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harryssweatcreaturee · 2 days ago
the one where y/n doesn’t call harry
a/n: here we have soft harry bc we all love to see it <3 ENJOY!! pls leave feedback as it is encouraged and welcomed. reblog if you like, that is how us creators have our content see. LOVE YOU BABES.
word count: about 800
warnings: none <3 soft harry
“Call me when you’re ready to come home and I’ll come get you, baby. Please be safe. Don’t forget to call me! Love you! Have fun!”
Harry smiled as (Y/N) hopped out of the car, blowing a kiss to her boyfriend before shouting “I love you!” and making her way inside the club.
Today was one of her best friend’s birthday so she had told Harry they were planning a girl’s night at the club. He insisted he’d take her and pick her up so she can have all the fun she wanted without having to worry about getting home safe. All Harry wanted was for her to have fun and he’d take care of her.
It was about 11 PM and despite Harry being extremely exhausted, he stayed awake on the couch waiting for (Y/N)’s call to go get her. Every few moments he’d get bored of the tv, he’d go on his phone and see his girlfriend’s instagram stories, smiling at her having fun. She’s always working so hard, and he knew how much she needed this tonight.
A few hours had passed, and it was now around 2 AM and (Y/N) hadn’t called him to go get her. He saw she stopped posting stories about halfway past 12 so he figured she’d been drunk by then, too besotted to be worried about snapping pictures or recording videos. Harry had one eye open and one eye closed, struggling to keep himself awake. He remained that way until he heard the knob of the front door being played with, keys jingling on the other side.
There was no way that was (Y/N). She had no other way of coming home nor had she called Harry to let him know of any plans of change. He got up from the couch, door swinging open to reveal a very plastered (Y/N).
“I’m home!” She hiccuped before sighing, struggling to walk in as her purse and keys dropped to the floor.
“Wha- How did you get home?! You never called me.” Harry walked to her, wrapping one arm around her to help her walk, skin cold and clammy coming in contact with his. He didn’t need an answer to her question. “Baby, it’s freezing outside! Do you know how insane it is to walk home?! It’s past midnight and it’s so unsafe. God, something could have happened to you. You’re intoxicated and alone, you have a phone and didn’t even think of calling me. I told you to call me, (Y/N).”
Harry was rambling in anger. More so because he didn’t know what he would’ve done with himself if something were to happen to his girl. (Y/N) was known to become quite emotional when she was drunk and Harry yelling frantically didn’t help. They were now in the bathroom, (Y/N) sat on the covered toilet as Harry grabbed her makeup wipes to clean her face. Tears started to build in her eyes, her head spinning in no help to how she felt.
“I’m sorry. I- my phone, it-it died, and I had no other way to contact you. Then my friends all left. I was alone. So I just walked home.”
Harry sighed, kneeling to her level as a frown formed on his lips. “Oh, darling. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you I was just s’worried. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Let’s just get you ready for bed.”
(Y/N) was obedient to Harry’s every request. He ran her a bath, washed her hair, fed her a sandwich and some water in order to help her sober up.
After helping (Y/N) brush her teeth and slipping on a pair of panties for her, Harry moved her up to the pillows, bringing the blankets up their chins, and wrapping his body around her. (Y/N) turned around, both chest to chest as she wrapped her arms tightly around Harry, a sigh leaving her lips.
“I’m so lucky to have you, Harry. I love you so much.” Her words came out muffled as her face was pressed against his neck, her lips now leaving small, chaste kisses over his warm skin.
“I love you, angel. Good night.”
In reality, Harry always felt he was the lucky one. (Y/N) was the best he’d ever have, in more ways than one. He had no problem taking care of her in her most vulnerable moments. It was an honor for him.
“My special girl.” Harry whispered into her hair, hand running softly up and down her back. Sleep began to fill his body quickly, holding on to his (Y/N) tightly, almost afraid that she’d leave.
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heyyyharry · 2 days ago
Red (All Too Well inspired / Harry Styles fanfic) which we got lost in translation and I asked for too much.
Tumblr media
I got drunk, fell asleep, and woke up at 4 in the morning, then I couldn't fall back to sleep so I stayed up and wrote this.
Warning: smut.
Word count: 2.5k
She’d got that text at 3AM. She’d been in bed with a guy she’d met on a dating app. They’d been on a few dates, and he’d said all the right things and matched her energy and efforts. She’d never had to wonder if he’d liked her or not. She’d been doing great. But then that got damn text had lit up her phone, and she’d been sucked right back into that rabbit hole.
Hey, how have you been?
That had been the blandest opening line she had ever seen.
She had sat in her bed, eyes squinted, grimacing at the bright screen. They hadn’t spoken in months, and out of anything, he’d chosen that. The audacity.
She had rolled her eyes and turned the screen off, told herself to just ignore him and go back to sleep. Her date had reached out to pull her back in. She’d turned her back to his bare chest, letting him spoon her. But right as she’d closed her eyes, her phone had lit up once again with another text. It had seemed like the read receipt had terrified him for a second.
I’m sorry I disappeared. I lost my phone on vacation, but I’m home now. If you haven’t found someone already, I’d like to make it up to you.
‘If you haven’t found someone already…’
As if he’d cared.
She’d sucked in a breath as her date had tightened his arm around her waist and buried his face into her neck from behind. He’d seemed so comfortable, and she had been too before the text.
She could have put her phone aside and gone back to sleep. But she had known if she didn’t wake up to a third text from him in the morning, she would overthink. With him, she’d keep going round and round in circles like a carousel.
She had thought for a moment and decided to reply.
I’m sorry about your phone.
You can make it up to me next week.
He had read the messages in a second.
Red flag is typing…
Or right now.
Come over, Y/N.
And now she was on the night bus to see him. She’d told her date that her friend had called, and it’d been an emergency. He’d been so understanding and concerned, which had made her feel so guilty. But here she was, retracing her own mistakes.
He was waiting at the bus stop when she arrived. When you saw someone you hadn’t seen in a while, it felt easier to breathe. He stood with his hands in his puffer coat. It was three degrees outside. She wondered how long he had been waiting out here in the cold, and that tiny part in her that hadn’t guarded up against him shuddered at the thought that he might have waited in the cold for her.
Maybe she had overinterpreted this whole thing, but his eyes seemed to light up when she stepped off the bus. He took a step forward and put his arms around her. She buried her face into his neck and closed her eyes. She’d missed his scent. Not his expensive cologne but the smell of him, which had made her do double-takes on strangers too many times before.
“How have you been, love?” he’d asked, pulling away, his green eyes glowing in the dim streetlight.
She tried to ignore his hand which was resting on her lower back, but goosebumps had pimpled her skin under three layers of clothing.
“I’ve been good. You?”
“Great,” he said, dimples sinking deep into his cheeks. “Been cold, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” she said, breathing out smoke.
“Let’s go.” He took her hand as they started walking, and a grin spread on his lips when he found that she was wearing gloves.
“Weakling,” he joked.
“I’m not. It’s three fucking degrees!”
“Nah, you’re just weak,” he said, lacing his fingers with hers. “But it’s okay. I’m here to keep you warm.”
Her thoughts faltered for a second at those words. He’d said them so casually as if they’d held no weight. She wondered if, for at least once, he’d meant these things he’d said. But she knew if they were out together during the day, which rarely happened, and this pavement was packed with people, he wouldn’t even be walking so close let alone hold her hand so tight. Then, as they walked and she gazed upon the side of his face, she couldn’t help but imagine him with another girl strolling down the empty street of Europe, and her stomach turned with anxiety.
The walk wasn’t short, but it could’ve been longer. She couldn’t bear the cold, but she hated when he let go of her hand on his doorsteps. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door.
“My flatmate’s asleep,” he said in a whisper, as if his flatmate waking up and seeing her here would have been the end of the world.
She shook off the troubling thoughts and her coat and jacket, then followed him to his room. She had been here too many times that she could tell the slightest change he’d made.
“Did you get new sheets?”
“Yes.” He smiled and put on music as she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Do you like them?”
She stuck out her bottom lip and turned to look at the violet floral sheets. “Very pretty.”
“Like me.”
His comment made her giggle. “No, like me.”
“Like us,” he said then came to sit down next to her.
She’d seen him naked so many times yet him sitting so close to her still made her heart pound. She took in a sharp breath and smiled as he brushed a hair out of her face.
“I’m sorry I made you travel here,” he said. She’d never seen his eyes so green. “I would have come to you if I hadn’t been so tired from all the trains.”
“Did you just get back?”
“How was vacation?”
“It was good.” He grabbed her hand from her lap, brought it to his mouth and kissed it. Her heart shuddered at the simple gesture. “Food good. People good. Missed you though.”
“Really?” she scoffed, rolling her eyes.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he chuckled. “I meant it.” Then, as proof, he pulled out his new phone. “See? Lost my phone on vacation.”
“I didn’t say you lied about it.”
He shrugged, put his phone on the nightstand and his hand on her hip. “Come here.”
She got up and moved to sit on his lap, resting her forehead against his. He shut his eyes, his lashes fluttering as he brushed his nose against hers. She wanted to ask him to tell her he missed her again. She liked hearing that. Because if he hadn’t said it, she would never have been able to tell.
His hand resting on her knees slowly made its way up to her thigh. He let out a satisfied groan as he pressed his nose to her neck. She leaned back, eyes shut, her hand in his hair. He caressed her thigh for a moment before sliding his hand up to her breast. Her body burned and ached for him. A hand on his shoulder, she turned to straddle his hips. He started kissing her neck, careful not to leave evident. She knew they weren’t teenagers, but she wished he’d leave a mark. So that she could walk out of here the next morning knowing it’d been real. And that he didn’t mean it like that when he hugged her like a friend at the bus stop and said, “Thanks for coming. It was nice seeing you.”
He pulled back for a moment, a hand at the back of her head, just looking at her.
“What?” she giggled.
“You’re so pretty,” he murmured.
She rolled her eyes again as he pulled her back in, pressing his mouth to hers. He kissed her tender, then he kissed her hard. They fell back on the bed, and she pulled off her sweater and shuffled down to sit on his thighs as he undid his trousers. She wished they could take it slow, but right now she didn’t want to. She needed to feel him inside her, to make him cum, to hear him say her name, to pretend that he hadn’t said all those sweet things just for this, that he wouldn’t shut off his feelings the second he pulled out of her.
“Condom. Have you got condoms?”
“Y/N, calm down.” He laughed and stopped her as she reached for his top drawer. He cupped her face, kissing her again with tongue. Her mouth fell open with a gasp as he unzipped her jeans and slipped his hand in. He looked her straight in the eyes as he started rubbing her there. She knew how much he liked her reactions to him. Her core clenched as he slipped one finger inside her. “Fuck, you’re so tight for me, baby.”
“Yes,” she panted, eyes closed, head tossed back so he could kiss her neck. Panting, he grabbed her hand and put it into her trousers. Then, as she rubbed her clit, trying to hold eye contact, he watched and worked his fingers inside her.
She had never come so hard. She sobbed out his name and rode out her orgasm until she collapsed onto him. He patted her hair as she breathed into his chest. Once she’d calmed down, he flipped them over, got undressed, then helped her get out of her clothes and grabbed a condom from the drawer.
When he slipped in, they both moaned. This feeling that she would never get used to made her feel belonged. It was never the same with other people. Just him.
He rolled his hips as she pushed back, allowing him to go deeper, hitting the right spot. She trembled under his touch and kisses. If only this moment could last forever.
When he came, he came hard, crying out her name. She felt ecstasy as she put her arms around him, holding him close. Their sweaty bodies moved together, slowing down and going limp.
The room was so quiet. She had never heard silence quite this loud.
The butterflies in her stomach made her feel sick. He pulled out of her and dropped onto his back beside her. She waited for him to pull her in and cuddle her, but he stayed there, staring at the ceiling with an arm over his forehead. Butterflies burst into flames, her heart now a lump of coal.
“That was amazing,” he said quietly, turned to her and smiled. “You were amazing.”
“I was with someone when you called,” she blurted, not knowing why she’d said it. Maybe she just wanted to get a reaction from him.
He looked stunned for a second, then his smile destroyed her. “You’ve been seeing someone? That’s great, Y/N.”
She forced a smile back. “Is it?”
Harry pushed himself up on his elbow and gazed down at her. She tried to look for a hint of jealousy on his calm expression, but there was none. Because he wasn’t jealous. He didn’t care enough to be.
“But why did you come?”
She averted her eyes and shrugged, hugging her naked self. “He got sick, so he went home. And I came here.”
“Oh,” he said, thoughtfully. “How long have you been seeing him?”
“For a few weeks.”
“Are you serious with him?”
“I guess. Don’t know.”
It finally dawned on him. His face turned cold. “So I won’t see you again if you start dating this guy.”
She shrugged, trying to ignore that spark of hope. “I don’t have to date him, Harry.”
“Have to?” Harry laughed. “What do you mean?”
Frustrated, Y/N sat up and looked him in the eyes. “Are you not jealous?”
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked, sitting up as well. He seemed quite appalled, and she could not blame him. They had never had this kind of conversation before. “Is me not being jealous bothering you?”
“Why?” He chuckled. “You’re not jealous of the girls I sleep with.”
So he had been sleeping with other girls. Of course he had. She knew him. Why was she surprised?
Maybe it just hurt to hear him say it.
“I am, though,” she murmured, pulling the duvet up to cover her body.
He was quiet for a moment.
“I’m sorry I asked you to come. It…it probably wasn’t a good idea.”
Stunned, Y/N stared at him. Her stomach churned as if she was about to throw up. She felt a burning sensation at the bridge of her nose.
“Have you,” she stuttered, “Have you ever thought about us?”
“Thought about us?” he asked.
“Like…” She wetted her lips and swallowed dryly. “Will we ever be something?”
Harry froze for a second.
Then, he said, “You know I can’t commit.”
“I do. I just don’t know why,” she said, her voice shaking. “Is it because your ex cheated?” He said nothing. “Harry.” She grabbed his wrist. “Not every girl is gonna be like her. Not all relationships are the same.”
For a moment, he didn’t speak, and she felt herself melting into a puddle on his violet sheets. Tears stung her eyes, but she fought them back.
“I’m really sorry, Y/N,” he said at last, and she let out a breath of defeat. A tear rolled down her cheek. She wondered if he could see her cry since the room was so dark and blue. Probably not. Or he chose not to see it.
She didn’t believe him when he said that, but she believed it when he pulled his hand from her grip and scooted back. “I wish I could be that for you. But you deserve to be happy. I want you to be happy.”
She did not say a word, got up and started putting on her clothes. He did, too, but with every move, she felt his eyes on her. She waited for him to say something. She would have stayed if he’d asked. She would have stayed forever.
“Want me to drive you home? I could borrow my flatmate’s car.”
“No, thanks,” she said, facing the wall as she slipped her trousers back on.
“I’ll walk you to the bus stop. It’s cold outside.”
It was colder in here, she thought but did not say.
Silently, they walked back to the bus stop. This time, they kept a distance as if someone was watching. He had his hands in his pockets and her gloved hands were holding herself. The cold pierced through her brain. She would probably have a permanent headache after tonight.
The bus arrived right as they got to the bus stop. Part of her was glad that she didn’t have to wait in the cold with him; another part of her was sad that she didn’t have to wait in the cold with him.
“Thank you for coming,” he said what he always said and gave her an awkward smile.
She just looked at him, sucked in a breath, and stepped on the bus.
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Harry Styles — Golden
Fine Line Series Part 5
Tumblr media
Classic Amalfi Coast cliche, I know. But it’s so perfect I don’t even care. Also we are using our imaginations again and pretending the Amalfi Coast in November is warm enough for swimming.
I Know That You’re Scared Because I’m So Open
After a whirlwind three weeks in Europe, there were thirteen days of freedom between the show in Milan and the start of the Asia/Oceania leg of the tour in Singapore. Most of the crew was flying back to LA for some much needed time with friends and family, although a group of particularly adventurous assistants was spending the break backpacking through the Alps.
You and Harry were hopping on a tiny private plane and heading to the Amalfi Coast for ten days of sun, sand, and uninterrupted alone time.
The villa Harry had rented was small but luxurious, with a modern, minimalist interior that focused mostly on the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the infinity-edge pool out back and the white-sand beach beyond. You dropped your bags at the door and flung yourself onto the plush white sofa with a content sigh.
“I could get used to this!” you exclaimed, kicking off your shoes before lifting your feet up to cross the sofa’s arm.
“Only the best for my sunflower,” Harry said, leaning over the back of the couch to press a kiss to your forehead. “C’mon, let’s go check out the pool.” He grabbed your hand to help you up and you behind him out the back door.
The view was even better outside; the late afternoon sunlight gave everything a warm, golden glow. The deck around the pool was made of green tiles that shone brightly like sea glass. There were a few lounge chairs to one side and a dining set on the other, with an outdoor shower in the space between the side of the house and the patio wall. A set of stairs led down to the beach below,
Harry let go of your hand and sprinted for the stairs.
“Race you to the water,” he yelled, already halfway there by the time you registered what was happening.
“Cheater!” You called after him, racing to catch up. He beat you to the shore, but you weren’t far behind. He stood with his arms out and you launched yourself into them, nearly knocking him over.
“Easy there,” he said with a chuckle, scooping you up bridal-style.
“Harry, no!” You squealed as he turned towards the ocean, carrying you deeper. He kept walking, and eventually the tips of your toes dipped under water, sending a chill through your body.
“It’s so cold!” you exclaimed, giggling and lifting your feet up to try and avoid the water.
“‘S better if you just duck under,” Harry said with mischief in his eyes before diving into the waves, pulling you down with him. A shriek escaped your lips but was promptly cut off when your head went underwater. You resurfaced, spluttering, wiping the salt water out of your eyes with your fist.
“You’re insufferable, Harry Styles,” you said, shoving water at him.
“You love it,” he responded with a smirk, splashing you back. You let out a playful growl, jumping onto his back and knocking him underwater again, before taking off towards the shore. He swam after you once he came back up and realized you were gone, catching up quickly. His hand wrapped around your ankle, preventing you from going any further. Lunging forwards, he pulled on your ankle to flip you over so you were floating on your back, before promptly tackling you into the shallow waves.
His lips crashed onto yours in a salty kiss. The waves broke on top of you, fluttering the white sundress fanned out around you, fizzling out as they neared the shore. Your wet bodies slid together effortlessly, and a tingle followed the trail of his slick fingers up and down your thighs. A gasp escaped your lips and he swallowed it, using your open mouth to his advantage as he slipped his tongue between your parted lips. You wrapped your legs around his waist to pull his body flush against yours, and could feel him pressing into your hip bones.
Eventually, he pulled away, resting his forehead on yours for a moment to catch his breath. You blinked your eyes open and were met with his green-eyed gaze. The sun was starting to set; it had dropped significantly in the time you spent lost in each other, casting a halo-like glow behind Harry’s head.
You shivered at the lack of body heat, curling towards him unconsciously.
“C’mon, let’s get you inside,” he said, nudging your nose with his. Emerging from the water made you even colder, and your wet dress seemed to absorb the cool evening air, sticking to your skin and trapping it in. Harry pulled off his wet t-shirt and flung it up onto the deck ahead of you. You led him inside and straight to the bathroom. Harry started the shower while you got undressed, following you into the hot water to finish what he had started earlier.
Thirteen days passed quickly, yet each one felt luxuriously slow. They were spent floating in the pool, swimming in the ocean, and walking hand-in-hand down the private beach, collecting seashells and talking about everything and nothing all at once, with frequent breaks inside to get out of the heat and explore each other's bodies.
If you thought three days in the Grand Canyon brought out Harry’s domestic side, ten days in an Italian villa turned it up to eleven. He brought you tea in bed every morning, refusing to let you get up until you had finished your first cup. He cooked dinner and you ‘assisted,’ sitting on the counter with a glass of wine while he buzzed around the kitchen wearing a kitchy apron with ‘Bon Appetit!’ embroidered on the front, above a stitched-on glass of wine and charcuterie board.
One night, he had a chef from one of the restaurants in town come over to teach the two of you how to make homemade pasta. By the time the food was done, the kitchen was covered in flour, but it was all worth it, because it was the best pasta you ever had. The chef had helped you plate the meals and set them up on the table outside, before leaving you to your own devices. He had brought a bottle of red wine to pair with the pasta, and you and Harry enjoyed a long, leisurely dinner, refilling your glasses until the bottle was empty and your plates were cold.
You made a game out of cleaning up to make it go by faster. The rules were unclear, but somehow you managed to finish off another bottle of wine, and headed back out onto the deck with a third under your arm.
Harry sat down in one of the lounge chairs, patting the seat next to him. After pouring two more glasses of wine, you lowered yourself down until you were half on the chair and half on him, your legs draped across his. He reached an arm around your back, pulling you into his chest. All that wine had made you sleepy, and you let your head drop down against his.
“Can’t believe we got flour in the chandelier,” you giggled.
“Pretty sure it was you who did that,” he teased, poking you in the side and making you squirm.
“It wasn’t my fault, the bag was slippery!” You fell into giggles again, thinking about how the flour had puffed up out of the bag, floating around the room as if in slow motion. Harry chuckled and you could feel it rumbling in his chest
The two of you fell into a comfortable, peaceful silence as the sun slowly slipped down into the ocean and the stars flickered to life one by one, brightening the night sky. You pointed out constellations as they appeared, but when you turned towards Harry, he was staring at you with a soft smile on his face instead.
“I love you, Y/N,” he said softly, pausing for a second before opening his mouth to speak again. “Sorry if I’m coming on too strong or if things are moving too fast,” he sucked in his bottom lip, nibbling on it before he spoke again. “It's just, well, it hasn’t always been easy for me to open up, and it’s ruined things before.” He ducked his head, a blush creeping up his cheeks. “Don’t wanna ruin things with you.”
“Harry,” you said, interrupting his nervous babbling and pressing a finger to his lips. “I love you too.” His eyes were shining when he looked up at you, and he broke out into a huge grin. He wrapped his other arm around you, slipping it under your shirt to squeeze you to his chest tightly, and dropped a feather-light kiss onto your forehead. You hummed out a sigh, curling your body around his and nuzzling your face into his neck. His hands rubbing soothing circles on your back and the sound of the waves crashing lulled you to sleep.
The sun woke you up the next morning, the light streaming through the curtains and directly onto your eyes. Or, at least, that’s what you thought was happening, but when you blinked your eyes open, you were outside. Harry was curled around you with a protective arm thrown across your waist, and there was a towel over the two of you to lock in the body heat. You were surprisingly comfortable for having slept on a lounge chair, and cuddled deeper into Harry’s embrace to doze for a bit. The sunrise and the dewy, early-morning ocean mist cast a hazy, ephemeral glow, making you feel like you were in a dream. But it was better than a dream, it was real, and you still had another two full days until it was time to head to Singapore.
You felt Harry starting to stir and twisted around in his arms, pressing your forehead to his. He smiled, but kept his eyes shut, stuck in the delicious purgatory between being asleep and awake.
“Mornin’, love,” he mumbled, voice husky.
“Good morning,” you whispered, leaning in to peck the tip of his nose. “You could’ve dragged me inside last night.”
“You looked so peaceful, didn’t wanna wake you.” He blinked once, twice, three times, before opening his eyes completely, squinting slightly to ease back into the brightness of the real world. “And, I like the sound of the waves.” You smiled and leaned in for a proper kiss, catching his bottom lip between both of your own and sucking lightly on the delicate skin. His breath hitched in his throat and he paused for a second before pressing forward into you, tangling one hand into your hair with a low growl.
You were thankful for the privacy of your little villa when clothes started flying. When you dragged Harry into the outdoor shower to clean up, he pressed your back against the cool tile wall and left a white-hot trail from your lips all the way down your body to your inner thighs. You unconsciously bucked forward, craving more, but he gripped your hips tightly, pressing his thumbs in the hollows of the bones there to keep you in place.
When you had come undone for him, he pulled away and looked up at you with a smirk, wet hair draped over his eyes and lips slick.
“Coffee?” he asked, voice casual, as if he wasn’t on his knees in front of you. You leaned your head back against the wall and let your eyes flutter shut,
“Think I need a nap,” you groaned, voice hoarse. Harry laughed as he stood up and led you back inside, tucking you into the cool, dark bedroom to sleep off your post-coital hangover.
Though the bubble you had spent the past two weeks in was pure paradise, by the last day, you were itching to get out and explore beyond the 1-mile stretch of private beach that accompanied the villa. Harry, understandably, was worried about privacy, but after you spent the rest of the day begging to go somewhere and do something, he finally caved and agreed to go for a drive after dinner.
The rental car he had driven from the airport to the villa, an old Fiat, had been sitting idly in the driveway the whole time and took a few tries to get started. It didn't have bluetooth or even an aux jack, so you listened to the assortment of Italian songs on the radio. Harry drove down Amalfi Drive, along the rocky shores of the coast. He was wearing a black baseball cap, turned backwards, and a pair of old aviators a previous guest had left at the villa. You assured him no one would recognize him in the brief second they passed your car, but he was paranoid from years of being stalked by paparazzi and fans alike.
He sang along to the radio, making up his own nonsense Italian words. The car had no air conditioning, so the windows were down, and the wind whipped your ponytail around with every turn. You passed cute little villages built into cliff edges and small, isolated villas much like your own.
The setting sun cast a golden glow on everything you passed, and you desperately wanted to get out and explore. You turned to Harry, and dialled down the volume of the music so he could hear you speak.
“Can we get out to watch the sunset?” you asked, pleading with your eyes.
“I dunno, Y/N…” he said, eyeing you sideways.
“Please? Just for a few minutes?” You stuck out your bottom lip at him. “Nobody will recognize you, your disguise is flawless.” He took a few minutes to think about it, staring straight ahead, lost in thought.
“Okay, fine,” he relented. “Just for a little bit.”
“Yay!” You leaned across the center console to kiss him on the cheek, making him smile as he pulled the car over. The two of you walked down to the nearly empty beach and found a spot nestled between two protruding rock formations that kept you mostly hidden.
“See, I told you it would be fine,” you said, lowering yourself to the sand next to Harry. He dropped down next to you, leaning his head on your shoulder.
“I know, I guess I’m just paranoid,” he said, voice soft. You wrapped your arms around him, pulling him closer.
“It’s okay, you have every right to be. While most kids were drinking stolen beers in their parents’ basement and worrying about whether or not they would have a date to prom, you were selling out stadiums around the world. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, how much the paparazzi stalked you when you were underage.” You were both quiet for a moment, soaking up the salty sea air and each other's company. “I can’t even imagine what that was like. Is like.”
“‘S okay. Wouldn’t change it for the world, though I would’ve liked to take you to prom.” He nudged you with his shoulder and you barked out a laugh, head thrown back and eyes shut, the idea of Harry Styles taking you to prom too much to handle.
“I would’ve been the most popular girl in school,” you said once your laughter had subsided. “Or the most hated. Maybe both.”
“Probably both,” Harry agreed. “Bet you were gorgeous, though.”
“I went with Kenny Armansky, captain of the debate team.” You pulled out your phone and scrolled back through Instagram to find your old prom pics. “I ignored him for most of the night, though, because I wanted to hang out with my friends.” Harry laughed, the sweet sound echoing off of the rocks surrounding you. The two of you sat there for what felt like hours, just enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore and birds chirping, soaking up every last minute of the alone time before it was back to nonstop travel, people everywhere, and keeping things low-key.
As the sun slipped below the horizon and your last day in paradise came to an end, your heart swelled with happiness, thankful for everything in your life that had happened to lead up to this perfect moment with the perfect man.
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harryhoney-bee · 26 days ago
short short blurb of aftercare where harry is cleaning y/n up down there and he says something like ‘open your legs for me’ and shes like ‘no no i dont wanna anymore’ and hes gentle while explaining to her that hes just cleaning her and nothing else and she falls asleep in his arms☹️
Puppy eyes
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry giving Y/n aftercare
Word count: 1.3k
Warnings: mentions of sex, choking, use of handcuffs, subspace etc.
Harry had just pulled out of her, he was as breathless as the girl under him, but he didn’t have time to recompose himself, since Y/n was still restrained to the bed by handcuffs from the scene they were doing.
Harry carefully took the small key and opened the handcuffs, he brought both of her hands down and turned her wrists slightly, trying to see any more damage besides the sore skin. "Does it hurt, baby?" He asked, looking down at her, but her eyes were closed and she gave no indication that she was even listening to him.
"Hey angel, open your eyes to me, please," Harry asked, kissing her cheeks and rubbing his thumb on the red skin of her hands. "Miss you, baby. I wanna know if you are alright."
He kissed her nose and forehead, watching as her eyes were slowly opening. Y/n stared at him, breathing still unevenly, she took her hands from Harry's hold, which made the man confused.
"Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself–"
"I don't want it," she said anxiously while moving her legs, realizing they were still restrained to the bed. "I- please, I don't want it anymore.”
A wave of fear went through Harry's body. She was ok when they were having sex minutes ago, what happened?
"It's ok, look I'm putting the handcuffs away," he said, wanting her to look at him while he freed her ankles, throwing them somewhere on the floor. "See? You are ok now, you can move." He assured Y/n.
She timidly moved her legs together and brought her hands close to her naked chest. Harry had been with her long enough to know the signs of subspace, she looked nervous, shy, and as if she wasn't sure of what was happening.
"Can I lay by your side baby? We can cuddle, do you want that?"
She took some time to answer him, but she finally nodded her head, which made Harry smile. The man slowly laid his head on the pillow and brought Y/n close, putting her head on his chest and he stroked her back, feeling well aware that he still needed to clean both of them up and change the sheets, but he just couldn't do that if she wasn't feeling well.
"I like when you lay down with me," she whispered, hiding her head on his chest and breathing him in.
"I always lay down with you, silly," Harry said. He looked to the side and saw the glass of water he placed there for when the scene was over. "Why don't you sit down so you can drink some water, huh? Is your throat sore? I can make tea if you want."
He held her waist, putting her in between his legs, her back against his chest as he brought the glass to her mouth, he cleaned some drops of water from her chin before making sure she drank it all. "Thank you," she said, letting her body fall completely into Harry's chest.
The man wrapped his left arm around her belly, and with the other one, he opened the bedside table's drawer, taking out a package of baby wipes to clean her.
He kissed her neck softly. "Open your legs for me, baby."
But the girl shook her head, turning her body to him. "I don't want it, please," she said, tears starting to form in her eyes.
Harry quickly cleaned her cheeks from her tears. "Shh, the scene is done baby, I just want to take care of you know, ok? We won't do anything anymore, but you need to let me take care of you."
