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leeroysdancer · 10 days ago
A/N: I escaped my writing block, so now you guys are getting alot of fics!!! Enjoy!!! Let's just pretend the fotos from dazed are for pleasing :) (if there are any more warnings i need to put on, please tell me!)
Pairings: Harry Styles x Famous Reader
Summary: Harry's manager surprised Harry on the set of the shoot for pleasing with his favorite singer and actress. "Don't tell me you don't crave me like I crave you....
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, choking, nipple play, ass grabbing, spanking, sir kink, tension and teasing
Tumblr media
The day he was waiting for finally arrived.
He has no idea what was going to happen. Or how the day will end. What outfits he would wear of what models got invited.
It was all a surprise his team organized for him.
All the models were chosen by Jeff and Harry's assistant.
Sarah and Mitch claimed the special guest part. They knew what they needed to do.
Long story short, Mitch was y/ns cousin without Harry knowing. So he and Sarah decided to give her a ring.
So there they were, sitting on the couch with their baby on Sarah's lap, both giggling like children.
Harry loved watching them like this, but he was getting annoyed since even Pauli and Niji were giggling. When he tried asking Lambert why everyone was so mysterious about everything, he just shrugged and gave him a smirk.
When they got him in the first outfit, wolf whistles were heard and everyone was clapping for him.
His ego was all over the room, but he didn't care. He liked being the center of attention.
When he saw that there was a motorcycle on set, he lost his mind.
He did what the photographer told him and sat down on it.
He was focusing on the camera, until he felt soft hands on his shoulders.
When he turned around, he nearly lost his own mind. He couldn't believe what was going on.
His head was starting to feel lighter with the moments passing, his world was turning and not planning on stopping anytime soon.
There she was. Standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders.
She looked breath taking wearing her Lilac dress matching Harry's pants.
The dress hugged her curves perfectly and made her look like an angel.
"No fucking way...." was the only thing he managed to get out, making everyone in the room bursting into a fit of laughter.
While the room was being filled with laughter of Harry's team, y/n was looking at him with nothing but proud in her eyes.
He quickly stood up and launched himself at her, she was taken by surprise but quickly recovered.
He thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but the feeling of her hands around his neck, hugging him tighter made him realize that It was real.
Her face pressed against the crook of his neck, her breathe fanning his shoulder.
He felt starstruck, he couldn't believe that his hands were really holding her waist. The waist the she swayed during her tour.
The waist that danced the best choreography when she put her acting career on pause.
His mind stopped working and all he could do was clutch himself tightly against her, scared that was this all a dream.
She didn't pull away, of course she wouldn't. She knew how much she meant to him. How much he looked up to her, how much he talked about her in interviews.
So all she could do was hold him until he doesn't need it anymore.
But after some time she started to get worried by him not saying anything, so she quickly pressed a kiss to his cheek making him whine and blush only for her to hear.
She giggled at that, she added fuel to the fire. But she needed the warmth of it. And if Harry has to burn the whole world to keep her warm, he wouldn't hesitate.
After some time, he pulled away and sat her down on the motorcycle infront of him.
He sat down behind her, holding her waist to stabilize her.
The woman behind the camer came up with a very good idea....
"Harry, darling, would you please put your hands around her neck?" The blonde photographer asked.
"Are you okay with that? I won't do it unless you give me permission to!" Harry said while looking down at y/n with a ressauring smile.
"I trust you, go on." Was all she said, it was enough for harry to get excited.
Y/n rested her head against Harry's chest, giving Harry's hand more room to hold into. She felt the tension being built up by the eye contact she and harry were having with the position they were in.
"Y/n, lovely, would you mind if Harry put his hands on your shoulders?" The woman gave her the kindest smile y/n had ever seen.
"Again, I won't do so, unless you want me too!" Harry whispered with a deep voice making her shiver.
She took Harry's hand of her neck and placed it on her shoulders. He rested his head above hers .
She decided to mess with him for a bit, so she rested her hand on his thigh, making his eyes flutter open.
She squeezed it, she knew she was risking something, but with the way he was holding her neck. She knew there was noway she was the only one feeling the tension they had built up.
"Minx.." He whispered with the lowest voice she ever heard a man talk with. She bit her lip, earning some wolf whistles from the group. But they didn't know what was actually going on.
