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#harry styles sicfic
watermelonlovershigh · 3 months ago
18 Things You Do for Harry When He Gets Sick
AN: i know its not as many as it was for the things Harry does for you when you're sick but i couldn't think of any more. but i'm sure as soon as i post this, another idea will pop in my head. and i plan on doing one for them as parents, taking care of their kids when sick.
first part---- >>>>>>
25 Things I Believe Harry Does for You When You're Sick
This contains: talks of vomit, talks of crying, talks of sweating, & most importantly, comfort
{ husband!harry - married for one year - any solo Harry era - no kids yet }
word count: 1000
The things you do for your husband Harry when he is sick.
Tumblr media
(i'm sorry but what is Harry even doing in this photo??? and why have i never seen it before???)
1. Harry is truly a big baby when he gets sick, though he tries to act tough, but always fails. So that leads to you running around in every-which-way, making sure every and all needs of Harry's are met. You don't mind though because taking care of the love of your life is more of a privilege than a job in your eyes.
2. When Harry is sick but won't admit it and tries to continue working in his at-home studio, you have to drag him out near bout and force him to get in the bed. Saying something like, "Please Harry, for me. I'm worried about you is all and I don't want you to get more sick." Then when Harry can see you're genuinely worried about his well being, he knows he can't say no to you and goes to get into bed like you pleaded for him to.
3. When Harry has a migraine, he'll lay his head in your lap and you'll give him a scalp massage while whispering gentle and soothing words that lead to him falling asleep in your lap (on the couch) and you'll sit there, patiently waiting for him to wake up and hope his headache has gone away.
4. Rub his tummy with your small hands when he complains that his stomach his hurting or feels upset.
5. Laying in bed, Harry will cry silently when he begins to feel sick to his stomach because he hates being sick. Then when he can't take it anymore, he'll stumble to the bathroom in the dark and heave over the toilet, praying you don't awake but unfortunately to him, you do awake from the sounds of retching and pad yourself to your master bathroom where you see Harry on his knees in front of the toilet, puking into the porcelain bowel. You quickly rush to be by your husbands side and rub over his sweaty back to comfort him.
6. When Harry stops puking for a minute or two, you'll ask him why he didn't wake you up when he felt sick and he'll say something like, "I didn't want you seeing me like this." or "You shouldn't have to see this because it's gross." or "It's embarrassing." And you'd retort back with, "Harry, I'm your wife. I'm supposed to see you at your weakest and most vulnerable state. I want too because it means you trust me enough to be vulnerable in front of me." or "Harry, I don't care that you're being sick and it's gross. I want to take care of you because I love you." or "It's not embarrassing Harry. It's called being human. We all get sick sometimes. So please don't feel embarrassed you got sick."
7. Use one of his notorious hair clips to clip back his bangs/fringe when he's hovering over the toilet, puking his guts up.
8. You drive to the studio to pick Harry up when his manager calls you saying Harry just got sick and needs to be driven home.
9. Harry will groan and moan in the passengers seat on the way home from the studio saying he isn't really that sick and you shouldn't have came to get him. But when he gets the sudden urge to throw up and shouts for you to pull the car over, you give him a knowing look, as if to say he should surrender and just admit that he's actually sick. Nevertheless though, you step out the vehicle and comfort him, trying your best to shield him from potential paparazzi.
10. Give him a bath when he stinks of sweat from the fever he ran all day. You may or may not get in the tub with him, depending on his request. When you do get into the tub with him though, you'll lean back on the tub and Harry lays back on you, resting his head on your boobs. You'll give him a scalp massage with shampoo and run a washcloth with his floral body wash all over his sticky body, making sure to get him good as new (clean wise).
11. Just hold him. When Harry is sick, he just likes to be held by you. In bed or on the couch. It makes him feel comforted and safe when he's in your arms.
12. You force him to eat even though he puts up a fight.
13. Check his temperature constantly. You'll wake up throughout the night and use the thermometer that hovers over his forehead. If you see its too high, you'll go down stairs and grab some fever reducer pills with a glass of water and have to wake him up to take them.
14. When Harry has had a bit too much alcohol to drink, he's very clinging towards you. And when he's drank way way too much and is feeling sick, you'll hold him in your lap on the bathroom floor, patiently waiting for him to throw up.
15. You'll rub vapor rub on his chest when he has a cold. Sometimes even waking up in the night, turning the lamp on, and adding some more to his chest while he continues sleeping.
16. Make him some warm tea when he has a sore throat.
17. Just like he does for you, you'll pat his skin with a damp cloth when his skin is heated from a fever.
18. Watch him sleep. That may be weird to say but sometimes you worry about Harry so much that you're afraid to fall asleep, thinking something may happen when you're unconscious. So you just lay awake and watch as the love of your life sleeps beside you, occasionally coughing from his cold and sometimes brush over his cheek bone with your soft fingers.
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watermelonlovershigh · 3 months ago
25 Things I Believe Harry Does for You When You're Sick
AN: i got the inspiration to create this from @finelinevogue except they made one about sex. they or someone else could have made a sick list that i'm unaware of but either way, this is my own take on it so i'm not coping anyone. also, i plan to create a list about things you do when Harry is sick and i may create one on what you and Harry do when your kid(s) are sick. just let me know if you'd be interested in that. (and these situations are not in any order as far as the type of sickness. they are in order at random, whenever a scenario popped into my head.)
This contains: talks of vomit, talks of crying, talks of high fevers, naked boobs
{ husband!harry - married for a year - any solo Harry era - no kids yet }
word count: 1105
25 things Harry does for you when you get sick in different scenarios.
Tumblr media
1. Makes sure to never leave you alone and stays with you the entire time, afraid something may happen in the mere seconds he's gone.
2. Sets a four to six hour timer on his phone to remind him its time to give you your next dose of medicine.
3. Wakes up periodically through-out the night and uses the thermometer that just hovers over your forehead so he doesn't have to disrupt your sleeping body, but also makes sure your fever never gets too high.
4. When you mention you have a slight tummy ache, not necessary nauseous but just crampy or feeling a bit upset, Harry will place his big hand flat on your belly and rub soothing circles over your stomach until it settles.
5. Just sit on the cold, hard, bathroom floor with you when you're feeling nauseous and say you must be by a toilet in fear you'll actually be sick. It may hurt Harry's bum and back, but nevertheless is by your side the entire time. Day or night.
6. Gathers your hair in a ponytail as you're throwing up in the toilet, so your hair doesn't get in the way of your gushing vomit.
7. If you have an actual virus and unfortunately are unable to stop puking, Harry will put your hair in one of his signature messy buns (the kind he'd wear when he had long hair), allowing him to hold a cool, wet cloth on the back of your neck and help with your cold sweats that occur.
8. When you have a high fever, he'll strip all your cloths off (except your panties), much to your disliking because you're shivering, and make you lay in bed like that. Just under the blankets with your panties on. No top so your breast are on full display. Well under the covers but nevertheless free from clothes.
9. Remind you that when he married you, he vowed In Sickness and In Health, every time you try and push him away, saying you don't want to get him sick too.
10. Brings a bowl of cold water to the bed where you're laying and dips a washcloth into it, wrings it out, and pats it all over your body when your fever is extremely high and you can't even get proper sleep because of it. (the step Harry takes after stripping your clothes didn't work)
11. When you have a migraine, Harry will shut off all the lights and close all the curtains in the bedroom so it's completely dark. Then he'll get into bed with you and hold you close while you attempt to sleep it off.
12. In the case you accidently puke on the floor (like you didn't make it to the toilet in time), he'll grab all the necessary supplies and clean your sick up off the floor, even though he has weak stomach when handling sick throw up.
13. And when you do puke on the floor by accident, you'll usually end up crying from embarrassment and Harry will comfort you by saying stuff like, "My love, its okay. You couldn't help it." or "Baby, no need to cry. You're just sick is all. I'm not mad. I'll clean it up."
14. When you aren't exactly sick but just aren't feeling well, Harry will cuddle you on the couch, a big fluffy blanket on the both of you, and you'll watch movies until you end up falling asleep on his chest and he then carries you up to bed.
15. When one of your friends knock on yours and Harry's front door in the late hours of the night, bringing you home from a girls-night out, and tells Harry you've kind of been sick on yourself, he'll take your drunken body up the stairs and strip off all your clothes until you're completely naked. Then he'll get naked himself and set you on the shower floor to help wash the vomit from your hair and body with the detachable shower head.
16. Cook you homemade chicken soup when you come down with a common cold.
17. Will insist on feeding you the soup he cooked with a spoon, you sitting upright in bed.
18. Holds you to his body when you start crying out that you feel like you're gonna be sick but don't want to be. Harry will say something like, "It's okay if you need to be sick, love. It's better out than in." or "Y/n, if you get sick it might make your stomach feel better. How about we go in the bathroom and you try for me."
19. Will drop what he's doing and come pick you up from your job when you get sick at work.
20. On the way home from picking you up from work because you're sick, Harry will pull off to the side of the road when you moan you're about to throw up. Once stopped, you fling your door open and he quickly steps out the drivers seat and walks around the car to be at your side and comfort you as you're bent over and puking on the grass.
21. On a day that you have sweated from a fever or a cold sweat, he'll run you a warm bath and depending on if you want him to or not, will get into the tub with you and gently helps you bathe off. If you request to be in the tub alone, he'll knell outside the bathtub and bathe you from there.
22. Make sure you keep hydrated at all times, afraid you'll get dehydrated from puking or sweating off your bodies water.
23. Force you to eat something even though you beg Harry not to make you because you fear you'll just throw it back up. And in the cases you do end up throwing the food he made you eat back up, he'll place a bucket in your lap so you don't have to make a run for it to the bathroom.
24. Goes to the store in the middle of the night and picks you up some cold medicine. Along with a box of tissues for your runny nose and some Powerade for your hydration. Maybe even pick up a stuffed animal for you to snuggle.
25. In the case that Harry is in the studio when you get sick, as soon as you call him, he drops everything and comes home immediately to care for you.
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watermelonlovershigh · 2 months ago
You Get Sick in the Back of an Uber
AN: so this was a story i have had in my drafts for like three months and just never found motivation to finish it. i decided to finish this first out of my drafts because it was one of the ones that had the most already written for it. unlike some of my others that don't have much written yet. and this was supposed to be longer but i got lazy and ended the end with no dialogue and shorted the story. but i guess that's fine because the main part of this was the uber incident and not necessary the aftercare. (i just love to always include aftercare whether its with sex or getting sick. unless its a blurb) @harryhoney-bee suggested number 1. on my voting post so thank you for requesting i finish this one shot idea that was in my drafts.
This story contains: puke, drunken person, caring husband
{ husband!harry - dad!harry - Grammys 2021 Harry - 4 kids (any age you imagine) }
word count: 1765
When you drink too much at the Grammys, you end up having to get sick in the uber ride home and Harry cares for you.
Tumblr media
Back Story-
After the Grammys, Harry and I decided to go to the little after party that was being held for the Grammy attendees. We knew we couldn't stay too long because we had to get back home to our kids. They were currently with our babysitter but she couldn't stay all night. She has to go home at some point. So we made sure to watch the time.
At the afterparty, drinks were flowing. I haven't drank in a while due to the fact I had been pregnant not too long ago. This was the first night I was allowed to drink and I decided to do just that. Harry was aware of me drinking and promised to watch and take care of me. Though we were at this afterparty for him, he wanted me to let loose and have some fun as well.
But what he wasn't expecting was for me to drink the amount I did. I didn't mean to go over board. It just kind of happened. People handing out drinks left and right and next thing I knew, I was drunk. Not tipsy, drunk. When Harry noticed how drunk I was, he decided it's best to go home.
And because Harry also had drank some alcohol, he wasn't in a state to drive either. By no means was he as drunk as me though. Maybe just tipsy but he didn't want to risk it. So he decided to call an uber for us.
We're sitting in the back of the uber on our way home. It's about an hour drive since the city is crowded with traffic due to the Grammys. Right about now is when I regret drinking any alcohol tonight. Because I haven't drank in over a year, my body isn't use to the poison running through my veins. So you could say I'm a lightweight now. My head is throbbing. My vision is blurry. My stomach is turning. Lets just say I regret all my decisions tonight that lead to me feeling this way.
"Harrrrry I don't feel good." I manage to slur out.
"You probably should have stuck to champagne instead of vodka my love." Harry responds, while stroking my hair out of my face in a gentle manner.
Another 10 minutes pass and I'm feeling very nauseous. I'm trying to focus on my breathing but it's not working.
"Harry my stomach hurts." I whisper with hooded eyes.
"Like you're gonna be sick?" Harry questions with panic.
I nod my head and hear Harry asking the driver if he can pull over.
"Can you pull over? My wife is feeling ill." Harry frantically questions the uber driver up front.
"I'm sorry sir but this freeway is packed and there is no way I can get to the side of the road right now." the driver says with a bit of an attitude.
Hearing that made me and Harry both start to panic.
"Well do you have any sick bags in here?" my husband asks.
"Sorry I don't." the driver retorts in a uncaring tone. What kind of uber driver doesn't carry sick bags for when drunks potentially need a ride but feel like they are going to be sick?
I just barley hear Harry let out a frustrated sigh and turn to me.
"Try and relax love. Take deep breaths for me, alright." Harry whispers while rubbing my back as I'm slumped over his body, too disoriented to even hold my head up.
About 3 minutes later, I feel vomit rise up my throat. There isn't much I can to do. The driver already said he couldn't pull over, nor does he have sick bags. I sit up from my slouched position and clasp a hand over my mouth. My legs are bouncing up and down. I'm trying desperately not to puke but I'm doing a poor job. Harry is sitting up with me, trying to comfort me but his words are all a blur at this point.
"If you have to be sick darling, let it out. I'll pay to get this uber cleaned, okay." Harry states in my ear. I know he'd rather not have me puke on the floor of the uber, right beside him, but he can tell I'm struggling and in discomfort.
Hearing those words was all the conformation I needed. I remove my hand from my mouth and let out a gush of alcoholic bile spew from my mouth and onto the backseat floor board. Harry gathers my hair in his hands so it's not in my face. My vomit splatters all over my legs and on the bottom of Harry's Gucci suit. I'd feel terrible about that if I wasn't so out of it, but my mind is a mushed up blur.
"Shhh, that's it. You're alright." Harry reassures me. The uber driver lets out a sigh of disgust, but this is truly his fault that I'm throwing up in his uber right now anyways.
Heave after heave, I let out more of the alcohol that was poisoning my system, right onto the floor. It's not a pretty sight. I'm having a cold sweat and my body is trembling. Though Harry has a weak stomach, when it comes to his wife (me) or his kids, he can always handle a bit of throw up. Or a lot like currently. It's like a fatherly/husband instinct that comes over him and he feels only adrenaline, not yuck.
Finally I feel my stomach relax and I sit up, breathing heavy with vomit dripping down my chin. Without thinking, I wipe it off with the back of my hand and smear it on my already ruined dress. "Feeling better?" Harry asks in a low tone.
"Mhmm." I hum, not really feeling like talking. My drunken brain has cleared up some from the majority of the alcohol being out of my system, but I still feel the after affects drinking brings. I just lean my head on Harry's shoulder for the rest of the ride home and allow the cool breeze to blow on my face. The uber driver did us all a favor by rolling the windows down so we didn't suffocate on the nasty smell of my sick.
When we arrived home, Harry payed the uber driver, not giving much of a tip and told him that he'd have someone clean his car out in the morning. As well as a half assed apology for my incident beings it could have been prevented. Then carefully, Harry lifted me out the uber and carried me into our Los Angeles home. Good thing our kids were all asleep because they shouldn't have to see their mother like this. Covered in puke and half drunk.
