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fkinavocado · 2 days ago
Lhh and y/n got matched for a penpal thing back at school. It's been years now since they've written- y/n had pretty well forgotten all about him- when out of the blue he reaches out through social media: he's moving to her city and doesn't know anyone. Maybe they should meet up?
Tumblr media
A wish come true
Warnings: slight smut
part of celebratory LHH concept night
Word count: 5k
amazing moodboard by the talented @harrysmaraschino ❤
Tumblr media
You stared at your phone, blinking a few times but somehow, what you were looking at appeared to be very… real.
The name you’d immediately recognized. How could you not? You’d handwritten that name down so many times. You’d always secretly admired his fancy name. You wished yours could be so… posh. But, alas, you were american and he was british and that pretty much said it all.
But you hadn’t read his name or even thought about it in… years!
When you got a notification on facebook telling you that you had a message from someone outside your list of friends you almost didn’t check it out. Usually it was either spam or just weirdos that you had no mutual friends with that wanted to strike up a conversation (eek!). But when you saw the name, you immediately froze in place. You were walking home from work and you literally stopped in the middle of the street, causing someone to bump right into you, someone that probably hadn’t expected for you to come to a sudden halt.
You could see his name and right next to it, in a little tiny square, his profile photo and your heart just momentarily stopped beating.
You stepped to the side, in order for pedestrians to not have to make a beeline around you and even sat on the low fence in front of a building. Wow. You were finally going to find out, after all these years, what Harry Styles looked like.
Harry Styles.
Your english penpal you’d been assigned in school when you were 12. The boy you’d corresponded with for 3 years before you began highschool.
Back when people still wrote handwritten letters, before social media or even before you’d made an email account! For most of your classmates, this penpal thing was a pain in the ass, a chore. But for you and Harry it’d been fun. You’d both really clicked, enjoyed writing to each other, and you surprisingly had a lot in common for a couple of preadolescent kids of different genders, no less! That was pretty uncommon at an age where boys thought girls were “ewww” and still watched cartoons and girls only cared about boybands and whose breasts were bigger amongst their friends.
You liked Harry because he was funny, he made no grammar mistakes (as far as you could tell, anyway), had nice penmanship and always asked you lots of questions.
Letters took forever to reach him, and then the ones he’d send you back took forever to reach you, but whenever you had a letter in the mail and your parents told you it was from Harry your heart would jump in your throat.
You’d had a crush on him for the longest time. You had no idea what he looked like. Never even thought of asking for a photo! Which you could have, come to think of it now, but for some reason it just never occurred to you. But you just knew he had to be cute. Namely because, you knew- all british boys were cute. It was an unspoken rule. Prince Harry and William? Cute. David Beckham? Cute. Those were the only ones you knew of back then, but they surely must’ve made for a good enough representative sample.
You’d corresponded for about 3 years until you both started highschool and you were suddenly way too busy to keep it up, until you ended up only writing for holidays and eventually stopped altogether. You couldn’t even remember who was the last one to write. You’d genuinely forgotten all about him.
And now, there he was. In your inbox. His tiny profile pic just waiting for you to press on it and finally see what he looked like.
Sure, you were now both 25. A whole decade had passed since you’d last heard from each other. But, still, seeing that little notification brought back the same butterflies you used to feel whenever your mom told you “Your price wrote!”. She liked teasing you that he was a prince solely because he was from the UK and therefore, somehow, he must’ve been royalty, a distant relative to the royal family maybe- but of noble blood nonetheless. You always used to roll your eyes and tell her he was not royalty (you knew for certain, because you’d asked him, and was sorely disappointed when he replied back telling you that he was certainly not), and then try to hide your excitement until you’d get to your room where you opened up his lettered with trembling fingers and a fluttering heart.
It was with a fluttering heart and, well, a trembling thumb that you finally pressed on his pic and were led to his facebook profile. As curious as you were to read his message, you needed to get this out of the way first and finally satisfy your curiosity.
When you saw his enlarged profile photo you ceased breathing altogether for a good few moments before you inhaled sharply, gaining some composure.
Jesus Christ.
Nothing, nothing could’ve prepared you for this.
You raised your head, looking away from your phone, shoulders slumping. After a few deep breaths your eyes went back to the screen and you squinted your eyes, bringing it closer to your face. How was he real? Was this a cruel joke the universe was playing on you?
He wasn’t even hot, that was an understatement. He was a freaking Adonis. This guy, this guy was the boy you used to talk to back when you were 12? The one you used to spend hours imagining what he must’ve looked like? The one you used to fantasize marrying in a palace in England (yeah, yeah, he wasn’t a prince, whatever)? The one whose last name you used to write next to your first name at the end of all your notebooks, practicing your new signature and imagining introducing yourself as such? The one… you imagined the first time you touched yourself and made yourself feel good?
This was him.
Holy smokes.
You kept staring at the picture. You realized you now couldn’t even remember what you’d imagined him looking like all those years ago. But yeah, it all added up. He’d told you what he looked like in his introductory letter: curly hair, green eyes, dimples, bunny teeth, lanky. And sure enough. It was all there. But there was certainly nothing “cute” about him.
Yeah, he held a playful glint in his eyes. But also danger. And excitement. And raw sex appeal. And you’d not been ready for it.
His hair was curly, sure, but it was long. His eyes were green but his gaze was intense. His dimples were prominent but they only made that sly smirk look even hotter. And his lankiness had translated into broad shoulders, legs that looked like they went on for miles, long, thick fingers, toned tattoo-clad arms and an half buttoned down shirt that gave you a peek of his well defined pectoral muscles as well as a few more tattoos.
You honestly couldn’t have known for how long you’d been sitting on the edge of that fence, but you suddenly realized you hadn’t even read his message.
When you finally opened it, it read <<Hi, Y/N! Harry here, hope you still remember me! If not this might prove a bit embarrassing, also, there are a few Y/N L/N from San Diego on facebook so I took a wild guess and chose the prettiest of the bunch. So if you’ve never had a british penpal in middle school, sorry; but you’re still hot and live in San Diego, and I’m moving there, so, hi! ;) But I’m really hoping this is *the* Y/N. Let me know :) >>
You read that over and over again. He was moving to San Diego??? Why??? How??? When???
He’d sent you the message 17 days ago, and only just saw the notification now since you really weren’t big on social media anymore. So you decided not to waste any more time:<<Well, if it isn’t *the* Harry Styles. After all these years! Excited to hear from you, old friend! What brings you to San Diego?! And yes hahah, it is me>>
<<Hmmm. Gotta be sure, though. What’s my middle name?>>
You blinked, since he replied back almost instantaneously <<Wow, I’m not used to hearing back from you so soon lol. It’s me, Edward :P>>
<<Wow. It really is you. I’m grinning like crazy, people are looking at me like I’m mental ahaha. And to answer your question. My job offered me a position in the US, and it was a choice between New York and California, and when they told me it was San Diego, California, I jumped the gun. Not everyday a bloke gets to make a childhood wish come true eh?>>
<<Honestly I saw your message while walking back home from work and I’ve been standing here in the middle of the street staring at your profile for God knows how long. I’m not even ashamed to admit it>>
<<Ahahah good. I was beginning to feel a bit bashful for feeling so excited to finally have you reply to my message! But as nice as it is outside today I’m sure you’re dying to get home already, so hit me up when you do, alright?”>>
<<You’re here already?!>>
<<Yeah :)>>
You squealed, actually causing a few heads to turn which reminded you of where you were and you finally resumed your way back home, all giddy.
“How was your day?” your mom asked from the kitchen as you rushed upstairs after greeting her
“Good!” you couldn’t hide the excitement in your voice so it was no surprise to you when you heard her come after you upstairs
“Oh? Did Sam call?”
You rolled your eyes. You didn’t even wanna hear about your stupid ex today
“Mom. Stop asking me about him. We’re over. Why can’t you accept that?”
“Well then, what happened? You’re all flustered”
You looked at her, biting your lip and then fished out your phone from your bag. You realized you hadn’t accepted his friend request yet so you did that first, and then went to his photos. You resisted the urge to look at the rest of them and showed your mom his profile pic instead.
She pushed her glasses further up her nose and looked at the screen intently “My, my. And who might this be? Looks like trouble…” she couldn't help but mumble the last bit earning a squint from you
“He’s… my prince” you grinned at her, stupidly
She furrowed her brows “Y/N… I don’t know who this man is, but… don’t you think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself? You only just came out of a 2 year relationship…”
“First of all” you grunted, snatching the phone away from her “I didn’t just get out of my relationship with Sam, we broke up 4 months ago. Second of all… mom… he’s him. Harry. My british penpal? Remember?”
You watched as realization slowly dawned on your mother, her expression morphing into one of excitement and shock “Get out! Lemme see him again!” he snatched the phone back and you giggled “Goodness! He’s a looker! Never would have guessed!”
“What?! What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I just mean, englishmen aren’t exactly known for their good looks”
You scoffed “Excuse you? Where did you come up with that? On the contrary! Never mind that… but can you believe it? After all these years, I finally get to put a face to his name. And best of all is that he’s moved here!”
“He what?”
“Yeah! That’s why he looked me up! He got a job opportunity in San Diego and immediately thought of me and decided to look me up and reach out!”
“Are you gonna meet him?”
“Of course!” you then froze “Wait. I mean. I think I am? He didn’t exactly ask to meet me…”
“Don’t be silly! Of course he wants to, why else would he have reached out? God, Y/N! That’s so exciting! You finally get to meet your childhood friend! Oh, I remember how happy you always were to receive his letters, I swear they made your face light up. It was so cute! And he genuinely seemed like such a nice boy. Certainly didn’t expect him to look like that though.”
You laughed “Like what?! And I mean, he certainly didn’t look like that when we were corresponding, obviously. Ok. He asked me to message him when I got back home. I’ll let you know” that was your mom’s queue to leave and thankfully she did without you having to ask her to.
You weren’t really used to living at home anymore. You’d lived in a dorm at uni and then moved in with Sam and you’d only just moved back home when you broke up with him. So this was still an adjustment and you were planning on getting your own place but finding decent rent was proving a tad more difficult than you’d anticipated. You certainly didn’t enjoy living with your parents at 25 but you didn’t necessarily hate it, either. It was more the feeling that you had to take a step back that bothered you. That and them being their usual nosey selves.
<<Ok. I made it home. So how long have you been in town?>>
<<Not long enough to know my way around it. Maybe you could show me?>>
You bit your lower lip. You could have totally been reading too much into it, but you didn’t care at this point. You really felt compelled to give this your best shot. You somehow felt like you’d just won the lottery and you only had a short timeframe in which you could claim your prize
<<Ok. I’ll play the tour guide. Incidentally, there’s a very popular fair ongoing this weekend. We could start there if you like>>
<<This weekend, meaning starting today?>>
You grinned stupidly as his message popped up in the chat box <<Yeah, starting this evening>>
<<Great. It’s a date! Where should I pick you up?>>
Your breath caught. This was real, and it was just now hitting you. You’d be meeting him today. Not to mention, a date???! You squealed for the second time that day and you were certain you were well over the acceptable age for doing so. That being said, you weren’t about to meet him for the first time at your front door, no. And have it be awkward till you got there, God forbid? Hell, no. <<Let’s meet at the gates there, see if we can recognize eachother based solely on our facebook pics. A little social experiment, if you will ahaha>>
<<Oh yeah, no. That’s just a pic of my favorite actor>> You momentarily froze until you saw him type in his next message <<Wow, don’t tell me you really believed that. You know me better than that, Y/N. Tsk tsk…>>
You sent him an😅 emoji but still went back to his profile and checked his other pics and it was even more unnerving seeing him from different angles, in different instances like an actual living, breathing, real man.
<<Did you just check? 😂>>
<<Oh shut up. Meet you there at 7pm?>>
<<Alright. Can’t wait :)>>
You smiled like a loon, going back to stare at his pics some more and also find out more about him from his bio. You were surprised to see he was a photographer, but apparently he wasn’t a freelancer since he mentioned his company relocated him for work.
Ok, ok. No more snooping. You wanted to be surprised, if you were being honest. You already were beyond surprised, actually. And besides, you had to figure out what you were wearing to the fair, on your date with your… prince. Queue dreamy sigh. And why the hell not? This was definitely up there with any fairytale you’d ever read.
You got there 5 minutes late, you didn’t wanna seem desperate after all, and you may have told the uber driver to take his time just to make sure you didn’t get there early.
The place was packed, of course, so your heart was pounding as your eyes scanned the crowd at the gates, trying to find him. Turns out spotting a 6 foot man wasn’t all that hard especially if he had long hair and was devastatingly handsome, and when you zeroed in on him you realized he’d been watching you all along as he stood there with his hands in the pockets of his denim jacket, a sly smirk on his face and a faraway look in his eyes.
He started walking his way up towards you as you closed in the distance between the two of you yourself, and you met halfway, both mirroring each other’s smile “Hi” you quipped
“Hello” shit, was he british “Can’t believe I finally get to meet you” he added, his dimples deepening and you absolutely couldn’t stop your eyes from roaming all over his features
“You really do have bunny teeth” you couldn’t help yourself. You wanted to facepalm yourself but it was too late, he was already chuckling
“You remembered that?” he furrowed his brows slightly, smilingly, his eyes roaming all over your face too, taking you in
“Of course. I used to re-read your letters till you’d send me the next one. I remember everything you’ve ever told me” you shrugged. Hopefully, this didn’t sound weird. You were kids, after all. Surely he could relate?
He nodded “Yeah, I used to do that too. Go figure”
“So, do I look anything like you were expecting? ‘Cause I sure as hell wasn’t expecting… this” you gestured, head to toe and he laughed
“Hope you’re not too disappointed” he raised an eyebrow as you two started walking amongst the crowds of fairgoers
“Not at all. Somehow everything you ever told me about yourself still stands, which is pleasantly surprising”
He hummed, nodding “Well, I didn’t expect you to be this pretty, if I’m being honest”
You gasped “I don’t know whether to feel flattered or insulted right now”
“‘M just being honest” he shrugged, a shy smile on his lips “Definitely extremely pleasantly surprised” he raised an eyebrow
You sighed, trying to hide your grin “Well, I’m gonna choose to ignore the fact that all that time you thought I was ugly”
“I never said that” he clarified “Of course I imagined you were nice looking, but never dreamt I’d one day meet you and you’d be… like this”
You furrowed your brows “Like what?”
“.... Fucking gorgeous”
You just stared at him for a moment, your gazes locking until you finally couldn’t handle the intensity and broke eye contact like a coward, tucking a stray hairlock behind your ear and clearing your throat “So, uhm. What have you been up to all these years? I don’t know how we ever lost touch”
“I do” he laughed incredulously. “‘Twas when you started dating that… what was it… Robert fellow”
You furrowed your eyebrows, slowing down till you came to a halt and he followed suit “What, you mean Brad? Oh my God. You’re right. I totally didn’t realize... “
“Yeah” you both resumed walking aimlessly amongst the crowd “You told me about it in your last letter, I wrote you back… and then I never heard from you again”
“Oh my gosh. Wow. That was really shitty of me” you widened your eyes looking out into space
“Yeah, it was. My first heartbreak”
You laughed at that but then you caught his eye and you ceased laughing “No way. Really? Get out!”
He shrugged, his hands still in his pockets “Had to happen sooner or later, I guess. Else I’d have probably still been a virgin, pinning over this girl all the way across the ocean” he laughed a humorless laugh and you laughed back but you wondered just how hurt he’d really felt back then. Had it been him to “ghost” you like that, you’d have probably felt pretty shitty yourself.
“I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t realize, to be honest. In fact when I saw your message today I tried to remember the last time we corresponded and couldn’t figure out why we’d ever stopped. I hadn’t even put two and two together. But that thing with… that Brad guy, was just a stupid… whatever it was. We never even kissed. It wasn’t that. I just got super busy with highschool, like, I wasn’t expecting the workload”
“Y/N” he chuckled. “Relax. It’s alright. Whatever your motives, we couldn’t be penpals for ever, could we? Someone had to rip the band aid off. Had we said our goodbyes it would’ve been lamer. This way I at least got to romanticise the idea of having had an impossible long distance romance, fate brought us together but then separated us and all that jazz. Made for some good stories, the ladies ate it up”
You threw your head back, laughing “Oh, no! You’re the worst! Well looks like fate had more in store for us” you nudged his shoulder playfully and the corner of his lips immediately quirked up as he half smiled at you from beneath his long eyelashes and you knew that Harry definitely hadn’t needed that sob story to get the ladies hooked, they’d probably been fawning over him all along “Wanna get cotton candy?”
Cotton candy in tow, you resumed your aimless walking “This fair is nothing like I expected it to be, either”
“How so?”
“It’s just… a lot bigger compared to what I’m used to back home. But then again, most things are”
“Yeah, we get that a lot from europeans. You put it nicely compared to what I’ve heard so far, though”
“Well, I am on my best behavior tonight. Complete gentleman” he raised his eyebrows
“Just be yourself. I know you” you smiled and he smiled back
“Alright. Duly noted” he winked and you could feel yourself blush, realizing he may have interpreted that a tad differently than what you’d intended, but you didn’t mind it in the slightest.
“Merry go round?”
“Thought you’d never ask”
As with the cotton candy, Harry insisted on paying and you then hopped onto your seat.
You couldn’t help but shrink into the seat a bit when you started gaining altitude and Harry gave you a pointed look “Y/N, are you afraid of heights by any chance?” he hummed playfully
“Maybe a tiny bit”
He laughed “Why’d you suggest the merry go round then?”
“I mean, everything here revolves around heights. And coming to the fair was my idea”
He placed his arm around your shoulders, pressing you to his side securely “Hey. It’s alright. You’re safe with me” you were shaking, you hadn’t even realized
“I’m just… a bit chilly”
He wanted to remove his hand from around your shoulders and you grabbed it, holding it with both hands against your chest “I was only going to give you my denim jacket”
“Maybe when we get back down”
He chuckled “Shit, you’re scared senseless aren’t you?”
“Just… distract me. Tell me something else, what else have you been doing all these years?”
“Want me to distract you?”
