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#harry styles fluff imagine
astranva · 2 days ago
Hi! I wasn’t sure if u we’re doing requests, but would u do the enchanted by taylor swift tiktok challenge? I feel like it would b funny since it would basically break the internet since he dated tay lmaoo and watching Harry w/ his unhinged gf
Enchanted | TikTok Series
Word Count: 611
Category: Fluff
Warning: One f-word
Summary: Y/N does the “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift trend on TikTok and Harry is amused, concerned, and equally insane.
“can you do a blurb of yn doing the enchanted in the shower thing and harry’s like you are srsly deranged girl”
“Omg but can you write one of reader doing the Enchanted trend in the shower?”
Based on this TikTok.
At that point, Harry was used to hearing his ex’s voice all over the house, car, and being hummed and sung in public.
Ever since Red (Taylor’s Version) came out, it was all you chose to revolve your life around. Harry had asked about four times if you were sure if that album didn’t include any new songs because there was no way you were that excited over an album you had already known for years.
At some point, Harry had groaned and gave you a “Come on, baby, please” when you put on All Too Well (10 minutes version) as he drove, because he wasn’t sure he was all in to be listening to a 10-minute song so frequently, but you had pouted, gave him a shrug, and bribed him with a kiss, and that was all it took before he was singing with you.
You knew that you needed a break from TikTok, only because it gave you so many ideas and got you excited over the silliest of trends. But that break would have to wait because as you watched so many people spray their partners with water, and dramatically standing under shower heads, all while belting out the lyrics to Enchanted by Taylor, you knew there was no way you’d pass that.
Harry was lying on bed, an arm behind his head as he caught up on some show that you had teased him about being the only fan for, while you went inside the bathroom.
You propped your phone up on the counter and against the mirror before making sure it had a clear view of the shower and adjusting it.
“Harry! Can you come here for a second?”
You waited with an excited grin, looking at the door.
Only a few seconds later did the door open and Harry poked his head inside, “Yeah?”
“Come here,” you motioned, reaching out and holding his arm to help him stand in a spot.
His eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, watching you as you stepped forward to your phone and tapped on it before he heard music coming out of it.
“Please don’t have somebody waiting on you,” Taylor sang quietly.
He watched you as you stepped inside and under the shower before your hand went to turn it on, full power, as you sang along with the lyrics, looking at him as you dramatically did.
“Please, don’t be in love with someone e-else!”
Harry’s eyes nearly bulged out, his jaw dropping as he watched you.
“Please don’t-”
Harry stepped in with you, getting soaked under the water as he cupped your face and pressed his lips against yours.
“You’re absolutely mental,” he giggled, squinting under the water, “Did you know that?”
“It was for TikTok,” you tried to reason, “And hey, you’re not the sanest person either, you went under the water with me.”
“You’re fucking contagious.”
You had posted the video, it ending when Harry grabbed your face and kissed you, and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t expected the reactions.
“The fact that y/n is a swiftie aka a fan of harry’s EX makes this 10000x better”
“when is it my turn”
“i just want to know how harry feels about his gf being a fan of his ex”
And the one pinned comment you had pinned:
“idk why yall keep talking about it being weird how y/n supports taylor. they’re all grownups and it’d be petty af if y/n hated taylor just because she’s harry’s ex”
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muffindaddystyles · 21 hours ago
Aina calling Harry " Baba " for the very first time + then she continues babbling that 🥰
It was early Wednesday. It’s been three months and Harry the cute father he’s remembers each and every detail of the day still.
He was exuberant, surprised and overly-joyed prancing atop the moon type of happy upon hearing his little bun call him dad.
Y/N had to make an early trip to her bakery in the dull morning which left both Aina and Harry pouty faced; Harry because the bed was all cold and unaccepting. Aina because well she got her beautiful sleep interrupted by mommy good-bye kisses – that left the father-daughter duo lounged on the couch of their living room.
Harry had tucked Aina to the comfy corner of couch to give her delicate back a support, his curly head beside her tiny self and it seemed like she had him his head in her lap as she tugged his morning soft hair to drain out her anger on her sleepy dad.
Harry was on the brink of tumbling into deep slumber, one leg flailed on the floor when out of blue the gibberish Aina was blubbering turned into coherent words and he squeaked forgetting Aina still had his curls in tight grip whilst rolling on his tummy.
“What did ya just say bubbles??” He wiped his own drool from the corner of his mouth in rush, eyes owlish and anticipating, heart-beating in his ears and he doesn’t know if she’s more of him or her mother because his child got more mood swings than both of them combined because the next second she's giggling adorably loud and Harry pouts, “Not nice.” But his eyes pops out comically dramatic when in the wisps of sweet baby giggles for which Harry dies for everytime there’s the blissful call for him that warms each of his tendons and sits there tickling them till his body’s internal reactions aren’t pearling the puffy ridges of his eyes all glossy and wet.
“Baba! Baba!” Aina giggles with her only two bunny teeth showing, and Harry’s hands shakes while grabbing her tiny chubby soft hands and bringing them to his lips to love on them, “Yes Lovie. My Jan, Baba.” His lips wobbled against the little palms of his daughter because the mention of it made her head perk up begrudgingly in awareness.
He remembers all these times when Aina’s Nani would have her in her embrace and talk to her so sweetly always telling her when Harry entered in the room, “Oh look who’s there to give Aina a big hug! It's Aina's Baba.” While playing with her, “Hmm. Let’s see who Aina loves the most Baba? Mumma?” To which Aina never spoke up but stared at her grandmother in sheer confusion everytime and Harry would never have it another way.
He’s her Baba and no-one’s else.
“Now, you listen to baba yeh smol baby. This’s our secret don’t say that word infront of mumma, ‘kay?” He points his index at her as if she’s summat his small agent he’s giving orders too and Aina just giggles some more and almost topples on him doing the exact opposite and keeps on babbling, “Baba. Baba.”
“Mumma would be hurt that she missed hearing you fo’ the first time darling..” He pouts, a small smile quirking up his mouth and his eyelashes fluttering when Aina grabs his face and tries to give him drooly full of slob baby kisses.
In return of her generosity Harry kissed her curly tiny head and just soaked in the presence of his little blessing wearing the tension off because he knew Y/N would be more happy than bummed to hear Aina call Harry Baba because whatever consequences are she’s still theirs to keep and love.
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all-my-love-for-harry · 10 days ago
for my shy little boy, how would artemis react to harry picking him up from school by himself for the first time? I feel like they would be just as nervous as each other.
guess who just found this on her drafts hehe this is from the beginning of the relationship meaning artemis wasn't comfortable with harry yet, ok? ok
you can find more of my shy little boy here
Although Y/n was a single mom from the start, she has never been alone, not entirely. She always had family, friends, even co-workers one call away from her. Her car was in the shop? One of her moms would drive her around to run errands and pick up Artemis for his painting class. She was stuck in traffic? Her best friend would go pick Artemis up from school. She was stuck at work? Another friend would take her son out to eat lunch and wait for mommy to come home. The little boy was loved by so many people that would go out of their way just to make sure he was always safe and happy.
Nevertheless, there were times none of them would be available. After all, they all had jobs and trips to attend to. It happened every once in a while, nothing she couldn't handle.
But not this time.
Y/n had underestimated how long it would take her to grade the stack of papers she had let sit on her desk plus the emails on her computer waiting to be answered. There was no way she'd make it in time to Artemis' school to pick him up.
She tried reaching her moms but then remembered they were both out of the city. She had no luck with her best friend and she was running out of options.
They've been sort of seeing each other for the past two months and Artemis have met him a couple of times.
She doubted for a second. Y/n knew Artemis wouldn't be thrilled, but what other option did she have? She just hoped Harry wouldn't mind. She dialed his number before she started overthinking. 
"What's up, love." Harry's excited tone made her smile. "Are ye out of work yet?" 
"Hi, Harr. I'm stuck at work."
"Who's picking up the little one from school?" 
"That's why I called. Could you do it?" Y/n closed her eyes in anticipation. "If you're busy I understand, I could call her teacher and ask her to stay with him for a while-"
"Hey, no need of that. Of course I'll go." 
"You sure?"
"Yeah, we could go out for lunch, have some fun." He sounded happy, eager to spend time with her son, and that calmed her down.
"I'll call the school so you won't have a problem at the entrance. I owe you one, thank you."
"You don't owe me anything." She could almost feel him roll his eyes. "Although I wouldn't mind a kiss." He said cheekily. 
"I'll see what I can do about that."
Harry arrived early. He sat in his car, running his hands through his pants in an attempt to calm his nerves. He has never been alone with Artemis alone. And he wasn't sure if the four-year-old even liked him. Harry just hoped he wouldn't be upset when he didn't see his mom cross his classroom door. 
"Hello, sir. Name, ID and who are you picking up?" A young woman with a clipboard smiled at him.
He hesitated before handing her his ID. "Harry Styles, I'm here to pick up Artemis Y/L/N. Uh, his mom said she'd call you." 
"All clear. Kindergarten is at the end of the hall." She handed him his ID back and Harry thanked her before starting walking down the hall. He smiled as he saw the artwork in the walls and the small humans already on their way out by the hand of their parents.
At the door, there was a woman who Harry assumed was the teacher. She was waving goodbye to a little girl with pigtails carrying a backpack bigger than her. 
"Hello, I'm Harry." He smiled. The teacher didn't recognize him or at least she hid it very well. "I'm here for Artemis."
Harry's eyes scanned the room, looking for the small mop of blonde curls that belonged to Artemis. When he found him, he couldn't help but smile at the sight. The small boy was completely oblivious of his presence, way too focused on the paper sheet he was cutting with his training scissors. 
"Artemis, darling. Harry's here to pick you up" 
The small boy looked up. At first, he didn't recognize the name but then when he looked at the man standing by the door he knew he was one of his mummy's "new friend", as she'd say. "Where's my mummy?" He asked as the teacher walked him to the door. 
"She's at work, buddy." Harry's tone was almost apologetically. His ego was a little hurt, still not used to kids not being happy to see him. "But, we're gonna have loads of fun, don't worry."
Artemis looked skeptical but nodded anyway. Harry accepted his backpack from the teacher's hands and offered a hand to the boy. He said bye to his teacher before accepting Harry's hand. 
"Can we call my mummy?" He said when they were finally out of school. "I miss her."
Harry's heart ached for this kid. He was way too adorable for his own good and Harry could already feel how smitten he would be for him if he were to stick around. Well, if Y/n would continue to have him because he was sure not going anywhere. 
Artemis sat patiently in the back of the car, waiting for Harry to dial his mum's number. She answered at the second ring and they had a quick chat where Y/n assured her son he would be safe with Harry. 
"Are you ready, bud?" Harry looked at him through the mirror, the hazel-eyed boy was playing with his hands, a sign he was nervous. 
"I don't have my car seat." He pointed. 
"Sorry about that, A. It was short notice but I promise I'll have one for next time, alright?" Artemis nodded. "What are you in the mood for? I was thinking lunch then ice cream?"
"I had a cold last week. Mummy says I can't have anything too cold."
In his mind, Harry was already on strike two. He's never felt so intimidated by a four-year-old with round glasses. He wanted this kid to like him so badly not just because he was dating his mother, but because he wanted to bond with him. It was no secret he loved children and until two months ago he thought all children loved him too. 
Harry pulled over in front of a small dinner he frequently goes to. He was hoping and praying he wouldn't get spotted, not wanting to put Artemis in any kind of uncomfortable situation. He helped him out of the car, keeping a hold of his hand as they entered the building. 
Luckily, it was mostly empty aside from a couple sitting on the other side of the room and two girls on a table close to the door. Harry guided Artemis to a table away from the windows and helped him sit on his chair. 
Despite the toddler not being able to read, Harry still moved his chair closer to him and opened the menu so the two of them could see it. Artemis used his hands to push himself up so his legs would be folded under his body, that giving him a little more height as he looked at the pictures of the menu. 
"Do you like macaroni cheese or would you like a soup?" Harry asked, pointing at the different photos. 
"I like the tomato one." He said before inserting one of his fingers in his mouth. Harry was quick to gently grab his small hand. 
"We have to wash out hands first, buddy." 
An old woman walked towards their table, greeting them. Harry ended up ordering two tomato soups before heading to the bathroom with Artemis to wash their hands. 
"Harry, do you like my mummy?" Artemis was looking at him with big, doe eyes. "My grandma said you do."
Harry chuckled, remembering the time one of Y/n's moms walked into her daughter's house to find him shirtless and barely awake. "I think your mummy is a wonderful woman."
"But do you like her?" He insisted. He never thought he would be interrogated by a four-year-old but here he was. 
"Would you be okay if I did?" 
The little boy shrugged. "I like when you make her smile." He tried to put it into words, but he did like the way his mummy smiled after she arrived from a date with Harry. Y/n thought he would be asleep, but the truth was he faked it just so he could make sure his mom would arrive safely home. 
Harry felt his smile widen, feeling touched at how much attention Artemis would pay to his mummy. This was for sure one special little boy and Harry would love nothing more than to be in his life forever. 
“He said what?” Harry tried to hold his excitement from the other side of the line. “You’re joking, right?”
“I’m not! He asked me if I could put you in the approved pick up list.” She smiled. “Hope you don’t mind picking him more often.”
He sure didn’t. 
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littledreamybeth · a month ago
Steamy Love
Tumblr media
(Yes I still suck at writing smut lol)
She couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe. The only thing Y/N was able to focus on was the pleasure and the tingles she felt in her lady parts while she eased herself down Harry’s cock agonizingly, yet deliciously slow. The fire within her had fully expanded and hunger had completely taken control over her. He was stuffing and stretching her so good. The chilly air in the bedroom did little to cool down her hot body. Each fiber of her being was under heat.  
She snaked her trembling hands around his neck, pushing her upper body as forward as possible. The sensation of her hard nipples against his naked chest and the wetness of her vagina elicited a deep growl from the young musician’s throat. This was too good to be true. Y/N feared this steamy moment could be a fragment of her imagination, that Harry was still on tour and far away from her. But the pressure by which he held Y/N close to him and the small pain she felt in her back, due to him digging his fingernails into her delicate skin, were assuring enough to make her realize he had really returned. This was NOT a dream.
After torturing months of longing and loneliness, the young lovers had finally found themselves back in the arms of their significant other. Y/N felt like, now that Harry was by her side, she was able to breathe properly again. Clearly, she had no idea of how she had survived this long without his presence, acknowledging the fact that she was normally attached to his hip- but still, she was proud of herself because she had managed to live temporarily without him- even though it hadn’t been easy. It had been painful and nerve-wrecking. Sometimes, she had been at the verge of losing her mind. Harry had left visible marks on her daily life that were difficult to ignore. So, whenever something had happened or when she had seen something unusual, she instantly wanted to call out for her boyfriend, forgetting the fact that he was touring on the other side of the world, leaving her with nothing more than a text message to send to him. Certain circumstances hadn’t allowed her to join him on tour, otherwise she wouldn’t have batted an eyelash and had left with him. It was as if, by this way, fate had been challenging her, testing her, and with Harry’s return, she felt as if she was rewarded for passing the challenge. Because she had been patient.
Of course, her patience would pay off. They both were going to have the best welcome sex they had after years. They would first start off with a gentle and romantic lovemaking, exploring each centimeter of their bodies attentively before they’d fuck each other’s brains out in round two. Over the course of the last weeks, the only source of satisfying their sexual needs were either their hands or sex toys, but sometimes neither did do the trick. Don’t get them wrong- Harry loved phone sex and watching Y/N orgasm over Skype, but nothing felt more satisfying than or could compare to the feeling of her tight walls squeezing and tightening around his length. The same applied to his love. The only thing that was able to get her off was Harry himself.
With both of them sexually frustrated, you can only imagine what they had done as soon as they had stepped into Y/N’s apartment after the ride from the airport. Their clothes had vanished, surprise, before they could even reach the bedroom. Now, they were situated on her bed with Y/N on top of Harry’s lap and his dick between her legs.
“Why aren’t you moving?” she heard him rasp as he was peppering her bare shoulder with gentle pecks. She detected the slight confusion in his voice. Normally, they would get straight to business. Thus, she couldn’t blame him for being bewildered. The reason why she hadn’t moved yet was mixed with the need to feel him, his excitement, to savor this moment. She’d been deprived of his warmth long enough.
Instead of answering, she tightened her grip around his neck. Tears started to well in her eyes, and before she could even stop them, they were already running down her cheeks. Harry noticed the light shake of her shoulders and instant worry consumed him.
“Hey, are you crying?” he asked. Pulling back and out of her, he got a better picture of her beautiful face. Indeed, she was.
“What’s the matter, love? Are you okay? Why are you crying?” He laid his hands on her cheeks, catching the tears with his thumbs, swiping them away. “Tell me.”
If Y/N had the right words to explain the mess in her head, she would. What were the tears exactly? That of relief? Joy? Love? Or all three combined? All she knew for sure was how emotionally overwhelmed she was. She still had to process all of this.
“’m fine,” she reassured, shooting a shy smile at him. Probably not the best time to burst into tears. But Harry would never blame her for that. Sex could be emotionally overwhelming at times.
Y/N took a deep breath before she continued pouring her heart out. “It’s just me being happy to have you back, that’s all. You know I missed you. So incredibly much.” The last phrase was nothing but a whisper.
“I know you did, and I missed you too. Touring without the woman I love was hard- especially when I went back to the hotel to an empty room after each show while the others had someone to come back to.”
Harry remembered the many sleepless nights just because Y/N was not beside him to drive him to a deep slumber. He’d usually fall asleep to the sound of her breathing or her heartbeat, but on tour, he’d been surrounded by the silence of the hotel room, which had driven him mad countless times. So, he’d called her each night for comfort, however, it hadn’t always helped. He’d end up staying awake all night because he’d miss her so much.
“You don’t know how many times I wished I could’ve taken you with me to explore all these amazing places together. To see different cultures, to taste different food. To see you dancing to my songs and having fun each night. I would’ve loved giving that to you, and I’m incredibly sorry I couldn’t.”
“It’s okay,” Y/N said.
The British man shook his head. “No, it’s not. I know it’s not particularly my fault that our schedules did not align, and we talked about this before. I couldn’t expect you to drop everything for me- you have a job and a life after all. You cannot conform your life to mine, which is absolutely okay, and I respect that. But it still irked me to leave you here on your own.”
Before Love on Tour started, they had long discussions about how they would handle each other’s absence. They constantly stressed they would be fine for a couple of months since there were alternatives to be in touch, but not long after the first show, they had found out how hard it was actually in practice. The different time zones, the lack of physical touch- you name it.
“I love music and I love touring, y’know I have to give something in return for my fans’ loyalty and support. But touring doesn’t make much fun without my loved ones. I promise the next time I’m on the road again, it’ll be with you. I’ll make sure of it.”
Y/N’s heart simply melted. She was lucky to have this man as her lover.
“Speaking of fun,” Y/N remarked, not trace of tears on her face anymore, “you seemed to enjoy yourself very much on stage.”
Y/N had no idea what had gone through Harry’s mind and what actually had gotten into him when he literally had teased his audience with his bottom by bending down often or just shaking his booty during songs each show. She had read lots of comments about how he was a literal ‘whore’ for doing that, and on top of that he received the title ‘whoerry’. She was still amused by this. But she was sure that the teasing was mostly addressed to her. As if he intended to say, “See what you’re missing, love’. More often than once had she caught herself being frustrated because she couldn’t touch his ass through her laptop screen, squeezing and spanking those thick cheeks with her palms. At moments like this, she had wished she was gifted the superpower of teleportation which enabled her to move from one place to another. She would get what she wanted, and then, whoosh, vanish. Never mind, she had thought back then. Now, she had all the time of her life to catch up on that anyway.
“I’m the mastermind behind all of my songs. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy themselves while listening to them? Let me be proud of my work and flaunt with my talent.” Harry did a short hair flip, which made Y/N laugh.
“It just surprised me,” she said. “This is so unlike you.”
“We all discover new things about ourselves, hun, don’t we?”
She leaned forward, covered the shell of his ear and whispered seductively, “I also have a naughty side. Want to see it?” What a great introduction to continue where they left off!
When she pulled back, she stared right into Harry’s lustful eyes, which were practically stripping her off although she was already naked. It was said that our eyes were mirrors to our souls, and all Y/N could see right now was love and admiration in his green orbs.
“Please…” the award-winning singer implored.
With that being said, Harry positioned himself between her legs once again, and Y/N began to move her hips up and down. He let her set the pace because he didn’t want to go hard on her just yet. They had plenty of time for that later but in this moment, all he wanted was to enjoy romantic and gentle sex. He wanted to familiarize with her body once more, finding out whether he still knew the right spots that made her see the sparkles and stars in front of her eyes.
At some point, he lied down on his back- or rather was pushed- and let the spectacle unfold before him. His gaze was trained on Y/N the entire time, without any interruptions. His love, his Y/N, his goddess- oh how good she was riding him. SO good that he didn’t know where she ended, and he began. He took a closer look at the way her breasts would bounce all the way up and down deliciously that Harry wanted to bury his face in them, at her face where lust was evident on her features- the way she bit her lower lip was to die for- and the spot where their bodies connected. He had almost forgotten how it felt like making love to her.
He watched how she’d take him balls-deep, listened to the sweet sounds she’d make mixed with the usual skin-slapping.
The highlight of that moment was actually when Y/N started to sex-talk. It surprised him because it happened out of the blue. He knew she had never been a fan of it, it made her feel uncomfortable. She would avoid it at all costs, even when they fucked. So, it made Harry happy to see that she finally jumped out of her comfort zone by telling him dirty things this time.
She clenched around him, and Harry’s head spun around.
“Here,” Y/N groaned, pointing at her lower belly right under her navel. “I feel you right here.”
“I’m sure you do,” Harry gasped, rolling his eyes in pleasure as his love did a certain move with her hips that knocked the air out of his lungs. Where the heck did that come from? How did she learn it? When did she learn it? So many questions to be answered. He’d ask her after they’d finish.
“Use me, baby doll,” he hyped her up. “Take what rightfully belongs to you. Don’t be shy. I’m all yours.”
She wouldn’t let him tell that twice. The closer she reached her climax, the wilder and louder she became. All for Harry’s benefit. He wasn’t far behind. He felt his release was almost there. So for the final explosion, he propped himself back up and guided his hands to Y/N’s hips, pushing her up and then pulling her down his shaft while the tried to pounce into her as hard as he could.
“Oh my god! I’m so close!” Y/N breathed heavily.
Harry grabbed a fist of her hair and maneuvered her head slightly aggressive towards his own. Attaching his luscious lips with hers, he kissed her feverishly, swallowing each moan that escaped her throat. He put his hand between their bodies, massaging and stimulating her sensitive clit in circular motions to offer her the ultimatum of pleasure. She was tightening around him even more until her screams finally filled the air.
After a few more pushes, Harry came himself, releasing a long, deep groan before sagging down in Y/N’s arms. Both were out of breath. The young musician tried to calm down by listening to the rapid beating of his partner’s heart.
“The thing you did with your hip,” Harry said, after finding his breath again. “How did you do it?”
“That’s a secret for me to keep.” Y/N teased.
“It’s fine. Cannot wait for round two,” Harry mumbled against her collarbone. They were aware of the fact of how intense it was going to be. And they were looking forward to it.
“Ten minutes,” the woman asked, still overpowered by the aftershocks of her climax. Running her fingers through his curls she added, “Ten minutes are all I need.”
They didn’t last ten minutes before devouring each other again. It was a very, very long night.
By the time the new day dawned upon the city of London, the young couple had not only been worn out and knackered but also their bodies had been covered in all sorts of marks and love bites, all of them resulting from passion and pure love.
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hstyles-1994 · 7 months ago
Pretty Please
in which harry has baby fever
a/n: soooo...i started this blurb almost two months ago and i completely forgot to finish it. it’s not great but it’s quite cute, at least i think so. enjoy bbys <3
1.6k words
Tumblr media
For the past week you and Harry have been spending time at his home in Holmes Chapel, with his family. Anne had organised a family get together a little while ago, and of course you and Harry had to be there. You had no complaints. You absolutely loved spending time with Anne and Gemma. Although you haven’t been with Harry for too long, you still see them as family. You absolutely adore spending time with them, and you've been extremely happy here the past week.
When you arrived, just under a week ago, you were pretty shy meeting everyone. There were some people you’ve never met before, but over time you felt comfortable enough to talk to them. Two people in particular you spend most of your time with are kids. When you all arrived one of Harry's close family friends arrived with his two kids, Jack and Lily, Jack being 5 and Lily being 4. The whole week they spent everyday attached to you. They would constantly want to play games, run around the garden and just spend time with you. And that really took you by surprise.
On the first day here, all of the family were sitting outside in the garden talking about work and some other random things you couldn’t really remember. All the while, Jack and Lily were running around the garden with each other. Although after a while they would bug everyone about playing with them, to which they all said no. You were the last person they came up to about playing with them, only because you’ve only met today and they didn’t know you very well. When they approached you they were super quiet and asked you super sweetly to play with them. And you couldn’t say no to their little faces.
For the past hour you’ve been chasing the little two around the garden playing tag. Everytime you caught them you would pick them up over your shoulder and pretend to throw them in the pool, which would make them scream and giggle. If you're being honest you were having more fun with Jack and Lily than you were sitting with the adults. You absolutely enjoyed playing with them, although you feel bad that everyone else said no to them. The two of them attempted to tackle you to the ground many times, which you let them win of course. And eventually you ended up on all fours with them on your back, while you crawled around the garden.
