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#harry styles fluff
erodasfishtacos · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tying You Down/Orlando HSLOT
prompt: a certain person at the orlando show brings back an onslaught of memories for YN that she wants to leave in the past.
warnings: smut, heavy angst
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outfit for the tampa show (thanks @vocalharry)! ****
YN didn’t expect to see her at this concert, not in Orlando of all places, but there she was - sat near the stage but above the pit with a few friends.
For fucks sake, Harry and her had been married for nearly eight years but it still fucking stung to see that pretty girl.
The girl who she had despised for those four months that she and Harry had broken up - the only other girl Harry had dated was at the show to see him.
Of course, she wasn’t prepared, and god - she didn’t expect that it would make her spiral a bit but it really fucking did.
Harry hadn’t even dated the girl for more than a month before he dumped her but it didn’t make her feel any better.
“I-I started dating someone,” Harry whispers into the phone, his voice was unsteady and unsure in a way it has been lately when he talked to her.
“Why are you calling to tell me this?” YN bites back, halfway across the world from him but still hurting as much as if he was sitting next to her.
“Bec-because…” His tone is slower than usual, nervous, “I wanted t’tell you before the media caught on and it was blasted everywhere.”
“I don’t care what you do, Harry. We’re broken up, remember?” The only way she can cover her pain is by being sharp - like she rarely ever was.
In reality, she did care.
She cared so fucking much it felt like Harry had just torn her already broken heart on a thousand more pieces.
“I know tha’s not true,” Harry challenges, he wants to hear that she does fucking care.
He needs her to care about him.
“God, H,” YN groans with fierce irritation, “I’m so glad that you’re moving on so fast. Really, good for you, popstar.”
“Don’t call me that!” Harry hisses, he hated when she said it like it was a curse word, like it was a poisonous thing - popstar, “I’m tryin’ to get over you because y’fuckin’ ended it! Not me. I’m goin’ to go out and enjoy my date then just t’spite you.”
And shit…that fucking stung.
It pierced so deep that YN didn’t even register she hung up on him until he tries to call her back but she feels the hot tears streaming down her face.
All she’s done lately is fucking cry.
After the third call, the phone stops ringing - YN knows he’s due on stage any minute with the band in Madrid, she knows because she was supposed to be there.
And it’s nearly three in the morning when her phone starts blaring in the silence of her bedroom, she already knew who it was.
When she answers, she doesn’t say “hello” or anything - waits for him to speak first.
“Y’know I wasn’t gonna drop it,” Harry murmurs softly, “I’m sorry I said tha’. I just miss you and I don’t want t’date anyone else but I don’t know wha’ to do. I didn’t just lose my girlfriend, I lost m’best friend.”
“It-it wasn’t working,” YN argues weakly, “We…we were fighting and I want you t-to enjoy this time of y-your life. Sleep around, party..”
“I don’t want tha’! I want you! You’re so fuckin’ scared but I don’t know why. I’ve always been loyal t’you, just because we were fighting doesn’t mean we could have worked through it. We always have!”
“I think it’s for the best, H,” YN lies, the way her voice quivers gives it away.
“Y’full of shit,” Harry snaps before he turns the tables and hangs up on her.
It wasn’t that the girl he’d casually saw was the definition of evil but she wasn’t the nicest person Harry could have chosen.
It was obvious that she had agreed to knowingly be his rebound because of who he was and he could get her more clout.
She didn’t tend to Harry’s emotional wounds or try to pick up the pieces - even though Harry wouldn’t have let her either.
When Harry had dumped her, she had reached out to YN to tell her all these nasty lies that YN could legitimately confirm weren’t true.
Tara tried to say that Harry and her had met during tour, at an after party in New York, and hooked up despite them being together.
However, YN had been with Harry from the time they woke up in the hotel room to the time they’d went to sleep that day - they were always attached at the hip.
It wasn’t necessary Tara but what she represented - the awful time in her life.
“Harry…” YN sighs, despite being broken up and him having a new girlfriend - he called her multiple times a day.
She’s taken aback by his cries, all he says back is “Baby.”
And she doesn’t have the energy to correct him but it feels good to hear these words.
These four months, had they truly broken up?
Yes, maybe…it’s hard to say because neither of them had let go.
“Are you okay?” YN asks softly, concerned as she scribbles away for some merchandise designs as she still works for the team.
“M’oka-okay, I broke up wi-with Tara,” He is near hyperventilating, his breathe catching as his words are stuttered out.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hea-“
“Baby, please stop doin’ this t’me. I fuckin’ need you, m’sorry. I-I can’t enjoy anything without you- the…the fuckin’ tour, time off, anythin’,” He tells her sincerely, he was near whimpers.
Harry keeps talking, then he’s laughing without humor, “I had sex with her the other day. S’not you. I only want you underneath me.”
The ache of the admission of him sleeping with someone else dulls the lick of vindication that it wasn’t as good as her.
“I really don’t want to hear about your sex life,” YN chooses to snap back instead.
How dare he bring that up?
“I want y’to be m’sex life!” Harry growls with frustration, he’d been short and irritated with everyone since the breakup, unbearable on tour.
There’s a pregnant pause.
“Did you sleep with someone else?” He accuses, loud and demanding - like it was his fucking right to know about it.
YN bristles, biting her tongue for a moment before trying to calmly respond, “That’s really none of your business.”
Harry’s voice is childish and stubborn, “No! It is m’business because m’the only one who ever had your and I…You’re mine. God fucking damnit, you’re mine.”
“I haven’t,” She confesses, picking at a thread of her jeans whilst sitting at her kitchen counter, “I…didn’t break up with you because I wanted someone else. I did it because I don’t want you to regret missing out on anything.”
“But I haven’t ever said that I felt that way! Y’putting words in m’mouth. Couples fight! We were going to get through it like we have every fuckin’ time! You’re bein’ so fuckin’ selfish,” Harry spits out, she could imagine his jaw clenched and brow furrowed.
“I’m doing what’s right,” She replies feebly, not even believing her own words anymore.
“No, no you’re fuckin’ not. You’re scared but I don’t know why - I’ve been in love with you for the past five years and ‘aven’t stopped. I’ve never wanted anyone but you,” He huffs, she hears a loud crash - signaling he probably had kicks a trash bin or something.
“But I-“
He interrupts her, “And y’want it too. We’ve been broken up for three and a half months but you answer m’calls everyday. You still talk t’my mum and Gemma. Stop being so stubborn.”
YN feels a fresh stream of tears, “Harry. I - I’m-“ she cuts off unable to gather up her feelings.
“Do you want me t’stop callin’? Stop fighting for you? Because even when I was dating Tara - who was calling five times a day, texting, check in? Me. Now answer me, do you want me to stop?”
And that’s when it really, really clicked for YN.
Harry had entertained this so called break-up but when in reality - he was still doing everything a boyfriend would do.
He called her multiple times a day to check in, sent her funny memes, pretty pictures of whenever he was at, and called her pet names.
Had they really even broken up? Only partially really because Harry hadn’t let go at all but to be fair neither had she.
She couldn’t imagine a life without Harry, without talking to him everyday, she missed seeing him physically to the point it hurt.
YN was in love with Harry, so much that she was so concerned about him being happiness that she instead did the opposite by mistake.
It wasn’t the brightest idea but YN hangs up on him and pulls up flights - she needed to be back on tour, she needed to her back to him.
Harry, when he hears the phone click goes into an absolute rage - trashing his dressing room until Liam comes in to stop him.
YN is actually sitting on a plane, management had agreed on her taking a private plane to get there as soon as possible because Harry was being such a fucking nightmare.
YN had turned down his calls and refused to answer - she wanted to surprise him.
She’s about to take off when Niall texts her.
N: What the fuck did you do to this man?
YN: ???
N: Paul literally just had to scream at him and you know Paul never screams. H literally destroyed his dressing room and the lounge area.
YN: What’s he doing now?
N: Crying, his knuckles are bloody and we have to go on stage in fifteen minutes.
YN: I’ll fix it.
N: He only wants you.
YN tucks her phone away, she had to fix this, and she would if Harry would take her back.
It was mistake, not meant to be forever.
And when she arrives, only a short flight from England to Austria - the concert is still going on, about to end.
The crew had already cleaned up his dressing room but there were two broken lamps, a cracked mirror, and thick tension in the air.
YN sits herself on the couch, heart pounding like a race horse for the show to end and to be face-to-face with the boy she missed more than anything.
“I don’t want t’go drinking, fuck off,” Harry gruffs from right outside the door a few minutes later - he normally never talked to anyone like that, “What do you mean why? Why does no one understand the concept of leaving me the fuck alone?”
And with that, the door is being flung open and Harry is stepping in - his messy curls matted to his temple and shirt spotted with sweat. His hair had gotten even longer, nearly kissing his shoulders.
His eyes widen like he’s seen a ghost, lips parted as he spots her on the couch, it’s like he can’t help it when he chokes out, “Baby? Bab-wha-“
“Hi,” YN giggles waterly, sniffling and wiping her eyes.
“Hi darlin’,” Harry whispers, closing and locking the door behind him. His eyes are flitting all over her, mesmerizing, “Y’get more beautiful everyday, I swear it.”
YN stands up, they just stare at each other for a moment before she breathes out - shaking and tearful, “I missed you.”
“God, I fuckin’ missed you,” Harry doesn’t even realize he’s crying, “Are y’ready t’come back to me? I’ve been waiting for you.”
“I hurt you,” She argues, pulse picking up when he cautiously starts walking towards her.
“You did,” He agrees, “But you thought y’were doing the right thing. I can respect tha’ but fuck baby, you were so so wrong.”
“Can…Kiss me, please bunny,” YN begs with a croak, wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her sweatshirt - well it was originally his.
Harry then takes three confident strides forward before he’s cupping her jaw and pressing their lips together forcefully.
It felt like someone threw her a life preserver when she was drowning.
It felt like she had found a oasis after dying of thirst.
It felt like all she’s ever wanted in one fucking kiss.
His tongue is making his way into her mouth without anytime to waste, his hands roaming every piece of her.
YN pulls back when she feels him grind his hard length against her hip, she’s breathing heavy but stays firm, “We’re not having sex until you get tested.”
Pure confusion crosses his face, “A test? For wha’?”
“Sexually transmitted diseases. I don’t care if you wore a condom, I sure fucking hope you did but I’m not taking any chances,” She tries to avoid sounding as upset as she truly was with him.
“Then we can definitely have sex tonight,” Harry replies, relief washing over his face when he realizes she wasn’t saying ‘no’ to sex per se.
“You already got tested?” YN asks surprised, she had missed his overwhelming smell of cedarwood and cinnamon.
“Harry, what am I missing? You’re not making any sense,” She huffs, eyebrows knit and puffy lip pouted out.
Harry chuckles lowly, “I don’t need a test. I didn’t ‘ave sex with her.”
“But….you…huh?” YN doesn’t know what was going on, really.
“I lied,” He admits sheepishly, a blush rising to his cheeks, “I wanted to make y’jealous, I was hoping it would make y’realize what a mistake this was. She tried to give me a handie once and I couldn’t get it up.”
“You fucking brat,” YN scolds but she’s pleased, so so fucking pleased that he was lying - the only time she’s happy he lied.
“Wha’?” He plays clueless but he knows she understands, won’t hold it over him, “I wasn’t lying when I told y’that you ruined me f’anyone else. Now you’re back where y’belong, w’me.”
YN tries to avoid eye contact with the girl during the show, it wasn’t worth her time but she could tell instantly when Harry spotted Tara.
His eyes only scanned her once before finding his wife’s, he looked apologetic and guilty as he sang - he didn’t know she would be here.
Why would he? They hadn’t talked in over eight years.
YN gives him a weak smile, she wasn’t mad or upset, it was just…weird. It gave her unpleasant flashbacks to a really dark time in her life.
Harry pointedly ignores the section of her and her friends for the entirety of the show, he had to make sure to let Jeff know they need to be denied backstage passes.
Tara got her fame from drama and gossip, her and Harry reunited would be a major story for the tabloids, and he wasn’t going to let that happen.
When they had gotten back to the hotel, Harry had fire under his feet as he tugged off the hoodie and her sports bra.
“Fuckin’ missed my girls,” He growls, ducking down to wrap his mouth around one of her hard nipples while his hand dips into her joggers.
“Oh, by the way. I got tested, I’m clean,” YN says nonchalantly and has to hide the smirk when Harry pops his head up.
“You…” His eyes are wide in surprise, “You slept with someone?”
YN bursts out laughing, “God, you are so gulliable-“
Harry’s shoulders sag in relief but he narrows his gaze, “S’not funny. Now shut up and let me fuck you. Haven’t let me have y’cunt in months, longest time I’ve been without it in years.”
“Romantic,” YN smirks but her face contorts into a moan when his large hand slips into her underwear and glides through her folds.
“Y’all hairy,” Harry hums, pleased at his findings - thumbing at the coarse hair before he moves to her clit.
“Haven’t had anyone to shave for,” She gasps, standing on her tiptoes to try to move away from the intense pleasure as a knee jerk reaction.
“Don’t have to shave f’me either,” He replies softly, plump lips moving back down to suck at her nipple as he gives her that sweet, consistent pressure where she needs it, “Love y’no matter what.”
“Oo-oh,” YN mewls when her orgasm builds faster than it has in a really long time, “M’close already, H.”
“Yeah,” Harry rasps happily, speeding up with his calloused digit before she’s outright moaning and soaking his fingers, “Good girl. Y’gonna let me in, now tha’ I warmed you up?”
“Pl-please,” She nods, allowing him to move her until she’s splayed on her back on the large, plush hotel bed.
All the heightened arousal lessens, the adrenaline from having each other again calms, and it seems like time slows to sluggish halt.
Harry notices too as he tucks a fluffy pillow under her bum to position her pelvis upwards to hit her spot better.
He ducks down to kiss over her belly and thighs, nipping to leave the marks that her skin has been missing.
He gets distracted by smattering love bites and kisses over her mound - can’t resist dipping his tongue in to taste her.
“Please baby, never leave m’again,” Harry murmurs, vulnerable with still a bit of anxiety laced through his words, “I can’t live without you. Don’t want t’sleep around or party. I want y’in m’bed every night, only one on me.”
“I won’t, I promise,” She replies sincerely, smoothing her fingers over the crease between his eyebrows until he relaxes.
And when Harry tucks himself into, she hisses at bit at his length and the girth - it didn’t hurt but she hadn’t had him in month.
“Y’okay, y’know this cock, baby,” He simpers softly, going slow until their pelvises met, she can tell he also had more pubic hair than normal since they haven’t been together - it felt good against her clit.
“Fuck, missed this. Missed you,” YN groans, wriggling her hips until he nudges her spot just so and has her toes curling.
“Want y’like this forever,” Harry huffs, trying to pass himself as he keeps his pace slow enough that he can brush their lips together, “Gonna make y’my wife soon.”
“H, we’re too young. You’re management wil-“
“Fuck wha’ they say, fuck ‘em,” He interrupts seriously, hand coming to hold her jaw and allow him to kiss her as he pleased.
They make eye contact, it’s deep - examining each other for the first time in a long time, “Sweetheart, m’keepin’ you. Never gonna let this happen again, I promise you. We’ll work on our issues, do it all f’you.”
And when he speeds up, unable to hold back the raw energy and desire - it isn’t long until they’re both reaching their releases.
Afterwards, as they lay together on the bed, YN murmurs, “I’m sorry I hurt you. I just…I don’t ever want you to resent me.”
“Never have, I don’t know why y’got that in your head when we were doing good. Yeah, I mean we were bickering a bit more than usual but we’ve gone through that before,” He replies, adjusting her until she’s laying on his chest.
YN pauses, like she wants to say something but bites her lip.
Harry doesn’t miss it, “Did someone put tha’ thought into your head?”
She nuzzles closer into his skin, she wasn’t never planning on telling him the conversation that had lead up to the breakup.
It had been Lou. The band’s hairstylist.
- four months prior  -
Louise was curling YN’s hair before one of the concert when the topic managed to come up.
“Yeah, Liam and Niall were crazy last night at the club. They had like six girls each flanking them. I think they both took one back to the hotel,” Lou laughs, recounting last night.
YN wrinkles her nose, “Thank god, I didn’t have to witness that. Harry and I watched that new movie he’s wanted to see.”
A sour look crosses the stylists face.
“What is it?” YN asked, seeing her reaction through the mirror in front of them.
“It’s just…don’t you ever feel like you’re holding him back from experiencing all these things? You’re tying him down and he’s missing out on parties, random sex, y’know. Seems a bit selfish.”
YN sits up a bit straighter, defensive, “I don’t tell him he can’t party, he turned down that invite - not me. Him and I party all the time. As for random sex…I mean - He has never said anything…”
Lou rolls her eyes, mocking his accent, “What would he say to you? Hey, I wish you weren’t here so I could fuck around and be normal young adult.”
It doesn’t help when Harry steps into the room, crabby from the constant jet lag and rasps, “Where’d you put my charger?”
YN swallows harshly, fighting back tears as anxiety rises through her with things she’s never thought of - was she holding him back?
“I don’t have it, H. I told you to make sure you had it before we left the last hotel,” She shrugs, looking at him through the mirror.
His lips are pouted, unhappy as he shakes his head, “It was in there when we arrived! Did y’lose another one of my chargers?”
YN doesn’t understand why he’s so frustrated, is it because he doesn’t want her there anymore?
“Why would I lie about something like that?” She asks him with a raised brow.
“Just fuckin’ forget it,” Harry grunts, putting his hand out, “Give me yours.”
“I’m using it right now,” YN informs him, nodding towards where her phone is sat.
He saunters over, tapping her screen, “Y’on thirty percent, s’fine,” before snatching her charger without permission and trudging out of the room.
Lou let’s out a mean giggle, “You guys are such a happy couple, huh? Just think about what I said.”
Then a nasty thought starts floating around YN’s brain, has to ask, “Did Harry put you up to talking about that with me?”
Something flashes a crosses Louise face and she purses her lips, shrugging nondescriptly but YN can read between the lines.
He had put her up to it. He must have.
Did he feel too guilty telling her himself? It doesn’t seem like anything Harry would ever do but her heart was quickly slinking down her throat into her stomach.
Her hair isn’t even fully curled when she feels her earlier meals starts to rise up her esophagus, “I think I’m going to be - oh fuck,” YN groans before dashing down the hall to Harry’s dressing room to his private bathroom.
After she flushes, she rests her hot forehead against the cold porcelain lid.
Such a happy couple, huh?
You’re tying him down.
He’s missing out because of you.
Bit selfish.
YN knew what she had to do, she couldn’t let Harry feel trapped by her, like he owed her something and couldn’t voice how he really felt.
Sure they’d been fighting for the past week but they went through phases like that over the past years like any normal couple - getting annoyed at everything.
Maybe he was getting annoyed at her because he didn’t want her anymore.
As she rests there, still feeling nauseous, the door opens and Harry’s annoyed, exasperated voice echos through the room.
“Wha’ are you doin’? They need y’to double check the merch stand setup like always. Stop bein’ difficult, shouldn’t have to chase you down like a -“
And when he sees her, he quickly steps towards her.
He sits next to her, tucking her damp strands of hair behind her ears with a concerned eyes - it’s like someone hit a light switch when he speaks again, soft - worried.
“Darlin’? Wha’s happenin’? Are you sick, baby? Why didn’t you call me?” Harry asks, wiping a droplet of sweat from her temple.
YN takes a deep breath, about to say what she needs to - to set him free to live his best life as a popstar and celebrity but she finds herself hyperventilating and unable to speak between sobs.
She was about to lose the love of her life, right here in this stadium dressing room.
“Baby, c’mon,” Harry’s pitch going high as he cups her face - tears pooling in the lines of his palms as he studies her with wide eyes.
YN shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut before peering up at the man she loves so so so fucking much - her soulmate, twin flame, whatever the word is.
He is end game for her.
He was the boy she feel in love with a fifteen and had never looked back - toured since Up All Night, through every single high and low, she was right there to hold him.
She couldn’t hold him back.
He was a bright shining star in a world of darkness and she wasn’t going to be the one to dull his magnificent radiance.
“We…” YN stutters, trying right regain control of herself, “I’m leaving tour.”
It was the only way she could stomach saying it.
Harry frowns, wiping at her tears once again, “I-No baby, no. M’so sorry I’ve been crabby, I’ve been exhausted and - baby, don’t have t’leave. I’ll be better or I’ll leave y’alone for a while if tha’s what you want.”
“I’m…leaving tour for good,” She tells him, blinking rapidly through watery lenses.
“Wha’? I mean, we can do long distance, if tha’s what you want but you’ve never - why now darling? I said M’sorry,” Harry feels his own throat tighten, he didn’t know what was happening right and he was scared, not just scared…
“I’m breaking up with you,” YN finally lays out clearly before she has to retch again, spilling the contents of the rest of her dinner in the toilet bowl
Harry’s hand is making a makeshift ponytail as his other rubs her back softly, his laughs surprises her.
“Who put y’up to this? It really isn’t funny, don’t joke about somethin’ like tha’,” His voice is desperate, pleading for her to tell him this is a prank.
“Harry…” She murmurs softly, voice ragged.
“No, no no no,” Harry starts whining, almost like an anxious child, “W-why baby? We can fix it, yeah? M’so, I’m so fucking sorry for being a dick lately. But you can’t break up w’me, sweetheart - no baby.”
YN looks at him solemnly, feeling herself dissociate a bit from all the stress as Harry grips her shoulders to make eye contact.
“Y’not leaving me! We’ll fix it. We will, I promise. Darling, don’t leave me. Can’t leave me, I need you like I need air. Been in love for five years, can’t do this,” Harry is nearly to the point of wailing, his eyes swollen and nose running.
“I’m holding you back, H. I know I am, it’s okay. You don’t have to act like I’m not.”
His face contorts- like a wounded animal, “Wha’ are you even going on about? Y’not makin’ sense. I need you, I love you more than this fucking job. I’ll give it up for you, I will baby, please please.”
And when YN leaves that night, it’s after tears, sobs, pleas but all YN can hear is…
“It’s just…don’t you ever feel like you’re holding him back from experiencing all these things? You’re tying him down and he’s missing out on parties, random sex, y’know.”
And that is what YN recounts to Harry now, as they lay together - reunited and back on track with their relationship.
Harry’s chest is heaving with fury by the time YN finishes replaying what Lou had said to her on the night.
“I never ever fucking said anything close to that. God, we should have fired that bitch years ago. Always fucking starting drama,” Harry booms angrily, tugging on his briefs and joggers.
“Where are you going? It’s nearly two in the morning, H?”
“I’m going to get that cunt fired.”
And by the next day, Louise Teasdale is on the night flight home to London - never to work with One Direction ever again.
After the concert, YN isn’t sure what to expect when her husband comes running backstage after the final song.
There is tons of staff milling about but Harry doesn’t give a fuck - he snatches his wife from where she’s talking to the band and crowds her against the closest door.
“So baby, eight years of marriage later? Y’think tha’ I’m pretty happy with you tying me down?” He challenges cockily, his hips pressing into hers - it was much too intimate for the situation.
“Mmm, wouldn’t mind you tying me down,” She teases back, hand subtly coming to brush against his crotch and presses a sweet kiss under his chin.
“God, you think after being together for eleven years that’d you’d be able to control yourself, Styles,” Jeff scoffs as he walks past them with a judgmental face.
Harry ignores him, nuzzles his nose into her hair, and whispers, “I saw your face when you realized she was in the crowd. I don’t want you t’be upset, I made sure she wasn’t able to come backstage.”
“I’m not upset with that,” She sighs honestly, “Just…made me think back to that time in our lives and how rough -“
He shushes her with a kiss before responding, “S’all behind us. Y’got a nice ring on your finger, m’last name, and anything y’could ever want. Plus, you have not just m’heart but my fucking whole being.”
YN gasps quietly when his hand thumbs at her nipple through the thin fabric of the dress, they really needed to stop - there were so many people bustling around.
“I didn’t forget about your comment,” He warns her, pinching tightly at her hardening nipple before slipping down to palm at her belly, “M’definetly tying you down tonight.”
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watchmegetobsessed · a day ago
A/N: some fluffy content followed by some... spice😉
PAIRING: husband!Harry / dad!Harry X Reader
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
The business side of his career always bored Harry, the endless meetings, the phone calls and contracts, there was nothing fun about them and today’s meeting seemed even more awful than the usual. Sitting at the long mahogany table, Harry keeps drumming on the table top with his fingers, his chipped, yellow nails scratching against the surface lightly as Jeff goes on and on about upcoming projects and tasks. What’s the use of this? He’ll send out a detailed email to everyone with the exact same things, so why waste the time here when he could be doing so much more important things?!
His phone’s screen lights up in front of him, your name popping up and catching his attention, making him reach for the device right away, but he stops, his hand hovering above it when he sees that you sent him a picture. This could be literally anything and even after all the years together with you, he can never know what’ll welcome him upon opening the message thread. Is it gonna be a picture of the cookies you just baked? Your new nails? A silly selfie or maybe… a spicy one? God, he loved your spicy pictures! He can’t even count all the times you got him all riled up with just a well curated photo of yourself topless when he was all the way across the globe, missing you so much it hurt. You once sent him a picture of yourself in bright red lipstick and he hasn’t seen you in person for over six weeks at that point so it wasn’t his proudest moment when he touched himself looking at that photo and you weren’t even naked in that. When he got home a few days later he insisted you wore that lipstick at all times and he loved seeing it smeared all over your plump lips as he took you on every possible surface of the house…
Leaning back in his seat he glances to his sides checking if anyone can see his phone’s screen and when he thinks it’s safe, he opens the message, the picture you sent him popping up in front of him. He can’t help the cheeky smile tugging on his lip as he types a quick response and locks his phone, placing it back to the table.
Five minutes later he receives another photo, making him smile even wider and it goes on like this. One message, two, three, he keeps getting the photos from you until he doesn’t even put his phone down, just keeps the thread open waiting for more.
“Harry, do you mind sharing with the whole class?” Jeff clears his throat, catching his attention and when he glances up he realizes that everyone is watching him.
“Hm? Oh… S’nothing,” he coughs into his shoulder, locking the phone, but he barely has put it down when the screen lights up again, your name showing on the screen, making it obvious that he’s been texting his wife all along.
“Dude, unless it’s like a serious emergency, would you mind paying attention?” the man sighs, pinching at the bridge of his nose.
Another message lights up his screen and he can’t hold his grin back, trying to cover his mouth with his hand, but there’s no use, everyone has him figured out.
“What, are you like sexting in the middle of a meeting?” Mitch jokes, but Harry doesn’t deny or confirm it, earning a round of gasps.
“Are you really sexting Y/N right now?” Jeff asks with wide eyes and Harry realizes that he totally just gave them the wrong idea.
“What? No! She is just… Let me show you,” he smirks to himself, grabbing his phone again and opening the messages, showing the pictures to everyone around the table. It clarifies him quickly, everyone sighing in relief that they didn’t just witness him get nasty with his wife with them present.
“Alright, I get it. Let’s just finish this quickly and then you can head home, okay?” Jeff nods holding his hands up.
They wrap up quickly and Harry is the first one to sprint out of the room, hopping into his car and finally head home. He is happily drumming on the steering wheel the whole way, singing along to whatever song comes on in the radio, sighing happily when he finally parks the car down on the driveway.
“Baby? I’m back!” he calls out stepping into the hallway, already hearing his favorite little giggle coming from the living room, making his heart swell right away.
“Come here! You have to see this one!” you answer him and he follows your voice, finding you in the living room with the impromptu photo studio you made out of a few sheets thrown over chairs from the dining room. In the middle of the little set up sits your baby girl… dressed as Willy Wonka.
