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#harry styles one shot
watchmegetobsessed · a day ago
A/N: the fluff and dadrry content in this one!!! ahh i was in my feels so much while writing this! hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it, as always feedback is much appreciated!
PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader
WARNINGS: just a bit of smutty talk, but no actual smut
Tumblr media
A groggy, lazy hum vibrates through your chest as you slowly wake from your sleep feeling two familiar hands wandering on your stomach, your hips and waist and your breasts under your sleeping shirt that was once Harry’s, but you’ve labeled it yours a long time ago.
Your husband is pressed up against you from behind, the heat of his body feels heavenly so early in the morning. You know it’s early, it has to be, because if it was any time after six you wouldn’t be woken up by Harry but maybe by the twins, their feet tippy-tapping on the floor as they throw themselves onto the bed with you, or maybe your six-year-old demanding her breakfast as she jumps on Harry’s back until he acknowledges her presence. With three kids in the house between the age of four and six, there’s no such thing as sleeping in and having a lazy morning, but you wouldn’t have it any other way, you love those little monsters more than anything and you can’t be mad at them for waking you up even on your worst day.
“Good mornin’ Mrs. Styles,” Harry rasps, pushing his face next to yours, kissing into your neck, his unruly curls tickling your nose, a giggle escaping your lips while your eyes are still closed. You said I do eight years ago and he is still obsessed with calling you Mrs. Styles, the man is so possessive over you, but it’s the best kind where he’s obsessed with the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life. There definitely had been ups and downs in your marriage, but you always came out stronger and just even more in love with each other, you simply can’t imagine a life where you don’t end up with Harry, it was written in the stars, as Anne always tells you.
“Whatcha’ doing, Mr. Styles?” you giggle back as his hand cups your breast, kneading it gently, playing with your nipple that reacts to his touch so easily.
“Jus’ trying to love on m’wife,” he giggle like a guilty little boy as he presses his hips forward, the obvious morning wood poking you from behind and you can’t stop yourself from melting against him, wiggling your butt just enough to make him groan.
“What time is it?” you ask, feeling your arousal growing, but the last thing you want is the kids to walk in on you.
“Early enough to…” His hand slides down your body, slipping under the waistband of your shorts. “…have a quickie before breakfast duties…” His lips kiss your shoulder as his hips start moving against you from behind rhythmically, his fingers finally reaching your clit and he starts circling on it gently to rile you up. You hum again, wanting nothing more than to have some intimate moments with him which is rare to have with three kids around and just when he starts to push his pants down, doing the same with your shorts too, a thought pops into your mind.
“Wait, I forgot to buy condoms!” you gasp, turning your head to look at him. You’re an out of your last box a few days ago and you didn’t buy a new one because you went grocery shopping with Ellie and she always questions you about everything, you really weren’t feeling like explaining what condoms are to your six-year-old so you just told yourself to buy it later, but it slipped your mind.
Harry’s lips part, his motions stopping as you pout at him.
“I’m sorry, babe. But…” you start as you turn around to lie on your side facing him, hands moving down to wrap around his length. “We can have some other fun,” you grin at him, giving him a few lazy pumps to see if he is up for it.
“Or we could… just do it without a condom?” he suggests with a cautious look in his eyes, clearly not sure how you’ll react to his idea.
“H, I really don’t want to pick up a pill again, I feel so shitty after that,” you sigh with a pout. It wouldn’t be the first time you’d take a morning after pill, in the twelve years you’ve been with Harry you had you fair share of heated moments when you needed each other more than to think about protection, but it always made you nauseous so you’ve been trying to avoid using it.
“You don’t have to, you could just…” Harry is dancing around something clearly, but he doesn’t know how to say it and now the picture is starting to be clear finally.
“Are you trying to say that… we should…”
“I was thinking that maybe we could have another baby,” he admits and you can’t hide the surprise on your face.
“Harry…” you breathe out cupping his face.
“Please don’t say no right away,” he pleads. “I’ve just been thinking that Ellie has started school now, the twins are in pre-school, they are growing up so fast, I… I want another baby. I miss them being babies, their tiny feet and hands, the giggles and their smell…” he wonders and it’s obvious it’s something that’s been on his mind lately. But how long has he been thinking about it?
“I know, H. I miss them being so little too, but… four kids?” you sigh, voicing your fears. If you’re being honest, you’ve thought about having another one before, but you got to the conclusion that you have enough on your hands with your three children, keeping up with your work as Harry does the same, taking them to dance practice and football, there’s always something to do around the house and soon they will all have homework they will need help with, more after school stuff, maybe Max will want to try out other sports and Maddie will pick up an interest in an instrument. You’ll always have something to do and now Harry wants to add another kid to the picture?
“I know it sounds scary, the kids are already outnumbering us around here,” he chuckles softly as his hand runs up to squeeze your shoulder.
“With four they will be doubling us!” you point out with wide eyes.
“Yeah, but… I think we could do it. Ellie would be seven by the time the baby would be born, she is already so clever and she helps the twins so much! Max has always been the most independent of them all. I know Maddie could be a little princess…” he chuckles making you giggle too thinking about the youngest in the family. Max was supposed to be baby B, but he was so eager to come ahead of his sister that he ended up being the first one to be born, making Maddie the youngest.
“She would hate it if she weren’t the smallest anymore,” you chuckle thinking about how much Maddie enjoys being the baby of the family.
“I know, but I think she would get used to it. I would make sure to spend a lot of alone time with her.”
“Why do I feel like you already have a whole plan for this?” you sigh narrowing your eyes at him. “How long have you been thinking about it?”
“Do you remember when we were looking at old photos of you being pregnant with Ellie?” he mumbles, a guilty look on his pretty face.
“Harry, that was like… a month ago? You’ve been keeping this from me for so long?!”
“I know, I’m sorry, I just… didn’t know how to actually bring it up,” he chuckles nervously.
“So you decided to ask me right when I had a hand on your dick?” you point out the scene that was happening just minutes ago, chuckling at how comical this turned out.
“I panicked,” he admits with an airy chuckle. “But… you haven’t said no yet,” he points out the truth.
“H, I don’t know if it’s a good idea. We already have so little time together. A baby would just lessen that even more.”
“I was thinking that the kids could spend more time at my mum’s. She’s been nagging me so much that she wants to be with them more.”
“My mom says the same thing,” you admit with a chuckle, remembering all the times your mother was scolding you on the phone, being dramatic how long she’s seen the kids even though you spend a weekend at hers every month at least.
“But also, we could easily just get a babysitter too. I know you’re against it, that you prefer to do it yourself, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of getting help, especially…” His hand slips to your stomach, his fingers dancing on your soft tummy. “If we had four of them,” he murmurs and you don’t miss the excited glint in his eyes. God, this man is so baby crazy!
“I don’t know, it would be a big change…” you sigh truthfully.
“Just… don’t say no yet, okay? Think about it, as much as you want and we can get back to it later, please!”
You can’t answer, as soon as you open your mouth a tiny voice echoes down the hallway.
“Daddy? I’m awake!” Ellie announces and you hear her tiny steps running towards your bedroom. You both quickly fix your clothes so when the door opens you’re decent. Ellie walks in with her bed hair, holding onto her favorite stuffed animal, a bunny Harry brought her from Paris when she was two and she is quick to climb to bed, throwing herself between the two of you.
“Hey Ellie Bunny, slept good?” Harry hums smiling down at the girl, getting some morning snuggles.
“I had a dream about giraffes!” she announces giggling and she reaches out for your face as Harry kisses her cheek. “Mum!”
“Right here, baby.” Leaning closer you brush your nose against hers, making her giggle before you press a kiss to her forehead.
“Now kiss daddy!” she demands, pushing your face to Harry’s, making you both chuckle, but you obey her order, pressing your lips against your husband’s.
“You hungry?” Harry hums, squeezing the little girl to his chest.
“Yeah, I want cereal!”
“Alright. But we gotta get your sister and brother too, it’s time to wake up.”
“Can I wake them up?” Ellie looks up at Harry with puppy eyes, as if the man could ever say no, he is so whipped for his kids, it’s incredible.
“Sure, come on,” he pats her bum to get her to climb off the bed. “We’ll talk later, right?” he asks leaning closer to you.
“Yeah,” you nod at him with a soft smile before he steals a quick kiss.
“I’ll get the kids and start breakfast, you just go and take a shower, I know you wanted to wash your hair last night.”
“Thanks,” you sigh happily as you watch him get out of bed, following Ellie out of the room to the twins’ bedroom.
A few moments later you hear two more tiny voices, Harry is putting on a show again to make the kids laugh and your heart is pitter-pattering as you think about having another baby. Another little bundle of joy, seeing Harry with a baby again, seeing your kids meet their new sibling, it definitely excites you, but you’re still not sure how you’d manage life with four kids.
Sighing you tell yourself to just put it aside for a little as you head to have a quick shower.
When you come downstairs, your hair wrapped in a towel, a fluffy robe around your body, the smell of eggs has filled the kitchen and you hear Max’s chatter before you even see him. Ellie is sitting in her usual spot eating her cereal, next to her Max has a plate of toasties as he is talking his sister’s ears off about his newest obsession, dinosaurs. Harry is standing by the stove, one hand holding the spatula, the other one holding Maddie’s hand as the girl is watching him make the eggs as if it was magic. Gosh, you love this sight, your kids all healthy and happy, your husband taking care of them like he’s done this all his life, though you still remember the slight panic he had when you found out you were pregnant with Ellie.
The funny thing is that you’d been trying for a baby, Harry wanted it so badly, but then something snapped in him and he was so scared he would be a shitty dad. All his doubts disappeared when he held his daughter for the first time, skin to skin, her tiny hand wrapping around his finger. You cried so hard as you watched them interact for the first time, maybe it was just the hormones or maybe it was the magic of seeing your husband falling in love with your daughter, but that was a turning point in your life. And probably in his too. Harry is an amazing father, not just with the kids but with everything that comes with having a family. He always helps around the house, he cleans and cooks, doesn’t expect you to do everything on your own. When the kids were small and you had to wake up several times through the night to feed them he always stayed up with you, and even if he couldn’t help with anything, it was nice to have him sit there with you, kissing your shoulders and cheeks as you nursed your babies. It would actually be nice to do all of this with him again…
“Mummy!” Maddie cheers when she sees you, running over to you, asking to be picked up.
“Hey my love. Daddy’s making eggs for you?” you smile at her, brushing her hair out of her face as you walk over to Harry to press a kiss to his shoulder blade before making your way to the fridge to grab the orange juice.
“Yes and he said I can try his spicy sauce this time!” she tells you, over the moon from the news. Maddie has been having a weird obsession with spicy food and she takes them surprisingly well for a four-year-old.
“That’s great, Mads. Why don’t you sit with your brother? I think daddy’s almost done with your eggs.”
Putting the little girl down she runs to the table as you help Harry out with the rest of breakfast. The five of you sit together as you eat, enjoying some time as a family before everyone goes their own way. Harry loads the dishwasher and helps Ellie to get dressed while you handle the twins. About an hour later everyone is ready, loading into the car. You grab the lunch you made for Harry yesterday, handing it over to him before he gets into the car to drop the kids off on his way to the studio.
“Thank you, Lovie,” he hums, kissing you as he takes the bag from you. “See you later?”
“Yeah. Love you, have a great day,” you smile at him.
“Love you too.” He presses a kiss to your forehead before getting into the car.
“See you later guys, be good!” you peek into the car, waving at the kids.
“Bye mummy! Love you!” they sing back in unison as Harry starts the car and you watch them drive away.
After having the twins you were determined to go back to work, at least half-time, even if Harry earns more money than you’d ever need. You never wanted to be the stay at home mom who doesn’t have a life outside her family and your previous boss was more than happy to have you back part-time so it all played out well.
Usually this is your time in the office when you stop worrying about anything that’s not work related, when you switch mommy mode off and focus on something else. Today however your thoughts keep wandering to the conversation you had with Harry this morning.
You started dating Harry when you both were twenty, at the prime of his One Direction era. No one thought you would last with the crazy schedule Harry had back then, but you proved them wrong. He proposed to you on your twenty-third birthday and you were married a year later. Two years later you had Ellie, you toured with her, she made her red carpet debut at just one year old, you really took a risk as first time parents, but it all turned out well. Two years later you got pregnant again and it shocked you to find out you were having twins. You panicked and cried and were convinced you could never take care of two babies along with a toddler. Harry was the one who calmed you and made you believe that it’s gonna be alright. Later he admitted that he was shitting his pants too, but didn’t want to freak you out too.
Now as you think back at how everything turned out, you know you aced it, because you had a support system and of course, the most amazing husband. Adding another baby to the family now might be a big change, but deep down you know it’s nothing you couldn’t deal with.
You get off work at two pm and you go on to run your errands. Pharmacy, picking up a few outfits for Harry from the Gucci store and then grocery shopping. When you married Harry and started talking about trying for a baby and becoming a family, you made one thing very clear: you don’t want to have someone do everything for you. Not when you’re capable of cleaning the house on your own, fill the fridge, wash your clothes and so on. You wanted to stay down-to-earth and Harry agreed with you one hundred percent. This doesn’t mean that sometimes you don’t call a cleaning company to fix up the house when you’ve been behind with everything around you, or didn’t order your groceries to the house instead of going to the store yourself.
Once you’ve picked up Harry’s supplements and the kids’ vitamins and the pharmacy, the Gucci bags are sitting in the trunk of the car, you finally get to the grocery store. You’ve crossed everything off your list when you pass by the condoms and find yourself stopping. Chewing on your bottom lip you grab the one you usually buy, eyeing the box hesitantly. At last you drop it into the cart and head to the check-out.
By the time you get home and put everything away you need to head out to pick the twins up. You’re on the way when Harry texts you that he just left the studio, gonna pick Ellie up and meet you at home.
“Mummy! Mummy!” Max and Maddie chant as they run up to you, both of them smashing against you, wrapping their arms around your thighs.
“Hey guys. Did you have fun today?” Squatting down you pull them into your embrace, squeezing them tightly. You’ve gotten used to not being around your kids all day, but that doesn’t mean so don’t miss them. It’s always so nice to have them back and hear them share what they did all day.
You get home before Harry, letting the twins watch some TV as you start with the preparations for dinner. Not much later, the remaining two members of the family arrive, Ellie dancing around, humming the song that’s currently stuck in her head.
“Hi, Lovie,” Harry greets you, kissing your cheek as he squeezes your hip brushing past you to put away his empty food boxes.
“Hey, how was your day?”
“Mm, good. Mitch was a little extra grumpy today,” he chuckles softly. “Do you need help?”
“That would be great, thank you.”
“Alright, let me change and I’ll be right back.”
Harry runs up the stairs, ridding himself of his jeans and jumper, putting on some comfy sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt. He pulls his little black notebook out of his bag and brings it to his nightstand to shove it into the drawer, but as he yanks it out, he notices the new box of condoms in there that you bought today.
His heart sinks painfully. It means that you don’t want to try for another baby and you’ll probably tell him yourself later. He can only hope he won’t start crying like a child, he definitely shouldn’t have worked himself up this much about the idea of having a fourth one.
He drops the notebook into the drawer and closes it, plastering a smile to his face as he heads down to help you out, but you notice the change in him.
“Hey, everything alright?” you ask, grabbing his hand before he could start chopping the tomatoes up.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just… a little tired, is all,” he smiles back at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
He knows he can’t get mad at you for not wanting another baby, you already gifted him with three perfect little ones, carrying two of them at the same time which is just inhuman. He knows how hard pregnancies were on you, it’s completely understandable you don’t want to go through another one, but still, he can’t help but feel disappointed.
After dinner Harry helps you clean up and you don’t miss out on how quiet he is. Then you all decide to watch a movie together and it seems like he is being extra cuddly with the kids, wanting to have them close as you all lounge on the couch. You want to ask what’s wrong, because there’s definitely something weighing down on him, but you don’t want to bring it up in front of the kids.
Tonight it’s his turn to put the twins to bed and you’re taking care of Ellie. It takes a little longer to get her to sleep, so by the time you close her door Harry is already in the bedroom, fresh out of the shower, scrolling through his phone. You take a quick shower too and getting in bed with Harry you’re determined to get him to tell you what’s gotten him so quiet.
“Hey,” you softly call out, cuddling to his side and you don’t miss the tiny bit of hesitation before he wraps an arm around you. “I know something is wrong, you can’t fool me. Talk to me please!”
He locks the phone and drops it to his wireless charger, staring up at the ceiling as he sighs. He is starting to worry you, especially because it seemed like everything was fine when he got home, so then what happened?
“I just… I’m sorry, I shouldn't be so upset about this,” he breathes out shaking his head. Pushing yourself up on your arms you cup his face in one palm.
“Don’t be sorry, it’s alright. Just tell me what upset you so much.” His eyes finally find yours and it’s clear he is hesitant to tell you.
“I… I saw the condoms in the drawer.”
It takes you a few moments to put the picture together and when you see his eyes watering you feel your own throat closing up at how upset he got over such a little, insignificant thing, though you know it meant something more to him.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t react like this, but I just… I was really hoping you’d say yes,” he sobs, squeezing his eyes shut.
“Oh my God, please don’t cry,” you breathe out, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him close. His arms curl around your frame, burying his face into your neck.
“I just love being a dad so much, I'm watching them growing up and I’m afraid that soon they won’t need me like they need me now. I thought if we had another baby we could go through it just one more time, delay everything a few years. They are the best things in my life and I’m so selfish but I wanted to feel the happiness of having another baby again.”
Your cheeks are soaked now as you listen to his words, your chest tightening. It was obvious when you talked in the morning that he really wanted this fourth baby, but you didn’t realize he wanted it this badly.
“Harry, they will always need you. They will be around for a long time,” he mumbles, fighting your own tears as you lean back to look into his reddened eyes, carding your fingers through his hair.
“I know, but I feel like time is flying by so fast. I want to stretch this time as long as possible,” he breathes out, slowly calming down. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to break down like this, it’s not my way to make you feel guilty,” he chuckles bitterly, gently caressing the side of your neck.
“Stop, don’t worry about me,” you chuckle lightly, wiping your cheeks with the back of your hand. “I didn’t know that box would leave you so traumatized.”
“You couldn’t have known that I would get this emotional,” he laughs, taking a deep breath, finally both of you have stopped crying.
“If I knew it, I would have tried to talk to you before. Because I’ve been thinking about this whole day and honestly, the condoms have nothing to do with where I’m at with this question.”
“Nothing?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows.
“No, I just bought them because I thought it could never hurt to have them, but apparently I was wrong,” you smile down at him apologetically but he just shakes his head. “You really put the idea into the back of my mind, this morning, though,” you admit and his eyes widen. Pushing himself up he sits against the headboard as you sit back onto your heels, your hands clasped together with his.
“So you thought about it, and the condoms don’t mean you’re saying no…” he cautiously says, his gaze fixated on you to read your eyes.
“At first I really thought it would be too much. Taking care of a baby with three kids on our hands, but then I realized that this was exactly what I felt like before having them too. I remember how much you freaked out when we found out Ellie was on the way,” you chuckle softly, bringing his hands to your chest.
“I was a mess,” he laughs, thinking back to his past self from years ago.
“Yeah, and then it was my turn to freak out when we found out we were having twins. But… it all turned out just fine.”
“Turned out perfect, baby. I think we are doing such a great job raising them,” he sighs proudly and you can’t argue with that.
“So I thought about having another one,” you admit. “And it sounds scary now, but… it’s not something we wouldn’t be able to handle.”
Harry’s eyes widen and his mouth hangs open as he realizes what your words mean.
“Baby, is this for real? You’re not just fucking with me, right?”
“Well, I will kinda have to fuck with you if we want another baby,” you laugh at your own joke as Harry throws himself at you, pulling you down to the bed, rolling around until he is lying on top of you, kissing your face everywhere he can.
“So you’re in? We’re gonna try for another one?” His eyes are glistening again, but these tears are different from the ones from not long ago. He is buzzing from the excitement and happiness and it’s making your heart race, seeing the man you love like this.
“I mean, we could just forget about the condoms and see if… it happens. We might be up for it, but maybe my body doesn’t agree,” you chuckle softly, running your hands up and down his back.
“Are you saying we’re too old to have another baby?” he gasps dramatically. “We’re still young and prime!”
“I’m thirty-two and already pushed out three babies. Maybe that was my limit,” you joke around.
“Nah, I think we could make a dozen more if we wanted,” he grins down at you smugly, pushing his hips against yours to show off his already hardening cock.
“One! We are talking about one more!” you warn him with wide eyes.
“But maybe we’ll have twins again! Or better, triplets!” he enthuses and your stomach drops. He sees the panic in your eyes and chuckles delighted.
“Take that back before the universe hears you and makes it happen!”
“Okay, sorry. Not trying to push my luck,” he laughs and leaning down he kisses you taking his time, tasting you as if he hasn’t been kissing you for more than a decade. “So it’s official? We’re expanding the family?” he murmurs against your lips, his hands already working on getting your pants off.
“I guess, yeah,” you sigh, but can’t hold your smile back. You can’t believe the power this man has over you. Twenty-four hours ago you didn’t even have the opportunity to have another baby on your mind and now he is getting into your pants to knock you up. Again.
“You’re gonna look so great, pregnant with my baby, everyone will know how good I fucked you,” he hums lowly, making you wet instantly.
“Don’t be just all talk and no action, Styles. Gotta work for that baby first,” you grin at him teasing and it’s just what he needed to unleash your favorite side of him, the one only you get to see in the comfort of your bedroom.
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rommahh · 2 days ago
[petition to stop Harry from wearing blues and any form of red or pink.]
Tumblr media
You rarely got jealous. You didn’t have any reason to get jealous but today you were. Harry stood beside some woman apart of his new team working on his beauty products line, the woman’s old looking hands caressing his arm.
Harry had a difficult time deciphering if someone was being overtly nice or flirting, you could tell though. The old bat was definitely flirting with your man.
Today’s meeting was all about packaging and prices- it was a pretty important day. You accompanied Harry because you wanted to support him but you were slowly regretting it.
The woman, named Carly, kept petting Harry and batting her dumb lashes at him. She was talking so sensually to Harry it was becoming weird to everyone in the room. Harry, sweet, sweet Harry was too oblivious to recognize her advances. But Harry was a great fiancé though, recognizing your sour mood and heated glare.
He tells the room to take a lunch break, pausing his conversation with Carly.
“So, would you like to get some lunch with me? I know this great falaf-“ Carly starts, flirty eye batting wildly.
“Oh, uh, no, gonna take my fiancé out for lunch.” Harry cuts her off with a timid smile. The over zealous woman gives Harry fake smile before walking away. You didn’t miss the glare shot over your way as she swayed out of the room.
You and Harry were left in the small hotel office alone an uncomfortable silence surrounding you two. Harry had an annoying smirk on his face.
“Might as well have let her suck your dick in front of us.” You glower with a pout that Harry found so adorable. He sauntered over to your sitting form on the side chair. He rounded the oval table, his long legs taking him mere seconds to reach you.
“Don’t know why you’re so jealous.” He shrugs leaning against the table in front of you. He almost flinched at your harsh glare.
You cross and uncross your legs, Harry catching a glimpse of the pretty panties he bought a few days ago. His breathe catches in his throat. Your facade almost breaks at his stuttering form.
“Who said Im jealous? Just don’t understand how you let some random woman flirt with you in front of your fiancé.” You huff. Harry rolls his eyes before walking over to the grand door and locking it.
He’s in front of you on his knees, hands clasped around your plush thighs. You crossed your arms across your chest, turning your chin away from Harry.
His fingers danced underneath your loose skirt. The cold air nipped at your thighs as the skirt moves further up.