“That poor girl, what are they doing to her?” Anne laughs, pointing to the three of you. “Oh god, is she okay” their dad, Adam, laughs. “Yeah she’s fine” harry chuckles. If Harry was being honest he absolutely loved seeing you with kids. He would do anything to have kids with you. Something about you playing with kids really warms Harry’s heart. He’s never seen you with kids before and the sight in front of him is really fuelling his breeding kink.
He now wants nothing more than to make a baby with you. The thought of being a father right now excites Harry so much. And it’s not like you haven’t spoken about have babies. The only push back is that you’ve only been together for a little over seven months. So your slightly concerned that having kids early on might cause problems in the future between the two of you. Whether that be you start to drift and don’t last, which right not you don’t think you’ll ever separate. Another being that your still young. Your only twenty-one and your not entirely sure your ready to take that step just yet.
By the end of the week you were absolutely exhausted. Every day Jack and Lily would come wake you up around 10am to play. When you told them that you needed a break they would get pretty upset and start to cling to you. And by that point you just gave in and played with them. Everyday you would either play in the garden with them or spend the day inside playing with the huge amount of toys they brought with them for the week. You and Lily even made little friendship brackets with some beads and string Anne had lying around in her craft room.
When it came the time for everyone to leave they became extremely clingy to you. They would constantly want cuddles and to be with you, which you had no complaints about. The plan was for everyone to leave late Friday morning, but plans slightly changed. Jack and Lily begged for you to come with them, but you had to go back home. They spent the morning cuddled into your sides, shedding a few tears too which absolutely broke your heart.
“I don’t know how we’re supposed to leave” Adam sighs. “They’re so attached to y/n” he adds. “I know, they really love her” harry smiles. “It’s just, I don’t know. They’ve never had a mother like figure in their lives” Adam starts. “And I’m not saying they see her as a mum, but they’ve not had female attention since Abbey left three years ago. They miss it” he adds. “Well they can always come visit us whenever we’re free, we won’t mind” harry suggests. “They’d love that, thank you Harry” Adam smiles.
While the adults were talking in the kitchen, your cuddled up with the two kids in the living room. They begged for you to watch Tangled with you, and you definitely could not pass up on that opportunity. Once the movie had ended the group of adults made their way into the living room. They look at you three all cuddled up and go into awe. Adam hates to tell the little ones that they’re leaving soon. But it has to be done.
“Hey guys, how was the movie” Adam asks, picking up Lily in his arms and kissing her head. “Good, can we watch another one, please daddy” she pouts. “I’m sorry sweetie, we have to go home soon” he sighs. Immediately, Jack and Lily burst into tears. Lily jumps out of her dads arms and into yours, holding tightly onto you arm. And jack does the same. They cling to you for dear life. “I’m sorry, but you can see y/n again soon. I promise” he says, hoping to cheer them up.
They beg and plead to stay with you for a little while, that’s until you promise them they can see you again soon. You arranged to take them to the park sometime the following week, and that instantly put huge smiles on their faces. They agreed to be good and get ready to go home soon. Once they had their shoes and coats on, bags all packed in the car, they come to say their goodbyes too you. They give you a huge hug, accompanied with a kiss on the cheek, then leave with their dad.
Once they’ve left you and Harry leave soon after. You say goodbye to everyone and then begin the journey back to london with Harry. The drive back is a few hours, so you decided to take a little nap considering how energy draining this week has been. By the time you’d made it back to Harry’s house you were fast asleep. Harry decided not to wake you up, and that he’ll just carry you inside.
Harry makes his way round the car to your side, quietly opening the door and taking off your seatbelt. He lifts you up bridal style, making sure your head is on his shoulder and in a comfort position then carrying you to the front door. He pulls his keys out as quiet as possible, unlocking the door and carrying you inside. He softly lays you down on the couch, covering you with your favourite blanket, then returning outside to grab all the bags from the car.
Once he’s carried everything inside he makes his way back to the living room to see you walking up. He makes his way over to you, sitting on the edge of the couch and holding your hand in his. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you” he whispers, leaning down and placing a kiss on your forehead. “S’okay, i don’t want to sleep all day anyways” you yawn, sitting up and stretching your arms.
“I had so much fun this week harry, I can’t wait to see your family again” you smile, wrapping your arms around harry. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself baby, they all love you” he smiles, kissing your head. “Especially Jack and Lily, I loved seeing you with them” he adds. “They’re so cute, I can’t wait to have my own kids one day” you blush, looking up at Harry. “Me too” harry smiles, placing a kiss on your lips.
“Y/n, when can we have a baby” he asks shyly. You heart begins to race, a huge smile spreads across your face, and you want nothing more than to have a baby with Harry. “I want a baby with you, but is a baby going to be a good decision now? Your working a lot of the time so will you have time for a baby” you ask. “I can take some time off, we can try for a baby and if it happens then it happens” he smiles, tears filling his eyes. “I want nothing more than to have a baby with you, princess” he adds.
“I love you so much harry” you sniffle, wiping the tears from your eyes. You jump at Harry, sitting on his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. He keeps a tight grip on your waist, kissing your jawline making you giggle. “I love you more than anything, and I can’t wait to have a baby” he smiles, kissing your lips.
“Let’s go make this baby”.
requests and suggestions welcome here
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goldencherryhazz · 7 months ago
A/n: this is the second fix in two days what is happening?! This is purely based on this pic, and no I don’t think I will ever get over it. Pls don’t copy my work, notes would be much appreciated!!
Boyfriend!harry x reader
She’s small but very fluffy!
Tumblr media
(Just look him 🥰)
You and Harry had always been a pda- ey couple, just wanting to love on each other all the time when you were in each other’s presence, showing the people around you who the other belonged to, it wasn’t possible to not be touching the other wether it was one of Harry hands on your thigh when out for a meal or one of your hands slipping into the back pocket of his jeans when you were walking. That was only the subtle things you did in public and around your twos friends. Sometimes you were full on kissing nearly turning into full on makeout sessions but someone, usually Mitch when you were with him, would be making throwing up noises or saying ‘get a room you two’. It got even worse when you were at a bar or a nightclub, Harrys possessive side would come out when random men would stare at you, his girl. So he would have you sit sideways his lap which you gladly did always feeling safe in his arms, he would whisper sweet nothings into your ear leaving sweet kisses on your neck whilst staring the guy or multiple men who were ogling you, making him chuckle into your skin when they would look the other way awkwardly some even moving seats after being under Harry’s intimidating gaze.
And tonight was no different, the public displays of affection didn’t falter, you and Harry had been invited to Sarah and Mitch’s house for a film and wine night night, popcorn probably being included aswell. Sarah had also surprised you all with matching white dressing gowns having seen them in a sale, so she couldn’t resist and thought they would be perfect for watching films in.
So there you all were barely watching the film that was playing on the tv, it merely just a noise in the background whilst you all were all in deep conversation, you Mitch and Harry sat on the l-shaped sofa and Sarah was sat on the armchair opposite. You were sandwiched between Harry and Mitch, Harry’s hand on your thigh as usual, giving it a squeeze through the soft white fabric of the dressing gown every so often.
‘So H are you going to put ‘medicine’ on the next album’ mitch had asked for the the billionth time that week.
‘I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t know’ Harry responded.
‘Why don’t you know’ Sarah piped up, picking up another piece of popcorn from the bowl that was resting on her very prominent bump, you and Harry were jumping for joy when they had announced that they were going to have a baby, your pretty sure Mitch still was still in shock but you knew both him and Sarah would be the best parents.
‘It sounds killer when we perform it live so it would sound even more amazing as a studio version’
‘But people have heard it all before and I want there to be all new material in the next album’ he responds tiredly
‘They haven’t heard a studio version of it though, so it technically would be new’ Mitch points out.
‘Oh Mitch will you give it a rest’ Harry says squeezing your thighs a little too hard making him loosen his grip and smooth his hand over the area as if to say sorry.
‘No absolutely not’ you laugh at their heated discussion but at the same time you felt a bit awkward being in the middle of it so you kinda wanted to crawl onto the armchair with Sarah.
‘Harry you might as well give up now’ Sarah chimes
‘Right I will think about it, okay’ Harry settles the argument not wanting to be pestering by the same question over and over again.
‘Hallelujah’ Mitch says bringing his drink to his lips taking a large swig
‘Thank fuck for that’ Harry mutters under his breath reaching for his drink, but still loud enough for everyone else to hear making the room erupt in laughter.
You eventually get up in need of the toilet, Harry reluctantly lets go of your thigh, he had become slightly tipsy and a little sleepy over the course of the past half an hour. You remember once when you were at a bar with the whole band after a concert, he was like this and when you needed to go for a pee he wouldn’t let you do from his grip not wanting to be on his own even though all of his friends were surrounding him, he even tried to follow you to the restroom making you laugh at how cute he was being, luckily this time he stayed put.
When you come back you stand in the doorway of the living room, still being out of view you admire the sight of your boyfriend, he was now laid down against the cushions a hand fiddling with his curls, there wasn’t a crease between his eyebrows like before, his face now looked peaceful. He was clad in his black jeans which looked quite silly compared to the fluffy dressing gown, but he looked so soft and cuddly. You notice that Mitch has gotten considerably closer to Harry as they were having their own quiet conversation, his beer still in hand, meaning that had and excuse to cuddle up with Harry not that you really needed one anyway.
Sarah was now completely immersed watching the film, not noticing you as you reappear into the room, Harry looking up from his conversation smiling at you, his face morphing into a smirk when your knees hit the sofa and you start crawling up the tight gap on his right, before placing your head down on his broad shoulder hand on his chest then snuggling your warm body into his. He immediately places his arm around your shoulder bringing you even closer to him then pressing a chaste kiss to you lips before pressing one into your hair. No words are exchanged between all of this your acts of affection speaking louder than anything.
You spend the rest of the night in this position, chipping into conversations from time to time, getting sleepier as the night went on, the dressing gowns were definitely a good idea Harry thought, they made snuggling so much more toasty, he also couldn’t stop looking down at you with a massive grin you looked soo dreamy and peaceful Sarah even secretly snaps a quick photo of you two one of the many times he does this, finding the interaction truly adorable and posting it on Instagram which you would find out in the morning. Even Mitch found it quite cute, and that was saying something, but he of course didn’t say anything because he was the one that always took the mick out of you two when you were like this, so he decides to stay quiet and go and cuddle with Sarah instead wanting to keep the calm atmosphere of the room.
You realise that your happy place was right in Harry arms and at this moment in time you never wanted to move out of his grip, he suddenly moves to place another kiss to your lips ‘love cuddling you like this baby’
‘Hmm I love cuddling you too’ you smile at him as he rests his chin on top of your head sighing happily, wrapping his arms even tighter around you like he never wanted to let go.
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heartbreakweatherharry · 10 months ago
spoiled (h.s)
Tumblr media
→ requested: yes! “what about some fluff where u really spoil harry with gifts and he doesnt know how to react 🥰”
→ warnings: only a few curse words if i remember correctly
→ author’s note: thank u miss amy for this request! i did what i could with it <3 fairly short piece
Tumblr media
“‘m back,” she shouted whilst shuffling through the doorway, both hands clutching an assortment of shopping bags that crinkled against one another. Her feet ached from the day behind her, soles begging to be released from their pointed-toe confinements. “Where’ve you run off to?”
“Finishing up in th’office, be there in a moment!”
An ‘ah’ slipped past Y/N’s lips as she set the plethora of bags on the kitchen’s granite-top island, relieving her hands. Approaching footsteps and soft exhales tickled her ears.” Hey, baby,” she swiftly turned around at the sensation of a hand on her waist.
“‘lo,” Harry hummed, gently pressing his lips against hers, “get y’self somethin’ pretty?” The girl shook her head. “No? Then what’re all these?”
She giggled, watching her boyfriend motion to the large selection of shopping bags on their counter. “They’re f’you.” Harry’s brows furrowed, skin creasing in his t-zone.
Y/N reached across the counter, dragging one of the bags closer to them. “You. Now,” she pulled out one of the teal bar stools they kept tucked under the island’s overhang. “Sit. Open them.”
Mumbling an ‘okay’ under his breath, he followed her instructions, settling into the rather uncomfortable metal chair. “Where should I, uh,” Harry stuttered, “where do y’want me t’start?” He had never seen this many shopping bags all for him, all hand-picked with love and consideration. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior— you name the designer, it was more than likely that there was a bag with its name on the table.
“Anywhere you’d like, H,” she smiled. “We’ve got all day.”
“Shit, okay.” His voice was barely above a whisper, eyes wide in disbelief that every single item on the island was for him. Surely Y/N had bought at least one thing for herself, right? “Okay then. Um, tha’ one, please.”
Nearly twenty bags later, their countertops were running out of surface area for all of Harry’s new belongings. Shirts, watches, colognes, and shoes littered the kitchen from cabinet to cabinet. “I think tha’ was th’last one,” he breathed, running a hand through his disheveled curls.
“What do you think? Do you like all of it?” Y/N sat eagerly next to the man, one of her hands gently squeezing his knee every so often. In the silence that followed her question, her brows raised in concern, “you don’t like it, do you? Oh, god, H. I’m sorry, I—“
“No, no,” he quickly spoke over his girlfriend, bringing his palm down to rest atop the back of her hand. “I love it, all ‘f it. I promise. I just...” Harry trailed off, bottom lip finding refuge between his teeth. “Nobody’s ever done this f’me before.”
Meek, Y/N scooched her stool closer to his, the metal screeching against their tile floors. “You’re always doing nice things for me, buying me all sorts of gifts, taking me around the world. I know it’s not much but,” the man turned his head, eyes meeting the girl’s, “I wanted to spoil you for once.”
“I have everything I need sitting righ’ in front of me, baby. Y’spoil me enough jus’ by bein’ m’girl.” His fingertips wandered underneath Y/N’s chin, softly tilting her head upwards. “I love you, y’know?”
She hummed, a blush rising to the apples of her cheeks, “Not as much as I love you.”
“Where did’y’get all th’money for this, anyway? Must’ve cost a fortune.”
“Not important,” Y/N giggled, swiftly pressing a peck to the tip of Harry’s nose. “Just don’t look too hard at your bank statement this month.”
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mindofharry · 7 months ago
Thinking of the different types of love languages with harry and how we would express them </3
I think his favourite would be physical touch. Harry would constantly be touching you in some way, whether it be holding your hand or just resting his hand on the bottom of your back. It’s definitely a comfort thing for him, and you love it. It makes you feel very safe and all warm inside.
His favourite to do is a koala bear hug!! Harry would usually do this after being away for a long period of time without fully seeing you. He’d wrap his arms and legs around you, nearly pushing you to the floor. Sometimes it would happen when you’re in bed and harry’s just laying on top of you, his head resting in the nook of your neck nipping at it every couple of seconds. Another thing he does, his hugs from behind. Sometimes his arm is around your neck or other times his hands are on your stomach.
Harry likes to be near you at all times, so behind hugs while cooking dinner is almost routine. He also loves kissing behind your neck, it’s his and your favourite spot. Harry also likes all of your attention, so sometimes dinner does get forgotten. But those are your favourite days. When you’re about to cook dinner and harry practically pounces on you. At the meat you were going to take out is forgotten and takeaway is ordered instead.
Harry loves words of affirmation. You wouldn’t say he’s insecure, but your partner does need reassuring sometimes. Especially when it comes to his work. Music is his baby, and he just wants it to do well and be perfect. Sometimes harry over does it and just needs you to hype him up a bit. Something you absolutely love doing.
“Baby, this is amazing. You’re amazing” You said, running your hands through harry’s hair reassuring his insecure thoughts. The album is in the making and it’s ruining his mood this week. You hate seeing him so worked up about something he’s so in love with. Harry is so passionate about his work, he just forgets to take breaks. And down the line he really regrets it.
“Honey, the music is fantastic. You know me, i’d tell you if it was horrible” You teased placing a hand on his shoulder, harry was had his hands over his face and his elbows resting on the kitchen counter. He had just gotten home from the studio and you expected to see a happy, smiley harry styles. Instead you got a cranky, upset and insecure one. You knew exactly what to do to fix this.
A takeaway and praising everything he does for the next week.
Gifts! You love giving gifts, and harry of course like anyone else, enjoys getting them. Harry spoils you all the time, it’s another thing he loves to do. He could buy you a dress just because it’s friday, or bring home some makeup stuff because he heard you saying you wanted some to your friends.
Although he enjoys giving, he also enjoys getting.
You love making up little care packages for harry. The looks on his face when you give him the stuff is so wholesome and you would do it everyday if you had the money. And he’s always so grateful, kissing you and thanking you non stop.
He loves when you get him face masks, because that means when it’s a pamper day he doesn’t have to take yours and you can do one together!
Pamper days are like there own separate love language for you and harry. If someone’s having a bad day: pamper day. If someone’s having a good dad: pamper day. You get the idea. Harry just loves sitting down with you, doing your hair and nails. Having a movie on in the background and just doing fuck all, all day.
He enjoys this the most after doing the album or maybe the weeks when the album is being mixed and finalised. Harry stresses over the smallest things so basically everyday is pamper day. Neither of you are complaining though!
Quality time is a big one for harry. And another one of his favourites. Being a singer and songwriter, he doesn’t get to spend as much time as he would like with you. If he’s not producing or singing, he’s doing interviews or performances. And if not that, then trying to catch up with other family and friends. It’s hard to make time for each other especially when you work long hours too. Later on in his life, i’d say things would be way easier when it came to quality time. But right now in his career, it’s a lot harder than he’d like to admit.
When you do see each other, you both clear your schedules for however long harry or you is in town for.
There’s never any question about it. But if there is something one that one of you can’t move, there’s never an argument. Sometimes you just can’t help work.
Quality time consists of deep chats, future home and families and work.
Harry loves talking about your day and work. He asks every time he sees you. He even wants to know about your favourite tv shows or any new gossip in the office.
Harry will definitely be THAT boyfriend 🥺
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crossyourmindrights · 5 months ago
Cuddles with Harry
Umm so I don’t normally do this but I had a short little imagine in mind inspired by a post about his neck. So yea
Tumblr media
You were already in bed waiting for Harry to finish up on whatever he was doing in the bathroom. You heard the sink running so you assumed he was brushing his teeth or doing his nightly skincare routine. The Office was playing on the t.v from earlier today and all you wanted was for Harry to hurry up so you could have a cuddle before bed. Finally you heard the sink turn off and the bathroom door that was connected to the master bedroom open with a sleepy Harry walking out of the door. He looked so cuddly! You thought. Taken out of your thoughts, Harry sat right on top of you. “Harry!” you yelled. “What? I just wanted some attention from my girl” He pouted. Honestly sometimes that man. “Whatever get off me you big loaf! You’re gonna suffocate me!” “Hey that’s rude missy, are you calling me fat?” He dramatically gasped. “Honestly sometimes Harry” He rolled his eyes, acting as if you didn’t say that. He finally got off you moments later and sat next to you with his arms opened. Almost as if he was daring you to crawl into them. Nevertheless you did because you knew you would always be safe in his arms no matter what. You buried your head into the crook of his neck. “How are you so warm?” You said. “What did you say love? Came out all muffled there darling.” You picked your head up from the crook of the neck and said once more, “ I said, how are you so warm?” Harry looked at you with pure adoration. “I just am love. Why, do you not like it?” “No I love it. Your like my personal heater during the winter time” You smiled. He threw his head back and laughed a laugh you hoped your kids would get in the future. “Glad to know I keep you warm during the winter” “Always” He unwrapped his arms from you and you whined from the loss of contact and he laughed again. He reached for the remote and turned off the t.v “Heyyyyyyy I was watching that” you said. “Were you though love?” You scoffed “whatever”. He turned off the lights and went under the blankets with you. He turned to face you, then proceeded to nuzzle his nose with yours. You buried your face back into the crook of his neck to hide the creeping blush that was forming on your face even though it was pitch black and he wouldn’t have been able to see a thing, You proceeded to pepper kisses at the base of his neck and left a mark or two which Harry whined about.You took your head out of his neck to face him. “Oh you big baby. Can’t handle a mark or two can you?” You said. Somehow Harry was spooning you with his head in the crook of your neck and his hair tickling your face. He started leaving kisses around your neck, the same as what you had done to him. He started to leave a couple marks which you also started whining about.  “Oh you big baby. Can’t handle a mark or two can you?” He mocked what you said just a few minutes earlier. “Shut up” “ Oi that ain’t a very nice thing to say to your boyfriend now is it love?” “Whatever” He sneaked his hands under your shirt and onto your stomach warming it up and you happily welcomed it. “Goodnight Harry, I love you.” “Goodnight darling, I love you too.” And with that you fell asleep cuddled up with the man of your dreams. Happy as ever.
Thanks for reading! This was my first ever imagine so please let me know if there’s anything I can improve on and if you liked it please like and repost and don’t be shy to leave a follow :)
- Katchi 
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harrylilies · a year ago
The Royal Series | Pt. II
The Royal Series Masterlist
a/n: Damn okay rewriting this made me question how you all liked this before at all because that was cringey as fuck.
If anyone had told you or Harry that you would be texting each other from your private numbers only a week before you met, the both of you would have laughed straight to their face.
You remember how before you both parted ways that night at the bar, you stood in front of each other by your car, Farrah having been already in the car and Harry’s band having had bid their goodbyes and “we wish to see you again’s”, but Harry lingered by you.
“Thank you for coming to the show and spending time with my lame friends and I.” Harry had said with his hands clasped behind his back and a small smirk on his face as he tipped his head at you.
“Thank you for helping Farrah and I get seats so soon, and for a wonderful show, and amazing fries and conversation.” You had replied with a smirk that mirrored his.
“Will you be attending any more shows of mine?” Almost timidly, Harry had asked.
“Depends, are you going to invite me?”
His smile had widened, eyes seeming to sparkle at the initiated playful banter you replied with, “Would you accept the invitation?”
“As I said, depends if I even receive one.” You had shrugged.
He had known that this was him shooting his shot – a shot at the Princess of the United Kingdom to be more specific and it sounded absolutely mental. “Well, how do I reach you if I ever want to send an invitation?”
You had given him a smile, eyes staring into his, “You can text me, but how do I trust that you don’t leak my number?” You had teased him.
“How do I know that you won’t leak mine?” Harry had joked, tipping his head to the side as he looked at you.
You had given him a shrug with a smile he could only think of adorable and all its synonyms, “You don’t.”
Having had 5 days before his next show and deciding to go back to London, you had planned to meet for coffee at a place you knew that rarely had anyone visiting but coffee turned to staying for lunch, to trying dessert together, and before either of you had known it, you had spent the entire day together.
The following day, you had FaceTimed as you watched a movie together, Harry slipping halfway through it by saying what you had secretly hoped for and had you giggling and smiling like a young teenager;
“I never thought our second date would be over FaceTime.”
For Harry, it was embarrassing, but you had seen it as hitting a bird with two stones; 1: he considered the day before a date, and 2: he considered that one, too, a date.
But you had assured him when you replied;
“Maybe we can meet tomorrow? So that the third one isn’t virtual?”
And for the third one, you had made dinner together at his house and cried watching The Notebook.
Taking your seat at the table, beside your brother, Har, your grandmother had the family over for breakfast and was later hosting a formal dinner on the same day - two occasions you had to attend but you had informed them that you weren’t going to be able to attend dinner.
"Tiny, is it true you’re not attending dinner?" Your brother, William, asked with the nickname he and Har had created for you ever since you were an infant, as you placed toast on your plate before reaching for jam, Har helping you by giving it to you.
You hummed in confirmation, "I have plans that I can't cancel."
Sighing, William put his fork down and looked at you, "What sort of plans?"
Letting your fork down and intertwining your fingers together, you looked back at him with a raised eyebrow, "Personal ones.”
"Personal pla-"
"Oh, just let her go, will you?" Har chuckled, "It's not going to be the end of the world."
"Don't encourage her, Harry." Your grandmother replied.
"I don't need any encouragement, Granny. I have been attending dinners and formal meetings all my life. I think I deserve to look after myself for a bit, don't you think?"
The table was quiet for a few seconds before Har coughed and shrugged, "I think you're right."
You gave him a thankful smile, watching as he winked at you discreetly.
"I think Y/N knows what she's doing, Will." Kate said softly, glancing at you before looking at your brother who instantly loosened.
"Is he British?" You grandmother asked, making the air hitch in your throat before you eyed Har, who stifled his scoff, knowing that she was indirectly referring to the woman he was with; Meghan.
You only looked at her, eyes wide and mouth slightly opened.
"Is-Is who British?" You cleared your throat.
"The personal reason why you're not attending dinner." She gave you a smile, letting you know that she was keeping up.
"Granny!" You groaned, looking down at your plate, ignoring everyone who sat on the table as they seemed to stifle their laughter at the situation.
"Just remember," Your grandmother began, making you look at her, "You are Y/N, Princess of the United Kingdom, not someone normal. Leave the normal to the normal. If you're seeing Fred, I'll give you my blessing. If not..." She paused before continuing to eat.
Your eyes met Kate’s sympathetic ones before you looked down at your plate, "Of course." You whispered.
You were in a hurry to get breakfast done with so you could go on with your own day.
After a formal visit to a hospital, you were glad to go back to your flat at Kensington, finally feeling your muscles relax as you began to get ready to see Harry.
Although you could have your driver drive you to where Harry was, he was persistent to meet you so you could go to wherever he wanted you to go to, together.
Your driver had driven you the short distance from the palace to where Harry was waiting for you, looking around for you to make sure no one but the 3 of you was around.
“All clear.” He smiled as he turned back to look at you.
“Thank you so much,” you smiled back, “Sorry for the hassle.”
“None of that, YN.” The old man waved you off, causing you to grin before getting out of the car and walking towards Harry’s black Range Rover.
His head turned to look at you, a smile instantly making its way to his face as he got out to greet you, wrapping his arms around you in a quick hug before pecking your cheek.