“Oh my God!” Harry bursts out laughing as you take some more pictures of the clueless baby, playing around with a chocolate bar, her eyes lighting up at the sight of her daddy arriving.
All through his meeting you kept sending him pictures of your daughter dressed in silly costumes, you were having a blast with turning her into a pumpkin, a chicken, a potted flower, and Harry’s personal favorite, the one he showed around at the meeting, Cruella. You even got a tiny wig for that and it looked fucking hilarious. It wasn’t your intention to buy a bunch of costumes for your baby, but when you saw all the different options at Target when you were running errands, you just couldn’t stop yourself.
Now your little girl is sitting with a hat on her head and a tiny replica of Johnny Depp’s costume from the movie, flopping her hands around to get Harry to pick her up and he is quick to obey her, cradling her into his arms as the hat slides off her almost fully bald head.
“Look at you, bubba. You’re rocking every costume!” he giggles at the baby who grabs onto his nose excitedly with her chubby fingers, poking around his face with no mercy. Leaning closer he kisses her rosy cheek, making sure it makes a sound, because that always makes her laugh and this time is no exception either. He blows raspberries at her, making her cackle so hard her head drops back and you can’t hold back your laughter either.
“How can she be so damn cute?” you groan, pinching your baby’s cheek who is quite occupied with her daddy now. She is clearly a daddy’s girl, Harry is her favorite these days which hurts a bit after being the one who carried her for nine months and the pushed her huge head out your coochie, but you also can’t get enough of your two favorite people together. You love it when they nap together, your baby lying on Harry’s tummy who always has a hand on her bum to make sure she is safe, or when he is putting up a whole show just to get her to eat the food, singing and dancing around with the spoon in his hand, showing it into her mouth when she is too busy to swat it away. Or when you find him in the kitchen in the morning, baby on his hip, spatula in his hand as he is making breakfast, leaving you sleep in even though he was the one to take care of her in the middle of the night as well when she cried.
Harry Styles was first boyfriend material, then husband material, but you feel like he has always been daddy material. And you have the privilege to watch him take up on this role, experience the ups and downs, growing with your daughter together.
Holding your phone up you shoot a few pictures of the two of them as Harry goofs around to make her laugh before she starts fussing, she is clearly over the costume.
“How was the meeting?” you ask while you dress her down and get her back into her onesie as Harry sits on the floor next to the couch, giving his hand over to his baby to play with and keep her busy.
“Funny thing, they thought that I was sexting with you because I kept checking my phone,” he chuckles making you laugh.
“Well, we could have been doing that, wouldn’t be the first time!” you wink at him cheekily.
“Don’t have to remind me, Love. Still have the pics saved on m’phone.”
“You do?” you gasp, not expecting this answer. “All of them?”
“Of course,” he nods as if it was no big deal.
“Harry, what if someone steals your phone or something? You’re basically giving them my nudes on a silver plate!”
“Don’t worry, they are super hidden and super safe! I would never let anyone see my wife in a lacy thong or spreading her legs on—“ “Shut up! The baby is right here!” you shush him, but can’t hide your smirk either as you take her into your arms, all set and costume free. “But also… this little missus wasn’t the only one who got a costume today,” you hint with a smirk and it got him jump to his feet right away.
“What kind? Can I see it? Like right now?” he eagerly asks, kissing you on the lips while talking.
“Slow down, cowboy,” you chuckle, but it just riles him up even more.
“Did you buy a sexy cowgirl costume?” he asks in a whisper, as if the baby in your arms could understand anything from what you’re talking about.
“You have to wait and see until we’re alone,” you shrug, nodding at the little girl, but Harry is quick to take her from you.
“Alright, time for a nap, princess. Mommy and Daddy have some things to do that last time resulted in you.”
You gasp at his words, though he is not wrong. You got pregnant on his birthday after you showed him the leather lingerie set you bought, paired with thigh-high boots that completely made him lose his mind.
“Harry!” you chuckle, but he is already on his way to the nursery, singing the song that puts her to sleep instantly and you just know he is way too excited to wait too long, so while your husband is taking care of your daughter, you go to your bedroom and grab the bag you bought earlier today to surprise Harry.
“Okay, bubba is out, I think we have about an hour to—holy shit,” he chokes, stopping in his tracks when he sees you sitting on the end of the bed, the red corset pushing your boobs up perfectly, the lacy, sheer thong covering basically nothing of your sex and he sees it for himself when you uncross your legs and spread them for him.
Harry drops to his knees, his lips attacking the inside of your thighs right away, licking and sucking on the smooth skin, making you moan his name as your hand comb through his hair. He kisses you through the fabric of the underwear, teasing your clit with his tongue, his fingers hook into the elastic of it in just a few seconds, already tugging it down, throwing it behind his back.
Becoming parents taught you one thing: there’s no time with a baby around. The two of you have become experts in quickies, always on your toes when you’d hear the cry, chasing your relief you learned how to be fast but effective and it killed the tease out of Harry, for now at least.
So when he dives right into your core with no warning, you gasp for air, your thighs closing involuntarily, trapping his head between your trembling legs as he eats you out like you’re his last supper.
“Fuck, Harry! Just like that! Yes!” you moan louder than you intended and one of his hands comes up to snap on your mouth quickly.
“If you want to cum, you better not wake the sleeping baby in the other room,” he warns you before his mouth busies itself with you again.
Though he would love to see you cum just by his tongue, he doesn’t let you, coming up to kiss you as his hands frantically work on his pants.
“Missed me, big boy?” you tease him, helping him out with the zipper and a few moments later he is standing in front of you fully naked, his cock rock hard and throbbing for you.
“Always, you make me go nuts, baby,” he grunts, pushing you up further on the bed climbing up above you with a wolfish look in his eyes, kissing you hard before you could get a word out. Your hands move to your chest, fumbling with the corset to free yourself, but he is quick to stop you. “This is staying on,” he hums, kissing down your throat until he reaches the swell of your breasts, sucking them so hard you’re sure he is leaving marks on them.
“H, need you, now!” you moan, rolling your hips against his greedily, his cock gliding between your soaking wet folds.
“Right here, baby. Right here,” he breathes out, grabbing himself by the base and he pushes into you without any tries, knowing your body almost better than his own at this point.
He picks up a fast pace, nibbling on your neck as you scratch your nails down his naked back, curling your legs around his waist so he can move even deeper inside you.
“I’m so close, Harry!” you gasp feeling the familiar buildup in the pit of your stomach, chasing your relief desperately.
“Let it go baby. Cum for me, want to feel your pussy tight around my cock.”
His words just push you even closer to the edge and as he kisses you hard, tongue pushing into your mouth, you can’t help but let it all go, your orgasm shaking through your whole body as Harry follows you right behind, his thrusts becoming frenzy and out of rhythm until he slowly stops all together, but remains atop you and inside you. He needs a few seconds to catch his breath and lifting his head up his eyes fall on your boobs once again.
“Damn, they look delicious,” he groans, kissing them softly as you chuckle, running a hand through his hair.
“It’s a little tight if I’m being honest,” you admit. Harry pushes himself off of you, his fingers working on the front of the corset as he unhooks it all the way down, freeing your upper body, a relieved moan slipping through your lips.
“If it was this bad why didn’t you tell me you want it off?” he hums, eyebrows knitting together.
“It wasn’t that bad,” you smile at him, cupping his cheeks in your hands. “And you were into it so it was worth it.”
“God, you’re way too good for me,” he groans before leaning down he kisses your lips gently.
The kiss turns into more and more until you’re rolling around the sheets, making out like teenagers and you feel Harry growing hard again, but just when you are about to go for a second round, your daughter decides to ruin the mood, a desperate cry ripping through the house, signaling that she’s woken up.
“I’ll get her,” he sighs, pecking your lips softly before climbing out of bed, putting some pants on to check on your daughter.
You head into the bathroom to clean yourself up, wrapping your body into a fluffy bathrobe before walking out to find your little one and husband in the kitchen as he is preparing a bottle for her, babbling to her, having a nonsense conversation as if they were discussing the meaning of life. Taking a moment to adorn the scene in front of you, leaning against the doorframe you fold your arms on your chest. This man, this six feet tall man filled with tattoos who was wrecking you not long ago is now cooing at your baby girl, warming milk in her pink little bottle, letting her chunky fingers mess up the hair you were tugging on not long ago.
Gosh, you love this man, a little more every day you spend with him, almost not believing that he chose you to spend the rest of his life with you.
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harryspinkhat · 2 days ago
Let’s keep it a secret
dilfrry/golfrry x reader
based on this and this request!! send feedback and new requests here
summary: She needs a ride home, so why not also ride his face? (It’s too late for me idk what to write as a summary :,)
warnings: smut, oral sex (female receiving), age gap? (also I didn’t really check on spelling/grammar mistakes bc it’s late at night and I wanna sleep but also finally posting this draft hehe)
words: 2.6k
Tumblr media
Where is he? Ive been searching this damn boy everywhere.
You start to get frustrated. It is in fact a big building, but not so big for Jacob to just go missing. He promised you to wait here until you finished your shift. Now where is he??
You kept walking through the main house of the golf club, but you just couldn’t see him. The other servers are giving food to the guests, waking past you and completely ignoring your existence. You feel helpless, no idea what to do without him.
Suddenly you felt something hard bumping into you from behind. Well, actually “someone” when you heard a deep voice speak up. “I’m so sorry, I really didn’t see you, love. Did I hurt you?”
You turn around, seeing the tall man who immediately starts to apologize for bumping into you. The first thing you notice are his memorizing green eyes and his attractive face. He had brown locks that were sticking out of his blue hat, clamping to his forehead due to the sweat. The man is wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, blue pants (it’s giving ikea) and white training shoes. Looking down, you see a golf wedge in his hand, signaling that he was just playing on the golf course outside. Following his hands up his arms, you also see a lot of tattoos covering his body.
I thought only old, snoppy people played golf, is this where all the attractive guys are hiding?
“Oh it’s okay, really. I didn’t notice I’m kinda standing in the way.” You say while backing a few steps away.
“No, no, it wasn’t your fault. I should’ve watched where I was going. Don’t mind me asking, but can I help you? You seem a bit lost.”
“Uhm you actually could, have you seen a Jacob? He works here and his shift should’ve ended about-“ you look at your watch, “20 minutes ago.”
“His chef said he could go a bit earlier today, due to personal reasons. Why are you asking for him?” The man looks at you with questioning eyes.
“He left? Without me?“ You ask in shock. Why would he leave you standing like that? He promised you to wait?!
“Stop me if this is too personal to you, but are you his girlfriend or something?” He asks, a bit taken back at your shocked demeanor. He seems a bit nervous because he starts playing with his golf wedge, putting it from one hand in the other. Nevertheless, his eyes still radiate calmness.
You look up at him again. “No, I’m just a friend of his.”
“Ohhhh okay, may I ask why you where waiting for him then?”
“He was supposed to take me back to my apartment. My car broke and it’s still being repaired, so I can’t drive home and I work at the bakery a few streets away so I asked him if he could drive me.”
Then the man’s demeanor got very serious. “So you’ve got no one to drive you back home?”
You shrug. “I guess I have to walk since I can’t call an Uber. I don’t have enough money on me. Thank you for telling me he left early though, I really appreciate the help.” You say while smiling at him.
“No problem. And not to sound like a creepy dude or anything, but I could drive you, darling.” He says while returning your smile. As tempting as this handsome man may look like, you don’t know him at all.
“Thank you so much for the offer, but you have to understand me when I say that I don’t even know your name. It’s kind of weird to just go with you, tell you my address and let you drive me.”
His eyes suddenly widen and he raises the hand that wasn’t occupied. “I’m so sorry, love. I forgot to even introduce myself. I’m Harry Styles.” You take his hand and tell him your name.
“I’m in the club most days so I know your friend quite well, he’s a good friend of mine. So I know it’s actually very unusual for him to break his promises. Let me help my friend out and please let me drive you home safely, darling.”
You don’t know what finally convinces you to let him take you home. If it is his genuine eyes, his charming smile or his seductive appearance, but you finally give up.
Right when you tell him that you’re giving in, you hear a voice behind him yell. “Harold! We’ve been waiting for you! You can’t just run away at the end of the game! At least play your last move!”
“I’m coming Niall!” Harry yells back. “You wanna come with me and watch my last game move?” He said while putting a hand on your lower back and pulling you a bit closer to him. My god, how can a man have such a tempting smile.
“Of course.” You say while smiling at him, getting lost in his endearing eyes. He then starts to walk you to the golf course where you can observe him and the game, his hand still laying comfortably on your back.
“Wonderful, it’s an honor to have such a pretty girl watching me.” He says, smiling at you, when you finally reach the desired place. Looking down to his feet, you feel yourself blushing. AHHH the hot guy just called me pretty?!?
“Wish me luck, angel.” He says while taking your hand, bringing it up to his mouth and giving it a quick kiss. Then he was gone before he could see your reaction. Lucky you, or else he would’ve seen you get embarrassingly more red.
To be honest, you have no clue how to even play golf. You weren’t even interested in it, but just watching him was enough for it to suddenly become interesting.
You weren’t that far away, so you can see his strong, tattooed arms while he moves the wedge. When it went over his shoulder after he hit the ball, his muscles flexed and you could even feel yourself becoming a bit wet. Fuck, he was too hot for his own good.
You can’t stop imagining what he would look like fucking you, one arm flexing over your head, securing you arms so you couldn’t move and the other rubbing your clit while he’s fucking into you at a fast speed. His hair falling over his forehead, face in a pleased expression, and his weight hovering over you.
While your were daydreaming about the strong man, you completely forgot about what was happening and you got scared when someone suddenly picks you up and hugged you hard. You let out a loud yelp, but then you hear Harry next to your ear, chanting your name and the words “I won” over and over again.
You push his upper body a bit away from you in order to look into his eyes, while still being picked up with ease. “That’s amazing Harry. Congratulations.”
Wearing a big smile, he says “I guess you’ll just have to come every time I play, you’re my good luck charm from now on, darling.”
“I think that was all you, Harry” He slowly lets you down but keeps his arms around you. “I’ll quickly get my stuff and then I’ll drive you home, okay darling?”
“There we are.” He gets out of the car before you had the chance to say anything, opening the door on your side.
“Harry I really appreciate you bringing me home. It was not a matter of course in any way, thank you so much.” You say when you get out. You’re still standing at the open car door, his right arm over your shoulder, still holding on the door. He’s making sure that you’re standing close to him, the tension between you two slowly building up.
“It’s no problem, love. I mean it was kinda my fault that he left you standing, so of course I had to help you out.” He chuckles.
“What do you mean “it was kinda your fault”? He left me standing. It has nothing to do with you Harry.” You look up at him, very confused now.
“I feel bad that I told him to leave earlier than usual, what probably made him forget about his promise. This might sound a bit stupid now, but uhhh well… my daughter and him have been flirting for the past few weeks and they finally decided to go out on a date after his work. So in order to him to have more time to get ready, I let him go home earlier. Again, I want to apologize for that.” He says awkwardly, scratching his neck with the hand that’s not propped behind you.
“Wait… so you’re his chef? That was your club? Why didn’t you tell me that earlier, you shouldn’t have left just to take me home.” You were so irritated, it really wasn’t a problem that Jacob left earlier. But why would Harry leave his important work behind just so he could bring a girl he doesn’t even know at all back home?
“But I’m responsible for him forgetting about you, he was so in his head about the date. It was the best for him to go home and slowly get ready. Don’t worry about me leaving work, you getting home safely is so much more important.”
At least Jacob has a date now, with Harry’s daughter. Wait… with Harry’s daughter??
“He’s on a date with your daughter? How old are you?” You ask, not realizing that this question probably sounded a bit weird.
“You’re shocked that I have a daughter? How old do you think I am?” He asked laughing a bit. Oh no, this is getting weird. You thought he was so hot, still is, but he turns out to be too old for you? I mean this man has a whole child… who’s old enough to date Jacob…
“I really can’t tell anymore now. I thought you were a bit older than me, maybe like 28 or something.”
He laughs out loud. “28? You flatter me, darling. I’m actually 39.” Wow. Is it weird to find a 39 year old father so fucking attractive? Probably. But this man really doesn’t look like he’s near his fourties’.
He practically sees the wheels turning in your head when he quietly asks, “Does that make thinks weird between us?”
“It depends on what you mean by that”
“Darling, you can’t deny the tension between us. I saw you practically drooling over me when I went to play my last move back at the golf course.” He says while moving his left hand to hold your chin. He smirks at you while moving even closer to you. Am I blushing again?!?! Fuck it.
“You wanna come inside for a bit?” You ask while moving your eyes between his perfectly shaped lips and his green eyes.
“I thought you’d never ask.”
Everything that happened after that was all a blur. You can’t even remember how you ended up with your back against the front door, your dress being hitched up and him kneeling in front of you.
“H-Harry” you moan, followed by a whine as he moves his head away from you soaked cunt to say, “Mhm that’s right angel, scream my name.”
The hand that’s not currently holding up your dress wanders down to his hair, gripping it at the back of his head. You accidentally pull on it when he takes an extraordinary long lick from your dripping hole to your clit, erupting a whine from his mouth.
“Fuck” As he continues to suck at your clit, you push your hips forward, earning a “Yes- fuck, love. That’s right, ride my face.”
The only thing that could be heard were the slick sounds of him eating you out and the pornographic noises not only you, but also the older man let out.
After a while you begin to shake. “H-Harry, I-“ cutting yourself of with a loud moan. “Stop with the shaking, I need you to sit on my face until I fucking suffocate.”
His deep groans don’t make it any easier for you to contain yourself, as they keep vibrating on your clit.
“I thought you were gonna back away from me as soon as you find out about my age, turns out my little girl likes to get her cunt licked by a real man.” While he talks, his cold breath kept hitting you, getting you to shake even more.
“Oh- Harry I’m gonna cum.” You scream while pulling on his hair even harder.
“Oh no, darling. You don’t get to cum without my permission.” You let out a loud whine. It feels too good to hold back. “Don’t get bratty on me now, or else you don’t get to cum at all.” He said while pulling of your pussy.
“N-no” you whine and push his head back in between your legs. “Mhm that’s right, baby. Show me where you need me.” He groans before he licks on your clenching hole. Right when you think he couldn’t get any hotter, he pulls his hand away from your dress and runs it up and down your slit to collect your wetness.
“Look at you. So wet for me, and only for me. Right?” In the haze of your pleasure the only think you could do was nod, getting him to speak up again. “If I ask you something, you answer me, understood?” He growled while pulling his fingers away from you.
“Y-yes, sorry. You’re the only one getting me this wet. Only for you.” After hearing that, you feel him push two fingers into your tight hole. He lets out a loud moan. “Fuck, baby. You taste like heaven, best pussy I’ve ever eaten. And you’re so tight. Spoiling me so good.”
He’s thrusting his fingers in so deeply, curling them right against your sweet spot, while still sucking on your cunt.
“Harry, I don’t think I’ll last. P-please let me cum. I cant hold back any longer.” Hearing those words, he thrusts even harder. His tongue making it’s way back to your entrance, he sucks up all the juices you let out while he fucks you with his fingers.
“Doing so good for me, baby. I think you get to cum.” He says while letting out a loud moan erupted by your sweet taste.
What’s taking you over the edge is middle and ring finger hitting your soft spot over and over again while he continues to nib on your clit. Your orgasm is making your toes curl, running shivers up your spine and drenching his face in your cum. While riding out the waves of your orgasm, you repeatedly moan his name, making his cock impossibly harder in his pants.
“Fuck Harry, that was… amazing.” You say while you’re slowly coming down from your high. He slowly get’s of the floor and you can see nearly his whole face drenched in your juices.
“I can’t even put into words how damn hot you are. This was amazing.” He says, putting the hand that’s not full of your juices on your waist to stabilize you, legs still shaky from your orgasm.
“You’re amazing Harry. This is definitely the point where I would take you to the bedroom, but if I’m honest, walking doesn’t seem like an easy task right now.” You say while smiling up at him. “You know what?” You look at him confused. He then continues to move even closer to you, putting one arm under your knees and one on your back, carrying you bridal style. You can feel his lips on your ear when he whispers, “Just tell me the way, I’ll find it for us.”
It would mean the world to me if you could give me a feedback. And if you have an idea for a new requests, please send it here <3
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vocalharry · a day ago
SUMMARY: Trying for a baby takes a toll on your life with Harry, today you just happened to hit the breaking point
WARNING: Smut!! (Unprotected sex, wrap it before you tap it unless you want a kid of course lol) Angst!! (Crying, mention of anxiety, Harry breaking y/ns heart unintentionally kinda, troubles with conceiving!)
PAIRING: Harry Styles x Reader
Shoutout Colleen Hoover, this is heavily inspired by her. Please reblog if you enjoyed x
Tumblr media
Harry was the perfect husband, he did what he had to do to make you feel happy and comfortable, loved and cared for, cherished and appreciated. You only wish you could be half the partner he was, you felt as if you were failing, the crippling anxiety inside of you making you doubt yourself and question whether you were the right person for Harry or not.
Now, two years into your marriage, a year into trying for a baby, you still had that doubt in your mind. Feeling more like a failure than ever before. Hell, you only had sex with your husband when you were ovulating, hiding away from him and being less affectionate than ever before. You didn’t have sex because you wanted to anymore, the main reason now was to make a baby. There was still an attraction you had for your husband but the deep desire you once had was lacking, you knew you had to keep away from him during the day otherwise it would lead to the two of you having sex which would make you feel like even more of a failure if that sex didn’t equate to having a baby. The less sex you had, the less disappointment you would feel.
Harry wasn’t clueless, he knew things had changed, you stopped discussing your cycle with him, stopped asking him to come inside with you as you took a pregnancy test. It all stopped, it was like two strangers forced to live together. The only time you two spoke was when you were out with family and you had to put that fake act on…or during sex, like right now;
He was thrusting into you, groaning into your shoulder as his fingers had a deadly grip on the pillow beneath your head. His hips thrusting harshly against you, making you feel his thick cock deep inside your pussy, this feeling all too familiar now. You could feel his harsh pants against your bare shoulder, his breath warm, he sounded as he was straining, waiting to get you off before he let himself go.
You hated nights like this, nights where Harry tried to savour the feeling of you beneath him, when he wasn’t fast and needy, where he wanted to show you how much he loved you. That sounded horrible coming from someone he’s married to but it was true, lately, all you wanted from sex was the end results, the pleasure didn’t even matter anymore. You just wanted that one thing you were chasing and it sure wasn’t an orgasm.
Your head falls to the side slightly, gaze catching the bright red numbers plastered on your alarm clock, 20 minutes, this had started 20 minutes ago and looking at Harry, it sure wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Your mind was wandering now, wandering to what you would do if the test comes back negative again, wondering how much longer you can take of seeing yourself as a failure and as a shitty wife. Fuck, you just really wanted him to finish but before you could speak up though Harry cut you off.
“Are you ok?” His gruff voice calls out, lifting his head from your shoulder, his arms holding himself up now as his thrusts slowed down. He wasn’t rocking into you as hard as he was before and his eyebrows were furrowed as he looked at you. It was the first time you made eye contact in a while and you felt intimidated, scared you’ve disappointed him, scared he wouldn’t want you if this doesn’t make a baby.
You nod, trying to buck your hips back up so he could finish off what he had started. “Don’t hold back, I want you to finish” you pant, bucking your hips up again making Harry sigh as he furrowed his brows even more.
“You not in the mood anymore?” He questioned, God you hated when he did this. You couldn’t tell him you weren’t in the mood to begin with and that you’re only wanting this to make a baby, besides he should’ve known.
“I’m ovulating H, please let’s hurry this” you say, leaning up to take his lips into your own but before you could do that he was pulling himself out of you, turning around so that his back was facing you. You groan, rolling your eyes as you got up and leaned against the headboard, bringing the sheets with you.
“H, you can’t possibly be mad at me for wanting to have sex when I’m ovulating. We’ve been doing this for the past year” you sigh, pushing your hair out of your face as you waited for him to turn around to face you but he doesn’t, instead he gets up to go pull his pants back on.
“You weren’t complaining 5 minutes ago, I don’t understand Harry” groaning, you try your best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. You see him pulling a frustrated hand through his hair, his fingers tugging on the ends of his locks as he sighs and clench’s his chiselled jaw. The sigh breaks your heart, you wanted to go there and kiss him but you also just wanted him to understand where you were coming from for once.
“I’m tired of fucking just because we want to get pregnant y/n. I want to fuck you because you want me, I want to make love to you because you’re my wife! I don’t want to have to be worried about coming home to my wife not speaking to me because we haven’t conceived yet. I just want normality y/n. Please, I’m not asking for a lot, I just want you to love me as your husband, I don’t just want to be a sperm donor” Harry speaks up, his words fuelled with frustration.
They hurt, but you could understand where he was coming from, you’ve been a bitch to him. You had to remind yourself you weren’t the only one not having a baby, Harry was going through this as well but you still felt like a failure. The reason he wasn’t having a baby was because of you.
“Harry, please, babe come back to bed. I do love you, you’re my husband. I married you and I do want you to fuck me because I want you. Please” you plead, tears stinging the corners of your eyes. You needed him back with you, on the bed, fucking a baby into you because today was the best chance you would get this month, you couldn’t let this go to waste. As you waited, Harry lets out another sigh, his fingers running through his hair again as he slowly removed his pants, finally giving in. He knew what you wanted.
It was a surprise he was still hard, but as his pants came off you saw him there in all his glory. His cock was hard and thick, the vein running from his base to the head bulging making you lick your lips as you tried to convince him that you were interested in having sex with him because you wanted to and not just for a baby…but he should’ve known that that wasn’t true.
He was back onto you in a matter of a few seconds, his eyes full of sadness as he slowly guided himself inside of you. His thrusts quickly picked up their pace however, as soon as he was seated inside of you, his hips pulled back to give you a hard thrust. This is how you wanted it; needy and quick.
Harry’s groans were strained as his hands grabbed at your hips, he sat upon his knees, pulling your body with him, your back still pressed against the bed. He thrust into you, using your hips to pull you against him. His cock was hitting every spot inside of you, grazing against your g-spot repeatedly, pulling a guttural moan from you.
His hips flicked against yours in a punctual rhythm, short and brutal thrusts into you making you exaggerate your panting as your rolled your eyes back from the pleasure. You wanted Harry to see that you did like this, because you really wanted him to cum.
“Fucking hell” his voice came out in pants as his cock twitched and you awaited for his release but that was soon taken away as he pulled out, his fingers, that were previously grabbing your butt, came up to wrap around his hard cock as he jerked himself off on your stomach. A few pumps of his hand had him spurting out his hot cum against the skin of your stomach and just like that the waterworks had begun, how could he? He knew you wanted him to cum inside of you, it was the best opportunity of making a baby but instead, you felt betrayed as he slowly panted and fell to his side of the bed.
Harry's eyes were on you as you broke down in front of him, he saw the way you rubbed his cum off your stomach with the bedsheets and saw the way your sobs shook your body. But instead of calming you down and comforting you, he slowly got up and off the bed, taking his pillow with him.
He sighed, looking back at you once more before opening your bedroom door and leaving the room to go sleep in the guest room and just like that you knew your marriage was hopeless. Nothing could fix this which made you cry, even more, all you felt now was betrayal and devastation.
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moonchildstyles · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
harry didn't mean to find out the hard way the truth about y/n's feelings.
part one (prosecco)
previous part (sangiovese)
Harry couldn't help but frown as he reread (Y/N)'s text as he parked outside of her building.
Just come in when u get here the door is unlocked!!
