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lovecanyon · 2 days ago
STORMI BREE?! her pics with her daughter are GOALS and shes also a single mom
harry styles x reader
based on this ask!
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stylesupdates Harry and Y/N seen in London last night!
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harryfan4 I LOVE THEM
harryfan6 my parents
harryfan8 the way they have been dating for years…i wanna be her 😭
harryfan2 y/n is so pretty
harryfan7 some things don’t need to be shared 💔
harryfan9 since the boys are going solo…does that mean we’re getting an album about y/n…
harryfan11 praying for more albums about her 🙏🙏
harryfan13 rolling in my grave
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ynupdates Y/N has deactivated her Instagram earlier today.
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harryfan14 did something happen orrrr
harryfan18 she’s probably taking a break!
harryfan20 the end of an era
harryfan17 first one direction and now y/n’s instagram????
harryfan19 the world is ending
harryfan21 and now she has me deactivating my instagram…😌
harryfan23 i hope she’s doing okay omg
harryfan25 i’m crying
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harrystyles Whoops.
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harryfan22 I AM SCREAMING
harryfan24 i hate men.
tessward i support this!
harryfan26 excuse me…
harryfan28 isn’t this the girl harry was seen with today…
harryfan30 wait what i thought he was with y/n
harryfan33 i am blocking harry
harryfan29 why did he cut it, y/n helping him grow his hair out was the best decision ever 😭
harryfan31 starting a riot
harryfan34 anyways 🙄
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hsnews Harry out with Tess Ward today in London.
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harryfan36 WHAT
harryfan38 he was just seen with y/n a couple weeks ago…what happened 😭
harryfan40 trust no man, not even harry styles
harryfan37 now i understood why y/n deactivated her instagram
harryfan39 harry…
harryfan41 anyways, stan y/n 😌
harryfan43 the way y/n loved harry’s long hair and he just goes and cuts it after they break up
harryfan45 when you put it like that 😶
harryfan42 sobbing
2022 *six years later*
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yourinstagram happy fathers day to the mothers doing it all.
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harryfan50 y/n comes back to instagram with this post 😨
taylorswift the best parent ever!
harryfan56 you know harry is regretting that breakup up with y/n
zendaya you have a whole kid…how didn’t i know this
harryfan57 harry liked this so quick 😭
kaiagerber i miss my favorite six year old
harryfan52 did she just say six-
harryfan55 if i did my calculations correct the child is harry’s 😀
harryfan58 they broke up in 2016 which was six years ago making y/n’s daughter six…so yeah the child is definitely harry’s
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gigihadid happy father’s day to all the amazing mothers who step up and play both roles as a parent!
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harryfan63 you can tell y/n is genuinely so happy, i’m crying
yourinstagram mother’s are truly the best
gigihadid especially you, you inspire me 💞
harryfan65 the way gigi shaded harry in her caption…as she should honestly
arianagrande oh my goodness!!! so cute!!!
harryfan68 harry’s lurking is killing me 😭
harryfan64 right, he doesn’t even follow gigi but still liked this
oliviarodrigo inner me is screaming
harryfan62 the internet is in flames right now 😀
niallhoran phoebe and y/n, the best duo
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harryfan70 taylor and y/n’s relationship is so cute
yourinstagram i love you & the song you wrote about me
taylorswift more songs written about you are more to come
harryfan74 the man being about y/n makes so much sense
harryfan78 harry is literally stalking…like ain’t you on tour 🤭
annetwist so beautiful darlings!
harryfan80 if anne is commenting, phoebe is definitely harry’s child 😌
harryfan75 HELLO ANNE???
florencepugh this is so cute
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avatar-anna · a day ago
Together 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
the people have spoken 😂😂
for anyone confused, this is part two of the oneshot where the reader gets pregnant after breaking up w/harry but he's moved on w/someone else.
You were cleaning up your home, picking up stray cups and cake plates and streamers and sticking them in the big trash bag you carried around with you. Your mother and Anne threw you a baby shower, and now that everyone was gone, it was time to tidy up a bit.
Well, almost everyone was gone.
“Let me do that,” Harry said, coming around and taking the trash bag from you.
“I’m perfectly capable of picking up a few stray things and throwing them away, Harry,” you said, trying to take the bag back.
“Yes, but you don’t have to. That’s why I’m here.”
You and Harry had been pretty civil since your big fight. You knew it was unreasonable to make him stay away and not be part of the pregnancy now that he knew, so you slowly came around to the idea of seeing him more. It was hard at first, but you kept yourself emotionally distant as you possibly could while carrying his baby, and as time went on, the butterflies stopped fluttering whenever you saw him.
And once you started actually accepting Harry's help, part of you felt relieved. You'd been doing a good job of handling everything on your own, but some things went better when you had a little help.
So you and Harry were together...but not together. He showed up when you asked him to, and he kept his distance when you asked for space. He wanted to pay for everything, but you wouldn't let him. You limited to buying things like a crib and a changing station, and whatever else he wanted to get for the nursery he said he wanted in his house.
He hadn't come to the baby shower until the end, as was tradition apparently. And once everyone left, he stayed behind to help you clean up.
"It's fine, H. Go home. I'm sure Hailey misses you."
You meant what you said, not an ounce of bitterness or sarcasm in your tone. You'd met her a couple months ago, figuring it was good to meet the girlfriend of your baby daddy. It seemed that she was here to stay, so you graciously told Harry you wanted to meet her, get to know her.
And for better or for worse, Hailey was great. You used to joke bitterly to yourself about "Hailey and Harry," but you couldn't now that you actually knew her. She was very nice, and very accepting of the situation, seemingly confident enough in her relationship with Harry to not see you as a threat despite the fact that you were carrying her boyfriend's baby.
What a fun little family you all made.
"Nah, she's going out with her friends tonight. Knew I had to be here," Harry said. He took you by the shoulders and sat you down on the couch. "Now rest. I'll take care of clean up."
You sat down despite not feeling tired at all, happy to see him go around your house and tidy up while you comfortably sat down on your couch and rested your hand on your belly. Sometimes you took selfish pleasure in seeing Harry do things for you. You couldn't wait until you could hand over the baby when their diaper was full.
"H?" you asked, picking up a bowl of M&Ms off your coffee table and setting it on your baby bump.
"What do you think about Sam?"
He didn't pause his movements around your house, but you knew he heard you. "Sam is good."
"Well that didn't sound very enthusiastic," you said.
"I told you what my top contenders were."
"And I told you neither of us were naming the baby after our parents."
Harry really wanted to name the baby after his parents, but for some reason, you wouldn't budge. It probably sounded insane, but you didn't think it would be fair to name the baby after either of your parents, as you weren't actually together. You didn't want either of you to feel like the baby was more yours or Harry's, and you felt like giving them a name that came from either of your families would do that. Harry didn't really understand, but you were adamant.
He didn't respond, and you knew he wasn't going to. "Just think about more names, please. I can't give birth to a baby without knowing what I want to name it."
"Maybe that's just what we need, though. Maybe we'll just see them and know," he said. He came over after tying up the trash bag and setting it down by your front door, to take it out when he left, you hoped.
Harry got down on his knees so he was eye level with the baby bump. "May I say good bye?"
"Of course."
Harry was very careful about how he acted around you, but one thing that kind of blurred the personal boundary between the two of you was when he spent time with the baby. You were hardly involved, as Harry just talked to your baby bump while you scrolled on your phone, but it was those moments that were the most difficult for you. It was just so intimate, and it was weird that you were sharing these moments for the first time with someone you weren't actually dating or married to. The order for how these things went weren't as strict nowadays, but this definitely wasn't how you envisioned your life turning out.
"Love you, little bub. Can't wait to meet you," he said, his thumb running over your belly softly. "Do me a favor and be good to your mum today, yeah? She needs her sleep."
You smiled as you looked at your phone, but tried to get ahold of yourself as quickly as possible. Harry finished talking to your bump then slowly stood up. He tried to stop you when you stood up too, but you waved him off, getting to your feet so you could walk him out.
"You don't need anything?" he asked, turning to you one last time before he left.
You shook your head. "Nope. We're all set here."
"Okay, well then I'll see you later. Take care of yourself, alright?"
He leaned forward to kiss your cheek in a friendly way, and you let him. You couldn't tell if you were relieved or disappointed when you felt nothing as his lips brushed your skin.
a couple months later
You were sitting in your bed, Harry standing next to you as you looked down at the little bundle in your arms. After a couple days in the hospital, you were finally able to return home with your baby boy.
"Hi Parker," you whispered to your sleeping baby, tapping his little nose with the tip of your finger. Looking up, you saw Harry gazing down at Parker with the same look on his face that you were sure was on yours. One of love and adoration and a little disbelief.
Once you sufficiently gazed lovingly at the baby, you set him down in his brand new crib in your bedroom so you could put some of the things you brought with you to the hospital away. Harry helped you, folding up tiny blankets and putting away the diapers you nipped from your hospital room.
It didn't take long, though, and before you knew it, you were back to staring at the newborn in his crib. Harry's arm was around you, but you didn't say anything about it, both of you were too focused to read into those kinds of touches right now.
"Can you believe we made something so beautiful?" you sighed, itching to pick Parker back up.
Harry hummed, but you didn't really ask the question to hear his response, you would've said it if you'd been on your own.
"I know, it makes you wonder why we ever broke up."
That popped the bubble of love and tenderness you'd been in since your baby was born. "What?"
"What?" Harry asked, like he wasn't even sure what he said.
"You're kidding, right? 'It makes you wonder why we ever broke up?' You broke up with me, Harry," you hissed, trying your best not to raise your voice. Why did he have to go and ruin such a perfect moment?
"I—I didn't mean—I wasn't thinking—"
"You never think," you muttered. "That's your problem, you never think before you act or say something stupid."
"Are we seriously fighting right now? Why are you being so difficult?"
Difficult? You scoffed and walked off, not wanting to somehow ruin Parker's serenity with your bad mood. Harry followed you, and when you made sure the baby monitor was on, you whirled on him. "Difficult? Difficult. I just went through childbirth, one that lasted over twenty-four hours, and you're asking why I'm being difficult?"
You could see it on his face when he realized his insensitivity. He opened his mouth, to apologize, most likely, but you weren't done.
"You get to go home, Harry. You get to go back to your girlfriend and get a full night's sleep, while I will be here. Alone. You can't just go around making comments like that like they don't mean something."
Huffing harshly through his nose, Harry said, "I told you I would stay here for the first few weeks. You were the one who turned down help. Don't try to make me out to be some absentee father when I'm not. If you think that, that's only because you're putting that label on me. So what's really the problem?"
The problem was you'd been thinking the same thing since Parker was born. Why did you break up? You knew it was pathetic, but sometimes you got caught in a daydream of this perfect little family: you, Harry, and Parker. But that wasn't reality. Harry had moved on, and while your lives would always be connected, it wouldn't be romantically. You told yourself that you'd moved on, that you loved him, but you weren't in love with him anymore, but when he said things like that it was like you were sucked right back in.
You weren't about to embarrass yourself by admitting all of that to him, though, so you feigned fatigue, which wasn't hard because you really were exhausted.
"Nothing. I'm just tired. I've hardly slept properly in weeks. I think I'm going to go to sleep."
Harry looked like he wanted to say more, but he didn't stop you as you went back into your room. You slid into bed, but sleep didn't come right away, so you laid on your side and stared as Parker slept soundly.
The door opened, but you didn't look over to where Harry was. He sat at the edge of your bed, and then you were both gazing at your son again. "I wonder what he'll look like when he's older," you said, not once taking your eyes off Parker.
"My money is on your skin color and nose, and my eyes and hair," Harry said.
"You willing to put money on that?" you asked.
Harry shrugged. "Sure. Why not."
A few minutes passed, and neither of you said a word, too entranced by your baby boy.
"I'm sorry," Harry said out of the blue. "I shouldn't have said that. I'm tired too, and I got caught up in the moment."
"It's okay," you said, even though you weren't really. "It happens."
"I'll stay on the couch tonight, and we'll just take it day by day," he said, his eyes never leaving the little bundle in his crib.
Day by day. You could do that. You knew it wouldn't be easy, but neither was being in love with someone who didn't love you anymore, and you were slowly coming out on the other side of that. Your heart was fixing and healing itself, learning how to see Harry merely as the father of your child and nothing else. You could do it. You could move on, and as he sat on the edge of your bed, your bodies not touching even though you were so close, you felt yourself let him go.
fear not, there will be one more part!
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watermelonsugacry · 2 days ago
The Grammys 2021
A/N: THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN sorry it took a hot minute to post but ty for all the love & support, yall are the best!! 💚
SUMMARY: Harry's first Grammys with his girlfriend 1dbandmember!yn. both nominated and both winners (3.5k)
WARNING: little anxious yn at the end
Tumblr media
“So when you win, I think a kiss on the cheek is appropriate right? Plus, you have to take off your mask when you accept your Grammy, but don’t worry I’ll kiss your cheek through my mask, too. It’s like classy or whatever.” 
After performing and opening up the awards ceremony, the two have changed into their second outfits of the night, well third time for YN. 
Before having to go to their separate sections on stage, the couple gives each other a nervous hug.
“Scared?” YN asks him once they’ve pulled away.
“Good.” Harry gives her a double take. That certainly doesn’t make him feel any better. “Me too.”
With a quick, smiley kiss, the two fist bump before being escorted to their designated spots on stage.
YN would be lying to herself if she said that she wasn’t drooling at her boyfriend while he performs in his black, leather suit and green boa, his chest completely bare. The added fact that this song was about her and their private times together makes her even more feral for the man.
It’s also safe to say that Harry’s feral level rises above hers. How is he supposed to act when she’s wearing a beautiful ball gown singing about how loving he is to her and the next she’s making a quick change to reveal what one might call lingerie? Okay, maybe a mini pink, silk robe probably wasn’t considered to be lingerie but he literally goes crazy in anything she wears.
It doesn’t help that while she’s singing her song Juicy (*Doja Cat song w/o the n-words obvi*) dancing around the stage with the rest of her dance crew, that she makes direct contact with her love: whenever she makes a certain swivel of her hips, slowly lowers herself to the floor or cheekily juts out her bum to him.
Now the couple and their managers sit at their designated table for Harry’s first upcoming nomination. To say that Harry was nervous was an understatement, but he does a really good job at hiding it. 
But it doesn’t go past YN. 
Knowing him for as long as she has, she knows what’s hiding under his cool demeanor, the mask certainly helps a bit. He’s a perfectionist, a people pleaser and, most importantly, a narcissist. She’s one too—as much as she’ll deny it—so she knows more than anyone that if tonight doesn’t go out as they hope, he’ll brush it off until they get back to their hotel room where she’ll have to coax out his suppressed emotions through lots of cuddles and kisses. Not that she’ll mind the method, she’s actually hoping to get snuggly with him regardless of the outcome.
And that’s not to say that she has any doubt in her mind that he won’t win, she’s quite the opposite, telling to him “when you win,” and “once you win,” throughout the night so far to get him from reverting back into his head.
Harry chuckles and his eyes squint above his mask. “Who knows if I’m even going to win, love.”
“You’re going to win.” YN says in a matter of fact tone, bringing her hand to where his fluffy purple boa rests against his neck. Her lace covered fingers fiddle with the feather-like texture. “Just remember to say ‘thank you’ in your speech. It’s polite.” 
Harry’s ring covered hand goes over hers and he brings them to his chest. His eyes connect with hers and she can feel his heart pounding beneath her hands.
“Thank you, YN.”
“None of that.” A line between Harry’s eyebrows appears and he tilts his head to the side in confusion as she goes against what she just said. “Save it for the speech.” 
The crows feet beside Harry’s eyes appear again as he smiles beneath his mask. With their hands still joined against his chest, Harry puts his other hand on the back of her chair and leans into her so his covered mouth aligns with her ear. She leans into his touch as well, unable to do anything but comply with the natural pull.
“If it wasn’t for these bloody masks, I would kiss you right now.”
“You can do that once they say that you’ve won.” 
They tease, knowing that since their romantic relationship has been exposed about three months ago, they’ve been keeping their public displays of affection at a very low minimum. 
“I love you, YN.” 
“I love you, Harry.” Now she really wishes she didn't tell him that he has to wait to kiss her.
Harry brings her laced covered knuckles to his covered mouth. She can barely feel the gentle kiss through the layers between them but it still manages to bring butterflies to her belly.
“Okay everyone, we’re on in ten!” 
As she goes to pull her hand from his, he keeps his grip and lowers their joined hands on his lap. She doesn't question him or give him a funny look. All she does is adjust herself so she's sitting properly upright in her seat again. YN intertwines their fingers together all the while the couple look towards the announcer coming on stage.
“And the Grammy goes to...” 
