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loveontourlove · 2 days ago
Love on Tour ♡
Part 4: Dallas
A/N: Special chapter because Dallas has been my favorite show so far. We have no concert tonight but the story must go on so Houston chapter in a couple of days. If you were going to the show, I’m sending you a big hug. Stay safe!! Love -Vee
Story Masterlist // 2.7K words // Ask me anything
Tumblr media
Part 4: Dallas
September 11, 2021
Where are you? 
I read the text box that just appeared on my screen and smile. For the last 24 hours Harry has been constantly texting me, quite a surprise as I had honestly not taken him as a texter. I’m not a big fan of texting but I like talking to you, the smooth bastard said when I commented on it during our conversations. 
We haven’t seen each other since I left his room on Saturday night. Yesterday we travelled separately to Dallas and then he spent the day out playing golf with Jeff and Tommy while I was working with the tour crew. 
Jeff had looked at me suspiciously and smirked when I entered the hotel lobby carrying my purse in one hand and a big bouquet of lilacs on the other.
“Pretty flowers” he had said when I passed by him on my way to check in. 
Dining area 
I reply to his text and barely a few seconds pass till my phone pings again.
Yeah its just me 
Less than five minutes pass and I feel a pair of strong arms sneak around my neck. Harry plants a big sloppy kiss on my cheek. I tense a bit at first at the thought of someone seeing us like this, but it’s just the two of us, so I allow myself to melt into his hug. I turn around and smile at him.
“Hey sunshine” He greets me, then moves to sit in the chair next to me. I’m having a late lunch, slash early dinner. It’s 5 pm and in no time we will be running around getting ready for Harry to hit the stage. I smile at my new nickname. I’ve learned in our past day of texting that he loves calling me pet names.
“That looks good” He looks down at my tomato soup “Share with me?” 
“It’s hot, so let’s let it cool down a bit” I put my hand on his thigh, telling him to wait. I still can’t believe I get to touch fucking Harry Styles like this.
“Nah, it 's okay. Just a taste” He puts his hand over mine on his thigh and opens his mouth signaling for me to feed him. I push it close with my thumb and shake my head. 
“I said it’s too hot right now. Here, have some grilled cheese instead, it’s good” I pass the sandwich to him and he shakes his head refusing. 
“I want soup” he pouts, and I roll my eyes, partly at his childish ways, partly at the fact I love his playfulness. 
“Mmm okay, but blow on it first” I hand him my spoon and he smiles, then grabs a big spoonful. He brings it to his mouth and of course, does not blow on it. His expression immediately switches to one of pain.
“Oh fuck my tongue. It burns” he says. I hand him my water bottle and he chugs as much as he can desperately. The cold water instantly gives him some relief.
“Told you” I say matter of factly and take a bite from my sandwich. 
“Now you have to kiss it better” he pouts and sticks out his tongue. I can see it’s a bit red on the tip from the burn.
I giggle and shake my head at his stubbornness, pushing his shoulder slightly.
“Please, I need you, my nurse” He pulls me closer, delicately placing his hand on my back.
“Someone could come in” I say and look back quickly at the door. No sign of anyone around. 
“I don’t mind. Let everyone know I’m the luckiest bitch on this tour” He says and once again I’m gone. I take him by surprise when I pull his collar and bring his face to mine, sealing our lips together. He opens his mouth to deepen the kiss and I try to be careful so as to not to hurt his tongue more.
“Mmm that’s better” He says once when we separate and I run my hands through his curls, fixing the ones that are falling on his face. One of my favorite physical traits about him. 
He looks at me with adoring eyes and I drop my hand to my lap.  
“You’re staring” I tell him and he chuckles. 
“I know, just making sure you’re real,” He says so calmly like he just didn’t wake up an army of overly excited butterflies on my stomach.
“Harry you can’t say stuff like that, it’s corny” I scold him and he laughs. I secretly love it.
“Liar. You’re blushing” He says smiling, obviously enjoying the fact he can so easily get to me. It amazes me how easy it is for him to be open about his feelings. The rawness and vulnerability of a real artist.
“I have to go now, make sure my burnt tongue won’t fall off and I can still sing .” He says as he gets ready to leave. 
I chuckle at his over dramatics and stay behind with the aforementioned culprit.
45 minutes till showtime and Harry is probably almost done with hair and makeup. Ayae is quickly becoming my favorite person on tour as each night she makes his curls look even fluffier. 
I’m in the band’s dressing room checking everyone is almost ready to go. Mitch and I each get coffee from the snacks table while the rest of the band finishes getting dressed up, we are interrupted by Luis, who comes into the room in a rush.
“Em, I need you” He says “Help Harry get dressed until Lambert’s back from London please. Make sure he’s ready in time or the show will never start”
He barely acknowledges my agreement when he’s leaving again, off to another of his urgent tasks.
I put my coffee in a to-go cup and before I leave Mitch leans into my ear and whispers quietly so only I can hear. 
“No funny business” He says and laughs quietly. I turn around and quickly leave the room. No time to overthink the fact that Mitch and Jeff both obviously suspect. 
I knock on Harry’s dressing room twice and wait for him to tell me to come in. I enter the room and close the door behind me.
“Hey” I say and he looks up from where he's standing in front of the full length mirror and smiles. He’s only in his boxer briefs and the unbuttoned ivory silk shirt he and Harry Lambert chose for his outfit tonight. I take a deep breath, having to calm myself a bit at the sight.
“I’m on “dressing you up duty” until Harry L is back” I say approaching him. We are now standing chest to chest.
“Lambert is fired from the task, you can do it for the rest of the tour” He says with a cheeky smile. I giggle and start buttoning his shirt. 
“He’s probably more efficient than me” I joke. I’m being a bit slow on the tasks as my hands are shaking a bit.
“We can take our time” Harry says and I feel like he means it in more than one way.
I’m finished with the buttons and fixing his collar and sleeves. I pass him his pants and wait for him to zip them up, not bold enough yet to do it myself, then I proceed to help him put on the suspenders.
I’m sure Luis didn’t mean for me to dress up Harry quite this literally, but both of us are enjoying the intimacy we’ve created at the moment. He looks mouthwatering, in his monochromatic ivory silk set, the shirt wrapping around his muscles perfectly. And I’m having a hard time concentrating.
I place both my hands on his chest and rub them a bit, feeling the silky material of his shirt. Harry’s breath itches in his throat and I’m a mere seconds away from throwing every care out the window.
“Did you lock the door?” Harry asks quietly and I get a burning sensation in my lower abdomen. Pure lust.
“No,” I said softly, regretting not being that bold in the moment. 
“Let’s be quick then,” He says. He reaches upwards and grabs the back of my neck, drawing my face towards him and I don’t hesitate to connect my mouth with his.
I open my mouth wider and he deepens the kiss, tongues brushing against each other, exploring as much of one another as we can in the briefness of the moment. He rests his hands on my hips and pulls me closer towards him and I come in contact for the first time with his growing bulge. I let out a low moan at the feeling and Harry chuckles, a pleased smile growing on his face.
“We have to stop now” I say after disconnecting our lips quickly. Harry snakes his arms around my waist holding me in place close to him. 
“One more minute” He says and reconnects our lips. He tries to move us to the couch and I take that as our sign this is going too far for this moment.
“As much as I’d love to go on I really don’t want you to wrinkle your clothes” Harry laughs and lets go of me, not before giving me one peck on the lips. 
“You’re absolutely adorable when you try to keep it professional,” He says.
As soon as I’m done fixing his shirt again the door opens and Jeff and Tommy come in. I look at Harry silently telling him that we almost got caught. He just winks at me and shrugs.
“Good, you're ready. 10 minutes till show time. To the box, now” Tommy says and Jeff pushes Harry out the door. I follow behind them. 
The two security guards from the arena are waiting next to the opened black meant to carry music equipment, but that actually carries Harry to the middle of the stage. Harry jumps into the box and before they get to close the door I say Wait! and walk over to Harry. I fix the collar of his shirt and make it perfectly neat. 
“There you go. Break a leg Popstar” I smile and then they are covering the box and pushing Harry into the arena.
Dallas was a ride. Harry once again proved he just gets more and more comfortable on the stage. And that outfit. His muscles flexed under the fabric of his perfectly fitted silk Gucci shirt and my mind filled with filthy fantasies. Some of which consisted of a very ripped shirt laying on the floor of Harry’s hotel room. 
We are now heading back to the hotel. Pauli and Niji are hosting a party on the top floor to celebrate our second weekend of tour, both of them the soul of the party as usual. Harry didn’t love the idea of having to spend our night with other people, but texted me he would meet me there.
I rush into my room, leaving my purse, iPad and water bottle on my bed. I quickly change into some high waisted mom jeans, a sheer black top with slightly metallic details and sandals. Let my hair loose and put on some lip gloss. Trying to look decent after a long day of work.
I make my way inside the room and laugh quietly. Pauli and Niji had basically told me it was going to be a rager, but it’s more of after office drinks with co workers. There’s some faint music playing, they have set up some food on a table in the center of the room and a makeshift bar in the kitchen island. Harry’s standing next to the drinks with Jeff and Tommy, whisky on ice in his hand. He spots me across the room and smiles at me. I smile back and give him a little wave, but decide we need to play it a bit cooler, so I make my way to the couch where I see NyOh, Elin and Tallulah. Harry’s face immediately falls when he sees I’m not going up to him. My phone vibrates with a new text.
Why are you so far away? 
I laugh under my breath. 
Mitch and Jeff suspect. We need to play it cool. 
Fuck Mitch and Jeff
I roll my eyes at his stubbornness. Clingy baby. Can’t say I don’t love it.
I put my phone away, I haven’t had much chance to interact with the girls and I think this is a perfect time for bonding. 
We end up having way too much fun and one too many shots of tequila in my case. I underestimated how fun this crew could get. Around 1 am I decide it’s time to throw caution away. 
I make my way over to where Harry’s standing, on his own checking his phone next to the drinks.
“Hey” I say. He looks up and smiles at me. 
“Hey pretty girl” He replies putting away his phone “Having a good time with the girls?”
“Yeah, yeah” I dismiss his question with a wave of my hand “Wanna go make out in the bathroom?” 
Harry laughs at my boldness and shakes his head. 
“You’re drunk” He says matter of factly. Not judgmentally, but clearly amused instead.
“Mmm just tipsy” I reply and drag my finger down his chest “And I can’t stop thinking about you in the tight silk shirt. Such a shame you threw away that hat, I have a thing for cowboys ” 
He’s now wearing a simple white t-shirt and khaki corduroys but he still looks incredibly hot. Bastard.
“Take me to your room” I whisper seductively in his ear. Or at least that’s what I attempt in my slightly intoxicated state.
“Not tonight babe, I want you sober for when I rock your world” He whispers back and I clench my thighs at his words. Drunk me around Harry is a horny bitch it seems.
“You’re a cocky bitch” I tell him and laughs again, seemingly enjoying my drunk side. Much more relaxed and playful.
“If you won’t fuck me then at least take me to your room and feed me, I’m hungry.” I pout. 
“That we can do” He says and grabs my hand, intertwining our fingers and pulling me with him “Let’s go tell Jeff we are leaving”
“Wait” I stop but don’t let go of his hand “Don’t tell Jeff I’m leaving with you”
“Honey, Jeff knows everything. He's like God. Let’s go” I shrug and follow him. Sober me will worry about this tomorrow.
Later that night, I sit on the kitchen counter of Harry’s hotel suite, clumsily eating the peanut butter sandwich he made me, the only thing he had at hand. He is standing between my legs smiling at me and listening to all my random comments and stories, I’m quite the talker when I’m drunk. He sneaks in little kisses here and there and I feed him some of my sandwich. A total state of peaceful happiness. And that’s when I realize, this is the first time I’ve felt like this. Like I can just be myself and Harry will adore and embrace every single part of me. Without any judgement but plenty of understanding. 
“I feel really happy right now,” Harry says out of the blue, as if he had been reading my mind. I pull him to me and kiss him again. A sloppy and slow kiss interrupted only by both of us smiling into it.
I end up staying over in Dallas, and he didn’t even have to ask me. We lay in bed talking for a long time, about his family mostly, and when the sun starts rising outside we finally fall asleep side by side. 
When I wake up later in the morning, Harry’s arm is lazily wrapped around my back, and we are both warm by the closeness. His eyes closed and his expression relaxed. We are wrapped up in the same blanket, legs intertwined under the covers. I snuggle closer to him and he smiles slightly in his sleep. I decide this is my new favorite place on earth. 
I never did believe in miracles
But I've a feeling it's time to try
I never did believe in the ways of magic
But I'm beginning to wonder why
taglist: @annesauriol @countingthestarsinfinitely @harrysfolklore @sunflowervolume66 @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @f-vasquezp @acidicbloody  @caitscraps @evanjh @handsomerry @mrsstylesthings @pratsxx @happyeverafterjunkie 
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Cock Warming During a Winter Thunder Storm (SMUT With FLUFF)
AN: this was an along awaited request from this anon. sorry it took so long. i had a hard time trying to start it because for me, if the first paragraph doesn't flow right, the rest doesn't feel right and i couldn't get that first paragraph flowing how i wanted. therefore it took a while but hope you enjoy anon.
This story contains: penis inserted into vagina, naked bodies, comfort, fluff
{ boyfriend!harry - live together - any Harry era of your choice }
word count: 1168
You get scared and cold from a winter thunder storm and end up cock warming with Harry to help you relax and fall back asleep.
Tumblr media
It was just past midnight on a cold and stormy night. But it wasn't your typical winter weather. It wasn't a winter wonderland outside your home with fluffy snow and a frosted breeze. No, it was something that felt way more frightening. Big streaks of lightning, followed by loud bangs of thunder that raddled the glass in the windows. The rain sounded harsh and loud on the roof above. All of it had you waking up in a cold sweat and shaking because you never done that well with nasty weather.
When you looked over to your right, you seen that Harry, your boyfriend, was sound asleep. He's always been a deep sleeper so you guessed it was reasonable, but right now you wanted him to be awake. To comfort you in some way. You felt tears form in your eyes with every new lightning strike. And every loud rumble of thunder made your body shake slightly more from fright. Plus to add to all that,  you were cold beings the electricity had went out about an hour or so ago.
You scooted over until you were right up beside Harry and tapped your fingers on his bare back. "Harry, babe. Please wake up. I'm scared." you whined out in a raspy voice.
Harry groaned for a moment until he realized it was you waking him up. "Yeah my love? What's wrong again?" he mumbled in his pillow from not quite having grasped what you had spoke to him.
"The weather outside. Its scary and I'm cold." you replied. This time it has Harry very alert because the sound in your voice was shaky and he could hear the fright in your tone.
"Shh," Harry turned on his back and reached over to pull you on top his warmed chest, "I've got you baby. It's just a thunder storm. We're safe in here, alright." The first thing you both remembered as soon as your skin touched one another's is how naked you were. Before sleep, you may have gotten quite intimate and putting on clothes weren't in a range of thought.
So Harry felt your hard nipples, due to you being cold, being brushed against his tattooed chest and you felt his limp cock graze your right thigh. If it was under different circumstances, you might would have gotten turned on, but you're too scared to make this intimate moment sexual. It was also just nice to be skin to skin with your lover without making the act sexual in any sort of way. Just meant you were close enough to one another on a personal level to be naked and make it casual, not sexual.
Your face was shoved into Harry's neck and you had your arms wrapped around the back of his neck. Harry rested his hands on your lower back, right above your naked bum. The thick wool blanket was up to the top of your shoulder blades, keeping you both warm. But you had another idea that would keep you even warmer and it didn't have to be made sexual.
"Um... Harry," you whispered, raising your face from his neck slightly, "could we... um.., could you maybe you know..... stick it in me. Just to cock warm. You already have made me warmer but I still feel cold on the inside." Cock warming wasn't something new to you both. You don't do it all the time but when you do cock warm, you both love it a lot. It just felt super calming and to be that intimate and it not have it lead to sex. Dare you say, it sometimes felt better than sex itself.
"Would that make you happy my darling? Maybe less scared too." Harry whispered back and reached down to blindly find his flaccid penis. He tugged it a few times under the covers to make it at least semi hard because a completely soft cock isn't the easiest to insert into a vagina. When he felt just hard enough, Harry said in a low voice, "Gonna need you to wet your pussy for me because I can't inset into you dry. Don't want to hurt you baby."
You sat up into a straddled position on Harry's lap, with the blanket draped over you shoulders and spit into your hand. Then you reached down and speared the warm saliva on your cunt, getting it nice and wet. You did jump a bit when you grazed your swollen clit that Harry had his pretty lips around a few hours prior.
When you felt as though you were wet enough, you fell forward carefully and resumed your position on your boyfriends chest. Harry blindly felt around until he could feel the tip of his cock nudge your hole. Then very slowly, he guided it into your pussy, having you both moan out from the sensation it brought. Just because you didn't want this to be sexual, doesn't mean it didn't feel good. You take all inches of his semi hard cock that was slowly turning fully hard, making you feel very stuffed.
Once Harry was all the way inside your warm walls, he quietly asked in his sleep filled voice, "Is that good? Feel alright and comfortable?" Without a verbal response, you just hummed a faint yes in the crook of his neck and allowed your body to relax in his hold.
Every time loud thunder would boom outside, you're body tensed up and that in return made you squeeze Harry's cock that sat still inside your pussy. He'd grunt each of those times from the feeling, but not act on any sexual desires that may have been running through him. Harry knew you were scared of the bad weather outside and would never want to take advantage of you in the vulnerable state of being scared and anxious.
You soon end up having fell bad to sleep now that you felt safe in the hold Harry had on you. His arms were wrapped around your back and he drew soothing patterns over your naked skin, hoping it would aid in your relaxation. Which it did. The duvet was still laid up and over the tops of your shoulders and your legs were bent at the knees, on each side of Harry's hips. He soon fell back to sleep as well, knowing you were calmed down and felt safe in his arms.
Morning After short blurb
Masterlist (regular smut, fluff & sicfics)
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
Harry Styles Series - One Shots & Blurbs Masterlist
Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist- (short writing with little to no dialog)
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— Harry is a gynecologist and Y/N goes in for a pelvic exam.
— Harry’s deep, raspy morning voice turns Y/N on instantly.
— Harry and Y/N are at the movie theater/restaurant/store (pretty much anywhere public) and he starts fingering her.
Tumblr media
→ warnings: nsfw mentions, but no actual smut!
→ author’s note: thank you @victoria-styles for the prompts! i decided to go with the second one whilst using some of my own creative liberties. only wanted to turn this particular prompt into a blurb, but let me know if you’d like me to continue ;)
Tumblr media
Y/N stirred underneath the covers, lashes resting atop her cheeks as she came to consciousness, the feel of fingertips running up and down her arm making her brain foggy. Taking a deep breath, she flipped to her back, hands shooting up to her eyes to remove the crusts of sleep from her vision. “Morning,” she slurred, sleepily puckering her lips, clear eyes spotting Harry to her left, resting on his elbow.
“G’morning, princess,” chuckling lowly, craning his neck to softly lock their lips. Though slightly chapped, his pillowy lips remained as soft as ever. “How’d y’sleep?”
“Good, I think,” she mumbled, “you were in one of my dreams.”
Smirking, Harry sat up the slightest bit further, intrigued. “Oh, yeah?” He rasped, “do y’wanna tell me about it?”
Arms stretching up over her head, Y/N shrugged, “not much t’say other than it was kind of like right now.” Noting the way the man’s brow lifted, she purred, “we had just woken up, except you were telling me all the filthy things you wanted to do to me. You know dirty talk always gets me so hot, but mixed with how sexy your morning voice is?” She trailed off, eyes falling shut as the dream played on repeat inside her head. “I could cum just thinking about it.”
He gulped— she was probably dripping already and he hadn’t done anything. “Y’like my morning voice that much, huh?” 
Nodding feverently, “mhm, love it so much. ‘s so raspy and deep, so hot.”
“So,” he started, pushing himself up to put his knees on either side of her frame, rasping, “now wouldn’t be a good time t’tell you all the filthy things I wanna do t’you?”
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harrysgoldenline · 2 days ago
When in Italy Part 5
I am so sorry this one is a little shorter and along with the huge delay. YThank you so much for all of your kind messages, I really appreciate it! The next part will be the last so please let me know what you think! Also, if you like this series/any of my other work and have the means and are intersted in supporting me, you can do so here! No pressure, it is just for those who want to! I am a broke college student and every little bit helps me write more :) Love yall and I promise that the next part will be out VERY SOON!!! :) 
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
You watched as Harry’s face paled slightly, his hands shaking as he rubbed them over his face “I’m sorry.” He trembled, his voice cracking, “I-fuck... I know I don’t deserve it, but I love you so much, you’re the love of my life. Please tell me what I need to do.” 
You shrug, covering your hands with your face as you bottom lip began to shake, feeling your heart pound against your chest as the fear set in.
The fear of losing him all over again.
“I don’t know- I just… I want this so bad, Harry.” You whisper, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand and looking over at him, meeting his bloodshot eyes, before moving your legs off, dangling them off the side of the bed, unable to look at him, “I’ve never come close to love anyone the way I love you and the pain I felt when we broke up? I felt like I was dying.”
“I felt the same, baby.” Harry whispered, feeling the bed shift as he attempted to move closer to you, trying to meet your eyes, “I was a mess and I-“
“Then,” you interrupted, “I saw you with her, and it felt like I saw that you were the one who stabbed me in the back. I can’t just get all of that out of my head, Harry.”
Harry sinks down before, kneeling in front of you as sat with your legs dangling off the bed, gently placing his large hand over yours, the ring you gave him still wrapped around his finger. Your eyes met his again and at the sight of his tear stained cheeks, you couldn’t fight the urge to turn your hand and intertwine your fingers, which he quickly brought to his lips, pressing a long kiss to the back of your hand, staring up into your eyes. 
