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#harry styles writing
lovecanyon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
last show, long island.
dad!harry x reader.
(more dad!harry here)
sorry i haven’t been active. school has been kicking my ass.
it was a particular sappy day. during rehearsal harry repeatedly sang kiwi three times, not wanting to end the last rehearsal of the U.S leg of tour. but he had to.
the night before he shed tears to his girlfriend because everything went by so fast and he wanted to stay in the moment forever.
on the other hand y/n was slightly grateful that they could finally settle down but she couldn’t lie and say that she wasn’t going to miss dancing with his fans.
call her selfish but she wanted him all to herself.
when it hits six thirty harry starts to change out of his causal clothes and into his custom outfit made by gucci. he stares distractedly at his girlfriend breastfeeding his son as he gets ready.
she was such a heavenly woman.
sarah and mitch left their child with mitch’s parents because they were staying with them for a while after tour was over. his mom offered to watch beau but harry immediately declined respectfully because he needed his son with him at the most important night of tour.
“thanks for coming tonight again darling.” harry speaks up as he puts on his rings. he was always grateful to have a woman especially someone like y/n with him.
he always knew he was out of her league and in reality he was. she was a well known activist and both her parents were prominent people political world so her being with a rockstar didn’t make sense to the public.
harry was worried that she would get hate but instead he got it. he’s heard it all before but it coming from the relationship he was the most happiest in hurt.
he remembers getting into a huge fight with her about a dumb article which ended up with him sobbing in her lap on the kitchen floor.
but deep down inside he knew they loved each other especially their bundle of joy.
“it’s nothing h, i wanted to come.” y/n smiles at a shirtless harry walking towards her. the baby below her let’s out a gurgle signaling that he was done feeding. “can you burp him i need to change.”
“of course pet.” right away he grabs the burp cloth throwing it over his shoulder before grabbing beau who was making grabby hands to him.
y/n goes to harry’s clothing rack where his stylist lambert left her clothes that alessandro michelle styled especially for her to match her boyfriend.
a couple of days prior she threw him a birthday party with the help of her dad’s. without the designer harry and y/n probably wouldn’t have met.
she changes out of harry’s damn hoodie and her crochet shorts —. she takes off her nursing bra before slipping on her dress —. the new mom has never experienced her breasts leaking but during the midst of her boyfriend’s tour she was horrified.
y/n didn’t know that breast milk was seeping through her shirt until she was pulled aside by sarah. after that she was introduced to breast pads to stop the leaking from showing.
harry went out and bought a bunch for her after finding out the situation to make her feel more comfortable. he cared for her so much.
after slipping the pads inside the dress she walks over to harry who was patting their beau’s back. a huge burp comes out of him making them burst out laughing.
“damn little guy.” y/n beams making harry grin at her. he starts to rock beau to sleep making her dim the lights before softly sitting down next to her boys.
it doesn’t take that long until beau is passed out against his fathers bare chest. he always goes to sleep faster with harry. it was a habit that y/n didn’t mind.
he quietly gets up and gently puts his son down in the bassinet before moving to wrap his arms around his girlfriend’s waist.
“you looks so fucking gorgeous.” he growls into her neck biting into her skin making her laugh. “so. fucking. flawless.” he grabs her jaw kissing her in between each word.
“i love you.” y/n grins biting her lip as she wraps her arms around his neck pulling herself closer into his warm chest.
“i love you more.” he mumbles leaning his forehead against her’s. she shakes her head before pressing her lips against his. not even a couple seconds into the kiss a soft knock comes from the door. he groans lowly at her pushing him away.
“go get it.”
y/n turns around making harry slap her ass. a sharp breath comes out of her as he laughs walking to the door. jeff was revealed on the other side making him move out of the way so he could walk in before shutting it.
“you ready yet. they need you in the box.” jeff whispers to harry aware of the sleeping baby in the room.
“yeah i just need to put on my vest then i’ll be ready.” he mumbles walking to the rack where his clothes were hung. he grabs the vest off the hanger and puts the article of clothing on.
he looks at y/n through the mirror who was putting on her heels —. she looked like a fucking goddess that he couldn’t take his eyes off of.
harry had to get dragged out by jeff because he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend. he rushed out when she whispered that he would get an reward tonight if he would be good. he obviously obliged.
y/n goes out right when golden starts to play. gemma whom she met up with earlier was waiting for her along with glenne. the three of them screamed and jumped up and down when they saw each other.
it may be the last show but it was the happiest night ever.
y/n was carefree dancing to her man’s music with the best people ever. she loved supporting the love of her life. if music was his passion and he loved it so did she.
during adore you harry started to laugh at his sister and girlfriend dancing around with each other making everyone start to record them. he throws y/n a bunch of kisses before doing his iconic adore you shimmy. she lets out a big grin behind her mask but you could tell she was happy by the way her eyes crinkled up.
during cherry y/n’s pulls out her phone out of her pocket of her love on tour jacket that a crew member gave her. she takes a few pictures of him then sends them to anne who requested some.
finally the last song kiwi started to play. harry was dancing around stage in his rockstar world that he has always dreamed out and finally he was living it.
y/n could tell harry didn’t want to end the show when he started to play kiwi for the third time. it was bittersweet but he knew it had to end.
the band started to come together to say a final thank you. they started to bow making the crowd grow louder.
he didn’t rush off the stage like he normally would instead he slowly walked offstage. he nods at some fans and grabs a boutique of flowers from one.
harry immediately spots his girlfriend making him rush over to her. he gives her a bone crushing hug swaying her back and fourth which makes the arena start to go even more crazy.
he knew a bunch of cameras were pointed at him but at this point he didn’t give a fuck. she was the love of his life and the mother of his child. it couldn’t get any better than that.
“these are for you darling.” he whispers in her ear before leaning back and handing her the flowers. she grabs them with a huge grin before pushing him away to accept the hugs from jeff and glenne.
harry moves to hug his dad greeting him before rushing to his girlfriend again. he wraps his arm around her waist before starting to walk backstage.
for a moment he stops to take a final look at the arena with y/n before heading backstage for the final time.
as they make their way to the dressing room harry hugs and thanks each crew member he sees with his girlfriend watching. of course he was stalling, he seriously didn’t want to leave.
when the dressing room door shuts tears start to well in his eyes. he was watching y/n pack his bag with his essentials that he brought with him to every show.
y/n rushes towards him when she hears a sniffle making her frown. she cups his face as her thumbs wipe away her boyfriend’s tears.
“baby it’s bittersweet. everything will be like this again okay, don’t cry please.” she mumbles watching him close his eyes before digging his head into her neck. “i love you so fucking much you rockstar.” she pulls his hair making him wholeheartedly laugh.
a coo breaks them apart. beau legs were up in the air signaling the baby was awake. harry shrugs off his vest before going to pick up his son as y/n finishes packing.
when she’s done she calls the security to take their bags to the car because it was probably packed out front which meant they needed to leave faster.
y/n quickly changes out of her dress and into the causal clothes she was previously wearing. after, she holds beau as harry moves to change out of his preforming outfit. he puts on a pleasing hoodie along with his grey sweats.
before they they put beau in the car seat harry puts a sweater on him to protect his son from new york’s cold weather. after he makes sure the baby is comfortable before putting on the car seat cover —.
they hurriedly make their way out of the building and into the car without any photos being taken of them which they are grateful for.
once beau’s car seat is buckled up harry runs to the drivers side and swiftly hops in. y/n grabs his hand stopping him from turning on the car.
“you did amazing. seriously you surprise me every fucking show. your something special harry.” she tells him which makes him almost start cry but instead he gives her a big grin and leans in to kiss her.
“i love you so much darling.”
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harrysfolklore · 2 days ago
bandmate!yn (victoria de angelis) - headcanon
Tumblr media
so what i tried to do here is a little description of their story, and what happened behind the insta posts, not sure if this is good but i hope you like it
series masterlist
harry needed someone to take over adam’s place for love on tour and a mutual friend introduced him to yn, a bassist from new york with a beautiful voice
yn joined the love band on bass and vocals, it was the first time she was going to be performing in big stages as part of a tour
she got along really well with everyone in the band, specially harry, they found out that they have a lot in common so they started hanging out more than usual
their relationship moved quickly, they spent all the time together taking pics of each other, stealing each other’s clothes and even sharing a few kisses
it didn’t take long until the fans started noticing that maybe there was something going on between them, they had great chemistry on stage, always flirting with each other and interacting on social media, something that harry doesn’t normally do
when it was time to bring love on tour to new york, yn took the chance to reunite with her close friends who started a small band, including her best friend, damiano
harry found out about damiano when yn posted a pic sitting on his lap, he instantly got jealous and a little hurt so he shut yn out without giving her a chance to explain
after the first two new york shows, yn asked for a week off to support her friends on their first small gigs in new york, harry agreed, thinking that it would be good to be away from her for a while
yn stayed in new york to support her friends, and kept posting pics with them on social media, fans quickly started making theories about what could’ve possibly happened between her and harry, because they also noticed some changes in harry’s attitude
yn was firm about not wanting to give harry’s fans explanation about her personal and private life, even with damiano constantly telling her to defend herself from people sending hate to her
when yn came back to the tour, harry was still avoiding her and thinking that she had lied to him, and even if yn wanted to talk to him to clear everything out, he shut her out
eventually, the harryween shows came and they were back in new york, yn decided to invite damiano and the rest of her friends to the show, harry wasn’t pleased about it at all
yn decided that she was done with harry not wanting to listen to her (she also missed him terribly) so she was going to make him hear her at any cost
harry let go of his pride and agreed to finally talk to her, and he realized that he was acting stupid all this time, he even apologized to damiano too, and found out that he was actually a really nice guy and they could even be friends
after that, harry promised yn that he was going to make it up for her, because he actually likes her a lot and wants to make things right, so they started going on small and private dates, picking up their relationship where they left it
with the end of the tour approaching, they both realized that the feelings they have for each other are real and strong, and made their relationship official the night after the long island show
harry plans on spending a few weeks with yn in new york to take her on dates and spend as much time with her as possible
taglist: @cucciolafaerie @jelliebeanss @maria-r @eleanordaisy @sunflowersndpeaches @golden-hoax @vodka-is-gay-and-so-am-i @alienorknight @evanjh @pilgrim-harry @handsomerry @sunflowervolume66 @lollypopsx @multiplums @89evrs @pinkishbabygirl @trulymadlykiki @quinnjackluke @allteawell @piscesrecord @vanteguccir @ivegotparticulartaste @qclden @springholland
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wckdszn · 13 hours ago
Harry styles x reader first child 🤪😭
word count: 1.5k
author’s note: this was really fun to write because harry with babies is so cute. so i hope you guys enjoy! this is also my first harry fic so if you have any feedback or anything i’d greatly appreciate it. if you’d like to send something in, you can do so here!
warnings: fluff fluff fluff, mentions of pregnancy
parings: harry styles and reader
Tumblr media
the days were long and the nights were longer but everything and anything was worth it for you baby girl. the baby girl that had harry’s bright green eyes and your small nose, something the two of you always joked about during your pregnancy.
it had been about two weeks after you had brought your baby home, harry, who had been an absolute dream, had the entire nursery ready to go by the time you had come home. the walls were painted a neutral yellow, the crib was all put together with the rocking chair just adjacent to the changing table, all the stuffed animals lined up amongst the walls (“i wanted her to have options!”); it was more than you could’ve asked for, especially since he had put up with so much during your pregnancy.
you weren’t going to deny how needy you were during those nine months, constantly complaining about the pain or waking him up in the middle of the night for something as random as a peanut butter and banana sandwich; he never complained and did anything you asked him to. it definitely had something to do with you carrying his first child and the fact that he absolutely adored every last thing about you, even if he did have hours knocked off from his nightly sleep, he wouldn’t allow you to go without.
it was the middle of the night when you heard the cries coming from the static filled baby monitor, a small grain leaving your lips as you had just be able to fall asleep. your friends and family weren’t joking when they said it was going to be rough, especially the first couple weeks you had come home. you weren’t expecting things to be easy and you knew things were going to take some getting used to but- fuck.
“what is it?” harry mumbled into the plush of his pillow as he felt you push yourself up from the bed, his hand coming to stoke your exposed back. “she crying again?”
“not sure what’s going on, i fed her just before i put her down, changed her, burped her, everything. i’ll just go check on her, rock her back to sleep. get some rest, baby, you’ve done enough.”
you leaned down to press a kiss to his temple, his eyes opening softly to look up at you. you felt bad for everything you had put him through over the last couple of months, but loving him even more for everything he had done for you.
“no, no.” he grumbled, already pushing himself up and out of the bed before you were able to put up a fight. “i’ll go see what’s going on. you were up so late with her last night, it’s my turn. besides, we both know she likes me more.”
“oh, don’t flatter yourself, h. you’ve always been better with kids, but i’ll always have the goods when she’s hungry.”
both you and harry couldn’t help the snorts that came from your noses, shaking your head as you plopped back down against your pillow. there was no point in putting up a fight, he wasn’t going to let you come with him so it was best for you to just lie back down and get some rest so you could take the next call of cries that were sure to come.
only a few minutes had passed before you heard your husbands voice on the other side of the baby monitor, cooing and aw’ing at the small baby that hardly took up any room in the crib.
“what’s going on, honey? hungry? ‘needa be changed?” his voice was as low as a whisper but still rough and scratchy from just waking up. “let’s see what we have here.”
your cheeks started to burn with how widely you had been smiling. it had always been a dream of yours to have a family and a baby with someone that you loved, all of your wildest dreams coming true with harry. in fact, he had surpassed anything you had ever wished for.
you couldn’t stop yourself from getting out of bed and heading towards the nursery, you wanted to be apart of the sweet moments with both your baby and harry; you wanted to see him with your baby.
the light was low as you turned the corner into the room, harry sitting comfortably on the rocking chair with the little girl placed perfectly on his chest. his head was back against the pillow as his hands ran over her tiny features. his voice was quiet as he hummed along to ‘you are my sunshine’
she was so small you almost couldn’t believe that she was real. sometimes the shock had hit you that you and harry had created something so beautiful, something so small and precious.
your arms crossed over your chest as you leaned against the door frame, a small smile forming on your face as you watched over him, taking in the sweet moment in awe.
you could only hold back for so long before you made your way over to the chair, bringing your hands up to harry’s hair before your leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead. “how is she doing?” you asked softly, bring your hand up to softly run along the newborns head, providing your own sense of comfort.
“all good now, right back to sleep. see, told you she likes me.” his eyes opened, soft and sleepy, as he looked up at you. “could’ve probably put her back in her crib a couple minutes ago, but i couldn’t bring myself to move.”
“she’s the most precious when she’s sleeping, but let’s get her back to bed so we can get you back to bed, yeah?”
a small hum left harry’s lips as he gave a nod of his head, your hands coming down to carefully move the baby from his chest and into your arms. you immediately felt the same way that he did, not wanting to put her down for a couple minutes just to spend some innocent time with her.
harry’s arms soon came from behind you and around your waist, his chin hooking over your shoulder as you both looked down at your baby girl.
“can’t believe we made that, huh?” he asked, a soft chuckle following his words as he pressed his lips to your hair. “cant wait until we make the next one.”
your laugh was quiet but the roll of your eyes was loud. “oh, please. let’s see if this one turns out okay before we start working on the next one.”
you knew you wanted another baby with harry and he knew you wanted the same, but you couldn’t help but worry and be scared that you were going to mess up somehow.
“she’s going to be perfect. just like you.” he whispered, instantly reassuring you that you have nothing to worry about.
you looked up at him with a wide grin and pressed a quick kiss to the underside of his jaw, leaving his embrace to put her back into her crib. you lingered for a moment, making sure she wasn’t startled by the change in position and comfortable before you made your way back over to harry. he tossed his arm over your shoulders and pressed a kiss to the side of your head as he lead you out of the room and back to your bedroom.
you plopped down on your side of the bed and snuggled into the blankets, harry doing the same as you guys came face to face. “thank you for everything you’ve done, h. i know it hasn’t been a walk in the park, but i truly appreciate everything.”
harry stayed silent and instead pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, nudging his nose against yours as he pulled you tighter to his chest.
“no need to thank me. just wanna take care of m’girls.” he assured quietly, another kiss being pressed to your lips before he nudged his face into the crook of your neck. “now get some sleep, you know she’ll be back up in no time.”
you huffed quietly as you made yourself comfortable, a smile staying on your lips as you fell asleep in the comfort of harry’s arms. you knew you had nothing to worry about as long as you had him by your side, even if you were clueless on how to be a good parent or weren’t 100% sure in some cases, you knew that you two would figure it out together.
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honeypotstyles · 22 hours ago
the greatest gift of all
here’s my submission for @thebigbutterflytattoo’s Have Yourself A Harry Little Christmas writing event, while also following my Oh, What A World universe! i can’t wait to see what all of the other wonderful writers participating have planned, so please reblog and leave feedback if you loved this and any of the other pieces part of the writing event. happy holidays, friends ✨ 
word count: 1.7k | Oh, What A World universe
t/w: pregnancy
Tumblr media
It was surprisingly easy keeping the news from your husband. You weren’t anywhere special when you found out you were pregnant, like on your many trips to Italy, or in a different country during tour. It was much simpler than that. You both had a normal day of work, but you were feeling pretty run down. A few of your friends and people you came in contact with had been feeling sick with cases of a stomach bug or a cold. You figured you had caught one as well but took a pregnancy test because you remembered you had one under the sink. The two solid pink lines were the answers to all your questions. 
You let a few close people in your life in on the little secret so everything went according to plan. Of course, if anything went slightly wrong you’d let Harry know and didn’t want to drag out the surprise longer than necessary. Your mother, sister, and closest friend were the ones who kept you happy and healthy in the meantime.
While he was usually very observant, Harry didn’t think too much of the ordeal. With your other friends also feeling unwell after the most recent social outing, he figured your phase of sickness was harmless.
You felt a little bad attending your first doctor’s appointment without him, but you needed the confirmation that you were pregnant at all for the plan to go smoothly. At around 5 weeks, your only sign of growing a baby was a sudden decline in energy, but Harry’s concern was once again easily brushed off with your stress and burnout of the holidays coming up and a busy workload. That was somewhat true.
Still, you were pretty proud of yourself for coming up with such a sneaky plan and how well it was going. You didn’t want to wrap up the pregnancy test in a box and make him open it up in a few weeks on Christmas day, or surprise him with a tiny pair of shoes. You wanted to share it with him so cleverly that you’d be able to see the light bulb flick on over his head. That’s exactly how it happened. 
But before that, you and Harry planned to decorate both inside and outside the house for Christmas. You wanted to go all out with the tree and lights on the roof while drinking warm apple cider all day. Singing along to holiday classics with your husband wasn't too bad either. 
“I’ll hand you the boxes first, that sound alright?” he suggested while bringing down the ladder from the attic, the hinges creaking just slightly due to its lack of use.
You agreed with the plan and watched Harry carefully make his way up. He made comments about each box as if he was reminded of all the things you had both collected over the years. You could tell it was his favorite season and wanted the smile on his pretty face to stay there forever. Your little secret being a way to do so filled you with excitement once again.
As Harry continued handing the boxes down, you took the time to peek into each one to spot just what you were looking for. Two cable knitted stockings in a beautiful shade of ivory and each of your first initials monogrammed in scarlet red. It was a decoration you had ever since you started dating and was always hung up on the fireplace mantle around this time of year. Your eyes watered over the idea of a new addition. 
You blinked to hold back your emotions, but your husband was too distracted to notice. He helped you move each box out towards the living area for easier access. While he was going back and forth, you sneakily added the tiny stocking into the pile and buried it underneath the rest of the decorations for safekeeping.
It took a while to decorate the tree. You debated on which set of string lights to use and the placements of the ornaments. Harry kept distracting you from the task with his serenading, going far enough to wrap lengths of tinsel around both of your bodies so you could dance. He even let you get on his back as a boost to put the tree topper on. After about an hour or two, you stood back with your husband to admire your handiwork.
“What’s next, babe?”
There were quite a few boxes scattered around and waiting as you looked around. “Let’s hang the stockings up.”
After finding the box that held the stockings and his other surprise, he moved it closer to the mantle.
“Can you hammer in the nails first? I think I wanna hang them up a little differently this year."
Harry luckily didn't think too much over your statement. He hammered the nails into the mantle where he assumed you wanted them, two holes spaced evenly apart. “Like that?”
You pondered on it for a few seconds. “Can you add one in the very middle? I just want to see if we should move them closer.”
The quirk in Harry’s eyebrows didn’t go unnoticed, but he added another nail anyway. Picking up the two large stockings on top of the pile, he placed them respectively on each hook and left the nail in the middle empty. “What do you think?”
You stood back to approve of the scene in front of you, tilting your head while Harry waited patiently. He knew you liked things a certain way, especially decorating, so he’d redo it 10 times over and over if you wanted. 
“Hmm…” you crossed your arms. “I don’t know about those stockings this year. I bought some new ones in a different color a while ago and put them in the box. Can you hang them side by side so I can compare?”
Once again, your husband being the sweetest there ever was, got to work to please you. You watched as he dug into the box and navigated around the several lengths of decorative garland and figurines, thinking he was coming up short and almost giving up.
“I don’t see anything, my love. What color are they? I only see-“
You bit your lip to contain your excitement once you saw his movements halter. Crouched down near the box, he slowly rose to his height and faced you. His thumb padded gently over the tiny cable knitted stocking that inverted the colors of your own. You decided to keep it plain and without a monogrammed initial until a name was decided, but it was beautiful nonetheless.
His throat was starting to close up as he tried to work through the beginnings of a tear fest. He couldn't take his eyes off the stocking. With how small it was compared to your own, there was only one reason for why it was in the box. He just needed to hear you say it. 
“Are you…” he looked at you through glassy eyes glistening in front of the lit fireplace. “Are you pregnant?”
The beaming smile on your face matched the glow that now radiated throughout the home. The peaceful silence between you and Harry was broken as his sobs filled the space. Taking the few steps over to your open arms, he immediately wrapped himself around you. With the stocking held carefully in one hand, he used both to lift your head up towards him. His tears were getting in the way because he was so overwhelmed, but he hoped you could feel the passion through his embrace. 
His movements seemed to catch up with his mind as he pulled away quickly to hold you at arm’s length, the news finally setting in. His eyes scanned for any slight change in your body. “You’re pregnant.”
You nodded and wrapped your arms around his waist. “We’re gonna have a baby.”
You swore you saw hearts in his eyes as he took in your words, his lips parting in disbelief.
“We’re gonna have a baby.”
Harry confided in you once again, hiding his face in your neck. Your fingers naturally found their way into his hair while he sobbed quietly. You couldn’t help but laugh a little over his reaction, the news easily turning him into a ball of emotions. Once you felt his tear-coated eyelashes flutter against your skin, you ducked down to comfort him with a few kisses on top of his head.
