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treesandtheirberries · a month ago
(y/n) finds one of Harry's ... toys.
wc: 2.6 k,
warnings? smuuuuut, slight sub!harry, slight dom!reader
It wasn't unlike the two to rummage in each other's closets or drawers. They had met during their sophomore year and became close enough that they would help each other dress for special events or clean up during a bad week.
This time, Harry asked (y/n) over to his place to find something to wear for an academic achievement dinner with others in his cohort. He always said she was the better dressed of the two, but they knew that this was just an excuse to hang out (he had far more 'dressy' clothes than she).
"What's this?" (y/n) laughed, pulling out an informal, short-sleeve button-up with lines. An embodiment of the trend that plagued most men in 2018. "Did you seriously wear this?"
Harry laughed as well, slightly ashamed of the article of clothing she held up. "I caved okay? I wore it a few times when I was in High school, and I felt bad for just tosing it."
"Okay, well, we'll donate it today. You'll single-handedly ruin your reputation if you go out in that."
"Yeah, yeah," he brushed off, turning his attention to organizing paperwork for his internship. If only he had paid more attention and kept an eye on (y/n), he could have distracted her from the box at the top of his closet. He could have brushed it off, avoiding her opening it like she was now.
She was curious, and the two had very little boundaries. Because of this, she thought the box likely had a pair of shoes or some more old clothes. She wasn't expecting to find Harry's sex toys. The two were close and had mentioned some of their hook-ups, but nothing as detailed as this.
She was shocked initially, but ... interested? Picking up the thing that fascinated her the most, she finally turned around to face Harry. He wasn't directly looking at her, clearly invested at his desk.
With a small smile on her lips, eyebrows lifted, (y/n) asked, "Harry?"
He hummed in reply, still unaware of what she held in her hand.
"What's this?"
Finally, he turned around, unceremoniously. Once he saw the fleshlight she had in her hands, his face immediately began to burn. Getting out of his chair, he rushed to her reaching for the toy. "(y/n) how did you find this?" He definitely forgot he had the box there in open sight, otherwise, he would have moved it.
"There's a whole box! I didn't know you had stuff like this." Her voice was laced with genuine curiosity, no sign of teasing in her voice.
"Well, don't we all. It's not important." He said, standing in front of her, but avoiding her eyes.
"I'm not making fun of you, I think it's great you have such a selection. I've only got one vibe."
With heated cheeks, Harry finally looked down to (y/n), shocked she wasn't taking this as an opportunity to make fun of him. "What?"
"It's cool you have these, good you're taking ... care of yourself." She smiled, moving the fleshlight around in her hands, observing.
The two were frozen, unsure of what to do next.
Stunned, Harry decided to make this less of a big deal than he initially tried to. They were best friends, why wouldn't he be open about these types of things? His mind switched from that of embarrassment, to ... well honestly? Horniness.
"I think that one's my favorite, but," he reached up towards the box, pulling out a vibrating cockring, "this one is far better for paired playing."
(y/n) hummed a response, now looking at the ring he held in his hands. She felt herself getting turned on at the thought of Harry squeezing it on before going to fuck the person on his bed. She thought about how intense it felt for him, how much he must look forward to using it. "Yeah, that makes sense." Stop thinking of his face with it on-stop thinking of his face with it on-stop think-.
"But, what you're holding, is probably my usual for when I'm alone."
Her head began to turn with an idea in her head. Smiling, she asked "but I bet it'd feel nice for someone to use it on you, no? I love my vibrator, but it's really nice when someone else uses it on me." She succeeded, the words seemed to have an effect on Harry, as he raised his eyebrows, dazed that she was being so intimate.
"I-, I haven't tried that yet." Not that he didn't want to. His head was screaming at his lower half to stop getting so excited, but he just couldn't help himself.
With a racing heart and a bit of adrenaline, (y/n) blurted: "want to?"
Even more dazed, Harry was shocked (y/n) offered ... that. "It won't be ... weird?" He wasn't sure why he was asking, he definitely wanted her to do that to him.
"Of course it's not, we're best friends. Do you want to?"
Instantly, and embarrassingly so, Harry replied: "Yes please."
(y/n), smirking to herself, took notice of how pliable he seemed to be in this situation. They hadn't talked about how they acted during actual sexual settings, but seeing Harry take on a slightly submissive role was extremely arousing to her. "Get on the bed, yeah? Sit up on the pillows."
Letting out a shaky breath and nodding, Harry took the few steps to the bed, resting against the headboard. He stared at (y/n), who had been observing him this whole time. She took notice of how easily he complied like he was waiting for her to take control. The air was thick, and Harry's pants were becoming more constricting by the second at the mere thought of what was next.
Finally, (y/n) got on the bed, crawling her way up to him. Sitting up on her knees, she leaned in to rest her hand on the side of his face, brushing his cheek with her thumb. She's a soft dom he thought. "Do you want to do this?"
"Yes," he said shakily, finishing with a soft "please."
This gave (y/n) the brightest smile, proud of her best friend being so compliant. As a reward, she finally leaned in to kiss him. She had noticed how much his eyes drifted to her lips and knew he was waiting for it.
Instantly, Harry let out a whimper, leaning his body up to get more of her. Swiftly, she maneuvered herself to straddle his hips, able to hold his head with both hands after putting his toy down. Lifting his own hands, he wrapped them around her wrists. Not in a demanding way, but more so grounding himself to her, and she was obsessed.
The two were very close, but they had never kissed like this. Sure, a few pecks too close to each other's mouths that were meant as a goodbye for their cheeks, but not this.
She began to kiss him deeply, the two breathing heavy. She couldn't believe this was happening, she always felt an attraction to him, yet assumed it would never be acted upon since they were 'besties'.
Pulling away (that caused Harry to let out another whimper), she buried her face in his neck. This caused Harry to hold her in his arms, wrapping them around her back, flushing her against him.
"Okay?" he asked, nervous that it was too much and she was regretting it.
Shaking her head, she was smiling into his neck instead. "Yeah. It's ... it's good, yeah?"
"Mhm." It was a soft moment between the two, and despite the ache they both felt, they basked in the feeling of being so close. So fucking close. Intimate.
Finally sitting back, she looked at him, seeing how flushed his cheeks became with a simple makeout. She brought one hand up to his hair, ruffling it. They both held small smiles, their trust and confidence in each other evident. Slowly, she dragged her hand down, caressing his cheek once more, thumbing his bottom lip, touching his soft neck, reaching down his chest that was still covered. She finally reached down to the hem of his jeans, still maintaining heavy eye contact. The soft movements were making him breathe heavy, everything about their current position was extremely attractive to him, straight out of a dream.
"Gonna get you out of these jeans, 'kay?"
He nodded submissively, giving her full reigns. "Kiss?"
"Of course, baby." Using both hands to unbuckle his belt and undo his button and zipper, she kissed him slowly and deeply. She wasn't sure the last time Harry had been with someone, but she would guess a long time due to how much he was leaning into the kisses. "Going to move so I can get them off." First pushing the jeans down his hips, releasing his very obvious problem, then getting off of him to slide the jeans fully off alongside his briefs. "So big," she commented, making him release another moan.
She decided to stay at his side, giving her a more dominating position than on his lap. Especially providing better access once she got to use the fleshlight. He turned his head to her, leaning up for another kiss. With a quick peck, (y/n) directed her attention to his erection. Grasping it with one hand while the other was lost in his hair, she began to softly massage him.
Having been turned on for a while now, Harry began to let out soft moans. His eyes involuntarily shut, enjoying the pleasure he was receiving from her.
"I'm going to use the toy now, okay?" she asked seductively, unsure how dominating she should be for their first time. With his eager nod, she moved her hand to the previously discarded fleshlight, excited she would be the first to experience this with him. He finally looked down to his painful erection, leaking precum as he noticed the item in her hand. He knew it was coming, but the reality of it was crashing on him, and his breathing became more labored if possible.
She kept one hand still in his hair, while the finally itched closer to his erection with the toy.
"(y/n)" he breathed out, barely audible.
"Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you," she softly said, finally dragging the fleshlight up his erection, mimicking how his cock would drag against her. This experience was extremely visually gratifying for her, clearly.
With a gasp from Harry, she finally set the toy over his tip, slowly lowering it.
Enjoying the whimpers that came out of him (what could she say? She found vocal men so attractive), (y/n) began to slowly pump the toy around him, still teasing. "You're so big, huh? God, look. Look how you stretch this fake pussy."
Harry had long ago squeezed his eyes shut from being overwhelmed, yet he took (y/n)'s advice and looked down to his lap. There was something so erotic about his best friend holding his sex toy and using it on him. "Yes. Please, (y/n), feels so-" he was interrupted by a moan he couldn't withhold.
She gave a soft laugh at this, still caressing his head with her free hand. She wanted this to be a good experience for him, and she definitely did not identify as a hard dominant. "You like it?" She questioned, instantly receiving eager nods from him. She decided to finally give him the release he seemed to be reaching, and began to increase her speed. This only amplified the whimpers Harry let out, and she was empowered by knowing she was doing a good job.
She wanted to get him to cum quick, and given how much he was moving, she assumed it was close. While Harry moaned and whined, (y/n) moved the fleshlight on his length faster, a clicking sound occurring from the spit she provided a few moments earlier to help with the friction. This sent Harry into an even deeper state, his hips now wriggling uncontrollably, his knees bending his legs alongside his thighs twitching. She loved seeing him unravel, loved seeing how much he struggled with knowing where to put his hands (assuming from the way he keeps them clenched at his sides, she believes he likes them to be tied). His heavy breathing, the sweat that was collecting on his chest from where she pushed his shirt up, just the way his legs were tensed was all driving her insane.
"You can cum, baby. Cum when you want, you know you deserved it," she said softly in his ear, in the most seductive tone he's ever heard from her.
Gasping at her words, his movements became even more intense if possible. It was obvious how sensitive he was. His hips began to move up to match the thrusts she set with the fleshlight, although he was unable to reach her fast pace.
Quickly, his breathing increased, heavy puffs coming out of his nose instead of his now normal moans. She knew it was coming, and the way his whole body clenched and jolted, she realized he was coming in the toy.
His face-God his face-was something she would never be able to erase. His eyebrows creased in the most euphoric way, this pleading look unwillingly showing on his face. His mouth was gaped open as his head tilted back without his consent, his body clearly overwhelmed with the current sensations.
Not wanting to torture him, she began to slow down her thrusts, enough to milk him without extreme overstimulation. She wasn't cruel, but ... that was something she could see herself doing to him eventually. As punishment. Sure.
Finally, his whimpers began once again since she still was moving the toy against him, although it was considerably slower than before. He began to whisper "please" over and over, and if she wasn't so close to him, she wouldn't have caught it.
"What's that baby?"
He turned to her, his eyes clearly exhausted. She finally stopped her movements on his cock, leaving the toy resting slightly on top of his head so that his cum leaked onto him. The hand that was in his curls moved to push the hair off his forehead, although it stuck because of the sweat he had accumulated from their short session.
"Done. I'm- done, please," he said airily, clearly speaking from a sub mindset. His chest was noticeably moving with his breaths, an indicator of the orgasm he just had.
"Yes you are, we're done. You did so well for me didn't you?" She asked, taking the toy off of him, and setting it on the bedside table. She'll clean it later. "I'm going to wipe you off, then we can take a nap? You seem tired."
He nodded aimlessly, clearly going with anything she says. "Please."
She gave him a smile, adoring how he kept his eyes shut, body meshing into the bed. Quickly finding a small face towel in his drawers, she cleaned him softly. "Do you want some clothes? Briefs?"
He shook his head, finally opening his eyes to her. His eyes seemed less fuzzy than before, but all he did was make grabby hands. How could she ignore that?
Pulling her leggings off, she brought herself to his bed, laying on her side and reaching to bring Harry into her chest. He had said before how much touch meant to him, and he was always hugging all of his friends. Because of this, it was no surprise how easily he gave into cuddling her breasts, wrapping an arm around her tight. She put both of her hands in his hair, petting his hair.
"Is this ... okay?" he hesitantly asked, the more realistic side of himself beginning to worry.
"Of course it is. Don't stress, it was really nice, yeah? We can talk about it after we wake up."
He loved how that sounded, her warm chest and enveloping arms enough to convince him that it wasn't worth worrying about. With a happy hum, he fell asleep in her arms, where he had always belonged.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. V INTERESTING VIBES. LOL. TELL ME IF YOU HATE IT TELL ME IF YOU LOVE IT MWAH. no, but seriously first time writing smut smut, and idk. harder than I thought.
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loveontourlove · a month ago
Love on Tour ♡
Part 20: Raleigh
A/N: Finallyyy! I know this part took me long to post but life's gotten pretty busy lately. Like I said, updates won't be as frequent as before but I promise to post at least twice a week. With that said, here's a long chapter to make up for the wait! I really love how this one turned out so I hope you like it too! Don't forget to leave a message once you're done reading! Love - Vee
warning: sexual content
Story Masterlist // 5k words // Ask me anything
Tumblr media
Part 20: Raleigh
October, 12 2021
Raleigh, North Carolina
“Happy birthday my love” I hear Harry’s raspy morning voice whisper in my ear and I immediately smile, still half asleep. I turn to my side so that I’m now facing him. The warmth of his body in bed against mine and the remnants of his cologne from last night make me all fuzzy inside. I open my eyes and I’m met with the dreamiest sight anyone could ever ask for and a gentle stream of sunlight peeking through the curtains.
Harry’s laying on his side, staring at me, his green eyes look even brighter due to the morning sunlight, his curls are a mess on top of his head giving him an extremely relaxed look. His cheeks are flushed due to just waking up and the swallows on his chest are in full display thanks to the oversized band tee he’s in. He raises his thumb to my face, caressing my cheek, and gives me a toothy green. I smile back at him.
“What are you so smiley about, mm?” I ask him, a slight tease in my tone.
“It’s my girlfriend’s birthday” He replies with no hesitation and he drops his hand to rest loosely on my hip. The butterflies that have taken permanent residence in my stomach go crazy and my heart beats a mile a minute at the word girlfriend coming out of his lips with so much certainty.
“Oh yeah? And who’s your girlfriend?” I smirk at him nudging his leg with mine under the covers.
“You are” He says in a barely audible whisper, but loud enough for me to hear. He leans in and presses his lips against mine while squeezing my hip with his hand. A tender morning kiss shared in our little cocoon of privacy and comfort.
I lift my hand to cup his cheek and pull him closer into me, opening my mouth to deepen our kiss. He slides his tongue softly into my mouth while tracing random shapes on my inner calf with his toe.
Tender, affectionate, loving Harry is my favorite Harry, and he seems to be always present these days. I really thought Harry and I were in a honeymoon phase our first month together but I think we’ve now reached new levels of bliss with him being incredibly soft and delicate with me.
“What do you want to do today, bunny?” Harry asks, breaking the kiss and bringing me back to reality.
Yesterday, he wanted us to be attached by the hip, begging me to come play golf with him but I insisted he went with the guys, not really wanting to make my girlfriend debut so soon in a golf course but also, because I want him to have some activities that are only his, which is a healthy thing in any relationship. Golf is his thing and I like that he enjoys with his friends. Therefore, I kissed him goodbye and pushed him out the door, telling him to enjoy himself. I then got myself ready and took an Uber to the closest mall for a little pre-birthday shopping.
To think that two days ago I thought I was going to have the most depressing birthday ever and now here I am, about to spend it with my boyfriend, who just happens to be THE Harry Styles.
I ended up buying myself a sparkly silver mini dress, very flashy and adequate for the birthday girl, even though Harry and I haven’t even made any special plans tomorrow.
It doesn’t matter anyway, I will wear it for myself even if it’s just Harry and me in our hotel room.
For myself and Harry clearly, cause I can already tell he will love the dress as much as me.
“I don’t know, getting breakfast could be a good start” I finally reply to his question. We still haven’t discussed the very important subject of when and how we will tell everyone we are officially together so I don’t know exactly what our options are for birthday celebrations.
We are interrupted by a knock on the door and he winks, getting up from bed to get it. He had already ordered us food knowing very well how much of a breakfast person I am.
“Breakfast in bed for my birthday princess” he says, coming back into the room with a large tray in his hands. I sit up, moving the covers to the side, leaving space for him to set the tray in the center of the bed. I smile when the sweet smell of french toast and maple syrup hits my nose. My favorite.
“You’re the best baby” I smile at him in appreciation and pucker my lips at him so that he leans in and presses a kiss to them. The tray is filled with french toast, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice. It all looks delicious.
“Open up” Harry says, raising a fork with a piece of cantaloupe to my mouth. I chuckle and obey, biting into the fruit and enjoying the sweet taste in my mouth before swallowing.
“So you’re going to feed me too” I tease him. He grabs a piece of pineapple from the plate and brings it to his mouth and for a moment I get distracted by his lips and his tongue licking on the pineapple juice that slid out of the corner of his mouth.
“Today is all about spoiling you baby” He says with a smug smirk and then bites into a strawberry, chewing on it slowly and I pick up he’s now being a tease. I bite the bullet though and once he’s done with the piece of fruit I pull him by the collar of his t-shirt and bring his lips to mine, humming softly at the feel of his plush lips and the sweet taste of strawberry.
“Tastes like strawberry huh?” Harry jokes when we disconnect our lips and I chuckle.
“On a fall morning” I reply, making Harry laugh, his chest vibrating. I smile at the happy sound filling the room.
“I have something for you” He says getting up from bed and walking to his brown leather bag that’s on a chair in the corner. My eyes immediately drop to his butt, round and firm, and a warm feeling of lust triggers in my stomach. We haven’t had sex yet, agreeing to take it slow this time, but we probably won’t be able to go celibate past this morning. I don’t think slow applies to anything regarding our relationship honestly.
I’m the birthday girl after all, and I want him.
“Aha!” Harry exclaims, pulling out a small metallic lilac gift bag with white tissue paper. He walks back to the beg and extends the bag to me.
“For you” He says with a toothy grin and I chuckle at his childish excitement.
“You really didn’t have to,” I say, grabbing the bag from him.
“Of course I did, you’re my girlfriend” He says, waking up the butterflies in my stomach again.
He flops into the bed, scooting over to my side. He wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him and rests his chin on my shoulder, concentrating his eyes on the gift on my lap.
“Open it” He says softly and I realize he’s excited but also nervous about it.
I open the bag carefully, the fact he chose my favorite color for it is very endearing, and I gasp when I pull away a rectangular jewelry box. I open the lid and my heart thumps when inside of it I find a beautiful gold chain with the word bunny in a small letter plate in the center. It’s small and simple, just like I like it.
It’s literally perfect.
“Do you like it?” Harry asks in a whisper against my shoulder. His lips brushing my skin “I know it’s simple, but”
“I love it” I interrupt him, my voice full of sincerity and adoration for him. He looks up at me and we lock eyes, staring into the other, communicating our feelings again in our own secret silent language “It’s perfect. Put it on me?”
He nods and I delicately hand him the necklace. I turn around slightly and move my hair to the side with my hand, so that he has full access to my neck. He places the letter plate against my sternum and then clicks the lock on the other side. One it’s in its place he drops it, leaning in to place a kiss on the back of my neck.
“I really love it” I say, lifting my hand to trace the word bunny that’s now resting against my chest. Harry raises his own hand and rests it against mine. He leans in again pressing one, two, three pecks into the back of my neck and moving to the side, pressing another kiss there but leaving his lips for a little bit longer. My core clenches with need and I know I only want one thing now.
“Harry” I breathe out his name.
“Yes, my love?” He asks, moving to the other side of my neck without disconnecting his lips from my skin.
“Fuck me” I say and he chuckles at my forwardness.
“Are you sure? I told you we are going at your pace” He says and I squeeze his fingers that are still holding mine over my chest, reassuring him that this is what I want.
“Yes, please. It’s what the birthday girl wants” I say and he lets out a puff of air that hits my sensitive neck and strengthens my arousal.
“Tell me exactly what you want, birthday princess” Harry whispers now against the back of my earlobe, sucking on the skin there “I will give you anything you want”
He lowers his hand from my chest to my center, ghosting his fingers over my panty covered core teasingly. My whole body shivers.
“Shhh, I got you baby” He says and I grab onto his thigh that’s right next to mine.
He pulls my black cotton panties to the side and runs his finger up and down my folds.
“You’re so wet already sweet bunny. Gonna make a mess in our bed” He whispers making my spine tense. I’ve always found Harry’s dirty talking incredibly arousing and the fact that I haven’t had him like these in days in more than a week makes me feel like I’m about to explode.
“Fuck” I exclaim when he presses his thumb to my clit, making him chuckle.
“Mmm, gonna make my birthday princess feel so good” He whispers, working my clit and I’m dripping wet at this point, the warmth in my lower stomach already building up.
“Wait” I say and he immediately stops his movement, probably thinking I’m backing up now. But I’m far from that.
“I want to ride you” I say and Harry lets out a small groan in pleasure. I just want to be in my favorite position, the one where I feel him entirely inside me.
“Whatever you want bunny” He replies, moving himself so that his back is resting against the headboard. He takes off his t-shirt and I do the same with mine, leaving me in only my panties.
“I missed them,” Harry says, staring at my breasts. I giggle, moving myself till I’m sitting on his lap, straddling him. His hardening cock is very much palpable against my thigh.
Harry takes a moment to stare at me, drinking me all in, and I also take my time enjoying him in his flushed state. I like that I get him like that.
“You, sitting on me naked, with nothing but the necklace I gave you is my new favorite sight” He breathes out and I know he’s being sincere because I can feel his dick twitch under me.
“Mmmm, it seems like you gave it to me to mark me down with something” I tease, rolling my hips against his crotch that’s only covered by the thin material of his briefs. He groans again, his cheeks and neck incredibly flushed.
“Baby please, I think it’s clear I’m the one who’s on a leash here” He says, chuckling under his breath and I laugh quietly as well, continuing with my movements against his hips. His hands are placed on my hips holding me tight against him, needing me to give him more friction.
The twenty minutes or so of foreplay are enough to have us all wet and ready and I moan at the feeling of his extremely hard dick against my core, so I lift my hips slightly, resting my hand against the headboard for support, and pull his briefs down with my other hand. He helps me on my task, quickly wiggling himself out of the flimsy piece of cloth. I look down between us and moan again at the sight of his hard and veiny dick with its red tip already leaking precum.
I pull myself up again, helping myself with my knees, until I’ve raised myself enough that I can press my clit against the tip of his dick. I press both my hands against the headboard for support and start circling my hips, using his dick to play with my sensitive bundle.
“Fuck, baby, I need to be inside you” Harry says, burying his face against my breasts and moaning against my skin. I know that he’s desperate at this point, the hardness of his dick must be starting to be painful so without hesitation I drop myself on the bed, sinking down on his length. Both of us let out guttural moans at the contact.
“Warm and wet, just like I like it” Harry whispers, head still between my breasts. I bounce up and down on his dick and he takes me by surprise when he wraps his lips against my nipple, making me arch my back at the pleasure. His hands move from my hips to grab my ass, encouraging my movements.
“Oh my god” I hear him whisper when he lays his back against the headboard again and once he gets a good look at my breast bouncing against him. Little moans of delight escape both of our mouths reassuring one another of how much we are enjoying this and how much we missed each other’s bodies. My stomach churns with every bounce as his hard dick hits my g-spot again and again.
Harry plants his feet on the bed, and starts thrusting his hips up to meet my own movements, each one of his thrusts making my body come closer and closer to my orgasm. Our movements start becoming sloppier and slower, as we both approach our climax. Our skin slapping against each other makes a filthy sound and sweat drips down our foreheads. Sex can be felt in the whole room.
“Missed this so much, missed you so much” Harry says. My thighs start to hurt so he holds me in place, pumping himself in and out of me in an euphoric rhythm.
“Did you touch yourself thinking of me while I was gone?” I ask him in a moment of boldness and Harry chuckles in between moans.
“Oh bunny” He is barely able to stutter out “Came so hard just by thinking of you. But nothing could compare to your tight little pussy around me”
His dirty words are enough to push me over the edge, making my vision start to get blurry. Harry feels me clenching around him knowing I’m about to orgasm so he pulls me into him, pressing his hand against my back softly, in a comforting way so that he can help me ride my high. My boobs are against his face again and I faintly hear Harry whisper “I’m in heaven” against them.
“Cum with me baby” Harry says and just as obediently I feel my orgasm wash over me, feeling the electricity run from my toes to my brain, getting all fuzzy while my whole body shakes. He thrusts into me one more time, bringing himself to an orgasm too. Our releases mix together and I let myself fall into Harry’s chest, both of us exhausted.
Harry pulls out of me carefully and I groan at the lack of contact, missing him already.
“You’re so fucking sexy” Harry says, kissing my cheek.
“I can’t feel my body” I mutter against the skin of his chest and he laughs. He rubs my back up and down slowly, helping me come down from my high.
“Let’s take a nap princess” He says and I nod, closing my eyes. We don’t even bother to get into a more comfortable position, just wanting to feel each other as close as possible.
“Ready?” Harry asks me. I clutch his hand that’s holding mine tighter and he gives me a reassuring squeeze.
“Yeah” I say, looking at him and he gives me a comforting smile before guiding me through the doors to the soundcheck where most of the band and crew are right now.
This morning, when we woke up from our nap, and after Harry made me cum again with his mouth, he surprised me by throwing the subject of whether I wanted to come out as a couple to the people on tour or wanted to keep us a secret for longer. He reassured me that we would do whatever I wanted but I found myself nodding and telling him that I indeed wanted us to be public with our relationship. Or as public as we can be in Harry’s world. Which means not very public at all.
If I’m risking myself by putting my heart in the line for him again I might as well be able to enjoy our relationship freely with our friends and family.
We decided that the first thing was going to be telling the band and crew on tour. Or more like confirming their suspicions he said, making me blush. We agreed however, that neither of us wanted to make a big announcement, so walking hand in hand to soundcheck it was. Subtle but effective.
Next thing on the list will be telling our families through a FaceTime call, Harry’s suggestion, but that is something for later on.
So we are doing just that right now, walking to soundcheck hand in hand, and I can feel the nerves inside me as soon as we cross the big arena doors. It’s not that I think anyone would judge, as these people are Harry’s friends and family as well, so it's more of an exciting kind of nerves.
We cross the door and the huge stage comes into vision in front of us and I immediately feel all sets of eyes on us. I lower my head, afraid of catching people’s reactions on their faces.
“Hey everyone” Harry says, as we approach the side of the stage with the stairs. I’m about to let go of his hand and let him go on stage to rehearse but he intertwines our fingers not letting me go “Can we sing Happy Birthday for my girlfriend?”
I blush bright red and turn to him immediately. This was not part of the plan and I’m too easily embarrassed for this. He just smirks, enjoying watching me all flustered.
“I’m gonna kill you Styles” I say and he lets out a loud laugh.
To my surprise everyone is cheering at us and Mitch even yells a “Finally”. I still want to dig a hole and bury myself due to all the attention being on me right now but I gather the courage to look around and I only see happy expressions while everyone sings Happy Birthday to me and I realize they are probably really happy for Harry, so they are happy for me as well.
“Thanks” I say shyly once they are done singing. I’m definitely not a fan of big displays of attention.
“I just love embarrassing my girlfriend” Harry says happily, finally letting go of my hand and rushing up the stairs and to the stage. I just scoff at him.
I better get used to this. I’m officially Harry’s girlfriend for the knowledge of everyone around us.
I grab my ipad and take a set on the lower levels, resuming on answering the thousand unanswered emails from the last week I was absent and watching my boyfriend and his band as they play and enjoy themselves around the stage in their own type of funny rehearsal.
I’m getting ready in Harry’s dressing room while he’s still on stage. I decided to just come back and take my time doing my hair and makeup because well, I’m the birthday girl and I can. I had to make Harry promise myself he wouldn’t make his fans sing Happy Birthday to me and there’s no point in him doing that if I’m not watching the show anyways. Clever me.
Harry said he would just shower quickly here after leaving the stage so that we could go straight to the small birthday party he organized for me on the hotel’s rooftop bar. He insists that it was Pauli and Niji’s idea to hold a party in my honor but I know that it was all him. To be honest, I didn’t even complain, I do feel like celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend and our friend’s tonight. Privacy is the only issue that will always concern me but Harry seems to have found a solution for that, as the bar will be closed to us for the night.
I hear the door open and close and I turn around from the vanity where I’m finishing up my makeup to look at Harry. He is all sweaty in his pink and red outfit which I made clear to him was not my favorite combination.
“You look like a Valentine’s day postcard” I said to him judgingly when I was helping him get dressed. Finally back to our little ritual.
“Well wanna be my cupid?” He asked in with a smug smirk and I just playfully hit his shoulder.
“Whoa” Harry exclaims once he looks at me and I blush but straighten my back and walk over to him confidently. That’s exactly the reaction I was expecting from him.
“Do you like it?” I ask him, giving a little twirl.
I’m wearing the dress I bought myself yesterday. It’s tight and short and sparkly and I know it will drive Harry crazy all night.
“Bunny, that dress is at risk of not making it to your party. Hope you have a change of clothes” He says.
“Don’t you dare” I warn him “I love this dress”
I smile at him and he comes over, placing his hands on my hip and leaning in for a quick kiss.
“The dress is amazing but I think it’s all thanks to the person wearing it” He tells me and I just smile at him, pecking his lips again. Like I said, I need to get used to all of this, including Harry’s constant compliments.
“Go shower. We need to leave” I tell him, breaking apart from him and going starting to gather my stuff. If I don’t basically push him into the shower we will never leave and we are basically the hosts.
Oh wow, we are basically hosting our first party together. If you could call it that. But still the fuzzy feeling inside me comes back at the thought of us doing couples things together now.
Thanks to my rushing Harry skills that I’ve perfected while working on this tour we finally leave the arena in just 45 minutes, getting on the back of the black SUV that is taking us to the back of the hotel.
Harry looks adorable in ripped flare jeans, a Bode white crochet button up and a black sweater vest with little white flowers on it.
“I’m so overdressed” I chuckle.
“Nonsense, you’re the birthday princess” He says, planting his kiss to mine and setting his hand on my thigh, dangerously high, earning a warning look from me.
Once we make it to the hotel, we go up to the last floor through the service elevator, Harry once again confidently grabbing my hand. I’m wearing high heels so for the first time our height difference is not that prominent.
We get to the rooftop and we find everyone there already, Pauli, Niji, Nyoh, Sarah and Mitch, who have a babysitter for the special occasion, Tallullah, Kodi, Ayae, Jeff, Tom, Tommy and some of the people from the crew that are close to Harry. Everyone comes to me wishing me happy birthday and smothering with hugs and kisses. I have a smile so big in my face and my heart feels ten times its usual size at all the love.
Elin places a pink Birthday Girl tiara on my head and Harry excitedly shows me the cake he personally chose, a raspberry and lemon flavored two layered cake with white chocolate frosting. I smile, that’s exactly my favorite and I get a feeling Steven was behind that.
The night is going great and everyone seems to be having a great time. I walk to the bar to get myself one more drink and while I’m waiting for it Mitch comes over, resting his hip on the counter.
“Well well, miss girlfriend of the year, I guess I could work as a matchmaker if I ever decide to quit music” He says and I giggle, turning my head to him. He has a smug smirk on his face.
“I guess we do have to thank you for that” I say, giving him my own sly smile. The bartender comes back with my drink and I thank him, grabbing the glass from him.
“Don’t have to thank me, making me the godfather of your first child will be enough” Mitch says with a wink, before turning around and leaving to almost choke with the sip of my gin and tonic. If he only knew, I think to myself.
Turns out my one more drink turned into many more and it seems like everyone wanted to take a shot with the birthday girl so around 3 am, when the party has quieted down already I am pretty drunk to say so.
I’m standing next to Harry, with my arms wrapped around his torso and snuggled into him, like the clingy drunk I am. I really hope Harry is not uncomfortable with this public display of affection but drunk me couldn’t care less about that right now. He seems okay though, rubbing my back softly with one hand while he holds his glass of whiskey with the other, talking to Jeff about something I can’t quite make out right now.
I let out a little yawn.
“Wanna leave baby?” Harry whispers looking down at me and I nod.
“Yeah, let’s go have sex” I say making him laugh and I think Jeff chuckles too. Jeff says something, probably his goodbyes and I just wave at him, my eyelids feeling pretty heavy. I’m also a sleepy drunk tonight it seems.
“Let’s sneak out” Harry says, holding out his hand for me and I grab it following with wobbly steps. He guides me to the elevator and I tell myself that I’m not really that drunk but when I stumble with my own feet I realize that maybe I am pretty drunk.
Drunk me will never acknowledge being drunk though.
Wow, some McDonalds sounds pretty good right now, I think to myself.
Somehow I realize we’ve made it to our floor once the elevator doors open and I follow Harry out of them.
“My feet hurt” I whine, stopping at the beginning of the hallway. Harry takes a step back, coming in front of me and signals me to jump into his back.
“Come on, I’ll give you a ride” He says and I chuckle, jumping into his back.
“I want another type of ride” I say with a devilish smile as he gives me a piggyback ride to our room. He laughs and I feel his body vibrate.
“Let’s get you to bed drunky” He says.
“You’re cute” I tell him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
Harry walks us into our suite and carries me straight to the room. He lowers me into the floor carefully so that I don’t twist my ankle and sit on the edge of the bed. Letting out another yawn.
Harry kneels in front of me, unclasping my heels one by one and I moan at the feeling of my free feet again, wiggling my black painted toes.
“That was torture” I say and Harry presses a kiss to my right calf.
“Let’s get you into something more comfortable” He says, standing up and walking to the bathroom in search of my pajamas.
I let myself fall back into the bed and close my eyes. I’m not about to sleep, I’m just resting my eyes for a minute.
I hear Harry come back into the room and he chuckles.
“Come on babe, let’s get you out of that dress” He says.
“Yeah let’s fuck” I mutter with my eyes still closed.
“I don’t think so baby, you’re drunk and sleepy” He says, sitting on the edge of the bed and pushing me to the side so he can unzip my dress. I roll to my side a little bit to give him access and make the task easier for him,
“Nooo, fuck me” I whine and Harry laughs again.
“Baby, we will have the rest of our lives to have sex. Now let’s get you comfy and ready for bed” He says, grabbing a makeup wipe he brought from the bathroom and wiping my makeup off tenderly, with all the care in the world. I will probably have lots of makeup leftovers tomorrow morning, but the fact he’s being so caring makes my heart burst.
“I wuv you” I mutter, half asleep. And Harry freezes, stopping his movements. I have my eyes half closed but I can feel his stare on me.
“What did you say?” He asks me but my attention span is too short right now and I already forgot.
“I want chicken nuggets” I tell him and he just laughs under his breath.
“You won’t remember any of this tomorrow, right?” He asks me, helping me to get into a comfortable position on my side of the bed.
“Mmm, probably not” I mutter, eyes closed.
“Okay baby. Sweet dreams” He says, pressing a kiss to my lips and turning off the lights, leaving only a lamp off as he goes back into the bedroom to ready himself for bed as well.
“Hurry up, I want to cuddle” is the last thing I say before drifting off to sleep.
We fell in love in October
That's why, I love fall
Looking at the stars
Admiring from afar
My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my girl
My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my world
My world, my world, my world
You will be my girl
we feel in love in october- girl in red
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goldenharystyles · 7 days ago
behave (part-2)
warnings- meandom!h, softdom!h, sex toys, tease and denial, orgasm denial, sex toys, degradation, ddlg, (in short mature stuff) smut, angst and fluff.
(English is not my 1st language so please forgive me for grammar and some mistakes idk)
part-1, master-list 
after 1 day......
yana’s pov:--
I woke up before harry today. looked at my sleeping beauty beside me and thought how lucky I am. (which I feel everyday). I went downstairs to make breakfast for both of us. A little while later I heard our bedroom door open, so harry has woken up I guess. Harry comes up behind me to look what I was making, I looked at him and then we made an eye-contact no Mattel how mad he is at or how mad I’m at him he never forgets to kiss me in the morning. But today as (since) last week he is been only kissing my cheek, which I think I deserve so I didn’t protest when he kiss my cheek and went to sit on chair.
‘’I’ve day off today’’
‘’Oh- ok, what do you wanna do? Going somewhere?’'
‘’Not going anywhere and put you in your place, which you seemed to be forget some days ago’’ I saw him giving me cold glare. I didn’t replay because I don’t know what to say.
‘’Flip the pancake or it’ll will burn.’’ I came to reality and flipped it ‘’you seem you forget lot of things these days’’ he got up from his seat eyebrows raised ‘’again flip the pancake’’
‘’For fucks sake’’ I said underneath my breath so he can’t hear it. He came up behind me putting 1 hand on my rib cage and another on at lower part of my stomach. Got I felt butterflies
‘’Does it hurt puppy?, here’’ he pressed it (just above my pubic bone) harder ‘’haven’t had permission to cum for what 15 days?, and my pretty baby is denied orgasm every single night… I’m cruel boyfriend aren’t I?’’  He used his sex voice which he knows turns me on.
‘’Uh- pancakes’’ I tried to distract my self and him but-
‘’It’s already in the plate pup,’’ smirked and grabbed my neck ‘’told you you’re not paying enough attention’’
‘’ I- I..uh.was… I was… I just remembered I need to give some of my things to Sarah’'
‘’Haha, they are out of town, now aren’t we gonna talk about you?’'
‘’ I don’t know’’ I’m seriously scared of this man who I trust so much so it’s no worries but I’m still scared.
‘’In gym, just underwear, I need to workout’’ he said close to my ear ‘’Fast’’ as I was about to leave him he held my hand ‘’ not without breakfast, have your breakfast and then go ill be right behind’’ he ordered and kissed my head. I know this kiss very well. I’m gonna be toutrured I know now.
We had break fast in silence, with harry eyeing me and smiling when I hand shook. I had my breakfast, I excused my self and and went to gym - removed my clothes. This kind of things make me nervous like what should I do now do I stand or sit somewhere since harry didn’t ask me to keel. Ugh
Harry entered the gym with just black shorts and a towel around his neck and a waterbottel. He looks like god I swear. His eyes met mine and he put his water bottle on table
‘’Go get you vibrator, with stand’’ said with smirk. Not gonna lie I Love vibrators but since harry has been denying me orgasm and edging me with vibrator I’m starting to hate it now.
‘’Ok anything else?’’
‘’No, uh- wait yeah get my phone it’s on bedside table if you can’t find mine bring yours doesn’t matter’’
‘’Yep, be in here in 2-3 min’’
I went upstairs to get all of thing harry asked for and went downstairs to join him.
