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moonlightsolo · 15 hours ago
forever pt. 3
wc: 3.6k
warnings: fluff!!!, lots kissing & things get a lil spicy ;)
pairing: harry styles x female reader (soulmate!au)
a/n: i am so sorry for my drunk rambling last night. also do you guys like when i add photos between the texts?? lmk. enjoy this next part ily xox
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
harry kept his promise and has taken you to central park for a walk, and beforehand to get smoothies from a shop called juice press. he got a blue one and you got a strawberry banana one.
maybe there was caffeine in that drink of his but he starts jogging away from you when you stop to admire a perfectly layered pine cone.
“wait up!” you groan in annoyance as you jog in attempt to catch up to him.
“harry!” you yell as he cackles like a child, throwing his head back while he jogs backward away from you. even going backwards he is still making it impossible to catch up to him.
you couldn’t help but smile because of his laugh. he’s too cute.
“you’ll never catch me!” he giggles.
“you’re right actually! i won’t!” you stop in the middle of the sidewalk to bend down, putting your hands on your knees as you pretend to heave.
the stamina this man has makes really does make you feel like a weakling.
you can hear his footsteps grow closer, then his hand rests upon your back to rub. “m’sorry love. i’ll stop.” he says in between breathy laughs, pressing a kiss to the back of your head. you hear him take a sip from his smoothie.
a hidden smirk appears on your lips, swiftly leaping out of his reach as you sprint forward as fast as you can. “ha!” you look back to see his reaction.
pure determination is written across his features as he starts to run toward you. a nervous squeal leaves your lips when you realize how easily he’s catching up to you. “no no no!” you yelp.
his arms wrap around your waist to pull you up from the ground and spin you around. you giggle and laugh. your head falls back against his collarbone from the force.
you two are most likely disturbing the peace with your pda, but thankfully there really isn’t a lot of people around.
“gotcha.” he presses a sloppy kiss to your cheek before letting your feet touch the ground again.
“yep…” you take a deep breath, “you got me.” you can feel your quickened heartbeat start to slow down.
harry glances around at the surroundings before leaning down to press a kiss against your lips. he’s so gentle as if you’ll shatter under his touch.
“mm. i can never get enough of you.” he playfully squeezes your butt before grabbing your hand to continue the walk.
once you both make it to the exit, harry tucks his head under his hoodie. the sunglasses sitting in his hair are now sitting over his eyes as he walks down the sidewalk with you.
since it’s pretty busy on the regular street, harry tries to conceal himself as much as possible. he’s wearing a plain black hoodie, shorts and multicolored trainers. it’s not hard to spot him though, mostly because if that thigh-ger tattoo he’s got.
“to your friends house right?“ you gently sip on your smoothie in your hand.
“yeah, we have to take out their dog real quick. i’ve been put on doggy duty while their away.” he chuckles, “it’s just down the street.”
he smoothly slips his hand into yours, making you smile and glance up at him through your eyelashes.
you couldn’t help but admire the humungous buildings around you, the reality setting in on how many there really are in this city.
harry stops at the corner, waiting with a group that is ready to cross the street. he pulls you in close by swinging his arm over your shoulders, letting you wrap yourself against his side. he chuckles and starts to gently rub your shoulder with his finger tips.
“you’re beautiful.” he mumbles, and as you’re about to respond the sign across the road turns from a stop sign into a person walking. your face feels hot and butterflies flutter in your abdomen.
harry continues walking with you, humming a tune to a song you don’t know.
he stops in front of a beautiful brownstone apartment, leading the way up the steps to the white front door. he pulls his keys out of the pouch of his hoodie, the metal jangles as he searches for the right key then pushes it into the doorknob to unlock it.
the dog behind the door is barking happily at the sight of the two of you, prancing and wagging it’s fluffy tail.
“she’s a shiba inu. her name is lucy.” he bends down to pet her after the door is shut and locked behind him.
he pulls his hood down and moves his glasses back into his hair. the dog excitedly jumps onto him, her paws on his chest as she licks him.
he laughs and turns his head in attempt to dodge the kisses. he brings his hand up to push his sunglasses back into his hair, “okay, okay!” he says as he attempts to calm her down.
you smile at the interaction, not wanting to bend down in case you get attacked with licks and kisses from lucy.
he slowly stands up, making her divert her attention to you. she hops on your legs, making you stumble back with a giggle falling from your lips.
“lucy! lucy! wanna eat?”
the dog quickly scurries away to follow harry into the living area.
you can hear the dry kibble hitting the dogs glass bowl, as well as him filling up her water.
you slowly creep around the corner, seeing harry standing in the kitchen as he tidies the mess and lucy gobbling up her food.
a smile appears on your face and you lean against the corner of the wall. not so secretly admiring the way he moves and the look of concentration on his features.
harry picks up his head, almost telepathically sensing you’re thinking about him as you watch him. he shoots you a dazzling one-sided smile, his dimple sinking into skin.
just having him standing in front of you, makes your heart skip a beat. he finishes up what he’s doing and walks over to you.
his hands instantly find its way to your hips, pushing his body closer into you. “you stalking me now?” he chuckles deep in his chest, your back now against the wall behind you.
“mm, maybe… just taking some mental pictures of you because you’re so handsome.”
he lets out another little laugh at your compliment, one of his hands moves to your face to cup it. his fingers push your hair back away from your face as he leans down to press a kiss to your lips.
it seems as if he’s going to pull away but he deepens it by letting his tongue wiggle against your bottom lip. you open your mouth wider to let your tongues press against each other.
the sound of your lips smacking against each other makes something venereal stir in your belly.
his hand resting on your hip slowly glides to your thigh to hike it up against his side, making you squeak in surprise. he hums in response, letting his lips detach from yours to kiss along your jawline.
the feeling of his swollen lips pressing along your skin makes goosebumps roll through your body. you shudder under his touch, making him smile against your warm skin.
his lips, oh so gently, press harder against the junction where your neck meets your shoulder. he softly sucks on the skin there, his teeth gently nipping.
a soft whimper falls from your mouth and your nails dig into his back. the sound makes him pause for a moment, his grip tightens on your hip to pull your body in even closer if possible.
his lips move away from that spot to kiss along your collarbones and down the center of your chest to your cleavage. the mark on the inside of your arm is burning with desire, the same tingling sensation travels throughout your whole body.
his hand gently comes up to the zipper of your skin tight exercise jacket, picking up his head to look you in the eyes. “is this okay? are you okay?”
his green eyes are blown wide, pupils dark with lust. the sight almost makes your knees fall to the ground.
“yes, yes- it’s fine. i’m good.”
his pink lips turn up into a sly smirk as his index finger and thumb clasp the zipper to pull it down.
the only thing under your jacket is a tight sports bra, one that pushes your breasts up high and gives you the best support. “god, you’re amazing.”
he lets out a soft relieved sigh as he dives down to press his lips against your breasts- his teeth nip at the sensitive skin here and there.
“oh harry.” you let out a soft moan, your hands card through his curls. your grip tightens at the root of his hair.
“i really wanna take this off.” one of his finger tips curl under your bra strap to pull it back and let it snap back against your skin.
“do whatever you want.” you give him free rein to your body, just wanting to feel him touch you everywhere.
just as harry is about to help you out of your jacket, a woof startles you both.
harry and you turn your head simultaneously to look down at lucy who’s sitting near her empty bowl. her tail is wagging with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.
“fuck. i need to take her outside.” harry groans as he rests his head against your pillowy chest.
“let’s go for a walk. take a little breather yeah?” which pains you to say because you want to jump on his man and climb him like a tree.
“yeah, yeah…” he mumbles as his grip leaves your thigh to let your foot touch the ground again. he politely zips your jacket back up, smiling as he leans down to peck your lips.
“c’mon luce. let’s go for a walk.” he pats his leg which makes her follow him to the front door.
you take a deep breath, still leaning back against the cool wall. you can feel how warm and tingly your body is because of him.
one more deep breath, and then you push yourself off of the wall to follow them.
harry is bent down as he connects the leash to the dog’s collar. he unlocks the door and reaches out for your hand to hold, which you gladly take.
“you’re not gonna get in your disguise for the people of new york?” you say jokingly.
“nah, i want to be seen with you. you’re too gorgeous to hide. plus i know of a secret little walk path to take.”
the sentence makes you smile as you both walk out of the house with the dog, harry locks the door before you all walk down the steps.
he takes a little shortcut in a well lit alleyway, the end has stairs that leads up with natural sunlight shining against the concrete.
on the right side has foliage, meaning lucy can climb into it to use the bathroom. you slyly pull your body away from his to look at the plants, “whatcha doin?” he asks as he watches you take a few photos.
“nothin’ just taking pictures.” you mumble as you continue to snap away. he chuckles as he watches you and begins to walk a little bit farther with lucy.
you glance up to see him walking away and you sneakily take a photo of him.
Tumblr media
you smile as you click on it in your gallery, proud of the candid photo. you lock your phone and slide it back into your pocket before you begin to jog to him.
“there you are, my darling.” he puts his free arm around your shoulders and presses a kiss against your temple.
“mm. your darling. that has a nice ring to it.” you snuggle against his side when the chilly wind whips against your face.
“yep, you’re mine. my dah-liiiiiing.” he says in a sing song voice, his accent very evident. you giggle from his words, his hand grips your shoulder gently.
lucy stops in the grass to squat down and pee, giving you some time to pull harry’s attention back to you. your hands fly up to his cheeks, gently pulling him down to your level.
his eyes blow wide in surprise as you press your lips against his. the same feeling whenever you kiss him ignites in your chest and abdomen. butterflies flutter around your insides, his hand grips your hip as the other hand holds lucy’s leash behind him.
you pull back with a smile, unable to keep your cheeks from hurting when you’re around this man. his presence radiates pure happiness, making your stomach and heart do flip flops inside.
harry can feel his own body warming up from your touch, the same butterflies in his own belly.
“harry, you’re so pretty.” you couldn’t help but blurt out, making him instantly blush. “oh hush. let’s keep walking.” he says when lucy tugs on the leash to keep moving.
“someone’s a bit eager, huh?” he grumbles under his breath to the dog.
the sentence somehow turns sexual in your brain, making you get goosebumps all over your skin.
oh, get your head out of the gutter!!
you catch up to him, walking alongside him as you look up at the blue sky. his hand intertwines against yours, giving your smaller hand a little squeeze.
throughout the walk, only a few random people are taking the same route. some on bikes and others on walks too. they don’t bat an eye at either of you thankfully.
you get worried that people will recognize him. i mean, it’s not hard to. he has very unique features.
as you round back to the street lucy’s house is on, a group of four girls are coming down the street talking quite loudly.
harry’s grip on your hand tightens, making you look up at him. “i have a feeling they’re gonna stop us.” he chuckles as he pulls his sunglasses over his eyes. he keeps his gaze on the ground as if he’s watching the dog.
“i just can’t believe he would do that!?!” the girls yap loudly as they pass you.
harry holds your hand tightly, leaning forward to press a kiss against your cheek.
suddenly you realize that their voices are quieted and they’ve pulled off to the side near one of the houses behind you.
you glance back at them, seeing that they are whispering with their eyes wide with surprise. some of them are holding their phones toward your backs.
you quickly snap your head forward, “they saw you.”
“what?” harry questions.
“they saw you. they saw us. they’re taking pictures.”
harry starts to slow down with a sigh, turning his head to glance back at them too. he saw exactly the same thing you saw.
“they seem harmless. it’ll be fine.” he pulls you in for a hug, “my fans usually are quite calm.” he hums, “and here they come now.”
one of the girls in the front is holding her phone close to her chest, her hand shaking nervously. “hi harry, i’m so, so sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if we could get a picture with you? we are such big fans of your work.”
harry pulls away from the hug, smiling wide as he brings his hand to push up his sunglasses. “hi, yes of course. thank you!” he says ecstatically. “what are all your names?” he asks as you carefully take the leash from his hand. he thanks you with a smile.
they quickly introduce themselves to him, each of the girls shaking his hand with their trembling one. harry’s such a gentleman as he repeats their names back to them and smiles.
“so glad to meet you all. let’s get this picture then.”
they all position around him in a group, two in the front and the other two next to him. the front girl hands you her phone, “do you mind?”
“not at all! i’ll take a few and let you look before we go.”
she smiles as she eyes you up as discreet as possible. you try to keep yourself as confident as possible, knowing they’re all probably silently judging you.
you snap about five photos before handing the phone back to her. “thank you.” she mumbles, still watching you with a careful gaze. he begins to give them all hugs, saying thank you to each of them.
“alright. have a good one! it was nice meeting you all!”
he lifts his hand to flash a peace sign at them before starting to walk away. his hand slips back into yours, lucy trotting between you both with a smile and her tongue hanging out.
harry glances behind him once more to make sure the girls are gone before heading up the steps and unlocking the door. he let you inside first with the dog and then himself next.
“i had a feeling we would be stopped today.” he chuckles as he bends down to unhook lucy from her leash. she runs into the living room, disappearing around the corner.
you grab the loose leash hanging in your hand to put it back up on the hook near the door, “you alright?” he questions how silent you’re being.
“yeah, yeah. i’m okay.” you let out a breathy laugh as you shake your head, “sorry. just thinking.”
“thinking? about what?” he grows a bit concerned and grabs both of your hands with his.
“just about them. do you think they took pictures of me? it’s not that i care, i just know you might get backlash…. or i might.”
he gives you a half smile, his fingers rubbing circles against your hand. “maybe, but it’ll be okay. we’ll be alright.” he leaned forward to kiss your forehead.
“ready to go back home?” he asks.
home. home. he said home.
you nod with a bright smile, feeling less nervous about pictures blowing up on various social media platforms.
the walk back to his car was comfortably quiet, his hand was in yours as you both looked around at the buildings.
his suv was parallel parked on the side of the road near central park. you could easily spot it, being so tinted and blacked out.
harry guides you across the crosswalk, still holding your hand. he’s practically dragging you at this point since your feet are aching terribly.
“almost there.” he encourages you with a smile.
you don’t know how he does it. he’s so fit.
he opens the passenger door for you, letting you climb in before he shuts the door. he jogs over to his side and hops into the drivers seat then buckles himself. he clicks a button to start the ignition before carefully pulling out of his spot and into the traffic.
he absentmindedly reaches over the center console, letting his open palm face up on your thigh- most definitely a silent invitation to hold his hand.
you slide your hand into his and his fingers instantly curl through yours. the music emitting from his speakers plays softly in the background, the countless buildings fly by the window and harry’s hand is sitting comfortably in yours.
this moment will forever be imbedded in your heart.
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hufflepuffhorandog-writes · 10 days ago
Lost | Harry Styles
[part 1] [part 2]
You were Harry's neighbor. And someone that crawled her way through Harry's life. But you thought the world of him, what happens when you realize he doesn't? He loses you. And he's lost.
Warnings : Swearing, Kissing, Heartbreaking. Short.
Containing : Mostly Angst, some fluff, hint of smut. Friends to Enemies to Idiots to lovers.
Pairing : You and Harry styles.
Tumblr media
Harry was never the one to be rude. Never. He never liked to hurt anyone's feelings, and if he did, it was immediately met with tons of apologies, maybe even when it wasn't his fault. But somehow, you were different. Harry couldn't help but have his mouth filled with sarcastic comments or rude replies for you. And he never thought about your feelings, well until now. But that's for later.
Anyways, you. Oh, you.
You were best friend. Or at least you considered yourself as his best friend. He told you everything, or rather glared at you while yelling at you about the despairs of his days. But you listened quietly, carefully. Not knowing this is not how best friends treat each other. He never listened to you. You used to talk to him, telling him very excitedly how you got perfect marks in your english test, and how dully you told him that you ungracefully slipped and tripped infront of your maths professor. But he wasn't interested, and somewhere in middle of your rant about how idiotic that neighbor is, he shouted at you. You understood.
Wait, you misunderstood this. No, you thought he was busy, and it was your fault that you threw these sudden talks of yours on him. Not knowing this is not how best friends treat each other.
Then why didn't Harry just throw you out of his life? Ah, well. He was afraid of the wrath of Anne Styles. You were 8 and Harry was 10 when you moved in, next to his house. Anne always got excited of new neighbors, so one day she invited you and your mom at her's for dinner as well as a bit of evening play time. Harry had groaned and asked Anne not to invite you over. He assumed you were those childish little girls, and that you were. But you had more spark. And more brightness on your face. He hated it. He wanted to get away from you.
But the evening play date thing became a weekly thing, and then he had to see you everyday as Anne suggested Harry's school to your mom for you. Anne made him promise that he would look after you in the school. And he did. But acting like an asshole. But you always tolerated it, not understanding that you shouldn't.
But everybody has a snapping point, don't they?
It all happened on a fine, breezy evening. You were 17 and Harry was 19, you were so happy. Your birthday was coming close and were skipping towards Harry's backyard to blabber about all of your excitement about turning 18. Supposed to be very awesome. Wasn't it? Well, apparently not for you.
"I mean she's so annoying!! Always following me around like a puppy!"
You halted in your tracks. That was Harry's voice, who was he talking about? "You shouldn't say that about her, Harry. You don't know how much you mean to her."
"Well, then she should leave! Just seeing her pains me!" Harry rolled his eyes. Tears brimmed your eyes. You still didn't know who he was talking about, but somehow you had the feeling he was talking about you. "Harry don't talk about Y/n like that! She cares about you!" You gasped as you struggled to keep your sobs in. But now your mind froze. It all hit you like a train. His tone, his replies, his ignorant ass. You were shocked to say the least. But it was all your fault now, wasn't it? You thought he cared about you like you did, you thought he was sweet, you thought he would never hurt you, you thought he would always be there, you thought he loved you. But now you realized it was just you, only you. Not him. Never him. You weren't vulnerable, no. Don't confuse vulnerability with doing anything for the ones you love. You were a very strong woman, Harry was blind to see it. This was it though. You had your neck up high and didn't care about the tears visible in your eyes. You had been too strong, and tolerable. You knew you valued your pride over your feelings. And now it was time to show it. Maybe you were being too dramatic. But you tolerated 9, almost ten years of this crap and you were going to put an end to it. "I guess then I should go," You said in a loud voice as you came out of the fence. Harry had wide eyes and then you saw Liam stuttering. "Well, I didn't expect my best friend talking shit about me to his friend. What a turn isn't it?" You said as you smiled coldly.
"Y/n...." Liam started saying but Harry cut him off. "Yeah well, you had it coming!"
"Shut up Liam!" You both said at the same time.
"Oh really! Well, what have i ever done to deserve this?!!"
"Like you don't know. You crawled and dug your way into my life and intruded it, you pig!! And you're so dorky, following me around like a puppy! I mean can't you do something else than hogging my time?!! God you are so stupid to not see it! You are a freakish little pig!"
Silence was dreading his ears. He didn't see the tears rolling your cheeks, because you know that he didn't deserve it. Liam had gasped , the only sound that they heard. You gave him a cold, curt nod and you walked away, not saying another word. "Well, aren't you going to day anything?? Are you gonna walk jus' like that?!"
Yes. You did.
His mom came to wake him up. But he was already awake. It was a grey morning, filled with the chirps of little sparrows that flew around, predicting that it will storm. He was looking distantly at the window. The blue color of your bedroom was hidden under the pink curtains and your shut off windows. The dark clouds reflecting on the glass of your window. It was like he had held his breath, and he can't let go.
It wasn't his fault.
But saying that never helped.
Anne looked at him with a pained expression. He looked at her with a red nose and a heartbreaking smile. "Her pie is ready. You wanna go?"
It had been days since that evening. You hadn't talked ever since. It was the longest time you had been away from each other. A long time, you both went without talking to each other. There was a difference between the days Harry had without you and with you. Harry refused to see it.
But he didn't expect you to actually not come back to him.
This morning was cloudy and everyone expected it to rain, maybe a storm or thunder. Usually, the mornings of your birthday were annoyingly chirpy and sunny. But your sweet sixteen was going to be different. Very different.
Harry went infront of your house. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. It wasn't his fault. He wasn't coming to apologize.
Anne had sent him, obviously, he scoffed, and why would he skip traditions?
Every morning of your birthday, Harry would come with Apple pie that Anne would make and you both would eat it with a side of bacon, and waffles that your mom used to make. It was like this every year, every year Harry used to wake up groaning, smelling a freshly made pie, and looking at your room's window to find you excitingly waving at him. He would slightly roll his eyes and wave back. That was tradition. And he wasn't breaking it.
But this time, the curtains were shut. She shut herself away from you.
"Oh Harry!! What a surprise! Y/n said you weren't going to come this time."
Harry just smile, and came in. You were there in the kitchen, eyes wide open, trying to suppress her anger. Harry entered the kitchen and stood near you, but you flinched slightly, not going unnoticed by the green eyed boy near you. His eyes started to gloss after you moved away from him. "Oh look at both of you! God i can't believe this!"
Harry's face went to utter confusion. What was your mom talking about?
What did she not believe?
"Y/n can you look at waffles, I'm going to get the camera, ok?"
You groaned audibly, seemingly not wanting to take a picture with Harry. "Mom stop,"
"No, y/n stop being stubborn. Since when are you annoyed by taking a picture with Harry? Its another tradition of yours, remember?"
You rolled your eyes and turned to the waffles and started boiling your milk too. Harry stood awkwardly there, not knowing what to do. He could just spend his time here, not talking to you, right? Sure, dumbass.
"Its nice that our traditions never fail to not get skipped." He said.
You gritted your teeth. You wanted to punch him so hard, for being a dick, for acting like nothing happened. "What are you doing here, Harry?" you whispered to him. "I assume you're not here to apologize because its just to low for you to apologize to a pig? So tell me Harold, what the hell are you doing in my kitchen?" Harry winced at the venom laced in your voice. "There you go, here it is."
"Come on get closer together, scooch in."
"No excuses, come on,"
Your mom pushed you against Harry, and you grunted as you felt your shoulder bump into his. You quickly moved away from Harry, before your mom could notice. Harry looked at you and the distance between you and sniffled. What had happened? His mind flashed back to the evening it all happened. He remembered how he talked shit about you, he had snapped. He felt that he deserved to be the one that was angry. There were alot of things that caused him to do that, but the incident that took place in the cafetaria of the school made him very, very frustrated. He was still convinced that it was all of your fault.
Carrie was the school's most wittiest, most prettiest, blonde, skinny and beautiful girl he had ever met. And he thought she was sending him signals, and when he asked her out, she laughed infront of her friends and said she pranked him, and joked about why would she ever go with someone who hangs out with you. It wasn't fair, he never liked you, he never wanted you.
He hated you.
But the fact that someday you would hate him, made him scoff. He never admitted it, but he kind of liked your attention. And you would take any crap from him. But it was over.
"Can't believe this is your last photo together," Your mom said and Harry snapped his head up. "W-What?" He whispered.
"Didn't she tell you?"
"T-Tell me what?" Harry asked frantically, looking at you and then back at your mom. "Well, she's moving to LA. To live with her aunt, she wants to become a journalist, remember?"
"Y-Yes," Harry said but you scoffed, as if this man had even listened to a word you ever fucking said to him. "I remember." He whispered to you, looking in your eyes. You felt a lump form in your throat when you saw his red eyes. "I'm sorry, I must've forgot. She did tell me,"
He looked at you and he sniffled, and you quickly looked forward as you saw your mom frown. "Okay." She said, "I'm going to go check on your bacon."
You curtly nodded as your mom went away.
There was a dreaded silence between them, that you were tired of. Harry was trying to process what your mom just declared. He felt all those words he said that evening to you echoing in his ears. He choked as he thought about it, he didn't know why.
He didn't know why he was there.
He didn't know why he was near to tears.
He didn't know what he was feeling right now.
He didn't know.
"So what!? You were going to leave just like that?!!" Harry felt all his emotions boiling and coming out, he felt like he was about to explode. He got up from where he had sat, and he ran his hands in his chestnut hair. You flinched at the sudden burst, but stayed still, looking down. You didn't want to give in to his fights. Because you just knew, that another fight with him would just make you burst into tears, which you Harry certainly didn't deserve.
"Like you care!"
Harry silenced, and then looked back at you. His anger, guilt surged through his veins and he shouted at you again. "No! You know what, I don't care!"
You felt tears brimming in your eyes, your lip starting to quiver as you looked at his apple green eyes. "I don't fucking care! I don't care if you go to your aunt or go away across the earth! Or d-drown i-in the ocean..!" Your head snapped up as he said that, your tears visible to him, his breath hitched. "Oh really? You don't care if I die?"
"T-That's not w-what,"
"No no. You just said that, that you didn't care if I drowned in a ocean."
"You know what? You're an asshole, a pathetic asshole who has nothing but his pride and his pathetically fragile ego. You just like to hurt people, or is it just me..huh? Tell me! Do you like seeing me in pain, is it entertainment to you!? Is it?!"
Harry was at loss for words, he looked at you in front of him, so broken and it was all because of him, all because of him.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He whispered and tried to come near you, but you flinched away from him, and his heart ached more.
"How long?" He asked.
"A year probably, hope it gives you the satisfaction that you finally got rid of me!"
"No..." He whispered.
But whatever he might say didn't help his case, because whatever happened, he still heard the tires of your cab screech away the next morning.
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dontworrysunflower · 4 months ago
Taken | h.s.
a/n: it’s been a minute huh? i’ve been kinda in the dumps lately idk nothing i write seems good but with harry on tour i’ve gotten some inspiration. also i’m posting this in honor of my concert today!! i’m so excited
this was also inspired by @/allisonkuch on tiktok!
warnings: slight suggestiveness, m*n who can’t take a hint, harry being a king even though its the bare minimum 
word count: 1,051
hope you enjoy!! pls reblog it’s really appreciated
Tumblr media
gif credit: @chasm2018​
You waited beside Harry as his intro started, your hand diligently wrapped around his toned bicep as the lights flickered and shimmered against the crowd and stage. You could feel his foot started to tap profusely, his anxiety hitting him at the last second. You turn to your husband as you gently squeeze his arm, his attention turning to you. “Hey, you’re gonna do great, you always do.” You give him a small smile and kiss the curve of his shoulder, his posture and stance immediately relaxing at your touch. 
“Thank you, lovie. Don’t know what I’d do without you.” You could barely notice the light rose tint on his cheeks under the dim lighting of the arena, his voice muffled from the screaming of the people waiting for him. 
“It’s why you married me.” You teased as his voice recording for the crowd came to a close, his band quickly maneuvering to their respective instruments.
He teasingly frowned at you as he shrugged, “The mind blowing blowjobs were the main factor.”
You slapped his arm, “I hate you.” You scolded.
He quickly kisses the corner of your mouth, slowly departing from you as the stage crew counted down to his entrance  in his in-ears. “Love you too, baby. You’re gonna be in the crowd right?” His nerves become evident in his forest eyes, a gloss forming in front.
You nod, “‘Course, baby.”
He visibly relaxes again and gives you his charming smile, the smile that made you fall in love with him all those years ago. The same smile he shined at you as you walked down the aisle towards him, as you said your vows and had your first dance as a married couple in front of everyone you love.
“Go kill it, golden boy!” You quickly shouted just before he ran towards the stage, the screams intensifying as they caught sight of him.
Harry was in the middle of singing Woman when you felt someone move next to you. You paid no mind, only enjoying watching your husband sing his heart out. 
“Hi there.” The man who had stood next to you spoke, his lips tugging upwards in a smile. 
Doesn't compare to your husband's smile. 
“Hi.” You say politely, quickly averting your attention to Harry onstage. 
“You here alone?” He asked, clearly not sensing your disinterest. 
You chuckle dryly, “Not exactly.” 
“Wanna leave this boring concert and have some fun?” 
Your brows raised at his insult you were choosing to ignore. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m married.” You show him your large ring you’ve always liked to subtly show off, the reflection of the stage lights bouncing off the diamond and spotting his face. 
“I don’t see him around.” He pressed on, looking around at the young girls dancing and singing, pretending to look for your spouse. He inched closer, but you quickly moved away. 
“Yeah, ‘cause he’s up there.” You smirk as you point up at Harry, his sequined vest shining under the spotlights, his eyes trained on you. You give him a small wave, your teasing smirk for the man now turning into a full smile for your husband. 
Harry continued to strum his guitar, his lip resting on his custom microphone as he lazily sang. His eyes bored into yours and he sent a wink your way, shouts and cries erupting around the arena, surely everyone catching the moment on the large screens on top of the stage and the crowd around you. 
Harry stops singing but continues to strum along to the song, his band doing the background vocals. “Hitting on m’wife over there?” Harry said into the microphone, the cheers around him seeming to get impossibly louder. 
