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#harry styles x reader
erodasfishtacos · a day ago
warnings: smut, 18+
Harry was doing his same script, he’s been starting every show but addressing the circular stage.
“Sometimes you’ll get m’face and sometimes you’ll get m’ass. Please, let me know if y’have a preference,” He gives the crowd a cocky grin, it widens when the audience goes insane with whistles and screams.
YN is standing off to the side, where she always stands with Harry’s friends and family who come and go - visiting them.
Harry’s eyes dart to his wife, when he sees her rolls her eyes at him, he points at her, speaking right into the microphone, “And you’ll be gettin’ the ass baby!”
The arena is near deafening with the fans who are fawning and cooing at the couples interactions, they all look back to YN.
She blows him a kiss and he dramatically snatches, smacking it right on his backside with a cheeky wink and purse of his lips.
He goes on with the show in his stunning red outfit that fit for Saint Louis perfectly - YN was matching him in a dark satin orange slinky dress that was undeniably sexy. It had Harry feeling her up backstage before he went on. ***
The fans loved that the couple matched at every concert.
YN loved watching her husband perform and after that comment about her getting his ass…well, it gave her some ideas for later.
The way the shirt he was wearing wasn’t buttoned enough so she could see the glisten on his chest, how the trousers hugged his perky backside like a sin.
It may be wrong, but everybody in this arena wanted him.
They want to hug him, kiss him, blow him, fuck him - but the only one who got that was her and she basked in it.
As Harry finishes with Kiwi, losing his absolute shit, YN and everyone else starts to head backstage. YN waves to a few fans and stops for a selfie or two before disappearing.
When Harry runs back to join, after dashing from center stage, he automatically finds his wife and wraps her up into a tight hug.
“Ew, bun. You’re extra sweaty, you definitely need to go shower,” YN crinkles her nose, pushing him off as he does stink a bit and is just sticky from sweat.
Usually, Harry would coerce his wife into joining him but they had quite a few friends who came to see the concert and YN was expected to entertain them.
“I’ll be thinkin’ about you, flower,” He teases, nipping her ear before chatting with their friends for a moment before he’s trailing off to shower and change.
YN waits a few minutes, enough time to guarantee he was already in the shower - soaping up.
She punches in the code to his locked dressing room, a soft smirk on her face as she steps over where he’s strewn the orange ensemble to purposefully piss off Harry Lambert - like always.
When she opens the bathroom door, she makes sure to be as quiet as possible - same as when she shuts and locks it behind her.
It a modern, standard shower stall and Harry is standing facing away from his wife - scrubbing his hair roughly to get the styling gel and grime out.
Harry’s shoulders are so broad.
His back is just…beautiful.
It’s so muscular, defined, and strong as he flexes his arms forward. Then her eyes trail down to his backside.
His bum was small, she loved to tease him and pinch it but it was muscular as well from those squats and wall sits he does in the gym.
After she quickly undresses, she steps in behind him into shower - pressing her chest up against his wet back and wrapping her arms around his waist.
Harry startles, nearly jumping out of his own skin before huffing out a laugh and leaning back into his wife, relaxing - well more like melting as he puts his weight on her.
“Thought y’were some crazy fan,” He jokes, hand coming down to cup the hers on his waist but frowning when she pulls back.
“Against the wall,” YN murmurs firmly, pushing him gently until his chest is against the tile and the shower head is pounding on his back and shoulders.
Harry shuffles forward, willingly albeit confused about what was going on and his wife’s demeanor as the cold of the wall hardens his nipples.
“Baby? Y’alright-“
“Did you wash yourself up already?” YN asks directly, hands rubbing softly at his sides, squeezing where his mini love handles are.
“M’body? Yeah, why-“
She cuts him off again, lips on his shoulder blade, “You told the crowd and me that I was getting your ass. I’m just holding you to your word.”
And when Harry realizes what’s about to go down, he lets out a low, explicit moan that echos throughout the bathroom.
“Yeah, baby, yeah,” He babbles excitedly, it wasn’t like this was something rare for them. They normally incorporated ass play into their sex life.
It was something about catching him off guard, when he’s vulnerable, and the post-show adrenaline has already worn off - making him malleable and pliant for his wife.
“You want to be all cocky, arrogant on stage, right? But look at you now, whining for your wife to touch you,” YN teases sharply, hand drifting down to squeeze his cheek hard enough to make him squeak.
“Baby. I’m yours, I’m yours,” He gasps, voice turning into a raspy yet high begging tone.
It was a tone of his voice that nobody in that crowd had or would ever hear. No, it was saved for her when she had him like this, like nobody else ever will.
“You don’t think I know that, Harry?” His wife laughs, fingers moving to sneak between his cheeks, pressing tightly against where he’s aching for her.
She continues, “God, I think everyone knows your mine. You can’t keep your eyes off me during the concert, parade around your wedding band, make sure my tattoo is always visible.”
“It’s ‘cause you- oh fuck, s’cause y’my soulmate,” Harry moans, pushing back on her fingers - wanting more but she wasn’t willing, “Need more, darlin’, m’close.”
She really wasn’t even doing much beside pressing at him, pushing in just the tiniest amount but he was grinding his hips against the wall a bit and her tits felt so good on his back.
Sometimes when he came off stage, he had absolutely no stamina.
Normally he could last but when he was adrenaline high and had basically edge himself in front of tens of thousands of people, it wasn’t going to be a long event.
“That’s really sad, H. Reminding me of when we were teenagers and you couldn’t last,” YN ends her rude statement with a bite to his shoulder before dragging her teeth down a bit.
It was just fun to get Harry worked up, he still acted the same from when they were younger - he’d get bratty and demanding, whiney, his chest and neck bloom into a soft pink color, and his eyes are a bit wet.
“Still just as much of a fool f’you, tha’s why,” Harry puffs out, hands continuously clenching and releasing over and over against the wall - like he wants to just make Harry wife touch him, tortured by her teasing.
“Fine, fine,” YN simpers, as if he was being a pain but she slips down onto her knees - hands dragging down his back and then his lean, solid thighs.
But in typical Harry behavior, he turns back and looks over his shoulder, “Sunflower, y’knees? We can move out of the shower.”
“Shush up,” She accentuates her words with a heavy handed smack to his right cheek and she chuckles when he gasps out a quiet, “Fuck.”
YN cups his cheeks, spreading them and leaning forward.
As soon as her tongue hits where he’s hot and tight, his legs twitch, and he puts his hands on the wall to brace himself.
“Darling, baby, baby,” Harry mewls, pushing back for more and hissing when she licks into him - his ring-bare hand leaning back to thread into her hair.
YN was planning to draw this out but she only gets a few directed laps before he’s moaning obsencenly, loud enough to hear through the god damn arena.
And then he’s gripping his cock, giving one firm tug, and he’s coming with pants and unfiltered, inconsiderate shouts of pleasure.
“S’good, m’good wife. S’no one better than you. Y’the only one who makes me feel like this. Crave y’like a drug, flower,” He praises endlessly, he turns around and helps her up - kissing her harshly.
When his hand comes to sneak between her thighs, she shakes her head and murmurs, “We don’t have time, H. Everyone is waiting on us.”
He pouts with his swollen pink lips, “I’ll take care of y’are the hotel, promise.”
“Mm,” She agrees, scrubbing the leftover shampoo bubbles from his hair as he tucks his face into her neck and tries make himself smaller.
Harry always gets a little sheepish after she does anything that makes him feel vulnerable, needs reassurance from her.
“Only with you, m’yours. Y’own my heart, ‘ave since we were fifteen,” Harry murmurs into her neck.
When they get themselves together, dressed, and exit the bathroom into the dressing room.
Harry Lambert is irritated as he is picking Harry’s clothing off the floor and putting it back on the hanger.
The stylist gives them a look, a knowing look, as he hangs the trousers on the rack.
“Fuck off,” The singer huffs, tugging his wife by the hand out of the room and to the car waiting for them.
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adore-laur · a day ago
think i might just write dilfrry for the rest of my life! here’s a short & sweet blurb for everyone as a thank you for all the love on california dusk <3
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 🧡
word count: 2.2k
warnings: language, mentions of body image issues
- moodboard -
Tumblr media
• • •
His skin must be woven with magic.
There has to be some otherworldly magnetism that is intricately threaded in his veins. A contagious and captivating warmth that revives anyone who touches him. Or perhaps there's an underlying spell coursing through his blood that effortlessly soothes any deeply rooted ache or vociferating cry.
It's been said before, but Harry is a natural when it comes to purely being a lover. He's held your hand throughout every trial and tribulation that life has cruelly thrown at you. He's taken your pain during grief-stricken times and willingly put it on his own selfless heart. You've navigated the years of dating, marriage, and parenthood with him, all while watching him grow and adapt into each role with undeniable patience and grace.
Witnessing him as a dad has you firmly believing that it's what he was made to do.
The air smells of blueberry crepes and homemade bread when you wake up from your slumber. A long and uninterrupted slumber at that, which is something that's been a rarity the past few days. Well, if four hours of sleep counts as uninterrupted. You'll admit that you haven't missed the lack of sleep aspect of having a newborn.
When you slowly pad your way into the kitchen, you're surprised when it's quiet except for the crackling and sizzling coming from breakfast cooking.
Your tired eyes find Harry swaying in front of the stovetop, a spatula in his right hand and his three-day-old baby girl cradled in his left arm. She's wide awake, her swaddled body sat perfectly in the crook of his elbow as she mesmerizingly stares at him while he skillfully takes the loaf of bread out of the oven with one hand. He has on a black and white striped robe with the sleeves rolled up and his hair, that's getting quite long, is flat and pushed back from restlessly tossing and turning all night.
It baffles you how every time he holds her, she's so content when her skin is touching his. You don't quite understand it. You're well aware that skin-to- skin contact is important, but it's wondrous how much she loves it with him already.
You stand still in the open doorway and watch him for a few more moments, thinking about how nine months ago you were observing him from the same spot as he made pancakes with your eldest daughter. When the baby girl he's holding now was just a small bump that he would fawn over, growing each month and getting plenty of kisses every day.
Eventually, you focus back in the present and shuffle over to where he’s yawning loudly and taking the oven mitt off. You both got a dreadfully short amount of sleep last night, but you think it isn't so bad when mornings look the way they do with him.
"Morning," you rasp as you come up beside him.
He loosens the golden-brown crepe with the spatula and sets it on one of three plates. "Hi, baby."
"When did she wake up?" you ask above a whisper. You're surprised you slept through her cries this morning,
"'Bout an hour ago," he responds with a scratchy voice. "Just little whimpers, so I took her out to the backyard for some fresh air. Then she told me she wanted to make breakfast with me."
You tilt your head. "Oh, she told you that? I didn't know you could translate her baby sounds."
"I can, actually," he says sassily. "She also told me she needs milk pronto."
"Shut up. Here, give me her. She's definitely hungry." You take her from him and kiss her soft and blotchy cheeks. "Thank you for making food, by the way," you tell him.
"That's my job," he sing-songs as you walk over to the couch.
You sit and slide the strap of your silk pajama top down, then remove the white swaddle from her body. She instantly latches onto your nipple, making you wince when you feel the dull ache. 
As you feed and zone out, you can hear Harry plate the food and open the fridge a couple of times before you suddenly sense him behind you.
He leans his torso over the back of the couch and rests his chin on the top of your head. Breastfeeding has never been uncomfortable around him. You know he's appreciative of what a woman's body can provide and how draining it is to actually be the provider. Often times, like right now, he will silently watch and observe her fall into a state of tranquility as she suckles. It's a beautiful thing to be able to nurture another human from your body, even if it hurts and is time consuming, but the special bond formed between a mother and child makes it completely worth it.
"I'm gonna get dressed," Harry speaks up after a while, planting a kiss to your hair.
You turn your head and pucker your lips for the first kiss of the day. He grants you a couple soft pecks that taste like blueberries, each accompanied with an appreciative hum, then leaves with a long and dramatic kiss to your baby girl's head.
A few minutes later, Harry comes back just as you finish breastfeeding wearing a patterned jacquard-knit sweater and loose denim jeans with holes by his knees.
He stands in front of you and takes her from your arms, kissing and blowing raspberries on her full belly as she giggles happily. "Who's ready for tummy time, hm? Is it you?" She coos with a toothless smile and Harry pretends to eat her cheeks. "Mm, I think it's you."
He gently sets her on the blanket that's layed out in the living room and gets down on his stomach next to her. You grab your phone from the coffee table and snap a quick picture of him for the sweet memory.
Tumblr media
After about five minutes of laying with her and tracing every feature of her tiny face, he picks her up and begins burping her. Meanwhile, you make your way into the kitchen and grab yours and Harry’s plates, then slide the patio door open with your shoulder.
You head out to the backyard with Harry following closely behind. You’re not worried about your other daughter since she’ll most definitely be cranky if you wake her up this early.
As you set the plates down and sit in the wicker lounge chair, Harry passes the baby over and settles beside you with another yawn.
He chews and swallows a bite of bread before saying, "Was thinking of going down to the beach later and swimming with the girls. It's gorgeous out."
You nod and pick at your crepe. "Yeah, go ahead. I'll probably take a nap or something."
"You don't want to come with?" he asks, scrunching his eyebrows together. “The water's pretty calm today.”
"I- I don't really feel like swimming. I'm not feeling my best."
He leans closer to you and places the back of his hand on your forehead. "What do you mean, babe? Are you feeling okay?"
"I'm just tired," you partly lie. "Don't worry about me."
"Hey, look at me." He takes your left hand in his. "I'm gonna worry about you, yeah? You just gave birth a couple days ago. Gotta tell me how you're feeling mentally and physically otherwise I can't help you."
"I know, but I swear I’m just—"
A fussy cry cuts you off and you sigh as you start bouncing her squirming body up and down. Harry soothingly massages the back of your neck, placing a comforting kiss to your temple.
"We'll talk about it later, okay?" he murmurs in your ear.
You just weakly smile and hope he forgets about it.
≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
Tumblr media
≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
The California sunset has just begun, the evening sky a bright, beautiful orange that makes the ocean waves glimmer.
All of you are down by the water to spend time together before an early bedtime. Harry had made dinner and is now shaking out a blanket so you both can sit on the secluded beach. Your eldest daughter is a little ways away distracted with her beach toys, humming and talking to herself as she wanders along the shoreline in her swimsuit.
There's no time for peaceful watching, however, because once you plop down on the blanket with the baby snuggled to your chest, Harry sits right by you and clasps his hands over his bent knee like he's about to give a school lecture.
He jerks his chin up at you. "You know what I'm gonna say."
You internally roll your eyes.
Talk to me.
"Do I have to?" you mutter with a grin.
"In my book, you're legally required to talk to your husband and baby daddy."
You just groan and prepare yourself to vent about all the deeply buried feelings that have been swirling in your mind over the past thirty-six hours.
"I'm just scared of losing myself,” you begin after a long exhale. “I remember the first time I became a mom, some days I didn't even recognize myself. It took so much out of me, you know? With breastfeeding, being up all night, trying to get my body back to normal... I guess I just don't want to fall into that place again."
Harry nods understandingly. "Do you recognize yourself right now?"
"A lot more than last time," you respond quietly. "I mean, we're both way more experienced with how to handle a newborn, so that definitely helps."
He swallows and you know his expression is one that tells you he sees right through you.
"Can I ask the real reason why you didn't want to go swimming earlier?" he asks with a certain gentleness that could break you if you dwelled on it for long enough.
You sometimes wonder if your skin is made of glass, or he just knows you well enough to notice all the cracks.
You shakily sigh. "If I talk about it, I'll start crying."
He tuts and nudges your foot with his. "And what's wrong with crying?"
Shrugging, you defeatedly mumble, "I feel like a little kid."
"Bloody hell, love. You're my wife, not some stranger to me," Harry stresses with a humourless laugh. "I hate that you think crying in front of me will put me off or something. Please, please be vulnerable with me. I don't want you to keep your feelings bottled up."
Your lips wobble and a tear escapes as you look down. "I don't feel good when I look at my body. I don't think I could put on a swimsuit and have you see me."
He scoots closer and wipes your tear away, then lets your baby girl play with his fingers.
"I spent so long trying to accept it last time I gave birth," you continue, "so long, and now... I don't know, having to bounce back again seems exhausting."
"I don't expect you to bounce back," Harry replies softly. "I don't expect anything of you that involves changing your body. It's your body. Do whatever you need to do to make you feel good and do it at your own pace, alright?"
Your heart lovingly falters at his statement. "Well once you can finally have sex with me in six weeks, it's gonna be terrible and I'll probably cry."
He laughs and you let one out, too. "Is that what you're worried about?"
"No." He gives you a flat look with a hint of a smirk. "Okay, maybe. I just don't want you to look at me. I could, like, blindfold you or something."
"Can you look at me right now for a second?" he asks earnestly.
You adjust the baby in your arms and meet his gentle eyes that sparkle in the golden sunlight.
"I look at you and see a goddess," Harry starts, taking your free hand in his. "A mum to two beautiful girls that make me smile and melt every day. You're my safety blanket and a home that I can always go to. The body that you think I don't want to see is the one that grew life. That's fuckin' incredible to me.”
He begins tracing his fingertips across the light striations on your thigh as he continues, "The stretch marks on your stomach and thighs are because of pregnancy and motherhood, which to me, is the most special thing I could ever see you experience. You do it so effortlessly that I fall in love with you more and more everyday."
It's in that moment where you wonder why you were ever doubtful in the first place. How the man sitting next to you can always drag you out of any momentary weakness or insecurity with ease.
Harry suddenly stands and carefully pulls you up with him.
He then kneels on the blanket and spreads his arms out.
Tumblr media
"Look at you," he speaks up over the wind. "You're quite literally glowing in front of me, holding our baby girl, and making my heart pound just as hard as the first day I met you."
"Stop, Harry," you tell him with spiderwebs of heat expanding across your face.
"No, because look at you." He exhales sharply and brings his arms down. "I worship you, darling. Everything you do and say, every smile and laugh, every time you look at me. I'm hooked for eternity."
You kneel down in front of him with tears threatening to spill over. He cradles your cheeks and kisses you with an intensity similar to the waves that crash against the shore at dawn when you wake up beside him.
Is there a way to thank the ocean for bringing him to you?
As the sun says her routinely farewell, you bask in Harry's everglow that cascades from the solicitous words he speaks and the tender touches he plants on your skin.
Skin that's unquestionably loved by him.
Skin that will be loved by you at your own pace.
≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
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finelinevogue · 2 days ago
for tour content, maybe you could do an imagine that’s like a series of small moments like little interactions on stage or picking tour outfits or nights in the tour bus/airplane ! just little domestic things <3
i’m going to do this because i have so many weird ideas and just no way of putting them all together ! ;
Grilled Cheese Conversations
The tour bus smelt like it was on fire.
You had been sitting in the living room with Harry for a couple of hours, both of you just skimming through photos from the Met Gala together - judging obviously, before Harry announced he wanted to make himself some food and so left for the kitchen.
He’d been in there for 45 minutes now and the smells that were diffusing from their smelt bloody awful. Harry could cook really extravagant foods, like caviar and lobster, but when it came to something as simple as making a sandwich he was absolutely terrible for some reason. The point was proven when he walked back into the room with a burnt coal looking sandwich.
“What, is that?” You laughed, still sitting with your phone in your hand and waiting for him to come back so you could continue judging these Met outfits together.
“It’s a grilled cheese sandwich?” He spoke as if you were dumb and you should have known that instantly. He walked over to you, sitting down next to you and resting the plate on the table in front of him.
“No, that’s a piece of char.” You raised your eyebrows disapprovingly and watched as he scowled at you for being mean to his culinary skills.
“Well i’m sure it’ll taste great.” He looked smug, up until he took a bite from the cheesy melted - burnt - bread. As soon as the food touched his tongue he was quick to spit it back out again, you groaning in disgust. He pushed the plate away and looked at it in anger. “45 bloody minutes and it tastes of burnt wood.”
“I’m not even going to ask why you know that.” You raised your hands and laughed, watching as he turned to scowl at you again. He had quite the angry face when he wanted to. “Sorry, alright! Do you want me to go make you one?” You asked, sitting up to go and make him one if he wanted.
Harry pulled you into his lap so you were sat with your back to his front, his arms looping around your waist tightly to keep you with him. His chin rested on your shoulder and he kissed your cheek because he could. “No. Stay w’me.” He got all cuddly and soft and you loved it when Harry was like this. He was like a life-size version of your stuffed teddy bear you used to sleep with at night - all cute and cuddly.
“Okay, okay.” You calmed him when he thought you were just going to get up and go. “Let’s judge some people again.” You pulled out your phone and opened it to a twitter account which had posted all of them.
“Where did we get up to?” Harry asked, fiddling with the skin on your stomach as his hands snaked beneath your hoodie.
“Um, Kim K.” You clicked on the image of her and tried to hold back the laugh. It was a dreadful outfit and highly meme worthy, so you’ve heard.
“Well…” Harry sighed, reaching his own hand to swipe seeing as he didn’t have anything more to say on this particular one.