"Okay! Next outfit!" Lambert screamed with enthusiasm making y/n giggle.
It truly surprised him how she managed to switch her moods so fast. But that is something he likes about her, he wanted to explore it more...
Tumblr media
They got Harry in the green outfit and positioned him.
Y/n was only here to get the picture with the lilac dress. She didn't want to take the attention away from him. Or atleast that is what she thought.
"Y/n, follow me darling!" Lambert sang.
She followed him into the dressing room where she was hiding not so long ago.
"Here wear this!" Lambert said while walking out of the dressing room and shutting the door behind him.
She out on the green dress and walked out of the dressing room. The moment she closed the door and turned around, she locked eyes with Harry.
He couldn't believe his eyes, she was doing more photos with him? But that's when he saw her nails, they were painted black.
He was so surprised that she painted her Nails with the box he sent her.
"C'mere" he opened his arms for her to walk in. She blushed a bit at the attention she was getting today.
He hugged her again, taking his time.
He liked her if it wasn't already clear.. but he wanted more than just a shoot with her.
He wanted to have her, her and only her. He wanted to know her personality outside of the public eyes.
He held her right hand and spun her around making her launch back at his chest. He was a bit embarrassed but quickly recovered when he heard her giggle.
"You two are so adorable," the blonde woman started. "But we have to keep going, Harry, darling, I want you to cup y/ns cheeks and rest your tumb against her lips."
She gave Harry a nod, and they quickly got into position.
The hand that wasn't cupping y/n cheeks was resting on her neck. Y/n stood up on her toes to come closer to Harry's face.
Their lips were close, very close. She could feel Harry's breathe on her upper lip.
For Harry it was taking every inch of control he had to not crush his lips against her and take her wherever she let's him.
She decided to mess with him, she put her hand on his stomach and the other one was rested on his shoulder. She walked closer to Harry.
Their lips brushed making Harry's eyes turn dark. The green in them was slowly turning darker.
She parted her lips making Harry's tumb fall into her mouth.
"OH stay like that!" The photographer said clearly being happy with what was going on.
He needed her to behave or else he wouldn't be able to control himself.
So he clutched his hand around her neck making her roll her eyes.
"Yes y/n sweetie!" The photographer encouraged y/ns eye roll.
She decided that she still didn't tease him enough, she she let the hand that was on his shoulder travel all the way up to his hair.
She tugged on it making him let out a small groan only for her to hear.
"Pain kink euh?" She whispered with a smile.
"Your gonna pay for this!" He whispered against her lips while clutching his hand around her neck tighter making her giggle and roll her eyes again.
If he only could fuck the eye roll out of her. God he needed her. He couldn't take it anymore. He was not gonna let her win like that.
"Let's take a little break won't we?" Harry asked his team.
"Come on, I wanna show you my Hotel!" Harry told y/n.
Mitch and Jeff laughed at Harry went hey realized what he wanted.
Harry just flipped them off.
Tumblr media
When they walked into the Hotel Harry immediately took her to his room.
The moment he opened his hotel room door, she got slammed against it.
"Couldn't wait any longer eh?" She giggled while resting her hands around his neck.
"Don't tell me you don't crave me like I crave you!" He muttered to her.
She looked at him with a smirk, a smirk that was going to be the reason for his death.
He crushed his lips against her with lust. She kissed him back with the same force making him groan.
The feeling of her lips against his, the way her lips were so soft and kissable. He just knew the same moment her lips started kissing his own back, that he was addicted to her.
With the each moment that passed, the kiss got more and more heated.
He put his hand on her thigh and moved it so it hang around his waist.
His growing bulge was against the place she needed him the most.
Y/n gasped at the feeling, Harry took that as a perfect opportunity to let his tongue slip into her mouth.
Harry was fighting for dominance, his kisses got more aggressive and started to fill with more lust than he already had.
She broke the kiss making eye contact with him, she tapped his chin.
He was confused with what she wanted but he opened his mouth for her out of curiosity.
"Tongue" that was enough for Harry, he stuck his tongue out.
She wrapped her lips around it, licking and sucking around it.
The last bit of control harry had was lost the moment he felt the feeling of her lips around his tongue.
