I’d started to cry again.
“Why didn’t you do it as soon as you knew?” He asked, outright.
“I…I felt- I didn’t wanna let you down.”
Harry laughed incredulously, taking me by surprise.”I’m sorry- what?”
“I didn’t want to disappoint you. I wanted to be your good girl..I- You-” I was no longer able to keep the sobbing at bay. I burst into tears, sliding away from Harry's touch, too ashamed to feel like I deserved his comfort.
“Sorry, baby, I’m trying to understand. I just don’t.”
Harry watched me patiently as I took several breaths in an attempt to gather myself and have this conversation.
“It’s just…you always do so much for me. And you take such good care of me, and you never ask me for anything in return. Sure, you’re the dominant, but…I don’t know. Also, like, I didn’t want you to feel like a bad person! If I safeworded, you’d feel like you were abusing me or something. Which isn’t true! You weren’t! We’ve done caning before! I can take it!” Now it was me who was doing the yelling and ranting. I went on for a while, Harry simply befuddled, listening, and trying his best to keep up.
“Thank you for telling me this.” Harry simply said after a long moment of silence.
He got up, bending over to kiss my cheek quickly before heading for the coat hanger. 
“I’m going for a walk.”
“Harry, no! You promised you wouldn’t be mad-”
“I’m not mad. Just need a minute.” he shut the door before I could offer any objections.
Though I’m sure Harry was only gone for about half an hour, to me, it felt like an eternity. I attempted to distract myself with reading, responding to work emails, and mindlessly scrolling online, but any reprieve from the anxiety that he may never come back, only lasted a few minutes,
At long last, I saw the apartment door crack open, and Harry walked back inside.
“Hey.” His smile was cautious and reserved.
“Harry, listen, I need to say I’m so-”
“No, you, listen!” He laughed. “Sorry, that was too loud. Not trying to yell. But please. I let you have your turn. Now let me respond, okay?”
He placed his arm around me and guided me to the couch, where we’d been sitting not too long ago. His arm stayed on my shoulder even after we’d both sat down. The closeness of his touch brought some comfort to my uncertain mind.
“I know that it’s hard for you to open up to people. So, I just needed to think through my response before saying anything-”
“That’s so nice, thank you.”
“I’m not finished.” He shook his head laughing at my overzealous tone. “If I can’t trust you to safeword when you need to, then I can’t have sex with you.” He stated matter-of-factly. “It’s a non-negotiable. It’s my rock solid limit.”
“I can, I can, Harry. I promise…” Panicking and tugging at his arm, I suddenly felt small.
“Well you let me speak, goodman, woman!” he giggled. “However, I think this is bigger than a safe-word issue. The feelings you described…you can’t carry on the burden of other people’s thoughts or feelings. You can’t be worrying about what I will think or feel if you tap out.”
“You sound like my therapist” I mumbled under my breath.
“So, I think I’ve come up with a couple of things we can try doing to help you practice saying what you need without guilt.”
I was blushing now, feeling exposed, transparent.
At any time during sex, I maintain the right to squeeze your hand as a check-in. If you squeeze my hand right back, I’ll take that as an equivalent to “green” and I’ll know I’m good to carry on. If you don’t squeeze back, like if you get frozen up or freaked out and can’t bring yourself to say anything or move, like today, I’ll know something’s wrong.”
“H-harry” I was utterly speechless.
“Here’s the kicker! Every time you safeword, be it verbally or using our cool new system, you get a reward of your choosing.”
“A reward?”
“It can be an orgasm, ice cream, driving my obviously superior car for a day, anything you want….” He looked at me, clearly proud of himself.
“Before you say anything, just remember, any time you don’t safeword, you’re breaking the rules, you’re hurting me, you’re not making a good decision.”
Harry;s empathy had once again left me without words to express my gratitude. All I could think to do was jump right into his lap, kissing him urgently, and feeling around for his zipper.
“Ooooh. Someone’s claiming their reward early…” he laughed into my mouth.
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ouronlyangelhes · 2 days ago
What are We?
Tumblr media
Hiii, i’m back writing!! I know it’s been a minute but I was feeling inspired and like writing again. Send me your feedback as well as any requests you may have for me!
You hated the unknown. To be honest it scares you, as well as giving you quite a bit of anxiety. You liked knowing your plans, who they were with, when, and where. If things changed, so be it, life happens. You were flexible, but you did like a rough plan. Relationships often troubled you. You tried to be the cool girl. The girl who was okay with not knowing where the relationship was going and just living on the edge of your seat. You tried. As much as you tried, you just couldn’t take it. It was the unknown. You just wanted to know what exactly was going on, you didn’t think of that as a huge ask. But to some guys, it was. As soon as you asked “What are we?” or “Where is this going?” You could barely blink before they took off running. Doesn’t everyone like to know they aren’t wasting their time? Doesn’t everyone like knowing how someone else feels about them? These were all questions you thought way too many times, and couldn’t understand why they never seemed to cross the minds of the guys you spent time with.
Meeting Harry, you really hoped things would be different. Because, simply he was so different than any other guy you had ever met before. Harry had just got out of a long term relationship when the two of you had met. He had made it plenty clear that he wasn’t looking to get back into something serious after being in a relationship. You weren’t someone who had a lot of boyfriends or hookups. You tended to go with the flow in most situations until you had to know where it was heading.
You had been seeing Harry for a couple months. You had been introduced by a mutual friend and had been talking ever since. You hadn’t been seeing anyone else besides Harry. You hadn’t even been seeing anyone before Harry. It felt to you like perfect timing. You wanted to ask him so badly if things were exclusive between you but you just couldn’t work up the courage. Every time you had asked questions like that you had dug yourself into a hole you couldn’t get out of. You liked Harry a lot. How could you not? He was kind, funny, gorgeous, charismatic, and not to mention the best sex you had ever had. So you’d be damned if you would mess it up.
Harry had been acting strange lately. When you would ask him to hang out, he was far from eager to respond right away. He would give drawn out responses that basically were just maybes, or he would have to check. Him checking was something you had to remind him of. You were getting tired and frustrated. You wanted him to put some work in. You had felt like you were putting in all the effort and it was frustrating. You didn’t wanna blow things out of proportion, but it was getting to a point where you couldn’t take it anymore. Real feelings were beginning to develop for Harry and it just wasn’t going to work for you like this for much longer.
He had blown off plans with you yet again and you decided no matter how crazy it seemed, you were just going to show up at his apartment. You had to talk to him about it. It was keeping you up at night. You couldn’t keep feeling like this.
You had spent a few minutes at least outside his door. You could walk away, just avoid it all. Not seem overwhelming or pushy and just go home. But if you did go home, you would be left with wondering what if. You finally worked up the courage and knocked on the door.
“Y/N? Hey, I wasn’t expecting you.” He said as he opened the door.
“I know, I just really wanted to talk to you and it just couldn’t wait.”
“Okay, come on in.” He said as he opened the door.
“Would you like a drink or something?” He asked as he grabbed a glass from his cabinet.
“Yeah, that would be great actually.” You said with a small smile.
“The usual?” He said as he poured your favorite.
“Yes, thanks.”
“So, what is it that you wanted to talk about?” He asked he sat down beside you.
So i’m thinking of making this a series, depending on how you guys like it! Please let me know what you think! Next part coming soon!
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stylesloveclub · 2 days ago
French Macarons (sugar daddy!h) -- sneak peek!
˙· .° 。  ˚ 。  ° . · ˚ ˙ · . ° 。 ˚ 。  ° . · ˙ · .° 。 ˚ 。 °.  · ˙ ‧̍̊  
She turns around to face the mirror, applying some lip balm to her lips as the final step of her routine. Harry stands behind her, wrapping his arms around her, and watches her in the mirror. 