"I'm already clean, sir," she said, tilting her head in the direction of his hand, so her whole cheek was squeezed on the palm of his hand as she looked up to him.
"You aren’t, baby, none of us are, that's why we need to clean up and take a bath." He said gently. "We are a bit of a mess now," Harry joked, but the girl didn't understand the playful tone of her voice.
"I'm not a mess, and I didn't make any messes," Y/n said looking down.
"You didn’t, darling, I'm the one who did, but we need to clean it up, ok? Your thighs are all sticky now, that's not nice, is it?"
"No, not nice.
"So let me clean it, angel."
"Ok," she said, shyly spreading her legs. Harry took the baby wipe and cleaned the inside of her thighs and pussy, noticing how much of his cum had already dipped into the bed.
"See, all done," he told her, getting out of the bed and throwing the wipes in the bin. Harry also took his sweatpants from the floor, dressing himself so he wasn’t completely naked.
He also took a clean t-shirt from the closet, heading in Y/n's direction. She was still sitting in the same place, but she was holding the blanket to her body, eyes fastly looking around the room.
"Here, let's put you in this shirt," he said, putting the blanket down, his eyes dropped to her naked chest, he just couldn't help himself.
The girl put her arms up as Harry dressed her. "You look so cute, did you know that?" He caressed her jaw with his thumb, but she let out a whine of pain." What is wrong? Are you hurt?" He asked worriedly, looking at her neck and trying to find the cause of her discomfort.
"My neck is a bit sore, but don't worry about it," she said. "Can we cuddle? Please?"
"We are not cuddling if you are in pain. Was it choking?" He asked, resting his fingertips at the exact spot that had his lion ring mark, which was caused by the amount of pressure he put on her neck while doing breath play. "Fuck, I'm sorry, I'm gonna get some cream for your neck and wrist, stay here."
He got up from the bed but Y/n grabbed his forearm, not letting him go. "Stop, you are always leaving me, stay here please, I want you, why can't we just cuddle?" She cried.
Harry hated watching her cry, especially if it was something he had power over. He sat on the mattress and let her hug him while he patted her back, wrapping his arms around her and listening to her soft cries. "My darling, I know you are a bit light-headed right now, but I need to take care of your body too."
"And we need to eat something before we head to the tub. The scene was heavy, love, we need to care for you, you know it's one of the rules." He continued, resting his chin on her head. “I promise to cuddle with you as much as you want later, but now we need to eat something and take care of your skin.”
Harry grabbed a moisturizer from her vanity and carefully held her hand, applying it on both of her wrists and sore ankles, which were handcuffed for way too long, next time he was going to remember not to let her restrained for so long. “Turn your head to the side, please,” he asked, applying the cream even though it wouldn’t do much.
“See, we are halfway done,” he said happily, trying to get the girl to smile, which she did. “There is the prettiest view in the world, now let’s go, I’m gonna make you a bowl of fruits.”
“I was actually thinking of chocolate pancakes,” Y/n said, giving his puppy eyes.
“That’s not very healthy, is it?” Harry said, raising his eyebrows.
“Neither is being chained up to a bed while having my boyfriend choke me, but look where we are,” Y/n said sarcastically, laughing when Harry’s face went pale.
“You are so annoying sometimes,” he mumbled, helping her off the bed. “Two pancakes, alright?”
He rolled his eyes. “Three, and that’s it.”
“Can we also have pizza for dinner? Please?”
“You are a taste of my patience.”
“Can we though?” She asked eagerly.
“Yes, yes we can.” He said grumpily.
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venusstyless · 27 days ago
Masked (H.S)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles/Y/N
Warning: NSFW (18+)  mask kink, oral (female receiving), Domrry, unprotected sex (wrap it up!), degradation (uses of the words slut and whore), breeding kink, pet names
Word count: 3,857
Synopsis: Harry was watching Y/N and Y/N enjoys being watched. 
authors note: Hi sunnies, this took me so fucking long I'm not going to lie, i really enjoyed writing this one, it was super different from anything I've ever written. Also this is unedited but i hope you all enjoy reading it. <3 .Reblog and Feedback appreciated.
The lights flashed as they made their way through the house, music boomed off of every wall as they walked through the crowd of people.
Y/N glanced around at everyone around her, her eyes widening as she took in everyone's costumes. 
Angel's, Devil's, Witches, Nurse's, Fireman's, Ghost face,  and a whole bunch of different kinds of masks. 
A shiver ran down her spine as she turned forward, someone was standing in front of her making her chest collide with theirs. Her hands raised to press against their broad shoulders as she pushed herself back, trying to stabilize herself. 
"S-sorry." She apologizes, her hands trembling as she stares into their eyes under the mask.
They didn't say anything though, she could tell that they were staring back at her but no words left their lips. Her eyes dragged down where she saw their throat bob as they swallow harshly, her eyes moved back to theirs just as they began moving, walking away from in front of her.
"Y/N! Come on!" Thea, her friend, called. 
She rushed over to her side, fighting the urge to look behind her at the person who walked away. Her shaky hands lifted to grab the cup out of Thea's hands, smiling lightly before bringing the cup to her lips. 
About an hour passes and she still can't seem to shake them from her mind, she can still feel their hands on her hips as she tries to push away from them. She could hear the faint sound of their shaky breaths from beneath the mask, the sound of the heavy inhale as she looked into their eyes. 
She leans over and whispers to Thea that she'll be back, setting her cup on a counter she slowly makes her way out of the kitchen. She found herself walking down a long hallway, doors covering either side of the wall. Her brows furrow as she walks further, the music fading out as she continues. 
She stops suddenly when she hears faint footsteps behind her, the sound of the floorboards squeaking echoing through her ears. 
“Hello?” Her small voice calls out, glancing over her shoulder she sees no one, the lights flashing from downstairs illuminating her surroundings. 
After a few seconds, she continues to walk, her arms reaching around to hug herself as her fingers tremble, they clutch to the costume she's wearing as her feet slowly take her further down the hallway. 
Suddenly a door flies open causing her to let out a yelp, grabbing onto her chest her head turns to see a couple walking out of the room. Their arms were wrapped around each other as one leaned down pressing a kiss to the other's lips. 
As she watched them descend down the hallway she released a breath, a breath of relief. Gathering up the courage, she slowly turned to begin walking again, but she stopped abruptly when she saw a figure at the end of the hallway.
They were there, their hands hanging by their sides as they stared straight at her.
Her cherry red lips part as she watches them take slow short steps toward her, her own feet moving as she tries to take steps back, retreating from them. 
“Don't,” They said, for the first time she heard a voice. it was deep and raspy, sending a shiver down her back as she froze. “You poor thing.” He speaks again, his thick accent rolling with each word.
“I– I don't—” She tries to say, her voice shaking as he grows closer. 
“You're like a kitten, practically shakin' in fear,” He purrs, his shoes stopping right in front of her pink heels. “So sweet, so innocent.” He murmurs, his finger raising to graze her arms lightly. 
He likes seeing her like this, trembling with fear, being so petrified that she's stood in front of a complete stranger, at his mercy. He wouldn't like it as much though if he knew that she didn't like it, but he could tell that she secretly did.
He could tell that she liked being this close to him, she liked being sought out and found as he had done. He could tell by the way her chest rose and fell just a bit faster than it had a minute prior, or the way her pupils had dilated, her eyes darkening as she stared at his own behind the mask. 
It excited her, made her heart race just a bit faster. 
"I've had m'eyes on you all night long, sweet thing," he whispers, dipping his head to the crease of her neck, he inhales deeply as he bites on his lip beneath the mask, suppressing a groan. "Watched you dancin' in this cute little outfit of yours." 
"Do y’like being watched, pet? Huh? Like knowing I had m'eyes on ya' since ya' stumbled into me?" 
She wanted to say no, she wanted to tell him to fuck off and turn away, to run back to her friends. But she couldn't, she liked the way his warm breath fanned over her neck, the way his words sent goosebumps to the tip of her skin.
The way having him this close to her made her thigh clench. 
"I asked you a question, pet," He growled, his hands going to grip at her hips as he pressed his groin against her thigh. "Do y'like being watched Y/N?" 
A small gasp left her lips as she felt his cock against her leg, hard and thick, throbbing just from inhaling her scent. His finger dug into her hips, pulling her closer to him he slotted his thigh in between her legs. 
“Y-yes.” she whimpered out, her hips discreetly settling on his thigh. 
“Look at you. Tryin’ to rub your little cunt on my thigh, dirty girl.” He mumbles, his lips grazing her neck just a bit before he pulls away, her body becoming cold as he takes a step away from her. 
“Why'd you stop?” She asks, her voice shaking as she tries to reach out for him. 
“Just because y’like to be watched like a little whore doesn't mean 'm letting anyone potentially get a view at what's mine,” He growled, his voice growing deeper as his hand came out to grab her tiny wrist. 
He pulled her into one of the rooms that lined the wall. She followed silently as she looked at the back of his head, dark brown curls poked out the back of the mask and her fingers itched to run through it. 
With the door closed behind them, he wasted no time pushing her against the wall, his hands grabbing at her thighs trying to get closer to her, to feel her against him. 
Her arms wrapped around his neck as his hips ground into hers, his hard cock pressing right up against her now drenched core. 
He wanted to feel her, to feel how slick she's gotten for him. 
"Fuck, you're a dream," He purred, his face hidden in her hot neck. "M'dream fuckin' girl."
Her fingers slowly made their way to his hair, a gasp leaving her lips as she finally felt his soft curls in between her fingers. Her own hips begin to work against him, grinding down to create some kind of fiction.
"Oh god," She whimpers, her head falling to the crease of his neck."Fuck, this feels–" 
"It feels what, sweet girl?" He taunts grinding his hips harder into her cunt, beads of precum leaking from the head of his cock. "Hm? How does grinding that hot cunt against my thick cock feel?" 
"Feels so good, so so good." She moans, her lips pucker against his skin as his hips drive deeper into her. 
"If y’think this feels good baby," he moans, pulling his head back, his hand comes up to gasp her throat, his fingers wrapping tightly around the base of her neck. "Just wait until I fill y’up, filling that tiny little cunt of yours right to the brim." 
A moan escaped her cherry lips before he pulled his body away from hers, her eyes flying open just as he tugs on her waist, pulling her towards the king sized bed in the middle of the dark room.
"Lay down," He ordered, nodding his head to the bed. She obeys and sits at the end, her legs dangling over the edge. "Scoot back for me, lovie." His rough voice speaks again.
She obeys, scooting back until her ass is right at the edge of the mattress. Her heels dangle, scraping the floor as her feet swing a bit. Her cheeks are flushed, crimson red covering the apples of her face as he stares at her, prowling at her as he takes slow steps towards her. 
His knees hit the end of the bed as he stands over her, his rough hands grazing the softness of her legs. His mouth watered at the sight of her red lace panties, a wet spot right in the middle of them.
He wanted to taste her, wanted to smother his face into her wet, hot cunt until he couldn't breathe. He wanted his tongue to explore every inch of her skin. 
Dropping to his knees before her, he hooked his fingers under her dress, pushing it up past her hips revealing her thick thighs. He groaned seeing her thighs part further, revealing more of her cunt for him. 
"You're soaking, pet. Such a little slut for me," He growled, digging his blunt nails into her thighs. "Gotta taste ya’, love… that okay with ya'?" He questions, looking at her through the mask.
His cock throbbed in his pants as she brings her lip between her teeth, he swears she bites hard enough to draw blood and suddenly he wants it on his tongue. 
Stare stares down at him, kneeling between her perched thighs. She can see parts of his eyes through the dark sheer parts of the mask, her heart pumping faster when those green eyes bore into hers. 
“Yes, please. Need your tongue.” She whines, her hips moving as she grows more and more desperate. 
"Such a dirty little thing aren't you? Letting a total stranger put his tongue on y'pussy," he moans, his fingers dipping into the side of her panties, pulling them to the side, his eyes making contact with her wet cunt. 
His mouth waters, taking in how wet she is, dripping down her ass. He surges forward, pulling the mask up to reveal his mouth before the tip of his tongue darts out as he licks the side of her thigh. Her hips thrust up, wanting to feel his wet mouth on her cunt, his tongue curling around her sensitive clit. 
She wanted him more than anything and it confused her. 
She didn't understand how she could want someone she doesn't even know so much, her body was aching for his touch. 
He left kisses to her heated skin, easing closer to where they both wanted. His lips puckered against the top of her mound, His arms wrapped around her thighs as he moved his lips down her slit, letting his tongue jut out, tasting her for the first time.
"So fuckin' good, addictive. M' new drug, baby." He groaned, pulling the mask off his face as he dived in, pressing his face against her. 
His tongue circled her clit before sucking it in his mouth, his teeth nibbling softly made her back arch. Her hands fly to his hair and she feels her body spasms feeling his curls between her fingers. 
"Tug on it, pet. Hurt me," He groans, her hips grinding against this tongue as she pulls his hair tightly, tugging him closer to her. 
He moans loudly against her, gripping her thighs as he presses deeper into her. He could feel his breathing getting harder but he didn't want to pull away, he wanted to be buried inside her forever.
"Jesus Christ, y'taste so fucking good, pet. Wanna be in between these thighs for days," He moans, he moves his face away from her cunt and grips her panties with both hands, pulling roughly he tears them into two pieces. "'M gonna finger you now, baby. Gonna 'ave to stretch you to take m'cock." 
She whimpers at his words, hanging onto everything dirty that leaves his mouth. Her back arches as she feels the tips of his fingers circling around her clit, her hips press down as she tries to get him to sink them into her cunt, wanting to feel full of him. 
“Please, please just—” her words catch in her throat as he sinks two fingers into her.
He releases a low groan feeling her tight pussy clench around him, squeezing his finger like she’ll be doing to his cock soon enough. He can only imagine how she'll feel around him.
“How are y’this fucking tight? Goddamn, you’re going to squeeze the shit out of m’cock love,” he moans, thrusting his finger in and out of her. His mouth latches onto her clit once again, his tongue poking out to swipe over her sensitive nerves as she moans out in pleasure.
“I need more, I need..” she whimpers, her hips grinding down trying to get his finger to go deeper, to hit her in the spot she needed them to.
“You need what, pet?” he asks, kissing at her pussy as she grinds against his face, 
“Need your cock, need it so much.” she pleads, her legs shaking as he suckles on her clit, his teeth scraping over it lightly but enough to drive her insane. 
“Where's your manners, pet? Say please.” he scolds, removing both his fingers and his mouth from her completely. 
“Please, please give me your cock.” she whines.
“Say my name… say ‘please Harry give me your cock’” he smirks as she looks at him for the first time tonight. 
Her mouth parted and she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips against her own, her mouth watered at the thought of him kissing her as he pounded into her from behind. His hand on her jaw as his hips slammed into hers repeatedly, his mouth leaving sloppy kisses on hers as they caught each other's moans. 
Her pussy throbbed at the thought, she needed him. She never needed anything more than she did him. 
“Please Harry, I need your cock. I need you to fuck me.” she begs, tears springing to her eyes.
He let out a low growl noise as his hand that was just inside of her goes to his mouth, sucking her arousal off his finger. He moaned at the taste of her as his other hand went to his jeans, slipping off his belt before going to unbutton them.
"I already miss being between your legs, baby," he mutters, his tongue jutting out to lick at the tip of his two fingers, "Y'taste so fuckin' divine, m'favorite fuckin' meal." 
Harry pushes his jeans down and his hand palms over the erection that's in his black briefs, his head falling to the side as he stares at his girl on the bed. Her fingers tremble as she moves her hand to her tits, moaning when her hands cup them, squeezing harshly before pinching her nipples.
"Can't wait to be inside that pretty little pussy, 'm goin' to wreck you, sweet girl." He promises, his thumbs hooking to the side of his briefs before he pushes them down, his hard thick cock comes into view as it stands high. 
He wraps his hand around the base of his cock, giving himself a squeeze before he begins slow agonizing strokes, letting his thumb swipe over the slit of his tip, collecting his pre-cum before dragging his hand back down. He slowly took small steps over to the bed, staring down at her as she lay sprawled out on the mattress below him.
"Move up on the mattress, pet," he groans, his voice low and raspy as he keeps stroking himself. 
She obeys, moving up on the mattress until her head is right below the white pillows. Her hand reaches for the dress as it's pushed up on her waist, the top of it is pulled down exposing her tits, she pulls it over her head and tosses it onto the floor as her eyes meet his again. 
"Harry, please don't tease—" 
"'M not going to tease ya', baby. Need that tight pussy wrapped around me too much." 
With that he climbs onto the bed, moving to sit right in between her parted thighs. She was still wet, glistening with arousal as she pants underneath him.
"Aren't you going to use a condom?" Y/N asks, her brows furrowing when she feels the tip of his bare cock brush against her slit. 
"No," he moans, rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit, making her hips squirm. "No, I wanna feel you. Besides, a part of me likes knowing that 'm about to breed you, get you all swollen with m'cum." 
She can't help but whimper, his words seem to always make her melt, it makes her so fucking wet. She throws her head back when she feels him position the tip of his cock to her entrance. 
"Ready, baby? Your going to be s'full, so fuckin' stuffed, pet." He growls, as soon as he sees a little nod from her he pushes his hips forward, sinking his cock deep inside of her tightness. 
Both of them release moans, feeling each other for the first time. Harry can’t help but cum a little at the feeling of being bare inside of her, fucking someone bare for the first time ever. 
He can't get enough of her, he wants her forever, all his. 
He dips his head down and captures her lips with his, she lets out a moan as his hips slowly grind into hers, letting her get used to his size before he really pounds her into the mattress. 
“You feel too fuckin’ good, got me obsessed with you, pet.” he whispers against her lips, pulling his hips back just to slam them back against her, “So fuckin’ obsessed with y'baby, this body of yours, this tight little fuckin’ cunt.” he growls, his hands pressing against her hips as he drives himself ina nd out of her at a steady pace. “Can I keep you, pet? I can fuck y’forever, memorize every inch of your skin while I learn how to love you, please Y/N, let me keep you.” he begs, his hips slamming into hers again. 
She would agree to just about anything he asks for right now, she's drunk on him, drunk on the feeling of his thick cock sliding in and out of her. Drunk on the feeling of his hands on her heated skin, drunk on the words that are spilling from his mouth. 
"Yes, fuck, oh god." She finds herself saying, feeling him smile against her skin before he draws back.
She’s left feeling empty as he leaves her, gripping at her hips he flips her onto her knees. Her hands reach out and press against the soft mattress as she feels him behind her, he grabs himself, gliding the tip through her drenched folds, teasing her before he places himself at her sopping entrance. 
With one hard thrust he slides back into her, her walls clench around him as she moans his name, her heart wracks against her chest as she presses back against him. 
“Fuck, pet. Such a needy little slut,” Harry moans, his hands gripping her hips harshly, his nails dig into her skin. “S’fuckin’ needy for this cock, for m’cock,” he whispers, leaning over her he places a kiss to her shoulder, his warm breath fans out over her skin making her shiver. “No need to cry, baby. There's no way I could stop fuckin’ ya’."
Tears were streaming down her cheeks as her orgasm grew closer, her pussy clenched and quivered around his cock as he continued to pound her. His hand leaves her hip and grips her jaw, pulling her head back until her back is flush against his chest. 
"Aw, are y'gonna cum, pet? Gonna get m'cock soaked, yeah?" He teases, his hand on her hip moves around her, reaching between her thighs until his calloused fingers meet her clit.
She let out a shrill moan, her body spasming against his hold as his hips moved faster, driving into her deeper. The tip of his cock was brushing right against her g-spot, making her legs shake with every thrust he gave her. 
"Gonna cum," she whispered, her bottom lip getting caught between her teeth as her eyes rolled back. "Oh god I'm gonna fuckin' cum, please, please don't stop." She begged, rocking back into him with every thrust of his hips. 
"God, keep pushing back on me, baby," Harry groans, his mouth latching onto her sweaty neck, his tongue licking at her heated skin. "'M gonna cum so fuckin' hard, gonna fill this little pussy up with m'load, baby. Gonna fill you up s'much that y'feel it for days." 
Her orgasm washed over her as he spoke, clenching down hard around him her whole body trembled. Her arms give out and her body falls into the mattress, Harry continues fucking her, his cock now glistening with her cum, knowing that she just came makes his mind blurry. 
His legs shake as he slams into her one last time, cum shot out of his cock and fills her. She could feel it, the warmth it gave she knew that he had come inside of her.
"Fuck, oh my god," Harry groans, his mouth placed right next to her ear, "Shit, think you have some magic pussy or something, pet." He whimpers, slowly grinding his cock against her, "Haven't came that hard in a long fuckin' time." 
He slowly pulls out of her, moving back on the bed he glances down at her cunt, red and swollen, their cum leaking out if her was a sight that would be cemented in his brain. 
She goes to move but he places one of his hands on her back, rubbing slow circles on her bare skin he lays next to her. Her head turned and she looked at him, for the first time she really looked at him. He was beautiful.
"Stay here," he whispers, moving his face closer to her, their noses nudging against each other, "I'll get you cleaned soon, pet and then we can leave." He says, his hand still moving on her skin as she shifts to lay her head on his chest. "I 'ave 'much I want to do to ya'." He mutters, his hand moving to her hair, he runs his fingers through it and scratches at her scalp making her let out a little moan. 
A small smile appears on his face and he leans his head down to kiss the crown of her head, her arm wraps around his waist as she cuddles up to him. 
"I still can't believe you're letting me keep you, baby. We're gonna 'ave s'much fun together." 
TagList: @lovleyeverafter @one-sweet-gubler (if you want to be added check out my Tag List post) 
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finelinevogue · 3 months ago
an interview from hell
Tumblr media
Description - Harry is doing his interview on the Howard Stern show and you hate it just as much as he does
A/N - i wrote this bc we all hate howard :) hope you enjoy and yeah just enjoy basically <33
warnings : angst, self deprecation, swearing
[ masterlist ]
Tumblr media
Today was a day that Harry had been dreading for months now.
Around 4 months ago Jeff had got a call from the producers of Howard Sterns show for Harry to be a guest on the show. Jeff had agreed, thinking that it would be really good for promotion of the new album. Little did he know that it was the one talk show that Harry tried to stay clear of.
Howard has a way with words that can get people to reveal things that they never thought they would. After watching his interviews on youtube to come to terms with why Harry wasn't a fan, you understood. Howard blatantly objectified women and sexualised men. No wonder Harry has had several anxiety attacks about going on it. Compared to other celebrities that went on the show, Harry also was a singer. So he had to go through the interview before performing. Harry already became nervous enough when he was performing so the added nerves from the, brutal, interview will do no good for him.
When Jeff had told Harry about the show he had been in the recording studio, on a random Wednesday morning. As quickly as Jeff told Harry, Harry had left the building just as quickly. He didn't stop walking until he collapsed in your lap where you were sat on your shared couch. You didn't know what was wrong but you comforted him all the same, knowing he would talk when he was ready. His head laid in your lap for hours, you just scratching his head softly to keep him relaxed, until he had finally vented everything out to you.
You woke up on this particular, dreaded, morning with yourself wrapped up in Harrys embrace. He was in his black Calvin boxers and you were in pants and one of his oversized hoodies, since you got cold so easily. Your eyes were met, first, with Harrys angelic sleeping face. He looked so peaceful and relaxed, something you wished he was able to feel all the time.
You moved one of your hands to brush away a rogue curl from his forehead. His bedhead was impressive this morning, but probably nothing in comparison to yours. You weren't going to sit and pretend you were a beautiful sleeper - oh no - you were a drooler and a light snorer. You had been so self conscious about it at the start of your relationship with Harry, but he said it comforted him - whatever that meant.
"Hmm." Harry shuffled in your arms, clinging on to you a little tighter.
"Morning handsome." You teased, loving how he managed to look so perfect even with a crazy bedhead, sleep in his eyes and slight under eye bags.
"Morning gorgeous." He said back, following your theme of complimenting each other - even though you fully well knew you probably looked exactly like Princess Ana, from Frozen, when she woke up in that one scene.
"Shut up you." You playfully hit his chest giggling as you did so. If there was one thing you sucked at, it was taking compliments. Whether it was someone praising your baking or it was Harry cherishing your body, you were terrible at taking them. Harry found it adorable.
"Fuck!" Harry shouted after a minute of silence, stretching his arms out over his head and exposing his hairy armpits.
"What?" You laughed at him, pulling the sleeves over your hands and resting your head on to his chest.
"Got this bastard interview with Howard today." He groaned, rubbing his eyes roughly.
You swiftly lurch over his body and sit on top of him, resting your body down on to him. You place your hidden hands on either side of his head and hover above his face. He kept his arms above his head, flexing his almighty muscles.
"You'll be alright, H." You tried to reassure him, but you were struggling to convince yourself.
"I really won't. He's going to eat me alive." He let out a heavy sigh, closing his eyes.
You took it as the opportunity to lean down and press your plump morning lips to his. You didn't care about the morning breath or slightly chapped lips, and neither did Harry. You just wanted to show him that you were here with him and that he wasn't alone. He was so kind and you hated that Howard was going to really test his limits. Some celebrities have snapped in the past - you might even.
You think about moving off his lips, but the slightest lift off his lips sets Harrys hands into motion. He is quick to grab your cheeks and pull you down harder on his lips, not giving you the opportunity to move yet. If Harry didn't make you so dizzy maybe you'd remember you need to breathe. Even after he'd pulled away you remained intoxicated.
"Hey, baby. Breathe for me, love." Harry reminded you, noticing how your chest wasn't rising as rapidly as it should be for such a heated kiss. You let out the first exhale of many after his words, letting a small laugh out in the midst of evening out your breathing.
"You make me so breathless." You said, dropping your head onto the top of Harrys chest in defeat. His arms snaked around your back and under the hoodie, rubbing his warm hands over your even warmer, smooth, back. He laughed at you a little before whispering sweet nothings in your ear, as your breathing returns to normal.
"There's my girl. I love you, Y/N/N." He kissed the top of your head.
You moved your head back out of chest and up to his face, his lips slightly swollen from your passionate make-out session a couple minutes ago. You placed a chaste kiss to his lips, Harry pushing the hair behind your ear so it didn't disturb you.
"I love you, H. You're going to be amazing today." You told him, kissing him again. You couldn't get enough of this man it was a slight problem.
"You sure?" He raised his eyebrows sarcastically.
"If Howard is a douche I will personally chop of his dick." You said with a straight face, which makes Harry let out a bellowing laugh below you. One that made his stomach shake underneath yours.
"Okay darling." He knew that you would never - you were just too innocent for that - but it was nice to hear you'd stick up for him over potentially going to prison. He stole another quick kiss from you as you pouted at him for laughing at you.
"I'm going to get ready. You should too you lump." You informed Harry.
"Oi, you cheeky sod."
Mornings like these you cherished so much. It was just Y/N and Harry behind the closed bedroom door. No famous bullshit. Just two kids in love.
Upon arriving, in the Mercedes Uber, you could tell Harry was trying to settle himself down.
He was dressed immaculately. Head to toe in designer - pearls and all. You loved how he was recently, comfortably, expressing and loving himself through clothes. He liked to have fun and experiment different styles and you couldn't be more supportive of the whole movement.
"You got this." You whisper in his ear, clutching one of hand of his in both of yours. He was shaking slightly, and it made you just want to cuddle him until he was cuddled out.
You were being allowed to sit in the building, in the room opposite the recording studio. You were going to be given headphones so you could listen, and there would be a pane of glass for you to look through. You told Harry to just look at you whenever he felt his anxiety creep in. Even if you weren't holding his hand, you were there.
Thank goodness this was a one time thing. You already knew Harry was never coming back.
You followed him out of the car, through the flashing mob of paparazzi. Harry kept a firm hold of you the whole time, encouraging you to walk in front of him in case anything were to happen. Once in the building you were immediately met with a bunch of producers, who were explaining to Harry and his team the run down for today. Harry listened politely but you could tell he was still on edge.
The air con was on full blast and you were glad you'd put on an extra layer. You were wearing two shirts, a sweater and a hoodie. You weren't joking when you said you got cold easily.
Harry was ushered towards the recording studio and you were taken to the opposite room. Harry stopped them from pushing him any further and walked back over to you.
"You alright?" You asked, when he paced over towards you.
"Just want a final hug with you, before I die." Harry said in a serious tone. You knew he was only letting you know about how much anxiety he was getting from this interview, because he hated to be seen so vulnerable. He needed you and you were there for him. His band mates were sitting in with him too, so he wasn't truly alone.
Harrys strong, toned, arms wrapped around your body and squeezed you tight, soaking up all your positive energy to make him feel better.
"Love you." You reminded him, still engaged in the hug.
"Love you too." He replied, pulling away and kissing your lips, quickly, a few times. He hated explicit PDA, since he was a very private man, but he knew he could trust everyone in this room right now. He kissed your forehead, once, before heading back over to everyone else, where Jeff was explaining to Howard the extent of what questions he could and couldn't ask. Like Howard would listen though, you thought.
You watched as Harry got all set up, whilst putting on a set of headphones yourself. It was either hot in that room, or Harry was extremely nervous, because his forehead was sweating slightly. It gave him an honest glow though, that you thought complimented his complexion today.
Howard was talking to Robin, who was behind a screen for some reason. Harry was messing around with Adam, who was Harrys bestest friend in that room. You knew having him so close would be an added comfort for Harry. Mitch, also, was like a brother to Harry. Mitch had this aura of chilled vibes and relaxation that beamed off him always, and Harry has always bounced off that - you only hoped he was doing that now.
"Hey L/N." Jeff came and sat next to you. He'd always called you by your last name for some reason. You never knew why, just did.
"Hey." You replied.
"You're very quiet today, everything okay?" He asked, knowing that you normally couldn't keep you're mouth closed. He was often begging you to stop talking, but right now he was, weirdly, missing your constant nattering.
"Just worried about H, you know? He's so anxious about all this." You sighed, looking over at Jeff to see any signs of sympathy.
"I know. Honestly, L/N, if Iknew he was going to be this nervous over it I would never have accepted him into doing it." Jeff explained, trying to make him seem innocent. And he was, but you just liked having someone to blame and at the moment it was a toss between him and Howard.
You looked over at Harry and saw him nervously twizzling in his chair. He looked around the room and then in to the room which you were sat in. You saw the mental struggle behind his eyes and you couldn't do much about it now. You pouted a kiss with your lips and pretended to blow it off your hand for him. You saw his hand move to secretly catch it and he curled his hand into a fist, as if he were clutching on to your kiss and love for moral support.