He didn't like the idea of her leaving her door unlocked for just anyone to walk in, even if it was intended to be a favor to him. He didn't bother to reply, instead grabbing the couple of added bits (Y/N) had requested for him to bring along. The plan was for (Y/N) to make Alfredo for dinner to share, and she asked for him to bring along a fancy wedge of cheese she had wanted to use—as long as it was okay with Harry of course. He hadn't a problem with bringing it over, knowing good and well that he would be the one that ended up taking over for the night. He didn't mention it to her, but (Y/N)'s reputation in the kitchen preceded her as he'd heard several stories from their friends that she lacked the skill to make anything edible aside from cereal.
Once he cleared the staircase to her apartment, Harry tested the doorknob, finding it was unlocked just as she had said. He released a displeased huff at the thought, slipping inside and quickly locking the door behind him. He could hear the sound of clanging pots and pans coming from the kitchen, her TV lit up with the 'Still Watching?' screen from Netflix. Music filtered throughout the expanse, stemming from her kitchen and playing through the rest of the apartment with a song Harry didn't quite recognize.
Over the noise of the music, (Y/N) didn't hear Harry as he stepped closer to the kitchen. She had her phone screen illuminated with what looked to be a recipe for tonight's dinner, and a pinch in her brow as she dug through for the needed cookware.
"You know," he called, a smile quirking his features as he watched her jump in response to his voice, "'S not really safe leaving your door unlocked like that."
She turned around with wide eyes and her clenched fist cradled to her chest. Her other hand dropped the pan with a clang as it fell to the floor. "Harry! You scared me!"
Harry bit back a laugh, knowing his point was just proven even if she didn't realize it. He stepped into the kitchen, leaving his things on the counter as he reached to pick up the pan she had dropped. "That's why y'need to keep your door locked, could've got a real scare if it hadn't been me," he nudged, a teasing lilt to his voice as he stood and placed the pan on the counter.
(Y/N) gave him a bit of a pout as she cleaned up the rest of her mess, piling the previously spilling pots back into the cabinet they tumbled from. "I was just trying to make it easier for you," she explained with a pouted huff, "I was hoping I would have started dinner by the time you got here and I didn't want to make you wait on me before I could open the door."
Harry cracked a smile as he heard her intentions. She was just the sweetest thing, Harry was sure of it. He leaned back against the counter top, gazing at her with what he was sure was an adoring gaze, the devotion poorly hidden. "Jus' be careful, yeah? Don't want y'getting hurt."
She gently shook her head as she stood up, mumbling something about how she's just fine, but Harry could see the pull of a smile on her lips. The same small tugging that adorned her face when he tenderly complimented her and she turned shy under his gaze.
She flitted her gaze from his, lashes fluttering as she blinked with a bashfulness set in her eyes. She perked up when she caught sight of his things he left on the counter, "You brought the cheese!"
Harry let out a laugh at her reaction, his dimples leaving deep dents in his cheeks. He absently crossed his arms over his broad chest, knowing he needed to keep his hands to himself and stop himself before he reached out and wrapped her up in his arms.
"And how are we using it tonight, chef?" Harry teased, a sly smile cracking at his features as he watched the way she nervously bit at the plush of her bottom lip.
"I—uh—I think it goes in the sauce while its boiling," she mused, her brows in a furrow as she glanced at the recipe on her phone.
Harry nodded his head along, struggling to keep his face straight as he knew you weren't supposed to boil Alfredo sauce. "Okay," he answered, "What do y'want me to help with?" He stood from the counter he was leaning on, ready to help wherever she needed him (which seemed to be everywhere, as far as Harry could tell).
"No no, you're not supposed to help! I'm cooking for you tonight," she rushed, grabbing him by the arm and tugging him away from the stove, "Go sit down!"
Harry held his hands up in surrender, allowing her to push him out despite the way the small amount of force she was exhibiting. "Alright, alright," he laughed, taking a seat at the dining table with a view into the kitchen.
He watched for a few moments as she fumbled around the workspace, periodically glancing at her phone propped on the counter. She looked just as clueless as he figured she would be, but he didn't want to embarrass her to know that he had already heard how naive she was in the kitchen.
"How were your classes today?" he asked, trying to recall what courses she had to attend on Fridays.
"They were good," she smiled at him over her shoulder, "Lots of reviewing before finals, but I feel pretty good this semester, which hasn't happened in a while. How was work?"
It felt awfully domestic to be watching (Y/N) pattering about her kitchen, a heart shaped speaker playing soft music as she tried to decipher the recipe for tonight's dinner. The smile she shot him as she asked about his own day gave him images of a future where nights like these were something of a regular occurrence between them. In his mind, Harry pictured them as date nights, where he could come to his girlfriend's apartment, cuddle on her couch and watch movies while eating takeaway after her poor attempt at making dinner.
He propped his chin up on his hand as he sat his elbow on the table. "It was good," he offered, holding back the admission of rescheduling a meeting or two so he could get out of work early to get here, "Much better now, though."
"You're just saying that because I'm cooking for you," she teasing, looking at him over her shoulder again as she carried an armful of ingredients from the fridge.
Harry held back his own teasing comment, wanting to see how far along she'd get before he'd take over for her. He opted to stay quiet as he heard her mumble to herself, seemingly reciting the steps to herself.
"Are y'sure y'don't want help?" he called after a moment, having seen her debate grabbing a small container of cream cheese.
"Yeah," she answered, her voice unsure as she looked to him with the tub in her hands, "Do you think cream cheese will work if I don't have mascarpone? You said they were really similar, right?"
He thought back to their date where he had explained what mascarpone cheese was to her—a variation of cream cheese he had told her. He hesitated with his answer, not wanting to blow out the hopeful shimmer in her eyes.
"'M not sure," he responded slowly, his fingers plucking at his bottom lip, "I know they're similar, but I don't think y'can substitute it for this one, love."
"Really?" She deflated before his eyes, her shoulders dropping with the container of cream cheese cradled in her hands against her stomach. Harry was about to offer his own response, something of reassurance to her that would hopefully stop her brows from downturning and her eyes from keeping that doe-like roundedness, before she stopped him as she fell into the counter with a pout on her lips and hands in her hair. "Harry, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm sorry I'm ruining tonight."
"Oh, love," he sighed, getting up from his spot at the table and moving towards the kitchen.
He rounded the peninsula countertop, (Y/N) looking to him with an embarrassed heat in her cheeks. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, settling in beside her before she turned to him. "Sorry," she said, a small laugh to her voice despite it not reaching her eyes, "I just really wanted tonight to be perfect. Our last date was really special, so I wanted my turn to be just as good. But, I don't really know how to cook if I'm being honest."
Harry couldn't help but crack a smile at her words. She had a very sweet way of thinking, wanting to pay him back for their date in the ways she could—even if she didn't really know how. "I know," he admitted, squeezing her shoulder with gentle pressure, "Tawny and Charlotte told me about that dinner party I missed."
"They did?" she whined, her eyes widening and brows raising as her mouth fell open in a small gape, "They weren't supposed to tell you that! I made them promise we wouldn't talk about it anymore after Adam got better from his food poisoning!"
Harry couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out of him, standing straight and pulling (Y/N) to mimic his stance. He trailed his hand down her arm and wrapped his fingers delicately around her wrist. He tried his best not to get distracted at the way she curled her fingers and reached towards his hand, her fingertips brushing her skin. "'S okay, sweetheart, really. I planned on finishing everything for you, anyway. I really don't mind."
The whites of her teeth peeked out as she trapped her bottom lip between her teeth. "Are you sure?"
"Completely," he offered with a smile on his face, "I heard m'Italian is very good too, so 'm more than happy to take over for the night."
"Can I still help? I feel bad making you do all this since you took such good care of me last time."
"Why don't y'stay right here, and read out the recipe for me, yeah? Make sure 'm getting everything done right." Harry shifted his hold on her as he spoke, placing his hand on her hips before lifting her to sit atop the counter. He flattened his palms against the surface on either side of her thighs, the edging of the skirt that adorned her bottom pinned under the tips of his thumbs. "This okay?"
"But you already know what to do; how to make it and everything," she countered, "I don't think I'll really be much help if I do that."
"'S okay, still need some reminders, right?"
She sat quietly for a moment, allowing Harry to get a good look at the melting of her irises and the tangling of her mascara coated lashes. She nodded finally, a small smile on her face as she began reaching precariously towards her phone on the other side of the wraparound.
"Let me get it for you," he mumbled, innocently setting his palm on her waist. He righted her position to keep her from tumbling off the surface as he feared she would. He grabbed the device for her, the screen lighting up with a floral based wallpaper as he deposited it in her lap.
He offered her a small squeeze on the dip of her waist before slipping away from her, examining the pile of ingredients she left out, "So, what do I need first?"
Harry already knew good and well what he needed, his own version of the dish working in his head as he headed towards her fridge in search of a few other things he might need. He could vaguely hear her rattling off ingredients on the list, using her voice in place of the melody that played through her speaker.
From the corner of his eyes, he could see her kicking her legs as she sat on the counter with her skirt shifting atop her thighs. He couldn't help himself as he set up his station right beside her. Every couple of swings, he could feel her feet brush against the back of his pants.
"Hey, Harry?"
"Hm?" Harry hummed, slowing his chopping of garlic at the sound of her voice.
"Can I taste test as you go?"
Harry's fairly certain he'd let her do anything, really.
"So, what do y'think?"
(Y/N) thoughtfully chewed for a moment, squinting her eyes and feigning contemplation as she sat across from Harry at the dining table. She flicked her gaze to his for a moment before nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders and making a show of pushing the noodles around on her plate.
"It's okay, could've used some salt."
A smile curled around the edges of Harry's lips, his mouth dropping open with a huff of a laugh. He raised his brows as he made eye contact with her. "Oh, really? Didn't know I was dining with a five-star chef and not the same girl I had to explain mascarpone cheese to not even a month ago."
She only shrugged her shoulders, an impish smile on her face despite the serious showing she was trying to pull off. "I mean, other than that, it's pretty good."
Harry nodded at her words, playing along to the teasing game she had set. "I think you're right. Needs something else, something like cream cheese maybe."
"You're so annoying," (Y/N) laughed, gently nudging her foot against his in a playful kick under the table, "You're the one that told me they were the same!"
Harry raised his hands in front of him in surrender, avoiding her gaze with a playful roll of his eyes. "If that's what y'think, love."
(Y/N) only shook her head, the makings of a smile curling at the edge of her lips. Though she was no longer trying to teasingly kick him under the table, her socked foot continued to brush against his own. It was only when she settled into her spot, the dining room falling silent as they dug into the food they had been working on for the better part of an hour, that the motion stopped, leaving her foot nudged against his.
A question had been toddling through Harry's mind since he had come over, memories of (Y/N) teary-eyed and yearning for his reassurance and affection from the last time he had seen her playing in the background of his thoughts. He just hoped that if he asked, it wouldn't elicit the same reaction. Although he couldn't deny he indulged himself a bit in the way she craved to be stuck at his side, he's fairly certain he might lose it himself if he had to witness her shedding anymore tears over a man who didn't deserve her.
"How are y'feeling from last week?" he asked, taking a swirl of linguine into his mouth. He didn't want her to be embarrassed as she so often became when he asked about her feelings, or like he was going to try an analyze her answer the way he knows Tawny does when given some form of gossip.
"I'm good," she smiled, eyes directed on the plate in front of her, "I told you I wasn't hungover or anything."
"I know, was wondering if y'were alright from what happened before that," he pressed, trying to keep as vague as possible as to not recall any feelings he didn't want her to get bundled up in.
"Oh," she chirped, not at all the melancholic reaction he was expecting, "Yeah, I'm okay. A couple of my friends ended up calling me the next day, and we talked a lot so I feel much better about all of that." She absently swirled a mouthful of noodles onto her fork, looking to Harry clearly without the hints of shyness he had expected. "And I ended up seeing Iris on campus the other day, so we finally got to talk, too. She apologized for blocking me and doing what she did with Andrew and all that. I don't really know if she meant it but I accepted it. I don't think I really want to be her friend anymore, so I'm kinda sad about that, but it'll be okay." She finished with a half smile on her face, shrugging a shoulder before popping the bite into her mouth.
Harry nodded to her words, taking his own time chewing the pasta before pressing for the answer he tried so hard to not care about. "And Andrew?"
Her brows met in the middle with a furrow stitching onto her features. "I don't really know actually," she seemed surprised at her own answer, "I don't think I've talked to him in over a month? Whenever that whole thing happened was the last time I talked to him." She seemed to brush off the knowledge as if she hadn't had a crying fit over the way he had slept with a close friend of her's just a week ago. He would think she would have confronted him too, especially if she had talked to Iris.
Harry hadn't even noticed the way a furrow pinched at his brow. He wasn't able to connect how the same girl crying drunken tears so heavily into his shoulder, was able to all but dismiss the one man they were over only a mere seven days later. He knew (Y/N) was an emotional person, just from the bits about her she's let him in on, so he hoped she wasn't just covering while in front of him.
"What's wrong?" (Y/N)'s voice tugged him from his head, disrupting the line he was trying to trace between who he had picked up from the club last week and who was sitting across from.
"I—" Harry cut himself off, unsure of how to phrase his question as to not give away the nagging feeling he's held over her yearning for Andrew, "Jus' thought y'might have wanted to talk to him since y'were so upset over him last week."
"I wasn't really upset over Andrew—not anymore, anyway," she started, just as casual as if Harry was to have known this beforehand, "It's just that Iris knew what had happened, and it really hurt my feelings that she didn't care and went behind my back and everything. I was upset about Iris doing what she did, nothing about Andrew." She paused for a moment, her plate now clear as she dropped her silverware to lay on the ceramic. An easy smile crafted her features as she gazed to him. "Didn't I tell you that last week? I know my memory is a little fuzzy, but I swore I sobbed all that out to you on your couch."
She ended with a laugh like it was an easy joke, as if Harry's heart hadn't swollen to accommodate the flooding ease that loosened his muscles. Maybe he hadn't realized just how much the thought of (Y/N) holding out for another weighed on him, but the relief that filtered through him gave him an idea about just how hard he had yearned for an outcome like this.
"I don't think I heard that part," Harry mumbled, the hints of a smile dipping around the edges of his mouth. He wished he would have. He'd have been saved a week's worth of moping on his part, missing out on a whole self-pity induced spiral about being nothing more than a distraction.
Gradually, (Y/N) moved on from the subject, prattling on about another story from her art history class. He stopped holding back the smile that had been threatening his features as he listened to her. She seemed happier than he had ever seen her, even including the times before he had been promoted. He had missed the smiling, bubbly butterfly she had become within their group, and now he had her all to himself as she sat across from him. His gaze followed the delicate path a stray strand of her hair drew as it fell into her face. She periodically reached up to brush it away, only for the piece to flutter back into position a second later. He was only slightly aware of the way he tucked the fingers of his free hand under his thigh; he needed to make sure he couldn't reach across and take care of it for her, even if he wanted to.
Although he had to keep reminding himself that just because she didn't care for Andrew in that way anymore, didn't mean she had transferred those feelings onto him. But it did make way for a bit of hope to beat through his heart.
"Harry, are you even listening to me?"
Tawny's comically offended expression greeted him when he whipped his head to face her at the sound of the reprimand. If he was being honest, he hadn't heard much of what she was saying, her chattering becoming a kind of background noise as soon as he saw (Y/N) walk into the room. He hadn't even known she had arrived until Charlotte bubbled out her name and Sarah joined in the call. At the sound of her name, he couldn't help but begin to scan over the room, itching to find her form.
He hadn't seen her since the dinner at her house, where his heart had swelled with hope now that (Y/N) had made it clear she had moved on from Andrew. They'd been texting, of course, but he still urged to see her, especially since he had heard she was supposed to come to Tawny's housewarming party tonight (she hadn't moved anywhere new, just completely remodeled and wanted everyone to see, but there's not really a catchy name for a party like that). He had offered to drive with her, so they could arrive together and if (Y/N) choose to drink, she would already have a designated driver, but she gave him a quick decline with ":(" tacked at the end of her text message. She told him she was going to have to come late due to a group project she was apart of for one of her classes; they had finally agreed on a meet time after more than a week of her groupmates dodging her texts, so she couldn't skip this one. Harry understood—of course, he remembered being apart of those groups and hating every second if not paired with the right people—, but he still couldn't help but be a little bummed out knowing he would have to wait that much longer to see her and miss out on a roundtrip with her in his passenger seat.
Since he'd made it to Tawny's house, he'd been on high alert for any sign that (Y/N) had arrived. He planned on slipping away the moment he caught sight of her and spending the rest of the night following her around. Now that she was within eyesight, Harry was finding it rather hard to pull his gaze away from the sight of her wrapped up in the oversized cardigan and a bottle of rosé wine in her hand that he knew she would crinkle her nose at. He wasn't even sure (Y/N) had seen him yet, making his pining gaze that much more embarrassing now that he was caught.
Before he could sputter out an answer, a shrewd, teasing smile covered Tawny's features as she followed his line of sight. "Oh," she breathed, "I see. You're too busy staring at your girlfriend to listen to me, okay." She feigned nonchalance with an exaggerated nod of her head and shrug of her shoulders, lifting her glass of wine to her lips for a short sip.
Harry was quick to shake his head, dropping his eyes to his own glass in his hand, though his was filled with nothing more than sparkling grape juice. "She's not m'girlfriend, leave her alone," he denied though he felt his eyes soften at the idea of her being acknowledged as such.
"So what was her post about going out on a date with you all about, hm?" Tawny questioned with a raised brow over the rim of her glass, "And, Charlotte already told me about how she spent the night at your house a couple of weeks ago."
His cheeks flushed at being so bluntly called out for his time with (Y/N), though he knew there was nothing to blush over. They were nothing more than friends, that's all. "It wasn't a date," he insisted, "After y'told me about everything with Andrew, I jus' wanted to take her out and cheer her up, that's all."
"And she stayed over for you to cheer her up, too?"
"No, Tawny," he urged with a quick laugh, her implication being clear in the smug curl of her lips, "She had another bad night and called me. She didn't want to be alone so I let her stay with me, but that was all it was. We're jus' friends."
"Oh, okay."
Harry didn't believe her acceptance of his explanation at all, but if she backed off about it, that's all that mattered. It wasn't like Tawny was hurting anyone with her prying, but he didn't want it going around to everyone that he and (Y/N) were anything but friends, even if they had grown closer since Charlotte's birthday. He knew they were a bit of a nosy bunch, as could be shown with the investigation into everything that consisted of the (Y/N)-Andrew-Iris triangle, and he didn't want (Y/N)'s business up for examination again. (And, if he did end up getting his heart broken through all of this, he didn't want his hopes laid out for the group just to receive pity glances from them after it went downhill and they found (Y/N) with someone else).
Acting out of something of instinct at that point, Harry couldn't help himself but flit his gaze through the group that had gathered through Tawny's renovated living room. (Y/N) was still stood with her cardigan covered hands clutching the frosted bottle of wine, a large glittery bow tacked to the neck and a card with Tawny's name dangling from the label, as she toed the ground in a pair of much more comfortable looking shoes than he'd seen her in previously. The hem of her sweater reached lower on her thighs than the dress it was covering; a simple, white piece that followed her form in gentle sweeps of the fabric. Her hair was left free to sway over her collarbones, only held back by a thick, white headband on the top of her head. She looked gorgeous—as expected, Harry thought. How was he supposed to pull his eyes from her when she looked like that?
As if out of habit, (Y/N) plucked her own gaze from her pair of friends, a pleasant smile stamped across her lips. She scanned over the room for a second before landing on Harry as her smile stretched into a wide grin. Her lashes acted as a frame around her brightening gaze that only grew wider when she caught his eye, bouncing on her heels as she waved at him with the pink sleeve of her cardigan covering her palm. Charlotte and Sarah followed her line of sight, twisting their necks to find Harry and a less-than-impressed Tawny lent against the breakfast bar in the kitchen, the former with moony eyes and a soft-lipped smile.
"Just friends, yeah," Tawny prodded when (Y/N) settled back into her conversation with the girls, Harry's gaze still hooked on her form as he watched across the room, "You know I don't believe you right? Especially after that and how you can't even look at me now that she's here."
"I know," Harry relented, making the conscious choice to turn away from (Y/N) and put his eyes on Tawny (he didn't have to be a good liar, but maybe he could try his hand at not being so obviously a bad one), "But we are, jus' friends."
A challenging look crossed her features, the brown of her eyes lighting up in the way only Tawny's can when she thinks she has a plan that will stir the pot. "So, since you're only friends with (Y/N), you wouldn't mind if I introduced you to my friend Fiona, right? She thinks you're really cute, and when I told her you were coming by tonight, she told me she wanted to meet you. But only if you don't already have your eyes on someone else, of course." A sticky sweet smile acted like a punctuation as Tawny lent down to place an elbow on her countertop, chin in her palm and fingers curling in front of her wicked smile.
A tense fell over his shoulders at the prospect of meeting someone like Fiona, the implications of their introduction being something he wasn't interested in. He didn't want to say no and prove Tawny right; prove to her that her instincts still hadn't failed her and she was correct in assuming there was something bubbling under the guise of being just friends with the flower girl across the room. He didn't want anyone else in his view or chasing after him while he was pursuing someone else (he knew what it was like to be on the other end, fighting for someone who was fighting for another). But, talking wouldn't hurt, right?
Harry would make it clear he wasn't interested, and just be friendly with her. That's all he'd do. There's no harm in that, right?
"Sure," Harry nodded, a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders thrown in around his agreement.
Tawny's brow raised at his simple compliance. She hadn't thought he'd let her get this far, expecting some kind of half-assed denial that would give her all the answers she needed. But, she was more than willing to play this game, he could tell.
"Okay, well, wait right here, then." Tawny dropped her drink off on the counter top before sashaying to her backyard, a confident stride to her walk that scared Harry with how far she might push this.
Before his friend was even out of sight, Harry dipped his gaze back to (Y/N). He didn't even try to hide his pining at this point, indulging in the fact he didn't have Tawny's prying eyes to call him out. He lent against the lip of the counter, elbows propping him up on the granite surface. He draped his gaze over (Y/N)'s form, taking note of the way her shoelaces tied through her white tennis shoes, matched the sage green knitting that made up the torso of her cardigan. She, Charlotte, and Sarah had since drifted closer to the outskirts of the room, giving him a much clearer view of her. He watched on as she laughed, pieces of her hair being tossed back over he shoulders at the motion before those same strands would fall forward and brush over her collarbones in affectionate sweeps.
It felt like a gift when she chanced a look in his direction, the chattering of Charlotte and Sarah becoming muted as they launched into a side story, leaving (Y/N) to give her undivided attention to Harry. The familiar, butterfly-inducing smile that he saw in his daydreams spread over her lips. Her fingers tightened around the neck of the bottle she still needed to gift to Tawny, the gleam of her cream swirled nails glinting in an emulation of the light in her eyes. He waved to her, finally reciprocating the motion she had given him before Tawny tugged at his attention.
(Y/N) perked up at the sight, biting back a smile as she flicked her attention back to her friends to nod at something Sarah uttered. As soon as she was free again, her eyes were back on Harry. She held up a single finger from the hand that held the wine bottle, the movement concealed from her partners with the help of her cardigan and the cover of the chilled bottle, her eyes flicking over the two girls in front of her. She would be over in a minute, she was telling him, she was only going to finish up with her friends, then she'd be over with him.
Harry felt like preening at the silent promise. He gave a small tip of his chin, nodding to her with an affectionate smile on his lips. In an effort to draw a laugh from her lips, he then emulated that of the chatting girls, making exaggerated gapes of his mouth as if he were ooh'ing and aw'ing at gossiped remarks paired with raises and curls of his shoulders. His funny faces were enough to draw a bubbling laugh from his (Y/N), the girls across from her quickly calling into question whatever it was that had made caused the reaction. From where he stood, he could still make out her quick denials, telling them something they had said that was apparently funny enough to pull a giggle from her lungs. They agreed skeptically before falling back into their conversation.
She gave him a scolding glance once they were well distracted, her attention on him much more subtle now that they were almost caught in their silent conversation. He shrugged it off with a grin, pride still puffing out his chest and broadening his shoulders at the fact he was able to make her laugh for him. While he still held her gaze, Harry lifted his glass to her, brows raised in a question. If she wanted, he was going to make her a drink that would be waiting for when she was free to spend time with him. A quiet shake of (Y/N)'s head was earned in response, her softened smile breaking only for her to mouth the words thank you to him.
This time, they hadn't been so lucky to have both Sarah and Charlotte keep from examining further as to where (Y/N) was spending her attention. Instead of asking any questions, Charlotte followed (Y/N)'s line of sight and found Harry lounging against the kitchen countertop, a sheepish smile curling his lips at being caught. Sarah followed after with a light igniting in her eyes at the sight, mouth falling open in scandalous shock. Neither girl prodded or teased him the way they immediately did for (Y/N), whipping their heads back to her with their voices rising to teasing gasps with Harry's name uttered through the mix. He felt inclined to join (Y/N) in the interrogation that was surely happening on her end, but before he could even take a single step in their direction, a stilling hand was placed on Harry's shoulder.
The telltale candy-apple red that was Tawny's signature nail color greeted him first before she turned to him with a challenge in the brown of her eyes. Behind her was a girl Harry could describe as beautiful with long, ashen hair that reached the mid of her waist. Golden strips were woven between the strands that matched that of the hazel gleam in her eyes, the gold within the irises weighing out over the green streaks and brown flecks. Her cheeks were glazed in a rosy hue, dew points highlighting the tops of her cheeks and her full lips in an alluring gloss. A smile brightened her features as she stood confidently into his eyesight, out from behind Tawny with self-assuredness that only came with age.
"Harry, this is Fiona. We worked together when I was at that law firm, remember?" Tawny introduced, her smile sticking to her lips in a baiting challenge.
"Yeah, I remember," Harry smiled, standing up straight from his leaning position against the counter. He offered a hand for her to shake, "I saw y'once at the holiday party, right? The one at the Kemberly?"
Tawny's brow raised at his recollection of the night, surprisingly failing with what she had thought was a snare to trap him. Maybe she had been wrong, the fall of her expression told him, he and (Y/N) weren't as entwined as she had thought.
Fiona's features brightened at the mention of the party from years prior, taking his hand in a solid shake. "Yeah, that's right. I totally forgot Tawny had brought you, I'm surprised you remember."
"Me too, if 'm being honest," Harry laughed, bouncing his grip in hers before falling away, "But, 's nice to officially meet you, Fiona."
"Likewise," she beamed, her attention falling from Harry as Tawny quietly excused herself, telling them she would leave them to it. Fiona slid into the spot beside Harry, emulating the stance Tawny had taken when they were chatting before she put her plan into action, "So, Tawny told me that you work at a marketing firm?"
Harry nodded his head at her line of questioning, the ice in his glass tinkling at the motion. "Yeah, I work down in the city at Levine," he offered, keeping his voice light despite the way he didn't know where to take this conversation.
Sure, Fiona was pretty and seemed nice enough, but he had his heart set on the prettiest, kindest, sweetest girl he'd ever met in his life. He wanted to chance a look in her direction, see if (Y/N) was still preoccupied with the girls like he hoped, but he kept his gaze on Fiona. If Tawny was still observing her experiment, he wanted to stick to the script as much as possible.
He listened intently as Fiona offered her own anecdotes centering around her workplace, politely laughing and interjecting comments as they were called for. He gave his own pleasant answers to any questions she might have had, but he was definitely drier than he felt was polite. Even when he offered to make her a drink to refill her iced glass—which she happily accepted and waited as he flitted about the kitchen as he did such—, his thoughts still lingered around the butterfly soft presence that called for his attention.
If it was any consolation, it didn't seem he and Fiona were hitting it off much outside of being friendly acquaintances, her romantic interest in him seemingly dwindling as their conversation centered around their respective careers as opposed to anything personal. This was even better, he figured, now it would be Fiona that could go back to Tawny and tell her that she wasn't interested in him, so Harry was free to lie to her and tell her he tried before he returned his focus to (Y/N).
