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A/N: basically smut without plot, exactly what i've been meaning to write lmao
WARNING: sexual content
SUMMARY: Harry misses you. A lot... and he shares with you the wet dreams he's been having about you.
Tumblr media
“I miss you so much, baby.”
It’s about the 30th time you’ve heard this sentence in different versions from Harry since you answered his call. I miss you, I miss you like crazy, I wish you were here, I miss your smile, your eyes, I miss your touch… Harry has been extremely vocal how miserable he is without you even though he’s been away for about a week. Some days he took the distance well, but today seems to be one of those occasions when his emotions just overflow.
“I miss you too, H. But we’ll see each other soon,” you sigh, your eyes wandering over to your vanity where a pink post-it note on the mirror is reminding you of the date Harry is returning to you. He always does this, leaves his returning date or the date you’ll be visiting him somewhere written in his handwriting on the mirror so every morning when you get ready you think of him.
“A gentle reminder,” he murmured this time when he stuck the note onto the mirror and kissed the top of your head before he continued to pack his suitcases.
“Not soon enough!” he whines like a kid and though it brings a smile to your lips you also share the feeling. It’s the downside of having a rockstar boyfriend who keeps traveling the world. “I fucking hate waking up alone. I always look for you to hold in the morning, but it’s just the empty bed.”
“I know, I hate seeing your side of the bed empty too,” you pout your bottom lip as you lie down on the bed, your free hand sliding over where he usually lies. It’s cold and awfully flat without his body weighing into the mattress.
“I’m going crazy, Y/N. I’ve been missing you like crazy. Extremely crazy.”
“It sounds like it’s different than other times,” you hum in suspicion. A heavy sigh is heard from the other end of the line and you know he is about to make a confession.
“I’ve been… having wet dreams.”
You bite into your bottom lip holding a gasp back, it’s not quite what you were expecting to hear, but it’s a pleasant surprise. A familiar, pulsing feeling takes over your core and you cross your legs involuntarily as he continues.
“I feel like a teenager, but I’ve woken up with a stiffy every fucking morning these past days and I had dreams about you,” he explains in a pained tone as if he was being tortured.
“And what were those wet dreams about?” you coo in the phone, determined to take this phone call to a more intimate direction now that he brought his frustration up. You hear him exhale and your free hand slides down your throat, imagining it to be his touch, moving it to your breasts covered by one of his shirts you’re wearing.
“Fucking you, in every possible way,” he answers and his voice has significantly dropped. You know he is getting hard already, but that’s exactly what you wanted.
“Tell me about it, H. Wanna hear how you want to fuck me, I want to know what you think about when I’m not there with you.”
Squeezing your breast your hand moves down your body, dipping under the waistband of your cotton shorts until your fingertips glide over your wet pussy that’s aching to be pleased.
“I think about stripping you out of a tight dress, your tits bounce in front of my face and I imagine taking your perfect, hardened nipples into my mouth.”
“Fuck, I would love that,” you moan, your nipples actually erecting at his words. Moving the phone from your ear you put it on speaker and drop it onto the pillow next to your head so you can use both your hands. A shaky breath is heard through the line when you bunch your shirt up and take one of your breasts into your hand, the other one remaining between your legs, gently teasing yourself.
“I think about your hands palming my cock, though my pants and then you pull it out and wrap your hands around it.”
“I love the weight of your hard cock in my hands,” you sigh and start circling your fingertips on your clit, going slow and steady for now. Harry grunts at your words and though you wish you heard it right in your ear, it still sends a shiver down your heated body.
“Are you touching yourself?” he questions eagerly.
“Yes. Are you?”
“I’m about to fucking burst, baby,” he confesses and a pleased smile spreads across your face, knowing that just the thought of you gets him so riled up. “Fuck, if I was there my head would be already between your perfect thighs, I wish I could taste you right now.”
You moan at the thought of his mouth between your legs, his tongue working magic on your desperate cunt. Your fingers work fine, but nothing compares to Harry.
“I fucking love it when your juices drip down my chin, baby. My favorite treat,” he growls and judging from the noises he is trying to replace you with his hand, moving his hand fast on his cock. You imagine him in a luxurious hotel room, between those sterile looking white sheets, one hand gripping the phone while the other is working on his erection, the pink tip already leaking from the excitement. Saliva pools in your mouth, you’d treat his cock as your favorite lollypop if he was here.
His name falls from your lips as a pained plea right when you push two fingers into yourself, curling them inside, moving them the way you like it the best, though you keep thinking about how different it is from feeling his fingers or cock inside you.
“Fuck, Y/N, I wish I could fuck you right now, I want to feel you pulse around me, I want to see you bounce on my cock,” he whines, planting the images and feelings into your head as well.
“I would ride you so good, Harry. I’d clench my pussy and milk you until you fill me up with your cum.”
“Fuck,” he curses and you can tell he is close, just like you are. “I want to fuck you so hard you can’t walk in the morning.”
“Please!” you beg, pleasing yourself in a desperate rush, urging yourself to reach your relief before you burst.
“Oh God,” he breathes out. “Come for me, Y/N, I wanna hear your beautiful moans as you come!”
“I’m so close!” you gasp, your back arching from the mattress, toes curling as you’re nearing the edge.
“Be my good girl and come for me, baby!”
“Harry!” you whine, tears dwelling in the corners of your eyes as it just keeps building and building.
“Come, now!” he growls in an animalistic manner that pushes you over the edge and you finally fall.
Gasping for air, your orgasm washes over your body in waves as you keep the pressure on your core, riding it out to the fullest and when you hear Harry’s curse words and moans on the other end of the call you almost come again. You almost wish you recorded the way he just sounded, bathing in pure bliss, so you could listen to it whenever you wanted.
It’s silent for a long time, only your breathing travels through the call, but nothing needs to be said after the climaxes you both went through. Normally you’d be cuddling right now, your bodies would melt together, soft kisses and gentle touches ending the passionate intercourse. This time, you can only stare at the ceiling.
“If I was an absolute pig I would send you a picture of all the cum on my thighs and stomach right now,” Harry lets out a tired chuckle and you can’t hold your laughter back.
“It’s a pity it didn’t end up inside me.”
“Don’t fucking make me hard again, Y/N!” he warns you, but you just chuckle cheekily again. “I really fucking miss you.”
“Soon, baby,” you coo. “We’ll act out all your wet dreams when you return.”
“Jesus, we need to end this call, my dick can’t take another round,” he exhales. “I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too. Call me if you have another dream,” you murmur, taking the phone from the pillow next to you.
“Oh, I will. Sleep tight, my love.”
“Bye Harry.”
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Tw: emotional abuse
Harry has known y/n since he was 12. He has been there for her worst and her best, never losing contact with her and always answering her calls.
He wakes up to his phone ringing, when he goes to decline the call he sees that it's y/n calling.
"Lovie, are you okay?" He knows something isn't right due to the time she was calling. She would always message Harry before calling and this was just out of the blue.
She chokes out a sob. "Harry, I need five hundred dollars. I wouldn't be going to you for this if I didn't but I need to leave this house." He can barely make out what she is saying.
"Yeah, of course. Just grab as much as you need and I'll get movers there and fly out out to our next stop, okay? Does that sound good?" She gives him a small yes.
"I love you so much, thank you for caring."
This was the last thing that made his heart break.
"I love you more, now go stay with Grace and I'll send you your plane ticket information. Get some sleep I know you need it."
The phone call ended there.
Few days later, Harry finds out what drove y/n to moving out on such short notice. Her mom blamed her for her father's death.
He always knew she had a bad home life. It was no secret in their relationship, but she always hid it behind jokes and smiles. He home life never seemed so alarming until then.
Harry had y/n move into his London house until she could comfortably move in somewhere else. She ended up applying to university and getting a job and she brought herself out of the hole she was born in. She moved out in 2015 and has been living on her own ever since.
During quarantine, Harry watch a lot of his childhood favorite movies, one of the being Matilda. While watching, he noticed a lot of similarities between the y/n and the character Matilda. The only difference is that y/n didn't get the perfect ending. She didn't have someone to save her when she was a kid, she had to grow up alone. This made Harry furious for y/n.
How could someone be so neglectful to someone who can't take care of themselves?
How could someone deny love to someone as amazing as y/n?
Harry is reminded of the last time he saw her parents, at her twenty-fifth birthday. He is reminded of how hard she cried after the encounter with them. He left feeling gross and disgusted by the way her parents treated her.
This is when Harry started to write Matilda.
Harry banned y/n from listening to the album until New York One Night Only.
She had been having the best time listening to the album through Harry's performance and having fun with some fans and friends.
"This next song is called Matilda. I wrote this song about someone very close to me who went through a lot in there life. I want them to know that they are personified version of sunshine, you have been through so much but you inspire me daily. You are loved my many and you will never get rid of me, your trapped." He wipes away some of the tears and laughs at the end of his speech.
The song starts to play and the first verse goes somewhat smoothly only a few tear sheed by y/n, but them the verse starts.
"You can let it go
You can throw a party full of everyone you know
And not invite your family
Cause they never showed you love
You don't have to be sorry for leaving and growing up"
She is now sobbing holding onto her closest friend. Genuinely feeling overweight with her emotions and a lot of her own insecurities being shown in the song but she's not mad about it. In her opinion this is one of Harry's best songs lyrically.
Rationally she knows how she wasn't at fault for the abuse she suffered but it's not easy to change the way you've been raised. When the abuse is all you know, how are you supposed to recognize real love? When this has been your whole life how are you supposed to reject that? But Harry is right they can't hurt her if she let's them go.
The abuse isn't her.
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An: I do not have the words to describe how much I love Harry’s House, I will never recover! Anyways here’s a smutty fic that’s was supposed to be fluff but guess where we are now. Oh well, sorry it’s not that good, a lot has happened over the last few days but expect a lot more fics on Harry’s House in the near future :) please give me some feedback, hope you enjoy 💗
Warnings: sub! Harry, dom!reader, oral male receiving, nipple play, overstimulation!
Tumblr media
‘You okay baby?’ You ask as you walk back into the hotel bedroom where Harry is perched on the edge of the bed.
‘I think so’ he replies still looking a bit dazed and bewildered even though he had gotten off stage for one night only over an hour ago.
‘You sure, seem a bit out of it’ you question as you flick a curl out of his face so it would rest on the top of his head.
‘Can I have a cuddle’ and you can resist the desperation in his eyes, so quickly move to straddle his lap, your arms moving to loop around his neck, Harry rests his head right on your chest nested between your boobs, and that when he lets out a content sigh finding comfort within your presence.
You stay like this for a few minutes before you have to blurt out a ‘im so proud of you, always am with everything you do’ you whisper into his ear scared that he was having doubts or was worried about his performance of his newest album.
‘Thankyou, I’m proud of me to’ and you love how he isn’t scared to admit it.
‘What going on in that pretty head of yours baby’
‘I just can’t believe how good that show was, I felt so safe and free’ he says in disbelief, his heart feeling as though it would burst from the support he was getting from you, his friends, team and fans worldwide.
‘That’s because you have been so real and honest with your writing over the past few years, been so brave and open, you created a safe space for your fans at every show and I think they want to give you that back, you deserve that baby.’ You kiss his forehead, stroking through this unruly curls.
‘You helped me to you know, helped me find myself which allowed me to write like I have, swear it’s my favourite album yet, don’t think it would have been without you as my muse.’ He says seriously, having peeked his head out from your chest to look you in the eye.
‘Everything you do is my favourite, I’m glad I got to be by your side the entire way, love you soo much baby’ you try to soothe his overwhelmed min.
‘I love you too’ and with that he crashes his lips to yours, your lips against his intensifying this high he had going on inside him, and he didn’t want it to end, not yet.
A few kisses later and Harry hates the fact that there is a layer of clothes separating the two of you, a dire need to be closer to you was the only thing in his mind, and he starts to grind his hips subtly against yours.
‘Need you’ he whispers against your lips.
‘I’m right here baby, not going anywhere, gonna take care of you’ and you try to hold back the moan that threatened to escape your lips as you felt his cock plumping in his pants, undoubtedly making the wetness in your panties increase.
‘Just wanna be close, need to feel ya’ he whimpers.
‘Okay, okay baby, why don’t you start taking you clothes of for me’ you sit up getting off of his lap, and he whines at the loss of contact, right now he just wanted you and only you.
He manages to fling his love heart tee and leather trousers to a random corner in the hotel room, and you take your clothes off just as quickly.
‘How do you want me H, want me to ride you?’
‘Anything, please just want you, I’m so hard’ he whimpers as he reaches his hand to wrap around his cock which is standing proudly against his belly, the veins quite prominent and his tip a deep shade of red, he jerks his length a few times to spread the precum leaking from the head of his cock.
‘You look so good when you play with you cock baby’ you practically drool at the sight infront of you, and he shyly looks up at you at the compliment, stopping the movement of his hand.
‘Don’t stop baby, make yourself feel good for me’ and he does as you say, moving his hand up and down his cock and it has you moving your hand to your bare pussy that was now slick with you wetness, fingers curling over your clit making you bite back a moan.
Your eyes close at the feeling of your clit being stimulated, but when you open them you find Harry staring right back at you, not meeting you eyes but more staring at you perky tits ‘do you want these tits baby, you can have them’ you say as you move closer to him your chest infront of his fans and he doesn’t waste any time in attaching his mouth to one of your nipples, sucking happily the action bringing his comfort and even more pleasure as his hand moves at a rapid rate up and down his member.
‘Fuck that feels good baby’ you gasp at the sensation of his lips on your nipple, rubbing your fingers over your clit at how incredibly hot your boyfriend was.
‘Your gonna cum for me’
‘Fuck yeah I’m gonna cum, getting close’ he comes off you nipple with a popping noise before he kisses your lips, teeth clashing, your tongue invading his mouth wanting to taste him more.
‘Can y’touch me, hand feels good but I now it doesn’t feel as good as yours.’ He moans out.
‘Course I can baby, wanna make you feel good’ you begin working your way down his neck, pressing tiny kisses and sucking a hickey onto his warm skin, you duck even lower and he lets out a moan, squirming slightly when your lips come into contact with his sensitive nipple, you begin to suck on on and you other hand tweaks the other.
‘Please, don’t tease, gonna cum if you keep doing that, want you to touch me’
‘I am touching you baby’
‘I want you to touch m-my’ he doesn’t finish his sentence as he becomes shy from how subby he was feeling.
‘Where do you want me to touch, gotta tell me, use your words baby’ you encourage him.
‘My cock, want you to play with me till I cum’ he finally lets out.
‘Good boy, gonna suck that pretty cock now’
‘Yes please, please want that soo much’
You nestle down to his lap, now face to face with his length and you don’t hesitate to wrap you hand around him to align his with your mouth, before you take just over half of him in your mouth in one smooth thrust and he lays out the loudest moan of the night, probably waking the neighbouring hotel room but he couldn’t care less at that moment.
You begin to bob your head up and down, your other hand fondling his balls and it isn’t long before he is crying out having been quite close beforehand. He moves some hair out of you face, before gathering it into a makeshift pony tail making it easier for you to move.
‘Your close baby, can feel twitching, gonna cum for me’ you take him in your hand again, the silky smoothness of it making Harry lose his mind.
‘Yes fuck yes you mouth feels fucking amazing’
‘Look at me then baby, wanna watch you fall apart look at me.’ You demand and he does as you say, and when you keep eye contact when you take a majority of his length into your mouth and throat, it has him tipping over the edge.
‘C-cumming…fuck’ is he can string together, as his hips buck up into your mouth, his cock painting your throat with his warm cum. All Harry can do is moan chants of your name at his euphoric high, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as you continue to bob your head slightly making sure you had every last drop of his cum.
‘It that better baby, was that okay?’ You ask as you pop of off his length.
‘Fuck it was incredible’ he says dreamily, and you can’t resist leaning up to kiss him, stroking his cheeks with your thumb as you do.
‘Think you can cum again for me’ and that alone has his breathing increase once again and he doesn’t have any words, the events of the night leaving him rendered speechless.
‘Promised I was going to ride you and by the feel of it’ you pause reaching behind you to fondle his balls in your hand to confirm your thoughts ‘these balls are still full of cum, you gonna give it to me baby?’
‘Yeah, gonna give it to you, shit I wanna cum for you again’
‘That’s a good boy’ you kiss him once again.
‘Y’ready baby, gonna sink on your cock now okay’
He nods obsessively, so you instantly move your figure so it aligned with you entrance before you slowly take him incl by inch until you are fully sat on his length, you clit brushing the hairs of his happy trail, you both let out sultry moans one he fills you, neither of you caring if you got noise complaints the next morning.
‘Shit you’re so big, stretching me soo good’ you going down Harry’s cock moving deliciously inside you and he moans out at the feeling of your cunt clenching and unclenching around him.
‘Fuck haven’t even started riding me, feels like I’m already gonna cum’ he sighs at the stimulation his cock was getting, feeling ever so sensitive already from his previous orgasm.
Feeling like you needed more you start to bounce up and down on his cock, the only sound in the room was skin slapping on skin and both of you moans as he hid as the sweet spots inside of you.
‘Feel you in there baby’ you reach out for his hand and place it on your lower belly ‘Gonna cum right in there aren’t you’ and he moans and you sink onto his cock all the way and he can feel the bump his length creates.
‘I’m gonna fill you up so good’ he moans and he feels so overwhelmed by the pleasure he was receiving that he had to find sanctuary in your chest, his head nestled between your tits and you stroke your hands through his hair gripping onto it slightly as you get closer and closer to your orgasm. His arms and upper body curls into you slightly, he can feel his eyes getting glossy from how good he was currently feeling, from performing Harry’s House for the first time, to this current situation he thought he had never felt better.
‘Shit I’m gonna cum, you gonna cum with me baby, gonna fill me up’ your thrusted become frantic as you chase you high and get Harry to hiss
‘Yeah I’m gonna cum, can I cum please, please’ he whimpers, slightly muffled by your chest.
‘Cum baby boy’ you moan and it take all of three thrusts before you are shaking above him. ‘I’m cum-cumming’ you breath out and with that Harry grips your hips grounding them to his before he cums in thick spurts, even more than he previous orgasm due to how overstimulated he was, completely filling you and the warmth the spreads in your belly makes you feel all fuzzy.
‘Did soo good for me baby, came soo much’ you say as you feel his cum starts to dribble out of you slightly.