You truly loved Harry Styles.
"Alright. Look who it is! Look who i'm sitting with. Harry Styles and his whole band." Howard began talking, the recording, live-on-air, button turning a bright red.
You already felt your nerves rise. The sound of Howards voice giving you negative vibes.
"Tell me something about this album. You recorded it whilst you were on mushrooms?" Howard dove right into the deep end.
Boy, was this going to be a long interview.
"I mean I took them to be creative and fun. I never would take them if I was in a bad place." Harry answered.
You knew that Harry had taken drugs only because Mitch had sent you a text one night that said 'Harry's bit his tongue off and it's a mess.' You had been in bed when this was happening and woke up the next morning to find the text. You thought that he had been drunk texting you, at first, but then you boyfriend kindly sent a picture, via WhatsApp, of him sticking out his slightly chewed off tongue - which was then how you found out it had been caused under the influence of mushrooms.
"Yeah I used to take them, back in the 70s, and all they did to me was make me giggle a lot. What did they do to you?" Howard was asking some weird questions - nothing that Harry would get asked on BBC News.
"Same really. Just felt good." Harry stifled a small giggle, probably recalling the night in his head. "Until I bit my tongue off."
"You bit your tongue off? Wow that's hardcore." Howard went wide eyed at Harrys statement, before praising him for losing part of his tongue. How it was an achievement, you had no idea..
"Yeah my girlfriend wasn't too happy." Harry laughed, looking at you through the screen.
"Oh your girlfriend? What's her name, again?" Howard asked, taking a quick glance at you before returning to Harry.
"Y/N." Harry nodded, whilst smiling as he thought about you.
"Y/N, right. Do you play her the album before anyone else?" Howard questioned.
Harry would often play the songs for you as he wrote them. For his debut album, every time he'd finished writing a song he'd play it for you and would get your opinion. You may have been the reason why Medicine had been taken off the album, but that was information you were keeping to yourself.
This album, however, had been different. Harry has told you that this album was a lot more personal and vulnerable, so he wanted you to listen to it as a whole. You only got to hear it once the whole album has been recorded and produced to the highest standard, and was almost ready to release. It had been the best day when you heard it for the first time.
Fine Line was a musical masterpiece. Grammy award winning, you'd say.
"Sometimes, yeah. With this album, uh, she listened to it just before release. I was like so nervous for her to hear it, because I couldn't really change anything at that point." Harry explained.
"And did she like it?" Howard asked.
"Yeah, I think so. I mean, she cried so I took that as a good thing." This caused the band to chuckle, because they had been there when you were hearing it for the first time. They laughed because Harry was underplaying, for your reputation, how upset and emotional you'd gotten. They had to stop playing at Adore You so you could calm down for a minute. It was so embarrassing, but you'd been too proud of Harry to care properly.
You loved the album.
"I, also, heard that you play your music for Stevie Nicks too, before?" Howard moved away from talking about you, for now, seeing as he knew Harry wasn't going to go into too much detail about your life. Harry respected your privacy, unlike Howard.
"Oh yeah. I also played her the new album, uh, when it was finished." Harry nodded his head.
Harry and Stevie had such a tight-knit relationship that was so magical to watch. He was so captivated by her, as she was him. They shared the same music taste, even if they were decades apart in age, and were both huge fans of each others work.
I mean, who didn't love Fleetwood Mac? Not Harry, that's for sure. The man turned up to one of their concerts once with a carrot cake!
"Did you play it to her as a way for you to feel validated?" Howard asked and all you could think about was punching this man in the balls. Harry didn't need to be validated, you asshole, he already knows he's revolutionary.
Whilst the conversation between the two kept running you turned to Jeff.
"Jeff?" You said his name to get his attention.
"You're going to have to hold me back after this interview, because right now I have a few things I want to say to Mr Stern." You threatened, but the thing was you were the most non-threatening person ever. You cried if a bee stung you - even if it hurt like a bitch - just because they died straight after.
Jeff just laughed at you, knowing you were too soft to do anything of the sort, but humoured you anyways. "Of course."
You talked to Jeff a little more and joined the conversation back when Harry was talking about One Direction, and early band life.
"Were you nervous for your X-Factor audition?" Howards voice echoed through your headphones once more.
"I was alright actually." Harry was such a chilled bean, honestly. At 16 years old, if you had to go in the stage, you would've, no doubt about it, fainted. You were not one for crowds and being the centre of attention, so being on the stage would be your worst nightmare. You'd hold a tarantula before getting up on a stage.
"Did you finish high school?" Howard wondered.
"I did. I completed my GCSEs and then I finished. We have the option to take two extra years, but I was already in the band before going." Harry proudly smiled. One Direction were some of the best moments in his life, and he wasn't going to sit an pretend like it's all gone and meant nothing to him anymore.
"Do you regret that?" Howard, stupidly, asked.
"Not at all. I'm so fortunate to have been given the opportunity, you know? School wasn't something that I got along with well anyways." Harry admitted.
You and Harry both had hard times at school, you more so than Harry. Harrys struggles included never quite grasping the concept of certain subjects, which ultimately ended in average GCSE scores. Your struggles were different, in that you were a professional loner and had to suffer through all your teenage problems alone. High school didn't treat you well, and you'd been glad to let it go.
After, initially, meeting Harry, high school was one of the first things you talked about. He'd taken you out for dinner and within twenty minutes you were both laughing over your high school stories. He vouched, though, that night that you didn't have to go through any more of your problems alone - and he still reminds you of that to this day.
"Were you the popular one in school?"
"I mean I had a lot of friends, but I wasn't the popular one." Harry replied.
"What about your chick? Was she in the same high school as you?" Howard rudely asked.
You weren't a chick, for fuck sake.
"My girlfriend wasn't in the same high school, no," Harry emphasised saying girlfriend, defending you, politely, for Howard calling you his chick, "Y/N lived a bit further up North than I did."
Harry looked over to you, as Howard turned towards his script for a second, mouthing 'sorry' to you. He had nothing to apologise for though, so you shook your head at if to reject his apology to which he rolled his eyes at you.
"I mean the things with the looks. Were you considered a good looking guy in high school?" You were starting to question the seriousness of this interview - like how is that a professional question to ask? How is it even relevant?
"I don't think so." Harry answered humbly. He has definitely had a glow up through the years, but he was wrong to think he wasn't handsome in high school. You'd seen pictures of his classmates too, and they weren't even in Harrys league back then - let alone now.
After showing Harry pictures of you in high school, he claimed that he would've been all over you. He assured you that, if he had been there, you wouldn't have ever been alone. He would've driven you to school every day, he would've asked you to prom and he certainly would've made you his girlfriend - apparently.
"I doubt that." Howard replied, and that might've been the first thing that he'd said that you agreed with, and didn't want to rip your hair out over.
"I had a bit more timber on me back then. I used to work in a bakery, so that didn't help." Harry joked. If you got given a penny for every time you'd personally heard Harry talk about how he used to work in a bakery, you'd be able to afford a private yacht by now. It was his go-to line. Yes, he used it on your first date...
"And you quit that job too when you joined One Direction?"
"I gotta ask," do you, you thought to yourself, "do you hate Simon for putting you in to a band, rather than letting you remain solo?"
Simon. What a guy. Today, you didn't think you disliked anyone less than Howard but he'd just reminded you that Simon Cowell existed. Harry knew of your hatred for the man, as it wasn't something that you were scared of speaking out about. Simon made the boys lives a living nightmare throughout the band, and not once did he stop to question whether they were okay mentally. No wonder Zayn left.
"No. I was never really a solo man. I was just so happy to be there and through to the next round, you know? We didn't have much time to focus on what could've been."
"And what about the attention?" Howard asked, and you knew he was leaning towards talking about girls, exes and relationships. This was the part of the interview that you'd been dreading the most.
"What about it?" Harry laughed, finding the question too open ended for him to talk about something. He fiddled with his ear, something you'd defined that he did when he was uncomfortable.
"How do you cope with all the attention from girls?" Howard specified.
"Oh, I mean I take it as it comes. I always try to make time for fans. Their love and support means a lot to me." Harry answered like a pro, skirting around the question.
"You live like a King." Howard began, and you already knew this section of the interview was going to go downhill.
"Hmm." Harry mumbled, not agreeing but neither disagreeing. He did live like a King, and he knew it, but he felt no reason to need to boast about it.
"You could have anything you want. You know? You got money, you got youth, you've got your looks and you got talent. You could fuck over every woman on the planet, but you seem like you're able to say no to yourself. Am I right about that?" Howard had some nerve saying shit like that.
You turned to look at Jeff and shake your head at him whilst laughing slightly, finding it funny how disgusting of a man Howard was being. If you didn't laugh you'd surely do something you'd regret. As soon as Howard said what he did, you noticed Harrys face drop entirely and squint at him slightly, probably trying to keep his cool.
Howard knew he had a girlfriend, you, and yet still said crap like that. It was wrong. It objectified and exemplified women in a way that you fought so hard in the movement against.
"There is just so much gossip in the industry. So many stories about people saying and doing weird things, and I just didn't want to become one of those people." Harry said, only you noticing the slight dig at Howard at he said that. To you, what Harry has just said was very loud in the way that he was clearly talking about Howard, but Howard was too obnoxious to notice.
"So is it dangerous when you date a woman? Cause no matter what the ending of the relationship, the papers are going to make you look like the bad guy. Does it cross your mind that they could be using you?" Howard was making it impossible for you to ever like him right now.
"I don't ever think of it like that. I think it'd be wrong to. I don't read the papers anyway, so it doesn't really bother me anymore." Harry answered like the true gentleman he is.
"What about your girlfriend now? You sure she's not using you?!" Howard laughed, obviously thinking what he was saying was a joke, you thought otherwise.
"What a prick." You heard Jeff say to the side of you.
Howard brought something up that you were heavily insecure about. Something that Harry knows about too. You couldn't care less if the papers called you fat, you knew you weren't. You couldn't care less if they said you were cheating on Harry, you'd never. You did care, though, about the way they made you seem like you used Harry for monetary purposes.
You'd been accused too many times of 'using Harry' for your own benefit. Taking his money, letting him buy you gifts, paying off small debts, etc. It was far from the truth the media portrayed though.
You were made out to be this money grabbing, gold digging, whore, but in reality you stayed up late working just to pay off weekly heating and electricity bills. You skipped out on important events, such as your birthday, so you could work over-time to save up enough money to buy Harry a present for his birthday or Christmas. You were nothing like the media set you up to be, and it hurt that Howard would judge you, like that, the same way everyone did, before even getting to know you.
"Y/N's nothing like that. I get told off when I buy her anything, and not because she's ungrateful but because she despises me spending money on her. Y/N pays her own bills and is currently holding down 3 jobs. I know she's not using me, just the same way i'm not using her." Harry put firmly, you could hear the anger in the back of his tone. You knew when people talked shit about you he got mad.
"My apologises." Howard raised his hands in defence, but you knew and he knew that it wasn't sincere at all. Howard didn't care, he just wanted the scoop.
"Mhm." Harry responded quietly, catching sight of you discreetly trying to rub away a stray tear that had fallen down your cheek. He just wanted to give you the biggest hug and kiss right now. Only 30 minutes left and he could - and half of that time would be him singing with his favourite people.
Harry made a mental note to shower you with extra love this evening.
"I wanna talk to your band a bit. You all having fun? Is Harry paying you enough?" You know when someone is trying to be funny, but it just comes across as lame - that's a good way to describe this moment.
"Don't - don't say anything." Harry ordered his band mates, but they all know he was joking. His band mates laughed at Harrys joking behaviour rather than Howard's, as did you. The only thing you laughed at about Howard was his, b-tech, Bob Ross inspired hair.
"Introduce me, Harry." Howard requested.
"Sure." Harry turned to Nyoh first. "This is Nyoh."
"Hi!" Nyoh speaks in her foreign accent.
"And what's your role in the band?" Howard asked.
"I play keyboard and help in backing vocals." She said before sitting back down at her piano stool, as Harry spun a bit further to the right to face Adam.
"Hi. I'm Adam and I play bass." He nodded his head.
"Sarah Jones and i'm the drummer."
"Hello. I'm Charlotte and I sing and play the piano." Charlotte waved at both Howard and Robin.
"And last?" Howard asked, before Mitch could speak.
"But not least." Harry chipped in, making Mitch laugh at him. Mitch was his right-hand man and didn't want him thinking he was anything less than that.
"I'm Mitch and I play the guitar." Mitch responded in his cool and calm tone. He sounded like he was constantly meditating - it was so soothing.
"Wonderful." Howard applauded them all before speaking again - which you wish he didn't. "Do all the ladies here love Harry?" Really, this again? Howard clearly wanted to find out whether the women of the band were involved romantically with Harry, but why would they be when he has you? Idiot.
"Yeah." They all answered in union, agreeing because there was a platonic love between every member of the band.
"Charlotte, are you in love with Harry?" He singled out Charlotte and you felt so sorry for her. The band weren't media trained mega-stars like Harry, so they didn't want to say the wrong thing accidentally.
"I mean, Harry has Y/N, and I also have my own boyfriend, so it'd be a bit awkward if I did." Charlotte answered, making everyone laugh. You would've normally, but you were feeling a little low ever since Howard started talking about you and Harry, and his relationships with other women.
Uncomfortable, was a good way to describe your emotions right now.
"Let's just talk about fame, quickly, before we get to hear you sing." Howard started. Harry hates the word fame/famous. You'd never met someone who was as humble and as down to earth as your Harry. He acted like he didn't have +31M followers, a Billboard No.1 hit, a potential Grammy and a shrine for where he was sick, to his name. "You were held at knifepoint on Valentines day recently."
"Yeah, that's right." Harry replied.
"And why - what happened?"
"I was walking back from a friends house and there were this group of guys, and as soon as I saw them looking at me I just thought, 'shit'." Harry started and continued to explain the eventful evening.
You remember the evening clearly. You were waiting for him at his home, and it was only around 7:30pm in the evening. You'd told Harry that your boss wanted you in work that day, so your Valentine's day plans would have to wait until the evening. He had texted you, saying he was walking back from Josh's, and that he had an evening planned of heavy romance for the two of you - which meant The Notebook and Ben & Jerrys ice cream.
It got to 7:45pm and he still wasn't home and it was only a 5 minute walk from Josh's, so obviously you were worried. You texted him - nothing. But when you called him you didn't hear Harrys voice but rather a group of voices. You immediately put your screen recording on to record the call, but made sure you were listening for any detail of where he was.
When you realised he was being held at knifepoint you started crying, because you were scared for him. You told yourself not to worry, but you didn't listen either. You wanted to go out an find him, and help him, but you know that would only make the situation worse.
It was 8:04pm when he finally arrived home. As soon as he burst through the door you hugged him so tightly that you could've snapped one of his ribs. He was in your arms though. He calmed you down and just held you for ten minutes, or so. You should've been calming him down, but it turned out you were more shaken up than him. He wasn't physically hurt, which was the main thing.
"And Y/N?" The mention of your name pulled you away from the horrible scene that was replaying through your mind.
"She was at home actually, thank God," his words making your heart beat a little faster, "Y/N had actually recorded what the guys were saying, because she'd called me, which was good evidence for the police." Harry smiled at you proudly.
"Got a good girlfriend there, Harry." Howard mentioned, but still didn't make up for the conversation he'd had earlier about you.
"I know." You caught Harry blushing, which was so adorable.
"Okay. So you're going to sing for us now, yes?" Howard moved his scripts of paper, since he no longer needed them, and clicked a few buttons on the dashboard.
"Please." Harry rushed to answer, probably because he was so over being interviewed by this man.
"What are you going to play for us first?" Howard asked, so he could introduce it professionally.
"Um, this is Adore You." Harry looked around, everyone standing and getting into positions. He made sure his band mates were ready before the chords start playing.
Several hours later and you were back home with Harry.
After the worst interview ever, Harry didn't stop until he'd run out of the room to give you the hug and kiss he wanted to give you. He'd firmly said to Jeff that he was never doing this again, to which Jeff definitely agreed and explained to Harry he'd told Howard he wasn't allowed to ask him the majority of things he did.
Harry was angry and just wanted to get out of there before he started an argument with Stern.
It was around 8pm now and you and Harry were lounging on the couch. The sofa was wide enough for two people to lay side-by-side, and yet you two still managed to lay on top of one another. This time you were on top of Harry. He was holding on to you tightly as you both watched Countryfile - also known as quality British television.
"You alright, baby? You're so quiet." Harry mumbled against the side of your head, which wasn't facing him but the screen where some sheep were running around.
"I'm okay." You softly answered, barely watching the TV anymore. Your mind was so focused on Howards show and the way that he talked about you, that it was hard to focus on anything else.
"No you're not baby. Tell me what's wrong." Harry could see straight through you. He knew when something was wrong, always. Even if it was just that you had a bad headache he'd know. He always knew when you were on your period and helped you through the struggles of that. He was too good at knowing your emotions that you almost hated it, because it meant at times like this he knew something was up.
"I just.. No it doesn't matter." You closed your eyes and tried your best to contain your tears.
"Please, Y/N/N." He moved your head so that you had to face him, sitting up on the couch so neither of you gave yourself neck cramp. "Is it about the interview today?"
You just nodded at him with sad eyes.
"It's stupid, I know." You rolled your eyes, knowing he might think you're being daft.
"Not at all." He shook his head at you. "I think that the things Howard said, about you, were abhorrent and i'm sorry you had to listen to it." Harry stated, needing you to know that you had a reason to be angry about this. Hell, even he was angry about this. So much so that he's thinking about writing a letter.
"I know I say that I don't let the media get to me, but there's just something about them saying th..that i'm using y-you that I find hurtful." You started to choke up and found it harder to get your words out. A few tears fell down your face, but Harry cleared away every single one without a trace they'd been there.
"It's alright, angel. I mean, it's not alright that they say that bullshit, but I mean it's alright to be feeling the way you do. I don't think any less of you." He kissed your lips gently, and then another.
"Okay." You whispered.
"I mean it. You're so much more than they'll ever say. You are my other half, my better half - even Mitch thinks so. I know you don't use me and I never have thought you have." He assured you.
"Thank you Harry." You smiled sweetly, appreciating the man below you a shit tonne more than he'll ever comprehend.
"It's okay, love. I love you."
"I love you too."
The rest of the evening gets spent embraced against each others bodies stealing kisses here and there, but mainly just Harry randomly expressing how beautiful you are and all the future plans he has thought out for you both.
In the eyes of the media you were something, but in the eyes of Harry hit were everything. That's all that mattered.
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A/N: I escaped my writing block, so now you guys are getting alot of fics!!! Enjoy!!! Let's just pretend the fotos from dazed are for pleasing :) (if there are any more warnings i need to put on, please tell me!)
Pairings: Harry Styles x Famous Reader
Summary: Harry's manager surprised Harry on the set of the shoot for pleasing with his favorite singer and actress. "Don't tell me you don't crave me like I crave you....
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, choking, nipple play, ass grabbing, spanking, sir kink, tension and teasing
Tumblr media
The day he was waiting for finally arrived.
He has no idea what was going to happen. Or how the day will end. What outfits he would wear of what models got invited.
It was all a surprise his team organized for him.
All the models were chosen by Jeff and Harry's assistant.
Sarah and Mitch claimed the special guest part. They knew what they needed to do.
Long story short, Mitch was y/ns cousin without Harry knowing. So he and Sarah decided to give her a ring.
So there they were, sitting on the couch with their baby on Sarah's lap, both giggling like children.
Harry loved watching them like this, but he was getting annoyed since even Pauli and Niji were giggling. When he tried asking Lambert why everyone was so mysterious about everything, he just shrugged and gave him a smirk.
When they got him in the first outfit, wolf whistles were heard and everyone was clapping for him.
His ego was all over the room, but he didn't care. He liked being the center of attention.
When he saw that there was a motorcycle on set, he lost his mind.
He did what the photographer told him and sat down on it.
He was focusing on the camera, until he felt soft hands on his shoulders.
When he turned around, he nearly lost his own mind. He couldn't believe what was going on.
His head was starting to feel lighter with the moments passing, his world was turning and not planning on stopping anytime soon.
There she was. Standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders.
She looked breath taking wearing her Lilac dress matching Harry's pants.
The dress hugged her curves perfectly and made her look like an angel.
"No fucking way...." was the only thing he managed to get out, making everyone in the room bursting into a fit of laughter.
While the room was being filled with laughter of Harry's team, y/n was looking at him with nothing but proud in her eyes.
He quickly stood up and launched himself at her, she was taken by surprise but quickly recovered.
He thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but the feeling of her hands around his neck, hugging him tighter made him realize that It was real.
Her face pressed against the crook of his neck, her breathe fanning his shoulder.
He felt starstruck, he couldn't believe that his hands were really holding her waist. The waist the she swayed during her tour.
The waist that danced the best choreography when she put her acting career on pause.
His mind stopped working and all he could do was clutch himself tightly against her, scared that was this all a dream.
She didn't pull away, of course she wouldn't. She knew how much she meant to him. How much he looked up to her, how much he talked about her in interviews.
So all she could do was hold him until he doesn't need it anymore.
But after some time she started to get worried by him not saying anything, so she quickly pressed a kiss to his cheek making him whine and blush only for her to hear.
She giggled at that, she added fuel to the fire. But she needed the warmth of it. And if Harry has to burn the whole world to keep her warm, he wouldn't hesitate.
After some time, he pulled away and sat her down on the motorcycle infront of him.
He sat down behind her, holding her waist to stabilize her.
The woman behind the camer came up with a very good idea....
"Harry, darling, would you please put your hands around her neck?" The blonde photographer asked.
"Are you okay with that? I won't do it unless you give me permission to!" Harry said while looking down at y/n with a ressauring smile.
"I trust you, go on." Was all she said, it was enough for harry to get excited.
Y/n rested her head against Harry's chest, giving Harry's hand more room to hold into. She felt the tension being built up by the eye contact she and harry were having with the position they were in.
"Y/n, lovely, would you mind if Harry put his hands on your shoulders?" The woman gave her the kindest smile y/n had ever seen.
"Again, I won't do so, unless you want me too!" Harry whispered with a deep voice making her shiver.
She took Harry's hand of her neck and placed it on her shoulders. He rested his head above hers .
She decided to mess with him for a bit, so she rested her hand on his thigh, making his eyes flutter open.
She squeezed it, she knew she was risking something, but with the way he was holding her neck. She knew there was noway she was the only one feeling the tension they had built up.
"Minx.." He whispered with the lowest voice she ever heard a man talk with. She bit her lip, earning some wolf whistles from the group. But they didn't know what was actually going on.
"Okay! Next outfit!" Lambert screamed with enthusiasm making y/n giggle.
It truly surprised him how she managed to switch her moods so fast. But that is something he likes about her, he wanted to explore it more...
Tumblr media
They got Harry in the green outfit and positioned him.
Y/n was only here to get the picture with the lilac dress. She didn't want to take the attention away from him. Or atleast that is what she thought.
"Y/n, follow me darling!" Lambert sang.
She followed him into the dressing room where she was hiding not so long ago.
"Here wear this!" Lambert said while walking out of the dressing room and shutting the door behind him.
She out on the green dress and walked out of the dressing room. The moment she closed the door and turned around, she locked eyes with Harry.
He couldn't believe his eyes, she was doing more photos with him? But that's when he saw her nails, they were painted black.
He was so surprised that she painted her Nails with the box he sent her.
"C'mere" he opened his arms for her to walk in. She blushed a bit at the attention she was getting today.
He hugged her again, taking his time.
He liked her if it wasn't already clear.. but he wanted more than just a shoot with her.
He wanted to have her, her and only her. He wanted to know her personality outside of the public eyes.
He held her right hand and spun her around making her launch back at his chest. He was a bit embarrassed but quickly recovered when he heard her giggle.
"You two are so adorable," the blonde woman started. "But we have to keep going, Harry, darling, I want you to cup y/ns cheeks and rest your tumb against her lips."
She gave Harry a nod, and they quickly got into position.
The hand that wasn't cupping y/n cheeks was resting on her neck. Y/n stood up on her toes to come closer to Harry's face.
Their lips were close, very close. She could feel Harry's breathe on her upper lip.
For Harry it was taking every inch of control he had to not crush his lips against her and take her wherever she let's him.
She decided to mess with him, she put her hand on his stomach and the other one was rested on his shoulder. She walked closer to Harry.
Their lips brushed making Harry's eyes turn dark. The green in them was slowly turning darker.
She parted her lips making Harry's tumb fall into her mouth.
"OH stay like that!" The photographer said clearly being happy with what was going on.
He needed her to behave or else he wouldn't be able to control himself.
So he clutched his hand around her neck making her roll her eyes.
"Yes y/n sweetie!" The photographer encouraged y/ns eye roll.
She decided that she still didn't tease him enough, she she let the hand that was on his shoulder travel all the way up to his hair.
She tugged on it making him let out a small groan only for her to hear.
"Pain kink euh?" She whispered with a smile.
"Your gonna pay for this!" He whispered against her lips while clutching his hand around her neck tighter making her giggle and roll her eyes again.
If he only could fuck the eye roll out of her. God he needed her. He couldn't take it anymore. He was not gonna let her win like that.
"Let's take a little break won't we?" Harry asked his team.
"Come on, I wanna show you my Hotel!" Harry told y/n.
Mitch and Jeff laughed at Harry went hey realized what he wanted.
Harry just flipped them off.
Tumblr media
When they walked into the Hotel Harry immediately took her to his room.
The moment he opened his hotel room door, she got slammed against it.
"Couldn't wait any longer eh?" She giggled while resting her hands around his neck.
"Don't tell me you don't crave me like I crave you!" He muttered to her.
She looked at him with a smirk, a smirk that was going to be the reason for his death.
He crushed his lips against her with lust. She kissed him back with the same force making him groan.
The feeling of her lips against his, the way her lips were so soft and kissable. He just knew the same moment her lips started kissing his own back, that he was addicted to her.
With the each moment that passed, the kiss got more and more heated.
He put his hand on her thigh and moved it so it hang around his waist.
His growing bulge was against the place she needed him the most.
Y/n gasped at the feeling, Harry took that as a perfect opportunity to let his tongue slip into her mouth.
Harry was fighting for dominance, his kisses got more aggressive and started to fill with more lust than he already had.
She broke the kiss making eye contact with him, she tapped his chin.
He was confused with what she wanted but he opened his mouth for her out of curiosity.
"Tongue" that was enough for Harry, he stuck his tongue out.
She wrapped her lips around it, licking and sucking around it.
The last bit of control harry had was lost the moment he felt the feeling of her lips around his tongue.
To make the pleasure more she wrapped her hands around his neck, he was a moaning mess above her.
She did something Harry would never thought was possible, she turned them around.
His back pressed against the door, her hand around his neck. The other one was on his stomach holding him in place.
His hands found their place on her waist.
She pulled away from his tongue, he let out a moan that was sure heard in the lobby.
His mind was going thousand miles a minute.
She still wasn't ready to give in his power.
She traced his jaw making him let out a low moan.
"The things you do to me.." Harry mumbled under his breathe when she was kissing his jaw.
"And you still don't believe that I crave you the way you crave me!" She let out a giggle that made Harry go weak in the knees.
His hand started travel all over her body.
"Took much fucking clothes." Harry mumbled leaning in for another kiss
"Then Take. Them. Off!" She stressed every word.
He quickly took her dress string of her shoulder making the dress fall down into the ground.
She was wearing a green thong to match her dress for fun.
The moment the dress fell off her body, Harry could have died right there and he wouldn't ever complain about it.
"Oh my god." Was all he could get out, Y/n was biting her lip all while focusing on Harry's face.
He was eyeing her with no shame, the body of the woman infront of him was a masterpiece.
A kind of body that you want to paint and tattoo on your face.
She was so goddammit perfect.
Without giving her any other reaction,he gripped her by her shoulders and threw her gently on the bed.
He crawled over her kissing and sucking on her neck.
"Time for me to take control don't you think?" He asked, it was more a demand of an ask.
She nodded at the feeling of his lips on her neck.
"I asked a question and you are gonna answer it with words." He squeezed her neck with his arm making her let out a moan.
"Yes Sir" she whispered.
That was it. He lost all the control he didn't have. He had his fair share of partners calling him "Daddy" or any other name. But he never got called "Sir". He felt his dick twitch at her words.
"Say that again" he demanded pressing his clothed crotch against her core that was hidden under the pretty green thong.
"Sir" she whispered with a smirk.
"OH my pretty brat likes the effect she has on me?" He started to message her breasts making her whimper. "Look at you, a mess beneath me and I didn't touch you properly yet"
She was living for the way he was talking to her, the way he was holding her. All of that making the pleasure and experience more and more amazing for her.
"All for you Haz" she went and kissed him but he broke the kiss holding her waist strongly sure as hell leaving a mark.
"That. Is. Not. My. Name" he spoke and stressed each word with a squeeze on her waist.
"Sorry, Sir" she moaned
He kept kissing every inch of her body until he reached her stomach.
"Aw brat all that for me? You shouldn't have!" The way he mocked her glistening cunt made her whimper.
He ripped the thong off and saw the most beautiful sight he will ever see.
"Sir, I need you! Please?" She was starting to get impatient and needed him.
"Just because you said 'please'!" When he started to get out of his shirt, she stood op en flicked his blouse with one motion open.
Not taking any buttons off. She just very smoothly run her fingers across the buttons of the blouse until they opened.
"God, that was hot." He breathed locking his eyes with her.
She crushed her lips against his and started to undo his pants.
She gave him a strong stroke on his length, he moaned in her mouth and she swallowed it.
He was dying to know how she could take so easily control of him but also letting him take control of her.
She started kiss down his body, traced some tattoos and laid down and spread her legs for him with a smirk.
She didn't say anything, just put her hand on her clit and started to play with it.
He lost his mind for the thousands time this evening.
She wasn't supposed to touch herself while he was perfect capable of getting her off.
He quickly positioned himself between her legs and strictly took her hand of her clit.
He pinned it above her head. She still had that shit eating grin on her face that he wanted to fuck off.
"Don't touch what's mine without permission" he squeezed her neck making her whimper.
Just the way he claimed her pussy as his without even feeling it made her get more ready for him.
He took his boxers off in a hurry and looked at her with lust and need.
"You still sure about this?" He asked just to make sure she wants this they way he wants it.
"Yes, thank you for asking" her heart flutterd at his question.
It was supposed to be a normal question in society, to ask if someone still wanted sex. But nobody ever did that to her, so the expectation are low...
He kissed her and positioned his tip in her entrance.