‘’Here’’ I said.
‘’Good’’ ‘’put vibrator on floor on stand so it stands straight’’ I did he he asked.
‘’Good now here is how it’s gonna work I usually take around 30-40 mins to workout. So now sit upright on your keens in front of me. Hand behind your back.’’
He passed through me and put vibrator beneath me on ground. I was confused until he spoke-
''‘I want you to go down for one minute and up for two, got it?’’ Ohhh fuck I’m gonna die I can’t my pussy is already in pain.
He got up and started working out- turned around and smiled
‘’I almost forgot here is timer of 40 mins don’t you dare cheat or I’ll it way worse than it is. do you understand?’’
''Yes, sir''
‘’Good girl’’ he turned around and turned vibrator on
‘’enjoy little one’’ ‘’DOWN’’ I immediately went down ‘’start the timer and do as you’re asked’’
‘Ohhhhh— mhhh yes- yes sir’’
After 30 mins of him working out and staring at me he came closer to me while I was up from vibrator and started circling around me
‘’Are you close baby? Do you wanna cum? Want to feel it?’'
‘’Want me to finger you? Want me to make you feel good?’'
‘’Please yes please, please make me feel good. I wanna cum’’
‘’Down, aww look at you crying from a vibrator with I recall is your favourite?’'
‘’Please I wanna cum it’s too much’'
‘’UP, I think I should make you do this whole day and call it a day after that? What do you think pup?’'
Tear escape my eyes
‘’Don’t I’ll do anything else please I can’t take it anymore’’
‘’ Do you hate vibrators now? Hmm?’'
‘’So much.’’ He laughed
‘’ Awww my baby’’ he keeled down. I swear he looks so sexy without shirt I wanna cry ‘’go down 2 mins on high speed don’t cum and you’re free’’
‘’Thank you, oh god. Can I’'
‘’Go ahed go down’’ he put vibrator on high speed
‘’ Don’t cum’’ he said staring into my eyes and holding my hips down. ‘’Eyes on me’’ he kissed my eyes lightly (did that make me happy hell yeah)
‘’Good girl, you’re doing so good’’ he coos not breaking eye-contact
2 mins passed with my whimpers and southing
‘’Can you get up?’'
‘’Uh- I- think- I don’t know but I think so’'
‘’Try, if you can’t I’ll carry ya’’'
I tried to get up and failed I looked at harry he nodded and lifted me up
‘’ Let’s get you in the bath’’
We went to our bedroom and he put me on toilet sit and started filling bathtub
‘’There we go. I’ll bring towels for us sit here’’
Harry might me mad at me but he never not takes care of me with makes me more guilty he has not kissed me since that bartender thing or even our cuddles are not the cuddly. I can see he is more than upset through his eyes. His eyes and face never lies to me.
He entered the bathroom..
‘’ Here come,’’ he gave me his hand ‘’can you walk now?’’
‘’Yeah’’ I hold his hand and get into bath he joins me as well after what feels like lifetime
‘’ Thanks’’
‘’You’re welcome darling’’ he kissed back of my head
‘’Harry I wanna talk about this if it’s ok with you’’ he became tense I sensed
‘’Let’s not talk about it it’s only 9 and I need to give Jeff a pen-drive with I forgot to give him yesterday, so if we talk I’ll get late yeah? We’ll talk about it later’’ he said
‘’Oh ok’’
We took bath he washed my body and then he cleaned both of us. Bought me my stweatpants and shirt.
‘’I’m going I’ll be back in less than an hour,’’ he shouted
‘’Ook’’ i shouted back but he came upstairs and said ‘’ be ready for something really torturing’’
‘’My pussy hurts’’ I pouted
‘’Well, that’s not my problem I wasn’t the one who kissed another guy in front of my partner so…..none of my problems….. I’m- well a very nice person btw so I’ll give you some more time to recover yeah? Around noon. And that’s final I don’t care even if you pass out’’
‘’ Noon is ok’’ I said in low voice god my pussy already hurts so much whyyyyy
‘’Do you wanna make lunch or wanna go out?’’
‘’ Can we go out if you don’t mind?’'
‘’Ofc I don’t, be ready when I come home yeah!’’
Harry called me 10 mins ago that he’ll be coming home in 15. I’m already ready with cute lille skirt and top.
‘’You look beautiful dareling''
‘’WEEE are going out right?’’ I nodded ‘’’ I wanted you to wear vibrating panties, but since your pussy aches I won’t’’
I simle ‘’thanks’’
‘’But-‘’ ughhhh ‘’ we need something right? So why don’t you do and get the but plug for me with lube. Than bendover on dining table hands behind your back’’
My face fell ‘’yeh- uh Yeh sir’’
I got plug and handed him not looking up and bend down on table
‘’Pull your ass cheek apart and don’t move your hands or you’ll be spanked with vibrator on top and butplub in you without cumin for 2 weeks. Do you want that?’'
‘’No sir I’ll stay still’’
‘’Good little slut’’
He has plug in his left hand and his left hand is rested on my lower while another one is coming around my ass. He smoothed my Thighs and keeled behind me.
‘’Look at you completely at my mercy. Just how I like it’’ I moaned he slapped my pussy hard and started circling around and inserted dildo in once
‘’Did that hurt too much I forgot to take it slow I’m sorry’'
‘’No it’s fine sir, it’s not that big so it didn’t hurt promise’’
‘’Ok, now common we are gating late’’ he watched me struggling while walking but said nothing.
We had lunch and then we went to Gucci shop which was not in our plan but I know harry he didi it purposefully. He had knowing smirk while he said we are going for shopping after a while we came back I went to bed and he went to his office. He told me I can get plug off and asked if I need help with that but I said no. after talking it off and falling on bed I don’t know when I dozed off.
Harry came and put his warm hand on my ear caressing my cheek with his thumb.
‘’Darling wake up I made tea for both of us, do you wanna wake or do you wanna sleep’’ he asked
‘’Nah- I’ll wake up’'
‘’Ok I’ll be waiting downstairs outdoors’’
I washed my face and went downstairs we had some chat and sat there doing nothing. It was around 6 when we came back in house
‘’Pup I’ll cook dinner for us I want you to take shower and quick one don’t touch my pussy’'
‘’ofc’’ I took quick shower and headed back to kitchen.
‘’Hey’’ I siad
‘’Hey, you don’t need to put clothes on go remove them and wait for me on the bed naked hands and legs spread’’ I boded and headed up.
I did as I was told to do. He came up and looked at.
‘’Good girl’’ he started tying me up with red ropes. 4 of Tham to each bed-post
‘’ Are you horny?’’ I nodded ‘’ is your little clit throbbing?’’ I again nodded he smiled ‘’think I should leave you like this and come back tomorrow or I should just push vibrating plug and dildo with another vibrator on clit and just leave you like that for 4-5 hours? Hmm? Do you want that?’’
‘’No sir please anything else is Fine but not that please’’ I genuinely pleaded
‘’I think the second one is better’’ he whispered in my ear. I gulped ans shook my head saying no ‘’I’ll get three of them’’ he smiled pressing kiss on my nipple.  He went to red room to take things out and he came with three thing in his hands. I-  my eyes got teary and some fell down my cheek as well.
‘’Don’t cry baby I’m not gonna do any of those things I was just messing with you.’’ Kissed my collarbone. He started vibrator ‘’ but I never go easy’'
“Oh god, oh please, no no no-“
“Ah ah ah-“ harry tutted “You were bad. This is what happens to bad  girls.”
“Please, I can’t take any more, I learned my lesson! I promise, please don’t use that, you don’t need to.“ I was pleading, begging with the man, desperate to not go through the same overwhelming experience as yesterday.
He had tied me up, nestled the hitachi between my legs, and edged me over and over. At the end i had been promising anything, if only he would let you cum.
Harry straightened, a smile flashing across his face. “Ah! That’s good! But-“ he leaned close again, nibbling at my ear “-daddy still wants to play.”
The hitachi buzzed to life in his hand, and i shivered.
“I can’t do that again, daddy-oh god, please-please don’t!”
When the hitachi was pressed to my cunt, spreading my lips, I screamed.
Just as soon as it had touched my  pussy, it disappeared, instead being moved to press down against my mons, hard. The vibrations traveled deep, a pleasant, manageable pressure.
“You were so naughty, I can’t just let you off easy. If I did, you might try to do it again ” When he smiled at you, lips stretched wide, his eyes were cold as steel, threatening.
The hitachi was returned to my pussy, harry rubbing it firmly against my opening, making me squirm.
‘’Ohhhh good I can’t I can’t’’
‘Oh so should daddy stop?’’
‘’Yes please I can’t I’ll be good’’
“I think Daddy’s gonna keep going. You sound like a little puppy when you get overwhelmed and it’s so cute.”
‘’Please? No vibrators pleaseeeeeee I seriously can’t please daddy?’’ I pouted 
 “No, I will not stop. You were begging for this orgasm, now you are begging for it to stop? Look at me when I’m talking to you… If you ask me one more time to stop I’m going to turn it on high. Now… try to Cum again so I can stop and make you mess.” he almost shouted this over buzzing sound.
‘’pleaseeeeeee I can’t take vibrator it’s too strong please I'll do anything else promise please’’ 
‘’ 2’’ ‘’2 ruin orgasms and we Won’t even touch this vibrator for whole night promise’'
‘’Really? Promise?’' 
‘’Yes pinky promise, now give me 2 orgasms’’ he put vibrator on my clit and pressed it hard
‘’’ahh fuck no…ugh…mhhmmm.. I think I’m gonna cum’’ he pulled off I’ve never felt this helpless
‘’I think it’s time for another one’’ he pressed vib to my clit and backed off doing it for 5-6 times making me yell he finally put it onto my clit’'
‘’Ahhhh that hurts. Not hurt hurt but it hurts yeah’'
‘’ I know slut don’t cum’'
‘’I close sir’’ he again pulled off. He smiled and threw vibrator on the other side of room
‘’ I kept my promise’’
Harry took out a brush (blusher brush)  and began sweeping it along my inner thighs. The anticipation, even if it were not for the substance tormenting me, was exquisitely cruel. When I thrust her hips up in a bid to have him make direct contact, he pulled the brush back.
“Now, now, don’t spoil the fun. If you stay completely still, you may get what you crave. If not though, I will leave you in this state and return tomorrow to try again.”
I nodded enthusiastically. It took everything for me not to simply break down and scream continuously from the sensation. once he let the bristles glance across her throbbing clitoris, i nearly screamed in joy just from the slightest of touches With every brushstroke, my clitoris pulsated with a longing for more. It was a glimpse of heaven, to see my swollen jewel twitch and pulsate madly as if vying for more attention of its own accord. It felt like just a few more strokes of the brush alone would be enough to thrust me over the edge, yet the I never received that mercy. Harry continued to simply torture my clitoris with a few glancing brushstrokes before backing off. Each time, my clitoris twitched and pulsated as if trying to leap from her body.
'The twitching of that clitoris in so much need, simply letting me know that my work has now begun’'
My toes curled, i held my breath as every muscle in my body seemed to tense… it was taking me to edge
…Suddenly it stopped.
“NOOOOO PLEASE, I WAS THERE, I WAS THERE… PLEEEEEASE,” i cried out, on the verge of tears, feeling like i wanted to burst.
The rapid rise and fall of my breasts with each deep breath was hypnotically beautiful to gaze upon.
As quickly as it had stopped, it started again, this time two brushes now on either side of my red little button and along my lips. All i could do was clench my jaw at the teasing sensations, until another brush-stroke fluttered over my clitoris once more. The sensation would have made me  jump from the bed if I  wasn’t restrained, yet all i could do was throw my head back in a soundless scream as the brushes worked my hypersensitive clitoris towards a crescendo until…
The brushes were all withdrawn at the same instant, making me strain on the bonds in desperation. In silence he watched as i thrust my hips up and down as if trying to grind against the air, before setting on me yet again with the soft brushes. While my most sensitive little places were being tormented with every dedicated brushstroke, I pleaded him throughout.
“Please let me come this time, I have to come, I’m begging you.”
My muscles began to tense.
“I… I… I’m going to come!” I gasped, but I was wrong.
Once he pulled away from me again, i could feel my pussy juices running down my ass cheeks; never had i been so aware of my pussy, of how it felt, so sensitive to even the coolness of the air on her hot, wet womanhood.
‘’Good girl, you managed to keep your composure. I’m not going to let you come'’ he got up and did something I don’t know.
It was only after a brief moment that a finger rested on my clitoris. Such a solid sensation on it made my body twitch suddenly, until the fingertip began rubbing over my engorged clit slowly. He  had hardly let me come down, meaning I reached the edge very quickly, but i tried to say nothing, to see if he'd make me orgasm.
However, as soon as the peak was reached, the masturbation stopped.
“Aaaaaaarghhhh…. LET ME FUCKING COME… PLEASE!!!… I’ll give you anything, do anything…’’
Before the overwrought me could finish, the torment started, again not giving my sex a chance to rest.
I was masturbated to the edge multiple times, screaming and pleading throughout the cruelty my sex had to endure, my body an inferno of need as he gave me just enough rest after every peak to stop me from toppling over into the orgasm i craved.
“Pleeeeeeeease! Please fuck me, I’m begging you… fuck my pussy. Oh God, please, please, please!
Without responding, he began circling his fingertip around my clitoris, watching as it began to swell, my clitoral hood unable to contain the engorged button of ecstasy protruding from it.
Each time i jerked my hips in a desperate bid to have him touch that sweet spot, harry stopped touching entirely. His smirk alone communicated that there was no use in trying further, that I would simply have no choice but to withstand the ordeal.
H, continued to circle my pulsating clitoris. What made it worse was having him constantly watching my expressions. His eyes locked on every tremble of my lips, enjoying every time I furrowed my brow in pure erotic frustration, my body anticipating something my mind knew would not come. My clitoris was so pronounced, pushing back its hood and on display like a ripe cherry aching to be devoured.
“Oh fuck… please… I can’t. I can’t anymore, I’ll do anything you-”
H interrupted, “oh you certainly can take more, and you will’’ he withdraw everything just looking at me ‘’ohh you look pretty. At my mercy. You pussy is throbbing princess I’m not even touching it. What my single fingertip can do to your entire body Well I think I’m a cruel boyfriend.’’
He then started to kiss my thighs inner thighs pubicbone and smashed his face in my pussy and started to like it fast circles..
‘’’Ohhhhhhhh pllleaseeeee stop pleaseeeee my clits hurts I wanna cum please’'
''I know you want to cum sweetheart, but I'm not ready to give you pleasure’’ he coos
‘’Please daddy I can’t’’ I said in low voice I need to cum. Harry started fingerpicking me hard and fast while eating. He look at he and stood up at little while fingering me so fast I wanted to cum.
He kissed my forehead ‘’cum sweetheart cum’’ my eyes go wide and I squirted. Harry looked at me in a awe and started fingerpicking me again
‘’’Ohhhhh no stooppp please’'
‘I know you can’t baby just once for me. Squirt again for me baby common please. For daddy yeah priencesss gonna givee it to daddy’’
‘’Yes daddy anything for you’’
‘’My good girl. Squirt’’ he finger fucked me so hard I squirt again.
‘’ My sweet baby.’’ He kissed corner of my mouth.
‘’ I love you’’ I wishperd
‘’ I love you more little love’’ he smiled ‘’let’s go take bath and then we can have dinner and movie whichever you like’’ he said while kissing my cheek.
‘’ K thanks. ‘’ I smiled back
''Wait here I’ll go fill the bath till then, here’s the water drink it. Whole guess should be finished.’’ he ordered I smiled and nodded
He then came back after 5 min with just boxers I wanted to hug him so bad it’s been while. ‘’ cmon baby I’ll carry you till there I’m pretty sure you can’t walk’’
‘’Can I have hug H?’’ Harry did hug me and hold me tight against him I did cry but didn’t let him see it I hold his neck he got msg and lifted me up to take bath with him. He put in in tub gently and joined behind me we took bath dried of just some clothes on and harry again carried me to kitchen we still haven’t talked about that day.
‘’Made you your fav pasts. Which movies you wanna watch?’’ He asked hands on my waist
‘’Play whichever comes 1st idc’’  ‘’let’s eat please I’m hungry’'
‘’ You go sit on sofa I’ll bring you your plate as well’’ he came in just 2 min with 2 plates and remote and started some random movie … we finish our pasta in around 30 mins and I took our dishes and put them in sink and thanked him for making pasta for me to which he replied no need to thank me puppy.
To my unlucky reason the film was about 1 girl and boy and she kissed bartender in front of her boyfriend. To that scene harry shifted a little and my broke when I saw him. There where tears in his eyes and one tear escape for his left eye. ‘’Harry’’ I reached out but he just looked at me with no emotions and more tears escaped his eyes. It made me cry too to the point I was sobbing
‘’Why’d you do that?’’ He broke the silence
‘’I didn’t it was mistake’’
‘’ But why? Just because I was busy? You wanted someone to hook up?’’ He asked
‘’What no- harry you know I would never do that god- have you been thinking that I wanted to have sex with him?’’ He nodded
‘’Harry baby- ‘’ I sat on his lap ‘’ I swear I’d never do that not in million years. I told you the very first moth of our relationship that I belong to you and I’ll never cheat on you ever, didn’t i?’'
‘’ Yeah you did’’ he nodded not looking up at me
‘’ Have I ever made you feel like I’d leave you?’'
‘’No, never. You’re the 1st one I actually love and wanna spend my life with’'
‘’Than how can you think I’d cheat on you?’'
‘’I’m just not giving you enough time and well I’m not with you all the time. I get worried that you’ll leave me. And it breaks my heart when I think that you’ll leave me-‘’ he took my hands in his. ‘’Yana I won’t be able to live without you and that scares me that you’ll find someone better. I know you love me more than I love you and I know that very well. I- I just - uh- I love you so much and It broke my heart when I saw you kissing him’’ he looked me in the eyes he has red eyes. I can see pain in them
‘’ I’m really sorry harry I didn’t kiss him he leaned and I was looking at you and I don’t even know when he connect our lips I was also shocked’’ he shook his head
‘’You don’t need to make excuse yana’’ he looked down tears in both our eyes
‘’ Harry’’ I made him look at me I stare in his eyes ‘’ I swear on you I didn’t. I don’t think I’ve any other option of proving it’’ harry looked surprised he knows I never lie when I swear on him. He knows he is literary my world
‘’ You didn’t kiss him?’’ He smiled I nodded
‘’Can I please have my kisses back I need them and want hugs and normal cuddles too please’’ I sobbed in his chest he hugged me so tight and than kissed my lips yes we made out.’
‘’I’m sorry for not giving yah kisses and cuddles I just couldn’t. Couldn’t stop think about you and that guy I’m sorry I didn’t talk about it on earlier’’
‘’It’s ok we’re good now’’ I smiled and kneed his eyes
‘’I’m sorry if I went too hard. Did I- like forced yah to do something?’'
‘’Nah it was all fine, tho you need to give me back massage. My body hurts a little’'
‘’Ofc baby I’m sorry and I love ya so much’ he kissed my closed mouth
‘’I love you more’’ I kissed the same way
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Where Y/N and Harry announce their pregnancy
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Tumblr media
in which you’re harry’s assistant and harry needs to open his eyes.
a/n: ASSISANT!YN has finally arrived! this took me three weeks and a half to write, so please enjoy and kindly rb with feedback! i’ve had this concept in mind for SO long, and i’m proud of it! this is also inspired by my love for the barcelona pic, pictured on the left, that I think about on the daily along with some thoughts in a dressing room! also picture on the right at the final show is an aspect in the story as well!
also big thank you to my bestie @stylesloveclub for screaming and hyping this up for me while I rave about it, ily!
enjoy a long slowburn of 26.3k words of a friends to lovers fic that’s filled with angst and some smut! genuinely be ready for the angst hehe
COME INTO MY INBOX AND LETS TALKING ABOUT WANT YOU HERE! i’d love to know your thoughts and feedback!
pls rb to share! <3
Tumblr media
16 December 2017
The smell of fresh flowers brought allergies to your senses as you shuffled and continuously rubbed your nose with a tissue. 
You were at the flower shop with two bouquets in your hands as you debated which bundle to get. You were given specific instructions to find a bouquet that’s full and big with the color white being the dominant color of the bouquet, and your options were a white orchid bunch, which weren’t your personal favorite, but it was one of the white bouquets, and your other option was a white lilac bouquet with a couple of white roses and baby’s breath around the large lilacs. 
“Do you need help choosing a bouquet?” The lady that was named Vicky asked. She had an expression of curiosity as she was probably wondering if you were going to buy anything since you’ve been standing in the corner for quite some time as you tried choosing which bouquet to get. 
“Oh, no. Thank you,” you replied back with a smile, and she nodded her head, walking away to help another customer, but you knew she was going to be back to ask you again in the next ten minutes if you don’t make your mind up right now. 
After another three minutes of deciding, you opted for the white lilac bouquet, and headed to the cashier. You gave the employee your number for rewards since you were at the flower shop quite a lot that you’ve managed to rack up some points in order to get a free bouquet. Once you paid and were on your way, your phone rang in your purse. Struggling to reach for it as you were holding the big bouquet and a few shopping bags, you moved to the side to set your paper bags down on the ground, and quickly grabbed your phone so it won’t go to voicemail. 
“Hey,” you answered cheerfully, knowing exactly who it was. 
“Hi there. Where are you?” The voice from the other end asked. 
“I just left the flower shop—should be there soon.” 
“Okay, perfect. Thank you for everything.” 
“Harry, you don’t need to thank me every single time,” you chuckled. “I’m your assistant. It’s my job.” 
“I know, I know. It’s just…I’m grateful for what you do,” he said thankfully. 
“I know, and I’m grateful for having this job and working for you. So, thank you also.” 
“Look who’s saying thank you now,” he joked, and you laughed. “But I’ll see you soon. Walk back safely, please,” he said, bidding you goodbye. 
“Always do. See you,” you hung up the phone, picking up the shopping bags, and walking towards Harry’s place. 
You’ve been Harry’s assistant for quite some time now; exactly two years. You started working for him when you were both twenty one, and he had just gone separate ways from the band. Harry was in the midst of writing his very first album and planning his first world tour as a solo artist in smaller theatre venues, and desperately needed an assistant to do some basic errands and remind him of his scheduling. Luckily as Glenne’s friend, you were in need of a job. You were fresh out of college as you had your bachelor’s in public relations, and being friends with someone who’s boyfriend is in the industry has its perks. 
Glenne had immediately recommended you once Jeff mentioned that Harry was looking for an assistant, and since Jeff had met you a handful of times, he told Glenne to call you in for an interview, but somewhat knowing that he was going to hire you already since Harry desperately needed one and you were a friend. 
When you walked into the interview, you were greeted by Jeff and Harry. That was your first time meeting Harry, and you were quite shocked that he was a real person. Of course you were a fan of him, and you were still surprised whenever Glenne talked about him, but when you saw him for the first time, you immediately thought that he was more gorgeous in reality. 
“So nice to meet you,” Harry said, shaking your ring filled hand. The coolness of his metal rings met your shaky hands, and sparks had immediately shocked your body. 
“Great to meet you too. I love your shirt,” you complimented. He was wearing a bright blue button down shirt with a cherry blossom print on it with a white t-shirt underneath along with some black skinny jeans and brown boots. 
“Thank you. Your trousers are very nice,” he said back, looking down at your pants. You were wearing burnt orange corduroy pants with a white semi turtleneck blouse with a pussybow tie on it, along with some black booties. “Actually, I love your whole outfit,” he added, and you chuckled, trying to hide your blush. 
Never in a million years would you have thought you would meet Harry, let alone Harry complimenting your entire outfit. You’re really living the dream. 
The interview went extremely well and only lasted about thirty minutes. The first ten minutes were some generic interview questions because they still had to keep it professional, but the last twenty minutes consisted of asking about your interests and simply getting to know you because you would spend most of your time with Harry. 
At the end of the interview, it was quite obvious Jeff and Harry knew they wanted to hire you. They loved your personality and how you made jokes, especially how you laughed at Harry’s jokes, which he thought was a very important aspect of being his assistant. 
Jeff exited the room, telling you he would be right back, but really he went into his office to grab some paperwork for you to sign. That left you and Harry in the conference room alone as you made conversation with him about university. You also told him that you were a fan of his, which you thought was a mistake to tell him because you’re sure he doesn’t want a crazy fan to be his assistant and practically have access to his personal life, but he said gratefully said thank you, and asking if you had a favorite song off new released album. Your favorites off his album were ‘Only Angel’ and ‘From the Dining Table.’ 
“Good picks,” he teased. 
“I would hope they’re good picks. It is your album,” you teased back, making him laugh, and he thought that it was a great choice making you his assistant. 
Once Jeff was back, he opened a folder, taking out various paperwork before Harry broke the news and told you that he’d love for you to be his assistant. You hadn’t expected to be hired on the spot, or be hired in general, but there you were, reading over the contracts and signing your name at the bottom of the last page along with the date. Jeff and Harry both shook your hands, telling you that they were excited for you to be along with the ride, and you told them that you were excited as well. 
You had thanked Glenne a million times for getting you an interview, and till this day, you always made sure to thank her because one mention of your name had gotten you an opportunity and a well paying job that you actually really loved. 
Harry also made the job bearable; not truly treating you as only an assistant, but rather a friend who helps a lot. Throughout the years of knowing each other, you and Harry had grown quite close. With always being around him, it was like hanging out with him, and you were thankful for that because you were sure no other job would feel like this. Harry also doesn’t give you difficult tasks either. He just has you go on coffee runs or run to the store to grab him something, but the most work you’ve had to do for him was to call several people on his guest list for a party he was hosting last year or write out his whole schedule for the entirety of the year. But nothing strenuous that would leave you frustrated with him. 
He would also make sure everything that he assigns you to do is okay for you to do, and you really appreciated that, but you would do anything for that man. 
You stood in front of Harry’s door, setting your bags down onto the floor before you reached into your purse to grab your keys where a spare key to Harry’s place hung on the metal ring. Before your hand could even find them, the door swung open revealing Harry smiling at you, looking impeccably sharp in his suit, which caused your heart to flutter. 
“Ah, thought I heard you. Here, let me help you,” he grabbed the shopping bags from the ground and the flowers from your hands, leaving you empty handed as you followed behind him into his home. “Thank you for getting these. I’ve just been so busy lately,” he thanked once again as he did on the phone. 
“Yeah, I know. Afterall, I am your assistant,” you teased, and he laughed as he studied the bouquet. 
“This is a lovely bouquet. Good pick,” he said, and your mind immediately goes back to when he said that to you for the first time at your interview. He said it quite often as you ultimately always make the decisions when he asks you to go out and grab something for him. 
“I thought so too. Also,” you opened one of the shopping bags, taking out the garment bag before unzipping the entire thing, “I got the exact dress you asked for, and get this: it was the last one in her size. Lucky man, you are, Harry Styles,” you handed him the Yves Saint Laurent black dress so he could get a better look at it, and he held it up, smiling. 
“It’s perfect. Thank you so much, angel,” he said, and you slightly blushed from the pet name that you would never get used to. 
Harry started calling you ‘angel’ when you were two months into working for him. With all the work you do for him, the pet name had slipped out, but it stuck once he kept calling you that. You loved it--a lot, and you hoped that one day, he wouldn’t forget to call you that because you would miss the simple name coming out of his mouth very much. Plus, it was fitting because your favorite song of his is ‘Only Angel.’
“Are you excited for tonight?” You asked. 
“Yeah, I am. It’s been a while since I’ve properly taken her out on a date, so I’m stoked for it. Pretty sure she is too.” Harry had a busy schedule. With being involved in interviews and promo for his upcoming tour, he was a busy man, which you knew of course. But it had affected his personal life greatly. 
“Well, I’m happy if you are. I hope she loves the dress,” you said painfully. 
“She will. She’s been talking about it for a while now. I just hope she didn’t go buying it without telling me because that would be really awkward once I tell her to go change into this,” he chuckled softly, and you joined him, agreeing. Harry quickly checked the time on his phone as it read 6:30 p.m, and he carefully placed the dress back into the garment bag and zipped it up. He grabbed the bouquet of flowers and his wallet on the counter. “I gotta go. Gonna be late if I don’t leave now. Lock up for me if you decide not to stay, yeah?” You nodded, walking him to the door as if it were your house. “Oh!” He turned back around because he had forgotten something, and you were holding up his keys already, and he chuckled. “Thanks again. You’re a lifesaver. Don’t know what I’d do without you,” he leaned in to give you a brief kiss to your cheek, which he has done often, and you waved at him. 
“Have fun tonight! Call me if you need anything,” you called out from his front door and he waved the flowers as a sign of goodbye before getting into his car. You watched him reverse out of his driveway and drive off to his girlfriend’s house. 
With a sigh, you closed the door, looking around at what needs to be done. Harry’s place was relatively clean. He just had some things laying around on random surfaces, and you think that was probably because he was in a hurry, so he just placed them on the nearest surface. If Harry were here, he would probably tell you that cleaning up his own mess was so unnecessary and that he doesn’t expect you to, but you know that he’s grateful you’re doing it anyways. 
You were silent as you tidied up his house, putting things back in his closet, and washing the bowl of yogurt and fruit he eats in the morning. It was an unnerving silence, and you just wanted to make any kind of noise just to fill the quietness that was slowly eating you away. You grabbed one of his shirts off the ground that slipped off the hanger, and you brought it up to your nose. His scent filling your senses as you closed your eyes, taking his smell in. You inhaled enough to practically take away his entire scent that was left on his shirt to fill the satisfaction in your body as you pretended he was close. 
As you did that, you uncontrollably sobbed into the material, letting out a heartbroken cry as you covered your face with his shirt. You slowly sank down to the floor, completely sitting down on the cold tiles. The sudden outbreak of your cries weren’t new; they had made their appearance when he left for dates or after he was done talking about someone he liked. When you would go out to the store and grab things he wants gifted. When he would call you angel while he was with the devil who was keeping you two apart. 
Once you calmed down a bit, you thought about how hugging his shirt was the closest you would get to him as you wished you were the lucky person he would be greeting them with his presence and a pretty batch of flowers, but he doesn’t even know your favorite flower.
Tumblr media
It was the next day, and you woke up in the comfort of your own bed. 
You had taken an Uber home around ten p.m the night prior as you figured Harry was still on his date and perhaps wouldn’t be coming home till later. So, after watching a movie on his couch and having dinner, you turned off all of the lights and locked up as you headed to your place for what you hope is a relaxing night. 
A weird feeling had taken over you as you got ready for bed and it felt strange. You knew you weren’t yourself, and you hated that. The outburst of your crying was long forgotten as you climbed into bed and slept the day away. 
Once you had woken up from your deep slumber, your charged phone was ringing with your text tone. Groaning, you stretched your body from the tenseness from your sleep before you reached for your phone, unplugging the charger. You rubbed your eyes and blinked a bit as the brightness of your phone was straining to your vision. When your sight had cleared up, you were greeted with various messages from Jeff, asking if you had heard from Harry or if you’ve seen him. Going to Harry’s message, you hadn’t received anything, so you texted Jeff back and told him that he hadn’t contacted you and the last time you saw him was last night. Jeff immediately texted back, asking you if you could kindly go to his place and check if he was there, and you instantly said yes, a bit worried as Jeff seemed to be worried as well. 
You got out of bed for the day, not wanting to leave, but knowing you had responsibilities, you got ready for the day, doing your normal hygienic routine.
 It was Sunday, and usually on Sundays, you didn’t have much work to do since it was Harry’s day off as well. That is, if it’s not on tour, he gets a nice little day to himself. So, you chose a comfy outfit—one where you wouldn’t sweat so much as you walked to Harry’s house in the summer heat. You opted for a big t-shirt and pairing it with black biker shorts, and some sneakers. With one last look in the mirror, you were out the door and headed to Harry’s house. 
The day was beautiful as the sun was out and the sky was blue. Rarely any clouds to overcast the sun, and there was a slight breeze in the air, making the walk more bearable so you wouldn’t sweat all that much. 
Once you got to Harry’s house, fortunately, it wasn’t that far of a walk from where you live, you unlocked the door and walked in. 
“Harry?” You called out, looking around the living area. His shoes that he normally wears out are by the couch, so he should be somewhere. He might still be asleep, you think. You walk up the stairs to his room, knocking lightly before entering. And what you saw was something you wanted to erase from your memory forever. “Oh, fuck! Sorry!” You immediately slammed the door as you stood still outside of his room, in disbelief of what you just saw. 
You had just witnessed Brooke giving Harry head. They were both obviously naked, and her actions were on full display too because the bed faced the door and Brooke was on the side of Harry rather than in front of him as she had his dick down her throat, and of course, Harry had his head back, simply enjoying it because what guy wouldn’t. 
You heard shuffling through the door, and that took you out of your spaced out mind; quickly walked down the stairs and to the kitchen, grabbing yourself a glass of water, feeling yourself get flustered from how bare Harry was in front of you. 
“God, does she ever learn how to fucking knock?” You heard Brooke faintly say as they both walked down the stairs, most likely thinking you didn’t hear, but you definitely did as her voice echoed throughout the whole fucking house. “Hey, girl,” she smiled once they both made it to the kitchen, and it was the fakest smile you’ve ever seen. No wonder she’s a good actress, you think. 
“Hi,” you said back, sipping your glass of water as you avoided eye contact with Harry. 
“Hi. What are you doing here? Do I have to be somewhere today?” He greeted, but immediately asked questions as if you were invading his privacy and day off. You looked at him very briefly, but remained your sight on his marble counter. 
“Uh, no. Jeff told me to come here and check on you; said that he hadn’t heard from you, so he was worried,” you explained, glancing up and Harry nodded. 
“Oh, okay. The last time I talked to him was before I left, but I hadn’t checked my phone since. Was it anything urgent?” You shook your head, realizing Jeff never really explained why he needed Harry, but you brushed it off. 
“He bought me this lovely bouquet of flowers and a pretty dress for dinner!” Yeah, I know. I was the one who got them, you thought. “Then he took me out on a boat ride, and we came back here-”
“Spare me the details? I already know all of this. I am his assistant afterall,” you said in a not so friendly tone, interrupting her and not wanting to know the details of what happens in his bedroom that entails Brooke. Usually, you weren’t so harsh to anyone, but you had a reason to be a bit stern with Brooke because she bites back. Unfortunately for her, you bite back even harder. 
Harry and Brooke have been dating for what seems like forever, but it’s really only been about six months. You tried being nice to her--you really tried, giving her your patience, but every time you see her, she would act cold towards you. Of course not in front of Harry because he thinks she’s an absolute saint, but she was the complete opposite of that. She was the devil and you were the angel. But of course, Harry doesn’t see that. 
Brooke gives you a harsh look, rolling her eyes a bit as Harry grabbed a glass of water for both of them. She turns to him, giving him a big smile before reaching up to kiss his lips, knowing exactly what she was doing in front of you. She then took a sip of her water, hugging Harry before she said, “I gotta go. Have a meeting at ten. I’ll call you?” Harry nodded, walking her to the front door, giving her one last kiss before she was off and Harry shut the door. You scoffed to yourself as you watched them, rolling your eyes in a way to attempt to hide your pain. 
Harry walked back to the kitchen, leaning on the counter, matching your stance. 
“I’m sorry you had to walk in on us-”
“Harry, it’s fine. I should’ve waited before I knocked,” you tried to get rid of the thought of seeing Brooke’s mouth on Harry. That was the first time you’ve walked in on him like that--fully bare on the bed while in action. Brooke was probably his first serious girlfriend in years, but he’s had some one night stands here and there, which he called you in the morning to pick him up. It wasn’t your preferred task to do because of the pain you would always feel when you would see him walk out of the house he just slept in, but then again, he is your boss. 
It was a bit quiet between you two, and Harry thinks that it’s because you practically saw his dick on full display. Partially it was for that reason, but it was also the way Brooke would treat you almost every time she sees you. Harry thinks back to when Brooke was in the house, and he could practically feel the anger from you when she was there. 
“You know, you could be a little nicer to her,” he stated, recalling what you said to Brooke and how you said it. 
“Well, she could be nicer to me in general,” you raised your brows, waiting for what he has to say about that. 
“She is nice to you. She always talks about wanting to invite you places, but she comes back sad because you’re always so quick to turn her down.”
“Brooke has never invited me anywhere. In fact, she’s never said a word to me unless you were there,” Except for that time a couple of months ago when you two had a little chat that ended up with you in tears at the end of the night. You laughed as you were in disbelief that she would actually lie to Harry that she actually wanted to be friends with you. 
“What? No. She’s always talking about wanting to get to know you more, but you just shut her down,” Harry’s brows furrowed, and you laughed even more. “W-What’s so funny?”
“Harry, you would know if she would have talked to me because I would’ve told you, but your girlfriend has never mentioned anything other than…” you trailed off as you stopped laughing, not wanting to overstep or overshare some of things that Brooke has really said to you. 
“Other than what?” He noticed that you cut yourself off. 
“Maybe ask her if you wanna know. I gotta get going,” you said, brushing it off as if it didn’t matter to you as you avoided his suspicious eyes while you headed for the door. “Make sure to call Jeff too. Oh, uh,” you turned around to find him following you to the front door, “Did you need me to do anything for you while I’m here?” You asked, still knowing that he was your boss. 
“Oh, hmm, no. Don’t think so. Enjoy your day,” he said, and you got off of his doorstep.
“Bye, H-,” you were interrupted by the sound of his door closing. You raised your brows in confusion as Harry never really interrupted you, especially not like that. He would usually wait for you to get in your car and pull out of the driveway, but he didn’t even wait for you whatsoever. 
You tried not to make it a big deal because you figured he was frustrated and probably a bit pissed that you weren’t so nice to Brooke, but how could you cover up her lie like that especially if she was so mean to you? You grew some thick skin when you first started working for Harry, and that meant that you learned how to stand up for yourself no matter who is talking to you, not even Harry’s girlfriend. 
You groaned; on the topic of Harry’s girlfriend: how could he possibly think she’s a nice person? She put up such an act in front of him, and whenever he’s not around, that act is the complete opposite. 
When will he realize what’s right in front of him? That’s been right in front of him for years now. You were tired of meeting his new love interests and picking him up from other people’s houses when he could be at yours without worrying about going anywhere or leaving because the morning would be spent cuddling and making breakfast together. Oh, how you envied the people he got to hold onto tight and freely kiss as you wished for those lips to land on you as he called you angel. 