Harry pulled away first to swipe against his cheeks to rid of the water on his face. His nose crinkled at the action, turning into a pretty, pink blush.
“God,” he chuckled and shook his head. “You sneaky thing.”
You shrugged your shoulders with no remorse, hand reaching up to wipe his tears away. He caught your hand to place a gentle kiss on the back of it. 
“How far along are you?”
“Roughly 5 weeks? I’ve already got my next appointment scheduled.”
He didn’t hesitate. “I’ll be there.” 
“I know,” you smiled, kissing his puffy lips in response.
Harry continued to look at you in awe as his fingers just barely grazed over the front of your body. He knew there wasn’t a bump and wouldn’t be for a while, but he couldn’t believe you were already growing and taking care of something, or someone so special to the both of you.
“And when you were sick last month?”
You scrunched your nose up. “You caught me.” 
There was a slight upward quirk to his lips. His fingers moved to caress your sides gently and pull you back closer. 
“Are you ok now? You’re taking it easy right?” Realization crossed over his face. “Shit, I made you carry those heavy boxes.”
“It’s okay,” you quickly reassured him, bringing his face back in front of yours as he looked around in distress. “It’s still early, but I’m fine right now.”
Harry let you pull back his attention, sighing in relief and placing a kiss on top of your head. He finally remembered the stocking in his hand and walked over to the mantle to place it in the middle of the two larger ones, heart growing bigger at the visible size difference. He was already letting himself imagine your little one running around the house. 
You let your husband have his moment as he stared at all the stockings together, kissing his shoulder sweetly while standing at his side.
That seemed to break him out of his trance as he wrapped his arm around you once again, bumping his nose against yours. You couldn't help but giggle at how close he was, making him smile too.
“What are you thinking about?” you whispered against him.
He made the subtle movement to melt his lips against yours, looking at you like you gave him the world. 
“I love you. You’ve given me everything I could ever want.”
let me know what you think!
taglist: @evanjh @harryhoney-bee @harrysbracelet @handsomerry @springholland @harrysfolklore @golden-hoax​ <3
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heyyyharry · a day ago
Red (All Too Well inspired / Harry Styles fanfic) which we got lost in translation and I asked for too much.
Tumblr media
I got drunk, fell asleep, and woke up at 4 in the morning, then I couldn't fall back to sleep so I stayed up and wrote this.
Warning: smut.
Word count: 2.5k
She’d got that text at 3AM. She’d been in bed with a guy she’d met on a dating app. They’d been on a few dates, and he’d said all the right things and matched her energy and efforts. She’d never had to wonder if he’d liked her or not. She’d been doing great. But then that got damn text had lit up her phone, and she’d been sucked right back into that rabbit hole.
Hey, how have you been?
That had been the blandest opening line she had ever seen.
She had sat in her bed, eyes squinted, grimacing at the bright screen. They hadn’t spoken in months, and out of anything, he’d chosen that. The audacity.
She had rolled her eyes and turned the screen off, told herself to just ignore him and go back to sleep. Her date had reached out to pull her back in. She’d turned her back to his bare chest, letting him spoon her. But right as she’d closed her eyes, her phone had lit up once again with another text. It had seemed like the read receipt had terrified him for a second.
I’m sorry I disappeared. I lost my phone on vacation, but I’m home now. If you haven’t found someone already, I’d like to make it up to you.
‘If you haven’t found someone already…’
As if he’d cared.
She’d sucked in a breath as her date had tightened his arm around her waist and buried his face into her neck from behind. He’d seemed so comfortable, and she had been too before the text.
She could have put her phone aside and gone back to sleep. But she had known if she didn’t wake up to a third text from him in the morning, she would overthink. With him, she’d keep going round and round in circles like a carousel.
She had thought for a moment and decided to reply.
I’m sorry about your phone.
You can make it up to me next week.
He had read the messages in a second.
Red flag is typing…
Or right now.
Come over, Y/N.
And now she was on the night bus to see him. She’d told her date that her friend had called, and it’d been an emergency. He’d been so understanding and concerned, which had made her feel so guilty. But here she was, retracing her own mistakes.
He was waiting at the bus stop when she arrived. When you saw someone you hadn’t seen in a while, it felt easier to breathe. He stood with his hands in his puffer coat. It was three degrees outside. She wondered how long he had been waiting out here in the cold, and that tiny part in her that hadn’t guarded up against him shuddered at the thought that he might have waited in the cold for her.
Maybe she had overinterpreted this whole thing, but his eyes seemed to light up when she stepped off the bus. He took a step forward and put his arms around her. She buried her face into his neck and closed her eyes. She’d missed his scent. Not his expensive cologne but the smell of him, which had made her do double-takes on strangers too many times before.
“How have you been, love?” he’d asked, pulling away, his green eyes glowing in the dim streetlight.
She tried to ignore his hand which was resting on her lower back, but goosebumps had pimpled her skin under three layers of clothing.
“I’ve been good. You?”
“Great,” he said, dimples sinking deep into his cheeks. “Been cold, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” she said, breathing out smoke.
“Let’s go.” He took her hand as they started walking, and a grin spread on his lips when he found that she was wearing gloves.
“Weakling,” he joked.
“I’m not. It’s three fucking degrees!”
“Nah, you’re just weak,” he said, lacing his fingers with hers. “But it’s okay. I’m here to keep you warm.”
Her thoughts faltered for a second at those words. He’d said them so casually as if they’d held no weight. She wondered if, for at least once, he’d meant these things he’d said. But she knew if they were out together during the day, which rarely happened, and this pavement was packed with people, he wouldn’t even be walking so close let alone hold her hand so tight. Then, as they walked and she gazed upon the side of his face, she couldn’t help but imagine him with another girl strolling down the empty street of Europe, and her stomach turned with anxiety.
The walk wasn’t short, but it could’ve been longer. She couldn’t bear the cold, but she hated when he let go of her hand on his doorsteps. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door.
“My flatmate’s asleep,” he said in a whisper, as if his flatmate waking up and seeing her here would have been the end of the world.
She shook off the troubling thoughts and her coat and jacket, then followed him to his room. She had been here too many times that she could tell the slightest change he’d made.
“Did you get new sheets?”
“Yes.” He smiled and put on music as she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Do you like them?”
She stuck out her bottom lip and turned to look at the violet floral sheets. “Very pretty.”
“Like me.”
His comment made her giggle. “No, like me.”
“Like us,” he said then came to sit down next to her.
She’d seen him naked so many times yet him sitting so close to her still made her heart pound. She took in a sharp breath and smiled as he brushed a hair out of her face.
“I’m sorry I made you travel here,” he said. She’d never seen his eyes so green. “I would have come to you if I hadn’t been so tired from all the trains.”
“Did you just get back?”
“How was vacation?”
“It was good.” He grabbed her hand from her lap, brought it to his mouth and kissed it. Her heart shuddered at the simple gesture. “Food good. People good. Missed you though.”
“Really?” she scoffed, rolling her eyes.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he chuckled. “I meant it.” Then, as proof, he pulled out his new phone. “See? Lost my phone on vacation.”
“I didn’t say you lied about it.”
He shrugged, put his phone on the nightstand and his hand on her hip. “Come here.”
She got up and moved to sit on his lap, resting her forehead against his. He shut his eyes, his lashes fluttering as he brushed his nose against hers. She wanted to ask him to tell her he missed her again. She liked hearing that. Because if he hadn’t said it, she would never have been able to tell.
His hand resting on her knees slowly made its way up to her thigh. He let out a satisfied groan as he pressed his nose to her neck. She leaned back, eyes shut, her hand in his hair. He caressed her thigh for a moment before sliding his hand up to her breast. Her body burned and ached for him. A hand on his shoulder, she turned to straddle his hips. He started kissing her neck, careful not to leave evident. She knew they weren’t teenagers, but she wished he’d leave a mark. So that she could walk out of here the next morning knowing it’d been real. And that he didn’t mean it like that when he hugged her like a friend at the bus stop and said, “Thanks for coming. It was nice seeing you.”
He pulled back for a moment, a hand at the back of her head, just looking at her.
“What?” she giggled.
“You’re so pretty,” he murmured.
She rolled her eyes again as he pulled her back in, pressing his mouth to hers. He kissed her tender, then he kissed her hard. They fell back on the bed, and she pulled off her sweater and shuffled down to sit on his thighs as he undid his trousers. She wished they could take it slow, but right now she didn’t want to. She needed to feel him inside her, to make him cum, to hear him say her name, to pretend that he hadn’t said all those sweet things just for this, that he wouldn’t shut off his feelings the second he pulled out of her.
“Condom. Have you got condoms?”
“Y/N, calm down.” He laughed and stopped her as she reached for his top drawer. He cupped her face, kissing her again with tongue. Her mouth fell open with a gasp as he unzipped her jeans and slipped his hand in. He looked her straight in the eyes as he started rubbing her there. She knew how much he liked her reactions to him. Her core clenched as he slipped one finger inside her. “Fuck, you’re so tight for me, baby.”
“Yes,” she panted, eyes closed, head tossed back so he could kiss her neck. Panting, he grabbed her hand and put it into her trousers. Then, as she rubbed her clit, trying to hold eye contact, he watched and worked his fingers inside her.
She had never come so hard. She sobbed out his name and rode out her orgasm until she collapsed onto him. He patted her hair as she breathed into his chest. Once she’d calmed down, he flipped them over, got undressed, then helped her get out of her clothes and grabbed a condom from the drawer.
When he slipped in, they both moaned. This feeling that she would never get used to made her feel belonged. It was never the same with other people. Just him.
He rolled his hips as she pushed back, allowing him to go deeper, hitting the right spot. She trembled under his touch and kisses. If only this moment could last forever.
When he came, he came hard, crying out her name. She felt ecstasy as she put her arms around him, holding him close. Their sweaty bodies moved together, slowing down and going limp.
The room was so quiet. She had never heard silence quite this loud.
The butterflies in her stomach made her feel sick. He pulled out of her and dropped onto his back beside her. She waited for him to pull her in and cuddle her, but he stayed there, staring at the ceiling with an arm over his forehead. Butterflies burst into flames, her heart now a lump of coal.
“That was amazing,” he said quietly, turned to her and smiled. “You were amazing.”
“I was with someone when you called,” she blurted, not knowing why she’d said it. Maybe she just wanted to get a reaction from him.
He looked stunned for a second, then his smile destroyed her. “You’ve been seeing someone? That’s great, Y/N.”
She forced a smile back. “Is it?”
Harry pushed himself up on his elbow and gazed down at her. She tried to look for a hint of jealousy on his calm expression, but there was none. Because he wasn’t jealous. He didn’t care enough to be.
“But why did you come?”
She averted her eyes and shrugged, hugging her naked self. “He got sick, so he went home. And I came here.”
“Oh,” he said, thoughtfully. “How long have you been seeing him?”
“For a few weeks.”
“Are you serious with him?”
“I guess. Don’t know.”
It finally dawned on him. His face turned cold. “So I won’t see you again if you start dating this guy.”
She shrugged, trying to ignore that spark of hope. “I don’t have to date him, Harry.”
“Have to?” Harry laughed. “What do you mean?”
Frustrated, Y/N sat up and looked him in the eyes. “Are you not jealous?”
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked, sitting up as well. He seemed quite appalled, and she could not blame him. They had never had this kind of conversation before. “Is me not being jealous bothering you?”
“Why?” He chuckled. “You’re not jealous of the girls I sleep with.”
So he had been sleeping with other girls. Of course he had. She knew him. Why was she surprised?
Maybe it just hurt to hear him say it.
“I am, though,” she murmured, pulling the duvet up to cover her body.
He was quiet for a moment.
“I’m sorry I asked you to come. It…it probably wasn’t a good idea.”
Stunned, Y/N stared at him. Her stomach churned as if she was about to throw up. She felt a burning sensation at the bridge of her nose.
“Have you,” she stuttered, “Have you ever thought about us?”
“Thought about us?” he asked.
“Like…” She wetted her lips and swallowed dryly. “Will we ever be something?”
Harry froze for a second.
Then, he said, “You know I can’t commit.”
“I do. I just don’t know why,” she said, her voice shaking. “Is it because your ex cheated?” He said nothing. “Harry.” She grabbed his wrist. “Not every girl is gonna be like her. Not all relationships are the same.”
For a moment, he didn’t speak, and she felt herself melting into a puddle on his violet sheets. Tears stung her eyes, but she fought them back.
“I’m really sorry, Y/N,” he said at last, and she let out a breath of defeat. A tear rolled down her cheek. She wondered if he could see her cry since the room was so dark and blue. Probably not. Or he chose not to see it.
She didn’t believe him when he said that, but she believed it when he pulled his hand from her grip and scooted back. “I wish I could be that for you. But you deserve to be happy. I want you to be happy.”
She did not say a word, got up and started putting on her clothes. He did, too, but with every move, she felt his eyes on her. She waited for him to say something. She would have stayed if he’d asked. She would have stayed forever.
“Want me to drive you home? I could borrow my flatmate’s car.”
“No, thanks,” she said, facing the wall as she slipped her trousers back on.
“I’ll walk you to the bus stop. It’s cold outside.”
It was colder in here, she thought but did not say.
Silently, they walked back to the bus stop. This time, they kept a distance as if someone was watching. He had his hands in his pockets and her gloved hands were holding herself. The cold pierced through her brain. She would probably have a permanent headache after tonight.
The bus arrived right as they got to the bus stop. Part of her was glad that she didn’t have to wait in the cold with him; another part of her was sad that she didn’t have to wait in the cold with him.
“Thank you for coming,” he said what he always said and gave her an awkward smile.
She just looked at him, sucked in a breath, and stepped on the bus.
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tinydestinybear · 2 days ago
can you do a dating!harry blurb where it's him proposing ? :)
Sweet Something
word count: 2k
feel free to send in more requests! reblogs and feedback are appreciated! 🌻
"H!" Y/N squealed at the sight of her boyfriend entering their apartment. She literally jumped onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her long legs looping by his waist. Harry returned her anticipation by tightening his grip around her small figure, his face nuzzled into her neck.
They were finally going on a vacation together in a few hours right after Harry finished his tour and boy, had it been crazy for the both of them without each other for a month.
"I missed you, I missed you, I missed you," Harry chanted, burying his face further on her neck. He can smell a faint smell of mint and strawberries, a normal combination for his woman. "Concerts were not the same without you, I'm so glad you're here with me."
"Of course they weren't." she smirked, as Harry placed her down on her feet but never letting go of her waist. "You did not have your personal photographer with you."
"Well now I have you," he said.
Tumblr media
Y/N woke up in Harry’s arms by him gently brushing his fingers through her hair.
“Ready to go?” He asked in his deep morning voice. Y/N nodded in excitement.
While Y/N was packing a few last minute essentials, Harry wrapped his arms around her waist, following her like a grumpy bear. 
“You know, we'll never be able to finish anything if you have both hands on me,” She muttered but you could practically hear the smirk through her words.
Harry chucked, both hands meeting behind her neck as he pulled her down for a soft, sleepy kiss. “Oh no… whatever will I do? I guess you’re just gonna have to take me as I am then,” he joked against her lips.
After the two had checked off everything from their list, they headed for the airport.
“I'm so excited for this trip baby, you were so burdened with your own work and I'm so sad I didn't get to see you go crazy at my concerts,” Harry said, sitting down beside Y/N - his arm across her shoulder in the jet.
"You know I would have been there had my boss not put me forward for the most mundane contract, but I'm glad we're here - spending some time with each other," She said as she placed a peck on his hand.
They spent the entire time going over what fun Harry had had, how he had the cutest interactions and how much he loved joking around during the concerts.
And before they knew, they were landing. Clear blue oceans and small islands, getting bigger and bigger before they saw the huge island underneath, surrounded by tropical forests.
“Welcome to the Bahamas baby.” Harry smiled.
Tumblr media
Harry was driving the car, no security or staff, just the two. But Y/N knew deep down that somewhere security was lurking since Harry was very protective not over himself but over her.
It was a tiring first day, mostly because of the driving and multiple stops they took - from looking at scenery to grabbing a meal - before settling in their hotel. 
They didn’t really have a plan. Perhaps that’s what excites them the most. They decided to drive around and explore the place without any worry about their image. They’re just a regular couple out here, doing things they wouldn’t normally be able to do back, and that’s all they could hope for.
Their room was huge and had a huge bathtub, lounge area and a huge terrace with access to the sea.
“Wow.” Y/N expressed, looking around.
“Only the best for you.” Harry smiled and placed his sunglasses on the glass coffee table.
“You shouldn’t have!” she smiled and walked over to hug him.
“But I like spoiling my princess,” he pouted and pulled her closer.
He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. Minutes later she was underneath him in bed, his lips kissing every part of her body.
Tumblr media
Time seemed to fly by so quickly. For the next 2 days, Harry and Y/N enjoyed a bit of snorkelling, sunbathing along the rosy-hued shores and driving around the town. 
It’s midway through the trip when they decided to visit Pretty Harbour Island** 
It was absolutely stunning, as the pink-sand beaches, cute pastel-hued cottages gave the island an elegant touch. 
Harry had chosen their cottage - a beautiful small one with an outdoor seating area decorated with fairy lights, overlooking the ocean - opting for something small but luxurious and private. Y/N could already imagine nights just gazing at the stars over Harry’s cuddles.
“Thank you for choosing this babe, it’s beautiful,” she said excitedly.
“I’m quite amused with the little things that are making you happy out here, baby”
“What can I say? I’m a simple girl,” she shrugged.
He laughed and took her hand to his lips this time. “You drive me crazy and I love you so much.”
“I know,” she said softly as she admires his smile, “I love you so much, too.”
Tumblr media
When his arms drop to lightly caress Y/N’s hair, she hums and murmurs of delight coming from her sleepy mouth. 
"You're moving, love." Harry whispered groggily, hugging her tighter when Y/N wiggles more to get up. She froze and smiled, "I have to make breakfast."
He reluctantly pulled away from her after he gave a playful kiss to her neck, leaving her to go make the food (because one he was hungry and two, he knew she would still find a way to escape him).
His attention was diverted now to find Y/N sprawled out on the floor with the mat under her in rolls, meaning she slipped on it. He resisted the urge to laugh and slapped her ass from where he was. "Such a clumsy ass."
Y/N groaned, "Thanks for your help, baby." She hurried to the bathroom to get freshened up.
A few minutes later after they were dressed in some casual clothes, Harry followed her, dipping his hands under her tank top. She smiled feeling his warm fingers casually rubbing down her toned abdomen. He removed himself from her when she began to cook and chuckled when she would dance around him in a playful manner.
As Y/N made breakfast, Harry looks towards her, standing by as his thoughts are all over. It was as if everything was in slow motion. 
The way her hair curled around her face back and forth as she twisted every which way. The way her skin shone so beautifully with a slight jiggle, indicating movement. Memories of their moments from before throughout the four long years they've known each other made him smile lazily. Every single memory he had of her flashed in his eyesight before he focused back on reality.
This girl was his whole universe, his whole world, his entire life and he knew she knew that she was every one of those things. The way she trusted him showed that she knew he loved her infinitely, the way he’s grateful for her helping him grow, love and to accept love, that he cherishes her with every inch of him, that he would never let her go no matter what. But she didn't know he wanted to propose and he was sure she would love the surprise.
It’s a big day today and he feels all sorts of nervousness and excitement.
"Baby! You're spacing out!" Y/N laughed as she put the fried pieces of bacon in his plate, seeing him break from that intense and loving stare to watch her with big and bright eyes.
"Sorry, sweetheart." He chuckled and held her waist, pulling her towards himself.
She smiled and brushed a hand through his hair, making him close his eyes with a content sigh, before the soft smile left her face.
"Love..." She whispered.
"All ears, angel." Harry replied, enjoying her long fingers running through his silky hair.
"In the next year...This will stay the same. I mean, what revolves around us...Nobody will try and actually hurt either one of us, right?" Y/N murmured.
This was just one of those things Harry knows is right. He won’t ever let her go; that’s what today is all about.
"In all honesty, I don't know about the future. But what I do know is that I will not stop at anything to assure our safety. Our safety in this relationship and in the world beyond us." He told her truthfully, seeing her eyes brighten and that beautiful smile he loved so much return to her face, wrapping his arms around her like a bear. 
“Harry, you’re squishing me. I can’t breathe!”
And all he does is laugh until he feels her bite him, and he loosens his grip. He’s met with furrowed brows and the cutest pout. He kisses it off her lips and Y/N smiles back, hugging him this time.
Mornings of laughter and kisses are truly some of his favourites.
Tumblr media
“Harry?" Y/N frowned as she sat up, fear taking over her body when she woke up from her nap alone. She was on the bed, meaning Harry probably drove them home while she fell asleep on the bed back at the beach and he most likely put her on the bed as well, but didn't change her clothes. That was questionable since he knew she slept better in his shirts that smelled like him.
Her barely open eyes squinted as she scanned the area around the room until she found a trail of white rose petals on the grey tiled floor. She, being the curious woman she was, tore the bedsheets off her body to stand and proceed to follow the trail. It led outside towards the backyard where the pool was. But something was different. The pool was glowing.
When Y/N slid the doors to the backyard open, she did not expect what she saw. The trail of white rose petals led to the pool and was spread out, floating all over on the clear water. Curiously, Y/N stepped ahead and felt her gown drag behind her. But she could care less about her dress once she saw Harry's figure further ahead, his back was facing her.
"Harry!" Y/N called and now jogged a bit, to where he was. At the sound of his name, Harry turned and grinned.
She approaches him, "What's all this preparation for?"
"It's for you." He whispered, seeing her cheeks turn noticeably red and chuckled, pushing her loose hair behind her ears.
"'s not my birthday or anything, why such grand -"
"I need to ask you something. I have a favor." Harry cut her off, watching her eyes grow even more curious at his sudden urgency. She nodded slowly, feeling him step back from her and her hands reached for him but she held them back. There was an undeniable knot at the pit of her belly and the bad kind of butterflies fluttered in her. 
Harry ran his fingers through his hair nervously before he started, "I've been thinking and I've been thinking for months about this. You know, all of our moments and memories in the past will always stay with me."
Y/N looked at him with confusion until he got down on one knee, reaching behind him in a pocket and she held her face in her hands, realizing what was going to happen. Harry smiled, "If I can't see you, baby, I won't be able to ask you this."
“Y/N Y/L/N, my angel, found the reason for my smile, the day I found you,” he continues, voice cracking as well. “You are the one I wanted to find, to tell that I need you all my life, from this day on till the rest of my life. I don’t ever want to be without your love, without you. Will you marry me?”
"Yes, yes, yes! Oh my God, Yes!" Y/N excitedly jumped up and down as Harry rose from the floor to kiss her before he pulled back to put the ring on her finger, the tears flowing at how beautiful it looks on her. 