But you never got to finish your sentence. His other hand snuck under your chin, nudging your face upwards and he quickly bent to kiss you. You squeezed the hand you were holding with both of yours as you kissed him back and you literally felt like you were floating on air- and not just because you kind of literally were.
After getting acquainted with his incredibly soft lips properly, his tongue started licking your pillowey ones ever so gently, and his teeth began tugging at your lower one and before you knew it you were the one pushing your own tongue against his when he used it next and that’s when you really lost your mind. Harry kissed you in earnest, his mouth devouring yours and you felt as though it was one wrong move, and you’d both trip over the secure railing of your seat. But you didn’t care. All you cared about was having that kiss go on for as long as possible. His free hand came to rest on your naked knee, your sundress only covering half your thighs and he caressed your soft skin there in time with the thrusts of his tongue. His kiss was practiced, effortless and absolutely searing. Before you knew it, though, the ride came to a halt when you felt someone remove the barrier and you both had to unglue yourselves from the other as if woken up from a fever dream.
“Wow, that couldn’t have been three ride’s worth, surely”
“What? You paid for three rides?”
“Yeah. How come everything is bigger but shorter, here, huh? How’s that for an oxymoron”
You laughed “Oh ok, no need to use posh words, you’ve impressed me already”
He nodded “Have I, then?”
“I’d say you have” you bit your lower lip and he leaned in for another kiss
“Cotton candy never tasted sweeter” he hummed against your lips
“That’s just american sweeteners, you’ll get used to that too” you giggled and you could feel him smiling against your lips. He then shrugged out of his denim jacket and placed it over your shoulders, as promised “Thanks” you actually put in on properly, it was getting kind of chilly, especially considering how hot and bothered you’d gotten after those kisses
“How about we skip the tall rides?”
You pouted “Is this your way of telling me you’ll not be distracting me anymore?”
“Gotta say, I’m loving this surprise factor more and more by the minute”
“Likewise” you batted your eyelashes at him a bit then pointed to the right “Bumper cars?” Harry grimaced and you worried “What’s wrong?”
“I know you said I could just be myself but I’m afraid if I show you my competitive side you’re gonna bolt”
You laughed whole heartedly at that one “Bring your A game, then. You haven’t seen my competitive side either”
His eyebrows shot up at that “Game on, then”
And game on it was. You each seized your own bumper car, Harry wouldn’t tell you for how many rounds he paid, and you proceeded to corner the other and to deliver the worst hits possible. Harry really wasn’t holding back, worrying his lower lip between his teeth and sporting that scowl you noticed he had on everytime he was contemplating something. And it was so hot that you could barely focus on kicking his ass.
When he stood up after the 5th round you whined loudly “Nooooo! It was rigged! I demand a recount! Another round! You did this on purpose! I bet you paid for another round but you’re ending this now so that the score is in your favor!”
He walked towards you with a huge grin plastered on his stupid smirking face, holding out his hand to help you out of your bumper car “Don’t be a sore loser, sweetheart. I won. Fair and square”
“Fair and square my foot!” you refused his hand, slightly stumbling your way out of the bumper car and arena and onto the grass. He chased after you, finally catching up and grabbing you by the waist from behind
“Where do you think you’re running off to?” he plastered his lips against the shell of your ear “Winner gets a prize. Them’s the rules”
“Oh… go fuck yourself!” you grunted, frustratedly
“I’d rather you did” he hummed, biting your earlobe and you melted against him forgetting all about your childish tantrum over who won.
You gasped in mock surprise “That’s not very gentlemanly at all”
“I know” he roamed his hands down your sides over your thighs “I’m just heeding your advice, remember? You’re the one who told me to just be myself. I like this dress. Even got pockets” he pointed out, pushing his hands inside said pockets and you gasped again feeling his fingers now hovering just slightly over the front of your damp panties, only the fabric of the inside of the pockets and your lingerie between you.
“I guess I had it coming, then. What prize did you have in mind?”
“Can I show you?”
You bit the inside of your cheek in anticipation “Yes?...”
He started kissing down your neck, holding you flush against his back and to any passerby you probably just looked like a couple of lovebirds having a cute cuddle, his face buried in your hair. And everyone seemed to be so engrossed with the fair rides that you were sure nobody even cared about what you two were up to, between rides on the grass away from the main strip.
When he sucked in the delicate skin of your neck and you gasped, he finally ghosted his fingers against your core and you shuddered “Harry…”
“Shh. I’m here. I got you” You grabbed onto his bicep, feeling his muscles flex as he traced his fingertips up and down your folds “Gonna make a mess of this dress, aren’t you sweet girl?”
He chuckled biting at your earlobe again “You’re gonna get us caught. Or is that what you want? Do you want people to see? Want them to see me make you feel good in the middle of this fair?” he applied pressure to your clit and your knees buckled but he held you upright “Who would’ve known such a sweet little thing could be so dirty? Hm?”
He was working your clit masterfully, even through all that fabric and you knew you’d have to bite your tongue to keep quiet. You were completely out of your mind with lust. His proximity, the way he smelled, the way he felt hard and taught against your soft body, the way he held you and, most of all, the way he kissed and touched you were doing inexplicable things to you. You’d never felt like this for anyone, ever before. And this was Harry. You knew him, but you didn’t know him. You felt safe with him like you would with an old friend, but you also felt the excitement of meeting someone for the first time. When he applied just the right amount of pressure and you arched your back slightly, he ground against your ass, letting you know exactly how much what he was doing to you turned him on and it was the last straw. He sucked on your pulse point just as you came violently against his fingers, hoping upon hope that you weren’t being too obvious to anyone that might’ve watched the two of you and you could feel him smiling against the skin of your neck.
“Let’s see what other games I can win at. Would love to taste out next some more of that american sweetener you mentioned earlier” he winked at you as you looked at him from underneath heavy eyelids trying to regain your composure, your eyes widening when you finally realized what he was referring to and you could already imagine him going down on you behind a trailer somewhere.
Suddenly losing to him sounded wildly tempting, but you were also dying to claim your prizes as well.
Either way, it was a win-win.
He fished out a polaroid camera out of the pockets of his denim jacket you were wearing, took a pic of you and hummed watching it develop rapidly “Not that I could ever forget that, but I wanna look at this and picture you exactly as you are now”
“And how is that?”
“...Like a wish come true”
*you can read all the other lhh blurbs/one-shots here♥️
A/N: sooooo. this happened, again. yeah i'm wrapping this up at 6:30 am. you can let me have it, i deserve it. my inbox is full, i promised a concept night, i only fished out 3 last weekend and promised this weekend i'd go through all of them and in stead, i manage just the one. i'm sorry. i just can't write short pieces 🤷‍♀️
i'm also extremely tempted to turn this one into a miniseries too 💀💀💀
i'm incorrigible. hope you enjoyed though 💋
💕 like & reblog if you enjoyed this, lovelies, and most importantly, please come share your thoughts on it here 💌
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rommahh · 2 days ago
[hey. Harry looked hot. This really made up for this fandoms antics today.]
Harry thought you looked like an angel. Here you sat on his cock, bouncing up and down, breast moving with each motion. The little halo he found on stage was now sat on your head. You face was screwed shut in pleasure as your cunt swallowed every inch of Harry’s cock.
“Oh god Harry.” Your breathy moan made Harry shudder. He slapped your ass, it ripples under his touch. Another moan escapes your lips.
“Fuck look at you. A little angel, bouncing on my cock. Little cock slut, couldn’t wait to pounce.” He growls in your face biting down on your bottom lip. “Mine.”
He started to fuck into, needing more friction from your plush insides against his rigid cock. You squeal at the feeling. Every time he thrust up, hip tip harshly nudged your gspot.
“Yours all yours.” You wail. You throw your head back when Harry slips his hand between you two to fondle your clit. You could feel the build up. The burning in your core as you started to slip over the edge. For extra stimulation, you bring your fingers up to your pebbled nipples pulling and pinching at the sensitive skin.
Harry’s chest rumbled with a deep moan, his cum exploding into you, coating your walls deliciously. He wasn’t finished though. He pulled his knees up further, holding onto your hip harshly to sink you down harder on his cock.
The extreme the stimulation from your nipples to your clit to the extreme pressure on your gspot- you explode. That pressure releases harshly. You feel an extreme wetness below you, covering Harry from his chest to his thighs.
As you both stilled, his softened cock still sheathed in your tight canal, you could only hear the sounds of your breaths. Harry pulls your weak body off of him, or he tries at least. You clutch him tightly around the shoulders not wanting to move.
“Mmm, love you too baby but we got to take a bath, have to get on the tour bus early.” He murmurs in your ear. You nodded at him, the wetness below making you feel uncomfortable.
Once again you find your self cuddled up to Harry in the warmest bubble bath you have ever been in. The halo was tilted on your head, a little beaten up from such rigorous activities. Harry massaged your shoulders and arms, kissing your face and neck as you hummed in pleasure.
“Best husband ever.” You mumble in a sleepy tone. Harry chuckles.
“Not even married yet but I’m glad that I’m perfecting my husbandly duties already.”
“Duties.” You giggle. Harry shakes his head at you.
“God do I love you.”
Tumblr media
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Yourinstagram: my fucking fiancé guys -only eight more months until I put a ring on that finger.
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Harrystyles: language
Yourinstagram: I fucking love you.
Harrystyles: fucking love you too
Y/Nfan76: Harry is so freaking lucky
Yourinstagram: …I have a fan page?
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meetmymouth · a day ago
just got my period and i feel gross. could you write a fluff where harry takes care of y/n (i’m not saying maybe even groupie reader but it’s up to you….. 👀) and gives her little back and belly rubs when she’s on her period?
hope you feel better soon!!
more groupie!reader
It's quiet in her hotel room when Harry finally closes the door before putting the 'do not disturb' sign on there, and she watches with shaky hands and sweaty palms as he walks past her, and begins closing the curtains.
She feels sweaty all over, not just her palms, and she tries to shake the feeling by reaching for a water bottle on the nightstand.
"What's wrong?" He asks, when he feels her watching him. He walks over to her, and tries to grab her by the wrist, but she doesn't let him.
"I feel sick."
"What? Why?"
She clears her throat, suddenly feeling choked up that she's about to disappoint him when she knew full well he was hard– or at least getting there.
"I'm on my period, it's the first day."
"Oh," Harry says with furrowed eyebrows.
"I'm sorry."
Harry looks her up and down. "What? Why are you sorry," he chuckles at her wide eyed expression, hands coming to rest on her shoulders. He squeezes there once. "You can't control it, can you?"
"Yeah," she begins. "But, still."
"If it helps... I don't care."
"I don't care about the... you know, the blood. I wouldn't care," Harry says, waving his hands around.
She laughs. "I'm not– it hurts. I don't think I can do anything tonight."
"Oh– oh..."
That's when a smile appears on his face, dimples out, and he holds her by the hand while they walk to the king-sized bed. He makes her sit down, and he sits beside her.
"It's okay, Fab," he says, still smiling down at her. "Lay down."
"Harry... I told you it hurts. I can't do–"
"–No, I know. I'm gonna– uh... rub your belly."
She furrows her eyebrows. "Rub my belly?"
"Yeah. Lay on your side, come on."
And, she does.
She gets in the bed, and lays on her side, waiting patiently as he takes his shirt off and gets behind her in the bed.
It's weird at first, she doesn't know what to do with her hands, because they've never been this close before. That is, when they weren't having sex. This is so much like cuddling, she thinks to herself.
She lays still with hands between her thighs as he moves closer to her body, and throws his arm around her, and places his big hands on her belly.
"Is it okay if I," he murmurs, "Did it under your shirt?"
She looks down at his hands. "Sure," she says, voice coming out all muffled and tired.
She feels him nod, because his hair touches the back of her neck, and it feels so intimate that she almost feels shy around him. He gets his hand under her t-shirt, and places his warm palm against her belly, and begins stroking her cold flesh. It feels good, so good against the cold skin of her, and she proceeds to relax into his touch and close her eyes, letting him do whatever he wanted with his hand.
He clears his throat, and presses his palm harder against her tummy.
"How's it feel?"
"Hm," she hums. "Oh– feels good, yeah– keep going."
And, he does. He keeps stroking her belly, then tummy, and his thumb strokes the hairs there, making her shiver at the touch before she gets used to it and relaxes even more into him. He caresses her belly, squeezing once and making her chuckle, and he does, too, laughing when she snorts at the tickling feeling.
"Stop messing around," she murmurs quietly.
"Am not."
"Hey," she calls for him, and his touch stops for a second, hand stilling against her belly.
"Can you put your feet between my legs? It's just– that's something I like when I'm feeling like this."
He pauses, but proceeds to place one feet between her parted legs.
"Good?" He asks, hand picking up again.
"Yeah, thanks for this."
"You're welcome."
"Is this... weird?"
His thumb strokes a few hairs on her belly. "Why?"
"Because I'm like your groupie and we're... spooning?"
He lets out a chuckle into the back of her neck, then she feels him get closer to her side, placing his nose in the crook of her neck.
"Fuck it," he mumbles, the words coming out all muffled.
"Yeah, fuck it."
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
BLACK&WHITE (part 1)
A/N: alright alright, so... im back with another series, huh. i took the advice to make the parts shorter so they are easier to read, chapters will be around 4-5k words. im really hoping you guys will like the story, it came from such a sudden idea but im glad i decided to write it! wanted to have a posting schedule but honestly it stresses me out if im behind with the writing so i'll just go with the flow. feedback is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED plssss let me know what you think about the chapter!! i really want to hear your thoughts!
PAIRING: long hair college!Harry X Mitch's little sister!Reader
Tumblr media
It’s been two entire weeks since school has started and you have made exactly one (1) friend. Your roommate. And you might not even consider Bonnie your friend, because basically you’re just forced to hang out since you live together, but Bonnie has her own little circle and she hasn’t invited you out to meet her friends. But it would be pathetic to admit that you failed to befriend anyone so far and it’s definitely not how you imagined your first year in college.
Scrolling through Instagram you see that all of your old classmates are having the time of their life, going to parties, hanging out with their new friends, having lunch and dinner together, it’s all picture perfect while your last post was about the day you moved in, a nice, aesthetic photo of your little candles set up on your nightstand, the capture telling about how excited you are about this new chapter. Well, it feels like you got stuck on the first page, alone.
Huffing with a grunt, you hop off your bed, pacing around, trying to figure out what to do so you don’t feel like a total loser. You could go for a run, but it rained in the morning so everything is saggy and wet… Or you could go get a coffee, read some at a cute little table and maybe someone might find you mysterious and interesting enough to walk up to you and want to be friends with you!
Okay, that only happens in movies, but it was nice to play with the thought at least. God, why is it so hard to make friends? Or is something wrong with you? Are you really this awkward? Thinking about it, you’ve known all your friends at home since kindergarten and back then it was enough to just ask someone if they wanted to be friends and boom, then you were friends! But that’s not how it works now and as the days carry on you see everyone finding their circle while you’re left out, slimming your chances to make friends. Because who would want to be friends with the girl who couldn’t get to know anyone for weeks after school started?
Reaching for your phone you look for the contact you really wanted to reserve to the worst case scenario. Calling your brother’s girlfriend to ask if she wants to hang out is not quite how you planned it, but she is your last chance to get out and socialize. Maybe she could introduce you to some people!
“Hey hun! What’s up?” Sarah’s cheerful, chirpy voice rings through the phone as you plop down to the bed, anxiously fidgeting with the fabric of your sweatpants.
“Hi, are you busy?”
“Not at all! Just heading back to my place to get some stuff and spend the night at your brother’s.”
“I was just wondering if, um… if you maybe wanted to hang out? I don’t know, you can totally say no, it’s just that—“
“Y/N, slow down,” she chuckles cutting your rambling off. “Why don’t you come over to Mitch’s too? They are having a few people over, we could catch up and all that, how does that sound?”
“You think he won’t mind?”
“I’ll make sure he doesn’t,” she giggles. “See you there around eight, alright?”
“Thanks Sarah!”
Your brother started dating Sarah freshman year and they’ve been together ever since, now they are seniors and already planning to move in together once they have graduated and they are the cutest ever. Sarah is so great, she made you feel like you’ve been friends forever when you first met her when Mitch brought her home for thanksgiving that first year. She is sweet, open, such a charming person, almost too good for your brother. She could have easily blew you off, why would she want to hang out with a freshman as a senior, but she invited you with them without a second thought. She is your savior.
Tumblr media
Sarah said they would have a few people over. That’s what she said, right? Well, this surely doesn’t seem like a chill get together in the frat house where Mitch lives, the music is blasting, the house is packed, and there are red solo cups everywhere you look. You definitely did not expect a full blown frat party.
Walking in you push past a couple that’s quite busy inspecting each other’s throat, you reach for your phone to text Sarah where she is, but you spot her before you could do that, talking to someone in the kitchen with a cup in her hand, her lips painted red that go amazing with her red dress and denim jacket.
“Hey! You’re here!” she exclaims when she spots you approaching her and she pulls you into a hug right away.
“Yeah, but you didn’t tell me it was a whole ass frat party,” you chuckle looking around.
“Ehh, you know how it is, people find out about it and then there’s no stopping after that,” she shrugs, pulling you further into the kitchen. “Want a drink?”
“Oh, yeah I’ll just—“
“Absolutely no alcohol!”
Your brother’s voice beams behind you and a moment later he appears, grabbing the apple juice from the counter to pour some into a cup for you. Great, now you feel like a toddler. At least he didn’t give you a Capri Sun.
Mitch is three years older than you, yet he has always acted like he is your supervisor, the one who needs to know everything about you, especially after your parents got a divorce when you were only ten and you only saw your dad every other weekend. Though he couldn’t be up in your business when he left for college, but he still demanded you had your location on at all times and he would call you randomly, asking where you’ve been and who you’ve been with.
“Oh, come on, babe. She can have at least a beer!” Sarah rolls her eyes at Mitch who shows the cup into your hand.
“Maybe when she is twenty-one,” he scoffs with a hard expression on his face.