Harry’s face is still mushed in your tits, probably exhausted from cumming twice, his legs hadn’t stopped shaking since his high.
‘M’soo proud of you baby, I love you soo much’ you remind him, making sure that he always knew how much you loved and cared for him.
‘I love you too’ he lifts his head, and you instantly go to wipe his waterline clear of any tears threatening to build up.
‘Let’s get cleaned up yeah’
‘No don’t want you to go and to be honest I don’t think I can walk’
‘Harry I can literally feel your cum dripping from me’
‘I don’t care, just one more minute’ and you can’t help but chuckle at his antics, meanwhile Harry cuddles back into you feeling the most content he has in a while, happier than ever as he snuggled into his lovies chest, his home.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
via harrycore
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wildflowerryy · 17 hours ago
Since I finally figured out how to add hyperlinks here are my favorite fics with dumbification.. hope you enjoy it<3
Crybaby by @devilinbetweenthesheet-s
Needy by @umblackness
Frustrated by @umblackness
Email fuck ups by @marvelous-harry
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Tattoos and screams by @umblackness
This by @harryistheonlyoneforme
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Angel by @harryhoney-bee
Pathetic by @harryhoney-bee
This by @harryistheonlyoneforme
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tinydestinybear · 2 days ago
Harry’s House
Tumblr media
- welcome to harry’s house -
Pairing: Harry Styles x (f.) Reporter!Reader
A/N: This story is still in the works and I’ll continue to add in blurbs from time to time. I’m open to requests if you have any! I truly believe they’re one of my favourite couples and I hope you enjoy reading 🥰🥰 
Main Story
1. music for a sushi restaurant 
2. late night talking
3. grapejuice 
4. as it was 
5. daylight
6. little freak 
7. matilda 
8. cinema
9. daydreaming
10. keep driving
11. satellite
12. boyfriends
13. love of my life
Additional Blurbs
fan interaction at the harry’s house listening party
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fullofstyles · 21 hours ago
bestfriend’s dad/dad’s friend
jarofstyles - part 2
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watermelonlovershigh · 11 hours ago
Happy to announce me and @harryistheonlyoneforme will be doing a smutty collaboration. The full fic should come out tomorrow. She wrote the majority of the story (which the story was my original idea) and my part was to proofread and edit bits and pieces here and there. We hope you will all enjoy it. We worked really hard on it.
Here is a quick sneak peak to hold you in until the entire thing is released:
“Fuck, you feel so good.” Harry sighs, dropping his head forward onto her shoulder while he waits for her to adjust. With time, he feels her relax more and more and when she says she’s ready, Harry's reaches down and grips her hips before lifting her off him just to drop her back down. The action is a bit slower in the water then it would be in their bed but is still so pleasurable. “Shit, I missed doing this.” he groans before sucking a mark onto Y/N's neck, creating a surprised moan to leave her lips.
Speaking in jaggad breaths, she agrees, “Me too. We used to always do stuff like this. Some fun times, hm?” With each drop of her hips it brings her closer to her orgasm. “You’re so fucking big!” Y/N whines, rolling her hips with each drop until the head of his cock brushes against her g-spot dead on. “Shit,” she gasps, dropping her hips at a perfect angle that she knows gets her to orgasm effectively.
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hotforharrysheart · 2 days ago
Couples Boudoir
It was going to be a quick trip, but you couldn’t help your excitement. I mean, it’s Paris, again, this time with Harry, who wouldn’t be excited? He had a photo shoot for Gucci tailoring for the Fall collection. The day would be for fitting and, interestingly the shoot was a night theme. The frenzy of a very big year was about to spin off out of control, so you were looking forward to some alone time, albeit only three days and couple of nights, but still any alone time was something you both cherished. Harry had made arrangements for a beautiful luxurious penthouse stay and a full spa day for you while he was working. You couldn’t help but feel guilty for the way he spoiled you. You told him you had plenty of research to do for your podcast, but he insisted that this not be a working trip.
“Please, go treat y’self. Luis made the appointment fo’ ya to have e a full day ta relax, believe me, ‘f I could join ya I would.” He has a stack of folded T-shirts in one hand and wraps his free arm around your waist. “‘Sides, wan’ ya as relaxed an’ pliable as possible, plan to have some, ‘uh-hum,’ energy I wanna burn off on ya in the city fo’ lovers.”
“Why, Harry Styles,” you place your hand over your heart, fiending mortified shock, “you are positively scandalous!”
He chuckles and reaches down to slap your ass cheek causing you to giggle, “Oh, believe me, certainly plan on defilin’ ya in every scandalous way possible.”
“Well, when you put it that way, mister,” you say smiling up at him.
You arrived early and checked in to the penthouse. You remember your first trip to Paris, alone to do your boudoir shots and wondered if you would get to see Helene again. The thought of that day shoots a shot of arousal through you, not to mention thinking about the night you showed Harry the photos she’d captured. You blush furiously thinking about it.
Harry’s on his way out the door for a day of fittings and an evening of photos.
“Ya ok, love?” He asks before he heads out the door. “Ya look flushed,” he asks putting the back of his hand over your forehead.
“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just a little warm,” you answer with a smile.
“Ok, well, ping me if ya need me, yeah?” He asks, brows furrowed.
You run your hand down his chest smiling up at him and say, “I will, but I’m fine, nothing a little champagne and relaxation won’t cure. Have a good day, baby and play nice, but not too nice with the other beautiful people.”
He laughs his little breathy laugh with his dimple popping proudly, kisses you goodbye and heads out the door.
Hours later you are buffed and puffed and coifed within an inch of utter bliss. You’ve opened the balcony doors to your suite and are enjoying a glass of wine and thumbing through a French fashion magazine. It’s starting to get really late and if you’re being honest you’re missing Harry. He’d texted earlier that he would be late and to make sure you got an evening meal, not to wait on him. You had waited, in spite, as long as you could and had been just about to order some room service when you received a knock at the door. You pad across the floor in your fluffy white robe and look out the peephole seeing a waiter in black tie leaning over a tray. You open the door and say, “You must have the wrong room, I didn’t order anything. At least not yet anyway.”
“Mademoiselle, Mr. Styles called and placed an order to be delivered to you if you had not placed an order by 9:30 p.m.,” said the handsome Frenchman.
You smile, sigh and melt just a little bit. “How thoughtful! Come in…” The waiter delivers the tray and is on his way. Closing the door, you smile to yourself wondering what in the world you ever did to deserve someone so special. You stop to send him a thank you message, longing even more now to see and feel him. You enjoyed an amazing meal and indulged on a chocolate éclair to satisfy your sweet tooth.
You’d drifted off to sleep on top of the duvet when you first heard the door rattle. Looking at the clock you see it was well after midnight. You jump up, skipping to the front room so you could greet him proper. He comes through the door looking utterly delicious. “Hi,” you say with your hands clasped behind your back.
“Hiiii,” he responds with a big smile. You go up on tip toes to wrap your arms around his neck and place a kiss on his lips. “Didya have a good day, darling?” You say against his lips.
“Yeah, it was good, missed ya though.” He says sighing. “How was yours?”
You reach up to thread your fingers through his hair, "Mmm...well, you’re kissing me in Paris, I never thought I'd have that..." you trail off. Turning your head to look out the balcony doors you say, "The city lights are just incredible. Can see the Eiffel Tower from here."
You turn back and he's staring at you, "No, baby, YOU are incredible, and I love ya so much.” He leans down to place a soft kiss on your lips. “Mmm…we’re in the most romantic city in the world and I'm utterly exhausted."
Your face falls. “You are? I just thought,” you sigh, “I thought you’d make love to me in our beautiful Paris hotel room.”
“I know baby, I’m so sorry. It’s been a long day, yanno? Promise I’ll make it up to ya. Ya mad at me?” He says, turning your face to his.
“No, I’m not mad. I promise to always tell you the truth, so truth be told, I will always be sad when we can't make love, but never sad enough to change the way I feel about you or be mad, that's just silly. I understand that you have a physically demanding job and there has to be a point where you are absolutely exhausted." You thread your fingers with his and pull his hand up to kiss his fingers. He's stretching his neck and rolling his shoulders, you can tell he's trying to unwind as much as possible. "How about I rub your neck and shoulders then we can crash together?"
"Mmmm... sweetheart, tha’ sounds amazing," he groans hugging you and burying his nose in your neck.
You smile as he snuggles in. You brought some fancy lingerie with you…you think you’ll put that on and straddle his back while you’re massaging him. Maybe that’ll perk him up, you think as you kiss his ear.
Harry heads in to grab a shower while you soak in the tub. He gets out before you and you can't help but ogle his body as he dries off. He smirks catching you eyeing him, but his eyes reflect just how tired he really is. He wraps the towel around his waist, brushes his teeth and leans down to kiss you. "Don't be too long."
"I won't, I'm right behind you," you say with a sweet smile. He heads out of the bathroom and you finish up your bath. You take a moment to finish your nightly routine and pull the pins out of your hair, shaking it out. You rub lotion on your legs and arms, then open your bag to take out the short teal nightie you packed with the matching panties. Adjusting the straps and plumping your breasts you grab the lotion and head out to the bedroom. Harry is laid out flat on his tummy on the bed. "Baby, I'm gonna rub your back, yeah?" You say moving to the bed about to crawl up and straddle his bum, but you get no response. "Babe?" It's then you realize your poor guy is out cold. His breathing steady and even. "And, he sleeps..." you say smiling. You lean down and kiss the eyelid of the exposed eye and grab the throw off the corner chair to cover him. Then you crawl into the cool bed between the sheets yourself. "Don't worry nightie, you'll have your chance someday, you say to your lingerie, like it was as disappointed as you were to be ignored. Just happy to be there with him, you fall into a deep Parisian sleep...thinking that even the rest here is romantic.
He is tired but he’s glad you bought his sleeping performance. He looks over at you curled up on your side in that silky nightie and he knew there was no way he would’ve been able to resist you. He puffs up his pillow and wills himself to go to sleep. It’ll all be worth it tomorrow, he thinks as he allows sleep to pull him under.
Harry hears the vibrating of his phone on the glasstop bedside table, it's rattling it’s way across the slick top. He grabs the phone and hits the red "stop" button on his alarm. He had big plans for you today and he wanted to make sure you both woke up in time to have some time in the city, starting with a lovely Parisian breakfast. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with you on your first trip together to Paris, but there just wasn't much time and with a surprise appointment for you both later that afternoon, sight seeing just wasn't going to happen this trip. He would promise to bring you back soon for a proper vacation. He gently wakes you and it doesn’t take much convincing to get you up for a posh French brekkie because he knows how much you love breakfast.
You’re out the door in 15 minutes and walking down the beautiful streets of Paris holding hands.
"Oh, Harry, look!" you exclaim around every corner causing him to chuckle at your excitement. "What’re you laughing at, mister?!" you ask pouting, your bottom lip out.
"Ya so fuckin' cute when you’re excited." he says tweaking your nose. Looking in all directions for prying eyes, he pulls quickly into a covered alcove along the shops and grabs your face to plant a very decidedly French kiss on you. "Mmm..." you moan. "I love Paris on you," he says smiling.
"I love Paris on you too, H." you say looking up into his eyes.
"Come on, the Patisserie I wanna take ya to is just 'round the corner. They have these amazing beignets, eclairs and macarons and the chocolate espresso is so good." Pulling you by the hand, he leads you out of the alcove and back onto the sidewalk where, true to his word, around the corner is the cutest French Patisserie.
You have a decadent breakfast and he has macarons sent to the hotel for later because they’re your favorite. You get chocolate espresso to go and he’s leading you out the door. “Where’re you taking me?”
He leans in close to your ear and says, “think it’s a good day to take pictures, don’ you?”
Your eyes get wide. “Pictures? Like naughty pictures?!” You squeak.
He nods, leaning in close to your ear again. “So naughty, baby. Naughtier than ya imagined.”
He hails a cab and then you’re off to Helene’s studio.
The cab stops outside the studio and suddenly you feel both nervous butterflies and a slow simmering case of bone deep arousal. Harry grabs you hand, "Ya ok, love?" he questions with a smug smile.
"Yeah, I'm...I'm good." you say with big eyes.
"Ya nervous?" He asks searching your eyes.
You look at him and very seriously say, "Harry, I'm....baby, honestly, I'm just turned on.
"Mmm...good to know." he says smiling. "Le't's go, she's waitin’ an’ there's another surprise for ya inside," he says kissing your forehead.
"Helene!" Harry calls out pushing the button on the intercom outside the studio door. "We're here! Let. Us. In." he teases.
The door buzzes open and you hear her long before you see her. She's walking toward you both with arms wide open.
She kisses both of you on both cheeks and gives you a warm hug. “I knew you’d be back after last time,” she says smiling her coy smile. “We have hair and makeup ready for you. Come this way.”
Harry stops you in the hallway. “Listen ta me. Wan’ ya to be honest an’ communicate wi’ me. If ya not comfortable wi’ anything, ya say stop an’ I will. I…” He gulps. “I’ll go as far as ya wan’ me to. Ya wan’ m’ ta fuck ya, I will because I think tha’ would be so hot, but ya gotta wan’ it too.” His hands are on your elbows, holding you tight.
Your hand is fiddling with the neckline of his T shirt. You look down and then up to meet his eyes. “I want this, H. I wanted it as soon as Helene showed me those photos. I could see us in those positions. I could see our orgasms on film and I…I want that. So, I’m saying right now, I want you to fuck me in that studio and I want Helene to take those photos.” Harry smirks and kisses you with a smack.
Walking to the back of the studio, Harry plops down in a chair across the room from where Helene has an area set up for photo prep. Hair and make-up get you photo ready and all the while you’re thinking about what Harry said. His eyes catch yours occasionally and literally burn smoldering trails up and down your face. It's a subliminal foreplay, but not unfamiliar to you, you know the looks that reveal he's having naughty thoughts and currently, his look is positively filthy. You stand up from the beauty chair and Helene tells you there was a delivery for you this morning and it's waiting in the dressing room. You gaze over at Harry, who’s smirking.
In the dressing room is another very familiar white and black box with the Gucci logo. You giggle giddily and tear the ribbon off and throw off the lid to reveal the most incredible white lace body suit. It has an underwire cupless bra with two wide, long strips of satin that tie into a bow in the front covering your breasts and high cut legs and a teeny tiny split crotch made up of two white strips of elastic.
It’s gorgeous and sexy at the same time. He really has thought of everything, you think as you slip out of your leggings and carefully remove your shirt. You pull the body suit up and tie the bow as good as you can. You figure Helene will fix it if you didn’t do it right. The crotch feels strange and erotic as the little elastic strips split on either side of your pussy lips. You see a robe hanging on a hook but decide not to wear it out. It’s not like everyone in the room hasn’t seen you naked. “I should be more nervous,” you think to yourself. But the fact of the matter is, you’re not. You want this and the thought of it has you very, very wet. You never knew that this was something you’d be into, but you are. You step out into the studio and Harry spots you immediately. It’s his turn in the hair and makeup chair and you watch as they twist his curls into beautiful ringlets. His eyes are roaming up and down your body and the smoldering look in his eyes tells you he’s just as turned on as you are. When he’s finally coiffed, the beauty team loads up their stuff and then it’s just you and Harry in the room. He’s standing in front you, eyes devouring every inch of your skin. “I better go get changed,” he tells you though he doesn’t move.
“Ok,” you breathe out.
“Still wan’ this?” he asks searching your eyes.
“Why don’t you find out,” you tell him as you grab his hand and bring it to your drenched pussy.
“Ya soaked, baby.” He murmurs.
“Mmmm…” you say as his fingertips glide up and down your slit. He kisses you quickly and then moves past you to the dressing room. When he comes back out in a pair of red boxers, you feel another gush of wetness between your thighs. He grabs your hand and pulls you to the speaker where he lets Helene know you’re ready.
We’re really doing this, you think as you hear Helene’s footsteps on the hardwood. Here we go…
Stepping into the same room you did before, it feels strangely like coming back to a familiar memory. The room however this time is filled with candles and the windows are covered with the gauze curtains to keep the light dim.
Harry lets go of your hand, fiddling with his phone; he gives it to Helene who steps out of the room saying, "I'll go put this on the sound system and get my camera ready, make yourselves comfortable."
A few minutes later music is softly playing through the speakers in the ceiling and you find yourselves alone. "Baby, ya look, like nothing I could've every dreamed up in my wildest dreams,” he says looking you up and down.
You blush furiously and do a little spin. “I just never thought I would become addicted to lingerie, but apparently, it's gonna be problem if you keep spoiling me with it."
“Well, it's an addiction I'm more than willing to feed,” he says running his hands up and down your arms. "C'mere," he says moving you closer to the windows to get a better look even in the dim light. He brushes your hair behind your ears on both sides and cups your face in his hands, "God, ya so sexy," he groans leaning down to brush his lips every so softly across yours while you run your hands up his biceps.
"Click-click-click,” the sound of Helene’s camera. You both break apart and look over to see Helene leaning against the wall looking down at her camera screen scrutinizing the shot.
You smile to yourself and reach up to pull his face back toward yours. "Just forget she's here. All we need to do is forget she's here and she'll get what we want."
"Can do tha', 'm used to her stealthy ways. 'Sides, you’re an easy distraction," he says looking down at the tops of your breasts. "Turn around for me, wanna see the back up close.”
You turn around and he puts his hands on your hips gawking at your ass.
He pulls you back against him so you can feel how hard he is…how much this is turning him on…how much he wants this…and you. His hands slide up and down your lace covered skin and when his hands move to your stomach and then down to your pussy, you turn your head back and kiss him as his fingers trail slowly up and down your slit.
"Click-click-click" You hear Helene speak, her voice barely a whisper, “remember to do move just a bit slower than you normally do so we can get the perfect shots.”
You pull away and turn around to meet his lips in a wet sensual kiss. "Mmmm," you moan into his mouth. Your body is slowly turning into mush and his is getting harder. You pull your mouth away, biting your bottom lip and look up into his eyes. He smiles down at you as you run your fingers through the hair at the back of his neck. Standing on tip-toes, you whisper in his ear, "I love you, H."
The clicking and whirring of the camera fades into the background as you kiss down his neck and he raises his head to give you room to maneuver. You run your hands down the sides of his neck to his shoulders and place a kiss on each of the swallows at his collar.