And Harry thinks that he was right - with Y/N’s content smile and glimmering eyes the preparations were all worth it.
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ch3rrybabyhon3y · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
she’s finally here lol.
pairing: ceo reader x harry
WC: 2.7k
warnings: language, harry is a dick, mention of death, heavy? angst, enemies to lovers, smut in later parts
feedback and reblogs are greatly appreciated <3
It was hard being in the business that you were in. It was cutthroat, and you worked hard as shit to be here. Tiresome nights and countless hours, trying to prove to everyone else and yourself that you were worth it.
And you did, no matter how hard it was you actually did it, and you’re so glad that you didn’t give up when they told you to. Everything was worth it when you looked at the empire you built from the ground up, when you see how much you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come.
It’s days like these that you almost wanna burn the whole thing down.
“Listen to me, and listen to me good, I will not endorse whatever bullshit game plan you have going on here. Are you dense or do you think I am?” you speak harshly to an employee, the same one that always gets on your nerves. He thinks he can undermine you because you’re a woman, and you always prove him wrong.
“Tell me something, Grey. Have you written up the numbers for this? Looked into investments, any sponsors?” he timidly shakes his head no and you scoff, “what about the current near economic depression we’re in!?”
“Ma’am I―”
“And you expect me to just sign my whole life away to you? Leave my office.”
He scrambles away and you sigh, “fucking imbeciles, god.”
You lean back and take your head into your hands, rubbing the skin there harshly from the headache that’s brewing strongly and quickly to deaden the pain. You jump when your phone rings and throw your head back in exhaustion before putting on the fakest voice you can manage for whoever is on the phone.
“Are they fucking crazy? No way. No fucking way am I agreeing to that”
“It’s a good business decision, a great one actually...would it hurt to consider?” your best friend Susie said to you. She was the only one who could actually talk you in and out of stuff when it came to the business, she was smart and you trusted her judgement.
“Yes!” Apparently not this time.
“Everything that company stands for is bullshit.” you grit out, thinking of the company and who they are.
“You know that’s not true, you’re just upset because Ha―” she tries to reason with you but you cut her off quickly.
“Don’t say his name. God, why does he even want to do this? He’s trying to mess with me. I don’t fucking trust him.” You throw your hands into your hair and growl in frustration.
He’s the only man that can really affect you, that can really get under your skin. And you hate him for it.
“As it turns out he doesn’t seem to want to do this either, it was his father’s decision.” Susie was always a gossip lover, you don’t know how she knows this information but you’ll be damned if you don’t make it your mission to learn everything about the shit that they’re trying to pull on you.
“Is that so?” you pretend to actually be curious, but Susie can see right through you, and she giggles quietly.
“Mhm. Har―I mean he’s livid about it.”
“Interesting. Maybe I should do it then.” you joke and Susie nods like she’s actually being serious.
“Shit. I gotta go. Important meeting, bye babe.” Susie rushes out, gracefully picking up her stuff before leaving your office.
You lean back into your chair, thinking of how since you did most of your work this weekend, you don’t have much to do now. Just as you think you’re about to relax, your computer pings with an email.
You groan, but immediately go to check, blinking your eyes open in the process and wincing when your head throbs.
When you open your inbox, your headache immediately flares. 4:30 PM
I assume this is your doing.
Sent from my Windows.
A simple sentence and you already want to scream. This is why you couldn’t work alongside him, who does he think he is?
He knows just how to push your buttons, he’s trying to make you react impulsively and do or say something to ruin this potential deal, but you won’t give him the satisfaction.
You type back a short and concise response, even though it takes everything in you not to add a “fuck you” at the end, and you pray that deep breaths can save you.
“And they’ll be coming here today to discuss. Everyone understand?” You address your employees as they’re all seated on the lengthy table with the light from the large windows bouncing off their faces.
You’re dreading this, you don’t wanna see his face again, much less hear his voice in your ear, reminding you of the taunting words he’s previously spit at you. You shiver at the memory of him behind you, mouth dangerously close to your ear, hands tightly gripping your waist.
“You’re nothing. And that’s all you’ll ever be. A fucking desperate—“
You feel tears spring to your eyes and you thank god that Sadie dismissed them for you while you were caught up in your head.
“Shit.” you mutter.
You’re praying by some miracle that he isn’t one of the people you have to see today, but you know that idea isn’t realistic.
You will your tears away and remind yourself of who you are. You’re not a nobody, you’re worth everything and more, and Harry is a pretentious asshole who has no goddamn idea what he’s talking about (Sadie’s words).
“Harry, my boy!” you hear your step-father shout.
Your muscles stiffen and you nearly let your progress slip away, but you stay strong.
You walk out of the conference room with good posture, you’re guarded but you make your body language seem loose and calm, you can do this.
You can see the shock in his eyes, when he sees you, like he expected you to be sobbing on the floor in your office. You keep his intense eye contact, almost as if you’re challenging him. His eyebrows raise at your confidence, something you’ve never had around him.
He says your name as a greeting, walking over to you to pull you into a side hug and kiss your cheek. You know what he’s doing, he knows what he’s doing, but you don’t let it move you.
“Harry. It’s been such a long time.” you try to keep the venom out of your voice and put on a fake smile.
“Indeed it has, you look nice. Is it your hair that you’ve changed?” He says, taking one of the tendrils into his hands, looking into your eyes with a smirk on his lips.
The contact finally breaks you, and you snap.
“Wish I could say the same for you.”
“ nice.” he whispers condescendingly and you want to smack him across the face.
You scoff and walk past him, making sure to bump his shoulder on the way, you don’t see it but he turns around with that god forsaken smirk on his face, watching as you greet his father.
“How are you, dear? This little empire you’ve built here is amazing.” He says in awe, kindness just radiating from his voice. You’ve always liked Harry’s father, unsure of how he could be so kind and Harry so cruel.
“Thank you, Mr. Styles. You’re not too bad yourself, eh? Practically taking over the eastside.” you compliment him back, some of your nerves easing at the little banter.
“Let’s discuss.” you say and walk them into the conference room, holding the door for them as they all walk in. Harry’s the last of course, and he makes sure to brush his arms against yours. You shiver and  a note to adjust the AC.
“Right, so, we have some very wonderful ideas we think you’d love.” Harry’s father gets straight to business, since he is the owner of the company, (Harry being the vice president of some branch you’re not sure of) he does most of the talking and negotiating. You can see Harry tense whenever his father talks about how successful your business is, and how well you manage things. You know he’s a bit jealous of you, and you get some sick pride out of that.
Everything seems legit, and you know Harry’s father has never had any major problems with his assets, merges or trades. And honestly, you trust him, you’ve known him for a long time and he was best friends with your father, it’s Harry you don’t trust.
“I promise you we will take this all into consideration, you have wonderful ideas indeed. You’ll hear from me soon, Mr. Styles.” you say politely. You honestly will think about it, you’re hesitant, you need to think when you're clear headed, not when Harry’s sitting across from you shooting daggers with his eyes.
“Bye, dear.” he smiles at you and you return the gesture, your smile immediately falling when Harry comes behind him.
“I know I didn’t say much in there, but I think this idea is extremely stupid. I would never trust you with anything that had to with my income, lord knows you would fuck the whole thing up.” he whispers harshly.
You feel your stomach drop, but you put a menacing smile on your face. “Wonder why you didn’t say much…” you pause pretending to think, “oh! It’s because your so fucking far down the chain you have no place in the decision. Didn’t know it was bring your child to work day.” you spit out.
You watch as his self-confident smirk falters and yours only strengthens. You pat him on the shoulder and usher him out, “have a nice night, Harry.”
As soon as he’s out of sight and earshot, you snatch out your phone from your clutch and dial Sadie with a trembling hand.
“I fucking hate him.”
“So, honey, have you made a decision yet?” your step-father asks, pouring himself and you some scotch.
“Nope.” you pop the ‘p’ and set your lips into a straight line. He chuckles and hands you your glass.
“I’ve got to be completely honest. I know this is your choice completely, but I don’t think it’s such a bad idea, Styles is great.” he sees your expression and quickly corrects himself with a sheepish smile, “the father not the son”
“Mm.” you hum with your lips on the glass. You look out the large window to your stepfather’s office, watching the lights of the moving cars next to the tall illuminated buildings. Your dream right in front of you, you have everything you could ever want and you’re still stressing over something that has to do with the stupid Styles name.
“May I ask why you’re holding back? Surely it’s not just because of the Styles kid.” he says with a pout.
“I mean, I actually am considering it...but I just don’t trust him. I don’t trust what he could do if he gets an in on my hard work. You have no idea how low he’s willing to go, he...resents me. He'd do anything to see me fail.” you breathe out, looking down at the golden liquid in the intricately designed glass, you look up to meet your step-father’s eye and you can see a hint of sadness in them.
“You know I remember when you and Harry were thick as the―”
“No. Please no.” you say quietly and he frowns.
“Sorry, honey. I just don't know what happened between you two to make you guys so filled with hatred for each other.” he mumbles over his glass and you smile sadly.
“Harry became someone I didn’t want to be around, I have no idea what I did to him though. I guess his ego was bruised.” you chuckle humorlessly.
“It’s getting late, go home. Don’t make mom worry.” you tell him and he nods. Starting to pack up his stuff.
“Night, honey.”
You walk to your office, your bones tired and your brain exhausted. This decision is proving to be more difficult than you thought. You’re usually so professional, never letting your personal feelings mix with the job, but Harry just brings out the absolute worst in you. Yet another reason to be hesitant about this, you know that Harry loves getting a rise out of you, what's to say he won’t try to do that when he’s on the inside, instigating and being the cunning asshole he is.
Every second in your head is more and more mental turmoil and you honestly want to say to hell with the whole thing and reject the proposal.
You don’t even even realize it’s happening before your eyes flutter closed and your breathing slows, you don’t have it in you to fight it, so you drift off to sleep.
“You’re the stupidest person I’ve ever known.” you whisper to him with a giggle as he’s hovering over you. His mouth curls into a simper and your cheeks burn at the sight of it.
“Give me a break, love. You adore me.” his eyes linger on your lips for more time than you think they should and your eyebrows furrow.
“We should go, yeah? It’s getting late, dad is going to kill me.” you say, patting his chest two times as a sign for him to get up.
“Y-yeah. I can walk you home.”
“You’re insufferable, Harry Styles.”
The scene changes and all at once you’re in his living room.
Harry’s face set aflame a deep red with anger, tears streaming down your face.
“Why can’t you just fuckin’ leave me alone for once. All I do is tend to you and your problems.” he spits out at you while you just stand there blowing out harsh breaths trying to keep it together. “One minute it’s about your stupid boyfriend and then it’s ‘oh! My dad is sick.’ God gimme a fuckin’ break.”
“...Okay.” you squeak out. “Can you please move away from the door so I can go home.” you say quietly, your lower lip trembling and your breath hitching.
Your heart broke more and more as you replayed the situation in your head, you had come over to tell him that there was a chance that your dad could get better, he didn’t even let you get the sentence out before he started going on and on about all your “problems”.
He made you feel like a burden, and usually he was the only one who could make that feeling go away.
You came home with tears leaking quickly from your eyes, your mom greeted you with a concerned expression, but you could see the hint of sadness in hers before she even said anything.
“How’d you find out?” she whispers her eyes wide.
“What? Find out what?” you manage to choke out, your entire world feels like it's falling apart at its seams and you honestly cannot take anymore right now.
“Your dad...he’s um. He went into a coma. We don’t know when he’s going to wake up.”
Harry calls you that night, and the night after that. You never answered.
You didn’t see him again until the day of your dad’s funeral. You can still remember his face when he saw you, you remember the glisten of the tears in his eyes. You’re still unsure if it was for your dad or you.
You’re jolted awake by the memory, your body enveloped in a cold sweat with unwanted tears leaking from your eyes. You hate it when you dream about that year. It goes without saying that that was the absolute worst year of your life.
You notice the pace your heart is beating at and more tears fall, you quickly snatch your clutch from off the ground, rifle through it’s contents before you find the phone. Your fingers tremble as you go to voicemails, searching for the one named “Boss man” (his choice, and it never fails to make you smile). As soon as you hear the familiar static of the phone, and his voice following it, your muscles immediately relax.
“Hi cutie-pie, okay so I was driving around town and I saw that donut place that you really loved when you were a kid. Would you by any chance want anything from there before I head back home? Just let me know. I love you. Bye.” There’s a beat of silence before you hear a loud clack “Oh shit! Dropped my phone. Love you sweetie!”
You choke out a laugh through your tears, squeezing your eyes shut like you’re trying to expel the pain from your body.
“Love you. Love you so much.” you whisper.
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tobesobratty · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
EXCLUSIVE: It’s not so golden anymore! Singer, Harry Styles calls it quits with actress wife, Madison Thorn.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Styles, 27, has split from his wife of 6 years, Maddison Thorn, 28.
A spokesperson for the actress confirmed the news on Monday, telling Bratty Mail UK that the couple had parted ways several months ago.
Harry and Maddison had been married for 6 years, becoming inseparable the second comedian James Corden, 43, introduced them back in the year 2015. They tied the knot just after 9 months of dating and ended up getting pregnant within that year. Although we’re not 100% confirmed on what caused the breakup, speculations are that rushing everything was one of their main factors.
The two a listers were last pictured together in June when they had returned from a holiday in Italy with their 5 year old son, Beau and since then, any outings they have been on, they have been alone and also had ditched their rings. Which is what caused for the rumours of their breakup to speculate.
Despite all the drama the two must be dealing with, Harry prefers to stay quiet when presented questions about his short-lived marriage. He confirms that his main focus is his son and making sure he gets to have the best childhood. Wouldn’t we all love a father like that?
We’ve also heard that Harry’s moving on fast, he’s rumoured to be dating actress, y/n y/l/n, after the two got caught having a little breakfast date in LA before they headed to the studio, Y/n might also be playing a huge role in Harry’s new music video for song, To be so lonely.
One thing we’ve learnt from this is that, Harry sure doesn’t take things slow.
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harryforvogue · 21 hours ago
Baby Blue (Harry and Safiyya’s Christmas Blurb)*
HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Harry and Safiyya's Christmas Celebration Fic!!!
Just a little helpful guide for y'all. The name Isa is pronounced "EE-SA." It's Arabic :D
i hope you enjoy it! this fic is 5.5k words and it has smut so of course, as always, read with caution.
here is the link to my ko-fi. i won't lie, i'm putting my all into these fics, so i would really appreciate it if you gave me a little something something in return.
happy reading :)
Harry’s in the midst of cradling his son to sleep when the phone rings and Safiyya jolts awake from where she’s resting on their bed. The jerk frightens their 3 month old child, Isa, who’s eyes reopen, lower lip wobbling as he glances around. Harry’s not too concerned about it, however. Isa’s already had his bottle so he won’t do much except shed a few tears and then return back to sleep.
Because of Isa, Safiyya’s become a very light sleeper, waking at every sound just in case it’s him. Right now, she’s laying on her stomach, unwashed hair whipping around as she tries to locate the sound. Harry gently nudges her shoulder with his elbow.
“Your phone,” he murmurs softly, careful not to wake Isa who’s returning back to sleep without, thankfully, crying. “I can’t reach it.”
Safiyya glances at the phone on the side table and quickly reaches for it, unplugging it. “Hello?” she whispers, cupping a hand around her mouth.
Harry watches his wife’s face curiously. She listens for a long time, dropping her face back into the pillow. Since she’s been able to sleep on her stomach again, that’s all she does when she tries to relax. Eventually, Harry becomes less intrigued in whatever monologue that person on the other side is giving his wife, so he slowly gets up and heads to the crib. They thought a lot about whether to make a nursery or to just set up Isa’s crib and necessities in their room, and they ended up doing the latter.
Post-partum hasn’t been treating Safiyya very nicely and it helps for her to know that if Isa ever needs anything in the middle of the night, his parents are only a few steps away. Harry kisses Isa’s forehead and then gently lays the baby into the crib, tucking small pillows around his frame. Isa has been trying to roll over for a week now and the last thing Harry wants is his kid rolling over right into the bars of the crib.
He’s in the middle of tucking Isa in and securing his pacifier into his mouth when his wife hisses into the phone, “Tell them to go fuck themselves.”
Alarmed, Harry turns around and raises his eyebrows, but Safiyya’s head is facing the other way. “I don’t care,” she says. “He’s my fucking child.” And then she hangs up.
Harry cautiously strides back to the bed. He sits down and taps her head. “Hi. What’s going on?”
Safiyya whips her head towards him and he’s immediately taken aback by the fury in her eyes. All that emotion wasn’t there five minutes ago. “They want to see him,” she says tightly, sitting up. “My parents.”
“For Christmas?”
“Yeah. They want to come over.”
Harry considers this for a minute before saying, “Saf, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I don’t want your parents to come here.”
“I know,” she answers, turning her phone on silent and letting it rest on the side table. “I don’t either. They are not allowed to see him. He’s our baby. He’s ours!”
His eyes soften as he reaches over and softly takes her hand in his. “I know. He’s all ours. I don’t want them to see him, just like you don’t. They’re your parents so they have to hear it from you, don’t they? Did Ahmed call?”
“Yeah. He’s been a real dick lately. Ever since Isa’s birth, he’s been trying to patch up things between me and my parents. Nobody even considers that I don’t want to patch things with them. I am his mother. They are not his parents.”
Harry trails his fingers up her oversized maternity sleepwear and then cups her jaw. “I completely agree. It’s completely up to you.”
For a moment, Safiyya lets him caress her cheek with the back of his hand. Then, she leans into him and places her head on his shoulder. He’s tentative about holding her. Things have been a little different since she gave birth. She doesn’t always want to be cuddled or touched by Harry, but right now she craves it. She shuffles closer and presses her nose into his collarbone.
“It’s up to us,” she softly corrects, hiking a leg up his thigh. “We created him. He’s your son as much as he is mine.”
Harry smiles, still stroking her cheek. “Before sunrise, he’s my son?”
Safiyya picks her head up. “Is that from The Lion King?” Harry nods. “Well, you had that duty yesterday so this morning it’s my turn.”
But Safiyya’s dark circles and the eyelids that barely lift say otherwise. He bends down and kisses her forehead gently. “I’ll take the first two. And you can take any after that.”
His wife finally smiles, tilting her head up. “Is this how two gross, unshowered parents flirt these days?”
“Hey, it’s what you wanted. I merely fit the part you needed.”
She reaches up and presses one chaste kiss to his mouth and then slowly pulls away. “I want to sleep. Can we sleep?”
“Yeah, love.”
He releases her as she pulls away. Safiyya groans softly as she slides down onto her stomach and buries her face into her pillow. Harry lays down as well, turning off the lamps, resting on his side. He softly rubs Safiyya’s back, wrapping her up in the blanket.
She begins to softly snore just two minutes later.
Harry continues to play with her hair, pulling her curls apart and then tangling them with his fingers again. She doesn’t budge an inch, nor does she show irritation when he takes a small strand of her hair and gently tugs on it, enough to cause discomfort.
He then turns his head and looks at the baby in the crib, already motionless and asleep.
“You two are the same person,” he whispers, half in awe, sliding his arm down her waist and draping it there, cuddling closer to her. When he takes a deep breath, he smells baby milk on her and powder. It causes a small to spread across his face and he falls asleep, content.
Isa wakes up four hours later. He’s been getting better at sleeping for longer hours, but it’s still not enough for either of the parents. Harry’s eyes open first, but Safiyya is already moving before him, half asleep. He tucks a hand into her shoulder blade and gently pushes her back down, murmuring, “S’my turn.”
Harry yawns, attempts to stretch, and then heaves off the mattress.
“Alright,” he whispers, rubbing his eye with his palm as he strides to the lavender crib. “What’s the matter, now?”
Isa’s cries are just beginning to increase when Harry reaches into the crib and retrieves the baby, cradling him easily in one arm. Harry presses his finger to Isa’s mouth. “You’re hungry again? I’m not sure we have any of Mama’s milk left.”
Safiyya’s face is still buried in the pillow, but Harry hears her sleepy, muffled voice, “There’s no more.”
“That’s okay.” Harry pats Isa’s bum and carries him out the room. With each step, Isa becomes more quiet.
When they’re in the kitchen, Harry reaches for a bottle and fills it with warm water. “I know the other stuff isn’t so great,” he says through a yawn, tucking Isa further into the crook of his elbow. “Let’s see if Dada can do this with one hand.”
He pulls out the formula and slowly measures out the right amount, tapping the scooper against the top of the bottle a few times. He twists the top on and then shakes the bottle. Isa is getting restless once more so Harry pushes the bottle into the baby’s mouth and silences him. As expected, Isa makes a content noise and his eyes flutter until they’re half open.
“Wanna hold the bottle yourself?”
Harry releases the bottle and waits for Isa to hold onto it, but Isa can’t catch it quick enough, so Harry holds it up. He then walks back to the bedroom and sits on the edge of the mattress, leaning his head back against the headboard. Isa’s eyes are closed and only a few moments later, he expels the bottle from his mouth and hiccups.
Harry lays Isa on his shoulder and gently rubs the baby’s back, his own eyes closing. Safiyya is still softly snoring beside him and he smiles at the sound, smiling only wider when Isa burps and lays in his father’s arms, nearly asleep.
Harry can’t help but raise his baby higher and press his nose to Isa’s wispy hair. He laughs. “You smell like your mom.” Eager to head back to sleep, Harry lays Isa back into his crib, tucks him in and softly runs his finger down his son’s cheek.
“I’ll see you in two hours,” he whispers as he backs away, heading to Safiyya. She’s completely unconscious to the world. He suspects she won’t even wake to the sound of a marching band passing through their room.
Harry ends up sleeping through Isa’s cries the next time. When he finally wakes again, it’s when his alarm goes off and he groans, squinting against the sunlight as he glances at his phone. He has a remote book tour date today.
His family is supposed to come over for the weekend, which means that after the book tour, he needs to clean the house until it’s spotless.
After he makes a cup of coffee, he walks to the living room where Safiyya is on the phone, Isa fast asleep against the crook of her elbow as he’d been just hours ago with Harry. Although her voice is low as she hisses into the phone, Harry can hear the rage in her tone.
“I don’t care,” Safiyya growls. “I don’t care at all. If you show up at my house, I will leave you out there in the cold. Don’t you dare try to ruin this for me.”
Harry makes himself known in the room with a whistle. She turns her head towards him and gives him one hell of a fake smile.
“No,” she repeats firmly over and over. “I will change my house and call the police on you.”
Wary, Harry places his cup of coffee on the table and bends down in front of Safiyya, reaching for Isa. She easily hands him over and gives him an odd look to which he answers with a soft kiss to the top of her head.
“Your parents?” he mouths.
“Brother,” she mouths back and then audibly replies to said person on the other side of the phone, “I said I don’t care! Do not tell them to call me or I will block everyone’s number. I don’t care if I’m being a bitch! They do not enter my house or see my child or try to make amends with me.”