“I will fight for you, every single day, for the rest of my life.” He began, “I will do anything and everything I can to prove to you how sorry I am and how much I love you. How much I want you and only you, for the rest of my life. And I know you deserve better than me, I know, but I’m selfish and I know I will never love again. You’re it for me. I know I have to accept that I may not be it for you… but I will never fucking stop loving you.”
“Harry.” You squeak, wiping away your flowing tears as you stared down at him before cupping his cheek, his free hand going over it as he pressed his face into your palm, pressing a quick kiss to it before looking back up at you, “I…”
“I understand if you want nothing to do with me but please, please don’t cut me out.” He pleaded, eyes desperate, his hand squeezing yours tighter in fear, “If all I can get from you is friendship, then I will take it and I will be there for you, no matter what for the rest of our lives and if someday you end up marrying someone else, I will be there for you, cheering you on.”
You pull him quickly to your body, arms wrapping tight around his shoulders as his snake their way around your waist after a moment, shocked by the sudden contact. You bury your face in his neck as you let out soft cries, your heart feeling as if it could burst. You slid off the bed , falling into his arms as you molded into each other. Gripping each other tighter as you breathed each other in, holding each other for what felt like hours and seconds all at the same time. 
“I want this, I do.” You whispered into his neck, your fingers grabbing the hair at the nape of his neck, “I just need time to see if I can get there.” 
“I’m here, no matter how long it takes.” 
You took it slow. Very slow. 
You two had been in this new adjustment period for a few weeks, treating it as if you had just met. Practically starting over completely, it was as if you were back in just the the very start of the talking stage. Deciding it was best not to see each other everyday, sticking to phone calls and text messages, the rare FaceTime call (seeing his face was a little overwhelming, let’s be honest),as you eased back into him being back into your life at all. 
He had always giving you butterflies, even years into your relationship, but now with things feelings as if they were starting new, you could feel your heart pound at the playful text messages you have been receiving. 
Your apartment has also been littered with flowers, getting a new delivery almost everyday (which didn’t really go with starting fresh, but you weren’t going to complain), you were really opening up to fully diving back in again.
The sound of your phone ringing makes you jump, but not quite as much as your heart jumped at the sight of the profile picture, alerting you that he as calling. 
“Hello there.” You heard, practically able to see the smirk on his face, “What are you doing in approximately two and a half hours? I must admit, pretty girl, got quite the crush on you and I would love to take you out.” 
“I think I might have to check my schedule, but that sounds like something I could be interested in.” You smile, thankful this wasn’t a FaceTime or else he would surely tease you for blushing. 
“I promise to make it worth while.”
“What do you have in mind?” You ask, already wandering towards your closet as the anxiety bubbles in your stomach.
“It’s a surprise, wear that pretty little pink dress with the polka dots on it that I love so much. Please? I’ll see you soon.”
“Okay.” You nodded, gnawing on your bottom lip in anticipation, “I’ll see you soon.”
You let out a dreamy sigh after hanging it up, heading into your bathroom and starting to get ready as you felt all the pieces perfectly coming together, knowing that tonight when you reunited will tell you everything you needed to know. 
Now you just needed to see him.
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thismaydestroyme · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
author’s note: welcome back to ‘07. where we all saw kim k sex tape with ray j. when the vmas were actually good. last but not fuckin’ least, the iconic party music. i can go on and on about ‘07, but i know that’s not why you came here for. welcome to bill x harry x you oneshot(s). strap on right in fellas. this is going to be fun. enjoy part 1. 
warning: at this point i don’t have a damn clue anymore. 
word count: 5,315
“Fuck. Harder” Harry groan while you’re fucking him in the ass with the pink dildo he grew to love the second you guys bought it at a sex toy shop couple of months ago. 
“What did you say?” You land a harsh smack on his blush arse because of how demanding he just got. Harry knew being a brat wouldn’t help him in the long run. You slow down your pace to show Harry that you’re not playing around. You need him to apologize. He’s been a good boy all week and tonight you were planning to treat him and this was only the beginning. There’s a club called Eclectic. You like the club because you worked there for two years, but you quit after you realize you don’t want to be a go go dancer anymore. On the other hand Harry loves that place. It’s hard for people to get inside that club because due to the popularity, the only way for people to get in is by knowing the right people.
“I— I’m sorry mommy. I didn’t mean to be a bitch. I’ll be a good boy. I promise.” Harry rambles because he’s so overwhelmed because he’s so close to cum. Harry could sometimes be a dom but he enjoys being a good boy for his mommy. Harry likes having a front where he’s a cold heart bitch, but in reality he’s a soft heart bitch. You hate to say this but he only lets you see the real him. Gross right? but it’s true. 
“You see pet,” You stop with your movement all together so Harry could understand your point better. He let out an annoyed sound which had you pulling out of his tight asshole, and once again he let out a more aggressive sound. “I've been a good girlfriend and I’ve seen that you've been such a good boy all week, and now that I’m giving you one of the rewards I have planned for you tonight- you just want to ruin it. Why?” 
Harry’s head perked up and turned his head to the side to see you still kneeling behind him. Your curly hair is all over the place, and your forehead collected enough sweat that’s now apparent while having that pink strap still on you. That’s all covered in lube. 
“One of my rewards? What do you have planned, Y/N?” Harry ask, raising his eyebrows. You couldn’t help but smirk because curiosity is something he doesn’t do well with because he’ll end up overthinking a lot and that’ll have him getting a migraine by the end of the night.
“You just gotta wait and see pet.” You whisper to him and you start getting off the bed, because you decided it’s better to have him all worked up because you already have something planned for him. You walk over towards your radio that’s on your vanity that’s currently playing, goes around, come around softly in the background. You turn the volume knob down so there’s no lingering of Justin Timberlake playing in the background anymore. 
“What are you doing?! I haven’t cum yet. Come back.” Harry whines while shaking his ass to emphasize how badly he needs to cum. You gave him a toothy grin and your hand found its way to the waistband of the strap on so you can slip it off of you. Harry’s eyes went wide and he flops on his side so his back is facing you. 
“You’re mean baby.” You could barely understand what he was saying because his face is planted in your mattress. Little did he know you’re far from mean. 
Don’t worry he’ll soon know. 
The strap on dropped on the floor and you walk back to your bed because that’s where ‘cry baby Harry’ is at. You’re still naked, but you didn’t care for putting on your underwear and Harry’s shirt. There’s a spot for you where you could lean your back on the headboard so you did that while finding your hands on Harry’s neck playing with the back of his hair. 
“Mommy’s mean. I should call child services on you.” Harry says with his face still suffocated in your mattress. 
“If you do that baby, then mommy won’t be able to treat you good tonight honey.” You get distracted with Harry’s back because from head to toe and back he’s covered in tattoos. He looks so hot. His body is all covered in small to medium size tattoos and you couldn’t help but realize his back is mostly where all your favorite tattoos of his are. Like the grim reaper, snakes, skulls, roses, and last but not least your name inside a heart. You punched him when he showed you because it’s on his back so no one else can see it, but he found a way out of that argument by saying it isn’t for anyone's consumption, so that landed him a night worth of getting his ass eaten out. He came three times that night. 
“I hate you.” Harry says softly. Your phone vibrated on your bedside table so you reached over for your Treo 650 phone to see if it was them.
bill: r u guys still coming 2nite? 
you: yep. harry is spent & angry w me. i didn’t let him finish ;) 
bill: that’s my good girl. don’t worry harry will love and hate what we have in store for him. c u soon? 
“Baby, what are you doing? you’re not playing with my hair anymore.” Harry breaks through your concentration. You look at Harry and his eyes are already staring at yours. 
“Sorry babe. Just seeing if our reservation is all set.” Sending Bill one last text. 
you: yep. remember i’m not the sub this time. 
After that you put your phone back to your bedside table to give your boyfriend your undivided attention. You didn’t know having Harry in your life would end up this way. Eclectic is  how you met Harry, it’s pretty a funny story. A year ago you were a go go dancer. While you were dancing, a so-called man- now you know it was Harry, asked you if you would suck him off for two hundred dollars. You didn’t like how nasty he was being to you so you kicked him in the face with your red hooker boots. His nose instantly bled and he called you a freak while he was turning away. You thought he had a small dick because of that stunt. He had the balls to ask you to give him a blowy for two hundred.
After that stunt he came back and he finally introduced himself to you in a gentlemanly fashion which didn’t end up with you and him being behind a curtain. You guys got some drinks after your performance and you too spent the night drinking and talking to each other. After that it was all history. A typical love story. 
Till this day Harry still apologizes for his behavior that night. He truly felt embarrassed and disgusted. The only reason he did that was because he heard that Y/N is professional and the only way  you’ll talk to him is if you pay her for her services. After you gave him the taste of his medicine he left his friends and headed back to his place to take care of his swollen bloody nose. That’s when he knew he needed to change his tactic. Now you guys have been together for a year. Tada. 
Harry leans forehead to have his head on your bare legs. Harry immediately smiles due to the skin to skin contact. He’s very much a teddy bear who simply wants to be touched and cradled. “Is there something you like to say, pet?” You ask him while toying with his curls. His green eyes landed on your brown eyes and that had your soul on fire. Harry has an intense stare which you’re still trying to handle because every-time he stares at you, you always end up having your underwear ruined.
“Nothing, I just like staring at my beautiful girl.”
“Harry, stop it.” You say dropping his curls so you can cover your hands with your face. You’re still learning to accept Harry’s compliments. 
You feel Harry adjusting himself because you don’t feel his warm face on your leg anymore. “Y/N. Move your hands.” He warns you. 
“No. I like it here. Please don’t make me.” 
“I’m going to count down to five. If your hands aren't away when I get to zero, you’ll be in trouble.” Harry says assertively. The role switched fairly quickly and effortlessly. 
You shake your head.
“Okay, 5, 4… 3,  2… babe I’m serious.” You bring your hands down. When your hands were completely off your face Harry is just staring at you. 
“Now, that’s my good girl.” Harry beams out. His lips find your lips. Your guys' mouths always fit perfectly together. His lips molds your lips and it just slots amazingly together. You both let out a soft moan and your hands found its way to Harry’s cheek and he did the same way to you to deepen the kiss. When you guys kiss it’s like an unwritten rule you guys must have each other's hands on each other's faces. It shows how much you guys love each other. It’s more intimidate than sex because it’s our way of communicating the love we have for each other. Nothing can ever beat that feeling, and you don’t think nothing ever will. 
Harry is the first to break the kiss. His lips are now swollen and probably yours are too. Harry's eyes seeps out admiration he has for you. He never thought he'd ever meet someone like you. You made an impact on his life. One of his worst fears is realizing this can possibly be a dream, a good dream. Even though you guys have been together for a year, he believes in his heart when he truly wakes up, you won't be in his arms. So knowing that you make sure he knows that this is fucking real, and nothing can tear you guys apart. Never. 
“I love you.” Harry whispers. 
“Love you too.” Harry starts shaking his head.
“Nope. None of that crap. You know how I feel about that, it’s like I’m forcing you to say that. It’s not a chore babe. Now, let’s do this again, shall we?” He says while doing a slight wave with his eyebrows. 
“Love you.”
“Love you.” 
Harry lets out a breath and gives you a forehead kiss. You close your eyes because you love it when he does that. 
“Okay, we need to get ready.” You say even though you’re not ready to leave this bubble. But deep down you’re so excited for tonight. Harry is going to lose his fucking mind because let’s just say the last time you too saw Bill both of you guys were on your knees sharing Bill’s cock. 
You and Harry aren’t in a polyamorous relationship, but you guys did have some fair enough shares where you guys would add one more person in the mix. But you too promise each other it’s only you too and that’s it. One night that all changes when you introduce Harry to Bill. Harry was head over heels to Bill, and Bill knew it. After you witnessed their interaction you had a conversation with Harry about where you guys stand. When Harry realized your uncertainty he immediately started profusely apologizing and how you were it for him. He just had a big crush on Bill, but it doesn’t equivalent how you make him feel. After a long night about this discussion you felt okay bringing Bill into your guys sex life once in a blue moon.
You asked Harry if it was okay if you brought the conversation up with Bill. It took a lot of convincing because Harry was being a big baby and he was scared of what he would say. You hardly didn't understand why because Bill wasn’t hiding his flirtatious side the night you guys hung out together. 
Bill was all smug and cocky when you went out to lunch with him  alone because one Harry got called into work at the tattoo parlor because there was a client who wanted specific tattoo and Harry was the man for the job, and two if he didn’t had to go to work he would make an excuse because he was shaking when you told him you were going to see Bill. You had to hold him and smother him in kisses to have his heart rate slow down. You guys talked the entire night about what you were going to say to Bill. Even though Harry was excited about what could potentially happen, Harry hates being rejected, and he thought Bill might do that. 
Little did Harry know when you spoke to Bill the next day at a diner shop sharing a magnificent apple pie Bill couldn’t help but smile and laugh when you told him about what you and Harry talked about. Bill was somewhat disappointed that Harry wasn’t here because he wanted to hear Harry say it. Bill knew Harry was intimidated by him and that made Bill’s ego boost even more. You had to kick him because he was being too cocky for your liking. 
“Oh darling, don’t worry. We are going to have a lot of fun.” Bill whispered, shoving a piece of the apple pie in his mouth. 
Now you’re here. Once in a blue moon all three of you guys would have our fun. 
“I want to stay here. Please don’t make me get ready.” Harry whimpers flopping back on your mattress. You roll your eyes at how dramatic he’s currently being. The last time you checked it was 8:45pm and you’re hoping you’ll be at the club around 10 o’clock so you and Harry can enjoy yourself before Bill comes into the mix. According to Bill he loves watching you guys. So you want to get there before him to make sure you give him the perfect view. 
“Harry, get up. I’m not playing.” You get up and walk to the bathroom, so you can turn on the water to make sure it’s warm for Harry. You want Harry to shower first because he takes longer to get ready between the both of you too. When you turn the knob to turn on the water you walk to your medicine cabinet to look at yourself through the mirror. Your hairline is all frizzy due to the sweat buds that was forming while you were fucking Harry. You couldn’t help but notice the glow you have on your face. You feel powerful, worthy, and most importantly loved. 
Harry brings that part out of you and you’ll forever be indebted to him. After a couple of minutes the bathroom starts getting foggy. You walk towards the door hoping Harry isn’t laying down on your bed. Shocker… he’s still on the bed. 
You walk up to your bed and land a nice smack to his ass. He yelps  but that soon turns into a moan. 
“Please mommy. More.” He says while wiggling his ass. 
You couldn’t help but to laugh because he’s such a brat. 
“Harryyyyy get up! The shower is all ready for you. Please get up. I got the bathroom all steamy for you. Pleaseee” You beg while starting to crawl on his back. You start lingering small pecks of kisses all over his shoulder blades hoping it’ll persuade him. 
He start muttering something and you couldn’t even decipher what he was even saying. You’re just hoping it’ll put a pep in his steps. “The only way I can get ready is if you get off of me.” He can be a good boy if he really wanted to. Even though it was a long persuading process and guilt trips, he finally listened to you.
“Thank you baby! Now go, you’re wasting my water.” You grab him and give him a quick kiss on his lips. He wanted you to kiss him more, but you were stern and he finally backed down. 
Such a drama queen. 
When Harry is finally in the bathroom you start to think about your outfit you wanted to wear. You walk to your closet to see what screams at you. You remember Harry telling you he wants to be the star tonight, so you don’t want to outshine him or whatnot. He didn’t tell you what he’s going to wear, but all you know is that he’s nervous but also excited.
You really want to wear the black argyle multicolor sweater vest because you want a nice side boobs action. However, you’re stuck with the pants and the shoes. You guess you’ve been contemplating far too long because you no longer hear the shower going. 
You literally say fuck it and grab your oversized black jeans with your black and white converse. You’re not stoked with your outfit, but it will do. You grab your items and drop them on your bed. After you did that the bathroom door opened. The steam that came out of the bathroom swarmed around Harry. He looks like a goddess with him not even trying. A towel is wrapped around his waist and his hair is all wet and stringy. 
“Don’t look at me like that.” Harry whispers walking towards you. He sometimes gets all nervous when you stare at him. Moments like these are when you want to wrap him up and cover him up so no one gets to see him, but you. 
“Why babe? You look hot and you haven’t even gotten dressed yet.” Playing with his wet hair. 
“Are you kidding me? Wait! Where’s my Canon camera? I have to show my hot boyfriend how sexy he looks.” You say all dramatically while turning around to your bedside table so you can grab your camera. 
“Bub stop. Okay?” He giggles and when you turn around you see how red he’s getting. You close your drawer and you walk back to him to show how sincere you’re being. 
“Bub I’m serious- you’re so beautiful to me. You amaze me every time darling. I love you. I don’t lie.” You just want him to understand how much you mean it when you say you find him ridiculously sexy. And you’re so happy to know that he’s all yours. 
“Okay Y/N. I believe you. You don’t lie?”
“I don’t lie.” You lean forward to give him a kiss on his lips. He tastes minty now, he probably brushed his teeth while he was in the bathroom. Every time you kiss him, it always brings it back to the first kiss. That first kiss was so ethereal, that’s something you’ll never forget and you’ll be damned if Harry ever forgets that. 
Luckily for Harry, Harry never forgets the moments he’s lucky to share with you. 
You pull away because you know it’s getting late, and both of you need to get ready for the night. 
“Babe, would it be okay if I turn on the radio while we get ready?” 
“Of course! Whatever you want darling.” You give him a quick kiss, and start heading to the bathroom so you could take a well overdue shower. Before you even could even enter the bathroom, Harry stops you.
“Where do you keep your nail polish?” He asks.
“Bedside table.” With that you enter the bathroom and close the door. The bathroom immediately consumed your nostrils with Harry scent. You close your eyes and let the smell pull you in. It didn’t last long because you hear “Teenagers”  by My Cheminal Romace playing in the other room. You could hear Harry singing, “because the drugs never work” You couldn’t help, but to smile because Harry loves this band. For his birthday last year you took him to see My Chemical Romance live. When you told him he screamed so loudly and he started to cry profusely. He thought you were joking, he didn’t believe you at first. He took him a whole hour to finally believe you. When that finally sunk in, he went back to screaming and jumping all over me. Seeing him that happy, will be something I will always remember. 
He wanted to dress ‘cool’ but that resulted in him wearing his custom made “My Chemical Romance” dress that he made. It was all bedazzled. It took him all night to do. He wore snakes tight and his Doc Martens. He was so hot. That night you couldn’t get your hands off him, you were all over him. Let’s just say after the show you guys went back to his place and you made him come at least five times, maybe more, but there’s no way less. 
You had to stop reliving that moment because you don’t have enough time to rub one out. Just hearing Harry rocking out to himself is better than nothing. You turn on the shower hoping Harry didn’t use up all the hot water- because if he did you would be fucked. You turn around to your sink so you can dry off the sink due to Harry brushing his teeth. You like making sure that your bathroom is decent because you don’t do well when everything is all wet and messy. After a couple of minutes had passed the bathroom started to steam again and you couldn’t help but to thank the universe for blessing you with hot water. 
You step in the tub pulling the shower curtain to close. You can’t bring your head under the shower head because if you do that it’ll take you at least an hour or two to do your hair. Having curly hair is a process. So you just made sure you got your entire body wet beside your hair. You grab the Dove shea butter soap and you grab your loofa so you can lather your body with it. You didn’t realize how badly you needed this shower, even though you didn’t stink, but you simply felt dirty and you couldn’t have yourself feeling that way tonight. Tonight is all about Harry. 
After time passes you are finally done with your shower. You get out of the shower and grab your towel that’s seated on your toilet. You broke the hanger that used to hold your towels, but you haven’t gotten the time or energy to fix that. You dry yourself off to make sure you’re not wet before you lather your body with lotion. After you feel dry and fresh you walk towards your door to open it. 
When you opened your door, you weren’t expecting to see Harry at your makeup station with a pink dress on. Your mouth hangs open. You couldn’t move. All you could see is his back muscle moving while he’s putting on some black eye liner. 
“Holy shit.” Harry whips his head to the direction of your voice when his eyes landed on your face you also saw that he added a thin coat of lipgloss. 
Once again, holy shit. 
“Babe? Are yo-”
“Shut your whore mouth right now.” You’re surprised that you’re still holding your towel around your chest. 
“Holy shit, you’re sexy. Your tattoos, your eyes, fuck.. That lips of yours,” You’re looking at him up and down. You were basically undressing him with your eyes. Before you could even continue you look down and you realize, “YOURE WEARING A LACY TIGHT???!!!” You start walking towards him, and you grab his face, not caring that your towel is now pooled around your feet now. 
“When are we getting married? I’ll go down on my kness right now.” You ramble, lowering yourself onto your knees. You just want to worship him. You would let him be in control if that means he fucks you with that dress on. 
You need to make sure you tell Bill that Harry can’t take that dress off. He’s such a pretty boy. 
“Love, stop it. You’re being dramatic.” He giggles and his cheeks start to blush. You’re not being dramatic whatsoever. You start scrambling in your head to see if you have a ring so he can wear it out. You know you’re going to marry this man right here. 
You stand up walking around your room butt ass naked heading to your dresser, where you usually keep all your jewelry in one place. “I’m not being dramatic. You don’t understand how scrumptious you are right now. Fuck!” Rummaging through your stuff. You can hear Harry chuckling behind you, but that’s the least of your worries. You’re finding a ring that can possibly fit that chunky fingers of his. 