The man beside you gets visibly nervous, slowly retracting away from you like you have the plague. He nervously chuckles up at Harry, mouthing apologies. 
“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to my wife for making her uncomfortable.” Harry gets serious quickly, his fingers halting against the strings of his guitar and wrapping around his mic, coming towards the edge of the stage. His infectious smile is long gone and his eyebrows are furrowed in frustration and anger.
You try to wave him off to continue the show, wanting this situation to be over, but he ignores you, his stare looking down at the man beside you.
“C’mon now, let's see it.”
At this point the song was over, the band behind Harry unsure of what to do. 
The man mumbles an apology towards you, ready to turn and leave in embarrassment. 
“Wait sir, I’m not done with you.”
The man stills, eyes wide in fear. 
“I’m sure she told you she was taken, but even then, if a woman says no, single or not, you leave her alone you hear me?”
The cheers erupt again but Harry completely disregards them.
“Buh-bye now.” Harry folds his fingers in a wave with a fake smile, Harry kneeling down by the edge to watch the man leave.
Once he was out of sight, Harry turned to you, a soft smile displaying on his face. “You okay, baby?” 
Everyone awe’s around you, and for a moment you forget about everyone around you, and all you see is Harry. You see his pinked cheeks and shoulders rise and fall with every labored breath. His dimples crease his cheeks and his flowy hair falls in his face and you wish you had a camera to capture such a beautiful moment. 
You just nod and mouth an ‘okay’ to him, your eyes never leaving his as he moves back to the center of the stage, blowing a kiss towards you. 
You dramatically catch it and tuck it in your pocket, just like he does and you’re sure everyone captured the moment on their phones, seeing how much Harry has rubbed off on you. 
“Anyway..” Harry dragged out with a side smile as he clicked the microphone back on the stand, subtly signaling to the crew to continue on with the show. 
For the rest of the show, Harry kept his eye on you, watching you sing along and dance to his music, small whispers behind you about ‘how cute they are together’ and ‘they’re made for each other’ a distant thought in your mind as you watch your husband prance around.  
idk sorry i hate the ending
@samaraaaaa @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @lover-of-bucky @tom-hollands-wife @acciosiriusblack @aslugforharry @sunkissedchxrry @niallsbaeorwhateva
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fool-for-harry · 7 months ago
~Just a list of my favorite Harry styles imagines/fics~
Smut:🖤 Angst:🤍 Fluff:♥️
He’s in love- he realizes he’s in love with you ♥️ (emotionally-imbruised)
Cardigan-he loses his rainbow cardigan 🤍♥️(stylesberries)
Moments after- you guys share your love for each other ♥️🖤(harryimaginedstories)
After the gala-the morning after the met gala♥️ (emotionally-imbruised)
PDA-you kiss at a Fleetwood Mac concert♥️ (kind-heart)
Candy girl-you have a picnic in your backyard♥️🖤 (songbirdstyles)
Harry’s moans-he’s insecure about his moans ♥️🖤 (harrywritingsbyme)
Talk to me-he cries ♥️🤍 (harrysgoldenline)
Reassurance-Harry feels insecure and needs reassurance that You won’t leave him ♥️🤍 (lovemesomeharry)
Domestic-“no ones ever loved me like this before” ♥️ (hes-writer)
Guitar- Harry accidentally breaks his favorite guitar, which makes it an obvious choice of a present for his upcoming birthday ♥️ (stylesberries)
Kisses-he won’t stop asking for kisses ♥️ (iconicharry)
Praise kink-he has a praise Kink (p2) 🖤 (trulymadlysydney)
Pearls-You have a gift for Harry on Adore You day ♥️ (thinkingoutlouddblog)
Golden hour-you admire Harry at the crack of dawn ♥️ (hes-writer)
You’re not jealous-you’re jealous ♥️🖤 (smugzayn)
Sick-you take care of him while he’s sick ♥️ (harrystylesandharrypotter)
So lucky-he cries during sex ♥️🖤 (academiaghosts)
One day-he asks to marry you while he’s drunk ♥️ (nationalharryleague)
You’re my forever-Harry has never felt more certain about your forever together ♥️ (kind-heart)
He’s sick- You wake up in the middle of the night to take care of a sick Harry ♥️ (glitterygayvodka)
Sunshine-you have had a tough day and you come home to find Harry watching one of your favorite shows ♥️ 🤍(glitterygayvodka)
He’s insecure-he’s insecure so you make sure he knows he’s beautiful ♥️ (justice4canyonmoon)
Grammy night- you want to show your grammy winning boyfriend just how proud you are of him 🖤 (tobesolonely)
It’s the truth-Harry’s tiddies have been all over the internet and you pull a joke on him for it ♥️ (watchmegetobsessed)
You’re so golden-you’ve never been as nervous to perform as you were when your boyfriend’s family was in the audience ♥️ (anabsolutetrainwreck)
Lace love-An emotional H after his first MET Gala as a co-chair ♥️🖤 (for-fucks-sake-h)
The wait-harry is back from tour and you finally have a quiet night at home. feat. a messy attempt to braid hair & reading some romantic poetry aloud ♥️ (pingutats)
Giggly sex-they can’t stop laughing ♥️🖤 (iguessweallcrazyithinktho)
Evening in roma-A quiet evening in Italy with Harry ♥️🖤 (givemesomeboobies)
Cut the calls-you and Harry finally manage to get a night to make as much love as possible but someone doesn’t get the hint and keeps on calling ♥️🖤 (vocalharry)
Rocking the boat-you guys have sex on a boat in Italy 🖤 (dontworrysunflower)
Green-eyed-monster-he’s jealous of a co-worker ♥️🖤 (stylesmessiah)
Oscar-you win an Oscar ♥️ (mysweetcreaturestories)
Condoms-you forgot to take your birth control so you guys have to go and get condoms 🖤 (confidently-dasiavuu)
“I can’t write songs!”-Harry can’t write songs so you comfort him ♥️ (academiaghosts)
“And I can’t give that to you”-Harry suffers from seasonal depression and you don’t know how to help ♥️🤍 (meetevieinthehallway)
Cause y’laugh is pretty-Harry gets his wisdom teeth taken out ♥️ (meetevieinthehallway)
“You’ve been spraying my perfume?”-Harry misses you while your away ♥️🤍 (meetevieinthehallway)
“Let’s us heal, first together.”- you have a miscarriage 🤍 (meetevieinthehallway)
Interview- Harry pretends to be your interviewer ♥️ (mysweetcreaturestories)
Doubt us-Harry is less famous than you, causing the whole world to believe he’s using you for your success ♥️🤍 (thinkingoutlouddblog)
Muse-you’re his muse ♥️ (lovemesomeharry)
Pest-you’re trying to do your makeup but he won’t stop bothering you ♥️ (confidently-dasiavuu)
Drunk sex-you guys are drunk and have funny sex ♥️🖤 (confidently-dasiavuu)
Period sex-after months of him trying to convince you to have sex on your period you finally give in ♥️🖤 (confidently-dasiavuu)
Embarrassed-You’re in the middle of giving Harry a blowie in the dressing room & someone walks in 🖤 (confidently-dasiavuu)
Clingy-he’s clingy during quarantine ♥️ (harryhoney-bee)
Spill or fill-you and Harry play spill your guts or fill your guts ♥️ (harrysgoldenline)
Faking it-you fake an orgasm 🖤🤍 (harrystylescherry)
Pool-you give him a hand job in a public pool 🖤 (secret-rendezvous1d)
Italy-he proposes to you in Italy ♥️🖤 (adore-laur)
Blowjob-you give him a bj 🖤(harrystylesslut)
Morning-you have morning sex 🖤 (harrygivenchy)
Insecure-you're insecure about Harry being friends with Camille 🤍 (p2) (hes-writer)
Early- he comes while eating you out 🖤(watermelonlovershigh)
Perhaps the World Ends Here - you go camping 🖤 (iconicharry)
≈I’ll update this as much as I can≈
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atlafan · 2 months ago
The Boy in the Dress
Tumblr media
a/n: alright it’s been a minute since I posted a fic on here, but here we are! Just something short and sweet for Halloween...even though Halloween is over, but oh well! This Dorothy costume has consumed all my thoughts. PLEASE REBLOG AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OR I’LL DELETE IT! If you like what you’ve read, consider joining more of the fun on patreon.
Warnings: smut
Words: 2.6K (not proofread) 
Pairing: Harry x OC
Normally, a guys dressed as a woman for Halloween would be a joke. Guys like to dress up as women to make fun of them, at least, that’s the experience Avery’s always had. Frat guys dress up like Britney Spears, sorority sisters, or basically any woman. But when Avery saw a guy legitimately dressed as Dorothy, no joke attached, she couldn’t help but feel intrigued.
She herself is dressed up as a Pop Tart. She and her friends all got extra large tee shirts and designed them to look like different flavors of Pop Tarts. She’s the cinnamon frosted flavor – a classic. She’s wearing a pair of spandex shorts underneath, and paired with some converse. Comfort is key with Avery. She’s on the Women’s Volleyball Team at her university, so this was an easy team costume to put together.
Avery looks around for anyone on theme with the boy in the Dorothy costume, but she doesn’t see anyone around him in something remotely related to The Wizard of Oz. Normally, she wouldn’t be so bold, but the boy is sort of being a wallflower. He has a red solo cup in his head that he’s occasionally taking a sip from. He’s also holding a small basket with a little stuffed dog. He’s wearing the fuck out of his dress, and he’s even got a bow in his hair. He just looks cute, and Avery need to know more about him. As she gets closer, she sees his left arm is littered with tattoos, and he even has a couple on his collar bones. Who the fuck is this guy? And please…let him be into girls. Let him be into girls like Avery.
“Hi, I hope this isn’t weird, but I had to come over and tell you how pretty your dress is.” Avery says with the most amount of courage she’s ever needed to muster. The boy nearly chokes on his drink, his eyebrows shooting up from her compliment.
“Oh! Uh, thanks.” If his cheeks weren’t already so rosy from his makeup, the burn in his cheeks would certainly be noticeable. “I made it myself.”
“Get out!”
“No, really, I…I’m an art and design major. I designed this for a class and decided to actually make it. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies.”
“It’s beautiful, honestly.” Avery’s eyes scan the entire ensemble. His shoes look like normal red heels, only they’ve been made into boots that zip up around his calves. He’s sporting red stockings and white bloomers under the dress, a nice touch. His nails are painted red to match the shoes, and he even seems to be wearing false lashes. “You look beautiful.”
“Thank you.” He smiles softly. “I was sort of nervous to come out like this.”
“I’m on the swim team, and I was nervous some of the guys would make fun of me, but I got over it. It’s Halloween, I just wanted to come out and have a good night.”
“And…are you? Having a good night?”
“Yeah.” He smirks down at her, biting the lip of his cup. “I’ve sort of just been surveying the seen. My buddy’s dancing with some girl.” He looks Avery up and down. “Are you on the volleyball team?”
“Mhm, how’d you guess?”
“You all are dressed like Pop Tarts, it’s cute. It’s original, I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before.”
“We were going to be Sims, but we found out the women’s soccer team was doing that, so we scrapped it. So, do you want to be a fashion designer?”
“Something like that…I haven’t quite decided yet. What about you? What’s your major?”
“I’m pre-med, I want to be a pediatrician.”
“That’s so cool!” His eyes light up. “I’m Harry.”
“That’s a pretty name.” He smiles.
“Did you do your makeup yourself? It looks good.”
“I did! I watched a few tutorials. The lashes were the most difficult, but all in all I’m happy with it.”
“Did you make sure to take a ton of pictures before going out?” She steps a little closer to him.
“Yeah, why?”
“It could get a little messed up as the night goes on.” Her fingers brush up is his left forearm.
“I used a pretty decent setting spray. So, unless you plan on personally messing it up, it should stay intact.”
“And what if I did want to mess it up?” She’s inches away from him. He’s got a solid foot on her, and normally she’d be intimidated by someone so much larger, but she’s feeling confident. She wants this guy between her legs in any capacity. “I’d love to see those pretty eyes looking up at me…but if you’re not into it, please tell me to back off.”
“No, I…” He swallows. “You actually want to hook up with me?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? There aren’t any other guys here I’d like to take home. You really caught my eye, Harry.”
“You’re not put off that I’m in a dress?”
“Put off?” She scoffs, and places her hands on his shoulders. “I think you look sexy.” Her hands move, and slide up to tug at the hair at the back of his neck. “Fuck, I really want to kiss you right now.”
“Go ahead.” He places his hands on her hips and tugs her closer to him so they’re pressed against one another.
She goes up on her tiptoes just a bit so her lips can reach his. He tastes like hard cider, which just makes her kiss him harder. His arms wrap around her lower back, so she’s able to put more of her weight against his chest. His back is pressed up against the wall, and he gets into a slight wall sit position to kiss her easier. He opens his mouth for her and she licks inside. She nips at his bottom lip, running her tongue along it after. He’s wearing lipstick, she can feel it rubbing against her own lips.
They spend a decent chunk of time kissing. She sucks bruises into his neck while he groped at her hips and ass. The party is loud around them. There’s music blaring, people shouting, and everything in between. Avery didn’t see her night going this way at all. She didn’t think there would be any prospects at this party. She just found Harry’s confidence to be so sexy. At the end of the day, it’s just a dress and heels, but it takes guts for someone to step outside the confinements of society to do something so freeing.
“You, uh, you said you wanted to take me home earlier…does that offer still stand?” He asks her, puffing for air.
“God, yes.” She nods. “I live about a five minute walk away.”
“Perfect.” He grins. “Lead the way.”
The walk feels like an eternity. Avery just wants to get Harry into her bed. She isn’t sure if she wants him to leave the dress on, or have him take it off. There are so many possibilities. When they do finally reach her apartment, and make it inside, she quickly gets him into her room and locks the door. She presses him up against it and attaches her lips to his.
“You still wanna do this?” She asks between kissing his lips to his jaw to his neck.
“Yes.” He nods, biting his bottom lip as she sucks another bruise into his neck. Avery pulls him to her bed. She takes her leggings and underwear off (along with her shoes and socks) and sits on the edge of the bed. She leans back on her elbows and opens her legs for him. Harry takes the hint and gets on his knees in front of her. “Do you think I could have a pillow?” He asks her as his hand run up her bare thighs.
Avery grabs one of her throw pillows for him, and he tucks it under his knees. He kisses from her right knee all the way to her inner thigh. He looks up at her before doing anything else. She gives him an encouraging nod, and he moves her thighs over his shoulders. He licks up over her slit a few times, just trying to get a taste of her. He swirls the tip of his tongue around her clit and gives it a little suck before licking inside of her. She groans and reaches for the back of his head to push him closer. She doesn’t want to mess up the bow on the top of his head, so she sticks with pulling at the curls on the nape of his neck. He looks up at her through his lashes, and she looks down at him. Her mouth falls open from the lustful sight.
“Oh my god, you’re so good at this.” Avery whimpers. “You look so pretty licking my pussy.”
Harry moans into her, and uses his thumb to continue rubbing at her clit. His tongue feels so good as it fucks in and out of her. Her thighs squeeze around his head as she starts to squirm. He licks and sucks on her cunt until she’s coming around his tongue. Harry moves up off his knees to hover over Avery on the bed. He slots his mouth over hers, and holds her wrists down on either side of her head. She rolls her hips up towards his and groans when she feels his hard cock press against her. They shift so he’s standing up straight, and she’s up on her knees on the bed. He holds the skirt of his dress up so she can tug his bloomers and tights down his legs. His cock springs out and slaps against his lower belly. She grips his length and gives his tip a kiss.
“Please.” His head rolls back as her tongue glides over his slit.
“What do you need?” She asks him, pressing wet kisses up and down his shaft.
“Your mouth, please, suck on it.”
She wraps her lips around his tip and starts licking and sucking like he’s the world’s best tasting lollipop. His taste is heady and salty, like most guys, but he smells like cinnamon and vanilla. He’s trim and clean, which makes Avery take him further into her mouth. She tucks his head into the back of her cheek and bobs her head up and down. Harry keeps his dress out of the way with one hand while the other grips her shoulder, bunching the material of her shirt.
“You taste so fucking good.” She mumbles around him before popping off altogether. “Do you wanna fuck me?”
She helps him wriggle out of his boots, bloomers and tights, but the dress stays on. Avery leaves her Pop Tart shirt on as well. She doesn’t love being overly exposed, and with how needy she is for Harry’s cock, she’s honestly not even thinking about getting the rest of her clothes off. She reaches into her bedside table for a condom, and rips it open. She slides it on over his length and has him lay flat on the bed. She straddles him, and lines his tip up with her entrance, sinking down slowly onto him.
“Oh my fucking god.” She moans softly.
Harry sits up a bit, placing a hand behind himself to prop his weight onto, and uses the other to grip her hip. Avery bounces up and down on Harry’s cock as he thrusts up into her. She pants and moans, not really caring how loud she’s being. All she cares about is how good Harry’s cock feels inside of her, and how pretty he looks fucking her with that dress on.
“Can, fuck, can we switch positions?” He asks her.
“How do you want me?”
“From behind.”
“But then I won’t be able to see you, and you look so pretty.” She pouts down at him.
“Fucking hell, do you have a mirror in here?”
“Yeah on the back of the door!” She gets off of him and gets into position on all fours for him. He gets behind her and slides back inside. She collapses down to her forearms once he gets a rhythm going. “Oh! Oh my god!” She looks at him through the mirror. His head is thrown back, his hands are squeezing at her ass and hips, and he’s making the best sounds she’s ever heard someone make. “You’re so hot, Harry, fuck, look at yourself.” He opens his eyes and looks at them in the mirror.
“Shit, look at you.” He groans, his nails digging into the meat of her ass. One of his hands slides around her front so he can rub at her clit. “Think you can come again?”
“Definitely.” She arches her back more for him. His tip is beating into her g-spot, a feeling she hasn’t really had before. She feels like she’s gonna go cross-eyes. “Don’t stop, please.” She whimpers. “Harder, go harder, Harry.”
He grunts and groans as he pounds into her. She tightens around him, coming again. She gushes around him as he continues to rub her clit. She cries out and desperately tries to catch her breath as he spills into the condom. He carefully pulls out of her and collapses back on the bed.
“I just need a minute.” He breathes. “Then I’ll get out of your hair.”
“You can stay if you want to.” She tells him, laying back next to him.
“That’s so nice of you to offer.” He turns his head to look at her. “But I don’t want to walk back like this tomorrow morning. I need to get this makeup off too.” He wipes under his eyes.
“Understandable.” She chuckles. “Can I at least help you with the makeup? I have wipes.”
“That’d be great.”
She helps him take off the condom and disposes of it before getting her makeup remover wipes. She turns her main light on, and moves to straddle his lower stomach.
“It’s always best to start with the eyes.” She tells him as she carefully dabs at his false lashes. “You look really sexy with your makeup all smudged.” She smirks, and so does he.
“I bet. I’ll have to wear it for you again somet-ow!” He yelps and opens his eyes.
“Sorry, I thought I loosened the glue enough.” She tosses the false lash aside. “I’ll be gentler with the other one.” And she is, much gentler. Harry sighs contently as she uses a new wipe to do the rest of his face. “There we go, all clean. You’ll want to still wash your face with your usual cleanser to get anything I may have missed, though.” She gets off him and watches as he gets the rest of his clothes back on.
“Yeah, thanks for the tip.” He gives her a soft smile and fiddles with his phone. “Would you…uh…” He rubs the back of his neck. “Was this a one-time thing, or…would you maybe want to grab coffee sometime?”
“You wanna see me again…for coffee?” She cocks her head to the side.
“On top of the great sex we just had, you were genuinely nice to me tonight. I know more and more guys are wearing dresses nowadays, but you made me feel sort of special and beautiful.” He admits. “Not a lot of people would have done that. So…I think…I think I’d like to get to know you better.”
“You’re, like, the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” She stands up and wraps her arms around his neck, pecking his lips. “I’d love to go out for coffee sometime.”
The two exchange numbers before Harry heads out. He texts Avery once he’s settled into bed. The two stay up for a bit messaging one another. They figure out a day and time during the week to meet up for coffee, and they both fall asleep with butterflies in their tummies.
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darlingsteve · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
all rights reserved to ©𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐕𝐄 — please do not modify, steal, translate, or repost any of my ; stories, headers, moodboards, themes.
reminder that — this blog and my works of fiction are only for adults. you must be eighteen or older to read and interact with this blog ; minors do not interact, 18+ only.
all stories are in order of newest to oldest ; last updated on 1.12.2022
❝ 𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀 ❞
𝐢. his girl || 18+ only
— harry finally announces he’s in a relationship after many people spot you two together in your hometown.
𝐢𝐢. unspoken words || 18+ only
— intimacy with harry is much more than just sex.
𝐢𝐢𝐢. next chapter || 18+ only
— you see harry for the first time since you’ve broken up…will you give each other a second chance?
𝐢𝐯. because i had you || 18+ only
— harry see’s you with someone else after your break up.
𝐯. brit awards || 18+ only
— you meet harry at the brit awards.
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harrystylescherry · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: god do i love sex...also this isn’t proofread or edited at all
warnings: choking 
what is is: some good old fucking
word count: 4k
let me know what you think :)
You were so sexually frustrated you could’ve cried. 
It had been like that all day—the past few days, actually. It was absolute torture. Harry had been beyond busy with the Grammy’s coming up in the next few days, constantly in rehearsals, constantly tired, and the kind of stressed out that didn’t warrant a sexual release. You on the other hand, were going through some kind of hyper sexual phase. This happened every few weeks or months; you were horny all the time, always wanting to be touched, always all over Harry. Then it would fade and you’d be normal again. Usually, it wasn’t a problem since Harry was always more than happy to help his girlfriend get off. But now, he was too busy and too tired—so you were suffering. 
Sure, you could’ve taken care of yourself, but lately, it had become severely underwhelming, anticlimactic, and slightly disappointing. The releases just weren’t the same. You needed someone else’s hands—you needed Harry, but as of late, he was never in the mood. 
Because you didn’t want to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, didn’t want to pressure him into doing something he didn’t want to do, you hadn’t even tried to tease him or entice him. Instead, you had straight up asked him, “So, do you think you can fuck me today?” or “Are you by any chance in the mood to get head today?” 
Unfortunately, each time, his answer was the same. He would laugh at your bluntness and then apologize because, no, he was not. Then you would groan and whine dramatically about how you were sure if he didn’t touch you soon you would absolutely die—then Harry would laugh again, kiss you on the forehead, and go about his day. It was absolutely infuriating. 
It was day four of your withdrawals and you were sure that your sanity was hanging by a thread. You couldn’t concentrate on anything—not on the emails you were meant to be answering, the call you had with your mom, the tik toks you were scrolling through, the zoom call you had, or on the book you had started reading as a last resort (it was something from Harry’s collection and so not your vibe but you just wanted some kind of distraction). All you could think about was getting railed. It was all you wanted. Forget the kissing, the foreplay, the fingers, all of it—you wanted to be filled. Was that too much to ask?
Apparently, it was. 
You heard the front door of the house open and close. You heard him toss his keys in the small bowl next to the door before he kicked off his shoes. 
When he entered the living room, you didn’t look up, knowing that looking at him a little sweaty and tired from rehearsals was enough to make you audibly whine. 
“How’s my girl?”
“Horny.” It was out before you could stop it. 
He laughed softly. “How ‘bout hungry?” He held up the big brown bag in his left hand. 
“Food will fill the void temporarily.”
“I thought you would’ve taken care of that by now.” He said as he started to unpack the sushi from the bag. 
You groaned. “I told you it’s not the same!”
“I’m sorry, I just—“
“Haven’t been very horny lately, I know, I know.” You slouched and sighed. “Sorry for being so bratty, I’m just…in pain.”
“Horny pain.” 
“Maybe later I can help you out.”
You waved a dismissive hand at him. “No, it’s fine. I don’t want a pity orgasm. And honestly, I think of past the point of fingers being enough.”
“Oh.” You could see the blush dust across Harry’s cheeks. 
“It’s fine, really. I’m good.”
“If you say so.” Harry said before dropping a chunk of wasabi into his soy sauce. 
So, turns out, you weren’t good.
Dinner had finished a little while ago and you and Harry were sitting on the couch, watching King of Queens reruns. You were scrolling through your phone and he was answering emails on his laptop. 
Purposefully, you had put a good two feet in between your bodies, knowing that having to be close to him without being able to touch him would just drive you insane. When he leaned over and squeezed your leg almost absentmindedly, your whole body tensed as a pang of need shot through you. You let out a small breath when he returned his hands to his keyboard. 
A few minutes later, he scooted closer to you, which caused you to scoot further towards the end of the couch in order to keep your distance. 
Harry grabbed your ankle and gave it a small yank. “Hey, c’mere. I haven’t been near you all day. I missed you.”
When you looked over at him with the intention of protesting, the words died in your throat. He was looking at you so sweetly, with a small furrow in his brow that showed his need to be close to you. 
You sighed before locking your phone and dropping it on the cushion next to you. His smile was wide when you scooted over to him and settled your head on his chest and threw your legs over his now empty lap. He wrapped his arms around you tightly and kissed the top of your head. 
When he brushed his fingers over the back of your neck, you whined softly, the most innocent of touches being too much. He kissed your hair once more before resting his chin on your head so he could watch the show. You ran your finger over his collarbone which was unintentionally exposed by the old, ratty, stretched out Ramones t shirt he was wearing. You traced the bit of the swallow that was showing and let out a long sigh. The warmth between your legs hadn’t gone away at all. Instead, it was growing; you knew what was under his shirt, what his bare torso looked like and just imagining it was enough to make you ache. 
“You okay?” He asked as he ran his right hand down your leg in a way that was meant to be comforting—it was not. 
“Mhmm.” You said as your eyes fluttered closed. 
When his laptop dinged with an email notification, he leaned forward slightly. “Oh, sorry, love. This is important. Just give me one second.” He said as he dropped his arm from around you. 
You pulled your legs from off him and set your feet on the floor as he pulled the Mac onto his lap. You rested your chin on his shoulder blade and ran your palm flat over his toned back. When he let out a noise signaling it felt nice, you took the opportunity to dip your hand underneath his t shirt and scratch over his skin. When he let out a soft moan, you felt the spot between your thighs pulsate. You groaned loudly and dropped to your shoulder behind his body. You laid there limp, disappointed and frustrated. 
“What’s wrong, babe?”
“Nothing.” You dragged the word out. 
“I told you I could—“
“I swear I’ve never been this sexually frustrated in my life. I think I’m going to cry.”
Harry laughed sweetly. “I’m sorry!”
“It’s not your fault.” You mumbled. 
“Can you scratch my back again?”
“Fine. But don’t make any even remotely sexual noises or I will literally have a breakdown.”
After readjusting your position so that you were sitting on your heel, you moved your hand back to his back. As he answered the email, he gave you direction and visibly tried to not let out any kind of sigh or sound that would indicate that it felt good. 
He closed the laptop and turned to face you, causing your hand to drop from his back. “Your turn.” He pushed himself back and laid down on his side. Once he propped a pillow underneath his head, he motioned for you to join him. “C’mere. Lay down.” 
You bit your lip before plopping down next to him, your ass hovering precariously close to his front. He pushed your side so that you would lay on your stomach and you obliged, scooting around to get comfortable. When your head was resting on your folded arms, he hiked your t-shirt up as far as he could, accidentally exposing your boobs in the process, but he didn’t even seem to notice. You let out a soft sigh when he began raking his nails over your back, hitting your favorite spots and sending small chills down your spine. Again, warmth blossomed between your legs and you were sure that all it would take to get off at this point was fifteen minutes of this. 
He rubbed his palm over your warm skin before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on your shoulder blade. When he placed another a little bit lower, you moaned quietly. His hand moved to your hip—and just when you thought he was going to make a move, he pulled you back into spooning position and wrapped his arms tight around you and pulled you close to his chest. He placed a kiss to the top of your ear. 
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” You said before trying to focus on the show. 
You were simply going to have to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t interested in fucking you. The thought repeated in your mind when he yawned and adjusted his body to get comfortable. In doing so, he had rubbed his front against your ass, but there was no sign of a boner. It was a sad realization. 
You knew it wasn’t that Harry didn’t find you sexy or wasn’t turned on by you. Usually, the two of you probably had sex more than the average couple did and you were always making fun of him for getting hard during moments that didn’t make sense to you, like when you were brushing your teeth together in the bathroom, or you were laying on the couch reading, or when you came back from a run completely drenched in sweat and smelly. It wasn’t a secret that the mere thought of being with you turned Harry on—he was just going through a bit of a sex drive drought, which was absolutely fine. 