Helene has moved in a bit closer, but thankfully a good lens allows her to let you both stay in the distance...in your own little world.
Harry moves his head down to look into your eyes as you look through your lashes working your way down his sternum...down to the butterfly. Holding your tongue out your trail the rest of the way down inch by inch until you are kneeling. He looks down at you and runs his palm under your chin, he wants to see your face.
You close your eyes, and his red tipped thumb runs across your bottom lip and you open to flick your tongue out to lick the tip. He presses the digit into your mouth, and you wrap your lips around.
“Jesus, baby…tha’s so fuckin’ hot.” he says wide-eyed. Pulling his thumb out of your mouth he runs it around your lips, painting them with your saliva.
“Pretty…” he comments looking at your glossy lips. You look at his tummy and place a kiss below his belly button between his laurel tattoos.
“C’mere, baby.” He pulls you up by your shoulders and leads you to the bed. He lays down in the middle of the bed and you straddle his waist. You can feel the hard length of him against your bare pussy and you moan throwing your head back.
He sits up and presses his lips to yours again. He presses his forehead to yours. “Wanna kiss ya for a bit…s’tha’ ok?”
You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. You smile. “Love kissing you, baby.”
He smiles back. “C’mere,” he says, kissing you again. He starts off with slow, open mouth kisses before sliding his tongue in your mouth to deepen the kiss.
He was right to start with making out because even though you didn’t feel nervous before, you can feel yourself start to relax even more and get to that place where it’s just you and him and the sex between you. It’s exactly what you both needed. Harry always knows just what you need.
Your body was electric. The tiny hairs on his thighs tickling the insides of yours sent a jolt of arousal straight to your core.
He's running his hands up and down your back before he settles on your hips. He looks down at your chest and says, "'M a big fan of bows on packages, this gift fo' me?" Biting your bottom lip, you nod following his eyes. He runs a finger along the side of your face, down your neck and across the top of your breasts. Running the back of his hand across your satin covered nipple he searches your eyes for confirmation that you’re okay. You smile your response and he reaches for one of the tails of the bow and begins a slow tug.
The bow slips loose and the satin ties fall to the the sides. “Fuck, baby," he mutters looking at the way your tits are held up, but still soft and lush draping over the wires of the cupless bra. The cool air, his stare and the feel of the blood rushing to his cock making it twitch causes them to crinkle and become rigid.
He places a kiss over your heart.
His hands slide up your waist to your breasts, cupping them, his thumbs circling your nipples. You close your eyes as he takes a nipple into his mouth and swirls his tongue over it again and again. “Mmmm…”
When he bites down on your nipple, you cry out, head falling back.
He’s biting and sucking and it’s driving you crazy. “H…feels so good…feels so good.” When he pops off, there’s a long line of saliva connecting his mouth to your nipple.
“Never been s’turned on in m’ life,” he pants out as he kisses up your neck. “It’s you…ya make me crazy.” He whisper pants. He’s kissing the spot behind your ear that you love when he whispers. “Wan’ ya. Wan’ ya so bad. Need to…need ta taste ya.” His mouth slides over your face to your mouth. “Gonna let me taste ya? Gonna open fo’ me?”
“Yes! Fuck, yes!” You whisper back as he kisses you and you slowly clamber off him and switch places until he’s hovering over you.
He's situated his boxer covered pelvis against yours between your legs. You plant both feet on the bed knees up along his sides. You can feel the way the split in the crotch of the bodysuit is pulling your pussy open.
He can't help but rut into you his cock hard against the fabric of his boxers. That little bit of pressure is hitting you just right and you can't help but dig your head back into the pillow mouth slack and a moan on your breath. Your hands are in his hair fisting it.
As much as he loves when you tug his hair, he reaches up and takes first one then the other and places them above your head. "Hold on, love,” he murmurs against your breast as he works his way down.
He's kissing the lace and scooting down your body between your legs. "Mmm, baby, smell so good,” he whispers. You raise your head and meet his eyes with a soft smile.
He situates himself shoulder between your thighs. "Rest ya legs over on the bed babe, relax fo' me, yeah?" he mutters softly so that you can hear and still feel the intimacy of the moment.
You rest your legs open, and he places a kiss to the top of your mound.
"Ya good, love?" he asks concerned with your comfort level.
"Yes, Harry, I'm good."
He places a kiss on the inside of your knee and then with an open mouth drags his tongue up the inside of your thigh causing you to squirm to one side. Wrapping his arms around your thighs he grabs your waist. "Gon' hafta stay still for me sweetheart. God the way this is holdin' ya open for me…” he says to himself staring at the elastic straps of the split crotch.
He closes his eyes and licks a slow stripe up your slit. You squirm and he tightens his grip so you can’t move. He’s not surprised you’re squirming; you’re swollen and dripping for him. For me, he thinks. MINE, is what he’s thinking as he takes another lick, pressing harder against you. He looks up to see you gripping the headboard harder and smirks against your wet cunt.
He wants to tease you, edge you, make you cum until you can take it anymore but now’s not the time. You gasp and shiver as the tip of his tongue moves up and down your sensitive clit. He removes a hand from your thigh and places his middle and ring fingers in his mouth, getting them as wet as he can. You gasp again, louder this time, as his fingers move to your dripping hole, and he slowly slides them in. “Gonna wreck ya baby,” he whispers as he bends his mouth to you and sucks your clit in his mouth while his long fingers curl into your g spot rhythmically.
Your back arches sharply and an unladylike groan erupts from your throat. "AHHH...Har..RY," you whisper shriek.
He raises his head with his fingers still stroking you to take a look at your face. "Look at me, love,” he demands. "Wan' see ya eyes, just a sec love, lemme see ya eyes." You raise your head and look down your body meeting his eyes just as he picks up the pace.
You tamper your moan and he shakes his head. "No, wan' hear ya, please, lemme know it feels good."
"H, it feel so fuckin'...AH... right there, don't stop!" You’re a panting mess.
"Go on babe, cum for me, yeah? Wanna see it, I'm watching you. The camera is watching you." He groans out. He jerks his eyes down to your cunt, "Fuck, love, you just gushed on me, that turn you on? Ya like knowin' a camera is capturin' you cum on my fingers?" He bucks down into the bed trying to get some pressure on his hard as steel cock. "God dammit, so fuckin' hard for you...come on baby, cum for me."
"Hahh...Hahh...Harry, cumming!" It's all you can manage, while your back arches and your body begins to vibrate. Your tits are shaking from the way your muscles are contracting so hard on his fingers.
"Mmmm... yes, love, keep goin'!" He groans then leans down to suck your clit.
You are absolutely apoplectic with how tight the orgasm has you in its grip. Your knees pull up, hands quickly leave the headboard to hold your legs behind the knees and your shoulders are pulling off the pillows head still thrown back.
"Harry! Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou!." You cry out with abandon.
He’s panting nearly as much as you are as he kisses up your body, until he reaches your waiting mouth. “Good girl…Did s’ good fo’ me, love.” His mouth covers yours and then he’s sucking your tongue into his mouth. “Can’t get enough of ya, fucks sake.” He pulls back and pushes his boxers down his hips and you help him take them off. He’s on his knees looking down at you, cock hard and leaking.
His hand moves down your face to your neck, over your breasts and down your stomach. “You’re amazing and I love ya.”
You smile at each other.
He’s forgotten about the camera. The only thing he can focus on right now is you and how good you make him feel. He pulls your knees up high on his waist and lowers down until he’s hovering over you. He reaches down to align his cock with your entrance and then his hand is reaching for yours and he intertwines your fingers. “Gonna fuck ya now…gonna…ungh” he falters as he slowly pushes in.
You gasp and he smiles, kissing your cheek. “There she is.”
“Don’ know how long ‘m gonna last, baby. I…ya feel too good. Gonna hafta cum for me like a good girl, hmmm?” He whispers against your mouth.
You nod.
You grip his hands, flexing your fingers utterly blissed out and floating on the high. You raise your head up to kiss him. "So deep Harry, push in deeper," you whine. He pushes forward and you both move up inches on the mattress. "Ha-ahhhhhhh," you breath out relieved. You roll your head back on the pillow and smile at the feeling of being full of him.
He stills just hanging in the moment looking at the expression on your face.
Then you look back to him. "Harry, I wanna see," you whisper running your eyes down his neck.
He arches up and you both look down to where you can see him buried deep. "Can ya feel me here?" he places one hand over your tummy.
"Yeah, you're deep...so deep," he looks up and smiles and says, “Yeah, ya ready?" You nod and rest your head back against the pillow and he reaches for your hand again. He pulls out slowly and then pushes back in and you both moan against each others lips.
"Not gon' last baby," he says pulling one of your hands down to your clit. You know what to do. Your red tipped middle finger begins a circling pace that feels amazing. "Don' stop baby," he says pushing one leg to the side so that he can watch his cock plunging in and out of your wet hole.
Propped up on one elbow he's watching himself fuck you occasionally raising his head to look at your face. Your jaw is slack, the stimulation is overwhelming. He picks up the pace because it feels so good, he's chasing his orgasm. "Need ya to get there baby, need ya there s’ we can cum together." The clicking and whirring long forgotten. The need to fuck each other as basic as breathing.
"Ooooo...," and you're lost. The moment is hanging on a precipice of utter divinity. "Oooo...Harry..." you smile and let out a giggle. "Mmmm...I’m so there....mmm...so there...go slow...jus' go slow for a second," you giggle again.
He can't stop a chuckle. "So fucked out, hmm, babe?"
You roll your head, "Yeah, don't stop..." He's fucking you slowly and the camera is capturing every angle. "Hold on, love," and he picks up the pace again and you are falling over the edge. "Yes, Yes, Yes," you say on every thrust.
"Jesus! Fuck! God Damn!" he curses on every thrust. His mouth is open and eyes staring a passionately into yours. He fucks through both your orgasms.
He finally stills, body taut, he groans as he cums, collapsing on top of you, face buried in your neck. Your body is still thrumming and you swear that if he’d kept going, you could’ve cum again. He shifts minutely and you’re so sensitive you clench down on him, causing him to groan.
“Don’. Can’t take it,” he breathes into the skin of your neck. “Sorry baby.”
He holds you until your breathing goes back to normal and then he rolls off to the side and runs his hand through his hair. You both look at each other and giggle.
“Did we jus’ do tha’?” You giggle again.
“Umm, think we did. C’mere,” he says pulling you to him. “My wonderful amazing dirty girl,” he says as he kisses the top of your head.
You shiver in his arms. "Hang on, babe," he says untangling himself.
"No, don't go!" you say tugging on him.
He chuckles and kisses your forehead, "Just gonna step over here," He take a big step and grabs the throw blanket on the chaise next to the bed and covers you both up. "So what happens next...you're the expert," he teases wrapping his arms around you tight.
"Well, I fell asleep," you say giggling.
"Ya fell asleep?" he chuckles.
"Yeah, but for some reason I'm wide-awake right now," you say tracing his butterfly tattoo. "I guess we'll go find Helene and take a look at the pics."
"Shall we?" he asks kissing the top of your head.
You both crawl out of the bed, Harry stops to jump into his boxers and wraps the throw blanket around your shoulders. "Warm enough?"
"Yeah, I'll go change," you say.
He pouts his bottom lip out, "Wear it again for me soon?" he says brushing his lips across yours.
"Mmmm...sounds nice..." you moan. He pats you on the bum on your way out the door.
Changed back into street clothes, you both find your way to Helene's office.
Harry knocks on the frame and Helene smiles at you both. She takes her glasses off. “These photos are beautiful. Really. I think you’ll both be very pleased.”
“Can’t wait,” Harry says.
“Come, sit. Just check this box on the ones you want printed,” she says, getting up. “I’ll leave you to it,” she says, leaving the office.
Harry sits down and pulls you into his lap. “Ya ready to see our naughty photos, my dirty girl?” You nod and kiss his neck. He opened the first thumbnail and the first photo pops up. It’s him softly kissing you, his hands on your bum, pulling you to him.
“Yes, this one,” you say, as he clicks the box. You’re scrolling through and the photos are better than you’d hoped. “H, these are amazing.”
He runs his hands up your tummy to your breasts. “These’re amazing and I got the photos to prove it.” He says, cupping them.
You lean your head back enjoying his thumbs brushing your nipples way more than you should at the moment.
“Click.” You turn to the door and she's already gone.
"She's sneaky, that one," you say pushing his hand back down to your sides.
As the photos get more explicit the tighter he holds you close whispering how beautiful you are and how thankful he is that you did this. You lean back forehead to forehead telling him softly how much you love him and you hear the final click and whir of the camera.
As the last photo pops up and he clicks the box to save it, you press your lips to his. “Thank you, baby.” You whisper to him. He kisses you, pulling you close to him.
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be-with-me-so-happily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N applies to be a styling intern for the One Direction crew during the Where We Are tour. As she gets better at her job and closer to the band and crew (especially Harry Styles), some of her dreams seem to be coming true, but so are some of her fears.
A/N: It's finally here! Took longer than expected, but it's done. Hopefully it's worth it for all of you beautiful people. So, strap in friends, and don't get too comfortable...
Warnings: Some language, alcohol consumption, jealousy, oral sex (female receiving), intercourse
Jan 31st, 2015
You had left the bar that night on good terms with Harry, believing you could handle your emotions while working together. You're so good at compartmentalizing, and your focus had always been on working hard before. Harry seemed on board with that.
Since that last drunk call though, you've been questioning whether Harry can handle it. If you're honest with yourself, you're not sure if you can either. What he had said made you feel giddy. You liked that he thought about you. You liked that he missed you. You even liked it a little that he was jealous of Ryan, even though there was nothing to be jealous of. You know you need to get your head straight before the tour, and hopefully your focus can switch back to business once it starts. So, you need to stay away from him until then.
:liam: darling, you're really not coming?
:you: it's too messy payno
:liam: you two seemed okay last week
:you: it's just not a good idea
Tonight is Harry's birthday party. You aren't really sure if you were actually still invited, since you haven't spoken to each other since that last drunk call from him, but you knew it wasn't a good idea. You just didn't want to lead him on, you didn't want to make things uncomfortable… you also didn't want to see Sarah flirting with him all night. It's the right choice, but your stomach is in knots as you realize the party is starting.
Natalie invited Ryan over for another chill movie night at Levi's. You suspect she is trying to encourage something to happen between the two of you, but it'll be a nice distraction either way.
"Okay, we've got a movie playlist going, snacks, dinner on the way, and plenty of alcohol to forget any superstar ex-boyfriend." Natalie jokes.
You glare in her direction, as you pour popcorn into a bowl. "I'm not drinking tonight." You say.
"Why not, party pooper?"
"I don't want to do something stupid later." You explain.
Dinner arrives and you grab your plate, then settle down on one end of the couch. Natalie, obnoxiously, dims the lights before playing the first selection.
Between movies, you check your phone, since you heard it buzz before.
:liam: not the same without ya, darling
:liam: it's weird you're not here
:you: there will be other parties payno
You put your phone down and as the next movie starts, you realize Ryan is now in the middle of the couch instead of the other end like he was before.
As if he read your mind, he looks over and comments, "you're not great at sharing popcorn, are you?" He laughs.
"The popcorn and I are soulmates." You smile, extending the bowl towards him.
"Lucky popcorn." He states, before reaching for a handful.
You give off an uncomfortable smile and turn your attention to the TV.
After two more movies, Natalie asks for a bathroom break, so you decide to check your texts and flip through social media.
:louis: miss ya
:louis: also don't like sarah
You giggle, but then come across photos of the party in progress. There, right before your eyes, is a photo of Sarah hanging all over Harry. Your mind is transported back to the night of the SNL after party. Once again, someone else is allowed to do what you weren't. She is a lot bolder than you, and she's getting what she wants that way.
You try to convince yourself that it doesn't matter, and that you can't be upset about it anymore, but you feel jealousy quickly bubbling up inside. You place your phone down harshly and Ryan looks over to you.
"You alright Y/N/N?"
You sigh. "Yeah…"
"You sure?" He scoots closer.
"Yeah, I'm good." Natalie walks in and you stand up. "I'm claiming the bathroom now."
You walk down the hall and lock the door once you're inside.
You stand over the sink and take some deep breaths.
[Why is this getting to you so much? You broke it off over a month ago… you're fine… right?]
You look up in the mirror and see that there is a tear in the corner of your eye.
[No. No… don't do this]
You take another deep breath and walk back out to the couch.
"I think this'll be my last one guys, I'm beat." Levi states.
"Yeah me too, I gotta work tomorrow." Says Ryan.
[Thank goodness, the awkwardness will end]
They pick an action movie and you sit back down with some more snacks.
"Are you going to share now?" Ryan jokes, scooting a little closer, once again, to grab some popcorn from the bowl.
"You know you can get a bowl for yourself right, ya thief!" You joke back.
"I didn't realize I was friends with a popcorn hoarder. I have to rethink things. Good thing you're nice otherwise, and pretty." He replies.
[Oh no]
Just then you hear a knock at the door.
"Am I super drunk? Did we order more food?" Natalie asks.
There's another knock.
"I'll get it." You laugh, taking the opportunity to remove yourself from the awkwardness you were just feeling.
There's one more knock before you reach the door.
"Okay, geez, I'm coming." You respond, giggling as you open the door.
[Shit. Oh… shit]
"H- Harry? What the hell are you doing here?" You ask, looking at the gorgeous man in front of you. "You're supposed to be at your birthday party…"
"I don't want to be there." He responds. His head is down and you can tell he's had a lot to drink.
"I don't believe that. It's your fucking birthday party." You state again. You see he really does look sad, but attribute it to the amount of alcohol he's probably had. If the drunk calls are any indication, this happens when he has had a lot.
"I don't want to be there. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right… without you."
You are getting a little annoyed. You had tried to push past all of this, but had literally just been dealing with some unwanted feelings, and now he randomly shows up like this?
"Why didn't you come?" He adds, with a slight whine in his voice.
"Because we aren't together anymore." You answer.
"So? You planned it. I thought we were okay."
"It wasn't a good idea for me to go."
"I wanted you there."
"That's why I didn't go." You reply
"Y/N, come on, you're missing the best part!" Ryan shouts from the living room.
[Not good timing dude, not good timing]
Harry's eyes widen, and then the harshest frown appears on his face.
"He's here? You fucking skipped my birthday party to hang out with him?"
"Yeah, I am hanging out with some of my friends." You argue.