The thought was driving you insane because you wouldn’t dare tell him whatsoever. Afterall, he was your boss and it would be awkward if he didn’t feel the same way. But you think he would never see you in that way, so you keep your mouth shut and hold your heart close as you just go with the flow despite the pain you feel. 
Tumblr media
20 December 2017
Harry was laying on his back breathless as Brooke collapsed right next to him, deeply sighing as she tried catching her breath. 
“How does it get better every single time?” She giggled as she was in a post orgasmic state. She shifted so she was laying into Harry’s side, cuddling him as he wrapped his arm around her. He smiled, kissing the top of her head. Brooke’s hand roamed his chest as it was her way of showing that she would like to go for another round. 
She started kissing his chest and his neck, and Harry wasn’t opposed to the idea, but the sound of his phone vibrating on his bedside table had killed the mood. 
“Don’t answer it, please. Want you again,” she sat up slightly and buried her head more into his neck as she kissed and sucked his skin. He was so close to listening to her, trying to block out the sound of his phone, but as it kept vibrating, he realized he couldn’t ignore it. 
“M’sorry,” he sat up causing Brooke to pull away as she groaned, laying on her side of the bed. Harry picked up his phone and Brooke had a little peek at who was texting him. He had changed your contact name from your name to your nickname ever since he started calling you ‘angel,’ and it’s been the same ever since. He loved it; it added a little flare and he would always smile when he sees your contact name pop up on his phone. 
“Does she always have to make an appearance at the worst times? Or in general?” She asked, but the last part was definitely muttered under her breath as Harry was too focused on reading your texts. Harry had sent out a text  a few hours after you left on Sunday, saying that he was sorry for being rude and practically slamming the door on you. You had texted back saying that it was okay, and that you were sorry for being rude to him too. There were no rude remarks towards him, but your tone had said otherwise, and you knew that you could’ve handled that conversation better. 
My Angel: Hi, H. I was wondering if you wanted to do some suit fittings before you leave to go back home or after? Let me know so I can tell Lambert and Harris. 
“Sorry. She’s just wondering if I’m available to do some suit fittings for the upcoming tour,” he said to Brooke before texting you back. 
H: Preferably after the holidays. We’ll do it right at the beginning of January. 
“Isn’t she your assistant? Why doesn’t she just schedule it already?” She asked cluelessly. 
It wasn’t like Brooke was stupid. No, she was smart. But there were some things that didn't click for her, which makes Harry and anyone have to explain things twice. She would usually have her assistant do everything for her without confirmation, and Brooke would just go with it.
“Well, I still have to approve of it, love. Can’t just book me without me knowing,” he chuckled slightly. 
My Angel: Okay, perfect. I scheduled the fitting for January 4th. That’s okay right? I know you’ll be back before New Years, so I just wanna make sure. 
He always loved how you were so cautious about everything. Sure, he wanted you to let loose sometimes and not take everything so seriously, but you two were a perfect team because you need to keep him in check sometimes, but you did let loose and have fun off the clock. 
H: Yeah, should be good. Thank you, angel. xx
My Angel: That’s what I’m here for! You don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow before you leave. Do you wanna get some coffee before your flight? Say at 8?
He smiled down at your text. Brooke noticed, which made her furrow her eyebrows in confusion, so she started rubbing his back and his stomach as she tried getting a look at his text messages. Once she saw a bit of it, she climbed on Harry’s lap. 
“Do you want to get lunch tomorrow before you leave? I’m gonna miss you,” she pouted slightly, and Harry had only glanced up at her very briefly before looking back down at his phone as he was in the middle of responding to your question. 
H: Sure! That’d be great. The usual spot?
My Angel: Yes, the usual :) see you then, H! 
He grinned before locking his phone and placing it back on the bedside table. He looked up at Brooke who was impatiently waiting for him to give her attention as she had her arms crossed. 
“Oh, sorry I’m actually getting coffee with Y/N,” he frowned slightly, somewhat feeling bad rejecting her offer. 
“You don’t wanna see me before you leave?” She asked in an annoyed tone, getting off his lap to sit beside him on the bed. 
“W-What?” He said in disbelief. “You’ve been sleeping over since Saturday. That’s why we planned for you to stay here until I leave right?” He stated obviously. They clearly talked about her sleeping over after their date on Saturday until he leaves to go back home for the holidays. So, he’s wondering if she’s missed something or she’s just acting like this to get a rise out of him. 
“You think four days is enough? You’re gonna be gone for two weeks until I have to see you again, and you would rather spend your time-” 
“Four days is a really long time! And I’m seeing you for New Years. I don’t understand where this is coming from,” Harry got off the bed and pulled on his boxers. 
“I’m just saying…she’s already your assistant. Why do you have to spend so much time with her?” Brooke asked as she got under the covers as she watched Harry pull on his sweatpants. 
“She’s also my best friend. Where is all of this coming from? Are you jealous or what?” She scoffed, rolling her eyes, and Harry furrowed his brows. 
“Please. Like I could ever be jealous of her. All I’m saying is that I just want to spend all the time I can get before you leave, or I can go with you back home…” she suggested, and Harry perked up. 
“What? You want to come with me?” She nodded eagerly as she smiled. 
“Yeah, why not? We can spend the holidays together, and it’ll be fun. What do you say?” She crawled over to the edge of the bed where Harry was standing, and she sat on her knees as she looked up. 
They’ve been dating for six months, and Harry hadn’t introduced her to his family. It wasn’t like he didn’t like her or he was embarrassed that he’s dating her, but that was a really big commitment that needed a lot of thought put into it. Meeting the family is just a big step for him, and although his family has met his previous partners, that was when they were still friends and not together. But with Brooke, it all happened so fast that his family had never met her when they were friends or hooking up. They obviously know he’s dating someone, but to bring them home? Especially on Christmas? He wasn’t ready for that. 
“Maybe some other time. I’ll talk to them to see if they want to come over here for my birthday or something,” he rejected her suggestion. Home was just something so vulnerable to him that he wouldn’t just bring anyone. 
Brooke sighed deeply, “Okay, I’ll hold you to that,” she said, impatient that she hasn’t met his family yet, but he’s met hers. “How about I come with you tomorrow morning to get coffee?” She looked at him as she pleaded with her eyes. 
He knew that you wanted to spend time with him before the holidays and he wanted to as well. But Brooke obviously wanted to see you as much as possible now that he’s denied her suggestion of coming home with him, but she had been sleeping over for the past four days, which Harry thinks is enough time. 
“I’m sorry, but no,” he said as it came out more like a question as he didn’t want to seem rude by saying no to her. Throughout the months of dating Brooke, he learned that she hates when people say no. Obviously, it’s fine when he says no to sex, but he could tell that it really frustrates her. “I haven’t seen her in a few days because I’ve been with you the whole time, so I think it’ll be good to catch up with her before I leave,” he smiled lightly, trying to make light of the room. 
“Sure. Have fun,” she said sarcastically before heading to the restroom. 
Harry sighed, grabbing his duffel bag from the closet before he started packing. He was simply just excited to see you tomorrow and his family over the holidays. 
Tumblr media
21 December 2017
You waved over at Harry once you saw him standing at the entrance of the coffee shop. Harry walked over to you with a beaming grin as he looked incredibly handsome. He wore black circular sunglasses that sat on his nose, a blue hawaiian shirt with a gray t-shirt underneath as a brown coat was thrown over his body. He wore his famous black skinny jeans and his famous brown Yves Saint Laurent boots that you know he has a whole collection of. His hair looked amazing as he recently cut it a week ago, and it’s starting to grow out a bit as the ends of his hair started to curl. 
As he was close enough, you snapped yourself out of your trance of checking him out before you stood up, giving each other a hug and a cheek to cheek kiss. 
“How are you, angel?” He asked, taking his coat off before taking a seat, and setting his coat down on the chair next to him. 
“I’m good. I hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and ordered for us. Should be out soon.” You had gotten Harry an iced black coffee, and despite the weather, he was always up for an iced beverage, especially when it came to his coffee; and you had ordered him a coffee cake--the coffee house’s specialty. 
“Of course not. Thank you. So, you’re going back home right?” He asked, placing his arms on the table. Right as he asked, the drinks and food had arrived and you waited for the barista to leave before you answered. 
“I might,” you said, taking a sip from the coffee mug. 
“What do you mean you might? Told me that you were going,” he furrowed his brows in confusion because you two had just had this conversation the other week, and you were excited to go back home. 
Home was in Oregon for you, and you moved out when you were eighteen to go to school in New York. It had always been your dream of moving to the big city, and although you loved Oregon, New York had made space for you to have a home as well. 
“I mean, I was. But you know how I’m saving to buy a house right? Well, flights are expensive, especially when it’s around this time,” you explained. 
“I can always-” 
“No, no. Before you go saying that you’re going to buy me a ticket, don’t even waste your breath because I’m not taking it,” you shook your head, and Harry chuckled. 
“C’mon, please? I know how excited you were to go back home. Don’t want you to be alone during the holidays,” he pouted as he cut into his coffee cake. 
“I told mom the situation, so they might come here for a change, but not definite yet--was just a suggestion. But honestly, I don’t think they will because it might be too late and all that, y’know how they are,” you chuckled, knowing how late your family will be if things happen last minute. “Don’t worry though. Glenne asked if I could take care of Penny, and I said yes if I’m not going home,” you said, smiling at the thought of the shih tzu that Glenne and Jeff own. 
“I mean, you can always come home with me,” he put it out there, and your eyes perked up. 
“W-What? No. I can’t do that.”
“Why not? It’s not like I would be buying you a plane ticket either. We’ll be using the jet,” he smiled lightly as if there were no meaning behind his words. 
“God, you just don’t know how rich you are--saying shit about your own fucking jet,” you teased, and he laughed loudly. 
“But really. Think about it. Mum would love to see you again and I know Gems has so much to catch you up on,” he said, taking a sip from his straw. 
You had met Anne and Gemma several times as they often visited sometimes or you would fly home with Harry and hang out with them while he’s working. They were a lovely family, if not, your second family, you would say. They were the kindest people you’ve ever met, and you’re so grateful that Harry was raised by great people surrounding him. 
“Really, H. Thank you, but I’m going to pass that up. I’ll probably just suck it up and buy a plane ticket,” you scoffed slightly at your indecisiveness. 
“Alright. Well, if you change your mind, which you have practically a day to figure it out, let me know and I’ll see what I could do with the jet going back here,” he said with a smile, wanting you to have choices rather than being stuck at home all alone during the holidays. 
“Thank you, Harry. I appreciate it.” 
The rest of the hours spent at the coffee spot was filled with conversation and laughter. Luckily, Brooke wasn’t one of the topics during your time together, and you were glad for it. Harry was also happy you didn’t mention Brooke either because he just wanted his mind to rest during his vacation, and not to say that he doesn’t like her, but it can be a bit stressful to communicate things with sometimes. 
“Oh, you have to head to the airport already,” you said, looking at your phone and realizing that he has about two hours to head to the airport. “Do you have everything packed?” You asked as you two stood up from your seats and put your coats on. Harry put on his sunglasses, hopefully a way to avoid the curious eye of the public. Luckily when you two were having coffee, no one approached him, but there were some looks made towards you two, but none of them walked up to the table. 
“Yeah, you have my shirts right?” 
“Yup. They’re in my car.” Once you two made it outside, you were parked on the curb and Harry’s car was about three cars behind you. You took Harry’s shirts out from the backseat that were folded very nicely and ironed. You had borrowed a couple of shirts from him when you would sleepover and had forgotten to give them back to him, but Harry said it was fine for you to keep until he needed them. “Alright, here you go. Don’t need anything else before you leave right?” 
“Actually, if you’re not busy doing anything, do you want to drop me off at the airport? I can call ahead of time and tell them that my driver isn’t going to take me, so we have access to the back,” he said with hopeful eyes. 
“Oh okay, sure,” you smiled softly. 
“Great,” he gave you a big smile before looking down at his phone, and you assumed he was texting Kyle, his driver, that he didn’t need to pick him up anymore. “Okay, I’ll see you at my place? I just have to get my shit.” 
“Okay, race you there! Wait, no, just kidding. Really, drive safe,” you chuckled, and Harry laughed. 
You met Harry at his house which was only about ten minutes from the coffee shop. His car was already in the driveway when you had pulled up, and you just decided to wait outside by your car for him, popping open the trunk. A few minutes later, Harry came out with his duffel bag, locking the door behind him. 
He put his stuff in the trunk before hopping into the passenger seat of your car, and you were off to the airport. 
Traffic was a bit heavy, but you made it just in time for Harry to check in and get settled without having to worry if he was late or not. You had pulled into an underground garage of the airport, and got out of the car as Harry got his stuff out from the trunk. 
“Guess I’ll see you on New Years?” You stood in front of Harry behind your car. He nodded before taking you into your arms. 
“Yeah, I’ll see you then. Let me know if you’re going back home or if you decide to join us,” he said into your ear as he hugged you tightly around your waist. Your arms were looped around his shoulders, giving him a warm squeeze. 
“I will. Have a safe flight, and text me when you land,” you said back into his ear. 
“Always do.” 
Both of you pulled away, but his touch had still lingered on your arm; raking his hand slowly down your arm as he walked away, and you had wished you weren’t wearing a coat with many layers underneath just so you could feel his hand on your bare skin. 
“Don’t miss me too much,” you teased. Harry turned around and smirked; the one that made your stomach do flips. 
“You know I will. Gonna miss me too?” He asked in return. 
“Always do, H. Always do,” you blew a kiss at him, and he caught it, placing his hand on his heart before walking through the doors. 
You sighed as you got into your car before pulling out of the garage and driving back home. 
It may seem a little peculiar on how you two ask towards one another despite him having a girlfriend, but it’s always been like that between you two. It all started when you were at a party right beside Harry, and a few friends of his went up to you two and asked when you two were going to get together. At that time, your heart stopped because you had just figured out that you had feelings for him. But Harry responded with “until she lets me,” and it was meant to tease you, but it had left you in confusion. 
Since then, you two would tease each other and somewhat act like you were together, but it had died down a tad bit ever since he’s gotten a girlfriend. And although Harry is a natural charmer, you two were best friends, so there was a tad bit platonic flirting between you two. 
But you wished that he would see past the best friend line and assistant line. 
Tumblr media
31 December 2017 
The cold air from the room had made goosebumps rise onto your skin, although it seemed warm in the room from the crowd that was gathering rather quickly while the music started becoming louder, and chatter and laughs filled the room. 
You were talking with Glenne and observing the people around you at the same time; everyone was wearing their best attire for the new year, and you were as well. You were wearing a red silk dress that hugged you just right as the material in the back dropped to your mid back, showing almost the entirety of your back. You wore nude four inch heels, feeling like the height of your shoe was enough so you weren’t completely struggling to walk throughout the night. And your makeup was sparkling with gold colored eyeshadow and a red lip. You looked hot, and you knew it. 
One of Jeff’s friends had booked a hotel room on the top floor, literally right next to the ball drop, so everyone can just look out the window rather than going outside in the freezing weather. 
It was nice to dress up after being cozied up throughout Christmas. You had decided to go back home after all, buying your plane ticket right when you got home from dropping Harry off at the airport. It was a bit pricey because of the fact that you were buying the ticket a day before the scheduled time the flight is supposed to take off, and considering that it was the holiday season as well. But you had gotten a Christmas bonus unexpectedly, and everything worked out. 
You enjoyed your time with your family and getting to spend a week with them before you had to leave for New York again for New Years. 
You also hadn’t expected to receive a gift from Harry on Christmas morning when your mom was passing gifts out. With a confused expression, you took the big box from your mom’s hands that was wrapped in red and white festive wrapping paper with a bow on it. Once you opened it, you had softly gasped when you saw the items inside; it was all of your favorite things, including some extra items Harry had picked out for himself. He had gotten you a much bigger planner, for the next year, that will help for work, and you smiled, knowing that he had remembered you talking about how much you wanted the planner so badly. The box also contained some of your favorite snacks, little Knick knacks that reminded him of you, and a velvet rectangle box that held a small diamond pendant attached to a thin gold chain. 
It was absolutely stunning, and Harry must’ve spent a lot on it, but he didn’t mind. He thought it was going to look so beautiful on you, and it made you feel special that you were wearing something so meaningful from someone that means so much to you. 
The gold chain sat perfectly on your collarbones, and you hadn’t taken it off ever since you received it; only when you showered, but you put it right back on after. 
The volume of the room had increased, and you turned your head towards the door and found Harry walking in with a bright smile on his face, and of course, Brooke right alongside him with her arm looped with his. 
They looked absolutely stunning together as they walked inside the building as they greeted everyone with big smiles. They radiated perfection and luxury as everyone’s eyes were on them as if they were a piece of art hung up high in the gallery--worthy enough to be looked at. But your eyes were placed on one person in the room, and you so wished you were right beside him instead of her. 
The couple had made their way through the crowd when Harry spotted Jeff in the corner. With Harry leading the two of them with their hands interlocked together, they greeted Jeff and Glenne before Harry let go of Brooke’s hand to give you a hug. 
“Hey, angel,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around your waist as he slightly picked you up off the ground. His hands met the exposed skin of your back and he felt goosebumps rise onto your skin as his cool metal rings touched your skin. 
“Hi, H. How are you?” You asked against his ear and he set you down on your feet before pulling away. 
“Good, good. Missed you.” 
You blushed, “Miss you too. Also, thank you again for your present, it was so thoughtful and lovely.” 
“I’m so happy you liked it. Thank you for yours as well. I love it a lot,” he beamed as he looked down at you. You had given Harry three presents. The first one being a black soft leather journal with his initials engraved in the middle and spine of the journal in gold. The second gift was a manicure set because he recently started to paint his nails, so you wanted him to have all the tools and colors he needed. The third gift was a photo album of his success (you also threw in a couple of you and him). You told him that he can look at it anytime he wants, but it’s just a reminder of how proud you are of him and how far he’s gone; and you would be adding more in the future. It had made him tear up a bit as he found the gifts to be so sweet and sentimental of you. 
“Hi, Brooke,” you greeted with a small smile, and you saw her face beam as she hugged you, but you knew that it was definitely a fake one to put up an act in front of her boyfriend. 
“How are you, girl?! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!” She yelled over the loud music. 
“Good, thanks. How are you?” 
“Great! Did you see what Harry got me for Christmas?” She waved her arm out to show you the diamond bracelet that sat on her wrist. It was very beautiful, you had to admit. It was very Brooke, and you were glad Harry didn’t ask you for any help with trying to find her a Christmas present. 
“I’m gonna get another drink,” you excused yourself, not really wanting to be around her much longer as she smirked and tried to flaunt her gift in your face. But you didn’t let it get to you because you truly loved the gifts Harry had gotten you, and it made it extra special because he put so much thought into it. 
You made your way to the bar, downing the remains of your drink before asking the cute bartender for another one. 
“Having fun?” He asked with a smile as he set your drink down onto a black square napkin. 
“Sure, let’s just say that,” you chuckled sarcastically before throwing your head back to take the entire cup of alcohol down your throat. 
“Thanks,” you set the glass down before walking away. 
You wanted to go back to where Glenne was standing, but you had bumped into some friends that you had met through Jeff on your way, so you had to catch up with them and tell them everything that’s going on with you after they told you their whole life story. 
The hours to the new year went by pretty quickly. You ended up hanging out with a few friends and going outside with them to have a smoke. The alcohol and weed had eased you, and you actually had a really fun time with them. The idea of Brooke clinging onto Harry had left your mind and you loosened up, smiling and dancing along with drinking. 
There were five minutes left until midnight, and everyone was gathered next to the window that overlooked Times Square. The volume in the room was loud as everyone screamed and laughed—excited for the new year. 
You were standing next to Harry, and of course Brooke on the other side of him. Glenne and Jeff were on the left of Brooke, and both of the couples had their arms around each other as the only thing you were holding was a glass of tequila as you didn’t have anyone to celebrate the new year with. 
“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!” Everyone chanted, and you chuckled, laughing at your loneliness when there were so many people around you. Your eyes watered up, crossing your arms as you looked at the shining lights through the window.
“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!” The sounds of cheers and party horns erupted in the room as people took each other against their lips. 
You slightly glanced right next to you and saw Harry and Brooke kissing lovingly as she smiled into the kiss, along with Jeff and Glenne. 
You turned away, looking out at the window as you raised your glass. “Cheers,” you whispered to yourself before throwing your head back and consuming your tequila shot. 
Everyone was so consumed in one another that nobody noticed the tears streaming down your face as the loneliness you had felt physically and mentally took over. 
Tumblr media
4 January 2018 
Harry was standing on the elevated box in front of a mirror. He was wearing a sparkly pink suit with gold lining on the seams, along with a gold shirt with a pussybow. Harry Lambert was behind up, straightening out the jacket. 
You had sat on the couch of the large private dressing room as you observed. Harry looked at you through the mirror, giving you no emotion. You smiled, but he didn’t smile back; only looking away and taking his attention on the suit. You furrowed your brow, confused as to why he was looking at you like that and so coldly. 
You stood up, walking over to him. “It looks great, H.” 
“Thanks,” he said quickly. 
“Think you can dance in it?” You teased as you smirked, trying to add some sort of lightness to see if his cold looks were accidental. 
“Pretty sure,” his tone was very short, and your smirk fell. 
“Wait right here. Just need to get something really quick for the pants,” Harry Lambert said before walking out of the dressing room. 
There was a moment of silence, and Harry pulled on the suit jacket so it sits nicely on him. By this point, he would’ve asked for your opinion and for some reassurance because sometimes he needs those extra words that tell him it doesn’t look too much or weird on him. But you got silence. 
“Is everything okay?” You asked warily. 
“You sure?” You still weren’t convinced enough. 
“Yes, now can you please stop asking me? Fuck,” He rolled his eyes, voice slightly raised. 
“What is your problem?” Your brows furrowed. 
“What my problem is, is that you won’t leave me the fuck alone nor would you stop talking. I’m just trying to do some fittings, but you wouldn’t stop talking,” he huffed. He didn’t even turn around, just kept looking at himself in the mirror. 
You scoffed, grabbing your bag from off the couch. “Don’t fucking ask me to come with you if you didn’t want me here.” You headed for the exit before turning around at the last second. “And next time, look me in the eye and tell me that shit,” you said before you completely exit the building and head towards your apartment. 
You’ve never been so annoyed before, and that says a lot because you deal with a lot of people from the industry and Brooke. You didn’t know what came over him because he’s never talked to you like that nor has he raised his voice at you. With utter confusion, you sat on your couch, taking off your shoes for the day since you didn’t have any other work to do for the day, and you thought going with him to his fitting was a waste of time if he was going to act all pissy on you. 
Only moments later, you heard a knock on your door, and you immediately knew it was Harry probably coming by to tell you that he was sorry and he didn’t mean to say those words. But words are words and despite not meaning to say them, they still came out meaning that he was thinking it. But since this was Harry, the kindest human you’ve ever met, you opened the door because he’s your best friend and you deserve an apology. 
Huffing, you opened the door to find Harry standing on your doorstep with his head down and a slight frown to his face. Without saying anything, you moved to the side, opening the door wider for him to walk through, which he does. You walk over to the couch and take a seat; Harry sitting on the other side. The fact that you weren’t saying anything was killing him, but he doesn’t blame you. You crossed your arms as you waited for him to say something, and he inhaled deeply before he spoke. 
“I’m sorry for what I said back there. I shouldn’t have taken all my anger out on you because you don’t deserve that whatsoever. You were just trying to make sure I was okay, and I really appreciate that,” he resented himself for acting that way towards you. His eyes were red and he looked quite sad, and you want to know what made him originally feel this way. 
“Why were you so mad to begin with?” You asked curiously, and he sighed as you brushed away his apology. 
“Brooke and I have been fighting--ever since New Years. She claimed that I was always hanging out with you and that I left her at the party to be with you, but that’s not true right? I feel like I barely saw you during the party,” his brows furrowed in confusion. He was right; you barely even hung out with him during New Years because you were some other friends, and the only time you really spoke to him was when he arrived and after the countdown, but that was it. 
“Why is she so…” you trailed off, not wanting to sound so offensive towards his girlfriend. 
“You can say it.” 
“Possessive? Obsessive? Threatened by me? I mean I get that you’re her boyfriend, but I haven’t done anything to trigger that, have I?” You tilted your head as if you were thinking. You were never the one to steal someone’s boyfriend because that wasn’t any of your business; no matter how much you liked that person. But your attitude towards Harry was very much best friend-like. You miss him on days when you don’t see him, you give him big hugs when you reunite, you give each other friendly kisses on the cheek in a way to say ‘thanks,’ but it was never meant to steal him away from her. 
“No, you haven’t. I don’t know… I feel like she’s always had this problem with you because you’re my best friend, but also assistant--the closest person to me. I always tell her that she has nothing to worry about, but she doesn’t trust me for some reason.” 
“I’m sorry, H,” you said, placing your hand on his knee in a way to comfort him. He placed his hand right over yours in a way to say ‘thank you for understanding.’ 
“I should be the one apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong. I really am sorry for how coldly I acted towards you,” he softly smiled, and you gave him one back. 
“It’s okay. Was it unnecessary? Yes. But it was one time,” you forgave him. 
“You’re the best. But I should get going to finish up the fittings,” he said, standing up from the couch. You stood up, walking him to the door. “I’ll see you?” You nodded, giving him a big hug. He embraced you with both arms as he squeezed tightly before he walked out the door. You figured there was no point in going with him since he only has a couple of suits to try on, so you stayed back. 
About thirty minutes later, your phone vibrated. Seeing Harry’s contact name, you smiled to yourself. 
H: Attachment: 2 images 
How do these look?
You chuckled. He had sent you mirror pictures, holding up a peace sign as he was in a sparkly blue suit. 
My Angel: You look like Cinderella lmao
I love it!
Harry smiled. He was about to text you some silly joke about being Prince Charming while you’re the princess, but he heard a voice at the door, making him stop what he was doing. 
“Hey, babe!” Harry looked up and saw Brooke walk in. His eyes widened as he turned around, and she gave him a kiss. 
“W-What are you doing here?” He asked, confused. 
“Jeff said you’d be here, so I decided to surprise you!” She said cheerfully, holding his hands. 
“O-Oh, I’m very surprised,” he chuckled nervously. He didn’t really know why he was nervous, but possibly the fact that if he hadn’t snapped at you, then you would still be in the room, which would have raised questions and yet another argument with Brooke. 
“I figured after you’re finished, we could get an early dinner and you could come back to my place?” She suggested. “Think we need to talk about some things.” 
“Yeah, that sounds good. I have about two more suits, so you can wait outside-”
“Silly! No, I’ll wait here,” she took a seat on the couch you were just sitting on thirty minutes ago. He nodded without saying anything before he proceeded on to his next suit. 
You looked down at your phone on Harry’s message thread, waiting for his reply. You saw the text bubbles pop up and you smiled, waiting for him to say some corny joke, but they went away. You waited for a moment, so they could pop back up, but they didn’t. So, you shrugged, locking your phone, and wondering if he got caught up in something, so he couldn’t reply. 
Tumblr media
1 February 2018
It was Harry’s birthday and the crowd was rolling in. 
He decided he wanted to spend his birthday in Los Angeles since most of his friends are there anyways. Plus, it’s a small get together before the tour starts next month and then he would be all over the place. He wanted a semi small party at his house, nothing too crazy, he just wanted everyone he cares about at the party. Anne and Gemma flew in the day before to join in on the fun, and you were excited to see them because you missed them like crazy. 
“Angel! This party is great! Thank you for keeping it so nice and small,” Harry said, giving you a hug. He also handed you your favorite drink, which is a whiskey on the rocks. 
“I’m happy you like it, birthday boy,” you smiled as you watched everyone gather into his Malibu house. There were about thirty people in total that were on the guest list, only adding people Harry was close to.
“Ah, there’s mum and Gem. Let’s say hi,” he told you, and you excitedly smiled, walking towards the door. 
“Mum!” Harry called out, and Anne’s eyes lightened up. 
“Oh, my baby! Happy birthday, my love,” she kissed his cheeks as he hugged her. 
“Hi, Gems,” he greeted his sister, also giving her a hug. 
“Happy birthday baby brother. One more year and you’ll be a quarter of a century,” she joked, and Harry chuckled. 
“Ha ha, very funny. I’m so happy you guys are-” 
“Y/N? Is that you? Oh my god, come here you!” Anne interrupted Harry once she saw you. Her eyes widened and she was smiling like crazy as you walked towards her, giving her a lovely hug. “Oh, darling. It’s been a while since I saw you!” 
“Yeah, it really has been. You both still look so amazing,” you said, giving Gemma a hug. 
“Please, you’re too sweet to us. How have you been? Don’t want to quit just yet because of this one?” Anne joked, nudging Harry as he playfully rolled his eyes. 
“Heyyy,” his brows furrowed, and Anne pinched his cheek. 
“I’ve been good. And not yet. Give me about five months and we’ll get back to this conversation,” you joked back, looking at Harry to see him frowning. You looped your arm around his waist, giving him a hug, and he stopped frowning; his face turning into a small smirk. 
“Let’s definitely catch up later. I’m going to say hi to Jeff and Glenne. Be right back,” Anne said before walking through the crowd, Gemma following her. 
You and Harry were alone again as you two sipped on your drinks. Some people said hi to them, but not making conversation for too long as they wanted to get another drink or food. 
“Is Brooke here? Haven’t seen her,” you asked curiously. Harry’s face dropped, and you looked at him confusingly. 
“Oh, fuck,” he pinched the top of his nose as he looked down, shaking his head. 
“I totally forgot she was coming,” he said, and you fought the urge to laugh. 
“How did you forget your own girlfriend?” 
“I don’t know--I was just so focused on the tour and this party that it slipped my mind that she was coming,” he sighed. 
“Oh okay. What’s so bad about her being here?” You wondered. 
“That means she’s gonna meet mum and Gem.” Your mouth formed an ‘o’ as if realization struck you, and Harry nodded his head as if he was saying ‘yeah, that’s why.’ 
“Better prepare for that because I could already hear her laugh,” you placed your hand on his shoulder, patting it. Harry took a deep breath and downed the rest of his drink before he walked over to the entrance. You chuckled as he did so as you found it amusing that he had to do that to deal with her. 
After you heard her squeal, which meant that Harry had gone up to her already. You started walking towards the entrance door, and you saw them hugging; she then started jumping and kissing him, whispering into his ear and biting her lip as he gave her a smirk. 
As you watched from the sidelines, your heart started to ache. You wished that it was you instead of her. You wished you could whisper all things sweet and dirty into his ear as he looked at you with a smirk before biting his lip. You wanted him to give you the same smile he gave her, although you were starting to see less and less of that smile. You wanted what she had. 
But you would never get that. 
“Hey, you,” Gemma sneaked you from behind you, causing you to slightly jump. “Sorry,” she chuckled. 
“It’s okay. What’s up?” You smiled, trying to hide the pain in your eyes. 
“You’re not going to tell him, huh?” 
“Tell who what?” You raised your eyebrows, pretending to be oblivious. Gemma gave you a knowing look as she raised her eyebrows. 
“You know what. Not gonna tell him at all?” You sighed, shrugging your shoulders as you turned your head back to them. They were posing for some pictures with their arms around each other’s waists. They took a couple: smiling ones, funny ones, and even a kissing one. You turned your head back to Gemma once they started to kiss for a picture, and she softly smiled at you. 
“There’s no point. He’s with Brooke, and it’s not like he’s ever going to like me or get with me,” you sadly explained. Gemma looked at you as if you were totally wrong. “If he’s happy with Brooke, then why would I ruin that for him because of my selfish reasons?” 
“It’s not selfish for wanting to tell someone you love-”
“I don’t love him,” you immediately interrupted. 
“Y/N…c’mon,” she raised her eyebrows, knowing you’re completely wrong. 
“Okay…” you sighed in defeat, and she chuckled, continuing what she was saying. 
“You’ve known him for what, two years? That man makes sure you’re a priority. He makes sure you’re happy. If you could hear the stories he tells us and how he talks about you, you would think otherwise,” she stated before taking a sip of her drink. 
You stay quiet for a moment and think. Was there any way that Harry could have possibly liked you? There’s no way. You hadn’t noticed anything different about his behavior in the past two years you’ve known and worked for him. So, there was no way he could’ve liked you. And you know you’re only telling yourself that now, so you don’t lose your shit at his birthday party. 
“W-What does he say about me?” 
“Maybe you’ll know some time in the future if you tell him,” she challenged, and you rolled your eyes, causing Gemma to laugh. 
After Harry and Brooke managed to get away from the entrance, you and Gemma saw them walking towards you both. 
“Y/N, hi!” She greeted you with a not so surprising high pitched tone; only because Harry is right next to her. She also gave you a hug, which you only put in half the effort like always. Harry smiled at both of you, and she let go. 
“Gems, where’s mum?” He asked his sister. 
“Think she might be in the back,” she replied, looking at Brooke for a brief moment before looking back at Harry. 
“This is Brooke,” he introduced his girlfriend. 
“Hi! It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Brooke said with a big smile on her face, giving Gemma a hug. Polite as Gemma is, she hugged back. 
“You too,” Gemma simply said. 
“Should we go to the back and find mum? Brooke wants to meet her,” Harry asked, and Gemma nodded before walking towards the backyard. 
You stayed back, realizing that you weren’t needed and you didn’t have any business following them for Brooke to meet Anne. So, you walked over to the kitchen to grab a plate of cheese and crackers. Since the kitchen was right next to the large doors that led to the backyard, you looked up and saw Brooke jumping up and down slightly as she greeted Anne with a hug. You saw Anne smiling, hugging her back before they pulled away and started talking. Harry looked at them so fondly as they spoke. 
“Hey,” a voice next to you had startled you, making you slightly jump, taking your attention away from what’s happening in the backyard. Luckily, not dropping any of your food. 
“Hi,” you said back to the man you don’t know. 
“I’m Alex. One of Jeff’s friends. I don’t believe we’ve met yet,” he shook your hand, smiling. 
“I don’t think we have. I’m Y/N,” you nicely said back. 
“So, how do you know Harry?” He asked, grabbing a grape. 
“I’m his assistant, and best friend.” 
“Oh, shit! Special person I’m talking to, right here,” he smirked. Alex was cute and very attractive, but it wasn’t the same kind of smirk that you’ve been in love with for two years. 
“Hardly,” you scoffed before giving him a small smile as a way to tell him you’re somewhat joking. 
“Hey, don’t sell yourself short. By any chance, you want to go somewhere to sit and talk?” He proposed hopefully. It wasn’t a bad idea whatsoever. You needed to make new friends and possibly make some new connections. You also didn’t want to depend on Harry all the time when you wanted to talk to someone because he’s busy, and his girlfriend doesn’t like you. So, you nodded. 
“Yeah, I’d like that.” He smiled, leading you to a more quiet area of the house, which was the sitting area. 
Meanwhile as you were chatting with Alex, Harry watched Brooke interact with Anne with a smile, but he still felt a weird feeling in his chest, like he’s happy about it, but he’s still wary. He brushed that feeling off, looking around and wondering where you were--if you’re having a great time. He turned his head towards the kitchen, and saw you talking to Alex. Smiles were placed on both your faces, and Harry frowned. He knew Alex was charming him up because that’s what he does. Alex technically wasn’t a bad guy, and Harry’s known him for a few years. He was nice, attractive, and can charm the shit out of someone just like Harry. But the sight and thought of seeing him actually charm you did not sit well with him. It really didn’t sit well once he saw you following him out of the kitchen. 
Harry took deep breaths, trying not to let the thought of you possibly enjoying hanging out with Alex as he carried on with his birthday night. 
Tumblr media
6 February 2018
A deep sigh was let out once you sat in your seat on the plane. 
It was cold in Los Angeles and you knew the flight back to New York was going to be a bumpy one considering the weather in both cities, so you dressed comfortably, wearing grey sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, and some white sneakers. Your headphones had been plugged into your ears ever since you were cleared at TSA. 
As you got comfortable in your seat, Harry sat next to you, sighing. You obviously didn’t hear it because your headphones were in, but you definitely heard it the second time when he did it louder. You didn’t do anything, just browse on your phone until he dramatically sighed again, even louder this time. 
“What?” You said, taking your headphones out. 
“Why are you ignoring me?” He immediately asked, and your brows furrowed. 
“Ignoring you? Why would you think that?” 
“Well, for starters, you haven’t really spoken to me since my birthday. What’s up with that?” 
“Well, I didn’t really have to, did I?” There was no reason for your somewhat sarcastic tone and it’s not like you weren’t mad at him or anything, but you were exhausted from flying back and forth, plus doing your job. It’s not like you were ungrateful, but sometimes, you just needed a break, and that included, not talking to anyone. 
“You could’ve just answered my texts saying you were okay and that you weren’t going to be on your phone,” he scoffed, and you knew he was right. You were about to say you were sorry until he muttered something else. “Too busy with Alex, I see.” 
“What?” You asked in disbelief, knowing he said what you heard, but wanted to clarify. 
“You were, right?”
“What does this have to do with Alex?” You were starting to grow frustrated. 
“I mean, I saw you two at my party, and you two left together and stuff. So, you were probably busy for the entire week,” he said casually, scrolling through his phone as if you weren’t fuming right next to him. 
“It was one night-”
“Are you saying you had sex with him?” He turned his head towards you with raised eyebrows. He had this look on his face that told you he knew everything, but he just wanted to hear you say it. So, you did. 
“Yeah. So what if I fucked him? Is there something wrong with that? Didn’t get a little birthday sex? Don’t worry, I had some for you!” You tried containing your yells, but it came out like a loud whisper. Luckily there weren’t that many people on the plane; only the people who flew first class. 
It was true. When Alex had suggested talking, you found out that he was a very nice and funny guy. The night was getting late, and you said you were going to head home (which was a hotel), so he offered to drive you since you took an Uber, and that led to you inviting him up to your room and him gladly saying yes. It all happened so quick. You had immediately kissed him once you closed the door, and that led to him taking both of your clothes off before he fucked you. It was average sex, but you had fun considering that it’s been a while since you’ve had someone fuck you. That morning he left, telling you to text him, but you hadn’t and you don’t know if you will.
Harry stayed quiet, looking back down at his phone, and you shook your head, sitting correctly, and looking out the window, knowing that this was going to be a long flight. 