Both her and Harry keep their heads down. Harry focuses on the glass on the table in front of him as he tightly grips her hand. 
When she closes her eyes, a ripple of tingles run down her spine as she can faintly hear the envelope being opened by the presenter. 
“Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles!”
Harry unhooks the straps of his mask from behind his ears to reveal his bright, surprised smile. 
As he stands, Harry turns to his love first. Before her arms have fully extended outward to hug him, his thumb and index finger tug the top of her mask downward. Harry tightly grips the back of her neck, tilts her head up and plants his lips on hers. It all happens so fast and it makes her feel dizzy and giddy all at the same time. The heel of his palm digs into her side and her fingers cling to his purple boa.
When the snip bit of Watermelon Sugar begins to play after announcing Harry as the winner, YN finds it ironic that it’s the part where she pushed Harry, the team and her production skills the most. It’s the outro of the song, the part where Harry struggled with for almost a year with not being able to figure out what it needed. It wasn’t until their two month period in the studio was coming to an end that YN experimented and added the trumpets, shoved him into the recording booth and made him do so many harmonies it made his head spin.
It brings her an indescribable sense of pride to know that it all paid off in the end.
“Thank you so much. This is absolutely incredible. We wrote this record on my day off in Nashville. I just want to say a massive thank you to Tyler, Mitch and Tom. I want to thank my manager, Jeff, for nudging me and never pushing me. And I want to thank my girlfriend and co-producer, YN, who did push me.” The audience laughs. He looks to his love who has been constantly wiping off her tears of joy ever since he stepped onto the stage. “But in the best way. All of these songs are fucking massive so erm, just thank you so much.”
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that YN teases him later for not only overexaggerating his ‘thank you’s, cursing in his first Grammy acceptance speech, but for almost forgetting to take his Grammy with him when he’s about to leave the stage. 
YN adjusts her long, black lace gloves as she comes into Harry’s dressing room with her manager in tow. When she enters the room, Mitch and Sarah are talking amongst themselves on a black leather couch.
“Hey there, baby momma.” The couple looks at her and Sarah lets out a whistle.
“Well don’t you look ravishing.” The drummer teases, twirling her finger around. “Give us a spin.” 
After doing so, YN goes over to Sarah’s extended arms and gives her a hug from her sitting position. “How’s my godson in there?” 
Mitch stands and gives her a kiss on the cheek before wrapping an arm around her shoulders in a quick hug.
“He was kicking quite a bit when we were performing. M’bit sore now.” She laughs as she rubs a hand over her belly. YN really can't believe that they're not only having a baby, but that they were able to keep it from the public eye until now. 
It's in moments like these where she imagines what her life would be like if she wasn't under the spotlight. Despite the sense of calmness she thinks it will bring, she also knows that she'll probably be miserable. Life without pursuing music? Traveling the world? Being supported by millions and millions of fans? Being with Harry? She'd never give any of that up for the world.
“He was just performin’ as well I reckon.”
A bunch of crew members and people from both her and Harry’s team go about their business around the room as they prepare things for the couple before they head back out to the ceremony room. 
It’s when the couple on the couch shift their gaze from her to someone behind her that makes her hyper-aware of the room. Even though they’re wearing masks, it’s easy to tell that Sarah has a big smile on her face by her eyes. 
“Wha’?” YN asks with a playful furrow of her eyebrows. She turns around to see Harry staring—no, gawking—at his girlfriend. His eyes go from the bottom of her red, satin dress, to its puffy sleeves, the tops of her chest to her breath-taking smile.
She’ll admit, the way he’s able to dress with such little effort but looks like a fashion icon both isn’t fair and mouth-watering at the same time.
When she approaches him, he’s shaking his head in disbelief, “How on earth did I ever get you? Hhm?"
"I ask myself the same question everyday. How did you get me?"
Harry snickers, a smirk tugging on his lips. "You're a brat."
"You love me."
"You know I do." 
Mitch makes a noise like he's going to vomit and Sarah slaps him on the arm. They all laugh before a crew member lets them know it's time to head out.
As the night progresses, YN wins her second Grammy of the night for Best Record of the Year for her song POV. And although her and Harry don’t win their next nominations, they’re still grateful to be there and are happy for the winners. 
But that doesn’t mean the night is completely over. YN is still up for one more nomination, one that she’s already set in her mind that she won’t get that one either.
Harry knows her like the back of his hand. Just like she did to him, he knows what she’s feeling inside despite her nonchalant exterior. And instead of making a big deal out of it and trying to comfort her, he embraces the cheeky side of him he knows she loves.
So throughout the time it takes before her category comes on, he’s constantly leaning into her ear and commenting on—poking fun at—other people’s outfits. Or making fun of the accent one of the announcers has when they present the next award. And repeatedly reminds her of how gorgeous she looks tonight...and possibly suggests some fun activities they can venture in after the ceremony.
There even comes a time during a commercial break when Harry sees the way YN is constantly fiddling with the end of his black boa—she’s been playing with all of them throughout the night—and he finally does something about it. When they’re facing each other, he unwraps the fluffy material from his neck and loops it over the back of hers.
“Looks nice on you.” Harry says with a smirk as he plays with the ends like she did.
“And y’surprised by that?” She pffts with a playful roll of her eyes.
He discreetly takes a hold of the two ends of the boa and tugs on them sharply, unexpectedly, making her lean forward in a quick motion. Underneath her mask, YN’s jaw is literally on the floor and they both break out laughing. 
She slaps his thigh. “You’re an arsehole.” 
“You love me.”
“You know I do.” She repeats his words from the dressing room with a loving smile. She can call him whatever she wants but he’s just happy to know that she’s relaxed. 
It’s good while it lasted because next thing they know, it’s announced that they’re going live again and her category is up next. YN gives his boa back and intertwines her hands with his. It’s still set in her mind that she won’t win, but as another video of the nominees plays on the screens on stage, there’s some hope that involuntarily creeps into her mind,
“And the Producer of the Year, non-classical, Grammy goes to...” YN presses the tip of her lace covered finger to the champagne glass in front of her. It makes her skin feel cold as she catches a falling drop of condensation from the top of the glass to her finger.
“YN YLN, Fine Line.” 
Her eyes widen and her chest quickly moves up and down when she looks up, seeing her name displayed on the big screens on stage. Everyone around her is on their feet, clapping and cheering. Harry puts a hand to her exposed shoulder, pulling her out of her shocked state.
She takes off her mask and Harry wraps his arms around the tops of her shoulders. He congratulates and professes his love for her over and over again against the shell of her ear. She pulls on the string of his mask and Harry reads her queue, quickly removing it and giving her a small but sweet peck on her plushy lips.
YN still doesn’t say anything as she hugs her manager and Jeff. When she makes her way to the stage, she doesn’t think twice about going over to Billie and Finneas’s table, giving him a quick hug as he was also nominated this year.
“Congratulations.” He tells her with a smile underneath his mask, laughing when she gives him a look of utter disbelief. 
It takes all of her mental strength to make sure she doesn’t trip over her heels in her wobbly legs as she walks up the steps of the stage. When she’s handed her Grammy, she takes another look at the screens behind her to make sure she actually won, that she isn’t dreaming. That she actually heard her name and isn’t making a fool out of herself.
“I really shouldn’t be standing here right now, accepting this award. Just to be nominated and considered to be among these amazing, talented producers,” She gestures towards Finneas who’s seated towards the front of the stage. “It blew my mind into another dimension, but this...” She looks down at the Grammy in her hands. “This is unreal.”
She puts a hand over her forehead and looks down, on the verge of tears. The audience members clap in encouragement and she can hear Harry’s sharp whistle over them. She looks up towards Harry and brings her lace cover hand to her cheek. He nods his head at her and continues to clap, motivating her to continue.
“I would first and foremost like to thank God, because without Him I wouldn’t be standing here and doing what I love. I want to thank Jacob Collier and Kid Harpoon for teaching me what I know and taking me under their wings. I am forever grateful. I would also like to thank Harry for bringing me on to work with him on his albums and trusting me to help make his vision come to life. Fine Line really pushed me to be better in this craft and as a person and I’m honored to be a part of it. This one's for all the female producers out there. Thank you so much.”
It’s not long after she goes backstage that a crew member comes up to Harry’s table, whispering something in Jeff’s ear. 
“It’s YN.” As soon as the words leave his manager’s mouth, both men are quickly up and out of their seats and head backstage. Harry practically bursts into their designated dressing room and his heart breaks when he sees his love sitting on the couch with her head in her hands. Jenny, her manager, sits next to her and rubs her back as it moves rapidly up and down. 
When YN hears the door open and looks up at him with her glossy eyes, he doesn’t think twice before crouching down in front of her. He gently puts his hands over her cheeks, whispering sweet nothings in the small space between them.
Hey baby, you did so good tonight.
Congratulations, lovie. You deserve it all.
Aw, my sweet girl. No more tears, yeah? Deep breaths for me.
By now, everyone has cleared the room and it's just the two of them. After a couple of minutes, her breathing has definitely evened out a lot more since he first came in. She gives him a sad smile and he can’t help but think that despite her current state, she’s as cute as ever with her nose all pink. 
When he rubs his thumb on the tops of her cheek, Harry has to keep from swooning as she snuggles deeper into his hand. He forgets how to breathe altogether when she looks at him with her doe eyes.
From all the years he’s known her, he’s only seen her have a panic attack a couple of times. He knows that she’s kept a lot of them to herself in the past but he made her promise him that whenever she feels her anxiety rise up like this again, she needs to call him and he’ll be there in a heartbeat. 
He doesn’t pressure her by asking what’s wrong. He’s learned that she’ll tell him when she’s ready.
YN places her hand on the one on her cheek and takes in a deep breath. “I know the Grammys can be a scam sometimes and m’really grateful to have the ones I do. And you know I don’t make a big deal out of these things but this one,” Her eyes start to get glossy again, flicking back and forth between his. “But this one is really fooking cool. And, and I j-just don’t d-deserve it.”
“Hey, none of that. Are you kiddin’ me?” He lifts her head so she’s facing him again. “You are the most talented, hard-working musician I have ever met. Aside from me, of course.” YN lets out a breathy laugh, sniffing and rubbing under her nose with a tissue Jenny gave her earlier. “YN YLN, you deserve everything good in life. Even when you think you don’t, m’right there beside you to remind you as many times as needed. You’ve come so far, baby. I’ve seen it more than you think and m’so grateful to have been a witness to that. You’re just...indescribable. You leave me speechless by just looking at you. Have to remind myself to breathe sometimes.”
“Ok now you’re just pushing it.” YN giggles.
“You’re the light of m’life. One might even say Golden.”
“Ugh, stop. M’gonna actually throw up.”
“Not to mention that you’re kinda taking away m’thunder. I just won m’first Grammy and this is what? You’re 20th?”
“21st actually.”
“Hmm, so selfish.” He teases with a smile, closing the space between them and pressing his lips to hers. 
“Can we go home now?” YN says against his lips, running her lace covered fingers through his hair, making no effort to pull away completely.
“Think we gotta take a couple photoshoot pictures first and then we can leave.” And Harry can’t wipe the smile off of his face when she lets out a whine. “It’ll be real quick.”
“Promise?” It’s a rare sight to see YN so baby-ish. He’s so used to his girl being so out-spoken, sarcastic and strong-headed that something stirs inside of him when she gets like this, and only for him.
After calming down a bit more with some cuddles and re-touching up her make-up, they prepare to head back out.
“Thank you.” He really should be the one thanking her. For being here with him, for helping him with his music, for being his best friend, for being the love of his life—everything.
“None of tha’.” He says, bringing her hands to his chest for what seems like the hundredth time this night. “Save it for the speech.” He mimics her accent only to get a slap on the arm and a playful eye roll.
Yeah, this was definitely a night to remember.
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finelinevogue · 2 days ago
for li!harry i just know that he would be fuming (a bit like lucas reaction) when him and y/n don’t get to go in the hideaway because they’re not a couple ;(( and especially because everyone (apart from ekin-su) would want them to go in, but they can’t choose them
they would be fuming but also…..
“We don’t need the hideaway.” Harry spoke softly against your skin, kissing your cheek and your ear and your jaw and anywhere that he could visibly see.
“We don’t?” You asked confused.
“Y’know I want to wait until we’re out of here.” He said, burying his head into your neck because he got shy over talking about this stuff.
“But what if we want to do other things?”
“Like?” He smirked, knowing it was your turn to get shy.
“You know.” You pouted, not saying anything else.
“Oh you mean holding hands?” Harry teased.
For that, you pushed him off you and moved a sear further away from him. It didn’t matter though because you were on a long sofa and he immediately crawled over to you.
If you two were alone he would have brought you to straddle his waist and be way more intimate with this moment, but he had to be careful of praying eyes. So, he made you sit on his lap sideways, picking you up with ease, and moving your face to meet his.
“Are y’pulling a strop with me?” He asked.
“You’re being difficult.” You argued, furrowing your eyebrows.
He kissed in between your eyebrows before using his thumb to flatten out the creases there too. “Don’t frown baby, you’ll get wrinkles.”
“Would you stop liking me it I had wrinkles? Is that a turn-off for you?” You chuckled and it made him happy to see a genuine smile on your face. It was also good to know you weren’t exclusively mad at him either.
“Nothing you do could be a turn off.” He said honestly.
“Not even if you discovered i’m a top in bed?”
“Nope.” He quickly answered. “Although we both know you aren’t a top in bed, baby.” He spoke into your ear, his hot breathe sending shivers into your belly and maybe even down a little further.
“How would you know? We’ve never even slept together.” You argued with a shaky breathe.
“No, but I just know.” He kissed your jawline and you let out a pitiful whimper that made him grow harder. “Just wait until we’ve recoupled and you’re back in my bed, then we’ll really see who’s on top.”
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goldencherryhazz · 21 hours ago
An: this blurb was definitely inspired by Harry swimming in Dublin, in the freezing cold the other day. It feels like I haven’t written anything on soo long! I hope you enjoy, sorry if there are any mistakes. Feedback is much appreciated ❤️
Warnings: smutty, cockwarming, fluff, inexperienced!yn
Tumblr media
‘H, im really cold’ you jitter wondering why you had let Harry convince you to go swimming in freezing cold water in the first place.
‘Come lay down with me then’ Harry says as he finished putting his socks on having had a warm shower in attempt to warm you up.
You move across the hotel room, padding on your fluffy sock clad feet until you reach the bed that Harry was laid down on awaiting your arrival. You climb up and instantly snuggle into his side, the heat radiating off of him making you stop jittering slightly.
You lay comfortably for a few minutes, basking in each other’s presence, but the niggling feeling of cold overtakes you once again and you shiver in Harry’s hold, making frown pop up on his face.
‘Can’t get warm baby’
‘No’ you huff wondering now on earth Harry was seemingly unaffected
‘I’m sorry darling, didn’t have to come in with me’
‘You would have pouted like a baby all day if I didn’t’
‘Would not!’
‘I know you would have’
‘You’re probably right, let’s get under the covers then’ he suggests and you instantly shift to get underneath them, Harry joining you soon after before resuming your original position.
‘I feel lots warmer, thankyou H’ you state after a few minutes of Harry stroking a comforting hand up and down your arm.
‘You know what, I can get you even warmer baby’ Harry grins at the dirty thoughts swirling in his head.
‘How?’ you ask having not cottoned on yet
‘Oh my sweet Angel’ he cooes at how innocent his girl is.
‘It’s called cock warming my darling’
‘Never done it before’ Harry wants to kiss away the nervousness he can hear laced in your voice.
‘That’s okay baby, that’s why I’m here, I’ll help you’
‘Okay’ you say shyly.
‘And I promise baby that when I’m inside you you’ll feel a fuzzy warmth in your belly that will spread from your head to your toes, does that sound good?!
‘Sounds really good’ you can’t help but get a little wet at the thought of being full of Harry’s cock
‘I know you have just got dressed but i need you to strip for me, want your skin on mine’
You do as he says making quick work of taking your sweats off and Harry does the same until you are both completely bare, you almost dribble at how sexy you boyfriend looked in his naked glory.
‘So pretty baby’ he can’t help but reach a hand to palm at the soft flesh of your tit.
‘You look really good too’
‘Thankyou poppet’ he gives you a smile ‘why don’t you lay back down baby, and I’ll get in behind’
It takes a moment for you to get situated with Harry behind you, his chest pressing into your back and you love how you can feel his muscles flexing, you love it even more when his arm slithers round your middle to bring you closer, making his and your hips meet deliciously, Harry’s semi hard cock pressing against your pussy and you have to refrain yourself from moaning.
‘Can feel how wet you are baby, want me inside you now poppet?’