“As if you waited until you were twenty-one,” she points out, making you laugh. You know he’s been sneaking around with his friends since he was sixteen, you also remember the first time he came home drunk, you helped him to hide from your mom until he sobered up. Your brother is no saint, but it’s best if he doesn’t know that this wouldn’t be your first time drinking.
“If I see you sneak around and drink, I swear—“
“You what, gonna call mom?” you scoff at your brother.
“Might, yeah!” he huffs, but you both know he won’t.
“Yo! Mitch! Come over here!” someone calls out for him from the living room and he nods their way.
“Stay with Sarah, okay? Don’t want you lingering around on your own,” he tells you before disappearing.
Part of you debate whether you should rebel and split from Sarah, but what would you do on your own? Walk around awkwardly, be a creep in the corner of the room? You’d rather not, so you stick to her like glue as she moves from one person to the other like the true social butterfly that she is.
It’s clear that Sarah is popular and it’s definitely not because she is dating someone from one of the coolest frats. No, your brother has nothing with how people are just drawn towards her, craves to be seen by her, to talk to her. You wonder what it’s like to be like her, to earn the attention without even asking for it…
Tumblr media
Harry wasn’t a fan of having yet another party in their house, he would have been happier if it was really just a few people over, playing video games, having a few beers and then call it a night at a reasonable time. But of course, his mates had to go around campus and tell everyone that their door would be open tonight so now here he is, trying to find his will to socialize, but hiding in his room now sounds like perfect.
Sitting outside on the terrace, on the old couch he and the other boys in the house got for dimes, there’s a girl on each of his side, begging for his attention, topping each other with everything they say, not even realizing that he is not too interested in any of them. There was a time when Harry would definitely take up on the task to pick up both girls and bring them up to his room, when he was seeing a different girl every other weekend, but it gets old and tiring. It doesn’t interest him anymore to be the Casanova of the campus, he is done waking up to a different girl whose name he doesn’t even remember, he is done with using girls just as much as they use him. Because he is not stupid, he knows that sleeping with him is like a trophy for some girls, something they can brag about to their friends, make other girls jealous so he never felt like an asshole for using them for his own relief.
Maybe the change came after he started noticing how Mitch, his best mate has been with his girlfriend. How happy he is with Sarah, their little dates, the way they touch and look at each other. At first he thought it was ridiculous and sickening, acting like puppies in love, but the more time he spent with the two of them the more he found himself craving the same thing. Someone to talk to and not just falling into bed after two words, someone to do things with, someone who he could call when he was having a bad day and who’d take care of him. The more he thinks about it the more he wants it, but with who? Most girls don’t think of him as someone they would want to be in a relationship with and they wouldn’t give him the time of the day for more than just a night. Not that he has met anyone he could imagine himself with, so lately he has found himself pulling away from the parties, the drinking and the girls, though it’s hard to change when no one thinks you can. His friends think he’ll be back to his old habits soon and girls still believe they can get him to rock their word for just a night.
“I’m gonna get a refill,” he mumbles, standing from the couch, shaking the hands of the girls off of himself. He ignores as one of them asks to bring her a drink too, mostly because he is not going to get a refill but to hide in his room for a bit, hoping the party will end early, not that it seems possible, everyone is enjoying themselves way too much.
Lying in his bed he is answering some messages and starts scrolling through Instagram only to see most of his friends shit posting about tonight’s party. He notices himself in some of the photos, sporting an unimpressed look in almost all of them and the worst is when he spots himself in the back of a video, a girl behind him curling his hair around her finger without him noticing it. Like a fucking animal in the petting zoo, that’s how he feels like. Growing out his hair was mainly because he knew girls would like it, but then it grew on him more than he thought so now it’s part of his image rather than a tool to get girls.
Groaning he lies flat on the mattress, closing his eyes for a bit, the thumping bass of the music ripping through the house. He wishes it would just stop and the people would disappear.
His room shares a wall with Mitch’s and when he hears the door to his room open and shut, he thinks that someone has ventured into his friend’s room for a hookup which would flip Mitch over for sure. Walking out of his room Harry sees that Mitch’s door is open.
“You guys better not be fucking in here,” he warns whoever is inside, but as he pushes the door further open he only sees one person inside, a girl who jumps and turns around like a scared little deer at his arrival and Harry freezes. “Y/N? Is that… is that you?” he huffs in surprise.
Last time Harry saw you was three years ago. Back then you were just a freshman in high school, looked a lot different, since puberty hit you in your sophomore year, when he was already off to college with your brother who has been his best friend for a decade, being classmates since middle school, all through high school and then going to the same collage.
Harry was always that hot friend of your brother you had a crush on since forever, but for him, you were just Mitch’s little baby sister, who had to be looked after all the time. Harry spent a lot of time at your house, hanging with your brother in the basement and you remember spying on them, trying to always be around them so he might notice you, but looking back at it you see that it was a dead case from the beginning. Harry was popular even in high school, he was on the football team and even dated one of the cool girls for a while. And you? You were years younger than him, had your own circle of friends but you weren’t too popular. The only reason why you weren’t on the bottom of the social pyramid was because Mitch was your brother. Every now and then girls tried to act like they were friends with you just so they could be around Mitch and Harry, but they never really cared about them. They were seniors and you and your friends were freshman, two different worlds.
But that never stopped you to secretly crush on Harry, imagine a day when he would look at you as more than just Mitch’s little sister, that he would take an interest in you. One time you even dreamed about him asking you out to prom, but that was probably the most farfetched idea you had.
You haven’t seen him since he started college, coming home he didn’t spend as much time at your house as he used to, wanting to be around his own family and when summers rolled around you were busy with volunteering so you had something to put on your college application. You saw him once last year from your window when he dropped Mitch off, but you only caught a glimpse of him through the windshield. His hair was getting long, he had several new tattoos on his arm and it all just made him even better-looking than before. Now he is standing right in front of you, his hair longer than ever, the white shirt showing off his inked arm and those tight pants… they should be illegal.
“H-Hi,” you manage to breathe out, already feeling flustered by the way he looks you up and down with no shame.
Harry wonders if it’s just a trick his head is playing with him or it’s really you. The girl he is staring at right now is so different from the one he last saw on the day they moved to campus with Mitch. The awkward little girl with braces is nothing like your version now. You have curves that catch his eyes right away, a beautiful set of teeth without braces, your hair has grown a lot since the last time he was around you… No doubt you’ve grown up and it’s a complete shock for him.
“Wow! I mean… You’re here!” he chuckles before pulling you into a quick hug, but he instantly regrets, because he feels your breasts pushing up against his chest and his hand maps out the curve of your waist, giving him thoughts he definitely shouldn’t be thinking about.
“I am, yeah,” you nod awkwardly, pulling back from him with a dizzy head since you just wrapped your arms around his toned upper body.
“Mitch mentioned that you are studying here as well, but I didn’t know you’d be here tonight.”
“Sarah invited me. I haven’t exactly made many friends since school started so I thought she could, I don’t know, introduce me to a few people,” you admit, but why are you even telling this to Harry? You can’t quite control yourself around him, especially now, when he is looking his best.
“And Mitch let you come here? I’m surprised,” Harry chuckles.
“Sarah made him,” you smile up at him.
“And what are you doing in Mitch’s room? You need anything?”
“Oh, I was just… Well, I lost Sarah and I don’t know anyone else around here, so I thought I would just… have a breather in here.”
Harry nods, folding his arms on his chest as he rubs the corners of his mouth and you need to force yourself not to stare at his biceps. You can only hope he doesn’t notice how nervous you are to be around him again after so long. Part of you believed you were over your crush on him, but seeing him again definitely brought back those feelings you’ve been harboring as long as you’ve known him.
“A-And what are you doing up here?” you ask, clearing your throat, desperate to break the silence that came between the two of you.
“Oh, I was just… not in the mood to socialize,” he admits with a soft chuckle, your eyes widening.
“You? Not in the mood? Is that even possible? I thought you were still the party animal you were in high school,” you tease him, making him laugh and roll his eyes at the same time and you try to ignore how the butterflies in your stomach are going wild at the heavenly sound.
“You’re making me look like a licentious rebel.”
“And you’re not?”
Harry stares back at you smirking, enjoying the bickering way more than he’d admit and he doesn’t want to let go of it just yet. The two of you start talking, catching up about what happened in the past three years, though mostly you’re the one talking.
You tell him about high school, volunteering and all the extra classes you took, prom and graduation… Then he tells you stories about him and Mitch as freshmen, stories you’ve heard from your brother but you let him retell you, because you’d listen to anything he says. It’s probably the most you’ve talked… like ever and though you thought you knew Harry well, you have to realize that you only knew a layer of him, only seeing him with your brother around, being just in the background all the time, but now that it’s just the two of you and you have all of his attention, it’s a whole different experience.
Neither of you realizes how much time has passed, you’re laughing about a time when he almost missed his math midterm because one of their house mates almost burned the house down, you’re cackling as he is telling you about it when the door opens and your brother appears.
“Y/N where the fuck have you been? Sarah has been looking for you!” he snaps, only then realizing that you’re not alone, you and Harry sitting on his bed with legs crossed as you hug a pillow to your chest. “What’s going on here?”
“Hey man, just met your sister! You didn’t tell me she’d be here!” Harry beams happily, but Mitch gives him a suspicious look.
“Why would have I told you?”
“Because I haven’t seen her in ages?”
Clearly Mitch wants to say something else, but he just shakes his head and swallows it before turning to you.
“You’ve been here all along?”
“Yeah, just ran into Harry,” you nod, smiling shyly. Mitch’s gaze shifts from you to Harry, then back to you before nodding to himself.
“Alright, it’s late, I’ll drive you back to the dorm.”
“What? What time is it?” you ask with widened eyes, searching for your phone in your pocket. Checking the screen you see that it’s already one in the morning, meaning that you’ve been in here with Harry for over two hours. “Oh… okay…”
“I can drive her home,” Harry offers, getting up from the bed with you. “I didn’t drink all night.”
“I saw you with a cup in your hands, dude,” Mitch furrows his eyebrows at his friend.
“Didn’t have alcohol in it, wasn’t in the mood,” he shrugs. You can tell Mitch is hesitant, but he doesn’t say anything, just nods at Harry as you both get ready to leave.
There’s a bit of awkward silence in the car, but you don’t know how to break it. Luckily, he is the first one to speak up, the gentle light coming from the dashboard illuminating his amazingly structured face.
“So you haven’t made any friends around here?”
“Well, I do occasionally speak to my roommate,” you tell him, but it sounds even more pathetic saying out loud. “It’s just… it’s been a bit more difficult than I imagined,” you admit deflated. Harry peeks over at you, seeing the bitter look on your face and he has to fight the urge to reach over and give your hand a squeeze.
What’s happening with him? He just spent hours talking to you, he jumps at the chance to drive you home just to spend some more time with you and now he wants to touch and comfort you? He just can’t help it, seeing you for the first time after years was a complete shock to him just as much as how you’ve changed.
“You just have to grab a hang of it. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”
“Yeah, but everyone is already ganging up, I can’t just go up to a bunch of people and ask if they want to be friends,” you scoff chewing on your bottom lip.
“Well, you have more than just one friend, that’s for sure?”
“Do you know about something I don’t?”
“You have your roommate, you have Mitch and Sarah and… you also have me.”
If only you weren’t sitting in a moving car you would have fallen out of your seat. Harry Styles just called himself your friend and you’re almost a hundred percent sure that it wasn’t sarcastic. No, the little smile on his lips definitely proves that he meant it.
“Friends do things together. Does that mean we’re gonna… do things together?” you ask shyly, nervously fidgeting around in your lap with your fingers.
“Sure, why not?” he shrugs like it’s nothing, but your fifteen years old self is screaming and jumping right now. You’ve longed for this moment for so long and now… it really is happening, you’re not just Mitch’s little sister, but one of his friends, an individual. Harry pulls up in front of your dorm and parks the car looking at you with a smile stretched across his face.
“Alright, then here, give me your number so I can reach you and… make plans,” you tell him, handing him your phone with your heart thumping in your chest like crazy. You really are asking for his number, something you never thought would happen, but it is. And it’s so freaking exciting!
He nods and types his number in, saving the contact as just ‘Harry’ before handing it back to you.
“See you around, Y/N,” he tilts his head to the side as you get out of the car.
“Thanks for the ride, Harry,” you smile back, shutting the door and walking up the stairs to the entrance. Looking back you see that he is still watching you, so you wave at him before walking in and disappearing from his sight.
By the time Harry arrives back to the house it seems like the party is dying down. There are way less people and they’ve turned the volume down as well, thank God. Ignoring the girls calling out his name he heads straight up to his room, wanting to just lock himself up there and not have to deal with anyone, but he stops at the door seeing that Mitch is in there, waiting for him, sitting on the edge of his bed.
“Hey man, what’s up?” he asks with a small nod.
“She’s back at the dorm?” he asks, standing up, walking closer to him.
“Yeah, watched her go inside, she is fine.”
Harry steps to his dresser, looking for a fresh set of clothes to wear after his shower as Mitch walks past him towards the door, but before he could disappear, he stops and turns back.
“You know, I hope you’re not thinking about going after my sister.”
“What?” Harry’s head snaps up. Mitch leans against the doorframe, arms crossing over his chest as he stares back at his best friend with eyes Harry has never seen directed at him before.
“It’s just that I saw how you were looking at her, I really don’t want you to bring her into your little games.”
Harry clenches his jaw, Mitch’s words hurt more than he realized. Knowing that his own best friend thinks he hasn’t changed, that it’s all just a game to him still, it’s like a slap across his face. What should he say? Swear to his life that he doesn’t see his sister that way? That he is not the guy he used to be and he doesn’t have to fear his sister?
Harry hasn’t even figured out what seeing you again meant. Because part of him is still stuck on your past self, the one he saw sitting in the car, driving back home with your parents on move in day three years ago, but then there’s this version he saw today, the grown and mature Y/N who is definitely not a little girl anymore and who got his undivided attention tonight without even trying. It was so refreshing to talk to a girl without her wanting to get into his pants as fast as possible. All he knows is that he wants to talk to you again, he wants to see you again, but as he is looking at Mitch right now, he knows that his best friend will take his head if he messes with you, not that he plans to hurt you.
“Don’t worry, Mitch. I know my place,” he mumbles under his breath, his friend nods before walking out and closing his door, leaving him leaning onto his dresser, gripping the edge so tight his knuckles are turning white.
Maybe Mitch is right. Maybe he hasn’t changed and never will. Maybe he was destined to never find someone who could be like Sarah to his friend.
And that thought is more terrifying to him than he’d like to admit.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! Please like/reblog if you enjoyed!
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harry styles x wife!reader
fc: claudia sulewski
request are open
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please do one with claudia sulewski💘💘💘
i just HAD to do a blurb around harry’s msg pics, i love them so much 🥺 also sorry if the last post is corny i was projecting myself for a minute
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !!
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yourinstagram NIGHT 3 READY 🖤🗽 big shoutout to @ayaeyamamoto for this makeupppp
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harryfan1 HOW ARE YOU FEELING ??
↳ yourinstagram NERVOUS, EXCITED, PROUD honestly this feels like 2012 over again when H was playing with the band here
pillowpersonpp 😍💍
harrystyles ❤️
↳ harryfan2 this couple has my heart
harryfan3 will you be at the pit ??
↳ yourinstagram i’ll stop by to say hi <3
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harryupdates Harry and @yourinstagram in NYC earlier today
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harryfan1 MOM AND DAD
harryfan2 those legs tho @yourinstagram
↳ yourinstagram what can i say harry drags me to his pilates class
↳harryfan3 LAJSOA I LOVE HER
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yourinstagram YOU DID IT AGAIN. LOVE YOU. PROUD OF YOU 🥺 expect a really long and sappy post from me soon
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harryfan1 MY BABYYYY
annetwist ❤️❤️
jefezoff You two disgust me
↳ yourinstagram jealousy, jealousy
↳ jefezoff I’m literally a married man
harryfan2 she’s one of us
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harrystyles Love On Tour. New York City, NY.
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harryfan1 IM CRYING RN
paulithepsm My bro 🙌🏿!!
yourinstagram 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
yourinstagram i love you
↳ harryfan2 not the double comment she’s really so proud
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yourinstagram i said that a long and sappy post was coming and here it is, buckle up
H, life has given me the pleasure to be by your side for each of these moments, and i treasure them deeply in my heart. 2012, your first time playing in the iconic MSG, something that you always dreamed of was becoming a reality in just two years of you career, we were walking around the arena hours before the show and you asked me to take a picture, because you wanted to remember that moment forever, i took the picture not knowing that we would be back in that same place in 2018, but this time with two sold out shows on your own, touring your first solo album and with a career you always dreamed of, and if that wasn’t enough we’re back again, with 3 shows completed and two more to go and i couldn’t be more proud of everything you’ve achieved and everything that you are. i love you @harrystyles always have, always will 🖤
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jefezoff 🥺🥺
harrystyles Thank you for always being by my side. You’re my best friend. Love, love, love. x
↳ yourinstagram are you friendzoning me?
↳harryfan2 YN PLASEEEE
gemmastyles ❤️
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New York Lights
Tumblr media
Some Highlighter! Harry because why not?
Warnings: Smut. Degradation. Exhibitionism. Buttplugs. Spanking. A little dramatic to a little dom shit, thats how this man goes.
Kinktober: day 12 Prompts: Lingerie kink + Highlighter AU + Harry Styles
"How long am I supposed to wait, babe? I'm dying to look at you." Harry whined, leaning against the door of the balcony, the velvet of the curtains scraping against the baby curls of his nape.
"Getting the highlighter. Give me a minute, horndog." Y/n breezy laugh fluttered from the room, Harry's eyes screwed shit as a pinky promise he had delivered to her without considering, already regretting his big mouth.
Never get him vodka. Don't ever make it straight. Don't add Y/n with a lemon wedge in her mouth, allowing him to suck in the sour juice and lick up the stray dribbles.
He loses his mind right at that.
"Strike one there. Your ass isn't gonna like it if you keep me waiting."
"I thought you were gonna do the wone amd dine thing tonight?"