“Billie looked beautiful.” You smiled as Billie’s huge dress came on display, looking a fluffy pink marshmallow dream. She looked very Monroe with her makeup and you were always so shocked when people told you her age, because she looked so mature.
“She must’ve taken inspiration from Marilyn Monroe.” Harry added, nodding in approval of Billie’s outfit.
“More so than bloody Addison Rae.” You laughed, thinking about how far that had been from the truth.
“Addison who?” Harry asked and it made you smile and turn your head around to look at him. He looked down at you, noticing the cheeky glint in your eyes and couldn’t help but steal a glance at your beautiful lips.
“This is why I love you.” You sighed happily and gave him a kiss on the lips, cupping his cheek to direct him better. You were only going for a peck, but Harry made it that you got the full taste of him and kissed you for a minute longer. He felt perfect against you and you really did just simply love him.
“Yeah,” Harry broke from the kiss for a brief moment to tell you something important, “and I love you.”
All Things Sparkles
It was an hour before the Dallas show and Harry was getting ready for another big show.
Dallas were known for being crazy and you were so excited for the energy they’d bring for Harry tonight. Harry always enjoyed the shows more when the crowd was actually ecstatic to be there and he knew Dallas wouldn’t let him down.
He was putting on his silk trousers, Lambert just to the side as he was ironing the shirt to get rid of all its crinkles. Your Harry currently looked so funny in his Gucci silk trousers, his bright yellow socks with bananas all over them, his suspenders hanging down by his sides and no shirt on as of yet. It was the socks that really pieced everything together. He had just had his hair and makeup done, just needing to get dressed before he was completely ready.
He was really glowing tonight. It made you happy to see him like this.
You were watching him through the vanity mirror as you touched up your own makeup, adding highlighter to the areas you wanted to shine a little brighter. You also started adding some gems around your eyes, wanting to be a bit different tonight along with your glittery eye shadow that you didn’t normally do. You were glueing your gems when you felt your boyfriends presence behind you, the heat of his bare chest radiating against the skin of your back.
“You look stunning, m’love.” You looked up through the vanity to catch his gaze, he smiled and you smiled back.
“Thank you. Not too bad looking y’self.” You cheekily replied, motioning towards his bare chest. “Are y’going to be keeping that out all night?” You asked, being hopeful that he would, because fuck it was hot, but also wouldn’t, because you wanted this part of him all to yourself.
“You’d like that wouldn’t y’yeah.” He squinted his eyes at you and nodded, a clear sign that no his tits were not going to be out for Dallas. “Up.” He spoke, lifting you up from under your armpits and walking around the chair so that he could sit down himself. He plonked you right back on top of his lap and watched as you leant forwards to add another gem to the corner of your eye.
“Y’putting me off.” You whined, your ass leaning right back onto the hard of his cock. He couldn’t keep soft around you, that was his kryptonite.
“Oh i’m sorry. It’s not like m’girlfriend is just sitting there looking ridiculously beautiful and yet so innocent.” He leaned forwards to whisper the rest of his words, because they were only for you. “Just look so fuckable right now.”
You had to bite your tongue from turning around and shoving it down his throat, because god did his words make you want to jump his bones. “Shut up, before y’get us both in trouble.” You wiggled your ass back over his cock as you sat back to admire the work of the gems brightening up around your eyes.
“Then stop being a fuckin’ tease.” He grabbed your hips and stopped your from moving anymore. You just smiled and put the lid back on the glue before it went everywhere, especially over Harry’s expensive clothing - even the banana socks were £17.
You looked at him through the mirror to find him already looking at you. You blushed quietly as you watched him take in your beauty. It was quite hard to get over just how ethereal he looked tonight and it made you so feral knowing he was all yours and only yours. Looking down at the gems you got an idea.
“Do y’want me to put some gems on y’too?” You asked, pointing to the ones around your eyes and thinking that he’d looked even prettier with some around his.
“Only if i’m matching w’you yeah.” Harry nodded excitedly. You got up from the chair and swizzled yourself around until you were sat back on his lap, only this time straddling him. You were so close to him now that it was getting ridiculously harder to stop yourself from taking him here and now. You leant down, instead, and gave him a lasting kiss on the skin covering his heart. Your lips lingered there for a moment, before you moved back up to see him already staring down. He smiled when he saw the stain of your lipstick printed over where his heart beat. “I proper love you, Y/N.” He smiled and cupped your chin in his fingers to bring your lips to him.
“No!” Lambert shouted, making you two pause. “You two’ll never stop if you start, so don’t start until after the bloody show.” He rolled his eyes and continued with his ironing, making you and Harry chuckle feeling like high-school kids.
“Okay, now stay still.” You spoke as you glued the first gem and held it steady against the corner of his eye. He wanted to keep his eyes open to keep looking at you, because that’s all he ever wanted to do, but you instructed him to close them just to be on the safer side. It went on easy, sticking to the outer corner of his eye, in a soft white colour that matched his trousers. Yours were the same creamy white colour to match the colour of your dress.
“Do I look pretty yet?” Harry asked rhetorically, but you replied anyways.
“Y’look pretty always.” You kissed the top of his nose whilst you glued the other gem. He closed his eyes as you told him to, but he still smiled at your words. You concentrated as you stuck the gem to the corner of the other eye and sat back to make sure they were even. Harry opened his eyes to see you making sure they looked good. “S’perfect.”
“Like you then.” He hummed in appreciation of you.
“Let’s see then.” Lambert asked, making you both turn in the chair to face him and you readjusting yourself so you were sat back against his chest. “Oh yes! Okay this is photo worthy.” Lambert took out his phone and held it up to face you both, making sure you could see the gems.
“I don’t even have a shirt on!” Harry exclaimed, but held you close anyways as you smiled for the photos and his words making you belly laugh. You posed more seriously for a few and then took a few silly ones to. Your favourite one, though, was one where you were laughing so happily and Harry was looking at you and smiling in awe over you.
He set it as his lock screen. You set it as yours. It would stay that way until your new favourite photos became your wedding day photos.
Sign Of The Times
Tonight was the first Love on Tour show you were attending, only having missed opening night in Las Vegas.
Harry knew that you were coming, but you’d told him to source you out within the crowds because you wanted a full fan experience. You’d gotten the all-clear from Harry’s security, allowing your from backstage and straight through into the cherry pit. You had your lanyard and your sign ready, as fans started to pile in. You were originally going to go straight to the barricade, but you thought the fans deserved that more than you so you hung back and stayed the ends of the crowds.
A few fans spotted you and came up to asking for photos, so you did. Posing with your mask on was weird because you still smiled underneath the mask even though it wouldn’t be seen in the photo. Some fans asked whether they could stay and dance with you ask night to which you were so happy for, because dancing alone would’ve been embarrassing even for you.
The intro for golden started and the crowds were deafening, but all you could think about was your boyfriend and his challenge to spot you within the crowds. Golden and Carolina came and went, you dancing like a crazed fan along with all your new friends. Everyone was so happy and some were even crying tears of joy.
There was just love, love, love, everywhere.
Harry came to his first pause and took a quick drink since he was already quite hot and the altitude in Denver was crazy.
“Good evening Denver!” He shouted into the mic, waiting for the screams of his fans to uproar and then settle before speaking on, “The altitude is crazy here. I’ve barely done anything and I can’t breathe!” He spoke, making you slightly anxious for him but you knew he would be okay because he had an oxygen tank on stage. “Now, m’girlfriend is somewhere here tonight and i’ve gotta find Y/N before I lose the challenge.”
The fans around you started screaming that you were here and the message kept on getting passed down the crowds until they reached the front. Harry was walking around your side of the stage until he met the fans at the front saying that you were behind them. Harry held his hand over his eyes to help him find you better and you held up your sign to help him. Your sign had taken you all of 5 minutes to doodle, but the message was clear;
“I want a kiss from the one in suspenders.”
“There y’are.” He laughed when he saw your sign, dropping his mic and leaning over himself to catch his breathe from the belly laugh that he just let out. You smiled when you saw him laugh, the fans around you screaming and thanking you for making him be this way. Harry stood up and looked at you, messing with his earpiece so he could hear the arena better.
“Kiss me!” You shouted and the people around you were also shouting for him to kiss you. Even with masks on Harry could clearly understand the message.
“I wanna kiss you but I can’t!” He spoke through his mic and his voice echoed throughout the arena, making everyone scream and you simply blush. You knew he couldn’t come and just give you a kiss, it would be too dangerous, but he sent you loads of blown kisses instead and you kept them all. You sent your own back and he stuffed them all in his back pocket, before moving on to his next song before he got told off.
“Damn, he really loved you.” One of your new fans friends says next to you and all you could think was; yeah, yeah he does.
My Only Angel*
For four hours he had been gone.
Four hours since he was in this hotel room with you. Four hours since you had first started acting like a brat. Four hours since he’d gotten fed up of our attitude and tied you up and left a vibrator pulsing against your clit. Four hours since your first orgasm, four minutes since your last.
The whole time Harry had been on stage, all he could think about was you being bound tight in his hotel room and dripping wet from the number of orgasms you would’ve had. He knew you’d never be able to hold yourself for four hours, so he didn’t say you couldn’t cum only he forgot to mention that the number of times that you did cum would be the number of times he denied you later on in the evening. Harry had gotten especially hard performing Only Angel, because that was your song that he’d written for you and then fucked you countless times to. Fans noticed, but put it down to the adrenaline of being onstage rather than the thought of his girlfriend being tied up and overstimulated back in his hotel room.
You just came down from the high of another orgasm when Harry walked through the door. You sighed when you saw him, thinking this would finally be it and he’d let you go free now you’ve suffered your punishment. That was wishful thinking, however.
“Oh, I didn’t see you there.” Harry pretended, wanting to tease you as much as possible, as he walked past you and hung his jacket on the back of a chair.
“H-harry.” You sighed, squeezing your eyes when you moved and felt the vibrator hit and new and exciting angle. You moaned quietly and had to suppress the embarrassing cries you wanted to let out.
“Yes?” Harry moved so he was standing at the edge of the bed, undoing the buttons on his shirt one-by-one. He looked so hot with his sleeves rolled and the suspenders already dropped down to his sides.
“I-I please s-st- enough.” You whimpered, pulling on the restraints to try and stop it yourself but you’d already tried that one too many times and nothing has come of it.
Your wrists were slightly red and bruised from all the tugging you’d been doing and Harry noticed that as he peeled away his shirt from his body. He threw the silk shirt somewhere else in the room and walked over to the right side of the bed, sitting down to get a closer look at your wrists. He leant down to give it a gentle rub and a kiss. You sighed in delight at the feeling of his cool lips burn against your flaming skin. Harry sat up and tilted your face to the side so you could face him, slight tears in your eyes. He looked at you for a few moments, taking in the shear beauty of you and your glorious body, before making sure you were alright.
“What’s your colour, baby?” He asked you gently, stroking your cheek and then running his thumb along your bottom lip with a soft pull.
“G-green.” You nodded and he smiled, leaning in to kiss you on your desperate lips. You basked in the taste of him, closing your eyes like you needed to save this moment to memory forever. You loved him like this, when he was dominant with you. He let you be submissive like you wanted to be.
“That’s my good girl.” He leaned back from you and moved onto the bed more, straddling your bare body. The silk of his pants felt erotic against your hot skin and you moaned at the dreamy sensation. He ran his large, ringed, hands up and down your body, feeling every curve and crevice. He massaged your boobs lightly in his hands, up and down your stomach and to your inner thighs behind him. You hummed at the feeling, gasping when Harry finally turned off the vibrator and moved it away from you. You felt lighter from freedom all of a sudden.
“T-hank you.” You breathed out, opening your eyes to meet his electric green ones. Wow, he looked beautiful - still slightly sweaty and hot from his concert.
“Don’t thank me yet, angel.” He grinned as he took down his trousers and pants, pushing them to the floor with his foot.
He didn’t even wait for you to register what was going on before he slipped himself inside of you. You loved the feeling so greatly, but your clit was still so sensitive. You shuddered as he picked up his pace and thrusted into you harder and harder, faster and faster. The sound of his skin slapping against yours, made you arch your back and your toes curl and then feeling if him so deep inside of you was enough to make you cum already, again.
“Feel s-so good.” You looked at him and saw the desire within his eyes. He was so full of lust right now, because the sight of you tied up with him pounding into you is better than simply imagining it. Nothing could feel more euphoric than this, both of you were sure of that.
“Yeah? Feel me all around you? So perfect f’me. M’beautiful angel.” Harry moaned out, cupping one of his hands around your throat and pushing you deeper into the mattress, whilst his other hand went to cup your breasts and give them the devotion they deserved.
Everything felt everywhere.
His rocks became sloppier as he reached his high, yours approaching much sooner than you thought it would. You were surprised you actually had anything left in you. His cock hit a spot inside of you that made you scream out and he felt you collapse around him all at once, causing his own release to quickly follow. He continued to fuck you through your release and bent himself over to press his lips to yours. He felt and tasted amazing, you couldn’t get enough. It would never be enough.
“Love you so much.” You spoke the best you could and Harry released his hand from your throat, leaning down to kiss it softly. He reached over to your hands to untie them afterwards, giving them both a few kisses over your wrists when he saw the harsh marks. Your arms were so tired that they just fell to your sides, but Harry kept on touching you softly; stroking your messy hair away from your face and caressing your cheek softly as if he hadn’t just fucked you raw. He kept his face close to you as he whispered the words that would stay imprinted on your heart forever.
“I love you, Y/N.”
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harrysgoldenline · 2 days ago
Hi lovie 🧡 First of all, let me just say how wonderfully amazing your writing style is. It truly takes my breath away. Keep on writing because this fandom (Harries) needs brilliant people like you to reenact our fantasies. Secondly, I saw that you were asking for requests, so I've got one for you: could you please write something (either a one shot or series) based on friends to lovers trope, where Harry's in love with his friend who's also a poet. It would be marvelous if some scenes took place in Japan, if that's possible. Once again, thank you for your work. Wish you all the best 💐
OMG YOU ARE SO SWEET!!! that is literally the sweetest thing in the whole world. thank you so much love, genuinely. 
Comments are always highly encouraged and appreciated! I love seeing what you guys think of the writing!
Support me and my writing here!
Writing with You
“Y/N, you’re finally here!” You heard Harry exclaim and you drop your bags as you seem him run towards you, literally sweeping you off your feet and spinning you around his rental home.
He had been beginning you to come and visit him and Japan and you could only use work as an excuse for so long until he came up with an elaborate plan, now here you were. 

After a few moments, he sets you back down on your feet, a massive smile on your face as he looks deep into your eyes, “I’m so fuckin’ glad you’re here.” he beamed, reaching down and grabbing your bags and cocking his head to the side as he lead you through the house, “Your room is right across from mine, if that’s alright. If I snore too loud just come in and hit me with a pillow.”

“Happily.” You laughed, giggling up at him as you followed him throughout the home, taking in the space around you, admiring his small touches he added to the rental home, “What have you been up to lately? Anything exciting?”
“Oh, you know just living the rock star life” He winked, setting your suitcase on the bed before laying down on it, extending his arms and making grabby hands at you until you lay next to him, which you happily do, “I’ve been sleeping in, writing, recording and going to bed early.”
“You are such an old man.”
“Hey!” He playfully scolded, fingers digging into your sides, “You menace! I only brought you here because I thought you would be nice to me!”
“Someones gotta keep your ego in check,” You teased, “tell the fans I say you’re welcome for the ‘arrogant son of a bitch’ lyric.”
“Yeah yeah yeah,” He chuckled, shifting his body weight and laying a bit closer, eyes looking deep into yours, faces a mere foot apart at most, “speaking of, have you been writing much lately? I’d love to pick some more out of that beautiful mind.”
“I have a bit,” you blush, sitting up a bit and digging into your backpack, flipping through the pages of your notebook, seeing if anything stands out enough to show him now, but you end up just throwing it on a nearby chair and laying back down with a yawn, “I have stuff, not sure if it’s third album worthy.”
“Oh please,” he started, furrowing his eyebrows at you, sincerity in his eyes, “you are an incredible writer, I love writing with you. I’m sure the studio tomorrow will be magic. But! You need some sleep, you’ve had a long day. Can I get you a snack or drink or anything before bed?”
You shook your head, eyes closing with another yawn and your heart sinks as you feel the weight of the bed shift as he crawls out of bed, eyes fluttering back open and you give him a tired smile .
He smirked, flipping off the switch as he reached the bedroom door, “Sweet dreams, love.”
“I am officially mad at you,” Harry said the second you entered back into the studio that was connected into the home that he was renting, to coffees in hand.
“What did I do?” You gasp, handing him his coffee as you plopped down next to him in the studio, taking a long sip as he shook his head at you.
He remained silent, pulling your notebook out of his back pocket and flipping through the pages, his long fingers trailing along them as you could see his lips move, silently reading them to himself. He looked back up at you, closing the notebook and handing it back to you.
“These are all incredible! What do you mean none of ‘em are good enough for the album?”
He smiled and nodded quickly, snatching the notebook back from you as he flipped back through the pages while drinking from his mug. Soon, he hands the open notebook back take you, swallowing the warm liquid as he tapped on the open page, a love poem on the page.
“This one…” he began, “is breathtaking. Most definitely my favorite.”
It’s about you. You wanted to say, looking up at your best friend, but instead you say, “help me finish it? I have some more ideas for lyrics but you are the musical mastermind.”
“I would love to.”
So you two worked together, hours passing as if they were minutes as you huddled together at the piano, thighs pressing together as Harry practiced different melodies, the sound of his voice calming you further.
You couldn’t help but close your eyes as you listened to his voice, humming along where he requested so he could help visualize different melodies. Drifting off into the music, you leaned your forehead against his shoulder. Harry kept playing away at the piano, stopping every few measures or so to scribble away on the sheet music, testing out different melodies and lyrics the two of you pieced together.
“I love this so far…” he whispered, looking at you quickly, “I haven’t felt this excited about a song in so long. Thank you.”
“Harry, you wrote the majority of it!” you laughed, playfully shoving him, “I just had, like, a verse and a half.”
“You inspired what I wrote!” He chuckled, glancing down at you, eyes softening, “in more ways then one.”
Your quickly help your heart beat accelerating slightly, looking up at him wide eyed as you struggled to find the words.
“I mean…” he slowly began, adjusting his body so he was fully facing you, “I mean… your words inspired me to write but… it’s also just you, Y/N… You inspire me.”
His eyes were pleading with you, gnawing on his bottom lip as his hands trembled, praying that you understood what he was saying.
“You inspire me too.”
“Did I inspire this song? Is it… about us?”
You slowly nodded, looking down at your shaking hands, “look, I understand if you don’t feel the same but-“
You were cut off with a kiss, two strong hands grabbing your face as your best friends lips crashed onto yours. You kiss back in an instant, hands coming up to his shoulders, tugging on the hair at the nape of his neck.
“Is this okay?” he asked softly against your lips and the second you nod he’s kissing you again, as if to try and make the years of waiting pay off in a single kiss.
Which he was able to accomplish.
He pulls back slightly, pressing a few soft pecks onto your lips before you two look at each other, a blush covering both of your cheeks.
“So…” he smiles, his fingers dancing over the back of your hand before intertwining your fingers, lifting your hand and kissing it, “will you be mine? Finally?
“Yes.” you smirk at him, a hand coming up to his face as you kiss his cheek before letting out a laugh, “So… you gonna give me writing credit this time?”
Harry let’s out a loud laugh, standing up at the piano bench and throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you back into the house, “I knew I love you.”
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fkinavocado · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
In which you’ve got textbook daddy issues and when your tool of a younger brother brings a sweet doe eyed girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and you end up offering her a ride home, you meet just the man to fix them.
Warning: smut, daddy kink, praise kink, age gap (older male/younger female), slow burn, angst, childhood trauma regarding domestic violence (non-sexual)
Daddy issues- Masterlist / alternatively, read on A03 or wattpad
Part 8 (Word count: 7.5K)
You opened your eyes groggily, your eyes trying to adjust to the dark but your ears seemed to be doing a better job, picking up the faint sound of Harry talking over the phone from your kitchen, most probably. You creased your brows, feeling for your phone on the nightstand and picked it up to see it was only 4:07 in the morning. Who was he talking to at 4:07 in the morning?
Not that it was any of your business… but you just couldn’t help the sting you felt as that question inevitably popped into your mind. You tried prickling up your ears but you couldn’t make out any words. You slowly got up and fished a nightgown you usually only wore during summers out of your dresser; suddenly you felt a bit weird sitting there all naked while he was talking on the phone to God knows who. You got back in bed, but sat back against the headboard, waiting. Maybe it should’ve been wiser to just pretend to still be asleep when he got back. But it was too late now, you could hear him tiptoeing his way back.
When he saw you standing there, he just stood by the door, his shoulders slouching somewhat; you noticed he’d gotten his pants back on “I’m sorry I woke you up” he muttered. His voice was grave, he was clearly upset. You hadn’t really heard that tone from him before.