"He's not a friend. He definitely wants to be more." He continues frowning, looking past you as if he's trying to direct his glare directly at Ryan somehow.
"Harry… I'm sorry I didn't go. You shouldn't be here. Let me take you back, okay?"
"Y/N I don't want to go back." He stops for a second, then asks, "will you just take me home?"
"Fine. Wait here."
You head inside, letting everyone else know where you're going.
"You've gotta be kidding me. Honey, no." Natalie argues.
"Nat, he's wasted, and it gets him out of our hair." You're not going to argue with her, so you grab the keys and walk outside.
"Come on Harry. Get in the damn car."
You are silent the entire time. You have no idea how to handle this situation. He's been drinking, but he has been saying that he's missing you. You were hurt by him, but yet you still feel this tug whenever you see him. It's as if you're instinctually happy that you get to look at him, and be around him, no matter what the circumstance is.
You shake your head, trying to shake those thoughts out. You don't even know why you're doing this right now, driving him home, but you always want people to get home safely if they've been drinking. He's no exception.
Harry's been sitting there with his head down, trying to sneak some glances whenever he could. You don't make eye contact, just focusing on the road. You pull up to his house, as close to the front door as possible, and turn the engine off.
"Here." You state, so matter-of-fact.
"M'kay. Um… thank you." He replies, head still down. He opens the door and sort of trips as he tries to get out.
"Oh geez." You roll your eyes, opening your door to help that idiot get inside.
"Sorry." He mumbles.
"Let's just get you inside." You respond.
You let him rest his arm around your shoulders, as you wrap yours around his waist. It's not as if you can handle carrying his fully weight, but at least you can give him some stability.
You help him unlock his door and get him over to the couch. You walk to the kitchen to grab a large glass of water, and walk back to put it on the coffee table in front of him.
"Okay, get some rest."
You move to turn around but he places a hand on your hip that is closest to him. He looks up at you as you turn back towards him, meeting his gaze and seeing his puppy dog expression. Those eyes make you feel uneasy yet so safe at the same time.
"Please, Y/N. Please stay."
"Harry, no. That's not a good idea." You respond.
"Why not? Just for a few?"
"I think you still have feelings… floating around."
"Of course I still have feelings for you. I lov-... I still want to be with you." He explains.
"That's why it's not a good idea. We aren't together anymore."
"You don't have any feelings for me anymore? None at all?" He asks as he closes his eyes, seeming to brace himself for the disappointing answer that he is expecting.
"I…" you sigh. "I don't want to." You admit.
"I don't want to have feelings for you anymore."
"Not exactly the answer I was hoping for…" he sighs.
"What do you want me to say Harry? That I still feel so strongly for you? That I miss you? That it's hard to see someone else flirting with you? That I want to be together again? Like, what do you want from me?" You start to raise your voice. He was the one to open you up so easily to express yourself when you were together, but you don't want him to have that right anymore. Though you'll let him see that you're angry.
"Umm… yeah, actually." He smirks for a second, hiding it away when he sees your frown.
"I can't do that."
"I feel like you just did a little…" he replies, smirking once again.
"This is ridiculous. That's not happening, and I'm leaving." You move away from him quickly before he can touch you and stop you yet again. You walk towards the door but he shoots from the couch and is only a half step before you, even though he's stumbling a little. You reach for the door handle, but you feel his breath on the back of your neck and can't get yourself to turn the knob.
"Tell me you don't still care about me." He asks.
"Of course I still care about you, Harry."
"Then tell me you don't still have feelings for me." He asks.
"I…" you clear your throat. "I don't."
"Look at me, and tell me you don't still have feelings for me."
You clear your throat again. As soon as you turn around, you have to close your eyes.
[You don't know if you can do this, you don't know if you can look him in the eyes and say that… but you have to, right?… you need to]
You open your eyes and meet his.
"I don't…" You feel yourself start to breathe heavy and you feel his breath on you. "You're drunk. Let's drop this." You shake your head and look down, unable to meet his gaze again.
"Say it and I'll leave you alone. I'll let you walk out, and we can just see each other on tour." He offers.
You look back up, trying to muster up the courage to say what you think you need to say, and not what you now think you may want to say.
He reaches his hand to your cheek, and all the memories of the rooftop party come flooding back. You remember how comfortable you felt, even as you melted at his touch. You remember how your stomach was in knots, realizing it is doing the same thing now. You remember the ecstasy you felt when you finally let your walls down and enjoy that amazing first kiss with him.
"Can you actually tell me you don't still have feelings for me?" He asks again.
"Harry… I… can't-" you stutter, but as soon as the last word slips out, he moves his lips as close to yours as he can without touching them.
"Tell me not to…" he states.
Your labored breathing has matched his. Every instinct you had to be sensible is withering away and you are trying desperately to hold onto any control you thought you had before.
"I… can't…" you admit, and he places his lips on yours in such a tender kiss. Just like on the rooftop, you melt. He pulls away, but only hovering his lips right in front of yours.
"M'sorry." He says. You open your eyes quickly to see that he is squinting, as if bracing himself again for a disappointing reaction.
You unintentionally let out a subtle moan and see him smirk as he pulls away just a tad further and opens his eyes, looking straight into yours. It's as if they are silently communicating with your soul, and you giggle.
He bites his lower lip, and as he uses his other hand to hold your other cheek, he moves his body even closer and passionately places his lips back on yours. You sigh into the kiss.
You no longer can deny that you've missed this. You've missed his warmth, missed his touch, and missed him. As hard as you've tried to push it all aside, you've really missed him.
He pushes his body more against yours, causing you to press up against the door. Your arms wrap around his neck as you deepen the kiss. He wraps one arm around your waist, creating even more pressure between your two bodies, and moves the other to the back of your head. His tongue moves to part your lips and you don't hesitate to do so.
He moves both of his hands to your waist and motions for you to jump up. He grabs under your ass and you wrap your legs around him instantly. The couch is the closest piece of furniture, so he maneuvers his way over, your lips never leaving each other, and slowly lowers himself down on the couch so that you are straddling him.
You both pull back for a breath. You chuckle slightly and mumble, "this is so dumb of me."
"Do you want to stop?" He asks, fully aroused but always caring.
"No." You respond immediately, shaking your head.
"So, safe?" He asks.
"Safe." You grin, knowing that you've never felt so cared about during sex as you had with him. He tugs on the bottom of your shirt, so you lift up your arms for him to remove it.
He lets out one breathy laugh, as he looks at your chest and grins. "You… you still have your necklace?" He asks, looking as if his eyes might fill with tears.
You clear your throat. "I… I never take it off." You bite your lower lip. "Only time it left this spot was when it fell off."
He places both hands on your back, gently rubbing them up and down, and moves his gaze up to your face. "I've missed you."
You roll your eyes, assuming it's just because you're naked on top of him. "Mhmm…" you reply, grabbing his face with your hands and leaning in for a kiss.
"I have!" He states.
"Shut up and kiss me." You demand, moving his face and pressing your lips against his. You grab the hem of his shirt and lift it up over his head, tossing it to the side as you lean down to kiss the swallows on his chest.
You grab the back of his neck with one hand and lift your hips up slightly, reaching down to his pants to unbutton them with the other.
"Talented." He exclaims, impressed.
"Horny, and impatient." You wink, as he helps you with the zipper, sliding them down past his knees. You stand up to shimmy your bottoms off and take his pants down the rest of the way.
You move to straddle him again, but he grabs around you and flips you down onto the couch, so that you're laying on your back. He hovers over you. His chest glistening, his breath labored, and his 'Sunshine' necklace hanging down perfectly in your view.
"You still have your necklace too." You smile.
"Of course I do." He answers, without hesitation. He leans down to kiss you and runs his fingers along your center.
He pushes them in, the coldness of his rings heightening the sensation.
"Wow. You're so wet." He exclaims arrogantly, as he leans down to kiss your neck. You moan out, grabbing the couch with one hand, gripping the pillow beneath your head with the other.
He starts kissing your jawline, kissing back down your neck, and down your chest. This time with him feels less tender, and way more passionate, as if you are both getting all the pent up desire out tonight.
His kisses continue down your body and as he reaches your clit he uses the tip of his tongue to swirl around it, causing you to grab his hair.
"Oh my god." You let out, with a breathy moan, and he picks up the pace of his fingers. You buck your hips a little and he uses his free hand to hold one side down.
"Fuck, Harry!" You grab his hair tighter and start to pull it a bit. He moans against you, which gets you right on the edge of your orgasm.
"I'm so close." You mutter, barely able to form the words. He moves the hand that was on your hip, grabbing your upper thigh and gently squeezing it, sending you over the edge. Your body tenses, clenching the couch as you tighten your grip on his hair even more, closing your eyes and throwing your head back.
"Oh fuck!" You yell out as you let go. He lifts his head from your grasp, slowing the pace of his fingers.
"Please look at me." He asks, as you come down from your high. You open your eyes and gaze into his, seeing a big smirk on his face, your chest moving rapidly as you catch your breath.
He pulls out his fingers, licking the two that had been inside you, tasting what you had just released all over them. He moves to hover over you again and place a passionate kiss on your lips, causing you to taste yourself.
He sits back on his knees and pulls you up slightly, maneuvering your body to flip over. He hovers over your back, kissing your neck, then whispering, "safe?"
He uses his fingers once again to run up and down your center, his rings causing your sensitivity to be overloaded. You lay your head down onto the pillow, turning it so that your cheek is resting on the fabric, as you keep your ass in the air. He runs his tip along your center, teasing you and causing even more sensitivity than before. It's so much that your body starts to shake.
"Safe, love?" He asks, with slight concern in his voice.
You look back at him as much as possible. "Yes. Just need you in me."
"What was that, love?" He asks with a chuckle, knowing that the tease is causing you even more impatience.
"Harry! I need you in me!" You howl.
He doesn't hesitate to gently thrust in, but quickly picks up speed as he feels you around him.
"God I've missed this." He hisses, grabbing your hips with both hands and squeezing them each time he enters back in.
One of his hands moves to your ass, grabbing and massaging it as he continues to pump into you.
"Fuck I've missed this." He moans again.
"Me too." You admit with a whisper.
That causes him to go faster, moving his hand back to your hip and pulling you into him to get deeper.
You let out a loud moan and arch your back even more. He leans forward just a little bit, running one hand up your back and grabbing your hair.
"S- safe baby?" He asks.
"Yes, Harry. Yes."
"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum. Are you close?"
"Oh fuck. Say it again, please." He exhales, his movements getting sloppy as he gets closer to his orgasm. "Please say it again."
"Fuck, yes. I'm so close, H!"
He thrusts in one more time, reaching the deepest point he had the entire time, and you let go. You grab onto the pillow tightly, with Harry still pumping into you to reach his own orgasm as you work your way through yours.
He groans and pulls out, releasing all over your ass.
Once he has caught his breath, he quickly gets up to get something to wipe you down, coming back and cleaning you off with such care.
You turn over and sit on the couch and Harry moves to kneel between your legs. He shakes his head as he smiles, looking so deeply into your eyes.
You match his movements. "I did not think this was how my night would go."
He chuckles, then bites his lip and starts to blush. "I wanted this to be the only way for my night to go."
Your logic quickly kicks in and your smile slightly fades. "We shouldn't have done this while you're drunk."
His eyebrows furrow. "Don't do that. Please. I've wanted this, to just be with you again since… umm, since New York. It's not because I was drinking."
He meets your eye line and grabs the back of your neck to pull you in for a passionate kiss. As he pulls back, he grins, showing off those deep dimples. "Plus, what's your excuse then?" He chuckles.
You blush, not even knowing what your answer could be. But he doesn't even let you respond.
"Would you stay the night?" He asks, squinting his eyes shut, as he seems to do every time he braces for the answer he doesn't want to hear.
"What about your party?" You ask as you remember his original plans for tonight.
"There's no way I'm going back now. You're here. And, umm… Sarah is too much." He rolls his eyes. "I want to wake up with you, on my birthday. Will you stay?" He pauses. "You don't have to."
[It's not a good idea, but neither was what just happened, and you really don't want to leave]
"Okay." You pause, needing to clarify one thing first. "But can we talk about things tomorrow?"
His smirk pulls on one side, showing only his right dimple now.
"Yes, we can talk tomorrow." He smiles. "But, first, do you want some pancakes right now?"
You nod, and notice the time on the stove is now past midnight.
"Happy Birthday, H."
He grins widely, and winks. "Best birthday by far!"
Series Masterlist || Chapter 15 || Chapter 17
Taglist: @watermelonsugacry @tw1nflamebruis3 @slut4lilyrose @pinktakeaway @hopefulwastelandcreation @tenaciousperfectionunknown @his-only-angel-1989 @queenmadi2 @runway-to-my-aid @theekyliepage
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Tumblr media
Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (ig: @allie.writes)
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harrystylesslutt · a day ago
would you be able to do a piss kink sub!rry ?
so this isnt smthg im personally into but im gonna write it cz why not (also if u dont like that stuff just keep scrolling cz theres no need to leave hate or kink shame anyone :)
you keep thrusting up in him as he bounces at the same time, trying to make the toy reach in deeper to hit his spot. "mommy please I can't hold it anymore!" he whines rolling his eyes back when he feels you press down onto his stomach, the pressure reaching his bladder.
"just a little longer pretty boy, know y'can do it" he starts moving up and down the toy harder and faster, his movements becoming more urgent. you sit up to reach his nipples, licking them and pinching them to get a reaction out of him, your hand still applying pressure on him.
"oh shit! p-please I can't" he feels his stomach tightening and his eyes water, his body overwhelmed as he begs u for release. "alright fine baby, I'll go easy on you this time, c'mon angel let go f'me" you whisper softly in his ear, and that seems to do it for him because seconds later he's making a mess all over you and wetting the sheets. his piss quickly replaced by strings of cum spurting all over your stomach.
he hugs you close to him, still gasping and panting from his intense orgasm but incredibly relieved that the pressure on his bladder was gone. "fuck angel, y'look so fucked and pretty, gonna have to take you again".
he whimpers at your words and nods against your neck "please do."
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cruelsummerhrry · a day ago
A/n: this is inspired by one of my favorite songs from 1989, I Know Places!
Bliding lights. Loud crowds. Large stages.
That's all Y/n has ever known. Her adolescent years were acted out on a stage of fans were she was Y/n, singer-songwriter. All she's ever know was the public eye and zero privacy.
Now that she is twenty-three, she realizes how much all of that has damaged her, so she leaves the public.
No social media. No public appearance. No paparazzi pictures. Nothing.
While she has been in hiding, she met the best person she's ever met. Harry. She met him when she went into a bookstore and needed help finding a book. They immediately clicked.
Their relationship escalated quickly and they've been hiding everywhere they go. They've been dating for nine months and they have yet to been seen by anyone who wasn't close friends and family.
Harry was completely understanding of her situation and encouraged her to do what she wants and to take as much time as she needs away from the spotlight.
When y/n isn't with harry, she is in the studio. She has been working on her next album and has been putting her all into this album and almost every song is inspired by Harry.
Once the album is out, Y/n finally comes out of hiding. She is ready to take a more pulled back version of her past persona.
Her first appearance after hiding was on a late night show where she is asked about her secretive relationship.
"Why do you hide your relationship?"
"The past year and a half I realized how little privacy I actually have and how I didn't ask for that. When I came back into the spotlight, I knew what I wanted to be off limits from my fans to know. Before my disappearance I felt like when I was in a relationship I was being haunted. Now I am able to breath. I'm no longer running from a mob." Happy with her answer she stops.
A/n: something very short and cute ig! Probs going to post more with them idk. Like and REBLOG, reblogging helps my account so please do it. Ok gn or whatever.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Candids of Harry at ONO - London!
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thedarlingfawn · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ddaydreamer · 2 days ago
Can you Write something about Reader and Harry being together for like a really Long time, like since 2017 and Reader has been seen out with someone Else and the Fans think she is cheating on Harry, but she isnt.
“Harry man, your fans are going ballistic on Twitter again.” One of Harry’s producers scrolled through his phone while laughing they were supposed to be recording songs but due to a technical problem, they had to wait for the issue to be fixed before he could record.
“They do that sometimes. What are they talking about now?” Harry picked up his phone from the table and unlocked it.
“Uh yeah man I think you need to see this yourself.” he handed his phone over to Harry. Your name was trending on Twitter and Harry scrolled through hundreds of messages.
He finally was able to find a message that made sense. It had an image attached to the tweet. “Y/N SEEN AT DINNER WITH MYSTER MAN- ARE THEY CHEATING ON LONG TERM BOYFRIEND HARRY???”
The attached imagine was you and a man sitting at a local restaurant together in New York, Harry was in California. He of course knew about your plans, as the man you were with was a mutual friend, Harry had introduced you two shortly after you started dating.
The feed refreshes and another tweet pops up from a news article. “Y/N SEEN LEAVING RESTAURANT WITH UNKNOWN MAN! THEIR BOYFRIEND OF FIVE YEARS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.” Attached was video, Harry pressed play. The immediate sound of cameras clicking and fans shouting hateful words at you blared through the phones speakers, he felt sick.
“This is bullshit,” Harry turned off the video and picked up his own phone. Quickly sending you a text, making sure you’re okay, he opened twitter and pressed new tweet.
‘My partner, Y/N, would never cheat on me. The “mystery man” they were seen with is a mutual friend. To see all of your tweets and watching a video of some of you yelling such disgusting things at the love of my life pissed me off. I’m ashamed of every single one of you.” As soon as he hit tweet, his notifications started to blow up, hundreds of retweets and quote tweets.
Harry didn’t pay attention and soon went back to texting you. He wouldn’t let the world think you were a cheater.
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gurugirl · a day ago
Don't Stand So Close Chapter 5*
Summary: Anna and Starla are best friends, but when Anna meets Starla’s dad, Harry, she can’t deny how attractive he is. Unfortunately, she’s far too young for him and he doesn’t seem to be interested anyway. Then, years down the road, Harry suddenly realizes he likes his daughter’s best friend a little too much, but how could they ever make it work?