"Sorry I'm late." You said, catching your breath as you looked at him.
"It's okay. Is everything alright?" He asked, his eyes on you as he took you in.
You nodded, smiling slightly. "It is now.”
Getting in the car and buckling up, Harry drove off after waving at your driver.
He glanced at you before looking back at the road, a dumbfounded smile on his face, “You look beautiful.”
You tried to stifle the wide grin, looking at the window beside you, “Thank you. You look lovely, too.”
“Did I just make her Royal Highness blush?” Harry gasped dramatically.
“Shut it, Styles!” You laughed, feeling all the stress and worry that you had carried with you throughout the day fade, “Also, I’m on AUX duty.”
Arriving at the place where Harry promised to be peaceful, you were helped out of the car by him. Gently holding each other's hands, both aware of the zoo in your stomachs, you walked inside the small restaurant.
"Oh, Harry, you're here!" An old lady exclaimed with an excited grin before her eyes moved to you, her grey eyes going wide. "Is this- Oh my, are you Princess Y/N?"
Biting your lip and afraid she'd give you any special treatment, you reluctantly nodded.
"Your Highness," She gave you a curtesy. "The place is a bit messy. It's not always like tha-"
"No, no!" You quickly interrupted her, "I love it. And please call me Y/N."
"Are you sure? I mean you're..." She trailed off, glancing at Harry who gave her a reassuring nod.
"I am." You smiled softly at her.
“Oh, dear,” she brought a hand to her heart as her face softened, “It’s a pleasure meeting you, Y/N.”
“All mine,...”
You smiled, “Pleasure is all mine, Trisha.”
Smiling at the encounter, Harry’s hand was then on your back as he looked at Trisha, "The regular booth." He informed her, beginning to walk towards the end of the restaurant with you.
You sat down, watching as he sat in front of you. "Do you come here often?"
He nodded, "Trisha here," He pointed back with his thumb, "Has seen me at possibly every state. I got lost once and I came here to use their phone and I've been coming here ever since, that was maybe 3 years ago."
"She seems lovely." You smiled.
"She is." Harry agreed before looking at Trisha who came to your table and put two menus in front of you and him.
"I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order."
You smiled at her before opening the menu and skimming through it, “What do you usually get?”
“The s-”
The sound of the door bells chiming grabbed both of your attention, the both of you looking towards it. In came a group of maybe 7 young adults, all laughing and filling the once quiet place.
You noticed it; one guy elbowing his friend and pointing at you with wide eyes and before you knew it, the group of friends were looking at you and Harry with not so discreet whispers.
"Hey," Your head snapped to Harry once you heard him. He leaned forward to talk quietly, eyes showing care, "We can leave if you want."
You slightly smiled and shook your head, "I still want to know your usual plate."
Reaching underneath the table, Harry held his palm open towards you. You glanced from his hand to his face, smiling as you placed your hand in his, feeling Harry give it a squeeze.
The truth was, Harry knew the risk he was taking. He knew that you were way out of his league; hell, if someone told him years ago that he would be on a date with someone from the Royal family, he would've laughed in their face.
Yet, something about you was so soothing. It was almost as if you had a part that needed to explored, a part that you kept to yourself – a part that was just like anyone else; normal. He didn't know what it felt like to be a part of a royal family or even know much about the formal, royal protocol but one thing he knew for sure was that he never felt this way about someone before.
He had never experienced the normalcy of how it felt with you with anyone else.
Eating Harry's usual meal, salmon pasta, you both were sharing stories that had you giggling and all smiles as if you were the only people in the place.
"And before I know it, I'm dragged in the water."
You laughed, "I can't believe you thought your friend was a shark."
"It's not all the time that people drag you into the water!" Harry said defensively but with a chuckle at the end, watching you as you laughed.
"Sure, because sharks have fingers." You sarcastically nodded.
"That-" Harry pointed at you before slumping in his seat, "That's a good point."
With his hands under his chin, Harry watched you talk about that one time you and your best friends, Emma, Farrah and Nia, decided to up and leave England for two days without giving anyone heads up.
"We went to Italy." You finished, smiling down at your finished plate at the memory before looking at Harry, leaning back in your chair.
"Got an earful when you went back home?"
You chuckled, shrugging, "Nothing I'm not used to."
"So the tabloids are true? You like breaking rules?" Harry smirked, tilting his head slightly.
With butterflies in your stomach and a grin on your face, you replied.
"Only when it's worth it."
After sharing dessert, Harry asked for the check.
Holding the paper, Harry took out his wallet as you were taking out yours, “How much is it?” You asked.
He gave you a funny look, “You think I’m letting you pay?”
“Come on, we can’t go through this every time.” You chuckled, trying to snatch the paper from him only to have him pull away.
“Not to sound too proud but you know I’m capable of paying for the both of us for whatever, right?”
“I also know that you don’t have to.” You added.
“But do you know that I want to?” He asked, taking money out discreetly.
You rolled your eyes jokingly at him, “Of course you’d use that line,” you chuckled as he shrugged at you with a cheeky smile, “Fine, I’m leaving the tips though.”
He knew that it was a dead-end so he nodded.
You gave him the money so he could add it with his, “How about we do that from now on? Switch paying and tips with each other,” you suggested, “Next time, I’ll pay and you handle the tips.”
Harry held his hand out, grinning when you shook it, “Deal.”
It felt like the night was getting younger by the second from how neither of you wanted to leave the other and it was why you decided to take a short walk together around the place since it didn’t have any people around it.
It seemed like a rom-com; you walked alongside each other, pinkies softly intertwined as you chattered.
“Uni was probably the nicest period in my life,” you told him, “Nobody seemed to give a shit who I was except for the first week or two but that was just it. We were just a bunch of kids trying to graduate.”
“What did you study?” Harry asked with a smile as the both of you walked slowly.
“Psychology and management.”
You hummed, “Was really interesting studying them, but then you have people with you who just get too into it, especially psychology, and,” you laughed, “We would go out of an intense lecture and someone would come up to you and just,” you stopped as you shook with laughed as you stepped in front of Harry, putting your hands on his arms, Harry grinning in amusement, “Harry, the reason why you don’t like ketchup on your salad is because you weren’t hugged enough as a child.”
He burst out laughing, throwing his head back. You laughed along, eyes twinkling at the sight of the man in front of you.
Breathing out with a hand to his heart, Harry looked down at you as the both of you continued to chuckle.
Maybe it was the setting of it all; a normal date with a conversation that flowed as gracefully as a river, the weather being almost perfect, you and Harry grew quiet as you stared at one another, oblivious to the rapidly thumping hearts hidden in your chests.
Gently and ever-so-softly, Harry leaned closer first, moving one soft hand to your right cheek. The coldness of his rings and the air wasn’t what caused you to take a breath in, it was the intense yet soft look he was giving you before the both of you closed your eyes, lips finally pressing against each other in a gentle kiss.
Quietly and gently, you both pulled away, still maintaining the close proximity. Harry was first to open his eyes, a smile drawn to his face as he watched you open yours.
“Only took us four dates to kiss.” You said quietly with a smile.
“Sorry.” In his deep voice, Harry replied as he still cupped your cheek.
“It’s alright,” you reached to place your hand on top of his on your cheek, “You can make up for it.”
And so, you were both beaming as you jogged to Harry’s car, Harry’s lips getting placed on your own as soon as you were hidden in the car.
It was a hot mess with how much you were both laughing, though not knowing why but judging from the way the night went – it was just happiness and excitement, two nouns you had missed using.
Driving you back was fun though it was bittersweet; the both of you sang along to the music you played, Harry feeling comfortable enough to hold your hand as he drove.
“Will you call me?” You asked quietly and bashfully, unbuckling your seatbelt and looking at him.
Harry’s heart fluttered, leaning closer to kiss your lips. “Only if you’ll answer.”
“I’ll consider it.” You teased, pulling him in for another kiss before getting out of the car.
What you hadn’t expected to find was your personal assistant and friend, Emilie, standing outside your flat door the moment it came into sight.
“The Queen wants to see you right now.”
Your smile fell as you looked at the sympathetic look she was giving you.
The 10-minute drive to Buckingham was quiet, thoughts racing through your head like colliding trains.
The walk inside and to where your grandmother was waiting for you was stressful, but you reached her.
Sitting on a chair, your short grandmother had an iPad on her lap, zooming in and out on it.
“You wanted to see me, Granny?”
She looked up, “Ah! Yes,” she nodded before handing you the iPad, “What is this?”
Taking the iPad, your eyes moved from her figure to the screen, your breath hitching in your throat at the picture of you and Harry smiling at each other stared back at you. From the little preview of photos at the bottom, you swiped to see the other familiar pictures.
A picture of you laughing and Harry talking with a smile on his face, a picture of your hand on top of his as you talked, a picture of the both of you leaving with Harry’s hand on your back.
You stayed quiet for a moment before letting a sigh, your shoulders slumping down, “This is why I’m here?”
“Are you shocked?”
“Kind of surprised, yes,” you nodded, “How is me going out with someone bad enough for you to request to see me now?”
“That someone happens to be a singer,” she frowned, feeling as if spitting out his profession, “A singer who comes from a boyband, dresses in a way that no man should, and might I add, sings for a living.”
Your eyes widened, “No man should? Why? How should a man dress, Granny? Suits for jammies and morning coats for a stroll?”
“He’s a singer, Y/N. You’re a Princess!”
“And a human, too, just like him and just like you,” you chuckled in disbelief, “And he’s bloody talented at what he does and it’s impacting so many people all around the world.”
“How long have you been seeing him?”
“Long enough to actually like him.” You replied instantly.
The Queen closed her eyes momentarily before standing up, “Are you aware of how you were born to marry a royal?”
You shook your head, feeling your eyes grow tearful, “Are you aware of how much I miss running to you when I fall down or feel sad like I used to as a child?”
“You know whose fault that is, young lady? Yours,” she pointed, “The moment you decided that you were unsatisfied with your duty as a Royal Princess.”
“No,” you shook your head with a slight dry laugh, “It was when you decided that me having an opinion was too much of a privilege, Granny, especially when it comes to who I see.”
“You’re doing all this for what? For who? Him?”
“You don’t get it,” a tear fell, “It was never for anyone but myself.”
“I care about you, too, and you know that. It’s why it’s best for you to marry Fred, someone who comes from a royal line, not a commoner!”
“A commoner?” You laughed, “What year is this?”
“Don’t speak to me in that tone, Y/N. Especially when the public caught you in the wrong with the Styles boy.”
“Caught me in the wr-What?” with a chuckle, you added, “Because me meeting up and knowing people who don’t walk around with their fancy attires and royal calendar is wrong, right. Where are you going with this, Granny?”
“You shouldn’t be tarnishing the family like that, I will not allow it, Y/N!”
“Then I don’t want anything to do with it!”
And with that, you turned around, hurrying out of the room as you harshly wiped your cheeks, furiously taking out your phone and dialling the one person you wanted to see.
“Hey, love. Didn’t know you were that eager to hear my voice.”
It was your sniffle that had alerted Harry, sitting straighter as he pressed the phone against his ear, his smile and joking demeanour dropping, “Y/N? Love? Are you okay? What is it?”
“Harry, are you at your house?”
“Yeah, love, I am. You want me to come and get you?” He asked urgently.
“No,” you sniffled, “I’ll be there.”
Getting the car, you wiped your cheek again as you looked at your driver who frowned at you crying, “Can you please take me to Harry’s, Barney?”
“Anywhere you want, Y/n.”
You rang the doorbell, waiting impatiently on the doorstep before you fidgeted with your hands as you waited.
Only a few seconds later did you snap your head up as the door was – aggressively – opened, viewing Harry who looked like he was waiting for the delivery of his child. He instantly pulled you to his chest, resting his chin on your head. "I was worried sick."
"You told me you're not scared." You whispered after a few seconds of silence in each other's embrace.
Harry pulled back a little, looking down at you, his eyes skimming over every part of your face.
A smile made its way on his face as he leaned in, his lips grazing yours ever so softly. "I'm not scared. Are you?”
Closing your eyes, your hands found their way to the hair at the nape of his neck. "I'm not scared."
Harry closed the space between you, pressing his lips to yours in an assuring kiss. Almost as if it was a seal to a deal.
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astranva · 25 days ago
Word Count: 910
Category: Fluff
Warning: None
Summary:  Even after 2 years, fans had no idea you existed until they do, and a cute moment with Harry gets recorded.
Can you do one where YN and Harry were caught being all cute and all
And no one new they were together so everyone is trying to figure out who that mysterious girl is. And YN and Harry would just laugh because they have been together for a very long time or somthing like that?”
a/n: not my best but i’m forcing myself out of a writing block, i’m sorry :(
Tumblr media
Privacy was a sacred matter in the entertainment industry. It was always glorified, and the first to get sabotaged and messed with. The whole idea behind an artist’s team, especially PR, was all about privacy if you think about it hard enough; what should the public know about their fave and what gets dusted underneath the rug? What bits do you hide to make the cut and be the talk of every age group?
For Harry, he was in it for what he loved to do; he sang, he wrote, he acted, he occasionally modeled, and he did other entertaining things on the side, none of which included sharing his family or his relationship with you.
Having a good team that has your back was vital for Harry, because otherwise, he wasn’t sure he would’ve been able to hide his 2-year relationship from the world. 
It wasn’t surprising to say that Harry was smart; he knew what he wanted, and he knew what the people wanted, sure, but he also knew what he wanted to show the people. It wasn’t that he liked depriving people from what they’d like to know, but to give the people what they want at the expense of your privacy? No can do. 
It was one night when you both had agreed you’d ease the people into knowing about your relationship, doing things at your own pace.
For the first few shows, Harry’s fans began talking about the person Harry always seemed to look, smile, and wave at during his shows as he sang. The bashful smiles and flirty gazing not going unnoticed by thousands and thousands of fans. At some point, someone managed to record you-although blurry- as you looked up at him, and the mask covered half your face, the crinkles by your eyes were enough to tell that you were beaming up at him.
For a month, they tried to keep tabs on you, some saying you were one of the crew, some others saying you worked on the DWD set, others saying you were still a uni kid. 
That was until Gemma had posted a story of you and her FaceTiming; a screenshot of you mid-laugh as a certain hand with a cross tattoo squeezed your cheeks like a puffed fish, and Gemma beaming. Gemma was deemed a saint because she had tagged you, putting an end to the theories: 
“Miss my pal @yourusername” 
Although your account was private, and your biography was just a bunch of emojis, it still felt nice for the fans to put a clear face and name to you. 
After that, people had started to approach you at Harry’s shows; 
“Are you Y/N?”
“You’re Y/N, right?”
“We’re so sorry but are you Y/N? Can you tell Harry we love him?”
“Are you and Harry together?” 
The last one always made you bashful, but you always got away with it because every single damn time, you pretended you couldn’t hear them through the chatter and screams around you. 
“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you!” You’d shout, motioning to the noise around you.
The first time you did that and told Harry, he had doubled over in laughter - “You little shit!” He had, very romantically, said. 
But then there was no saying to it, there was no denying. 
What confirmed it were pictures of you and Harry getting coffee, hand in hand, you skipping, him hugging you as if his life depended on it, and finally, a picture of him with his mask down just for the sole purpose of pressing a kiss to your cheek as you leaned against him with your eyes closed, the both of you waiting for the traffic light to turn red so you can cross the road. 
But what truly established it, was the video a fan shot one day.
No one knows why or how, but you and Harry held lightsabers, his in yellow, you in pink. The fan wasn’t standing close enough for their phone to catch the sound of your laughter, but it showed as you both dueled one another rather dramatically. 
Harry had taken a jab at your stomach in the video, at which you had pretended to die from. Your hand moved to the spot he jabbed, looking up at him before you sunk to your knees and lowered your head and lightsaber, Harry raising his in the air in triumph. 
The video showed as he laughed, before he was surprised when you jumped up and ran towards him, jumping into his arms and wrapping yourself around him, hugging his head as you both laughed in glee before you looked at him, the video ending when the both of you pulled away from a soft kiss. 
The reactions to that video were interesting to say the least. 
“How can you have that much chemistry with someone you have just started dating?”
“You can’t convince me they haven’t been dating for no less than a year.”
“You don’t show someone your dorky side unless you know them VERY well.”
How do you tell them you have been together for 2 years? 
Initially, you and Harry thought that you wouldn’t, until your third anniversary came and Harry decided to post about it. 
You stood in the dark, holding your pink lightsaber whose light was the only thing, as well as your silhouette, seen in the picture, with a caption that the fans deciphered:
“Happy 1095 days.”
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muffindaddystyles · a month ago
Can you do one where reader get hurt badly but harry is at tour and she didn't tell him and he gets upset?? Make it angsty and fluffy!!!
WARNING: Mention of burning and hospitals.
Surprises. Y/N hates surprises. It’s the evils way to blow away a person off guard as a little payback. It doesn’t give you time to fret over things and not to a person like Y/N who crashes her brains to plan stuff eons before.
Her bestfriend stumbled on her— their’s pink door steps at five in the morning, high on whatever edible she had at the party and bolted straight to Y/N at the unfortunate news.
“’M here to take care of ya...” She slurred with caring, pity-filled eyes and Y/N snickered hauling Loona inside careful of her own injury, “Who’s gonna take care of who?” handing her literal five year old bestie a glass of water and glaring down at her to gulp it all before she makes her.
“JJ told me a spooky story at the party..” She hiccupped struggling to shimmy her sequin top and Y/N just sighed helping her with weak overwrought arms from medication that started to kick in, “Oh noo...”
“That means you’re goin’ t'a hog my bed.” Y/N groaned. In actual not bummed about it alot cause they used to be cuddle-buddies, still are but the consistency of it has shortened— it’s just her present situation that’d rather not benefit her from any kind of touch between them.
“You sure... changed your sheets last time you and harry ...? I’ve a nack about jizz covered sheets—..” She cackles out loudly, pushing her face into the pillow staring Y/N playfully who swats her back half-heartedly. Her expressions muting with unease bold as red.
“Seriously? He’s been away for what? weeks now– think you mistook me for a pig.” She giggles, eyelids heavy and white cobwebs spiking when she closes them, “You told him...?” That question. The dread of bringing it to him and twisting his nerves between her fingers makes her more sick than she already is.
It’s downright cruel.
She switches off the lamp to pinch off the apprehensiveness in her insides and to relax in the numbness of the medications, that she was anticipating to feel less pain.
The surprise wasn’t her bestfriend. Y/N called her in her innate panic and she came by and took her care, it’s barely been three days.
She’s paranoid of her own kitchen. To lurk anywhere close to it and Loona happily makes her breakfast even if it’s just coco-pops as they eat it early in the morning cloning eachother’s sitting position while binge watching Bake Squad on Netflix and Loona gags against her spoon from the amount of sugar paste they’ve been ogling upon from past 15 minutes.
“After this take your meds and if you bail out going to hospital today....” She warns Y/N, to which she whines licking the chocolaty milk from her cupid bow with a childish lap, “’S so awkward!”
“Awkward is better than—-“ Loona's scold dangles in her throat. She couldn’t swallow it nor blurt it out as her eyes struck at the tall eghost of a shadow and she almost chokes on her coco-pops when the jet-lagged brunette steps out from behind the wall with a weary smile that milks his dimples lazily into his cheeks from the giddiness of finally overcoming his homesickness clad in Adidas tracks and an oversized hoodie, his soft curls looks unwashed a tad from travelling and he pads inside his home with gesturing Loona to stay hushed.
“What is it...?” Y/N's eyes follows hers and she’s glad there’s an armrest supporting her else she’d toppled of head-first onto the floor as Harry grins at her all mooney and beamy, “Hi baby.” He waves. His hand midway flattering when Y/N's face torpids in sudden alarm clutching the pastel patch work cardigan of his’s around her chest tightly.
This is bad. This is so bad.
“Hi–hi!” she greets him breathily morphing up a smile out of her flappy stomach.
“You don’t seem too excited to meet me. . .” He mutters sulkily. His travelling bag falling from his shoulder down the floor with a pathetic mocking thud.
“No–no, H!” she scurries to him, knocking her knees slightly against the sofa and Harry’s face crumples more when she loiters infront of him, mulling over how to hug him in the best way possible knowing it’d hurt like bitch.
“’M surprised, is all.” she smiles up at him softly. Loona taking in the tension of scene with a shut mouth chewing onto her coco-pops.
“What you waiting fo’ then? Gimme a hug,” His mouth loops wide into a grin, bunny teeth showing as he splays his arms out for her warmly and she does hug him but bunglingly.
He catches onto it right away, a frown trespassing his drowsy features. He kisses her hair, inhaling her lavender and honey scent splotched on the curve of her neck.
He wraps his arms more tightly, startling and pulling back instantly when Y/N wails out a wince heels of her palms digging into his collarbones to get rid of the touch that dots darkness in her sight, it makes her bones hurt terribly.
“Fuck– you okay, bab?” his worried gaze quakes all over his precious girlfriend as she puffs out a nutritious inhale, nails withering painfully into her fisted palms and she passes him a weak smile.
“Y/N ...” his tone cautious with an undercurrent of warning, “What’s going on?” he takes a step forward fumbling with the hem of cardigan to pry it from her grip.
“What you too lot hiding from me?” he asks. glancing Loona scathingly and his eyes widen momentarily, Y/N’s replicating his’s from assuming that he’s assuming the worst.
“Is that a potential baby bump you hiding from me?” he teases nonchalantly, cheeks jolting up as he mulls his lip in between his fingers.
“No– what!? No!” y/n squeaks out gaspingly slapping Loona's hand on the headrest of sofa with a glare when she giggles.
“It’s just– fuck...” she sighs. arms falling away from over her chest.
“It’s just a slight burn.”
Her words floats upon his head at first. His voice stutter-y and ragged, muddled and confused brain ticking to burst into disordreal.
“What!?” Loona syncs him. She thought of her bestfriend wiser than her— maybe y/n has lost some of her braincells since Harry went away for tour.
“She’s lying!” Loona points at y/n accusingly as a sibling who ditches to be the parents favourite and Harry’s insides soars bitterly with an animosity.
He doesn’t feel good about this.
“It was not just a burn! It was damn scorching tea!” Harry instantly bloats with panic and anxiety, his muscle stiffening in affliction.
Is that true?
He thought he said asked that loud but his lips were stapled in worried shock.
Watching him turn emotionless Y/N quickly paws at him to gain his attention throwing a glare towards loona who hisses back at her, “Stupid!” mouthing at her with a shake of head.
“How d'ya know it was scorching!?” y/n asks unbelievable of her sputtering out all of it in one go, “Tea straight outta kettle is scorching y/n, fuck it’d have hurt like bitch!” She scolds her bestfriend. How could she be so careless about herself.
Harry’s eyes glosses, his murky orbs too dark and dull for y/n to gauge what’s going in his mind. He runs his palms down his tired face groaning in distress.
He’s offended.
“All of this happened t'a ya and you weren’t gonna tell me?” he whispers. gears still working in his brain to put everything in place and his heartbeat flips achingly when his eyes falls over the huge layers of bandage covering the skin between the valley of her breasts.
Genuine upset tears brimming in his eyes as he takes a step back.
“I– I was.”
“No. You didn’t care to.” He dismisses her and she whines because he’s being too cold and distant from her.
He’s hurt and disappointed. His pores filling with rage and annoyance once his head clears up.
“I didn’t wanna stress you out when you were seas away from me, H. It’d have caused you unnecessary pain.” Her skin feverish and tingling from the burn on her chest pulsating from when it got worn due to his touch and her fingers trembles as she reaches to bring him closer to her.
Loona leaves the pair to some privacy and that's when Harry hides his face in his palms choking back a piercing sob, from everything, being away from the love of his life, feeling homesick and nostalgic from all of the memories they made during quarantine to getting jet-lagged and getting to know now that his girlfriend got burned.
“And what ‘bout your pain, Y/N!?” his voice booms weepy and indignant, “You didn’t even gave me the slightest right to worry about you!” he grazes a hiss between his teeth and y/n gulps because she has never seen him this furious with her, this daunting as he towers over her with bloodshot eyes ripping right through her soul.
“That’s why because you worry lot!” she gasps out squeakily, a pout flopping on her lips when he snickers raising his palms in air and creates a distance between them, “My bad. It’s fucking petty of me.” His nostrils flares with the fumes of his anger, staring blankly at his mud stained vans.
She fights to grab his wrists and both their hearts shatters slicing the sensitive flesh that keeps their ribcages safe when Harry yanks it away.
So she rambles all panicky, “It was all so quick– was... pouring my tea and something startled me so poorly—” she shudders at the memory agonisingly fresh, chuckling through a sniffle and Harry’s eyes snaps to where she’s crying now, “— outta my fight and fly mode the cup fell from my hand and the flaming tea spilled-‐..”
He feels like the walls have sharp canines and they’re gobbling onto his flesh. Imagining the extent of pain his lovie would’ve gone through soars his skin with frightened goosebumps and another sob racks out of him not wasting a moment before taking her soft pain itched face in his palms and pressing their forehead together shushing her with a glide of his nose up her soaked cheek.
He doesn’t know if he could take the details more.
It’s killing him.
Slicing him raw.
“Who– who took you to hospital?” His trembling thumb comes to wipe the sad moisture under her eyes.
He’s not gonna be pleased about the answer.
“I– I drove...” The adrenaline at that moment in her veins was pumping so high she herself doesn't now he she reached hospital, but Harry couldn't imagine it -- he feels sick to his stomach feeling a bile raise in his throat imagining her alone, no one there to hold her as she screams out of pain when doctors inspected her and treated her.
“No. Shit.” He scoffs, profound tears tricking down his jaw and Y/N quickly wipes them away with a tut.