While you were tossing over jewelries you finally found a ring that can possible fit around Harry’s finger. You turn around still holding that rose silver ring. You walk towards Harry who’s still sitting down doing his last touches to his liner.
Harry sees you through your mirror and he starts to smile. Before he could even register it you were slowly going down going back on your knees. At that moment Harry knew you weren’t joking because your face is telling a whole different story. 
Harry never thought you were going to ask him to marry you, especially not in a pink dress. He thought you were only joking around so he could feel less self conscious about his outfit, but the look in your eyes told him another story. 
“Harry, my own little teenager scare. I never thought I would ask you to marry me while I’m still naked and you look like a true princess. I always knew you were it for me, but tonight… fuck. Tonight you helped me realize how much I could only see myself enjoying life with you. I’m not great at expressing myself through words, but I hope you know this I never thought I would be lucky enough to find my own queen, and every fucking day you make sure I know I found one. Let’s make this night a forever thing.” Your hand is shaking you’re not sure if you articulated your words correctly because Harry looks dumbfounded. Not sure if he understood you or not. If he didn’t you just hoped he put two and two together by seeing you on your knees holding up a ring and you saying ‘I want you to marry me.’ 
“Harry? Are you okay?” Harry immediately breaks into tears. You were about to back track and apologize how that was too much and how you shouldn’t have dumped it all over him, he grabs your worried face and brings you in for the kiss. The only thing you tasted first is his tear. Even his tears are sweet with a hint of saltiness. You drop the ring, and your hands are in Harry’s hair. 
Your lips slotted perfectly with Harry’s and every pattern, every peck, every time his tongue finds yours, it’s like our mouths knows that you guys belong to each other and if you guys do break up you will never be able to feel this way ever again. Harry is the one. Forever.
“Gosh I love you.” Harry whimpers in this kiss still has the taste of his tears in your mouth. 
“I love you.”
“Can I have my ring now baby?” 
“Yes, you can have everything that your little heart desire”
You both giggle trying to find your footing again because the last minutes was so overwhelming and so much love you guys have for each other. You pull back from Harry so you can find the ring that you dropped. Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to find because you found it near your right knee. You pick it up with one hand and bring it to both of your faces. 
“May I see that lovely left hand of yours?” 
Harry brings his left hand to your face which has some finger tattoos, roses, and butterflies. You hold on to that hand so you can give it a small peck, and you bring the ring to his ring finger. It was like he was Cinderella and you were the prince because that ring fit perfectly just like the glass slipper. 
Harry’s eyes were glue on that finger, “I don’t deserve you Y/N” 
“Yes you do, you deserve everything, and so much more.” 
“I can’t believe you proposed to me naked.” 
“I know right? We are dysfunctional at best.” 
“We sure are birdy.” He gives you a kiss on your forehead. 
You get up because you realize it’s getting late and you’re still completely naked. “Okay. We need to hurry. We’ll be leaving in thirty minutes.”
“Sounds good. Just have to repaint my black nails and put on my rings, and I will be ready babe.” Harry says, turning back to the beauty mirror. You walk to your bed to see your clothes scatter on your bed. You grab your infamous raw shea butter lotion and lather the thick coat on your body rubbing it all over your body so it can be all smooth and hydrated. It took you a few minutes to make sure you covered your body head to toe. 
After that you grab your grey brief, by yours you took it from Harry. You slip on your black oversized jeans, your sweater vest which works out perfectly because your side boobs are on full display. You grab your socks and throw on your high top converse. You need to fix your hair and add some makeup, but Harry is currently using it. You walk to your bathroom to do all the minor things you have to do. 
You grab some oil to add to your hair so it doesn’t feel dead. You were messaging it along your air so it can be hydrated for the lack of not cleaning your air. You pluck your eyebrows some more, add some mascara and some lip gloss. You look at yourself in the mirror and you like what you see, you need to put on your necklaces but other than that, you are so ready to hit the fucking town with your fiance. 
You open the door and Harry is now up lighting his cigarette. When his eyes land on your body you could see his knees buckle in. He exhale the smoke that’s not lingering in the air. You walk to the drawer where you keep your jewelries and you pull out the gold necklace Harry got for you. You put it around your neck and you liked it how it sit on your chest. 
“Babe, I thought I told you I wanted to be the moment tonight.” Harry stalking towards you still having the cigarette place between his fingers. You turn around to face him and wrap your arms around his neck, “Shut up, you’re wearing a beautiful dress, and I just proposed to you.” You giggle, giving a peck on his cheeks. 
He hums with satisfaction. You pull away from him so you can collect your hand bag you’re planning on wearing tonight. You grab your lipgloss, cash, and black eye liner. 
“Babe, can you grab the black eye-”
“Got it.” You giggle because you knew he was going to ask you to bring it. 
“Do you want me to carry the Marlboro and your lighter?” You had to ask because Harry can’t go an hour without smoking. He shakes his head and handed you his stuff. 
“Thank you. Ready to go?” He asks walking to your bedroom door. 
“Yep. Need to grab my phone.” You grab your phone. Before you turn around to walk out the door, you send him a quick text. 
you: heading out. our boy is so pretty tonight. 
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daaydreamy · a day ago
3some w subbry and dom y/b and dom other guy😭😭😭
a guest - harry styles x reader x other guy idk
⋆¸*ೃ☼ contains : literally pwp, pegging, degradation…
“Such a dumb… fucking… cockslut.” Y/n moaned, her gaze switching between Harry and Leo. Harry was moaning wantonly as y/n thrusted into him with the strap-on she was wearing. There was a blush from Harry’s cheeks all the way down to his chest, sweat covering his body as well, just a sight for sore eyes. Leo was stroking Harry’s cock languidly whilst kissing the side of y/n’s neck and down to her shoulder.
“Feels s’good.” Harry slurred, loud moans erupting from his throat. He was laying on his back with y/n’s hands on the backs of his knees to keep him spread open.
“God, look at you… Letting us use you like a whore…” Leo said slowly and Harry opened his eyes to look up at him. Harry gulped and whimpered, y/n hitting his prostate perfectly. A lazy grin spread across Leo’s face and he tugged at Harry’s nipple, making him whine brokenly from the feeling.
“Y/n…?” Harry looked at y/n confusedly with a small pout on his lips when she suddenly pulled out.
“Hands and knees, my love.” She said and Harry nodded, getting on his hands and knees. He arched his back more when she ran her hand down his spine, spreading his ass and lining the tip of her cock to his hole. She slowly pushed in once again, the deepest and most pornographic moan leaving his lips.
“You sound amazing. So loud and whiny for us.” Leo said and knelt in front of Harry’s face, the tip of his cock just brushing against his lips. Harry tilted his head up to look at Leo in front of him, a smile plastered on his face as he looked down at Harry.
“Can I use that pretty mouth of yours, hm?” He asked, hand coming up to cup Harry’s cheek. He stroked his cheek with his thumb, Harry nodding with soft moans coming from his parted lips. Y/n suddenly spanked him, making Harry jolt and moan louder.
He became quiet when Leo forced Harry’s mouth open with his pointer finger and thumb gripping his chin, easing his cock into his mouth. He closed his eyes as he sucked Leo, gagging and choking around him. He moaned around Leo’s cock when y/n spanked him again, pushing his ass against her as if he was telling her that he wanted more.
“So fucking good.” Leo chuckled and moaned, holding Harry’s head as he fucked his face gently.
“Right there!” Harry cried and y/n started thrusting into him faster and deeper. His face was wet from tears and sweat, Leo’s hands pinching and toying with his sensitive nipples. Leo was now sitting in front of Harry, leaning back against the headboard while now raking his fingers through Harry’s sweaty curls. Harry’s throat burned when he swallowed but he didn’t really care. Slurred moans and calls of y/n’s name rolled off of his tongue, eyes rolling to the back of his head from the incredible sensations and feelings he was feeling from all the touches they were giving him.
“So good. So good for us, sweetheart. Such a good boy.” Y/n praised and Harry felt his orgasm hurdling towards him fast, his hand coming down to stroke himself slowly.
“Need t’come. Please.” He begged.
“Aw, you need to come?” Leo taunted with a faux pout on his lips, Harry nodding furiously in reply which made Leo and y/n chuckle softly. Y/n kneaded his ass in her hands and landed a quick spank onto him as well, making Harry groan. He was pushing his ass back against her, fucking himself against the silicone dildo.
“We’re gonna make you come, sweetheart. Don’t worry.”
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0oolookitsme · 2 days ago
Their Infinite-th Kiss
Genre- One-Shot; Introduction to a new series.
Pairing- DunkirkEra!Harry x Reader
Word Count- 1k+ (1055)
Warnings- Curse words, mentions if smut, crying (sobbing actually), break up. in Italics are the memories!
A/n- I will explain everything through the future parts of this series. Also! Take this as you ‘buf-a-day’ gift lovie @leeroysdancer​ .(Had this wip for a very long time lmao) ENJOY! <333
Tumblr media
The universe just needed to tell them that they will be alright…..was that too much to ask for?
“What are you doing lovie?” he asked “Just reading some poetries” I replied looking up at him smiling from his lap. “Since when do you read anything else except fantasy?” he said while laughing lightly “Heyy I do read other genres too okay?” I said smacking his arm while pouting sarcastically. Okay okay, whatever floats your boat” he said still laughing and adding a shrug. “Oh, fuck off” his whole body vibrated as he laughed causing me to laugh along him.
“What are you doing Har?” she asked walking out from kitchen to the garden, with tea in both of her hands. ”Just sowing some seeds” I replied looking up, squinting my eyes due to slight sunlight. “What plants?” she asked again while handing me my tea, muttering a ‘there ya go’ and me replying with a ‘thank you lovie’. “Some flowering and fruit plants as spring is near” I said smiling. She hummed in response before sitting right next to me, pecking my lips and enjoying the weather for a while.
“I-I sai hahah said st-top Harry” she somehow got these words out of her mouth in between of laughing. “say you will never eat my cookies ever again!” He said smiling ear to ear. “Oh-I won’ haha I won-‘t” By now tears running down her cheeks because of him tickeling her since past 10 mins just because she ate his cookie (in front of him…..). “Hmmm good” he said giggling himself. “Oh Harry” “Oh Y/n” and then they fell into another set of laughter.
Soft music was playing in background as I shampooed his hair, his soft hums mixing along with music. I was sitting on a stool as I bathed before him not knowing that he had a head-ache. When I came out and he recommended that I shampoo his hair, I agreed but after giving him the med. ”H stop blowing bubbles!”           I laughed as one came and popped on my hair. “okayyyyyyy” he said before flapping his hands on the water and drenching my clothes in the process. I tugged at one of his curls slightly as he let out an ‘ow’ before calming down and humming again.
“Oii” I said smacking her hand off my nose while furrowing which made her laugh harder. Some people looking at us weird while some thinking that we are adorable, their faces could tell that. “You just wait” I say while wiping the ice cream off my nose. “I feel dizzy after that chair swing ride” I continued. She just shrugged and move towards the exit. “I can’t wait to go home. You are in a deep trouble” I say while taking a hold of her wrist “Oh me too” she says making me laugh. “I know you love me too much and that’s why you will spare me from what ever trouble I am in” she said while wiggling her eye brows. “And I am gonna show you how much I love you” I said tilting my head and raising my right eye brow. “Oh, c’mon I can’t wait” she said interweaving our hands and making me run after her towards the car so we could reach home fast. Just making us laugh harder in the process.
“H pleasseeeeeee!!!! Just 5 more minutes!!” she said trying to reach for the blanket which he held high up. “You have been saying that since past 30 minutes!!!” he said laugh evident in his voice. She opened her one eye and said “That doesn’t matter!” to which he quickly replied with “Oh please, now get your arse up or I want be responsible for my next actions”. Now both of her eyes were wide open and a slight grin attached to her lips “Oh yeah? What those actions might be?”. He raised his brows and sat down, trapping her sides in between his legs “This” he said and grabbed her face to collide their lips together. As it got heated he started standing holding her along with him, so that her legs were wrapped around his waist. Her eyes were close which resulted in her not noticing that he got us in the bathroom. He bent down indicating her to step down and open her eyes only to be met with his smug face. As she noticed the surroundings, she understood what he did. He starts laughing when she face palms herself. “Oh Styles why am I even with you anymore?” she says while taking out her brush from the stand. “Oii” he said furrowing and slapping her bum. Which ends up in both of them lying on the floor, laughing. “It wa-wasn’t even fun-ny”.
And now here we are, being swallowed by rain in each other’s arms; in the middle of the street at 3am in the morning. Sobbing but still mumbling comforting, affectionate words with wobbling lips, caressing each other’s hair and cheek for the last time.  
From today we are going our separate ways, because of our jobs, our carriers. No more morning kisses, no more small fights, no more messing around, no more disturbing the other one while they work, no more making love to each other, no more shared baths, no more baking cookies together, no more comforting each other, no more giggles during a horror movie, no more sobs while watching the notebook, no more watching FRIENDS together, no more laughs, no more love you-s, no more food fights, no more late night talks, no more dancing around the house, no more solving each other’s essays, no more pen stealing, no more sleeping together, no more borrowing each other’s chargers, no more changing contact names on each other’s phones, no more breaking hostel rules, no more dates, no more music on full volume, no more pulling pranks on each other, no more sarcastic come backs, no more make out sessions, no more making their friends go ‘ew’.
Universe just doesn’t let anyone stay forever in our lives.
No more heart eyes.
No more smiles.
No more ‘forever and always’.
Their Infinite’th Kiss was in the rain, just like their very first.
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Love on Tour ♡
Part 5: Houston pt. 1
A/N: We didn’t have a Houston show but here’s Emi and Harry in Houston to make up for it!! As I said before, this is my first story so it’s also my first time writing any type of smut, I hope I did good. In that sense, this is not a smut story so not every chapter will be like this, but I’ll try to make it worthwhile when it’s included ;) Leave your feedback!! Love - Vee
Warning: sexual content
Story Masterlist // 5K words // Ask me anything
Tumblr media
Part 5: Houston pt. 1
September 13, 2021
The first thing I notice when I wake up is the dark cloudy Houston sky. I check the weather app on my phone and see that heavy rain showers and thunderstorms are expected today. I go on twitter and see that the mayor has declared a state of alert due to the tropical storm turning into a category 1 hurricane. Oh fuck, I think, laying back in bed.
There’s an email from our tour manager in my inbox, telling us to stay in the hotel until we have more news on the situation and when it’s clear whether the show will be happening tonight or not. I’m almost falling back asleep when my phone vibrates.
Come snuggle with me 
I smile at Harry’s text. A warm feeling running through my body. 
Last night, after rehearsals, Harry had to take on some business calls so I retreated to my own room with the promise we’d see each other again today. I haven’t stopped smiling since the moment I woke up wrapped up in him, while he placed light feather-like kisses on my neck and shoulder, his hand under my shirt touching my naked back.
A new text says and I giggle like a schoolgirl with a crush. This is really what he’s turned me into.
I can't, however, turn completely off the faint voice in the back of my mind that keeps telling me that we are going at the speed of light, that our time together has an expiration date and that even if sometimes, in the intimacy of our hotel rooms, confined to the limits of life on the road, I feel like Harry is just mine, he is after all an international Popstar and I will have to eventually give him back to the world.
I want to sleep
Then come sleep with me
I send my intrusive thoughts to the back of my mind and get up from bed. That will have to be a worry for some other time.
I put my phone away and get up from bed. I make my way to the bathroom, wash my face and put some Vitamin C moisturizer, perfect for a slightly glowy skin. I wash my teeth and brush my hair, taking my time while Harry is probably getting impatient by the minute. I chuckle to myself, he is not the most patient person in this world. 
I decide to change into some clean clothes, so I put on some comfy biker shorts and a soft bralette and I throw on Harry’s grey Greenbay Packers crewneck I stole from him on Saturday. After all, Harry met me wearing jeans and sneakers while at work, so there’s no need to sacrifice comfort over looks anymore. I grab my phone and iPad, so I can monitor work closely and make my way to Harry’s. I send a quick text telling him I’m on my way and when I arrive he’s already at the door waiting for me. 
“Impatient much?” I tease him. He pulls me inside and closes the door with his foot. We barely make it inside when he’s bringing me close. He buries his face in the crook of my neck and hugs me tightly and I instantly pick up he’s not having the best day.
“It’s dark and gloomy, I need my sunshine,” He says softly, lips brushing against my neck. I smile, the fact he’s seeking me for comfort melting my insides. I want nothing else than to make him feel better. 
“I’m here” I say and peck his pink pouty lips. I push his curls back from his forehead in a tender way so I can look straight into his eyes for a brief moment, trying to read what’s going through his mind.
I get a little bit lost in my thoughts while staring at him, concentrating on how incredibly beautiful he looks like this, with his hair a bit disheveled and a really slight scruff starting to grow back on his face. Looking cozy and comfy in black sweats and a simple white t-shirt. And as much as I love the lively energetic Harry that goes crazy on stage every night doing what he loves, this is definitely my favorite version of him, the one reserved just for me in the confines of our privacy. 
“Nice sweatshirt” He smirks and I smile at him cheekily giving a little twirl.
“Let’s go back to bed for a bit, yeah?” I say and he nods. We get in bed but instead of laying down, we sit facing each other. Harry opens his legs slightly so I can fit myself between them, and then wraps them around me. I prop one leg up and place my chin on my knee.
“Are you okay?” I ask him and he shakes his head, then looks around a bit. I wait patiently for him to be ready to open up to me about what’s troubling him right now.
“Jeff called, we might have to postpone tonight’s show” he finally says, voice raspy and I know he’s not happy about this piece of information “Fans have been lining up since 7 a.m., I don’t want to do that to them”
“I know you don’t but that’s out of your control, baby” ” I say softly and grab his hand. I start caressing his knuckles with my thumbs comfortingly. The pet name left my lips unconsciously and I try to play it cool. I can’t tell if Harry paid any attention to it as he clearly has a lot going on his mind right now.
“I don’t like disappointing them” He says and looks up, his eyes getting a bit teary. My heart breaks for him. I can’t even start to understand the pressure he must feel all the time. 
“The fans?” I ask, trying to get more out of him, because I’m sure this goes beyond tonight’s events. 
“The fans, the crew, everyone. I hate letting people down” He says “ and I feel like this always happens”
I stay silent, giving him the time to process what he’s feeling but keep on holding his hand so he knows I’m still listening. 
“Last year, on my birthday, the exact same thing happened at the Pepsi show in Miami. It was a mess, fans had been lining up for 24 hours. We had to cancel the show when they were already inside the arena, rain had flooded everything and they had to walk back to their cars under the storm. Worst birthday of my life” he chuckles sourly and my heart breaks at his last sentence. 
“Would it make you feel a bit better if we sent some food and water to the fans that are lining up?” I ask him, I know it’s not much, but I’m thinking of any possible ways I can help relieve some stress from him “At least while we wait for a final decision from the authorities”
He looks at me with a fond expression and squeezes my hand. 
“That’s an amazing idea” He lifts our hands and kisses my knuckles tenderly. I see him relax his shoulders a bit and he finally gives me a small smile. I make an attempt at disentangling myself from him and getting up but he pulls me to him, making me fall on top of him. 
“Harry!” I squeal and he chuckles “I just want to grab my iPad so I can order the food”
He starts tickling me and I start squirming uncontrollably. I’m the most ticklish person in this world and Harry seems to be enjoying the moment, laughing along.
“Stop stop stop” I beg and he finally lets me go. He grabs his tummy, trying to control his laughter.
“Mmm, glad you find my suffering amusing” I scold him.
“I’m sorry sunshine, you make it hard to keep my hands away from you” he plants a sloppy kiss on my cheek and finally releases me from his grip. I make my way to the living room and pick up my iPad so I can coordinate the food delivery. 
I enter the room again and see that Harry’s changed positions. He looks pretty comfortable laying with his hands behind his head and legs stretched out. He pats the space next to him and I make my way over. I take my place beside him and lean against the headboard, pulling my knees up to my chest and setting my iPad on them.
“Are burgers and water bottles okay?” I ask, concentrating on the task at hand. 
“It’s perfect,” he replies. He’s laying on his side now, propped up on his elbow, hand supporting his head. He looks at me intensely but I’m getting used to his staring. 
“I like how you care so much about my fans,” He says.
“It’s my job” I say, turning my head to look back at him. Trying to downplay his statement.
“No it’s not” He says back “yet you’re always thinking of ways of making the experience better for them, and trying to make them feel closer to me. Like the sunglasses in San Antonio” 
“Well I mean, I relate to them somehow I guess. I know how important this is for them.” I shrug and turn to my screen again. 
“I like that” he says and turns to lay on his back again. I love how we are starting to feel so incredibly comfortable around each other “I like how grounded you are. Keeps me on my toes” 
“I will try to be a bit more exciting I promise” I chuckle, teasing him. In reality his words move me, because I completely understand what he meant. And for what he’s let me see of himself, he’s been struggling a lot with keeping a balance in his life, and it’s something really important to him. 
“No,” he says, interrupted by a little yawn. I can see he’s getting sleep. The sound of the rain outside like a relaxing melody “You’re perfect like this” 
I  look at him adoringly, my heart about to burst out of my chest. 
“And Lia? I like when you call me baby” he says and drifts off to sleep. 
An hour later, I sit on the couch watching some old The Office reruns I found on TV while I wait for Harry to wake up from his nap. I have a leg propped up on the couch, and my chin is resting on my knee. 
“You owe me some snuggles,” Harry says and startles me. His voice is raspy from just waking up, making him sound even hotter than usual. I turn around to look at him. He looks adorable in his still sleepy state. 
“You fell asleep on me” I tell him and he comes around to my side of the couch. 
“I’m sorry” he says, dropping himself on the couch and cuddling right into my side. I rub his back tenderly.