Harry sighed, running a thumb and a pointer along the curve of his lower lip, eyes still squeezed shut. The dark that was his vision shattered with the clicking of heels, Y/n perfume surrounding his body and he was reaching out involuntarily. The tip of acrylic nails scraped against his lip, dragging his fingers off his mouth before they were replaced by a pair of lips- delicious ones, he must add.
He swung himself around, grabbing the woman by her shoulders and pinning her to the glass door separating his room from the balcony they were in, opening his eyes and gasping st the sight in front of him.
In front of him stood Y/n, mouth painted a lustful red and lower lip tucked into her teeth. Delicate red lingerie wrapped around her body, gold body chains running down from her neck, descending in loops and circling around her ribs to meet at the back. The 'highlighter' necklace, a homage to what started this 'blessings-of-the-almighty' arrangement wrapped around the base of her neck, thigh highs making her look even more desirable, if that was possible.
How is Harry supposed to be a gentleman and treat someone to a nice dinner of she comes with that look?
"All this, for me?" He asked, a little breathless and taken off guard, ghosting his knuckles down the curve of her breasts.
"Do you like it?" Y/n asked, running her hands past the open buttons of his lavender shirt, grazing his swallows with the tip of her nails.
Harry's eyes snapped back at her, greem irises darkening as she pinched his nipple, a light blush pulling up at his cheeks. Letting out a low exhale, he stepped closer, crowding her against the cold glass till he had caged her between his arms, her mouth hung open in a sinful daze.
"All this, for me?" Harry pinched her chin between two fingers, lifting up her face till he was looking into her pretty eyes, the faint shades of a highlighter visible against the New York lights.
"All for you, sir."
"Good -fucking- girl." He dragged the tip of his nose against her cheekbone, her ragged breath skimming his lips. His hands descended down to grab her waist, curbing over the rim of the flimsy lingerie she had worn. He wished he had a jacket he could give her, but she looked so stunning a part of him never wanted her to change out of this.
Harry ran his hands all over her body, taking his time inspecting every wrap of cloth, every crevice, every dip and freckle. He tapped the insides of her thigh twice, a silent order for her to spread her legs, two feel apart to be exact, chuckling when he felt the wetness smearing the inside of her panties.
"Wet already?" He chuckled, condescension heavy in his words. Y/n shivered, the tone of this evening a little different from their usual nights. Instead of it being rough and quick, Harry was being slow. And if Harry went slow, it meant Harry would be mean.
"I haven't even touched you, you little slut. What is making you so needy?"
Harry snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against his body. He started walking backwards, her eyes never leaving his face, eyes bleeding with desire and submission, a pathetic simper stuck in her throat.
"Is it the fact that you're dressed like this?" Harry hooked his finger to the waistband of her panty, flipping her around so she was facing the city and grabbing her by her hips. "Like my dirty dream?"
"Bend over." Whispered right over her ears, Harry tugged the linkage of chains aggregating at her back, chuckling appreciatively when she gasped.
Y/n grabbed the rails of the balcony, leaning forward. With a snap, her hips were lifted upwards, her thighs parting in shock and her body bending even further. Her knuckles turned white in their icy grip against the rails, her boobs jiggling and threatening to spill out from the tiny cips of her bra.
"Much better."
She had forgotten about the buttplug.
Harry's finger ran all over her ass, an appreciative bite placed over her ear when he found the jewel poking out from the flimsy fabric.
"You didn't tell me whats making you hump my fo gers like a little kitten in heat." Harry rasped, hands skimming all over his girl's trembling thighs, a thin sheen of sweat glossing over her body. "Is it because you think you're giving the whole city a show?"
"Or is it because you managed to tempt me into a nice dinner. Trick me into getting dressed for you. Bring you a bouquet of roses and nice gifts and plate up your food." Harry's fingers shoved her panties aside, running all from her clit to the crack of her ass, a not so dignified shriek escaping her lips as she scrambled to close her legs.
"Nah nah nah, not happening Baby." Harry's strong hands were on the insides of Y/n's thighs, wet from herr juices and resisting. "You keep your legs open like a good slut."
Y/n whimpered, her hold on the rails almost crumbling at how low his voice had gone, how sexy and in-charge he sounded today. She were a moaning and whimpering mess in seconds, his fingers, soiled with her wetness, shoved into her mouth, his thigh rubbing in slow determined strokes between her legs.
"As you decided to get all dressed for me," Harry started, "with the least of clothes and best of intent, gotta say that-"
Y/n couldn't help the light chuckle which escaped your lips. Or the shattered moan when his hand came over her ass, her whole body surging forward at the impact, the sting going straight into her core.
"You'll go back inside like a good little girl and get your vibrator. You'll give me your phone so I get to play with it."
Harry brushed his girl's hairs away from her shoulder, careful not to destroy all the hardwork before he was pulling her up, his mouth latching on her nare back, licking, biting, and teasing.
"We'll have dinner. A nice three course meal, to be exact. And you're not gonna make a sound when you cum all over this pretty lingerie." Snapping the waistband of Y/n's panties against her skin, he wrapped a hand around her throat, another lightly shoving at her back.
"If I think your panties are destroyed well enough, I might just have my dessert."
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goldnn-harry · 2 days ago
hello bubs!! can you write something where harry and the reader are leaving an event and outside of that event it's full of paparazzi. the reader is wearing a dress and a paparazzi lowers the camera and tries to take a picture under her skirt and harry notices, he gets super angry and protective and attacks the paparazzi, maybe breaking his camera (?) and the reader tries to calm him down. when they get home the news's already in the media and harry posts something about it? you don't have to write it if you feel uncomfortable!! thank you <3
“do you like it?” y/n stood in front of the mirror while she smoothed down her dress.
they had just gotten done with an event, and we’re now on their way to another one. y/n had decided to change her outfit, and so did harry since the events didn’t correlate with each other.
harry’s mouth gaped slightly at your beauty. “you look beautiful, love.”
you grinned and kissed him. “you look really pretty too.”
harry’s cheeks blushed, like they always did when you called him pretty. “thank you. ready to go?”
once harry received your approval to leave both of you walked outside. there was a ton of paparazzi, as you suspected, everyone knew both of you would be there.
harry and you made their way through the swarm of people, trying not to bump into anyone or to not brak any cameras.
“y/n! that dress is stunning!” you heard a voice say.
you turned around and smiles, “thank you!”
a couple seconds after, you could hear the click of the camera literally right by you. you didn’t understand why, but you didnt turn around.
all of a sudden harry’s steps came to a halt.
“did you just take a picture of under her skirt?”
you turned around, confused, only to find him staring daggers at the same man who complimented your outfit.
“i- i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“bullshit! you just photographed under her fucking dress!” you could practically see smoke coming out of harry’s ears.
“what the actual fuck is wrong with you?! don’t you have any respect at all?!” his voiced beamed through the now silent crowd.
“harry, it’s alright lets go,” you whispered, now consiously holding down your dress.
“no! we’re not going until this fucking asshole gets rid of that video!”
“look man just give it up! it’s my camera so you can’t do anything!”
“oh yeah?” harry reached over, grabbing the man’s camera and slamming it down on the ground. “that should fucking do it.”
you gasped, the camera was completely shattered by your feet.
“lets go.” harry murmured and held onto your hand once again, walking you both to your car.
the second event was a blur to you. all you could think about was harry’s attitude previously and the situation as a whole.
you couldn’t believe a man, especially someone who knows they’re in front of thousands of people and can easily be recorded, had the audacity to take pictures of under your skirt.
to be honest, you were relieved and glad harry had smashed that camera. you couldn’t bear to think of what that man wanted to do with that video.
but, you also knew that the way harry reacted wasn’t good for his image. and that he of course, could’ve handled the situation better.
“hey harry?”
he hummed beside you, you were both now back home and cuddling in bed.
“are you okay?”
he furrowed his brow, “okay? yeah, why?”
“because of what happened today. the man and the picture,”
you could see anger flash in his eyes. “it should be me asking you if you’re okay, y/n. are you okay?”
you sighed and nodded. “it’s disturbing, but i’m okay. the video’s out.. of you smashing the camera.”
“good then. that man was a fucking asshole, i’m glad i broke it.”
“i know, and i appreciate you did, honestly. but i still think you should address it. not everyone is gonna think the same,”
he sighed, knowing you were right. “fine love, only for you though.” he smiled and kissed your nose.
he sat up on the bed, and you could see him opening instagram.
“hello guys. good night, first of all. second, i wanted to address that video of me breaking a pap’s camera earlier today. all though what that man did was completely wrong – if you don’t know he was photographing under y/n’s dress – i understand my actions were pretty harsh. in the heat of the moment, that seemed like the only solution to me. of course now i realize it of course wasn’t, and i’m taking this as a lesson and learning from this mistake. i hope you guys can understand, love you all.” he blew a quick kiss to the camera and stopped recording.
he listened the video over again, and then posted it to his story. after, he typed in what he said on twitter and tweeted it too.
he cuddled by you again. “all done,” he smiled.
you kissed him, “thank you. for breaking the camera.”
both of you grinned.
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heshoes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Two weeks have passed meaning that it’s time for Y/N to return to the Scarred Styles so that Harry can finish what he’d initially started, however, something more than just finishing up the tattoo piques your interest. Though Harry is more than willing to accommodate your requests do you allow him to do more or do you save yourself from the potential salacious discomfort that comes with his artistic flare?
Warnings: Mentions of blood pain kink, slight degrading and I think Dassit!
Also this is dedicated to @harrysmaraschino i know its past your Birthday but i do be celebrating for a month so HAPPY BELATED
Word Count: 5.3k
You circled the familiar parking lot in search of a space at the tattoo shop, but as you figured during it’s peak hours at 2pm on a Monday, there was nothing available. Huffing to yourself you pulled out luckily finding a spot just across the street that wouldn’t have you walking too far because though the shop was popular, it wasn’t in the best part of town.  But then again, what tattoo shop was? It almost seemed like an unwritten rule for anything that was considered a grunge form of self expression. 
You’d managed to parallel park like a pro, before cutting your engine and pulling down the visor in your car to look at yourself in the small mirror. You gave yourself a final once over smiling back at what you saw. You looked good and you were proud of it. And it’s not that you didn’t feel as if you looked nice any other day, but today you’d put in some extra effort and decided to go a little out of your comfort zone.
 You’d donned a crop top with no bra underneath. It made you feel free and sexy, but you could see the swell of your breasts peek out from under the shirt and your pretty sure if you’d moved the wrong way you’d have a nip slip. You put on an ankle length skirt that had a split that went all the way up to the top of your thick thighs and though this wasn’t taboo or anything, for you wearing the two of them pieces together made you feel… exposed? Maybe that was the right word? It’s not that you’re a modest person, but the two skin tight pieces together made you more self aware than normal. And does that have to be such a bad thing? You’d thought to yourself as a certain article of clothing you’d been debating since you left out of the house made it’s way back into your thoughts. 
“Just do it. Just do it. Don’t think about it for once.” You psyched yourself up before closing the visor and looking around to be sure that there were no one passing by. You should have just done it home before you left out. You should have just not put them on in the first place, but you couldn’t work up the nerve to after you’d already decided against the strapless bra. Sticking your hands under your skirt you hooked your thumbs into your panties and quickly pulled them down your legs, stashing them into the middle console of your car before you hopped out. Looking at yourself in the reflection of the mirror was the last thing you did before walking into the shop, smirking at yourself with satisfaction.
You sat in the familiar waiting area, eyes fixated on the half finished medusa that peeked out from under your split of your skirt. Your finger lazily traced over the ink that peaked out and you’d had to admit to yourself that he was the muse behind the outfit choice. It’s only been two weeks since the tattoo and the lust that you had for its artist started, but you could have sworn it felt much longer. It was almost too embarrassing for you to admit to how much you looked forward to the feeling of his needle dragging painstakingly slow across your skin again and hopefully the feeling of his tongue tucked blissfully in between your legs. It was all you could think about, almost to the point of not giving a damn about how the tattoo on your leg would turn out if it meant that you could feel Harry’s tongue massage your clit.
You craved it.
The sensation was one that was now engrained in your memory, beating out any others that you’d ever had before him. You’d let Harry Styles ruin you and oddly enough you were okay with that.
“Y/N?” The girl with the blue hair called for you making you stand quickly from your seat. You’d only just walked in ten minutes ago and your appointment wasn't  set to be until 20 minutes from now. It was early, but perhaps he was just as ready as you were.
You made your way towards the counter slowly as not to seem too eager, but just the thought of him touching you again made you wet.
“You can come back with me in a second here. Just hold tight.”
“Alright.” You stood at the counter patiently as the girl typed something into her computer and unintentionally your eyes began to wander. You studied her appearance a little closer as you tended to do with people. She wasn’t really covered in tattoo’s like everyone else that worked here, trusting someone to tattoo her eyeballs was surely enough, but she had a fair share of piercings. Her ears were gauged, her septum had a gold hoop in it as did her nose, labret, and left eyebrow, dermal piercings studded with crystals peeked from under the collar of her t-shirt all the way up the top of her neck, and the piercing in her tongue had jewelry in it that read fuck me. When your eyes continued to roam lower they settled somewhere you didn’t expect them to.
“You ready?” She spoke causing your eyes to snap back up to her face.
“Yeah...I am. Sorry. Didn’t mean to stare.”
“It’s fine. I’m used to being stared at.”
You followed behind her silent and full of embarrassment before you spoke again, curiosity getting the best of you.
“Did you get them done here?”
“I did. about a year ago I think. No they didn’t hurt that bad, yes they add to the stimulation I feel while having sex, about 3 to six months to heal. To answer all questions at once.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle as she rapped off every question on your list about the nipple piercings that you could see so clearly through her white t-shirt, however, when you stopped two rooms short of where she led you to last time and as she pulled the curtain back and waved you in, you couldn’t help but pout. Confusion covered your features and you didn’t even try to hide your upset.
“In here?”
“Yeah. Gia will be with you in a. minute.”
“Gia?” Your eyebrows raised in shock as you walked into the room. 
“Mhm. She’ll be in, in a minute.”
“I thought I was getting, Harry?”
“Oh, no he put you back on Gia’s schedule today. He’s got some important clients that he booked out on his. Since he worked off a stencil of Gia’s she should be able to finish it for you no problem. Sorry for any confusion.”
“No. Yeah, I get it...Is he here today?” You asked, disappointment clear in your voice and raging through your body rapidly. 
“He is, just not right now. He starts late on Mondays and said he’d be starting even later today than usual.”
“Thanks.” You spoke solemnly as you slouched in the tattoo chair. You never thought that you would be so disappointed to see your friend and have her work on you as you were now.
As you sat so many scenarios started to run through your head. Was he second guessing it? He was the one that made the advance in the first place, which you gladly accepted, but why second guess now?
Was he avoiding you? He had no reason to. It’s not like you’d tried to reach out to him within the two week span, even though you thought about it. Hell you didn’t even tell Gia about the two of you hooking up for that matter. Yes she is your friend, but you didn’t feel the need to tell her everything all the time. Instead you kept the memory in your spank bank.  
Within the two week span of not seeing Harry you’d only allowed your memory and imagination to team up and run wild. You could barely count the amount of times that you made yourself cum thinking about how well each half of his tongue stroked your clit and how his cock stretched your inner walls farther than any cock you’ve ever had. You weren’t in a relationship currently, however, there were a few guys you’d been talking to. But since Harry had fucked you so thoroughly, to say that you had very little interest in the others was an understatement.
Perhaps he was just no longer interested. Men like Harry are narcissistic, arrogant, and flighty and you knew this from your first interaction. You knew not to let him fuck before it even happened. You thought it to yourself in fact before it happened but when you let wetness between your legs do your thinking for you, you end up disappointed after almost every time. And now here you are wondering why he’s rescheduled you.
“Hey.” Gia walked in disrupting your train of thought.
“Hey... I feel like I haven’t seen you since Kamiah was hurt. How is she doing?” You started conversation to offset your disappointment, but the feeling was still there looming over you like a dark cloud.
“She’s good. Doing a lot better. Her friends signed her cast and she had me draw on it to feel like she’s tattooed like her mama. How’d it go with Harry? He can come off as a real ass sometimes, but he’s actually a pretty good guy.”
You chuckled to yourself before you looked up at Gia. She was gathering her ink and supplies and preparing to sit in front of you as your mind flashed avivid memory of Harry’s hand flying over your mouth to stifle your moans as he pushed the tip of his girthy cock in past your entrance.
“Yeah he was…pretty… good.” Gia cocked an eyebrow as he looked at you but she didn’t question the response
“Now lets see what he did here.” 
You hiked up your skirt just enough to show the top of the tattoo and you could feel heat rise in your cheeks. You’d gone commando fully expecting to be Harry’s client again, but the move bit you in the ass. You’d left your panties in the car along with your common sense but thankfully the skirt provided just enough fabric to tuck in between your legs.
Gia’s eyebrows knotted and yours didn't flash her...Did you?
“This is... This is different from my stencil.” Gia spoke looking a the stencil on her tray. “He changed it.”
“Yeah, sorry. Got a bit artistic and free handed some shit.” The gravel voice spoke  causing your eyes to snap up and be met with olive green irises.  His forked tongue slid across his teeth as he smirked at you and you could feel goosebumps rise on your skin and a shiver go down your spine remembering what his tongue was capable of. “Didn’t think you’d mind.”
“I mean I can pick it up, that's not a problem, but the stencil is useless now.”
“Yeah well you’re talented enough I trust it I guess. Just don’t mess it up, yeah? I think I improved it. Hi pretty bird. How are you?”
Gia scoffed in response to his dig at her work clearly not noticing the pet name that he’d given you and you waved with a smirk of your own on your face, flittering your fingers in response to his acknowledgement of your presence.  He continued to look you up and down before pulling his bottom lip in between his teeth as he watched Gia prepare to mark you, but before she did you put your hand on her shoulder, stopping her before she began. You were too sure that this would get him… Men are so easy.
“Wait, Gia?”
“You do piercings too, right?” You could see Harry’s eyebrows furrow in your peripheral vision as he listened intently, clearly you’d piqued his interest.
“I do.”
“Okay good because I was thinking about getting 2 or three done today, if you’re good with that?”