“Why?” Is all he whispers in hurt and agony to see his beloved go through so much pain all alone.
“I come to you running even when I get the slightest of paper cut, baby why did you suffer through it all alone?”
“I’m sorry.” she hiccups eyeing his slightly wobbling lips to kiss them better and his lashes flutters as he peeks from his structured cheekbones when she traces his cupid-bow with her fingerpads.
“Would you lemme take care of you now?” she hates that his eyes are so expecting and om edge, afraid that she’d reject him, that it’s something to do with him.
“Yes–yes, bub.”
“I love you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, dumb of me. I didn’t have enough guts to tell you.” she blubbers nuzzling her cheek against his’s and basking in his warmth and sunshine and melting in his touch while he makes sure he isn’t hurting her.
“I’d have missed you alot.” There. It’s the whole reason for hiding it from him. She knows she’d have broken down infront of her laptop screen upon his single glimpse and he’d have left everything until he wouldn’t pried it out from her.
“Yeah? I’m here now, bab.” He sponges a lingering kiss to her forehead, “Gonna take care of my love.” He coos, simpering down at her.
“She has to get her dressing changed today!” Loona quips popping her head from behind the wall and Y/N just rolls her eyes suppressing a giggle, “She’s hasn’t visited hospital and it’s been two days since her burn.”
“Oi! Snitch!” Y/N grumbles and Harry glowers down at her seriously.
“’S not funny, Y/N.” His lips thinned in and he doesn’t realise he’s been holding his breath till y/n whines,
“But, it’s gonna hurt!”
“Oh baby,” she’s a sensitive little thing and Harry knows how things like these and hospitals scares her awfully.
“I’ll ask them to tend to my precious darling with great care, hmm?” he suggests rubbing her back and feels how tense she’s.
“Sure. Will you be there?” she asks so innocently Harry couldn’t resist but to kiss her chapped lips – grimacing at the tinge of meds on her parched skin.
“Always, baby.”
He bobs his head. Hooking their pinkies together and tugs her gently towards him, giving her a soft doting kiss to seal his promise.
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gucciwins · a year ago
Always Be Your Friend
Word count: 8990
 It’s easy to love your best friend but it’s not easy being in love with them.  Harry and Y/N became friends from the moment they first met. Will they take a chance and confess their feelings or will they watch each other fall in love with someone else.  *warning a mention of sexual harassment in the story*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jeff had invited her to a small gathering at his house so that she could meet a few of his friends being new to the area and all, but when she arrived, she wasn't expecting a backyard full of people mingling and drinking beers. She's counted over twenty people, and she's yet to find Jeff. 
Y/N was about to get herself water from a red cooler when he finally spotted her. Jeff's quick to apologize but promises that everyone is kind, and his girlfriend went a little overboard with inviting her friends. She brushes him off and lets him know she'll be fine. 
If only she believed that lie.
She decides to leave but stays when she finds a small path that leads her to an opening, and she's met with a beautiful view of the sunset. She sits on white clean bench and enjoys the colors the sky is painting. She's lost in thought that she fails to hear the footsteps approaching her, but she doesn't startle when she hears a crunch of leaves breaking her of her trance.  
Her gaze is locked on Gucci loafers, which she assumes are paired with Gucci socks. She slowly starts to move her gaze up to his body, a small smile on her face as she sees the purple flared pants (later on would learn he calls them trousers and soon she would as well). As her gaze reaches his face, she can't help thinking how nice the white shirt he wears shows off his tanned skin nicely. She doesn't let her eyes linger too long on his tattoos, but she thinks they are beautiful. Her favorite part of his outfit might be the blue bandana wrapped around his neck. She finally meets his eyes and decides right then and there that green is her new favorite color. The sunset makes them appear lighter. He's staring at her with a smile on his face, dimples on full display. 
Y/N looks down at herself; she's wearing a wide-leg jumpsuit, a rust color, and if she's being honest, she looks really good. Thankfully, no one wants to make a first impression under-dressed; at least that was what her mother taught her. 
She doesn't turn to look at him anymore and keeps her eyes in front of her. 
"Never seen you before, around from here?" His voice was slow and soothing. His accent is sweet as honey. 
He really surprised her with the accent, that might just have convinced her he must be the most perfect human from his tall, lean stature to the brown curls to the captivating green eyes. 
"I'm new. Jeff is my friend." She pauses. "Acquaintance met him a week ago at work, and we hit it off. I've been here two weeks officially." 
"Jeff's great, although his girl is quite popular."
She laughs and agrees with him. 
"Sorry, I'm Harry." He approaches her with his hand stretched out.
She smiles when Harry repeats her name back as they let go of each other's hands. He then takes a seat, and they fall into easy conversation. 
"I really love your tattoos, do you get them done around here?" She asks, genuinely curious eyes locked on the beautiful mermaid on his arm. 
"Most, done at this shop, a buddy of mine works at. He's really talented, and I trust him. A few, I've gotten when I was traveling."
She hums to let him know she's listening. 
"Got lots more than just these, but might be inappropriate to undress in front of a stranger." He says honestly, not wanting her to be uncomfortable. 
"Here I thought we were becoming friends," she teases.
He laughs, shocked at her response. She smiles, glad they share the same type of humor.
"Got any of your own?" 
"I've got two, but one no one knows about." She answers him honestly.
"I've got three stars behind my right ear." She pauses and looks at him before crossing her left foot across her thigh. She moves her jumpsuit higher and there on her ankle is a peach. "I got a peach when I was eighteen because I wanted a tattoo, and the reason I got a peach is still unknown to me to this day." 
"Peaches are sweet. So are you."
She blushes but stills looks at him. "That's your first impression of me."
He nods. "You could have ignored me and left or not even answered me or worse answered like a jerk for not knowing your name already but instead let a strange walk into your bubble." 
"I like you, Harry. Think the accent won me over."
"Oh, really," He smirks. "Wasn't the dimples or piercing green eyes."
"Eh.." She shrugs
She laughs, and Harry can't help but join her.
On a bench watching a sunset, Harry and Y/N become friends.
"Harry!" She screams as she walks through the backdoor. "I've run out of almond butter."
"Broke into my house, why?" Harry replies as he walks into the kitchen, hair wet. He's dressed in grey sweats and a black hoodie. He's got scruff growing, and as much as she loves to tease him about it, Harry knows how much she loves it. 
"I didn't break in." She's spreading Harry's almond butter onto her slice of toasted bread. "The back door was open which means come right in." 
Harry's standing there watching her take a bite of her toast. "Peach, how are you already eating when you've been here less than five minutes?" He narrows his eyes and looks at his unplugged toaster that sits next to his coffee machine that is surprisingly already brewing. "Did you run here with it in your hand?"
She scratches her neck lightly, index finger dragging slowly. "Umm...of course not."
"Right, you wouldn't because you live a thirty minute walk away. Running only means you'd get more germs on it."
She rolls her eyes at Harry's concern. "Are you hungry, I'll make you something. I have time on my hands before I have to run back home." 
Harry grins, allowing her to drop the topic and quickly agrees because he adores her cooking. "I'll have your egg whites special, please."
She nods, kissing his forehead before moving to the fridge to get the things out she'll need. Harry stares at her and thinks back to when he first met her. He thinks it's insane he went so long without her in his life. Harry owes it all to Jeff that he kept bringing her to their outings when she first moved here. Harry will never admit that to him, he doesn't want to have to name his first child after him. 
Harry furrows his brow in confusion. It's Saturday, and she always stays the weekend with him.
"You usually stay over?" He questions as she hands him his plate. "Why do you have to leave?"
"Cassie set me up on a date." She looks down at her nails and frowns seeing a few chipped and she knows it is from all the cleaning she has been doing at home because work has been slow and she needed to keep busy. "I'm going to cancel it." She decides instantly. 
She takes off her sweater and settles herself on the chair next to Harry taking a drink of his coffee. She hums at the sharp taste, one she learned to appreciate after being his friend for years. 
"Just like that," Harry is trying his best to hide his excitement but knows he's failing miserably.
"My nails look atrocious. It's like I'd be showing up naked" She physically shivers at the thought. 
"We can do face masks and each other's nails." Harry says after taking back his coffee, knowing she'd drink it all without meaning to.
She lights up at Harry's suggestion. 
"Yes, oh, can I use the candy apple one?" she asks her eyes locking with his and Harry melts in his seat at the innocent look she's giving him. He doesn't remember a time he's told her no.
As soon as she hears the word yes come out of his mouth, she's racing up the stairs to gather up the things they'll need. 
He hears a thump upstairs and is about to make his way up when he hears an "I'm good." He laughs and washes his plate before heading to the living room. Harry turns the tv on and decides on parks and rec because it's their favorite to watch together.  
"I got you black with glitter. Starry starry night is a beautiful color." She's admiring it as she walks down the steps with her arm full of things they might need, like the nail polish remover they'll need to take off her chipped color. "I know you were hiding this from me, which is why I will be using it on you." 
Harry takes some things from her and sets it on his old coffee table. "I got it a few days ago. Honestly, bought it with you in mind." He confesses. What he doesn't admit is that when he saw it, it reminded him of the first time they laid in his backyard and although that night wasn't clear enough she told him about her favorite constellations and that if she was an artist she'd draw the moons and stars every night. Looking back, Harry can say that is the moment he fell in love with her. Not that he knew that then, no, he realized much later.  
The smile on her face has his heart beating out of his chest. Harry swears she's going to kiss him. She leans in plants a big kiss on his cheek, which still makes his cheeks go pink, but his heart drops because he really wanted her lips on his. 
She pouts when she catches Harry staring at her. "You're staring because I smell right." She narrows her eyes at him as if judging him for making her self-conscious. "If I go shower, will you let me borrow some clothes?" 
Harry knows she has more than a change of clothes in her own drawer in his bedroom, but he agrees, and she's off once more up the stairs.
"Are you ready?" She screams walking in through the front door.
Harry had invited her out for Tuesday brunch seeing as she had the morning off, and he thinks he has the right to not be ready. He promised he'd be waiting for her on his sofa so that as soon as she walked in, they'd be off. She walks into the living room as if it's her first time there and smiles at the pictures he has scattered around. She finds a book on the couch and frowns because, of course, it's another Bukowski book. She walks up the stairs to his bedroom and walks in expecting him to be in bed, but instead, she finds him in a 'Women are smarter' t-shirt and a blanket on his lap, and she knows he's got nothing underneath. Harry's got the right earphone in, he's sitting at a makeshift table he made in his walk-in closet talking to his laptop. She assumes he's meeting with a client and is about to walk out when something catches her eye. It's a photo of her on his nightstand. Harry looks at her from the corner of his eye. He starts to fidget with a ring on his middle finger. He focuses back on his client, but he's not really listening, too busy admiring her. She doesn't feel Harry's wandering eyes on her back, but Harry knows he's been staring too long when his client repeats himself.
She approaches slowly as if the item would jump at her any second. She picked up a photo of herself from Los Angeles when they were there together in Autumn. She's smiling brightly at the cinnamon buns they made together when they were helping Jeff move into his house, and she told him she had to test out his oven. She didn't even know he took a picture of her. She's about to turn it over, but it's snatched out of her hand. 
"Hey," she pouts. 
"It's mine. Stop being so snoopy."
"I wouldn't be snoopy if you didn't leave your things out. I look really pretty there. I can see why you want me there to look at every morning."
Harry turns around to hide his blush. "You're there because I sent it to a friend of mine because I think you would be a good match." Harry wants to punch himself because out of all the lies, he had to pick that one. 
She stares at him with wide eyes. She doesn't want a date with a stranger. 
The person she wants to date is standing in front of her. Now, she definitely knows he doesn't like her because he's setting her up with someone else.
 "Is he tall?" Is her first question stopping herself from asking a second. 
"An inch or two shorter than me." 
She crosses her arms over her chest. "Well, that just won't do," she says dramatically. "My Flynn Rider is hmm..your height, or he could be taller. I don't mind." 
Harry chuckles. "He's a fan of ice cream and loves Sudoku." he states two of her favorite things. 
She narrows her eyes at him. 
"Is he a big handsome boss like you?" She jokes.
"He works in marketing in a company that works with us." 
"Marketing, I'm already bored to death." Harry gives her a pleading look. "I'll go, but only if you promise to get Anne to send me her recipe for her mince pie because I want to impress her this Christmas."
"Christmas is months away."
"I know, but I- I tried making some to practice and get better, and it was a disaster. Maybe because I'm not British, it's bad. I want Anne to like me." she says as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Peach, my mum loves you. I can assure you. Those sticky buns you made on boxing day were all mum talked about for weeks after you left to spend new years with your brother's."
"Those were good. I haven't been able to make sticky buns that good. It must be the ingredients, we might just have to move to Europe, H."  
"I'll book the flight Peach, just let me know when." 
She walks out, so Harry doesn't see the blush on her face. She really loves this man and might die if she doesn't tell someone soon. 
"I brought ice cream!" She yells, walking in. 
She stops in the kitchen but doesn't see him or hear him. She checks his office, and it's empty, the same as his bedroom. She thinks he might be late getting out and starts The Great British Bake Off  because their conversation from days ago is still in her head. Also, it's her comfort show after a shitty date
She hears the door unlocking and is grateful because two hours she had been waiting for him. She stands up eager to greet Harry, but as she turns around, she's met with a pretty blonde she's never met. She's dressed in a black dress that reaches mid-thigh hugging her curves in all the right places with red heels, and the only thing missing is the matching red lipstick. 
Harry walks in with his hand on her back, and that's where she finds the blonde's missing lipstick. It's smudged all over Harry's lips. It’s obvious they had done a lot of kissing. She does her best to hide her shock.
The room is quiet, she thinks she can hear her heartbreaking. She reacts in a matter of seconds. Eyes wide and in panic, but she makes sure to move quickly. She shoots the girl a quick smile. She turns the tv that was on mute off, thankful to have already thrown her trash away.
"What are you doing here?" Harry practically screams at her. "Did you ditch the date?"
She's panicking, and if she doesn't stay calm, she might just pass out or better yet scream at Harry for sending her on the worst date of her life. She already let Sydney know what happened on the date but assured Syd she'd be fine at Harry's. 
Oh, how wrong she was. 
"I'm sorry it didn't go as planned. I'm leaving now." She picks her shoes up at the door and walks out with them in hand. 
Harry follows her out and is hot on her heels. 
"Did you ditch him for ice cream and movies at my house?" Harry's voice getting louder.
Harry's upset. She hasn't seen him this upset since the time she called Harry and told him she was stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and how she didn't have a spare because she kept forgetting going to the shop and buying a new one. He had let a tow truck take her home and proceeded to yell at her when she went to his house two days later. 
"Yes, I'm sorry. I'll send him a fruit basket." 
She's in her car and in the next second driving down the street. 
She wants love but not like this, it isn't supposed to hurt like this.
Harry wakes up at seven to get ready for his daily run with his Peach when he sees a few texts on his phone. 
Sydney: I know you had good intentions but no more dates for her.
Sydney: Please, just do anything she wants. Give her all the ice cream she wants. 
Sydney: I'm assuming it all went well, and she's still sleeping because she hasn't answered my messages.
Harry's confused and does the only logical things and calls her. 
"Syd, what are your texts about?"
"The date you sent her on. She was supposed to tell you about it once she got to your house."
"I wasn't home. Peach said she ditched him for ice cream and movies at my house." He says, not mentioning the part where he screams at her. 
Syd sighs clearly hearing the strain in his voice, "I know there's some information missing there, but I won't push because she's my friend first. The dude basically met her and said her outfit wasn't revealing enough, but she could make up for it the next time. Then during dessert, he moved to sit next to her instead of across. He tried to put his hand up her dress. She told him to stop." Syd paused. "Then he tried it again, and she jumped up from her seat. She almost bumped into the waitress but he grabbed her waist too tight to let that happen. The waitress saw how upset she was and had the hostess and security walk her to her car.  She walked out crying because she just wanted to punch him but didn't want to cause a bigger mess." 
Harry doesn't know if he wants to scream or cry. He does feel anger pouring through his veins and knows next time he sees this guy he's going to do more than yell. 
"She left last night saying she ditched and that she was sorry. I'm such an idiot." Harry knows Syd will yell at him for what he did next. "I yelled at her because I brought a girl home and she was there. I practically told her the date happened, so she'd give me space."
"You suck. I thought you were better than that. That girl is the kindest person on this planet. She loves you and she always puts your happiness in front of hers."
Harry knows she isn't coming, but a small part of him holds hope she will still show up for their run together.
He sits on his back steps, waiting for her. Texts her multiple times, leaves voicemails. Yet nothing in return. 
Peach: I'm busy.
Harry: Come over, please.
Peach: I can't. My boss asked me to come in. A presentation is due Monday.
Harry: We need to talk, call me or come over whenever. I'm always free for you.
It's almost been two weeks since she talked to Harry, but she's honestly embarrassed about how things happened. Harry implied he set her up on a date because she spent too much time with him. She's giving him what he clearly wanted. She also had to process what happened to her alone. Therapy was good, Dr. Stein was very kind. Dr. Stein didn’t make her problems feel small and it felt nice to let things out instead of letting it all bottle up. 
It felt horrible to be away from Harry so long. Since they became friends they’d never gone longer than a day without communication. She felt empty but the image of lipstick stains on his face kept her away longer than she liked to admit. She’s going to push the feelings aside because that won’t be the reason she loses her best friend. 
She's walking up Harry's steps but stops before she reaches the last one. What if he has the girl over? What if he ends the friendship? All these thoughts are running through her head and she hates having not knowing where Harry and her stand. She always hated confrontation.
As soon as she approaches the door, she sighs but squares her shoulder because she's strong. No one, not even Harry will make her feel weak. She's there to apologize for being in his home and overstepping a boundary. Then hopefully, they’ll talk it out. 
She knocks for the first time in years on his door, and it feels strange, but she sucks it up because this is the correct thing to do. 
She hears his light footsteps and takes two steps back.
He's surprised to see her when the door opens, but the smile he wears is bright before he frowns just as quickly.
"You don't need to knock Peach come in."
She steps in slowly toeing off her shoes carefully.
Harry approaches her and brings her in for a big hug. She stands there with her hands at her side. Harry lets her go when he feels her tense.
"What's wrong, Peach?" He frowns looking her up and down. "I've got lots of apologizing to do, but first, why'd you knock."
She looks up at Harry and pouts when she sees the eye bags he has. "You haven't been sleeping."
"It happens when your best friend is short with you for thirteen days, but it's okay because I deserve it." 
"I didn't mean for that to happen, but I was giving you space because I hadn't realized how much I actually bother you."
"Hey, stop that." Harry looks at her sadly. "That's not what I meant that night." 
"I can read between the lines. You don't have to hide anything. I can handle the truth." 
"Listen to me," Harry guides her head to look up at him. "I was a jerk. I let my dick do the talking. You are the most important person in my life. I love you, and I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. I was going crazy this week. It felt like an entire year went by without you."
That makes her laugh. "Stop lying."
Harry shakes his head with a smile. "I mean it. My days without you are long and boring pretty Peach."
"Well, I'm here now, and I smell something good."
Harry hesitates before opening his mouth to address the reason she was at his house that Friday night.
"I'm sorry, I couldn't be the person you go to when you're upset." She tenses up just as she was about to reach for a chocolate muffin. "I'm sorry I was such a jerk the one night you needed me most. I'm your best friend, and yet I couldn't tell that you had been crying because of an idiot I set you up with." 
She turns around to look at him, and there's no tears or anger in his eyes, only sadness. "One in three women get sexually assaulted. That's what Matt, Sydney's fiance, told me. He's a social worker.  Women have to fear men yet are never believed or seen as a victim. I told them he didn't hurt me, but Matt told me that it was harassment. I tried to belittle it but they told me it was okay to feel unsafe because it went against what I wanted.  Guess I needed someone unbiased to tell me that it's okay to be affected." She smiles. "I went to see my therapist. It felt umm…good to discuss everything that happened." 
Harry has tears running down his face, and he knows they won’t stop. Seeing her in person has made his guilt really come to surface. "I'm sorry sweet Peach. I'm sorry I sent you on a date that led to this. It's all my fault."
"H, don't cry. It's not your fault he doesn't know how to treat a woman. I'm okay. I will be okay." 
She's holding his face gently in her hands, and Harry falls more in love with her at this moment because she's never looked stronger. Although she was hurt, she won't let it break her but guide her. 
He pulls her in and hugs her tight. Harry kisses her head, whispering I love you, and I'm here for you. 
Harry knows this doesn't clear everything, but they will cross this bridge together and come out stronger. 
She squirms out of his hold. "The muffins are getting cold. I want the chocolate chips melting in my mouth."
Harry is sitting in the car on another business call. He's wearing a yellow shirt he woke up in and threw his black hoodie on. His sunglasses resting on his head keeping his curls from falling forward. He was in shorts and running shoes because he was supposed to run with Peach on this new trail, except this call prevented him from doing so, and she didn't want to wait around for him. He knows she doesn't like running when the sun is high, so early mornings are their go-to. Except Harry's job calls him too often on Saturday's because they know he's awake.
He's not sure how long he's been talking, but he's upset because he missed taking pictures of her for whenever they reached the top of whatever they were running to. His passenger door is pulled open, and it's Peach plopping herself down. Shoes taken off and on her feet are her Nike sliders. Harry snaps his head back into the call. 
"Look, H, I fell." She comments, not caring that he was still on his call.
Harry turns to look at her quickly and sees her knee pulled to her chest. She's rolled up her grey leggings, and there on her knee is blood rolling down. She's unfazed, and Harry knows she's clumsy but hates he wasn't there to help her up. 
"This girl helped me up and offered to walk back with me, but she could have been a serial killer for all I know and told her I was fine and ran off. Good thing I was on my way down already." 
Harry stares at this girl in disbelief because, of course, she doesn't trust anyone. "I know girls are less likely, but she was looking at my boobs, and I didn't like that." 
"Styles, you with us." His colleague asks. 
Harry looks away from her and stares back at his phone, resting on the steering wheel. 
"Sorry, my girl had an accident, and I got to take care of it." They end after that and Harry takes out the first aid kit she gifted him to have in his car for emergencies. He knew she did it for herself more and who was he to object. Harry missed the blush on her cheeks when he said, "my girl," and she's thankful for that. He cleans her cut gently but quickly with all the practice he's had on her. He puts a bandage on and smiles when he's done. 
"H, it's got daisies" She's smiling wide. She caressed it softly to not bother her injury. 
Harry did get her different types of band-aids because a new design each time makes her smile. 
“Kiss it better then I’ll be healed.” 
The smile on her face has Harry leaning in close. His lips are soft as they touch her skin. She wants to run her fingers through his hair and bring him up to kiss her lips but she settles for just her knee. 
"It's baking time, bitch!" She screams as she walks in with her Rapunzel grocery tote. 
Harry knows they are going to bake two or three things from the size of the bag. She huffs a little, placing it on the counter. She begins to take out her items and sections them out. 
"Today, young one-"
"I'm older than you."
She glares at him for interrupting. "Today, smart-ass. We are making banana bread and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies." 
"Can you do it on your own, I'm busy." Harry jokes, expecting a sarcastic reply in return. 
He looks at her, and she's looking sadly at a bag of chocolate chips. He frowned if she did not get the joke. 
"Am I annoying you?" She questions. Harry hates how often she asks him that, but wounds take time to heal. 
"Nope, I'm just a jerk."
She looks at his eyes and stares. "You're not lying to make me feel better." 
"My sweet Peach, it would be an honor to bake with you and will allow you to pick all the movies we watch tonight because I am an idiot who takes a joke too far." 
"Okay, sorry. I'm on overdrive in my head and came here to relax, but got too into my head." 
Harry pulls her into a warm hug, and they stay like that for minutes. He pulls away and pushes her to the sink because they had work to do.
"Your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are my drug. I watched you make them, but I feel you do something extra when I turn around." Harry says on the couch chewing on his fifth cookie. She's laying with her head in his lap, she's sure she got crumbs in her hair but is too tired to care. 
"I put all my love for you in those cookies." she murmurs close to dozing off.
Harry stares at with a soft look in his eyes. If she had looked up, she would have seen it was love in those green eyes of his. 
"I wish the love you put in the cookies is the love you'd give to me."
She's asleep in his lap. He knows she missed his declaration if he could even call it that. She lets out a small smile. She grabs his hand playing with her hair and pulls it to her chest. "I love you."
Harry freezes, unsure if she means it or what because it didn’t feel like the typical ‘I love you’ that she tells all her friends. Y/N's never talked in her dream before. 
"Peach," he whispers, "you awake." A minute goes by, and he gets no response 
This might be his chance, but it could also ruin everything if she didn't mean it. 
Oh boy.
It's been a week since that night on the couch, and Harry is dying inside. He never has the balls to ask.
 It's the first Friday of the month, which means dinner and wine or in her case tea. 
Peach came over and had already cooked dinner claiming she had lots of time on her hand today. It usually means she didn't want to deal with Harry in the kitchen. Then proceeded to order Harry to set the table because he was no help.
The meal as always was delicious. She made spicy lemon pasta with chicken although she told him it was supposed to be shrimp, she didn't think she'd like it. Harry showed her in praise as he does after every meal. Jokes, she needs to open her own restaurant, then she melts Harry's heart by saying, "I only cook for you, darling." 
Harry decided to have some wine, and she settled on tea because she didn't like to drink. Harry was giggly meaning he was a bit tipsy because he hadn't drunk in forever and was half a bottle down. She knew it wasn't fair but decided now would be a good time for some answers. 
"Do you think I'd be a good girlfriend?
"The best," he replies, instantly letting her know he's not lying. 
She blushes and gestures for him to go on. 