He admires how pretty she is with her freshly washed face, resting his chin on his shoulder and staring at her through their reflection. His hands sit on her hips, thumbs rubbing against the silky soft robe. It’s cut short, only reaching her mid-thigh, and the soft skin of her thighs makes his mouth water. 
Whichever way she moves, the flimsy fabric follows, blowing behind her and flowing naturally with her every movement. The material is so delicate and thin, he can feel every single one of her curves and the soft texture of her skin. And he can see the soft buds of her nipples, peaking from underneath the thin, silk material.
It makes Harry wonder. “Have y’got anything on under this?” 
˙· .° 。  ˚ 。  ° . · ˚ ˙ · . ° 。 ˚ 。  ° . · ˙ · .° 。 ˚ 。 °.  · ˙ ‧̍̊  
hiii everyone here’s a sneaky of my newww sugar daddy series!!! it’s ceorry/daddy!harry x spoiled/sweetheart!y/n !!! he is very sexy to me and he’s really soft for her (unless she gets on his nerves then he turns mean if u know what i’m saying) and i really really like him :-) part 1 takes place in FRANCE and if u want to read it he is posted on patreon NOW!!!! 
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stucktoyou · 2 days ago
You gave the camera a sultry look as you separated your legs, showing the audience, who’d soon be watching the video, your dripping core as well as the amazing scenery behind you of the infamous Maldive beach’s. Your folds were wet and pulsing, aching for Harry’s thick cock.
Harry licked his lip at the sight of you splayed out on the bed for him. His fingers danced on your body, drawing teasing patterns on your warm skin before finally touching where you longed for him to be. His calloused finger came in contact with your clit, which peaked out from your folds, already so pleasured. You just wanted him inside of you.
“Fuck me” you whimpered, bucking your hips upwards as Harry started to draw teasing circles on your clit, his other hand going up towards your breasts. His fingers pinched at your nipple as he dipped down to lick the other, giving both some attention.
“Oh darling, where’s your manners gone? I give your cunt some attention and you forget everything, huh?” He spoke, voice raspier than normal, he looked up at you, through his eyelashes making you whine. His tongue continuing the assault on your other nipple.
“Please. Please fuck me, need to feel your cum inside of me. Want your baby, please” you moaned, hand going to tangle into his hair.
“You want my baby inside of you? Huh? Want to be all full and round with my baby yeah?” He asked, kissing up your body, giving the skin on your neck some attention before taking ahold of his hard cock, which was already releasing pre cum, and tapping it teasingly on your pulsing clit and folds.
“Yes, yes please Harry. Please” you begged as you felt yourself grow even more wet if that was even possible.
He cooed as he spread your combined arousal and before you knew it, he slipped in, the camera catching the movement perfectly. It captured the way your walls stretched to fit his impressive cock and also the way his balls slapped against your bottom as he picked up the pace of his thrusts after giving you some time to adjust.
“Going to fill you up nice and full, make sure you get pregnant before the end of this honeymoon. Is that what you want?” He panted from above you, his arms around your frame as he grunted, when you squeezed you walls around him making him twitch deep inside of you.
“Yes please Harry, want nothing more” you cried out, finger nails digging into his back, leaving marks there for the camera to see. And not before long Harry was fulfilling his promise and letting go deep inside of you, painting your walls with his hot white cum.
Once he pulled out, he reached over for the camera, moving it towards you dripping core, capturing the way his cum leaked out of you and how his thick fingers slowly and teasingly pushed it back in. Making sure his load takes and you get pregnant.
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fullofstyles · 2 days ago
kissme-hs - part 2
harry-writings - part 2
twohearts-hs - part 2
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hstylesloverr · a day ago
dad!harry x singer!reader
the serie’s masterlist.
blackpinkup via instagram post
Tumblr media
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blackpinkup Y/N L/N seen today in Toronto with her son wearing a beautiful engagement ring.
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harryupdates I CANT BREATHE
harryfan1 FINALLY
ynfan i'm so happy i'm literally crying on the floor
username respect their privacy man
ynfan7 the harries are literally going so crazy on twitter
harryfan9 harry’s fans 😭🥹😣🤪 yn’s fans: 🕴
username 💗🫶😭🤍😣💓💞🥹💖
harryfan3 i've been waiting for this since 2019
harryy2013 hopefully today at the concert they make a public statement or something
ynfan4 it's not their obligation and if they don't feel comfortable they shouldn't do it...
username i can only imagine harry and y/n telling logan they are getting married or logan helping harry ask his mother😣😣😣😭😭😭
harryflower via instagram post
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harryflower jus thinking about the first pics of harry and y/n in 2018 😭😭 knowing that they’re now engaged and have a beautiful son together
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username she is the one
harryfan5 i'm just thinking about all the hate y/n got for dating harry and the rumors that harry cheated on camille with her
username even Camille herself had to say that all those rumors were fake?
username they are so cute 😣😣😣🥹🥹🥹
ynfan9 literally the best couple
username harry and y/n are written by taylor swift
harryfan6 internet is broken
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yourinstagram and even though we live inside, a dangerously empty life, you always seem to bring me light.
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harrystyles Never ever been happier. I love you
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username im so devastated 😭😭 especially y/n quoting one of the best songs of the weeknd
harryfan1 when y/n and harry "announced" that they were together was when they were seen kissing at The Weeknd Asia Tour, also yn and abel are very good friends 😭😭😭
yourmom So happy ❤️💍
arianagrande 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
username does anyone know when the wedding will be?
ynfan surely next year, both are up to their necks in projects and concerts
yourinstagram i said yes to his proposal under that condition
taylorswift13 Extremely happy and excited for you guys ❤️
lalalalisa_m I love you both
roses_are_rosie My favorite swifties ❤️
sooyaaa__ 가장 아름다운 커플🤍
username god i'm so excited but so depressed at the same time and i don't even know why
harryfan2 same.
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Tumblr media
Summary: An emergency admission to the hospital gives rise to a series of strange events in your life. By fate, when things take a dark turn, a unexplainable force leads you to Harry. The hospital's shy and perceptive botanist who will help you solve the frightening mystery that links the two of you together.
Genre: Witch AU / Soulmates AU (Green wizard Harry x Seer witch Y/N)
Warnings: Sexual Content (Sub-ish, soft Harry 🥺), Mild Cursing, Witchcraft and Demon Stuff (Nothing too crazy or disturbing, I promise)
Words: 10k
Y/N kissed Harry.
She kissed him – and he kissed her back, and they kept kissing until their lips had went numb and sore all the same… and then they went inside the house and cuddled each other to sleep. Bodies glued together despite their swimming clothes still feeling quite wet and sticky, and the usual pleasant scents of their skins being tarnished with the chemically one of chlorine. And it felt good. It felt so good… which is why Y/N was surprised when she woke up on aunt Rowena’s guest room all alone. Had she slept past the witching hour? That had never happened before… Well, except for the times she was sick or had one too many boozy drinks before bed.
Which wasn’t the case this time.
So, she’s guessing it can only have something to do with Harry, because that’s the only logical explanation. Maybe not him directly, but the calming capacities of his energy… and the way the smell of flowers, and freshly washed sheets dancing in the wind practically oozes from his pores. Because sure, they’d had a few cocktails last night, but not nearly enough to leave Y/N feeling tipsy… let alone tipsy enough to crash for the whole night without having to get up in the middle to be, well… a witch. Or to go for a wee. Which speaking of, Harry wasn’t in the en suite bathroom having one like Y/N had first assumed him to be…
She had rolled over in bed and clung to his pillow, giving him a few minutes to come back so that she could persuade him into coming to cuddle her for a bit longer… but the room was all too quiet.