It’s not like it had ever happened to you before. Of course there were times, stretches of days (usually when you were experiencing PMS), where you weren’t in the mood. Sometimes you just wanted to be cuddled, and sometimes even though you wanted to want to have sex, wanted to be turned on, you just couldn’t. So, you understood the situation Harry was in and honestly, if you were in his position, you probably wouldn’t be in the mood to have sex either. If you were him, you would want to be cuddled, coddled, comforted and taken care of in order to relieve whatever stress you could. 
Suddenly, you felt a little bad about all your whining. It wasn’t his fault he wasn’t in the mood and you really hoped it hadn’t sounded like you were trying to guilt him into giving you what you wanted or trying to make him feel bad for something he couldn’t control. You knew that Harry knew you were a complainer and didn’t mean anything by all the whining, but you also knew that if you were on the receiving end, it wouldn’t exactly make you feel good. 
You sighed softly before twisting around in his embrace so you were facing him. You placed a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth and then to his lips which he returned softly. “Sorry for being so whiny.” You whispered. 
He smiled. “It’s okay, baby.” He kissed you once more before moving to lay on his back. 
You tucked yourself into his side and he scratched at the skin of your shoulder as he pulled you closer to him. When you saw that his t-shirt had ridden up to expose the lower half of his stomach, you started to lightly scratch the area. 
For whatever reason, being scratched was one of Harry’s favorite things. Sure, you loved having your back scratched, but that was about it. Harry, on the other hand, often asked for you to scratch his arms, his back, would lift up his shirt and signal for you to scratch the entirety of his torso—even the palms of his hands and the insides of his wrists. At first you thought it was odd, but now it was a natural action whenever the two of you were laying down or he needed to be relaxed. 
Since his arm was thrown across his stomach, instead of disturbing him and moving up to his chest, you dipped your hand underneath the band of his sweats and trailed your nails over his hip. You ignored the way that Harry’s body tensed, assuming that it was a ticklish spot and moved to the outer side of his thigh. When he changed after dinner, he had forgone boxers so there was nothing in your way. 
When you scratched up the inside of his thigh, he let out a breathy groan, which took you slightly by surprise. Despite the warmth that blossomed between your legs, you ignored the sound and continued to run your nails over his skin. His breathing started coming out ragged, while his grip on your shoulder tightened. When you dragged your nails up the inside of his groin, he let out a long moan and you felt his dick twitch against the side of your hand. 
You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, his brow was slightly furrowed, and his mouth was barely open. “Sorry.” You whispered. 
When you went to pull your hand from his pants, he grabbed your wrist and pushed it back down. “Please don’t stop.”
You obliged silently and once again began to trail your fingers over his hips, down the insides of his thigh and up over his pelvic bone, purposefully allowing your fingers to brush against his hard on. You licked your lips when precum dripped across your knuckles. 
Harry grabbed your chin and tilted your face up so he could kiss you. He wasted no time in slipping his tongue into your mouth. You moaned against his lips while wrapping your hand around his cock and slowly sliding your hand up and down. He groaned harshly into your open mouth and tightened his grip on your jaw. 
He pulled your hand from his pants so he had easier access to you. When he ran a delicate finger over your loose shorts, you released a needy whine and he smirked. “That bad?” He asked and you rolled your eyes before forcing your lips back on his. 
“Fuck.” He mumbled against your lips when he pushed your shorts out of the way to find you hadn’t been wearing any underwear either. You were dripping, easily coating his fingers as he slid his pointer and middle along your folds. When he stopped them at your center, your hips bucked greedily. When he pushed them in, you fisted the collar of his t-shirt and cursed. 
Your sounds were strangled and unfinished, unable to catch your breath as he curled his fingers in and out of you. “Fuck.” You whispered into his mouth. “I want to ride you. Please.”
“Yeah?” He slammed his fingers into you hard and you gasped. 
“Baby, please.”
He placed a long kiss to your lips before pulling his fingers out of you. You sat up quickly and pulled off your t-shirt before standing up so you could drop your shorts. Before you could turn back around to face Harry, he had grabbed your thighs and pulled you close to him. He kissed your lower back, right above your ass before massaging it and biting it softly. “Fuck, you look good.” He whispered when you turned around. 
Your eyes raked over his naked body—a sight you had missed more than you thought possible and it had only been a couple of days. 
Before you could make a move, he had grabbed your hips harshly and pulled you onto him. You settled your knees on either side of his hips as he hurriedly took your nipple into his mouth. You placed your hands on the back of the couch to stabilize yourself while leaning into his mouth. One hand stayed planted firmly on your ass while the other pulled at your other nipple. You whimpered when you sat down and your clit came in contact with his shaft. 
He sighed as he moved to suck your other nipple into his mouth and you began to move your hips, reveling in the way his tip slipped between your folds and then nudged at your clit. You gripped at his hair when he started kissing your neck, biting and sucking the soft skin. When you leaned down to kiss him roughly, his hand on your ass moved to align himself with your center. 
You slid down slow, a desperate moan falling from your lips. Harry cursed before biting harshly onto your bottom lip. 
“Slow, baby. Go slow.” He whispered, knowing you wanted nothing more than to rock your hips quickly against him, your body begging for an immediate release. 
You rolled your hips slowly, fighting the urge to buck them harder each time your clit rubbed against his skin. Harry’s hands on your hips helped guide your speed while his eyes were trained on your chest. When he finally looked up at you, he cursed. 
“You look so pretty like that.” His right hand moved to massage your breast and his praise tightened the knot in your stomach. “Look at you; just like that.” 
You dropped your forehead to his and struggled to keep your hips rhythm. 
“Good girl. Fuck, keep going. That’s it.” 
A strained moan left your lips as you dropped your face into his neck. Your orgasm was growing quickly and with each bit of praise, you found yourself closer and closer to becoming undone. The friction was too good and Harry’s cock inside of you felt like too tight of a fit. Each movement felt like it could be the one that brought you the release you needed and it was becoming too much. 
“Fuck, I wanna come.” You said into Harry’s shoulder. 
“Come on, baby.” Harry wrapped his arms tight around your waist and held you as close to him as he possibly could. 
You pulled harshly at his hair as you began to feel your orgasm overtake you. “Oh, god.” It was loud and desperate as your hips moved frantically over his. “Fuck, Harry.” 
He held you close as you shook against his body and rode out your orgasm. When you slowed down your movements, he released his tight grip. 
After you placed a kiss on his neck, he tugged softly at your hair to get you to sit up so he could see you. He slipped his tongue into your mouth while your fingers tangled in his hair. 
“Want another?” He asked. 
“Stand up.”
He slipped out of you as you stood up and waited for instructions. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you again before turning you around to face the couch. Knowing exactly what he wanted, you kneeled onto the cushions and leaned forward to rest your hands on the back of the couch as you arched your back for him. 
“Fucking hell.” He whispered before slapping your ass harshly. He brought his hand down hard one more time before gripping your hips and pulling you back slightly so he could guide himself in. The both of you moaned in unison when he slid in slow.
As he began to thrust harder and faster, he gathered up your hair in one hand and pulled it back which forced you to arch your back further. His other hand stayed planted on your waist while he moaned. 
You could hear that his moans were becoming more desperate and his curses were coming out unfinished. He pulled out of you quickly. “You’re too good. Fuck—you feel too good.” He squeezed your waist. “C’mere.” 
When you turned around, you kissed his jaw and then his chest. 
“On your knees, on the floor.” He commanded against your lips. 
You walked around the coffee table and settled yourself on the carpet—soft enough to kneel on, but rough enough to give you rug burn on your back. 
You stood on your knees and Harry pressed his chest against your back. He placed his open palm on your stomach and held your jaw with the other. He tilted your head to the side so he had access to your neck and began to suck hard on the soft skin and moved down your shoulder before biting it softly. 
He moved the hand that was on your stomach down and nudged your thighs a bit further apart. When he began tracing circles over your clit, you leaned back into him and let your head fall back onto his shoulder. He kissed your temple and moved his other hand from your jaw to around your neck. When he applied pressure, you let out a breathy moan.
“Please fuck me.” Your voice was soft and slightly strained. 
“Jesus.” He whispered. “Say it again.”
“Please, Harry. I want you to fuck me.”
He removed his hand from your clit momentarily so he could push his cock back into you. As soon it as it was in, his fingers were back tracing circles over the small bud and his other hand was tight around your neck. 
His thrusts were slow paced and it was agonizing. A new orgasm began to build slowly between his cock and his hands, but you wanted it faster. 
You reached back and dug your nails into his thigh. “More please.”
Harry cursed as he sped up his movement and tried to hit as deep as he could. He sped up his fingers on your clit and knew you were satisfied when your chest began to rise and fall quickly and his skin started to sting where your nails were dug in so far they were sure to leave marks. 
“Oh, fuck. Harry…I’m…Harry—“
“Come on, love. Be a good girl and come.” His voice was thick and raspy in your ear—more than enough to send you over the edge. 
Your body lurched forward as a strangled moan flew from your lips. It was more intense than the last since your clit was already so sensitive. 
Harry followed you down, unrelenting with his hand and his thrusts. Your body shook between his and the floor as his named mingled with the curses you whispered harshly. Harry kissed the back of your neck and then the side of it, right beneath your ear and your writhed underneath him. Your hips bucked against his hand and with every movement, you tightened around his cock. 
As you came down, you reached back, rested your hand in his hair and scratched lightly at his scalp. 
He slowed down his movements and burrowed his face in your neck. “Can I come? Please, baby.”
“Mhmm.” Your approval was soft as he pebbled kisses over your neck. 
Harry moved his hands to your waist and held onto you tightly while your hand stayed in his hair. His groans were drawn out and his moans were short and needy, while yours were delicate and peppered between whimpers. 
“Fucking hell, I’m gonna come.” Harry bit hard into your shoulder as he released inside of you. As his cock twitched inside of you, he sighed and released your shoulder. He kissed the bite and then your back before pulling out of you and rolling over onto his back. 
When you went to get up, he quickly pulled you on top of him and moved you so that you were laying directly on top of him, your chest pressed against his. He leaned up and kissed you gingerly before brushing your hair away from your face. 
“Don’t ever let me think I’m not in the mood again—especially, if that’s what I’m missing.” His smile was wide and sleepy. 
“Trust me, I won’t. That was absolute torture.”
The two of you giggled quietly. 
“I love you, baby.” He trailed his finger down your cheek. 
“I love you too.”
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littledreamybeth · 26 days ago
3 o’clock
Tumblr media
A/N: Tumblr is currently not showing this in the tags. It would be awesome if you could repost my writing!
It was some time past three in the morning when Harry awakened to the crying sound of his newborn baby. This happened pretty much every night, miraculously always at the same time. It was as if the little human had an alarm installed inside of her, knowing exactly when to go off. Thinking she was probably hungry, the young father turned around and faced his partner. He instantly melted. You slept so peacefully, like an angel, that it broke his heart to wake you up. He knew sleep was a luxury you couldn’t recently afford. Your lives had made a drastic change after the new addition had been born. It was like a double edge sword. Harry gently laid his hand on your bare shoulder, then shaking it. You didn’t notice anything at first, literally sleeping deeply, but when he shook a bit harder, you finally woke up, yawning and stretching in exhaustion. Rubbing your hands over your eyes, you looked at him questioningly, but before he could say anything, you already received your answer immediately from the baby phone on the dresser adjacent to you.
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” you murmured.
You left the king-sized bed, wrapping your nightgown around your shoulders and slipping your feet into some cozy slippers, then rushed out of the room. When you arrived at the nursery, your baby’s wails increased in volume, as if she had sensed that you’d entered her space. As if she knew you came to free her from her misery. You steered toward her crib, pulling her out of it and resting her on your arms.
”Hello, my love. What’s the matter?”
For the next couple of minutes, you weighed her back and forth, trying to shush her, but somehow, her tears didn’t cease. You checked her diaper- it was clean. You even tried to feed her, but she refused your breastmilk. Trying every possible way of making her stop crying but miserably failing at it, your own eyes started watering. Of course, negative thoughts would start consuming you. Your mind would bully you by making you believe you were a bad mother because you couldn’t give your baby what she wanted. And combined with tiredness and fatigue, you were destined to break.
Finally, Harry came into the room. He had observed you standing in the middle of the room, had witnessed the failed attempts in comforting your child. He couldn’t imagine how you must be feeling at that moment. But he knew you blamed yourself for the fact that the little baby mercilessly continued crying.
He approached you two from behind, snaking his arms around your waist.
“I’ll take over, darling,” he said softly, kissing the shell of your ear. “Go back to sleep. I’ll look after her.”
He pressed his chest against your back tightly before he did let go of you, a gesture intended to provide comfort. “I just want you to know you’re not a terrible mother. You’re a good mother, you’ve proven it often enough. Don’t let your head hanging because it didn’t work out this time.”
You offered him a grateful gaze, forming a ‘thank you’ with your lips, and then laying your baby girl in his arms.
“Hey, Dove,” he chanted as soon as he held the infant in his arms. He turned around and took a seat on the white rocking chair next to the crib.
“It’s alright, bub,” he cooed at his daughter. “Daddy is here. Daddy will protect you.”
He kissed her soft cheeks tenderly, and your heart melted at the sight. It was no question that Harry had always looked good with kids. When you saw pictures of him with children, all of them instantly screamed, ‘This guy is daddy material. Give this man a child.’ Also the way he interacted kids, loving and caring, giving them his whole attention, making sure they knew he was listening to them, had made you realize that he’d become a wonderful father someday. He was a devoted father, fingers crossed.
Harry drove his hand gently over Dove’s back while humming a lullaby. Your baby immediately relaxed to his voice and stopped crying.  
“You’re definitely her favorite,” you commented humorously, but a slight pinch of envy could still be heard in your voice.
Your husband, noticing that, quickly defended himself. “That’s nonsense, babe, you know that.”
“C’mon, she just relaxed in your arms, in mine she cried. Don’t tell me she isn’t choosing sides while being a few weeks old.”
Harry sighed. He understood where your frustration was coming from, but he wasn’t ready to deal with it at three-something-o’clock at night. “Y/N, you’re tired. That’s why you’re talking bullshit. What does a four-weeks-old know about picking sides? She’s just a baby reacting to what she feels comfortable in at the moment. Don’t draw any conclusions from just one incident. There have been other occasions she wanted to be with you, and only you.”
Before you could say anything in return, Harry dismissed the conversation by giving you an imploring look. He had no intentions of arguing with you. Nodding your head in defeat, you then strolled out of the room.
“I love you, and so does Dove. We both love you so much,” the British man called after you. He didn’t want to you to go back to sleep feeling useless because he was aware of the fact of how the tiniest unnecessary thing could stir something in you. You had a purpose in their lives. He had to make sure you knew it.
When you finally felt the soft mattress under you back, you exhaled a breath. You couldn’t quite explain why your emotions went out of control a few minutes prior upon realizing that your husband had made a point. Of course there will be times she’ll want to be comforted by you, and there will be times she’ll want to be comforted by Harry. There is no point in jealousy. Now the little baby prioritized being with her father, and that should be okay.
Your eyes slowly started falling shut, but the last thing you thought about before sleep drew you in was to profusely apologize to your husband for your infantile behavior in the morning.
Meanwhile, Harry had a chat with your baby. Normally, he’d tell her about the mundane things in his life but this time he told her about you. The argument you’d provided didn’t sit right with him.
His eyes met the curious ones of his little angel. He took her tiny hand between his and started playing with her fingers.
“I know your little brain is not able to understand any words yet, but it is sure that you don’t need them to process what is going on around you. You’re a great observer, aren’t you? You felt her energy?”
“Your mummy, the woman who is always there for you- she is absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful human being in my life. She’s intelligent, strong and kind. I don’t think I have ever loved any other woman as much as I love her. She’s sacrificed a lot without batting an eyelash. She knew about my chaotic life, the hurdles coming along by dating a star, but she mastered it with finesse. There have been times I thought she couldn’t handle the negativity and hate thrown her way, however, she stayed strong. She’s very strong. That’s something I admire about her.”
“Mummy cares for everyone, little dove. But most of all she cares for you, and that’s why I want you to promise me that you will treat her good. Don’t break her heart and trust. Be a lovely princess to our queen. Most importantly, love her and protect her. I will remind you of that as long as we both live.”
He pressed his lips tenderly against his daughters cheek and rocked her back and forth until the infant slowly closed her eyes, snoring peacefully.
“Sleep well, my little angel.” Harry whispered in her small ear, while placing her down in her crib. He tucked her in, making sure the blanket covered every inch of her body. “I’ll see you in the morning.”  
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satanhalsey · a month ago
Y/N and Harry having soft morning s3x (only if u are comfortable with writing it ofc)
of course!! this is them this morning <3
! | smut, praise kink, breeding kink, protected & vaginal sex.
Tumblr media
"Baby, yes." Y/N moans, holding onto Harry's shoulders, who thrusts inside her slowly.
They were both sleepy and their movements were slow and messy, but they both loved it when it was like this, more intimate.
"So, so perfect." He sobs, overwhelmed by the sensation. "You're so wet, shit."
They both cling to themselves, letting out moans of pleasure. The morning sun comes through the window, illuminating Harry's shoulder and Y/N's face, making them look angelic.
She tightens around him on purpose. "Please, want it inside, H."
"Fuck, m'soul, I'll give you all of it." He answers. "I'll give you all of it as you deserve it."
Y/N feels closer to climax thanks to the praise, and decides to contribute. "You're so big, I feel you on my belly."
He smiles, closing his sleepy orbs. "Yeah, feel me here?" He slides one hand up to her tummy, and rests her hand against it. "Gonna fill you up, give yeh a baby."
The deep moan that escapes from her throat is not let out by Harry, who bites his lip and accelerates his movements, mercilessly fucking her by hitting her weak point.
"Make you a mommy. You'd like that, huh?" He whispers in her ear.
Y/N nods desperately, about to come. "Want your babies, H."
She was taking the pill, but their kinks were bigger than that, and they just wanted to come.
Harry does it first, painting Y/N's walls white and using his thumb to caress her clit, which leads her to come as well.
They both lie in bed, already quite awake and silent, until Harry speaks first.
"I'll give you m'babies whenever you want."
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moonlightsolo · a month ago
mint to be (part 2)
wc: 8.5k !!!
warnings: so much kissing, fluff and implied sexual themes.
pairing: harry styles x female reader
a/n: sorry this is so long?? also not sorry bc it’s amazing. you’ll thank me later.
when you see * turn the song on. read part 1 here.
Tumblr media
steady thumps rumble against your rib cage from your anxiety-ridden heart. the panic rising in your chest is only making it worse.
you’ve checked and rechecked your appearance in the mirror multiple times, and perfected your makeup until you were unable to do so anymore. 
a ding sounds from across the room. it’s your phone indicating a newly delivered text message. you quickly scurry over to it to check on who it is. 
h: On my way. 
the night of your concert, anthony gave your number to harry after seeing the chemistry between you two. honestly, when you received that text it was such a surprise you would have never expected. 
harry styles? texting you? maybe in your dreams. 
obviously, you didn’t believe him at first. you thought a fan might’ve stolen the sign from anthony somehow and was pranking you. 
unknown number: Hi, guess who.
you: who?
unknown number: You don’t have any guesses?
you: anthony? 
unknown number: Close, but not quite. 
you: is this a prank? like seriously. it’s not funny.
unknown number: Attachment: 1 image
Tumblr media
you: facetime me if you’re real then. 
*incoming call from unknown number*
when his face popped up on the screen, you audibly yelped and threw your phone away from you. his bright laugh echoed through your phone speakers. it’s harry styles. 
after you finally gathered the courage to retrieve your phone, you couldn’t stop talking to each other. the conversations came naturally. whether it was through facetime, a regular phone call or through text. no topic was off limits. 
ever since that night of your concert, you haven’t seen him in person. of course, you stayed up to date with the rest of his concerts and now after a month his tour is over for now. 
he took this as an opportunity to fly you out to him in los angeles. unfortunately, he had a meeting with his management in the morning you arrived. so he kindly ordered a driver to pick you up and bring you to a hotel close by to the airport. even when you protested against him paying for everything, he refused and ignored you. 
you were so surprised when the driver dropped you off at the hotel. it’s quite nice; actually, that can’t be the only word to describe this hotel. it’s an extravagant, six star, quartz floor, cucumber water sipping, uppity-uppity hotel. 
he teased you by saying he has planned a whole afternoon with you, which you were extremely excited for, but still so anxious. who wouldn’t be though?
you made sure to pick out your outfit a few weeks ahead, knowing this day would come sometime in the future. you wanted to be prepared. you picked out a dainty flower printed midi dress, black doc marten boots, a black crossbody purse and some vintage sunnies. 
Tumblr media
you made sure your hair was perfectly styled, but still natural to your own hair texture. you made sure to pack your lip gloss and a pack of gum just in case. 
you take one last look in the mirror, turning to check your backside and make sure it looks good before leaving your hotel room. you made your way to the elevators, clicking the down button. the hallways smelt clean and fresh like freshly washed laundry. 
after making it down to the first floor, you couldn’t help but look around as you waited for harry to arrive. you weren’t sure if he was going to come in or pick you up right outside of the front door. 
you took advantage of the complimentary water station, picking up a glass cup to fill it with cold water from the pitcher. you took a sip, letting the cool liquid drown out your anxiety in your chest for a split moment. 
it returns instantly as you feel your phone buzz in your hand. 
h: I’m here. Right outside the front doors. 
you: coming!!
you almost choked on the water in your mouth so you toss the cup into the garbage beside the station. you quickly glanced at yourself in the mirror against the wall before making your way towards the exit. the concierge opens the door for you with a smile and you mumble a little thank you as you walk outside. 
the warmth of southern california envelopes your body in the best way possible, the fresh air feels crisp in your lungs. the many cars outside confuse you. whether it’s valet, or people being dropped off. 
your head tilts down toward your phone to text him.
bzzz. bzzz. 
h: Look up.  
your eyes are quickly torn away from your phone, instantaneously spotting him walking toward you with a smug smile. 
oh my god, it’s harry. how he pulls at your heart strings. 
a wide smile forms on your lips as you tuck your phone into your purse and begin walking towards him.
his arms open wide as you get closer, and you couldn’t help but pick up your pace. 
your body collides with his from pure excitement. his strong arms wrap themselves around your whole body, keeping you trapped against his chest.
his aroma is so alluring. a musky sweet cologne and fresh laundry. exactly how you thought he’d smell. he lets out a relieved sigh, you can feel his heart drumming against your cheek as he continues to embrace you.
you finally pull your head back to look up at him, a soft smile is already on his face as he looks down at you. “hi.” you mumble sheepishly.
harry stays silent as he presses a kiss to your forehead in response, smiling against your skin. you wish you could stay in this moment forever. 
“i’m so glad you’re here.” his accent rumbles deeply in his chest. 
“i can tell.” he looks down at you with a confused look, “your heart is beating really fast.” you tease him. he just lets out a laugh, “is it really? well i can feel yours too. i think yours is quicker.” 
you roll your eyes playfully, a smile still on your face. “touché.” 
his eyes dart around the hotel entrance, which you couldn’t help but look around too. there were definitely some people staring, “let’s go. i got something special planned for us.” he smiles, his hand slips into yours to pull you away from the attention. 
he leads you over to his all black range rover with dark tinted windows for privacy. he opens the passenger door for you with his infamous smirk. 
“thank you very much.” you smile as you plop down into the expensive leather seat. he shuts the door and begins to walk around to his side. you take this time to admire his outfit as you buckle yourself in. 
he’s wearing an unbuttoned cream shirt with a brown collar, a plain white tee underneath with his cross necklace sitting on top of the fabric, black jeans and some dirty cream colored vans. maybe they were white when he first bought them?
harry hops into his side, clicking the push start button. the engine rumbles as the car starts. music starts to play in the background, making
you smile when you recognize it. 
‘electric feel’ by MGMT. 
he puts the car into drive and begins pulling away from the hotel onto the road, you bob your head subtly to the beat. 
“you like this song?” he asks as he places his sunglasses that were sat upon his hair over his eyes.
you nod, “it’s one of my favorites.” you say as he begins to drive to your surprise destination. 
the next song that plays is ‘lola’ by the kinks. 
your eyes widen at his taste in music, “excuse me. you have exceptional taste in music, mr. styles.” you gasp dramatically.
he laughs as he turns the volume up for you, “i’m glad you think so.” he pulls on the curb next to a little café. “i’ll be right back. lock the doors when i leave.” you nod as his words tug at your heart.
he loops a mask over his ears to let it rest over his face before jumping out to go inside. you click the lock button and he gives you a thumbs up as he jogs toward the restaurant.
you watch him from outside, seeing him pick up a bag at the order station. he raises his hand to wave at the workers then drops cash in their tip jar.
you smile as he walks back outside, then you notice movement from inside the café again. two girls waiting in line were absolutely fangirling over him. their legs were jogging in place as they gripped each other so tightly in excitement.
thankfully, harry made it back into the car as they started to follow him outside. as they walk outside, they not-so-subtly point at the car and take their phones out in attempt to take a picture. 
you took your attention away from them when the smell of food fills the cabin of the car. “oh my gosh. that smells so good.” you couldn’t help but gape at the large paper bag he places next to your feet. 
his face is free from his mask, you can see his dimples as he smiles. “remember when i asked you your favorite food and if you had any allergies?“ he responds as he buckles himself in. 
you giggle softly, “yeah i remember.” 
“well, this is why.” his hand switches the gears and begins to pull away from the curb. he doesn’t seem too fazed by his starstruck fans. 
“that was weeks ago, harry.” you turn your body toward him in the seat as you study his body language. 
“i like to be… prepared.” his accent is thick as his words roll off of his tongue. you laugh and shake your head in disbelief.
this man really planned this date weeks in advance for you. honestly, you’re really touched. 
“where are we going now?” you question as you face the front again.
“now it wouldn’t be a surprise, if i told you that, y/n.” he cheekily grins at you for a moment. 
you sigh in defeat, but continue holding off on more questions. harry sparks up conversation, “you know, my mum and sister are in town for a few days also?” 
“oh! no i didn’t know that.” you trail off, “now i feel bad because i don’t want to take you away from them.” you frown as you look at him. 
his hand reaches across the center console, resting your knee with his palm up. you take this opportunity to slide your hand into his while he drives. the feeling of his fingers encasing your hand makes your stomach do somersaults. 
“don’t feel bad,” he squeezes your hand, “they needed a girls day anyway. they’re out and about.” he chuckles as he uses his one hand to turn the wheel down a street. 
you can see the beach in the distance from the windshield, your eyebrows crinkle as your brain works to try and figure out what he’s got planned. 
he continues to make turns with his hand still wrapped around yours. you’re not exactly sure where you are at, but all you know it’s beautiful. 
he pulls into a parking lot of a park, and you can’t help but notice signs of a nature reserve. he continues down a driveway full of dirt and pavement, it’s surrounded by shrubs and trees. 
“just a minute or so until you see it.” he randomly says which you can’t help but laugh at nervously. 
the trees and shrubbery suddenly clear and a clear view of the ocean is right in front of you. he  pulls into the opening, which is a fenced in cliff. he expertly turns the wheel so he could reverse into a spot. he gently lets go of your hand to rest it on your seat as he looks through the back window to park. 
the movement made little butterflies flutter throughout your body. 
“ready?” he pushed his sunglasses off his face and into his hair. you can’t help but stare at his beauty. 
“i’m ready.” you smile as you grab the bag of food.
harry shuts off the cars engine as you hop out of the passenger seat. you hear a click and a beep as the trunk door rises open. 
oh my god. a trunk picnic. 
you shuffle around to the back of the car where harry is standing already with a proud smile on his face. you peek into the trunk and instantly smile. 
the trunk of the car extends outward for more room and there’s a floral printed blanket laid out along with a few throw pillows. there’s lap tables for the food and his music is still quietly playing through the car speakers. 
harry grabs the bag of food from your hands and begins unloading it onto the appropriate wooden tables for each of you. 
he ordered you a wrap you specifically remember talking to him about and he ordered himself a fresh poke bowl. 
“come sit.” he pats the trunk and outreaches his hand to help you up. you could almost cry from how cute this is. you’re absolutely speechless. 
you grip his arm as you climb up onto the trunk, attempting to preserve your modesty in this dress is a hard task. you plop down on your bottom, the smile never leaving your face as you get situated. you pull your purse off of your body and tuck it away to the side. 
harry climbs in the car next to you, letting out a soft sigh when he finally get comfortable in his spot. you couldn’t help but look out and admire the view of the water and the waves breaking against the surface.