Just as you knew, the ride was bumpy, raising your fear and anxiety as you held onto yourself for dear life. You turned your music up, put your hands into your sweater, and crossed your arms in a way to calm you down and feel like someone is holding onto you. You closed your eyes, trying to focus on the songs until you felt a hand on your arm. You opened your hands, and saw Harry with his eyes closed, but you knew he wasn’t sleeping. He had always held your hand when you two would fly together and there was turbulence. It was something he did that made you feel safe and comfortable during the flight. 
You smiled softly, taking his hand in with your as you shifted closer to his seat despite the middle console in between you two. For the rest of the flight, you weren’t as scared. 
Once you two landed, Harry’s driver was immediately outside in the designated area, and you two were taken back to your place before there was any cause of commotion at the airport. Harry helped you with your bags, walking to your front door. 
“Hey, I’m sorry for everything on the plane,” he said as you looked for your keys in your purse. 
“It’s okay. I’m sorry too--for not replying to you and for snapping at you on the plane as well,” you said back. “Can I just ask why you were so...angry I was with Alex?” You wondered. 
“I…uh,” he stumbled over his words, trying to find the right thing to say without it coming out like he was a jealous prick. “Just...Alex is known for charming the shit out of you, so he could sleep with you, but seeing as you already slept with him…” 
“Harry, isn’t it my job to decide who I can and can’t sleep with? I get that you want to look out for me, but just let me decide that, alright?” You said softly, and he nodded. 
“Think I was jealous,” he blurted out, and he immediately closed his mouth and widened his eyes once he said that because he really didn’t mean to. 
“W-Why?” You looked at him concerningly, and Harry took a deep breath because now he had make up an answer because god knows what the truth is. 
He took a step forward, looking at you so intently. You felt like he was staring you down, but you didn’t look away as you were so lost in his eyes that it physically made it difficult to even glance the other way.
Next thing you knew, he was inches away from you, glancing down to your lips and back up to your eyes. You held your breath as you looked up at him, looking extra close at the pinkness of his lips. Your chests were pressed so close against one another that you were sure he could feel your heart pounding through his. It was so loud that it rang through your ears—so loud you couldn’t hear anything else except for the constant chanting in your head screaming ’Harry, Harry, Harry.’ It was Harry that you wanted to kiss so badly. It was Harry who’s lips you could touch in an instant if you were to just lift your feet. It was Harry. It always has been. 
But you couldn’t.
You immediately stepped away from him as your eyes looked down, finally away from Harry. “I’m sorry-”
“No, I’m sorry-”
“Because Brooke, and-”
You nodded, not sure what to do next, but seeing as you were still outside of your door, you finally got your keys out, and unlocked it. 
“Well, I’ll see you.” 
“Yeah, I’ll text you,” he said as he started walking backwards away from your apartment. 
You nodded. “Yup. Bye.” He waved, turning around and walking down the hall. 
Walking into your space and bringing your luggage in, you sighed as you closed the door. It was completely silent as your mind was racing and your heart was beating. 
What the fuck just happened and what the fuck was that?
Tumblr media
3 March 2018
The first show of Harry’s tour was kicking off, and you were excited for him. He was slightly nervous and jittery, but that was expected. 
The ‘moment’ you two had when you came back from Los Angeles after your birthday was past you two. Although, you still think about it way too often, Harry seemed like he didn’t want to talk about it, so you respected that and didn’t bring it up. Besides, what was there to talk about anyways?
The first show started in Basel, Switzerland and you were very stoked. You’ve never been to any of the countries he’s going to play in besides London and some cities in the states, so it was going to be an adventure for you. For his very first tour that included small venues, you rarely went to any of the shows, so to say you were excited was an understatement. 
You were with Harry Lambert, looking at the first show suit in the stylist room. It was a Gucci black sparkly suit with gems on the lapel. You hadn’t seen this particular suit on him yet because you weren’t at the fitting the day he tried it on, but you absolutely loved it. It gave everyone just a hint of what the rest of the suits for the tour will look like. 
“Har—oh,” Brooke had entered the room, assumingly looking for Harry, but was disappointed when she saw you. “Have you seen Harry?” 
“Uh, I haven’t. He might be out on the stage,” you said honestly, and she nodded, turning around. But before she could exit the room, you called her, “Hey, Brooke.” She turned around, rolling her eyes. “I just kind of want to mend things between us. I feel like there has always been some sort of tension ever since we met, and seeing that you’ve been around for long and might be around for even longer, we should be civil towards one another.” 
“Well, obviously there has been. You’re trying to steal my boyfriend,” she said straightforwardly, and you raised your eyebrows, looking at Lambert. He was looking at Brooke with a not so friendly look, knowing that you would never do that despite knowing that you were in love with him. “I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. You will never get Harry. He’s in love with me, not you. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do. You will never be enough for him because you’re just his assistant. That’s all you are to him. Don’t think you’re more than that, okay?” She said with a smile, and you bit your lip, not wanting to argue with her. 
There was something about her words that really got to you, and you think that’s because she’s actually dating Harry and has managed to weave her way into his heart.
“I’d hate to continuingly have to tell you this, but I think the first time was enough, right? Now you’ve made me tell you twice,” she continued as she scoffed. “Anyways, I need to go find my boyfriend,” she turned around but suddenly stumbled back as she was met with Harry. “Oh, Harry. I was just looking-”
“Don’t even speak right now,” his eyes were dark and he was angry. 
It wasn’t like you to see Harry so often considering that he sometimes deals with rude fans and pushy paps, but he was mad. 
“Are you fucking kidding me right now? Trying to degrade my best friend and assistant?” 
“We need to talk,” he told her, leaving the room. She turned around to look at you with sad eyes, but you simply couldn’t help her, not like you would anyways. She followed him, and the room was left with a weird tension that needed to be cut with a knife.
“Well, wasn’t that interesting,” Lambert said. 
After about thirty minutes, Harry walked back into the room. He stayed complete silent and started undressing to get into his suit since there was thirty minutes left until he had to go on. You and Lambert looked at each other, not knowing if you two should say anything, but decided to keep your mouths shut and let him get ready. 
Once he was dressed, he thanked Lambert and walked out of the room; once again with the same tension being in the air. You walked out as well as you debated whether or not to talk to him, but you saw him and the band gathering together, so you figured you could just talk to him after. 
The show had finally started, and the band was going out on stage. The crowd was roaring like crazy as the anticipation of seeing Harry was finally coming to an end. Once the band was fully equipped, Harry started to climb up the stairs. Around the stage it was dark as the beginning of ‘Only Angel’ started to play. You turned on your flashlight on your phone, and called out for him.
“Harry!” He turned around, holding the railings of the stairs, and his expression was normal; no smile or anything.  “Goodluck out there!” Once you had said that, the corners of his lips turned up as his mouth turned into a soft smirk. 
“Thanks, angel,” he said before pointing up as a way to say ‘listen to the song.’ “This is for you,” he quickly told you, running up the stairs and to the stage before the big circular screen rose up. 
You watched the rest of the show from the side of the stage, not too far away from the front of the pit. He was spectacular on stage; he truly belonged there. He charmed the crowd, made them laugh, scream, cry, and dance their hearts out for an hour and a half, and you were truly amazed. The atmosphere of the venue was insane, loving every second of it. 
Once he finished with ‘Kiwi,’ he said his goodnights to Switzerland before running off the stage and meeting the band, talking about how crazy and fun the first show was. He told everyone that it’s only going to get better from here, and everyone nodded and high fived excitedly. 
After a few minutes, Harry walked to his dressing room to cool off, and you followed behind him. It may seem as clingy, but you were concerned for your best friend. A lot went down with Brooke in just a few minutes, and you wanted to know if he was okay, despite not showing any signs of sadness or anger on stage. 
You knocked on his dressing room door and opened it before you heard ‘come in.’ Harry looked up, and saw you peek your head through the door, and he gestured you to come in all the way, which you did. 
“That was an amazing show, H,” you complimented. 
“You watched?” He asked surprisingly. 
“Yeah, didn’t miss a moment. I was on the side of the stage.” 
“Oh, well. Thank you,” he said. 
There was a moment of silence as you tried to form your words on how to go about talking to him about what had happened before the show. 
“I-I just wanted to ask if you were okay?” You started. He took a seat on his couch as you stayed standing up in front of him. “I’m sorry for what happened before the-”
“Why are you saying sorry?” He asked, looking up at you as if he was genuinely asking. 
“I...I don’t know what happened with Brooke, but if something did happen then I’m sorry,” you nervously. The only reason why you were so nervous was because you hoped that he didn’t get mad at you for whatever happened with her. 
“You didn’t do anything, angel. You did nothing wrong at all,” he sighed, and you stayed quiet as there was definitely more of what he wanted to say. “But I did break up with her.” Your brows raised at that, and you fought the urge to jump and cheer. 
“Y-You did?” 
“Yeah. I kind of wanted to a few weeks ago, but I never got the chance to. But before the show, she gave me another perfectly good reason why we shouldn’t be together, so I ended it.” There wasn’t a hint of sadness on his face as he told you. 
“What were the other reasons?” You hadn’t known that he wanted to break up with her before the events that happened today. You would expect him to talk to you about it, but you weren’t hurt by it. 
“I…” he cut himself off, and you waited patiently to see if he was going to say something. After a few more seconds, you saw him debate with himself to see if he actually wanted to tell you, and you wondered if he trusted in that sense; to talk to you and tell you things that were on his mind, but you didn’t want to get into it with him. 
“Are you okay?” You asked instead, truly wanting to make sure. 
“I should be asking you that.” 
“Angel, c’mon. Behind closed doors, I didn’t know half the shit she was saying to you. I told her to fess up everything she’s done to you, and she did. Let me tell you, I was not happy at all that you had to deal with that without me knowing. And that fact that she lied to me about asking you to hang out and pretending to be nice to you--no wonder why you didn’t want to hang out with her.” 
The first time you had hung out with her was when you had to pick up some lunch and dry clean for Harry. They had only been dating for two months, so you thought it was best to get to know her since you were Harry’s best friend. You asked if Brooke wanted to go, and she hesitantly said sure, but when Harry thought that was a great idea, she perked up to it and said yes. When you two were in line for lunch she had asked you the basics of your job before rudely interrupting you and telling you that she knew that you were in love with him. Before you could even deny, she wasn’t having it and told you that you weren’t good enough for him and that you were only hired because you were Glenne’s friend. You were quite devastated after that and you faced Harry everyday with a smile on your face, but with the lingering thought of her words in the back of your mind. 
“Yeah, she wasn’t my particular number one person to hang out with,” you said sadly, and Harry sighed, standing up. He walked closer to you, and it felt like that time when you got home from the airport, and placed his hands on your shoulders. 
“Her talking shit about you was the last straw. Can’t have anyone talk to you like that, ever,” he said while looking into your eyes as if he was trying to convince you. 
“I am really sorry that you had to go through a break up though--especially on your first night of tour. Plus, it was your first serious relationship you’ve had in a while,” you felt bad because no one should go through the pain of a breakup. 
“It’s alright. Wasn’t in love with her like she said--didn’t even say those words to her. And it was her idea of wanting to meet my family. I was still wary about it, but that was one of the subjects for most of our arguments,” he sighed. “But I’m gonna be much happier without her. Felt like I was always stressed out around her,” he chuckled, causing you to as well. “But if anyone that I know talks to you like that ever again, please don’t hide that from me. I hate knowing that you were taking all of that shit, especially for months.” You nodded your head and he gave you a smile. 
He pulled you in for a hug and you wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his chest. You two stayed like that for a moment as you both felt like it’s been a while since you two has had one of these hugs. All thoughts and worries flew out of your head--not thinking about when the next time you’ll have one of these types of hugs again, and you felt safe in his arms. 
And you cherished it. 
Tumblr media
30 March 2018
Tour was going by rather quickly as the first ten shows were already done with. 
You were able to see some beautiful sightings of the countries with Lambert and some of the band, and throughout that time, you had wished Harry was with you all, but for obvious reasons, he couldn’t be out in public so casually. 
Everything you’ve seen was so beautiful and your jaw dropped everytime you would look at a tall and high building, or the skyline of the entire city. You were quite amazed. 
Now, everyone was in Barcelona, and it was by far one of your favorite cities that you’ve visited. You loved the atmosphere and the ambiance that walking through the streets of Spain had placed a beaming grin onto your face. You were only staying for a couple of days before everyone had to pack up and head to Madrid, but you made sure to snap a mental and physical photo to remember your time in Spain. 
But rather than spending your day on the streets, roaming around the beautiful city, you were currently looking for Harry because Lambert was also looking for him, and of course, you decided to help find him. You pretty much checked every room backstage besides the bathroom, and you didn’t really think to check the restroom, but he might be in there, so you made your way towards it. 
“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to barge in,” you said once you entered the restroom. 
The sight before you had made you sweat. A series of butterflies made its appearance in your stomach, making your hands shake. The slightest bit of air from swinging the door open had made chills rise onto your skin, but you knew that it was because of the beautiful man in front of you. 
You had walked in on Helene taking pictures of Harry, possibly so he could post them on Instagram. But he was candidly looking into the mirror as he sprayed on his Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille cologne; the one that you had picked up for him multiple times, and the one that you think smells amazing, specifically on him. He strutted around like it was made for him, and it was honestly your favorite scent. His suit was a custom Palomo black and white checkered sequined suit that just looked fucking good on him. 
“No worries, sweetheart. Just about finished. He’s all yours,” she winked at you before heading out of the bathroom. 
“What’s up, angel?” 
“Just wanted to tell you that Lambert is looking for you. Said he needed to fix up a stitch really quick before you go on stage,” you said, not meeting his eyes. 
“Is that all?” He asked, sensing your nerves, and he knew that it was possibly from walking in on him, doing a mini photoshoot because he knew he looked good. 
You gulped, “Y-Yeah.”
“You don’t sound too sure,” he challenged, walking closer to you, but not too close as there was a bit of space between you two. 
“Tell me,” he shifted even closer, making you nervous. You didn’t know where the sudden outbreak of him being somewhat flirtatious as he demanded you to tell him came from, but the sound of his raspy and deep voice, and the way he was looking was making you act up as you were about to confess your feelings towards him. 
You figured it was time as you felt like he sensed that kind of vibe from you, plus Brooke mentioning that you were in love with him, which you think you’re pretty sure he heard, but you’re wondering why he hasn’t 
“I-I want to tell you something, and this may potentially ruin things between us, but-”
“There you are!” The sound of someone else’s voice in the room and the banging of the room had interrupted you, and you and Harry stepped back from one another. “Everything okay here?” Lambert asked, looking at both of you and practically feeling the tension. Once you two nodded, not looking at each other, he looked at you both suspiciously before continuing. “Anyways, come with me. I need to fix something,” Lambert walked out of the restroom as Harry followed him, not giving you another look. 
You turned around to look in the mirror, sighing to yourself as you shook your head. 
Well, guess that’s not happening right now, you thought. 
Watching Harry up on stage was something you would never get used to. You made sure to never miss a show as you watched from the side, and since he knows where you stand during the show, he always makes sure to go to that side of the stage and wave to you. But seeing him on stage was different every night. His performances and conversations with the crowd were always different and that’s what made them and him so entertaining. 
Once the show was over, he made his way off the stage and to the dressing room. He talked a bit with the band, as they always did right when the show ends, to talk about their favorite moments and which songs they needed to work on for rehearsals. After that, Harry walked to his dressing room and you would follow every single time. 
“Another great show, H. Never get tired of watching you,” you said once you entered the dressing room.
“Thanks, angel. Always feel like I’m on a high when I’m trying to cool down, like I just have so much energy to perform another hour,” he chuckled, wiping some sweat off his forehead. 
“That must be exhilarating--being up there every night for your fans,” you walked towards him to stand in front of him as he leaned on the table of the vanity. 
“Yeah, it really is,” he smiled. He pulled your arm towards him and wrapped his arms around your waist, giving you a hug. You were surprised by the sudden affection, but Harry was an affectionate type of guy, and really, you didn’t mind being close to him. Plus, he seemed extra needy since he recently just broke up with someone. “Thank you for being here.”
“Of course, Harry. Always going to be here for you,” you said against his ear as your arms were around his shoulders. 
“And I’m always going to be here for you,” he said back. 
For a moment, it was just this--hugging him as he cooled down in your arms, and you liked it...a lot. But when you pulled back, you didn’t pull back completely and it made you face to face with him, literally inches away from each other. You two looked at each other in the eye, glancing your eyes to his lips and back up to his eyes. The only thing you thought was: I really want to fucking kiss him right now. 
And it seemed like he did as well because he crashed his lips with yours, molding them together as your arms were wrapped around one another. It was everything you expected as you dreamed of his lips on yours quite often, and you absolutely loved it. He felt like a drug, like all of your pain and worries went away once his lips touched yours, and you were addicted. You wanted so much more. 
Your tongue makes its way in his mouth, meeting his, and he swirled it with his before lightly sucking on it. Your teeth found a way to bite his bottom lip and he let out a groan. He pulled back for a bit, looking at you before kissing you again. 
“God, been wanting you for so long,” he groaned, and you felt butterflies in your stomach, trying not to take his words literally as to keeping your hopes down. But little did you know that his words were serious. “Can I touch you?” He whispered in between kisses. 
You nodded, whispering out, “Please.” Harry’s stomach did flips once you gave him consent, and his hands trailed down your body. Luckily, you were wearing a simple dress with straps, so it was easier. He bunched up your dress up to your hips, and you held it up with your arm before touching you over your panties, feeling a wet spot over the fabric. 
“Practically drenched. It’s for me, right?” He muttered, wrapping his free arm around your waist so you were closer. 
“Yes. Always going to be for you,” you moaned as his hand continuously rubbed you and he smirked. Your words had completely slipped out, but it was the truth. 
“Can I take them off?” He asked, and you nodded your head before he slid your drench underwear down your legs and you kicked them off to the side somewhere in his dressing room. You molded your lips with his again and grabbed a fistful of his curly hair, causing him to kiss you even harder. 
Harry then started roaming his hands around your thighs, going to ass and squeezing the flesh, and you moan against his mouth. His hand moves up and to your stomach before trailing down to your hot core. He took his fingers and swiped up your slit, making you groan from the feeling of his hands. 
“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he whispered before touching your clit and rubbing it. He buried his face in your neck to kiss, suck, and nibble on your skin, and that feeling made you throw your head back as his hands rubbed you and mouth kissed you. The feeling was indescribable, but it was Harry. 
You felt his fingers slip inside of you, starting off with one finger before pumping in and out of you. He then added another finger as he curled them in an inward motion and brushed his fingertips against the soft upper area of your pussy. 
“Shit, that feels so good. So, so good, H,” you groaned out. Harry took the straps of your dress off your shoulders, and kissed your chest where the gold chain he had gifted you rested. He pulled on the front of your dress to expose your tits, and his mouth immediately wrapped around your hard nipples, sucking them and pulling on them before releasing them with a pop. Your grip on Harry’s hair tightened as you felt like you were going to rip out his hair from the way you’re feeling. “Add another,” you whimpered out. 
“Another finger?” He looked at you with wide eyes, but all he saw was your eyes closed and head being thrown back; and you nodded. He added his pinky finger in with his ring and middle finger, trying his best to curl them up into you, but the snugness of your hole was challenging him. “Fuck, you’re so tight. Practically squeezing my fingers,” he said, kissing your neck. 
His words and fingers had gotten you to the edge, and you were minutes away from releasing around him. He saw you bite your lip and take deep breaths, and he knew you were close. 
“C’mon, angel baby. Let go for me, yeah? Know you’re close,” he thrusted his fingers deep into you, and that was when you hit your peak. With loud moans, you jolted around his fingers, riding your high out as Harry continuously pressed kisses to your chest and neck. He took his hand, sticking one of his fingers in your mouth, and you swirled your tongue around his finger that was covered in your orgasm, and moaned. He took the other two fingers, and placed them in his own mouth, tasting yourself on his fingers. “Taste so good,” he smirked, kissing your forehead, and you leaned your head on his shoulders to take a breather.
Once you calmed down, you turned your head to kiss his neck, sucking on his skin to calm your breathing down, and Harry hissed. His hands ran through your hair and all the way down to your back, soothing you. After a minute or two, you lifted your head up, meeting his eye before you kissed him, deeply. You two made out for a while you unbuttoned his black shirt, and you pulled away from his lips to kiss down his torso until you were on your knees. Harry was hard as rock in his pants and desperately needed some release that he could possibly come any minute with how you’re kissing him. 
His entire suit was still on and he went to take his jacket off, but you stopped him. 
“Keep it on,” you looked up at him as you told him so before proceeding to kiss down his stomach. He put his arms down, and gripped and sat on the edge of the desk. You got to the hem of his pants and looked up at him, giving him a sight to die for. “Can I take these off?” 
He looked down at you, smirking before nodding his head. “Please, take it all off,” he gave your cheek a stroke with his thumb, and you smiled looking back down to his pants to unbutton it, pulling down his trousers to his ankles, you saw his bulge, and smirked before you kissed over his underwear. Harry took a deep breath in as you palmed him before grabbing the hem of his briefs and pulling it down, his dick springing up as Harry’s shoulder relaxed from the lack of restraint. 
“Fuck, you’re so big,” you said, grabbing his dick. You knew very well that he was well endowed because of the many times you’ve seen him get hard on stage, and also from that moment when you walked in on him in Brooke’s mouth had confirmed it, but seeing it up close was unreal. You licked your hand and grabbed his cock before looking up at him. “What do you want me to do, Harry?” Your voice asked seductively. He was completely under your spell as his breaths were staggered while you stroked him. 
“Anything you want,” he breathed out. You smirked at the state he was in at the moment, and you loved every second of it. 
You put your mouth around his tip, sucking it lightly, and that caused Harry’s breath to hitch in his throat. You took more of him in your mouth as you relaxed your jaw. He was bigger than the guys you’ve fucked and you really hoped you were doing a good job for him because you wanted him to feel good. You hollowed your cheeks in and sucked hard, slicking your tongue on the underside of his cock. 
“Feels so good, angel baby,” he moaned, throwing his head back. He was already embarrassingly close, but he wanted to feel you more, so he tangled his fingers in your hair, getting a gentle but steady grip, and started guiding your head up and down his cock. You let him take control for the time being because honestly, you loved hearing the sounds of his moans start to progress. “That’s it,” he muttered under his breath once he felt the back of your throat. 
You placed your hands on his thighs, gripping his skin harshly so that your nails dug into it, and he hissed, but the pain felt so good to him. After a few more pushes to your head, you pushed on his thighs so he could release you, and when you did that he knew that he was done being in control. You grabbed his cock that was slick from your mouth, and you loved your head down so you could take his balls in your mouth. More of the beautiful sounds coming from his mouth came out more loudly as you sucked until he finally said the words. 
“Gonna cum, angel. Gonna fuckin’ cum,” he moaned. You saw his knuckles practically turn white as he gripped the desk hard. You loved your head back up to place the tip in your mouth as you fondled with his balls before he spurts his come in your mouth. “Such a fuckin’ good girl,” he said as you swallowed. 
You kissed back up his stomach and to his neck before meeting his lips again. He tasted himself on your tongue, and you were a good mix with him. You two pulled back from one another, looking at each other before you both started giggling—post orgasm haze. 
“Jeez, such an angel, but that mouth of yours is sinful.”
Tumblr media
5 June 2018 
The rest of the Europe, Australia, and Asia leg went by, and you were back in the states for the first show of the US leg. 
Ever since the dressing room escapade, you and Harry had been acting differently towards each other. There weren’t anymore sexual acts, but there was a lot more affection. Sadly, not any kisses to the lips, but kisses to the cheek and forehead were made, and they were welcomed and given. He would always put an arm around your shoulder when you two were walking, and there was the occasional cuddle in his hotel room before or after the show. It was definitely different, but you enjoyed it. 
What you didn’t enjoy was the fact that you hadn’t told him you liked him. You were sure he had an idea, but you wanted to say it out loud to get it off your chest. You also didn’t know if he felt that way towards you whatsoever, and that thought scared you. Just because of what happened in the dressing room didn’t necessarily mean he had feelings for you. The thought of him just leading you on and messing with you feelings made your heart sink when you think about it, and you really hoped it wouldn't get to that point. 
Tonight was the Dallas show, and Harry wore an Alexander McQueen embroidered pink floral suit. As always, he looked amazing. But your favorite was the Barcelona suit, and you might be a bit biased on that given the events that happened in that particular suit. You chuckled to yourself as you followed Jeff and Glenne to your seats. 
You decided to watch the show with them in the reserved seats in the lower level of the arena, and it was a change from the side of the stage, but you could really see more from the seats. Once you got to your seats, Harry had already finished up with ‘Only Angel’ and was moving on to ‘Woman,’ but a familiar man had caught your eye. 
“Alex?” You called out through the music. 
“Y/N! It’s so great seeing you!” He said, giving you a hug. 
“What are you doing here?” 
“Jeff and Harry invited me! Haven’t seen Harry perform since last year, so they reserved me a seat,” his face was close to your ear, so you could understand him better through the loudness of the crowd and the bass of the music. 
“Ah, well I’m glad you’re here! It’s been a while,” you said completely innocently, and he nodded, smiling before turning his head to watch Harry on stage. In all honesty, the thought of Alex slipped your mind because your head was constantly thinking about Harry as it always does. 
For the rest of the show, he was amazing. The crowd was wild as always, and he absolutely looked so cute in his suit. Your favorite part was when someone threw a rainbow sequined cowboy hot on stage, and he picked it up to wear it. It was a look, to be honest. 
Before the band said their goodbyes to the crowd, the four of you headed backstage, so there wasn’t any delay with everyone trying to leave at the same time. As you were walking, you were walking next to Alex as Jeff and Glenne walked in front of you two. 
“Hey, I was thinking. Maybe we should get dinner tonight? Y’know, to catch up? I know some places that are still open,” he suggested, and you liked the idea. 
“Yeah, sure. Sounds good,” you said, smiling back. 
The four of you met with the band as they laughed and talked about the show. You met Harry, giving him a hug as you told him that he did amazing out there. He hugged you back tightly, telling you thank you. 
“C’mon,” he said, taking your hand as he wanted to go to his dressing room as you always did after his shows. 
“Oh, uh, actually,” you pulled your hand back, causing him to stop walking. “I’m going out to dinner with Alex…” you said nervously, and he raised his eyebrows, looking down the hall and noticing Alex talking to Adam. 
“Oh okay, yeah. Go ahead,” he let go of your hand, completely dropping it from his as his face dropped. In that moment, you wished you didn’t say yes to Alex and went with Harry to his dressing room. This would be the first time you were going to miss out on dressing room chats as he calmed down from his energetic state from being on stage. It would be the first time you weren’t going back to the hotel with him while holding his hand in the car and up to your rooms. 
“Hey,” Alex caught up to you, not feeling the tension between you and Harry. “Ready to go?” You looked up at him briefly, placing a fake smile on your face before looking back at Harry who already had his back turned towards you, walking to his room. 
“Yeah, I am.” 
Tumblr media
21 June 2018
The prospect of not talking to Harry as much hurt you a bit. 
You haven’t had a full conversation with him in about two weeks. The most you’ve ever spoken to him was when someone was looking for him or if he was clearing up and clarifying his schedule. But other than that, nothing. You didn’t know why it was like that, but you tried not to let it get to you as you told yourself that he was tired from the tour. He was on the last month of tour and the flying had definitely caught up to him. 
But that wasn’t the real reason. 
You have been going out with Alex ever since that night in Dallas, and you thought it was nice to have someone to talk to other than Harry and the rest of the crew and band--although they’re very nice and fun people, you saw them everyday. And you came to find out that Alex was even more fun once you’ve gotten to know him even more. 
Alex made you feel free. There was something refreshing about hanging out with him that made you want more, and he definitely took your mind off of thinking about Harry... by having his tongue down your throat and inside of you. There have been plenty of pleasurable times when Alex had made you feel good, and vice versa. It started out in the night at Fort Lauderdale, two days after Dallas, and you went out with Alex to a bar in the city. Both of you had too much to drink and he asked if you wanted to go over to his hotel, which of course you said yes. One thing led to another, and you were underneath him, moaning his name out. Ever since then, he would watch every other show and you two would have date nights that took the night away into a hotel room. 
It was nice, and he liked you and you liked him back. 
Liked him as much as Harry? Not quite. But there were definitely a little bit of feelings for him. Besides, he calls you nice things and tells you you’re pretty. 
It was Harry’s first New York show in Madison Square Garden as a solo artist, and he was pumped, but also a little nervous. You were so incredibly proud of him and what he’s done in his career, so you were happy for him. And you were happy to be back home for a few days as well because you haven’t been home since the beginning of the month. 
Alex stood next to you with an arm around your shoulder the entire time of Harry’s show. He was wearing a custom Gucci white suit with flowers printed all over and the phrase ‘Memento Mori’ underneath it. The lapel part of the suit was a velvet material and he wore a black shirt underneath. The trousers were flared from the knee down, and you absolutely loved it. 
When the show was over, you and Alex headed backstage to meet with the band. You had expected that he wanted to get dinner already, but he hadn’t mentioned anything, so you assumed that you were going to go back to your hotel and hang out with him there. 
“Lovely show, H,” you hugged him tightly, but he didn’t reciprocate the same energy into the hug like you, and you found that odd because he usually hugs you tight. 
“Thanks,” he smiled softly, shaking Alex’s hand before thanking him for coming to the show. 
You turned towards Alex and asked, “What’s the plan for tonight?” 
“Oh, I was going to tell you, but I’m hanging out with a couple of friends from college that live here. So, I can't hang out with you tonight. I’m sorry,” he slightly pouted. “I’ve got to get going now though, so I’ll see you tomorrow?” You nodded understandingly. 
“Yeah, definitely. Probably best we don’t hang out all the time because I don’t want you to get tired of me,” you joked, and he shook his head no. “But I’ll see you tomorrow. Text me,” you told him before he gave you a kiss on the lips before heading towards the exit. 
Harry had watched the whole interaction with a small frown. He tried to contain his jealousy when he saw Alex kiss you and you smiling, but it was difficult for him to not scoff loudly, so he turned around and walked towards his dressing room. You turned around to find Harry missing, and you assumed he went to his dressing room, so you headed over there. You knocked on the door before entering, and you found him on the couch with his phone in his hands. 
“Hey,” you smiled, sitting on the couch as he muttered a ‘hi.’ “Are you okay?” 
“Yeah, what makes you think I’m not?” He said defensively, and you furrowed your brows. 
“I never said you weren’t. I just wanted to make sure you were. I haven’t talked to you in a while.” 
“Well, that’s not my fault,” he whispered under his breath before continuing to scroll through his phone. 
There was a bit of a silence, and unfortunately, it was an awkward one. You didn’t feel needed in the dressing room, but you sat there awkwardly as you didn’t know what to say to him. 
“You’re seeing Alex?” He suddenly asked, breaking the silence. 
“Yeah. Just hanging out with him,” you got up to grab a water bottle from the table, and you opened it, taking a sip. 
“So, you’re fucking him?” He said casually, but you choked on your water, immediately coughing. Once you calmed down, you looked at him with watered eyes. 
“You can tell me,” he said sternly. 
“I mean, yeah, we had sex a few times, but there’s no label or anything like that. We’re just hanging out,” you told him, and he nodded. 
“Do you like him?” He raised his brows, and you took a deep breath, wondering what all these questions were for. 
“I think so, but-”
“Good, he’s a good guy,” he interrupted you. You liked Alex, yeah, but comparing your feelings for Alex to Harry...unmatchable. “I’m glad you’re happy,” he said, getting up from the couch before grabbing a towel from the vanity and walking out of the dressing room. Once he left, you were alone in the dressing room. You sighed deeply as you buried your face in your hands. 
“Yeah, sure I am.”
Tumblr media
22 June 2018
The sound of ringing had woken you up from your slumber. 
You groaned as you tried to make out where your phone might be on your bedside table with your eyes closed, but you were hitting empty spots, so you opened one eye and grabbed your phone. 
“Hello?” Your morning voice coming out through the speaker. 
“Y/N. Can you come by, like right now?” It was Harry on the phone, and you groaned. After the night prior, you thought he didn’t want to talk to you, but seeing as you’re still his assistant, of course he would call you. 
“Why must you call me at,” you pulled your phone back to look at the time, “six in the morning?” 
“Please. It’s important. I have some stuff I need you to do,” he pleaded, and you stretched your limbs out, making inhumane noises while still being on the phone, and Harry chuckled. 
“Fine. Be there in like twenty.”
“Thank you, angel! See you.”
He must be in an awfully good mood this morning, you thought. And it’s been a while since you heard your pet name, but you brushed it off and got ready. 
You unlocked the door of Harry’s house, letting yourself in. You found him sitting on the couch, reading a book until he looked up at the door and saw you. He got up and walked towards you, and opened his arms, giving you a big hug. 
“Hey, angel. Thanks for coming by,” he said into your ear, leaving you in goosebumps. 
“Course. Everything okay?” You asked once you pulled away. 
“Yeah. I miss you, y’know. Feel like we haven’t spoken in a while,” he trailed off a bit, and you squint your eyes at him. 
“I sense a ‘but,’” you said, and he chuckled. 
“I actually need you to get these for me, if that’s okay? Just need them before the show,” he handed you a list, and you looked at it. 
The items were something similar as before: a bouquet of flowers and a gift basket with various types of snacks. As you read through it, that’s when you knew and your heart sank. 
“So who is it?” Harry looked at you curiously, and you waved around the list up. “Who are you dating?” 
“Oh, this girl I met through a mutual friend. She actually was at the Dallas show and we met after at a bar. She’s in the fashion industry; her name is Rena,” he explained with a smile. “She’s coming to the show tonight, so I just wanted to get her a little something.” 
“Okay, I’m on it. I’ll see you tonight,” you headed out, figuring since you had nothing else to do, you could stretch your errands out until the show. You decided to have breakfast first and get some coffee since it was quite early still, and enjoy a day to yourself until Harry introduces you to yet another girl. 
Rena was a nice lady. She was two years older than you and Harry, and she was drop dead gorgeous. You’ve never seen anyone this stunning up close. She always had the sweetest smile, and you were contemplating if she was real or not, and why Harry is calling you ‘angel’ and not her. It was difficult to hate her, and it’s not like you wanted to, but considering that you have feelings for Harry, you wanted something to be wrong about her--maybe a Brooke 2.0, but she was so kind to you, and she loved everything that was gifted to her from Harry, even if the items were the smallest things. So, there were no complaints. 
Harry seemed happy with her, so that’s all that mattered. 
Tumblr media
1 July 2018
It seemed like Rena was around all the time now, like she was at every show since night two in New York. You tried to busy yourself by going around the town you were in or talking to Alex, but you missed Harry. It was always like this when he was dating someone; the first few months, he would completely forget about you and always hang out with the person, but once he starts settling in, he wants to talk to you. And since he’s only been dating Rena for a month, he hasn’t been talking to you lately. 
You watched Harry on stage in St. Paul next to Rena, Alex, and Jeff as Harry was wearing a sparkly pink Gucci shirt with a pussybow on the front and some black trousers. The energy in the room was amazing. By far it was the best performance of ‘Medicine’ you’ve seen him perform. He even held out a pair of handcuffs in front of the crowd, making them go crazy, and he looked up at your section, glancing at Rena before smirking, making you cringe a tad bit as she cheered. 
At the end of the show, you greeted the band, and immediately Rena was attached to Harry, which made you impatient because you wanted to hug him like you always do. But they were wrapped in each other’s arms as they kissed, no plans of letting go of one another. 
“Hey, wanna head out?” Alex asked. You still hadn’t said hello to Harry, but you figured you could text him later, so you nodded, glancing back at the two of them and walked out with Alex. He took you to a diner that wasn’t too far from the hotel and you both ate breakfast for a midnight meal because breakfast simply hits differently when it’s at an unusual hour. Alex then walked you back to the hotel room, and you were exhausted by this point. You just wanted to get out of your shoes and sleep for a very long time. You were lucky that you weren’t sharing a room with Alex because sometimes you just needed to be alone, and this moment was that time. “So, I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” he said, stopping in front of your room and your brows raised as he continued. “We’ve been dating for about a month now, and I really like you, so I wanted to ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend.”
You had expected anything else, but that question. Your heart beat practically stopped for a moment as you looked at him, wondering if he was serious, and when he didn’t say he was joking, you realized that he was actually being serious. 
“Oh, uhm…”
“It’s been fun getting to know you and travelling to these places with you, so I figured it was time to ask you.”
“’re a really nice guy, but I’m just not sure I can be your girlfriend,” you told him honestly, and his brows furrowed. 
“Why’s that?”
“I-I like you, but I feel like my feelings for you aren’t 100% there when it comes to being your girlfriend.” He only nodded, and you were getting quite anxious when he didn’t say anything. 
He then started laughing, pacing around in the hallway and you crossed your arms. 
“That’s hilarious,” he said. 
“No, the only reason you don’t want to be with me is because you’re in love with someone else!” His voice raised, making the hallway echo a bit. You looked at him, not knowing what to say. “Yeah. I know you’re in love with Harry. Noticed that the first time I met you; that you were staring right at someone that wasn’t yours, but desperately wanted to be.”
“I…” you were speechless. Had you really been that obvious about your feelings towards Harry that everyone around you noticed? 
“It’s a shame though, isn’t it?” He had a grin of the devil; mischievously and humiliating. You looked at him nervously, urging him to continue. “You’re in love with someone that doesn’t even want you,” he stated. “That doesn’t look your way for a second when he thinks about a relationship because you’re only his assistant. Not once would he look your way down the street if you weren’t working for him,” he looked you up and down, and your eyes started watering, and you were embarrassed that you were about to cry in front of Alex as he crushed you in every possible way. “It’s okay, don’t cry. You have me,” he opened his arms to take you in for a hug, but you physically pushed him away because now you were angry. 
“I have you? Are you fucking kidding me? After you just humiliated me?” You were breathing out through your nose as your tears made their way down your cheeks. 
“Hey, I’m just telling you the truth-”
“Why did you even ask me to be your girlfriend?” You asked, genuinely confused on his logic. 
“Well, the question that you’re supposed to be asking is why did I talk to you in the first place?” 
“Why did you?” 
“Since you want to know so bad,” he teased, and you rolled your eyes. “When I saw you, I definitely liked you, but then I saw you were giving heart eyes to Harry, so I thought I could change your mind. See if I could switch your feelings up,” he chuckled. 