Harry took me to our bathroom and quickly ran down stairs to pay our babysitter, hoping she didn't question my appearance when she saw my state as we came through the front door. She didn't thankfully and left soon after her check was handed to her. Harry came back up to where he left me and helped me clean up and get ready for bed.
He stripped us of our vomit covered clothes and helped me into the big walk-in shower we have in our master bathroom. Then after he delicately washed our bodies along with my hair, he helped us out and dried us off. We brushed our teeth, me with the help of my husband because I was still a bit dizzy. After we're clean of sick and smelt fresh, he helped me put some panties and a t-shirt over my nude body and boxers on himself; just incase our kids woke up and needed us for whatever reason.
Harry helped me into our large bed and tucked me in, bending down to kiss my forehead. Then he walked down to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and a bucket incase I needed to be sick again at some point through-out the rest of the early morning. When he had all the items he intended to grab, Harry came back to our bedroom where I was already passed out with sleep.
So he just set the water on my night stand and the bucket on the floor, beside my side of the bed. Then Harry quietly exited our room and went to each of our child's bedrooms to make sure they were fine and still asleep like they should be, which they thankfully were.
When everything was done and taken care of, Harry turned the bedroom lights out and slipped in the covers with me. He helped my body scoot over and I cuddled into his warm body. I didn't realize it in my state of sleep but I knew when I awoke, I'll be thinking about how grateful I am to have a wonderful husband like Harry.
He takes such good care of me. He didn't get upset that I drank too much on his special night and accidently got wasted. He never once got upset that I basically got throw up on his expensive suit tonight in the uber. He didn't get annoyed that he had to shower both me and him past midnight, though he was exhausted. Harry loves taking care of me (and our kids) and wouldn't wish for any other life. Even when his life becomes chaotic and stressful. Harry loves his family dearly and his family love him just as much or more.
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watermelonlovershigh · 3 months ago
Harry's Daughter Rose Get's Sick on the One Direction Tour Bus (singledad!harry)
AN: so i turned this Single Dad Harry & His Daughter Rose (journey through life) into a series where i'll write blurbs and maybe a one shot here and there. people seem to love this story so i'm happy to write for it.
This story contains: puking, child crying, comfort
{ singledad!harry - Prince Harry (2014 ish) - Rose age 2 }
word count: 1104
Rose wakes up sick to her little tummy on the One Direction tour bus and Harry cleans her up and all his bandmates help him out and clean up the mess she made with her sick.
Tumblr media
On the tour bus, Harry and Rose usually shared a bunk. She's so small that it isn't a big issue. But tonight, Rose was attached to Niall. She fell asleep on Niall's chest when her bedtime rolled around and when they tried to move her, she's just start whining and crying. So Niall told Harry that Rose could just sleep with him in his bunk for the night and Harry agreed.
Harry did think it was weird that Rose had been cranky through-out the day, but didn't put too much thought into it. She is going through her terrible two's after all. But when he's suddenly being woken up by a loud scream coming from Niall's bunk, her moodiness correlating to her terrible two's goes flying out the window. Something else is wrong.
Harry is quick to jump from his bunk and barley has time to let his eyes adjust to the lights before Niall screams, "Harry, oh God. Come ere'." Thinking Rose might be seriously hurt or worse, Harry paces to Niall's bunk and immediately is hit with the stench of vomit. Then he sees Niall gagging into his bare arm. Getting a closer look, Harry sees puke all over Niall's sheets and running down his left arm.
As soon as Rose sees her daddy, she screams a heartbreaking cry, "Daddy, daddy, daddy." making grabby hands. Harry's little girl is covered in her own sick and shook up from the entire experience presumably.
Without second thoughts, Harry reaches into Niall's bunk and lifts up Rose, not caring if he gets covered in throw up. "Shh my love, you alright? Was your tummy just hurting?" he soothingly asks his daughter, but she just tries to burry herself deeper into her daddy's body and wails a loud cry that has Louis, Liam, and Zayn awaking and coming out their bunks to see the commotion.
"Mate, why is she crying for?" Louis asks in a Donny accent but soon sees the scene in front of him and realizes Rose has just been sick.
When Liam sees what's happening, he's quick to say, "Harry, take her to the toilet (the bathroom) and I'll clean up her vomit." Liam has always been the responsible one and the one who does the jobs no one else is willing to do, so cleaning up a bit of sick isn't a problem for him. He's cleaned all of his bandmates sick at some point or another so he can handle a two year olds puke without any problems.
Zayn on the other hand is quick to get back into his bunk, not being able to handle throw up. Just like Niall except Niall got unlucky and was the one who got puked on. That's why Louis goes over to Niall and is trying to comfort him because he's trying not to be sick himself.
Harry walks into the mini bus bathroom holding Rose to his chest and shuts the door, giving them a bit of privacy. He tries to set her on the top of the counter but she refuses, grasping tightly around his neck. "Baby, is your tummy still hurting? I need to know so I can help you."
Rose lifts her head from Harry's shoulder and mumbles, "Yeah, it wrilly hurts daddy." Harry takes that as a sign to go in front of the toilet and kneel down, holding Rose over the bowl. She lets out a few grunting gags before expelling more puke out her tiny mouth. Harry winces at the sight because he hates to see his daughters so sick. It breaks his heart.
Out of the bathroom, Louis has helped Niall clean the vomit off his arm and side, in the mini kitchen on the bus. And Liam has striped Niall's sheets and disinfected the walls and what puke that got on the floor. Zayn is laying in his bunk on his phone, trying to distract himself from what's happening around him.
Rose finally stops throwing up and Harry strips her clothes off, as well as his own (he left his boxers on), and stepped into the buses shower. He cleans them off and removes all puke that got on their bodies. The whole time, Rose wouldn't let go of her daddy. Almost as if he would disappear any second which is far from the truth.
Liam brings them two towels and searches through Roses' luggage to find her some clean sleep ware. He also brings Harry some dry boxers and has managed to put new sheets on Niall's bed. By the time Harry and Rose leave the bus bathroom all fresh and clean, everyone else was settling back into their designated bunks, ready to resume their sleep.
When Harry approaches his bunk, he sees where Liam was kind enough to leave a bucket on the floor beside his bed incase Rose needed to be sick again. Harry slips into his bunk with his daughter Rose to his chest, and holds her into his body heat. Her eyes slowly shuts by the seconds that pass.
When fully laying back down, Harry whispers to his baby girl, "If your tummy starts hurting again, please tell daddy alright. I have a bucket you can use. I love you my darling."
She mutters back, "Wove you." not being able to pronounce her L's very well. Harry gives her wet, clean curls a kiss and rubs his hand over her bony back, hoping to help her fall asleep easier. The covers are pulled up over their bodies and her tiny face is stuffed into Harry's shoulder length, damp hair.
The next day when they awoke, Rose was fine and they never figured out why she got sick in the night. Harry thanked his bandmates and friends for helping out with his daughter because he knows for a fact he wouldn't be able to have done it alone. Single parenting is hard, but even harder when you're on a tour bus and traveling all the time. They always step in and help with Rose when needed and he couldn't me more grateful for the people in his life.
(just edited this at 2 am so sorry for mistakes. this is my last fic before i leave my house to evaluate for the hurricane, so peace out and enjoy)
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watermelonlovershigh · 7 months ago
Harry Takes Care of His Sick Daughter in the Middle of the Night
This story contains: vomit, crying, comfort
{ dad!harry - husband!harry - Reader is pregnant }
Edited on: 8/14/21
Your daughter comes waking you and Harry up in the middle of the night due to a stomach ache, and your husband Harry insist on taking care of her while you stay in bed and get needed rest.
Tumblr media
You and Harry were asleep in your king sized bed when you suddenly heard your bedroom door being opened. You sit upright to see your little d/n standing there with her teddy bear in her arms.
"Mummy, daddy, I don't feel so good." d/n says in a whimpered tone.
Harry sits up, realizing d/n is in the room. He turns on the lamp beside the bed to view your distressed daughter better.
"What's wrong sweetie?" you ask d/n.
"My tummy hurts." d/n replies back softly, with a quivering lip.
You go to get up but Harry quickly stops you. "Y/n, I'll tend to d/n love. Just lay back down and get rest. I don't want you to hurt the baby."
You do as you're told and lay back down on the soft bed, while Harry slips out the covers and goes to see take care of d/n.
I stand from the bed and walk over to where d/n is standing and immediately stop in my tracks as she leans over and pukes on the floor. "SHIT!" I yelped, taken by surprise. I walk behind her fragile body and hold her brown curls away from her face so no vomit gets in her locks.
"Shhhh, it's okay my love. Let it out." I coo to d/n softly.
Truthfully, I didn't want her to keep puking on the floor, but I couldn't just pick her up mid stream and take her into the bathroom, so I had to let her finish.
"Is she alright Harry?" y/n asks from the bed.
"She will be darling. Don't worry about her. I'll take good care of d/n." I reply back to my pregnant wife, then turn my attention back to our sick daughter.
"Are you finished d/n?" I question softly.
D/n just starts bawling her eyes out and hugs her tummy.
"It hurts daddy!" she cries out.
"Shhhh love. Here, lets go to the bathroom yeah?!"
I pick d/n's small body into my arms and she buries her tiny head into my neck. I rub my hand over her clammy back to calm her down a bit. D/n has barley gotten sick since she was a baby, so this whole experience is probably scary for her.
We make it into the bathroom and I set her in front of the toilet, while holding her in my lap. I reach up on the bathroom counter and grab an elastic band to put d/n's hair into a bun so it's not getting in her way. Once I've done that, I just try and comfort her as best as possible.
"Does your tummy still feel sick baby?" I ask our sick daughter.
All she does is nod her head weakly. Her tiny body is shaking in my lap and my heart is breaking for her. I hate seeing d/n so sick and vulnerable. Suddenly, she lets out a sickly burp and I raise her body up slightly so she's leaning over the toilet bowl properly. D/n dry heaves until her face nearly turns blue. Then she throws up into the once clean water, little whimpers coming from her at the same time.
"That's it. Let it out and your tummy will feel so much better." I whisper behind her.
"I don't like this daddy. I feel yucky." d/n cries.
"I know baby but you're almost done love." I reassure her.
When d/n's done throwing up into the toilet, she turns around on my lap and hugs me tightly. Tears streaming down her face. I can feel my own eyes start to water from the sadness I feel for her. We sit like this for a few minutes until I decide I should clean her up and help her back to bed. It was in the middle of the night after.
"Come on d/n. Let's get you all cleaned up and back into bed." I say in a cheerful voice, trying to lighten the mood and make her feel better.
"Can I sleep with you daddy?" d/n asks.
Normally we don't let d/n sleep with us because we don't want it to become a habit, but she' sick right now and needs comfort. But I also don't want to keep y/n up through-out the night, so I guess me and d/n can sleep on the couch.
"Sure, but I don't want to keep mummy up so me and you can sleep on the couch." I tell her.
I set d/n on the bathroom counter and grab a washcloth to wipe her vomit covered face with. Then I take all of her pajamas off, not including her panties, so if she gets sick again we won't be ruining more clothes. Then we make our way out of the bathroom and I set d/n on the bed for a minute while I go clean the puke off the floor. A dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do.
"Sit right here love. Daddies going to clean up your sick off the floor. Then I'll take us down to the movie room couch to sleep." I tell our five year old.
"Do you feel better d/n?" y/n asks, clearly still awake from probably worrying about our sick daughter.
"A little bit mummy. Daddy is taking good care of me." she replies a little more up beat than she had been speaking.
"I bet he is baby." my wife responds.
When I finish cleaning the sick puddle off the floor, I walk back over to where d/n is on the bed and say, "Come ere' d/n. Lets head down to the couch",  while picking d/n back into my arms.
"Y/n, me and d/n are going to sleep on the couch so we don't bother you. Call me if you need anything." I turn to speak to my wife.
"Okay. Just take care of our baby Harry." she commands me in a stern but caring tone.
"Of course y/n. Wouldn't let anything happen to our love" I reply, bending down to peck her lips, and then hold d/n to my chest as we exit the bedroom.
Then while carrying d/n in my arms, we head down stairs to our movie room where our bigger and more comfier couch is located. I grab us a few blanks and a bucket in case d/n feels sick again.
"Daddy, I'm thirsty." d/n mumbles in my neck.
"What would you like love?" I question her.
"Milk." she says hopeful.
"I'm sorry d/n, but milk will make your tummy feel more sick right now. How about some juice?" I recommend.
"Okay." she says in her small voice.
"Can you stay right here while daddy goes and gets it for you?" referring to the couch we're standing in front of.
"No daddy, I want you!" d/n pleads while hugging her small body around me tightly.
"Fine. You can come with me." I tell her, never being able to say no to d/n.
I poured d/n some juice in her princess cup and we head back into the movie room.
"D/n, take small sips so you don't make your tummy hurt okay?!" I tell our daughter.
D/n took small sips of her juice and I laid her her tiny body on top of my bare chest, with her head on my shoulder. I covered us with a warm throw blankets, and then I started rubbing soothing circles along her bare back, whispering sweet nothings in her ear until she fell asleep in my arms. Then I dozed off as well when I realized she was safe and fully asleep.
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
Harry Styles Series One Shots Masterlist (for my one shots that go with a series universe)
Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist- (short writing with little to no dialog)
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watermelonlovershigh · 5 months ago
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
my MASTERLIST with my own written fanfictions
This is going to be a Masterlist full of my favorite Harry Styles fanfictions and other's Masterlist that I recommend and love. The purpose of this Masterlist was originally for me to keep of all my favorite writings in one spot so I can come back to find them easily, but of course anyone is free to view. I actually encourage that you browse through this Masterlist and read these lovely stories.
I will separate and organize this Masterlist dependent on what the writing classifies under. I will separate Series: (has chapters with a continuous story line or one shots with the same plot & universe), One Shots: (really random fics that can have a variety of plots), dad!harry: (writings that are centered around Harry being a dad or states matter of factly Harry is a father), and any other categories I may create when I feel its needed. Then at the very bottom is where you'll find a list of Masterlist I recommend.
Also, I'll give you a mini review on what I thought about each (not including the Masterlist). Stickily my opinion though so take my review with a grain of salt.
This MASTERLIST will be updated frequently & each time, I'll reblog to let you know.
Last updated: (10-14-21)
*Please give these a read or and show the writers some support.*
Warning: will contain a lot of smutty fics!!!!!!!
Sail The Widest Stretch by @beautifulletdownfics
A friends to lovers story about pub trivia, fraying adult friendships, and the squishy parts of us that break and heal.
Personal Review: Great 10 part story (very long chapters I might add) w/ a ending one shot. My only problem was the lack of details when it came to the smut scenes but that didn't push me away enough to not read. Defiantly recommend.
Only Human by @hsogolden
Harry and Y/N are friends…. with benefits, but not the kinds you’re thinking of.
Personal Review: Not much to say. It's a very long 13 chapter fic that has a lot of angst, romance, and fluff.
Take it Slow by @atlafan
Y/N had a bad experience with an ex over a year ago, and finally accepts her coworker and good friend Niall’s invitation to go on a blind date with his friend Harry.
Personal Review: When I tell you this is my favorite Harry fic of all time I mean It. Its SOOO good. It's extremely long. 90 long chapters to be exact. Took me about 3 weeks to read. Lots of VERY DETAILED SMUT. Honestly would love this to become a movie it's so good. Also there is a sequel that's just as good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you love the idea of growing a life with Harry because that's what a lot of this is focused on.
My Everything by @atlafan
What happens with Harry and Y/N after he proposes? How will the two navigate the engaged life while also continuing to juggle their jobs, friends, and families? Let’s find out.
Personal Review: This is the sequel to Take it Slow and It's just as good. It continues their relationship. Its not as long chapter wise (only 20 chapters) but they are very long chapters. This fic made me cry harder than any movie or book I've ever read. Not because it was overly sad, but because of the emotional attachment I had with the characters and sad it ended. Also VERY HAPPY ENDING.
