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It’s okay baby

In which y/n is beyond stressed after having to revise and do exams and essays, she just needs some comfort and love for her boyfriend, who just so happens to be her English Teacher

Slight age gap y/n:18 Harry:24

No warnings: just very fluffy

A/n this is my first imagine, I’m excited and nervous,but I hope you enjoy!! There are probably some punctuation and spelling mistakes! Please don’t copy my work!! Tpwk ♥️


(This gives me teacher Harry vibes 😍)

Word count: 2.2k

Y/n had truly had enough. For the past few weeks she had been revising for her exams and doing countless essays, she had just sat a chemistry exam and even though she had revised for hours every night for the past week, even going into the early hours of the morning, she just felt like nothing had sunk in and she couldn’t remember anything, leading her to having extra time, when even then she just sat there and stared at the blank page in front of her, this made her late for her last class of the day, English.

Now English had to be her favourite lesson, not only because she loved writing and aspired to be an author of a top selling novel one day, but it was the beautiful man teaching it. Harry Styles, or Mr Styles to everyone else, was the love of her life, and had been for the past 2 years, ever since she first walked into his classroom as a new college student, the man with the curly brown messy hair who was wearing a formal black suit and a white button up shirt uttered the simple word ‘hello` in his deep and raspy voice and that alone had her weak at the knees

After that day she dreamt of him every night, at first she thought it was a bit weird that she had feelings for her English teacher, but little did she know that Harry was feeling the same. When he first layed eyes on her, he instantly wanted to get to know y/n, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and he could see that she was kind, hardworking and just generally happy, she was like a ray of light whenever she was in the room and he sometimes felt himself loose his breath at the sight of her, he tried to ignore it because he knew it was wrong to be so wrapped up around one of his students, but after two many stolen glances, well more like stares, he realised that he had to do something about it, so he asked her one day after school to help him grade some papers that he was struggling to catch up on, to which she happily obliged, and after that day grading papers in his office,the rest was history, they got to know one another to the point where they knew everything about each other, soon they became boyfriend and girlfriend, they trusted loved and cared for each other with all of thier heart, it was as if they were meant to be, and they soon came to the realisation that they couldn’t live without eachother. They didn’t care that there was a six year age gap between them or that Harry was y/n’s English, they were just in love and both agreed age was just a number.

They had made a solid agreement early on in their relationship, that they had to keep thier interactions to a minimum while at college, to keep suspicions low, because not only could it ruin Harry’s career it could ruin both of their reputations, but as she hurriedly walked down the English corridor with tears in her eyes from the amount of stress, exhaustion and the headache settling in her brain, she wishes nothing more than to run straight into her loves arms and cry her heart out, all whilst Harry was comforting and shielding her from the world, but she can’t and she knows it.

As she stands in front of the classroom door to compose herself she mutters to herself ‘go to college they said, it would be fun they said’ it was almost funny but right now it felt like nothing could make her smile, she wiped the tears threatening to spill from her eyes with the sleeve of her or Harry’s hoodie (she’s never sure these days) and walks into the classroom.

Harry had started to worry when y/n hadn’t turned up to his class, you would be able to tell from the increasing frown on his face, he decides to start his lesson anyway, just hoping she had just got caught up with another teacher. When he is explaining one of the exam questions to the rest of the class, he sees the door handle go down, and it’s as if he can sense it’s y/n, she walked through the door quickly and finds her regular seat, she looks up to him and gives him a small smile, Harry can tell that it’s fake, he can see her glassy eyes and her cheeks red from trying not to cry, he can see her tense shoulders and her slightly shaky hands from the lack of sleep, he gives her a worried look as he knows how hard she has been working, and revising until the dead of night, he knows how much pressure and stress she puts onto herself to get everything right and pass her exams, even though he know she will ace them. After about 5 minutes of being in the classroom room it all becomes too much for y/n, she starts to feel very overwhelmed, when her shoulders start to shake Harry instantly notices, when the people around her ask it she’s okay Harry wants to shout ‘well no, of course she’s not okay` but he knows he can’t, even though he knows her better than anyone else in the room. He needed to teach his class but he’s beginning to care less and less, because out of anything right now his babygirl is the only thing he is worried about, and he knows that she needs him right now.

‘Y/n would you like to step outside, I will be out there in a minute` Harry says, and as soo as y/n hears it she grabs her bag and practically darts out of the room.

Harry announces to the rest of the class that he will organise for someone to cover his lesson as his pupils already knew what they were doing,he sends a message to a random teacher on the cover list, he didn’t care which one, he just needed to be with his girl, and then speeds out of the room.

When he reaches y/n outside the door he immediately guides her to his office with a hand at the small of he back, she already knows where his office is, as she had been there countless times, but her vision was blurred with tears.