She called for him and got no answer.
Her heart leapt at the thought that he might have slipped away in the middle of the night… frightened over what her aunt had told them hours before. Or worse, for regretting what had happened right afterwards… but his luggage was still sitting on the bedroom floor next to hers, so she figured it shouldn’t be that.
Before she got up and went looking for him however, Y/N checked her phone out of habit, only to find 4 missed calls and a bunch of unread texts from her best friend Margery, asking for a call back as soon as possible.
Y/N’s hand flew to her chest as she pressed the call button, already waiting for Margery to tell her that something had happened with Azura. The cat had a bad temper… and could act like a hell born little imp sometimes. Which was why Y/N usually never left her under anyone’s care for longer than a couple of hours… and this time it had been almost 10 consecutive days.
Luckily her worriment didn’t have time to escalate, as Margery answered the call after two rings with her usual cheery, gleeful tone. “Thank fuck you called! We were about to ring up Salem’s assembly and report you as a missing witch…”
Y/N winced slightly. “Where are you? It’s so static-y…”
“Oh sorry.” There was a shuffling noise from Margery’s side, and then her voice got clearer. “We’re at Pam’s house. Axl’s here too…” That got Y/N to smile, of course they were at Pam's house. In the middle of nowhere, where the phone network was horrible, and the internet was even worse. “Axl thought you had lost your mind for good and drove out of the country with some hot lesbian biker you had married in Vegas…”
“What?” She couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. “Did you guys really think you'd get rid of me that easily?”
“Of course not, - Shit. Hold on, I think I lost you.” Margery's voice sounded robotic and far away, as if she were calling from inside a spaceship. Y/N figured she was probably bending over backwards to try to get even one line of signal inside Pam’s cottage, so she chose not to complain about it. “Sorry, I’m back – I don’t know for how long though so tell me everything! How’s Vegas? Have you gone out already? I bet there are so many hot normies there…”
“Hot normies.” Y/N snorted… and huffed and then biting her lip she mumbled “I’ve sort of met someone magical, so… can’t really say I’ve been looking.”
“Excuse me- WHAT?”
Margery’s shout pierced Y/N's eardrums, making her pull the phone away from her ear before she mumbled lowly, “I can't tell you the details right now because he might listen but-”
“He? Who is he? Is he there with you?”
“Um, well… yeah, I mean - I'm by myself right now but…” Y/N got up and walked to the bathroom, just to double check that she really was alone – and as soon as she realized that she was, the babble gushing began. “I don’t know what came over me last night. I just… kissed him, and I thought – I really thought he liked it at the time- but now I woke up and he isn’t here. What if he regretted it so much that he couldn't even stomach to look at me when he woke up?!”
“You’re freaking out for no reason… he’s probably in the bathroom taking a dump right as we speak.” Margery suggested, but Y/N denied that possibility immediately. She had checked the bathroom after all… – “Well then… maybe he’s an undercover vampire? You know they always have to skip the breakfast in bed part…”
“No, of course he’s not a bloody vampire!” Y/N hissed, trying to keep it quiet. “He works at the hospital, inside a greenhouse - under the sun.”
“Wait… you’re screwing the hospital guy?! Oh my god guys, she’s screwing the hospital guy!”
Y/N’s body froze in alarm. “Did you just-” There were laughs and rustling coming from the other end of the line. “Margery! When I tell you these things you are not supposed to let everyone know!” The girl grumbled, but the only response she got were more weird stirring noises and a shout letting her know that she was now on speaker. “…and I am not screwing him- It’s not like that…”
“It’s not like that?!” Axl’s voice broke through the speakers of the phone, his tone pitched with amusement. “Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t you just bitching to Margery about having woke up alone? ‘Cause that seems to me like you went to bed… not alone.”
“We just… slept. Like people do. Every night.”
“Oh…” They sounded a little disappointed. “But why was he there with you anyway? We thought you went to visit your aunt because of that weird omen stuff you told us about…”
“No, I did but- there’s some other stuff going on also…”
“What stuff?”
Y/N huffed deeply, “Do you guys remember what went on at the hospital? With that old witch who ran away?”
“Yeah, what about it? You said you didn't know anything…”
“Yeah well… I didn’t, at the time.” That was a lie, but it was a harmless one. “To keep it short, we found out the witch made a deal with a demon before she ran away… and we’ve decided to investigate a little. We’re meeting with a demonologist today, actually-”
“Wait, wait, wait… you’re meaning to tell us you have been messing with demon stuff without us? That’s whack, Y/N! You know how much we love to read about black magic and all that forbidden, creepy stuff…”
“Oh I know, which is exactly I didn’t tell you… No offense but you’d get too excited and end up doing something careless that would get us all killed…”
“When are you coming back? We should meet at Bones and Burgers just so you could run us through everything… and bring your doctor friend too! We’d like to meet him.”
“No, we won't- do that.” Y/N hissed, feeling flustered. “I told you before that he’s shy. I don’t think he would do well in that kind of environment. It’s too crowded.”
“Come onnnn… are you serious? So, that’s how it’s going to be? You get a little boytoy and now you’re going to start putting us aside…?”
“He’s not my-” Y/N wheezed on the defense, but the muffled laughter that followed had her realizing her friends were just trying to get her riled up. She threw her head back and squeezed the bridge of her nose, eager to move past the topic. “Look, unless you guys happen to know any magical ways to discover the old witch's hideout, there's nothing that you can do to help.” The sudden silence on their part alarmed her… because it was telling that they were starting to consider. “It was a joke, okay? You are absolutely forbidden to go poke into the matter!”
“But-” Their voices sounded simultaneously.
“No! I am not doing this with you. I said what I said. I don’t want you guys getting involved, and that’s the end of the story!” A light knock on the bedroom door interrupted Y/N’s speech, giving her the perfect excuse to hang up without further discussion. “I have to go now, someone’s at my door.”
“No, wait-” They still tried, but Y/N cut them off.
“Don’t forget to check Azura’s litter box, she’s very picky about it. I’ll talk to you soon, bye-bye.” She didn’t give them time to reply before pressing the button to end the call. Her shoulders slumped, trying to push back the unnerving thought that had just come to mind. Would she really get to talk to her friends soon?
Another soft knock on the door brought Y/N back to the reality of the bedroom she was in. “Come in.” She called, with expectant eyes stuck on the gaping door, from where Harry’s curl-framed head popped in just the slightest. “Oh, hi. You can come in, silly.” She added, smiling curiously at how reticent he seemed to be from walking inside, even though she’d given him permission.
He finally walked in, closing the door behind him with a delicate thud. “Sorry, I thought I’d heard you talking to someone and didn’t want to interrupt.”
“It’s okay. I was just about to hang up anyway.” Y/N said as Harry sat down on the edge of the bed beside her. “Have you been up for a long time?”
“Just about half an hour, I think.”
“Where did you go?”
“I forgot to charge my phone overnight and it died. It’s why I got up, ´cause I went to check the time on the wall clock. I was planning to come back, but then I bumped into your aunt and uh… I don't know how she knew, but she knew I liked plants, so she offered to show me a few books,” Y/N’s eyes squinted out of strangeness… as far as she knew, her aunt didn't care much for plants, so why should she have- “and then showed me your old photo books as well.”