"You're kind. A good cook, understanding, incredibly smart, and you've got a cute nose." Harry wants to go on and on but thinks he'd blurt out his feelings if he did. 
"Would you ask me out? If you didn't know me."
"In a heartbeat," his answer shocks her.
Does Harry like her like she liked him? 
She decides to get bold. 
"Why haven't you taken me on a date?" She looks down at herself dressed in black sweats and a blue vintage Mickey Mouse shirt she stole from Harry. "Am I that bad looking?"
"Stop that," Harry murmurs, always hating when she comments on her looks. "I did ask you out, and I got friend-zoned. I didn't pursue more." 
She shakes her head. "Stop shitting me, H." She doesn't believe him. "The first time we went out together, we split the bill." 
"Think back, Peach. We always hung out in groups then I asked you to go out alone, I picked you up, opened your door and then we split the bill because you said friends met in the middle." 
She sits back, her lips mouthing a silent 'oh.'
"I friend-zoned you." She starts laughing. "That's gold." 
She catches her breath and stops to stare at Harry. He's wearing an old white t-shirt and can't help but look at his curls framing his face. It's slowly growing out, and she knows he's growing it out for her. She loves playing with his curls and tying it in a small ponytail that sticks up. "H, if you had told me that during lunch, I would have agreed, but you decided to keep those pretty lips shut." 
Harry smirks, "You think my lips are pretty." 
She sighs, giving up. She stands up. "I'll pick you up at six on Friday. I'm taking you on a date." 
Harry sits there shocked but not surprised at her boldness. 
"How do you even know I like you?" 
Her smirk falters, and her eyes dull. Harry feels like he was just punched in the gut. He put this look on her face. 
"You're right, that was insensitive of me." She's scanning the room, trying not to meet Harry's eyes. "I'm going to go." She rushes out the door in the next second. Harry is sitting there stunned before he jumps up after her. 
"Wait," he screams, hoping she'll stop. She's in a hurry to leave, throwing her bag in the passenger seat. She shuts the door, but to his benefit, the window is down. 
"I'm sorry." he's panting. "I'm an idiot, I know. I didn't mean that. I just like to tease you." He's looking at her, but she's looking straight ahead. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."
She takes a deep breath. "That wasn't nice."
He sighs in relief. "I know, hun. I messed up. We were both being honest and vulnerable, and you surprised me by saying you were taking me out." 
"I'm reconsidering taking you out." 
She finally looks over at him, her eyes not shining as bright looking at him. "I’m still going to go." 
"I'll let you go if you say you'll still take me out." 
She looks like she wants to say no. "I'll hang here if I have to as you drive away." 
"Do you.." she pauses, not being able to meet his eyes. Her hand reaches out to play with his pretty witch ring on his middle finger. "like me." she mutters. 
"Hey, look at me." Harry guides her face to look at him, and he's never seen her so vulnerable. So open. What he feels like her heart is on display. "I'm crazy about you." 
She can't help the blush that colors her cheeks. 
"For so long, I've had these feelings, and I've gone on dates, but it's never worked out, and I've always known it was because they weren't you." 
She smiles timidly. "Okay, H. I'll still take you on a date."
He leans his forehead on hers. "I can't wait."
"I really want to kiss you, but I'm a gentleman. and I want to do this right by you." Harry runs his thumb gently over her bottom lip. She releases a small sigh, her breath warming his thumb. 
"Can't tonight count as a date?" She's looking from his eyes to his lips. 
Harry laughs loving the extra attention. 
"I like to be wined and dined, too, Peach." 
She sighs. "I sure know to pick them." 
A kiss to her forehead and he backs away. "Drive safe, Peach."
She drives off a smile on both their faces.
"Okay, I know I was the one who was supposed to pick you up, but I really need you to come for me." 
She's sitting next to the steps that lead to her door cradling her wrist to her chest, cursing the last wobbly step she has yet to fix. 
Maybe Harry will help her fix it sometime soon. 
"I'm not going to ask why I'll be there in five," Harry replies.
"I live 15 minutes away!" she screams, "You better be driving safely, or I'll punch you." 
"Sorry Peach, I meant to say see you in ten." 
She hangs up and shoves her phone in her bag and ponders if she should get up or not. 
She pulls her hand away from her chest a little and sees that it looks okay, thankfully she didn't put rings on today; otherwise, they might have been stuck on her fingers. She looks at her nails and smiles because her lilac nails didn't chip. She did them last night because Harry loves this color. 
Harry arrives and gets out in a hurry that he almost trips over her. 
"Watch it, H." She mumbles, playing with a rolly polly that she found next to her bag. "You almost killed Eric."
Harry stares down at her, not sure what's going on, but gives her time. 
"Our date is for you to drive me to urgent care because I've had an accident." She smiles up at him like it's the most normal thing in the world. 
"Can't say I've ever had someone take me there," he answers, his gaze locked on her swollen wrist.
"I know you will remember me forever and ever for this. Now help me up, my butt is officially numb."
He walks her to his car and goes as far as putting her seatbelt on for her. 
"Want to tell me how it happened?" 
"I was walking down the steps, and my shoe got stuck in the bottom step I have yet to fix. Instead of landing on my face, I put my hands out, and now my left wrist is hurting," she pouts, looking at harry. "I was supposed to fix it this Sunday. I got the supplies in the doorway, ready to go.
"Does it hurt?" he asks, concerned because it is swelling up and the bruising only makes it look worse.
"Nope, I got a high pain tolerance," she winks.
"I'll keep that in mind." He jokes, but gosh, that sure got him tight in his pants.
"I know it's not broken because it doesn't look weird but also not a fracture because it would hurt if I touched my fingers, but they move fine. I just want to know what kind of sprain it is. How long I need to keep it rested and all that fun stuff."
Harry looks at her, not at all surprised she knows so much about the injury. 
"I wasn't always accident-prone. I did sports, and high school division one was tough. I went through lots of icing and taping. The trainer and I were on first name bases. I ended up helping her a lot. She made me take this short course where I learned the basics." 
Harry smiles because although this date is unconventional, he sure is learning more about his Peach. 
They are surprised to see the urgent care waiting room pretty empty. She gives her name, and she's handed a clipboard. Harry is quick to take it out of her hand and begins to fill it out. 
"I should be scared that you know my social security but I'm not." 
"Remember, two summers ago, you wanted to go to Lake Tahoe for a week, and we rented that cabin, and we decided to get drunk together because you didn't drink and only wanted to know how it felt. You only felt safe enough to do it with only me. Well, I decided not to get drunk that night so that I take care of you. You swore you were going to die and proceeded to sing your social security to me in a song until I could recite it back to you." 
She nods as if trying to think back to that day. 
"That day is nonexistent to me." she laughs. "Alcohol sucks. Don't need that in me ever."
"I drink it for the both of us to remember." 
"Yeah, cause your tolerance is high; it must be the British in you," she says, bumping his shoulder softly.
She peeks over to look at the question he's on, and it's asking when her last period was. She's about to answer when she sees he wrote in the correct days. She doesn't comment on it. 
"Do you believe in soulmates?." 
Harry turns to look at her with his bright green eyes. “Yeah, it’s a nice thought. Have someone who completes you and understands you like no one else.”
“I know it’s our first date, but we’ve been friends for over three years and since the moment we met I was hit with this ease and safety when I’m around you. I think you might be my soulmate.” 
"Oh yeah, what does being your soulmate entail?" He’s grinning because he knows she’s right.
"Lots of cookies and cinnamon rolls. Hmmm...cuddles laughs and lots of kisses. Like lots of them." 
Harry’s smile goes into full bloom because they haven't even shared the first kiss, and she knows she wants this with him. 
"I can live with that." 
"That’s cool, I wasn't asking." 
Two hours later, they walk out with a small bag from the pharmacy and her wrist wrapped in a bandage.
"Next part of our date is," she pauses and gestures to Harry to do the drum roll "Ice cream!" she shouts, and Harry cheers with her. 
"But there's a twist." she turns in her seat to look at him. "You have to guess the ice cream flavor I'm thinking of, or this date ends now." 
"We're going to Scoops," He sees her nod and continues on, "That is where you like to get a new flavor each time, but I know after an injury, you crave caramel."
"Final answer then, H."
"Gold Medal Ribbon"
She leans back in her seat. "That is correct," she says proudly. "Let's get some pizza too because I need food to take these pills."
"Pizza, ice cream. Then my place or yours." 
She thinks about it real hard. As much as she loves Harry's bed, she needs her favorite blanket tonight. "Let's go back to mine." 
Harry takes off in the direction of their favorite ice cream shop, Scoops, that is conveniently next to the place where they order their pizza. 
They are lying in her bed together, moving there after watching US per Harry's choice. Harry helped her with her night routine and even tried to brush her teeth, but she reminded him she was ambidextrous. A fancy way of telling Harry she was talented with both hands. That caused Harry to go red and leave her standing in her bathroom alone.
 She's getting sleepy, and she blames it on the painkillers. She doesn't want to sleep because then it would mark the end of their date. Although it was not a traditional dinner, she had a great time because it was Harry. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't wine and dine you properly." She's close to tears because no guy wants to go on a date to a hospital then go home to eat pizza. "It's probably been the worst date you've ever been on, and worst I didn't get to walk you to the door and kiss you." 
"Peach," he starts, and she looks at him with glossed eyes. "This was the best first date. It will always be the most memorable because it was with you."
She smiles slightly.
"Want to know a secret" he grins at her nodding her head shyly. "You're my last first date."
She blushes at his words because she knows the meaning behind it. He means she's the one he's going to be with forever.
"Then will you seal the deal, Mr. Romantic, and kiss me."
He pets her hair gently. "I want it to be perfect."
"Every moment with you is perfect."
Harry's heart skips a beat at her words. He's never said no to her before, and he isn't going to start now.
All their first date kisses have led them to this moment, the final one. All the heartbreak they went through was done so that when the right person came around, they would know how to cherish and protect that love. 
She feels her heart beating so fast she wasn't able to catch a proper breath. His head that just seconds ago was declaring his emotions to her was no buzzing with anticipation. She felt his breaths on her cheeks. He watched her eyelids flutter, then close. Then their lips met. 
Romance novels do no justice to how it feels to kiss the person you were waiting on forever to kiss. It's not fireworks and sparks.
It's better, it's much better. 
It feels as if your soul is at peace. A gentleness flows through them at the love that is being exchanged. It's the feeling of coming home, a sense of wanting, and acceptance. It was something explainable, and they can't wait to experience more of that. 
Harry pulls away far enough to look at her shut eyes and smile that's gracing her face. She opens them, and he's met with them shining as bright as the stars outside. 
"Perfect," she whispers, her right hand coming up to gently stroke the dimples on his face. 
Harry turns his head gently and places a kiss on her palm. She sighs in contentment. He settles on his side and brings her hand down to rest on her stomach as he intertwines their hands together. Her left arm elevated on a stack of blankets and pillows as to allow it to heal; her back pressed to his. They fit perfectly. 
There under the light of the moon, they fell asleep with their hearts full. 
It’s the start of a relationship, one with struggles, laughs, and many firsts together but most importantly filled with an ever growing love for one another. 
December 2020
"Do you think she'll hug you first or me?"
"I'm her son, Peach," he states as if her question was absurd.
"I bet you 50," she says. 
"Dollars, quid, kisses, or what" he replies with a smirk on his face.
"Spanks," she replies earnestly.
 "Start walking, I see your luggage that has all the presents." 
Harry arrives and parks the car, and she all dives out of the car. She rushes to the front door and puts Harry's key in to unlock the door. She knows it's as much her home as it is his. 
"Anne," she shouts, not seeing anyone in the living room. She takes her shoes off but leaves her coat on. 
Anne walks out of the kitchen, she rushes to give her a hug brushing off Harry standing right next to her. She smirks at Harry, and he just rolls his eyes, but honestly, he might just burst from happiness at how much his mom loves his Peach.
"Can you believe our dear Harold brought his girlfriend here to meet you, and he didn't even let you know." She begins her tale trying her best to hold in her smile 
Harry closes the door and is not at all surprised to see his mom pull her closer in a hug, thinking she was serious. 
Well, she was. 
"Hi mum, I would love a hug. Your youngest and only son is home." 
"Is she serious? Where is the girlfriend?" she questions him right away. "Do you have her waiting outside?"
 "You're holding her." He replies honestly to his mum.
Anne pulls back to look at the girl in her arms, and Harry can't help but laugh at his mother's face. She has a million-dollar smile on her face and nods to reassure Anne that it's true. Anne lets out a little scream before bringing her in for a tighter hug. Harry approaches, and Anne pulls him in to join the group hug. It's a lovely welcome home. 
"It's not even Christmas, and this is the best gift I could have received." 
Anne smiles and comes close to crying when seeing them reach for each other, like two magnets being pulled together. Hands intertwined and smiles wide. She sees their love loud and clear. 
"Oh, does your sister know." Anne suddenly worried if she was the last to know.
"Nope, Harry wanted to let you know together." 
"Well, she shouldn't belong. How long have you been together?" 
Harry grins, "Is it crazy to say it feels like forever." Y/N grins up at him and gives him a quick peck on his cheek. "Got together in March. When the klutz got her wrist sprained." Y/N elbowed him fast and hard enough to leave him gasping for air.
There's a knock on the door, and they know it's Gemma's boyfriend because she would have walked right in. 
"Darlin', go into the kitchen. We'll tell Gemma Harry wants to introduce her to his girlfriend, and that'll be your cue." 
Anne's so excited that they do as they say. 
It's safe to say that day was full of hugs, smiles, and laughs. 
It's cold out, but Y/N doesn't seem to mind. She's got a blanket around her as she sits on the back steps of the house. She looks out and knows she'd be happy here forever. 
"Peach, you're going to freeze out here."
"Not if you come sit by me" She smiles knowing he's not going to say no to her. Harry shuffles over to her quickly unwrapping the blanket to wrap them both in the warmth it’s providing.
"I meant it when I said I'd move across the pond with you."
Harry pulls her close and practically has her sitting in his lap. He rests his head on top of hers.
"I know you did." He stops to press a gentle kiss to her hair. "You've got family there and your job. I got mine too." He sighs as if he's trying to convince himself why they shouldn't
"Not to brag or whatever, but I work at one of the best companies. Top two in the nation, I'm sure they'd allow me a transfer or give me an excellent reference because not to brag again, but I'm amazing at my job. 
Harry acts like he's going to drop her causing her to scream, and she wraps her arms around his neck tightly. 
"You also want to expand your company. Who better to run the branch in London than the man himself." 
Harry groans. "You make it sound so easy."
"That's because it is, with you, it always has been." 
She nuzzles her nose into his neck, causing him to smile because it's cold, but he doesn't let her know because he likes having her this close. 
"You'd move across the ocean with me," he repeats as if still not believing it. "What's the catch?" 
"A promise of forever with you," she whispers, kissing his neck softly.
"With you forever seems too short." 
Harry lets her lean in to peck his lips. 
"I'll support you no matter what, I'm all in with you, and I'll always support all your dreams."
She lifts her arm to rest on his cheek, and she strokes him gently. He hums in content, knowing there is no better place in this world than in her arms. 
"I may be your lover now, but I will always be your friend." 
It’s true Harry thinks as much as their relationship has changed she always has his best interest in mind and vice versa. 
Best friends and lovers.
She leans in and brushes her lips to his. She laughs a little because hers have gone a little dry with the cold, but Harry's stay soft and welcoming. He closes the gap wanting to feel the heat her kisses bring him. Their lips move in sync, a dance only they know. It's soft, and slow just like this moment. Harry pours all his love into this kiss and feels her do the same. They pull apart close enough to still feel each other's breath. Small kisses, always being shared. 
There, in Harry's mother's backyard on a cold December night, Harry and Y/N promise forever and more to each other.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading Always Be Your Friend! I love this story that shows a story of two friends who loved each other but were never brave enough to say it until they finally did. A pinch of angst and a load of fluff later I’m still in love with loud  Y/N and workaholic Harry. Thank you to @oh-honey-styles @for-fucks-sake-h @andwhenshesays​ for creating Pick Your Poison Fic Challenge because it was a true joy to take time and write this story (even if there where times I did not like parts of my story.) 
Here’s the pypfc masterlist to check out everyone else’s stories!
please please please let me know what you though of it here.  I love hearing your thoughts it means so much to me. Love you all - Angie
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harryhoney-bee · a year ago
I thought parents didn’t have favorites.
Tumblr media
anonymous asked: hi! could i request a dad!harry imagine where he favors one child over the other and causes some angst in the family? thanks!
Hope you liked it!
Words count: 2.2k
Angst to Fluff/ Dad!Harry
It was 6 pm, and Y/N was at the kitchen preparing Creamy mushroom pasta for dinner, her children’s favorites, Harry also liked, but not as much as the kids.
“Mom, is dad going to be home soon? I am so excited to show him my drawing!” Maya said while sitting on the couch looking proudly at her colored paper “Do you think he will like it?”
Y/N looked at her with soft eyes “Of course he will honey, is such a beautiful picture.” She goes near her daughter and puts her arm around Maya “My favorite part is the sunflowers in the back, I think it’s gonna be your dad’s favorite part too”.
“Well, I hope so!” Maya says looking happily at her mom.
she was such a beautiful girl, she was kind, smart. Different from her dad, she did not like to be the center of attention, in fact, Y/N and Harry found out she was a little artist just two years ago because she didn’t like others to see her sketches, the poor girl was too insecure about it, but Harry was trying to teach her how to be more confident. She had a lot of talent for twelve-year-old.
Y/N came back to reality when she hears a loud noise coming from downstairs, the basement, where Harry decided to make a little studio for himself, but the one person who was always there wasn’t Harry, but their son, Charlie.
Different from Maya, her brother loved being in the spotlight, he was outgoing and friends with everybody. He was the copy of Harry, from personality to talent. Charlie loves to sing, write songs, and play his guitar, but sometimes he would just go too far at the last thing, like right now.
Y/N makes her way downstairs, watching her son giving a real rock concert, she smiles at herself, he was so much like Harry…
“Hey little Rockstar, can you keep down, please?”
“But mom, a rock show without a loud guitar’s solo is not a rock show” The boy whines.
“Good thing we are at home, and not at a Rockshow, right?”
“I guess…” Charlie says “Mom when dad will be home? I want to show him my new guitar’s moves.”
“You and your sister just want to know about your father, huh?” She says pulling her hand to her chest, pretending to be hurt. “I am pretty cool too, just so you know”
Charlie laughs and gives his mom a hug.
“Mom, you are pretty cool, but dad is cooler”
“Such a kind boy I raised” She laughs, kissing him on the head.
She makes her way back to the kitchen, to finish the dinner, when she gets there, she notices Maya wasn’t in the living room anymore, assuming she went to her room, Y/N keeps doing her business.
Around 7 pm, Y/N heard the door open, and Harry shows up by the kitchen.
“Hi darling, how was your day,” Harry says kissing his wife.
“Really good, me and the kids just chilled all day long, what about yours?”
“It was really productive, just find a different way to do the melody of track 6 of the album, I can’t wait to show it to Charlie, he will love it so much!”
Y/N wasn’t surprised by his declaration, Charlie and Harry always had this special bond between them, Charlie’s love for music just made it all stronger. Sometimes she worried about Maya getting jealous of their relationship, but she never showed any type of different behavior. But Y/N would be lying if she said she didn’t wish Harry and Maya were closer.
As Harry would cross the door of the kitchen, Maya showed up, with the brightest smile on her face. “Hi dad,” she says hugging him, he did the same. “Look the drawing that I made!”
She shows him, but Harry didn’t even take the drawing to look closer, actually, his eyes lays on the picture for a few seconds.
“Hi! it’s cute, honey” He pats her head and goes to the basement, to find Charlie.
Y/N sees the worst sight a mom could see, her daughter’s face falling because of sadness, the little tears starting to pour from Maya’s eyes.
Before Mays can say anything, Y/N is there to hug her.
“Shh baby, mommy is here” She doesn’t hear anything but her sobs.
“Mom, why da-dad always wants to be with Charlie?” She tights her arms around her mother “Dad never want to spend ti-time with me-me, or give me at-attention, I thought that parents didn’t have favorites, but dad ob-obviously does! Mays cries even harder.
“Baby, come on, let’s talk in your room, ok?”
Both goes to Maya’s room, Y/N puts her on her lap, like she used to do when Maya was a toddler.
“Maya, I want you to listen to me, ok?” She grabs her daughter’s chin, she was now looking at her teary green eyes “Your dad loves you so much baby, you are his whole world! When he found out we were having a baby girl he cried for a whole week, you know?”
“He did mom?”
“Yes! You are his little girl”
“I wish I was a little girl forever, maybe then dad would like me as much as he likes Charlie”
The sadness in her voice makes Y/N want to cry “Maya, your dad loves you both the same, the only difference is that your dad can get really worked up about his music, and turns out that Charlie has the same excitement and passion as your dad. Charlie isn’t his favorite or the one he loves the most, he is just the one that shares more common interests.
“I love you mom” She says, “But can I sleep now? I don’t wanna go down there, not right now.”
“Yes baby, but tomorrow you have to eat a lot on breakfast, ok, since you don’t want to have dinner.”
“Ok mom” Y/N gives Maya a kiss on the forehead, and before she lives the room she hears her voice “Mom, I heard you and Charlie earlier, and I think you are the coolest”
Y/N laughs “Thank baby, good dreams”
Her smile leaves her face as soon as she left the room, Y/N has never been more pissed at Harry than she is right now, she goes to find him in the little studio downstairs. As she approaches, she hears both laughing, her heart softens a little.
“Hi guys”
“Hi Mom”
“Hi baby’
Y/N sits on the little puff next to Harry “Hey Charlie, could you let mom and dad talk a little in private? Please?”
Charlie looks at Harry, that looks at you with confusion on his face.
“Ok mom” He hangs the guitar on the wall, but before he left the room, his mother says “If you want to eat dinner you can, it’s ready, just be quiet because your sister is sleeping”
“Alright,” The boy answers, leaving the room completely.
“Why is Maya sleeping already? Is she ok?” Harry askes with worry in his voice.
“No Harry, she is not ok!” You left the puff and stand in front of his sit “she was crying because her father doesn’t give the attention she deserves”
“Wait, what? I made her cry?” He stands in front of her “And what do you mean I don’t give attention to her? I always do” He says, feeling hurt hearing such nonsense.
“No Harry, you don’t, when it comes to your free time you always favorites Charlie over Maya, don’t get me wrong baby, I love the bond you have with him, but it is hurting Maya that you don’t have a special solo time with her.” She looks at her husband, there was concern on his face, he opened his mouth, but closed right away.
“She was so excited to show you her drawing Harry, you had to see the smile on her face, she was counting the seconds for you to come home so she could show you, but you didn’t even look, baby.” She stares at his green eyes, the same as Maya, and sees tears rolling down his cheeks.
“I am such a bad dad” He breaks in front of Y/N, both adults hug each other.
“No Bub, none of that, you are an amazing dad, the best of all” The girl says, feeling her heart crumbling, in one hour she saw 2 of the 3 most important people in her life crying.
“Good dads don’t make their daughters cry, Y/N” Both of you sit on the floor, you are still hugging him, “And I didn’t notice I was favoriting Charlie over Maya when it comes to attention, you know?” He looks at you, his face washed with tears and sadness.
You passed the thumb in his face, taking away the tears.
“Is just easy for me to talk to Charlie, he likes the same things as me. I am aware Maya is my kid, but sometimes she intimidates me” He says laughing between is cry “She is so smart and knows so much about art and everything in general, last week we went to the market together, and she started to talk about European Vanguards, and I just couldn’t keep up with the conversation, ‘cus I know nothing about it” He laughs even harder, this time you follows him.
“Damn, I feel like crap,” Harry says, getting serious again “I was just so excited to share the new melody with baby number 2 that I forgot about baby number 1,” He says
“First, they are not babies anymore, are they?” She smiles sweetly at him “Second, parents are still people, baby, they make mistakes. Remember the time Charlie broke his feet playing in the tree?“ Harry nods his head yes “Remember how I go extremely protect over him because I didn’t want him to be hurt again? You showed me I was wrong about it, and we talked, and I cried, I felt like the worst mom in the world, but then you told me it was alright”
“So, now I am the one telling you it’s alright” She pecks him on the lips.
“Thanks, wifey, I love you” Both of them get up off the floor. “Hey, would mind if tomorrow me and Maya spent the day together? It’s not gonna fix everything, but at least I can apologize to her”
“No baby, not at all, Charlie and I could also use some alone time too.”
“Ok, tomorrow I will be taking her to have breakfast and spend the whole day together”
“Ok, so now let’s go sleep, tomorrow you gonna have a busy day”
It was not a surprise Harry found Maya in the kitchen so early in the morning, both are early birdies, what did surprise Harry was the lack of conversation between them, when his little girl did not wish him good morning, he realized how much he screwed up.
As she was about to take her cereal in her bowl he sits by her side.
“Hey baby, I just want to say that I am so sorry about yesterday or on any other occasion I didn’t give you the attention you deserve.” She looks at him for the first time since the incident, unlike Charlie, who looked so much like him, Maya was the perfect mix, her little green eyes and her mouth were exactly like Harry’s, but her hair and nose were all her mom’s.
“Daddy loves you so much Maya, you have no Idea-‘’Before he can continue, Maya hugs him, he felt tears in the corner of his eyes.
“It’s ok dad, mom explained to me last night, you and Charlie have the same passions so it’s easier for you to spend time together.”
“No baby, it’s not ok, I wasn’t being a good dad, I love you, to the moon and back, and I love spending time with you, I am genuinely sorry.”
“I forgive you dad, and I love you too, you are the best dad!”
He kisses her head softly “What about both of us have a day just for us?”