When the couple reach the office Harry quickly unlocks it and leads them in, quickly locking the door again so they could be in complete privacy, y/n at this point is trying to hold back her sobs, she hears the sound of keys hit the floor and she feels a pair of hands grip her arms and she is pulled into an all to familiar chest. She then let’s go. She just sobs with no intention of holding them back. ‘Shh shh it’s okay, I’m here now, everything’s going to be fine, im not going anywhere’ Harry coos gently. His arms wrap tighter around her, as if trying to protect her and rid her of her stress, she wraps her arms around his torso almost saying not to let go of her. Her crying gets soo intense she’s now struggling to breathe, and Harry can tell from her short breaths, he knows what state she can get herself into, so he pulls away, and sits her down in his office chair, and kneels down in front of her she wimpers at the loss of contact ‘no petal, I’m not going anywhere I promise, can you look at me please baby, yeah ,just need you to breathe for me, can you do that princess,in through you nose and out through you mouth` Harry says demandingly but oh so softly, when she starts to repricate his action she starts to calm down Harry wipes away the flood of tears on her cheeks with his thumbs, he truly hated seeing her like this, it made his heart ache, he just wanted his lovie to be happy, he didn’t understand how this could happen to such a amazing and kind girl, she didn’t deserve it, he wishes she could take away all of her stress and worries in the blink of an eye.

I-I just wanted to do really well on my chemistry e-exam, but I couldn’t r-remember anything Harry, nothing! Y/n stutters out, Harry grabs he hand and runs small circles on the back of her hand in attempt to soothe her.

‘It’s because your overworking yourself baby, you need to take a break every once in while and stop stressing and worrying so much, you are so amazing and clever, you would probably get top grades without even revising` Harry says sweetly

‘But I just wanted to make you proud` y/n replies

Harry frowns at this, why would his princess need to make him proud, y/n alone makes him proud, she is so amazing and beautiful and is the most kind hearted and caring person he has ever met, Jesus she was the reason Harry was breathing!

‘Baby that’s nonsense I don’t want to hear that ever again, you always make me proud, you are like a ball of sunshine lovie, you light up my world, and I’ll love you no matter what grade you got on a stupid exam, I don’t care, I only care that you are okay and happy, I hate seeing you cry, it really breaks my heart’

Y/n sniffles at Harry’s sweet words and starts to get emotional all over again ‘shhh petal non of that, don’t want you to be sad, was trying to make you smile` Harry then grips both of her hands firmly and pulls her up to stand from his chair and swiftly sits down, before pulling her down onto his lap, in which she snuggles into his chest and wraps her arms around him, Harry’s tom ford tobacco and vanille invades her senses, that, mixed with Harry’s body heat, the sound of his heartbeat right in her ear, made her head feel all fuzzy, and the first time in 2 weeks she felt calm and content, in that moment she felt her worries had been lifted, all because of the beautiful man underneath her. She gets so caught up in her own thoughts she finds herself grinning.

Harry looked down at her and caught that beautiful moment, he wished he had a camera because his lovie looked absolutely adorable, she was all curled up, face squished into his chest, the lids of her puffy and red eyes softly closed, and there gracing her slightly chapped and anxiously bitten lips was the most beautiful smile, her cheeks were tears stained but he didn’t care, his angel was smiling’there’s it is, there’s that gorgeous smile` Harry says whilst leaning down to kiss her forehead, then her eyelids, her nose and practically every inch of her face, resulting in a giggle from her. He finally landed and planted a heavy and passionate kiss to her lips, she immediately kissed back, straddling his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. His hands cupped the sides of her face, thier bodies were soo pressed together that a piece of paper wouldn’t have fit between them. They eventually pull away all flustered and gasping for air,she gives a shy grin and buries he face into the crook of his neck to which Harry giggled at.

She couldn’t comprehend how she deserved this man, who basically put his job on the line for her, who cared and loved her like no one else ever had, who she wished to spend the rest of her days with, he was he rock, her sanity, and her lovie, nobody else’s. ‘I love you Harry` she whispers into his neck, she wanted to say so much more to him but honestly couldn’t find the words to but she hoped those three word were enough, which they were. ‘I love you so much baby, you feeling better now` he asks.

‘Much better, all thanks to you bub`

It was now Harry turn to give a shy smile as he his face in her hair, he had a real soft spot for the nickname, he pressed many kisses into her hair concluding that he loved this woman with all of his heart, and even if other people would think that their relationship was weird, he knew he was going to marry this girl one day.

They were in love, he was her bub, and she was his baby, and they wouldn’t have it any other way!


I really hope this was okay, in feel like it was a bit jumbled and a bit of a ramble, I just really liked the concept, but hopefully you get the picture, notes and reblogs are very welcome!! Thankyou soo much for reading 😁💕

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