FROM EDEN by @harryhoney-bee
19th century!h / baker!h / forbidden love.
Personal Review: I tagged the Masterlist instead of listing every individual one-shot for this universe. This is a great continuing series that has great smut, great angst, and great fluff. Highly recommend if you're into au Harry fics.
Office Neighbors by @atlafan
You’re a new professor working towards your PhD, and Harry is your new office neighbor.
Personal Review: My third favorite Harry fic of all time. Great, detailed smut. All chapters are over 10k words long. Harry is his soft and caring personality that he has in real life. Harry is a single dad so that means dilf!harry. Great relationship evolution. Completed series as well. Just overall one of the best written fics i've read in a while. And i may have shed a tear or two at the end but it wasn't necessarily sad, i'm just a wimp.
One Shots & Blurbs (random)-
Curious Girl by @permanentcross
Harry/You/Male of choice. Some blind eyes were turned during this for the sake of creativity and fantasy, but I kept it as tightly controlled as possible.
Personal Review: I love threesome Harry smuts and this one is great. Very naughty smut and rough sex. Very long as well.
Harry uses shower head on his misses because her pregnant belly made sex uncomfortable.
Personal Review: It's very short but still a good smut.
in need for more by @harryimaginedstories
she wants to stay after sex.
Personal Review: Sexual but not smut. It's a very good fluffy fic. Not too short but not too long.
LET IT BLEED by @songbirdstyles
you’re on your period, and harry just wants to make you feel good.
Personal Review: The best period sex smut I've ever read. Plus it's not only period sex but it has a very smutty dry sex scene.
Alex from Dunkirk before he goes to war Smut by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
the night before Alex gets drafted for war, he makes sure to give you a night to remember by going on a date which leads to you both in bed making love all night long.
Personal Review: Its sort of short with not too much dialog but it's still very detailed in what they are doing. Also kind of sad because Alex (Harry) isn't sure if he'll be coming home from war.
Not Your Charity Case by @erodasfishtacos
Harry is a frat boy - who doesn’t need sympathy from anyone. He makes Y/N feel a sense of home when they’re together. But is Harry just like every stereotypical frat boy?
Personal Review: The Harry in this series is SOOO sweet and their relationship is the cutest thing i've ever read. Also he's deaf. It's very long as well, with another one shot in this verse.
Finally Fitting In by @erodasfishtacos
Harry goes homes to meet Y/N’s family. He’s gets more then he expected. He starts to feel like he has a home.
Personal Review: Even better than the first one shot. It is a bit more sad but Harry is still as cute as ever and has a very charming personality even if he's deaf. Plus great smut!
Harry Teaches You How to Masturbate by @floralsatin
harry sitting behind you and teaching you how to masturbate but he ties ur legs to his legs cos u keep closing them
Personal Review: Its short and has a daddy kink involved but never the less hot smut.
Give Me Love-- Harry Styles by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
After you find out your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up getting drunk and calling Harry (your friends with benefits) and he comes over to have sex with you in the middle of the night. Then you realize you're in love with Harry and so does he.
Personal Review: Its super long with great smut. Also contains a lot of angst as well as fluff.
Friendly Competition by @rollingsins
Harry and Florence are competitive. A little too competitive, when it comes to you. Smut.
Personal Review: This is a very well written smut. Harry and Florence are both dominates to Reader and they argue over who pleasures Reader best. Super HOT!
Man’s Best Friend - One Shot by @atlafan
Y/n begins to catch feelings for her fwb Harry because he has a great connection with her dog.
Personal Review: I don't know what it is about atlafan's writing but i have never felt more connected to fanfic characters as i have with their characters. 10 out of 10 smut. Soft!harry. Quite long. The ending is a bit of a abrupt ending that i wish was continued but that's just a me problem. So highly recommend!
The Kids Are Alright by @atlafan
A single mom starts dating Harry, an oral surgeon, and their relationship becomes stronger until they end up getting married and Harry adopts her two children.
Personal Review: It was great. No smut but that didn't take away from how good it truly was. The fic is also quick pace and skips to different times in their relationship so it isn't crazy long (still long but not anything to crazy long) I may have cried while reading it even though it wasn't even that sad. I'm just a wimp.
DESIRE by @watchmegetobsessed
When you go to stay at your dad's cabin after just breaking up with your boyfriend, you find out you're not alone and your dad's best friend is staying there as well. Then you end up sharing your feeling for one another and things get heated.
Personal Review: Its very long, about 8700 words and its written well. The smut wasn't all that detailed but that didn't make it bad or anything. Plus older!harry is hot!!
Clingy by @atlafan
Harry is a really clingy boyfriend and gets insecure about his clinginess towards you when he over hears one of your friends talk about how they think it's weird how clingy he is towards you.
Personal Review: It's so cute. There is a small smut scene but its mostly fluff with mild to none angst. And it's long but not too long.
Bar Crossed Lovers by @atlafan
Two bartenders that are friends (that have sex) eventually catch feelings when they realize no one can make them feel as good as one another.
Personal Review: It's got fluff, angst, and smut. Written well and I highly recommend. The smut is top notch too.
Lover by @harryhoney-bee
Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love <3
Personal Review: This was written so well and the details in the smut are amazing. If you enjoy soft and love making type sex, then this is a great reading option for you. It's a decent length, over 3k words, and with after care shown. Plus its HSLOT Harry.
In Sickness And In Health by @talesofstyles
After the birth of their twin babies, Harry and YN’s marriage suffers.
Personal Review: Great story. It's very sad with a lot of angst. And a great smutty sex scene.
Ivy Sick In The Night by @erodasfishtacos
harry being woken up in the middle of the night by ivy because she threw up all over herself and she’s crying trying to cuddle into him with vomit all over herself 😭
Personal Review: This is a super short blurb with ceo!harry and it's super fluffy.
Baby Steps by @enthusiasticharry
you’re harry’s sons therapist, and he isn't the only one you end up helping.
Personal Review: Its a singledad!harry fic that's super long and written very well. it has lots of fluff as well as a smut scene.
california dusk by @adore-laur
You give birth to your second baby (this time a at-home birth) and Harry is right beside your side to entire time
Personal Review: It was supper fluffy. Great in details and pretty long.
Harry Styles Masterlist's Library-
(some i have read through a lot and some i haven't read through much but wanted to include because they are still popular in the Harry Styles fic community and it gives you options to browse through if you're trying to find something to read. but most i do advise you to look through because i have read through most listed below)
Eroda’s Fish Tacos Masterlist by @erodasfishtacos
MASTERLIST ☻ by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
Masterlist by @harryhoney-bee
harryforvogue’s blurb masterlist by @harryforvogue
Marvelous-Harry's Masterlist by @marvelous-harry
cottagecore!concept masterlist by @mouthfulloftoothpastehs
My shy little boy masterpost! by @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist. by @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist 🥨 by @sunandherflores
Friends to Lovers Masterlist by @meetmeinfleetwood
Masterlist by @finelinevogue
Master List. by @imagine-that-one-thing
FROMTHEDININTABLE’s masterlist by @fromthedinintable
MASTERLIST by @shawnsprincesse
Masterlist by @hswattpad
Harry Masterlist by @atlafan
Masterlist by @talesofstyles
MASTERLIST by @adore-laur
HARRY STYLES MASTERLIST .ೃ࿐ by @tobesobratty
Masterlist by @hsfankat
my masterlist. by @strawberryystyles
Love On Tour Masterlist by @harryhoney-bee
HSLOT Masterlist by @finelinevogue
Masterlist by @lollypopsx
Concepts Masterlist By @harryhoney-bee
my masterlist — harry styles only by @lovealwaysvictoria
𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐑𝐘 𝐒𝐓𝐘𝐋𝐄𝐒 by @vocalharry
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watermelonlovershigh · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
(Here you will find my own Harry Styles one shots fanfictions. I write Smut, Sicfics, & Fluff with occasional Angst. I also write my fics with either boyfriend Harry, husband Harry, dad Harry, and occasional friend/acquaintance or single dad when specifically requested. I dislike Dark Harry in fanfics so keep in mind, in all of my writings Harry is Soft. Basically how his personality is in real life. Caring for others & extra nice to everyone. I WILL NOT WRITE ANY BDSM OR REALLY KINKY SITUATIONS. And there may be some errors in parts of the stories. I'm sorry. I do proof read, but I'm a recovering dyslexic & have had a reading disability when I was in school. I've gotten much better though. Lastly I will say, I love when fanfics have a lot of details in them, so be expecting very detailed stories.) (I will take request so please send them to me. Thank you, & I hope you enjoy.)
(Most if not all of my fanfics are first posted to my Wattpad as well. My Wattpad is @ watermelonlovershigh)
+50 One Shots so enjoy binge reading
-Want to know more about me, the person behind this account? Click here for a All About Me Tag I did.
- Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist
-Fanfiction Recommendations MASTERLIST
-My Harry Styles Series MASTERLIST
-Last Updated: (11/22/2021)
Go check out the Harry Styles series I've created:
Boyfriend Harry-
Harry Makes You Come During a Movie (SMUT) (edited)
(in which you shove Harry’s hand down your panties to make you orgasm)
You Ride Harry’s Dick While Watching a Movie with his Bandmates (SMUT)
(You feel horny and Harry is the only one who can help you out)
Losing Your Virginity to Harry (SMUT)
(Harry does everything slow and filled with love to make the process as painless as possible.
Drunk Thigh Riding (SMUT)
(When drunk, you get horny but you're in public & actual sex would be taken advantage of you in your state, Harry allows you to thigh ride your throbbing pussy instead)
You Puke While Giving Him a Blowjob (SMUT)
(Normally you're great at blowjobs but tonight was a fluke incident)
Harry Teaches You How to Masturbate & You Come for the First Time (SMUT)
(You're very inexperienced but suddenly feel horny and don't understand what's going on, so Harry helps your little problem)
Your Favorite Sex Position with Harry (SMUT)
(3 scenarios of how you and Harry enjoy your favorite sex position)
How Harry Uses Vibrators on You (SMUT)
(Scenario situations of how, when, and where, Harry uses vibrators on you. Includes photos for visuals)
Very Intimate Thigh Riding (SMUT)
(After a night of love making, you wake up & straddle a sleeping Harry's thigh to masturbate while he wakes & jerks his cock off, ending in both of you having intense orgasms)
Grinding on Harry's Hand (pussy cupping)(SMUT)
(In a spooning position, LHH Harry cups your pussy while rocking his hips into and both of your come)
Face Sitting (SMUT)
(You sit on Harry's face while he eats you out for the first time)
Mutual Masturbation in the Shower (SMUT)
(A innocent shower together turns steamy when you rub Harry's dick head on your clit & you both orgasm together)
His Cum Makes You Throw Up (SMUT/SICFIC)
(Wanting to taste Harrys cum for the first time didn't go so well)
Steamy Shower Sex (SMUT)
(Waking up in a bed alone, you find Harry in the shower and surprise him by joining him and end up having shower sex)
Cock Warming in Harry's Home Office (SMUT With FLUFF)
(When you wake up alone and feeling empty, you walk to Harry's home office and he allows you to cock warm in his lap. Leading to you falling asleep and Harry having to carry you back to bed with him, still attached to his cock.)
Cock Warming During a Winter Thunder Storm (SMUT With FLUFF) (blurb ---- >> * )
(You get scared and cold from a winter thunder storm and end up cock warming with Harry to help you relax and fall back asleep.)
Harry Gives You The Best Head Of Your Life (SMUT)
(After denying Harry time and time again, you finally allow him to eat your pussy and it becomes the best head you've ever had before.)
A Hairy Blowjob (SMUT)
(After a date with Harry, you come back to his place and end up giving him a blowjob even though he get embarrassed about having pubic hair.)
Fever Cock Warming (Barely SMUT/FLUFF)
(You wake up freezing and want to cock warm with Harry but he realizes you have a fever and makes you take medicine first.)
Husband Harry-
Shower Head Orgasm & Making Love in the Bathtub (SMUT)
(A stressful day at work is made better by your husband Harry)
How Harry Would Make Love to You (SMUT) pt. 1
(Very detailed description on you and your husbands love making)
How Harry Takes Care of You After Making Love to You (SMUT) pt. 2
(After good intense love making, Harry is there to take care of you)
Intimate & Slow Hot Tub Sex (SMUT)
(You ride Harry's cock in the hot tub, with your bodies pressed together tightly, feeling the love from one another)
Dry Sex (SMUT)
(Wanting to try something new sexually, you recommend dry sex)
You Get Tired During Sex & Harry Has to Take Over (SMUT)
(You ride Harrys cock while he does his nightly reading, but get too tired & Harry has to give in and take over)
Emotionally Horny (SMUT)
(Struggling to masturbate at 4 am due to your pregnant belly, Harry wakes up and helps by using a vibrator on you)
Intimate Skin to Skin Sex w/ Pillow Humping (+ aftercare) (SMUT)
(Laying naked on your stomach, Harry lays on top of you and fucks you while playing with your breast and you grind on a pillow. Then he helps you go to the toilet & tends to your raw pussy with some ointment cream)
Edging Gone Wrong (smut)
(What was supposed to be some harmless edging with vibrating panties, soon turns into public embarrassment when Harry doesn't turn them off & you come in front of everyone at the restaurant)
Early Morning Pussy Eating (SMUT)
(Harry wakes you up by eating your pussy with his experienced tongue)
Harry Gets Caught Masturbating in the Shower (SMUT) (sub!harry)
(You catch Harry using the shower head on his cock and fingering himself in the shower and decide to help him out.)
Giving Harry a Pre-Concert Blowjob (SMUT) {HSLOT}
(Harry is nervous for his first concert of the new tour and to calm his nerves down, you give him a quick blowjob in the dressing rooms bathroom.)
Insecure About Your Sex Life (SMUT)
(When your friends talk about their sex lives and question yours, you get insecure by thinking that Harry doesn't like the type of sex you share together.)
Morning Mutual Masturbation (SMUT)
(You wake up jerking Harry's cock off and because Harry can't allow you to not be pleasured as well, he reaches over and pleasures you at the same time you pleasure him.)
Late Night Lazy Blowjob (SMUT)
(While watching a movie late at night on the couch, you decide to give Harry a slow and lazy blowjob, making him bust a nut in your mouth.)
Caught Masturbating with Harry's Electric Toothbrush (SMUT) (HSLOT)
(Due to your pregnancy hormones, you wake up on the tour bus horny and end up using Harry's electric toothbrush to masturbate with because you didn't want to wake up a sleeping Harry, but he wakes up anyways and helps you out while reveling a little secret about himself.)
Soft Bedtime Sex (SMUT)
(After your nightly shower, you disrupt Harry's nightly reading when you crawl up his lap on the bed which leads to some slow, soft, and sleepy sex.)
Pre Concert Pussy Eating (SMUT) {HSLOT}
(Harry shoves his head under your skirt and eats your pussy, minutes before needing to be on stage and preform for his fans.)
Dad Harry-
Having Sex as Parents (SMUT) (edited)
(Harry's accidental boner turns in intimacy under the sheets)
Late Night Couch Sex (SMUT)
(After putting your kids to bed, cuddling on the couch while watching a film turns sexual real fast)
Riding Harrys Dick on a Toilet
(Sex deprived at Harrys mums house, you sneak in the bathroom late at night to get some action)
Shower Orgasm + Aftercare (SMUT & FLUFF)
(Determined to help you relax, Harry joins you in the shower to give you the number 1 medicine for stress relive. Then takes care of you when your brain has turned fuzzy.)