“i-“ he starts to talk. 
“harry-“ you begin at the same time. 
you blush as he makes a movement so you could go ahead and speak first. 
“harry, thank you for this. i don’t even know where to begin. this is like a date from my dreams.” you admit with a small smile as you glance at him. his pink lips curl into a smile as he grabs your hand again to hold it. 
he brings it up to his mouth to pepper your knuckles in kisses, “that’s exactly what i wanted to hear.” 
you let out a small breathy laugh as you lean into his side, your head rests on his shoulder as he plays with your hand. 
‘sweetness’ by yes is playing in the background. *
the sound of the crashing waves makes this ten times more romantic. you want to kiss him before you start eating since your breath might smell. 
it’s almost as he reads your mind, his arm slowly snakes around your waist and you can feel his breath softly hitting you in the face.
the feeling of him so close makes you look up at him through your eyelashes, your instincts were right, he was so close. 
“you’re absolutely gorgeous.” he mumbles, “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you earlier. i was quite nervous.” 
you shook your head no before smiling and leaning up to press a soft kiss against his pillowy lips. he smiles against your lips and as you go to pull away, his grip tightens on your waist to pull you back in. 
his lips fit like a puzzle piece against yours, they move expertly as he deepens the kiss. his hand guides yours to his chest as he moves his hand up to your face, his tongue gently swipes against your bottom lip. 
you grant him access by parting your lips and he takes this moment to let his tongue slide against yours gracefully. the feeling makes a small squeak escape from your throat. his chest jumps with humor, his small chuckle sneaks it’s way into the kiss. 
he kisses you like this for a few more seconds before pulling away to take a deep breath. your eyes flutter open, immediately noticing how his lips are kissed raw. 
“you’re a good kisser.” he mumbles as his eyes glance down at your lips before settling on your eyes. 
“so are you.” you say a bit out of breath. it feels like he sucked the energy out of you.
“let’s eat, yeah?” he gently pulls back then quickly leans forward again to peck your lips. 
you giggle from the sudden movement and after he pulls away for the second time you move toward your food. 
when you open the container, your stomach instantly growls in response to the appetizing smell. “thank you so much for this. oh my god.” you grab the wrap with your hands to take a bite. 
harry continues to watch you as you eat, the small smile never leaving his face. he can’t remember a time where he felt this happy around someone other than his family. someone who’s so real and down to earth. 
he would never say this out loud, but in his mind he could see himself having a future with you. a fan from his audience. of course, harry always worries about dating fans that they’d only want to be with him because he’s harry styles, the international singer- but with you, he feels like that isn’t the case. 
he couldn’t help but glance at you like a schoolboy with a crush. even while you were eating, you are still most beautiful person to him. 
he’ll have to tell his therapist about this one. 
after you both finish eating, and carrying on small conversations throughout the meal he offers to clean up your empty container as you sip on the lemonade he got you. 
you couldn’t help but snap a few photos of the view in front of you.
Tumblr media
harry finally comes back, looking a little frazzled. “you okay?” you ask with concern written across your features. 
he glances behind him for a moment before looking back at you, “yeah, just some people recognized me s’all.”
you nod with understanding, not knowing how hard it is to be chased around with cameras all the time. 
“i hate to ask this, but can we leave? i feel like more people will start showing up and i don’t want to subject you to that.” 
your heart drops in your stomach from his words, not because you’re leaving but how he seems scared. 
“of course, h. let’s go.” you scoot yourself to the edge of the trunk and hop out onto the ground. harry folds the extended piece of the trunk back in and grabs your purse you forgot. 
as he hands it back to you, he goes to turn away to walk you to the passenger side but you grab his forearm. his eyes seems frantic, “hey, it’s going to be okay. no matter what happens.” you stand on your tippy toes to peck his lips. his hands rest upon your hips as he relishes in the feeling of you. 
he couldn’t help but smile, he felt calmer from your presence. “thank you.” 
he clicks a button on the inside of the trunk and it automatically begins to close. he opens the door but he can’t help but check his surroundings as you climb in. 
you stay quiet as you buckle yourself in and harry jogs to side, then suddenly you see a few girls run up to him on his side. you can faintly hear what they’re saying. 
“hi! hi! oh my god! harry! can we get a picture?” 
“harry! harry!”
he does a small closed mouth smile and a peace sign as their camera is shoved in his face. they hang on him and give him a kiss on his cheek for the pictures.
“alright, i have to go now. it was nice meeting you!” he attempts to open the door but the girls start to protest. 
“nooooo, harry! please don’t go.” 
“we love you so much!! please!! our friend is on the way and you need to meet her.” 
“i’m so sorry, but i need to go. you can tell her i said hi.” he goes to open the door to the car but they step in front of him. “excuse me.” he says sternly.
that sends you over the edge. you drop your purse to the floor and hop out of the car and walk over to their side. 
they instantly shut up when they see a woman get out of his car and walk around towards them. 
“hi, we need to get going. i’m so sorry, i know you’re excited, but once again we have some place to be. if you’re not willing to leave him alone, then we’re going to have to have some words.”
harry’s face reads pure relief, you know he didn’t want to have to be mean to his fans even when they cross the line. 
“oh- okay.” one of the girls stutters out in shock. all three of them wave at harry as they slowly start to walk away. they continue to look back at you with wide eyes as they whisper. 
“i’m sorry. they were cornering you and i felt like i had to do something. i hope i didn’t cross a line. if i did i’m really sorry.” you ramble and finally look at harry and melt, your hard exterior you showed the girls completely crumbled to the floor. 
“i never drew one.” he said with a smile and took a large step right up to you. his hands enclose around your face to pull you into a passionate kiss, “but what about-“ you attempt to protest because the girls would most likely turn around and take pictures. 
“who cares.” he mumbles against your lips. you completely disintegrate against him, pulling him as close as you possibly could. your fists grab handfuls of his shirt as he kisses you. all the air is sucked right out of your lungs. 
he pulls away with a little chuckle, his hands still cupping your cheeks. “you just keep gettin’ better.” he kisses your nose before looking over to the side. 
you follow his line of vision, seeing the girls standing near their car squealing with their phones in their hands. “let’s go, yeah?” you nod your head in response and let your hands fall from his side. he lets you walk over to your side as he hops into the drivers side to finally start the car.  
he takes you along the road you entered on and back onto the main street. “is it okay if we go back to mine?“ he asks. 
the sentence makes bile rise in your throat. 
no fucking way. no way. nooooo god damn way. back to harry’s house? what? no. say no!
“yeah! that’s fine.” you shoot him a quick smile to make sure he knew everything was good. 
he seems completely giddy from your answer, “sweet.” he switches up the turn he was going to take to turn down another street. 
“how long have you lived here? you seem to know where you’re going.” 
“hmmm… for a long time. when i was in one direction we were back and forth from england and here so it’s become my home.” 
you grin at his response, “it’s beautiful here. i’ve never been here before but it’s really a sight to see.” 
harry pulls up a hill, slowly getting to more windy roads with less cars. he takes a turn into a gated community, he punches in a code and waves to the security officer as he drives by. the gates closed behind the car as he continues down a road. 
you can’t help but wonder where everyone else’s houses are. all the neighborhoods you’ve seen have houses right on the street. 
as you’re looking out the window, you notice gates and fences enclosing long roads that must lead to other celebrities homes. 
each gate is pretty spaced out from one another, only seeing about three at the moment each home is far away from their neighbors, giving them as much privacy as possible. 
harry pulls into a driveway, the front of the car facing a fancy gate that retracts once he presses in another code. he drives forward when there’s enough room, glancing into his rear view mirror for a moment before continuing. 
“i see you guys have a lot of security around here.” you mumble quietly in shock. 
he laughs and shrugs his shoulders, “yeah, a lot of other people live in this neighborhood. it helps me sleep at night knowing that it’ll take two gates for someone random to pop in.” 
when the driveway rolls up to his house, you can’t help but let your jaw fall slack. it’s huge. it’s absolutely amazing. you’ve never seen a house look like this before. 
you realize how you must look, so you quickly shut your mouth and contain your emotions. he clicks a button above his head and his garage opens. 
you breathe in sharply when five cars appear from behind the door. “okay now you’re just showing off.” you laugh in pure astonishment. 
he shakes his head as he pulls into a designated spot and hops out. 
you climb out after him, your eyes raking over everything and taking it all in. his collection ranges from classic vintage cars to modern sleek sports cars. the floor beneath you was a shiny pristine white quartz floor. 
“come on.” he waves for you to follow him towards the stairs that leads up to the main floor. the stairwell is lit up with led lights under each step, igniting your feet in a bright light.
he opens the door with his key, and takes a step into the kitchen where the door leads to. 
the interior is absolutely beautiful. there’s huge windows covering the whole wall overlooking the pool area. 
harry continues walking toward the other set of steps, realizing he’s leaving your flabbergasted self behind so he grabs your hand and leads you to them. 
there’s a living room on this floor, overlooking the cityscape with a balcony outside. there’s a hallway down the other way most likely leading to bedrooms and bathrooms. he walks with you toward the window, “do you wanna sit outside for now?” 
you nod as he pushes the window so it opens up the whole wall of glass. “i’ll get us drinks. do you something anything with alcohol? or something else?”
you look up at him as you sit down on a patio chair, “uh sure! i‘ll be happy with anything.” he nods with a smile and leans down to plant a kiss on your lips. 
“alright. i’ll make you the harry special.” he wiggles his eyebrows with a smirk as he walks back into the house. 
you couldn’t help but feel completely at home when this was your first time here. suddenly soft music begins to play from the outside speakers and harry walks out with a drink in each hand. 
“tequila with orange juice and some seltzer.” he hands you the drink out of his right hand before plopping down next to you on the outdoor couch. he kicks his feet up on the table in the middle, letting out a yawn before sipping the drink. 
you also take a sip, almost gagging from how strong it is. “how much did you put in this!?” you wince as you swallow. 
a shiver shakes through your whole body and travels down your spine, “oh my god are you okay?” he barks out a laugh, “only like a shot and half!” his hand rests your back for comfort, “stop! don’t laugh at me!“ you start laughing along with him, but your eyes are watering from the burn, “here, i’ll go put more juice in yours, bubs.” he continues to laugh at you as he stands up and goes back into the house. 
he’s called you bubs before but only over face time or text. the in person pet names feel different. 
you take this time to check your phone, seeing some missed texts from your friend and your mom. you make sure to let them know you’re okay, as well as sending the photo of the ocean and quick picture of the view from harry’s house. 
when he slides through the door to come back outside, you put your phone down with a smile. “hi, love.” he hands you the drink back but leans down for a soft kiss before sitting down. you smile as you watch him. 
“i’m sorry i couldn’t help myself.” he sips at his drink, watching you as you try the new concoction. “mmm, much better.” you nod as you continue to sip at the drink. 
he smiles at you, his hand going to rest on your thigh as you both relax on his balcony. you both continue to talk amongst each other, his thumb rubs circles into your thigh from over top of your dress.
soon enough, you’re starting to feel the alcohol buzz through your veins and the confidence spiking through your brain. 
“i would never, in a million years… think i would be sitting here with you. at your home drinking tequila.” 
harry hums in response, “why not? anything can happen.” his speech is slightly slurred, but you know yours is probably worse since you’re a light weight compared to him. 
“but-” you finish the rest of your drink before setting it down on the table in front of you. 
you pivot your body so you’re facing him now, his hand moving from your thigh to your knee. his fingers still rub soft circles into your skin as he watches you intensely.
“it’s just- i don’t know- surreal that i’m with you right now.” you ramble out, talking with your hands, “i don’t know how to say it. i just like you- a lot a lot.” you blurt out, your face flooding with heat.
he smiles from behind his glass, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. “i like you a lot, a lot too, y/n.” he leans forward to put his half empty glass down before moving closer to you. 
his hand rubs softly against the skin on your knee, his fingertips slipping under the edge of your dress just a bit. your eyes look down at his hand, a small smirk growing your face. 
before he could make a move to kiss you, you gently push against his chest and swing your leg over his lap. your thighs lock around his legs and your hands cup his sharp jawline as you lean in for a kiss. the stubble pinches beautifully against your skin. his green eyes go wide before softening from your touch. he almost groans into the kiss, choking it back down his throat. 
his hands cup the back of your legs, slowly inching up to your ass to grip the area through the fabric of the dress. “you feel so good, baby.” he mumbles into the kiss, diving his tongue into your mouth. he tastes like tequila. he makes you feel more drunk than you already are. 
his hands feel amazing as they roam around your body, your lips move sloppily against each others but still somewhat in sync. you continue caressing his jaw and his neck, until he pulls away. his lips are wet and bitten red. 
he flashes his lil smirk before leaning forward to attack your neck. you let out a soft whimper, craning your head to the side to allow him some more room. 
he sucks gently against the junction where your neck meets your jawline. it causes a chill to completely shudder through your body, your fingernails gently dig into his side.
he chuckles and grips your hips tight to keep your body still, “you’re so fucking addicting.” he softly pulls back, his eyes hooded and heavy. his pupils are blown from lust and alcohol. 
you couldn’t help but lean forward, since you’re a little taller than him on his lap, you press soft kisses along his face. you follow the bones of his cheekbones, over his nose and the corner of his lips. 
he smiles when you kiss his forehead, his thumbs rub against your hipbones. “you’re so beautiful, harry. inside and out.” your hands cup his cheeks before pulling him into a hug. 
harry’s head rests on your chest comfortably, his arms interlocking around your back. his eyes close with a soft sigh as he snuggles into you. 
you press your cheek against the top of his head, letting yourselves relax for a moment against each other. the wind blows gently against your skin, the sound of the running pool water beneath you and the rustling trees.  
something shuffles and clears it’s throat, making you and harry jump and your eyes burst open. 
oh my god. it’s anne and gemma standing in the doorway. you quickly roll off of his lap back to your place next to him, and harry just put his head in his hands with a raspy laugh. your cheeks must be beet red when you look up at her, she smiles softly. 
“hi, i’m gemma.” she extends her hand toward you and you reach out to shake it. then you realize you should probably stand up and greet his mom too. “hi, i’m y/n!” 
harry stands up after you, placing his hands on your waist as you walk up to anne. he leans forward to place a kiss on his mum’s cheek, she gently pats his face. “hi, honey.” 
“mum, this is y/n. and y/n this is my mum, anne.” he introduces you both to each other. 
“hi, i’m so happy to meet you.” you reach to shake her hand, but she pulls you in for a hug anyway. “you’re practically family now since you were just sitting on my sons lap.” she whispers in your ear and you can’t help but laugh. 
when you pull away from her, harry’s obviously confused. “what did you say to her?” he asks anne. 
“nothing, darling.” she says with a bright smile. “i’ve heard so much about you, y/n.” her hand rests on your back as she leads you inside with harry and gemma in tow. 
“harry was telling me about the first night he saw you. i can’t believe you were at his concert!” anne goes on and on about how harry adores you, and you can tell he’s getting embarrassed. 
anne starts unloading the groceries her and gemma must’ve gotten while they were out. “is she staying for dinner, harry? we’re making roast and yorkshire pudding.”
the sound of the food makes your stomach growl. harry walks up to you, “if you want to you can, don’t feel obligated though.” he whispers into your ear. 
“no, of course i want to stay for dinner.” you mumble back to him and he smiles. 
“she’s staying! hallelujah!” harry exclaims to his family. anne claps her hands and gemma smiles. 
anne instantly begins to work on dinner along with gemma and harry. you offer to help but anne insists you sit down and relax.
as harry is cutting vegetables on the island, you sit down in one of the chairs positioned near across from him. you rest your chin on your hand with your elbow on the counter, you admire him from afar a soft smile on your face. 
he glances up at you, a smug look on his face. “you okay?” he asks, his arm pivoting as he cuts the carrots and celery. 
“yeah, just watchin’ you.” a smile appears on your face when he winks at you cheekily. he brings over the finished veggies to gemma and anne, they thank him and let him go to hang out with you. 
he comes up behind you, his hands glide up your back to your shoulders to rub them. awww, how domestic of him. you lean into his touch with a relieved sigh, resting your head against his chest as he stands behind you. 
“this feels normal, like life is supposed to be this way.” you mumble as you relish in the feeling of him working out your knots. 
“it does, yeah?” he hums, “your family is very welcoming.” you comment and he laughs, “can’t believe they were so calm after walking in on you straddling me.” he mumbles in your ear, making goosebumps form on your skin. 
gemma and anne walk up to the island in the middle of the kitchen to join the conversation, they ask you questions about your family and if you’re liking california. you answer their questions honestly, cracking jokes with each other and laughing until dinner is ready. 
as you all sit at the table, you dig in and you can’t help but praise anne’s cooking, “oh my gosh. this is delicious. thank you.” you dig in and continue with small talk throughout dinner. 
harry smirks at you from across the table, his foot taps your shin underneath. in the middle of your conversation with gemma, you glance over at harry who was looking at you innocently as he stabbed pieces of food with his fork. 
you furrow your eyebrows before continuing the conversation again, then harry kicks you again. you jump in surprise, gemma looks at harry then back at you.
“are you alright, love?” she almost giggles. you just nod and glare at harry. when anne and gemma are busy eating and talking amongst each other, you kick harry back. “stop.” you mouth to him silently. 
his eyebrows lower after you kick him and his glare is stone cold as he brings his fork up to his mouth with more food. his nostrils flare and his jawbone pops every time he chews. 
soon everyone’s plates are finished and you offer to take all the plates to the kitchen to help clean up. harry gets up along with you, and his mom and sister head to the living room to watch tv. 
harry helps you rinse the dishes off in silence, and you feel like you might’ve really pissed him off when you kicked him back. 
you load the dishwasher with the tableware and utensils, repeatedly glancing up at harry as you do so. when you’re done, you stand up and look at him with your hands on your hips. 
“are you really mad at me for kicking you?” you can feel the anxiety rising in your chest when he stops what he’s doing to look at you. “no i’m not.” he says a bit too simply for your liking. 
“harry.” you continue to pry, making him snap his head toward you again. he takes a large step toward you, making you back up into the counter. the look he’s giving you sends shivers down your spine. 
“you’re just everything i’ve ever wanted, okay? it’s scaring me that i like you so much already. i’ve never felt this way about anyone.” his hands rest beside your waist, gripping the edge of the marble. his head hangs between his shoulders as he breathes heavily. 
you could almost cry from him admitting that to you, “oh god, harry…” your voice cracks as you say his name. your hands grab his face so you could softly pull his face up to look at him, “if we’re going too fast, it’s okay. just let me know-.” he cuts you off by planting a kiss on your lips. 
“no, no. i don’t want to stop.” he breathes out desperately against your lips, his hands move from the counter to your waist to pull you closer. 
“i think… i’m starting to fall for you already, y/n.” 
your heart starts beating against your chest like a rhythmic drum, gulping down a lump in your throat. you can feel your eyes getting glassy, and his match yours too. he lets out a nervous laugh, “me too, harry, me too.”
“how about we skip this movie and go up to my room?” he mumbles, then backs up when he realizes what he said. 
“we don’t have to do anything. i didn’t mean it like that. i mean- i’d like to kiss you a lot, but we don’t have to do anything else.”
you just giggle and nod, “yeah let’s go up.” you press a little kiss to his cheek. he pulls away from the counter, slipping his hand into yours as he begins to sneak toward the stairs. 
“where are you two going?” gemma busts you two sneaking around like children.
“i’m giving her a tour of the house. duh.” harry rolls his eyes and continues stomping up the steps with you behind him. 
the upstairs is just as bright and airy as the other floors, there’s so many windows everywhere showcasing the night sky and the city of los angeles. 
he pulls you into a room farthest down the hall. there’s a large bed and an even bigger tv hanging from the wall across from it. harry grabs a remote off of his dresser to click a button, making the blinds close on the large windows. 
he kicks his shoes off before hopping into bed, patting the fluffy comforter with his hand. you climb into the bed beside him, resting against his open arm as he turns the tv on. “what do you want to watch?”
he scrolls through netflix before moving onto disney plus and clicking on a princess movie.
“the little mermaid?” you question as the movie starts, “yeah, it’s a classic.” he huffs as his other hand comes around to rest on your waist. 
his eyes are glued to the screen, so you take the opportunity to snuggle your head underneath his chin. he hums in response, his hand gripping your side. after about ten minutes of the movie, he moves to give your forehead a kiss. which you return by slithering your hand up his chest and intertwining your fingers into the curls at the nape of his neck. 
“kiss me.” you mumble against his neck as he angles his head down toward you, letting your lips fall against each other. 
he leaves soft pecks at first before fully immersing himself, fitting his lips against yours like a puzzle piece. you both lay there kissing for quite a while during the movie. it’s slow and passionate, everything you’ve ever wanted from a kiss. 
you pull away to take a deep breath, your skin feels raw from his stubble but you can’t help it. harry smiles down at you like the cheeky man he is, his hand you’re slightly laying on is playing with the ends of your hair. 
you lay on top of him again, your eyes watching the screen. fatigue slowly starts creeping over you, and your eyelids become heavier and heavier until you can no longer hold them open. 
harry could feel your body go limp under his arm, guessing that you fell asleep when he whispered your name and received no response. as stealthily as he could, he uses his feet to gently tug the throw blanket up to you both. 
he uses his free hand to cover you both with it before turning the volume down on the tv and closing his eyes and letting sleep take over him. 
sunlight streams into the room through the cracks in the blinds, your internal alarm waking you up with a yawn. 
you blink a few times before snuggling into the pillow beneath you as you lay on your stomach with one leg up. the blankets around you are heavy and so warm, there’s no way you could get up right now. 
movement behind you makes your eyes open wide and turn around to see harry asleep under the covers behind you. then you realize his arm is wrapped loosely around your waist. your heart clenches in your chest as you scoot closer to him to watch him sleep for a moment. 
he lets out soft puffs of breath as he sleeps heavily. he looks so peaceful. you don’t even remember falling asleep or getting under the covers with him. you let the back of your fingers rub against his skin, making him stir in his sleep. 
you take this moment to curl against him and fall back asleep again, his grip tightens around you as you fall asleep.
when you wake up a few hours later, you’re left curled under the covers by yourself. you stretch your limbs on the large bed, letting out a little squeal. the bedroom door opens soon after, and the sound of a rolling suitcase. 
“good morning, my love.” he leans down to plant a kiss against your forehead. his hair is damp and he’s dressed in a hoodie and a pair of shorts. 
“mmm, morning.” you groggily mumble as you look at him with pure adoration. 
“i got your suitcase from the hotel. i hope you don’t mind. i just didn’t want to wake you up.” he rolls it over toward a corner in the room. 
“thank you, i was just thinking about how i was gonna brush my teeth.” you giggle and stretch your arms above your head once more. 
“so i was thinking…” harry sits down on the side of the bed, so you roll onto your side and prop yourself up with your hand. “would you want to stay here and possibly add a few extra days? i’d obviously pay for everything, but you wouldn’t have to stay in a hotel. i’d rather have you here with me.” he smiles at you, his beautiful dimples showing. 
“you want me to stay longer? here with you?” you whisper out, your face breaks out into a smile. he nods and leans backward so his body falls against you. his head lays in your lap when you sit up and begin playing with his hair. 
“of course, i’d love to. i just have to let my family know and work some stuff out with my job.” you lean down to kiss his forehead. 
“but before that, can i shower? i’ve been wearing the same outfit all night and my breath stinks.” you laugh. 
harry nods and jumps to his feet, he grabs your hand to pull you toward the bathroom. it’s just as amazing as the rest of the house. a large vanity and a mirror, a glass shower with a seat and a rainfall shower head. he goes through all the motions and shows you how to work the fancy gadgets before leaving you to get washed up. 
his shampoo smells like tea tree oil and all natural herbs. it’s honestly heavenly to wash yourself with. the heat in the water is an absolutely perfect temperature, all the kinks in your back are softened from the heat. 
once you’re done, you make sure to wrap a towel around your hair and around your body before you walk out into the chilly room. 
harry’s sitting on the bed with his phone in his hand and his ankles crossed, the tv is playing softly in the background. he looks up and drops his phone to his chest, “absolutely radiant.” he compliments with a smile. 
you bend your wrist at him and scoff as you sit on the floor with your legs folded underneath you. the suitcase is packed with all your things thankfully, so you pull out some sweatpants, a long sleeve graphic t-shirt, a bra and underwear, and some fuzzy socks. 
you stand back up and disappear into the bathroom to get dressed. you noticed two empty hooks in the bathroom so you hang both towels up to dry. 
when you’re done changing, you walk back out to grab your toothbrush and a hair brush. as you’re brushing your teeth, harry appears leaning against the doorway watching you as you lean forward to spit out the toothpaste and rinse. 
“hi.” you mumble as you walk up to him, his arms wrap around your body to pull you in for a hug. “i could get used to seeing this every morning.” he mumbles into your damp hair. 
“you mean that?” 
“of course i do.” he chuckles, “if you asked to move in today i’d welcome you with open arms.” 
your whole stomach lurches inside of you, your eyes going wide. harry styles is infatuated with you, as you are with him. 
“you’re crazy.” you giggle and rest your head against his chest again. he just hums in response. “crazy, but dead serious.” 
you squeeze him before leaning back to stand up on your tippy toes to kiss him. he kisses you back with a mumble of something you couldn’t hear.
“hm? nothing.” he plays it off like it was no big deal, but of course curiosity gets the best of you. 
“no, now you gotta tell me.” you playfully pinch his sides and he jumps in shock. 
“you can’t tickle me.”
“watch me.” you wiggle your eyebrows and start moving your fingers wildly over his abdomen. he starts to laugh and gently swats your hands away from him. 
“okay, fine, fine!” 
you stop your attack and lean against the other side of the doorframe to look up at him, “i said that… i’m in love with you.” 
his words make your whole body go warm, a tingling feeling spreads throughout your bloodstream. your heartbeats pick up in pace and your cheeks feel warm. 
“harry…” you breathe out in disbelief. your eyes start to sting from your emotions. 
“if it’s too much, it’s fine. you don’t have to say anything to me.”
“no harry-“
“i’m serious. i’d rather not hear you go on about how it’s too quick for you and that i shouldn’t have just said that. i know, but just sit on it and think about it-“
“harry! just shut up! i’m in love with you too!” you cut him off before he could keep rambling pitifully. 
his eyes go wide when he realizes your emotions are spilling over your eyes and wetting your cheeks with happiness. he takes a step toward you, his arms wrap around your waist to pick you up and spin you around. 
his lips pepper kisses all over your face before falling into the bed with you. this all seems like you’re living in a romance movie. “i love you, i love you, i love you.” he says between kisses.
you’ve officially fallen head over heels in love with an international pop star (mutually this time) all because of a stupid little sign you made.
after a few days of you staying with harry (and committing unspeakable acts) it’s unfortunately time for you to go, but next time you’re coming back in a month with all your things and your cat. the moving day goes by smoothly and you and harry are finally officially together.
the media has blown up with headlines about ‘harry’s new girlfriend’ and ‘harry styles has a new mysterious lover’ especially when those pictures from those girls dropped from your first official date. harry helps you steer clear from the hate comments. he makes sure that you know you’re the only one for him every night. (wink wink) 
a few months down the road, every social media platform blows up when you’re spotted with harry running errands with a heavy ring on a certain finger. harry styles is off the market, and you’re the one that has claimed him. 
you’ve never felt this way for someone before. you’ve never felt so beautiful, so cherished, and loved. 
harry really is the one for you, and your younger self is truly jumping for joy knowing that her dream has come true.
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Lost | Harry Styles
[part 2] [part 1]
You were Harry's neighbor. And someone that crawled her way through Harry's life. But you thought the world of him, what happens when you realize he doesn't? He loses you. And he's lost.
Warnings : Swearing, Kissing, Heartbreaking. Short.
Containing : Mostly Angst. Friends to Enemies to Idiots to lovers.
Pairing : You and Harry styles.
Requests are open!!!
Tumblr media
He wanted to stop you. Stop you from going, but how could he? He couldn't. He still hadn't admitted that it was his fault. All of it. But he winced when he heard the tires of your cab screech as you went towards the airport. He felt his loneliness seeping through and a smack on the face when he saw the pink curtains closed off, and hiding the posters of the Beattles and fairy lights that had photos on the clip on's. He remembered how the sunlight would reflect on your computer and fall on his room. How he hated that ray of sunlight, and not realizing how much he'd miss it.