“It’s all right. Did… anything happen?”
He huffed, walking his way towards the bed “I have to go”
“Oh... Ok?”
“It’s Emily”
“Oh!- Wait. Is she in trouble?”
He picked up his shirt off the floor and buttoned it down hurriedly “I honestly can’t even think straight, ’m so fucking angry” you could barely hear him muttering under his breath, his voice was venomous right at the end there. You saw it then, he was trying to keep his temper in check for your sake.
“Harry. What happened? Do you want me to drive? You shouldn’t be driving. I can tell you’re livid”
He shook his head “No, I’m fine”
“You’re not fine” it was your turn to use that phrase on him “At least let me call you an uber”
“Y/N” the way he said your name made you freeze in your place and then he exhaled audibly, a more gentle tone following “Don’t worry. All right?” he gave you a long look after getting his shoes on, sitting at the edge of the bed beside you “I really hate to do this, but I really need to go. She’s at some stupid new year’s party… your idiot brother fucking left her there”
You gasped “Oh my God. I’m going to kill him!” You knew your brother was going to be in your hometown for New Year’s. He bragged about it ever since Thanksgiving. As far as you knew, he was planning on renting out a cabin in an area that was very familiar to you with his highschool friends; you’d gone to your share of parties held at those exact cabins yourself, back in the day. But you didn’t know any other details. Why hadn’t Emily called her mother to come pick her up, though? You had so many questions but this was not the time, obviously it would’ve just riled him up even more.
Harry furrowed his brows “Not if I get my hands on him first”. That actually sounded… pretty convincing, actually. He then softened his features a bit, leaning forward “Probably best you didn’t mention anything to him, though. I’m sorry. I really need to get going”
“Of course…”
He made to stand but then he turned and captured your lips with his in a quick but harsh kiss. He meant to say something but then decided against it, standing up and walking towards the bedroom door. He stared at the handle for a moment then turned again “Don’t run off on me again, all right?”
A smile crept on your lips and you near-whispered back “I won’t”
And even though you could tell it was the last thing he’d expected, his lips also quirked up into a brief halfsmile before he left.
You plopped back atop the pillows as soon as you heard the entrance shut behind him.
Just great… So you wouldn’t be getting to do that cliche morning move where you would sneakily take advantage of his morning wood and surprise him by going down on him while he was still asleep. You’d honestly been so looking forward to that.
And to what may have happened afterwards, too.
But nooo. Of course the universe had other plans, because why the fuck not. For now though, you decided to bask in your afterglow, as you snuggled back underneath your sheets that now smelled like him. For the first time in a long time, you felt hopeful about this new year.
“Are you even listening to me?” your best friend scoffed, kicking your leg under the table. You were grabbing a bite to eat during lunch break downtown, and the little time you had together, you were spending grinning at your phone like an idiot.
“Ow! That’s gonna bruise! And yes I am.”
Julianne rolled her eyes “You’re so annoying. Are you gonna tell me about him or not? You’ve been feeding me crumbs for weeks now”
You placed your phone next to your plate reluctantly. Harry would send you random little texts during the day. Maybe once or twice a day, but he never skipped a day since you last saw eachother for new year’s 11 days ago. They were honestly the highlight of your otherwise dull days. “I did tell you about him”
“Listen. I tried to be patient. But I’m starting to think this may be… a bit more than your usual hookup. I’ve never seen you all giddy like this. I need to know a bit more than just <<His name is Harry and he’s hot as fuck>> all right?” she was actually genuinely grinning at you now. She couldn’t stay annoyed at you seeing you smile.
You shrugged, trying not to make this sound like more than it was “Honestly there’s not much to say. He lives back home. We haven’t seen each other since New Year’s. So we text”
“Maybe” you said, tongue in cheek. In reality, it’d never led to any sexting, not even full fledged conversations, but you loved riling your friend on.
“Y/N. I love you, babe. Buy you gotta throw me a bone here. At least tell me how you guys met”
“We uh… met through a friend of sorts”
“Oh? Anyone I know?”
“Not really, no”
“Y/N! Stop messing around. Lemme see a pic”
“I, uh, I don’t have any”
Julianne raised an eyebrow “What do you mean you don’t have any?”
“He’s not on social media” you shrugged. You should know, you’d checked.
Your best friend grimaced “What? Why, is he ugly?”
You snorted, breadcrumbs flying out of your mouth “Did you not just say all you knew about him was his name and that he’s hot as fuck? How can an ugly guy be hot as fuck?”
“They can! I swear, I’ve seen it. Weird sorcery, I know, but somehow that’s a thing. For real, though. What’s he got to hide, then?” she gasped, leaning forward across the table “Is he married?!”
You chuckled “No.” after a beat, adding “ He used to be, though”
“Oh? Interesting. I gotta pry it out of you then. Ok. Why did he get a divorce?”
“As far as I know, she cheated. But I don’t know any details or even if that’s really true”
“So he might still be ugly”
You huffed, throwing your crumpled napkin at her “He is not ugly, Jules. Trust me on that, ok? Definitely not ugly.”
“Ok, ok. Any kids?”
“Uhhh. Yeah, actually. A daughter”
Julianne’s brows shot up “Shit, really? Whew. Look at you, little miss thang, getting it on with a DILF”
You hid your face behind your hands, shrieking “Noooo, you did not just say that!”
“I thought we established he was hot, so what part of DILF is not accurate here?”
“Ah man, he’d get a kick out of that” you shook your head, digging back into your now cold lunch since all you’ve really done was poke your fork at it
“Stepmom in the making, huh?” You froze at that. Crap. Hell no. “Shit, you went all pale” Julianne cackled “Relax, babe. I was only kidding. How old is his kid, anyway?”
“Uhm… a bit older”
“Oh, is this why they got divorced? Had the kid too young? That never seems to work out in the long run, does it?”
You cleared your throat “Jules? If I tell you something… promise not to judge?”
You can tell she wanted to make a wise remark but she dropped it upon seeing your serious expression “Hey, babe. C’mon. It’s me. You know you can tell me anything, right?”
You inhaled deeply, not really sure about telling her still, but you needed to tell someone. What better person than the only one that’s ever been there for you? “Harry is… a bit older than I am”
“Oh? Ok. Why would I-”
“-He’s 42”
“...Oh. Oh boy” Julianne took a sip of her drink, dramatically
“Jules…” you sighed
She snickered “You lil vixen, you. Man I know you’ve got daddy issues, but whew!”
“Relaaaaaaax, I’m just pulling your leg. I mean, hello? A hot guy that’s older and has his shit together? Sign me up! Why’d you think I’d judge you over this? Actually why’d you think I’d judge you, period? Are we not best friends?”
“Of course we are… but I get why it’d seem odd to you. Or anyone else for that matter”
“Like, who gives a fuck about age, man? It’s all so relative. I know people that are younger than us but are dead inside. Meanwhile my grand nan is the most active person I know and she’s fucking 72. Give me a break”
“I mean… I don’t know how to explain it. He doesn’t look 42. Definitely over 35, but I never would’ve guessed his real age. But at the same time, he definitely feels older. But in all the good ways”
“Now we’re talking” Julianne grinned devilishly “Spill it. I wanna hear all about it. Don’t hold back”
You cackled “You’re incorrigible. I was trying to make a point”
“Yeah, that can wait, we’re on our lunch break and you landed this huge thing on me, all right? C’mon tell me all about how he feels older in all the good ways” she crossed her eyes for dramatic effect and you slapped your forehead in embarrassment.
“He’s… really good, Jules” you bit your lower lip “Not even gonna try and be humble about it. He’s hot as hell. And he’s got all the moves. And all the words”
“Oh Lord” Julianne fanned herself “Dirty talk, huh? Oldschool arsenal, I love that”
“Right? Nothing more effective than the right words at the right time”
Julianne’s phone rang and as she picked it up you took the opportunity to check yours as well, smiling at another text he’d sent you while you were busy fangirling over him with your best friend <<How’s lunch with your friend?>> You’d mentioned to him heading out to meet with her for your lunch break as the highlight of your day. Something about him remembering that put a smile on your face.
Just as you were about to text him back, Julianne hung up her phone with a loud huff “Just great... Sorry babe, looks like I’m not gonna make it tonight. My folks can’t make it to Brook’s piano recital and I’ve been officially assigned to take her. Nobody asked about my plans of course…”
“Awh. That sucks, poor Brook. You’d think they’d show the younger offspring a bit more love, wouldn’t you? I mean my younger brother got the attention I never got and then some. Your parents really don’t fall into that stereotype though, do they”
She widened her eyes “They certainly don’t. They couldn’t give a fuck about either of us in equal measure. I’m still on the fence about whether I hate them more for it, or the opposite”
“Yeah, tough cookie to swallow. Sucks though, I already got the tickets”
She pouted “I’m sorry. I’ll pay you back for both”
“Oh, shush. I’m just bummed we’re not going. It’s not everyday they do reruns”
“You could still go. Hey! Here’s a thought. Take Harry”
You couldn’t help the snort “Yeah. He’s not really the romcom kinda guy, I don’t think. Although we did watch Home Alone together for Christmas Eve”
Julianne creased her brows “What, really? Since when are you into Christmas movies? Hell, since when are grown ass men into Christmas movies?” she signaled the waitress “Check, please?”
“It’s a long story. I’ll try and maybe have them rebook our tickets for another date and get back to you, alright? Although it’s not gonna be for The Notebook, that’s like midweek for a reason, nobody cares for reruns especially if you can stream it”
“Idiots. Reruns are so much more enjoyable at the cinema. Like you’ve seen it already you can now really enjoy it on the big screen. Ruin it for everyone else, say the upcoming dialog out loud. That’s the whole point”
“Exactly. I was so looking forward to screaming “What do you want?!” right along with him. Kinda lame if I have to do it from my own sofa at home”
“Ok so take Harry, should be right up his alley”
“Jules… it’s not like we’re dating”
“What’s it like then? Fuckbuddies don’t get all giddy like that over texting”
“I mean. We haven’t really… yet” your best friend gave you an incredulous look and then you added “Besides, it’s a 2 hour drive for him, on a weekday, there’s no way he’s driving into town for that”
“This is only getting more and more confusing to me. Let me know how this, whatever it is, develops ok? Stop keeping juicy deets to yourself”
You both stood to leave after paying, hugged and headed each back in the direction of your respective offices. It was walking distance, and you finally typed in a response to Harry’s text from earlier <<was fun but also a bit bittersweet, turns out she can’t make it to the movies tonight. we had tickets and were really looking forward to this one>>
<<On a Wednesday? Ah, to be young.>>
You snickered to yourself at that. Damn, you were turning into one of those people that always seem to end up walking into lamp posts.
<<oh, shush, they do reruns on wednesdays and those are the best ones okay?? plus 6pm is still pretty early for a weeknight>>
<<Not if you go to bed at 9pm.>>
<<...yikes, really?>>
<<Of course not.>>
You smiled frowningly at your phone before entering the building. You could get used to this, and you knew you shouldn’t. For once you welcomed work as a distraction, you needed to catch yourself and stop overthinking a bunch of texts.
5 o’clock striked quicker than usual, or so it seemed, which you couldn’t complain about. That lunch break had really helped you recharge your batteries mid-week. You wished you could see Julianne more often, but alas, gone were the days you two used to work together. You’d moved to a different company in the hopes of earning more so that you could pay your dad back quicker, but the workload was also heavier and the amount of work you had to take home to stay afloat was getting ridiculous.
At least here you could work remotely, which wasn’t an option at your last job. After a few months when depression had hit particularly hard, during which you’d worked exclusively from home, you were now proud of yourself for actually getting out of bed, dressing up for work and going to the office where you could actually socialize a bit. It’d been all too easy to lock yourself up away from the outside world. All too easy to give in to your anxiety, turn to vicious habits and the likes. You contemplated all that as you walked back home, it was already dark out as January days were short, but it wasn’t too cold. You were basking in the positive vibes, taking your time, enjoying the crisp air. It’d been an overall good day. Little did you know it was about to get a whole lot better.
You began looking for your keys before climbing the few stairs up to the building entrance when you almost bumped into something-or someone, in your way, sitting on said stairs.
“We’re gonna be late” Harry grinned up at you as you stared at him in disbelief
“What… what are you doing here?” you sounded out of breath for good reason. You couldn’t believe your eyes
He chuckled, sitting up awkwardly as you stepped back a stair, him towering over you now, making it all the more real “Taking you to see that movie”
You could feel your smile growing to the point where it hurt your face “...Really?”
“Yeah” his grin was now matching your own then his brows creased slightly “ Was it not today, 6pm? Did I not get it right?”
“No, it’s… you got it right” you felt like an idiot just standing there grinning at him like he hung the moon but there was nothing you could physically do to stop it, and besides… he was doing it too. You tried your best to snap out of it “You really drove all the way up here just for that?”
“Why are you so surprised? I was looking for a reason to see you for the longest time. Of course I jumped at the occasion” he bit his lower lip at that, his gaze descending to your own
You almost squirmed at the intensity of his gaze “I’m glad you did. I’ll… just head in real quick to change and then we can go. Do you mind waiting an extra 5 minutes?”
“Of course not. I’ll be in the car” he pointed towards his black Range Rover that you already knew “I’ll start the engine, warm up the car”
“Why’d you wait out here in the cold? On the stairs, no less. You poor man”
“I wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally miss you”
You scoffed “You could’ve told me you were coming!”
He smirked “Now, now... where’s the fun in that?”
You sighed, trying your best at hiding your smile and failing “I’ll be right back”. He nodded and you made your way around him, awkwardly fumbling with your keys and not risking a glance back before you entered the building and rushed upstairs to your flat.
You didn’t even have time to analyze what’d just happened, all you knew is that you needed to tidy up and shower. STAT.
You undressed from your boring work clothes with one hand whilst trying to use your other hand to make your bed. You cleared some takeout boxes, some mugs, and opened your window wide which was kind of a bad idea to do naked in the middle of January, but you were willing to risk pneumonia for the prospect of tonight’s success. You were not going to risk anything ruining your chances of finally getting it on with Mr. I Drove All The Way Here To Take You To The Fucking Movies Styles.
You didn’t really need a shower, but you needed to shave, and the task proved to be rather difficult while buzzing with excitement and also kinda shuddering from the still cold bathroom, as you hadn’t let the hot water run to warm it up properly. There simply was no time for that.
You somehow managed to complete the task without cutting yourself with your brand new sharp razor, and honestly you deserved a freaking medal for that alone. Now, for the outfit. It was definitely well over 5 minutes by now, but this was important. You finally decided on something and after checking that your makeup didn’t run during your shower, you sprayed some perfume on, closed the window, grabbed your ankle boots and coat and rushed downstairs. You checked your phone just before exiting the building. 5:37pm. Not great, not terrible. You could still make it in time for the opening credits.
He saw you sprint down the stairs and towards the car and reached over to push open the passenger door for you. You got in and buckled up immediately “Better hit the gas if we’re gonna make it in time”
“Ooh, yes, ma’am! Where am I headed?”
“Do you know your way around at all?’’ “Of course, I used to live here at one point”
“Oh, okay. Great then” you told him exactly where to take you and expected him to floor the pedal, but he was surprisingly chill still “Sorry it took me longer than expected upstairs. We’re never gonna make it”
“Yes we are” he tsked you “Relax. Even if we miss the opening credits we’re still gonna get there in time for the actual movie. What are we seeing, by the by?”
“Oh, right! I never told you! Uhm… how about we leave that as a surprise”
He glanced at you, squinting his eyes “Why, what is it? It’s not Titanic, is it?”
You threw your head back laughing “No, but i’m not sure if it’s better or worse than that”
He pressed his lips together, checking the rearview mirror and you couldn’t stop laughing. Man, he really did go all in. You wondered briefly if he was really going to hate it. How could someone ever hate The Notebook, though? Surely it wasn’t that much of a chick flick, you had better taste than that yourself.
It’d started sleeting and you were now cocooned in the comforting sound of Harry’s windshield wipers and the barely audible radio he had on. His car smelled like him, all masculine and deep, somehow. You again felt that sense of secureness that he seemed to wrap you in everytime he was around. Like if he was there, no harm could come your way. It was a foreign feeling to you, and you noticed it everytime he was around. His presence grounded you effortlessly.
You kept stealing glances at each other, but neither said anything for the remainder of the car ride and it honestly felt like comfortable silence. You still couldn’t believe he was there, that he’d gone out of his way for such a little thing. You still weren’t allowing yourself to overthink it. Whatever it meant, you were glad of it. Nobody had done special things for you, ever. Precisely for that reason, you didn’t want to read too much into it. Maybe Harry was the kind of person to do things like these for… friends? Is that what you were? Friends that kiss and get naked? Go to sleep tangled up in each other’s arms?
You were so lost in thought that you hadn’t even heard the engine stop. You did however hear Harry get out of the car and before you finished unbuckling your seatbelt he was opening your door for you. You smiled at him, hopping out of the car, suddenly hyper aware of his proximity in the quiet underground parking lot of the mall in which this cinema was located “Did we make it in time? I zoned out for a moment there”
“Yeah, I noticed. Anything the matter?” his voice cautious
“No, no. Everything is great”
“Good” he smiled “We’re just on time, actually. 3 minutes left to spare”
You wanted to scoff, telling him you were going to be needing those 3 minutes to navigate the mall, past the foodcourt and to the cinema but you stopped dead in your tracks watching his eyes stare at your lips once more “Oh?”
Just when he was about to make a move for it you pulled away playfully sprinting towards one of the doors “Would be a shame to let all that good time management go to waste now!”
He raised an eyebrow, a menacing smirk all you got to see before you pushed through the door, him following right behind.
You did, however, manage to make it just in time for the opening credits, which was nice since it meant you didn’t have to stumble in the dark looking for your seats. You weren’t sure whether Harry had caught on that he was going to sit through the Notebook for the next two hours, there were several movies showing at the same time and you’d rushed to get through.
But when the lights dimmed you glanced over to him to see his reaction. You waited and waited, but his face was impassive. You scooted closer to his seat, leaning in to whisper “Have you not seen it before?”
He turned his head towards you, looking at you from underneath his lashes and you momentarily lost yourself in his eyes that looked extra green in the bright lights of the big screen “Doesn’t look familiar so far”
You nodded “Good. That’s great. Let me know when and if you begin recognizing it”
He nodded and you turned your head back to the screen, hoping your blush wasn’t too obvious. Somehow, being out in public like this made it all seem all the more real. You still didn’t know what it was you were doing exactly, why he was here, but you couldn’t care less right then and there.
As the movie progressed, you kept stealing occasional glances, Harry had crossed his arms over his chest, his thighs spread wide as he leaned back in his seat and you wanted to throw your leg over him and straddle him right there and then. Even the way he stood was so god damn sexy. He was scowling slightly, but you had a feeling that was just the look he had when he focused on something. It had gotten to the angsty part.
You realized he had no idea what movie he was watching. If you’d told him the title he’d have recognized it for sure, he would have had to be living under a rock never to have heard of The Notebook, and surely that would’ve made him think that he’d be in for a sappy drama. As it were, though, he appeared to be immersed in the story.
After the main characters went on the boat to feed the swans, you felt his eyes on you and you turned to see him stare at you dreamily “What?” you mouthed
He leaned in “You just looked so... happy, just then”
You creased your brows smilingly “Did I?” you whispered back
“Yeah. Makes me happy that I made that happen tonight”
You held his gaze for a long moment, just staring at each other. You were soon interrupted by the seemingly out of the blue moans and grunts of the two protagonists getting it on.
Harry’s eyebrows shot up and you couldn’t help the loud giggle, earning some scorns from the people around you. “You missed an important bit!” you whined playfully
He just smiled at you, leaning in closer “I don’t mind. I missed you, more”
You looked at him, all the humour leaving you suddenly. The background sex noise wasn’t helping matters much and you found yourself staring at his lips next. He wet them and that was the last straw. You just had to have a taste. He met you halfway and next thing you knew, there you were, at the back of the movie theatre desperately trying to get somehow closer to him. The fact that you couldn’t, really, made it all the more enticing. He threaded his fingers into your hair at the nape of your back and angled your head giving him better access, taking his time and kissing you as if he hadn’t seen you in ages. Every stroke, every caress held meaning behind it and you caught on to his wrist, squeezing tightly. Suddenly you just couldn’t wait for this stupid movie to be over already.
He kissed the corner of your mouth and descended down your jawline leaving wet, open mouthed kisses all the way down to your neck and the back of your ear. You squirmed, crossing your legs “Fuck” you whispered, under your breath
He chuckled at your reaction, the vibrations against your ear sending chills down your spine and then, to your utter dismay he pulled back, all swollen lips and hazy eyes. You were a panting mess and he looked like he was mighty proud of the reaction he got out of you. He brought his index finger to his lips “Shh, pay attention to the movie” he then turned towards the screen, your mouth agape. You kicked his ankle, sinking back in your seat, stealing a glance and seeing him grin at your bratty behaviour.