“Such a brat y’know.” He says before wrapping his fingers around the sides of your panties. Your attention wasn’t on him but you still allowed him to pull your underwear down over your knees and down your legs. He shoves the underwear deep in his pocket muttering about how he would keep them for later.
“Not a brat.” Was your indignant reply. He chuckles between your legs, his breathe tickling the peach fuzz on your thighs. Parting your legs he hooked one knee over his shoulder, the other knee following suit.
You look down at him only to find him smirking up to you. His stupid smirk only annoyed you more. He grasped your right hand and placed it in his hair.
“Go on.” He urges for your to grip the hair. You do not holding back. His head surges forward to your naked mound. He splits your lips with his thumbs, his pink tongue escaping his enclosed lips. His tongue prodded your tight nub, encouraging a loud gasp out of your lips.
The gasp feeds into his ever growing ego. With confidence, he licks your core, sucking on your clit. He enjoyed how wet you got after each second and the way your little moans filled the room.
Two fingers entered you slowly, teasing the tight walls. A high pitched moan flies past your lips making you slap a hand over your mouth. The hand in Harry’s hair got tighter, but he didn’t mind.
Those fingers curled into your gspot, prodding and massaging the sensitive patch. Your clit burned with a burning sensation as his lips molded around the button. Your orgasm approached suddenly, your walls spawning around his large fingers.
His hair slowly trickled from your fingers as you released it from the grip. Harry removed his fingers bringing them up to your mouth.
“Taste.” You encase his fingers in your warm mouth. Harry watched you with dark eyes. He moved your jello legs off of his shoulders, removing his soggy fingers from your mouth.
Still kneeling on the floor, he massages your thighs leaving soft kisses on your burning skin.
“Feel better my little spoiled brat?” He questions. You nod.
“Yes.” You reach down and hug him.
“No reason to be a jealous little bug, you’ve already got my ring on your finger. Gonna marry you in some months. Gonna give you my babies. Take you every where with me.” He reassures you. It warms your tummy to hear his endearing words.
“I know but she was flirting with you and it made me upset.”
“Next time, I’ll make sure no one oversteps that boundary. I didn’t realize how much it was upsetting you.”
You give him a wet kiss on the lips pulling back with a joyous smile on your lips.
“Thank you baby! In all seriousness, you’re gonna have to give me a piggy back ride to the room because I cannot walk.”
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moonchildstyles · a day ago
Tumblr media
dating y/n was different now that he knew how she felt, especially the things that happen when he takes her home
part one (prosecco)
part two (sangiovese)
previous part (moscato)
Harry felt a moment of deja-vu lingering around him as he waited outside (Y/N)'s front door. The familiar weight of a bouquet of flowers was held in his hands, the blooms acting as an unmatched rival to the bright smile on his face. He could hear the shuffling on the other side of the door, (Y/N)'s voice muttering out an obscenity before following with something she apparently forgot to grab. A moment later the wood swung open to reveal her in a similar state to the first time he had come to pick her up for a date.
"Hi!" she chirped out, irises melted and soft as she took in the sight of him. She almost entirely bypassed the sight of the flowers, instead looking him over as if he were the gift for the night
"Hi," he greeted her, voice smooth and quiet for just the two of them.
His presence served as a welcome distraction, momentarily causing (Y/N) to forget about whatever she had been muttering complaints about just before opening the door. She bit at the full of her lip, backing away from the threshold in an invitation for Harry to enter, "Do you want to come in for a minute? I'm sorry, I still need to do a couple more things before we can go; I feel like I'm never ready when you come over."
"Don't be sorry, you know I don't mind," he hummed, stepping onto the small white place rug that outlined the space she made for him, "Y'look pretty enough, anyway, can't imagine what's left."
While Harry meant his soft compliment to her, he couldn't lie and say he wasn't saying it to see what kind of reaction his open affection to her would draw out. He watched on as she looked up at him with moony eyes, her hands moving on their own accord as she closed the front door behind him without moving her gaze. She seemed to flounder over her words, unsure of what to say as a glow radiated from under her skin and added to the dew of her makeup. Harry raised an eyebrow at her, waiting for some kind of response from her though he rather enjoyed the dazed silence he seemed to through her into.
The shift in his expression was enough to pull her back into her head, getting her to move her eyes from him towards her fumbling hands twisting the lock. Though he couldn't see the full of her face from the angle she stood, he could still imagine the sheepish curl of her lips and the fluttering of her lashes as she spoke, "Sure, as if you didn't see my 'shoes' for the night."
Her words were meant to be a joke, Harry knew that, but he still took it as an invitation to drag his eyes over her body while they stood in her cramped version of an apartment foyer. His gaze trailed down her form, finding her clad in another dress he was going to have a hard time getting out of his head.
It was a long, summer dress, the fabric light and bright with a pattern of tiny, baby pink flowers covering the expanse. Pops of soft green to make up the leaves and peeking vines worked to relax the pattern as it fell towards the ground. It stopped just by her feet that were still clad in a pair of fuzzy socks that brought a smile to Harry's already sore cheeks. A high slit cut through one side of the fabric, showing off the bare of her leg with every step she made. Her collarbones and décolletage were left on display with the help of the off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves that hung over her biceps. The neckline was kept simple, ruching going down the middle of the bodice to create a heart shape to the hem before the bodice tightened around her ribs. Harry seemed to be slowly figuring out her style as he found the familiar shape of a headband adorning the top of her head—this one a pearly green color that reflected pink in the light, shaped into a string of leaves that acted like a crown on her head.
An easy smile covered his features, aware of the obvious time he took to look her over. He tipped his head to the side and shrugged his shoulder in nonchalance, "Looks fine to me—gorgeous, really, but, you know."
It seemed Harry wasn't giving her much of a break between those moments that threw her into a tailspin. A familiar sheepish tint took her features, the curl of her lips wavering as she looked up at him with melted irises and something like adoration swimming in the pool of them. Yeah, Harry could get used to these kinds of reactions, definitely.
"Thank you," she finally peeped out, dropping her eyes from his own gaze as a form of self-defense at this point, right to the flowers still held against his chest, "Are those for me?"
"Of course," Harry smiled, following her eyes to the brightest bloom in the bunch—a blush-pink lily with a buttery yellow center at the forefront of the bouquet, "'S a proper date, of course 'm bringing y'flowers."
She graciously took the bundle from him, examining the arrangement just as she had the first time he had brought her something like this. "I love them," she beamed up at him, delicately holding the stems between her fingers as she slowly inched out of her doorway, "Thank you."
"Anytime, sweetheart."
Just like that, another shy reaction was drawn from (Y/N), enough to get Harry smiling with a curl of pride to his lips. It was that easy, was it? Just a sweet petname and she was giving him puppy eyes? He was going to remember that.
"I'm going to go put these in water and everything, then finish getting ready," she mapped out, almost as if her agenda was a reminder to herself more than a notice for Harry.
A soft smile took her features before she began moving towards the entrance to her kitchen, but he wasn't about to let her go that easy. "Where do y'think you're going, hm?"
(Y/N) stopped in her tracks, a genuine bite of confusion downturning her features and pinching her brow. "I'm putting these in water rem—"
"I think you're forgetting something," Harry crooned, taking a slow step towards her as the heels of his boots clicked over the hardwood floor. He watched her reaction, noting the twist of her features though she didn't make any moves to step away from him as he drew closer.
"Y'haven't given me a kiss yet, sweetheart."
Harry's smile only widened as she immediately perked up at the mention of a kiss. Her grip around the strong stems in her hands only increased as her eyes widened. "You still wanted to?! I wasn't sure, so I didn't want to assume!"
As his shoulders dropped and muscles halfway liquified, Harry swore that, if she asked, he would drop to his knees right that second to worship every bit of her existence. She was too cute for her own good, telling him she wasn't sure if he would still want to kiss her, as if that hasn't been what he's been craving and missing since the night in Tawny's bathroom (and before that really, but he didn't want to be weird and detail out just how long he'd been thinking about kissing her).
"Of course, I still want to kiss you," he told her, voice low now that they were stood right in front of one another, stray petals from her bouquet brushing against his tummy, "Do you want to kiss me?"
"Yes, yes, of course I do!"
There was something so innocent about the way she perked up and parroted his own sentiment that of course she wanted to kiss him. The baby hairs framing her face swayed around her features as she bounced in her spot, rolling on the balls of her feet with an added inch to her height from the extension of the tiptoes.
"Then, c'mere," he cooed to her, "Give me a kiss."
She practically melted into his hands as Harry cradled her cheeks in his palms. Though he wanted to keep her flowers intact, he couldn't help but close the space between them as much as he could before he dipped his head down and smoothed his lips over her own puckered ones. The contact was soft and sweet, her lips warm and plush against his as he gave a round of soft pecks to her mouth. He was mindful of the fact they had reservations across town (finally fulfilling that promise they made of revisiting that restaurant), but that didn't mean that he didn't want to spend as much time as possible lingering with her kiss on his lips. He cradled her face delicately in his hands and took his time learning the difference between the fruity taste of her lipgloss and the sweet taste she seemed to carry naturally.
After planting a few more tender kisses against her pout, Harry reluctantly pulled away. A final press of his lips was granted to the very corner of her mouth, a hum sounding from (Y/N) at the contact. When he drew away, he caught sight of the way she seemed to lag after him, only just barely fluttering her eyes open as he scanned over her face. A tiny bit of her gloss was smudged outside the lines of her lips, enough for Harry to clean up with a gentle swipe of his thumb just under her bottom lip. She watched his face with rapt attention, her moony eyes visible from his peripherals.
When he was satisfied with his minimal cleanup job, Harry dropped his hands from her face and positioned them on the curve of her waist. He gently urged her towards her kitchen, setting her up to finish the tasks she had started on before he distracted her.
"Go ahead, sweetheart, finish up. I'll wait here for you," he crooned, speaking through the smile on his lips. He nudged her down the hallway, reveling in the way she seemed more than dazed at this point.
After a moment, the lag in her brain caught up and she practically stumbled through her first step towards her kitchen. "O-Okay," she stuttered, nodding her head more for her benefit he was sure, "I'll be right back."
It only made Harry's heart that much fuller when he caught how many times she looked over her shoulder to him, checking if he was going to wait for her just as promised. It wasn't until she had her bouquet all squared away and she disappeared to her bedroom—not without one final look in his direction, of course—did Harry let out his own breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.
He felt warm now in the presence of all her things, something like a shot of novocaine working to relax and liquify his muscles as he breathed in her scent and threw his gaze around to her now familiar apartment. Now that he knew her feelings towards him, Harry had all the confidence in the world to do the things that made him happy. And, making her flustered with such shy reactions and sweet smiles was what made him happy. He couldn't wait to see how far she was going to allow him to take it.
"Are you sure you can't stay with me a little while longer?"
(Y/N)'s pouted lips were just a pucker away from getting Harry to bend to any of her wishes. She fluttered her lashes at him as she pled for him to stay just a minute longer at her apartment, the flourishing of her curled lashes being something he didn't think she was even aware she was doing. Really, if she looked at him like that for just another thirty-seconds he was going to set up camp at her apartment and move in if that's what she wanted.
He'd been at her place for the better part of two hours at this point, having taken her up on the offer to come up when he had dropped her off. Since then, they'd been bundled up on her couch, shoes left by her front door with a forgotten movie playing on the television before them. Tonight had been a wonderful replay with added scenes and special, pink-tinted bonuses of their first date, the air of openness and comfortability between them making it that much better. He was more than grateful to get more time to spend with her before he had to go back home, not having gotten enough of her throughout dinner. But, as the hours ticked by and the impending plans of the following morning loomed closer, Harry couldn't draw his time out with her any longer.
"'M sorry, sweetheart, I can't. I've got some 'business brunch' meeting in the morning with a bunch of other executives for team building." Harry rolled his eyes at the stupid event that was in the way of him staying with (Y/N) any longer. He had already dodged this team building thing for months and he was out of excuses this time.
"Okay," she settled, visibly deflated at his denial, leaning into the doorframe she was guarding as if she could physically stop him from leaving. She had camped out in front of the door when he had finally convinced her to walk him out, having stopped before letting him go to try her hand at another round of pleas and avenues of conversation to distract him from leaving. "But you'll text me when you get home?"
"You know I will," he promised, dimples denting his cheeks at her sweet request, "Can text y'when I get to m'car even, if you'd like."
"Oh, no, you don't need to do that," she waved off, turning to unlock the front door for him, "I'm already walking you down."
Harry's brows cinched at her offer. "You're not walking me down, love, stay inside. I'll be okay."
"No, I want to go with you." The look she shot him over her shoulder was filled with sincerity, a final effort to spend a few more moments with him.
And, who was he to say no to her?
"Alright," he sighed, reaching for his keys he had left on the table by her door, "Put your shoes on and y'can walk me down."
She immediately perked up at his compliance, slipping on a pair of fluffy pink slippers that almost matched her dress. Once her shoes were on, she looked to him for approval, letting him see that she had done what he asked and was ready whenever he was.
"Those are cute," he prattled, taking her hand in his before opening the door, "They match your dress."
"That's what I was thinking! If it didn't look stupid, I would have worn them to dinner tonight," she laughed, her fingers fit snug between his as he escorted her down the flights of stairs to his car.
An easy silence settled between them, Harry reveling in the lingering sound of her laugh and the way it felt to be under the moonlight with her. He was hyperaware of her hand in his as they reached the visitors' set of parking spaces; he didn't want to feel the cold ghost of her hold when he had to let go.
"Thank you for taking me out tonight," (Y/N) sighed as they approached the space he was parked, a reluctant undercurrent to her tone.
"Thank you for agreeing to come out with me," he countered, squeezing her hand in his.
As they stopped on the driver's side of his car, he pulled her to stand in front of him, between the door and his chest. The angling was perfect, allowing the cool, violet tones of the moon to shine over her in shimmering rays. Her eyes mimicked that of the craters in the sky with the way she looked to him with a moony gaze, both of her hands wrapping around his one in an encompassing hold.
"Would it be too much to say I'm going to miss you?" she whispered, voice sheepish to match the shy curl of her lips.
"Definitely not. I know 'm gonna miss you the second y'let go of m'hand."
Harry watched for her tender reaction. She shyly tore her gaze from his, fixing her eyes onto their joined hands with a sweetened smile curling over her lips.
"Me too," she peeped, voice almost quiet enough to get swallowed by the pounding of Harry's racing heart. After a moment of her distracted gaze, she shifted to look up at him through the frame of her lashes, "Will we see each other again soon?"
"Jus' tell me when and I'll be there," Harry promised.
"Even if it's tomorrow?"
"Especially if 's tomorrow."
(Y/N) breathed out a laugh at his quick-witted response, cradling his hand that much closer to her chest. "Drive safe, okay?" she requested, the sound of her slippers shuffling against the pavement as she moved closer to him.
"Of course. I've got to be in one piece so I can see you tomorrow, right?" Harry teased, a softened set running under his words despite his joking.
A beat passed before she chirped out her own question: "Can I kiss you before you go?"
Harry shook his head affectionately, dropping her hand from his to cradle her cheeks between his warmed palms. "Y'don't even have to ask, sweetheart."
She managed to pucker her lips through the smile on her mouth, allowing Harry to pull her in for the long kiss she had craved at the beginning of the night. He fit her bottom lip between his two, guiding her through the growing familiarity of the contact. While his hands affectionately held her cheeks, the pads of his thumbs brushing over the heigh of her cheekbones with green painted nails, her own were tucked against his chest. He wouldn't be surprised if she pulled away worried about his pulse with the way his heart was hammering against his ribcage. The gloss that had lingered over her lips had long faded, leaving just the taste of her to carry him through until he saw her again (he was beginning to secretly hope that she wasn't kidding about asking him over tomorrow).
If not for the fact they were outside with the time ticking closer and closer to midnight, Harry would have kept going. But, he wasn't going to make (Y/N) stand outside in her thin dress and house shoes for any longer just because he was feeling greedy. He was the first to reluctantly pull away, leaving a lingering kiss to the full of her bottom lip before giving her space to breathe.
"Goodnight, sweetheart," he whispered, the words just for her in the middle of the moonlight.
"Goodnight, Harry," she gazed up at him, irises melted and fingers flexing against his chest as if she wanted to cling to him, "Don't forget to text me."
"Promise," he smiled, stepping away from her with his hands lingering on her form as he brushed them down her shoulders and the length of her arms, "Now, get inside before y'freeze. 'M not leaving till I see y'get up those stairs."
Though Harry hated when she had to go, he loved to watch her leave with the lingering glances she cast him over her shoulder. This time, he was granted with a small wave of her fingers to him before she was out of sight, following the curve of the stairs that took her to her floor. Once he was sure she was safe inside, he made his own exit.
The drive home was filled with thoughts of her, his body warm in the same places she had touched—his hands were blazing with the phantom hold on them with the imprints of her hands on his chest glowing through his skin. He was undressing when he got home, reaching for his phone to send the text he had promised her when another notification caught his eye.
It was from instagram. He was tagged in a new post, the accompanying thumbnail on the grey bar doing little to reveal what photo he was mentioned in. Once he swiped over, the points where he felt (Y/N)'s contact the most seemed to go up another degree in temperature.
Lighting up his screen was a photo he didn't recall her taking at their table for dinner, the centerpiece of a glowing candle serving as a partition between her plate and the main view of his side of the table. His hand with the tattooed cross was laid on the table while it seemed his other was holding his wine glass. His face wasn't in the picture, but with the tag placed just over the sliver of his exposed chest that was captured in the frame gave him away (though, it wasn't like he had much posted to his own account anyway). The filtering and angling of the photo gave enough of a romantic air to it that Harry felt pride puff at his chest for the fact he was being posted to her social media in a way that made it clear he was more than just a friend.
Her caption was left simple:
even better than the first time
He couldn't agree more.
(Y/N) 🎀
I can skip my 11:30 class on Friday if u wanted to get lunch!!! I'll just have one of my friends send me the notes!!
Harry knew that it was more than a little rude to be giving majority of his attention to his phone while Mitch was trying to talk to him, but he couldn't find it in himself to really care. The sound of his friend's voice was becoming something of a background monologue as he nodded along to whatever story was being told, though his eyes never left the screen of his phone. His lips were spread into a tender smile as he read over her text, the added punctuation looking especially sweet knowing that it was because she was excited to see him.
You shouldn't be skipping class, love. We'll get dinner, instead, on Friday.
Aren't you in class right now, even?
The welcome sight of the three grey dots popped up on the bottom corner of the screen, holding Harry's attention as he awaited her response.
A new blue bubble had just popped up when Mitch's voice called out his name, "Right, H?"
"Mhm, yeah," Harry answered, quickly making a point to pull his eyes from his phone to look at Mitch across from him.
He had a raised brow that could be seen over the frames of his dark sunglasses, the rays of sunlight that filtered through the shaded pergola above them emphasized his unimpressed features. The restaurant's patio furniture suddenly became uncomfortable as Harry could only imagine what he had just agreed to with the way Mitch was looking at him.
"Yeah, you agree? You think Sarah and I should break up and I'll move to Poland?"
Harry breathed a laugh at Mitch's words, sounding less humored by the situation than embarrassed to be caught. "Sorry?" he offered, knowing there wasn't much he could say to get out of his inattention.
"Sure," Mitch drawled, leaning his forearms on the glass patio table, "I know you've been a little distracted lately, but that was a bit much."
A small curve of his friend's lips let him know he wasn't in any real trouble, but he still felt a bit bad for his lack of attention. Especially since he was itching to check (Y/N)'s message, even after he was called out.
"Who are you even talking to anyway?" Mitch prompted after a moment, the shade of his glasses shielding the intensity of his gaze.
Harry shrugged his shoulders, shaking his head, "No one important, it was jus' work stuff."
He and (Y/N) hadn't quite defined what they were doing with one another other than the shared feelings they held, so he didn't really want to spill any details in case she wasn't ready for the others to know. Once one of them knew, the news would spread through the group like wildfire, along with a slew of questions and nosy spectators whenever they were together. So, despite the way he was closest to Mitch out of all the friends of the group, he was going to wait it out, even if it meant telling shit lies that were several levels below believable.
Even under the shade of his sunglasses, Mitch was able to get across exactly what he was thinking under the lenses. "Really? You were smiling like that at a work email?"
"Well, it was—" Harry floundered over his response, thankful when he saw their waitress approaching with a pair of dishes in her hands.
He was granted a small reprieve while she—their waitress with a name tag spelling out Vicky—ran through her script, telling them to enjoy their meal and she would be right back to check on them. Mitch let the subject go for the moment, instead focusing his attention on the plate in front of him.
Harry ran his knuckle under the tip of his nose, clearing his throat as he flicked his gaze across the table. "It—The email, it was jus' good news about some numbers, so—"
"It's okay, H," Mitch laughed, pausing the cutting of his burger to focus his attention on his friend, "You don't have to tell me. Or lie."
A heavy breath left Harry's lungs, "'M sorry, I jus'... I don't—"
"Don't worry about it—really. I'm happy you got a good work email, and that's all I need to know." An easy smile covered Mitch's features, using the cover of the work email to tell his support.
"Me too." Harry smiled, "Thank you."
Though the air was now cleared, Harry still wasn't able to shake the urge to check his messages. Would it be really rude to take a look after all of this?
Mitch must have noticed his squirming and the twitching of his hand that refused to reach for his phone, "You can check, I don't mind."
A sheepish smile was shot across the table before Harry picked up his phone, the screen coming to life with the thread of (Y/N)'s messages across the screen. Two new blue bubbles popped up in the time that he was distracted.
yeah but its just a review day im not missing anything, dad
but fine I won't skip for you but only if I can pick where we go for dinner
Harry was aware of eyes on him as an easy smile bloomed across his face.
"Can we go to your house?"
(Y/N)'s bubbled request only deepened the dimples dipping into Harry's cheeks. "If that's what y'want," he agreed, his hand on the back of her seat with his body twisted to get a look out the rearview as he backed out.
"I feel like I never go over there, but I like your house. It's nice." Her smile was audible in her tone, Harry not even needing to look at her to picture the bloom of her lips.
"You know you're more than welcome to come over, whenever y'want," Harry offered, sliding his hand over the back of her seat as he righted his position. As soon as he shifted into drive, (Y/N) was quick to grab his hand, fitting her palm against his and filling the gaps between his fingers with her own.
"Don't say that unless you're ready for me to bother you all the time," (Y/N) joked, bundling her other hand atop his.
"Could never bother me, you know that," Harry countered, his tone much more tender than the teasing she'd given him, "I can never get enough of you."
From the corner of his eye, Harry caught the way she dropped her head with a smile facing their joined hands. "You mean that?" she said, voice soft. Her fingertips tenderly traced designs over the back of his hand, Harry swearing that he could feel something like heart shapes over the skin.
He was more than grateful for the stop sign he pulled up to. With the lack of cars piling behind him, Harry took his time reaching his free hand over the center console and fitting his palm around the curve of (Y/N)'s neck. The glow of the dashboard lit up her features as he tugged her to him, her hair tangling between his fingers.
"Of course, I mean it, love," he crooned to her, leaning into her space. Though his hand on the side of her neck worked as a steady weight, she was free to pull back if she wanted to. Harry's heart stuttered in his chest as he felt no resistance, instead noticing her warmth nod into his hold. "You know that, right? You've been listening to me, right?"
Her lashes fluttered over the wide of her eyes as her gaze was fixed on his own. "I-I am, I'm listening," she let out, a dreamy look passing over her irises.
A tender curl of his lips softened his features, his pupils dilating as he took in every detail of her face. Gone was the sparkling gloss she started off the night with on her lips, the curl of her lashes having fallen over the course of the date, but she hadn't lost the glow he had caught radiating from her skin the second he picked her up. God, was he lucky that no one was behind them.