‘Yes please’
Remember if you feel uncomfortable, tell me and I’ll stop, it’s gonna be deep baby’ Harry is fully aware that you hadn’t done a lot in the bedroom before he came along so he never wanted to put you in a situation where you felt uncomfortable.
‘I want it, please, wanna feel warm’ you whimper desperately.
‘Okay poppet, I’m coming’ he presses a kiss to you cheek before shimmying his hips down slightly before reaching to jerk his cock a couple of times before putting the head at your entrance, he then slowly thrusts inside you inch by inch until he’s balls deep in your pussy, the feeling making you both moan out into the hotel room.
‘always so fucking tight no matter how many times I fuck you’
‘Shit that feels good, can feel you in my belly’
Harry places his hand on you tummy, getting harder at the feeling of the slight bump his cock had made ‘feel me right in there baby? Always take my cock so well.’
‘Love taking daddy’s cock’ you whisper dreamily at the how incredibly warm you now were with Harry inside you and the skin to skin contact, it was beginning to send you into subspace because of how good it was
‘Don’t talk to me like that poppet, cause I’m quite enjoying being inside you like this, but if you keep going I swear I’ll have to fuck you’
‘I mean I wouldn’t be opposed’ you say cheekily.
‘Such a little minx’ he presses a kiss into your hair before deciding he wanted more, so he gently pulls you face towards his before kissing you properly.
‘You look sleepy baby, can go to sleep I promise’
‘Are you going to aswell? Don’t want you to get lonely.’
‘Yes baby, don’t you worry’ he can’t help but look down at you in adoration
‘Go to sleep poppet, I’ve got you. I love you soo much!’
I love you too H’ and with that you settle into the pillows, Harry promptly buried his head into your neck where he presses a tiny kiss, and you can’t help but fall asleep thinking that you would dip yourself in that freezing cold water a hundred times over if it was for your sweet, sweet boyfriend.
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iheartanguscloud · a day ago
i’m scared and angry for my daughter, who’s very young right now but might not be able to choose whether or not she wants to have a baby when she’s older.
i’m scared and angry for my sisters, who are young teens and are starting to develop into young women. something could happen to them or they might make an adult decision and might not be able to choose whether or not they want to have a baby.
i’m scared and angry for myself, because i might not be able to choose whether or not i want more kids in the future.
i’m scared and angry for anyone else with a uterus who may not want kids or has complications during pregnancy and couldn’t abort because of laws made by people who refuse to use their brains.
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shroombloomm · 20 hours ago
au: where harry and reader take mushrooms and go to the beach.
cw: use of drugs // sexual content
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It started out as a normal day. Waking up, drinking coffee, snuggling on the couch and watching movies till noon. But Y/N had gotten bored, she felt antsy and wanted to do something. She just wasn't completely sure what she wanted to do.
She didn't have a lot of energy to go out into town, but she felt like doing something around the house. Harry was feeling the same way, too. It's been days since they haven't done anything together, and today was a perfect day for it.
It was low eighties outside, so it felt really good. Perks of having a house on the beach was that their backyard was the beach. There was a green yard, then a hill that dipped down to lead to the beach. She pondered if she wanted to day drink, but that means she would end up getting sleepy halfway through the day and she didn't want to end up wasting the day sleeping.
Harry posed the idea of blending the mushrooms they had left over into a smoothie, and Y/N was all for it. Instead of having a drink full of alcohol, they chugged down a drink full of psychedelics. It tasted like licking the dirt, but mushrooms always tasted that way. It really lingered through the drink.
"Will you bring some weed down to the beach too?" She said softly as she grabbed the towels from the closet.
"I already put them in my wallet," Harry called out as he walked down the hallway. She looked towards him, catching a glimpse of him wearing his short yellow shorts with his blue shirt. She smiled to herself as she rolled the towels up and walked down the stairs to meet him by the door.
"You got the lighter too? I don't want to come back here and try to find it whenever I start tripping," She retorted. The last time they had tripped on the beach, Harry left the lighter in the house and finding it was possibly the worst thing they were doing. It was so hard to find a lighter when everything was swaying back and forth and creating different shapes in front of your eyes.
"Heeeey, that one was time," Harry pouted out as he dug into his pocket. Pulling out a lighter, he showed her the lighter with a lopsided smile. "See? I got it. No worries."
She chuckled as she grabbed their bag. They had packed a bunch of water and snacks for the day. Although they were a two minute walk from the beach, Y/N and Harry didn't want to come back to grab anything until they were done visiting the beach.
Out of an eighth baggie of mushrooms, they both had about a gram and a half of mushrooms. Which, isn't a lot, but the last time they had tripped they ate strictly caps and that was enough to make them crawl back to the house. Caps are a lot stronger than the stems, holding the most natural high in them. This time, though, they tried to stay away from the caps so their brains weren't melting all day.
They both made their way down to the beach, it had been about twenty minutes since downing the drink that had blended mushrooms in it. Harry only started to feel it a little bit, but Y/N was feeling it faster than he was. She blamed the fact that she had only ate a small breakfast that morning.
Sounds of the ocean crashing against the shore had rang through her ears as she laid down her towels on the sand to lay on while Harry got out the bottles of water to set by them.
"Sunglasses are on, baby," He pointed out as he used his pointer finger to wag at her, "Tripping already?"
She chuckled softly as she looked at him through her sunglasses. When the sunglasses were on, it definitely meant that the mushrooms were kicking in. Everything became a lot more brighter and vibrant around her, and sometimes the sun hurt her eyes when she was high.
"Yeah," She said softly as she stripped off her shirt to show her bikini top before sitting down on the blanket. Harry tsked softly, finding himself a seat next to her before taking out the joint he had rolled. Placing it between his lips, he lit it up and took a long draw from it.
She side eyed him, watching as the smoke escaped his lips from the first draw, but he quickly sucked it in by leaning towards it with puckered lips. Smoke bellowed out through his nose, his face scrunching as he let out a cough.
"Here," Harry coughed out, poking her knee with his hand before showing her the joint, "Take this before I cough up a lung."
"Thanks--drink some water, darling," She pointed towards the water bottle next to him before taking the joint from him. Placing it between her lips, she stared out into the ocean as she let the smoke sit in her lungs before blowing it out of her nose. Harry coughed once more, opening the bottle before taking a few more sips of water.
"This weed is really good, where did you get it this time?" She asked softly. She felt the high start to come on strong, mainly because California weed was designed to knock you on your ass. It was always really strong if it was bought from a dispensary. Her eyes started to become more blood-shot, more heavy and half lidded as her body relaxed into the high.
"Down the road at John's," Harry cleared his throat as he took the joint from her, "He's growing his own shit now, gave me some when I visited him last week. 'S really good," He mumbled as he took another long hit from it.
She nodded quietly. The mushrooms started to kick in, harder now. She didn't know how long it had been since drinking the infusion, but the way her mind felt was letting her know she was peaking. Her brain felt fuzzy, it almost felt as though there was an ocean in her mind. The feeling rolled to the front of her forehead, tickling her brain from the inside out. She giggled softly, tilting her head back as she let out a soft breath. The feeling rushed to the back of her head, then slowly rolled back to the front of her forehead once again.
Harry smoked the rest of the joint, placing it into the sand to bury before looking towards her with red eyes. "Y'okay, baby? Feeling it pretty hard, huh?" He smirked softly as he wrapped his arm around her back carefully.
"Yeah, it's amazing," She sighed out, closing her eyes as she leaned into his touch. Everything was heightened. The way that Harry touched her was like rolling around on a fur carpet, or the way he spoke was like he was yelling down a tunnel. The weed had definitely made everything more intense too.
"Can I get a kiss, baby?" He whispered softly into her ear. Y/N nodded with a lopsided smile before tilting her head upwards to him. Harry chuckled out, placing a soft kiss onto her lips a couple of times then rested his nose into her hair.
Euphoria ran through the both of them, feeling the dizziness run through their minds as the mushrooms took over their body. They laid together on the towel, cuddled up with one another while they shared light touches and kisses to the lips.
Harry was hungry for her. Every time he had gotten high with her, he felt so hungry for her. The kisses were just a appetizer, and he savored it with every taste. Her lips were sweet like cherries, her smooth tongue was running along his lip just for him to lap it up and take her tongue into his mouth to suck it carefully.
The feeling was more intense than it would be when they're sober. Every touch was like a electric shock being sent through them, being sent through their body. Their body temperatures had risen just from the high, and they had to create a distance to cool down.
"I wanna go swimming," She whispered softly. Harry sighed out, nudging her hair with his nose softly as his hand ran up and down her side.
"Yeah?" He whispered back, "Let's just sit at the shore for now. I'm really fuckin' high. Sound okay?"
"Yeah, you're right," She removed herself from his arms, "I'm really high too, but I'm sweating. So, 'mma....sit in the water for a bit."
"Okay, I'm gonna come wit--what are you doing?" Harry chuckled out as he watched his girlfriend peel her top off, her breasts spilling out of her bikini before she threw it to the side.
"I told you, I'm really hot. Nobody ever comes to this side of the beach anyways, it's our backyard," She reassured him as she stood to her feet. Harry nodded his head, trying not to stare down at her tits that popped out at him. He took his shirt off, throwing it to the side before making his way behind her.
"Alright," He kissed the side of her neck slowly before moving his hands around her torso to cup her breasts. She let out a soft sigh, biting down on her lip as his fingers started to twirl at her nipple, "Let's go then, start walking,"
She gulped thickly, letting out a hardy laugh as she started to walk towards the water. Harry was close behind her, arms still wrapped around her as his hands tossled with her nipples. She tried to suppress her moans, but her nipples were so sensitive, and Harry knew that.
"Sit down," He gestured towards her, pulling his arms from around her. She sat down where the ocean barely met the shore. It was enough to get her feet wet without being attacked by ocean waves every few seconds. Harry sat behind her, legs on either side of her as he leaned down to kiss her neck softly.
"Oh, Harry..." She whispered softly as she melted into his torso. He mumbled some words to her, his arms wrapping back around her before cupping her tits more once. She let out soft sighs of euphoria as he moved his lips to hers. His fingers flicked at her nipples carefully, lightly tugging and pinching before massaging them carefully.
"I love you," He whispered against her lips, peppering her lips with small kisses once more. She smiled softly against his lips, whispering those sweet three words back to him.
Her skin twirled with different colors, body swaying from the mushrooms as he left open mouthed kisses to her skin. He closed his eyes tightly, feeling himself peak into his high. Harry let out a harsh breath, fingers tightening into her hips as he breathed through it.
"Intense?" She whispered softly.
"Very," He muffled out against her skin as he kept kissing it softly, "Feels like my mind is being tossed around in a washer."
"It's okay, just breathe through it," She whispered back as she turned towards him. The waves crashed against the shore, the water rising to their legs, then slowly going back to where it belongs in the ocean. She sat on her knees in front of him, pulling him into a soft hug as she kissed around his head softly.
"You gonna be okay?" She asked, and he nodded softly. She hummed softly as she ran her fingers through his hair thickly, kissing the side of his face all the way up to his temple. "I love you."
"Think I'm okay now," He sighed out softly, slowly opening his eyes as he looked up at her. His pupils took up his eyes, showing no color whatsoever. It was so trippy, like staring into them may suck her into a deep hole that she might not get out of.
The water washed up to the shore once more, and this time it was a large wave that crashed. Y/N was flown forward onto Harry, a cackle leaving her lips as she wrapped her arms around him. Harry laughed out with her, placing a hand onto her ass softly, now looking down at their drenched clothes.
"That felt quite nice," He said with a laugh.
"You feel quite nice," She said back to him, brushing his hair back, "Now, can we go swimming?"
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pasiveagressive · 2 days ago
Broken Bones IV // H.S.
PART 1   PART 2     PART 3
Tumblr media
He knew something was up when Ryan met him at the door.
"Harry, right?" He asked before letting him in.
"Yeah, is everything alright?"
"It's a bloodbath up there." He shook his head. "She had been coming to get you when all the doctors were called in, apparently a bridge collapsed and there's a lot of injuries."
"Why aren't you up there?"
"I was just clocking out when they all were summoned, I have to go get changed again and everything. She ran into me and told me I should come get you so you weren't sitting out there forever."
"Where am I supposed to go?" He asked.
"Waiting room, she'll come get you if you're still there when she's done and something tells me you will be."
He winked and walked off, leaving Harry at the door to the waiting room. He opened it up and was instantly met with panic. There were injured patients and crying family members everywhere. Doctors were running around trying to assess people's needs. He noted, somewhat proudly, that Y/N was not amongst them, she would be in surgery saving people.
Harry took a seat as far away from the chaos as he could, not wanting to be in the way. He wanted to help but he had no idea what he was doing, the only thing he could do was wait for Y/N to finish and be there in whatever way she needed.
There was a constant influx of patients, all sporting serious wounds for the next hour, and all the non serious injuries were pushed to the back of the line, they didn't mind.
There was a man crying a couple chairs down from him. He looked a little worse for wear, a couple nasty bruises on his legs and an oddly shaped arm.
"Anything I can do?" Harry asked before he could stop himself. Someone he loved was probably dying back there, what could Harry do to help him.
"Can I borrow your phone?" The man choked. "Mine got crushed in the accident."
"Of course." Harry handed him his phone. "Take as long as you need."
The man nodded, dialing up a number. Harry blocked the conversation out, not wanting to intrude. Not that he would have been able to discern much through all the crying.
"Thank you." The man tapped on his shoulder, handing him his phone ten minutes later. "Thank you so much."
"Of course." He gave the man a small smile. "I don't know how much this will help but my friend is back there, working on people, maybe even the person you brought in, and they're in the best possible hands."
The man nodded, lip quivering. "My wife and son." He choked on a sob. "They were on the side that got hit. Oh my God." He cried.
"They have their best chance here." Harry patted him on the shoulder.
The man nodded, putting his head in his hands and trying to control his breathing.
The waiting room was devoid of all patients in the next hour, filled with anxious people waiting for news. Harry felt somewhat out of place in all the grieving. But he figured Y/N would need someone when it was all done and he was determined to be that person.
After another small chunk of time doctors started coming out, reading names off clipboards. Some people got taken back to see their healing loved ones, some were told to stay but that things were looking good, and the unfortunate ones were told what no one wanted to hear.
Harry was going to go for a walk when a doctor called a name and the man next to him head shot up. And the doctor was Mia.
"Are you Mr. Bown?" She asked.
The man nodded, fear written all over his face. "Your son wants to see you now, your wife is still unconscious but she is expected to make a full recovery."
"Thank God." The man cried, although they were tears of joy now.
"Harry." Mia nodded to him before leading the man to what he thought would be the happiest moment of his life.
It was 2:17 when Y/N finally came out. Her eyes flickered across the people in the waiting room until they landed on Harry. She looked exhausted but she tried a tiny smile at him, one which he returned.
He went towards her when she jerked her head, wrapping an arm around her when they were on the other side of the door.
She practically fell into his embrace, arms tight around him. He squeezed her back, kissing her head.
"How are you?" He asked into her hair.
" I've been better. " She mumbled into his chest.
He smiled slightly. "Is it over?" He asked.
"Not really." She sighed leaning back. "I was supposed to get off two hours ago from a 24 hour shift, they're sending me home."
"Isn't that good?"
"Kind of." She shrugged a little. " I'm too tired to think straight anymore and all the immediate surgeries have been performed but they need people elsewhere. "
"When do you have to come back?"
"Noon, for however long they need me. '' She sighed, unwrapping one of her arms.
"You should get home, get some rest." He told her, walking with her to the elevators. She popped into a room, coming back out with her purse.
" I don't want to sleep alone. " She looked at him, a vulnerable look in her eyes.
"I can come with you." He offered. "I'll drive you there and drop you off on my way home, I don't think you're in any condition to drive."
"I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you too." She sighed, pressing the down arrow. " I've been doing this long before I met you. "
"I want to." He dropped a kiss on her forehead. "Let me do this?"
"On top of sitting in a waiting room for no reason with a bunch of crying people imagining the worst of the situation?" She raised her eyebrows.
"Come on, give yourself some credit. You're a good reason."
She smiled, turning her head away. "Let's get out of here, I'm going to crash."
"Piggyback ride?" He asked, completely serious.
She looked like she was going to say no when she nodded. He gave her his back. She jumped on, laying her head on his shoulder.
"You're the best person I ever met." She muttered into his shoulder.
"Funny, I think the same thing about you."
He felt her smile even though she couldn't feel his. He walked out of the elevator, through the hospital, and to his car. She was half asleep on his back, so tired that he had to buckle up for her. He didn't mind of course.
Pandora sleep station came through his speakers as he hooked up his phone. It wasn't really helping him stay awake but sacrifices.