“Oooh look at you. What’s gotten into you? First it was I don’t want any tattoos, now it’s give me 2 or 3 piercings too while you’re at it. What did you want to get?
“Well after seeing the girl up front I was actually thinking my nip—”
“I’ll finish the tattoo, Gianna, on second thought.” Harry chimed in, stepping in the room to be in clear sight.
“I can finish it, Harry. Im no stranger to free hand either.”
“Yeah I know, but I actually enjoyed doing this piece. Only right that I finish what I started.” You could feel your throat go dry and you pussy twitch when he glanced at you. It was only for a half a second but the intensions behind his words were everything but work related. “Besides, I have a VIP coming in that I was going to give to you. Instagram worthy shit. Build up your clientele worthy shit if you can do it.”
Gia’s eyes lit up before they slowly trailed over to your face. You could see that she was excited but torn about pushing you off again.
“Y/N, do you mind?”
“No. Do it. I guess I’ll let him finish it since your throw me off to the side again.”
“Y/N! I already feel bad”
“I’m joking, Gia. Do it.”
“I’ll go set up in my office. Just come back to mine.”
“Yeah.” You spoke as Harry walked out of the room hoping to remain calm, collected, and casual despite the wetness pooling between your legs. You turned your attention back to your friend, though this time she eyed you up and down suspiciously. “What?”
“You sure you’re good with it?”
“Yeah it’s an opportunity.” For both of you little did she know. “Plus I’m sure more money and depending on who it is this can be huge for you.”
“That’s true. Thank you. I’ll pay you back. We’ll have dinner and I’ll tell you who I did the piece for.” You nodded your head as you stood from your friends table, pulling down your skirt as you made your way down the  familiar hallway. When you’d made it to his office he was sat leaned back in his seat with his chin resting on his hand. He quirked an eyebrow as he took you in, allowing a slow smirk to raise on his lips before he gestured for you to come in curling his fingers towards him before pointing towards his tattoo chair.
“Come in, Y/N and ave a seat. You’d think you’d know the routine by now.” Harry spoke waiting for you to do as he said.
You grinned back at him, happy with yourself that you’d decided to be daring and go against the panties after all before you took a few steps in. Just as you passed the threshold of Harry’s office he spoke again causing your breath to catch in your throat.
“Close the door behind you.” Harry spoke lowly as he watched you from his chair, knowing the effect that he had on you as he looked at you innocently.
You did as you were instructed, slightly flustered before you took your seat on the leather table in front of him. You moved as carefully as you could to not to ruin the surprise you’d had planned, if the appointment took that kind of turn that is. Harry pulled on a fresh pair of black gloves before wetting his lips with his split tongue and grinning up at you. His hand  pushed your skirt up just enough to see the full tattoo, but not enough to show that you were very bare underneath it. His large hands splayed over the ink, checking to see how it’s healed before he picked up a sharpie marker, drawing what he wanted to add to the tattoo next before he spoke.
“Nice skirt. Makes it easy for me to get to where I want. Not that shorts wouldn’t have done the same.” You could feel warmth spread over you and your clit tingle every time he moved his hand skillfully making artistic marks on your skin to finish the medusa.
“Thanks. You look nice too…black t-shirt this time instead of the white one, very edgy. Fits with the aesthetic of the shop.” Harry chuckled showing off his dimples and your heart fluttered in your chest. There was no reason for him to be this beautiful.
“Yeah thanks I thought so too… I think this should do it. What do you think?” He glanced up at you from under his long eyelashes wanting to know if you liked what he’d drawn but you were stuck. You enjoyed what you were looking at far better.
“I like it.”
“You haven’t looked at it.” Harry spoke as his eyes stayed set on yours just as intensely. Pulling a move of his, you allowed your tongue to peak out and moisten your lips playfully causing his eyes to refocus to them before you looked down.
“I really like it. You are talented. I would hope so owning a shop like this.” 
Harry cleared his throat before firing up the tattoo gun.
“Thank you Y/N. I’d like to think I’m pretty talented at many things. Some of which I’d think you’d agree…But we’re not here for that.” Harry spoke quickly despite the pause in his sentence, not allowing you to chime in before he continued. “Lets get this finished, yeah?”
You wanted to ask him questions, you wanted to know why he’d put you back on Gia’s schedule only to take you back again, but as soon as he started the tattoo gun you sat back against the chair, clutching some of the extra fabric on your skirt in anticipation.
“Will you be able to sit still for me this time, pretty bird?” 
You looked down at Harry and nodded your head yes before the needles met with your skin. It caused you to take a deep breath as he focused intently covering up sharpie marker with permanent ink.
“You know,” you spoke shakily, “You were pretty eager to take me back from Gia after you’d put me on he schedule in the first place.”
Harry chuckled as he continued to engrain and sooth as he did before, unknowingly driving you up a wall. Maybe you should have left your panties on? At least they would have been a barrier between your skirt and how wet you were getting already.
“I didn’t think I’d be back in time and I had a vision for this piece in particular. But, I didn’t want you to wait if you didn’t have to. Customer service and all.”
“Do you service all of your customers the way you did me?” The tattoo gun stopped and your gaze was met with Harry’s once more. He tilted his head tot he side before his eyebrows slightly knotted together.
“What do you take me for, Y/N?”
“I’m just asking. No intentions of offending.”
“I don’t get offended that easily. I’m not offended, but, really? Is that what I give off? And I didn’t even charge you for it.”
You could’t help but chuckle. “ You do. You give off very much fuck boy. And maybe not all… Maybe just a select few.”
“Not any, Y/N You were the first. I’m nothing if not professional and I always charge for my work, half the first session, half the second. Maybe I should charge you now since you think I’m some kind of prostitute anyway… That was the most unprofessional thing I’ve done…in my shop anyway.”
“Damn. I’m flattered. And I’ll pay for it. I was expecting to anyway. It’s definitely worth the money…The dick and the tattoo.” You spoke cheekily and laughed causing Harry’s eyes to roll slightly and a chuckle of his own to leave his lips before he started the tattoo gun again causing you to hiss in satisfaction as the needles pricked your skin.
“How am I supposed to focus if you keep making noises like that Y/N?”
“They don’t come out on purpose…But I like the sting.”  You spoke honestly confirming what he already knew. “I thought professionals were supposed to ignore it?” 
Harry swallowed thickly as he finished the outline and began shading in areas to add depth to the art. The feeling caused your pussy to become slick with need. You would surely have a wet spot on your skirt when you stood up.
“Trying my best, but…” The tattoo gun stopped s his hand went further up your thigh than the spot that he was working on, pushing the fabric up your legs exposing you to him. “This is making it hard, pretty bird. Did you think I did’t notice that you weren’t wearing panties, you little slut? Huh?”
Putting the tattoo gun down quickly and removing the gloves from his hands, he spread your thighs open, placing open mouth kisses on them as he looked up at you.
“I saw your little pussy as soon as you sat down. Not gonna let me finish my job are you? But I’m the one servicing a select few of my clients? Your the one that came in here with different intentions.” Harry spoke as his hands made their way up to you center stopping right before touching you where your wanted him to most. His thumbs massaged the insides of your thighs as he looked at your pussy with a smirk pulling on his lips.
“What?” You asked breathlessly as you stared back at him. “It’s not going to eat itself.” Harry’s eyes snapped back up to yours and he chuckled at your advances, his grip tightened on your thighs  before he took one hand to push up the crop top you wore. Your breasts fell free from the clothing causing your nipples to perk up to the temperature of the room and Harry’s gaze went from intense to ravenous.
The warmth of his left hand cupped one of your breasts as his thumb caressed the sensitive nipple and his right middle and pointer fingers delved into your sopping wet cunt causing your head to fall back against the backrest of the table with a thud.
“Ooh fuck.” You moaned as Harry continued to look at your breasts and clit with the cogs of his mind turning. Pulling his bottom lip back into his mouth he moaned as an idea came to mind.
“What 2 or 3 piercings did you have in mind earlier pretty bird? Because I have just the perfect 3 in mind.”
You could do nothing but whine as he continued to stroke his fingers in and out of you bringing you closer and closer to the edge while his thumb kept at its path, swirling around your nipple. He brought his mouth to the opposite peak, sucking and nipping before massaging over the nub to sooth the tiny sting his teeth caused with both halves of his tongue. 
“Mmm shit, Harry.” You moaned not able to give him a solid answer as you grind into his fingers. Surely he was trying to end you and you were absolutely fine with it.
“Answer me, pretty bird.” He spoke as he pulled his mouth away from your now damp nipple before pressing his lips to the corner of your mouth. “Or I might just stop all together.”
“Mmm you were just sucking one spot.” 
His fingers curled into your g-spot as the grin that was spread on his lips before your nipple was in it returned. Your legs started to shake as you began to get turned on not only by the way that he knew just how to touch you, but also by the sound your pussy made as his fingers fucked into you. Surely you were dripping and how you would get out of here in the skirt without wet spots being a tell-all was beyond you.
“Great minds think alike. What was the 3rd place then? Because I’m thinking right here.” Harry’s thumb pressed to your clit, massaging the swollen nerve bundle with just enough pressure for you to come undone. Your walls clenched and released around his fingers as he drew out your orgasm, peppering your jaw with kisses before he removed his fingers.
Once down from your high you sat completely open to him with no intentions of covering back up just yet. You could see the prominent bulge in the front of his jeans and it would be wrong not to at the very least put him in your mouth to finish him off.
Harry stuck out his tongue allowing each of its halves to lick his middle and ring fingers somewhat clean of your creamy cum before he pressed them at your bottom lip. You opened your mouth to suck the rest of your essence of his extremities before kissing his hand, the small gesture making him grin at you in an endearing way.
“You want to pierce my clit?” You asked plainly. You knew you liked pain, but there of all places? There you weren’t sure about.
“The hood of your clit and—”
“And your nipples. Both of them. Can’t have you walking around lopsided” As if to emphasize his point his hands came up to flick each one causing a jolt to run though your clit.
“I was just thinking the one.”
“One nipple? Just one nipple? Don’t be a pussy. If you can take one…you can take all both and if you can take those, you most certainly can take that.” His hand went back to your sensitive clitoris petting it gently with his thumb. Not much pressure was applied, but it caused your thighs to clench shut regardless. You swallowed deeply as nerves began to set in. Could you really do this?
“How big are the needles?”
Harry stepped away from you seemingly happy that he might get his way. His clients generally trusted him and usually gave him free artistic professional freedom when it came to placements of tattoos and what piercings to place and were to put them, but for you to allow him to do it felt different. The others that let him do what he wanted were pretty much already tattooed and pierced so what was one more? But you? You were his muse with virgin skin. You were his blank slate and that alone made his cock rock solid.
He pulled the needles needed for each nipple and the hood of your most delicate area before also looking for the jewelry that would fit you perfectly. You’d watched him as he took his time with his choices coming back with rose gold diamond encrusted studs for your nipples and a simple rose gold bar that would sit on top of your clit. When he’d made his way back to you he unsheathed the new needles, showing you each before setting them on his tray.
“Those are huge.” You spoke sitting up rigid as your eyes widened.
“Aww pretty bird come on now. You’ve had much bigger things push into you that I know you felt every inch of.” A chill made its way down your spine as he spoke holding eye contact to be sure that you got his innuendo. “You’ll barely feel this. I’m a very quick and accurate piercer. It will only take a second.” Harry’s hands went back to massaging the tops of your thighs as his thumbs rubbed patterns on the inner portions. How he knew what spot turned you feral the most you had no idea.
“Fine. But hurry up before I change my mind.”
 Harry smiled genuinely before picking up alcohol pads and his sharpie marker. He wiped both of your nipples clean before he dotted each side of them with his marker to mark entry and exit spots for the needle to pass through. He reapplied his gloves before he picked up the first needle causing you to nervously gulp.
“On 3. When I start counting take a deep breath in and then push out the air when you hear 3. You ready?”
“Oh god.”
“It’s gonna be fine. On 3. Take a deep breath. 1…”
You did as he said inhaling on one, but when you felt the needle push through before he’d even gotten to two you exhaled the air faster than you took it in.
“Fuck! What the fuck Harry?!”
Harry chuckled before pulling the jewelry through, closing the bar on the other end with he diamond encrusted ball.
“See? Not bad at all. This one’s already done. You did so good, pretty bird.” The praise that left his lips awakened something else in you that you knew you’d like all along. You definitely wanted to hear more of it in a different setting.
He tricked you again with the second piercing, this time talking to you as the needle pushed through your nipple. He was eager to make his way down, kissing in between your breasts as he sat back between your thighs, pushing your skirt up and to the side as he looked at your clit.
“You have to be super still when I do this one Y/N.” You watched as he looked up at you, bending forward to kiss the nub before he pulled back. Your hands gripped the leather of the table much like they had before as he cleaned the area around your clit with a q-tip and your nerves sky rocketed.
“You’ll be just fine. Your in good hands. And when these heal, pretty bird, they’ll only add to the intensity you feel when someone touches them and when you cum.”
“You say that like you’re speaking from experience.”
Harry grinned before he quirked an eyebrow, answering your inquiry without so much as a word and lining up the needle with the hood of your clit before he pushed it through. The sensation though stinging for a second wasn’t as bad as you’d thought. Pleasurable pressure could be felt at the top of your clit as Harry put the ring in place gently and you wondered how you would even be able to walk without feeling like you might cum after this.
Harry wiped off the small amount of blood that came from the skin being punctured before he kissed your inner thighs again and sat back to look at all of his work.
“A trinity…Not exactly holy, but a trinity still. Fucking gorgeous. Take a look” Harry nodded his head towards his full body mirror and you stood in from the table to look at yourself. The stones on the jewels hit the light just so, causing them to sparkle and your arousal to build before you pulled your skirt and shirt down, noticing how your barbells showed through your crop top much like the girl with the blue hair at the front desk.
Harry rolled his chair in front of you lifting up your skirt just enough to apply a new tattoo bandage.
“No one can suck on your nipples or your clit for at least two weeks. You don’t want those to get infected. And fuck I’d like to actually finish this tattoo a some point.”
You chuckled to yourself happy that you’d needed another session with Harry.
“Well, you can always pencil me in for another appointment when you have the free time that is. How much do I owe you? Don’t want to stiff you like I did last time.”
Harry sucked his teeth as he stood to his feet towering over you grinning at you before he spoke.
“If I were asking you to pay it would be two thousand, pretty bird. Those are real diamonds, not crystals. And I’m actually booked out for months, but I suppose I can finish the tattoo if you come to my place, if you’d like to that is.”
You didn't flinch when you took out the cash from your bag and Harry’s eyes widened as you counted it out and handed it over. You knew that the popular shops were more expensive and you were fully expecting a big number, especially with the owner of the shop doing the work for you.
“Im fully capable of being a paying customer, Harry. And I’d like that, very much.”
Oh man oh man oh man I hope I didn’t disappoint y'all! Sorry for the wait! I was going through some shit last weekend and then life got busy af buttttttt IF YOU LIKED IT FLOOD ME! SEND ME ANONYMO’s and shit you know?   Alright bye now whores 👹👹👹👹👹
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harryssweatcreaturee · 2 days ago
Can you write where harry spend time with reader’s family and he ask her dad’s blessing and decide to propose her. Please? I really love this fic. You’re the best. Xx
the one where harry wants to propose
a/n: hi love! so i'm not sure if you wanted the whole proposal too but this is where he asks for her father's blessing. hope you like it! <3 feedback is always welcomed
word count: 1k
warnings: none
If there was one thing that Harry is sure of is that he wants to marry (Y/N). Though they’ve been together for five years, he’s known since around their third date. But now, it was all he could think about.
Without (Y/N) knowing, Harry has spent the past few months visiting jewelry stores with Gemma, trying to find the perfect ring. When he found the one, he couldn’t help but cry. Harry was the biggest sap, even more so being smitten with (Y/N).
He’s been planning this big proposal by their favorite beach at night. Rose petals, candles, music, the whole nine yards. But there was one thing he needed before he can execute his plan…
Her father’s blessing.
Harry got along very well with (Y/N)’s family. They all loved him, he loved them. Yet he couldn’t help but feel nervous that the man might tell him no for whatever reason.
“Are you an idiot, Harry? They love you! The man is probably dying for this to happen! I’ve seen how they are with you.” Gemma told him the last time he called her worried because they were going over to her parent’s house for dinner on the weekend and it drove him wild. Part of him was sure he’d be all for it but the other was nagging him with all the what ifs.
“Are you ready, babe? Mum just called saying dinner would be ready in about 30 minutes.” (Y/N) called out from the bathroom where she was applying some make up, Harry in the room putting on his shoes. “Yeah. Just waiting for you now, love.” And freaking out because I’m about to ask your father if I can propose to you.
(Y/N) came out of the bathroom soon after with a smile on her face, walking to the man and wrapping her arms around his waist. “You look strikingly handsome. Just thought you’d want to know.” Harry chuckled and reciprocated her actions, his arms snaking around her, “And you look absolutely gorgeous, m’love.” Harry leaned down for a sweet kiss that still send chills down his spine as if it were there first kiss. God, he was madly, deeply in love with this woman.
The two quickly scurried out of the house when they realized they spent a couple minutes too long kissing each other. They just couldn’t get enough of the other.
The drive was short albeit filled with conversations of their day like they hadn’t spent it together. But Harry was nervous and that always led to him rambling. (Y/N) noticed but she decided against asking any questions because she knows Harry still gets nervous around her parents even though they adore him and she’s constantly reminding him of it.
Harry and (Y/N) stood by the front door, waiting to be greeted after she knocked softly, her head resting on Harry’s shoulder while they waited.
“Hi, dear!” Her father greeted her with a huge smile and a hug as soon as the door opened, then turning to Harry with a hug too, “So glad you guys came tonight. Mum’s wrapping up in the kitchen, dinner should be done any minute now. Come in, come in.” He cooed them into the living room, Harry and (Y/N) sitting beside each other as her mum called out that dinner was ready. They all laughed softly and got up just as soon as they sat down, taking their seats around the dinner table, except for Harry who decided he’d help (Y/N)’s mother prepare the table.