She groaned, taking her hands to her eyes. “You weren’t supposed to see those photos…”
“Why not?” Harry frowned slightly. “I liked them. Especially the ones from daycare where you were playing outside with a bunch of huge snails… those were cute.”
Y/N laughed a little at the memory. When she was younger, she went through a phase where she was obsessed with snails and slugs - much to her mother's dismay, because she always wanted to take them home to keep as pets. She made moss beds for them, fed them leaves, and even gave them baths. It was a gross little hobby… but she was happy like that.
“See… that’s embarrassing.” Y/N fretted. “No one ever wanted to play with me ‘cause I was always covered in snail goo.”
“It’s not.” Harry averred. “I swear if we were at daycare together, I would’ve loved to play with your snails. I wouldn’t ask obviously ‘cause I was even more awkward as a kid, but I would’ve sat by myself in the corner wishing you'd come ask if I wanted to play too.”
“You aren’t awkward, you’re just quiet… it’s not the same thing.” She told, scooting a little closer to him on the bed before she added, “Awkward would be when I started having a crush on you and asking if you wanted to play house and be my pretend husband – and father of our snail babies, of course.”
Harry smiled bashfully towards the floor, shrugging one shoulder. “I mean… I think I’d said yes ‘cause I would’ve had a crush too - unless you were a mean kid and not anything like you are nowadays.”
“Are you flirting with me?” Y/N asked with a giddy laugh as she fiddled with her fingers - twisting and untwisting them before her eyes jumped up to gawk at Harry, whose cheeks had just mottled a vibrant shade of pink, perhaps pinker than she had ever seen them before. “I’d like it if you were, but if not, then that’s okay too…” She added through a hesitant bite of her lip.
Harry snickered, still looking rather bashful. “I don’t know how to flirt,” His voice wavered, and then came out in a hurried murmur. “But if I did, then I would- with you, all the time.”
Tumblr media
As it turns out, the address aunt Rowena gave Harry and Y/N led to a two-story house surrounded by a tall picket fence in a quiet residential enclave of Henderson.
The first thing Y/N took notice of was that the place didn’t look like an evil lair or an abandoned cottage like she thought it would… you know, with the whole skulls dangling from the front porch's ceiling, a spooky pumpkin patch in the back and a scarecrow a little too realistic for anyone to feel comfortable turning their back to it sort of deal. – As far as the second thing goes, it was that this Lord Darkmore persona didn't look nothing like she was expecting a demon expert to.
She had pictured a severe looking man, dressed in black clothes, with maybe some scars or eccentric tattoos on his face and neck that screamed 'Watch out: I’m into some real funky stuff' – Not a toned-looking wizard picking weeds from the lawn of his garden in a piping tracksuit and reeboks.
The brown skin of his face gleamed like bronze under the sun, long braids were tied in a bun atop of his head to keep them away from his face. He was rather attractive and didn’t look a day older than 47 – what put him right up Y/N’s aunt’s alley when it came to her favored choice of romantic flings. Y/N doesn't want to imagine her relative and this man together like that, but her intuition is hinting that they’re both into fuzzy handcuffs and blindfolds for some reason and she’s having a hard time pushing that undesired information back.
“Mr. Bellamy?” Y/N called, what immediately caught the wizard's attention. He straightened his back up and quickly rubbed his hands together to wipe the dirt off what she was assuming would be heavily calloused fingers. Then, at lazy pace, he began to approach the fence's gate, stopping a couple of feet from the visitors. “Hi, um…” The girl greeted a little gracelessly. “My name is Y/N and this is my friend Harry - we’re here because-“
“I don’t do autographs or take pictures.” He interrupted before she could finish. “The two of you can piss right off my property.”
“No, that’s not why-“ Y/N shook her head quickly, following him around from outside the picket fence. “My aunt, Rowena,” She raised her voice an octave, hoping the name would manage to get his attention back. “She recommended your services because – well, it’s a complicated story but we were sort of caught upon an evil-purposed summoning situation and we were hoping tha-”
“Reena has a niece?” The wizard questioned, seemingly disregarding all words spoken in favor of trying to find any physical similarities between Y/N and her aunt. Spoiler alert, he probably wouldn’t be finding many. “I didn’t know she had family around… I could swear she told me she was orphaned.”
Harry frowned at the news, guessing he was about to witness a similar reaction from his friend. “Yeah, I can sort of picture her doing that…” He heard her say instead. Rowena must've had her reasons. There’s no better way out of introducing a partner to the family, than pretending not to have one, right?
“So, um… Mr. Bellamy…” Y/N insisted, taking advantage of the additional moment of attention he had spared them. “I know your schedule is probably very busy, but we are open to pay extra for out of hours consultation if need to. We've been searching everywhere for someone like you, who is highly knowledgeable in demonology and well, since my aunt said you were the best, we thought-”
“You are not going to pay for my services.” Mr. Bellamy said decidedly, and Y/N almost breathed out in relief. They might have saved some money by staying at her aunt’s house, but she knew that an emergency appointment with the uppermost demon expert should cost, at least, about a week's worth of motel stays. “Because I’m not offering services.” The man deadpanned, making Harry and Y/N’s smiles close in an instant. “I've retired from that stuff. I don't have the patience to deal with any more demons or magical circles, so sorry… but you’ll have to go find another door to knock on.” He finished, before turning his back on them and beginning to stumble towards the door of the house.
“What happened to your leg?” Harry inquired out loud, causing Y/N’s eyes to widen. He usually never let out as much as a peep around strangers, so she was quite shocked he had chosen to question Mr. Bellamy on his limp so carefreely.
The man paused midway, not bothering to look back. “Ailments from the past.” He replied drearily. “But that’s none of your business.”
“Actually,” The usual raspy tone of Harry’s voice went slightly sharper from desperation. “I can prep you a remedy that will make it go away if you help us out.” He proposed, knowing this was the last chance the two had before they got shut out for good.
The man guffawed humorlessly, turning around with difficulty. Y/N hadn’t realized just how bad the state of the man’s leg was until Harry commented on it. He limped quite a lot. Judging by his movements, it looked like his leg had been swapped by a tree trunk - Constantly stuck to the ground and refusing to move along with the rest of his frame. “I’ve tried dozens of different meds and analgesics… they never changed a thing. Why would yours be any different?”
“Because you’ve been trying to cure a Maleficium injury with non-magic drugs.” Harry’s sure answer surprised Mr. Bellamy, but oddly, the verdict did not seem all that unforeseen to him. “I’m guessing you know that already…” Harry supposed, “You just haven’t done anything about it because you’ve been marked by whoever evil entity did that to you, and now you’re scared of the repercussions of our people finding out you work with forbidden magic.”
The man’s pink tongue darted out to lick his lips that had gone a little dry from the morning sun, but there was a gleam of interest in his eyes. “Who are you?” He asked Harry. “Some type of witch doctor?”
“I prefer the term botanist, but yes.” Harry said brightly, taking a step closer to the fence and placing his hands in between two spiky boards. “We wouldn't be taking up too much of your time, just enough to ask you a few questions and in return, I'll make you an effective medicine to treat your leg. I will need to go get some ingredients to make it first, but tomorrow it should be ready… all we ask for is a couple of minutes of your morning.”
“And how do I know you're not just saying that to get a free consultation?”
“You have my word, Mr. Bellamy.” Harry said seriously, like he truly believed that should be enough to appease his worries. “Besides, I’m always interested in helping people feel better if I can.”
The man's distrust seemed to melt at the genuineness of Harry's green gaze, and after a moment, with a deep sigh, he gave in. “Lock the gate on your way inside. I’m not looking for any more unexpected visitors.”