Safiyya pulls the phone away from her ear and ends the call, immediately turning her phone off afterwards, tossing the device away.
Harry has an amused look on his face as he kisses Isa’s face generously. “Your mom is very very mad.”
“I have every right to be. Imagine just giving birth, your emotions are all over the place, you’re trying to settle down again, and your parents who disowned you years and years ago now want to come back into your life just because of your kid.” Safiyya stands up and begins angrily pacing. “And you know what? I’ll be damned if I let them make their way back into our lives. If they didn’t love me as their daughter, they do not get to fucking love our child as their grandson.”
Despite the rage straining her tone, Harry detects a different emotion too. Sadness, he realizes as he steps in front of her to stop her pacing. “You did the right thing,” he murmurs, raising Isa slightly. “Even he thinks so.”
Safiyya looks at Harry and then Isa, her eyes eventually softening. “I know. I know I’m doing the right thing, but I don’t like that I have to be doing it. I always knew they’d try to slide back into my life when I had a child, but now that it’s happening, I feel… I feel like--”
Harry nods, bumping his head against hers. “It’s very overwhelming.”
“So fucking overhwelming.”
Safiyya’s shoulders fall and she stands there in silence, leaning against him. When she picks her head up, she glances at the time. “You have something in 15 minutes.”
“I do,” he says, pulling away. “I can take Isa until he starts crying.”
She shakes her head. “No, Harry, I’ll take him. You do your thing in peace.”
Harry slowly nods. “I’m sorry for sleeping through the night, by the way. I’ll take the first duty tonight.”
She suddenly brightens, straightening her back. “Oh, no. Both of us will be getting some good sleep because your mother is going to be on baby duty tonight.”
Harry’s eyes widen. “You’re right. Oh, Safiyya. We’re going to sleep tonight!”
Her smile matches his. “We are. We are so pathetic.”
“We’re not pathetic,” he corrects her with a click of his tongue. “We are parents. I’ll see you in an hour, alright?”
She nods and takes Isa from him, latching him to her chest. “Have fun.” And as Harry’s walking away, he hears his wife murmur to the baby in a sweet, soft voice (completely opposite to how she hissed at her brother mere moments ago), “Come on, albi. Let’s go lay down.”
Harry’s mother has saved Safiyya’s life. Not only has she taken over baby duties since she got here, but she’s also made all the people who came with her help Harry and Safiyya out with host duties. So setting the table took no more than 23 seconds and dinner took less than a minute to be served.
Isa’s asleep in his rocker right now, but as she steals glances at the baby, she feels he’s about to wake up.
Under the table, Harry rests a gentle hand on her knee, tapping softly every few seconds. But her attention remains on Isa. Is he comfortable? Is the beanie making him too hot? Is the rocking seat too fast? Should she have pre-made bottles already?
Finally, the only thing that makes her sigh with relief is when Isa stirs and releases gurgling cries. She’s immediately standing up, eager to head to her baby. “Harry, make the bottle,” she says, heading to Isa.
But Harry’s mother stands up and shakes her head. “It’s alright. I’ve got him.”
Safiyya’s eyes widen. “Oh, no no, it’s okay! I’ll put him back to sleep--”
“Love, you need to rest. It’s fine.”
Safiyya could kiss this woman right now. This is the reassurance she needs. “Are you sure?”
“Of course. You go make the bottle, Harry. Safiyya, seriously, my dear. Sit down. I’m here now.”
Overcome with emotion, Safiyya nods slowly and sits back down. However, she doesn’t stay seated for too long, standing up and excusing herself to go help her husband though she trusts he knows exactly what he’s doing.
Harry’s waiting for her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. “Just couldn’t help yourself, hmm?”
He holds his hands out for her and she notices the bottle of formula besides him. She immediately walks into his arms and holds him tight for a long time. Isa’s soft cries eventually dwindle to an occasional sound of discomfort. The pacifier must be in his mouth.
Harry pulls away and presses kiss after kiss to her face and neck, trapping her in his arms with nowhere to go. Safiyya feels something in her chest, something that’s been happening more recently when she has the time with Harry and when his kisses are as enticing as the ones he’s laying on her over and over again.
Her hands grab his shirt and she raises herself to her tiptoes, leaning on his firm body for support as she kisses him back. He begins the kisses innocently, but when Safiyya’s mouth latches onto him more hotly, he’s taken aback and his grip around her tightens.
“Really?” He chuckles against her mouth. “Here?”
“Shush. Just a few more.”
Harry obliges. When he finally pulls away, his cheeks are slightly flushed. “Not here,” he whispers, thumbing over the bridge of her nose. “Later.”
The bottle of milk rests forgotten on the counter.
She sighs and pulls away, wiping the edge of her mouth softly to fix her lipstick. Then she does the same to Harry’s mouth “We should get back to him.”
“We should.”
Nobody makes a move. Harry laughs and stares down into Safiyya’s warm eyes. Pregnancy has made her cheeks fill out a bit more, her hair thicker and longer. She looks different at times, but also completely the same. He’s in awe.
“After dessert,” Harry starts in a low voice, brushing his lips over her cheek, “we can give Isa to my mom for a few hours and go take a nap.”
“I already napped today though. I’m ready for night duty tonight.”
His mouth twitches. “We’re not really going to nap, Safiyya.”
At the sound of her full name, her eyes widen as a thrill runs up her spine. “Oh.”
“How’s that sound?”
“Good.” She quickly grabs the bottle of milk and steps back. “I’ll take this to Isa.”
He laughs at her eagerness and nods as she leaves the kitchen. Before heading back to the dining room, he sticks his hands in his pockets and adjusts himself.
Safiyya arrives an hour later, dramatically entering their bedroom where Harry’s been for the past ten minutes. She leans herself against the locked door and narrows her eyes at him. “You.” She points at him, humor in her eyes. “Pants. Off. Now.”
Harry’s lounging on the bed, his legs crossed. He raises his eyebrows. “Wow. That’s how we’re doing it, Saf?”
Safiyya walks to him, and then lets him guide her waist down, her thighs straddling his hips. “I can’t wait.”
He can’t help but chuckle when she rests in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Your dark circles are so sexy.”
“Yours too,” she murmurs, leaning down for a kiss. Right before their lips touch, she brings her head back and holds his jaw. “Should I shower?”
Harry’s eyes are already a bit glazed over with need, so he blinks at her. “Why?”
“Isa spit up on me a while ago. I changed my shirt but he got a bit of my hair too.”
“I don’t mind it.”
He pushes against the hold on his face but she tightens it, as well as narrows her eyes. “Are you lying to me?”
Harry grins. “Of course not.”
“Saf, I really don’t care.” He shrugs and reaches out to grab her face in the same manner she’s grabbed his. He squeezes her cheeks together.
“Are you sure?” she says, enunciating the words horribly.
She releases his jaw then and then leans down for a kiss. It’s messy and warm. Harry tastes apple pie on her and Safiyya tastes chocolate pudding on him, both of them immediately attracted to the taste. When Harry releases Safiyya’s face, his hands drag down to her sides, squeezing and tugging her closer until her center rests on the bulge of his trousers. She lets out a soft groan against him and tilts her head when he begins to press kisses down her neck and over the tops of her breasts. When his hands go to her chest, she brings in air through her teeth and gently rests her hands over his.
“That hurts,” she whispers, and Harry immediately removes his hands.
“Sorry,” he murmurs, kisses her neck as an apology. “Keep your shirt on.”
Safiyya shakes her head and catches his mouth with hers again, kissing desperately. “No,” she whispers against his lips. “Leave the bra on, but not the shirt.”
“You sure?”
He keeps his arms around her torso and below instead, running them over her thighs and calves as if warming her. Although it’s usually a bit cold in their house, right now he feels hot and Safiyya feels just the same. Despite it all, when Harry moves out from under her and rolls her onto the mattress, he pulls up the sheets around them.
“Harry,” she whispers, staring up at him. His hair has gotten longer so he needs to tuck it behind his ears. “I’ve missed you.”
He smiles, pressing a loving kiss to her forehead before beginning to unbutton his shirt. Her gaze immediately falls down to the exposed skin, taking in every inch of him as it becomes visible to her. He tosses the shirt away and unbuckles his belt.
“I’ve missed you,” he answers back. “How long has it been?”
“Months? Weeks? Eons?”
He laughs shortly. “I think five months.”
She picks her head up when Harry passes the material of her shirt over it. “Really?”
“That’s insane.”
“I know. Must have been so hard to keep your hands off my body, right?” He kisses her forehead again and then lets her begin undoing his button and fly. “Bet you wanted to just love all over me.”
“Oh you have no idea,” she admits, sitting up a bit. Harry’s on his knees in front of her and she glances up at him through her lashes before pushing his pants and briefs down. She waits no time, gently wrapping her hand around him, watching him tilt his head back and groan. “Shush. We’re supposed to be napping.”
He stares at the ceiling for a moment before bringing his gaze back to her face. She’s taunting him, with that curve of her mouth and slight scrunch of her nose. She slowly passes her hand over the length of him, twisting her hand carefully as if reteaching herself how to touch him.
Without warning, she leans forward and envelopes him in her mouth, startling him. He immediately holds her hair, groaning softly again.
She pulls off and wipes the corner of her mouth, her eyes dancing with mischief. “Shhh.”
“Don’t you dare say that to me,” he whispers, pushing her carefully onto her back before leaning down to undo her own pants. He pulls them down with ease and pokes her thigh. “Nice underwear.”
“I’m scared of leakage.”
“It stopped a week ago, but I’m still wary about it. Be lucky I’m not wearing that big pad.”
“I wouldn’t have minded if you did. I still would have taken it off of you with nothing but very very dirty thoughts in my head.”
“Can we talk about something more sexy than the underwear I happen to be swimming in?”
Harry smiles for another time. “This is a very sexy conversation indeed, Saf. But fine. As you wish.” He tucks his fingers into the waistband of the underwear and brings them down, passing them over her legs.
“You know,” she says suddenly, her face brightening. “I didn’t see anything past my belly for a good month after I gave birth.”
Harry gently runs his fingers over the light stretch marks on her lips and lower abdomen. “Yeah? And what were your thoughts afterwards?”
“That I had too much hair.”
“This counts as sexy talk, right?”
“I’m just telling you. It was also a bloody nightmare. Literally.”
“Safiyya,” he murmurs, bending down to kiss her inner thigh. She immediately becomes quiet after that. “You’re so beautiful and soft. Do you know that sometimes I look at you and I can’t believe how far we made it?” He touches her cheek. “We had a baby, for fuck’s sake.”
“One who looks aggravatingly like his father rather than the person who carried him for 9 months and continues to breastfeed him,” she shoots back, tucking his hair behind his ear again. “Hope you’re happy about that.”
“Oh I am.” He presses kiss after kiss to her inner thighs, occasionally biting down softly and then soothing the pain with a pass of his tongue. “As happy as I’m going to make you.”
Safiyya sits up a bit to watch him as he presses his tongue flat against her and softly licks. She gasps and bits her lip with excitement when Harry raises his eyes towards her and wraps his arm around her thighs, tugging her closer to him.
“Never thought I’d see you between my legs again,” she whispers, tenderly pushing curls off his face.
“Mm, why’s that?”
“It’s a little scary down there. Thought you’d run away.”
Harry breaks off with a laugh, pressing his forehead to her thigh. “Safiyya! It is not!”
“Yes it is,” she says. “I checked with a mirror a few weeks ago. Maybe it looks a little better now, but I’m serious. It was horrible.”
“Habibti, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Everything looks fine to me.”
She raises her hips without realizing, wanting his mouth back. When he notices, he relieves her ache and gently laps over her again. Safiyya sighs deeply and rolls her head back against the pillow, hands finding her husband’s hair again. His mouth causes warmth to pass over her body, making her shudder despite the hot flashes she feels at the wonderful treatment she’s receiving.
“You’re so soft,” he murmurs, trailing his fingers up her sides until she chokes out a laugh and bats his hands away. “Missed you on my tongue.”
He brings his hand back down between her legs and pulls away gently, placing two fingers in his mouth. Safiyya groans at the sight of him, throwing her head back. He hasn’t heard her noises in months, so he’s going to try his best to keep them coming. They are delicious, addictive, and music to his ears.
Harry presses two fingers to her and gently pushes in, watching her face carefully. He’s read up about how to be intimate with your wife after she gives birth. He’s expecting some changes, but he won’t know him until she tells him about the differences in how she feels now. When she gasps at the intrusion and whimpers, he thinks that maybe things won’t be so different.
Except when he presses his fingers in completely, Safiyya releases a different noise, a distressed out that makes him glance up immediately. “That hurts,” she says, wincing, opening her eyes to look at him. “It feels weird.”
Harry kisses her thigh. “Do you want me to try one finger or take them both out?”
“Try one. It’s been 3 months. I should be good.”
Harry removes his ring finger and pushes his middle finger in slowly, inspecting every inch of her for any signs of discomfort and when his finger is completely buried in her, she tenses. “I...I don’t know why it’s hurting,” she says, hurt on her face. He slowly removes his finger and wipes his hand on the sheets.
“It’s alright,” he tells her with another kiss to her thigh. “The doctor said things wouldn’t be the same, right?” He offers her a smile. “If you think about it, 3 months isn’t enough for your body to recover. Especially if you bled for two months.”
Safiyya’s jaw tightens and Harry lays on his front beside her, shifting her hair out of her face. “So,” she says softly, “you probably shouldn’t try to be inside of me, right?”
Harry shakes his head. “I don’t think I want to try that.”
He presses a faint kiss to her cheek. “We can do other stuff if you want. I can get you off with my tongue.”
Safiyya doesn't say anything for a long moment and Harry simply waits patiently, pressing kiss after kiss to her face until she finally softly pushes him away and sits up. “I wanted to have sex,” she says, disappointment clear in her voice. “I know you can get me off with your tongue, but I wanted to be close to you. So close.”
Harry nods, eyes softening. “I know. But we can be close in other ways.”
She turns her head to him, staring at him. “Yeah,” she says. “I still want to.”
He smiles. “Good. Me too.” He pushes himself up and sits against the headboard, reaching for her. “Sit between my legs.”
Safiyya does as he says, and she rolls her head back against his shoulder. He softly presses warm kisses to her neck and collarbone, licking and gently biting whenever she arches her back against him. His hands join between her legs and his ears drink her soft whimpers when he parts her thighs and slowly begins to rub her. Safiyya shudders out a breath and takes the hint when he softly nudges her head with his nose, reaching to the side to wrap her own hand around him. The rumbling of the groan in his chest makes her smile for a brief moment before her eyes shutter close and she allows the pleasure to envelop her once more.
She gets lost in the excitement often, Harry’s ring and middle finger rolling over her with such precision, she wonders how she ever stayed away from his body for months. His body is what got both of them into the mess anyways, but she pushes back the thought, not wanting to ruin the moment with a chuckle.
“You’re beautiful,” he murmurs, causing her to slightly jump and begin moving her hand slowly over his again. He hums approvingly and lifts his hips. She tugs on him a little harder, the way he likes. He muffles his groans against her soft neck, his warm breath coming out in gasps, her own accompanied with more vocal sounds.
She tries to keep her own hips against his, but when the speed of his fingers increase, she finds herself growing hotter, body heat rolling off her like a furnace. She presses herself harder against him and his only reaction is to continue kissing her neck.
“There’s no way your mom thinks we’re taking a nap,” she whispers through a whine.
Harry’s frame trembles as he laughs. “Probably because you’re so loud.”
Safiyya gasps. “I am not loud!”
“Normally, I would not mind, but it’s a bit concerning right now.” He nuzzles his face into her side. “Have you missed me?”
“Of course I have. More importantly, I’ve missed being able to be touched by you.”
He bites down on her earlobe. “How nice of you to say. Anything else you missed?”
“You know exactly what I missed.”
“Sorry, that’s still unavailable.” To make up for it though, he increases the speed of his fingers.
“Fuck,” she draws out, throwing her head back against him once more. “That feels so fucking--”
“Shhh,” he murmurs, biting down on her ear again. “You have to stay quiet, my love.”
At the sound of his rasping voice, her breath hitches and she whines, her legs gently trembling. Harry pulls his hand away briefly, licks his fingers, and continues to rub small circles on her clit. When she gasps he tells her to be quiet again.
His tongue has already made her incredibly aroused, so much that she's dripping onto the sheets, and he knows exactly how to rub her to make her cum. Judging by the way he’s only focused on her clit, he intends on making her orgasm quickly. His movements are just as desperate as her raised hips.
“You are so beautiful, Safiyya,” he says for the third time in the past few minutes. “So beautiful, you make my heart ache. Everything you do makes me ache, habibti. You feel so good, you make me feel good.”
“Harry, please.”
He feels his own orgasm begin in the pit of his stomach, his eyebrows pulling together in concentration, trying to work through the pleasure and provide his wife with the first orgasm. It doesn’t seem like it’ll take her much longer, and he makes matters more intense by slowly biting down on her jaw and quickening his fingers.
“Fuck,” Safiyya whispers, her eyes shut tightly. “Fuck. Fuck’s sake. Don’t stop that…”
Harry replies with a soft kiss to her neck and when she releases Harry’s dick, Harry wraps his free arm around her tightly and works her through her orgasm. Safiyya’s head is turned in towards his neck where she muffles her cries, her nails digging into his bare thighs, hard enough to make him wince, but not nearly enough to make him remove his fingers before she’s finished.
Safiyya takes deep breaths, her frame shaking as she rests for barely half a minute in silence before reaching for Harry’s length again. He watches her hand move over him, building up his orgasm once more until his own head is pressed against the headboard, his breathing shallow and labored.
“I’ve missed you so much,” he whispers, voice laced with arousal as he runs his large hands between her thighs soothingly. She whimpers a bit at the sensitive area. “Just like that, my love. Just like that. A little faster. Perfect. Fuck. That’s perfect.”
When he finally releases, he buries his face in her hair to smother his own grunts, holding her tightly to him, his entire body straining as he attempts to hide his sounds. Although they’ve done well with staying quiet, the evidence of their adventures is clear on the sheets.
Safiyya releases him and wipes her hand on the sheets, making matters worse. She turns her head and softly kisses his mouth, wary of both of their difficulties breathing. She turns and straddles him, eyes mischievous.
“Would it be romantic if I said that I’ve missed your ability to make me orgasm?”
Harry’s cheeks are flushed, his chest rising and falling quickly. “Would it be romantic if I said that your hand feels a lot better than mine?”
Safiyya softly laughs, tucking her head between his shoulder and neck, inhaling deeply. “Ha! Mom and Dad still got it.”
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Here comes Santa clause
Summary’s: happy blurbmas babies!! This is blind!harry and his babies decorating!
Warning’s: Finnley being precious
The Styles family likes to decorate their home for Christmas early. Christmas always got them in a great cheery mood. The lights, the trees, the smells, that always put a bright smile on their faces. They had made a playlist of all their Favorite Christmas songs, lit up some candles that were peppermint and sugar cookies scented- just for the holidays, turned up their Christmas music so loud that the neighbors could hear it and got to work.
“Pass me the garland, my love.” Harry hums, Finnley strapped on his chest in a baby bjorn to help them bond some more. Y/n passes Harry the chunky green garland, decorated perfectly with white ornaments and fake snow. He stands at the staircase, zip tying the garland all down the rail. “It looks good.” Y/n smiles, snapping a little Polaroid of her husband to keep for Christmas down the road. “Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right now Santa Claus lane.” Harry sings to Finnley, the boy growing a sleepy smile on his face when he hears his daddy.
“It’s all good?” Harry asks, his hand coming to cup at the back of Finnley's head. “It looks amazing!” He smiles, clapping her hands together.
“Good.” He smiles back at her.
“We need to put the nutcrackers up!” She cheers, pulling the big tub out of all some more of their Christmas decorations, nutcrackers at the top. Harry nods, grabbing one of the classic green, red, and white nutcrackers they had so long ago, putting them on the mantle above their fireplace.
“Perfect!” Y/n smiles, rubbing her bump white she looks over the decorations placed carefully on the mantle. She hears a ding, her eyes lighting up at the smell of the cookies.
“Oh, the cookies are done!” She says, waddling to the kitchen and completely forgetting about their decorations, now focused on the cookies. “Come help H!” She yells, unwrapping the Hershey kisses to quickly stick them in the middle of the hot cookies. Harry walks into the kitchen quickly, helping her stick the chocolate into the middle of the peanut butter cookies. “That one is lopsided.” She giggles, trying to fix the chocolate.
“Oh, we’ll, that one can be mine.”
“There are like twenty, H.” She laughs, kissing his cheek before throwing away the trash. Harry shrugs, “oh well.”
Finnley wakes up at the smell of cookies, a goofy smile on his face while he looks up at his parents. “Santa?” He asks, looking at the towel with Santa’s face printed on it that was hanging in his mummy’s hand. “Yes, Santa’s coming soon, bubba.” Harry says, letting his out of the baby bjorn before taking it off and pulling the toddler up onto his hip. “You want to decorate your tree? We’re almost done!” The two head up the stairs leaving Y/n follow. She walks down the long hallway to get Finnley‘s mini white Christmas tree out of the closet.
She walks back and into Finnleys and sets the tree up, fluffing out all of the fake branches. “My tree?” Finnley asks after toddling over and to hang the white snowy branches. “Yes, it’s your tree, bub. Do you want to add the ornaments?” Finnley grabs one from her hand before shaking his head yes, setting it on one of the little branches, he steps back and looks at what he did, a little smile on his chunky face.
“Good job! You did it baby!” Y/n smiles, clapping.”
“Daddy try!” Finnley squeals, grabbing Harry’s hands while he boos up and down on his little toes.
“Okay, I’ll try, lovie.” He pulls the boy down on his lap while he sits in front of the tree, letting Y/n hand him an ornament while he finds a branch to loop it on. Finnley squeals and claps with his chubby hands, throwing his arms around his fathers neck. He always was a daddy’s boy.
Y/n adds on a few ornaments while Finnley is busy babbling to Harry, slurring nonsense about paw patrol. “You gotta out the star baby!” Y/n rests her hand on her bump while leaning over to hand the boy the sparkly red star.
Finnley smiles and grips the star, playing with it for a second before stepping back over to his tree and placing the star on top of it. “Yay!” His parents cheer, clapping while he smiles over his little star.
And their Christmas was complete.
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adore-laur · a day ago
Tumblr media
it’s officially december! first up, i have a writing from my gold rush universe that will be posted FRIDAY, DECEMBER THIRD @ SEVEN PM (CST)
start/catch up/reread the series using the links below — things will not make sense if you don’t!
hope you’re all ready for that phone call…
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lovecanyon · 20 hours ago
instagram post revealing beau’s birth <3
dad!harry x reader
(more dad!harry here)
Tumblr media
liked by yourinstagram and 37,926,499 others.
harrystyles beau robin styles.