And yet he dared to think he wouldn’t get a blessing…
Her mother was an amazing cook. The dinner was delicious and now Harry was even more nervous because it was almost time to ask her father and he didn’t even know how to pull him aside for a conversation without being obvious but thankfully, the man had a plan in mind of his own and it benefitted Harry.
(Y/N) and her mother were in the kitchen washing dishes when her father came up to Harry, patting his shoulder. “Mind coming to the garage with me, son? Been wanting to show you what I did to the truck.” Perfect, Harry thought. It was time and his hands were shaky, heart beating hard and fast in the confines of his ribcage as they both walked out to the garage.
Before her father could dictate another word, Harry let out a shaky breath and turned to him with a grin. “I’m… I’m actually glad you called me out here. There’s something I need to ask you…” Harry watched him attentively, trying to read the man’s face the whole while. “’Course. What’s on your mind?” What a great man. He loved Harry like his own and there wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for him. He took care of his only daughter and loved her endlessly. That was all he wanted for his daughter. A great man like Harry. “Well, as you know, I love (Y/N) more than I could ever begin to explain, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to marry her.”
The man’s eyes widened, tears pooling at his waterline in the best disbelief he’d ever felt. He’d always imagine his daughter and Harry getting married in the near future. But this was real. There was no way he’d disapprove of a love so genuine and so strong.
Harry took his hand out, waiting for him to shake it but no, he took Harry in for a hug. “You have my blessing, son.” He pulled away, patting Harry’s arm with a smile. “We are so happy for you two. (Y/N) has been her happiest by your side and there’s nothing we would love more than to see you both together until the end of time.” A huge sigh of relief left Harry, a small chuckle following. “Oh, thank god. I was so nervous.” Her father shook his head with a laugh. “Silly. We support anything you want to do that benefits to my daughter’s happiness.”
That night Harry went to bed with the biggest smile. His heart swollen with love in his chest. He was one step closer to marrying his girl and nothing could make him happier.
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cherry-hstyles · 2 days ago
i’ll always take care of you
gang leader!harry au summary: Y/N shows up bruised and beaten at Harry's doorstep. He's quick to take care of her and tend to her wounds. word count: 1k warnings: wounds? gang? not sure if those are warnings
Tumblr media
Y/N knocked on Harry’s door pathetically. She was clutching her side, and her knocks were so weak she was sure he wouldn’t hear them.
She was supposed to meet Harry at his house in one piece, and technically she still was in one piece, but she sure as hell didn’t feel like she was.
A group of guys had jumped her, punching and kicking her with so much force and hatred she was sure she had done something she wasn’t aware of. Her ribs hurt like hell, and she was sure she was concussed. One of the guys had stepped on her hand, and she was sure that was broken too.
Y/N knocked again, and this time Harry opened it. The look on his face immediately changed, from happiness to concern in a matter of seconds once he took in her current status. The side of her face was scraped, her hand was red and slightly swollen, her whole legs were scraped and bloody, and the side of her shirt was ripped.
“Fuck Harry- it hurts,” she whimpered.
“Y/N- what the hell happened? Come inside!” He pulled her inside carefully and shut the door quickly.
Hissing in pain, she sat down on his couch and watched as he crouched in front of her.
“How long have you gone like this? Why did you even walk here?”
“You know I always walk if the train isn’t available, and since it’s late it wasn’t. A-nd like 5 minutes? I don’t know,”
“What- What even happened?”
She swallowed, “Some guys jumped me. They hit me so bad Harry, it hurts so much,”
Harry wiped the tears that escaped her eyes. “Hey, I’m gonna take care of you okay?”
She nodded as she burst into tears, burying her face in his chest to the best of her ability.
Harry’s heart hurt for her, and he wanted to hurt himself for the pain he’d caused her. He knows the reason this happened was because of him. The other gang probably found out how close Harry and Y/N were and decided to hurt her, to teach Harry a lesson.
“Hey, shh you’re gonna be okay. Tell me who did this to you. Hey,” After she said nothing, he pulled her face out of his chest and cupped it carefully. “Tell me. Who did this? What did they look like?”
“I- I don’t know! They were covered for the most part, but they had these jackets with a snake on the back. All of them did,” she started crying again, “Harry, please- fuck it hurts,”
“I know love, I know. Come on, let's get you cleaned up.” He picked her up bridal style and walked to the bathroom where he set her down on the counter.
“What hurts the most?”
“M-my hand and my rib,”
Harry looked at both places. There were already bruises forming on her side, and it was also scraped. Her hand though, it was just swollen and red.
“What happened to your hand?”
“One of them stepped on it,”
Harry’s eyes flashed anger which he quickly covered, since he didn’t want to scare Y/N. But the second he got his hands on those guys, he’d do way more than just kick them.
“I don’t think it’s broken. Just really bruised. Can you feel your fingers?”
She nodded and then proceeded to try to close her hand. She couldn’t do it all the way, but it wasn’t an awful lot of pain.
Harry nodded, “I’m just gonna bandage it up. Then I’ll take care of the rest.”
In silence, Harry cleaned her hand lightly. He put some cream on it that made it tingle slightly before putting the bandage on.
Then, he moved on to the places that would take slightly more work.
He cleaned her rib with an alcohol pad, earning whimpers from her that broke his heart, and then he bandaged that up too.
“Does it hurt when I press on it?” Harry started to lightly press on the bandage, but he couldn’t get far before she pushed his hand away. “Yes yes! Stop it!”
“It's probably fractured. It’ll take a bit to heal,”
She said nothing, and he didn’t push it.
After 30 painfully long minutes, Harry was done. He came to the conclusion she had only broken one of her ribs, and that everything else was just badly bruised.
“Do you want to go to the hospital?”
She shook her head, “I just wanna stay here with you,” she mumbled.
Harry didn’t mind that, one because he loved being with her, and second because he knew exactly how to take care of her. When he joined the gang, he took online classes on medicine. Nothing serious, just the basics so he could be able to take care of things like this. Because of that, he knew she was in good hands.
He kissed her temple, “Alright. I’ll fix up the guest room for you,”
“But you’ll sleep there too, right?”
His face softened, “Of course. I just want it to be your space.” He smiled at her and then picked her up again.
He walked to the guest bedroom and laid her on the bed carefully. “I washed the sheets two days ago. All clean just for you.” He said.
“Do you want some tea? Something to eat?”
She shook her head. “Please just lay with me, I’m so scared,” She whispered as she tugged at his shirt.
Harry immediately laid by her, “I will get those guys. And they’re gonna be so fucking sorry for doing this to you.”
She sighed, “I hate that you do this. This whole gang thing. I get that you only hurt people who deserve it but it's so dangerous. You could get killed.”
“I could get killed even if I wasn’t in the gang,” He murmured into her hair.
“But the risk is much bigger when you're in it.”
He sighed. “I know petal. But I’m safe, and I always will be. For you, I’ll never let anything happen to myself. Why don’t you get some rest? You’re gonna feel much better in the morning.”
“I love you. You're so stubborn, but I love you so much.”
“I love you. You’re everything to me. Nothing is going to happen to you here, alright? As long as I’m with you, nothing will ever happen to you. I got you Y/N. I always will.”
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rommahh · 2 days ago
The Moment
{Enjoy this new fic im writing. Ive always loved dad!harry, @harryhoney-bee gave me the courage to write dad!h and so here it is. This is only part 1 so I hope to see some of y'all stick around.}
It was a surreal moment. There was one baby in your arms and another in Harry’s. Two babies. Twin girls. Harry sat beside you in a chair by your bed. He couldn’t stop looking between you and the girls- absolutely enamored.
You were exhausted. Your cheeks were flushed, skin sticky from sweat, but you didn’t notice it. You could only notice the way that your babies cooed as they slept or the way that Harry would subtly wipe tears from his eyes. The silence that surrounded you two was comfortable, warm even.
“Im so proud of you.” Harry whispers when his eyes make it back to you. You start to tear up again. Thinking about the year that you two have had and where you are now with two beautiful bubs laying in your arms- it had been a chaotic year but it paid off in the best ways.
Nine Months Ago
Something was wrong, something was very wrong. It wasn’t like you to get stomach sickness. You would wake up and throw up everyday at the same time for the past three weeks. Since your last period, you’ve recognized some changes. The foods that you love are now the foods that you hate. You can’t go a few minutes without feeling nauseous, something was wrong.
A pregnancy test sat in front of you. It’s bright pink exterior burned your eyes as if to mock you for your actions. You had taken it 15 minutes ago, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at the results. You best friend, Ellie, sat beside you waiting for you to check the results.
"Hon, you've got to check the results." She places a gentle hand on your arm. You nod, but make no move to flip it over. "Would you like me to do it for you? I will."
"Yeah, that would be, that would be, yeah." You couldn't form a full sentence. Ellies fingers wrapped around the non-pee side of the stick and lifted it eye level to her face. She pushed her glasses further up her nose to make sure she was reading correctly.
She clears her throat uncomfortably. "Well."
"Fuck." You burst into tears. This is not how you imagined this to happen. You thought that maybe this was just the college stomach bug but pregnancy? Fucked is what you were feeling.
"Its going to be ok." Ellie was quick to hug you, she cradled your head with her small hand. "You have to tell him you know."
That thought didnt even cross your mind. Harry. The only guy you've ever been involved with. You couldn't even imagine his reaction. Would he be mad? Sad? What would he do?
"I can't right now. I need to be by myself for a second." You tell her. She nods at you before placing a kiss on the top of your head and returning to her room in the sorority house.
It was hard to believe that you could be pregnant. Academics were your main priority. You were building a resume, a resume to build your future and a child would put a wrench in that future.
The room was quiet now that Ellie was gone. The only sound came from the humming of your fan and your pounding heart. Your thoughts were louder than anything. What was anyone going to think of you? Women always get scrutinized for a pregnancy first. If you chooses to exterminate the baby, people will say something. If you puts the baby up for adoption, you're a deadbeat. If you keep the baby, you're a whore.
Out of al the emotions that rushed to you when seeing the pregnancy test, fear was the most evident.
Friday nights on campus were wild. The soccer team just won a very big game and almost every frat was throwing some sort of large party. Ellie really questioned you when you said you wanted to visit Harrys frat party to celebrate with him. She didnt think a party would be most suitable for a probably pregnant woman, but as stubborn as you were, she didnt win that fight.
Harrys frat was the most jam packed with people. People kissed the floor that Harry walked on. He could do no wrong in anyone eyes. Winning the game tonight made him the talk of the town, he was even trending on local twitter.
Ellie led the way through the house, a hand wrapped around your wrist so you didn't get eaten by the crowd. Coming upon Harrys group, Ellie was immediately scooped into her boyfriends arms, Jeremiah. You spotted Harry standing in the corner talking to a few people. Sauntering over to his you caught him by surprise when you wrapped threw yourself into his arms.
"Hi bear." He greets you while wrapping his arms around your shoulders.
"Hi H." You smile up at him. Despite the happiness you felt seeing him tonight there was a knowing feeling in the pit of your stomach.
You and Harry had a difficult relationship to define. Everyone around thought you two were the perfect soulmates. You two just seemed to be made for each other. Harry only lightened up when you were around, his stoic facade melted away whenever you entered the room. There was never an uncomfortable moment where you two couldn't tell each other anything...until now.
Most people didn't really understand why you two weren't officially together but you two knew. School and preprofessional careers meant more to you two than anything. Harry's soccer career was on the rise. He has one foot in the profession but couldn't go any further because of college. His mail was stuffed to the brink with offers from professional leagues who couldn't wait for him to graduate. Harry had a future that was set in stone. You on the other hand, had a been building a resume in business and marketing with a touch of journalism and social media. You have interned at instagram and snapchat- working behind the scenes and front and center. You both were talented beyond your means and because of that, many things came second.
"Congratulations on your win! Knew you guys would win though." You congratulate Harry and his group. They thank you, some thanking you in compliments making Harry tug you further into your side. You had your tightest skinny jeans on with a loose v-neck t-shirt on. You would've worn something tighter but you felt bloated...if that's the right word to use for this situation.
As the night went on with dancing and ridiculous games, the anxiety you felt never diminished. Watching Harry in his element so happy made you nervous at the thought of disturbing it.
The night started to slow down and you and harry were finally in a quiet area with friends.
"Harry can we go to your room to ta-"
"Harry!" An obnoxious voice cuts you off. Harry turns his attention to Olive who had just walked into the door. She wore her tightest dress, boobs spilling out catching everyones attention in the room. Harry apologized to you before walking over to the girl. That sudden burst of confidence disappeared within seconds. Harry deserved a girl like Olive. Arm candy who would keep him fresh in the tabloids. Not you and baby. You didnt want to be the one to hold Harry back from a future with beautiful ladies and freedom. Maybe it was the jealousy that tingled within you watching Harry grasp Olive in a tight hug and not letting her go when they split.
Throwing a look to Ellie, who already saw your unpleasant face from miles away, you waved to the group before leaving. It was weird to watch Harry with other girls, especially Olive. Without a defined relationship, things like this made your emotions array.
Your sorority was only a block down but you only made it a few feet before you heard your voice being called. Harry ran to you with a grin on his face.
"Just gonna leave me without saying goodbye you loser." He grabs you in his arms giving you a bear hug. Your face smushed into his chest prompting you to wrap your arms around him loosely.
"Sorry, just a little tired." You shrug. He leans back away from you to look at your face. He holds your face in his hands smiling down at you. It was hard to not melt into his hands when he gave you his little dimpled smile.
"Why so tired bear?"
You didnt answer, your eyes averting to the side. Harry moved your face so your eyes aligned with his. His brows raised expecting an answer.
Brushing him off, you move back. He looks slightly offended at your demeanor. "Nothing H, I promise."
"Ok, well you know you can tell me anything. I always have time for my bear." He gets close to you, nudging his nose with yours. Both of your eyes fall shut, savoring the moment between each other. A breeze passed around you two, it set the mood. There was a warmth shared- a buzz in the connection that pulled you two closer.
The second your lips melt you felt yourself start to break. Here was the man you were in love with loving you, and you were harboring this secret that could destroy the little relationship that you two had.
The kiss was merely innocent. There was no tongue but moving lips and small pecks. It was you to pull away first.
"Harry come back in!" For the second time that evening you were interrupted. Olive stood at the door of his frat frantically waving her hands. Harry looked back at you with an apologetic smile.
"Were you going to say something back inside?"
"Uh, no I guess not." It was dumb of you not to say the thing that had been sitting on the tip of your tongue for the past few days.
"Im gonna go back." He pointed with his thumb behind him to the house.
"Yeah, ok." Harry hesitated for a moment. He knew there was something wrong but he didnt say anything. You both didnt say anything.
Eight Months Ago
Seven and a half weeks pregnant. Estimated by your doctor, you were seven and a half weeks pregnant. That plastic test you took weeks ago stood nothing against the actually paperwork your doctor was reading from your blood work and pee.
Ellie and your mother sat next to the bed you lied on. Your shirt tucked underneath your bra as your doctor spread the jelly on your stomach. You couldn’t look at your mother, the lingering disappointment was evident and creating a tension in the room.
The small instrument that the doctor was holding pressed on your stomach. You could only hear the ruffling of the instrument on your stomach through the small scre-
Thump thump thump
A heartbeat was all it took for you to start sobbing. You couldn’t decipher anything on the ultrasound but just the faint sounds of a small heartbeat made you cry. Ellie gripped your hand tight out of excitement. She wiped your tears off with a tissue smiling at you with a large smile.
Your mother remained stoic though you could see the few stray tears on her face. Everyone walked out of the doctors office that day with a stack of ultrasound pictures, your mom paying for the extra despite her unhappiness. The images were blurry, nothing more than black and white blobs but your were connected to the blob. Your little blob of whatever.
Back at your dorm, your mother following you into the room, you throw the ultrasounds haphazardly on your desk. Your mother sat, prim and proper, legs crossed on the small love seat you had placed by your window.
You threw yourself into your bed feeling the soft bed envelope you.
“Careful, you’re not a young college individual anymore, carrying a child now.” You mother muttered disapprovingly. You rolled your eyes.
“Im ok Y/M/N.” It was her turn to roll her eyes.
“It’s mom to you. Now let’s talk about baby daddy. Harry deserves to know.” Your mother never looks up from her magazine as she utters the words to you. You sit up on your bed, placing a hand on your stomach.
“Way to ease into the small talk. I know I have to talk to Harry. Im just scared." You distracted yourself by playing with the throw blanket on the foot of your bed.
"You're already pregnant, nothing more could go wrong from here." Your mother replies sarcastically. There it was. The resentment. Your mother couldn't hide it.
"Ok, im sorry you feel that way."
"I don't feel anyway dear, you're pregnant and in college and you haven't told the father yet so there. Nothing to feel about." She slams the magazine down on the floor so her hands were free to exaggerate her words.
"Why are you acting like this?" You ask in a small voice. You were brought back to the childish space in your head. Growing up your mother was always like this. She demeaned you in a way that brought you back to your childhood years. As a kid you never felt good enough for your mother and her harsh demands. She always expected you to grow up and be the first woman president. You were expected to be prim and proper and wait for marriage to have sex, and now you were pregnant.
"Im not acting in anyway. You have no right to question me. Cant you see what you're doing to me?" Her words swayed you. Had you been that bad of a daughter?
"Im-Im sorry." Your mother huffed, standing from the chair and grabbing her purse.
"Look what you've done, made my blood pressure rise. I will see you later." She storms out of your room slamming the door behind her. She had no regard for the fact that you were living in a shared house with your sorority sisters. You hated crying over your mother but you couldn't help it. She manipulates your feelings so she can feel better and it works.
A knock on your door broke you out of your reverie. Scared that it was Harry, you quickly confiscated the ultrasound images from your desk and shoved them into the desk drawer. Behind your door was Harry in fact.
He was a little confused by your lack of interaction with him. It was normal for you two to not communicate much during the week but you at least would text him throughout the day. In his right hand was a bag of clothes for the weekend and in the other hand was a bag of your favorite snacks ranging from cheesy Doritos to a hand picked ziplock bag of blue gummy worms.