Y/N and Harry both couldn't contain a little jolt of accomplishment that rushed through their bodies as they hurried to unlock the gate and follow the man inside his house.
It wasn’t like Y/N was ever not wanting to kiss Harry, but right then the urge to lurch herself into his arms and push their lips together to show him just how much she appreciated what he did was almost uncontrollable. He was so hot – in his own shy, soft, ingenuous ways, and what made it even more endearing was that she had a feeling he had absolutely zero notion of that fact, let alone of how much Y/N had been itching to tell him how remarkably perfect in every sense of the word she thought he was.
She had tried to pay him little compliments at times, but his reactions were always somewhere between embarrassment and apprehension, what admittedly made her heart ache a little - that he doubted himself so much that he refused to accept a compliment with a simple 'thank you'.
Now wasn’t the time to be focusing of that though…
Because they were about to enter the home of a stranger who knew a shit ton about demons and probably a lot of hazardous spells as well.
The home wasn’t as ostentatious and time-honored as aunt Rowena’s mansion, but it was still ritzy enough to make someone feel like they should cross their legs and mind their posture as they sat on one of the green leather sofas of the living room.
“Alright then… tell me what your problem is.” The demonologist challenged as he planted himself on one of the other sofas and reached for the Marlboros perched on the side table. He tried to stifle a hiss of pain as he did so, but the unavoidable wincing of his face let it show that there was likely a sharp pungency running through his leg as he bent.
A short, expected silence followed his question, in which Y/N hem and hawed for a moment whilst staring at Harry, who only granted her a soft nod as silent encouragement. “Um… okay, well-” She spoke first, guessing that Harry would prefer for her to go over the knotty storytelling part. “Basically, what happened was that we found that a dark witch has summoned a demon back at the magic community where we live. We don’t know exactly what kind of deal she made with it – but what we do know is that innocent creatures and people have been hurt.” Y/N took a deep breath and glanced at Harry again. “We need to send this demon back to where it came from, but the catch is that- um… the casting circle has been… wiped out?”
“So?” The expert shrugged, blowing out the cigarette smoke lodged in his mouth.
“So…” Her tongue prolonged the vowel. “…what do we do?”
The man looked confused by the question, until the recognition that he was talking to absolute newbies sank. “You two know jack-shit about demons, don’t you?” He pumped the question, although he had already figured the answer before the two were nodding their heads. “You make a new circle – and then, trick the demon into coming to you with the promise of a better bargain than the one offered by his previous summoner. Demons are not loyal to the ones who work with them. They are selfish and hoggish – a demon won’t hesitate to break a contract if it believes it can chalk up more than they were promised beforehand.”
“Oh.” Y/N’s brows jumped with the realization. “I guess we hadn’t really considered that faking a deal with the devil could be a possibility…”
“If we’re going to be doing that, what kind of deal are we meant to propose?” Harry inquired timidly. “Cause that got me thinking… if the promise should be that much more enticing, won't the demon realize it's a frame-up straight away?” He speculated further.
“Yes, certainly.” Mr. Bellamy confirmed. “Usually, a tribute of magic blood is enough to lure them in. There’s two of you. That means two disparate blood tributes – what should already make it all more enticing…” Harry eyed Y/N for a moment. His see-through expression letting her in on the fact that he thought she was about to balk out on him at the news - that maybe the whole blood tribute part was too much for her to handle.
And granted, maybe having to drain her own blood and offer it to a demon on a silver platter was a bit more than Y/N had been expecting, but still not nearly enough to scare her away. Now that she is thinking about it, there’s nothing really that could have come out of Mr. Bellamy’s mouth that would scare her away from the game plan… Because as long as she’s got Harry by her side, she thinks she can do anything – walk on blazing coals, kayak over a waterfall, swim with great white sharks – you name it, and she’d do in a heartbeat because they’re…
And well, maybe this is really unideal time to realize that perhaps she has found her soulmate, but doesn’t it also always happen somewhat like that in movies?
Y/N reached between their bodies and locked her fingers together with Harry’s, giving a sure squeeze as a subtle indication that she wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. He squeezed back. “Let's say we succeed in attracting this demon for bargain… what’s next?”
“You'll have to snare him and perform the expulsion ritual… but first things first –which demon is it that you are trying to send back to the Abyss?” Y/N and Harry traded a panicky look between them at the question, the man sighed with disgruntlement. “You don’t know? What kind of magic people are you?”
The girl swallowed before she replied. “Good magic people?”
“Okay, well – good magic people,” Mr. Bellamy repeated derisively. “You have to know which demon has ascended to send him back. Without a name there is nothing that can be done.”
“But- we weren’t there when it was summoned… how are we going to discover its name?”
His gaze swiveled between the two. “Do you know who the spell caster was?”
“Yes-” Harry answered with more certainty than he truly had. “Or well, at least we think we do.”
“Well then – that’s a good place to start. Track them – cage them – put them through the wringer – torture the name out of them if need to. That’s what I would do.” He said nonchalantly, smiling smugly once he noticed the utter horror that had washed over their features. “But of course, the good magic people aren’t keen on using any torture spells…” His mouth curled mockingly, but when Y/N was about to snap at him for being rude over their lack of knowledge when it wasn’t their fault that black magic teaching has been banned in schools since 1977, he wiped the jeer off his face and went serious.
“Alright. Here’s what you’re going to do… You’ll work on finding that demon’s name… and as soon as you do, you call me. – I have a list with the names of the demons I’ve met or heard of in the past that might be helpful. Now, I can’t guarantee the one you are looking for is in that list, but it may be, since there aren’t that many demons willing to come to our world – the ones who do are usually the ones who once lived among us, as they have a human form to come back to and don't have to borrow someone else's body.”
“You want us to call you? Why? I thought you had retired…” Y/N questioned intently, finding it somewhat strange that Mr. Bellamy was making himself available to carry on helping them through the expelling ritual. She hadn’t been counting on that – hell, after the way he greeted them at the door, she had been expecting nothing but for him to spit out some basic tips and tricks and send them on their way with a mind full of unanswered questions and maybe a threat or two that something bad was going to happen if they failed to bring him his remedy the next day.
“I did retire.” The man huffed heavily, rubbing lazily at his scruff. “But quite frankly, with your lack of knowledge and artlessness, it would be a danger to society for me to allow you to go and perform a ritual without assistance from someone who knows what they’re doing. Else ways, you’ll end up getting killed and devoured before you manage to utter out a single spell word.” His lips twitched into a tight smile at their glowers. That hurt. It really did - but despite the heavy bruising done on their egos, neither Harry or Y/N had the mind or the gut to contest Mr. Bellamy on his, most likely accurate, belief. “If you’re going to stick to that favor you promised earlier, I'm willing to help with your problem until that’s sorted… if and only if that remedy proofs to be as effective as you claim it to be.”
Tumblr media
The first thing Harry and Y/N did after leaving Mr. Bellamy’s house was go for a walk around downtown Las Vegas.
The goal was to go and visit some witchcraft shops and plant nurseries throughout the afternoon, so that hopefully Harry could get the missing items he needed to make Mr. Bellamy's medicine.
It wasn't so hard to find wizardry shops in Las Vegas. It was a big city for magic practice, after all… Even despite the large number of posers pretending to be real occultists – like the astrologers and psychics offering miracle cures for all kinds of love and money problems. Those could be spotted at practically every city corner, the real deal witchcraft places, on the contrary, were usually the most clandestine and the ones who didn’t have social media pages washed in witchy vibes, aesthetic-like pictures, and made-up pentagram designs.