Harry Gets Sick During Sex (SMUT)
(Riding Harrys cock with a huge pregnant belly was a mistake)
Sleepy Sex (SMUT)
(Before your cockblockers awake, you & Harry have slow, sleepy sex under the blankets)
Pool Sex While the Kids Are Sleeping (SMUT)
(While on vacation, you and Harry have a quick intimate fuck in your condos pool while your kids take a nap)
Stress Relief Sex (SMUT)
(Finding you crying in the closet late at night, Harry comforts you & then you both end up making love on the closet floor)
Cock Warming in a Tent (Barely SMUT/Mostly FLUFF)
(While camping, you get cold & get into Harry's sleeping bag to cuddle. Then he ends up slipping his erect penis into you without any sexual intentions.)
Make Up Sex (SMUT+ lots of Angst)
(After you yell at Harry, you go to apologize but find him crying on the bathroom floor. After forgiveness is shared, you make love to him in the middle of the bathroom on the cold floor to show just how sorry you are.)
Innocent Shaving to Intimate Sex (SMUT)
(You ask Harry to shave your vagina, resulting in you both getting turned on and he eats you out and then fucks you in the shower)
Daughter Hears You Having Sex (SMUT)
(On the way to the zoo, your daughter questions the noises she heard the prior night coming from your bedroom and you and Harry have a flashback to the events that took place)
Paparazzi Catches You Thigh Riding Harry On A Yacht
(On a family vacation in Italy, you ride Harry's thigh out on the upper deck on the yacht while your kids are napping and later find out paparazzi has caught you by taking photos and videos from the town above)
You Quietly Get Pleasured by Harry at His Mum's House (SMUT)
(At Harry's mum's house, right as you thought Harry was falling asleep, he asks to pleasure you and you consent, allowing him to stick his hand in your panties and make you have an orgasm.)
Mummy Gets Interrupted While Giving Daddy a Blowjob (SMUT)
(You were just about to make Harry come in your mouth, when your five year old comes into your bedroom and interrupts you. But eventually you finish Harry off and go down stairs to tend to your awaken children.)
Morning Kitchen Sex Turns Into Baby Making (SMUT) (pt. 2 >*<)
(In the middle of having sex in your kitchen while your kids are still asleep, you tell Harry to put another baby inside you.
Quickie Before Bed (SMUT)
(After putting your kids to bed, Harry convenes you to have sex with him but you make it known it must be a quickie because you're tired and have to wake up early the next morning. Then after sex, Harry realizes he forgot one key thing that could entail major consequences in your futures.)
You Fake an Orgasm & Harry Gets Upset (SMUT)
(You fake an orgasm due to being tired and not in the mood anymore and when Harry realizes, he gets all upset and in the end, he forgives you.)
Christmas Intimacy at Anne's House (SMUT)
(After being sex deprived for days as you stay at Harry's mum's house for Christmas, you finally have sex late one night under the warm covers in the guest room you're staying in.)
Boyfriend Harry-
You Get Sick in the Middle of the Night (edited)
(The first night you spend with at your boyfriend Harrys’ house, things go horribly wrong when you get sick suddenly.)
Emetophobia Comfort (Harry)
(Unfortunately you suffer from emetophobia (fear of vomit and or vomiting your self) but with Harry by your side, you manage to get through it.)
You Get Sick in Public and Embarrass Yourself
(Rides at an amusement park don't go to well with food from food stands)
You Have Severe Period Cramps & Harry Comforts You
(You wake up with very painful period cramps & Harry helps the best as he can)
Harry Gets Food Poisoning While at Your House
(Harry gets food poisoning from Chinses take-out during a at-home date and you comfort him & take care of him)
Husband Harry-
You Have a Stomach Virus & Harry Takes Care of You
(You wake up to a pour tummy and Harry takes very good care of you)
You get Drunk at the BRITs & Harry Takes Care of You
(One drink turned into many drinks and the next thing you know you're wasted)
You Accidentally Puke in Harry's Car Pt. 1
(Dodgy fish makes you sick on your way home from a dinner date)
You Accidently Puke in Harry's Car Pt. 2 (helps you wash off & puts you to bed)
(Your loving husband cares for you after you've been sick in his car)
Dad Harry-
Your Daughter Gets Sick in Harry’s Car (edited)
(When a child gets a tummy ache, there is little to no warning before vomit gets everywhere)
Harry Takes Care of His Sick Daughter in the Middle of the Night (edited)
(There is nothing worse than being little and getting a tummy ache in the middle of the night. Well that happened to your daughter and Harry takes good care of her.)
Mummy Gets Car Sick
(On a road trip with your family, you get hit with car sickness & Harry comforts you)
Your Daughter Gets Sick at a Sleepover
(Your daughter falls sick at her first sleepover & Harry drives across the city at 3am to pick her up and bring her back home to comfort her as she's being sick)
Baby Spits Up During Nightly Feedings
(Once your baby finishes feeding from your boob while you sleep under her, Harry takes the baby from your breast & attempts to burp her, only for her to spit up down his back and on his pillow)
You Get Sick in the Back of an Uber
(When you drink too much at the Grammys, you end up having to get sick in the uber ride home and Harry cares for you.)
You Experience Morning Sickness (pt. 1 >*<)
(You wake up twice with a sick tummy and after some thought, you come to the conclusion that you're probably pregnant and having morning sickness.)
Friend/Acquaintance Harry-
Harry Takes Care of You at a Party
(From the kindness of his heart, Harry takes care of you while you're being sick at some party)
Fluff (occasionally minor smut):
Boyfriend Harry-
You Come Out as Bisexual to Harry
(You get the courage to finally tell your boyfriend Harry that you're bisexual and it ends in both of you shedding tears.)
Your ASMR Secret
(You confess why you can't sleep over with your boyfriend Harry and he helps you out with your situation.)
Husband Harry-
Bisexual Harry (MILD SMUT w/ MOSTLY FLUFF)
(A bisexual Harry is in a relationship with you and it explains how you help him with his confidence and support him no matter what)
Dad Harry-
Harrys Daughter Gets Her First Period
(Single dad Harry helps his daughter when she gets her first period)
Day in the Life of a Single Dad with a 2 Yr Old
(Harry's daughter is going through her terrible twos and Harry has a day of struggling but ends up comforting his toddler when she genuinely gets upset that night)
Cuddly Night with a Family of Three
(On his way from carry you to bed, Harry picks up his awoken son and allows him to sleep with you both. Then you all cuddle together and fall happily asleep.)
A Day of Breastfeeding
(Through-out your day of breastfeeding your daughter, to Harry finding you breastfeeding in the bathtub, to rubbing cream on your sore nipples before bed)
Your Daughter Gets Scared of a Thunderstorm
(When a loud streak of lightning booms through the house, Harry has to get up and comfort your 3 year old daughter, and brings her to your room where she falls asleep on her daddies chest.)
Your Son Get's Upset When People Make Fun of His Daddy (blurb that goes with this)
(Your son comes home from school upset because his peers called his daddy gay, but he doesn't understand because he knows his daddy loves his mummy and gay to him would mean that his daddy wouldn't love his mummy because she's a girl but he does.)
(idk what category this goes under so it's just gonna stay here)
Love is Love
(This story is about how y/n met Harry, how they begun their relationship & started a life together, and how Emma ( Harry’s step-daughter) is trying to accept and let Harry into her life due to her battle with abandonment issues her biological father gave to her.)
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Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist-
(Here is my newest Masterlist that I'm creating. Unlike my original Masterlist that is filled with One Shots, this will be for shorter writings that can range from blurbs, concepts, and short stories. Most will not have dialog but some will occasionally. And just like my other Masterlist, I will organize this dependent on which Harry I wrote in that specific fic like: boyfriend!h, husband!h, or dad!h, as well as what category it fits under like: SMUT, SICFICS, and FLUFF.)
you can send in concepts and i'll try my best to fulfill them but i make no promises ------------------- >>>>>>
I am NOT accepting request for my regular One Shots because I already have too many and I feel as though I'm letting those people down.
-My main Masterlist
-Fanfiction Recommendations MASTERLIST
-My Harry Styles Series MASTERLIST
last updated: (11/22/21)
Boyfriend Harry-
You Wake Harry Up by Riding His Cock (SMUT) /blurb/ (edited)
(You wake up naked and horny in the night and decide to straddle Harry and ride his cock until he awakes.)
How Harry Eats Your Pussy (SMUT) (edited)
(How Harry goes about normally eating your pussy)
Harry Makes You Cum Multiple Times (SMUT) (edited)
(During a movie, Harry's hand wanders you body and begins pleasuring you. Leading to him giving you multiple orgasms.)
First Time Riding Cock (SMUT)
(How you ride Harry's cock for the first time)
Filmed Mirror Sex (SMUT) /blurb/
(Harry films himself slowly fucking your pussy in front of a mirror.)
Guided Female Masturbation Over The Phone (SMUT)
(just a phone call conversation of Harry guiding you through masturbation)
Making Love by the Fireplace (SMUT)
(After being in the cold snow all day, you and Harry go inside your cabin to warm up and by warm up, I mean cuddle and make love by the fireplace.)
Making Love by the Fireplace Pt. 2 (Aftercare) (SMUT/ lots of FLUFF) (coming soon)
Shyly Asking to Suck on Harry's Boobs During Sex (SMUT) /blurb/
(While riding Harry's cock, you're forced to tell Harry how you want to suck on his tits when Harry notices you staring at them and has you confess your desire to have them in your mouth.)
Morning After Cock Warming in a Thunder Storm (SMUT) /blurb/ (original one shot this is referencing)
(You ride Harry's dick the morning after your cock warming session that occurred during a thunderstorm the night before.)
You Both Cry During Sex (SMUT) /blurb/
(You and Harry end up shedding some tears while making love.)
Driving Blowjob (SMUT) /blurb/
(On the way to a friends birthday party, you give Harry a blowjob while he drives.)
Hands Free Orgasm (SMUT)
(You give Harry a hands free orgasm.)
Husband Harry-
You Inspect Harry’s Testicles (barley SMUT)
(Harry asks you to feel his balls because he thought he felt a lump in one of them and you happily oblige)
5 Intimate Things You & Harry Do That Isn't Inherently Sexual
(Things you and Harry do in your marriage that is very intimate but isn't made to be sexual)
Harry Fingers His Wife with a Vibrating Ring (SMUT) /blurb/
(Harry buys a ring that vibrates to use on his wife, but the catch is that it looks like a normal ring and he wears it on stage each night of tour.)
Forehead Kisses (Smut) /concept/
(Harry gives your forehead kisses during some steamy sex.)
Dad Harry-
You Squirt On Harry’s Cock (SMUT) /blurb/
(When Harry attaches your vibrator on your clit during sex, you squirt all over his cock, convulsing and shaking from the intensity.)
Harry Rubs Your Clit While Driving (SMUT) /blurb/
(Harry rubs your clit while driving when you complain that you're being horny.)
Harry Eats Your Pussy in the Back of the Car (SMUT) /blurb/
(On the way home form a date night, Harry pulls over in a empty parking lot and eats your pussy in the back seat.)
Any Harry (boyfriend, husband or dad)-
Soft!Harry During Sex (10 Things List)
(10 things soft!harry does when you're having sex or being intimate in general.)
6 Things You Love About Harry's Cock
(6 things that you just love about Harry's cock and things related to his cock.)
5 Things Harry Loves About Your Pussy
(All the things Harry loves about your pussy and everything surrounding it.)
8 Things You Do When Showering Together (FLUFFY)
(The things you do when showering together but specifically non sexual showers.)
What It's Like to Kiss Harry /blurb/
(What it feels like to kiss Harry.)
Harry Reads to You and You Fall Asleep on His Chest /concept/
(Harry reads to you while you lay on his chest and when he notices you've fell asleep, he decides to call it a night and go to sleep as well.)
Boyfriend Harry-
Husband Harry-
25 Things I Believe Harry Does for You When You're Sick
(25 things Harry does for you when you get sick in different scenarios.)
18 Things You Do for Harry When He Gets Sick
(The things you do for your husband Harry when he is sick.)
You Help Calm Harry's Nervous Belly Before His Concert /blurb/ {HSLOT}
(Harry gets a tummy ache due to pre show nerves and you help him feel better.)
Dad Harry-
Daughter Gets Period Unexpectedly in the Night
(Y/n and Harry's daughter accidently leaks blood in her bed during the night when her period comes unexpectedly.)
Boyfriend Harry-
Periods = No Sex After Date Night /blurb/
(When you arrive home from a dinner date, you have to break a steamy kiss before Harry gets too worked up, and tell him the unfortunate news that you have you period and no sex can occur.)
Husband Harry-
Period On Tour {HSLOT} /blurb/
(You get your period on tour with your husband Harry)
Dad Harry-
Harry Paints His Son Theo's Nails /blurb/ (one shot that goes with this)
(Harry paints his son Theo's nails because Theo wants to be just like his daddy and have his nails painted too.)
The Flying Pacifier /blurb/ {HSLOT}
(While on stage, Harry's daughter Posie throws her binky to her daddy and he catches it and continues to hold it for her until after the show.)
Your Daughter Finds Your Vibrators /blurb/
(When your daughter wonders into your room while you're at the store and Harry is on the sofa holding a sleeping baby, she finds your vibrators and goes to ask her daddy what the colorful items were.)
Your Daughter Gets Scared at a Halloween Party /blurb/
(At a friends Halloween party, your three year old daughter gets scared when an older kid puts on a scary movie.)
12 Mundane Things Harry Does in His Home Life
(A list of things Harry does in his home life that people couldn't picture a popstar doing.)
A Hairy Situation /blurb/
(While you're taking a relaxing bath, your daughter runs into the bathroom and decides to point out the fact you have pubic hair.)
Each Harry Eras Lists:
Each Harry Eras ... (sexual specialty) (SMUT)
(What each Harry eras sexual specialty is.)
Each Harry Eras ... (Waking Harry Up Because You're Cold)
(How each Harry era would react to you waking them up in the middle of the night and telling them your cold.)
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watermelonlovershigh · 2 months ago
You Help Calm Harry's Nervous Belly Before His Concert /blurb/ {HSLOT}
This story contains: mentions of throw up, small bit of crying, comfort, fluff
{ husband!harry - HSLOT Harry era }
word count: 682
Harry gets a tummy ache due to pre show nerves and you help him feel better.
Tumblr media
You went to grab something off of Harry's tour bus, leaving Harry in the dressing room to continue getting ready for his concert that's in about an hour. He seemed fine. A little nervous but other than that, he was his cheerful self and was even cracking jokes.
But when you come back to his dressing room, you don't find Harry how you left him. No, Harry is laying on the small sofa with his eyes closed and a hand over his bare stomach, as well as a small bin sat on the floor beside him. You walk up towards the couch and squat down beside his pale body. Then you quietly whisper, "Baby, what's wrong? I thought you were excited to go on stage tonight. What happened?"
Your voice startles Harry a bit and he slowly turns his head towards you and mumbles, "I was. And I still am but my nerves have gotten the best of me and I have a bit of a tummy ache. I don't want to be sick y/n. What if I throw up on stage or some'in?" He now has tears rolling down his face. You knew Harry's nerves created tummy aches for him sometimes before shows or live tv performances, but he seems genuinely upset right now. You also know Harry hates getting sick. So you must try your best to comfort him and prevent any misfortune on his special night tonight. The first night of his tour.
You carefully help Harry rise up and you sit down on the sofa where he once laid, allowing him to curl up in your lap. You place one hand on his tattooed tummy, rubbing it in soothing circles and the other ghosts up and down his arm. Then you coo to your husband in a caring tone, "Harry, you'll be alright. It's just a bit nerves that has your tummy feeling sick. Take deep breaths for me and you won't feel sick anymore." "Does my hand feel nice on your belly?"