The rest of the movie went in a blur. You didn’t even tear up at the end, which was unheard of. You’d seen this movie countless times and it’d never failed to make you shed a tear but you were so worked up that you literally couldn’t give a shit about them and their undying love story right then.
What you did give a shit about was getting Harry back to your apartment as soon as possible so that you could finish what he started.
Neither of you talked on the way to the parking lot and it was pretty evident what was on both your minds. Heated gazes were exchanged and you had to physically keep yourself in check when you finally made it inside the car not to jump his bones right then and there.
Harry seemed to be in a bigger rush getting you back home than he was back when he was driving there to make it to the movie in time. Interesting.
“Pull over in that spot! It’s always packed right out front by now” he followed your directions and parked in a very secluded area, barely lit, basically you’d made him pull into a backalley of sorts and he’d fallen for it.
He unbuckled his seatbelt “I hope you don’t park here yourself. It’s dangerous walking back to your building from here. There’s barely any streetlight”
“I don’t. If you’re not comfortable leaving the car here we can look for a different spot”
He looked at you then, his brows furrowing a bit “Y/N... I need to head back, I’ve got an early day tomorrow at work. I’ll walk you to your flat, but I really can’t dally” he checked his watch and you unbuckled your seatbelt as well, catching him unawares as you scooted over the center console , facing him, pulling your knees under you. Before he could really react you dived right in, kissing him urgently. He sank against the seat, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you closer to him. You pushed him even further into his seat, molding your upper body to his, kissing him for all you were worth. You weren’t going to let him leave just like that, especially after he’d riled you up at the movie like that, and get away with it.
You grabbed one of his hands and placed it over your breast, earning a groan from him and you took the opportunity to sneak your own hand down his front and over his crotch. He was painfully hard already, and you felt yourself get soaked just from feeling the outline of his manhood. Darn, he sure didn’t disappoint. You rubbed the heel of your palm over his crotch and he deepened the kiss even further. You were definitely spurring him on. After a bit of warming him up, you took his hand that was still kneading your breast through your clothes and brought it to the buttons of your blouse, nodding your head while still kissing him at his hesitation. He didn’t waste any time, undoing the top buttons of your shirt and pulling its sides open, exposing your purple lace bra to him. You pulled back, letting him admire it, after all, you’d worn it just for him, all the while never ceasing touching him through his pants. You were being delicate, mindful of the friction that was bound to get painful at one point, but made sure to grope him rather than rub, and he was loving it, evidently so.
His eyes dropped to your breasts and his mouth fell agape, his eyes darkening considerably even in the extremely dim light. He stole a couple glances out the window, making sure you were truly hidden from prying eyes, and then dived right in, assaulting the tops of your breasts that were overspilling from your bra’s push up cups. He licked and suckled at the flesh, making your moan louder and louder. You were of course mindful of still being very much out there on the street, it was dark, sure, but a passer by could still probably at least hear you if not see you outright. That very thought was making all of this even more hot. He glanced at you before hooking his pointer finger into one of the cups and at your nod, he pulled at it until he managed to free your left nipple, immediately taking it into his hot mouth.
You mewled, throwing your head back, pushing yourself even more into his mouth somehow, and he slid his other hand from your waist down to your ass, groping and kneading at your flesh there through the thin denim. You needed to work up your courage and go through with your plan; he was distracting you, though.
But after he’d managed to free the other nipple as well and shower it with the same attention as its twin, you sneakily let your fingers find his belt buckle. You tugged on it a bit, making him look at you from under heavy eyelids, he was drunk on you and wasn’t even trying to hide it. You raised your eyebrows in question and after a beat, he actually leaned back in his seat, nodding for you to go ahead.
He furrowed his brows, watching you unbuckle his belt, your tits still spilling out of your bra he’d pushed down your torso, your straps having slid down and over your shoulders. You undid his fly next and you definitely weren’t expecting to have his cock spring right up against his loose fitting underwear, it’d been quite evidently dying for more space. You let out a shaky breath in anticipation and he grunted at your reaction “What are you gonna do about it, baby?” he finally used his words, his voice huskier than ever
“What do you want me to do about it, daddy?” you made sure to emphasize the last word since you knew how much he loved it when you called him that
He reached a hand, framing your jaw, his thumb tugging at your lower lip “I want your mouth”
You smiled at that wickedly, surprising him by wrapping your lips around his thumb and sucking intently, closing your eyes and moaning for effect.
“Fuck!” you actually opened your eyes at that, his voice had sounded so different just then, almost as if it hadn’t even been his own. He was gone, his pupils fully dilated to the point where his eyes had no green left to them. His jaw was clenched, and he was breathing heavily through his nose. You didn’t let up, sucking on his thumb as your hands worked to pull him out of his underwear. The loose fabric definitely helped, seeing as he couldn’t exactly remove his pants in the small space even his large SUV provided you with.
You finally stole a glance at his length that was now fully resting into your hand and you gasped, his thumb sliding out of your wet mouth. “Oh my God!” you couldn’t help it. He was massive. Not only in length, but in girth too, and you suddenly worried you wouldn’t be able to perform quite as well as you’d hoped. You’d never gone down on a guy so big. You’d never had anyone so well endowed.
His cock twitched in your hand, snapping you out of your reverie and you glanced at him, seeing him waiting for you to do something, anything. You could tell he was in pain by now.
You scooted back into your seat a bit so that you’d have room to bend over his lap properly and when you pulled your hair to the side, he caught your wrist gently, halting your descent upon him “You don’t have to do this, you know that, right?” his words rushed, his voice strangled but still he was desperate for you to be sure about this. You smiled and his facial features relaxed a bit, kissing your lips thoroughly before pulling back and sinking back into the seat.
You resumed what you’d been getting ready to do, mentally giving yourself a pep talk while wetting your lips. The scent of his arousal was driving you absolutely wild with lust, precum was leaking freely out of his swollen tip, and your tastebuds were begging for a taste. You’d never been so desperate to take someone into your mouth before. But the size was throwing you off a bit. You decided to quit stalling and opened your mouth for him, sticking your tongue out slightly, and using your hand you maneuvered his cock to rest heavily on it. You then tapped it several times against your tongue before finally closing your lips around his tip, swirling your tongue around it.
Harry hissed, finally threading his fingers into your hair and holding it out of the way for you. You were increasingly worried though, you were struggling with just his tip. But he felt absolutely amazing. You removed your mouth slowly, bringing your hand up from the base of his cock to the tip and back down, lubricating him evenly and wasted no time bringing your lips back around him, delving deeper this time. Harry’s left leg twitched at that, his thigh muscles contracting under you and you brought your other hand to his testicles next. You had to struggle to grasp them into your palm, the both not fitting, juggling one over the other around your fingers, massaging them in time with your thrusts. They were heavy and extremely large, and you briefly wondered how he managed to tuck all that away in those pants of his. The man was carrying some seriously heavy equipment around. You felt him pull at your roots a bit and you applied more pressure to your movements along with hollowing your cheeks more.
“Fucking hell” he gasped, and you could hear him hit the headrest “Y/N, I’m gonna need you to make a decision real soon- Fuck!”
You pulled back, a string of saliva connecting his tip to your swollen lips and looked at him innocently “What’s that, daddy?”
You already knew, of course, what he was about to say, and he rolled his eyes back, chuckling “You’re such a filthy little thing” he then bent over, humour leaving his face entirely and yanked your hair so that your eyes were level “Daddy’s little cockslut, aren’t you baby?”
He didn’t wait for your reply, shoving his tongue past your puffy lips, kissing you over and over, all the while you kept stroking him and toying with his balls. He yanked your hair again, pulling you away and you didn’t miss a beat, your mouth right back on him. His knee jumped again at one particular swipe of your tongue against his slit, making you accidentally choke on him, having pushed himself up into your throat a bit.
Your eyes watered as you gagged but you mustered through, deepthroating him would take some serious training and you were definitely not ready to take on such a beast cold turkey. He shushed you, running his fingers tenderly through your hair “‘m sorry baby, didn’t mean to. You’re doing so good. So fucking good. Look at you, taking daddy so well”
You whimpered at his words and without any warning, he smacked your ass sending you forward a bit, causing you to almost choke on him again “Hope you made up your mind, Y/N, darling” he huffed. You redoubled your efforts, trying to ignore the growing pain in your jaw, focusing more on his tip and working his base increasingly faster. You knew you were most certainly not ready for it, but you were determined to swallow every last drop he had to offer. With a final squeeze to his aching balls and a particularly intense suck to his swollen tip, he came violently, after warning you he would in case you wanted to pull away. You immediately felt your mouth overflow with his cum, more rapidly than you could even begin to swallow it, and you felt it dribble from the corners of your mouth. You heard him groan almost animalistically with every spurt of his release, realizing you’d both completely forgotten where you were and why you needed to be somewhat quiet. When you were certain you’d milked him dry, you pulled away and looked at him. He was looking at you from under heavy eyelids, his breathing labored and his cheeks flushed as he tucked himself away. He grabbed you then, pulling you to straddle him and kissed you, licking off his own release from around your mouth making you whimper needily at the action. All the guys you’d ever gone down on had avoided your mouth like the plague afterwards, but not Harry, he hummed in pleasure tasting himself on your lips, and that alone almost had you orgasming without him even having to touch you. You were already so far gone, you began to wonder if that really was possible; you had a feeling that it definitely was.
“You’re fucking unbelievable” he finally breathed against your lips, his kiss slow and languid and full of gratitude
“You sure you can’t stay?” you hummed. You really hated to sound so needy, after all, it’d always been about you uptil then, but you were too horny to give a damn. You needed him.
“You know I would if I could” he sighed heavily “I’m dying to. This barely scratched the surface of what I wanna do to you, with you, for you…” he kissed down your neck and over your exposed breasts, making you moan deeply. When he finally pulled away and slid your bra back into place along with its straps, and buttoned your blouse back you barely held back your tears. You were pathetic, and you knew it. He’d held back for your sake before, and you were acting like a brat. You knew, realistically, that it was already crazy late, he was already tired and he had a 2 hour drive ahead of him. You had to pull your big girl panties on and tough it out. “Gonna make it up to you” he promised, tucking your hair behind your left ear. With a final kiss to the tip of your nose, you pulled away and he helped you out of the car, placing your coat you’d discarded on the backseat over your shoulders.
After he walked you to your apartment and somehow managed to unglue himself from you and leave, you locked the door, changed, took off your makeup, brushed your teeth and finally plopped into bed.
Not 5 minutes in, your phone rang and you answered a bit worriedly “Harry?”
“Did you get into bed?” you could tell he’d put you on speaker while he was driving
“Yeah. Is something the matter?”
“Yeah. I hate that I had to leave like that”
“Harry…” you sighed, smilingly but he interrupted you
“Now, I’m turning the volume way up high. Gonna need you to be as loud as you can when you come for me, ok? Touch yourself baby, I’m gonna guide you through it, you just be a good girl and do as daddy tells you to, hm?”
A/N: this chapter took freaking ages to get right where i wanted it. i really hope you like this one, was really special to me! come talk to me about it, love hearing from you! 💋
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love on tour: the rival
if the moon smiled, she would resemble you – Sylvia Plath, ‘The Rival’
part one
harry and you are no longer together and it’s complicated.
Tumblr media
read part one here
She felt inadequate.
She felt guilty, ashamed that she’d just up and left without any explanation. He deserved one, an explanation of what was going on in her head that she felt the need to leave. Though, she thought herself to be a coward when it came to that; communication. So now, standing in front of him, looking into his eyes, she still feels inadequate, almost like a cheater– like she’s just wasting his time.
She shakes her head, trying not to notice the defeat on his face. “I– we shouldn’t talk about this tonight. I’m here to support you–”
“–Bullshit,” he spits, fingers running through his damp hair. “You’re fucking me over. Coming here, showing up here… you’re fucking with my head.”
“I’m not doing anything! I’m here because I know this is important to you.”
“Yeah? Well, you fucked with my head, again. Like you always do… like you did the last time you left. I mean– fuck. I should hate you. You knew I’d get all pathetic and beg for you to come back to me because when have I ever stood a chance when it comes to you?”
“Harry…” she tries. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking– I only wanted to show some support. I’ll–” she looks around at the empty room, trying to locate her bag. No luck. “I’ll go.”
She turns around. Harry follows.
He lets out a bitter laugh. “Go,” he says, nodding. “You do a fantastic job at that.”
So she does.
She leaves, her heavy heart and dignity staying behind right where she’d left them, under Harry’s feet. She wanders the streets, quite possibly getting lost before she remembers her phone in her bag so she calls for an Uber to take her back to the hotel. During the ride, all she can think about is the look on Harry’s face, the defeat, the frown, just like how it was when she first left months ago. She curses at herself for turning up again, and like Harry suggested, fucking with his head when things were stable: sure, neither of them were happy, but at least they had the will to get out of the bed and go on with their days.
She murmurs a ‘thank you’ to the driver, and walks inside the building, quickly walking towards the lifts that would take her to her floor. The smell of perfume comes as alien when she first enters her room, reminding her of the excitement that was bubbling up inside her before she’d left her hotel room and took an Uber to the venue. Now, it all seems pointless, empty, pathetic, the smell and the suitcase laying wide open with clothes spilling out of it on the bed. She’d just gone and fucked it all up.
She tries so hard not to think about his eyes when she closes hers and waits for her pink, magic pills to knock her out.
Her arms, hugging her body in the morning, reminds her of Harry, the way he just seemed to fit into her body in the mornings and carved love-poems into her skin while never once letting go of her. He would press kisses down the side of her neck, not caring about the dampness of her skin, or the morning breath when she would let out a gasp as his tongue travelled all the way down to her bare chest, leaving behind secrets and untold stories of the greatest love they’d both like to keep a secret.
It hurts, being the only person hugging her body at the crack of dawn, stomach growling as her eyes beg her to stay shut a little longer, possibly showing the effects of the pill she’d taken last night. Still, she opens them, squinting more or less while she tries to adjust her eyes to the light coming from between the ugly, blue curtains. When she’s fully awake, a cup of coffee downed and concealer set under her eyes to cover the bags, she begins putting every little thing she sees on her bed and the floor into her carry-on, just so she’s ready for the check out when it’s time to do so.
What she doesn’t expect when she opens the door is Harry.
Harry, dressed in a black hoodie, sunglasses on top of his head while he looks at her, eyes clearly tired with the bags beginning to form underneath already. When she looks ahead, she sees a man, pressed against the wall where the lifts are, and she knows he’s there with Harry.
“What are you doing here?”
“So welcoming, aren’t you?”
She shakes her head, briefly glancing at the watch she’s wearing. “I have an hour until I need to check out. Do you… did you want to come in?”
“Yes,” Harry nods, then turns around, and nods at the tall man, too.
“He’s not coming in, is he?”
He gives a brief smile, despite the weird atmosphere surrounding them. “No, Gail is definitely not coming in.”
Once inside, carry-on and her bag still by the door, she decides to take the only seat in the room while Harry looks around for a moment, seemingly assessing the hotel room. He walks to the double bed quietly and perches atop, eyes never leaving hers as he does so. They don’t say much for a couple of minutes, only their breathing and the traffic outside accompanying the dead silence of the room, though Harry seems determined to end it with furrowed brows and puckered forehead.
“When I saw you last night,” he begins, and a deep breath follows. “I thought, ‘fuck, this is really happening’. I thought… you’re here, right? You’re here, and you’re with me. You’re back–”
She feels the need to interrupt, heart in shambles at the fact that she might’ve given him false hope.
“–I’m sorry. I didn’t think how it would affect you; me being there.”
“No, you– I understand. I’m just… still hoping, I guess. Was.”
He clears his throat again, hands in front of him. “Do you still want me? Want us?”
Does she?
Does she?
Of course, I want you, she wants to scream, shout, fall to her knees and cry.
She wanted him so much it caused her an unbearable amount of pain, every morning, every night, every living hour. She was unreliable, has been unreliable and unreachable– that much was true. When Harry wanted them to become something more than a ‘fling’–they definitely were more than that–she got scared, as she always did, and ran. She left him in bed, naked and the previous night still evident on his body, and ran away. Just like that.
Then she came back, because she would do anything and everything just to be able to kiss his lips, hold his hand again. And Harry tried. He tried all the time, talking her through things, telling her how wonderful they would be if she’d just give in. She just wasn’t cut out for a relationship with someone like him– someone so perfect. At least this was her excuse.
But now, having him in front of her, she feels different. She feels defeated. Open. Open for him, open to anything he would bring into her life, anything that would come from and with him.
“I want you, Harry,” she murmurs as she plays with the ring on her thumb. “I want you all the time. I’m just– I’m not a good person to be in a relationship with.”
“And who told you that,” his hands clench on his lap.
“I did. Because I know it’s true.”
“Can’t you see how fucking in love with you I am? How crazy you make me– how this hide-and-seek game of yours is making me feel? I’m done,” he says her name, the letters falling from his lips in a practiced manner.
It makes her insides hurt.
“This,” she says. “Is not a game, Harry– I swear I’m not playing with you. I love you–”
“–I love you, too, you know how much I love you.”
He shakes his head, brows furrowed. “No– don’t say ‘but’.”
“You deserve someone reliable. Someone normal. Who’s always there for you.”
“You’re always there for me– you were, last night. You didn’t have to come, but you did,” he tries to argue, still shaking his head like it’s the only thing he knows.
“I wanted to see you.”
“I did, too. You wanted to see me, you wanted to be there for me.”
“Harry… please.”
He gets on his feet, and it’s scary, knowing he might just leave. Ironic, she thinks, how the very thought makes her lose it.
“Come back to me, baby, I know you want that,” he steps closer to her, getting on his knees by her feet. “I can see it in your eyes. Just give in.”
“Please, don’t.”
“Tour bus leaves tonight. At seven o’clock sharp. I’ll be in St. Louis tomorrow–”
“–Harry,” she shakes her head, hands coming to rest on his cheek. It’s cold.
“–I’ll wait. I will wait until seven. I’m not moving until you come back to me,” he places his hand on hers, squeezing as she thumbs at his stubble. “I have to go now. But– I’ll wait.”
He gets up, her hand falling on her lap with the movement, and he leaves. Just like that.
The telephone rings after a while of her just sitting on that uncomfortable chair, bringing her back to reality, and there’s someone with a Southern accent kindly asking her if she’s ready to check out now. And she is. She’s ready to check out. Of everything, and of Harry’s life.
It’s quarter past one when she’s just standing in front of the hotel, waiting for her Uber, and she realises she has nowhere to go but a Starbucks– which she’d inserted whilst trying to book a car. She knows nearly no one in the States, and everyone she knows, Harry does too. Despite that, she still takes her phone out as she gets comfortable in the backseat, and looks through her contacts. She doesn’t even take that long to decide on a name before she presses the call button, and waits for the person to pick up.
Once seated, it only takes that person half an hour to arrive, and she immediately feels home when she sees the familiar face walking through the crowds of people, dressed in a yellow jumper and ripped jeans as he stands in front of her with open arms which she throws herself into.
“You’re lucky I’m not leaving until seven,” Harry Lambert says jokingly, hand rubbing circles on her back as they embrace each other.
“I’m a lucky gal.”
“That you are, sweetheart. I’m just gonna order a cold brew, d’ya want anything,” he nods at her latte. She declines.
He comes back in no time, straw already in his mouth as he slurps away, and it makes her smile, the familiarity of him and everything that comes with it.
“Sorry if I’m holding you back from your tour duties,” she smiles, but it’s a broken one. He doesn’t point it out.
Lambert just snorts, placing his drink on the table. “No, it’s all good. As I said, I’m not that busy today. You’re all right.”
“Thanks. I just know no one here and have nowhere to go.”
“You know me!”
She smiles, and takes a tiny sip from her drink. “Does he know you’re here?”
He shakes his head, brows furrowing. “No. I didn’t see him today. Are you– leaving tonight? For good?”
It’s a reasonable question, she thinks, and he has every right to ask.
He nods, but the expression on his face is hard.
She knows he wants to say something, wants to argue, and to tell her to stay. Though, none of it happens as he just sits there, the both of them in comfortable silence as they sip their drinks. But in true Harry Lambert fashion, he cracks soon enough with a sigh.
“He loves you, you know,” he says, and nods, as if to make his argument stronger.
“I know. I love him, too.”
“Remember when I found you lot snogging after The Grammys? You kept telling us you were just friends still, but we– Jeff and I, figured it was more than that.”
“Sorry. I’m just– I love you both very, very much, okay? And– he’s hurting.”
“I know. That’s why I’m not in his life.”
He groans. “But you are. You’re a big part of his life, how can you not see that?”
“I want the best for him.”
“But you’re leaving, how is that good for him?”
She sighs, watching the foam disappear slowly in her cup. “I keep hurting him. So, I’m leaving. For good, this time. I won’t pop up every once in a while. I know that’s not good for him.”
“He wants you,” Lambert takes a sip from his drink. “He wants you permanently. You leaving again, for good, will crush him. So bad. And– look, I love you, but I love him, too; I’m scared he won’t be able to recover after you leave. Again.”