The hand on the back of her neck pulled her that much closer to him as Harry tipped his chin to smooth his lips over her's. The kiss was simple, an indulgent moment that couldn't wait until they got to his home. (Y/N) melted into his grip, his hand on her neck serving as a steadying hold that held her to him.
Harry drew away first, finding the same dreamy expression on (Y/N)'s face when he got a look at her features. Though he wouldn't have minded to stay in that moment, parked in front of a four-way stop, he needed to get her safe and home. And, he figured, they could do more of this at his house without the warning of others around them.
He brushed his thumb over the hinge of her jaw, dotting one more kiss on the corner of her mouth. "I know y'are, lovie," he cooed, giving her a once over before settling back in his seat.
Letting her keep his hand bundled in her's, Harry started them off in the direction of his house. He could feel her eyes still on him as he did so, a small smile quirking the corner of his lips as he took note.
"Are we going to do anything when we get to your house?" (Y/N) asked after a beat, settling in her spot with a deep breath. Her tone was a tick higher than before he had pulled her in for that kiss, a sheepish edge flowing under her words.
"We can do whatever y'want, sweetheart," Harry offered simply, taking note of her wobbly fingertips resuming the shapes on the back of his hand.
"Okay." (Y/N)'s small chirp of an answer didn't give anything away as to what she was thinking; no explanation for that shy tint to her words.
He peeked at her from the corner of his eye, finding her gaze still fixed on their joined hands. "Y'alright, love? You're being really quiet."
"Yeah," she peeped, nodding her head and looking to him with a tender smile on her lips, "I just want to get to your house."
Harry pretended not to notice the extra five he started going over the speed limit.
(Y/N)'s shoes were left in a cluttered mess by the front door as she pranced straight towards Harry's kitchen. He didn't even think about it before he picked up her small mess, kicking his own shoes off to sit beside the pair of heels she had worn for the night.
"Harry!" she called, voice filtering from the kitchen, "Can I have some water?"
He let out a laugh at her line of questioning, "Go for it, lovie. Grab a glass, I'll be there in a second."
She chirped out a small okay! followed by the sound of her rifling though the cabinets for a cup. He found her reaching to the tips of her toes for a violet-tinted glass perched on the top shelf. Without the help of her heels, Harry couldn't help but linger for a moment in the threshold, watching as she extended her fingers towards the shelf just out of her reach.
"Why don't y'get one from a lower shelf?" Harry asked, amusement tinting his words. He watched on as she jumped at the sound of his voice, spinning on her heel with her hand fluttering to her chest.
"You scared me," she bleated, wide eyes looking to him before settling on the pads of her feet, "What did you ask me?"
The smile on Harry's lips was wide, dimples denting into his cheeks as moved across the kitchen tiles to where she was waiting for him, "I asked why you're not grabbing one from the lower shelves, instead."
"Oh," she sounded, looking over her shoulder up towards her purple glass she was reaching for, "I just want that one."
"Do y'want help then?" Harry closed the distance between them, planting both of his hands on either side of her waist with a crooked smile on his lips.
She hesitated reaching out to touch him, her hands bundled against her chest, "If you don't mind?"
Harry didn't answer, instead widening his smile before reaching for the top shelf she had struggled to touch. He kept his one hand firm on her side, the warmth of her body being felt against his chest with the way he inched closer to her form through his reach. From the very edge of his peripherals, he could see the way she tipped her head up to lock her eyes on his jawline. He easily grabbed the chosen purple cup she had set her eyes on, the advantage of his height mocking her as he settled the glass on the countertop behind her.
"Need help with anything else, love?" he asked, feeling a bit too proud of himself for helping her do such a simple task. She gave a simple shake of her head, a sheepish smile on her face as she locked her gaze on the planes of his face. A single dimple dented his cheek as she made no move to leave his hold. "Are y'sure?" he prompted, only to be answered with a minute nod of her head, spurring him on to press further, "Then why are y'looking at me like that?"
Her eyes widened a fraction of a centimeter as if she were surprised she was caught though he had been looking right at her, "I'm—I'm not looking at you in any way, just—I don't know, thank you."
His heart swelled at the stuttering of her words. "Okay," he relented with a small quirk of his lips, "'M gonna go set up a movie then, 'kay? Is there anything y'wanted to watch?"
Another small shake of her head, "No, you pick."
Harry gifted her with a small kiss to the top of her head before he left her to finish her mission for water. He could feel her eyes following after him as he turned on his heel and left her be in the kitchen, moving towards his living room. Something a little smug and self-satisfied sunk in his chest at her attention—he had craved this for so long, and it felt really good to finally have it.
Settled into the cushions of his couch as he scrolled through Netflix, Harry kept an ear out for the sound of (Y/N)'s footsteps that lingered just on the edge of the living space. Looking over his shoulder, he found her with both hands wrapped around the lavender glass, her eyes fixed on the titles he was flicking through.
"Did y'want to get comfortable at all before we start, love? I finally got makeup wipes after the last time y'were over."
A beat passed as she contemplated her answer, fluttering her lashes as if testing how much longer she could stand the weight of her mascara and the thin, pink sheen that covered her eyelids. "You got wipes?" she prodded, "Do you still have that wash I used last time?"
"Mhm," Harry hummed, already standing from his spot on the couch to lead her up to his bedroom, "C'mon."
She was quick to step after him, pausing for just a second to place her water on the small side table saddling the couch. He offered her his hand, reaching behind him as he started up the stairs. Her smaller palm slipped against his, fingers wrapping around the width of his hand. A slow smile spread over his features, his cheeks holding somewhat of an ache from how often he was repeating this expression in her presence.
He led her across the hardwood flooring, the sound of her socks sliding against the polish giving away her position as he brought her to his room. Once he crossed the threshold to his bedroom, he swung her around to stand in front of him, nudging her towards the bathroom. He reached around her and flicked on the lights before urging her over the tiles.
"I wasn't sure if these were any good, but the woman at the store said these were really popular, so I hope y'like them," he mused, bending to reach under the sink for the blue packet of wipes stowed away for her, "And I've still got that wash in that drawer if y'wanted to use it."
Her irises were melted and soft as she gazed up at him, something dreamy passing over her gaze as Harry matched her look. "Thank you, Harry," she settled on, tone tender.
He took a small step back, planning on leaving her be as she worked through her routine. "'M gonna finish setting up downstairs, but jus' come down when yo—"
"You're not staying?"
Harry stopped in his tracks at her line of questioning, glancing over his shoulder to where she was standing with a furrowed brow in the threshold of the bathroom. She held the packet of wipes in her hands, fingers playing with the metallic flap as her eyes fixed on him.
"What was that, love?" he paused.
"I just thought you were going to stay with me. But, I can meet you downstairs if that's what you wanted to do." She wiped away her pouted expression as she finished, bouncing on the balls of her feet as if it were her suggestion.
"No, no," Harry shook his head, already backtracking on his socked feet, "I'll stay with you, love. Wasn't sure if y'wanted me to, that's all."
(Y/N) seemed content now that he was opting to stay with her, her shoulders loosening as she gestured for him to join her in the bathroom. He took the cue easily, taking a spot on the closed toilet lid to sit beside her station in front of the mirror.
"Thank you," she chirped, looking to him through the reflection in the mirror.
Harry shot her a sweet smile, a garden of affectionate flowers blooming in his chest at the fact she was wanting him close. Balancing his elbow on the muscle of his thigh, he propped his chin in the palm of his hand. His positioning gave him a perfect view of (Y/N)'s profile as she started swiping at her skin with the damp cloth. An easy silence settled between them as more and more of her natural features was revealed in streaks of clean skin. If Harry hadn't been watching her so intently, he swears he would have missed the small look she tossed in his direction with how quick it was.
Catching the sheepish glance she flicked in his direction, Harry kicked his foot out to nudge at her ankle. "What was that look for?"
She gave a half-shrug of her shoulders, fixing her eyes on her reflection instead. "Sometimes I forget you've seen me without makeup on—I'm not used to that," she answered, her voice muffled as she passed the wipe over her glossed lips.
It was Harry's turn to let a pinch pull at his brows, "What do y'mean?"
Her eyes flitted to his with the help of the mirror, nonchalance painting her tone, "Usually, guys I like don't see me without any makeup on."
The answer rolled around in Harry's head for a moment. Was he one of the lucky few that got to see her in what she considered her vulnerable state? The roses that had bloomed in his chest acted as if they were going to claw their way out to get closer to her, her presence acting as the sun that birthed them.
"I'm not sure," she started, chirping out her easy answer, "I've never gotten comfortable enough with any of them to find out."
The roses in his chest wilted a moment as he processed her answer. He felt sad, even leaning into something tinted with anger that she had never been treated right; the sweetest girl he'd ever known was never made to feel comfortable in her own skin around people she deemed worthy of her attention. While the blue moment pinged in his chest for a second, it was quickly replaced with a vivid unfurling of pride that painted the blossoms red again. He wasn't one of the lucky few, he was the lucky one.
"Are you comfortable with me, then?"
He watched as she tossed out the wipe that was now covered in the traces of her makeup. Her eyes were clear and bright, rid of the mascara that had fanned out her lashes with the pink sheen on her eyelids now replaced with the natural glow of her skin. She looked just as beautiful now as she did when they started the night, and he had been the only one allowed such a view.
Lucky him.
A shy smile took (Y/N)'s features, curling her lips into a softened smile that beckoned him closer. Harry couldn't resist the draw of her, following that small cue and standing from his spot on the toilet lid. Her eyes followed him as he stood to the full of his height, a raised brow prompting her to answer his question.
"I think so, yeah," she murmured, tipping her chin up to look at him as he stepped closer in the limited space, "You make me feel safe—I think that's the best word for it."
Something like pride filled his chest at her words. He couldn't deny the roll of protector he had taken up when it came to her; he enjoyed the rewarding feeling that came with caring for her, especially when she had asked him to in the first place. Mimicking their position from the kitchen, his hands landed on either side of her softened waist.
"Do y'feel safe, right now? Here with me?" His voice was kept soft, a sweet secret just for her.
A soft fluttering of her fingers was felt against his chest, her grip curling into the fabric of his shirt. She softly tugged at him, the motion seemingly happening out of her own volition. With each pull of his shirt, Harry couldn't fight the beckoning of her touch. He dipped his head down and placed a delicate kiss to the soft of her cheek, the tip of his nose skimming over her skin. The fingers in his top flexed, the fabric bunched in her fist and pulled him that much closer.
"Hm?" he prompted, still looking for her answer though his lips trailed down to cover the line of her jaw.
"I-I do—I do feel safe," she stuttered, voice turning breathy.
He let out a soft hum, his trail of kisses moving across her skin in gentle presses. (Y/N) shuffled forward, pressing the length of her body against his as she melted into his hold. The bathroom was left silent aside from the soft sound of his kiss against her skin, inching closer and closer to her ear before dropping down to the curve of her neck. His hold on her hips tightened as he backed her up, pressing the curve of her spine into the countertop behind her. Her body was kept firm against him, her own hands sliding a shaky trail from the bottom of his chest to the tops of his shoulders.
His lips clung to her skin, never lifting and instead skimming over the expanse in affectionate kisses. A soft breath was exhaled through (Y/N)'s nose as he hit a particularly tender spot at the base of her throat, her hands sliding up farther from his shoulder to wrap around his neck. Her fingers locked at the nape of his neck. With her new hold, Harry felt subtle nudges of her pulling him from the map he was marking over the soft of her neck to her mouth.
A smug smile curled his lips as he followed her tugging direction. Pulling back just far enough to catch her eyes, he found (Y/N) with a familiar dreamy haze over her eyes, now at full force and swimming through her irises. Something akin to a whine was exhaled through her pouted lips as she pulled him with a firm tug around his neck.
Harry's smile only broadened at the sound, a satisfied puff filling his chest. He scanned over her features, skimming the planes of her face and noting the warm glow that emanated from her skin.
"H," she breathed, nudging to the tip of her toes in an effort to pull him back.
He resisted her attempts, his smile stretching just a hair further. He couldn't turn down an opportunity to play with her.
"Ask me for what y'want, love," he prompted, a sultry undertone wrapping around his words. In an encouraging move, he ducked his head and gave her a small kiss to the space before her ear, "Go on, sweetheart, tell me."
A beat passed with a shaky breath leaving (Y/N)'s lungs. Her linked fingers broke apart as she dug her fingertips through the baby hairs on the back of his neck. "Can we—I want to kiss," she whispered, "Please?"
His smile was pressed into her skin as he skimmed over the line of her jaw. Looping his arms around her middle, his hands spanning over the planes of her back, Harry pulled her from where she had been pressed against the counter.
"Is that what y'want?" he mumbled against her skin, "Want me to kiss you?"
A shaky nod of her head was given in response.
"C'mon then," he prompted, drawing away from the affection he was spreading over her skin, "'M not kissing y'in another bathroom."
Finally, he was able to crack the haze that tinted her features and fixed her moony gaze onto him, a small smile ticking over her lips. "I wouldn't complain."
Standing to the full of his height, with (Y/N)'s body still bundled against his chest, he gave her a challenging looking and a raise of his brow. "I know, but you're coming with me anyway."
Though he was reluctant to let her go, Harry dropped his arms around her waist and settled for taking her hand in his. Despite her playful teasing, (Y/N) was quick to fall into line and follow after him as he led her through the soft lighting of his bedroom. He pulled her along until he hit the edge of his bed, the mattress taking out his knees and bouncing under his weight as he fell into it.
He sat on his bed with his legs spread wide and his free hand laid flat behind him, waiting for her. She stood at an arm's length away, her hand still protected in his own, though she looked to him with wide eyes.
"C'mere, lovie," he murmured, a soft smile spreading over his lips. With the help of his tugging hand, (Y/N) inched closer. The hem of her dress moved like something of a dream behind her as it fluttered, delicate like a cloud that chased after her.
Once she was close enough, Harry didn't hesitate to pull her to his chest, fitting her between his muscled thighs. She was much less hesitant than when she had approached him, settling her palms along the line of his jaw. Craning his neck, he caught her lips in a warming kiss.
It was familiar by now, Harry felt grounded to the moment with her. He slotted his mouth against her's, the full of her bottom lip tucked between his two. The soft sounds of their lips coming together and pulling apart filtered through the room. It was under Harry's control that deepened the kiss, tipping his head under the warmth of her hands and drawing her deeper to him. His own hands were fixed on the thick of her thighs from where she stood between his own, her dress bunching under the flexing of his fingers.
He could do this for hours, Harry decided. He could sit here for hours, his (Y/N) tucked against him with her lips smoothed over his own with nothing other than pink-tinted thoughts racing around his head with butterfly's wings beating through his stomach. His head felt like it was up in the clouds, stuffed full with a rosy haze while the rest of him was too hyperaware of her touch, the warmth of (Y/N)'s body, and the soft noises she was making against his mouth to be anywhere than completely grounded in the moment.
Warmth bloomed throughout his body, his stomach tightening and chest glowing the more she melted into his hold. Harry inched his hands around the full of her thighs, hooking his palms around the back just under the crease of her bottom. He eased her to him with the hold on her legs, drawing away for just a second though he could still feel her mouth brushing against the full of his lips. He waited for any kind of protest as he brought her closer, any small indication of rejection that she was ready to draw that line for the night.
One never came, only a small whine leaking from between her lips as he nudged his nose against her's. With the help of her hands on his cheeks, she pulled him back to her kiss on her own accord. Harry was more than willing to take that invitation, planting his lips against her's in an adoring kiss as he pulled her that last inch to his lap. She fell into him, chest pressed to his. His hands moved from the thick of her thighs to wrap around her waist in a tight loop as she adjusted her legs to sit on either side of his hips. A rumbling worked through Harry's chest as he dropped back to lay flat on the bed with (Y/N) atop him.
(Y/N)'s breathing stuttered, the skipping of her chest felt against Harry's own just before a breathless whine fell from her lips. The noise was smothered by his kiss, the taste echoing that of the sweetness he had come to associate with her. All the while, their kissing never ceased, only small breaks granted for air before diving back in.
Harry noticed just how breathless she was becoming as he slicked his tongue over the full of her bottom lip, prompting him to draw away from her and allow a moment of reprieve. Still, he couldn't resist from planting a garden of kisses over her features. Her breath fanned out against his jaw as he dotted his lips over her cheek and across her cheekbone.
"Can we stay up here?" she asked, voice a breathless murmur that traveled to his ear.
Though he was inclined to nurture her skin with the garden of kisses layered over her features, Harry drew back with a raised brow, "Don't want to watch a movie anymore, love? I thought that's what y'came over for."
His tone was teasing, softly mocking her request though he was more than willing to indulge her. He watched on as a blink of her eyes fanned her lashes across the tops of her cheekbones, dreamy eyes never swaying from his own despite the sheepish tint that moulded her features. Her pupils were blown wide, a sliver of her melted irises remaining in a ring around the black. She looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, embarrassed for getting caught but not enough to take back her want of the sweet.
"I-... I don't know, we can stop if y—"
Harry was quick to shake his head, a smug smile quirking up one corner of his lips. "'M jus' teasing, sweetheart. We'll stay in here, don't worry. I don't even think I remember the film I picked anyway."
Before she could tailor any kind of reply to his words, Harry tugged (Y/N) down to button his mouth to hers again. She was distracted with the nature of his lips as Harry wrapped a firm arm around the curve of her waist and hooked his hand around the back of one of her plush thighs. She melted further into his hold, making it easy for Harry to roll them over, replacing each other's previous positioning. He maneuvered them to lay with (Y/N)'s head resting against his pillows, the silken nature of his dark green bedding acting as a glimmering background. With her thighs still hugging his hips, he fit himself between her legs. A gasp was felt against his kiss-slicked lips though the noise was muffled into his lips
"This okay?" he breathed out between the long pulls of her lips. His hand on her thigh slipped over the length until he landed just at the back of her knee. He hitched her leg over his thigh, her hips pressed flush against his own in a move that made his stomach tense and flutter from the contact. He was more than sure she could feel his length against her core, their kissing having formed a pleasurable spiral in his stomach that caused tension between his legs.
"Uh-huh," she hummed. Her hands that had been on the back of his neck made their own warming trail as they worked their way under the neck of his shirt and skated over the bare planes of his back she could reach.
It could have been hours that Harry had her laid out under him as he kissed over her already swollen lips and reveled in the sweet chirps and sighs that fell from her lips. His own contented noises slipped out for her to sample, the tip of her tongue delicately dipping into his mouth before teasingly pulling back, stealing his chance to taste. He could never be in any position to complain over what she was willing to give him, especially as it seemed she was giving him a taste of his own teasing medicine he had been so inclined to dole out through his soft mocks and teasing remarks. It only spurred him on knowing that she was willing to play his game.
His hand had been serving as a grounding weight, grip tight around the thick of her thigh with flexed fingers and a tensed palm. Now, the weight was shifting over the length of her leg, moving and twisting until he had it splayed against her hip with his fingers working to brush over her core. Her breathing hitched to the point Harry swore she didn't breathe for a few seconds, her chest lagging behind as he worked over her.
Drawing back in search of her reaction, Harry caught her eyes that were still shuttered behind her eyelids. He could see her eyes dancing underneath, mimicking that of the butterflies fluttering through his tummy that urged him closer to her. After a beat, (Y/N) blinked her eyes open, her gaze wide and scanning over his features in quick darts as if to take each detail in before he disappeared.
"Is this okay?" Harry parroted, flexing his fingers from where he had them stationed over the bone of her hip. She hesitated for a moment under the heat of his gaze, her kiss-swollen mouth gaping like a fish. He gave her another second, waiting to see if she was going to offer any kind of response before dipping his head down and nudging his nose to her's in a puppy's kiss. "'S okay, sweetheart, y'can tell me."
Her hands under his shirt slid up the planes of his back before linking her fingers together behind his neck. He could feel the brush of her fingertips against the sensitive skin, a layer of goosebumps rising over his heated skin. With eyes mimicking that of a doe, wide and seeking approval, she asked him, "Can we just kiss tonight? I'm sorry, I know I kind of started this an—"
"Hey, hey," he cut her off with a tender smile, his hand on her hip drifting to cradle the full of her cheek in his palm, "Don't be sorry, 'kay? We don't have to do anything y'don't want, that's why I asked. 'M not mad, especially not since I get to spend the rest of the night kissing you."
"Are you sure?" (Y/N) pressed, something like guilt floating through her irises.
"'M more than sure," he cemented, ducking his head to touch his forehead to her's, "Don't feel bad for changing your mind—I only want to do the things y'want. I mean it."
(Y/N) blinked up at him, Harry thinking their lashes would tangle together with how close he kept himself to her. "Thank you," she murmured, the full of her lips brushing against his.
He caressed his thumb over the height of her cheekbone, adoration swimming in his gaze. Her words took a pick to his heart, chipping another shard off in her honor. She shouldn't have to thank him for doing the bare minimum and listening to her and what she was comfortable with; what kind of people had she been with before and what had they put in her head that made his actions deserving of such gratitude?
"Don't thank me," he said, the words coming out like a cliche though sincerity colored his tone, "Not for this, 'kay? All 'm doing is listening to you."
With her fingers linked at the back of his neck, (Y/N) pulled him to her, tipping his chin and craning her own neck to make their lips meet. Nothing was frantic about the contact, desperation left simmering far in the background. Though they couldn't get enough of one another, the slow, languid kisses that were shared between their lips were more than satisfying. His arm that had been sandwiched between the mattress and her back grabbed at her form, fisting the fabric of her dress and tugging her tightly to his chest, though his hold wasn't desperate and dominating. All he wanted was to take in every bit of her form that he could; to learn her body in whatever way she was comfortable in letting him.
Soft sighs were breathed between them, Harry fighting to keep his own noises of contentment down in favor of listening to (Y/N). Every time she murmured his name, tugged at the baby hairs on the nape of his neck, and tightened her thigh around his hip, something in his heart swelled at the small display of her vulnerabilities, feeling more raw now that she was comfortable with the direction they were heading for the night. If he hadn't had his arm around her, he swears she would have melted into the mattress.
Aside from small breaks when breathing was hard to come by, when Harry checked the time, he found they had been holed up in his bedroom kissing for a little over an hour. He had shifted over her, moving to lay beside her on the pillows with her thigh thrown over his hip and his own leg tucked between her two. Peering over her shoulder as she snuggled into his chest, face nudged against his neck, Harry's read the time on his phone as 10:32 p.m.; they had made it to his house a little after nine, with (Y/N) having told him she was planning on heading home around ten. A smug smile took Harry's kiss-swollen lips. He'd convinced her to stay.
"What time is it?" (Y/N) whispered, the length of her lashes tickling his skin.
"Ten-thirty," he murmured, voice hoarse from disuse. He hugged her tighter to his chest, arms wrapped around her in a hug with his palms spanning over her back in soothing circles.
"Oh," she breathed, sinking further into his hold with her own arms looped around his middle, "I don't want to leave, though."
Harry exhaled a breathy laugh, drawing away from where he had tucked her shoulder under his chin. Though he felt like his lips should be completely sore from the amount of use for the night, he still rested a string of kisses along her hairline, never lifting his lips from her skin before dragging over to the next spot.
"Y'don't have to, lovie, y'know that. Stay for as long as y'want," he murmured, voice soft like a secret between them.
A beat passed with Harry keeping her hugged to his chest.
"Even if I wanted to stay the night?"
He smiled against her skin, eyes fluttering closed at the thought of getting to cuddle into her again like the last time she had laid in his bed. "Especially if y'wanted to stay the night."
(Y/N) shifted in his arms, pulling away to give him a proper view of her sleep softened features and kiss-swollen lips. A soft smile moulded her features, eyes tender with irises swimming, "Am I allowed to borrow your clothes again?"
Harry reached up and tugged on a messy strand of hair that had been mussed by his hands and the silken pillows cushioning her head. "Anything specific y'wanted for the night?"