She put her hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed it, allowing him to push in since her eyes were closed. Too lost in the pleasure.
The only 2 things Harry could think off were:
1. The sounds she makes are angelic.
2. Fucking warm and tight she is
When he was fully in he gave her sometime to process his length and she respected that.
"Move, Sir, please" she mumbled.
Again the nickname, God it's gonna be the death of him.
He started to pick up a slow but hard pace. But clearly he was holding back and she wanted more.
"Haz, Harder, faster. Don't hold back" She said and attacked his lips with her own.
He didn't know if he liked her moaning his name or calling him sir, but he was gonna let it slip this time.
He picked up his pace, started to move in and out of her with ease since she was already wet for him.
The moment she said it, she could see that he was happy that she wanted it the same way he wanted it.
Hard, Fast and sinful.
He looked down at place they were both connected, the way he was going in and out of her.
The way Her face that was painted with pleasure.
He pressed his hand on her stomach, putting some weight on it making her whimper.
"Feel me in here sweet girl?" He asked still his hand around her neck.
"Yes sir" she spoke between the angelic moans of her.
He again looked down at the place they were both connected. He felt dizzy and full of energy.
Just the way his cock was going in and out of her dripping pussy was enough for him to come.
His thrust started to slow down and she could see he was near the end.
Her hands traveled all the way down from his neck to his ass.
Groping and messaging it making his eyes snap to her.
"Fuck, your so big" She said it while messaging his ass.
When both of hands fell down into her thighs to hold her into place, she knew tomorrow she won't be able to walk.
She decided to tease him. She took on of her hands off his ass and laid it on her clit.
He clutched his hands on both of her thighs.
Her hands still on his ass giving him some more energy and pleasure.
Rubbing it furiously and moaning harder on purpose to get him more worked up since she knew he was still holding back.
He was getting mad, she wasn't supposed to do that.
He took her hand of her clit, put it on his ass and tapped her mouth.
He knew he was risking alot right now, but what happens if you don't try it?
"Open" he tapped her mouth. She opened her mouth and he spit in it making her moan.
God she never though she will get turned on by a man spitting in her mouth.
She quickly swallowed it and opening her mouth to show him.
"You don't touch yourself, while my balls are deep inside you!" He brulled at her.
With the way she clenched her walls around him, he knew she was close.
They were both begging for their release, but she still wanted to try one more thing...
She lowered herself a bit until she was face to face with his right nipple. She kept one of her hands on his ass, the other wrapped up around his left nipple while the right one was being sucked at by y/ns mouth.
She sucked and played with his nipples like her life depended it on.
Something in him snapped.
He grabbed her by the waist, and turned her around. Held her ass up in the air and started to thrust into her warm, tight walls harder.
His hands were sure as hell leaving marks on her waist but he didn't care about that right now.
She kept clenching around him and he kept thrusting harder into her.
"Come on baby, I can feel it. Your close" he mumbled out of breathe.
She started to mover hips to his own to meet his thrust, it earned her a spanking which again was something Harry didn't really think about.
The moan that came out of her was enough for Harry to find his release but he didn't want to come in her.
So he took his cock out after she came clear and tapped her chin. She stroked him and he came clear in her mouth.She swallowed every inch that he released in her.
He collapsed on hee chest with an "humpf".
"Holy shit, that was fucking fantastic" he whispered into her neck.
"Your very kinky you know that?" Y/n joked at him.
"Says the person who called me "Sir"" he jokes back.
"It's always better than "daddy"" She said while saying 'daddy' with Peppa Pigs voice.
"OH my god" he started to laugh so hard he got tears in his eyes. "I will never be able to hear that word normal again"
"No need for that, still got my sir that you liked very much.." she said with a smug smirk messaging his scalp.
"So this isn't a one time thing?" Harry asked with a vulnerable voice Being scared that he won't actually be able to take her out.
"Euh, Cook me a meal on our first date, then dance with me in the rain and it wont be a one night thing" she said while biting her lip.
"Tomorrow? You and me? My place? I will make you the best spaghetti you will ever taste! And if it doesn't rain, we are gonna dance in the shower!" He said with a complete straight face making her laugh.
"Honestly would love that" she gave him a shy smile.
He fell down into the crook of her neck again, sighing content of the situation he was in.
She was playing with his hair, Looking down at him with nothing but admiration in her eyes for the older man.
Tumblr media
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harryssweatcreaturee · 16 hours ago
the one where harry doesn’t know how to love
a/n: i was sad and then this happened... i don’t apologize for the tears.. and a big thank you to my queen @lollypopsx for helping with ideas and proof-reading
word count: 2k
warnings: angst
(Y/N) found it bizarre that after knowing Harry for about eight months, all she knew about him was his name and that he liked guitars.
That was about it.
Prior to meeting him, Sarah had warned (Y/N) that Harry was usually reserved and not one to talk much so she made a mental note to not suffocate the man when meeting him. But after repeated encounters and seeing him various times a week by association, she figured she’d learn more of him as time went on, but man, was she wrong.
Harry avoided any long conversations. He would cut it short, or he’d be saved by the bell with a call from work.
(Y/N) especially hated how interested she was in him despite his best efforts to show no push in revealing anything about himself.
But nonetheless, she would try without being too pushy.
Like tonight. Their little get together for dinner and catch up will be at her place and unlike their usual meet ups, it would just be Sarah, Mitch, Harry, and (Y/N).
The thought of a possibility of forced conversations freaked (Y/N) out. She wanted to be optimistic and believe that Harry will at least give her some small talk tonight, but the back of her mind was more realistic, telling her that there will be no change and if Sarah and Mitch are wrapped up in their own conversation, than she might as well twiddle her thumbs.
(Y/N) really didn’t feel like cooking tonight so she stopped for some take out and wine before heading home after work.
She had enough time for a shower and a bit of picking up before the three arrived right on the dot at 8.
The moment (Y/N) opened the door, Sarah met her with a big hug, Mitch following suit only his hug wasn’t as long and passionate, and of course Harry simply walked in with a nod of his head.
(Y/N) put it past her and began making her way to the kitchen, gathering stuff to prepare the dining table for the four of them, Sarah soon joining her to help. “I’m sorry it’s just us three. No one else could come…” (Y/N) shrugged and shook her head softly. “It’s fine… and it’s not your fault, babe. I’ll be fine. I’m used to him already.”
The two prepped the table, having Mitch and Harry join them a few minutes after.
Thankfully, dinner wasn’t terrible. Sarah was sure to engage (Y/N) and Harry into their conversations and (Y/N) was beyond thankful for that.
(Y/N) started to pick up just as soon as everyone was done with their food and much to her surprise, Harry brought the rest of the things from the table. And stayed standing beside her, drying anything she’d wash. She looked up at him a small smile, “Thank you but you don’t have to. I can just let them dry overnight and put it away in the morning.”
Harry shrugged his shoulder softly and (Y/N) swore she could see a small smile displayed on his own lips. “Wanna help.”
After Harry and (Y/N) put everything away, (Y/N) folded the small rag over the sink, ready to leave the kitchen but Harry stopped her by grabbing her forearm.
(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “What for, Harry? You ha-“
“For being dismissive. You always try talking to me and y’so nice to me despite me being… well, me.”
She stood a bit taken aback, but not in a bad way.
Harry’s expression seemed genuine, maybe even a bit confused himself. There was no way (Y/N) could ever hate him even after feeling like he barely acknowledged her presence. And with his apology, she knew that wasn’t the case either.
“M’ working on myself to be nicer and more, talkative, I guess. Just… thank you..”
(Y/N) smiled at him once more, her own hand coming to rest over his with a small, delicate squeeze. “Don’t stress it. I’m always here for you, okay? To listen or to talk. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.”
That small conversation was a huge step for them.
Harry spoke to her more and albeit it wasn’t a lot, or as much as she talked, it was something.
Unbelievably, the two started hanging out on their own without the group, but nothing crazy. It would usually be over coffee or a lunch in between Harry’s break from work since his schedule was a bit more hectic, (Y/N) would accommodate to him.
Harry wasn’t sure of how he felt. He didn’t know what liking someone was, what falling for someone even meant or was supposed to feel like. He never allowed himself the genuine pleasure of letting himself love someone because he swore it wasn’t real and much less something for him. Especially not after the terrible examples he had at home. It never made him believe in love, so he never knew the feeling.
He figured that’s why he was the way he was. The lack of love and care growing up made him reserved and bristly.
But being around (Y/N) sparked something in him he never felt before. It was as if he felt more alive, as if he wanted to run and tell her the dumbest things he’d seen or thought of. He felt like for once in his life, there was something worth fighting for. But it scared the shit out of him. Having someone like (Y/N). Harry promised himself he’d never share his confusions with her because losing her would be worse. The risk alone was enough to pull him back from allowing himself the delicacy of love that life offers.
Harry wanted her around more than just for coffee or lunch next time around, but he was a bit unsure as to how to ask. His fingers were busy on the small straw in his coffee cup, stirring around before he mustered up enough courage and cleared his throat, looking up at (Y/N).
“Hey, um, if you’re free tomorrow night… I was thinking that maybe y’can come over and I can make us dinner? Feel like were always so rushed since it’s my break and all. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
(Y/N) giggled at his nervous rambling before reaching out to softly squeeze his forearm in hopes to ease his nerves. “I’ll come over, H. Thank you for offering. Can’t wait.”
As if Harry wasn’t a nervous wreck around her before, he was a walking nerve now. He called Sarah to make sure he was cooking something (Y/N) liked, he asked her what her favorite scent was so his house welcomed her in an embrace, asked her what her favorite dessert was so it’d surely be on tonight’s menu.
Hell, he even looked up online a couple of wiki-hows on relationships.
“God, I’m so pathetic.” Harry whispered to himself as he changed the candles around his living room and kitchen, then checking the oven for the lasagna he’d been working on. He had no idea why he felt so nervous around her when he was usually confident and sure of what he wanted to say, or not to say for that matter. But this was different. This was (Y/N).
It was almost time for (Y/N) to arrive and thankfully Harry had everything ready. All he had to do was wait for her. Little did he know she was already parked outside, giving herself a little pep talk in her car.
(Y/N) was anxious. She didn’t want to ruin anything by talking to much or asking too many questions, but she assured herself everything should be fine because they’ve made such great progress. After a long conversation with herself, she finally gathered the valor to walk up to his front door and lightly knock.
Harry didn’t let her wait for long, opening the door with a shy grin as she walked in, the scent of jasmine flowers laced with some sort of beefy delicacy filling her nostrils.
“Wow, Harry. It smells amazing.”
He smiled as he walked them over to the dining table – surely after taking her coat and her purse and hanging them on the coatrack.
“Made lasagna for tonight. And we’ve got some cherry pie to follow for dessert.”
(Y/N) was thankful for the effort he’d put in. It was sweet and so heartwarming.
Dinner was delicious and she was glad that he was the one mostly talking. She loved hearing his voice, his architecture jargon sounding like some sort of romantic tongue to her. She felt honored to say the least, hearing him speak this much. She felt his trust and comfort around her and it made her heart skip a beat.
But dinner and dessert weren’t enough for Harry. He wanted more time with her so a movie seemed like the perfect suggestion and she agreed, thank God.
Harry kept a small distance between them doing his best to focus on the movie, but his thoughts were driving him elsewhere.
Those fears came crashing again. He felt like he was rushing and running, like he was pushing it too far and that was the last thing he wanted. He didn’t want to put their friendship in a place where he’d risk losing her altogether. But of course, he let his confusing feelings get in the way and put himself in his position.
“(Y/N)… I- I’m sorry but I think I maybe have been misleading you… I should’ve thought this out and waited a bit longer. I think I’ve done too much.”
(Y/N) was perplexed and baffled, to say the least. She thought the night was going perfectly but maybe she did look into it too much and thought this was more than their little coffee and lunch meetups. But no, Harry did make it seem like it was more tonight and that was freaking her out. “I’m so confused, Harry… I thought we were having a great night? What’s going on?”
“I don’t know, it’s just that – I. I think I’m making a mistake.” The moment it came out of Harry’s lips, he regretted it.
She stood up from the couch, heart launched to the bottom of her feet in embarrassment. “Wow… This is… God… All I’ve done is be nice to you and really try for something here because I know that deep inside those walls there’s more to you Harry… but to call this a mistake? I’m embarrassed.”
(Y/N) didn’t want for a word to leave his mouth as she made her way to the door, grabbing her purse and throwing her jacket over her arm.
Harry was hot on his feet behind her, cursing at himself for being so stupid.
“No! Wait, (Y/N). Fuck! I didn’t mean that! Please!”
(Y/N) didn’t look back, feeling the cold weather freezing her skin just seconds of being outside. She just wanted to get into her car and disappear. But Harry didn’t allow that. He caught up to her and stood right in front of her.
Harry’s eyes were filled with tears, his warm hands cradling her cheeks as his eyes registered hers while he picked apart the whole dictionary in his mind.
“I am so sorry but please don’t give up on me. I- I’m just scared, okay? I’m scared that if I go all in… then I risk losing you.”
(Y/N) sighed, a frown adorning her lips as her own eyes filled with tears. “Harry, I’m not going anywhere. I think I’ve been pretty clear that I love being around you and all I’ve done is try and show you my efforts that I want to be with you.”
“Show me, please. Teach me how to love you and not be afraid. I have no idea what t’do. I don’t know what I feel but it’s intense and being around y’brings me to life. Just please, don’t give up on me yet.” His eyes were pleading for her too, eyebrows scrunched in worry as if this were his last wish.
Instead of opting for a verbal response, (Y/N) attached their lips into a sweet kiss.
Despite the cold weather outside, Harry felt warmth fill his love-lacking body, feeling as if her lips could wash away any doubt or worry he previously had. He felt electricity run through his veins, chills run down his spine.
“I’m not leaving you, baby. I’m not going anywhere.”
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Tumblr media
Summary: Harry and Y/N have been together since forever, but that doesn't mean that the excitement of being together is gonna change someday.
W/N: i'm not very happy with the result but i love fluff, hope it didn't bother you that i mixed up the requests, thankssss <3
! | just fluff!
based on this ask & this ask.
"I'm so nervous I think I'm gonna shit myself." Harry sighed, shaking his head full of curls.
"I already did!" Louis yelled from across the room.
"Now that was something I didn't wanted to know." Y/N shook his head, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's neck. "I know it's the first show, but you guys are going to be fine, and even if you aren't, those girls love you, and so do I."
The first One Direction show was here, and the five guys were more nervous than ever, looking for comfort in anyone, Harry was lucky to find it on his girlfriend.
"I would give you a kiss but my mom is watching us." He replied, blushing.
"Okay, let's just hold hands." She smiled, taking the boy's hand innocently and blushing as she was still not used to holding him like that.
"Thank yeh, love."
And she wasn't lying when she said always.
Now, eleven years later, she doesn't have time to explain the changes in her life as she runs around the stadium, taping papers on the walls.
"Y/N, come here!" She hears the voice of her boyfriend behind her, chasing her but not so fast just to be able to continue with the fun for a while longer.
She keeps running away as she sticks the papers that say "JUSTICE FOR TO BE SO LONELY" on all possible walls, until finally Harry catches her.
"Got'cha." He says agitated, laughing with her.
He squeezes her in his arms and then lifts her on his shoulders, smiling like a fool when he listens to the laughter mixed with her screams, slapping her butt to silence her.
"Harry!" She says, but keeps laughing as he runs across the arena until he reaches his dressing room, where he walks in and throws her on the couch.
"C'mon, you have to paint m'nails." He says, sitting next to her on the couch so that their knees bump.
"And who said I wanted to?" She teased, taking his hand and playing with his rings, wishing that one of his fingers wasn't empty.
"You've been painting them since we were kids, I don't think you'll say no now."
"I can't, my love. Have to do the photoshoot for Made in the AM." Harry sighed, sad to see the pout on her lips, so he reached over to put numerous kisses on them. "Don't be sad, baby."
She showed him the black polish, as if to convince him.
"Please, H. Promise I'm gonna take it off quickly, it's just to see how it would look like this, cause you're dressed and not in our pajamas."
In his defense, he told her no first.
"Okay, but I'm gonna have to take it off and you know it."
"Yeah, yeah, let me do my job."
An hour later, he was already on the photo set surrounded by people who work there, and his three friends.
"You should take that off if you don't want Simon to lose his hair." He listened to Niall by his side, as people applied subtle makeup to him.
He looked thoughtfully at his black nails, sighing and wishing he didn't have to remove his girlfriend's work, so he took a nail polish remover from the makeup table and began to remove it messily, leaving pieces without stripping.
When the photo was taken for the album cover, he made sure his nails were sneakily visible.
"There it is, lilac and black, to match the outfit." She said, taking her love's hands to blow them. "Don't screw it up, H."
He bit his lip watching her, feeling his heart want to rush out of his chest for the love he felt for her.
"I love you." He said, laughing when he saw how she glanced up at him, a blush on her cheeks.
"I love you more, baby." Y/N replied, reaching out to kiss him softly, taking his lower lip between hers to suck it slowly and leaving him flushed. "So, so much."
His eyes burned with happiness, thinking that not all the money or all the fame in the world could be compared to having the love of his life by his side. He would drop everything for her in an instant.
"My love, my muse, my everything since I was a little boy." Harry whispered, leaving kisses all over her face. "M'soulmate since I met you, even before."
She bit her lip, hugging him tightly.
"I thought that once you and the boys were successful with the band, you would forget about me. I was so scared." Y/N whispered in shame, hiding in Harry's neck, whose heart broke when he heard her. "It took me so long to believe that you really weren't going to let me go, it was probably before Midnight Memories came out."
"Angel, hey." He forced her to look him in the eyes. "Since I saw you for the first time in our neighborhood, I knew there would be no one else, I knew that I had to marry you and do anything with you, cause it was always you and always will be." He stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.
The nail polish was probably spoiled, but neither of them cared.
"I've been crazy about you since I was fifteen, not gonna stop now."
She frowned.
"Wait, fifteen? But you asked me to go out with you when we had sixteen."
"Do you think gathering guts is easy? It took me a year to plan everything." He confessed, causing a laugh out of her, which made him smile.
They both kept laughing, until Y/N looked down at his nails.
"Harry, your nails!" She snorted. "Eleven years and you still can't stand still when they're drying out."
"You know what they say; the more things change, the more they stay the same."
And after all, he wasn't wrong.
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for my shy little boy, how would artemis react to harry picking him up from school by himself for the first time? I feel like they would be just as nervous as each other.
guess who just found this on her drafts hehe this is from the beginning of the relationship meaning artemis wasn't comfortable with harry yet, ok? ok
you can find more of my shy little boy here
Although Y/n was a single mom from the start, she has never been alone, not entirely. She always had family, friends, even co-workers one call away from her. Her car was in the shop? One of her moms would drive her around to run errands and pick up Artemis for his painting class. She was stuck in traffic? Her best friend would go pick Artemis up from school. She was stuck at work? Another friend would take her son out to eat lunch and wait for mommy to come home. The little boy was loved by so many people that would go out of their way just to make sure he was always safe and happy.
Nevertheless, there were times none of them would be available. After all, they all had jobs and trips to attend to. It happened every once in a while, nothing she couldn't handle.
But not this time.
Y/n had underestimated how long it would take her to grade the stack of papers she had let sit on her desk plus the emails on her computer waiting to be answered. There was no way she'd make it in time to Artemis' school to pick him up.
She tried reaching her moms but then remembered they were both out of the city. She had no luck with her best friend and she was running out of options.
They've been sort of seeing each other for the past two months and Artemis have met him a couple of times.
She doubted for a second. Y/n knew Artemis wouldn't be thrilled, but what other option did she have? She just hoped Harry wouldn't mind. She dialed his number before she started overthinking. 
"What's up, love." Harry's excited tone made her smile. "Are ye out of work yet?" 
"Hi, Harr. I'm stuck at work."
"Who's picking up the little one from school?" 
"That's why I called. Could you do it?" Y/n closed her eyes in anticipation. "If you're busy I understand, I could call her teacher and ask her to stay with him for a while-"
"Hey, no need of that. Of course I'll go." 
"You sure?"
"Yeah, we could go out for lunch, have some fun." He sounded happy, eager to spend time with her son, and that calmed her down.
"I'll call the school so you won't have a problem at the entrance. I owe you one, thank you."
"You don't owe me anything." She could almost feel him roll his eyes. "Although I wouldn't mind a kiss." He said cheekily. 
"I'll see what I can do about that."
Harry arrived early. He sat in his car, running his hands through his pants in an attempt to calm his nerves. He has never been alone with Artemis alone. And he wasn't sure if the four-year-old even liked him. Harry just hoped he wouldn't be upset when he didn't see his mom cross his classroom door. 
"Hello, sir. Name, ID and who are you picking up?" A young woman with a clipboard smiled at him.
He hesitated before handing her his ID. "Harry Styles, I'm here to pick up Artemis Y/L/N. Uh, his mom said she'd call you." 
"All clear. Kindergarten is at the end of the hall." She handed him his ID back and Harry thanked her before starting walking down the hall. He smiled as he saw the artwork in the walls and the small humans already on their way out by the hand of their parents.
At the door, there was a woman who Harry assumed was the teacher. She was waving goodbye to a little girl with pigtails carrying a backpack bigger than her. 
"Hello, I'm Harry." He smiled. The teacher didn't recognize him or at least she hid it very well. "I'm here for Artemis."
Harry's eyes scanned the room, looking for the small mop of blonde curls that belonged to Artemis. When he found him, he couldn't help but smile at the sight. The small boy was completely oblivious of his presence, way too focused on the paper sheet he was cutting with his training scissors. 
"Artemis, darling. Harry's here to pick you up" 
The small boy looked up. At first, he didn't recognize the name but then when he looked at the man standing by the door he knew he was one of his mummy's "new friend", as she'd say. "Where's my mummy?" He asked as the teacher walked him to the door. 
"She's at work, buddy." Harry's tone was almost apologetically. His ego was a little hurt, still not used to kids not being happy to see him. "But, we're gonna have loads of fun, don't worry."
Artemis looked skeptical but nodded anyway. Harry accepted his backpack from the teacher's hands and offered a hand to the boy. He said bye to his teacher before accepting Harry's hand. 
"Can we call my mummy?" He said when they were finally out of school. "I miss her."
Harry's heart ached for this kid. He was way too adorable for his own good and Harry could already feel how smitten he would be for him if he were to stick around. Well, if Y/n would continue to have him because he was sure not going anywhere. 
Artemis sat patiently in the back of the car, waiting for Harry to dial his mum's number. She answered at the second ring and they had a quick chat where Y/n assured her son he would be safe with Harry. 
"Are you ready, bud?" Harry looked at him through the mirror, the hazel-eyed boy was playing with his hands, a sign he was nervous. 
"I don't have my car seat." He pointed. 
"Sorry about that, A. It was short notice but I promise I'll have one for next time, alright?" Artemis nodded. "What are you in the mood for? I was thinking lunch then ice cream?"
"I had a cold last week. Mummy says I can't have anything too cold."
In his mind, Harry was already on strike two. He's never felt so intimidated by a four-year-old with round glasses. He wanted this kid to like him so badly not just because he was dating his mother, but because he wanted to bond with him. It was no secret he loved children and until two months ago he thought all children loved him too. 
Harry pulled over in front of a small dinner he frequently goes to. He was hoping and praying he wouldn't get spotted, not wanting to put Artemis in any kind of uncomfortable situation. He helped him out of the car, keeping a hold of his hand as they entered the building. 
Luckily, it was mostly empty aside from a couple sitting on the other side of the room and two girls on a table close to the door. Harry guided Artemis to a table away from the windows and helped him sit on his chair. 
Despite the toddler not being able to read, Harry still moved his chair closer to him and opened the menu so the two of them could see it. Artemis used his hands to push himself up so his legs would be folded under his body, that giving him a little more height as he looked at the pictures of the menu. 
"Do you like macaroni cheese or would you like a soup?" Harry asked, pointing at the different photos. 
"I like the tomato one." He said before inserting one of his fingers in his mouth. Harry was quick to gently grab his small hand. 
"We have to wash out hands first, buddy." 
An old woman walked towards their table, greeting them. Harry ended up ordering two tomato soups before heading to the bathroom with Artemis to wash their hands. 
"Harry, do you like my mummy?" Artemis was looking at him with big, doe eyes. "My grandma said you do."
Harry chuckled, remembering the time one of Y/n's moms walked into her daughter's house to find him shirtless and barely awake. "I think your mummy is a wonderful woman."
"But do you like her?" He insisted. He never thought he would be interrogated by a four-year-old but here he was. 
"Would you be okay if I did?" 
The little boy shrugged. "I like when you make her smile." He tried to put it into words, but he did like the way his mummy smiled after she arrived from a date with Harry. Y/n thought he would be asleep, but the truth was he faked it just so he could make sure his mom would arrive safely home. 
Harry felt his smile widen, feeling touched at how much attention Artemis would pay to his mummy. This was for sure one special little boy and Harry would love nothing more than to be in his life forever. 
“He said what?” Harry tried to hold his excitement from the other side of the line. “You’re joking, right?”
“I’m not! He asked me if I could put you in the approved pick up list.” She smiled. “Hope you don’t mind picking him more often.”
He sure didn’t. 
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Nothing New
Tumblr media
HI HELLO! figure skater!harry and Y/N are here. this is officially my favourite concept i am in love with them. also ENEMIES TO LOVERS???? i cannot take all the credit, a beautiful anon sent this idea in and i love them very much for it! obviously a lot of angst, a tiny bit of smut, fluff and mentions of depression and descriptions of an eating disorder. please don’t read if those things trigger you. happy reading!
✧ ✧ ✧
Harry Styles hated Y/N L/N with a passion.
He hated the way she dressed, the way she skated, the way she was too thin, the way her hair fell after doing a jump, he hated the clothes she would wear to the bar after a practice and how she would only get a water with extra ice.
Harry hated how everyone loved her.
To everyone else, Y/N L/N was a beautiful, smart and very kind figure skater. She held the door open for everyone, spent extra time on the rink when little kids would come for their lessons, even though she’s broke she always offers to pay for everyone’s food. And she’s just happy go lucky, all the time.
There is never a crack in her facade. And no ones every seen through the mask she wears.
Not until him.
Harry had been skating since he was 13. His mum was a figure skater when she was his age and she wanted to pass it on to her kids. His sister, Gemma, didn’t enjoy it so she moved on to something else after three years of doing it. But Harry, he absolutely loved it. He loved the adrenaline and the praise he would get after a competition. It’s a feeling he still loves to chase, even now at 27 years old. Harry is olympic level this year. He can’t have anything or anyone fuck this up.
Y/N has been figure skating since she was 5 years old. She was forced into it by her aunt, who took her in at a young age due to her parent not being completely reliable. Y/N hated it — but she was good at it. She wasn’t use to the praise. Her aunt, Delilah, is a coach (still to this day) at the rink. So she signed Y/N up and trained her 24/7. No breaks. No food or water until she landed a trick. Y/N soon figured that her aunts home was much worse than her neglect parents. But she stayed quiet, but on a fake smile and used this talent to her advantage.
Y/N and Harry met when they were both 25.
It was a slow day at the rink, Y/N was frustrated with her new coach and decided to run through the routine herself. Harry watched her and immediately felt threatened. He had never seen her before and she was insanely good. Almost like a robot.
Y/N’s aunt still coached, but she was too old to keep coaching Y/N at the competitive level she was at. So Y/N transferred to a new rink two weeks into the competition season. Her coach wasn’t like her aunt at all. Talia is kind and reasonable. Let her take breaks whenever she needed, encouraged her to try her best but don’t over do it. It was frustrating because Talia was so nice, but wasn’t as cut throat as Delilah. Y/N had come so costumed to it, that she needed it to survive in this world.
Talia and Y/N are the best of the best. Talia had one 5 gold medals in her career and has taught amazing figure skaters that have ended up at the olympics.
Harry immediately made Y/N an enemy.
Harry was good. But not this good. He needed to hate her because he was so insecure. He needed the validation and Y/N was getting that.
Y/N was the new star skater.
But now, two years later, harry needs a partner.
And his coach, Hollis, has just the person.
“No way.” Harry yelled, his hand coming down on Hollis’ desk. Hollis bit his lip leaning back as he watched his best student throw his daily tantrum. Harry is spoilt and hard work. But he’s talented. But not talented enough.
“Can I speak freely here?” Hollis asked leaning forward in his chair. Harry was seething, his face red with anger.
“No, but you’re going to do it anyways.”
Hollis stood from his chair, “You’ll never make it to the olympics by yourself. Harsh, I know, but it’s the truth. I’m not going to bullshit you here, Harry. You need this girl.” Hollis said and Harry groaned.
“You don’t understand! She’s like this devil girl! Nobody knows what a bitch she actually is—“
Harry was interrupted by a cough. He turned around to see the bitch he was talking about. Speak of the devil and she shall appear.
“Y/N. Great to see you.” Hollis said with a grin. Y/N smiled back and held her hand out to hollis to shake his.
“I take you’ve told him the news?”
“You agreed to this?” Harry asked, his hands flailing around.
“Well, if you want to make it to the olympics, then i’d be a lot nicer to me.” Y/N said with a fake smile. Harry rolled his eyes and looked back to his coach.
“Talia and I will be working together, coming up with a plan and then we’ll converse with some other coaches and choreographers get some exercises sorted out. In the mean time, I want you guys spending time together, getting a feel for each other on the ice. You guys need to know each other inside out for this to work.” Hollis said.
“Now, go and half some fun out on the ice and the proper work will start next week.” Hollis said. Y/N nodded and made her way out of his office to the rink.
Harry shook his head absolutely baffled.
“This is such a bad idea. Don’t you see what a bitch she is?” Harry asked and Hollis just smiled.
“Get on the ice, Harry. Don’t make me ask again.”
✧ ✧ ✧
“That’s sloppy. Again.” Harry said as Y/N did a perfect turn. Y/N didn’t mind doing this, she was raised this way. On negative thinking. Y/N could spend 4 hours doing spins and turns. She would spend another hour throwing up after it.
“Great turns Y/N!” Hollis said looking up from his paper. Y/N looked at harry and he rolled his eyes.
“Should we do some lifts? To get a feel for each other’s reflexes and such.”
Harry groaned and nodded finally not fighting her on something.
They skated and then 5 seconds into it, harry lifted Y/N up. They had amazing chemistry on the ice, but off it was a different story. Hollis and Talia smiled to each other sharing a knowing look.
Harry put Y/N down with a grunt.
“God, you’re heavy”
It was a joke. He didn’t mean it.