Harry Lambert leaves after two hours, and she finds herself scrolling through plane tickets on her phone. She finds one, for three in the morning, and she figures waiting at the airport is a better idea than wandering the streets. 
She then looks outside the window from where she’s seated inside the cafe, and her gaze lands at two people waiting at the bus stop nearby. One of them spots something on the ground so he just gets on his knees, and she later figures out the thing he’d just spotted being the girl’s unlaced trainers. She watches as he ties them again, and presses a kiss to her jean-covered knee before getting back on his feet and taking the seat next to her again. Then, something gives in inside her. Something big, something scary.
Two hours later, she finds herself in front of a humongous building as she locks her phone and puts it back in her coat pocket, and when the security guard sees her, she’s immediately ushered inside. She walks past so many big buses and a few lorries before she spots it– his bus. With weak knees, one hand holding the carry-on and the other freezing despite the cosiness of her coat pocket, she walks closer to the black bus with pink stripes. She doesn’t have to knock, though, because the door opens as soon as she lifts her hand, and there he is.
There he is, she thinks, there's love, there’s him.
His lips taste like countless apologies and, ‘you found me’s, and his touch feels warm on her skin, soothing the soaring feeling in her chest, making the screams in her head die down with fingertips on her neck, face, everywhere they can reach at the moment. It’s love. She knows the feeling, it’s familiar. But there’s love, there’s her love, and she thinks, ‘I finally found you’.  
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rommahh · a day ago
{this show was off the walls. He looked so good. And the energy was just??}
You stood uncomfortably at your flights gate with Harry. After being with Harry for five shows, your anxiety had reached a peak leaving you to be faced with one of your worst panic attacks before the St. Louis show. Harry didn’t want you to feel so much mental pressure so he suggested that you go home, he even bought you a ticket without consulting with you.
Your shoulders were tense as you stood rigid next to Harry. You were beyond upset and sad. You felt like a burden who being sent away to make everyone else feel better.
“Love, it will be ok. I’ll see you in two weeks for the Nashville show.” Harry comments watching your face scrunch up withholding the tears. “I just want you to see your therapist for a few days.”
“I don’t wanna go. It was one panic attack. Ive done fine every other night and on the bus.” You huff not making eye contact with Harry. “You’re just sending me away.”
Harry feels his heart break in two. “That’s not-“
“We are now welcoming our first class passengers.” He was cut off by the attendant. You grab your duffle on the ground, opening your phone to the electronic ticket. You moved to get in the line but Harry was quick to grab your arm to stop you. You couldn’t stop the tears from welling in your eyes at the look of hurt on his face.
“You’re not even gonna say goodbye?” He whispers.
“Why should I? You said it for me when you purchased the ticket without even talking to me about it. I’ll call you when I land, I love you and goodbye.” You snatched your arm away, rushing to the slowly growing line of passengers.
Harry watched in defeat as you trudged onto the bridge that boarded onto the plane. You felt those traitorous tears push past the surface, your feet feeling like they were dragging behind you- wanting you to go back to your heart.
The entire flight home was painful. All hours spent on the flight looking lifelessly out of the window. Harry put you in first class but none of the comfortable perks could make you happy.
It was weird to walk back into your home with no one there walking in with you or even waiting for you. The house was dark and quiet and you felt scared to even be in the stupid beach side mansion all alone. Times like this made you regret moving in with Harry. This house only felt like home when he was there, any other time felt like your own personal solitary confinement.
Hey lovie, hope you’re flight went well. Having groceries delivered to the house for you. I love you and miss you. Xxx H.
You scoffed. That anger from before bubbling within you. He misses you? You left him on read, the pettiness easing the anger.
Harry’s eyebrows shot up at the small read notification under his sent message. He waited a few moments thinking maybe you just forgot to press send. Minutes turned to hours and hours turned into the next day.
You sat at the dining room table watching the waves eat up the sand and pull granules away at a time. Your laptop sat in front of you after you finished a telehealth therapy appointment. A ring sounded from the laptop signaling that someone was FaceTiming you.
Harry’s icon popped up in the corner of the screen. You hesitated before answering. You couldn’t bare to look at yourself in the camera knowing you looked a mess. Your eyes swollen from the sobbing during therapy. Harry thought you looked beautiful nonetheless.
“Good morning baby.” He broke the silence.
“Hi.” Was all you could muster. This wasn’t the two of you. You both would normally fill a space with sound and giggles and now it was just silence.
“How did you sleep?” He asks. He looked as disheveled as you. Hair messy, face red and puffy.
“Fine.” You didn’t look at him, playing with the frayed edges of your Live on Tour hoodie. Harry huffed in frustration.
“Is this how it will be from now on?” He snapped. Your head snapped up out of shock.
“You’re getting at me like somethings my fault!” You snapped back.
“Well, we didn’t leave on the right foot.”
“You sent me away!” You retaliate.
“No, I did not. You had a panic attack before I went on stage. I had to come on stage late because I was consoling you.”
You flinched at his comment and tone of voice.
“So it’s my fault? I can’t control the panic attacks. It wasn’t like I conjured one up for attention.” His lack of response broke you. “Really?”
“No, I don’t think you did it for attention but it’s a lot Y/N. I want to take you on tour with me but it’s a lot for me and you know it’s a lot for you.” He tries. His words hurt though. You’ve felt like a burden your entire life and to feel that way because of the love of your life hurts even more.
“Ok. Um, I have to go.” You choke out. Harry shakes his head, the weight of his words catching up with you.
“I didn’t mean it in that way. I love you and I only want to protect you.”
“Yeah, protect me by sending me away when things get tough. I’m sorry for being a burden Harry.” You hang up before he could get the last word in.
Harry sat on his hotel bed shocked. He doesn’t know how things escalated the way they did. He made her feel like a burden. His body racks with sobs as he thinks of how his love must be feeling.
The day of Harry’s Philly show you felt uneasy. You didn’t like not being with Harry. You got so used to your preshow rituals with him. It hurt to be left out after being so involved.
Harry felt the same way. His regret evident in the way that he couldn’t stop blowing up your phone with short apologies and messages. He woke up alone in the hotel room on the day of a show feeling like utter crap.
His stomach was in knots and his heart couldn’t stop pounding. Normally before a show you both would share a light meal and have small discussions about nothing. You both would take silly selfies together or watch tiktoks. But now it was just Harry.
He pulled his phone out of his pocket, impulsively clicking your contact to face time.
“Pick up, pick up, pick up…” He mutters. He lets out a sigh of relief when your face reveals.
“Hi, Harry.” You murmur, your face squished into a pillow, his pillow because it smells good.
“Hi-hi baby.” He stutters fidgeting in his seat.
“What do you need?”
“I need you. You’re not a burden. I want you here, not there but here. I have a show in a few hours and all I can think about is how you’re not here with me.” He cries. You sit up in the bed, tearing up watching your boyfriend cry. His shoulders shook with the sobs that wracked through his chest.
“Harry, please breathe. Your gonna hurt yourself.” You try to calm him down but can tell it’s not working.
“Come back.” He whimpers.
“I-I think I’m going to stay home until Nashville. We both need a breather from each other and I know I need to see my psychiatrist and probably get some new anxiety medication. Which will take the two weeks to kick in you know?” You reason. Harry wiped his face of tears nodding understandingly.
“Ok. I miss you though. I fucked up horribly by making you feel less than. I know you’re not a burden and I’d do anything for you. The stress of tour is starting to weigh on me and I took it out in you when I shouldnt have. I also thought I was keeping you safe by sending you home, but I shouldn’t have done that. Because we are a team, I shouldn’t be making choices for you.”
“Thank you for apologizing. I understand why you did what you did. You were trying to protect me, I know. I love you Bubby.” Harry felt his world come back together at the nickname, a signal that you two would be alright. “You have a show in like three hours, you need to get ready. Eat some food, drink water please, and I’ll go and scroll through TikTok and send you all of my faves ok?”
“Ok. Thank you for being everything to me. I couldn’t do what I do today if I didn’t have you in my life.” Harry’s sincerity made your heart swell.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We will be alright. Now go!” You urged him to hang up the phone. He gave you one last smile before hanging up.
Watching Harry through some Instagram live wasn’t what you had planned for but it felt good to see him. He even wore the outfit you picked out with Harry lambert, the blue and pink paying homage to fine line. You’re heart gushes when he tells the crowd that he’s feeling really happy.
The next day you have another therapy appointment with your regular therapist, you even phone in Harry to join the call. You felt warm on the inside as your therapist reassured that you and Harry’s relationship was on the right path. She even said that you and Harry were meant to be together.
She didn’t have to tell Harry that for him to already know that information. I mean he had the ring sitting in his pocket to prove it.
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leeroysdancer · 2 days ago
Fake Instagram
Face claim : camila morrone
Heyyyy I hope you like this!!! Btw thank you for following me and reading my stuff means alot💕 I love seeing your name pop up in my notifs 💕
Tumblr media
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Harry Styles: Love On Tour. St Louis. MO
Yourinstagram: look at this Mr Arrogant himself posted a picture..
Harryfan49: WHAHAHAH...
Harry Styles: ...
Y/nfan20: he looks mad..
Yourinstagram: someone probably pissed in his cereal..
Gemma Styles: @yourinstagram I beg you let's meet up 🙏
Yourinstagram: check ur dms 🤭
Y/nfan20: WHAT?
Tumblr media
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Yourinstagram: don't blame the drunk calling. #JusticeForTBSL
Y/nfan39: her fingers omg..
Harry Styles: Wasn't ready for it all..
Yourinstagram: you can't blame me darling, not even a little bit...
Niall Horan: I was away...
Yourinstagram: @Harry Styles you better finish it...
Harry Styles: and I am just an arrogant son of a bitch who can't admit when he is sorry 🙄
Yourinstagram: got yourself out of trouble mister..
Gemma Styles: @yourinstagram marry me please 🥺😂
Harryfan29: she is getting things out of him...
Y/nfan67: #JusticeForTBSL
Tumblr media
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Gemma Styles: hot wifeyyy🖤
Harry Styles: Why is she looking down?
Yourinstagram: I am looking down at you, Mr arrogant 🖤
Harry Styles: :/
Y/nfan67: she looks good in black 🥺🖤
Harryfan20: y/n really said tbsl rights 😂
Anne Twist: pretty🖤
Yourinstagram: Thank you miss Twist 🖤
Harryfan25: I hope he sings now tbsl..
Tumblr media
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DailyHarry: Harry Styles arrived today at the airport, holding the singer/ actress y/n y/l/n's hand. They looked very comfortable what do you think of them?
Y/nfan67: oh ... my .. God...
Yourinstagram: I read that in Janice her voice..
Harryfan68: my lorddddd are they???
Harryfan25: I hope they are together..
Y/nfan20: I kinda ship them...
Yourinstagram: ...
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He loves it tho
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New meme lmfao
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acidrry · a day ago
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram getting ready for love on tour😌
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y/nfan1 OH MY GODDD
harryfan8 QUEEN
zendaya beautiful 💕
yourinstagram no you are
harrystyles i love u
yourinstagram i love u more😚
Tumblr media
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harrystyles San Antonio. You were incredible. All the love. H
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harryfan5 HES SO HOT AND FOR WHAT??!
yourinstagram i know right
harryfan9 SHE REPLIED!
y/nfan5 I was at the concert and it was AMAZING!!fuck best day of my life.
harryfan8 taste like- tastes like- RASPBERRIES I'll leave.
yourinstagram loved the show. So proud of you!!
harrystyles thank you,baby.
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yourinstagram raspberries
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harryfan9 dried cherries! NO
harryfan4 she's so pretty 😣
yourinstagram thank you 😳
annetwist hope you and harry are doing well! x
yourinstagram we are!! Thanks for asking. Hope your well too. x
harrystyles mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry.
yourinstagram HARRY WTF
harryfan3 LMAO HARRY
hiii this was my first fanfic/imagine?? whatever. I'm just experimenting. Lets see how this turned out. be nice. let me know if you want more<3
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loveontourlove · 2 days ago
Love on Tour ♡
Part 6: Saint Louis
A/N: Two chapters back to back I’m spoiling you!! Hope you guys love this chapter. Big shoutout to my bestie @harrysfolklore who’s helping me build this story🤍 Don’t forget to leave your feedback, I love reading your messages. Love -Vee
Warning: slight sexual content
Story Masterlist // 3k words // Ask me anything
Tumblr media
Part 6: Saint Louis
September 14, 2021
My head tilts back into the mattress in pleasure, the quiet but desperate sound of my moans the only thing that can be heard in the room. Harry’s face is buried between my legs and I’m holding his head, pulling his hair every time a wave of pleasure hits me.
“I knew you would taste incredible” Harry looks up at me and I almost come at the sight. His big eyes darkened in lust and his whole chin coated in my arousal.
“Like strawberries?” I shakily breathe out a giggle and he chuckles against my clit, making my whole body vibrate. 
“Much, much better” He says and goes back to his licking and sucking, making me writhe beneath him.
I can feel the muscles in my lower stomach clenching and I have to squeeze my eyes shut in a desperate attempt to keep it together. 
“Look at me” Harry demands but I’m too overpowered with pleasure “Look at me or I’ll stop”
The authority and raspy sexy tone in his voice make me finally obey and it’s the final straw that pushes me over the age. 
I squirm and shake underneath him as my orgasm runs throughout my whole body in an out of body experience. Harry keeps his hands on my thighs as he admires me while I reach my climax.
“You look absolutely beautiful coming undone in my bed in the morning” He says and I look up at him. A filthy sight in front of me with Harry propped on his knees between my legs, wiping my juices from his mouth with his hand. 
He lets himself fall into the bed, settling beside me, and I take one big breath, finally calming myself down.
“What time is it?” I ask him, voice groggy from sleep and our previous activities.
“Mmm a little after 8 I think” Harry says after checking the time on his phone.
“What!” I nearly scream and get up quickly from the bed, almost slipping with the sheet still tangled around me “I’m so fucking late, oh my god”
“Babe, calm down” Harry says from his spot on the bed but I’m desperately looking for my clothes around the room trying to cover myself a bit with my arm.
“It’s okay I promise” Harry says again trying to interrupt my nervous trance but I pay no mind to him as I incoherently mutter things about how Luis is gonna kill me. I get down to the floor and look under the bed in a desperate attempt to locate my shoes. 
“Emilia!” Harry finally exclaims loud enough and I push myself back up to look at him.
“What?” I ask him, slightly mad at him for being the reason I completely lost track of time, though more annoyed at myself for letting it happen.
“The buses have already left, there’s no point in rushing. I will call Jeff and we’ll make it to Saint Louis in no time” He says from the bed and I huff.
I finally spot the gray Greenbay Packers sweatshirt and pull it over my head, standing up and making my way to the bathroom. 
I’m splashing water on my face when I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist.
“Don’t be mad at me” Harry says, placing a quick kiss on my neck and I roll my eyes at how calm he is behaving.
“How are you so calm?” I ask, turning around so I’m facing him, my lower back resting on the bathroom counter. He moves his hands to rest on his hips, trapping me in place.
“I’m the man of the show. Jeff has to get me to Saint Louis somehow, and you’re with me. So we will both get there” He says, still too calm for my liking in this situation.
“Luis is going to fire me” I finally say letting out a breath, voicing one of my concerns at the moment.
“If he fires you, I fire him. Then I hire you again” He smiles cheekily at me and I let out a quiet laugh, starting to relax. It’s hard to stay mad at this man.
“There you go” Harry says, noticing it and lifts hand to cup my jaw “It’s okay sunshine, we will make it to the hotel before them, no one will even notice”
“Stop grinning. This is your fault” I scold him, not that mad anymore. 
“Mmm, you didn’t seem to complain when I had my face between your legs this morning” He says cockily and I roll my eyes, playfully this time as I’m much more relaxed “I’m also very much enjoying my extra time with you, and I allow myself to be selfish from time to time”
His phone rings, interrupting our talk, and he picks it up walking out of the bathroom. Last time you jeopardize your job for a man, I mentally scold myself while looking at my face in the mirror. Easier said than done when that man is fucking Harry Styles. 
“All set, Jeff booked us a plane” He tells me as I walk back into the room.
“Okay” I only say.
“It’s all good sunshine, I promise” He says, trying to reassure me again. I know he thinks I’m only worried about being late and having missed the bus. But the fact I was so careless about my job this morning turned the wheels on my head and now I’m back to overthinking everything. 
“It can’t happen again Harry” I finally say. I decide right this moment that we are too far gone to stop this now, but some rules and boundaries will have to be set.
“It won't,” Harry reassures me, and walks over to me carefully, knowing he’s walking on eggshells around me this morning. When I don’t move, he puts his hands tenderly around my waist. 
“We’ll put two alarms' ' I say and he nods, agreeing with me. 
“Anything you want babe” He says.
“And no morning sex” I say, pointing my finger at his chest.
“What? Why?” His face falls and he pouts, making me giggle.
“Because we seem to lose track of time” I say matter of factly.
“Mmmm okay. I’ll try my best” Harry says, making me laugh “Feeling better now?”
“Yeah” I say “I’m sorry if I overreacted. The thought of failing at my job stresses me out” 
“Nothing that stresses you out will ever be an overreaction” He says, planting a quick kiss on my lips and I smile at his statement, seemingly simple, but so deep in meaning.
I head back to my room to gather my stuff, after agreeing to meet Harry in the underground garage in half an hour. 
Turns out flying on a private jet is much quicker than driving from Houston to Saint Louis, so we did end up arriving in the city before everyone else. Harry was right in that no one seemed to notice I just magically appeared at the hotel. Or maybe everyone just minds their own business. 
I slept in Harry’s room again and he kept loyal to this promise of two alarms and no morning sex, even if he complained several times about it as he layed in bed while I got ready to start the day bright and early, overcompensating for my lack of punctuality the day before. 
It’s almost show time again, and I’m feeling happy. I really missed the feeling of vibrant energy and adrenaline rush that surrounds this moment. I send Harry Lambert the photo of Harry’s outfit for tonight, so he can post in his Instagram story while I wait for him to come and help him get ready. 
“Ready for you babe” Harry says entering the room, and starts undressing. I hand him the metallic bright orange red shirt, the chosen color for the night, and he slides his arms through the sleeves. 
“I like this one” I say about his outfit, as I come closer to him and start working on buttoning the shirt up.
“Yeah?” He asks, looking at me with a fond smile on his face, enjoying our closeness. This has become our favorite pre-show ritual. A quiet, intimate moment shared between just the two of us right before he goes out on stage and gives himself out to the world. 
“Mhm, goes very well with your new rockstar status” I say and he laughs quietly. 
“I’ll try to make justice to it on stage” He tells me. 
“Please, it’s your chance to properly go all Elton John on us” I finally say. I fix his collar and sleeves.
“Noted” He says and plants a quick kiss on my lips “Anything for my muse”
I push his chest lightly, blushing at his corny words. 
Once we are done and Harry’s all dressed up, I decide to do something I hadn’t felt comfortable asking him before.
“Let’s take a selfie” I say, pulling the camera app on my phone. He smiles at me and gets closer, setting his hand on the low of my back. We both smile at the camera and I snap a couple of photos in one go. 
“Another one” Harry says and right as I press the shutter button he dips his head and plants a kiss on my cheeks, making me laugh. My new favorite picture.
I’ve decided that if this dream I’ve been living with Harry for the past couple of days has an expiration date, then I will try to take out as many good memories from it as I can. And someday I will treasure this photo of us as a reminder of what we had.
“I talked with Luis” Harry brings me back to reality.
I look at him expectantly, nervous about what Luis had to say about our slip this morning.
“We agreed you will be traveling with him and I from now on” He finally says.
“What? Why? No!” I protest. Didn’t get fired today at least, I think to myself.
“It makes no sense for you to travel with the rest of the crew if you work with me and Luis” Harry says.
I look at him but don’t say a word, too many mixed feelings erupting inside me. I had been trying to keep them at bay all day but  I feel like I won’t be able to hold them in for too long.
“I promise it was Luis who came up with the idea, but I did not oppose” He smirks.
“I just don’t want people thinking I’m getting special treatment” I finally admit. Hating the idea that I will be, indeed, getting special treatment.
“Babe, as far as I know you’re the only one around here moaning my name at night. Seems pretty special to me” He smirks.
I can’t help but chuckle at his logic and push his shoulder lightly. I try to lighten up. Let yourself have some fun, resonates in my mind.
“It’s more practical for work this way, babe. And as a bonus it will give us more time together and a more flexible schedule. So we can reconsider that morning sex ban” He winks.
“Are you always this horny?” I ask him. Secretly content at the possibility of more morning sex with him.
“Just for you” He says, lighting the fire on my cheeks for the millionth time this week.
“We can reconsider morning sex. I guess it’s part of my new groupie duties” I joke, finding the comparison quite funny. But Harry doesn’t seem to think the same as his face immediately falls and his lips turn down into a frown. 
“You’re not a groupie” He says with no trace of humor in his tone. “You’re much more than that” 
The conversation has turned too intense for my liking and I silently thank Jeff and Tommy for bursting through the door and pulling Harry with them. Less than ten minutes till showtime.