The way her eyes brightened at his counter question filled his heart almost as much as her kiss had. He couldn't help but slip his fingers through the strands of her hair, brushing against her roots and pulling her down. He pressed an affectionate kiss to her tired lips. A dreamy look settled into her gaze when he caught sight of her features through his hooded gaze. And, he was going to get to spend the night with her.
Tonight had been a good night.
malvasia is a dessert wine, rich and amber colored with clinging notes of toffee; bright points of acidity leave you wanting more.
thank u sm for reading!! sorry if theres any mistakes and please send me a message if u had any ideas ab the next part or wanted to talk about this piece!!
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g0ldenkiwi · a day ago
Scintilla | Harry Styles
Pairing: 19th Century!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 7,223
Warnings: NFSW (+18), Smut, Fluff, Light Asshole Harry, Classist And Sexist Behavior Of The Time, Very Light Angst, Fingering, Oral Sex, Face Fucking, Degradation Kink, Spitting Kink, Choking Kink, Breeding Kink, Sir Kink, Dom/Sub Situation, Unprotected Sex.
Request: @anon
Hey! Can you write a smut in which Harry and y/n are at a party where y/n is seducing him by saying sexy and dirty things in his ears, so the sexual tension increases and they fuck in washroom. Include very dirty and filthy talks by Harry while pounding into y/n
A/N: Here it is! Thank you so much for the request, I really had been thinking about writing about 19th Century with Harry for a long time because I love the concept of 'Pride and Prejudice' so much and, although it's probably not what you were expecting, I hope you enjoy it, anon! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's funny how life could make many people suffer while others live at the top, how destinies can intertwine and make two people who weren't supposed to know each other feel attracted to each other, how such a connection could make them forget about all kinds of outside rules and just conclude at the end of the day being just the two of them.
Nothing more.
Harry had long since realized the reality of what he lived in and the life that many had to endure just because they were born into one family or another.
From a very young age, Harry had always been surrounded by the finest luxuries, the finest tutors teaching him how to become the high-status gentleman that society had decided upon. The Styles name alone could unlock any door in London for him, with open arms and eager hands that could pluck any penny from his pocket at any time.
Obviously, Harry was aware of this. That, unfortunately, every good thing had its downside, and so the good fortune of being born into such a prestigious family brought with it a life of mistrust towards outsiders, and therefore, seeking friends and a wife was quite problematic for him.
However, the brunet knew himself to be aware of all this, but, in addition, he was also aware of the people who, unfortunately, were serving in his house and had a status set, —just like him— but they suffered from its consequences instead of taking advantage of them. Having to live from day to day thinking about what to put in their mouths for something to eat while in his family, he had worries like what kind of upholstery they might be wearing in London and where they could hire someone to change it for them.
Despite all that, there was only one thing that was outside any social status, and Harry would defend it with a duel and fists if necessary: love.
When he was a kid, and while he had been growing up, his parents had always been impressing upon him that when he grew up he would have to marry a woman of equal monetary caliber to his family, regardless of his heart, of course. But what his parents didn't know and what Harry had always kept secret was that he didn't plan to please his parents in that regard; they could send him to many institutions to improve his calligraphy and learn finance, they could dress him in tight, colorful jackets and trousers, but they could never make him marry someone he didn't love.
And he already loved a woman.
Y/N, unfortunately for both of them, had been born into a family of servants within the Styles house and since she was a little girl she had always been told that she had to watch her manners when dealing with people of higher status than her and more so being a woman, she should only keep silent at all times and never speak without thinking. But being just a child, that rule often escaped her, and one day she met a little boy with brown curls and green eyes that caught her attention and she did not hesitate to approach him to investigate in the large garden where she used to play without disturbing anyone.
At first, that boy was shy with her and just let her talk with no idea what to answer to her intense chatter, but the only thing she knew about that boy was that his name was Harry.
Little by little, the boy opened up more to her, and they became such a close friendship that the two of them only played with each other and both Harry and Y/N began to create their own children's games and secrets, hiding treasures and making up the strangest stories.
They both grew up together and adolescence and hormones, plus their mutual curiosity for those burning feelings that the church warned them they should never let out, or they could go to hell, was the last step that pushed them into each other's arms as they tried to reveal themselves against everything and everyone.
And in those same gardens, they began to form lustful and passionate secrets that they would not tell until they were both willing to tell the four winds that they loved each other and were not afraid to admit it.
Harry really wanted to go public with their relationship, wishing he could marry Y/N and present her as his wife, have children and live together until old age took them.
But of course, they both knew that such idealistic dreams could only come true in their minds and never in real life, where they would never be accepted.
Tumblr media
The music and the feasting of the ball in the Styles' house were noisy as Harry watched the different families of the village wander around the great hall in their finery, inspecting in awe at every precious decorative detail and large paintings decorating the wide walls along with the large windows that gave a glimpse through it of the immersed gardens and properties that the family was so proud of.
Every year, the Styles family always liked to hold a ball for the whole town to show off their status and money, making it so that everyone could go as long as they were invited, no social status involved. Mind you, at least you had to be dressed in your best clothes.
However, amidst all the bustle, Harry only could make out a pair of eyes that he had grown accustomed to adoring.
Y/N was truly radiant in her golden dress, the corset she wore framing her figure slightly; Harry knew beforehand that Y/N never tightened her corset and only wore it to store her personal belongings. His green eyes never left her and a lopsided smile was just for her as Y/N also returned his greeting with a small nod of her head and another knowing smile as she stood on the other side of the room, trying to keep her manners.
Harry was alone, having been able to detach himself from the upper-class young men that his mother forced him to hang out with, and just wished the dances would start, so he could run off and ask Y/N for a dance, grateful for that public ball where he could have a chance to touch her and get close without arousing suspicion while he talked to more people and let his mother introduce him to several girls interested in him.
At last, sweet melodies began to play and everyone began to move to the center of the room and began to dance. Y/N was the first to position herself to dance with a radiant smile as everyone swung with everyone else, changing partners fluidly as they twirled and used their hands, without quite touching, to guide each other.
At last, the real joy of that ball was beginning to form.
His green eyes followed her gaze endlessly and unashamedly as he watched her turn among many people, his mischievous grin still not fading from his face as her eyes kept glancing his way and her laughter died over the sound of the music filling the room.
After a while and when the first song was over, Harry was about to go to his beloved's side, so he could dance with her all night long, however, the presence of his sister next to him stopped him.
"Brother, good evening," Gemma greeted slowly, also looking out at the crowd whirling in front of them.
"Sister, good evening to you as well," Harry received her as well, accompanied by a slight bow of his head in a graceful manner. "How are you finding the ball tonight?"
The brunet only gave Y/N a regretful look from the distance, his eyes promising her the dance they had both been so excitedly looking forward to, before Y/N returned it with understanding and turned her focus back to her dance partner.
"Quite placid and endearing," Gemma replied with a smile as she gently watched the people dancing and having a good time with each other to the music.
Harry just nodded his head and kept glancing back at Y/N, his hands behind his back fidgeting nervously, wishing his sister would be distracted by some new company, so he could go straight to the woman he loved.
However, a new man appeared in his vision, grabbing Y/N's waist to swiftly twirl her in the air. His brow furrowed visibly at this and his lips quirked slightly in a puzzled grimace as he stared at the hands that should be his touching her without any concealment or embarrassment; at one point the same young man brought his mouth close to Y/N's ear, whispering in her ear.
He could feel his body wanting to head that way and pull him away from his future wife, however, Gemma again spoke up before he could even take a step.
"Oh, that's interesting," Gemma giggled softly. Harry's enraged eyes looked to her side in confusion.
"What are you referring to, sister?" Harry asked; normally, Gemma didn't usually comment on balls or the people who went.
"Do you remember the little girl who always played with you when you were just a little kid? The daughter of the L/N’s who were serving in our house. Y/N, I think her name was, if I remember correctly." Harry felt his heart in his chest flip at the mention of his beautiful companion, thinking that his fit of jealousy would have given him away. "Apparently she has been the fruit of devotion to Officer Clayden's son in the village, and they have been talking to Mr. L/N to ask for the betrothal of his daughter," Gemma commented without stopping to watch the pair dance, her brown eyes shifting mischievously to her brother who turned his gaze back to the aforementioned. "Interesting, don't you think, dear brother?"
Harry, upon hearing that, felt a fury begin to burn in his soul and chest, his hands clenched into fists so tightly behind his back that his knuckles were white, and his rage could be felt making him see pure red all around him as he continued to see the man try to steal the woman he had always loved without even getting to know her, just on a mere whim. But what irritated him the most at that moment was the smile that Y/N had on her face while she kept dancing with that man as if she was mocking him; the joy of both of them made him feel his pride slaughtered and his need to act violently grew and grew more and more, but he had to contain himself.
"It's not something I'd go so far as to consider remotely interesting, sister," Harry couldn't help the growl that came from his throat as he spoke trying to make it seem like he didn't care about that information he had been revealed of, however, only his sister's snicker made him bite his bottom lip angrily, not quite knowing if his sister was amused by his reaction or that something hidden Gemma knew about him.
But he didn't have time to think twice about it before he heard the music stop, indicating that the song was over. "Excuse me, sister," he indicated before almost trotting over to Y/N and young Clayden quickly.
"Of course," he only managed to hear his sister say as she continued to giggle. He should ask her later what she had found so amusing, he thought to himself before positioning himself in front of the laughing couple.
"Good evening, Mr. Clayden, Miss L/N," Harry cut off their chuckling abruptly as he saw that they didn't stop and hadn't even deigned to feel his presence.
"Mr. Styles, good night to you too," Clayden replied politely, yet the angry green eyes only probed at that arm still hugging the waist he had so often held and kissed lovingly.
"Ah, Harry!" Y/N greeted him cheerfully, not realizing she had called him by name.
"It's Mr. Styles to you, Miss L/N. Don't forget the position we are part of," Harry admonished her harshly causing Y/N's smile to suddenly fade, the eyes that had so often looked at him with pride and love crystallized from the pain his words had made her feel, as a lump in her throat formed, not understanding what was wrong with her beloved.
"Of course, I’m truly sorry for my disrespectful manners towards you, Mr. Styles," she replied in a weak voice as she had been instructed on what she should do when being with a person of higher status than her, lowering and averting her gaze from Harry with distress.
Harry hated his words as soon as they left his mouth, wishing he could bang his head repeatedly against a wall. His jealousy had hurt the woman he loved, yet she was also hurting him for her betrothal that she had never told him about.
"And how do you find this pleasing ni-?"
"Would you, Mr. Clayden, lend me Miss L/N for the next dance?" Harry cut off his question abruptly to the young man, causing him to stall for a moment before processing the question the brunet had posed to him in such a direct and random manner.
"Certainly, Mr. Styles," Clayden replied, still confused as he pulled his hand away from her waist at last and took her hand to rest it gently in Harry's which he didn't hesitate to tug, almost dragging her towards the center of the room.
The music of the next song started to play, this time the melody being softer and more elegant, making them start swinging slowly.
They were both quiet and tense, something that normally didn't happen when they were together, but Harry didn't know how to try to contain his anger to not hurt Y/N any more than he had already done, but his fury at what Gemma had said to him still lingered and still burned inside him, making his face totally stoic and unfeeling as they twirled gently to the soft melody, which, if not for the news, would have been a precious and beautiful moment between them and a memory he would treasure fondly in his heart.
But that would no longer be the case.
His hands trembled gently as he felt the soft fabric of her dress under his fingers and held Y/N's warm hand with the other; the feel of her body next to his for every breath she took made him wish he could hold her forever.
But that would be impossible.
"Harry?" Y/N finally called out to him, worried and even hurt. "What's wrong with you?"
"How dare you ask me that when you've been hiding something so important from me for all the time we've spent together?" Harry roared low, his eyes finally focusing intently on her fragile ones, his hands squeezing her unconsciously.
"What do you mean, my love? I have never held anything back from you, how could I do that when just the thought of not being able to be by your side at every moment slowly kills me until I am finally back in your arms?" Y/N answered him in a hurried manner, her voice reflecting the fear of the possibility that Harry would think so low of her.
"And how is it that I had to find out from my dear sister about your supposed betrothal to young Clayden?" The brunet growled back, his tall figure towering over hers and his intense, raging eyes taking her breath away.
There was a moment of silence, Y/N's half-open mouth indicating her bewilderment and processing the words of the beautiful young man she had fallen in love with many years ago before she suddenly realized what was going on, and she couldn't help but let out a loud cackle that even caught the attention of the couples next to her who had been dancing quietly, before breaking into almost hysterical laughter in her face.
Just the sight of her and hearing her mock and chortle at him made Harry's blood boil in his veins at the sight of the woman he had long thought would never hurt him by playing with his pride in such an evil way.
"Stop it," he blurted out in a low, deep whisper as he squeezed her figure tighter, this time between his hands, causing her to wince a little at his rage. "Don't you dare laugh at me, Y/N, I warn you. My love for you may be infinite, but I will not let you mock me like this."
Y/N stared at him for a moment with a small smirk before opening her mouth again to speak.
"I would never be able to mock or laugh at you, my beautiful sunshine," she replied softly. "That was not my intention, but you have really caught me completely by surprise in telling me that. I thought I would make you acquainted with it as soon as we could be in private, and remark to you that, of course, I, too, had been taken by surprise at seeing young Clayden come to my humble home to ask my dear parents for my hand," she told as her eyes did not leave his, trying with her voice to calm that fierceness she had awakened. "Of course, my intention has never been to marry him, for he is not the man I love. That title, that you already know, my love, it belongs to you and I intended to communicate it to young Clayden that I already had a future planned in which he is not by my side," she finished by telling with a smile and a giggle. "I did not think this fact would infuriate you in such a way, my beloved. It was really insignificant information.
"And I didn't think it would ever concern a gentleman of such high status as yourself, Mr. Styles," Y/N finished with a hint of grief still in her voice at the knowledge that the brunet had treated her so for such stupidity.
"Don't ever call me that again, my love, I beg of you, it hurts me greatly to hear that title from your lips as if you were just strangers after all we have been through together," Harry spoke again, this time with his voice weaker, ashamed with himself as he heard his beloved's real intentions, a small blush on his cheeks appeared as he looked away from hers; founding himself so humiliated and unhappy with how he had acted towards her. "I'm sorry for my previous dishonorable and unpleasant behavior towards you, you know you are my everything and I shouldn't have treated you in such an indecent way, you don't deserve it, but you should know that of course, it is my concern, everything about you is my concern, and very much so."
"Oh, I see what's going on," Y/N chuckled lightly again before bringing her face as close as she could to his ear. "You were jealous, my love."
"No, I wasn't," Harry denied quickly, looking at her again, feeling this time he was vulnerable in her mischievous eyes.
"Yes, my love, you were jealous," she would confirm again; her voice lowering again before her body pressed fully against his and her lips lightly caressed his cheek and sharp jaw before her breath fell directly into his ear as she spoke again. "Did you think that cretin who has never even been able to greet me on the streets of the village was going to steal me from you? You know very well that's not possible, my love, you know very well who is the real man who makes me scream with pleasure every night; who makes me beg for him, for those hands that make me tremble, that I wish he would run those same hands over every part of my naked figure; you know perfectly well who is capable of making my most intimate parts wet with your long and thick member that makes me the next days my legs quiver. That cock that makes me see the stars and that is able to accurately touch my most pleasurable parts from inside my cunt and that will surely one day make me a mother and I will carry in my womb all the children we can conceive."
Her words and the warmth of her body made Harry couldn't help but think of every night he'd spent in bed with that beautiful woman, all the moans he'd gotten out of her, all the promises to make her his wife and mother of his children. He could perfectly visualize her naked body in his bed as he felt her full, round, perfectly sized tits pressed against his chest, making his breathing quicken and his cock in his tight trousers begin to harden.
"Enough, my beloved, I warn you to be careful with your words," Harry tried to say forcefully, but it sounded more like a plea as he pulled her face slightly away from his to look into her eyes, trying to get his message across fully to its recipient.
Y/N had already felt his hardness in his pants, however, and her mischievous grin confirmed it before she brought her head close to his again, her lips mere inches from his before she let out an airy sigh that pouted her lips sweetly.
"Looks like my good sir needs my help with that problem," Y/N teased.
Before Harry could stifle her again, trying to get her to stop her seduction and remind her of where they were and the people around, the music slowly stopped, causing everyone to suddenly halt dancing.
A light applause towards the talent of the musicians ruled the room for a moment suddenly, distracting Harry for a moment before Y/N suddenly grabbed the front of his jacket and lowered his torso until her sweet honey lips collided with his ear.
"Come fuck me, my love," Y/N commanded him directly before quickly breaking away and turning her body towards one of the dark corridors off to the side of the gallery, urgently disappearing from the room and leaving a bewildered and very aching Harry behind, who didn't take long before slipping away as well; following his beloved down the gloomy passage of his grand mansion.
Harry could hear Y/N's sweet laughter guiding him as he walked quickly, occasionally passing someone who greeted him respectfully before turning his hungry gaze to the back of his future wife; the beautiful golden dress he had given her for the event making his mouth water as he stared all the while at her bare shoulders and collarbone, wanting to bite and mark his territory. From time to time she looked back to make sure that the brunet was following her, which made him want to tell her that she didn't need to since he would follow her to hell if he had to.
At last, from far behind, young Styles saw his beloved stop in front of a wooden door, slowly opening it before looking both ways behind her; both looking at his love and making sure there was no one else wading through that hallway before stepping through the entry and slowly closing it behind her.
The green-eyed man didn't think twice before proceeding just as quickly as Y/N did, almost running towards the door as if everything depended on it before knocking ever so lightly with his knuckles on the sturdy wood while he was seeing both ends of the hallway as well.
The door burst open, and two urgent hands grabbed his jacket again to pull him quickly inside.
A huge, well-decorated washroom was what was on the other side of that door, with its spacious bathtub and several cabinets with different soaps and bath salts; but Harry couldn't get to notice more, as hungry lips enveloped his in a sweet, wet kiss that made him dizzy.
"Alone, at last, my love," Y/N whispered against his lips in a warm sigh, her hands caressing his chest as his hands gripped her waist with desire and desperation. "You've really impressed me today, Harry. It's the first time I've ever seen you so jealous and in that fiery way over something you really shouldn't have cared about," she joked, lightly giggling again, making the brunet angry.
"Shut it," he commanded in a deep, slow voice as he pushed her back until she was positioned against the porcelain sink and the wood-framed mirror. "How can I not be jealous if some fucking nobody wanted to steal you from me, snatch you from my arms. That damned bastard will know who he dared to run into, and I promise my pride will be repaired."
"Oh, and what does my love intend to perform against that despicable being you speak of?" She asked with a foxy grin on her complexion, teasing him which made both his desire and his rage grow more and more within his being.
"First of all, I will make you mine again as I have been doing all these years," Harry growled, his large hand framing lightly around her neck, not quite squeezing, but loving how her eyes dilated as he watched her bite her lip, eliciting a smug smile from him. "And I'll make you remember too who generates your pleasure for the many weeks you've been unable to walk and for which you've begged me for mercy."
Her hands began to roam her figure, not thinking much more about squeezing between his eager hands the tits that almost jutted out exposed from her corset and causing just looking at them to want to bite them without qualms, wanting to tear that expensive fabric, so he could appreciate her beautiful body better, but he knew he could not. Or at least, not for now.
"I curse this great day and this long-awaited event for not being able to strip you out of this beautiful dress, my precious star," he commented as he started down her cheek to her neck, kissing and nibbling on it, making her shiver under his tall figure.
His hands began to move up the long skirt of her dress until he could feel under the touch of his fingers her underwear. Y/N's breaths were getting hotter and hotter as he finally lowered his mouth to her mounds which he didn't hesitate to kiss as well, caressing her skin as much as he could of her exposed skin; the frustration of not being able to touch and caress her more and more growing because of that dress which, although it was a delight as it hugged her curves perfectly was also a punishment for both of them not being able to enjoy being together to the fullest.
"H-Harry," she gasped, her gentle hands tousling his brunet hair that had been until that moment perfectly coiffed as his hands finally found skin to caress, finally sliding and pulling her underwear away from her as he sat her down on the firm sink.
"You have been so malicious tonight, my beloved." At last, his lips returned to hers, his labored breath falling full upon hers. "Why have you wanted to see me suffer? You are merciless, behaving that way just to get my attention that you know will always be fully upon you for and forever."
"I-I'm so sorry, my love," she tried to utter, but his hands made her lightheaded and his warmth made her never want to detach herself from him. "You know I could never enjoy seeing you suffer, I only want to see you happy. My heart would not endure just seeing you in a depressed state."
"Oh yeah?" Harry asked her almost coldly, making her shiver under those deep green eyes. "And this?"
His expert fingers went straight to her dripping pussy, making her gasp in shock as she felt his fingers begin to caress her wet folds while the palm of his hand continuously brushed against her aching clit, making her face heated with embarrassment that he had caught her in that vulnerable condition.
"What's the meaning of this, then, ah? Wetting yourself all by yourself, just behaving like a whore in front of everyone, knowingly suffering me, you pathetic slut. Are you that desperate for my cock, for me to pay you some attention? You should show me more respect," Harry growled into her face, all the while, each dirty word turning her on; his hands under her dress touching her most sensitive parts as she writhed under him.
"I-I respect you," Y/N spoke between whines, the response of her unconsciousness being the punishment of those expert fingers pulling away from her desperate cunt and rising up to the brunet's mouth who didn't hesitate for a second to slowly suck her juices as he continued to stare at her intently and unblinkingly with those eyes totally darkened with passion causing her to mewl.
"And after all that, you still dare to answer me, you worthless whore?" His hand from his mouth moved back to her neck, which he gripped firmly, however, never quite hurting her. "Open your mouth," he ordered slowly, making Y/N obey him almost immediately.
Harry just looked at her for a second with a smirk on his face, almost mocking her before spitting in her mouth, making her moan loudly.
"Good whore," he complimented before closing her mouth with his fingers on her chin and stroking his thumb gently over her lips. "I had planned on tonight eating out of your pussy until you could see heaven, but, considering you've preferred to behave like a fucking slut, flirting with that bastard I won't even mention his name; tonight I'll ravish you until you feel like you're in hell itself and if you think crying is going to get you out of this, you're dumber than you look."
Y/N gulped at the promise as she felt her own pussy tighten at the thought of it. Also knowing full well that those words were not true as many other nights they had played that way and the first thing Harry always told her before they started their heated encounter was that, if at any point she felt overwhelmed by the situation, just by saying 'fish' he would stop immediately.
"Answer me," he growled at her silence, his hand squeezing her delicate neck lightly and snapping her out of the ideas in her head.
"Y-Yes, sir," Y/N replied, knowing perfectly well what she should call Harry in that game, which made him smirk again in that cold, dark way that made her legs shake with anticipation.
"Good," he said slowly before making her get up from the sink and prompting her to get on her knees. "First of all, you will pleasure your sir, and you’ll take whatever the fuck I put in your mouth, do you understand me?" his large hand cupped her head slowly as he explained to her the situation; on her knees in front of him making her nod her head quickly and submissively. "Use your words, love."
"Yes sir, I'll do anything for you," Y/N said urgently, making the brunet chuckle again at how desperate she was for his cock.
"Good girl," he praised contentedly and appreciatively.
At last, the words Y/N had been longing to hear, making her hips almost roll unconsciously on the cold floor as she watched the brunet's hands begin to slowly slide the zipper down and remove his garments until at last his dripping red cock sprung free from his confinements; Y/N could feel her core again contracting around nothing and her mouth salivating.