AN/Warning: I will have a * by the parts when smut is included. This warning list is comprehensive for all parts, not all contain smut or listed warnings. NSFW, smut, oral (male and female), 18+ only (as always), angst, major age gap (all consenting adults)
Pairing: Student Anna x Best Friend's Dad Harry +Author/Professor
Tumblr media
Chapter 4
*the smut in this one is masturbation - don't worry, the good stuff is coming soon
Chapter 5*
Next weekend couldn’t have come faster. I was so ready to see Harry again my bones were aching. When Starla and I pull up to Harry’s house, there’s a car in the driveway that I’m not familiar with. When we enter the room we see Harry and two other men drinking beers and shooting the shit in the indoor porch. He’s playing some classic rock over the blue tooth speaker and Starla rolls her eyes, “Dad’s author friends. I didn’t know they’d be here. Sorry, Anna.” I frown, not knowing why it’s a big deal that they’re here.
When Harry sees Starla come into the living room he pops up from his seat and smiles widely at his daughter and brings her in for a hug. She laughs and then waves at the other two guys who are also both standing up to greet us. Harry and I make eye contact and his face changes from a sweetness to something different. A little darker but he’s smiling at me and then I see his smirk. He introduces the guys to me and reminds them of Starla’s name. The guys seems nice enough and then they all go back to drinking their beers and chatting. It’s a touch too cold out today to swim, now that it’s later in the afternoon, but tomorrow the weather should be warm enough for a dip. I make my way to the bookshelf and check out some books. Harry has so many books, all different genres. I run my fingers over a few sections and then Starla is running up to me, holding her phone out. She’s showing me a series of texts from this Chemistry major named Paul. Paul is clearly flirting with her through text and she squeals.
“Okay, don’t hate me, but he wants to meet up with me tonight at The Mont for a drink. Is it okay if I go tonight and then I promise we’ll do Saturday and Sunday as planned.” She’s squeezing my hand and begging me with her eyes. I won’t say no to her. She’s liked Paul for over a year and he’s a really great guy so I shrug, “It’s fine. Go. We didn’t have anything planned for today anyway. Just as long as you’re mine tomorrow I won’t complain. Especially not when I’ve got all this to keep me occupied…” I gesture toward the bookshelf.
“Oh god! Thank you, thank you! I’m sorry, but thank you!” She kisses my cheek before calming herself and going to tell her dad. I continue looking through the books but I can hear their conversation and it’s obvious Harry is disappointed that his daughter is going out tonight.
“What about Anna? This was supposed to be her birthday celebration weekend, right?” I stand up and turn around to watch now. Everyone is focused on the two.
Starla pouts, “I know it sounds like I’m abandoning her but we don’t have plans for tonight – the celebration starts tomorrow, right? And dad! I really like him. He’s so nice and so smart. I really want to have a chance to get to know him better. Please? Anna said it’s fine.”
I see Harry peer over to me and the two men follow his gaze to me as well. I shrug and smile, “I’m okay with it. I can keep occupied here with all these books.” I say breathing out a laugh in hopes of lightening the mood a bit.
“Fine. But please come home before midnight. And call if you need a ride, do not drive if you’ve had more than two drinks. Understood?”
After Starla is gone Harry has offered me a beer and I’m sitting with him on the loveseat chair while the other two guys are sitting across from us in the indoor porch. The one named Brad is talking about how he’s trying to finish up his current book. He’s a published author and so is the other guy. Well, and Harry too. Harry is giving him tips on focusing and finishing while I’m just sipping the IPA that Harry handed me listening in. I don’t know a lot about writing books, but I sure know about reading them.
Eventually the subject changes to Harry’s lecture at the university and how it went really well.
“Anna, here, signed up to take the lecture. She was like, basically teaching the class for me!” He laughed and the guys laugh along. I feel a wave of embarrassment wash over me with his compliment. I look over to Harry with a questioning look and shake my head, “No, that’s not true. I just enjoy participating in a good conversation about literary works. I love learning about the theory of literature and all the symbolism that make up the books we read.”
Harry nods and takes another gulp of his beer, “That she does. Half of the lectures were spent with just me and her discussing the works while the class listened. She’s brilliant.” He smiles down at me, his dimple carving into his cheek. His eyes are sparkling and cheeks and tip of his nose pink, probably from the beer. I can tell he’s very relaxed and in a great mood. He licks his lips and I watch his tongue wet his lips. His eyes move over my face like he’s make sure to memorize all of my features.
One of the guys clears his throat and breaks our spell from one another. The one named Greg speaks, “So, you're Starla’s best friend? We must all seem like old farts to you then?”
I laugh and shake my head, “Oh, I don’t know. I get along well with people older than myself. Doesn’t make much of a difference. As long as your brain is still working and you can have a conversation with me I guess it doesn’t matter.” I laugh and then look back down to my beer.
“So, what are you into? Sports? Fashion? What things do you like to converse about?” Brad asks me. I feel a bit insulted but try not to take it personally. He doesn’t know me.
“I like to talk about art and art history, literature, and sometimes fashion, sure. Depends on the audience. I spend most of my time studying and reading books for both school and pleasure.”
They nod and everyone takes a sip of their beer.
Eventually Greg starts talking about James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain and I’m intrigued. It’s not a book I’ve had the opportunity to read yet. Harry also hasn’t read it. So, we’re listening to his summary of the book and sipping beer when Harry gets up to grab everyone another beer. When he comes back he plops down but this time, he’s much, much closer than he was before. I’m immediately feeling his heat and my body is on high alert to his nearness. Every now and then, when Harry speaks and makes a gesture, or when I speak and gesture, we bump each other but make no move to increase the distance. In fact, at one point when we’ve settled as we’re listening to Brad our elbows are smushed together and it’s so sensual somehow. It’s literally just elbows touching but I’m a mess from it.
When we’ve finished our beers the guys are saying that can’t have anymore since they need to drive, they’ve all had a few, probably too many to drive in reality, but they seem okay. Harry admits he’s had five beers and I can sort of tell, but he’s mostly staying composed. I’ve only had two, but I feel the alcohol from the IPAs coursing through my blood.
Somehow I’ve started talking about Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and Brad has read it but neither Greg or Harry has so they’re both listening closely to us discuss the historical background. Brad isn’t as fun to discuss a book with as Harry is because he seems to want to keep the conversation surface level, which makes me wonder if he really understood the text in the first place, but I wouldn’t tell him that. This man is twice my age and that would be an insult to his intelligence, which he clearly is intelligent.
So, then, when I tell him, “I agree. It’s not historically accurate, no, but it still has some very great archetypal examples of the travel literature genre…” he’s nodding and scratching his chin like he’s trying to appease my thoughts on the book. I decide to leave it there. Harry suggests everyone call it a night and the guys all leave, saying their farewells to me and Harry before it’s quiet and just the two us, classical rock still playing lightly in the background.
Harry moves into the living room and throws himself lengthwise onto the couch. His heavy body thudding down into the soft cushions and he pulls his arms behind him to cradle his head with elbows out. “I should read it. Sounds interesting. I have a copy. Just never got around to it. The travel literature genre is not something I’ve ever really focused much on. Did you read it for a class or for pleasure?”
I sit down on the small cushion chair closest to Harry’s head so he has to turn his neck to watch me and I smile, “Well, to be very honest, anytime I get to read a novel for school or not, it’s always pleasure. I love reading. Sometimes textbooks are boring and not a pleasure but novels and authors who write with prose and have characters, a storyline, it’s something that I love to use as an escape.” I smile at him. He’s cute like this. All lanky and long, but he’s still strong looking and bulky at the same time, taking up the entire couch with the length of his body.
He sits up onto his elbows and turns toward me, “Have you ever read one of my books?” It’s like the thought had just occurred to him that I’d consider reading one of his books.
I smile and blink a few times before nodding, “Yes. All of them.” I watch for his reaction. He goes from furrowed brow, to raising his brows up with a wide smile.
“Really?” He looks confused but curious and excited in a way. He sits up further and swings his legs off the couch to land on the floor in front of him, his full attention on me.
“Yeah. Sure. My best friend’s dad, the published author, Harry Styles. Of course I’d read your books.” I’m smiling at him gently and watching his reaction go from that previously described curious excitedness to a sudden revelation as he rubs his hands over his face and leans back into the cushions behind him, still covering his face and eyes with his hands. I can see his smile, though. He slowly drags his hands down and looks at me in contemplation.
“So, be honest. What’d you think?” He goes back to covering his face and tilting his head upward before bringing his hands back down. I’m waiting for him to look at me so I can continue.
I clear my throat and he finally looks in my direction and pulls his lips into his mouth and raises his eyebrows.
“Well, I love them, actually. All of them. I’ve read Arranging Thirteen a few times. It’s my favorite of all of them. Um, my second favorite, which I’ve started to read again for the second time is The Sweetness of a Poem. And your other three are all wonderful reads as well. I found that series on the Seoul Olympics to be more like academia than the rest of your writing. You really stepped outside of your comfort zone with it. I’ve always wanted to know, what made you write it.”
Harry looks down at his finger, twisting one of his rings and then back up to me. I see him take in a deep breath as his chest puffs out a bit, just before breathing out and he begins to explain to me why he wanted to write it. How he found the whole 100 meter race controversy very fascinating and when he started researching the issue he found a bunch of other things he felt needed to be addressed. His series was three books. He couldn’t fit everything he found out into one book, and each book covered a different angle of the controversy. I’m fascinated by everything he says. I could discuss any topic with him but he does seem to get a little bashful when talking about his own books. But I can also see how he’s passionate about what he wrote as well.
Harry gets me another beer when he’s asked me if I’d like another but he sticks to water. We’ve turned the tv on and the music off and now are both sitting on the long couch that’s facing the television, with a safe distance in between. I have my legs tucked under me, like I usually sit, and Harry is leaning back with his knees spread a bit, like he usually sits. We’re commenting on the TV show, both of us have never seen it before and laughing about the corny puns they keep using. One guy says to a girl, “Somebody better call god because he’s missing an angel.” And it has us both hunching over laughing, tears are spilling down my cheeks. The show is as dumb as it gets and the corny phrases are just making it worse.
Harry turns his head to look at me and can’t stop himself from laughing as he speaks, “Has any guy ever tried a corny pick-up line with you like that?”
I wipe my tears and shake my head, still laughing, “No. But I have a good corny joke!” I try to stop laughing and sit up straight, turning toward Harry, “The past, the present, and the future walk into a bar. It was tense.”  His eyes nearly bulge out of his head and he starts old man wheeze-laughing until his face is bright red. His reaction makes me lose it and before we know it we are leaning on each other laughing and crying. The joke isn’t funny. In any other context we wouldn’t be dying laughing. It’s just that we’ve each had a few beers and we’ve both been in a light mood and once we began laughing we just couldn’t stop – even if the pun wasn’t funny.
We’ve finally settled down and I realize how close Harry and I are now. Our knees are nudged up to one another and his hand is on the couch, right next to my thigh, but not touching it. I look up at him and wipe my face of the tears just as he’s wiping his and we stay sat for a moment, just allowing the desire to speak through our eyes. Not saying anything or looking anywhere else but at one another.
Harry nods quickly downward with his brows furrowed, keeping his eyes on mine, and the edge of his mouth quirks up on one side. He opens his mouth to say something and then closes it. I swallow, watching him go through whatever is going on inside of his mind. He bites his lip and looks down to the hand nearest my thigh and then back up to me and finally he breaks the silence, “Ya know, you shouldn’t sit too close to me like this.” But he’s got a faint smile on his face, like he doesn’t really mean it. Like he likes it.
I ponder what to say in return, my eyes search his face before opening my mouth and then closing it again to hum a little in question and then I answer him with a question, “Why not? You don’t like it?” I make no move to create distance.
Neither does he when he responds, “Didn’t say I didn’t like it. Just mean that it’s probably not wise.”
I clear my throat and then take a deep breath. I want him to tell me. To come out with it so I press further, “What’s not wise, Harry? Why don’t you just tell me what you mean.”
Harry smiles briefly before it falls off of his face and he becomes serious. He breaths out before swallowing and I can feel his breath on my cheek, “I just mean that when you sit so close to me like this I begin to think you like it too. Because I do like it but I shouldn’t. And then when you look at me like this,” he pauses as he brings his hand up to my face, palm covering my jaw and cheek and thumb lightly rubbing my cheek bone, “… it feels like you want me to kiss you. You know? Just get it over with. See what’s it like. Is that what you want, Anna?” He’s searching my face, dead serious now. We are breathing one another in with our close proximity and I feel his warmth surrounding me. With my heart hammering in my chest I reach up to put my hand over his and press his hand harder over my cheek as I lean into his touch and close my eyes.
I don’t open them before speaking, “It’s all I want Harry.” I breath out before opening my eyes back up and I drop my hand down to my knee, which is nudged up against his knee and lightly brush his pants with my pinky and I lick my lips. This is all I want. To be kissed by him and spend our days in deep conversation about nothing and everything.
I can hear his breaths shallow, his lips slightly parted and he looks like he’s in actual physical pain. My eyes stay on his, awaiting his response.
Instead of speaking he looks down at my lips and I automatically lick them in anticipation. I watch his lips as he licks his and suddenly his hand on my face is drawing me close to him and finally, our lips have their very first meeting, and it’s a good one. His are soft and sweet and gentle, and mine to him are plush, needy, and warm. The kiss is slow and meaningful. Everything is very deliberate, to make sure this is okay with the other. There’s no haste, nor moves to take it further. It’s simply a kiss that has been in the making for years. A kiss that might not be okay with anyone but ourselves. One that was hesitant but still a kiss that couldn’t have been stopped.
I bring my hands up to his neck and Harry takes this as permission to deepen the kiss a little. His lips are pressing more firmly into mine and in unison our motions become more hurried. With another deep press of his lips into mine I open my lips a little and lick his lips with my tongue very lightly with each kiss. He returns the same actions and suddenly our tongues are smashing together and he’s licking into my mouth, leaning in toward me which has me arching my back. He brings his other hand up from the couch to settle over my thigh and he squeezes gently. I finally gasp for air and draw back at the same time Harry does. He’s panting and looking at me with wide eyes, chest heaving.
We both stare for a moment, in awe, in relief, in guilt, in need. We are conflicted. I liked the kiss and I hope to be able to do it again but I also understand all of the reasons why we shouldn’t. Or why others think we shouldn’t.
But then Harry breathes out of his nose and cracks a smile before shaking his head, still gazing at me.
“Sorry. I had to.” He brings his hand up to my jaw and rubs his thumb over my bottom lip, “Needed to see what it would feel like. Was not disappointed.”
I return his smile and breath out a laugh and then jut my tongue out to his thumb on my lip in jest. Harry cocks his head and looks at me like I’m crazy but he’s smiling.
“I like you.” He laughs out and takes his hand away. It’s almost like the kiss has made us more comfortable with one another in a way. Like we’re relieved to have finally done it. He sits still, watching me and his grin becomes wider, “A lot. I like you a lot. Is that okay?”
I feel dizzy, lightheaded after the kiss. But there’s now a clarity and that tension has been snapped. We’ve finally kissed and we’re both on the same page, though who knows what any of this means. Perhaps nothing. Probably nothing. How could we move past just a kiss? The fallout could be tragic. Is the risk worth it?
I’m smiling and trying to find my voice. I feel like my voice won’t work but I push through after swallowing and answer him in honesty and vulnerability, “Of course it’s okay. I didn’t think that would ever happen. I’ve had a crush on you for, well, anyway…” I shake my head and bring my gaze down to our knees and then back up to his face, he’s silent letting me continue, “Feels like none of this is real, but at the same time now everything that’s real is laid out right before us. I like you a lot too.”
Harry nods and moves in toward me and kisses me quickly on my cheek, and then a peck at the corner of my mouth before he’s sitting back upright. He takes my hands in his, “There’s a lot to unpack here. I don’t just think you’re a pretty girl, Anna. You and I have a connection, chemistry, and above all else, I think we trust one another. So, it’s a lot. But I think right now we should probably make some dinner. Listen to some music. Discuss an interesting topic to distract us from what just happened.”
I frown. He doesn’t want to discuss the kiss we just shared and it somehow makes me feel very insignificant. Very vulnerable, and not the kind of vulnerable where you allow someone to see it, the kind that you are forced to bear without consent. I don’t like the feeling and my heart drops from the prospect that he doesn’t want to think about it or consider what this could mean. He wants to forget it happened. “Oh.” I say and look down as I scoot away from him, now suddenly feeling sick and the dizziness has turned into something sinister in my brain, seeping into my guts.
Harry grasps my wrist lightly and whispers hey… I look at him and I can feel my eyes begin to prick with tears and I feel embarrassed now. I hate this. He’s shaking his head and frowning, “Anna, please. Let’s come back to this to discuss when we’re not both a little drunk, okay? If we sit here and hash it all out right now, I don’t know what is going to happen with the state I’m in. I don’t know if I can just talk – I’m a little, excited and I don’t want it to get the best of me. My body will start to do the talking and I don’t want to take advantage of you. Is that what you’re upset about? You want to talk about what just happened?”
A tear finally releases itself from my lash and rolls down my cheek and I nod unable to voice anything further. I feel ridiculous and without control of my emotions in this moment.
Harry scoots closer to me and grasps my face in both hands. He looks sad and he blinks his eyes a few times before letting out a heavy sigh, “I want to talk to you about this. We will. But right now I’m a little drunk and you’ve had a few beers and we’re both… emotional a little? Honestly. As soon as my lips touched yours I was ready to drag you into my bedroom and make you mine but I need to asses and so do you and in this state we cannot do that. I am twice your age, Anna. My daughter, your parents, my ex, the whole world is going to be against this and we can’t take this lightly.” He leans his forehead against mine and continues, “You’re precious to me, Anna. This can’t be something we hap-hazard our way through. It needs to be precise and without the presence of alcohol in our systems. Does it make sense why I think we should press pause right now?”
When I hear his words and feel his warmth over me I realize he’s right. If we begin to talk and reveal our feelings there is a good chance we’ll have sex and still wouldn’t have been able to have the talk we need to. I sigh and my heart begins to pump blood through my veins once again at his reassurance. We will talk about it but not tonight. We need to calm down before Starla comes back and we’ll reconvene when we’re of sound mound.