To make the pleasure more she wrapped her hands around his neck, he was a moaning mess above her.
She did something Harry would never thought was possible, she turned them around.
His back pressed against the door, her hand around his neck. The other one was on his stomach holding him in place.
His hands found their place on her waist.
She pulled away from his tongue, he let out a moan that was sure heard in the lobby.
His mind was going thousand miles a minute.
She still wasn't ready to give in his power.
She traced his jaw making him let out a low moan.
"The things you do to me.." Harry mumbled under his breathe when she was kissing his jaw.
"And you still don't believe that I crave you the way you crave me!" She let out a giggle that made Harry go weak in the knees.
His hand started travel all over her body.
"Took much fucking clothes." Harry mumbled leaning in for another kiss
"Then Take. Them. Off!" She stressed every word.
He quickly took her dress string of her shoulder making the dress fall down into the ground.
She was wearing a green thong to match her dress for fun.
The moment the dress fell off her body, Harry could have died right there and he wouldn't ever complain about it.
"Oh my god." Was all he could get out, Y/n was biting her lip all while focusing on Harry's face.
He was eyeing her with no shame, the body of the woman infront of him was a masterpiece.
A kind of body that you want to paint and tattoo on your face.
She was so goddammit perfect.
Without giving her any other reaction,he gripped her by her shoulders and threw her gently on the bed.
He crawled over her kissing and sucking on her neck.
"Time for me to take control don't you think?" He asked, it was more a demand of an ask.
She nodded at the feeling of his lips on her neck.
"I asked a question and you are gonna answer it with words." He squeezed her neck with his arm making her let out a moan.
"Yes Sir" she whispered.
That was it. He lost all the control he didn't have. He had his fair share of partners calling him "Daddy" or any other name. But he never got called "Sir". He felt his dick twitch at her words.
"Say that again" he demanded pressing his clothed crotch against her core that was hidden under the pretty green thong.
"Sir" she whispered with a smirk.
"OH my pretty brat likes the effect she has on me?" He started to message her breasts making her whimper. "Look at you, a mess beneath me and I didn't touch you properly yet"
She was living for the way he was talking to her, the way he was holding her. All of that making the pleasure and experience more and more amazing for her.
"All for you Haz" she went and kissed him but he broke the kiss holding her waist strongly sure as hell leaving a mark.
"That. Is. Not. My. Name" he spoke and stressed each word with a squeeze on her waist.
"Sorry, Sir" she moaned
He kept kissing every inch of her body until he reached her stomach.
"Aw brat all that for me? You shouldn't have!" The way he mocked her glistening cunt made her whimper.
He ripped the thong off and saw the most beautiful sight he will ever see.
"Sir, I need you! Please?" She was starting to get impatient and needed him.
"Just because you said 'please'!" When he started to get out of his shirt, she stood op en flicked his blouse with one motion open.
Not taking any buttons off. She just very smoothly run her fingers across the buttons of the blouse until they opened.
"God, that was hot." He breathed locking his eyes with her.
She crushed her lips against his and started to undo his pants.
She gave him a strong stroke on his length, he moaned in her mouth and she swallowed it.
He was dying to know how she could take so easily control of him but also letting him take control of her.
She started kiss down his body, traced some tattoos and laid down and spread her legs for him with a smirk.
She didn't say anything, just put her hand on her clit and started to play with it.
He lost his mind for the thousands time this evening.
She wasn't supposed to touch herself while he was perfect capable of getting her off.
He quickly positioned himself between her legs and strictly took her hand of her clit.
He pinned it above her head. She still had that shit eating grin on her face that he wanted to fuck off.
"Don't touch what's mine without permission" he squeezed her neck making her whimper.
Just the way he claimed her pussy as his without even feeling it made her get more ready for him.
He took his boxers off in a hurry and looked at her with lust and need.
"You still sure about this?" He asked just to make sure she wants this they way he wants it.
"Yes, thank you for asking" her heart flutterd at his question.
It was supposed to be a normal question in society, to ask if someone still wanted sex. But nobody ever did that to her, so the expectation are low...
He kissed her and positioned his tip in her entrance.
She put her hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed it, allowing him to push in since her eyes were closed. Too lost in the pleasure.