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harryfan4 WHAT
harryfan8 are you fucking kidding me
hunterschafer congrats y/n!!!!!!
harryfan9 literally how did they hide a whole ass pregnancy
yourinstagram threats 😍😍
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jefezoff already an angel
harryfan11 the power this child already holds-
annetwist love you guys
harryfan14 maybe this one will release medicine
harryfan2 A BOY?!?
gemmastyles i can’t wait to meet him!!
harryfan7 most unexpected thing ever
caradelevingne just yesterday i was partying with you during your one direction days. now you have a child what???? CONGRATS BROTHER
harryfan10 y/n is one of the luckiest girls in the world omg
arianagrande ahhhh! babies!
harryfan13 i’m fucking sobbing
kendalljenner congrats harry!
harryfan15 you know kendall’s sobbing rn
harryfan19 nah she shakin in her boots
harrystylesfan18 literally her 13th reasonKDJDHE
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yourinstagram beau robin styles.
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harryfan16 lucky ass bitch
adele i love my godson already
harrystylesfan18 ADELE IS THE GODMOTHER?!!
harryfan22 harry has a child. i can’t believe it.
harrystyles love you darling.
badgirlriri congrats babygirl. see you soon
harryfan24 thankfully he’s not an aquarius like harry
harryfan12 he’s a gemini, which is worse….LMAO
tchalamet beau! my buddy!!!!!
harryfan17 we watched harry grow up and now we’ll watch him have children
harryfan20 the middle name omg
harryfan26 literally everyone wants to be y/n right now
kaiagerber congratulations mama. can’t wait to see you!!
harry_lambert can’t wait to dress little man
harryfan23 nobody: me: wishing i was y/n rn
pillowpersonpp i love you guys so much
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harrysfolklore · 2 days ago
now i’m going to need a part 5 of victoria de angelis
and here it is ! the final part of this mini series, i’m so happy you guys liked it so much <3 i suggest you to read the headcanon to understand their story better !
for the sake of this story, let’s all pretend that tom is damiano and nyoh is victoria lol
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram Can’t believe we’re nearing the end of Love on Tour. Today, i’m thankful for every single experience lived and every person i’ve met during the last 3 months.
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harryfan1 i don’t want tour to end
pillowpersonpp 💗💗
damianodvd proud of you bitch
↳ harryfan3 your boyfriend calling you bitch how romantic
jefezoff 👏🏻👏🏻
harrystyles ❤️
↳ harryfan1 HELLO ???
↳ harryfan2 i’m going insane
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harryupdates Harry leaving a gym today
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harryfan1 so hawwwwttt
harryfan2 am i tripping or is that damiano? the one with the green shorts
↳ harryfan3 WAIT I THINK HE IS
harryfan4 now he’s hanging out with damiano? and liking yn’s posts again?? i’m so CONFUSED
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damianodvd here’s a picture of us about 5 years ago when we started to experiment with this thing called music, tonight, you do your final performance as the bassist of one of the top artists in the game. i’m so beyond proud of you, bitch
and yeah no we’re not dating lol
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harryfan1 😭😭 wtfff
paulithepsm ICONS
harryfan2 lmao everyone who sent hate to yn looks like this 🤡
pillowpersonpp 🎉🎉🎉
harryfan3 if they were never dating why did harry and yn distanced from each other for a while ??
↳ harryfan2 honestly it’s none of our business, this proves that assuming things about people’s lives is never good
yourinstagram thank you for always believing in me and supporting me, and i appreciate you for not lashing out against harry fans LOVE ON TOUR FOREVER
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harryupdates “In bass and vocals, give it up for my girl, YN” HARRY INTRODUCING YN TONIGHT !!
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harryfan1 HIS GIRL ????
harryfan3 that doesn’t mean they’re dating lol
↳ harryfan2 IT DOES GTFOOO
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yourinstagram my love on tour, thank you for everything 💘
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harryfan1 HER love on tour 😵‍💫
paulithepsm LOVEBIRDS !
↳ harryfan2 so they’re really dating omfg
daminodvd you should cheat on him with me again
↳ yourinstagram please stop we talked about this
↳ harryfan1 SCREAMING
harrystyles ❤️
↳ harryfan4 harry commenting on her girlfriend’s post HARRY HAS A GF WTF
taglist: @cucciolafaerie @jelliebeanss @maria-r @eleanordaisy @sunflowersndpeaches @golden-hoax @vodka-is-gay-and-so-am-i @alienorknight @evanjh @pilgrim-harry @handsomerry @sunflowervolume66 @lollypopsx @multiplums @89evrs @pinkishbabygirl @trulymadlykiki @quinnjackluke @allteawell @piscesrecord @vanteguccir @ivegotparticulartaste @qclden @springholland
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stylesphilia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This is a story of love, finding home, and trying to feel alive once you’re dead.
man after midnight playlist
Harry being a snob for liquor, Marshall Applewhite references, a horny piggy bank, a zombie birthday party, Mitch being an anti-cock-block, Niall being one-hundred-and-eighty-something, a friendly wager, chemistry, and road head
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moonchildstyles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
harry is just on the edge of thirty, and y/n is someone he's sure he shouldn't get involved with. until she seeks him out, anyway, and he realizes no one has ever really shown her how she should be treated.
next part (sangiovese)
part three (moscato)
part four (malvasia)
part five (parellada)
final part (merlot)
Harry hadn't realized how long it had been until he walked through the chattering restaurant.
He hadn't realized how long it had been since he had gone out; out for something more than a business meeting or picking up takeout to bring back home where he would eat while pouring over paperwork for the next day. It wasn't until he spotted the door to the private room where a friend's birthday party was being held that he realized it had been a little over six months since he had allowed himself to relax and enjoy the life his hard work had earned him. He could barely contain the bubbling excitement he felt as he reached the door to the party, able to hear the quiet chatter of his friends on the other side.
"Harry! You made it!"
He heard the slightly drunken voice call for him as soon as he slipped through the door. The room was bathed in soft lighting, a private bar lined the back wall of the room with various tables set up throughout, people sat at some while others were only used to house gifts and food. Strips of windows allowed for a look outside the restaurant, both of the city life outside and the quiet patio out back. The patio area was left with only a few others milling about, having been rented out in conjunction with the main party room.
Harry looked to whoever it was that called for him, finding his friend, Tawny, already making her way over with a flute of a bubbling, amber liquid in her hand. A smile stretched across his features at the sight. He had missed this.
"I was just telling them how I was worried you weren't going to make it, thinking you got called into some meeting last minute," she continued as she reached him, clumsily gesturing behind her with the flute in her hand. She settled a friendly hand on his bicep, using the hold to steady herself as she looked up at him with flushed cheeks.
"Not tonight. Nice to see you again," Harry smiled, leaning down and wrapping an arm around her waist in a hug. "Where's Charlotte?" he asked as he drew away, referencing the birthday girl for the night.
"Oh! She's by the bar with Tom and Jenny." Tawny pointed him in the direction of the bar, Charlotte being the one dressed in a pair of bright, paisley printed bottoms with a sparkling birthday tiara on her head.
Harry nodded his head, turning to match Tawny's gaze again before stepping towards the bar. "I'll find you later, yeah? 'M gonna go say hi."
She only nodded her head before flitting off to another group, leaving Harry to navigate through to the bar. He greeted each person who noticed him, promising to return later to catch everyone up on what he had been doing since they last saw him (just a bunch of nothing filled with paperwork and late nights at the office).
"Charlotte! Happy Birthday!" he bubbled when he reached the bar, opening his arms to wrap her in a hug.
"Thank you so much for coming, H. It's been so long since you've come out with us," she smiled at him, reciprocating his hug.
Harry pulled up a barstool after they parted from their hug, setting his gift for her down on the bartop. "I know, 'm sorry. Jus' been busy lately, but 'm gonna try to come out more. I miss everyone."
"Don't be sorry, its okay! We all understand, I'm just happy you made it" she insisted, the tinseled base of her birthday crown catching the light as she shook her head. Her eyes brightened as she caught sight of something behind his head, a beaming smile tugging at her lips as she waved whoever it was over. "Mitch, look who's here! Harry finally made it!"
"Harry! How have you been?! You haven't been out with us in so long!"
It felt good to be back.
"'M gonna grab another drink, I'll be right back!" Harry called over his shoulder, waving behind him to the group that had brought him out to the patio with them. Once everyone got over the whole how are you, its been so long small talk, the group settled into the swing of things just as they used to. It felt nice to be surrounded by people he didn't know through work, both the patio and the main room now filled with people celebrating Charlotte's birthday and people he hadn't seen for the better part of the year. He did feel a bit guilty, though, feeling like people were paying as much—if not more—attention to him than Charlotte for the night. But, she didn't seem to mind (or notice at all, really) as she flitted about the party with a flushed smile on her face, draping herself across every person she talked to.
When he reached the bar, the bartender raised a questioning brow at him with a smile on her face. "Jus' another Old Fashioned, please," Harry requested, leaning over the bar before pulling out his phone and scrolling through his missed notifications. He tried his best to peel away from the work related emails that generated on his lock screen, but he couldn't help but peek at the subject line before someone saved him from his self-inflicted torture.
"You never came and found me again, asshole," Tawny giggled behind him, coming up to stand beside him at the bar.
"Sorry," he laughed, gratefully locking his phone and putting away the emails, "Mitch and everyone pulled me outside, and you know I can't be pulled away from karaoke."
Tawny playfully rolled her eyes at him, twisting against the bar so her back was against the structure as she faced the main room. Harry mimicked her gaze, looking over his shoulder to find what had taken her attention. A few new faces had shown up since he had arrived; faces of people he couldn't wait to catch up with. He pretended as if he wasn't looking for one guest in particular, though he knew his shoulders minutely dropped in disappointment when his fleeting scan of the room came up empty. Maybe, she wasn't coming tonight.
"Oh, my god," Tawny breathed, her voice low as a look of disbelief crossed her features. She spared a glance towards Harry before returning her eyes to the subject of her shock. "I think Andrew came with Iris tonight."
He recognized the names but couldn't place why Tawny would be so surprised to see them together. They both were apart of their friend group, though Andrew always left a sour taste in Harry's mouth.
He was a bit of a dick who acted as if he were still some college frat guy despite being only a year younger than Harry himself; he was rude in the name of being 'blunt', and enjoyed entertaining a playboy lifestyle while promising these women a future of the opposite with him. Harry didn't like him, but he tolerated him for the sake of being the bigger person. As for Iris, he only really hung out with her when the whole group was present but she was very nice and very funny as far as he could remember. It wasn't odd for some of their group to pair off with each other, so he didn't understand what Tawny was getting at. Had he really missed so much?
"What's wrong with that?" he questioned, watching the way Iris leaned against Andrew's side as they talked to one of Charlotte's friends he didn't recognize.
"Oh, that's right, you haven't hung out in a while," Tawny mused, pulling her disappointed stare from the couple, "You haven't heard what happened with (Y/N) yet, have you?"
A smile threatened to tug at his lips at the mention of her name. That's who he'd been looking for.
Harry couldn't deny the small crush he harbored for her, never able to pull his eyes from her or his attention away when he was in her presence. She was funny, and smart, and so kind, and entirely too beautiful to be fair. He remembered when Iris brought her around the very first time, the two of them being close, and Harry could already tell she was going to be hard to forget. It had been at a little get together at Charlotte's house, only the core group of people in attendance with Iris' plus one, and he remembers being so caught up when he first saw her, he completely stopped speaking in the middle of a conversation with Mitch.
After promptly being teased, Harry made it his mission to get to know her that night, listening intently to each of her little stories and the small introduction Iris offered on her behalf. He found that they had the same taste in music and a similar sense of humor that Harry could see made her feel more at ease when he would laugh at her jokes. He had planned on asking for her number and hoping to make plans to see her again by the end of the night, having decided he wanted to see more of her without the pressure of their friend group watching on. It wasn't until (Y/N) tossed out some throw away comment to Iris just as everyone was saying their goodbyes, that he put his phone away and realized he was going to need to minimize his affection for her to see her as nothing but a friend.
"No, I have to go to bed early tonight. I have a lecture at eight tomorrow morning with that one professor that marks you off if you're not at least five minutes early." He remembers the way she rolled her eyes as she finished off her comment, shrugging her jacket on her shoulders before following after Iris to say goodnight to everyone.
She was in school. She was young enough to still be in college, and Harry couldn't help but feel guilty for spending so much time flirting with her that night and planning his next move. He'd never really considered himself old before, still being on the so-called 'right side' of thirty (though he figured he's more so on the precipice of the right side, his birthday only a few months away), but there was something about the fact that she was young enough to be taking classes to prepare her for a career ahead while he had already been established for years in his, that made him feel guilty. He knew by all intents and purposes, there wasn't anything wrong with being interested in her, but he couldn't help but feel like the creepy older man that he'd heard women complain about so often. She probably didn't want him following her around and trying to earn her affection when she was just trying to make friends.
So, that night, Harry remembers the way he quickly shoved his phone back into his pocket—earning a confused glance from Mitch—before offering (Y/N) a friendly hug goodbye, and a quiet nice to meet you! falling from his lips. He lingered only a few minutes longer afterwards, following after Mitch who left soon after his own goodbyes. Since then, he'd made a choice every time she came out with them, to keep things on a level just below professional. He cared about her, but he'd rather keep her at an arm's length than make her any degree of uncomfortable, even if that crush he had for her never really dissipated.
"Um, no," Harry answered, the bartender sliding him his icy glass, "What happened?" He dreaded to hear what could have conspired between (Y/N) and Andrew, the latter's name already causing a tick in his jaw.
A downturned expression pulled at Tawny's features, the kind of look he imagined she would pull after watching a commercial with sad animals. "Apparently," she started, waving her hand in front of her, "(Y/N) and Andrew had been talking for the past couple of weeks, and they were supposed to go out last weekend, on a real date. (Y/N) told Charlotte that they were supposed to meet at a restaurant, but Andrew just stood her up. She waited for over an hour, I'm pretty sure, and he didn't even say anything until almost midnight that night. He told her he was 'sorry'"—she curled her fingers in the air to mimic quotation marks around the word, as well as a roll of her eyes,—"but that it was 'probably for the best, anyway', and that he'd been seeing someone else or something like that. She told Charlotte everything after she got home from the restaurant that night, but no one's really heard from her since. And it seems like whoever Andrew was seeing, though, turned out to be Iris."
Harry followed Tawny's line of sight, viewing the way Iris held onto Andrew's arm so tightly through a different lens. Of course, Andrew would try it with (Y/N), of course he would. Not only did he try to worm his way into her life, but he took the same chance Harry had been dying to take for months, and used it to tear (Y/N) down and replace her with someone he knew was close to her. Harry felt a bout of anger flare through him at the realization of what Andrew had most likely done to (Y/N). He always bragged on and on about how he was able to charm one girl this night, and another the next, telling them sweet stories of their beauty and the way they made his heart race and how he would do anything to be with them. He was good at playing the shy, crushing boy just before he got the attention he wanted—typically some kind of sexual favor—, then leaving. Harry was always more than disinterested and disgusted with these stories, and to add (Y/N)'s face into the mix did nothing to settle the tense that fell over his shoulders and the irrational thought of marching over to Andrew and finally laying into him the way he'd wanted since he met him.
"Fucking dick, right?" Tawny interrupted his stewing, her words coming out as an exasperated sigh.
"'S what I've been sayin' since he started coming around," Harry grumbled, sipping on the drink in his hand as a way to stop himself from throwing it over Andrew's head. "How do any of us even fucking know him?"
Tawny laughed at his question, shaking her head as if she had no idea either. She settled after a moment, her features taking on that pity look again. "It just sucks because (Y/N)'s so nice, and she told Charlotte that she thought he really liked her. I don't think she's even talked to anyone since she got here tonight, she's still so upset."
"She's here?" A furrow pulled at Harry's brow as he faced Tawny. Since becoming more comfortable around everyone, (Y/N) had turned into something of a butterfly that flitted around every get-together and left a trail of bright laughter and sparkling smiles behind her. She typically left the wallflower position open for Harry to fill, allowing him the privilege of admiring her.
"Exactly," Tawny mumbled, casting her gaze off to a table to the side of the room, hidden by the pile of gifts on another. Harry could just barely see the pink of (Y/N)'s top around the gift bags flooding the table in front of her, her face lit up by her phone in her hands and a watered down glass of something next to her with only chips of ice left in place of the cubes. "Are you going to talk to her?" Tawny asked, sipping on her own drink beside Harry.
He thought about it for a moment, figuring that if she wanted to talk about it, she would have. And she would probably want to talk to someone she actually knew, not some guy that hung out with her friends occasionally. "I don't know. If she wanted to talk about it, she would have with one of y'guys, already. I don't want to push her."
"If she's going to talk about it with anyone, I think it'd be you, actually. She really likes you, you know." Tawny spoke so nonchalantly, Harry didn't think she realized just how hard his heart was beating in that moment. "Every time we've gone out since you got promoted, she's asked if you were going to be there, and when you were going to be coming out with us again; she missed you. I think she'd be really happy to talk to you, H."
Harry took one more glance at (Y/N), finding her gaze still fixed on her phone though it didn't look like she was even seeing what was on her screen.
He slowly nodded his head, picking his drink up from the bar before looking towards Tawny. "I'll be right back."
Harry only saw Tawny nod at him with a small smile on her face before he made his way towards (Y/N)'s private table. She didn't notice him as he rounded the corner around the gift table.
"Do y'mind if I sit with you?" Harry had barely gotten his question out of his mouth before (Y/N) snapped her head up to look at him, her phone falling flat onto the table in front of her. It wasn't until then that Harry saw the smallest of glittery little tears sitting in the waterline of her eyes.
(Y/N) was quick to wipe them away, feigning the action as a motion to move her hair from her face. She beamed up at him with a surprised look on her face, one that eased his heart just a bit from the revelation that she had been on the verge of crying just a minute ago. "Harry! Of course, you can! I didn't know you were coming tonight, its been so long."
A small smile tugged at Harry's features as he pulled out the chair beside her. "It has been a while," he affirmed, biting his tongue to stop himself from immediately diving into calling Andrew every horrible name in the book.
"How have you been? I heard you got promoted at your marketing firm, right?" She voice titled upward at around the title of his job, posing a question around if he really worked in marketing or if she'd got it wrong.
Harry couldn't stop the lopsided smile that hit his features. She remembered.
"Marketing, yeah," he confirmed, nodding his head as his fingers traced around his glass, "Jus' been busy with work. Definitely a lot more paperwork now, but 's worth it. How 'bout you? How are your classes and everything?"
(Y/N)'s gaze fell when he started his line of questioning, her smile dropping just the smallest bit at the corners. "I've been good. It's been a long week, lots of homework since finals are coming up. But it's really nice to see everyone again, I feel like it's been so long. Longer for you, though, I'm sure." She ended with a small laugh, one that didn't quite reach her eyes, but Harry wasn't surprised. He knew she was lying.
He remembers being her age, and wanting so badly for everyone to like him. The ways he shifted and changed his personality to be the person he thought others wanted him to be, in hopes of earning their acceptance. She was trying so hard to make it seem like she was just as happy as usual, make it easy for others to interact with her. She was much too good for Andrew, and for anyone really—including, himself. How Andrew could act so nonchalantly after blowing out her light, Harry would never understand. And, if he had a better back and didn't have a meeting tomorrow morning, he would have dragged Andrew outside and finally tried out all the moves he's learned since he's taken up boxing. But he couldn't leave (Y/N), not when she so obviously didn't want to be alone, no matter how hard she tried to hide it.
"If y'need any help, I could try," he offered, a small smile on his face as he tried to meet her downturned gaze, "Don't know if m'business degree would be much help in your english classes, though."
Harry felt his heart skip a beat as a ghost of a smile crossed her features, accompanied by a breathy laugh she stifled down. "You mean you've never had to analyze Beowulf and describe each of the pagan elements and how they pertained to the Christian beliefs of the eighth century?" She tried her best to keep her face straight as she spoke, but Harry could still see the smile edging at her lips.
"'S crazy the way they jus' gave out degrees when I was in school, cause I've got no idea what you're even talking about," Harry laughed, absently leaning over the table as he spoke, closer to (Y/N). His eyes were glued to the way she laughed at his teasing, the bright smile that covered her face and, if he hadn't known any better, he would have thought she was the happiest girl in the room with the way sunshine poured from her giggle.
Harry let a beat pass between them, feeling his own smile fade as he remembered why he came over in the first place. He didn't want to pull the small shred of happiness that had wormed its way onto her features, but he also didn't want her to feel like she had to hide the way she felt just because she wanted others to feel comfortable around her.
He swallowed, fixing his gaze to his glass, following the droplets of water dotting the outside. "Tawny told me, by the way," he mumbled, flicking his gaze to her for just a second before settling back on his drink. "About—um—about Andrew."
"Oh, that" she breathed, her tone edged with a laugh Harry wasn't expecting. He shifted his eyes to see her reaction, finding a forced kind of amusement tainting her features. Though she tried to feign lightheartedness, there was an embarrassed edge that lined her features in the way she bit the inside of her cheek and refused to match his gaze.
He rolled his lips between his teeth as he figured his next words, cautiously eyeing the reddened waterline of her eyes and the sheen that now covered her irises. "I jus' wanted to tell y'that 'm sorry, and y'don't deserve that. Andrew's a dick and 'm here for you, even though I can't come around all the time. 'M always here."
She pursed her lips as he spoke, seemingly unable to even process his words as she fought off the small collection of tears that pooled in the waterline of her eyes. Her bottom lip wobbled the harder she tried to fight off the sobs that were working in her chest, sniffling her nose. Against her wishes, the tears lacquering her eyes overwhelmed the ledge of her waterline, her tears flowing in hot streaks that left streams down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry," she whispered, her voice shaky and barely audible over the distant chatter around the room. She delicately brought her fingers to her eyes, trying her best to stop the tears from pouring down her face. She refused to look at Harry, or even in the other direction where Andrew and Iris were still fawning over one another, her gaze fixed to her glass that was now more water than lemonade. "I don't know why I'm cr-crying. It's not even that big of a deal, I'm just being over-overdramatic. I'm sorry."
Harry waved away her apologies with a shake of his head, his brow furrowing as he scooted his chair closer to her's. He hesitantly put his arm around her shoulder, knowing she needed comfort more than any rules he had set for himself. He pulled her closer to his side, her tears now carrying small bits of black from her mascara. She leaned gratefully into him, her cheek laying against his shoulder as Harry propped his chin on the top of her head.
"Don't need to be sorry, love, really. You're not being overdramatic, promise." His voice was quiet as he spoke against her hair, even sparing a small kiss to her temple as he squeezed his arm around her shoulder. He let her cry into him for a moment, her hands fluttering over her face in an attempt to clean her face from the already smudged black under her eyes and the tracks trailing down her cheeks.