I nod and smile, sorry, I whisper as I close my eyes. We stay sat, foreheads together for a bit longer before I feel his lips on mine again. A slow, wet, and needy kiss. It creates more tingling in my stomach and zipping electricity throughout my body. I grasp onto his shoulders as we begin to moan into each other’s mouths and suddenly his right hand is coming down to hold onto my waist and he’s pulling me closer so that I’m nearly on his lap. I feel saliva drip to my chin, our kiss is so desperate that we’re drooling and I’m suddenly climbing onto his lap. He presses me into him, our lips never parting. He’s grasping the back of my head with his left hand, while his right is still steady on my waist. Harry moves his lips down over my chin and then jaw. Hot, open-mouthed kisses trail down my neck and I feel his tongue laving at a sensitive spot. I’m hot and very turned on. In this very moment I wouldn’t mind having him fuck me senseless but then he’s pulling his mouth off of my neck and groaning deeply. His eyes are closed and we’re both in a suspended moment of interrupted bliss.
“Fuck. Anna, your lips are something else. I’m having a hard time resisting you but we need to calm down. I need to go to the bathroom and then let’s make some dinner and wait for Starla to come home. I promise you, this is not done.”
I breathe out a laugh and nod. I know he’s right. I climb off of him and he slowly gets up and I notice how he has to adjust himself in his pants. He’s definitely sporting a bit of a bulge and it makes me clench. I wonder to myself if I’ll ever get to experience him in bed. See what his dick looks like, feel him, know him in that way.
Harry gives me a half smile and tells me he’ll be right back before he’s making his way to his bathroom.
I know it’s wrong. But her lips feel like none other. I’ve kissed many women and Anna, this 21-year-old girl has given me a boner from just her lips. Of course, she’s given me a boner from far less but fuck if I’m not about to explode. When she climbed into my lap I thought I would cum right then and she hadn’t even pressed any part of her body against me. I’m just that far gone for her.
As I’m stroking my hard cock, I close my eyes. I know this will be fast, I’m about to bust. I think of her soft skin, her big blue eyes, those lips. My breathing picks up as I’m near my end, my strokes getting faster. I’m leaning toward the shower stall so that I don’t make a mess on my clothes, one hand on the tile wall the other expertly gliding over my shaft. I slow my movements as I squeeze over my tip, and then bring my hand down toward my pelvis and then back up all the way to the tip. This is the magic move that makes me cum fast every time. Long strokes, down to the base of my shaft and then up to the head, paying special attention to my sensitive tip. The lube I’m using is providing me with a slick resistance that has me wondering what it would feel like if I were to just give in and fuck Anna tonight. I know she’d let me and I keen at the thought. My thumb swipes over my tip and I’m panting. The tension in my stomach begins to unfurl and I’m finally releasing into my shower, white cum splashing over the wall and into the tub floor. I bite my lip to keep quiet as I slowly stroke myself coming down from my orgasm.
I dab a damp cloth over my dick to wipe up a bit and then tuck myself back in. I asses the damage in the shower stall and note that it’s really not bad. I’ll shower tonight before going to bed and it’ll all go down the drain. There should be no reason for either of the girls to come in here tonight. Once I wash my hands I go out to the living room feeling calmer and more collected. Anna is already in the kitchen cooking something. I come up behind her and wrap my arms around her and kiss her under her ear. I'm already feeling too familiar with her after out kiss. I don't know if it's a good thing or not.
The giggle she emits is soft, glorious and it’s a sound I want to hear every day. She turns her head and peers at me, “Mac and cheese okay?”
She’s boiling the pasta and mixing cheese and cream together to make the sauce and I think mac and cheese sounds like the perfect drunk food right now.
Harry is being very sweet and touchy. It’s almost like we’re in an established relationship. It’s almost like we didn’t just go through a bit of turmoil to get where we are at this moment. Nonetheless I’m reveling in the feeling of his eyes on me. The soft kisses he presses to my hands and shoulders. I love the way he won’t leave my side, how he’s touching me and nuzzling into me. But we don’t kiss on the lips again. It’s a boundary that is unspoken but necessary.
After we eat the entire pan of mac and cheese we have settled back down on the couch to continue watching tv but we’re not paying attention at all. He’s holding my hand and lightly stroking his thumb over my knuckles and we’re talking about the painting that my parents have in their living room over the television. Harry remembered it and brought it up from the one time he was stood in my home. He couldn’t remember the name of the painting but he knew it was a famous one.
“Yes, it’s a print of Arthur Dove’s Nature Symbolized. My parents have random, framed prints all over the house. My mother loves art in all forms. My father too, but it’s my mother who decided on the art.”
We get onto the topic of our favorite period of art and I’m not surprised that Harry knows a lot about art. Just as we’re on the subject of how Baroque art began and whether or not contemporary art needs standards to be considered acceptable art the door opens and Starla is entering. Harry quickly lets go of my hand and scoots toward the other end of the couch before hopping up to greet her.
“Daughter! How was it? What’s this bloke’s name again?” He’s standing at the bottom step of the landing as she closes the door and gives him a weird look, as if he’s lost his mind.
“Uh, it was fine. His name is Paul. He was very sweet. I had fun. I think I’ll see him again soon.” She’s smiling but then she looks back at Harry and descends the two steps to stand in front of him, “Are you okay? Seem a little jumpy.” She looks over to me in question and I just shrug, trying to play it cool.
Harry scoffs and turns to look at me before turning his attention back to Starla, “Of course I’m fine. I was kind of worried about you is all. Glad to see you back, darling.”
We don’t stay up much longer. Harry’s gone to his room bidding us goodnight and Starla and I go into her room. She tells me all about Paul and what they talked about.
“God. He’s so cute, Anna. He held my hand. We sat at this high-bar table in the corner of the bar on stools and he scooted his stool right next to mine and then when we were leaving he gave me a kiss goodnight before I got into my car. He wants to see me again next weekend for a real date.” She seems to be floating and blushing, just like the way I feel. I want to tell her that Harry and I kissed and it was sensual and sexy and more than I ever thought. I want to tell her everything but I can’t. I can’t tell my best friend about it because it wouldn’t turn out well. She wouldn’t like it. No one will. It’s suffocating and painful. But I’m also renewed and hopeful. It’s a conundrum that I don’t know how to describe.
Starla asks me what I did all night with her boring dad and I laugh at her description and shake my head.
“Well, Starla, I don’t think your dad is boring. At all. You know he and I can talk for hours about things that bore you. So, we did have conversations, but then I made mac and cheese. We also drank IPAs. Your dad’s friends are nice too. It was a good night. I’m just glad you hit it off with Paul.” I try to give her a quick synopsis of things that are true so I don’t feel too bad about omitting some very important details.
We eventually doze off, all curled up together on her bed and fall into a wonderful slumber, the alcohol aiding me in falling to sleep quickly.
On Saturday I’m woken up by Harry entering Starla’s room and he’s singing Happy Birthday to me. Starla and I sit up and laugh. He’s adorable. His hair is a little mussed and he’s got a stack of pancakes with a candle in the middle and he’s singing loudly, standing over us.
Starla takes her leg and pushes Harry so he stumbles backward a bit, “Dad! Come on! We just woke up. Stop it!” She covers her head with her pillow as I smile up at Harry softly, the sleep I’ve been interrupted of happily drizzling away when I’m looking into his green eyes with his large smile and deep dimples. We share a quick moment of knowing before he leans down and pats at Starla’s ankle, “Come on girls. I’ve got pancakes, coffee, and fruit. This stack is Anna’s because there’s a candle atop. Okay, Anna?”
We both get up and amble into the kitchen, following Harry, who is still holding the plate. He sits the plate down and motions for me to sit. Then he lights the candle on top and places his hand on my shoulder as Starla sits down across from me and sighs.
“Make a wish.” He urges me. I look up at him and I make a wish which I shall not share with Starla and blow the candle out, still keeping eye contact with Harry. He hasn’t let his gaze fall from me either but I see his brows furrow a bit before he gives me a soft smile and he plucks the candle out of the pancakes and then points at the syrup. “As much as you like. Fruit too… Stay seated girls, I’ll bring you some coffee…” he jogs back toward the kitchen and emerges with mugs.
The three of us eat pancakes and fruit and our weight in black coffee before Harry is then ushering us to get our swim suits on and enjoy the pool because he needs to do some setting up. I don’t know what that entails, and Starla doesn’t seem to either, as if he’s planned it all himself. Starla doesn’t make a move to get up as she’s finishing her coffee but I quickly get up to go and put on my bikini and slather myself in sunscreen so I can enjoy the pool. The sky is blue and beautiful and the weather is already starting to get hot.
Harry comes out when I’m tying my hair up into a bun and I turn to see him. He gives me a once over and licks his lips.
He motions with his thumb over his shoulder pointing towards the house and lowering his voice, “She’s just now got up to change into her suit. I just wanted to let you know... you're pretty cute. Going to make it really hard for me to pretend in front of Starla so behave or I might blow our cover.” He says in jest as he smiles at me before dropping his gaze down over my curves again and nods in approval.
I laugh and shake my head, “You aren’t putting this all on me, now. I’ll do what want today. This is my party, isn’t it?” I bite my lip and bring my gaze down to his lips.
Harry looks over his shoulder back toward the house and then before I know it he’s got his lips on mine in a kiss that has me spinning and gasping. When I open my eyes he’s already turned around and heading back into the house. His kiss has left me feeling weak and I nearly stumble on my way to grab a float bed, my heart pounding in my chest. I’m feeling warm and tingly all over because of him. I wonder to myself if he feels the same way.
After Starla and I have been floating around in the pool for about an hour, music playing, Harry emerges from the house with two glasses. We both look over at him as he’s walking toward the table where he sits the glasses. He’s just wearing swim trunks, like he wants to join us and he turns to speak, “Sparkling water with lemon, girls. Come and get hydrated.”
We both paddle our floaties toward the ladder and climb out of the pool. Starla is running ahead of me to grab her beverage. Harry is walking toward the pool. As we pass one another he gives me a sly grin and raises his brows up quickly at me as his eyes drag down to my chest and then dives into the pool. He’s a mad man. He’s flirting with me right in Starla’s presence, and even though he didn’t say anything or do it in her sightline, he’s still being risky. Starla and I take a seat at the table to drink our sparkling water and Harry swims to the edge of the pool and hoists his body half way out to speak, “Do not go in there yet. I didn’t anticipate it to take so long but I’m nearly done. Needed a break and to check on you two.”
Starla rolls her eyes, “Like we need to be checked up on, dad. Come on. What are you doing in there anyway? You didn’t discuss any of this with me. Figured you’d want my help for something like this.”
“Don’t need your help. I know Anna almost as well as you do, Starla. I think I can put something together for her that she’ll like. Maybe even more than you.” He sticks his tongue out at her and then pushes off the wall and backstrokes toward the other edge of the pool furthest from us. His strong tattooed arms are carrying him effortlessly through the water.
My heart is thudding rapidly in my chest. There’s something about the thought of Harry having pre-planned something for me without Starla’s help that has me all gooey and fluttery everywhere. He must have even had this planned before last night, obviously. And last night was, well, unplanned. He would have been doing this for me regardless.
“Yeah right. You barely know the real Anna. You think she tells you all her dirty secrets like she tells me? And besides, you have a job and make a lot of money, whereas I’m pretty much reliant on you and mom to help me, so of course you can put something together that would be nicer than what I could. But don’t pretend you know her as well as me.” She leans over me and wraps her arms around me and I’m feeling awkward and guilty. It’s a strange position to be in. One where my best friend doesn’t actually know all my dirty secrets, but her dad, the man I kissed last night, does. Because I only really have one dirty secret, and that’s Harry.
“I’m just teasing you. It’s not a big deal. I’m hyping it up way more than I should. You’ll probably be disappointed actually, Anna. It’s taken me all this time to put it all together and when you see it, total let down.” He starts swimming again, rotating side strokes toward us.
“Eh, I’m sure I’ll love it. I’m pretty easy to please I think.” I laugh and return Starla’s hug.
Starla scoffs and let’s go of me, “You are NOT easy to please, Anna. Dad, you should see all the hot guys that try to get with her but she’s always turning them down, or just like, with them once or twice and then ghosts them because they’re not her type. It’s ridiculous. Like, any other girl presented with the same opportunities as her would be married by now, probably.” She laughs and I feel heat rush to my face in embarrassment. Harry frowns. He pulls himself out of the pool and walks up to the table, picking up Starla’s sparkling water and drinks it down.
“I kind of have to pee, dad. I swear I won’t give the surprise away, but I need to go.” She starts heading toward the house and Harry waves her off, “Fine. But if you say anything before the birthday girl gets to see it with her own eyes first, I’ll… think of someway to make the rest of you day miserable.” He jokes.
Starla laughs, “Yeah right. I won’t tell. Just have to pee. I’ll be right back.”
And then she disappears past the door and it’s just Harry and I. He sits down in the chair Starla was occupying and he leans his elbows on the table and gets very close to me, speaking lowly, “So, what’s your type, Anna?”
I scoff and look down toward my beverage. I feel embarrassed to tell him that he’s my type but I feel like I have no choice but to be honest with him and plus I think he probably already knows anyway. He just wants to hear me say it.
“I don’t know, Harry. What do you want me to say?” I sigh and continue looking down at my beverage, “I have a very specific type, and Starla is right. I’m very picky.” I laugh and then look back to my glass because this next part is too embarrassing to say while I look him in the eye for some reason, “I guess my type is Harry Styles. You’re my type.”
He bumps my elbow with his, "Yeah? Thought so. S'that why you're so picky? No one compares to me?" I know he's joking when he says that but it turns out that it's very true.
I nod and look back up to him, "Sort of. I mean..." I groan before continuing, feeling my face on fire, I know I'm blushing, "Every guy I've ever been with is compared to you. I guess, I don't know. You're just different." I breathe out a laugh.
Harry lets out a small moan and leans in closer, “Fuck, Anna. Every guy you’ve been with? I mean..." he takes a deep breath and shakes his head, not finishing his sentence.
I look up at him and return the grin he’s got on his face, “I know it sounds dumb, but ever since that I night I heard you with that woman, I just knew she was getting it good. So yeah. That’s what I compare them to.”
With his body still close to me and his face turned toward me he speaks, “You think so, huh? I don’t usually have any complaints, but…” and then he’s cut off when the door is opening and Starla is headed our way. Harry quickly sits up and whispers lowly, to be continued, before pushing himself up from the seat and saying something to Starla that I don’t hear because I’m burning hot with the conversation we just had. And then I realize Starla is saying something to me and it pushes me from my dream-like state.
“Huh?” I look over at her and she’s furrowing her brow at me with a frown.
She plops down on the chair next to and huffs, “I said what were two talking about? You two were speaking really quietly and then Dad just jumped up when he saw me, kind of like last night. It’s weird.”
My eyes widen for a moment before I can think of a lie, or something that’s true but omits the whole truth. “Um, he was giving me fatherly advice, about being picky and whatnot. I think he was mostly joking. I don’t know, Star. It wasn’t really anything.” I shrug, trying to play it off but I notice Starla’s sudden change in demeanor. Like she doesn’t exactly believe me. And she shouldn’t. I wasn’t totally honest with her.
When Harry finally calls us inside, I’m in total awe. There are balloons all over, a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers in the middle of the dinner table with a pitcher of red sangria, some finger foods and plates. On the table near the couch there’s a wrapped package with a bow on top. There’s a bar cart near the living room area that’s set up with a few glasses, a cocktail shaker, and some bottles of liquor. Where the couches are usually, they are pushed against the wall and there’s a blanket fort with cushions, pillows, a stack of board games, and a basket of candy and junk food to the side. He’s strung up twinkle lights over the kitchen table and in the indoor porch for later. Everywhere I turn he’s done something to make his house magical.
Suddenly Starla is ushering me toward the kitchen table, having me sit down and Harry is in the kitchen doing something. Then Starla runs off toward the kitchen and moments later both Harry and Starla are walking toward me carrying a huge, three tier cake that’s white and decorated with little flowers all over, topped tiny lit candles on top. They are both singing happy birthday as they walk toward the table where I’m sat, and I feel like my heart could explode. Harry has thought of everything and it’s perfect.
Harry sits the cake down in front of me and they both finish the song off together, laughing toward the end. I just sit there, staring at the two of them with my mouth hung open. Harry nudges at the cake and then says, “You get another wish, Anna. Go ahead…”
This wish, while different than the first is also not one I’ll share with Starla. I blow out the candles in one big puff and both Harry and Starla clap. I roll my eyes at their overly dramatic feedback to my blowing out all 21 candles at once. After we gorge on cake Harry gives me the wrapped gift and I quickly tear into it as I’m still chewing what’s in my mouth. I’m not surprised to find that inside he’s gifted me two books. One is by Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South, and the other is by Alfred Tennyson, Complete Poems. There’s also a leather bound notebook inside. Both books he’s mentioned to me before that I’ve yet to read. I smile warmly at him and tell him thank you. Later on I find that he’s written a small note to me inside.
Your presence is calming and exciting all at the same time.
I’m lucky I know someone like you; someone complex
someone who’s kind
someone who’s curious
someone who’s clever
someone who cares
someone beautiful
My world would not be the same without you in it.
Thank you for allowing me to know you.
Happy birthday, Anna!
The whole day and through the evening was sweet and fun. After I opened the gift, Harry left Starla and I alone for a while when he said he had a sudden burst of inspiration to write. Starla and I drank the pitcher of sangria and found ourselves quite tipsy. We went back out to the pool and laid on the float beds in the water and sang along to the music that was playing on the radio. When the hot sun started dipping in the sky we went back inside and sprawled on the pallet that Harry had made and put on a movie, still both in our swim suits. I started to fall asleep as I was still in a sangria induced cloud and the cushions under me and the light cotton blanket over me lulled me into neverland.
I woke up and fell back into slumber throughout the movie a few times. At some point, when the sun was gone completely I awoke and realized the movie was done, and Starla was not laying next to me anymore. The house was quiet and I felt like I was in a daze, still sleeping perhaps. It was a combination of the sun, the sangria, and the state of my dreamlike trance my brain was trying to break free from. With hazy eyes and floating limbs, I finally pushed myself up to sitting. Looking around the living room, there will still some lights on but now the twinkle lights were on as well. The cake sat upon the table with dirty plates stacked near it. Then I could hear the typing, rapid key strokes, a pause. Then more key strokes. I willed my legs to stand me upright and peeked down the hall, past the kitchen to Starla’s room. Her door was closed but the light was on, peeking out from under the door. The closer I got to Starla’s room the clearer her voice became. She was on the phone with someone. I sighed and returned to the living room, checking the time. It was just after eight in the evening. I slowly made my way up the stairs to the loft to check on Harry, who was clearly still in a fit of inspiration as I could hear his fingers clacking away on the keyboard.