“Any news?” He yawns.
“Fans loved the burgers” I smile and he looks at me with big sleepy eyes “No news on the situation yet though”
He nods and takes his phone from his pocket, opening his iMessage app and starting to type out a text, to Jeff I assume.
“Jeff is coming by to talk” he says, putting his phone away and cuddling closer to me. 
“Should I leave?” I ask, a bit nervous about Jeff finding me here but also not wanting to leave Harry alone right now. 
“No” He says, putting his hand on my knee as a sign for me to stay in place “He knows, it’s okay”
“Are you sure it’s okay?” I ask shyly, a bit self conscious at the thought I’m basically hooking up with my boss. 
“Hey, look at me” Harry says, grabbing my chin and moving my face so we’re looking at each other “We’re doing nothing wrong, baby. We’ll keep it quiet from everyone else now, because I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, not because I’m ashamed of anything, okay? We are going at your pace.” 
I nod and peck his lips, mouthing a quiet thank you. We are interrupted by a knock on the door. Harry groans and stands up to open the door for Jeff. 
“We’ll have to postpone, I think it’s better if you tweet it from your account” Jeff says entering the room followed by Harry. He stops mid sentence when he spots me. 
“Oh, hey Emi” He smirks and I wave lightly from my place on the couch “I was telling Harry I just got a call from the local authorities. We have to postpone” 
I can see that Harry’s expression is back to stressed out and I curse the fucking weather in my head. 
“We tried buddy, but it’s time to notify the fans. Tommy’s already working on rescheduling” He says and pats Harry’s back. Harry nods silently. 
“I’ll tweet” Harry says, plopping down in one of the kitchen stools. Jeff looks at me worriedly and I mouth a “he’ll be fine” to him. 
“I have to leave now” Jeff says and we both nod “Send me what you’ll tweet before doing it please, so I can run it by PR first”
“Will do” Harry agrees emotionlessly. 
“Enjoy your free night you two” Jeff finally says with a smirk before taking off again.
“I could eat pasta and pizza the rest of my life” I say, taking a bite from my Cacio e pepe. We are having dinner, sitting on different ends of the couch. It’s still raining outside and we didn’t have many options but to order food from the hotel restaurant. Fortunately, we only stay in nice hotels so food is pretty good. 
I don’t know how Harry is not yet bored of me, having spent the whole day locked up in my company. Though, I consider myself pretty good company if I’m quite honest. I even showed him my favorite yoga YouTuber, one of my best kept secrets. We did a slow flow class earlier in the evening. We moved the couch and everything so we both had enough space in front of the TV. I will just say Harry in downward dog is the hottest thing I’ve seen in my life. 
“I love Italy. I try to go at least once a year,” Harry says, taking a sip from his wine “What city is your dad’s family from?” 
“Trento, in the north. Have you been?” I ask
“Not yet” He replies and I stop myself from telling him we should go together. Not planning on freaking him out tonight with long term plans. 
“It's beautiful. My nonna and nonno still live there. We try to visit once a year but I haven’t gone back since the pandemic started” I tell him, getting a bit nostalgic. 
He squeezes my knee in a comforting way and I smile at him. We finish eating in a comfortable silence and then I bring our plates to the kitchen to clear the living room a bit. 
“Come here” Harry says when I come back into the living room. I walk over to him and he pulls me into his lap. I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck then I bring our lips together in a quick kiss. 
“Thanks for keeping me company today” He says and I reach out to run my hand through his curls. Something I just can’t stop doing whenever I’m this close to him. He closes his eyes, a pleased smile appearing on his face. I lean in, pressing our foreheads together. I rest my hand on his face, using my thumb to softly caress his cheek. It’s still raining outside, and we can hear the faint sounds of rain hitting the hotel roof and a boom of thunder every so often. I lower my hand to cup his sharp jaw, Harry takes this as an invitation and brings his own hand inside my, actually his, sweatshirt, setting it on my bare lower back. The contact of my warm skin with his cold hand making me shiver.
“Is this okay?” He asks, looking at me with soft and tender eyes. I silently reply by nodding and bringing our lips together. I like how he’s always making sure I’m comfortable. Harry responds immediately to the feeling of my lips on his. Our lips move in sync against each other, tenderly but firmly, and the kiss starts to quickly become more heated. 
He breaks the kiss for a second, but reattaches them quickly to my skin, this time pressing soft kisses along my jaw. He places both of his hands on my hips and I take it at my sign to get more comfortable. I try to move one of my legs to his other side without separating our faces but fail and we both giggle breathlessly at my clumsy attempt.
He moves to kiss my neck once I’m finally straddling him and a fire ignites inside me. I can feel his growing bulge rubbing against me and I can’t help but unwillingly let out a low moan. He smiles cheekily against my lips. 
“Harry,” I shakily say.
“Yeah?” Harry says, back to kissing my neck. He sucks in a sensitive spot and I tighten my grip on his neck. 
“Make me feel good” I say out of breath.
“Are you sure baby?” He asks me, separating our mouths. He moves his head back to catch my eyes, making sure I’m positive about what I’m asking.
“Please” I whimper, rubbing myself a bit against him in an attempt to release the pressure I feel in my lower abdomen. 
“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Harry says, lowering his hand between us. 
He rubs his finger over my clothed center a couple do times and I squirm against his chest, desperate for more contact.
“I’m gonna take this off” He announces and I nod, loving the fact he’s sweetly guiding me through the process.
He pulls my biker shorts and panties off and I moan when his finger finally comes into contact with my clit, a sense of pleasure invading my whole body. I lean in, in an attempt to plant open mouthed kisses on his neck but unable to do so as the increasing sense of pleasure overpowers me. So I stay there, moaning against his neck, as Harry works his fingers on me. 
“I wanna see you” He tells me, and I shakily pull my head back so we can lock eyes. It doesn’t take him long till he has me shaking and squirming on top of him, a chorus of Oh fucks, leaving my lips. I lay myself on top of his chest, feeling the after waves of my orgasm running through my body.
“That was something else” I say, placing a kiss on his clothed chest. Harry chuckles and rubs my back, helping me with my come down.
I move a bit and while doing so, feel the size of his very hard dick underneath me. I drag my hand down his chest and stop when I reach his crotch, my fingertips stopping at the elastic band on his sweatpants.
He tenses beneath me and the urge to make him feel as good as he just made me feel grows inside me. 
“You’re sailing dangerous waters, Lia,” He says in a raspy voice and I have to clench my thighs at the sound. 
“Why? I want you” I whisper in his ear, placing a soft kiss on the crook of his neck. 
“We really don't have to” He says, almost breathless. I know he must be desperate for release at this point. He feels so hard underneath me, there’s no way that’s not painful.
“You just finger-fucked me, Harry” I scoff “Don’t go slow on me now”
He chuckles against my lips before connecting our mouths once again. I rub myself against him once again and he groans. He grabs my hips firmly and locks me in my place.
“So eager” He buckles his hips up this time and I can feel him entirely. “You fool everyone with your big doe eyes and angelic face. I know the truth now, you’re a minx” 
I giggle at his accusation as his lips crash against mine again, shutting me up as I’m about to speak. 
“And only I get to see it” He finally says. He tightens his grips on my hips and pulls me up with his strong hands. Whoops, I say, not expecting the sudden movement. I wrap my legs around him, to help him steady ourselves, while he carries me to the bed. 
“You’re incredible. So fucking good to me” He says after laying me in the middle of the bed. He pulls his shirt over his head and I just stare at him, enjoying the view of a very shirtless Harry hovering over me. 
In one swift movement he takes off his sweatpants and I take a moment to drink him all in. Every toned muscle and bit of black skin covering his skin on display, just to myself. What a fucking sight. My eyes finally go lower and my core pulses at the sight of his big, thick length, hard and ready. I could come right now just from the sight.
I’m so completely lost in the sight I don’t even realize Harry’s reached out somewhere for a condom and is now opening the foil packet. 
“You’re overdressed” He states and I smile at him, getting up a bit so I can take off the sweatshirt and lacy bralette I’m wearing. I plop down into the bed again. Harry’s eyes move straight to my chest. With only one finger he pulls my shorts and panties completely off my body and throws them away. I open my legs a bit, inviting him in, and he mutters a quiet Fucks sake under his breath. 
Instead of feeling self conscious, as I normally would, I feel incredibly confident and appreciated, completely bare under his lustful gaze. 
“Absolutely beautiful” He sighs, taking me all in “Fucking lucky is what I am”
“Want you so bad” I breathe, starting to get impatient.
He caves in and slides the condom on and with a smug smirk crawls his way up to me, his bare length grazes over my most sensitive spot as he lines himself up just right. I look at him begging him desperately to get inside me and I let out a loud moan when I feel him finally pushing into me, very slowly at first, so I can adjust to his size. 
I hold onto his backside as he picks up his pace. A mess of our own moans, the only thing that can be heard in the dimly lit room. He brings his head forward so we can lock eyes, and a mess of sweaty curls fall onto his forehead. 
Harry’s head tips back in pleasure and I can tell we are both extremely close as our moans become pants. I start squirming under him and his thrusts become slower, signaling his own impending release. My back arches off the bed and Harry groans loudly. He is still thrusting in me as deep as he can and I’m sure I’ve never been fucked like this before. He’s ruined me.
“Oh my god Harry” I moan and he replies with a fuck yes of his own. 
In one last swift movement, Harry pulls out all the way and quickly thrusts back as deep as he can. My body tenses and I’m gone. Harry gives three final thrusts and comes completely undone with me, orgasms reaching us in sync. He falls into me, pressing our chests together, both of us breathing heavily as we ride our highs at the same time.
“That was amazing” he breathes into my neck and I can only let out a quiet giggle, still trying to catch my breath.
Harry uses his hand to push himself over me and I move my face to look at him. I lift my hand to his face and push back the curls that had fallen on his forehead. I comb his hair for a bit then let my hand slide down to the back of his neck. He pecks my life before falling to my side and settling beside me.
He pushes himself on his side, and I copy his movements. We smile at each other exchanging a long and adoring gaze. Both of us feeling deliciously and utterly fucked.
“I feel like I should be promoted to rockstar after this” Harry says remembering the times I’ve called him Popstar before and I can help but laugh at his comment. 
“I’ll think about it” I grin, running my hand through his curls once again as he rubs circles into my hip with his thumb.
“I’ll go pee now” I tell him, getting up from my current position. 
“Mmmm, don’t take too long,” Harry replies. I hesitate on whether I should put some clothes on but then realize it’s too late to try to hide anything so I make my way to the bathroom completely naked. 
“I miss you already” Harry calls from the bed in his raspy voice just as I’m about to cross the door and I swear my heart almost jumps out of my chest. I take a couple of minutes to myself in the bathroom, trying to recover from the out of body experience I just had. 
When I come back into the room I can see Harry’s already cleaned up himself and is now laying on top of the bed, back against the headboard.
“Come here” He says, reaching out his hand. 
He watches me intently as I make my way to him and I start becoming a bit self conscious of my bare body.
“Should we put some clothes on?” I ask as I reach his side of the bed.
“No” Harry says, pulling me so I fall right into his chest and I giggle “I want you naked”
He admires my body with the most adoring gaze. I move a bit and reposition myself between his legs, my back pressed against his chest. He brushes the hair off my shoulder and presses three tender pecks to the back of my neck.
We lay like that for a while, just enjoying holding each other and the skin to skin contact, a peaceful silence surrounding us.
“We should get some sleep” I finally say, and I feel Harry nodding against my shoulder before placing one final kiss there. 
I scoot over so I’m laying beside him. He turns around and I see him grab his phone but quickly put it away. My stuff long forgotten in the living room, I could be fired by Luis at this point and I wouldn’t even know.
“I’m setting an alarm for 6 am” He says and I just nod. Enjoying the domesticity of the moment. He drops on his side, grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him, so that he is spooning me. Our naked bodies completely flushed against each other. 
“I’m sorry your show was cancelled today” I say in the dark quietly, as we both start to fall into sleep. 
“Mmm. I think this was the best night of my life” He says and I don’t think I could blush any more. I feel the movement of his breathing even out as he completely drifts off.
I close my eyes, falling asleep as well, with a content smile on my face. Wishing I could stay like this forever but knowing that I have to wake up in a few hours to get on a bus to Missouri. 
 I won't deny I've got in my mind now all the things we'd do
So I'll try to talk refined for fear that you find out how I'm imagining you
Hozier - Talk
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missluckycharms · a day ago
The Business Plan.
Summary: in which two brothers run a law firm, their new merger is complicated, one brother just can't seem to grow up and a contract that is strictly not business is waiting to be signed.
Three signatures, three handshakes and three sets of lips, will Angelina take The Business Plan?
*Styles Brothers: Harry and Edward, cliche I know, don't call me out on it pls x
Warnings: *cracks knuckles* okay: Daddy kink, Sir Kink, degradation kink, threesome, fingering, dirty talk, use of sex toys, one scene contains voyeurism, spanking, spitting, hair pulling, biting, squirting, unprofessionalism (is that a word?) size kink, choking, office sex, public sex, protected and unprotected sex (wrap it up babe) anal sex, anal play, manhandling, suggestive comments.
** Angelina is an OC, her hair colour is discussed.
Word count: 10.3K. Grab a snack besties.
Inspiration pic (all credit to whoever made this) :
Tumblr media
Moment of silence for this ^^ thank you.
The Styles Brothers.
I know what you're thinking, sounds like some circus act who travel around in a waggon to get to the next tent to perform, you'd be right a little if you thought that, although they may not be part of an actual circus, one of the brothers act like he was born into one, always showing off and wanting the attention on himself, thriving off the eyes that land on him when he walks into a room.
He's gone past the point of being a Narcissist, if there was a level up from Narcism, Edward Styles would take that place by himself, standing tall and wearing the title like a medal of honour, it's unattractive to some people but for most of the people in their office and the world, he's a Gucci clad walking wet dream.
At only 21 years old, Edward is one of the youngest millionaires in London, his face all over magazines and websites showing off his achievements at such a young age, showing how he worked up to this title, his interviews printed and posted online and in magazines for young women to drool over, some even cut his face from photos and hang him on their wall.
Alongside the young millionaire is another multi millionaire, the oldest out of the Styles Brothers, Harry Styles. He's 29 years old and on his way to becoming a billionaire, the media guesses he'll have that title by his 31st birthday, his wealth showing no bounds with his fast cars, lavish suits and many fine custom made gold rings showing off what he's made of. He's not like his brother, more humble and down to earth, always looking for a calm space while his brother chases a wild crowd and tends to drink a bar dry at business parties.
The two clash heads a lot, their polar opposite personalities and Edward's carefree out look on life, tends to get them into heated arguments and sarcastic comments throw all around the office while they work. Harry is the CEO while Edward is second in command, always beside his brother at meetings and ready to give his input on a situation when asked by his brother — although, sometimes "fuck it, just do it" aren't the words Harry wants to hear when they were once merging with a company, running the risk of loosing everything if the merge never worked out. Safe to say, Harry declined and Edward rolled his eyes.
The two got these jobs from the passing of their late Father, his business immediately passed down to his two sons, while their sister got his Porsche, she seemed happy enough. Harry was tore up over the passing of their Father, always visiting their family home to tend to his small vegetable garden he had before he left, helping his Mum grieve and just being around the surroundings his father used to occupy on a daily basis. Edward, on the other hand, showed some grief, most of it being when he was alone with a bottle of Jack, but for the most part, everyone thought he was a dick head, his exact words at his fathers funeral being "thanks for the business Daddio, appreciate it big guy!" Which made their Mum gasp and Harry roll his eyes.
It's been nearly four years since then, the company immediately sky rocketing when two new handsome owners stepped foot in the glass doors, smiles on their faces and mischief in one pair of eyes while the other pair held determination. The office warmed up to them instantly, everyone loving Harry's optimism and his home made cookies he'd bring in every Friday, Edward was a big hit with the women and younger men, they loved his cheeky personality and his class clown like attitude while in work, he pushed his brothers limits and always had a loud laugh while being dragged in or out by his collar to and from Harry's office.
"Alright Maggie?! Looking extra Milfy this morning babe!" Edward sings as he steps into the office, his long curls on his shoulders, black and red striped suit on his body and a smirk on his lips as he passes through the isles of desks around him.
"You're two hours late" is all Harry says when he steps out, arms crossed and his eyebrow raised as his brother saunters through the place like the world revolves around him, and that time waits for him and only him.
"I'm here aren't I? Look, even got ya a cookie. Cookie for my cookie" he says winking at the end, handing Harry a brown bag to which he snatches from him and peers in.
"It's empty"
"Yeah, I got peckish in the elevator"
Harry sighs and scrunches up the bag, the smell of cookies still lingering on the paper as he throws it away, silently wishing he had that cookie right now.
"Could of at least said thank you, jeez"
He nods for Edward to follow him into his office, the long haired brother waving at a few employees before stepping in and shutting the door, his brother looking at him unamused from his large black desk chair.
Edward fiddles around with a few of Harry's trinkets on his shelves, laughing and then nearly falling over when he tries to catch a falling statue of what looks like the Eiffel Tower, his eyes wide as he looks at his brother who is just silent, watching on as his brother places the statue back gently, tight lipped smile as he sits down on the chair across from Harry.
"You're five years old" Harry mumbles with a shake of his head, opening up his laptop as Edward sits back in the chair, legs slightly spread and his arms loosely resting on his lap as he chews on some mint gum, the over powering scent of peppermint nearly making Harry's eyes water as he sits across from him.
"Take your dick out from your ass Brother, you're like the Queen sat there, demanding and always needing to look proper. Loosen up, wank off a few times and just relax" Edward says calmly, his eyes rolling as Harry looks at him like he just said the most scandalous thing he's ever heard.
"I'm going to pretend you never said that -"
"But I did"
"I'm pretending you di-"
"But I did"
Harry bites back his anger, forcefully typing in his work password as Edward smirks at him over the laptop screen, his eyes filled with mischief and his brothers silence filling his ego even more, knowing he's gotten to him and he's riling him up only minutes after getting into the building — all in a days work.
Harry straightens up in his seat, taking a deep breath before looking at his brother who tilts his head, waiting for him to speak with a loud pop from the bubble he blew with his gum, his chewing getting louder as Harry swallows back all his anger and need to just catch him by his long hair and spin him around the office like an overgrown fidget spinner.
"We have a meeting with a merging company this evening, I want you to attend with me" he says formally, watching as his brother coughs back a laugh, sitting up straight and leaning more towards his desk, his long hair nearly touching the wood as he chews his gum.
"Oh do you now? Miss Queen wants me to attend? I'm honoured!" He says gasping, clutching his chest with his ring clad hand as his Harry pinches the bridge of his nose, looking up in annoyance begging something to just crash upon his brother right now.
"Pack it up Adam Sandler, do you want to attend or not?" His brother says sternly, looking at Edward who silently ooos at his brothers choice of words, his sarcasm only popping out when he's getting irritated.
"Buy me a drink and I might, stud" Edward says in a high pitched voice, popping another gum bubble as Harry stands up abruptly, heading towards his office door with thunder in his steps, he opens it and stands holding the handle.
"I've had enough of you for one day, please leave" he says calmly, Edward turned in the chair looking at him before letting out a loud cackle, his body hunched over as he gasps for air looking at how annoyed his brother is with him.
"You're too easy brother, oh fuck!" He laughs as he stands, walking past his brother and leaving after he fixes the white shirt on Harry's body, the light blue suit over top as Harry brushes his hands off, slapping them away as they start slapping one another like two children.
"Ask nicely!"
Harry catches Edward by the collar of his shirt and shoves him the rest of the way out the door, Edward stumbling as he laughs loudly, looking back at his unamused brother, the whole office watching on as the two brothers battle it out at nine in the morning, Edward nearly passing out due to how much he's laughing and enjoying riling his brother up.
"Maggie, make sure he stays out here please" is all Harry says before walking back into his office and slamming the door forcefully, peeping out from behind his blinds before pulling the string and shutting them, Edwards fingers twinkling him a wave as Harry shuts himself off from his brother completely.
"Such a nice guy!"
"That's it, take it, fucking take it"
She's moaning on his desk, her bare ass perched up on the mahogany as he thrusts into her, his hand around her throat as she looks up at him, her eyes glazed over and her blouse barely buttoned up as her breasts spill out and bounce with every harsh thrust he sends her way.
"Such a whore, begging me to fuck you on this desk, walking in here biting your lip and sending me sex eyes — interns like you should be banned from here, just can't contain myself" he moans out, bending down to kiss up her neck, his moans against her skin as she grabs onto his hair, pulling it as they both work one another up to an orgasm.
"You like this don't you? Door being unlocked, large window showing off your bare ass and your fucked out self loosing control under me, bet you'd love it if I just fucked you out in the main area huh?" He asks with a smirk, his teeth biting down on his bottom lip when she clenches around him at the sound of his words.
"Such a good girl for me, go on, say my name baby" he moans out when he feels his own release near, her face contorting in pleasure when he begins rubbing circles on her swollen clit, her head throwing back and letting out a scream of the name she was told to call him.
"And in here, is where the second in command works, my brother. He'll be pleased to meet you —"
Edward shoots his head up when he hears his brothers voice and before he could swipe the girl off his desk and throw her under it, Harry is stood in the doorway, door wide open along with his eyes, a tall man stood next to him looking surprised also. The woman clinging to Edward as she shrieks out in embarrassment from whats happening.
"Just meet us in the -"
"Board room, yep"
Harry speeds off, the visitor slowly following as he tries to comprehend what he just saw. The intern now running around and gathering up her underwear and shoes as she frets over loosing her job — the boss just walked in on her fucking his brother, she can't keep a job after that, surely not.