I make my way to the sidelines where I’ll be watching. Harry’s last words clash with my own thoughts that this is just a summer affair for him and that we won’t make it past the tour. I try to turn off the internal turmoil in my head so I can at least enjoy seeing him back on stage.
Halfway through the show I decide to go back to the dressing room and start packing up Harry’s stuff. The show and ambiance of the arena was a bit too overwhelming for me tonight. 
I almost have a heart attack when the door slams open and sweaty Harry bursts into the room tackling me into a hug. 
“Harry! What are you doing here?” I squeal into his arms and he lets go of me. 
“I didn’t spot you in the crowd. Are you okay?” He asks out of breath still in a clear adrenaline rush. 
“Of course I’m okay, go back outside” I laugh, still incredulous he ran all the way here from the stage. 
“Okay, now kiss?” He says, puckering his lips. I shake my head at his stubbornness. 
“You’re unbelievable” I chuckle “Your fans are waiting! Go now!”
“I don’t care. Kiss” He says again and I finally give in, leaning in and kissing him quickly but sweetly. He gives me a big pleased smile. 
“Now go!” I order, signaling outside with my hand.
“I like when you go all bossy on me” he says and turns around so he can run back to the stage. 
I decide that if I will risk it all, there’s no one else I’d rather do it for than him.
“Come over when you’re ready okay” Harry pecks my cheek quickly as he goes around giving his goodbyes and thanking the arena staff. I nod and smile. 
I’m the last to leave and ’m about to call it a night when Jeff comes into the dressing room.
“Hey Em” He greets me, looking calm. Maybe I will end up getting fired tonight after all.
“Hey” I smile at him. So far Jeff has been nothing but kind to me and his, I am however a little nervous to be alone with him, now that I’m with Harry and knowing that he suspects.
“How’s everything going?” He asks and I silently pray we get over this small talk soon.
“It’s been good. How’s Glenne?” I ask him and he gives me a fond smile at the mere mention of his wife. He adores her.
“She’s good, had to go back to LA but is hoping she can rejoin us soon” He replies.
I only nod and smile. Awkward.
“Look, I probably should just say this already” Jeff starts. Thanks god. “This is a concert tour, I’m not going to bring HR here and give you a speech or anything but Harry is my client after all and it’s my job to make sure everything is always running according to his best interests”
I just nod.
“So I’m just going to straight up ask  that you guys lay as low as possible for now. Harry hates commotion and I don’t want him out of his comfort zone for now”
Okay so he doesn’t suspect, he knows.
“Of course” I finally say “I completely understand. And I also only want what’s best for Harry”
I hope he catches how sincere I’m being.
“I know” Jeff says “I trust you Em, this is just part of my job”
I smile at him in silent understanding.
“I’m going to leave now. But Em? Harry is not only my client, he’s also my best friend” He finally says, placing a hand on my shoulder “And I’m really glad he found you”
He looks at me with the most sincere look in his eyes and gives me one last nod before leaving me alone with my thoughts.
I’m really glad we found each other too. 
Even if it wrecks me. 
I knock on Harry’s door an hour later, as I told him I would do. I still have an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach and I’m not feeling my best. The day has been long and my mind’s been plagued with too many thoughts.
Harry opens the door in black Nike shorts and his Jerry Lewis Vintage tee. He’s smiling brightly but his expression changes abruptly when he sees me standing in front of him teary eyed and exhausted. 
“What’s wrong?” He's quick to ask. I shake my head and jump into his arms, clinging to him and holding him close. 
“I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed” I tell him, taking a deep breath “That’s all”
“I’ve got you, baby” He says as he pulls me in and closes the door, not letting go of me. We stay there just holding each other for a while. Harry rubs my back and plants kisses on my forehead every once in a while, and I let him take care of me. 
The more that you say
The less I know
Wherever you stray
I follow
I'm begging for you to take my hand
Wreck my plans
That's my man
Willow - Taylor Swift
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gucciwins · a day ago
The First Kiss
Harry and Y/N go on their first date...will they finally become something more?
Word count: 4814
A/N: I know how much you all love breakout room and the follow up it's your birthday. I love writing them and it's been a while but do know they are doing well. this is nothing but sweet fluff. I do mention the vaccine and wearing masks which I hope you all are doing. it's important to stay safe and truly wish nothing but the best for you all. I love you xxx
please reblog and let me know your thoughts
“Are you feeling good? I sent over a goodie basket.”
Harry giggled, loving how concerned you were. “I’m doing good, baby.” He sees you tuck your head into your sweater smiling, when he notices it’s the one he sent you in a goodie basket after you got your second shot of the vaccine.
It’s spring break, and Harry can finally say he is officially vaccinated after letting the mandated two weeks pass. It’s perfect timing, honestly, as he has been itching to finally see you in person again.
Your university let you know that they would begin to have vaccine dates open to students through an email that you quickly forwarded to Harry. You had to register to get a date for your first vaccine, and slots were filling up fast. You shot Harry multiple texts telling him what day you got and time, but you went without an answer for an hour which is weird, seeing as Harry never liked to leave you waiting more than five minutes.
By the time he got back to you, he had to wait two weeks, unlike you, who would be getting in only three days. You asked why he didn’t answer, and he said he was in class. You frowned because even then, he always answered. He then confessed he lost his phone in his apartment and didn’t have time to search for it.
You laughed about it, but he was disappointed because he wanted to see you. To give you a hug. To hold your hand.
After spending his birthday together, you both decided against meeting in person for safety even though you both wanted to, more than anything. You postponed your date to the future. Instead, you completed the group assignment through zoom meetings that led to facetime calls. After submitting the project and learning that you aced the assignment, well, you both caved in.
Harry gushed on how he always got B’s on the professor’s assignments, and to celebrate, he sent you a dozen cupcakes from the bakery that you never stop raving about located only three blocks from where you live. Then proceeded to call him over to celebrate and who was he to say no. Harry was shocked at how rich and full of flavor they were because he wasn’t aware it was vegan. Yet, it tasted better than anything he ever had. Harry realized why it was your favorite, promising to take you there in person to have your pick of favorites and not only red velvet and carrot cake because they were safe choices.
You couldn’t say you’ve been on a proper date with Harry, but you’d like to count all the zoom calls and facetime calls as dates not that you let Harry know it would only inflate his ego. You’d start a call to ask a question on assignments, and it would lead to sharing stories back and forth of what their favorite book was to where they would visit if they could go that very second. You loved how insightful he was, also liked how he used pastel highlighters to mark his annotations. Harry was a fan of how you always had a pencil in your hair or behind your ear. How you always had a snack on hand because you didn’t want to listen to professors without something to eat or you’d lose focus.
You were glad you’d be able to get together safely but also taking all the needed precautions. Safety is hot, as Harry liked to say all the time when you sent him photos of you wearing your masks.
“Yeah, like the basket?”
Harry grins, but it’s not as bright due to the lacking pixels of your laptop. He holds it up, having placed it in his lap. “I did love the bath bombs.”
You smile back at him, “Going to change your life. Self-care is important, bub. Even in the smallest ways as a bath.”
Harry nods, “I know, baby. The reason I remember to take deep breaths each morning, no longer eager to reach for my phone.”
“Proud of you.”
“And I of you, baby.”
Harry shines his dimples at you when you turn your head away at the sweet name he started calling you a few weeks ago. You adored it, honestly, but it always left you feeling flustered.
“H, please.”
“Baby, I like seeing you flustered.”
“You’re a menace.”
He shrugs, still giggling.
“How are Mitch and Sarah?”
“Wonderful, sickly in love as always. Spend their time at Sarah’s like composing together.”
“That’s sweet.” You lean in, smiling at him, “you know we should all hang out together. I get to meet Mitch properly and see Sarah again, and you’ll get to meet Amy.” You grow excited at the thought.
“Not before I get to see you.”
“H, we got to coordinate a day that works for all of us. No need to get jealous.”
“Not jealous.”
“Sure,” you reply sarcastically.
“Got to learn to share me with Amy. I cook her lunch and dinner; otherwise, she’d be nothing but a walking cadaver.”
“I want you to make me lunch and dinner,” he pouts.
“I can now that you’ve vaxxed.”
“That I am, so you are.”
“Yes,” you’re waiting for him to go on.
“Will you go on a date with me? Think we waited long enough, and if my feelings weren’t obvious enough, I like you and really want to take you out.” he rambles on.
You interrupt him knowing fully well he could go on for days, “I’d love to, Harry.”
“Yeah, baby?”
“Yes, Harry.”
“Great. Friday then.”
“I’m free.”
“I know, know your schedule by heart.”
“Creep,” you gasp at the news.
“Shush, like you don’t have my classes added to your planner.” Your turn to pout.
“I like knowing your schedule, and they overlap.”
“I do too. Look forward to your messages every day between classes.”
“So Friday? What are you planning?”
“A picnic.”
You jump up in excitement, causing your laptop to fall back on your bed before you dive to save it. Harry yelling dramatically in the background as if you just dropped him.
“H, be quiet. You’re fine.”
“Dropped me, darling.”
He mutters something in return, but you can’t hear him.
“So I’ll prepare lunch because you’ve told me once or twice that you’re hopeless in the kitchen.” Harry doesn’t even try to fight you because it’s true. “You’ll take care of drinks and desserts.”
“Seems like you’re planning the date,” he teases.
“I like picnics.”
“Well, I like you, so I’ll let you take over.”
Your smile turns soft, reaching your hand out as if you could reach in and caress him. “I like you, too. I can’t wait to give you a hug.”
“Counting down the hours.”
“Alright, you have class in ten, and you always struggle to log in.”
“Making me hang up. Not fair.” Harry frowns, debating skipping class for you.
“Don’t think about it, Styles.”
“Fine. Take care, baby.”
“Bye, H.”
A date.
You have a date with Harry.
Finally, it happened.
You were nervous.
Why were you nervous? It was just Harry.
Harry, who wanted to date you from your first meeting, who emailed you asking you out, and who has not stopped talking to you since February. Constantly reminding you of his feelings for you. You hope he knew you felt the same, in texts and sending him little gifts even as small as writing him a letter.
You got up early today to prepare lunch. You decided on sandwiches, a non-messy meal, and Harry always said he wanted to try the bakery bread you use and not the basic store-bought. It was a bit pricey but not as much anymore because you had become a regular, meaning the sweet owner began giving you a discount, especially when finding out you're a student. Still, you always remember to leave a good tip. The turkey sandwiches were finished with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Looked so good that Amy had one as you were making them. You made three and packed them up in your glass reusable containers.
Staring at the sandwiches, it felt like too little food when Harry had told you many times how much he enjoys eating, so you cleaned up and got to make a second meal. You decided on vegetable rice paper rolls. A favorite and easy meal to make that you enjoyed eating. It was packed with lettuce, avocado, cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers, noodles, and fresh herbs. This was a meal your dad made you all the time as a child with the special slightly spicy peanut sauce that you could drizzle on top.
Harry was going to enjoy this, so you hoped. He promised to make strawberry lemonade. Assured you that it would not be store-bought, and you believed him. During one of your late conversations, he shared how his sister would make him some when she returned from uni. Reminds him of home, he would say.
After packing everything away in the fridge to keep it cool it was time to get ready. You stood in front of your closet for a good five minutes before you began to swipe through the hangers. You knew you wanted to wear a dress; it was warm weather and would only get hotter as the day went on.
You searched your entire closet, there were three options once you had decided on, but you called Amy in to make the final decison for you. She decided on the one sitting in the middle of your bed, which was exactly what you were thinking.
The dress was a white button-front high slit that fit you nicely. You hadn't used it in quite some time, seeing as when you left your apartment, it would be in leggings, sweats, and the first sweater you could slip on.
You couldn't stop looking in the mirror, loving how it flowed around you when you twirled. For accessories, you slipped on a gold ring that had a little heart on it and another that was a gift shaped like a small snake as it was going to scale down your finger. A simple heart locket gifted to you by your grandparents hung right above your cleavage. You decided to leave your hair natural, liking how it air-dried after the shower you had that morning.
There was no makeup on your face, just your favorite rosebud salve lip balm that left your lips soft. Amy insisted you put some on, but you stood firm in your decision, knowing you'd be wearing a mask and didn't want anything smudging.
You looked down at the time on your phone and knew it was time to head down, Harry said twelve, and you didn't want to make him come up to your apartment only to walk down the three levels again. You grabbed the picnic basket that was sitting in the back of yours and Amy's shared doorway closet and made sure to place everything neatly, leaving room for Harry's drink and stashing a bunch of napkins in for any accidents. Basket prepared, you slipped your sunglasses in your hair, placing your lavender tote bag with tiny embroidered daisies on your shoulder that contained sunscreen, your wallet, extra face masks, and a book Harry had told he had wanted to read.
Before opening your door, you put on the white mask that you embroidered sunflowers on. It was one of your favorites, and glad it complimented your look well. You walked down the stairs slowly, not wanting to drop the basket.
You walk out the front door and find Harry getting out of the yellow mask on his face. As you get closer, you can see it's the one you made him. It has bees on it, and embroidered on the left side is 'my honey.' Harry had turned quite pink when he opened the gift he got in the mail over facetime with her. You happily screenshot his reaction, happy to have it to look back on.
As soon as you reach him, it's as if all the nerves you had disappeared. Calm washes over you as he comes to stand in front of you. You can't see the smile he has, but the crinkles by his eyes prove he's just as happy to see you.
"Hi, Harry," you say, your eyes taking him all in.
Harry doesn't hide, he's checking you out, and you're thankful for the mask at the moment, able to hide how bashful you're feeling. "Hello, baby. You look gorgeous. I'm a lucky man."
"Yeah," you swayed side to side, "gave me a reason to dress up."
"Always beautiful, but I'm so glad to see more than just your shoulders." He laughs, and you join him.
"Look pretty, H. I had not seen this cardigan." You reach out, running a finger down over the pastel yellow cardigan that looks to be well-loved. He paired it with a plain white shirt that fits him loosely with Gucci denim trousers that he told you he found a few years ago when he was thrift shopping in London with his mother.
"No, brought it out just for you. Wanted it to match my favorite mask." Although he couldn't see it, you hoped your eyes were doing their job expressing your joy. "Let's put this basket in the trunk. Got a blanket and a few pillows as well as the lemonade."
"And the dessert?"
He chuckles, "and the dessert."
You place everything in the trunk, taking a step back for Harry to close it. He walks you over to your door, opening it for you, you offer a soft thank you, but before you get in, you turn to look at him.
"What is it, baby?"
You stare down at your ribbon-tied wedges before looking up into his piercing green eyes. "Can I have a hug? I just--I'm really happy to see you."
Harry falters for a second before answering, "of course, come here." He's quick to bring you in for a hug, and it feels like home. It's comfortable, and you can't believe you haven't hugged him since February, a good two months ago, when it has honestly felt like a lifetime. "I would have earlier, but when you came out, you truly shocked me with how amazing you looked."
You just hug him tighter, enjoying feeling his strong arms around you. He looks at you smiling. "That was nice." You nod because it was, and if he'd let you, you'd stay in his arms all day.
"Well, shall we go?"
"We shall."
And with that, you were off to your first date with Harry, which would hopefully lead to more.
The drive to the park was short; you unloaded everything from the car once you got there. Harry offers to carry the basket, letting you lead to picking the spot. You walked ahead, glad he brought you to a park you recognized; it's one you liked to walk around during finals week when you were drowning in essays and exams. This was a nice break. On the other side of the park is a lake where you can rent pedal boats, but you were sure they hadn't opened up for business just yet, wanting more of the population to be vaccinated.
You led him to a secluded area laughing when he joked if you were leading him to his murder. Once you reached the clearing, one large tree with lots of shade and a few rose bushes surrounded it.
"It's beautiful here." Harry awed in amazement.
"Yeah, I found it my first year when I was trying to destress; I don't think many people know about it because it's not on the maps."
"Lucky us."
Harry grabs one end of the blanket, helping you spread it on the grass. You set your tote bag on one corner as well as setting down the pillows. As you make your way to sit down, Harry gently grabs your elbow, causing you to turn and look at him; he's holding a bouquet of tulips.
You felt your eyes well up with tears, not used to such a kind gesture; it's been a long time since you've been on a date with someone you really care about, "You got me tulips, H."
You reach forward and cradle them in your arms. "Course I did; I think you deserve all the beautiful things life has to offer."
You set the flowers on top of the basket before straightening up and pulling Harry into a hug. Your arms around his neck, his resting tightly around your waist, "including you," you whisper in his ear, causing him to squeeze you a bit tighter. Harry pulls back, leaving a gentle kiss on your forehead.
"Let's eat, baby. Know you made something delicious for us to enjoy."
Harry set the food out, and you are sure to hand him the wet wipes to clean your hand before you could begin wanting to be clean and not wanting to venture out to find a restroom. He eyed the sandwiches first, then the veggie rice paper rolls.
"Couldn't decide?"
"Wasn't sure what you'd like. So I gave you two options."
"Too sweet angel." Harry leans in to kiss her cheek.
"Think we ought to take off the mask now." You giggle, sad you didn't get to feel his lips on your cheek.
"Yeah, so comfortable it doesn't really bother me wearing them. I am hungry."
You place your mask in your bag, and Harry puts his mask in his pocket. He opens up both containers and digs into the veggie rolls first. He hums after the first bite, chewing happily. "Delicious," he mutters between chews.
"Can add this peanut sauce to give it more flavor, just a tad bit spicy." He watches you as you pick up and spoon drizzle a bit on top, taking a bite. Harry follows your steps taking another bite, and his eyes go wide at the added flavor.
"Shocked, I've lived all my life without this food."
You laugh, "well, now you don't have to."
He chews happily at your response.
Lunch is filled with little conversation, both praising each other for a well-planned meal. The strawberry lemonade complimenting the food perfectly. He brought a raspberry lemon loaf cake for dessert, and you happily admit you ate two pieces. It tasted so heavily, making Harry promise you to buy more in the future for you. He agreed, stating he'd do anything to make you happy.
"It's nice going out with someone, enjoying the sweet fresh air." Harry comments.
You hum in agreement, "I adore my alone time, but with the right company, it can feel just as perfect."
Harry's cheek turns rosy pink quickly, not at all trying to hide from you. You love that he loves to show how much you affect him.
"It feels normal like we've done this hundred of times already.”
You chuckle, nudging his shoulder. "It's cause we have. Just never called any of them dates."
"So you agree, we've been dating since February," he teases.
"Yeah, I think we can say that."
"When was our first zoom call?"
"Hmm...after class a week after your birthday. Think we worked for an hour and talked about nothing for another."
You look over at Harry loving how the sun reflects off his skin; it makes him look like a gift from the Gods. Harry feels your gaze on him, flashing you a big grin, his dimples on display just for you, because of you.
"We will call February eighth our anniversary," he declares.
You laugh, not a silent one but a full-out belly gripping laugh; you can feel the tears welling up in your eyes. Harry sits there confused, not sure where the joke was.
"You alright, baby?" He asks, just a bit concerned.
"That is what you were thinking so hard about; you couldn't figure out a week from your birthday quickly. Took you a good few minutes." You shake your head, trying to catch your breath, tiny giggles still escaping you.
"Oi, no need to be rude."
"Sorry, honey."
"Never claimed to be smart."
"The pretty ones never are," you tease.
"Alright, that's it. I've had enough."
Before you can stop him, he's on top of you, his fingers tickling you from your sides to your thighs. He knows your body getting all your secret spots that make you squirm away from. You almost succeeded in getting one of his hands over your head, but he surprises you by straddling you. You've stopped laughing, but Harry keeps going.
His curls are falling over his head, his eyes shining bright, a new lightness to them. At that moment, you realize how lucky you are, and before you know it, you reach your free hand up and place it on the back of his neck, bringing him down to your lips catching him by surprise.
Harry stays frozen for a second before sinking into the kiss, responding softly, wanting to explore you as he'd been thinking about this moment for months. You love the feel of his lips against yours; you'd happily give up breathing, never wanting to part. Harry tries to pull away, but you chase his mouth, not ready to stop kissing. He smiles against your lips, humming when he places a hand on your cheek, adding more pressure; you're not sure who lets out a moan letting it out into the universe wishing for more, hoping for forever.
You don't get butterflies or fireworks. Instead, you feel the ease of calmness wash over you like when you arrive home after a long day. That's what kissing Harry is like coming home.
You pull back, laying your head on the pillow Harry was wise to bring; you don't try to contain your smile as Harry stares down at you in a look of awe. You run your thumb over his bottom lip-loving how swollen they look thanks to you. His eyes never leave yours; you gasp as he places a kiss on your thumb before taking it in his mouth, sucking it gently; a moan escapes you, surprised at how hot the teasing is getting you.
"You're filthy, honey."
Harry smirks, "just for you, baby."
"Only our first date, H. We aren't going to move fast."
"A makeout isn't too fast for you," he teases.
"Felt just right." You smile, loving the feeling of his weight on top of you as he has not moved from his position, still straddling you.