But to someone with an eating disorder, a joke is still harming. Y/N could feel her insides twist and the bile travel up from her stomach.
Not now. Please, not now.
“I need the bathroom” Y/N said abruptly skating off the ice holding her hand to her mouth.
Harry furrowed his eyebrows and watched her retreating with an unknown feeling.
Worry? Anxiety? Guilt?
He couldn’t place it.
Harry skated over towards his coaches.
“She does this sometimes. Randomly get sick. I think it has something to do with her aunt” Talia said to Hollis.
“Her aunt?” Harry asked and Talia cleared her throat.
“Not my place to tell you.”
“Please. I need to know. Shes my partner and it’s not like she’s going to tell me of all people.”
Talia let out a breath and rolled her head around.
“Fine, but you didn’t hear this from me.”
Harry nodded quickly leaning in.
“Y/N was adopted by her aunt when she was four. Her aunt put her in skating when she five and verbally abused her.” Talia said and Harry’s eyes widened.
“I’ve seen a lot of things but never in my 15 years of teaching have I seen a teacher like Delilah L/N. She made Y/N skate 24/7. She was home schooled, didn’t have any friends. Luckily she transferred rinks, but it’s hard to let go of those thoughts.” Talia finished, putting a hand on harry’s hand.
“All i’m saying is that Y/N has been through hell and back. She’s still going through it. Be gentle with her.”
As time went on, Harry started to depend on Y/N more on the ice but he was still his usual self off of the ice.
“You coming to lunch?” Talia asked Y/N.
“Uh, already ate. Thanks for the offer though!” Y/N said, Harry furrowed his eyebrows and walked over to the girls.
“Come on, partner. I’m buying.”
There wasn’t time to say no, so Y/N just shrugged at Talia leaving Hollis and her to ear themselves while she followed her new partner. It wasn’t that Y/N skipped food on purpose, it just happened. No food for hours was something drilled into her routine. She’s tried to eat during the day, but she pukes even thinking about it.
At the restaurant Y/N order fries and water while Harry ordered a steak.
“Don’t play with the food. It’s good for you.” Harry said and Y/N narrowed her eyes.
“Harry, what are you doing?” Y/N asked putting the fries down.
“Look, you’re my partner now. I want to put this rivalry aside—“
“Rivalry?” Y/N interrupted with a laugh. “I’m sorry Harry, but you’re jealous of me Harry. I have been nothing but kind to you, even when you’re a complete asshole. Now you’re watching me eat? When you called me heavy a couple days ago? I can’t keep up.” Y/N rambled. Harry sighed and leaned back in his seat.
“I need to get to the olympics. I need you.” Harry said and Y/N tried to resist looking at him but god was he charming.
“I need you. And your skills. But if you’re not eating properly, we’re both never going to get to the olympics. So, you’re going to talk to Talia. Get help for the obvious disorder you have and then we’ll be back on track” Harry said and Y/N’s eyes widened.
“For your information, I know what I have. I have an eating disorder. I have had one all of my life, and it’s not going away anytime soon. I’ve been to rehab. I’ve talked to therapists. Not that Talia told you that part.” Y/N seethed standing up taking some money out of her pocket.
“See you at practice, Harry.”
A few weeks had passed since that last conversation. It was only Harry and Y/N on the ice, nothing else.
“Fuck, you need to land this.” Harry seethed, Y/N rolled her eyes. Y/N couldn’t land this trick and it was frustrating them to no end. So they decided to stay over time, so they were the only people on the rink. They had the closing keys from the janitor so they could stay here for however long they needed which was nice.
“I’m trying, ok! I’m really trying! But you really can’t talk. You’re just standing there, doing nothing.” Y/N yelled.
“Me? You’re the one that can’t land a simple trick! A three year old could do it!”
“God, you’re so full of yourself!”
They both stared at each other, they were close now. Their chest touching, Y/N could feel harry’s breath on her cheek. Harry looked down at her lips and then back at wide eyes.
“Fuck it.” Harry mumbled before crashing his lips into hers. His hands travelled to her hips pulling her into him. Y/N moaned her arms wrapping around his shoulders.
“Lockers rooms are still open.” Harry said in between kisses. Y/N nodded skating over, harry following closely behind.
They took their skates off and Harry picked Y/N up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and brought her lips down to his.
“God I can’t wait to see how wet you are. You like me yelling at you, don’t you?” Harry asked as he opened the locker door.
Y/N nodded as she got put down on the bench.
“Fuck me like you hate me?”
Harry groaned bringing his lips back down to hers, his hands pulling her hair out of the pony tail.
He then kissed down her neck, tugging at her leggings and practically ripping them off. “I’m gonna fuck you, right here, right now.” Her panties came down next and Harry moaned at the sight.
“So wet for you.”
“Just for me?” Harry asked and Y/N rolled her eyes bucking her hips up. “Fuck me like you promised.” She said and Harry grunted placing his hands on her hips to turn her around so her ass was in the air.
“Harry? Y/N?” A voice called out.
Y/N gasped and tried to cover herself up.
Harry stood there and looked between him, Y/N and Hollis.
“Well, is right.”
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carolinasgirl · 8 months ago
Summary: [6k words] After you have been struggling to orgasm for a while your friend recommends a sex therapist to you. When you finally work up the courage to set up an appointment, not expecting to have the best sex of your life.
!! WARNINGS: unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), degradation kink, slight pain kink, fingering, daddy kink, thigh riding, mentions of anal, could suggest cheating.
special gif credits to @chasm2018​ !!
Tumblr media
“Is his stroke game bad?” Your best friend, Sydney, asks you, digging into her lunch after taking a sip of her drink. 
The sun gleams down on your face, your fork playing around with your food as the conversation makes your mind run in circles, slowly turning you crazier and crazier. “No, it’s not that, I just don’t think I can orgasm and my gynaecologist sucks, it’s like she just doesn’t listen to what I’m saying.” You sigh, shaking your head and placing down your fork with aggravation. “It’s nothing to do with Brandon, I think it’s just me.”
“You had mind-blowing orgasms with Josiah though?” 
“God, that was years ago. All the one night stands I’ve had, you’re telling me I can’t squeeze out one orgasm. Brandon’s ex always talked about how great he was in bed, my body just doesn’t like him for some strange reason.” You rant, venting out your frustrations that have been building up for a while now.
For a while now, you’ve been hooking up with Brandon, he’s been a friend with benefits for months and within all these months you are yet to have one single orgasm. You’ve been craving that cloud nine feeling for so long. The one night stands you have indulged yourself in have been one-sided, guys being blinded on how to please a woman. Brandon is interested in pleasuring you, yet you don’t believe he knows how to, even if he is has given his exes joyous sex.
Sydney sighs from the other side of the table, bringing her phone out which makes you tip your head to the side in confusion. “Remember that sex therapy place I told you about?” 
“Sydney, no. Who goes to sex therapy alone?”
“I do and it blew my mind. It’s pricey but the orgasm he gave me with just his fingers… Amazing. It’s literally just like a gynaecologist, but purely just orgasms.” She hums at her final word, tapping at her phone, sending you the contact for the ‘therapist’ she is talking about.
You grab your phone that lies on the table, picking it up so you can enter your passcode and click onto your texts with Sydney. “Harry Styles?”
“Okay if you’re going to bitch about it, then continue to fake your orgasms.” She rolls her eyes, calling the waiter over to ask for the bill. “Just think about it.”
As you sit at home later on that day, your fingers are twitching against the contact that your best friend has sent you and your mind is hammering with all the pros and cons of what this sex therapy will do to you. The pros are outweighing the cons massively. You’ve reread the website over 1000 times, the reviews all positive and everything looking just as tempting as Sydney described it.
“Fuck it,” You say out loud, fingers dancing across the screen.
To Harry Styles: Hello, my friend suggested you to me early today for solo sexual therapy. She gave me your number and the link to the website and  I was just wondering if you have any appointments free for anytime this week. Thank you.
You throw your phone onto your bed, avoiding looking at it and cringing at yourself from the awkward text that you just sent off. Questions taking over your body; was the text too informal? Should you have been more friendly? You even forgot to mention your name. Maybe a smiley face at the end would’ve made it seem kinder. Is it too late to send one?
A ping from your phone draws you out of your discomfort and you finally emerge out of the ball that your limbs instantly curved into as soon as you hit that send button.
From Harry Styles: Hi! Thank you for the text and thank you to your friend for referring me. We have an appointment today at 6 PM to get everything checked out, you can read up about it on our website, but it’s just to check if you’re able to take part in the sexual therapy. If you’ve ever visited a gynaecologist, it’s as simple as that, you’re with a professional doctor so don’t worry. The results take 7 days to come back if they are all clear, I can book you in for an appointment with me next Monday at noon. 
And that is where it all begins.
You let Harry know your name and any other necessary details and you are all booked. You arrive at your check-up appointment on time, bringing your ID and letting the receptionist know all your details which she typed into the system, letting you through to the female doctor who sat you down and explained everything to you calmly. She was brief but detailed, leaving all the important facts for Harry to tell you. She took the tests which went by like a breeze and made you tick from a list of things you would like to do with Harry and things you didn’t want to do. You ticked all the boxes. 
Time rushed by. Even though you were dreading the appointment, the 8 long-awaited days felt like a rush. You were working from home and you spent a lot of your time with friends, all of them hyping you up for your appointment that they have been pushing you to make for the longest time.
And now you are currently sitting in the waiting room, scrolling through your phone and on the verge of backing out, spamming the group chat to hopefully emit some nerves that are running through your entire body, creating goosebumps along your freshly waxed skin.
From Sydney to Girls Group: Girl shut up and just do it, I promise you, you’ll have the time of your life. It’s not awkward, he’s not rough, he’s not a dirty talker, he cares about his clients. 
“Number 12.” A husky voice from the door calls and your body shakes, looking down at the small square of paper and flickering your eyes back up to look at the face of the voice. The receptionist gives you a number when you arrive for client confidentiality and no one else in the waiting room will know your name, which helps cure your nerves and embarrassment a little bit. 
For a second you lose your voice, you feel breathless. The man standing there, looking like a slice of heaven, a glow radiating from his beautiful skin. The tight black button-up he is wearing is clinging to his chiselled abs and the black leather trousers are held together with a Gucci belt which just makes him look 10x more delicious. You do not regret wearing the skimpy red dress that Sydney forced you to buy along with the matching lingerie set.
You stand up, smiling at the man, who is holding the door open for you, waiting for you to follow him.
After following him down the short corridor, you both turn him to the room that has his name in the door and you sit on the chair facing the leather one tucked under the dark oak desk, a large iMac sat on top of it. 
“So… Y/N.” Harry breathes out, sitting back on his leather desk chair and turning towards you. “S’nice to meet ye’.” He sticks out his rough palm. The accent. He has no right to sound and look that gorgeous.
You take his large hand into your small one, giving him a timid shake and friendly smile. “It’s nice to meet you too.”
“So, what brings ye’ to do solo sex therapy?”
Taking a deep breath, trying your hardest not to nervously play with your fingers, you instead play with your silver angel necklace that is hanging around your neck. Harry takes notice of it and licks his lips at the look of it. “So, I’ve not had an orgasm in like two years. The last time was when I was in a committed relationship so I don’t know if it’s the thought of commitment holding me back or if I’m stressed. I don’t know.” You shrug, feeling your cheeks begin to redden and your palms get a little sweaty.
Harry nods, listening to every word that you say, trying so hard to keep his focus on your eyes, but he can’t help but watch you play with that little necklace that lies just above your cleavage. He’s only been in the job for a year, deciding to use his degree and mix it with desire, becoming a sex therapist. In this whole year, Harry has been working here, he has never seen someone so gorgeous and has never been more thankful that this is a solo appointment and you aren’t tagging a clueless boyfriend along. All his mind is thinking right now is about how well he is going to treat you.
“Good sex is good sex,” Harry says point-blank, resisting the impulse to take you on his desk right then and there when you begin to play with the strap of your dress, pulling it up which only pushes your tits closer together. “The thought of commitment will never hold ye’ back from having an orgasm and sex s’supposed to be a stress reliever, so it’s sound like you’re being tense during sex and holding y’self back,” He explains, watching your eyes fall to look at the floor.
“Yeah, that’s probably it.”
He notices the small damper on your mood and clears his throat, shaking his head, looking towards his computer. “So ye’ tests came back all clear, I know Doctor Willis told ye’ the outline of things, but I’ll be telling ye’ what we will be doing today,” Harry says clicking around on his computer, trying to pull up your document.
As you let your eyes rise, they stop abruptly, noticing something that soaks the red lace hidden underneath your dress. He’s hard. A large tent beneath all that leather, it’s begging for attention. You are creating excuses in your head, positive that you aren’t the reason to cause that. You can’t be that cocky, it’s his job to get hard and fuck people.
“Normally we would start with foreplay, the foreplay s’mainly focussed on you and we don’t take part in any intercourse until y’are completely relaxed and comfortable. Some girls want to take it further.” His words completely drowned out in your ears, focussing on how gorgeous this work of art is which is right in front of you. Yet he continues to stare at his computer, not acknowledging how zoned out you are. “Everything will be protected and safe, the safe word is ‘book’”
Harry finally turns to you, pushing his chair away from his desk and leaning back a little. “Are you ready t’start?” He asks, noticing your eyes quickly move from his crotch to his pair of golden orbs.
You just can’t resist him, leaning over from your uncomfortable seat, to reach out for the prominent bulge. Once your hand touches him, there is no denying that he’s huge, even the thick material that is straining him is struggling to hold him back. 
Harry looks down at your hand and tries his hardest not to let out a single sound. He’s so hard because of you, he wants to drop down at his knees and worship you. He doesn’t know what friend recommended you, but he wants to worship them too for sending such an angel to him. He can’t give in though, the contract he signed when in this job is that he solely can’t use clients for his pleasure. 
“M’sorry Y/N, but this isn’t what we do here,” Harry informs you, the last word of his sentence weak and coming out as a satisfied sigh. 
“But it’s what I would like,” You reply, a smug look on your face. He inhales deeply to speak again, however you quickly interrupt. “You said you want your client to be relaxed and comfortable.” You remind him. “And nothing would relax me more than sucking your cock… Mr Styles.” 
He can’t help but give in, now you’re groping his cock and he doesn’t even realise that his hands are gripping his belt to tug it off. He wants you so bad, is it bad to want you? This isn’t professional, but he’s never throbbed this hard for someone. “For fucks sake, fine do it. But y’better do it like ye’ life depends on it,” He demands, sliding out his belt from his belt loops.
You are quick to slide off the chair onto your exposed knees, hands flying for his zipper to pull down his pants and expose his tattooed thigh. “Tattoos,” you tut, teasingly tracing your nail over the outlines. You noticed the couple in his hands too and he takes the opportunity to push up his sleeves and show off his inked skin. “Not very professional of you Mr Styles.” You tease, lips kissing up to his inner thighs.
He’s growing impatient and these teasing touches and tormenting words, they’re pushing him to the edge. “Put me in your mouth before I fuck it m’self.” He sighs, watching you pull down his boxers, with the help of him lifting his hips so you can watch his cock hit his covered abdomen.
You took a second to admire him. You knew he was big by the size of him just in his pants, but he looks like a whole meal that you want to devour right now. He’s thick and tall and has a long vein running along the side of him and you can see it pulsing, waiting for some desperate attention.
Inching closer to him, you let your hand wrap around his stiff length to hold it still as your tongue ran along that throbbing vein, receiving a heavenly grumble, deep within his chest. 
“Y’gonna play with it or actually do something?” He challenges, getting frustrated with your actions. 
Instead of smart-mouthing, you decide to swirl your tongue around his leaking tip, pulling back to watch a bead of cum slip out his slip and run down his length, which your tongue does not hesitate to swoop into your mouth, tasting the sweet but salty divine taste against your taste buds. 
Harry can’t take it anymore. “Okay, since ye’ want to be a brat,” he mutters out through his clenched teeth, wrapping your hair around his hand. “I’ll treat ye’ like a brat.” He adds on, his spare hand coming down to slap your cheek lightly indicating for you to open your mouth, which you obliged, not expecting him to push you down onto his cock, your mouth engulfing half of him and already gagging around him.
Something about him calling you that and the aggressive tone in his voice soaks you completely, even more than you already were. You felt the need to sneak your hand down and give attention to your throbbing clit, but once Harry starts to create a rough rhythm, fucking himself into your face, you instantly snap back into action.
“Oh fuck- you like that, don’t you? You fucking love it.” Harry’s voice is a raspy whisper and it sends shivers down your spine, creating goosebumps to rise on your skin.
Nodding slightly, you meet his thrusts into your mouth, supporting his pulls on your hair, by helping him create a rhythm. There’s spit everywhere, mixing with pre-cum and you can hear the wet sounds bouncing off the white boring walls along with the sounds of his moans and your loud gags.
Harry is in complete bliss. He’s always been so used to clean and precise head, which has always made him finish, but nothing has ever made him feel this way. Messy, sloppy, careless. He’s in love with it, he’s never felt his balls tighten so fast and his hips begin to falter so quickly. He’s not supposed to use clients for his own pleasure, he’s even advised to try his hardest not cum, even when using a condom, which his contract orders him to always do. And that promise he made to his boss, the contract he signed with this company is running through his mind, adding on to the pressure that is building up in his stomach.
Harry pulls back on your hair, trying to slip your mouth off his slick cock, but you instantly retract back, wanting more of him. “Get off,” he grunts, pulling at your hair a little harder, which makes you finally pull back.
You send him a soft pout, cock still held in your soft palm, mouth dividing the attention between each of his balls, innocent eyes looking up at him.
He notices the mascara that is starting to run underneath your watery eyes, begging for attention. He knows he’s done for when he looks down at you through hooded eyes, moans, and groans leaving his lips and mouth desperately wanting to cum in that smart ass mouth, but knowing he can’t. He’s about to burst any second… ‘It won’t be so bad if I cum on her face’ Harry begins to tell himself, so wanting to cover you up with his cum. How bad he wants to fill up all your holes should be illegal. Every single hole. Over and over and over again.
However, you aren’t thinking the same, you want more. You’ve already tasted him the slightest bit, but you want to taste him again, this time his whole load in your mouth. You quickly go back to sucking on the tip as your hand-worked against his entire cock.
This made Harry jolt up in panic and pleasure. His thighs begin to tremble and he feels his arms go numb and weak, unable to physically hold you back, even if he didn’t want to. “Y/N, you’ve- fuck! Fuckin’ ‘ell! Oh my god!” And that’s it. He makes the mess in your mouth, that he wanted so bad, but knows he shouldn’t.
You easily swallow him back, letting out a content sigh at the taste you have been craving for. You sit back on your calves, watching the man in front of you, lean over in his leather chair, placing his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, still panting heavily.
You teasingly chuckle, slipping your hands up his thighs. “I know I’m good but didn’t realise I was that good.”
At that moment, something snaps in Harry. He looks up from his hands, darkness, and lust in his green eyes as he stares you down. “You know what, I thought fucking that bratty mouth would shut you up.” He grabs onto your wrist pulling you onto your feet. “I guess I have to try another way.”
He quickly moves his hands to your waist to lift you onto his reasonably empty desk, the only things in the way is his computer and little pot of pens. 
“Cute little dress, did ye’ think you could seduce me in this?” He heaves, pulling it up to bunch at your waist.
Your breath hitches for a second when he begins to play with the soaking lace, his fingers inches away from your dripping pussy. “It worked, didn’t it?” 
Smack. A shot of pain shoots through your inner thigh, making you let out a small whimper, positive that your panties are completely soaked through. The sting is so pleasant and the slight burn of the cold metal from his collection of rings sends a shiver down your spine.
He slides off your underwear with one single finger, taking in how your pussy glistens under the bright white light in the room. You’re pretty sure you are so flooded that you are soaking through. Your thighs are sticky and your thighs are twitching, a sign that you need that attention from him.
His hand comes down to slap against your throbbing heat, clenching around nothing. “You’re a wet little thing, aren’t you princess.” He snickers, slapping you once more to receive another small whimper from you. 
He begins to slip off his rings, indicating that he’s going to finger the fuck out of you, starting with the one on his middle. But, you’re totally against that idea, so you are quick to stop him. “Please.” Your voice is small but demanding. “Keep them on.”
He obeys and slides it back on. “What do you want?” He asks, slowly shifting in his index finger, watching your face twist from need to thrill. “My fingers?” He asks, keeping his finger still, deep inside of you, feeling you clench around him, silently begging for more. “My tongue?” He asks again, crouching down and sticking out his tongue to give the attention that your clit is hungry for.
“Anything.” You breathe out. 
“Anything?” He replies, beginning to move his finger, creating a slow and steady rhythm. 
You nod eagerly, hands gripping onto his shoulders for some stability, but his other hand quickly grabs both of your wrists to fling them off him.
“Little sluts, don’t get to touch.” a smirk on his face, letting him slip his middle finger to speed up his pace, curling them up to hit all your sweet spots.
Heavy, hot breaths leave your moist lips, the occasional cry mixing in with them, wanting more from him every time he tickles against that place that makes you squirm. Needing more, your hand sneaks down your body to touch against your throbbing clit.
Once again, his hands resist yours, this time slapping them away. “They don’t touch what’s mine either.” He growls this time, hand moving faster, so fast he is moving your whole body with his hand too.
Your body begins to grind on his hand unintentionally trying to bring yourself closer to your orgasm, needing more from his fingers, but somehow he’s also giving so much. Never have you ever been this close to an orgasm. It’s so overwhelming that you begin to feel your arms go weak, turning into spaghetti. Your legs are beginning to shake and you notice that you’re so close to the edge. 
Harry is quick to notice the way your body is moving against his hand along with the way your arms are slowly dropping and legs are shaking, so he begins to create that steady, but a rough pace that he knows makes all his clients shake. 
It’s so wrong what Harry is feeling right now. His emotions are high and his head is spinning. He’s so unbelievably attracted to you that he has to double-check if you’re real by moving his fingers at an angle to reach the perfect spot that makes you scream. Yup, you’re real. He shouldn’t be thinking like this, you’re a client, and not only is his contract making him feel guilty so many other things are too, but he’s choosing to ignore them and deciding to watch you cum around his beefy fingers.
“Yes, yes, yes!” You scream out, not even bothering to try and keep it down, his fingers still slipping in out of you as your whole body shakes against him, head dropping down to rest on his shoulder, high-pitched whines leaving your lips as you grip onto his biceps.
He smirks, slowly pulling them out as you still tremble against him. “Two fingers and already got ye’ shaking for me.” He slips his fingers into his mouth, a pleasing moan leaving his mouth once he tastes you against his skin. A combination so heavenly it should be a sin. 
He crouches down eager to taste more of you, craving your delicacy. His tongue sticks out to lick up your wetness, trying to clean you up before you quickly jolt away, hand pushing his head away from you.
“That sensitive?” He asks, watching you nod in reply.
Your thighs have been clenched together for so long you have to check if they’re not glued together. Seeing stars is an understatement. You’re seeing the whole galaxy. Mind completely clouded and you’re positive you are never going to feel something like this ever again. That’s why you want more. Even though you’re so sensitive, you need more of him, you need to make the most of this.
“Still want your cock though.” You whimper, leaning forward to help him tug his shirt off, revealing his golden chest, symmetrical tattoos splattered across it.
He watches you begin to admire him in all his glory, once he completely pushes all his material of clothing far away from you both. “Sure ye’ can handle it?” He asks, proud of how much of a mess he has made you. 
It takes that for you to build up the energy to place your hands on his shoulders, pushing him to sit back on his leather chair. 
As soon as you slip that dress off that has been taunting Harry since he saw you in the waiting room, he was tempted to bend you over that desk and pound into you right there. He should be doing that. He should be taking control as the therapist. Why is he letting his client control him? He knows he’s fucked for you and it’s so wrong, although when you shimmy out of that little red lace, that is barely covering anything, he somehow persuades himself that it is so right.
Once you unhook your bra, throwing it across the room, you climb onto his lap, hands on his shoulders to keep yourself steady. “Your tattoos make you a lot sexier,” You state as you admire the art… on art.  
He chuckles, hands instantly finding your ass to help you grind on his hard cock. He’s never gotten so hard this quick, he’s just got a mind-blowing head and had one of the best orgasms he’s ever had, yet he’s hard again just from looking at you completely stripped of clothing. 
“There’s a lot of them,” You mumble, looking down at your wet core grinding against all the inkwork splattered over his thigh. “Can you tell me what all of them mean?” You ask, looking down at the wet streak you are leaving as you trail your fingertips across that bible tattoo on his arm. 
No one has ever found pleasure in grinding on his thigh before and he loves it, he knows you both don’t have much time to get yourself off like this, but he wants to watch you crumble all due to his thigh. 
“I guess we can do that on our date.” You say boldly, hand reaching down to grab his cock so you can line him up with your entrance, feeling your juices trickle down him at the slightest push.
You just asked him out on a date. Or told him you are going on a date with him. He doesn’t know how to feel about that, but for some reason, it makes him harder. Harder than he thought he ever could get. 
Big. That single word describes Harry. Everything about him is huge and that doesn’t exclude his dick. When you sink onto him, you can feel absolutely everything that makes your jaw drop and your body feel so small. You take him halfway and stop there, giving yourself some time to adjust to his thickness, his length, every single detail. 
Harry sits back, head tilting back at the feeling of you clenching around him with hard pants leaving your desperate lips. “C’mon, I know y’can take more than that, ye’ minx,” he mumbles, getting frustrated with waiting for you, just wanting to feel all of you. 
“Of course,” You smirk, trying to cover any expression of pleasure as you take all of him in, allowing him to let out a satisfied sigh. “Was just trying to feed your ego with your small dick.” You tease.
That’s it for Harry. He doesn’t know what flips the switch in him, he’s never been teased like this, never even been this rough with his clients either not with the people in his love life.  But there is something special about you that brings out this side of him. The side that makes his eyes darken and his jaw clench.  
His hand wraps around your throat, his grip so harsh that you nearly fall back, having to place your hands on his knees so you don’t fall off of him. “Fuckin’ brat.” He growls, starting to thrust up into you at a heavy and fast rhythm, not giving you any time to build the pace. “Remember why ye’ came here.” 
You can’t even focus on what he’s saying, your ears are ringing out with the sounds of your skin slapping with his, the sounds of your wetness slicking against his cock, the sounds of your loud moans, begs and pleads.
“Y’came here because ye’ fuckin’ wanted me. Say it, say ye’ wanted me.” He lifts his hips off the chair, his one hand that isn’t wrapped around your throat holding onto your waist so tight that he is sure his fingertips are leaving faint bruises. You stay silent, too overwhelmed with the way his tip is hitting your cervix, so deep he is ruining you. “Say it.” He near yells, slapping your ass to get your attention.
“YES! Yes Harry I wanted you so bad- please don’t stop! Please keep on fucking me, daddy.” You cry out. 
That name. God that name. It allows him to go harder, rougher, faster. His hand around your throat tightens too, slightly restricting your breathing, only making the pleasure that much more overwhelming. You’re grinding against him now, getting more friction.
“Y’like that, ye’ little slut, like being a brat for me, god, look at ye’. So desperate f’me.” he rambles out, between grunts and huffs with each thrust. 
His eyes lift from staring at the way he’s slipping in and out of your tight, restricting cunt to your body, noticing that familiar sight of your legs shaking and your body twitching. “Y’gonna cum around m’cock? Ye’ gonna cream around me, show me how much of a whore ye’ are for me.” He groans, watching your face contour into complete pleasure. 
Your moans turn into cries and your cries turn into screams of his name. There’s tears of ecstasy escaping from your eyes, your velvet walls clenching around him once you feel tour overwhelming orgasm take over your whole body. 
As you tremble, shake, and shudder, Harry watches you, mouth dropped open and no sound coming from your mouth. You have to pull yourself off of him, letting your peak hit. You don’t even notice that you are squirting all over him. His thighs, his cock, his chest, completely soaked from you. 
Harry is in awe, he can’t stop looking at you, he thinks he’s about to cum untouched. Just looking at you can make him explode. But he continues to slap his cock against your clit, only bringing you to slump forward completely blacking out.
Harry’s hands are on your back, keeping you stable trying to control the uncontrollable amount you’re jerking. He’s given many girls mind-blowing orgasms, but they have never reacted like this.
It takes a few moments for you to snap out of it and get back the slightest bit of your stamina, so determined to get him off. 
You reach down, grabbing his rock hard cock in your warm palm, stroking him against your soaking entrance which makes your thighs shake that once more. 
“Hey, you don’t need to- Ohhh fuck!” he moans out, once you push him into you, unintentionally letting out another eruption of your wetness. 
It takes that little push to tip Harry over the edge, feeling his balls tighten and his stomach begin to clench. And that’s when he realizes… he’s not wearing a condom. It’s too late for him to pull out, he can feel himself releasing inside of you, his warm load filling you up to the brim as he jerks and twitches inside of you.
“Fuck, get off.” he protests through his pants, cock still sensitive and throbbing, but he doesn’t know what to do. He’s so overwhelmed. 
He watches the way his cum drips out of you like sweet honey and he groans at himself, not knowing if he’s ashamed or proud. “I didn’t wear a condom,” he mumbles, pinching the bridge of his nose. 
“It’s fine, I’m on the pill,” you reassure him, leaning down to kiss his neck, leaving a trail of kisses, wanting more from him. “Come on, want you in my ass Harry, want you-“
A ringing sound from his computer stops you, making you look up with a confused look. 
“Time’s up.” He mumbles, reaching out for the mouse to cancel the notification, giving you a slight nudge to tell you to get off of his lap. 
As he wiggles his mouse around, you notice something that makes your stomach turn. You were innocently admiring how beautiful his hands are, how his rings are so striking and intriguing, but one stands out. It’s placed directly on his ring finger, much more mundane than the rest and not as thrilling. Extremely similar to a wedding ring. 
Quickly, you get redressed, not caring how his cum was running down your thighs and trying so hard not to look at him redressing himself. 
“You can book yourself in for another appointment if y’would like.” He breaks the silence, concentrating on his hands that are trying to fix his shirt to cover his half-naked body.
“Are you married?” You ask, probably way too fast for him to understand, but the sex you two just had is not the type of sex a married man has with a random girl.
“Excuse me?” he turns to look at you, eyes stern as to tell you not to ask him something like. “I don’t see how that’s any of ye’ business.”
“The sex we just had, there was a connection there. You wanted to cum in me because you wanted to claim me, you were that rough-“
“That’s how I am with all m’clients, better orgasms.” He interrupts. Pathetic excuse but his straight face could convince anyone, but not you. 