He pulled into her apartment complex only two wrong turns later. She is completely gone now. Head dropping to the side. Normally he would have just carried her in but he knew she would regret not showering in the morning.
"Love." Shit, where'd that come from? "You need to wake up so you can take a shower."
He rubbed her shoulder, shaking her until her eyes opened.
"What?" She rubbed her eyes.
"We're at your place."
She nodded, moving to unbuckle her seatbelt and get out of the car.
"Thanks for this." Y/N looked over at him as they walked up her stairs.
"My pleasure." They walked through her door. "Now go shower."
Y/N nodded, heading to her bathroom. He followed her, he had never been in her room before.
It matched the rest of the house. White walls, dark curtains, and a gray bedspread. Her pillows were all different shades of blue. She had a large window seat with white and gray sheets and blue pillows and blankets. He figured it was safe to assume blue was her favorite color.
He laid on her bed, listening to the water run from the shower. It didn't take long for her to finish, shorter than his showers.
"Do you need something to wear?" She asked, stepping out of the bathroom, hair still dry, in nothing but a sports bra and shorts. She had a tattoo on the side of her rib cage and words snaked under her bra. Her freckles were on full display and he had a problem ripping his eyes away.
"You have something?"
"Luke spends the night sometimes." She shrugged, motioning for him to follow her to the other bedroom.
Her back was open to him, showing off her spine tattoo. There were words all the way from the bottom to the top but he couldn't read them. He had never found tattoos so attractive before. He wanted to figure them out, learn their meanings, and trace them with his fingers.
She handed him a pair of sweatpants. "These good?"
He nodded. "Perfect, thanks."
"You can change here then." She shut the door on her way out.
He did that, taking his shirt off to reveal his own tattoos.
He left his clothes folded on the bed and went back to Y/N's room. She was under the covers, fan on and light off. He slid in beside her and she rolled over so she was facing him.
"If you're not careful I'm going to get used to you doing things for me." She gave him her hand over the covers. He took it, mixing his fingers with hers.
"I'll keep it up then." She smiled. "Now go to bed, you've got to save lives when you wake up."
Harry leaned in to kiss her temple, she looked like she was already sleeping. He watched her until he fell asleep, memorizing the curve of her nose and the freckles on her cheeks. She was beautiful, really. And he was falling hard and he didn't want to stop.
When he woke up his clothes were on the bed next to him, a note and key on top of them.
I was going to wake you up but I figured it was the least I could do for you. Mia picked me up on her way so don't think you inconvenienced anyone by sleeping in. Thanks again for taking care of me, you're honestly the best. Lock up when you leave, I'll pick them up when I come by for a redo of last Tuesday on Tuesday?
- Y/N
P.S. I like the tattoos
He buried his head in her pillow, trying to contain his smile. It smelled like her so it didn't help. He thought that maybe she was falling hard too. God he hoped so.
"Am I going to meet her this time?" Gemma asked, sitting with him on the couch. Drake had gone home a couple days but she had elected to stay here and even he wasn't dumb enough to pick a fight with her two brothers present.
"You should." He shrugged, keeping an eye on his phone. "She's pretty spontaneous if you hadn't noticed."
"I have." Gemma laughed. "How long was her shift this time?"
"Uhhh." Harry shut his eyes, thinking. "I don't know actually, she visited her mom on Sunday and she was texting me all yesterday morning so I'm going to assume 12 hours."
"Wow." She whistled. "I could never do that."
"I know." Harry grinned as a knock on the door rang through the house. " She is pretty amazing isn't she. "
Gemma watched him go, a funny smile on her face. It was good to see her brother like this again, for a while it felt like she had lost a brother.
She heard his laughter after her voice and she thought she already loved the girl for getting her brother back. He sounded almost normal now.
And then Y/N was walking through the kitchen and towards her, smiling back at Harry who was laughing at her. She thought that maybe he was already a little in love, he just didn't know it yet. And looking at Y/N, she thought that maybe it was mutual.
"Gemma, this is Y/N in her non doctor form." Harry sat on the couch next to her, pulling Y/N down so she was sitting next to him. His hand was still wrapped in hers, their fingers tangled.
"It's so nice to meet you slash see you again." Gemma smiled at her.
"You too." Y/N smiled back, tucking her legs underneath her.
Harry's phone rang from the kitchen.
"Who calls someone after midnight?" Gemma asked him.
"Probably Jeff." He shrugged, getting up and going to answer it, leaving Y/N and Gemma alone.
"Hello." He answered, he had been right, it was Jeff.
"Hey man, are you free for a gig on Friday?"
"Yeah." He ran his hand through his hair, no matter what he wouldn't be wrapping the cast back up on Thursday. He hoped it was healed. "What is it and what time?"
"9 o'clock and a charity concert for that bridge collapse." He paused. "Did you hear about that? "
"Yes." Harry reassured him. "I'm getting the cast off on Thursday."
"Alright, I'll text you more details before it comes."
"Where is it?" He asked, he wasn't in the mood to go very far.
"Downtown, so not very far. Thank goodness you are going to have that cast off."
"Well your prayers have been answered by a little doctor."
"Oh yeah." His voice sounded different, much lighter. "I heard about the girl who's got you enamoured lately, had I known that all it would take to get you smiling again is her I would have introduced you a long time ago."
Harry laughed. "I wish you would have."
"Alright," he laughed, "bye Harry, see you Friday."
" Bye. " he hung up, making his way back to the living room.
"Seriously?" Gemma's voice reached his ears, laughter evident in it. "And he thought you would still want to date him."
" I know. " Y/N laughed back. "And I'm like you literally fuck every girl with a vagina and suck every guy with a dick and I just interrupted you in a closet with someone going down on you, why the heck would I say yes?"
Gemma's laugh boomed through the hallway. "Even his name is creepy, like Ryan, it gives me the chills! "
Ryan asked her out? Just another reason to hate him, he guessed.
His seat had been taken, Y/N had moved over. He squeezed in on her other side, smiling as they barely noticed his return. He had never thought it would be an important thing to him, his sister and whoever he liked getting along with, but looking at the two made him extremely happy.
Her hand found his and he grabbed on to it, tuning his way into the conversation.
"Worst date you ever went on?" Y/N asked, leaning back so she was resting on his shoulder.
"Ugh." Gemma groaned, leaning so she rested on the arm rest facing the two. "I was like 21 and it was my junior year of college and this broke ass college student took me for cheap gas station food and I spent more time on the toilet than with him."
Y/N laughed. "That's terrible."
" I know and then he asked if I wanted to take it back to his dorm and I was like, no, my friend's coming to pick me up. "
She laughed harder, throwing her head back. "That's gold."
"Why is your species so disgusting?" Gemma asked him.
" Hey. " he shot her a glare. "Don't bring me into this."
Gemma snorted. "Yeah, you used to be worse, he used to be like Ryan."
Y/N laughed, and to his relief it sounded genuine. "So there's hope for the bastard yet."
" I thought you liked Ryan? "
She shrugged. "He's alright when he's not talking."
He laughed, shaking his head at her. "You're something else."
"Thanks." She looked over at him, a grin on her face.
"You're welcome." He said, his voice soft.
"So." Gemma asked, "What did Jeff want? "
"I have a gig on Friday apparently."
"So no matter what your cast is coming off Thursday?" Y/N asked.
"Yeah." He studied her face. "Is that alright?"
"It's your arm." She laughed. "I'm surprised you lasted this long to be honest."
"That's because he wanted to impress you." Gemma told Y/N, a smile on her face.
"And look at it." Harry butted in, throwing Gemma a glare. "This is the prettiest thing that's ever been on my body."
"I don't know." She grinned at him. "I like tattoos. And you where some pretty fancy stuff, Mr. Gucci"
He grinned down at her. "I like yours too, I've been trying to think of what they could say."
Y/N laughed. "Bunch of old literature quotes my dad used to spew at us."
"You know classic lit?" Harry asked curiously .
"That's it." Gemma interrupted, hurrying off the couch. "I'm going to bed."
"You're into classic literature?" She asked, eyebrows raised, not bothering to say good night to Gemma.
"Yeah." Harry laughed. "I like it all."
"Really?" She laughed lightly. "My dad would have been very impressed."
"Would have?" He asked.
"He died a couple years ago." She shrugged.
"I'm sorry." He said.
"It wasn't your doing." She shrugged.
"Still." He draped an arm around her and squeezed her to him. "No one should have to lose a parent."
"Anyways," she lifted up her shirt. He leaned in close enough to read the words. For what, for whom. "Luke has the second half, 'must I kill and be killed'."
Harry resisted the urge to touch it. She leaned forward, bringing her shirt up so he could see her back, and the back of her very black and very lacy bra. In the same cursive letters as the front, only bigger, was the quote, The gates of Hell are open night and day; smooth the descent and easy is the way.
"You're dad sounded like a treat." He said, wondering what the one on her rib cage was.
"He was." She laughed, leaning back. "I hated him for most of my life."
"Than why did you get the tattoos." He asked, keeping judgement from his voice. Just curiosity.
"At first it was because they were already engraved in my brain, why not my body." She looked up at him. "And then it was because I started to understand him, his methods were twisted but his intentions were pure."
"Twisted how?" He asked, hoping it wasn't what he was thinking.
"For a while his abuse was limited to words and eventually it escalated a little. I never had to go to the hospital or anything, I just had a couple of nice shiners from time to time." She shrugged. "My mom left him after that, we moved in with her childhood best friend, they got married a couple of years ago actually, and it's been good."
" I'm sorry. " His voice was soft again.
"It's alright." She smiled up at him. "Nobody's life is perfect, but it made me who I am today. I wouldn't have grown a love for helping people if I wasn't always patching myself and my brother up."
She traced patterns on his shirt. He smiled into her hair. He kissed her head softly. "You're kind of my favorite person already and I've only known you for a month."
"You too." She smiled into his chest. "I don't open up to people very well, normally."
"It's the same for me." He rubbed her arms. "It's weird, I miss you when I'm not with you, I've never really felt that before."
She buried her head in his chest. "No ex-girlfriends?"
"Yes." He shook his head. "But it never felt like this." She laughed. "Relationships weren't in the works for me, girls never kept my attention for long enough . And when covid hit I just kind of stopped with them completely. Until you." His voice was almost a whisper by the end.
"Why me?" She looked up at him.
"You're beautiful." He pushed her hair behind her ear. "And I'm not talking about your looks, although they are very beautiful, I'm talking about your mind and your soul."
"Yours is too." She smiled shyly. "When I first saw you two thoughts went through my head. The first was that you were possibly the most beautiful person I had ever seen. The second that you were probably the biggest asshole on planet earth."
He smiled slightly, it wasn't completely without cause. “You had no predisposed predilections of me?”
"I did but, you happily surprised me. In every single way."
"You're so fucking perfect." He dropped a kiss on her head, unable to help himself.
She blinked her eyes open. They were lighter than he had ever seen them.
"Really? Cause I think you are." She said, laying her head back down on his chest.
He had never been so content to just sit with someone before. He was on fire, from his fingers to his toes.
"Can we go to bed?" Y/N asked, looking up at him.
"Yeah, you need to shower?"
She nodded, standing up and stretching. He copied her before leading the way to his room. She followed him, grabbing on to the hand he stretched back. Her eyes were more unfocused now than before.
"Long day?" He asked, turning around and grabbing her other hand.
"Yeah," she sighed, "I had never been so excited to get out of there before."
"How come?" He asked, still walking backwards.
"We're still recovering from the bridge collapse, everyone's stressed out." She shook her head. "I felt like I was on a tv instead of at an actual hospital."
His hands rubbed circles on hers. "When do you have to go back in?"
"24 hours." She let go of his hands, walking to the bathroom. "And I'm exhausted, I don't know why."
"Maybe you need a break longer than a day for once." He suggested.
"Maybe." Her voice came through the door. "I actually have the weekend off, I switched times with a lot of people which means I work pretty much the rest of the week."
The water turned on and she wouldn't have been able to hear him. He grabbed his sleep shorts and took off his shirt, climbing into bed. He grabbed his phone and opened his Snapchat. It used to be his favorite social media before a lot of random people got his Snapchat and he didn't know who his friends were and who were not.
The amount of nudes he opened up was alarming. And very annoying. He stopped opening up any Snapchats he didn't know all together a long time ago.
The door opened and Y/N walked out, hair dripping wet and wearing one of his t-shirts. It swallowed her. He doubted she was even wearing pants.
"Goodnight Harry." She climbed into his arms, pressing herself on him.
He buried his head in her hair , disappointed when she smelled like him instead of her normal self.
He kissed her cheek. "Goodnight angel."
”Angel?" Her eyes peeked open.
"It's cute, like you."
She laughed, closing her eyes again. "It's a new one. I like it."
"Good." He closed his eyes, falling asleep to the rhythm of her heart against his chest.
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you & me. always.
inspired by this ask
I write it for free so: like, reblog & support if you like this! Feedback is always welcome.
warnings: not proofread; english is NOT my first language, sorry for any spelling mistakes.
Tumblr media
gif credit
YN had never felt anything like this feeling that was radiating inside her heart right now.
At times in her life, she was lucky to feel something similar, but nothing as intense as that. She remembers a few – most with Harry.
For example, when he asked her out on a date on her bedroom floor. They were around 19 years old, YN had just returned from a trip she took with her family, and Harry had taken a break from the “Take Me Home” tour. They were talking when Harry, out of the blue, asked her if she would agree to be his girlfriend. Obviously, at first, she was speechless, seeming not to quite understand if he had really asked that. When Harry frowned in confusion, she realized that he really had done it.
“Wait… what?” YN asked, still confused and Harry laughed, before asking again:
“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
And from there, everything took off for the better. YN graduated from law school at age 26 while Harry continued with music, doing what he does best – singing, writing and performing. During those five years, they just realized more and more that they were destined to be together forever.
It came as no surprise to anyone when they found out that Harry and YN were engaged. Anne and Samantha (YN’s mother) were in pure joy at the news, as since they were both little, the two women joked that one day they would grow up, fall in love and create something unique, true and passionate.
And when the moment finally arrived, both their nerves were high. YN thought that she wouldn’t be nervous right now... I mean, she would be nervous, obviously, but they went through so much together that she thought that all she would feel was just happiness. In fact, we can consider this nervous, anxiety as something good even. Harry, on the other hand, was more nervous, eager to see her and so they could make their relationship official for good.
As everyone stood there admiring YN in her dress, he couldn’t help but think about all that had happened to get them there today – the fear of them losing touch with the band’s commitments, the undisclosed feelings and the distance that resulted in some fights at the beginning of the relationship. But everything contributes to them being always together.
Now, YN and Harry were dancing. Her arm over his shoulder and his hand over her waist, they were both drunk and smiling. They couldn’t describe the feeling that was inside them, it was something like love, pride, gratefulness... All together.
“You and me. Always.” YN whispered over his lips, then smiled.
Harry looked at her with a different glint in his green eyes, before smiling even wider and replying:
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cause i'm so in love
Tumblr media
summary : in which the they're so in love. that's it. they love each other so fucking much.
pairing : harry styles x reader
warnings : language
author's note : finally a fluffy au for harry!!! hope you all like this one <3
tagged : @0oolookitsme @slut4benbarnes @ellora-brekker
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/n_ when he gets you flowers and makes you breakfast>>>
tagged harrystyles
username i wanna eat that
username i want a significant other like- right now
zendaya brb gonna show this to tom. y'all so cute btw im in love 💋
username them>>>
tchalamet yeah yeah don't go around making us feel single
username ☹️🤍
username im crying i love them so much
username my heart swells everytime they post about each other
niallhoran 💟💟
harrystyles so glad you liked the surprise
-> y/n_ liked?! i LOVED it and i love you!! <3
username 😭
username i ❣️ him
username my serotonin after seeing this: 📈📈📈
username 🍓🍓
username i cannot get over the fact that harry made that toast like it's so sweet i would cry if someone made that for me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harrystyles love 🦋
tagged y/n_
username 🤍👄🤍
username love harry and y/n naming their cat yellow
louist91 missing you and y/n and ofc, yellow xx
username sobbing why couldn't that be me
username oh to be dating y/n y/l/n
username they're the definition of bi panic
zayn khai misses you both and yellow ❣️
mitchrowland you three>>>>
username i wanna be y/n so fucking bad
username 😭🦋
username i know people say this a lot but harry and y/n are one of the most healthiest relationship i've ever seen, like their love is so genuine and it makes me so much. seeing them together since x factor amd seeing them now is so beautiful, couldn't think of two people better for eachother than them
-> username facts ^
-> username username you spoke nothing but the truth
jefezoff 🤍
billieeilish brb gonna manifest this kinda love for myself
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/n_ boyfriend appreciation post cause i love him so fucking much and he's the light and love of my life <3
tagged harrystyles
username why am i on my knees
username 🛐🛐
louist91 🍉🍒🍓
username imagine being able to call harry fucking styles your boyfriend
username i love him so much
username on my knees for this man and this man only
arianagrande you both 💋
zendaya SOBBING
username 🤍🤍🤍
username wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
harrystyles i love you so much, more than i can ever tell
-> y/n_ i love you more and i don't i would be able to put in into words
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harrystyles her <3
tagged y/n_
username HER
username her>>>
username i love her so fucking much
username alexa play jealously jealousy by oliva rodrigo
zendaya i love her 🛐🛐
username bi panic
-> username full on gay crisis
username me rn : 🍇🥭🥝🍍🍓🍒🍉
username feeling fruity seeing her
niallhoran we know you heart eyes for her, stop making me bad about being single
madelyncline love love love love loveeeee her
username ❣️👄❣️
username they're so powerful together
tchalamet ✨ h e r ✨
y/n_ you <3
-> harrystyles no, you <3. that was literally the whole point of this post
username manifesting this🕯️🕯️🕯️
username get me a lover who'll post appreciation posts of me and me only
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As Long as You Are: Part Three
LINKS: Part One, Part Two, Social Media blurb
Author’s Note: Hello hello! Welcome to Part Three to this story! I’ve finally found a title for this story: As Long as You Are, which will make more sense as the story continues. PLEASE NOTE that this reads more as a story and less as a fanfiction, especially this part. Harry is mentioned and makes an appearance but most of it is filler, story progression, and dialogue. If this is something that doesn’t interest you, that's okay! If you’re looking for more Harry x y/n based fics head over to @reveriehs​, she reblogs fic recommendations and has a HUGE masterlist of Harry writers!!