With his face burred in your neck, Harry whispers, "Mhm, feels good. Thank you for helping me feel better." You sit with your large bodied of a husband in your lap and help calm his nauseous belly with your soft and gently hand. Harry's tears have slowly stopped and his body seems to have relaxed from your touch.
Harry has always said you're the only one who can calm him down when he's sick or is having anxiety, but you often forget that that's true. But times like now, you know it's true. Having you hold him and say such soothing and reassuring words has Harry's pre show anxiety and nerves washed away and all he can think about is how much he loves you.
After minutes of holding Harry, he lifts his head from your neck and wraps his arms around your upper body for an even tighter hold. Then with his face an inch away from your face, he softly smiles and says, "I love you so much my love. I feel better now that you've held me. Not nauseous anymore, thank god." When Harry is done speaking, he pushes his head forward and connects his soft lips with yours in a loving kiss.
You except Harry's kiss by mimicking his lip movements with yours and run your hands up and down his bare back. Then you get interrupted by some of the stage crew that barges in his dressing room and says Harry needs to head out to the stage. You help him put on his sparkly top and make sure he doesn't have tear stains on his cheeks. With a small kiss goodbye and a wish good luck, Harry is off towards the stage where he will preform to his loving fans. And you head out behind him, sitting stage side and showing your support for your multitalented husband, Harry.
Masterlist (regular smut, fluff & sicfics)
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
Harry Styles Series - One Shots & Blurbs Masterlist
Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist- (short writing with little to no dialog)
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Baby Spits Up During Nightly Feedings
(Thank you for suggesting the #10 one shot idea from my I Need Help post with potential one shot ideas. Sorry for any mistakes that may be in this. Because I'm not home like I usually am for the week, I wasn't as focused as I'd like to have been when reviewing and editing this.)
Honestly, barely sicfic & mostly fluff
Context to help you read this easier:
(Baby is 4 weeks old/Dunkirk Harry era/You're married)
Tumblr media
It's currently 3 am and me and Harry are in-n-out of broken sleep due to our newborn baby. She's 4 weeks old and wakes up every 3 to 4 hours for feedings. The last time she woke up to be feed was around 12. We heard her whimper and start crying through the baby monitor, so I got up to go in her nursery and feed her, sitting on the rocker in the corner of her room. After I burped her, she fell right back to sleep and I placed her back in her crib and sleepily made my way back into bed with my husband.
Now about 5 minutes after 3, we hear the baby monitor go off again, which is to be expected at this point. Four weeks of having our beautiful baby girl, we know how long she sleeps before she's hungry again. That also creates exhaustion in both Harry and I. More exhaustion for me though because I'm still healing from giving birth and I'm the one that has to feed her from my body when she's hungry. That's why this time when the monitor goes off Harry tiredly mumbles, "I'll go get her and bring her to you, alright."
When Harry slips out of the bed with hooded eyes, messy curls, and low riding gray joggers that show his v line, I blindly slip my shirt off to make it easier to feed her when he returns with our tiny baby. A minute later, Harry returns with a fussy baby in his tattooed arms, ready to be fed. He walks over to the lamp on my bedside table and turns it on, leaving a warm glow in the room. Then he pulls back the blankets that's covering my naked chest and gently lays her small body between my boobs. Once our baby is on my bare chest, Harry carefully grabs one of my boobs in his hand and positions my nipple to her small mouth. "Is she latched on correctly?" he asks, not being able to see fully see due to her facing away from him.
I look down at my nipple she has in her mouth and can see her mouth doing subtle sucking motions along with feeling and the sounds the sucking she's doing with that strong mouth of hers. "Mhm I believe so. Come back in bed please." I respond. Harry leaves the lamp on and walks around the bed to crawl under the warm covers again. He scoots his pillow higher up and closer to mine, in the middle of the bed. Then he turns on his side and places a ring-less hand over our baby's back, gently rubbing it in soothing patterns and watches her while she eats.
Harry loves watching our baby feed from me. Not in a sexual way because its from my boobs that he adores so much during sex or foreplay. Its more of a fascination for him. Being fascinated with how my breast can produce milk to help our baby grow and become strong. Often when I'm breast feeding, no matter the time of day or place of feeding, he'll sit and watch. I never mind honestly. Harry is my husband after all, so I'm very comfortable around him.
As he's half consciously watching the baby feed from my boob, I'm laying flat on my back with my eyes closed, just about to doze off to sleep from the sleep deprivation my body is in. I'm not afraid to fall asleep because I know Harry is awake and watching her. So I do feel comfortable enough to doze off with her on my chest though I'm trying to keep awake to burp her when she's finished. I can feel Harry glancing at me and he's picking up on my battle with sleep. "It's okay to fall asleep. I've got her. When she's finished, I'll burp her and put her back to bed alright." he whispers quietly to me.
Knowing I have full permission to fall asleep, my mind falls blank as I doze into a much needed slumber. A few minutes later our baby girl detaches from my right nipple. Harry sits up and lifts her from my chest, pulling the covers back over my exposed upper body, and places her on his naked and tattooed chest carefully. He reaches over to his nightstand where a burping cloth lays and grabs it to place over his shoulder. Then he properly situates her upright over his shoulder to begin burping.
Usually it takes no longer than two minutes to burp her after a feeding, but for some reason tonight she isn't burping. "Come on my darling. Burp for daddy please so we can go to sleep." Harry coos in her ear softly while patting her back. She just makes a grunting noise like she's got a bit of a tummy ache due to not burping yet. Harry repositions her to where she's cradled in his arms and looks down at her. Our baby's face is scrunched up in discomfort. "Why won't you burp huh? Is your tummy hurting?" he questions his daughter in a playful yet worriedly manner. Obviously she can't respond to her daddy's question, so Harry just places a hand on her belly and starts rubbing gentle circles over it, thinking it'll help her tummy ache. It soothes her for a minute but Harry knows she must burp. So he places her back over his shoulder and attempts to burp her again.
After about ten light taps to her small back, she lets out a burping sound but its much more than a burp. It's a sickly burp that came along with vomit. Our poor baby girl projectile vomits a stream of white milk down her daddy's back and on the pillow underneath him. "Shit." Harry whisper yells, while jumping up from the bed out of quick reflexes. His sudden movements startle me awake.
"What Harry? What's happening?" I question my husband with a confused brain due to the sleep I was just in.
"She just spit up all down my back and on my pillow while I was burping her." Harry replies back while shushing the now crying baby in his arms.
I look over with blurry vision and see the spit up puddle on his pillow. "Why'd she throw up? Does she have a tummy ache?" I ask him worriedly. The one thing that stresses me out most with having a newborn is they can't communicate to let people know when somethings wrong.
"I'm not sure. She wouldn't burp for me, so I gave her a belly rub and tried to burp her again. Well she burped alright but it wasn't just air that came with it. It was her meal as well." he responds.
I make my way out of the bed and go to our master bathroom to fetch a damp cloth. I notice I'm still topless at the moment but I don't really care. Once I have the warm damp clothes, I make my way over to Harry who's calming our baby down. I walk behind him and began cleaning up the spit up that's running down his back. "I think her burp just got stuck and when it was finally ready to come out, she accidently brought up the milk too." I tell Harry. "She seems alright now so I don't think she's actually sick or anything."
Once I have cleaned Harry's back off, I carefully wipe our babies mouth off to make sure she doesn't have any dried spit up on her face. Then I go to our hall closet and find a clean pillow case for his dirtied pillow. While changing his pillow case, Harry asks, "Do you mind if she sleeps in her bassinet in our room for the rest of the early morning? You know, to keep an eye on her and to have easy access to her when she needs to feed again."
"Yeah of course babe. Hand her to me and go grab the bassinet." Harry hands the sleeping baby to me after I've changed his pillow case and goes to the nursery to fetch her light pink bassinet bed. I sit on the edge of the bed waiting on him to return. When he returns, he has a diaper, wipes, and the bassinet in his arms and hands.
"I'll place it on my side of the bed so you don't have to get up to get her when she's hungry. I can just hand her to you." Harry speaks lowly in his deep accent. Once the bassinet is sat on the floor by his side of the bed, I hand him our baby again and he lays her down on our bed to change her wet diaper. When he was holding her moments ago, he felt her heavy diaper, so that's how he knew to grab one when in the nursery. He unbuttons her onesie and takes off her soiled diaper. Then he takes a wet wipe and gently wipes her off so she doesn't get a rash from dried pee left on her. After she's all clean, he puts the fresh diaper on her and rebuttons her onesie.
Lastly, he slowly picks her up and places her in her bassinet and pulls her blanket up on her to keep her body warm. Once our baby is back to peacefully sleeping, Harry hands me the pee filled diaper and I toss it into the bin located in our bathroom. Then I turn the lamp off and we both crawl back under the warm blankets. Harry pulls me to his body and I curl up into his side. My breast still naked under the blankets but I know the baby will need to be feed again in a short amount of time, so there is no use in putting a shirt back on. Not long after me and Harry cuddle each other, we are both back asleep due to how tired we both are as new parents, but we are happily tired because we wouldn't trade our baby girl for the world.
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watermelonlovershigh · 5 months ago
Your Daughter Gets Sick at a Sleepover
AN: (As you may know, my tumblr got put as sensitive content all because of a flagged photo, that I did end up removing. If you have any knowledge as to how to get my account off of saying sensitive content, please message me. It would be greatly appreciated.)
Key things to help you read this better:
(2021 Harry era/Married/Darcy age 6 but small for her age, Teddy age 3/Mrs. Smith is Darcy's friends mum)
This is my longest fic yet. 3k + words
Tumblr media
It's 3 in the morning. You and Harry are exhausted. Having the house to yourselves for the night meant having a lot of sex. Very loud and intense sex that you can't normally have when your kids are home. Your youngest child Teddy spent the night with Harry's sister Gemma, while your oldest child Darcy had her first ever sleepover with a friend from school. Of course you and Harry took having the house to yourselves to your advantages and had some much needed mummy and daddy alone time. Harry pounded you to the point he had to carry you to the toilet afterwards because your legs wouldn't work. So needless to say, you're both extremely tired and sore from the events that took place just hours before.
The room is pitch black. The only sounds that could be heard is Harrys light snoring and the white noise that filled the room. You are laying practically on top of Harry's tattooed chest. Both of you are completely naked, having been too tired to put clothes back on after your earlier actions. But suddenly Harry's phone rings, waking you both up out of your peaceful states.
Harry sits up slightly confused as to why he'd be getting a call at such an early hour. Even for his work, a call at 3 am is rare or unheard of. He fumbles in the dark and reaches for his phone that's on the table by the bed. Harry swipes the screen with his thumb and answers the device with a deep raspy voice.
Phone Call Conversation-
Harry- hello
Mrs. Smith- umm hello Mr. Styles. i'm sorry to bother you this early in the morning but Darcy woke up with a poor tummy. she's been crying saying she feels as though she's gonna be sick and that she wants to come home.
Harry- oh no. i'll be on my way shortly. does she want to speak to me?
At this point, you sit up hearing the worry in Harry's voice, turning the lamp on to get a clearer view of him.
Back to the Phone Conversation-
Mrs. Smith- yes, i'll give her the phone.
Darcy- daddy my tummy hurts. (she says through tears)
Harry- hello my love. it's alright. hey... don't cry. i'll be there very shortly to pick you up alright. it's alright if you get sick too. it might make you feel better to let it out and not hold it in. but just try and calm down while i'm on my way okay my darling?
Darcy- yes Daddy. i'll try. (she sniffles)
Harry- good. i'm gonna hang up the phone now so i can get ready to leave. be there shortly.
Darcy- okay bye. (she speaks in a whispered cry)
-End of Phone Call
"Harry, what's wrong." you ask your husband as his naked body slips out of the covers and fumbles for some underwear and joggers.
"Mrs. Smith called and said that Darcy woke up with a really bad stomach ache. She feels sick and wants to come home. I'm going to go get her alright." Harry replies, still having a groggy voice.
"I want to come." you say while trying to get out of bed, but you groan when you realize just how sore your bottom half is.
"No my love. You need to stay in bed. Rest up. I know you're still very... very sore and you need to sleep to get better." Harry is quick to speak.
"But how am I going to get any sleep when I'm going to be worrying about Darcy the whole time?" you ask in a slightly aggravated tone, but its not intentional. You're just worried about your little girls wellbeing.
"Love," Harry walks up to your side of the bed, now fully clothed in joggers and his Rolling Stones t-shirt, cupping your cheeks in his hands, "She'll be alright. I'll make sure of it. It's probably just a little stomach bug she picked up from school." He bends forward to peck your lips and then goes to walk out of the room with his phone in his hand.
"Be careful." you shout out.
"I will y/n. Get some rest. Be back shortly."
Harry gets in his black Range Rover and drives out of the heavily secured and gated neighborhood you live in. The whole way there, Harry is worrying. He tried to act tough in front of you so you wouldn't worry but he is worrying. His little Darcy is sick. He hates when either one of his kids are sick. Breaks his heart. But he knows it's more than likely just a stomach bug like he had mentioned to you.
After a 15 minute drive across London at 3:30 in the morning, Harry arrives at Darcy's friends home. He walks up the front door and knocks. "Oh hello Mr. Styles." Mrs. Smith welcoming him.
"Please, call me Harry." he responds back in a posh accent.
"Right well, come on in Harry. Darcy is in the hall toilet. She won't let anyone in. I'm unsure if she's been sick yet though."
"Alright. Thank you."
Harry makes his way to their hall bathroom and gently twist the door knob to step in. When he sees Darcy, he has to physically hold back tears. She is curled up on the floor, sobbing, while holding her middle. When she hears him in there, Darcy slowly sits up and whimpers out, "Daddy."
"Shhh, Daddies here." Harry says while kneeling down beside Darcy to scoop her into his tattooed arms.
"My tummy really hurts." she sobs into her daddies chest.
Harry wraps his arms tightly around his baby girl, stroking up and down her boney back.
"I feel sick." she mumbles through broken breaths.
"Here," Harry positions Darcy over the toilet, keeping her tiny body in his lap, "it's okay to be sick. It might make your tummy feel better if your throw up."
"I'm scared."
It's been known that you and Darcy have emetophobia. You don't know if it can be passed down through genetics or what, but when Darcy was at the age of two, you and Harry quickly figured out she had it too. She would scream and cry at the slightest ache in her tummy. And when she actually got sick, she would shake and cry, wanting someone to comfort her. Most of the time being Harry. She has always been a daddies girl. Especially when she is sick. So her feeling sick right now has her tiny little heart beating triple the normal speed.
"No reason to be scared my love. I'm right here. I've got you." Harry calmly speaks back.
Not even a second later, Darcy is dry heaving into the toilet bowl. Then she projectile vomits right into the once clear water. Harry holds her in his arms and strokes her back and holds her curly brown hair out of the way. The whole time she's shaking like a leaf. Harry feels so bad for his little girl.
"Do you think you're finished sweetheart?" Harry asked Darcy after a minute of her just staring into the dirtied water.
"Think so for now." she whimpered.
Harry flushes the toilet for her and picks her up off the floor, caring her on his left hip. Then they make there way out of her friends bathroom to pick up her over-night bag that she'd brought with her. Right as they are walking out the front door, Mrs. Smith said, "Feel better soon Darcy. Sorry you fell so ill. Oh, and here is a bag for her for in the car if she feels sick again." She handed Harry the plastic bag.
"Thank you for calling me and thank you for the bag. Have a great rest of your night." Harry spoke, exiting their front door and heading to his car with Darcy still on his hip.
Harry gets Darcy situated in his car. He normally doesn't allow her to sit in the front seat but because she's ill, he wants to be able to keep an eye on her more easily. He situates the plastic bag in her lap, then walks around to the drivers seat to head back home. When they are about 5 minutes from home, Darcy starts to feel sick again.