"Oh, I never caught your name" is all Edward says as he watches her head for the door, her head turning and looking at him as he smiles, tucking in his shirt as if nothing just happened.
"Ana" she smiles as Edward nods, taking out a black notebook and scribbling down the three letter as she watches on, silently hoping he asks her for her number next.
"Oh Ana!" He calls looking up, her eyes lighting up as he beckons her back over to his desk, his palms splayed out on the wood as she smiles admiring the man before her.
"Could you bring three coffees to the board room? Two with no sugar and one with sugar — Harry needs to be sweetened up" he says with a wide smile, the girl looking down before looking back up, tears welling in her eyes as she nods with a tight lipped smile.
"I'll be back in fifteen" is all she says before she's gone, leaving Edward to smile to himself, looking around his office before sighing and then heading to the board room where his brother is waiting, visitor in tow.
"Hello men, what are we up to today?" Edward says casually striding into the board room, Harry sat at the top of the large table and the visitor to his left, his eyes not meeting Edwards as Harry's burn into his face, scolding him via his mind.
"Sit down Mr Styles, the meeting is starting" Is all Harry says before he sits down, taking out his laptop as the other man takes out his, Edward looking around him as he relaxes back into his seat, twiddling his thumbs as he pops his gum in boredom.
Harry coughs causing Edward to look his way, his brother nodding at his laptop before looking to Edward who doesn't have his, he brought in nothing only the scarred memory of him fucking the new intern Ana silly on his desk, half of the office seeing her bare ass when Harry opened the unlocked door.
He just shrugs as Harry mentally slaps himself and his brother. He then stands up, painting on his award winning smile as he stands to review the presentation, the man sits back watching on as Harry begins to speak about the company and what benefits merging the two companies would have, Edward looks on, nodding and humming but no words are entering his brain, he laughs when Harry cracks a joke and agrees when he looks at him for confirmation on what he just said. He's nailed the expressions down to a T, but Harry knows they're fake.
"Sorry to interrupt, but I've brought the coffees Mr Styles requested" Ana's voice is soft as she stands at the glass door, her hands holding a take away tray filled with take away cup, Edward smirking at her as Harry looks confused, looking straight to Edward who beckons her in with a nod of his head.
"I didn't know if you took sugar Brian, if you need any just tell us and Ana here can grab you some" Edward says as Ana passes out the coffee with a nervous smile, her eyes avoiding eye contact with Harry who smiles at her as a thank you.
"Thank you for that Ana, close the door on your way out" Edward says relaxing back into his chair, sipping on his hot coffee as he nods for Harry to continue, Brian looking at the brothers as he sips on his own coffee, watching as Edward smiles before speaking.
"Now gentlemen, where were we?"
"What the fuck was that?!"
Edward shouts out a hey as Harry slaps him, his hand rubbing his bicep as Harry relaxes into his desk chair, shaking his head at his brother who is acting as if he didn't fuck up a business deal because of the way he scarred the poor man who was visiting.
"I paid for your coffee! You're welcome by the way!" Edward shouts out, sighing as he slumps into the chair he's come accustomed to on a daily basis, always being scolded by his older brother much like he was when they were growing up.
"Not the coffee! I mean the little performance you and the new intern decided to put on for the whole office!" Harry yells, his anger finally slipping out as Edward shakes his head, looking away from him as he tries to not fight back and make a scene.
"Don't act like you haven't done it, remember your ex? Sandy?" Edward says with a raise of his eyebrow, watching as Harry's face contorts in anger at the mention of his ex wife, his hands balling up into fists before slamming them down on the desk, making everything rattle as Edward smiles manically.
"Get. Out. Of my. Office" Harry says through gritted teeth, not showing any sign of sarcasm it's all full rage and Edward knows that, he sees this face at least twice a week at this stage, some days he gets to Harry, some days he doesn't.
"I was leaving anyway, finished up all my work, decided to take the rest of the evening off" he says getting up, fixing his suit as Harry shakes his head looking down at his desk trying to compose himself.
"This business is a joke to you!"
"If it was a joke to me, why would I be here everyday Harry?!"
Harry looks at him, nodding towards the door to which Edward walks towards, his hand raising to knock the Eiffel Tower statue off of the shelf before slamming the door behind him, the statue in pieces on the floor as Harry lets out a huge sigh, resting his head in his hands as he tries to calm down. How can he be calm? Some days it's like Edward is just here for the money, some days he's the most hard working person Harry has ever seen. There's no in between with him at all.
"Mr Styles? Are you free?" Maggie says from the door, the receptionist smiling nervously as she peeps in, trying to not irritate him even more, the office scared shitless to speak to him because of how Edward stormed out, not even smiling and Harry sat at his desk with his head in his hands.
"Yeah, come in" he smiles, watching as the middle aged woman steps in, a small card in her hand as she strides towards his desk in her low black heels, the sound echoing all around the room.
"I just got a phone call for the other Mr Styles, I thought it was for you, I apologise for that but, he has a merger meeting lined up for tomorrow evening, they said he was really enthusiastic about it" she speaks, handing him the card with the number in case he wanted to call, Harry's eyes looking down and seeing the company.
Barlow and Family Law Firm.
He's shocked seeing it, they've been trying to get a meeting with this company since they started running the firm, Maggie smiling widely knowing he would be happy. He shakes his head and lets out a laugh in disbelief. Edward ruined the previous meeting on purpose, making sure the visitor ran out of there and declined an opportunity.
"Thanks for that Maggie, you can all go home, early end to the day" Harry says immediately standing up and shoving the card into his pocket of his trousers, his hands shrugging on his long jacket as Maggie smiles thanking him and running out to tell everyone else, the cheers cause Harry to smile more as he gathers his keys and what not.
Harry dashes towards where he knows Edward will be, his car speeding down the road as he smiles and laughs to himself over the opportunity Edward has scored them, this could be huge for the company, if they merge with this company, they could earn millions and they could all become one of the strongest Law Firms in the whole United Kingdom.
He runs towards the bar door, his smile wide as he bursts in, the small bar being only occupied by a few people and a familiar long haired man sat up at the bar alone, hunched over on the stool as he twiddles the glass of whiskey in his ring clad hand, his brother immediately feeling guilty as he looks at him.
"Thought I'd find you here"
"Was hoping you wouldn't"
Harry slides next to his brother, ordering a whiskey for himself as Edward knocks back the last of his own, slamming the glass down and hissing slightly at the bitter taste, the bar tender immediately sliding another one to him along with Harry's, the multi millionaires sat in a small local bar instead of a five star one is something no one would see coming — but they love the local bar, everyone doesn't treat them as royalty or that they deserve to walk on diamonds, they keep them humble, even Edward loves it.
"Look, I know about the merger meeting you organised. I'm sorry for lashing out, you did it all for a reason and I'm a dickhead, basically" Harry laughs sipping on his drink, Edward beside him laughing also, his finger dancing around the rim of the glass as he stares down at the brown liquid.
"You were a dickhead, but maybe me fucking the intern wasn't the best idea to put the meeting to shit" he says as Harry nods agreeing, the pair laughing and smiling in one another's company, very different from when Harry was tugging Edward from his office by the collar.
"Let's just say we were both dickheads today, yeah?" Harry asks ordering another drink for the both of them, the bartender smiling at the pair before preparing their whiskey.
"Cheers to that one brother, sometimes I'm not the actual dickhead of the day" Edward says clinking his glass off Harry's, the pair drinking at the same time before slamming the glasses down onto the bar with hisses.
"Why do we drink that?"
"Dad used to love it"
"Bitter bastard"
"Alright, how do we look?"
Harry asks as him and Edward turn around to face Maggie in Harry's office, the brothers matching in all black suits, Harry's hair short and pushed back in curls with slight stubble on his face while Edward wears his hair long and loose, his face clean shaven as they try to look presentable for the merger meeting in half an hour, Maggie stood before them with her travel sewing kit, and her hand under her chin as she examines them.
"Like you're both the two of the most well dressed lawyers and law firm owners of the entire world — oh that reminds me! Edward, you've been requested to stand in court in two weeks" Maggie says calmly, watching as Edward immediately types the date into his phone and sets it as a reminder, Harry smiling at Maggie who dances her eyes over their suits that she tailored to help fit them better in under two hours.
"Harry, take off your pants" she's says grabbing her sewing kit and pulling out her pin cushion, the pins sticking out as she gathers some into her hands looking at a shocked Harry.
"Don't flatter yourself Styles, just want to take the legs up a little, don't want the Gucci thread unravelling" she says rolling her eyes as Harry laughs loudly, throwing her a sarcastic wink as she wiggles her ring finger that's adorned in her wedding ring in his face, he smiles pulling down his trousers and passing them to her, leaving him in only his shirt blazer boxers shoes and socks.
"I don't think she meant here H-"
"I did mean here, it would take more time for him to run down the hall to the bathroom to change, we're on a time crunch Styles number two!" Maggie says looking down as she pins up the ends of Harry's pant legs a little before grabbing a needle and thread.
"What would we do without ya" Harry says after fifteen minutes, pulling on his now fitted trousers and buckling his belt, Maggie smiling at her work and nodding in approval at the pair.
"Hands out Styles' it's lint roller time!" Maggie exclaims picking up the lint roller she keeps in her bag, walking over to first run it over Edwards suit, his laughs low as she runs it over his belly and thighs.
"I swear to lord, you're like my son!" She says rolling her eyes, referring to her five year old son at home as Harry laughs beside Edward, now being dusted over with the lint roller.
"Now, all done!"
"Just act cool, if we show we're nervous they'll use that to their advantage to try and swindle us out of money"
"Who said I was nervous big bro?" Edward says chewing his gum, the pair sat in the board room as they await Maggie to arrive back with their visitors, Harry anxiously fiddling with his rings as Edward taps on his phone, sighing when he doesn't beat the game level he's playing.
"Really? Are you playing candy crush right now?" Harry asks when he hears the sounds from the game, Edward focused on the screen as he waves him off, signalling him to shut up as he tries to focus on the game.
"The Barlow's are here" Maggie announces with her head peeping around the door, her silent thumbs up and mouthing words of encouragement makes Harry smile as Edward locks his phone and stands up to greet the visitors.
They both freeze when they see them walk in, a woman and a man both dressed in grey pant suits, brief cases in their hands and smiles plastered on their faces as they greet the brothers, hands shaking and smiles mirrored before they all sit down to settle into the board room.
"Dad couldn't make it, this is my brother Ben and I'm Angelina" the woman smiles, her brown hair tied back in a slick ponytail, her skin glowing and her nails freshly painted.
"Not a problem, we're glad you both came!" Harry says chirpily, Edward smiling and nodding as everyone looks at one another, almost susing one another out in the few seconds.
"So, should we get this started then?"
"It was lovely meeting you two, our assistant will be in contact for the next meeting, but as far as I can see, this is going to be good" Angelina smiles at the end of the meeting, their hands all shaking yet again before they bid their goodbyes and Maggie is back to escort the pair from the building.
"That went well" Harry says smiling to his brother who's eyebrows are knitted in concentration, his mind elsewhere as Harry looks at him confused.
"What's up?" He asks his brother, Edward immediately looking at him with a finger pointed towards him.
"I need to show you something, you may be interested in it" he says before he's disappearing out the door, Harry hot on his heels as they walk toward Edward's office, the pair smiling at the employees as they work all around them in their desk cubicles.
"What are you doing?" Harry asks as Edward begins rummaging through his desk drawers, before pulling out a small black notebook and slamming it down onto the table.
"This, is a book I've kept since I turned eighteen — take a look" is all Edward says before Harry takes the book, opening it and scanning the words on the pages.
Dania. Tristan.
Pranati. Polly.
Daphne. Addie.
Arabella. Nini.
Caitlyn. Patricia.
Daniela. Helena.
Madison. Yanet.
Shireen. Tayla.
Shelby. Emily.
Liz. Gione.
Lana. Lily.
Victoria. Nour.
Amber. Kate.
Haylee. Ana.
"Is this your way of telling me you have many bodies of dead women hidden somewhere?" Harry asks in shock looking down at the long list, over twenty women's names looking back at him — most of them being interns which makes him rolls his eyes, typical.
"No, but these are the women I've slept with, a few of these have been under my contract, that part is what I want to show you" Edward says happily pulling out a hidden file that was in his desk, un sticking the Velcro and pulling out sheets of paper before passing them to Harry who's getting more and more confused as this goes on.
"What am I looking at exactly?" He asks as Edward grabs a sheet of his own, sitting down on his desk chair and kicking his boot clad feet up on his desk as he begins reading the words adorned on the paper loudly.
"This contract states that the submissive is under full control by the dominant. Food choices and personal appearance is not under this control, but things of a sexual nature is. By signing this contract, the submissive agrees to all the following aspects that can be taken in bed, the dominant has no say over what they tick. Then, me and whoever it is signs, and vollah! I have company when I want!"
"I have no words" Harry says reading over the check list from what the submissive can tick from: spanking, choking, hair pulling being the mild ones but when he scans over the words BDSM, anal play, anal sex toys and knife play, his eyes nearly pop out from his skull as his brother smiles looking over the sheet smugly.
"You don't have to do what I do, just take it into consideration the next time you feel alone. This is a no strings attached situation, just sex and some small talk — may actually help you get back out there" Edward says cleaning up the sheets, letting Harry have the sheet he's holding before locking the file and the notebook into his desk drawer again for safe keeping.
Harry looks at him and then at the contract sheet, Edward walking past him and out of his office as he stays behind, looking down at the words before him on the sheet and remembering how many women's names were in the book Edward kept — all those women were willing to keep him company when needed. He shakes his head, throwing the sheet into the trash can and walking out of the office, not looking back as he shuts the door and walks out into the main area to see everyone packing up and ready to go home.
He looks back at the office before smiling at everyone as they all huddle out of the office, his keys jingling as he locks the door behind them all being the last to finally leave the building when he has all the security alarms set up. His mind is spinning as he's driving home, home to his empty house, home to his loneliness all over again — he's sick of being alone.
It's been two weeks since Edward showed Harry what he dabbles in during his free time. Harry hasn't stopped thinking about what if he did it himself? What if he had someone to lay with in bed and have some small talk before he dozes off for the night? The bed feels lonelier now knowing that someone could be laying next to him if he just had his own pieces of paper that could tie them together for a week or two.
"Don't think too hard, you'll shit your gucci pants"
Harry looks to his side to see Angelina, the daughter and second in charge for Brian Barlow's law firm. They've worked closely since the first meeting, she's here alone today to just chat with the men and get a feel for who they are and what their intentions are for the merger. They're both in line at the cafe on the ground floor of the company building, Harry stood to the side waiting for his coffee as Angelina stands beside him, waiting for her own.
"Sorry, didn't mean to be rude by not talking to ya" he laughs which causes her to shake her head, looking at him before she looks towards the barista who's preparing their coffees at lightening speed.
"It's okay, most of us are unsociable in the mornings — myself included" she says tapping his shoulder lightly, her laugh soft as Harry nods, looking at her side profile as they fall into silence as they wait.
"You know, I thought you and that child man of a brother of yours, were going to be right snobs, but I was wrong — you're both actually alright, I jisy think someone needs to keep Edward in check" she says breaking the silence, her heels tapping on the floor as she moves a little as they stand, Harry beside her bellowing out a laugh.
"People tend to have that impression of us both, Edward is childish but he's one of the most hard working people I know, works harder than me sometimes if I'm being honest" he jokes as she laughs with him, their smiles bright as they keep a watch on the barista as she dusts over the cappuccinos with some cocoa powder.
"Wow, never would of thought that. I'll see you up there, yeah?"
She asks quietly, her eyes dropping to his lips before smiling at him, when she grabs her own coffee that was made before Harry's order of two, he smiles and nods as she nods back with a small lip bite before walking towards the elevator, her heels clinking off the floor, her hips swaying and her smile wide as she leaves the man. Everyone turns their heads to watch her — everyone acts like new people in the building are some sort of aliens Harry has noticed.
He scowls at them all as they whisper and whistle after her, some men even pretending to air fuck her behind her back as she walks past, their laughs quiet as they high five one another like they're teenage boys who can't control their raging hormones around a female. They all look at him after a few seconds, his face set in a scowl and his eyebrow raised which makes them all scramble to where they need to be, silently pleading to not be fired from what Harry just witnessed.
"Nice doing business with you, Miss Angelina" Edward says smugly when she signs her name on the end of the sheet, his own signature beside it as she rolls her eyes with a chuckle.
"Don't expect me to be some nice submissive, something tells me you need a brat to keep you in line" she says leaning over the table, her blouse falling down a little as Edward drops his eyes to her breasts, his smile wide as she smirks at how much of a choke hold she has this man in already.
"I like to try new things sweetheart, try your worst on me tonight at mine, at seven. Don't be late" he says quietly as he leans over and brushes his lips off hers, both of them teasing one another before pulling back at the same time, relaxing into their chairs and smiling at how much a like they are — Edward is going to have fun with this one.
"M'sorry, barista fucked up your coffee and then insisted she made a new one free of charge — have you two gotten started on the meeting?" Harry smiles handing Edward his coffee before sipping on his own, looking down at a few sheets turned over on the table and two pens laid beside them.
"Not yet Brother, was just having a friendly chat" Edward says with a smirk, looking at Angelina over the rim of his coffee cup as she sips on her own, her red lipstick leaving a print on the lid.
"Great! Let's get started then!"
Harry is over the moon.
Angelina decided to take the merger deal and now they're all currently in the works of merging the two companies. He's also happy because while Edward is away for a week appearing in court as a lawyer, Harry gets to have one on one conversations with Angelina when they see one another, the laughs and stories they share over coffee and on an elevator ride is something he looks forward to every day now. He never seen her as someone he would want to get to know more about, but as the days pass he's getting more and more attached to her.
He coughed up the courage to ask her over for dinner to his tonight, he's currently running around the house trying to get it all set up for her arrival. He's fussing over his outfit and if she'd like the scent of his candles, something he never thought he would be fussing over so much — they're just scented wax sticks for fucks sake.
Half an hour away, Edward is sat in a hotel room alone, his phone in hand as he relaxes after a day of meeting with the criminal and getting to know the case he's now a part of. He's been craving some company and needing to just let out all the stress that's being piled up on top of him from the ongoing case, he knows exactly what he needs.
Edward: 🍑 ?
Angelina: no can do tonight, have plans.
He sighs at her message, instantly feeling jealousy wash over him at the thought of her with someone else — she's his submissive, it's only been two weeks and yet they've only hooked up probably three times which is unusual for Edward, usually his submissive would be falling to their knees at his front door.
What he doesn't know, is that her plans are with his brother thirty minutes away, his brother who is setting up his dining room all fancy and getting ready for her, the most Edward does is light a few candles and hope that's enough to seduce whoever his submissive is at the time.
Usually when a submissive doesn't listen, Edward would cut off the agreement and never see them again, but there's something about Angelina that makes him not want to do that, he wants to chase her, he wants her to fall at his knees, he doesn't mind the blue balls he gets a few times a week because there's something about her that doesn't want to push this, he doesn't want to drive her away — and it's killing him that he doesn't know why.
Harry runs to the door when the bell rings, his shoes sliding along the marble tiles as he swings open the front door, smiling widely as Angelina stands in a tight red dress, her brown hair in loose curls and her lips painted red like always, she looks stunning Harry thinks, like something fresh from a runway.
"Something smells nice" she says stepping in when he invites her in, his hands taking her coat from her shoulders as she thanks him with a laugh, waiting and watching as he hangs up the black coat before they both make their ways into the dining room, the place lit with candles and the lights dimmed slightly giving a warm feel to the grand room.
"Trying to cook a meal, go easy on me" he laughs as he pulls out the chair for her, her smile wide as she looks around in awe at what his house looks like, it's so grand but it feels cosy and homey for some reason — she guesses it's just because Harry is a warm person.
"Back in a tick" he says before walking through the arch way into the kitchen, the clanking of dishes and the small talk heard between the two as he fixes them both a meal.
Angelina is currently trying to ignore the buzzing of her phone in her bag beside her as Harry shouts in to her the ingredients of the dish, making sure she isn't allergic to anything which causes her to smile wide at his thoughtfulness. When the buzzing becomes to much she takes out her phone and keeps it under the table, her eyes flicking from the screen to the arch to watch for when Harry would arrive back in.
Edward: never mentioned any plans love.
Edward: tomorrow night? This hotel room is far too lonely...
Edward: *attachment one image* for you xx
She widens her eyes and bangs her knee of the table trying to lock her phone when a picture of Edward's rock hard erection in his boxers is shown on her screen, his ring clad hand clutched around the bulge as she swallows a lump in her throat at the sight, quickly locking the phone and smiling when Harry walks back in, two dishes in hand and a tea towel over his shoulder.
"Here we are! Two veg curries, I'll grab the naan bread now, sit tight" he says with a wink before disappearing into the kitchen again, Angelina immediately taking back out her phone to now see a video Edward has sent, she doesn't need to press play because she knows exactly what he's doing.
Angelina: I'm busy, stop texting.
Edward: I thought I was the demanding one babe?
Angelina: I'll video call you later, behave for now.
Edward: you know I never behave, have fun xx
"Everything alright?" Harry asks now back out from the kitchen, noticing how she's typing fast on her phone, brows furrowed in concentration as he places the naan bread and two glasses of red wine on the table before them both.
"Oh! Yeah, yeah. Just my Mum asking if I was free tomorrow for a spa night" she says lying through her teeth, immediately locking her phone and throwing it back into her back for the night, not wanting to be interrupted again.