The only 2 things Harry could think off were:
1. The sounds she makes are angelic.
2. Fucking warm and tight she is
When he was fully in he gave her sometime to process his length and she respected that.
"Move, Sir, please" she mumbled.
Again the nickname, God it's gonna be the death of him.
He started to pick up a slow but hard pace. But clearly he was holding back and she wanted more.
"Haz, Harder, faster. Don't hold back" She said and attacked his lips with her own.
He didn't know if he liked her moaning his name or calling him sir, but he was gonna let it slip this time.
He picked up his pace, started to move in and out of her with ease since she was already wet for him.
The moment she said it, she could see that he was happy that she wanted it the same way he wanted it.
Hard, Fast and sinful.
He looked down at place they were both connected, the way he was going in and out of her.
The way Her face that was painted with pleasure.
He pressed his hand on her stomach, putting some weight on it making her whimper.
"Feel me in here sweet girl?" He asked still his hand around her neck.
"Yes sir" she spoke between the angelic moans of her.
He again looked down at the place they were both connected. He felt dizzy and full of energy.
Just the way his cock was going in and out of her dripping pussy was enough for him to come.
His thrust started to slow down and she could see he was near the end.
Her hands traveled all the way down from his neck to his ass.
Groping and messaging it making his eyes snap to her.
"Fuck, your so big" She said it while messaging his ass.
When both of hands fell down into her thighs to hold her into place, she knew tomorrow she won't be able to walk.
She decided to tease him. She took on of her hands off his ass and laid it on her clit.
He clutched his hands on both of her thighs.
Her hands still on his ass giving him some more energy and pleasure.
Rubbing it furiously and moaning harder on purpose to get him more worked up since she knew he was still holding back.
He was getting mad, she wasn't supposed to do that.
He took her hand of her clit, put it on his ass and tapped her mouth.
He knew he was risking alot right now, but what happens if you don't try it?
"Open" he tapped her mouth. She opened her mouth and he spit in it making her moan.
God she never though she will get turned on by a man spitting in her mouth.
She quickly swallowed it and opening her mouth to show him.
"You don't touch yourself, while my balls are deep inside you!" He brulled at her.
With the way she clenched her walls around him, he knew she was close.
They were both begging for their release, but she still wanted to try one more thing...
She lowered herself a bit until she was face to face with his right nipple. She kept one of her hands on his ass, the other wrapped up around his left nipple while the right one was being sucked at by y/ns mouth.
She sucked and played with his nipples like her life depended it on.
Something in him snapped.
He grabbed her by the waist, and turned her around. Held her ass up in the air and started to thrust into her warm, tight walls harder.
His hands were sure as hell leaving marks on her waist but he didn't care about that right now.
She kept clenching around him and he kept thrusting harder into her.
"Come on baby, I can feel it. Your close" he mumbled out of breathe.
She started to mover hips to his own to meet his thrust, it earned her a spanking which again was something Harry didn't really think about.
The moan that came out of her was enough for Harry to find his release but he didn't want to come in her.
So he took his cock out after she came clear and tapped her chin. She stroked him and he came clear in her mouth.She swallowed every inch that he released in her.
He collapsed on hee chest with an "humpf".
"Holy shit, that was fucking fantastic" he whispered into her neck.
"Your very kinky you know that?" Y/n joked at him.
"Says the person who called me "Sir"" he jokes back.
"It's always better than "daddy"" She said while saying 'daddy' with Peppa Pigs voice.
"OH my god" he started to laugh so hard he got tears in his eyes. "I will never be able to hear that word normal again"
"No need for that, still got my sir that you liked very much.." she said with a smug smirk messaging his scalp.
"So this isn't a one time thing?" Harry asked with a vulnerable voice Being scared that he won't actually be able to take her out.
"Euh, Cook me a meal on our first date, then dance with me in the rain and it wont be a one night thing" she said while biting her lip.
"Tomorrow? You and me? My place? I will make you the best spaghetti you will ever taste! And if it doesn't rain, we are gonna dance in the shower!" He said with a complete straight face making her laugh.
"Honestly would love that" she gave him a shy smile.
He fell down into the crook of her neck again, sighing content of the situation he was in.
She was playing with his hair, Looking down at him with nothing but admiration in her eyes for the older man.
Tumblr media
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