“Really dad?” The girl questions smiling brightly “I would love to! What are we going to do?”
“Well, I was thinking of getting breakfast at the doughnut shop and then we can go to a daddy/daughter art class, what do you think?”
“Only if I can order the doughnut with extra chocolate,” The girl says smiling.
“Whatever my baby wants, now let’s got, go change your clothes and please, bring your drawing for dad, ok? I need to admire the masterpiece my little artist did” He pats her head.
“Ok dad!”
He sees her leaving to her room, the amount of love he has for this daughter is incalculable, and he won’t bear to the reason for her tears again, because she is just too angelic to feel sad, and she looked just like her mother when crying.
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hstyles-1994 · a year ago
Take Me Home
In which you're nervous to meet Harry's family.
a/n: Happy Saturday. I hope everyone has enjoyed they're week. college has drained me this week and I really don't know what this is. I kinda rushed this and I'm not so proud of it, but its still cute. I hope you enjoy this messy blurb, also please check out my other blurbs which are listed in my masterlist. I’m also taking requests/submissions so you can send me those. Enjoy <3
1.7k words
based off of this ask
Tumblr media
Meeting the parents. Something that is very scary. From starting a new relationship to meeting your other half’s parents. It’s always a little nerve wracking at first. You want to make a good impression on them and you just pray that they don’t hate you. There’s always the worry that you're not good enough for them, and then the relationship won’t work out - which is the worst possible scenario to occur. Although the majority of the time, they’re very welcoming and loving. 
You and Harry met 3 months ago while he was on the Take me Home tour with One Direction. You’d met in a club and he saved you from a guy that was trying to make you dance with him. That night, you and Harry sat in the club talking till about 3am. You got to know each other very well, then Harry asked if he could take you on a date - which you happily accepted. After many dates, Harry asked you to be his girlfriend. 
Two months into your relationship and you couldn’t be any happier. Although the time has come where Harry’s taking you home to meet his Mum and sister. You’ve heard amazing things about them and you're not as nervous as you expected to be - well maybe a little. Harry’s taking you to his mums house for the evening and you definitely grew more nervous by the minute. You’d gotten dressed up nice to make the best impression you possibly could. You’d been out the previous day to buy some new clothes and some fancy makeup that you have no idea how to use. 
As you sit at your dressing table, you attempt to do a simple makeup look - which ends up failing. First of all the foundation is way too dark, your eyebrows are uneven and the eyeshadow is so messy, you just end up taking it off. You sit there looking at yourself in the mirror, then pick up a brush to start over. That’s when Harry walks in, with a towel around his waist. “We’re gonna leave in half an hour, is that ok?” He asks, slipping into a pair of jeans. “I um, I don’t think I can go” you whisper. “Why not baby?” he asks concerned. You gently shrug your shoulders, now knowing what to say. “Why are you putting on makeup, you never wear makeup” he questions. “I wanted to look nice” you softly whisper. “You don’t need to wear makeup to impress my mum and sister. I know they’re going to love you just as much as I do. So why don’t you get dressed and then we can go, yeah?” You nod your head, then go to your closet to get dressed. You put on a pair of slightly ripped light wash jeans and a black T-shirt. You slip on a pair of vans, spray some perfume and meet Harry downstairs. 
After an hour drive, you arrive at Anne’s house. It’s a beautiful little house which looks super cute and cosy. You get out of the car and walk round to the path to stand next to Harry. “You ready baby” he smiles. You nod, then lean up to place a small kiss to his lips. You lock your hand into his as you walk up toward the front door. Harry rings the doorbell, making your shake nervously. Harry could definitely tell that you were nervous now that you're here. After a few seconds the door swings open, and standing there is Harry’s mum. “Your here! Gemma there here” Anne shouts.  “Come in, it’s lovely to meet you y/n, I’m Anne'' she adds, pulling you into a warm hug. You wrap your arms around her, already feeling super at ease. 
From around the corner you see Harry’s sister, Gemma, walk towards you. “Y/n this is my sister Gemma” Harry says, wrapping an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “It’s lovely to meet you y/n. Your right Harry, she’s very beautiful” she smiles, whispering the last bit. You blush like crazy at her comment. “Ok so I’ve started making a chicken curry, is that okay with you guys” Anne questions. You all nod, and Anne’s off to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Gemma leads you into the living room, and you sit next to Harry on the couch opposite Gemma. 
“So how did you guys meet” Gemma asks, followed by a sip of her wine. “We met on a night out. I was with the boys and y/n just happened to be there. And I asked her out” he smiles, being really proud of the story he told. “You guys are so adorable, so are you in college or something”. “Yeah, I’m in college. I study art which I really enjoy” you say. “Oh wow, are you good at art” Gemma questions. “I’m okay I guess” you laugh. “Are you crazy, your artwork is absolutely phenomenal” he shouts. “You have to show Gemma sometime because it’s a work of art” he laughs , thinking the joke he made was funny. “That’s not funny Harry, your jokes are getting worse” Gemma sighs, shaking her head. 
“Do either of you want a drink, I completely forgot to ask” Anne asks walking in the living room. “I've got some wine and champagne if you'd like that,” she adds. “I'll have some wine please mum, what about you?” Harry asks. “I'll have some wine as well please, if it's not too much trouble” you respond. “Of course it's not too much trouble, Harry would you like to sort the drinks please?” Anne says. “If I must” he laughs, getting up to go grab some wine. You and Gemma begin to engage in a conversation about college and how she just graduated. You tell her all about the art courses you've done, and how you graduate next year. Soon after Harry returns with two glasses of wine, hands you one and sits next to you placing an arm around your shoulder. “What are you guys talking about?” Harry asks curiously. “About college, you wouldn't understand because you never went” Gemma teases, making you laugh. “Well i enjoy what i do, it's better than college anyways” he responds. “But at least I can say I can graduate,” Gemma throws back. “You two stop arguing” Anne shouts from the kitchen. “Harry can you come help me a second please” she adds. “With what” he shouts back. “Just come here” Anne finished. “You're coming with me, I don't need you two teaming up against me” Harry says, grabbing your hand and pulling you with him. 
You two walk into the kitchen to see Anne slightly struggling with the cooking. “What do you need help with” Harry greeted, walking towards his mum. “Can you try this for me, I'm not sure that it tastes right” she huffs, grabbing a spoon and putting some of the curry onto it. Harry takes the spoon and eats what's on it, only to make a weird face once he's eaten it. “It's a bit salty” he slightly gags, placing the spoon in the sink. “What did you put in that?” he asks. “I just added some spices, I don't know why it's like that,” she responds a little annoyed at why it doesn't taste right. “y/n try this, you're good at cooking” Harry says, grabbing a spoon. “It's not bad, maybe add some chilli powder or paprika” you suggest. Anne adds in a little bit of both and mixes it, then lets you try it again. “That's much better, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was before” Harry laughs. “Harry that's mean” you say, hitting his shoulder. “What do you mean, she asked for my opinion” he shrugs, also feeling a little bad. “But your mums spent a while cooking that, you shouldn’t say it's bad” you say. “Oh shush” he laughs, kissing your cheek. “Do you need any help?” you ask. “Oh you don't need to help, and I don't trust Harry to cook, he’ll find any way possible to mess it up” Anne laughs, mixing the curry. “If you really want to help you two can set up the table please” she adds. You and Harry grab some plates and cutlery, placing them on the dining table. “Thank You so much guys, dinners are almost done so you can just go back in the living room for a while” Anne says finishing up in the kitchen. 
While waiting for dinner, you return to the living room and talk with Gemma for the next 10 minutes, until Anne calls you out for dinner. You sit down at the table, Harry next to you with Gemma and Anne opposite. Gemma pours out some more wine, but Harry has water because he's driving. You start eating and the food is amazing. You all complement Anne on her cooking and she thanks you all. Once dinner is over you help Anne clear away the table, even though she insists you shouldn’t because you're a guest. You make your way into the living room and sit with Harry for the rest of the evening. For the next hour you talk about the most random things. Anne and Gemma just want to get to know you, and they already love you and they can see how happy the two of you are. “We’re gonna have to leave soon, it's getting late” Harry says, looking at the time on his phone. “Ok, it was lovely to meet you y/n, your welcome here anytime” Anne smiles, pulling you into a warm hug. You say your goodbyes and go back to Harry’s car. Once inside you sit for a minute with a huge smile on your face. “You ok” he asks. You nod your head, leaning over to place a kiss on Harry's lips. “Your mum and sister are so lovely, I can’t wait to see them again” you smile. “Ready to go home” he asks. You nod again, do your seatbelt, then leave.
Meeting Harry's family was amazing, you don't even remember why you were nervous in the first place. 
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heartbreakweatherharry · 11 months ago
december, 1963 (what a night) (h.s)
Tumblr media
→ requested: yes. thank u anon!!
→ warnings: none (?)
→ author’s note: this is definitely one of my favorite pieces i’ve ever written. been working on it for a while now, so i hope u enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
“It’s still so weird,” Y/N sighed, running a hand through Harry’s hair as he sat between her legs, the two of them lying on the sofa as a film played in the background. The man hummed inquisitively, eyes closed. “I’m like— I’m gonna your wife. I’m gonna be Mrs. Styles.”
A low chuckle rumbled from Harry’s chest, “tha’ you are. Always m’girl, soon to be m’wife.”
She nodded, nibbling her bottom lip, losing herself in the softness of his curly tresses. They’d been together for almost three years, each year being better than the last, each year their love growing for one another. “Your wife...” The girl trailed off as her gaze fixated on the sparkling diamond ring on her left hand, words dissolving into the air.
A few beats of silence fell between the engaged couple, the chattering of the background movie filling the room. “What’s on y’mind?” Harry opened his eyes, leaning his head back to rest on her shoulder, pressing a kiss to the soft skin on the side of her cheek. “Know y’can tell me anything, love.”
Sighing, “when are we gonna tell people?” 
“Baby, we’ve talked ‘bout this. I don’t want you t’be overwhelmed by the media ‘nd—“
“I know,” Y/N breathed, voice small. “I know. I just... It’s been three years, Harry. Don’t you think they deserve to know?” Her jaw was tense as she muttered, “they barely know me as your girlfriend.”
The man sat up, swiftly turning around to sit on his knees so he could face his fiancé. “I want them t’know, petal, I do. But,” hands gently rubbing up and down her thighs, eyes falling, “‘m scared. Don’t want them t’tear you apart.” Y/N placed her hands on top of Harry’s, stopping their movements on her thighs.
“Three days. We get married in three days, yeah?” He nodded, eyes still down. “Right, then why don’t we push this aside for now? I don’t want us to get caught up in this and have it ruin the wedding. Our wedding.” Over the course of her spiel, Y/N had interlaced her fingertips with Harry’s, occasionally giving them gentle squeezes. She offered him an apologetic grin, “I’m sorry I brought it up, bub.”
His eyes finally met hers, dark chocolate curls bouncing with a small shake of his head. “’s okay. I love you.”
Harry stood in front of the sanctuary doors, fingers tapping on his cufflinks as Anne rubbed loose circles into his back, her bangles lightly clanking with each rotation. “You ready, pumpkin?” He closed his eyes, head falling as he inhaled deeply, the comforting scent of his mum’s perfume filling his nose.
Barely above a whisper, “yeah.” His voice trembled, “yeah, ‘m ready.” Truth be told, Harry was beyond nervous, terrified. Not because he didn’t love Y/N, no— he was so in love with her. What scared him, then? The media. He knew the things they said about her, and he also knew what the words did to her. Thousands of women wished for the day they would become Mrs. Harry Styles, but for Harry, there was only her. 
“Let’s get this show on the road then. Mumma’s ready for some grandbabies,” Anne smiled as she wrapped her arm around his, eliciting a ‘slow down there’ from her son. The usher pulled open the grand french doors, the busy noises from the crowd dying down at the sight of the groom. They walked toe-by-toe, step-by-step, down the carpeted aisle as shaky breaths slipped from Harry’s lips, trying to disguise his nerves in the form of a toothy smile. “‘m so proud of you,” Anne beamed, pulling her baby into her arms, her head resting on his chest. “I love you, sweets.”
Squeezing gently, Harry gave a quick peck to her cheek, “love you, mum. Always.” The man let go of his mother, boots softly tapping the floor as he joined the minister in front of the pews, bouquets of daisies and sunflowers littered around him. His fingers were still fiddling with the cufflinks on his, of course, Gucci suit, keeping himself from messing with his hair. The grand oak doors opened yet again: this time, for the woman he was in love with. “Bleedin’ hell,” he muttered as his eyes landed on Y/N: she was an angel sent from heaven, dressed in white, just for him. Harry couldn’t hold back the pure elation bubbling up inside him, rising in his chest to bring tears to his eyes.
“Hi,” she gushed quietly to her fiancé, passing the bouquet in her hands off to a bridesmaid.
Choking out a sob, he smiled, “oh, baby. Y’look marvelous.”
“You’re not too bad yourself, handsome,” Y/N reached forward, gently cupping Harry’s cheek, thumb brushing away the tears that slowly rolled down his face.
“We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments,” the minister began, “and to cherish the words which shall unite Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N and Harry Edward Styles in marriage.” As the minister continued his script, Harry couldn’t take his eyes off of the woman standing before him, couldn’t stop his heart from beating out of his chest, couldn’t wipe the eye-crinkling smile on his face. “Marriage is the promise between two people who love each other, and who trust in that love, who honor each other as individuals, and who choose to spend the rest of their lives together.”
“I love you,” Harry mouthed to Y/N, giving her hands a squeeze as they lied in his palms. She giggled, eyes flickering back between the speaker and her love.
“This ceremony will not create a relationship that does not already exist between you. It is a symbol of how far you have come these past few years. It is a symbol of the promises you will make to each other to continue growing stronger as individuals and as partners. No matter what challenges you face, you now face them together, and no matter how much you succeed, you now succeed together. The love between you joins you now as one. Now, the bride and groom each have a few words to share.”
His hands were shaking, his mind cloudy with her sheer beauty. “Harry, your vows,” she whispered.
“Oh,” Harry exclaimed, scattered chuckles coming from the guests. “Right, okay— Y/N,” he gulped, fingers fishing for the sheet of paper in his pocket. “Y/N, you ‘nd I both know how indecisive I can be at times. I simply don't like t’make decisions,” chuckling, he cleared his throat. “But if there’s one decision in m’life that I know is the right one, it's t’spend the rest of m’life with you. There’s an infinite number of things I love about you. I love your thoughtfulness and your ability t’keep me grounded when I become too much of a narcissist.” The pews of their family and friends snickered, making Harry look up from his messy writing, “wha’? I am and we all know it!” His smile-crinkled eyes flickered between Y/N and the crowd, gently tapping the toe of his boot on the ground. “I love your loyalty to me and our relationship. I love how when y’laugh really hard, your one eye starts t’crinkle up. I promise to be patient with you, even if it means that I have t’listen t’you make puns out of every single one of m’song titles. And,” he slid the paper back into its original spot, taking ahold of Y/N’s hands again, “I promise to love you for the rest of my life.”
Y/N sniffled, a breathy giggle slipping past her ear-to-ear grin as her maid of honor delivered the notebook paper she had written her vows onto, tear stains littering across the lines. “Harry, of all the people you've met on your journey and of all the places you've been, somehow and someway, you ended up here—with me,” she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, choking back the tears that had worked their way to her eyes. “I used to think that we met by chance but now I know without a doubt that the universe put you in front of me because we were meant to spend our lives together. You have filled my life with joy and have given me a sense of peace that I have never known. You are my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my favorite narcissist.”
”See,” Harry snaps his neck back to his loved ones on the wooden benches of the church, “we all know it!”
“Although today marks the start to the rest of our lives,” she continued, “I know it will not be enough time with you. I will not take our time together for granted. And because words cannot do it, I promise to show you, for the rest of my life, just how much I love you.” Her eyes twinkled, “I promise to encourage you to follow all of your big rock-star dreams, to make you laugh when you’re taking yourself too seriously, which is more often than not.” Harry nodded, shrugging a light ‘yeah’. “I promise to hold your hand through the good times and through the bad, to be loyal and faithful and put you before all else. And I promise,” Y/N blubbered, voice wavering, “that when we are old and gray, we will look back on our lives together and we have no regrets. From this day forward, you will never walk alone."
The minister breathed as the couple dried one another’s tears, “beautiful, both of you. Now, Harry Edward Styles, do you take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife for as long as you both shall live?
Before the minister could finish his sentence, Harry’s head was frantically bobbing up and down, a few chocolate curls breaking loose from their gellus hold. “I do,” he beamed, “a thousand times I do.”
“And Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, do you take Harry to be your lawfully wedded husband for as long as you both shall live?”
“I do.”
“Is this actually happening? Am I really the Mrs. Harry Styles?” Y/N rested her chin in the palm of her hand, elbow flush on the white tablecloth as she gazed at her husband. Dinner had been served, the cake had been cut, the party had just begun.
The man seated next to her sighed, his hand falling underneath the table to rest on her thigh. “I think so. Doesn’t seem real, does it? Feels...”
“Precisely,” he nodded, fingertips trailing from her thigh up to her cheek, brushing a stray piece of hair from her eyes. Their eyes met, the glow of the neon party lights adding a tinge of purple to both of their orbs. “Can I kiss m’wife?”
Blissful, Y/N hummed. “Only if I can kiss my husband.” Muttering an ‘of course’, Harry gently pressed his smiling lips against hers, scattered hoots and hollers filling their ears.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to invite Mr. and Mrs. Styles to the floor for their first dance of many,” the emcee spoke into the microphone, catching the couple’s attention as their lips parted. As Harry pushed his chair back, he extended a hand to his wife, mumbling a ‘shall we?’, to which she nodded. Y/N’s heels clicked on the hardwood floors, hoisting her dress up to avoid stepping on it, fingers intertwined with Harry’s.
“Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between?” Y/N clasped her hands behind her husband’s head, forearms resting gently on his shoulders. His grip was light on her waist, rubbing circles into the lacy fabric of her dress with his thumb. “I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me.”
“I forgot we picked this song,” she whispered through a giggle, looking up at the man through thick lashes. “Can’t wait to see what the boys will say about this.”
His smile grew, “they just might kill me.”
“I hope I’m not a casualty, I hope you won’t get up and leave. Might not mean that much to you, but to me it’s everything, everything.” 
“Well, they’ll have to get through me first.” The newlywed couple continued to sway back and forth, careful not to step on each other’s toes like they had practiced time and time again. Their first dance music drew to its end, light applause flooding the room as Harry quickly pecked his wife’s cheek, leading her back to the king and queen esqe chairs at their table.
Her eyes sparkled, he noted, thanking whatever higher power in the universe for allowing him to look into them for the rest of his life— for the rest of their life.
“‘December, 1963’ and then ‘what a night’ in parentheses.”
“What?” Y/N uttered, not looking up from the laptop that sat on her thighs, fingertips scrolling on the touchpad.
“The caption for my post. Does it sound okay?” Harry inquired nervously, nibbling the inside of his top lip. The picture on his phone screen was one he held near and dear to his heart: Y/N’s left hand holding his, a simple elegant diamond ring adorning her ring finger, on the day he proposed.
Lowering her laptop screen, her eyes widened, “are you... you’re posting the wedding?”
He shook his head, “posting the engagement. Been thinking a lot on it, on whether I should post the wedding pictures.” Y/N proceeded to sit up, any mindless scrolling previously taking place ceasing, her full attention now on the man at the end of the bed. “Decided on tha’ one photo from the engagement shoot, the one on the ‘save the date’ cards we sent out.”
“That’s a good one, but—“
“—want t’let the fans in, but still keep our privacy,” he answered, able to read her mind. “‘s been four months since I made you m’wife. Not g’na give the world a chance to ruin our happy.”
Y/N nodded along with Harry’s words, watching his thumbs twiddle as he explained himself. “Okay,” she breathed deeply, “post it.” After a few clicks of a button, the world knew: knew that she was his, knew that he was hers. They knew.
“December, 1963,” Harry sighed, throwing his phone to bounce onto the pillows. “What a night.”
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mindofharry · 8 months ago
deja vu
in which harry gets a new girlfriend and it’s giving him major deja vu.
angst ! fluff ! all of the above ! feedback is welcome as always <3 based off of the wonderful song, deja vu by olivia rodrigo!!
Tumblr media
“Well, maybe we should end it”
Harry suggested and Y/N froze. end it? why is that even something that came into his mind. It was a small, petty fight about a girl. A nice girl that Y/N is apparently jealous of, she’s not by the way. The girl just is the a little too close to her boyfriend, hugging him and kissing him on the cheek when she thinks Y/N isn’t watching them. And harry just sits there, let’s her do that while Y/N his girlfriend of three years is sitting right in front of them. Never did he bitch about her or complain, just compliments for the nice girl at the party.
“W...What?” Y/N stuttered sitting on the hood of the car. The car they bought together. They both worked at an ice cream place down in town, so with the little money they both had and a little support from their parents, they both this beauty. Of course, harry was the only one able to drive it for a whole year because poor Y/N didn’t have her drivers license yet.
“I think we should end it, this” Harry said pointing between himself and Y/N. Her eyes began to fill with tears and the guilt hit him quickly.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. But i just can’t do this back and forth thing anymore. We’re not in middle school” Harry said and sniffled a bit. Y/N nodded, she had sort of know someone like harry wouldn’t stay with someone like her for that long anyways. It’s just apart of life, right?
“You can keep the car. I’ll find some other way to get into work” Harry mumbled handing Y/N the keys to their shared car. Her eyes widen and anger surged through her veins.
“How dare you” Y/N yelled, a sob coming out of her mouth. “You’re dumping me? you’re fucking dumping me?” she yelled out and that attracted some stares. They were in their place, their special place in Malibu under the stars and near the beach. That’s all theirs.
“You flirt with this girl for a year of our relationship. you do it right infront of me, harry! and you can’t handle it anymore?” Y/N exclaimed and harry sighed, looking slightly embarrassed as more people started to watch them. “Fine, fuck go be with her! i don’t care” Y/N said wiping the tears off of her cheeks and getting into the car.
“Goodbye, harry”
And a couple of weeks later, harry was with that nice girl. That pretty girl, who was a carbon copy of you - harry figured that out pretty quickly, when they got to know each other more.
They were watching reruns of glee when he got this moment of deja vu. Like he had done this before.
Because he had. With Y/N.
“I love this show” Y/N giggled, her hand in harrys hair. Harry nodded agreeing as they watched the new directions so a performance again, this time tina and mercedes were leading the group.
“Y’know you don’t have to pretend to like it, we can change the channel if you want?” Y/N offered and Harry shook his head quickly and blushed. “No, i like it. Could make a good band name, no? New direction, one direction?” Harry teased and you giggled.
“Huh. You’re more of gleek than i am”
“i hate this show” The nice girl said changing the channel, before harry could speak up. Instead of disagreeing with her, he just nodded and kissed the side of her head. He liked glee.
Other times of this deja vu stuff, it was really honest mistakes. Like, nearly calling her Y/N’s name. You were just on his mind, it was nothing serious. He missed the car, that’s all. He also missed the strawberry ice cream and the late night chats under the malibu sky. So he took her there. He put billy joels, ‘uptown girl’ on the radio and grinned when she sang to it. She wasn’t as care free as Y/N though. Y/N had her own shrine of billy joel, her dad is absolutely obsessed with the man and passed that on to Y/N.
Of course, harry had heard of billy joel but had only listened to his most famous songs. Y/N introduced to him to the real billy joel, it was their thing. Listening to billy joel in Y/N’s basement after a long shift, harry would lay his head on her stomach as Y/N sang to vienna or sometimes harry would pull her up and dance around to piano man. He missed that so much.
The chorus of ‘uptown girl’ came on and harry looked over at the nice girl, he now calls his own.
“I love you” He said and she stopped singing and placed a hand on his knee.
Y/N did that. Had her hands all over him.
“I love you too” The nice girl hummed and Harry sighed, now getting another sense of deja vu.
“Did you see Harry and that girl together, Y/N?” Sarah, her new shift buddy asked. Y/N had seen them together, the nice girl that harrys with likes to post everything on social media. Y/N sees the traded jackets, the billy joel, the i love you’s in malibu, the strawberry ice cream. Y/N wondered if the girl laughed at harry because of how annoying he was during glee, or when he puts a jacket on way too small for him, or when they sing in the car. Does he steal Y/N jokes, like he stole everything else?
“Yeah, i did. Seem like a nice couple” Y/N said with a smile. Sarah, only knowing her a couple days, thought nothing of it. Y/N was breaking inside, she literally felt her heart break in two everytime she thought of the two.
How could harry just replace Y/N like that?
“I’d like to be an actress” The nice girl said licking her strawberry ice cream. Harrys eyes widened, deja vu. Y/N had told him, just before they started dating that she was going to be the next meryl streep - why she chose meryl streep, he’ll never know. Y/N has always wanted to be an actress. She had done a few jobs here and there, and always got the main part in plays and musicals. Being an actress is Y/N’s things.
“That’s great” Harry said supporting a forced grin. The nice girl didn’t think anything of it. Y/N wouldn’t known something was wrong.
A different girl, but nothings new.
Harry had to get away. Away from the nice girl who had ruined Y/N and Harrys relationship. So he went to the ice cream parlour. He knew Y/N was working with sarah, mitch is one of his closest friends and he’s dating sarah — so after some digging and prodding, he got the info he needed and set off to town. Without her. Harry dropped her off at her apartment, made up some lame excuse of not feeling well and needed to rest. Y/N would’ve offered soup, the nice girl just said get well soon and closed the apartment door in his face. It was too easy. It shouldn’t be that easy to lie to her, it was never like that with Y/N. Harry couldn’t lie to Y/N for the life of him, even around birthdays or christmas. He sucked at keeping secrets and telling fibs.