As he passed Fiona back her now filled glass—he made something up with vodka and his own sparkling grape juice from the bottle that was still in Tawny's fridge—, he allowed his vision to wander over the room. It wouldn't hurt to chance a look at (Y/N), right? Especially now that he was fairly certain that Fiona wasn't going to be pursuing him.
Fiona's fingertips grazed over Harry's own as she grabbed the glass from him. "Thank you," she beamed, tossing her long hair over her shoulder with a flourish. She lashes emulated the flutter of her hair as she blinked at him, something flirtatious coating her features despite the way he was sure that was just her natural aura.
Harry offered a polite smile before his eyes left her form. In the background, he could hear her breaking into a line of questioning over some marketing plan her firm had been toying with, claiming she wanted Harry's professional opinion on the matter, but he was too preoccupied to listen to the details, especially when he caught sight of (Y/N)'s form.
He found her still bundled in conversation with the girls though the bright expression she had been wearing before he was pulled into his own rendezvous was now missing. Her toes were prodding at the hardwood at her feet, scuffs appearing on the white rubber of the soles of her shoes as she bit at her lips. She seemed only halfway involved in whatever conversation was going on across from her, that same lost look in her eyes he recognized when she was letting her thoughts wander, usually before she would ask him a question or to explain something she was having trouble with understanding.
Their earlier lines of eye contact felt like a gift to Harry, when he would be granted with her attention on him, but this time felt like a curse. A weight was heavy on her irises, tugging them into a darker shade than he was familiar with finding from her, a melancholic hue tainting the color. Her eyes had found the brief moment of contact between his and Fiona's fingers and the flourish of her hair as she tossed it over her shoulder before she met his eyes. A tense line was created in (Y/N)'s jaw, her lips pinched into a concealing pucker before she quickly relented and schooled her features into something much more neutral. Even as she diverted her attention to the girls in front of her, the blue tint that seemed to overtake her presence prevailed.
"Is everything alright?"
Harry was pulled back to reality at the sound of Fiona's prodding voice. Her flawless brow was pinched into a frown that framed her concerned eyes. Her full lips were pouted into a frown as she reached across, settling her hand on Harry's shoulder.
"Um—Yeah, sorry," he breathed, aware of her palm warming his shoulder as he shook his head.
"Are you sure? You looked upset about something." Her tone came off rather motherly, sympathy radiating from her words. "Is it about your friend?"
His brows cinched together at her assumption, dropping his gaze to the slowly watering glass in his own hand, "No, everything's fine with Tawny, 's—"
"No, I mean the girl over there," Fiona nudged her head in (Y/N)'s direction, a subtle movement as she kept her hand placed on his arm, "You were looking at her like you just found out her puppy died."
Guilt filtered through his system at the fact he had been caught. He didn't want Fiona to know he was looking at another when she had struck up a conversation with him in hopes of pursuing him.
"I-I'm sorry." What else was he to say?
A dazzling smile took Fiona's features as she squeezed his bicep, "Don't be sorry, it's okay. Is she the girl Tawny told me about?"
The frown in Harry's brow deepened at Fiona's questioning. Tawny had told her about (Y/N)? "'M sorry, what?"
A confused smile tightened Fiona's lips, her hand falling from his arm, "She told me that you were wanting advice about a girl, but you wanted help from someone who didn't know the situation. I've been waiting for you to bring her up."
"She told y'that?" Harry pressed, Tawny's real plan beginning to sink in, "She told me that you—um—y'wanted to meet me because y'thought I was cute or something."
"I should have known," she laughed, "Tawny is way too nosy to let a third party get all of the drama. And, don't get me wrong, you're cute and all, but I love my husband a little too much to take you home."
A weight relaxed from Harry's shoulders now that he knew Fiona wasn't interested in pursuing him, Tawny just having tricked him into thinking this was nothing more than a ploy to get him to admit his feelings for (Y/N).
"'M sorry she dragged y'into this," Harry apologized with a breath of a laugh, "Jus' she"—he gestured in (Y/N)'s general direction with a nudge of his chin—"and I have been getting closer recently, and Tawny's convinced there's something more going on than there is. I think she was hoping I would spill all the details to you, so I wouldn't 'lead y'on'. Though, I doubt I can lead you anywhere."
Fiona joined in the laugh he finished with, shaking her head at the decoding of Tawny's trickery. "Well," she shrugged, taking a sip of her drink, "You still could if you wanted—spill the details, anyway. I promise I won't tell her."
Harry bit at the full of his bottom lip, swirling his watered down drink in his glass. What harm could it do? At the least, he would finally be able to get out some of his swirling thoughts so they weren't so bottled up in his head. "She's a really sweet girl, (Y/N), but I—uh—I don't think she shares the same interest that I do," Harry shrugged, "But 's okay, 'm happy being a friend if thats all she needs from me."
A soft smile took Fiona's features as she listened to Harry's shortened story. "You don't think she has the same 'interest' as you?" she asked, her tone quiet as if they weren't at a party.
Harry again chose to shrug his shoulders, not quite feeling like getting into the saga of Andrew and Iris to explain every little detail as to why he was sure (Y/N) wasn't looking at him under the same lens as he was with her.
"You're so cute, you remind me of my husband," she laughed, the noise bubbling and free as if Harry wasn't wilting across from her, "You don't see it, do you?"
"I don't know what you mean?"
"You're just like Jeremy," she mumbled, affection coating her tone at the sound of what he figured what her husband's name, "You know she's been looking at you every few seconds since I came over here, right? She's been acting like a sad puppy since we started talking."
"She-She's not—No—" Harry stuttered over the implication of Fiona's words, surely (Y/N) wasn't—
"She's jealous, in the saddest little way," Fiona murmured, her expression twisting into sympathy as she casually swept over the population of the room, (Y/N) still tucked away in her corner. "I think she's worried that this"—she gave a noncommittal wave of her hands between them—"is something she can't compete with, I'm sure. I remember being like that when I was her age, worried that every new person that came by was an opportunity for someone to leave."
Harry knew the feeling well, a little more than he figured Fiona did but not as well as he knew (Y/N) knew. He hoped that wasn't what (Y/N) was taking this as. He wasn't Andrew and he hoped it was clear in the way he and Fiona were acting that he wasn't looking at her as anything than an acquaintance (or a helpful friend, at this point).
"You think she cares about me like that?" Harry felt juvenile dancing around different terms to display (Y/N)'s feelings. To be fair, he wasn't sure he was ready to hear anything deeper than interest and care to be applied in case he got his hopes up.
Fiona scoffed a laugh, bringing her drink to her glossed lips. "Of course she does. Tawny had said something about you being oblivious, but this is a bit much. I caught you looking at her before I came over here anyway, and I can tell you both have got it bad." She flicked her head to the side, tendrils of her long hair glistening like waves, "Go talk to her. I'll tell Tawny that you wouldn't budge and didn't know what I was talking about when I asked."
Maybe it was the lingering high over the fact he felt he suddenly had a chance with (Y/N), that other people could see the same glances they shared and saw what he had convinced himself wasn't there, but Harry didn't think anything of it before he pulled Fiona in for a friendly hug.
"Thank you," he told her over her shoulder, his free arm curling around her waist while the other held his watered down glass.
"Of course," she smiled, her own hand patting the flat of his back.
Pulling back with a smile on his face, planning to say his goodbyes before he marched up to (Y/N) and pulled her from whatever the girls were talking about, he saw something skitter by from the corner of his eye. As his eyes followed whatever it was that shot passed, he caught the tail-end of a familiar green knitted cardigan.
Tawny stood off to the side, a cinch in her brows and a frown deepening her pout as she held the bottle of wine (Y/N) had brought as a present. She, Charlotte, and Sarah were huddled in a group together now, their voices hush compared to the gossip Harry was able it pick through from before. After pulling her gaze from down the hallway (Y/N) disappeared, Tawny caught his eye with an apology tightening her features and sympathy floating in her eyes. He dreaded to think what had caused that.
"I'd better..." Harry trailed off, looking back to Fiona with his own apologetic smile.
She urged him off with her own lips curled, peering over his shoulder in the direction that his flower girl drifted off to, "Let me know if she's okay."
Despite the way Tawny had set them up in some odd plan to get Harry to spill his feelings for (Y/N), he truly appreciated the friend he was able to find in Fiona. He would definitely reach out to her again, he thought.
Harry's first stop in figuring out what happened with (Y/N) resulted in him making his own spot in the huddled group of girls standing by the mouth of the hallway. Tawny was the first to open her mouth, an apology swimming in the wide of her eyes.
"I'm so sorry, Harry, I didn't mean for her to—"
"It's okay, really," Harry started, giving her a softened smile to let her know he wasn't upset, "I know y'didn't mean to, y'were jus' trying to get me to talk. Is (Y/N) okay?"
Charlotte ran a heavy hand through her peach colored hair, offering something of a glare in Harry's direction before she shared a look with Sarah. "She saw you talking to that other girl and... you know how sensitive she can get, especially after everything with Andrew."
A frown cemented itself over his lips. Of course, he knew she was a little on edge, and if what Fiona had observed was true, he could only assume she was thinking the worst. He really thought he had kept things friendly with her, seeing as they were nothing but friends, but (Y/N) must have taken something the wrong way.
"But, nothing happened," Harry insisted, plucking at his bottom lip as he tried to look for answers from the girls, "I wasn't flirting or anything."
"I know, but (Y/N) doesn't. She's still a little off from how Andrew lied to her, so she worries. She left after you hugged that woman," Sarah filled in, much gentler than the bite that Charlotte's tone held.
With a heavy sigh filtering through his lungs, Harry sagged in place. He could see that—the way he made Fiona's drink, and offered her a hug that, under the wrong lens, could look less than friendly.
"She's just in the bathroom if you wanted to talk to her," Tawny suggested, something of a peace offering as she wrung her hands around the neck of the gifted wine, "You can tell her it was my fault, anyway. That I pushed you two together and everything."
Sarah and Charlotte held matching pinches in their brows, gaps being left unfilled as they listened to Tawny. She waved them off for now, focusing her attention on Harry where he was finding a war brewing in his mind.
"Are y'sure she would want to talk to me?" A dejavu moment Harry supposed, reminiscent of the similar question he had asked at Charlotte's birthday party.
Tawny's smile turned genuine at his doubt. "Of course she would, you know that. Just make things better like you always do."
With the echo of his friends' urging, Harry followed down the same hallway he had seen the flash of sage green and petal pink disappear down. Tawny only had one bathroom down this hall, the door shut tightly with the sound of sniffles heard through the wood. Shadows flashed through the sliver of light that escaped through the gap under the door, the sniffles pausing long enough for the sound of shuffling feet to be heard against the tiles. Harry's shoulders fell at the the story the noises were telling him.
A little too vivid of a vision flicked through his head: (Y/N) bundled in her cardigan as she had tissues pressed to her nose and gentle fingertips flicking way her tears just as he remembered her doing at the bar just a month prior. He felt so guilty knowing that he was the cause of her sniffling and crystalline tears. He couldn't believe Andrew had been in a position similar (though he did much worse and was overall a more vile human than Harry liked to compare to himself) and still paraded through Charlotte's party, not a single shred of sympathy or guilt roving over his features. Harry couldn't even actually see (Y/N) right now, and he was ready to get on his knees and ask for forgiveness as if he were a disciple to a scorned goddess.
A shaky breath sounded through the door, another fluff of a tissue being pulled from the box before Harry worked the courage to knock on the white painted wood.
"(Y/N)?" he called, voice soft as it wrapped around her name in the same way he wanted to hold her. All movement on the other side of the door stopped, the shadows stilling in the light escaping from underneath. If not for the fact he knew there were no windows in that bathroom, Harry would have thought she somehow escaped and left him to find her somewhere else in the house with how quiet she went. With a heavy sigh, he tried again, forgoing the knock in favor of coaxing her with his voice, "(Y/N), love, 's me. Can I come in?"
A beat passed.
The word was peeped out with shaky conviction. Despite the weight in his chest, Harry still managed to crack a smile at the sound of her voice.
"I jus' wanna talk to you," he pressed, leaning against the doorframe as he planned waiting for as long as it took to earn her forgiveness, "The girls were telling me y'saw some things that made y'upset, but 's not what y'think, really. Can I tell y'what really happened?"
Her feet shuffled against the tiled floor, the sound of the rubber soles on her shoes heard through the door. "I don't want you to come in."
A tint of embarrassment could be heard through her quiet words, Harry able to picture exactly the kind of sheepish face she was pulling with cinched brows and pursed lips, gaze sticking to the floor. She didn't want him to see her like this again, having told him time and time again how silly she felt to be crying in front of him so often. But he didn't mind, he always told her; he was too busy admiring the color of her eyes that the tears brought out and the need to make her feel better. He'd never think her silly or stupid for expressing herself.
"'S kind of hard to have a private conversation through a door, though, right, love? I only want to talk to you. Y'don't even have to say anything to me if y'don't want to." Harry waited a moment longer, tentatively settling his hand on the doorknob in hopes of hearing her agreement.
Something just a step or two away from relief strung through his muscles. Opening the door, he was greeted with the sight of (Y/N) sat on the closed toilet lid with her wide, watery eyes trained on him. The sleeves of her cardigan were pulled protectively over her hands, making only the tufts of tissues tucked into her hold visible. Her grip was tight around the thin papers, like the line of her jaw as she tried to keep her bottom lip from wobbling.
The sight of her with a glassy gaze and tear-dewed features wasn't something new for Harry, but it still chipped at his heart as if it were the first time. Besides, he'd never seen her cry because of him.
"Oh, love," Harry sighed, rushing to crouch in front of where she sat on the toilet lid. He wanted to warm her bare thighs with the palms of his hands, dip his lips against her cheeks in soothing kisses, and caress the soft of her hair from her face, but he knew he couldn't. Even though she was moments from crumbling, that hard line in her jaw wavered just like the resolve to keep her poorly-hidden emotions in check, Harry knew there was a line he couldn't cross with her right now that included putting his hands on her. "Are y'alright?" he crooned, voice soft enough that he hoped it would wrap around her the way he wished he could.
(Y/N)'s lips pinched and features tightened at his words. She shook her head directing her eyes to the tissues in her clutch, "I don't want to talk, remember?"
He wished he didn't still find her so adorable in such a dreaded moment, but a small smile still wormed its way onto his lips. "Right, sorry," he relented, "Y'still okay with listening to me, then?"
All he got in response was a petite nod and a quick flick of (Y/N)'s eyes up to his face.
Harry adjusted his position in front of her, getting more comfortable as he sat back on his heels with his knees against the tiled floor. His eyes stayed soft as he took her in, a niggling reminder in the back of his mind telling him that she was in this state because of him.
"I know y'don't want to talk, so jus' tell me yes or no, kay?" he started, watching for her minute reaction of a small nod of her head, "Okay, so y'saw me and Fiona, right? The woman Tawny brought over."
(Y/N) gave another nod of her head with furrowed brows, fingers tightening just a hair around the fragile tissues in her hands.
He crept around his next question. "Is that what made y'upset?"
The pinch between her brows deepened, gaze still fixed on the crumpled paper in her hands. She didn't give a nod this time, only a shrug of her shoulders. Her eyes flicked up to find Harry through her lashes, something akin to embarrassment tinting her watery gaze.
"'S okay if it was. Y'can tell me," he softly coaxed, pushing the limit and settling his palm on the back of her ankle with his thumb running soothing and cautious circles around the jut of her bone. A beat passed before she gave a sheepish nod of her head, nose sniffling before she brought her tissue up to her face. A grim line took Harry's lips as he shuffled closer to her. His hand slid up the length of her calf, eyes trained to catch any kind of objection in her gaze. "I hope 'm not assuming too much when I tell y'that she's jus' a friend; that you've got nothing to worry about when it comes to things like that."
He gauged her reaction with intent eyes, trying to catch any shift in demeanor or switch in her features that would tell him he had wrongly assumed and taken everyone's encouragement a bit too seriously. But, it never came.
Instead, another shy glance through her lashes was what Harry earned. It seemed as though she had temporarily abandoned the hurt that had made her rush to the bathroom in the first place in a trade for the embarrassment that was tinting her eyes and making them dart around his own in an effort to track his reaction.
"But," she croaked, voice dry and nasally, "You were acting like you do with me, but with her." She seemed to cringe at her lame words, instead opting to push her attention back on the bundled tissues in her hands.
While Harry had half the mind to celebrate about the small admission that she was sharing with him—the fact she had been jealous to at least some degree over him interacting with someone else—he had bigger things to worry about. Cautiously settling both hands on the caps of her knees, Harry squeezed around the joint before rubbing soothing circles around the soft inside.
"Trust me, sweetheart, the things I do with y'are jus' for us. I don't share that with anyone else," he shuffled closer to her, the gap between her thighs spreading the more he inched towards her, "You know that, right?"
"You...I don't know," (Y/N) floundered, voice quiet around the crinkling of the tissues, "You asked me if I wanted a drink and then did the same for her, and you guys touched a lot. It just seemed like you were really excited to be talking to her. I don't know; I'm being dumb."
"You're not dumb, love, we've been over this," he smiled, hoping the lightheartedness of his tone would lift her and reassure her of his next words, "Fiona's nice, but she's not you. I asked her if she wanted a drink because its a nice thing to do, and I think she's a rather touchy person, that's all. And, I only really got excited to talk to her when we started talking about you."
She perked up at the mention of their topic of conversation. "Me?"
"Mhm," Harry hummed, a dimple thumbing into the full of his cheek at her reaction, "Right after we talked about Fiona's husband, she asked me about you."
(Y/N)'s shoulders dropped as Harry fed her more information. Her eyes grew wide as she tipped her chin, finally matching Harry's gaze and allowing him a full view of her softened features. "She's married?"
"She is."
"And you talked about me?"
"We did. She was telling me that I reminded her of her husband because of how clueless I am, apparently. Because I didn't believe that you could share the same feelings as I do about you." Harry let his words hang in the air between them, tone hushed to conceal the secret that was just for her. "This was all some sort of plan Tawny thought up to test me or something and see if I was being honest when I told her you and I were jus' friends. She had told me Fiona was interested in me, and if I had refused to meet her, then she would have figured she had caught my 'lie' and that you and I had actually secretly eloped or whatever story she had working in her head. There wasn't anything going on between us, I promise. Besides, it's jus' me and you, right? I don't plan on changing that now."
(Y/N)'s bambi-esque gaze flickered over his face as he spoke before. Slowly, her eyes downturned with her brows curving into a frowned slope. He waited for her to say something about the soft confession he'd just given her, anything to tell him what she might be thinking. Instead, she all but launched herself into his arms.
Falling flat on his ass, Harry was quick to gather her into his arms. The thuds of her knees hitting the tiled floor of the bathroom made him flinch—he was going to have to check her later for any bruising—as she straddled his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in the gap created between her arm and his skin. Muffled words sounded against the curve of his throat, fanning across the expanse. With his hands spanning over her back, fingers flexing into the knit of her cardigan, Harry let out a soft laugh as he held her tighter to his chest.
"What was that, love?" he murmured, tucking his own chin into her neck.
She peeked out from the spot she had made her home in his neck though she stayed close enough Harry swore he could could each of her eyelashes. "I said I was sorry," she peeped, guilt washing over her features, "I shouldn't have gotten upset just because you were being nice to your friend. I'm sorry I got... crazy."
One of the hands that spanned over her back, drifted to brush hair from her face before Harry fit his palm over the back of her neck. "You're not crazy," he insisted, looking up at her from where she was snuggled on top of his lap, "I understand why y'might worry about things like that, after everything with him"—Harry always tried to find any excuse not to say Andrew's name, the syllables singeing his throat like bile—"And I know I haven't been especially clear about how I feel about you. I've been worried about pushing y'away, or scaring y'with how I feel since we're not in the same demographic, y'could say"—that earned Harry a softened smile that spread over her lips—"I don't want to make you uncomfortable or push you."
Harry rolled his lips between his teeth, the pad of his thumb working small rotations over the curve of her throat in comforting strokes. (Y/N)'s own hands settled on the broad of his shoulders, clutching the fabric of his shirt between her fingers. Her gaze was locked on her hands, her fingertips tracing over the stitching of his black top.
"But, you care about me?" Her words were quiet in the still of the bathroom, muffled noises that could be heard through the door almost concealing her tone.
"I do, quite a bit actually," Harry admitted, a breathy laugh riding his words. He hoped his lighthearted facade was doing enough to cover the anxiety rising in his chest. She seemed to be rather receptive to the affection he was laying out for her, but he couldn't help but anticipate any kind of rejection she may dole out.
"As more than just a friend, right?" (Y/N) prompted, hands now abandoning his shirt and climbing up the column of his throat in inching brushes.
"On all of our friend dates, I was hoping y'would look at me and tell me y'wanted it to be real. That y'wanted it to be a real date, jus' like I did."
A beat passed, (Y/N)'s warm palms settling on the line of his jaw before cautiously pulling her eyes up to match his. "I care about you, too," she told him earnestly, a deep breath lifting her shoulders, "A lot."
Harry swears he was going to start running a fever with how warm his heart felt as he processed her words. He finally got answers for all the questions that followed him into bed each night and pinged in his head with every text message she went with an innocent heart emoji attached. An easy smile tugged at his lips, dimples dented deep in his cheeks and an affectionate flush dusting his cheekbones.
"Oh, lo—"
"Can I kiss you?" (Y/N) cut him off with her rushed question, her fingers curling into his hairline as she cradled his face. "Please?"
If he hadn't been so intent on keeping his eyes on her, seeing how her mouth formed around her request to kiss him and the glow that radiated from under her skin, Harry swears his eyes would have rolled to the back of his head by how good it felt to hear her words.
"C'mere," Harry instructed, voice soft and quiet to match the grip he still had on the back off her neck.
(Y/N) didn't need much convincing as her eyes automatically fluttered shut and she tipped her chin with puckered lips. Harry kissed her around the smile edging the corners of his mouth, a satisfied curl of his lips begging to be released over just how happy he was to finally have this moment. He fought it off as best he could, the need to really kiss her beating out the euphoria in his chest. Smoothing his lips between hers, the plush of her bottom lip cradled between his two was enough to have his arms tensing around her. She was still sat solidly in his lap, her gentle hands on his face grounding him to the moment as he lost himself in the taste of her kiss. The slick of his tongue peeked out, tasting the fruit fragrance that tinted her lips. Though he was guiding her through the kiss, her eagerness shone through in the way she had her thighs clenched around his own from where she sat astride him and the way she tipped her chin and surged forward every time she wanted more of him. The moment felt surprisingly intimate to Harry despite the way they were cuddled on a bathroom floor of a friend's house. He felt at peace as he sat with her.
And, god, did he just love kissing her.
He swears he could do this for hours, getting lost in the plush of her lips and the fresh taste that drew him in further and further. Nothing about their kissing was heated or verging in a direction that wasn't proper for a bathroom floor, but every bit of devotion Harry held for her was translated through the way his lips smoothed over her. Though he indulged in tastes of her lips, his tongue smoothing over the fullest point, he never met her own, allowing him to focus only on learning every bit of her he had daydreamed about. His arm around her waist worked as a cradle to keep her close with his hand on the back of her neck working to keep her steady. Drawing his knees up behind her, now having the soft of her body held between his chest and thighs, served as a form of cocoon around the moment, tethering them to each other. Tender caresses of her fingertips brushed through the baby curls bordering his hairline, making Harry feel like he could purr if given the chance.
Though he almost felt like he could do this for hours, he knew that wasn't practical with the party going on outside the door and the fact he knew (Y/N) hadn't eaten since she arrived. He needed to take care of her properly before he indulged in more presses of her lips and whispered promises of his affection. That made it his job to pull away first, though it was done reluctantly.
"Wait," (Y/N) breathed, her hands on his jawline sliding to work through the curls of his hair "One more."
Just a sliver of his eyes were open, just enough to catch the plea on her face that matched her words. How was he supposed to say no to something like that, especially when he was still reeling from their confession of shared feelings.
Harry didn't hesitate before he pressed another indulgent kiss to her lips, soaking in the contact to get him through the rest of the night. Before (Y/N) could have a chance to take it any farther, he pulled back completely, unfurling his body from around her and giving some semblance of space between them.
A moony tint took her gaze, irises softened and glazed over with something much more pleasant that the sheen of tears he had found her with.
"Y'alright?" Harry crooned, his hands now fussing around her in an effort to fix her mussed hair and adjust the headband on the top of her head.
"Yeah, yeah," she repeated, hands sliding down from his hair to the broad of his shoulders they had started at, "Thank you."
The sincerity burning in her gaze was enough to get his heart racing again with urges to pull her in for another kiss. She was thanking him, whether it be for the way he was fixing her hair, how he had kissed her, or the fact that they had finally come clean about their matching feelings, he wasn't sure, but any answer made his heart hurt. He would have pulled her in again, planting a lingering kiss over her swollen pout, if a low rumble hadn't sounded from her stomach.
A sheepish expression took her features, teeth trapping her bottom lip between the blunt ends. Her eyes were wide with shy embarrassment. "I'm so sorry, that's s—"
"Why are y'sorry?" Harry smiled, his incredulous tone coming out with a laugh, "Don't be sorry about being hungry. I was jus' about to get y'fed anyway."
"Still," she insisted, "Its bad timing."
That earned her a soft kiss on her cheek.
He made slow work of shuffling her from his lap and standing up from the cool tile that was hard against his backside. (Y/N) stood up before him, popping to the mirror in an effort to fix whatever else of her appearance had been altered from her tears then mussed up with the help of Harry's touchy hands and tender kisses. He took his time stretching out his limbs, eyes fixed on her reflection in the mirror as she fiddled with the neckline of her dress. She peeked up at him, finding his eyes in the mirror before a shy smile took her lips.
"What?" Harry pressed, running an absent hand through his hair in hopes that he looked well enough together that he could effectively fend off Tawny's prying.
"Nothing," she sighed, smile deep on her lips, "You're just really cute, and now I get to tell you that every time I think it."
Harry took her hand that had begun to adjust the wrinkled shoulders of her cardigan, twirling her around to face him with her back pressed to the countertop behind her. He settled his hands on either side of her form, fingers curling around the lip of the counter as he leaned in to match her eyes.
"If you're not careful, 'm gonna end up locking y'in here with me and we're going to be too busy kissing to actually be at this party," he nodded his head towards the door, his 'threat' thin and a little too inviting with the way (Y/N)'s eyes lit up at the mention of more kissing, "But, I think we've got to take care of you first, right?"
As if on cue, a rippling purr sounded from her stomach, just loud enough to be heard over the sound of the party going on outside. Another timid curl of her lips molded (Y/N)'s features before she peeped out a right. Harry rewarded her with a kiss to the tip of her nose before taking one of her hands in his. He filled the gaps between her fingers with his own, the whole of his palm encasing her hand in a protective hold.
"Ready?" he asked her as he reached for the doorknob.
A delicate squeeze was delivered to his hand, her painted fingernails brushing over the cross tattooed on his hand. "Do you think they're going to ask us questions? Like what happened and everything?"
"'M sure they will," Harry sighed, already trying to figure an escape route so he could clear a path around Tawny and hopefully introduce (Y/N) to Fiona before the night was over, "But we don't have to tell them anything. It can just be for me and you; our secret."
She brightened at the mantra that had become something special for the two of them.
"Yeah," she beamed, "Just me and you."
moscato wine is sweet and airy, floral notes blooming across the senses. a celebration of the italian summer
only a couple parts left!!! thank u sm for reading, sorry for any mistakes and please lmk if u have any ideas or if theres anything at all u want to talk about w this piece!!!