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you looked at the social media blurb I wrote prior to June 26th there was a slight change. your/bff is no longer nameless. The name I gave her is Auden and her social media username is auden.png, I apologize if this deters you further from this story but it makes it easier for my ADHD brain to write and follow.
Word Count: 2533 Pronouns Used: She/Her (use of y/n) POV: Third Person. Warnings: swearing, brief mention of mental health (anxiety and imposter syndrome)
Harry x musician!reader: A day in y/n’s life, featuring Harry.
Tumblr media
It had been a couple days since Harry first messaged y/n and every time she saw there was a notification from him she had to remind herself “he’s just another person” or she would have already collapsed into a puddle. Some might have said that she should have gotten a little more chill talking to Harry. But in her mind there was absolutely nothing “chill” about having a casual conversation with a literal international superstar.
Despite the fact that she had to calm her breathing with nearly every message, she did enjoy talking with him. Harry had thanked y/n for being so open after she sent the voice message — which made her melt a little inside — and they continued to talk every so often. After the first two days y/n noticed that Harry still hadn’t followed her which at first bothered y/n, but she realized that Harry Styles was messaging her. So she gave up that small grudge fairly quickly.
Other than the one and only Harry Styles messaging her, there wasn’t much going on in y/n’s life. She did have a very small job as a teaching assistant (TA) for a summer Music Theory class that she was doing for a little bit of money. It wasn’t a lot of money but any money was more than none when you’re in college, so y/n had no complaints. There was also a little secret she had been keeping from Harry. As much as y/n and Harry had been talking, there was no way in hell that she was going to mention that she had been planning to go to the One Night Only in New York the following weekend with her friends from school. One of the reasons that she had taken the TA job was so that she had a little extra money to spend if they were able to get tickets to Love on Tour. However once ONO was announced, she and her friend Auden decided they’d try their luck at getting in.
Y/n didn’t want to share the information with Harry because she didn’t want it to seem like she was casually inserting it into a conversation in an attempt to get some sort of special treatment. The likelihood that she would get special treatment was low but y/n didn’t want there to be any sort of misunderstanding between what she was saying and how Harry inferred the message.
Y/n wasn’t nearly as well known as Harry, but even just being semi-popular on the music side of social media y/n had incidents where she thought that someone was truly trying to become friends or mutuals with her, but they just wanted to use her. Y/n was quick to shut those down and was thankful for the close group of friends she had but it still hurt a bit. She’s sure that it’s even more intense being extremely well known.
It was a warm day in New York, which meant the garbage that was collecting on the corners and hidden pockets of the streets were beginning to cook and everything stunk. It was one of the most unpleasant things y/n had to get accustomed to when she moved into her flat at NYU. Maybe accustomed is too generous of a word because nearly 5 years later she still dreaded the New York summers for that exact reason. She had not grown accustomed to the stench. 
Thankfully, she was in Washington Square Park, where the stench couldn’t be smelled through the foliage wrapping around one of the few green spaces in the city. It also happened to be a short three minute walk away from the Steinhardt building where the summer Music Theory class was taking place and she needed to be there in an hour which meant y/n had ample time to do nothing. She stopped by her favorite food stand to grab a sandwich before teaching and was now sitting on a bench hidden away between four large trees. Pulling out her phone, y/n propped it up using her book bag as a wall against the other side of the bench so her phone didn’t fall. She turned the phone to the front facing camera and started to record.
“Hey guys!” She began, “I’m currently waiting to head to class, I’m a teaching assistant for half of the summer. But before I head inside I decided to stop and grab one of my favorite sandwiches.” She lifted the food showing the thin aluminum wrapping holding the whole thing together. 
“I got some comments asking if I could do an ‘eat with me’ video so I decided that’s what I’m going to do! So let’s all get our snacks or meals and eat together.” Y/n smiled at the camera and took a bite, chewing before she spoke again. “There’s nothing really new going on with me, however I do have a fun little show coming up later this week. I believe the fee is $15 and it’s located in Brooklyn. I'll post more information over on my Instagram later today, so look out for that!”
Y/n finished up the small video and talked briefly about food but didn’t want that to be the main topic so she mostly focused on new music and school. Discussing what it was like to be a music student and trying to make as much music as possible while staying true to your preferences and own sound. 
Y/n stood up, stretching her stiff muscles from sitting in the same position for a while. Why do I feel so old and yet I’m only in my mid-twenties? Rotating her torso there was a loud pop followed by a crack. 
“Oh gosh,” she said, putting both hands on the small of her back, “I really am a babushka.” 
Checking the hour y/n realized there wasn’t much time left before the class began and decided to head over. She also checked Instagram… just to see if she had any notifications. General ones of course, definitely not messages from a famous singer. However, much to her (pleasant) surprise, she actually did have a message from Harry. Except it didn’t make any sense.
Direct Message harrystyles
Experimental indie
excuse me?
Experimental indie
yes, i got that part. i just don’t know what that means
The other day you mentioned that you weren’t exactly sure what genre of music you’d fall under So I did some research
you did research?
You sound surprised.
i’m just curious as to how you did research to find what genre i make
Ask me
How exactly did you go about your research?
I’m glad you asked
oh boy, here we go
Y/n was caught off guard with his sudden enthusiasm and interest about what genre of music she created. Although, she distinctly remembered a conversation from a day or two ago because it was when she truly started to feel like they were moving from casual acquaintances to actual friends (though she wouldn’t dare ask for any sort of verification).
Harry and y/n had been talking about what inspired his shift from exclusively pop music to a wider variety such as soft rock and indie rock, and even a (tiny) bit of metal. Y/n then made a passing comment about how she viewed her music as if it was out in limbo, an undecided and uncertain state of existence. To y/n she felt as if her music wasn’t quite good enough for alternative or folk but not exactly indie either. She had planned to continue asking him about his process in deciding what tone he wanted for HS1, but Harry latched onto her previous comment.
To y/n it seemed to be a casual, throwaway, statement, expecting it to be brushed over. But Harry viewed it differently. He explained that it sounded almost like she was trying to downplay her writing and producing abilities in order to distance herself from where she deserved to be. At first his comment confused her, y/n wasn’t exactly sure where he had gotten the idea that she was trying to minimize her musical talent but as he went on she realized he struck a fairly personal chord. Harry explained that ever since they started talking y/n made it a point to mention that what she’s been doing isn’t anything special and in their very first conversation she said that making music while in music school wasn’t anything noteworthy. His rebuttal was that she literally made a “whole ass album” while still producing other music for her classes.
“Imposter syndrome’s a bitch, but you deserve the space you’ve made for yourself in this profession.” He sent.
When y/n read that message the first time it made her stop in her tracks. To be told something that meaningful from someone who not only had their foot in the door but their whole body, was a feeling of proudness and acceptance she couldn’t accurately describe. Not that her imposter syndrome was magically gone because someone told her that she deserves her spot, but it was incredibly kind of Harry to say.
Harry still hadn’t responded even as she reached the doors to the building, which meant he either got distracted — which happened a lot — or it was going to be a long message. So she turned off her phone and tried to push the anxiety of whatever message she would receive to the back of her head, knowing it wouldn’t do her any good if she kept thinking about it.
There weren’t many people in the class, mainly because it was the summer and it was primarily filled with students who failed the course the first time they took it or had just transferred to NYU and needed the class credit. Auden, the friend who y/n was planning on going to ONO with, was actually in the class. She fell under the “failed the first time” category. Y/n had actually attempted to help Auden with the theory homework when she was taking the class the first time, however that proved to be futile as they tended to goof off instead of actually working. But this time was different, it had to be. Y/n was a student teacher now and needed to stay focused, even if one of her best friends was in the class. She also needed to stay focused and not let the reality of Harry Styles messaging her sink in. She’d have time to gossip with Auden after the class.
Music Theory III was an upper level course which covered the study of recent approaches to tonal and nontonal musical analysis, with an emphasis on familiarity with styles, nomenclature and appropriate graphic techniques. Which was definitely not a conversation starter. It was more of a conversation ender. Unfortunately it was a required class one had to take if they were wanting to graduate. The class ended and y/n only had to reprimand Auden once for talking, as if she was still twelve years old. But, the class was over which meant y/n and Auden could head out together as friends, not as teacher and student.
They ended up at a café that sold overpriced mediocre coffee. Auden and y/n opted to sit inside as to get away from the smell of the streets and instead be surrounded by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the chatter of people. Y/n decided that maybe it was time to tell one of her best friends that she had been talking to Harry Styles for almost a week. But y/n was unsure how to go about it. Would it be invasive to his privacy? Would it seem like bragging?
“What’s up?” Auden said, breaking y/n’s endless what if’s, “you’re making that face you do when you want to say something but are too nervous to actually say it.”
“Gosh I hate how well you know me.” Y/n responded, rubbing her hands over her face before peering back up to her friend. “So, someone famous messaged me on Instagram about my music and we’ve been chatting on and off for almost a week now.” Y/n took a sip of her coffee, grimacing at the taste before she set it back down, waiting for Auden’s response. 
“Hmm may I ask who or is it a ‘do not disclose?” She questioned.
“Um, I think it’s okay to ask,” y/n paused, debating once again before she continued. “It’s a male singer who’s really popular.”
“Is this a guessing game or are you gonna say who it is?” Auden wasn’t necessarily growing impatient, she knew how y/n got when she wasn’t quite sure if she should say something or not, but it had Auden on the edge of her seat waiting for whoever’s name was about to be dropped.
Leaning across the table to get closer to her friend, y/n spoke, “it’s Harry Styles…” the name was barely above a whisper. Just loud enough for the girl across from her to hear but not loud enough for anyone else to listen in. 
“Oh my gosh…” Auden leaned back in her chair, eyes wide. “And you’re now just telling me this?” She asked incredulously. 
“Would it help if I also said that you’re the only person I’ve told?” Y/n added, voice pitching up at the last couple of words. 
“Hmph,” Auden leaned forward to her original spot squinting at y/n, looking over her face for any sign of a lie. She decided her friend wasn’t lying and accepted the additional information. “Yes, yes it would.” 
“That’s it?” Y/n asked. “No freaking out? No keyboard smash? Nothing?”
“Oh don’t let this demeanor fool you,” she said waving her hand over her face, “when we get back to your apartment I’m going to freak the fuck out while berating you over all of the details you’re willing to share.” The comment made y/n smile, she was happy that someone else was in on the secret. Especially Auden, her best friend for the past 5 years. 
Just as y/n was about to say something a buzz came through her phone, rattling the glasses on the table. She smiled as she saw the preview of the notification.
Instagram harrystyles So, this is a long message and I also got distracted. Hopefully you didn’t think I left you on read. Anyway I realized that…
Looking up from her phone she was met with Auden looking directly at her, wiggling her eyebrows as she did. “Speak of the devil and he comes calling.” 
Y/n chuckled, “let’s go back to my place and we’ll read the message together. Sound good?”
Her friend's eyes sparkled at the subtle implication of getting to know the details of y/n’s and Harry’s conversation. 
“That sounds absolutely wonderful. Let’s go my darling,” Auden stood up, arm pushed outwards waiting for y/n to loop hers through. Y/n did so without needing further instruction and they headed out the door, both giddy to read the message.
location: Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn NY
Tumblr media
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areyoulistening if you saw my tiktok today you’ll know that i mentioned i’ll be playing a show soon! it’s on july 8th down in brooklyn. parking is free (thank gosh) and entry is $15. those 21 and older will get a wristband at the door. maximum capacity is 250! i hope to see you guys there :)
auden.png My little baby is growing up
↳ areyoulistening bitch i’m older than you
y/nupdates She’s not gonna be our little secret anymore
oliviarodrigo I’ll be cheering you on from California!
Author’s end note: can you guys tell that my university major makes me do a lot of graphic design work?
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avatar-anna · 2 days ago
Love your writing!! Can you write something with a sick Harry? Maybe he starts feeling unwell after a show, not thinking much of it thinking he’s dehydrated and hungry but after hanging with the band and you for a while he asks if you guys can leave and he ends up throwing up throughout the night having caught some sort of bug? Lots of fluff and comfort for Harry! Ah I would love
ok, so i kinda cheated on this one. this is from a series of one shots that i made for one of my fics on my wattpad. it's really similar to your request and very sweet. enjoy!
You walked in the door of yours and Harry’s house after dropping Ynez off at preschool. Setting your keys down in the little bowl on the kitchen counter, you fixed a cup of hot tea and brought it upstairs. 
It was quiet in the house, the sounds of early morning cartoons and your daughter singing along now gone. You picked up toys and stray shoes as she made your way down the hall toward the master bedroom, quickly tossing everything into your daughter's bedroom, which was floor to ceiling lavender and white, and closed the door behind her.
When they put together the room, you didn’t think of yourself or Harry as interior designers, but your husband apparently had a whole plan in his head of how he wanted their daughter’s bedroom to look. you let Harry have his fun, too excited for the baby to finally arrive to pay attention to the steadily increasing budget. You would lecture him on it later when you realized how much he spent, but it turned out great in the end, and your daughter loved it, and that’s all that really mattered to you in the end.
“Knock, knock,” you said quietly, knocking on the bedroom door. Hearing a grumble from the other side of the door, you opened it and sat down on Harry’s side of the bed. You couldn’t even see him, just a mess of pillows, blankets, and a small tuft of hair poking out underneath it all. “How are you feeling, baby?”
Harry groaned again, but there was movement underneath the pillow pile. His head poked out, and you leaned over to kiss his forehead. His nose was red and his eyes watery, small beads of sweat dotting his hairline. “I’m okay,” he croaked.
“Oh, babe,” you cooed, resting your hand against his forehead to check his temperature. 
Harry woke up early this morning in a cold sweat, his shivering and coughing waking you up as well. He was supposed to take your daughter to school, but you told him to stay in bed and rest. Harry was too tired to protest, pulling the extra blanket you had laid on the bed up to his chin and falling back asleep almost immediately.
You had started to notice that Harry always got like this right after he came home from tour, all the traveling and long nights performing onstage finally catching up to him. Anticipating this, you took the next couple days off of work so she could take care of him; you would never tell him, but Harry could be a very needy sick person, shuffling around in his robe and asking if you could stay in bed with him just a little bit longer. It was very different to how you were when you got sick, but you were happy to take care of him and get him back on his feet, at the very least so that you didn’t have to follow him around and pick up the trail of tissues he usually left behind.
“Here,” you said when Harry finally sat up. “I still can’t quite get it like your mom’s, but I think I got pretty close this time.”
You handed over the mug you’d brought upstairs, and Harry took it from you, whispering his thanks as he blew the steam away. You stood up from where you were sitting to go do some chores around the house, maybe make a soup for Harry while he fell back asleep. As you shifted on the bed, though, Harry grabbed ahold of her hand, warm from holding the mug of tea in it.
“Stay? I know you work in a little bit, but just for a few minutes?” 
It was a sight for sore eyes. Harry’s hair was mussed and splayed messily across his forehead, his tired eyes rimmed with red as he tried to give you his most convincing pout.