"Sounds lovely" he hums with a smile as they both tuck into the food, small conversations being started as they eat and sip on the wine, Harry smiling whenever she goes off on a tangent about how her brother is a useless asshole at work, Harry relating also mentioning times Edward acted childish around the office.
"Really?! He actually started a water fight in the office?!" She asks laughing, surprised as Harry tells her about the big water fight Edward pulled while Harry was away for the day, Harry coming back while they were all shouting and soaking one another with cheap water guns.
"Had to pay nearly five grand for repairs on computers, absolutely soaked the office!" Harry laughs finishing off the last of his meal, Angelina shortly finishing after. Harry excuses himself to clean up after directing her to a nearby bathroom, she locks herself in and immediately pulls out her phone.
She smirks seeing that Edward is still sending her photos, she knew he wouldn't stop which makes her even more turned on, it's like he wants his brother to know she's secretly texting him in the bathroom of their dinner together, but Edward doesn't know, which makes Angelina bite her lip at the thought of both of them finding out, and destroying her in every way they can.
Her hands quickly pull down the top of her dress, revealing the black lace bra she's hidden under it, her breasts spilling out as she quickly snaps a photo of it in the mirror, adding a flirty caption and hitting send and being immediately met with three bubbles popping up, her cheeks flushing when he sends back a photo of his own — his fully naked body covered in water droplets, his hair soaking wet and his tattoos on full show. She nearly moans at the sight.
Harry is in the kitchen, the wash up done and currently waiting on Angelina to come back out of the bathroom. He sips on his wine and then decides to give his brother a call, wanting to tell him about how well the night is going and get his reaction of Harry finally finding someone new.
"What's up dickhead?" Edward laughs when he picks up, Harry rolling his eyes with his phone pressed to his ear as he sips on his wine.
"You'll never guess what's happening right now" Harry says happily, listening as Edward shuffles and hums at the other end of the phone, sounding very uninterested as Harry begins to tell him about Angelina.
"Wait, like Angelina from work? The new chick who wears that red lipstick?" He asks perking up at the sound of her name, Harry shrugging it off as he speaks again.
"Yeah, great innit? Things are going so well, she's laughing joking and even asking for more wine and getting comfortable, I don't know man, I think she might be someone special" Harry whispers wooing over the woman in his bathroom that's currently blowing up Edward's phone with half naked photos of herself.
"Just don't rush into things, I know how you love to propose, at least wait a few months before buying a ring this time" Edward says as Harry rolls his eyes laughing while cursing him out.
"Fuck you. Got to go, talk to you soon" Harry says quickly hanging up when he hears the toilet flushing and Angelina walking out smiling, her lipstick now touched up and her perfume stronger as she walks towards him with a smile.
"Sorry, had to touch up some makeup, red lipstick is hard to maintain" she laughs as Harry nods with a smile, handing her back her wine glass before he's leading her into the living room that's now set up also, the candles unlit but Harry is soon lighting them as she sits on the sofa, his back to her as she checks her phone.
Edward: not so innocent, little miss I'll fuck both brothers ...
Angelina: don't act jealous now, line four of paragraph three states I can see other people for non sexual relations.
Edward: smart girl. Stay good for me, yeah? xx
Angelina: always am, sir x
"Do you like Fleetwood Mac?" Harry asks snapping her from her gaze on her phone screen, her hand locking the device before throwing it into her bag laying on the floor.
"Who doesn't?" She asks with a laugh, taking a sip of her wine as she watches him smile, walking towards his record player and pulling out a record from the shelf beside it.
"Got this in a garage boot sale, ten pounds, an absolute steal" he says happily showing the black and white cover of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours to the woman sitting on the sofa watching him with a smile and glass of wine in hand.
"Something tells me you would of paid over ten grand for that if needed" she jokes as Harry places the record delicately into the player, his hand pulling the needle down onto the disc before the soft hum of music plays through the space.
"Ah, caught me there" he says now walking to sit beside her, a small gap between them as they sit in the candle lit living room, soft hum of music playing and red wine warming their bodies.
Edward is filled with rage. His thoughts spinning on what is going on in that house right now, his eyes glued to his phone as he awaits another message from her, but nothing coming through before he throws the phone down with a sigh and punches his fist into the wall denting it as he lets out an anger filled groan.
He doesn't realise until he's pulling into Harry's driveway that he actually got into his car and drove a thirty minute journey. He sits outside and looks at the orange illuminated window, his knuckles turning white as he watches their shadows in the window, her figure being spun around by a taller one as they dance together behind the curtains, his breathing heavy as he watches on like a jealous boyfriend who's about to bust his girlfriend for cheating.
He doesn't have an excuse as to why he's here when he's knocking on the door, his hoodie and joggers on his body as he stands at the door waiting for an answer. His mind spins about what he could say, what excuse would he have to travel thirty minutes away to his brothers house.
Angelina is the one who opens the door, looking at Edward with a smirk as Harry calls from the kitchen asking who's there. She shouts in letting him know it's his brother, this causes Harry to come to the door confused while holding an unopened bottle of wine, looking at his brother who looks like he's about to strangle someone with his bare hands.
“What are you doing here?" Harry asks laughing, watching as Edward looks at him and then at Angelina before speaking up, throwing all caution to the wind as he lets out a yell.
"What the fuck is she doing here?! Are you trying to fuck her?!" He asks bluntly, his voice loud as Angelina smirks at him and Harry widens his eyes at his brothers out burst, confused as to why he's showed up and started yelling at his front door.
"We're having dinner, I called you an hour ago and told you about this. What's going on?" He asks as Edward scoffs pushing past them both and into the living room.
"Fleetwood Mac? Red wine? Candles? This isn't a dinner, this is a rom com sexcapade waiting to happen!" He bellows out as Harry guides Angelina to sit down before walking towards his brother who's storming through the sitting room.
"What's gotten into you? Are you using again?" He asks concerned as he looks at his sloppily dressed brother, his shoes untied and his face covered in sweat over how angry he is.
"Oh fuck you! I yell once and you think I'm a fucking addict again?! That's a harsh blow for someone who drove their own fucking wife away!" Edward yells as Harrys face drops, his whole concerned emotions fading into anger as he looks at his brother with a disgusted look.
"Get out of my house" Harry says through gritted teeth, trying to play cool for Angelina's sake but he doesn't know she's sitting behind him sipping on her wine loving every moment of what's happening.
"Tell him! Tell him what you're doing!" Edward yells over Harry's shoulder pointing at Angelina who fakes confusion at his words when Harry turns to look at her.
"You're fucking delusional Edward! You're acting as if she was your girlfriend or something!" Harry snaps when Edward starts to aim his anger toward Angelina, Edward scoffing at his words as he crosses his arms over his chest.
"Should you tell him or will I?" Is all he says before Angelina places down her glass and stands up, standing in between the brothers and looking up at Harry who's looking down at her confused.
"Harry, me and Edward aren't involved like you think. I sighed a contract for him to be my dominant, but then you came into the picture and swept me off my feet. I'm selfish, I wanted you both" she says as Harry looks at Edward who's smiling behind her, her own expression full of sadness as she waits for Harry's response.
There's a beat of silence before Harry speaks up, clearing his throat and a smile growing on his face.
"You want us both? Fine, have us both, for tonight"
Angelina looks at him confused and then looks behind her to see Edward smiling at her with the same smile as his brother, the pair of them looking down on her like she's their next meal and they're starving.
"What do you say? Want us to take care of you both, want daddy to share you?" Harry whispers to her, his lips by her ear as Edward presses up against her back lightly, both waiting for a response.
"Yes daddy, share me" is all they need before Harry's lips are on her red ones, the lipstick smearing onto his face as Edward begins to kiss down her neck, his hands running over her waist as she pushes back into him, her ass rubbing over his crotch as she feels it harden under her moves.
"Look at her, crumbling under us, like a fucking whore wanting to be shared" Edward hums against the skin of her neck as she leans into his touch, Harry now kissing her chest as she turns her head to catch Edward's lips with hers messily.
"Should we take her to the bedroom? Or fuck her on the sofa?" Harry asks which causes her legs to tighten against one another, his voice a little deeper and raspier than Edward's when he speaks lowly to her, his lips on her chest as he looks up and watches her reaction.
"Bedroom, we need all the room we can get to fucking destroy her like she wants" Edward sighs out in pleasure when she begins to suck on his neck, her lipstick staining his sweaty skin as Harry wraps his hands around her thighs and hoists her up onto him, her legs around his waist as they all stumble to the bedroom, her lips on Harry's as Edward walks ahead to open doors.
Harry throws her down gently, her back hitting the soft mattress as he crawls on top of her, Edward at the side pulling off his hoodie before joining them, pushing his brother off her and picking her up and placing her on his lap, his back against the bead board as she straddles him, attacking his lips as Harry shrugs off his white shirt and kicking off his shoes, unbuckling his belt and letting it dangle down as he kneels on the bed, kissing her bare shoulders as he slides her dress straps down her body.
Soon she's naked on Edward's lap, his own pants missing and her hips moving as she rides him, his cock swallowed by her walls as Harry sucks and nips at her neck. He leaves them for a few seconds, grabbing a vibrator and some lube before returning to the bed in just his boxers.
"That's it, fucking ride me. Fuck, such a slut for me aren't ya? Always gagging to be fucked by me" Edward moans out as she moans loudly at his words, throwing her head back as she speeds her hips up, Harry behind her lubing up the vibrator as she turns her head to look for his lips, the kiss messy as she moans into his mouth when Edward thrusts his hips up to meet hers.
"Do something daddy, please" she moans against his lips when he runs the lubed up vibrator against her tightest hole, teasing her as it buzzes lowly against her.
"Yeah? Need daddy to fuck your ass while you get your pussy stuffed?" He asks lowly, looking at her as her mouth hangs open in a moan, his lips brushing off hers as he moans also when she pushes back, wanting the vibrator in her.
"Please daddy, fuck my ass please!" She yells out when Edward sends a harsh thrust up into her, letting her know he's still there, jealousy bubbling up again as Harry smirks looking at her when he realises how jealous Edward is getting.
"Go on, please him and I'll fuck your ass baby" Harry says kissing her lips before she's turned around again, leaning down onto Edward, hands on his chest as they moan into one another's mouths, speaking filth to one another as they move their hips in sync, Harry running the vibrator over her hole as he strokes himself with the other hand watching as she clenches around the vibrator as he slips it in.
"Fuck daddy!" She screams out when he begins to thrust the pink vibrator in and out of her hole while Edward fucks her cunt raw, his hips speeding up when she clenches around him over how good she's feeling.
"Yeah? Is daddy treating you better than your Sir?"
Edward asks with jealousy in his eyes, his blown out pupils burning into her eyes as she bites her lip looking at him, loving how jealous he's getting.
"Daddy's fucking me so good sir, can't wait for his cock" she moans out into his mouth, his hands gripping onto her hips tighter at her words which causes her eyes to roll back into her head at the feeling of him slamming her down onto his cock harshly.
"You ready for my cock baby? Don't want to hurt ya if you're not" Harry asks against the skin of her bare shoulder, her head nodding and chants of yeses leave her lips as she feels him smirk against her, his pants heavy as he rubs lube all over his cock behind her back, his rings bumping off her ass every now and then sending her into a frenzy at the feeling.
"Give it to her, she's a fucking whore she'd only love the pain of two cocks tearing her open. Ain't that right darling?" Edward asks snaking his hand up to wrap around her throat, her eyes rolling back as he presses down onto her neck, her head spinning as she feels Harry's tip nudge up against her hole.
"Yes! Yes sir, love two cocks tearing me open, need it so fucking badly!" She moans out, her eyes pinching shut but instantly opening when Edward sends a slap to her swollen clit that's after been rubbing up against his pubic bone as she moves.
"Eyes on me darling, look sir in his eyes while another man fills your tight little ass up just how you like it" he spits through gritted teeth as Harry finally slides into her, his eyes shutting and his head falling onto her shoulder as he lets her adjust to him.
"Harder sir, choke me harder please!" She shouts out, nearly a blabbering mess under Edward as he smirks darkly, tightening his grip on her throat as she sinks her nails into his chest, his moan loud at the burning feel of them in his skin, marking up his tattoos with his own fresh blood.
"Can daddy move baby?" Harry asks and she nods quickly, shouting out a yes as Harry begins to thrust into her, her eyes snapping shut as she lets out a pornographic moan, her head throwing back but being pulled back up by Edward's hand and her eyes forced onto his as Harry fucks her from behind and Edward fucks up into her.
"Fucking hell, how does that cute little body take two cocks huh? Fucking whores body you have darling, ready to take two cocks when you need em" Edward moans throwing his head back when she grinds her hips onto his, Harry behind her moaning and pounding into her quickly.
"Taking us so good baby, such a good girl" Harry moans softly, placing kisses to her shoulder blade as sweat coats every single one of their bodies, hearts racing and heads swimming in pleasure as they all try and bring one another to orgasms.
"Always a good girl for you daddy, you too Sir"
She moans out which causes Harry to kiss her back with a smile, his hands delicate over her skin as Edward bruises her hips with his death grip on them, his thrusts harsher than Harry's hard and slower ones, the boys doing the opposite of one another which only makes her moan more.
"Need you both harder, please fuck me harder!" She moans out when she feels her high near, her hands gripping onto Edward's arm that's still around her neck, his grip loosened due to how close he is, pleasure coursing through his body as he works her up.
"You gonna cum? Gonna cum on my cock while he fucks your ass? Yeah?" Edward teases as she prys his hand from her throat, her hands immediately grabbing his face and pulling him into a tooth clashing kiss, his hair between her fingers as they both moan and groan into one another's mouths.
"Come on baby, come for daddy, need to feel you clench around me baby" Harry moans out when he feels his own high near due to how tight she is, her body shaking as both men fuck into her desperately, needing her to come first.
"I'm gonna cum!" She screams out when Edward holds her hips down and begins pounding up into her hard, Harry behind her pounding into her ass and moaning as he watches at how her cheeks jiggle which each thrust he sends.
"That's it, fucking cum for us whore, soak up all the fucking cock you're getting" Edward spits at her, her mouth hung open as he grabs her hair, pulling her head back and spitting down into her mouth, her moan loud and her high crashing down on her as she moans loudly.
"Shit baby, feels so fucking good, gonna make daddy cum" Harry whispers to her as she clenches around them both, sending them both over the edge and spilling into both her holes. Edward kissing her as he comes while Harry desperately clings to her, kissing her skin softly as he comes.
"You better not have fucking looked at me Harry"
"Same to you, dickhead"
"You're both fucking idiots"
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harrysgoldenline · 15 hours ago
When In Italy Part 6
THIS IS THE LAST PART!!!! Let me know what you think! 
If you like this series/any of my other work and have the means and are intersted in supporting me, you can do so here! No pressure, it is just for those who want to! I am a broke college student and every little bit helps me write more :) I love you all so so so so so so much!
 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
“Wow.” Harry whispered when he saw you, a shaky hand running his fingers through his hair as his other reached out towards you, extending another bouquet of flowers, “you look… perfect, angel. Absolutely stunning.”
“Thank you, Harry.” You blushed, walking forward and taking the flowers from his hand and bravely pressing a quick kiss on his cheek, squeezing his arm before letting your fingers trail down and wrap around the stems of the flowers, “and thank you for these. I’ll see if I have any vases left, you’ve been spoiling me.” 
Harry was left speechless, watching you move throughout your apartment, thanking god for running into you that day that he did. His heart had been racing all day, knowing how important this night was to your future. Having not seen each other since that night, it was nice to stay in contact as things were slowly coming back together, but he was desperate to see her. Feeling almost as if it were torture knowing she was less than a mile away and not being with, but each time he got a single text back he knew that the pain was worth it. 
He also knows he deserves the test, he needed to prove his love. Prove he was worthy of hers. 
“Can I know where we are going now?” you asked, batting your eyelashes up at with him an innocent smile you know almost always makes him crack and you watching him smirk, licking his lips before shaking his head. 
“Not today.” He chucked, lifting his wrist and looking at the time, “but, we can get going? Are you ready, lov- Y/N?”
“Mhmm.” You nodded, looking up at him before leading him out the door, locking it behind you both before following him to the elevator and soon out to his car. 
Fingers aching to reach out and grab his hand, to have kissed his lips instead of his cheek, but that’s what this was all about. Starting over in sorts, knowing if you fully dove back in like you almost did a couple weeks ago, it would just lead to deeper insecurities and the last thing you wanted was to go to resent him. 
You thanked him quietly as he opened the passenger door for you, smiling at one another as you glanced up when going to buckle your seatbelt, eyes meeting as he closed your door before running over and getting behind the wheel, engine roaring to life just a few moments later. 
You sat in a comfortable silence, one of Harry’s hand removing from the wheel and ghosting over the exposed skin of your thigh, his fingertips brushing over it before snapping back to the wheel, gripping it so tight that his knuckles turned a ghostly white. 
“Sorry” he shyly spoke, clearing his throat, cheeks turning a soft pink,“habit… and the dress.” 
“It’s okay,” you giggled, looking over at him with a smile, “trust me, this whole going slow and starting over in sorts has been hard for me too.”
“Really?” He asked, eyes widening a bit, eyes bouncing widely between the road and you.
“Yeah” you breathe out, feeling shy under his gaze and glancing at the road, “I mean.. you know… but, it’s good, right? I think this is what we need… or I need at least. Do you think it’s a good thing? Honestly?”
“I would wait an entire lifetime for you, Y/N.”
As instructed by Harry around a couple miles back, you had closed your eyes in order to truly finish out the secret on what this date was. Now, you could telling you were slowing down, moving a bit slower as you started taking more turns, the road getting a bit bumpier as you pulled off to the side. 
“Okay, here we are.” He began, “keep your eyes closed, I’m gonna come get you out and guide ya, that alright?”
You nodded, eyes still closed and you giggled softly to yourself as you heard his side of the door open and close before your door opened. You could feel his body press against you, unbuckling your seatbelt before grabbing one of your hands, his other arm wrapping around your waist to assist you blinding coming out of the car.
“There you go, pretty girl,” he softly encouraged, closing the door behind you as you still stood with your eyes closed, “just keep ‘em closed a little longer, alright? Almost there.” 
“Okay.” You nodded, feet shuffling slowly and you gripped his arm a bit tighter as you stumbled over a rock and he quickly mumbled, got you, love under his breath, making sure you don’t fall. 
You walked together for a few moments, before he stopped you, slowly moving away from your body and you could hear him taking a few steps, “Okay, hold give me a second…. And open your eyes.” He softly spoke. 
Fluttering your eyes open, you couldn’t help but gasp at the sight in front of you. There stood Harry, underneath a beautiful pavilion, fairy lights decorating all around, a picnic blanket laid out among a delicious spread and a bottle of wine. Your mouth fell in shock, your eyes taking in the sight in front of you before making their back over to Harry, holding yet another bouquet of flowers. 
“Harry…” you whispered, frozen in your spot for a moment before rushing over, practically tackling him as you wrapped your arms tight around him. 
He dropped the flowers, the sound of the plastic crunching as they fall on the ground and he scoops you up, legs wrapping around him as you pull each other closer. Your hands came up to his chocolate locks, gripping them tight within your finger tips as he has his arms tight around you waist. 
“Thank you for this…” you whispered into his neck, “It’s beautiful, thank you for putting up with me and dealing with my crazy emotions, you just… make me crazy.” 
“You make me crazy too.” He whispered with a laugh, grabbing your jaw and looking deep into your eyes, “crazy in love.”
You throw your head back laughing, “Okay, Beyonce.” You giggle running your fingers through his hair, wanting desperately to kiss him but holding back, setting your feet back on the ground and shyly tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “should we, um, enjoy this beautiful picnic?” 
He gave you a smile and a nod, sitting down on the ground and holding his hand out for you, assisting you as you sit across from him on the blanket. He silently poured you a glass of wine as you grab a grape off it’s stem, popping into your mouth as you looked across from him. Your fingers brushed as he handed you the glass, gripping the stem before taking a sip, watching him as he poured himself his own glass. 
You both enjoyed some small talk, avoiding the whole will we won’t we relationship talk as you filled each other in on other aspects of your life. Listening intently to Harry talk about his upcoming tour and all of the plans he had for it, all the places he was planning on going.
It felt like old times, laughing and chatting together like old times, like things had never changed.
Now, a couple hours later, you two had transitioned off the pavilion, Harry laying the blanket on the soft grass as you two laid close next to each other, looking up and watching the stars, fingers millimeters apart, just having to barley move your fingers to have them intertwine. 
“I wasn’t lying when I told you I will wait a lifetime.” He whispered and you instantly glance over at him, his jaw sharp as he still was looking up at the sky, but you could see his eyes were glassy, “As long as I have you in my life, that’s all that matters. I… I will wait a lifetime just to kiss you again. I would wait forever and do anything for you.”
“Harry,” you whispered, crawling over slightly to him, hesitantly laying on his chest and looking up at him, “I don’t think I can wait that long…” 
He sat up quickly and you laugh as you stumble a bit but he catches your face in your hands, his eyes bouncing wildly back and forth between your eyes and lips. “Can I…” 
You nod quickly, your lips smashing together in an instant and you crawl into his lap even faster, hands weaving into his hair as his dug into your skin, moaning and breathing hard on one another’s lips. 
“Please” he whispered, kissing down your neck and your lips again quickly before pulling back, staring deep into your eyes, your gaze getting stuck on his swollen pink lips before meeting his eyes again, “I know I don’t deserve it, but please be mine again. I’ll never, ever stop fighting for you, for us. I promise I’ll prove my love for you until I die.
Your hands come up to his face, leaning forward softly and connecting your lips, your finger softly running over the ring you gave him before pulling back, leaning your forehead against his.
“I’m yours.”