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mindofharry · a day ago
Wildest dreams
Tumblr media
✧ ✧ ✧
“You know I enjoy hanging out with you” Harry mumbled into your neck as he began to kiss down it. You didn’t reply, you could only focus on the feeling of his tongue against your neck. Harry stopped when you didn’t reply smirking to himself. As an older man, this reaction from you did boost his ego a little. You don’t think Harry knows how good he is at sex. He’s like a sex god. And you have to keep that all to yourself, which you kind of like. Keeping this man to yourself. It’s not by choice, keeping him all to yourself. There’s only one problem:
He’s your dads best friend.
They had met at a work party a few years back, harry is a little younger than him. He’s 39, while your dad is 50. Although your dad is a little bit older than harry, he always says harry has an old soul and is such a good friend to have. Especially in the business community having him on your side is something you want.
You had met Harry at a bar. You were out with your friends, celebrating one of your friends promotion. Harry spotted you first, mesmerised by your beauty and confidence. When you spotted him your heart sped up and you nearly fell back down into your seat. But you decided to put on a little show — obviously both of you not know this was the harry and the Y/N. You brought your hands down your chest, past your stomach and to your thighs shaking your hips to the music. Harry smirked to himself, sitting more comfortably in the seat watching you move yourself sensuously and confidently. Your hands were in your hair when you felt hands on your hips. You looked back and smiled when you saw it was the green eyed hottie from the bar. Probably early thirties, definitely in some sort of business from the watch and expensive suit. You pressed your ass to his crotch, making you both moan.
After that, let’s just say things got a little heated. Harry said he lived near by, so against your better judgement you both took and uber to his condo. He had his hand on your thigh the whole way there.
“You’re comfortable with this? You want this?” He asked as he walked you up to his door.
“More than anything.”
And the rest was history, you had exchanged numbers after hooking up for the first time. And it was more a friends (strangers, more like) with benefits sort of vibe. He needed you? You were there. You had a stressful day? Harry was ready to go down on you.
But that progressed and now you’re seeing each other every day. You’ve been sleeping with each other for about two years now. Sometimes you take breaks from each other, but when you see each other again — it’s like you never left. But at the moment, this is your second night sleeping over and this “friendship” was starting to feeling more like a relationship. And you liked it. You liked him cuddling you, buying you things (even though you asked him not to), you like waking up in the morning to make him some of your favourite food, you like coming home to having him cooking up some dinner. You liked Harry.
There was just one problem: your dad.
Harry was way too faithful — well, not that faithful. But he was too nervous to tell your dad. Not only would he lose his best friend, he could lose important sales because of this. And you, you were worried he would hate you. Or kick you out for being some whore.
You had found out he was the harry a year ago. And that was a stressful time. But you both needed each other too much to let this go.
You both liked (loved) each other way too much. Harry was home to you now, whether you want to admit that or not.
A pinch to your side brought you back from reminiscing. Harry was on top of you, smiling at your dazed look.
“Did you hear me? I said I like hanging out with you.” Harry repeated and you roll your eyes, placing your arms around his neck.
“No, you like my pussy.”
Harry sighed, placing a peck on your lips.
“Also true.”
You hit his chest, but gave him a cheeky smile as he began to kiss down your naked body. “This pussy is all mine. All mine.” He said slapping your clit, making your hips buckle upwards. The pain turned into pleasure and you couldn’t hold back the whimper as harry slapped your clit again.
“Such a little whore.” Harry whispered, against your thigh slowly kiss his way to your drenched sex. He loves the taste of you and the way you bucked your hips when he sucked on your clit. He loves the whimpers and the lip bites. Harry especially loves the hair pulling, that turns him on to the fullest.
You moaned as harry’s tongue made contact with your slit, licking all the way up his stare never leaving your face. His hands moved from your thighs, to your hips to get them still. Your hands made contact with his hair, giving it a light tug as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. God, his tongue was so good.
Harry pressed his lips to your clit, puckering them up, then flicking his tongue against it. He loved watching you unfold, because so vulnerable under his stare and his stare only.
“Fuck, You’re gonna make me cum so fast.” You whimpered, harry only hummed against your clit sending you electric vibrations throughout your body only bringing you even more pleasure than before.
Before you could even think, harry spread your legs open more bring your left leg over his shoulder. He got back to work pretty quickly, missing the taste of your wet core.
He moved his hands from your hips, lifting his head a bit so his fingers could make contact with your clit, running them along your slit and then clit. Your hips buckled upwards and your leg was straight in the air.
You never knew you were this flexible.
“Harry i’m going to cum. Going to cum, so fucking hard” You moaned and harry nodded against you, his tongue flicking against your core faster and faster.
You back arched as you felt his tongue and finger entering you at the same time, the pleasure indescribable. With the pleasure ripping through you, your hands found your breasts giving them a squeeze as you climaxed.
“Oh shit.” You moaned, your hips jutting up like crazy.
Harry sat up, wiping the side of his mouth with his thumb. You whimpered at the lack of contact, but were grateful he didn’t push you too far because you’re always super sensitive after an orgasm — especially after one as good as this.
“You’re very good at that.” You breathed out.
Harry shrugged.
“Lots of experience.”
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[why is he so yummy looking. WHNE WILL HE RELEASE ME FROM THIS CHOKEHOLD.]
Harry Styles and fiancé, Y/N, spotted rushing into local coffee shop after being ambushed by fans. Here’s what the manager had to say about the couple:
“Such a beautiful couple. She was obviously in panic and he immediately knew what to do. They sat on the floor for a few minutes while he calmed her down. It was sweet. I brought her a cup of tea and she smiled at me despite being in a little bit of distress. Such a nice couple. He even left a hefty tip in the tip jar without my knowledge.”
You were tense. Your shoulders were tense and the grip you had on Harry’s hand was tight. Ever since starting your new medication your panic attacks and anxiety have been at an all time low. But today was different, you woke up a little on edge. You could feel yourself teetering on a dangerous tightrope of emotions.
The strong defense you had up started crumbling when you heard Harry’s bodyguard say that there was a group of fans following you two around in a car. It wasn’t that you weren’t excited for the fans to see Harry but sometimes it their excitement can get scary.
The car had followed them for blocks, they obviously posted about you two somewhere because small groups of fans started appearing every which way. By now, you couldnt hear anything but your harsh breaths. Harry’s mouth moved but the words weren’t reaching your ears.
Next thing you know, you were crouched low on the floor of a small cafe. Harry asks the shop manager if he could lay low until the fans disappeared and of course the manger said yes. Your chest rose and fell with every harsh breathe, it the heaviness that weighed on your chest felt like a ton of bricks. You almost felt like you were falling into a deep abyss.
Harry sat on the ground in front of you, worry evident on his face. He hated seeing you like this because he knew he couldn’t be the one to take that pain away from you and experience it himself. You were pulled into his lap, his arms were tight around you to bring you back to earth.
Therapy helped both you and Harry because he was able to learn how to help you in these situations. His low voice started to creep into your ears, small whispers of reassurance slowly uncoiling the heaviness on your chest.
Harry rubbed your back in low circles. All of your senses came back to you all at once. You focused on the smell around you and Harry’s voice and the tables that towered over you and Harry. As you focused on those things, you found yourself being grounded more.
“You back to me?” Harry whispers into your ear. You nodded unable to form words just yet. The bracelet around his wrist was lightly grasped around your fingers. The beads jumped from side to side as you pushed them around.
A cup of tea was placed in front of you by the manager. You smiled as a thank you taking a cautious sip to not burn yourself.
“Im fine. Im fine.” You repeated. It was quite humorous to be honest. A large man with his girlfriend curled into his lap in the floor of a local coffee shop- you could see the Twitter headlines now.
“I’m sorry my love.” Harry felt horrible. He couldn’t help but blame himself.
“None of that silly. I’m ok. I should’ve know it was coming, felt it this morning.” Muttered under your breathe.
“Please tell me next time. I’m here for you and you only. Your safety and health comes before anything else on this earth.” He scolds. He grips your face in one large hand, angling it so you could look in his eyes. You picked your lips to his, giving him a chaste kiss.
“Ok. I’m sorry for causing all this.” You motion around you with your hands. He shakes his head to shake off your words.
“None of that silly.” He uses your words against you, putting a smile on your face. “There’s my little love.”
He gives you a moment of silence. The fans outside slowly left the scene having heard on Twitter that they caused you a panic attack.
“You don’t have to come to the show tonight if you’re not up to it. Want you to take care of yourself.”
“No, I’ll be there. I’ll just stand very far away, maybe an empty nosebleed seat. Not gonna miss your show, I picked tonight’s outfit out.” Harry laughed at you and your small pout.
His lips touched the side of your head as his hand held yours. You’d never been more grateful to have Harry in your life.
Tumblr media
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Yourinstagram: my man is so hot and caring and I’m just not willing to share whatsoever.
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Harryfan32: not even a crumb🥺
Yourinstagram: no❤️
Harrystyles: very sweet of you.
Yourinstagram: …thats all I get? Thought I looked pretty hot too.
Harrystyles: always look hot baby
Yourinstagram: he talks a lot in real life, never stops talking lol.
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tales of the heart
Tumblr media
Description - the engagement
A/N - this is part of a three part series where you’ll see the engagement, the wedding and then the honeymoon!! hope you all enjoy <33
warnings : self deprecation, swearing
Tumblr media
It was a blindingly hot and sunny afternoon, and to make it worse you were outside. You were roaming through the streets of your home town, shopping for an anniversary present for Harry.
It was going to be your 3rd year anniversary, next week, and you both were overly excited. Harry said he had big things planned and that you're going to fall in love with him even more, when the days over. You don't doubt him either.
Harry had told you that you weren't going to buy gifts for one another this year, and instead your love for one another will be more than enough, but if you knew anything about Harry it's that he will have bought you a present. You aren't going to be disappointed if you don't get anything, because you don't need anything from him, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't expect him to give you something. He was enough for you. He could honestly wrap himself in wrapping paper, gift himself to you, and you'd be the happiest woman on the planet.
You were getting really hot and bothered now, though. You'd been in to several stores and none of them had anything you wanted. You had gone in to all of Harrys beloved stores and yet nothing screamed out to you. You were reluctantly entering the mother of all Harrys favourite stores; Gucci.
You'd been avoiding Gucci purely because the price tags made you want to question what you were doing in life. I mean £500 for a t-shirt - you're having a laugh.
There was someone at the door to welcome you and then you freely wandered around the deserted, but beautifully air-conditioned, store. In fact you were the only customer in there. Not that you were surprised. The new season has just dropped and you'd be lying if you said some of the clothing wasn't beautiful. There were bags and shoes too that were stunning. If only you could treat yourself.
You made your way over to the jewellery section, walking past the pair of boots which you've wanted for the longest time but can't afford, and began looking for anything. You saw a few bracelets and necklaces that caught your eye, but nothing worth paying your life's earnings on. You'd been working overtime, the past month or so, to be able to pay for a gift for Harry, and even then you'd be chipping in to your savings to pay for this gift.
Harry always tried to get you to let him pay for things, but you didn't want to be seen as dependant on him. The paparazzi already write you as a gold-digger and you didn't want to give them the satisfaction of being right. You worked hard, just as he did, and you liked that feeling of satisfaction when you could treat your boyfriend to dinner or in this case a couple-hundred-pound gift.
As soon as your eyes caught upon the ring you knew that it was the one. It didn't look like much, but you knew to Harry it would mean everything - mainly because he never shuts up about how beautiful it is. The silver tiger ring was so delicate and intricate that you kind of wanted it for yourself. Harry has always thought the tiger to be his "spirit animal". The tiger symbolises, to him, that he can overcome any obstacle or fear by learning how to control and live with his emotions, that he once felt threatened by. The tiger is a part of his strength, hence why he got it tattooed on his thigh. So you thought a ring would fit perfectly with that symbolism.
"Hi flower! Can I assist you at all today?" A kind, middle-aged, woman asked you from over the counter.
"Yeah actually. I was wondering how much this ring will be?" You pointed to the ring you wanted. The lady opened the drawer on her side pulling out the tray, and picking up the chosen ring in her silk-glove covered hands.
"This one is going to be £350." She said politely, and you had to refrain yourself from laughing at how expensive it was. You could easily go to Claire's, down the road, and buy a sparkly, plastic ring for £1.99. Harry wouldn't notice the difference, right?
"Ok-wow-uh." You said, taken aback. It wasn't as expensive as you came in thinking the gift would be, but it was still a lot.
"You want to take it flower, or maybe another time?" She asked.
"No let's do it." You smiled at her and nodded your head to refrain yourself from having a mental breakdown for paying so much for a goddamn ring. It's for Harry, you remind yourself - and Harry is worth every penny.
"Amazing." The woman said enthusiastically.
You headed over to the till and you selected the right size ring. The sweet lady cleaned and polished it a bit, before expertly gift wrapping it. At least you were getting quality wrapping considering you were handing over £350 to this company.
You sadly inserted your card in to the reader and entered your pin number. You'd go home tonight to see your bank empty and you'd probably cry, but Harry was worth it.
"Congratulations on your purchase, dear." The lady praised you, which you found slightly odd.
"Thank you for your help." You replied before taking the Gucci, gift-wrapped, bag and exiting the store back in to the dreaded heat. It was brutal, especially since Brits are not used to the sun at all.
You now wandered off down the road, finding some other little bits and pieces that you wanted to add to Harrys gift. You'd outdone yourself this year. The past two years you'd gotten him the standard chocolates, flowers and sex, but seeing as you'd gotten your dream job you wanted to pull out all the stops this year.
"Y/N?" You heard a high-pitched voice call out from behind you. You turned around to be met with your least favourite person; Becca, Harrys ex girlfriend.
Becca was Harrys girlfriend before you, but he ended things with her because he found her overly clingy and toxic. She was always really bitchy towards you, singling you out always because you "stole Harry" from her, yet he was the one who chose to leave her. You often found yourself comparing Becca to you. Becca was really hot and looked like the kind of girl Harry would be with, you less so much. You were never rude to her or gave her a reason to hate you, because you strived off being the bigger person.
"Oh hi Becca." You said as cheerily as possible.
"Didn't realise you could afford Gucci?" She mockingly asked, making your heart flicker with sadness that she thought that low of you.
"Not normally." You softly smiled. "But this is a gift for Harry." You added, clearing up any confusion she may have.
"Ooh what did you buy him? What's the occasion?" She asked being nosey.
"I bought him that tiger ring that he's always going on about, for our anniversary next week." You said smiling, because you're proud of yourself for being able to do something so lovely for him.
"Hm interesting." She said. "Well i'm running late and stuff so toodles." She waved her fake acrylics in front of your face before wandering off. You widened your eyes at what an unpleasant experience that had been, but shook it off and moved on to the next store.
A week later and you were really nervous for the big anniversary and to give Harry his present. It was his first big present off of you, and it would mean a lot if he liked it. It's not like he won't like it, since he never shuts up about how much he loves the damn thing, but you couldn’t help but think what if he might not actually want it anymore?
"Love, are you coming?" Harry called out to you from downstairs.
You were heading over to one of Harrys mates house. Harry hadn't been seeing many of his friends recently, since you and him had travelled to see Anne for a few weeks. Unfortunately, for you, Becca would be there tonight since she was part of that group. Fortunately, for Becca, it hadn't been a messy breakup with Harry and so they were okay with remaining good friends.
You didn't know these friends of Harrys very well and so it was going to be a lonely night for you. Harry had asked you to tag along, because he doesn't like the idea of leaving you alone in the house at night. Of course you agreed, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable over you.
"Yeah." You shouted back down, whilst grabbing your purse off your bedside table.
You jogged down the stairs and were met with Harry by the front door. "Hello gorgeous." He smiled at you widely, making you feel all warm inside.
"Hey handsome." You took his open hand and he pulled you in for a kiss. Even though you've just applied some lip balm and Harry was practically removing it all you didn't mind, because you were too in love with him to push him away.
"I love this top." He stated, raising your arm up, with his, to twirl you around - as if you were ballroom dancing - and admiring you from head to toe.
It wasn't a very exciting top. It was a basic halter neck top, but you assumed Harry liked it because the back was completely exposed. You paired it with some black jeans and a pair of old and worn black boots.
"You only like it because my whole back is on display." You teased as he brought you closer to him again. His large hands glided up and down the soft skin of your back, resting on the dimples in your back every once in a while.
"Obviously." He cheekily replied, rolling his eyes for exaggeration.
"You're annoying."
"But you love me, sooo..." He weighed up your pathetic argument.
"Yeah. I do." You simply said. Harry’s face lit up massively at the words, making him lean down to catch your lips upon his again. His lips were the one thing in life you were sure you'd never get enough of. They were just so soft and pure.
"I love you, too." He let you know, just for sure.
"I know." You kissed his cheek and you both make your way out the door.
You had eaten some crappy takeaway pizza and were all just sitting around have a chat. Apart from Harry, and Becca, you knew nobody. This group of friends weren't people you usually hung out with, they were more Harry’s pals. You recognised a few, but not to the extent where you'd be confident enough to go over and start a conversation with them.
You were sat on the other side of the room to Harry, as he was talking to three lads you didn't know - and you didn't want to intrude on their conversation. You just sat quietly observing the room and trying to work out who people were by listening in on conversations.
You felt slightly self conscious, due to there being a group of four perfectly stunning girls; who looked a lot like Becca. They were all in a huddle snickering at things they said to each other, but you couldn't help but feel like they were sometimes snickering about you.
The couch you were sitting on suddenly dipped and you turned around to see who your new sofa roommate was. Turns out you didn’t have a clue who they were.
"Hi i’m Darrel." He held his hand out for you.
"Y/N. Nice to meet you Darrel." You said, trying not let your shyness overtake you.
You looked over to Harry for a moment and he was already looking at you, with a concerned expression and mouthing to you 'are you okay?' - to which you nodded your head, not wanting to feel like a big baby. Sure, you weren't keen on talking to this Darrel but you didn't want to make a big fuss about it; especially in front of all Harry’s friends.
"Order. Order." You looked to see Becca tapping her wine glass with a spoon to create a scene and gain everyone's attention.
"Are you gonna do another strip tease for us Bex?" A guy, clearly drunk out of his mind, asked. It made the rest of the group laugh, but you couldn't help but get hung up over what she'd just said. Another. You couldn’t help but wonder whether Harry has been the victim of one of her strip teases? If he had, did he enjoy it?
"Not today boys." She smirked. "Today is about Y/N and Harry." At the mention of your name your heart stopped. Becca definitely had something up her sleeve, and you probably weren't going to like it.
You curled yourself further in to the arm of the couch, wanting to disappear, as you hated being the centre of attention.
There were a lot of chants and hoorays at Becca’s words, before she continued, "Tomorrow is the lovely couples 3rd year anniversary and let me tell you I didn't see it coming." She started, making you gulp and look down to fiddle with your fingers. Becca has just insinuated that you and Harry didn't look like you would've lasted, and that hurt.
"I honestly thought our Harold and I would still be together." You winced at her words, not really appreciating her speech right now. "But he found sweet Y/N, over here," you could tell she was being sarcastic, "and now they're living their happily ever after. We love you."
Everyone cheers' to her last sentence.
"So, Harry. Y/N. We got you a little gift, each, to say happy anniversary." She finished, pulling out two bags from behind her. One gets handed to Harry and one gets handed to you.
You looked at Harry and saw that he was urging you to go first. You gave him a small smile, but one that didn’t reach your eyes because you were still not feeling the happiest. Harry squinted as if to acknowledge he knew something was wrong with you, but wasn’t going to press about it in front of all his friends.
You tore back the wrapping paper after pulling the contents out of the bag. You pulled some more and were met with an array of panties and not just cotton ones, lace ones too. You blushed out of embarrassment. You're sure Becca will have done this on purpose - to try and get a reaction out of you.
"Oh wow." You tried and said as convincingly happy as possible, but most likely failed.
"What is it Y/N/N?" Harry asked, looking at you like everyone else was.
"Underwear." You said, putting your head down as you're too embarrassed to look at everyone's faces.
"Not just any underwear; lace panties. The type that I know gets Harry all riled up." Becca winked, smirking over at Harry.
Your heart dropped at her statement. Why did she have to be so open about her past relationship with him? You knew that you'd never wear those panties and that's obviously why Becca has bought them. It didn't make you feel good knowing Harry liked this kind of clothing, but you were too self conscious to wear it. He deserved someone like Becca if this was the kind of thing he was truly in to, not you.
"Ooh give us a peek." The guys next to you swarmed around you, making you feel beyond uncomfortable.
"Oi lads. That's my girlfriend, yeah? Just leave her alone will you?" Harry came to your rescue, obviously knowing how uncomfortable you'd be feeling. You honestly just want him to come over and hug you, but you know that he won't do that in front of all his friends. He has a reputation with them.
"Whatever. Harry your turn!" Becca says giddy, clapping her hands in excitement. She goes to sit on the arm of the chair Harry’s sat on, too close for your liking.
Harry ruffled through the bag. You spent a moment looking at the panties, not finding them a good gift at all. In another world maybe you'd be confident enough to wear them, but you just weren't - especially when you're dating someone whose ex-girlfriend is a model.
"No fucking way." His eyes light up the size of Jupiter, and it warmed your heart to see it. "You didn't..."
"Oh but I did." Becca smugly looked back at him, biting her lip in the process.
You looked at your happy Harry, knowing that the present must be pretty good to get such a reaction out of him. He sat there in shock for a minute before everyone started asking what it was.
"I can’t believe it." He said again, running his hand through his hair. Harry slowly pulled out the little box that the present was stored in. You see the brand on the box and understand why he must be so ecstatic, it's from his favourite store for God sake.
"Well show us the darn thing Harold!" A lad shouted out, eager to see what he was making such a fuss over. Harry nodded and took out the seemingly small item from the box. He cradled it in his hand, looking at it with such admiration, but you felt physically sick at the sight of the gift.
It was the goddamn Gucci tiger ring.
You didn't think you could hate someone more than you hated Becca, in that moment. You'd told her in confidence what you were getting Harry, last week, and she just had to go out of her way to buy it too and then gift it to him first - making you look like the culprit.
Everyone crowded around Harrys palm, oohing and aawing at the ring. It was Harrys dream to have that ring, and you were snubbed of delivering it to him by his ex-girlfriend. You only had less than 8 hours until you'd give it to him anyway, which made it even worse.
"Honestly what a fucking gift." He said, smile wide on his face. He looked up to Becca and thanked her and she returned the favour by kissing him, for at least two seconds, on the cheek.
You sniffled as your eyes had glossed over. You stood up and left the box on the sofa.
"Where you going?" Darrel asked curiously, noticing how you weren't happy for Harry like you should've been.
"I - uh - I don't know." You responded, wanting to get out of here before you broke down completely.
"Aren't you going to tell Harry?" He asked, walking with you to the front door.
"Bye Darrel." You kindly smiled, the best you could, and walk out in to the crisp air night.
Harry put the ring back in to the ring box after a few minutes of showing it off. He liked to get all his rings polished by a ring cleaner before he wears them.
The ring meant so much to him and he was over the moon that someone had bought it for him. He'd been talking about it for ages, and was all ready to buy if it for himself but then he got busy and never got around to it. He couldn't actually believe that Becca even knew that he wanted it. I mean, he'd never told her before, and yet she still knew.
It suddenly hit him that you hadn’t come over and seen the ring yet, probably because you weren’t one for large crowds and the lads do crowd sometimes. Harry was excited to show it to you, seeing as he never shut up to you about it. He knew you’d be excited for him too. Harry excused himself, ring box in hand, and stood up to go and see his girl. However you weren’t sat there anymore. The box of lingerie, which he thought was a slightly disturbing gift, was still open on the sofa, but you weren’t sat with it.
It made him panic as to where you were.
Darrel wasn’t there either and that made him more anxious. Darrel isn't exactly the hands-to-himself kind of guy, and Harry was wary of him sat next to you the entire time he was there. "I swear to fucking God if he's laid so much as one finger on her—" Harry started to mumble under his breath before hearing someone calling him.
"Harry!" Darrel walls in to the room, noticing Harry was confused as fuck. Darrel wasn't with Y/N either. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?
"Where's Y/N, Darrel?" Harry quickly asked him, panic rising rapidly through his veins - pumping the adrenaline throughout his system.
"Mate she just left." Darrel said looking confused as to why she would leave without Harry. "I tried asking her where she was going but she kept avoiding the question." He added.
Fuck. This wasn't good.
You would never leave without Harry alone, especially at this time of night. Unless you were upset or angry at him, but he couldn't think what he could've done.
"Ok cheers mate." Harry patted Darrels shoulder as he jogged past him and to the door.
Before anyone could stop Harry, he was out of the door and running off straight down the street. He'd left the ring box at his friends house, knowing he could pick it up tomorrow. His main priority right now, as it was always, was you.
If you'd only just left that meant he still had a slim chance of finding you wandering the streets. He couldn't begin to understand how you must be feeling. If you'd left, so abruptly, you definitely weren't okay, and he needed to find you before you did something stupid or someone did something unforgivable to you. He hated where his mind took him and only made him vacate the house that much quicker.
You regretted not bringing a jacket, that's for sure. You also definitely regretted going to that friends house this evening.
You wrapped your arms tighter around yourself, trying to warm you up slightly. Although the top gave easy access to Harry, and only Harry, it felt terrible knowing he wasn't here in this moment to hold you and rub his hands, soothingly, over your back. The night was cold and it made you feel even more alone.
The pavement was dreadfully blurry, and you could blame that on your streaming tears. You bumped mindlessly in to a few people that were walking along the busy street, muttering an apology to every one.
You probably looked like a mad-woman which was why everyone was staying clear of you.
The quieter lanes made you wish you had Harry here to protect and keep you safe. It was a stupid and reckless decision to walk yourself home at this time of night, but you couldn't spend another minute in that house. It was too much. Seeing Becca flirt with Harry like that, making you stupidly self conscious, was one thing but then seeing her gift Harry the ring you'd also gotten him was something else - and it was all too much.
You cried louder on the quiet streets, knowing there wasn't anyone around to hear or judge you.
"Y/N!" You heard once. You thought you were hearing things, but when you turned around in the direction it came from and see Harry sprinting towards you, at Bolt speed, you started to cry more. You didn't want to believe it was him at first, so to not get your hopes up when it was some random dude, but as he got closer his figure became more and more apparent.
It was your Harry.
"Y/N, baby! Stay there!" He shouted as his pants got louder and louder, as he got closer and closer. "Stay there!" He repeated a couple of times before he was within ten meters of you. You could tell he was relieved to have found you, but you could tell he was experiencing pain too. Pain you probably caused.
You couldn't help but stand still, letting him crash in to you. His arms protectively wrapped around your waist, as yours went around his neck, and he lifted you up and around his waist. He was hugging you so tightly you were afraid you weren't breathing, but it was more than relieving to have him so close to you again. You'd been needing this hug all evening.
You continued to cry in to his warm and sweet scented neck. His neck was a part of him that was like a second home to you and so you often found the most comfort there.
"You're okay baby. You're okay." Harry whispered in to you ear, as he pressed his head alongside yours. "I'm right here. It's alright." He kissed the side of your head multiple times to make up for the fact he couldn't reach your lips.
You only have to replay tonight's events for you to choke up again.
"Hey. Baby? Y/N, hey?" He tried to catch your attention over your deafening cries. You nodded your head slightly to let him know you were listening to him. "You need to calm down, baby, otherwise you'll make yourself sick. Okay?"
You nodded again, trying to match your breathing with his. You listened for the pulse in his neck, and felt the rising of his chest, to get in the same rhythm of his breathing. Harry’s breathing always calmed you down. Even if he was the cause of your irregular breathing, he would still manage to calm you. He was your equivalent of breathing into a paper bag to coax you out a panicked state.
"That's good baby. You're doing so well." Harry praised you as you manage to calm yourself down, pressing constant kisses to the side of your head as you swayed in his arms.