“Welcome to All things nice, how may i help you!” Y/N’s voice rang out as she was cleaning out the sink. The bell had notified her, that a customer was in the shop. She just didn’t know that customer was her ex boyfriend.
“Are we able to talk?” Harry asked wringing his hands. Y/N quickly turned around, almost bashing her head into the shelf. Her eyes were wide and her heart broke, again. She could barley handle the instagram posts. She can’t handle harry in real life. Not after what he did. Maybe if it was a mutual break up - but it really was not a mutual break up.
“I’m sorry, we don’t serve that” Y/N snapped pushing the spoons into a drawer. Harry flinched and nodded placing his hands in his back pockets. “Ok, i deserved that” he mumbled. He just needed to explain, just five minutes.
“Please, Y/N. i just need to explain” Harry pleaded, sounding proper desperate. Y/N couldn’t help but feel anger and sadness as she listened to harry beg for her time. She just couldn’t believe he was back so quick, so early in his new relationship.
“What do you possibly need to explain” Y/N asked dropping the spoons and looking at harry over the ice cream. It was rather cliche, really.
“You dumped me, because i pointed out that a girl - by the way, i was right - was coming onto you. I just needed reassurance, harry. That you wouldn’t cheat, that you wouldn’t leave me!” you exclaimed and harry nodded. “I just needed that. and i’m really glad that you dumped me. because we obviously weren’t meant for each other” Y/N said continuing her clean up.
“We are meant to be” Harry said. “We’re Y/N and harry” he said, his voice breaking. Y/N almost felt bad.
“No. You’re in a relationship. You say i love you, to her. You sing billy joel and swap jackets. You eat strawberry ice cream with her for fuck sakes harry” Y/N yelled, pulling at her hair. Harry sniffled and nodded. “I know, I know” he mumbled.
“Do you get deja vu?” Y/N asked “hmm?” she asked again when she didn’t get an answer.
“Thought so”
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allvre · a year ago
dining room - harry styles x reader
a/n: i wrote this one night listening to his songs and i don’t think it’s too bad so i thought i’d share. i know it’s different from my original content but i’m multi-fandom for a reason.
request: nope
summary: you work at an old vintage themed diner in a tiny town and one late night that you’re working, a handsome man walks in, his name is harry.
warnings: mentions of alc, other than that nothin that i can think of :) kinda fluffy
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
     I woke up to the sound of the loud beeping of my alarm blaring in my ears turning it off immediately, the sound was the most obnoxious thing you could ever hear. It was time for me to get ready to work at a vintage diner in the small exquisite town I live in. I've been working there since I was a teenager, I was never able to afford to get into college to live out my dream of music, singing is my passion.
     I finally decided to hop out of bed and put on my work attire, white polo, black dress pants, and black shoes, quite basic if you ask me. I throw my hair in a messy bun, grab my keys and walk down the street to the diner. It was about 6:58pm, two minutes before I had to clock in for the 3 hour shift I was about to work. Shifts were hard to come by, there are so many other waitresses here making it more difficult for me to earn money on my own.
    I walk to the room behind the counter and through the kitchen to get to what's known as the back room to grab my red apron labeled with the diners name on it, ‘la’rose’ and wrapped it around my neck clocking in shortly after. I made my way to the counter to start helping the two customers who were sitting there when I walked in, one was an older gentleman who was finishing a meal presumably after work since he had his name embroidered on his shirt.
     It’s now past 11 and there aren't any customers in the diner until one young man walks in almost tripping over his own feet with a smirk on his face, he sits in a booth in the furthest part of the diner planting his face in his hands, seeming stressed and slightly intoxicated. I make my way over, I get a better look at his face and he’s actually quite handsome, slightly curly brown hair, plump lips, and small stubble on his jaw and chin. “Hello sir, may I get you anything?” I ask politely, holding the small notebook and pen ready to jot down what he says “I’ll just take a coffee, thank you-” he says squinting at my name tag, “y/n, that’s a beautiful name” he slightly smiles resting ing his chin on the palms of his hands. “Thank you” I smile “I'll bring that coffee right to you okay?” he nods and I go pour him a cup of coffee and bring it back to the man placing it gently onto the table in front of him, he pours the small cups of creamer and sugar into it instantly.
     “Why don't you join me y/n” he points to the other side of the booth in front of him, I hesitate before sitting down in that very spot. I wouldn’t have done so if I knew that people wouldn't be coming in anymore. “So, what’s your name? You know mine but I don't know yours” I ask the gentleman “the name’s Harry” he sips on his coffee “what brings you in here this late at night?” I ask planting my chin in my palms repeating his actions from before. “Got drunk to forget but I forgot to get a driver so I walked here. What's a pretty lady like you working at a place like this?” he questions furrowing his eyebrows “there’s no other place that’ll hire me” I reply looking down embarrassed he picks my chin up with his index finger “no need to be embarrassed darling, I may be slightly drunk but I can read people like the back of my head” he chuckles to himself taking another sip from his coffee.
    We continued small talk for a while before we started asking more deeper questions about one another and enjoying each other's company. “Ya live by yourself?” he asks “yeah. It sucks being so lonely, I don't really have anyone” my mood slowly starts to drop, the one person I had was a boyfriend who cheated on me and packed all his shit and moved in with her about a year ago, i’m over him but i still dread having the whole experience and memory. “I know the feeling all too well.” he gets the same sad expression on his face that i have smeared across my own.
     “Well, i’m going to assume the diner is closing in a couple minutes so maybe I can give you some company, only if you'd like of course” he smiles cheekily at me “I would like that a lot, let me just clean up and then we can go yeah?” I stand up and give him a reassuring smile. I begin wiping down the counter and other booths as we continue talking. Once I'm done with all that I put my apron in the back and grab my keys and turn the lights off “you coming Harry?” He then gets up and follows me to the front door, we exit and I lock the door and we walk back to my place. Even though he somewhat sobered up we still held hands the whole walk there to make sure he still had balance, you can say it was also an excuse for us to do so. There was definitely chemistry between us already, I could feel it and I knew he could to undoubtedly.
     He plops down on my bed the minute we got inside my small apartment sighing from relief “i’m going to change out of my work clothes, i feel and look quite disgusting in it” I chuckle to myself him not finding it very funny “I still think you look beautiful” he says sliding his jacket and shirt off “do you mind if I sleep in my boxers? I can’t stand wearing jeans to bed” he asks nervously “go for it, i’m the same way” I smile and walk towards the bathroom but before I enter I feel a piece of cloth thrown at me, I pick it up and notice it’s the shirt he had been wearing “i think you'd look even better in that love” he smiles causing me to blush and I change into his shirt and nothing else, besides underwear of course. I walk out and notice he's already curled up under the blanket, I join him and he immediately pulls me into his embrace “I hope this is okay” he says and i notice his voice got deeper and more raspy, he was tired, his eyes were already closed “i’m okay with it harry” I smile “goodnight darling” “goodnight” I shine him a small smile before he shuts his eyes and I shut mine.
a/n: i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did writing it :) but like always if you want a second part i’m more than welcome to write one
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Rose-Colored Glasses (A Harry Styles Fic) / Part 1: New York City
Tumblr media
Summary: (Y/N) is a 21-year-old student at the New York Institute of Fine Arts. When money becomes tight, she signs up to Seeking Arrangement, where she meets Harry Styles, a 30-year-old executive, who just wants a normal friend. Or, maybe more...  (For @harrysleftchelseaboot​ Writer’s Appreciation Writing Challenge)  (This part does not contain smut scenes. But future parts of this fic do.) (Words: 10k) (Part 2: New York City & Aspen, Part 3: New York City, Amalfi Coast, & Rome, Part 4: Epilogue) (Rose Colored Glasses Vol. 2, Part 1: New York)
I sigh as I lock my phone, leaving it on the arm of the couch as my friend takes her seat back, looking at me in confusion. "(Y/N), bub... Are you ok? You seem a little..." "Out of my mind? Anxious? Petrified?" I ask her back and she chuckles softly, nodding her head. "All of the above. What's going on? Is Pete bothering you again? You were fine before I went to the kitchen." She asks me back, passing me the bowl of popcorn. "No, I think he is with someone else now. He hasn't bothered me in a while. And thank God for that. He is the last person I want to deal with right now. My electricity bill just came in my email. I swear, it feels like I had just paid the last one..." I whine, stuffing my mouth with a handful of popcorn. "I mean, ever since my roommate decided to move in with her boyfriend, I can barely afford the apartment by myself. I don't want to go back to living in the dorm, it feels like a step back." I complain, making my friend look at me with a frown. "Oh, honey. The 'looking for roommate' flyers didn't do anything?" She asks me softly. "Nothing. Plus, it is really weird looking for a roommate in the senior year. Not to mention having to worry about the new roommate being a creep..." I groan, just at the thought of going through the whole process of building trust with a new person. "Well, if everything fails, you can always find a sugar daddy. New York is rid of them." She nudges my shoulder, chuckling softly. I roll my eyes playfully, shaking my head at her. "Yeah, right... Maybe I will pick extra shifts at the cafe, I'll be fine, no need to worry right now." I try to be breezy and sound optimistic, brushing the matter off. "I am serious, though. There is this site... Seeking Arrangement or Arrangements. It is easy to join in and they run checks on the daddies and some of them don't even want sex." She suggests, cocking an eyebrow playfully at me. "I don't think I would fit in there... Plus, old white rich men are kinda making my stomach turn, so... It's fine, I will find a way to make extra cash..." I assure her, already feeling my stomach upset at the thought of actually doing that. My moral axis is on the opposite end of that, and I can't even picture myself not getting furious at the very first message some random dude is going to send me. "Shall we start the movie? You could use something to distract you, right?" She asks me, grabbing the remote control. "Sure..." I smile politely, relaxing back on the couch.
I fidget my pen with my fingers as I hover over my budget for the month. There is no way I can afford rent, electricity, and food this month, even if I work double-hours. Fuck, I have been taking pride in myself for being able to survive in New York without asking for help from my parents so far and now I am about to call for money, in the middle of the night. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes to try and calm myself. I have been chanting repeatedly that everything is going to be alright, but honestly, this is not working. And what makes things worse is that the idea of signing up to that site my friend suggested has been seeping through my brain since I picked up my diary and pen to calculate my expenses. I bring my laptop closer, sighing as I type the keywords into Google. The site is at the top of the results; Seeking Arrangement dot com. This feels wrong, but I am just researching. My forefinger hovers over my touchpad, trying to find the courage to go against what I thought my moral compass has been opposed to. My face morphs as I press the link, fixing my posture to take a better look at the information before me. The couple on the homepage seems like they have definitely been hired for the promotional shoot, I could bet my money that they are not a couple but honestly is not much. I dig the site more, reading and re-reading the terms, browsing the members, and trying to talk myself out of signing up. But the idea is rooted deep in my head and I find myself clicking the sign-up tile. They are running background checks and I can set my terms about the type of relationship I wish for. And hey, there is a sea of women and men on this site, I will probably not find someone interested to 'invest' and 'mentor' me. My profile will be lost in the sea of people looking for a sugar daddy. I decide to just close the laptop and go to bed early, not hover over my screen for messages I might never receive either way. I cover myself with the duvet up to my ears, craving warmth and safety to lull myself and fall asleep. I am having a hard time not feeling guilty for signing up to the site; I know that there is no reason to, that there is nothing shameful in utilizing an opportunity like this, and that on my profile I have stated my boundaries, but my stomach is tight at the thought of people actually finding my profile. And I honestly don't know which scenario would be worse; having messages from the men on this site in the morning, or logging in to an empty inbox.
I have a hard time starting my day this morning. Not that is ever easy for me to part from my beloved comforter, but today the New York weather begs for me to stay in bed, cocoon, and drink cup after cup of tea. But if I want to keep the slightest hope of keeping this apartment, I have to get up and head to work. I suppress my urge to log in to the site and check if there are any messages; I will end up spiraling or digging too deep, so I leave it for when night comes, to pair my research with my cup of noodles. I wear my work outfit; a simple pair of black jeans, a blunt black t-shirt, and a beige apron that will complete the look once I reach the coffee shop. It is the most boring color scheme, but the owner is all about ~calm colors that are easy on the eye~. As if black is easy on the eye. I grab my backpack and stuff my laptop in it; hopefully, I will get some surge of will to write more on my dissertation.
I walk to the announcement board of the library, looking at the huge display for my looking for a roommate ad. Still, all the fringes with my phone number are hanging below the paper, which means that no one was interested in it. I'll give it by the end of the week; either way, that's the time I have before I lose the payment deadline. "No luck yet?" My best friend startles me, tapping my shoulder. "No. No one even picked my number up." I sigh, my shoulders dropping as I love hope gradually. "Maybe they just saved it on their contacts straight away. Or took a pic of the ad. Don't stress over it. Come on, we have a class with Chimera... We don't want to be late." She pulls me by my arm, dragging me away from the board.
I unlock the door to my apartment well past the time I was supposed to be back. My body is already sore from the day and I am not anywhere close to calling it a day. I set my backpack by my bed before I strip to take a shower and wash away the day. I pour boiling water in my cup of noddles and sprinkle the seasonings before crossing my legs on top of each other and pulling my laptop on top of my lap as I stir my dinner for the noodles to soften faster; my belly has been rumbling ever since I stepped out of my class. I open my dissertation files, sighing at the thought of how much work I have left for this to be done and ready for submission. And then I decide to take a look at my Seeking Arrangement profile. I tap my nails against the keyboard softly as I wait for the login to be completed. I take a bite from my noodles as my profile appears on my screen and I see the little red dot over my message icon. "Holy fuck." I choke on my food as I see I have already been messaged 5 times but various men. Huh... Would you look at that... I open the messages one by one, a different tab for each message.
The first one is by a 50-year-old dude, who seems way too forward from the first message. No, thanks. The second one looks gross; I know I should not judge a book by each cover, but my stomach twitches at the sight of his picture. The third one started with a dick pic, so big no and block. The fourth one looks no older than 28, lives in New York, has a pretty face. That could work...
'Hello. Your profile seems quite interesting. And I noticed you live in New York. What a coincidence? How is the city treating you?' His message is completely different from the others' messages, he seems a bit awkward, in contrast to the confidence the other men showed. I bite my lip and leave the cup next to me before I fix my posture to reply to his message. 'Hi. Thank you for your compliment. New York has been quite the experience thus far. I can't wait to see what adventure it brings me next. How is the city treating you?' I send the message, waiting already for his response. I know better than expecting him to reply straight away, but this seems a bit fun. 'It has been amazing this far. Are you a student here?' He asks; there hasn't even been a minute since I sent my message. 'I study History of Art. I am in my senior year, with only one semester left to get my degree. What about you?' 'I am working in the city. Wow, art history... Impressive. Are you an artist as well, or just an art lover?' 'Just an art lover. My drawing skills are limited to drawing smiley faces.' 'Ah, like myself. Have you been on this site for a long time?' 'I signed up last night, you are the first person I talk to in here. What about you?' 'Just a couple of weeks. This is all new to me, can't imagine how strange it must seem to you.' 'It is a strange experience, yes. I am still trying to find out how all this works.' 'Well, allow me to welcome you in here. To my understanding, you need to set your boundaries, talk about what you want to get out of a relationship.' 'And what are you looking for in a relationship, Harry?' 'Well, I don't know. I guess I am seeking some normalcy in my life. A friend who is outside my circle. Not specifically for anything sexual. What are you looking for, (Y/N)?' 'I am not sure. I guess a taste of a different lifestyle...' 'That sounds good to me. I can give a taste of that.' 'And I am sure I can give you the normalcy you are looking for. It doesn't get more normal than this, I can assure you.' 'Look at you, already making your first arrangement. See, it wasn't that hard, was it?' 'I think you are the one who made it easy for me.' 'Ah, that is untrue. Your honesty did. Would you be comfortable if we met in person? Getting to know someone through a screen only lets you find out little about them.' 'You are not wasting time, I see.' 'I promise, it is nothing sexual. Nor anything creepy. I just want to see you face to face, know the real you. You can pick the time, date, and place. Anything that makes you comfortable.'
And just like that, I am dressed in my nicest dress, walking to the lobby of Plaza Hotel to ask for Harry. I am under-dressed to fit the place, the luxury of the hotel almost making it seem tacky. I walk to the front desk, clearing my throat nervously as the man behind looks at me in a poss way, almost despiteful. "How may I help you, Miss?" He asks me, arching an eyebrow at me. "Hi. I am looking for Mr. Harry Styles." I announce, making the man turn to the computer and punch in his name. "And who is asking for him?" He asks, picking up the landline phone and looking at me questioningly. "Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N)." I reply; on one hand, it is a good thing I gave my real name, they keep a record here, I am sure, and if anything happens to me... Well, at least they will have clues to look for me. But at the same time, I am so nervous about it, a bit shameful about revealing my name to someone. Until the man announced my name on the phone, Harry only knew my first name; and he only gave me his full name to ask for him in the lobby. I wish we could just stick to knowing only each other's first name. "Mr. Styles will now accept you in the Junior King Suite, on the 19th floor." The man states, smiling patronizingly before letting me go my way.
I walk in the elevator, pressing the button for the floor before I walk to the very back of the cabin, leaning against the wall. What the fuck am I doing here? Do I really want this? There is still time for me to leave... I can just get out of the elevator the next time the doors open and run. He knows I am here, but that won't be a problem, I assume. Fuck. Maybe he won't be that bad. Maybe he really wants a companion who lives a normal life. And I do need the money. 2 days until rent is due and I don't have any other options now. I close my eyes, trying to get to my happy place to relax. I try to regulate my breathing, along with air for my lungs dragging in the warm aroma of the elevator's air refresher The elevator makes a ping sound as it reaches the 19th floor, and while bracing myself, I walk out of the cabin and down the hall, looking for the suite.
I knock on the door, fixing my posture a bit; I might feel like wreckage inside, but at least I have to look a bit of the opposite. The door opens and reveals the same man that was pictured on the profile. What a relief. "(Y/N), I am so glad to finally meet you in person. Come on in." He invites me, moving from the door and gesturing to the room. "Hi, Harry. It is good to meet you in person." I say gleefully, extending my hand for the tall, charming man to shake. "I am quite soothed you are like your pictures. Don't get me wrong, please, but I was kinda worried about being catfished." He states as we walk to the spacious sitting area. The gold-detailed furniture fails to give the room the renaissance air they aimed for, instead, making it seem heavy and tacky, the nouveau riche tasteless aesthetic making me nearly laugh. "Oh, I feel the same, no need to worry about how you sound. I am glad I am seeing you and not some imposer." I giggle, taking a seat in the armchair. "So, can I offer you a drink?" He asks, walking to the fully-equipped bar across from where I am seated. "Just plain soda water, please." I reply. "Not a drinker?" He asks as he reaches for the can. "Not really, if I am being honest. I never understood drinking until passing out, so I truly cannot hold my liquor. I limit myself to a glass of wine or two, now and then." I chuckle, earning a laugh from Harry. "Favorite type of wine?" He asks while I watch him bring me the closed can and a chilled tall glass. He opens and pours the drink in front of me, making relief and gratitude course through my body. "Will it sound cliche if I say rosé?" I ask and he hands me the drink. "Not at all. Rosé has a unique grace. No wonder why you like it." He states, smiling at me as he lounges on the armchair. I feel my face heating up, making me press my hand against my cheek. "You are cute when you are trying not to blush." Harry comments, picking up his drink. "I am not used to being called graceful. I am quite clumsy and inept at all times, my friends tease me that I am all thumbs." I laugh, earning a chuckle. "Well, you look very elegant, way too sophisticated for your age. Maybe you lack acting like it, but I cannot picture you being clumsy." He compliments. "You flutter me, Harry. Thank you." I cling my glass with his glass as he extends it towards me. "So, there is no easy way to initiate this conversation, so I will take away the awkwardness and bring up the terms of our arrangement." He cuts straight to the point, sitting comfortably on the armchair. "Of course." I mumble, taking a sip from my soda. "I told you I am looking for normalcy. And you are looking for a different lifestyle. I can provide you with that. I can give you all you are asking me for, in exchange for being my friend, some who will help me stay grounded. I need you to be there for me, be a listener, keep me company whenever I need you. We will meet here, once a week. We can also go out for dinners sometimes, and some trips I guess, but for now, let's ease into it. I want to make it clear that nothing sexual will happen between me and you. I don't need a fuck buddy. We will be friends, good friends. And I will make sure you have a nice life. I will transfer money to your account weekly, so, give me your account details, please." He explains, passing me a piece of paper and a pen. I look at him for a moment, biting the inside of my cheek as I weigh the situation. "Everything alright?" He asks me, pushing his eyebrows together to look at me. "Yeah, I just... Can you explain to me what do you mean by trips?" I ask and he nods. "Occasionally, I have to take business trips, which frankly stress me out, so I will need my buddy with me. Of course, that is if you are comfortable with traveling, I am not going to force you to come with me from day one, obviously, I am not going to force you at all, to be honest." He explains; he sounds soft, assuring, so my heart feels at ease as I open the bank up to pull up my information. I scribble down the info, checking it twice to make sure things are ok. "Alright then. I don't want to drain you from our first meeting. I will see you on Tuesday, around 8. We can have dinner together. You can come straight to the suite, I will leave an order to allow you here at all times." He pats his thighs before getting up, signaling me subconsciously to do the same. "That sounds great. I will make sure to be here on time." I grin at him. "The room is already paid for. You can stay if you want, order from room service, or take whatever from the minibar if you wish. I can't wait to see you again on Tuesday. I am really glad I met you, (Y/N). Have a great night." He extends his hand towards me, making me cheese as I shake his hand. "It was great meeting you, Harry. Can't wait until Tuesday." I say before he turns to leave with a wave goodbye.
I wander around the giant suite, lips pursed as I tap my fingers on my thigh. It doesn't seem a bad place to spend the night if you look past the tacky decoration. I flop on top of the giant bed, the skirt of my dress rising to my thighs from the impact. I kick off my ballerina pumps and slide back on the bed until my head is propped against the million pillows. I turn to my side and reach for the nightstand, fumbling around in the drawer of it to find the room service catalog. Maybe I will get a burger, a nice juicy burger, with fries and extra cheddar cheese. I finally find it, picking it up and looking at it. Holy fuck, room service is expensive as fuck. But Harry said the room is paid for, so I assume further expenses are going to be charged in his card. Should I feel bad for charging the guy's card with a whopping 30 dollars for just a burger? Ah, screw it... He will be fine. My phone pings before I could pick up the landline and order my burger, making me reach for it at the end of the bed. '$2,500.00 transfer to your account for 'WEEKLY ALLOWANCE'.' The notification displays on my lock screen, making me blink to make sure I read right. Fuck, shit, ok... Gotta make sure there were no mistakes done during transfer. I look through my contacts, trying to find Harry's; he gave me it the day we confirmed our meeting, just in case I needed anything, but I can't remember so the life of me to remember how I saved it. Oh, H*... Sure. I press call and bring the phone to my ear, biting on my nail as I wait. "Hello, Harry's speaking." He sounds a bit cheery; I can hear the busy city street in the background of the call. "Hi, Harry. It's (Y/N)... I just got a notification from my bank..." "Yes, I made the transfer. Is everything alright?" He asks. "I was wondering if there was a mistake. Maybe you meant to transfer 250 dollars and the extra zero was an accident." "No, it is your weekly allowance. I didn't tell you about the amount?" He asks in confusion. "It is a lot of money." I point out. "It is not, love. I told you I can give you a better lifestyle. Enjoy it." I can hear the smile in his voice. "Thank you. Ok then, I guess..." "Listen, love. I have to go, I am driving. I will see you on Tuesday again. Take care." He says charmingly, making me chuckle. "You too." I reply before the line goes dead. Fuck me... I don't have to worry about rent for the next 3 months at least, and Harry is a decent guy. Maybe it is not as bad as I thought it would be.
This might as well be the first time I paid rent before it was even due - well, by a couple of days, but still, it counts. I even went grocery shopping and filled my fucking fridge with food. Not canned goods or ramen noodle packets, but actual food, and had no guilt whatsoever about all the money I spent in a single day. "Are you coming to the karaoke party tonight?" Chrissy asks me, tapping my shoulder as I pick up my stuff after class dismissal. "Sure, let me get into my time machine and transfer to 1992 when karaoke parties were cool." I sass, rolling my eyes at her. "Oh, come on... When was the last time you came to a party? We will start thinking you are avoiding us..." She pouts at me, making me shake my head at her. "I am working an extra shift today. But I might be free on Thursday. We can go for drinks, at that fancy cocktail place if you'd like." "Fancy cocktail place, huh? Your penny-pinching boss decided to give you a raise or something? Last week you didn't know whether or not you would be able to pay rent and now you are talking about fancy cocktail places?" She asks confused, cocking an eyebrow at me. "I found my childhood piggy bank..." I mock and she chuckles. "Ok then. I am going to keep you true to your words and Thursday, you and I are going for a cocktail." She eyes me, making me nod. "Thursday it is then." I assure her, leaning in to kiss her cheek.
