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leeroysdancer · 2 days ago
Older and Wiser
Older! Harry x reader
⚠️: 20 years age gap, sir kink, choking, riding, mean dom! Harry and smut ;)
Summary: When a younger guy starts to hit on y/n harry loses his shit takes her home and shows her where she belongs...
Not proof read cuz I am a lazy bad bitch
Tumblr media
20 years age gap isn't something big for them, but people outside of their relationship judge them. Main reason why they kept their relationship secret with her being 25 and him being 45 people didn't really suspect something..
Proof of that are guys hitting on y/n, trying to take her on a date with them. Wanting her in their beds. Every guy has eyes for her. But all her eyes are fixed on the older man who is holding him back from killing them..
Call him jealous, possessive, he wouldn't deny. He doesn't like when people touched her. Or looked at her with a sparkle in their eyes. He didn't like it when a man came close to her. When he touched her or tried to give her a cheesey pick up line, the green eyed monster has to hold himself back from pinning her against the wall and fuck her for everyone to see who she belongs to.
But he can't... he knows that she is scared for coming out that she is in a relationship with him. He knows it isn't because she doesn't think this is serious. No she doesn't want to come out because he is her dad's best friend.
Her dad got her when he was 20,he always said having a child when you are young is the best experience ever. Harry and y/n never met until she was 23 mostly because everytime he was there she was with friends or out.
He also didn't visit on holidays because y/ns dad likes to go to their holiday house in Russia for Christmas. On summervacations she was always away with her best friend since they were 10. Before that she never really cared about him and he never about her.
But that changed on 2018. Y/n entered her dad's office with plans for trying to get him to let her decorate the flat he was buying.
After that he asked her on a date and they officially become serious in 2019 when he asked her to be his girlfriend.
He never cared about the age gap and neither did she. But sometimes he wished he could've been younger for her. All these young guys hitting on her and she was still with him. These thoughts hit him when he sees people his age starting to be grandparents..
But on moments like this, y/n wearing a silk golden dress on the party of her dad's new project release he wanted nothing but to take it of her and touch and admire her.
But the moment this young walking sperm tries to hit on her he wanted to kiss her so hard and then walk away to leave her flushed and the bartender confused.
In her eyes he was just serving her drinks. In the sperms eyes she was laughing at his jokes and he wanted to feel her in a way only you can dream of, but in Harry's eyes? That man would be lucky if harry doesn't find him.....
The car ride was still, no sound. Not even the radio on. She didn't knew what was happening with him but all she could think of was if she made him upset by flirting with the bartender...
When he looked at her and saw her lost in her head he placed his hand firmly on her thigh and squeezed it. Telling her silently your in it when you arrive home...
The second she closed the door behind her attacked her lips with his. Hard against her not giving her any time to process what was happening.
Her hands found their way to his soft curls and started to tug on them making him moan. His boner was growing and starting to ache more. When she started to roll her hips into his he lost his mind. He took in one of his big hands both of her hands and placed it above her head.
His other hand went for her hip and pushed it hard against the wall. She liked when he was like this. Manhandelling her around, he knows that and that's is why he goes harder on her than he ever went on anyone.
"What is your color baby?" He asked while kissing her jaw getting little moans out of her.
Her mind wasn't with her, all she could think of was harry, Harry and his touch. Harry and his smell. She wanted more, no she needs more.
The hand that was holding her hands went to her neck and gave it a squeeze. Her hands immediately went to his shoulder for grip.
"Use your words pet" he said with a low voice, getting a Moan out of her.
"Green haz" before she could attack his lips desperate for contact he squeezed her neck before making stern eye contact with her.
"Haz? What is my name pet?" His hand was squeezing her neck and she felt like she could cum from his words.
"Sorry sir, my color is green" he was satisfied by her answer and he attacked her lips again but now his hands started to wander and they left her neck. One of his hands stayed at her hips, because he liked the feeling of her flesh in his hands. Now her hands were free and he was kissing her she started to unbotten his pants getting them out, throwing them carelessly somewhere in his big mansion. His hands found the back of her dress and untied it. Her dress fell on the ground without any difficulty.
She could swear that she felt his dick twitch against her thigh when her dress fell. But his words took her out of her mind.
"Fucking goddess aren't you" it wasn't a question. It wasn't something he said to her. It was a comment under his breathe. Something that he liked so much he couldn't keep it to himself.
When he spotted the bruise his hand left on her right hip he let out a wolf whistle cussing her to blush.
"Look at that, so pretty and all mine aren't you?" This time it was a question... a question she didn't have time to answer
"Was flirting and throwing yourself all over that pretty bartender,but Look where you are. Marked by me, begging for one touch of mine."
She couldn't help but moan at his words. Her panties were soaked and the smell of her made harry need her more than he already did.
His hand traced her breasts down and then went to her clothed core, ripping it off with one move making her beg for him again and again.
He wanted to taste her so bad, he want to be between her thighs, he want to have her cum on his mouth. But he knew that there is no time for things, because if he doesn't enter her slick and tight cunt he will explode.
He teased her entrance with his tip making her groan breathlessly. Without any time to warn her he pushed in. Making her let out a moan that gave harry small goosebumps all over his body.
Normally he would have give her some time to get used to his length but now all he wanted to do is make her think of him when she tried to sit or stand up.
He started to ram into her making her back arche. He would never ever want to forget the face she made when she threw her head back against the wall because of the pleasure.
"All these Boys but I still have you here against my wall around my cock begging for me, vocalizing my house. Can you believe they don't have chance with you?"
He was going so fast right now she could cum anytime, he knew that and started to slow down. His hand went to her neck again and started to choke it while he was going in and out on hard but slow pace.
What drove her crazy was him putting his other hand on her stomach and pressing it and muttering a possessive
"mine, my place, my fucking cunt"
She was a moaning mess beneath him, trying to reach her climax but all he could do was keep whispering how she was his and his only.
"Sir I-, I am close"
"Fuck, I know baby, come on, cum on my cock, milk me dry baby. Let me know how good I make you feel, how all of these little teens don't know how to make you feel good. Only I can. Your sir and your owner. Your mine slut aren't you?"
She couldn't the pleasure in her stomach was building up and she came.
"Fuckkkk, I am your, yours sir yours!"
"Mine, mhmm yes mine!"
They stood their foreheads pressed against eachother trying to catch their breathes when suddenly y/n pulled Harry's cock out of her and knelt slow down due to the ache on her hips.
She took his tip in her mouth sucked at it making harry groan.
"Ready for round 2, old man?"
Harry knew he was going to fuck her so hard today,she won't be able to walk for weeks without feeling him...
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