He would always look out the window, and see the pot of daisies that used to be so fresh and lively, how every morning you would be out there with your cute sleepy eyes watering them.
Harry realized how he was used to you.
It was routine for him.
Seeing you everyday, waving at him through your window, how you sang every night while reading, how your face used to beam up when he would come towards you. But now, he couldn't see your sunlit face again. His days became unusually dark, and he felt lost, without you guiding him.
It had been 10 friggin' months since you had went to your aunt's. His mood didn't really improve when he left your house.
Harry left your house after your fight, and managed to find a way behind you and apologize to your mom for leaving so abruptly, she only frowned and apologetically smiled in response, and patted him on the back, and only told him that you were going the very next morning. When he came home and slumped his shoulders as he made his way to his room, Anne knew what was going on. She knew Gemma would never ever try to comfort him. She was too mad to even talk to him. Gemma was very close to you and she loved you, but seeing Harry act shitty towards you always made her angry.
"Be glad she still fucking cares for you, you douchebag!!!"
Were the exact words Harry was expecting when he got back and told his mom everything, but when Harry was welcomed to a silenced answer, he knew how much damage had been done. He went to his bedroom again, and glanced at his window. But those damn curtains were still shut.
He sighed again and plopped on his bed.
His morning had been a disaster, so had his evening.
And so had the past 10 months. All because he couldn't see your giggling face walking towards his garage every morning. When Harry went back to his school/college, he saw Carrie against her locker looking towards him with seductive eyes and she was twirling her hair. Harry felt his blood boiling and he averted his eyes, afraid of what he might do. Looking back, he didn't understand what he even saw in that girl, but that just made him hate himself again.
"Dude, you wanna sit with us?"
Harry looked up to his football mates standing in front of him, all sweaty and all having one or two girls clinging to their arms. Harry shook his head, and they all started murmuring. Harry was sick of this. He was sick and tired of everything.
His eyes went to the billboards as he walked down the sudden calm hallways. He found a purple pamphlet on the oldest one, the one that was used when he was in 6th grade. He remembered that you had registered to become the class representative, and you had begged him to vote for you. But even if he finally said yes, he forgot about it, and never voted for you. When they were announcing you had the biggest grin on your face, your eyes were twinkling with hope. But Harry knew it was all going to crash down, when she realizes she doesn't get chosen. But that wasn't the point.
You knew you weren't going to get chosen, but the fact that at least Harry voted for you made you so happy and giddy. When you asked Harry, he just casually said that he forgot. He was too busy looking at his phone to actually notice the tears that were about to form in your eyes. Your mood went down, and your cheeks went down in the process of losing the smile on your face, and the 'Oh' you gave him was barely audible. When Harry had to walk you to your house, you didn't say a word, but Harry didn't even notice the difference in his noon.
Harry brushed his hands reluctantly over your pamphlet. He sighed again, and he stared at your cute and happy smile on your pamphlet that was smeared with marker drawings. He remembered how the kids used to make fun of you, but how you still made through the day with your smile making your chubby cheeks go up.
The school bell rang making the silent hallways filled with excited students' giggles and laughs and rushed footsteps as they ran.
Everybody was rushing, but he was the only one behind.
Harry was listening to songs while he was sketching. He was seriously good at sketching even if he tried to hide that fact, it was very clear. The precision and the way his eyebrows would scrunch when he concentrated while he was trying to draw and sketch the nose perfectly always made you smile. You were in his room, he didn't let you in, of course, Gemma pushed you in his room. You looked at him as he smudged the charcoal with a tissue paper to show the shadow. You chuckled at the way his lips pouted while he did it, but then quickly averted your eyes and started playing with the string of the bedsheet on his bed. He looked at you and smirked, but then rolled his eyes. "What are you doing here, anyway?"
"Oh, um. Remember the photo we took when you won the football match? I got it developed and I wanted to give it to you."
Harry rolled his eyes and his mood became sour again. "Why? You can keep it, another addition to your whole 'album' of our photos." He said icily, your cheeks turning pink. "Oh."
"....Could I see the sketch?"
Harry looked at you, and rolled his eyes again, but gave the sketchbook to you. "WOW! This is so cool!!!! You're so good at this!"
Harry smirked cockily and snatched it out of your hands again. "Are you done? You can go now." You nodded happily and skipped towards the door, but you had sneaked the photo in his desk drawer before going out.
When Harry found it, he scoffed and was going to whisk it at the small garbage dump in his bedroom, but his hand turned its direction and it went into his desk drawer again, and was slammed shut.
Harry laid on his bed, his hand under his neck as he surfed through his Instagram. "Harry! Lunch is ready!!" Harry looked up from his phone, "Yes!! Coming!!!!!!" He yelled and got up, he started walking towards the door, once or twice glancing at your window, still closed off by your fucking pink curtains. He sighed and started to slightly jog and walk towards the door again. Until Harry screeched as he slipped, so he reached and grabbed the drawer of his desk, falling down again.
"Hey, dipshit!! You okay?"
Harry heard a faint, "Gemma!" from Anne.
"I'm fine!" he said, "I just-" he grunted again, "slipped."
He groaned and got up, put one hand on his desk as a support. He stood up and went to close the desk drawer until he noticed something. He hadn't opened that drawer in a long time, and the dust had shown it in its own way. Harry didn't remember the reason why until he saw a closed diary. A red diary, more of a journal kind of thing. It looked very vintage-y and a page or rather something like page's corner was sticking out of the diary. He hesitantly put his hand in the drawer, gently picking up the red diary. Harry narrowed his eyes, as if inspecting the page that was sticking out. He carefully plucked the thing out, and blew on it. He coughed as the dust spread in the air, surrounding around him as he tried to get rid of it. He looked at the photo and his eyes went from confusion to 'what the fuck-' to realization. He looked at the photo and couldn't believe it. Harry remembered that night very well, he somehow didn't have the heart to throw it out.
And he was glad he didn't.
He looked at you.
You were looking beautiful as hell.
Why didn't he notice you?
Well, that was because even when taking the photo his eyes were somewhere else. Harry's eyes went wide and with disgust when he realized where he was looking. Carrie was the lead cheerleader, and was standing next to one of the star football players, caressing his arm while looking at Harry, moving on her tanned legs. He didn't know why at that time he was so infatuated with her. And while he was looking at her, almost as if he was ready to run back to her as he was getting annoyed by the excruciatingly long amount of seconds taking that picture took, you were looking at him.
With the most proud, happy and a tinge of hopeful eyes.
Harry's heart ached as he looked at the picture. He wanted to beat himself up. He looked at that 15 year old girl just waiting for him to notice her, to show her at least some amount of respect and appreciation. He didn't know how the hell she stayed with him, put up with him. He slightly smiled at your dress choice.
You were wearing a cream colored crop top and purple jacket, that held the mascot of your school embroidered on it. He loved purple.
You always looked nice in purple.
"Harry!!!!" Harry broke out of his unusual trance and looked at the door. He quickly folded the photo, in a way that his side of the photo was hidden and only you were visible. He secretly slid it in his pocket, and started to walk on the wooden floor again.
"Coming!! Jesus!!!!"
"That's beautiful."
Your eyes lit up at his compliment. Harry rarely complimented you, rather even looked at you. You grinned and blushed at how he looked at you, with fascination. You had made a painting on a glass bottle. It was truly beautiful. It showed the stages of life, a relationship. A man alone, then he meets a woman, they together are holding hands, then they are getting married, and a birth, they grow old after and the man is alone again. It all happens on a beach. Every stage had different shades for the sky. You had to do it for an assignment, but the teacher gave you the grades and let you keep the project.
"Thanks!" You said chirpily, your face adorned a happy smile. He looked at you and slightly smirked. You were so happy just because he complimented you on something. "Anyways, I can't drop you home today, I've been invited to Finn's party." He said directly. But you didn't notice the impoliteness and rudeness in his actions. He was ditching you for some party, leaving you alone.
You were blinded by the previous, barely visible action, that made your heart fuzzy.
Harry sighed as he looked at the photo. He remembered how your eyes used to twinkle when he used to show the least yet somehow the most sufficient amount of appreciation towards you that made you happy. He remembered how didn't even used to properly greet you a simple 'good morning' when he saw you. The way he teased you never made you upset, or it did and you were very good at hiding it. He caressed the photo as if he was caressing your cheek.
He yawned as he thought of you.
Would he ever see you again?
Would you ever want to see him again?
His questions faded into the night wind, as Harry drifted off to sleep; purple daisies making an entrance into his dreams.
You groaned and hit your head on the pillow. You were exhausted. Somehow, as everyone made LA sound, it wasn't that fun. You hated school, it wasn't like the small town you used to live in. Even if you had a very terrible experience, it was your home. And as much as you hated to admit it, you missed it. Missed all of it. You missed the old town smell of your home, the big yards and small children on bicycles. You missed watering your plants, and greeting old Mr. Davies and his golden retriever, Yeller. And then, seeing your old neighbor, who you so kindly called Fish, every dawn, smoking. You got up and looked around your room. It was orange in color, its intimidating neon shade always made you uncomfortable.
You missed your room, you missed your desk, you missed the jasmine scent of your room, you missed your daisies.
You put a hand to your head, rubbing the bridge of your nose. You took a deep breath, and exhaled sharply putting hands on your knees. You missed Harry.
You hated yourself for this, for even falling for that guy. You didn't move on. You buried yourself under studies, exams and hundreds and hundreds of things. Nothing seemed to work, but you somehow did see it in yourself. How you were more mature, less naive, more smart. It was nice. You didn't feel like a 15 year old at 17 anymore, you were more confident about your self.
You got up and went towards your drawer. You had received a letter from the university of Oxford. You had gotten a beautiful opportunity, as they had invited you to attend their university. You were so happy, until you received a call. You sniffled as your hands shook as they tried to wipe your tears forming in your eyes.
"Hey mom!"
"Hey sweetheart." You frowned as you heard your mom's disheartened voice. Her reply was hoarse, and very lazy as if she hasn't been sleeping for the last few days. Instantly, your heart started to race, you started to worry. "Hey, are you okay? You don't sound very good. Is everything alright?"
"Y-Yeah," She sniffled as she continued, "I'm alright."
You nervously shifted from one leg to another, your finger tapping on the back of your phone. You were definitely not convinced. You just heard her sniffle for god's sake. Never in your life had you seen your mom cry, ever. This was getting more worried by the second. "Mom? Are you sure?"
There was a pause in between that made your stomach churn. This was the worst feeling ever. "Your dad's admitted in the hospital. He just had a heart attack. Um, the d-doctor said that he has showed some symptoms of c-cancer."
"What?" You whispered.
"Mhmm. Y-Yeah, they said, uh they said that they will confirm later, but he has to stay in the hospital for at least um 4 more days, for observation."
"Mom?" You whispered again, tears forming on your eyes, as you pictured your dad on a hospital bed with thousands of wires connected to him delivering different kinds of fluids.
"Yeah, sweetheart?"
You sniffled now, your hands clasping over the phone, tightly.
"I'm coming home."
You slammed the phone on your desk, disconnecting the call, before your mother could protest. Your hands started to shake as you reached for an aspirin.
You opened your journal from your desk drawer, and bit your lip as you looked at the plane ticket. You looked up as you heard your door creak as someone peeked through the door.
"You're ready? You took everything?"
"Yep. I'm good." You said at your aunt.
You looked back to your fully stuffed up luggage, and a small bag, and put your letter in, hesitantly.
You were going back home.
But these were certainly not the conditions you thought you will return on.
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theshapethatimin · 11 days ago
the late night phone call
warning: sexual content, slightest bit of angst
word count: 860
summary: two people doing something they shouldn’t on a late night phone call
y/n promised herself that if he called again, she wouldn’t answer, because she knew what she was doing was wrong. she didn’t feel guilty, and that’s the part that scared her.
was she a horrible person for not having a ounce of guilt about the situation she found herself in? she doesn’t know, but what she does know is that she will answer the phone every time he calls.
today was the same as usual. it was 11:43pm and y/n was laying in her bed watching a movie when her phone rang. “harry would like to FaceTime” displayed on her phone in big white letters across the screen. she couldn’t help but get excited when she saw it, and because of that she answered. every. single. time.
“hey y/n/n” harry said in a low voice through the phone after she answered. she was met with a black screen because they had one rule; the light had to stay off. “as long as i don’t see you then what we’re doing is not wrong.”, is what he would always tell y/n at first because he cared about her and didn’t want her to feel like she was doing anything bad. y/n just thinks he tells himself that to ease his conscience, but either way, she still felt a little bit better each time he said it.
“hi harry” y/n said back, all the guilt in her stomach replaced with butterflies at the sound of his voice. she knew what was about to happen, and she was excited.
“i saw you today, you looked really good” harry spoke. she knew what he wanted and why he called her, but she was going to make him make the first move.
“i saw you too, when you walked right by me as if i don’t exist, harry” y/n said, matching his tone.
“y/n,” he started to say with a sigh and she automatically felt bad for bringing it up. “, you know why i didn’t say anything, it’s not like-“
“i know- i know, i’m sorry.” y/n cut him off from him saying the same speech she’s already heard too many times before. she didn’t want to argue, so she just let it go.
“i kept staring at your ass, you looked so good in that dress” harry said, completely dropping the conversation they were having only a few seconds ago.
“thank you, you looked good too” y/n was getting wet, and she knew harry had his hand down his boxers already, based on how he was breathing through the speaker.
“yeah, you looked so- fuck, you looked so good, i couldn’t stop thinking about you” harry’s voice was starting to sound more desperate but she wasn’t going to give in until he heard him say the words.
“yeah? what did you think about me?” y/n said.
“i thought about fucking you.. taking you to the bathroom, spreading you wide open and wrecking you.” he sped up the pace of his hand against himself, and y/n knew that because she could hear the sheets on his bed rustling.
“i want you to fuck me, harry.” she said, her fingertips playing with the band of her panties. she never touched herself until he asked her to. in y/n’s head, it made the guilt go away.
“fuck i want to fuck you. right now. hard and fucking fast. i want you to touch yourself y/n/n, please i- shit, i need to hear you” he spoke through the phone.
she finally pushed her finger past the lace on her waist band and touched her finger to the most sensitive part of her body. she moaned out loud because she knew how much harry liked to hear the noises she made. “harry, this feels so good” she said with a cry.
“fuuuuuccck y/n/n, who’s making you feel this way? huh?” harry said with a little bit of a louder tone.
“you are harry. please, im so wet, i want you to fuck me, i want you inside me”. she wasn’t even paying attention to what her own fingers were doing to her, the only thing she cared about was making sure that harry felt good, and she felt better knowing the only woman on his mind right now was her. no one else, just y/n.
“shit, fucking say it again” she knew he was close, with his breathing pattern switching and his voice getting a little higher.
“i want you to fuck me harry.” and that’s what did it for him. she knew he was cumming. she heard his moans as he came down from his high. as she listened, she removed her hands from her panties, the guilt she felt earlier starting to creep back and completely killing the butterflies that took its place for a little while.
“shit, fuck…. i’ll be right back” harry said, as he turned his light on and got up to go clean himself off in the bathroom. when y/n looked at her phone, she was met with the familiar picture frame that sat next to his bed on his nightstand. in it, held a photo of him and his girlfriend, olivia, kissing and being a proper couple.
something that y/n had to keep reminding herself that her and harry weren’t.
part two part three
- plz lmk what u think! i’m a new writer, so all feedback is welcomed!
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dontworrysunflower · a month ago
Enchanted | h.s.
a/n: we all know the trend right? this is the video that inspired this. okay i plan on having maybe two more fics for this year!
warnings: none
word count: 679
enjoy! feedback/reblogs dare appreciated
Tumblr media
picture not mine! credits to owner!
You loved to tease Harry since the beginning of your relationship, by playing his ex’s songs. Specifically, Style. The first time you played it, he wasn’t sure if you knew the backstory of it, so when he turned his head to look at you, he just expected you to be singing along.
But to his surprise, his eyes met yours, your glance leaning into his. You had a pointed look on your face, a small smirk playing with the end of your lip when Harry’s eyes met yours.
After that, you would play that song all the time, watching Harry groan until he would just start to smirk and sing along.
He wore that smirk again when he introduced you to the Style singer, snickering at your blubbering in front of the blonde woman. Most people think the exes weren’t on good terms, but they were still friendly to each other. It was backstage at the Grammys, Harry had just said his speech and you were embracing backstage when Taylor came around, her hair pinned up into a nice bun, her floral dress shining in the bright lights. You watched in bewilderment as Harry and Taylor hugged then shared a small conversation before they both turned to you. “(Y/N)! It’s so nice to meet you!” Taylor had exclaimed before wrapping you in a hug.
You weren’t new to Tiktok. Just like everyone else, you were sucked into the app when the world had to shut down. You thought that once everything had calmed down and went back to some sort of normalcy, but you were still on Tiktok every day.
Your first Tiktok was very impulsive, just you dancing along to a viral song, following the steps sloppily. Everyone knew who you were, since you’ve been with Harry since the start of his solo career, so you already had a good following. But that video went viral because a certain someone came up behind you with only gray sweats, shimmying behind you to the song.
After that you had posted a good amount of videos, still keeping the ones with Harry to a minimum, wanting your relationship to be as private as possible.
You were swiping through your for you page when you came across a video.
The audio was Enchanted by Taylor Swift, the girl was putting down her phone on what you assumed was her bathroom counter, the shower behind her. She dramatically frowned and mouthed along to the lyrics, stepping around the bathroom to stand under the running shower head as the beat dropped.
Please don’t be in love with someone else.
Before you knew it, you were running to the closest bathroom in the house. Without your knowledge, you had passed Harry, his face scrunching up in confusion as you zoomed past him.
He curiously followed your hurried footsteps, watching from the door frame as you propped up your phone on the bathroom counter by the sink, rushing back to turn on the shower, water pelting down to the white, smooth surface.
You could barely see Harry in the frame of the video as you pressed record, his body leaned on the wooden frame as he watched you carefully mouth the muffled words. You caught his eye in the mirror, his eyebrows raising as he watched you step into the shower just before the beat dropped.
In a split second he runs over to you, jumping into the shower with you, his clothes darkening and his hair matting to his forehead as his arms wrapped around you.
“Please don’t be in love with someone else!” You both screamed at the top of your lungs. “Please don’t have somebody waiting on you!”
When you posted it a while later, once you were dried up, it garnered almost a million likes in the first couple minutes. After a while both you and Harry sat on the couch to read some comments.
he’s the perfect boyfriend :’)
love that he fuels her taylor obsession
these two are so ?!??!?
why do i end up on cute relationship tiktok
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red light special
this will be my last writing on here for a while :( i’ve never worked harder or done more research on a fic than this one, so please read every word and submerge yourself into my world of desire. it’s quite different than my usual writing, but i hope you love it — you can find the playlist here!
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 🚥
word count: 5.5k
warnings: language, 18+ content, mentions of alcohol, smoking, and dark themes
- moodboard -
Tumblr media
❋ ❋ ❋
Midnight in Tokyo.
The city transforms into a neon jungle once the moon takes stage. Illusionary indigo and hot pink advertisements scale the sides of skyscrapers, their vibrant pixels reflecting off the wet thoroughfares bestrewed with puddles. Cosmopolitan emporiums attract visitors like moths drawn to a flame, ranging from luxury retail stores to vintage boutiques that line the busy sidewalks. A plethora of diverse eateries sit snug in the passageways, the limited seating being where conversations are struck with writers and poets alike. Whimsical art sculptures placed in hidden spots showcase Japanese culture, the expressive pieces greeting tourists from all around the world.
It's an urban utopia straight out of a futuristic fantasy.
Digging deeper into the complex metropolis, right in the heart of the infamous Kabukicho District is where nightlife is most vivacious. Foreigners flock to clubs and bars for ritzy entertainment and exuberant thrills. Alleyways conceal doorways to more private establishments, their explicit thresholds exposed by flickering arrows that guide those who dare to enter. It's sinfully atmospheric, the smell of smoke and sex lingering past the brick walls lit by dangling paper lanterns.
The vicinity is two sides of the same coin. In the daytime, families wander through a maze of honorable restaurants and hotels, but by night, the devil comes out to play. Risqué signs lead to unlawful pleasure. Curtains cover hostess clubs of endless inebriation. Intimate shops are out in the open to pique the interest of innocents.
However, there's only one unholy cove that Harry Styles is seeking on this rainy November night. He doesn't need to be lured into it by silhouetted street hawkers. Ignoring them is easy when the red light just around the corner holds his true desire.
As his polished dress shoes clack against the slick pavement, a black umbrella looming over his head, he fishes into his trouser pocket to snag a piece of chewing gum. He unwraps the malleable aluminum, pops the green gum into his mouth, folds the rubbery substance using his tongue, stretches it between his two front teeth, then bites down on it with his back molars. A refreshing burst of spearmint hits the back of his throat, crisp and cool. He then begins whistling a catchy tune he heard on the metro subway the other day, the trill echoing off the narrow walls surrounding him. New graffiti on them catches his attention. It's a rare find considering the city strictly prohibits street art, so he admires the esoteric visuals before they're removed by patrolling police.
Taking a sharp left, the top of Harry's shadow reaches his destination before he does. He stops in his tracks and breathes in the hazy air. Smoke seeps under the rusted garage door and the muffled bass coming from inside is a straight injection into his veins. Glancing up, the Japanese script emboldened by neon red spells out the name of the strip club.
ジョイライド Joyride
Guarded by a towering man in a black suit and tie, it's the only barrier left. Luckily, Harry is well-versed when it comes to sneaking into such an elite establishment. He shakes his umbrella out, the spray of droplets creating ripples in the asphalt pools beneath his feet. A wide step under the hipped awning saves his expensive clothing from becoming soaked. His long, houndstooth blazer of a dreary grey color and dotted scarf wrapped once around his neck makes him blend in nicely with the darkness.
Harry clears his throat and politely bows to the daunting watchman. "Kobanwa," he greets, hiding the gum under his tongue out of courtesy. (Good evening.)
"Kon'nichiwa," the man responds monotonously with a reciprocated bow. "Anata no mōshide wa nanidesu ka?" (Hello. What is your offer?)
Opening the breast pocket of his blazer, Harry plucks out three bills. He unfolds the creased paper one by one, revealing the printed face of an esteemed writer and a five-digit number that represents a hefty amount of yen. His desire is worth significantly more, but he'll undoubtedly be spending the rest of what's tucked in his wallet for reasons that will never be publicly disclosed.
"Sakura," Harry says with unwavering eye contact.
A single name is all he needs to speak for the man to challengingly stare back for a total of three seconds. He then takes the yen from him and inspects them for possible counterfeit, his nimble fingers flipping the banknotes over with a particular procedure. After an anticipatory moment of crinkling sounds and drowned out electronic music, he raps a specifically rhythmic knock on the garage behind him. It instantly lifts with a grinding creak, the smoke releasing from underneath and crawling up his legs like ivy on a brick wall.
"Raido o o tanoshimi kudasai." (Enjoy your ride.)
Harry gives the man a fixed smile and then enters paradise. Weeks of lousy business trips that require him to globetrot across continents has led to this. Tokyo always has something sensational in store for him. He comes back to the sleepless city time and time again for the unpredictability.
Disappointment doesn't reside here. Escapade does.
The metal stairs that lead to the underground club are grungy and steep, so Harry uses the shaft of his umbrella as a makeshift cane to traverse down the dilapidated steps. Every footfall of his ends in a squeak until he reaches the velvet carpet at the bottom. Thumping music becomes louder, the scent of cigarettes grows stronger, and the beat of his heart pounds faster.
Red curtains are suspended in front of him, and distant chatter that eclectically ranges from foreign to familiar dialect echo from behind them. Harry sets his umbrella by the nearby coat rack, then takes his scarf and blazer off to hang them up next to a pristine suit jacket. He takes a glimpse at his own suit that he wears. It's black cashmere with a contrasting white button up underneath and a silk red tie. He adjusts the collar and tugs on the lapels, then swiftly unclasps the single button.
A ruffle of his flattened hair, a crack of his neck, and he's ready for total immersion. Pushing the curtains aside, he crosses the threshold. There's no turning back now.
The seductive ambience immediately invades every sense of his. There's red everywhere. From the ruby wallpaper to the vermillion leather booths, the spacious room holds the key to subliminal distraction. It's a sub rosa room where players can have their fun after dusk. Every soul that wanders in leaves with a newfangled perspective on the divine femininity of women. At least that's what Harry left with the first time he traipsed in as a fresh face from Europe, a wax-sealed invitation in his hesitant grasp.
He wouldn't call himself a loyal customer, per se. He's not dependable on the half empty glasses of Yamazaki malt whiskey that are presented to him on serving trays, only to be respectfully declined. Nor does he come for the puffed cigars or joints that are perched between persuasive fingertips and lips. No, it's the stage in his peripheral where he floats towards. It's where his desire lies.
His Sakura.
She's on the round stage in the midst of her nightly performance, one leg hooked around a silver pole that protrudes from the middle. A red spotlight shines down on her contorted body, her limbs reaching out like the slender branches of a cherry blossom tree. Her long hair is snaked into six separate braids, four twisted up high and two tinier ones falling over her forehead. The audience of men, some standing up close and some sitting in booths, piercingly whistle over the loud music while throwing wads of yen at her when she spins into an upside down position with ease, gripping onto the pole using just her ankles. It gives a full view of her leather bodysuit, the glossy black material with cutouts revealing peeks of smooth, brown skin.
Harry stuffs a hand in his pocket and lingers at the back of the club where no one can pester him with invasive questions about what his intentions are. They don't understand. He's not here to 'get some', quote-unquote. Sure, he'll leave the place feeling satisfied, but what they don't know is that he gets to take home the woman they're currently fawning over.
Her pole dancing performance nears the end with a final layer of smoke hovering over the circular platform. The mystique she exudes as she slides down into an effortless split is tantalizing. Harry swallows thickly as his hand curls into a fist, every fiber of his being practically itching to be alone with her. He never grows tired of watching her, yet it's what happens in their designated private room that he's utterly addicted to.
The red spotlight switches to a bright white, and his Sakura smiles dazzlingly while collecting the bills that are thrown her way. Harry smirks and applauds, then pushes off the wall to give her his own special offering. This part seems to always occur in slow motion for him. His eyes are locked onto her as he waits until she catches his hypnotic gaze. He weaves through the crowd while chewing on his now flavorless gum, mumbling apologies when he bumps into people's drunken sways until he finally reaches the stage. Slightly opening his suit, he reaches into the interior breast pocket and pulls out a plucked cherry blossom. Technically speaking, he breaks the law every time he acquires the pink symbolism of human existence, however he has much worse crimes under his belt.
Harry gently holds out the blossom amidst flying yen, a pastel pink delicacy in a sea of brown riches. The following moments play out like a scene in a movie. Time seems to freeze as he hones in on the sound of her high heels clicking closer. He steadily looks up, taking in her tall legs and heaving chest. She tucks a few yen in the tight seam of her bodysuit, then provides him with her undivided attention.
"For me?" she shouts over the deafening music.
He breaks out into a wide smile at the sound of her euphonic voice that he so longingly missed. "Always for you," he replies.
Bending down, she takes the cherry blossom from him and then brings it up under her nose. Her eyes flutter shut as she smells the fragrant flower. It's flattering that no matter how many times she's received one, she still sticks it behind her ear like she does now.
The surrounding men marvel over her, but they'll be distracted soon enough. Two more poles emerge from the stage, and a group of stripper girls come out to continue the regularly scheduled show. Harry doesn't lose focus from Sakura, simply backing away slowly and jerking his head towards the VIP rooms. It's a drill that he aims to follow through with zero problems arising. Almost everyone here is a stranger, so that means that they cannot be trusted in the slightest. It's why he doesn't speak to them. If any outsiders find out about the dirty business he deals with on the side, it's a downhill slope onto deep  trouble.
Harry stops at the opposite side of the room and faces another security guard, but this time, it's one he knows quite well. "Ryōji," he acknowledges while bowing. "O-genki desu ka?" (How are you?)
Ryōji bows and withdraws a small, gold key from one of the ten hooks behind him. "Okaeri nasai," he responds. (Welcome back.)
Welcome back indeed. Harry discreetly glances around and then places a heavy hand on Ryōji's shoulder, leaning in so no one can eavesdrop. He murmurs in English, "We've got another one out back. Think you can get some men to handle it before sunrise? I'll have the money sent to you by next week."
The deep inhale Ryōji takes always makes him nervous. A dreadful silence passes before he says, "Yes, sir. Any special instructions?"