You scoff. “My friend said you weren’t rough and you didn’t dirty talk, Harry you pounded me so hard you were in my fucking guts.” 
Those words make his cock twitch in his pants, how ironic since he is fumbling to buckle his belt, trying to completely ignore the effect your words have on him. 
“Are you married?” You ask again, this time a lot more clearer.
He lets out a large exhale, crossing his arms. “Yes, I am. But-“ Harry watches you turn on your heel, walking out of the door. “Y/N, wait c’mon!” Too late. You’ve already slammed the door behind you, leaving him to stand in the middle of the room feeling all types of emotions. 
He fixes his clothes, brushing himself down and trying his hardest to push his thoughts aside, looking through his lists of clients and time slots on the wall. Great. You were the last appointment, meaning he now has to go home and dwell on you. Probably have a cold shower and use his hand as a replica for your sweet pussy. 
After grabbing his phone and other things he needs, he begins to exit the building, saying goodbye to the odd member of staff standing around in the corridor. 
“See you later Harry.” One of the receptionists speaks up, watching him rushing to the door.
He stops, turning to her with a false smile on his face. “See you later, Julia. Say hi to the husband f’me, will ye’?” Harry bids her a farewell, also referring to her husband who he also is good friends with. 
“And say hi to your wife from me,” Harry gives her a tight-lipped smile, cringing at the thought. “Still can’t believe she’s pregnant, she’s already got that glow.” She adds on. 
“Yeah, either can I.”
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harryhoney-bee · 28 days ago
Get in character - Actor/Eros!Harry
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry tells Y/n he was casted as Eros and they have their own little commemoration 😈
Warnings: Rough sex at the bathroom sink, soft sex in the bathtub, unprotected sex, fingering, and aftercare <3
Word count: 3.6k
There are NO Eternals spoilers!
Y/n was doing her night routine in front of the bathroom sink, she was done brushing her teeth, just needing to moisturize her skin to be ready for bed, the only problem was that Harry was the one who would rub the soft strawberry cream on her thighs and hands, but the man had been locked in his office for the past 2 hours.
They were having dinner while watching Netflix when Jeff called Harry, saying it was an emergency, he quickly kissed Y/n's forehead, saying he was going to be talking to Jeff in his workroom. Y/n was nervous at first, fearing that something bad happened at the studio or maybe Jeff realized there was some bureaucracy problem with the label.
Needless to say, her fears weren't clarified by anyone, since Harry ignored her when she knocked on the door and didn't look at the messages she sent on his phone. The girl was pissed at Harry and Jeff. It wasn't fair for them to leave her in the dark like that, she was his girlfriend, and she was anxious! A million thoughts were running through her head.
The girl was even starting to think he was going to be deported from California or sometimes like that. I mean, he had his visa and all the required documents...right?
She stared at herself in the mirror, realizing she was letting her irrational side take over, she took deep breaths, just the way Harry would always tell her to do. In a matter of 5 minutes, she was feeling more calm, knowing that Harry and his team would take care of whatever problem they had.
"Hey, I'm back," Harry said, appearing out of nowhere in the bathroom, the door was closed, but for some reason, it made no sound when he opened it, which surprised Y/n since she was expecting to go to sleep without Harry by her side. "Are you ok? Your hand is shaking a little." He got closer to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind, making eye contact through the mirror.
He was wearing a hoodie with black shorts, his hair wasn't messy, as if he had fixed it before the secret meeting. He kissed her cheek, rubbing his nose against her jaw, trailing kisses on her skin, his hands were nicely placed on her hips, touching the fabric of her short nightgown.
“Are you ok?” She said, turning her head to him. “Did something bad happen? Why was Jeff calling you during a Saturday evening?” The girl was visibly under stress and filled with curiosity.
Harry laughed at her question, finding her eager demeanor funny. “Yeah, everything is fine, more than fine, actually.” He raised his brows, making a cocky face. “Let’s say your boyfriend is part of Marvel now.”
The man watched as Y/n processed the information he just disclosed. At first, she just stood still, staring at him with widened eyes, after what seemed to be hours she finally gave a reaction. “No fucking way!” she said, well, practically screamed. The girl turned her body to his, touching her chest with his chest as she hugged him.
“Are you lying to me? Because if you are, it's not funny,” she said, looking up to him. “I’m serious, you’ll be sleeping on the couch if you are messing with me.”
Harry held her chin gently, bringing their mouth together softly, running his tongue over her lips until they were sharing the taste of her mint-flavored toothpaste, with a hand on her lower back he brought her closer together, pressing his trousers against her so Y/n could feel the boner nicely confided inside of his boxers.
“Does it seem like I’m lying, darling?” He asked in a husky voice, putting his head down to kiss her neck, biting the skin while leaving light purple marks.
“No, it doesn’t,” she said, feeling his tongue right on the side of her throat, his hand traveled south, going under her nightgown to squeeze her ass, noticing how she was wearing no underwear. “Harry you are distracting me, I wanna know more about the movie,” Y/n whispered, trying not to get lost in the pleasure.
“I’m giving you hints baby,” Harry answered, letting his cold finger touch her bare pussy, feeling her arousal. “I barely touched you and you are so wet already, just how I like it.” His thumb began massaging her clit while his index finger pushed itself inside of her, making the girl moan.
“So good, H,” she said, holding onto his body so she wouldn't fall. “Don’t stop, please.” His fingers were so deep already. She didn't know how needy she was until he stepped in the bathroom, now her whole body felt like it was on fire.
"I won't, darling." He said, pressing her body into the sink. "Do you know why?"
She shook her head as his thumb picked up a faster pace, knowing the exact spot on her clit that got her cumming in seconds. "No– fuck." She closed her eyes and he added a second finger.
"Because this is my training now," he chuckled. "Do you know what character I am going to be?"
With his other hand, he put the nightgown's straps down, freeing her tits. Harry swiftly licked the erected nipple, sucking them with desire.
"I don't know, Harry. Stop being a tease for fuck's sake." She complained.
Harry stopped what he was doing, leaving her tits and staring at her strictly, he took his finger off of her cunt the same she whined from the sudden feeling of emptiness. He pressed her cheeks together in a way to puckered her lips while he slapped her ass. "Fucking dirty mouth you have, so spoiled, want everything on your own god-forsaken time."
He took the side of her hips on his hands, and turned her body, so her face was in front of the mirror while her hips were pressed against his own. Y/n looked startled, normally Harry would give what she wanted, but tonight he was way more authoritative than he normally was, and she was 100% ok with it.
"Good for you, your eagerness will be fulfilled now more than ever," Harry said, putting his shorts down just enough to free his cock and balls. He wasted no time, pushing the head in as the whole shaft followed its way inside her pussy.
Y/n moaned as she was filled, his cock hitting her cervix. She closed her eyes, feeling Harry pick up his pace, fucking her deep and fast. "I got the role of Eros, he has the power of pleasure–stimulating, angel." He whispered in her ear.
"So you're gonna help me get in character, won't you? Be my little plaything? Let me fill you up whenever I want? Will you let me do that?" He took one small step back, pushing her hips with him so she was bent over, her two arms holding her upper body on the cold marble material of the bathroom counter.
"I will, H," Y/n answered, rolling her eyes, his thumb was once again on her clit. "You can do whatever you want, anytime you want, just let me cum, I've been waiting for this, please," she begged pathetically, hearing the sound of skin slapping filling the bathroom.
"Good little slut, my little slut," Harry said, watching her face in the mirror, feeling cocky by the amount of pleasure he was providing her. "Do I live up to be Eros? Your opinion also matters to me, baby," he said in a condescending tone, mocking her.
"Fuck, your cunt is squeezing me so good," he messaged her clit faster, thrusting in and out of her more rapidly than before. "Looks so good like that, do I make you feel good? Use your words."
The girl looked for pieces of her rational mind which weren't absolutely fucked already by Harry. "Feels amazing, I'm so close, just a bit more–"
"Yeah? gonna give you more then, gonna fuck you until I can see you crying, do you want that?"
"Please, I need it!" She begged, feeling her legs becoming wobbly and her chest warm, her orgasm was very near, she just needed Harry to let her climax. "Please baby," she whined.
Harry took her two wrists in his hand, bringing her arms behind her back as her face met the counter gently. She loved the cold feeling against her cheek, but what she loved more was the way Harry held her, using the hold of her arm to slam on into her pussy even faster.
His trimmed pubic bones were slightly burning her ass from all the rubbing it was doing with every thrust. "My pretty girl, you look so cute stuffed with my cock, I was made to be inside of you forever, darling."
"Your pussy feels so good around me, such a pretty cunt on a pretty body," his fingers were clutching on her wrist harshly, his nails bruising her skin slightly. He would feel bad if he didn’t know how much Y/n enjoyed a little bit of pain.
“Why don’t you go ahead and cum on my cock? Wanna see you drenching yourself down your thighs.” Harry said one last time before, slapping her ass as he felt the girl contracting around him, sweet prayers leaving her mouth as she finally reached her orgasm.
The waves of pleasure ran freely through her body, beginning on her chest and making their way to her legs until she was shaking. She was glad Harry was holding her because she wouldn't have any support if it wasn’t for him, the feeling was comforting and so fucking good, but at the same time, it was overwhelming.
Her orgasm was prolonged when she felt Harry cumming as well, thick ropes of cum were filling her up as he praised her, his thrusts becoming sloppy with each second. “Shit, you are taking me so well, your pussy was made just for me.”
Harry kissed the back of her neck gently, rolling his eyes as he felt the last rope of cum leaving the tip of his cock and painting her walls. They stood like that for a few seconds: completely fucked and out of breath, trying to get themselves to work like proper human beings again.
Harry softly let go of her arms, rubbing his hand on the bruised skin so she wouldn't feel much pain. “Hi love,” he said playfully, smiling when he heard her low laugh, which was his favorite sound in the world.
Harry knew she was still a bit lightheaded since she always took longer to come back after her orgasm, that’s why he wanted to be fast and start aftercare right away, he didn’t want her little mind wandering around and thinking of things that could potentially make her sad. She was a rather sensitive person, so he needed to be careful, especially during a vulnerable moment like sex.
“I’m gonna pull out now, alright? And then we can have a bath together, what do you think? I know you already showered, but we can relax a bit.” Harry suggested, kissing her temples and wrapping his arms around her belly, touching the satin material of her nightgown.
“I think it’s a good idea,” she said tiredly while Harry began to pull out, a feeling of emptiness filling her chest. She just wanted to be close to him right now, she wanted to feel his lips against her body, his caring hands stroking her back. She wanted him.
"Stay here, baby," he said as she stood straight, not being in her bending position anymore. Y/n felt Harry cum's dripping down her thighs, before it could fall on the bathroom floor, Harry got on his knees by her side, softly cleaning her legs with toilet paper.
"Can you spread your legs for me? Please?" He asked gently, rubbing her knee.
Y/n did what he asked, opening her legs a bit so he would wipe her, cleaning her from their release, she let out a whine when he rubbed the paper against her clit. "No Harry, stop," she said, putting his hand away, a pout on her face.
Harry looked up to her, seeming remorseful. "Sorry, baby, didn’t want to hurt," he got up from the floor, and kissed her head, making his way to the other side of the bathroom to throw the paper in the bin making his way back to her shortly after. He held her hand and led her to the area where they had the tub.
It was a rather large, white bathtub, some of their products were there, like their loofah, bath bombs and bath salts, towels, and hair products. Harry bent over to turn on the fault, hot water started filling the tub.
The tub was right in front of a window, which had a view of their garden and pool. When Harry bought the house, almost two years ago, Y/n wasn’t a big fan of it, because it felt so intimate and even dangerous to have a window in the same room where they would take baths – and casually have sex – but Harry made sure that no one could see them by buying acres of land around their property, so they would have their privacy secured.
"Lift your arms, angel," Harry requested, "Let's get ready for our bath."
Y/n put her hands in the air as Harry lifted her nightgown off, hanging it on the hook on the wall so she could use it again when they were done. She stood naked in front of him, slightly embarrassed for her body being so vulnerable to his eyes, but Harry couldn’t care less, the man didn’t hide how much he loved looking at her, naked or not.
He smirked, taking a step closed and kissing her on the cheek. "So beautiful you are, I think you were made by angels."
Y/n rolled her eyes at his compliment, giving him a peck on his lips as a 'thank you. He helped her inside the tub and turned off the faucet as soon as she got in, watching as she closed her eyes, he wished she could look that serene all the time.
Harry pulled his shorts completely down and took off his hoodie. "Move a bit to the front so you can lay on my chest, daring." He said as he got closer to the bathtub, the girl gave him room so he could get in. Less than a minute later, half of their bodies were underwater. Y/n's back was pressed to Harry’s chest, his hands resting on her thighs as they enjoyed another intimate moment together.
"I'm really proud of you," Y/n said, taking the loofah with soap and rubbing it on Harry's strong arms as he did the same, using another loofah on her shoulder. "That's a big thing, I'm still trying to process it if I'm being honest, not very nice of you to keep it a secret from me." She was using a playful tone, but at the same time, she really wished he would have talked more to her about it.
Almost 6 months ago he mentioned that he was interested in acting again and that Jeff knew about a movie that was planning to cast someone with the same profile as Harry, but the man didn't want to tell her what movies it was. One day he left home to do the casting and when he came back Y/n tried to make him spill the secret with sex, which didn't work, Harry didn't say a thing about it.
After many unsuccessful attempts to get him to say what project he was working on, she just gave up and forgot about it, not wanting to be over Harry's business if he didn't feel like sharing. Good thing it all ended today, she didn't like it when Harry didn't talk to her about his professional life, she enjoyed knowing everything that had to do with him.
He kissed the back of her head. “Thank you love, and I’m sorry, I don’t like telling things before I’m 100% sure they will happen, I didn’t want to disappoint you in case it didn’t work out,” he said in a low voice.
She turned her head back to see him. “Hey, you would never disappoint me, baby, I’m here for everything, the good and the bad, ok?" She placed a gentle hand on his cheek, noticing how shy he looked. “I love you, and I would be proud of you regardless of you getting the paper or not.”
He kissed her, this time slipping his tongue inside her mouth slowly, in a deep kiss, that showed how much he loved her too. “How did I get so lucky to have you, huh?” he asked, rubbing his nose on her jawline.
“I don’t know, considering I am the one who has a marvel actor as a boyfriend,” she said charmingly, turning around in the tub so she could face him. “You know what? That’s so hot! Now I can tell people that my boyfriend, besides being the best singer and war actor there is, is also in the MCU.”
Harry laughed. “I guess you’re right, baby, I’m very excited too, I’m gonna be just in the post-credits scene in this first movie, but Jeff and I are already reading and making negotiations for me to be in other marvel movies as well.”
“You have no idea how attractive you sound right now,” Y/n whispered, cupping his cheek and bringing their mouth together, Harry placed a hand on her ass, pulling her to his body.
His cock was already erected again, poking the inside of her thigh. “You don’t need to worry about that, I know you are still sore,” he said against her lips, as a response she only kissed him harder, taking her hand to his cock and slowly sliding her hand through his shaft up and then down again, watching as Harry became undone with each thrust of her hand.
“I want you as much as you want me, please?” she said, cupping his balls and softly squeezing them. “Wanna ride you.”
“Fuck, baby.” He moaned, helping her position her pussy on his cock, her two hands now holding onto his shoulder. “You know you can do whatever you want to me, go on, ride my cock, I’m so ready for you.”
Y/n sank into his cock little by little until it had disappeared inside of her. She felt a slight burn because of the thickness of his cock, but after a few seconds, her body got used to it, pleasure filling her body.
“So full,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder as he stroked her back. “Love it so much.”
“Yeah, baby? Love being fucked by me?” Harry said, bucking his hips up, trying to get some kind of friction. “My sweet little thing.”
Y/n rolled her hips up and down at her own pace, her nails digging into Harry’s skin, but he didn’t seem to care. His head was laid back, mouth open and eyes closed as if he was too submerged in the feeling.
“Yeah, only you,” she said, contracting against him, his cock hitting the deepest parts of her. “Love you so much.”
Harry looked at her, spreading kisses all over her face. “I love you even more darling, you have no idea how much.” He brought his face closer to her chest, licking her collarbone all the way to her tits, taking one of them in his mouth.
He nibbled at the nipple and left hickeys on the side of the areola. Harry always loved marking her up in every place possible, especially the ones that were for his eyes only. “I must be a real artist, huh? Look at this fucking masterpiece,” He said, indicating the purple spots spread all over her tits.
“More, please,” she said, tilting her head to the side and indicating her neck, which was ready for him.
He chuckled, swirling his tongue around her jaw, until he found his favorite spot on her neck, right down her ear, he sucked the skin harshly, making a darker mark. “You taste so good.”
Harry realized he was becoming tired, her movements weren’t as steady as before and her rhythm was sloppy, so he decided to take over, grabbing her hips and moving her up and down instead of having her do it. “Feels good like that? Or am I holding you too hard?”
“It’s ok, feels perfect,” she moaned, rubbing her clit every time it would touch his pubic bone. “You always treat me so well.”
“Course I do, look at you, you are an angel yourself,” he said, picking up his pace, feeling his orgasm close. “Love, cum with me, please,” Harry whispered, kissing her neck and sneaking a hand under the water, touching her clit.
“Harry--I’m so close,” she said while rolling her hips with Harry.
“Go on then, cum on my cock.” He rubbed her clit faster until her eyes closed and she let out the prettiest moan Harry had ever heard. Watching Y/n cumming right in front of him made him climax as well.
Harry spilled inside of her, moving her hips up and down, milking his cock dry as she wrapped her arms around him, bringing him close as she was filled with his cum.
"I think this is one of the best nights of my life," Harry mumbled in her ear, hugging her back and placing a comforting hand on the back of her neck. "You tired me out, baby."
Y/n laughed, kissing his cheek. "You need to get used to it now, considering you told me minutes ago that I would need to help you get in character." She said teasingly.
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venusstyless · 15 days ago
Ring Leader (H.S)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles/Y/N
Warnings: NSFW (18+) oral (female receiving), mutual masturbation?, Domrry, unprotected sex (wrap it up!!), pet names, (uses of the word whore)
Word Count: 6,402
Synopsis: Harry runs a circus and Y/N is new and catches his eye. 
authors note: hi sunnies, I wrote this differently than any other one-shot I've done, it has a bit more plot and not just fully smut. I don't know how to feel, let me know if you enjoyed it:) Reblog and Feedback appreciated.
Y/N was nervous.
Her hands were shaking as she stood in front of the arena. It was her first day at the circus, the first day she would get to practice with the rest of the crew. The first time she would get to meet everyone. 
She felt sick to her stomach, butterflies swarming her tummy all morning as she got ready for the day. 
She had on her lilac purple leotard with a pair of black tights to match, on her feet were a pair of white trainers, laced tightly. She tightened her hold on the bag on her shoulder, her palms a bit sweaty from her nerves. With a heavy breath, she took a step forward, her hand reaching out to grab the silver door handle. 
As she went to pull it open, someone on the other side decided to push it at the same time. 
She went flying back as the door hit her, she landed on her ass, her hands reaching out to cushion some of the impact of the fall as she heard a deep voice let out a low curse. 
“Jesus Christ, are y’okay, honey?” the voice asked her, a man coming into her view as she turned her head. 
He was so fucking hot, her head was spinning as she looks over at him as he kneels next to her. His brown hair was pulled back in a clip on the top of his head, small curls falling from the side as his hand moved to tuck them back. His pink plump lips sat in a frown as his captivating green eyes searched over her face for any sign of discomfort, his brows furrowing when she still hadn't said anything. 
“Honey? Y’all good, sugar? Didn’t knock ya’ down too hard did I?” 
“N-no… ‘m okay,” she whispers, looking up at him she moves her hands from behind her. His eyes fell down to her palms which were red and bloody, her perfectly smooth skin was irritated and scratched and he felt himself break. 
“Fuck honey, look at y’eh. ‘M s’sorry didn’t mean to. Should’ve been looking at where I was goin’.” He apologizes, reaching out he wraps his large hands around her narrow wrists to lift her from the ground, “Let me help you? S’only fair.” 
He helps as she rises from the ground. The first thing he noticed was how tiny she was, she was so small. Having to stare downwards to look at her pretty face. Fuck did he think she was pretty, the prettiest girl he had ever seen. 
“Okay,” she whimpered, feeling her palms throb in pain. 
“S’okay honey, gonna get y’eh all cleaned up,” he coos, pulling her close to him as he leads them into the building. “‘M sorry, s’sorry honey.” he whispers again, repeating his apology so she knew it was genuine.
He led them towards the toilet, opened the door to the family restroom, and closed the door behind them. He walked her over to the toilet and closed the lid so she could sit down. He made sure she was okay and then he moved to where the sink was, above it on a small shelf sat a first aid kit.
“This might hurt, honey,” he whispered, wincing as he knew that she was about to be in more pain. “But I gotta clean your hands, sweetheart. Gotta make sure they don't get infected.” 
She nods her head as he opens up the bottle of alcohol, moving toward her he places her hands over the edge of the sink with her palms facing the ceiling. His eyes met hers and she gave him a small nod before he tipped the bottle forward pouring the cold liquid onto her skin.
"Ow. Ow. Ow. That burns," she whimpers, trying to pull her hands away and her face scrunches up. 
"I know, I know. 'M sorry, honey." He whispers, "Let's distract y'eh yeah? What's your name, sugar?" 
"Y/N," she whimpered, her eyes watering at the pain. 
"S'very pretty," he coos, dipping his head lower he looks at her, "M' Harry. What were y'coming in for today?" 
"I um… it was my first day here...ow... I'm one of the new acrobats," she tells him, whines and whimpers fall from her lips as he puts a bit more onto her palms. 
"Oh really?" He coos, placing the bottle on the side of the sink he grabs for a piece of paper towel to dap her palms with ease. "Did Everett hire you, honey?" He asks, slowly and gently wiping the wetness from her hands.
"Mhm, I auditioned last week," she says, watching as he went to pull out a tube of ointment. 
"I bet y'eh were amazing. Everett knows to hire the best," he mumbles, placing the ointment to her hands.
"How— how do you know Everett?" She asks, her brows furrowing as he places the ointment and alcohol back in the first aid kit.
"Oh, honey, sweet sweet sugar," he tuts, placing the kit back on the shelf before he comes to stand in front of her, "I'm the ringleader, sweetheart." 
It's been a few months since that first day. Since the day that Y/N had that run in with Harry.
They had been friends since then, very close friends.
Harry would stand at the side of the room while Y/N would practice with her new partner, River. His eyes would be glued to Y/N, he was memorized by her, by the way she would move.
She was fascinating.
He couldn't peel his eyes from her as she moved on the middle of the floor, twirling around as she practiced for the opening show. 
Harry has felt this way since the day they first met. She captivated him at first glance. The way she carried herself drew him in deeper. 
He could never tell her, but he's never wanted anything as much as he wants her. 
Harry could feel his blood run cold as he watched River move closer to Y/N, his arm wrapped around her waist once he got close enough, tugging her into his side. Harry had never felt such anger before, all he wanted to do is walk up and steal Y/N away. He didn't want anyone touching her but him, he thought no one was worthy of touching her silky smooth skin as much as he did. 
But he didn't, he stayed where he was standing and glared at them. His eyes hardened when River leaned over to whisper something in Y/N’s ear, something that made her head tip back and a laugh that made Harry's heart pound escape her kissable lips. 
He watched as she lifted her head again, her cheeks were flushed as she shook her head. It left him wondering what River had said that could leave her blushing… 
He continued watching as they progressed in their practicing, his eyes following her movements as she twisted and turned in ways that left him speechless. He knew she was flexible and that only made his thoughts turn dirtier.
He wondered how many ways he could bend her while she was in his bed, how many ways she could take his cock. It left him wondering about how far she could hold open those pretty thighs while he fed his cock into her… fuck, there were so many things he wanted to try with her, so many different positions he could see himself fucking her in. 
He shook his head at his thoughts, he was envisioning everything inside his head now… he could see her bending over the dressing room vanities for him, her leotard pulled to the side as he walked into the room. Her sopping pussy would be ready for him, for his cock. Fuck, he could feel it already, the pressure of his hands gripping her hips as he slammed his thick cock into her tight pussy as she moans his name over and over. 
Harry releases a low groan and his eyes look up to Y/N.
But his thoughts turned feral when he saw Rivers hand moving down Y/N’s waist, moving slowly down to the top of her ass. He couldn't stand it, he simply couldn't stand here and watch River touch on Y/N when Harry wanted to be the one to be touching her.
“That's enough for today!" his voice rang through the room making everyone freeze. “Everyone's good to go home.” he added before storming out of the room.
Y/N was confused, she had never seen Harry act the way he had just acted.
He seemed angry.
Harry had never been angry around her before, and everyone had always talked about how kind he was to everyone he met. So it left her very confused.
“What's up his ass today?” River asked, leaning in closer to whisper into her ear so no one could hear. 
“Mm, not sure,” she mumbled, she wanted to go to her dressing room, she just wanted to be away from everyone.
Especially, River.
Since the day she met River she knew that he was into her, I mean he never tried to hide his attraction towards her. He would hang over her, either his arm being slung around her shoulder or hugged around her waist… he seemed to always need to touch her,
She hated it, she didn't want him touching her but she didn't want to make things even more awkward since they had to work together. She had never made it seem like she saw them being anything more than friends though, she denied him again and again when he would ask her out.
She didn't want him…. She wanted Harry.
But he seemed to never want her. 
She would hear rumors about the women that Harry would take into his dressing room the last tour, the women that he would find after shows and he would use them to wear out his adrenaline before inviting them back to his hotel for the night.
That wasn't her.
Of course, she wanted to have sex with Harry… who wouldn’t? But she wanted more. 
She wanted the heated touches, the longing stares, she wanted the feelings, she wanted him whole, she wanted his heart or nothing more. 
She couldn't be just another lay for him. She needed to be more. 
“Do y’eh want to maybe go out tonight? We can get drinks and maybe see tha’ new movie playing?” River asked, moving around to stand in front of her as she went to walk away. 
Before she could even open her mouth she could feel him. Harry. She could feel him standing somewhere in the room and she knew he was watching, she could feel the intense heat that she always got when he would look at her. 
“Y/N, I need to see you.” was all he said, she turned to look in the direction that his voice came in and saw him walking away already. 
She didn't even reply to River, she just followed after him. She knew something was wrong, she could see it in the way that he was standing. He was tense, his shoulders were stiff as he walked towards the hallway of dressing rooms.
He walked straight past hers leaving her confused, he kept walking until he saw his room. ‘Harry Styles’ written in bold letters made a sense of pride fill his chest as he pushed the door open. Holding it open for her, she brushed past him silently as she made her way to the leather couch that was sitting against the back wall. 
“What did you need to see me for?” she asked, her sweet voice only made him want her more. 
He inhaled deeply as he shut the door, locking it behind him he made his way to the chair that sat in front of the vanity. The same vanity he saw himself fucking her against not even twenty minutes ago, his cock was still half hard at the memory of his fantasy. 
With another deep breath he finally looked up at her, her bottom lip was caught between her teeth. She was looking at him… but she definitely wasn't looking at his face. No, she was looking at his crotch, staring at the bulge that was pressing against the zipper of his jeans. 
“I don't know how much longer I can take this, honey.” he grunted, pushing his hips up making his cock press harder against the fabric of his jeans. 
Honey. Her heart stuttered at the nickname that's stuck since they first met. She melts at it, it feeds her need to have his affection. 
“Take...take what?” she asks, her brows furrowing when she thinks back to what he had said. 
“This,” he growled, his fingers waving between the both of them, “I can’t fuckin’ do it anymore, Y/N.”
“I-I don't know what you’re talking about, Harry.” she mumbles, her thighs clench together when she sees his hand reach down to palm over his erection. 
“No? Y’eh don’t know what ‘m talkin’ about but you’re clenching those sweet thighs… why honey? Y’eh feeling that ache, right? That ache right on your little clit, sugar… that ache that y’want me to take away?” 
“Harry,” she gasps, her cheeks tint as his words and she's stunned. She can't believe that those words passed his lips..but she also can't help but get wetter at those words because he's right. “I can't, I—” 
“Why not, honey?” he cries out, palming himself harder as he sees her thighs clench harder, he can see how affected she is by him but he can't seem to understand why she doesn't want him. “I can tell that you want me, right? So why can't we give in, sugar? I want you so fucking much.” 
“Because you just want to fuck me,” she blurts out. Harry freezes, his hand falls from his lap as his mouth drops open at her words. "And I can't just fuck you and go back to being normal Harry and Y/N."
"I don't want to jus' fuck you, honey," he whispers, getting up he moves over to sit beside her on the couch, "Of course I wanna be with y'eh but not only for y'eh body, sugar," he adds, grabbing her hands he brings them to his lips to press kisses to her skin. "I want you, Y/N. I want y'eh when y'eh jus' want to cuddle, I want y'eh when you’re all pissy about not getting the routine down, I want y'eh all the time, every fuckin' second of the day." 
"Harry…" she whimpers, her heart feels so full, overflowing with the feeling that he was giving her. 
Leaning in, she slanted her pouty lips over his, taking the air from his lungs as he realized that he was finally kissing her. He was kissing Y/N. His hand moved to tangle in her hair, tilting her head he pressed his tongue against her lips as he tried to deepen the kiss. 
He needed more, he felt himself begin to go crazy as her soft lips parted and her wet tongue peeks out to tangle with his. He releases a groan as he tastes her for the first time, she was sweet, so fucking sweet and he knew that he was addicted.  His free hand moved to her waist and he pulled her to his lap, her thighs straddling his as he pressed their chests together. He could feel her nipples harden as they pressed against his chest and it made him even crazier, with the heat her thighs were giving him he thrusts his hips into hers, his hard cock grinding against the thin material of her leotard. 
"Oh god— Harry, w-wait.." she whimpered, her hips pressed down against the bulge of his jeans as she detached her mouth from his. Hiding her face in his neck she began panting as she tried to control her breathing and her thoughts.
"Wha' is it, honey? What's wrong?" Harry cooed, rubbing his hands up and down her back as he tried to regain his breathing as well. 
"Don't wanna 'ave sex right now," she whimpered, feeling like he would be turned off by her not wanting to sleep with him right away. 
"That's okay, m'honey. We can wait as long as y'eh want." He told her, kissing the side of her head as her face stayed tucked in his neck. 
It was finally the day.
It was the day of their first performance, the opening show. 
Y/N was a wreck, she was so nervous but she knew that she had the routine down to a T. 