“So, this was some sort of experiment? Guessing your hypothesis was wrong then, huh? Go ahead and write your conclusion as: fucked her, but dick wasn’t good enough to fall in love. So, fuck off,” you rolled your eyes and opened the door before slamming it shut in his face. Your back was leaning against the door as more that you’ve been holding onto fell from your face as you heard him still talk. 
“You’ll never be like Brooke or Rena, or whoever he dates in the future! You’re nothing to him!” He yelled through the door as his words came out muffled. 
Sliding down the door, you finally heard him leave, and you were full on sobbing. You tried not to let his words get the better of you, but the way Alex spat them out so easily, it was hard not to. 
Because what if he’s right. 
Tumblr media
7 July 2018
Harry noticed that you had been feeling off the entire week. 
It was like you were simply existing, but not present in some moments when people would talk to you. You had this dull look on your face, and it wasn’t the same as your bright and happy look that he looked forward to everyday. He noticed it when everyone was leaving from Minnesota, and he told himself that it was because you were tired, which was true, but he didn’t know the whole reason. 
After the show in Seattle, he didn’t see you like he used to, and he wondered where you or if you even watched the show. Once he high fived and talked to everyone for a bit, he headed to his dressing room, hoping that you were in there, but you weren’t. So now, he was worried. 
H: Hey, where are you? He texted. Luckily, Rena wasn’t around anymore because she would want all his attention after the show. He simply couldn’t take someone being so clingy, so he called things off with her. It may have also had to do with the fact that he didn’t want to hide his feelings anymore, and being with other people just wasn’t working for him anymore. Not when you were in front of him. 
It’s been a long time coming now, and he felt stupid for not telling you in the first place since he’s been in love with you since last year--during the time he was with Brooke. He was honestly afraid to tell you, and when he heard Brooke say it, he just felt so much shock run through him, so he kept his mouth shut. He didn’t have an excuse as to why he got with other people while being in love with you, but it just made him feel in control of himself because he couldn’t control his feelings towards you, so he got scared. So, he decided that when everyone gets to California in two days, he’s going to confess his entire feelings for you. 
Harry walked to your hotel room, knocking on it as he waited for you to answer. He could hear shuffling and movement through the door, and he hoped to god that Alex wasn’t in there with you. 
“Who is it?” You said through the door, softly. 
“Angel, it’s Harry. Can I see you?” He asked. There was a pause, but then he heard the door handle rattled as you opened the door. 
Your face was a crying mess and your hair was up in a very messy bun. Harry’s mouth opened slightly as he concerningly asked, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” His question and concern had made you sob even more as you shook your head. “C’mere,” he pulled you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest as he walked you over to the edge of your bed. He observed your room and saw that there were a stack of clothes folded on the other bed along with your open luggage with some of your belongings inside. “Angel, what’s going on?” You pulled your head out of his chest to look at him, knowing that he was probably wondering why you were packing; and he had a sad expression on his face. 
“I’m leaving,” you simply said. 
“Leaving? Where are you going?” His brows furrowed. 
“I’m going back home.” 
“W-What? Why?” 
“I can’t be your assistant anymore, Harry,” you cried, and Harry’s heart sank as his jaw dropped. 
“What are you talking about? A-Are you quitting?” You stood up, placing the stack of clothes in your luggage as you sorted them. 
“Y-Yeah,” you said quietly, and Harry has never been more confused in his life. 
“W-What did I do wrong? I’m sorry we haven’t been seeing each other lately, but I promise after tour-”
“No, no. It’s not you, I promise,” you shook your head. In this moment, you felt like you should tell him everything because he deserved an explanation from you. “Please, listen, okay?” He nodded. You walked to sit on the desk chair in front Harry as he sat on the edge of the bed. You proceeded to tell him everything that Alex said from him asking you to be his girlfriend to you saying no. “He said these mean things that-”
“What the fuck did he say?” He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. 
“Just listen,” you stopped him. “He said those things because I’m in love with someone else…I’m in love with you, and you probably heard Brooke say that, but you didn’t say anything, so I just assumed that you didn’t want to believe it.” It was the words Harry has been wanting to hear and he went to open his mouth, but you immediately started talking again. “I have been ever since I started working for you, and I thought it was just a crush on my boss, but it’s way more than that. Alex told me I’m not good enough for you and that you would never love me, and I think that’s true-” 
“No! That’s not true! I love-”
“Please, don’t,” you shook your head as you sobbed. You’ve been waiting for years to hear those words, but you knew that you couldn’t hear them just yet. “Don’t say those words because I’m leaving and to prove Alex wrong.” 
“I’m not trying to prove him wrong, it’s true,” Harry’s eyes watered, and you sighed.
“What he said got me thinking…I go to all these stores and pick shit up for your love interests, sending me a list of all their favorite things, and wishing that they were for me. And in the midst of it, I realized you don’t know what my favorite flower is! I’ve been hurting for so long that I covered it up everytime and put a fake smile on my face just to see you happy.”
“Your favorite flower is-”
“I just really think that I deserve to be happy as well,” you nodded your head as a way to try and convince yourself. 
“You do deserve to be happy, angel baby. But we can be happy together? I-I… want you here. With me.” His voice was filled with hope, and it only made it harder for you. 
You closed your eyes for a moment, burying your face in your hands. “I want that so bad. I do, H. But I really need to be happy with myself and by myself first. I depended on you and the others around me a lot, and I just didn’t save that love for myself, so…I need to leave,” you sniffled, wiping your cheeks. 
“And when you come back?” 
“I don’t know when that will be or what’s going to happen, but I’m not asking you to wait for me or anything because you should live your life. But when I come back, I’ll call you, and we’ll talk,” you told him, and it seemed like you had everything planned already, but you were just as lost as he was. He dropped his head, crying into his hands. You rolled your chair closer to him, grabbing his wrists, and he lifted his head. “We’ll be alright, okay? Just need a little time to myself.” He nodded, sniffling. 
You stood up and walked over to your luggage, zipping it closed before you looked around to see if you forgot anything. Harry stood up and walked over to you, grabbed your wrists, and pulled you to him, giving you a hug. His face was buried in your neck and you felt him press kisses against your skin as he cried. 
“You’ll be back?” The pain in his voice was enough to tip you over the edge of bawling. 
“Yeah, I’ll be back,” you said in between sniffs. “I’m going to stay with my parents for a while; get a job back in Oregon,” you told him, so he’s not completely out of the loop. He pulled back, looking down at you. 
“When you come back, your job will always be here.” You smiled sadly, raising your hand to caress his cheek. 
“We’ll see, okay? But I have to go to the airport now. My flight is in two hours,” you managed to free yourself from his grasp as it tightened so you wouldn’t go, but you really had to. 
“Let me drop you off?” He offered, and you shook your head. 
“No, it’s only going to make this harder,” you said, grabbing your luggage and backpack. “Have a great rest of the tour, alright? Take care of yourself,” you placed your palm on his cheek again, looking in his sad eyes before you reached up and kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you, honey.”
You walked out of the room with no glance back at him, and Harry was alone in your hotel room, and it was the last memory of you that would be ingrained in his mind forever. 
Tumblr media
14 July 2018 
The crowd cheered loud for Harry for his final show in Los Angeles. He overwhelmingly smiled as he took a deep breath before continuing onto the next song. Everyone seemed to know what the next song on the set list was, so the room went a bit quiet as the crowd turned on their flashlights as the lights went completely dark, and the only thing was heard was the strumming of the guitar. 
Woke up alone in this hotel room… As he sang, he took in his own lyrics, feeling like they really related to him at the moment despite writing the song two years ago. Harry sang with every emotion in him as he let it all out in the dark room that was silent, and the only thing he heard was his voice and the guitar that was played by Mitch. 
We haven’t spoke since you went away…He had thought of you every night he sang this song since you left in Seattle, and it pained him that there was no contact between you ever since you left, but he figured that was what you wanted. What you needed. 
Comfortable silence is so overrated… The moments when there would be silence between you two, he hated looking back at those moments because he knew he should’ve said something, you would’ve still been here. 
Why won’t you ever say what you want to say? Why didn’t you say anything, Harry? 
Even my phone misses your call, by the way…He missed your contact name pop up on his phone that went along with his contact picture for you. You were smiling bright as you ate ice cream. It was a summer day in New York and really warm outside, so you decided you two took a break from running around and got some ice cream. You were so happy that day, and he was happy he got it on camera. 
Harry would often find himself looking at your pictures together; trying to pinpoint the exact moment you knew you were in love with him. Your smile always made his day, and it broke his heart knowing that he wouldn’t get to see that smile for a long while--at least he hoped it’s not a long time till he gets to see you again. Since, he knew when his feelings had progressed, he looked back on the pictures when he knew he fell hard. His smile had gotten bigger and the look he gave you was full of love, and he wished that you saw how he looked at you. 
He missed you so much. 
Tumblr media
13 December 2019
It took you quite a while since you felt whole again. 
You hadn’t felt so empty as you had been when you left Seattle. The year and a half you spent back at home really helped you with that. You were able to find yourself again; spending time with your family and with yourself was something so refreshing that you cherished every moment with them. You learned a lot about yourself, and you reshaped your own worth and values. You came back stronger than ever and you’ve never been happier than you are now. 
You nervously walked over to the section you were going to be sitting in. The room was dark and the crowd was absolutely wild as they were finally seeing the one person they’ve been waiting for. You looked down, watching your step as you held your phone with the flashlight on your feet as they stepped onto the red floor of the pit, until you saw the familiar faces you’ve been looking for. 
“Y/N! There you are!” Glenne smiled, taking you in for a hug. “I’ve missed you babe,” she said in your ear as you hugged her tight. 
“I missed you too, so much.”
“Hey, Y/N. It’s good to see you again,” Jeff said, giving you a warm embrace. 
The music was playing and the crowd had gotten louder as the man of the hour finally stepped on stage, and all the spotlights were pointed on him. You watched him as he walked down from the high stage to the main stage, grabbing his guitar as said hello to everyone before strumming the first note. 
As you remembered, he was amazing on stage as he wore the same outfit as the album cover. He ignited the crowd with his charm and voice that left people in tears from being so overwhelmed by him. You felt overwhelmed as well; seeing him for the first time in a year and a half had made you quite emotional. 
You knew you wanted to go to Harry’s ‘One Night Only’ show when he first announced it. From keeping in contact with him, you figured you could keep in contact with updates of him, and what he’s up to these days. You streamed his music, watched his music videos, and stayed up late just to hear a snippet of him on the radio. You were always excited when you would get the notification on your phone of new pictures and videos of him because that was the only way you were able to see him. You found out that he had spent quite some time in Japan towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. You really hoped he was doing okay. During the days of finding yourself, the thought of seeing him again had scared you, and you weren’t ready for that, so you waited until this day to see him. 
So, at the beginning of the week, you had texted Glenne that you wanted to go to the show, and she immediately said yes, putting your name on the list. You told her not to tell Harry just yet because you wanted to surprise him, and she was on board with the idea as was Jeff. 
They were both really supportive of you during your times sulking and growing, and Glenne had even visited you in Oregon to make sure you were okay and simply just missing you. You were really thankful for both of them because you knew that it was hard to see their two friends in pain, but you were glad that they supported your decision. Glenne had always known that you were in love with Harry, and you told her ever since you figured your feelings out. But you had made her swear on her life and Jeff’s that she wouldn’t say a word about it to anyone, not even Jeff (although Jeff saw it coming). 
“He’s going to be so happy to see you and know that you’re here,” Glenne said to you as the beginning of ‘Fine Line’ was starting. You thought the album was an  absolute masterpiece that was composed of beautiful lyrics, melodies, and emotion. You made sure to dance and cheer for the songs you didn’t know the words to extra loud, and you sang to the ones you knew without hesitation. You stayed up all night, listening to the album multiple times on repeat and trying to get the words down, and you were sure everyone did the same. 
As you listened to Harry sing the outro and the words ‘We’ll be alright’ coming out so effortlessly, you were reminded of your words to him as you left the hotel room. The song was quite hard hitting and you felt every inch of your skin cover in goosebumps. 
You practically lost your shit when Stevie Nicks came out and performed ‘Landslide’ with him, and when he sang ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ while fake snow was falling from the ceiling. Before you knew it, Harry was in the middle of singing ‘Kiwi,’ and Glenne tapped your arm, telling you to follow her and you knew that you three were going backstage already. You felt butterflies in your stomach, feeling really nervous to see him again up close after a year and a half; and you only hoped that he was happy to see you as well. 
You heard the muffled final beat of the song as the crowd loudly cheered for him, telling him to do another song, but you knew that it was the end of the show. Jeff had walked way ahead of you both to grab Harry really quick, so he could point his attention towards you. Your hands were shaking as your arm was looped with Glenne’s as she provided physical support for you, holding you up, and continuously telling you that he’s going to be so ecstatic. 
Cheers erupted from the crew as everyone hugged each other, proud and happy of the success of Harry’s first show of his sophomore album. Once you were close enough, you could make out everyone’s faces. The band was there along with Harry’s friends and producers that had written the album with him. Finally, there was Harry; his back was facing you as he hugged Jeff, and Jeff gave you an amusing smile as he hugged his best friend. You heard him whisper into Harry’s ear, and Harry pulled back, saying, “What?” 
Jeff nodded, and Harry quickly turned around. His face was pulled into a shocked expression as his eyes widened and his body was practically frozen as he took in your presence. You smiled softly, waiting for him to say or do something because you didn’t know how he felt with you being here on his special night. 
Finally, he took two long strides towards you, pulling you in for a hug. Your body collided with his, and smiled into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his tone body. 
“How are you?” You whispered in his ear as you practically felt him shaking in your arms. 
“I’m doing good. Better now,” he said softly. “What the fuck are you doing here, angel?” He chuckled, finally realizing that you were here in his arms. The sound of your pet name had widened your smile as your eyes watered; feeling so happy that you finally got to hear that name come from out of his mouth again. 
“Came to see you,” you said in his neck. He pulled back, looking at you in the eye before smiling like crazy as he took you in his arms again. He felt like he was on the moon; the overwhelming feeling of the feedback from the album, the show, and now finally getting to see you for the first time in a very long time—he truly couldn’t believe it, so he held you tight, not wanting to let you go as he felt like if he did, then you would vanish again. You felt his hesitancy or not wanting to let you go, so you whispered in his ear, “Hey, I’m here. Not leaving.” 
He eventually pulled back, and noticed everyone that gathered around you two, and smiles were on their faces with their hands over their hearts. They all had really witnessed Harry struggle the past year and a half; from song writing, recording, rehearsing, and just being present. They really saw Harry at his lowest, and now they're happy to finally see him happy now that you’re here. 
“I-I have to go meet some people and take some pictures, but do you think, uhm…” he trailed off, realizing that he might be acting too eager. 
“H, I’m right here. Do what you have to do, and I’ll wait for you, alright?” You told him with a smile, and he nodded. He didn’t want to walk away from you, but you knew that some people were waiting for him, so he had to leave. He gave you one last hug, which brightened your smile, and he walked down the hall of The Forum. “Stay in my dressing room!” He called out, and you laughed, remembering the talks and moments in his dressing room after his shows. 
Heading over to his dressing room, you stopped to say hi to everyone as they excitedly greeted you. You couldn’t believe that you were here again. The journey to get here was a struggle, but reuniting with everyone had made it so worth it—seeing Harry again was worth it, and you knew that you had to do it. 
After an hour of catching up with the crew and band, and sitting on his couch, mindlessly flipping through the pages of the Fine Line Booklet that contained pictures of Harry in the process of recording his album, he finally showed up. Sighing as he walked in from the rush of the entire day, once he saw your face again, he knew he wasn’t in the state of dreaming because you were really here. 
He took a seat on the couch next to you, taking your hand in his. He hesitantly raised your hand to his mouth and placed a kiss on the back of it; you smiled at the sweet gesture, caressing your thumb against his hand. 
“How are you, angel?” He asked, softly smiling as he was trying to contain his excitement that you’re finally here. 
“I’m good, H. I’m happy,” you said, and hearing that made Harry’s eyes glossy because that’s all he wanted from you. He wanted you to be happy; with yourself, with others, and with life. 
“I’m so glad to hear you say that,” he smiled, dimples poking out. You reached over to caress his cheek, rubbing his dimple out, and he turned his head to kiss the inside of your hand. 
“I want to hear everything from you--catch me up on everything?” He nodded eagerly, wanting that from you too. 
“Security said that the parking lot is empty now because they had to practically kick everyone out, so there’s no one out there, but what do you say we go out there and walk around the parking lot?” He suggested. It was almost midnight, and despite being exhausted and overwhelmed by this whole day, he’d rather stay up and talk for hours with you. 
“Are you sure? You’re not tired?” You asked, and he shook your head. 
“No, not at all. It’s been a year and a half since I last saw you. I want to spend time with you.”
“Okay, I’d like that,” you smiled, and he nodded, telling you that he was going to change really quick. He walked over to his duffel bag, grabbing some clothes before walking over to the changing room that was in his dressing room. Before he walked in, he turned around, facing you. 
“Hey.” You perked up, smiling. He missed your smile so damn much. “Your favorite flower is a baby pink peony,” he said before walking into the room. 
You were immediately taken back to the night when you had left when you had told him that he didn’t know what your favorite flower was, but all this time, he knew. He had always known. 
Walking towards the exit of the venue, the night was dark as the moon shined from up above you. With cold air rushing through you, you shivered, and Harry smiled next to you as you two walked through the emptiness of the parking lot. Before you two even spoke a word on how to go about having the ‘catch up’ conversation, you sensed Harry’s nervousness as he felt a bit hesitant with you because of the distance and time spent apart. But you wanted to remind him that you were the same person. You had the same feelings for him, and you really hoped he had some feelings for you too. 
So, you brushed your left hand against his right hand, cheeks flushed, and you interlock your fingers together, holding his warm ringed hand with your small one. 
This was it--this moment right here. This was where you were supposed to be. 
Tumblr media
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harryskalechips · 7 months ago
one and done Part 2
A/N Hey guys here is part 2! I’m so happy everyone is enjoying this one shot! Definitely makes me want to write again ;) Also there WILL BE A PART 3 eeeeek
Y/N and her brother’s best friend had a one and done deal to finally get rid of the sexual tension between them. Problem is now they can’t stop thinking about each other.
hehe hi warning: There is unprotected sex in here and hair pulling, spanking, pathetic horniness from Y/N, riding, fingering but yeah... oh and exhibition kink??? not really but i don’t know they do it outside :) what is that...
Word Count: 8.8k // Masterlist /one and done PLAYLIST/ Part 1 // 
Tumblr media
You know at first, Harry thought it was weird that his mind kept going to Y/N. After the night they shared, the way her body felt perfectly against his was enough to make his heart start racing. The internal moment when he decided to agree to her deal, he honestly didn’t even realize what he was getting into. He never really saw Y/N that way until last year...way before he joined the family on their yearly cruise. Yet nevertheless, he was confused why all of a sudden, he began to pay more attention to her. This new found jealousy was messing up his mind for no shit reason.  Sleeping on Ryan’s floor with the heater on high right beside his face, he knew he would not be able to fall asleep any time soon. The only choice left was to get a glass of water.
“How’s Tom?” A shirtless Harry casually speaks up as he itches his nose. It was currently 2 AM and Y/N couldn’t sleep so like any other teenage girl, she was eating out of her favorite tub of ice cream. Harry on the other hand, was a bit excited to see the kitchen lights on when he came downstairs. Fortunately enough it was her. 
“You should go ask him?” Y/N sarcastically laughs as she puts another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. She was also trying very hard to not check him out. He was very distracting you know? No matter what he’s doing or what he’s wearing. The way he was just filling up that glass of water underneath the kitchen lights was already making Y/N lose her shit. 
“Isn’t he your boyfriend?” He closes the tap and takes a sip of the cold water as he watches her lick the spoon clean. The way she sat on the stool with nothing but a hoodie on was just cute. Well, at least that’s what Harry is trying to shove down his throat. He’s really just moments away from bending her over the counter. Oh, teenage boys. 
“Mmm.” Y/N rolls her eyes back and moans as she takes another scoop. Once she finishes, she shoves the spoon back in the tub before crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m sure Ryan has the answer you’re looking for.”
“Yeah, he told me you're dating the knob.” Harry steps closer  and puts the cup down in front of her. Without hesitation, he takes his own spoonful of the cold delight. He maintains eye contact with her as he puts the cold spoon in his mouth. 
“Are you jealous?” Y/N smiles as she grabs the spoon from his hand to finish the remaining off. Her eyes watch as her wet tongue dances around the rim of the metal spoon. 
“I couldn’t give a fuck less.” He smiles as his finger dips in the tub. A pinch of ice cream was visible on the top of his finger and Y/N was surprised to see him gesture it to her mouth. “Are you jealous?” 
“Of what?” She looks at him blankly but all he does is put the finger in his mouth to suck off the treat. That’s what he meant. Just nights before the same digits were in her mouth. Is he fucking kid-
“Good night little Y/N.” He grabs the glass of the counter and makes his way out of the kitchen. 
What the actual fuck.
“I’m not kidding Ness, he was actually flirting with me last night.” The two girls were currently at Ness’ house, helping her mom make dinner. While eomma was in the kitchen, the pair decided to stay in the dining room as they wrapped the dumplings that were later going to be cooked. 
“I told you! Tom is a great way to make him jealous.”  Ness smiles as she puts another little mini artwork of hers on the plate in front of them. “He definitely wants you.” She chuckles and grabs the spoon of meat filling onto her plate.
“He barely acknowledges me nowadays. Before he used to at least greet me when he came over but now he acts like I’m not even there when we’re with Ryan.” Y/N mirrors her friend. “He’s acting weird and it’s so annoying.” 
“Maybe it’s weird to act like everything is okay when you know... you did the dirty with your best friend’s little sister barely a week ago.” 
“I know but it takes two to tango. He’s acting as if he’s the only one struggling with the weird tension.”
“Are you going to his soccer game tomorrow night?”
“Ryan’s going to be there so I’m pretty sure my mom and dad would want all of us to go.”
“I wish you luck then.” Nessa smiles as she wipes her hands off with a towel. “Watching boys play a sport makes them ten thousand times hotter. You better keep it in your pants.” 
“Everything is going to be fine.” Y/N replies with a sigh but the truth is she was convincing herself. 
~ And Y/N was just about right. Her mom and dad sat with her on the bleachers as they watched Ryan play on the field. At the moment, their school was against another close rival. Her brother was playing defense and it made things more difficult as Harry was a forward. Her eyes just naturally followed him throughout the game. The way his eyes focused on the ball and how he was shouting to his teammates for communication. It was also hard for Y/N to keep up a conversation with her mom. The woman was asking her daughter how school was but all she could do was focus on the sweat dripping down Harry’s forehead. She also completely lost it when he tied his hair up in a little ponytail. 
What caught her attention however, was that he was using her hair tie. It was a white little scrunchie with pink flowers on it, she just bought it at a boutique last month! She’s been looking for it everywhere and now it sits pretty on the top of his head.  
Once the ref calls for a timeout, the boys head to the bench. As Harry took a sip out of his water bottle, he caught Y/N’s glance and with a tired body and mind, he didn’t even realize his eyes just held her gaze as he chugged his drink. 
“Styles, you’re a great player but I’ll bench you if you don’t have your head in the game.” Coach Wensley speaks out as he calls the boy out. It was team discussion and it was obvious Harry’s head was elsewhere as he stared at one of the girls in the bleachers. “You can talk to your girlfriend later.” All the boys laugh, including Ryan. Harry immediately takes the drink out of his mouth and apologizes. 
After the game, Y/N and her parents met Ryan on the field. Fortunately the boys won and although Y/N didn’t want to admit it, Harry took some great shots during the game. “Oh Y/N, if only you continued soccer huh?” Her dad rubs her shoulder as Ryan talks to their mom about the match. Her mind was completely blank however. She loved playing soccer but her dad’s expectations was just another reason why she started to dislike the sport. Every time Ryan spoke about it, she would just pretend to listen. 
And although she stood there in the arms of her father, watching her brother and mother’s excitement over the game, in the corner of her eye, she noticed him. He was with his own family and Carla stood right beside him with a proud smile on her face. His arm was resting on her shoulder as he spoke to his mom as well. At that moment, Y/N simply didn’t react because it’s what she expected from him.
“Can we wait a bit?” Ryan speaks up as the rest of his family members sit in their SUV in the parking lot. Ryan kept one foot inside as he stood outside the vehicle hoping Harry would notice him. “Haz is coming over.” Y/N ears prick up once she hears his name. Of course, he’s coming home with them after a soccer game but she just expected he would hang out with Carla.
“Hi Ms. L/N, Hi Mr. L/N,” Harry pants as he steps inside the vehicle panting. He throws his bag behind the seat then finally notices he’s sitting right beside Y/N. Ryan sits inside as well before closing the door. 
“Did you really have to make out with Carla that long?” He teases Harry as he puts his shades on. “I legit saw you pinning her on the fence Haz, acting as if you don’t have a carpool to catch.” In retaliation, Harry elbows his best friend to shut up. It's weird his mate’s family has to hear about this. Y/N on the other hand was eyeing the scrunchie on his wrist. 
“Where’d you get the hair tie?” She asks him out loud in front of everyone. She was a bit passive aggressive due to the fact, he didn’t bother to acknowledge her presence. The funny thing is Harry knew exactly where the hair tie was from, the only thing left to do was pretend he didn’t.
 Before he left her room that night, the little fabric caught his attention as it sat on vanity and by then, he knew he had to adopt the poor thing.
“Think Carla gave it.” He mumbles as he hides his hands in the pockets of his windbreaker. 
“Just wondering, I had the same one -Can’t seem to find it though.” 
“Y/N, leave the guy alone.” Ryan checks his phone and laughs. “I’m sure Tom can buy you a new one.”
“Shut up.” Y/N couldn’t help but have her cheeks turn red. It was weird that people thought they were dating. “He’s not my boyfriend.” 
“But he’s the one that makes you go ooo oh fu-”
“Ryan.” Their mother turns around. “I don’t wanna hear it. Shut it.”
Once the family came home, Y/N was stuck helping her parents prepare dinner while Ryan and Harry were in the backyard passing around an old soccer ball while drinking some homemade juice, Ms. L/N prepared. 
“I have a question to ask you Haz.” Ryan sidekicks the ball to his friend before glancing at the sunset. The sky was turning to a light pink and although it was still a cold day, it was nice that the snow didn’t interfere with their school game. 
“Have you and my sister been talking behind my back?” He clears his throat as Harry kicks the ball back to him. “I’m not mad or anything, I just didn't know you two were friends of some sort.” Harry keeps his eyes on the ball as he adjusts the beanie on his head.
“What gave you the impression?” He pretends to laugh as he catches the kick a few metres from him.
“She’s been acting differently around you or maybe you too? I don’t know I’m sensing a weird vibe.” and from that, Harry accidentally kicks the ball too far, making Ryan run after it.
“My bad, Mate.” He bites his lip as he watches Ryan dribble the ball and sidekick it back. “But to be honest, I’ve spoken to her once at the party last weekend, when she was looking for you. She only really speaks to me if it concerns you.”
“Oh.” Ryan holds the ball under his foot. “Don’t tell her this but I honestly thought she had a crush on you. Funny, she’s with Thomas James now so I guess not.” He resumes the game. Harry just laughs as he hides his hands from the cold and into his pockets once more. 
“Why do you think that?” 
“Heard her and Nessa talk about it before.”
“If it makes you feel better, I’d never go for your sister.” Harry gives Ryan a small smile.
“I know, thanks man.” Ryan smiles back as he shakes his head. “She’s literally still my lil sister.” 
“Hello?” Harry answers Ryan’s phone. They were currently in his room as it’s been a couple days since the game. Being at Ryan’s too often, Harry doesn’t mind when they hang out at his place too. It also made things a bit easier when avoiding Y/N.
But funny enough, she was still on the phone.
“Hey Harry, is Ryan there?” Her voice lowers as she realizes the wrong person picked up her call. 
“Yeah, he is but he’s in the shower.”
“Oh, I’ll call back then-”
“Do you need anything?” He genuinely asks her as he can sense her anxiety through her tone of voice.
“I just need a ride home from the library, it’s kind of dark and no one is answering my call.” Which was true. Y/N’s workaholic parents were always heading home late, Nessa was at work, and honestly, she was not willing to pay $15 for an uber that was a mere couple of blocks away from her home. 
“Yeah, can you wait though? I’ll ask him. What about Tom?”
“He doesn’t really have a car.” 
“Alrighty, I’ll let you know. Are you outside?” His concerned tone becomes more apparent as he continues to talk to her. After hearing a faint yes, he instructs her to head inside for the time being. 
“Who’s that?” Ryan asks as he rubs a towel on his head. He was wearing a nice outfit as they had a double date tonight with the girls. Tonight, they were going mini golfing. Harry hangs up the call and continues to roll the sleeves of his flannel up.
“Your sister. She needs a ride home.” He glances at the window and notices it’s about to rain.
“Fuck, Cassidy is gonna get mad if I’m late again. I’m sure she can just uber or walk-”
“I can do it?” Harry volunteers without hesitation.
“Nah man, that’s too much.” Ryan sighs as he takes his phone and tries to call Y/N. “Carla’s waiting for you too-”
“Your sister is at the library that’s a bit far but I don’t mind. How about you give both of the girls a ride to the venue and I’ll meet you guys there.”
“I don’t know,Y/N is not responsible enough sometimes, I’m telling her to just take the bus home. She should probably be taught a lesson.”
“I don’t mind. I’ll pick her up.” Harry picks up his keys. “You know how to lock the door right. I feel bad for your sister. I know you’d do the same for me if Gemma needed anything.” 
“Thanks Man.” Ryan picks up the gel from Harry’s shelf. “I owe you one.”
“I’ll meet you guys there. I won’t be gone for too long.” As Harry ran down the stairs, he was surprised at himself of how he was handling the situation. Before their deal, Harry wouldn’t care less if she were to take the bus home but just hearing her anxious voice on the phone was already making him speed his way there.
“Hi.” Y/N smiles as she runs quickly to his car. She was wearing nothing but a white long sleeve polo and some tights. Her brother was right, she wasn’t responsible enough to even dress for the weather. “Thank you for picking me up. Ryan texted me just as it started to rain pretty bad.” Her hair was a bit soaked but it didn’t bother Harry at all. 
“Not a problem.” He purses his lips as he checks his mirrors before driving off. “You really need to get that car huh?”
“Yes. My parents said senior year but honestly, I don’t see why I can’t get it now.” Y/N brushes a few tangles out of her hair. She’s been in his car before so she felt a bit more comfortable than expected. “Ryan also got mad at me. I’m sorry to interfere your schedule, I know you have a date tonight.” And she said that because she was genuinely sorry for being a burden. She also wanted to prove to him that she’s 100% okay from what happened to their deal. 
“We’re going to play mini golf, there’s nothing exciting about that.” He rolls his eyes and glances at her. “But truly, it’s never a problem. Plus the weather looks horrible.” He laughs as he makes a turn on the road. “Um, How are you though? Good?” Harry forces himself to speak up. This was one of the rarest occasions he was able to have a conversation with her so.
“Yeah. I am.” She catches his glance again and they both smile. “I hope you’re doing well too.”
“Yeah.” The awkward silence rolls in. “I know we had a one and done deal but that was pretty fun wasn’t it.”
“Don’t you know the first rule of fight club?” She smirks at him as his cheeks turn red.
“Oh yeah, yeah I know. Just wanted to say I had fun.” He lightly presses the gas pedal to slower the vehicle as they reach a course of random neighbourhoods to drive through. 
“Well, me too.” Y/N smiles. She couldn’t lie, she was happy he brought it up. It was nice to know that she affected him the same way. 
“Nice.” He glances at her and mindlessly bites his lip. “Well, here’s your house. Oh!” Harry’s voice raises in regret as he runs his digits through his hair. “I brought an extra sweater if you needed to cover yourself. I completely forgot to offer you when you came inside. I’m so sorry.”
“Hey, don’t apologize. That’s so sweet of you. I just- I don’t think I should take it though.” She packs her bag up and unbuckles her seatbelt. She glances at the warm black hoodie and slowly regrets it. She can definitely imagine it smelling like him. 
“Just take it.” He reaches for the back to grab the sweater and hands it to her. “It was meant for you anyway.
“Thanks.” Y/N fists the sweater in her hands and tries to hide her big smile.
“No problem.”  He bites the inside of his cheek as they finally look at each other,  just milking the awkward tension. 
“Um Bye.” She awkwardly bids her goodbye -feeling really shy. And with that, Y/N opened the door and brought the sweater over her head as she ran into her house. With the heavy rain, she barely looked back as she waved to Harry. He watched her open the door and stepped inside before he changed the gear to reverse exciting the driveway. 
Finally closing the door, Y/N couldn’t help but take a sniff of the fabric. It definitely smelled just like him. 
It was finally spring and just like any other teenage girl, Y/N romanticized all the little aspects that the season brought. It was a new chapter and whatever happened in winter has melted just like her phase with Harry. Although she never really got the chance to return his sweater, as time went by everything felt like it was back to normal.
All the seniors applied to their colleges and now they were just waiting to hear back responses. Harry has always wanted to move out but the idea of leaving his mom alone made him want to choose somewhere that was at least more local than a 5 hour drive. Ryan knew for himself, that he wanted to go far and probably go with Cassidy too.
For Y/N and Nessa, the two girls were in Y/N’s room hanging out. The girls were always together, there was no surprise there. “Carla and Harry broke up.” Nessa speaks out of the blue. She was currently texting Tom who was very much her official boyfriend. “Tom heard Mark and Josh talk about it after school today.” Now, that was a credible source as Josh was Carla’s younger brother. 
“They’ll be together again in no time.” Y/N sarcastically smiles as she types something on her laptop. “Just watch, Harry is finally having parties again - we’ll definitely see the two together.”
“You want to bet?” Ness smirks as she puts her phone down. “I think it’s over. They’re graduating in June and Carla wants to study in another state right?”
“They’re like soulmates.” Y/N laughs as she tries to brush past the thought. She was definitely over him but sometimes it's crazy how she pictures him as her perfect guy. They don’t talk much but when they do, it makes the butterflies in her stomach come alive.
“So you guys are back to not talking huh?”
“It’s been like that since I met him.” She casually glances at her friend before proceeding to type. “He’s only the dating type of guy when it comes to Carla. That’s all.” 
“It’s been what two months since that night? You need to get laid again sis, you’re so pessimistic.”
“I am not!” Y/N mouth widens as she closes her laptop shut. 
“Get fucked at the party.”
“Fine, maybe I will!” and Y/N wasn’t bluffing. She definitely needed a new state of mind for a while. 
“Oh fuck.” Y/N removes the hair out of her face as she sits up from the floor. She recently just puked a bit in Harry’s toilet bowl and Nessa made sure to hold her hair up. 
“When I said get fucked, I didn’t mean get fucked up.” Nessa laughs. Tom knocks on the door to check if the girls were okay. “I’m taking you home.” Nessa glances at Tom as he tries to hold his breath in.
“No. I wanna go to Harry!” Y/N smiles as she goes to the sink to wash her hands and mouth. With a slow manner, she takes the lipgloss in her purse that fortunately matches her dress and reapplies a layer. 
“I will literally drop you by his feet.” Truth is, Nessa was a firm believer that Harry and Y/N would work out. She knows Harry’s a pussy though. It’s the only reason why she always encouraged Y/N to make the first move. Now, that Carla’s out of the picture, the only thing left is to play cupid one more time. 
“Please do.” Y/N’s thumbs smush Ness’ cheeks into a smile. 
“Rate of one to five, how drunk are you?”
“Like zero?” Y/N giggles. 
“For real.” Nessa’s eyes widen in all seriousness.
“Three now that I puked my guts out!” Y/N laughs. 
“If I leave you with him, would you be able to call or text me if anything happens?” She trusts the guy but she doesn’t trust everyone else around them. “Talk to me Y/N.” She looks Y/N straight into the eyes once more. 
“Yes Vanessa. Do not worry!” She smiles as she holds her best friend’s hand. “Let’s go.”
“Okay.” The two girls finally linked arms as Tom followed behind. Nessa already had an idea where Harry was and she wasn’t surprised to see him coming out of the room all by himself. 
“Hi Harry, you busy?” She tries to look inside but he mindlessly closes the pitch dark room.
“Is Y/N okay?” He looked pretty confused why the juniors decided to ambush him tonight especially how things died down between him and the flushed face girl in front of him. Maybe he would’ve pulled a move on her if it wasn’t for Ryan but things are probably different now. 
“Tom and I are actually going to go? Can I drop her off with you?”
“To like...babysit?” Harry quickly removes his hand from his hair as he notices Y/N begins to wrap her arms around his neck. 
“Yup. Just make sure she’s alive and well by tomorrow.” Nessa smiles as she takes Tom’s hand and begins to walk downstairs.
“Wait, isn’t that her boyfriend?” Harry catches Nessa’s attention as he holds onto Y/N’s waist. Her breath was on his neck and he was trying very hard not to get distracted.
“Nope, he’s mine.” The best friend gave him a shallow answer to keep any potential jealousy for the future.Yet as much as she was planning to just walk away, she turned around once more. “And Harry, if something happens to her, I’ll kill you.” He gulps and nods as she finally goes down the stairs. This was definitely not how he expected his night to go. 
Carla and him recently fought in the backyard leaving soiled beer splashed on his t-shirt. What he didn’t expect was to walk out of the room and have little Ms. Y/N in his arms. “What do I do with you?” He mumbles in her ear as he opens his room once more. He didn’t want it to look suspicious that a drunk Y/N was all alone in his room but he didn’t want to flaunt her around downstairs especially if Ryan was smoking with their teammates too.
“Anything.” Y/N laughs as she sits in his office chair. “I like your room. I finally know what it looks like.” Harry stands in front of her and smiles. 
“Want a room tour?” That question confused him because moments later, she began to laugh. “What? I’m serious.”
“Everyone knew when you and Carla went upstairs, it wasn’t for a room tour either!” Harry steps forward and flicks her forehead. He didn’t want to talk about Carla...especially with her. 
“What was that for?”
“Were you thinking you and I were going to do something else?” 
“Well after we did the na-”
“Don’t you know the first rule of fight club?” He repeats a phrase she once said to him. She probably doesn’t remember it though since it's been months. 
“Caught me there.” She squints her eyes and smiles at him. As an active athlete Harry was really tall, leaving Y/N no choice but to look up at him as she sat on his chair. 