"Now, open wide," he ordered before his hand positioned back on her head, her other hand gripping his long member and making her gulp down his cock, even going so far as to feel his tip touch the end of her throat. "Yeah! That's right!" Harry couldn't help the groan come out at the sensation of her warm and moist mouth on his cock. "Now I'm going to start fucking your mouth and remember if you feel it's too much, or I'm overdoing it, hit my leg repeatedly," he warned this last in his most concerned and calm voice, letting Y/N know that even though he was the dominant one in this situation, she had control over everything.
Her cheeks hollowed around his thick member as the short hairs in his pubic area tickled her nose while he began to jerk her head back and forth, slowly at first before he began to create a faster and faster pace; Y/N was grateful for all the times she'd given the brunet a blowjob until she got used to him fucking her throat that way and didn't feel nauseous at all.
Her eyes couldn't stop looking up as those green eyes couldn't stop watching her take his cock with joy and without any hesitation, the rhythm increasing more and more, salty drops of his pre-cum falling all the time from his tip that she swallowed with pleasure; her tongue caressing from time to time the vein under his cock that she knew perfectly well that he was sensitive there.
"Fuck, best mouth in the world, I swear," Harry groaned as he observed her not so much as wince, his slippery shaft stroking her mouth walls and making him feel like he would burst at any moment.
His moans made her clench her thighs in front of him unconsciously and his calls only made her wish she could bring one of her hands to her aching clit and touch herself unabashedly in front of him as he satisfied himself at her expense, but she also knew the consequences of that and, honestly, at this point she always preferred Harry's reward to his punishment, knowing full well that it could be torture indeed, pleasurable, but very fucked up.
"Fuck, I'm going to cum," Harry blurted out in a grunt unconsciously making her eyes almost sparkle with excitement, wishing she could taste him and swallow all of his seed with joy. "Oh, no, slut, you're not going to get that," Harry chuckled darkly before letting his entire dick out of her mouth all at once, causing her to pout and make a sad face that almost looked pathetic and amused. "You don't think I'd give you what you craved most, ah? This is still punishment, and I'm not done with you yet. Now get up off that cold floor, you worthless whore."
Y/N stood up quickly at his words, her shaky legs almost making her fall, but Harry's arms holding her before it.
"Even that you can't do right," Harry tsked through his teeth disapprovingly. "I want you to bend over now and let me see my dripping pussy for my cock," the brunet whispered in her ear as his hands twirled her around, and with light pressure on her back, he lowered her torso until it touched the sink and her cheek was pressed against the pristine glass that was pawned with her breath; light whimpers escaped her mouth as she felt those hands lift her skirts again until she could feel the coolness of the room kiss her damp thighs.
"Look at that, so pathetic and miserable," Harry commented, making her mewl in despair as she watched the brunet slowly lick the palm of his hand before bringing it to her leaking slit and touching it directly, making her let out a loud pant.
"S-Sir, p-please," Y/N begged, wanting to finally feel that cock fill her in the pleasurable way she knew he could.
"Don’t feel like being a brat anymore, do you?" Harry mocked, and before she could answer, his hard long cock eased into her pussy to the hilt, bottoming her out, making her mouth open wide and her eyes roll white as she felt the walls of her cunt being stretched deliciously and his perfect dick touching her the spots she loved the most. "That's my pussy, my fucking cockslut," he too couldn't help but grunt as he felt his future wife's sweet pussy embrace him like that, wondering how it was possible that after fucking her in every way she could still be so tight. "Only your pussy and your mouth deserve to be worthy of approval, you fucking whore."
Her hips didn't hesitate a second longer before they began to stir back and forth, silently asking for him to start fucking her hard; which Harry didn't think twice about complying.
Slowly his cock began to slide in and out of her pussy, starting to create a slow rhythm, but making his cock pound deep and hard inside her as he ravished her again while his green eyes kept watching her eager cunt willingly swallow his cock and feel the walls contract around him so exquisitely; his hands gripping her hips firmly as he held the gold and white-colored skirts in a fist.
"Fuck, so fucking perfect," Harry growled before he began to ram into her pussy harder, dirty wet sounds from her core making him grin as he heard Y/N's moans and whines rumble through the room, and he could see her distorted face in pleasure leaning against the sink, her rapid breaths creating grey mists in the mirror. "Is this what you wanted, slut, my fat cock fucking your little cunt?"
"Yes! Yes! Please! Please! Please!" Y/N couldn't help but reply as she noticed that at last, the pace was starting to increase, making her start to see stars as she felt one of the thrusts the tip of his long member so deliciously and accurately hit her g-spot deep inside her.
She could actually feel her insides writhing with pleasure as she felt his cock pummeling her cervix inside her and felt his tip all the way down to her belly; her legs trembled, and her pussy clenched all the way around his cock, wanting him to ruin her completely, to cum inside her and give her those children they had talked about so many times in intimacy. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she thought about it; she could hear Harry grunt more loudly and deeply behind her with a tightening contraction of her cunt walls, his cock beginning to twitch with joy.
"S-Sir, I don't think I'm going to hold out much longer," Y/N tried to warn in a cracked voice.
"Yeah, I think I'm the same way," the brunet admitted as well, being able to feel his balls continually slapping against her aching clit start to tingle and that pussy was starting to close tighter and tighter. The warm, wet embrace of her sheath was making him lose his mind and sense of where and when they were.
"Sir! Please cum inside me! I'll breed all your children! Give it to me! Please! Please!" Harry growled deeply at those words as he felt his climax getting closer and closer.
One of his hands gripped her neck firmly before lifting her torso and making her back collide with his strong chest, his other hand quickly lifted one of her legs until he placed her knee on the sink. His cock pounding faster and faster and their hips rotating in sync as they could hear the slap of their skins as their groins collided.
"You desire that, ah? You want me to fill you completely with my seed, carry my children in your belly?" Harry whispered with deep pants in her ear as she rested her hair on his shoulder as she threw her head back from the pleasure he was giving her; his words making her belly create knots that made her shiver with pleasure. "You'd look so beautiful pregnant, so full and perfect, so fucking radiant. I'd be the proudest, luckiest man in the world."
"Yes! Yes! Please, get me pregnant!" Y/N begged him, tears of pure joy streaming down her cheeks before she felt her peak burst; her back arched all the way against his body as one hand covered her mouth for the cry the brunet knew she would release as she finally felt her juices bathe his member inside her and the knots in her belly uncoiling tightly making her see stars.
"Of course, I'll give you everything you ask for, everything! Take it! Take it!" Harry groaned feeling that delicious cunt close completely around him before his cock burrowed all at once inside her pussy, prolonging her orgasm as he just lightly twirled his cock inside her and deeply let his seed begin to fill her womb with long, warm spurts making her shudder with delight.
Their labored breaths reigned the washroom as they both finally began to return from their peaks, the music from the hall beginning to reach their ears and reminding them of where they were.
Harry was the first to react and move; kissing her temple and neck tenderly before sliding his softening cock slowly out of her and dressing quickly, buttoning his pants carelessly. Y/N couldn't help but let out a small whine from her sensitive core, letting herself be done by the brunet and still a little dizzy from the orgasm.
"Here, let me, my beautiful star," Harry guided her sweetly as he gently made her sit up on the toilet before wetting a small towel and spreading her legs for him; her green eyes dilating slightly as he watched, proudly, his cum begin to drip from her pussy, wishing he could burn that image into his brain forever. "Fuck, so beautiful," he whispered to himself before forcing himself to carefully clean her off, staring at her face with her eyes still closed looking for some wince of pain or discomfort. "Very well, that's my beautiful wife-to-be," he praised her as he replaced her underwear and helped her up, finally those eyes he had fallen in love with opening, making him direct a warm smile at her. "Are you feeling properly, my gorgeous? Perhaps you would like to doze for a brief time in my private quarters before we head back down to the ball?" He proposed, stroking her cheek and tucking in a few strands of her hair.
"No, I'm feeling fine, my love, really," Y/N assured, shaking her head in denial of his offer. "Besides, we've been gone too long already. I think we'd better go downstairs so as not to arouse any more suspicion."
"If you don't have any objections, that's fine with me," Harry said as he lifted his elbow for Y/N to grab his arm, which she didn't hesitate to do with a small giggle.
"Besides, Mr. Styles still owes me a proper dance, as I found the previous one rather incompetent and awkward for such a gentleman as you are, my good sir," she teased making him grin and laugh, his dimples framing his radiant smile before he kissed her deeply and tenderly for the last time that night till they could be alone again.
"Of course, my beautiful star, as I said, I will give you everything you most desire," Harry assured seriously before opening the washroom door and stepping back into the real world they both so hated being a part of.
Tumblr media
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watermelonlovershigh · 2 days ago
Soft Bedtime Sex (SMUT)
AN: this starts off similar to my one shot called You Get Tired During Sex & Harry Has to Take Over (SMUT) but is different in most every other aspect. just thought of this idea and thought i would write on it. plus, soft sex is my favorite.
This story contains: sexual intercourse, soft sex, comfort, fluff
{ husband!harry - soft!harry - no kids }
After your nightly shower, you disrupt Harry's nightly reading when you crawl up his lap on the bed which leads to some slow, soft, and sleepy sex.
Tumblr media
Every night before sleep, Harry enjoys reading a book to help him wind down and relax. You always respect that and allow him to read his book while he sits up in bed and flips through each paper page.
Usually while Harry's reading, you're either taking your nightly shower or finishing doing some cleaning in the kitchen from where you had dinner. Tonight, it happens to be you taking a hot steamy shower before bed.
Showers before bed always make you sleepy so it's like your natural form of sleep aid. But tonight as you get out of the shower smelling fresh and clean, you begin to crave touch from your husband. You haven't been intimate in a few days due to your busy schedules and seeing Harry shirtless with his reading glasses on, leaning against the headboard, and a book in his large delicate hands, you want nothing more than to crawl up into his lap and have some soft bedtime sex.
Soft bedtime sex is what you call sex between Harry and yourself when its late at night and you both are fairy sleepy so the sex is all cuddly and soft, which is your most favorite. You've never felt the need to have rough sex to get off. Slow and more intimate sex makes you orgasm just fine or even better because you feel emotionally connected to Harry, more so than if he was manhandling your body or pounding into you relentlessly.
After your shower, you decide to dress in only your silk robe because you know clothes won't matter in a few minutes anyways. You brush your teeth and comb a few tangles out of your damp hair before opening the bathroom door to step into your bedroom. As soon as the bathroom door opens, Harry turns his head away from the book he's reading and looks up at your beautiful figure. He gives a small smile and resumes reading in his book.
You don't want to make it too obvious that you want sex but you also need to make it very clear you want sex. So the only thing you can think of doing is crawl up the bed and sit on Harry's lap, which you do exactly. But because he has both hands up in front of himself to hold up the book, you lean down and maneuver your body under his arms, laying your head on his shoulder and wrapping your arms around his upper back.
This isn't unusual behavior because you often enjoy laying on Harry's chest while he reads before sleep. It's when you start laying gentle kisses to the exposed skin of his neck that Harry gets the idea you may want something more than just a cuddle tonight. "What, what are you doing love?" Harry stutters, slowly being turned on by your lips on his skin.
You part your mouth from Harry's skin slightly and with your hot breath fanning over his neck, you whisper, "Want you Harry. Need you to touch me please." Once said, you realize how desperate you sound but you feel comfortable enough around your husband to not get embarrassed for needing his touch. It's normal to feel needy for your partner in a sexual sense. Especially when you love the sex you have together, which you very much do.
"Yeah, you're horny aren't you. Hum?" Harry questions knowingly, just to tease you. You nod shyly, burring your face deep into the warm skin of his neck, and that's when you hear Harry shut his hardback book and remove his reading glasses from his gorgeous face. Now Harry can properly attend to your needs, which he'll gladly do anytime of day.
Harry takes each of his hands and carefully grabs each side of your face, pulling you out from his neck so you can look at him clearly. Once your face to face, Harry gives you another small grin before crashing his lips to yours and you happily meld your lips with his. As you're passionately kissing, Harry begins to get handsy and reaches down to tug at the strings that hold your silk robe together.
When your robe is untied, Harry blindly slides each sleeve off your shoulders in the most delicate way possible, leaving chills to run up your spine. You move your arms to allow the robe to slip off your body completely, leaving you naked in his lap. Then you pull away from his lips and pant out, "Need you naked too now."
Harry giggles before replying, "Alright, alright, patients love. How do you want to do this? What position?" That's something you absolutely love about Harry. He always asks you what position you want instead of doing what he wants without seeing your wishes first.
"Wanna be on top if that's okay." you say.
"Course that's fine, love," Harry comments sweetly and takes his hands down to pull his boxers off from his ass, freeing his now hard cock, and kicking the article of clothing off once they're at his ankles. You reach down and press his dick flat on his lower tummy and position yourself over it to glide your wet pussy on the throbbing shaft.
Harry glances down at your movements and gasps out a, "Shit, that feels so fucking good, babe." You place both hands on his shoulders and continue rubbing your cunt along his cock, making you throw your head back when your clit gets stimulated just right.
Then when you're tired of the teasing, you lift yourself up by planting your knees into the mattress on both sides of Harry's narrow hips and he grabs ahold of himself and aligns his dick to your dripping entrance. When you feel his tip nudge your hole, you begin to sink down, making you hum, "Mhmm." from how much Harry's filling you up.
Inch by inch Harry gradually fills you up with his girthy and long lengthened cock and it feels so good that you fall forward, making your boobs press to his tattooed chest. You rest your head on Harry's shoulder again and continue to sink down until you're bottomed out and his cock touches the deepest spot within you.
Harry waits patiently in pain for you to adjust for a few minutes, knowing its been a couple of days since you last had sex. Then when you feel ready, you start rocking your hips back and forth on his cock, body still flushed with his as he's still sat upright and his back is against the headboard.
His cock is penetrating your pussy so well that you want to scream. But instead of screaming, you whine to Harry, "God, feels so good. You always take care of my body so well. Make me feel so good and loved during sex."
Harry wraps his arms around your naked back to feel even closer to you in the moment and then whispers in your ear, "Course I take care of your body, darling. We all have needs and I'm happy you're vocal about yours so I know you need taking care of. Feel so good for me too. So tight and wet around my cock."
Hearing him say those words makes you feel near orgasm already. It's just something about Harry's soothing British accent that always turns you on but especially during sex. It's the most calming voice to be heard and as silly as it sounds, his voice makes you feel safe.
Eventually your hips start to burn and Harry can visibly see your body giving out. So that's when he heaves, "Love, let me flip us over and you be on bottom. That way I can take care of you because I know you're getting tired, alright."
"M'kay." is all you reply with and Harry grips your body tight in his arms and carefully flips you over while somehow staying deep inside your pussy. Then once he's on top, you wrap your arms and legs around his body and tug him down on you all the way, wanting to keep that closeness you shared moments ago. Harry happily falls down and presses his body with yours as he's now in control. And being in control means its his turn to thrust into you and make you feel good.
With his face shoved in your lovely smelling neck, Harry retracts his hips and thrusts forward, making you claw at his back muscles. Each thrust he makes is deep and hard but the movements it's self isn't fast at all. The sex is still fairly slow pace but you wouldn't necessarily call this making love. It's more or less just lazy from you both being sleepy.
Harry's knees are bent and planted into the mattress like how yours were earlier to help him give you the upmost pleasure with his cock. You can feel him panting his hot breath on your skin. A thin layer of sweat is building on his forehead as he concentrates on your body. Everything starts to become too much and you really feel your orgasm approaching.
"Har...ugh fuck. I'm gonna come baby. Can't hold off." you cry out, wanting to last longer because everything feels so good and you don't want it to end, but also you're so incredibly sensitive and turned on that it's almost painful to hold back any more.
Harry raises his face from your neck and hoovers it above yours. He looks down at your strained face and wants to let you know that it's okay to come. That you're in safe hands and don't need to worry about a thing. Sometimes that's something he knows you need to hear, that your safe and can let go. You think its stupid your mind and body works like that but Harry loves that you need that confirmation to be vulnerable, even if your married.
"You can come my love. I'm here, and you're safe. Just let go around my cock f'me." That's all it took for you to arch your back and let go. As you orgasm washes over your body, you grind upwards to stimulate your clit on Harry's hairy mound to get as much pleasure as humanly possible. And feeling your walls flutter around his dick, Harry comes as well. His toes curl into the sheets and his body jerks out of pure reaction.
Your head is thrown back onto Harry's pillow beneath you and you scream out loud, "Ughhh ...... ahhhh. Mhmm fuck." You slowly stop grinding upwards when your clit becomes too sensitive and Harry's hips gradually slow down as his orgasm finishes. Then his body falls lax and his weight is laid on your body fully. But you don't mind because you enjoy the heaviness it brings.
You both lay there in silence, Harry soft inside your pussy, trying to catch your breaths. Then when your breath evens out, Harry sits up and looks down at your entire body that's trembling still from the aftershocks of your release. He leans his head to yours and hungrily connects his rosy lips to yours. After sex kisses are some of your favorite so you relish in this heated moment.
Harry's one hand cradles your jaw and his other hand brushes through your flowing hair that's behind you. Slowly, the kiss stops but your mouths stay together. Then Harry whispers in your mouth, "I love you so much."
The love you feel for this man in this moment makes you literally hold back tears. You just love Harry so much and being connecting like this physically make you feel so special in every way possible. You whisper right back, "Love you too. Thank you for this. Just missed you s'all."
"Thank me for what?" he questions in a slow, languished voice.
You take a deep breath before explaining, "For being the best husband anyone could ask for. You make me feel so loved every day and you know how I need to feel safe during sex and you always do that. Couldn't be more thankful with how attentive you are with my body."
"Babyyy," Harry elongates the vowel, "you're gonna make me cry. Of course I make you feel safe during sex. Sex is a very vulnerable thing to share with someone and everyone partaking in it should be comfortable at all times. And course I'm attentive. Want to make sure you're enjoying yourself and feel loved through-out."
You connect your lips together for one final peck before Harry slowly slips his soft penis out of your cunt and then walks on wobbly legs to the bathroom to get a cloth and clean you up.
Once you're all clean and dry, you decide to stay naked and Harry does the same. So he climbs back into bed and reaches to turn the lamp off before pulling the duvet over your bare bodies. You turn on your side and Harry spoons your from behind. Then you both fall fast asleep from the exhaustion that's running through your bodies.
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Opal— A Love on Tour ♡ Extra
A/N: Here's a little something for you while you wait for the next chapter. Hope you like this tiny bit of Emi and Harry! Love -Vee
Tumblr media
Story Masterlist // 685 words // Ask me anything
October 13, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I really like this ring,” Harry says, staring at my hands. We are sitting at an indoor table in a small cozy café in Pittsburgh, close to our hotel. We decided to venture outside together on our free day, as Harry doesn’t have a show until tomorrow. So far we’ve had luck in going unrecognized. Our table is in a far away corner, giving us a little more privacy.
I’m writing in my journal, something that I love doing but have lately found myself not having enough time to just sit and write, so today I brought my notebook with me. Harry’s sitting across from me, sipping on his coffee and staring at me with a pensive expression. His gaze shifts from my hand, working rapidly with my writing, to my face. It feels like he’s trying to burn in his mind how I look right now.
I stop mid writing and look up at him.
“Yeah, my grandma has great taste” I finally reply, looking down at my opal and golf ring on my finger as well. He hums in response.
“I also like that it’s your birthstone. What’s my birthstone?” He asks. I drop my pencil, deciding to take a break from writing so that I can answer all his questions.
“Amethyst” I reply with no hesitation.
Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world. Known for emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst can break anxious or addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness. Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates serenity of the mind.
“Interesting” He says and falls deep in thought again. I chuckle under my breath. I love watching Harry get lost in his thoughts. He doesn’t say anything else so I resume my writing.
“Maybe I should get myself an Amethyst ring too” Harry says two minutes later. I drop my pen again.
“You could ask Alessandro to find you something” I smile at him and he nods “Though you know, the tradition actually says you should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected”
“Really?” He asks, perking up, like this new bit of information really caught his attention.
“Yeah, my grandma gave me this so that someday I can pass it down to my daughter” I explain “If I have one, I mean”
“I like that,” He says, staring at my ring again..
“Yeah it is cute. But, you can also wear your birthstone if you want. This is all just random stuff my Nonna says” I tell him. He nods, taking a sip of his coffee and getting lost in his thoughts again. I see him take out his phone from the corner of my eye, and start typing quickly.
“I’m asking Lambert to find me a new ring” He explains, concentrating on his screen. Harry L is probably already sending him options.
I shrug and resume my writing.
October 14, 2021
“So handsome” I tell Harry, staring him up and down. He’s checking himself out in the mirror to make sure his whole outfit is in place, and I’m checking him out as well, loving how the gold and black clothes look on him.
Finally he’s wearing something other than red.
“Okay I’m ready” He says, walking to the vanity where he’s set up his small jewelry box. I see him put on his dreams and when he walks past me on his way to the door a sparkle I haven’t noticed before catches my eye.
“Wait, is that a new ring?” I ask him and he stops right under the doorframe and turns back to me.
“Yeah, it’s opal” He smiles and gives me a wink. He doesn’t say anything else, turning back around and leaving.
I stay here, frozen in my place, my heart thumping so fast and loud I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the arena can hear it.
You should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected.
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third time’s the charm
this is a dilfrry flashback that i wrote backwards for some reason? anyway, we’ll see how he met the reader & i hope you catch some cute little foreshadowing moments <3
as always, please reblog / leave feedback ✨
word count: 4.5k
warnings: language, alcohol consumption
- moodboard -
Tumblr media
• • •
Harvelle's is where he goes to unwind.
The blues club located in downtown Santa Monica is home to the intimate and narrow bar room that was once a popular speakeasy almost a century ago. Live jazz music, hypnotizing burlesque dancers, and eclectic alcohol choices all attract people from various demographics to visit.
Harry has been going for over a year, his designated spot being the circular stool snug against the corner of the bar. Every Friday after work is when he'll sit down, slap his credit card in the bartender's hand, and quietly sip his several cocktails as he watches everyone else around him fall into drunken ecstasy.
It's where he is now, his back and feet aching from the ten hour shift he just finished. No amount of pain pills or sleep could fix it, so he decided to come to the place where he can drink his sorrows away and focus his mind on anything other than his early twenties crisis. The hangover he'll wake up with tomorrow will be dire, but at least he doesn't have to go into work.
Tonight, a certain woman on the opposite end of the room has caught his attention.
Harry falls into a trance watching you bob your head to the sultry music, holding a glass with pink liquid in it. Something strawberry flavored, perhaps. He glances down to see your lips pucker around the thin straw every so often, taking graceful sips with a delicate furrow to your eyebrows. He thinks you're fucking gorgeous, the type of face that he could remember for a long time even when he's a little tipsy.
His lemon drop martini is half empty and strands of his hair are falling over his forehead from where his black sunglasses loosely hold them back. His eyes droop from either exhaustion or the alcohol slowly coursing through his blood, and his sheer, patterned shirt is sticking to his skin from the humidity.
Or maybe it's because of you.
There has to be a way to grab your attention from where he sits. Your body is slightly turned away from him, the light from the disco ball reflecting on the expanse of your back. He doesn't want to be the type of guy in a bar who uncomfortably invades a woman's space and sparks a lousy conversation until he can sense the palpable boredom exude from them.
So, after the band finishes playing a song, Harry puts two fingers in his mouth and produces a loud whistle as everyone else claps.
It works, much to his surprise. Your head rotates to look back at him and Harry feels instant regret. Was it too annoying? Did he irritate you?
"Sorry," he mouths for some stupid reason.
You just smile and run your eyes up and down his sitting figure before jerking your head to invite him over. Harry points at himself to make sure he read your gesture correctly, and you nod in response while waving him over to the empty stool next to you.
The bar isn't too packed since it's nearing the very early hours of the morning, so he grabs his martini glass and stands up to make his way down the counter towards you. He awkwardly sits beside you and supposes he should introduce himself.