"Daddy, I feel sick again." she cried in a panicked tone.
"Shhh, it's going to be alright." He reaches over the console, putting the bag high up to her mouth. Poor Darcy gags, then proceeds to puke in the bag. She is struggling for breaths which makes her panic even more. Thankfully as she is being sick, Harry starts pulling into their driveway; having to punch in the passcode to the gate for it to open. He quickly parks and steps out of the vehicle to rush to Darcy's side. He opens her door and unbuckles her, reliving the pressure that was sure to be causing on her hurting tummy.
"Take deep breaths for me love. That's it." he cooed to her softly.
"M' done." Darcy mumbled. So Harry takes the sick filled bag and ties it up, placing it in their outside bin. Then he scoops up Darcy in his arms with her princess backpack on his right shoulder and heading for the front door. He looks like a proper dad in this moment. Darcy stuffs her face in her daddies neck, with her tiny arms around his shoulders and legs wrapped around his torso. Her stomach still feels so sick. She wishes it would stop. "Where's mummy?" she asks he dad.
"Mummy's in bed sweetheart but I'm sure she'd like to see you for a minute. We can go see her." Harry answers. In reality, he doesn't want to wake you up because he knows you're still so sore from the sex you had, but he knows you'd be worrying to death otherwise; wanting to make sure your baby is okay. He walks him and Darcy up the spiral staircase and into you guys bedroom.
Come to find out, you weren't asleep like Harry thought you would be. You were awake worrying. Worrying about your daughter. Worrying more than you would with Teddy because you knew Darcy suffered with Emetophobia. You knew first hand how bad it is. Every time you felt sick yourself, Harry has to hold you while you cried. Or even worse, when you actually get sick. Harry has to go through breathing exercises with you, to prevent you from going into a full blown panic attack. That's why you loved Harry so much. He never judged you for being scared of throwing up. He comforted you. Held you. On many of nights, he's sat awake with you all night just sitting on the bathroom floor with you in his lap. You feeling so sick that you didn't want to be too far from a toilet. And when you had kids, he knew you wouldn't be the one to help them when they got sick. Stomach sick that is. You felt terrible that you couldn't even handle your own child's throw up. But Harry knew your fear and always stepped in when either one of your kids get sick. You couldn't be more grateful to have him in your life.
"Harry, how is she?" you ask, sitting up as they step into the bedroom.
"She defiantly has some sort of tummy bug. She threw up once in their bathroom and once in my car. A bag in my car I should clarify. Not actually in my car. But she says her tummy still hurts pretty bad." Harry explains sadly.
"Poor baby. I'll go get her some medicine."
"Are you sure you can stand?" Harry asks with a knowing grin.
"I'll manage." you snort back. Yes, your legs were a little wobbly and yes your lower abdomen was aching from Harry rearranging your guts, but your daughter is more important in the moment. You get out of bed and go downstairs to find some children's stomach medicine. While doing that, Harry takes Darcy into your master bathroom.
"You think you might throw up again my love?" Harry questions Darcy in your shared bathroom. She just nods her little head that's still resting on her daddies shoulder. He opens the toilet lid and sits in front of it while moving Darcy more in his lap and turning her body around to face the open bowl. He stretches his arm out to the shelf by the toilet and grabs a ponytail holder. Then he scoops Darcy's curls into his hands and creates a messy bun on top of her head. Once that's done, she whimpers and Harry can clearly see she's trying to swallow down bile.
"Darcy, you shouldn't swallow like that. You'll make your little tummy hurt worse. When you feel the puke in your throat, let it come up baby." he speaks calmly to his sick daughter.
"But I don't like throwing up daddy." Darcy whimpers out and fresh tears leak from her green eyes.
"No one likes getting sick love. But when we do, we need to just get it out of the way and let it happen. It's the only way you'll feel better." Soon after Harry spoke those words to her, she couldn't hold it in any longer and expellees the vomit into the toilet. "That's it." he coos to her, while rubbing his hand over her arched back.
You soon come back up with the medicine in your hands and when you walk to the bathroom, you can hear the sounds of vomiting. Because of your fear, you have to walk away and go sit on the bed. You wish you didn't have this stupid fear. You wish you could be in there and comforting her with Harry. But even the sound someone throwing up makes your body tremble.
While you sit on the bed waiting on Harry and Darcy to finish in the bathroom, Harry comforts his daughter to the best of his abilities. "I feel better now daddy." Darcy spoke with a quivering lip.
"Alright, lets get you cleaned up and go to mummy. She has some medicine for you that will make you feel better." Harry soothingly states. He stands up with a hold on Darcy and bends down to flush the toilet. Then he walks over to the sink. Harry grabs a cloth and dampens it  under the warm water to wipe over her delicate face. He cradles her small head in his one hand and wipes over her lips and chin with his other to remove any throw up that might be lingering. "Okay, all done sweetheart. Ready to change your clothes and take you medicine?" Harry asks her.
"Mhm, but could I wear one of your t-shirts daddy? I like how they smell like you." Darcy quietly asks her dad. From time to time, Darcy likes wearing her dads t-shirts to bed. They don't actually fit her as a shirt but more like a sleep dress. She often wears them when Harry is away on tours but tonight she just wants as much comfort as she can get because being sick is taking a tole on her little body.
"Yeah, we can make that work." her daddy replies back while lifting her small frame back in his muscular arms. Before leaving the bathroom completely, Harry grabs the sick bucket from under the sink incase Darcy falls ill again. Then they make their way out of the bathroom where they see you sitting nervously on the bed.
"I'm sorry I couldn't be in there." you speak aloud.
"Hey," Harry says while setting his daughter on the end of the mattress and then walks up to you and stands between your legs, "you do not need to feel bad. I understand you can't handle sick. It's alright. Plus, there would have been nothing you could have helped with in the bathroom. I took care of her and comforted her. Just like I would have if you, my love, had been in her position and was throwing up. " He quickly bends down to kiss your forehead and walks away to his dresser drawers.
"Okay. Thank you for taking care of our baby Harry. Don't know what I'd do without you here." you say sadly as Harry is digging in his drawer to find Darcy a sleep shirt.
"I'd do anything for our little girl. Hate seeing her sick." Harry responds matter of factly in a sad tone just like yours.
Once Harry finds one of his old band t-shirts, he walks up to Darcy who's fighting sleep and helps her remove her clothes. Except for her panties because those are still clean. Then he slips his t-shirt over her head and helps her slip her tiny arms through the sleeves. The bottom of the shirt comes to her knees and she looks adorable in her daddies shirt, you think to yourself as you stare at their little interaction. Harry really is the best dad in the world.
"Okay time for your medicine little miss Darcy." Harry says.
"It's right here." you hand him the medicine you retrieved from the kitchen minutes before. It's already in the measuring cup and all Harry has to do is put the cup up to her pink lips. Darcy doesn't fight like she normally does when it comes to taking medicine because she's exhausted and wants to stop feeling sick. As soon as she swallows it, you hand her a glass of water to help  wash the nasty taste of her mouth.
Then when Darcy has taken the medicine, it's time for you all to go to sleep. Or should you say back to sleep. "I can sleep in here?" your daughter asks either of you.
"Yes my darlin. And I'll cuddle you to make you hopefully feel better. Now crawl up in the middle of the bed and get comfortable." Harry answers her question and then demands nicely. She follows her daddies instructions and crawls up the bed, to the middle, and gets under the warm blanks. You have already put a pillow down for her earlier knowing she'd want to sleep with her parents more than likely.
"Can I have a hug mummy." Darcy questions as you begin to lay back down on the bed and slip under the covers as well. You know she's only asking because she knows you are afraid of sick people.
"Yes my baby." you whisper and scoot over a little bit to bring her into a tight but not too tight of a hug. Then you let her go and fall back onto your soft pillow. Right then, Harry comes back and turns all the lights off before also slipping under the covers.
"Come here my baby." Harry whispers in the now dark room to Darcy. She doesn't hesitate before sliding over to cuddle with her daddy. You're not really jealous. You actually love to see their father-daughter bond. Makes you want another baby, but that's for another time to discuss with your husband. Darcy lays halfway on her fathers left shoulder, cuddling into his side, as he lays on his back. He runs his hand over the expansion of her back to relax her to sleep and she places her small and on his chest. "If you feel sick again, please wake me up. I have the sick bucket by me on the floor." he coos in her ear.
She just nods in response and whispers, "I love you daddy and I also love you mummy."
In unison, you and Harry both reply back with, "I love you to Darcy."
By the time you all fell back asleep it was just turning 5 am. You're glad Teddy wasn't here because that meant all of you could sleep in tomorrow without having to wake up an take care of your youngest child. Fortunately, Darcy doesn't throw up for the rest of the night. Or should you say 'rest of the early morning ' because it's technically 5 in the morning. She stays asleep, snuggling up to Harry until late this morning.
You couldn't be more grateful for a husband like Harry. He could be sleep deprived for days or exhausted from sex like last night, and still drive across the city at 3 in the morning to pick your sick daughter. Then not only pick her up, but take care of her as she was being sick and help her change into sleep clothes. Then give her the proper medicine. And lastly, cuddle her back to sleep. Just makes you happy knowing you married the right man and let him be the father of your children.
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Vote for a One Shot or Blurb
so i have a lot of drafts on my Wattpad (what i use to write my fics on) and i want to try and continue some of them but i don't have much motivation and also it's a lot that i have to choose from when considering which one to finish.
i'm going to list a few of the drafts titles down below and i'd like you to vote on which one you'd like to see be worked on and finished. i don't know when exactly i'll have it finished by but i hope if you vote, it will give me motivation to speed the process up.
*send in your vote by inbox or by commenting under this post*
1. You Get Sick in the Back of a Uber {after Grammys}
2. Harry Gets Sick & You Take Care of Him
3. The Many Ways Harry Plays With Your Clit (SMUT) {short scenario situations with dialogue}
4. You Come Home Drunk & Your Kids Get Scared
5. Tour Bus Bathroom Sex (SMUT) {will be LHH}
6. Your Emetophobia & How Harry Comforts You
7. Surprise at Studio (SMUT) {was requested by an anon}
8. Insecure About Your Sex Life (SMUT) {was requested by an anon}
9. Caught Masturbating & Harry Helps You Finish
10. Quickie Before Bed (SMUT) {was requested by an anon}
11. Harry Suffers From Emetophobia {no dialogue}
i hate its on an odd number but oh well
(please vote by the number beside the title so i know what you're talking about easier) (and remember, these aren't fully written. hints why they are in my drafts) (also this is just a few, i still have a few more drafts i may add later)
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Harry Gets Food Poisoning While at Your House
This prompt was requested by this ask and I just put my own take on it. Hope everyone enjoys.
Things to help you understand this story better:
(Boyfriend-Girlfriend/Dating for 2 years/Harry stays over at your place a lot/You ate something different than Harry/Dunkirk Harry era)
Tumblr media
(wish that photo was really Harry but unfortunately its not. dead give away by the hand :( )
Harry and yourself decided to order Chinese take-out for a at-home date night. You both scoffed down the tasty food while sitting on the sofa watching romantic comedies. Once you finished eating, you and Harry cuddled together on the sofa under a warm fluffy blanket. You laying on your back and Harry laying on his tummy between your legs, with his head resting on your boobs. While focusing on the film, you run your small fingers in his brown curls and he relaxes into your touch, letting out content sighs.
About an hour after eating, Harry becomes restless on top of you. Before, he was laying peacefully, but now he's squirming every few seconds. "You alright babe?" you question down to Harry on your chest.
"Mhmm my stomachs starting to hurt." he replies truthfully. He's unsure the cause but his stomach is swirling and his heart rate is picking up at the mere thought of having to be sick. Especially the thought of being sick at his girlfriends house during the at-home date you had planed. He doesn't want to ruin it by getting sick.
"Oh m'sorry. Do you think it was the Chinese food?" you speak remorsefully.
"I don't know but I don't want to be sick," Harry says with a voice crack indicating he's actually getting upset, "and ruin our date night." When he finishes his sentence, he starts softly sobbing into your chest.
"Hey, hey, Harry," you say sternly but still in your caring voice, "you would not be ruining our date night. You can't help if your feel sick. Do you maybe want to go sit in the bathroom so you're closer to the toilet?"
Harry just nods his head and you help him stand up from his position on your chest and onto his barley stable feet. Then you guide him to your downstairs hall bathroom because its the closest bathroom to your living room. You walk Harry up to the toilet and help him kneel down in front and you squat down behind him. "I feel so sick y/n!" Harry moans out through shallow breaths.
"It's gonna be okay Harry. I'm right here. It's okay to be sick. I won't be mad." you reassure your boyfriend so he knows he doesn't have to keep in his sick for your sake and so he'll feel better. Because you know undoubtedly he has food poisoning from the Chinese food he ate earlier and if he keeps the toxins in his body, he will just feel sicker and sicker.
Harry's back arches over the toilet as he lets out a sickly sounding gag. You grimace at the noise but know you must keep it together to take care of him and comfort him. He's breathing rather heavy with his mouth hanging open and saliva dripping out into the water. "Shhh babe, just relax and throw up. Your tummy will feel so much better after." you gently coo in his ear. You have one hand rubbing circles on his muscular back and one hand pushing back his curly bangs that's falling in his face. He lets out a harsh dry heave and it follows with a long stream of vomit exiting out his mouth and splattering in the toilet water. You have to close your eyes to not be sick yourself.
In-between spells of emptying his stomach, Harry mutters, "You can leave me in here alone. Don't want you seeing me like this." He is absolutely crazy to think you'd leave him in such a vulnerable state. You love Harry and him being sick doesn't stray you away from being by his side in such a situation.
"Harry, I am not leaving you. I don't care if you're sick. You've seen me sick many times and took care of me each of those times. So I'm taking care of you." you calmly say back. Honestly, Harry feels so sick that he doesn't try and argue with you. If he's being truthful, he's actually thankful you're with him, comforting him, because he hates being sick alone. He may not admit that out loud but its true. Something else that happens when Harry's sick, alone or with someone there with him, he gets emotional. An uncontrollable emotion that follows during or after getting sick. One thing he hates most about this situation right now is looking weak in front of you. He's always so strong and being this vulnerable in your eyes suck.
What Harry doesn't know is that you like this side of him. Not the sick version of course but the weak side. It shows he isn't perfect and you honestly don't think you could even date someone who puts themselves out as such.
Harry forcefully throws up a few more times until he's just dry heaving with nothing more to expel. "I think you're done babe." you tell Harry softly as he's dry heaving with no results.
Harry just shakes his head weakly and replies, "I still feel sick though. My stomach hurts so bad." Tears are rolling down his face and his hands that grip the sides of the toilet seat are slightly shaking.
"I know but I think the toilet is making you feel more sick." You reach over him to flush his puke down the toilet so he doesn't have to look at it a minute longer. Harry sits up straight and turns his head back slowly to look at you. This is the first time you have seen his face clearly since he's gotten sick tonight and the first thing you notice is how red his eyes are, probably from all the gagging and dry heaving, and you see the wetness of his cheeks due to crying. Along with the bit of vomit that his on the corner of his pink lips and line of sweat on his forehead. You feel horrible for him. You'd hate to be in his position but almost wish the roles were reversed, just to take his discomfort away. That's how much you love him. You'd do just about anything for Harry. Even if that means take his food poisoning away from him and have it yourself.
You reach for some toilet paper and rip a piece off to wipe his mouth clean. While wiping his vomit covered mouth, Harry just sits and stares at you. He feels so little right now. Almost like he's a small child who's just been sick and their mum is cleaning them up. Even though Harry is embarrassed he got sick on what was supposed to be a lovely date night where you both ate non contaminated food, watched film after film, trying not to fall asleep, or maybe had some romantic intimacy at the end of the night, he actually feels happy right now. Not happy his stomach is upset but happy he got lucky enough to have a caring girlfriend that is by his side during his ugliest moments. He thinks he may have just fell more in love with you. Seeing how compassionate you are towards him when he's sick.