My bare feet padded across the floor toward him. His desk was facing the wall next to the large window and his back was to me, so he didn’t notice my intrusion until I laid a hand on his shoulder and he nearly jumped right out of his chair.
“Holy shit!” He grasped his palm over his heart as he turned around to face me. “God, you scared me.” Then his face softened in a moment and he smiled at me. His eyes took in my appearance, still in my swim suit and he shook his head slowly and licked his lips. He grabbed my wrist to bring me closer and spread his legs so I was stood between them. He brought both hands up to the curve of my hips that meets the dip of my waist. He tilted his head back to look up at me and I placed my hands on both of his shoulders.
“But a good scare. You feeling okay?” He questioned, knowing I’d had quite a lot of sangria.
“Sure. I’m fine now. I think I needed to pass out for a while. It hit me like a ton of bricks, the sangria. I'm surprised Starla's not still sleeping." I smiled down at him and leaned in to take a look at the computer screen, Harry squeezing my hips, “You’ve been writing for hours. Should I leave you alone so you can get back to it?”
Harry pulled me closer and I was forced to crawl onto his lap. His hands remained safely at my hips, never sliding lower like I know he wanted. Like I wanted.
“I’m suddenly inspired in a different way.” He spoke quietly as he kissed my shoulder and slid a hand up toward the nape of my neck and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. I settled more squarely into his lap and kissed him back. The kiss seemed to quickly turn into something salacious and before I could realize it Harry’s thumb was sliding under the material of my bikini bottom over my hip. He didn’t let his thumb go lower, just indicating that he wanted to touch more of me. I rubbed my hands over his solid chest as I licked into his mouth. Once again my heartrate increased rapidly and I was turning hot all over. Harry let out the smallest moan and I responded with my own moan.
Harry began kissing down toward my jaw and over my neck before he started to speak in between his hot kisses, “You’re driving me crazy. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you.” My breathing turned deep and wanting. I slid my fingers through his hair and scratched at his head as he kissed down my neck and toward my clavicle. Wearing very little, I felt a bit exposed, but at the same time, as if I was wearing too much.
“I want you so bad Harry.” I admitted with a rock of my hips over him. It was then I felt the bulge under my crotch and Harry released a whimper from his lips before looking up at me.
“Yeah? How do you want me, Anna? Hmm?” He continued to kiss over my clavicle and then further down as I leaned back to give him access. His thumb still lightly stroking the skin of my hip under the fabric of my swim bottoms. I rocked my hips again and moaned lightly. I didn’t want to make too much noise in fear of getting caught but I was barely aware of much else.
“Just… everything. In every way.” I sucked in a breath when he kissed over my chest, but not dipping low enough to put his lips onto my nipple, still hidden under the fabric of my swimsuit. I was at a loss for words. I did want him in every way. I wanted his mind, his body, his soul.
Harry bucked up toward me lightly and in unison we panted out, “Every way huh? That sounds enticing. You’re enticing, Anna. God…” He pulled away and looked at me, his pupils dilated and dark. His lips swollen and wet. As we continued to look at one another he shifted his hips upward slightly, another indication of how much he wanted me too. I rocked my pelvis down toward him. And then suddenly we were dry humping slowly, and precisely as we kept our gazes locked. His mouth parted and his breaths were shallow. He now had both hands holding my hips, thumbs under the fabric of my swim bottoms, but keeping a safe distance from where I was wet and sticky for him.
Finally, Harry closed his eyes and swallowed before holding me tight against him to stop my motions, “Baby, let’s do this when there’s no one else here. We can’t now.” He kissed my lips and smiled warmly at me. He was right of course. Dry humping in an open loft with his daughter in the house was a terrible idea. I nod at him and move to climb off his lap but he squeezed me tighter, restricting my movement.
“Next weekend I’ll have Starla come over again with you, and we’ll find some time to talk about this, okay? I’m not trying to put this off but I don’t think we should have this kind of conversation while she’s in the house. Maybe she’ll go see her new boyfriend or whatever and we can be alone to hash this out. How does that sound?”
I nod again and smile, “That sounds fair.”
We suddenly hear some noise in the living room below and I’m quickly scrambling to remove myself from Harry’s lap. We are both staring at one another with startled eyes and then a quick laugh, as we haven’t been caught so we have nothing to worry about. Harry looks down to his lap and his gray sweatpants are stained with a small patch of wetness thanks to the way I was rubbing over him in my horny haze. Harry presses the spot with his palm and I notice the way he’s trying to relieve himself a bit with the large bump from his hardened prick underneath. Harry grins with a cocky smirk and licks his lips before rolling them into his mouth and shaking his head.
“Messy girl.” He whispers and I feel faint from his words. I want nothing more than to see his cock free from the restraint of his clothes but obviously that cannot happen in this moment. I can do nothing but smile at him and make my way quietly down the stairs to Starla.
Harry and I don’t flirt the rest of the weekend. Each of our moments are spent with Starla in our presence and it’s just not possible. We make plans to visit the following weekend and when we leave on Sunday I’m left feeling a little sad and even desperate to see Harry sooner. Waiting until Friday is too long. We have a lot to discuss, and five days is too long for me. But I have no choice.
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fool-for-harry · 3 months ago
~Just another list of my favorite Harry styles imagines/fics~
(This is my second rec list! I made this one cause I reached the limit on the other one.)
Smut: 🖤 Angst: 🤍 Fluff: ♥️
Let Me Feel You - Harry coming home from tour and not being able to wait to get you home before having you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Good morning - morning blowie for the bday boy 🖤(@watchmegetobsessed)
To Be So Lonely - You find a way to convince Harry to finally add TBSL to the setlist. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
Ripped And Ruined - You steal Harry’s tights and he totally ruins them... and you. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
A good morning indeed - slow, half asleep, sloppy sex with harry 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Let Hurt Tonight - Harry keeps a box of memories in his closet, but those memories are from his ex. 🤍 (@alltheloveflowerh)
Love boner - Harry being horny for his wife while she is with the kids ♥️ (@meetmymouth)
Loving You Is Art - a painting day night turns playful 🖤 (@let-me-write-shit)
Soaking Wet - In which you’ve had a horrible day, and Harry just wants to make you feel better. 🖤 (@trulymadlysydney)
“That’s my spot” - H pressing down on y/ns tummy while fucking 🖤 (@jarofstyles)
Pool day - Harry fucking you quietly. 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Eating Out - Harry eating y/n out 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
I’ve Got You Baby - in which y/n loses her dad. ♥️🤍 (@hstyles-1994)
Pretty Please - in which Harry has baby fever ♥️ (@hstyles-1994)
Cockwarming - y/n and harry love cockwarming (@haroldloverboy)
— - him begging for praise 🖤 (@stellarboystyles)
A Little Bit of Jealousy - Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on. ♥️ (@harryimaginedstories)
10 minutes is all I need - they can’t have sex while their families are visiting 🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
Be honest - they’re in a fight 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
— - Harry and y/n find themselves in a really sandy situation 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
Cafes and Poetry - Harry reads you some sexy poetry in a little cafe (@blessedbyharrystyles)
— - in which Y/N is never usually one to spit and Harry can’t stop laughing 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
All To You - Harry gives it all to you 🖤(@confidently-dasiavuu)
Kale Juices Make Me Gag, But Not You - y/n is horny 🖤(@harrysbubba)
Ruin you - Harry makes you squirt 🖤 (@aqua-harry)
Protective - the one in which he is protective and you are drunk ♥️ (@blackmilkshake)
Rape - (TW! Rape and SA) Y/N sees her rapist in public, but Harry has no idea what she has been through. 🤍 (@imaginexxharry)
— - Y/N and Harry have been arguing for a couple days, they both find new ways to make up for their arguments. 🖤 (@harrystylesistheonlyone)
Tulle - you and Harry come home from a posh event 🖤 (@bfharry)
— - Shower sex 🖤 (@bdeharry)
Bite - A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. ♥️ (@stylesunchained)
Morning BJ - waking Harry up with a bj 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Rings - it can never just be a relaxing cuddle, can it. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
— - Harry cumming inside you for the first time 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
have your way with me - in which you’re horny and Harry’s little black lace ensemble for the Met Gala isn’t doing you any favors 🖤 (@hazzasgayvodka)
Tell Me - What Harry is like after a show when he’s high on adrenaline and high on you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Luna de Amor - 🖤 (@svnflowervol666)
pillowtalk - in which nighttime is the most peaceful ♥️ (@autumn-sunflowers)
FEAR BEFORE VICTORY - Harry is afraid to go on stage and looks to you for comfort. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Only Angel - In which Harry comes home late and tired from a full day of filming to see his angel dressed in a nightgown and ready for bed, but decides to tarnish her halo a bit. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
I Show You My Heart - “The sentence that comes after is simple in construction but holds the complexity of the universe: ‘I want to make love to you.’” 🖤♥️ (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Waking Up Beside You - Harry wakes up with a little (not necessarily) problem. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Locked Out Of Heaven - 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
BRING BACK MANLY MEN - You have to comfort Harry after Candace Owens has insulted him for dressing up as he likes. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Drunk in Love - In which Harry is drunk and cuddly and you, being the wonderful girlfriend you are, are stuck taking care of him the whole night. ♥️ (@trulymadlysydney)
Beg - Begging harry to cum deep inside you 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Positions. - Harry’s favorite sex positions. 🖤 (@mindofharry)
Get in character - Harry tells Y/n he was casted as Eros and they have their own little commemoration 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Lover - Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love ♥️🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Smug - Harry gets quite cocky after a fancy dinner, when him and reader get home they have sex in the kitchen. 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
My muse - Harry is in a fake relationship with another singer. After the show, reader and H get into a fight because of it. 🤍♥️ (@harryhoney-bee)
Scratches - y/n scratching Harrys back during sex ♥️🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
My Birthday Girl - it’s her birthday ♥️ (@harry-writings)
— - Horny harry trying to turn you on, but you're being a tease and ignore all his efforts ♥️ (@hxarrysbabe)
The one where Harry & Model Y/N do a interview together - ♥️ (@hwrryscherry)
Right here Right Now - 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
Right Choice - Harry has a moustache now and you want to get it sticky. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Heat - Your boi’s too vanilla for your liking. He refuted that tho. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Attention - he’s being clingy ♥️ (@in-the-name-of-styles)
Masterlist - @svnflowervol666
Masterlist - @watchmegetobsessed
💛🌟🌻Masterlist 🌻🌟💛 - @harrywritingsbyme
my stories - @harryimaginedstories
Masterlist - @blessedbyharrystyles
Masterlist - @harryhoney-bee
Masterlist- @confidently-dasiavuu
Masterlist - @aqua-harry
MASTERLIST: - @harrysbubba
MASTERLIST ☻︎ - @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
MASTERLIST- @blackmilkshake
Masterlist - @stylesberries
masterlist - @crowdedimagines
Masterlist - @iguessweallcrazyithinktho
Masterlist - @twohearts-hs
masterlist - @autumn-sunflowers
MASTERLIST - @gucciharrywritings
MASTERLIST - @jarofstyles
MASTERLIST - @shawnsprincesse
masterlist - @hstyles-1994
masterlist - @heartbreakweatherharry
Masterlist. - @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist - @harrystylescherry
Masterlist - @hes-writer
If anyone wants their fic to be taken off this list, message me and I’ll take it off immediately. 💕
My other Rec List
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for-fucks-sake-h · 4 days ago
With A Sea View
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.2k | Rated: M, mature 
Your body was overheating. 
Completely and totally on fire as your hips rocked against his, your nails digging into the thickest part of his chest, his fingers bruising the outsides of your thighs with their tight grip.  
“Just like that,” he murmured, his eyes roaming from your face, your breasts, your core, and back again.  
Messy hair splayed out on his pillow, his face a mix of awe and overwhelm. He looked as gorgeous as ever with the hair on his face turning into more than a bit of stubble.  
You couldn’t help your moan, his length reaching so deep your back arched to feel him fully.  The breeze coming from the open floor to ceiling double doors to your left bit at your clammy skin as you lifted your hips and dropped down on him yet again, over and over, his own groan slipping past his lips against his will.  
“Love,” he warned, his voice like a deep caress against every inch of you. “Fuck… fuck.”  His eyes rolled back, teeth sinking into his bottom lip before his gaze snapped back to yours, as if he couldn't allow himself to miss anything.  
“You feel… so good…” your breath caught slightly on the sentiment, happy to even get the words out.  
You rolled your hips on him, moaning at the complete fullness of him. He filled you from the inside out, in more ways than you thought possible - every crevice, every broken part of you, every angle that felt too sharp, too sad, too weary, too something.  He filled them all in a way only he could, and in a way that felt even more intense when you had him like this. Inside you, suffocating you, his scent and warmth encasing you. For you - only for you, and only for him.   
His hands traced a path up to your hips, squeezing there, encouraging you to keep moving. They roamed as you rode him, up to your waist, squeeze, your chest, squeeze, your hips again, squeeze, your ribs, squeeze, trailing up and up, until finally landing on either side of your neck, squeeze.  
Chills ran across your skin immediately, your body subconsciously tightening around him as the heat of his hands seeped into the tender skin of your throat.  
“That’s it,” he breathed, watching your face intently, his mouth falling open in unison with yours as a moan escaped you.  
He squeezed gently, precariously, eyes alight with fire and need.  His thumbs rested just under the curve of your jaw, his hips flexing beneath you, begging to get closer, deeper, more more more. 
You weren't sure if he pulled you closer or if you moved on your own, but your face suddenly hovered above his, noses brushing as he held your throat in a perfect grip, just enough for the most delicious waves of pleasure to coast down your spine. 
“So fucking beautiful.” His compliment was mixed with his grunts, his thrusts from beneath you taking over as your body floated to the space of in between, hanging in the balance, waiting to topple over the edge of your orgasm. “Come on,” he groaned through his teeth and his fingers tightened, “give it to me.”  
And then you exploded, stars blasting behind your eyes when you ripped your gaze from his, your moans catching in your throat. He pulled you in just to get his mouth to yours, your body convulsing against him as your hips took over on their own accord, riding out the tremors coursing through your blood. You gasped fully against his waiting mouth as his grip on your throat let up, wave after wave of pleasure taking over completely. 
He was all grunts and hushed encouragements - there you go, that’s it, don’t stop, so good - his voice equivalent to dripping honey. It egged you on, heightened your pleasure, stoked your arousal, a high you couldn’t quite explain but never tired of. 
He rode that high out with you, until you were smothering him, chest to chest, body limp and heavy, his mouth pulling lush kisses from your swollen lips. 
Your back hit the crumpled sheets in one swift motion, warm skin followed by slow thrusts pressing you into the mattress.   
His nose nuzzled yours briefly before your lips connected with his once more, and then bit gently into that plush bottom lip. His hips stuttered into yours, the softest groan coating your mouth and spiking your pulse. 
“Oh… my god,” he breathed, almost to himself. 
You reached up to thread your fingers through the fallen hair across his forehead, gripping the thick strands tightly at the root, before raking your fingers through over again. Grip, rake, grip, rake. His body shuddered, his breathing matching the tempo of his thrusts. 
“Come inside me,” you whispered against his lips. 
His body responded as if he had no choice, his hips picking up pace momentarily before his brain even registered it, as if he had no control at all. But he slowed instead - deep, digging thrusts that kept your skin buzzing and your stomach coiling as he dipped to suck a nipple into his warm mouth. 
You tugged his hair harder, receiving a harder thrust in return. His hands found your throat once more, this time holding onto you so that he wouldn’t float away. Such a contrast to the way he held it moments ago. He wanted you to soar, but now he needed to stay grounded to you. 
You pulled your knees higher up his sides, as if opening yourself for him even more. How much more open could you be for him? Yet his body at least seemed to sink into you more, whether in actuality or imagined, he somehow felt deeper. 
“Yes,” you breathed, arching your hips to his even more. 
He groaned fully, frustration or ecstasy pouring from him, until his pleasure took over. 
A final “fuck…” fell from his mouth as two lethal thrusts had him coming, his hips stilling tightly against yours as his orgasm ripped through him and your fingers tightened in his hair yet again. 
His face tucked into your neck immediately, panting breaths coating your skin as your chests heaved wildly against one another. His body melted into yours as you stroked your fingers down his back, nails scratching on their way back up. He shivered from the chills it caused, lips pressing against your neck, jaw, cheek, until you turned your head and met his waiting mouth. 
A satisfied moan followed his kiss, and a calmness washed over you as his hands caressed your body once more before he lifted himself up on his elbows. 
“Love that so much,” he admitted softly, not needing to wait for your dazed response before he kissed you again. 
And then he was up and walking towards the ensuite, the toned muscles of his back flexing with every step. 
You saw the start of a dimple as he smirked just as he turned the corner into the bathroom, disappearing behind the wall, knowing the normal routine. The sound of the shower filtered into the room a second later… beckoning. 
AN: Thank you for reading! Every time I don’t write for a few months I think I’m never going to write again. Somehow, something from this dude pulls me back in enough to put some sentences together.  Happy I can still get that writing high sometimes. And it would never happen if it wasn’t for @bluebird-and-honey and @andwhenshesays​ continuing to encourage this madness from me.  Eternally grateful to them in more ways than I can count. Until next time x. 
Masterlist | Ask 
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be-with-me-so-happily · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N applies to be a styling intern for the One Direction crew during the Where We Are tour. As she gets better at her job and closer to the band and crew (especially Harry Styles), some of her dreams seem to be coming true, but so are some of her fears.
A/N: I have a feeling some of you might really appreciate this chapter. It was a fun one to write. And I definitely laughed while creating a specific scenario.
Warnings: Some language, oral (male receiving), slight verbal degradation, attempt of physical altercation, but also some fluffiness!
Feb 1st, 2015
You wake up, curled into Harry's body, keeping your eyes shut as you absorb his warm touch and sweet smell. Everything is so familiar, and so safe. You feel like you are happy again, like you are yourself again.
[What happened? You were so frustrated last night, so closed off… but that doesn't feel important anymore]
You didn't expect this. You didn't expect to still feel the way you do, and you definitely didn't expect to let yourself act on those feelings again.
You grab your phone to check any messages.
:natalie: where the hell are you?
:natalie: oh god y/n/n…
:natalie: the sex better have been good
You giggle quietly, knowing she'll be mad because she is protective, but also wanting every detail.