He holds out his hand and says, "Hello, I'm Harry."
You place your palm in his and shake it one time. "Nice to meet you. I'm (Y/N)."
"Where are you from?" he asks.
It's been a brutal couple of months since he's had any luck in the dating world, so he hopes he's not coming across as a total moron.
"Topanga," you reply.
Harry has already fallen in love with your voice. "Oh wow. That's, like, in the mountains."
Shrugging, you take another sip from your drink. "I hate big cities. I would live by the coast if I could, but houses are so expensive there. Maybe one day."
Harry crosses his legs, trying to seem nonchalant even though he's nervous. "Like a beach house or summat?"
"Yes, exactly," you say with a bright smile. "Maybe with my own private beach area or something."
"That'd be sick," he responds.
"What about you?"
"Uh, I live here in Santa Monica. Stay in an apartment a few blocks away."
"That's nice. Do you come here often?"
Should he lie? He doesn't want to come across as a miserable drunk.
"Um, sometimes." He hopes that's not too vague.
"This is my first time here," you explain sheepishly. "It's really... intimate."
Harry licks his lips. "Yeah, it is. They have burlesque dancers on Saturday nights."
You let out a low whistle. "I'm sure you enjoy that."
"Hey," he drags out. "I appreciate their flexibility."
Too far, Harry. Dial it back a bit.
"Just kidding," he quietly mumbles.
You distractedly smile and tap your phone so it lights up. "It's getting late, I should head home," you mention before downing the last of your drink.
A wave of disappointment washes over Harry since he was just getting to know you. Did he say something wrong? Is he boring? He can be quite dramatic and clingy when he's drunk, so now he genuinely feels worried as to why you have to leave. His brain feels hazy and the words come out of his mouth before he can stop himself.
"Can I have your number before you go?"
The side of your mouth tilts up while you stand up. "Not tonight. Ask me again when you're sober."
Harry goes speechless and just lifts his drink up in a cheers gesture as you leave him lonely, mysteriously disappearing under the red lights and never glancing back once.
Tumblr media
You're running considerably late to work.
The mandatory meeting is supposed to start in less than twenty minutes and you've only just pulled into the parking lot of some random restaurant to pick up a cake for a coworker's birthday today. You followed the directions your boss gave you, which has led you all the way to a dull burgundy building called The Red Whisk. Luckily, the glass doors of the bakery are located right next to the restaurant lobby doors, so you quickly park and step out of your car to head inside.
A bell chimes when you push the door open and you immediately hear something clatter to the ground along with a hushed swear from somewhere. The place is completely empty and chairs are still stacked on the tables. It has a modern interior design, brown and tan shades setting a nice background for the colorful desserts that crowd every corner. There was also a window display of muffins and cupcakes on your way in, all aesthetically pastel and neatly organized.
Someone suddenly comes rushing out from the swinging kitchen door, hands full of supplies teetering on top of each other.
Oh shit.
It's that hot guy from the bar you went to about a month ago. What was his name? Harvelle? No, that was the name of the bar. Maybe it was Henry? Hector? Hubert?
You don't exactly remember, but you're positive it was something British.
He looks a little flustered while wearing an oversized brown knit sweater and green trousers. A styrofoam coffee cup balances in the crook of his elbow and it looks like he just woke up, quite honestly. Somehow he looks even more beautiful than he did in the low lighting of the bar, his features now accentuated in the pure daylight that pours in through the windows.
You clear your throat and wait by the counter, observing him clumsily set things down and stressfully check things by flipping through a notepad and blindly reaching for a pen off to the side. He hasn't looked at you yet, too caught up in whatever task he's trying to complete.
After a few silent seconds, he rips out a piece of yellow paper that's scribbled with scrawly handwriting and skims over it while walking forward to greet you.
When he glances up, he freezes.
His green eyes that are almost the exact shade of his pants take in what seems like every inch of your being, his mouth slightly parted and his fingers absentmindedly twirling the ballpoint pen that he holds.
"Hi," you say quietly while adjusting the shoulder strap of your purse.
"Hey," he replies, scratching under his eyebrow with his pointer finger. "Uh, hey. Hi. What... why are you here? Wait sorry, that sounds rude. How can I help you?"
You bite back a smile and take out your wallet. "I'm here to pick up a cake for my work. We're having a birthday party for someone and this is where I was told to get it from."
"Ah, okay. Alright, um, can I have the name for the order?"
"It's under my name, but I—"
"(Y/N), right?" he gently interrupts. "We talked at Harvelle's a while ago."
He remembers, and you're grateful that you quickly notice his name tag that reads Harry because you would have still been guessing every name in the book.
"Yeah," you confirm with a nod. "And you're Harry. You asked for my number."
His cheeks go pink as he rubs his forehead with an embarrassed expression. "I'm sorry. Wasn't the greatest first impression, was it?"
"I've had people try worse lines on me," you assure with a laugh. "Anyway, how much is the cake? I only have cash on me."
Harry checks his notepad before saying, "It comes out to twenty-four dollars and sixteen cents."
You fish out a crisp twenty and five dollar bill, then hand them to him. He takes them, his hand brushing against yours as he opens the cash register.
"Did you know there's a Carlo's Bake Shop in Santa Monica?" you ask, attempting to make conversation.
"Mm-hm, it's just around the block," he responds.
"That's wild. I almost screamed when I saw it."
Harry slowly smirks and closes the register with his hip. "Why? It's just any old cake shop."
"Excuse me?" you gasp with wide eyes. "Any old cake shop? It's from Cake Boss!"
"Cake what?"
"The show that was on TLC with Buddy Valastro? Hello?"
He tilts his head and tucks the pen behind his ear. "You're speaking Greek to me. I've no idea what you're on about."
You just roll your eyes and begin gazing at all the displayed pastries in front of you. "Do you make everything here?"
"If I'm not scheduled in the restaurant or bar, then yes," he answers. "I'm usually here for the morning part of my shifts."
"What else do you do here?"
"I'm mostly an assistant chef in the restaurant kitchen, but sometimes I bartend or run the bakery."
"They look gorgeous." You check your watch and huff when you see the time. "I need to get going."
Harry snaps his fingers twice. "Oh, shit. I almost forgot to give you your cake."
He turns around to open the see-through fridge and begins searching for the correct box, eventually taking a baby blue one from the bottom shelf. He then sets it on the counter, taping the receipt he printed onto the top.
"Here you are," he politely says, sliding it towards you and taking a sip of his coffee.
You grin. "Thank you. Um, you also forgot to give me my change."
Harry holds both of his cheeks and slowly shakes his head. "Fuck, I am so sorry. It's early and I didn't get much sleep last night."
You wave him off. "It's okay. Mondays, am I right?"
You mentally facepalm yourself for sounding like an absolute idiot.
He breathily laughs and hands you your change. "Right."
You put your wallet away and pick up the cake box. "Thank you again."
"Of course," he responds with a breathtaking smile. "It's nice to see you again, by the way."
"Same here." You check your watch for the second time. "I really need to go, but I'm sure I'll come visit sometime to buy something for myself."
He gestures a thumbs up. It makes your heart skip a beat for some reason. "Please do," he says. "Have a good day."
"You too." You head towards the door and just as you're about to pull it open to leave, Harry calls out, "Hey, wait!"
You stop and turn around. "Yeah?"
He stuffs his hands in his pockets and clears his throat. "You told me to ask you sober, so can I... may I have your number? Please? Or we could go out somewhere?"
You give him an apologetic smile. "I'm actually running super late right now. I'll try to come back soon, though."
Harry nods and waves his hand dismissively. "That's fine. I'll, uh, catch you later."
"Bye Harry," you whisper before stepping outside.
When you finally get to work and sit down for your meeting, you think about him the entire time.
Tumblr media
Harry is bartending when he sees you again.
He's in the midst of topping a White Russian with cream, almost overflowing the glass when he does a double take at your figure walking towards the counter. He wasn't expecting you at all, entirely confident that he'd never cross paths with you again after his failed attempt at asking you out a few days ago.
You're dressed in a black pinstriped suit and high heels with your hair looking a bit frazzled, but he thinks you look ridiculously attractive and he has to check that he didn't make the drink wrong because of how many times he's been glancing up.
"Hey," you breathlessly greet, situating yourself on an open stool in front of him. "Are you busy right now?"
Harry nervously swallows and slides the drink to the customer. "Hi. N-not really, why?"
You bite your lip and smile. "I just wanted to say thank you for the cake. My coworkers loved it and it tasted amazing."
"Oh, thank you," he replies, casually placing his arms behind his back. "I'm happy to hear that."
"I also came here to tip you." Harry watches you take a ten dollar bill out of your pocket, smoothing the creases against the edge of the counter before holding it out. "This is for you. You're very talented."
He accepts the money because if he's being honest, he really needs it. "That's kind of you. I appreciate it."
Harry can't quite believe that he has the woman he hasn't been able to stop thinking about right in front of him. His mind scrambles for a flirty gesture or pick-up line to impress you, yet he just decides on going for what he's best at.
He jerks his chin up. "Can I make you a drink?"
You set your elbows on the counter and bite your thumb nail. "What do you suggest?"
"Strawberry margarita. Isn't that what you ordered at Harvelle's?"
"It was! I'm surprised you remember."
He wants to say that it was impossible not to since he was besotted at the way you puckered your lips around the straw, but he refrains.
"I'll make it for you right now," he says. "There's also some appetizers in the back if you'd like some. Jalapeño poppers."
You nod. "I'd love some."
Harry shuffles into the back, smiling to himself as he grabs the basket. He thinks it's going well so far. The fact that you even thought to visit and tip him is baffling.
When he comes back, he sets the food in front of you along with a couple napkins. You immediately take a popper and blow on it so it cools down as Harry starts making your drink.
"I'll go out with you, by the way," you casually blurt out.
If he wasn't working, Harry is sure he would curl up like a little schoolgirl at a sleepover who's spilling all the details about their crush. Him? You'd go out with him of all people? The burnt out food service worker who drives a beat up Subaru and is living paycheck to paycheck?
Maybe third time's the charm.
"Are you sure?" he can't help but ask as he puts a sliced lemon on the rim of your glass.
Before you can reply, he gets pulled away by a customer calling and waving him down. He gives an apologetic smile before rushing down the counter and assisting them as fast as possible.
Once he comes back, he spreads his hands on the counter and taps his fingers on the surface. "You're serious?"
You lean forward and look at him with a glint in your eyes. "Dead serious."
Harry blows out a sharp breath and pokes his tongue in the inside of his cheek. "Would you... would it be lame if we just get dinner or something here since I'm working literally everyday?"
"I don't mind at all," you respond without missing a beat. "Whatever works for you."
"Alright, sick." He stands straight and flings a dishrag over his shoulder. "How about this weekend?"
You hum and quirk your lips to the side. "How about tonight?"
Harry's eyes go wide, clamminess immediately infiltrating his palms. Tonight? As in he definitely doesn't having enough time to mentally prepare himself for a date tonight? Is it even considered a date? He's freaking out.
"Unless you're not in the mood," you quickly add. "I'd understand if you just want to go home after work."
He hastily shakes his head. "No, no, I'm in the mood. Totally in the mood. I get off in about an hour if that's not too long of a wait for you."
You lightly knock on the counter three times. "Perfect. I'll sit here and watch you make drinks until then."
Harry just giddily smiles and gives you your margarita. "Wave me down if you need anything, yeah?"
Throughout the last hour of his shift, he attends to everyone in the bar while checking in you every so often.
Making sure no one tries to hit on you, for the most part.
After his coworker finally comes in to replace him, he washes his hands and walks around the counter to stand next to you.
"Let's head outside where it's more quiet," Harry says while he takes two menus from an unoccupied table nearby.
You nod and grab your drink as he leads you away from the crowd with his hand hovering over your back, not wanting to overstep unknown boundaries too soon.
"Where do you think the strawberry margaritas are better, here or at Harvelle's?" you inquire while you both walk to the outdoor seating area that's right by Santa Monica beach.
"Here, obviously," Harry replies with smirk. "Why, is mine shit?"
You both sit down opposite from each other at a circular table and open the menus. "No, I'm just wondering since you're the expert."
Harry bashfully smiles, then becomes a little more serious. "Listen," he starts timidly, "I'm sorry again about asking for your number while drunk. Not very gentleman-like of me."
His cheeks flush when you laugh. "Don't worry about it," you reply.
"Alright, good."
After you order food and more drinks, Harry insisting that he can get everything for free since he's a loyal employee, you and him begin getting to know each other more, taking turns asking questions and falling into an easy flow of conversation.
"Do you want kids?" Harry asks on his tenth or eleventh turn, his rings clinking against his glass as he taps it.
He observes you dwell on the simple yet complicated question, wondering if it was a stupid mistake to ask such an invasive thing.
"I'm not sure," you respond. Harry lets out the breath he was holding. "I'm still young and I don't think it's a decision that I can have a confident answer for right now. What about you?"
Harry cradles his cheek in his palm and meekly smiles. "Definitely want babies in the future. With the right person, of course, so I guess I have to wait for that first."
You softly laugh and take a sip of your drink. "How many babies?"
"Mm, maybe two. Three if my partner doesn't hate me by then."
"Boys or girls? Or both?"
"Honestly?" he questions, raising his eyebrows. You nod as he rests his foot on the bottom of your chair. "All girls would be nice. Dunno why, it's just what I see for myself."
"I get that," you say, nudging your foot against his. "Daughters would be really special to raise."
He hums in agreement, subtly brushing his kneecap against yours. "I also think, like, I could learn so much from them, y'know? See the world through their eyes.”
"Who, your hypothetical children?" you tease.
He chuckles and shrugs a shoulder. "Yeah... we're speaking hypothetically, right?"
"Sure. Unless you're speaking it into existence."
"With the way my love life is going, it doesn't seem likely."
You make a noise of protest. "Don't say that! You're a handsome guy."
Harry tries to maintain his composure. "Well, my looks only get me so far."
"You're also nice and charming." You take a small bite of food and keep eye contact with him. "I'm extremely surprised you're not taken."
"I swear it's because of my job," he mutters. "Every time I tell someone that I work in a restaurant, they look at me like I'm a loser."
You retract your head back. "What's wrong with working in a restaurant?"
"You tell me," he murmurs around the rim of his glass.
"I think that's hot."
Harry nearly chokes on his drink, raising a fist to his mouth as he coughs in shock. "Come again?"
"You're a chef-"
"Assistant chef," he interjects.
"Same difference," you claim confidently. "You can cook food, you can bartend, you can make pastries... that's hot."
"Sure you're not just quoting Paris Hilton?"
You roll your eyes with a smile. "Maybe, maybe not. Although please tell me you watch The Simple Life."
Harry stares at you, waiting for you to say that you're joking, but you look completely serious. "No," he deadpans. "Absolutely not. I will never watch trashy reality shows."
"Not even The Bachelor?" you ask, leaning closer with intrigue. "That's my favorite to watch."
"You're insane if you enjoy that," he replies, wiping a napkin around his lips. "Anyway, back to you calling my job hot. Elaborate, please."
You gawk at him. "Has no one ever told you that before?"
He blinks slowly with a straight face. "It's not like I have the sex appeal of Bobby Flay, love."
Your eyes look him up and down. "I'm sure it's hidden somewhere deep inside you. Do you wear a chef's coat?"
"That's hot."
Harry barks out a laugh. "You're bloody lying!"
You mock his surprised expression. "I am not!"
Slightly leaning over the table, he looks at you with unwavering eye contact. "Liar."
"You don't know me," you banter back.
He becomes more self-assured when he tells you in a low voice, "I'd like to."
A heartfelt exhale leaves your beautiful lips. "Then stop assuming I'm a liar when I compliment you."
Harry breathes in deeply and glances down to your lips. One brief look at them renders him weak, seeing the shape of them curve into a smile, slightly more pink due to your margarita. He could kiss you, but it wouldn't be very romantic to do so in public. He could kiss your cheek instead, but he can already imagine how awkward he'd make it. He could possiblya hold your hand, a more subtle gesture that's not too bold. That sounds manageable.
So, with a single swig of his liquid courage, he goes for it.
His hand slowly scoots its way to your thigh under the table, delicately grabbing your fingertips with his own. He rubs his thumb along your knuckles and sets his fingers underneath your palm so you're holding hands, fingers not interwoven, but holding nonetheless.
You've gone speechless, whatever you were about to say getting lost in the intimate moment.
Harry squeezes your hand. "Let's walk down to the beach."
"Okay," you say above a whisper.
Harry lets go and stands from his seat, then pulls you up with him and begins leading you down to the sand. The sun has fully set, yet several campfires and tiki torches light the way to the shore. There's barely anyone out, which is perfect for Harry since he plans on kissing you. At least he hopes so. He might chicken out, which is highly likely considering his heart nearly gives out whenever you look at him.
"Can I kiss you?"
Harry's eyes nearly pop out from their sockets. Damnit, you beat him to it. "Pardon?"
You take off your heels and start walking towards the water. "You heard me."
"Yeah, I-I did," he stammers as he catches up to you, sliding his tennis shoes and socks off.
His black work shirt almost catches on fire from the tiki torch with how fast he walks towards you. The waves calmly meet the shore and he admires you step foot into the shallow water, the ferris wheel and pier merely twinkling lights in the background. The nearby flames dance off the reflection of the ocean as well as your figure, and he swears he's never experienced such a magnetic pull towards someone before. He follows you like a dog on a leash, digging into his pocket for a mint he secretly grabbed and popping it in his mouth.
Eventually, he ends up facing you with the water coming up to just below his knees. You're staring at him with a knowing look, and he takes it as his cue to initiate the first move.
"Do you want to kiss me or should I kiss you?" Harry nervously asks.
You place your hands on his hips and say, "Just kiss me."
So he does.
He ducks his head down slightly to mold his lips onto yours, feeling them immediately find the shape of his and move beautifully against his bottom lip. He tastes strawberry residue all over and it's making his knees go weak with each soft pull. His hands reach up to gently hold the sides of your neck, using his thumbs to tilt your jaw up. He wants to open his eyes to savor the way you look, but he's so caught up in how fast his heart is beating and how euphoric he feels touching the woman of his dreams.
When you finally run out of breath and part, Harry rests his forehead against yours and makes a noise somewhere between a whimper and a groan.
"Was that okay?" you quietly speak.
He shakes his head and disbelief but quickly turns it into a nod so you don't think he's saying no. "Yes, that... that was the best fuckin' thing to ever happen to me."
You laugh and kiss the corner of his mouth. "I'm honored."
Harry just looks at you, becoming mesmerized by every square inch of your face. "I feel like we were always supposed to meet," he murmurs, more so to himself.
"Me too," you respond.
He's really hoping he doesn't fuck things up.
• • •
(narrator voice) he did not, in fact, fuck things up! hope you enjoyed & let me know if you caught any foreshadowing <3 don’t forget to reblog & leave feedback! ✨
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harrysfolklore · 13 hours ago
Can you do a Victoria de angelis part 3 pls :)
HERE IT IS !! the highly requested and long awaited part 3 !!! thank you for all the love in the previos parts (1) (2)
LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK your feedback is important
ask me anything | masterlist | like and reblog pls
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yourinstagram boas and babe
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harryfan1 can’t believe she had a boyfriend all this time
pillowpersonpp we miss you ❤️
harryfan2 okay but the boa and the glasses? harry energy 😭
harryfan3 she completely ditched the tour that’s kinda low
↳ yourinstagram i don’t like giving explanation to strangers on the internet but since this comment has been going around i will… i didn’t “ditch” the tour, i asked for a week off to support my friends and i’ll be back for next show, assuming stuff about other people’s lives is what’s actually low..
comments on this post have been limited
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harryupdates Harry golfing in Massachusetts today
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harryfan1 looking pissed again 😵‍💫
harryfan2 he didn’t stop for pictures or anything again :/
harryfan3 can whatever that’s pissing harry off just stop ???
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yourinstagram back back back again #loveontour
📸 @paulithepsm
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harryfan1 harry doesn’t take pics of her anymore :(
pillowpersonpp ❤️❤️❤️
harryfan2 harry stoped liking her pictures i’m sad
↳ yourinstagram duty calls babe
↳ harryfan3 the boyfriend this is awkward
harryupdates why are people still assuming things and asking about her private life? she made it clear that she shouldn’t be giving explanation to random people
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harrystyles Love On Tour. Uncasville, CT.
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jefezoff 👏👏
harryfan2 you could feel the tension when he had to be close to yn
↳ harryfan3 i noticed it too 😭
paulithepsm BROTHER ❤️
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leeroysdancer · a day ago
Losing Her
Pairing: Harry Styles x reader
Summary: Harry messing up in the most hurtful way possible
Warnings: cheating and nothing so far cuz this is a little blurb🥺
Tumblr media
He knew he hurt her.
He knew nothing on this world would make him forgive her.
 He didn’t realize that she would replace him the same way he replaced her….
That is what hurt him the most, but he can’t talk or make his feelings known…
Because He did something worse…
He cheated, he tore her heart apart. All that because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.
Harry and y/n dated for 3 years and met through Gemma. They clicked off pretty easily and their relationship was perfect. They were both famous, both had their own tours,both had their own films to film.
This whole story of soulmates meeting started a year ago. Harry hooked up with a random girl he met in the club. The first weeks he didn’t say anything, nor did she feel like something was wrong until she got an unknown number calling her. Their conversation went like this:
“Hey, is this y/n? Harry’s girlfriend?” said the unknown soft voice.
“Hey, that’s me yes! Can I help you with something?”
“ I am so sorry about what happened, and I am pretty sure he didn’t tell you but we hooked up..” The girl said with sadness in her voice.
“What? What do you mean?” y/n tried to stay calm but that is a bit impossible in this situation.
“I didn’t knew he was in a relationship, we were both drunk and I am so sorry…”
“Don’t apologize, but I I pretty sure you have got the wrong number.. “
“No darling, I am not joking. Got this number from a friend of a friend”
“You sure? Harry? My harry?”
“Yes harry styles”
“But my harry wouldn’t do that…” her voice cracked without her permission.  She couldn’t believe it. He hurt her and she felt like the world stopped.
“ do you like wanna meet up and talk about it?”
So that is what they did…
They met up at the Beachwood Café and talked about it, and soon the girl started to apologize to y/n by saying
“I am so so sorry, he didn’t tell me”
“Please I feel so guilty, I am so sorry”
Y/n took the girls face, Anne, in her hands and wiped the tears away from Anne’s face.
“You shouldn’t be sorry, darling you didn’t know!”  
She gave harry 3 days, 72 hours,  4.320 minutes  and 259 200 secondes to admit his fault. But he didn’t, instead he acted like nothing was wrong.
3 days she had to go through acting like she isn’t in pain, like it didn’t hurt her everytime he tried to touch her, it broke her but she wanted to stay strong, to give him time to admit that he was in the wrong.
After the 3rd day passed y/n got enough of him acting like nothing was wrong, like he didn’t hook up with a girl .
He was sitting on their shared bed going through his laptop when y/n came in and sat down next to him with a look on her face that was serious.
“Harry we need to talk” she said softly.
The name, his name was a dead give away of him being in problems.. they both lived on pet names so if one called the other one with their name something was wrong. His heart was beating so loud, he was sure she could hear it. Did she know? No not possible, she promised him…
“What is wrong lovie?” He asked putting his laptop away and being shocked when she flinched away when he tries to pull her into his lap.
“Don’t call me that you cheater” she said while looking at her hands.
“cheater? Baby are you okay?” that made something snap inside her. How could he still act like nothing was wrong?
“Don’t call me that! She called and told me everything!” She screamed at him with tears in her eyes.
“Which one?” He said without thinking about it, he realized that he said that when she whispers in shock a little “What?”.