When you finally open the door, harry could tell you were crying. You're cheeks were flushed and your eyes had a slight puff to them.
"Hi bear, what happened?" He walks into your room placing his bags by the door. You closed the door behind him taking in his jean clad legs and school t-shirt. He seemed to be coming back from a class, he had no game tonight.
He sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread to leave a space for you to sit. You slowly move in between his spread legs sitting on his left thigh.
"My mom was here." Was all you said nuzzling your face into his warm neck. His cologne tingled your nose making you snuggle closer to him.
"Im sorry my love." He knew your mom well. She was very present in a negative way in your life. "But its ok, we are gonna have a good weekend. Gonna watch movies, gonna cuddle, gonna do some other stuff..." His voice trails off alluding to the thing that you love to do with Harry. He places soft kisses on your cheek trailing down to your lips. You responded immediately by kissing him back. His hair was gripped between your fingers. He groaned in your mouth at the feeling of your harsh tug.
Before you know it, your on your back underneath Harry consuming the comfort given through pleasure. His gentle thrusts brought subtle tears to your eyes. Harry was above you resting his weight on his elbows as pounded deep within you.
You cradled his face in your hands as he looked down at you from above. He looked at you as if you were the best thing to walk the earth, his home away from home.
"I love you, god I love you." He groaned deeply as you clenched around his length.
"I love you too." You both came, coming apart in each others arms.
After he cleaned the mess between your legs, he lied down beside you, one arm underneath your head and the other lying limp on your side.
"I missed you this week, you went all silent on me." He murmurs. His breath tickles your face. you acknowledge his words but you couldn't form the right words in your head.
"I have- just been a busy week."
Chicken, you were a chicken. You could've said the words that kept you silent this week but you didnt.
"Ok, im sorry this week wasn't treating my baby right." He attacked you with raspberries in you neck making you explode with giggles.
"Stop it!"
"Mmm fine. Brought snacks, lets eat." He moves off of the bed to put his boxers on and throw you your favorite hoodie that sat by your desk. He clambers back in bed with the Doritos, giving you a large grin.
"Yummy." You tell him taking the bag. When the bag opened the aroma of the chips hit your face, your stomach started to coil in discomfort but you brushed it off. You took a chip out of the bag placing it in your mouth. Not even three chews in, your stomach lurched. It was a quick trip to your bathroom as you placed your face in the bowl and released the contents of your stomach.
Harry followed you to the bathroom in shock, confused by your sudden sickness. You could feel his warmth beside you as he rubbed your back.
"Let me get you some medicine, where is it?" His voice was buy your ear by the time you moved your face out of the toilet.
"Its in the second drawer of my desk, pink bottle." He nodded at you before rising to his feet back into your room. The sound of the drawer open made you jump up to your feet as you remembered what sat in that drawer.
"Harry wait-"
It was too late. Harry stood by your desk with the ultrasound pictures in his hands. It suddenly became very cold in the room. Harrys face was pale in color, mouth gaping.
"What this? Are these Ellie's? Tell me these are Ellie's." The questions poured from his mouth. You could sense the storm coming.
"They're not Ellie's." He almost couldn't hear you. Just like with your mother, you felt as if the ground could swallow you alive.
"Whose are they?" He grits out, jaw clenched. His eyes were watering with tears just like yours. You tried to take a step forward but he took a step back. A sob wracked through your body in heartbreak. "Fuck."
"Harry please."
You tried to reach for him but you were slow. The ultrasound pictures hit the floor in a flurry as Harry furiously pulled on his clothes.
"Why, where, Harry stop." You wailed. There were no words uttered out of his mouth as he stormed out of the room. You could only fall to the floor, for the second time that day you cried. It hurt how hard you were crying. You crawled over to the disheveled ultrasound pictures, clutching them tight to your chest.
It hurt. Today just hurt.
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meetmymouth · a day ago
i am begging you to write some angst PLS i have been so in my feels. like he fucks up and hurts her and wants to make it better but she’s so hurt
masterlist | blurb masterlist
"I'm sorry," he says, looking at the ground. "I can't do anything– it's too late," he goes on, though doesn't walk over to her to comfort her like he normally would.
It was bad.
It was really bad.
The article where her name and pictures were plastered on was already live, and Harry could only stand and watch as her tagged pictures filled with photos of her, half naked due to heat, with her flatmates, as they had fun in one of her friend's garden.
It was all lies. In true Daily Mail fashion, it was all lies and rumours about her ditching Harry for someone 'more suited to her'. Cheating, they said. Here we have Harry's now-ex, according to DM, cheating on Harry Styles.
"What do you mean you can't do anything, Harry?!" She yells, making him flinch. "I know these articles are ran by your team first. How could you– how could they do this to me."
"Baby, I'm sorry–"
"–Everyone already hates me, Harry. Just for the sake of it. They fucking hate me! And now? I'll get lynched!"
"Nonsense, I could never do anything to physically harm you," Harry tries to reason with her, though she's not even looking into his eyes anymore.
She sits down on the foot of the bed, a napkin still in hand as she wipes her nose.
"You approved of this article, Harry."
"No! Jeff tried calling me, I couldn't pick up– we were out."
"But you gave the OK via message!"
Harry shakes his head frantically, and tries to come closer, though she's not having any of it.
"I didn't– I couldn't... I didn't read the article, I just texted 'OK' so I could give you my full attention."
"So, it's my fault?"
"Don't twist my words."
"Harry," she cries harder, the napkin still in hand. "The tabloids will destroy me! Do you think they will let me walk outside? Do you realise how big and important you are? Fucking hell, I'm done! I'm over, Harry..."
"Baby," he says, and kneels in front of her on the floor. "Please. I'll fix this."
"I'll... I will tell Jeff and we will try to do anything to remove that article."
She snorts, though the tears keep falling. "It's already out and everywhere, Harry. Are you fucking dumb! They already have it screenshotted and everything. Harry," she murmurs, voice trembling. "Post something on your Instagram. Tell them the truth, I beg you."
"You're a fucking coward!" She gets on her feet. "Can't even post one bloody statement on your page because you're so afraid of people perceiving you– the real you. You're a robot, Harry Styles, a fucking robot!"
"–Start taking responsibility, for fuck's sake," she throws the napkin in his face, and he watches it fall next to his feet. "You and your team did this, you better take responsibility or I'm done, Harry. I'm fucking done. I'm– can't you see how bad this has been on me? Everyone hates me! I fucking hate me."
"I love you!"
"That's not enough right now, can't you see!"
"Okay," he says, stopping her from leaving the room. He grabs her hand, and intertwines their fingers. "I'll do it, I'll do anything, just– just sit down, please. I love you. I'll do anything."
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harrysmaraschino · a day ago
subrry idea. It's harry's birthday so he shaves and cleans up because he wants to be fingered and he's all excited because you guys haven't done that for a long time because you've been too busy. But then you come home and he notices your new fake nails and he gets all sad and pouty and you ask him why and he says "just wanted you to finger fuck me for my birthday but you can't with those on" then you go in to the bathroom and remove them however you do that idk and he's all happy and spreads himself out for you and all night you're fucking him open
subrry blurb: make it good. make it messy.
Thank you lovely anon! 💌 This prompt was so much fun to work on 😈
Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Mild Angst, Fluff
Wordcount: 4k
Y/N has always been a very loving Dom.
It's true, she really has... she loves to cuddle, make little surprises, give kisses... but when it comes to Harry, she truly believes she's the worst she's ever been.
Way too yielding. Way too giving. Way too permissive.
She doesn't ever take away his orgasms, much less comfort gestures, like kisses and cuddles... unless she's legitimately upset at him, of course. But Harry is usually a very nice partner, so they never really get into serious arguments or give each other the silent treatment.
It has worked for them so far… although Y/N still makes sure to keep an attentive eye on Harry, because he has a tendency to push his own limits and to not be too vocal about his discomfort. Especially when he gets in a more vulnerable headspace. He doesn't do it on purpose... he does it because he wants to be good for you, and because the trauma from his past relationship sometimes still makes him believe you will get upset and leave him if he doesn't go along with every single thing that you say.
Leaving him for something like that would never cross your mind, obviously... but Harry is still healing and learning that his comfort, happiness and opinions should be just as important as his Dom's.
He's made wonderful progress since you first met him... He has stopped measuring his words in fear you'll patronize him, doesn't think he'll get punished for being needy or asking for attention anymore, and has even stopped expecting you to get angry for the smallest reasons... but sometimes he still has slips... where he starts to shrink and retreat into himself like he used to do around his ex-girlfriend, Ava.
Ava was the reason Y/N got to meet Harry, actually.
The two girls had connected through a BDSM dating site many moons ago. At the time, Y/N hadn't been looking for any sort of arrangement... She had just left one, and was only looking to meet nice people with alike minds she could have interesting conversations with... and perhaps the occasional sexcapade, if things worked out that way, but she didn't really have any expectations... until she met Ava and Harry. They seemed fun. Both were very attractive, lived relatively close by... and coincidentally happened to be looking for someone to join them for a little fun.
They had arranged a meeting through Skype first. Originally just for a friendly night chat, but then of course... one suggestive joke led to another, and things ended up getting a little steamy in front of their webcams.
They still did the videocall sex thing a couple more times, until Ava finally invited Y/N to come "have a drink and hang out" with them at her apartment one Friday night.
And although upon meeting Ava and Harry in person, Y/N couldn't help but sense something might be little off with them as a couple, she had decided not to focus on it too much. Whatever it was, it didn't make her feel unsafe in their company, nor did it reflect itself on the sex they ended up having... and that was all Y/N was there for.
She just wanted a free and easy night. A couple of drinks. A nice chat, and a long overdue fuck that wouldn't make her feel guilty about leaving right away after the deed was done...
She should have known better.
“I'm gonna go for a smoke in the balcony.” Ava said, jumping off the bed where she had been laying down, putting on a black silky robe and fishing her pack of cigarettes from her purse. “Care to join me, Y/N?”
“Uh... sure, but-” Your eyes drifted between her and her partner still laying on the bed. “...What about your boyfriend?” You questioned, finding her proposition a bit odd given the fact that being left alone after a scene was something that would be very triggering for most Subs. Especially if they turned out to experience a Sub-drop.
“He doesn't smoke.” She said nonchalantly.
“Yeah, but aren't you gonna like-” You began to question, but then realized that maybe inviting you for a smoke was her way of politely inviting you out of the room. Then maybe she would pretend to have forgotten her lighter or something and come back to take care of her boyfriend. “I don't mind leaving right away or stepping outside to give you guys some alone time... I know it's always a bit awkward to go through these things with someone else around…”
Ava rolled her eyes, scoffing some. “You guys and those stupid aftercare routines. He's an adult. Doesn't need to be spoiled and babied any more than he already was” The girl spat cruelly, heading for the door. “Are you not coming?” She still asked from the threshold.
“Uh, no... I don't really feel like smoking. Thanks for offering though.” You faked a smile, reaching down to collect your underwear from the floor.
And just like that she left for her cigarette, leaving a very fragile looking Harry on the bed, and a very upset Y/N kneeling next to her underwear on the floor with furrowed brows, bewildered at the utter carelessness the girl was showing.
Y/N didn't like that attitude.
What kind of Dom thinks like that about their Sub? She wasn't doing aftercare? She was just using his body as she pleased, calling him all those degrading mean names Y/N was never truly a fan of and leaving him to get over it? Even worse, she left him alone with a guest he'd just met and more likely than not made him feel uneasy to a degree.
Y/N didn't like this Ava girl at all.
And although she usually knew better than to overstep into another couple's dynamic, on that specific occasion she couldn't not do just that. As a Dom, Y/N had a very protective and caring personality... she liked to play mean, sure - but truly, she was the farthest thing from that... what made it impossible for her to stick to the original plan (get fucked, get dressed, and get going) after noticing there was a very sweet looking boy coiled in bed, probably feeling used and neglected with his own cum drying on his stomach and both her and another girl's juices all over his skin. “Harry... do you know where Ava keeps her wipes?”
He didn't respond, just pointed towards her dressing table. After spotting the package right away, perched next her make-up bag, you took it, having a sit next to Harry. “Shh, you can relax... I'm just going to get you cleaned up a bit, okay?” You told upon noticing he was staring, confused. “Would you like that? or do you prefer for me not to touch? I can leave, if you want me to.”
“I don't want to annoy you.” He replied in a low grumble. “Ava says I'm annoying when I ask her not to leave for a cigarette.”
“Does she?” Your brows rose slightly. Not that you were that surprised, but it was still disconcerting to hear. “I don't think you're annoying, Harry. I think that's a very sweet thing to ask...” You told as you wiped his face gently. “I also think it's very- Oh! 'm sorry love...” You sputtered once he squirmed suddenly, right when you started cleaning him a bit further down, over his stomach. “These always feel so cold, don't they? Here-” you said, blowing hot hair over the wipe and smiling before taking it back to his skin. The unexpected gesture got him to smile too. “That's a bit better, isn’t it?”
“Mhm, better.” Harry nodded, still smiling. “Do you always take care of your Sub like this? After sex.”
“I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but if I did then yes, I would.” You explained, disposing the wipes on the room's paper basket, and adjusting the blankets around Harry's body for warmth and comfort. He looked mesmerized. Pretty green eyes glowing like he was in the presence of an angel. “Something tells me you don’t get this much, do you?” You asked, beginning to comb your fingers through his hair. “You should rest...” You added once he didn't answer, noticing his eyes beggining to flutter, despite him trying his hardest to keep them open. “I'll be right here next to you until Ava comes... I'm sure she's almost back from her cig- ” You stopped yourself mid-sentence, tilting your head towards the door upon identifying the familiar sound of a shower starting to run. “...Or not.”
“Still stay? Please?” Harry inquired sleepily, completely ignorant to the way you were starting to get goosebumps just from playing with his hair. This is exactly why you didn't want to stay. You got attached too easily. Harry was cute and adorable like a puppy.... and you've always had this stupid, annoying tendency to fall for vulnerable people in knotty situations. You've googled it before... turns out it's a real thing called “the white knight syndrome”, but thankfully yours just scratches the surface... or at least that's what you're choosing to believe.
“I'm still staying until she's back... don't worry. I won't leave you alone.” You assured him, snuggling closer on the bed to cuddle his body from outside the blankets. Harry softened under your touch, satisfied even with the fabric layers keeping your skins from touching. And after a while, lulled by his steady breathing, you too couldn't help but fall asleep.
It goes without saying that when Ava finally came back, she didn't much like what she saw.
Which was legitimate, Y/N could give her that, what she couldn't get a hang of was why she had started yelling and accusing her of being a “homewrecker slut” who was trying to steal her Sub. She wasn't. It didn't even cross her mind... Y/N was just taking care of Harry because it was the minimum she could do. He deserved to feel safe and seen in his smallness, and since his partner was failing to provide that for him, Y/N felt the need to step in. If Ava hadn't been such a dismissive, shit Dom, this situation would have never happened.
After she got kicked out of the apartment, Y/N never had the intention of contacting either of them ever again... but she can't say she was entirely put off when Harry texted her months later asking if she would like to grab a coffee with him sometime.
She went. It was wonderful. They clicked right away... and things only got so much better on the second, third and all the dates that followed.
It's still crazy to think of it sometimes.
That the two of you are now living together, practically married.
There are very few things you are sure of in your life, but the one you're most sure of is that you have somehow been lucky enough to have met your person in that downtown apartment 3 years ago.
Harry is it for you.
And you make sure to let him know all the time, just so he never forgets how much you love him... what you also make sure to never let him forget, is how much of a brat he is.
He'd been in a mood ever since you came back from your nail appointment that morning. Why? Fuck if you knew… all you knew was that it was pissing you right off.
The two of you were going to be hosting a dinner party for Harry’s birthday that evening, so naturally, you thought it to be the perfect excuse to do something different and fun with your nails for a change. You’d added a little more length than usual, and painted them a pretty, blueish grey color.
You were over the moon with them. As soon as you got home you went to search for Harry to show him... thinking he was going to love them as much as you did, since the pastel shades of blue always seemed to be his favorite. Only when you'd showed him, his body stiffed. He frowned a bit, glancing away as he told you they looked nice.
“Do you not like them?” You insisted, spreading your fingers, and staring at your own nails.
“I do. They look very nice.” He'd replied pressingly, although the way he was avoiding your eyes said otherwise.
You stared down at your nails again. They looked pretty. It was impossible for Harry to think they didn't. “Do you want me to paint yours too?” You proposed, guessing that perhaps he was upset because he wished he had gotten pretty nails for his birthday as well. He hadn't gotten them done in a while, and it was something you knew he enjoyed doing a lot more than he ever cared to admit. “I have new shimmers and colors from Essie to pick from...” You crooned persuasively, loosely slinging your arms around his hips to draw him closer.
“No, don’t bother... I don't really care to get my nails done for tonight.” Harry countered, tugging your hands off his body and warding off to another room of the house.
There was a puzzled grimace taking over your features watching him go.
Your fingers pressed together into clenched fists, feeling something wild beginning to bubble lightly in your veins. Part of you wanted to go after him, drag him to his knees by the hair and force him to use his mouth to wordlessly apologize for turning his back to you like that. But then again, you shouldn't. For multiple reasons:
1) He would probably enjoy that too much.
2) You wanted to save the sex stuff for later.
3) You were going to have people over in a couple of hours and there was still a lot of shit left to do.
With a huff, you decided to let the attitude slide. Going in the kitchen instead to start moving things forward for that night’s dinner party. While preparing the elaborate marinade for your roast chicken, you made a mental reminder to book Harry a session as well next time you called the nail place for an appointment. Jealous little brat.
Despite your firm belief that you had already figured what Harry's problem was, you still tried to get him to tell you what was wrong a few times throughout the rest of the day… but any time you asked, he kept acting like he was never even upset in the first place.
And truly, he was convincing… you might have even believed him, if only he hadn’t gone the whole dinner without paying you any attention. Actually, the only time he’d leaned for a kiss and hug was when you handed him the birthday gift you’d saved for the party (you’d gotten him others, but this was the one you had determined to be that year's main one). And yes, the fact that he’d kissed and hugged you could have soothed your nerves a bit… if only when you tried to hold his hand under the table right after, he hadn’t pulled away and said he didn’t feel like touching - despite the neediness in his eyes telling a very different story.