“Why’d you get so dressed up anyway?” Harry’s finger mindlessly slips through the thin strap of the dress that was falling off her shoulder. He quickly adjusts it before looking back at her. 
“Nessa told me to get fucked at the party tonight.” He chokes on his spit as he backs away from her. After clearing his throat, he looks at her once more to see her snooping around his desk. 
“So are you still looking for someone or are you already done?” He scratches the back of his head as he takes the scissors away from her hand. 
“I’m already fucked...” She laughs as she stands up and pushes him on the bed. Harry immediately drops the scissors on the floor before his back crashes on the mattress. “-Up.” She whispers as she straddles him. Where was this new found confidence coming from?
“Are you trying to seduce me?” Harry laughs as the small girl tries to keep the small pieces of hair away from her face.
“I have to say, first you asked me to fuck you but now you’re straight on seducing me baby, What were you doing all this time? Could’ve just asked politely.”
“Just missed ya?” She smiles as her lips touch his. It felt good. It’s like that moment when something so satisfying happens… like it just fits. 
“Still have a crush on me?” Harry holds her waist as she hovers over him. He was dying of curiosity. He was hoping she still did.
“No, I’ve been over you since what? The moment we last fucked? Just thought I’d say hi tonight though.” 
“What a shame. I guess my crush doesn’t like me back.” That was a true statement that hurt his feelings a bit.
“Weren’t you too busy shoving your tongue down Carla Laws’ throat?”
“Yes but still couldn’t stop thinking how you took my dick down your throat either?” 
“Couldn’t speak for days.” She smiles as her hips slowly rub on his centre. At this point, her dress was scrunched up to her hips and Harry just wanted fuck her brains out on his bed. 
“Saw you limping too. Calculus is your homeroom yeah? Saw you fresh in the morning trying to let your friends know so well a senior fucked you good over the weekend.”
“Have you been stalking me Mr.Styles?” She laughs as she applies more pressure. “If you wanted to talk to me, you could’ve just asked politely?” 
“I kinda just wanna slap your ass right now.” Harry rambles but for some reason out of nowhere, the only thing he could focus on was her eyes and even though she was fucked up from the alcohol she drank tonight, she still looked really pretty. 
“Do you have some weird ass fetish? Want me to call you daddy?” They begin to laugh as she suddenly lays her head down his chest. “I wish I got to cuddle you more that night you left.” She mumbles into his shirt. It felt like this moment belonged to her- to them but Carla stole him.
“Maybe if you would have woken me up politely instead of panicking while throwing my clothes at me, it would’ve happened.” She laughs as she feels his hands play with the tips of her hair. 
“I like you, you know that.” She finally removes herself from him and lays on her back beside him. 
“Even though I don’t really talk to you… I like you too.” Harry faces her and watches her chest rise up and down. “More than I thought I did.” 
“Do you wanna fu-”
“Damn baby, why are you so horny?” Harry laughs as he stands up to lock the door. Is that a yes? “I swear just because you’re going to graduate high school soon, you don’t have to jump my bones all the time. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other.” He opens his drawers and grabs some clothes. “Text Nessa and tell her you’re going to pretend to sleep at her house tonight.”
“Why? I’m going home later?” Y/N makes herself comfortable on Harry’s sheets as she watches the man rummage his closet. 
“Sleepover with me tonight?” He tosses a shirt and some pants on the bed. “I’ll leave the room from time to time to check how the party is doing but I just want to… I don’t know I want to be with you?” His cheeks turn red as he rubs his chin. “We can like watch a movie or I can grab you food from downstairs or order take-”
“Okay.” Y/N stands up as she takes his clothes. “I’ll sleepover but are we gonna-.”  Harry immediately tackles her onto the bed making her scream. 
“If you ask me that one more time, I’ll make sure everyone downstairs knows I’m fucing your brains out. That includes Ryan.” He holds her wrists to the bed and watches her closely. “You drank tonight and I don’t feel comfortable having the whole house full while I try to make you scream your bloody lungs out.”  
“Thanks.” Y/N mischievously smiles as she raises her hips against him. “I have one more question though...are we going to fu-”
“Ass up baby.” He flips her hips without hesitation.
Okay, so as much as Harry didn’t want to fuck the living brains out Y/N tonight, he ended up doing it. Not that he was complaining but the girl was now at peace sleeping in his sheets with nothing but his shirt on. She just kept running her mouth until Harry decided to find a new way to make it turn off -which was to fuck her to sleep. I guess the heart to heart conversations have to wait until the early A.M? It was about 11:30 and he decided to leave the room and lock it once more just in case someone might come in. He’s been gone for two hours and he was wondering what has happened to his mother’s house.
 Obviously Anne didn’t want parties being thrown at her home every weekend but her son begged her this one thing and she was too nice to have her son leave her too soon. As long as he was responsible to keep the place in check, nothing was stolen or strangers on her bed, she learned to move on. 
“Haz! Who were you with?” Ryan surprises him as he comes downstairs. Harry was wearing a messy outfit compared to the neat one he claimed he would change into. “Bro said he would change his shirt but I see that fresh hickey on your neck.” he laughs as they continue to walk around the house. “I stopped by your room and heard the chick. Damn why is she so loud?” Harry immediately takes a stranger’s cup and takes a sip of it. 
“I think she’s deaf. She probably couldn’t hear herself and-” He rambles on trying not to tell Ryan he was fucking his best friend’s little sister. 
“No. It’s okay.” Ryan stops him and winks. “I’m going to drop Cassidy home. The party is dying down anyway. Also…” He looks around the room, analyzing the party. “Have you seen my sister?”
“No.” Harry shrugs. “Wait before you leave. Let’s get everyone out, I’m feeling a bit tired anyway.”
“Oh had tired doing the nasty wit-”
“Shut up.” Harry internally cries. “Please, I’ll clean up myself.”
“Alright. No problem.” Ryan smirks as he pours the rest of his drink in Harry’s new empty cup.
Once everyone left, Y/N woke up and dressed up in the sweatpants that were on the bed. Her next step was to find Harry which she did as he was cleaning up all by himself. Without a word, she takes a plastic bag too and begins to clean up the cups. After two hours once the house was spotless, the two went to his room. Harry played an old movie on the TV as the two cuddled. 
“Where’s your mom?”
“At her boyfriend’s house.”
“Does she know you throw parties every weekend?”
“Yeah.” He laughs as he keeps his eyes on the screen, his fingers couldn’t help but draw random images on her arm.
“What do you think of him?” She mumbles against his chest. Her whole mind was clouded by his scent.
“Her boyfriend.”
“He’s a nice guy. They’re more compatible than she and my dad.”
“Oh.” Truth be told after the whole sexual tension, Y/N had no idea where to start and neither did Harry. Ryan would obviously not support them, Harry is going to college soon and Y/N still has no idea why she’s here after his break up with Carla. “Did you love Carla or like do you still love her?” Harry tenses beneath her because who the fuck would ask that after the night they had?
“I did. I don’t know if I do right now however.” And for once, Harry finally took his gaze off the screen so his full attention was on her. He always takes moments with her for granted.
“Can I ask why you guys broke up?” 
“What’s up with all the questions, baby?” He wraps his arm around her and pulls her in closer. She was like this new little shiny diamond that he found in his backyard when he was younger. He was completely obsessed. 
“Well, it’s just weird you know. I know you and I know all these little facts about you but only because you're Ryan’s best friend.” She leaves a kiss on his chest. “I know about you but not really who you are.” Harry frowns at her statement because it's one hundred percent true. But to be frank, he had no idea the girl beside him was thinking about him. She was thinking about the little things and the big things that made him really happy but also anxious. Is this a long term thing or a short term thing?
“I feel the same exact way.” 
“Should we try and get to know each other?” Y/N asks and this was an important question. She needed to prepare herself just in case, she becomes too attached to him and everything associated with him. He fucked her so good that she was already in love. 
“We’ll try.” Was the only phase out of his mouth because he honestly had no God damn idea either. 
1 month later…
“What are you doing here?” Y/N closes the door behind her as Harry stands on her porch. This was usually the time, he would come over to hang out with Ryan but today he texted Y/N to meet him at the front. 
“Thought we could go on a date?” His face begins to feel warm as he gives her a small and simple bouquet of flowers. 
“Maybe we should go to your car? Ryan might notice you’re here.” Y/N takes the flowers as she kisses him and mumbles a thank you. She was wearing the same outfit from school and she had no idea if this was date worthy. “Where are we going?” 
“My backyard.” Harry laughs as he drives away from her house. “I thought we could have a picnic in the backyard since it was a pretty day. Plus we have all the privacy in the world.”
“Wow, you’re really cheeky aren’t you.” Y/N smiles as she holds the flowers to her chest. She never really had a guy give her flowers and the fact it was Harry made her extremely happy. 
“Like a bit?” He laughs. 
Once the two arrived at his backyard, Y/N was surprised to see a picnic blanket and a picnic basket alongside it. He had the pool facing their front as the whole garden was surrounded by long wooden fences for privacy. “Harry, it’s so pretty!” Y/N runs to the blanket and places her bouquet beside it. She was wearing her tights and a oose band tee as Harry was wearing just a white shirt and jeans. “I had no idea, you were romantic.” Y/N laughs as she gives him a peck on the lips thoughtlessly. It both surprised them but they decided to brush past it. 
“I thought you deserve it.” 
“Thank you.” She laughs as she opens the picnic basket. It was definitely a full lunch. 
“Before you say anything, my mom helped me prepare the food before she left for work.” Harry nervously speaks out as he helps Y/N put the food out. 
“Anne has always been the sweetest. Thank you for real.”
After their meal, Y/N and Harry lied on the blanket staring at the sky as they got to know more about each other. Ryan was barely mentioned in the conversation as he was a constant topic regardless of today anyway. 
“Are you bored?” Harry mischievously smiles as his fingers play with the hem of her shirt. “I thought we could play an activity.”
“Oh my god right here?” Y/N eyes go wide as her heart beats faster. 
“To be honest, anywhere you want, baby.” Harry laughs as he kisses her shoulder. “Could fuck you right here on the grass, in my room, in the car… or in the pool.” and damn Y/N wanted to say all of the above. Her thighs mindlessly clench as she thinks about her decision. 
“I’ve always wanted to get railed in your car.” Harry laughs as he bites her earlobe. “I’m scared a little girl coming home from school might see us through. So… maybe here?”
“Fuck.” Harry smiles. Not going to lie, he was hoping she would say here… only if she was okay with it. The weather was really pretty today and there was nothing better than fucking his lil diamond in the backyard where he finds all his little treasures. 
He slips off her tights and spreads her legs wider as his tongue begins to dip around her things. Licking and sucking as he watches her expression. “Take your tits out. I wanna see them.” Harry mumbles quietly as his fingers clench around her legs. He was so close to her wet centre that he could see the wet patch. Pushing the cloth to the side, his tongue licks her throbbing pussy without hesitation. Y/N slowly raises her shirt up as she grabs the straps of her bra down. 
“Couldn’t get you out my system even if I wanted to.” Harry smiles as his fingers begin to tease her entrance. He gives it a quick slap before biting lightly on her clit. 
“Harry, oh my fucking God.” Y/N rests herself on her elbows as she watches him pleasure her. The view behind him and around him was over stimulating her. “Your tongue is so good. Shit.” Now Y/N swore she didn’t have a potty mouth but only with Harry does that become false. 
Without warning her, three of his fingers push into her. “I know you can take it. Fuck look at you.” Harry’s mouth salivates as he observes the way her wet hole takes him without any rejection. “Come on baby, ride my fingers. Let me make you come.” He harshly whispers to her as he continues the fast pace. His tongue licked mercesilty as if he was trying to prove something. 
Y/N thought she could hold on longer until she felt his wet spit drip down her centre to her back. Her hips immediately rub in smaller circles as she moans a bit too loud for a friendly neighbourhood. Harry unzips his jeans mid thighs before putting his dick in. A loud moan coming from him as he watches Y/N’s face. 
“Oh shit, Condom shit shit shit!” Harry immediately pulls away. He’s a high school kid, he’s never had sex without one!
“I’m on birth control.” Y/N pants as she rubs herself. “I’m clean.”
“I know baby but I don’t want anything to put you or us in jeopardy.” Harry jerks himself off as he mentally plans on how he can run upstairs to grab one. 
“But i want you.” Y/N takes his hand and sucks on his thumb. Truth be told, she never had anyone come inside her but if the first boy would be Harry, she would be happily blessed and honoured. “Please daddy.”  Harry’s mouth goes open as she spreads her legs wider. “Remember when you spanked me in your car because I was a bad girl. I’m good now please. I just want you to claim me.” and harry wasn’t into the daddy kink just because Carla wouldn’t stop moaning it like a c-list pornstar but for some reason since Y/N barely said it -when she did, hsi eyes just go fucking black. 
“You want me to come in your wet pussy baby? Want my seed to fill you up.” Harry teases his tip with his thumb. He continues to tease Y/N’s entrance as well as he feels bold to slowly slide himself on the surface of her swollen hole. “You feel so good, like you’re made just for me. 
“Just fuck me hard until I cry and I’m all yours.” But soon after that, Y/N gasps as he fully enters her again. His hands gripped onto her tits as he moved one of her legs onto his shoulder. 
“You better not make a single fucking noise because you fucking love to tease me.” And with that, Harry just said fuck it and thrusted his hips at the fastest speed he could. His arms moving to her neck, her waist, beside her head or in her mouth. It didn’t matter, he was everywhere. His mouth continued to explore her body as it has been the following mouth. 
He quickly instructs her on all fours before pulling her hair and fucking her from the back. Y/N had to bite on the picnic blanket as her fingernails scratched and pulled on the grass as if they were her bed sheets. 
“Fuck, look at you begging to get fucked raw. You’re so fucking horny baby.” Harry spanks her ass as he keeps fucking her at a deeper pressure. “Next time, I’ll be fucking your ass and see if you’re going to beg for more still.” He spits as he watches it travel to their connecting centres. 
“Mmm daddy please.” Y/N moans as she can feel her tits move from the constant pressure entering and thrusting into her body. “I’m going to come fuck.”
“That’s it baby.” Harry pulls her hair harder that an actual tear slips down her face. She was surprised that his hips weren’t getting sloppy at all. “I know you got one more in you princess, fuck I just want to make this worth it. I want you to milk the fuck out of my cock.” Y/N moans as pushes him away so she could ride him. 
She immediately straddles him and wraps her hands around his neck as she moves up and down. Harry was definitely surprised but he watched the way her tits moved and how she was just clenching and clenching. 
“Fuck!” He yells out as his wet come shoots into her. Their hips continued to meet in the middle as liquids continued to shoot in her. 
“I love you.” She mumbles against his chest as she feels it travel down her thighs. 
“So what? You’re not talking to me anymore? Harry, It was by … accident. Call me back!” Y/N ends the call, sending her seventh voicemail to him. She was utterly confused. It’s been 4 days since their date in the backyard and he hasn’t spoken to her since. 
They’ve been meeting up behind Ryan’s back for a month but the moment she slips a simple sentence, he’s automatically gone. But she wasn’t dumb, she knew that sentence meant a lot and it carried a lot of emotions that both parties barely talk about. Yes, she’s in love with him but there was no point of being proud to say it if he’s snubbing her now. 
She was confused but most importantly heartbroken. 
After that last voicemail, Y/N gave up. What was the point anyway? They never really spoke about their relationship… if there even was one. They weren’t dating. They weren’t friends. They were simply two acquainted people who had too much sexual tension. Maybe their date in the garden made Harry realize that he still wanted Carla. If that was the case, Y/N pretty much knows how it feels like to be a rebound. 
The sad part was Ryan had no idea what was going on. Soon after when Harry started reappearing and coming over again, he completely blocked her out as if she didn’t exist. It was back to the days where he barely spoke a word to her but the reality is now he knows exactly who she is and the little things that made her day and the little things that don’t. 
No matter how acquainted they were with one another, their darkest secret was still fresh in their minds.
2 months later...
“Y/N, we’re throwing the end of the year party here.” Ryan pops up at her doorway. It was currently the last month of the year and Y/N was studying for her exams while her brother has been in and out of the house doing what seniors do nowadays. 
“Mom and dad are letting you host here?” Ryan smiles and nods. “How’d you get them to say yes?”
“Harry and I are going away for college. It’s a special end of the year party.” Y/N drops her pencil as she stares at him. 
“Harry is leaving? I thought he was staying here?”
“Who told you that?” Ryan asks with a confused expression on his face. Harry never really spoke about where he applied for college but he knew the guy would tell him if he was planning to stay home. The truth is Harry only told Y/N he wanted to stay local and maybe that’s what made her more attached to him as she thought he wouldn’t leave her. “He never mentioned anything like that.”
“Oh, maybe I’m confused.” Y/N purses her lips. “Where is he going?” 
“NYU with Carla. They’re moving in with each other.” 
“What?” Y/N’s eyes widen. 
“I know right? They’re so on and off.” Ryan shrugs his shoulders as he taps the wall. He was obviously going to go now. “Guess they’re soulmates afterall.” he laughs as he walks away. He had to go downstairs and grab some food anyway. He was oblivious that Y/N started crying. He was oblivious to a lot of things. 
She knew it was over between them but it became clear, he was never hers. 
“Thank you all for coming tonight!” Ryan yells into the mic. The party was currently hosted in their backyard with string lights and balloons everywhere. With Y/N and Nessa, the only juniors at the party, their task was to clean up and maintain the house since everyone was focused on just graduating high school. “We’ve got some beers over there and some food on the table at the right. I just want to say, Harry, thanks for throwing the best weekend parties for me and everyone else here.  I think our batch having weekly gatherings made us especially close. High school wouldn’t be memorable without each night at your house.” Everyone applauded as a few whistles were heard. “Before we cheers, I just want to say a huge congratulations to Harry and Carla on recently getting engaged.” Everyone gasps as they look at the couple hiding at the back of the party. With Harry’s arm wrapped around her waist, Carla flashes the ring and smiles. “I know I know but the night is not just for them… it’s for all of us! Cheers!” Ryan raises his glass and downs his shot.
“What the fuck.” Nessa mumbles as she and Y/N clean the kitchen and analyse the party outside. “They just graduated high school and your boyfriend is already engaged?”
“I don’t have any fucking idea.” Y/N throws the towel on the counter. She was angry and this was the final straw.
She went outside in the garden wearing a simple dress she wore to the ceremony. She knew she had to grab a sweater soon before the mosquitoes came out to bite but she couldn’t help but want to talk to Harry first. 
Fortunately, she catches his glance from a couple metres as he spoke to his friends. She nods her head towards the small shed in the corner of her backyard. Opening the rusty door, she steps inside and waits a few minutes before Harry finally comes in as well. 
“I just found out, you’re engaged.” Y/N doesn’t smile as she tries to keep her chest from rising. She was in love and fuck the sexual tension they had! She thought they had something but he always went back to Carla. “Congratulations.” a very evident attitude rolls off her tongue. 
“Thanks.” Harry tries to keep his distance but he has missed her and everything felt different when it was just them two. 
“I just want-” Y/N tries to speak out but he immediately pushes her against the shelves of the dusty gardening pots and tools before kissing her. His lips instantly touched her as his hands held onto her arms to keep her from moving. 
“No!” Y/N pushes him away. “You can’t do that!” She fixes her hair and tries to lower down her voice. “What is wrong with you! You literally just got engaged!”
“She’s pregnant Y/N.”
“What?” Y/N’s eyes widen. “Does Ryan know?”
“Nobody does.”
“You told me… you always use a condom! Were you fu-”
“I didn’t lie to you! Condoms are 98% effective!”
“Oh my fucking God.” Y/N sarcastically laughs. “I don’t want to talk to you again.”
“You’re acting like I wanted this?” Harry gives her a cold look. “But who gives a shit anyway? Especially your opinion. You're nothing but Ryan’s little sister.”
“Fuck you.”
“You already did.”
Y/N rolls her eyes and walks away from him and closer to the door. “I guess congratulations on graduating, getting engaged and having a baby.” And with that, Y/N left the shed, wiping her tears away immediately. 
Harry didn’t want to end on a cold note with her but fuck, he was stressing over his own life already. He slams his palm against the wooden wall before walking out as well.
That’s a one and done deal. No more going back especially if he’s moving on. 
Part 3 
Taglist: @f-flourishing , @nataliedahlia , @florenceskies , @much-love-tay , @goldenxstyles7 , @sixwyrxstuff , @y0uresogolden , @gucciantidote , @kikisparadise18 , @muffpuff23 , @stylessugarhigh , @f-vasquezp
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muffindaddystyles · 2 months ago
okay but imagine waking up next to soft!dom harry in the middle of the night and snuggling closer to him because you had a nightmare or you just couldn’t get to sleep well and he just kisses you, whispers sweet nothings and holds your hand as he helps you back to sleep
Wednesday’s are most tiring for Harry. Shit tons of paperwork, shipping and unloading and then being a visible leader at the workplace to make sure the gang runs efficiently.
Weary and knotty in his muscles Harry dragged himself all the way to the threshold of his house to his room, his comfort space for many reasons— it smells incredibly sweet of his lovie, it’s cosy and the blankets are always toasty with her warmth and the room temperatures's the perfect chilly against your skin, akin to whole house.
“Hi Mushy,” He greets her coarsely, ducking down and a bit to the left of her gaze when she busily mumbles a ‘hi!’ Back with her head stuffed into her books, crossed legs on the chunky silken duvet and blankets.
“No kisses, pretty?” He asks, patting her head gently and she looks up at him. Equally tuckered out and bushed, she’s been trying to solve this stupid stupid algebra and it seems like algebra solved her and kicked her in arse telling her to do this nonsense with someone other.
“Sorry.” She sighs, scurrying to her knees and lifts her bum to plant a soft kiss to his lips instead ends up smashing a sloppy peck to his chin making both of them giggle.
She really thought she was about to get a good sleep, after having a tummy full dinner, doing her night routine with Harry and cleaning the little mess around her room because it keeps on irking her the whole night of otherwise --- she really hoped.
Her hopes were crushed brutally with a bulldozer when Harry knocked out the moment his floppy head hit the pillows, his embrace's homey and his breath melting into her skin makes her wants to learn the pattern mentally and sleep to it— she did.
She almost lulled herself into a light slumber when their whole house shook, the windows squeaked and their bedhead banged against the wall ever loudly from the force of her jolt due to the peal of unexpected thunder.
Y/N hates thunderstorms. It hyperventilates her badly and she’s never able to sleep during them, she might ends up crying or trying to make a clever run god knows where. She’s a science student still her silly and scared brain convinces her that the lightening will fall on them and burn them to ashes.
For a moment it didn’t happen again, replaced with calming patter patter of rain and she was glad she hasn’t woken Harry up. Who’s snoring softly into his pillow, his arms lax around her body and his facial features placid and soft.
There’s an ominous roar again in the sky and this time it fucks her up properly. She whimpers like a puppy shrinking into Harry’s side, eyes bolted shut as she feels her heart pumping in her ears – thumping eerily against Harry’s chest and she gasps, her knees knocking against Harry’s lower abdomen when there’s furious amount of non-stop thundering. Quite funnily he only mutters something incoherent and tucks her further into him.
Y/N’s sleepy, loggy and her scary surroundings doesn’t makes any sense to her and she doesn’t want to wake up Harry.
She’s feeling awfully, small and little and skimpy.
Terrified her eyes blows away when she sees the light-flashing outside scarily bright, “Daddy!” She cries out, latching her elbows around Harry’s neck and her thighs around his waist -- practically haggling the dude into a bendy doll.
“Daddy, daddy, daddy. . .” She mumbles unremittingly into his throat, her tears soaking the crew neck of his shirt -- tummy jolting against him and it stirs Harry, trying to take in his wear-bouts— knuckling the blurriness away from his eyes, he looks down at his lovie in haziness worried something bad happened because last he remembers she was good and about to drool over him. His warm palm gliding up her back, the fabric of her pyjama top bunching in his hold.
It doesn’t took him long to realize why his lovie’s so rucked up, clinging onto him like she depends on him for dear life when another wave of thunder-clapped and she was shoving herself into him with a frightened sob.
“Hey, hey . . Poppy. Daddy’s here. Not g'na let anything happen t’ya, sweet girl.” He whispers, cupping her face with both of his hands and tilts it up gently to look into her scared eyes, he sandwiches her shaky hands in-between his thighs and brings her impossibly closer to him – stroking his thumb over her wobbling wet bottom lip.
“We're gonna die!” She stutters a whiny sniffle hating that this awful thundering wouldn’t stop. Her outburst quirks Harry’s lips into a small smile, his heart oozing with overloaded infatuation for his love who’s just too innocent and cute for her own sake.
He gives her an eskimo kiss, pecking the corner of her salty lips then kissing her mouth tenderly and lovingly, “Said the same thing last time baby.” He calms her down. Rubbing her back, halting at the dip of her hip to massage the soft spot gently.
“Shh, shh, ‘s okay . . . I know it scares my darling so much, hate tha’, wouldn’t want my little’s poor heart to suffer this much would I?” He says groggily, tone coy and affectionate. He brushes the frays falling over her eyes out of shakiness, behind her ear and smooches a kiss to the side of her temple.
A surreal quietness blanketed them, her timid voice breaking through it and Harry smiles foppishly and lazily down at her hands still covering her ears. He tuts caringly when she blinks and glistening moisture collects under her eyebags.
“Sorry, didn’t wanna wake you,” She skootches impossibly closer into him, nuzzling her face in his strong healthy rising chest and he shakes his head petting her hair, “Would’ve been bummed if you didn’t,” He hugs her securely, and she relaxes taking a nourishing breather. Something so protective, safe and warm his huggies makes her feel.
Harry himself is the definition of tenderness, for her.
“Good?” He inquires, pressing his lips to where her neck and shoulder meet—- rubbing his hands up and down her arms smiling assuringly when Y/N hums in meekness.
His head perks up, brows shooting up nonchalantly when Y/N groans again upon all of it starting again and he coos, tightening his hug more compassionately screwing his mind too think of any idea to distract her.
“Would my baby like to keep me inside her, keep daddy warm?” He cuddles her chuckling softly when she buries her face in his neck, fisting the waistband of his joggers out of shyness and quick to bob her head timidly as Harry showers her in tiny sloppy wet fond kisses.
“Hmm. My soft little one.” He murmurs, hooking her panties away and spitting in his palm to squeeze it around his girth and gives himself few pumps before lubricating her with his own precum and eases carefully inside, not to hurt her.
Their temples falls against eachother, whimpers mingling as Harry bottoms out inside her. Balls snug against her bum, his eyes glassy as he nudges her playfully, “Now if we get stoned to death . . atleast it’d be with me cock inside ye',” His belly does a loopy loop upon earning a shy giggle from her (he takes pride in making his lovie laugh) and she moans breathily when he squishes her bum cheek grumbling disgruntled.
“Not letting them see yer bum thou,” She hiccups a giggle, feeling ticklish from all the raspberries he’s blowing at her skin and lapping the sensitive spot then, teasing it dry.
“You’re s’nice to me, I love you.”
“I love you too, my little one.”
Harry’s forever and always gonna be her comfort person.
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treesandtheirberries · 2 months ago
y/n tells Harry about her one-night stand.
Tumblr media
YIKES. this is so not influenced by irl events AT ALL. hehehe. first time using a gif kinda nervous.
wc: 2.9K, angst?
In his apartment's living room, their scheduled 'study time' was reaching the point where they were bored and annoyed. (y/n) was sitting upside down on his couch, head towards the floor while her legs dangling on the top of it. Harry, on the other hand, was lying outstretched on the rug, both of their textbooks abandoned.
"Organically! I just want to meet someone organically in a, I don't know, a fucking coffee shop. Or Trader Joe's. I'll even settle for the dining hall!" (y/n) yelled, her frustrations about relationships were a sore spot and she always vocalized them. Being a hopeless romantic, she idealized the thought of being in love far too much. "But we're about to graduate! I've lost my chance, Harry!"
He chuckled at her comment: her dramatics and his nonchalance a perfect dynamic for their friendship. "You stress about it too much, like you said, we're about to get out of here you should be having fun. Don't overstress your little mind."
"Don't pin me the holey virgin, I just want a Lover, Jesus Christ."
"(y/n), you haven't even held hands romantically with a single person. I think I'm allowed to tell you to just get out there already." Harry laughed, they also had an interesting dynamic based on their experience. She was known for pining but not succeeding, while he, on the other hand, liked to enjoy his college years through the art of casual fucking.
"You underestimate me. I have done stuff." (y/n) shyly said, still embarrassed and even ashamed of her recent actions.
Harry quickly turned his head to (y/n) in shock, a playful smirk on his face. "Excuse me? And you didn't say a word about it to your best fucking friend?" His tone was playful and offended, his dimples diminishing any real harsh feelings. "Spill the deets, can't believe you withheld this from me dude." He couldn't explain why he felt like his heart rate was rising, or why his ears felt hotter. He was happy for her, yeah, it was about time.
"So," she dragged, cheeks flaming, "You know how I've been on tinder for a while."
"You said it was for fun? Like nothing real?" He questioned.
"Well, it was, until it wasn't. Matched with this one guy and it escalated, the first guy I met in person and it was the intention of hooking up." She sat up now, covering her face with her hands out of utter embarrassment. Why was it so hard to speak about these things with her best friend? They've shared every detail in their lives. "And we did, sorta. First kiss, first ... everything really. Except for sex, I refused to fuck him."
Noticing her shift in positions, he sat up too, to get a better view of her. The two shared about everything and he was extremely invested in this new conversation. "(y/n) what the fuck, that's great!" He was happy his friend was finally getting a taste of what was out there. The tingling feeling in his hands was unexpected though, along with a strange pressure on his chest. "Sounds quick, why not go the full way then?"
"I definitely rushed into it. I don't think I wasn't ready, but I regretted it after because I wish it was with someone I knew. Like, knew his last name, or his favorite movie. That's why I didn't fuck him. I probably would have cum if I actually liked him." Her cheeks were still burning from embarrassment, but she knew Harry's habits, so it's not like it was a big deal, right?
"I think we always romanticize our first, and I don't think anyone has a genuine connection." Why was it making him feel strange to imagine her with another guy? He talked about his escapades weekly with her, they weren't strangers to this topic, only that now the subject was flipped. "But I think you should've cummed regardless, pet." Small bursts of her mouth ajar entered his mind, what he assumed she'd look like in pleasure.
Groaning she began to squirm on the couch. "I know we do! But I can't help it. Is it so wrong for thinking I should've kissed someone I genuinely like? I had to learn how to make out right then and there, it was so embarrassing. Don't even get me started on the other stuff. It was enjoyable but, I think I was just too nervous to cum."
Images came flashing to him more frequently after the first. Her kissing this guy. Her straddling his lap and grinding. Her pulling his zipper down and-
"I just really wanted to see what it felt like; to be that close to someone." She finished, sighing.
Shaking his head from thinking of his best friend that way, he focused his attention back on her in front of him. "There's always going to be other chances to be that close to someone, you can decide when it means more to you or whatever. Make sure it's something you enjoy, not something that puts you down every time; that's not healthy. Don't put so much weight on yourself for it, I mean look at me," he finished with a soft laugh. Suddenly, and for the first time in years, he began to regret how many times he's been with other people. The thought of the two discovering each other for the first time became unbearable from how unreasonable it was. He wanted to be the one to show her how to kiss, teach her how she should be pleased. But if she thought this was such a big deal, then it seems like his body count would be something she'd be too cautious to physically approach.
The two sat in silence for a moment, their words lingering.
Finally, she broke it, softly saying "Just please, don't ... think of me differently."
"(y/n) you're a saint regardless, please don't think you've changed my view of you somehow when we both know I'm the filthier one." He tried to underplay with another lighthearted laugh.
"It's just hard not to think of myself as dirty, for doing that with a stranger." (y/n) hadn't had enough time to process the situation, and being to actually vocalize her feelings instead of ignoring them was making her emotional. She was known for being dramatic, but the tears welling up in her eyes were warranted given her situation."I won't be able to have that special moment with the person I love anymore. It's all tainted. I know I agreed to it, but I feel so fucking dirty. Is that the only attention I can get? Through my body? He was all over me when I was on him, but he didn't want to meet up the next day to hang out. I wish I never did that because now I know what it feels like to be wanted, but in the worst fucking way." At this point, silent tears began to fall down her face. She turned away from Harry, embarrassed at the whole situation, vulnerability was hard for her.
His heart broke for his best friend who was obviously in pain. How long had she been dealing with these feelings alone? Why hadn't she vocalized them and why hadn't he been there to help her? Finally moving off his spot on the floor, he sat on the couch beside her, enveloping her in his arms. Quickly, she accepted the hug, tears falling quicker now. He didn't know how to process this and disregarding his own whirlwind of emotions, he began to rub her back. "I'm- I can't believe you've been dealing with this alone, (y/n). You're not alone, you're-God, you're everything. Anyone would be fucking blessed to even have you for a second. Beautiful, and smart, and so fucking funny. You're so much more than your body, which is beautiful, but it's not your only way to have someone close to you. I can't believe someone as incredible as you feel dirty. Baby, you're far from it."
"Then why do I feel like this?" She barely made out through a sob, "I feel useless!"
"Maybe you just weren't ready for it yet, or at least in that way. You do deserve to be with someone to make you feel like you're their only priority, but (y/n) you choose when you give that to someone. It doesn't have to be your first-ever, just someone you trust counts for it as special."
She began to calm down, his soothing hands stopping her sobs. "On one side, I'm glad I have some experience so I won't come off as a right loser but I do wish I would've given that part of myself to someone who would've appreciated it. Someone who cares."
His heart began to beat faster. He felt like an idiot for making the situation about himself, but how could he not? Isn't she confessing something? Or maybe he was taking advantage of her vulnerability. Instead, he decided to readdress something she mentioned earlier. "Despite what you feel, you'll never be lonely. You have me, and that's enough. You don't need to do these drastic measures that make you feel useless to feel close to someone, I won't let you. Sure, it works for me but that's what makes us different baby. You're so special and kindhearted. You can be picky with who you give yourself to, and I don't mean through your body, but your heart." He wishes the circumstances were different. Maybe if he didn't sleep with a different person each week he'd maybe lift her chin up, wipe her tears, and give her a slow kiss to prove what she deserves.
"Feels like I found out the hard way about something I already knew. I'm too emotional for one-night stuff. Wish I could've done it with someone like you."
Her words were soft-spoken as if the crying drained her of her energy. She did tend to sleep after a breakdown. But this didn't ease his firing thoughts: did she mean it? Like in a romantic way? How does he even respond to his best friend saying something like that when she's typically so shy?
"You know I care so much for you, and I'll always be here for whatever you need." There. He laid out his conditions: he's hers whenever. He prays she's awake enough to acknowledge it, but the slow rise of her back proves otherwise.
When she awoke, she found herself in Harry's bed. It wasn't unusual so she wasn't shocked. They tend to sleep at one another's if they stayed over too late, and since they had been friends for over ten years, sleeping in the same bed wasn't an issue.
Except, she felt like the biggest fucking idiot on the planet. (y/n) has a major problem with vulnerability, either never giving up enough about herself or in turn, dumping all her emotions at once. She heavily regretted both but at least she could bask in the former than take back the latter. Stupid fucking idiot. Not only does Harry now know she hooked up with a stranger but he's gotten an even closer look at how much of a loser she is. Fantastic.
She doesn't know what's happening with her emotions, but tears began to fall down her face onto the pillow. Pathetic. Harshly rubbing at her cheeks, she finally turned over to see Harry asleep. He was facing her, face peaceful and soft.
With her tears still running, she got out of bed, hoping to make it out before Harry noticed. She needed to be alone to go over everything, and luckily he was a heavy sleeper.
Roughly grabbing her jacket from his desk chair, and finding her abandoned backpack, she slowly made her way out to his living room area. More feelings of utter stupidity ran through her, making her feel cold and useless once again. She carefully turned the doorknob of the main door open, being mindful of the creak it would occasionally make.
And just like that, she made it to her dorm while trying not to cry harder on the walk there. Dropping her stuff right at the entrance of her room, she peeled her clothes off to lay in bed. She felt almost a burning sensation in her chest, the desolate feeling coming back in full force.
She wasn't a stranger to depression. She would jokingly say she had bipolar disorder given her frequent back and forths with suspected manic and depressive episodes. This though was the strongest it's been since the year prior.
Hugging a plushie to her chest, she began to sob fully. The pain she felt was a mixture and accumulation of everything and nothing. She felt like the most useless human on earth, considerably uglier, stupider, more difficult than any other person she's interacted with. She was delusional for thinking she would find someone to connect with emotionally, but she was even more psychotic for giving her body like that to a stranger. She was alone. That's how it always began and that's how it would always end. There was no one for her, no one that would ever care enough to hear her and she'd make sure it would never happen. Equally so, she cared so much about how much she hated herself, that she didn't care at all. This juxtaposition was beyond her, but the pain she felt in her lungs from crying was all she could do to make sense of the feelings.
She was alone. She'd always be. She always has been, and she was absolutely insane for thinking she'd have the luxury of it being any other way.
Four days had passed since the two's talk, and it was extremely out of character for Harry not to hear from (y/n) for more than two days. He already was a bit concerned waking up the next day after her confession but thought that she might've picked up a shift at work. He knew she'd have some episodes and would reluctantly admit it, but the two had their process of getting through it. If one or the other sent a text message stating "ice cream?" then it was known that they were having a hard time. With (y/n), a scoop from their favorite creamery and small talk would be enough to make her feel important. It was usually enough to get her out of her slump.
Yet, when Harry sent her that exact message, it went without response.
He assumed she maybe needed space after her first round of sexual experiences, or perhaps she was still exploring them and felt shy letting Harry know. The second option made his heart beat a little faster, despite him trying to control it.
Yet, it was the fourth day without any exchange of Tik Tok's, songs, or Tweets. He was worried.
That's exactly why he found himself right outside her dorm. She had an extra key to his apartment, and he had an extra room key for her dorm. They were seldom used since they were always with each other, but they agreed it was needed in case of an emergency.
He attempted to listen to see if she was there, and knocked just in case. After waiting and receiving no response, he slid the key in to get in. The blinds were closed despite it being a bright day, and no lights were illuminated. This immediately made him nervous, (y/n) was the bright and positive girl that influenced his own dark days.
Walking into the room, he found that she was in bed, covered by more than three different blankets.