He cooed small reassuring words to her, hoping she would still be able to hear them over the stuttered breathing that filtered through her lungs. He tried to shield her as best he could from the party, covering most of her with his own body so she could feel some semblance of privacy. He heard her breathe something similar to that of This is so embarrassing, broken up by stuttered breaths and her crackling voice.
"C'mon," he whispered to her, ducking his head to her ear. He started getting up from his seat, offering his hand out for (Y/N) to take, "Let's go somewhere quiet, yeah?"
"Okay," she peeped, keeping her head down as she stood up, pressing her palm to Harry's before lacing their fingers together.
He led her through to the patio, the space now cleared as the temperature had dropped. He pulled her to one of the tables in the corner, so no one could peek at them from the main room. One side of the table had a booth setup, allowing (Y/N) to pull Harry along to slide in next to her. Once settled into the farthest corner of the booth, she slipped her hand out from his and tended to the petite tears that had continued to fall down her cheeks as he led them outside.
Her fingertips were smudged with the black of her mascara, matching that of the soft skin of her undereyes. A crease formed in Harry's brow, watching the way she began harshly scrubbing at her cheeks as her breathing came in stuttering inhales.
"Sweetheart," he cooed, gently wrapping his fingers around her wrist, "Stop, 's okay."
He pulled her hands from her face, before grabbing one of the cloth napkins set out on the table. Twisting in his spot, he brought the linen to her face, the tip of his finger wrapped in the fabric. He pat the dewy skin on her cheeks, flakes of black from her lashes being transferred on to the clean white of the napkin.
"I'm being s-so dumb, I'm so sorry, Harry," she swallowed around the lump in her throat, her voice nasally as Harry delicately pat at her undereyes. "The one time you're able t-to come out with us and I cry all over you for no-no reason."
"Stop," Harry repeated with a sigh. Pinching her chin between his index finger and thumb, he gently positioned her head as he continued to wipe at her eyes and try his best to lessen the tears still slowly leaking from her ducts. "You're not dumb. Or overdramatic. 'S normal t'feel this way. What he did was awful, (Y/N), and I can't imagine how it feels to see him again so soon with someone else. Y'don't deserve that. You're not dumb for feeling."
As he spoke, Harry was aware of the way her bottom lip wobbled under his hold and the rejuvenated sheen of tears that fell over her eyes. She drew her gaze to match his own concerned one before she fell into his chest, Harry abandoning the now dirtied linen in his hand in favor of wrapping his arms around her. She cuddled closely to his chest, her face buried in his neck with her own arms looped round his middle.
"Just sucks," she whispered into his skin, her voice lighter than the kiss of her lashes against the column of his throat.
"I know, but 's gonna be okay," Harry sighed, cautiously resting his cheek on the top of her head. He wanted to say more, his thoughts wiped of all other goals than to make her happy. All he wanted was to speak the truth, sing her praises and promise her just how much better she was than Andrew and the grief he had caused her. But he didn't want to scare her, or make her any kind of uncomfortable, especially since she had sought out comfort in him.
"Hm?" He stroked his hand down her back, (Y/N)'s own hands fisting at the softened fabric of his shirt.
She swallowed, Harry able to feel the motion against his shoulder before she spoke. "Is this always going to happen to me?"
Harry swore his heart broke at her words. The resigned edging to her voice made it all that much more painful as it felt like the edges of his cracked heart raked down his chest. He gently peeled her from the home she had made against his chest, his hands on her shoulders. He ducked his head to match her downcast gaze.
"(Y/N)," he started, a stern edging to the honey coated call, "You are so kind, and smart, and funny, and gorgeous. There are so many people who realize all of those things, I promise you. And those are the people who are going to treat y'right, and take care of you the way y'deserve." A wild idea flittered through Harry's head, threatening to slip from his mouth before he stopped himself. Though he wished he could allow them to fall, he was scared of the reaction he would garner, especially when (Y/N) was already so emotional. He didn't want to push any harder.
She shook her head as she looked off to the side, avoiding his relentless gaze. The leftover tears from her previous sessions pooled on her waterline, dripping down in slow succession. "But this is what happens every time. How else am I supposed to be treated?"
Harry's eyes flicked down to his hands that laid in his lap, twisting his rings around his fingers. He rolled his lips between his teeth, making a last minute decision he hoped he wouldn't regret.
He brought his head up to find (Y/N) also looking towards his hands, the saddened look on her face he hoped would be wiped away. "Y'deserve so much, (Y/N). Anyone would be lucky to show y'how y'should be treated,"—he nervously gulped before squaring his shoulders and feigning confidence—"How a man should treat you, not whatever it is that Andrew thinks he is."
Her eyes were wide as she finally matched his gaze, the dotted glow of the fairy lights around them adding a shine to her eyes he noticed was no longer from tears. She didn't offer any commentary, only looking to him for answers to questions she hadn't even posed yet. But he knew. And he knew just how he was going to answer them, even if he had to pretend he had no doubt in his mind of her reaction.
"I could show you," he started, tracing his gaze along her features in an effort to gauge her reaction. "If y'wanted, I could take y'out and show y'how that date should have gone, and how they all should be after. As friends, though, of course."
His final statement was added in a rush. All he wanted was to see her smile again, this picture of her with tears in her eyes and tracks down her cheeks doing more destruction on his heart than he thought possible. Although this was a bit of a self-indulgent way of getting her to smile, he would never expect anything from her or their time together.
"A date?" she asked, a tint of disbelief to her voice.
Harry bit back his smile, teeth digging into the full of his bottom lip. He nodded his head, hoping he hadn't blown his chance at even just a friendship with her.
He watched on as a smile bloomed across (Y/N)'s features. "You'd do that for me?"
"Of course, I would." The matching dimples on either cheek made themselves known as Harry matched her smile. "Heard y'missed me anyway, so it'd be nice to spend time together." His voice held a teasing lilt as the moment turned to a much lighter note.
Her jaw dropped in a shocked expression, her eyes wide. "Who told you that?! Was it Tawny? I told her not to tell you!"
"Why not, love?" Harry beamed, his heart skipping a beat over her admission of missing him. "I think 's cute."
"Stop," she whined, a shy smile on her face as she flitted her gaze to the scene behind him.
Harry couldn't stop himself before his response dropped from his mouth, but he felt like he could say anything at this point. He could say and do anything as long as she looked at him with the stars in her eyes (even though he was pretty sure those were just the fairy lights). "I missed y'too, you know. 'M really happy I got to see you tonight."
Her smile only widened as she dropped her gaze to her lap where her hands suddenly became restless under the attention. "Me too, even if I started crying two minutes into talking." Harry could see the roll of her eyes.
"I mean, y'still got a date out of it, so I think y'did alright."
"Yeah," she smiled, looking up at him with the smallest tilt to her head, "I've never been on a 'friend date' before. Thank you for asking me, Harry. It means a lot."
Though the addition of the word 'friend' caused a small drop to his shoulders, he was more than excited for the date, even with the predetermined conditions. The night wasn't going to be about him and his feelings for her, it was going to be about the way she deserved to be treated and the wiping away of the imprint Andrew left on her. The night was going to be about making her happy. That was all Harry wanted from her.
"Y'deserve it, sweetheart."
As soon as she was ready, Harry led them back to the thick of the party with her following closely behind him. He had spent the rest of the party closer to (Y/N) than he had ever allowed himself. Especially as the night was winding down, the main group of them (minus Iris and Andrew, who had snuck off earlier in the night and never returned) being the only people remaining, (Y/N) seemed to have made it her mission to stick by Harry's side as much as she could. They hadn't talked much more about the date other than setting it up for next Friday night after he got off work, allowing Harry to fall back into his favored wallflower position as (Y/N) lit up the room despite the red rim around her eyes and the puff of her cry-swollen lips.
It was only after Charlotte had started dozing off with her birthday tiara going sideways on the top of her head, that the night was called to be wrapped up. Even after all of the chattering goodbyes were shared, and the joking requests that Harry shouldn't wait so long before coming out again, he couldn't help himself from delaying his departure from (Y/N).
She had just shrugged on her purple jacket, clumsily tugging up the zipper when (Y/N) looked to Harry who was lent against the doorway with his car keys in one hand and phone in the other. Harry had looked at her through his lashes, a small smile on his lips as he caught her gaze.
"Bye, Harry," she said, her voice soft and quiet to match the warming glow of the last few threads of light strung across the room.
"Don't sound so sad," he started with a coo, opening his arms for her to fall into, "We'll see each other again really soon, remember?" She nodded her head against his chest, Harry able to feel the smush of her cheek against his skin as she smiled.
She was the first to pull back, Harry allowing her to set the the pace of their contact though he wished he could have frozen that moment and just held her for even a second longer. Now that he knew what it felt like to have her warmth seeping through his skin, he couldn't get enough of it.
She looked to him with a softness to her gaze he was sure no one but her could ever achieve, as if her irises were melting before him. "Yeah, we will," her voice just barely louder than a whisper. Harry felt his breathing hitch in his throat as her hands slid from his neck and down his chest with her palms laying flat against the fabric of his jacket. Her own gaze followed her hands, only bashfully looking to Harry through her lashes. "Thank you again, by the way. For staying with me tonight, I'm sure it wasn't how you were planning on spending your first night hanging out with us all again."
A lopsided smile tugged at his features, leaving a soft kink in his lips as he gave a reassuring squeeze with his hands on her waist. "Of course. Whenever y'need me I'll be there. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way."
She dropped her eyes to his feet as she took in his words, the toes of his boots just a hair away from touching her own shoes. Small strands of hair fell and obstructed Harry's view of her face, something he had to stop himself from fixing by brushing the hairs back and cradling her cheeks so she would face him again. Instead he allowed her that small moment of shy privacy, knowing that with the grouping of people who were distractedly eyeing their interaction, they would both surely be interrogated soon enough.
"I should probably go," she mumbled, reluctantly pulling her hands from his chest and taking a step back as she pulled her keys from her jacket. "But we'll see each other soon, right?"
Her reiteration of his words only solidified the smile on his face.
Harry nodded his head, dropping his hands from her waist and sliding them back into the pockets of his jacket. "'M excited already."
"Me too."
(Y/N) made her exit after that, tossing a wave to the rest of the group before looking to Harry one more time with a quiet smile on her face. He wanted to walk her out tonight, indulge himself the smallest bit and give himself more time with her, but he wanted to save everything for when he took her out for real.
It wasn't until Harry had made his own exit and was getting his car started to go home did he receive the text he was expecting from the moment he pulled (Y/N) outside with him.
I told you so.
Harry doesn't think he's been this nervous in a long time. Maybe it was because he hadn't been on a date since his last relationship (a little over two years, then), or because he's never wanted a first date to go so perfectly in his life. He had made reservations the next morning after Charlotte's party and had gotten to know just how few florists were in his area with the amount of time he spent browsing over bouquets. The whole seven days he had to wait to see (Y/N) again were spent with Harry trying his best to plan out every single detail, right down to the outfit he wanted to wear in the event that she wore a this dress he had seen posted to her instagram in the weeks prior. He wanted to match her.
He looked at himself in the mirror one more time, the bouquet of peach colored roses and white daisies resting on the table below. Harry ran a nervous hand through his hair. His curls tumbled through his fingers as he puffed out his cheeks with a heavy exhale. His gaze traveled down his form, hands distractedly smoothing out nonexistent wrinkles in his black blazer. He carefully tugged on the mint green dress shirt underneath, pulling the lapels out just far enough that the delicate baby's breath flower embroidery could be seen. He worried for a minute, debating if he should button his top back up—if his show of skin, with the tips of his bird tattoos showing, was too much. He shook off his indecision, instead adjusting the string of pearls around his neck so the clasp faced the back.
He had to stop himself when he swore he saw a chip in his freshly painted black nails, knowing he was convincing himself of such flaws out of jittery nerves. He double checked the time on his phone; thirty-two minutes before he promised he would be at her door. He wanted to ensure he wasn't a second late to pick her up. He cradled the bouquet delicately to his chest, and took in a deep breath before leaving.
The drive was familiar from the few times (Y/N) opted to host gatherings and Harry was able to make it. While he was eased by the knowledge—the possibility of him showing up at the wrong complex at a slim-to-none chance—the familiarity caused the time to go by faster than Harry even realized. With nerves still fluttering through his fingers and seeping into his veins, he walked the staircase up to her apartment. He gripped the bouquet like a lifeline as the pacing off is footsteps matched the thrumming of his heart. The path to her door was a blur, Harry acting on autopilot until the golden lettering declaring her apartment number stared him in the face. With a practiced breath, he knocked on the door.
Each second felt like an hour with his heartbeat creating a soundtrack that rushed through his ears. He held the bouquet in front of his chest, hoping for the flowers to be the first thing she saw when she opened the door. He could faintly hear the rattling of the doorknob on the other side before it was swung open to unveil his date for the night.
In her pajamas.
"Harry?" (Y/N) looked to him with her eyes wide and her jaw dropped in a small gape. Her skin was clean of makeup with her hair pinned into a knot on the top of her head. Strawberry printed pajama shorts adorned her legs with a worn grey top slouching off her shoulder.
This wasn't quite how Harry had pictured her outfit for the night, assuming she would have opted for one of those flirty outfits she posted on her social medias, but if this is what she wanted, he had no quarrels. He couldn't deny she still looked beautiful, so he had no reason to complain.
"Are you ready?" he questioned, a lopsided smile on his lips as he gazed down at her. She most likely needed to put shoes on at the very least, if the fuzzy socks with cat faces printed all over them had anything to say.
Her gaze dropped to flowers held tightly in his grip. "You were serious? About the date?"
Harry's heart dropped at her words. Had she not been serious in her acceptance? Had he just made a huge fool of himself? He guessed he's avoided her before, but maybe now he would have to be much more deliberate with his appearances.
His free hand rubbed at the back of his burning neck, lowering his gaze to the flowers that now smelled too sweet. "Yeah," he breathed, an embarrassed flush working its way up his chest, "But if y'changed your mind or anything, I completely understand. I apologize for interrupting your ni—"
"No!" she rushed, flailing her hand in front of her to match her shaking head, "I-I didn't! I just thought you had only asked to make me feel better last week, since I was crying all over you and everything." Her voice ended in a humorless breath of a laugh, her gaze matching his with a bashful softness to her irises he had missed in her absence.
His smile turned a shy corner as the dimple in his cheek deepened. "I did want y'to feel better, but I meant it when I asked you. I really do wanna take y'out and show y'how you're supposed to be treated. If you'll let me."
"I want you to, really!" she stressed, bouncing in place with stray strands of hair leaking from her bun, "I'm so sorry, Harry, I guess I just—I don't know. I need to get ready, but I'll be right back! You can come in and wait, if you want." She stepped back from the doorframe, allowing Harry the space to slip in, the heels of his boots soundless against the fluffy grey rug in her walkway.
"These are for you, by the way," Harry smiled, handing the arrangement out for her as she locked he door behind him.
Her eyes rounded out as with a puppy dog's softness as she gazed solely up at him, as if she hadn't seen the bouquet at all. "They're so pretty, Harry. Thank you." She gave him the sweetest smile as she took them from his grip, muttering something about putting them in water. "You can put on some Netflix or something if you want, I'm so sorry you have to wait on me!" she called from the kitchen, her voice trailing farther away as she moved towards her room.
"'S not a problem, take your time," he answered back, moving towards the living room to her secondhand, brown suede sofa.
Just as he was about to take a seat on one of the cushions, he heard the sound of feet pattering along the hardwood. A moment later (Y/N) popped up beside him, still in her pajamas with her hair now pulled back by a pearl studded headband. She wrapped her arms around his middle with the full of her cheek smushed against his chest.
"Thank you so much, Harry," she mumbled against the fabric of his jacket, her grip tight. Sincerity dripped from her words, cloaking over his heart in a warming glow.
Without a thought, Harry draped his arms around her as best he could from the angle she offered. He dropped his head to rest on her hair, his cheek atop her head. With his eyes fluttering closed, he savored the contact and held her just as tightly as she.
"Of course, love," he whispered against her hair, lips brushing the crown of her head.
She reluctantly pulled back first, a soft smile on her face Harry hoped he would be able to memorize by the end of the night. "I'm gonna go finish, but I'll be as fast as I can."
With that, she scuttled off back down the hall. Harry couldn't shake the smile on his face as he settled on her couch, the ghost of her silhouette burned against his form. He mindlessly looked through the titles on the TV with no comprehension of what he was seeing, much too distracted with the memory of her hold. If he wasn't already completely gone for her before, he figured he would be going home love-drunk after this date.
Time passed with half an episode of Bake Off Harry didn't remember selecting playing from the television, he heard the sound of her feet, now clad in what had to be a set of heels, stepping down the hall. He stood from his spot on the couch, turning around to find her adjusting her outfit in the full length mirror posted on the wall beside the bathroom.
Just as he had hoped, the same clean, white dress she had posed in on her instagram weeks earlier adorned her body, embroidered with flowers the same shade of cream that matched the ones on Harry's own shirt. The satin base of the dress wrapped around her body, the hem ending at the middle of her thighs while the tulle overlay boasting the delicate blossoms reached her ankles. The silken tie in the waist tugged one side of the dress to the other, allowing the tulle skirt to split and sway behind her with each step she took. The neckline laid wide across her shoulders, framing her collarbones before the tulle of the sleeves wisped around her arms and cinched at her wrist. Her hair was simply held back by the pearl headband, the clean white matching that of her dress with her dewy lips and wide eyes stealing most of Harry's attention.
He was sure his jaw had dropped as soon as he caught sight of her. There was no other reaction that could have properly suited her appearance beside dropping to his knees in worship.
She looked to him once she gave up on taming the flyaways that escaped her hairstyle. She gave him a soft, apologetic smile, her lashes curving outwards with a flick towards her brows. "I tried to be as fast as I could, I hope I didn't mess up your plans."
"Y'look... gorgeous, (Y/N)." He couldn't manage any other thoughts to leave his mouth, nothing coherent enough to make sense.
She released her gaze from his with a shy smile on her face, finding interest in the white heels on her feet. "Thank you. I wanted to look like I belonged next to you."
Could a heart break and swell at the same time? In what world would she have to work at being on his level when she was so clearly leagues above him in all senses of the word?
"I dunno, love," Harry smiled, "I think everyone is gonna know I was the one that had to beg for a date with you." He couldn't find it in himself to be ashamed of his forward flirting, allowing himself the smallest of indulgences for the night knowing this would be a one time thing.
(Y/N) only held a bashful smile on her face at his words, the shine of the satin wrapped around her body rivaling that of the gleam in her eyes.
"Ready?" he asked again, mimicking that of when he first arrived at her apartment.
She was quick to nod her head and take his offered arm, still shy as she leaned against his side with the skirt of her dress brushing against his leg.
"We match! Like our flowers, I mean!" (Y/N) bubbled once he opened the car door for her, gaze attached to the flowers stitched on his top.
Harry smiled, nodding his head and mumbling out a small we do, huh. Just as he had hoped.
"Reservation under Styles, please."
The hostess nodded her head, tapping away at the tablet in front of her as she offered a polite smile. (Y/N)'s hand was placed in the crook of Harry's elbow, her hold tight as she looked above at the crystalline chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. He couldn't help but feel a bit of pride puff at his chest from the way she seemed to be in awe of the restaurant he had picked for them that night. This was just the beginning of the follow through to his promise he made a week earlier. He planned on thoroughly proving how she deserved to be treated after other's had convinced her otherwise.
"C'mon," he whispered to her, his voice hush as he shuffled towards the friendly waitress that beckoned them to their table. (Y/N) snapped her head in his direction with her eyes still wide, reflecting the prismatic drops that hung from the chandeliers.
Harry maneuvered her in front of him, reluctantly pulling her delicate hold from his arm in favor of nudging her ahead of him. He stayed close behind (Y/N) as she followed the smartly dressed waitress, reassuringly cuddling her hand in his when she reached back. He smiled as he listened in to the way she shyly engaged in small talk with their waitress—who introduced herself to be Tara—with her free hand nervously toying with the satin bow at her waist.
"Is this table to your liking?" Tara asked, her smile bright as she stopped next to a small table set in an intimate corner of the restaurant.
"Yes, thank you," Harry responded for the both of them. He was quick to move around (Y/N), pulling out her chair before looking to her with a smile. She shyly thanked him with her voice quiet enough for only him to hear before settling in the offered seat. Harry pushed the chair in before rounding the table and sitting in his own across from her's.
The waitress made her exit after dropping off the menus with a promise to return in just a moment for their drink orders. Harry answered for the both of them, leaving (Y/N) to examine the menu in front of her with wide eyes and careful fingers lingering along the edges. He admired her with a small smile on his lips, taking in the way she seemed to attempt to memorize every single detail of everything in her sight.
"What do y'think?" he mused, leaning forward with his elbow balanced on the table and his chin propped in his hand.
She snapped her head up to face him, her eyes holding a moony sparkle as she looked at him. "Harry," she sighed, a dreamy tint to her tone, "You didn't have to take me somewhere this nice. I would've been happy to go anywhere with you."
"I know," Harry smiled, enjoying the sound of her affection for him, even if it was only as friends. "But I wanted to make this really special for you. Jus' like I promised, right?"
A timid smile spread over her features with the curl softened by his words. She lowered her gaze from his, Harry too caught up in how endearingly sweet she was to miss the sight of her melted irises.
Just then, Tara approached their table. Her smile was bright and polite as she greeted them. "What can I get you started with?" Tara looked to (Y/N) first, instinctually starting with ladies first.
She floundered under her gaze, flicking her wide eyes to Harry before glancing down at the menu in front of her. "Um—a water, please?" Her answer sounded like a question before she looked back to Harry, her expression akin to the embarrassed look she held just before crying at the party a week ago.
Tara nodded her head, her eyes fixed on the small notepad in her hand before placing her attention on Harry. "And you, sir?"
"Water as well, please. But, we'll share a bottle of your Château de Salle, if possible." He handed back the small drink menu to Tara, offering a smile as she scribbled his request.
"Of course, Mr. Styles. Good choice," she praised, sliding the small notepad into the pocket of her apron, "I'll be back with your drinks and for your dinner orders in just a minute." With that, Tara disappeared to tend to her other tables.
"What's a Ch-Chateau de Salle?" (Y/N) asked, her pronunciation of the wine shaky.
A smile spread across Harry's features. She was so cute. "'S wine," he explained, "A rosé. I think you'll like it."
"Oh," she breathed, her brows raised, "I probably shouldn't drink tonight actually."
"And why is that?" A pinch formed in his own as he gazed at her.
A timid smile pulled at her lips. "I don't know if you remember, but I'm a huge lightweight. I don't want to act too silly in a restaurant this nice." She finished with a laugh, surely recalling some memory of a party Harry halfway attended while the rest of him focused on ensuring he didn't run into (Y/N) too many times.