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She’s A Tease… But Don’t Stop Chapter II (Harry Styles Explicit Mini Series)
Tumblr media
A/N: Hiya everyone, thank you soooooo much for the feedback on this piece, so I have officially decided I would do a mini series!
For each concert I will do a chapter, I know I am abit behind but I know I’ll get up to date. I hope you guys enjoy this piece. Please leave some feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!
Word Count: 3,540
Harry’s P.O.V
I honestly can not believe what happened last night. Everything that I ever wanted to have happen the minute I laid my eyes on that girl just happened. I wake up from my nap with just pure euphoria. I get up, take a quick shower and get ready for to leave for Denver. I just put on one of my tour hoodies and jeans with my canvas shoes, and left to leave my key down at reception. Weird. Y/N isn’t here, she normally either texts me or meets me down at the hotel to help me get everything organised and tell me about my day of what we need to do. It’s not like her.
Once I got into the car I noticed her face, sunglasses on looking at her phone. She looked so tiny and adorable I just wanted to go over and give her a cuddle and a kiss. But something was off about her. “Morning, love.” “Hey H.” She sighed, never looking at me. “Is everything alright?” “Yeah just a bit hungover I guess.”
It’s not just a hangover and I know it, I’ve seen her hungover many times before, and she never has been so distant towards me. Mitch and Harry Lambert enter the SUV with us, so I couldn’t continue to ask her, and to be honest, I don’t want to annoy her too much. I know she’s the type of girl that doesn’t want to be pressured into talking. I just want to know is it me?
I woke up this morning with a mixture of emotions, nausea and a bit of regret. I never expected us to get that physical so quickly after my break up. The feeling I have in the pit of my stomach is something I’ve never felt before. I need to be distant until I know what to say to him.
So I got up and got ready to leave. Normally I would text him but today I can’t even look at his name on my phone without feeling uneasy. I quickly checked out before he walked down to the lobby and I jumped into the SUV, put my sunnies on and my hood up. I don’t know what is going to happen. His he going to talk to me? Is he going to pretend that nothing happened? Is he going to ignore me? That’s just something that I can’t predict but something to expect.
“Morning, love.” I heard his raspy voice come through the shouts and screams of fans once the door had opened. He quickly closed it and looked directly at me. I honestly couldn’t even look at him. I felt a mixture of embarrassment and feeling uncomfortable by his stare. “Hey H.” “Is everything alright?” “Yeah just a bit hungover I guess.” I just didn’t want to face it just yet. He needs to focus on his tour not worrying about us. Eventually we will be fine, but as of right now we need to focus on getting the tour right.
Mitch and Lambert then got into the SUV just talked as normal, they didn’t know anything that had been going on, and to be honest, I want to keep it that way. I want to get on and assist Harry as much as I can and do my job. I know I need to talk to him eventually. But right now I just want to get onto the plane and I will work it out.
Once we arrived in Denver we went straight to the Ball Arena and we went straight into soundcheck. I went on my laptop and went over the set, and the pointers that I needed to do for the day in prep for tomorrow as we had the night off.
While the crew were getting this sorted to prepare for dress rehearsal we all went down to get some breakfast at the hotel dining room. I sat down with my bowl of fruit with my granola and just minded my own business when I see someone sit in front of me, I knew it was him. “How’s your breakfast?” I looked up to Harry, with a cuppa in his hands, with his gorgeous dimpled smile looking directly back at me. “Yeah it’s good thanks, the best thing to cure a hangover I guess.” I smirked looking down at my food. I felt as if the tension was just lifted once we started talking, I think it was what we both needed to break the ice.
“Listen, Y/N, I think we need to talk about last night.” My heart started to race. “Why?” “What do you mean why? You can’t say last night didn’t mean something to you?” “Of course it did, I mean it was fun, I just don’t think we should do it again.” I could feel that my stomach started to turn as soon as that sentence came out of my mouth. “I don’t understand, I thought that you had feelings for me.” I looked up at him, watching his face, in shock. Something that I was avoiding. “H I’m sorry, I just can’t do this right now, I have a situation and you have your tour, plus your my boss. We need to have a line between business and pleasure. We can’t let that happen again.”
I continued to finish my food, just waiting for his response was just excruciating. “I get that, but your my best friend, we of course can’t just switch that off. I’ll agree to let this go and hide my feelings as long as you accept that I need to get over this.” “I’m sorry Harry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or feel as if I was leading you on. That wasn’t my intention. I just think that the both of us had one to many drinks last night.” “Yeah I agree. So are you still going to be really awkward around me now?” Our laughter came out together, I’m glad we could just leave it like this, and just get on with it. But at the end of the day, Harry’s hot, so I’m not guna feel bad for it.
Harry’s P.O.V
To be honest that conversation I had with her just broke my heart, but I kind of knew that she was going to say that, deep down. But I’m not going to give up.
After our rehearsal I went back to the hotel and had the biggest nap of my life. I woke up to hunger going through me, I checked the time on my phone. Wow. I literally slept all day. I defiantly need to eat something. Then I just thought why don’t I ring Y/N and see if she wants to eat with me. “Hey H, you were literally hibernating.” Her giggle went straight through the phone. “Yeah I think I needed it. Listen I’m starving from not eating all day, and I don’t wanna eat alone, so do you wanna come up to my hotel room and we can order take out? A glass of wine? Just like old times.” “Ooh your bringing out the big guns, just like old times, sounds good to me.” I started to get so excited just knowing that she was on board, I know I know, it sounds stupid, but it’s true. “Perfect, be round in an hour?” “Yeah good, see you soon H.”
I gave myself another shower, made myself look a little decent, and ordered some sushi, her favourite, to the room. The knock finally came to the door. My heart skipped a beat when I seen her, she was the cutest, sexiest person I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and she doesn’t even try. “Ooh everything looks so delicious, I can’t wait to get stuck in.” She sat down on the sofa and literally cracked on with the food. I got her her favourite red wine and sat the glass in front of her.
I sat down opposite her on the other chair, I just didn’t want to overstep my boundaries, as much as I would have loved to sit beside her, I know she needs her space. “I think we deserve a cheers.” She stated with lifting her glass to meet mine. “Here’s to a great tour, amazing shows, and memories we will never forget.” “Here here” I agreed and cheers to that. I think we can do it. I think we can be friends. Just like old times.
It was so nice and refreshing to have a lovely meal with H and just forget about everything. It felt so good just to get back to normality again.
“Hey Y/N!” I heard someone call me as I was about to go into Harry’s dressing room. “Oh hey Mitch” “I’ve been looking for you where have you been?” “Oh you know, it’s not easy being the pop stars assistant is it?” Both of our laughters filled the hallway.
“No I’m just leaving Harry’s outfit in his dressing room.” “Oh perfect you are organised” again a little chuckle came from the both of us. “So how do you think the job is going, you like it so far?” “Oh god yes it’s such an amazing experience.” “Cool cool, I was talking with Sarah and I feel like it’s my job to make you feel very welcome with all of us, because I know you haven’t had time to meet everyone, it is a big team to be fair.”
It has been so hard with everything going on in the tour and trying to meet his standards let alone meet hundreds of people. “I’m having a few people come over to my suite tonight after the show, just for some food and wine, you are more than welcome to join, I think it will be good for you to have some kind of personal relationship with everyone.” “Yeah sure, I’ll be there, thank you!”
I hung Harry’s outfit ready for tonight’s concert, everything organised for Lamberts nightly Instagram of his outfit before the show, it must be a ritual that he does now. “Perfect, I love breaking the internet.” “Cmon you just do it for the likes.” I laughed as I was steaming his lovely cream satin shirt. “Hey listen I get more likes of Harry’s shoes than I do with a topless pic. The world has gone mad.” He winked at me when I seen Harry with Jeff and the team letting us know that he has 45 minutes until show time. Of course being Harry he was always a head of schedule. Good work Y/N.
“Sorry I’m late guys” he says with panic in his voice, of course him being a protectionist, he always likes to be ready to go and not keep his fans waiting. He instantly just removed his shirt and jeans within two seconds, and honestly, I didn’t know where to look. The images from that night just came flooding into my head. Me kissing that chest, licking around his lower abdomen. Making bite marks around his navel. Okay Y/N stop. You can’t be thinking like this. They all leave in a rush so it is left with just me and him. Wow. Why do I feel like I just want to jump his bones right now?
“You know I’ll have to start charging you money if you keep on staring at me. This body is very valuable.” His smirk can’t leave his face, it is undeniably sexy. I walked up to him and stared to help him get changed. “At least take me to dinner first.” We both started laughing. “No, uh, this is kind of my job that you hired me for, remember?” “Oh yes I do.”
His arms started to brush against my sides as I was fixing the suspenders of his outfit. His eyes wouldn’t leave me as I fixed the front of his shirt so the suspenders sat perfectly. I looked up at him with nothing but lust on my face. I know I could feel it.
“You okay, love?” His arms started to lace around me while my hands went directly around his strong yet soft arms. I lost my voice. I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking. I can’t be feeling like this. “You know your fighting this, right?” “I know, it’s for the best.” His face inches closer and closer with each word comes out through his lips. “Are you sure baby?” His face moved from my face, around the side, towards my ear, his lips brushing against my lobe.
“You know you want this, so why can you accept it? You deserve a little happiness in your life.” My eyes rolled back, thinking over and over about that night. The way he kissed me. The way he looked after me. The way he filled me. I was in the moment of lust. I couldn’t contain my breathing. He started to kiss my neck so softly yet I knew what he was doing. I small moan escaped my lips as he done so. “H, we can’t.” He forced his hips more toward so I could feel his hard on through his boxers, my god he was tormenting me. “You sure about that?” I couldn’t help it. My hands reached down under his boxers and started to pull. His groans around my ear was just making me drip. I know this is wrong. Is that why it feels so right?
A knock came from the door then a couple of people burst in through it. By the point the knock on the door came we pushed each other off and I pretended to still fix his outfit. I quickly grabbed his high waisted trousers to help him out them on to cover what I done to him. He put his shoes on while Jeff helped him put on his ear pieces. “Alright let’s get this show on the road.” “Good luck.” I gave him a quick kiss on the check as he went out towards the stage. I think I definitely helped him with his confidence tonight.
Harry’s P.O.V
It was so hard to concentrate all night at the show with the way me and Y/N left things. She defiantly was a tease that’s for sure, and she doesn’t even know it. I know it defiantly made me more sexual on stage, but it also gets the audience rilled up and give them a show so why not I guess? After the show ended I walked to go to my dressing room, hoping to see her there, but no, she wasn’t. “Harry, I’ve invited a few people up to the suite tonight for something to eat if you wanna join us?” Jeff cake behind me putting his hand on my shoulder whilst I took off my shoes. “Yeah mate that sounds good.” I wonder if Y/N was invited. I mean why shouldn’t she be, if anything it would be good for her. She just seems to be all about her work, when it should be about having loads of fun too. It will be good for her.
Once everything was wrapped up at the stadium we went to the hotel, which I got dressed into a simple black tee with trackies, and made my way down to his suite. Not as nice as mine though but still very sophisticated. I walked on in to see Mitch, Lambert, Jeff and his other half with a few other crew staff, and I didn’t see her. Not to worry. The night is still young.
“So who wants red wine or a beer for starters?” I seen Y/N come walking through in this stunning little dress that just accented her figure, low at the back, satin black, my favourite. Did she know that this kind of outfit sets me off? She has to, we’ve been friends too long for her not to know. “Ahh Harry you decided to join us, fabulous.” Her little smile just warmed up the whole room. Everyone asked for what they wanted and she came over to me with wine and a beer in hand. “Mr Styles, what would you like sir.” “You know what I will have a beer, thank you my darling.” She handed me the beer and walked back to the kitchen, I knew she knew I was looking, her wiggling her little bum at she walked away. If that’s the way she wants to play it.
The night was filled with everyone asking questions about Y/N, having an interest of getting to know her, how we met, just having fun with the best group of people was amazing! Eventually everyone was leaving one by one, until it was only me, Y/N and Jeff. “Well guys as much as I want to stay up, I need to go to bed, it’s going to be a long one tomorrow. So I’ll see you guys early in the morning, you can let yourselves out when you guys are ready.” “Thanks Jeff for inviting me it was a lot of fun.”
Y/N got up and gave Jeff a hug then sat back down on the sofa opposite me. “Of course chicken, your apart of the family now.” “Hey what about me?” I joked around with him, that’s just what we do. It’s good that after everything with work we can still be the bestest friends that we were years ago. “Harry most of the day it’s about you, just let it be about Y/N for once.” “Okay okay I’ll give you that one, but Y/N don’t think this is going to continue with the attention on you, it just doesn’t feel right when no one is looking at me.” “Oh yeah that’s right because anytime no one looks at you, you shrink up from lack of attention.” Jeff replied with a smirk. “Right I need to go, night guys sleep tight.” We said our good nights to him and we just sat there in silence, looking at each other. I wonder what she is thinking.
“So what did you think of that?” “Yeah it was actually loads of fun, but he is right we do need to get to bed.” She quickly gets up to put her shoes on while I got up to get her purse that was sitting on the island in the kitchen. “Yeah I agree I must get going myself, but I’m just going to tidy up in here a bit before I go, I never like to leave a mess in someone else’s hotel room.” A small breath came from me as I looked at her getting ready to leave. “Aw your so cute, do you need a hand?” “No no love it’s alright, it’s mostly the lad’s empty beer bottles anyway so it won’t take too long. Thank you love.” “It’s alright. It’s the least I can do.” She says as she approaches me to we are now chest to chest. “I hope you had fun tonight H.” Her hands slowly went up to caress my chest, the both of us being sucked into this lust bubble again. It seems to be regardless of how much we fight it, it always comes back to us.
“I did, but I’m having more fun right now, taking in how sexy you look tonight babe.” My hands quickly rub around and clutch her bum doing so. It suddenly dawned on me that we are in Jeff’s suite but you know what, I am mere seconds from throwing every care out the window.
“Thank you H, I think I was abit over dressed to be honest.” “Love you were the woman in the room tonight.” She suddenly moved her hands up to the back on my neck, drawing my face towards hers in the matter of a few seconds until our lips were centimetres apart. I just had enough of this burning pit feeling in my stomach and ignored all of my red flags in my head and just pulled her into a lustful kiss. She opened her mouth wider so I swiped my tongue around, exploring her wine tasting tongue. I could do this forever, taste her for a lifetime. In this moment I don’t want to be anywhere else.
“We have to stop H.” Her lips disconnected off of mine as she slowly pushed me away from her. I grabbed her arms again to bring them around my neck, I never wanted her to let go of me. “Just a couple more minutes.” I brought my lips to her chest, sucking slightly while doing so. “As much as I’d love to continue, we have to stop. Remember what we talked about?” She is such a cock block, and she knows what she does to me. “Oh your still wanting to keep it professional, alright alright.” I let go of her waist and watched her as she fixed her lipstick and pulled down her dress. “Goodnight Harry.” “Goodnight love, see you at 5:30.” She gave me a slight wink and walked out of the suite. I need to get my act together and fight that temptation. It’s just all sexual for us right now. Well tomorrow’s another day.
Thanks again for the read and i will have the next chapter posted at the latest Thursday as it is going to be a longer chapter and a lot of drama so stay tuned!! Harry loves you<3
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harianadimples · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
WC: 3K+ || Table of Contents || Warning(s): tones of toxic relationship(s)
Tumblr media
Anna lies comfortably still in bed, ruminating on the events of that morning. She faces the nineteenth-century mahogany clock on their nightstand; she's been in this position since waking up this morning.
Her slumber had been interrupted by her fiancé's voice resonating from the other room. Blinking away her sleepiness, the time on the clock read only an hour before she planned to bound, but she knew when Norman stepped into the room, shutting the door loudly behind him, that he wasn't in the mood to listen to her complain, and frankly she didn't feel up to arguing with him again over the etiquette of allowing people resting to rest. Without so much as a 'good morning,' Norman approached her with a pinched expression, his hair already sticking out every which way from pulling at the ends, and the shirt she'd ironed for him the night before looked like a wrinkled mess hanging over his undone pants. Before she could question his appearance and why he'd disturbed her sleep, he crawled over her body, still wrapped in their bedsheets, and pulled the bundle loose enough so her backside was exposed to him. Anna recognized the low hum coming from behind her, and the familiar feeling pressing into her centre now exposed as Norman hiked her nightdress over her waist.
"Norman," she mumbled, voice slick with the fact she'd just woken up.
Norman silenced her with a kiss, immediately digging his tongue into her mouth with a satisfied moan. He pulled away to nip at her nose as he chuckled lowly, "C'mon Anna dear."
"I'm tired Norman," she sighed, but Norman wasn't having it. He knew how to get her.
"Suppose I'll see if Ginger is available then," Norman baited her with the name of his personal assistant, knowing it'd upset her. When Anna turned to him she slapped his chest hard, but Norman didn't flinch and was rather amused seeing the jealousy stirring in his lover's pretty eyes as they glared at him.
"You promised you'd fire her and never see her again," she heeds the way he reacts and how he speaks, waiting for something to seep through the cracks of his practiced grin.
"I did, and I won't," Norman murmured, "now, let me show you how much I love you, and how sorry I am– show you how no one, not even Ginger, can fuck me as good as you do."
From there Anna fell under Norman's curse again.
Anna did not realize she had fallen asleep until she suddenly jolted awake naturally. She checks for the hour and sighs deeply as she rises. Her body is still sore. She stretches as she makes her way to the bathroom to get ready for the day.
Anna runs herself a bath, discarding the silky nightdress into the hamper before soaking herself in the warm rose water. She makes the effort to relax, knowing her schedule for the day (a mix of recording at the studio and rehearsals for her performance) would be hectic. With it being her first Broadway stint Anna knows she's guilty of prioritizing her career over her future husband, but it's 1937 and Anna can't help but feel drawn to the changes that are stirring the pot of normal she's become tired of. She's incredibly lucky to have survived this far. She recalls her explosive argument with Norman over her job, how his fragile masculinity bore through his angry tirade like the new diamond on her finger; a shiny promise that came after his infidelity, which serves as an incessant reminder of how her shortage of attention for Norman led to him cheating.
With the jewels, he draped over her heart came his agreement to support her dreams. They moved from their lavish home in the British countryside to the vivacious city of downtown Manhattan, New York into the penthouse suites of one of the hotels Norman owned. The Gates Hotels company was one of few businesses to helm from the market crash relatively redeemable. Norman often credited his father, Alastair, for saving the company in '29 though by his death in '31 Norman had already become the de-facto owner and CEO of his father's company. It's undeniable that Norman is an intelligent and competent businessman, but Anna still had her qualms about Norman. Nevertheless, she kept them to herself to lessen the already burdensome strain suffocating them from the aftermath of the market crash.
Anna exits the bath and slips on a robe. She enters through the bedroom and into her and Norman's closet, wherein the corner hung by a metal hanger is the floral dress she'd pressed the night before. Anna favoured more unusual prints that defined her personality while still being on-trend. Today's dress helmed the essence of a Monet, one of her favourite artists. She slips the dress on and stands in front of the mirror, taking in the dress with admiration twinkling in her eyes. The wide sleeves give the illusion of angel wings, a cape effect that compliments the slender bias cut of the dress as it falls just below her knees. Anna caps off her appearance with a dusting of a light-brown eyeshadow and mascara. Then comes her favourite part of her routine: her lips. She bought her first tube of lipstick with her first paycheque (she was thirteen when she was signed by the studio) and since then the crimson pigment became a staple in her routine. She dusts some rouge on her cheeks to bring some life back into her face and runs her eyes over her appearance one last time before deciding she looks decent enough. Her hair's somewhat dry now as she combs through it with a brush so it would look neater once it dries completely; her hair would be handled by the team responsible once she arrives at the studio– her makeup, however, is entirely her own (a condition she made early in her career). In the meantime, she eats breakfast in the kitchen as she reads over her script.
Anna is aware she's running late as she sprints for the elevator, instinctively diving her hand through the closing space, anticipating a new bruise for her makeup artists to hide again, but another arm appears and pushes against the weight of the sliding door. It gives Anna a moment to stumble into the elevator, breathless and rather shaken, but she quickly composes herself and faces the stranger who held the elevator for her.
"Thank you," She says, smiling at the man standing by the buttons. His velvet coat and pressed pants provided the title of his elevator operating position. His perfectly quaffed hair and green eyes are what she notices next, as they seem to softly question her presence.
"Floor, ma'am?" He asks quietly, timidly, as his gloved index finger hovers over the panel of buttons.
Anna blushes, realizing it's probably why he's staring at her, "Oh, yes, the ground floor, please," she says after a painful minute.
He smiles at her answer, revealing a dimple on his left cheek, but she reckons it might be forced because he doesn't say much after pressing the button and moves to stand straighter by the button panel as the elevator descends.
When the elevator doors open again on the ground floor, she is immediately greeted by her manager and a slew of men standing outside with their cameras. "There you are, Anna!" William shouts as he links his fingers under her elbow and pulls her along, "You do realize how terrible the traffic is at this hour, and you're due on set in thirty minutes and have yet to have your hair done and costume changed!"
"My apologies William, I lost track of time," Anna says, placing a pair of frames of the bridge of her nose while muting her true complaint of how sluggish she's been feeling; feeling both up to work in what she believes is her childhood dreams, but also wanting to run away and live in a small village working in a bakery or something less debilitating like it.
"As the star of the show you must realize your responsibilities, and something must be done about the weight you've been gaining. You have an image to uphold! I will not allow you to turn into those bottom feeders." William continues as they walk to the car waiting out front, but his words begin to fade in Anna's mind as she tunes him out in favour of daydreaming about a life where she was a star, only liberated and in control, like stars in space; oh, how she envies them. Sometimes she felt as if she were in a chokehold by her manager, by the studio, by Norman, by her own mind, but soon she'll finally take that leap off the edge and get her well-deserved rest.