When you finish wiping around his mouth and a little bit of nasty drainage from his nose, Harry becomes emotional again. Like stated previously, he always gets quite emotional when he's sick but that's not the only cause of his emotions right now. He is also crying because he's thinking about how much he truly loves you and how he never thought he'd find someone with your level of compassion.
You throw away the soiled tissue and pull Harry forward so you can embrace him in a warm hug. You don't really understand why he's crying so much. Is it because his stomach is still hurting or he's embarrassed? "Why are you crying Harry?" you question him then continue, "It's alright. I'll give you medicine to make you feel better. Don't worry about that."
While rubbing both hands up and down his sweaty back, Harry says through soft sobs, "I just love you so much. How did I get so lucky. I've had partners in the past to push me away when I was sick and you didn't. You stayed and took care of me." He lifts his head so he can view your face when he mutters out the rest. "I'm gonna marry you one day you know. Want to call you my wife. Want to have lots of babies with you. Be with you till I'm a hundred. Promise I do."
His words have brought tears to your eyes. Knowing how grateful Harry is that you're taking care of him when he's sick means so much. You didn't think twice before helping him when he said he felt sick, so it must be the true love you feel for this man crying in your hold. With a shaky smile and watery eyes, you look at him in his glossy green eyes and say, "I would kiss you right now but I have a feeling your breath smells like puke so I'll pass. Love you so much Harry and of course I took care of you. I love you and that's what you do for the people you love. Take care of them in their weakest moments."
You hold him for a few more minutes on the bathroom floor until your bum gets sore from the hard tiles. You help Harry stand to his feet and walk him to your bedroom located up the stairs of your house. Then you help him slide into bed and tell him you'll be right back with some medicine and a glass of water.
A few minutes later, you come back with the upset stomach tablets and water for Harry to take and ease his turning tummy. Once he's taken the medicine, you go grab your mini trash bin in your bathroom and place it beside the bed incase he feels like he's gonna throw up again. Then you turn all the lights off and crawl under the warm blankets with your boyfriend. Without hesitation, Harry scoots over and places his head on your chest. He's past the point of being scared to look weak. He just wants comfort and the one thing that brings him the most is you. The love of his life. "Thank you for taking care of me tonight." Harry whispers with a hoarse voice.
"You don't need to thank me babe. I was glad to be there for you. I know you don't like getting sick and I was happy to at least make the experience a little bit better. Now go to sleep and if you feel sick again, the bin is on the floor beside the bed for you. Also don't be afraid to wake me up if you feel nauseous. I want to be there to comfort you." you reply back in a whispered tone. You kiss the top of his messy curls and Harry relaxes into your hold on him. Feeling safe and secure in your loving arms. Then you both fall fast asleep.
Thankfully Harry didn't get sick anymore through-out the night and the medicine you gave him seemed to have worked. The next day he was just exhausted form exerting so much energy being sick the day before but other than that, his stomach felt calm. You made him homemade chicken soup and cuddled him in bed, watching his favorite movies all day. Loving every second you get to spend with Harry before he has to leave and go on his world tour in a months time.
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You Have Severe Period Cramps & Harry Comforts You
This was requested by this ASK. Also a few others requested this so thank you to them as well for helping me choose a one shot idea.
AN- sorry if it isn't that good. me personally, i don't get bad cramps except maybe once a year and the rest of the months are mild cramps. so that's why i made the reader rarely have cramps. so basically in my 8 years of having a period, i've never had severe period cramps so it was hard to write this from personal experience. if it isn't that accurate, that's why.
Things to help you understand this better:
(Boyfriend/girlfriend/Any Harry era of your choice/You don't live with Harry but stay over a lot)
Tumblr media
Its 4 in the morning and I'm woken up with terrible cramps in my stomach. It takes me a few minutes to realize the cause of my pain and as soon as it clicks in my brain, I jump up from the bed and make a dash to the bathroom, praying I haven't leaked on Harry's sheets.
When I get to the bathroom, I run to the toilet and pull down my panties. I didn't sleep in pants because of the intimate events that took place between me and Harry before bed last night. Once sat on the toilet, I look down at my underwear and see a tiny red stain. Thank God I didn't leak anymore than that or I would have embarrassed myself.
I use the toilet and clean up properly. Then I grab a tampon from the box Harry keeps under his bathroom sink for me and push it in. As I'm putting the tampon in me, I notice the cramps are getting worse. 'Fuck!' I internally scream. Why did I have to have cramps this month?
My period history- (My periods are always regular and come each month of the year. But my symptoms are very irregular. Some months I PMS and some months I don't at all. Some months I have horrible period cramps and some months I barely notice them.)
Harry doesn't know just how bad they get due to the fact we have only been together for 8 months and I haven't really gotten cramps since before our relationship started. Before we started dating we were friends but I never discussed my period problems with him in our friendship. Now that we are girlfriend/boyfriend, he knows about my period and when it comes. He always keeps pads and tampons located in his bathroom for me which I'm grateful for. But period cramps are new to him when it comes to me specifically.
I make my way back to Harry's bed and cuddle up to his warm sleeping body. I close my eyes and attempt to fall back asleep but my cramps are making it almost impossible. These may be the worst cramps I've ever had. It's like someone has a bladed spoon and is scraping my uterine lining out. I can feel tears start to form in my eyes and I'm afraid I'll wake Harry up. So I turn my body opposite of his and lay in the fetal position. My knees are brought to my chest and my arms are wrapped around my legs with my head tucked between. Now my tears run freely.
When I subconsciously let out a whimper, Harry wakes up and turns to me. He can't see much due to the rooms darkness but the little light coming from the street lights gives him just enough sight to see me basically balled up and crying. Sitting up and scooting closer to me, Harry worriedly asks in a deep morning voice, "My love, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I can't even answer at this point from the amount of pain I'm in. I just point to my stomach. "Is it your stomach? Your stomach is hurting?" he questions again, needing to know I'm alright.
"No, period. Cramps." I whisper through tears.
"Ohh," he says, "I'm sorry. What can I do? Do you need anything?" Harry speaks back while coming even closer to my body.
I'm not even sure what I want in this moment honestly. I haven't had cramps in so long I've forgotten how to handle them. So the only thing I can think of in this moment is, "Just hold me."
"Yeah, I'll hold you darling." He replies sweetly. He carefully turns my body around and pulls me over so I'm cuddled to his side. Then with my face on his shoulder and my arms around his neck, Harry rubs one hand on my back soothingly and one hand slips down to my stomach. He rubs lightly pressured circles on my lower stomach and questions, "This alright?" I just nod my head while letting silent tears fall from my eyes and drip down the crease of Harry's neck. He doesn't care about his skin getting damp from my salty tears. He cares that I'm in so much pain that I'm crying. He hates seeing me cry.
"They hurt so bad!" I moan out in pain a few minutes later.
"I'm sorry. You must not get period cramps often? Unless you put up with this every month and are good at hiding it!" Harry coos quietly.
My tears have slowly dissipated and my words come out more clearly. "I don't get cramps with every period. Mostly every few months. But when I do get them, they are really bad."
Harry hates knowing I'm suffering and wishes he could take my pain away. "I know all about period cramps. Well not having them myself but Gemma use to have them bad when we were teenagers. I remember mum having to pick her up from school because she'd be in so much pain. Or her cramps would become so bad that she would feel sick from them. I have so much sympathy for women who go through painful periods. You guys are so strong." His low, deep voice has made me relax somewhat and sleepy, so my eyes droop closed and I fall back to sleep.
It's now about 8 am and Harry has woken up, just scrolling through feed on his phone. He hasn't got up yet because he didn't want to move my sleeping body. To him I just looked so comfy snuggled into his side and I look to be in minimal pain. What he doesn't know is that I'm still in a lot of pain actually. They eased up a bit when I fell asleep but came back full force 30 minutes ago and I've been pretending I'm asleep. Pretending and trying to ignore nausea stirring in my belly. Even on the days my cramps are the worst, I hardly ever get nauseous from them. Though  I have had that symptom in the past so I know it's from my period cramps and not from a stomach bug arising.
With my eyes still closed, I can feel Harry start to move which is not great for my swirling and cramping stomach. So barley opening my mouth I whisper, "Don't move please. I feel sick. Don't want to throw up on you."
Harry is startled by my awakeness. He puts his phone face down on the bedding and looks down at me on his chest. "Do you want me to get you a bucket incase you actually puke or do you think you're okay?" Harry questions me in a low whisper.
With my eyes screwed shut, I mumble out, "I don't know. I need to probably change my tampon but I feel too sick to move."
Harry thinks for a second and comes up with a slight solution. "What if I get you the heating pad to lay on your tummy and I'll get you some pain medicine to take. And if you accidently leak on the bed, I won't be mad. I'll help you clean up alright?! Hopefully the heating pad will calm your nausea enough to allow you to use the toilet."
I just barley nod my head and Harry slowly slips from underneath me and gets out of bed to get the heating pad, bucket, and medicine. I stay as still as possible while he's gone. A few minutes later Harry returns with all the items. He plugs the heating pad up and places it on my cramping stomach, then lays back beside me. After about 10 minutes of the heat on my tummy, my cramps have reduced enough where I don't feel nauseous anymore. So Harry helps me sit up and I take the pain medicine, feeling more confident it will stay down unlike moments ago when I felt I'd just throw them up. Then Harry helps me out of bed and walks me to the toilet to switch my tampons out. He steps out to give me my privacy and when I'm finished, he comes back in and says he's going to run me a warm bath to make me feel better.
Harry runs me soothing bath and helps me discard my clothes. He doesn't attempt to get in with me knowing I'd want to bath alone because of my period. But he does sit in there with me to keep me company, kneeling by the tub. Harry also massages shampoo into my hair and uses the shower head to rise it out. I request to wash my own body and he respects that. So while I'm washing my body, he puts my towel in the drier and warms it up for me.
After my white fluffy towel is nice and warm, Harry comes back to the bathroom and gives me the towel to dry off with. Once I'm in a fresh pair of pjs, Harry leads me to the movie room down stairs. We cuddle under a thick warm blanket and watch movies for the rest of the day. My period cramps left by nightfall and thankfully never returned again this period.
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watermelonlovershigh · 6 months ago
Your Daughter Gets Sick in Harry's Car
This story contains: vomit, crying, comfort
{ dad!harry - husband!harry - daughter age 3 }
d/n = daughters name
Edited on: 8/14/21
Harry's daughter gets a tummy ache and accidently pukes in the back of his car. Harry comforts her and helps clean her up in the bath when they arrive home, then cuddles her to sleep.
Tumblr media
Harry and d/n had went out to the shops together. Everything was going fine. She loved hanging out with her daddy because she felt safe and loved. Harry loved d/n more than life its self and protected her at all cost. He hated to see her cry. He hated to see her sick. But sometimes the inevitable happens and we as humans can't control it. Just like getting sick. Yes, we can wash our hands frequently and cough in our elbows, but when it comes to our stomachs, we have little control over that. Especially when it's a three year old.
D/n sat in the backseat of Harry's Range Rover on there way home from the shops, when she began to feel her little tummy start to hurt. Beings as she's only three, she didn't connect the stomach ache she had with being nauseous, but she knew it was hurting. She begin to rub her poor tummy until she couldn't take it anymore. D/n had to tell her daddy.
"Daddy." d/n says lowly, in her cute British accent.
"Yes my love?" Harry questions back.
"My tummy willy hurts!" she replied, unable to pronounce her R words properly.
"Do you feel like you're going to be ill?" her daddy asked.
Just as Harry asked d/n that question, she bent over the best she could and threw up all down her legs and onto the car floor. She's only gotten physically sick one other time, besides being a baby, so because this felt like a new experience for her, it scared her tremendously. As she continued to puke in her lap, Harry pulled over on the side of the road as fast as he could.
"Shit!" Harry yells out of concern, not anger. "Its alright my love. Hold on. Daddies coming."
Harry puts the car in park and quickly steps out to open her car door.
D/n starts crying hard and says, "I'm sorry daddy. I made a mess."
"It's alright d/n. You couldn't help it sweetie. Here lets get you out."
Harry unbuckles the straps to her car seat and picks her up to place her over the grass. He didn't think twice about picking up his sweet d/n, even though she was covered in vomit. He cared about her well-being over anything. He holds her to where her back is pressed against his chest, with one arm around her tiny torso. She leans forward and starts to puke again in the grass.
"You're okay. Let it out baby girl. That's it. Shhhh." her daddy coos gently.
In her sweat and innocent voice, she replies, "I don't like this daddy. My tummy hurts."
"I know darling. But it's okay. You'll feel better soon."
When she was finished puking, Harry wiped her little mouth with a napkin and takes all her clothes off, except for her princess panties. Being as discreet as possible since they were still in public. He cleaned what he could of her car seat so she could ride back home safely. Then he placed her back in her seat, buckles her up, and drove away.
"If you feel sick again my love, its okay baby. We will be home in just a minute and me and you will take a bath to get nice and clean. Then I'll cuddle you in bed until you feel better." Harry says in a sweetly manner.
5 minutes later-
When they arrive home, he pulls her out of her seat and carries her in the front door. Harry's wife was at work so they were they only ones home. Harry walks straight to the bathroom and gets them ready for a bath. At the age d/n is, it's still expectable for her to take a bath with her daddy. She is too innocent to think anything about the situation being weird or inappropriate.
Harry turns the tub on and strips both of their vomit covered clothes off, then steps into the tub with little d/n in his arms. He washes her body gently with a soft washcloth and scrubs the chunks of barf out of her hair, getting her body fresh and clean.
"Just sit there while daddy washes his body okay? Then we'll get out and get under the cozy duvet on mummy and daddy's bed." Harry says to d/n.
Once finished in the bath, he dries both of them off with a fluffy towel, and puts some boxers on himself while putting a pair of panties on d/n. Then they walk out the bathroom and go over to the bed.
He places d/n in the middle of his and his wife's king size bed, so she doesn't fall off, and goes out and fetch a bucket incase her belly feels sick again. Once back, Harry sets the bucket on the floor and crawls under the duvet with his poor little d/n.
"Here love. Come lay on daddy's chest." Harry requests in a whispered tone.
She does what her daddy says and Harry strokes over her back, soothing her to sleep. Eventually, he hears soft snores coming from her tiny mouth and fanning over his neck. Once Harry knows for sure she's asleep, he drifts off to sleep as well.
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
Harry Styles Series One Shots Masterlist (for my one shots that go with a series universe)
Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist- (short writing with little to no dialog)
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watermelonlovershigh · 6 months ago
You get Drunk at the BRITs & Harry Takes Care of You
Things to help you picture the story better:
(You're married/2020 BRIT awards/Accidently get drunk)
Tumblr media
Harry invited you to come with him to the BRITs where he would be preforming his new song Falling and is nominated for several awards. Of course you agreed to come with him because you always tried to find ways to support your husband. Before you left the house, you promised him that you would not be drinking too much because you knew this was his night and you didn't want to ruin it by getting drunk and him taking care of you. But when you got there and seen all the drinks on the tables, you had to have a few glasses. There was champagne and white wine, as well as some vodka. By the time the award show is almost over, you look down to see that you accidently drank way to much alcohol and you begin to feel dizzy. Harry hadn't even noticed your current state because he was to busy being interviewed for the cameras and being on stage preforming. When they announce the show is over you stand up from your chair and almost fall over. You now feel the alcohol in full affect. You're also a light weight so alcohol hits you twice as hard compared to most.
"Y/N woah. Are you alright love?" Harry says concerned.