Harry gives him a friendly pat on the arm and takes the key. "Just the usual. She already took care of the hard part."
"As you wish."
With that, Harry gratefully nods and then walks into the back area where several red doors present themselves in a semi-circle fashion, some open and some closed. Steering to the right, he throws his gum away and goes to the door with a black '七' on it.
Lucky number seven for a joyride in heaven.
The room is a perfect size with curtains hanging over the walls for a more intimate experience. Two velvet couches are placed on either side, as well as a table with two glasses and a bottle of an unknown alcoholic drink on it. And of course, a red light emits from the low ceiling.
Harry gets comfortable, tugging up on his pant legs and sitting down. Precious time ticks by, the songs slowing into more sultry beats as he waits. He checks his diamond encrusted wristwatch. It's half past midnight, yet he doesn't feel the slightest bit tired. Maybe it's the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Only the mysterious aura of Tokyo can bring him a charge like no other.
At last, Desiree struts into the room and daintily falls sideways into his lap. Her stripper name is Sakura, but when she's with him, it's her real name. She jumps right in and holds his scruffy cheek, kissing all over his face as the red lipstick she's wears creates marks on his flushed skin.
"I missed you," she breathily says in his ear.
Harry holds her waist and rolls his hips up for some relief. "It's all my fault, isn't it? I've been so busy."
Desiree takes the key from him and quickly gets up to lock the door. When she comes back, she straddles him and says, "You came back to me, though."
He nips her neck, short and tender. "I got your text message and flew straight here."
She grips his chin. "That message wasn't about seeing me."
Harry swallows thickly, his throat suddenly parched. "We don't need to talk about that right now," he murmurs.
"But it'll be dealt with?" she asks, her eyebrows dipping with concern.
"Okay." She gently passes her thumb over his eyelashes like the pages of a book. "That's all I need to hear."
Harry distracts himself from the dangerous subject matter by twirling one of her braids around his pointer finger. "Like it when you wear your hair like this, Desi," he drawls.
"Mm-hmm. I've gone far too long without you."
She loosens his tie. "Tell me what you need."
Sifting through his brain, Harry contemplates his options. The club doesn't allow actual intercourse inside its' perimeters, so there's limited, albeit creative, methods that are used. Desiree once told him that the strippers are given a manual of all the different ways that they can please a customer. There was a specific one that he heard her briefly mention in passing. At the time, he was too shy to ask for more details, so he went home and researched the term. Needless to say, it sounded worthwhile.
"Can I have the... the red light special? Is that what it's called?"
Desiree smirks and remarks, "That's new. You've never asked for that before."
He blushes with a lackadaisical shrug. "Sorry. Being edged just sounds really fuckin' good right now."
"Why are you apologizing?" She pushes lightly on his chest so he comfortably leans back against the couch. "Relax and let me take care of you."
Harry couldn't possibly argue, especially when she doesn't waste any time and starts off with a green light. Gripping his shoulders, she smoothly rocks into his body in quick movements. His hands knead her ass, the bodysuit bestowing the perfect amount of skin for him grab. The tension in his muscles alleviates as she applies pressure to his growing bulge, every perpetual grind making him harder by the minute. His eyes roll back as well as his neck, and he forgets why he was stressed hours prior and instead succumbs to the satisfying ache she provides him.
"Fuck," Harry moans out into the room, spreading his legs further apart. "Fuck, Desi, you feel so good. I'm all yours."
She bites her bottom lip and moves her hips counterclockwise. The switch has him gritting his teeth. Shuddering, he opens his mouth and pathetically whimpers while running his hands up her clenched thighs. He feels hot. Sweaty, sticky, and salaciously hot. It burns in a blitz of fiery passion.
Yellow light.
Desiree slows down, still grinding swivels over his pelvis. The throbbing of his cock ceases and the buildup disappears momentarily. Her back arches as she uses her height over him to palm over him with her right hand. Leisurely, she squeezes where the head of his cock is through his pants, and a sensitive tingle rushes down his spine as he bites down on his knuckles to suppress his pleading noises.
"That feel nice?" she asks, planting kisses along his slack jaw.
Harry's face crumbles in submission. "I need to cum. It feels so tight, I- I can't take it anymore."
Red light.
He knows he asked for it, but when she stops moving altogether and stands up in front of him, he reaches forward for her absent touch. "No, come back. C'mon, please. Stop playing around."
She ignores him and kneels to the ground. With one finger, she trails it up his inner thigh until it reaches his covered cock. She fondles with the length of it, erotically squeezing in all the right places while looking up at him with eyes of a deeply rich brown color. He often dreams of her mouth puckered around it, wet lips and hollowed cheeks making him fall apart.
Suddenly, his tie is removed and Desiree holds it up. "Are you ready to cum?"
"I'm so close," Harry breathes out. Inhaling sharply through his nose, he adds, "You're so pretty, do you know that? Got me- fuck, you have me absolutely aching for you."
She stuffs the tie in his mouth and finally straddles him again, riding his thighs to bring him to his peak. His groans of pleasure are muffled against the fabric as she gives him a lap dance, her body rolling to the R&B music coming from the distant speakers. He feels his balls tighten until the release has him cumming in his pants, a damp spot forming shortly after.
Weeping moans are stifled as he tugs on Desiree’s hair to get her to remove the tie in his mouth. When she does, every part of his body feels light. Harry is in a daze, the pressure no longer consumes his thoughts.
Exhaling heavily, he hoarsely asks, "Ready to get outta here?"
Desiree kisses him fully. "Are you taking me on another joyride?"
Harry smirks and wipes off the lipstick stain she left on the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb. "Full throttle, baby."
❋ ❋ ❋
The first thing Desiree sees when rounding the corner of the alleyway is a parked Kawasaki motorcycle.
The rain has let up, only a light drizzle now falling from the starlit sky. People still pass by with umbrellas, minding their business. The lights outside are stimulating, the signs above casting hues of fuchsia pink and Prussian blues over her and Harry's face. The air reeks of gasoline and smoke, vehicles racing past to hop on the expressway. It's a city of nocturnal spirits who get off on cheap thrills, and she couldn't help but get hooked on the appeal. Night crawling on a high-speed bike through the neon streets is the most thrilling adventure she can possibly think of.
Harry rents out a different motorcycle every time he visits. He told her when they first met that he owns a marketing firm out in London, so obviously he has the money to afford such luxuries. The first time he walked into the club, she thought he would be just like everyone else — drunk and lonesome spinners of yarn in need of attention. However, he was a man of innocence who stumbled upon an underground scene he wasn't expecting. She saw the intrigue in his green eyes and taught him how her world worked. She let him choose what he desired without taking advantage of him. She trusted his intentions and let him see every side of her, saintly or sinful.
Their journey leads to the eager way he's looking at her now, one gloved hand holding out a helmet and the other gripping the motorcycle's handle bar.
"Ladies first," he says with a playful smile.
Desiree tightens the belt on her brown leather coat and puts the helmet on. It rubs uncomfortably against her hair, but she's not one to place beauty above safety precautions. She then hikes a leg over the back seat, and Harry does the same motions while straddling the front seat and starting the engine. It rumbles to life when he squeezes the clutch, revving the engine three times.
"All good?" Harry calls out behind him, using the back of his shoe to kick up the kickstand.
She wraps both arms around his narrow waist and props her chin on his right shoulder. "So good."
Reaching back to squeeze her thigh, he speeds off into the fast lane. For the next twenty minutes, the brisk wind blows in her ears and the feeling of flying overtakes her entire body. She spreads her arms and Tokyo comes alive just for her, blurry colors whooshing past as they accelerate past traffic on the winding expressway. They ride out of the district and towards Marunouchi where the Shangri-La Hotel is located. With five stars and eleven floors of pure splendor, it's the best of the best in terms of where to have a late night rendezvous.
When they eventually pull up to the hotel, a tall building made entirely out of glass panes, Harry parks the motorcycle and kills the engine. Desiree carefully takes her helmet off and fixes her hair the best she can. Her makeup feels tacky against her skin, but the cool air of an autumn night is refreshing. She looks over to see Harry do the same, his hair sticking up every which way. He sheepishly grins over at her and rolls his eyes.
"Hurry up," Desiree says through chattering teeth. She bounces on her heels, starting to feel the ache travel from her ankles to the tips of her toes.
"Alright, alright," Harry mumbles jokingly, holding his hand out. "I'll have a word with Raijin about the inadequate weather."
"Studying Japanese deities, are we?"
Interlocking her numb fingers with his, they both head inside the lavish lobby and then take the elevator all the way to the seventh floor. The ride up is quiet, exhaustion finally catching up to both of them. After six beeps, a more prolonged one sounds and the doors slide open. They walk down the narrow hallway to the back where the suites are located. Harry swipes the key card and twists the door handle to go inside, Desiree following closet behind him.
The suite is as tidy and stylish as one would expect from a businessman. Two designer brand suitcases are stacked in the corner by the air conditioner that's running on high. A housekeeper must have cleaned and organized his belongings. There's crisp white sheets on the king bed that look quintessential for bundling up in.
Desiree removes her heels and flops on the firm mattress. She blearily watches Harry open the mini fridge by the door, hearing the clink of what must be beer bottles. Her assumption proves to be correct when one is thrown beside her, yet there's no energy left in her body to open the cap and drink the bitter liquid.
Harry takes off his suit jacket and button up, then sits against the headboard and spreads his legs on either side of her sprawled out body. He takes a swig of beer, his jawline sharp and his throat bobbing. His bare torso decorated with tattoos looks like the perfect pillow, so Desiree shimmies upwards to lay her head on his abs. She listens to his subtle breathing as his stomach moves up and down.
"So how'd you kill him?"
Well, that's one way to initiate a conversation. Desiree snaps her eyes to his, looking at him a little wonky due to her position. "Katana," she casually answers. "Quick and easy strategy."
He hums and sets his beer on the nightstand, then begins delicately untangling her two front braids. "Made a mess, huh? Ryōji's men won't be too happy about that."
She fidgets with one of her loose acrylic nails. "They've dealt with worse cleanups."
She knew what she was getting into when she decided to work in Tokyo's Red Light District. There's no way to sugarcoat what goes down in the alleyways. To her, it doesn't feel like a crime if she's getting rid of the bad guys. It's justified in her mind.
Harry moves his hands to undo the bigger braids. "I know," he starts softly, "but it's getting riskier. And more expensive on my end."
Sighing, Desiree replies, "Asphyxiation is so boring, though. I like my swords."
"Desi, I'm serious." He tilts her head to stare at her straight on. "It worries me when you do those types of killings and I'm not here. What if something were to go wrong?"
She frowns. "We're a team. You flew out to me without hesitation when I told you my plan."
"Yes, but you act on impulse sometimes," he says, taking out her ponytail it putting it around his wrist. "I can't always do that with my job. You're lucky I was available."
"So you only came to help with the repercussions? Not to see me?"
Harry pokes her forehead. "You know that's not true. If it was, I'd be on a plane back to London right now instead of spending the night with you in bloody Tokyo."
"Just making sure," she teasingly says with a hidden undertone of insecurity.
Once all six braids are out, her hair frizzy and free, Desiree sits up to take her suffocating coat off. Underneath, she has on a more comfortable outfit that she changed into before leaving the strip club. She internally debates whether she wants to go through the hassle of taking everything off, but before she can fully weigh her options, Harry reaches over to open the nightstand drawer and pulls out something crinkly.
"I, uh, bought some makeup wipes," he explains while fidgeting with the package. "Didn't know what brand you use, but it's coconut and I know you like coconut rum. There's no correlation, but it's the thought that counts, right?"
Desiree is speechless for a brief moment. He's never done something like that before. "Th- thanks. Help me take it off?" she quietly suggests.
"'Course," he rasps. "Scoot over."
She takes one side of the bed and sits cross-legged in front of Harry as he plucks a wipe out. He folds it four times into a compacted square and then hovers it over her face. His gaze wanders a bit before he starts swiping gently under her eyes.
He speaks up again once the air conditioner clicks off. "Can I ask, pray tell, why you killed him?"
Desiree breathes out a laugh. "Funny," she says as he scrubs the pigmented blush off her cheeks. "I remember when you couldn't even stomach asking me that question. Now you do all the dirty side work."
Harry shrugs a shoulder. "You're a bad influence."
Sage advice from two people who dabble in reincarnating as a more sadistic Bonnie and Clyde: It's remarkably more fun to have a loyal partner in crime than to be a lone outlaw.
"Let's see," she muses with a dramatic flair. "His name was... fuck if I know. All I was told was that he was a gang member who lured young girls in and brainwashed them into committing crimes around Shinjuku for money worth jack squat."
"Jesus. What about the other gang members?" he questions, taking her smeared lipstick off next.
"I'm not too worried about them. They would never suspect a stripper at Joyride killed one of their own. They'll probably assume it was another gang's doing."
"That's a relief." Harry yawns and tosses the dirtied makeup wipe in the nearby garbage. "Alright, I've had enough of killer talk. Shall we get some sleep?"
Desiree grins tiredly and feels the smoothness of her face. "We shall. My body aches."
Stripping takes a toll on her joints and muscles, especially since she incorporates performance art into her dancing. Untreated strains and torn ligaments have been left in the past due to years of training, but residual pain still lingers each night when she steps off stage.
Once they're comfy under the sheets, Desiree curls into Harry's warm chest. "When do I have you until?" she reluctantly asks.
He wraps an arm over her back and says, "Tomorrow night."
She recounts all the times he's had to catch a red eye flight immediately after they would arrive at the hotel. Tonight, she's lucky she gets him a little longer than usual.
"It's better than nothing."
Harry scrunches her hair and leaves a long kiss to her temple. "You can always come back to Europe with me," he murmurs. The beer wafting from his breath is mouth-watering.
Desiree shakes her head. "I can't. I belong here."
"I understand." She can feel him smile before kissing her head once more. "A cherry blossom should stay in Japan, right?"
She closes her eyes. "Very clever." There's an elongated pause of internal reflection before she continues, "Listen, I don't want you to feel trapped. I don't want you to feel like I'm using you."
Harry rubs the sore muscles of her shoulder blades. "I don't feel that way. I chose to get involved with how you live your life. Being completely honest, I quite enjoy the danger of it."
Easy for him to say when he only has to deal with the business side of it. A pipeline of recruitment occurred where she loosely hired Harry to hire men who would dispose of the dead bodies she drags out in the dumpster behind the club. No one dares to roam that haunted alleyway, which makes it the most adequate place to safely hide a killing. Then, Harry pays them handsomely in cash for successfully completing the treacherous deed.
Desiree cups his cheek and whispers, "Please... just please tell me if it ever gets too much and you want out. I'll find someone else."
"It's never too much when your intentions are good."
It's not enough. His safety is her top priority.
"Tell me to stop and I will," she says sternly. "Give me the red light and I'll go to Europe with you. You can show me Buckingham Palace and the—"
"Desi," Harry interrupts with a thumb against her parted lips. "I will tell you if it gets to that point, okay?"
She takes his large hand and holds onto it like it's the last time she'll ever touch his skin. "Promise me."
"Yakusoku." (Promise.)
His spoken oath doesn't mend the problem she has with herself. There's a constant battle she has whenever she thinks too deeply about what she participates in. She questions whether it was a mistake getting involved in cover-up assassinations, and also bringing Harry into it as well. He used to be innocent. Someone who discovered the darker side of Tokyo and is now stuck in the whirlwind of her immoral faults. Did she make him into a brand new person? A monster? One that knows her crimes and prevents them from seeing the light of day?
Is it wrong that she fell for him in the process?
She can never tell him. No, that would complicate things way beyond the boundary lines she drew for herself long before she met him. There's too many risks when feelings are a factor. Risks of turning on each other if there were ever to be relationship issues. Then there's the plain and simple risk of barely seeing each other in person. It's all too poisonous of an ocean to dip her feet into. Her guard is up and it's not coming down for anything or anyone.
As Desiree drifts off into a dreamland, she realizes her guard lowers whenever Harry around. With his fingers soothingly scratching up and down her aching spine, she doesn't feel the uncertainty that always clouds her mind when he's not beside her. It clears when she wakes up to the smell of brewing coffee and room service breakfast on a cart before she can even open her eyes. It gnaws at her boarded-up heart until the pieces chip away. What's left is a vulnerable girl who seeks refuge, but can't leave a place of fortune and frisson. She's a moon in broad daylight.
Does she want to be saved? Or does the red light call her name for a reason?
❋ ❋ ❋
taglist: @sunflowervolume66 @amievol6 @handsomerry @eiffelmezarry @mellamolayla @thecraftoflove @harryskissies @ivanaaaaaaaaaa @harry-creators-co @twilightrry
masterlist | ask box
— thank you for all the support and love on my writings over the past six months. i’ll be back some time in the future. also, i’ll still be doing commissions over on ko-fi if there’s any interest. ta-ta for now!
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fool-for-harry · a month ago
omg pls do jealous possessive harry (with smut)
Warnings: SMUT
(At least 16+ pls!)
(Harry’s possessive.)
Sorry this one’s so short lol
She pulled the needle through, dragging a thin fiber away from the torn seam until it caught, crimping the loose edges of fabric. With a studious gaze, she lifted the dress slightly up and sank the steel talon another increment along the tear. Pulling, cinching and circling again, she added another stitch to close the gap in the bodice, methodically repairing the violent rent.
A pounding struck the apartment door. She smiled quizzically, skewered the fabric to hold the needle, and set the darning onto a low end table. Another volley of knocks hit the door.
"Y/n!" Harry yelled, his angry voice muffled by the wood barrier.
"Just a second, H," She said as she brushed a loose thread from her lap and pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear as She opened the door.
Harry pushed past her, determined to assert his presence. Surveying the apartment with rapid looks from side to side, as if hoping to catch sight of some scurrying rodent, Harry turned unsatisfied and casted a mean glare at her.
"I wasn't expecting you," she said, calmly.
"I'll say not," he said, implying something indefinite in his words.
"Can I get you something to drink?" she asked, stepping toward the kitchen. Harry grabbed her arm lightly, halting her.
"You've been cheating on me," he snarled.
"Harry, "she said, pulling herself deftly from his grasp.
"It's true," he said, his lips twisting in growing fury.
"You've been drinking," she said.
"Damn right.” He said, "and they've been talking about you." Her hands went to her hips. She cocked her head to one side.
"Allen, Jeff, Memphis. Everybody. They told me what you've been doing, while I was on tour."
"Harry," she said. "You know those guys are just mean. Why do you let them talk to you that way?"
"I couldn't stand it," he said. "Allen said Preston was over here last week."
“Bob? Really? You think I'd let Bob in here?" She laughed. Harry turned to look away. She touched him gently on the arm, and Harry started to pull away, but then accepted the aress.
"I just can't stand to think about you being with anyone else." Harry turned back and stared hard into her eyes. "The guys were laughing and I just couldn't stand it."
"Harry, honey," She cooed, "don't let them treat you like that. You know they just wanted to set you off. They're mean that way.” She kissed his rough chin lightly, invitingly.
"I know, I know. It's just, baby, I can't . . ." She kissed him. Wanting her, Harry pulled her close, lifting her to meet his hungry lips. She let her head fall back as he suckled at her throat.
"I'm yours, all yours," she whispered and he drew her closer, claiming her with passion, his powerful hands pawing at the curves, pulling at her clothes impatiently, wanting badly to have her. In a sudden swoop, Harry lifted her up and carried her into her dark bedroom.
She fell back onto the bed with a bounce and quickly reached behind to unzip her dress. Without pause, Harry took hold of the neckline and yanked the thin cotton down to expose her breast. Squeezing it in his hand, he sucked her nipple hard.
"Ow," she murmured, running her fingers through his hair. Harry reared and pulled her dress down in demanding strokes, impatient to take dominion of her. She basked in the sight of him so wildly aroused. Harry quickly got her completely naked, and threw himself on her, piercing her wet lips with a flurry of possessive kisses.
"My cunt," he said, breathlessly. "Mine. You belong to me, all mine." His cock plunged into her. She moaned, fixing her soft gaze lovingly into the center of his storm.
"Who's cunt is this?"
"Yours," she said, surrendering willingly. "All yours, your cunt, all yours." His pace grew with each uttered word, and beat of flesh against flesh.
he groaned, his eyes furious. She melted as he shuddered inside her.
The passion collapsed into deep, solemn breaths. Harry turned to kiss her, and then stood to put his clothes on. She turned and smiled softly.
"Where you going?" she asked.
"I've got a few things to say to my friend Allen."
"Well," she said, picking up her dress, "seems like a waste." Harry buckled his belt and kissed her again.
"I'll call you tomorrow," he said.
Thank you for reading! 💕
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missluckycharms · 5 months ago
You, Me and Harry make three. Part One.
Tumblr media
Summary: Joey, Izzy and Harry are in a poly relationship. They're head over heels for one another and they can't seem to keep their hands off each another, even when they really need to.
Harry is the Harry Styles, the man who is known for being so open and lovable. He's nervous to let the world see his girls, what would his fans think If he was dating two girls at the same time? And they all shared the one bed and home? He doesn't want to know, he wants them all to himself.
This small story follows the three and their rendezvous together behind the scenes.
Warnings: Switch!Harry, Mommy kink, slight Daddy kink, FxFxM threesome, fingering, oral sex f+m receiving, Male + Female penetrative sex, Female + Female sex, spanking, choking, hair pulling, sneaking around (?) masturbation and mentions of it, degradation kink, praise kink, dirty talking, anal play, biting, polyamorous relationship.
Warnings apply to both first and second part!
Word count: 3.6k words.
A/N: There will be a part two, keep your eyes out for it. I also envision the women with Blonde and Brown hair, but you can apply any hair colour you want to this scenario, I just wanted to give a description to people who find it hard to imagine people :)
It's rushing through Harry's veins as he finishes his last concert of his first ever world tour. His body covered in sweat from singing Kiwi and total of three times and his suit jacket is for a fact dripping from all the dancing he did, his body isn't exhausted, no, it's hyped up and he could go out and perform again if he could.
It's a bittersweet moment ending the tour he thinks, on one hand he has more time to himself, more time for friends and family but on the other hand he doesn't get to do what he loves every night for at least another year, which is perform for thousands of people.
The crew is cheering and slapping him on the back as he walks off, the band following him as they all congratulate one another on completing the whole tour. There's tears, tight hugs and even a champagne bottle popped by Mitch, for someone who seems emotionless he was the most emotional one amongst them all. He basically cried into his champagne flute.
Harry pulls himself away from the crew celebration after an hour or two, his phone buzzing in his back pocket non stop as he tried to converse and have a fair well party with his whole crew — he knew exactly who was texting him, and they won't be happy he isn't responding like he usually does.
His phone is filled with messages, some from Joey and some from Izzy and a few more in the group chat they all have together. Harry is scrolling through them all as he sits in the back of the car on the way to their hotel room. He lets out a shaky breath when he sees two photos — one of Izzy wearing a bright pink lingerie set, her dark hair all around her while Joey wears a dark cobalt blue set, her platinum blonde hair vibrant against the lace.
Izzy is laying down as Joey looks at the camera between her legs, the picture being from Izzy's perspective while the second photo is similar, but this time Izzy's panties are off and Joey's head is nuzzled into her pussy.
If anyone knew what Harry Styles was hiding behind the scenes they would be shocked, he's hiding two beautiful women who are in plain sight for all his fans to see, the pair helping out the crew and makeup department on tours while only the three of them know what they do behind closed doors. It's somewhat thrilling to have this secret, it's spurs them on more and even makes them act out and fuck one another in public places, such as Harry's dressing room or even his tour bus when all the rest of the band is asleep — they all seem to get off on their little dirty secret.
Harry never wanted to hide his girls, he feels guilty for doing so. But to protect them and himself from the hate and backlash they would get for this, he settled on keeping them himself only. Sure, there's times where they'd want to go to a restaurant, hold hands all together and feed one another dessert like couple do, but they have to settle on a professional looking dinner, each spread around the table with a large gap between them all as they try and keep their hands away from one another, cameras flashing outside and update accounts flashing the images labelling Harry to be at a business dinner.
It does take a toll on them, some nights they all cry together and hold one another when one of them has to leave and see family, they all aren't ready to tell their families so when one leaves it's like something is ripped from them, it's like they're missing a piece of themselves. Harry is the one who's away a lot, giving the media to calm down on the speculations that Harry is dating one of them — it's mainly always Joey because she's blonde and seen as "Harry's type" because of that, both of his girls are his type.
They take small vacations together, the three of them locked away in a villa in Italy or even in Spain, their own private space to lounge by the pool together or even show affection to one another more openly around the foreign country — but then cameras show up snd Harry is immediately hurrying the girls inside as he pays off the paparazzi to not leak the photos.
It's tiring, they're all exhausted from hiding, but it's what they have to do.
Harry chuckles darkly as he looks at the photos, his hand sliding down to palm himself through his suit pants as he types out a message with one hand, a lazy smile on his face as the driver doesn't suspect a thing.
Harry: told you both to wait, you know what happens when you disobey me, my girls.
It's not long after he sent the message that he's parked outside the hotel, the driver opening his door as a security guard walks out and helps Harry into the hotel under all the preying eyes of fans and paparazzis who seem to love blinding him every second with their flashes and asking him ridiculous personal questions that you wouldn't even ask someone who is on trial.
His security guard walks him as far as the elevator, Harry saying he can do the rest by himself — but in reality he didn't want anyone but him to hear the sweet little moans that are probably coming from his suite right now.
"Couldn't even wait two hours for Daddy, huh?" He says deeply walking into the room, rolling the sleeves of his shirt up as the two girls both look at him on the bed, Izzy nearly passing out from pleasure as Joey smiles evilly from where she's sat between Izzy's legs.
Izzy makes grabby hands at Harry which he immediately melts at the sight, she's the more submissive one in the relationship, leaving Harry and Joey to be the more dominant ones, and when Harry is submissive it's usually Joey fucking Izzy before him as he watches.
"Feeling good pup?" He asks Izzy brushing a strand of her hair from her face, her eyes glazed over and mouth slight parted as Joey teases her, sucking and nipping at her clit as Harry rests beside them both.
"Yes Daddy" Izzy says softly, licking the thumb that Harry brushes over her bottom lip, he slowly pushes it into her mouth as she takes it in with a small whine and suckling noises are heard from her pretty mouth.
"That's a good girl. You enjoying yourself down there?" He asks Joey more sternly, she loves when he's stern with her, while Izzy loves it when he dotes on her.
"Mmh yeah, such a pretty tasting pussy" she teases him, keeping her eyes on his as she licks a big stripe up Izzy's centre, Harry's cock twitching in his pants at the sight as Izzy keeps sucking on his thumb.
"Hope you've had your fun puppies, because you both know how Daddy hates it when you disobey him" he says with a small laugh, the two girls looking at him as he removes himself from the bed, standing tall as he strips down to his boxers.
"C'mere my girls, wanna feel both of you suck my cock" he says palming himself as he watches Izzy cum on Joey's tongue before they both jump off the bed and into their knees.
"I'm only obeying because tonight is your night, prepare for you to lose all control tomorrow, Daddy" Joey says, Harry already knowing she means what she says as he smiles at her.
"I'll look forward to it Jo, darling" is all he says as he runs both of his hands through each of their hairs, one hand on Joey's head with her hair wrapped around his arm, as the other has Izzy's hair wrapped around it, guiding them both to his clothed cock.
"Take me out, go on, know you both missed Daddy's cock" he moans out when they both palm him through his underwear, their hands immediately pulling down his boxers as he kicks them off, standing tall as both girls look up at him innocently through their eyelashes.
They both flatten their tongues and run them up either side of his cock, Harry immediately tightening his grip on their hairs and throwing is head back a little as he grunts under his breathe at the feeling. They both suck the head of his cock, their tongues in each other's mouths a little as they dance along the slit collecting his pre cum as he nearly buckles under the feeling and view he has of his girls.
"That's it, suck Daddy's cock" he breaths out through moans, his eyes fighting to stay open so he can watch every move his girls make.
The room is filled with heavy grunts and moans, small whines and sucking sounds from them all, Harry throwing his head back as he curses loudly into the air, Joey and Izzy working on his cock fast and messily just how he likes it. He's nearly scent into a frenzy when Izzy focus's on his head and pumps the rest in her hand while Joey sucks his balls into her mouth, dribbling and moaning around them which vibrates through Harry's body sending shivers all over and erupting goosebumps on his skin.