"'M sure you'll be fine, love. Don't worry about anyone else," he murmured, his voice low as he gestured vaguely around them to the other patrons, "Do whatever y'want, I'll be here to take care of y'anyway." He ended his words with a softened smile, hoping she would heed his advice and do whatever made her happy for the night.
After earning a bashful nod from her, Harry dropped his eyes to the menu in his hands. He quickly skimmed over the options, the menu familiar from the several times he had attended business dinners at the venue.
He allowed his gaze to travel from the menu to slyly glance at the girl across from him through the vignette of his lashes, the dinner lighting creating a divine glow around her form. The pearly headband holding her hair back created a small bump of volume with the accessory emulating a crown on the top of her head. Her fingers tenderly toyed with the ends of her hair, swaying the strands and curling them around her fingertip before allowing them to fall against her collarbones. He delicately traced her features with his eyes, catching the small gape in her glossy lips and the way her gaze darted across the shining pages of the menu in front of her.
"What's looking good, love?" Harry asked, referring to the dinner selection laid out in front of her.
She looked up at him with indecision painted over her features. "I'm not sure," she said, a pinch in her brow appearing as she kept her voice hush, "It's all really expensive, H."
Now it was his turn to furrow his brow, genuinely confused over why she would be worried about the price. "Don't worry about that, okay? I don't mind paying for whatever y'want. I jus' want y'to enjoy this."
Her eyes rounded out at the sound of his words, brows relaxing and going downturned as she gazed at him. "You're paying for me?"
"Of course, (Y/N). So don't worry about any of that, okay? Jus' pick whatever sounds good and I'll take care of the rest." Harry had to hold back a scoff at the idea that he would be anything less than a gentleman and make her pay for her own dinner. He had invited her in the first place, of course he was in charge of paying. He couldn't help but wonder how many other shitty, Andrew-level dates she had been on that had treated her so flagrantly.
She straightened up in her chair, leaning over the table while sliding her menu over to Harry's side. "Th-This sounds good, however you pronounce it," she mumbled, pointing at a pasta dish labeled with Verdi e Bianchi in a delicate curving font. She looked to him for approval, as if asking if her choice was up to par.
"Sounds really good," Harry smiled, hoping she would relax now that she had his approval, though she didn't need it in the first place. Harry pointed at his own choice for the night, (Y/N)'s eyes following his black painted nail as he stopped at Scampi Pomodora e Manta. "I think 'm gonna get that, what do you think?"
She nodded happily while reading the description, body language visibly relaxing. "That looks really good! You're gonna make me change my mind if I think about it too long," she laughed, much more settled than she had been since sitting down. Harry didn't realize how much he had missed her airy giggles and lax smiles until she had become stiff with her nerves.
Just then, Tara returned with the crystalline bottle of rosé in her hand and a bright smile on her face. "Sorry about that wait, are you ready to order?"
Harry nodded his head, answering with a polite yes, please for the both of them while (Y/N) sat back in her seat with her menu flat in front of her. Tara, of course, started with (Y/N) again. She flicked her gaze to the menu in front of her, skimming quickly in an effort to find the ravioli dish she had showed to Harry, before looking to him with a pleading look through her panicked gaze.
Harry straightened in his seat, grabbing his own copy of the menu. "She'll have the Verdi e Bianchi, please," he started, Tara quickly turning to face him before nodding her head and writing down the order, "And I'll have the Scampi Pomodora e Manta. Thank you."
He collected both of the menus and handed them off to Tara before she made her rounds attending to each of her tables. He shifted his gaze to (Y/N), finding her already looking at him with her lips set in a tender smile.
"That alright?" he asked, "Y'still wanted that?"
She quickly nodded her head. "Yeah, thank you for ordering for me. I just get nervous when it's my turn for some reason, especially since I didn't know how to say that one." She shot him a shy smile as she finished, her fingers absently trailing over a bundle of embroidered flowers along the neckline of her dress.
Harry did remember the few times they had all gone out for dinner as a group, (Y/N) always wanting to go last, assuming that by the time it time for her request, everyone was too busy interacting with one another to pay any attention. He hadn't thought it was because of something cute like that fact she didn't want everyone to hear in case she had messed up her order on accident.
Harry gently shook his head with his gaze on the table, a small smile on his face. "S'cute," he mumbled to himself, basically mouthing the words with how quiet he kept his voice.
"Hm?" (Y/N) hummed, perking up in her seat with her lashes fluttering as she gazed at him.
"Nothing, love," he brushed off, reaching for the wine Tara left chilling in an ice bucket stationed table side, "Want to try some? Supposed to have 'notes of peach', the bottle says." He nodded to the crystal in his hand as he carefully uncorked the pink tinged glass with the opener left beside the ice.
He saw the way she thought about it for a second, pursing her lips before her gaze landed on the bottle in his hand. She gently nodded her head, a smile blooming across her features as her eyes brightened and matched his own gaze.
He happily complied, pouring her glass first. He stopped just barely halfway filling the bowl, "That good?"
She nodded her head, the tendrils of her hair that escaped from her headband and framed her face bounced alone with her. Harry kept an eye on her as poured his own glass, observing the way she delicately pinched the stem of her cup. He matched her motions, much less hesitant than she, sipping the wine and letting the bubbled peach notes slide over his tongue. She brought the glass to her lips, the spotless crystalline of the bowl making it easy for Harry to catch the way the full of her mouth cushioned the edge of the glass as the pink wine waved towards her.
(Y/N) was quick to pull that glass from her lips after the first sip, her shoulders stiffening and face screwed up in distaste. "I thought you said it was supposed to taste like peach," she accused, her eyes wide under her cinched brow.
Harry's smile seemed to be permanent at this point as he gazed at her with what he was sure was adoring eyes. "Y'don't taste the peach? I thought it was pretty obvious," he teased, figuring she was a bigger fan of the mixed, fruity cocktails she usually drank and not the fermented wine he was sipping from.
"Its sour," she mumbled, dropping her gaze to look accusingly at the glass still held in her hand.
"I can order y'something else if y'want?" he offered, settling his glass down as he tried to recall what the raspberry and sage cocktail was nicknamed on the menu.
She was quick to shake her head in response, "No, no its okay! I just need to get used to it, that's all. I usually drink super cheap, sweet vodka in a can, obviously." She finished with a laugh, bringing the wine to her lips to try another sip despite the way she clenched her eyes shut at the taste.
She caught his gaze over the rim of her glass resting on the full of her bottom lip. He watched on as her lips curved into a sweet smile. He felt his own gaze drop as his eyes scanned over her face, taking each small detail under the dinner lighting.
"What?" she questioned, tilting her head to the side just a bit.
For a split second, Harry pictured himself reaching across the table and fitting his hand around the back of her neck and pulling (Y/N) in for a kiss. He wanted to know if her lips felt just as plush as they looked, what flavor her lip gloss held, and how tangled their lashes would be when he got close enough. He wanted to kiss her so bad, but thats not what friends do; especially not friends who are in different stages of their lives with years between.
"'S nothing," he mumbled, shaking his head as he straightened in his seat and adjusted his jacket over the broad of his shoulders.
Just then, Tara returned with a pair of pristine white plates in her hands and her perfect smile on her face. She started with (Y/N), setting the plate of her ravioli in front of her before reaching over and tending to Harry. She did the usual spiel of asking for cracked pepper or cheese grated atop their dishes. He declined the pepper, but (Y/N) shot him a look when the cheese was offered.
"She would like some, please," he smiled, nodding to (Y/N). She shot him a smile, clearly pleased with the way she picked up in her signal.
Tara quickly rounded the table, the fancy crank grater in her hand as she recited to (Y/N) to just say when! Harry kept his eyes glued on her face, waiting for the look she would surely give him when she'd had her fill.
"That's good, thank you," Harry interrupted when (Y/N) glanced at him, her smile turning grateful at his words.
Tara politely nodded her head, standing off to the side of the table. She gave a practiced speech, asking if there was anything else that the couple needed before leaving with a promise to check on them in a few moments.
Once alone, (Y/N) trailed her gaze from the food in front of her to the man sitting across from her. "Thank you again, Harry. This has been the best date I've ever been on already."
He couldn't help but feel breath of pride puff up his chest. He nonchalantly lifted his shoulder in a half shrug with a lopsided smile on his face. "Still have the rest of the night left, sweetheart, don't speak too soon."
She rolled her eyes with her softened smile stuck on her features. She looked down at the food in front of her, absently grabbing her fork and sectioning off a bite of ravioli before speaking, "It's gonna be amazing no matter what, because I'm with you."
She spoke so simply, as if that was the answer Harry should have been expecting from the start. But, that wasn't at all something he thought would ever leave her lips. He expected a sentiment like that to come from him and the endless pining he held over her, not for her to speak them so surely and cause his heart to race and drop at the same time. Race because it fulfilled a tiny part of him that allowed him to pretend this was a real date, and drop since the rest of him knew this whole night was nothing more than a friendly distraction and held nothing more than platonic affection.
Harry was sure his cheeks were flushed a cherried hue at her words, opting to distract himself by twirling his noodles around his fork and popping the bite into his mouth. They were quiet as they began to eat, Harry running her words through his mind over and over, trying his best to untwist them from his own slew of affectionate thoughts. Every time he would flick his gaze to her, he swore he saw her look away just before he could meet her eyes.
That is until he caught her. He found her gaze locked across the table—at his food.
Her own plate was halfway finished, the cheese from the raviolis oozing into the marinara sauce around them though she didn't pay it any attention. A small smile tugged at Harry lips, recalling the way she almost switched her order to match his, his brows raised as he looked to her.
"Wanna try some?" he offered, already twirling a bite of noodles around the prongs of the fork and picking up a small cut of shrimp.
She looked to him with a bashful look on her face, eyes rounded out and cheeks soft. "Can I?" she laughed, "Sorry, it just looks really good. You can try mine if you want!"
"'S okay, love, I don't mind." He offered her his fork, intending to pass the utensil off to her.
Instead, he watched as she leaned over the table, tossing her hair over her shoulders to keep it out of the way. The glow of the candlelit center piece wafted upward to dance over her features, bathing her skin in a soft warmth. She delicately placed her fingers on his wrist, just a brush of a touch against his arm as she took the bite directly off the fork with her lips around the utensil. She drew back as she chewed, her eyes going wide before she swallowed and looked to Harry with a beaming smile on her face.
"That's so good!" she bubbled, "We're gonna have to come back and I want to get that next time!"
She wanted there to be a next time.
A smile spread across his features at the idea. "Definitely."
"What's mascara-pone?"
Harry smiled at (Y/N)'s pronunciation, sliding her the other spoon around the strawberry crostata he order for them to share for desert. "'S a kind of sweet cheese, like cream cheese but—in m'opinion—much better," Harry explained, cutting into the crust and taking the first bite of the tart.
"Oh," she answered simply, following suit and scooping up her own bite.
They were both leaning closer to one another over the table, meeting in the middle with their shared plate. The chatter of the other patrons had grown significantly quieter over the course of the meal, making it that much easier for Harry to lose himself in the idea that it was just the two of them out that night.
He had known he was fairly gone for (Y/N), but the whole night had forcibly pulled each pining thought and affectionate scenario from the corner he had shoved them. It felt like a movie to him, a cheesy romcom where he cast himself as the overworked business man and (Y/N) as the bright, kind and beautiful heroine that would color the movie and turn Harry into the lovestruck fool he knew he could play perfectly. He never wanted the night to end, even as he watched their dessert become whittled down to a single bite with a sliced strawberry dotted on the top.
"Y'have the last bite," Harry offered, using his spoon to push it towards (Y/N) who absently licked away a swipe of strawberry sauce on the full of her bottom lip.
"Are you sure?" she asked, eyes bright.
"Positive." Harry lent back in his chair, letting (Y/N) finish off the dessert as he plucked the leather book Tara had dropped at the table a few moments prior.
He slipped his card inside, and fixed his gaze back on (Y/N). Thanks to the distraction of the pout of (Y/N)'s lips, he was only absently aware of Tara ghosting by to pick up the bill with a promise to be right back!
"Is it stupid that I don't want to go home, yet?" (Y/N) questioned, sitting back in her own seat with her fingers absently tracing along the neckline of her dress.
"'S not stupid at all," he smile, shaking his head before becoming momentarily distracted as Tara returned with their processed bill and a wish for them to have a nice rest of their night. "'M not ready to end the night either, if 'm being honest," he continued, signing the receipt and adjusting his jacket before standing up, "Was thinking I could take y'to this sculpture park that's not too far a walk from here. 'S really pretty at night and I think you'd like it. Only if y'want to, though."
He rounded the table and pulled (Y/N)'s own chair out, offering her his hand after she adjusted her dress and grabbed the small yellow bag she had brought along. "I would love to," she agreed, wrapping her hand in his and shooting him a soft smile.
Harry led them out of the restaurant, politely waving and wishing a goodnight to the staff gathered at the hostess stand before holding the door open for (Y/N) to step into the star-filled night. His gaze kept flicking from their joined hands to the sidewalk in front of them, careful about the steps he took as he was aware of the heels on her feet. He felt a shudder go through his chest despite the warmth her hand provided in his, especially after she adjusted her hold to slip her fingers between his and hug their palms together.
She drew his attention to her face when she looked to him with the starlight reflected in her eyes and the moonglow dusting over her features. "Lead the way."
"What's that supposed to be?"
(Y/N) posed the question as they stood in front of a sculpture that held neither rhyme or reason. The structure boasted swirling shapes and abstract forms somewhat resembling an elephant but if Harry tilted his head the other way, he could see what looked like it could be a constellation of stars.
"'M not sure," Harry mused, a pinch in his brow as he read the small plaque that titled the piece as Farmer's Market.
"At least the lights around it look pretty," (Y/N) added, her gaze tracing the rope of lights set up around the base of the sculpture.
Harry's lips quirked into a smile as he gazed down at her. "Yeah, very pretty."
"What do you think the next one's gonna be called?" (Y/N) asked, squeezing his hand with their fingers still laced together before moving towards the next sculpture.
"Mm," Harry hummed, swinging their joined hands between them, as he continued the game (Y/N) had started a couple pieces back. "Thinks its gonna have somethin' to do with bread."
"Bread?" (Y/N) repeated, looking up at him with a confused pinch in her brow and kink in her lips.
"Mhm," he confirmed, looking towards the sculpture that looked to have nothing to do with bread.
(Y/N) took an awkward step beside him, her shoulder bumping his arm as a hiss escaped her lips. "Sorry," she apologized, slowing beside him and letting go of his hand in favor of reaching toward her heel covered foot.
"What's wrong? Are y'okay?" His voice held a current of concern, unsure of where to start though he knew he wanted to help her.
"I'm okay, my feet just hurt from my shoes and I stepped wrong," she stood straight as she spoke, carefully balancing her weight off her seemingly injured foot. "I've only worn these a couple times, and I forget every time how much they hurt." She breathed a laugh after her words reaching for Harry's hand to resume their twined position.
Harry stood still in his spot, unwilling to go any farther if she was in pain. "Do y'want to sit down for a minute?" he offered, already tugging her towards a plain white bench across from the so-called bread sculpture.
"Could we?" She shot him a relieved look and followed after his pulls on delicate steps of her feet.
He muttered an of course! to her as he pulled off his blazer and folded it before laying it on the seat of the bench, protecting her white dress from anything lingering on the surface. She thanked him before sitting on he homemade cot, her shoulders dropping from relief.
"Sorry," Harry muttered, an apologetic smile on his face as he looked to her, "Didn't even think about that when I asked if we could walk around."
"It's okay," she beamed folding one of her legs under her before facing Harry, "I just need to sit down for a little, then I'll be okay."
"Do y'want my shoes? I don't think they'll fit well, but they'll work," he offered half joking. He knew if she had actually taken him up on it he would have no qualms about finishing the night barefoot.
She laughed at his offering, already brushing it off with a shake of her head. "I'll be okay, but thank you, H. You're very sweet."
A lopsided smile tugged at his features, his gaze falling to his fingers where he twisted his rings around the digits. A slew of tender reciprocations came to mind, compliments he would hope would heat her cheeks and cause her eyes to go soft like he's daydreamed about since Charlotte's party. But, he kept quiet, heady reminders of the fact this was just a night between friends and nothing more running through his head.
Beside him, he saw (Y/N) perk up with a petite gasp leaving her lips. A bright smile colored her features as she gazed at her phone in front of her. "The lights look so pretty like this! Would you want to take a picture with me?" She leaned closer to him, her own shoulder pressed against his, showing him her screen with the front camera on.
She was right, the stream of lights decorating each sculpture and strung through the trees cast a pearlescent glow upon their faces. Shades of pink and purple with pops of a baby blue shimmered across (Y/N)'s face, where his eyes were fixed on her phone screen.
Harry was already slinging his arm over her shoulder when he responded with a smile on his face. "'Course. Jus' promise to send it to me." He tugged her closer to him with his arm around her, their thighs touching as they drew nearer.
She bubbled off a vow to text the picture to him later before positioning her phone in front of them with the camera capturing their faces. (Y/N) posed with a soft smile on her features, resting her cheek on this shoulder. Harry hoped she couldn't hear the way his heart skipped a beat at the contact as she tapped the screen and caught the moment.
She was quick to pull up the photo, adjusting her posture and removing her cheek from his shoulder. Harry's arm reluctantly dropped from around her, her warmth missing from his skin. She smiled at the image on her phone before turning it towards him.
"What do you think?" she bubbled.
Harry barely passed a glance over himself, only aware of the softened gaze he held before he fixed his attention on (Y/N)'s half of the screen. The lighting glazed over her features to cast an angelic glow across the planes of her face, highlighting the points of her features in pasteled hues. He really hoped she would remember to send it to him.
"'S perfect" he breathed, gazing at her over the edge her phone.
She quickly nodded her head in agreement, the same bright smile stuck on her features. "Would it be okay if I posted this later? On my instagram? I just really like it."
A breath of satisfaction swept through his chest, almost giddy at the thought that she wanted to show off their date, even if it was only a friendly night together.
"Anything y'want."
Harry ended the night pulling up to (Y/N)'s apartment building, reluctantly putting his car in park. He wasn't sure when he would see her again, and that introduced a cloudy feeling to his chest, muggy and thick. He dreaded the uncertainty of when he would be able to allow himself to be with her like this again, or if that time would come again at all.
(Y/N) broke him from his thoughts, placing a hand on his arm from the passenger seat. She delicately wrapped her fingers around his forearm, the skin bare from rolling the sleeves of his shirt up and forgoing his jacket that now laid in the backseat. "Thank you, again, for tonight. This is the best date I've ever been on, Harry."
She looked to him with a tender gaze, her irises melted into silken pools of starlight that he swore only existed in fairytales.
"Y'promise?" he joked, watching as a smile bloomed across her lips at his teasing.
"I promise," she affirmed, squeezing his arm one more time before reaching towards the doorhandle. "I'll see you again soon, right?"
Though Harry couldn't be sure when soon was, he knew he wouldn't be able to last without seeing her for very long. "Of course. Whenever y'need me, love, I'll be there."
She dropped her gaze to the small yellow bag that laid in her lap, her softened lips still quirked in that shy smile he'd had the privilege of detailing throughout the night. She met his own eyes after a moment, looking to him expectantly. "Walk me up?"
Harry didn't even hesitate before he agreed, already stepping out of the driver's side door. He rushed around the front of the car, just barely beating (Y/N) before she opened the door and stepped out.
"Gotta wait for me. Still on our date, right," he teasingly chastised, offering her his hand just as he had all night long. He wanted to get one last moment with her fingers laced between his, hoping the walk up to her apartment was long enough that he could memorize the feeling.
The ascent up the stairs was a moment of dejavu, Harry felt. The steps familiar in the sense that his heart was running a racetrack through his chest, but this time he was anchored to the moment with more than a bouquet of flowers as a buoy. (Y/N)'s hand in his and the matching pacing of her heel-clad steps kept him grounded in the fact he was still with her, no matter if the moments with that comfort was waning.
"I'll be looking forward to that invitation to go to that restaurant again," (Y/N) mused, leaning against her front door as Harry stopped in front of her.
He kept his hands deep in his pockets, refraining from wrapping them around her waist and keeping her warm against his chest. "Y'let me know when you're free, and I'll set up the reservations."
A beat of silence passed between them, as (Y/N) lowered her gaze towards the floor with her fingers nervously picking at the satin tie around her waist. "We're still on our date, right?"
A smile poked at Harry's cheeks, "Yeah, I'd sa—"
(Y/N) cut him off by taking a bold step in his direction and placing her hands on her chest. She leaned up as far as she could with the help of her heels before placing a sweet kiss on his cheek (more like his jaw, but she reached as far as she could). Harry was hyperaware of how close she was to his lips, the leftover gloss on her mouth leaving a slight pink kiss mark printed on his skin.
"Goodnight, Harry," she mumbled after pulling away, glancing at him from over her shoulder as she let herself in her apartment.
Harry was left with a whiff of her scent as she closed the door behind her, her kiss sitting on his cheek with a blushing warmth radiating from the spot. He hadn't even realized he had fluttered his eyes closed until he blinked them open to find himself still in the spot she left him in.
He practically floated down to his car, forgetting each step he took as soon as he made it. The drive home was a matching blur, each turn and brake tinted with rose petals. It wasn't until he had just got home and had made it to the bathroom to start getting ready for bed (and stare at the kiss mark against his skin), that he was pulled out of his stupor by the buzz of his phone.
He reached for the device after unbuttoning his shirt, his chest bare as he swiped on the notification. His screen brightened with a familiar photo posted on Instagram, the notification coming from the tag that hovering above a perfect ringlet in his hair.
The photo taken in the sculpture park now held a caption at the bottom.
best date with my best friend. thank u, h. 🌼
He was gonna need to set up that next reservation soon.
prosecco is a sparkling wine, vibrant and sweet, boasting notes of crisp apple and honeysuckle. peach notes linger long after finished.
ahhh!!! this is the series that was supposed to be a one shot!! I started writing this almost a year ago and pictured it finishing off at 10k and now its just gotten too long w too much story to fit in one thing but !!!! I really hope u all like it and thank u so much for reading!! you can find the completed piece with all following parts already up on my patreon or I will be posting every Friday!! thank u for reading, sorry for any mistakes and if u have any ideas or anything please send them in!!!!
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fkinavocado · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
In which you've got textbook daddy issues and when your tool of a younger brother brings a sweet doe eyed girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and you end up offering her a ride home, you meet just the man to fix them.
Warning: 18+, smut, daddy kink, praise kink, age gap (older male/younger female), slow burn, angst, childhood trauma regarding domestic violence (non-sexual)
Y/N=your name
alternatively, read on AO3 or wattpad
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13 (updated Nov 9)
bonus: excerpts
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tobesobratty · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
The beautiful journey of Harry finding love again after going through a divorce!