Harry had laid in bed with her last night, rubbing her back and kissing all over her face as he whispered words to help her calm the nerves. He had seen her work herself up, and noticed when he needed to step in to help her calm down.
They had been taking things slow. Kisses and small touches here and there, small lunch and dinner dates. It's everything that they ever wanted 
But they were both suffering, physically that is.
There were times where both of them were so pent up, so needy that just the smallest touch could set them off. Any time they would kiss Harry had to hold himself back from thrusting his hips up into hers, but she held herself back as well. Sitting in his lap she had to stop herself from grinding down against the bulge that she could feel.
They were holding out. Both torturing themselves silently.
But today was the day that Y/N would break. 
Over the last few weeks, she could feel herself edging closer to that breaking point, it was like a balloon being filled with air, it could only take so much before it burst. And Y/N was ready to pop. 
"You ready, honey?" Harry asked, walking into her dressing room.
She sat at the vanity chair, sitting in front of the mirror while she placed glitter on her temple and cheekbones. He thought she looked so fucking good. She was wearing her new red and black leotard, the red had small specs of glitter throughout it. Matching her shoes which wear black with glittery red laces. She looked fucking perfect. His perfect honey.
“Look at y’eh,” he rasps out, walking closer to her as she sits down the makeup brush, “Look so gorgeous m’girl,” he whispers, leaning down he presses a kiss to the side of her head. 
“Thank you, H.” she whimpers, her cheeks flooding pink as she avoids his eye.
He loved how flustered she got, it only drove him to wonder how flustered she would get when they finally had sex. How red would her cheeks get at his dirty words, how shy would she become when she finally had a good look at his thick cock, standing tall for her and her only. How speechless could she get when he had her on all fours pounding away at her pussy, his hands on her hips as he pulled her back onto him…
It was safe to say that Harry was ready. He was ready for her that first day they met. 
“Your goin’ to do amazing, honey. Know y’will, you've got this, sugar.” he told her, kissing her head once more before the stage producer came to tell them that they were starting. 
Before he could leave though, Y/N caught his arm. Wrapping her dainty fingers around the white lace sleeves of the outfit he was wearing she stood to stand in front of him. Her heart was beating out of her chest at the words that were about to escape her mouth, but they had to come out, they needed to because she was about to burst just from their small interaction.
Standing on the tips of her toes she brought her mouth to his ear, placing a kiss on his earlobe before whispering, "I want you to fuck me tonight." 
His cock twitched at her words, hearing her tell him that made his mind go feral. He was ready to push her up against the black vanity and push her leotard to the side, it would take nothing but a second to have them both moaning as he thrusts his cock into her tightness. 
And he wanted that, they both did. 
Before he could even respond they were calling for showtime. But they both knew what was going to happen the second the curtain closed after the end of the night. 
"Tha' was amazing Y/N!" River cheered, stepping behind the curtain as they had just finished their performance.
She could feel her heart racing in her chest, the adrenaline from the performance taking over her body. She wanted nothing more than to have Harry standing at the side as she came off the floor but he wasn't finished. 
But it gave her time to get ready.
She knew that neither of them were going to be able to make it back to the hotel room after her confession so she wanted to be ready for him once he was finished for the night. 
She just needed to be in his dressing room before curtain call. 
"Yeah, you did great," she said, opening the water bottle that was handed to her when she walked off the stage. 
"God, I can't wait for the next show already," he continued on, walking beside her as she moved towards the dressing rooms, "Hey, maybe we could catch a bite after?" 
She came to a stop at his question, she had grown tired of being asked over and over again. She was silently hoping that over time he would take the hint that she wasn't interested, but obviously, that wasn't the case.
"Look River, you're a really great guy and all... but I'm just not really interested," she said, trying to keep it punctual but sweet at the same time.
River had looked like he wanted to say something, his mouth continued to open and close before he just gave her a simple nod. "Okay."
With that, he turned away and walked in the opposite direction. Y/N hoped that moving forward that they could at least be friends, for the sake of the circus. She wanted to be an adult about the situation and move past it. 
She continued walking down the hall until she found Harry's dressing room, slipping inside she made sure to close the door behind her.
She walked over to the vanity and she sat in the chair, turning sideward she could see Harry performing on the screen that hung in the room. 
She knew that he was almost finished with the set, he was nearing the end, and that alone made her more excited. 
She continued to watch him move through the screen, somehow Harry made everything that he did look attractive. Just watching him work made Y/N wet. She could feel herself begin to make a mess of her leotard as her eyes followed Harry.
The camera zoomed in on him and he looked into the lens, his wet tongue peeled out of his mouth. Everyone in the audience laughed making Harry smirk. 
Y/N closed her eyes, drifting her hands down her body as she leaned back in the chair, in Harry's chair. As her eyes closed an image popped up inside of her mind, one that made her thighs clench as a need washed over her.
An image of Harry sitting in this very chair, his costume for the night pulled down past his knees as he held his hard cock in his hand. Moans and whimpers fall from his lips as he gives himself slow strokes, his hips threaten to press up for more friction.
"Oh god," Y/N moans, her eyes squeeze shut as her hand moves down to her thighs, her nails dig at her skin just enough to make her heart speed. 
His hand let go of his cock just long enough for him to lick a stripe in the center of his hand before wrapping it around himself again. This time allowing his hips to lift from the chair, thrusting into his clenched fist as her name falls from his parted lips. 
"So fuckin' good," she moans, her head falling back as her fingers slowly make their way to her covered cunt. Her fingers rub circles over her sensitive clit and she can feel the material of her leotard become damp.
Her other hand goes to her tits, groping herself lightly as another image flashed through her head. Instead of only Harry, this time she's on her knees in front of him, his hand is wrapped in her hair as she takes his cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around his leaking too before his hips surged forward, forcing himself into her hot, wet mouth. 
"Harry, fucking hell." She whimpers, her hips grind forward into her palm as her fingers move faster on her clit.
"Is this what you do when I'm not with you, honey?" Harry asks as he walks into the room, freezing in his spot as his eyes drop down to her hand. Her eyes fly open and her hand drops from between her thighs. 
"Hm? Do you play with that pretty little pussy while moaning my name like a needy little whore, sugar?" 
Her eyes widen as he walks further into the room, locking the door behind him. "I– uh." 
"By all means, don't stop on my accord," he mutters, waving for her to continue. "Go on, you're going to need to get her really nice and wet for me anyways, honey." 
Slowly she dragged her hand down the front of her leotard, her eyes stayed on him as he leaned against one of the walls. His hand palmed against the erection that was pressing against the front of his white pants. 
"Pull it to the side, honey. I want to see how pretty she is." He demands, gripping himself through the material of his pants as he watches her every move. 
With a shaky breath, she pulls the leotard to the side, the cold air hitting her clit makes her take in a sharp breath and Harry can't stand being away from her any longer. 
With large strides he steps in front of her, his hands staying to himself as his eyes drag down her body as she sits slumped over in his chair. Her nipples hardened against the material, goosebumps covering her skin, both her hands between those fucking thighs of hers. One holds the material to the side while the other runs down her soaking slit. 
Collecting her arousal she brings it up to her clit and begins rubbing circles around her sensitive nerves. She bites down on her lip to try and suppress her moans but Harry doesn't want that, he shakes his head as his hand slips under the band of his pants, gripping his bare cock with his rough hand. 
"Y'eh don't have to be quiet, honey. I want them to hear, wanna have them knowing who's making y'feel so fuckin' good." He moans, giving himself slowly strokes as his eyes dart down to her pussy, "Taste her for me, sugar. Want y'eh to tell me what 'm about to taste." 
She collects more of her arousal on her fingers before bringing her hand up to her lips, wiping the tips of her fingers on her bottom lip slowly before slipping them past. Her tongue swirls around her fingers as she moans at the taste of herself on her taste buds. 
"'S it good, honey? Do y'eh like how y'eh taste?" Harry asks, reaching his free hand out to rub at her leg gently.
"Mhm, so good." She moans, removing her fingers from her mouth they trail back down between her legs 
"Yeah? Can I have my taste now, sugar?" Harry asks, his mouth watering as he glances down at her drenched center. 
She nods her head slowly, watching as he kneels in front. His hands brush up her thighs as his fingers slowly take over holding her leotard to the side, his eyes glance up at her when he doesn't hear a response.
"Asked y'eh a question, didn't I, baby?" He asked firmly, his eyes staying on her face as his other hand moved down towards her pussy. Her head nods again as she holds in a breath, his thumb brushing over her slit so lightly. "Then I expect to get an answer." He demanded, his thumb swirling over her clit before he removes his hand from her pussy.
"I uh— fuck, you can… you can do whatever you want, Harry." She whines, her hips grinding up wanting his hand to return between her thighs. 
"Y'sure about that, darling?" He taunts, leaning down he places soft small kisses on her inner thighs, "Because saying that means… I could stroke m'cock in front of you–making myself cum all over this pretty leotard, and if I wanted I could leave y'eh needy and whiny all night. So I would rethink that statement, honey." 
"Mhm," she shakes her head as she feels his warm breath fan over her exposed center. "Do whatever you want, I'm yours." 
"Y'are mine, honey. And right now I wanna taste this sweet little pussy." He groans, his tongue darts out, licking one single stripe up her slit. "Jesus Christ, taste so fuckin' sweet, baby." 
"Please–" she starts to whine, her hands shaking from how eager she is.
"No need to whine, honey. Don't have it in me to make y'eh beg tonight." He says, moving closer he buries his face on her cunt, wrapping his lips around her clit he begins sucking on it lightly. 
He moves his hand to wrap around her thigh, using his other hand he uses his middle and ring finger to circle her weeping opening. Pressing lightly he slowly begins to slide them inside of her, curling them to hit that sweet spot that has her legs shake and moans fall from her mouth.
"That's it, honey," he mutters against her pussy, flicking his tongue over her clit, "So fucking sweet, baby." 
He wants to make her cum, he wants her to make a mess of his fingers and face before he can slide his thick cock inside her tightness. He wants to be able to taste her on his tongue as he finally sinks into her fully when he finally marks her as his. 
"Oh god, I'm gonna cum— fuck fuck." She moans, her hands reach down and tangle in his hair as her legs tremble. 
His fingers continued to move, helping her ride out her orgasm as he drank her in. His tongue slows against her clit as his thrusts come to a halt. 
"Good girl, honey. Did s'well, baby." He cooed, removing his fingers from her pussy he slides them past his lips
"God, your mouth is… fuck." She gasps out, a laugh spills from his mouth as he moves to stand. 
"Mm… jus' wait until y'find out how good I can make y'feel with m'cock, sugar." He whispers, moving to remove his pants and shirt. 
Her eyes dragged down his body, taking him in fully for the first time. She allowed herself to admire the artwork that covered his body, the black ink that littered his beautiful skin. Her eyes dropped further and she took in his long thick cock for the first time, she knew he was going to be big from the look of the erection he had that was pressing against his pants but seeing it in the flesh, she didn't know how he was meant to fit. 
"God, H… you're so fucking hard." She whispered, watching as his rough hand wrapped around the base of his cock. 
"It's all for you, honey." He mutters, his thumb runs over his slit as he gathers the precum that's spilled out. "Stand up for me, sugar. Bend over the vanity." He orders, backing up to give her room to move as his hand keeps moving up and down his cock. 
She obeys, standing from the black chair she moved it to the side as she took a step towards the vanity. Clearing the space of things she bent forward, her leotard was still pushed to the side. She felt Harry come up behind her, his hand grabbing her hips as he situated behind her.
"Fuckin' hell, y'eh look like a dream, honey." He mumbles, letting his eyes drag over her body that was bent over for him. Her hips wiggled and pressed back, trying to feel him. "This thing has to go." He whispers. Y/N's brows furrow, and before she had the chance to ask what he meant she felt his hands go to the material between her legs. With a pull the material came apart, ripping right in half. 
"There we go, now I 'ave a real good view of what's about to be mine." 
She feels his hands run over her ass, gripping at her skin harshly. His blunt nails dig into her ass before he smooths over her skin, reaching down he grabs a hold of his throbbing cock. Running his leaking too through her folds he can feel her opening pulse, clenching down around nothing as her body craves him. 
"Y'eh ready, honey?" He asks, leaning over to kiss her spine. 
"Mhm, please." She whines, pressing her hips back as the tip of his cock passes through her opening.
"Oh god, you're so fuckin' tight," he whimpers, slowly pressing his hips further into hers, "Shit, I can feel every fucking crevice of this sweet little pussy, honey." 
She whines and whimpers at his dirty mouth, her pussy gets even wetter as he eggs her on. Once he's fully seated inside of her they both release groans, his arm wraps around her waist as he pulls her back to become flush against his chest. Turning her head her lips connect with his, every kiss they share is like the first one. Full of passion and love.
"Move. Please, you have to." She begs him, pushing her hips back to get even the smallest amount of friction. 
Letting her upper body fall back against the vanity, he grabs her hips with both of his large rough hands. Retracting his hips slowly until he's almost completely out of her just to slam back in, the head of his cock hits against her g-spot making moans and whimpers fall from her as her head drops down to the table. 
"Eyes up, honey. Look at yourself while I'm fuckin’ you on m'cock." He demands, raising his hand to smack it on her right cheek. 
She screams out in pleasure as she begs him to do it again, spank her again. He gives in almost instantly, raising the other hand just to land it back on her other cheek.
"Y'eh like that, sugar? Like being a little whore for me? M'little circus whore." He growls, moving his hips faster as he stares down at where they're connected.
She lifts her head up, looking at him through the mirror she can see the pure pleasure that he's getting. As his head tilts back, his mouth hung open as pants of breath escape him, his eyes pinched shut as she clenches down on him repeatedly. 
"Yes, yes fuck. I'm your whore, Harry." She whines, staring at him through the mirror.
"Oh I know you are, lovie. You've been drooling over this cock since the first day I met you, yeah?" He asks, his hand moving around her waist until his finger meets her sensitive clit, "Were y'eh wet for me that day, pet? Huh? Did y'eh wish that I had bent y'eh over that sink baby? Fucked y'like I am now?" 
Her head nods quickly, her orgasm creeping up on her as his finger moves against her clit and his cock hits her g-spot. Her eyes rolled back as his pace quickened, leaning down his mouth connected to her neck as his chest rested on her back.
"Are y'eh gonna cum, honey?" He coos, his tongue swipes at her skin before he sucks on her neck. 
“Mhm. Please, can I?” she asks, trying to open her eyes to look at him through the mirror. 
“Y’eh can cum, sugar. Go on, cum all over m’cock, make a mess of me,” he growls, tightening his hold on her hips he pounds into her harder as his own orgasm reaches the peak. “Fuck, ’m gonna cum in this tight pussy, honey. Do y’eh want that? Want me to fill y’eh up so y’feel my in your tummy for days, baby?” he asks.
“Yes. yes please, H. cum with me baby, want to feel you cum inside of me.” she whimpers, clenching down around his cock as her orgasm flows over the edge. 
He lets out a string of curses as his hips slam into hers one last time, thick ropes of cum paint her walls white as he grinds his hips against her slowly. His arms move to wrap around her waist to hug her to him, his face burrows in her sweaty next as he lets out low groans and moans.
Both of them stay like that, pressed against one another as they try to catch their breaths. He leaves wet sweet kisses to her skin as she lets out a low hum, her hand moves down to brush against his arm that’s wrapped around her waist. 
“Fuck, that was unreal.” he whispers, pecking her neck one last time before lifting her head. 
“Yeah, definitely unreal,” she repeats, biting her bottom lip to stop a large grin from spreading across her face. 
“What?” he asks, looking at her through the mirror as he lets his fingers run along her stomach.
“Nothing,” she shrugs, shaking her head she can feel her cheeks begin to heat, ”Can we do it again?” she whispers, rolling her lips inwards when she hears him let out a laugh. 
“Let’s clean up and get back to the hotel and we can do it as much as you want, honey.” he promises, kissing her cheeks before slowly pulling out of her. 
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thank you gorgeous!
summary: the kids are starting to pick up on harry’s vocab! # the styles’
pairings: harry styles x reader, harry styles x child!oc, reader x child!oc
side notes: reader is referred to as ‘mama’ or ‘mummy’! eleanor is around 3, rowan is 5 which would age manon around 7!
Tumblr media
“good morning, gorgeous.” familiar arms wrapped around your waist from behind. your attention, which was solely on the kids breakfast, now shifted to your husband who rested his chest against your back. the utensils which were in your hand now disregarded on the kitchen counter as you turned to face harry, greeting him with a peck on the lips before he pulled you in for another. your foreheads rested against each other after you broke apart, “good, good morning.”
you heard the pitter patter of tiny feet make their way down the nearby stairs before they reached you in the kitchen, their echoes of ‘good morning mama!’ ‘daddy you’ll never guess what i dreamt about!’ ‘mummy, what’s for breakfast?’ disturbed the once quiet environment, replacing it with one you much preferred.
teeny tiny arms clung onto your leg, removing yourself from harry’s hold with a kiss on his cheek, you manoeuvred to pick your little eleanor up and placed her onto your hip. with harry entertaining the other two, you had noticed ellie’s small ringlets not looking as presentable as the night before and the slight frown on her face told you that she would have preferred an extra five minutes in bed, “come on sweet pea, wake up! it’s your favourite breakfast!” the young girl giggled as you bounced her on your side encouraging her to wake up, she pushed back her curls and rubs her eyes before asking to be let down.
as you went to finish preparing breakfast, another pair of hands found themselves around your right leg, “mummy! mummy! guess what happened in my dream!” the excited squeals of your boy rowan made their way around the kitchen, his smile lighting up the room. once again you dropped the utensils, you moved your hand to caress his brown locks away from his eyes, “i wonder… were you with a bear on a boat?” he giggled at your guess, “no, no silly mummy! we went to space! everyone was there mum, even auntie gem and her kitten!”
you let the boy bask in his imagination as he continued to laugh at his crazy dream, you didn’t bother turning back to the dismissed pancakes as you saw your eldest making her way over. “morning mama!” she greeted you with the sweetest smile and the biggest hug, though with the slight height difference her nose poked at your belly. “what about you manon, did you have any dreams last night?” the girl shook her head, “i forgot to dream last night because i was so tired mama! but if i did have a dream it would’ve been about dogs because i love dogs!” you chuckled at the girl and ran your fingers through her hair before ushering her to find her seat with her siblings.
once breakfast was finally finished, you first carried harry’s plate with rowan’s over to the table. harry gently pulled you down by your free arm to place a kiss on your lips in thanks, “it looks amazing darling, thank you gorgeous!” you smiled fondly at the familiar name.
you made your way to rowan, carefully placing his food in front of him. “be careful baby, the plate may be a bit hot!”
“okay mama, thank you gorgeous!” the boy was wearing a cheeky smile as he let out a giggle, he knew what he was doing. harry tried to refrain from bursting out in laughter but, to no surprise, failed.
“what did you just say row!” you were in shock, the cheeky little monkey! the boy repeated himself and once again the table erupted in laughter, “it’s mama, silly! not gorgeous!” you chuckled.
eventually, he had calmed down enough to take a bite out of his hash brown, “daddy calls you gorgeous mama, so now i call you gorgeous.”
unable to gather a response, you locked eyes with your husband across the table who still wore an entertained face. like father, like son they say… you couldn’t help but laugh, how right they were.
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Keep Painting | Harry Styles
Pairing: Artist!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 6,741
Warnings: NFSW (+18), Smut, Fluff, Body Insecurity, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex (Creampie), Praise Kink, Soft Dom!Harry, Breeding Kink.
Summary: Where Y/N is his muse but many times Harry needs a little more inspiration to create his paintings.
A/N: Hello, this is my contribution to the Eyre's First Anniversary Challenge from @buckyownsmylife​. First of all I'm sorry for the delay, I know it's for one day and I've had a lot of time to upload it but I've had a lot of things to do in July that I didn't expect and I had it half done and I wanted to finish it. Apart from my rant, I hope you like it! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The life of an artist could be lonely and full of many impediments: money problems, inspiration problems... But the luck that Harry had found in life was to be able to live his dream of being a painter and to be able to share it with his beloved Y/N. She was everything to him, and she had come into his life in the most unexpected but perfect way of all.
It had been at a time when the dark-haired man was working part-time as a waiter and, in his free time, he was still trying to create new paintings and trying to sell them to someone who wanted them. A lot of frustration of not being seen and the feeling of not being good enough had made him fall into a great depression and the mental block in his head meant that he could not feel any inspiration and, therefore, his paintings did not fill him or make him feel proud of them; they were nothing to him. This whole situation had made him almost give up his dream and start working in his father's company, but then Y/N came stomping into his world, and it came to life.
The first thing he noticed about her was how beautiful she was, and that all the people around her totally disappeared when she was there. A tingling sensation in his fingers with an urge to start drawing her was what made him approach her and ask to paint her.
She had at first flatly refused as he was a stranger and thought he was just pulling her leg, but Harry was quick to explain that he was an artist and just wanted to paint her, he wouldn't charge her a penny.
That painting became his first masterpiece, and it also seemed to have made him start to have luck in life, since, not only was it the first artwork that they really wanted to buy from him for a large sum of money —which he did not do because he could not sell it; it was too important to him, so they started to buy his other works as well— but, during the course of the months he was creating it, Y/N, and he had fallen in love and had created a bond and a connection that neither of them had ever felt for anyone else.
His inspiration and love of art that had been hidden inside him by the storms of his life had reemerged like the pink blossoms of a cherry tree and, in his heart, love had flourished so that Y/N was no longer just the love of his life, —and Harry hoped his wife someday and mother of his children— but she was his art, his brush, his canvas, and his muse.
Tumblr media
"Harry, babe, is this really necessary?"
Y/N was back in his studio and Harry couldn't be happier considering that every time she was there his mind was whirling, and he came up with a painting worthy of his next buyer. But this time he really needed the inspiration of his muse to create something that he could exhibit in a new gallery that had given him this opportunity, and he really wanted to leave everyone with their mouths full, and what better way than to do it showing off his stunning Y/N.
However, this time it was not the portrait of his masterpiece that was resting in the living room they both shared, but Harry wanted to give his works a more sensual and mature approach, but without taking away from the beauty of his artworks, so his girlfriend was resting on a divan of white fabrics and wood with the light from the window next to her falling sweetly on her half-naked form, just a neat white robe and transparency that had made Harry's mouth water the first time he had seen her with it and had given him the idea.
"Baby, really, you don't have to be embarrassed. It's just me," Harry was trying to relax her, her obvious nerves were making her change positions all the time and her hands were trying to cover her body all the time. "However, if you really don't want to do it, it's okay love, I can find another idea," he proposed.
"I know," Y/N sighed nervously. "And I already know it's just you, my love, I don't mind you looking at me naked or nearly naked, you've already seen me many times in worse condition than this," she joked. "It's just that... One thing is for the two of us alone and another for you to paint me like this and for everyone to see... This," she commented in a weak voice as she pointed to her whole body, to which the brunet frowned in confusion.
"What do you mean?" Harry put down his materials on the small table to focus his entire mind on her and those words.
"I mean, Harry, I'm not exactly what you'd call 'perfect'," she tried to explain, trying to look away from his intense gaze at all times. "I already feel embarrassed doing this, just thinking about when people see me and laugh at me or something." Her hands were shaking, and she could feel the disgust in her voice and tears forming in her eyes, not realizing that Harry had approached completely closer to her.
"Baby, no, what? You are perfect and beautiful, don't even think of saying those horrible things about you, my love. Without you, I would never feel as alive again as I do when you are by my side. You are gorgeous on the outside as well as on the inside and I don't want you to think that way about yourself at any time because it makes me sad that you feel that way, so I will remind you every day until you get tired of me or recognize that you are," the brunet whispered to her as he sat down next to her and with his hands lifted her face towards him, making her eyes focus on his safe and loving ones. "And if anyone would even think of laughing at you, they're fucking miserable, blind bastards who don't know how to appreciate what is truly beautiful in this world. Besides, I swear to god I'll kill them on the spot."
Y/N giggled lightly at that, Harry's serious face warning her that it was no joke and making her stroke his face, a loving smile appearing on her lips as she knew she was so loved and adored by the tall brunet.
"I love you so much," she did not hesitate to murmur against his lips with all the devotion she could convey to him, feeling lucky to have been able to find this wild and passionate painter in her life.
"And I love you, baby," he replied before bringing their lips together in a tender deep kiss, nibbling on her lips making her let out little sighs of love that made her body tingle with lust before breaking away again and depositing another small kiss on her lips before getting up. "Now, will you promise me never to feel insecure about you again, love?" His serious eyes looked at her with intensity as his tone was like a dad lecturing his child which made her cackle.
"Yes, daddy, I promise." Actually, that had only been for the end of a joke, however, her boyfriend's green eyes turned slightly black, and a lopsided smile was what made her face feel heat with embarrassment at the late realization.
"That's for later, my love, right now I need to focus on fully capturing your beauty on that canvas," Harry tried to play along with another tease, however, the slight twinge of his cock in his pants made him say otherwise. "But remember that word later, babe, because you're not going to stop at repeating it."
"Shut up and start painting, you perv," she tried to cut off the conversation before it got to anything else. The brunet's booming laughter filled the studio before he turned around and returned to his spot in front of the blank canvas.
And so Harry began to create the lines on the canvas of what would correspond before he painted, constantly looking at her and asking her to pose one way or the other, never settling before erasing the black lines and starting over.
"Mmmh, I don't like it," he complained again, making Y/N sigh loudly. "I'm sorry, love! I just want it to be perfect, and I want to find the pose that totally captures your beauty."
"It's fine, Harry, it's your artwork after all, but please make up your mind. We've been here for hours, and you haven't even done the formed sketch," Y/N complained as she sat back down on the couch again.
"I know! I'm trying! I'm sorry!" Harry replied with a little pout, knowing that Y/N wasn't really mad, just tired of being in different positions for a good while before asking her for another one. "Okay, let's do this pose: lie fully against the backrest with your arms above your head. Yes, like this!" Harry encouraged her as she followed his instructions again. "Okay, and bend your left leg and keep the other one relaxed... Perfect." His hand began to quickly draw the lines of her body on the canvas, his green eyes glancing up at her from time to time. "Can you undo the robe some more? As if you kind of just laid down suddenly."
"Like this?" Y/N asked him as she tried to loosen her gown, trying at all times to make sure that nothing was showing through the transparencies that weren't already fully visible.
"Yes! That's good. Okay, now don't move, my love."
Y/N could see from a distance Harry's serious face at work, totally focused on his task, as he occasionally glanced toward her to see her more specific details of her body and refocus on the whiteness of the canvas. One of his arms was chirping with the pencil as she watched the position he was sitting in to distract herself, his thighs splayed apart on the old wooden stool while his long, black hair was fully tied back to avoid distractions, a few locks framing his face and his jaw defined. His green eyes that could bare her soul with just a glance, being able to see every imperfection of her body that, however, for him was unique and perfect in her and that he loved to be able to trace them with his eyes at every moment.
She really loved watching him work, so passionate about it that many times she herself had found herself captivated by him when it should be the other way around. Harry had told her many times before of the feeling and inspiration she gave him. Y/N felt almost shy to know that she had never had that effect on a person, just Harry.
Many times, however, Harry didn't understand that a similar effect he had on her just watching him sitting in front of a canvas, creating wonders and art, often feeling suffocated and wanting to fuck him right there, -and many times he had-. She didn't understand why just watching him work caused her pussy to contract with the desire to have those paint-filled hands on her naked body as they both professed the adoration they had for each other.
Her thoughts ceased when she saw that Harry's expert hand had stopped again, the frown on his brow implying that he wasn't convinced by that pose either. Y/N bit her lip in frustration, hating to see him in that blockage as she watched him angrily erase a few lines without saying anything.
An idea then occurred to her, a mischievous smile appearing on her lips.
Gently, her hands began to undo the artistic knot of her sheer robe, exposing her entire body, but not quite dropping the garment from her shoulders.
Harry's green eyes widened in surprise before they slowly darkened as he watched his girlfriend's sexy body being exposed to him, his mouth watering as he noticed her nipples beginning to harden to the coolness of the room as he felt even jealous of the silk garment caressing her body lightly. His pupils dilated as he glanced at her hands beginning to move across her lying form, focusing mostly on her tits, squeezing them between her hands, and rolling the sensitive buttons between her fingers, causing their owner to let out a gasp and a sigh of pleasure.
"Baby," Harry tried to find his voice, so he could speak, clearing his throat to try again to get his voice to be heard. "Baby, what are you doing?"
"I'm your muse, am I not?" she gasped slightly as she pinched her nipples, her hips beginning to rotate slightly and from her pussy she could start to feel drops falling. "And as your muse, my duty is to inspire my handsome artist to paint me," she giggled, spreading her legs wide apart, so she could let him see her eager cunt for him in all its glory. "So: paint me."
The brunet literally stood with his mouth ajar as he watched the sensual picture before him. Her words making him feel almost lucky and undeserving of her as he continued to see her writhing at her own touch. His green eyes kept looking at her glistening slit with her juices dripping down and wetting her perfect thighs that he wished he could get up and lick, but it was also his duty to finish that painting and Y/N really knew how to arouse the artist and his lust in him.
With trembling fingers, he tried to obey her as he turned his gaze back to the canvas, again trying to recreate the half-finished sketch. His cock in his pants throbbed with every moan and gasp that fell from her sweet lips as he occasionally gawked at the movements of her nearly naked form, her fingers continuing to tease her nipples.
"Come on, babe, keep painting, please," Y/N moaned before finally lowering one of her hands and beginning to, slowly, caress her clit, causing her head to throw back in joy and her chest to rapidly rise and fall at her excited, quickened breathing.
Harry clenched his jaw as he watched one of her fingers slowly begin to slide into her wet folds before finally sliding one of them inside her, making it moved in and out of her at an accelerated pace, trying to find her sweet spot all by herself while her other hand continued to squeeze her mound and peak.
"Keep painting!" A louder squeal was heard as she finally found the spot she loved to touch herself the most as her eyes kept looking up at a petrified, open-mouthed Harry who kept looking at her with all the desire in the world, a smirk appearing on her lips as she saw the obvious bulge in his pants, wishing she could have her handsome boyfriend all over her giving her the pleasure she was providing herself with at that instant.
"Fuck this!" Harry growled as he jumped to his feet and almost ran over to Y/N, pulling off his shirt, revealing his broad, muscular chest full of tattoos in all its glory. "Stop doing that. That's my job, pet," his voice husky and deep with lust spoke loudly before he harshly pulled his hands away from her, receiving a small whimper before Harry buried his face all over her pussy, making her yelp as soon as his hot, expert mouth began to devour her with enjoyment and without care, making her shudder with pleasure.