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hrry17blck · 2 days ago
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yourinstagram it's good to be home 🌼
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donatella_versace 👏🏻💥👏🏻💥👏🏻💥👏🏻💥
randomaccount6 anyone know where I can get a top like this ?
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yourinstagram at my sweet's soundcheck 👼🏼
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harrystyles Couldn't do this without you. Beyond happy you're here x
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harryfan72 @harrystyles bestie i cannot do this today
harryfan89 y/n being a supportive gf 🥺
ynfan65 @harryfan89 we love to see it!
ynfan38 BEAUTIFULLLL i love you
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yourinstagram THAT'S MY BABYYY ⚡⚡⚡
yourinstagram so so proud of you i love you
ynfan7 @yourinstagram SWEETEST GF
ynandharryfan67 your shoutout to y/n was so freaking sweet im sobbing
harryfan44 the new album probably sounds so good live UGH WISH I WAS THERE
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yourinstagram some much needed r&r after last night's festivities
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harrystyles How's your hangover?
yourinstagram @harrystyles same as yours 😵‍💫
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ynandharryfan23 DEXTER IS SO CUTEEE
harryfan6 do yall need another dog?!? i can bark
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harrystyles Some downtime with my loves.
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gemmastyles See you in a few days, Y/N ✨ @yourinstagram
yourinstagram @gemmastyles eeeek!! Can't wait ❤️❤️❤️
harrystyles @gemmastyles I'm literally your brother
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harryfan32 @gemmastyles @harrystyles BAHHAHAHAHA
harryandynfan27 MY PARENTS
this insta blurb of my favs was fun to make :’) i hope you enjoy this! likes & reblogs are highly appreciated 🤍 and if you have any requests/ideas, just send me a message!
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muffindaddystyles · a day ago
Can you write something about reader having shitty parents who doesn't support her and criticize her?? Like she is in collage and working hard and getting good grades but her parents is always taunting her and telling her she should do better than that and Harry being the most supportive person ever.
When Harry came home from work, he was welcomed by silence and his love of life bunched under layers of comforters on the couch staring the telephone on the side table shallowly. Her head didn’t perk up when Harry’s careful steps echoed against the wood and she didn’t projectile herself into his arms when he stood infront of her and that concerned him more than anything else.
“Hi, baby..” He cupped her chin to make her look up at him and his heart shattered awfully seeing her having sad pearly eyes and a pout she didn’t know was sitting on her face, “What happened moppet?” He sat down on his hunches. His elbows pushing into the couch on either side of her thighs to lean himself closer towards her.
His sad girlfriend eyes blinked owlishly to get rid of the glossiness in them, her shaky hands making grabby hands at him knowing his touch could heal any sorrow inside her and he’s immediately hugging her bringing her head against his chest to wrap her up in his warmth and glues his lips to her forehead in a tender kiss.
“I– I called my parents and asked them if they got the invitation to my convocation, they– they said yes .. but they couldn’t come ...” Anger and pure disgust spirals inside Harry when she sniffles and his heart feels like beaten to pulp remembering the moment when Y/N was sat on their bed in utter excitement making all these cute invitations specifically for her family back at her home town.
They all made up excuses expect her sweet granma who wanted to be here for her but she couldn’t since no ones ready to drive her.
He pursues his lips into a thin line feeling profanities and vexation poke his mouth if he didn’t.
His hands runs down her arms to stroke and caress her, “It’s okay. We’re g’na discuss it later how about a windy walk out at the beach?” He offers with a tiny grin pointing outside from their lounge's window where foamy waves are crashing and the palm tree leaves are dancing in the sky.
“Anything fo’ my highness.” He grunts picking her up clumsily from his own lethargy from work and Y/N giggles against his collarbones stretching herself like a little kitten to plant a kiss to his jaw.
He lays on the sand, letting Y/N lay ontop of his chest with her comforter pooling over their bodies and she presses her cheek where his heart is and smacks a kiss that makes Harry croon at her and pet her hair, the chilly surf of waves tickling his toes.
“How was your day?” She mumbles worming up more into him and hums at the deep rumble that emits when he speaks, “Peachy. Clever kids.” He was invited at his friend’s school where he had to tell them second graders a little about how business works and yada yada, he actually had fun listening to their wild adventurous stories.
“You wouldn’t belive it– this kid sneaks caprisuns from his fridge and sells them to his mates in little baggies..” He chortles in hopes to make Y/N laugh and his heart did a little victorious dance when she giggled, “Have you ever done that when you were small?”
“Actually yes,” He gazes down at her fondly brushing away the loose stands of hair annoying her so she wouldn’t have to pull her hands out from under the blanket, “Once in high-school I caught hay fever tha’ doctor was silly and prescribed me three bottles of cough syrup mistakenly and I sold it as a drug.”
“You didn’t!” Y/N pushes herself up and looks down at him with her mouth parted into a wide grin and a coy laughter sputters out of her when Harry bobs his head with his eyes closed as if he’s sorry about it but in all honesty he doesn’t give two flying fucks about it.
“You could have gotten caught.” She grins feeling the rustling sensation of his fingertips tracing down her spine from underneath her pyjamas, “Money is worth than a lil risk.” He shrugs. It’s been his policy from the start of his career and look at him now being an owner of a well known company.
After a long pause of silence Y/N murmurs against his throat, her voice timid and unsure and Harry absolutely hates it, “Are –.. my parents are they not proud of me?” He sighs and cards his fingers down her hair to loosen up the knots.
“Does that matter? You don’t need their validation to be good and succeeding.” He snakes his arm around her shoulders to hug her and the huge sniff of his scent she took just tells how tensed and upset she was about all of this.
“You’re my little shining star.” He mutters smacking kiss upon kiss all over her face making her one eye squint shut and crinkle from corner upon his attack of affection, “If you’d been a little badge I’d have worn you every day and everywhere with so much pride.” He pecks her lips reminding himself to tend to them before going to sleep seeing how they’re about to split open from all her anxious biting.
“I’d stick you right here...” He smiles softly tracing the lapel of his pocket that’s stitched right atop his heart, “Closer to me heart.” He cups her head and kisses her temple and Y/N’s eyelashes flutters with timidness and pure love for him at such gentle yet ground breaking action of intimacy.
It’s quite odd. Harry’s car is parked but the house lights are switched off and peculiarly enough she couldn’t see Harry’s silhouette from the windows as he usually roams around while cooking dinner if he comes early.
She gets more antsy when she’s met by silence of her home and then out of blue all the lights are sparkling around her and she’s showered with confetti and Harry’s popping from behind one of the tables along with her friends yelling an excited, SURPRISE!! at her face and although all of it should have startled her but when her granma comes trotting from behind the crowd Y/N's stuffing her face in her palms and turning away from them to not to embarrass herself as a sob wrenches out of her body.
Harry follows her suit and loops his arms around her waist from behind to pull her into him, kissing the small of her shoulder and trying to shush her with sweet coos.
“Hey, hey do you want to be a party pooper of ye' own party?” He tickles her lightly and she giggles hoarsely through a sniffle, spinning and hugging him— her squishing into the crook of his neck in doing so.
“’M sorry I wasn’t able to bring your family.” He mutters. When he went to pick her Grandma everyone else pretended as if it wasn’t a big deal for them and for fucks sake his girlfriend just got graduated and nobody could ruin that moment for his moppet.
Y/N shakes her head and pulls away from his comforting embrace to cup his face, she pecks him, smiling happily up at him, “You’re my family Harry.”
“You’re more than a family.”
His cheeks burns pink and his heart fills with endearment and love. Though, he teases her putting a little party cap on her head and letting the band snap around her chin.
“Yeah, since y'call me daddy that sums it all up.” She groans in fake annoyance and he barks out a laugh at that throwing his arm around her to pull her into his side and kisses her head while they make their way back towards their grandma, “You be more cheeky than that and nonna would make you marry me with her special force.”
“Not something I wouldn’t want.” He quips and Y/N air passages almost blocks for a moment though she wasn't given a chance to mull over it deeper as she strides to hug her grandma.
Harry thinks. In the moments like these where he gets to stand far and admire the love of his life getting showered in so much love from her friends and her grandparent— he thinks how still there’s gonna be this void she'd always feel, yearing for her parents acceptance.
In that moment of pure joy and tranquillity he decides,
He’ll give his lovie a family – that will always.
Cherish her.
Accept her.
Love her.
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harryscherrypie · 2 days ago
One bed?
Harry Styles x gn!reader
Summary: You were fairly new to the LOT tour crew. But what happens when you have to share a room with the rock star? I'm so bad at summaries
Warnings: none, ice baths?, bad writing
Word count: 2,6k
I’m sorry for grammar mistakes but English is not my first language. If you like it, please give me some feedback, it would really help to know if you liked it.
“Thank you all for the wonderful night, I love you all,” Harry screamed into the microphone and blew kisses into the crowd, which became even louder. Harry waited for a bit, as he soaked up the praise and love of thousands of people that came to see him on his last night in Nashville.
After a few moments of the loud applause, he shushed the crowd with a wave of his hand.
“Have a great rest of the night, get home safely, and I hope you enjoyed it just as I did,” He talked as he waved to the crowd goodbye. He blew some more kisses and then got off the stage, to quickly take an ice bath to come down from his adrenaline high.
As he walked backstage you were immediately there with a water bottle and a few granola bars to replenish some of his energy.
“Thanks love,” Harry smiled at you brightly and took the things into his hands. Before you could say more, people swarmed around him and you didn’t get the chance.
You were one of the newest additions to Harry’s tour crew. You were hired mainly to work with Harry Lambert on all outfits. To make some minor changes, if you realized they didn’t fit like a glove at the last minute. But as the tour progressed, you find yourself also taking care of every person on the crew. You became the ‘mom friend’ and especially took care of Harry when he left the stage.
It was your idea to submerge harry in an ice bath when he had been complaining about his sore muscles for 2 days straight. You calmed him down when he was super nervous before he went on the stage.
You watched as he made his way backstage and you quickly walked behind him, trying to catch up.
“Harry, wait” you called out and Harry turned around, looking at you with a tired expression on his face.
“Should I get the ice bath ready for you for when you return to the hotel?” you quickly ask, not wanting to annoy him or hold him back from other important tasks which he still has.
“That would be lovely,” He smiled tiredly and you smiled back at him.
“Okay, I’ll get going back to the hotel and you can text me when you arrive, so I can pour the ice in the water,” you explained nervously and he nodded, understanding what you were trying to say.
“Okay, I’ll see you later,” you said softly and waved at him as you left.
You were sitting on a couch in Harry’s room when his contact number flashed across your screen. You took a deep breath to calm yourself down
“Hey, I’m in the lobby, could you throw the ice in?” He asked and you hummed.
“Okay, gonna throw it in, I’ll leave the towel out for you. Don’t forget, 15 minutes max,” You reminded, and as you wanted to hang up, Harry stopped you.
“Wait,” he said nervously and you furrowed your brows.
“Could you please stay with me? While I’m in the bath, I don’t want to be alone,” he asked meekly and you could feel your face heat up.
“Yeah, whatever you want,” you answered back quietly and you could hear him let out a quiet breath of relief.
“Okay, I’m gonna be up in a few.”
“Okay, see you in a minute” You hung up and you skipped into the bathroom to toss the ice into his bath.
As you paced nervously around his room, the door opened up and a tired-looking Harry stumbled inside, nearly falling over, and closed the door behind him.
“You okay?” You giggled and his head snapped to look at you.
“Yeah, just the carpet is a bit messed up here,” he mumbled as he kicked the crumpled carpet back into its place with his foot. You stood there standing for a few seconds, looking at each other.
You cleared your throat, feeling a bit awkward and Harry broke the eye contact.
“Okay, I’m gonna put the swimsuit on and gonna hop in,” he cleared up his throat and you nodded your head.
“I’ll wait for you in the bathroom” you informed and he hummed in agreement.
“Alright, I’m ready,” he came strutting into the bathroom with his swim trunks on. As he slowly dipped his body into the bath, you couldn’t help but stare at his body.
If you were honest with yourself, you had the biggest crush on the rock star in front of you. I mean, how could you not? He is the nicest and loveliest person you have ever met. In your eyes, he was nearly perfect.
The harsh breath that Harry let out when he fully submerged into the water snapped you out of your trance. You came closer to the tub and crouched down next to the bathtub.
“I’ll start the countdown for the 15 minutes okay?” You asked and he nodded, as he tried to breathe properly.
“So, why did you want me to stay?” you whispered and he looked you into the eyes.
“Just didn’t want to be alone,” he admitted and reached out for your hand. You took it in yours and rubbed your thumb over his knuckles gently.
He breathed in a harsh breath and you chuckled.
“Don’t be mean, it’s super cold,” he pouted and you shook your head.
“Okay, I’m sorry,” you giggled and he smiled at you fondly. You acted like you didn’t see it.
“You were really good today,” you changed the topic and said. He grinned and thanked you quietly.
“I really enjoyed your dancing you know?” he teased and you pinched his wrist as a warning.
“As if your dancing is any better,” you rolled your eyes and he gasped, looking very offended.
“(Y/n), how could you even assume that my dancing isn’t the greatest thing you have ever seen on this planet. I even changed the setlist for you, and this is how you thank me?” he scoffed jokingly and you pulled back in surprise.
“You changed the setlist for me?” you asked in disbelieve and Harry nodded shyly.
“Well yeah, you complained about the fact that you missed Treat people with kindness and Fine line because you have to go and get me my food” he explained and scratched the back of his neck nervously.
“Oh Har, that’s so sweet, thank you,” you thanked him and he nodded, a pink color dusting his cheeks. You stared at each other when the alarm clock disturbed you. He huffed out a laugh and quickly got out of the tub. You handed him his towel and he took it, muttering a soft thanks.
“I’ll wait for you outside okay?”
“Yeah, thanks,”
Harry came back into the room a few minutes later with the towel wrapped around his waist. You quickly turned your back to him as you felt your cheeks heat up. You awkwardly shuffled towards the bed, with your back still turned to him, and scrolled through your phone as you listened to him changing into his sleeping clothes.
“Alright, I’m done,” he informed and you turned to face him. He was in a big white shirt and some black baseball shorts.
“Okay, I’m going to my room and leave you to rest,” you said and Harry nodded his head.
“Thanks for staying with me for a bit,” he whispered as he pulled you towards him. You guys didn’t hug a lot, but when you did, you both cherished it very much.
“You did so well today Har,” you praised as he rested his cheek at the top of your head.
“Thanks, it means so much, especially from you,” he admitted and you nodded against his shoulder.
“Well you deserve all the praise, you really did well. Goodnight,” you smiled at his and left the room.
When you arrived in New York the next day at night, you were spent. Your flight was delayed, and you and Harry got swarmed by fans at the airport in Nashville. When you came into the hotel, nearly everyone was there with weird looks on their face.
“Hey guys,” Jeff greeted you both and you answered back softly.
“We have a bit of an issue,” he admitted and Harry tilted his head in confusion.
“They mixed up our reservation and we have 2 rooms less, some people will have to split up,” he explained and Harry nodded.
“How many people do we need to split up,” he asked.
“Well we already split up these guys there, but we don’t have space for (Y/n),” he looked at you apologetically and you waved your hand.
“Don’t worry Jeff, I’m sure we will think of something,” you reassured him and he smiled at you gratefully.
“You can sleep in my room, I’m sure there are two beds or at least a couch,” Harry offered and you looked at him baffled.
“Wait, are you sure? Would you be okay with that?” you rambled and Harry stopped you by putting his hand on your shoulder.
“Hey, look at me,” he ordered gently and you obeyed.
“I insist. You don’t have to worry about anything. It won’t be uncomfortable for me and I promise I won’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.” He reassured and you nodded.
“Okay, thanks,” you whispered and he took your hand into his.
“Jeff, do you have the key card from my room?” he asked and Jeff nodded, handing it to the singer in front of him.
“Get some rest guys, we have a lot to do before the show tomorrow,” he called after you, as you walked into the elevator.
The elevator ride was silent. It wasn’t a bad silence it was… a good one. A Comfortable one.
When you arrived at your floor, you found your room and walked inside to see, what you were working with. The sight in front of you shocked you both.
It was a fairly big room, in some green tones, with one queen-sized bed and three small armchairs in the corner. The bed had tall bedposts, made from what looked like maple wood. The bed was arranged nicely. It had about 6 pillows on it, each just a tiny bit different shade than the rest of them. The comforter was a dark green color, with a huge crochet blanket thrown on the top.
The armchairs were located in the right corner, right beside the huge window that showed you the view of the beautiful New York skyline. There were also a few pillows, laying on the soft beige satin.
“Well that’s fun, there is just one bed,” he said and you chuckled.
“Guess we’ll have to sleep in the same bed,” he wiggled his eyebrows jokingly, knowing he was trying to cheer you up because he could see that you were slightly uncomfortable at the idea of sleeping in the same bed.
“Let’s just put our things down and see what we can do,” he rubbed your shoulder in comfort and you nodded.
“I take the left side,” you spoke up and quickly rushed to the desired side of the bed.
“Heyyy, I like sleeping there,” he whined jokingly.
“Too bad, you have to get used to it,” you grinned at him. Harry tossed his backpack on the bed and pulled out all of his electronics and plugged his phone into the charger.
“Wanna go to the shower?” he questioned and you nodded.
“Yeah, just a quick one, then it’ll be free for you,”
You moved around the room to get all the stuff you need for your shower, while Harry sat on the armchairs and typed away on his laptop.
Your shower didn’t take long, only about 15 minutes. You also did your night routine and brushed your teeth, so you didn’t have to do it when Harry came out.
You got changed into your pajamas, which was a cute black two-piece set.
You came out of the bathroom to find Harry sprawled out on the bed with his eyes closed.
“Harry, you can go in,” you slowly shook him awake and he blinked blearily at you.
“Sorry, I fell asleep,” He apologized, his voice raspy and tired.
“It’s alright, nothing happened” you assured him and he nodded, as he disappeared into the bathroom.
While the shower was running, you pulled the covers back and slipped into the bed. You let out a breath of relief. Your back was killing you from the long traveling and the slight headache in your temples didn’t want to go away. You snuggled into the covers and closed your eyes.
You opened them when you heard the bathroom door open. You didn’t turn to face him just yet, knowing he was probably only in his towel or possibly fully naked. You didn’t think you would be able to handle that. So you just listened for signs that he was already dressed.
You listened for a bit when a dip in the mattress caught you off guard. You turned to face Harry just to realize, he was already looking at you. Your cheeks heated up before you shook yourself out of it.
“You comfortable?” he mumbled and your heart nearly melted.
“Yeah, what about you?” you asked back and he shook his head, laughing.
“Of course,”
“Fine, I’m going to sleep,” you declared determined and Harry huffed out a laugh.
“Goodnight,” he whispered out and turned the night light off.
“Goodnight Har,” you whispered out as your eyes closed shut.
You woke up to an unknown weight laying on your waist. You looked at your phone to see, it was just 2 a.m.
You patted around the weight when it moved suddenly. You waited for a bit when you heard a quiet.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, just woke me up with your hand on here,” you answered and Harry quickly retreated his arm.
“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” he quickly apologized as you shushed him.
“It’s alright if I have to be honest, I really liked it, I enjoy cuddling,” you admitted and Harry drew in a sharp breath.
“So, do you think we could do it again?” he asked shyly and you turned towards him.
“Yeah, I would like that,” you looked at his silhouette and smiled, even though you knew he couldn’t see you. He wrapped his arms around your waist gently as he pulled you towards him. He flipped to lay on his back and you rested your head on his chest as he slowly scratched your back, through the shirt of your pajamas.
“This is nice,” he admitted and you hummed in agreement, already feeling yourself falling asleep.
“Wanted to do this for quite some time,” he continued and you froze up.
“What do you mean?” you asked curiously and as he continued to rub your back.
“I really like you, since the first show actually,” he confessed and softly squeezed your body closer to his.
“Don’t know if you feel the same but I want you to know,” he mumbled sleepily.
“Well, I really like you too, more than you can know,” you confessed and you could hear a soft ‘Yay,’ coming from his lips.
“Would like to kiss you,” he muttered as he tilted his head in your direction.
“I would really like that,” you smiled and leaned into him.
His lips met your halfway, as you kissed for the very first time. It was like everything the books describe. The fireworks, the quick beats of your heart, the touch of your new person on your body.
You separated after a few minutes, to catch your breath.
“Now, I would really like to keep kissing you but we need to go to sleep, we have so much work tomorrow,” he said softly and you nodded in agreement.
“Good night H,”
“Goodnight love,” you both said as you fell asleep in each other’s arms, feeling safe and happy.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. <3
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hstyles-1994 · 2 days ago
Oh Baby I’m A Fool For You
in which ceo!harry likes his assistant a little too much
Tumblr media
“You know he’s had about 20 assistants in the past six months right?”.
“Aren’t you scared of him? He seems really intimidating”.
“Did you hear about the time he fired someone just for getting his lunch order wrong? That’s crazy!”
Comment after comment left Avery and Riley’s mouths as they told you many stories about the ceo and how much of a dick he is. But to be honest it didn’t bother you. You had a job with really good pay and that’s all that really mattered to you. You brushed off the comments and tried to convince them that they’re probably just rumours.
“I’m being serious y/n! He seems so fucking scary” Riley starts, looking at you quite sternly. “He’s literally fired so many assistants because of the smallest reasons, so don’t be extremely shocked if you don’t keep that job for long”.
“Riley! You’re being ridiculous, and don’t worry I’ll be fine” you assure. “Besides, I never do anything wrong so I won’t get fired”.
“Yeah yeah, all that aside have you seen how hot he is?” Avery smirks, pulling up her laptop.
“No, I haven’t actually met him yet”.
“Wait what? So who interviewed you for the job?” Riley asks.
“I think he was the manager just below the ceo, he’s still pretty high up just not the ceo” you shrug.
“Here, this is the ceo. Harry Styles, and fuck me he is so hot” Avery drools, staring down at her laptop.
You glance down at the screen not too fussed about what he looks like or anything, you just shrug it off.
“He’s hot right?” Riley gawks, staring down at the screen.
“He’s like a fucking god” Avery almost screams. “I’d let him fuck me over his desk any day”
You roll your eyes at the pair, chucking at the many comments. First they started off with how shitty he is to people, to how hot he is. You really didn’t understand them sometimes.
“Ehh he’s okay, anyways I need to start preparing. I start in a week and I have absolutely nothing” you sigh. “I need to get a bunch of outfits and shit like that, so looks like I’ve got a fun day ahead. See you losers later” you chuckle.
He cant be that bad, right?
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(y/n) finds one of Harry's ... toys.
wc: 2.6 k,
warnings? smuuuuut, slight sub!harry, slight dom!reader
It wasn't unlike the two to rummage in each other's closets or drawers. They had met during their sophomore year and became close enough that they would help each other dress for special events or clean up during a bad week.
This time, Harry asked (y/n) over to his place to find something to wear for an academic achievement dinner with others in his cohort. He always said she was the better dressed of the two, but they knew that this was just an excuse to hang out (he had far more 'dressy' clothes than she).
"What's this?" (y/n) laughed, pulling out an informal, short-sleeve button-up with lines. An embodiment of the trend that plagued most men in 2018. "Did you seriously wear this?"
Harry laughed as well, slightly ashamed of the article of clothing she held up. "I caved okay? I wore it a few times when I was in High school, and I felt bad for just tosing it."
"Okay, well, we'll donate it today. You'll single-handedly ruin your reputation if you go out in that."
"Yeah, yeah," he brushed off, turning his attention to organizing paperwork for his internship. If only he had paid more attention and kept an eye on (y/n), he could have distracted her from the box at the top of his closet. He could have brushed it off, avoiding her opening it like she was now.