— YOU DO NOT have permission to repost, plagiarise, translate or replicate my writing on any other sites! My work is only found on THIS blog. [Click here for inbox, designate yourself an emoji!]
Harry Styles, in my fics is just a face claims, I am by no means dictating how he actually behaves like in real life. This is all just fiction. [Click here for Harry Styles masterlist]
DIVORCE ARTICLE Rating: Informative/angst A little article on the announcement of Harry and Maddison’s divorce
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purplekiwis · 29 days ago
Tentmate (One Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N has always hated camping ... until her and Harry got stuck together in the same tent ⛺ P.S: I'm not taking any responsability for this. It is entirely @fkinavocado's fault for fueling my imagination. Warnings: Cursing / SMUT (Unprotected Sex / Breeding Kink / FWB Situation) Wordcount: 2.5k
Y/N was miffed.
She was so, so miffed.
Because she had somehow gave in and let her friends coax her into going festival camping with them. Camping itself alone already sounded a bit like a nuisance to her... add the hot, summertime weather part to it and that turns it into an absolutely dreadful experience. According to her, anyway. She hated having to sleep enclosed in a tight sleeping bag she could barely move inside of. How was anyone expecting her to rest peacefully with the rocks of the ground poking her flesh the whole bloody night?
Not to mention the constant, yet perfectly justifiable fear of a giant bug having crept inside without her noticing… But frankly, the worst part of all had to be the waking up at the utmost ungodly hours of the morning every single day due to the sun rays piercing through the tent walls.
And now, to make her camping experience even worse, she was also being forced to share a tent with Harry.
Harry! of all people! - A.K.A. the most unpredictable timebomb of all time. It got beyond annoying sometimes - his random spikes of energy that came out of nowhere, where he got all pumped up like someone had stuck a battery up his ass. He could only think to do stupid things then… things like jumping off a window into a pool or start climbing up a big statue just to prove to himself that he could reach the top. Sometimes, Y/N wonders how he hasn't died or gotten seriously injured yet… and now, the meanest, most selfish part of her was almost wishing he had sprained his ankle last week. When he fell while pivoting around Jack’s kitchen in his socks after having one too many drinks. Maybe then he wouldn't have come to the festival, what would've benefit Y/N’s sleeping tremendously, since she was already predicting someone like him would be insufferable to sleep next to.
She was supposed to be sharing her tent with Abigail... who had bailed last minute to go on holiday with her parents instead, leaving Y/N without a tentmate. What could have been nice, if their friends hadn't decided to tell Harry that it wasn’t worth bringing his own tent, as Abigail was not coming, him and Y/N could share.
And of course, no one had “remembered” to warn Y/N about the sudden change of plans... probably because they knew she wouldn't agree to it…
And now here she was. Stuck with him.
Breathing the same heavy, heatconcentrated air inside the tent.
Which was her fault, granted. She couldn't blame Harry for it when he had suggested leaving the zipper slightly open during the night to allow the air to circulate... Y/N was the one who had said 'no'. Too scared to wake up with creepy, leggy guests crawling next to her face. Harry had still grumbled about it… but ended up relenting, obviously.
At the end of the day, it was her tent. Her rules. He was just staying there because she had felt like being nice.
He was sleeping on his back. Forearm laid over his face to shield his eyes from the luminous sunlight. Y/N had been trying to do the same... but her arm kept slipping down whenever she was about to fall back into her slumber. For fuck's sake. She gave up. Sitting up with a huff and rubbing the sleep off her tired face. There was no point in keeping the tossing and turning... she knew she wouldn't find a comfortable enough position to fall back asleep in anytime soon. At least the washrooms should be emptier at that hour... If she went now, she could probably avoid the line for the showers.
So she reached for her flip flops, glancing resentfully at the boy sleeping beside her... who looked like he was having the best sleep of his life. It was almost like he was smiling. His lips parted with each heavy breath he took, revealing the pink tongue hidden behind them. His body was practically fully uncovered. Arms and legs spread and- Oh.
Her jaw dropped with a silent gasp.
Harry was hard. Rock hard inside his shorts.
The sleeping bag he was under didn't cover his front, leaving his compressed erection exposed to the girl’s curious eyes. Y/N knew she shouldn’t be staring, but how could she not? She had been deprived of cock for a while… and Harry was packing a nice one under those shorts, she could already tell.
Her thighs rubbed together unconsciously, as her mind span with filthy thoughs. Y/N had always enjoyed a morning wood… she loved when a guy woke up all stiff and ready beside her. Pliant to whatever she wanted to do to him. Y/N couldn’t tell how long she sat there just looking at it… it could have been a couple of seconds or 10 minutes... the only thing she knew for sure was that the only reason that prompted her eyes to turn away was the sleepy, draggy voice that startled her. “Enjoying the view?” It asked teasingly. Her cheeks burned hot to the touch, utterly ashamed to have been caught ogling so blatantly. “You can touch if you want to. Go ahead, love… give it a rub. I’ll give you one too if you’d like that.”
“Stop it! Don’t be gross.” Y/N spat, appalled that he would even think to say that.
“Wha- ‘m not being gross!” Harry defended himself, although he didn’t seem put off by her accusation whatsoever. “I’m making you a preposition, that’s all. You just have to say yes or no, and I’ll respect whichever. I won’t push it, I swear.”
Y/N couldn’t not let out an incredulous laugh at his audacity. Finding it somewhat amusing that the situation was beggining to feel a whole lot like a cliché scene out of a porno. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” She scoffed, tilting her head the complete opposite way. “I can’t believe I got stuck with you!”
“Hm.” Harry mused. “You’re avoiding to answer the question.” He chuckled a little, rubbing at his eye before nestling his elbow behind his head to keep it propped up. Just so he could still stare at her. “Makes me believe that you're considering…”
“I’m not.” She objected immediately, scowling.
“Got your mind all made up, then?” Harry asked teasingly. His lip got tugged between his front teeth after, biting down to suppress what was sure to be a cocksure smile.
The girl huffed, but her gaze kept betraying her. Eyes moving unsteadily… wandering back down to the bump in his crotch every so often, against her better will. “I don’t know, Harry.” She admitted below a heavy breath. “It’s not that I don’t want to, I just- I don’t want things to be weird after.”
“It doesn't have to be weird unless we make it weird, you know.” Harry answered her, deceivingly calm. “But it’s okay. Like I said- It’s up to you completely. I just figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask... since we've both been single for a while and touching feels good.” Harry chewed on his lip again. He could tell his words were getting to her… making her squirm to avoid pushing her legs together. “I just love it, you know…? Making a girl all wet and messy… a bit whiny too. Squeezing so tight around my fingers as she cums. It’s so good to get finger fucked, isn’t it?”
Y/N remained quiet for a while, staring right at him with challenging eyes. She was fully aware that he was saying all that to try and get her worked up – and the worst part was that it was working. “Make room for me.” She commanded with a straight face. He did so willingly, lifting one of the sleeping bag's ledges for her to scoot closer.
Once she was settled, he barely gave her any time to breathe before lowering his face over hers. Eyes half-lidded and a sly, effortlessly seductive smirk present on his lips.
Y/N gasped. She wasn't expecting for him to want to kiss her. Not with the overly casual, almost spontaneous way in which he had made his “preposition”… laying it out on the table like it was nothing but a casual favor. I’ll do yours, you’ll do mine – that was what this was… so why wasn't that how it felt? His mouth was moving against hers as if this had been planned. As if he had spent time contemplating on what it would be like to mold their tongues and lips together.
It became hard to focus on questioning things though, with his fingers idly moving down her belly. Dipping beneath her sleeping shorts. “Fuck. Your pussy is so wet…” He sneered. Lips heading down Y/N’s warm cheek, towards her uncovered neck as his fingertips began to circle her clit over the panties, coaxing sweet, soft moans out of her. “Does it feel good?”
“Yes.” Y/N nodded. “Does this, also feel good?” She accentuated as her hand advanced down his front and squished underneath his sports shorts too, groping all around. His length was fully hard. It felt heavy, almost. Warm against her palm too, once her hands decided to poke around further – past the underwear.
“God. Can’t believe I got you jerking me off right now – feels so fucking good.” Harry grunted, free hand reaching for Y/N's nape to tug her to clash against his mouth again.
“I’m gonna pull off your shorts.” She heard him murmur in between kisses, upon noticing her hips kept jolting up to try to get more friction. Something he couldn’t give her with the multiple layers of clothing keeping his hand cramped in between. Y/N nodded in agreement, only to let out a startled squeak once she felt her flimsy underwear being tugged off her body in a swift motion along with the rest. “It was just going to be a matter of time until those came off anyway...”
“A warning would’ve still been nice, though.” The girl grumbled, making him chuckle lightly whilst shamelessly looking down at her pretty pussy. Freshly bare and exposed to his eager eyes. “Strip off yours too. I don’t want to be naked alone.” She asked, pouting.
“Aw, you want me to strip?” He tutted his tongue, palming himself over his clothes for her. Truth be told, the throbbing between his legs was getting almost unbearable, but he wanted to hear Y/N supplicate for it. “Ask.”
“I want to see. Please let me see.” She whined, making him laugh breathily. The boyish smirk and mischievous glint in his eyes driving her even crazier.
That was all it took for his shorts and briefs to come sliding down his legs. He tugged them fully off, throwing them to an aimless spot inside the tent. His hard cock bobbed up, leaving Y/N impossibly more aroused as she reached for his wrist. Pulling him down just so he laid on his back. She climbed on top, spreading her knees apart around him.
His brow jumped up at the action. “Is that an invitation?” He made sure to ask. Waiting for the confirmation before he dared to start rubbing his tip over the wet slit, collecting the wetness to stimulate the clit with slow rubs and taps of his cock. “Christ. I know we shouldn’t, but I really want to fuck you raw. Your pussy is so warm and creamy… it’s like it’s begging me to do it. Begging to be bred.”
“Holy fuck. Yes. Yes please.” Y/N mumbled. “Do it. I want your cum.”
“Fuck...” He hissed, tapping her clit harder. “You sure? I mean- would we be safe?”
“I have a Nexplanon.” Y/N assured in between low whimpers. Her clit pulsing at the feeling of his tip aligning with her slit, only for him not to push it in, in favor of carrying on smearing her wetness around with his cock. “I’m clean too. Are you?”
"I haven't skipped the rubber since my ex. I did blood tests a while ago too, and they came out clean… but if it makes you feel safer, I have condoms.”
“It’s okay. I trust your word.”
“I trust yours too.”
They both let out groans once Harry finally allowed for Y/N to sink onto his cock. The wet, warm cunt sucking him in inch by inch until her plush bum was pressed with his thighs. “Fuck me… I’m already in love with this pussy.” He groaned again once the girl began to roll her hips on his. Pulling out halfway only to push him fully in again.
Her hands were on his chest, whilst his gripped at her hips, that swayed in a steady, stimulating rhythm for both of them.
Shit. It felt so good. She didn't realize she had spoken it out loud until she saw Harry smile at her words. “Fuck yeah, it does.” He replied. “I'll never leave you be now; I hope you know that. You’ll have to take me every morning… Just. Like. That.” He punctuated each word with a thrust up. “And maybe before bed too. You're always complaining that you have trouble falling asleep while camping, aren’t you? So it’ll be nice… having a nice cock to tire you out. It’ll put you right to sleep, I can promise you that…”
“Oh my god…” The rocking of her hips intensified at the lewdness of his promises.
“Yeah, you liked that?” He asked, daring to land an experimental slap on the girl's ass, that ended up leading to some more right as he realized his hand got the good reaction he was hoping for out her. “Gosh, who would've known that a good girl like you could be into such dirty things like that?”
“Good girls like to be- mmh, d-dirty too.”
“Yeah? Do good girls like getting cum on their pussy also?” His question was spat in between gritted teeth, due to the pace of his thrusts becoming more agressive. Loving the feeling, and the view of her slickness coating his cock as it appeared, only to disappear deep in her again.
“Fuck- fuck yeah, they do.” Y/N panted, hands squeezing her breasts together once she began to bounce on him faster too. Her thighs burned, but honestly that was the last thing on her mind. She could feel her orgasm approaching… the mental image her brain formed after his suggestion doing a lot for her pleasure. Harry was so undeniably hot – knowing just what to do and say to get her going… besides his cock felt amazing. It filled her hole up to the fullest, and was shaped just right to press against that special spot inside her: thick, with a slight curve, and the perfect number of protruding veins. It felt perfect. All it took was a couple more thrusts of it for Y/N to start clenching around the thickness moving sloppily in and out of her. “Harry, ‘m gonna cum.”
“Yes, fuck yes. Cum for me. Cum so that I can give you mine too. Want to pump it up your cunt and watch it dribble out after.”
God. He was going to wreck her.
She was shaking. The throbbing heat caused by his repetitive, fast thrusts turning her head light and dizzy – She couldn’t focus on anything else other than the grip of his big hands holding her down and the warm cock pounding up into her. Y/N was aware that they were being loud, and that the entire festival could probably hear their moans, but neither of them had the mind to hide them. It felt too good – like their bodies were set on fire, as they moved together towards that sweet release both had been craving so bad. Y/N saw stars as she came, and it only got impossibly better when she felt Harry's cock pulse inside her. Painting her tight walls with what seemed to be endless spurts of cum that he kept fucking deeper into her, just like he promised he would.
She stayed still for a while. Allowing for her pulsing cunt to milk it all out of him, before she willingly dropped to the side. Their heads were swimming blissfully. Bodies sprawled side by side and fucked-out faces gleaming with a thin sheen of sweat. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together this week, tentmate.” Harry blurted groggily, grinning and holding his fist up for Y/N to bump hers in it. She did. They were surely going to have a lot of fun, indeed.
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I’m really interested to see what blind!harry would be like if Finnley was acting out and being disrespectful (as disrespectful as a child as young as him could at least) and Harry had to discipline him. 🤔
I hope this is good enough!!!!
Sometimes Finnley could have quite the mouth on him. At almost two years old he was already starting to get into that tantrum stage, crying because of every little thing and catching the world's largest attitude when he doesn’t get his way in the slightest bit. With Y/n being a stay at home mom and Harry being out at the office most weekdays, she was the one dealing with the nasty attitude most of the time.
“No!” Finnley screams, starting to cry when he sees small cut up pieces of broccoli on his plate. “No, no, no, no!” He yells, grabbing the broccoli and throwing it down. Harry's head snaps over at Finnley, directing his attention to the fussy boy. “Did you just throw that?” He asks, grabbing the boy's hand and finding a napkin before wiping the boy's hand. “Just try it bub.” Y/n offers, stabbing the little piece of broccoli that was left untouched and offering it to him.
“No! Icky!” He yells, fat, hot tears still rolling down his face before he grabs the baby fork and throws it, accidently hitting his mummy. Y/n’s eyes widened, grabbing the fork off of the floor awkwardly due to her big pregnant belly and taking it to the sink. “You’re done until you can learn to be nice.” Harry pulls the boy up the stairs and into his nursery, and lets him whine while they sit on the floor together, the toddler picking at the fuzzy carpet below them.
“Are you gonna be nice now?” Harry asks, the toddler pouting and crawling up into Harry's lap. “You can be mean, okay? You weren’t being a good boy.” Finnley let’s a few more tears roll down before he pats Harry’s cheek and kisses it, a little sloppy baby kiss.
“Thank you. Now, we’re gonna go back down, you are going to apologize to mummy, then give her kisses and cuddles because that probably made her very sad.” He says, pressing a kiss to his head and giving him a squeeze before going back down stairs.
Finnley waddles over to his mummy, wrapping his arms around Her leg to give her a hug. “Sorry, mama” he says, his head hiding in her thigh while he tries to apologize.
Y/n smiles, squatting down and giving him a big hug. “Thank you for apologizing. I love you.” Finnley cuddles into her, giving her cheek a dramatic kiss. “Love you, mama.” He lisp, his baby voice scratching in her ears.
“C’mon, let’s finish lunch.”
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adore-laur · 2 months ago
silent treatment
might do a little blurb every time harry posts a behind the scenes picture…
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 🔒
word count: 1.4k
warnings: language, teeny tiny bit of angst
Tumblr media
“Where’s Harry?”
You swear he was in the room only a second ago. Furthermore, you swear he was just next to you playing a game of ping-pong in only his boxers.
He’s been ignoring you for the past hour, hitting the plastic ball back and forth with a member of the backstage crew in complete silence. You kept stealing glances at him, but he never gave you a single acknowledgment.
He’s mad at you. You think he’s being a bit dramatic.
“Not sure,” the crew member tells you with a shrug. “He left without saying anything.”
Where did he run off to so suddenly?
“Alright,” you sigh. “I’ll go look for him.”
You grab your sweatshirt from the chair in the corner and head out the door. He can’t be too far, but the unfamiliar venue with mazes of hallways lined with covert doors could make your search fairly difficult.
Thankfully, there’s plenty of workers with professional shirts and lanyards that roam backstage, pushing heavy carts or having conversations with someone through walkie talkies.
You hold you hand up to gain the attention of an older woman. “Excuse me, have you seen Harry anywhere?”
Her brown eyes widen. “Are you a fan? How did you get back here?”
“No, no, no,” you say with a nervous laugh, quickly taking your lanyard out from the pocket of your jeans. “I’m his girlfriend and I… well, I sort of lost him.”
She walks closer and narrows her eyes at the laminated card with your name and picture on it. “You lost him?”
Heat prickles up your neck. “Um, he’s quiet. Sneaks right by me all the time.”
The woman smiles. “I’m sure he does.”
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
“I think I saw him going towards the private bathrooms in the back,” she adds, pointing her thumb behind her shoulder. “Tell him to stop walking around in only his boxers, will ya?
“I will, thank you,” you distractedly reply with a nod, not fully listening to what she said.
There’s still an hour until showtime, so you wonder what Harry could be doing in the bathroom. Usually he waits until right before he goes on stage to get ready.
Wandering down the brightly lit hallway, you eventually reach the back where his private dressing room and catering area is. The smooth walls turn into white painted bricks as the opening of the bathroom comes into view.
You immediately spot him standing in front of the sink, a robe now wrapped around his sulking figure, brushing his teeth in the mirror with his lucky pink toothbrush.
One look at his face tells you that he’s not in a good mood.
Fights with Harry tend to be over small things that you easily forget about the next day. Joining him on tour has caused some lingering stress because what he does, as fun as it looks and sounds, is still difficult especially when unpredictable mishaps can occur at any moment.
You can’t quite remember what you said for him to so blatantly ignore you — maybe it has something to do with jet lag, or maybe he’s just simply being stubborn. Either option is highly possible.
“Hi,” you mutter as you stand next to him.
Harry continues brushing his teeth while avoiding eye contact with you completely. The air smells of mint and his cologne, but it doesn’t bring you the comfort it normally would due to the tension that’s also in the air.
“You’re mad at me,” you state, drumming your fingers on your arm.
He leans over the sink and spits out the green toothpaste, then inhales heavily, almost impatiently, as he picks up his mouthwash. He grants no response and opens the cap, taking a short swig and swishing it in his mouth.
You lean your hip against the counter and cross your arms. Since when has the silent treatment ever solved anything?
“If you’re not gonna speak to me, I think I’ll just head back to the tour bus for the night,” you say, swallowing down frustrated tears.
It doesn’t feel very nice when he hasn’t fucking talked to you when you’ve been in the same space for the past hour.
Harry just shrugs one shoulder.
It’s your self-proclaimed cue to leave.
You honestly don’t have the patience nor energy to start a one-sided argument right now, so with a disappointed hum, you begin walking the way you came from.
Your feet stop just before you turn the corner. “Have a good show,” you mumble with sarcasm.
Once you’re out of his sight, you curl your fists by your head and grit your teeth, almost letting out a crazed laugh at his ridiculousness. You want to scream. He acts like such a kid sometimes, too arrogant to admit when he’s sorry and too selfish to try and mend it before it builds into something bigger.
It’s also terrifying to think it could somehow become unfixable.
After about ten minutes of asking around, you’re led by someone to the back parking lot where the tour buses are lined up. The main one that you ride in with Harry is guarded by two security men, their sunglasses reflecting from the street lamps. You hold up your lanyard without a single word and they immediately open the door and step aside. You stomp up the stairs and throw your bags on the couch, trying to not let the simmering anger in your blood turn into an uncontrollable boil.
No one else is around, so you shut all the interior lights off and climb into the small bunk bed that you share with Harry, the sheets still crumpled and his dirty socks still sat at the edge. Everything smells like him, and for once, you wish it didn’t.
Eventually, exhaustion kicks in and you drift off to the sound of the distant crowd inside the arena.
Tumblr media
You jolt from the whisper next to your ear.
Your hazy brain catches up to consciousness as you grumble a noise of protest. There’s no need to open your eyes when you know whose body is causing the dip in the uncomfortable mattress.
A shake is then given to your elbow. You jerk it back and hope he takes the hint.
“Ow, bloody hell!” Harry harshly whispers.
“Mm, go away,” your muffled voice cracks out against the pillow.
That was a bad idea. Instant regret.
Harry rolls on top of you, borderline knocking the wind out of you. You tiredly groan and push him off, his body falling next to you in the cramped space of the bunk.
“Seriously, go away,” you say, putting a pillow between you and him. “Stop sucking up to me and acting like everything’s fine.”
He takes the pillow and flings it somewhere far. “Yeah, well, I don’t appreciate you just leaving and not texting me. That fuckin’ scared me.”
You roll your eyes. “I literally told you where I’d be but you decided to give me the silent treatment.”
He ironically goes silent at the truth.
“And,” you continue, kicking his leg under the covers, “I really don’t appreciate when you don’t speak to me. It hurts.”
“I’m sorry,” he murmurs. “I was being an idiot, genuinely. Can’t even remember what I was upset about.”
You slowly roll over so you can face him. “Me neither.”
He’s freshly showered, the hood from his sweatshirt thrown over his damp hair. His face is slightly rosy from the recent steam and his lips look extra soft in the low lighting.
“Hated not seeing you in the crowd,” Harry rasps, briefly looking down at your mouth. “It’s my fault, I know, but still… wasn’t quite the same without you.”
You lean in and kiss his forehead, making a content hum come from his throat. His legs intertwine with yours and he tiredly rubs under his eyes with a sweater paw.
“Please never stop talking to me,” you whisper with soft eyes. “Even when you’re annoying, I still like to listen to you.”
Harry gently smiles and places his palm against yours, admiring the size difference. “You’re my favorite person to talk to, you know that?”
You fake gag at his sappy statement and he nuzzles his face into your neck, tickling your sides. He eventually stops, wrapping his arms entirely around you and placing tender kisses to several places on your exposed skin.
His addicting scent fills your senses once again, and you find yourself drowning in it until sleep takes over both of you.
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