"Harry!" Her hands went to his hair still pulled back in a messy ponytail which she didn't hesitate to undo, positioning the scrunchie on her wrist before squeezing his long black hair between her fingers as she squirmed.
His tongue and lips soon enveloped and kissed the neglected clit making her moan and sway her hips towards him, his green eyes watching her face break down in pleasure as one of his hands reached up to caress the abused and already sore nipple, rolling it between his fingers before pinching it while his other hand placed it on her thigh, preventing her from closing her legs to his feast.
When he was satisfied with his supplies to her clitoris, his tongue slowly moved down to easily slide inside her pussy, caressing and tasting every drop of her juices that dripped onto his pink muscle before his lips sensually kissed her moistened folds while with his nose he tapped all the while on the bundle of nerves.
From his throat, he couldn't help but let out growls of satisfaction as he savored her completely, never being tired of having that taste in his mouth and watching her let herself be completely taken by him like that. Moans of his name fell to his cock all the while, so he couldn't help but reach down his hand from her thigh to his zipper of his tight black pants and pull it down, loving having made the decision that day to go commando. He gasped into her pussy sonorously as he let his cock spring free, not passing the opportunity to start squeezing and jerking his member up and down slowly, trying to satisfy himself without actually trying to be close to cumming.
Y/N, on the other hand, could only feel that mouth enveloping her cunt in the most delightful way possible, his grunts and pants making her writhe and her eyes not going unnoticed that Harry was masturbating as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue, which darted in and out of her quickly, curving it somehow from time to time, so he could touch more of her moistening walls and make her contract around that naughty tongue. The brunet chuckled as she squealed at having touched one of her most sensitive spots inside her.
When he felt he was hard and sensitive enough, he moved his hand away from his shaft to rise it up to her slit, replacing his warm tongue with his long fingers, bringing two of them into it at once; creating a torturous, slow, deep rhythm as he turned his lips to her clit, kissing and sucking it lightly making her whine and spread her legs even wider for him as she moaned his name nonstop.
"You're so fucking perfect for me, baby," he almost groaned as he felt the walls of her slippery pussy clench around his two digits. "I adore you and love you so much, I wouldn't know what to do without you. So good for me always, with your pussy always dripping and willing to be ruined for me."
His kisses began to travel up her body as he continued to pull his fingers in and out of her. Tingles of pure ecstasy ran through her as she felt his lips on her skin, worshipping her as if she were his goddess until he reached her mounds.
"And your tits so wonderful, just the perfect size for me, so sensitive that with just my breath your nipples are totally hard and cute," he fawned wrapping his warm mouth around her left nipple making her arch her back towards him, her hands never leaving his head as each word from his mouth made her feel her insides getting hotter and hotter, her legs practically trembling as she noticed those fingers curving towards her most sensitive place inside her.
"H-Harry! Please!" She herself didn't even know what she was begging for as she just squirmed, and she noticed him turn to her other nipple, beginning to nibble it lightly before licking and sucking on it.
"What's wrong, baby?" He feigned innocence with a lopsided, wolfish grin, knowing full well what he was doing. "You're so beautiful when you're like this, so vulnerable and begging for me when I should be the one begging to fuck you hard. You're my fucking angel. I love you writhing like this. I feel so lucky to have such a goddess for me and me alone, what is it you desire from me, my precious muse? I would give you the world if you asked me."
At last, his lips met hers; her warm, breathy pants making him sigh on her ajar lips as he just brushed them together, not quite connecting them, making her shiver with frustration.
"I would do anything for you, my love, what do you want?" his fingers began to create a faster pace causing her hips to rotate in time as her nails scratched the back of Harry's neck who kept smirking above her, his eyes completely black as he towered over her; his cock all the while rubbing against her thigh, she could almost feel him dripping his precum on her warm skin.
"Your cock, please! I want you to fuck me with your cock!" Y/N whimpered, almost crying, wishing she could feel him fully inside her, needing that feeling of connection with the brunet.
"Oh, you're going to get it, pet," Harry just nodded his head at her almost mockingly, making her whine. "But first I want to see you cum, I want to see your beautiful face full of the pleasure I'm giving you, I want to know I have this power. I want to be the only one who can make you feel the way you feel now... So, cum, my love, cum," he growled with authority before lifting one of her legs with his other arm and placing her knee on his shoulder while his fingers kept plunging at her dripping wet pussy that convulsed around them. She threw her head back and let out a cry of joy as she felt that with that new position she found herself more open and his fingers reached deeper inside her.
"Oh my god, Harry!" Y/N moaned, clutching his bicep as in her belly she began to notice a bubble starting to form with each stroke of his fingers inside her, making her scream and shiver.
"Yes, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere," he cooed to him. "That's right, you're doing fine, pet, don't worry."
His words and actions made her explode all over as she arched her back fully towards him and threw her head back, and she let out a cry of delight. Her insides tingled as she let her juices bathe his fingers that kept moving inside her, trying to lengthen her orgasm as long as possible.
"That's it, such a good girl for me, so good," Harry was whispering sweet nothings in her ear, almost lulling her as she felt herself coming back to herself, her breathing totally ragged, just feeling her boyfriend's lips kissing her neck and pushing her sweat-dampened locks away from her forehead.
His fingers still buried inside her sheath slowly slid out of her, making her mewl at the sensitivity of her center as Harry hushed her and stroked her hip with his right hand comfortingly.
"It's okay now, I'm here, you're safe," he hummed to her, enveloping her fully with his body as he continued to kiss and worship her. "So fucking perfect."
At last, his lips met hers as he noticed her breathing regulate again, kissing her with all the love he had for her as his other hand cupped her face gently, his head tilting to wrap his mouth around hers and let the kiss deepen passionately and with a slowness that made her moan again and die in his mouth. He parted slightly to press his teeth gently against her lower lip and nibble on it before depositing small peaks on her lips, still sighing for him.
"You did great, my perfect, beautiful girl," he murmured, making her smile weakly from the orgasm. She could feel like the only woman on the planet at that instant, in his strong arms. "Do you think you can hold another round for me, my queen?" Harry asked with serious eyes, stroking a thumb across her cheek as he looked at her intently; Y/N just nodded her head as she caressed his waist, kissing his lips again. "That's my good girl," he rewarded before pulling away from her and getting down on his knees in front of her between her legs in all his glory.
She couldn't help but feel a tingle of pleasure in her pussy again at the sight of Harry's tall, muscular, tattooed figure, sweat making his skin glow as his right hand went to his long reddish cock, ready to ravish her, stroking it up and down, drops of cum dripping down his slit slowly making her wish he would fuck her face, but his hungry eyes and grunts at his own ministrations on his member begged him to tear her pussy apart completely.
"How can that pretty mouth say such dirty things?" Harry chuckled with a tilted grin, making her face heat as she realized she had said the last thing out loud. "I'll not tear apart your cute little pussy, though, pet. I love it too much, and it's perfect for me. I'd rather pound it until all you feel inside you is my big fat cock stretching you and making you moan my name in that sexy way that always makes me horny."
Gently, he finally took the tip of his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy, slowly letting it slide between her tight, wet walls in a warm embrace that made him groan. She just opened her legs fully for him and threw her head back in a pleasurable gasp as he felt him filling her.
"Fuck, always so tight for me," he growled huskily, his green eyes watching her tits rise and fall with desire with every breath she took. "How can it be that your pussy is perfectly made for me, my love? I just feel you squeezing me, and it makes me want to never get out of you. So fucking gorgeous."
Y/N didn't know how to respond to that as she squirmed and felt her cunt and belly tingle with joy of having him inside her, noticing every crevice of his cock caressing her sensitive, wet walls as he went deeper and deeper inside her. A slight whimper came from her throat as she finally felt the tip of his cock bottom her out, the black groomed hairs and his pubic bone rubbing against her clit in a pleasurable back and forth as Harry waited for her to get used to his size before moving.
Which didn't take long to happen, causing her to start swaying her hips to him, a sigh of delight at feeling so connected to him.
"Please start fucking me, Harry, please," she couldn't help but beg him to end that torture, making him smirk lopsidedly before he positioned himself back on top of her, each muscular arm setting them up beside her head as her hands caressed his waist and his two fern leaves tattoo.
"That's my good girl," the brunet growled before depositing a small kiss on the corner of her lips and beginning to move very slowly over her.
His hips rocked back unhurriedly, leaving just the tip inside her before returning in a hard, deep thrust inside her, slamming into her pussy deliciously making them both let out a unison moan that fell into both their mouths before doing the same thing again and again, feeling the slow, deep pace hit her cervix accurately before caressing all her sweet spots inside her, making her walls clench around his shaft instinctively and making him gasp sensuously above her, his long, sweat-dampened curly hair creating a curtain around their heads.
The image of Harry's face of pleasure with his mouth half open and his eyes glazed over as she felt him inside her, making her feel tingles of joy and butterflies in her stomach as the smell of the brunet so characteristic of him enveloped her and made her lose her mind as she continued to moan for him, her legs hugging his waist tightly to keep him from pulling away from her, —even though she knew he would never think of that—.
Her trembling hands, needing to grab something, did not hesitate to go lower, pulling down even further the tight pants he still wore until they could expose his hard firm ass that she so loved to see, and she did not hesitate to squeeze and knead it, pushing him inside her harder.
The rhythm of their clashing hips began to increase to the desperation of both of them as the colliding of their groins and the gasps of both filled the warm atmosphere of the studio. The dirty wet sound of each thrust and slap of his balls in her ass making her face feel warm.
"Jesus, you feel so good around my cock, pet," he groaned above her. "I love you so much, you're my art, my inspiration, my heart... You're my everything."
His words were reaffirmed with every pound of his cock inside her making her moan and writhe as she could almost reach up to scratch the pink skin of his ass with her fingernails.
"You're the one who makes me feel alive, Harry," she whimpered, the emotion even going so far as to let little tears of joy fall from her eyes at those words of adoration for her. "I love you so much too."
His green eyes gazed lovingly at her before, and he smiled broadly, letting his dimples appear on his cheeks, before bringing their mouths together in another passionate and urgent kiss, full of bites and pants before breaking away again and lowering his gaze down her body, his eyes dilating with lust as he watched her tits bounce with each shove of his hips making her want to breathe heavily. Her back arched towards him to press her chests together as Harry began to feel the warm, wet walls of her core starting to close tighter and tighter around his dick with a pressure that made his balls tingle and his cock twitch with delight.
He could feel the exhaustion was beginning to fill him, but he didn't want to stop as he let his body fall fully into her, his knees bent and his hips creating a sloppy pace as his face found refuge between the gap between her shoulder and her neck, his mouth not hesitating to begin marking the tender skin, trying to let whoever laid eyes on Y/N know that she was his.
Their sweaty forms were wrapped around each other as she began to feel close to her climax. The warmth of Harry's body filling her and depositing the occasional kiss on his skin that could leave hickeys. His scent surrounding her, making her feel safe and loved as she had never felt before meeting Harry.
"F-Fuck!" She shrieked in an extremely accurate thrust that made her see stars, the tingling in her pussy growing more and more torturous as she felt the knot in her belly begin to tangle each time the tip of his cock bumped against her sweet spot inside her. "H-Harry, I think I-I'm cumming!" She tried to warn, the feeling of his member making her womb clench more and more as her clit being rubbed all the while by his skin made her shudder at the sensitivity.
"Cum, my love, I want to feel you cum on my cock," Harry almost begged between gasps. "I want to see you cum for me. Cum, babe, cum for me."
His last words were the trigger for the bubble in her lower belly to completely explode, and he felt her pussy close deliciously on his cock and her juices bathing his thick length as he kept pumping in and out of her rapidly, making him last her orgasm as long as he could as he watched Y/N's face uncurl in joy and her nails clawing at his ass, her body fully tensing and quivering, the scream of bliss being music in his ears as he smirked to himself, watching her enjoy the pleasure he was giving her.
"That's it, so fucking beautiful," he grunted at the sensation of his cock beginning to throb rapidly inside her. "I'm close, my love, can I fill you up? Letting you drip my seed and making you feel all my cum so deep inside you that you feel like you're knocked up."
A shudder still in her orgasm made her whine loudly at those words, as she could already diffuse the sensation of his warm semen filling her completely.
"Y-Yes, please, Harry, fill me up, put a baby in me, I want to have your baby, to feel so full of you," she moaned, feeling him twitching inside her sensitive cunt. Her words puzzled her slightly as, despite having talked about it repeatedly, they had never really thought about it seriously and upon rethinking it right then and there, the idea wasn't really that far-fetched.
Harry could feel his cock harden even more inside her, his near climax making his hips rammed almost primitively and ferocious animal growls come from his throat as he imagined that happy, sensual picture of Y/N rounded with his baby and totally radiant. Really, if it happened, he would paint a thousand pictures of her in every quarter.
"You're so good for me, I don't deserve you," he groaned, his arms wrapping around her waist and lifting her up slightly as he continued to pound into her core. "I'm going to fill you up so good, you're going to give me a child as beautiful as you are, and you're going to look so good all pregnant, I'm going to fuck you every day until I can get it, and after you get knocked up I'm going to keep fucking your sweet pussy."
"Y-Yes! Please! Please!" Y/N could feel her womb throbbing again as she felt the orgasm from before make her reach her peak again at her boyfriend's words, her body totally responsive and at the mercy of the brunet.
At that unexpected climax and the sensation of her walls closing around his cock, Harry couldn't help but cum deep inside her, this time. His warm white seed began to fill her as he left his cock fully hilted inside her and hugged his body to hers tightly. He let out a hoarse groan into the air as he felt himself continuing to cum himself inside her, making himself blush as he noticed the large amount of seed that was coming.
"Fuck, so good," he finished, sighing as he was finally able to lie down on top of her carefully, so they could both catch their breath.
Her tender hands began to caress his back and hair, making him feel almost numb, before she opened her mouth again to speak.
"Didn't you have a painting to do, babe?" Y/N joked, but nevertheless, it made the brunet remember where they were and what he should be doing, reality breaking him from his state of ecstasy at that moment.
"It's true, holy shit, we were so comfy, and I wanted to cuddle you some more," he pouted his lips before pulling his face away from her neck to look into her eyes and kiss her deeply.
Slowly, Harry pulled away from her, a cold sensation running through her as she felt his warm body leaving her skin. From her lips came a small mewl as she felt his now flaccid cock slide out of her gently.
"Sorry, baby," the brunet kissed her knee lovingly before getting up and, naked, heading to the studio restroom to get a damp cloth.
Her eyes gazed adoringly as that perfect specimen of a man strolled calmly and comfortably naked around the studio, making her giggle slightly as she raised her arms and stretched them above her head, his legs still spread and trembling from the sex session.
A whimper escaped from her lips as she felt the white cum begin to slide from her slit, shamefully dripping onto the divan and the robe that still lay beneath her.
"That man really has cum a long way," she muttered to herself, waiting for Harry to return, so she could clean herself, wiping away even traces of sweat from her forehead as she closed her eyes, the exhaustion of their recent activity enveloping her and making her want to sleep right then and there.
"Oh my god! Yes! It's totally perfect!" Her boyfriend's euphoric shout at his return almost made her jump, as she opened her eyes again, finding a still very naked Harry and his face totally beaming and his eyes sparkling.
"Harry! You scared the shit out of me," Y/N scolded him as she watched with a raised eyebrow as instead of approaching her, the brunet had gone running back to stand in front of the canvas, quickly erasing what little he would have on the pencil sketch.
"Oh, sorry, my love," Harry just said as he picked up his pencil again and began to draw with his expert hand on the blank canvas while giving her quick wide-eyed glances. "But please babe, don't even think about moving at that instant, it's perfect!"
"Harry! I'm literally naked, covered in sweat and dripping your cum! Don't you dare paint me like this!" Y/N tried to reason as she tried to cover herself again, but the brunet stopped her.
"No, no, no! Please, babe, you look perfect, I need to paint you like this. You're not looking at yourself, but right now this is really what I was looking for: pure beauty and sensuality. You're radiant!" he tried to reason, on his lips a pout and his puppy eyes making her sigh and surrender, really that man could defeat her with just a look.
"Okay, but at least try not to draw very detailed!" She requested as she returned with a sigh to the position she was in.
"Of course!"
Tumblr media
"Really, Harry?" Y/N complained, already dressed and cleaned, looking at Harry's new finished painting.
"What's the matter, my love, don't you like it?" The brunet's sadness was visible in his voice, making her feel bad before she explained herself.
"Of course I like it, it's just... I told you to try to make my face unrecognizable," she replied. "You've practically added every detail of my body and face."
Despite her protests because of her shyness, Y/N could not help but feel that the artwork was truly beautiful and sensual, and if it wasn't for the fact that she had been present at every moment of its creation, she would not have believed it was her.
In the painting you could practically see her in an almost heavenly bright light on the white divan lying down, her body exposed, and her face detailed in an expression of peace and joy after sex, from her cunt the trail of the painter's semen falling strategically and lustfully, her body painted with such love and adoration that she truly looked like a goddess, and she couldn't help but feel even more in love knowing that it was that way that Harry saw her every time.
"Sorry, baby, but I couldn't resist, you really did look perfect and stunning," Harry spoke again as he hugged her from the back, kissing her neck in a way to lower her anger at him. "Are you mad at me?" he murmured into her skin faintly.
"I'm not, babe," she admitted in a sigh as she stroked his head and smiled at him, she couldn't be mad at him for being so cute with her. "But are you really going to sell it to the gallery?" She asked, feeling shy suddenly, thinking about what people will say and think about her when they see the painting.
"What?! Of course not, my love!" Harry laughed, as he turned her around to face him before kissing her lips lovingly and turning his green eyes back to his masterpiece. "This is just for my own personal enjoyment," he replied mischievously, making her cackle loudly and shake her head at him.
She really loved that crazy painter in love with his muse.
Tumblr media
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the one with the pact
a/n: spoiling y’all with blurb after blurb.. anyway, i cried while writing this. so cute i could cryy alll day. I HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE IT <3
word count: 1.4k
warnings: too cute, fluff <3
“Yes, Harry?”
“What are we doing wrong?”
(Y/N) stopped her movements on the cutting board, looking at Harry confused at his random question. A small laugh came out of her lips, “What are you on about, love?”
Harry felt like there was something wrong with him. Well, them since (Y/N) was on the same boat. They were in their late twenties, nearing their thirties and still single. If you’d ask anyone else besides them, they’d say it’s because they’re meant to be with each other, but they don’t accept it. They’ve been friends for as long as they could remember, every milestone in their lives being celebrated with one another. It was as if they were aligned to be in each other’s lives with the sole purpose of being each other’s soulmates and lovers.
Harry got up from the couch, sitting on one of the stools parallel from (Y/N) on the island counter. “Why are we still single? We’re pretty cool people, I like to think.” (Y/N) dropped the knife and rested her open palms on the counter, looking at her best friend with a grin.
“As for me, I have high standards. Until I meet a man to give me what I know I deserve, then I’ll stay a lone wolf. As for you? No clue. You’re attractive, intelligent, talented, and amazing. You’ve gotta answer that for yourself, honey.”
“Do you remember our pact from when we were in college?”
Harry and (Y/N) had been studying all night for their finals and after being worn out, they opted for a break on their couch, laying down basically one on top of the other, crammed in the small furniture while sharing a bag of chips.
“We should make a pact, H.”
Munching on a chip, Harry sits a bit up, both of them scooting at the same time for a slightly more comfortable position as he hums in acknowledgement of her question.
“If we’re both single by the time we turn thirty, let’s get married. Y’know, since it takes time to build a relationship and a family… if we’re both alone by then, then let’s just start it together. I trust you, you trust me. We’ve known each other our whole lives.”
It took Harry by surprise a bit. He adored (Y/N) and had no problem with agreeing on the pact but finding that (Y/N) would make such a life altering decision with him even if it’s years down the line, it made his heart swell.
With that said, Harry brought his pinky up, a smile forming on (Y/N)’s lips as she curled her own pinky around his, both kissing their closed fists.
“Love you, H.”
“Love you more, angel.”
(Y/N) smiled as she reminisced, nodding at Harry’s words. They sealed it with a pinky promise; something they both took to the heart.
“Well, we’ve got about two more years. Unless one of us or both meet someone, get ready to get on one knee.”
Harry had no problem with that. He’d ask right now if the stars would align the way he wished they would. What (Y/N) didn’t know was that Harry has had a special ring picked out for two years now. Even if he’d meet someone else and it wasn’t meant to be for them to be together, that ring was intended for (Y/N). But in the apex of his beating heart, he wished upon a star that she was the one for him. As time goes on, it feels as if it’s proven more and more.
“What’s for dinner, anyway? Can I help?”
It had been two years since that very conversation.
Lots of friends and family were gathered at Harry’s house in celebration of (Y/N)’s thirtieth birthday.
Harry planned it in secret because (Y/N) was adamant on wanting an intimate dinner with just close family and friends but Harry had something else in mind and he knew how much she actually loved surprise parties.
“Stop hurrying me or I’ll take even longer! I’m almost done!” (Y/N) yelled from her bathroom, finishing up her make up. Harry kept hurrying her to finish up because their reservations would get lost for their brunch.
All Harry could do was look at the time. Thankfully Anne and Gemma were at his house, hosting the party and letting people in. He should’ve known better than to tell (Y/N) to get ready at a specific time instead of sooner because she always arrived everywhere late.
He decided he’d go up to her room, join her in the bathroom and sit on the toilet.
“You look very pretty.”
A smile crept on to (Y/N)’s lips, pausing her movements for a second, glancing at him to take in his look. “Thank you, you look very pretty too, honey.”
After 30 minutes of Harry hurrying her up and complimenting her, they were finally out the door and leaving her home. It wasn’t until a couple similar blocks down the road that (Y/N) noticed they were close to Harry’s house, and soon enough they arrived there. “What are we doing here, H?”
“Left me wallet. Come down with me, please.”
(Y/N) looked at him dumbfounded as she got out of the car and followed him towards the door.
“You hurried me up twenty thousand times, just to have to stop because you forgot your-“
Harry stood at the door wide open with a huge grin on his face, (Y/N) gasping at the amount of people in there waiting for her.
She was usually good at smelling these surprise parties before they happen, but Harry got her good. There were no cars outside and he did well in keeping it a secret. She was shocked but truly happy that he put in all the effort just for her.
“Oh my god! I love you all!!” (Y/N)’s eyes watered as she took in Harry for a big hug, thanking him a million times before letting him go to greet everyone else.
Anne approached Harry, giving her son a warm smile. “Are you ready?”
Harry reciprocated the smile, only feeling nervous and anxious. “I am. Never been more ready for anything else. Just kind of scared of her reaction.”
Both Anne and Harry turned eyes to (Y/N) before looking back at each other. “You’ve not a thing to worry about, son. The woman adores you.”
Everyone mingled and caught up with each other as time went on, chatting in between drinks and tasty party favors Harry made sure were made to perfection. Just like (Y/N) was. As the evening approached, Harry thought it was finally time to cut the cake and well, really surprise (Y/N).
Gemma and Anne gathered everyone in Harry’s backyard by the cake, making sure they got (Y/N) to stand right there with Harry
(Y/N) already felt a bit embarrassed because just like everyone else felt, what else is she supposed to do when people sang her happy birthday?
But that didn’t happen. Instead, Harry cleared his throat and said he wanted to drop a little speech.
(Y/N) watch him attentively with a smile, catching how nervous he seemed with his usual signs of twiddling thumbs and biting his lip.
“Well, as you very clearly know, I am so happy to call you my best friend. I am happy to say you’ve been through my worst and best moments with me, celebrating my wins and helping me up from my downfalls. There is no one else in this world that I would rather continue doing this rollercoaster we call life with.”
Harry pulled a box from his back pocket, opening it to reveal a beautiful, shiny ring but instead of getting on one knee and holding the box, he got on one knee and held up his pinky.
(Y/N) was shocked. Her eyes filled with tears and her heart began to race. There was no way this was happening to her. A lucky star heard her wish from all those years ago.
“We made a pact and my heart followed along. I love you, (Y/N). Will you marry me?”
As a tear slid down her cheek. (Y/N) brought her pinky to curl around Harry’s nodding while trying to gather the courage to speak. “Yes! God, I love you. Yes! Yes! A million times yes!”
Everyone behind them roared in congratulations and cheers, Harry slipping the ring onto (Y/N)’s finger before crashing his lips against hers.
“Forever and always, angel.”
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Tumblr media
Summary: The first look at Harry and Y/N's relationship was in This Is Us, the One Direction movie.
W/N: In honor of today being the last day of this is us on netflix latin america, here are small moments of Y/N in the movie.
"The final contestant who's made it through is..." Simon speaks. "Tom Richards."
Harry sighs in disappointment and grabs his beanie in frustration, he doesn't even listen to what the judges have to say and just walks angrily off stage.
He cries without caring about the cameras, and among the contestants, he looks for her. He takes off his beanie and wipes his tears with it, ignoring the camera in front of his face. He just wanted to go home.
"And then as I was, like, about to leave and they just called all five of our names out." Zayn says to the camera.
When he finds her, he throws himself into her arms and cries.
"Harry didn't have a clue, I remember he was just crying in Y/N's arms and him saying, like: 'Yeah, you kept us back because you wanna try and make us cry. We're young boys and we're all gonna be crying.'"
"Make a bit of good TV."
"It's okay, H. I know you'll make it one day, I promise you will." She whispers in his ear, stroking his back and the curls that escaped from the beanie. "Now go, they're calling your name."
"Your turn!" Johannah, Louis' mom, passes the marker to Y/N, and she takes it to write in the phone booth.
"I want a Louis one, and then at night, I can just go and say goodnight." Johannah points to Louis' cardboard and squeezes Y/N into her arms, who snuggles up against her. "At least I have one more daughter." She says.
The girl laughs, her heart full of love for her friend's mother, and hopes that scene has remained in the movie.
Luckily, it does.
"I am their dad on the road, we have a very good working relationship." Paul says. "The only issue I have is they're all a pain in the ass. Y/N included."
"Speed ​​it up, Louis. They're gonna catch us!" Y/N yells from the back of the cart and her friend listens to her, accelerating as fast as he can.
"Nothing to see here, sir!" He screams and they both burst into laughter
"Love, this way!" Harry grabs her hand and they run from the staff.
They both come to a gate, and he tries to go under it.
"Harry, really?" She sighs, unable to believe it.
Suddenly someone grabs her and she screams when Preston throws her over his shoulder, the same goes for Harry when someone else grabs him.
"Noooo!!" She says, dropping onto Preston's shoulder, who laughs.
She looks at her boyfriend, who has a pout on his lips. "Sorry, my fault."
"Back to the dressing room." The man says, and the young couple sighs.
Y/N is excited for this part of the movie.
They were able to go home and Harry's going to record bits of the movie there.
Now, they walk through one of the many places in the city of Holmes Chapel that they know well. Harry has an arm around his love's shoulders, not caring about the camera that records them.
"I like Holmes Chapel." He says, and she looks at him silently, listening intently. "Pretty much every other part of my life has changed, apart from coming down here. It's just exactly the same."
Y/N smiles, in love with him.
Recently, she began to notice the changes in him, as he stopped being a boy to be a man, as he changed his hairstyle, his physique, and the tattoos just continue to add to his body.
But she knows that he will always be the same with her.
"My first kiss was down there. I kissed a girl, like, a bit further down. We were, like, against a tree. It was pretty steamy." He points to the area in front of them. "I wish my first kiss would have been with someone else, though."
He pushes her playing, and she does it back laughing.
They both had their first kiss with someone else, but it didn't bother them. How were they going to know that one day they would meet the person they'd spend the rest of their life with?
"Don't worry my love, I promise you'll be my last."
She would never forget the name of W. Mandeville.
"I worked at the bakery, for about two and a half years."
"I remember... the years of leaving school and visiting Harry at the bakery is something that was a daily routine for both of us. Me in the school uniform helping him clean, take inventory, and more." Y/N says to the camera, having flashbacks.
"One seventy-six and your receipt."
He hands the money to a client, and his girlfriend smiles looking at him.
"He looks the same." She turns around and tells the camera, then continues sweeping. "Just a little bit older."
"And more handsome?" He asks, and the old ladies laugh.
"If it helps you sleep."
Y/N walks past Niall and her boyfriend, seriously thinking about how good he looks today.
She had to keep her hands to herself, because this was going to be in the movie.
They are in a forest in Sweden to camp, and she wanted to give the boys some time alone, but they threw tantrums like little children for her to go.
"It's not the same without you." Zayn had told her.
"Y/N and I are on pine cone duty." Louis said, and the two of them started kicking things off the ground.
"To be fair, when we make tents, we're normally the ones who just pretends to be busy the whole time." Y/N says, and her best friend laughs with her.
"Baby, come here, i'm cold." Harry snuggles up against Y/N in a small chair for the two of them.
It's already night, and they managed to set up the tents and the campfire.
"'Kay, bub." She answers him, and hugs him tighter.
"Do you think if one of us, wasn't in the band, though, the band would be this big?" Liam says, with a marshmallow in hand.
They all deny it, because it's the truth. They wouldn't be that big.
"I think when we look back at this, no matter what we do after this, we'll never, ever beat this." It's Niall's turn to speak.
"Yeah, but isn't that scary? If the best times of your life are now... that's crazy."
"Of a Benjamin Button thing, though? that we get to do it backwards, do you know what I mean?" Payne speaks again. "We get to go after this and then have a proper, normal life. Just have, like, a wife and kids. Do you know what I mean? don't you think that's quite nice? that's what I look forward to, if I look forward to anything."
Harry and Y/N get even closer to each other at the mention of marriage and children.
"So do you think, like, we're still gonna be mates?" Zayn asks, and Y/N sighs a bit sad, of course they'll still be friends.
"Of course, Z." She answers, and he smiles at her.
The boys also agree with her.
They talk more, and Harry joins the conversation, resting his chin on his girlfriend's shoulder to get a better view.
"Do you know what? It'd just be amazing to be remembered, like, even as a mum telling her daughter: 'The boy band at my time, One Direction, they just had fun.' Do you know what I mean? 'They were just normal guys but terrible, terrible dancers.'"
Everyone laughs at Louis' words, and Y/N caresses the arms that are wrapped around her waist that keep her still on Harry's lap.
She doesn't want this to end, she wants to continue having these moments with the five boys and to know that wherever she goes, she will always have them.
She just begs this doesn't end.
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