Deciding it would be a nice surprise for him to wake up and still find himself wrapped up in her arms, you simply nodded and took off your shoes before climbing back into bed. Harry immediately curled into you, his arms finding purchase around your waist and his face hiding from the rest of the world into the crook of your neck. You never believed him, but Harry always swore that whenever he was sick like this, being cuddled up to you, was the best medicine anyone could ask for, even going as far as saying it made him feel better physically when he got to hold you like this.
You rested your chin on top of Harry’s head and started to scratch up and down his back and through the knots in his hair with your fingers, and you swore you heard him purr when your fingers ran delicately across his scalp. Harry fell in and out of sleep for the next couple hours, getting up once or twice to go to the restroom, but he was pretty much in a sick-induced haze the whole time. 
In between bouts of sleep, you got up occasionally--to grab your phone, to change out blankets, and to rest a cold towel on Harry’s forehead when you thought his fever was spiking a little too much for your taste. But you mostly stayed in bed with Harry, smiling faintly whenever his hands subconsciously reached for you, pulling you close whenever they latched onto your shirt or hand, or whatever part of you he could grab.
The last time Harry stirred, he seemed more aware of his surroundings. He blinked his eyes open, widening them slightly when he realized you were actually in bed with him and that he wasn’t still dreaming. “What are you still doing here?”
Harry’s voice was low and scratchy, from disuse and whatever bug he’d caught. You cupped his cheek in your hand and rubbed your thumb across his skin, still warm, but not as feverish as before. “I took the day off. Figured I would try my hand at nursing for the next couple days.”
He smiled at you, and it was dopey with sleep. Bringing his hand out of his mountain of blankets, he pinched your nose affectionately. “You didn’t have to do that, but I’m glad you did,” he whispered to you, and you had to fight the urge to smile. No, you didn’t have to stay home, but you were pretty sure Harry would be worse off if you had. And you’d missed him too. It wasn’t easy being away from him for so long.
You recognized the look that passed over Harry’s face, but as much as you loved him, you were not about to risk getting sick by giving him a kiss. You sat up and started putting your shoes on. Turning towards Harry, you kissed his cheek, and you felt his face break out into a small grin against your lips. “I’m going to pick up our beautiful baby girl and then go to the store to grab some stuff for you. I’ll make dinner when I get home, okay?”
“Can’t I just have one?” Harry asked, his voice sounding like a whine at the end. You stood at the foot of the bed, contemplating whether you should oblige him or not. He won you over when he jutted out his bottom lip and said, “Please?”
“Alright, but just one. The last thing we need is for whatever you have spread to me and our daughter.” You leaned in, planning on just pecking Harry on the lips and going on your way. Harry had other plans on his mind, though, and cupped the back of your neck and held you there longer, savoring the taste of your lips on his after being away from home for so much time.
“Satisfied?” you asked when you stood back up, but Harry’s lazy grin told you everything you needed to know. 
“Mm, yes. I’m feeling better already.”
You playfully rolled your eyes and walked towards the door of their bedroom. Before you left, you turned around and blew him one final kiss before you left. Harry caught it and pressed it to his chest, then closed his eyes to go back to sleep again.
When you picked up your daughter at the curb of her preschool, she animatedly chatted your ear off about everything she did today. You listened dutifully, chiming in where you were supposed to, but she mostly liked to ramble about random things until she tired herself out and fell asleep in the backseat of the car. Before your daughter could actually sleep this time, you pulled up to the store by their house and walked in with their hands clasped together.
“I wanna shop with you, Mami,” she said to you when you started pushing a plastic red cart around. 
You couldn’t quite remember how this little tradition started, but nearly every time your daughter went with you or Harry to the grocery store, she perused the aisles on either of her parents’ backs. Apparently it was the only way she thought grocery shopping was acceptable.
“Sure, bug, hop on,” you told her, bending down for your daughter. 
You walked through the various aisles, picking up stuff you remembered you needed at home as you made your way to the pharmacy section, occasionally putting back the things your daughter tried to sneak into the cart without you noticing.
“Pleaaaseee,” she asked when you put back a bag of chocolates. It appeared your daughter and your husband both had a sweet tooth. You eventually let her, figuring Harry would be the one to eat most of them anyway.
As you and your daughter shopped together, you could feel the stares on the two of you, the recognition that came with marrying a famous musician and having his kid like a blanket over your shoulders. Your daughter had seen Harry’s fans at the few concerts you had taken her to, and any interactions they had with them together were great, each fan they met totally friendly and respectful of any boundaries set up between them and your daughter. But you weren’t at a concert right now, and it was important to you and Harry that your daughter had as normal an upbringing as possible, and meeting fans while you were buying groceries and Harry was waiting for them at home sick wasn’t necessarily what either of you would consider normal.
While you were aware of the few teenage girls in the produce aisle with their phones subtly pointed in your and your daughter’s direction, she remained blissfully unaware as she played with strands of her mom’s hair that was tied up in a ponytail. You waved and gave the fans a small smile before turning and heading towards the pharmacy section with your daughter humming on her back. You never wanted to be rude to Harry’s fans, not ever wanting to make him look bad, and it just wasn’t who you were, but they had places they needed to be today.
When you had everything you needed, you checked out and drove home. On the way back, your daughter asked you to play her Papá’s music, a staple for her anytime she was in the car and going somewhere. You obliged, playing all of your daughter’s favorites and signing along as you weaved in and out of  traffic. When they got home, you went upstairs to check on Harry, your daughter and trailing behind. He was still asleep, but when you checked his temperature again, it had gone down. 
Harry, who wasn’t as fast asleep as you initially thought, blinked his eyes open to find his daughter peering closely at his face. He gave her a tired half-smile and opened his blankets for her to cuddle into. She grinned and got under the covers with Harry, settling against his chest. Modern medicine be damned, he thought. Spending time with his two most favorite girls in the whole world was better than anything you brought home from the store just now.
“Hey bug, why don’t you grab that book we bought the other day and you can read with your Papá,” you told her as you cleared off some of the tissues and vitamin-C packets on Harry’s bedside table.
“Will that make you feel better?” she asked Harry, and he brushed the pad of his thumb across her cheek, a warm smile on his face. 
“I have no doubt in my mind it will. Reading with you is my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.”
“I thought you loved singing the most,” your daughter said curiously, her head tilting to the side.
Harry sat up against the headboard and pulled his daughter into his lap. “You’re right, but I love you more.”
You knew that, but it warmed your heart to hear him say it. You moved to leave your and Harry’s bedroom to get started on making the three of them dinner, but Harry took your hand before you could make it very far. “I love you too,” he said, that same look as before gracing his features once again.
Oh, what the hell, you thought. You leaned over and kissed him, only this time it didn’t last as long because your daughter was there to separate them. She and Harry, but mostly Harry, managed to convince you to just order in tonight so you could all spend time together cuddling up on the bed and reading your daughter's favorite picture books, Harry regaling his two girls with tales of life on the road every now and then. By the time you’d eaten, watched a movie, and read half of the books on your daughter’s bookshelf, the sun had set and it was time for their day to end, and you told her that it was time to get ready for bed, in her bed. 
“Why can’t I stay here, Mami?” she asked, clinging to her father. 
You looked to Harry for help, but you quickly realized that he was not going to be on your side on this one. He got like this when he’d been away from home for a while. You understood that he wanted to make up for lost time, but he was sick, and they really didn’t need a sick four year old on their hands as well. 
“Papá is sick, love bug, so he needs lots of rest so he can feel better.”
“But he said I make him feel better,” she argued, not making a move to leave her father’s side.
You sighed and shot a look at Harry, to which he only gave a sheepish smile in response. “She does,” he said, his voice not as scratchy as it was earlier today. “She really, really does.”
You knew you had been beat, trying to get in between daddy-daughter time proving to be nearly impossible. “Okay, little lady. But we still have to brush our teeth and get into our pj’s, so come on.”
She reached up, letting you carry her away to get ready for bed. You couldn’t quite believe the amount of gift-giving that happened when the world found out that you and Harry had a child together. And for the first couple weeks that they had brought her home, gifts from friends, family, people that Harry had worked with in the past, people you didn’t even know, were sending all sorts of stuff, but mostly designer clothes. Even four years later, she was still receiving package after package.
“What is a four year old supposed to do with custom Gucci?” you had asked Harry when you opened a package from his favorite designer. “I mean, she’s going to grow out of this in a few months.”
While you had had her reservations, Harry was like a kid on Christmas, opening each package with a steadily growing grin on his face. “I don’t know, but aren’t these the cutest shoes you’ve ever seen?”
Of course it was all adorable, and your daughter looked absolutely to die for in all of it. You thought some of it was a little over the top, like the monogrammed Chanel and Versace tracksuits, but you figured it would make good sleepwear and cozy clothes for her daughter. 
You both came back into your room. You were still worried about all of you sleeping in the same bed when Harry had been so sick this morning, but he seemed to be doing better than when he initially woke up. 
“How are you feeling?” you asked him, trying to give him a once over.
Harry had moved to the center of the bed so that you and Ynez could be on either side of him. As you settled into bed, he pressed tiny kisses into your skin. “Better.” You opened your mouth, but Harry beat you to the punch, knowing exactly what you were going to say next. “And I’m not just saying that. I’m feeling better, and I’ve missed my girls. So come here and kiss me. Please.”
You rolled your eyes, but rested against you husband anyway, pecking him on the lips. Wanting his attention, your daughter climbed over Harry and in between the two of you. “See? I made him feel better.”
“You sure did,” you agreed, kissing your daughter’s temple. “Now get some sleep. You have school tomorrow.”
She eventually did fall asleep wedged between her parents, but you and Harry stayed up, Harry having found some newfound energy after napping almost all day. 
You and Harry went downstairs to spend some time alone together on the couch. He pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder as she fired up the TV. 
“Did you ever think we’d actually be here when we first started dating? Married? A kid? Me wiping your nose with a tissue without so much as a flinch?”
He laughed lightly, his fingers brushing across the ring on your left hand. “Yes, yes, and most definitely yes.”
“Oh come on, be serious,” you said, shoving his knee. It wasn’t something you thought about often, but now that you asked it, part of you did wonder. None of his answers would change what you already had, either, you just liked to see Harry squirm every once in a while.
“Well, we had decided to take things slow,” Harry started, and you nodded along as if you could picture their first date as if it was yesterday. “But I really, really, really, really liked you.”
Harry emphasized each “really” with a kiss to your skin, making you blush and trying to shift out of his lap, but it only made him hold on to you tighter. While you could picture the earlier days of your relationship with clarity, it still felt like lightyears away from where you were now. Sometimes it surprised you how far the two of you had come, but nothing about how you felt for Harry, how you managed to love him more and more every day since their first few dates caught you by surprise. It just made sense.
After a few more minutes of reminiscing, you put on a movie like you and Harry had originally planned. Harry didn’t care what you put on, he was just happy to be with you after months of touring around the world and only seeing you through a phone or computer screen. He had more than watching a movie on the brain too, but he had a feeling you wouldn’t be in the mood while he was still sick. He settled for laying down on the couch with you, pressing lazy kisses wherever he could and letting his hands travel along the skin under your sleep shirt. 
You knew Harry was trying to start something, but you had been in this position before. He would be sick, sleep it off all day, and bring you downstairs while your daughter slept soundly in their bed. What he never seemed to remember was that like clockwork, Harry’s small bout of energy fizzled out halfway through the movie until he ultimately fell back asleep; he didn’t even realize you put on the same movie every time he came home from tour.
When you heard Harry’s soft snores over the sound of a movie you now pretty much knew by heart, you checked her phone. He lasted a little longer this time, you mused.
Turning off the TV, you nudged Harry’s shoulder; he often carried you up the stairs if you fell asleep, but you definitely couldn’t return the same courtesy. You nudged him a little harder, whispering his name until he finally opened his eyes. 
“What happened?” Harry asked, his voice sounding like he was still asleep.
“You fell asleep,” you whispered, helping him up and holding his hand as they walked back upstairs.
Harry trudged behind you, feeling like he had reverted back to where he was this morning, a headache starting to form and his body beginning to ache again. Rubbing his eyes and sniffling, he got back into bed.
“I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish the movie. I know how much you like that one,” he said, his words slurred from tiredness and the medicine you made him take before he got under the covers with you and your daughter. He could say that they cured his ailments all he wanted, but you still believed in the power of ibuprofen and NyQuil.
“That’s okay. Some other time,” you told him, fighting your knowing smile. The only reason he thought it was your favorite was because they watched it every time he came home from tour.
Harry heard an inflection in your voice, but he was too tired to make any sense of it. Turning the light off on his bedside table, he settled against his pillow, your daughter already curled into your side. He kissed the top of her head, then yours, then turned around and went to sleep.
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watermelonsugacry · 18 hours ago
ok but 1dbandmate!yn with niall at harry's show 😭
A/N: um...ouch. This actually turned out longer than expected, enjoy! 💚
SUMMARY: There's a familiar face in the crowd at Harry's Love On Tour show in Dublin. (1.8k)
Tumblr media
YN is on her own tour as of right now but both her and Harry go to each other's shows whenever they can. And whenever she gets a chance to go see her fiancé perform, she usually stands in the wings of the stage or in the box seating when Anne came. When he was performing in smaller arenas for his earlier shows on tour, she would stand (dance) near the pit. Sometimes interacting with fans whenever she could, which she and the fans absolutely loved because as we all know yn, too, is a major harrie.
But crowd interactions like that can't be so easily done when he's performing in sold out stadiums.
But exceptions are made for a reason.
There's some time left before Harry officially has to start heading out backstage.
YN is with him as always, already dressed and sitting on one of the leather couches in the green room while her fiancé puts on his shoes on a tiny green ottoman next to her. The two were in the middle of a conversation when Gemma suddenly gets a text message, excusing herself from talking with Jeff and walks right up to her future sister-in-law.
"Hey, YN. We should probably head up to our seats now."
YN furrows her eyebrows and looks at the clock on her phone with a pout to her lips. "We still got some time, Gem. Y'know we can get to the box in a couple of minutes."
"S'just, I'm getting a little nervous from all those people. S'a big crowd out there from what I've heard." Gemma lets out a nervous chuckle. "Not to make you nervous or anything, H."
"You're gonna to go down the private halls, sis. Don't gotta worry about anything." It really takes everything in her not to roll her eyes as the couple innocently looks up at her, trying to send secret mind signals to YN to just comply. 
Gemma takes a hold of YN's hand and gently but forcefully makes her get up from her seat.
"Ok, you got me. I just want to spend time with my future sister-in-law without so many people in the room. And you've been hogging her all day, let the girl breathe." Gemma quickly says, pulling her towards the door. Harry lifts his hands up with a glare towards his older sister.
"Ok, ok, m'going. Just one sec." YN giggles, letting go of her hand before going over and bending down to her pouting fiancé to cup his cheeks. "You're gonna do amazing. Have fun, okay? I love you so much."
She gives him a big kiss, letting out a dramatic "Mwah!" that makes the dimples dig into his cheeks. 
"Love you so much it hurts." He tells her, grabbing her forearms to lean up for another kiss. "One more." 
YN gives in with a giggle as this goes on for another two kisses.
"Ew, ok none of that." Gemma pulls the two away as Harry continues to blow kisses her way until she's out of sight. The two women walk with their arms linked together, security surrounding them as they get escorted down the many hallways of the stadium. But YN gets a confused look on her face when they start to go away from the box seats and to the general seating area.
"Noah? Where are we going?" YN looks to her head security guard who's been on her team since her One Direction days. As he opens his mouth to respond, Gemma quickly chimes in.
"Oh! I just heard that one of my friends from primary school came to the show. You don’t mind that we make a quick pit stop before heading up, do you?"
YN knows that Gemma knows how risky it can be for her to go down to a crowded area like that. It raises her suspicion but she thinks about interacting with some fans around there. She misses them so much and wouldn't mind talking with a few of them. Even if it is for only a quick second.
"Of course not. If you wanted to see your friend so bad y'could have just told me back there." YN chuckles.
"Eh, you know how my brother is." She waves her off. "Always so protective over you that the mere thought of you going into a big crowd scares him. I wasn't lying, you need to breathe out for a sec, hon."
YN can't argue with her. Harry is always making sure his security is with her almost everywhere she goes if hers is not with her at the moment. And whenever she's away, he's calling or texting her to make sure she's safe. As much as she tells him to not check up on her so much, she can't help but secretly love it. She's a stubborn thing, claiming that she can handle herself in certain situations and doesn't need anyone—let alone a man—to protect her. But whenever he gets protective, possessive, over her, the butterflies get released inside of her belly. And it's one of things she loves most about him. She just loves him.