Before hitting the shops however, Y/N had managed to convince Harry to go visit the Las Vegas Neon Museum… well, convince might not be the right word, since all she had to do really was let out an excited gasp at the sight and stare at him with her lower lip puffed out a little bit.
It was a fun time of roaming around and taking lots of pictures - Harry even insisted that she would let him take pictures of her next to her favorite signs, and she managed to take some of him as well, although most of them were when he was distracted because he kept hiding his face and claiming he didn't like to get his pictures taken, although he still managed to look adorable in each one.
Speaking of adorable, Y/N had also been secretly hoping she would stumble upon some stones to make matching gem necklaces for her and Harry. She had been aiming for Amethyst, a soothing gem that mollifies negative energy and alleviates feelings of anxiety, something that she had realized that Harry had plenty of, paired with Aventurine, because in addition to being a protective and luck-bringing stone, it also happened to be almost the exact shade of Harry’s eyes – green, with a silvery blue sheen. Just thinking about how pretty it would look on him was enough to make her feel giddy throughout the whole day, so it was no surprise that when she happened to find some at the back of a witchcraft emporium, it became a real struggle not to let her excitement show.
They were a bit expensive compared to the ones Margery usually ordered from her regular supplier, but Y/N wasn't worried about the money… She wanted to have the necklaces done before her and Harry had any sort of contact with this demon, hoping that the extra protection from the stones would help them stay connected and grounded throughout the ritual. She wasn't going to tell him about these plans though, wanting to surprise him with a little gift just like he did with the magic tree he had given her at the hospital.
“Hey, do you think your aunt has a pestle and mortar at home? I’m gonna need some to crush these indigo milk caps later.” Harry wondered out loud behind her, shaking the transparent bag of plump mushrooms in his hand. His voice startled her off her bones a little. She hadn’t heard him coming, figuring he should still be distracted gathering things in the aisle where she had discreetly abandoned him at so that she could come pick her stones.
“Uh… yeah! I think she should…” Y/N stammered, covertly hiding her hands behind her back, since they were thronged with not only the gemstones, but also some complementary beads and wire she was planning to braid into a support net. “I mean, I think all magic people do, don’t they? Even I have one at home, despite never using it…”
“Hm, yeah… you’re probably right.” Harry agreed, glancing back at her with a curious smile as he picked and tossed a jar of something into the shopping basket hanging from his arm. “Why are you perching against the shelves like you’re trying to hide something from me?” He asked with a comical scrunch of his brows.
“It’s ‘cause I am.” She admitted bluntly instead of welshing the topic, leaning farther back so that Harry couldn't get a peek even though she doubted he would try. “It’s just a gift I’m getting for a friend.”
“Oh? Okay.” His voice sounded somber, maybe even a little doleful. “Why can’t I see?” From the way his eyes widened, she realized that the question came to him without thinking and that he immediately regretted having let it slip away. “I’m sorry. You don't have to answer that, I know I have nothing to do with it…”
“No, it’s okay.” Y/N assured with a small laugh, finding it amusing how he had so quickly assumed her secrecy did not concern him. He couldn’t be any more wrong, obviously, but she was glad he wasn't the least bit suspicious. “It’s something I have yet to make… I don't want you to see until the final product.” She told, knowing it would make her life easier if she could tell Harry what she was going to be doing instead of having to come up with silly excuses for sneaking away while he was preparing Mr. Bellamy’s potion. If he agreed not to peek, perhaps she could even make the necklaces while keeping him company in the kitchen. “I promise I’ll show you once it’s finished.” She said earnestly. It was meant for him anyway - he just couldn’t know that part yet.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to…” He said quietly, not averting his stare away from the items displayed in front of him. What ultimately was making Y/N a little worried that he might have taken her secrecy as lack of trust or something silly like that, since there was nothing particularly interesting or attention grabbing in those shelves - just a stack of sand timers and keepsake boxes – and yet, his eyes remained settled on them like glue.
“I want to.” Y/N assured as she began to walk the aisle backwards to the front of the shop, where the cashier was. “I'm just going to pay this, but I'll come back in a second to help you get the rest of your stuff.”
“Okay.” Harry nodded. “I’m almost done too, but I’ll wait here until you get back.”
He stuck to his promise, continuing to wander the aisles at the back of the emporium, picking this and that until the small list of ingredients in his hand had been fully scrawled in check marks. Y/N helped him pack and carry the bags outside, even though he insisted that she didn’t have to.
As they walked the sidewalk away from the storefront, the pair was still quarrelling back and forth over who was to carry whose shopping bags… until suddenly Harry gawked up at the sky, noticing a falling object cutting swiftly through the air – seemingly, aiming right at their heads. “Wow- watch out!” He yelped, right as he reached for Y/N's arm and swung her aside. His free hand raised instinctively to his face to shield it from what he was sure would be a painful strike, but much to his surprise the object flew right into his open palm - as if it were a piece of candy purposely sent into his hands for him to grasp. Y/N winced at first, guessing it had been one of those creepy black beetles that Nevada seemed to be infested with as of lately, but surprisingly, when Harry opened his hand, what she saw wasn’t an icky little bug. It was… a glass pebble? Of the grave covering kind.
The two of them scowled up at the sky, just in time to catch a glimpse of the feathered offender - cawing and hovering at the distance. “…That’s funny.” Y/N stated.
“Funny?” Harry scoffed, going all grumpy in the face. “You would have gotten hurt bad if that thing hit you, Y/N.”
“No, I know but… the pebble. It’s from a gravestone, I think.” The boy frowned at her statement, still looking rather upset over the situation. “I haven’t seen one of those since my grandpa passed away. That’s why I thought it was funny… in like, a bizarre way.”
“Hm.” Harry drawled, moving the stone around. “So what does it mean, then?”
“Huh… that there’s probably a graveyard close by…?”
“No, I know but- what does it really mean? Like, why would it drop it here?” Harry emphasized, rolling the glossy, purple-colored pebble around his palm. “Wasn’t aunt Rowena saying to pay attention to behaviors that are out there? Well then, does this qualify as out there? I mean… how often do crows drop graveyard pebbles over your head?”
Y/N’s lips puffed out in thought. “Never, I guess? But crows like shiny things, and they sit around graveyards all the time, so… my guess is that it picked the pebble because it liked it and then ended up deciding it didn’t want to keep carrying it around all day…” The witch shrugged nonchalantly, continuing to walk alongside Harry on the sidewalk with her shopping bag swinging at her side. “Besides what special could there be about a graveyard anyway? Only human bodies are buried there… not demons. Fine, Mr. Bellamy did say that the demons who come around Earth are the ones who have been human before because-“ She paused, taking in her own words. “…they still have their old bodies to come back to.”
Her body reeled abruptly, and so did her grip on the bags that soon dropped to her feet. “Harry, that’s it!” She bounced, grabbing his face and planting a loud smooch on his lips, leaving him staring back at her with stunned eyes and rosy cheeks. “I could smother you in kisses right now, you whiz! Only we have a demon headstone to go find, so that’s probably going to have to wait a little while…”
Harry’s nod came out befuddled as he witnessed Y/N pick the bags off the floor, grab his hand and usher him into a quieter downtown alley, only letting go so she could fish her phone out the pocket of her jeans. “Alright then, let’s see what Google Maps has to say about graveyards in the area.”
Tumblr media
The nearest cemetery was an 11 minute drive away.