"I agree."
"Sorry, I didn't ask if I could kiss you. Consent is sexy."
Harry's smile is soft, his eyes flicker to your lips, then back to your eyes, "You hereby have permission to kiss me whenever you please, my love."
"You know all the right things to say to make me puny for you."
"Good to know. Got to keep a mental list."
"What's on there so far?"
Harry smirks, leaning down his mouth right over your mouth; you remember the taste of lemon you felt when you kissed him, and well, you don't try to stop yourself when you attach your lips against his. There's no sweeter feeling, you've decided.
He pulls back, keeping the kiss short, "Know you can't be close to me without giving me a kiss. Know your heart is racing like it might beat out of your chest, and I know you're dying to ask me to be your boyfriend."
"Guess you are smart," you whisper.
He chuckles, nudging his nose against yours, humming as he places a kiss on the top of your nose.
"You know, I was right."
"Yeah, about what, H?" You reach your hand up to run your hand through his curls, brushing them back, giggling as they fall forward again.
"That your laugh sounds better in person. Know it's cheesy but truly music to my ears."
"You nutter!"
"Oi, picking up my slang, are you?"
"Got to, especially when you called that Evan kid a wanker for dismissing my response." You snicker, remembering the moment a few classes ago when you spoke up to give your opinion only for Evan trying to mansplain how women in politics were growing already especially having a female-run as a candidate a few years back. You would have cussed him out, but Harry did it for you. He packed up all your points with his own references. Safe to say, Evan has not spoken up since then.
"Cause he is one. You're the smartest person in the class, and that tosser should not even be in this class. Clearly, hasn't learned one bit since January."
"Settle down, honey. All in the past." You pat his chest a few times, getting his focus back on you. "Got that book you've wanted to read, want to give it a read now?"
"Course, baby. Happy you had it in your collection." He's gotten back into reading now that he seemed to have more time on his hands, and they had been bouncing recommendations off of each other. You had told him to stay off Book Tok because it was the same ten books being promoted by every page. His sister told him to read The Silent Patient, but he couldn't rationalize spending fifteen dollars, and he couldn't find the free pdf. He asked you and told him Amy bought it for you as a gift for feeding her.
"Let me get it out of my bag; you can lay in my lap easier to listen to."
Harry's eyes go wide; you're going to read him. He did not expect that, but he had to make sure. "Going to read to me, darling?"
"If you don't mind." you tuck your hand into your tote bag again, "brought my kindle in case you didn't want to. Won't be sad if you don't want to."
"No, I want you to. Yeah, more than anything. Got the prettiest voice." Harry pecks your lips, pulling back giddy because that's the first time he's kissed you, and well, he has to do it again. Your lips move in sync, the kisses feeling smoother but just as passionate. You break the kiss, playfully push him away, hands-off, letting you adjust yourself before he sets one of the smaller pillows in your lap and lays his head. Your hand is quick to find a place in his hair, thankful you've mastered the one hand reading and page-flipping due to always having a book in your hand growing up.
After reading for a bit, Harry lifts his head from your lap, taking the time to admire you. You kept reading, letting him take you in from this new angle. You stopped brushing his hair instead, allowing yourself to get immersed in the book once again. You giggled, thinking back at Harry's reaction to the opening line of chapter one.
You had just flipped to a new page, ready to start chapter seven, when you saw how fidgety Harry had gotten. He clearly had something on his mind, so you wanted to give him his space; you had only read five words when he spoke, interrupting you.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry blurts, shifting to sit in front of you.
You don't smile, but you know he can see the gleam in your eyes at his words, "Hmmm...will you give me a cute nickname?"
Harry doesn't know what you're doing but goes along with it. "Already do, so yes."
"Will you let me make you more masks?"
"Will you knit me a sweater?"
"I'll knit you hundreds."
You nod, "then yes, I'll be your girlfriend."
"Yeah, you want me to be your boyfriend," Harry teases.
"Dork," you shove his shoulder, causing him to fall back. He gasps in shock.
You laugh, and it's music to his ears; his dramatic response is swallowed as he takes you in. Harry isn't sure where he'd be without you. He takes in the happiness displayed on your face and knows if you could look in a mirror, he'd look just as happy if not more. You are a light in his life.
These last few months have changed everything about him. Harry hadn't really understood what it meant when people said that your partner should also be your best friend. He thought it was cheesy and something to give false hope to others, but with you, he knew it was true.
Starting off as friends built a strong foundation for you both to grow together, and he is forever thankful you took a chance on him.
Harry called it fate, but you well, you think it was all thanks to the zoom gods who set you up in a random break out room not once but twice.
thank you for reading :) I adore you xx
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0oolookitsme · a day ago
Whiskey Eyes and Liquorish Blush
Genre- One Shot
Pairing- Dwd!Jack!HarryStyles x Female!Dwd!Reader
Word Count- 2k+ (2,214)
Warning- Cheating, strip tease, slapping, cursing, Y/n being a badarse as fuck.
A/n- So according to the teaser I made it look like Jack cheated on his fiance with Alice and cause I love Alice, she doesn’t know that Jack has a fiance. ENJOY <333
Tumblr media
Oh, he cheated? She will make him regret every moment he spent without her and miss every one of those he spent with her.
Y/n had personally requested his friend, Tai to bring him to the club where she -for the very first and the last time- is going to perform as a stripper. You read it right, she’s going to show Jack that she knows he cheated, has been knowing since last Friday, while she a strip teases to rile him up, the rest is a surprise.
“I have a very special surprise for you mate” Tai said exactly at the entrance of the club. “Alice is here?” Jack asked, not caring for once about his fiancé to whom he proposed two weeks ago, to whom he mutters ‘I love you-s’. “Nah, but someone who might entertain you?” Tai winked at his friend, praying for him on the inside because at last, he’s his friend and also he’s included in the plan so. Realizing what Tai meant by ‘entertain’ Jack patted his back, not caring about the other woman he’s about to cheat on either.
No can blame Alice to fuck the hot-shot, anyone would ask to do it before they die, especially when they don’t know that he has a fiancé. The pretty woman would just ask her future fiancé to wear his fucking engagement ring.
Loud music, drunk slurs, moans and his tongue’s call for liquor filling his ears immediately. “Where’s my surprise?” Jack asked, patting Tai’s chest to inform he’s talking to him. “At least get your tipsy blush first” Tai replied chuckling and pushing through the dancing and grinding bodies towards the bar. “Can I see her? S she here?” he asked, proving he’s already horny at the thought of a woman personally assigned to pleasure him in any way.  “She’s nicely waiting for you in the room Jack, you need to the same” Tai replied again but grumpily this time, the fact that his friend is being such a douche feeling like cellulose to his digestive system.
“Fine” Jack said, huffing and kissing Tai’s earlobe and Tai, in these type of really believed that his friend is either gay or has to be bisexual, not because his male friend gave him a kiss at an intimate area but because of the way it makes him want to be gay.
Downing all the eighth shots in a row both of them harshly slammed the ninth one after emptying it on the counter, causing the bartender to hiss under his breath. “Think can handle more?” Tai asked, totally forgotten about the sentence ‘make sure he isn’t too drunk’ said by y/n. “Want my surprise first” Jack jokingly whined and reminding his friend of the plan along.
“Oh yeah, let’s get your arse in there so I can drink in peace” Tai said, standing firmly enough to prove he can down more. “Finally!” Jack said, following his friend to the surprise waiting for him.
“Please” Tai said, opening the door for the other one and acting as if he were a waiter. “Thank you” Jack said and sheepishly closed the door, turning around to find the one who is facing the wall, her back facing him.
Y/n prepared herself, puffed up her hair, threw her shoulders back and brushed a hand over her lingerie after hearing the footsteps from the hallway with the ‘please’ and the ‘thank you’. Has been hearing to ‘God Is a Woman’ by Ariana Grande to work according to the plan and keep her confidence up throughout.
“Hello” he said, voice lowered and seductive but not to her, not anymore. “Took too long sir, was waiting for you” she said, still facing away and Harry did note the way her voice was achingly similar to his fiancé’s but he blamed it on the liquor rushing in his veins. “I’m sorry, sure the wait wasn’t worth it?” he said, wanting her to turn around and to see his poking member, the deed done by her back itself, slight contribution of the drinks.
“I’m sure it was, sir” she said, turning around with her knees far apart, the skirt covering her center, smirking when his eyes went wide.  
“Babe!” He said, trying to hide his shock and fear and act like he wasn’t going to let a woman strip tease him and knew that his friend had her in here. “Heyyy!” He said, moving forwards to her with his hands wide open as if inviting her to make a home in those.
Instead of saying she sat him down on the leather chair, cuffed his hands and stood back up, a bit far from Him.
“What’s the ocassion love?” he asked as this was the first time she would be giving him a surprise strip tease, has given it before but at home and not in strange club.
Gripping his chin, she mumbled a “exactly two weeks since you proposed” and lightly threw his head back. He knows he should’ve been home with her right now but how would he if he didn’t even remember? Too busy in planning about a night out to a club with his friend and get fucked by a chick because he was so familiar with a body which has owned his cum till he cheated.
“A last surprise from me to you” she said, tears brimming in her eyes when he was just pathetically moaning, quickly blinking them cause no matter he cheated, he still knows her like the back of his hand and she wants to change that; she will.
Not exactly registering the actual meaning behind her words he tried to pull her towards him through her hips but failed because, cuffs. She backed more far away and put her hair in a bun, while their eyes were in contact.
“This night will be the best surprise of your life I promise.” She said and played her playlist which she had specially created just for today, will send it to him later.
“I bet it will be darling” he said and she didn't miss the missing encouragement his usual self would give her at these moments. She felt like these are just the words he must have said to the other woman he has been sleeping with.
First song being Streets by Doja Cat, she instantly sank down to her knees, touching her own body he made love to. Her hands crawling up to cup her boobs through the thin material of the white shirt, feeling nipples perking up. Making sure not to break eye contact she untied her bun and flipped her hair back and the middle line made a home and god damn if a man wouldn’t cum at the sight. Playing with the chains on her necks and around the waist.
Both her hands touched the cold floor as she moved forward, at the same height of his knees, droplets of sweat collecting on his forehead and upper lip. Face shining in the red light. He was already a moaning mess, faster than y/n had expected, which resulted in her smirking proudly.
The songs played one by one, each one boosting her confidence up till the roof and sending Harry in heaven and hell at the same time. Never did he thought he would want to crawl for a woman. The last and the main song came and made it’s entry, ‘God Is Woman’ by Ariana Grande, bringing along the moment she will break the news to him.
Going back down on her knees she goes a bit out of plan and touches him as her very own fingers were desperate for him, to touch what was once her for the last time. Her hands crawling up from his foot to where he was buckling his hips up, trying so hard to get touched where he needed her. Hell even if he could help his self, he would.
You, you love it how I move you
You love it how I touch you
My one, when all is said and done
You'll believe God is a woman
And I, I feel it after midnight
A feelin' that you can't fight
My one, it lingers when we're done
You'll believe God is a woman
Slamming his hips down she removes her hands, letting the touch of her soft yet rough palms linger on him for some.
Pulling another chair out from behind him, she sat down on it with her legs glued together, her toes supporting them. She would rather serve her self than let him touch her tonight. Her hands resting dangerously close to where his wanted to be.
I don't wanna waste no time, yeah
You ain't got a one-track mind, yeah
Have it any way you like, yeah
And I can tell that you know I know how I want it
Ain't nobody else can relate
Boy, I like that you ain't afraid
Baby, lay me down and let's pray
I'm tellin' you the way I like it, how I want it
Not able to even palm himself he hissed as he twitched again, wanted to lay her down and make her moan his name all night long but for the sake of his wrists the cuffs weren’t local. He wanted her tell him where she wants him, what she wants of his, what is she feeling, wanted to feel her clench around his fingers, tongue and cock.
Watching her sit innocently like she isn’t the one knowingly hardening his dick, he just impossibly hardened. It was pathetic how he just sat there and kept on twitching while she did everything in her will to do it all for the last time.
And I can be all the things you told me not to be(Yeah)
When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing(Yeah)
And he see the universe when I'm the company
It's all in me
The best dropped and her legs opened, as fast as thunder. Wanting so bad to treat herself and leave the douche in front of her right then and there, she swung her head back, only to wave her hair and arch her back slightly and swing the hair along to make it look sexy rather than needy.
You, you love it how I move you
You love it how I touch you
My one, when all is said and done
You'll believe God is a woman
And I, I feel it after midnight
A feelin' that you can't fight
My one, it lingers when we're done
You'll believe God is a woman
She will prove to him that he didn’t just cheated on his fiancé, he cheated on his woman, his goddess.
All the feeling came back rushing to his head when he saw her arch her back, that’s exactly how she did it on the night he had proposed and the morning after, disappointed that she could make herself do that on her own. He wanted to mutter filthy things while she moaned in his mouth. Wanted to make her cum all over him and his self to cum in her. Wanted her to offer hand after their time and take him to shower and save his soul.
I'll tell you all the things you should know
So, baby, take my hand, save your soul
We can make it last, take it slow, hmm
And I can tell that you know I know how I want it, yeah
But you're different from the rest
And boy, if you confess, you might get blessed
See if you deserve what comes next
I'm tellin' you the way I like it, how I want it.
He wanted her to tell him how he was different from rest, how he stayed, how was loyal..
The song nearing end, she still danced on the chair and didn’t touched him once. His cock poking out as if it would tear the pants if needed.
The last stanza came and a rush of electricity up and down his whole body when she removed the cuffs and touched his skin for the first time during her performing.
“You can still confess that you cheated, you’re thinking of having sex with me and not making love to me. You’re thinking of muttering filthy things to me and not praises and love.” She said, her ability to make eyes contact was out the window. She knew she will leave soon and see him for the hopefully last time when the tears brimmed in her eyes again. She wasn’t looking down nor on his chest, she was staring at his Liquorish blush which she wished she could give him by complementing his chosen tie for the day. He wanted her whiskey tinted eyes to look at his now dark green ones.
Whimpering she said “Fuck it” and pressed her mouth to his and the tears only wanted to flow out harder when his lips just didn’t seem to fit with hers anymore, how they were frozen.
Whimpering last time, she pecked his cheek then slapped it and ran out of the room, all while he clutched the now probably red cheek and stared down at the chair in front of him, where she left her engagement ring.
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finelinevogue · a day ago
What if Jeff and reader get in an argument about something concerning Harry/touring and Jeff says something about how reader doesn’t even belong on tour and Harry steps up to defend her?
angst yes the loml!!! okay;
The room was really hot.
Not because you were in Texas, but because the arguments that were happening were brutal and heated.
What had started out as a simple conversation about Harry deserving more time off to see his family in between tour dates, then got into a heated argument between you and Jeff about how Jeff overworks Harry to the point where Harry would come home crying some days. You were trying to defend and protect your boyfriend, whilst his manager shouted at you as if you were the problem.
Unfortunately, Harry was too busy doing sound checks to hear any of it.
“You’re holding him back Y/N!” Jeff shouted from where he was stood across the room from you, as if you were any closer you’d probably hit him. Lambert and Glenne were still in the room, making sure nothing got too out of hand, but believed that clearly you both had some things to get off your chest.
“Holding him ba— from what?” You laughed at his accusation.
“Being the superstar he was born to be.” Jeff responded, running a hand through his hair.
“He’s already a superstar. A bloody great one at that.” You defended Harry, not agreeing with what Jeff was saying at all - then again you’d never really seen eye to eye with him. You always saw Jeff as a pusher and a taker, rather than a giver. He took claim for making Harry who he was as if Harry wasn’t even a real person and that really pissed you off, because without Harry’s incredible talent and selflessness he would never be where he was right now.
“He can still do better, but you’re holding him back.” Jeff pointed at you accusingly.
“I do nothing but support him.” You shouted, offended Jeff would even suggest such a thing. You were there for every show, for every interview, every red-carpet, every night out and every night in. You were always there for Harry and would forever be, because you loved him that much.
You decided to quit your job a while back, when Harry had decided that he would like to start to move on in life. He wanted a house, a family, even a dog and he wanted all that with you. You wanted all that with him too. He promised he could and would financially support everything, with the agreement you could chip in wherever you liked as long it was for pleasure and fun rather than water or electricity bills. You agreed. It was a beautiful idea. Until, Harry’s management, Jeff, pushed him to make another album and go on tour again. Hence, the birth of Fine Line and Love on Tour.
The success for Harry was astronomical. He climbed charts so fast and so high. He sold billions of copies. He was interviewed by virtually every interviewer on the planet. His tour tickets sold out within minutes. He was unstoppable. Is, unstoppable. You just were a little heartbroken that you’d been teased at what a future life with Harry could be like only to have it all stripped away again. You just wanted him for a little while. That’s not to say you aren’t undeniably proud of him. Your support was the largest you could possibly ever give, but that didn’t mean you supported the management behind him.
Jeff scoffed, “Yeah right. You think you support him but you do jack shit when it comes to boosting his career. You only care about the future you have with him. Well, newsflash Y/N, Harry will post a fucking selfie on Instagram before he ever has a future with you—”
“Jeff—” Lambert tries to cut in, noticing how tears were welling up in your eyes now. You just stood there as you took in the verbal abuse. You hated him so much, but his words stuck out like sore thumbs.
“No! Y/N knows that Harry will always choose his career over everything. He won’t even want a family with you. I mean how are you even going to support them? You don’t have a job. You don’t have any high credentials from university because you didn’t even bother going. What are you genuinely bringing to his life? Your own family is in pieces, so why do you think that you could build a new one with Harry any differently? Please, tell me how you are better than this?”
Jeff’s words hurt and Lambert and Glenne were clearly very uncomfortable now the words had been spoken. Lambert, so graciously, had tried to protect you but Glenne had just let her husband speak to you so maliciously and her silence was a lot louder than any words spoken.
His words were also true though. What did you bring Harry? How could you bring him a happy family life when the one you currently have is completely shattered? Your mum terminally ill. Your dad left when you were at a young age. Your brother overdosed on drugs and lost his life because of it. Your family was a complete ruin, so why would the future one be any different. You wanted Harry because he made you happy, but you forgot about thinking what made him happy. Was it you? Were you enough? You’d been trying to find new jobs in the meantime but it’s been so hard to find them in the midst of a pandemic, especially with no university degree - due to the lack of money to support you going.
“Jeff that’s enough.” Lambert protested, looking at him as he was about to carry on with his speech.
Jeff huffed and nodded unsatisfied. He walked across the room to the door, having to walk past you in the process. You were just stood still, tears silently falling down your face as you tried to come to terms with everything that had been said. “Worthless, you are.” Jeff muttered loud enough for you to hear as he walked past, making you bite your lip from letting the sobs escape. Glenne followed him, head hung low in what looked like shame. No apology though.
The room went silent but you still didn’t move. Too afraid you’d just fall apart. You felt Lambert walk over to you, hesitating when he reached in front of you.
“Y/N, I—”
“Harry, could you tell my Harry that I hope his show goes really well tonight and that I send him every last beat of love I have in me?” You asked, wiping under your eyes as you reached for your bag. You shakily reached inside and took out your phone to order an Uber.
“B-but— Where are you going?” Lambert asked, both confused and worried.
You walked to the door, opening it as you stood in the doorway to say one final thing to him. “Promise me?” You asked, needing to know the message would get passed along.
“I promise.”
The door shut behind you.
An hour later you walked into your mums room in the hospital. You were lucky that the nurses let you in so late, but you’d befriended a lot of them and they, much to your disliking, took pity on you so let you get away with things most other people wouldn’t.
As soon as you saw your mum and she saw you, you crumbled.
“Oh come here, honey.” She sighed, weakly holding out her arms for you. You came over to the chair by her side and hugged her the best you could whilst you were sitting down. You cried.
And cried and cried and cried.
“Mu-m i’m going to- t’lose him.” You sobbed, your mum rubbing your back with all the, little, energy she had. The smallest comforts from her made the biggest difference though.
“Hush now. Stop that.” She calms you as much as she can with her pats, hugs and soft hushes.
“I’m not going to b-be en-enough.” Your head was buried so tight into your mums embrace that everything was pitch black, even with your eyes wide open. All your other senses had heightened, meaning the touch of her hands rubbing your back felt more alive and the scent of her perfume was growing fainter and fainter each say she stayed in here longer.
“What ever could make you think such a terrible thing?”
“Someone told i-it t’me straight.” You winced thinking back on the memory from an hour ago.
“Who, baby? Who?”
“Jeff.” You cried a little harder, feeling awful for exposing his name but cried a little more for you - at what verbal abuse you’d gone through. You talked your mum through the argument that went down, explaining both sides perfectly so she could have an unbiased view. You cried when you reached the end of the story and she hugged you a little tighter, keeping you safely tucked away within her embrace.
“But Harry never said those things to you.” You mum pointed out, trying to find the positives in s bad situation like all mums do.
“Doesn’t matter.”
“Because Jeff’s right anyway. I’m worthless.” You sighed, your tears stopping when you came to your own conclusion. You admitted it to yourself.