Harry holds the elevator for three beats, long enough for his distilled eagerness to watch the young woman walk away. He very well knows who the woman is– Anna Rose is her name, a name as soft and sweet as hers is difficult to forget without pardoning the fact she's a movie star.
He's never seen her movies (the luxury simply wasn't in his budget), but he did once get to see her sing when she performed for the hotel staff one Easter. He remembers it well because he didn't expect such a voice to come from someone so small, and she was pleasant to the ears, not like their resident entertainment, an operatic Frenchman by the name Theroux L'Amelie, who was never Harry's first choice for 'easy listening' in the first place. That had been the one and only time he heard her sing; his first taste of the Anna Rose, who remains as elusive to him now as she did that night. He's heard her name thrown around the common room between the bell boys and the concierges, and from James (his best friend and another kindred soul who's fallen for her charm), from whom he learned that Anna would be staying in the building with Mr. Gates indefinitely while she works on her latest project. The news carried through the building quickly, stirring nervousness and excitement among the workers.
James, having seen Anna exit Harry's elevator, waits until she is well enough away before slipping into the elevator with Harry. "Is it not my luck that she's late today," James drawls sarcastically, "she took your elevator instead of mine."
"Ironically, if you weren't late today I wouldn't have had to take your place," Harry says with a light chuckle, though he doesn't completely express the level of gratitude he has for the universe for having had his back.
"Never the matter, tomorrow I'll be early. Did she say anything to you?" James asks.
"Well, she thanked me for keeping the door from shutting. She seemed like she was in a rush; probably running late. She eventually asked for the ground floor," Harry explains as he recalls her appearance in his mind. He hadn't expected her to be so– dishevelled wasn't the right word– but it did take her a while to decide on the ground floor; her doe eyes blatantly staring at him also kept his mind quite disarrayed. But he kept calm and asked her politely what floor she wanted and she eventually answered. The ride was quiet but nice, and she was very nice. Nicer than most people of her stature who've come through the building.
"Man, what I wouldn't do just to have another second with her," James sighs.
Harry nearly voices his agreement, but he remembers he's just had a few minutes alone with her and figures it isn't what James wants at that moment. Instead, he offers James reassurance, "Your time will come again," he tells James.
Upon seeing a guest approach the elevators, James and Harry cordially end their conversation with a tip of their hats before James leaves the elevator. The young woman enters the elevator and murmurs the number 'four' to Harry as she crosses her arms and sinks into the back corner of the elevator. Harry nods and selects the floor for the woman. Harry steals a glance at the woman, worrying himself over and over why the woman looked so familiar to him. He tries to recall a recent ginger-haired woman he's met in the last few days, but can't seem to figure it out.
It's the end of another exhausting day. Anna lingers outside the hotel to sign some autographs. William is nearby while two of her bodyguards (upon Norman's insistence) remain a step away from her. She grits each smile and softly giggles at every comment spoken to her by the one's barking her name instead of answering directly to their pestering. She keeps her comments short and sweet, and tries to keep her attention on those she perceives are her true fans and aren't photographers eager for a good picture to inevitably sell.
"Alright folks, that's it for today! Ms. Rose needs her rest," William steps in and it's as if on cue, one of her bodyguards began to guide her into the building while the other kept the crowd back.
"I can go on alone from here, thank you, Robert, you may go," Anna tells the guard who's with her as he walks with her through the lobby.
"Have a good night then Ms. Rose," Robert says.
"Again, Robert, it's just Anna," she smiles as he nods shyly. "Let Eric know he may leave as well once the crowd dissipates."
Anna presses the up button and waits as the elevator chimes quietly for each floor it passes.
"Anna," she hears William call for her, and turns, "tomorrow's call time is the same as today. Don't be late this time."
"I won't, I promise," Anna reassures him, "I'll be outside, in front of the hotel before you arrive."
"I'll hold you to that promise," William says in a teasing manner as Anna laughs softly, nodding.
"Excuse me, ma'am," A voice interrupts, and it's then Anna realizes the elevator is there, so she apologizes to the operator quickly as she steps in. She waves to William as the doors begin to close. But as they do, another arm reaches between the sliding doors to stop them which startles Anna. She sees that it's Dolores, one of the concierges with a pile of letters between her arms.
"Sorry for startling you miss Rose, but mail arrived for you earlier today. Glad, I caught you before you went up," Dolores says with a nervous laugh as she hands Anna her letters with shaking hands. She's surprised when Anna takes the letters along with her hands and gives them a reassuring squeeze. "Thank you so much, Dolores," she says sincerely, "has Norman arrived yet?" she then asks.
"I don't believe so," Dolores shakes her head.
"Oh, alright, thank you," Anna says.
As Dolores leaves the elevator the doors begin to close again. Anna looks at the elevator operator who's been waiting patiently in his own quiet world watching her speak with Dolores, though when she looks at him his eyes snap back down to the floor which makes her smile to herself because it's a sight she's not used to (people tend to stare at her; men, in particular, lack any shame for it and tend to think she's feigning interest just by looking back at them in question, but this one seemed different). She realizes it's the same man from earlier operating the elevator, making her own cheeks redden upon further realizing it's the second time he's seen her flustered.
"Thank you for holding the elevator again–" "Oh– no worries," he says right as Anna speaks. He nervously apologizes, envying the dead, while pressing her floor number. She raises her eyebrow at his intuition but doesn't say anything for the rest of the ride up.
"Have a good night," he says, holding his breath afterwards as she brushes past him, shooting him directly in the heart as she murmurs goodnight to him as well.
When the elevator shuts again, Harry leans himself against the elevator wall for a moment, needing to compose himself as he revels in his luck. Meeting her once did him in, but to have spent another moment with her, though as fleeting as the first, Harry's sure he's going to enjoy the next few months.
Anna is nearly asleep when she hears the tap running in the other room. 'Norman must be home,' she thinks to herself as she blinks at the ceiling worriedly.
The pitter-patter of his feet against the marble flooring grows louder as he enters their bedroom. The bed dips from his weight as he sits in the empty space beside her. Anna hears him removing his clothes, then the sound of them dropping on the floor before the bed moves again as he tucks himself in.
Anna gives him a moment to fall under before turning to face him. Fortunately for her, he has his back to her, though it didn't really matter. She kisses his left shoulder blade and murmurs a goodnight to him, "I had a good day, thanks for asking," she sighs deeply into his skin. She gets a whiff of his scent then, noticing a mix of his usual musk and something entirely alien to her. She doesn't think much of it and eventually falls asleep.
Tumblr media
Hello there, thanks for reading! I'm eager to read everyone's thoughts on this chapter as it's been so long since I've written, let alone, posted. I hope everyone's been well, and are just as excited to read further as I am to share the rest of the story with y'all. This one's quite dark, but expect a lot of mouth-frothing fluff (n smut) to come, as well as a helping of soul-crushing angst lol.
The next chapter will be posted on Sept. 20 at 3 pm EST.
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victoria-styles · a day ago
I’m not sure if youre still accepting new requests but if you are, can you please do a Harry smut where hes trying to write a song and she keeps nagging that she’s horny, so he ends up fingering her while writing the song?
Tumblr media
You bet your sweet bippy I will!
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daaydreamy · 2 days ago
left all hot and bothered
↳ harry styles x fem!oc
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖦹 summary : alina likes loves teasing harry. he lets it slide for now, but who knows if he will the next time it happens?
𖦹 contains : fluff, consumption of alcohol, swearing, light smut, sir kink. please do not read this if you are under the age of 18. <3
𖦹 word count : about... 3.1k+
this is an ongoing series!
Harry stirred in his sleep with a low hum, his eyes fluttering open with rays of sunlight nearly blinding him. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at the time, seeing 9:37 on the screen of his phone. He wasn’t worried about being late to work because he didn’t have to come in today and neither did Alina. He then stretched his arms above him with a big yawn, sighing softly as it seemed like he was melting into the soft mattress. The sound of leaves rustling and hitting their window, birds chirping, and the quiet hum of their old air conditioner were the only things heard in the room.
Alina was still sleeping peacefully beside him, her hand tucked under the pillow as she breathed calmly. The thick comforter was draped over her waist, her lips parted to breathe. He admired her calm features for a little bit. She was facing away from the sunlight, a warm yellow casting over her hair and her cheek. She was wearing one of her favorite shirts, an oversized one to keep her warm whilst she slept at night. He couldn’t help but laugh quietly at the sight of her cheek smushed up against the soft pillow as well.
She looked so… fragile and serene.
The corners of his lips tugged up, forming a soft smile as he watched her. She had such a relaxing and comforting presence — like she was his home.
She started stirring in her sleep, mumbling something before her eyes opened. She let out a yawn and looked at Harry beside her. She blinked away the blurriness and rubbed her eyes before studying his calm and relaxed state as it seemed like he was staring at her. Her brows furrowed as her eyes scanned over his face and registered into her still sleepy brain.
“Have you been watching me sleep?” She said raspily and cleared her throat.
“That’s a bit creepy.”
“Well good morning to you too.”
“And, I wasn’t watching you in a creepy way. Y’just looked so peaceful and I couldn’t help but admire your pretty face.” He chuckled softly and she rolled her eyes before burying her face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet and familiar scent. She closed her eyes again, his hand rubbing gentle circles onto her lower back. The room fell silent, only hearing the sheets rustle everytime any of them moved and a low buzz from the AC. Her tummy grumbled from hunger, laughing softly at the weird sound it made.
“Time for breakfast then.” He chuckled and got up from the bed only to be pulled back by the waist. He sat back down on the bed with Alina nuzzling his side, squeezing his hip with her hand. His hand traveled down her spine and cheekily squeezed her bum, making her squeak and deadpan at him. He chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss into her forehead, now rubbing the soft skin of her hip.
“Jus’ a few more minutes in bed.” She requested and he complied, laying down on the bed once again and getting into a comfortable position. She scooted closer to him and he enveloped her in his arms, chests flush against each other. She gave him a soft peck on the lips and he placed his hand on the back of her head, pulling her in for a longer and deeper kiss. They both shut their eyes and she let out a soft moan as he sucked on her bottom lip. She pulled away after a bit and her eyes met with his green ones, a happy blush spreading across her cheeks.
She started pressing soft kisses onto his jawline, trailing down to the side of his neck. She nibbled on his earlobe gently, her hand travelling it’s way down to his toned stomach. She lifted his shirt up a little bit, her fingertips grazing his skin, goosebumps erupting in their wake. She nipped at his sweet spot, smiling against his skin once she heard a pretty moan slip from his lips. He sucked in a sharp breath when her hand travelled lower and all the way down to his boxers. She palmed him in his boxers, leaning into her hand whilst she kept pressing wet kisses onto his neck.
“Fuck.” He chuckled softly and sunk his teeth into his bottom lip, his cock starting to get hard in his boxers. She kept this up for a little bit, listening to him pant and moan softly in her ear. She moved to get on her knees as if she was about to blow him, an excited smile on his face.
“What?” The smile disappeared with his face and instead there was a frown, brows furrowing. She started getting up from the bed, leaving him there all confused as he watched her. She laughed softly and looked back at his confused expression, completely amused.
“Breakfast?” She asked innocently.
“Are you sure? You should eat something with me.”
“Fine.” He huffed out and got up from the bed, trying to ignore his hard cock in the tight confines of his boxers. He let the fact that she started something and didn’t finish slide for now, but still a bit annoyed. She gave him a small peck on the cheek and he couldn’t help but smile a little, his dimple appearing. He ran his hand through his messy hair and followed her to the kitchen.
They helped each other as they made a pretty normal and plain breakfast. They ate and talked about work and how they were currently feeling, also discussing what they should do today. It was going to be rather boring if they stayed at home all day and just lounged around. So they thought of potential things they could do instead of being lazy together. She took a bite out of her toast and heard a ding from her phone, her screen lighting up with her friend’s name in bold. She typed in her password while Harry kept eating, cutlery scraping against his plate.
“you and harry up for a drink with us tonight?” Her friend Caroline texted her.
“Wanna go to the bar with friends tonight, H?” She asked him first before texting back. He thought about it for a second while chewing his food, nodding after a couple seconds.
“Sure, yeah.” He replied with a warm smile and continued eating.
“sure. :)” Alina texted back.
“alright. same booth as always.”
“Seems like we’ve got something to do tonight now.” He chuckled softly and ate the last of his food, gulping down a cold glass of water.
“Harry!” Alina called out from the laundry room, looking at the hamper which was full of dirty clothes that needed to be washed. Harry was answering and looking at emails on his laptop in his home office from upstairs and finished up the last bit of work he had to do before she called him down. He almost fell down the stairs from how fast he was going and the fact that he was wearing socks.
“What?” He asked, entering the room and looking at the dirty clothes he was supposed to wash.
“I thought you were gonna do the laundry?”
“Suppose I didn’t. Sorry sweetheart, I’ll do it right now.” He replied and kissed her temple, proceeding to do the laundry whilst she did a different chore. They both decided to clean the house first before leaving tonight.
“Who’s gonna be there tonight?” Harry asked, driving to the bar where their friends were going to be. His right hand was on her thigh while his left one was on the steering wheel. The car ride was fairly quiet, the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac currently playing from Alina’s phone on shuffle. She was looking out of the window, watching cars pass by quickly and looking at tall buildings. Lots of people were out tonight, most seeming to be with friends. Most shops and restaurants were open tonight as well.
“I’m pretty sure Caroline... Louis, Frances, and Bella are there.” She replied surely, placing her hand on top of his. He held her hand and brought her knuckles up to his lips, pressing soft kisses onto them as he focused on the road. There was a bit of traffic so they were running late, their friends probably drinking already as they waited.
“Thank you.” She chuckled softly when he opened the door for her. They finally arrived at the bar, his arm wrapping around her waist as they walked in. They searched for the booth everyone was in, hearing their loud laughs and finally spotting them. They both slid into the booth, sitting next to each other as they got handed beers.
“Look who finally arrived.” Caroline chuckled and took a sip from her cocktail. Alina was sitting at the edge of the booth with Caroline in front of her. Harry sat beside her with Bella in front of him, Louis sitting beside him with Frances seated across from him. There were a couple beers and cocktails on the table along with bowls of snacks, some empty and some still full. Harry’s hand was on her thigh once again, rubbing it softly while taking a sip out of his beer.
“Sorry. Traffic.” She replied with a small laugh, taking a small pretzel and popping it into her mouth.
Harry was having a conversation with Bella, speaking in hushed voices as if what they were talking about was top-secret. Alina was too engrossed in the conversation she was having with Caroline about a date she recently had that went terribly. All 6 people were having conversations with each other, light laughs coming from their mouths and drinks being sipped into them as well.
“He was so nervous. I felt really bad for him. I was trying my hardest to be extra nice to him but he was just so nervous. We didn’t talk much all night. It was all very awkward honestly. Dunno if I’ll go out with him again… Should I? He could be a really good guy if he manages to get out of his shell…” Caroline explained with a light laugh, actually contemplating in her head if she should actually go on a second date with him. Alina thought about it for a second and took a quick sip from her beer.
“It’s up to you. Do you think he’ll be a good guy?” She replied back curiously and Caroline sighed softly.
“Maybe. I don’t really know yet.” She chuckled softly before changing the subject to something else.
Meanwhile, Harry and Bella were talking about something that was very, very important to Bella. They spoke quietly, hoping the others didn’t hear because this truly was a secret she was not ready to announce just yet.
“I’ve got a ring and everything…” She chuckled as she spoke to Harry. Bella was planning to propose to Frances a couple weeks from now. She’s been wanting to marry her for so long and she thought this is the right time. They’ve been dating for quite a while now, a couple years. Her and Harry were discussing how she should propose and when specifically. Bella was quite nervous about proposing like everyone else would be. It’d be a huge step forward in her and Frances’ relationship.
Harry and Bella talked about that for a bit until Frances tried to join in on the conversation, both of them quickly coming up with lies to tell her.
Alina’s pov
“How are you, Louis?” Caroline asked him and I turned to look at him.
“Pretty good. Stuff’s being sold.” He replied. Louis was an artist, and a pretty good one at that if you asked me. We’ve been to most of his art exhibits and events and we all marveled at his work.
“That’s amazing!” Frances exclaimed, “M’glad that’s going well for you, Lou.” Caroline then said with a warm smile. He nodded and gave her a tight-lipped smile before taking a sip from his drink. We all listened to him talk about his paintings and how well his job has been. As he was talking, I removed Harry’s hand from my thigh, earning a confused glance from him before he looked back at Louis. Instead I put my hand on his thigh, giving it a soft squeeze and let my fingertips dance over his inner thighs between his slightly spread legs.
He gently grasped my wrist, already aware of what I was going to do. I smiled a little and let my hand move closer and closer to his crotch. He held back a groan in his throat when I softly gripped his cock over his pants.
“How’s things going with Daphne?” Caroline asked. Daphne was Louis’ current girlfriend who sadly couldn’t come tonight because of work. I listened in on the conversation and joined in, teasing and joking with Louis whilst Harry was trying to either pry my hand off of him or trying to make me give him more. I slipped the very tips of my fingers into the waistband of his underwear and it looked like he choked on air, eyes going wide as he glanced at me again.
“Are you alright H?” Bella asked, everyone’s attention switching to him.
He cleared his throat and nodded, “Yeah m’fine. Continue.” He offered them to continue the conversation and they did. He took a sip from his drink and bit his lip gently, trying to pry off my hand.
“Stop it.” Harry said quietly.
He dropped it and kept talking to the other four people and so did I, although my hand was subtly palming him through his pants. His hand placed itself on my thigh again, but I used my other hand to hold his so he couldn’t do anything. I could envision the multiple gears turning in his head and the many, many things he was thinking of saying to me because of what I’m doing to him.
He squeezed my hand, biting his lower lip hard as I slowly unzipped his pants. I slid my hand through to gently squeeze his cock once again through his boxers, earning a soft groan from him and confused glances from our friends. I rested my head on his shoulder, smiling to myself because of how he was responding to all my touches. He shut his eyes for a second to keep himself composed I assume which made me chuckle quietly. He deadpanned at me and I shrugged my shoulders, using my other hand to take a sip from my drink with a shit-eating grin on my face.
“Fucking Christ.” I heard him mutter under his breath, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. He gulped down the rest of his drink and leaned back, proceeding to listen on and chime into the conversations everyone was having. I talked to Bella for a little bit, listening to the quiet sound of Harry’s breath stuttering and his soft groans.
“Does it feel good?” I teased, whispering in his ear.
“No.” He replied stubbornly, jaw clenching as he was clearly trying to hide his moans.
“Really? I’m sure it does…” I hummed, letting go of his hand. His hand immediately tried to cup my center but I quickly grasped his wrist, his hand then moving to my knee. He whispered a quiet ‘fuck’ under his breath as I laughed softly in his ear. I kept this up for a little bit longer, testing his limits and seeing how long he could go on with me doing all of this.
I kissed his cheek and noticed that Bella was talking to me, blinking owlishly at them because it seemed like they were waiting for an answer to a question I didn’t even hear. A couple seconds of awkward silence were shared between all of us, Harry clearing his throat before he delicately took my hand out of his pants, zipping them up with a sigh of relief.
“What was that, sorry?” I asked, blinking at the other four people.
“I said, how are you guys doing? Are you guys alright over there?” Bella chuckled softly.
“We’re completely fine. Just fighting over something small… right Ali?” He asked, now looking at me with his jaw clenched.
“Yeah. Yeah, just a stupid fight is all.” I smiled sweetly, my hand now caressing his inner thighs.
“Yeah, so um, I’m gonna grab a drink. Does anyone want anything?” Harry asked, glaring at me slightly as he did.
“No… I think we’re good.” Frances replied with a kind smile whilst looking at everyone and Harry nodded.
“Excuse me sweetheart.” Harry said politely and I got up from my seat, him getting up after me. He placed his hand on the small of my back and brought me to the bar with him. He quickly ordered a drink for himself while I stood beside him, biting my lip gently as I waited for him to say something.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked sternly. There we go.
“Teasing you?” I replied innocently, leaning against the bar. He chuckled softly and shook his head, taking his glass and taking a swig from it. I bit my lip and smiled innocently, both of us now just looking at each other. His gaze was a bit intimidating if I’ll be honest. I’m now a bit worried for what he might do to me once we get home as well. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, his nose bumping into mine before giving me a soft kiss on the lips.
“You’re a menace, you know that?” He whispered against my lips.
“Hm… I am?” I joked and he chuckled softly.
“Ever since I met you.”
“What? It’s true isn’t it?”
“We better get back to-” I was cut off by him, his lips now firmly pressed against mine. All that pent up energy was stored in him, just desperate to take it all out, but he sadly couldn't. I placed my hand on his cheek, closing my eyes as I returned the kiss. His tongue swiped over my bottom lip and I pulled away, making him groan childishly. I laughed and patted his cheek, him now looking at me with a faux pout on his lips. A pout was also formed on my lips, mocking him which made him roll his eyes. His ring-clad fingers wrapped around the glass on the bar and took a sip from his drink before placing his hand on my lower back.
He led me back to the table where everyone else was. Frances was the only one that seemed more drunk than the others and I assumed that Bella was taking her home. Her head rested on Bella’s shoulder as they talked, while Caroline and Louis chatted with one another. We've been here for quite a while, talking, drinking, and eating with each other.
“You’re getting it when we get home.” He said in my ear.
“I’m sorry, Sir.”
We both clearly knew I wasn’t.
a/n : so sorry for the shitty ending… of course, there will be a part two to this so watch out for that! <3
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