"(y/n), please tell me you're okay. Are you sleeping?" His breathing was labored, worried about his best friend. Getting closer, he was able to see her face, turned to the side of her wall. She was asleep, although she had a crease in her eyebrows. Her cheeks were red, a tell-tale sign of one of her crying fits. "Baby, hey, wake up. It's three in the afternoon (y/n)," he said softly, heartbreaking at the sight in front of him.
Slowly she began to wake, looking confused that Harry was there.
"Let's get you out of bed, didn't you have two classes today?" He said, still keeping his tone soft.
At this point she sat up, keeping her eyes down out of embarrassment. "Yeah, but I was tired so I stayed in."
She never missed class, so he knew this was worse than any other episode he's encountered with her. "What's wrong baby, come here," sitting beside her and bringing her into his arms. Almost immediately, she fisted his hoodie and began to shake, minimal noises coming out as she seemed to cry more. Frowning, he brought one hand up to caress her hair as she let out her emotions.
After talking, he found out she was feeling out of sorts during the past few days, but she wouldn't say anything as to why she felt this way. (y/n) reassured him that she was trying to get better, that it was just a random change in her brain. He wasn't so convinced but seeing her get up to change her clothes, brush her teeth, and wash her face was enough. Every time he specifically questioned her emotions, or if this was brought on by what they talked about, it was quickly brushed off.
Having Harry see her in a state like that was beyond embarrassing, and thus she tried to get back to her normal mood despite how her head felt. Basking in her pain alone doesn't seem to be beneficial, so she considered asking her 'one-night stand' back for another night. She knew Harry wouldn't agree, but it was time for her to 'women-up.'
Pleeeease tell me what you think! I def wanna continue this plot line though. Does that mean it's not a one-shot? idk how these things work. Anyway, like i said so not influenced by my recent actions. not at all.
feedback appreciated, suggestions always open. have a good fuh-reaking day!
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loveontourlove · a month ago
Opal— A Love on Tour ♡ Extra
A/N: Here's a little something for you while you wait for the next chapter. Hope you like this tiny bit of Emi and Harry! Love -Vee
Tumblr media
Story Masterlist // 685 words // Ask me anything
October 13, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I really like this ring,” Harry says, staring at my hands. We are sitting at an indoor table in a small cozy café in Pittsburgh, close to our hotel. We decided to venture outside together on our free day, as Harry doesn’t have a show until tomorrow. So far we’ve had luck in going unrecognized. Our table is in a far away corner, giving us a little more privacy.
I’m writing in my journal, something that I love doing but have lately found myself not having enough time to just sit and write, so today I brought my notebook with me. Harry’s sitting across from me, sipping on his coffee and staring at me with a pensive expression. His gaze shifts from my hand, working rapidly with my writing, to my face. It feels like he’s trying to burn in his mind how I look right now.
I stop mid writing and look up at him.
“Yeah, my grandma has great taste” I finally reply, looking down at my opal and golf ring on my finger as well. He hums in response.
“I also like that it’s your birthstone. What’s my birthstone?” He asks. I drop my pencil, deciding to take a break from writing so that I can answer all his questions.
“Amethyst” I reply with no hesitation.
Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world. Known for emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst can break anxious or addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness. Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates serenity of the mind.
“Interesting” He says and falls deep in thought again. I chuckle under my breath. I love watching Harry get lost in his thoughts. He doesn’t say anything else so I resume my writing.
“Maybe I should get myself an Amethyst ring too” Harry says two minutes later. I drop my pen again.
“You could ask Alessandro to find you something” I smile at him and he nods “Though you know, the tradition actually says you should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected”
“Really?” He asks, perking up, like this new bit of information really caught his attention.
“Yeah, my grandma gave me this so that someday I can pass it down to my daughter” I explain “If I have one, I mean”
“I like that,” He says, staring at my ring again..
“Yeah it is cute. But, you can also wear your birthstone if you want. This is all just random stuff my Nonna says” I tell him. He nods, taking a sip of his coffee and getting lost in his thoughts again. I see him take out his phone from the corner of my eye, and start typing quickly.
“I’m asking Lambert to find me a new ring” He explains, concentrating on his screen. Harry L is probably already sending him options.
I shrug and resume my writing.
October 14, 2021
“So handsome” I tell Harry, staring him up and down. He’s checking himself out in the mirror to make sure his whole outfit is in place, and I’m checking him out as well, loving how the gold and black clothes look on him.
Finally he’s wearing something other than red.
“Okay I’m ready” He says, walking to the vanity where he’s set up his small jewelry box. I see him put on his dreams and when he walks past me on his way to the door a sparkle I haven’t noticed before catches my eye.
“Wait, is that a new ring?” I ask him and he stops right under the doorframe and turns back to me.
“Yeah, it’s opal” He smiles and gives me a wink. He doesn’t say anything else, turning back around and leaving.
I stay here, frozen in my place, my heart thumping so fast and loud I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the arena can hear it.
You should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected.
taglist: @annesauriol @countingthestarsinfinitely @harrysfolklore @sunflowervolume66 @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @f-vasquezp @acidicbloody @caitscraps @evanjh @handsomerry @mrsstylesthings @pratsxx @happyeverafterjunkie @harreii @collectiveuniverses @everyscarisahealingplace @whatiamnow @lollypopsx @msolbesg @camflowervol6​ @allmylove-hxx​ @goldenhoax @familyshow-orisit @4hazza @alienorknight @futuristicpalacegardenpsychic @hazziestyles @giveyourheartabreak-xx @call1800coochie @mariamuses @marlananicole17 @multiplums @rivercran @hannahnikohl @itsmycorneroftheinternet @brittychelle @happycupcakeenthusiast @hrrysonlysunflower
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goldenharystyles · 3 months ago
Punishment part-2
warnings; - dom harry, wax play, electro-shock play, dirty talk, ropes, toys, bad words, edging,  bondage, whipping. 18+ .........9 years age gap (Yana is 9 years younger) send me requests and concepts please hope you enjoy 😊.
Harry’s pov;-
Yana and I had our dinner and right now we are watching an episode of friends. I’m letting her rest a bit so she can take so much more. She is in my lap, half, she is on my side, head on my chest hand wrapped around my waist, and legs upon mine. She does this when she is tired or when she knows I’m tired or mat at her.
''Harry'' she said'                                                                                                                                                         'hmm'' I mumberld
‘’Are you mad or upset with me?'' She asked picking her head from my chest to look at me. the sadness in her voice
‘’A little yeh’, but more like disappointed’’I said without looking at her. I can see from the corner of my eyes she was holding back tears. Yana is a very sensitive person, she devotes herself to me, she believes in me so much even I don’t believe in myself that much. I don’t think someone has ever loved me as much as she loves me. She’ll be all upset when I’m upset or even when she is sad and I’m happy she’ll be all happy. In this generation where I thought I’ll never really find anyone yana came into my life and filled me with love, so much love. She is always, always there for me. There is no single movement where I needed a shoulder to cry or celebrate something or needed a solution to some situation and yana wasn’t there. She is an old soul just like me, only wants to love nothing else in return. I hope she knows I love her more than anything in this world and I heartily appreciate everything she does for me.
She knows I like control in bed and she trusts me with her soul with that.
‘’I’m really sorry harry’’she said with a trembling voice.
‘’It’s fine’’I was a little disappointed but it’s not like it was so much of a deal. We both know I was just enjoying and I know she was sorry as soon as I asked about breaking my rule. I could see it in her eyes, they were teary but she didn’t cry.
‘’ I know it’s not fine. and that you’re unhappy too. I should have waited for you’’she was looking at me
‘’You’re taking the punishment for it, aren’t you? So it’s ok.’’I said truthfully
‘’I know I’m. But- I- I- Am just sorry’’she dropped her head a little. she never makes eye contact with me especially when I’m angry she gets scared it’s not that I scare her trust me it’s just she finds it hard.
‘’It’s ok love.’’I look at her I know if I don’t take her in my arms now she’ll start crying so I took her I’m my arms and kissed her all over her face.
‘’I love you harry’’she hugged me.
‘’ I love you more my love and I’m not upset with ya’. Alright? Don’t feel bad about it. Think about how you took your punishment. My strong girl. I’m so proud of ya’’I said and hugged her tight. We sat like that for another 10 minutes
10 min later;-
‘’ I’m ready’’she said suddenly
‘’Um- what’’I asked confusingly
‘’ I- um ready for whatever you have in mind’’her voice slow like perfect submissive, but I don’t want her to feel like submissive I just want control I don’t like when she looks down or speaks slowly. I want my girl to enjoy instead of taking what I am giving
‘’ Bub why are you talking to me in a slow voice and why is your head down instead of up, you’re very confident, than the way this?I asked rubbing her back for her comfort.
‘’ It’s just i.. I feel guilty. Like I’ve been caught, which I have but I’m like…guilty.’’She said looking up at me then immediately she looked down in her lap. I swear I saw her teary eyes and it breaks my heart.
‘’No need to feel bad love. And no need to cry too. You said you’re ready yeh’?She nodded
‘’then go to the red room and wait for me’’I said giving her a big smileShe didn’t smile back‘’bub if you’re gonna be like that then we are not doing anything,’’I added
‘’ No no no I’m-… I wanna go and see what have in store for me, let’s see what Mr. styles have got’’ she smiled and winked
‘Ahh- really huh call me Mr.styles one more time I dare you baby girl’’I grabbed her taking both of her wrists in one hand and tickling her
‘’ ahhh harry no, stop..stop’'
‘’Nah- uh uh I’m not stopping and I was thinking too that what should I add to your punishment’’I started ticking her harder
‘’ Ohh sorry I’m gonna pee harry stop. fuck’’she laughed
‘’ Whoah shameless child, you’ve got dirty mouth love’’I gasped dramatically
‘’ You’re acting like a child and you’ve got a filthier mouth, baby boy. And please stop I’m really gonna pee’’she pleaded to laugh
‘’We are not even started and you are begging to stop what a shame’’I teased she narrowed her eyes and laughed. There she is back to herself finally laughing I love her like this.
‘’We’ll see about that’’she winked knowing she’ll lose as always
‘’ Challenging me, my love?’’I raised my eyebrow. She nodded
‘’we’ll see when you’re begging me to stop and when you beg I’ll do it more so next time when you challenge me you’ll think ’’she stared at me. She clenched her thighs‘’ already wet love?’’ I asked
‘’No’’ she said quickly
‘’Don’t lie bub I saw you clenching your thighs’’
I stared at her she shook her head‘’so if I undress you right now you won’t be wet? I questioned She shook her head again
‘’Ohh if I undress you And I don’t see you wet you’re forgiven but if I checked and you’re wet you’re in for a terrible one. (Punishment) so again are you wet angel?’’
‘’Yes, daddy’’she said I smiled
‘’Does my filthy mouth gets you wet? Without me even touching you? How pathetic.’’I stated
‘’Yes, pathetic for you daddy no one else’’ she said shyly
‘’Yeah that’s my girl, you look so good when you smile Now, let's see how you look when you cry.’’ ‘’now go wait for me in the red room. Strip and do whatever I’ll be right there in 5 mins max’’ i said she nodded and went upstairs.
As I entered the room I was shocked she was wearing a sexy linger and was on her knees, Hands-on her lap and face down but not too much jus straight but down type god I love this girl so much. I smiled at her she was being good for me.
‘’Bub look at me’’I said she looked at me not sad or like submissive just yana my yana. The excitement in her eyes‘’ you look lovely in that bub and on you’re knees too’I winked at her with a smile.
‘’Wore just for you sir’’she smiled
‘’ Yea?’’She nodded
‘’Now pup get up and get there on the X’’I gestured (X means X shaped pillars, the one like 50 shades of freed had I the movie ig but this were thinner than that)
‘’Okay sir’’she said and went there I went to get some ropes. I know I can easily chain her and I don’t need ropes but I want her to remember this so I’m not gonna go easy. I lit some candles at the time and put them aside I took ropes and went to her
‘’Strip’’I said she obeyed.
''I want you to feel the rope burn your skin as it tightens around your fragile body. Let me hear your little whimpers, as you squirm needily. Beg me to fuck you, tell how much you want, no, NEED me.’'
Yana was so sensitive to my touch that, even if I touch her neck or kiss it she’ll be dripping. I tied her up with ropes hands on top of X and legs open too. Everything is tied and fully exposed for me to use however I want. And she can’t even move more than 2 inches.
''Such a dumb slutty rope bunny, turned on over just a few ropes binding you. Don't get me started on that preciously weak facial expression of yours. So cute and stupid, you just want to be used as a toy. Be good’’I ordered.I went behind her She was all naked for me. I ran my hands through her sides to her arms to her neck again to her sides to her thighs she was whining but couldn’t move too much.
‘’You like being tied up bunny? you like when daddy takes control over your body. Do you Like when you are all helpless to daddy? Like being used huh?’’I asked not expecting an answer I know my words get her wet so I ran my hand over her slit
‘’you’re dripping angle. I’ve not even touched you yet and look at you..dripping for me’’she moaned loudly I started kissing her neck. I held her throat with one finger making her look up and the other just resting around her neck. I started kissing her hard leaving hickeys all over the neck. And started rubbing her cilt slowly too She moaned
‘’feels so good sir’’
'’Yeah? There might be so much in your stomach because I didn’t let you cum right?’’I asked voice dominating
‘’Yes sir there is a lot in there’’she said weakly as I drawing a fast circle on her clit and pushed her lower stomach in
‘’ So small touch of mine and you’ll cum?''I asked
‘’Yes sir I’ll make a good mess for you please let me cum I’m so close please please let me’’she pleaded
‘’You’re gonna cum baby girl? Go ahead come’’I fasten my speed
‘’ Oh god yes yes I’m cumming sir’’she said and I pulled my hands off of her clit leaving her unsatisfied. she was a whimpering mess.
"The more you squirm, the more I will ruin your orgasm,”I threatened I held her breasts in my hand both of them they re exactly my hand size. I massaged them a little and went to stand in front of her. Her head was reacting on her shoulder. I attached my mouth to her left nipple sucking it and massaging it with my mouth. She moaned and tried to close her leg. Poor puppy. I smirk on her boob kissed all of her chest parts and backed off. Looking at her she is so helpless. I took oil in my hands and massaged her boob, her chest, her hands, her neck, her stomach, her legs, and her pussy in short whole body. She was shining from all the oil
‘’ pup don’t squirm much it will get you in trouble’’I warned she nodded and stayed still.
‘’Now, you’ll do as I say right?’She nodded
‘’ I’m gonna untied you one hand and you’ll do as I say’’I untied her right hand
‘’Draw slow circles to you clit baby and don’t stop, if you stop without me telling you. I’ll give you 3 ruined orgasms do you understand? You stop 1 time to feel relief and I give you 3 bad ruined orgasm. Whatever you want’’I said.
‘’ I understand sir’’she said I nodded. I came up with you wax candles in my hand she was shocked ‘’rub you clit bubs’’ I ordered. She started rubbing her over-sensitive clit. I dropped wax on her chest and held it there just moving slightly to cover up her boobs with wax. She hissed at burning
‘’Does it burn pretty girl?’’I asked dropping it on her nipple
‘’Yes sir too much’’she hissed hand still rubbing clit my both candles were nearly over
‘’good. Move your hands' fast dove’’I said looking at her hand. She did it faster
‘’Sir I’m close please please sir please let me cum’’she begged I smiled
‘’Go faster baby and stop pleading it’s not getting you anywhere, go faster’’ I ordered
‘’Ahhh ah-uh sir…’’she cried
‘’I said more faster can’t you listen to me’’I said voice up. She was going faster and faster I know when she is right on her edge and that she was planning on cumming too.
"It feels so good, though, doesn't it?" I smirk as she nodded she was right on the edge...‘’Stop’’ I said and she didn’t, she wanted to cum ‘’ I SAID STOP SLUT’’ I took her hand and tied it again. ‘’SLUT’’ I said shaking my head.
I took all of the candles wax and threw it all over her body except her cunt.
‘’Ahhhhhhhh sir burns’’she screamed I chuckled
‘’Yes baby scream this is just starting so think how much you’re gonna scream’’I smiled and she looked at me with pleading eyes. I took some more candles and again covered every single part of her body. She whined but couldn’t do anything except taking it. I smiled at her helplessness. Then I took one which was in glass (candle) and lit it up and let it be for some seconds till it’s was is melted a bit. I looked at her and grin her face drooped haha! I brought a candle near her wide open pussy she hissed at the feeling. I moved it around a bit and stooped on her clit a little further didn’t wanna actually burn her.
‘’There was so much ice in your underwear an hour ago right? She nodded ‘’so here’s a candle heat it up baby’’I smiled and drag the candle closer to her clit
‘’Shit sir burns please can’t whole body is on fire from wax sir please’’she pleaded I chuckled and threw all melted part on her pussy
‘’Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck shit it’s too much sir it burns uhhh’’she tugged to her restrains to feels some relief but bad luck?
‘’I know baby girl I know’’I kissed her teary cheeks I again took one candle and lit it and threw all the was on her body parts as well as her ass
‘’Sirrrrrr’’she cried
‘’Don’t scream I’m right here not in another room plus I don't think I'll be done with you anytime soon so don’t show me your puppy eyes’’I said
‘’Sir it burns so much it’ll leave marks sir please’’she pouted
‘’I rubbed oil before it won’t leave a mark but it sure will burn like hell when I do next thing which I’m gonna do after not right now. Right now I’m gonna clan your body, but not with my hands of course,’’her eyes widened and I grin at her ‘
’I’ll use some toys for that’’I went to get our thick 20-inch leather flogger I smiled at it.
‘’ I want no voices coming from you do you understand?’’I asked
‘’Yes sir’’she obeyed I took it into my hand and looked at her and hit it on her body with a smile. She screamed without voice. My poor baby. I did it again and again and again till there was almost no wax on her body her body was all red. No marks on her body just red
‘’Sir please’’she pleaded with teary eyes
''"excuse me? didn't tell you can speak. I’ve to gag you now. wait'’ i said and came with a gag and gagged her with a silicone ball gag ‘
’ now you look perfect. SLUT’’I chuckled
‘’There is still some wax on your body I think I’ve to clean’’I smiled and took a step back and hit her with flogger all over her body. She was screaming in gad which made me chuckle
‘’Sul plluz’’she pleaded again something she is doing all night. I was finished with flogging so I thought I’d take off her gag and I did
‘’Good girl’’I praised
‘’ standstill I’m gonna blindfold you. Hard time starts now’’I repeated the thing I said when I showed ice in her underwear
‘’But- sir’’I cut her off
‘’ No buts just shut and take it. You can scream or whatever all you want but don’t talk to me’’I wared
‘’Ok sir’’
I put a blindfold on her I went to the kitchen and took the thing I planed when I last came here. She’ll give-up I guess. I took wet napkins and ducked them into lemon water and put all of them around her body (not pussy) She screamed on top of her lunges
‘’fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck noooooooooo shit I can’t godddd please please I can’t’’
‘’There is my pathetic whore’’I rubbed the wet napkins I put around her body
‘’Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god god god god pleaseeeee’’she whimpered For pussy I took' The faux leather spanking paddle’ and sat down on a stool in front of her
‘’didn’t wanna burn your pussy tho so……’’ Ismiled when she shook her head I was gaining to hir heer pussy but it was a bit uncomfortable.I untied her ‘’ go get on bed’’ I ordered the obeyed ''spread your hands and legs wide open’’ I said I tied her ankles to upper Sid of the bedpost (headboard) and hands to her ankles I even tied her thighs so she remains fully open I again took leather spanking paddle
‘’you’re gonna count with me 10 but if one is wrong or you miss count we’ll start again’’I said and didn’t give her a chance to say anything, and hit the paddle to her wide open pussy
‘’Fuck ahhhh hurts 1 one sir’’she screamed a little Again it hit
‘’two’’ ‘’three’’ ‘’four’’ ‘’five’’ ‘’six’’ ‘’seven’’
''Does it hurt puppy’’I asked as I was tapping on her clit
‘’ Yes sir it’s too much hurts’’
‘’Good as it should’’
I again hit with full force her pussy was so red
‘’Ahhhhhhhhh eight’’,
‘’nine’’ ‘’ten’’
‘’How are ya feeling baby, are you okay?’’I asked her she was still in a recovery zone
‘’Yes sir I’m okay’’she gave me a small smile
‘’Think you can take more?’’I asked coming hands on her body
‘’Not right now but after 15-20 mins yeas I guess’’ she said
‘’ That’s ok pup do you need something? Wanna drink water? Or eat something?''I asked wiping her tears
‘’Need some water my throat is dry’’she said and laughed a little
‘’ I bet it is. god, you scream so loud’’I dramatically put my finger in my ear and shook it.
‘’Haha not funny, shouldn’t have gone that hard the I wouldn’t have screamed’’she laughed
‘’I'm no mediocre baby’’ I smiled and kissed her
‘’now ya rest in that position cause I’m not gonna untie you. I’ve still got 1 chapter left’’
‘’Uhhhhh harry’’she good I slapped her ass hard
‘’It’s daddy to you’’I glared
‘’Oooo Mr. styles got angry’’
she teased I slapped her again on her ass and then her already beaten pussy ‘ahhhhhh fuck’’
‘’Behave and shut up I’ll give you water drink and rest for 10 mins’’I said and gave her boatel with straw in it. After 15mins;-
‘’Arey ya ok bubs still tired?’’I asked her she shook her head
‘’Nah just burns a little’’she said I nodded
‘’Ok so this is the last one and uh- we’ve never tried this one but I saw it’s safe and I’m gonna do to you it’s electroshock’’I said
‘’What I- uh- i.. dunno’’she said
‘’Oh I know everything and I know you too so don’t worry enjoy’’
I kissed her forehead she nodded
I took 4 clips and joined them with wires. I went to her and put 2 clips on her each nipple and the 2 on her pussy lips
‘’I’m gonna start the power clench your fist if it’s too much don’t scream’’ I told her
‘’I’ll try my best sir’she added I started the machine she jolts from the first shock but I didn’t stop and continued on medium setting I took the vibrator with we used before
‘’Meet your friend from earlier bunny’’I smiled when she shook her head
‘’No more edeging please’’she said
''My favorite pass time is listening to your sweet moans, and watching you squirm as I hold your favorite vibrator against your cute pussy. And I’m free till this shock shocks you up.’’I laughed and changed the setting to a little bit up of electro
‘’I’ll hold this vibrator to your clit. I'll use you. But you won't get to cum do you understand?’’I raised eyebrow
‘’Yes sir, I do’’I changed electro to highest and she screamed
‘’ Don’t scream hold it in’’I shouted over her screams
‘’Sir I can’t shit’’she can feel shock all over her body I took one clip go her pussy lip and clipped it to her clit and started again. Having shock direct on her clit she jolted
‘’’Ahhhhhhhhhhh siirrrrr mmhhhhh’’she screams but then held them in I started the vibrator on mid-speed and hold it against her clit. After 1 min max
‘’P-please sir, I can’t take it anymore. Stop it, I wanna c—‘’I smirked and increases the speed she moaned
"you fucking whore, you need to learn to control yourself.”I glared at her and put vibe on the highest"another word and you won't be begging to cum, you'll be begging me to stop."
‘’ Sir please I wanna cum please, I’ve held a lot please’’she cried
‘’ok baby girl let go’’ I rubbed her pussy with a vibrator as well.
‘’Really’’she asked I nodded with a smile ‘’thank you so much goddddd’’ I didn’t say anything
‘’I’m cumming’’and she came.
''You came? But don't expect me to stop. I'll vibe you till your cheeks get covered with tears, lips bleed and swell, wrists get red from being tied up, eyes roll back in your head and breathing gets uncontrollable. I want you wrecked from top to the bottom’’I said and started moving the vibrator fast on her clit. After some seconds
‘’Sir I’m cumming please let me’’she asked
‘’Who stopped you cum and then cum again cum cum cum cum keep cumming.’’ I said
‘’ I can’t take anymore’’
‘’ Of course, you can you don’t have a choice’ I laughed
‘’Sir--‘’ Iput my hand on her mouth and stopped her begs then she came again and again and again and again and again and again and again idk at least around 7-8 times,
I switched off everything
I started to untie her
‘’love are you ok?’’I asked and kissed her writs
‘’Yeah i’s sir’’she teased
‘’Hey I’m Harry or baby or baby boy to you’’I said kissing her lips
‘’Yeh baby boy I’m good just can’t feel anything that’s all’’she replied
‘’Are ya hurt somewhere? Did I hurt you or went too hard’’I got worried because she did cum many times
‘’Nah, it’s fine I’m good you just have to take me everywhere that’s all’’she laughed
‘’Fucked the shit out of ya didn’t I?’’I smirk
‘’Yeah yeah’'
‘’Hey don’t talk to me like that do wanna do that all again?’’I raised an eyebrow
‘’Nahh nahh god no’’she said and I smiled.
‘’Good hope you learned your lesson, ok now I’m gonna run a bath and put some candles just thy way you like''said she nodded very tiredly
‘’Ok H’’I got off of the bed and filled the bathtub lit candles.
‘’Let’s go bub I’ll pick you up common now get up’’I said touching her shoulder so she could give me some space to carry her
‘’Hmmshe replied I took her to bath and set her down climbing back of her I took her In my lap in the bathtub and bathed her and relaxed. I brought her back to the bedroom with a towel around her and got her a fresh pair of my t-shirt and her panties and dressed her.
‘’Come love let's cuddle and sleep’ she came to me and wrapped her arms around my waist and I took her head and placed it on my chest. She was all over me.
‘’You took all of that so bravely love gonna be honest didn’t think you’ll be able to take that much I’m so proud of ya’’she didn’t speak but kissed my chest.
‘’What did we learn today pretty girl?’’I asked
‘’Not to touch daddy’s pussy without his permission’’she said voice low I smiled
‘’Good bub. I love you so so much I’m sorry if it was too much’’I rubbed her back
‘’Nahh, I’m good. I love you more and you know it’’she said. And I know she’ll love me more than anything.
‘’Good night love’’she didn’t reply was asleep when I look. My baby.
thanks for reading. sorry for mistakes 😅 please reblog if you liked😊
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yourinstagram me after harryween fittings
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harrystyles oh please, you decided your costume after 5 minutes
yourinstagram shut up Harold, you narcissistic little shit, even making Halloween about you 😭😭
harrystyles 😔💔 @yourinstagram
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bellahadid so cool ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
yourinstagram I miss you!!! love you 🥰🥰🥰❤️‍🔥😚😚
nycharry please drop some sneak peak 😭😭
cherrytpwk are they doing couple’s costumes?????
y/nandharry someone drop outfit details please 🥺🥺🥺
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harryupdates1 this was Harry’s reaction seeing @yourinstagram 🥺🥺🥺
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bakerstyles bro 😭😭😭😭
hotwingsharry I’m so soft and jealous 😔😩
wonderstyles what was she wearing???
harrystyleupdates1 it was some costume of some athletic woman? Apparently it was a dare between them!! @wonderstyles
wonderstyles oh okayy, I can’t wait to see it 😌
Italyharry he’s literally so hot 🙄
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yourinstagram don’t know if the jokes on me because I took the dare or @harrystyles because I actually did it 🤨
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yourinstagram kinda sus you say that after this post 🙄🤨
harrystyles 😏😌
yourinstagram 4k 📸
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gemmastyles ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 @yourinstagram
harrystyles 😔😔 @gemmastyles @harrystyles
fameharry she literally did this perfectly!!
tobesolonely she still looks good 😩
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harrystyles Harryween night II.
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yourinstagram 😏😏😏
harrystyles 🤨😳😳😳
1dfan I liked night 1 costume better 🥲
atlajsharry same @1dfan
cherrytpwk both are cute!! @1dfan @atlasjsharry
harrystylesgf step on me 😩😔
shyharry sis 💀 @harrystylesgf
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one and done Part 3
A/N Hey guys so sorry for a late update but here we are!!!! The last part of the series! I really enjoyed writing this one and I hope you guys enjoyed as well! Let me know what you guys think please and also also also thank you for reading!🥰🥰🥰
Side note: I’ll come back and edit my brain hurts
Harry is engaged and having a baby but Y/N is just his best friend’s little sister.
Today’s warning: We are anticipating some heavy smut in this last part. Please prepare for a spitting, spanking, choking, and hair pulling kink, Male receives oral, unprotected sex and just shit like that y’know? I think there is begging in here too LOL OMG they almost had sex outside again but that’s just so inappropriate but yeah... I think that’s all. Oh yes, Y/N rides and just loves being a horny mess hehehe
Word Count: 11k // Masterlist // one and done PLAYLIST /  Part 1 / Part 2
Tumblr media
 If there was one thing Y/N was excited about… it was her last summer of high school. As she reflected on her junior year, she was happy Harry and her were finally in a place where she could just reach out to him and be comfortable. Although they didn’t have labels, it was the last thing on their minds as they spent most of their free time together away from Ryan and any other nosy classmate of theirs. Harry also spoke about long roadtrips. Despite him staying home for college, he was excited to drive his girl to different campuses and check out new destination sites around the many different cities. 
They were optimistic they would stay together in the summer yet here they are spending it apart. 
Y/N was in her bedroom sitting on the floor wearing Harry’s sweater as she was staring at the pile of scattered clothes on the floor. It was July 6th and even after a month of grieving for her broken heart, she managed to still wear her ex’s sweater… only because it was the sole object that made her feel like what they had was real. 
They were so on and off throughout the year and the one time they managed to stick together, it was all washed away. Too many signs telling them they were not meant to be. 
But that’s the truth. Y/N thinks to herself as she wipes away a new coming tear falling down her face. Harry and her are not the cliché plot of dating your brother’s best friend. Their relationship was based on lust and ended with unrequited feelings. They are not soulmates. Y/N rests her head against the back of her bed. No matter how much you try to fight it, if you are not meant to be… that’s it. 
“Are you okay?” Ryan stops by her doorway with a plate of late dinner. He was also blatantly oblivious to the fact his little sister was wearing a sweater of his best friend’s. 
“Yeah, why do you ask?” She stares at him with an unamused expression on her face. Her room was a mess, her head was in places where it shouldn’t be and her heart just felt broken. 
“You’ve been in a pissed off mood since last month.” he genuinely states as he walks into his little sister’s room. Maybe before he wouldn’t bother to ask Y/N how she was but the truth is, he is leaving soon and he’s a bit worried with the way Y/N has been taking care of herself. 
“Is it that obvious?” Y/N sarcastically laughs as she throws some clothes away for Ryan to sit on her bed. He places his plate on her desk and takes her offer as he looks around the floor. 
“You haven’t left the house nor have I seen Ness around.”
“I haven’t really been speaking to her.”
“Oh so you guys fought?”
“No, we didn’t. I just haven’t really been feeling social.”
“Y/N, you know you can talk to me right?”
“I know.” Y/N bites the inside of her cheek knowing full well that she’s lying. 
“Will you be coming to the party tomorrow night?” Oh, that’s right. It’s Harry and Carla’s engagement party. 
“That’s why I’m cleaning out my closet.” Ryan laughs a bit as he stands up and pats her head. 
“You don’t have to impress anyone. You’re not the one getting married.” Y/N feels her throat tighten a bit as she watches him leave her room with his plate. She lets out a sigh before rubbing her face in frustration. If she had the choice, she wouldn’t go but that would also show Harry that she cares more than he thinks. It’s been a month and she had to prove that she was over him and over the deal. 
After a couple hours of sulking on her bedroom floor, she finally stands up and takes off his sweater. In the corner of her room is a cardboard box of clothes that were to be packed away and stored in the attic. Without hesitation, she throws the piece of clothing and carries on with her night. 
“Y/N, you look beautiful sweetheart.” Her mom waits for her at the bottom of the stairs. The sun was just about to set and it was also time for their family to drive to Carla’s home for the party everyone has been anticipating. 
“Thank you.” Y/N musters a smile as she glances at herself in the mirror one more time before heading out to the car. Her mom was honestly surprised her daughter was all dressed up for the party tonight, there was something off about her but today, it felt like she had a piece of her daughter back again. Saying nothing out loud, she locks the front door and walks with the young girl towards the vehicle.
 Truth be told last night before Y/N fell asleep, she knew today would be her biggest performance. All she knew is that she couldn’t wait for this day to end so she can go back and hide in her room. 
“Hey mate.” Harry smirks as he offers a hug to Ryan. The party had just begun and Harry waited outside the house to wait for his best man to arrive. He was shitting his pants at the moment and the only thing that would make him feel a bit more comfortable at his own party is if Ryan was by his side -like the usual. 
“I can’t believe you’re getting married, Haz.” Ryan tries to hide his disappointment in front of his family. Y/N and her parents stood behind him waiting for the duo to greet each other first. “I thought we would enjoy our bachelor era a bit you know… longer.” Harry tries to laugh as he makes eye contact with the pretty girl. Once the two pull away, he awkwardly laughs and greets Ryan’s parents. 
“Carla is it for me man.” Harry tucks his hands inside the pockets of his trousers. “We’ve been together since grade school, I guess it’s time I tie her down to me forever.” Y/N’s mom laughs and pats his shoulder. The five began to walk to the backyard as she spoke up.
“Forget Ryan, I think you two make a lovely couple and are honest soulmates.” Harry glances at her and flashes a small smile. He thought having Ryan here would make him feel more comfortable but there was only one thought that was processing in his head as they walked the stoned pathway. 
This engagement made him feel ten thousand times much worse knowing his in-law family wouldn’t be Ryan’s because the truth is there wouldn’t be anything much better than to have Y/N and Ryan’s parents as his too. 
“Hi.” Carla approaches them with a warm smile on her face. The nude slim dress was impressive on her, especially as it made the diamond on her finger stand out more. She casually wraps her arm around Harry's waist as she takes a sip of the mango smoothie in her other hand. Although the smile on her face seemed genuine, Y/N wanted nothing more than to punch the girl’s face. If Harry was a jealous asshole, Y/N was much worse. Keep it together Y/N, please you don’t care. You don’t care. 
That was the whole idea for the night anyway. Y/N has barely spoken a word since her father parked the car on the side of the road. She was even the last one to exit the vehicle because in all honesty, she didn’t want to unbuckle her seatbelt. Now, She stands beside her dad once again, shying away from the hosts of the party. Although her mom made her feel beautiful today, there was nothing more than to stand in front of the prettiest girl who has constantly been chosen over her. 
“Thank you guys for coming. I’m so happy to meet you all.” Carla smiles as she turns her attention on Harry. She was happy and excited about their future. This whole night felt like a fever dream. Once more she looks at Ryan’s family and speaks up. “There’s a table for your family and dinner will be served out soon. I hope you guys enjoy” She rests her head on her fiancé but notices Y/N staring at her heels. “Are you okay Y/N? You seem a bit off.” And that statement was coming from a concerned person who was genuinely curious if the acquainted junior she got to know this year was alright. Y/N gulps as she makes eye contact with Carla. She was also very careful not to look at Harry. 
“Ignore her. She’s been like that for a couple of weeks.” Ryan laughs as he turns around and glances at his sister. “This is your night but I still am wondering why you guys are getting married next month.”
Carla awkwardly smiles and waits for Harry to respond first yet she notices his eyes stay focused on his best friend’s little sister. “We just thought we should get the wedding out of the way before university starts.” Carla squeezes his palm for him to reply to. 
“Don’t worry Ryan. I’m sure we’ll do everything we planned to do.” Harry smirks as he turns his back around to the music that just started to play. “Let’s walk you guys to your table, I believe the party is just about to actually begin.”
Throughout the night, Y/N did nothing more than fake a smile and applaud as speakers came to the mic and talked about Carla and Harry’s relationship. Blah blah blah. It was the same old thing really, and if she had the choice deep inside, she would wish she was the one sitting beside Harry talking about other things. 
Dessert was finally available and due to the lack of activities and entertainment this party has brought to her, she waited until the line died down before she could carry her plate towards the table. She internally sighed as some of the choices were gone, leaving her to pick up a red velvet cupcake and two french macaroons on the side. Once she arrived back to her seat, her family that stayed back continued to talk about the two lovebirds. Her father and Ryan seemed to be having an amusing conversation as her mother made a new friend from the table beside them. Compliments after compliments was the only topic tonight, she really needed to take a walk around the unfamiliar neighbourhood after this. 
“Guys, I’m just going inside to use the bathroom.” Her mom nods and acknowledges Y/N’s statement before turning her back once more to talk to another attendee of the party. Grabbing her purse, she excuses herself from the table and shyly walks around the party and towards the sliding door. Once she’s inside the home however, she ignores all the signs that gesture her towards the bathroom and instead makes her way to the front door. Carla’s home was pretty but not enough for her to stay.
“That’s not the washroom.” Harry speaks out as he walks down the staircase re-adjusting the sleeves of his polo. She realized the navy blue blazer he was wearing earlier today was now resting on the ottoman by the end of the railing. 
“I was actually going to go on a walk.” She fixes her gaze on the painting in front of her instead of the boy casually making his way down. 
“It’s a bit late, d-don’t you think.” He scratches his nose and picks up the article of clothing on the chair. He couldn’t help but stutter as his eyes followed the pink dress on the pretty girl. 
“The neighbourhood seems really nice and I’m sure none of the rich families here are going to kidnap me and lock me in their basement.”
“Here.” She notices him walk towards her offering his blazer. “I would invite myself to walk with you but uh I think people would notice.” He rubs his palm against his neck and looks back at the door where the party is. 
“It’s okay.” She shakes her head as she rejects his considerate offer. She continues to unlock the door before looking back at him. “I’ll be back soon. Ryan and my parents think I’m in the washroom.  So if they ask, just say you don’t know. Congratulations, by the way.” She gives him a sad smile and walks out the door. He’s left speechless as he finally realizes this might be the last time things will be normal between them. “Fuck it.” He murmurs to himself as he rests the blazer behind his back and walks out the front door as well.  
“Why are you following me?’ Y/N turns around carefully as she crosses her arms over her chest to keep herself warm. She was also trying very hard not to fall. Harry’s been distracting her all night, she didn’t realize she was wearing heels despite her goal to go on a night walk. 
“Because I can’t let you walk around this neighbourhood by yourself!” Harry raises his voice as he tries to catch up with her. “God, I told you, you would need this.” He thoughtlessly puts the blazers over her shoulders as they walk down the slope. 
“I promise you, I am not your responsibility anymore. You don’t have to be concerned about my whereabouts.” Y/N murmurs as she accepts the fabric and hugs it around her frame. Harry couldn’t help but look away from her as he heard that statement. Before everything went crumbling down, he used to pick her up and know every update from her. He used to watch out for her and just be there for her but even now, it was no longer okay. 