“Say that again and i’ll tell y’mum about the time y’spilt red wine on her carpet.” Your head shot up at the sound of Harry’s voice, not believing it was real until you saw him standing at the foot of your mums bed.
“Ha-harry—” Your voice wobbled when you saw him, water brewing in your eyes again until you saw the same in his and cupped your hands over your face so you didn’t have to see the damage you’d caused.
“Hey, hey. No. No, don’t do that. Don’t shut me out.” Harry rushed out, coming over to you and kneeling on the floor in front of you to be as close to you as possible without making you uncomfortable in front of your mum. He cupped your hands and tried to pry them away from your face. “Let me see my beauty.”
Your hands slowly lowered but Harry kept his fingers interlocked with yours, smiling when he saw you. You liked feeling seen, especially by him.
“Are y’okay?” You asked, wondering why he was here and not at the stadium. The show tonight would be in less than 4 hours, so you were unsure why he was spending his time here instead.
“Yeah, no everything’s perfect. It’s not like my manager and long-time friend turned out to be the biggest fucker in my life, because he chased my girlfriend, and love of my life, away from me with some bullshit about me thinking i’d rather choose my career over them. Then m’mum calls me to tell me that she just got a new cat when I, in fact—”
“Like dogs better.” You giggled as you finished his sentence, making him laugh too. He bent his head and gave you soft kisses to your hands.
“Like dogs better, yes.” Harry repeated, looking back up at you with adoration in his eyes that you knew exactly what he was going to say.
You both stared at each other, having a conversation with your eyes. He was telling you how much he loved you and needed you. You were telling him how much you loved him and needed him. Both of you telling each other to never let go. Harry moved one of his hands up to wipe some stray tears you didn’t even realise existed.
“You’ll always be number one to me, lovie. Nothing compares to you, okay? You are with more to me than anything and everything. I’m lucky to even have you. I will love you for as long as you’ll have me, I promise. I know i’m a handful sometimes, and I can’t promise that our children aren’t going to be the same devilsome squirts, but I can promise you a lifetime of happiness. Wherever you go, i’ll follow.” Harry spoke, making you smile slightly at how beautiful his words were and how they melted your heart as easy as butter.
“But what if I left?” You asked stupidly, but wanting to see what his answer would be.
“I’d leave with you.” He replied quickly and that was enough for you to know he was tied to you forever, even without proof of a wedding ring.
“I’m s—” You began but were quickly stopped.
“If the next words to come out of y’mouth aren’t ‘Harry is so sexy’ then I will attack your lips with mine.” Harry joked, making you laugh hard. You felt good laughing, and with him too.
“Attack me then.” You teased.
“Kind of offended y’couldn’t tell me i’m sexy.” He huffed and rolled his eyes over-dramatically.
You both smiled and looked at each other, leaning in slowly as you anticipated the kiss. You looked at his soft, pink, cupid lips and wondered how you’d have ever lived without them. He looked so beautiful right now and you couldn’t believe he was genuinely all yours. All bloody yours. Just as your lips touched his so gently you were all but interrupted.
“You spilt red wine on my carpet?”
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tobesobratty · 22 hours ago
HARRY THE TOOTH FAIRY Rating: Fluff/Suggestive Romee loses her first tooth therefore promoting Harry to the role of the tooth fairy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I should probably go do it now, right?” Harry asked, looking down at y/n cuddled up into his side. It was hitting midnight and yet, the two of them were up, watching a boxing fight and catching up on eachothers days after having put Romee to bed. The twins were fast asleep, for once not making any noise, and both Harry and y/n were in a peaceful bliss, enjoying eachothers company.
Y/n honestly loved nights like this, where it was just the two of them having some nice and quiet time, it was very rare so she always took advantage of it. Of course y/n loved the kids with everything in her but sometimes she just craved a silent night in with just her husband.
“Do what?” She asked, completely unaware of what Harry was saying, it was clear she had a long day especially with two newborns and a 5 year old who is as sassy as it comes. Everything had been crazy for her so Harry didn’t blame that she forgot, instead a chuckle left his mouth as he quickly came down to kiss the side of y/ns head.
“Don’t tell me you forgot?” Harry teased making y/n roll her eyes and him to chuckle before pulling her in closer and kissing her again. He couldn’t make fun of y/n for forgetting…especially after nearly forgetting himself so instead he explains.
“Babe, Romee’s tooth fell out today. Remember, she told us after her ballet class? She put it under her pillow when I was putting her to sleep. Told her about the tooth fairy and my princess was so excited” Harry smiled as he informed his wife and the memory of little Romee running in, after Harry collected her from her class, dressed in her cute pink tutu, tugging on her dress and letting her know about how her tooth fell out came rushing back to Y/n.
“Oh shit, how could I forget” she asked, thinking out loud and Harry kissed her forehead again before caressing her arm gently.
“I know you’ve had a long day m’love, it’s all good. Don’t blame yourself” he reassured and y/n smiled, thankful for having such an understanding man. If only the media saw what she saw, everyone thought Harry was a stuck up bastard who’s ego was too big and although that was partially true as that’s what Harry showed everyone in the ring but only y/n and his family and occasionally close friends knew how Harry truly was.
“That’s true, today was rough” y/n sighs and he smirks making her roll her eyes, here it comes she thought.
“Could make it better for you love” he said, and there it is, his hand came down to curl y/ns hair slightly. He tugged at it teasingly and she giggled before leaning in for a quick kiss.
“I mean, I’d like that. But only after you go and finish off your tooth fairy duties” y/n says causing Harry to huff jokingly, making his wife laugh. He gives her another kiss and then pulls the covers off so he could get out.
“How much should I give her? A Fiver? Tenner? more?” He asked as he went to pull some pants on. Harry knew his daughter was a light sleeper so if she did wake up he didn’t want to risk the chance of her seeing him in just his tight boxers plus it was getting cold in London and his leg hairs were rising so pants would be a good idea.
“Give her something reasonable, she’s spoilt enough, big guy. A tenner is way too much for one tooth” Y/n answers, knowing full well that Harry would probably give her that tenner regardless and his excuse would probably be something like “I couldn’t resist after seeing her sweet sleeping face babe!” and she rolls her eyes at just the thought.
It’s true, Romee was absolutely spoilt by both sides of the family, being the first grandchild born into each family made everyone heads over heels for her. They treated her like royalty, gifting her with everything she’s ever wanted. Although it was quite endearing and cute, Y/n didn’t want her being some snobby kid when she grew up so she always tried her best to not go overboard but with Harry as her father, that was difficult.
“Ok lovie” he chuckled as he slipped some slippers on and grabbed a tenner out of his wallet making y/n groan at how much he was giving her just for losing a tooth, she knew it was coming though. But before she could say anything he was out of their shared room with a teasingly annoying laugh.
“Oh Harry, what will I do with you” y/n says, shaking her head as she grabbed her phone and clicked on the instagram app so she could waste some time.
As she was doing that, Harry was slowly tiptoeing into his daughters room and slowly crouching down onto the floor. He had to stop himself from aweing out loud at how perfect his baby girl looked, with her hair all over the place and her eyelashes resting gently ontop her cheeks.
Harry thought she was a complete replica of y/n and he honestly loved it. And although his wife agreed that looks wise she was all her, she couldn’t help but argue how her personality was much like Harry’s. Cheeky, loud and sassy, the list could honestly go on.
Harry quickly reached down and pressed a gentle and soft kiss to Romees forehead before reaching beneath her pillow and grabbing her tissue wrapped tooth, he quickly replaced it with the tenner and got up to walk out.
But as he was leaving, he heard a faint “daddy” making his clench his teeth in frustration. Did he wake her up? How stupid can one be? Fuck, she’s gonna find out that the tooth fairy isn’t real he groaned.
Turning around, Harry smiled and sat next to his daughter who was now rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
“Yes baby?” He asked, pushing her back down onto the bed gently and tucking her in once again. He caressed her hair, hoping she’d fall asleep and not question anything.
“Did the tooth fairy come?” she asked but her question was interrupted by a small yawn and it had Harrys heart melting.
“You’ll have to sleep, so you can find out in the morning princess” he spoke gently, carrying on with caressing her hair gently and Romee hummed before she was falling right back to sleep.
Harry quickly sighs a sigh of relief and gets out of his daughters room, closing the door gently. As he walked back to his wife he couldn’t help but fall onto the bed dramatically, alerting her of his presence.
“Don’t tell me she caught you” y/n say, sighing as she looks at her dramatic husband.
“She was close to. But I put her back to sleep” he says, looking up at y/n with his big eyes.
“Well that’s good then but what are you gonna do with the tooth?” She ask, and he gets up walking straight to the bin and dropping the tooth in there causing a laugh to leave the both of their mouths. “That” he deadpans and y/n rolls her eyes.
Harry quickly removes his pants and gets back into bed with his wife. “Now that that’s done, shall I help you cheer up?” He asks suggestively, hands already starting to roam her body and she nods quickly licking her lips.
“I’d like that a lot H” she say, using the nickname that has Harry’s knees going weak and with that he’s climbing ontop of her, kissing her neck.
Thankfully this time, no children were woken up.
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rommahh · 8 hours ago
{Harry….this show…the purple…I am a changed woman. Also this is a tame fic. More soft. Nothing flashy.}
Harry was quick to rush to his dressing room after sending his fans off with multiple air kisses and waves. He was ready to be back in his hotel room so he could call his love.
Tonight’s show left him feeling extremely confident and happy. The fans energy fed him to be louder and rowdier on stage. He read so many funny signs and sang happy birthday to some girls who, now that he thinks about it, probably didn’t actually have a birthday today.
He waited for his band to come off stage before giving them all a small hug and running to leave the venue before fans started crowding outside. His driver waited outside the venue waiting for Harry to exit. Harry couldn’t be more grateful for how quickly the driver was able to get Harry to his hotel.
Inside his hotel room, he closed the door behind him before letting out a long sigh. Walking into his room he was met with a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers. He knew they were from you which made his night even better.
He pulled his phone out to send you a quick text.
Just got back to hotel, you mind if I shower before calling you?
You do whatever you need to do my love. If you’re too tired, I can wait to talk to you tomorrow.
Never too tired for my princess, I’ll be quick in the shower then I’ll call you!
By quick he really meant a 45 minute shower to get the sweat grime off of his body. Harry lambert also requests that Harry has his outfit of the night hanging on a hanger right after the show to air out.
With his body clad in his favorite sweats and hair clipped back with one of your pastel hair clips, he climbs into the lush hotel bed. Your soft blanket you used on the tour bus sat beside him. He often snuggles with it because he like that it smells like your perfume.
You awaited your call from Harry clad in your own sweats, cuddled on the couch in the living that sat in front of the big windows that showed you the big ocean outside. The sun was finally coming down on your part of the country, three hours behind Harry.
The familiar FaceTime tune rung from your phone and you wasted no time answering.
“My bubby!” You exclaimed with excitement. His exhausted face pulled into a large smile, a soft blush smattering his cheeks.
“I’m so happy to see your face.” He comments. You were looking better than you did a few days ago. Your skin had a shine and you looked more at peace.
“We just talked a few hours ago silly boy.”
“A few hours too long.” He grumbled cozying into the blankets on his bed. You slipped a blanket of your own over your legs. “What have you been up to?”
“What do you mean? I’ve been watching you all evening.” Harry’s eyebrow shot up in surprise.
“You watched the show?”
“Of course I did. I wouldn’t miss it for nothing. You’ve got some really amazing and dedicated fans who live-streamed the whole thing. I watched you dance around on stage, quite scantily if you ask me.” You joke with him. Harry’s dancing was the highlight of your night. He shimmied and shook his butt for the audience and it was hilarious.
“Im never inappropriate. I put on family friendly shows.” He jokingly scoffs with his nose turned up.
“Mmm…right. Anyways, I saw you pick up some fun stuff as well. People were really throwing a lot up tonight.” You got worried watching people throw things at him on stage but you just had to trust that no one had any ill will or intentions.
“I did catch some fun stuff. Caught a pretty sunflower, a few boas, and some flags. That’s it. The usual things.” You saw the way his eyes were fluttering with sleepiness.
“Oh ok. Could’ve sworn I saw you play with some handcuffs on stage.” You chastise with a small smile. Harry’s eyes opened wide as he started to laugh.
“Oh yeah! I forgot about those. That was a weird one.”
“Well did you at least keep them? I could’ve found a really good use for them.” Harry tsks at you.
“You naughty, naughty girl.” He lets out a large yawn sinking further into his pillows. You could see the way he turns to lay on his side and grab the soft blanket beside him. You thought he would cover himself with the blanket but instead he brought the blanket just under his nose. He snuggled the blanket into his face- melting into the softness.
“Ok baby, I can tell you’re tired. Would you like me to leave you to rest?” You whisper softly. You wish you could be in bed with him, caressing his cheek to lull him asleep.
“No please don’t hang up. Just- just tell me about your day.” You could hear him drag his words as he struggled to stay awake. He needed a moment with you to feel grounded.
You listened to him though. You only got through a few minutes of your day before his hand went dead weight with sleep and the phone plopped on the bed beside him. You giggled quietly.
“Goodnight Bubby. I can’t wait to be with you again.”
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leeroysdancer · 23 hours ago
hi can i order a fake instagram?
face claim - Camila Queiroz
Hey darlinggg :)
Thank you for your request!!!!
Tell me if you want a part 2!! I have a very good idea for part 2 ;)
Tumblr media
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E!News: The singer/actress y/n y/l/n is nowhere to be found.. Fans are speculating that she is taking some time off from them. Other people think she is writing an album.. what do you think the reason is that the last pap picture of her was 7 months ago?
Yourinstagram: I am in quarantine due to something coming 😂
Y/nfan39: awww she is in quarantine because of harrys tour 🥺
Harryfan68: omg that makes so much sense!!!
Gemma Styles: sneaky...
Y/nfan80: she looks so damn hot..
Harryfan40: lucky harry 👀
Tumblr media
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Harry Styles: Love On Tour. Las Vegas.
Yourinstagram: you made me pregnant..
Harry Styles: ....
Gemma Styles: WHAHAHAHHA😂
Y/nfan20: y/n is one of us😂
Y/nfan39: amazing concert was it!!!
Anne Twist: Amazing start darling💕
Harry Styles: Thank you mom!
Y/nfan25: let's pray that the titties will stay out for the rest of the tour!
Yourinstagram: Amen sister 🙏 🙌
Harry Styles: get out y/n..
Tumblr media
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Y/nandHarryupdates: god bless the fan who threw this on stage 🙏 🙌
Yourinstagram: you know what they say, ride a cowboy safe a horse and don't get pregnant!
Harry Styles: I don't remember that "don't get pregnant part"..
Yourinstagram: that is because I have it..
Harry Styles: WOMAN!!!!!
Yourinstagram: ehehhe
Y/nfan67: I don't think she is joking...
Harryfan20: what happend?
Tumblr media
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Yourinstagram: He planted new seeds in my melody 💛
Yourinstagram: now everything is public, see you next Housten!!!!
Harry Styles: you are so funny my love :/
Harryfan26: WHAT? SHE IS? OMGGG
Anne Twist: Cant wait for my grandchild💕
Yourinstagram: it can't wait to have a great grandma like you mom💕
Gemma Styles: My baby is having a baby🥺😂
Yourinstagram: your baby loves you🥺💕
Harryfan38: omggg, congrats!! How much are you? I am sure you and harry will be amazing parentsss!!! Enjoy the last of your journey!! Love youuu!! All Harry And Y/ns fans :)
Yourinstagram: hey darling, thank you so much and we are so happy to share with you guys our other big and supportive family that I am due within 3 weeks :)
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We Were Both Young
Tumblr media
summary; the drink server with the nice smile and pretty eyes catches your attention when he definitely shouldn't
warnings; swearing, love at first sight type thing, readers annoying sister interrupting shit, a cameo from all the one direction boys, nothing really just yet
word count; 1k
note; this is a series I've been wanting to publish for quite some time, it's heavily inspired by love story by Taylor swift (one of my favorite songs ever). like romeo and juliet with a much happier ending. please send feedback rather it be through asks or reblogs, constructive criticism is always welcome. one-shot requests are open but be sure to check out my boundaries on my navigation before.
series masterlist add yourself to the taglist
You breathed in through your nose, the warm summer air sending a bit of relief throughout your body. Being outside was much better than sitting inside being bombarded with drink offers, hugs from people you haven't seen in fifteen years, or the smells of overly expensive cologne and perfume.
The bright lights from the large chandeliers were bright in contrast to the gorgeous star-filled night sky. Father made you dance with multiple suitors tonight, a few of them stepped on your dress or on your feet. The only reason you couldn't rule on your own with no husband, was because you're a woman, and they believe you aren't fit to rule your people.
Truth be told, you could do a better job than all the sorry old men who you knew as your great grandfathers, maybe the discrimination towards women would end if you could change the ways of the people. Keyword, if. Your father simply wouldn't have that.
Before you were caught, you slipped back into the party, but it was just quarter til' eleven, and everyone leaves at twelve. An entire hour left of dancing with dreadfully arrogant pricks who were all thinking they could somehow swoon you and take the thrown from your father.
A tap on your shoulder pulled your gaze from the dancing people in front of you. You whipped around locking eyes with a set of green ones who happened to belong to one of the most gorgeous men you had ever had the luck of seeing. Shoulder-length brown curls that looked soft to the touch, pretty pink lips you could imagine kissing all day long, a cute nose you could press a peck to if you weren't in a full ballroom where you're supposed to be finding a lover.
"Would yeh like a drink, princess?" his slow accented voice made it hard for you not to pass out, and the way princess rolled off his tongue was like an eargasm, of course, everyone called you that but the way this man says it is unearthly.
You seemed to be lost in a trance, because the only thing you heard was his chuckles at your flushed mannerisms, "Oh, pardon?" you stumbled on your words a bit, breaking eye contact with him momentarily.
"You must be overwhelmed, do you want a drink?" He tried again, but he didn't ask until he was sure you were paying complete attention to him.
"OH! No thank you." Your voice was louder than you intended and the stranger jumped a little at the volume, "sorry.." You mumbled, scratching the back of your neck. Great job, now you've fucked it.
"No love, you didn't fuck it. Whatever it is. M' Harry by the way." He was smiled now, showing off a far too perfect, pearly smile.
"Harry, mate. You won't believe what this blond babe said to me-" A blond man, you've never seen before froze mid-sentence, dropping on one knee, "I'm so sorry, princess. Please don't fire me! I need this job to pay school debt" You stifled a laugh at his pleading, though his apology wasn't really needed, he was simply trying to chat with his friend about a lady who was probably wonderful.
"Niall, get off the damn floor will ye? She doesn't want your sorry Irish arse!" Another accented voice scolding flicking the blond's ear, two more brunettes followed, "Hi, I'm Louis Tomlinson, these are my mates, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam." He pointed at each of the boys, all (minus harry) of which who waved with similar nervous smiles.
“I have no say in that, he does though,” you pointed in the direction of your suit-clad father. "it is a pleasure to meet you all." you smiled genuinely for the second time tonight.
"The pleasure is all ours." Liam countered, a charming, yet bashful smile on his stubbled face. Zayn and Niall nodded at his comment, they all clearly were interested in pay raise of some sort with how they were treating you.
"YN! Why are you conversing with the help?!" Your slightly younger sister, Annaliese whisper shouted, tugging at your glove-covered arm in the direction of the bustling party, "Mother has been searching for you all over." She tutted pulling you away from the boys, but more specifically Harry.
Hopelessly, you looked back, eyes catching the sorry looks on all the other boys' faces, locking eyes with Harry again almost cinematically, he looked like a sick puppy, but unfortunately, you couldn't do anything about it.
Louis clapped Harry on the shoulder, "yeh should've definitely swooped on that one, mate." He mumbled pinching Harry's reddening cheeks. "She's here to find a suitor t' night y' know" Zayn informed, looping his arm over Liam's shoulder.
Harry slapped his hands away, punching Louis in the side, and flicking Niall's forehead, "I would've if this dense bastard Irish bastard was paying attention to the person I was talking to, but this "blonde babe" story couldn't wait five more minutes. Really Z? It's almost like that was on the flier in town"
Niall grunted out an apology and something about going to get another plate of drinks to serve, Liam and Zayn following swiftly behind him.
"You like 'er already, H? You 'aven't lashed out about a girl like tha' since Kendall," Louis murmured, searching his best friend's face for if he was truly right. Though Louis wouldn't need a rocket scientist to figure out how he was feeling, the boys have all known each other since they were twelve and there weren't secrets between them.
At first, Harry didn't know what to say so he nodded, but after a few moments of silence between him and Louis, he began to explain "She got so nervous talkin' t' me. The princess got nervous talking me!"
Harry’s brain was swarming with thoughts of you, the beautiful dress you were wearing, your pretty eyes, full plump, the way you got anxious speaking to him, and just everything that made you, you.
tags; @kissmyaxe140 @kennedywxlsh @harryguapito @avocado24
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