"Yep just think I drank too much and I'm feeling a little dizzy." you say grabbing your head.
"Here, grab onto my arm for support."
You do as Harry told you and you take his arm as he leads you out the doors of the huge building. You knew there was a after party that both of you were supposed to attend, so you assumed that's where he was going. Harry leads you to his black range rover and helps you up into the passengers seat. Then he walks around and hopes into the drivers seat. You sit there in your seat with your head in your hands because all that alcohol has your head reeling.
Harry looks over at you and says, "Just lay the seat back and get some rest. We will be home in a few minutes."
You sit up with a confused look on your face and reply, "I thought we were going to the after party?"
"We were but it looks like you had a little to many drinks and I need to get you home and take care of you." he says in a calmly manner.
You feel yourself getting emotional because you realize he is missing out on the after party just to look after you and its all your fought. You promised him that you would not be getting drunk tonight and that's exactly what you did.
"I'm so sorry Harrryyy. I didn't realize how much alcohol I had consumed until it was to late." you say with tears running down both cheeks.
"It's alright love. There will always be a after party next year. My main focus is on you." he states with a half smile.
On the way back home all you did was cry. The guilt getting to you as well as the sloshing of alcohol in your stomach making you feel slightly sick. Harry finally pulls up to your house and gets out the car to carry you inside.
"Here Y/N. Just wrap your legs around my waist and arms around my neck."
"Harry I don't feel good." you mumble into the crook of his neck.
Harry starts speed walking into the house and to the bathroom so you don't have any accidents on his Gucci suit.
"Hold on my love. We are almost there."
He finally reaches the bathroom and sets you in front of the toilet on the floor. He grabs a elastic band from the counter and places your hair into a messy bun.
"My stomach really hurts Harry!"
"Shhh I know love. Just relax and let it out".
Harry has seen you drunk too many times to know how you act. You usually sit in front of the toilet for hours trying to be sick because you always had trouble being sick on your own. Which was sometimes dangerous. Especially when you had consumed a lot of alcohol, because alcohol is basically poisoning to the body. While you have your head in the toilet mumbling words, Harry is quickly taking off his bright yellow suit so he's more comfortable for bed and is ready to take care of you. Leaving him in only his black boxers. Then he walks up behind you and slowly unzips your dress.
"Y/N, I'm gonna take your dress off okay?"
All you can do is nod for consent because you're unsure how to even speak properly at the moment. Harry slips the dress off of you and takes it to your shared closet to hang it up. Then he walks back into the backroom to sit on the floor behind you.
"Y/N, I need you to be sick darling. You will feel so much better" he says whispering in your ear and rubbing your almost bare back besides your bra.
"I can't. It won't come out."
"Do you need me to help you baby?"
You begin to close your eyes because you're so tired and Harry notices. So he does the only thing he can think of to help you throw up the fastest so you can get to bed and sleep. He knows if you go to sleep with this much alcohol in your stomach, your hangover is gonna be terrible in the morning, so puking right now is the best option. So Harry sits directly behind you and places a hand on your belly. Then he slowly lifts your head up with his right hand.
"I'm going to have to force you to be sick love so just bare with me and breath."
He knows what he's doing for the most part because he has had to do it many of times on himself as well as his mates when they would get drunk and needed relief from their horrid stomach aches.
"Open your mouth Y/N."
You slowly open your mouth and he slips two fingers into it until they reach the back of your throat. Then he wiggles them around until you gag around his fingers.
"That's it. Come on. Throw up for me. Then you can go to bed."
He keeps his right hand fingers in your mouth while his left hand is pressing on your bare stomach. You gag hard again and this time you puke right on his fingers and into the toilet. He removes his fingers but still presses your tummy. Now you can throw up on your own with out his fingers down your throat. So you puke and puke and puke some more until vomit is running out of your nose. Harry is now rubbing your back with his clean hand and reaches for some toilet paper with his other one. He tares a piece and brings it up to your nose to wipe the dripping puke.
"There you go. That's it. I bet you feel better now yeah?" Harry coos.
"Much." you reply back with a semi cleared mind.
Harry reaches forward to flush the puke filled toilet and helps you stand to your feet. Then he picks you up and walks to the bedroom to set you on the bed.
"Sit right there. I'm going to get you a glass of water from the kitchen."
You sit patiently on the edge of the bed while Harry gets you some water. When he returns, you chug the whole glass down and lay back on the bed. Harry pulls the covers back and tucks you in. That's when he realized you still had makeup on your face. Being the kind human he is, he goes into the bathroom and grabs one of your face wipes. Returning, he notices you have already fallen asleep but that doesn't stop him from removing your makeup anyways. You're dead to the world anyways now so you didn't even budge. Once he has successfully removed your makeup, he goes around to turn off all the lights and crawls into bed beside you. He scoots your body closer to his so that your face is on his shoulder. Then he closes his eyes and drifts off in to dream land.
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watermelonlovershigh · 5 months ago
Mummy Gets Car Sick
Context to help you understand this story easier:
(Married/Darcy age 5 & Teddy age 3/Harry 2020 or 2021 era)
Tumblr media
Harry decided to take us on a little road trip for the weekend. Just to spend some family time together since he's been gone filming for his new movie. Darcy and Teddy sit in the back of Harry's Range Rover, and I sit in the passengers seat, beside him as he drives. The music on the radio is playing softly. The aura in the car is just peaceful. I look over at Harry with a content smile and he turns his head to smile back, dimples on full display. I couldn't be more happy right now. Our little family is finally together. No media interferences. Just my husband and two wonderful children. Around noon, we stopped at a little café for lunch. Then we got back on the road to continue our journey.
Everything was going soothingly until I began to feel sick. I don't know if it's the food we had for lunch, or the windy roads we're driving on, but my stomach is churning like crazy. I have only gotten car sickness once or twice, so its never been something that happens frequently. I just lay my head against the cool window and pray my stomach will settle down.
Harry notices my mood change. Before I was talkative and awake, and now I'm quiet and look as though I'm trying to sleep. "You alright my love?" Harry questions me worriedly, glancing at me and then back to the road ahead.
Afraid to open my mouth too much, I mumble, "I'm feeling a bit sick." I didn't want to lie and say I'm fine. Plus, Harry and I have been together long enough to realize when there is something wrong with the other.
"What from? The food we ate for lunch or the windy roads?" I shrug my shoulders while keeping my eyes closed and head against the window. My stomach feeling sicker by the minute.
"Mummy, can I have a snack please?" Darcy askes from her seat in the back.
I groan, lifting my head to go to reach for my purse at my feet. As soon as I lift my head from the cool window it was resting on, I can feel the vomit slowly rise up my throat. Panic arises in my body. "Harry, can you pull over." I spit out, trying to hold in a gag.
"What? Oh...oh yeah hold on." Harry replies confused at first, but then looks over to see me with a hand over my mouth, breathing heavy.
Harry pulls over on the shoulder of the road and I immediately unbuckle my seat belt and sling the door open gagging in my hand. Once I know I'm over the grass and out of the car, I remove my hand from my mouth and dry heave harshly, bending over. Harry quickly steps out of the vehicle and rushes over to me. As soon as he gets to where I'm standing, a gush of puke comes out of my mouth and puddles onto the grass by my feet.
Harry grabs a handful of my hair, collecting it into a makeshift ponytail in his hand, and rubs up and down my back. "Shh it's alright love. Try and take deep breaths for me." Harry request, seeing that I was struggling to catch a breath through my heaves.
As I'm throwing up on the side of the road, I hear cries coming from our back seat. "cry...*gag* crying. Their *puke* crying Harry." I say jumbledly through gags and puking, worried for our kids that are probably scared at this moment seeing their mother in this state.
"Don't try and speak my love. It's alright. I'll check on them okay?" he tells me. Before Harry leaves my side, he grabs a hair band that was around his wrist and secures my hair up in a mess bun to keep it vomit free. He's pretty good at creating buns because he used to have long hair himself.
At the moment I've stopped throwing up, but I'm still hovering over the grass feeling nauseous. Harry walks to the backseat door on my side of the car a finds two wailing children. "Hey...hey. What's wrong my loves?" he speaks calmly, even in the situation we are in.
"Mum....mummy," Darcy stutters through sobs and points out the door to where I'm standing with my hands on my knees, bent over, "I'm sca...scared."
"There is nothing to be scared about Darcy. Mummy just has a bit if a tummy ache. That's all. But daddy is taking good care of her alright?." "Why are you cry my little lad?" Harry asks, referring to Teddy in the car seat over. Teddy just shrugs his shoulders, not sure why he's even crying. Harry concludes it's probably just from seeing his big sister crying and all the commotion around him being overwhelming for a toddler his age.
"Darcy love, I'm gonna need you to stop crying so you don't get a tummy as well okay, and so I can check on mummy." Darcy just nods and hiccups through her tears, trying to steady her breath to be able to calm down.
Once Harry has found the reason for our children's cries, he shuts the door and steps back over to me. "Do you feel okay enough to get back in the car?" he questions.
I stand up straight with a quivering lip and look at him in the face, replying in a raspy voice, "I think so. Still feel a bit sick though. I'm sorry about that."
Harry steps forward a little bit, avoiding the vomit, to embrace me into a hug. Not a tight hug that would put pressure on my sick stomach, but a gentle hug and warm hug. "You don't need to apologize for getting sick," he whispers in my ear, "and I'll get you a plastic bag for in the car incase you feel sick again. Don't want to stand on the side of the road all day do we?" he rhetorically asks with a soft smile and a giggle.
We brake from the hug and I go to sit back into the passengers seat, while Harry goes to the back of the car and opens the trunk to find a plastic bag for me to be sick in if needed. A minute later he gets back into the car with a plastic bag in his hand and hands it to me with a caring smile. "Just try and take a little nap darling. Hopefully when you wake up, we will be at our destination."
Harry turns his whole body around to check on Darcy and Teddy before driving off. "Are you two alright back there?" he questions them.
"Yes daddy," he got back from both in unison, "I love you." Darcy coos alone.
"I love you too my love and I love you my little lad." he tells Darcy, then to a quiet Teddy who's staring out the car window with dried tears on his cheeks.
I smile a little at their interactions. Harry has always been great with kids and when we had some of our own, he became even better. Makes my heart skip a beat every time I see or hear Harry doing dad things with them, like playing princesses with Darcy or football with Teddy.
Harry puts the Range Rover back into drive and we head off, continuing our mini road trip.
It's about 5 in the evening and I have been asleep off and on for about an hour now. The car radio is on low playing soft rock, and Darcy and Teddy have decided to take a nap as well in the backseat. My stomach was doing fine for the duration of my off and on nap until now. It's starting to churn miserably by the second. I'm still holding onto the plastic bag Harry gave to me earlier. I go ahead and open it for safe measures.
Harry notices and says in a quiet voice, to not wake the kids, "Are you feeling sick again?"
I can't even answer before I have to quickly move my face into the bag and dry heave roughly. I look down into the bag with my mouth open, spit drooling out, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Then my stomach contracts and I throw up straight into the plastic bag that's held in my hands. Harry reaches over the console and rubs up and down my back in a soothing manner. I throw up once more before I finally feel my stomach settle and relax.
I look over at Harry who's glance back and forth between me and the road and mutter, "Think I just have a bout of car sickness. Um.. what do I do with this now?" referencing the bag.
"I'm sorry you're so ill. And we should be coming up to a station soon so we can throw it out there. I didn't know you got car sickness. I used to get it a lot when we toured with One Direction and it sucks, so I'm sorry you had to experience it." he lowly states back.
"I used to get car sick when I was a kid but haven't since. So I don't know why I got it all the sudden. And you're right it does suck." I say back with the first grin on my face since feeling sick earlier today. I tie the vomit filled bag up and pray it doesn't brake until we stop at the gas station ahead because if the puke spills out, I'm sure I won't be the only one who's throwing up today. The whole car will be sick and then pure chaos will ensue.
We make it to the gas station and I step out to toss the acid filled bag into the bin out front. Then I take Darcy to use the toilet and Harry takes Teddy to use the men's toilets. Before we leave the convent store, I buy me a Sprite to hopefully help my car sick tummy. Then Harry and I trade kids and Harry puts Darcy into her booster seat and I put Teddy in his car seat. Once we are all settled into the car, Harry drives off and continues our journey.
About an hour later, we arrive at our little cabin that's in North California. I wasn't sick for the remainder of our journey. Mainly from Harry giving me tips that use to help him when he got car sick on tours. We all got out of the car and Harry brought our luggage inside for us. Then for the remainder of the night, we all hung indoors playing board games, well tried to play board games because playing board games with small kids is very difficult, and because Harry missed spending time with our children, he even let them sleep in our bed for the night. Our very large king sized bed. They were very happy to be allowed to sleep with us because they usually only get to when they're sick. Darcy cuddled into her daddies side and Teddy clung to my body as we slept. All that I kept thinking about as I closed my eyes to sleep was how I have an amazing husband. He may have a job that requires him to be gone for long periods at a time, but it just makes the moments we're with him more special. Lastly, before my brain drifted off into sleep, all I could think about is how I'm praying I don't get car sick again on the drive home.
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watermelonlovershigh · 2 months ago
working on a morning sickness one shot that will have lots of comfort from your lovely husband Harry. it will be sort of like a part 2 of the kitchen smut from last night.
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watermelonlovershigh · 5 months ago
I'm running out of one shot ideas and need your help. Please send me your own ideas for SMUT or SICFICS in my Ask Me Anything box or choose from the list of potential ideas below.
Especially for the people who enjoy all of my writings. I want to give you fanfics you'll enjoy so please help me decide.
(keep in mind it may take me a few days or weeks to get to your requests so be patient with me.)
Harry Gets Sick
You Have Severe Period Cramps & Harry Comforts You
Your Kids Get Sick When You're Away & Harry Takes Care of Them
Sex in the Studio (SMUT)
Car Sex (SMUT)
Thigh Riding in Public (SMUT)
Period Sex (SMUT)
Harry Asks if He Can Make Love to You (SMUT)
The Night After Your Wedding (SMUT)
Baby Spits Up During Nightly Feedings
Baby Making (SMUT)
Emetophobia Comfort #2
Morning Sickness
You get Insecure During Sex (SMUT)
Harry Picks Up Sick Child From School
My actual MASTERLIST with my one shots i've already wrote.
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watermelonlovershigh · 5 months ago
Hiii!! I just read your latest fic (Edging Gone Wrong) and I love it so muchhh 😍😍
From all of your fics you've made... which one is your favourite?
And are you up for request? If you do, could you please make a fic base on number 6 ('Thigh riding in public' if I'm not mistaken)?
Thank youu!! Hope you have a wonderful day <3
First off, thank you for enjoying my writings. Greatly appreciated.
Yes I take request. I have quite a few at the moment and until I get home, either Thursday or Friday, I can't properly work on them. I was and still am staying at my grandparents house for a few days. Because of that, I'm finding it hard to write.
And thigh riding is my most requested fic right now so I will be writing another. Just give me time and I promise it's coming soon.
My favorite fic I've written is a hard choice. Some of my favorite concepts I've written about didn't turn out as good as I would have liked.
For instance, my Mutual Masturbation in the Shower
That was a concept that I really liked but I didn't really like how I executed it.
Especially my first fics because I had trouble with sticking to one pov in a single story and I was bad at using correct grammar due to me not have written stories or paragraphs since English class in high school and that was in 2018. So in my first few fics I loved the concepts but I was bad at spelling and proper uses of to/too or your/you're, but the more I write the better I've gotten.
It's really hard to chose my favorite fic I've written but its either:
You Get Tired During Sex & Harry Has to Take Over (SMUT)
Stress Relief Sex (SMUT)
And in sicfics, my favorite is probably:
Emetophobia Comfort (Harry)
Your Daughter Gets Sick at a Sleepover
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