There was a gravedigger working nearby, and by the single look he had spared, Harry and Y/N were figuring he had taken them as a duo of tombstone tourists. Perhaps it was just due to their non conservative outfit choices or the wicked energy their bodies gave off, but his gaze felt a teensy bit judging - slightly curious too once he witnessed their eyes bouncing between Mr. Bellamy’s demon name list and the tomb rows ahead of them, possibly looking like two very confused people that had arrived at the wrong destination… but after a few seconds of glancing, the careerist seemed rather unphased by their presence.
“Okay, so-” Y/N soughed out loud as she walked aimlessly around the place. “I was thinking we should compare the names to the epitaphs on the gravestones – also, maybe keep an eye open for the ones with decorations of some kind, because that could have been a hint as well.”
“How many options are we looking at exactly?” Harry asked, peeking over her shoulder to stare at the list. His eyes swelled in size at the long record he was presented with. Y/N hadn’t bothered counting but there had to be more than 150 names in there, without a doubt. “Does this mean we are going to have to run through all these names by each grave looking for a match?” Harry asked diffidently, eyes locked straight ahead at scope of never-ending headstones.
“I know, it’s a lot…” Y/N exhaled harshly, on board with his frustration. The graveyard was huge. This could take ages upon ages, and to make things even worse there were only a few more hours of sunlight until nightfall - and nobody wants to be in a cemetery after dark. Not even wizards. “But I think that in a little while we will have most of the names memorized, and it will become easier.”
“Can I make a silly suggestion?” Harry queried, twisting his body so that he was facing Y/N as he walked. “What happens if you look… inside, and ask your instinct where it is?”
The witch chuckled at the suggestion, shaking her head. “You place way too much trust in my abilities, did you know that? I’ve told you before, I’m not a good Seer. I was never even that much of a talented witch, let alone-”
“Stop that!” Harry scolded, what brought both of them to a halt. “Do you even realize that without you and your abilities I would have never, ever made it halfway to where we are now? You are so clever! And you have the craziest… most fascinating powers! And on top of that you are also so, so incredibly brave - you really are. It takes my breath away. You take my breath away.” He mumbled the last part, as if his heart had been itching to say those words for a while, but his head was still reticent in putting them out in the open. “So, for once just… try to put as much trust in yourself as I do, please.”
There were emotional tears forming in Y/N's eyes at what Harry had said. She couldn’t classify the exact reason why, but she knew the unshakable confidence he was placing in her was to blame. “I’m just scared I’ll get it wrong. I don’t want to disappoint you… or myself.” She admitted, hurriedly wiping at her eyes with her wrist. “I don’t want to screw things up by relying on something so… fractious.”
Harry reached for Y/N's wrist, so that she was facing him. “That could never happen. You could never disappoint me.” He assured, smiling just as softly as his fingers felt tracing the skin of her arm. “I promise that even if you weren't a Seer, I'd still suggest following our intuition first… you know, anything to avoid leg working this whole yard…” He joshed, causing a smile to start pulling at her mouth, regardless of the tears that the sunlight had not yet dried, still shimmering up her features. “But seriously though, if it doesn’t work all we have to do is go back to the original plan, but for now… you’re spearheading.”
“Alright fine.” The witch huffed, handing Harry the list so that she could relax her body to the fullest and focus on her insights thoroughly. She could detect traces of otherworldly energy in the surroundings… uncovering their source, however, was proving to be befuddling like a riddle. Furthermore, she tried pinching her eyes in concentration, guessing that maybe her attraction to Harry was what was messing with her focus.
His face was very distracting, especially so when his pretty green blinders were fixed on her like they were then… but even with her eyes shut tight, no matter which way she turned, the orientations ended up only leaving her more frustrated – if she took a tentative step to the left, her intention said right, but then, right as she went right, it said left. “It’s not working!” Y/N puffed her cheeks, grumbling her way around another unintentional pirouette. “I can feel the stupid energy, but it's not dragging me anywhere!”
She had noticed Harry had gone strangely silent, but thought nothing of it while she blindly did a few more experimental shifts and turns in place. Huffing and puffing beneath her breath each time she tried something new (like diagonals and so) and ended up not getting any decisive results again.
“Y/N, I’m not trying to spook you or anything, but…” Harry started hesitantly, the rasp of his voice startled her some, but there was a weirdly positive intonation to it that made her open her eyes in question. “I think you might have led us to the right place without realizing while you were distracted talking to me…” He beamed, verifying the writing on the paper, despite already having done it multiple times while Y/N had been spinning and turning nowhere and everywhere like a blind dog in a meat market. “I'm not misreading this, am I? This name,” He pressed his digit over it on the print. “Is what’s engraved right there, isn't it?”
“Alastair Krauss…” A chilling, unsettling feeling lodged in Y/N's stomach at the profession of that name. She didn’t know if it was legitimate or just from suggestion effect, but there was no denying that everything was starting to feel much more real now… It might sound odd but, until that point in time, it had been easy for her to ignore the scary, threatening parts that would inevitably come from this demon hunt – hell, there were moments during the weekend where she had almost forgotten that her purpose in Vegas wasn’t just to have a fun, short little getaway. Now that she could finally annex a name to the monster though, all fears had briskly awakened from the subdued slumber they had been in for the past days.
The stone inscription below the demon’s name still made her snort though, finding it to be awfully amusing that someone had picked “Have faith we'll meet again” as a saying to honor someone who ended up turning into an evil spirit who still came back to Earth from time to time to ruin people’s lives. That made her wonder if it ever happened that demons ran into people who had once shared the Earth-life experience with them prior to their passing… even if it did happen though, it was unlikely it should be happening to this demon, considering that according to his headstone, he had died in 1927 at the precocious age of 38.
Therefore, all the people he could have met during his human life should already be dead or old enough not to recognize any of his features anymore. Y/N found herself eager to know what Alastair had been like during his previous life and wondering what beastly events could have led him into becoming the creature he now was… One thing was certain, he must not have been the epitome of a treasure man if his soul ascension rights had been ripped away from him - limiting him into dwelling between worlds as a lost soul until the devil had chosen to welcome him as one of their own.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Harry were currently in aunt Rowena’s kitchen.
That wasn’t shy in pink nor in size like every other house space of the mansion. The focal piece of the room was a T-shaped island - a long counter that ended with a perpendicular breakfast area with padded high stools. All of the state-of-the-art appliances in it were tucked to the walls or perched over the room-surrounding counters. They weren’t the latest models in the market, but rather expensive brands known for their excellence and guarantee to last practically a lifetime. Where the counter ended, was the back door that led to the garden and the pool, and right in front of the sink, was a half round window that overlooked the busy Las Vegas Strip.
“Do you think we should’ve called Mr. Bellamy right when we found out who the demon was?” Y/N asked Harry from her seat on the breakfast counter, that she had outlined as off limits for him to cross until she was done with her supersecret matters, like Harry had begrudgingly been addressing them from the moment she refused to tell him what it was. She had also made him swear not to peek behind the long floral centerpiece perched on the kitchen island to check what she was doing, and so far, he had kept true to his promise.
“I don't think he was going to do anything about it until we gave him the potion anyway…” Harry replied from where he stood over the stove, currently grating some ginger into the bubbling concoction he was cooking in a cauldron over the electric stove. “I really hope this works, otherwise I think the demon will be the least of our problems… Mr. Bellamy is a bit scary too, don't you think?”
“Well, yeah but as scary as the demon… or Lucinda. We haven't decided what to do with her yet. Evil witches like her shouldn't be running around loose.”
Y/N's statement was followed by a ringing. Harry's phone that was buzzing over the countertop. He grabbed it, and immediately his eyebrows furled. “Can you keep an eye on the cauldron for a bit? I have to take this call.”