"You're thinking about him right now,, aren't you? Ugh, you guys are so in love it's stupid sometimes." Gemma teases. YN just laughs with a love sick smile as they begin to approach the seating area of the stadium. Once they’re led to their section, the security guards stay on the ledge above the lower seats. Gemma starts to walk down the steps first, YN following in tow.
She can hear some of the fans screaming when they spot her and YN gives a quick wave before watching her step. YN looks around and takes in how big the place is. It’s like it was yesterday that she was performing here, not only as a solo artist, but with her other four brothers.
YN sees Gemma come to a stop, smiling and waving to who she assumes is the friend she was talking about earlier. She’s getting ready to introduce herself when she sees an all too familiar face.
Niall stands up from his seat and gives a quick hug to Gemma before his eyes land on her.
YN’s breath catches up in her throat at her friend. They haven’t seen each other in person for almost two years and her heart just might burst open in excitement. 
“Niall, y’little shit.” He just laughs and it instantly ignites one of her own. She doesn’t think twice about walking into his extended arms.
“Hiya, honey. How are yeh?” He smiles into the shell of her ear, loud enough over the screaming crowd. His arms encircle the tops of her shoulders and the bottom of her chin digs into his shoulder. She’s absolutely over the moon to see him again, so indescribably happy to get one of Niall's infamous hugs. So why do her eyes start to get all watery?
“M’doing so much better now that you’re here.” She sighs out, her voice betrays her as it begins to wobble a bit. He doesn’t tease her like she thought he would. Niall just tightens his hold on her and sways them a bit.
It’s not long before he pulls back a bit and thumbs away the rogue tears from her eyes. They both chuckle at their situation and it feels like no time has passed between them. She gets introduced to his girlfriend before they both take a seat. Gemma has taken a seat in the row in front of them with her boyfriend and hasn’t stopped smiling at the success of her and Niall’s surprise. 
It warms the fans’ hearts to see how they two have been talking non-stop since they’ve sat down. They’ve been laughing so much and so hard that they’re left wondering what they could possibly be talking about to make Niall lean forward with his eyes pinched shut and YN twist in her seat with a hand to her stomach.
After they’ve calmed down a bit, Niall lets out a sigh as he looks out to the stage in front of them. “Isn’t that crazy? It feels like it was just yesterday we were all here, huh?”
“I was thinking the exact same thing on the way down here!”
“Were yeh?” He chuckles to a giggling YN as she nods her head. “And now look at us.”
“Look at us.”
“Who woulda thunk?”
“Not me.”
“Definitely not me.” The two begin to laugh again. Niall takes a sip of beer before saying, “We’re all grown up now.”
YN gives him a coy look with a quick raise of her eyebrows before taking a sip of her own drink. “Some of us have.”
It doesn’t take much to pick up what she meant. It’s been nearly impossible not to hear about what Liam said in his recent podcast interview.
He takes YN’s hand in his, the gesture making her look to his serious expression. “YN, y’really fuckin’ incredible. You and I both know I don’t need to tell you that. Or tell yeh to just block out toxic people.” Niall shrugs his shoulders and gestures out the crowd. “Just look where y’are. You’ve been performing here by yourself before any one of us. V’been meaning to tell yeh how proud I am of you. My baby sister.”
YN just tucks her lips in and nods, trying her hardest to not start tearing up again. She just rests her head on his shoulder with their hands still intertwined. 
“M’proud of you too, Nialler. I don’t tell you as often as I think about it.”
“Whatever, you’ve won like 10 Grammys already. No need to patronize me.” And that makes them both throw a fit of giggles again.
The fans capture every second they can of the other two members of One Direction when their attention isn’t on Harry performing. But all eyes go directly to Niall and YN as What Makes You Beautiful begins to play. Niall is just beaming while YN’s just wiping away her happy tears all the while they have an arm around each other. 
They make sure to leave their seats before the show ends so they can all go backstage and to Harry’s dressing room. 
Everyone’s chatting amongst themselves when the door opens and YN is quick to embrace her fiancé. 
“You did so good, baby.” She says after kissing his sweaty cheek. 
“Thank you, lovie. Where were you? I was looking up at the box and couldn’t spot...” Harry’s words trail off when he looks over YN’s shoulder to the rest of the people in the room. Well, to someone in particular. 
The two men don’t say anything but the smiles of their faces say enough. And for the millionth time tonight, YN’s trying to blink back the tears threatening to escape her eyes as she watches them share a big hug.
Just when she thinks it couldn’t get any better, Harry extends a hand out to her and Niall beckons her over with a nod of his head. She doesn’t hesitate to join the group hug and can’t help the one word from popping up in her mind: family.
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finelinevogue · 2 days ago
i’m on the li episode of everyone freaking out about top 3’s and i’m just imagining yn being like “i’m not saying” when the girls are pestering her for her’s and then whispering to harry “youre my top 1, there’s no one else on the list”
“So who is in your top 3, Antigoni?” Gemma asked.
“Ooh I don’t wanna tread on anyone’s toes.” She said, whilst you stood beside her smiling.
You bumped your hip into hers to relieve her stress a bit. Ever since you were both little she had this tell of when she was nervous, because she’d curl her hair around her finger so tightly it looked like it could cut off circulation.
“You can say Harry if y’want.”
“I can’t tell whether that’s a joke or not!” She laughed and you smiled because her smile was contagious.
“Babe, you’re not treading toes.”
“You try picking your top 3 then, missy.” Antigoni challenged you.
“I can’t disclose that information.” You smirked, taking a sip from your water. Just as you did so Harry appeared on the decking and caused everyone to start making a fuss.
“What’s going on?” He laughed, coming immediately for you. He wrapped his lanky arms around your shoulders and rested his chin on top of your head, swaying you both gentle with the breeze of the evening weather.
“Y/N’s picking her top 3 boys.” Indiyah ratted you out.
You dropped your jaw and felt Harry tense behind you. You loosened Harry’s arms for him so you could turn around quickly. He looked confused and little bit hurt, so you wrapped your arms around his shoulders to bring him down closer.
“And I didn’t answer because there isn’t one.” You said definitively.
“Y’sure?” He asked genuinely, and it upset you how self conscious he had quickly become.
“You’re number one. There’s no one else for me. Inside or outside the villa.”
“Okay.” He nodded his head, smiling greatly.
“Okay? You actually believe that?” Ekin-Su challenged.
Harry kept looking at you as he replied, “I trust nobody more.”
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stylessupremacy · 19 hours ago
Gender Reveal
Prompt: Harry talks about Luna and his parenting life when he does a gender reveal during a Love On Tour show in Hamburg, Germany.
Word Count: 200 +
Warnings: None (Let me know if there are any!)
If you liked this piece please reblog, recommend, like, and talk to me about this piece! This is what motivates and makes me want to write! :)
Authors Note: here’s a small little something to tie you guys over since I’m working on some longer pieces right now!! Hope you guys enjoy!!
“I saw a sign over there that someone was having a baby. I’m gonna do a gender reveal, hang on! Is it in an envelope? Who’s having a baby? When are you due? September? Are you sure you want me to do this? Drumroll please… it’s a girl!”
“Y’know when I found out I was going to be a father to a girl I was so scared,” Harry announced to the sea of fans he was performing for in Hamburg, Germany.
“But I bet y’two will do amazing at raising your little girl. I mean with me it’s hard cause her mother isn’t in the picture. So it’s always been the two of us. But I’m not trying to be narcissistic but I think I’ve done a wonderful job at it!”
“My biggest advice… always be ready for them to have a tantrum wherever you’re at. And for me, there will be no boyfriends until she’s at least twenty.”
The stadium - that was pact to the brim with fans - was roaring in laughter at what Harry had to say. They were mesmerized by how he talked about parenting his daughter, especially since he likes his privacy and doesn’t speak much of his daughter.
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fullofstyles · a day ago
silent treatment
mxlti-lover part 2 part 3
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gucciwins · 14 hours ago
Angie imagine.
Being married to Harry and and having a daughter. U 3 r having a little picnic in ur garden in ur London house (or anywhere). These is cloth spread on the grass and U and Harry laying on it , with a picnic basket at ur side , eating or drinking something. And watching ur daughter playing around and trying to catch a butterfly. And he just turn towards u and smile with heart eyes and leans to kiss u and says I LOVE YOU. And ur daughter will com running to u saying mummy , daddy. And she side in middle of u both and u three sit there and talk and listen to her little words. And u watch ur husband and daughter playing around.
Uhg . What a life. ANGIEEEE.
here's a little something because I loved this so much 💜💜💜💜
These were your favorite days when the sun shined bright in London, and your darling Juniper would ask to go to the park.
The terrible twos were long behind you as you celebrated your little girl's birthday with all her favorite people a month ago. It was 'The Corpse Bride' themed because she caught Gemma watching one night while babysitting for you, and your little girl fell in love with the dancing skeletons. Harry and you could recite the entire script at this point, but anything to see your angel happy. 
Sunny days were rare and few here, but each one was made special. Harry would do anything either of you asked, doing everything in his power to bring you happiness. This is why you were on your way to the park, Harry holding a basket with small flowers decorating the outside that Sarah had gifted you when she found out you were pregnant. It came with you to your park trips filled with your favorite snacks and drinks. 
It was a short walk to the park right by your home, Juniper holding tightly to your hand as she tried her best to match your steps. Before you knew it, you had arrived at a secluded section of the park full of little flowers and a shady spot under a large tree. 
A perfect spot to spend your day.
Juniper quickly reached for a corner of the blanket Harry was holding out for you to take, wanting to be helpful.
"On the count of three, alright, Junie," Harry tells her proudly. She's always quick to lend a helping hand at a young age. 
"Three, Daddy."
Juniper's laugh rings out loud as Harry flies the blanket high before resting it on the grass, where Junie is quick to lay down. You slip off your sandals and join your daughter, who happily lays there looking up at the few clouds scattered in the sky. 
"What do you see, Junie?" You ask, brushing back her curls that she did not want you or Harry to brush today. 
"What?" Harry gasps. "Show me." 
Juniper raises a small hand pointing to the edge of the cloud where it curls, stating that it's the tail. 
"You've got a big imagination, Junie baby."
"I know." 
She stands up, wanting to run around and play, soaking in the sun. You were glad you put sunscreen on her before you left the house. 
"You're amazing, you know," Harry tells you. 
You feel your face flush, "what brought this on?"
Harry shrugs, "nothing figured I should tell you. You deserve to be constantly reminded, and it's my job to do so." 
"How'd I get so lucky," you tell him, reaching over and planting a soft kiss on his lips, knowing you couldn't give him more, not when you had to keep an eye on your daughter. 
"I'm the lucky one," he kisses again and again until you're lying on the blanket, Harry hovering over you, giving you kisses wherever he can until you're laughing at how he playfully bites your neck when you shove him off.
"Your dork." 
Harry pulls you to lay on his chest as you both watch out for Juniper, who's chasing a butterfly, laughing as it always stays out of her reach. 
Your daughter's laughter fills you with happiness, and you're thankful for where you are in life with a loving and supportive family. 
"Mumma," Juniper calls for you as she sits in front of you.
"Yes, June bug?" 
"I love you." 
You feel your heart grow at your daughters, sweet words. There is no one you'll love more besides the man by your side that helped you create this perfect angel. 
"I love you, Juniper. You're my entire world." 
She giggles, letting you shower her in kisses as Harry watches in amusement, the happiness leaking from his eyes through tears because he can't believe this is his life. That he has a wife who loves him like he loves her and a baby girl could not be more perfect. 
"More than Daddy?" 
You giggle at your little girl's comment, Harry's eyes widening in surprise, knowing the answer because it was the same for him. You were his entire universe. You still were because without you, he wouldn't have gotten Juniper, your little mini twin. 
You had told him throughout your pregnancy that you hoped she looked like him, but all she got from him were his green eyes, and everything else was all you. Harry was elated when he first held her and saw all his favorite features of you on their little girl. 
Now she's growing up to be the most beautiful little lady. 
"Course more than me. Mummy loves you more than me. I'm good at being second place." 
Juniper stares at him, raising her small hand to rest on his cheek. "Daddy second. Mummy and Junie first."
Harry could handle being second for the rest of his life. 
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jesuispatrick · 5 hours ago
Instagram AU
Harry Styles x Model!reader
Face claim: Romee Strrijd (not all the pics are of her just to fit the story better :)
A/U - Harry is kicking off his tour in Glasgow and his girlfriend is there to support him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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harrystyles ♡
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zendaya y'all are to cute
lizzobeeating don't know which one of you I love more
↳ yourinstagram it's okay you can say me
harryfan2 HE IS SO FINE
yourinstagram ♡
harryfan3 oh to be y/n touching harry's head
↳ harryfan4 the things I would do to smell him
Tumblr media
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harryupdates harry and y/n arriving in Glasgow for the first concert of his tour
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harryfan1 Im so excited for his show!! Who else is going?
↳ harryfan2 MEE, can someone send me the setlist?
↳ harryupdates check your dms love xx
harryfan3 the queues are going to be mad I want to camp outside the venue but I'm going alone
↳ harryfan4 you can join me and my friends if you want!! I'll message you
↳ harryfan3 that would be amazing thank you so much!!
Tumblr media
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harryfan1 i love how y/n is just as excited as we are!
gemmastyles GORGEOUS, cant wait to see you!! xx
↳ yourinstagram stopp, I cant wait to see you xx
harrystyles beautiful ♡
↳ yourinstagram i love youu handsome ♡
harryfan2 I don't know if i would rather be harry or y/n
Tumblr media
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harryupdates y/n taking pics with fans at harry's concert!
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harryfan1 omg when harry waved at her it was so cute
harryfan2 i'm the girl in the left pic, she was so nice and stayed with me till my friend came back cause i was alone i love her sm!
↳ harryupdates she's so sweet, apparently she talked to loads of fans
↳ harryfan4 ME TOO, and she said she would tell harry that we love him
harryfan5 i was standing near her and harry kept coming to her side of the stage and smiling at her she's so lucky
Tumblr media
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Love On Tour. Glasgow. June, 2022.
view all 87,014 comments
harryfan1 IM SO PROUD OF YOU
harryupdates you slayed babe
yourinstagram amazing my love ♡
↳ harrystyles ♡
harryfan2 i think you and the fly became one
harryfan3 babys first solo stadium
Tumblr media
yourinstagramstory: to celebrate the first show of the tour complete next stop Manchester
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pasiveagressive · a day ago
Broken Bones III // H.S.
Tumblr and I messed up so you get two parts today🫣
Tumblr media
Harry took the steps of her apartment building two at a time. She lived in a nice set of apartments on the seventh floor and the elevator was broken. He couldn't find it in himself to care.
707. He knocked. It was about 5 till 8 and he hoped she wasn't that serious about waiting till 8, he hadn't been able to contain himself from seeing her any longer.
The door opened and a very different Y/N was looking at him. At the hospital she wore scrubs and looked like she was ready for anything. On Friday her make up was all done up and she had been sporting a dress, ready for some fun. Today she was wearing a too big shirt tucked into the front of her soft shorts and a pair of fuzzy socks on her feet. Her hair was back in double braids and her face clear of all makeup. She was nothing short of adorable.
"Hey." He said from where he was leaning against the door frame.
"Hi." She opened the door for him. "I like the pajamas."
He grinned, looking down at himself. An old pair of sesame street pajama pants and a t-shirt.
"Figured you would."
She shook her head leading him into her apartment. It was big, the kind of apartment you'd expect a doctor to have. It was filled with whites and grays, modern looking everything. Everything besides the pictures lining the walls. All colorful, all standing out against the bleakness of the apartment.
She led him through her kitchen, also modern but with brightly colored centerpieces and to her family room. There was a fireplace in white stone, also adorned with colorful pieces and a large tv in front of a large sectional. There were floor to ceiling windows instead of walls, thick curtains hanging on their sides. It was homey and modern all at once.
He put the movie on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch next to her.
"I like your place." He commented, looking over at her.
"Thanks." She smiled. "Normally it's really messy but my brother stayed the week a couple weeks ago and I haven't been around long enough to mess it up again."
He laughed. "Are you close with your brother?"
She nodded. "Very. He's an FBI agent and a workaholic, like me. He just finished a difficult case and he needed a break so he came and stayed here for a bit. I forgot how much I missed him until he was standing at the other side of the door."
"That must be hard, having a brother in danger all the time."
"Kind of." She shrugged. "He's really good at his job and he's not as reckless as he once was."
Harry nodded, wondering what kind of test he'd have to pass if he ever got anywhere with Y/N. And God did he want to.
“So I had an idea.”
“What’s that?” He replied
“How about instead of a dance I paint your cast? I’m not a half bad artist according to my family.”
He found himself nodding.
"Alright. Ready to make my cast pretty?" He asked her, wiggling his eyebrows.