"Need to fuck you both now, onto the bed" he says sternly, taking their heads away as they both whine and try to get back onto him. Gentle slaps to their cheeks cause both girls to scurry over onto the bed, kneeling down and watching as Harry rests onto the bed, back against the head board as he begins to stroke himself.
"Izzy, do you wanna ride Daddy first? Yeah?" He asks and he chuckles lighty when Izzy nods in excitement, crawling onto his lap as he welcomes her into his embrace.
"Joey, sit on my face, gonna eat that pretty cunt of yours while I fuck our darling little Izzy" Joey smiles darkly at this, both of them looking at Izzy who's smiling cheekily against Harry's chest, her petite frame lost in his broad one.
Harry lays completely on his back, Joey coming to sit down on his face, as Izzy teases herself with the head of his cock. Joey faces Izzy, their mouths immediately catching in a sloppy kiss as Harry helps Izzy slide himself into her. She doesn't move, she grinds down a little as Joey's tongue explores her mouth, her tattoo hand holding the petite girls face as Harry holds onto Joey's plush thighs, his face nearly being smothered but he loves it — he wants to be smothered by her thighs always.
"Look at you Izzy baby, taking me all, such a good girl for me" Harry says lowly, looking at Izzy from between Joey's legs as Izzy begins to move, Harry immediately grabbing Joey's thighs and sitting her flush onto his face, his nose resting on her tightest hole as his tongue flicks and sucks at her pussy.
"Ride Daddy's cock Iz, fuck yourself until you cum like a good girl" Joey whispers to Izzy, her hand holding the girl by the jaw as she speaks to her, their lips inches apart as Izzy falls apart on Harry, the feeling sending her into oblivion as she bounces harder and faster, erupting guttural moans from Harry.
"Is he making you feel good Jo?" Izzy asks, her voice a slight tremble as she moans loudly watching as Joey grinds herself down onto Harry's tongue with force.
"Yeah, but you're making him feel so much better baby, hear him? Hear him moan into my pussy because of the work you're doing?" Joey asks as Izzy smiles lazily at her, her words making her go faster and faster on Harry's cock which ends in him meeting her bounces with thrusts of his own.
"That's it, fuck her Daddy, fuck her so good" Joey moans out loudly, grabbing Izzy before she crashes down onto Harry, holding the girl in her arms as Harry fucks up into her with all his strength.
"Fuck, yes right there Daddy" Joey moans out, Harry fucking his tongue into her while he fucks Izzy hard, the two girls holding onto one another as Harry pleases them both.
It's not long before they both cum with screams of his name and a mixture of Daddy between them all, Joey being the loudest as Izzy is barely able to speak or keep her eyes open over how fucked she is.
"Feeling okay puppy?" Harry asks when Izzy is laid out on his chest, his cock slipped out of her as she comes down from her high, Joey beside him as they both cradle Izzy and help her calm down.
"M'okay, just tired Daddy" she slurs out, the two helping her lay down onto the bed, Joey laying beside her as Harry positions himself on top of a smiling Joey.
Izzy turns her head to watch the two, Harry immediately bending down to kiss her softly as Joey kisses Harry's jawline and runs her hands over his bare chest lightly, her fingers playing with his dangling necklaces as her legs wrap around his waist, ankles locking behind him.
"My two pretty girls, all fucked out" Harry whispers as Joey pushes her hips up to him, signalling she's ready as he pecks Izzy's face before pulling away and focusing back down on Joey.
"Eager little thing aren't you? Such a slut for Daddy" he says to her, their lips inches apart as Izzy gasps at his language, Joey smirking and enjoying every last word that drips from his mouth towards her.
"You're also a slut for me Daddy, don't lie" she fires back, Harry shaking his head as he lines himself up with her pussy.
"Right now, you're my little slut, take it all for me, yeah?" He says kissing her chest as he pushes himself in, her moans immediately filling the room as Izzy runs her fingers over the lace bralette on Joey's skin, her head right next hers as they both look up at Harry.
"Come on Daddy, fuck me like a whore" Joey whines out as Harry begins to pound into her harshly, his balls hitting her ass as she sets a fast pace that has Joey's eyes rolling into the back of her head.
"You're going to hard Daddy, gonna hurt Jo" Izzy says nearly crying, Harry immediately bringing a hand to her face and cradling it as the other cradles the back of Joey's pulling her hair lightly.
"She likes it hard baby, she likes Daddy to wreck her pussy and call her his little slut" he says softly and calmly to Izzy who pouts before pecking his lips.
"Harder Daddy, please" Joey moans out, Harry immediately thrusting faster and faster as he holds both of his girls in his arms, Joey's legs wrapped around him as Izzy pecks his bicep every now and then with small giggles.
"Yeah? Want it harder, does my little slut want it harder? Does she want me to fucking wreck her and make her unable to walk for days?" He asks sinisterly as Joey babbles and moans under him, her words slurred and her eyes leaking tears at the intense pleasure she's feeling.
"Wreck my pussy Daddy, fucking ruin me, yes!" She screams out when Harry hits her spot over and over again, Izzy's small fingers now rubbing circles over her clit as the two of them coax her towards an orgasm, which hits her hard and fast.
"C'mere, wanna kiss you both before I cum" he moans out, his hips slowly down as his two girls push their heads together so Harry can bend down and take both of their mouths at the same time, their tongues everywhere as they all moan and grab onto one another.
"Come on Daddy, cum for us" they both moan out, looking up as Harry kneels on the bed over the two of them, their hands on their boobs pushing them up as he strokes himself fast, his eyes rolling back and his body covered in sweat.
"Gonna look so pretty painted in my cum, my two pretty babies all fucked out beneath me" he moans out, their tongues out flat as he finally cums, spirts and ropes of his cum coat their chests and some splashes up onto their tongues as they swallow it greedily, their fingers rubbing through his cum painting them more as Harry watches in awe, completely spent.
"I love you both, so much" he says smiling at them, their faces glowing and their own smiles on their faces as they look at him like he's the best thing in their worlds — which he is.
"We love you too H, right Iz?" Joey asks Izzy who's trying to fight off sleep, her small nod and smile is enough for Harry as he coos over how cute she looks, her cheeks blushing at his complements as Joey kisses her face all over making her giggle out, Harry kissing Joey's as they all attack one another with kisses gently with laughs in between.
"Think it's time for a bath, huh?" Joey laughs out as Harry agrees, Izzy laughing also as they both lay next to one another covered in Harry's release.
"Don't move, I'll be back" Harry says, the pair of girls whistling and cheering him on as he runs to the bathroom butt ass naked, his laugh loud as he wets two wash cloths with warm water.
"Are you two ever gonna not laugh at my ass?" He asks kneeling over them again, one hand clutching a cloth and washing Izzy while the other washes Joey and gets rid of his cum from their skin.
"It's funny! It's so soft and squishy looking when it jiggles!" Izzy laughs out, Joey beside her nearly snorting as she laughs along, Harry laughing and shaking his head as he throws the cloths into a laundry bin.
"You have a cute butt Mr Styles" Joey says kissing his nose as he flops his body down onto them, one of their legs resting on his waist as he rests his head between their breasts, both of their fingers running through his hair.
"We can't stay like this" Joey is the first to speak up in a few minutes, sleep nearly taking over them all before she realises they need to clean up and get ready for bed — Izzy needs to do her skincare routine while Harry needs to drink his nightly cup of tea.
"Yeah, yeah. I know. Come on, bath time" Harry groans, grabbing his boxers and sliding them back on to avoid anymore comments on his bare ass, the two girls avoid eye contact with him as they bite back their laughs looking at one another.
"I can hear you both laughing!"
"We aren't laughing!"
"Yes you are!"
The three of them have been dating for almost a year now, everyday bringing something new but their love for one another grows by the second. Harry cherishes small moments with them, heck, he cherishes all moments with them. When they step outside together Harry addresses them as part of his crew to not raise any suspicion. But all he wants to do is scream at the top of his lungs that these two beautiful women are his girlfriends.
Just as Harry is filling the bath, adding Izzy's favourite bath bomb and setting out Joey's favourite body wash for her, a shout and a hard knocking is heard from behind the front door to the suite, causing the two girls laughs and conversation to stop.
They look at him as he holds up a finger to his lips, shushing them both as they nod watching as he heads for the door. He opens it slowly, only revealing his head. Jeff stands outside, his hand running through his hair as he jumps when Harry opens the door.
"There's fans outside, they won't leave until you come out. Please just walk out and show your face or something" Jeff says nearly passing out with anxiety, his hands shaking from how nervous he was being bombarded with the fans who are lined up outside the hotel at nearly midnight.
"Okay, I'll be down in a few" Harry sighs, knowing guilt will eat him alive if he doesn't see his fans, but he'll also feel guilty letting the girls bathe alone and be without him for awhile again.
"We heard, go down to them. We'll have a bath and you" Joey says walking over to Harry, Izzy beside her as they hold hands, Izzy shorter than the two as she looks at them softly. "Can bring us all up some wine when you're coming back up, sound good?" Joey finishes as Harry smiles looking at them both.
"Yes Ma'am's"
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illgiveyouanythingcal · a month ago
nothing but love
Tumblr media
pairing: harry styles x blackwoman!oc
warnings: fluff, mentions of oral (f received), food/eating
summary: a friend of neveah’s posts a video of harry and neveah singing and harry’s fans find it.
wc: 1.8k+
a/n: covid does not exist in this ❤️ also added instagram posts as well 1+1 - Beyoncé
Tumblr media
masterlist | blurbs
harry and neveah have been together for four years. no one, besides close friends and family, knows about them due to wanting to keep it private. of course there were articles about harry dating models and things like that, but at the end of the day, harry was always in bed beside neveah.
there are times where harry’s been papped out with neveah, but everyone just assumed they were friends because they didn’t really show any signs of being in a relationship with each other. it’s not that they were hiding their relationship, they just didn’t really feel the need to tell it to the public. harry didn’t have much privacy because of the job he has, so they liked to keep most of their relationship a secret.
harry has posted little glimpses of his relationship on his official instagram account, like blurry pictures of them holding hands, harry’s hands wrapped around her waist while she wore a hoodie of his. there has be articles written about it but people would forget about it after a few weeks. on his spam account, it was mainly pictures of the two of them. harry helping her take her braids out, helping her on wash days since her hair was so long and it tired her out when she did it all by herself, posting tiktoks they’d do together, he was truly obsessed with her. harry would get asked about ‘the mystery girl’, and every time he’d let them know that he was in a relationship, but he didn’t give away her identity.
neveah has had her social media private since they’d first been seen out in public together. she knew how some of his fans were, having been in the fandom since the one direction days, and she knew that someone would end up finding her. she still didn’t post a lot about their relationship, just because she didn’t want anyone outing them to the press without them knowing.
it was neveah’s birthday, so harry woke up early and made her breakfast. for the past week and a half, him, her family, and a bunch of their friends (mostly industry friends that harry had known for years) had been planning a party for her.
before the party, harry had planned an entire day for them. he’d memorized her entire morning routine, planting notes in the order of her routine. he knew that she’d wake up and before she opened her eyes, she’d turn over to cuddle into his body, so he put the first of many notes on his pillow. he knew that she’d check her phone, so he put the next note on top of her phone. he put a note in the sleeve of her robe, three in the bathroom where they put their tooth brushes on the inside of the mirror, and one in two of the drawers where her hair and skin care products were. the last note would be in the kitchen where harry was, and he’d pretend he didn’t know what she was talking about when she asked him about the notes.
she almost cried reading some of them. harry had written a few reasons why and how much he loved her and how thankful he was to have her.
he took her to her favorite bakery, to go see a movie, they went to the beach for a few hours (which was surprisingly empty) before they went back home.
as soon as the door opened, harry threw her on the couch and stripped her leggings and thong off. neveah laughed at how eager he was, but she didn’t mind it. she loved when harry went down on her.
after they took a shower and got all dressed up (per harry’s request), and they were out the door. neveah was the type of person to always put the dots together, so she knew where they were going.
when they pull up, harry quickly gets out of the car and holds her hand as she carefully steps out as well. he places his hands in front of her face and attentively walks them both to the door. he tries his best not to pop a stiffy from the way their bodies were pressed against each other and her ass was rubbing against him.
he groans and stops a few times to create a little distance, he mutters, “bloody hell.”
“harry?” neveah laughs, “you okay?”
“this is gonna be the death of me,” he tells her, groping the flesh of her butt in his hands through her dress. she’s wearing a black velvet dress with a high slit going up her left leg, her favorite dress although she never really wore it, as well as black chunky heels with gold chains as the ankle straps. neveah just laughs before she begins moving forward again, although not knowing where she was going.
harry takes his hands off of her eyes and tells her to keep her eyes closed until they got inside. neveah does as she’s told, not wanting to ruin the obvious surprise that was set up for her. harry turns on the lights and neveah opens her eyes. just as they opened, her older brother yells, “surprise!”, making the entire room laugh.
“aw, this is so cute,” she coos, looking around as she walks further into the room. there were a bunch of balloons at every table she looked at, some of the big balloons were black with rose gold colored letters on them, while the smaller ones were pink.
they greet their family members and some friends before everyone begins to settle down.
they had little contests to see who knew her better (which ended up being a tie between harry and her older brother), played would she rather, danced, drank, ate cake, genuinely had a good time.
neveah was excited when it was finally time to open the presents everyone had gotten her. some of them were simple, stuffed animals, jewelry (she didn’t really like people spending too much money on her and begged harry not to get her anything that cost a lot, so harry made sure they weren’t too expensive), perfumes, her mom even bought her some lingerie which she thought was kind of funny since harry’s face turned embarrassingly red. she didn’t cry or even tear up until she got to harry’s presents.
he got her a few rings to match his own (she scowled him for it because they were obviously expensive, but she was still very thankful), an explosion gift box with a bunch of his favorite pictures of them inside until she opened up the last box she found a locket. on the inside it was a picture of them on their first date. she remembered that day very well, she remembers going home scared that he wouldn’t want to see her again, she should’ve worn something else, or that she should’ve done her hair a different way.
the couple shared a long, heartwarming hug before harry announced that they’d be singing karaoke. neveah already knew where this was going, harry was going to drag a mic her way and make her sing the one song that he loved hearing her sing.
as soon as the music started, neveah lets out a nervous chuckle into the mic as she looked up at harry who was stood beside her.
she looks around the room and notices a few cameras pointing at them. “come on,” harry says with a large grin on his face as he takes her free hand into his own. he moved to stand behind her and wraps his other arm around the front of her body.
“if i ain't got nothing, i got you.”
neveah pulls her hand out of harry’s and rests it on the side of his face before it slides done to his bicep. as neveah’s singing, harry begins to sway to the beat, bringing a smile to his girlfriend’s lips.
“when my days look low, pull me in close and don't let me go.”
both of harry’s arms pulls her closer into his embrace as he pushes his face deeper into her neck, placing fond kisses there.
when the song came to an end, everyone in the room cheered as harry pulls her in for a tender kiss. no aggression, no hunger, just their lips against each other.
the next day, the two of them didn’t wake up until later in the day. it was around 1 in the afternoon when they’d woken up due to the loud banging noise at their front door. neveah checks her phone to look at the time, only to be met with loads of texts and calls from a few friends and family members, as well as harry’s manager.
she gets out of bed, pulling on a pair of black spandex and one of harry’s sweatshirts before making her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the front door.
she looks through the peephole and sees jeff, harry’s manager, waiting impatiently behind it. she unlocks the door and pulls it open. jeff notices how she’s constantly blinking and rubbing at her puffy eyes with a frown on her face, “were you guys asleep?”
“yeah, woke up to you banging at the door,” neveah grumbles, turning away and trudging to the couch just as harry walks into the room.
“i’m guessing you guys haven’t checked anything? social media?”
“no, what happened? and why’re you beating the bloody door down?” harry asks, his voice deeper than usual and heavy with sleep lacing through.
“well,” jeff sighs, “someone found a friend’s instagram, where they posted the video of neveah singing last night and posted it. well, it was really everything she posted. you’ve gone viral everywhere.”
“well, shit,” neveah pouts as she turns her phone on and goes to twitter, which she probably shouldn’t have because twitter stans are brutal.
her entire timeline was full of videos from last night, some people had even found her instagram as well.
she found mostly good responses to the videos and pictures, complimenting her looks, her voice, her outfit; and then there were a few that didn’t like the fact that harry had a girlfriend.
she lets out an airy giggle at some of the tweets, “the amount of times we’ve seen them together in the past four year? the amount of times he’s posted her. yeah, pretty obvious he’s in love”.
“what’re you laughing at?” harry asks her, interrupting the conversation he was having about the situation with jeff as he sits down beside her.
“just scrolling through twitter,” neveah shrugs in response, tilting the phone to him so he could read them himself.
harry wraps his arms around her shoulder and lays her head on his chest, “how are you feeling about all of this?” he watches as she completely closes out of the app before she could scroll too far.
“i’m okay, it was gonna happen sooner or later. they’re nice, as far as i’ve seen. except for a few people, but i don’t really care for it.”
“good,” he places a kiss to her forehead before turning his gaze back to his manager.
Tumblr media
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username how long have they been dating?
username i’d say a few years they’ve been seen out together a lot
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username her little smile ☹️☹️🤏🏽
username i love them together already
username aw 🥺 we’re getting boyfriendrry
username harry dating a black woman >>
username he’s so soft i love him
Tumblr media
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username they were so sweet omg it was like harry always had to be touching neveah and every time they looked at each other harry always had a little smile on his face ALSO neveah’s hand was in his hair the whole like running her fingers through it
username @username omg he loves her 😩😩
username i love seeing harry happy ☹️
username i wanna go to their wedding
username she’s sitting in his lap PLS 🥺🥺😍
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littledreamybeth · 22 days ago
Secret Love Song
Tumblr media
A/N: This was a hard nut to crack, really. I’m still not happy with the result but I let you decide. I’m sorry if the story is a bit rushed, I usually wanted to keep it short while trying to make sense. I would be happy about likes, shares (it’s again NOT showing in the tags), comments :)
For entertainment purposes only. Story revolves around arranged/forced marriage, mentions of weapons, violence and sexual intercourse. Read on your own account.
Y/N was watching the sun rise, bathing the city in front of her with golden morning light. She wished she had wings so she could fly high up and touch them, let them bless her with hope. Because right now she had no ounce of hope left in her. Her eyes drifted to the alarm clock beside the bed, and the faster time hit twelve, the closer she neared toward her inevitable doom. The diamond ring that adorned her finger felt heavy in a way she couldn’t lift it. Or maybe her brain was playing tricks on her. She longed to rip it off and never wear it again. Because it had made her lose her freedom.
The young woman had known that arranged marriages were a thing in some cultures, but she had never expected it to happen to her one day. That she’d been taken away the choice of deciding who’d she like to be with. It was 2022, who could have known?
Her father, a rich, dominant CEO of a prestigious company and an infamous asshole, had thought it was an awesome idea making allies with another rich family by marrying off his daughter. His poor excuse had been, “It had to be done.” Besides, the son of that family apparently had an eye on her the entire time, and her father had been smitten with him too. Y/N could only shake her head. She knew her old man well enough to claim he’d do anything for financial profit. You cannot guess how many dirty deeds he’d already committed in order to get what he wanted.
Now Y/N was stuck with somebody she barely knew anything about, whereas her heart had already been conquered by another man.
The man who slept peacefully on the bed behind her. Harry.
The memories of the night prior came flooding back, overwhelming her senses. The last night she would ever spend with him. It had been draining, nerve-wrecking but passionate, nonetheless. They held each other tight until they fell asleep. If you knew how tight it was.
When Y/N announced the news to Harry, both of their worlds came crashing down. The musician was heartbroken, if not depressed for a while. Y/N felt miserable as well, crying herself to sleep every single day. Each cell in her body refused the idea of that marriage, despised it, resented it.
Her father did not approve of their relationship, unless it was meant friendly. Y/N had wondered why, but it slowly sank in that Mr. Y/L/N had planned this marriage a long while ago. But Y/N being too infatuated couldn’t keep her fingers away from the charming and charismatic man. So Harry and her agreed on having a secret relationship.
Y/N shifted her gaze from the sun to her love.
The corners of her mouth quirked up slightly, forming a smile, and her soul felt ten times more at ease.  All her worries washed away by just sparing a single glance at him. It had always worked like that. Whenever she felt like she was crushed under the weights of her merciless life, it had been those enchanting green eyes or that handsome face she had to look at in order to not fall apart. He gave her the strength she couldn’t conjure up on her own. He was her rock. Her everything. The man she loved unconditionally but unfortunately couldn’t keep for the rest of her life.  
She wished she was confined to this apartment with him forever. At least she wouldn’t have to feign happiness. She wouldn’t have to face people who managed making her life miserable. And the man she was unwillingly betrothed to, the man she could never love, he would have no chance in laying his fingers on her. A picture perfect world from her perspective, however, a fairy godmother who granted her three wishes did not exist in reality. Her fairy tale with a happy ending would never become true. It is what it is.
Had Y/N tried searching for solutions to dodge her relentless fate? Yes, more than she could count on her fingers. Her cruelest idea was faking her death so that she could elope with Harry to places he wanted to take her, but she didn’t dare implementing her thought for two main reasons: Firstly, she was afraid her cover could blow up eventually no matter how careful she’d be, and she did really not want to imagine the repercussions of her actions, and secondly, there was her mum. She could care less about that piece of shit she called father, who’d forced her into this marriage without her consent, but her mum was different. She needed her daughter’s protection because she couldn’t stand her ground against her awful husband. Y/N grew up in a household where violence had been a part of the daily routines. All done by the man she loathed- her dad. Back in her childhood, she had watched her mother being beat to unconsciousness by that monster, and she couldn’t do anything about it. Because she had been weak to protect her mother. She’d been carrying the guilt of those days ever since, and now she planned to make sure it never happened again. She’d willingly turn into her father’s punching bag. As long as he did not raise his hands against his wife.
All those horrible experiences had glued both women together. Y/N had a very close relationship with her mother, she was her best friend, and besides, she didn’t dare inflicting the pain of child loss on her beloved mother, who’d been nothing but caring and giving her whole life. The two of them would sacrifice everything for each other’s wellbeing, even if their own happiness was on the line.
Y/N took a deep breath until every inch of her lungs were filled with fresh air, then slowly exhaled.
“Everything is going to be just fine,” she murmured. It was a lie she told herself everyday. Rehearsing and repeating until she believed it herself. What other choice did she have?
When the chilly autumn air became hard to endure and goosebumps arose on her skin, she closed the large windows and returned to the bed, crawling under the sheets. She hooked her arm around the naked torso of her lover and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeats thudding against her ear. Occasional snores left Harry’s mouth, making Y/N giggle.
Her gaze fixated the signature carved with dark ink on his right rib cage. It was her initials. She let her pointer finger drawing circles around that area. She remembered how elated and full of love she was when he had showed her the tattoo. Everything had been alright back then. Now it was disastrous.
Her gentle touch caused the British man to slowly wake up. He mumbled something unintelligible, stirring in his position, draping his arm over Y/N’s frame and pulling her in before opening his eyes.
“Good morning, beautiful,” he said. The deep tune of his voice sent shivers down Y/N spine. “You’re up, already?” He checked the time. One the other side, he wanted to find out how much time remained until he had to say goodbye.
He had four hours.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I watched the sun rise. Y’know, to calm my nerves.”
“Did it work?”
“It worked when I looked at you.” Y/N confessed. She interlocked her hand with his. A pregnant pause followed, in which Y/N allowed Harry to properly wake up, before it was interrupted by the young woman.
“You’ll be there tonight, won’t you?” She played with his rings.
Harry smiled assuringly, “I wouldn’t miss it for anything else. I promise to show up.”
“I’m sorry I’m asking this of you. It’s not fair making you suffer like that.”
He kissed her temple tenderly. “Y/N, I care about you. Of course I’m gonna be there and provide the mental support you need. There is no way I’m leaving you alone on this big day.”
Big day. Was it that really?
She swallowed hard. “You don’t deserve this.”
“You don’t either.”
“Harry, I don’t think I can do this,” she croaked, her voice trembling and panic starting to develop in the pit of her stomach.
“Yes, you can,” Harry insisted, even though his heart shattered into pieces. How could it not when he had to watch the woman he loved and adored become the wife of a man that was not him? When the essence of his happiness was cruelly taken away from him? Yet he was encouraging her to follow this path. “You will walk into that room like a badass with your head and chin held high like the queen you are. Pretend if you must. But I’m sure you can do it because you have so much more in you than you think. You’re stronger than you think you are.”
Y/N sighed, “I wish I could put my moral principles aside and just cheat on him instead.”
“That’s basically what you’re doing right now, sweetheart. Where are your moral principles, hm?”
“Freak…” she mumbled. “Harry…”
“I will miss this. I will miss us…”
“You know you’re always welcome, my love. My doors and my heart will always be open for you.”
“Yes, as friends. Such a shame you don’t start affairs with married women,” Y/N commented.
“What can I say? I’m a decent man with integrity.” He earned a light slap on his shoulder for that remark.  
“Can you tell me a lie?” Harry knew exactly what she was implying to. He had been doing this ever since the marriage announcement.
“You won’t marry him. Instead, we’ll be together. I’ll travel with you around the world, take you to different arenas where you will dance your ass off. I’ll let you pursue your dreams. Then, when the time’s right, I’ll go down on my knee and propose to you. We’ll marry, have wonderful little children and live happily ever after.”
The air suddenly felt heavy, it was barely possible to breathe. Harry tried diverting her attention from tonight’s event to something else. She was still with him now. There was no need spending the remaining hours with negative feelings. So for the next two hours, they talked about this and that. It felt good to laugh, to joke, to be free from any worries. To be wrapped in Harry’s arms.
“Will you love me goodbye?” Y/N asked before the clock struck eleven. She said it so desperately and vulnerable, Harry could only oblige. So, he switched positions with her, him hovering over the young woman. His lips explored every inch of her being, savoring her taste for the final time. It was certain that this moment was the most bittersweet from all moments shared.
The late breakfast after the quick shower prevailed in silence. The couple didn’t know what they could say to each other anymore. They had told each other what had to be told.
The clock struck twelve and a knock was heard on the door as Y/N was fixing her hair and outfit.
She turned to Harry who was beside her all the time.
“I think this is my cue to leave,” Y/N said. I don’t want to go.
“Yes, I believe so.” Please stay.
“Will you walk me out?” Is it really over?
Harry nodded his head.
Their legs automatically steered them toward the front door and at the same time, toward their end. No matter how hard they tried fighting against it, all they did was finally surrender. Their story ended here and now, although there had been so many blank pages that could’ve been filled. So many dreams that could’ve been chased together. But fate had other plans for them. Former lovers turned into friends- that’s what the world would see. Friendship. Their hearts, on the contrary, would always be occupied by each other. Until death.
Y/N grasped the doorknob and opened the door. In front of her stood a good-looking man dressed in a black suit and white shirt. She could see the outline of a gun underneath his jacket. His name was Miles, Y/N’s bodyguard and most importantly, loyal friend. They’d known each other for years and had each other’s backs just as long. She knew she could trust him, and that Miles would never disclose anything about her secret to her parents. He was the only male friend she had who had been privy to their relationship from the start.
Miles shot Y/N a compassionate smile. He knew how hard leaving was for her. He had witnessed it too many times already. He also knew tonight was the beginning of her biggest nightmare. An irreversible choice that bounded two people who actually weren’t meant to be together and destroyed the future of a couple in love. “I’m ready whenever you are, miss.”
“A second, please,” Y/N asked exhausted. Then she faced her lover behind her who had his eyes trained on her, watching her, taking all of her in because he was aware that this moment was the last they’d ever share. Once she was out of that door, there was no intimacy anymore. No fervent kisses shared, no lovemaking, no touches, no secret meetings. Simply nothing.
Y/N’s insides churned and burned, screamed in agony- she was slowly but securely falling apart. How could she let go of the man who carried her on his bare hands? The tears in her eyes became harder to control. She stepped forward, crashing against his chest. She held him tight like her life was dependent on him. As if he could rescue her from drowning. Because inwardly she did.
“I love you,” she repeated like a mantra.
The British man ran his finger through her soft hair, making her face him once again. He absorbed every detail of her gorgeous face, every perfection and imperfection, before leaning his forehead against hers. Y/N felt his breath on her lips.
“I’ll be there for you, forever and always,” Harry whispered. “Chin up, my love. You’ve got this.”
He kissed her sinfully as a bittersweet farewell.
When Y/N was brought to her car, Miles had steadied her all the way down because the young woman looked like she was going to collapse. She was numb and full of void. Full of pain.