It took you a couple more minutes before you had composed yourself enough to talk to him.
"You want to talk here, or at home?" He asked, helping you clamber off his body. You landed on the floor and looked down at your battered shoes, not being strong enough to look at Harry right now.
"I can't talk at home." You quietly replied.
"What do you mean, baby?" He asked cupping your cheek, bringing your face to look up at his. It was the first time looking at his face, up close, since before you left the house this evening and it broke you to see his worried face. He had fear and panic washed all over his face - emotions you'd caused.
"I- I c-can't go with you Harry." Not only did he look taken aback by the sentence as a whole, but also by how you'd called him Harry to his face. You never call him Harry, and it worries him that you’d just done that.
"What? Why?" He asked quickly, stepping closer to you, firming his grip on your cheek as if you'd just slip away at any moment.
"I'm not right for you, Harry. I shouldn't be your girlfriend. I-I don't deserve you H." You sobbed at the end, not thinking you'd ever be saying those words but yet here you are.
"Hey, Y/N/N? Where the hell is this coming from, huh?" Harry asked quizzically, his own heartbeat rising in anxiety from your words.
"I'm just not the one H, for you." Harry have you a look as if you'd gone completely insane. "I see the way you look at Becca a-and I could never b-be her. I'm just Y/N. Not a model. Not famous or popular. Not rich. Just me. And i'm afraid you'll wake up one day realising that i'm not enough, but I don't want to be there when you wake up. It'll b-break me Ha-rry—" You started choking up again, it physically paining you to speak these words. But it was true.
Harry looked at you in disbelief. You knew that he was thinking over your words. Maybe even thinking how you might be true.
"Just let me go and—"
You were instantly cut off by Harrys crushing lips on yours. You could feel the raw passion burning off of both your lips. He grabbed ahold of both your cheeks and pulled you deathly close to him. Your simple kiss soon turned into more and you were both trying to fight internal demons. You; trying to push away the fact you needed to leave him. Him; trying to push away the thoughts of a life without you.
You could taste the salty tears on your lips as you continued to mould your lips on his. You never wanted to move away from them, but there came a point where you mutually had to pull away from each other before you both passed out - from lack of oxygen.
"Never say that to me again." Harry said, eyes still closed as his forehead rested upon yours, tears still trickling down his face. You used your hand that wasn't cupping the back of his neck to wipe away some of those tears, it hurting so much to see him like this. Harry rarely cried, but when he did it hurt you badly.
"No. I'm going to speak now and you're going to listen to every word, until the message has sunk in solidly." Harry let you know and all you could do was comply.
He pulled away from you, after pressing one last and loving kiss to your swollen and possibly bruised lips. He reached in his back pocket and pulled the object round front, getting down on his knee as he did so. He opened the small, black, velvet box to reveal the most beautiful ring you'd ever seen. You stood in shock and cupped your hands over your mouth as you started to cry again.
"You've kind of made me change my plans for how I wanted to do this. I was planning on taking you to our favourite lake spot tomorrow, after a nice dinner out, but i'm scared if I don't do this now there will be no us for me to do this to tomorrow." You silently cried at his words, upset at yourself having ruined his big moment but also so in love with him for doing this.
"You say you're not right for me. That you don't deserve me. Baby, that's how I feel everyday of our lives. I never thought I would meet someone so utterly perfect, someone that I could fall in love with more each passing day, someone who puts everyone else before themselves even if it means hurting themselves, someone whose actions speak louder than words, someone who makes me fucking happy for once in my lonely life, but yet here you are standing in front of me - looking like the angel you are."
"Baby, I really don't want to involve this in my proposal, but I feel I need to make you understand something. Becca means nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't want you to be a model, baby. I don't want you to be famous or popular. I don't need you to be rich. I just want you to be you. Only you. I fell in love with you, baby, not some rich phoney like Becca. You prove to me that you're enough just by breathing, Y/N/N, and I can't...I won't lose you."
"Y/N L/N. It’s always going to be you, baby. I'll be here by your side, every fucking day till we're old and grey and in our graves. I love you, so much it hurts baby and I really don’t want to lose you. Ever."
By this point you were both crying messes.
"So Y/N/N? Will you make me the happiest man in this universe and marry me?" He finished with a little sniffle, noticing how his hands were delicately shaking.
You couldn't get out any words to start with, you were so in shock, so rapidly nodded your head instead. Once realisation hit you of what he'd just asked you, you couldn't help but repeat one word over and over again.
Harry stood up fast and pulled you back to his lips. It has been less than 5 minutes away from his lips and you suggest craved them so badly. Your lips moved in perfect sync with his, slight moans coming from you when he bit your bottom lip, like you liked it, or when you pulled on the back of Harrys hair, like he liked it. You pulled away and looked him carefully in the eyes.
"I'm so—"
Harry placed a finger over your lips to prevent you from talking.
"I don't want, or need, to hear it. Okay?" He rhetorically asked. "May I?" He pointed to your ring finger and pulled up your hand so he could place the ring on. The ring fit perfectly and looked stunning on. It couldn't be more of a dream ring.
"Thank you, for not giving up on me yet H." You said, as you rested your forehead against his.
"Never." He reminded you. "Thank you for saying yes."
"Always." You smiled before kissing him again.
You were tucked away in bed now, enclosed tightly into Harrys warm embrace. You were practically laying on top of him, but Harry didn't mind because it meant you were close to him. You listened to his heart beat with the rising of his chest and it made you so sleepy. He had both his arms securely around your back, one for support and one underneath your shirt tracing patterns on your bare skin. You felt so at peace lying in his arms. It was pure bliss.
"Baby?" Harry asked from where you were resting your head on his bare chest.
"Hmm." You acknowledge him, your cheek still pressed against him.
"Happy anniversary." He whispered into your ear, just for you, as the clock struck midnight.
You smiled for a moment but then remembered how your gift to him has been ruined. The gift that has cost you a pay cheques worth. A single tear rolled down your cheek and landed on Harrys abs. You tried to blink it away but it had sheas fallen before you could catch it.
"Y/N/N, what's wrong baby?" He asked, whilst you lifted your head to rest your chin on his upper chest. You smiled at him, but he couldn't smile back knowing you were upset.
"It doesn't matter H." You continued to softly smile at him.
He cupped under your chin and cheek, his large hands allowing it, swiping his thumb over your cheek slowly.
"Please tell me." Harry asked quietly. "Are you having second thoughts?" He pointed to your ring finger hesitantly.
"Never, H. Never ever." You assured him, earning a cheeky smile from him. "Hold on a minute." You told him, starting to shuffle around to sit up.
Before you could climb out of bed, Harry took ahold of your wrist. "Baby if you're about to go and cry in the bathroom, alone, I won't let you." He told you sternly, knowing you've done it many a time before.
"I promise i'm not." You kissed his cheek and he reluctantly let go of your hand.
You walked over to the walk in closet and took out the small hamper box you'd packaged together, as his anniversary gift. You struggled to carry it out, whilst turning off the closets light, but you managed.
"Woah what's all this!?" Harry exclaimed, sitting further up on the bed from his laid down position.
"Happy anniversary H." You smiled widely as you place the basket on his lap.
"Baby wha—"
"I know we said no presents but I didn't listen, because I knew you wouldn't either. I thought I might've even outdone you this year, but that is far from the truth now." You say whilst twizzling and admiring the engagement ring on your finger. Harry just laughed at you before digging in to the hamper for presents.
He opened the standard chocolates and soppy card first, to which he cried over for at least 5 minutes - telling you how much he "hated" you for making his "manly self" cry. You'd gotten him some guitar pics with his initials embellished in them, because he was in need of more. You'd got him a vinyl of his favourite artist at the moment - one that you'd bought in a vintage store he loves. You also had made him some free vouchers to use around the house and with you.
The vouchers included things like; one free ice cream date, or one free massage, or one free make-out session - along with a few other inappropriate ones. It was something you thought would be a cute idea, but something you knew wouldn't be sold in stores.
Finally it had come to the present you'd spent the most on, yet the present he'd already received. He picked it up out of the box, still laughing from reading some of the vouchers.
"Y/N/N... this is Gucci..." He stated in disbelief, like you couldn't read the box yourself.
He started to unbox it but you didn't want to see his disappointed face when he opened it, so you buried your face in your hands and tried to stop the threatening tears. You didn't even realise you had this many tears in you.
"I knew it." You looked up at Harry, through glossy eyes, severely confused but also worried.
"I know. I'm the worst—"
"You told Becca what you got me, didn't you?" Harry asked making you look at him in shock. He'd hit the nail on the head with his assumption, and he could tell by your expression that he was right. "That evil bitch." Harry scoffed to himself.
"We can take it back H, or we could sell—"
"No." Harry looked at you with so much love in his twinkling orbs. "I knew Becca would have had to have had someone tell her I wanted it, seeing as I never told her. I guessed it would be you, but wondered why you'd not got it for me yourself - not trying to sound spoilt or big headed or anything. Makes sense now though."
Harry moved you, from where you were sat on the edge of the bed, so you were straddling his lap comfortably. He cupped your cheek, to which you leant in to.
"I'm sorry she did that, Y/N/N, I truly am. But I want yours. This ring, that you bought, means more to me than anything. That doesn't mean to say i'm not pissed at you for spending so much money on me, because you know I hate it when you do. However, I appreciate it so much and I love you so so much, baby. Thank you, angel." He said.
"It's okay. It wasn't your fault. I guess I was just anxious that you'd think less of me for getting the same gift—"
Harry interrupted you. "The same gift which you bought first baby. Also I could never ever think less of you. It's impossible to. You're the best gift you ever gave me and always will be."
"I love you."
"I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, future Mrs Styles." Harry winked at you before you both tangled yourself within the fresh cotton sheets. "I want to cash in some of those vouchers now, please." He cheekily said whilst hovering over you.
"Which ones will it be?" You asked innocently.
"I can think of a few."
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honeypotstyles · 3 days ago
the fluff never ends! as always, any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated, along with a reblog to share it. it’ll help me improve as a writer and i would love to hear your thoughts <3
word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
“What’s mine is her’s. If she needs any accommodations, then make it happen.” You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s sharp tone at his assistant.
“”M not taking no for an answer.” 
You held back your tongue once more, wanting to scold him for being rude to the one man that was at his beck and call 24/7. Harry only glanced at you briefly before ending the call and turning his attention back to you. 
“That wasn’t necessary.”
“It was.” 
“You act like if my favorite snacks aren’t served on a silver platter I’ll throw a bitch fit.”
“You’re allowed to. You’re with me, anything you want is possible.” 
You sighed in defeat, not trying to start an argument. He was coming from a good place of good intentions and his usual protectiveness, but you were only going to support him. You didn’t need any special treatment, but you also couldn’t fault him for just wanting to take care of you.
“Everything is gonna be fine, babe. I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.”
He pulled on your arm to bring you closer on the bed, throwing his arm around your body so you can rest comfortably against him. “I know. Just want to take care of you and make sure today is perfect.”
“I love you for that. If I really needed something, there’s plenty of people who are willing to help. You’ve got a great team who will take care of me just as well as they do with you.”
He nodded his head understandingly. “I’m so happy you’re here, sweet girl.”
In your couple months of dating, you had yet to attend one of his shows. You were busy working on your career to join him on his current tour like he wanted, but he respected your decision. Even if it made you upset you had to miss the first show and many more, It made finally flying out to see him more special. Harry made sure any all star special treatment he was given was catered to you as well. He’s always done that. That’s just how kind your boyfriend was. 
You and Harry had met way before there was a tour. Before there was a tour, there was an album. Before that there was working and recording and writing, but no performances. Now, there were so many for you to choose to attend and you couldn’t wait. 
You were also excited to see a different side of your boyfriend. Sure, you fell in love with his passion and ambition for his craft. But seeing all of it pay off every night to sold out venues was unmatched. 
So far everything was going smoothly. You flew in late the night before, caught up like you two did best, slept soundly in each other’s arms, and woke up well rested for another show day. Despite him waking you up with gruff demands towards his assistant, he had been in pretty good spirits.
However, if he let himself think about it enough, Harry would admit that was beyond nervous to perform for you. He could easily perform to thousands in his sleep and like clockwork, but your opinion was the only one that mattered. Every love song was for you and about you. The thought of having you watching was already make his hands shake. He just wanted to make you proud.
You had a feeling he was a little on edge as you rode to the venue. You didn’t bother striking up too much conversation, but instead held his hand on your lap. His eyes stayed glued to the world outside the windows and his mind drifted off to whatever was gonna make him calm down. 
Harry visibly relaxed once he was around his band and team. He introduced you to everyone you didn’t already know, making sure they treated you right as if they wouldn’t. You immediately felt at home and welcomed. When you saw his manager and assistant they joked about Harry’s behavior, teasing him for pulling out all of the drama queen dramatics just for you. He eventually apologized to his assistant for being rude, but everyone knew he meant well.
Closer to show time is when the nerves came back. You decided to pull him to the side to have a few quiet minutes together. The nervousness was clear on his face.
“Hey, what is it?” You questioned softly, bringing up one of his hands to kiss the back of it.
He exhaled, seeming to calm down in front of you. “Pre-show jitters, somethin’ like that.”
“You’ve performed this show so many times already, babe. What makes tonight different?”
“Because of you, silly,” he chuckled, shifting his feet around. “I wanna put on a good show for you.”
You tilted your head shyly at him. “Don’t need to do all of that for me, you know. There’s no way you’re gonna be anything less of incredible up there.”
“Now you’re just makin’ me blush.”
“I mean every word,” you smiled with him. “Don’t stress yourself out, alright? I’ll love you and the show no matter what.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
He pulled you in for a few sweet kisses before someone reminded him it was time to go. You unwrapped yourself from his body, but he didn’t let go of your hand until the tips of your fingers reached out towards each other dramatically. You laughed at him and how he almost bumped into someone while doing so, eventually parting ways.
Putting on one hell of show was definitely something Harry did well. He was everything you had seen in pictures or on videos, but ten times better. It was as if your little pep talk with him boosted his mood, making him more playful and cheeky with the crowd, more energetic as he danced around to his own music.
You couldn’t help but feel immensely proud of what he’s achieved and what he’s continuing to do. He makes sure each person in the crowd has such a special experience, making it a safe space for anyone and everyone to be themselves even if just for a few hours. It was truly incredible the impact he had on people. You were just one of them. Thinking about it had you sniffling half way through the show.
His energy was magnetic and addicting. You couldn’t help but stay on that high with him even after he left the stage and joined everyone backstage. He didn’t hesitate to find and pull you in his arms, attacking your face with kisses to make you laugh.
“How was I? Did you like it? What was your favorite part?”
You giggled once again at his hard hitting questions. “Need me to fuel your ego, huh, superstar? Even after all of that?”
“Of course, always do,” he answered with a smirk. “I care about what you think.”
“You were perfect, sweets.” You rose up on your toes to kiss him. “Truly knocked me off my feet. Had to sit down halfway because you were getting me all dizzy and hot and bothered with your little bum shaking.”
“Alright, now you’re teasin’ me,” he grumbled, pulling you in by the waist so he could playfully nip at your neck. “Seriously, though. Was it a good show?”
You nodded at him fondly. “You amaze me.”
Harry didn’t bother giving you an answer besides bringing your face closer to kiss you again with all of the energy he had left in his body. He held your face with both of his hands, squeezing your cheeks to make sure you felt the love he had for you. 
He thumbed at your cheekbone playfully when he saw how breathless you were after like his work was done. 
He smiled at you cheekily. “Wanna go bully someone into buying us pizza?”
feedback is appreciated!
taglist: @evanjh​ <3
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Marry me
Summary: Y/n and Conner finally get a divorce. Marriagecounselor!Harry
Warnings: abuse, swearing, toxic relationships, cheating. 
It has been a month since Y/n confronted Conner about a divorce. They stopped going to see Harry for marriage counselling and Y/n picked up divorce papers to have him sign, she filed for a divorce and signed the papers, she's just waiting for a good time to spring it on Conner. Her and Harry have been seeing each other everyday, whether it's him showing up to “brushes” or her showing up to his office. 
Y/n was spending more and more time with Harry and less and less time with Conner. It was good for her. She finally found someone who was head over heels for her, drooling every time she walked in the room, proud to introduce her to his friends, telling her she’s pretty just because. She’s never been happier. She’s finally found her person. 
Harry had Y/n meet his closest friends and meeting them was a little awkward. 
“I’m not gonna have a good time if you aren’t there.” Harry says, pulling Y/n out of the car and into the bar. “But H, I wanted to take a nap.” She pouts, trying to run away from him. “Nope! You are gonna have fun with me! Don’t run away, lovie.” Harry nuzzles into her neck and opens the door for them. Harry spots Mitch and practically squeals. “C’mon, baby! I want you to meet Mitch!” 
Y/n lets him drag her along and they meet Mitch in the middle. “Hi Mitch!” Harry pulls his friends into a big hug, wrapping his arms around him. “How are you? Are you doing well? I've missed you!” Harry smiles, finally pulling away. The first thing Y/n notes about Mitch is that he is the complete opposite of Harry. He was dressed in a brown patterned sweater with black jeans, Not something Harry would wear, and if he had to he would dress it up with rainbow patches and colorful rings, butterfly clips. He had a grumpy look on his face and rolled his eyes once Harry started with his questions. 
“Don't go all counselor on me, H. I’m doing fine.” Harry giggles and cups his cheeks, pressing a kiss to his cheek to annoy him. “I can't help it!” 
“I wanted you to meet my girlfriend.” Harry says, waving Y/n over. Y/n shyly walks over, standing next to Harry. “It's nice to meet you.” she says, making Mitch smile for one. “Mitch, this is Y/n. Y/n, this is Mitch.” Harry smiles, interrupting Mitch before he can say anything. “You already love each other! Ah, great!” Harry smiles, leading Y/n and Mitch to some chairs. 
“So what do you do?” 
“I own the art shop, brushes, just a few places down.” 
“Oh! I've been there when Harry ran out of craft supplies. It's so nice there.” Y/n laughs, glancing at her pouty boyfriend. “Thank you. What do you do?”
“I'm in a band with my girlfriend but I work at a pizza shop on the side.” Harry frowns looking around. “Where is Sarah?” Mitch points back, “Bathroom” Just then a dark haired woman walks up to the table, making Harry smile, jumping up. “Ah! Sarah, my best friend! I miss you!” Harry cheers and pulls her in a hug. “Hello to you too, H.” 
“Who is this?” Sarah smiles, sitting down next to Mitch and taking a drink of his beer. Harry flashes his teeth at Y/n before reaching for her hand. “This is my girlfriend, Y/n. Y/n this is Sarah!” 
“It's nice to meet you!” 
“It's nice to meet you*! How did you and H meet?” 
Harry and Y/n make eye contact, Harry trying to see if it's okay to tell them where they actually met. “Her art store.” “counseling.” They both look at each other once their answers come out, Harry deciding to clear it up. “We met at counseling, I just didn't know if you were okay with me saying that.” he glances at Y/n before looking back at his friends. 
“Oh, well all you had to do was say that, H.” 
“Are you married?” Sarah asks, leaning back in her chair. “Sarah!” Harry says, trying to reprimand his friend. Y/n laughs, squeezing Harry's hand. “I am, but we aren't together. I'm complicated.” Harry's friends nod, knowing better than asking any questions. 
But they all loved each other and Y/n definitely got to know hary much more through his friends. She learned that he is absolutely obsessed with crafts, anything he can paint and add glitter too he's obsessed with, he's extremely affectionate, he's always making everyone laugh, and his friends absolutely adore him. 
Today Y/n was at Harry's, it was a Saturday and they had no other plans so they decided to spend the day together. “Have you given the papers to Conner?” Harry asks, his arms around Y/n while she holds a popcorn bowl in her hand, she looks back at Harry mid chew, shaking her head. Harry sighs, trying not to show his true disappointment. “Just let me know if you need any advice or anything. I know it's gonna be hard.” 
Y/n nods, “Just give me some time.” Harry nods, resting his forehead on her shoulder, ‘I’m trying.” Y/n whips her head back to him. “What do you mean by'' I'm trying”? I’m the one who has to go through a divorce.” Harry nods, not trying to pick a fight at all, he wanted them to have a calm fun day together. 
“I know, but you are still a married woman, love.” Harry says in a gentle tone, not wanting to upset her. 
Y/n stands up, getting defensive. She’s used to this. “What do you mean by that? Are you suddenly trying to act innocent when you had sex with a married woman who is also your patient?” Harry's browns furrow, he doesn’t know why that was suddenly pulled into the argument. “Hey, c’mere. I wasn't trying to pick a fight. I'm just saying that this is hard for me just because we have to sneak around. Sometimes I feel like we aren't even together. And that is upsetting for me because I love and care about you.” 
Y/n shrugs, throwing her hands out, “Well, i'm so sorry that you feel like you don't have a girlfriend. I don't think that's the most important thing right now.” That hurt Harry a little bit. He of course knows that the most important thing right now is getting Y/n out of her abusive relationship but she is basically saying that his feelings aren’t important. “I'm trying to talk to you. This isn't how we should be communicating. Please just sit down so we can have a conversation and work this out.” Y/n shakes her head and pulls her shoes on. “This isn't fair, I’m trying my best.” 
“I’m not trying to make it seem like you aren’t, Honey. I know you are working hard and taking steps forward everyday. I’m sorry if my words were insensitive or made you feel invalidated.” 
And even with all of Harry's understanding works Y/n still walks to the door. 
Harry's head flops into his hands, “Please, don't leave. I never wanted to hurt your feelings. I was just trying to say that you being all mine would make me happy. I want you safe and away from him. Please don't do this.” 
Y/n watches him for a couple second before opening the door.  “I'll see you later H.” and with that she walks out the door. She isn't sure how to handle fights that don't end in hitting, she needed to get away from it before it got worse. 
Harry flood on the couch, upset with how their stupid argument went. He thought he was saying everything right. He grabs his phone and dials her number. “Please pick up.” He whispers, his leg shaking up and down. When she denies the call Harry feels like he could cry. Clicking the message and typing out a big paragraph. 
I’m sorry for our argument. I didn’t want to hurt you and I should have communicated my feelings to you in a better way instead of choosing words that make you feel like you haven’t done a thing. I am so proud of you and thank you for all of the things that you have done for our relationship. I hope to see you again soon. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need advice, guidance, or just someone to talk to. I’m always here for you. H x 
**one week later**
“Sign it, we meet with a judge tomorrow to get to officiated.'' She slaps the divorce papers down in front of Conner, her name already on them. He flips through them, “Is this really what you want? We have been together for so long, baby.” 
“Yeah, too long. Now sign them.” Y/n felt like she could cry when she saw Conner and his name down. She was finally free. “Thank you. This should have happened a long time ago.” Y/n takes the papers away from him and hides them so he can't do anything. 
“Well, there it is.” the judge says, signing off on the paper for their divorce to be official. “You are no longer married. Congratulations.” The judge says, cracking a small joke. Y/n smiles, feeling tears prick her eyes. “Fuck you!” she yells back at Conner, walking out of the large building. She gets in her car, letting the tears flow while she drives down the road. 
Y/n couldn’t describe the happiness she felt when the judge signed off on their divorce. She hasn’t felt married for a while but that was the icing on the cake. She physically felt a weight lifted off of her and all she wants to do is jump for joy. After four years of being put down for everything, abused in every way she is finally free and she couldn’t be more happy. She finally did something good for herself. 
*knock knock*
“Hello?” Harry yells from the other side of the door, opening it in only briefs and a shirt on. Y/n smiles, wiping her tears. “I’m sorry for everything that happened last week. I didn't want to hurt your feelings or make you feel like i thought your feeling weren't my top priority because they are and they always will be. I read your text message and you are so sweet, thank you for being able to communicate with me. I’m going to work on my communication so we won’t get into arguments any more.” Harry smiles, she's all of a sudden gotten good with expressing her emotions. “No, lovie it's fine. It shouldn't have been pressuring you to get the divorce.” 
“No it’s not, because my relationship is affecting you as well. Me still being with Conner is affecting our relationship and a divorce would affect our relationship. Don't put this on yourself.” 
Harry smiles, “where did all of this come from?”
Y/n smiles, wiping her tears. “I'm free, H. we are officially divorced.” Harry gasps, pulling her up and twirling her around. “Oh my god! I'm so proud of you” Y/n smiles, kissing him. Harry pulls away, a big smile on his face. “You know what this means, right?” Y/n furrows her brows. “What?’ 
“Now you can marry me!”
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loveontourlove · a day ago
Love on Tour ♡
Part 19: Tampa (part 2)
A/N: Finally!! I'm sorry this one took me so long to post, but I've had a rough couple of days and I didn't feel in the right mindset to finish the chapter. That said, I'm finally happy with it so here it is!!! I will try to get back to my regular posting schedule this weekend so we can catch up with the shows!! Enjoy your reading and leave your comments and feedback when you’re done. Much love -Vee
Story Masterlist // 3.6k words // Ask me anything
Tumblr media
Part 19: Tampa (part 2)
October 10, 2021
Tampa, Florida
I take a big breath in as I walk down the airplane stairs into a private landing track of the Tampa International Airport. I accommodate the handle of my purse on my shoulder, the warm Tampa air hitting me. I instantly regret wearing my black fleece crop half-zip. I check the time on my watch and decide this will have to do, cause I don’t have time to go to the hotel and get changed. It’s nine twenty, which means Harry’s already on stage and it will take us about fifteen minutes to get to Amalie Arena according to my Google Maps.
A black SUV is waiting for me and I slide into the backseat, quietly greeting the driver and letting myself sink into the leather seats. I sigh and shoot Jeff a quick text telling him I’m on my way. Private planes and private cars. My life really turned upside down with the appearance of a curly haired someone, I think to myself.
Exactly fifteen minutes later (Google Maps didn’t lie) the big Amalie arena appears in front of us and the car pulls up to the back entrance. The ride felt entirely too quick for my liking and I feel like I needed more time to prepare myself for tonight.
“We are here” my driver announces to me and I nod, thanking him before opening the door.
“Mr. Azoff said to take your suitcase back to the hotel” He says and I chuckle under my breath. Someone’s being pretty optimistic I won’t go back straight to the airport.
“Yes, thank you very much” I say and finally get out of the car, slamming the door shut and walking to the entrance.
I’m about to call Jeff so that he can come pick me up. I'm too nervous and I don’t feel like facing everyone alone, but I see him walk through the door, wearing his signature all black hoodie and shorts and blacks mask. I instantly feel my shoulders relax slightly with his friendly presence.
“Hey, I made it” I breathe out once we are close enough and Jeff instantly pulls me into his chest in a tight hug.
“Oh honey we’ve all missed you” He whispers in my ear and a single tear slides down my cheek. This time it’s a happy one at the fact I’m here again after all. I did the right thing coming back. I’ve also missed them very much. I know it hasn't been long but somehow everybody feels like family now.
“I’ve missed you too” I say and we let go of each other. Jeff fixes his mask that became slightly crooked.
“You’re worth breaking the safety protocols” He says and I giggle slightly at the fact that we did indeed forget about social distances.
“I could have flown commercial , you know” I tell him, still slightly embarrassed just at the thought of how much my last-minute trip down here is costing Harry.
“Honey, do you want Harry to fire me? I just did what he would have wanted me to” He shrugs as if flying private is the most normal thing to do on any Sunday evening “And anyways, there was no time to lose looking for a suitable flight”
I let it go, though I will make sure to remind Harry we can’t just book private airplanes any day. It’s not a very TPWK the planet thing to do. We walk through the door and start walking to Harry’s dressing room, where I will patiently wait for him to get off stage.
“Does he know I’m here?” I ask, the nervous feeling intensifies the closer we get to the dressing room. I can hear the faint sounds of Canyon Moon in the distance and I thank god that I still have some time to prepare myself for this talk.