She was curious, and the two had very little boundaries. Because of this, she thought the box likely had a pair of shoes or some more old clothes. She wasn't expecting to find Harry's sex toys. The two were close and had mentioned some of their hook-ups, but nothing as detailed as this.
She was shocked initially, but ... interested? Picking up the thing that fascinated her the most, she finally turned around to face Harry. He wasn't directly looking at her, clearly invested at his desk.
With a small smile on her lips, eyebrows lifted, (y/n) asked, "Harry?"
He hummed in reply, still unaware of what she held in her hand.
"What's this?"
Finally, he turned around, unceremoniously. Once he saw the fleshlight she had in her hands, his face immediately began to burn. Getting out of his chair, he rushed to her reaching for the toy. "(y/n) how did you find this?" He definitely forgot he had the box there in open sight, otherwise, he would have moved it.
"There's a whole box! I didn't know you had stuff like this." Her voice was laced with genuine curiosity, no sign of teasing in her voice.
"Well, don't we all. It's not important." He said, standing in front of her, but avoiding her eyes.
"I'm not making fun of you, I think it's great you have such a selection. I've only got one vibe."
With heated cheeks, Harry finally looked down to (y/n), shocked she wasn't taking this as an opportunity to make fun of him. "What?"
"It's cool you have these, good you're taking ... care of yourself." She smiled, moving the fleshlight around in her hands, observing.
The two were frozen, unsure of what to do next.
Stunned, Harry decided to make this less of a big deal than he initially tried to. They were best friends, why wouldn't he be open about these types of things? His mind switched from that of embarrassment, to ... well honestly? Horniness.
"I think that one's my favorite, but," he reached up towards the box, pulling out a vibrating cockring, "this one is far better for paired playing."
(y/n) hummed a response, now looking at the ring he held in his hands. She felt herself getting turned on at the thought of Harry squeezing it on before going to fuck the person on his bed. She thought about how intense it felt for him, how much he must look forward to using it. "Yeah, that makes sense." Stop thinking of his face with it on-stop thinking of his face with it on-stop think-.
"But, what you're holding, is probably my usual for when I'm alone."
Her head began to turn with an idea in her head. Smiling, she asked "but I bet it'd feel nice for someone to use it on you, no? I love my vibrator, but it's really nice when someone else uses it on me." She succeeded, the words seemed to have an effect on Harry, as he raised his eyebrows, dazed that she was being so intimate.
"I-, I haven't tried that yet." Not that he didn't want to. His head was screaming at his lower half to stop getting so excited, but he just couldn't help himself.
With a racing heart and a bit of adrenaline, (y/n) blurted: "want to?"
Even more dazed, Harry was shocked (y/n) offered ... that. "It won't be ... weird?" He wasn't sure why he was asking, he definitely wanted her to do that to him.
"Of course it's not, we're best friends. Do you want to?"
Instantly, and embarrassingly so, Harry replied: "Yes please."
(y/n), smirking to herself, took notice of how pliable he seemed to be in this situation. They hadn't talked about how they acted during actual sexual settings, but seeing Harry take on a slightly submissive role was extremely arousing to her. "Get on the bed, yeah? Sit up on the pillows."
Letting out a shaky breath and nodding, Harry took the few steps to the bed, resting against the headboard. He stared at (y/n), who had been observing him this whole time. She took notice of how easily he complied like he was waiting for her to take control. The air was thick, and Harry's pants were becoming more constricting by the second at the mere thought of what was next.
Finally, (y/n) got on the bed, crawling her way up to him. Sitting up on her knees, she leaned in to rest her hand on the side of his face, brushing his cheek with her thumb. She's a soft dom he thought. "Do you want to do this?"
"Yes," he said shakily, finishing with a soft "please."
This gave (y/n) the brightest smile, proud of her best friend being so compliant. As a reward, she finally leaned in to kiss him. She had noticed how much his eyes drifted to her lips and knew he was waiting for it.
Instantly, Harry let out a whimper, leaning his body up to get more of her. Swiftly, she maneuvered herself to straddle his hips, able to hold his head with both hands after putting his toy down. Lifting his own hands, he wrapped them around her wrists. Not in a demanding way, but more so grounding himself to her, and she was obsessed.
The two were very close, but they had never kissed like this. Sure, a few pecks too close to each other's mouths that were meant as a goodbye for their cheeks, but not this.
She began to kiss him deeply, the two breathing heavy. She couldn't believe this was happening, she always felt an attraction to him, yet assumed it would never be acted upon since they were 'besties'.
Pulling away (that caused Harry to let out another whimper), she buried her face in his neck. This caused Harry to hold her in his arms, wrapping them around her back, flushing her against him.
"Okay?" he asked, nervous that it was too much and she was regretting it.
Shaking her head, she was smiling into his neck instead. "Yeah. It's ... it's good, yeah?"
"Mhm." It was a soft moment between the two, and despite the ache they both felt, they basked in the feeling of being so close. So fucking close. Intimate.
Finally sitting back, she looked at him, seeing how flushed his cheeks became with a simple makeout. She brought one hand up to his hair, ruffling it. They both held small smiles, their trust and confidence in each other evident. Slowly, she dragged her hand down, caressing his cheek once more, thumbing his bottom lip, touching his soft neck, reaching down his chest that was still covered. She finally reached down to the hem of his jeans, still maintaining heavy eye contact. The soft movements were making him breathe heavy, everything about their current position was extremely attractive to him, straight out of a dream.
"Gonna get you out of these jeans, 'kay?"
He nodded submissively, giving her full reigns. "Kiss?"
"Of course, baby." Using both hands to unbuckle his belt and undo his button and zipper, she kissed him slowly and deeply. She wasn't sure the last time Harry had been with someone, but she would guess a long time due to how much he was leaning into the kisses. "Going to move so I can get them off." First pushing the jeans down his hips, releasing his very obvious problem, then getting off of him to slide the jeans fully off alongside his briefs. "So big," she commented, making him release another moan.
She decided to stay at his side, giving her a more dominating position than on his lap. Especially providing better access once she got to use the fleshlight. He turned his head to her, leaning up for another kiss. With a quick peck, (y/n) directed her attention to his erection. Grasping it with one hand while the other was lost in his hair, she began to softly massage him.
Having been turned on for a while now, Harry began to let out soft moans. His eyes involuntarily shut, enjoying the pleasure he was receiving from her.
"I'm going to use the toy now, okay?" she asked seductively, unsure how dominating she should be for their first time. With his eager nod, she moved her hand to the previously discarded fleshlight, excited she would be the first to experience this with him. He finally looked down to his painful erection, leaking precum as he noticed the item in her hand. He knew it was coming, but the reality of it was crashing on him, and his breathing became more labored if possible.
She kept one hand still in his hair, while the finally itched closer to his erection with the toy.
"(y/n)" he breathed out, barely audible.
"Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you," she softly said, finally dragging the fleshlight up his erection, mimicking how his cock would drag against her. This experience was extremely visually gratifying for her, clearly.
With a gasp from Harry, she finally set the toy over his tip, slowly lowering it.
Enjoying the whimpers that came out of him (what could she say? She found vocal men so attractive), (y/n) began to slowly pump the toy around him, still teasing. "You're so big, huh? God, look. Look how you stretch this fake pussy."
Harry had long ago squeezed his eyes shut from being overwhelmed, yet he took (y/n)'s advice and looked down to his lap. There was something so erotic about his best friend holding his sex toy and using it on him. "Yes. Please, (y/n), feels so-" he was interrupted by a moan he couldn't withhold.
She gave a soft laugh at this, still caressing his head with her free hand. She wanted this to be a good experience for him, and she definitely did not identify as a hard dominant. "You like it?" She questioned, instantly receiving eager nods from him. She decided to finally give him the release he seemed to be reaching, and began to increase her speed. This only amplified the whimpers Harry let out, and she was empowered by knowing she was doing a good job.
She wanted to get him to cum quick, and given how much he was moving, she assumed it was close. While Harry moaned and whined, (y/n) moved the fleshlight on his length faster, a clicking sound occurring from the spit she provided a few moments earlier to help with the friction. This sent Harry into an even deeper state, his hips now wriggling uncontrollably, his knees bending his legs alongside his thighs twitching. She loved seeing him unravel, loved seeing how much he struggled with knowing where to put his hands (assuming from the way he keeps them clenched at his sides, she believes he likes them to be tied). His heavy breathing, the sweat that was collecting on his chest from where she pushed his shirt up, just the way his legs were tensed was all driving her insane.
"You can cum, baby. Cum when you want, you know you deserved it," she said softly in his ear, in the most seductive tone he's ever heard from her.
Gasping at her words, his movements became even more intense if possible. It was obvious how sensitive he was. His hips began to move up to match the thrusts she set with the fleshlight, although he was unable to reach her fast pace.
Quickly, his breathing increased, heavy puffs coming out of his nose instead of his now normal moans. She knew it was coming, and the way his whole body clenched and jolted, she realized he was coming in the toy.
His face-God his face-was something she would never be able to erase. His eyebrows creased in the most euphoric way, this pleading look unwillingly showing on his face. His mouth was gaped open as his head tilted back without his consent, his body clearly overwhelmed with the current sensations.
Not wanting to torture him, she began to slow down her thrusts, enough to milk him without extreme overstimulation. She wasn't cruel, but ... that was something she could see herself doing to him eventually. As punishment. Sure.
Finally, his whimpers began once again since she still was moving the toy against him, although it was considerably slower than before. He began to whisper "please" over and over, and if she wasn't so close to him, she wouldn't have caught it.
"What's that baby?"
He turned to her, his eyes clearly exhausted. She finally stopped her movements on his cock, leaving the toy resting slightly on top of his head so that his cum leaked onto him. The hand that was in his curls moved to push the hair off his forehead, although it stuck because of the sweat he had accumulated from their short session.
"Done. I'm- done, please," he said airily, clearly speaking from a sub mindset. His chest was noticeably moving with his breaths, an indicator of the orgasm he just had.
"Yes you are, we're done. You did so well for me didn't you?" She asked, taking the toy off of him, and setting it on the bedside table. She'll clean it later. "I'm going to wipe you off, then we can take a nap? You seem tired."
He nodded aimlessly, clearly going with anything she says. "Please."
She gave him a smile, adoring how he kept his eyes shut, body meshing into the bed. Quickly finding a small face towel in his drawers, she cleaned him softly. "Do you want some clothes? Briefs?"
He shook his head, finally opening his eyes to her. His eyes seemed less fuzzy than before, but all he did was make grabby hands. How could she ignore that?
Pulling her leggings off, she brought herself to his bed, laying on her side and reaching to bring Harry into her chest. He had said before how much touch meant to him, and he was always hugging all of his friends. Because of this, it was no surprise how easily he gave into cuddling her breasts, wrapping an arm around her tight. She put both of her hands in his hair, petting his hair.
"Is this ... okay?" he hesitantly asked, the more realistic side of himself beginning to worry.
"Of course it is. Don't stress, it was really nice, yeah? We can talk about it after we wake up."
He loved how that sounded, her warm chest and enveloping arms enough to convince him that it wasn't worth worrying about. With a happy hum, he fell asleep in her arms, where he had always belonged.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. V INTERESTING VIBES. LOL. TELL ME IF YOU HATE IT TELL ME IF YOU LOVE IT MWAH. no, but seriously first time writing smut smut, and idk. harder than I thought.
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ch3rrybabyhon3y · 13 hours ago
could you please make a part 2 of bestfriend Harry using your vibe!!!
this is more of a short continuation than a part two <3
warnings: language, hints at sexual content, cute, docile, titty loving morning harry
part one
Tangled up in some sort of warmth, Harry felt like he was floating. He wanted to stay here forever, with the overwhelming aroma of vanilla and cinnamon filling his senses.
Vanilla and cinnamon.
Holy shit.
It’s only when he blinks open his eyes that he truly realizes where he is. In your bed, cuddled up next to you, exactly thirteen hours after you made him feel so good he went into subspace.
Holy shit.
It’s not long before he registers the position you two are in. He’s laid on his side with his arms around you, his head on top of your chest and his face smushed snuggly into your breasts.
Your fucking breasts.
He tenses a little at the realization, effectively rousing you a bit. You hum and tighten your arms around him and his lips tug up at the corners.
“H? You awake?” you mumble, sleep still evident in your voice.
He just nods into the softness of your tits, his smile deepening.
“You okay?” you coo softly.
“M’great.” His voice even raspier than last night.
“S’early love, go back to sleep.” you whisper into his hair with a quick peck on the soft tendrils and he nods with a soft smile.
When he wakes up again you aren’t there, and he frowns because he quite likes waking up next to you. But when he hears commotion in the kitchen his frown slowly morphs into a smile, listening to you spew out hushed curses and make way more noise than you should with different utensils.
He finally manages to get himself out of bed and he pulls on some boxers, walking out to the kitchen to see your hand spinning in circular motions as you mix the cream colored batter in the bowl.
You’re so beautiful.
He clears his throat softly and you jump, “hi.” he says shyly.
He has no idea where your head is at after what happened last night, his stomach is swirling with nerves and it doesn’t help that you’re standing in front of him looking as beautiful as ever with barely anything on.
“Hi, pretty boy.”
Butterflies. The only thing on Harry’s mind is how much he loves you and butterflies. Cause they’re swarming through this tummy at an alarming rate.
“You hungry?”
You both speak at the same time and chuckle. You know him like the back of your hand, you can tell he’s nervous and feeling awkward about what happened last night, but there’s no reason to be, you loved it.
“Yeah?” his voice comes out a little bit higher than he intended it to. Poor baby is so nervous.
“Come here.”
He walks over to you, looking so cute and small. He sits on the stool in front of you and you move closer to him, knowing how much he loves the contact.
As soon as you’re close enough, standing right in front of him, he nuzzles himself into your stomach, inhaling your scent and trying his absolute hardest to hold back a whimper.
God he just loves being close to you.
You tangle your hands in his hair and that’s when he loses it.
“Love you. Love you so much. D’you love me?” he whispers. He’s so vulnerable, looking up at you with such hope and admiration in his eyes.
“Of course I do H. I love you more than anything else in this world.” you say in pure disbelief that he would ever doubt your love for him.
“Let me have you. Please, please I—wanna be—wanna be your lover. Wanna love you every day and every night. Wanna be yours. Please.”
“What my pretty boy wants, my pretty boy gets.” you whisper and connect your lips with his.
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rommahh · 2 days ago
[trying something new/ face claim @belindahchaka on Instagram just used a different name. She’s freaking gorgeous.]
Tumblr media
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Alexiamonroe: New York! 💋🖤
View all 70,978 comments
Alexiafan37: New York?!??
Sza: look at my baby 😍
Lizzo: what are doing here in New York? 😏
AlexiaMonroe: lol, it’s New York baby.
Tumblr media
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Harrystyles: New York City, 2021
View all 100,506 comments
Harryfan: his suit kinda looks like alexia’s dress…?
Harryfan34: I saw that too! They’re both in New York.
Alessandro_michele: love the look👀
Tumblr media
Harryupdates: Harry spotted with Alexia Monroe on the outskirts on New York City today. Some say they were working out together and got lunch.
View all 500 comments
Harries765: holy shit. Are they dating??? That would be a hot ass couple.
Harryfan89: I hope they’re not dating….
Harryupdates: guys we are not insinuating that the two are dating! Please don’t spread hate in the comments!
Tumblr media
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AlexiaMonroe: date night
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Harryfan: HARRY LIKED!
AlexiaMonroe: you guys are such sleuths lmao
Harrystyles liked this comment
Tumblr media
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Harryupdates: Harry papped kissing model today
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Alexiafan: men aint shit for real
Harries4lyfe: chill out, alexia never said they were dating
AlexiaMonroe: didn’t realise I had to say anything lol
Tumblr media
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Alexiamonroe: I don’t need you.
View all 20,405 comments
Harryfan78: I love Harry but let’s be honest, this is his loss
Sza: I think I wrote a song about this 🤔 we have your back mamas
Lizzo: 😢 love you baby
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stylesphilia · 11 hours ago
“Oh, poor thing,” he coos jestingly when she whines, pulling back and running a hand up through his tendrils, “You’re whining an awful lot. S’getting annoying.”
“I can’t help it if your stubble’s burning me,” Y/N quips. She sits up onto her forearms, chest rising and falling erratically with her impending climax. A cocky purse of lips counters her response. Harry runs his index down where her legs spread before he slides it inside. Adds another.
“You’re being a little brat. You like the stubble,” Harry affirms. His gaze is intense, honing in on her face, and the stroke of his fingers is passionate. Just the way she likes it. Out slowly, hard on the uptake.
“I like it when you’re kissing me, not when you’re…” Her eyes shift from his face to his chest to the wall, “It burns when you have it down there.”
“Think I was giving you kisses. You don’t like kisses on your pretty cunt?”
She swallows, brows twitching, and flushes when a colossal palm wrenches open the trembling thighs that have made an attempt to close.
“Keep them open, you know better,” He warns. His voice hard and suddenly no longer playful. He retracts from her. Then, like a switch, his lips crack at the corners smugly, and his eyes swim with mirth. Sliding back down on his torso, he parts her lips with his fingers, teal-polished nails sparkling with her arousal.
“You don’t like my kisses?” He repeats before driving his tongue languidly from her entrance to the hood of her clit. She stares, heart thundering in her chest when their gazes clash. He rolls the sensitive button with his tongue before closing his cherry lips over it and suckling.
Y/N twitches. Harry was gifted with a plethora of expertise in the bedroom, she knew that. Somehow it caught her off guard each time he demonstrated how well exactly he knew her body, always hitting the perfect spot with ease and successfully driving her wild.
He hums over her, lips moving as he sucked on her bundle of nerves, tongue flicking with slight, gentle pressure. Y/N lifts her hips, grinding up into his face when his arm reaches over to thumb over her nipple. He rolls it between his fingers, hard, and the sensation contrasts deeply with the gentle suckling over her clit.
“Fuck,” she keens, eyelashes fluttering when his other hand busies below her entrance, drawing soft circles below and around it. He thumbs at her hole with the collected arousal, not quite pushing in, and retires back to slow caresses. Around, below, up and over her lips.
His stubble still burns but it’s only a speck of sensation in her wide plain of euphoria. His tongue delves, and there’s a loud, wet sound as he travels from her clit, lower, lower, lower. It’s sloppy and slick and languid, timeless, keeping her on the edge. Her swollen button sends sparks through her nervous system when his mouth migrates back, again when his lips massage over her most sensitive spot. His tongue treks back down and dips into her, then returns to roll wide, lazy circles around her clit.
She’s pulsing when he pulls off, brows kinked in confusion and hairline sweating. He stares back at her lost, doe-like gaze with soft pits in his cheeks, eyes half-lidded and cocky.
“What was that? Why did you stop?” Y/N questions, breathy and slightly miffed.
“Oh, I just stopped because you didn’t like it.”
“What?” her irritability is shrouded by the pitch of her voice. It’s high and confused.
“You told me you didn’t like it. So I stopped,” Harry tells her. He wears a veil of concern over his features, brows kinked in seriousness. When he’s met with dazed silence he raises his brows matter-of-factly, “You said you don’t like my stubble down there.”
Her face pinches in angry realization and she sits up, watching the faux concern crumble away as smug victory takes its place.
“You’re a dick,” Y/N mumbles, thighs spasming when his thumb returns to draw tight, low-pressure circles on her nub. He flicks the pad of his thumb side-to-side, but he’s barely touching her.
“What was that? ‘Thank you for stopping, daddy’?”
“I said, you’re a dick.”
He chuckles, but it’s short and humorless, and the thumb stops. He delivers a quick smack between her legs instead, hard and to-the-point, and she gasps. His other hand holds her thigh open when she jolts.
“Looks like we need to teach you some manners, hm?”
A sharp, high, little, “oh” tumbles from her when he does it again.
“Is that any way to talk to the person who decides if you’re gonna cum?”
Y/N swallows, quiet and spread for him until he delivers another hit, punches a pretty cry from her.
“Look at that pretty little pussy,” Harry says, softly dragging his short nails over her inner thigh. It’s the hand that had pressed her legs open, before. His other hand plays between her legs, and his thumb runs over her lip, pulling it back and tracing little circles into her skin.
“You like that? Like when daddy is sweet and gentle? Hm?”
She nods, twitching slightly when the drag of his nails tickles. He watches her, thumb roaming from her clit, down to her hole, up to her clit, back down, until it settles back up on her lip, parting it once more.
“Look at that little hole crying for me,” He says, brushing over her juices, “I think we’re gonna edge a few times-“ she whines, cutting him off, “-since you weren’t so nice to daddy earlier.”
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please can make a fake instagram with "clapivara"
posting a second blurb today because i reached 500 followers and ilysm 🥺🥺 also to celebrate harry’s marvel era
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can i request a fake instagram with face claim as dove cameron
Hey sweetie!!! Here it is, I hope you enjoy it <3
*side note* tumblr has bene forcing me to re-write this for 5 times... sorry to be latee
My writing
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Y/nfan20: why did @yourinstagram like this?
Y/nfan29: u a new fan? She is a fan of him :)
Yourinstagram : Styles ~ Harry ~ Edward
Harry Styles: 💛
Harryfan20: my god what a mysterie...
Y/nfan67: knowing y/n.. something is coming..
Harryfan25: owh lawd...
Anne Twist: Pretty boy
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Yourinstagram: is the first one I see
Harryfan20: those nails omgggg
Y/nfan67: guys I am getting worried....
Harry Styles: and I don't know why..
Yourinstagram: 💛
Harryfan29: oh.. OH MY GOD... NOWAYYY..
Yourinstagram: 👀💛
Niall Horan: Imagine just sailing away ⛵
Harry Styles: and not telling his mates?
Yourinstagram: he wouldn't know what to say..
Liam Payne: She.
Harryfan20: are they collabing? Fine line just came out...
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Harry Styles: A woman who is just in his head
Yourinstagram: She sleeps in his bed
Liam Payne: while he plays pretend
Harry Styles: so pretend
Harryfan94: if it's a song, after fine line.. and niall and Liam know the lyrics then...
Y/nfan50: it's the end of the world...
Anne Twist: Looking so good 😍🥰
Yourinstagram: thank you and love you❤🥰
Lizzo: damn my baby mamma 😍❤
Yourinstagram: just shut up and kiss me already..
Harry Styles: bubs :(
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Yourinstagram: I just wanna thank @Niall Horan and @Liam Payne for helping me write this song, @Louist91 for helping me make the track. @Harry Styles for putting the track last minute as a bonus on your album! It means a lot to me bubsy🥺❤ Last but not least @Zayn Malik for talking to me about my tattoo and being there for me when the writing didn't go as planned ❤
~ 14.02.2020 16.30
Y/nfan67: a reunion 🫂 ✨
Harry Styles: Thank you for giving me this masterpiece and being I my MV❤
Yourinstagram: I love you❤
Harry Styles: Love you more❤
Y/nfan20: I am a mess...
Niall Horan: Always a pleasure to work with you mate!
Yourinstagram: My pleasure lad💕
Harryfan53: a bonus track? Tomorrow???
Liam Payne: Had so much fun!
Yourinstagram: me too!! Thank you for that💕
HarryandY/n35: their interactions🥺
Zayn Malik: Love being there for you💕
Yourinstagram: love having you by my side💕
Harryfan25: I am so proud of them🥺
Louist91: Thank you for trusting me with the track!
Yourinstagram:I trust you with me life lou💕
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Harry Styles: She. Music Video. Out Now.
@yourinstagram, I feel like I can't thank you enough for the things you do for me. You are always there for me when I need you. You support my music career as much as my acting career. I can't help but fall in love more with you when I see you dancing to my songs or quoting something I said. I love you, thank you for showing me the world through your beautiful eyes and making me the happiest man alive by your side. I love m'heart❤
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