"Born ready." She laughed climbing to her feet. "Come to my office."
He laughed, taking the hand she held out to him. She pulled him up and lead him through the kitchen and down a hall. He passed a guest bedroom, a closet, and than he was walking into what was supposed to be another spare bedroom. Instead it was filled with her art. There were canvases everywhere, both finished and blank. Bottles of paint were everywhere along with brushes.
"This is what the rest of the house normally looks like." She grinned at him.
He was to busy staring at some of her works to really notice.
"You're literally perfect." He said, aware of the awe in his own voice. "At everything."
There were paintings of oceans and mountains. People and animals. Colorful and black and white ones. Realistic and cartoonistic. Everything.
"These are amazing." He said, looking over at her. He hadn't really thought of how good she'd be but she was perfect at everything else so he wondered how he could have thought she'd be anything but.
She shook her head, blushing slightly. "Just tell me what you want painted."
He shrugged. "I don't know. You're good at everything, surprise me."
She shook her head again, grabbing a basket and putting several different colors in them. He took them from her and walked back to the living room after her. She was carrying some newspapers and brushes.
"Alright, you make the popcorn and I'll get the movie ready."
He did as he was told, finding the popcorn button on the microwave and letting it do its thing. And then he was going through her cabinets trying to find a bowl to put the popcorn in. He finally found one, a large blue tub, when the popping stopped. There was nothing he hated more than burned popcorn. He poured it into the bowl before walking back to the couch.
She already had the movie in and ready go. Star Wars episode one. He had taken a gander and judging by the look on her face he had nailed it on the head. And he also hoped it would be an opening, there were several more to watch.
"How'd you know I loved The Notebook." She asked when he sat down, an extremely large smile on her face.
"I took a guess." He shrugged. "You seem like someone who appreciates good cinema when they see it."
She laughed before grabbing the remote and pressing play. While she was gone she had also poured multiple colors on a board.
"Figure out what you wanted to paint?" He asked, laying the newspapers on the floor and on the couch. She didn't seem all that bothered by the potential disaster it could cause.
She nodded. "And if you don't like it it's your own fault."
He put his cast in her lap over a newspaper and told her to have at it.
"It's a surprise." She told him, pushing his head so he was looking at the tv. "No peeking."
"Alright." He laughed, grabbing the popcorn and putting it in his lap.
If it wasn't for her quoting the movie and laughing at the right parts he wouldn't have been known she was watching it. He had looked over a few times, not at the cast, and has seen the look of concentration on her face. Her eyebrows were furrowed, eyes never looking away from his cast, and body tensed and relaxed all at once.
"And done." She told him when the movie had an hour left.
Her looked over and his jaw promptly dropped. It was an ocean. complete with silhouettes of animals and a sunset. It was beautiful.
"Y/N, literally how." He asked speechless.
She laughed. "Shhh, the movie isn't over yet."
He honestly didn't really care, it was something he'd seen a million times. He was too busy turning his arm every which way to see the masterpiece that was on his arm. He never wanted to take it off. So he told her that.
Y/N gave him a look. "I'll paint you something else." Her attention turned back to the movie.
Harry wondered how much better her work would be when she had a flat canvas with no bumps on it. He really wanted to find out.
"Promise." He held out his pinkie.
She looked over at him. "Promise." She took his pinkie with hers.
When the painting on his arm was dry he got up and turned the lights off and grabbed a fluffy blanket from the rack.
She put everything on the coffee table and rested against his side, his arm around her. The blanket lay across them and he thought he might be in heaven.
He knew he was when he woke up to her practically laying on top of him, head rested on his chest. The sun shown through the window and he wondered what time it was. It had been a long time since he had slept past 8 in the morning. The clock above the tv told him it was 10.
"Y/N." He ran his arm up and down her back. "It's 10 o'clock, when do you have to get to work?"
She grunted against him, burrowing herself further in his chest. He laughed slightly, still running his hand up and down her back.
"Y/N." He tried to coax her out of sleep. "Let's make breakfast."
She turned slightly at that. Eyes blinking their way open.
"What time is it." She sleepily murmured, fists rubbing her eyes.
"It's a little after 10." He moved his hand from her back to her hair. "What time do you have to be at the hospital."
"Not till noon." She yawned, sitting up. "Breakfast sounds good though."
He sat up with her, smiling. "Good, I'm starving."
"I fell asleep on your abs and now I'm wondering how you have those."
Harry let out a surprised laugh. "I work out, and run around a stage for a living that's how."
She shook her head, climbing off the couch. "Come on." She gave him her hand. "I want bacon. And pancakes."
He took her hand. "All I know how to make is bacon so you're on pancake duty."
"Deal." She grinned.
He followed her to the kitchen and watched her take out everything they needed, trying to remember where she kept everything for next time. Hopefully there'd be a next time.
"Here." She got out the electric skillet for the bacon. "You'll take longer than me."
He got to work, opening the packet of bacon and squeezing as many as he could in the pan.
"How do you want yours cooked?" He asked her.
"I like mine crispy." She smiled over at him.
"Good." He smiled back. "Me too."
"Waffles or pancakes?" She asked, staring at the bag of mix in her hands.
" Waffles. " He said automatically.
"My favorite."
And they worked in silence, her finishing before he did.
"What do you want to drink?" She asked, breaking said silence.
"What do you have." He asked, flipping the bacon for the final time.
"Tea, orange juice, coffee, or water." She read off.
" Orange juice. " He smiled over at her. "Please."
"You got it."
"This smells so good."
Before he could say anything his phone started ringing from the living room. He wouldn't have answered it if it wasn't Mitch's ringtone.
"One second." He told her and ran to get his phone .
"What?" He asked in to the phone.
"Where are you?"
" Why? "
"You were supposed to be at the studio 20 minutes ago."
"I'll be there soon."
"Where are you?"
"Bye Mitch." He said, hanging up the phone.
"Everything alright?" She asked as he slid into his seat.
"I forgot I was supposed to be at the studio today.”
"Oh." She looked apologetic. "Do you need to go?"
" I've got time. " He smiled over at her. "You're only about a five minute drive from my place, plus they can’t really do much with out me."
She smiled. "Good, cause I can't eat all this myself."
He laughed, taking a bite of his waffle. It was really good.
"Is there anything you're not good at?" He asked her.
"Anything that requires musical talent." She said instantly.
"Really." He laughed. "One of the very few things I can do."
" I prefer to express art in other ways. " She shrugged.
"Yeah well you need to teach my sister how to cook cause she's complete shit at it." He told her, munching on the bacon.
"You're literally eating waffles." She told him. "Anyone can make waffles. "
"I can't." He stuck his tongue out at her.
"Sorry." She shook her head. "Anyone with half a brain can make waffles."
He gasped, bringing his hand up to his heart. "You take that back."
"Or what?" She challenged, narrowing her eyes.
"I'm going to tickle you." He raised his good hand menacingly.
"I'd like to see you try."
He got up as quick as he could, surprising her slightly. She shrieked and ran around the table, him catching her in about two steps.
"Stop." She laughed loudly.
"Say I'm smarter than you and have way better abs and a better personality than you."
"Someone's desperate." She said through her laughter.
"Say it." He tickled her harder.
"Okay okay. " She swatted his hands away. "You're smarter than me and have way better abs and a better personality." She turned in his arms. "Now can I get back to my waffles please."
He nodded, letting go of her before he did something stupid like kiss her.
"Want to come to my place on Tuesday?" He asked before he lost his nerve.
She smiled at him. "Can I come in my pajamas?"
He smiled back. "Of course."
"Sleepover?" She asked. "I get off at midnight on Monday and I normally sleep the whole morning away."
He nodded again, wondering if he was friend zoning himself.
"Sounds like a plan." He finished the last of his food and took it to the sink. She followed him, dropping the dishes next to his. And they did the dishes together, something that he normally hated but she somehow made fun.
"I've got to go." He dried his hands on a towel. "Thanks for everything." He dropped a kiss to her head. "Have fun at work."
She smiled up at him. "Anytime. And don't kill anyone, I don't have time to take on another off duty patient."
He laughed, walking out the door. "You're mine anyways."
The door closed behind him, shutting the laughter off from his ears. And when he finally made it to the studio, the smile was still on his face. Even if he got interrogated by Mitch and then Gemma when she arrived.
"Here." His phone dinged at 12:37 on Tuesday morning.
He smiled despite the time, heading out the door and down the stairs so he could walk her up.
"Hey." He greeted when he saw her at the bottom of his stairs.
She looked up surprised, and very tired. "Hey." She sounded tired too.
"Ready for bed?" He asked her, holding out his hand.
She nodded, taking it and following blindly after him. She was still in her scrubs and she had a bag on her back. He hoped she had brought her pajamas cause he had made sure he put his on. Red with fire trucks on them, he never thought he'd wear them again, or let anyone know he still had them.
"Long day?" He asked her.
She nodded. "There was a lot of near deaths and actual deaths tonight."
He stopped in front of his door.
"I'm sorry." He brought her into his arms, running his hand down her back. "People shouldn't do stupid shit." He tried to make light of the situation.
To his horror she started crying. "There was this old man who had a heart attack and I had to tell his wife of 50 years that he didn't make it." She wiped angrily at her face.
"Shhh." He ran his hands through her hair. "You should go take a shower, wash away some of the pain."
" I was thinking of punching a wall actually. "
He smiled despite himself. "You mean you didn't learn from my mistake."
She smiled through her tears.
He laughed this time, thinking that maybe it was okay and she wasn't going to start crying again.
" I mean the unbearable pain you go through when the annoying x-ray guy pokes and prods at your freshly broken arm for 20 minutes as he tries to keep his eyes open."
She laughs, running her hands down her face. "I'm sorry I'm such a mess, I'm normally okay, I just." She stopped, swallowing a visible lump in her throat.
He grabbed her face in his hands. "Hey, it's alright." He kissed her forehead. "I want to be this person to you, I'm here for you when you're tired of being perfect all the time."
She choked on her laugh. "Thanks. Now about that shower?"
He laughed, opening the door and pulling her in with him. The apartment was rather messy, something that happened whenever Gemma was in town.
"Sorry." He smiled sheepishly at her as she tripped on a heel. "Gemma's a mess."
She laughed, finding her balance on a wall.
"It's alright, I'm just like half asleep right now."
He smiled at her, leading her through the kitchen and to his room. He had bought a three bedroom apartment with the thought that maybe Gemma would need a place to stay if she ever left the bastard.
He used the master himself, he didn't care about the size, he just liked that he got his own bathroom. Y/N shut the door to it and he smiled to himself, walking out of his room, shutting it as he went. Gemma is waiting on the balcony to talk, something they did every time they came. Drake was on the couch sleeping. They had a rule, Gemma had to sleep alone, something he thought she was secretly grateful for.
He stepped out on the balcony, taking a seat next to the two.
"She's here." He told her. "But she's had a long day so I don't think she'll be ready to see you guys."
Gemma whined. "But I want to meet her, for real. In her non-doctor form."
Harry shook his head. "She'll be here tomorrow. Which reminds me, don't come in to wake me up, she needs a good rest."
Gemma sighed. "I can't wait to meet her, she sounds perfect."
Harry grinned. "She is." He stood up, pulling her in for a hug. "Goodnight Gemma." She hugged him back.
She called good night over her shoulder at him as he walked back inside. The bastard was still out cold on the couch and he resisted the urge to dip his finger in a glass of warm water and make him pee himself.
He snorted to himself, walking back to his room. The water was no longer running as he laid down on the bed. He wondered, not for the first time, how she managed to do everything she did. Being a doctor, having the life of someone else in his hands, Hell he could barely handle his own life.
The door opened and she walked out, hair soaking wet and curly, face void of all make up and a tired smile on her face. She had worn a pair of fuzzy pajamas and an old t-shirt this time. She was adorable. And he was really smitten.
"Feel better?" He asked her as she climbed in his bed.
She nodded, laying down so she was propped up on his many pillows.
"Want me to sleep on the floor?" He asked, he would willingly if that's what she wanted.
"No, I like sleeping next to you." She mumbled, eyes shut.
He tried to bite back the huge smile threatening to overtake his face and failed.
"Alright. You sleep with a fan?" He asked, getting out of bed.
"Can't normally sleep without one." She mumbled, eyes still closed.
"Me neither." He turned it on, flicking the light off as well.
He climbed back on his bed and helped her get under the covers. He liked seeing her this way, all vulnerable and like she needed someone for once.
"Thanks." She mumbled as she rolled to bury her head in his side. "You know I normally don't do this." She yawned. "But I really like you."
He tried to bite back another smile and failed again.
"I really like you too." He dropped a kiss on her head. "Now get some rest, superwoman."
She was already asleep, arm wrapped around his chest, legs intertwined with his. He joined her fairly quickly, the smile still on his face.
He grunted sleepily, hugging the softness closer to his body.
"Harry." She laughed. " I have to pee. "
His eyes blinked their ways open. Y/N was wrapped in his arms, looking back with a smile on her face. She looked a lot better.
"Good morning." He said, kissing her cheek.
"Good morning." She whispered back, closing her eyes as his lips made contact with her cheek.
He reluctantly let her go, hoping she'd come back if he didn't move. And she did, sliding back in his arms like she never left.
"What time is it?" He asked, nuzzling his head into her neck.
"Almost noon." She intertwined their feet.
"Wow." He muttered. "I feel like a teenager again."
She laughed. "What are we going to do today?"
"What do you want to do?" He rolled on his back, bringing her with him so she rested on his chest again.
"Something fun." She started drawing on his chest with her fingers.
"We can talk to everybody and see what they want to do, I mean as long as you're cool with hanging with them."
She nodded. "Yeah, that sounds good."
Harry nodded.
She sat up in the bed and stretched. He watched as her shirt lifted up revealing her freckle covered skin. Before he could stop himself his finger was tracing them. He had a thing with finding constellations in the stars and she had a ton on her.
She turned back with a small smile. "They're everywhere."
"I like them." He smiled back.
"Really?" She raised her eyebrows. "They're so ugly."
"No, they're cute." He grinned at her.
Before she could say anything her phone started ringing from her bag.
"Hello." She answered.
"A little warning would have been nice." An eyeroll.
"Yeah just give me a minute." She put her hand over the phone. " I have to go. My friend is standing outside my apartment waiting for me. " She gave him a sympathetic sort of smile.
Harry frowned. "Everything okay?"
She shrugged. "I think so, he tends to pop by unannounced because he thinks I have no life."
He. He resisted the urge to tell her to stay. "Alright, another time then?"
She nodded, reaching across the bed to place her lips on his cheek. "Yeah, I'm sorry, he's an idiot really."
"See you Thursday?"
She nodded, smiling as she grabbed her bag. "I really am sorry, tell Gemma I'm sorry I had to go."
Harry nodded, disappointment coursing through him. It was one thing to be ditched for hospital duties, it was another to be ditched for another guy. He tried to hold his jealousy and anger in.
"Of course." He got up to walk her out.
Her hand still covered the mouth piece and he wondered what it was that she didn't want this guy to hear.
"Thanks for cheering me up last night." She said as she slipped her shoes back on. "I'll see you Thursday."
And than she was gone. He sighed, running his hands through his hair.
"Harry." Gemma's voice called from the living room. "Did she just leave?"
He walked to her, collapsing on the couch next to her. Drake was nowhere to be seen.
"Yeah." He looked over at her. "Apparently one of her friends showed up at her apartment wondering where she was."
"Why do you sound so bummed?" She asked.
"It was a guy. I'd been thinking I knew a lot about her lately, we talk a lot and we're constantly texting but there's still stuff I have no idea about."
"Than ask." She pointed out like it was obvious.
"What if she doesn't want me to know." He looked over at her. " I think I really like her Gem, I don't want her to not feel the same way. "
"I think she really likes you too." She said, "What kind of person would come to a strangers house after a long shift at the hospital just to spend the night."
" I don't know. " He shrugged. "Maybe she just thinks we're friends."
"What's her last name." Gemma asked, pulling out her phone.
" Why? "
"We're going to look her up on social media, make sure she's single."
"Y/L/N." He responded. Even that was pretty.
She opened up Instagram and typed her name in.
"That's her." He pointed to the third one. @/yourinsta.
Her profile picture was of her and a blonde guy. His heart sank a little.
And there was a common feat in her pictures. A scrawny asian boy with glasses and a tough looking white haired guy with the same eyes as her.
"That's her brother." Harry pointed out to Gemma. "And I have no idea who that is."
"Her best friend." Gemma said, clicking on a picture. "Best friend since birth."
He didn't know what to think of that. Everyone said those made the best relationships but he could see the way she looked at him, like he was her brother. He sighed, adding this to the list of things he didn't know about her, a list that was longer than he wished it was
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