“Who’s going to watch over you when I’m gone.” His voice is a bit more quieter now as they exit Carla’s neighbourhood. 
“I don’t know. I always expected you were going to stay.” She glances at him before walking ahead of him. 
“I know you’re mad and I’m sorry I had to put you through a lot.” He pulls her wrist to make her stop walking. 
“How can I not be mad, Harry?” She closes her eyes, trying to not let the new formed tears in her eyes show. “You constantly choose Carla and the moment you finally break up with her. I get you and then you what… ghost me, break up with me? I don’t hear from you for 2 months only to find out you’re engaged! Fuck you.” She quickly wipes away a tear from her face. “God, I- You cheated on me! Didn’t you?”
“Y/N.” His heart beat drops as her voice raises. Never in his life has he seen Y/N this upset. 
“No. It makes sense. Carla is barely even showing yet. It’s been three months and you…” She steps away from him and looks around. “I don’t know -you didn’t even have the audacity to tell me you don’t like me anymore.”
“I didn’t know how to react when you told me that.” 
“Well you did.. You ignored my calls and continued to see Ryan.” She shrugs her shoulders and sarcastically laughs. “It’s fine. Now that I think about it, maybe I said it in the heat of the moment.”
“I know I messed up.” He bites his lip and runs his hand through his hair. “I don’t know why I reacted like that. Carla has always been so familiar to me… and with you, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before.”
“Like what?” The monotone question rolls off the tip of her tongue.
“The fear I guess. I’m scared of losing Ryan, your family and um, you.” He clears his throat. “It’s just there’s so much on the line when it comes to you and me. Maybe if I tried harder, we wouldn’t be here right now but we are.” 
“Well if it makes you feel better,” She takes a pause and stares directly at him. “I didn’t really mean what I said that day. You freaked out on something that was a typical post orgasm statement.” She lies. 
“Why are you lying?” He shakes his head in disappointment. “Why are you trying to hurt me? You think this hasn’t been difficult enough.”
“No, I’m not lying. It’s true.” She attempts to walk again but his hand grabs her immediately letting her know, their conversation is not over. 
“So you’re saying you don’t love me.”
“No, I don’t love you.”
“Harry, I don’t even owe you an explanation!” and sometimes when you force yourself to lie too much, you begin to cry. “Fuck.” He immediately hugs her as she cries on his shoulder. “I don’t think we should do this.”
“I could never leave you alone, you know that right?” He whispers in her ear as he wraps his arms tighter around her frame. 
“You have to. We can’t do this.” Y/N repeats herself as she tries to pull away. His scent is just so fucking intoxicating. It was his scent that made her drastically attached to him and now she knew like from the start, it was time to go. 
“If my wishes came true, it would’ve been you.” He tries to keep her in his embrace. He was rambling at this point but he had no idea what his goal was. Is he trying to persuade her to stay or to let her go? 
“You made your choices, Harry. All you have to do is lie in it.” She pulls away and wipes away her tears. “We’re just these high schoolers that found a loophole in our deal. Carla though, she has always been the one for you.” 
“You’re right though. I- I guess I always choose her in the end.”
“Make her happy H.” She gives a sad smile and shrugs her shoulders. Despite wanting to punch her face, Y/N knew the look in her eyes as she watched Harry. Carla was always madly in love with him and forever will be. 
Harry and Y/N were just a glitch in the system. 
“I hope I see you again. Maybe Christmas huh?” He looks down at his shoes as the girl gives him back his blazer. 
“Maybe Christmas.” And without a word, Y/N walks back to the house leaving Harry to walk around the neighbourhood himself. 
Harry and Carla had just gotten married and on the night of their reception, they announced their pregnancy. Y/N was there. She witnessed the smile on Ryan’s face, on her parents’ face and on Harry’s. Everyone was happy except for her.  
The night left her to play with the food on her plate as it was her only source of entertainment. Broccoli grouped with the carrots suddenly being grouped with the steak. How about we make a snowman? To be honest, moping a bit too much at the event left her clueless to the fact the groom has been watching her all night. 
It wasn’t a choice for him. Of course, he looked at other guests and spoke to Carla throughout the night but for some reason as he mindlessly ate his food and restated his vows to his wife, Y/N was the only thing his eyes could focus on. He’s been looking for her face in every room for a year and to be exact, nothing about his feelings has changed -Except tonight was the last day, he would ever feel like this again. 
There were only three rules Harry gave himself tonight.
Rule 1: Don’t try and make conversation with Y/N.
Rule 2: Don’t beat the guy who offers her a dance.
Last but not least, Rule 3: Don’t tell her you love her.
And it was a success because he watched her walk out with an unfamiliar guy and come back with a flushed neck and red cheeks. He knew she totally got fucked in the washroom and all he did was take a sip of his glass as the fist on his lap began to form once again. 
It’s been a week since and her whole house is a mess. She has been currently helping her brother move his things to the moving truck they rented. Her little grieving process was cut short due to the fact, things around her started to change so quickly. Ryan was on his way out of here. Harry and Carla were probably on an island, trying to make another sub baby and Ness started to come by more often. 
The thing about her best friend is that Nessa understands space but she won’t let Y/N peacefully sulk for more than a month. To successfully distract her, the duo have been taking road trips around the cities and visiting different campuses together. Although it was an old plan of her and Harry’s, Y/N couldn’t help but feel delighted to have Ness back once again. 
She cleaned out her room and removed all her old soccer trophies because for some odd reason, they reminded her of Harry. She even went to the measures of blocking his number and deleting pictures from their past dates off her phone. 
She knew she wasn’t ready to let him go but he was now married, living in a new city with his own family. There was no other choice but to forget this shit happened. 
Senior year was just about to begin for Y/N and if there was one thing she needed, it was a fresh start. No love interests, no heartbreaks. Just fun experiences before she leaves this hell hole.
After all, if you never bleed, you’re never going to grow.
3 years later…
“You’re going to be fucking late.” Ness throws a pillow at her best friend as she enters the room. “You have that plane to catch.” 
“Fuck, what time is it.” Y/N murmurs as she could feel some drool on her pillow case.
“Fuck!” She sits up immediately and grabs her phone.  Her flight is leaving in an hour and God knows the traffic in Seattle. “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner!” 
“Because your lazy ass wouldn’t wake up.” Ness walks out of the room and drinks her coffee. She was totally unfazed about her best friend panicking. “Relax.” Y/N gives her a death glare in return  as she brushes her teeth in the kitchen. The two were very used to each other since they’ve not only been best friends for a long time but also roommates after moving to a new city. 
“My brother’s wedding is in two days and I’m not even there yet.” 
“Tell Ryan to choke for not inviting me, by the way.” Ness scrolls though the news feed on her phone as she casually bites into her bagel. 
“Okay, I think I have everything.” Y/N walks out of her room in tights and an oversized sweater. “I really have to go.”
“You’re going to see him again, you know that right?” Ness really didn’t want to be the one to bring him up again but shit, Y/N looked like a dead zombie. 
“It’s fine.” Y/N shrugs her shoulders. She couldn’t care less if she sees Harry again. “The last time I saw him, Carla and him were acting like total love birds at my mom and dad’s thanksgiving party.”
“That was like two years ago.” Ness tries to contain her laugh as she remembers their new pet names. Honey bunny and sweet treat. Oh to be in the honeymoon phase once again. 
“Don’t think I forgot what you used to call Tom.” Y/N laughs as she rolls her luggage to the door.
“Shut up.” Nessa’s eyes widen as she throws a crumb at her. “That’s why I broke up with him.”
“Yeah, yeah. You better answer my call okay?” 
“Yes babe, I know. I love you, take care!” 
And after the long haul of successfully boarding the plane, Y/N had five hours before she could finally see Ryan and his soon to be bride in Boston.
 She was definitely nervous. The last wedding she attended was Harry’s and she knew full well how she badly coped with that. Not to mention how she calculated her schedule so she could “accidently” miss Ryan’s engagement party. Truth is, she doesn’t care about Harry but if there was any way she could try and dodge another awkward encounter...that’s what living in another city is for. 
He also wasn’t really an ex but just a person in her life who managed to make her happy and sad at the same time. James had no idea who he was since she believed it was best to make that portion of her adolescence a secret. Just buried along with the other dreams she used to have. 
After watching two movies and playing a random phone game, the plane finally landed. Y/N managed to brush her teeth and make herself look a bit more presentable after a heated run out of her apartment. Once she was at the pick up centre to grab her luggage, her heart beat began to increase signaling that she failed to neutralize her anxiety. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead as she walked past the crowd of people. There was a constant voice in her head screaming at her to tell Ryan her flight just got cancelled. Unfortunately, Ryan was on time as she could picture his figure right outside the window of the airport.
 “Hey.” Ryan smiles as he gives his little sister a hug. He saw her a couple months ago but time still makes everything different. He’s happy his sister is finally here.
“Hi.” Y/N tucks a piece of hair behind her ear as the wind blows by them. “I see you got a nice haircut.” 
“I did.” Ryan laughs as he carries his sister’s suitcase into his trunk. 
“I can’t believe you’re getting married Ry! I swear to god, it was only yesterday you were complaining to Harry about his wedding.” Y/N squints her eyes due to the sun shining directly at her. She uses her hand to cover the side of her face as she lets out a joke,“Are you sure about her?”
“Meghan? Absolutely.” Ryan shuts the door as they stand there. “ I didn’t know what Haz was talking about when he told me he wanted to marry Carla but shit, when I met Meghan… I-”
“You’re whipped more than ever.” She smiles as she notices her brother’s cheeks flush. She tried to change the topic immediately after her brother said his name. “I knew Cassidy wasn’t the one.”
“Sure you did.” Ryan rolls his eyes as they sit in his car. “How about you? Any new updates?” 
“No not really.” Y/N shrugs her shoulders as she puts on her seatbelt. “James and I have been together for a year now which is crazy-”
“I wish the guy could have come to the wedding, didn’t know how serious you guys were.” 
“Honestly, if he didn’t have that internship at the hospital, I would’ve tried and persuaded him some more.”
“It’s okay.” Ryan laughs as he shakes his head. “Meghan found you a date already and I’m sure you’re going to be okay with it.” Y/N eyes widen. 
“I was going to go stag.” She looks out the window in disbelief. It wasn’t her fault, her boyfriend was trying to get into medical school.
“Don’t worry sis. It’s a platonic date -that’s all it is going to be.” Ryan reassures her as he drives out of the parking lot.
“Let me tell James. Just in case, he might get jealous.” She pulls out her phone. “Who is this guy anyway?” 
“I’m not telling you but who knows, James might fly over here just so you don’t go with a random guy.” Ryan smirks as he exits the highway. 
“Who is he?”
“It’s a surprise.” Ryan tries to hide his laugh. 
“Does he know you’re setting me up with him.”
“Please.” Her brother scoffs. “The guy is always too nice, he offered first.”
“Well, shit then.” 
“You’ll get to know him before the wedding I promise. At least, you have company other than mom and dad.” 
“So you’re going to let a random guy just sit at our table?” 
“You have no idea.” And truth be told, Y/N wasn’t worried about the date Ryan and Meghan set up for her. Maybe it was one of Meghan’s family members who thought she was still single. It didn’t matter though because this event was for her brother and that’s all that was important. 
“Oh my god!” Ryan and Y/N’s mother stood outside the house waiting at the driveway for them to arrive. 
“Hi mom!” Y/N gives her a warm hug. “I missed you, where’s dad?”
“He’s inside with-”
“Y/N.” Y/N’s dad steps through the doorframe and meets Y/N at the steps for a hug as well. She knew her father couldn’t walk that much due to his recent hip surgery. What she didn't expect however, was for Harry to be following right behind him. “I missed you darling.”
 “Hi dad I missed you more, I didn’t know Harry was here.” Y/N backs away and turns her back to look at Ryan. He didn’t seem surprised at all as he carried her luggage towards them.
“Hey.” Harry offers a small wave, seeming too quiet. He kept his hands behind his back as he observed the girl in front of him. It’s been two years and a lot has changed. Y/N thought he would still have his long hair yet it is very evident, he had a haircut as well. He also seemed much more muscular as well as the new addition of tattoos on his arm. While she stared at him, she didn’t realize Harry was noticing all the different features she had too. Her hair was longer and darker and she carried a different aura than before. She didn't look like the girl whose bedroom he used to sneak into. 
“Hi Harry.” Y/N didn’t know how to start a conversation with him. 
“I guess you met your date.” Ryan walks ahead of them and laughs as he continues to bring in the bags. 
“Harry's my date?” Y/N asks in shock as she follows him behind. Her mom slaps her arm as Harry and their dad follow. 
“Don’t act offended, You’ve known Harry since you were a kid.” 
“Aren’t you married though.” Y/N turns her back and looks at Harry before facing the front again as she suddenly became distracted by the house’s decorations. 
“I actually got divorced.” Harry bites his tongue right after. 
“See, now look what you did. You embarrassed the young boy.” Y/N’s mom rubs his back as she murmurs to him. “I’m sorry, Haz.” 
“Oh, it’s okay.” He shakes his head, trying to act as if the topic didn’t make him feel uncomfortable.  
“I’m sorry too.” Y/N finally looks at him once more. “I had no idea.”
“It’s been a year. That’s what happens when you marry too young.” He laughed it off but everyone ignored that statement as they all knew there was a deeper cut in his heart.
When Carla was around 5 months, she had a miscarriage and although, they claimed they would try again… there was no new announcement after that. 
“Y/N, this is your room.” Ryan tries to change the topic as he scratches his head. 
“Thank you.” She steps inside for a bit of privacy after a long flight. Ryan and Harry along with her parents went back to the living room to go and continue their movie.  
Today is Ryan’s wedding and the house was giving her many little flashbacks of Harry’s. The family was in this foreign home and was still running around getting ready. Her mother was screaming at her dad as he decided last minute to steam his suit. Ryan and Meghan were gone which left Harry and Y/N the only victims to her mother’s loudness. The two kept quiet as her mother ran around the house doing her hair and calling relatives for updates. Y/N managed to be ready on time so it let her sit on the couch looking at the photos in which mehgan has framed around the room. 
“Your dad said I should drive you to the venue now. I think they’re definitely running late.” Harry speaks up after two days of ignoring her. The truth is last night when he went to the kitchen he saw Y/N sitting down on one of the counters and maybe if it was three years ago, he would’ve spoken to her but something about now told him to go back to his bedroom. He used to feel comfortable around her but now he’s walking around her as if he was on eggshells. He was so fucking nervous. 
“Okay.” She agrees with him. Harry was the best man and she didn’t want him to be late because of her parents. Y/N puts her phone in the purse resting on her shoulder as she follows him out of the house. She would’ve been a bit more calm if she didn’t end her call with James midway through their fight. 
“Um A-Are you okay?” He opens the door for her as he tries not to check her out. It was definitely difficult however as the way her long hair was styled and the pretty dress she wore. Luckily for Y/N, while Harry was doing some errands at home, she managed to “observe” him in his suit.
“Yeah, I’m good.” She lets out a small smile as she realizes Harry was still driving his car back from high school. You know the vehicle they had sex i- 
“Alright.” The man breaks her out of the thought as he starts the car. “I promise tonight isn’t going to be weird around us.” 
“Who said it was?”
“I don’t know I guess I just assumed.” He bites his cheek as he glances at her. That’s when the déjà vu hits and he feels like he’s eighteen years old again. She keeps her eyes on the road yet she had no idea that Harry was picturing her seventeen year old self sitting in the seat beside him. One of his favourite memories to be exact. 
 “So you’re kidnapping me to go camping in the woods.” Y/N smiles as she watches the unfamiliar road in front of them. Harry takes his shades off and passes it to the girl as he notices the sun is shining much more brighter than before. 
“Hey, you got permission from your parents.” He smirks at her as he keeps his hand on the gear stick.
“They think I’m sleeping over at Nessa’s.” Y/N laughs as she puts on the shades and looks at him. His cheeks turn red as he catches the sight of the pretty girl wearing everything of his. 
“Is little Y/N scared of the dark?” His hand smoothly travels to her thigh. 
“I am not.” Y/N chokes on her breath. It was bad enough Harry looked so hot whilst he was driving. 
“I think you are.” He notices her breathing becoming a bit more short. “You and me in a tent alone in the dark.” His hand goes a bit more south, gipping her inner thigh. 
“I have a surprise for you.” She blurts out. She was also seconds close to making Harry pull over to the side of the road. 
“And what is that?”
“I’ve been wearing a plug and I’m ready.” The speed of the car increases a bit as he mindlessly presses his foot to the sound of her voice. He looks at her one more time before taking over the car in front of them. 
“Fuck then. My baby once again proves that she isn’t as innocent as I thought.”
End of flashback*
The venue was beautiful. Ryan and Meghan chose this beautiful garden that had tulips growing everywhere. The white gazebo was obviously where the wedding would take place as the reception was only a stoned pathway ahead. Since Harry was the best man and Y/N was his date, she managed to follow him around the place as he spoke to the event planner and the maid of honour. She had a whole tour of the location as Harry spoke about the party’s process to her. Not only that, but he was an amazing date -he kept his hand on her back and introduced her to people she didn’t know. 
Currently, she was sitting on the bench watching Harry talk to some familiar faces. They seemed like a few boys Ryan and he would hang out with back in high school. She was mindlessly watching him laugh and smile throughout the conversation until she didn’t realize he was already staring at her. After excusing himself, he walked back towards her. 
“I’m sorry, If I’m boring yeh.” Harry rubs his neck as he sits down beside her. The wedding was about to start in a couple of hours. 
“No, you’re not.” Y/N laughs as she keeps her eyes on the lake behind him. She suddenly remembers their camping trip. She shakes her head at the thought and shrugs her shoulders. “How are you feeling?”
“About the wedding?” He pulls down the sleeves of his dark grey suit. She nods her head and waits for him to continue. “I’m happy Ryan is marrying Meghan. It’s funny how he thought he would stay single for long.”
“I remember him telling you that when you were engaged.” She bites the inside of her cheek. She definitely just put her foot in her mouth again. She was definitely known for that but Harry didn’t seem fazed at all about her statement. 
“I mean don’t get me wrong, Weddings are a bit difficult to attend at the moment just because I know mine didn’t end well but um…” He clears his throat and faces himself more towards her. “I also got married knowing I wasn’t really in love with the girl.”  Y/N finally looks at him as she watches the familiar green eyes say the truth. 
“I know.” She nods her head again. “Things are different now and I hope you do find the girl that you are 100% about.”
“Yeah.” He looks at the patch of flowers in front of them. He would tell her what he thinks but he knows she’s dating someone. 
“Let’s go check out your brother.” Harry stands up and offers his hand out. “I’m sure he’s wondering where we are.”
And so the event continued. Y/N’s parents arrived and so did the other guests. The beautiful girl in her wedding dress walked down the aisle and Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off the girl sitting in the crowd. 
It was simple for him, he knows he’s not over her but he wouldn’t tell her that.
Would he tell her that he started coming home more after Carla’s miscarriage in hope of seeing her? No.
He definitely can’t tell her that he was hurt. He would come over to their house only to find out she wasn’t home or when he found out she was moving to Seattle for college. 
After the past two years, Ryan briefly mentions her and James and he felt like he no longer had a chance. At least with her. 
So standing beside Ryan as his best man felt like a total shot in the heart because Harry knew he wasted his time and lost the girl as well. 
Y/N catches his eyes watching her and just for a moment, she wished things were different too. 
When the reception started, Harry and Y/N along with her parents sat at one of the tables close to the bride and groom
 The hosts were right however, as Harry fit perfectly with the family. Throughout dinner, he made jokes and started conversing with her parents more than she thought. Although he gave her some attention, he didn’t fail to compliment her mother as well. 
The two sat together eating dessert as he leaned over to whisper something in her ear. “I’ll let you have a bite out of my brownie if I can steal a bite from your cake.” Harry smirks as he takes a sip of his glass of tequila. He wasn’t trying to get drunk but a little strong (strong) alcohol should cause no harm. Y/N casually steals the glass from his hand and takes a sip as well. 
The two were finally much more comfortable with each other after spending the day side by side. Harry laughs as he takes his fork and steals a bite of her cake. The red velvet flavour melting in his mouth as he watches the girl swallow the rest of his drink. 
“Sorry, I’m a bit quenched.” Y/N laughs as she puts the glass down and stabs her fork back into her cake. His fork immediately swats hers away. 
“I’m not done with my bite.” He teases her as he pulls the small plate towards him. Y/N mouth drops.
“You guys fight like children.” Her dad speaks up and smiles at the scene in front of them. 
“He asked to steal a bite but he stole the whole plate.” She laughs as she watches him shove numerous tiny bites in his mouth. Y/N mom laughs as she smiles at the cheeky boy.
“I said you can have some of my brownie but you proceed to finish my drink.”
“You seem a little drunk anyway.” She lies as she leans forward to take the brownie from his plate.
“Want some shots.” Harry blurts out as he finishes the dessert. “You finished my drink so I’m heading back to the bar… you still might be a bit quenched.”
“Okay.” She laughs as the two excuse themselves from the table.
“Do you remember the scrunchie on my wrist and you called me out on it.” Harry slowly dances with Y/N as the night continues on. The event was almost over but all the attendees were on the dance floor dancing to Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. As a proper stellar date, Harry didn’t hesitate to ask the girl for a dance as he knew last time he missed out.
“I know you stole it.” Y/N laughs as she unconsciously rests her head on his shoulder. The truth is when in doubt, Y/N always drinks a bit more than usual. It seems whenever Harry is around, she can’t help but be drunk. 
“Oh really?” He pulls away and laughs. “I was going to tell you an old story but you already know.” Y/N rolls her eyes as she looks at the people surrounding them. Nobody was shocked to see how close they were dancing. Everyone was in their own little bubble and maybe if Y/N and Harry didn’t break the ice or drink a bit, they would definitely not be as bold as they are right now. 
“No! You have to tell me now.” Her eyes widen as she readjusts her hands on her shoulders. Harry smirked at her anticipation as he willingly rests his hands back on her waist. 
“It was the first night we made the deal.” He whispers quietly hoping no one would hear them. “It was on your vanity and I took it after you sleepily threw my clothes at me.” They both laugh at the old memory. 
“I saw you wearing it during the game.” 
“So did you always watch me back then? Probably just wanted to get into my pants.” Y/N cheeks flush as she hides her face away from him. 
“You’re acting as if I never caught you staring right back at me.” 
“True.” he twirls her around. “Couldn’t keep my eyes off you after that deal you offered.” Y/N immediately pulls away after he hears the statement roll of his tongue.
“Harry, I know tonight has probably been the most normal conversation we had with each other but… We can’t go back there.” She walks off the dance floor, making him follow her without hesitation. Instead of going back to their table however, she makes a b line to the unlighted pathway of the garden.
“Hey, don’t go. I’m sorry I ruined the moment.” He unbuttons the top of his vest seeing his blazer was still on his chair. “I spoke about fight club-”
“You remember that?” Y/N slows down her speed and turns around. “It’s been three years and you still remember it?” 
“Why don’t you?” Harry turns his back around to notice the bushes covering them from the rest of the party. 
“Of course I do but you got married and moved away. I just thought that would slip your mind.”
“Well it didn’t.” He musters up a small smile and shrugs his shoulders. “Look, can we go back to the party and pretend I didn’t mess this up.” 
“It’s not about you messing up H. It’s the fact that I still get flashbacks of you and I -and seeing you here again is making me feel like the past three years didn’t happen.”
“I didn’t see you during Christmas.” He blurts out as he watches her sigh. “Any holiday except thanksgiving to be exact.”
“Well, I moved to Seattle and couldn’t book a flight home every time of the year.”
“Carla is dating someone new.” Y/N nods her head. “And I’m still not able to get you out of my head.” 
“You might just ghost me next time around.” She lets out a sarcastic laugh as she tries her best not to trip over herself as she walks a bit further into the pathway. 
“I told you I regret doing that.” He continues to follow her. “It’s been three years and you’re still mad about it.”
“I’m not mad. I’m just saying whenever it’s you and I, you tend to ghost me and run back to Carla.”
“If it makes you feel better, I could give a fuck less what Ryan thinks of us. It’s why I asked him if I could be your date.”
“I have a boyfriend Harry! An actual boyfriend who waits for me after work everyday. A boyfriend who actually replies to my calls-”
“He hasn’t even met Ryan or your parents!” 
“Look Y/N, all I’m saying is I don’t care about this fucking guy!” Harry sternly walks towards her until he backs her up to a wall of vines. 
“Then why are you trying to talk about our old memories and shit like that.”
“Because,” He pauses as he thoughtlessly rests his hands on either side of her head. “I fucking care about you. The moment Carla had a miscarriage and she needed me the most, I needed you! I didn’t realize I let you go the moment I went back to her.” 
“So it’s true, you didn’t love me.” He pulls away but Y/N brings her hands up to his face to keep his eyes on her. 
“Of course, I did.” Y/N cries as she shakes her head in disbelief. “Why would you think that would be true? You called me out on it before.”
“I came back every couple of months hoping to see you at home with your parents. You were always gone.” 
“Did you actually?”
“Fuck.” He pulls away and runs his hand through his short hair. He swore he would never tell her this. Is this how desperate he is now.  “Yeah, of course I did. I knew you would leave for college but I wish I knew from you.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s not even your fault.” He laughs as he hugs her. “I want you back.” His arms wrap around her much more tightly than before. “Please.”
“Do you love him?”
“Harry, don’t ask that?”
“No, I want to know.”
“Well I don’t know because after what you did-”
“Then you still love me.” He looks up at her in hope she would say yes. Just admit it, please.
“Okay and if I do -what do I do now? I like James and although it hasn’t been long I’m sure something will change.”
“Can’t you see?” He directs her back to the wall of vines. “You were always mine the same way, I was always yours.”
“The loophole of our deal.” She mumbles out loud as her hands mindlessly hold onto his forearms. 
“The deal has always meant more to me than it should’ve.”  He whispers as the sound of music and distant chatter is the only thing they can hear.
And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now
If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
“Just kiss me already.” Y/N watches him as she lets out one more breath. Without hesitation he kisses her as the grip on her waist tightens. Y/N’s hands immediately play with the curls that reach the nape of his neck. 
“Fuck, I missed you.” His soft lips rub on her left cheeks as he rubs himself on her. His hands begin to wonder in disbelief that she’s in his arms again. Her scent clouding his thoughts that they haven’t even noticed they’re still at a party.
“I want you.” Her hips raise itself on him as she rests her back on the cement behind her. “Harry, please.”
“We’re going home.” He bites his lip as his eyes darken. Without even thinking of what others would say, he mindlessly holds her hand as they walk out of the secluded space. The two didn’t bother telling anyone they were leaving the party as he basically dragged the poor girl to his car. 
“Do you even know how to get inside Ryan’s house.” She giggles as she keeps herself close to his arm. He takes his blazer and rests it on her shoulders back like a few years ago.  
“I have my ways.” He smirks as he helps her inside the vehicle. 
This whole event felt like déjà vu. The wedding, the car ride, the quick secret escape from a party just to have sex. If there was one thing Y/N and Harry were good at, it’s probably how good they were at keeping themselves as a secret. 
“I’ve missed you more than I thought.” Y/N bites her lip as she rests her head on the seat, watching Harry drive.
Him in his suit too focused on driving them home made her want to fuck his brains out. Truly. 
Harry’s cheeks flush as he takes her hand into his. “I’m no longer that frat boy you used to know. I’m much nicer.” 
“Oh really, in what ways?” she smirks as she eyes the growing bulge in his pants.
“I promise you won’t be able to leave my room tonight that’s for sure.”
“Then I’m happy.”
Moist air, dark night, and bodies clinging to each other as Harry struggled to open the front door. As the groom’s best friend, of course he had keys to his house. Y/N couldn’t help but keep her hands on his slim torso as there was something about just holding them that was driving her crazy. 
“Fuck, your parents are going to wonder where we are.” 
“I don’t fucking care.” Y/N licks the side of his neck before running inside. She’s trying to laugh quietly as she attempts to take off her heels. Harry being the responsible one, he texts Y/N’s dad they went home. Afterwards, he stops by Y/N’s room to lock it before he follows the girl into his room. 
Once he locks the door, he realizes Y/N managed to take all her clothes off as she laid on his bed. “For fuck’s sake.” He mumbles to himself as he forgot how horny and crazy Y/N can be. He rubs the slight stubble on his chin as he watches the girl bite her lip and roll in his sheets. “You’re such a little devil aren’t you?”
“Like I said I missed you.” She fakes her confidence as Harry crawls up to meet her on the mattress. His finger takes the lip out between her teeth as his lips move forward to kiss her once again. His goal was to lay her down and kiss her naked body but it seemed like Y/N had other plans in mind. Her arms push him away as she kneels on the mattress. Keeping her eyes on him, she unbuttons the rest of his vest before spreading her palms over where his heart beat. Harry is speechless but the moment she began to unbuckle his belt he had to say something.
“Oh I see.” He smiles as his hand holds Y/N’s chin to his face. “I thought my girl really did miss me but it seems like she missed my dick a bit more huh? You want it?” He grips her face a bit harder as her hands maintain on his waistline. She nods shyly as she tries to continue her action. 
“Fine, do what you want but I’m not done with you yet.” His voice softens as his hand immediately brushes the soft hair away from her face. His green eyes watch her drool over him as she unzips his pants. His hands on the flip side continued to remove the white long sleeve off his body. “Take it in your mouth. I know you’re dying too baby.” Y/N cheeks turn red as her tongue peaks out to kiss his hard cock. The funny thing is, she couldn’t keep her eyes off him despite being a horny mess. Sex was never the same if it wasn’t with harry and that was a fact because the moment she put him in her mouth, he pushed himself harder until he could feel the back of her throat. 
The constant humming and gagging sounds wasn’t enough for him because the moment he pulled himself out of her little wet hole. He pulls her hair harder to keep her eyes on him. Without even hesitating, he spits in her mouth and puts his dick back in. From the way Y/N’s eyes rolled back, he knew full well that this was his girl and some things don’t change...especially the way she reacts to him. 
“Are you going to let me fuck your mouth baby?” He moans quietly as he softly strokes her scalp. “How many times are you going to make me cum huh?” Y/N chokes a bit as he thrusts himself at a faster rate. “Always so pretty aren’t you dove?” He pulls himself out and slaps her tit. “What do you want me to do?” He whispers as kisses her lips once more. His mouth thoughtlessly kisses down the side of her neck as his hands press and grope on her tits. 
“I want you everywhere.” His eyes watch her dilated ones as he slowly pushes her down the mattress. 
“Hm, I don’t think you want to as much I thought?” He teases her as one of his fingers pops into his mouth and later into hers.
“You want me to beg?” Her tongue swirls around his digit as she lays helplessly on his pillows. “Never.”
“Never?” Harry laughs as his wet fingers pretended to walk down her body to her heated centre. “When did my baby become such a brat?” The devious smirk plays on his face as his tongue licks the side of his mouth. 
“I’ve always been a brat.”
“Oh, so you don’t want me to fuck you is that what you’re saying?” His hands immediately stop teasing her as he begins to jerk himself off -slowly but surely. 
“I do.” She tries to sit up but his hand pushes her back down immediately. “Harry, please?”
“Is that you begging me?” He laughs as his thumb wipes a bead of precum on his dick. “I would rate that three out of ten, Extra point because good girls say please.” 
“Baby...” Y/N moans out as she tries to reach for him but Harry’s hands immediately grabs them and places them above her head.
“Just beg a bit better and maybe you wouldn’t have to work so hard, love. You said it before so show me you want me.”
“Daddy please fuck me.”
“Like music to my ears.” He spreads her legs open and pushes himself inside her. “Fuck.” It’s always the condom that gets to him. 
“No, stay.” She whines as she holds onto his wait. “Please, I’m on birth control and James and I don’t really-”
“What?” His eyes widen as he bites the inside of his cheek. “What did you say?”
“He’s an intern at this hospital so he’s just always been busy.” She whispers in embarrassment. Don’t get her wrong, she has sex just not as much as she thought she should.
“Fucking hell.” He mumbles as he thrusts himself a bit harder into her. “No one has taken care of you in a while huh?” He bends down and kisses her again. The soft wet licks stay longer as he hears the beat of her heart. It was beating fast just like his. 
“Mhm. Please Harry just fuck me.” She cries out as she takes his fingers back into her mouth.  His thrusts become harder and harder as he watches her face cry in pleasure. “Oh daddy, fuck.” 
“So fucking good. You’re such an angel oh shit.” His palm immediately chokes her. He couldn’t help but watch how her tits move up and down due to the force he’s putting into her. 
“Let me ride you.” Her hips thrust up and meet him. Her mouth opens wide at the feeling. 
“You sure about? Sure you can still take me?” His hand gives her a little slap to the cheek. 
“Of course I can.” Y/N smirks. Harry immediately pulls himself off her as he lays down on the mattress himself. “You think I’m going to let you fuck me all night long. I’ve been wanting to fuck your brains out.”
“Y/N,” He smirks as he watches her straddle him. “You think you can fuck my brains out? You seem pretty fucking confident, baby.” He flicks her nipple which makes her press herself deeper onto his dick. 
“I can.” She closes her eyes as Harry watches the moonlight shine on her face. 
“Yeah, then show me.” He slaps the side of her thigh more harder than before. “Fuck me. Just use me then.”
“Just promise I’ll be a good girl, daddy.” her hands slide down to his waist.
“Promise.” He bites his lip and watches their wet desperate centres meet. 
And in that moment, there was nothing but lust in their eyes as they fucked back and forth. Y/N moaning as Harry continued slapping her ass. He couldn’t help but thrust his hips as well due the fact there was nothing better than feeling Y/N’s desperate pussy clenching for more. 
“Go on all fours.” He cries out after a few more rounds. Y/N wasn’t lying since she definitely fucked his brain out. There was nothing on their minds other than jumping each other’s bones over and over again. 
 Once she’s in position, he slaps her ass once again before putting himself back in. 
“Oh god, shit baby.” Y/N bites the end of his pillowcase as she keeps her hands on the headboard. “You’re so big, I can’t anymore fuck.”
“I know you have one more in you, come on baby.” He pulls her hair and slaps her ass once more. 
“Fuck!” She moans out as she feels his wet spit travel down her pussy.  Harry immediately thrusts harder as the sweat on his neck begins to bother him. His thrusts were becoming sloppy but he needed Y/N to cum one more time.
“God, fuck me.” Harry moans out as Y/N finally cums one more time around him. Without even thinking, he releases himself inside of her and pulls her hair harder one more time. She immediately falls down as she can’t feel a thing. Harry felt her clench around him despite his need to pull himself off her. 
“Baby, you have to let go.” He kisses the back of her shoulder and grips the side of her waist.
“Please don’t go.” She cries out and wipes her tears on the pillowcase. Harry slowly pulls himself off and lays on the bed beside her. He puts himself back in and wipes her tears away.  His arm pulls her closer to him as he whispers one more thing into her ear.
“I love you.” 
“Glad to see you two are awake.” Y/N’s mom waits in the kitchen as she makes pancakes on the stove. “Ryan and Meghan left last night right after the reception.” She suspiciously keeps her eyes on the two as they walk together to the breakfast table. “Harry, thank you for leaving the door unlocked. We came home around one last night.” Oh shit did they hear us? Y/N looks at Harry who seems bothered as he takes a sip of the coffee in his mug. 
“I didn’t hear you two.” She brings the plate to the table. “If you’re wondering Y/N.”
“Mom, it’s not what-” Her cheeks flush in an embarrassment. 
“Oh please, don’t bother lying. I already lied, Harry was the one who opened the door for us.” She laughs and rolls her eyes. “And Harry, don’t bother giving me an excuse. It makes sense.” She sits down with the two of them. “You always kept visiting us back home and the way your eyes watched her when she came here after her flight gave it all away.”
“Not to mention, you answering the door shirtless and Y/N not responding when we knocked on her door last night.” Y/N’s dad appears with a newspaper in hand. 
“Does Ryan know?” Harry looks at Y/N and puts a pancake on her plate. Does her parents even know she’s wearing his clothes?
“Ryan saw you two leave together.” Y/N’s mom laughs. “Don’t worry, it was him and Meghan’s idea to also try and pair you guys together.”
“Wait so he’s okay with it.” Y/N speaks up after murmuring a thank you to Harry. 
“Of course he is, Y/N. You guys are no longer teenagers right? So make your own choices for Christ’s sake.” Her mom states in disbelief. 
“Did you know I’ve been seeing her back in high school?”
“Harry.” Y/N’s dad’s tone changed. Sounded a bit like disappointment. 
“Oh god, there is more to the story?” Y/N’s mom rolls her eyes. “Alright, eat up everyone, you two have to tell us everything.”
“So this is it.” Y/N smiles as she sits in his car. The two were currently at the airport. “I had no idea, you relocated to Boston. It makes sense why you had so many things in your room back at Ryan’s house.”
“Yeah, I transferred last year. I’m hoping to finish here, graduate and then see what else I can do.” 
“What do you think this means for us?” She puts her shades on as she pulls on the sleeves of her light sweater that she was wearing over her collared shirt. 
“It means that this is when I ask you if you would please be my girlfriend.” Y/N’s cheeks flush and she hides her face in her hands. 
“Are you for real?” She laughs. 
“Yes.” He smirks as he keeps his hands on the steering wheel. 
“I will be your girlfriend, Harry.” 
“Good. You’re breaking up with James right.” Y/N rolls her eyes and nods. 
“I’m ending it with him, the moment I land back in the city.”
“Make some space, I might move there.” He lightly jokes but there was some truth in it. Meghan and Ryan were married, there was no need for him to take up some space in their house. 
“Sure, you’ll love Seattle and Ness is there too.” 
“I like that. Will you introduce me to your ex?” Y/N laughs as she opens her door. 
“No.” but right before she can get out, his hand pulls her back in for a kiss. Once their lips touch, he looks at her once again.
“I love you.” He genuinely states as he watches her eyes melt in happiness. 
“I love you too.” She smiles and kisses him once more. “Bye, Harry.” She hugs him across the platform and kisses his cheek too. “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you more. Call me later tonight when you land yeh?” 
“Okay.” She pouts. She had to catch a flight and be away from him for at least one more year. 
“I love you okay, baby.” He kisses her forehead. “Bye.”
“Bye.” And with that, Y/N steps out of the car and watches him drive away. She has a plane to catch and he has some sheets to clean but that doesn't change the fact, they are finally together.
And everyone knows it. 
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