“He has no idea” Jeff says with a smirk and my stomach churns. I didn’t even think about the possibility of getting a negative reaction out of Harry.
“Maybe you should have warned him,” I say. I have to force my feet to keep walking forward but I have no other option now, I’m already here.
“Nah, I want him to shit his pants” Jeff says and I chuckle.
We finally arrive at the small dressing room and I breathe in again.
“I’ll go back there, you wait here okay” Jeff tells me and I nod. He leaves me alone with my mess of thoughts so I sit myself on the couch and check the time again. 10.05 p.m. 30 minutes till Harry crosses that door.
“I’ll change and catch up with you” I hear Harry say to someone as he opens the door. I immediately stand up from my place on the couch and hold my breath in, not really sure what his reaction will be. Part of me thinks Harry could never be too mad at me but the other part of me thinks that maybe I hurt him too much during our last conversation.
Harry finally opens the door completely and turns around, his body making a halt and freezing in place as soon as he spots me. We lock eyes but none of us speaks anything aloud. My mind is racing a mile a minute thinking of how I can start this conversation.
“Bunny?” He asks, like he can’t believe that I’m really here, in Florida.
“It’s me” I let out in almost a whisper. What a dumb response I think, but it feels like my tongue is paralyzed.
Thankfully, Harry decides to take the initiative and walks over to me, until we are standing face to face, less than a foot separating our bodies. My body instantly lights up with just the feeling of him close enough to me again.
“I feel like I'm dreaming. You were in New York and now you’re here” He whispers and I let out a soft chuckle. I decide if I already travelled all the way down here, I might as well just close the distance. So I take two steps closer to him.
Our chests aren't brushing yet but we’re close enough that I feel Harry’s warm exhale when he looks down at me. He lifts both his hands and places them on my cheeks, tracing my jawline with his thumbs.
“I thought I’d lost you forever” He whispers and it isn’t until now that I notice his eyes are wet and a single tear is sliding down his face. He’s crying little tears of happiness.
“We still have a lot of talking to do. A lot” I emphasize but give him a small, reassuring smile. He nods eagerly, his hands not leaving my face.
“I know baby, I know, '' he says and I lift my hands to cover his own that are still on my cheeks. I intertwine our fingers “I promise we will talk it all out. I promise we will always talk about everything”
I nod and stare at him. Our eyes stay connected, communicating our feelings for each other silently.
“It’s taking all my self restraint to stop myself from kissing you, but I won’t until you tell me I can do it again” Harry says and I give him a small smile, thankful of how he always prioritizes respecting my boundaries.
“You can kiss me Harry” I tell him softly and I see him swallow down the knot on his throat before leaning in to close the space between us. His lips hover over mine, so close but just barely blushing and he nudges his noses against mine in a sweet display of affection, before finally pressing his lips to mine.
I transfer my hands to his shoulders and then lock them around his neck, pulling him closer to me. Harry’s hands are still cupping my cheeks. He brushes some of the hair that’s fallen on my face, placing it behind my ear.
“My pretty princess bunny, tastes so sweet” He whispers against my lips before deepening the kiss. His tongue traces my lip asking for permission and I open my mouth letting him in. He is quick to change the pace of our kiss, to a much more passionate one and I let out a tiny whine when he presses his body closer against mine, our chests melding together. He drops one of his hands and presses it firmly against the small of my back and I think I’ve never felt more secure in a place in my life before.
“I promise I will take care of you. No more fucking up. Only the best for you” He rambles in between kisses, deepening the fire that’s lit up inside me.
I cling to the fabric of the collar of his bright pink Gucci shirt and he runs a thumb smoothly along my chin and jawline, prompting me to lean my head back and allowing him to kiss me even hard. I feel him smile into the kiss and even though I can’t see him, I can just feel it’s the dreamiest of smiles. We are so good at this, together.
Soft protests leave my mouth as he breaks away our kiss and I pout, earning a soft chuckle from him. We are panting a bit due to the intensity of out kiss and Harry leans in to press a soft peck to my lips.
“Let’s go back to the hotel, yeah? I need to shower and we can talk there” He drops his forehead against mine. His hands grab my own and his thumbs caress my knuckles. I only nod.
We break apart so that Harry can move around and grab his stuff. I stay standing in the same place, watching him go around the room.
I get lost in my thoughts. Admiring Harry doing mundane tasks is one of my favorite things to do.
“How did you make it here so quickly?” He asks, pulling his charger from the plug and placing it inside his bag.
“Mmm I had some help” I say with a smug smirk and his lips turn into a smirk of his own.
“Sneaky little bunny” He says and I giggle. I confess I missed him calling me by my corny pet name.
“All I’m going to say” I tell him “Is that when you get a random charge of a private plane, please know I told Jeff I could very well flight commercial”
Harry lets out a loud laugh and I get giddy at seeing him happier.
“Jeff knows the rule is only the best for my girl” He says and the butterflies in my stomach reappear. I’ve missed them.
Harry extends his hand to me, once he’s finished packing up his back that’s now resting on his shoulder. I grab a hold of it, intertwining our fingers. We walk out of the arena hand in hand, like we used to do before that one night. I get the feeling things are starting to fall into place.
This time, he doesn’t let go of me when we leave the doors of the arena.
“I didn’t mean it like that, you know,” Harry says, taking a sip from his wine. We are sitting on the floor, legs extended, with our backs resting against the edge of the bed. There’s a bottle of wine and two glasses set between us, and a Sam Cooke song plays softly in the background.
It’s well past midnight. We’ve been talking for hours, about Eve, about New York City, about his insecurities and also about mine.
“Which part?” I ask. I turn my face to stare at him and find him already looking at me.
“When I said Eve is a powerful woman. I didn’t mean it like you thought I did” He explains “I meant it in a way that I’m actually intimidated by her. Eve is something else to say it some way. Her career will always be the most important thing to her so I didn’t feel like I could trust her knowing about you. That’s why I didn’t mention you”
I can’t find myself to say anything right away so I just let him continue.
“We hooked up yeah, but there were never feelings involved so I feared if I said I was seeing someone there would have been a ‘A Harry Styles is taken’ article in her magazine the following day” He sighs and I even though it will take some time till I can completely let go of the whole Eve situation, I can’t say I don’t understand him.
There’s three things all this has made understand better about Harry. He sucks at confrontation, he would rather live in denial about some stuff, he has a lot of improvement to do regarding communication and finally, he lives in constant fear that people will betray his trust and his privacy.
“I get it Harry” I finally say, wanting to help him relieve a bit of tension from his shoulders.
“We were never even meant to happen. It’s just, I had felt so lonely all through quarantine and it had been so long since I had that kind of contact with someone that I just threw myself head first into the whole thing and then it kinda got out of my hands. We had been working late nights in creative sessions for the photoshoot and then it just happened” Harry says and I my stomach churns.
“I don’t really want to know the details” I say and Harry lets out a soft chuckle.
“She insisted she wanted us to make public appearances and I realized she was just trying to get me to fall at her feet and accept going public with her. Imagine the attention that would have brought to her. Of course I wasn’t going to do it, but I was still afraid that she would just release some kind of article about me if I straight up broke things off with her. So like a coward I left for LA to film and she went back to New York. We just naturally drifted apart. Thought it was clear we were done but apparently it wasn’t” Harry’s tone is so sad and I know it’s hard for him to acknowledge he had not been a good judge of character, because it’s one of the things he says he is proud of being.
I regret not knowing how she used Harry before she appeared in Madison Square Garden because I would have very gladly pulled her down by the hair for making him feel that way.
And trust me I’m not a violent person.
“It’s okay Harry, I’m ready to move past that” I say. My mom said I had to ask myself if I was really ready to forgive and right now, I realize I’ve already forgiven him. Life with Harry brings much more good than grief, and a single falling out is not worth ending it all.
“Come here” He says, tapping his lap softly and I scoot over, making sure I don't knock over the empty wine bottle. I sit down on his lap and wrap my hands around his neck. He looks at me smiling.
“Harry, if we are going to do this I want to do it right” I say and he nods.
“Of course baby. I can promise you I want the same” He tells me.
“No, I mean that if we are going to try this again I’m going to need some clarity about where we stand” I interrupt him. Then I pause and take a breath before what I say next “I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend”
I silently pray Harry doesn’t freak out at my words but he surprises me when he chuckles and affectionately squeezes my waist.
“You couldn’t let me be the one to say that first mmm, impatient bunny” He says, pressing a quick peck to my lips”
“You were taking too long” I tease him and he laughs. I love that we are slowly falling back into our playful routine.
“Emilia, do you want to make me the happiest man on this earth and be my girlfriend?” He asks and even though it’s just us I still blush.
“You’re so corny” I say and chuckle under my breath.
“You still haven’t answered bunny” He gives me a bright smile that makes his dimple pop and my heart melts.
“Of course I want to be your girlfriend Popstar” I say and he chuckles before pulling me by the collar of my pink sweatshirt (actually his) and sealing our lips.
“I like how that sounds” He whispers against my lips “My girlfriend”
We both smile brightly, Harry with his own toothy grin, and I comb my hair through his curls in a tender way.
“We still have something else to talk about though” He breaks the moment and my heart stills.
The pregnancy scare.
At least his tone is soft and reassuring.
“I know” I say, and look down to my lap in embarrassment. I know I could have handled that better.
“Babe” Harry says, pulling my chin up with his hand to connect our eyes. “I just never want you to feel like you can’t tell me something, especially if it’s something like this. You can always come to me and I will support you as best as I can”
I can feel tears in my eyes already.
“I know it’s just” My voice breaks “I was afraid you’d be mad at me for being so careless and I don’t know. I was really afraid of everything it would have meant”
“If anything like this ever happens again please promise you will come to me right away and we will face it together. It’s your body and I will always respect whatever you decide to do with it, but I really think we should talk about ways to prevent that from happening again any time soon” He says and I chuckle.
“Yeah, we definitely should. I’m sorry I was so careless with my pill. It’s just that I always forget” I say with a pout.
“Bunny you have nothing to apologize for, it’s my fault too okay. Would you feel better if we used condoms as well? Just to make sure. I will buy a box and keep it with me” He asks and I realize I never before imagined myself having a relationship as healthy as this.
“Maybe yeah” I say “But most importantly I need to remember about my pill”
“I will set an alarm on my phone too, that way we’ll have two reminders” He says and I feel my heart grow ten times its size.
“Okay” I say, looking at him with adoring eyes.
“We are a team now baby” He says and raises my hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss on my knuckles.
“That sounds good” I smile at him and then check the time on my watch, realizing it’s way too late.
“Time for bed?” Harry asks and I nod, we both get up from the floor and I realize Harry is about to make his way to his side of the bed. I always sleep on the right.
“Actually, I think maybe I should sleep in my room tonight. Jeff gave me a key. Just to restart everything slowly you know” I say shyly, not wanting to upset Harry. I can see his lips fall a bit into a frown but he nods.
“Of course baby, we’ll do whatever you feel the most comfortable with” He says even if he just wants to lay in bed with me.
I give him a soft kiss on his pink plushy lips and leave the room, walking to my own at the end of the hallway where Jeff sent my stuff already.
I unlock the door and walk inside the quiet and cold hotel room. I walk to my bag and pull out my light blue linen pajama set and toiletry bag. I get changed and take my time washing my teeth and doing my skincare routine. Once I’m done I walk back into the room and stare at the bed, big and cold and uninviting.
I shake my head. Who am I kidding?
I grab my phone and room key, slide on some slippers and walk the steps to Harry’s room again. I knock on the door softly hoping he isn’t asleep yet.
He opens the door in seconds and stares at me, a small smile forming on his lips. He’s only wearing a grey pair of sweatpants low on his hips and his curls are disheveled from having been laying in bed.
“I can’t sleep alone” I confess and Harry opens the door wider for me.
“You don’t have to” He says, pulling me in and walking me to our bed.
Oh, I can feel it, magic in your fingertips
And I can hear it in the words coming off your lips
Even if you lose me, I will find you
There's no way to stop it, so don't try to
Running like a river trying to find the ocean
Flowers in the concrete
Climbing over fences, blooming in the shadows
Places that you can't see
Coming through the melody when the night bird sings
Love is a wild thing
Love is a Wild Thing - Kacey Musgraves
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harryhoney-bee · a day ago
heyyy hope you’re doing good! im not haha.. Feeling extremely sad and like shit since morning but yeahh nvm. Can you please do a fluffy hslot fic about y/n feeling really sad and not knowing why but harry comforting her and making her feel better! please thanks❤️
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry finds reader crying after his concerts.
Word count: 900
A/n: This is the tiny blurb i had a break down over <3 I'm gonna take a tiny break from posting writing on tumblr, because I'm feeling burn out, btw 😭
Hope you liked it baby!! Kissy on your forehead 😚
Harry didn’t expect to find his girlfriend crying when he came back from his show. 
He knew she wasn't feeling completely ok when she said she didn't want to watch the concert that night. Y/n was usually his number 1 fan, dancing to every song and blowing kisses to Harry while he was singing, but during the afternoon she was just different.
"Just tell me what happened, baby?" He begged while holding her in his arms. "Did the fans say something to you? Were they mean?" The man was trying to come up with reasons why she would be sad, but nothing came to his head, and she wasn't opening up either. 
Y/n just pecked his lips, freeing herself from his hold. "Nothing happened, I just want to stay here, just for tonight," she said while smiling. 
Harry knew that was a fake smile for the way it didn't reach her eyes, they had a gloomy, unsettling light inside of them, something very different from her normal warm and inviting gaze.
When Harry was about to interrogate her about her sad demeanor, Jeff knocked on the door, saying that Harry was going to be late if he didn't leave now. He looked at her guiltily, not wanting to leave her alone.
"Please, come with me, you can stay in the dressing room, I don't like having you all alone while the crew is at the arena, it's dangerous," the man said, holding her hand and pulling her close to his body until he could touch his lip on her forehead.
"H, c'mon, don't worry about it, I genuinely want to just lay down and watch a movie or maybe read a book,” Y/n told him. “Now you need to go, my rockstar.” She gently guided him to the door.”
“Your rockstar, huh?” he said teasingly, kissing her one last time.
“Yes, mine. The prettiest in town. Now get out of here before Jeff loses his mind, you know he is impatient.” And with that the man opened the door, saying goodbye to Y/n as Harry went to the arena, followed by a group of security men.
The girl didn’t know that, but Harry requested two security guards to be waiting outside of the bus in case something happened to Y/n and he couldn’t get there in time. Harry was just very cautious when it came to her.
But right now, his concern for her was worthless, because Y/n was laying on the bed, hugging her pillow tightly, as if it was the only thing keeping her sane. Harry sat on the bed by her side, snuggling her to his chest as tears fell down her cheeks.
“Hey, what is wrong?” he held her chin, tilting it until she was looking at him with her Bambi’s eyes. “Talk to me, I’m worried, love.”
Harry was at the edge of crying himself, he had never seen her in that stage before. Her breathing was uneven and her body slightly shaking, she hadn’t said a thing since he came back, and that was killing him inside.
Did something happen to her family? Did somebody sneak inside the bus? Bile rose to his stomach at the thought of somebody hurting her. “Y/n, please, are you in pain? Why didn’t you call Jeff? I would leave the stage without a second thought!”
He began rocking her body softly, noticing her crying was more moderate now. “I- I’m sorry, Harry, I didn’t mean to break down like that,” she mumbled against his chest, her voice scratchy from the crying.
“You never, ever, apologized to me about something like this, do you understand?” He said sternly, but still stroking the skin of her thigh so she wouldn’t think he was mad at her. “You are my heart, it pains me seeing you sad. Please tell me what I can do to make you feel better, talk to me.”
“I don’t have a reason, I just woke up feeling so empty,” she confessed, hiding her face from his gaze. “At first I thought it was just a fleeting feeling, but it didn’t go away.” 
“But when did this happen? You just woke up feeling blue?” he asked, trying to understand what she was saying. “Do you think you need to talk to a professional, love? I can make an appointment with some therapist when we get to Pittsburgh, what do you think?”
“No, I just want you to hold me, please.” She kissed his cheek, feeling the warmth of his body on her own. She waited for Harry to take off his shoes so he could lay in the bed with her. In less than a minute her head was resting on his chest, his heartbeat somewhat helping her feel safe and serene.
“I just feel so hopeless sometimes, like I can do anything right and there is nothing I can do to make me feel better,” she finally said after 5 minutes of complete silence. “I don’t know if that makes sense, I don’t even know what I’m feeling.”
“Your feelings don’t need to make sense all the time, It’s ok to feel a little confused, just make sure to tell me next time, alright?” He stroked her cheek, cleaning her face from the remains of tears.
“I will,” she whispered. “Thanks for taking care of me.”
“Always, my love.” He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, resting a hand on her belly. “Always here for you.”
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harrysfolklore · a day ago
hi! could you use selene as a faceclaim? her username on instagram is lizethselene
this was inspired by this ask, thank you anon for the idea! i hope everyone enjoys, don’t forget to leave some feed back <3
ask me anything | masterlist | like and reblog please !!
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram first half of love on tour done 🦋thank you for making my dreams come true @harrystyles. 📸 @anthonypham
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pillowpersonpp 😍😍
ynfan2 she has grown so much, i still remember when she played local theaters 🥺
harrystyles It’s a pleasure to have you with us x
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↳ harryfan1 have you noticed that harry always comments on her posts
↳ harryfan2 it’s true and he never leaves comments on this app
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harryupdates Harry arriving in Orlando today! YN was around too
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harryfan1 are they doing extracurricular activities orr
↳ ynfan1 please they could be friends 🙄
↳ harryfan1 i’m just saying.. they’re always together and interacting and stuff
ynupdates do we ship this? 👀
harryfan2 sooo yn flies in private planes with him instead of staying with the crew at the bus… interesting
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram florida shows were a blast, see you all in raleigh 🫀
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ynfan1 i see the nipple sis
↳ yourinstagram 🥱🥱
anthonypham i see i’ve been replaced
↳ yourinstagram what can i say, you randomly disappear and the heartboy has some skills
↳ harryfan1 is the heartboy harry ???
↳ ynfan2 heartboy is some cute ass nickname
lookitsnyoh 💍💍💍
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ynonfilm HEARTBOY. RALEIGH 2021 🫀
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harryfan1 omg i just discovered that she has an account for her film pictures only
pillowpersonpp and my bf photobombing
↳ ynonfilm i love father mitch
ynfan1 sooo harry is in fact the “heartboy” who took pics of her in florida 👀
harrystyles 🫀
↳ harryfan2 looks like that emoji is their thing that’s cute
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Raleigh, NC.
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alessandro_michele 🖤
harryfan1 BEST SHOW
yourinstagram nice show but the opening act was better
↳ harrystyles Heyyyyyyyyy x
gemmastyles ❤️❤️
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hollywillows · 12 hours ago
eighteen - harry styles x reader
summary: every song harry has ever written has been about you
a/n: this is in my au in which harry and the actress!reader are a slow burn friends to lovers moment <3 also my requests are open!
Tumblr media
it was no secret that harry had been in love with you for as long as he could remember. it was something that he was proud of, and announced frequently. but what he did keep secret was the amount of times he would find himself writing about you.
in the years of your friendship prior to dating, the man would pine after you through his lyrics; too afraid to admit his feelings for you with real words.
and he did this all of his years in one direction, not knowing how to verbally express his feelings, but knowing just how to sing them.
he remembered the first time that he explicitly wrote about you; the first time it wasn’t subconscious and was more of a direct song about his feelings. he’d contacted ed sheeran and told him about the chorus he’d created.
“i have loved you since we were eighteen.” he had written, and he’d meant it. with help from ed, he completed the song and released it with the band, wondering if you’d ever realize that it was about you.
and, if he was being honest about it, every other song that he’d written before and after that was about you, too.
happily, a song he’d written after you had friendzoned him out of fear of what other people (and the fans) would think. someday maybe, a song about how badly and desperately he needed you in his future; how his only desire was to hold you in his arms and love you better than anyone else could.
the man was head over heels for you. and his songwriting only got more intense when you finally admitted the love that you shared for him.
he soon wrote if i could fly while he was on tour. you’d not been dating for long, and this was the longest he’d been away from you since you became his. if he was being honest about it, harry was homesick for you. he missed holding you in his arms and giving you quick kisses mixed with the passionate ones.
harry knew that, if he had the ability, he would go back to you as soon as possible. you were the first person he’d really allowed himself to be vulnerable around, the only person who really knew what was in his heart.
it wasn’t until you’d started dating harry that you began to notice how frequently he’d written about you. you had known was 18 was about when you first heard it.. how could you not? with harry singing the chorus in your ears, you couldn’t help but picture him saying the words straight to your face.
but, the more you thought about it, the more you noticed the lyrics about you. the songs that he hadn’t written himself were ones that he clearly thought of you while he sang.
irresistible, nobody compares, strong, end of the day.. he thought about you any time he’d sing a love song. and, if you’d been paying attention, you would’ve noticed the way he looked to you in the audience every time that he sang.
once harry began his solo career, he only fell deeper in love with you, and his writing only became more focused on you.
the song that was especially about you was, without a doubt, woman. as an actress, you often had to film scenes with other men, including scenes with heated makeouts and passionate kisses.
while harry knew that you were only acting, and that your heart would always belong to him, he was an extremely jealous man. this much was evident as he wrote “i hope you can see the shape that i’m in while he’s touching your skin.”
he trusted you completely, but he didn’t trust that the men you were filming with wouldn’t fall for you just as easily as he had, and wouldn’t try to woo you.
and his writing about you didn’t stop there. he wrote the likes of only angel and anna about you, as well.
then when his second solo album was released, you were fully aware of songs such as sunflower, vol. 6, adore you, watermelon sugar, she, and even canyon moon being about you.
you knew that sunflower, vol. 6 was fully inspired by the sunflower being your favorite flower, as well as one of his pet names for you. you recalled one night dancing in the kitchen with him to elton john, laughing as he spun you around before pulling you into his chest. he leaned down and kissed you with love radiating in his eyes and in his touch. later that night, you heard him silently strumming his guitar and knew that he was writing about the event.
adore you, harry had admitted to you, was about the time when all he wanted was to show you how desperately he loved you. how he wanted to make you see his adoration for you, to help you understand how passionately he could love you.
watermelon sugar, then, was evidently about harry’s fascination with you and your body. the man had a sick addiction to the taste of you, and to the way that your body reacted to him. “tastes like strawberries.”
harry knew that you would never even begin to grasp how deeply he loved you.. how much he always had and always would. but, he would never stop trying to make you see yourself through his eyes, and to convey his immense love through his favorite art form.
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starscrosslove · 2 days ago
falling with strings
harry styles x f!reader
warnings: angst, cheating (not on reader), fluffy…kinda, vulgar language, & sexual themes. if there is anything else please let me know.
in which harry cheated of his partner, but doesn’t regret it (please note; this is pure fiction and i am not trying to depict a persona of harry)
for most, being faithful was a standard, a requirement that wasn’t necessary to bring up, but was just expected. there was never a lingering thought in the back of minds, the only thing that filled their minds was the seldom feeling of fulfillment from their partner. that was something harry lacked.
when him and marissa first saw each other, harry must admit, he saw heart eyes. everything about her stature mesmerized him. her perfectly, fit to standard, body. her porcelain skin that tanned a golden shade of brown in the beginning months of summer. her auburn, glossy locks that draped across her delicate collar bone in such an elegant manner, harry couldn’t put it into words.
yet, within the adoration and attraction, he never thought he needed to know marissa to fall in love with her. he never thought it worked like that. being in and being placed at such a high pedestal since he was just a teenager, harry never had the guts to find a meaningful connection. that may be why the media labeled his “type” as that perfect model figure. one that all the men and women love. someone that is placed in your dreams. someone who is merely a figment of your imagination, that is until you come across the hypnotic eyes.
to put it into simpler words, the british heartthrob fell head over heels at first glance. never regretful of that decision, even with the heartbreak, not of his though. harry was the walking epitome of love at first sight. a one sided feeling that would bite him in the ass years to follow.
“harry, is marissa going to join us this weekend,” anne chirped, placing a dainty, petal covered teacup of the breakfast table. it had been the night after one of harry’s shows in london. typically, he would spend the night at home—in bed—with marissa, but seen as she was in the states for “important work” matters that void was empty. his bed was empty.
“she has been in albany for nearly five days, mum,” harry groaned in response to his mother’s constant talk of his girlfriend. don’t get him wrong, harry adored the relationship anne withheld with marissa, it truly made his heart warm, but it got to his annoyance when his mum would speak of her more than him himself.
anne sighed longingly, her eyes trailing down to the pottery placed in her hands. “yes, yes, i know,” she muttered a short reply before gaining enthusiasm. “it just feels like an eternity since i have seen her. i just miss her that is all, dear.”
“as do i,” the singer added dully making anne tilt her head slightly before wiping the confusion from her face.
“enough of that, what are your plans for the night,” anne questioned, changing the subject from the woman in absence to something lighter.
harry hummed. “the band and i were thinking of going out tonight since we have tonight off.” which was true. anytime the small band has the chance, they would be out as a little family, celebrating the latest show together. “might call marissa tonight, if the time zones don’t screw us over too much.” that wasn’t what would screw them over.
it came to harry in a dream. the perfect life. a white picket fence, kids running along the front garden, dirt covering their jumpers as the sang to the birds and bunnies that passed by on their life adventures. the dog that chased after said birds and bunnies either protecting and defund the children, or just for its wildest pleasure.
pleasure. that is what harry felt. the joy and warmth of this family dream. however, there was a missing piece to the dynamical family. to this infinite puzzle that would bring love. marissa. she wasn’t there.
the portraits in this dream home consisted of just harry and his children. their mother no where in sight. which is no problem if that is what harry signed up for, but it wasn’t. he thought marissa was his forever. his body told him one thing that his heart and mind seemed to lack.
the atmosphere of the bar was euphoric. music bounced off of every vertical surface, taking a rest spot in harry’s ears as he mellowly bowed his head, up and down, to the beat of the song behind him.
mitch and sarah, and the rest of his band, had all the engaged in what seemed to be a heavy conversation because none of them seemed to notice the singer’s eyes wander.
wandering. that is the word. the word that made couples fear for their love. wandering eyes, wandering hands, wandering hearts. all the same. that same unfaithfulness that was so loved and adored crumbled to the ground with a simple glance, touch, or vow. everything harry had treasured wandered from his mind the minute she walked in.
it was similar to the scenario of when harry met his girlfriend. eyes dawned on each other and love sparked right in front of them. but this was different. she was so imperfectly prefect, harry couldn’t look away.
the pouted lips moving softly as she mouthed some lyrics to the current song playing. her shaped thighs, soft and alluring, bare to the world as her black dress pulled up as she walked. her chest revealed ever so slightly that it wasn’t just harry’s eyes that wandered. her tampered hair placed into curls, coarse at the sight, one side tucked behind her ear, revealing the golden earring hanging from the lobe.
that same feeling harry felt when he saw marissa. no not the same feeling. this feeling was of no other. harry felt like his heart was simply the puppet and she, the beautiful creature that housed his gaze, was the master. she controlled the strings. her ever move, harry moved. her ever glance around the bar, harry stares deeper into her heart and she just tugged even further.
it was a game, a game neither of them know was occurring. a game that seemed to limitless yet tortured their hearts. their simple beings bound to these strings that tied them together.
it hasn’t taken long for harry to speak to her. and gosh, as soon as those gorgeous lips opened, harry felt like getting onto one knee right in the middle of the bar.
her words that were ejected from those red colored lips drew him in even further—if that was even possible.
so that was it. he had signed his fate. with the receipt of her back pressed against his hotel door.
his lips explored his hers. at first it was a simple kiss, a seemingly embarrassing first kiss, but she made the first move. she was the one that wrapped her arms around his neck. her fingers finding the bottoms of his curls. roping her hands through them she pulled. she pulled on his hair like she did the strings that were unwound at his heart.
once she moved, he did as well. she was his master, they worked in unison.
his hands found the bottom of her waist, fingers delving into the pudgy skin slightly making her breathe into his mouth. with her soft pants, her fingers in his hair, and the feeling of her bare skin in his own, harry let out a throaty moan.
he was embarrassed at first. nothing had happened. nothing, and he was already a puddle beneath her. but that embarrassment soon turned into infatuation then she found the bottoms of his shirts, carefully and sensually undoing each bottom with love and tease. this made harry mad. this made him furious.
that was when those strings broke. for that night he was no longer the puppet in her game and show, she was no longer the master. he took those strings and tied them around her heart.
his hands, as hers moved down his shirt, made their way to the bottom of her dress. he pulled away from her lips, not only for a breath, but also to make sure she was okay with all of this.