I decide, for the first time since I moved to New York for college, to splurge on a nice dress. Of course, not too nice, since rent, bills, and grocery shopping have already taken off a considerable part of my budget. But still, I can afford a dress in the 3-figure range, which is something I have never been able to. So, on Tuesday, at 8, I make my way out of the elevator once it reaches the floor the suite is on, clad in my burgundy red dress that stops a bit below my knee, with short sleeves and a neckline that elongates my neck. I am sure Harry will not mind the dress much; I could have worn any other dress in my closet and I bet it would be the same. I knock on the door of the room, waiting for Harry to open and let me in. I fidget with my fingers; it has been nearly a minute since I knocked, but no response, not even a sound coming from behind the door. Maybe he forgot we would be meeting tonight, or he was caught up in his office. My spiral soon comes to an end as Harry opens the door, smiling at me before moving. "Are you always this precise at your appointments?" He asks me with a chuckle. "I try to. I have to admit that I am not always successful at it, though." I giggle as he closes the door. "Hope you brought an appetite." Harry points to the carefully made table in the place a lounging chair was the last time I was over. "What are we having?" I ask, taking a seat as Harry pulls my chair for me, in true gentleman fashion. "I thought of ordering a 12-course meal..." "Oh, God..." I rasp, just at the thought of it. "But I figured it would be a lot. So, I settled for something more mundane. Italian. The first course is bruschetta with eggplant and parmesan. Second, Calamari, stuffed, and fried. For main, linguini alle vongole. And an Italian green salad for the side, I guess. Then we finish with tiramisu cake and classic gelato. Paired with rosé, to please the lady's taste." Harry explains, opening the first bell to reveal the bruschettas. "This looks lovely, Harry." I am in a state of awe, looking at the delicate, yet hearty-looking pieces of crispy bread with diced tomato and eggplant garnish on top.
Harry pours the wine on our glasses, his movement, and mannerism revealing that he has been in the high society for quite a long time. "How was your day?" I ask Harry, who rests back on his chair. He is dressed in a loose white shirt, the top button undone to show off his ink-covered sternum, paired with flannel trousers and a set of pristine loafers, that look like they have ever touched gravel. "Very boring. Nothing dramatic happens in my world if I am honest. How was your day?" He asks me back, picking up the bruschetta on his plate. I notice the ring wrapping around his fingers, silver or white gold, I don't know, I was never good at telling the difference. "I had classes in the morning. Then a meeting with my supervisor for my dissertation. And then my friend begged me to join her karaoke party, so I had to bribe her with drinks at a fancy rooftop cocktail place in 12th Street on Thursday. It wasn't very eventful, to be frank." I reply, taking a sip from my wine. "I never asked you... Why art history? Why study it?" He asks me, looking at me in full focus. "Ok... I was 4 when my parents took me to a museum. Kids had a free pass and either way, it was the first Sunday of the month, so people could just get in museums for free. My parents took me there, and we went through the artifacts until we reached a small expo about Renaissance paintings and I got enamored. I was a child in my little candy store. I milked the kids' free pass for as long as I could and then I saved every dollar from my pocket-money to visit the museum. I had seen every single one of the special expos by the time I was 16, and I went to the museum manager, knocked on her door, and begged her for a job. She found it sweet that I was so obsessed with art, but she couldn't offer me a job. She helped me apply to the best art history programs, gave me a letter of recommendation even. I still see her every time I visit home for the holidays. You see, I knew from 4 years old that I would be following this career path. There was no other option for me." I explain. "You never changed your mind on it?" He asks, staring at me in awe. "Never, not even for a second... Well, that's kind of a lie... I did change my mind for about 5 minutes when I saw that my supervisor would be Chimera, but I snapped out of it." "Chimera?" He asks, cocking an eyebrow. "There is this lecturer, toughest of them all. We call her Chimera. Chimera was this monster in Greek mythology, a lion-goat hybrid with a snake tail that breathed fire. My lecturer has this despotic, authoritarian physique, she is pretty terrifying if I am honest." I explain. "You know your mythology, I see..." He comments, swirling the liquid in his wine glass. "I had to. A huge proportion of art is inspired by mythology." I reply. He is looking at me with a piercing, invested gaze, prompting me to talk more. "I never asked you what you do for a living..." I point out, the information gap leaving me with an inch on my insides. "I run some business, a cluster of corporations. Some family business, others my own or purchased." He replies. Even though he did answer my question, the void is still there, intriguing more as to why he chose to not give me a clear answer. "Does it fulfill you? I mean, your job, does it make you happy?" I ask, pushing my plate a bit away from me. I fix my posture, aligning my back with the chair's back. Harry stays quiet for a moment, looking at me in a brooding, almost reflecting way, before chuckling and taking a sip from his wine. "No one is truly happy nowadays, (Y/N). Happiness is an illusion, all of it is but a bubble, on the verge of bursting with every decision you make. Tell me, are you happy?" He asks me back. I shrug my shoulders softly, biting my tongue as I think about it. "I consider myself happy, yes." I reply, making Harry shake his head along with his finger in a rejecting way. "See, this is utter bullshit. You are not happy, you are lying to yourself. If you were happy, if you were truly happy, you wouldn't have signed up on that site. You can lie all you want, but you know as well as I do that we only met because misery pushed us together. So, I will drink to misery, since she is the reason I met you." He leans in, bringing his glass to the middle of the rotunda table. I gulp awkwardly, following his lead and clinging my glass with his, the sharp, pitched sound produced filling the silence coating the room.
"Did I bring you down with my realism?" He asks me, noticing that I awkwardly go back to munching on my bruschetta, who is now cold and more solid than before. "No... Well, maybe a little, if you want honesty. I choose to believe that happiness exists, and while it may be fragile, we all deserve to taste it. If you want to credit misery for our meeting, fine. But I choose to believe that something else brought us together. Loneliness, maybe. But not misery. I was happy when I signed up to the site, and I am not going to take away the happiness because I was stressed at that point of my life." I state, trying my best to keep my voice calm. "Maybe I am the miserable bastard of the story. Time will show. Come on now, love. Let's ditch the long faces and serve the next dish." Harry cheers, standing up and walking to the door to let the people who are here to serve our next dish in. The man takes away the plates, while a much younger man, close to my age replaces the cutlery and places the bells before us. Harry thanks the men while I smile politely at them before they walk out. "Were they waiting behind the door to bring the next plate?" I ask Harry, who is pouring more wine into a fresh glass. I guess I didn't realize they took away the glasses too. "No... They are serving us based on a timeline. I realized it was time for our next meal when I took a look at my watch." He explains, tapping his finger against the watch that must have cost half my tuition if not more. "I see. I would feel kinda bad if they were standing behind the door throughout the meal." I state, causing Harry to scoff. "Don't worry, I am not that big of a tyrant." He muses, raising his bell. "I don't think you are a tyrant. On the contrary, I think you use the tough, bossy profile as a defense." I slouch my shoulders a little, relaxing my posture as I open the bell before me. "I didn't realize the weekly allowance covered the psychoanalysis fees as well..." He comments, cutting a piece of his calamari with his knife. I know that is my cue to shut up, so I just stuff my face with food or wine for the rest of the meal.
"The suite is prepaid for the night. If you feel like it, you can stay." Harry comments, slipping in his jacket. "I have an early class in the morning, so I will catch a taxi home now." I reply, fixing any creases on my dress from sitting that many hours during our dinner. "Nonsense, my driver can take you home." He offers but I shake my head. "I don't want to put you out of your way... I will be fine with a taxi." I try to assure him but he scoffs and brushes me off. "I am not hearing another word. My driver will take you." He almost commands, opening the door for me, placing his hand on my back as we walk out in the hall. "Vinny, you are taking the lady home. I will be having a drink at the bar here, pick me up after she makes it home." Harry announces to his driver as we reach his car. The man opens the door of the majestic Rover for me, letting me climb inside and make myself comfortable on the leather seats. "And (Y/N)... Make sure to text me on Thursday morning about the time you and your friend will be going to that fancy rooftop cocktail place. Be safe, see you on Saturday." Harry states, patting the hood of the car as his driver starts the engine. I am not sure if he did it on purpose, signal the driver to take off before I could talk, and neither will I have the chance to talk about it next time we meet. I pull my phone out, scrolling through my socials to pass time. "Where to, miss?" The driver asks me, looking at me through the driver's mirror.
'Good morning, Harry. You requested I text you about my going out tonight, so here it is I guess. My friend and I will be heading to the bar at around 9. If you want to meet afterward, I assume that by midnight I will be free. Have a great day. x' I am not sure if we will be meeting tonight with Harry, to be honest, but I had to follow his order and text him. I stared at my phone throughout the day, waiting for at least a reply out of courtesy, but nothing so far. My friend insisted we have a kick out of our night out, so we had a little dress up, with her nearly forcing me into one of her fancy little dresses. I did her makeup and we took turns doing each other's hair, so it felt like having an adult dress party.
We make it to the rooftop bar at around 9:15, the night sky making the whole scenery even better. "Hi, can we have a table for two?" I ask the hostess who smiles at me. "Ms. (Y/L/N)?" The woman asks me and I nod, furrowing my eyebrows together as I look at her. "I am sorry, have we met?" I ask her and she shakes her head at me. "No, no. I was instructed to guide you and your friend to the VIP lounge." She explains, handing me an envelope. "Instructed by who?" My friend asks. I feel awkward, knowing I cannot explain to her. "Chrissy, it is fine..." I brush it off, following the hostess to the spot. We settle into the lounge, enjoying the view of the city for a moment before the waitress catches our attention. "Your waiter will be with you shortly. Enjoy your night." She smiles politely, walking away after making sure we are comfortable. Chrissy is looking at me in suspicion, but says nothing, opting to scan through the menu. I find the opportunity to open the envelope, revealing a note on a stationery card. 'Enjoy the night on me. -H.' Simple as that, even on my night out he chose to intervene. Money buys everything, even a way for him to control my day. "I was kinda hoping for a mojito tonight..." Chrissy groans and I chuckle. "If you ask for a mojito in here, I think they are going to throw us off the rooftop." I giggle, picking up my menu. "Everything is freaking expensive in here..." She whispers and I chuckle. "Don't worry much about it. It has been handled." I reply. She cocks an eyebrow at me, but before she could open her mouth, the waiter approaches as with a tray full of plates and 2 glasses. "Good evening, ladies. May I get you started with Apéritifs while your drinks are getting prepared?" He asks, lowering plate after plate before us. "We didn't order those." Chrissy points out. "We have been instruct to serve Ms. (Y/L/N) and company a variety of our catalog." The man replies, leaving two tall glasses of Aperol in front of us. Chrissy is looking at me surprised but doesn't comment, relaxing back on her seat. "Did you have a chance to look over our drinks catalog?" The man asks us. "Yes. May I have a Lavender Lake?" My friend asks, looking over the plates set before us. "Of course. And for the other lady?" He asks me, turning to face me. "I... Can I have a second, please?" I grab the menu, scanning over it quickly. "I am having a North Fork Royale," I reply, leaving the menu on the edge of the table. "Can you please tell us what we have before us?" Chrissy asks, twirling a strand of hair behind her ear. Her flirting mode is on, eyes sparkling as she stares at the guy, who chuckles. "Of course. Before you, there is Hummus and Pita, a Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese, Guacamole with Crispy Tortilla, Spiced Chicken Empanadas with a light Minty Yogurt. And for your next course, you can pick between Dry Aged Beef Burger, Duck Carnitas Tacos, or Seared Ora King Salmon." He explains. "I will have the Salmon, please." I announce, biting the inside of my cheek. "What would you suggest?" She asks the waiter. "The duck is juicy and flavorful. The burger has an exquisite, rich taste. The salmon tastes fresh. For someone with your temperament, I would suggest the duck tacos." The man replies, making my eyes widen. Chrissy and her flirting, always getting whoever she has her eye on. "Alright then. I will have the juicy duck..." She says suggestively, making me choke on the sip o my Aperol. The man walks away and I scoff, looking at Chrissy in surprise. "Not wasting time I see..." I comment. "He looks like a tall glass of cold water and I am parched. You didn't seem interested, so why play around?" She asks with a shrug. "By all means, feel free to get it..." I giggle. "Besides, you don't seem in need of a man." She states, cocking an eyebrow before bringing her glass to sip from it. I feel like protesting the comment, asking her what she means by it, but I remain silent, knowing that if she brings up her past suggestion, I will be exposed.
My phone rings at 12:30 after I have undressed and taken off my make up. I pick up my phone from the top of the dresser and realize that Harry is calling me this late at night. I try to figure whether or not I want to talk to him right now. "Hi, Harry. Is everything ok?" I ask, sighing quietly as the line goes live. "Hi, doll. I wanted to invite you over on Saturday. We said we would meet, but didn't arrange anything. What would you like to do?" He asks me. I rub my temples and close my eyes, thinking about it for a moment. "You want normal, right?" I ask and he hums softly. "I want whatever you want, sweetheart." "Pizza and a movie. No formal clothes. How long has it been since you wore sweats, ate greasy pizza, and just chilled?" I ask. "Ok, then. Come up the room at 8. Sweats and pizza movie night." He chuckles. "I have to go. It is late and I am tired. Thank you for the treat tonight." "You are welcome. Hope you had fun. Sweet dreams, see you on Saturday." He cheers off before the line dies. He sounded a lot lighter than the last time we met, the broody tone giving place to a more positive one.
I knew I would potentially be kicked off the moment I stepped into Plaza's lobby, wearing sweats and a t-shirt, so I opted for dressing up and packing a change of clothes for when I reach the room. I knock on the door, looking around me to make sure no one is paying attention to me. "I thought you said the dress code for tonight is sweats... You look ready to go for drinking..." Harry states as he lets me in. He is already dressed in a pair of sweatshorts, resting just on his mid-thigh, and a grey muscle top, revealing many of his tattoos. "I brought a change of clothes with me. Did you get here like that?" I ask and he chuckles. "Of course." "And they didn't kick you out?" "Why would they?" "Because this place is posh. It has an unspoken dress code." "So?" "So..." I am speechless, his confusion over my words revealing the huge difference between me and him. He doesn't have to worry about how he looks; money buys you a place everywhere. "I will go change." I excuse myself, walking straight into the bathroom.
I walk out of the bathroom, looking around for Harry. "Harry?" I call out, trying to trace him. "I am in the bedroom..." He announces, making me furrow my eyebrows together. I walk towards the sliding doors, finding him sitting at the end of the bed. I feel a weird tightness in my stomach; this isn't part of our deal. "Don't worry, this isn't what you think it is. It is just the only room with a TV in the suite." He explains, patting the spot close to him on the bed for me to sit on. "I am sorry, I shouldn't have made assumptions..." I stutter, making him chuckle. "I told you, this is platonic. I just need a friend. I will not take advantage of you just because I give you money." He assures me. "Can we talk about something?" I ask him and hums in agreement. "Of course. What is it?" "I appreciate that you treated me and my friend to a night out, and we wouldn't have had such a great time as we did if you didn't surprise me, but it also put me in a tough spot with my friend. I didn't know what to tell her..." I explain. "Oh... I didn't think there would be a problem." He sounds shocked. "I know you didn't do it on purpose. I just... I want you to be a bit more... Considerate of my position..." I reply. "Your friend doesn't know about this?" "I haven't told anyone about this. It is not like I want to brag about being a sugar baby." I reply. Harry hums, drawing in a deep breath. "Why? Have you told anyone about this?" I ask. "No, but it isn't the same." "It is, Harry. I am not ashamed I am your friend. I am not ashamed of spending time with you. I just don't want to expose you, and I don't want people all over my business." I explain. "It's fine, you don't have to explain things to me. I appreciate that you don't kiss and tell." He chuckles. "Anyway, I loved what you did yesterday. It was very sweet of you. I just wish you would have told me earlier so I could come up with something to tell my friend." I try to lift him, not cause him to turn colder towards me. "Next time I will. Ok... So, which movie and what kind of pizza do you want?" He asks me, grabbing the TV remote from the nightstand and handing it to me.
I groan as I open my eyes, the light from the blinders hitting me right in my face. I find myself sleeping on top of Harry. My head is on his chest, and his hand is resting on my back. We are both clothed, the same outfits we had as last night still covering our bodies. If I remember correctly, we were just buzzing from the wine and decided to just lay for a bit. But the bit turned into sleeping through the night. I don't want to wake him up by moving, since his arm is still around my back. So, I just stay, closing my eyes and trying to pay no attention to the blinding light. "Hey... Are you awake?" He asks, in a groggy voice. "Oh, thank God. I didn't want to wake you up." I reply, moving from his chest. "I didn't want to wake you up." He chuckles. I sit upon the mattress, stretching my body, and making my joints pop. "You look cute in the morning..." He compliments me. "Stop messing with me." "I am not messing with you. You look cute." He shrugs. I mumble a 'Thanks', feeling warm inside over his compliment. "Should I order breakfast?" He asks me, and I hum as I think of it. "We should go out and get some." I suggest, making him morph his face in disapproval. "It is way easier to order and be served here." He replies. "Yes, but more fun going out to get some." I point out, getting up from the bed. "Plus, you want normal from me, and that is normal..." I sing and he groans. "Normal people opt for having breakfast in bed when they are staying at the Plaza." He mutters but I shrug. "Not when they check the fees for Room Service. Come on, get up, grandpa. The more you gripe over it, the more you suffer." I nearly have to drag him out of bed, making him groan at me.
"So, where are we going for breakfast?" Harry asks as we step out of the hotel. The quiet lobby floor gives place to New York's loud street life, which is quite honestly a whole lot more calming than the judgy crowd of the Plaza Hotel. "I don't know..." I reply, beginning to walk down the street. None of us bothered changing from our outfits, Harry still in his shorts and muscle top; thank God that spring weather has started kicking in. "What do you mean you don't know? Where are we going to have breakfast at?" He asks, walking by my side. "We are having breakfast on the street. We are walking down the street until we find a vendor we like, and we are having coffee and a bite from them. We can find a park to sit at and enjoy our morning, but I'd rather have it while walking..." I shrug. Harry sighs, but continues following me, mindlessly roaming while looking for a vendor. "You do that often?" He asks me, putting his hands in his pockets. "Not really. That's why I want to do it today. I don't get to enjoy a morning stroll, with a cup of coffee in hand... And I am willing to bet all that is under my name that you have never done that, ever before..." I state and he chuckles. "There is always a first time for everything..." He mumbles. "You would think that on a Sunday, New York would be a lot quieter, a lot less busy. But it feels like every other weekday in this city." I try to make small talk, avoid opening a heavy discussion, seeing how last week's happiness stunt went. "Well, most people go to church, bright and early in the morning, sporting their best Sunday's attires and worshiping God to make up for all the crimes they commit the rest of the days. And then they roll around in their expensive cars, to head to expensive lunches and back with their lives." He replies, pointing to the convoy of expensive city cars heading the same direction. "You don't believe in God?" I ask him; there goes not talking about heavy stuff. "I do, just not in worshiping them that way. I believe God exists within us, and the way to honor them is by being kind. I am not that good at honoring God." He chuckles "I think you are a better person than you credit yourself, Harry. You are nothing but kind to me." "You only see this part of me. You don't know how I am in real life." He replies. "True. But the part of you I see is kind, and that is enough for me to know you have the potential to be kind." I state. I spot a small food cart across the street, so I grab Harry by the bicep and drag him across the street.
The cart has the typical laminated paper that displays the options we have for breakfast, so I quickly scan the pictures to make up my mind. "A cup of coffee, black. And an egg and cheese sandwich, please. And whatever the gentleman gets." I state, handing the vendor a 20$ bill. "Oh, no." "Oh, yes. Keep the change." I instruct, looking at Harry as he makes up his mind. "Dark coffee too. And a cream cheese bagel." Harry sighs, rolling his eyes at me. The man hands me my cup first then puts our snacks in paper bags, before fixing Harry's coffee. We thank the man and move along, strolling as I take a sip of my coffee. "It tastes like crap." I cringe and he laughs. "We can get some from somewhere else." He offers and I shake my head. "No, that's the magic." I reply and he chuckles. "How do you do that?" He asks me. "How do I do what?" I ask him back, a little bit confused. "How do you find the best in all cases? How do you stay so positive?" He asks me. I sigh, shrugging my shoulders before giving him an answer. "I don't know. But I know I would be pretty miserable if I didn't. And I am not always like that. This is a pointless matter, one bad coffee won't kill me. When things get more serious... Well, you wouldn't think I am a positive person." I reply, trying to open the paper bag with my breakfast sandwich. "I hope I never have to see you lose your positivity." He comments, making me smile at him softly. "You never told me if you liked your necklace." Harry changes the subject as we stroll by some posh shop's window. "What necklace?" I ask, looking at him with a furrow. "I gave you the necklace last night, didn't I?" He asks me, making me even more confused. "No..." "Shit... I must have forgotten. I am so very sorry." "It is ok. You got me a necklace?" I ask and he nods. "You didn't have to, Harry. You are already doing a lot for me..." I state and he brushes me off, flicking his hand dismissively. "I like treating you. And I wanted to get you something that would go with that lovely dress you wore when we had that dinner together. It suits you well. You should wear it more often..." He compliments me, making me hum at him. "Thank you. I might follow your advice and wear it all the time." I state and he chuckles. "You will join me for a proper lunch, won't you? I will give you the necklace then. I have it in the hotel room." He asks me and I chuckle. "Of course I will. But not because you are giving me the necklace then." I reply.
Harry gifted me the most beautiful rose-gold platted dove necklace. The dainty necklace goes pretty much with everything, so I just wear it all the time. Chrissy is sprawled on my couch, her phone in hand and a bowl of popcorn on her lap. "Pizza is on the way." I announce, sitting comfortably on the couch and handing her her glass of wine. She locks her phone and leaves it on the side, taking the glass carefully. Before we could cling our glasses together, her phone pings loudly, signaling she has a text. "You are over the waiter from the cocktail place already?" I ask her jokingly. "That IS the waiter from the cocktail place." She muses in triumph, picking her phone up and snapping a picture of herself taking a sip of her wine. "I gotta admit, you are not killing time here." I state, impressed by how easy it is for her to get whoever she wants. She huffs and leaves her glass on the coffee table, turning to look at me fully. "What?" I ask her, making her roll her eyes and shake her head at me. "You totally have a Sugar Daddy... Stop complaining..." She giggles and I look at her in shock. "What are you talking about?" I stutter and she scoffs. "Your rent is paid, you sport new clothes, that necklace is probably worth 2 months of rent, we went to that amazing place and nearly had a tasting of the full menu. You have a Sugar Daddy." She cheers and I sigh defeated. "Ok, fine... Yes. I signed up on that site you suggested and I found someone... Are you happy now?" I ask. "Spill. Tell me everything..." She encourages me, paying her full attention to me and ignoring her phone pinging maniacally. "He is sweet, caring, in his 30s I guess. I never asked him how old he is, to be honest. He treats me more than well." I reply, trying not to reveal too much about Harry. I know he would want me to respect his privacy. "What about the sugar?" She asks, moving her eyebrows suggestively. "We are just friends. There is no sugar in the way you mean it." I reply and she groans. "Just friends? What? Is he fat? Married? Bald?" She asks, cringing more and more as she lists off. "No, nothing of that sort. He is actually hot. Like, model-hot. And he has a full head of luscious hair... We've just agreed on being friends." I shrug my shoulders. "So, your kind of sugar is friendship." "Yeah, I guess..." I sigh. "So, no hook-ups for you?" "Didn't I just say we are only friends?" I ask her and she scoffs. "I meant with others, idiot. What does your agreement say on the matter?" She asks me. "We haven't talked about it... I mean, I guess since we are only friends, it is fine to see other people..." I reply. "How would you feel if he started seeing someone?" She asks me. I contemplate for a second; we are just friends, after all... Why would it matter if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend? Or a partner or whatever? "I don't know. I have to be honest with you. I don't know how I would feel." I draw in a deep breath, before taking a big sip of my drink. "Well, I think this is something you should discuss with him. I might have someone for you if you get cleared for hook-ups..." She wiggles her eyebrows, finally picking her phone.
"You seem awfully quiet tonight, sweetheart. Is something bothering you?" Harry asks me as the waiter summons our desserts. I have been out of it throughout the dinner, trying to find a way to bring the subject up for conversation. "It is nothing. Don't worry about it." I brush it off; I don't want to ruin the night. We are having dinner at a terrace, privately booked for Harry and I, with a simple dinner of steak and salad, since last time we had a big dinner together, we both got a huge bloating in the morning. "If something is bothering you, you should talk to me. I would love to help if I can." He insists, reaching his hand to top mine. "I know we have said that this is platonic and we are just friends. And I am fine with that, I am. I am just wondering... Is it ok for me to have hook-ups with others? Our situation is kinda tangled and confusing, and I don't want to do something that is not ok with you." I explain; I am sure there won't be an issue. We are just friends, it would be irrational for him to not allow me to have other relationships. "Absolutely not." He suddenly becomes colder, taking his hand away. "What?" "No, you cannot hook up with people, you cannot get a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or whoever you want to be with." He states, making me cock an eyebrow. "You cannot be serious right now..." "I am serious." "Why?" I ask, trying to understand why he is so hellbent. "A hookup, or a boyfriend, would take time away from me. It would limit the time we spend together, it would take you away from me. Plus, explaining our situation to someone else would be such a big headache." He says coldly. "And what about you? Are you free to have a girlfriend or hook-ups with others?" I ask him and he scoffs. "Of course. If I choose to, I can hook up with whoever I want. I am a free man." He replies. "And I am not a free woman?" "It is not the same." "Why is it not the same?" I ask and see his face change, twist with anger. "I am spending money on you. I am spending money so you spend time with me. And I will not allow anyone to take the time we spend together from me. And I will not allow you to spend the money I give you on some low-life boyfriend." He slams his hand on the table, making me jolt back and look at him with wide eyes. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to startle you..." He is quick to apologize, but I am already too intimidated by him. "Can... May I leave? Please..." I stutter, not daring to look at him now. "Vincent can drive you home." He offers his voice now calmer. "I prefer going alone. Goodnight." I quickly gather my stuff, before rushing to the elevator. I have never been that scared of anyone in my life. His eyes were dark and his face was burning, I have never seen him like that before. I don't know if I ever want to be alone with him again.
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