Miles started the engine, and they drove off. His friend, whom he escorted back home, did not look back at the apartment where she had made unforgettable memories. Not one bit. Instead she asked her bodyguard, “Miles, could you please turn on “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix?”
Before the song could even reach its chorus, Y/N bawled her eyes out, sobbing and screaming so loud that her friend in front of the steering wheel felt ashamed for following orders. The crying woman tugged at her hair desperately, wanting to rip them off so that she’d look ugly enough to make her future in-laws not want her. But she wouldn’t. She would oblige instead. Do what her father demanded. Marrying a man she never wanted. Who could now, if not her dad, free her from her misery?
The gallery was full of influential, rich people. Some of them Harry did recognize because he’d met them before, and some of them he had never seen in his life. People who knew him would ask in what kind of relation he stood with Y/N, and he’d repeat that they were friends. He had retreated to an abandoned high table somewhere at the center and watched the engagement party unfold in front of him. He had stumbled upon Miles before, having a quick chat with him.
All he did was now waiting for the love of his life to join the guests. His heart already raced in anticipation. Probably more than that idiot.
And when she did, he couldn’t rub off that boyish grin from his face. She came down the long stairs from the floor above them.
She wore a plain white jumpsuit with one shoulder cape sleeve, which emphasized her curves perfectly, and matching high heels. Her luscious wavy hair fell effortlessly down her shoulders. Her makeup was kept minimal, yet it was enough to accentuate her beauty. The golden accessories on her skin completed her look. Overall, she looked like a goddess. Breathtaking.
He grinned even wider when he spotted the golden charm bracelet he had bought for Y/N on her wrist. A reminder that she was thinking of him, even on her own engagement party.
Y/N descended those stairs as if she was confidence in person. Just as he had told her, she held her head high. She smiled at everyone, and if Harry didn’t know better, he would believe that she was indeed very happy. But it was just a mask. A farce. He had to give it to her though- she was pretty convincing.
Her future husband was already waiting for her at the end of the stairs, and when Y/N finally approached him, the man took her hand into his and whirled her around as if she was a trophy he’d like to show off.
Harry vision got slightly dizzy when the male in front of him snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her toward his side, and Harry surely had the urge to puke when he placed a kiss on her cheek. The expression on Y/N’s features immediately changed into that of distaste, but she quickly composed herself.
“Can I have everybody’s attention?” Y/N’s father called suddenly. He held a glass of champagne in his right hand. Meanwhile, waiters and waitresses were strolling around and distributing champagne for each guest.
“Thank you so much for being here tonight. It really means a lot to us. I never thought my darling daughter would find the perfect husband until she met Aaron. He’s a good guy, I’m sure of it. So, I’d like to speak a toast for the young couple. May their love blossom and thrive forever! Cheers!”
‘Fake piece of shit,’ was all the British man could think about. ‘Why don’t you tell them the truth?’
There were just a few split seconds where the young woman had found him in the crowd and their eyes met. And they spoke volumes. Longing, pain, love. Hopelessness.
“Chin up,” he mouthed at her and smiled gently.
She nodded.
Harry didn’t look away when Aaron kissed Y/N out of nowhere. He clapped and cheered with the invited guests.
All while thinking, “And nobody knows I’m in love with someone’s baby…”
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satanhalsey · a month ago
I Love adore you sinceforever!universe and I wanted to ask if you could do multiple moments where Harry talked about her on the HSLOT Tour. Like People Holding signs and him reacting or him looking at her while singing.
thank u for your support <3
Tumblr media
Currently, the couple is in New York, at Madison Square Garden to be precise, to give the first night of many in that place. Harry is up on stage, and Y/N is admiring him from below.
Sunflower has already sounded at the venue, and he's talking to fans and reading some signs, until he finds one that stands out from the rest.
"I found the best one, everyone!" Harry says, pointing to it. "Can I read it out loud?"
The girl nods euphoric, unable to believe that he's really talking to her.
So Harry clears his throat and reads. "If you and Y/N ever break up, tell her I'm waiting for her."
The audience explodes and he laughs with them, covering his face.
He looks for his girlfriend with his eyes, and when he sees her he exclaims. "Can you believe this?!"
Y/N laughs behind her mask. She needed to meet that fan and tell her that her sign was awesome.
"I'm very disappointed." Harry shakes his head, looking back into the girl's eyes. "Do you really think I would let her go?"
The audience screams again, and he continues with the show. While he sings, Y/N makes sure to go find that girl.
"Hi!" She says when she finds her.
The poor girl can't believe it. "Oh my god, are you talking to me?"
Y/N laughs, and nods, wrinkling her nose. "Yes, I loved your sign. If I wasn't tied to Harry for life I would definitely go out with you, you're so cute!"
She laughs, and sobs a little. "Could you sign it please?"
"Of course!" Y/N says and accepts a pen handed to her by another fan attentive to the situation, and signs the poster.
"And now... a song that is dedicated to Y/N! tastes like...-"
She slaps her hand against her forehead, this man has no shame.
"Goodnight St. Louis! Welcome to Love On Tour, m'name is Harry...-" Harry says into the microphone, greeting the thousands of people who have come tonight to admire his art, and smiles excitedly.
He's so excited that he didn't put his suspenders properly because he was in a rush, and nobody in the Staff seemed to notice. Nobody except Y/N.
So she tells Jeff, and when he's about to send someone to take care of it, she shakes her head. "Don't worry." She says, and walks to the stage.
The public goes crazy.
She takes each step nervously, it wasn't the first time she had been on stage, but she would never be used to it.
Harry frowns when he sees that people went crazy when he did nothing, and turns to find his girlfriend at his side, who greets smiling.
"Baby, what are you doing here?" He asks in surprise, lowering the mic so it's just him and her.
"Your suspenders are wrong, silly."
He laughs and lets her put his suspenders properly, staring straight ahead where thousands of phones are pointed at them recording the moment.
"There you go." She says, and slaps his bum, laughing as she hears the screams of the people.
Harry turns around, and kisses her cheek gently. "Thanks m'soul."
When Jamie, a fan, held up her sign that said "HARRY! Y/N OR US?" she admits not having expected the answer, obvious as it may be.
Harry says moving his lips "Her!"
Harryween, night one.
Harry's dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Y/N, as Toto.
So when he stands in front of the microphone and says "As you know, Dorothy has her faithful friend Toto, and that is why I want you to welcome Y/N to the stage!" She comes out disguised as the damn dog.
She has a bodysuit, but her hair is loose, she greets everyone in the audience until she stands next to her boyfriend, who hands her the microphone.
"Goodnight Madison Square Garden!"
The audience shouts excitedly and she gets a little nervous, so Harry grabs her by the waist, calming her down.
"I hope you enjoy Harry dancing in a dress just for you, this is To Be So Lonely!"
Tacoma, Harry takes a break to drink from his water bottle, when he reads a sign.
He had to read that out loud.
So he grabs his mic and walks over to the fan. "Y/N, baby, listen to this."
He turns to see if she's listening to him, and smiles when he sees that she is.
"Taylor Swift, or your absolutely sexy boyfriend who loves you with all his heart and soul?"
The laugh coming from Y/N's throat could have been heard all over the place if not for the thousands of screaming fans.
She didn't hesitate for a second, and pulled down her mask to yell "Taylor Swift!"
Harry looks at her dumbfounded, knowing it was clearly a lie (or so he wanted to believe) but decided to play along.
"She wrote August, Harry, August!" She screams, moving closer to him so they can understand each other better.
The public cannot believe it.
"Okay, I'll have to accept it, don't forget to listen to Red Taylor's Version, everyone! This is Canyon Moon!"
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moonlightsolo · a month ago
forever pt. 2
wc: 4.8k
warnings: mild language, so much cute fluff, & domesticrry & also unedited so prob so many mistakes
pairing: harry styles x female reader (soulmate!au)
a/n: this is so cute it makes me sick
Tumblr media
traveling makes you nauseated.
the stress of having to pack coordinated outfits and shoes, and every product you use is overwhelming.
even when your flight is paid for and you’re flying in first class to new york city to visit your soulmate, harry styles.
once love on tour ended, harry couldn’t help but want to fly you out to him. since his last concert took place in long island, he took some time to settle down in his residence in the city.
after completely falling off the face of earth after his last concert, he took this opportunity to book a one-way flight for you from your hometown to come see him.
harry doesn’t completely show it, but he’s so excited to see you again. he made sure to get to the airport early enough to pick you up. since it’s december it’s quite cold so he has an excuse to disguise himself to not get recognized.
he planted himself on a bench right outside of the arrival exit in the baggage claim. he was absentmindedly scrolling through his phone, liking a few tweets that he finds amusing.
he makes sure to keep an eye on his surroundings, making sure no one walking around him was staring for too long or paying too much attention to him.
a new group of people started filtering out from the exit, his eyes perk up when he receives a text that you’ve landed safely. it causes him to stand up on his feet as his eyes rake over the crowd looking for you.
the flight wasn’t terribly long and being in first class really helped you stay comfortable throughout it. you made sure to dress comfortable but still trendy. you’re meeting up with harry styles, there’s no way to know what he is going to wear?
Tumblr media
you stand up in the aisle of the plane, grabbing your carry on bag from the overhead bin and shuffling out of the plane in a line. your nerves are starting to get to you as you follow the signs to the baggage claim.
harry could feel his nerves buzzing with excitement to see you again. he taps the toe of his shoe to the back of his heel, one of his nervous habits.
you breathe heavily as you grow closer to the exit, as the crowd begins to disperse it’s almost like you instantly spot him. even with his hoodie up over his curls one still peeks out over his forehead, his legs are covered with joggers, his face covered by his mask, and he’s wearing dirty vans with mix matched laces.
your face couldn’t help but break into the largest smile as you sprinted to him.
the crinkle by his eyes indicate he feels the same way and his arms open wide as you crash into him.
harry stumbles back from the force but stays stable as he tightly wraps his arms around your frame. “hi.” you breathe out into his chest in disbelief.
“i can’t believe you’re here.” he mumbles into the top of your head, pressing soft kisses against your hair through his mask. you giggle softly against the soft fabric of his clothes. he smells so good.
the mark on your arm tingles slightly as happiness runs freely through your body. “let’s go get your bag, yeah?” he squeezes you once more before letting his hand slip into yours.
you nod in agreement as he pulls you toward the multiple bag carousels, looking for your specific flight on the screen above it. “ah there it is.” he tugs you over gently.
his thumb softly rubs against the skin on your hand before pulling you into his front again. he gives you a soft kiss through his mask, you can feel his smile through the two layers of fabric.
“that was adorable.” you mumble against him, his arms hook around your lower waist with a soft smile.
“you’re adorable.”
you felt eyes on the side of your face, glancing over at the person next to you who was indeed staring at your obvious pda.
you quickly avert your eyes from hers and laugh into his chest, “you think she noticed me?” he chuckles out quietly enough so only you could hear.
you shook your head no as a little charm sounded over the loud speaker indicating the bags are starting to arrive. the carousel belt begins to move as the bags slide out onto it.
“ah! there’s mine!” you exclaim as you turn around in harry’s arms, his hands gently rest on your hips from behind.
“i’ll grab it for you, darling.” he says as he steps forward to pull it off the conveyor in one swift move. he did that much smoother than you would’ve.
“thanks.” you smile brightly as he pops the handle up to grab it.
“let’s go. follow me.” 
you nod in response as his free hand grabs yours again to walk out of the airport, the cold air instantly sends a wave of shock as it hits your exposed skin. the busy airport terminal reverberates with honks of passing cars and pedestrians talking and luggage rolling on the pavement.
“this way.” harry leads you toward the crosswalk, waiting for the man directing traffic to stop the cars. once it was safely to walk across, harry started speed walking across almost tripping you up from his longer stride than yours.
once you both make it to the other side of the street in one piece, he slows down for you. he chuckles as he looks down at you slightly out of breath.
you notice that his hoodie has slightly fallen back, showing off his brown wavy hair underneath. his green eyes are striking in natural light. you can’t believe you’re lucky enough to be by his side.
as you walk in the parking garage to find his car, you can’t help but continuously glance up at him in disbelief. “what?” he laughs softly.
“nothin’.” you play innocently with a shrug.
a pair of girls walking by in the opposite way catch your attention, their eyes blow wide when they look at you two- specifically harry.
it seems he noticed them too, he gives them a soft nod as they walk past. you look back at them totally freaking out behind his back, “does that happen often?” you question him.
“yeah, but usually they stop and ask for a picture.” he hums as he pulls up to an all black range rover, clicking something on his key for the trunk to open by itself.
he closes the handle to your suitcase and picks it up to slide it into the back of his car. he also takes your backpack and the bag you were holding. before you could take a step to walk over to your side of the car to get in, harry pulls his mask below his chin- his beautiful face is finally on full display.
he leans down, one of his arms interlock around your waist as he lifts his hand from his side to pull your mask down too. the action makes your stomach fill with butterflies.
a small cheeky grin appears on his lips as he leans down close to your face, “you’re so beautiful.” his other hand gently caresses your cheek, “i’m gonna kiss you now.” he rasps out softly as he finally connects your lips.
the feeling is indescribable. it’s better than the first time he kissed you in the car. a soft gasp emits from your lips, making him pull you in tighter. his lips move against yours, tingles explode throughout your body. you wonder if harry feels the same right now.
and he does. he’s never felt like this for someone. yes, he’s had girlfriends, and he has loved them but each relationship hasn’t felt this real before. his lips fit against yours perfectly, his mark tingles from the close proximity to you, whenever he touches you he’s afraid you’ll break from how delicate you are.
it takes everything out of him to pull away from your lips, now that his mask is down he’s easily recognizable and he doesn’t want anyone to take pictures yet. he wants to keep this relationship as private as possible for the first couple months.
“as much as i don’t want to get in this car right now, we should get going so we can get you all settled in.” he smiles and squeezes your hips gently as he stands up straight. he quickly glances around and thankfully nobody is around.
you smile as he stands up fully, taking a deep breath of the cold air. harry closes the trunk as you walk around to the passenger side and he hops into the drivers seat.
harry starts the car and connects his phone to the bluetooth feature. christmas music instantly begins to softly emit from the speakers, making a smile creep on your face.
“‘tis the season, eh?” he smirks, his dimple cutely pops up on his cheek. you both buckle yourselves before he begins to slowly reverse out of his spot, he turns the wheel as he navigates his way out of the parking garage.
he merges into the terrible traffic, his hand reaches over to rest on your thigh. his thumb gently rubs your leg in a comforting manner, you let your hand rest upon his.
“i can’t believe you’re here right now.” he mumbles in disbelief, making you smile. “i can’t believe it either, h.”
your eyes look out the window, looking at the cityscape as harry drives toward it. the soft music playing in the background as he drives through the festive decorated city and past the giant christmas tree.
he takes a few turns, obviously knowing where he is going without directions. he puts his turn signal on as he drives his car down a slight decline under a building. he rolls his window down to speak with the guard before the gate opens. he smiles and waves as he pulls forward into the underground parking lot.
there’s a few of expensive vehicles in here; sports cars, other tinted suv’s, and a luxury electric car. once he parks, he grabs his phone then climbs out of his side to go grab your suitcase from the trunk.
once you unbuckle and climb out you walk up to him, grabbing your backpack and you reach for your carry on bag. “i got it, don’t worry.” he snatches it from your reach and places it on top of your suitcase. “thanks, but you don’t have to.” he ignores you as he closes the trunk, “c’mon.” he smiles and gestures with his head to move.
he walks you over to an elevator, hitting the button so the doors open and he climbs inside with you in tow.
he clicks the button with an arrow pointing up, and you take notice that there is only two pointing up or down. “so how many people live here?”
harry chuckles as he looks over at you, he leans against the elevator wall with a cocky little grin. “it’s actually just me.” he shrugs nonchalantly.
your eyes go wide as the gears start turning in your brain, all those cars are his, he owns the whole building. harry styles really is a millionaire.
his green eyes take in your reaction, “you alright?” he leans forward with a concerned look on his face.
“yeah, no. i’m fine, i’m fine. i promise.” you shake your head with a laugh, “i was just processing.”
his hands grip each of your arms, “you think it’s too much?”
“no, no. i just got like a reality check is all. i guess i just kinda forgot you’re really fucking rich.” you laugh and thankfully he laughs with you.
“i never really think about my money, i don’t let it define me, ya know.” he leans into you, his arms crossing behind your head to kiss your forehead.
“that’s exactly what a rich person would say.” you mumble into his chest which instantly starts to vibrate with laughter.
he squeezes you tighter as he laughs, the sound is like music to your ears. he throws his head back, making you pull your head up to look up at him with a big smile. you notice the little vein in his neck sticking out, he catches you looking up at him.
“touché.” he huffs out as one hand comes up to wipe the tear falling from his eye, a smile still bright on his face. before you could respond to him, the elevator dings indicating you finally made it to his floor.
in front of you are giant windows that extend all the way to the second floor. the view perfectly overlooks the city. as you continue to take in the area, there’s a spiral staircase that must lead to the second floor of the apartment. you both walk through the foyer and you notice a kitchen all the way to the left and a living room to the right.
there’s also a very large balcony right outside with a few patio tables and a grill. harry starts to walk toward the staircase and since you’re straggling behind, you scurry up behind him.
he loops his arm through your carry on tote bag, and picks up your luggage with a little grunt, “you need help?” you gently put your hand on his shoulder blade. he shakes his head no, “i got this.” he starts his way up the steps and from behind you watch how his biceps expand from the weight. you shyly gulp and attempt to avert your eyes away from his body.
once he makes it to the second floor landing, he puts the bag on the floor to roll it down the hall with him. “do you have everything you own in that damn bag?” he laughs which makes you scoff playfully.
“no, not everything… well, sorta actually now that i think about it.” you giggle as he pushes open a door with his foot. the room is filled with bright natural light, also overlooking the countless buildings in new york city.
there’s a giant king bed with pristine white sheets, a white fluffy comforter and a throw blanket. there’s plants overflowing on a desk with a computer that’s against the wall parallel to the door. a tv is mounted to the wall across from the bed, a guitar sits on a stand in the corner near the window along with a leather armchair and a bookcase.
as you walk farther into the room, you notice that one of the nightstands has books stacked on top along with a lamp. harry sets your luggage on it’s side at the end of the bed and puts your carry on next to it, “you have a beautiful home.” you smile at him which he returns.
harry can feel his own heartbeat beating against his ribcage as he walks toward you, he places his hands on your hips and leans down to press a kiss to your lips; a little bit longer than a peck. he relishes in the feeling of you for a moment before pulling away.
“thank you, love.” he hums deeply in his chest, making your own flutter with happiness. you glance over at the bed, realizing that you’re going to be sharing that bed later on in the evening. it makes you a little nervous but it will be fine… right?
you shake off your thoughts and give harry a little hug, “are you hungry or anything?” he asks as he lets his hand travel up and down your back in a soothing motion.
“a little bit actually.” you mumble and look up at him, your chin resting against his chest. he looks down at you and kiss your nose, “there’s an italian place on the street over, and a good chinese restaurant down the block. whatever you want, i’ll go get for us.”
“mmm, how about italian?”
he nods with a smile, “good choice because i just had chinese last night,” he laughs before letting go of you and pulling you toward his dresser. he opens the top drawer, “i emptied this drawer for you, and there’s hangers in the closet.” he points his thumb toward it.
“thank you so much.” you could feel yourself getting a little emotional, but in a good way. he just cares so much and his little acts of love make you so happy.
harry pulls his phone out of his pocket and begins typing away on a browser, “here’s the menu.” he hands over his phone to you, looking over your shoulder as you scroll through the very exquisite yet expensive dishes.
“harry, this is like… luxury food.” you laugh and he shakes his head with a huff.
he takes over with his index finger, scrolling to a specific dish on the website. “that one’s my favorite.” you read over the description, and the words make your belly growl. “i’ll get that too then.”
“i’ll order!” he chirps happily as he grabs his phone from your hand. you take the free time to unpack your suitcase, leaving an outfit and your toiletries out for when you end up showering.
as harry speaks to the restaurant to order the food, you open his closet to grab some hangers for your clothes. you smile at how he pushed his own clothing to the other side so you’d have room for your things.
you hang up two dresses, and a lot of shirts and jackets. you lay your shoes out next to his in the bottom of the closet, you can’t help but admire the gucci he casually has sitting in there. this is going to take some getting used to.
you didn’t even notice harry had stopped talking until his fingers jolt your sides, making your whole body seize and jump from getting spooked. “oh my god!” you wheeze out.
harry let’s out a little, “ha!” as he pulls you into his front to comfort you, “sorry, i had to. i couldn’t resist.” he buries his head into the crook of your neck. “the food will be ready in forty-five minutes.”
you let your body relax against his warmth for a moment, shutting your eyes as you lean back against his collarbone. “i should probably shower before i eat. i have airport germs on me.” you grumble.
he chuckles against your skin and nods in agreement, “that’s true. you have cooties.”
you tsk at him in annoyance, rolling your eyes playfully. “i’ll show you the bathroom.” he pulls away from you unwillingly and walks toward a door that is connected to the bedroom.
the bathroom is pristine and white. there’s a large bathtub with a square window next to it, a large vanity with two sinks and a tempered glass shower in the corner. he grabs a towel out of a little closet, handing it to you then he shows you how to work the shower and points to the soaps.
“any questions before i leave you to it?”
you look around the bathroom before shaking your head from side to side, “nope! i think i’m good- all of that was very informative.” you smile wide.
he chuckles and walks back over to you to peck your cheek, “i’ll be downstairs if you need anything. if you get out and i’m not here i’m probably getting the food.” he starts to walk out of the bathroom, and goes to shut the door.
right before it’s closed all the way you speak up, “harry, wait!”
his tousled brown locks peek through the door with a wide eyed look on his face, “yeah?”
“thank you… for everything.”
his face softens with a sweet smile on his perfect pink lips, “you don’t need to thank me. i’m so glad you’re here with me.”
you can’t help but smile back at him, then he finally shuts the door to give you privacy.
you take a deep breath to compose yourself, the happiness radiating from your heart sends adrenaline through your veins. there’s no way you’re already starting to fall for him.
i mean he is harry styles, it’s not that easy to stop it from happening.
you mentally follow his instructions to turn the shower on and finally the stream of hot water pours from the shower head. you quickly undress yourself and place your clothes in empty hamper beside the shower before climbing in.
oh the water feels heavenly on your travel-ridden bones.
thoughts begin to run through your head as the white noise from the water keeps you company.
this whole day has felt so domestic, and yet you two aren’t even truly official. yes, you’re soulmates but are you two even dating yet? or maybe harry has already assumed you are dating from the new soulmate status?
the public is still raving about harry and his true soulmate, and thankfully nobody has found your social media yet. rumors swirl throughout social media and you’ve made the choice to put all of your accounts on private.
the pictures of you being escorted by the band and bodyguards have been plastered all over every harry styles fan account. you’re so thankful that your face really isn’t visible from the terrible lighting and the bad quality of the cameras it was taken on. you wonder what would happen when you two become official within the public eye.
the thought makes you shiver.
you finish washing your body and hair, making sure to also scrub your face. suddenly, you can feel the tiredness catching up to you so you get out of the shower before you could fall asleep standing up.
the soft towel wraps around your body and you tuck the fabric under your arms. a small yawn escapes you as you shuffle to the door to scurry out into the cold room to grab your things. of course, you peek out to make sure harry is nowhere to be found beforehand.
once you’re back in the steamy room, you brush your teeth and your hair. you apply product to your skin and get dressed in some comfortable clothing. it consists of a matching set of a hoodie and a pair of joggers. you also can’t forget your fuzzy socks to keep your feet keep warm.
once you feel like you look presentable you head out of the bedroom to walk downstairs using the spiral staircase. there’s soft noise coming from the living room so you quietly sneak toward the area.
harry’s no where to be found, but the tv is on a random channel with a christmas movie and there’s a record spinning inside one of the cubbies in his floor to ceiling bookshelves.
“hm.” you hum as you sit down on the extremely plush couch and turn the volume up on the movie. you make yourself comfortable by kicking your feet up and leaning against the throw pillows in the corner.
soon, you can feel yourself getting sleepy and you’re unable to fight it. you’re so comfortable, clean and warm. your eyelids grow heavy and the darkness behind them consumes you.
a soft tap against your shoulder makes your eyes flutter open, seeing a bright green eyed man above you.
your mouth curls up in a sleepy smile as you gently stretch your body, “hi.” you mumble groggily.
you realize the room around you has transformed from a well lit room to soft and warm. it’s dark outside.
his cold hand cups your warm cheek, “you’re cute when you sleep.” he chuckles before pulling away and sitting down near your feet.
“how long did i sleep?” you croak out as you slowly sit up, still leaning against the pillows behind you for support. “maybe an hour or so.” he shrugs.
it’s been much longer than that.
“mm, lies. i smell lies, harry.”
his lips curl up into a one-sided smirk, and looks at you through his peripheral vision. “you’re jet lagged, so i let you sleep. simple as that. i didn’t wanna wake you, but your food is in the kitchen. i can warm it up for you if you’d like?”
your stomach makes an animalistic noise at the mention of food, “yes.” your eyes blow wide, “please.” you soften your voice with a sweet smile.
“of course, my love.” he pats your leg before standing up to walk to the kitchen.
you took a moment to look around, stretching again with a loud yawn. you could hear him messing about in the kitchen, and the microwave beeping so you stand to your feet and shuffle out of the living room.
harry’s standing with his back to you, stirring your food as steam rises from the take out box. it’s quite a tiny kitchen for a penthouse, it’s almost shaped like the letter c with the counters. there’s two stools pushed up against the side of the counters that extend.
you take the opportunity to press yourself against his warm back, sliding your hands around his waist to sit them in his hoodie pocket. “that smells delicious.” you grumble into the fabric with another yawn.
“i can tell you that it most definitely is.”
you let out a little giggle from his response, “it’s ready if you wanna eat.”
you take the moment to pull away from him so he could turn around and hand you the black plastic tupperware.
you almost groan at the smell, it’s amazing. you take a seat at the island and instantly dig in, making sure to blow on each piece to cool it down. harry leans against the opposite side of the counter, just looking at you while you eat.
“do you have anything in mind to do tomorrow?” he asks.
“actually, i’m not sure. do you?”
“actually… i’m glad you said something,” he says cheekily, “i have a little day planned for us.”
your eyebrows perk up as you chew, “oh really?” he nods and hums from your response. he crosses his arms over his chest, “oh, really.” he states with a wink.
the gesture makes you look away sheepishly with a blush spreading over your features as you twirl your fork in the pasta, “can i ask what you have planned or is it a surprise?”
“not a surprise. i was thinking after breakfast, we can go on little walk in central park and walk my friends dog? then go to this little smoothie place after and maybe sight seeing? for your little tourist self, of course.”
“a walk with a dog, sightseeing, and smoothies? it sounds like the most perfect day to me.” you smile as you finish the last bite of food.
“done?“ he asks with a big smile and you nod. he grabs the top of the container to place it back on top. he places the leftovers in the fridge before reaching for your hand, “movie then bed?”
you nod as you stand up to follow him back into the living room. he grabs three remotes from the coffee table, then lets you get comfortable with his arm draped over your shoulders. he kicks his feet up on the table as he grabs a tiny remote to dim the lights.
“christmas movies are my favorite.” you yawn as your eyes tiredly watch the screen in front of you.
it doesn’t help that his thumb is gently rubbing your shoulder soothingly- it’s so, so relaxing.
after about thirty minutes into the movie, you’ve already fallen limp against his side and you’re gently snoring from the awkward position. harry knows you’ve fallen asleep, but continues to hold you close for a little longer.
the movie finally ends and harry is growing tired himself. not wanting to wake you up, he gently scoots out from underneath your weight before leaning down to scoop your body up bridal style.
he slowly and carefully carries your sleeping body up the steps and into the bedroom. he tucks you under the soft duvet, your head instantly snuggles into the pillow underneath your angelic head.
he leans down to softly press a kiss to your forehead and brushes your hair away from your face. he quietly wobbles to his side of the bed, turning on his lamp to allow himself to read a little bit of his book before going to sleep.
he sits up against the headboard, book in his hands as he reads over the words on the pages. he continuously glances over at your form, making sure you’re breathing and that he’s not waking you up from the light.
as he continues to stare at you, he can’t help but feel his heart warm. he cannot help but feel utterly pure love for you already. his mark tingles as he continues to think about your perfect self.
he’s going to go to sleep, happy and full of adoration for the girl sleeping beside him tonight. he can’t wait to see what’s in store during the next few days with you.
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