“Yeah, of course.” She confirmed, and so Harry walked past the back door into the garden. Leaving her alone with her eyes stuck on the cauldron, wishing with her entire heart that whatever was brewing in it didn't start acting up now because if it did, hell… she wouldn't know what to do besides screaming for help.
But luckily everything remained calm, so Y/N went back to her crafts again. She was almost done anyway…
And so it was, after a couple more minutes the two pendants laid finished over the marble tabletop. Y/N smiled proudly at them. The nets weren't perfect like the ones Margery made, but they were almost there. Inside each net were two small complementing gemstones: Amethyst – dotted in hues of purple and lavender, and Aventurine – shimmering in shades of aquatic green.
She jumped to hide them in one of her pockets, however, when Harry's voice startled her suddenly. “The hospital called.” He’d said solemnly. Y/N couldn't make neither head nor tail of his expression. His features looked stony, almost impassive… like he was still trying to process something that had been said to him.
“Oh.” She sputtered, a little surprised. “Do they- do they want you to come back to work earlier or something?”
“No- I mean… yes, partly but…” He hesitated for what felt like a prolonged moment. His arms unconsciously wrapped around his frame, seeking for the comfort the latest news had stripped him of. “Something happened.”
The girl’s eyes bulged for answers. “What. What happened?”
Harry took a big breath, leaning against the stove counter just so he was facing her. “They uh… they admitted a witch there last night whose body showed signs of dark magic bewitching… like the ones we found on Mrs. Carrington last week.” Harry briefed, with a crestfallen gleam in his eyes. “Apparently, she was known to have quite a hostile relationship with Lucinda too… a certain Althea Morelli…”
Y/N’s fists closed pressingly over the tabletop. “Hostile in what sense, exactly?”
“I don’t know… but if Lucinda bargained for a demon to attack her, I suspect it wasn’t in the harmless type of way.” He sighed sorely. “They said there have been others… all within a close ratio, which I thought was odd until I remembered that back at the hospital, you’d read from a book that entities usually don’t operate within very large distances.”
Harry rushed to his bag to get a pen and the pamphlet on Nevada’s main attractions that had been given to him at the Neon Museum reception, that happened to include a foldable map of the area. “As far as people from the hospital know, there has been 3 attacks so far… Althea Morelli,” He leant over the island counter and circled the area of Boulder City on the map, where their magic community was located. “One in Paradise, and one other here in Las Vegas.” He scribbled those areas in the map as well. “I’m thinking Althea must have been the first… that Lucinda might have summoned the demon for the purpose of… doing away with her, so to say. And the others, well… they could have been her enemies too, or innocent people who are being tailed as human sacrifices.”
Already fearing the answer, Y/N’s eyes lifted from the map to face him. “…Did they succeed? In doing away with Althea.” Harry’s jaw clenched as he nodded solemnly. “Dear god…” The tragic news prompted the witch to get up from the kitchen chair, hoping the action would help calm the sudden queasiness that had taken over her. “This is insane…” She buried her face in her hands, walking around in circles. “How many? How many more innocent lives could that heinous, hideous witch be willing to take?”
The silence settled for a few beats, the only sound heard inside the room being the steady bubbling coming from Harry’s cauldron. “I keep thinking about it, you know?” He spoke. “And just… wondering what would’ve happened if I had stayed a little longer at the greenhouse that night. And every time I do, I feel horrible… like I could’ve- should’ve stopped Lucinda somehow.“
“Harry…” Y/N’s soft voice attempted to disrupt his speaking, as she rushed to meet him on the opposite side of the kitchen island.
“No, Y/N.” He shook his head, adamantly. “I know what you're going to say. None of this is my fault and there was nothing I could have done to stop it. And I know that, rationally speaking, you’re right. I know, but that is still not how it feels. It’s not how I feel.”
And then it happened… it was sudden and without warning. It started with a dry sob, followed by another. Harry’s heart rate quickened, the wind pipe in his throat tightened, causing his breaths to become quicker, shorter, and labored. His chest started to heave. His hands wrapped tightly around the counter’s edge. The simple act of breathing seemed hard for him… painfully hard.
“This is m-my fault. People are d-dead and it’s my fault.” He spat amidst painful sobs and unregulated inhales. Y/N noticed that his words were almost an exact repetition of those he uttered in between cries on the day of the attack on the hospital. Had he been feeling this way back then too?
She felt terrified. She desperately wanted to do something - anything to make him feel better, but she didn’t know what to do. “Harry,” She called for him, trying her hardest to keep her voice soothing and not panic herself. “Talk to me… tell what you need.” The girl asked, but he couldn't seem to hear over whatever turmoil was happening inside his head. Unthinkingly, she reached for his hand, that was still curled in a tight grip around the marble surface. “Squeeze my hand. Let’s try breathing together, okay?”
He held her fingers in his, squeezing them tightly. “I can’t. I can’t breathe.”
“I know. I know… but let’s try slowly, okay? In-“ Y/N forced a deep inhale, filling her lungs with as much air as they could take. “…And out.” She exhaled slow, repeating the process again and again until Harry’s ragged breathing gave way and began to keep up with hers. “That's it, breathe. It's all right. You’re not alone, I’m here. You’re with me. You’re okay.”
Harry’s eyes turned foggy from dampness once their gazes met. Y/N desperately wanted to say something else - wanted to tell him how wrong he was for blaming himself for something that was so beyond horrid and vile. But the more she stared at him, the more words seemed little. There was nothing to be said. She stepped closer and hugged him tight… and kept on hugging him - until the heartbeats coming from his chest slowed to a steady rhythm and the back muscles that at first had felt stark beneath her fingertips began to soften and turn limber on behalf of her hand’s soothing strokes.
“I- um. Thank you.” Harry gasped after a long beat. “I don't know how you do it, but your hugs always manage to calm me down…”
She simply smiled and placed a chaste kiss on his shoulder before mumbling against his shirt, “Speaking of calming, there’s something I want to give you.” She pulled away from the hug, snickering nervously once she saw that inquiringness had washed over Harry's face. “I can’t promise it’ll feel like anything like my hugs but…” With hesitant fingers Y/N reached inside her pocket, pulling out one of the pendants, though the other came attached in a tangle.
She quickly undid the knots and placed her favorite one around his neck. “They… um… match.” She explained, feeling a little embarrassed once Harry picked at the gemstones falling over his chest to inspect them. “I thought it might help us deal with the demon and also um… if we're both wearing them at the same time I'll get to feel your energy and vice versa, so we'll always know if the other is okay,” Her voice quieted when Harry stared at her wordlessly. “I hope this isn’t too forward or weird. I just thought that maybe…”
“Did you make these…” Harry asked practically inaudibly, still looking rather astonished by the jewelry held in his palm. “…For us? for me?”
“I-uh… I did.” Y/N chuckled nervously again. “It’s what I bought at the store earlier… that's why I didn't let you see. I wanted it to be a surprise.”
“No one-” He practically choked, chest sizzling with emotion. “No one has ever done anything like this for me… I- I adore these! I adore every single thing about them.” With that, Harry initiated a hug for the first time - his arms wrapped around Y/N and pulled her to collapse into his chest. He smelled good. So, so, so good that it made her legs feel like they were melting. Gosh, how was it that hugging Harry felt even better when he was the one holding her? She would stay in his embrace forever if she could, where they both felt safe, and snug and-
The sound of someone clearing their throat made both their heads vault - to Rowena, who stood by the kitchen door, wearing both an ostentatious, brightly colored dress and a self-satisfied smirk. “Sorry to interrupt, my dears, but… does nothing smell a little… burnt to you?” She asked, nodding towards the stove.
Crap. The potion.
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