:you: things happened, not sorry
Harry starts to stir and he pulls you in even closer to his body.
"G'morning Sunshine." He says, as he places a kiss on your forehead. Your heart flutters and you open your eyes.
"Happy birthday, H." You tilt your head up and place a quick kiss on the lips and get out of the bed. You throw your hair up and put on your clothes from the night before.
"Where are you going?" He whines.
"To make the birthday boy some breakfast!" You exclaim.
He smiles, closing his eyes, letting out that exhale laugh he does with his mouth closed, and laying his head back down. You admire him for a few seconds and then make your way to the kitchen.
Your thoughts are racing though as you're making the pancakes.
[Was this a one night thing? Are you getting back together? You'd want to talk about things first, but will that drive him away? You want to be with him, right? Yes. You do. Does he want to? He said he does, but he was drunk. What if this whole thing blows up in your face and you get heartbroken again? You're still a little hurt. But you do… love him… yep, you love him. For fucks sake, just focus on the damn pancakes right now]
Your thoughts are broken up as you hear shuffling footsteps behind you, and feel his arms wrap around you as he rests his head on your shoulder.
"Hello, love." He whispers, placing a beautifully sweet kiss on your cheek.
"This morning's special consists of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fruit. Does this suit you sir?" You joke, as you plate the food and turn around, still wrapped in his arms. He is only wearing sweatpants, and you try to subtly admire his upper body, adorned with all those tattoos.
"Yes, I think that'll do just fine. Thank you." He chuckles. "You've always been too good to me."
"Well, I'm hungry too, ya know." You wink. "But you're welcome… coffee?"
"Yes please, love." He replies, grabbing a plate to select his breakfast choices.
He sits down at the head of the dining table and you bring him his coffee. He gently grabs your wrist and looks up to meet your gaze. His dimples, that you love so much, suddenly appear in the deepest way. "I'm so glad you stayed."
You blush, and the butterflies that had once been constant in your stomach, seemed to have found their way home. "Me too, H."
You grab your own plate and coffee and sit in the seat catty-corner to him.
You both take bites in comfortable silence. It reminds you of those moments at his house and in his hotel rooms, being content as you both quietly ate some food, and then ending up talking for hours.
You are relishing in the familiarity and security you feel again.
[If you can talk things out, this is definitely how you want things to be again, just you and Harry]
You don't notice your smile as you look down at your plate, but he interrupts your thoughts.
"What are you thinking about, Sunshine?" He asks.
The nickname just makes you feel even better about all of this.
"Just how… familiar this feels…" you reply.
"In a… in a good way?" He asks, a slightly nervous tone in his voice.
You nod. You smile and look back down at your plate for a few more bites. You're a little too nervous to bring up all of your thoughts right now because you don't want to ruin this moment.
"Hey, love… I know you, umm, you wanted to talk about things, yeah? Want to do that now?" He asks, as if reading your mind.
[Wow, he remembered]
"When breakfast is done." You quickly look up at him, nervous, but he is meeting your gaze with a reassuring smile and nod.
He cleans off your plates and you make your way to the couch, sitting on one end and bringing your knees up to rest under your chin.
He comes over and matches your position. "Can I… say a quick thing?" He asks.
"Oh. Sure."
"Last night was… amazing. I know what I think about it and I know what I want, but first I just need to know what you think." Once again, he braces himself, lowering his gaze down to his feet.
"It definitely was amazing. I'm just… scared…" you admit.
"Of what, love?"
"Of getting hurt again."
He scoots closer. Unlike it was with Ryan, it feels right and you welcome it.
"I always want you to feel safe. I never meant to hurt you, but I know I did, and it kills me." He looks away, sucking his lips in before he speaks again. "I am so unbelievably sorry."
Tears start to form in his eyes, and yours follow shortly after.
Your thoughts go back to the morning you saw those photos, and the tears start to fall. He scoots closer, turning so his back is against the couch, and brings your legs to rest over his lap. He rubs up and down your thighs to comfort you.
"Tell me exactly what you're thinking. It's okay, I want to hear it." He states.
You do your best to calm your breathing and clear the lump in your throat.
"It… hurt… that someone was showing the affection that I wasn't allowed to." You inhale deeply. "And… that I wasn't prevented from doing." More tears fall. "I didn't so much mind our relationship being kept a secret, but that morning, it felt like it was just me that was being kept a secret." You unintentionally whimper. "And… that made me feel like I wasn't good enough."
He winces hearing your last words, but grabs one of your hands with one of his. "You are more than enough Y/N, and I know I didn't show that, so I know you might not believe it… just know that I am so sorry I broke your trust."
"It's not necessarily that I didn't trust you, Harry." You acknowledge. "I don't feel like you sought it out… it was because you let someone else do that… someone who wasn't your girlfriend, who wasn't me."
He clears his throat. "I don't have any excuse. I was so drunk, and so angry. I didn't want to be there, I didn't want that to happen, and I didn't want her. I just wanted to be with you."
You can't help but let out a little smile at that thought, but then it quickly leaves.
"But you let it happen." You sigh.
He whimpers. "I regret every single moment, love, and I'm so sorry."
"I know you are. It's just always been hard for me to open up, since I was a kid, and then once I did… I got hurt."
"I don't know what I can do to ease your mind, but I will do everything possible to make it right. If you let me, if you want to let me."
More tears start to fall.
[You wanted all of it this morning, but now you are terrified again, and your instinct to protect yourself is kicking in]
He continues. "I've never felt anything even close to what I felt for you. What I still feel for you."
He moves his hand to your face and rubs his thumb over your cheek.
"You are more than enough Y/N. You are so kind, so caring, and you do almost anything for the people close to you. You even go above and beyond for people you don't know. You're so strong, and determined. You've shown so much patience with me and our relationship. If anyone is not good enough, Sunshine, it's me."
You shake your head, but can't get words out as the tears are just flowing from your face.
"Everyone is drawn to you, Sunshine. Everyone wants to be around you. Everyone loves you. I…"
Your head snaps up to him and his eyes widen.
"I… love you." He gulps but pushes out a little smile, his eyes looking scared but hopeful.
You gasp. You bite your bottom lip and close your eyes, trying to get the tears to stop falling. You put your head down and exhale, then return your gaze to him. He looks scared, but he's not bracing himself like usual.
"I'm sorry if it's bad timing. It's okay if you don't feel that way. You don't have to say you love me. I know I royally fucked up and I don't even deserve it. I just need you to know. No matter what happens, I need you to know that I do."
You sit up a bit more and lean towards him. You place your hands on his cheeks and stare into the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen.
"I do. I love you too, H."
He grins as wide as you've ever seen. He grabs your face and pulls it in to press his lips passionately against yours. He barely pulls away, resting his forehead on yours and keeping his lips close.
"Oh my god." He chuckles. "Please say it again."
You purse your lips to land the softest kisses. "I love you Harry."
"I love you too, Sunshine." Good tears are welling up now. "So much. And I'll do everything I can to show you that."
You give him a quick kiss and he pulls away just a little further. "I'm so sorry for being a total idiot. I'm so sorry for fucking it all up."
You kiss him again, enjoying the fact that you get to do it once more.
"I forgive you. We'll work it out."
He pulls you in and kisses you again. "This is by far the best birthday ever!" He whispers against your lips.
"Hmmm…" you smirk, with a cheeky thought in mind, "maybe you should get a present now…"
He has a curious look on his face, and you look down at his pants, then look back up at him, biting your lower lip again.
His jaw drops, and you feel him squirm.
"Naughty…" he states. He clears his throat, as if to break away some nervousness. "Happy birthday to me!"
You giggle, then run your hand up his thigh as he moves to lean back against the armrest. You follow to hover over him.
He hisses and bites lower lip as you move to feel how hard he already is. He reaches one hand to place behind your head and places a passionate kiss on your lips, parting them with his tongue.
You slide your hand inside his sweats, kissing the spot right where his neck meets his shoulder. He lets out a deep moan.
You grab his hips to scoot him further down on the couch, and he raises them up to take his sweats and briefs off. He
You hover over him for another second and he looks at your necklace with a huge smile appearing on his face. He quickly throws his hair up in a bun, then runs his hands up and down your sides as he whispers "best birthday with the best girl."
You smash your lips against his, biting his bottom lip and he lets out another moan. With your hand placed back on his cock, you kiss his neck, moving your lips to his clavicle, across the sparrows, and down his chest.
"Oh god." He utters.
You reach his cock and lick the tip, causing him to hiss again. You don't waste any time and place your mouth over him.
"Y/N! Oh my god!" He belts out.
You move slowly at first, licking up from his base, and over his tip again. His hands are gripped tightly onto the couch.
You scoot yourself down so you can lay on your stomach, bending your knees so that your feet are in the air, kicking back and forth slightly. He looks down at you and chuckles.
"Adorable and se-" he stops and you take him in deeper, still keeping your slow pace. "Fuck. So fucking sexy." He moves his hand to grip your hair.
"Mhmm" you hum against him.
You pick up the pace, focusing on him and not gagging as you continue to take him deep into your throat.
"It's so good, babe." He states, faintly bucking his hips up. You prop up a bit with your elbows, grabbing one hip and using your other hand to hold his cock steady.
"Dunno if I can last much longer."
You pop off real quick to respond, "okay," licking his tip and resuming your previous actions.
"Safe… fuck… to cum in your mouth?"
You pop off once more as you feel the gag reflex arising, but only take a second and then place your mouth back on him, taking him all the way to the back of your throat.
"Fuck, love!!" He howls. "I'm so close!!"
You pick up your pace, not going all the way but staying as deep as you can take. You feel his whole body tense, and take him all the way to the back of your throat one more time before his cum releases into you.
You remain on him until he is done, popping off and meeting his gaze as you swallow. He throws his head back at the sight as he is brought down from his high.
You sit up and back onto your knees, as he brings himself up to sit next to you. He turns towards you, grabbing your face and pulling you in for a kiss.
"What can I do for you, Sunshine?" He asks, still panting.
"What? No. I want to do something for you."
"This whole morning was enough, and that…" you point to his crouch, "was all about you. It's your birthday. And that was your birthday present." You stick your tongue out between your teeth and he pulls you in for another kiss.
"That's not fair, but I know I can't win this argument." He smiles. "See? So caring. I don't deserve it."
You giggle. "Yes you do. And I think we deserve each other, H. You're my lobster." You giggle.
He leans in for another kiss. "I definitely won't argue that!"
"What do you want to do the rest of the day?" You ask.
"Dunno. Doesn't really matter, as long as I'm with you. Imma take a shower and then we can decide."
"There's the cheesiness." You laugh.
"Apparently you love it." He winks.
"No, I said I love you!"
"I know, I just wanted to hear it again." He laughs.
"Go take a damn shower!"
You take a shower after Harry, clothing yourself in some sweats and a t-shirt that he has laid out for you to wear.
You walk back towards the living room but don't see him. You hear humming coming from his music room. You've never really been in there, but you walk down the hall towards it, stopping before you get to the door.
You walk in to find him sitting on the couch that's in there.
"What are you up to?" You ask, not sure if he knew you had been standing there.
"Hi, love!" He turns to you, caught off guard. "Just jotting down some things."
"May I come in?" You ask, not wanting to intrude on such a personal space, no matter who you are to him.
"F'course! I was gonna call you in here anyway." He smiles. "I wanna show you something."
You bite your lip and sit down next to him.
"Don't have music yet." He looks at you and shrugs. "I've only wrote part of it… but I want to sing this for you." He smiles.
"Ooh, privileged! You sure?"
"M'sure." He responds. He starts slowly tapping the pen on his leg, humming a few notes, and looking down at his notebook to read the lyrics he had been working on.
Won't you stay til the A.M.
All my favorite conversations
Always made in the A.M.
'Cuz we don't know what we're saying
We're just swimming round in our glasses
And talking out of our asses
Like we're all gonna make it, yeah
"Ooh, I really like that one!"
"It's… partly 'bout you…" He admits.
Without hesitation, you answer, "no it's not."
"Oh, shit, you're right. It's about my boots. Talk to 'em all the time " He shakes his head as he chuckles.
"Sunshine, you're part of the inspiration."
You feel a tear instantly run down your cheek, and he uses his thumb to wipe it off.
"I… but… are you sure you want to do that?" You ask, cautiously.
"Do what?"
"Write bits of a song about me."
"Is that a serious question?" He chuckles. "I like to pull from personal experience… and, umm… part of that is you."
He smiles with those big dimples. "I love remembering all those late nights talking… eating cookies and cheesecake… that night everyone hung out with Ronnie Wood…" He clears his throat and continues. "I know there were some bad moments intertwined, but those good moments were really my favorite ones, ever."
"Hmmm… I agree!" You giggle. "I love really do love the song so far! But now all I can think about is cheesecake. Can we order some cheesecake?"
He lets out a huge laugh.
"Oh my god. Yes. Maybe I should write a song about mini tarts?" He winks.
"Oooh, can we order those too?"
He lets out another big laugh, then leans in for a sweet, gentle kiss. "I adore you."
"If you insist." You wink and leave him with a kiss on the cheek.
You wake up to the sound of knocking on the door, over the sound of 'Friends' playing in the background. It takes you a few seconds to realize that you had fallen asleep with Harry on the couch, and then you hear another knock.
Harry is fast asleep, so you push yourself up off of the couch and head towards the door.
You swing it open and let out a surprised scoff.
"Oh my god."
"Y/N? I knew it. I fucking knew it."
"Sarah, what's up? Umm… w- what are you doing here?" You have no idea what to do right now and of course that big sexy oaf of yours is asleep on the couch at this exact moment.
"Me? What about you? Going behind my back?"
"What? No, it's not like that…" you reply.
"You couldn't handle that Harry wanted me as his stylist! You couldn't handle that we were hitting it off! You bitch!" Sarah yells.
"Sarah, you don't know what you're talking about…" you say, surprisingly calmer than you would expect yourself to be. "What are you doing here?"
"We were having a great time at his party, and then he disappeared. I wanted more time with him, so I came by. Did you pathetically lure him away last night or something?"
"He left the party on his own." You roll your eyes.
"Did you fuck? Got your one night stand out of the way?" She yells again.
"That's none of your business Sarah!"
She shakes her head and scoffs at you. "You're such a slut Y/N."
"Excuse me? I wasn't the one obnoxiously throwing myself at him every chance I got!" Frustration is kicking in quickly.
"No, you just took your panties off for him on his birthday, while he was drunk."
You feel a presence behind you and a hand on your waist. Harry is now standing right behind, and you can feel him push his body right up against yours.
"Sarah? Hello..." He says, with such a calm but stern tone.
"Oh, Harry! Hi! Umm… happy birthday!" She smiles, handing him the small box she had been holding. "It's a little cake."
"Thank you." He replies. "I appreciate this, but I do think you should go."
She looks shocked. "Harry… I was hoping we could chat for a minute." She gives a small, flirtatious smile.
"I think we should maybe wait til tour, yeah?" He suggests.
She huffs, looking at you then back at him. Her gaze turns down to the clothes of his that you're wearing and her nose scrunches up.
"I'm sorry Sarah, we have to go, we'll catch up later in Australia." He starts to turn away.
"Harry, she just slept with you for her job!" She blurts out.
He turns back around and reaches up to grip the door.
"Excuse me?" He asks.
"She's been trying to get in your pants to get ahead in her job! That's why she went to work with you guys after the end of the tour!"
You can't help but let out a single, big laugh.
"Actually, I asked for her to come." He places his other hand on your shoulder.
She growls again.
Harry leans in and whispers in your ear. "M'gonna make a call, you okay here?"
You nod and smile, your eyes never leaving hers.
"I think it's time to go. Bye Sarah." He kisses your cheek and she doesn't try to stop him this time.
"You stupid bitch." She mumbles, as soon as Harry's out of earshot. "You're fucking done."
You roll your eyes. "Bye Sarah," and move to close the door. Before you can shut it all the way, she grabs your wrist.
You yank your arm away from her. "Don't touch me."
She suddenly swings her hand to slap you, but you block it with your arm and push her away, causing her to stumble backwards.
"Oh my god! You'll regret this. Say goodbye to your job, and goodbye to your boy-toy, Y/N!" She smirks.
Harry suddenly appears back in the doorway. "Sarah, leave, now!" He demands.
She huffs, and rolls her eyes, then storms off back to her car.
You close the door and stand there staring at it, disbelief taking over, and all you can do is laugh.
"What the- are you okay, love?"
You nod, starting to laugh even harder. That entire interaction was ridiculously unbelievable and you can't help yourself.
You catch your breath, finally, and look up at him. "It's going to be super fun on tour..." You laugh, shaking your head.
"Umm… I actually already called Caroline. Amelia is going to fire her today."
You stop laughing.
"Oh god. Harry, I don't want special treatment. I don't want to get someone fired for being mean."
"Are you joking?" He looks baffled. "Y/N… she insulted you, she tried to sabotage you, she tried to hit you! Even if you weren't my girlfriend, I wouldn't allow that on our tour and on our team."
He pulls you into his chest and kisses the top of your head.
"You didn't deserve any of that. I'm so sorry."
"I'm okay, H. Promise."
He looks defeated for some reason. You grab his chin and get him to look at you.
"Safe, H. I'm safe."
He smiles. "Okay Sunshine."
"Can you play some more songs for me?" You ask, trying to turn his attention to something else.
"Sure." He takes your hand in his and leads you back to his music room.
He sits back down and grabs his notebook, turning to a new page that had a lot more scribbles than the last one.
"Umm… this one isn't quite done yet either… and, umm… yeah." He bounces on the seat a little to adjust his position. He makes eye contact with you for just a moment, before blushing and turning his gaze back to his notebook. He clears his throat.
(If I Could Fly)
For your eyes only
I show you my heart
For when you're lonely
And forget who you are
I'm missing half of me
When we're apart
Now you know me
For your eyes only
Your jaw drops and so does your gaze. More tears trickling down both cheeks now.
"You still think you're not good enough, love?" He asks, cupping your chin. "I'm taking you out for lunch tomorrow, yeah? Today may be 'about me' but I want tomorrow to be for you."
[You've never been treated this well, you've never felt this way. Even with the bump in the road, you feel like the luckiest girl in the world]
You wipe your own tears away and grab his face.
"I love you Harry Styles."
"I love you too Y/N Y/L/N."
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