By the time you had finished eating, you had already realized that his moodiness towards you couldn’t just be due to him being jealous of your manicure… but, you had also figured whatever it was couldn't be that serious of a matter... because apparently, he was in a great mood for everyone else!
It really felt like you were the only person he wasn't taking notice of. Which was driving you even madder... Not only because you had gotten him a delicious 8 layer red velvet birthday cake from his favorite bakery, spent all afternoon preparing a nice dinner for his party, and gifted him a fancy, personalized leather wallet engraved with his name on it (that, for the record... cost way more than you'd ever be willing to spend on a purse for yourself), but because you had legitimately done nothing wrong!
You were totally already beginning to lose your patience by then…
But the last straw had to be when you tried to grab his attention by lovingly scratching at his nape, only for him to roll his eyes at you and carry on talking to your friends.
That was it. You had officially lost it.
The first opportunity you caught him alone, you grabbed his wrist and began to pull him towards the kitchen. Harry was already a little tipsy from the Sangria he’d been drinking, so he didn’t question it. He went with it easily, smiling and turning a deaf ear once your friends started bandying and making suggestive quips, regarding where and what the two of you were off to do.
Little did they know their dear friend was in for it… and definitely not in a good way.
For his and your sake, you really were hoping he would drop the attitude as soon as you got to the kitchen... otherwise, he was quite likely about to get his ass spanked raw from a wooden spoon. Door open for everyone to see. “Just because I never took away your orgasms, doesn't mean I won't start now.” You started, closing the door behind you and shoving him by the collar against the pantry. “I don't give a fuck what day it is. You better tell me what has gotten into you once and for all before I make you cry real tears on your fucking birthday.”
Harry was aroused by your tone; It was written all over his face...
That was why you chose to finish your statement off by pressing your lips on his, the contrast between the roughness of your words and your affection turning him into a mess of want and need. He practically moaned once your hands cupped his bum over his jeans. Your body keeping him pined against the pantry door as you made out in the kitchen like two teenagers sneaking away from a crowded house party. “I wanted you to finger me tonight...” He admitted in between kisses. The effects of the alcohol and despair finally loosening his tongue. “But you got the nails so now you can't. It's why I got all moody over them... 'cause it was my special day and I wasn't getting what I wanted... I'm sorry. I know it's stupid.”
“Your feelings aren't stupid, Harry. We've been over this...” You chastised, pulling away to cradle his throat as you looked into his eyes. “You being bad and keeping them from me is, though... because now, once everyone leaves, you know what's going to happen don't you?” He pouted, pretending to be disheartened even though he was well aware your punishment threats held nothing but promises of a great, intense sex night for him. “Once they leave, I want you to go into our room and wait for me on the bed. You’ll have to wait for a little bit because there’s something I need to take care of first…” His lip immediately jutted out in protestation. He hated when you made him wait for playtime. “Don’t you dare whine about it. I don’t want to hear it.” You shut him up, not giving him the chance to complain. “Or would you rather I shove a plug up your ass and leave you to think about what you did instead?” He shook his head quickly, face dropping at the prospect of spending the whole night plugged up with an achy prick. “You’ve been very bad, Harry. You’re lucky I’ve been dying to get in your pants all day, otherwise I would probably do just that. Needy brat.”
Harry was exceptionally good after your little encounter in the kitchen. A bit clingy, yes. But you couldn't honestly say you minded it after he had mulishly kept you deprived of his affection for hours. It was like night and day. Once the needy puppy in him finally came out, he could no longer keep his hands off you. Not in a overly naughty way, but enough to make it known to your friends that the two of you were looking forward to some alone together time.
Just like you had instructed earlier, as soon as everyone left, you sent Harry off to your bedroom. You walked inside with him, but while he layed on the bed fiddling with his phone, you locked yourself in the bathroom and pulled out a nail clipper and file, to try to shorten and fix your nails. It wasn't going to be an easy task... and definitely very time consuming, since they were thick, gel nails. It's why you ended up saying “fuck it” and doing just the ones that would be needed for the situation.
And lord, it looked absolutely sinful...
There was really no room for doubt as to what kind of purpose you had gotten two shorter nails in your right hand for. But little did you know that, in terms of sinfulness, your nails were nothing compared to the lascivious view you were about to be presented with as you walked back inside your room.
While you had been busy in the bathroom, Harry had apparently decided to switch his dinner clothes for a pajama t-shirt... and conveniently forgone everything else. No pants. No underwear.
He was laying on his belly, sprawled on top of the quilt with one of his legs bent at the knee, what cleverly accentuated each line and curve of his perfectly sculpted, hairless body.
You didn’t mind when Harry didn't shave, you loved his body hair... but there was something so tempting about seeing him all smooth. Perhaps it was the naughtiness of it... knowing he had purposefully spent time shaving every single curve and bend, just so you couldn't keep from having your hands all over him all the time. And acting all innocent on top of it… pretending to be asleep with his cock and bum fully out… fucking tease.
As you settled yourself on the bed beside him, your hand immediately went to cradle his ass. You wanted to spank it red, but Harry looked genuinely sleepy, and you didn't want to stir him awake abruptly like that. So, you leaned down, mouth searching for the crease of his neck so that you could kiss it all over as your hand rubbed at his ass cheeks. “What's all this, hm?” You asked, groping the mushy flesh in your hands, teasing it beneath your fingers. “So, this is why my good boy has been acting up all day... ‘cause he wanted me to pull his pants down and find this perfect, smooth little ass...” You gave it a firm slap, earning a soft, sleepy whimper from him. “Fuck me, look at these peachy cheeks... just begging for someone to take a big bite out of them...”
“I wasn't acting up...” He grumbled. The sound muffled by the pillow he was still pressing his face against.
“Liar.” You chastised with another slap to his bum. “So... you wanted to have this ass finger fucked for your birthday... such a little whore, making me give up my pretty nails just so you can get what you want.” He didn't answer, just smirked against the pillow. “You're not going to answer me?” The smile on his face spread wider, as he wiggled his bum against your hand with a provoking little “Nuh-uh”. – “Oh, so you're still being a brat... that's okay, you know I'm always in the mood to give a good spanking.”
The next few minutes were filled with nothing but the repetitive harsh noises your palm made with each smack to his ass, and the soft cries and ‘uhs’ that followed them, escaping through Harry's gritted teeth.
He had always been a sucker for a good spanking... you on the other hand, were a sucker for seeing him wabble around the house avoiding certain seats the next day because his cheeks were still sensitive and aching. “What should I do with you now, hm?” Your hand dipped down to stroke his cock, that was pressed down between him and mattress. Poor baby… you had barely even started, but he had already gone so hard just from a couple of spanks that he couldn’t even lie down properly anymore. “…Could always go get that toy you like, I suppose…” You wondered out loud, knowing it would make him gasp. “The thick, long one that always makes you tear up a little bit when I push in… ‘cause it’s just so big, isn’t it? But you always take it so well after, cum so good from it hitting all your spots…”
“No no no. Just your hands. Please just- give me your fingers. I don't want toys. Just want to take you. Spread me. Make me full of you. Just want to be full with you.” He pleaded, twisting his neck back for you to kiss him.
You did, but not before taking your fingers to your mouth. Coating them with a generous amount of spit before bringing them back down to brush over his sensitive hole. The angsty moan that left him at the feeling was ripened into a pleased hum once you leaned in to connect your lips to his.
Whenever toys were involved, you always made sure to use a decent lube or glide, but right then... you were far too in the moment to pause things, and Harry didn’t seem too keen on stopping to grab the bottle either. You pushed your fingers in slowly, drawing a breath once you felt his hole clenching tightly around your digits. “Are you okay? Do you want me to go get the lube?”
“No, please don’t stop. I can take it. Promise I can take it.” Upon his confirmation, you nudged even deeper. Searching for that sweet spot that never failed to make his toes curl. You kept your mouths pressed together as you fingered him at a slow pace, just so you could drink every single moan and whimper that left his lips. Planning to keep on kissing them from beginning to end.
He tried to roll on the bed to get a hold of his swollen cock, but you didn’t let him. Slinging your leg around his waist to keep him lying on his belly. “Ah, ah! Don't even think about it, puppy... Focus on my fingers stretching your bum. It was what you wanted, wasn't it?” Harry nodded, biting his lip and pressing himself back against your hand. Fucking himself on your fingers. “It better be. 'Cuz this is all you'll get tonight.” He moaned at that, pushing his bum up to give you better access. “That's right, I went and clipped off my pretty nails just so I could finger this greedy ass... least you can do is be a good boy and cum from it. Make it good too. Make it messy.”
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isimpoveryou · 2 days ago
𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐫
harry styles x reader
fc: devon lee carlson
request are closed
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yourinstagram Las Vegas you never disappoint me
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yourinstagram honestly dont be suprised anymore the mr arrogant son of bitch himself wants me to wear it and im not mad
harryfan89 BYE- 💀
harrystyles i knew you would look good
yourinstagram honestly it kinda makes me feel like mr crab but since i love you imma say i like good
harrystyles very thoughtful.....
y/nfan105 maam marry me
yourinstagram wheres the ring?
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Las Vegas, NV.
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harryfan21 harry i do appreciate for you to post this photo BUT WE WANT YOUR ARROGANT FACE
yourinstagram what they said 😌☝ i teach you all so well i swear
yourinstagram and he finally posted something
harrystyles when are you gonna stop being sassy
yourinstagram when you released medicine and sing to be so lonely
harryfan68 ^^ y/n understood the assignment
y/nfan90 y/n watch out imma steal your man
jeffezoff hi yes y/n speaking so long story short my phone broke and im using jeffs phone rn but NOOO HE IS MINE <33
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yourinstagram ofc harry had to cover mitch 🙄 kidding guys but LOOK AT MY BF THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND LOOK AT HIM SERVING US WITH HIS LOOKS. damn im lucky
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harryfan49 anyway harry needs to realize we came there for mitch
mitchrowland let the narcissist have the time of his life y/n
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y/nfan60 im living for y/n playfully bullying harry LIKE-
harryfan109 its called a healthy relationship
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yourinstagram the morning after concert kisses
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bellahadid my parents
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harrysfolklore · 23 hours ago
hey i was wondering if you could do an insta with nadine lustre as the face claim?
sorry for the long wait but here it is !! i hope you like it <3
also this is the second blurb i post today i deserve a kiss
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !!
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yourinstagram life update: i’ve spent the last month in the studio but i’m so happy the album is finally coming to life, can’t want for you to hear it
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theestallion LES GOOOO
fan2 she has been working so hard on this album i need to hear it asap
columbiarecords ❤️‍🔥
kidharpoon this past month with you and your partner in crime in the studio has been… eventful
↳ fan3 partner in crime as in harry
↳ fan4 omggg a harry collab on the album
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fan1 NEW MUSIC ?????
lizzobeeating what have you three been up to
fan2 A COLLAB?
jefezoff 👏👏
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yourinstagram we just finished my brand new album and i’m listening to it. i can’t believe this is real life
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mileycyrus LETS GO SISTER
kidharpoon We did it !!
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yourinstagram my third album “the tapes” is out now. making this album was one of the best experiences in my entire life, thank you to my collaborators @kidharpoon and @harrystyles for making my vision come to life, and thank you everyone in @columbirecords for your constant support. this project is yours now, hope you enjoy it
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oliviarodrigo 🖤🖤
kidharpoon Thank you for making me part of this and giving me one of the most full filling experiences as a produces
↳ yourinstagram love you, tommy
harrystyles I know this project means the world to you and I’m tremendously honored that you let me be part of it. Love you, H x
↳ yourinstagram 🖤🖤
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ch3rrybabyhon3y · 22 hours ago
sex with harry headcannon
lots of kisses. like i’m talking kisses on top of kisses on top of kisses. he loves the intimacy.
he’s very touchy, heavy on the skin to skin contact. he really needs to feel you
begging (“one more, jus’ gimme one more baby. please? please, angel?”) or (“need to cum, please lemme—fuck fuck. please please please.”)
when he’s on top he’s so passionate with his strokes. slow, deep and hard. he isn’t afraid to wreck you though, don’t underestimate him.
dunno why but i think he’s a boob guy. loves to have his hands on them, suck on them.
check ins (“you alright, m’love? feels good?”) or (“m’being good? i’m your good boy?”)
needs you to get there, no matter what. your pleasure is legitimately his top priority, he never leaves his girl unsatisfied.
very vocal, not ashamed when it comes to moaning
very needy when he’s in the mood (“please? just a cuddle? a kiss? love you so much.”) it’s never just a cuddle or a kiss.
loves to push/test limits (“think you can do four this time, pretty girl?”) or (“i promise i can take it.”)
loves to finger you. it’s never been a fixation he’s had before you but he just loves the way he can make you into a blubbering mess when he’s stroking the inside of you so deliciously.
aftercare is so important to him. he loves that you guys take care of each other and show your appreciation after all that pleasure. the love he feels after the fact is more of a high than the actual orgasm to him
loves eating you out. he tells you all the time that he can spend forever between your thighs. you thought he was joking but he meant it. he loves the taste of you, the way he can feel your thighs shake around his head, the way he can tease you when he licks over your panties and how he can hear the relieved moan when his tongue finally makes contact with your clit.
subspace and “domspace”
subspace: slurring his words a bit, unfocused, glassy eyes, constantly asking for reassurance, feeling so good he doesn’t really think about anything else. (“s’so fuckin’ good baby, g’na cum. am i bein’ good? you love me?”) and (“this is the best i’ve e-ever felt. i can’t even fuckin’ t-think, b-baby love.”)
“domspace”: sharp vision, focused on your every move, his job is to make you both feel good and to protect you, rougher with you, more demanding, his voice is deep with a little bit of a strained whine in it from how turned on he is. just wants to take care of you. (“don’ move. take my fucking cock, princess. or is it too much for you?”) and (“it’s good? like me stretching you out like this? filling you up? my pretty filthy girl.”)
the occasional dirty talk in a different language to tease you. (“si', piccola. proprio così. prendere il mio cazzo cosi' bene.”) yeah, baby. just like that. taking my cock so fucking well. or (“s'il te plaît, bébé. je ferai tout ce que vous demandez. Je t'aime tellement. baise-moi s'il te plaît.”) please, baby. i'll do anything you ask. love you so much. please fuck me. sometimes you think he purposely learns dirty things when he tours the world just to have you shaking under him.
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harrysgoldenline · 23 hours ago
i cant stop thinking about this and i was hoping u could expand on this!! when harry was doing the gender reveal in nashville he looked so happy and excited; and i keep thinking about him talking to the reader right after the show about their future children and how they are going to be the best parents and how he excited he is for their future together,, just so much fluff :(
Baby Fever
Sorry this took so long! Life has been a bit crazy lately but I'm trying my best to push through and get back to normal! Thank you for this request, I absoulty loved it so I hope you like what I came up with!! If you are intersted in supporting my writing or getting your own personalized imagine just for you, check out my pinned post!!
“You were electric tonight, Bubby!” you smiled at him when he ran off the stage, sweeping you up in his arms and carrying you as the band quickly loaded up the bus, gripping onto him tightly as loud laughs came past your lips.
Soon, he sat you down in the back, private room in the tour bus, closing the door and leaving the two of you alone as you laid on the bed, staring at him as he walked back over and plopped down next to you, his smile never leaving his face.
He leaned forward, connecting your lips, his hands pulling at your hips as you places you in his lap. His warm hands sneaking underneath your shirt and resting there and the contrast of the cool metal of his rings meeting your skin making you shiver.
Your hands slide across his bare chest, sliding the sequin jacket off his shoulders with a smile as he begins pressing kisses along the sensitive skin of your neck, chuckling to himself as your eyes flutter closed.
“You’re so beautiful,” he smiles, leaning up again and kissing your lips softly before pulling back to stare at you, “and all mine, forever. You know I love you, right?”
“I know and I love you forever,” you giggle, leaning forward and pressing your lips against his blushing cheeks and his arms come tighter around your waist, pressing your bodies impossibly closer, “what’s with you tonight bubs? your’re extra cuddly.”
“I don’t know.” He shyly shrugged, burying his face in the crook of your neck, his lips pressing another kiss to your skin, “been just thinking since…”
“Since what?”
“That, uh… gender reveal?” He admitted, a shy glance coming your way before he pulled away from your shoulder and sat across from you, playing with his rings, “well thought about havin’ a baby with ya long before that, but ya know what I mean.”
“Mhmm.” You smile, giggling at your shy boyfriend, “so, you really want a girl first?”
“Don’t make fun o’ me.” He playfully pouted at you, only causing you to laugh more and line forward, connecting your lips.
“I’m sorry, baby, I’m just messing with you sweet boy.” You smiled, looking up at him with your eyes filled with adoration, “you know I want that too, right? Of course I want to start a family with you.”
“Yeah?” He asked, eyes wide and hopefully, a precious smile plastering his face.
You give him a small nod, quickly being cut off with a shriek as he tackles you to the bed, pinning you down, pressing kisses all over your face, “should I give my baby a baby now?”
“You better put a ring on it first,” you giggled, hands coming up into his hair, “…but is it a deal breaker if I want a boy first?”
“What!” Harry dramatically gasped, fingers tickling at your sides before falling down and laying next to you, “A boy?! I thought I was the only guy ya ever needed!” “You are!” You laughed, hand coming up and running along his face softly“just wanna have my two boys! Don’t even have a baby but already know you’d love her more than me, you’re gonna be the best dad.“
“could never love anyone more, especially if ya gave us a baby.” He smiles shyly, his cheeks turning a tinge pink, “but ya really think Imma be a good dad?” his cheeks growing redder as you nod.
He smiles at you, connecting your lips slowly, but passionately, his body coming back over yours again as he hovered over, “I love you,” he said softly between kisses, “can’t wait to marry ya, can’t wait to have babies with you and see you pregnant, gonna be the best mum… Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with ya.”
“All you have to do is ask,” You whisper back, connecting your lips, “I’m yours.”
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