“why did you stop,” she whispered. her voice was barely audible. her sultry voice threatened the strings he help, but he kept his grip. as did she.
with a simple move she pulled his shirt off and stared at his inked chest. the ink ran down his arm. she stared at the tattoos that dawned his skin for a few moments as he stared into her doe eyes. he swore they sparkled.
her manicured fingers traced, so lightly harry barely felt it, over the daunting butterfly right in the middle of his chest. goosebumps appeared in all the areas her fingers grazed. shivers fell down his spine. that is when he answered her question.
his lips found her neck. with suction, he pulled the sensitive skin into his mouth, sucking on it with no remorse. it was heaven. what was even better what hearing the symphony that followed and fell from her stained and messy lips. harry could have listened to the sound for the rest of his life.
a small part of him hoped he could.
with a simple movement he began to pull the dress up her body, her hand breaking from his chest, raising themselves in the air. the two parted for just a second. as soon as her dress was no longer attached to her body, his lips found hers.
it was a longing kiss. maybe because as he glanced down he saw her in just a bra. she had no panties. none at all. it was almost as if she was waiting for him. or she has the plan to tie the strings around his heart the whole time. harry went with the first option.
his ring clad fingers moved down her body, this time it was her that offered goosebumps and shivers to his touch. harry felt his ego grow and himself grow erect at the feeling of her. she was like an unbreakable glass vase he hugged to his body, except he didn’t know that flowers they held. he was soon to find out.
before moving his fingers to where she wanted, no, needed him. he glanced up at her for one last moment of consent. one last note of confirmation that she wanted this.
she nodded and squeaked a small reply. one that was silent. harry heard it. harry heard everything. “please,” she whimpered. “fuck me.”
his hand wandered down. and at that moment there was no going back. harry couldn’t go back. he didn’t want to. he wanted her in his bed. no one else.
he didn’t fall for marissa, he fell into bed with her. just as he was falling into bed with someone else. all strings attached.
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watchmegetobsessed · a day ago
Tumblr media
This post is a collection of my Harry Styles fics that include adult content!
🌈 = readers’ favorite (with more than 500 notes)   🌷 = author’s favorite
Find my other masterlists HERE !
Flatmates — You move in with Harry and after a failed Tinder date, Harry proposes an offer you can’t turn down.
Drum it out —  Harry is forced to find a new drummer since Sarah is about to become a mom, but no one seems to be good enough to replace her. It is until he meets Remi Devon, the woman who completely takes his breath away from the moment he sees her on stage.
Risk it 🌈— Y/N meets Harry at a pub and want’s nothing more than just a onenight stand. However she is shocked to see him again. In a class room. Standing on the podium. As her professor…
Good morning 🌈 — Morning blowjob for the birthday boy. That’s it, that’s the fic.
Hey Angel 🌈— PA themed fic where Harry and Y/N starts to share a bed, but Y/N seems oblivious to Harry’s reasons behind his actions.
Good girl 🌈 — sugardaddy!Harry / CEO!Harry fic where you and Harry meet at one of your lectures where he is a guest to present. You catch his eyes right away and he asks you out in a clever way.
Tastes Like Strawberries 🌈 — A fic about professor!Harry and a psychological experiment with candies that leads to a whole lot more…
An Ocean Away 🌈 — Sequel to Tastes Like Strawberries!
In Return 🌈 — Doing Harry’s makeup spiced up with some cockwarming.
Floating Through Space 🌷 🌈 — Y/N and Harry are expected to perform together at the Grammy’s, but she is not quite satisfied with the idea about the performance. Instead, they make a deal to write a song together, but it turns into so much more than just working together.
All Yours 🌈 — You show Harry in the shower just how much you love him and would never want another man over him.
All Is Fair 🌈 — A CEO against CEO enemies to lovers fic.
Safe And Sound — You are close to find the cure for cancer, but not everyone is as happy for your success as they should be. When your life is threatened, you are forced to live with your personal guard whose task is to keep you safe and sound.
The Deal 🌷 🌈 — After a drunken night you end up in a bed with one of your best friends, Harry. A deal is made and feelings shall never be involved. But that’s not as easy as you thought…
ASMR — A simply ASMR video brings some passion out of you or is it just the pregnancy hormones?
Pink Pants 🌈 — You show Harry just how much you like his Vegas outfit.
To Be So Lonely 🌈 — You find a way to convince Harry to finally add TBSL to the setlist.
Costume — Harry is distracted by the pictures you keep sending him during his meeting… but it’s not what the others think it is.
Tumblr media
If you like any of my works, please like and reblog!
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harryspinkhat · 2 days ago
hii i wanted to ask if you could make one of does instagram concepts with deathbyromy as a face claim? don’t feel pressured to do it tho!!<3
Ofc!! She’s so pretty for what I-
ANYWAYSSSS if you have a request (face claim, new story idea, feedback) please send it here!!
Concert lovers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourbff coolest toilet I’ve ever seen✋
gemmastyles you’re so hot, why are you dating my baby brother again?
↳harrystyles heyyyyy🙁
↳yourusername no fighting in my comments
↳harrystyles gem started it :)
harrystyles very exited 🖤
y/nfp trust me, I’ll be there!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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harryupdates Harry spotted running in LA this morning
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harryfan2 HES IN LA??
Harryfp how do y’all even recognize him😭 the hoodie, hat and sunglasses make him look like everyone else
y/nfan he’s in la to go to y/n’s concert🥺
↳harryfan5 we stan a supportive boyfriend
yourusername’s story:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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harrystyles proud🧡
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↳harryfan3 yes!! he’s super supportive and its sooooo cute
yourusername i love you so much it hurts
↳harrystyles get your ass over here then
annetwist missing you both<3
yourbff that’s my bestie omg go away Harold😤
harryfan7 why cant he just date Kendall again ugh
↳y/nfan3 bc he loves y/n, get over it!
↳harryfan3 bc he’s perfectly happy with y/n!
yourusername’s story
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername you know you and I have something no one can deny
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harrystyles glad I found you, angel🖤
Y/Nfan2 she’s so gorgeous im gonna cry
harryfan3 her aesthetic>>>
y/nfp you two are meant to be
it would mean the world to me if you could give me a feedback here since I’m new to writing Instagram concept. you can also request stories/concepts there<3
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Could you do one where you and Harry are doing a puzzle with your little family? Maybe like you guys have 4 children ? Three boys that looks exactly like Harry and a daughter who looks like the ready YN ? And it’s raining outside it’s all comfy and you guys all happend to fall asleep in the living room ?Hande Erçel
𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Genre: fluff
Warning: none
Pairing: harry styles x reader
Word count: About 700
Tumblr media
"here's some popcorn." Harry said placing the bowl in the middle of the coffee table. He squeezed himself in between your two oldest son's Leo and George. They giggled as he did.
"now shall we play the game?" Harry said as he looked at all 4 of your kids." They all cheered except your 2 year old daughter Darcy who was currently snuggling into your side her thumb in her mouth.
It was currently raining outside. You and Harry had wanted to take the kids out to the local park, but unfortunately the weather had other plans. So instead of going out you both had decided to stay in, make some cookies with the kids and play a few games.
Already, you had put together a puzzle, build with some Legos and made some crates, now it was after dinner and you were playing a board game.
"ok, let's play Monopoly." Harry said rubbing his hands together.
Harry began the game. He told the boys how to Play and despite them being young 7 and 5 they totally got it right away. Harry always said they got their smartness from you, but you always brushed it off with a smirk.
You were all on teams, you and Darcy, George and Harry, and Leo with his twin Brother, Matteo.
You all took turns playing the game. Harry and George went first, you and Darcy next and leo and Matteo last. Darcy had slowly, but surely perked up as the game went on causing you both to pull into the lead with a lot of properties and money(even though she didn't understand). She just tottered Back and further from each couch laughing to herself.
"come on George, we need to win." Harry said looking at George. George laughed as he looked down at the board. "Daddy, we're going to lose."
"but we aren't right Darcy?" You turned to Darcy who smiled and laughed as she climbed onto the couch. You couldn't help but laugh yourself as you turned back to the game.
"daddy, just end the game already." Matteo said climbing between the couch and harry, wrapping his arms around his neck and snuggling up to him.
"ugh fine." Harry rolled the dice and landed on the six. A sigh fell from harry lips as he knew what was coming next. "One.. two.. three.. four.. five.. six. Great we're in jail."
"and we won!" You picked up Darcy from the couch and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She giggled loudly and tried to push you away.
"pipe down. Everyone did really well. Now how about we get cozy on the couch and watched a movie? How does that sound?"
All 4 kids cheered and practically pushed harry off the couch so they can snuggle there. They got under the blanket and settled on watching hotel Transylvania which was one of their favorite movies.
While they did that you and Harry went to the kitchen to tidy it up. While you were Washing the dishes harry came up behind you and kissed your neck. "Hi." You mumbled to him.
Harry laughed lowly as he kiss your neck again. "Hi how are you?" "I'm good, just cleaning these dishes."
Harry hummed. "Well you look very sexy doing it." You laughed. "Thank you."
You sat down the wet plate on the drying rack and turned around. "Maybe we can go to the park tomorrow, get some fresh air, some ice cream, what do you think?"
Harry nodded, "I think that's a great idea." Harry Walked over to you kissing you.
You both walked out of the kitchen and to the living room. You looked on the couch to see all 4 kids out, snuggling up to each other.
"aw" you said looking at harry. "They're so cute." Harry pouted his lip. "Yeah we make cute babies."
You quietly laughed. "Yeah, you're so right about that
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honeypotstyles · 14 hours ago
good things fall apart
as always, any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated, along with a reblog to share it. i would love to hear your thoughts on this one <3
word count: 1.9k (!!) | masterlist 
warnings: slight angst, sad break up :(
Tumblr media
“You have reached the voicemail box of-”
The sound of your phone hitting the ground echoed through the bathroom. Damaging it was the last thing on your mind. You were too frustrated but petty enough to not care, because you knew he wouldn’t be answering anytime soon.
After the fifth try, you gave up. You were past the point of giving him the benefit of the doubt. As busy and important as your boyfriend was, his promises of always being there for you, physically and emotionally, had seemed to fall through. This wasn’t the first time.
You didn’t care what he was doing. It had been hours since you had heard from him. There wasn’t a show tonight, so reaching Harry usually wasn’t a problem until it was. You needed him, he wasn’t there, that was it. 
Crying on the bathroom floor wasn’t unusual for you lately. You had been doing it so much that you were practically rotating between different areas in the house to do it, as pathetic as that sounded. There wasn’t a moment when you weren’t breaking down. If there was, it’d start all over again in a few hours.
You eventually cried everything out, leaving you emotionally exhausted. Picking yourself up off the floor, you checked your phone for anything new to find your lock screen empty of notifications besides an old picture of you and Harry. Smiling and in love with a life ahead of you. Things changed quickly.
It was past midnight when your ringtone woke you out of your sleep. 
“Babe. I just saw all of your missed calls. Are you okay?”
You pulled the phone slightly away from your ear when you heard yelling. It was loud on his side, like he wasn’t alone. You could barely hear him.
“Yeah, um, I’m fine. I just-“
“Hold on, I can’t hear you.”
You waited patiently as he seemed to find a quieter part of wherever he was, not before passing someone to exchange quick hello’s, a joke that made him laugh into the phone. 
He eventually was alone. “Sorry, babe. What were you saying?”
“Where are you?”
“Oh, everyone wanted to go out and it kind of escalated. My phone died and it just turned on again. You alright?”
Far from it. “I’m okay now. I wish you texted me that though.”
“I know, I’m sorry. What is it, though? Can tell something’s wrong.”
Before you could respond, a familiar voice called out Harry’s name to get him to come back. You assumed he brushed it off when you heard a slight chuckle. “Go ahead.”
“I miss you.”
Harry sighed. “Hey. I miss you too, sweet girl. Won’t be too long until we’re together again, I promise.”
You nodded. “Yeah.”
“Was that makin’ you upset? Just needed a little cheering up?”
You got cut off once again, a different voice requesting his presence. 
“Jesus,” he laughed softly. “Alright, I’ve gotta go. I love you, yeah? I’ll see you very soon.”
You ended the conversation at that, not without hearing yet another shout at him. You let him be, but the difference between the loudness from his side of the call to your eerily, quiet bedroom haunted you.
You tolerated it; the missed phone calls, the texts, the silence. Your boyfriend was an important man and was needed everywhere. But you couldn’t believe how at one point you were the one he was dropping everything for. You could physically see things changing right in front of your eyes.
Could you have faulted him for it though? Maybe it was just a rough patch and the distance was getting to you a little more. He was on tour playing to thousands every single night, breaking records and winning awards. Had to maintain a social life with his band members and crew and whoever visited him while on the road. He had to take care of himself and rest, always seeming to be more tired than he thought when his head hit the pillow. By then he’d have forgotten to check in with you.
But you knew when he was set to arrive home a couple days later, he was gonna make up for it. Until he didn’t.
“Are you not coming home?”
“I’m so sorry, baby. I need to be here for a little longer to work things out,” his voice crackled through the phone.
“You can’t handle it here? At home?”
“No, it’s cutting too close. By the time I get home I’ll have to leave again and everything’s here, anyway. I’ll be home so soon, okay? I’ll make it up to you.”
And just like always, you took his word for it. When things got in the way and didn’t work in your favor, Harry always made up for it in the end. 
He ended up coming up a few days later after all, sparing you a day and a half. He was sweet as ever with his words and affection, listening to you recall what you had been going through lately. He held you and wiped away your tears, promised you were everything to him and more, apologized for not being there for you when you needed. All was well.
He had to leave again. You were used to it though. It was a busy season and after being with him for years, you knew how to handle it. Yet, it felt entirely different this time. 
“Just come with me. Even for a couple of days.”
“No, I can’t.”
“Because I have a job, Harry. I can’t afford it.”
“But you have paid time off.”
“I already used the ones for this period for when tour first started, remember?
“You don’t even have to work, you know that. I’ll pay for everything.”
“Absolutely not. That’s not even up for discussion.”
Harry sighed. “I’m really trying, babe. I can’t be home a lot right now, but you can fly out. You’re the only one stopping it.”
You scoffed. “So you’re allowed to have a job and I’m not? You just want me to quit my job to follow you around the world while you pay for everything.”
“God, you’re making it sound awful. I want you to come with me because I love you. I’ll take care of everything because I like taking care of you. Keeping a job is only stressing you out.”
“It’s stressing me out because it seems like I have to cater to you, but you won’t for me.”
He squinted his eyes in disbelief. “Sorry? What are you getting at?”
You only shook your head, knowing the conversation was starting to blow up. He had to leave, after all. 
“Don’t worry about it. Have a safe flight.”
You left him standing there in disbelief, knowing he was angry once the front door slammed a little louder than necessary.
The weeks after that went by smoothly. You and Harry made up like you usually did. It was swept under the rug, but the idea of trading your independence to cater to his stayed in your mind. It was a delicate topic and one you both visited plenty of times.
The distance, physically and emotionally, started to affect you again. You knew Harry missed you and wanted to be with you as much as you did, but he was better at dealing with the distance. He was used to being away from his loved ones for weeks and months, but you weren’t. You were started to think that he didn’t understand that.
That’s exactly what you told him. You had enough decency to tell him in person, finally able to fly out to see him. You didn’t want to hash it out over the phone, and of course he wasn’t going to be home for a while. But no matter where he was and how the conversation went, you knew you would be leaving differently.
He played yet another successful show, energy seeming to be higher than usual once he saw that you surprised him. You didn’t come to the show because it seemed almost cruel to do that and break up with him right after. You had to do it sooner than later. Doing it in his dressing room in a random city seemed better than over brunch on one of his off days.
“I’m serious, babe. I’ll pay for everything. I just want you here.”
“It’s not that easy, Harry.”
“It is! You’re the one choosing to make it harder. I’m trying to make an effort.” 
You could tell he was getting worked up, the conversation going in circles and similar to the ones you’ve been having recently. 
“Being together for a few days just to be apart again and having all of it repeat isn’t enough for me.”
“What do you mean?”
You looked away because you couldn’t bare to see his face when you said what was next. “I need more. I don’t think you can give me that anymore.”
He moved to sit next to you, making you look at him. You were already crying. 
“Why are you crying, hm? We can figure this out. Just tell me what you need.”
“I need you, Harry.”
“You have me. I’m here.”
“You’re not,” you choked out. “You’re not here, you’re somewhere else. I’ve lost you.”
He caught his breath, tears swimming in his own eyes now. “Is it because I’ve been away a lot? I’ll be home indefinitely in a month, it’s just a little while longer until then.”
“Then you’ll have to get up and leave, again. When we’re apart, do you realize what I go through? I can’t handle not seeing or hearing from you.”
“You know I’m going through the same thing.”
“I’m not saying you’re not,” you challenged. “But I can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep putting myself through this and it’s not fair to you. You’re used to being the one gone all the time, but what about when you leave me?”
His hand that was on your leg moved away. He stared at you as if you were gonna take back your words, or say something like “never mind, I want you, I didn’t mean it.”
But you only chewed on your bottom lip to stop its quivering as you cried silently next to him, because you knew this was it. 
“All of this because of what comes with my career?” Harry pleaded.
You didn’t answer him because it was true. There was more to it, but you had a feeling he already knew. You needed more emotionally, someone who wasn’t physically gone for months. He needed someone who could keep up with his lifestyle and to help him shine brighter. You had done that until you couldn’t.
“We can work through this, baby.” He reached out to hold your hand again. You didn’t fight him on it because it would hurt too much. “I’ll be there for you more, we’ll figure out everything with your job. We’ll work it out. We always do.”
“I don’t think that’ll be enough this time, Harry. We’ll go through this all over again in a few months and I can’t do that.”
He shook his head in denial, strands of hair drooping down on his forehead. The skin around his eyes was red and his nose was starting to run from how hard he was crying. He wasn’t going to accept it. “No.” 
“You deserve someone who can be there for you-” 
“No. You’re there for me, you always are-“
“Someone who can love you well and support you wherever you go-“
“Are you listening?” Harry exclaimed, moving so his face was in line with yours. “You are it for me. No one else.”
“I can’t be anymore.”
Your faces mirrored each other’s with tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes. With so many words still left unsaid, you had both heard and said enough. 
It was over.
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Need you with me
Summary: Harry is anxious to go on a business trip without his wife. Blind!Harry
Warnings: mentions of smut I think, mommy kink. 
“Baby, baby” Harry chants, walking to his wife and wrapping himself around her, hiding his face in her neck. His wife widens her eyes and pulls back a bit, trying to look at his face. “Are you okay?” Harry shrugs, looking up at her with his sad eyes. “What's wrong?” she threads her fingers through his freshly washed hair, giving the long silky hair some love. He sighs, hiding his face. No matter how old they get Harry will always want to be babied by his wife, he loves it. 
“I gotta go to the states for a couple days for a business trip.” Y/n kisses his head, smiling at him. “Hey, I'll be okay with Fin. you go ahead and go.” Harry shakes his head, burying himself deeper into his wife's cuddles. “That's the problem.” He starts. 
He knows he will have his walking stick and has been on his own before but ever since he met his wife he has wondered how he went on without such a person. It's much more than him just having separation anxiety, or just wanting to be around his wife. He knows he is well with his walking stick and doesn't need her to guide him through every hallway and every door. But that's not it, it's the presses on the small of his back, him holding onto her arm, holding hands, her hand softly cupping the back of his neck that he needs. He needs that to be able to get through the trip. “I need you.” he almost sobs even though there are no tears in his eyes. “I need you, please come with me. please , please, please come with me.” 
Y/n frowns, brushing his hair back. “All you had to do was say that you wanted me there and I wouldn't have even questioned it, dove.” he squeezes her waist, feeling like he's on the brink of an emotional breakdown even though there is nothing for him to cry over. He is just overwhelmed. “I need you there mummy.” Harry whimpers, feeling pathetic but he needs his wife. 
“And i will be there, i'll be there and Finnley will be there and little storm will be there.” she rubs her bump, making harry smiles, placing his hand over her belly to feel his son. “Thank you.'' They hear little feet padding to the kitchen where they stand, Finnley sleepily smiling while he stands in just his animal printed diaper. “Dada!” he squeals, tugging at his pants leg to get his attention. “Hi, Finny.” Harry says, pulling him up on his hip and slightly bouncing him. “Guess what?!” Y/n says dramatically, smiling at her baby. “We're gonna go on a trip with dada!” Finnley gasps loudly, looking over to his father and giving him a big smile. “Dada trip!?” 
Harry laughs, kissing his head. “Yup!” 
Packing was easy, Y/n had packed Harry's suitcase for him, packing his business outfit and some casual stuff to lounge in when their day was over and it's just them. She packed finnlys as well while harry prepared him for bed the night before, adding diaper and clothes, many changes since he is a messy toddler. 
That morning they had to wake up at around 5 to catch their flight, all of them dressed in comfy sweats so they could relax on the flight. “C’mon, let’s get on the plane.” Y/n coos to Finnley and bounces him on her hip. He grows a cranky face, “Dada.” He says, ignoring his mother and only accepting anything from his daddy. Harry pulls him onto his hip, “hey, you aren’t gonna use that tone with your mumma.” Harry says, a cross look on his face. “Baby sorry.” Fin says, reaching a hand out to his mummy. She thanks him, kissing his hand and letting him wrap himself back around Harry. 
“Look, look out the window, Finny.” Harry says, Finnley on his lap,Y/n letting him get the window seat even though he can’t see, she knows he would appreciate it and that’s all that matters. Fin squeals, looking out the window then up at his dad. “Just wait till we go up and up and up!” He coos to Finnley, raising him higher and higher and shaking him to make him squeal a giggle. 
The plane takes off and Finnley watches out of the window, tired and excited. Once he is tired of looking at the blue sky and white clouds he leans his head down on Harry's chest and snuggles in. “Baby go sleep.” He says, nuzzling into Harry's soft neck and curling his little legs into himself. 
“Baby sleep.” Harry agrees, pulling out the extremely soft and fluffy blanket Fin always sleeps with, laying in over him and wrapping him up a bit. Fin listened to his fathers heart beat to lull him to sleep, like Harry always does when he is emotional and needs to calm his baby down. It’s what Harry always did when he was little since he couldn’t see anything to calm down, the noise always helped him. So now that he has his own bubba he always lets him listen to his heart beat to calm him down or relax him. 
“You can sleep, I know you are tired.” Y/n yawns, tucking herself into her jumper a bit more and using it as her blanket instead of grabbing one. Harry thanks her, and lies his head onto her shoulder, her head resting on top of his, the whole family now asleep. 
They get to their hotel around one pm, checking in and traveling up to their room. Harry booked a nice room. A big comfy bed for the two of them while there was a little room attached to theirs only they could access, a little toddler bed in the room along with a dresser and a night light. They all waddled into the room, still tired and now thrown off by the time difference. 
“Still tired, Fin?” Fin pouts and looks up at Harry, balling his little fists and rubbing his eyes. 
“Okay, why don’t you take a nap?” Harry asks, rolling his suitcase into the other room and tucking him into his toddler bed, and kissing his forehead. He leaves the door cracked and flicks on the light night, not forgetting to give him his panda stuffy he loves so dearly. 
“He’s down. Now I’m gonna take a shower.” Y/n smiles, wrapping her arms around his and kissing his fingertips once his hand comes up to her face. “Think I could join you?” Harry let out a soft laugh into his wife’s ear. “I think I could arrange that.” 
“That shower was nice.” Y/n teases, her towel wrapped around her waist while she stands in front of the mirror and does her skincare routine. Harry stands behind her, her arms wrapped around her while he still feels small from their previous activities. “Love you, mummy.” Harry whispers, placing pecks on her damp shoulders. “I love you, baby.” She hums, applying her moisturizer. 
“Wanna go to bed, mummy.” Y/n eyes him in the mirror. “Tired?” Harry nods, practically purring on her skin. 
They get into bed after getting dressed in comfy pajamas, cuddling under the covers. “Don’t wanna work, mummy. Let’s just cancel them.” Y/n laughs, kissing his head while she massages his scalp. “Can't do that, it’s the only reason we're out here.” 
Harry sighs, his head being cradled into her chest. “G’night, mummy.” 
They wake up just in time for Harry's meeting, scrambling to get Harry ready. Once it gets closer to the scheduled meeting time. Harry huffs, his hands shaking while he tries to swallow the lump in his throat and blink back the tears. “Please,” Harry starts, burying his face in his wife’s belly. “Please, I need you. I need you to come with me.” Y/n pouts, kissing the top of his head. 
“Please, Y/n, please I need you with me.” His hands are ice cold and tears leak down his face. “I need you with me.” Y/n pulls his face out of his stomach. “Baby, you need to calm down. I’m gonna come with you, okay. You're alright.” She sits on the bed, pulling Harry with her and letting him rest his head in her lap. “What is this all about, H? What have you all worked up?” Y/n wipes his tears, kissing his forehead. 
He sniffs, hiding his face from her. “I don’t wanna embarrass myself. I don’t know these places and it makes me n-nervous.” He huffs through his tears. Y/n’s heart breaks, she plays with his hair, letting him calm down. “Everything is gonna be okay, I’m gonna be there, and nothing is gonna happen.” 
“You’ll stay with me the whole time?” 
Y/n nods, “No way I’m leaving you.” Harry smiles and rubs his cheek on the soft fabric of her pajama pants. “Thank you. Now we’ve got to get you ready.” Y/n laughs and pecks her husband, standing up and looking through her suitcase. 
“I didn’t bring anything nice. Just sweats and stuff.” 
“It’s okay, no one is going to care.” 
They walk into the meeting room, big glass doors and a large table in the middle of the room where all the men and women are sat. Y/n was just in a hoodie and sweatpants, Finnley on her hip while she had a hand on Harry’s back, helping guide him. He greets the people in the room, finding his seat. 
“We want to sell your canes through our business, you would obviously get a cut, but we think that it would fit perfectly with our brand and be a top seller.” Harry's lips form a line, “walking sticks, they are walking sticks. Not canes.” He corrects them, the room going silent. 
“Well- uh- yes. That’s what I mean.” He tries to correct himself, obviously only in it for the money. Harry clears his throat, adjusting his suit. “I don’t think that this will workout. I’m doing just fine selling them through my own business. Thank you for your time, I appreciate you all being interested in my business, but I’m going to have to turn your offer down. Have a nice day.” He pulls Finnley up on his his, walking to hear Y/n stand up before she helps guide them out. 
“Hey, I’m proud of you. You did such an amazing job there. You're so professional.” Y/n smiles, her hands on his shoulder while she stands between his legs, him sat on the bed. Harry smirks, “Yeah, like seeing me go all business man?” 
He smacks at her bum, “get on the bed.” He grabs Y/n’s thighs, lifting her up and throwing her in the bed. She giggles, pulling him down with her. “I love you.” 
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